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Emergency trail training exercise was performed by LCA Security and area emergency responders. See page 10a

The Annual Fishing Club Golf Outing was held September 7th. See page 2B

LAKE STATUS: OPEN As of Friday, September 27th

Information on the current lake status can be found in this edition of the LCN in the GM Report article, as well as at www. on the Lake & Natural Resources webpage documents.


As of Friday, September 27 – 737’ 5”


All watercraft, piers, docks, swim platforms, boat lifts, etc, must be removed from the lake prior to November 1st of each year.

ADMIN OFFICE CLOSED: Thursday-Saturday, November 28-30 Tuesday/Wednesday, December 24 & 25 Tuesday/Wednesday, Dec 31 & Jan 1 2013 BOARD MEETING SCHEDULE: Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 1 – Annual Meeting, CHLL Dec 13 (Tentative-if needed)

General Manager’s Report

Well, up to about forty days ago, I probably knew as much about Blue Green Algae, Algal Blooms, and the Toxins they create, as everyone else. Since that time, the Board, our Lake Manager, and I have heard from dozens Michael Schmieder of property owners who all share the same concerns regarding the long-term General Manager health of our lake as we do. This article is being written to explain the challenges the blue-green algal bloom has created, the difficult decisions which were made in the name of human safety, and everything we’re doing to make sure we have a healthy lake in the future. We’re all disappointed that the lake is closed and it only proves what many have known for a long time, the lake is one of the Associations most valuable resources. What we’ve learned is that blue-green algae exist in all bodies of water. Sometimes, when conditions are just right, the blue-green algae will form a bloom and sometimes, when conditions are just right, the bloom will create toxin levels which can be harmful to humans and animals. Fortunately for Lake Carroll, we have not experienced this phenomenon in recent years, although several surrounding lakes have been impacted at one time or another by the same problem. Although much research has been conducted, there is much that remains unknown. What causes the bloom, why are the toxin levels in some blooms so much higher than others, and what can be done to prevent a bloom in the future? These are the questions most of you have and though the research community is studying blue-green algae, they have yet to provide the answers we’re looking for. Information regarding blue-green algae is readily available on our website, as well as the internet for those interested in learning more. Closing the lake ten days before the Labor weekend was obviously not a very popular decision. We were very mindful of the short-term, and potentially long-term economic ramifications which would be caused by such a closure. We also considered the short-term loss of the recreation which the lake provides and the disappointment the membership would feel by not having lake use during the bloom. The bloom, however, was creating toxins and the levels of those toxins were, in some cases, one thousand times higher than the acceptable level for human contact according to the EPA and the World Health Organization. Shortterm contact with the water may have had very harmful, longterm effects on humans. After considering all of the above and weighing recreational use vs. the safety risks involved, we chose

2013 LCA GARAGE SALES “Thank you” to all who participated and attended the LC Garage Sales last weekend. There were a total of 79 sales with a gate count of 562 cars and 1,155 people. It’s the largest sale we’ve had.

to take the “error on the side of caution” route. This choice was later confirmed as the right choice by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency when they were contacted by a concerned Member of Lake Carroll. The most frustrating thing about this situation is that the Lake Committee, the Board, and Management have all been taking a very proactive approach to doing all of the things we feel will keep this lake a healthy one for years to come. To do so, the Board has committed the funds necessary to carry out a multi-year plan to address lake issues such as sediment reduction and sediment removal. Our nutrient rich lake provides the perfect breeding ground for aquatic plant life. This plant life is controlled with chemical treatments, as well as harvesting which as of two years ago, we accomplish with our own equipment and manpower. The nutrient rich sediment which rests at the bottom of the lake must be removed and recently we purchased a dredger which will begin pumping sediment within the next few weeks. Though the 2014 budget has yet to be approved by the Membership, the budget calls for the re-construction of our most critical sediment pond, which is located at Three Tubes. Most of the run-off that enters our lake comes from the north and west, through Three Tubes. Currently, this pond is approximately one-third the size that it should be and is only 10% effective in keeping sediment from entering our lake. To be effective, it must be redesigned and drastically enlarged. We hope to complete this project next year. In closing, the Blue-Green Algae problem is unfortunate, but it is not the result of neglect or a lack of planning. The good news, the condition of the lake has improved greatly over the past couple weeks and our latest water samples showed minimal amounts of the dangerous toxins. I am happy to announce we reopened the Lake on Friday, September 27th. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

WIN YOUR DUES RAFFLE Saturday, October 12th, 5pm, Lodge Wish you bought more tickets? Here’s your chance.

Special deal on Win Your Dues Raffle Tickets! If you’ve already purchased a ticket and now wish you would have bought a six pack of tickets for $100 here’s the way to do so. Come to the assembly point for the Night Ride October 12 at 5pm at the Lodge. Present your stub for the first ticket purchase and you can buy five more for $80, bringing your total purchase to six tickets for $100. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your chances of winning your dues paid for next year.

PASTA COOK-OFF CANCELLED Due to the lack of interest, the Pasta Cook-Off scheduled for Oct 12 has been cancelled. FISHING TOURNAMENT RESCHEDULED Lake Carroll Classic Bass Tournament was cancelled in September and has been rescheduled for Oct 12th & 13th. To be eligible to fish the Classic, you had to fish 3 of our regular bass tournaments. Registration will start at 6am at the West Marina. Fishing begins at 7am. This event is pending lake status.

Vol. 41 No. 10

2013 Board Candidates Read answers to questions by the Candidates in “Meet the Candidates on page 13A. Don’t miss your opportunity to ask questions in person at the LCA Meet the Candidates forum on Saturday, October 26, 2012 at 2pm in the Conference Center. If you have a specific question for the candidates, please email them to BOD Secretary Jeff Howe at lca-board@howe-family. net.

William H. Jahnke

Norman W. Hoffman

Don Aleksy

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013



Nick Isenhart Managing Broker 815-864-2390 24490 Payne Road Shannon, IL 61078








* * * *

6 BRs 4.5 Baths 7,470 Sq. Ft. Call Kimberly

* * * *

12.61 Acres 245’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $925,000

Amy Barnes Managing Broker 815-493-2323 107 N. Broad Street Lanark, IL 61046

* * * *

5 BRs 3 Baths 3,720 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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0.35 Acre 80’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $509,000









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4 BRs 3 Baths 2,549 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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0.39 Acre 100’ Frontage 1 Car Garage $479,000

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* 5 BRs * 3.5 Baths * 4,268 Sq. Ft. Call Amy or Nick *

2.31 Acres 17th Fairway 6 Car Garage $469,000


3 BRs 3 Baths 2,932 Sq. Ft. Call Amy

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0.50 Acre 94’ Shoreline Stone Patio $429,000















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3 BRs 2 Baths 2,237 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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Agent Owned 205’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $419,000

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3 BRs 2 Baths 1,750 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* 2.22 Acres * 192’ Shoreline * Heavily Wooded * $409,000

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3 BRs 2 Baths 2,016 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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Agent Owned 92’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $399,900

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4 BRs 3 Baths 3,907 Sq. Ft. Call Betty

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3.09 Acres Fireplace 3 Car Garage $389,000


4 BRs 3 Baths 2,712 Sq. Ft. Call Bonnie

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0.37 Acre 93’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $375,000






4-83 Beachcomber Lane









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4 BRs 3.5 Baths 3,816 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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1.90 Acres High Views 2 Car Garage $377,500

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3 BRs 2 Baths 1,920 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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Agent Owned 76’ Frontage 2 Car Garage $369,000







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0.30 Acre Finished LL 2 Car Garage $279,900

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3 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,608 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

0.65 Acre Fireplace 2 Car Garage $259,000

4 Season Room Fireplace 2 Car Garage $189,900

3 BRs 3 Baths 2,462 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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0.28 Acre Screen Porch 2 Car Garage $189,000

1.45 Acres Deeded Slip 2 Car Garage $359,000

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2.56 Acres Deeded Slip 3 Car Garage $299,900

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4 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,166 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

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0.81 Acre Fireplace 3 Car Garage $295,000






4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,810 Sq. Ft. Call Penny

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2.38 Acres Pool 2 Car Garage $254,500


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16100A STONEFIELD DRIVE 4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,218 Sq. Ft. Call Betty

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2 BRs 2 Baths Cul-De-Sac Call Nick

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0.91 Acre 3 Lots 3 Car Garage $169,000

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3 BRs 3 Baths 3,082 Sq. Ft. Call Amy

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1.52 Acres Sauna 2 Car Garage $249,900


3 BRs 2 Baths 1,872 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.66 Acre Many Updates 2 Car Garage $219,000



5-49 Chadbourne Drive

23-211 Blackberry Court







Amy Barnes 815-238-8360

Nick Isenhart 815-275-2050

Bonnie Isenhart 815-275-2049

Doug Moll 815-238-3626

Penny Fink 815-275-3804

Aime Heldt 815-291-8256

Corine Charles 815-541-5187

Jack Fritz 815-275-2159

Betty Moorhead 815-541-8281

Trish Oppold 815-541-7138

Kimberly Taylor 815-541-5557

Michelle Paisley 815-541-5930

Notes from the Office By Julie Brantner

WINTER BOAT PARKING The summer season for boat parking ends October 31, 2013. If you plan to leave your boat for the winter season, the fee is $110. This fee is due on or before November 1, 2013. Please contact the Front Desk (Karen or Missy) at 815-493-2552 ext 10 or 20 for assignments or questions. WINTER CAMPGROUND INFORMATION Effective October 1, 2013, all campground reservations, pump-out requests & all payments MUST be made at the Association Office (Front Desk 815-493-2552 ext 10 or 20). Members wishing to utilize the storage facilities for the winter (fee is $110) need to contact Karen at the Front Desk for assignment. The summer season officially ends October 31, 2013. MOWING BILLS & GUIDELINES All mowing questions must be directed to Lee Harbison at 815-493-2552 ext 25. Please leave a message, if he is unavailable when you call. Check the ads in the Lake Carroll News if you need a mowing contractor for 2013. QUARTERLY BILLING & AUGUST MOWING BILLS Bills have been sent for the 4th quarter dues and the August 2013 mowing. Payment is due October 31, 2013. If no payment is received, $100.00 late fees will be added on November 1, 2013. All dues and Association fees (mowing, security citations, marina concession invoices, camper & boat storage fees, etc) must be paid in full to be an eligible voter in the upcoming Board of Directors Election and the Annual Meeting Budget & proposed By-Law Amendments. MEMBERSHIP ID PICTURES Reminder to all members – DO NOT DISCARD YOUR PHOTO ID CARDS. The same cards will be used in 2014. If you still need to have your photos taken & cards issued, please visit the Association Office. You may also submit your photos electronically to We need a clear head & shoulders picture with a plain background (no hats, sunglasses, or funny faces). REGISTRATION & INSURANCE INFORMATION We are still going through all of our files checking and verifying the paperwork that has been submitted. Please supply us with copies of your current boat registrations, umbrella policies & underlying policies for all of your “toys”. Receiving this information prior to January 2014 will streamline the January processing of decals! We hope you all had a great summer at Lake Carroll and hope to see all of you enjoying the fall and winter activities.

Specializing In: Insect Infestation Diseased Trees Drought Affected Trees Trees Consultation

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Carroll Co. Sheriff . . . . . . 815-244-2635 Emergency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 911 Lake Carroll Security Cell . 815-493-2599 Association Business Hours Monday – Saturday 8 am to 4:30pm

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Lake Carroll Security/EMS Corner Available 24/7 at 815-493-2599

Security Notes Neighborhood Watch By Mike Siciliano, NW Coordinator

Security Stats for August 2013:

Luke Fossett Security Supervisor

House Checks – 4196 Amenity Checks – 1171 Service Calls – 235 Complaints – 38 Deliveries – 65 Assist Motorists – 7 Ambulance Calls – 4

Alarms – 3 Fishing License Checked – 63 Creel Limits Checked – 12 Marina Vehicles Checked – 2687 ATV’s Checked – 264 Boats Assisted – 11 Verbal Warnings – 88

Hello again everyone, I hope you and your family had an enjoyable and safe summer season. I would like to thank all the property owners for their cooperation and understanding during the closure of the lake. On 09-10-13 the Lake Carroll Security Department along with the Lanark, Shannon and Pearl City Fire and EMS agencies held an ATV accident drill. The training was very eventful with many different pieces of equipment being utilized by the different fire and EMS agencies. A good discussion with feedback between departments took place after the event to make everyone’s response as good as it can be. I would like to thank Hunt Thomas who was instrumental in working with all the agencies involved to make the training a success. You can see photos in the center of section A of this publication. The deer harvesting program started at Lake Carroll on October 1st. Please be aware hunters will be out in the woods and you may see more vehicles parked alongside of the roads. This brings me to another topic. I know the deer are enjoyable to look at, but it is illegal in the State of Illinois to use bait to attract deer for any purpose. ** “It is unlawful to make available food, salt, mineral blocks or other products for ingestion by wild deer or other wildlife in areas where wild deer are present.” Page 11, of the Illinois hunting rules and regulations. You will be prosecuted by the State .of Illinois if you are found to be baiting deer at Lake Carroll. Fall is right around the corner. As the nights cool off many of you will be leaving for warmer destinations; it is time to consider utilizing the low temperature light program that the Security Department offers. The homeowner places a light in a window with a colored bulb. The light is plugged into a low temperature switch. When the temperature in the residence falls below a preset temperature the light is activated and will be viewed by Security on their routine rounds. If the light is on, Security can then contact you or the other contacts you have provided on your Residential Security Check registration form. (See more information about this program on page 5A or contact me if you have any questions.) I have seen the devastation water can do to homes here at the lake because of a broken water pipe. Utilizing this program can, and has, helped many property owners from a potentially bad situation…something to consider. The Security Department had been having issues again with ATV’s leaving the designated trail system and making their own trails. Riding off the designated trail system can be extremely dangerous and damages the vegetation the ATV’s are riding on. The trail system is clearly defined; please inform your guests to stay on the trail system. When you observe a track leaving the trail system do NOT follow it. Doing so just makes the track more defined and confuses other riders. New signage has been erected to help keep riders on the trail. The Security Department will be patrolling the trail system; ATV’s found to be riding off the trail system will be cited. I would like to wish all the property owners and their guests a safe and enjoyable fall season and DON’T’ FORGET YEILD TO YELLOW!!! If you have any questions, complaints, or compliments please feel free to contact me at (815) 4932552 ext.18 or e-mail me at The Security Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at (815) 4932599. Did You Know: It is illegal to let you dog or cat roam freely at Lake Carroll. Please be courteous with you neighbors. Even if they are not at their Lake Carroll residence your, pets should not be making a mess on their property. Please review the Rules and Regulations regarding pets Page 36, chapter 4, section C, #8, in your Rules and Regulations booklet. Did You Know: The dumpsters located at the East and West Marinas are not for residential refuse, and have signage to that point. It is illegal to dump residential refuse in any Lake Carroll Association dumpsters. If your residence does not receive garbage pick-up then the garbage must be transported back to your residence, and please remind your guests. Did You Know: All garbage receptacles must be returned to residence within 24 hours of garbage pickup. All garbage must be placed in a proper receptacle to avoid the garbage being distributed throughout the area by local wildlife. Moring Disposal offers receptacles and residential garbage service that will return your receptacles to your property. This information is located in the Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations page 36, chapter 4, section C. 6..


Bozin Brown Brown Brown Brown Forrestal McClure McConnel Mennie Mobley Mowers Patterman Popp Sexton Shields Sturtevant Toni's Plumbing Service Vidinich West West Zagurski

September 2013 - FINE ASSESSMENTS FIRST SEC LOT VIOLATION Christopher 28 36 No Spotter 24 42 Joyriding On Roadway ATV Eric Eric 24 42 Traversing Private Lots ATV Eric 24 42 Traversing Private Lots Golf Cart Eric 24 42 Joyriding On Roadway Golf Cart Todd 4 29 No LCA Decal Displayed Shaun 17 175 No LCA Decal Displayed John 5 142 No LCA Decal Displayed Douglas 24 40 No Spotter Shaun 12 115 No LCA Decal Displayed James 3 489 No Guest Pass Steve 13 8 No LCA Decal Displayed Loreen 24 92 No LCA Decal Purchased Alonzo 21 36 No LCA Decal Displayed Frank 24 100 No LCA Decal Displayed Dennis 12 31 No Guest Pass Contractor Illegal Parking Shirley 13 82 Unrestrained Animal Joseph 5 113 No Spotter Joseph 5 113 No Spotter Mike 24 39 Speeding Lake (51)

FINE $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $0.00 $0.00 $50.00

CPR CLASS There will be a Neighborhood Watch meeting will be on October 16, 2013 @ the Lodge. We will be using this meeting for a CPR refresher class. Claire is back and she will be happy to share her wealth of experience with all of us. She will be accompanied by her able assistant, LCA Security Supervisor Luke. Let’s eat at home, but you can bring snacks and your preferred drinks. Coffee will be supplied (decaf). We don’t want anyone to get too worked up from caffeine while practicing their CPR. Hope to see you there. NW ASSISTS SECURITY - GARAGES SALES This past Saturday (Sept.14th) The NW helped security with the annual garage sales. Many aided in passing out the garage sale handouts. I would like to thank Jam Falk, Stan Suchocki, Bob Knackstedt, Bill Comstock, Dennis Ganz and Paul Thompson. Those who volunteer know it can get pretty hectic, especially those cars lined up to start their treasure hunt. Crazy!!! This year it was recorded that 561 vehicles passed through the two entry posts containing 1,155 people for the sales. This was not counting the vehicles that were Lake Carroll residents and those coming through for the golf outing. All total there were 79 homes selling their treasures. I believe the beautiful day really helped the turnout. ATV TRAIL ACCIDENT EXERCISE If you happened to be driving past the West Marina between 5:30 and 8:30 pm on Sept. 10th and saw many pieces of fire equipment and wondered what was going on...It was a mock trail accident demonstration/exercise. This exercise was performed by the Lanark. Shannon, and Pearl City fire/ EMT and first responders. This exercise was organized by our own Hunt Thomas, who is a Lanark volunteer firefighter. The mock accident was with two trail vehicles both with two passengers. The scene was set with injuries to all (4) passengers ranging from less severe to critical. This exercise was intended to simulate a real accident and response. Hunt used a dedicated channel to direct responding security, firefighters, and supporting medical teams. By the time the exercise was completed it was getting dark. After the exercise a debriefing session was held at the W. Marina pavilion. Approx: 40-50 participants discussed how the exercise went. There were no right or wrong questions or answers. It was a great learning experience. Thank you from LC to all that participated, especially Hunt, and the local fire chiefs that allowed their members to be here. Exercises like this can only help all involved and we at LC benefit from this training. Again, “Thank You!!!!” Please check out the photos of the exercise elsewhere in this issue.

Safety First By Dan Herman

Fire Safety - October includes Fire Prevention Week, this year it’s the 6th through the 12th. If you have children or grandchildren in school, they will probably have some training or a visit from firefighters during the month and they may want to talk with you about it. It’s also a prompt to remind us to do several checks and inspections of fire related equipment. That starts with smoke and carbon monoxide/ propane detectors. Use the test button to make sure it works and give it a good cleaning. Going over the vents in the housing with a vacuum cleaner hose will do the trick. Also replace the batteries at fall clock change time. We revert to standard time on Sunday November 3 this year. Also, it’s best to have your furnace and wood burning fireplace inspected by a professional before the heating season starts. Outdoor Burning - Fall also sees us increase our outdoor burning of yard waste, tree limbs, etc. Outdoor burning is allowed in Lake Carroll, but it does carry some responsibilities. You are required to notify Security so the onduty officers know the big smoke plume is intentional and not someone’s house on fire! For that matter it’s considerate to alert your neighbors to your intentions so they aren’t surprised either. And don’t just light the fire and walk away; you’re expected to stay nearby and monitor it. Finally, be aware of how large your burning pile becomes so you don’t start a conflagration and take care not to have the wind blowing smoke and ashes over your neighbors’ houses. Rutting Season - This time of year we humans are interested in the pleasant cooler days and the fall colors. For some of us the interest is in hunting, particularly deer. But, for the buck deer the interest is in amour. We’re in the midst of the rutting season and the likeliness of deer

running across in front of your car is amplified by that buck’s blind ambition to chase down the nearest doe (or does!). They are totally focused on the chase and are completely oblivious to what’s going on around them making their road crossings unusually dangerous. It’s up to us humans to be especially alert to their presence. If you see one or more deer running across the road in front of you it’s a sure bet another will be close behind. Men’s’ Health - To close, here’s a personal note to all the men in the community. Do you know what your PSA is? September included observance of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. I’m writing this column in September and was reminded. Please get screened for prostate cancer. You may have noticed some controversy in the news about this screening and its effectiveness. There was a governmentsponsored study of the risks and benefits (life extension) of screening that recommended not doing it. Many health professionals found fault with the study method and analysis and I, from personal experience, agree. In darker moments I subscribe to a conspiracy theory that the whole study and recommendation was an effort to reduce cost, especially in Medicare. The argument is too complicated and lengthy to present here, but if you want to know more feel free to contact me. It’s especially important if you have a family history of the disease – father, brother, uncle. Talk to your doctor and ask for the testing. As for the reported value of the PSA don’t accept an answer of: “It’s OK”. Get the number for yourself, learn what it means, repeat the test every year, keep a record, and watch the trend. It’s an unpleasant subject you’d rather ignore, but doing the screening could save your life. Let’s be careful out there!

Going away on vacation? For the winter? Sign up for the Residential Security Checks. See page 5A for details! And don’t forget to update your address with the Admin Office before leaving for an extended period.

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Financial Corner

N I C O R UPDATE: ICC – On September 10, 2013 the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) granted final approval to Nicor to provide natural gas service to the Lake Carroll Bill Jahnke Community. The Treasurer next step is for the Lake Carroll Association to enter into the agreement with Nicor for the installation of the infrastructure. We will be negotiating the terms of the agreement to include the recapture schedule, certain service requirements and a structure for a credit for installation cost that were not incurred or a payment structure for excess installation costs. We will keep the Membership posted as to the progress on this very important addition to our Lake Carroll community. 2014 Budget - The process for finalizing the 2014 Operational and Fixed Asset Budgets are nearing completion. Mike has done a very good job in analyzing his operational costs and has been able to make some downward adjustments based on certain performance that has been experienced in 2013. Unfortunately there are several areas that are going to necessitate an increase in the dues such as a decrease in dues assessment income, an increase in employee health insurance, property insurance, and workmen’s compensation, as well as well as a desire to give a cost of living increase to the employees. The Board and staff are working diligently to minimize this increase and we have been effective in various areas. Operational and Fixed Asset Budget Cost Savings 1. We have saved approximately $20,000 per year in developing a self-insurance plan for the employee deductible associated with the health insurance plan. 2. We were able to save approximately $100,000 by purchasing a factory demo weed harvester in 2012. 3. We have been able to save approximately $5,000 per year in recoupment of the gas tax from the State of Illinois and the Federal Government. 4. With the acquisition of the used dredger we were able to save over $200,000 from purchasing new. The same for the fusion

welder for the pipe. The purchase of a used unit for $5,000 saved us $12,000 over the cost of purchasing new. These savings will allow us to purchase other dredging related equipment in 2013 to assist in the entire program. 5. We are estimated to save approximately $116,000 in State of Illinois Unemployment Tax over the course of 5 years (2012 through 2016) with the development of an employee outsourcing program for our temporary summertime help. 6. We have a pending PTAB appeal with the State of Illinois requesting a significant drop in our Assessed Evaluation on the Clubhouse and Golf Course which would give us a significant drop in the Real Estate Taxes. 7. With the utilization of a Sweep Account which utilizes our excess cash to “invest” in our Pool Loan Line of Credit we have been able to maintain the outstanding loan balance to near zero. In 2012 we saved approximately $52,298 in interest and $42,000 is projected for the interest savings for 2013. These savings have no immediate impact on the Operational Budget or Fixed Asset Budget as the savings translate to a more aggressive payment on the outstanding balance on the loan thereby reducing the term of the loan. The loan balances with this program are dropping rapidly on an annual basis. While I have developed a number of these programs, and other Board members have developed others, it is to the credit of the entire Board to allow these concepts and programs to be approved and implemented. It is a pleasure to have a Board that understands the significant savings that can be achieved with some creative thinking. The Steering Committee lead by Don Aleksy has completed their rankings of the Fixed Asset Requests and the Finance Committee has made a recommendation to the Board for the funding of the requests in accordance with the process that was approved in 2012. The schedule for the submittals and the subsequent meetings was greatly shortened to streamline the overall process. It appears to have worked quite well. The Board will be reviewing their recommendations at the September Board meeting and will formulate a 2014 Operational and Fixed Asset Budget for presentation to the Membership for approval. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call.

Security Residential Checks & Low Temperature Light Checks

Submitted by Luke Fossett, LC Security The Lake Carroll Security Department home falls below a certain preset temperature offers a Home Inspection that requests our the light will turn on. This will let the officer officers to routinely take a visible check of know that the home has a furnace problem your home while you are away. or is out of LP. The officer will then contact Members of the Lake Carroll Security the homeowner. The Lake Carroll Security Department carry out these checks, twice a Department recommends the use of these day on a daily basis. The officer on patrol lights in all homes that are left unattended will do a drive by of your home looking for during the winter months. anything out of the ordinary such as open The Lake Carroll Security Officer on duty doors and lights left on. The times when will not normally leave the vehicle while the officer does this will be documented on doing these checks. However the officer will a daily log sheet; this helps our department leave the vehicle if anything is found out of establish a time frame in case a problem the ordinary or the homeowner contacts the arises. When something out of the ordinary officer with something specific to check such is found the officer on duty will contact you as a door that may have been left unlocked. to rectify the situation. *All residential driveways must be The Lake Carroll Security Department also cleared of ice and snow. If this is not has a Low Temperature Light Check. The done, we may not be able to check same things are looked for during this check your home properly, or at all. as are during the Home Check. We also look The fees for this service are as follows: for a low temperature light that is placed in 1. $5.00 a week a specific window in the home. These low 2. $20.00 a month temperature switches can be purchased at 3. $120.00 a year most home improvements stores. Locally, A form must be filled out if you are they may be purchased at Menards. The interested in these programs. The form can Security Department recommends the use of be picked up at the Association Office, from a colored bulb. These lights work by being a Lake Carroll Security Officer, or at www. plugged into an outlet and the lamp is placed (Resources> Document into a window. When the temperature in the Library>Security Forms).

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Fixed asset income and expenses Income Assessments for fixed-asset purchases Assessment for debt repayment Property Transfer fees New Construction Impact Fees Other income (1) Total assesment and debt repayment income Less expenses Expenses Debt repayment (2) Reserve allocation Total expense and debt repayment Net Income

Operating Income and Expenses Assessments, sales and other income Assessment & Sales Total other income (3) Total assessments, sales and other income Less expenses: Cost of Goods Sold Total expenses Total cost of sales and expenses Net Income Combined Net Incomes Fixed Asset Net Income Operating Net Income Monthly Combined Net Income NOTES: The total cash on hand as of August 31, 2013 Due to Operating for Pool Loan as of August 31, 2013 Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan as of August 31, 2013 Total Available Cash (requires drawing on Pool Loan LOC) Line of Credit for Pool Loan used as of August 31, 2013 Line of Credit used as of August 31, 2013




5,727 762,865 (4) 780,880 1,696 191,160 232,640 4,875 34,500 30,000 0 7,500 6,000 26 298 (1) 56,918 -------------------- -----------------------------------------12,323 996,323 1,106,438 332,858 687,445 873,798 0 232,640 (2) 232,640 0 0 0 -------------------- -----------------------------------------332,858 920,085 1,106,438 (320,535) 76,239 =========== ===========

0 =============

467,357 2,999,535 4,205,508 150,052 763,640 (3) 778,028 -------------------- -----------------------------------------617,409 3,763,175 4,983,536 62,636 304,542 353,877 3,535,808 -------------------- -------------------416,513 3,840,351 -------------------- -------------------200,896 (77,176) =========== ===========

412,512 4,571,024 ----------------------4,983,536 ----------------------0 =============

(320,535) 76,239 200,896 (77,176) -------------------- -------------------(119,639) (937) =========== ===========

0 0 ----------------------0 =============

969,102 123,371 725,000 1,817,472 0 0

The Pool Loan Line of Credit as of 12/31/2012 was $1,080,256.75 and was paid down fully in January 2013 by investments from the Fixed Asset Reserve and Operating Cash. On 02/15/2013 an internal adjustment paying back the Operating Account $231,885.98 was done leaving the PLLOC an available line of $848,370.77. Summary of the August 31, 2013 financial statements (1) Includes interest income and gain on sale of equipment (2) Debt repayment - includes interest payment and payment to pay back the Operating Account reducing the PLLOC available. (3) Building permits, security fines, campground fees, marina rental, golf fees, etc. (4) Includes CDP , lake improvement and late fees Operating, clubhouse, health reimbursement and petty cash = * includes amount due from Pool Loan LOC of 123,370.77

818,970 *

Fixed asset checking account balance =


Debt payment account balance = Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance = * * Includes Restricted Reserve Account and the amount due from Pool Loan Line of Credit of $725,000 Dam and Road Reserves have been transferred to the Fixed Asset Checking account for use this year. This summary was extracted from the August 31, 2013 Respectfully Submitted,

William H. Jahnke Treasurer

61,627 818,174 **

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013 LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION Proposed Preliminary Budget 2014

The budget below represents a Dues Assessment of $1,404, which includes $36 that goes directly to pay down the Pool Loan The separate line item of an additional $16 in Dues, if approved by the Membership, would go to directly to pay down the Pool Loan. Pool Loan payment will be increased by $36,032 for a total of $268,096

Dues = $1,404 Admin




Pool / Rec


Ski Hill




Golf Course Pro Shop

533,514 340,700

398,849 0

278,462 13,700

30,132 17,500

196,777 32,250

(35,993) 83,500

73,524 18,800

3,550 0

28,462 392,200

163,865 654,767

403,324 248,000

2,074,466 1,801,418













Operating expenses: Cost of sales -1 Personnel - 2 Professional fees - 3 Supplies - 4 Vehicle & equip ops - 5 Building, grounds, & lake - 6 Advertising & meetings - 7 Miscellaneous - 8 Utilities, taxes, & insur - 9

3,500 532,847 91,844 44,620 25,500 24,250 30,050 9,450 112,153

0 245,599 0 35,800 66,400 35,250 0 2,500 13,300

0 246,691 0 9,600 28,050 0 2,500 975 4,346

7,900 6,382 0 1,100 2,900 4,500 3,000 0 21,850

0 114,015 0 17,800 24,500 7,900 6,800 1,500 56,512

1,600 2,399 0 1,000 6,000 3,500 500 600 31,908

0 44,799 0 2,000 16,500 6,500 125 300 22,100

0 0 500 0 300 2,750 0 0 0

150,450 124,387 54,500 24,100 38,000 2,500 900 4,900 20,925

263,701 381,637 0 20,600 17,000 12,000 12,400 13,500 97,794

0 403,552 2,000 59,675 103,000 8,500 7,800 9,550 57,247

427,151 2,102,309 148,844 216,295 328,150 107,650 64,075 43,275 438,135

Total expenses

























266,982 6,000

0 0










855,760 6,000 0 59,518 30,000 3,000 1,000























(955,278) 0 0

Operating revenue: Dues Allocation, net of bad debt Fees & sales Total revenue

Operating net cash Fixed asset revenue: Assessments Impact Fee (formerly in Operating) Transfer Dam / Road Reserves Withdrawal from Restricted Reserve Property Transfer Fee 2013 Dues Interest Fixed asset expenditures Asset Acquisition Expenditures Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Fixed asset net cash


59,518 30,000 3,000 1,000

Debt financing: Assessments Payment of Pool Loan

232,064 (232,064)



Cost Per Owner for Operations Cost Per Owner for Fixed Assets Cost per Owner for Debt Financing Total Cost Per Owner

237 119 0 355


177 0 0 177



124 14 0 138

13 10 0 23

232,064 (232,064)


87 1 103 192





(16) 12 0 (4)

33 20 0 53

2 0 0 2



13 118 0 131

73 3 0 75


179 84 0 263


921 380 103 1,404

1 Cost of Sales includes the cost of all consumable sales items - gas, food, beverage 2 Personnel includes all wages, taxes, and insurance 3 Professional Fees includes Legal Services, Outside Engineering services, Weed Control on the lake and auditing costs 4 Supplies includes most of our consumable supplies - office supplies, cleaning supplies, Clothing and Uniform rentals, Turf and Landscaping expenses, Hardware & Small Tools & Fish Restocking 5 Vehicle & Equip ops includes all association owned vehicle repair, all gasoline expense, association owned equipment repair and equipment rental 6 Building, Grounds & Lake includes all association building maintenance and improvements, road repair, trail work, grass lot mowing expense and new signage around the Association 7 Advertising & Meetings includes advertising, conferences, Fireworks, Entertainment expenses, and printing expenses 8 Miscellaneous includes licenses and fees for association vehicles and the service fee that incur by accepting credit cards as payment 9 Utilities, Taxes and Insurance includes all electric, phone, LP and waste disposal expenses, the Associations Commercial insurance expense and Real Estate Taxes

Bonnie Isenhart

Nick Isenhart

Broker Associate

Managing Broker



3-459 Fawn Ridge Dr............................SOLD $3,900 5-149R Heathcliff Dr.....................................$7,800 16-173R Stonehedge Dr.................................$8,000 1-198 Ahab Ct...............................................$9,500 30-5R Brookside Dr.......................................$9,900 17-74 Lakeview Dr.......................................$11,900 25-20 Country Hill Ct..................................$11,500 12-89R Briarwood Dr..................................$15,000 30-21R Brookside Dr...................................$15,500 23-103 Brighton Ct......................................$17,900 12-16,17,18 Spring Creek Dr.......................$18,900 31-89 Country Club Ct................................$19,900 5-175 Heathcliff Dr......................................$22,900 4-67R Beachcomber.....................................$27,900 23-206 Blackberry Ct..................................$29,000 31-9 Medinah Dr..........................................$29,900 31-11 Medinah Dr........................................$29,900 26-4 Wynwood Ct........................................$32,500 23-105 Broadview Dr...................................$33,000 23-119 Lake Carroll Blvd............................$49,000 Wooded w/Deeded Boat Slip 23-2 Lake Carroll Blvd................................$44,900 w/Deeded Boat Slip 31-52 Doral Ct............................................$55,000 21-48 Marina Ct........................................$229,000



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Lake Carroll News, October 2013 Lake Carroll Association Proposed Preliminary Fixed Asset Budget 2014 INCOME 2014 Dues (2,252 DPE) 2013 Dues Interest Property Transfer Fees New Construction Impact Fee (4 Projected) Withdrawal from Restricted Reserve Total Income

/DNH&DUUROO$VVRFLDWLRQ 2014 Budget 855,760 3,000 1,000 30,000 6,000 59,518 955,278




40,000 6,500 46,500

CLUBHOUSE 8 Burner Stove Top & Oven Kitchen Office Furniture GOLF COURSE Maintenance Project #2 Bed Knife Grinder 4 x 4 Pickup Truck - Used Golf Course Total LAKE 3 Tubes sediment Pond Improvement Barge & Excavator Spillway Fence East Marina Picnic Tables & Grills Annual Rip Rap Lake Total

30,000 10,000 5,000 3,000 48,000

21,800 5,000 26,800 320,000 320,000


22,000 22,000 955,278

UNFUNDED PROJECTS Sonar/GPS Unit for Dredger & Harvester Security Camera Equipment PoleCat Snow Guns - Ski Hill Cargo Van w/Shelving Watershed Planning Grant Writing Engineering Study of Crystal Pond Beautification Project Dance Floor for Lower Level Spillway Fence Engineering, Tunnels for Trail under Zier Road Fitness Equipment - Lodge TOTAL UNFUNDED PROJECTS These Projects were requested but not funded due to budget constraints. Should funds become available, the Board, at their discretion, may choose to complete one or more, in no particular order, of these Unfunded Fixed Asset Projects.

8,000 10,725 7,175 18,000 5,500 3,000 2,500 5,000 7,380 14,750 10,000 92,030










































































































































27,000 4,500 31,500

CAMPGROUND Yearly Site Remodel Program Electrical Box Upgrade Campground Total



SECURITY Equipped Squad Car 3 Defibrillators Total Security



130,677 30,000 28,000 188,677

RECREATION (POOL/SKI/TRAILS) Piston Bulley SnowCat Groomer - Rebuil or Replace PoleCat Snow Guns - Ski Hill Ski Equipment and Tube Replacement Swimming Pool Furniture Total Recreation

ROAD PROGRAM Annual Roads Maintenance Program Road Program Total


4,701 1,300 6,001

192,115 60,000 7,380 1,305 5,000 265,800




ADMINISTRATION Replacement of FoxPro Membership Program Computer Hardware / Software Upgrades Administration Total







































Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Forget SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 Head on over to the Clubhouse on Saturday, Oct. 12th. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty going on that day! The Craft Fair starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs till 3:00 p.m. The Bake Sale will run from 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. (or until sold out).

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

LCA Standing Committees A&E Committee By-Laws Committee Campground Committee Clubhouse Committee Finance Committee Golf Committee Lake Conservation Committee Safety Committee Recreation Committee Steering Committee Wildlife Mgmnt Committee You may access additional information at

2013 LCA Board Members John Grotto, President 20-23 Hideout Ct Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-6641 Dan McCollum, Vice-President 326 Tower Hill Drive St. Charles, Illinois 60175 630-762-0527 Jeff Howe (27-27), Secretary 3N575 Wild Flower Ln West Chicago, IL 60185 630-231-0694; 630-204-0741 Bill Jahnke, Treasurer 2370 Broadview Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2795 Barb Anderson, Director 31-3 Lake Carroll Blvd Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-8867 Joanie Perez (27-30), Director 5831 Beverly Cir E Hanover Park, IL 60133 630-372-8128 Dave Soldat, Director 21-31 Forest Hill Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-9139

President’s Message The Board and our administrative staff knew that the preparation of our Fiscal 2014 Budget would be a challenge, and that expectation turned into reality as we worked through the 2014 budget process. As you know, over the past few years the Board made a conscious John Grotto decision to scrutinize all expenditures and President make cuts where possible without sacrificing the mission and vision of Lake Carroll, all without adversely affecting our services. Not doing so would have been irresponsible, especially in light of the tough economic times that we have experienced over the past few years brought about by the “great recession”. Had this not been done, then our budgets for the past few years would have been accompanied by a request for a significant increase in assessments. As a result, and to name just a few examples, a staff reorganization a few years ago saved the association over $100,000.00. This savings continues to this day. An examination of and rebidding of our insurance saved the association approximately an additional $100,000.00. A change in the way the association hires its seasonal staff has also saved the association money and will continue to do so in the future. And the better management of our funds has contributed mightily to saving the association a significant amount of money. Having said that, and with our revenues declining and our costs continuing to rise, the Board, our administrative staff and our Finance and Steering Committees began to wrestle with a projected Fiscal 2014 deficit of approximately $160,000.00. Since the wrestling match began, the projected deficit has been reduced but not entirely eliminated by scaling back and reprioritizing some projects. This, coupled with the need for significant work that needs to be done on our lake both long and short term, the need to set aside some money to fund that work and other much needed capital projects, and the recognition that the Board and staff have cut and saved as much as possible, has given rise to the realization that additional revenue will have to be raised to allow the association to continue to operate at its current level. In case you haven’t realized it yet, I am conservative when it comes to matters of money. Perhaps that comes from my need to manage money very thoughtfully in years past when my wife and I were raising a very large family. In essence, my philosophy revolved around a few very simple precepts: show me the need (not just the want), show me the alternatives and options, and show me that all alternatives and options have been exhausted without success. Applying that philosophy to the business affairs of Lake Carroll boils down to this: before I will agree to ask for more money I have to be convinced of the need, that everything has been done to avoid asking for additional funds, and that there are no reasonable alternatives. Judging from my conversations with the Board, it appears to me that the majority of the Board is of a like mind. So what is the point of all of this? Well, at this point I believe that the Board has pretty much cut everything of significance that can be cut from our budget and that some of the needs are real, so in my mind the

conversation now turns to where and how we can increase our revenues. The Finance Committee has recommended that we raise our decal prices by $10.00 (for a total of $35.00), that we tap into our reserves by asking our property owners to approve a withdrawal of $200,000.00 for capital projects, and that we recommend that our property owners approve a dues increase of $50.00 per year in addition to our request for an additional $16.00 to fund the association’s early debt retirement program. I have my opinion on these recommendations which I will not share with you at this time because I do not want to taint the budget hearing process. Suffice it to say that it is important for each and every one of you to participate in that process either in person or by sending your comments and thoughts to the Board by email (check our newspaper for each board member’s email address). The approval of a budget is an important aspect of and responsibility of each property owner, so I encourage you to give this matter your full attention so you can be fully informed and vote accordingly. ------------------------It was very discouraging, to say the least, to have to close the lake again recently, this time when blue-green algae manifested itself, especially after last year when it had to be closed due to low water levels, and especially over the long Labor Day holiday weekend. I must say that I was taken by surprise this time when I heard about it because I had never, ever, heard about this material and its effects. I guess this underscores the Board’s recognition over the past three years or so that the lake needs a lot of our attention which will require a lot of our resources, both in time and money. Fortunately, the Board had already signaled the need for this planning process to start at the behest of our Lake Committee, and the Lake Committee has done a magnificent job in mapping out and formulating plans with the professional assistance of our engineering consultants and our Lake Manager, and with the encouragement of and monetary support of the Board. I want to reassure everyone that this Board is committed to attending to the needs of our lake, and that those needs had previously been reprioritized by this Board (sadly, in my opinion, the priority of the lake was not as high as it should have been in years past). This has been manifested well in advance of this latest event by, among other things, the fact that approximately two years ago the Board authorized the hiring of a professional Lake Manager, a weed harvester was purchased along with a dredge, and the then soon to expire Block Farm lease was renegotiated and extended thanks to the hard work of our Lake Manager (prior to that time, the Blocks informed the association that they would not be renewing our lease). In case you didn’t know it, the Block Farm is where our dredge material had been deposited several years ago and will be used to do so in the future. While the above action does not specifically address the blue-green algae issue, I am convinced that many factors affect the health and welfare of our lake, all of which are interconnected with each other. Accordingly, it is my sincere hope that you will keep this in mind when you weigh your vote on the proposed Fiscal 2014 budget.


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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

ATV Trail – Emergency Training Capt. Richard Walendukanis, Hillside Fire Dept., Retired Photos by Luke Fossett

On Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013 I had the privilege of being an observer at a staged accident scene on our trail system. The scenario involved a head on collision with two ATV’s with 4 victims. I would like to extend kudos to our own Security Dept, the Lanark Fire Protection Dist, the Shannon Fire Protection Dist., and the Pearl City Fire Protection Dist. They all were very professional and dedicated in their response to the incident. I think we sometimes forget that these individuals are all volunteers and as dedicated as any fire service personnel I know. I would like to give a special thank you to Lt. Hunt Thomas (Lanark Training officer), Chief Witt (Lanark Fire Chief) and Chief Klinefelter (Shannon Fire Chief) for allowing me to view and comment on this exercise. The day ended with another beautiful sunset. For more on this training event, please read Security Notes and Neighborhood Watch articles on 4A.

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Cell: 815-297-4968

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4-241 GRANDVIEW DR. • $199,000 • New Construction • 3 Bedrooms • .25 Acre Lot • 2 Baths • 1,652 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Attached Garage

D L SO 2-247R WESTCREST CT • $199,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2,200 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Car Detached Garage • .37 Acres • Turn Key Sale • Built in 1991


5-45 CHADBOuRNE • $174,900 • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bath • Built in 1981

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• $324,900 • 1.29 Acres • $364,000 • 3 Car Attached Garage • 3 Bedrooms • 4 Car Garage • 3 or 4 Bedrooms • Built in 1999 • 2.5 Baths • 1,982 Sq. Ft. • 2.5 Baths • Main Level Laundry • Deeded Slip • 3,541 Sq. Ft.



4-102 BEACHCOMBER • $520,000 • 2 Car + Garage • 3 Bedrooms • .29 Acres • 3 Baths • Turn Key Sale • 3,049 Sq. Ft.

Waterfront 24-63 • 26-61 • 25-53 • 25-54 • 21-51 • 25-80 Lake View 16-197R • 5-127R SOLD! 17-88R • 17-64 Golf View 4-245 • Reduced! 23-124 31-57 (Deeded Slip) 4-223R • 4-225R Country View 24-34 • 23-12 • 31-71 • 2-267R 17-105 • 30-91 SOLD! •17-10 12-232 & 233 • 12-177 SOLD! 31-99 • 24-121 • 3-425 SOLD! 3-595 SOLD! •19-52 • 16-76 SOLD! Property

20 Acres on Carter Road apx. 5 minutes from Lake Carroll. Has 2.5 acre pond that is stocked with fish, creek running thru property. Hunt Deer or Turkey. Great building site on top of bluff overlooking the valley. Eastland School Dist. PenDing!



• 69,900 • 2 Car Attached Garage • 3-4 Bedrooms • 2,119 Sq. Ft. • 1.5 Baths • Built 1950



1-230R GRANDVIEW DR. • $199,900 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 1,196 Sq. Ft.

• .50 Acre • Built 1999 • 2.5 Car Garage • LOTS of Updates

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Meet the Candidates for the 2014-2016 Board of Directors Saturday, October 26, 2013 @ 2pm at the Conference Center

WILLIAM H. JAHNKE 23-70 Broadview Drive Lake Carroll IL 61046 Education & Employment: Education included studies in Business, Business Las and Accounting at Northern Illinois University. Founded Oasis Industries, Inc. a manufacturer of whirlpool baths and shower systems in 1979 and business grew to four plant locations with approximately 150 employees. Cofounded Centennial Development Corporation, a single family home construction business in 1983 and proceeded to build hundreds of single family homes until its closing in 2009. CoFounded Napcor Corporation in 1986 as a holding company for commercial properties. Co-Founded Kavanagh & Jahnke, Inc., a land development company in 1987 and developed numerous subdivisions in the Naperville area with hundreds of single family lots, condominium properties and commercial outlots. Co-Founded Composite Door Industries, Inc. in 1992 which manufactured and distributed fiberglass overhead doors for single family homes and did contract molding for other industries. Co-Founded Composite Technology Corporation in 1996 which did custom tooling design and mold making.

NORMAN W. HOFFMAN 4-200 Sandpebble Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 Education & Employment: Elementary School-South Suburbs of Chicago High School-Bremen…Midlothian, IL. BS Ed.- Eastern Illinois University MS Ed.- Eastern Illinois University Advanced Studies- Northern Illinois University High School Teacher-Shelbyville, IL & Belvidere, IL (Total 37 years) Head Coach- Belvidere High School Swimming Head Coach- Belvidere YMCA Swimming, Crystal Lake YMCA, Woodstock Park District and Rockford YMCA (total 28 yrs) DONALD J. ALEKSY 3006 St. James Drive Peru, IL 61354 Education & Employment: Masters Degree - Criminal Justice Administration - Lewis University, B.A. Criminal Justice/Public Administration, St. Mary’s University, MN. Director of Economic Development, City of LaSalle IL. Owner of 5 Tupperware Franchises. Adjunct Professor at Illinois Valley Community College. MEET THE CANDIDATES 2013 – FOR 2013-2016 TERM Questions & Answers 1. What is the main reason you decided to run for re-election to the Lake Carroll Board? JAHNKE: I have been on the Lake Carroll Board for almost 9 years and believe that I have had substantial contributions to the position especially in the financial health of the Association. I think that

the Association is going to be facing certain financial challenges over the next few years and that I can continue to make positive contributions to navigate these issues. We have made substantial advances in the past few years and I want to continue to move the Lake Carroll Association forward. HOFFMAN: I served on the Board during 2008-10 and did not run for a second term due to personal issues at home. I have been a member of Lake Carroll since 1972-73, and have observed the good times and the tough times. I have seen the struggles and the successes. This community has become a great place to live because of the hard work of members who have served as volunteers on committees and Boards, along with a strong hardworking staff who organizes and performs all of the deeds to make our community prosper. I have been a volunteer all of my life, and I have served my community in the past and I wish to continue serving in the future. In the Jaycee organization we believe that, “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life.” I feel if I was a contributing member of the Board, I can make a difference. ALEKSY: My wife Donna & I have decided we will spend retirement at Lake Carroll. I have been involved with the Steering committee for the past 3 years serving as Chairman since January 2012. The responsibilities of the Board are similar to my job as Economic Development Director. I believe my experience will benefit Lake Carroll as many of my projects are similar to the needs of the Association. I believe that I can help the community grow and thrive. 2. What previous experiences have you had that will make you an asset to the Board? JAHNKE: Besides serving on the Lake Carroll Board, I have been involved with various Committees, Lake, Steering, Finance, Ski Club, Recreation and A&E. I have initiated various cost savings programs that have significantly reduced the costs of operation and fixed asset acquisition costs for the Association and have a desire to continue with these programs and ideas. HOFFMAN: Since moving to Lake Carroll permanently after I retired and leaving the activities I was engaged with at Belvidere I became involved with Lake Carroll. I served on the Ad Hoc Committee to rebuild the swimming pool, became a member of the Steering Committee, Ad-Hoc Committee to redevelop the Campground, various other Ad-Hoc Committees, By-Laws Committee, and a Past President of the Board of Directors. I believe my understanding and longtime historical experience of Lake Carroll brings a quality asset to the Board. ALEKSY: 3 years as a member if the Steering Committee, Chairman since January 2012. Current President of the Illinois Valley YMCA serving 13,000 members and a budget of $3.5 million. A member of the St, Mary’s University Alumni Board serving as Development Chairman. My municipal work closely parallels the functions of the association. My contacts and resources would be valuable to this community. 3. How have you participated in or followed current events at Lake Carroll to help you promptly take part in making quality decisions if you are elected to the Board? JAHNKE: I attempt to remain informed on all aspects of the Association including understanding our operational structure, finances, physical infrastructure and fixed asset replacement schedule line items. The current Board, of which I am a member, has dealt with various issues relative to rentals, Blue-Green Algae and the closing of the lake. It is the responsibility of each of the Board members to become informed on the various issues

and work to make sound and fiscally decisions on behalf of the Membership. I have always endeavored to do just that. HOFFMAN: The past three years off the Board, I have been a member of the By-Laws Committee and have attended many special meetings and Board meetings to help stay in tune with the issues. I have always practiced studying all sides of an issue to make a quality decision and vote for an outcome that would be for the betterment of our community. ALEKSY: During my 3 years serving on the Steering Committee, each month we have been updated by all of the other committee’s and updated by our Board Liaison. This has provides a depth of information to make strategic decisions. It was my recommendation, and accepted by the BOD, to shorten the budget process. The purpose was to allow Department Heads more time to plan and research their projects. In addition it allows all the committee’s to focus on their amenity and explore issues and prepare a plan to address them. 4. In your opinion, what are the biggest issues we face in the coming years? JAHNKE: Many of the issues that we are going to be facing in the coming years are not unlike the issues that we are facing today. With the economic slowdown, recreational properties are generally the first of the luxuries to go and in conjunction with this reality we have a declining membership of approximately 20 members per year. This necessitates the balance of the Membership to absorb this reduction in Membership dues income. The replacement costs of our fixed assets that are incorporated into our Fixed Asset Replacement Schedule (vehicles, mowers, etc.) is increasing annually which is consuming an ever greater percentage of our Fixed Asset Budget. These increases are serving to crowd out new requests for expenditures. The Fixed Asset Replacement Schedule does not currently incorporate any of the building infrastructures which is aging and requiring increasing levels of maintenance. Some of these structures such as the Lodge in in need of replacement as the operational cost and maintenance costs are becoming burdensome. A long range plan for the upkeep and replacement of the various structures is necessary and needs to be conveyed to the entire membership. HOFFMAN: The key issue is to improve and maintain our community within the budget guidelines approved by the membership. For the past six years we have cut the budget to be very lean without much wiggle room and yet despite the economy, costs have continued to rise. In the past six years, our dues increases have barely kept up with the rise in costs. Our future budget is designed by committees and membership and the end result is derived by a balancing act by all who participate. This in my opinion is the biggest issue and has been the biggest issue for years. ALEKSY: 1) My main concern is to develop a strategy to generate new membership as a tactic to offset the rising costs of operations. Organizations that do not grow will always face serious financial troubles. Lake Carroll is a great value and we must seize the opportunity to use this asset to our advantage. 2) My desire to continue the facility study being conducted by the Steering Committee correlates directly to Issue #1. Enhancing our amenities is a major component of attracting new members. We often have guests. Guests always ask questions about our dues and the many amenities we have at our use. They are always amazed and as first time visitors they always see the value. The common

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lake Carroll Association Board of Directors August 23, 2013

Convene Board Meeting: President John Grotto called the Meeting to order at 6:31 P.M. in the LCA Conference Center. Present and Constituting a Quorum: • President, John Grotto • Vice President, Dan McCollum • Treasurer, Bill Jahnke • Secretary, Jeff Howe • Director, Barb Anderson • Director, Joanie Perez • Director, Dave Soldat Absent: • None Also Present: • General Manager, Michael Schmieder • Lake Manager, Joe Rush Pledge of Allegiance: President John Grotto called on Mike Kaysen (4-193) to lead the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Approval of August Agenda: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve August 23, 2013 Agenda, as amended. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.04 Approval of Minutes: Barb Anderson moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to approve the Board’s Regular Meeting Minutes of July 26, 2013. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.08.05 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Board’s Special Meeting Minutes of August 10, 2013. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.08.06 President’s Comments: None Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues: Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.07 Time: 6:38 P.M. Barb Anderson moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to return to Open Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.08 Time: 6:48 P.M. Audience Questions/Remarks: Joe Rush, LCA Lake Manager, made a presentation on the Harmful Algae Bloom that is currently affecting the lake. [A copy of the presentation is available online at: NewsDoc13337.pdf] Following the presentation, the floor was opened for questions. Mike Kaysen (4-193) commented that Lake Carroll is not the only lake with this issue. He complimented Joe on his handling of the issue so far. Nancy Comstock (26-41) said that she was reading on the Illinois EPA website that they recommend keeping a lake closed for two weeks after toxin levels return to normal. Is that something we think is going to happen for our lake? Joe responded that the Illinois EPA does not require us to do anything and that it is just a recommendation. But they do have some expertise that we may want to take into account. But ultimately, Management and the Board will have to make a decision that they feel is the best for the community. Nancy followed up by asking if we should be washing boats when they are removed from the lake. Joe said that boats should be washed but that owners should take caution while washing the boat to minimize contact with any of the scum or breathing in any of the water sprayed on the boat. He also noted that if people take their boats to the Mississippi River or other bodies of water, that they also take caution when returning their boats to Lake Carroll so that they don’t bring back any invasive species, like Eurasian Milfoil, by making sure the boat is washed and dried, also including bilges and the trailer. Tyler Vogt (16-122) asked if there are any test results for the lake that closed last year (Lake Le-Aqua-Na). Joe said that the samples that were taken for that lake were sent by the Illinois EPA to a lab in Iowa, and that they don’t have results back. We spend some of our own money to send our samples elsewhere so that we can get results much faster. Steve Mack (28-31) asked if there was any risk to our water supply. Joe answered no, since our water comes from a deeper area, and not from surface sources. Steve followed up by asking if

there was any risk to wildlife. Joe said there is some risk there. He pointed out that we need to keep our pets safe by keeping them away from the water. He also pointed out that deer drink the water, and the toxin produced by the algae is a hepatotoxin that affects the liver. So anyone who harvests a deer during the hunting season should avoid eating the liver or even other organs from the harvested deer. Mike Siciliano (1-24) asked how long it takes for us to get our test results. Joe said we send our samples to a lab in Florida, and we get the results back in a couple of days. Steve Gibus (26-57) asked if taking the water level down would help the problem. Joe indicated probably not, since we draw down the water from the bottom, and the bloom is on the surface. Steve followed up by asking if dredging would help. Joe said that could possibly help, since that would remove nutrients from the lake, which is one of the contributing factors to an algae bloom. He also pointed out that we are also working on increasing the size and efficiency of our silt basins, which has a similar effect as dredging. Joanie Perez asked if the water level does rise and the algae go over the dam, is there any concern for those downstream. Joe said there could be a concern, but that would be a moving water system, so should be less of a problem. Joe concluded by saying that anyone who needs to remove their boat from the lake should first contact Security so that they will be aware of the boat being moved on the lake. Norm Hoffman (4-200) indicated he was at the meeting representing the Bylaws Committee and had some comments to pass on for the committee. First, he thanked Jeff Howe for finding the information in Article XIII of the covenants that resolved the cell tower issue. The other topic he wanted to address was rentals. The major issue is the difference of opinion over the definition of Transient Occupant. The Bylaws Committee thinks it should be defined to only include Members renting 6 months or less. He also suggested some wording changes to some of the proposed motions for the meeting. Norm also mentioned that the Bylaws Committee met after the land designation workshop to discuss the information covered at the workshop. The Bylaws Committee is not in agreement with Bloomberg, and feels that Lake Carroll has an advantage by having difference classes of use for common Association property. Treasurer’s Report: As of July 31, 2013 Financial Statements, as reported in a handout by Treasurer Bill Jahnke: • Total Cash on Hand: $1,512,877 o Operating, Clubhouse and Petty Cash Balance: $981,554* o Fixed Asset Checking Account Balance: $388,268 o Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance: $818,173* o Debt Payment Account Balance: $49,882 * including amount due from Pool Loan line of credit • Line of Credit Used: $0 • Pool Loan Line of Credit Balance: $0 o Due to Operating for Pool Loan: $123,371 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan: $725,000 Dave Soldat moved and Dan McCollum seconded to approve the Treasurer’s summary of the Association’s July, 2013 financial statements. Motion passed by roll call vote (4/0/3) – Jeff Howe, Bill Jahnke and Joanie Perez abstained. M13.08.09 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Financial Statements for July, 2013 as presented by the Association’s Accounting and Finance Manager. Motion passed by roll call vote (5/0/2) – Jeff Howe and Joanie Perez abstained. M13.08.10 General Manager’s Report: Mike Schmieder reported that the Clubhouse has suffered setbacks in personnel this summer. However, he did have a good week in recruiting new personnel and the situation is improving. The kitchen is back to serving a full menu. Committee Minutes with Actions Requested or Topics for Discussion: 1. A & E (8/2/2013): Recommendation regarding one re-plat: Dan McCollum moved and Bill Jahnke seconded

to approve replat of 4-193 & 4-194 to 4-193R. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.11 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the replat of 4-193 & 4-194 to 4-193R. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.08.12 2. A & E (8/2/2013): Recommendation regarding request by Tom and Roseann Stangl to fill in greenway ditch by Cory’s Landscaping: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve request to fill ditch in area of a greenway in section #23 by Tom & Roseann Stangl. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.13 3. A & E (8/16/2013): Recommendations regarding the A & E Committee’s Operational Guidelines: Discussion on this item was postponed until executive session. 4. Campground (8/10/2013): Recommendation regarding the hiring of a Campground Host for the 2014 camping season: Joanie Perez moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize the General Manager to investigate hiring and defining employment parameters for a full-time onsite host volunteer for the campground for the 2014 camping season. Campground Host to receive camper site and membership privileges. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.14 Committee Reports with No Action Requested: Committee minutes received with no specific recommendations were from A & E (7/19/2013) – Revised; Campground (7/14/2013); Lake (8/5/2013); Safety (8/10/2013); Steering (8/3/2013) Club Minutes: None Unfinished Business/General Orders: 1. Discussion and approval of location for the proposed AT & T Cell Tower: Bill Jahnke moved and Jeff Howe seconded to approve the location of a 70’ X 70’ area to be leased to AT&T for the construction of cell tower approximately 200 yards south of the Maintenance Building on Common Area, as permitted by Article XIII of the Lake Carroll Covenants and Restrictions. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.15 2. Discussion regarding rentals and the September 3, 2013 Carroll County Zoning Board of Appeals meeting: John Grotto reported that he saw an article in the newspaper. There seems to be a disagreement on the Carroll County Board whether or not they should do anything about short-term rentals or should prohibit them. So they want the Zoning Board of Appeals to look at the issue and make a recommendation. This will be on the Zoning Board of Appeals agenda at their September 3rd meeting. 3. Discussion regarding changes to Article II of the LCA Bylaws regarding rentals: Jeff Howe moved and Barb Anderson seconded to forward to the Bylaws Committee the changes to the definitions in article II of the Bylaws proposed by Director Jeff Howe, dated 8/15/2013, for presentation to the Members for their vote at the 2013 Annual Meeting. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.16 [Note: Bylaws amendments formatted for presentation to the Membership are subject to a final review and approval by the Board of Directors before being mailed out to the Members.] 4. Discussion regarding changes to Article III of the LCA Bylaws regarding rentals: Jeff Howe moved and Barb Anderson seconded to forward to the Bylaws Committee the changes to Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws, regarding rentals proposed by Director Jeff Howe, dated 8/15/2013, for presentation to the Members for their vote at the 2013 Annual Meeting. Motion passed by roll call vote (5/2/0) - John Grotto and Dan McCollum voting no. M13.08.17 [Note: John Grotto indicated that he voted against this motion for a rental Bylaws amendment because he feels that the entire rental issue should be voted on as a Bylaws amendment.] 5. Discussion regarding a Staffing Study regarding the potential acquisition of the Fawn Ridge Building: Dan McCollum presented a memo to the Board requesting a staffing study, in order to determine if there is a staffing space justification for buying the Fawnridge building. Dan feels that such a study could be done for under $5000, but would need to be done over a period

of time to cover both peak times and slow times. Bill Jahnke said that we would need more than just a staffing study, but an overall justification study for purchasing the building. New Business: 1. Review and approval of 2014 BOD Meeting schedule: Joanie Perez moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to accept the proposed Board of Directors meeting schedule, as amended, for 2014. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.18 2. Review and approval of 2014 Meeting/Workshop schedule: Jeff Howe moved and Dave Soldat seconded to accept the proposed Budget Workshop meeting schedule, as amended, for 2014. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.19 3. Request for discussion and authorization to execute twelve-month liquid propane contract between the LCA and Pearl City Elevator at a cost of $1.239 per gallon: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Liquid Propane contract between Pearl City Elevator, Inc. and the Lake Carroll Association for the period of August 31, 2013 thru August 30, 2013, subject to Pearl City Elevator, Inc. providing flexibility to reduce contracted gallons. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.20 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the liquid Propane contract, as renegotiated, between Pearl City Elevator, Inc. and the Lake Carroll Association for the period of August 31, 2013 and August 30, 2014. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.21 4. Discussion regarding a request to install a floating watercraft port (platform) for use on a greenway dock: Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to authorize the installation and use of a floating watercraft port/docking system for Mr. Tom Wienecke on greenway dock R223 in section #4. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.22 5. Discussion and request for approval of donation to the Lanark Police Department for child safety program: Bill Jahnke moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve the donation of $205.00 to the Lanark Police Department. Donation will be used locally to help fund the annual Child Safety and Drug Education Program. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/1) – Dan McCollum abstained. M13.08.23 6. Consideration and request for approval of CER for replacement of ATV Bridge behind Dam as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Dave Soldat moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to authorize the expenditure of $8,069.59 for the replacement of the ATV Bridge behind the dam. Bridge and construction materials to be provided by Eastland Fabrication, of Lanark IL. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.24 7. Consideration and request for approval of CER for the purchase of 200’ Flex-Pipe and Couplings for Dredge Operations as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize the expenditure of $8,615.45 for Flexible Pipe to be used for the Dredge Operation. Flex-Pipe to be purchased from Western Dredge & Supply Co. of Conroe, TX. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.25 8. Consideration and request for approval of CER for the purchase of a 7500 watt generator for Dredge Operations as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Bill Jahnke moved and Jeff Howe seconded to authorize the expenditure of $983.01 for the purchase of a 7500 watt generator to be used for the Dredge Operation. Generator to be purchased from Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.26 9. Consideration and request for approval of CER for the purchase of a cab enclosure for Dredge as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Dan McCollum moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to authorize the expenditure of $9,651.83 for the purchase of an operator enclosure, heater and windshield wiper for the dredger. Cab enclosure to be purchased from Campbell International of Wauconda, IL. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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General Manager - Monthly Board Report September 2013 By Michael Schmieder Following is a synopsis of this month’s activities. I have identified those items that are of importance or that are not necessarily obvious. I have not included the normal day-to-day activities or those items that are covered by the Treasurer and others. Please also refer to the staff reports that have been provided. The order is by department/category. 1. Report on directives from the June 28, 2013 BOD Meeting. a. The LP Contract between Pearl City Elevator and the LCA, which was approved at the 8/23/31 BOD Meeting was executed and returned on Friday, August 30, 2013. b. The “Key-Man” Life Insurance Policy, owned by the LCA was executed and returned with the annual premium payment on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. The policy is now in force. 2. Administration: a. Discussions with Mr. Steve Ward, contact person for the Cell Tower which AT & T. wishes to construct continued. An amended land lease agreement has been provided for Board review and approval. This matter has been placed on the agenda for discussion and approval under Unfinished Business, item “a”. b. The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved NICOR’s filing to service the Lake Carroll Community. Ms. Marie Laporte has been assigned as our contact person for the construction phase. Ms. Laporte is anxious to arrange a meeting with the Association on October 8th or October 9th to discuss the conversion plan, the timeline, storage of construction equipment etc. Ms. Laporte indicated that their goal is to have the main and the vault installed by November and the Clubhouse and Aquatic Complex connected prior to December 31, 2013. c. An updated copy of the Fixed Asset Expenditures – Cash Status report is attached (provided to BOD). 3. Safe Workplace Committee & Cinci-Safe Program: a. No specific report – the group does not meet in June, July and August. 4. Accounts Receivable & Front Desk: a. Fourth quarter dues and mowing statements were sent September 20, 2013. The dues and mowing fees are due on October 31, 2013. 5. Finance & Human Resources: a. Finance: i. Operating Statements for August, 2013 will be available and sent to the Board electronically prior to the 9/27/2013 BOD Meeting. ii. Lisa and I presented the first draft of the 2014 Operating Budget at the August 3rd Budget Workshop. The second draft was presented at the September 6th Budget Workshop. The 2014 Operating Budget is on the 9/27/13 BOD Meeting Agenda under New Business, item “f”. A copy of the budget is enclosed within this report. b. Human Resource: 6. Safety & Security: a. Rescue training was held behind the Dam on Tuesday,

September 10, 2013. Training included personnel from the Lake Carroll Security Department and the Lanark, Pearl City and Shannon Fire Departments. b. Mr. Luke Fossett represented the LC Security Department at the 9//11/2013 Blue Mass held in memory of the service men and woman who lost their lives in the line of duty on September 11th. Luke informed that it was a very moving ceremony and that it was a privilege to attend and represent Lake Carroll. 7. Information Technology: a. On June 28, 2013 the Lake Carroll Rules Codification contract was signed. All LCA Governing Documents were sent to American Codifiers for preliminary codification on July 1, 2013. We will receive the first draft between 10/1/13 and 1/1/14. 8. Communications: a. Donna was and continues to be instrumental in making information regarding the Blue-Green Algae related lake closure, as well as all other data on our website, available to the Membership through e-blasts and on the LCA Website. During the Lake Closure, 58 Property Owners were added to our E-Blast list as well as registered to receive reverse 911 messages. b. Donna also organized and printed all advertising, maps and registrations for the September 14 Lake Carroll Garage Sale. This year we had 1,155 people visit Lake Carroll for this annual event compared with 1,132 in 2012. c. Donna finalized all of the Rules Recommendation Submissions for the Boards review. This information is included in the September Board packet and will be placed on the October agenda for Board approval. d. Donna also has provided a copy of the proposed 2013 annual meeting mailing. This information will be amended as needed over the next 30 days. 9. Facilities Management: a. A Pergola was installed near the outdoor pool to replace an oversized umbrella which could not be repaired. b. Due to the Lake Closure and very limited use, the West Marina shower house has been winterized and closed for the season. 10. Lake Management/Wildlife: a. The Lake level as of September 16, 2013 was 737’ – 9”. (27” below pool level) b. As of today, 9/24/2013, the Lake remains closed due to a health risk posed by the Blue-Green Algae Bloom. The condition of the lake has improved immensely over the past 14 days and the toxicity levels showed only one area with elevated levels from the results we received Thursday, 9/19/2013. Additional samples were submitted today, 9/24/13 and should be received prior to the 9/27/13 BOD Meeting. c. The Fusion Welding machine which was authorized at the August BOD meeting was received in early September. On September 10, LC Maintenance personnel began laying and fusing pipe in the Three Tubes area to prepare for this falls

Dredge Project. d. Bids to repair Weir #2 have been received and a CER appears on the agenda for approval. e. I have attached Joe’s complete Manager Report for your review as it has valuable, detailed information regarding the Blue-Green Algae Bloom, the Lake, Dam, retention ponds and our long range plan to dredge starting this fall. 11. Building Inspection/Architectural & Environmental: a. Construction began on the 5th home permitted in 2013. b. The Section #23 Greenway has been graded, topped with topsoil and seeded by Haskin Construction. The seed is beginning to take and grass is growing. c. After the spring mowing, Lee held a meeting with the contractor mowers regarding the quality of their work. It was noticed that in many areas, a thorough cut was not consistently being provided. The Contractors were receptive to Lee’s concerns and suggestions and the fall mowing showed vast improvement. 12. Golf Operations (Pro Shop): a. The weather for our Golf operation has remained excellent through August and September and several successful events have been hosted. The Eastland Boosters, the LC Fishing Club, the Pearl City Lions Club and others created over 400 rounds of golf with banquets. Jason does an excellent to coordinate these outings and I have received several phone calls complimenting not only Jason Hill, but the condition of the golf course. b. The 2013 rounds comparison spreadsheet is attached 13. Golf Maintenance: a. The annual Green aerification was performed the week of September 16th. The greens were then top dressed with sand. This process is absolutely necessary to preserve the health of the greens. This work did not prohibit play. 14. Clubhouse Operations: a. Lance Leverton has assumed the role of Kitchen Manager and is performing very well. Lance and Denise Lahm are quickly building a strong working relationship and both have taken on additional duties and responsibilities in the absence of a Clubhouse Manager. 15. Recreation Complex Operations: a. Aquatic Complex: i. The outdoor pool was closed for the season on Thursday, September 12th as night time temperatures were dropping into the 40’s. ii. The indoor pool remains open with all mechanical equipment functioning properly. b. Recreation: i. Chelsey is starting to plan the Halloween festivities which will be held in October. c. Ski Hill: i. Closed for the season…..but were getting ready. 16. Campground: a. No specific Report. 17. Equestrian Area(s): a. No specific Report

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lake Carroll Association Board of Directors August 23, 2013

call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.27 10. Consideration and request for approval of CER for purchase of two Auger Motors for Dredge as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Bill Jahnke moved and Jeff Howe seconded to authorize the expenditure of $1,950.22 for the purchase of two Parker Auger Motors for the dredger. Motors to be purchased from Catching Fluidpower of Bolingbrook, IL. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.28 11. Consideration and request for approval to allow the ESD Cross-Country team to practice near the Ski Hill and Lodge: Dave Soldat moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to approve the request to allow the Eastland High School Cross Country Team to practice from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays near the ski hill and lodge complex. The Cross Country season begins on August 26, 2013 thru November 15, 2013. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.29 12. Discussion and request for approval to execute the Employee Health Insurance renewal: Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to approve the renewal of the LCA employee health insurance with United Health Care Insurance Company of the River Valley. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.30 Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to authorize LCA Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the renewal agreement between United Health Care and the Lake Car-

roll Association. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.31 13. Request for discussion and authorization to execute “Key Man” life insurance policy for General Manager: Joanie Perez moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to approve the “Key Man” Life Insurance Policy through the Pruco Life Insurance Company for GM Michael Schmieder. Policy to be owned by the Lake Carroll Association. Motion passed by roll call vote (7/0/0). M13.08.32 Bill Jahnke moved and Joanie Perez seconded to authorize LCA Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the Pruco Life Insurance Policy for Michael Schmieder on behalf of the Lake Carroll Association. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.33 Board Directors Comments: Jeff Howe related that the Board recently received a letter from a family that had to cancel their vacation to the lake, due to the rental cease and desist letter that was sent out by the County. Another letter to the Board pointed out that while there may be renters that cause problems, there are also other renters who do not cause problems, but we never hear about those situations. Jeff said he believed the Board was on a path to put into place a set of regulations that would be legal and enforceable, and be balanced and fair to those who wish to rent their homes, those who rent those homes, and the neighbors of those homes. He also said he thinks it was unfortunate that were some individuals that were not willing to let our governing process run its course and not wait to see if the actions of the Association would have effectively dealt with the issue. Instead they took it upon themselves to involve the County in the situation. This has only served to complicate the situation, slowed down the process, and to some degree tarnish the reputation

of Lake Carroll in the eyes of the community at large. Audience Questions/Remarks: Larry Meyers (1-90), referring to the Fawnridge property, said he thought one real priority to be considered is for the Association to get control of that property. Tyler Vogt (16-122) said that several years ago, the Board had decided to expand a new section in the campground, but that has not happened yet. He was wondering what the possibility of that happening is. He offered his services to help move material if that would help this happen. With the waiting list to get a permanent campsite, and the way renting campsites is handled, with renting two weeks at a time, it is difficult to get a campsite for an extended period of time. Tyler also asked if the water at the Fawnridge building was going to be tested as part of the evaluation process. It was pointed out that the Fawnridge building shares a well with the Association office building. However, the Association office also does some additional treatment of the water, and perhaps the same would need to be done at the Fawnridge building. Finally, Tyler said he has a concern for the Security department. The State has passed a concealed carry law. Is Security going to be trained to deal with people who might now be carrying a concealed firearm? Mike Siciliano (1-24) said that recently there was a local band that played at the Clubhouse. There were a lot of local kids that came to watch the band, so there were a lot of people bumping into each other on the dance floor and there was drinking. This could have become a volatile situation. He said we may want to have another Security officer on duty for these types of events, or hire Sherriff’s deputies to support us on these types of events. Mike Kaysen (4-193) offered his

support to this idea. Ian Keith (26-52) said that we should have a workshop on long range planning. The Association likely has money problems coming up in the next few years. Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.34 Time: 9:14 P.M. Joanie Perez moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to return to Open Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.35 Time:10:02 P.M. Further Business: Joanie Perez moved and Dave Soldat seconded to accept with regret, the resignation of Mr. Tony Rizzuto (4-83) from the Safety Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.36 Dave Soldat moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to allow the shed constructed by Ray and Sandy Grimes to remain on campsite 420 as long as they are assigned to the site. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.37 Joanie Perez moved and Jeff Howe seconded to approve adding item 5e and paragraph 8 items 1 to 11 of the changes recommended by the A&E Committee to the A&E Committee Operational Guidelines. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.38 Dave Soldat moved and Joanie Perez seconded to adjourn the Board’s Regular Meeting of August 23, 2013 at 10:12 P.M. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.08.39 These Minutes approved on this 27th day of September, 2013. ATTEST: Jeff Howe, Secretary

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Carroll County Permits Required For...

Meet the Candidates

1. Any Structure 8’ x 8’ 2. Short-Term Home Rentals

While Lake Carroll has its own building inspector and Property Owners Association, it still has to comply with Carroll County Zoning rules. 1. Carroll County permits are required for any structure, including decks that are bigger than 8 feet by 8 feet. 2. There have been some changes to the Carroll County Zoning Ordinance that may affect people that have homes at Lake Carroll. There had been some discussion about people renting their homes out to other people for a short time, for example a week or weekend. It was determined that this was not an allowed use in a residential area, like Lake Carroll, so a change to the zoning ordinance was discussed and a public hearing was held. The County Board voted to allow the short term rental of homes in the R-1, single family residential district, with a special use permit. So if you are considering renting out your home for short term rental purposes you would need to contact the Zoning Office at Carroll County to apply for a special use permit. There is a one-time fee of $400.00 required with an application form. A special use permit requires a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals and the $400.00 pays for the public hearing. The Zoning Board makes a recommendation to the County Board and the County Board makes the final decision on granting or not granting the special use permit. If you have more questions please contact Julie Yuswak at the Carroll County Zoning Office at 815-244-0284 or via email at

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

theme is that we are “the best kept secret in the region!” Similar to my work with the YMCA, when we enhance amenities, I think of those who will use it in the future, especially those who not yet members. 5. Are you prepared to commit the time and energy it takes to serve as a Board member and attend monthly meetings? JAHNKE: I have a long history of committing the time to be a Board member. Over the course of almost years I have only missed one Board Meeting. I have maintained an active participation in the Finance and Lake Committees on a monthly basis. Further I have taken various trips including one to Toronto in the search and to obtain further information on some of our equipment such as the Weed Harvester, Dredger and work barges. HOFFMAN: I’m very aware of the commitment and I know the sacrifice you have to give when serving the Board. It is not just one meeting a month; it is several meetings, phone calls, daily E-mails, researching materials, and making serving on the Board one of your major priorities. ALEKSY: Yes. My term with the St. Mary’s University Alumni Board ends February 2014. My term as President of the YMCA expires in June 2014. I picked this year to run for the Board for two reasons: 1) My other commitments were expiring, 2) A 2nd year as Chairman of the Steering Committee allowed me to go through the budget process for a third year. I feel both of these were valuable preparation to be a member of the Board 6. What are some of your hobbies? JAHNKE: I enjoy boating, riding ATV’s and motorcycles, fishing, woodworking, metalworking and welding. I enjoy getting together with the many friends that Deb and I have here at the lake and spending time at the lakefront at the Beaver Bay Bar. HOFFMAN: Golfing, boating, movies, reading of history, medal collecting, and traveling with the Jaycee organization. ALEKSY: We came to the Lake for the boating. The trails have become a new passion. We enjoy our motorcycle trips through the terrain of northwestern Illinois. This past season I took a snowmobile trip from our trail system out

Page 17A

into the State trails and it appears I found an additional hobby! I work out 3-4 days weekly at the YMCA. 7. How often do you spend time at Lake Carroll and what do you especially enjoy while being here? JAHNKE: I am a full time resident of Lake Carroll. While we still maintain a home in Naperville, I spend very little time there. I like it here better! HOFFMAN: I’m a full time resident and spend most of my time at Lake Carroll. In January and February it can become very quiet at the Lake and I tend to travel a little during that time. My biggest enjoyment here is golfing and socializing with friends at our Clubhouse. ALEKSY: We are here most weekends and many weeks throughout the year. One attraction Lake Carroll had for our family is that it is only 82 miles from door to door!! 8. Why should property owners vote for you? JAHNKE: I have achieved savings on equipment purchases and operational programs such as reducing unemployment costs through employee outsourcing, interest savings on the Pool Loan Line of Credit by instituting a sweep account for our excess cash and the claiming of gas tax refunds from the State of Illinois and the Federal Government. These savings have been in excess of half a million dollars. HOFFMAN: On all issues I will be fair and objective before making a final decision. There are many issues facing the Board that will produce a 7-0 or 6-1 vote; however the issues that have a 4-3 vote are the issues members should really analyze and focus on. You have to take a stand, 100% of the membership will not always agree. Philosophically for the most part the 4-3 issues these past few years I would have voted on the 3 side. One member can make a difference to a Board and I believe I can make a difference. ALEKSY: I consider Lake Carroll a great value. I am passionate about taking the responsibility of protecting and growing our assets. My experience in government will provide limitless contacts and resources that could aid Lake Carroll with a variety of issues. My center of attention is to grow our membership to increase revenues. A membership campaign has credibility when we show that we are evaluating and improving amenities in a regular basis. This creates a trust in the Association and a great partnership with the membership.

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Clubhouse Corner

Head on over to the Clubhouse on Saturday, Oct. 12th. There’s plenty going on that day! The Craft Fair starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs till 3:00 p.m. The Bake Sale will run from 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. (or until sold out). Win Your 2014 LCA Dues - The Trail Club will also be there with a table where you can purchase a raffle ticket for $20.00 with the winning ticket being drawn that evening and the lucky winner with have the Lake Carroll Association dues paid for the year. What a great prize that is! Stop by the Women’s Club Bake Sale and pick up some delicious homemade baked goods. There is always a wide array of tasty treats to choose from. This year the Women’s Club will also be selling popcorn and chances on a 50/50 raffle. Women’s Club helps support many area charities such as the Shannon/Lanark Food Pantry, 4H, CASA, LCWC Blanket Project, and Senior Services to name a few. With over 25 crafters the Craft Fair has quite a few new vendors and many that are returning. There will be a big variety of crafts and goods for sale so please take some time to come on over and see what’s available from these talented people. Some may even be your neighbors. After you’ve finished checking out all the good deals downstairs, visit the Clubhouse and relax with one of the specials in the bar or restaurant. It promises to be a great day! See you there!

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2013 ANNUAL MEETING Sunday, December 1, 2013 Lake Carroll Clubhouse, Lower Level Registration begins at 11:30am ~ Meeting begins at 12:30pm Bring your LCA photo ID card.

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Sec. 13-50 .25 acre Grouse Ln ....................... $2,700 Sec. 3-499 .30 acre Shady Ln......................... $5,000 Sec. 5-75 & 76 .55 acre Chadbourne Dr........ $5,000 SOLD Sec. 31-55 1.31 acres Doral Ct. ..................... $9,900 Sec. 16-59/60v .68 acre Meadow Ct.............$10,900 Sec. 23-108 1.75 acres Broadview Dr...........$14,900 Sec. 15-4 1.29 acres Lake Carroll Blvd ........$14,900 Sec. 1-53 .25 acre on Captains Dr................$16,000 Sec. 19-6 1.69 acres Timber Ridge ..............$18,000 Sec. 27-16 2.63 acres on Shadowridge Dr ...$26,000 Sec. 26-14 1.73 acres on Wynwood Ct ........$29,900 Sec. 22-10 1.24 acres on Lakewood.............$34,900 Sec. 21-28 1.57 acres Forest Hill Dr.............$39,000

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

IMAGine “The Pollinator’s” Sequel The IMAGine article I wrote last month about the decline of various pollinator’s caused quite a buzzzzzz of reader interest! People called to tell me they have seen bees all over the place yet I provided information in that article about a rising concern for the disappearance of pollinator’s worldwide. The Lake Carroll email group traded contact information on acquiring an exterminator to remove bee’s nests from various properties reporting bee’s that lived underground or bees that invaded the siding of their homes. Still others saw me in person and showed me evidence of several bee stings they received while gardening. So I decided to write this month about bee’s in general. My hope is that you will have a better understanding of the type of bees that should be left alone to do the work for which they were created.

do not hesitate to sting if they feel threatened. They tend to build simple, disorganized nests in places such as piles of dried leaves or grass clippings, cushions, insulation or other fluffy material. They might also nest underground underneath areas such as patio, porch or sidewalk. Bumble Bees live in colonies and don’t survive the winter so you may see only an occasional queen bee in the spring.

Carpenter Bees are often mistaken for Bumble Bees but are easily recognized by their shiny black butt instead of a fuzzy gold-brown butt. They bore into wood to make their nests but still they are valuable pollinators by lighting on and collecting pollen from many springtime flowers. Drone Carpenter Bees are identified by the white spot on their head. They are very inquisitive and like to check out anything in their territory but are not aggressive about it. They cannot sting, according to The Honey Bee used to be the most common htm, and merely enjoy playing a friendly visitor to home gardens. This fuzzy bee is an buzzzzzz game! They are known as ‘gentle, giant excellent all around pollinator. They are one of the pollinators’ and are good for children to learn that most beneficial insects on the planet and their role they need not be afraid of most bees. in pollination is vital to many varieties of fruits and vegetables. It is the Honey Bees instrumental and indispensable role in pollination that makes their recent and unexplained disappearance, a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder, a great concern to environmentalists (http://www. They can produce massive hives with tens of thousands of worker bees and can weigh hundreds of pounds! Call a beekeeper, not an exterminator, if you see these!

out. Yellow Jacket nests are usually found in trees, shrubs, under decks, high in the eaves or inside the walls of your home. Trouble is brewing if you see these critters entering and exiting gaps, cracks or crevices on the exterior of your home. You may even be able to hear them chewing through your plaster or drywall if you listen closely!

Ground Bees are a type of Yellow Jacket but much smaller. They enjoy chasing people around the yard especially when their nests have been disturbed by an innocent and unsuspecting gardener. They build hives two inches to two feet underground and can become easily agitated. I recommend you watch “The Bee Movie” to gain a better understanding of the importance of these small but vital insects. The movie takes kids (and adults) into an adorable animated world in which bees can talk, think, and make choices. The movie is not all fantasy, though, as some of the plot revolves around the role that bees play in nature and how that role affects us as humans. “The Bee Movie” points out some of the things that bees do that are very important for the survival of mankind. For additional convincing evidence, I share this video link that aired mid-September via ABC News…… power-players-abc-news/buzz-inside-mysteriousmass-disappearance-honeybees-112632223. html?vp=…….showing the US Department of Agriculture bee researcher Jeff Pettis discussing the decline of the bee population and its effect on grocery stores.


Bumble Bees are most often seen flitting about flowers. They are one of the most important pollinator’s due to their ‘fuzzy all over’ body. They go about their business of gathering nectar to make honey. They are not particularly aggressive and are much more interested in choosing the next flower on which to collect pollen than on you. However, they will quickly defend their nest and

On the other hand are Yellow Jackets, easily recognizable by their black and yellow stripes. Yellow jackets don’t visit flowers much; they mostly catch other insects. When they do visit flowers, they only accomplish a little pollination, because they aren’t fuzzy. These are the uninvited guests that show up at family picnics or backyard barbeques crawling in beer or soda cans, kissing their victim with their stinger while on the way


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A By-Laws Committee Invitation By Merce Meyers

Each year the By-Laws Committee conducts an orientation program for Board of Directors candidates and interested LCA members entitled, “Quick Course in Finding your Way through the Governing Documents.” Candidates, Committee members and all members are invited to attend. The purpose of the program is to expand participants’ familiarity with the Association’s primary documents and the ability to use those documents to assess community issues. The date and time will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants so be sure to register. The By-Laws Committee encourages you to consider registering for this program. The program will include a power point presentation, a notebook of governing documents for each participant, hands-on exercises, and current issues. Registration is required. To register, please contact Merce Meyers at 815-493-2686, or Norm Hoffman, By-Laws Committee Chairman at 815-493-6226, jcspiderman@

(815) 493-8213

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Specializing in Lake Carroll Properties!

f ales o s #1 in S pertie oll Pro r r a C Lake 1992 ! Since


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25-55 COTTAGE HILL DRIVE • Remodeled • 54x21 Room Top to Bottom Above Garage • 3 Br/3.5 Baths • 4,100 Sq. Ft. • Plus 1 Non-Conforming • 4+ Car Garage Bedroom • 1.47 Acres/160’ • 3 Fireplaces Waterfront • $889,000



5-89 CHADBOURNE DRIVE • 4 Br/2 Baths• Plus • 3 Season Porch Non-Conforming • 48.64’ Waterfront Bedroom • Stone Patio w/Fire • 1 Fireplace Pit at Shoreline • Lower Level • 1,944 Sq. Ft.• Kitchenette $389,000


4-135 SUNSET COURT • 3 Br/2 Baths • 1 Car Garage • Lower Patio • .67 Acres w/Pond • Shed • Covered • $169,000 Front Porch



17-3 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 5 Bedrooms • 3 Car Garage • 3.5 Baths Extra Deep • Stone Fireplace • .57 Acres • 3,774 Sq. Ft. • Covered Porch and Deck • $324,000











28-48 CAMBRIDGE COURT • Professionally • 4 Br./3 Baths • 2 kitchens landscaped w/lighting • 3 fireplaces • 354’ waterfront w/ • 3,617 sq. ft. patio, deck & firepit • 3 season room • So many beautiful • 4 car garage details • Multiple decks • $749,000 • 1.39 acres

5-204 HEATHCLIFF DRIVE • 4 Br/2 1/2 Baths • .80 acres • Fireplace • Whole house fan • Deck • New roof 2009 • 2,288 sq. ft. • $189,000 • LL patio

23-77 BRITTANY COURT • 4 Br/4 full baths • 205’ waterfront • 2 fireplaces • Gazebo at water’s edge • 3,278 sq. ft. • Dock & lift stay • $549,000 • 3 season porch • 2 car garage/extra long • 1.02 acres

23-39 BARRINGTON COURT • 3 Br/2 Baths • 2,408 sq. ft. • Fireplace • 3 Car Garage • 400 Sq. Ft. Loft • Wrap-Around Deck w/closets • 52.66’ Waterfront • Full Finished • 1.94 Acres Lower Level • $449,000

• 3 Br./4 Baths • Fireplace • Finished LL • 2,798 Sq. Ft. • Full Log 2 Car Garage




• .74 Acres • Easy walk to waterfront • Patio at water’s edge • 54’+ Waterfront • $549,000




28-53 SOUTHVIEW DRIVE • 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 5+ car garage • 1 Fireplace • 2.48 Acres • 1,900 Sq. Ft. • Deeded slip • Large deck & patio • $229,000 for entertaining



28-70 LAKE CARROLL BLVD. • 4 Br/3 Baths • Deck • Plus 1 non conforming • Gazebo & storage unit Bedroom • 2 car garage • Walkout LL • 2.56 acres • 2,421 Sq. Ft. • $274,000 • Two 3 seasons rooms




19-36 HIDDEN VALLEY DRIVE • DEEDED SLIP • 1,808 Sq. Ft. • 2 Br/2 Baths • 10’x26’ Deck • Plus 2 non conforming • 1.95 Acres Bedrooms • Sportsmans • Fireplace Getaway • Finished • $168,500 Lower Level

16-216 STONEHEDGE • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Seasons • 3 Baths Porch • 2,352 Sq. Ft. • 0.40 Acre • 1 Fireplace • 80’ Waterfront • $439,000





23-69 BROADVIEW DRIVE • 6 Bedrooms “Toys” • 4.5 Baths • 750 Sq. Ft. • 4 Fireplaces Waterfront • 2,704 Sq. Ft. Patio w/Firepit • 4 Season Porch and Electric. • 2 Car Garage/ • 214’ Waterfront Plus Lower • $749,000 Garage for


17-164 LAKESIDE DRIVE • 3 Bedrooms • Home being • 3 Baths Sold Turnkey • 2 Fireplaces • .50 Acres • 2,502 Sq. Ft. • 92’ Waterfront • $399,900




18-4 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 1,017 Sq. Ft. • 1 Fireplace Drywalled LL • 2,034 Sq. Ft. • 1.12 Acres • Decks • $159,000

28-3 COLONIAL COURT • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage • 3.5 Baths • 1.34 Acres • 1 Fireplace • Covered Porch • 2,736 Sq. Ft. on 3 Sides • $239,000


4-64 BEACHCOMBER LANE • 3 Br/3 Baths • .78 Acres • Fireplace • 2 Car Garage • 2,800 Sq. Ft. • Covered Front • Finished Porch/Deck Lower Level • $249,000 • LL walkout to Patio


24-31 COACHMAN COURT • Open Concept • 2 Spacious Main Level Decks • 4 Bedrooms • Firepit/Storage • 2 Baths Shed • 1 Fireplace • 2.31 Acres • 1,540 Sq. Ft. •$174,500


21-65 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 BR/2 Baths • 4.14 Acres • Fireplace • Deeded Boat Slip • 2,948 Sq. Ft. • $449,900 • 2 Car Garage • 3 Seasons Porch


• 2 car garage • New siding 2013 • .50 acres • Deck at waterfront • 192’ waterfront • $399,000


• 17’x20’ Beach House/Fire Pit Paver Patio • 1.46 Acres/224’ Waterfront • $624,500













• 2 Acres/188’ Waterfrontage • 4 Seasons Sun Room • $649,500




25-84 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 Br/3.5 Baths • +1 Non-Conforming Bedroom • 2 Fireplaces • 4,784 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Garage with 3 levels



Bedroom • 2 Baths • 1 Fireplace • Most Furniture Included

• 3,550 Sq. Ft. • 2.5 Car Garage • 1.30 Acres Professionally Landscaped • In-Ground Pool • $359,000



• +1 Non-Conforming


• 5 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2 Fireplaces • 4 Seasons Room • Full Finished LL Family Rm.




• 2 Bedrooms

• LL storage for the “toys” • Easy slope to waterfront • 155.44’ waterfront • .33 acres • $399,000


17-184 HARBORVIEW CT. • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car • 3 Baths Garage • 2,613 Sq. Ft. • 0.80 Acre • 3 Season • Landscape Porch Lighting • 250’+ Waterfront • 2 Levels w/Patio & Firepit of Decking • $494,000

• 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 3 Fireplaces/Spa Room w/Hot Tub • 3,936 Sq. Ft. • Large Decks/ Screened Porch • Deep Water on a Spacious Waterfront


• 2 Br/2.5 Baths • 1 Fireplace • Spacious LL family room • 2,126 Sq. Ft. • Extensive deck & patio



17-167 LAKESIDE DRIVE • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage • 3 Baths • .70 Acres • 2 Fireplaces • 177’ Waterfrontage • 2,689 Sq. Ft. • $649,000


27-33 Conover Court...............................$154,900 27-13 Shadow Ridge ..............................$165,900 17-182 Harbor View Drive............................SOLD 24-13 Hidden Ranch Drive ......................$214,900 25-75 Lake Carroll Blvd. .........................$215,000 21-48 Marina Court ................................$229,000 23-97 Brighton Court ..............................$299,900 17-109 & 110 Hidden Cove Court ............. $59,900 16-209 Stonehedge Drive..............................SOLD


• 3 Br/3 Baths • Plus 2 non conforming Bedrooms • LL family room w/wet bar • 1 Fireplace • 2,912 Sq. Ft. • Two 3 season rooms



23-64 Broadview Drive...........................$309,000 23-61 Broadview Drive...........................$349,000 17-141 Edgewater........................................SOLD 28-39 Southview Drive ...........................$289,900 24-93 Hidden Valley Court......................$239,500 27-52 Ridgeview.................................... $225,000 23-57 Broadview..........................................SOLD 24-40 Carriage Hill Court ..............................SOLD 17-158 & 159 Lakeside Court .......................SOLD





Lake Carroll Waterfront Lots For Sale



• 1,992 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Garage • Professionally Landscaped • 0.36 Acre • $210,000

24-1 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 4 Br/3.5 Baths • Full Finished • 1 Fireplace Lower Level • 3,250 Sq. Ft. • 1.55 Acres • $249,900

Lake Carroll

Home Sales 2013 21-13 Forest Hill Drive

17-150R Edgewater Drive

26-9 Wynwood Court

4-121 Beachcomber Lane

26-19 Westwood Court

5-220 Heathcliff Drive

17-132 Edgewater Drive

21-39 Marina Court

13-85 Quail Hollow Drive

28-59 Southview Drive

27-10 Shadow Ridge Road

25-63 Cottage Hill Court

27-35 Conover Court

23-101 Brighton Court

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Page 1B

The Lake Carroll Women’s Club Invites you

Fall Bake Sale Fundraiser Saturday, October 12 - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lake Carroll Clubhouse - Lower Level

LAKE CARROLL CRAFT FAIR UPDATE Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013 Time: 9am to 3pm Where: Lake Carroll Clubhouse - Lower Level Some of the items you’ll find at the Fair are: • Crafts and items from DA BLUES in Mt. Carroll • Decorative Barn Quilts • Framed miniature watercolors • Hand crafted Jewelry and painted glassware • Handmade clothes and accessories for “THAT” special 18” doll • Handmade hair decorations • Handmade Holiday Decorations • Homemade Jams and Noodles • Plant & Herb Garden Makers • Primitive Crafts • Scarves

• Table runners - napkins- potholders • Tupperware Products • Will “The Twig Man” will be there again with his creations • Wood Scrolling

NEW to the list in October… • “31” Products • Baby Blankets • Decorated Apparel • Handmade Baskets • Mary Kay

Come visit over 25 vendors! Surely, something for everyone!

Featuring: Pies • Cakes • Cookies Specialty Breads 50/50 Raffle Drawing at 2 p.m. Winner need not be present.

Proceeds will benefit local projects and charities. Past recipients have included: Hospice, Carroll County Senior Center, CASA, Blanket Projects, School Enrichment Programs, 4-H, Tyler Justice Center, Rolling Hills, and others.

Page 2b

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

The 2013 Fishing Club Golf Outing was well attended on September 7th. Plan to join us next year! Photo submitted.

Fish Tales


By Steve Hevrin

The September Potluck was canceled due to many conflicts with other activities for 9/11. The next potluck will be on October 9th and will be our annual brat and sausage cookout. All you will need is a dish to pass and your own place settings. Our Fishing Club Board of Directors met at the Hatchery on September 4th for our monthly meeting. President Bob Knackstedt called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Treasurer’s Report Mitch Feucht presented the August, 2013 financial report. A motion to accept the report was made by Frank Malito, seconded by Bruce McDonald. The report was unanimously approved by all directors. Hatchery Operations Bob set up a meeting with Brinkmeier’s regarding the well at the Hatchery and it has been suggested that the well should be shocked, an extended pipe added to the bottom of the well, and then have the well shocked a second time to clear up our concern for the cloudy water that the Hatchery is experiencing. This will be done within the next couple weeks.


Reef Projects Bob Knackstedt stated that Lake Carroll has purchased a barge which will have an arm that will reach 16 foot. The Fishing Club will be able to build its own reefs without the added expense of an outside company. It would also enable the Fishing Club to have access to the equipment for future projects. All reefs could be built and completed next year at a very minimal cost to the Fishing Club. Other Events Frank Malito did an outstanding job of organizing the Lake Carroll golf outing that was sponsored by the Fishing Club. The weather was nice and a great time was had by everyone. There were 68 golfers and 73 for dinner. Our dinner was excellent at the Lake Carroll Restaurant. Be sure to keep next year in mind and join us for a great day of golf and dinner. The next meeting and potluck will be Wednesday, October 9th at 6pm. Be sure to keep in mind; we will be having our annual brat and sausage cookout at our next Fishing Club potluck dinner. Hope to see everyone there.

Lake Carroll Classic Bass Tournament was cancelled in September and has been rescheduled for Oct 12th & 13th. To be eligible to fish the Classic, you had to fish 3 of our regular bass tournaments. Registration will start at 6am at the West Marina. Fishing begins at 7am. This event is pending lake status.


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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Facilities Update Well I was hoping to update everyone on the new dredge this month, but thanks to Blue Green Algae we have not been in the water yet. I am hopeful though that we will be doing some training on the dredge still in 2013. Shaun Nordlie If you drive by the Facilities Director 3 Tubes you will see our pipe that we have ready once we get in the water. This pipe will extend out into the water and connect to the dredge and be pumped back out through the tubes and silt pond, through the woods, under the ATV trail until it gets to the Block Farm leased land. The pipe that we are laying is 8” pipe with a PSI rating of 100. This should stand up to the sediment that we are pushing through the pipe even when we have a clog. The way we put this pipe together is very interesting. We have a Fusion Welding machine – this takes two pieces of pipe and cleans the ends by shaving the pipe, we then have a 12x12 heat iron that we put in between the two pieces of pipe heating them at 425 degrees for 2-3 minutes. The welder then hydraulically pulls the two pipes together to fuse them. We let the pipe sit for 11 minutes to cool and then we have a ring around the area we just connected. This area is now stronger than any other area on that pipe A very cool process. This pipe will be here for at least the next few years while we are dredging the 3 Tubes area. During the summer, the pipe will be pulled from the lake to allow access, but the pipe from the tubes back will remain year round. Our training this fall will consist of learning to drive

the dredge, work the cutter heads and make sure we are only cutting the silt. We will also be fusing pipe together on the water, which I think will be harder than it sounds. If you have any questions once we get out there please don’t hesitate to ask, I only hope I can answer them for you, remember though we are all learning at the same time. As for the lake, the blue green algae has put a damper on all of our water activities this past month. I am hopeful though that things are getting better as of September 18th as the bloom seems to have gotten much smaller and there are areas of the lake that are now clear again which was not the case 2-3 weeks ago. I hope you have all taken the time to read the literature and information that Joe Rush has provided in eblasts and on the website. This information is very informative and interesting for anyone that wants to learn about the effects of the blue green algae and why we made the decisions we did about the lake. As for other things from the facilities department; we have finished our annual tree trimming project for this year. I believe we have hit most of the problem areas. We take notes throughout the year when plowing snow or mowing the side of the road of limbs and branches that create problems for our driving. In the fall we typically concentrate on the higher branches while in the spring we work on the lower branches. We are now also starting to look at the dump trucks and plows in preparation of the snow season. I have heard that there are an extraordinary amount of acorns this year which means it is going to be a cold, hard winter. I am also still looking to see if the woolly bear caterpillars are fatter this fall. Hope you enjoy some great fall weather, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me

RecDirect Aquatic Complex The outdoor pool has been winterized and the indoor pool is geared up and ready for all of the members and their guests to take advantage of. Please be aware that during some of the open swim times, there may be Chelsey Heckman “swim at your own Recreation Director arisk” sign posted. We recommend that no one swims alone, and that if children are under the age of 14, that they are accompanied by an adult. Indoor pool hours are as follows: M-F Adult Swim 7:00am-10:30am Sat & Sun Adult Swim 8:30am-10:30am M-F Open Swim 4:00pm-7:00pm Sat & Sun Open Swim 12:00pm- 7:00pm Recreation Because of the large paper we had last month the 2nd Kidz Camp photos are now being published in the center of Section B of this issue. What an amazing week the kids had in August making new friends, going on scavenger hunts, making crafts,

Page 3B

and playing games. Our largest camp yet! Thankyou to all who helped with camp, it would not be possible without all of you! Special thanks to Dan and Nancy McCullum for donations of the various craft supplies. Look in the Lake Carroll January issue for Kidz Camp details for 2014. Upcoming Events - See ads elsewhere this issue. On October 12th at the Plumtree Lodge we will be having a spooktacular good time at the annual Lake Carroll Halloween Party. See next month’s paper for great pictures of the event! Little Elves Workshop Saturday December 14th. The Ski Hill Season will start on Saturday December 14th- weather permitting! The full schedule can be found elsewhere in this issue. Do you have a passion for skiing or are able to teach ski/snowboard lessons? If you are interested in applying to work at the ski hill please fill out an application at the Admin Office as we are already looking into the next season ahead to fill positions with well qualified ski staff! On a personal note, we have just welcomed baby #3 into our family. Cruz Steven was born on Tuesday, September 17th. While I’m on maternity leave you may contact the pool office at 815-493849 ext 10 and leave a message for Sami. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have during my leave.

Spend the day with us! Five Minutes of Fame (Downtown)...........................................Thursday, October 10 6 to 9pm --Music, Poetry, Storytelling & Coffee Farmer’s Market (Downtown)................................Every Saturday May thru October 8 to Noon, with baked goods, produce, plants, crafts & more Open Mic..................................................................................Every Sunday: From 4-??? Charlies Bar & Grill Rocky Horror Picture Show.............................................................Saturday, October 26 Call Timberlake Resort at 815-244-2035 Between 10:30 & 3:30 for tickets Shop Hop..............................................................................................November 2 & 9 Over a dozen shops filled with handcrafted and specialty items

Bill’s Window Washing 815-238-6178

October Happenings Saturday Oct. 26th Ghoulish Gallop Pumpkin Derby Lamppost Contest & More

Chadwick, Illinois

Fully Bonded - Fully Insured


Total Tree Removal & Trimming, Stump Grinding & Removal, Wood Chipping,Brush Removal and Storm Damage Removal & Clean Up

FoR FRee eSTImaTeS Call: Randy Imel - Cell: 815-590-7846

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Trail Talk By Dan Herman

This is your last call to enjoy the Trail Club Night Ride! This highlight of our trail season will take place on Saturday October 12. We’ll gather at the Lodge beginning at 5pm with registration and safety inspection followed by a procession around the complete trail circuit in the gathering darkness and ending with a warm bonfire. Seeing that line of lights winding through the woods along the trail is an unforgettable experience. A special feature this year will be the drawing for the lucky winner of the “Win Your Dues” raffle held at the bonfire. You can purchase tickets for the raffle right up to the start of the ride. We’ll also have drawings for some “door prizes”. Every machine registered gets a ticket for the drawings. A flyer describing the event in more detail is displayed nearby in the paper. The Trail Club recently gave financial support to Timber Lake Playhouse. For the live auction held at the Gala fundraiser in July we offered a ride around the trail, coupled with a boat ride on the lake, to complete a “Lake Carroll Adventure” package. The high bidder received a trail ride Winner of the TLP Gala auction for a “Lake for six followed by a boat tour of the lake Carroll Adventure” that included a trail ride for with drinks and snacks. The event took place six people was Jeannie Greenwzald of Chadwick. August 25. Yep, you know what happened to Photo by Linda Hoffman. the boat ride. The lake was closed. But, we improvised. Instead of piloting the boat ride, Jeff and Robin Saar entertained the group at their lakefront home so the guests could at least SEE the lake. We delivered the trail ride as planned on a gorgeous day. The winner, Jeannie Greenwald of Chadwick, and several family members were awed by the rustic beauty and fun of the trail. Club members who contributed their time and machines to fulfill this promise were Matt Ripplinger, Norm and Linda Hoffman, Char Spathies and me. Don Aleksy provided his Big Honker UTV which carries a lot of people. So, we helped Timber Lake, entertained a nice group of people, introduced them to the features and fun of Lake Carroll and we had fun too. Early in November, the 2nd, we’ll hold our closeout event of the season with the Pack The Pantry ride. It’s a simple early afternoon caravan around the trail with a stop for a bonfire and some snacks and conversation. The important part is we solicit those who join in to bring non-perishable food items to contribute to the Lanark-Shannon food pantry. In past years we’ve made some sizable donations to the pantry thanks to the generosity of our trail users and hope to do so again this year. If you cannot join us, but still want to contribute to the pantry you can drop off items at either the Association offices or Trailside Store. Note that the gathering point will be at Trailside, not the Lodge. I want to share with you some statistics about trail usage at Lake Carroll. The Staff has compiled a summary of the number of ATVs registered with the Association over a period of years. The short version of this story is in 2002 there were 415 machines registered. This year, to date, the number is 759. In 11 years the population has increased 82%. That’s remarkable growth and shows the strength and popularity of this motor sport. It qualifies the trail as a major amenity in our community. And I’m compelled to say that it brings with it a responsibility for those of us who enjoy it to drive safely, respect the environment of the trail and act responsibly to our neighbors. At the August meeting of the Board of Directors an appropriation was approved for construction of a new larger and flood resistant bridge over the stream below the dam spillway outlet. This creek ford can often be hazardous due to high and fast flowing water from the spillway. The current bridge is not wide enough to carry some of the newer side-by-side machines so some people have no alternative but to cross the water ford. The new bridge will accommodate all machines using the trail so a safe crossing will always be available. We will have the new bridge in place at least before the end of the season. See you on the trail!

LAKE CARROLL LOTS 1-17 Old Wharf Rd. - .25 acre lot overlooking the golf course on a quiet cul-de-sac. Short walk to clubhouse. $9,800 1-111 Captains Dr. - Good water view from this .31 acre corner lot. 30’ grassed greenway one side. Broker owned. $18,900. 1-189 Old Wharf Rd. - .26 acre lot on knoll with water view. Wooded area to the front and rear. Broker owned. $16,900. 12-253/254 Spring Creek Dr. - Level .56 acre corner lot close to ski hill and pool. $9,900. 17-27R Lakeview Dr. - Replat of lots 27 & 28. 1.17 acres gently sloping to treed rear. Conventional septic. Broker owned. $24,900. 17-36 Lakeview Dr. - Fully wooded .62 acre situated one lot off of the water. Broker owner. $32,900. 17-171 Lakeside Dr. - .50 acre 2nd tier lot sits high above the lake. Seasonal water view. $19,900. DEEDED BOAT SLIP LOTS 21-55 Old Wharf Rd. - Large 3.68 acre lot with open views near East Marina. $65,000. 21-58 Lake Carroll Blvd. - 2.36 acre corner lot with fantastic views incuding distant water view. 2001 Forest River pontoon with 2009 75hp Mercury Bigfoot motor available as a separate transaction. Motivated Seller. $54,000. ACCESS LOTS 3-653 & 654 Fawn Ridge Dr. - .52 acres. $2,500.

Doug Moll Broker Associate Isenhart Realty

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Public Notice

Lake Carroll Mixed Bowling League

Statement of Ownership, Management, Circulation (required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) of Lake Carroll News (008387), Lake Carroll Association, 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046, Carroll County. Date of Filing: October 1, 2013: 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046, Carroll County; Frequency of Issue: Monthly; No. of Issues Published Annually: 12; Annual Subscription Price: $12; Contact Person: Donna Beyer, 815-493-2552. Publisher: Lake Carroll Association, 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046. Editor: Donna Beyer, 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046. Managing Editor: Donna Beyer, 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046. Owner: Lake Carroll Association, 3-200 Association Dr., Lake Carroll, Illinois 61046. Known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders owning or holding one percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities are: None.

A. B.

Total No. Copies (net press run) Paid and/or Requested Circulation Paid/Requested Outside-County 1. Subscriptions 2. Paid In-County Subscriptions Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street 3. Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other NonUSPS Paid Distribution 4. Other Classes Mailed Through the USPS

C. D.

Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation Free Distribution by Mail 1. Outside-County 2. In-County 3. Other Classes Mailed USPS

Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months

No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date













69 26 0

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Free Distribution Outside the Mail




Total Free Distribution




Total Distribution




Copies not Distributed

I. Total Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation



2800 83.54%

2800 81.86%

This Statement of Ownership will be printed in the October 2012 issue of this publication. Donna M. Beyer, Editor Lake Carroll Association, Publisher

Where: Mt Carroll Bowling Lanes, Mt Carroll When: Monday’s at 3:00pm starting December 2nd and ending March 4th (13 weeks) Cost:

$12.00 per person per week, includes 3 games, electronic scoring and prizes (shoes not included)

Couples and singles to form teams as well as substitutes If you are interested please call or email; Jim & Pia Molloy, 815-821-3110 or 815-297-7203,

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

From the Golf Pro

What a crazy year this has been, the spring and most of June was terrible, and then the summer months were great and went by in a flash. Now in a snap, fall has begun, hopefully we will be fortunate and make up for the spring with an amazing fall. Tim and his crew have done a great job of maintaining the course this year and with some rain the course conditions should be great for the rest of the season. This season we did the golf course construction projects in the spring, so this fall we will only be doing our normal maintenance with no hole closures or temporary areas, which is nice. SALES in the Pro Shop are ongoing and the deals in October are getting even better. We will be having even more savings on in-stock Jason Hill hats, bags, balls, men’s and women’s clothes, clubs and more. Some PGA Golf Professional sales items will be as low as 40% or more off of the original price. The inventory will be getting thin quick, so come early for the best selections of merchandise, remember Christmas isn’t far away. October is still a great month for golf and we are still having some great golf events: October 5th Oktoberfest Big Cup 2-person Scramble October 12th 3-Club Tournament October 26th The Big One Halloween Scramble Congratulations to the 2013, Mr. & Mrs. Club Champions: Champs Jeff Furnia and Ellen Enright, Net 64 Runner Up Marty and Tracy DeCrane, Net 68 Glen and Sue Volk and Will and Karen Carby, who also shot a Net 68, lost the scorecard playoff to the DeCranes. Congratulations to the 2013 Club Champions: Championship Flight Club Champ Greg DeVries 71-82 153 Winner of playoff Runner Up Tim Johnson 78-75 153 A Flight Champ Jerry Heinrich 77-81 158 Runner Up Tom Doolan 78-85 163 B Flight Champ Rich Anderson 92-82 174 Runner Up Mike Sassan 90-89 179 C Flight Champ John Mitchell 90-84 174 Runner Up Reid Paxson 93-93 186 Womens Division Champ Tracey DeCrane 72-67 139 Net Runner Up Zan Wunsch 74-66 140 Net The winners and runners-up to the Championship series events will all be invited to the awards banquet in November at the Clubhouse. Invitations for these people will be sent out in the next week. If anyone, who was not a Champion or Runner-up in the following events, Club Championship, Senior Club Championship, Match Play Singles and Doubles, Mr. & Mrs. Club Championship and the Lake Carroll Cup, would like to come to the awards banquet, let the Pro Shop know by October 30th. The meal for the Champs, Runner-Ups and their spouses will be taken care of by the Pro Shop; all others will be on their own. The event sign-up sheets will be in the Pro Shop, so stop in for some great deals on golf merchandise, golf, or to sign-up for one of these great tournaments. Remember October still has some great golf left. Also, I would like to thank the Pro Shop staff for all of their hard work during the season. These young men have done excellent this year and look forward to having them back next year. Shane has found a winter job in South Carolina this year and will be leaving us October 2nd and hopefully will be back next year in April. Shane has become an excellent golf professional and will continue to advance toward full PGA status. We all wish him good luck this winter.

For quality, go straight to the top! Supp Supportive ortive Living F Facility acility 1125 N. 5th Street, Savanna, IL • 815-273-2105

Happy Halloween! Affordable Affordable Senior Housing

Personal Care Assistance Three Home-Cooked Meals Each Day Weekly We ekly Laundry & Housekeeping Services Building Security Utilities Included

. . . s k US c i r No T ats! JOIN for e Doughnuts, Juice and Coffee Just Tr Served by our “friendly, spooky” staff Thursday, October 31st In Shannon, Polo and Lake Carroll



Polo Shannon (815) 946-2777 (815) 864-2111 Lake Carroll (815) 864-2125

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Thank you

to Lake Carroll for a wonderful event day for our annual Vedra Scramble for Education. A special thank you to Jason and his team and to Denise and the Clubhouse crew for providing a great day and meal. The event supports the Forrestville Valley School Foundation, which in turn supports special innovative curriculum projects and scholarships for the Forrestville Valley School District.

Vedra Scramble Committee

2013 Schedule of Golf Events

Oct 7

Travelling Senior Men’s Event

Oct 12 3-Club 9-Hole Scramble

31 Years of Service Built on Honesty, Integrity & Service • Home Heating • LP Gas Heaters • Gas Grills • Hot Water Heaters • Grain Drying • LP Tank Sales & Service • Forward Contract for LP Gas for Farmers • Guaranteed Winter Rates 24-HOUR SERVICE • 7 DAYS A WEEK

Burkardt’s LP Gas

Located on Rt. 26 2 miles south of Polo

Business: 815-946-3081 Home : 815-946-3080

Isenhart Realty 17-112 5-10R 4-248 17-73 17-21 25-12 4-4&5 2-291 & 292 23-21 24-111 24-115 23-15 21-33 24-140 27-33

$5,000................0.51 acre lot with cul-de-sac location $5,000.......................0.55 acre cul-de-sac near ski hill $7,000...........0.24 acre on #7 fairway near clubhouse $13,900 ........................................ 0.71 acre near lake $14,000 .........................0.60 acre cul-de-sac location $14,900 ...............................1.73 acre partial lakeview $15,000 ................................. 0.52 acre on #6 tee box $19,900 .....................0.55 acre with gentle rear slope $29,900 ...................1.20 acres #12 tee box & fairway $29,900 .........................2.01 acre with rear greenway $35,000 ........................................Tree Equestrian Lot $42,500 ...........2.20 acres on #12 hole & #13 tee box $46,900 ..............................Wooded with Deeded Slip $49,900....................7.43 Acre Double Equestrian Lot $74,900 ................................1.40 acre inlet waterfront Amy Barnes Managing Broker

Cell 815-238-8360 Office 866-493-2300

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Call 815-232-1204 to set up an appointment

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

2013 Women’s Club Lake Carroll Women’s Club Meeting & Event Schedule By Mary Lou Jordan

Thursday, September 12: Lessman Catering IMPORTANT TIME CHANGE! This meeting will begin at 2:00 instead of our regular 1:00 time. Meet Donna Lessman, a new member of our Lake Carroll community. Donna is from Lanark and has built a successful catering business that meets all your needs from decorating ideas to delicious appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Donna will share some of her entertaining tips as well as ideas for recipes using those veggies in your garden that no one seems to want to take from you, A.K.A.tomatoes and zucchini. ***We will also be signing up for car pooling and our first road trip next month. October 10: De Immigrant Windmill & the Windmill Cultural Center, Fulton, IL Meet at the Lodge at 1:00 for a brief meeting and then car pool to Fulton to tour an authentic Dutch windmill built in the Netherlands specifically for Fulton. This 90 foot tall windmill is a fully operational mill. Stone ground flour from De Immigrant is available for sale in the gift shop at the Windmill Cultural Center, where we’ll be headed for the second half of our tour. The cultural center features an extensive collection of 22 European windmills ranging in size up to six feet tall. The center also contains a charming gift shop where visitors can purchase stone-ground flour, books, Delft pottery, candy and souvenirs. ***Sign up for next month’s pot luck. November 14: Pot Luck/fashion show Instead of heading out for a road trip, this month we’re staying home and letting Town ‘n’ Country Styles come to us! This will be an “in house” luncheon provided by none other than us! The hostesses will provide dessert and beverages; people with last names from A-K will bring side dishes to share, and members with last names beginning with L-Z will bring a main dish to share. After our meeting, we will enjoy a fashion show presented by Town-’n’-Country styles from Monroe, WI, while we savor the flavors of favorite WC recipes. ***Sign up & payment for our December luncheon at the Clubhouse will follow. December 12: Annual Christmas Luncheon Ring in the holiday season with our annual Christmas luncheon. Craft items will be available for sale from the Senior Center in Mt. Carroll and holiday entertainment will help us get in the spirit! January 9, 2014: “On the Move” Now that the holidays are behind us and the pounds have found us, learn how to get back in shape with Becca Millard from “On the Move”! Becca is a resident of Lanark. She has a degree in the area of health and physical fitness, including exercise science. She’ll share with us ways to melt off the pounds by following a simple plan of exercise and how to take advantage of her nearby facility! Not only does the health club have a variety of equipment, Becca also has classes available. February 13: Lanark Police Department Have you ever been tempted to accept an unbelievable offer by someone on line or on the phone? Worried that someone will find your credit information and steal your identity? Hollywood might make comedies about such things, but the truth is...identity theft and scams are no laughing matter. Learn how to protect yourself with these informative suggestions provided by our Lanark police department. March 13: The Skin Whisperer Sandra Seagrave, the Skin Whisperer, from Freeport will provide us with useful information on aging gracefully with the help of peels and microdermabrasion. She is a Licensed Esthetician. We’ll all be beautiful by summer! ***Sign up for car pooling and the tour in Monroe, WI, following the presentation. April 10: Alp & Del Creamery Tour It’s time to get out of Dodge and make one more road trip! This time we’ll be heading north to Monroe, WI, to tour the chalet-style plant at the Alp & Del Cheese Store. This facility manufactures specialty cheeses Monday through Friday and we’ll be able to view this process and learn why Wisconsin is one of the leading makers of cheese in the nation. We may also have the opportunity to sample some of their products and purchase a wide variety of items in their store. This trip should be “moooo-velous!” May 8: Heirloom Solutions A representative from Heirloom Solutions in Thompson will come out to talk about their facility and share with us ideas for organic gardening and growing heirloom plants. What a great way to prepare for the summer gardening season! ***Sign up & payment for the June luncheon following presentation. June 12: Spring Luncheon Annual Spring Luncheon at the Clubhouse


• Shade Trees • Fruit Trees • Evergreens • Shrubs • Perennials •Landscape Design • Installation • Lawn Seeding • Mowing • Retaining Walls • Skid Loader Work • Red & Brown Mulch FALL IS A GREAT TIME TO PLANT TREES!

15166 Lovers Spring Rd. • Lanark (815) 493-2434 Richard Richard Sweitzer Sweitzer 815-493-2434 815-493-2434 Tim Tim Sweitzer Sweitzer 815-994-2434 815-994-2434

The Lake Carroll Women’s Club began their 2013-2014 year with a meeting at 2pm on September 12th at Plumtree Lodge. Helen Sykora presided (in the absence of President Marve Feucht). New officers this year are Marve Feucht, president and Mary Lou Jordan, secretary. Returning officers are Bonnie Ewing, vice-president, and Suzanne Heflin, treasurer. There are many exciting, varied, and fun events planned for the year, including a fashion show presented by Town ‘n’ Country from Monroe, WI, a program on physical fitness, a session on how to protect ourselves from identity theft, a speaker on peels and microdermabrasion, a trip to a cheese-making plant, and a presentation about organic gardening. Next month, after a brief meeting at the Lodge, we will carpool to Fulton to tour the authentic Dutch windmill and visit the Windmill Cultural Center. Plans are underway for the annual bake sale, held in conjunction with the craft fair, on October 12. Delicious baked goods will be available, as well as popcorn from Blarney Stone. There will also be a 50-50 raffle. Just a reminder for everyone that collection boxes are located at the Clubhouse, Lodge and Trailside for Campbell labels, Box Tops for Education, pop tops, and greeting cards. Cub and Lanark food receipts and cancelled stamps are no longer being collected. A change this year is that we are no longer associated with Project Linus. The new name is LCWC Blanket Project. Blankets have already been donated to Freeport Pregnancy Center in Freeport and to Voices Domestic Violence program in Freeport. Following the meeting, we enjoyed wonderful snacks provided by our hostesses Pia Molloy, Joan Frey, and Janet Campana. Our guest speaker was Donna Lessman, the head cook at Shannon Elementary School. She has a successful catering business and provided a chocolate zucchini cake for us to enjoy as part of our snacks. She showed us how to make a zucchini crab cake (with no crab in it!), and made a watermelon and cucumber salad which we all got to sample. Our club is open to all women at Lake Carroll and new members are always welcome, so please consider joining us. Meetings are held at 1 p.m. at Plumtree Lodge on the 2nd Thursday of every month, September thru June. Annual dues are $20. We look forward to a great year, as our fundraising efforts allow us to help our community by donating monies to many local organizations, and we have fun, too! Guest speaker at the LCWC September meeting was Donna Lessman. Donna demonstrated one of her recipes from her catering business out of Lanark. Photo by ML Jordan.

L.C.W.C. Blanket Project By Phyllis Davies

Please join us, as we continue what was previously known as Project Linus. Meet with us on October 29th, at 10:00 a.m., at the Lodge. Blankets are made and brought to the Lodge to be completed by tying knots with embroidery thread, a method anyone can learn, whether or not you have ever sewn, or not. This project is a wonderful way to volunteer doing something that is so rewarding, as these blankets make a child smile. Mostly, we of course enjoy why we meet, but also, have a great time with each other, and it only takes a couple of hours. DON’T BE SHY, come even if you are not sure, you CAN learn, everyone has come once for the first time. We have always have coffee and a treat. If possible please bring a scissors, we will have everything else. Contact Phyllis Davies if you have any questions – 815-541-6455. See you there!

END OF LAKE SEASON All watercraft, piers, docks, swim platforms, boat lifts, etc, must be removed from the lake prior to November 1st of each year.

all m S r o g i B We Can Do It All!

New Homes ~ Additions ~ Remodeling Decks ~ Kitchens

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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

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Lake Carroll Yacht Club 2013 Events

The Yacht Club is busy planning for some fun activities this year. Below is a list of events. As plans are confirmed we will provide dates. Sock Hop at the Lodge October 19th, see ad on Page 1B Casino Trip October 24th, see ad to left Membership per family is $20.00. Set anchor with us & send your application & fee to: Mary Grant, 19-64 Edgewood Court, Lake Carroll, IL 61046

Yacht Club Membership Application Name ___________________________ LC Address: ______________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Mailing Address if different from above: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Phone: __________________________ ________________________________ E-mail: _________________________ ________________________________ _______


2013 ANNUAL MEETING Sunday, December 1, 2013 Lake Carroll Clubhouse Lower Level Registration begins at 11:30am Bring your LCA photo ID card. Meeting begins at 12:30pm

3rd Time in-a-Row!

Any size job….Done on time.

“Our Employees Are all Housebroken”


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Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Plumtree Recreation Area Winter Amenity Schedule 2013-2014

815-625-3600 1-800-798-4085

Hours for recreational facilities, Barrel Snack Shack, & Hideaway Lounge subject to change based upon weather conditions and patronage. Day & Date Saturday December 14,2013 Sunday December 15, 2013 Saturday December 21, 2013 Sunday December 22, 2013 Monday December 23, 2013 Tues. Dec 24th & Wed. 25th Thursday December 26, 2013 Friday December 27, 2013 Saturday December 28, 2013 Sunday December 29, 2013 Monday December 30, 2013

Plumtree Ski Area Tentative Events * Denotes Special Holiday Hours Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm

Tuesday December 31st, 2013 Wednesday January 1, 2014 Thursday January 2, 2014 Friday January 3, 2014 Saturday January 4, 2014 Sunday January 5, 2014 Saturday January 11, 2014 Sunday January 12, 2014 Saturday January 18, 2014 Sunday January 19, 2014 Monday January 20, 2014 Saturday January 25, 2014 Sunday January 26, 2014 Saturday February 1, 2014 Sunday February 2, 2014 Saturday February 8, 2014 Sunday February 9, 2014 Saturday February 15,2014 Sunday February 16, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm * NEW YEARS EVE * Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-7:00pm WINTERFEST Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm * Martin Luther King - Holiday * Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm * PRESIDENT''S DAY * Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm Ski Area Open 10:30am-4:00pm PLUMTREE SKI AREA CLOSING DAY

Barrel Snack Shack & Hideaway Lounge 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm

Aquatic Complex Open Swim 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm open for 12-24 am swim 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm



11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-7:00pm

12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm








11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm 11:00am-4:30pm


12:00pm-7:00pm HOMES FOR SALE 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm 12:00pm-7:00pm HOME FOR SALE BY 12:00pm-7:00pm

TUBE TOW Subject to change based upon weather conditions and patronage.

(815) 244-2171


3 Acre + lots. Must sell! Lot 103 in Sec. 31, $3,000. Lot 43 in Sec. 26, $4,000. Lot 3 in Sec. 15, $2,000. Will trade. Call 815-259-3168. ¼ ACRE LOT for sale at Lake Carroll. Asking $1500/obo. Call 815874-4760

3A Lot $3,0 26, 15, Cal ¼A Lak $15 874 L

3 Acre + lots. Must sell! Lot 103 in Sec. 31, $3,000. Lot 43 in Sec. 26, $4,000. Lot 3 in Sec. 15, $2,000. Will trade. Call 815-259-3168. ¼ ACRE LOT for sale at Lake Carroll. Asking $1500/obo. Call 815874-4760 LAWN & GARDEN

Cyc goo leav cha Eas ridin miu Van Geo

Cyclone rake, very good condition. Collects leaves, chops & discharges into hopper. Easily attaches to any riding lawn mower. Premium Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. Call Geoff 815-291-3467.

N/C 10.00 5.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 20.00 15.00

Contact Mike Ford at 815-625-3600 ext. 616 or

C USTOM C HOICES! • Remodeling • Basements • Decks • Garages •Stick Built Homes

Our Showroom Is Only Minutes From Lake Carroll

Pharmacy Center 101 W. Market St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER Save real estate commission! Completely remodeled raised ranch- turn key, ¼ ac., 2nd tier lot- 200 degree unobstructed view of lake. Sec. 5- 170 Heathcliff, Lake Carroll. Asking $252,500. 630-213-2388

HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER Save real estate commission! Completely remodeled raised ranch- turn key, ¼ ac., 2nd tier lot- 200 degree unobstructed view of lake. Sec. 5- 170 Heathcliff, Lake Carroll. Asking $252,500. 630-213-2388 LOTS FOR SALE

Interested in advertising in Lake Carroll News?

Saturday & Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm

Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lance, Sugar Free Candy, Canes, Cruthes, Supports, Depends



OWNER Save real esMonday February 17, 2014 11:00am-4:30pm 12:00pm-7:00pm tate commission! Completely remodeled raised Saturday March 1, 2014 11:00am-4:30pm 12:00pm-7:00pm ranch- turn key, ¼ ac., tier lot- 200 degree 2nd12:00pm-7:00pm Sunday March 2, 2014 11:00am-4:30pm unobstructed view of lake. Sec. 5- 170 HeathLESSON RESERVATIONS must be made at the LCA Office by close of business on Friday, cliff, Lake Carroll. Asking one week prior to your lesson - 815.493.8549 option 10 $252,500. 630-213-2388




12:00pm-7:00pm B SECTION

Plumtree Recreation Lift Ticket & Rental Rates Equipment and Tube Rental for Exclusive Use at Lake Carroll Plumtree Recreation Area Lift Ticket Member Lift Ticket $ Adults (13+) Guest Lift Ticket $ Child 12 & under Equipment Rental $ Adults (13+) Member or Guest Equipment Rental $ Child 12 & under Mber or Guest Tube Rental for Tube Tow - per hour $ Member & Guest, all ages (Price includes mandatory orientation) w / rental $ Groups (10 or more) (Price includes mandatory orientation) wo / rental $ Groups (10 or more)

C L A CL S S i F LASSI C i 815-625-3600 • E d S

Showroom Hours:

Tues.-Fri. 10AM-2PM Sat. 9AM-NOON OR BY APPT.

15102A IL. RT. 73 Shannon, IL PH: (815) 493-2903 CELL: (815) 499-7779 General Contractor: Randy Landis




Lake Carroll News, October 2013

Cory’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.

Cory & Maymee Siegner, Lake Carroll Residents

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ecovery in mind, Rbody and spirit. To learn more about our rehabilitation/skilled care services, in Mount Carroll, call (815) 244-7715.

(815) 493-6900 • Landscaping Design & Imaging • Licensed pesticide applicators • Installation • Snow removal & house checks • Maintenance • Rip-rap and seaa walls • Retaining Walls • Water features • Horticulture degreed staff

We are a complete service company that builds long lasting relationships with our customers!!


Free Estimates.

All faiths or beliefs are welcome.

Guentner Lawn Care and Landscaping 15 Years of Service in Lake Carroll

Complete Landscape & Lawn Service • Landscape Installation • Landscape & Lawn Cleanups • Lawn Mowing & Maintenance • New Lawn Installation • Skid Loader Work

• Retaining Walls • Fire Pits • Paver Patios • Snow Removal

Concrete stamping, Decorative Epoxy floors, Staining, Overlay’s, Polished concrete. 815-864-3096 • 815-291-3657 Shannon, Illinois WWW.RDCSTAMPED.COM

Protect your investments by keeping your concrete and pavers sealed!


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Lake Carroll News, October 2013



Each office independently owned and operated


Patti Kloepping



Managing Broker

Broker Associate

815-493-SOLD 815-493-SOLD WATERFRONT


13-89 Quail Hollow Drive



27-47 Ridgeview Drive

23-41 Barrington Court

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3316 Sq. Ft.

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3327 Sq. Ft.



24-90 Hidden Valley Court

Exceptional waterfront property with unique architectural details.

Premier Waterview with Expansive decks and 254’ of shoreline

2.45 Acre Private waterfront lot with perfect mix of Woods and open waterfront.

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 4850 Sq. Ft.

6 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3812 Sq. Ft.



1-91 Farragut

5 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3796 Sq. Ft.


Private 2.29 Acre private lot on Swimmers Cove. Finished walkout Lower Level to the Lake

21-47 Marina Court

Great price and well maintained located in a quiet cove

4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2817 Sq. Ft.

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3105 Sq. Ft.




28-23 Southview

2 Acre waterfront property near East Marina

5 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 3072 Sq. Ft.




24-92 Hidden Valley Court

Stunning lake views from every room and close flat walk to water front.

Incredible lakeviews from the quiet but open cove.




Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.®





28-19 Southview Drive

17-57 Lake View Circle

17-202 Lake Carroll Blvd.

walk-out, 3 levels of living space.

On private cul-de-sac recently built with 4 season room and walkout.

Huge opportunity on this short sale lakefront property

2.52 Acre wooded lot with 3 stall garage and walk out LL

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3544 Sq Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 2532 Sq Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 3990 Sq. Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2740 Sq Ft.

Finished lower level with

$344,900 GOLF COURSE





27-19 Shadow Ridge Rd.


4-231 Sandpebble

Wooded lot and view of the golf course, close to clubhouse.

4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2640 Sq Ft.




4-160 Beachcomber

19-60 Woodland Court


27-59 Ridgeview

1-36R Captains Drive

4-176 Misty Ct.

On the golf course, new never been lived in, many upgrades.

View of Lake Carroll and 2.54 acre lot on a greenway.

3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 2100 Sq Ft.

4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2394 Sq Ft.




17-63 Lake View Circle

4-112 Beachcomber

Partial lake view with huge deck.

Great starter, good location near the lake and golf course.

3 Bedrooms - 1.5 Baths - 1152 Sq Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1848 Sq Ft.



On a private cul-de-sac, near the lake and a screened porch.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 2059 Sq Ft.

Excellent lake view, has 3 finished levels.

5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2294 Sq Ft.




12-231R Springcreek

1-213 Old Wharf Road

Charming cottage with HUGE workshop in extra building.

2 Bedrooms - 2 baths - 1664 Sq Ft.



Quiet location, finished LL, Beautiful great room with wood ceiling and fireplace. agent owned.

Has Deeded Boat Slip

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1591 Sq Ft.

NEW PRICE $195,000



On the golf course! Neat as a pin, easy weekender.

Lakeview and seller wants an offer soon, finished LL.

4-132R Sunset Ct.

3-527 & 528 Fawn Ridge Drive

2 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1092 Sq Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1911 Sq Ft.

3 Bedrooms - 1 Bath - 1575 Sq Ft.



On 2 lots, in great condition. Has Garage under and New Furnace!


LAKE CARROLL LOTS FOR SALE 16-259 Canterbury...................................................................................................................................................... $3,000 16-25R Elmhurst Ct........................................................................................................................................................$3,500 17-14 Whitewater Ct.......................................................................................................................................................$3,900 12-189R Briarwood.................................................................................................. NEW PRICE $2,900 17-176 Harbor View................................................................................................. NEW PRICE $3,900 17-191 Harborview..........................................................................................................................................................$4,000 17-192 Harborview .........................................................................................................................................................$4,000 23-19 Broadview....................................................................................................... NEW PRICE $8,500 1-122 Kidds Ct.....................................................................................................................................................................$9,000

31-39 Wakonda.................................................................................................................................................................$9,500 3-383 Caribou Ct............................................................................................................................................................$10,000 31-77 Country Club Ct.................................................................................................................................................$14,900 26-15 Lake Carroll Blvd ............................................................................................................................................$14,900 4-236 & 237 Grandview. ............................................................ MAKE AN OFFER $18,000 23-7 Lake Carroll Blvd...............................................................................................................................................$19,500 27-20 Norwood...............................................................................................................................................................$23,500 24-4 LC Blvd..........................................................................................HAS A GAZEBO! $24,900


24-55 Saddlewood...................................................................................... LAKEFRONT! $164,900 16-125 Stonehedge......................................................................................LAKEFRONT! $179,900


12-150R Rosewood........................................................................................................................................................$18,000 24-88 Saddlewood............................................................................................MOTIVATED! $28,900 22-5 Lakewood Drive.................................................................................................................................................$39,000

e-mail us at:

Lake Carroll News October 2013  
Lake Carroll News October 2013  

Lake Carroll News October 2013