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Iredell Health System announces the retirement of DR.


Chief Pathologist and Laboratory Medical Director. Since 2005, Dr. Olympio has worked behind the scenes, ensuring accurate diagnostic testing—from diagnosing cancers and other chronic diseases to managing clinical labs, she has been a valuable part of the Iredell team. This past summer Iredell Health System, in partnership with the Iredell Physician Network, welcomed

Guiding You From Pain to Peace, From Sadness to Love Loss comes in many forms. It may be the loss of a job, a relationship or changes in health or retirement or transition of a loved-one from this life to the next. Please allow yourself to grieve in YOUR way and time. Let me guide you through the process to change your despair into hope.

Willetta Jones, MS, CGC

DR. JUDITH ALBERT to its new

primary care practice, Family Care Center of Mooresville. Dr. Albert is a board-certified family physician with three years of residency experience and is excited to become part of the Iredell team.

Certified Grief Coach

Grief Coaching with Willetta Jones

Free 30-Minute Consultation

Grief coaching promotes and encourages individuals, families or groups to reconnect with strengths, coping skills and relationships through activities and internal resources that provide meaning for life.

Free 30-minute consultation provides you with the opportunity to ask questions. It is a great time to decide if we are the right Grief Coaches for you.



W W W. A B I D I N G G R A C E L L C . C O M

photo: Dan Loh, Dickinson College

Davidson-based artist JOELLE DIETRICK grew up 25 miles from Three Mile Island and returned recently to the area to paint a mural on the Dickinson College Goodyear Project Wall. Joelle has attended residencies at the Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Anderson Ranch, Banff, and MacDowell, and has received grants from UC Berkeley, Florida State University, the Mellon Foundation, and the Fulbright Program, among many others. Joelle is an Assistant Professor of Art and Digital Studies at Davidson College.

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