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Lake Carroll News A publication of the Lake Carroll Association and its members

May 2013

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The LCWC visited the Nicholas Conservator and Gardens in Rockford. See page 11A

Vol. 41 No. 05


In accordance with Illinois State Law, the Lake Carroll Security vehicles have been equipped with amber (yellow) light bars. The roof light bar alternates strobes, blinking, and flashing. The grill lights alternate strobe side to side. When you see the yellow flashing lights, you should immediately yield the right of way by pulling over to the right side of the road. You can read more on the updated Security vehicle lights in the General Manager’s Report below.

General Manager’s Report

2013 Egg Hunt was our largest ever! See page 10B

LAKE LEVEL: As of Friday, April 26 – 740’ 2” ADMIN OFFICE: Closed Mon, May 27 – Memorial Day 2013 BOARD MTG SCHEDULE: May 31, Jun 28, Jul 26, Aug 23, Sep 27, Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 1 – Annual Mtg, Dec 13 (Tentative-if needed) MANDATORY UNIMPROVED LOT MOWING: #1 May 24-June 2; Report by 12pm June 3 NOTE Change in #1 mowing dates. #2 Aug 2-11; Report by 12pm Aug 12 More details on page 14A. LCA FIREWORKS Friday, July 5th at dusk from the Clubhouse

UPCOMING EVENTS See Table of Contents for Page Locations

MAY 04 Kentucky Derby Day 11 Mother’s Day Scramble 12 Mother’s Day Brunch 15 Match Play Sign-Up 17 Match Play Start 18 CC Trucks, Tractors, & Toys 18 Save the Boobies Golf Trny 24 Outdoor Pool Opening 27 Admin Office Closed JUNE 8 Venetian Boat Parade (Parade Raindate 15th) 15 Kids Fishing Derby 15 Kick-Off to Summer 15 Family Fun Nights 21 Family Fun Nights 28 Family Fun Nights 29 Garden Walk 30 Garden Walk LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AT THE CLUBHOUSE 5/8 Jim Martin 6/8 Hugo & Heidi 7/5 Ron Hennings 7/27 Soda Band 8/10 The Funnies Band

As we all know, Mother Nature works in mysterious ways and trying to predict what she’ll do next is impossible. For example, how many of us thought that the Lake would come back to full pool in 2013? In fact, how many of us even thought that we would be able to lift the no wake restriction Michael Schmieder in 2013? In mid-September 2012, the lake General Manager reached 48” below pool and the no wake restriction was put into effect. As recently as February of this year, the lake level dipped to its lowest level (of this drought) when it reached 66” below pool. All of that changed, however, over the past month and as of April 16, 2013, our beautiful Lake returned to her normal self when the elevation hit 740’. As this article is being written, the lake is actually 741’ or 12” over pool which means that our lake level rose by a total of 78” during the past 50 days or so. What a refreshing sight and a relief it was to see water flowing into the lake and having it return to its pre-drought levels. Now that Mother Nature has provided us with water, maybe she’ll give us some warmer temperatures so that we can all get out on the Lake and enjoy it. Speaking of enjoying the Lake, I would like to call to your attention an addition to our rules which the Safety Committee helped put in place beginning this year. For all of those who enjoy water skiing or wake boarding, you understand how vulnerable skiers are after

they’ve fallen into the water. We have always encouraged the use of the orange colored “Skier Down” flags to alert other boaters in the vicinity that there is someone in the water. Many of you already have and use the flags but the use of the “Skier Down” flags is no longer just a recommendation, it is now mandatory. If you don’t already have one on your boat, you may purchase one at the Association office or the West Marina for just $8.00. Keep your family and guests safe by picking up a flag today. Another safety matter I wish to address is regarding the LCA’s security personnel as well as the vehicles they use to patrol our community. Due to State laws, our squad cars can no longer use red, white or blue oscillating lights. Therefore, to comply with the law, we have installed amber (yellow) light bars on our security vehicles. The new color is just that, a new color and it does not diminish the authority of our security officers or the importance of responding to an emergency situation. When you see the yellow flashing lights, you should immediately yield the right of way by pulling over to the right side of the road. In most cases, they will pass you as they are responding to someone in need. If you see them behind you and they do not pass, you are probably being pulled over and you need to stop your vehicle. Please take a moment to inform your family and guests that here at Lake Carroll we YIELD to YELLOW. Let’s all do our part to have as much fun as possible while being as safe as possible.

New creel limit signs were installed this spring at multiple locations around Lake Carroll. These new signs were designed with the help of the Fishery Management Committee and the Lake Manager. The new signs were built in color to make fish identification easy for everyone and the signs can be easily changed as creel limits are updated in the future. A special thanks to LCA for funding the new signs. White bass and Crappie are catch and release from March 1st through May 15th


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Lake Carroll News, May 2013



Nick Isenhart Managing Broker 815-864-2390 24490 Payne Road Shannon, IL 61078

Amy Barnes Managing Broker 815-493-2323 107 N. Broad Street Lanark, IL 61046
















* * * *

6 BRs 4.5 Baths 7,470 Sq. Ft. Call Kimberly

* * * *

12.61 Acres 245’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $990,000

* * * *

5 BRs 3 Baths 4,423 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

1.78 Acres 240’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $879,000

* * * *

4 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,388 Sq. Ft. Call Michelle

* * * *

0.69 Acre 122’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $474,900








* * * *

3 BRs 2 Baths 2,237 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.80 Acre 205’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $419,000

* * * *


4 BRs 3 Baths 2,712 Sq. Ft. Call Bonnie

* * * *

0.37 Acre 93’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $399,000

* * * *

* * * *

3 BRs 3 Baths 2,932 Sq. Ft. Call Amy

* * * *


0.50 Acre 94’ Shoreline Stone Patio $449,000

* * * *

3 BRs 2 Baths 2,016 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

Agent Owned 92’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $423,000



4-83 Beachcomber Lane





3 BRs 2 Baths 1,920 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.38 Acre 76’ Frontage 2 Car Garage $389,000

* * * *

4 BRs 3.5 Baths 3,816 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

1.90 Acres High Views 2 Car Garage $377,500


4 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,540 Sq. Ft. Call Jack

* * * *

1.02 Acres Corner Lot 2 Car Garage $278,900














* * * *

4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,810 Sq. Ft. Call Penny

* * * *

2.38 Acres Pool 2 Car Garage $254,500

* * * *

4 BRs 3 Baths 2,430 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

4-121 BEACHCOMBER LANE * * * *

* * * *

3 BRs 2 Baths 1,872 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.66 Acre Many Updates 2 Car Garage $219,000

* * * *

3 BRs 3 Baths 2,462 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.28 Acre Screen Porch 2 Car Garage $189,000

* * * *

2 BRs 2 Baths Cul-De-Sac Call Nick

* * * *

0.91 Acre 3 Lots 3 Car Garage $179,900
















WEST FACING LAKEVIEW 3 BRs 2 Baths 1,359 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

1 Acre Deeded Slip 2 Car Garage $234,000



* * * *

* * * *


0.26 Acre 2nd Tier 2 Car Garage $159,900









Amy Barnes 815-238-8360

Nick Isenhart 815-275-2050

Bonnie Isenhart 815-275-2049

Doug Moll 815-238-3626

Penny Fink 815-275-3804

Aime Heldt 815-291-8256

Corine Charles 815-541-5187

Jack Fritz 815-275-2159

Betty Moorhead 815-541-8281

Trish Oppold 815-541-7138

Kimberly Taylor 815-541-5557

Michelle Paisley 815-541-5930


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Lake Carroll News, February 2013

Notes from the Office Office Notes Office Notes

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Please Take Note Table of Contents TableNote of Contents PleAse tAkePleAse Note tAke Table of

Schmieby voice vote. M12.12.29 of its current cell tower and how to handle following the recent snow we had. Mike Lake LakeCarroll CarrollNews, News,February January 2011 2013 Page 3A Lake Lake Carroll CarrollNews, News,February January 2 responded that yes, this has already been oc8. Discussion and Authorization to invest any sub-leasing space on a taller tower. The der All articles and letters submitted for pubwith a chip/salt mixture being spread over balances in excess of $50,000 in the OpBoard gave the Association staff the gen- curring lication in the Lake Carroll News Must Administration roadways. She also asked that with the new erating Account to reduce any By balances eral direction to pursue allowing AT&T to the Julie Brantner be received at the association making machine added to our in the $550,000 NICOR Line of Credit: All articles submitted formaking publease a larger area and handling sub-leasing snow GMsubmitted Report.................................................... 1A All snow articles and letters for puboffice by and theletters 18th of each month. 2013Bill DECALS/MEMBERSHIP CARDS and complete the test. Administration capabilities, would the skiCarroll and tube hills be open Administration Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat sec- itself, passing along some of the revenue it lication in the Lake News MUST lication in the Lake Carroll News MUST Office Notes.................................................. 3A by Julie by Julie Brantner Asonded has been reported any in the April issue of Brantner You receives will need the page your re- the day after Christmas. Mike responded that it all to authorize cash balances in to to theprint Association in awith revenue shar2013 Wall Calendar .................................... 2013 Wall 12B Calendar ...... BE RECEIvED AT THE ASSOCIATION BE RECEIvED AT THE ASSOCIATION Mandatory Mowing.................................... 14A on the season. weather,Fees which affects snow makthe Lake News, decals &&Membersults, ifyour yo wish to the register thefor depends MEMBERSHIP AMENITY CARDS DECALS secure site&for upcoming season. Fees excessCarroll of $50,000 in the Operating AccountAMENITY ing arrangement. But the watercraft Board would like MEMBERSHIP CARDS DECALS secure youratsite the upcoming Office OFFICE BY THE OF EACH Office Notes3A ................. OFFICE BYbase, THE 18TH OF Notes EACH................................................. MONTH. ing conditions. The 18TH hillplus currently hasMONTH. a 4” and reduce in who the the ship cards have been tobalances Members toprior see more details on this option before givLake to season receiving your IDNR All About You Weto areinvest processing theissued 2013any Information Sheets. for 2013 the camping this year areactual $590.00 plus We are processing Information Sheets. for the camping season this year are $590.00 All About You Young-Snowbow ................. 2B and it requires a 12” base to be groomed properly. All About You - Young-S $550,000 NICOR Line of Credit. Motion final approval. are current withyour theirnew 2013 dues & display fees and Safety Please display decals upon receipt. $25.00 for thecard. camperreceipt. decal. $25.00 for the camper decal. Please yourBoat newing decals upon Deer Visitor – Gribble................................. 10A - Ian Keith (26-52) said someone needs to be in passed by roll call voteInformation (6/0/0). M12.12.30 12. Acknowledge receipt of Annual Dam InBoard of Directors Board of Directors have returned their 2013 Sheet MARINA CONCESSION Your 2013 Information Sheet, current insurance CAMPGROUND LOTTERY CAMPGROUND LOTTERY Your 2013 Information Sheet, current insurance charge of the strategic planning for the Associa“My Landing Tree” - Casper....................... 10A Jahnke moved Barb Anderson spection performed by Wendler Engineering with theBill appropriate fees,and insurance papers Please review theconducted Marina Concession pro-be conducted BOD Member List ..................................... 18A List ....... BOD Member and registration information must be returned to and registration information must be returned to Bill A lottery will be onAJahnke the 1st moved Saturlottery will on the 1st Saturtion. seconded to authorize any cash balances in dated November 6, 2012: Ospreys – Feucht......................................... 10A and registrations, photos. Effective April if you plan use concession Adjourn to ExecutiveCenter. Session: the office yourand payment tothe receive 2013 officethe with your cedures payment toJeff receive theto 2013 day in March at 10am at the the Conference Center. day March atin-10am at the Conference Minutes Minutes excesswith of $50,000 in the Operating Account and Howe seconded to in acknowledge 1, 2013,Effective decals February must be displayed. As the February voices at1,in thegood time $100.00 of purchase attothe marina. Board of Directors Bill Jahnke moved and Dave decals. 1,decals. 2013 in aEffective $100.00 Members in good wishing to be added to Soldat seconded to be added to standing to invest and reduce any balances the Pool Members receipt 2013 of theastanding Annualwishing Dam Inspection perNov 16, 13A 2012............. Nov 16, 2012........................................... summer season draws closer, more & more As always, only members in good standing adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personBOD Member List........................................ 6A Loan Line of Credit. Motion passed by roll formed by Wendler Engineering dated Nolate feeaccounts. has been added to all unpaidWaiting accounts. late fee has been added to all unpaid theaCampground the Campground List for seasonal siteWaiting List for a seasonal site Dec 2 & Dec 21, 2012 Dec 2 & Dec 21, 2012 ............................. 14A owners are toM12.12.31 register all their “toys,” may vember elect to6,pay their purchases made at the nel, and/or legal issues. Motion passed by unanvotetrying (6/0/0). Motion passed voice 2013 payments received bythe January must be by present at the lottery. This year’s lottery 2013call payments received postmarked by January mustpostmarked be present 2012. at lottery. This year’s lottery Minutes-March 22. . ....................................... 8A Calendars - Events/Com which is required to enjoy the for summertime Calendars - Events/Committees/Club ........... 9A Lakevote. Carroll Marina by using the Marina imous voice vote. M12.12.38 Time: 8:56 P.M. 9. Discussion and assessed Authorization Lisa Van2013 were not assessed theM12.12.36 late fee.2,Thank will be held March 2,Dave 2013.Soldat Conference Center 31, 2013 were not the31,late fee. Thank will be held March 2013. Conference Center moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to Minutes-April 13 Special. . .......................... 13A amenities. Please plan ahead by calling the invoice. A minimum purchase 3-200 Association Dr. derheyden to transfer funds from the Op- Concession 13. Acknowledge receipt of letter from a conClassifieds ...................... Classifieds .................................................... 14B youhave for yourDesk cooperation. have questions doors will will openbeat 9:30am the lottery will be you forDesk your cooperation. If you questions doors If will open at 9:30am and the lottery to Open Session. Motion passed by unanFront (ext 10toorreduce 20). The Front isyou required to utilize this method of returnand erating Account balances in the of $25 President’s Message...................................... 6A cerned Deer Management Program Member Lake Carroll, IL 61046 Clubhouse Clubhouse voice vote. M12.12.39 regarding your payment, please call at 815conducted 10am. PLEASE REFER TO THE Time: 10:47 P.M. regarding payment, please call at 815conducted 10am. PLEASE REFER TOatTHE Staff willyour letLine youof know what isJulie needed to purchasing. NICOR Credit: Bill Jahnke moved regardat last year’s 100% fee increase: Dan AJulie current Visa/MasterCard au- imous VP Views. .................................................... 17A ............ FurtherCampground Business: 815-493-2552 Hours, Specials Hours, Specials .......................................... 12A 493-2552 ext 14. thorization &the REGULATIONS, Chap493-2552 ext RULES & REGULATIONS, Campground Chapand Dave Soldat seconded toBy authorize McCollum moved Jahnke complete the 14. registration process. calling form mustand beBill onRULES file atseconded As- - Bill Jahnke moved and Jeff Howe seconded to Calendars Events/Committees/Club............ Membership beOffice used for multiterletter 3 Section I be Seasonal Site Lottery AssignFax:& 815-493-2883 Membership bewill used fortomultiter 3will I Seasonal Site Lottery &regarding AssignValentine’s9A Dinner Sp Lisa Vanderheyden to transfer funds from toSection acknowledge receipt of Valentine’s Dinner Special in advance, the Cards Front will Desk try haveCards sociation or your payment MUST appoint Nancy Comstock to the Recreation Comthe Operating Account to reduce any balthe Deer Management Program annual fee ple you years; tentatively 5 or(pages more. (pagesIf32no– 33) for complete details. Classifieds..................................................... 18B ple years; tentatively 5 orwhen more. Replacement ments 32Replacement – 15 33) days for complete details. everything ready for you arrive at received St Pat’s Dinner within of ments purchase. St Pat’s Dinner mittee. Motion passed by unanimous voice ancesfor in the NICOR Line of Credit. Motion andTRAIL toiscards setmade up Hearing the schedule for younger children’s yet to bewith GOLF TRAIL & STORAGE FEES schedule younger children’s cards is yet to be GOLF &isaSTORAGE FEES the office. Weekends (especially this time of payment within the 15complainant day timeClubhouse vote. M12.12.40 Easter Brunch Easter Brunch passed by roll call vote (6/0/0). M12.12.32 during the executive session at the January determined. DObyNOT DISCARD UNTIL NOTIGolf fees will be mailed to owners withand regisdetermined. DOa NOT DISCARD UNTIL Golf fees will be mailed to owners with regis10 Karen Clark, Front Desk year) can get bit hectic. Please helpNOTIus - Bill Jahnke moved Dave Soldat seconded to frame, the amount due will be processed with 12A Hours, Specials........................................... TLP10A&11A Gala ...................... TLP Gala .......................................... Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat secBoard of Directors meeting. Motion passed appoint Ravanesi to the Steering CommitREPLACEMENT. Ifinformation you February tered on golf carts approximately February 12, 2013. checking your records, makeFIED sureOF youNEED FIEDonded OF NEED FOR REPLACEMENT. Ifhave you FOR tered golf carts approximately 12, 2013. Visa/MasterCard file. The 11 Steve Donna Beyer, Communications Dir. to authorize Lisa Vanderheyden to the by voice vote. M12.12.37 Mother’s Day Brunch.............................. 12A Communication Communication tee. must Motion passed by voice vote. decals for each and every one wadiscard or loose card, there will a $20must re-thebe These forms &themonies be received in unanimous theGeneral Manager may curtail privilege ofinpurdiscard or loose your card, there willofbeyour aAccount $20 re-yourAssociation These forms & be monies received transfer funds from the Operating Board Directors Comments: 12 Mike Schmieder, M12.12.41 Sunday Brunch. . ....................................... 16A Committee Members N Committee Members Needed ...................... 1A tercraft, ATV’s, etc. intend toLoan use. We This placement charge. feeSoldat does not apply to upLAKE CARROLL by March 2013.Desk 10 Karen Clark , Front Desk chasing at the Marina ifShaun concession invoicplacement charge. This you fee in does not apply toLine upLAKE CARROLL office by March 28, 2013. to reduce any balances the Pool Dave complimented Nordlie and his office 10 Karen Clark28,,and Front 13 Lisa Vanderheyden, Mgr / Finance - Bill Jahnke moved Dave HR Soldat seconded to will do all we can to help. Saturday mornFacilities Update .......... es remain unpaid. THE ASSOCIATION dating when significant Decals will be issued upon receipt of monies & Facilities Update .......................................... 1A of children’s Credit. Motion by rollchildren’s call vote photos dating photospassed when significant growth crew onwill the outstanding job receipt they did clearing Decals be issuedgrowth upon of inmonies & appoint 11Receivable Donna Communications Dir. Tom Wienecke toAccounts the Lake Conservation 11 Beyer, Communications Dir. Beyer, Communication 14 Donna Julie Brantner, ing is(6/0/0). usually not a great daychanges to get have in touch DOES NOT STATEMENTS FOR the roads in the SEND recent snow storm. occurred. proper insurance 2013 Fees: Trail changes haveM12.12.33 occurred. GM Monthly Report to proper insurance requirements. 2013 Fees: Trail requirements. 8B Club Survey-Golf Carts................................ GM Monthly Report to BOD ..................... 16A Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice Mike Schmieder, General Manager 12 Mike Schmieder, General12 Manager with your insurance agency ASSIGNED forfor your 10. Discussion and Authorization LisainsurVanAudience Questions/Remarks: 15 M12.12.42 Gries, Assistant BOAT CONCESSION SLIPS fee -for $175.00; Golf Storage -Arlene $320 for a gasAdministrative cart ASSIGNED BOAT SLIPS fee - $175.00; GolfINVOICES. Storage - $320 a gas cart vote. Standing Committees ... Standing Committees ................................. 18A Committee Members Wanted. . .................... 16A 13Manager Lisa Vanderheyden, HR Mgr / Finance derheyden to for transfer funds from - boat Dan Herman (23-53) on&a Regulanumber 13 Lisa Vanderheyden, HR Mgr / Finance ance updates or you locate the NICOR current Please toelectric the 2013 - Bill Jahnke moved and McCollum secof assigned slipsrefer 2012 willcommented be Rules 16 Shaun Nordlie, Facilities and $400 for an -electric cart; Golf Cart Decal -Dan Users of assigned boat to slips inUsers 2012 will be and $400 forinan cart; Golf Cart Decal VP Views–Court Ruling Views–Court Ruling Affecting LC Sec .. 5A Facilities Update........................................... 3B Checkingcards! Account to reduce any balances in of items brought up during theChapter Board meeting. He registration Ifletters you plan using the Julie Brantner, VP Accounts Receivable for(Each details, II, Section toJulie appoint SusanTechnology Gribble to14 the Clubhouse 14 Accounts Receivable senton 2013 assignment letters bycomplete January 31, 2013.are $25.00 (Each of theseonded fees “perBrantner, cart”). sent the 2013 assignment byBill January 31, 2013. tions $25.00 of these fees “per cart”). 17 are Deb Stagno, Director NICOR Line of Credit: Jahnke moved is glad we24. areMembers giving Matt Ripplinger more ofmay our Committee. Financial amenities (i.e. golf course, pool) and haven’t Financial Motion passed by unanimous voice GM Monthly Report to BOD. . .................... 14A F, Page in good standing 15 Arlene Gries, Administrative Assistant 15 Arlene Gries, Administrative Assistant Monies andoffice be returned to the office BOAT CAMPER STORAGE Monies forms must be returned to the BOAT & business. CAMPER STORAGE and and Dave Soldat seconded to establish aforms NI- must Security (or 493-2599) 18 M12.12.43 insurance Matt has been very & conscienvote. submitted your photos for your membership Financial Corner also use theirwho cards or Lake Carroll giftused Financial Corner ........................................... 5A Standing Committees.................................... 6A ........... 16 seconded Shaun Nordlie, Facilities Manager before February 17, 2013 to secure acredit slip. Failure Members who the Camper & Boat Stor16 Shaun Nordlie, Facilities Manager before February 17, 2013 to secure a slip. Failure Members used the Camper & for Boat StorCOR Checking Account with the First State tious about trying to get the best deal the Asmoved andFinance Bill Jahnke to 19 Howe Joyce Stadel, Assistant cards, email them now to photoid@golake- cards at the Marina to pay for their purchases - Jeff Golf League Registration Golf LeagueDirector Registrations ............................ 11B toaccount return this considered negative age on sites during the 2012 Association year of will 17 Deb Stagno, Bankthis Shannon as abe transfer for form the will sociation. He commented good job getting to return form will considered negative Financial agebe sites during thea 2012 Association year willthe be 17 Stagno, Technology acknowledge receipt thebeA & E Director Committee rec- Technology As always, all dues & afees must at the marina. Missy Clark, Front Desk 20 Deb $550,000 NICOR Linebeofmade Credit. Motion Farm deal done; it had said that this IMAGine ........................ response and the slipBlock will be made available to been mailed notices for theommendation upcoming Summer Season to secure Error and Omission insurIMAGine ........................................................ 6A response and the slip will available to mailed notices for the upcoming Summer Season 18 Security (or 493-2599) 18 Security (or 493-2599) Financials March 2013.................................. 7A be current to use the amenities and register CAMPER INFORMATION 22 Joe Rush, Lake Manager passed by roll call vote (6/0/0). M12.12.34 couldn’t be done. About the motions specifically ance coverage to extend to the A & E Committee new marina slip users. All assessments & fees approximately February 12, 2013. These forms Lake & Natural new marina slip users. All assessments & fees approximately February 12, 2013. These forms Lake & Natural Resources 19 Joyce Stadel, Finance Assistant your “toys”. Joyce Stadel, Finance Assistant Financial Corner............................................ 7A Resour Reminder: The month ofbyMay is the start so19 Bill Jahnke moved andmust Barb Anderson naming Vanderheyden name, he comthatmonies the to provide 25 LeeCommittee Harbison, Building Inspector current to apply for aLisa marina slip. must beMarch returned with your by Marchmay 28, continue must beREGISTRATION current to apply for a marinabe slip. must be returned with your monies by 28, FC Member3B Form ........ BOAT 20 Missy Clark, Front FC Member Form ........................................ the mandatory 20 Missy Clark, Front Desk seconded to authorize Lisa Vanderheyden of mented perhaps those camping should haverequirements been done by approval for have all construction Golf Desk 2013 MARINA (NEWyour Boat Slip you 2013 toquestions, reserve your spot. If you questions, projects performed 2013 LOTTERY (NEW Boat 2013 to reserve spot. haveJohn Boat decalsfunds plus the CORRECT lot Slip andLOTTERY Fish Size & Limits ....... toMARINA transfer from the NICOR Checking for the seasonal campsites. Two (2) over- at 22 job description rather than If by name. Grotto Joe Rush, LakeFish Manager LakeJoe Carroll. MotionManager passed 22 by unanimous Size Limits .......................................18B 3B Rush, From the & Pro............................................... Users/Non-Deeded) please Karen 815-493-2552 ext Lake 10. . . . . . . 815-244-2635 New Users/Non-Deeded) please camps call that Karen 815-493-2552 extcall 10. New Carroll Co. Sheriff section number mustany bebalances displayed onNIall night Account to reduce in the responded thisatrequired had been in done intentionally. vote. M12.12.44 are May; four (4) at voice Fish Tales ..................... 25 Lee Harbison, Building Inspector Fish ..................................................... 3B 25 Jahnke Lee Harbison, Building Inspector March 2013 bestays the 1st new with assignments must with the Frontand Desk GolfTales Events...................................4-5B,16-18B Saturday, March 2, 2013 will beSaturday, the 1st day new assignments must beday made Frontthe Desk COR Line of Credit. Motion passed by roll 2,overnight On thewill topic of AT&T wanting to replace cell watercraft PRIOR to launching. The AssoBill moved Dave Soldat seconded are required inthe June, July & be- made . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 911 Emergency Conservation Conservation Corner .................................... 4BCorner .... marina may forwith aand boat slip. Conbefore your boat and/or camper. callusers votemay (6/0/0). M12.12.35 tower a September taller one, Dan suggested thatoverresito adjourn the Board’s Regular Meeting of Demarina apply forone a boat slip. users The Conciation requires at least member per lot apply before parking yourThe boat and/or camper. Lake & Natural Resources August requires twoparking (2) Lake Carroll Security Cell . 815-493-2599 Lake & Natrl 11. Discussion regarding Cell Phone Tower loCarroll Co. Sheriff .............815-244-2635 dents in the surrounding area be given notice and cember 21, 2012 at 10:52 P.M. Motion passed by ference Center will be open at 7:30am. The lot2013sign HOMEOWNER DIRECTORY Lake & Natrl Resources ............................... 4BResource Carroll Co. Sheriff .............815-244-2635 to attendCenter the IDNR course. ference will beBoat openSafety at 7:30am. TheThis lot- night 2013 HOMEOWNER DIRECTORY camps. All campers must in with Conservation Corner................................... 18A cated at the West Marina and AT&T’s prothe opportunity to comment before anything is unanimous voice vote. M12.12.45 tery will begin at 8am. Members in good standing All Lake Carroll Homeowners (with a Lanark Emergency ........................................911 Letter to the 7A Editor ....... course mandatory if you wish to register tery willisbegin at 8am. Members in good standinga theAll Lake Carrollhost Homeowners (with Campers a Lanark Emergency ........................................911 Letter to the Editor ....................................... campground upon arrival. FC Member Form......................................... 3B posal to increase size of Tower and the size These Minutes approved on this 25th day of Janfinalized. Association Business Hours must apply in person. Visa/Master authorizations ‘493’ phone # or cell phone number which is boat at Lake Carroll. If you have taken the Lake Carroll Security Cell ..815-493-2599 Line Dance Spring may also sign in cell at(23-224) the Association Office, mustofapply person. Visa/Master authorizations phone # or phone number which is uary, Lake2013. Carroll Security Cell ..815-493-2599 Line Dance Spring Session ............................ 2B Sessi the in Leased Property: provided a -‘493’ Charlee Thompson asked if there was Fishing Tournaments..................................... 3B course at Lake Carroll, theAT&T office will havetheifused must accompany request when submitted. used as the primary number atJeff your Lake resiMonday – Saturday theas campground host is not available. The ATTEST: mustcouple accompany the request submitted. the primary number at your resiQuilt Club ...................... Howe, Secretary of alternatives forwhen increasing the size going to be sand or gravel put down onLake our roads Quilt Club ...................................................... 8A your records. If you course atREFER an- sign-in PLEASE TO THE RULES REGUdence) be included in the directory unless we Fish Size &Hours Limits........................................ 1A forms are& used thewill camping 8 am to 4:30pmHours AssociationRecreation PLEASE REFER TO take THE the RULES & REGUdence) will be included in to thetrack directory unless we Business Recreation Association Business other location, the Association Office will requirements. LATIONS, CHAPTER 2 SECTION G: via MARIreceive notification Please save your copies for via the form included with LATIONS, CHAPTER 2 SECTION G: MARIFish Tales...................................................... 2B receive notification the form included with Monday – Saturday Monday – Saturday Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt ........................................... 7B ........... need to have a copy of the yellow records. NA25SLIP ASSIGNMENT (pagesInformation 25 & 26) FOR your“Lake 2013 Phone Information Lake sheet. The “Lake Phone NA SLIP ASSIGNMENT (pages & certifica26) FOR your your 2013 sheet. The Carroll NewsUSPS Kids Fishing Derby....................................... 1B 4:30pm am towill 4:30pm “We008387 are 8 am to Kidz Camp Brochure ... tion card, which you should have received at Reservations the daily/weekly Kidz Camp Brochure ......................... 9B&10B DETAILED INFORMATION ON THEfor UPDATNumber” on sites your 2013 Information 8Sheet


LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION 3-200 Association Dr. 3-200 Association Dr. Lake Carroll, IL 61046 Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2552 815-493-2552 OFFICE DIRECTORY Fax: 815-493-2883 Fax: 815-493-2883


roll, Illinois



Brick Street Coffee

Number” on your 2013 Information Sheet will

Lake & Natrl Resources................................ 6B The Lake Carroll News is published monththe completion of the course.ED You must also may be made by calling the be an Internet OfKidz Camp 6B Registration PROCEDURES. the number published in the directory. If you Kidz Camp Registration Form ..................... ED PROCEDURES. be the number published in theAssociation directory. If you ly by Sauk Valley Media (SVM), 3200 E. complete and pass the Lake Carroll Boat Cafe” W Marina Concession Hours........................ 3B fice Frontwant Desk 815-493-2552 extto10. BOAT SAFETY CLASS DO NOT wantAll your lake phone number to appear Plumtree Winter BOAT SAFETY CLASS DO NOT your lake phoneCarroll, number Plumtree 8B Schedu Lake CarroLL News Winter UsPsSchedule 008387 ............................ Lincolnway, P.O. BoxNews 498,SPECIALS Sterling, IL008387 61081. Lake CarroLL UsPs 320 N. Main Street •current Mount IL •appear 815.244.0055 Safety Quiz. Upon completionOne yourclass testhas willbeendues & fees must be to use any of the Letter to the Editor – Havorka.................... 18A scheduled at LAKE CARin the upcoming directory, you must return the Pool Hours-See classwith has been scheduled at LAKE CARin theHours: upcoming directory, you must return The Lake Carroll News published monthly by ........................... Monday-Saturday Sundaythe 11:00am-4:00pm It is to all News LakeisEVERYDAY! Carroll Association Poolis Hours-See RecDirect 6B RecDir Themailed Lake Carroll published monthly by be One on file the Association Office. The Lake Carroll amenities.7:30am-6:00pm; Please your ROLL. Saturday, March 8am-4:30pm, Ifthe youdirechave questions regarding the474, direcVillage PO Box 474, Lena, IL 61048. It is mailed Recreation ROLL. March 2013, 8am-4:30pm, form.16, If 2013, you Browse have questions regarding Village Voices, PO Box Lena, ILand 61048. ItVoices, isfor mailed Exciting Merchandise from Local Suppliers, RecDirect ..................... members in good standing paid by LC BoatSaturday, Safety Quiz is 16, available on the Lake campground RecDirect ..................................................... 6B rules. Onlywhile one reservation may to all Lakefor Carroll members – paid for by a we will beSafety offering tory, the required Boater please call 10) or (ext 20)dues. to all Lake Carroll Association members – paid by a Association Artists Artisans you enjoy your Favorite Coffee, Sandwich, we will website be offering the Lake required pleaseand call KarenSafety (ext 10) tory, or Missy (ext 20)Karen a(ext portion ofMissy the annual Non-members Bags &Carnival VBall Tourneys.............................. 01B ............ Carroll on the andBoater Natural Re- be Winter Carnival portion of annual dues. Non-members may purchase the on the books at a time. Winter .......................................... 12B portion of annual dues. Non-members may purchase the Salad and Homemade Soups in our Full Service Coffee Shop & Bistro. course theclass Clubhouse (lower level). This class at 815-493-2552. course at the Clubhouse level). at This 815-493-2552. may15 purchase the Lake Carroll News for $12/ Lake Carroll News at $12 Easter annually.Egg Periodicals postage th source webpage and at(lower the Association Of- at All Hunt......................................... Photos.............................. 10B Valentine’s Dinner - February atNews 6:30pm. Lake Carroll at $12 annually. Periodicals postage campers must have& aWine 2013Tasting decal disFree Fall11B Band ........... Fall offices. Band must be be completed before a boatCelebrate may beCARDS regisMEMBERSHIP ID CARDS paid at Lanark, IL 61046 andFree additional th subscription inquiries year. Direct to editor@ must be completed before a boat may regisMEMBERSHIP ID Come Mardi Gras with us on February 12 All Day. paid at Lanark, IL 61046 and additional offices. fice. For information on IDNR Boat Safety played. If you have not yet received yours, 14B Family Fun Nights...................................... Winterfest ..................... each month. Advertising deadline isWinterfest the 15 of __________________________ at Desk LAKE CARROLL. The Desk will the If you with have your not yet supplied the office withor ..................................................... 1B month. Advertising deadline isyour the 15 of each 815-493-2552 ext 11. tered at LAKE CARROLL. Thetered Front will If you haveFront not yet supplied office class locations throughout the State call: Contact Terry Whalen at (815) 291-8930 or........................................... Rachel at Contact Terry Whalen atpaid (815)at291-8930 or IL Rachel at Fun In The Sun. 13B Safety & Security/EMS have a sign-up sheet available after March 1, photos, please email them to photoid@golakePeriodicals postage Sterling, 61081 & ad. Security/EMS have a sign-up sheet aftergo March 1, photos, please email them to photoid@golakeContinued on page 5A 1-800-832-2599. Youavailable may also online to place aSafety classified Mail to: PO Box 815-291-2210 to place a classified ad.815-291-2210 Mail to: PO Box




2013. Please call extKaren 10 or and 20 ifMissy; or Karen and and additional Missy willoffices. be taking Neighborhood 15B Kick-Off to Summer................................... 474, Lena, IL 61048. Fax Neighborhood to: (815) 369-9913 or e-mail: 2013. Please call 815-493-2552, ext 10 or 20 if 815-493-2552,; or will be taking Watch ................................... 4A Watch ... 474, Lena, IL 61048. Fax to: (815) 369-9913 or e-mail: you wish to sign up for this class. Advertising and Classified deadline is pictures at the Front Desk throughout the year. 110 W. Market Street • Mount Carroll, IL Residential18A Checks ....... you wish to sign up for this class. pictures at the Front Desk throughout the year. Magic Checks 6A Letters thebeEditor areResidential subject Show................................................ to editing and ....................................... will be theeach Editor are subject to editing andtowill theLetters 15th month. Mike Ford SEASONAL BILLING cards inare issued onlytoofto members in Contact CAMPGROUND SEASONALCAMPGROUND BILLING Amenity cards are issued onlyAmenity to members Safety First ................... printed only if signed. Neither the Lake Carroll News, The Pool Hours.................................................. 15B Safety First ................................................... 4A printed only if signed. Neither the Lake Carroll News, The at, 815-625-3600 for theap-2013good season will be mailed ap- photos good standing with submitted photos in our dataLake Carroll Property Owners Association and Village Bills for the 2013 season will Bills be mailed standing with submitted in our dataLake Carroll Property Owners Association and Village Security Fines 10B RecDirect.................................................... Email: Email: Security Finesfinancial ............................................... 4A............... ext 616, or mail to Sauk Valley Media, Attn: Voices, as agents, nor the printer assume liaproximately February 12, 2013. Seasonal campbase and as time and resources allow. BRICK Sallow. TREETS AND OUNTR Y assume C HARM Voices,C as agents, nor the printer financial liaproximately February 12, 2013. Seasonal camp- base and as time and resources bility for production errors in or non-insertion of any Security Notes Lake Carroll News, E. Lincolnway, Safety & Security/EMS production errors in or non-insertion of any Security Notes .............................................. 4A .............. ing fees duetoon or Hope before Marchhaving 28, 2013 towinterHope fun for winter at the Lake!3200 ing fees are due on or before March 28,are 2013 you’re a fun at theyou’re Lake!having ability advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertiseP.O. Box 498, Sterling, 61081. Lake advertisement beyond the amountILpaid for suchThe advertiseThanks Yous11B – Vickers; 4A&15A Earth Day/LC Clean-Up..................... Thanks Yous – Vickers; Twice Sold ............ Corrections ment. Corrections will be printed thement. following month’swill be printed in the following month’s Hours: Wednesday-Sunday Carroll Association andinSMV, as provided agents, edition, the Lake Carroll News does not endorse Trail Talk ........................ Hours: Thursday-Saturday 5-12pm Lake Flag Alerts............................................ 1B edition, provided the Lake Carroll News does not endorse Trail Talk ...................................................... 11B nor the printer assume financial liabilitythe for Lunch: 11:00am-2:00pm/Dinner: 5:00pm-9:00pm or guarantee or guarantee the ads. Advertiser indemnifies and holdsads. Advertiser indemnifies and holds Women’s Club Neighborhood Watch.................................... 4A............... Women’s Club ............................................. 19A harmless the Lake Carroll Property from any and all production errors in or non-insertion of any harmless the Lake Carroll Property from any and all cost, damage or loss sustained and caused by or resulting Yacht Club advertisement amount for cost, damage or lossbeyond sustained the and caused by orpaid resulting Yacht Club Safety First.................................................... 5A from any false, misleading or libelous claims made in any STORAGE from false, misleadingCorrections or libelous claims made in any Club Meeting ............... suchany advertisement. will be printINSULATED STORAGE INSULATED advertisement placed by the advertiser. Club Meeting ..............................................8B 4A Security Notes................................................ advertisement placed by the advertiser. ed in the following month’s edition, provided PostmAster: Send address changes to the Lake ••Mixed Fusion Cuisine (French, Thai, German) SEASONAL . . . . . . . .8 x 10 Member Form .............. Mixed Fusion CuisineSEASONAL (French, .Thai, PostmAster: Send address changes to the Lake . . . . .German) . .8x10 Member Form .............................................. 8B Yield to Yellow. . ............................................ 1A Carroll News. PO the . Lake Carroll News does not endorse orBox 474, Lena, IL 61048. x 24 LARgE . . . . . . . . . .10 Carroll News. PO Box 474, Lena, IL 61048. C SI Robber’s Bingo ............ U LARgE . . Selection . . . . . . . . .10x24 • Craft Beers • Large Wine LIVE M Robber’s .......................................... 12A Trail Talk..Bingo ..................................................... 13A guarantee the ads. Advertiser indemnifies and • 815-243-WASH Craft Beers • Large Wine Selection x30 ExTRA LARgE . . . . .10 FRIDAY & ExTRA LARgE . . . . .10x30 holds harmless the Lake Carroll Association •(9274) Indoor & Outdoor(9274) Seating Women’s Club.............................................. 11A 815-243-WASH SATURDAY LETTERS from anyAvAILAbLE andTHE all cost, damage, or loss TO sus-THE EDITOR POLICY ! LETTERS TO EDITOR POLICY TS FIREWOOD • Indoor & Outdoor Seating H “Come Clean With Us...” IG N ....... 16A&9B Garden Walk-Stitches & Blooms. The Lake Carroll News welcomes Letters to the Editor. Letters must be received a FIREWOOD AvAILAbLE “Come Clean With Us...” Theand Lakecaused Carroll by News Letters toany the Editor. Letters must be received at the Association office by tained orwelcomes resulting the 18thfrom of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere t EvErything OpEn 24 hOurs A DAy Put A Cork In It!. . ........................................ 16A the 18th of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: false, misleading, or libelous claims made EvErything OpEn 24 hOurs A DAy 1. Writers mustin be LCA members in good standing, reflect their viewpoint, focus on th 1. Writers must be LCA members in good standing, reflect their viewpoint, focus on the issues and/or must be of interest to the majority of Seeking Lake Carroll members. 15A Donations for Band....................... any advertisement placed by the advertiser. interest to the majority of Lake Carroll members.

Mt. Carroll, Illinois All Medicare Part D 815-244-0022

Prescription Drug Stand Alone Plans LAUNDROMAT LAUNDROMAT Shannon’s For the Love of Good Food and Spirits Shannon’s Are Accepted WASHES


Most Regular Insurance Drug Bloody Mary Bar Sundays 11:00am-2:00pm Cards Are Also Kris Plattenberger, Owner Homes Hermann-Funeral HomesAccepted Hermann-Funeral

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Serving Your Family As It Was Our Own

Specialty Steaks & Pizza

Pearl City Serving Your

Family As It Was Our Own

Sunday 5-9: Pizza, Family PastaOwned & Tacos ONLY Family Owned 121 West Market St. 37 Market Shannon, IL Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 864-2441

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2. Letters should not contain personal attacks against any individual(s) or businesses 2. Letters should not contain attacks against individual(s) Yacht Club or businesses and may not express perPOSTMASTER: Sendpersonal address toorany sonalchanges grievances conflicts. sonal grievances or conflicts. 3. Letters containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks or obscenitie theLetters Lakecontaining Carroll News, 3-200 Association Dr, derogatory Member Form & Events............................... 3. libelous material or statements, remarks or obscenities will not be published7B or are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. Lake Carroll, IL 61046. are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. Night.............................................. 7B Venetian 4. Constructive criticism is acceptable; suggestions on alternative solutions to the conc 4. Constructive criticism is acceptable; suggestions on alternative solutions to the concerns are appreciated. 5. Letters are limited to 400 words or less. 5. Letters to arethe limited to 400 words or Letters Editor Policy 6. less. All letters must bear a signature and LCA section and lot numbers. 6. All mustNews bearwelcomes a signature and LCA andbelot numbers. Theletters Lake Carroll Letters to Editor.section Letters must received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless other7.theThe Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD reserve the right to review to accept wise specified due General to altered deadlines and adhere to the BOD following guidelines: 7. The Editor, Manager, and LCA reserve thetoright toa review towithin acceptthe or deny issue. publication of any Letter to the Editor and offer rebuttal 1. Writers must be LCA members in good standing, reflect their viewpoint, focus on the issues and/or must be ofsame interest to the majority of Lake Letter to the Editor and to offer a rebuttal within the same issue. 8. The Editor will provide an explanation in writing to those submitters whose letter is Carroll members. 8. The Editor will provide an explanation in writing&toPHOTO those submitters whose letter is not published. EDITORIAL GUIDELINES 2. Letters should not contain personal attacks against any individual(s) or businesses and may not express personal grievances or conflicts. EDITORIAL &libelous PHOTO GUIDELINES 3. Letters containing material or statements, remarks or obscenities will not be published or are subject editingtheir after consultaIt isderogatory each organizations responsibility to publicize and to cover events for the L Itbetween is each organizations to publicizeplease and cover their Lake Carroll If you tion submitter and editor. responsibility need assistance, contact theevents office.for Anythe written articles, News. committee or club ad 4. Constructive criticism is acceptable; on alternative solutions to the concerns are appreciated. need assistance, please contactsuggestions the publication office. Any in written articles, committee or club ads, or photos submitted for by the the Lake Carroll News must be received at the Association office 5. Letters are limited 400 words or less.News must be received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless publication in thetoLake Carroll otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: 6. All letters must bear a signature and LCA deadlines section and lot numbers. otherwise specified due to altered and adhere to benefit the following guidelines: Be of and Carroll Members. 7. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD 1. reserve theinterest right to review to acceptto or Lake deny publication of any Letter to the Editor and to offer a 1. Be of interest and benefit to Lake 2. Carroll Members. Purposes for articles published are to inform and educate. rebuttal within the same issue. for articles published are to inform and educate. 101 W.explanation Market 8. 2. ThePurposes Editor will provide an in St. writing those submitters whose letter is not published. 3. to Articles containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks, obscen 3.Editorial Articles containing libelous material or statements, derogatory obscenities or anything deemed between & Photo Guidelines inappropriate will not be publishedremarks, or are subject to editing after consultation Mt. IL 61053 Pearl IL ItCity, is each organizations to publicize and cover to their events for the consultation Lake Carroll News. If you need assistance, please contact the inappropriate will Carroll, notresponsibility be published or4.are subject editing after between submitter and editor. Hard copy photos will be scanned and available for pick up one week following pu office. Any written club ads, and or photos submitted forpick publication in the Lakefollowing Carroll News must be received at the Association 4. Hard copyarticles, photoscommittee will beorscanned available for up one week publication. 443-2246 5. Special announcements (ie: wedding/anniversary/births/graduation, etc) may su office by the 18thannouncements of each month unless(ie: otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to etc) the following guidelines: 5. Special wedding/anniversary/births/graduation, may submit a single photo (published size to be determined by staff) and text of 100 words or less. 1. Be of interest and benefit to Lake Carroll Members. lished size to be determined by staff) and text of 100 words or less. Submissions: An electronic file is the preferred method of submission. Files ma 2. Purposes for articles published are to inform and educate. Submissions: electronic is the preferred method of submission. Files may be submitted viaPlease email 3. Articles containingAn libelous material orfile statements, derogatory remarks, or may anything deemed will not email. be published or are make e or provided on disk.obscenities Photos also be inappropriate submitted via or provided on disk. Photos may alsoand beeditor. submitted via email. Please subject to editing after consultation between submitter The Editor will make send aelectronic “received”submissions confirmationto email. 4. Hard copy photos will be scannedThe and available for pick up one week followingconfirmation publication. EditorThe will send a General “received” email. Editor, Manager, and LCA BOD reserve thedetermined right tobyreview to accept o 5. The Special announcements (ie: wedding/anniversary/births/graduation, etc) may submit a single photo (published size to be staff) and Editor, General Manager, and LCA BODforreserve the right to review to accept or deny any submission publication in the Lake Carroll News. Itemspublication submitted of that are not in c text of 100 words or less. submission for publication in the Lake Carroll News. Items submitted that are not in compliance to these guidelines method will not be guaranteed publication. Submissions: An electronic file is the preferred of submission. Files may be submittedvia email or provided on disk. Photos may also lines will not be guaranteed Any questions please contact theTheEditor at 815-493-2552, ext. 11. email. be submitted via email. Please make publication. electronic submissions to Editor will send a “received” confirmation Any questions please contact the Editor at 815-493-2552, ext. 11. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BODEditorial reserve the Policy right to review to accept or deny publication of any submission for publication in the adopted 2/22/05. Editorial Policy adopted Lake Carroll News. Items submitted2/22/05. that are not in compliance to these guidelines will not be guaranteed publication.

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Cremation service, traditional service, monuments Cremation service, traditional service, monuments and assistance with out-of-town arrangements and assistance with out-of-town arrangements William J. Hermann William J. Hermann

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Any questions please contact the Editor at 815-493-2552, ext. 11. Editorial Policy adopted 2/22/05.

Page 4A

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Lake Carroll Security/EMS Corner Available 24/7 at 815-493-2599

Security Notes Neighborhood Watch By Mike Siciliano, NW Coordinator

By Luke Fossett Security Supervisor

Security Stats for March 2013: House Checks - 5599 Assist Motorists - 2 Amenity Checks - 1170 Ambulance Calls - 1 Service Calls - 104 Alarms - 0 Complaints - 5 Activated Heat Lights - 5 Deliveries - 40

I would like to encourage everyone that has not picked up a copy of the 2013 Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations to please do so. They are available at no charge at the LCA Office. They are also available online at in the document section. A couple minutes reviewing the Rules and Regulations can make everyone’s experience more enjoyable at Lake Carroll; not knowing a rule is not an excuse to violate one. We have been having some issues lately with garbage not being placed in the proper receptacles and garbage being illegally dump. All garbage must be placed in a proper receptacle intended for trash so the local wildlife cannot cause a mess. You trash cans also must be returned to the residence no later than 24 hours after garbage pick-up. If you are unable to be present to return your trash can to your home, Moring Disposal (800-423-0759) offers a “curbside service” where they will retrieve your can next to your home and return it after emptying it. We encourage you to utilize this service instead of leaving your cans unattended and potentially blowing away from your property until your return. Moring also has large, sturdy garbage cans on rollers with a secure lid available. Contact Moring Disposal for more information on their services. The pictures on this page also shows some illegal dumping that has occurred below the dam. The area below the dam designated for yard waste is not a dump for residential waste, signage and cameras are being installed to try and relieve the problem, if you illegally dumping below the dam, you will be cited and fined. Did You Know: A new rule was approved and put in place this year making the use of the skier down mandatory. The flags are available at the LCA Office and West Marina concession. Information on this rule can be found in your Rules and Regulations booklet page, 14, Chapter 1, Section D-3-N-ii. Did You Know: ATV’s are prohibited from crossing private lots and can only use Lake Carroll roadways to access the trail system. This information in located in the Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations page 7, Chapter 1, Section B, 2 – E & F. Did You Know: It is illegal to let you dog or cat roam freely at Lake Carroll. Please be courteous with you neighbors. Even if they are not at their Lake Carroll residence your pets should not be making a mess on their property. Please review the Rules and Regulations regarding pets Page 36, chapter 4, section C, #8. If you have any questions, complaints, or compliments, please feel free to contact me at (815) 493-2552 ext.18 or e-mail me at If the Security Department can be of any assistance to you, we may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (815) 493-2599.

We had 35 volunteers join forces to clean up various areas of Lake Carroll.

ANNUAL LAKE CLEAN-UP: This one is going to be a short article (I know you are probably saying thank goodness). Just got done with the Lake Carroll Annual Earth Day clean-up and this article is already a couple of days late (sorry Donna). Today, April 20th, was one of the better days in two weeks. All week long I was worried about it raining, why should it not, it rained all week. Well, I really can’t tell you who I owe for the sunny (no rain) day. We had about 35 volunteers come out to help clean up the Lake Carroll roadways and various areas. I have to admit, and am happy to say, that each year there seems to be less trash on our property/roadways. Unfortunately this year in the woods behind the Campground dumpster, there was an extreme amount of trash, junk, etc. It looked like people used this area for a dumping ground. Our brave crew pulled out around seven large bags of trash including bottles, cans, card board, and everything else you can see in the photo. Then came the big stuff like old patio furniture, moldy outdoor carpet…too much to name it all. This stuff did not blow into the woods; someone dumped it there. One of the volunteers mention that it is very nice that dog owners picked up their dog’s “business” and put it in a tied up plastic bag. Unfortunately, some must think that’s the end of their responsibility…yep, they left the bag filled with their pet’s “business” in the grass! The message is, “Take it with you till you can dispose of it properly, like at your house! DUH!! One more thing, it seems the drinks of choice for this year “as seen in the trash” was Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Vodka. Again, take it home with you, it’s your garbage! We have a guest at this year’s Clean-Up; Joe Myers, the newly elected Freedom Township Highway Commissioner. Joe cleaned up Zier Rd. with a few other volunteers. They collected around 75 lbs of trash. The morning event culminated at the Lodge with a great cookout lunch. Thanks to our faithful Clean-UpCook, Jim Faulk. And “Thanks” to all who volunteered today! See photos below and additional article and photo on page 15A. SELF-WATERCRAFT INSPECTION: Folks, we will not be conducting our annual Memorial Day weekend boat safety checks this year, so be careful when putting your boats in for the first time. Security may be checking your boats for mandatory items. If you don’t have all the required equipment, it will prevent you put from launching your boat. That includes the State required equipment, registration, and decals from the State and Lake Carroll. Here’s a list from previous inspections; it’s also available in the Lake & Natural Resources documents on our website: • All state and Lake Carroll identification and licensing stickers current and in place. • The boat passenger capacity rating label prominently displayed. • A Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) on board for all anticipated passengers and age brackets. And remember that any person under the age of 13 is required by law to wear a Type I, II or III PFD while the boat is underway. • A boat over 16 ft. in length is required to have an approved throwable (Type IV) flotation device on board. We recommend including one in all boats. • A paddle or oar. • Workable fire extinguisher on board and readily accessible away from the engine. • Carburetor flame arrester on inboard engine • Lanyard Stop Switch (engine kill switch) operative. • Starting battery securely fastened in place. • Positive terminal of the battery insulated (covered). • State approved horn or whistle on board and operable. • All navigation lights in place and operable. • Skier Down Flag is now MANDATORY. If you will be towing someone behind your watercraft (ski, wakeboard, tubing…anything that has a person who could fall into the lake and be unattached to your watercraft), you MUST have this flag to signal caution to other boats of a person in the water. • And don’t forget the drain plug! Be sure it’s installed before arriving at the marina. YIELD TO YELLOW: It seems we have to keep telling people that Security can now stop drivers while on the LC roadways and on our lake. One thing has changed; the color of lights on our security vehicles. Because of Illinois State law and the requirements of certain colors to be used for jurisdiction and scope of work (Police, Fire/EMT, etc.) Lake Carroll IS now using YELLOW LIGHTS. So if you see a vehicle behind or in front with yellow lights flashing, pull over. Refer to page 1A or the GM Report on 3A for more information. You can’t say you have not been warned. Promised it would be short…done. Have a great spring.

Jim Falk, our resident annual “clean-up cook,” grilled up a tasty lunch for the volunteers.

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Safety First Displaying the Skier Down Flag is now mandatory. For the last six years the Safety Committee and this column have encouraged you to voluntarily use the Skier Down Flag when towing skiers and tubers on the lake. The new rules effective this year include a provision changing the flag usage from recommendation to mandatory status. I’ll reprise the description of the flag and its usage as we have done over the years. “It is a handheld orange flag to be displayed by the spotter in a towboat when the skier or tuber is off the water device and swimming in the water. It is used to alert other boats in the area that a (hard to see) person is in the water waiting to be retrieved by the boat. The flag is to be used only when the skier is down in the water, once the boat and towed person(s) are underway the flag is to be lowered. If you see a boat displaying a Skier Down Flag slow down, look for a swimmer in the vicinity and maintain a distance of at least 50 yards from both the boat and the swimmer. It’s best to maneuver away from this area entirely.” And there’s more. You, as a boat pilot, can find yourself on the lake busy with boats, the visibility can be hampered by sun intensity and angle with resulting glare – in your eyes and on the water. You can be absorbed with attention to the traffic of other boats and perhaps the condition of your towed water athlete. Swimmers don’t venture out into the deeper waters, so you’re not conditioned to looking for a person in the middle of the lake. All this makes it difficult to notice and recognize the importance of a small object – a person’s head – not brightly colored and projecting out of the water a foot or so. It’s a tragedy in the making. We have encouraged the skier to present an alert to their in-water location



$10-$30 Removal of Stumps


LAKE CARROLL LOTS 1-17 Old Wharf Rd. - .25 acre lot overlooking the golf course on a quiet cul-de-sac. Short walk to clubhouse. $9,800 1-111 Captains Dr. - Good water view from this .31 acre corner lot. 30’ grassed greenway one side. Broker owned. $18,900. 1-189 Old Wharf Rd. - .26 acre lot on knoll with water view. Wooded area to the front and rear. Broker owned. $16,900. 12-253/254 Spring Creek Dr. - Level .56 acre corner lot close to ski hill and pool. $9,900. 17-27R Lakeview Dr. - Replat of lots 27 & 28. 1.17 acres gently sloping to treed rear. Conventional septic. Broker owned. $24,900. 17-36 Lakeview Dr. - Fully wooded .62 acre situated one lot off of the water. Broker owner. $32,900. 17-171 Lakeside Dr. - .50 acre 2nd tier lot sits high above the lake. Seasonal water view. $19,900. DEEDED BOAT SLIP LOTS 21-55 Old Wharf Rd. - Large 3.68 acre lot with open views near East Marina. $65,000. 21-58 Lake Carroll Blvd. - 2.36 acre corner lot with fantastic views incuding distant water view. 2001 Forest River pontoon with 2009 75hp Mercury Bigfoot motor available as a separate transaction. Motivated Seller. $54,000. ACCESS LOTS 3-653 & 654 Fawn Ridge Dr. - .52 acres. $2,500.

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By Dan Herman by holding a ski vertical to the water, extending as far as practical above the water and rotated constantly so as to show the broad surface of the ski in all directions. But we know we can’t rely on the skier to remember this and even the ski is not as visible as the brightly colored flag projecting from a large object, the boat, which is itself well above the water. As a boat pilot, it’s your responsibility to avoid collisions with other objects in the water, including a swimmer. You need help in identifying this hazard and the Skier Down flag is a valuable tool for you. Over all the years that the use of the flag it has been a voluntary action we’ve been fairly pleased at the response, boaters are observed displaying the flag to protect their loved one in the water. The Security water patrol officers report seeing the flag being used and commenting on how it magnifies the awareness of the person low in the water. However, they also report that usage is not as frequent as it could be and that making the usage a mandatory rule could increase the safety factor of this practice. After lengthy discussion the Safety Committee and the Security Department have decided to make usage of the flag mandatory and the Board of Directors has supported this action. Effective this boating

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season deployment of the Skier Down Flag from a tow boat with a person down in the water has become mandatory, part of the Lake Carroll Rules system, and is an enforceable rule. Boaters not complying with the rule are subject to citation. Trust me, we don’t want to see any citations for noncompliance come in for review or hearings. We in the Safety Committee want to see continuance of our remarkable safety record on the lake. Flags are available at the Lake Carroll Office and the West Marina concession, at a cost of $8. It’s an easy effective way to protect your skier or tuber. Member survey. The Safety Committee participated in the Club/Committee Survey recently conducted. The question posted by this committee was: “Do you encourage the development of rules to enable the operation of golf carts on Lake Carroll roadways for use as transportation vehicles?” Here is a synopsis of the results. Total responses to the overall survey: 294 Total responses to this question: 267 Yes (in favor) 175 or 65% No (opposed) 92 or 35% A listing of the comments from the responders is included on page 8B of this publication. Let’s be careful out there!

please call the Front Desk (815-493-2552 ext 10) MARINA SLIPS There are still some Marina slips available at the West Marina (dam) for the 2013 season. The fee is $525.00. Please call Julie at 815-493-2552 x14 (Monday-Friday 8:00 – 4:00 PM) if you are interested in one of them. Only members in good standing are eligible to use the slips. Please refer to the 2013 Rules & Regulations for complete details. NEW OWNERS Lake Carroll has several new families using the facilities this summer and we welcome all of you. Copies of the Rules & Regulations, By-Laws, Fee Schedules, an Information Sheet and registration information are sent upon receipt of the recorded deed & transfer fees to new Members. Please review this information. Decals & photo ID cards will be issued when the photos are provided for our database and the completed information sheet is returned to the Association Office. All dues and fees must be current. If you return the information sheet in person, the Front Desk Staff will be happy to take photos of your family. Processing the 2013 cards will be done as time allows. You may also email your photos to Please call or visit our office if you have questions. QUARTERLY DUES PAYMENTS April 30, 2013 was the 2nd quarter due date for owners paying their dues on the quarterly payment schedule. A $100 late fee was added to unpaid quarterly accounts if no 2nd quarter payment was received by the due date. Have a safe & fun summer!

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

LCA Standing Committees A&E Committee By-Laws Committee Campground Committee Clubhouse Committee Finance Committee Golf Committee Lake Conservation Committee Safety Committee Recreation Committee Steering Committee Wildlife Mgmnt Committee You may access additional information at

2013 LCA Board Members John Grotto, President 20-23 Hideout Ct Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-6641 Dan McCollum, Vice-President 326 Tower Hill Drive St. Charles, Illinois 60175 630-762-0527 Jeff Howe (27-27), Secretary 3N575 Wild Flower Ln West Chicago, IL 60185 630-231-0694; 630-204-0741 Bill Jahnke, Treasurer 2370 Broadview Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2795 Barb Anderson, Director 31-3 Lake Carroll Blvd Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-8867 Joanie Perez (27-30), Director 5831 Beverly Cir E Hanover Park, IL 60133 630-372-8128 Dave Soldat, Director 21-31 Forest Hill Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-9139

President’s Message

As with most of Northern Illinois, the Lake Carroll area experienced a lot of precipitation over the past four weeks or so, and the week of April 15th was particularly noteworthy. Prior to that week, John Grotto the rain had been Board President steady and persistent, feeding our hungry lake on a consistent basis to the point where the water level was about a foot below normal pool. And then the deluge hit – a massive amount of rain in just under two or three days not unlike the Chicago area. By the end of the week, the lake level was a foot over pool and the water was relentlessly and steadily cascading down the spillway, giving our heretofore stagnant lake a cleansing and a breath of fresh air. Of course, there is an irony of sorts to all of this – back in the late summer and early fall it became necessary to put the entire lake on no wake status because of the extreme low water levels. This week, the tables were reversed – a no wake declaration had to be imposed because of the high water level. But make no mistake about it. I would much prefer to have an abundance of water in the lake than an extreme deficit. There is something warm and fuzzy about seeing the lake adjust itself down from up than standing by and watching it struggle to pick itself back up again. -------------------Speaking of the lake, in my last column I made mention of the fact that our Lake Committee and staff are actively engaged in formulating a plan to address the challenges that confront our lake. If you recall, I assured everyone that the Board is acutely aware of the work that needs to be done on the lake, along with all of its appurtenant structures, such as the silt ponds. I want to assure everyone that the fact that our lake has now returned to pool has not diminished, and will not diminish, the Board’s commitment to addressing the immediate and future needs of the lake. While the immediate problems may not be visible any more (after all, the lake is now full of water), the Board knows that they are lurking below the surface and in the shadows, and that the underlying problems and issues must be dealt with sooner rather than later. So it is my expectation that this will be a major topic of discussion as we continue to work on our 2014 budget. As matter of fact, our general manager and a few members of the board set up and held a meeting with a professional to explore the availability of grants from the private and public sector which could be used to offset some of the anticipated cost of doing the work. In addition, Joe Rush, our Lake Manager, is actively involved in a similar, separate endeavor by talking to and trying to partner with some of our adjacent farm property owners to explore grants that would be of mutual benefit.

Ladies Day Out Saturday, May 11th 10AM - 4PM Lena Community Center Lena, Illinois

-------------------As I have said before, the important work of the Association could not be fully accomplished without the input, dedication and support of our various committees. Look around and you will undoubtedly notice that they are an integral part of the process of getting things done around here. From a Board perspective, I know firsthand that it would be virtually impossible for the Board and our staff to do all of the necessary research in a timely manner on some of the issues that come before us for a decision. Having the expertise of each of our committees on hand to assist us is an invaluable tool, taps the knowledge, talent and skills of people in the know, saves the Association a lot of money, and helps the Association be much more efficient and cost-effective as the Association and the Board goes about its business. It goes without saying (although I am saying it now) that those on our committees do so without any expectation of any recognition or compensation. Their motives are solely altruistic – they do it for the betterment of our community. Make no mistake about it – being on a committee is a labor of love that at times involves a lot of time away from other pursuits, such as family, friends and recreation. Recently, it was noted that the Board has never really recognized the work of all of our committee members as a group. Any recognition that was made was given to an individual committee member and a specific committee at our annual meeting in the form of a Committee Member of the Year award and a Committee of the Year award. The only other time someone was recognized was when a committee member resigned (the Board would thank them for their service with a plaque or certificate and a $50.00 gift card). In an effort to address this situation, the Board recently hosted a dinner at our clubhouse for all committee members and their guest. The event, which was held on April 20th, brought us all together for some laughter and some good natured ribbing. There was also a brief presentation to all of our committee members as a group on what to expect as the year progresses. The intent of the Board was to let everyone know that their efforts do not go unnoticed and to thank them in some small but important way for their service to our community. -------------------Recently, the Board made the decision to hold the association sponsored fireworks display at the Clubhouse again this year. That decision stirred some controversy on the google group blog with some persons posting their passionate concerns that the Board was going against a Lake Carroll tradition by moving the fireworks off of the lake. With that in mind, let me take a moment to explain the rationale behind the Board’s decision. Initially, it is important to note that the decision was made for the 2013 year only. It is not permanent nor was it ever intended to be permanent. Essentially, the Board saw an opportunity to expand the fireworks celebra-

tion by having it on two separate consecutive nights. As everyone knows, the Fourth of July falls on Thursday this year and it was felt that many of our property owners will make it a long, four-day weekend. As many of you also know, there is a very generous lake front property owner who has always held a professionally run and properly permitted fireworks display off his property immediately following the association-sponsored display. That property owner has generously committed to doing so once again this year. Last year the Board received several positive comments about the fireworks being held at the Clubhouse, and urging us to do so again in the future (if you recall, it was moved to that location because of the drought). So with that in mind, and given the uniqueness of the timing of the holiday, the generosity of one of our fellow property owners, and the desire to coordinate the two displays, the Board made the decision to give our property owners the opportunity to watch two separate displays at two separate venues on two separate consecutive nights. Again, the decision to do so should not be construed to be permanent. Rather, it was based on a desire to give our property owners some options, to make them more widely available to a greater group of people, and in recognition of the unique set of circumstances that find the holiday falling on a Thursday this year. -------------------If you haven’t already heard by now, the Board was recently approached by the owners of the Fawnridge Real Estate office building located at the main entrance to our community, offering to sell the property to the Association for the sum of $279,000.00. As part of the transaction, the owners made it clear that they do not want to leave the Lake Carroll real estate market, that they want to maintain a business presence here, and that for this reason they are interested in renting out about half of our existing office building for the owner’s real estate business operation. A Special Meeting of the Board was called on April 13th to discuss this matter which was attended by approximately 35 to 40 property owners. Various views were expressed by both the members of the Board and some of the property owners in attendance. In the end, the Board voted 4-3 to study the feasibility and desirability of purchasing the property for future use by the Association. Make no mistake about it – the Board is split on this issue. In the end, however, the vote that was taken was for the staff and a board representative to study the issue and report back to the full board for further discussion and action. The Board did not vote to proceed with the purchase. As the Board recognized during the course of its discussion, any such action to do so would require the approval of our property owners. So stay tuned for further developments on this matter.

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Financial Corner

In 2012 the Association held discussions with the principals of Fawnridge Realty for the potential purchase of the Fawnridge Building, as well as for them to lease space in the existBill Jahnke ing Conference Treasurer Center offices. The Board commissioned an appraisal of value to assist in the discussions. The appraisal came in with an unrealistic number as there were no “comps” or comparative values in Carroll County for this type of structure or use. At that time the principals of Fawnridge were unable to provide guidance relative to an asking price on the building and the discussions ceased with no starting point. At this time the principals of Fawnridge indicated that they would notify us if they wished to move forward or had other interest. On Thursday, April 11, 2013, the principals of Fawnridge Realty indicated that they had a potential for a purchaser of the building and in accordance with our gentlemen’s agreement from some months back, were extending to us a right of first refusal prior to entering into any other negotiations. They reinforced that they felt it would be in the best interests of Fawnridge Realty to consummate a sale with Lake Carroll Association and as a condition of the sale be able to lease space in the current Lake Carroll main office. In past discussions with the principals, they have not been able or unwilling to set a price for the building. At this week’s meeting they indicated that they would wish to sell the building for $279,000 and would wish additionally to close the transaction in January or February of 2014. It was explained to them that any such acquisition by the Lake Carroll Association would have to be approved by the Membership and that it could be accomplished at a special meeting of the Membership or at the annual meeting of the Association in December of 2013. In assessing the ability of the Lake Carroll Association to have the financial ability to consummate this transaction, there are several options. The first would be to obtain authorization from the Membership to withdraw the funds from the Fixed Asset Reserve. The negative to this action is that it diminishes the 10% withdrawal rule for the Board to meet unexpected needs. Additionally, the Fixed Asset Reserve is being utilized as an investment tool to reduce the Pool Loan Line of Credit and this move would diminish this ability. A second alternative would be to utilize the Pool Loan Line of Credit. When this line was renewed a couple of years ago it was established at a level of approximately $1,260,000. Since then we have had two pay downs to the loan (2012 and 2013) that have reduced the loan level of borrowing to $848,370.77. This amount is reflected as investments in the February 2013 Financial Statements. On or about February 15, 2013, the Lake Carroll Association “paid” down the line of credit (even though there was no outstanding balance) in the amount of $231,885.98. This principal level reduction was the result of the original $160,000 annual debt payment and the two $16.00 dues increases to increase the debt service on the loan. Any additional $16.00 dues approval for additional debt repayment would be approximately $36,656. Therefore utilizing our existing line of credit we would be able to add to the existing line of credit an amount of approximately $300,000 to cover the cost

of acquisition of the Fawnridge Building and accomplish several modification that are necessary for our purposes. This would, if approved by the Membership and closed early in 2014 result in the line increased by $300,000 to $1,148,370.77 and then for the annual debt payment that would take place in February of 2014 to reduce that amount by approximately $232,000 with no additional dues increase for debt repayment or $268,656 if the Membership again approves an additional $16.00 in dues increase. This would reduce the Pool Loan Line of Credit to either $916,370.77 (w/o dues increase) or $879,714.77 (with dues increase). Our sweep account system would continue to negate any significant interest being accrued on this loan in either scenario. The benefit for the Membership in utilizing the increase in the Pool Loan Line of Credit is that it is an existing credit facility, requires no modifications or additional collateral and does not “dip” into the Fixed Asset Reserve. The purchase and improvement of the Fawnridge Realty building using the Pool Loan Line of Credit only extends the amortization on the loan by approximately 1.3 years without the dues increase of $16.00 and 1.12 years with the dues increase of $16.00. As far as the rental income to be paid by Fawnridge Realty for the space to be occupied by them, I estimated their space consumption based on discussions with Wayne and Gary and their office needs and common area sharing to be approximately 1,960 sq. ft. As the building is not easily divisible for the purposes of utilities, I would propose that we give them a fully inclusive cost to rent (Gross +++) that includes Space, Real Estate Taxes, Mechanical maintenance, Heat and Electric. They would be occupying 1,960 sq. ft. of the entire 4,875 sq. ft. building or 40.2%. The current Association Building costs for Heat. Electric and Real Estate Taxes total $12,966 for the 2012 year. 40.2 % of this total would be $5,186.40. We would have to develop an acceptable level of rent to cover maintenance and a cost recovery (profit) for the building. Fawnridge Realty would wish to enter into a long term lease with a minimum of 5 years and the potential for a 5 year option. A formula could be placed into the lease to adjust the utilities and tax payments if they should increase over the term of the lease. At a special meeting of the Board that was held on Saturday, April 13th the Board decided to move forward with negotiations with the Fawnridge principals for the purchase of the building examining all costs of any required renovations or updates. The Association is currently at maximum capacity utilization in the current facility with file cabinets encroaching the Conference Center due to space limitations. This acquisition would allow for the Association to add a net 2,040 sq. ft. of space to ease this pressure. Additionally, by maintaining the existing building with the encumbrance of a long term lease would still allow for expansion at the termination of the lease in future years. The Board will continue to keep the Membership updated on the progress of this proposed acquisition as it is ultimately the approval of the Membership that would be required for its consummation. This move would allow the Association to acquire a building that never should have been sold to a private entity and give us the presence that our community deserves. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call.

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Carroll County Electric Aggregation A s a result of the November, 2012 vote, Carroll County Officials have taken steps to offer County Residents with an opportunity to save money on the electricity they use. These savings are possible through municipal aggregation where community officials bring community members together to gain group buying power for the purchase of electricity. After researching competitive electricity pricing options, the County has chosen FirstEnergy Solutions, one of the nation’s largest electric suppliers, to provide Carroll County Residents with a savings on the electric generation portion of your electric bill. There is no cost to enroll in this program, there is no fee for making the switch and you do not need to do anything to participate. This change is scheduled to occur over the next 30 to 60 days. This program is being offered by the County and more information is available at Find “Electric Aggregation” under County Board.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lake Carroll Board of Directors - March 22, 2013

Convene Board Meeting: President John Grotto called the Meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. in the LCA Conference Center. Present and Constituting a Quorum: • President, John Grotto • Vice President, Dan McCollum • Treasurer, Bill Jahnke • Secretary, Jeff Howe • Director, Barb Anderson • Director, Joanie Perez • Director, Dave Soldat Absent: • None Also Present: • General Manager, Michael Schmieder Pledge of Allegiance: President John Grotto called on Mike Siciliano (1-24) to lead the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Approval of March Agenda: Joanie Perez moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve March 22, 2013 Agenda. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.06 Approval of Minutes: Dave Soldat moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve the Board’s Regular Meeting Minutes of February 22, 2013. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.07 Dave Soldat moved and Dan McCollum seconded to approve the Board’s Special Meeting Minutes of March 2, 2013. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.08 President’s Comments: John Grotto presented Joanne Harper with Service Appreciation plaque for her service on the Board of Directors. John announced that the A&E Committee requested that the meeting between the A&E Committee and the Board of Directors be moved to April 27th. The quarterly Board President/Committee Chair meeting will be held April 6 at 11 a.m. John reminded everyone that the Committee Member Appreciation Dinner will be April 20th at 6 p.m. Audience Questions/Remarks: None Treasurer’s Report: As of January 31, 2013 Financial Statements, as reported in a handout by Treasurer Bill Jahnke: • Total Cash on Hand: 2,167,646 o Operating, Clubhouse and Petty Cash Balance: $1,943,029 o Fixed Asset Checking Account Balance: $140,509 o Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance: $774,094 o Debt Payment Account Balance: $35,014 • Line of Credit Used: $0 • Pool Loan Line of Credit Balance: $0 o Due to Operating for Pool Loan: $355,257 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan: $725,000 Dan McCollum moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Treasurer’s summary of the Association’s January, 2013 financial statements. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/1) - Bill Jahnke abstained. M13.03.09 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the preliminary Financial Statements for January, 2013 as presented by the Association’s Accounting and Finance Manager. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.03.10 As of February 28, 2013 Financial Statements, as reported in a handout by Treasurer Bill Jahnke: • Total Cash on Hand: 3,052,804 o Operating, Clubhouse and Petty Cash Balance: $1,684,146 o Fixed Asset Checking Account Balance: $594,415 o Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance: $774,094 o Debt Payment Account Balance: $149 • Line of Credit Used: $0 • Pool Loan Line of Credit Balance: $0 o Due to Operating for Pool Loan: $123,371 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool

Loan: $725,000 Jeff Howe moved and Joanie Perez seconded to approve the Treasurer’s summary of the Association’s February, 2013 financial statements. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/1) - Bill Jahnke abstained. M13.03.11 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the preliminary Financial Statements for February, 2013 as presented by the Association’s Accounting and Finance Manager. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/1) – Barb Anderson abstained. M13.03.12 Joanie Perez asked if the fixed asset funds being carried over from 2012 into 2013 represent a change in policy/procedure where funds had to be spent by the end of the year. Mike Schmieder indicated that last year was an anomaly and the intent to normally spend fixed asset money by the end of the year as was done in previous years. Discussion returned to the topic of rescheduling the meeting between the A&E Committee and the Board of Directors. Some Directors are not available on April 27th. It was suggested that perhaps the meeting could be held on the 20th instead. After some discussion, it was decided to schedule it on the 27th, as suggested by the A&E Committee, at 1 p.m. General Manager’s Report: Mike Schmieder reported the homeowner who puts on a private fireworks show has scheduled his show for the evening of July 6th, the same night the Association was going to schedule its display. Mike indicated that he didn’t want the Association’s fireworks display to compete with the other show. He also indicated that he wanted to have the Association’s fireworks show at the Clubhouse again this year, as he has gotten positive feedback on last year’s show. The discussion concluded that property owners were likely to make a long weekend for the holiday, and that the Association could reschedule its fireworks show for Friday, July 5th. John Grotto expressed concern that the Safe Workplace Committee minutes indicated that managers were not attending the monthly “Toolbox Talks” safety meetings. John was informed that it was the managers that run these meetings for their departments, and sometimes they do not hold the meetings every month as intended, but instead hold a meeting covering multiple topics less frequently. This defeats the intent of short monthly meetings, and the managers are being encouraged to hold the meetings monthly as intended. Bill Jahnke asked why the Clubhouse Committee needs to investigate a new Fixed Asset purchase proposal for an outdoor handicap chair lift from the parking lot to the Clubhouse when we have a driveway up to the front door. Committee Minutes with Actions Requested or Topics for Discussion: 1. A & E (3/15/2013): Committee recommendation regarding Landscaping rule modification: Dan McCollum moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve Rule change on page #21 of A&E Rules & Regulations, Section Z, item #4 to read; a permit is required, by the Member to plant any tree(s). A permit for tree(s) may be denied if it is determined that desired location of new tree(s) may unreasonably block the lake or scenic view of others. Change #5 to read: When new shrubbery may, in a reasonable time, be expected to grow to such a height that they will unreasonably block the lake and or scenic view; they must be kept trimmed so as not to block that view or other views. Change #5 to #6. After some discussion, it was requested to send the recommendation back to the A&E Committee to determine how other associations handle this issue in their rules. Motion withdrawn. Committee Reports with No Action Requested: Committee minutes received

with no specific recommendations were from A & E (1/8/2013) (revised); A & E (2/15/2013); By-Laws (2/11/2013); Clubhouse (3/7/2013); Finance (3/2/2013); Safety (3/9/2013); Steering (3/2/2013) Club Minutes: None Unfinished Business/General Orders: 1. Discussion and consideration of inadvertent safety rule modification: Jeff Howe moved and Dave Soldat seconded to adopt the Rule change making it mandatory for private golf carts to display a safety flag which projects 7 feet above the ground surface when traveling on LCA roadways to access the golf course as recommended by the Safety Committee at their 10/21/2011 meeting. Motion failed by roll call vote (3/4/0) – John Grotto, Jeff Howe and Dave Soldat voting yes. M13.03.13 2. Discussion regarding NICOR’s updated proposal and deposit requirements: Nicor recently sent the Association a letter providing an updated estimate of the Association’s cost to provide natural gas service to the community. Initially, they intended to increase the cost from approximately $458K to $580K, but after meeting with the Association they were able to hold the increase to about $546K. They also indicated that they would make it a priority to get service to the Clubhouse and to the Pool complex. Finally, they requested an updated letter of intent from the Association that we still support the project with these increased costs that they can use to support their request to the Illinois Commerce Commission to provide service to the Lake Carroll area. 3. Discussion and authorization to prepare revised “Letter of Intent”: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize LCA Board President, John Grotto to execute a letter of intent to NICOR so that they may proceed with the process to deliver Natural Gas to the Lake Carroll Community. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.03.14 4. Discussion regarding the assignment of voting rights and amenity privileges for lots owned by trusts or other legal entities: The Association legal counsel has not provided the Association with an opinion on this topic yet, so no discussion on the topic happened at this month’s meeting. New Business: 1. Consideration and request for approval to host “Carroll County Service Equipment Display” event on 5/18/2013: Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to approve the hosting of the “Carroll County Service Equipment” day event on May, 18, 2013 at a location to be designated by the General Manager. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.15 2. Consideration and request for approval of CER for Campground Yearly Site Renovation to nine campsites as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Joanie Perez moved and Jeff Howe seconded to authorize the expenditure of $21,693.00 to renovate nine campground sites. Labor and materials to be furnished by South Side Brick Pavers of Orland Park, Illinois. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.03.16 3. Consideration and request for approval of CER for engineering study to determine and identify Dredge Equipment which best suits Lake Carroll’s needs: Bill Jahnke moved and Barb Anderson seconded to authorize the expenditure of $4,7050.00 for an engineering study to determine which Dredge equipment best suits the needs of Lake Carroll. Study to be performed by Wendler Engineering of Dixon, IL. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.03.17 4. Discussion and approval to donate LC gift certificates in support of ESD essay contest: Bill Jahnke moved and Joanie Perez seconded to approve the donation of 4 $50 Lake Carroll Gift Cards in support of the ESD Essay Contest. Motion passed by roll call vote

(7/0/0). M13.03.18 5. Discussion and identification of preliminary amount to fund new projects as part of the 2014 Fixed Asset Budget: Based on this year’s budgeted Fixed Asset expenditures and next year’s projected fixed asset replacement schedule requirements, approximately $273,726 would be available for other Fixed Asset expenditures in next year’s budget. The Finance and Steering Committee should assume that this is the amount they should plan on in putting together an initial 2014 Fixed Asset budget. Further, the Board indicated that Lake projects should be looked at as priority items. Board Directors Comments: Dan McCollum commented that the Membership and the Board showed good restraint over the lake low water condition and didn’t have any knee-jerk reactions to the situation. Barb Anderson was excited by the reports of the Lake water level conditions improving, currently at 18” below pool level. Audience Questions/Remarks: Lou Schloderback (21-22) commented that the discussion about tree and shrub plantings on private property stirred up old memories for him. In the past, he was told that only health and safety issues could be addressed by the Association, otherwise there was nothing the Association could do about what happens on private property. For example, can anything be done about a house that looks like it hasn’t been painted in a very long time? Tom Wienecke (1-62) was concerned that only ATVs would be allowed to use the new trail bridge and that snowmobiles would not be allowed to use it. He was assured that that was not the plan, and that what he heard was only an untrue rumor. Lou Schloderback (21-22) asked if it was known when Zier Road was going to be closed for road work so that the Members can be informed in advance. Mike Siciliano (1-24) said we shouldn’t have the problem like last year where we weren’t informed in advance, because last year’s work was done in Freedom Township, while this year’s work is being done by Cherry Grove Township. Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues: Bill Jahnke moved and Joanie Perez seconded to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.19 Time: 8:25 P.M. Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to return to Open Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.20 Time: 9:48 P.M. Further Business: Bill Jahnke moved and Joanie Perez seconded to appoint Geri Conn (4-79) to the Finance Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.21 Jeff Howe moved and Joanie Perez seconded to modify the penalty of RJ Hernandez, Sponsored Guest Hunter of Steve Lucas (27-31), from a lifetime LCA hunting ban to a ban for the next 3 hunting seasons (2013/2014, 2014/2015, and 2015/2016). Motion passed by roll call vote (6/1/0) – John Grotto voting no. M13.03.22 Bill Jahnke moved and Barb Anderson seconded to adjourn the Board’s Regular Meeting of March 22, 2013 at 9:52 P.M. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.03.23 These Minutes approved on this 26th day of April, 2013. ATTEST: Jeff Howe, Secretary

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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My Landing Tree

One of our “neighbors” showed up for a visit! He’s starting our outdoor spring cleanup early…taking care of last year’s hostas. Jeff and Sue Gribble (2-245)

A tall slender Hickory Tree stands in my lawn. It’s sleeping now, without its’ leaves. Wintertime is almost gone. I looked out my window on a sunny day. To my surprise a Bald Eagle landed on the tree to play. It watched the lake water gently sway. As it perched on an upper most branch I wondered if this bird would catch a fish by chance. Twenty minutes later the Eagle regally flew away. My hope is, it will come back to spend another day. What a delight and what a blessing To see a symbol of our country Seated upon my Landing Tree. Once again, on the Landing Tree top branches Sat two Great Blue Herons Giving each other loving glances. The Hickory Tree branches looked too fragile To be home to these huge birds so agile. With these massive Blue Herons perched at the very top, I worried the flimsy branches couldn’t hold these unexpected visitors to my little Camelot. A minute later, the Herons uttered a couple of guttural squawks, wanting nothing to do with a pesky Red Tail Hawk. The Herons flew away with one powerful bound, Their long legs stretching behind their bodies so proud. Their heads folded into their mighty shoulders. Heading for some secluded high boulders. This Landing Tree has had many visitors: Turkey V ultures, Barred Owl, Woodpeckers, Belted Kingfisher, Cardinals, Bats, Robins, Blue Jays, Finches, Hummingbirds, Red Winged Black Birds, Barn Swallows, Chickadees, Brown Creepers, Doves, and Butterflies flew among the Hickory’s folds. In and around the landing tree are a few fishing hooks with bait from fishermen’s poles. Ducks, geese, turtles, worms, frogs and deer sit around it’s roots and various holes. Buds, leaves, snowflakes, raindrops and mighty winds live and swirl on and around it’s branches. Thank You God for the blessings and gifts of my Landing Tree and the world it enhances! I Will Miss The Wonderful, Caring People in This Community And My Lake Carroll Landing Tree!

On Friday, April 12th we spotted two ospreys in the just off of Lake Carroll Blvd in Section 24. An unusual sighting. Marve Feucht 24-136

Gloria Casper, April 6, 2013

3rd Time in-a-Row!

Guentner Lawn Care and Landscaping 15 Years of Service in Lake Carroll

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• Tree & Shrub Trimming • Landscape & Lawn Cleanups • Aeration • Slit Seeding • Lot Clearing • Lawn Mowing, Bagging if needed, Includes Trimming & Blow Off • Weed Removal & Maintenance

• Retaining Walls • Seat Walls • Seawalls • Fireplaces • Fire Pits • Steps • Paver Patios • Walkways

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Irish | Charm

Tour Date: April 20 - May 2, 2013

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LAKE CARROLL 815-864-2125

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Lake Carroll Women’s Club

Page 11A

By Dixie Bjamson Photos by Pat Junius and Merce Meyers

On April 11th members of the Lake Carroll Women’s Club met at the Lodge to carpool to the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens in Rockford. In spite of the rainy weather, 36 members made the trip. Once there, a delicious buffet luncheon, catered by Sodexo, was served. Afterwards, our president, Helen Sykora conducted the business meeting. She reminded us that next month we would be voting on the recipients of our charitable donations for this year as well as for a new president and secretary. Committee and community service chairmen also gave their reports. After the meeting was adjourned we met in the lobby and a brief description and history of the Nicholas Conservatory was presented. It opened October 29, 2011. It is 22,000 square feet in total, with an 11,000 square foot glass exhibition area. It is the third largest conservatory in Illinois and has an inside temperature of between 65 and 105 degrees F. Every plant, palm or tree has a label with both the common and Latin name. It is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Of particular interest was the 142 foot-long mural by artist William Hueg which surrounds the lobby and is the story of life along the Rock River from pre-historic to modern times. After the background information was presented we split into smaller groups and each group toured the exhibition area accompanied by a docent. The paths wound among trees, flowering plants, ponds and waterfalls. The docents were very knowledgeable and able to give an in depth description and history on the more unusual tropical plants, as well as answer questions. There was also a butterfly habitat and several exhibits on butterfly development. These were appropriate for both children and adults. The tour ended with a trip through the gift shop and many of us returned to Lake Carroll with ideas for our own gardens. Our next meeting is on May 9th at 1pm at the Lodge. Our program will be presented by Leaf River Beekeepers and should be very interesting. Hope to see you there!

The sculptures were as colorful as the vegetation.

A butterfly landed on Shirley Emil like a little broach while touring through the Butterfly Habitat.

The LCWC carpooled to Rockford’s Nicholas Conservator and Gardens for their April “away” outing.

All the plants, palms, and trees had labels with both the common and Latin name.

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Creations Tony & Karen Winter


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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

The Clubhouse 815-493-2810

Daily Specials

Sunday 8am-10am Limited Breakfast Menu 10am-2pm Sunday Brunch Adults $9.99 Kids 5-12 $4.99 Kids (4 & Under) Free 4pm-8pm All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken $8.99

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Monday-Sunday Lunch Special Homemade Soup & Salad Bar $5.99

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Chef’s Weekend Specials-Check the Email blast!

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Friday 11am-1pm Pizza Buffet $5.99 5pm-9pm All-You-Can-Eat Haddock Beer Battered or Baked ~ Includes Soup & Salad Bar $10.99

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Lake Carroll Association Board of Directors - April 13, 2013

Convene Board Meeting: Vice President Dan McCollum called the Meeting to order at 1:04 P.M. in the LCA Conference Center. Present and Constituting a Quorum: • President, John Grotto (via teleconference) • Vice President, Dan McCollum • Treasurer, Bill Jahnke • Secretary, Jeff Howe • Director, Barb Anderson (via teleconference) • Director, Joanie Perez (via teleconference) • Director, Dave Soldat Absent: • None Also Present: • General Manager, Michael Schmieder Pledge of Allegiance: Vice President Dan McCollum called on Mike Schmieder to lead the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Approval of April Special Meeting Agenda: Jeff Howe moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve April 13, 2013 Agenda. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.04.01 New Business: Discussion regarding potential purchase of the Fawnridge Realty building: The discussion regarding the potential purchase of the Fawnridge Realty building started by General Manager Mike Schmieder giving an overview of what has transpired in the last week. Mike was contacted by Wayne Wilhelm on Tuesday, April 9th and met with Wayne and Gary Shellhause on Wednesday, April 10th. Wayne informed Mike that Fawnridge Realty had been contacted a broker in Mount Carroll representing a potential buyer for their building. The buyer was not identified. Mike thought an offer had been made and that negotiations were under way to reach an agreeable price. If they get an offer that meets their satisfaction, they would

make the sale. Wayne further indicated that if the Association is interested in purchasing the building, Fawnridge would be interested in making that sale instead and then be interested in leasing space back from the Association in our current administration building. Dan McCollum opened the floor to audience questions and comments. Bill Van Vranken (31-42) asked if the Fawnridge building was on Association property. He was told that the land is in the Lake Carroll development but was sold to Fawnridge in 1997. He then asked if the sellers would be willing to hold off on the sale until the Members could vote on the issue. The answer is that we do not know. He followed up with the question that if Fawnridge wants to lease space, could their lease cost, for example 5 years of lease payments, be subtracted from the purchase price. The response was that that could be examined. Finally, he speculated whether buying the building would cost the same as remodeling the current building to increase its space. Sandy Sorensen (31-91) it seemed unethical to be negotiating with another party and then solicit an offer from the Association. John Grotto indicated that when the meeting with Wayne Wilhelm occurred on Wednesday, Fawnridge had not received a formal written offer yet. Sharon Mulligan (27-19) indicated that the By-Laws Committee would encourage the purchase of the property to restore the property to a Reserved Area of the Association as it originally was. Barb Anderson, who used to be on the By-Laws Committee, supported what Sharon said. Merce Meyers (1-90) supported what Sharon Mulligan and Barb Anderson said. Don Marrone (21-45) said that the purchase sounds like a win/win situation. He

Trail Talk By Dan Herman

In the season opening Trail Club membership meeting we developed the event schedule for this year. Mark your calendar! Jun 15 Jul 20 Aug 10

Poker Run Mud Splash * Free Trail Rides

Sep No event Oct 12 Night Ride Nov 2 Pack the Pantry Charity Ride

*The Mud Splash will have a new format. No entry fee. No organized competition. “We supply the mud, you get dirty” We’ll prepare a mud hole and anyone can come to romp through it. We may have a prize for people’s choice of the driver putting on the best show. You will receive more detailed information about these events in coming weeks. The results from the survey judging interest in the Swinging Bridge funding project reported last month are encouraging. The club leadership is developing plans for fundraising strategies. The campaign will include a direct appeal for individual contributions from ATV owning members who use the trail. And we’ll develop other fundraising activities. (No, it won’t include a bake sale.) Whether you remember the original bridge or not, I can guarantee crossing it will be a lot of fun. We need your help in recreating this icon of the Lake Carroll Trail system. Our trail system is unique in its configuration and fun features and your Trail Club is dedicated to making it even better. See you on the trail!

Lanark Fire Department By Tricia Poffenberger, Public Relations Officer

Lanark Fire Protection District has completed several training events this year. Lanark Fire had guest speaker Chief Billy G Goldfeder from Loveland Symmes OHFD, to present his “Fire ground Injury and Death:Not Everyone Goes Home....” seminar. Chief Goldfeder is a nationally recognized instructor and runs “Firefighter Close” advising firefighters throughout the nation of fire ground injuries and deaths as they happen. Firefighter Paul Murphy of Lanark FD accomplished several things in 2012, one of which was his Paramedic License. He also completed his Basic Operations Firefighter certification, which is a new curriculum from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Les Guenzler, Tom Weber, Chris Markley and Paul Murphy took a National Certified Incident Safety Officer Course and achieved Certification. Randy Witt completed his Hazardous Materials Awareness and FF ll Certification through Office of the State Fire Marshal. FF Cory Barnes and Chief Witt attended Instructor l course in Milledgeville, IL and completed the course. Lanark Fire Department had guest speaker Chief Eddie Enright- Chicago FD for his Duty Pride and Tradition seminar. On March 26th, 2013 LFD had guest speaker, District Chief Kevin Maloney from Worcester MA, come and speak and share his life experiences of losing seven brothers in Line of Duty Deaths. This seminar was hosted at the Lake Carroll. The Lanark Fire Department has openings for fire and ems. Anyone interested in filling out an application can stop by the station from 7:30-4:30 or contact a member.

asked if someone else were to buy the property, what could go in there? John Grotto indicated that the property is zoned by the county as business, so anything under that zoning, which is rather broad, would be allowed. Dan then wondered if we are just being put under pressure and if there really was another buyer. Mike Kaysen (4-193) asked if the purchase was really fiscally responsible, given the costs associated with the pool loan, the upcoming NICOR project, and the needs of the Lake, among other things. Tom Miller (3-79) pointed out that after buying the building, the Association would still need to overhaul the building to make it suitable for the Association’s usage. With no further input from the audience, the Board started their discussion. Bill Jahnke passed out a document he prepared with information related to the Fawnridge property. It described the Fawnridge building, the current LCA administration building, and some possible financing scenarios. John Grotto said he was not sure the sellers would want to wait for our Annual Meeting in order to pass up another offer. The Board discussed the presented information. It was pointed out that the total cost, including any renovation costs in addition to the acquisition cost, would need to be presented to the Membership. Concern was raised about renting out Association property to an outside party. The current administration is at capacity, with storage space a current problem. Bill Jahnke moved and Barb Anderson seconded to authorize the President of the Association to further negotiations for the purchase of the Fawnridge Realty building and the development of a lease for the leasing of the Lake Carroll Association offices to Fawnridge Realty. Purchase of the Fawn-

Page 13A

ridge Realty building is conditioned on the approval of the Membership at a meeting to be established by the Board and shall be set forth as a separate approval. Before voting on the motion, the floor was open back up to the audience for questions and comments. Mike Kaysen (4-193) noted the building being proposed for purchase is smaller than the current administration building. So the LCA administrative workforce would likely need to be split up between the two buildings. Larry Meyers (1-90) said that the priority should be to get control of the property. Don Aleksy (4-34) reported that Steve Ravanesi, of the Steering Committee, has not finished his review of the Lake Carroll facilities, but his preliminary evaluation is that the current administration facility is pretty full. The Board then voted on the motion. Motion passed by roll call vote (4/3/0) – Jeff Howe, Dan McCollum, and Joanie Perez voting no. M13.04.02 Board Directors Comments: • Barb Anderson left the conference call. • Joanie Perez asked that there be an outline of the next steps at the April Regular Board Meeting. • John Grotto left the conference call. • Dave Soldat indicated that we should plan ahead our space needs. We may not get the opportunity to obtain this space in the future, so we should get it now. Adjournment: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to adjourn the Board’s Special Meeting of April 13, 2013 at 2:08 P.M. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.04.03 These Minutes approved on this 26th day of April, 2013. ATTEST: Jeff Howe, Secretary

Page 14A

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

General Manager - Monthly Board Report (BOD) March, 2013 By Michael Schmieder

Following is a synopsis of this month’s activities. I have identified those items that are of importance or that are not necessarily obvious. I have not included the normal day-today activities or those items that are covered by the Treasurer and others. Please also refer to the staff reports that have been provided. The order is by department/category. 1. Report on directives from the March 26, 2013 BOD Meeting. a. Discussions with Mr. Steve Ward, contact person for the Cell Tower which A.T. & T. wishes to construct at the west marina were held on several occasions. Initially, they had asked us to consider replacing the current 90’ tower and increase its size to 150’. Last week, Steve asked if the Association would consider a tower of 190’ in height. Steve is preparing two alternate contracts for consideration: a 150’ structure with a 40’ x 60’ footprint for $850 per month and another for a 190’ tower in the same footprint for $1,000 per month. In either case, additional wireless providers would be able to install equipment on the existing tower by renting space from A.T. & T. and the Association would receive an additional $200 per month, per user. I have contacted the County Assessor (Annette Gruhn) and have been assured that our property taxes would not be affected and that the tenant who owned the building within the footprint would pay for any and all property taxes. The contracts should be received prior to April 30th, 2013 and will be presented to the Board for approval at the May meeting. b. The Association has received permission from two Property Owners on Hwy. 73 to place billboards on the property to advertise the fact that the Clubhouse and Golf Course are open to the public. The signs will be produced by a local sign manufacturer and the installation will be carried out by LCA Maintenance Personnel. The signs will be approximately 15’ wide by 12’ high. Artwork has yet to be finalized but attached are the six concepts we are considering. Our current timeline is to have the signs produced and installed prior to May 20, 2013. 2. Administration: a. An updated copy of the Fixed Asset Expenditures – Cash Status report is attached. b. An open meeting has been scheduled between the Board of Directors and the A & E Committee for Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 1:00pm at the Conference Center. c. Mr. Mike Doty, Carroll County Administrator has informed us that Carroll County officials have been negotiating an electrical aggregation for residents as well as businesses in the County. They have a selected FirstEnergy Solutions as the electrical provider. This is an “opt-out” program which means electric users in Carroll County will automatically be switched to the new provider within the next 60 days with no action being required by the customers. Customers who currently use Com-Ed can expect to see a savings of 30% to 42% on the electrical generation portion of their electric bill. The Association currently utilizes GDF

Suez as the electric provider for our commercial buildings. Our contract with GDF expires in October, 2013. We may cancel the contract with 30 days written notice or give them the opportunity to match or beat the KWH cost we will receive through the aggregation program. 3. Safe Workplace Committee & CinciSafe Program: a. 4/3/2013 – Minutes (attached) i. Most recent Cinci-Safe score: 79 4. Accounts Receivable & Front Desk: (see attachments) a. See updated 2013 dues status report. (enclosed) b. Twelve ownership transfers were processed through this time period, two of which were homes. c. With the rising lake level, numerous Property Owners have contacted us to rent marina slips for the 2013 season. Of the 326 marina slips, only 15 remain vacant and available. 5. Finance & Human Resources: a. Finance: i. Operating statements for January and February, 2013 have been completed and sent via e-mail to the Board of Directors. ii. Operating statements for March, 2013 will be completed and sent via e-mail to the Board of Directors on or before Thursday, April 25, 2013. iii. The 2012 Audit has been completed and is enclosed in the BOD packet. This item is on the agenda for discussion and approval. Jill Van Roekal of Winkel Parker & Foster will be in attendance for the Board meeting to answer any questions from the BOD. b. Human Resource: i. The 401K enrollment meeting for qualifying employees was held on April 2, 2013 and was attended by 24 employees. ii. Lisa attended a ½ day workshop regarding “ObamaCare” and how the initiative may impact the Lake Carroll Association. The requirement to provide reasonably priced health care is limited to employers who employ 50 or more full time employees. We fall well short of 50 full time employees but the program also takes into consideration the number of part-time and seasonal staffers and uses a formula to calculate the number of FTE’s (full time equivalents). This initiative begins January 1, 2014 and Lisa is working with Matt Riplinger to further investigate the program, how it may impact the Association, which employees may qualify for health coverage and what steps might be taken now to reduce the number of FTE’s. More information will be made available as Lisa continues to develop a better understanding on the matter. 6. Safety & Security: a. All security officers attended EMS continuing education on March 20, 2013 in the Conference Center. b. An Amber light bar was ordered and has been received to replace the red, white and blue light bar on our oldest security vehicle. Cost for the new light bar is $1,700 which includes installation. All three of Lake Car-

roll’s squad cars are now equipped with Amber colored oscillating lights. Luke, Donna, the Safety Committee and I are working to educate our Members to Yield to Yellow. c. The Boater Safety training class was attended by approximately 50 people and was held at the Clubhouse on March 16, 2013. 7. Information Technology: a. Deb Stagno arranged for assisted with repairs to the Clubhouse POS system having a motherboard replaced and installed upgrades which will allow use of our hand-held POS units which will be installed during the next 45 days. b. Completed annual testing of all public phones located throughout the property to ensure that these devices are in good repair and can reach a “911” operator in the event of an emergency. Also created instructional signs to be placed on the phones so that such calls can easily be made. c. Received several bids on a PA system for the lower level of the Clubhouse, executed the purchase and oversaw the installation. The new system was funded through the operating budget and was used for the first time during the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner which was held on Saturday April 20, 2013. d. Deb has been working towards getting the Lake Carroll News publication on our Web-Site and has successfully completed the job beginning with the March edition. The newspaper is auto-linked to our site directly from our publisher within one day of the printing of the paper. Members can now go to our web-site to view the LCN. 8. Communications: a. Donna has been working on numerous flyers promoting summer and recreational events. b. Assisted the LC Women’s Club to create and print flyers and tickets for this summers “Garden Walk”. c. Donna has created artwork for the billboards which will be placed on Rt. #73 near the intersection at Zier Rd. & Payne Rd. Six variations are being presented to the BOD for input at the April meeting. 9. Facilities Management: a. The road postings have been lifted as of 4/19/2013 b. Currently have crews sweeping the roadways to remove chips left from salting the roadways over the winter. c. Met with Terry Derdzinski to discuss the 2013 road program as well some problem areas which need attention now. Terry and Shaun are working with Fehr-Graham so that bids can be sent out in May. We would like to complete the road repairs early in the summer as we did in 2012. d. Work is nearly complete on the Clubhouse kitchen renovation plan which was approved at the 12/2/2012 BOD Meeting. The employee bathroom located in the kitchen has been eliminated as well as the wall separating the break room from the “dry-storage” area to make room for the new prep area. e. The well pump at the Hatchery building failed in mid-April and had to be replaced at a cost of $1,900.00.

10. Lake Management/Wildlife: a. The Lake level as of April 16, 2013 was 740’ or normal pool. b. The dredging project continues to move forward as the sub-committee evaluates our needs and determine what type of dredge equipment would be most suitable for our application. The sub-committee has determined that it would be best to have Wendler Engineers provide us with professional guidance regarding our equipment needs. Wendler’s evaluation should be complete by May 1, 2013 at which point a meeting will be established to discuss the recommendation. c. Joe has obtained bids for our annual Weed control application and we have contracted with Clarke Aquatic Control to conduct the applications. The first application has been scheduled for Late April to control Curly Leaf Pondweed and second in late May to treat the Milfoil. d. The weed harvester is being prepped so that it can be on the water beginning in midMay. I have included a copy of Joe’s monthly report for you to review. There are a number of interesting topics and ideas which I felt were worth sharing. 11. Building Inspection/Architectural & Environmental: a. No specific report. 12. Golf Operations (Pro Shop): a. The Gold Course officially opened for play on Monday, 4/15/2013. This start date is approximately 2 weeks later than the normal April 1st target date and 30 days later than we opened the course in 2012. b. The Golf Course maintenance program has started but progress is very slow due to the weather. 13. Golf Maintenance: a. Tim and his staff had very little time to ready the course for play due to the weather. Because of the soggy conditions, much of the spring cleaning had to be done by hand as heavy equipment would have damaged the course. b. Tim was able to start routine mowing and rolling for the first time on Saturday, 4/13/2013. 14. Clubhouse Operations: a.No specific report. 15. Recreation Complex Operations: a. Aquatic Complex: i. The outdoor pool is scheduled to be summarized on May 7, 2013. The pool is scheduled to be opened prior to May 24, 2013. ii. The indoor pool continues to run smoothly with no mechanical issues at this time. b. Recreation: i. The annual Easter Egg Hunt had its biggest turnout on Saturday, March 30th. Over 110 enjoyed the hunt and crafts were available afterwards in the Lodge. c. Ski Hill: i.Closed for the season. 16. Campground: a. No specific Report. 17. Equestrian Area(s): a. No specific Report


LCA FIREWORKS FRId dA Ay y,, JuL y Ly y 5th SEt OFF A At t duSK At A t thE C CL Lubh ubhO OuSE

#1 May 24-June 2; Report by 12pm June 3 #2 Aug 2-11; Report by 12pm Aug 12 If you mow your own unimproved lot, YOU report it. If you hire someone to mow it, THEY report it. Provide your Name, Section, Lot, Date mowed.

REMINDER FOR IMPROVED LOTS (Lots with houses) All improved lots must be kept in a neat and orderly fashion. Lawn must not be allowed to grow taller than six inches in height.

If you don’t report it, you will be bill for LCA arranging mowing. Mowing Report # 815-493-2552 ext 27. Even if you mow outside of the mandatory dates, you MUST mow within the required timeframes.

Lake Carroll Clean-Up/Earth Day

By Mike Siciliano, NW Coordinator Neighborhood Watch sponsored the annual LC Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 20th in conjunction with the national celebration of Earth Day. We try to do our part at Lake Carroll…We picked up a lot of trash. Some accidentally blown from someone’s car or out of their hands on a blustery day; others, I’m sorry to say, very intentional. It’s so disheartening to see that some people feel like they can use our property as a dumping ground. The worst pile for us today was near the Campground. I’ve also heard reports of inappropriate dumping down at the burn pile. For those of you who don’t know, LCA allows property owners to This trash was found behind the Campground dump their burnable brush, branches, wood, dumpster in the woods. etc. at a location behind the dam. With people abusing that privilege, we may all lose it. Bottom line folks, let’s treat our lake area, our neighbors’ property, as well as our own properties with respect. If we all do our part, Lake Carroll will remain an enjoyable place to live, and a place we can be proud of to share with our family, friends, and the resident wildlife. You can read more on the Clean-Up in my NW article on 4A.

LCWC Seeking Band Instrument Donations Lake Carroll Women’s Club is collecting old band instruments for the Eastland school district to loan to children who can’t afford one. If they need repair, the district is able to fix them. Women’s Club has given $300 to help children who can’t afford the rental and for items such as reeds that the band director may need, but they would like to further help with additional instruments, if possible. If you have an instrument to donate or would like further information, please call Helen Sykora at 815-493-2074.

Lake Carroll News, May 2013


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TRUCKS, TRACTORS, & TOY DAY May 18th from 10:00am–3:00pm at the Lake Carroll Clubhouse Mark your calendars. You don’t want to miss THIS! The event will provide the citizens of Carroll County a chance to view and tour equipment which is funded by the taxpayers of Carroll County Members of the Taxing bodies will also be on site to give demonstrations and answer questions. It is anticipated that we will have equipment from the following agencies: Carroll Co. Sheriff Dept, Freedom Township, Cherry Grove Township, Lanark Fire Dept, Lanark Police Dept, Shannon Fire Dept, Lake Carroll Maint, Lake Carroll Security, React Helicopter and more! You can even try your skill with a fire hose! We will also have some privately-owned equipment such as farm equipment and motor sports vehicles.

Donations being accepted in memory of James Dillo of Shannon, IL. James was one of the flight nurses lost in the REACT helicopter accident in 2012. Donations to benefit the Dillo family.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

2013 Garden Walk by Marve Feucht

Mark your calendars for the 2013 Carroll County Garden Walk to be held June 29th & 30th at Lake Carroll, IL. Enjoy ten gardens in as many unique and beautiful country settings. Gardens range from young, developing ones to very mature ones reflecting years of nurturing. There are lake front gardens, sun and shade gardens, natural areas, wooded pathways, water features, and much more for your strolling pleasure. Ticket cost for the event is $10 and each ticket includes a raffle chance to win a beautiful handmade item from the Lake Carroll Quilt Club. Independent raffle tickets for the quilted items will also be available if you should wish additional chances to win.

Planning A New Home? Making Home Imporvements? See Us For All Your Financing Needs!

• There will also be several events held in conjunction with the Garden Walk. The Lake Carroll Clubhouse will offer lunch specials and will be the site of the raffle drawing upon the event’s close on Sunday, June 30th. • Trailside Inn & General Store will be offering a lunch special, two-for-one mini golf, and wine purchase discounts when you show your Garden Walk ticket. • Silver Moon Winery will also offer wine purchase discounts and a reservation only event following Saturday’s walk hours. Contact them directly for more information. Tickets for the event are available in advance at Twice Told Tales in Lanark and through the Lake Carroll Women’s Club (815-493-2074). Day of event tickets on Saturday, June 29th from 10am to 5pm and on Sunday, June 30th from 10am to 2pm will be available at the Payne Road entrance to Lake Carroll off Highway 73, south of Pearl City. Raffle tickets are available from both the LC Women’s Club and Quilt Club. All proceeds go to Friends of the Lanark Public Library and local charities sponsored by the Lake Carroll Women’s Club.


PUT A CORK IN IT! By Bonnie Ewing

Before recycling your natural wine corks, here’s an idea to reuse them instead. Your greenery will be extra lush if you slice 12 corks in half lengthwise, then pulverize the pieces in a food processor and add ½ cup of the granules to your topsoil. When you water, the corks’ porous material will soak up some of the liquid, then release it slowly into the soil, keeping your plants hydrated. Look for suggestions on ways to reuse those corks in future editions of the LC newspaper. If you don’t reuse your corks, please, bring them to the Clubhouse and place them in the “put a cork in it” recycling bin by the center doors. And once again, please do not use this bin as a waste basket.

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5-10R $5,000...............0.55 acre cul-de-sac near ski hill 13-115 $9,900.............0.26 acre walking distance to lake 17-73 $13,900 .................................0.71 acre near lake 2-291 & 292 $19,900 ..............0.55 acre with gentle rear slope 4-4&5 $22,000 ..........................0.52 acre on #6 tee box 25-12 $29,900 .......................1.73 acre partial lakeview 24-111 $29,900 ................. 2.01 acre with rear greenway 24-115 $35,000 ................................Tree Equestrian Lot 21-33 $46,900 ...................... Wooded with Deeded Slip 27-33 $74,900 ........................1.40 acre inlet waterfront Amy Barnes Managing Broker

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

VP Views

The annual budget process is now underway, and soon priorities will be established and decisions made concerning what the Lake Carroll 2014 expenses will be. Fortunately, our staff, committees, and Board members, along with Dan McCollum those members who attend the meetings, Board Vice President offer a great deal of expertise. Being involved in submitting and defending work budgets since 1978, I’ve seen some things change through the years. One thing that’s consistent though: some in decision-making roles are much more willing to spend other peoples’ money. That’s true nationally, and at Lake Carroll, as well. In governmental settings, I’ve seen lengthy debates over spending $2,500, yet hardly a peep is uttered when there’s a $1 million dollar project unveiled. The late Illinois Senator Edward Dirksen was commonly associated with a quote commenting on out of control federal spending when he said, “A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” How interested are you as a property owner in what is being done with your annual dues? I hope the answer is PLENTY. Each Board member serves as an assigned liaison to one or more Lake Carroll Committees. We don’t have a vote, but sometimes are asked for our views. We also have been known to attend other non-assigned meetings to observe what goes on there, as well. Sometimes we are asked about how much money will be available for some rather ambitious (expensive) projects. The truth is that most of us don’t know. We don’t know, because we haven’t seen all of the other requests yet. Not knowing is sometimes interpreted as not caring. That’s not the case. I think some of the rather testy reactions we receive are part of the new age expectations many people have for instant news, instant results, and instant action. Unfortunately, the need to please often results in providing misinformation, making bad decisions, and breaking promises. I try to wait until I know something before guessing what might happen. It’s fascinating being around “gifted” people. I’m referring to those who would have you believe they are clairvoyant. They seem to know exactly where Lake Carroll will be in the distant future and exactly what projects we need to undertake. In their mind, there is only one way to proceed (theirs), and it has to be right now. If you haven’t met anyone like that, visit the Clubhouse or attend a committee or Board meeting. You might get a better picture. Although our committees are looking at 5-year plans, and that’s terrific, the gifted ones have their own master plan. To make their point, these prognosticators will overwhelm you with things like financial forecasts, glitzy terms, forceful opinions, and even scare tactics to convince you that their way is the only way. Frankly, I’m skeptical when someone is so “pushy”. It reminds me of a person on the telephone who is talking to someone on the other end who doesn’t speak English. By repeating the same words over and over or getting louder they think the message will somehow become understandable or acceptable and the receiver will be worn down in due time. (Also

known as force feeding). One such sage was at the Clubhouse recently and I couldn’t help but make an observation. “Carnac” tipped the server 50 cents after a meal. On one hand I could say that he isn’t a spendthrift, thus he should be heeded whenever he suggested spending big dollars on ambitious Lake Carroll projects or what we must do in the future. But I had another thought as well. Maybe he’s one of those people who is much more comfortable and extravagant when spending other peoples’ money. Assertive people in Washington and Springfield have that skill down to an art form. While on the subject of clairvoyance, I can’t resist. Have you ever had one of those sleepless nights and turned on the television about 2am and seen a commercial advertising someone with psychic powers? You’re supposed to call the 800 number and then it’s so many dollars a minute on your credit card for the psychic to tell you what’s in line for you. A question: If they’re allknowing, why do they ask for your credit card number? Wouldn’t they already know the number because they’re “gifted”? Some of the best-selling books on the market today are those in the “Idiots” and “Dummies” collection. You can learn everything from PowerPoint to bowling with these books. Their popularity is derived from the fact that they cut to the chase. They give you more bullets and less baloney. Hopefully, our budget meetings, minutes, and submissions will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and ask appropriate questions. If the committees, staff, and Board working collectively do what we are supposed to, then you should be able to have the following, at a minimum, answered and be able to vote the budget up or down: • What are we asking for? • Why do we need it? • How much does it cost? • How are we going to pay for it? (Plain talk, no gibberish, here it is). • What’s the impact if we don’t do this? • What are the alternatives? Whenever board, budget, or “special item” elections are conducted at Lake Carroll, it usually takes 350-400 votes to be on the winning side. When you consider that there are over 2,200 property owners, it’s easy to see how things can fly under the radar if not brought to light. Please pay attention to the E-blasts and newspaper. Also, feel free to contact any Board member or the General Manager to ask questions and offer feedback. It’s your association. Here’s something to consider: $10.00 more in dues per member, per year, means about $22,800 in new revenue. You should know where your money is going. That doesn’t make you a cheapskate or a “no” person. That simply means that you’re informed when casting your important and appreciated vote. I’m hoping that every member takes an interest in the annual budget process. Admittedly, traveling to Lake Carroll to attend meetings can be a strain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Ask questions, offer comments, and by all means, vote YES or NO on the annual budget when the time comes to do so.

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Coatney Earns Membership In Million Dollar Round Table COUNTRY Financial Agent Rhett Coatney of Lanark has earned membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). “It is a great honor to receive this MDRT recognition,” says Coatney. “I feel privileged to be included in this prestigious association of business and community leaders representing more than 470 companies and 75 countries.” MDRT membership is attained by life insurance agents who are members of their local underwriters association and have excelled in identifying life insurance products that fit the needs of their clients. MDRT is an international, independent association of nearly 30,000 leading sales professionals in the life insurance business. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional product knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. The Round Table’s membership represents the top life insurance and financial service professionals worldwide. Coatney began his career with COUNTRY in 2005. His office is located at 105 S. Broad St., Lanark. The office phone number is (815) 493-2544.

All Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Stand Alone Plans Are Accepted

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Interested in advertising in the Lake Carroll News? Contact Mike Ford at or 815.625.3600,e xt. 616

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Letter to the Editor

Conservation Corner From the Fisheries Management Committee

One of the most important decisions the Fishery Management Committee makes each year concerns what species of fish to stock in Lake Carroll. Since we live in a world of limited financial resources, these decisions must not be made lightly, especially considering how many different species of fish our lake has and the fact that several of these species do not naturally reproduce in our lake due to habitat limitations. The goal is to stock the fish that are the most popular for our fishermen, while also trying to maintain a balanced fishery that can be supported by the forage base in the lake. Some species, like the redear sunfish, are stocked to help keep the zebra mussels in check. Let’s take a closer look at one species in particular that will be stocked in 2013. The 2013 fish stocking plan comes with a bit of controversy -- musky will be stocked for the first time since 2005. Yes, you read that right bass and walleye fishermen, musky will be stocked for the first time in eight years. The information obtained from the recent resident fishing survey has provided some good information about the species our fishermen seek the most and one of the goals of the fish stocking program is to stock those favored species. Some respondents voiced concern about the lack of musky stocking in Lake Carroll in recent years. One question posed by the survey asked if fisherman would welcome more opportunities to catch muskies in Lake Carroll and 63% responded “yes”. While the musky was not ranked as a top three favorite fish for catch and release (top three were largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and walleye, in order), almost 12% of fishermen ranked them their favorite and there was support for the species across all the rankings indicating interest as a bonus fish. This is not a surprise since most fishermen find it hard to forget the excitement when they hook into a large musky while fishing for other species. Muskies are clearly the alpha species in freshwater environments and many fishermen have visions of musky devastating the other game species they compete with in a lake. However, a recent long-term study sponsored by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources suggests that muskies predominantly feed on large gizzard shad and may actually help increase the quantity and size structure of other game fish in the lake. This study, called Project Green Gene, was a long-term study conducted from 2002 to 2012 that examined many different facets of Illinois musky stocking including the diet composition of musky and the impact musky stocking has on other game fish in Illinois lakes. Despite the increasing trend of musky introduction in Illinois lakes in the past 30 years, there was little information on the effects of musky introductions on lake ecosystems and existing fisheries until Project Green Gene was completed. Results from the diet composition study indicate that the preferred forage for musky are gizzard shad in those environments where they are available with the second favorite musky prey being bluegill. The study also found that musky introduction in Illinois lakes has virtually no impact on overall populations of gizzard shad or bluegill while having potentially positive impacts on largemouth bass and black crappie. In fact, largemouth bass catch-per-hour increased in some of the test lakes in the sample and the

overall size of largemouth bass increased in virtually all the test lakes after musky were introduced. We can only get into some of the highlights of the study here so we urge those who would like to learn more of the details to read the full report at The results of Project Green Gene may not really come as a surprise to some of you seasoned bass or walleye fishermen who fished Lake Carroll in the days when musky were stocked on an annual basis and were more prominent in our watershed. The bass and walleye fishing were very good in those days despite the competition from the musky and perhaps this balance was achieved by each species concentrating their feeding activity in different zones of the lake. The study concluded muskies tend to feed on the larger gizzard shad in a lake, which is normally an untapped forage base for smaller game species like bass and walleye. Lake Carroll has lots of large gizzard shad that can provide a strong forage base for musky. Project Green Gene provides some good science supporting the concept that musky can coexist and perhaps help improve other game fish species in a lake. However, there are no plans to turn Lake Carroll into a musky lake and the stocking plan only calls for the stocking of approximately 200, 10”–13” musky in 2013. Other species to be stocked in 2013 include approximately 3,300, 6”–9” black crappie and 1,500, 5”–8” smallmouth bass. The diversity of our lake’s species and limited budget only allows for limited fish stocking in any given year, but we are excited about the size and quality of fish that will be stocked this year. Now that the ice is off the lake it’s time to get out there are experience the great fishing your lake has to offer. Don’t forget to take a kid with you the next time you go fishing and let’s pass it on to the next generation.

I have been remiss in writing this letter. I wanted to send it a while ago, but kept forgetting. Since we were recently at the Clubhouse and had the great fortune of having Fiona as our server, it reminded me that I needed to sit down and get this written. There are always so many negative things written about the scheduling of staff at the Clubhouse, that I thought it was time for a very positive. My husband and I decided to go to the Clubhouse on Sunday, December 30th to watch the Bears. When we got there, there were only a few patrons. Fiona was our waitress and did an excellent job. As it turns out, many more people had the same idea to come to the Clubhouse and watch the Bears game. Poor Fiona got slammed. Typically, Sunday afternoons are not very busy because all of the “weekenders” have started their mass exodus back home. We think that because it was close to New Year’s Eve, many more people were staying at Lake Carroll for a long weekend. Fiona did such an excellent job trying to keep up with the extremely busy business. She not once showed it on her face how busy and stressed she must have been. She was always courteous and smiling to everyone. It would have been nice if some of the patrons would have been a little more understanding and rationalized the situation as we had done. Another waitress was brought in as soon as possible and all of the other staff chipped in as well. We think people should just chill a little bit and not be so quick to criticize. Most of all, we want to publicly thank Fiona…….JOB WELL DONE!!! Roger and Donna Hovorka 4-150


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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Specializing in Lake Carroll Properties! WWW.FAWNRIDGEREALTY.COM




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Ranch Home with Lake View 4-64 BEACHCOMBER LANE

• 3 Br/3 Baths • Fireplace • 2,800 Sq. Ft. • Finished Lower Level • LL walkout to Patio




• 4 Br/2 Baths • Plus Non-Conforming Bedroom • Fireplace • Lower Level Kitchenette • 3 Season Porch

• 48.64’ Waterfront • Stone Patio w/Fire Pit at Shoreline • 1,944 Sq. Ft. • $389,000

• .78 Acres • 2 Car Garage • Covered Front Porch/Deck • $275,000




• DEEDED SLIP • 4 Br/2 Baths • Fireplace • Finished Lower Level • 1,808 Sq. Ft.

• 10’x26’ Deck • 1.95 Acres • Sportsmans Getaway • $168,500




• 3 Br/2 Baths • Fireplace • 400 Sq. Ft. Loft w/closets • Full Finished Lower Level • 2,408 sq. ft.

• 3 Car Garage • Wrap-Around Deck • 52.66’ Waterfront • 1.94 Acres • $449,000


• Remodeled Top to Bottom • 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 3 Fireplaces • 54x21 Room Above Garage

• 4,100 Sq. Ft. • 4+ Car Garage • 1.47 Acres/160’ Waterfront • $889,000


• 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 2 Fireplaces • Full Walk-Out Lower Level • Deck & Patio • 3,208 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Car Garage • 2.58 Acres • 182.62’ Waterfront • Electric/Water at Lake Patio • $524,900









• 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2,352 Sq. Ft. • 1 Fireplace

• 3 Seasons Porch • 0.40 Acre • 80’ Waterfront • $449,900

• Open Concept Main Level • 1,540 Sq. Ft. • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Spacious Decks • 2 Baths • Firepit/Storage Shed • 1 Fireplace • 2.31 Acres • $174,900


• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage • 3 Baths • 0.80 Acre • 2,613 Sq. Ft. • Landscape Lighting • 3 Season Porch • 250’+ Waterfront w/Patio & Firepit • 2 Levels of Decking • $589,000







• 2 Bedrooms+ • 1,992 Sq. Ft. 1 Non-Conforming BR • 2 Car Garage • 2 Baths • Professionally Landscaped • 1 Fireplace • 0.36 Acre • Most Furniture Included • $229,000



• 5 Bedrooms • 3,550 Sq. Ft. • 3 Baths • 2 1/2 Car Garage • 2 Fireplaces • 1.30 Acres Professionally Landscaped • 4 Seasons Room • In-Ground Pool • Full Finished LL Family Rm. • $359,000






13-85 Quail Hollow Drive

• 4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Loft • 2 Fireplaces • $589,000

• 2,992 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Garage • Huge Entertaining Deck • 193’ Waterfront w/Gentle Slope

• 4 Br/3 Baths • Fireplace • 2,335 Sq. Ft. • Screened Patio

• Large Deck/2 Car Garage • .32 Acres • 92’ Waterfront • $425,000


REMODELED TOP TO BOTTOM 4-135 SUNSET COURT • 3 Br/2 Baths • 1 Car Garage • Lower Patio w/Pond • .67 Acres • Covered Front Porch • $169,000





• 6 Bedrooms • 4 Season Porch • 4.5 Baths • 2 Car Garage/Plus Lower Garage for “Toys” • 4 Fireplaces • 750 Sq. Ft. Waterfront Patio w/Firepit • 2,704 Sq. Ft. and Electric. • 214’ Waterfront • $749,000





• 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2 Fireplaces • 2,502 Sq. Ft.

• Home being Sold Turnkey • .50 Acres • 92’ Waterfront • $399,900


• 3 BR/2 Baths • Fireplace • 2,948 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Garage

• 3 Seasons Porch • 4.14 Acres • Deeded Boat Slip • $449,900

27-35 & 36 CONOVER COURT




• 6 Bedrooms • Professionally Landscaped • 5 Full-2 Half Baths • Tennis/Basketball/Volleyball Court • 3 Fireplaces • Extras in Home too Extensive to List • 4 Car Garage • 542’ Waterfront • 8,461 Sq. Ft. • $990,000

• 4 Br/3.5 Baths • Deep Water on a Spacious Waterfront • 3 Fireplaces/Spa Room • 17’x20’ Beach House/Fire Pit/Paver Patio w/Hot Tub • 1.46 Acres/224’ Waterfront • 3,936 Sq. Ft. • $748,900 • Large Decks/Screened Porch











• 5 Bedrooms • 3.5 Baths • Stone Fireplace • 3,774 Sq. Ft.

• 3 Car Garage Extra Deep • .57 Acres • Covered Porch and Deck • $329,000




PRIVATE COUNTRY STYLE HOME • 3 Br/3.5 Baths • 2 Car Garage with 3 levels • Plus 1 Non-Conforming Br.• 2 Acres/188’ Waterfrontage • 2 Fireplaces • 4 Seasons Sun Room • 4,784 Sq. Ft. • $669,000



• 5 Bedrooms • 3.5 Baths • 3 Fireplace • 3,942 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Screened Porches • 2.11 Acres • 197’ Waterfront • $859,000

• Open Floor Plan • Full Basement w/Roughed In Bath • 2 Br/2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • Fireplace • .50 acre • 1,196 sq. ft. on Main Level • $199,900


• 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 1 Fireplace • 2,034 Sq. Ft.

• 1,017 Sq. Ft. Drywalled LL • 1.12 Acres • $159,000




• 3 Bedrooms • 3.5 Baths • 1 Fireplace • 2,736 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Car Garage • 1.34 Acres • Covered Porch on 3 Sides • $239,000



• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2 Fireplaces • 2,689 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Car Garage • .70 Acres • 177’ Waterfrontage • $649,000



• 5 Br/4 Baths • Oak Floors • 3+ Car Garage Xtra Deep • Every Room w/Lake View • Zoned Heating & Cooling • Gazebo at WF • 2 Stone Fireplaces • $695,000








• 5 Br/3.5 Baths • (2) 3 Season Rms/1.3 Acres • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Fireplaces • Professionally Landscaped • 2.5 Baths • 3,316 Sq. Ft. • 254’ Waterfront • 2,354 Sq. Ft. • 3 Car Garage Xtra Deep • $798,000

#1 in Sales of Lake Carroll Properties in 2012!

• Fireplace • 1.95 Acres • $449,000


• 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 1 Fireplace • 3,250 Sq. Ft.

• Full Finished Lower Level • 1.55 Acres • $249,900

Lake Carroll Waterfront Lots For Sale 23-64 Broadview Drive ...........................$309,000 23-61 Broadview Drive ...........................$349,000 17-141 Edgewater ........................................SOLD 28-39 Southview Drive ...........................$289,900 24-93 Hidden Valley Court ......................$239,500 23-57 Broadview ..........................................SOLD 24-40 Carriage Hill Court ..............................SOLD 17-158 & 159 Lakeside Court .......................SOLD 27-33 Conover Court...............................$154,900

27-13 Shadow Ridge ..............................$165,900 17-182 Harbor View Drive............................SOLD 24-13 Hidden Ranch Drive ......................$214,900 25-75 Lake Carroll Blvd. .........................$215,000 21-48 Marina Court ................................$229,000 23-97 Brighton Court ..............................$299,900 23-64 Broadview Drive .................................SOLD 17-109 & 110 Hidden Cove Court ............. $59,900 16-209 Stonehedge Drive..............................SOLD

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

LAKE CARROLL FLAG ALERTS Flags for the lake status can be seen at the W Marina & in Section 23; soon at E Marina & 3 Tubes, too.

Lake Carroll Flag – LAKE OPEN

The white LC Flag signifies the Lake is open for normal use. You can also use the LC Flag and the No Wake flags to assist you in docking your boat by determining the direction of the wind.

Solid Orange – NO WAKE

Definition: No Wake Zone – An area of the lake where watercraft maintain a speed of five (5) miles per hour or less. (LC 2013 Rules & Regs Pg5, Introduction: Section A: 1.)

Solid Black – CLOSED

Definition: Amenity Closed: As announced, any LCA amenity not available for member or public use for any and all purposes. (LC 2013 Rules & Regs Pg5, Chapter I: Section D.1.g.)

Orange handheld – SKIER DOWN

Use of an orange Skier Down Flag is required to be raised when the person(s) being towed have fallen. The Skier Down Flag must stay raised until the person(s) being towed have been taken back into the vessel or are again being pulled behind the vessel. As of January 1, 2013, this rule is MANDATORY (LC 2013 Rules & Regs Pg 14 - Chapter I, Section D.3.n.ii.)

Red with white stripe from upper left to lower right corners – DIVER DOWN

A diver down flag, or scuba flag, is a flag used on the water to indicate that there is a diver below. In North America it is conventionally red with a white stripe from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. Flags can be mounted to a variety of styles of floats from balls to inner tubes.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Fish Tales By Steve Hevrin

Eighty-four members gathered at the Lodge on Wednesday, April 10th, for a great evening at our monthly Fishing Club meeting. As always the food was excellent. At the conclusion of the meal, President Bob Knackstedt called the meeting to order. He led all of us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Treasurer’s Report Mitch Feucht presented the March, 2013 financial report. The report was unanimously approved by the membership. Mitch also reported that we have already had 124 members pay their dues. The dues have remained at $20 a year for a membership and includes the opportunity for a lot of fun and fellowship. Dues may be mailed to Mitch’s home and applications are available in the monthly edition of the Lake Carroll News. Hatchery Operations The ice had just left the water and nets were installed Saturday, April 6th. As of Wednesday, April 10th we have harvested 700,000 eggs this year, compared to a total count for last year of 800,000. It has been an incredible start and we are hoping to keep building on it. A special thank you to John Mulligan for his craftsmanship in rebuilding our egg holder at the Hatchery and Paul Thompson for installing a new filter system. Also a special thanks to John Anzalone, John Quilico, and Bruce McDonald for rewiring our shocking boat. Nancy Comstock has made signs which have been placed at each marina with creel limits and pictures of various fish in our lake. Nancy, thanks for all of your effort.

Christmas Trees Trees will be placed in the lake at the conclusion of the Hatchery operations. Reef Projects Due to the lack of thick ice the reef project had to be postponed, but efforts are being made to progress and hopefully still accomplish the project during this upcoming summer. Other Events Mike Siciliano mentioned that the Neighborhood Watch will be helping with the Carroll County Garden Walk on June 29th & 30th. We sure could use more volunteers to cover the Lake Carroll entrances to help visitors the same as we do for the Garage Sale. Open Discussion Bob was asked about the lake level and he stated that it was at this time 10” below pool. It has sure come a long way. [Since the writing of this article, the lake reached pool level of 740’ on Tuesday, April 16th. Lake Carroll received approximately 4” of rain during that week and raised an additional 12” by Thursday, April 18th. Following the end of the rainfall and strong winds the lake level returned to an acceptable, and welcomed level of 740’+.] The meeting was adjourned at 7:30p.m. Winners of the 50/50 raffle were: 1st Place - John & Joan Frey - $50 2nd Place - Henry & Clara Carr - $40


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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Facilities Update


Who had April 16th in the pool for when the lake would reach pool level? Congratulations if you did, it was a long time coming and certainly had many people worried about if the lake would ever get back to pool. Now that the lake is back it sure feels like it is time for summer and start thinking about getting everything ready for the season. The West Marina Concession and Gas Dock will be opening the weekend of May 11th. Please note that on Saturday May 11th we will not open until 12:00 so that the employees can go through orientation and training. After that we will be open regular weekend hours 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturday and 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. Shaun Nordlie After Memorial Day we will resume regular weekday and weekend Facilities Director hours. This year we are going to try cookouts on Holiday weekends. We will keep it simple, but the smell will be hard to resist once the cooking starts. We also will be selling a few beach toys and an assortment of different foods inside to offer a better variety. The shower house at the West Marina will also be open May 11th. Hopefully the Campground shower house will be open by the time this article is published, if it ever warms up. We have to wait to make sure once the water is turned on that temperatures do not get below freezing. We will also continue our painting projects this year around the campground, as well as our annual renovation of some campsites. The outdoor pool will be ready to go for Memorial Day weekend. We will be filling it up and testing all the pumps and the slide the first part of May so we are ready for the holiday weekend. Hopefully this year will be a great year for the pool with lots of great memories for everyone. Maybe the only group that was not praying for rain all spring was the ATV group. All the April showers certainly are not helping in getting out to groom the trails for the summer season. Please be patient and know that as soon as we can get out to the trails, we will be grooming them and getting the trails open for the season. We will also be adding a new bridge to the trails this year below the dam. This will replace a bridge that is currently not usable by the side by side ATV’s and will be more stable for the next flood. As for the lake, we will be getting some more of the solar lighted buoys this year to light up the lake. I hope you all like these, I feel they add a nice touch to the lake and sure look great at night. The harvester will be hitting the lake to start cutting weeds about mid-May. We added an extension to the East Marina boat ramp, so launching your boat should be easier no matter the lake level. We also will be repainting numbers on the docks to eliminate any confusion on which dock is which. One note that I need to stress as we start getting busy out here at the lake. There is an area below the dam that has been available for owners to use for dumping yard waste. This area has been getting abused the past year where people are dumping anything they want down there and dumping wherever they want rather than in the designated area. Please stop this if you are guilty. This area should be a nice convenience for our owners to be able to get rid of yard waste rather than paying to have it hauled off, but if we continue to get items like refrigerators or tires and have to use staff to clean up the area around the dump area we may need to reconsider offering this privilege. Please do not take advantage of this and make more work for the staff when dumping; I am sure many owners would be very disappointed to lose this area for disposing of their yard waste.

Saturday, May 18 Saturday, June 08 Saturday, June 29 Saturday, July 20 Saturday, August 17 Saturday, September 07 Saturday, September 21 Sunday, September 22

7:00am-12:00pm 6:00am-11:00am 6:00am-11:00am 7:00pm-12:00am 6:00am-11:00am 7:00am-12:00pm 7:00am-12:00pm 7:00am-12:00pm

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Night Tournament

Classic Invitational Classic Invitational

WEST MARINA CONCESSION HOURS Sat, May 11th: 12pm; Staff training prior to opening. Sat & Sun only May 11-19. Routine Summer Hours Begin Sat, May 25th: Mon/Wed/Thu: 9:30am-5pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Saturday: 7am-7pm

Friday: 9:30am-7pm

Sunday: 7am-5pm

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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ArChery Lessons for KiDs Does your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew have an interest in learning more about archery and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow? We would like your feedback if there is an interest in creating group lessons this summer. Please contact Chelsey via email, or phone 815-493-8549 ext 10 and let her know if you have a child interested.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Lake & Natural Resources

Even with these unseasonably cold days and nights, spring is inevitable, and personally, I’m welcoming it! I can’t wait for sunset cruises on the lake, and summer days with swimming and boating with the family. For most of us, we’re aware the lake has come back to pool and we now concern ourselves with heavy spring rains and possible flooding. Hopefully the rains come as needed, and not too heavily! (As I write this we are under a spring flood warning too!) But with spring comes new life, and with some of that new life comes new challenges. For example, the new plant Joe Rush growth provides our landscapes with a color Lake Manager and beauty that has been dearly missed with the passing of the season from white beauty of the snow fall to our newly muddy and dried out lawns! The plant growth, however, doesn’t stop at our lawns. It continues in our lake with the new growth of our aquatic plants. Some of which we desire to provide needed fish habitat, water quality improvements, and oxygen to our aquatic ecosystem. Others, such as the invasive CurlyLeaf Pondweed and Eurasian Milfoil, are not so desirable and we have management programs in place to help reduce and control these species. The current aquatic plant management program consists of utilizing chemical control for the invasive, exotic species like Curly-Leaf and Milfoil. This program will start at the end of April / early May for Curly-Leaf treatCurly-Leaf Pondweed ments. Followed up with control for Milfoil will occur towards the end of May / early June, or as needed. In the meantime, “Harvey” the weed harvester is scheduled to be on the lake with our maintenance crew at its helm in mid-May to trim back the native growth. If we observe excessive growth of native plants before that time, our crew will be ready for an Milfoil early deployment. The reason we are scheduling the cutting as late as possible is so that we can allow any new baby game fish an opportunity to grow and evade the harvester to minimize impacts on accidental catch of juvenile game fish. However, we intend to closely monitor the plant growth to be sure it is being cut when needed. Another form of ‘new life’ I like to remind property owners about is the fawn (baby deer) that you can encounter while moving about Lake Carroll. Often times we have property owners call about an abandoned fawn deer they have found and ‘rescued’ and they need direction on what to do with the baby. If you come across a baby deer, PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE. The natural instinct of deer is to leave their fawn un-attended for long periods of time. This is a predator avoidance tactic because fawns are born ‘scent free’ and predators cannot easily detect them. The mother leaves the fawn and only comes back periodically to feed it. Once the fawn is big enough and strong enough, it will begin to travel everywhere with the mother. Because of this survival tactic, we humans tend to find fawns unattended and believe the mother has either left the fawn, or been killed. In most cases, it is best to leave the fawn alone and let nature take its course. If you touch the fawn, there is a risk the mother could abandon it. The last thing I would like to share is a thank you to the volunteers that assisted with the goose egg addling / oiling program at Lake Carroll. This is the process of locating nesting goose pairs, chasing them off the nest, and oiling the eggs so they will not hatch. This is needed to reduce the number of resident geese we have at Lake Carroll. Geese are inefficient feeders that defecate large amounts of nutrients into our aquatic system daily. One example I found was that the excrement of 10 geese on your lake could add up to 7,000 pounds of goose droppings per year! This amount of waste can have negative impacts on our lake and water quality as the droppings are high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Anyway, a big thank you goes out to those volunteers for keeping ‘crap’ out of the lake!

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“Harvey” the weed harvester in action in 2012. Photo by D Beyer.

Please leave unattended fawns alone, even though your instinct is to help them assuming they have been abandoned. Fawn have natural protection against preditors...they have no scent. You can observe and enjoy them from a distance. The adult will return to care for them in its own time. Photo by P Gonzales.

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Yacht Club Membership Application Name _________________________________________________________________ LC Address: ____________________________________________________________

Lake Carroll Yacht Club ~ 2013 Events The Yacht Club is busy planning for some fun activities this year. Below is a list of events. As plans are confirmed we will provide dates. • Venetian Lighted Boat Parade - August 3rd (Rain date Aug 17th) • Sock Hop at the Lodge - October 19th • Casino Trip - Fall, TBA Membership per family is $20.00. Set anchor with us & send your application & fee to: Mary Grant 19-64 Edgewood Court Lake Carroll, IL 61046

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

2013 Club Survey - Golf Carts on Roadway Results

Totals: Yes = 175 (137 w/no comments); No= 92 (73 w/no comments) Comments presented exactly as submitted.


Do you encourage the development of rules to enable the operation of golf carts on Lake Carroll roadways for use as transportation vehicles?




a golf cart maintenance shop/garage could make lots of money.


Also side by side ATV’s


an excellent idea


and ATV’s too


As long as the driver has a state issued motor vehilce license and proper lighting I strongly support this program. Many other active adult communities permit their use why not Lake Carroll. We have held offf building a home on our lot as this was one of the reasons !


as long as they pay for a sticker fee in the same price range as a vehicle


As well as ATV’s (of course adhering to the speed limit)


Consider allowing utility vehicles as well as golf carts


current limited cart operation & rules are adequate


Daylight hours only. Not on Lake Carroll Blvd


Distances are too far around the lake so a car is really needed to go most places. Too many golf carts on the road could be a hazard


dont think golf carts should be on the roads


energy saving policy and great addition, in our area several communities have adopted this policy and very pleased with carts on the streets!


Especially for physically handicapped


Golf carts and ATV’s!


Great idea...a lot of people like to use the golf cart


I already witness illegal use of golf carts by both adults and children under the age of 16. Legalizing it will only increase the illegal activity. If we can enforce our current golf cart restriction, why would we encourage the activity by legalizing it! Plus I don’t see the overall terrain of our roadways safe for golf cart use.


I do not support allowing golf carts on the roadways of Lake Carroll for several reasons. The roadways are designed and built for licensed drivers operating licensed vehicles. Opewrating a golf cart does not require any form of licensing. With the roadways in Lake Carroll being hilly, curvey and unlit would pose serious safety factor for golf carts operating during dawn, dusk or low light condition. Golf cart operators could pose a safety issue while operating on Lake Carroll roadways, by either being struck or striking another vehicle or pedestrian. Golf cart operators are not subject to seat belt requirements, lighting that is mandated fror licensed vehicles. Even though I don’t own a golf cart, I do drive and tow my boat on Lake Carroll roads. Stopping or avoiding a golf cart could result in serious injury to all concerned.


I don’t see the value of this initiative. Would we want to allow ATVs all over the place too?


i pay insurance to drive golf cart on the street to get the course




I think that would be a nice feature for our community


I would also like to see side by side ATV’s considered.


I would have no problem letting adults drive them on streets that are not main arteies, except when driving to the golf course


I would love to be able to...but to dangerous even sometimes now (require rear view mirrors)


If they are equipped with headlights, why not allow them to be used at night as well. And yes restrict the number of people in them, etc.


If this is passed, I will move out! Too many on weekends as it is now.


im just afraid that the rules commity will have to add a new book with all the rules they will make. all they need to say is (the same rules apply to golf carts that apply to cars!!! DONE) but it wont be that easy. just wait.


It is a good vehicle for people who have ailments and want to enjoy the outdoors


It would be great way to run to clubhouse, pool etc with less traffic


Keep it as it is. Safety 1st


Lake Carroll roadways are too dangerous for golf carts. Poorly lit at night and hard to see pedestrians as it is. Golf Carts will not help this situation.


many golf communities in florida have this and very common


Must have lights on vehicle.


No problem as long as safety is addressed along with “lanes” or something for the carts.


Not all road worthy like a car


Only for the house to the clubhouse


Several people are disabled and it provides transportation


stay off roads .. period .. & I am a golfer


strict rules and strict enforcement for minors


The roadways designed and constructed for use by licensed drivers operating licensed vehicles. Golf carts could present a problem with unlicensed drivers. The roadways in Lake Carroll being curvey and hilly could result in goft cart drivers being struck or striking other vehicles, pedestrian and objects.


The survey would not register my yes answer. Daylight hours only not on Lake Carroll Blvd.


The time has come to allow this option.


they drive them in other states


They should not be allowed on roadways - that is the only rule I would create


This activity would be very dangerous on Lake Carroll Boulevard. For other roads, it probably would be okay. Too many hills and curves on the main drag.


This is a recreation community. This would encourage that


This is opening the door to broaden the illegal use of golf carts by minors. Too many hills and curves on LC roads; an accident waiting to happen if we increase this usage. If we can’t enforce this now, how can we if it’s leagalized?


too dangerous


Too dangerous. No need to add additional liability and possible death.


Too dangerous. Roads aren’t wide enough. Also too many blind turns especially going up/down hill by the dam.


We don’t have one but ‘m sure alot of people may enjoy that.


When I see carts on the road, they’re often driven by kids younger than 16. If you sanction carts on the roads you’ll end up with kids driving them.


with age limit higher than 16


with limitations such as mentioned above


Yes, but only golf carts and not younger children running around our roadways for their entertainment.


You do not enfoce the rules now against ATVs on roadways so you might as well allow golf carts.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013


Aquatic Complex The Outdoor Pool will be opening Friday May 24th (weather permitting). Summer Outdoor Pool Hours will be as follows: Adult Swim Mon-Fri 7:00am-10:30am Sat-Sun 8:30am-10:30am Open Swim Mon-Fri 12:00pm-8:00pm Sat-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm Chelsey Heckman Sessions for Swimming Lessons for Summer 2013 are as follows: Recreation Director First Session: June 10th-June 20th Second Session: July 1st-July 11th July 22nd- August 1st Third Session: Guard Start: July 2nd- July 13th All Session are held Monday-Thursday. Registration forms may be found at the Aquatic Complex or online at www.golakecarroll. com under the Aquatic Complex Documents. Completed forms accompanied by payment are required to register. Registration is now open. Check out the NEW parent and child aquatics class and the Level VI swimming & skill proficiency class. Did you know that you the outdoor and indoor pools are available to rent for private parties? Perfect for a birthday party, reunion, or special occasion... Just a phone call away to book yours today! 815-493-8549 ext 10. Recreation We had the biggest turn out to the Easter Egg Hunt we have ever seen! Over 110 kids enjoyed hunting for eggs on Easter weekend and enjoyed the crafts that followed. Be sure to check out the pictures! Future Events: See the Table of Contents for ad locations for more details! • Friday May 24th- Outdoor pool opens! (weather permitting) • Saturday May 25th Sand Volleyball Tournament and Bags tournament. If you would like to participate, please fill out the form located on. • Check out Family Fun Nights starting in June! • Saturday June 15th Kick-Off to Summer Party at the Lodge. We will have the “Just for Kicks” performing for us on the deck of the Lodge. This band specializes in all sorts of danceable music. Come out for a great time! • Mark your calendars for July 26th - 28th for the Fun in the Sun weekend. We will have something for just everyone! Luau at the Beach with live entertainment, volleyball/bags tournament, SODA band from the Chicago area, golf tournament, late night swimming, magic show, great food, face painting & crafts, sundae bar, and a whole lot of fun! Locate the flyer and agenda for more details. • Kidz Camp is right around the corner. First session of camp will begin June 24th-June 28th, with our first “Kidz Day” taking place on June 5th. See add for more details of the other kidz days and 2nd session kidz camp. Deadline for the first Kidz camp is is May 31st. • All swimming lesson dates, kids camp dates, and other misc events can be found in the Recreation Events brochure. Feel free to pick one up at the Aquatic Complex or POA office. Or you may find this online at

2013 Easter Egg Hunt

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Meyer Insurance Agency, Inc.

800-413-2169 Serving the Area for 30 Years. Serving the Area for 30 Years. Call Call us us for for aa Free Free Quote. Quote. Isenhart Realty Isenhart IsenhartRealty Realty

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20120525 NEW LISTING -- $156,900 for Eagles Nest 20120525---19 NEW $156,900 for this this Eagles Nestac.home home 20120075 - 72LISTING Edgewood. $38,000 for this 1.24 Lot on 11ac.near Recreation Complex. on ac.near Recreation Complex. much desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP 20120075 19Edgewood. $38,000 this ac. Lot 20120075---3-433 19-72 72White Edgewood. $38,000 forwants this1.24 1.24 ac.Asking Lotmuch much 20112297 Tail Cr. Ownerfor offer. desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP $15K. This is a great lot. 20112297 3-433 White Cr. wants $15K. 20111503 - 12-249 Birchbark Crt.Asking $16,000 20112297--NEW 3-433LISTING WhiteTail Tail Cr.Owner Owner wantsoffer. offer. Asking $15K. aagreat forThis .82isisac. Greatlot. This great lot.Corner lot with panoramic views for your new home or just enjoy the ammenities. 20111503 NEW -- 12-249 Birchbark Crt. $16,000 for 20111503---23-112 NEW LISTING LISTING 12-249 Crt. $16,000 for 20100506 Lake Carroll Blvd.Birchbark $15,000 1.44 Ac.home .82 ac. Great Corner lotlot with panoramic views for your new .82 ac. Great Corner with panoramic views for your new home near golfenjoy course and clubhouse. Call for further information. ororjust the ammenties. just enjoy the ammenties. 20110125 - 31-81 Country Club Crt. $31,900 .99 ac with 20100506 --23-112 Carroll Blvd. 1.44 Ac. 20100506 23-112 LakeNear Carroll Blvd.$15,000 $15,000 1.44Cs. Ac.near neargolf golf valued deeded boat Lake slip. Clubhouse and Golf course clubhouse. Call for information. courseand and clubhouse. CallPrice forfurther further information. 191491 - 16-104 & 105. Reduction to $13,000. Country views, level,Country woods at rearCrt. of $31,900 lot. 20110125 -- 31-81 Club 20110125 31-81 Country Club Crt. $31,900 .99 .99 acac with with valued valued deeded slip. Clubhouse and Golf 20100518 - $29,900 Lake deededboat boat slip.Near Near23-127 Clubhouse andCarroll GolfCs. Cs.Blvd. 1.16 AC. lot on191491 18th fairway. Walk&105. to clubhouse and golf crs. 191491 -- 16-104 16-104 &105. Price Price Reduction Reduction toto $13,000. $13,000. Country Country 192282 $14,000 23-127 Lake Carroll Blvd. Over an 1.50 views, level, woods at rear of lot. views, level, woods at rear of lot. ac. Make a bid. Near Golf 20100518 -- $29,900 Lake AC. 20100518 $29,900TO23-127 23-127 Lake Carroll Blvd. 1.16 AC. lot lot On On 192477 - REDUCED $14,000 forCarroll overcrs. aBlvd. 1 Ac.1.16 incredible! 18th to clubhouse and 18thfairway. fairway.Walk Walk andlotgolf golf crs.the clubhouse and 31-88 Country Club toCt.clubhouse Awesome near Golf Course. Call Now! 192282 -- $14,000 23-113 Lake Carroll 192282 $14,000 23-113SO Carroll Blvd. Blvd. Over Over an an 1.50 1.50 ac. ac. LD LD OLake SLake Make Near Course Club House. 181226 $24,900 3-368 Carroll Makeaa-bid. bid. NearGolf Golf Course Club House.Blvd. Picture perfect building site for the golf or natureforlover. 192477 TO over aa11Ac. 31-88 192477--REDUCED REDUCED TO$14,000 $14,000 over Ac.lotincredible! incredible! 31-88 20112290 NEW PRICE $7,900lotfor fornear this the levelclubhouse at 1-115 Country Club Ct. Awesome Country Club Ct. Awesome lot near the clubhouse and and Golf Golf Captains Dr. Take golf cart to Clubhouse and Golf Course. Course. Course.Call CallNow! Now! 162235 - $8,000 4-113 Beachcomber Ln. Owner lives out $24,900 3-368 Lake Picture perfect 181226$24,900 3-368 Lake Carroll Blvd. Blvd. Picture perfect of181226state and would like toorsell. All Carroll reasonable offers will be building site for the golf nature lover. building site for the golf or nature lover. considered. Call Betty 20112290 --NEW $7,900 for atat1-115 Captains 192048 - $39,900 23-110 Broadview Dr. lotlot 1.37 Ac. Drive your 20112290 NEWPRICE PRICE $7,900 forthis thislevel level 1-115 Captains Dr. Take cart and Golf Course. Dr.cart Taketogolf golf carttoClubhouse toClubhouse Clubhouseand andgolf Golfcourse. Course.A must see! golf nearby 162235 4-113 Beachcomber Owner out 20122328 -$8,000 Over 2--AC. Elevated lot. A highLn. onlives Old Mill 162235 -- $8,000 4-113 Beachcomber Ln.point, Owner lives out ofof state would toto sell. reasonable offers will Rd. nearand trails withlike panoramic Beautiful homesite plus state and would like sell. All Allviews. reasonable offers will be be considconsidered. amenities. $24,000. 25-31 ered.Call CallBetty Betty 20122327 5 AC.+ Elevated lot, tree lined rear,Ac. 25-32 192048$39,900 23-110 Dr. Drive your 192048- $39,900 23-110Broadview Broadview Dr.in1.37 1.37 Ac. DriveOld your golf cart and golf Mill is toperfect forClubhouse fun loving get homesite. Near ATV golfRd. cart to nearby nearby Clubhouse andaway golf course. course. AA must must see! see!

our team to do, we choose to do this because we understand understand the the NEED NEED for for aquatic aquatic plants plants to to have have aa healthy healthy lake, lake, and and we we want want to to do do what what we we can can to to maintain maintain that that balance balance and and improve improve the the quality quality of of life life while while using using the the lake, lake, as as well well as as the the over-all over-all health health of of the the lake. lake. So, So, ifif you you have have aa question, question, thought, thought, or or idea idea that that ‘makes ‘makes you you go, go, huh?’… huh?’… send send itit on on to to us! us! We We will will try try to to answer answer all all questions questions that that come come in, in, and and some some of of them them will will get get published published in in the the Lake Lake CarCarroll roll News! News! You You can can direct direct your your questions questions directly directly to to me me by by email email at at or or drop your written question drop your written question at at the the Admin Admin office office and and we’ll we’ll compile compile the the questions questions and and get get them them ananswered. swered. Thanks Thanks for for your your support. support.

M&M MARINE 601 601 Main Main Street, Street, Savanna, Savanna, Illinois Illinois



From Committee From the the Fisheries Fisheries Management Management Committee Lake Carroll News, May 2013 The The New New Year Year always always brings brings changes changes and and this this year is no different. The Lake Carroll year is no different. The Lake Carroll Fishery Fishery Management Management Committee Committee has has the the responsibility responsibility for for reviewing reviewing the the fish fish size size and and creel creel limits limits and and make make changes, changes, as as necessary, necessary, to to help help promote promote aa strong strong and diverse fishery. Changes have been to Website andChanges Facebookhave for special events! andCheck diverse fishery. been made made to the fish creel limits in 2013 that all Lake Carroll the fish creel limits in 2013 that all Lake Carroll 21305 should Zier • Lanark, 61046 fishermen be of wanted to fishermen shouldRoad be aware aware of and and we weIL wanted to take some time to explain the rationale behind take some time to explain the rationale behind these these updates. updates. These These changes changes went went into into effect effect on on January so January 1st, 1st, so please please make make sure sure all all you you ice ice fishfisherman rules erman understand understand•the the rules before before venturing venturing out. out. 815-493-6888 One of the most popular fish for catching One of the most popular fish for catchingand andeateating ing at at Lake Lake Carroll Carroll isis walleye. walleye. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, the the structure structure of of our our lake lake does does not not allow allow these these fish fish to to reproduce reproduce naturally naturally so so volunteers volunteers run run aa fish fish hatchhatchery ery operation operation at at Lake Lake Carroll Carroll to to raise raise walleye walleye for for stocking. stocking. This This process process entails entails placing placing nets nets in in the the lake lake each each spring spring to to capture capture egg-laden egg-laden females females so so that the eggs can be extracted and then that the eggs can be extracted and then fertilized fertilized for for the the hatchery hatchery operations. operations. The The best best females females for for this thisprocess processare arelarge large(over (over25 25inches) inches)as asthey theycarry carry the the most most eggs eggs and and are are easier easier to to handle handle during during the the procedure. procedure. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, in in the the last last several several years years itit has has been been more more difficult difficult capturing capturing these these larger larger females for reasons that are not completely females for reasons that are not completely clear. clear. In In response, response, aa slot slot limit limit has has been been established established for for walleye walleye as as aa means means to to try try to to promote promote larger larger fish fish in in the the population. population. Beginning Beginning in in 2013, 2013, only only two two wallwalleye eye that that measure measure 16–22 16–22 inches inches (the (the “slot”) “slot”) can can be be kept and all fish outside the slot must be immekept and all fish outside the slot must be immediately diately released. released. This This change change isis not not dramatically dramatically different from the previous limit different from the previous limit in in which which only only two two fish fish 16 16 inches inches or or longer longer could could be be kept. kept. This This change change should should allow allow for for walleye walleye to to grow grow to to trotrophy phy size size potential potential which which many many fishermen fishermen will will be be excited excited about. about. In In the the event event you you do do catch catch aa walleye walleye over over the the slot, slot, you you always always have have the the option option to to have have aa fiberglass replica made so that you can hang fiberglass replica made so that you can hang your your trophy trophy fish fish on on the the wall wall to to keep keep the the memory memory alive! alive! Largemouth Largemouth and and smallmouth smallmouth bass bass are are also also poppopular ular because because of of their their aggressive aggressive nature nature and and hard hard fighting fighting antics. antics. Many Many of of you you may may remember remember that that aa tapeworm tapeworm epidemic epidemic adversely adversely impacted impacted both both species species of of bass bass in in the the recent recent past past which which caused caused significant significant mortality mortality to to the the larger larger bass bass in in the the popupopulation. lation. While While the the largemouth largemouth and and smallmouth smallmouth bass bass have have staged staged aa comeback comeback from from the the tapeworm tapeworm attack, the population of bass is still attack, the population of bass is still down down from from historical historical levels levels and and specific specific younger younger age age classes classes of of bass bass are are not not at at adequate adequate levels levels to to grow grow into into

Page 11B

large, large, keeper-sized keeper-sized bass. bass. In In order order to to give give aa boost boost to both species, effective in 2013 both largemouth to both species, effective in 2013 both largemouth • Refine your Palate...Soote the Spirit • and smallmouth bass be and and smallmouth bass will will be catch catchOlive and immediimmediHand-crafted Wines + Imported Oils & ate only. This change may seem dramatic, ate release release only. This change may seem dramatic, Balsamic Vinegars + Illinois Cheeses. but but aa preliminary preliminary review review of of the the resident resident fish fish sursurvey indicates that most bass fishermen Try our New Moon Pairing vey indicates that most bass fishermen already already practice and and of practice catch catch and release release and many many of them them also also ...tastes of food & wine support protection of both largemouth and support protection of both largemouth and smallsmall2013bass New Tasting Room Spring mouth during the period. ItIt isisHours hoped mouth bass during the spawn spawn period. hoped April through May that the with this that protecting protecting the 6fishery fishery with this31rule rule change change will jump to largemouth Saturday 12pm to will give give aa quick quick jump start start to the the5pm largemouth and and smallmouth bass recovery process which Sunday 12pm to 3pm smallmouth bass recovery process whichhad hadbeen been proceeding proceeding slowly slowly over over the the past past several several years. years. In addition, the size limit for Northern In addition, the size limit for Northern Pike Pike was was raised to 36 inches from 30 inches in the past. raised to 36 inches from 30 inches in the past.This This change change isis minor minor considering considering the the lake lake does does not not have haveaalarge largepopulation populationof ofNorthern NorthernPike Pikeas asititdoes does not not have have ideal ideal conditions conditions for for the the fish fish to to spawn spawn and grow. Also, beginning in 2013 fishermen and grow. Also, beginning in 2013 fishermen will will only only be be able able to to keep keep aa daily daily limit limit of of 25 25 bluegills bluegills or or sunfish. sunfish. In In the the past past there there was was no no limit limit on on the the quantity quantity of of bluegills bluegills that that could could be be kept, kept, but but itit isis important importantto tomake makesure surewe wehave haveaagood goodpopulation population of these fish since they act as forage of these fish since they act as forage for for the the larger larger game fish in the lake. Finally, the last change game fish in the lake. Finally, the last change to to mention mention isis the the closed closed fishing fishing season season for for crappie crappie and and white white bass bass will will now now be be standardized standardized to to run run from from March March 11 to to May May 15 15 each each year. year. In In the the past past the the closed closed fishing fishing dates dates changed changed to to correspond correspond to to full full week week increments, increments, but but itit was was confusing confusing for for eveveryone eryone to to remember remember the the specific specific dates. dates.The The yellow yellow perch and redear sunfish populations will perch and redear sunfish populations willcontinue continue to tobe becatch catchand andimmediate immediaterelease releaseonly onlyas aswe wetry tryto to establish establish aa base base population population of of both both species species in in our our lake. lake.The The redear redear sunfish sunfish isis especially especially important, important, as as they they are are needed needed to to combat combat invasive invasive zebra zebra mussels mussels which which have have inhabited inhabited the the lake. lake. One of the goals of One of the goals of the the Lake Lake Carroll Carroll Fishery Fishery Management Committee is to be transparent Management Committee is to be transparent and and communicate communicate the the rationale rationale behind behind the the 2013 2013 creel creel limit limitchanges. changes.We Wewill willcontinue continueto tomonitor monitorthe thefish fish populations populations going going forward forward and and additional additional changes changes will will be be made made in in future future years, years, ifif isis itit perceived perceived those changes will have those changes will have aa beneficial beneficial impact impact on on the the fishery. fishery. This This isis your your lake lake and and your your fishery, fishery, and and our our goal goal isis to to make make the the best best long-term long-term decisions decisions so so that that your your Lake Lake Carroll Carroll fishing fishing experience experience isis the the absolute absolute best best itit can can be. be. We We thank thank you you for for complycomplying ing with with these these creel creel limit limit changes changes and and remember remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to that it is everyone’s responsibility to be be aa steward steward of of our our wonderful wonderful Lake. Lake.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Trip includes transportation, lunch & musical comedy

$79.00 at Circa 21


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Cory’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.

Cory & Maymee Siegner, Lake Carroll Residents

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We are a complete service company that builds long lasting relationships with our customers!!

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Best location on the water, by deep water, supurb fishing From dock, across from the west marina where you have the 4th of july fireworks in your own backyard. 4 Bd/rms, 3 1/2 baths, 199’ of prime waterfront, 2 fireplaces, all plaster walls, 4 season rm, hardwood floors, heavy power, Zoned heating, radiant heat in basement, high ceilings, Professionally landscaped, 14’ high waterfall, light colors throughout, many windows with views of lake, 3 car garage with lower 3 car garage for additional toy storage, wrap around porch, victorian house style, paver brick patio with firepit.

Serious inquiries Only, will show only by Appt. Sec 17- lot 183. $825,000 THE 2013 call Jim At 224-489-7771 ™

THE 2013

750 4x4 EPS LE


750 4x4 EPS LE

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2008 22’ Pontoon family Cast Master Boat can be purchased with the house for an additional $20,000 (Price is Firm). Only 11 hours operation, 40 HP Suzuki motor still under warranty! Also features a changing room, seats 11, am/fm radio/CD player, fish finder, depth gauge & fishing rod storage. It includes 120” motorized boat hoist which has a cover..

FREEPORT KAWASAKI 3086 IL Route 26 N Freeport IL 61032 THE 2013 815-235-7549

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3086 IL Route 26 N Freeport IL 61032 815-235-7549

3086 IL Route 26 N Freeport IL 61032 815-235-7549

FREEPORT KAWASAKI 3086 IL Route 26 N Freeport IL 61032 815-235-7549 13T46X5C

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Check us out online at: kory Hideaway Hickory “More Than Just Lodging”

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Family Fun Nights at the LC Recreation Complex

Come create fun family memories at Plumtree Lodge/Aquatic Complex!

ISENHART REALTY 866-493-2300

Sec. 13-50 .25 acre Grouse Ln ....................... $2,700 Sec. 13-26 & 27 .52 acre Spring Creek ......... $2,800 Sec. 4-52 .25 acre Sandpebble Dr .................. $4,800 Sec. 3-499 .30 acre Shady Ln ......................... $5,000 Sec. 16-59/60v .68 acre Meadow Ct.............$10,900 Sec. 1-53 .25 acre on Captains Dr................$16,000 Sec. 26-14 1.73 acres on Wynwood Ct ........$29,900 Sec. 27-16 2.63 acres on Shadowridge Dr ...$29,900 Sec. 22-10 1.24 acres on Lakewood .............$34,900 Sec. 21-28 1.57 acres Forest Hill Dr.............$39,000

Penny Fink

Rock Falls, IL 61071 - 815.625.HVAC (4822) Freeport, IL 61032 - 815.801.HEAT (4328) Monroe, WI 53566 - 608.328.HEAT (4328) Full-service landscaper contractor offering the total package... from design to installation Additional services include: lot seeding, sodding trees, shrubs, flowers top soil and mulch


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Spotts Carpet Service, Inc. Professional service...... Quality Floorcovering Installation...... Since 1972 (including restretch and repair work) Mike Spotts (815) 493-9997 Independent Installer Cell (815) 973-1688 Free Estimates

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Pool available for party rental upon reservation. Pool operational hours weather dependant.

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COMMITTEE MEMBERS WANTED LCA Standing Committees are looking for new members.

STEERING, BY-LAWS, CLUBHOUSE and WILDLIFE (NON-HUNTER) If you are interested in applying for any of these committees, please complete the online application found on the main “Committee” webpage at Return your application to or drop off or fax (815-493-2883) it to the office Attn: Donna. Applications also available at the Admin Office.

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Keep your Energy Costs Down This Winter. Keep your Energy Costs Down This Winter. Insulate home Insulate youryour home withwith Craft-Faced or Friction-Fit Craft-Faced or Friction-Fit Insulation or Blanket Insulation or Blanket youryour AtticAttic Blown-In Insulation. withwith Blown-In Insulation. of Blower is Free Use Use of Blower is Free withwith Purchase of Insulation. Purchase of Insulation. See or John the today Staff today givean you an Estimate on next yourInsulation next Insulation Project. See John theor Staff to givetoyou Estimate on your Project.

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Lake Lake Carroll Carroll News, News, December February 2013 2010 Lake Lake Carroll Carroll News, News, December October 2012 2010

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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LCA PhotoofID 2013 Schedule GolfCards Events DON’T YOUR IDScramble CARDS! Saturday,DISCARD May 11, 2013 Mother’s Day 3-club

Lanark Dental Clinic Mandatory

Lot Mowing Dennis D.D.S. Dennis J. J. Walters, Walters, D.D.S.

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Dennis A. Sturtevant

Office Wed. 8-4:30, 8-4:30, Thurs. Thurs. 8-5 8-5 Office Hours: Hours: Mon. Mon. 8-5, 8-5, Tues. Tues. 8-4:30, 8-4:30, Wed.


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1-17 Old Wharf Rd. - .25 acre lot overlooking the golf on aRd. quiet cul-de-sac. Short walkthe to 1-17course Old Wharf - .25 acre lot overlooking clubhouse. golf course$9,800 on a quiet cul-de-sac. Short walk to

clubhouse. $9,800Dr. - Good water view from this 1-111 Captains .31 acre corner lot. grassed greenway on this one 1-111 Captains Dr. 30’ - Good water view from side. Broker owned. $18,900. WILL .31 acre corner lot. 30’ grassedSELLER greenway on PAY one 815-946-2777 815-864-2125 side. DUES. Broker owned. $18,900. SELLER WILL PAY 2012 2012 DUES.

866-493-2300 815-864-2111 Sec 13-26 & 27 .52 acre Spring Creek............$2,800 Sec 3-496 .25 acre Shady Ln.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SOLD Member FDIC Sec . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .$3,000 Sec13-50 12-232.25&acre 233 Grouse .60 acreLn. Birchbark. . SOLD Sec 13-26 & 27 .52 acre Spring Creek.. . . . . . . . . . . $2,800 Sec 4-52 .25 acre Sandpebble Dr.................$4,800 Sec 13-50 .25 acre Grouse Ln. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,000 Sec3-499 4-52 .25 Dr... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,800 Sec .30acre acreSandpebble on Shady Ln.................$5,000 Sec 3-499 .30 acre on Shady Ln. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Sec on Meadow Sec16-59/60v 5-75 &76 .68 .41 acre Chadbourne Dr... Ct.. . . .........$10,900 . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 SecWe’ll 4-202.25.34acre acreHelp Sandpebble ....... .. .. .. .. ..Best ..... .. .$16,000 . $6,200 Sec 1-53 ononCaptains Dr.. Your Sec 16-59/60v .68 acre on Meadow Ct. . . . . . . . . .$10,900 Friend Feel Better Sec Timber Ridge. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $24,900 Sec19-6 26-161.69 2.16acre acreonLake Carroll Blvd.. $14,000 Boarding &Captains Grooming Available Sec 1-53 .25 acre on Dr.. . . . . . . . . . . . $16,000 Sec 26-14 1.73 acre on Wynwood Ct. . . . . . . . . $29,900 Sec 26-141-800-440-3538 1.73 acre on Wynwood Ct. . . . . . . . . $29,900 Sec Sec27-16 27-162.63 2.63acre acre onon Shadowridge Shadowridge Dr... Dr.. . .. .. .. .. .. $29,900 $29,900

FORRESTON Broker Associate Penny Fink VETERINARY CLINIC Cell Broker Associate -

Sec 22-10 1.24 acres on Lakewood. . . . . .Fink . . . . . $34,900 Penny 205 First Avenue, Forreston, IL (815)275-3804 Cell 815-938-3538 email (815)275-3804 Thomas E. Hughes, DVM


• Manicures • Pedicures

1-189 Old Wharf Rd. - .26 acre lot on knoll with water 1-189Wooded Old Wharf - .26 acre lotrear. on knoll withowned. water view. areaRd. to the front and Broker view. Wooded areaWILL to thePAY front and DUES. rear. Broker owned. $16,900. SELLER 2012

DON’T DISCARD LCA Cancer ID CARDS! Saturday, May 18,YOUR 2013 Breast Event The ID cards are intended to be used for multiple years. If you lose or discard your card, Saturday, there is aMay $20 25, per2013 card replacement fee.Demo Day 2 day event Manufacturer’s If your photo printed on your LCA Photo ID Card is a questionable likeMay 26,if2013 Manufacturer’s Demo Day 2 day event ness forSunday, identification, your photo had a hologram, if it is of poor qualSaturday, May 25, 2013 Moonlite Nite Golf ity, or your child(ren) have changed in appearance to 27, age,2013 you should Monday,due May Memorial Day Scramble have a new photo taken or submitted to Monday, June 3, 2013 Senior Lady Traveling Tour LCA PHOTO ID’S Friday, June 07, 2013 Rolling Hills Golf Outing th ARE REQUIRED TO USE LCA AMENITIES

Friday, October 26

Sunday, June 09, 2013 Senior Club Championship

Saturday, June 15, 2013 Father’s Day Moonlite Nite Golf Sunday, June 16, 2013 Father’s Day Scramble Saturday, June 22, 2013 LCA Big Cup Saturday, June 29, 2013 Moonlite Nite Golf


Friday, July 05, 2013 Moonlite Nite Golf

Sunday, July 07, 2013by Chelsey Firecracker Scramble Heckman, Recreation Director

Ski Area Sat & Sun: 12:00 pm- 7:00 pm Wednesday, JulyPlumtree 10, 2013 Lady’s Invitational January 5th and Does your child want to freshen up their swim-

was our opening ming skills with a private swimming lesson? We TwinSaturday, Lakes July6th 13, 2013 Golf Outing weekend for the Campground ski

will be offering private lessons this winter, reserhill with over 100 vation is required. Lessons are just not for kids, skiers enjoying the if you are an adult and would like to learn better ski hill. Many•people 815-493-2648 815-291-2648 • swimming techniques; these lessons are for you took advantage of the ski and snowboard lessons as well! Taking all ages and swim levels. Call that we have and I would highly recommend one Chelsey to reserve a lesson today…815-493-8549 if you are debating to sign your child up. If you ext 10. are interested in a ski lesson or snowboard les- Recreation Future Events (See ads for more deson make your reservation today at 815-493-8549 tails) ext10. For first time skiers or snowboarders we WINTER CARNIVAL on Saturday February highly recommend a lesson, it is for your own 16th- Carnival games inside for kids during the safety and for others safety on the hill. Serious in- day, lots of fun for the adults at night with music jury can occur when kids are not taught properly. entertainment from the band Free Fall. See photos and report on Winterfest 2013 on EASTER EGG HUNT March 31st, Plumtree page 1B. Lodge. Mark your calendars for February 16th, the next KID’S CAMP BROCHURE IS OUT! Open big winter event is Winter Carnival! Fun for kids Registration for kids camp begins NOW! Find a during the day with carnival games and fun for brochure in this issue of the LCN, online under the adults at night with live entertainment from the Plumtree Lodge webpage documents, or pick • Competitive Prices the band Free Fall. Come out with friends and one up at the Admin Office or Aquatic Complex. family, it will be a great time! This event takes NEW – 2 week-long camps being offered PLUS 3 • Dedicated Staff place with or without snow. Kidz Days! Check the brochure for details! Aquatic Complex • Largest Accessory 2013 RECREATION EVENTSDept. BROCHURE Hours are as follows: Pick up a Recreation Brochure at the Admin in the Area Adult Open Swim Office or Aquatic Complex or online under the Mon-Fri: 7:00 am – 10:30 am • 7,000 Sq. Ft. of documents to help Aquatic Complex webpage Sat & Sun: 8:30 am-10:30 am you plan your 2013 events so that you can be sure Open Swim Indoor Showroom to take part in all the fun at Lake Carroll this year! Mon-Fri: 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Saturday, July 20, 2013 Club Championship - Day 1 Sunday, July 21, 2013 Club Championship - Day 2

Saturday, July 27, 2013 Summer Bash Big Cup Scramble

Saturday, August 03, 2013 Moonlite Nite Golf QUALITY IS MEASURED Saturday, August 10, 2013 Lake Carroll Ryder Cup IN MANY WAYS! Saturday, August 24, 2013 Mr. & Mrs. Club Championship Monday, September 02, 2013

Saturday, September 07, 2013 Fishing Club Outing Sunday, September 08, 2013 PC Lions

Saturday, September 14, 2013 Vedra Scramble Inspiring Quality & Style Monday, October 7, 2013 Traveling Senior Men’s Event

$16,900. SELLER WILL PAY 2012 DUES.

corner lot close to ski hill and pool. $9,900

17-27R Lakeview Dr - Replat of lots 27 & 28. 1.17 17-27R Lakeview Dr - Replat of lots 27 & 28. 1.17 acres gently sloping to treed rear. Conventional acres gently sloping to treed rear. Conventional septic. Broker owned. owned. $24,900. $24,900. SELLER SELLER WILL WILL PAY PAY septic. Broker 2012 2012 DUES. DUES.

42 Business! 42 Years in Business!

31-39 Wakonda Dr.- BOAT 1.00 acre with great distant DEEDED SLIPlotLOTS countryOld views. $26,900. 21-55 Wharf Rd. - Large 3.68 acre lot with open

Full Line

views near East Marina. BOAT $65,000. DEEDED SLIP LOTS 21-55 Old Rd.Blvd. - Large 3.68acre acrecorner lot with 21-58 LakeWharf Carroll - 2.36 lotopen with views near East Marina. $65,000. Mercury Stocking Dealer fantastic views including distant water view. 2001 Forest 21-58 Lake Carroll Blvd.75hp - 2.36 acre corner with River pontoon with 2009 Mercury Bigfootlotmotor Sylvan, Starcraft Pontoon fantastic views distant water view. 2001 Forest available as aincluding separarte transaction. Motivated Seller! Smokercraft Fishing Boat River pontoon with 2009 75hp Mercury Bigfoot motor $54,000 available as a separarte transaction. Motivated Seller! ACCESS LOTS $54,000 Shoreland’r trailers and

3-653 & 654 Fawn Ridge Dr. - .52 acres. $2,500. ACCESS LOTS Wolverine Trailers Moll 3-653 & 654 Fawn Ridge Doug Dr. - .52 acres. $2,500.

We Service Doug All Moll 815-238-3626 Makes And Models! 815-238-3626 ~Insurance Work~

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Broker Associate Isenhart Realty Broker Associate email: Isenhart Realty


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THE 415 CUTTING EDGE S. Broad Street, Lanark, IL Call 815-493-2233 & make your Appointment Today!

HOURS: Monday 10-7 Tue-Fri 9-7 Saturday 8-5

• Quality Service • Factory Trained Technicians • On Water Service • Indoor Storage • Dock & Lift • Full Line of Tackle featuring St. Croix Rods LCAShop Standing & Bass Pro Products


12-253 & 12-254 Spring Creek. - Level .56 acre 12-253lot&close 12-254 - Level .56 acre corner to skiSpring hill and Creek. pool. $9,900

17-36 Lakeview Dr.Dr.- Fully Fully wooded, wooded, .62 .62 acre acre situated situated 17-36 Lakeview on lot off off of of the the water. water. Broker Broker owner. owner. $32,900. $32,900. on one one lot SELLER WILL WILL PAY PAY 2012 2012 DUES. DUES.

We have the Personal Labor Day Scramble Touch!

Saturday, August 31, 2013 Moonlite Nite Golf

The Smart Choice Extreme Level of Style & Comfort

Let us help you Bristle Ridge sell your boat!


Committees are looking for new members.

BY-LAWS, 24565 Zier Road Lanark, IL 61046 & STEERING, Phone: 815-493-6401 Fax: 815-493-2699 CLUBHOUSE


Web Page:

If you are interested in applying for either of these committees, please complete the online application found on the main “Committee” webpage at Return your application to or drop off or fax (815-493-2883) it to the office Attn: Donna. Applications also available at the Admin Office.

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013

From the Golf Pro

Well at least the Lake is up, that is the only thing we can say about this spring, quite the difference from last year. The golf season will hopefully get going in May and start a very Jason Hill PGA Golf Professional busy golf season. • To start it off, May is FREE 10 minute lesson month. My 2 PGA Assistants and I will be splitting time on the range on Sunday, May 5th, 12th and 19th from 10am-12pm giving the FREE 10 minute lessons. Appointments are not required, just come down to the range and we will get started on any aspect of the swing or short game that you have questions on. • All of the leagues will be kicking off during the month of May, including the Friday Morning Scramble, which will begin on May 3rd and will have a starting time of 9am for the first few weeks, and then switching to 8am on the 17th. Sign-ups are in the Pro Shop for this very fun event. • May 18th Lake Carroll is hosting a Breast Cancer event, this event has a 1pm Shotgun start. • On May 11th we are holding our Mother’s Day 3-Club Scramble, this event is a 9-hole, 3-club scramble with a 2pm shotgun start. Everyone is encouraged to play in this event, not just “mothers”; bring guests or the whole family…this is a fun event for everyone. • We are also holding our Manufacturers Demo Saturday, May 25th with TaylorMade and Callaway from 9am-3pm and on Sunday, May 26th with Cleveland, Cobra, PING, Nike and Mizuno from 9am-3pm. They will have all of their current stock of products for you to try and they will fit you to get the right fit for your swing. We will be having special pricing on some of the products that they are

offering for that day. • We will continue to offer lessons for all levels of golfer, including juniors, average, advanced, seniors, couples, and groups. A lesson brochure is available in the Pro Shop. • We also have a full Junior Golf Camp schedule with 3 week-long sessions and 2 Junior Golf Tournaments; a list of dates for the Junior program is included with this article along with a list of upcoming events. • I have been working on more reciprocal courses and this year we have added two more courses to the list, Timber Point in Poplar Grove and The Meadows in Dubuque, IA. The following is a list of reciprocal courses for the 2013 season; remember the Pro Shop must call in all reciprocals for you: • Apple Canyon (9 holes) - $15 per member – Apple Canyon IL • Emerald Hills (18 holes) - $15 per member – Sterling IL • Galena Golf Club (18 holes) - $15 per member – Galena IL • The Meadows (18 holes) - $15 per member – Dubuque IA • The Oaks (18 holes) - $15 per member – Clinton IA • Oakville G.C. (9 holes) - $15 per member – Mt. Carroll IL • Timber Pointe G.C. (18 holes) - $17 per member – Poplar Grove IL • Coaches (9 holes) - $15 per member – Lena IL 2013 construction has already started and the tees on 3, 4, 5 and the ladies tee on 2 will be rebuilt along with the fairway bunkers on holes 3 and 5. There will be some closures and detours for these construction areas. Ask the Pro Shop about course and construction conditions and details during the next few months of work. Any questions about lessons, clinics, tournaments, or tee times, please call the Pro Shop (815-4932810 Option 6). I look forward to another GREAT Season at Lake Carroll Association.

Handyman HANDYMAN/GENERAL Contracting, Siding, drywall, concrete work, decks, flooring (tile, linoleum, carpet, wood), bathroom and kitchen, complete remodels, additions all types of home repairs. Free Estimates and Insured-Bonded 815-564-7428

Lawn & Garden EASTLAND MOWING You grow it...we'll mow it! Call or text Bob 608-921-3825 Based out of Shannon, so we are Local, Reliable & Reasonable

pick up the 2013 Recreation Events Brochure at the Aquatic Complex, Admin Office, or online at

815-625-3600 • 1-800-798-4085 Lawn & Garden

Lots For Sale Scenic ½ acre lot on golf course, Hole #6, Captain Drive. Close to clubhouse, marina, etc. $14,900. Call Ed 630745-8565.


*Seal Coating *Crack Repair *Asphalt Repair *Line Stripping *Infrared heat patching License, Insured & Bonded Ben Francque 815-632-9555

Kidz Camp, Kidz Days, & Swim Lessons



For all the upcoming Recreation Events including

Homes For Rent Palmyra Greenhouse 489 Palmyra Rd. Dixon 815-285-2800 The Sauk Valley's Premier Greenhouse •House Plants •Terrariums •Pottery and more Tues-Fri. 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-3pm Sunday 10am-3pm www.palmyra Wanted: LAWNS TO MOW by someone who cares. 45 Years Experience 815-244-9511

Lots For Sale Beautiful level Lake Lot for Sale Sec13/Lot 86 Approx. 175 feet of lake frontage. Price $259,000 Call Vic 847-340-8780


Beautiful, contemporary waterfront log home retreat on section 5 inlet. 3 bedroom, 4 bath. Call Sandy 708-204-1987

NOTICE: “Only LCA Members have amenity use with any Lake Carroll house rentals.”

Waterfront home for rent. 3BR, 2ba. 27 steps easy slope to boat dock. Located in East Marina. Sleeps 8-10 people. Call Dan 708-278-0031 or ddunne@palossports. com

*************************** SPECIAL NOTICES *************************** AL-ANON MEETINGS: Alcoholics Anonymous offers strength and hope for those suffering from alcoholism, as well as their friends and families. Please join us. Mondays 7PM - Church of God (lower level entrance), 816 S. clay St. Mt. Carroll Mondays 8PM - 1st Presbyterian Church, 502 3rd St. Savanna Monday 8 PM – Wesley Chapel, 210 S. Hickory St. Shannon Tuesdays 8 PM RHPC Plant Rt. 64 & 73, Lanark Thursday 8PM - RHPC Plant Rt. 64 & 73, Lanark Fridays 8 PM- Church of God (lower level entrance), 816 S. clay St. Mt. Carroll

Misc. For Sale FOR SALE: Gently used hot tubs, save thousands! Call (815) 2388948. Full Service on All Makes and Models.

FIND Your next automobile in the




Hot Deals Can be found in our Classifieds...

Sell Your Unwanted Items Easily!

It’s a dog-gone deal!

815-625-3600 or 800-798-4085

Lake Carroll News, May 2013

Luminaria Ceremony

To purchase a luminaria in honor of someone special to you, contact Mike Siciliano at 815 815-493-6148. Cost is $10/bag.

June 22, 2013 9:30pm

West Carroll Football Field mt. Carroll, iL To purchase a luminaria in honor of someone special to you, contact Mike Siciliano at 815-493-6148. Cost is $10/bag.

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Lake Carroll News, May 2013


1 815-493-SOLD Each office independently owned and operated


Julie Wenzel

Patti Kloepping



Managing Broker

Broker Associate

Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.®





24-90 Hidden Valley Court

1-91 Farragut

23-41 Barrington Court

24-92 Hidden Valley Court

Outstanding and private lakefront home . 200 Feet of magnificent lake frontage!! On 2 .45 Acres beautifully landscaped and nice paved lane . This property has it all, close to the lake and woods . Super open floor plan and many updates .

FLAT LOT & NEAR THE WATER . 3312 FINISHED SQ FT . 5 Beds, 3 .5 Baths, 2 Fireplaces, Decks, Patios, Lots of Extras, Immaculate & Move in Condition! Fabulous lake views from every room in the house!








LOCATION - LOCATION - LOCATION . Sharp, walk out, exposed ranch on a FABULOUS LAKEFRONT LOT! The views are incredible and the approach to the lake is a gentle slope . Very well maintained home with 2 fully finished levels .

Big & Beautiful - 5 Bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 Car Attached Garage, Ranch-Style with Exposed Lower Level Finished situated on 2 .29 acres HAS 187’ LAKE FRONTAGE




31-48 Doral Court 5-220 Heathcliff Drive 28-23 Southview ON THE 15TH FAIRWAY OF THE LAKE CARROLL GOLF Beautifully maintained Contemporary Lake house offers LAKEFRONT 5 bedrooms, additional sleeping space, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, finished lower level with walk- COURSE . All you need is on the main floor but also has Fully Finished Walkout Lower Level . ALL BEDROOMS 3 full baths and so much room to entertain ! out, large deck and beach area at 105’ waterfront. HAVE ATTACHED FULL BATHS. This is a quality Paved driveway to the waterfront to enjoy dockside $429,000 constructed home with all the bells & Whistles . entertaining at the paver stone patio and firepit area.



1-98 Farragut

First time on the market! Well maintained, custom built home offers room for large family gatherings as well as peace and solitude for a few. The incredible full view of Lake Carroll can be enjoyed throughout the house, the decks and the dock at the property’s 97 ft shoreline area.






17-202 Lake Carroll Blvd. Want waterfront AND a great house but can’t afford both? This is the property for you . Magnificent large ranch style home with finished, walk out basement on a 1 .46 Acre lot in a cove at Lake Carroll . Lake access at the 42’ of shoreline .

17-57 Lake View Circle Custon built cedar home features oak floors, cathedral pine ceilings & woodburning fireplace in the great room, hickory kitchen cabinets and breakfast bar, 4 season porch, wap around deck, master suite, 2 additional bedrooms and full finished walkout lower level.

27-19 Shadow Ridge Rd.

Beautiful 2.52 acre wooded property, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, cathedral ceiling Great Room, gas log fireplace, screened porch, fully finished Lower Level walkout,. Attached 3 car garage.




NEW PRICE $359,900







4-231 Sandpebble First time on the market! 1/2 acre wooded lot with full view of the golfcourse . The 2,640 sq ft home has 4bdm/3 bath/2 fireplaces/3 car attached garage . Oak kitchen, wood floors, full finished lower level with walkout .

27-59 Ridgeview Open floor plan with 3 full baths & 4 bedrooms . Great starter or retirement Lake Carroll dream home . Has beautiful fireplace and attached garage .

5-170 Heathcliff Awesome “Permanent” lake views from this immaculate and completely remodeled raised ranch. Gorgeous inside with 3 bedrooms & 2 full baths. Has walkout LL with finished family room with fireplace.

21-39 Marina Ct. 3-4 bedroom borders with a greenway on 2 sides. Great location near the East Marina. Fabulous lot. Deeded slip in the East Marina.

24-128 Rustlers PRIVACY AND ACREAGE AT LAKE CARROLL! 6.33 acre lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. Magnificent views are just the start of the special features of this hard to find private property.


23-101 Brighton Neat as a pin, comfortable and plenty of room for all! 4 bdrm, 3 baths, 2 fireplaces, delightful porch and decks for your relaxation time. 1.23 Acres with country views.



1-36R Captains Drive Brand new custom built home located on 1/2 acre golfcourse lot! 3 bdm, 2 1/2 baths, stone faced fireplace,oversized 2 car attached garage, hardwood floors, cathedral ceiling DR, custom hickory cabinets, granite counters, ML laundry, ML master suite .

$295,000 JUST LIKE NEW


1-213 Old Wharf Road 4-112 Beachcomber Simple & charming ranch home on the 5th fairway Outstanding first “home” at Lake Carroll . Very near the lake and the golf course . Has 3 bedrooms and 2 full .Open floorplan with patio doors to the full length deck baths . A finished basement and attached 2 stall garage on the golfcourse . 2 bdm, 2 baths, plus unfinished LL make this the perfect no hassle, move right in . Detached 24X26 garage . Furniture to be included, and have fun, entry level starter! quick possession .



NEW PRICE $169,000



New Price $279,900

23-102 Brighton Ct. 4-241 Grandview Almost like new Contemporary Lake House will sure to Immediate possession for this new home on the 7th give style and comfort for years to come. The open floor fairway! 3 bdm, 2 baths, ML laundry, carpet and ceramic plan features a great room with cathedral ceilings, log tile flooring, MBRsuite, deck overlooking the golfcourse, faced wall with 2 story fireplace. Beautiful natural birch oversized attached garage . hardwood floors in the main level.



19-60 Woodland Court Super sharp NEW ranch home . Has finished LL and detached 2 stall garage . Agent owned .


NEWLY DECORATED & GORGEOUS INSIDE 4-160 Beachcomber 5 Bedrooms & 3 Baths!!! 2 finished levels and great lake view plus a screened in porch. Excellent starter home at Lake Carroll.

FABULOUS LAKEVIEW G IN D N PE E L SA 30-16 Brookside Drive This is a 1,071 sq ft “right sized” house for carefree weekends . 2 bdm/2 baths/ fireplace/ wrap around deck and lower level walkout . plus 2011 addition of an oversized 2 car garage . 3/4 acre property offers panoramic views of the Lake and countryside .


ONLY $210,000





4-133 Sunset Court Must sell-walkout ranch, built in 2007, 2 beds, 2 baths . Near the lake & golf course .

4-132R Sunset Ct. Great location for a full view of the Lake all the way to the west marina, this 3 bdm/2bath ranch style home has 2 fireplaces, large wrap around deck, finished lower level plus walk-out to lower patio. Oversized 2 car garage. Immediate possession!

3-478 Shady Lane The “right size” house for your place at the Lake. Well maintained and updated, this 3 bedroom ranch home has new heart pine floors in the LR and DR and an open floor plan.

3-527 & 528 Fawn Ridge Drive Fresh and clean ranch with 3 bedrooms, finished basement and 1 stall garage . Has extra lot so plenty of room to expand or build a second garage .






NEW PRICE $109,900

LAKE CARROLL LOTS FOR SALE 17-14 Whitewater Ct ........................................................................................ NEW LISTING $3,900 16-250 Stonehedge............................................................................................................................. SOLD $1,500 12-2 Spring Creek (3 Lots) ................................................................ SALE PENDING $2,000 3-385 Caribou Ct........................................................................................................NEW PRICE $2,500 12-189R Briarwood.................................................................................................. NEW PRICE $3,900 19-73 Hidden Valley Dr................................................................................................................................................$4,000 17-191 Harborview ..........................................................................................................................................................$4,900 17-192 Harborview .........................................................................................................................................................$4,900

1-122 Kidds Ct.. ...................................................................................................................................................................$9,000 23-26 Broadview....................................................................................................... NEW PRICE $8,000 15-10 Prairie Hill............................................................................................................................................................$10,000 23-127 Lake Carroll Blvd... .......................................................................................................................................$14,900 26-15 Lake Carroll Blvd ............................................................................................................................................$14,900 4-236 & 237 Grandview. ..................................................................... GOLF COURSE $18,000 27-20 Norwood...............................................................................................................................................................$23,500


25-70 Cottage Hill Ct..................................................................................................................................................$28,000 24-88 Saddlewood.. ............................................................................................. NEW PRICE $28,900 22-5 Lakewood Drive.................................................................................................................................................$39,000 LAKEFRONT

24-55 Saddlewood............................................................................................... $175,000 16-215 Stonehedge.. ............................................................................................$179,900

e-mail us at:

Lake Carrol News May 2013  

Lake Carrol News May 2013