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We had a great time at Kidz Camp! See page 12&13B

Vol. 41 No. 08

Around The Campfire

By Ellis Fitzgerald This July 4th weekend was one of the busiest ever. The overflow area was so full there was hardly any room left to pitch a tent and the seasonal just about all of the seasonal campers were here with their family and guest. For many guest of this is the first time experiencing Lake Carroll and many go on to purchase lots and become members. (See photos near this article.) The following weekend was the annual Campground Golf Outing and Pot Luck Supper. All who participated has an excellent time and most won some sort of prize. Congratulations to the team of Mike Tipp, Jill Tipp, and Ann Conway with the winning score - seen here being presented the winning purse by outing organizer Pam Hutting. Thanks to Randy and Pam Hutting for another great job organizing this year’s event. Upcoming Events: Labor Day weekend will be here soon and again this year we will have a community bonfire on Sunday night September 1st. All Lake Carroll members and their guest are invited. For campers this is an excellent to get to know your campground neighbors campers. Many home owners also attend along with one or two members running for election to the 2014 Board of Directors. Meet the Campers: Christopher and Deborah DeBoer live in Sugar Grove Illinois and have been Lake Carroll members for 9 years and seasonal campers for the past 2 years. They have 2 sons, Daniel age 11 and Brian age 9. Chris is a Systems Administrator for Aria Group Architects, Inc. and Deborah is the office administrator for CAE Services. They enjoy family activities including ATV trail riding with their two boys, swimming, golf and especially camping at Lake Carroll. Deborah also enjoys visiting historical places and the occasional winery tour. The following pictures were taken during the Fourth of July Weekend.

Crappie Bay at the W Marina…a great place to spend the day! See page 8A

Join the Yacht Club for their annual Venetian night parade. See page 16B LAKE LEVEL: As of Thursday, July 25th - 739’ 6” ADMIN OFFICE: Closed Mon, Sept 2 - Labor Day 2013 BOARD MTG SCHEDULE: Aug 23, Sep 27, Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 1 – Annual Mtg, Dec 13 (Tentative-if needed) LAKE CARROLL GARAGE SALES: Sat, September 14, 8am-5pm Registration form on page 22B. GARAGE SALE SCRAP METAL PICKUP Sat, September 21, 10am See details on page 22B For a chance to WIN YOUR 2014 DUES and help rebuild the trail swing bridge, see page 15A!


There are 2 positions open on the Board this year. If you are interested in running, petition information and forms will be available at the LCA Office as of Thursday, August 1st. Candidate Petitions must be turned into the office by Saturday, August 31st. Ballot name order is determined by the order in which Petitions were time stamped. Please refer to your By-Laws booklet to see what being a “Board Member” entails.

MANDATORY UNIMPROVED LOT MOWINGS #2 Aug 2-11; Report by 12pm Aug 12 If you mow your own unimproved lot, YOU report it. If you hire someone to mow it, THEY report it. Provide your Name, Section, Lot, Date mowed. If you don’t report it, you will be bill for LCA arranging mowing. Mowing Report # 815-493-2552 ext 27.

Even if you mow outside of the mandatory dates, you MUST mow within the required timeframes.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013



Nick Isenhart Managing Broker 815-864-2390 24490 Payne Road Shannon, IL 61078

Amy Barnes Managing Broker 815-493-2323 107 N. Broad Street Lanark, IL 61046

















* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

6 BRs 4.5 Baths 7,470 Sq. Ft. Call Kimberly

* * * *

12.61 Acres 245’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $950,000

* * * *

5 BRs 3 Baths 4,423 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

1.78 Acres 240’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $849,000



17-163 LAKESIDE DRIVE LAKESIDE GETAWAY 3 BRs 3 Baths 2,932 Sq. Ft. Call Amy

* * * *

0.50 Acre 94’ Shoreline Stone Patio $429,000

* * * *

5 BRs 3 Baths 3,720 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.35 Acre 80’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $509,000

* * * *

5 BRs * 3.5 Baths * 4,268 Sq. Ft. * Call Amy or Nick *

2.31 Acres 17th Fairway 6 Car Garage $469,000


4 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,388 Sq. Ft. Call Michelle

* * * *

0.69 Acre 122’ Shoreline 3 Car Garage $439,000











3 BRs 2 Baths 2,237 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

Agent Owned 205’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $419,000

3 BRs 2 Baths 1,750 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* 2.22 Acres * 192’ Shoreline * Heavily Wooded * $419,000

* * * *

3 BRs 2 Baths 2,016 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *


Agent Owned 92’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $399,900

* * * *

4 BRs 3 Baths 3,907 Sq. Ft. Call Betty

* * * *

3.09 Acres Fireplace 3 Car Garage $389,000








4-83 Beachcomber Lane







4 BRs 3 Baths 2,712 Sq. Ft. Call Bonnie

* * * *

0.37 Acre 93’ Shoreline 2 Car Garage $389,000

* * * *

4 BRs 3.5 Baths 3,816 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

1.90 Acres High Views 2 Car Garage $377,500

* * * *

3 BRs 2 Baths 1,920 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

Agent Owned 76’ Frontage 2 Car Garage $369,000








* * * *

3 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,468 Sq. Ft. Call Penny

* * * *

1.45 Acres Deeded Slip 2 Car Garage $359,000


4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,755 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

2.56 Acres Deeded Slip 3 Car Garage $309,900








G N I D N E P * * * *

3 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,600 Sq. Ft. Call Bonnie

* * * *

0.71 Acre 2 Fireplaces 3 Car Garage $294,500

* * * *

3 BRs 3 Baths 3,082 Sq. Ft. Call Amy


* * * *

* * * *

4 Season Room Fireplace 2 Car Garage $199,900

3 BRs 3 Baths 2,462 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.28 Acre Screen Porch 2 Car Garage $189,000

* * * *

0.65 Acre Fireplace 2 Car Garage $259,000



3 BRs 2.5 Baths 2,608 Sq. Ft. Call Nick



MAINTENANCE FREE EXTERIOR 4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,218 Sq. Ft. Call Betty

1.52 Acres Sauna 2 Car Garage $259,900



* * * *

* * * *

2 BRs 2 Baths Cul-De-Sac Call Nick

* * * *

0.91 Acre 3 Lots 3 Car Garage $169,000

* * * *

4 BRs 3.5 Baths 2,810 Sq. Ft. Call Penny

* * * *

2.38 Acres Pool 2 Car Garage $254,500


3 BRs 2 Baths 1,872 Sq. Ft. Call Nick

* * * *

0.66 Acre Many Updates 2 Car Garage $219,000



31-24 Medinah Drive

23-211 Blackberry Court







Amy Barnes 815-238-8360

Nick Isenhart 815-275-2050

Bonnie Isenhart 815-275-2049

Doug Moll 815-238-3626

Penny Fink 815-275-3804

Aime Heldt 815-291-8256

Corine Charles 815-541-5187


Jack Fritz 815-275-2159

Betty Moorhead 815-541-8281

Trish Oppold 815-541-7138

Kimberly Taylor 815-541-5557

Michelle Paisley 815-541-5930

Notes from the Office By Julie Brantner

ASSOCIATION QUARTERLY PAYMENTS & MOWING FEES The 3rd quarter payments and the May mowing fees were due 7/31/2013. One hundred dollar ($100) late fees were added to the unpaid dues accounts & twenty-five dollar ($25) mowing late fees were added to unpaid mowing accounts on August 1, 2013. Association dues & fees must be current to exercise your use of the amenities at Lake Carroll. Questions regarding your payments may be directed to 815-493-2552 x14. REAL ESTATE TAXES The first installment of the 2013 Real Estate Tax Bill was due 7/05/2013. The final installment is due September 05, 2013. If you did not receive your tax bill, contact the Carroll County Treasurer at 815-244-0243. Courthouse hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. WATER USAGE STAMPS (NON MOTORIZED WATERCRAFT) Canoes, kayaks & paddle boats in IL are no longer required to be titled/registered in IL, unless the vessels have a motor or sail. Water usage Stamps for $6 per calendar year are now available and mandatory for all non-powered watercraft except for those non-powered watercraft where the IL registration has not expired. They may be purchased over the county from DNR Direct license & permit vendors. Owners having kayaks, canoes, & paddle boats registered at Lake Carroll will need to bring in a copy of their numbered receipt when registering the above watercraft. If you registered your kayak, canoe, or paddle boat earlier this year, please supply the office with this information. Questions, contact Karen or Missy at the Front Desk. BOATER SAFETY CARDS Many owners have been taking the IDNR Boater Safety course online and have been supplying the Office with a copy of the results. That sheet indicates that the actual boat-

er safety card will be sent in approximately one week. The Association needs to have a copy of the card for our files. Please take the time to fax or mail a copy of these cards before filing them. ARCHERY HUNTING REGISTRATION Members in good standing wishing to obtain their Lake Carroll hunting packet (windshield card, bow & arrow ID card, and stand tags) must have their ID photo on our (LCA) database before this information will be issued to you. Plan to visit the Association Office to have the Front Desk Staff take your picture or email your photos to photoid@golakecarroll. com. All dues and fees (i.e. marina concession, citations, etc) must also be current. Attendance at one of the Archery Hunters Meetings is also mandatory for the issuance of the hunting packet. Information on the Mandatory Hunter meetings can be found elsewhere in this issue. Refer to the table of contents for location. BOARD OF DIRECTORS APPLICATIONS Board of Directors applications will be available at the Association Front Desk on August 1st. A minimum of fifty (50) signatures of property owners in “good standing” must be submitted on the petition. Only one property owner per “dues paying lot” may sign the petition. There are two (2) positions open on the Board this year. Completed petitions must be turned into the office by August 31st. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION INFO If you have a credit card on file to pay your quarterly dues, mowing, or marina concession invoices, please remember to update our information when you receive your new expiration dates. If a new card has been issued to you for various reasons – once again we need this information. We thank you in advance for your cooperation! We hope everyone is having a great summer at Lake Carroll.

Specializing In: Insect Infestation Diseased Trees Drought Affected Trees Consultation

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Please Take Note

All articles and letters submitted for publication in the Lake Carroll News Must be received at the association office by the 18th of each month.

LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION 3-200 Association Dr. Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2552 Fax: 815-493-2883

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Karen Clark, Front Desk Donna Beyer, Communications Dir. Mike Schmieder, General Manager Lisa Vanderheyden, HR Mgr / Finance Julie Brantner, Accounts Receivable Arlene Gries, Administrative Assistant Shaun Nordlie, Facilities Manager Deb Stagno, Technology Director Security (or 493-2599) Joyce Stadel, Finance Assistant Missy Clark, Front Desk Joe Rush, Lake Manager Lee Harbison, Building Inspector

Carroll Co. Sheriff . . . . . . 815-244-2635 Emergency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 911 Lake Carroll Security Cell . 815-493-2599 Association Business Hours Monday – Saturday 8 am to 4:30pm

Lake Carroll NewsUSPS 008387 The Lake Carroll News is published monthly by Sauk Valley Media (SVM), 3200 E. Lincolnway, P.O. Box 498, Sterling, IL 61081. It is mailed to all Lake Carroll Association members in good standing and paid for by a portion of the annual dues. Non-members may purchase the Lake Carroll News for $12/ year. Direct subscription inquiries to editor@ or 815-493-2552 ext 11. Periodicals postage paid at Sterling, IL 61081 and additional offices. Advertising and Classified deadline is the 15th of each month. Contact Mike Ford at, 815-625-3600 ext 616, or mail to Sauk Valley Media, Attn: Lake Carroll News, 3200 E. Lincolnway, P.O. Box 498, Sterling, IL 61081. The Lake Carroll Association and SMV, as agents, nor the printer assume financial liability for production errors in or non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. Corrections will be printed in the following month’s edition, provided the Lake Carroll News does not endorse or guarantee the ads. Advertiser indemnifies and holds harmless the Lake Carroll Association from any and all cost, damage, or loss sustained and caused by or resulting from any false, misleading, or libelous claims made in any advertisement placed by the advertiser. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Lake Carroll News, 3-200 Association Dr, Lake Carroll, IL 61046.

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Administration Office Notes.................................................. 3A Mandatory Mowing...................................... 1A All About You Car-ridin’ Wind-lovin’ dogs - Stagno’s......... 8A Board of Directors Board Candidate Information....................... 1A BOD Member List........................................ 6A Minutes – June 28....................................... 11A VP Views....................................................... 6B Calendars - Events/Committees/Club............ 7A Campground Around the Fire............................................. 1A Classifieds..................................................... 20B Clubhouse Craft Show.................................................. 13A Craft Show Update...................................... 13A Hours, Specials........................................... 10A Pasta Cook-Off............................................ 14A Communication A&E.............................................................. 5B Committee Members Wanted...................... 21B Facilities Update........................................... 5B GM Monthly Report to BOD........................ 6A Standing Committees.................................... 6A Day at the Races........................................... 22B Equestrian Open House.................................. 8B Financial Financials June 2013..................................... 5A Financial Corner............................................ 5A Garage Sales – LCA..................................... 22B Scrap Metal Pick-Up................................... 22B Golf From the Pro............................................... 10B Golf Events............................................8B,11B Ladies League Invitational............................ 1B Lake & Natural Resources Conservation Corner..................................... 3B Couples Fishing Tourney.............................. 4B Crappie Bay.................................................. 8A Dam Informative Presentation...................... 7B Deer Management Mtgs.............................. 18B FC Member Form......................................... 4B Fishing Tournaments..................................... 4B Fishing Tournament Results.......................... 4B Fish Size & Limits........................................ 4B Fish Tales...................................................... 3B IDNR Registration Notice............................. 5B Lake & Natrl Resources-Exotic Weed Alert.2B W Marina Concession Hours........................ 5B Wildlife Community Cookout..................... 13A Obituary – Charleton.................................... 12A Recreation Archery Class for Kids................................ 21B Bags & VBall Tourneys.............................. 19B Bags & VBall 7/6 Winners.................. 14&15B Family Fun Nights...................................... 21B Kidz Camp #1 Photos.......................... 12&13B Kidz Camp #2 & Kidz Days....................... 18B Halloween Party............................................ 9B Pool Hours.................................................. 18B RecDirect.................................................... 14B Safety & Security/EMS Fine Assessments.......................................... 4A Personal Floatation Devices.......................... 5A Safety First.................................................... 4A Security Notes............................................... 4A Yield to Yellow.............................................. 4A Trail Talk....................................................... 15A Free ATV Rides........................................... 15A Win Your 2014 Dues!.................................. 15A Women’s Club Stitches & Blooms Garden Walk.................. 9A Thank You – Garden Walk.......................... 21B Yacht Club Member Form & Events............ 16B Venetian Boat Parade.................................. 16B

Letters to the Editor Policy The Lake Carroll News welcomes Letters to the Editor. Letters must be received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Writers must be LCA members in good standing, reflect their viewpoint, focus on the issues and/or must be of interest to the majority of Lake Carroll members. 2. Letters should not contain personal attacks against any individual(s) or businesses and may not express personal grievances or conflicts. 3. Letters containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks or obscenities will not be published or are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. 4. Constructive criticism is acceptable; suggestions on alternative solutions to the concerns are appreciated. 5. Letters are limited to 400 words or less. 6. All letters must bear a signature and LCA section and lot numbers. 7. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD reserve the right to review to accept or deny publication of any Letter to the Editor and to offer a rebuttal within the same issue. 8. The Editor will provide an explanation in writing to those submitters whose letter is not published. Editorial & Photo Guidelines It is each organizations responsibility to publicize and cover their events for the Lake Carroll News. If you need assistance, please contact the office. Any written articles, committee or club ads, or photos submitted for publication in the Lake Carroll News must be received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Be of interest and benefit to Lake Carroll Members. 2. Purposes for articles published are to inform and educate. 3. Articles containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks, obscenities or anything deemed inappropriate will not be published or are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. 4. Hard copy photos will be scanned and available for pick up one week following publication. 5. Special announcements (ie: wedding/anniversary/births/graduation, etc) may submit a single photo (published size to be determined by staff) and text of 100 words or less. Submissions: An electronic file is the preferred method of submission. Files may be submittedvia email or provided on disk. Photos may also be submitted via email. Please make electronic submissions to The Editor will send a “received” confirmation email. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD reserve the right to review to accept or deny publication of any submission for publication in the Lake Carroll News. Items submitted that are not in compliance to these guidelines will not be guaranteed publication. Any questions please contact the Editor at 815-493-2552, ext. 11. Editorial Policy adopted 2/22/05.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Lake Carroll Security/EMS Corner Available 24/7 at 815-493-2599

Security Notes

Security Stats for June 2013:

Luke Fossett Security Supervisor

House Checks- 3932 Amenity Checks -1116 Service Calls- 292 Complaints- 33 Deliveries- 88 Assist Motorists- 9 Ambulance Calls- 4

Alarms- 5 Fishing License Checked- 199 Creel Limits Checked- 51 Marina Vehicles Checked-2388 ATV’s Checked- 232 Boats Assisted- 18 Verbal Warnings – 34

The week of the 4th of July was extremely busy; it has been a long time since I have witnessed so many people enjoying the amenities at Lake Carroll. The Security Department had minimal complaints during this time, I would like to thank the property owners and guest for their patients and kindness during this very busy weekend. NEW! WEST MARINA PARKING POLICY: The West Marina becomes very busy during the summer months, on the weekends. This can lead to some parking headaches. We are implementing a policy that on weekends and holidays between Memorial Day and Labor Day: “The middle of the West Marina parking area will be reserved for vehicles pulling trailers only. We have many incidents during busy periods of single vehicles parking three deep, blocking the middle vehicle from being able to leave. See the accompanying photo; where is the middle car supposed to go when they’re ready to leave and the owners of the other vehicles are not around? This is even more challenging when it is a vehicle pulling a trailer that is blocked. Please be patient, signage is being completed at the time of this article. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. GREEN 911 SIGNAGE: The green and white signs located at the entrance to your residence displaying your section and lot numbers, are the emergency 911 information signage. I have been receiving reports of the signs being only partly visible or not visible at all due to overgrown vegetation. Keep the signs clear in the case of a medical emergency or fire every second can count; the obstructed signage could possibly slow the response of the ambulance and fire department personnel. The security department was able to put together a list of obstructed signs. The property owners with obstructed signs were notified by mail and instructed to clear away the vegetation. Reminder DUMPSTER USAGE: There are dumpsters located at the East and West Marinas. These dumpsters are not for residential refuse, and have signage to that point. It is illegal to dump residential refuse in any Lake Carroll Association dumpsters. If your residence does not receive garbage pick-up then the garbage must be transported back to your residence, and please remind your guests. DON’T’ FORGET “YEILD TO YELLOW!!!” If you have any questions, complaints, or compliments, please feel free to contact me at (815) 493-2552 ext.18 or e-mail me at If the Security Department can be of any assistance to you, we may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (815) 493-2599. DID YOU KNOW: …A new rule was approved and put in place this year making the use of the skier down mandatory. The flags will be available at the LCA office and marina concession. Information on this rule can be found in your rules and regulations booklet page, 14, chapter 1, section D-3-N-ii. …ATV’s are prohibited from crossing private lots and can only use Lake Carroll roadways to access the trail system. This information in located in the Lake Carroll rules and regulations page 7, chapter 1, section B, 2 – E & F. …It is illegal to let you dog or cat roam freely at Lake Carroll. Please be courteous with you neighbors. Even if they are not at their Lake Carroll residence your pets should not be making a mess on their property. Please review the rules and regulations regarding pets Page 36, chapter 4, section C, #8, in your rules and regulations booklet.

Safety First

Neighborhood Watch hopes everyone has a safe and fun summer! July 2013 - FINE ASSESSMENTS LAST FIRST SEC LOT VIOLATION Brown Eric 24 42 No LCA Decal Displayed Larson Andrew 17 166 No LCA Decal Displayed Broihier John 24 58 Littering Freidag James 24 120 No Guest Pass King Roger 3 595 No LCA Decal Kulczycki Ted 4 85 No LCA Decal Giuliano Thomas 1 66 No LCA Decal Displayed Serculo Ronald 4 81 No LCA Decal DeCanniere Dan 17 144 No LCA Decal Displayed Robinson James 5 83 No LCA Decal Displayed Kelliher Larry 21 21 No LCA Decal Displayed Kelliher Larry 21 21 No LCA Decal Displayed Kelliher Larry 21 21 No LCA Decal Displayed Kelliher Larry 21 21 No LCA Decal Shaner Dalton 16 204 Speeding Hutchinson Randall 1 143 No LCA Decal Displayed Bjarnson Gary 24 67 No LCA Decal Kaleel Nick 24 15 Littering Kaleel Nick 24 15 Littering Ludewig Jerry 5 213 No LCA Decal Displayed Casey Mark 3 429 No LCA Decal Kelly Daniel 5 222 No LCA Decal Displayed Kelly Daniel 5 222 No LCA Decal Displayed Roth Joseph 12 119 No LCA Decal Displayed Rund James 25 56 Reckless Conduct Mathews Gilbert 1 134 No Guest Pass Ripper Raymond 17 142 No LCA Decal Displayed Borowski Jeremy 2 276 No LCA Decal Displayed Schreiber Dawn 1 172 No LCA Decal Displayed Carroll Lori 16 206 No LCA Decal Displayed Turner Donald 1 78 No LCA Decal Displayed Klasen Daniel 16 113 No Guest Pass Doyle Daniel 26 55 Littering Oliver Jeffery 25 15 Littering Heflin Terry 26 64 No LCA decal Fier Shawn 24 66 No LCA Decal Displayed Johnson Graig 4 84 No LCA Decal Displayed Shah Ankit 24 24 No LCA Decal Displayed Shah Raxa 5 216 Littering

By Dan Herman

“Does your dog bite?” In previous columns I’ve discussed the good practice by a walker in our neighborhood of wearing a bright fluorescent orange cap while walking on the roadways. This bright colored cap makes him visible literally from a quarter mile away. Bright colored hunting caps are available at sporting goods outlets and are a really good way to make your exercise walk safer. Just the other day this safety-minded person passed by my home wearing that same cap, but also carrying a healthy stick. I commented about the stick and he told me in all seriousness that he carries it to ward off loose dogs that have threatened him. He told me of a specific location where the dog charged him. Now, I’ve also talked before about how Lake Carroll has specific rules prohibiting dogs (and cats) from being allowed to run free. Roaming free is not good for the animal (Ever see a coyote in your neighborhood? I have.) and a risk of injury for your neighbors. “Oh, my dog plays so gently with my grandchildren he would never hurt anyone!” Dogs are territorial and that ordinarily docile dog can get real nasty with someone or another animal intruding on their space. It shouldn’t be necessary for my friend to carry a defensive weapon to go for a walk. And as for cats…I can’t imagine a cat chasing down the casual walker; however, your cat using the neighbors sandbox for their litter box or tormenting the visiting birds that they’ve so carefully set up houses and feeders for is unappreciated. So for your animal’s benefit, respect for your neighbors and avoidance of a citation from Security – keep your dogs and cats tethered when outside your home. Skier Down Flag. OK, one more time I’m going to remind you about the MANDATORY Skier Down Flag. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t already heard it from several sources, including this one, the display of the skier down flag is now a mandatory rule on the Lake Carroll. In short, if you are pulling someone on a water ski or water tube and they fall in the water you are to display a bright colored safety flag from the towing boat while that person is being retrieved. This isn’t a nuisance rule, the flag is really effective in calling attention to your loved one nearly helpless in the water and you should be motivated to protect them in this way. Flags are available in the Association office and the West Marina concession for a nominal cost. Please purchase and use one! Life Preservers. Also known as Personal Flotation Devices (PFD). Illinois Department of Conservation rules require a PFD on board for all anticipated passengers and age brackets. Any person under the age of 13 is required by law to wear a Type I, II or III PFD while the boat (or other watercraft) is underway. An illustration of the PFD types is nearby in this issue. And it isn’t just for the kids. If you have an adult passenger on board and don’t know for sure that person can swim, ASK and require they wear a PFD if their swimming ability is questionable. It’s scary how we get reports of people zooming around the lake on jet skis (wave runners) without PFDs. In one instance an eyewitness reported seeing a jet ski with two adults on board and two small children seated between them not wearing PFDs. First of all the machine is illegally overloaded and if it tips over those kids are in big trouble after being thrown violently in the water. Makes me shiver to think about it. Also, boats over 16 feet in length are required to have a Type IV Throwable Device on board. Please take the safe way and be diligent about using PFDs! Pop Quiz. Did you recognize the quote at the opening of the first item? It’s a line from a famous movie. Do you know which one? Let’s be careful out there!

FINE $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $0.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $50.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $100.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $50.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00


In accordance with Illinois State Law, the Lake Carroll Security vehicles have been equipped with amber (yellow) light bars. The roof light bar alternates strobes, blinking, and flashing. The grill lights alternate strobe side to side. When you see the yellow flashing lights, you should immediately yield the right of way by pulling over to the right side of the road.

Financial Corner

Nicor filed their application with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to provide natural gas service to the Lake Carroll Community on May 10, 2013. Since this time the ICC has appointed an Administrative Law Bill Jahnke Judge to handle the proceedings. There Treasurer have been several actions and continuances have been granted. Oral arguments are to take place on August 1st and beyond that the schedule is unknown. The engineers have been working on the plans for the project and it is the hope that the 6” main that comes off of Payne Road will be installed up Lake Carroll Blvd to the Clubhouse and splitting down Lake Carroll Blvd to the south this fall. We are pushing Nicor to be able to provide natural gas to the Clubhouse for this winter. The Clubhouse and the Pool are the largest users of propane for the Association. The balance of the mains and individual services will

then take place in 2014. If you want to follow the progress for the ICC relative to the Nicor application for Lake Carroll, you can go to the following website: casedetails.aspx?no=13-0361 At the end of June all the Committees submitted their requests for the Fixed Asset portion of the 2014 budget. The requests as in prior years exceed the amount that has normally been allocated to the Fixed Asset portion of the overall budget. The next step is a joint meeting with the Finance and Steering Committees and the Board to review the submittals and to attempt to prioritize the importance of each for merit in the budget to be presented to the membership. Keep an eye on the blaster emails and the newspaper for the budget meetings and even though it is a Finance or Steering or Board meeting on this subject, all meetings are open to the membership at large. We are continuing to search for the additional equipment for the dredging program and are attempting to secure all the primary needs this year so that we can get going this fall. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call.

Personal Flotation Devices Type I (Off-Shore Life Jacket) 22 Ibs. buoyancy

Where: Best for open, rough or remote water, where rescue may be slow in coming. Advantages: Floats you best. Turns most unconscious wearers face-up in water. Highly visible color. Disadvantages: Bulky. Sizes: Two sizes to fit most children and adults.

Type II (Near-Shore Buoyant Vest) 15.5 Ibs buoyancy Where: Good for calm, inland water, or where there is a good chance of fast rescue. Advantages: Will turn many unconscious wearers face-up in water. Less bulky, more comfortable than Type I. Disadvantages: Not for long hours in rough water. Will not turn some unconscious wearers face up in water. Sizes: Infant, Child-small, Child-medium, Adult.

Type III (Flotation Aid) 15.5 Ibs buoyancy Where: Good for calm, inland water or where there is a good chance of fast rescue. Advantages: Generally the most comfortable for continuous wear. Freedom of movement for water-skiing, small boat sailing, fishing, etc. Available in many styles, including vests and flotation coats. Disadvantages: Not for rough water. Wearer may have to tilt head back to avoid facedown position in water. Sizes: Many individual sizes from Child-small to Adult.

Type IV (Throwable Device) Where: For calm, inland water with heavy boat traffic, where help is always nearby. Advantages: Can be thrown to someone. Good back-up to wearable PFD. Some can be used as seat cushions. Disadvantages: Not for unconscious persons. Not for nonswimmers or children. Not for many hours in rough water. Kinds: Cushions, rings and horseshoe buoys.

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All lica by Julie Brantner by Julie Brantner Fixed asset income and expenses BE MEMBERSHIP AMENITY CARDS & DECALSAMENITY secure your site&for the upcoming season. Feesfor the MEMBERSHIP CARDS DECALS secure your site Income OF MONTH ACTUAL

Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance = * * Includes Restricted Reserve Account and the amount due from Pool Loan Line of Credit of $725,000 Dam and Road Reserves have been transferred to the Fixed Asset Checking account for use this year.

826,256 **

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This summary was extracted from the June 30, 2013 Respectfully Submitted,


815-243-WASH 815-243-WASH (9274)


SEASONAL . . . . . . . .8x10 LARgE . . . . . . . . . . .10x24 ExTRA LARgE . . . . .10x30 (9274)

“Come Clean With Us...” FIREWOOD AvAILAbLE “Come Clean With Us...”

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Assessments for fixed-asset purchases 2,765 season 717,711 780,880 We are processing the 2013 Information Sheets. the for 2013 the camping this year(4) arethe $590.00 plusseason th We are processing Information Sheets. for camping Assessment for debt repayment 177,722 Please display your new decals upondisplay receipt.your$25.00 for the818 camperreceipt. decal. $25.00 for232,640 Please new decals upon the camper de Property Transfer fees 6,750 insurance 22,125 CAMPGROUND 30,000 LOT Your 2013 Information Sheet, current insurance CAMPGROUND LOTTERY Your 2013 Information Sheet, current New Construction Impact Fees 0 3,000 6,000 and registration information must returned toinformation andberegistration mustwill be returned to onAthe A lottery be conducted 1st Saturlottery will be cond Other income (1) 35 234 (1) 56,918 the office with your payment tothe receive 2013 officethe with your payment to receive the 2013 day -------------------in March at 10am at the Conference Center. day in March at 10am a -----------------------------------------decals. 2013 $100.00 decals. Effective February 1,income 2013 aEffective $100.00 February Members in good Members1,in good astanding wishing to be1,106,438 added to standin Total assesment and debt repayment 10,368 920,792 late feeaccounts. has been added to all unpaidWaiting accounts. late expenses fee has been added to all unpaid theaCampground the Campground List for seasonal siteWaiting Less Expenses 71,042 at 320,383 873,798 2013 payments received bythe January mustyear’s be present 2013 payments received postmarked by January mustpostmarked be present lottery. This lotteryat the lo Debt2013 repayment 0 fee.2,Thank 232,640 (2) 232,640 2013 not assessed the late will be held March 2, 2 31, were (2) not assessed the31,late fee.were Thank will be held March 2013. Conference Center Reserve allocation 0 questions 0 doors will open 0at 9:30a youhave for questions your cooperation. you have you for your cooperation. If you doors If will open at 9:30am and the lottery will be -------------------- -----------------------------------------payment, please at call10am. Julie PLEASE at 815- REFER conducted atTHE 10am. PLE regarding your payment, pleaseregarding call Julie your at 815conducted TO Total expense and debt repayment 71,042 553,023 1,106,438 493-2552 ext 14. RULES & REGULATIO 493-2552 ext 14. RULES & REGULATIONS, Campground ChapMembership be used for multiter 3 Section I Seasonal Membership Cards will be used for multi-Cards ter 3will Section I Seasonal Site Lottery & AssignNet Income (60,674) 367,769 0 ple years; tentatively 5=========== or(pages more.32Replacement ments (pages 32 – 33) fo ple years; tentatively 5 or more. Replacement ments –=========== 33) for complete details. ============= for to younger children’s cards&isSTORAGE yet to be FEES GOLF TRAIL & STOR schedule for younger children’sschedule cards is yet be GOLF TRAIL determined. DO NOT DISCARD UNTIL NOTI-to owners Golfwith fees regiswill be mail Operating Income Expenses determined. DO and NOT DISCARD UNTIL NOTIGolf fees will be mailed Assessments, sales and other incomeFIED OF NEED REPLACEMENT. If you February tered golf carts approxim FIED OF NEED FOR REPLACEMENT. If you FOR tered golf carts approximately 12, 2013. Assessment & Sales 473,113 4,205,508 loosere-yourThese card, there will a 1,977,346 $20must re- be These forms discard or loose your card, therediscard will beora $20 forms & be monies received in &themonies Total other income (3)This fee doesplacement 57,182 535,556 (3) 778,028 fee does not applyoffice to up-by March LAKE 28, CARROLL placement charge. not apply charge. to up- This LAKE CARROLL 2013. offic 1 -------------------- -----------------------------------------dating children’s when significant growth Decals will be issued up dating children’s photos when significant growthphotos Decals will be issued upon receipt of monies & 1 Total assessments, sales and other income 530,295 2,512,902 4,983,536 changes have occurred. insurance changes have occurred. proper insurance requirements.proper 2013 Fees: Trail require Less expenses: 1 SLIPS fee -for $175.00; Golf Stor ASSIGNED BOAT SLIPS ASSIGNED BOAT fee - $175.00; Golf Storage a gas cart Cost of Goods Sold 60,703 150,450- $320 412,512 1 assigned boat$400 slips 2012 will be Golf and $400 for an -electric Users of assigned boat slips inUsers 2012 of will be and Total expenses 358,262 2,742,309 forinan electric cart; Cart4,571,024 Decal ------------------------------------------------------------sent 2013 assignment letters by January 31, fees 2013.are “per $25.00 (Each of these fe1 sent 2013 assignment letters by January 31, 2013. $25.00 (Each of these cart”). Total cost and of sales and expenses 1 Monies andoffice forms must be returned to the2,892,759 office BOAT &4,983,536 CAMPER ST Monies forms must be returned to the BOAT &418,965 CAMPER STORAGE ------------------------------------------------------------before February to secure a slip. who used 1th before February 17, 2013 to secure a slip. Failure17, 2013 Members who usedFailure the CamperMembers & Boat StorNet Income 111,330 (379,857) 0 to return this form will considered a 2012 negative age============= sites the 2012 to return this form will be considered a negative agebe sites during the Association yearduring will be 1 =========== =========== response and the slip will be made available to notices for the up response Net andIncomes the slip will be made available to mailed notices for the upcomingmailed Summer Season Combined 1 new marina All assessments &367,769 fees approximately February Fixedmarina Asset Net Income (60,674) 0 new slip users. All assessments & slip fees users. approximately February 12, 2013. These forms 1 must be current to apply for marina slip. Operating Net Income 111,330 0 with yo mustbybeMarch returned must be current to apply for a marina slip. must-------------------beareturned with (379,857) your monies 28, -----------------------------------------2 2013 MARINA (NEW Boat (12,088) Slip 2013 reserve 0your spo 2013 MARINA LOTTERY (NEW Boat Slip LOTTERY 2013 to reserve If you havetoquestions, Monthly Combined Net Income 50,656 your spot. 2 Users/Non-Deeded) please please =========== ============= Users/Non-Deeded) call Karen=========== at 815-493-2552 extcall 10.Karen New at 815 2 NOTES: March 2013 will be the 1stbe day new with assignments must be ma Saturday, March 2, 2013 will beSaturday, the 1st day new 2, assignments must made the Front Desk The total cash on hand as of June 30, 2013 1,502,865 marina may apply for parking a boat slip. Conparking your boat marina users may apply for a boat slip. users The Conbefore yourThe boat and/orbefore camper. Due to Operating for Pool Loan as of June 30, 2013 will be open at123,371 7:30am. TheDIRECTORY lot- 2013 HOMEOWNERCa D ference Center will be open at ference 7:30am.Center The lot2013 HOMEOWNER Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan as of June 30, 2013 725,000 tery will begin at 8am. Members in good standing All Lake Carroll Hom tery will begin at 8am. Members in good standing All Lake Carroll Homeowners (with a Lanark Em Total Available Cash (requires drawing on Pool Loan LOC) 2,351,235 must apply in person.‘493’ Visa/Master ‘493’ phone or cellLap must apply in person. Visa/Master authorizations phone #authorizations or cell phone number which# is Line of Credit for Pool Loan used as of June 30, 2013 0 must accompany the request when submitted. used as the primary num must accompany the request when submitted. used as the primary number at your Lake resiLinePLEASE of Credit used as of TO JuneTHE 30, 2013 0 & REGUPLEASE REFER TO THE RULES dence) will be included i REFER RULES & REGUdence) will be included in the directory unless we LATIONS, CHAPTER 2 SECTION G:fully MARIreceive notification The Pool Loan CHAPTER Line of Credit as of 12/31/2012 wasMARI$1,080,256.75 and was paid down inthe January 2013 LATIONS, 2 SECTION G: receive notification via form included with via NA ASSIGNMENT (pages 25 & 26) FOR investments from the Fixed Asset Reserve and Operatingyour Cash.2013 On 02/15/2013 an internal your“Lake 2013 Phone Information s NAbySLIP ASSIGNMENT (pages 25SLIP & 26) FOR Information sheet.adjustment The paying backINFORMATION the Operating Account $231,885.98 was done leaving the PLLOC an available line ofNumber” $848,370.77. DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE UPDATon will your 2013 DETAILED ON THE UPDATNumber” on your 2013 Information Sheet ED PROCEDURES. be the number published ED PROCEDURES. be the number published in the directory. If you BOAT SAFETY CLASS DO NOT want your There's Dock Maintenance expense for $65,316 in Operating, with a pending insurance claim, with a deductible of $1,000. BOAT SAFETY CLASS DO NOT want your lake phone number to appear lake La One class has been at LAKE CAR- youinmust the upcoming One class has been scheduled at LAKE CAR- inscheduled the upcoming directory, return the directo Summary of the June 30, 2013 financial statements ROLL. Saturday, March 8am-4:30pm, form. Ifthe youdirechave questi ROLL. Saturday, March 16, 2013, 8am-4:30pm, form.16, If 2013, you have questions regarding Vi we Boater will beSafety offering tory, the required Boater Safety tory, please call we will be offering the required please call Karen (ext 10) or Missy (ext 20)Karen to(e (1) Includes interest income and gain on sale of equipment po theclass Clubhouse (lower level). This class at 815-493-2552. course at the Clubhouse (lower course level). at This at 815-493-2552. La (2) Debt repayment - includes interestmust payment and payment tobefore pay back the Operating Account be completed a boat may be regisMEMBERSHIP ID CA must be completed before a boat may be regis- MEMBERSHIP ID CARDS pa reducing the PLLOC available. tered at LAKE CARROLL. The Front Desk will you with have your not yet supp tered at LAKE CARROLL. The Front Desk will If you have not yet supplied the If office Co (3) Building permits, security fines, campground fees, marina rental, golf fees, etc. have sign-up available after March please email th have a sign-up sheet available aftera March 1,sheet photos, please email them1, to photos, photoid@golake81 2013. Please call 815-493-2552, ext 10 or 20 if; or Karen an (4) Includes CDP , lake improvement and late fees 2013. Please call 815-493-2552, ext 10 or 20 if; or Karen and Missy will be taking 47 you wish to sign up for this class. pictures at the Front De lcn you wishclubhouse, to sign uphealth for this class. at the Front Desk throughout the year. Operating, reimbursement and petty cash = pictures1,062,008 * CAMPGROUND BILLING cards inare issu *CAMPGROUND includes amount dueSEASONAL from Pool Loan LOC of 123,370.77 SEASONAL BILLING Amenity cards are issued onlyAmenity to members pr Bills for theap-2013good season will be mailed ap- photos good standing with subm Bills for the 2013 season will be mailed standing with submitted in our dataLa Fixed asset checking account balance = 413,909 proximately February 12, 2013. Seasonal campbase and as time and reso Vo proximately February 12, 2013. Seasonal camp- base and as time and resources allow. Debt payment account balance = 49,062 ing fees duetoon or Hope beforeyou’re Marchhaving 28, 2013 towinterHope ing fees are due on or before March 28,are 2013 a fun at theyou’re Lake!having abilf

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Cremation service, traditional service, monored Cremation service, traditional service, monuments and assistance with out-of-town arrangem su and assistance with out-of-town arrangements lin

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

LCA Standing Committees A&E Committee By-Laws Committee Campground Committee Clubhouse Committee Finance Committee Golf Committee Lake Conservation Committee Safety Committee Recreation Committee Steering Committee Wildlife Mgmnt Committee You may access additional information at

2013 LCA Board Members John Grotto, President 20-23 Hideout Ct Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-6641 Dan McCollum, Vice-President 326 Tower Hill Drive St. Charles, Illinois 60175 630-762-0527 Jeff Howe (27-27), Secretary 3N575 Wild Flower Ln West Chicago, IL 60185 630-231-0694; 630-204-0741 Bill Jahnke, Treasurer 2370 Broadview Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2795 Barb Anderson, Director 31-3 Lake Carroll Blvd Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-8867 Joanie Perez (27-30), Director 5831 Beverly Cir E Hanover Park, IL 60133 630-372-8128 Dave Soldat, Director 21-31 Forest Hill Drive Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-9139

General Manager - Monthly Board Report July 26, 2013 By Michael Schmieder Following is a synopsis of this month’s activities. I have identified those items that are of importance or that are not necessarily obvious. I have not included the normal day-to-day activities or those items that are covered by the Treasurer and others. Please also refer to the staff reports that have been provided. The order is by department/category. 1. Report on directives from the June 28, 2013 BOD Meeting. a. The A & E Committee approved a permit for the replacement of 36,400 feet of underground cabling for Com-Ed. Maps displaying where the work will be performed was not included in the May A & E Minutes. Those maps have been received and are attached to this report. b. I was asked to engage Mr. Steve Bloomberg to pursue obtaining a Declaratory Judgment regarding the proposed AT & T tower site. Steve did not recommend getting a declaratory judgment at this time and offered an opinion on the Matter. This matter is on the agenda for discussion and action. c. As discussed at the June BOD Meeting, a Sheriff’s sale is scheduled for July 23, 2013 at the Carroll County Courthouse at 10:00am. The Sheriff will auction of three Lake Carroll lots. A verbal report on the sale will be made at Friday’s meeting.. d. I was asked to schedule a “Land Designation” workshop to include the Board of Directors, the By-Laws Committee, and interested Members and our Attorney, Mr. Steve Bloomberg. The Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 9:00am at the Clubhouse. e. As requested, I forwarded rental regulation information to the six Property Owners who attended the June Meeting to voice their concerns over short-term rentals. 2. Administration: a. Discussions with Mr. Steve Ward, contact person for the Cell Tower which AT & T. wishes to construct continued. Steve was informed that we have staked a 70’X70’ area, approximately 300yds south of the Maintenance Building so that they can get the area surveyed. b. NICOR has filed their application to serve the Lake Carroll Community with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The process is still ongoing and a final decision has yet to be made. c. An updated copy of the Fixed Asset Expenditures – Cash Status report is attached. 3. Safe Workplace Committee & Cinci-Safe Program: a. No specific report – the group does not meet in June, July and August. 4. Accounts Receivable & Front Desk: a. See updated 2013 dues status report. (attached) The collection of assessments is approximately 20 DPE’s short of 2,270 we budgeted for 2013. This represents a potential shortfall of approximately $27,000. Lisa, the Management Staff and I, are making the necessary adjustments to account for the decrease in DPE’s. b. Twenty-seven Ownership transfers transactions were processed through this time period, nine of which were homes. Two were lots the Association took back in lieu of foreclosure proceedings. c. Third quarter dues and mowing statements were sent June 26, 2013. The dues and mowing fees are due on July 31, 2013. d. Bids for property available at the annual Carroll County Tax Sale were due on July 19, 2013. Twenty-Two Lake Carroll lots are/were available at this tax sale. Twenty-One lots were available at the 2012 County Tax Sale. Results from the sale have yet to be received. 5. Finance & Human Resources: a. Finance: i. Operating Statements for June, 2013 will be available and sent to the Board electronically prior to 7/26/2013 BOD Meeting. ii. Lisa attended and provided the Finance Committee with Credit Card Service Fee data and the matter was discussed at the July, 2013 Committee Meeting. b. Human Resource: i. No specific report 6. Safety & Security: a. Weather alert radios were purchased and placed at the Swimming Pool, the Golf Course, the West Marina, the Campground and the Association Office as recommended by the Safety Committee.

b. During the past thirty (30) days, the Lake Carroll Security Department has responded to 292 service calls, 9 motorists requesting assistance, 18 boaters requesting assistance and 4 ambulance calls. They have also checked creel limits with 51 fishermen, confirmed/checked 199 fishing licenses, inspected 388 watercraft for proper decals and registration as well as 2,388 vehicles parked in the Marinas. 7. Information Technology: a. On June 28, 2013 the Lake Carroll Rules Codification contract was signed. All LCA Governing Documents were sent to American Codifiers for preliminary codification on July 1, 2013. We will receive the first draft between 10/1/13 and 1/1/14. A timeline for this project is attached to this report. 8. Communications: a. 9. Facilities Management: a. The John Deere Tractor requires repair as we’ve encountered problems with the hydraulic system. This has put the maintenance department behind in mowing the parkways and other large areas. The tractor is expected to return to service by Wednesday, July 24. b. The former Loran Township Road Commissioner has been added to the maintenance department and has recently been making (coldpatch asphalt) repairs to the streets and filling the drainage areas on the sides of the roads with gravel as needed. c. Construction of the Bill-Board sign on the Perdue property, at the corner of 73 and 72 has begun. This project should be finished by July 31, 2013. d. On Tuesday, July 2nd, the bids were opened for the 2013 street maintenance program. We received three bids for the skip patching/asphalt work. The engineer’s estimate for this part of the work was $129,047.00. The bids came in as follows: Martin & Co. - $104,734, Fischer Excavating - $122,062 and Civil Constructors, Inc. - $92,109. Civil has been awarded the job and has signed the contract with Fehr Graham. We received only one bid on the Seal Coat/Chip & Seal work. The engineers estimate was $223, 310 and the bid came in at $175,119, also by Civil Constructors. The Total of the two bids is $267,228 vs. our remaining budget for the street work of approximately $280,000. A pre-construction meeting was held on Thursday, July 18 and a tentative schedule has been established. The skip patching will begin the week of July 28 and will take approximately 3-4 days. The seal-coat work will begin as early as the week of August 5 and will also take 3-4 days. There are no road closures planned and any road delays are expected to be brief. The Membership will receive information regarding scheduled repairs in specific sections via the E-Blast. Mr. Terry Derdzinski is constantly evaluating our streets and has been diligent in developing a long-range street maintenance/improvement schedule. Each year, certain sections are scheduled for sealcoat (chip & seal) and some portions of Lake Carroll Blvd. are scheduled to receive asphalt. Regardless of the schedule, we conduct an inspection of our streets each spring to evaluate any areas which might not be able to wait until the scheduled time for its repair. Such is the case this year. Time, elements, wear and a rough winter have created left many streets in dire need of repair, now. The current schedule has the LCA doing approximately $7,000 in chip & seal work in section #30 in 2015. Brookside Drive will require close to $30,000 for asphalt work/repair, and sealcoat, and it’s necessary now, in 2013. This is only one of many examples of some of our streets which are in disrepair. Terry’s schedule is necessary, it must however have the flexibility to alter the plan based on the current street conditions. The original plan called for us to have asphalt installed on Lake Carroll Blvd. from Lakeview Drive in section #17 to the north end of the West Marina Parking Lot. Terry and our Engineer have strongly recommended that we alter the plan so that we can address the repairs which are currently needed. To off-set the increased cost of repairs, we recommend that the asphalt program be delayed by a year. In addition to making the repairs, we have accelerated the seal-coat work for the East Marina & the Hatchery to be performed this year instead of the scheduled year of 2014. A modified Long Range Street Mainte-

nance Schedule is currently being created 10. Lake Management/Wildlife: a. The Lake level as of July 19, 2013 was 739’ – 6”. (6” below pool level) b. The turbidity curtains which were approved at the April, 2013 BOD meeting arrived on May 24. The second set of curtains has been installed at the inlet which feeds the pond on Zier Rd. These will help contain silt before it reaches the Lake. The Maintenance Department will be inspecting the curtains periodically to evaluate their effectiveness as well as the need for proper maintenance. c. The hydraulic pump on the weed harvester had to be replaced and was out of service for a brief time. Since then, Weed harvesting has been completed in the South Bay, East Marina and Swimmers Cove. The harvester is now removing weeds in the Three Tubes area and many of the coves on the north side of the Lake. When finished, they will head back to the South Bay area to harvest in several coves in sections #5, #16 and #17. My thanks go out to Mr. Jim Stagno, Mr. “Jeep” Hill and the maintenance department for their hard work in making our Lake enjoyable for swimmers, boaters and Fisherman. d. The Trailer for the Dredge was delivered to Northern Illinois Diesel on July 10, 2013. e. The remaining Lighted Solar Buoys were received and have been placed in the Lake. The total number of solar buoys is now 32. f. Approximately 100 replacement floats have been received and installed. Many docks in the West Marina received new floats. The majority of the float replacements were installed on the Gas Dock and the Launch Dock. g. Clarke Aquatic Weed Control has been hired to conduct the inspections and applications of chemical to address the Lake’s Curly Leaf Pondweed and Eur-Asian Milfoil. It was determined that approximately 6 additional acres required chemical treatment near sections #1, 4 and 23. h. I have attached Joe’s complete Manager Report for your review as it has valuable, detailed information regarding the Lake, Dam, retention ponds and our long range plan to dredge starting this fall. 11. Building Inspection/Architectural & Environmental: a. The A & E Committee approved two new homes at their July 19, 2013 meeting. These bring the 2013 total of new homes to four. b. The Section #23 Greenway has been graded, topped with top-soil and seeded by Haskin Construction. 12. Golf Operations (Pro Shop): a. The weather for our Golf operation has been excellent over the past 30 days and several successful events have been hosted. The LCA Big Cup Scramble had over 100 players and raised $800 to help fund a mobile scoreboard which will allow us to display scores during post event meals outside or in the lower level of the Clubhouse. Other events include night golf on July 5 which included 100 players, the Firecracker Scramble on July 7 and the Ladies invitational on July 10 which had 81 participants. b. Jason also held a successful Junior Golf Camp which was attended by 30 young golfers. 13. Golf Maintenance: a. No specific report but the course remains in excellent condition. 14. Clubhouse Operations: a. No specific report 15. Recreation Complex Operations: a. Aquatic Complex: i. It became necessary to close the indoor pool on July 21 due to problems with the filter. The needed parts have been ordered and are expected to arrive within a week. The outdoor pool remains open and all systems are working well. ii. The second session of swimming lessons took place July 1st thru July 11th with over 50 kids attending. Several Members have offered their compliments on the new, level 6 swimming proficiency class as well as the parent/child class offered in the evenings. iii. The pool hosted approximately 1,075 swimmers during July 5, 6 & 7. b. Recreation: i. c. Ski Hill: i. Closed for the season. 16. Campground: a. No specific Report. 17. Equestrian Area(s): a. No specific Report

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Crappie Bay…A Great Family Spot in Lake Carroll By Joe Rush, Lake Manager

I’d like to introduce you to “Crappie Bay” at Lake Carroll. This is a great little spot for just about everything you’d want to do! Most people aren’t even aware that it’s there. If you head to the West Marina, and cross the bridge by the beach, you’ve reached the point of Crappie Bay! This area is open to all property owners for use. This is a great spot to enjoy the day with the family. From the beach, to the playground, picnicking on the point, or taking a nature walk on the mowed trails in the beautiful hardwood timber, there’s something for the entire family. And don’t forget, there’s fantastic shoreline fishing available year-round in Crappie Bay. If you’re out for an afternoon cruise in the boat, there’s limited docking available for you to tie up and enjoy the area, as well. So whether you’re an avid boater looking for a break from the weekend traffic, or a family looking for a spot to spend the day, this area has a lot to offer! The next time you’re at the West Marina, be sure to take a walk to the point… I’m sure you’ll be glad you did! If you decide to check out Crappie Bay, please be sure to email me at and let me know what you think. We’re always looking for ways to improve Lake Carroll, and your comments and ideas are always welcome.

Fishing at Crappie Bay... fun for the whole family... Dani Rush loves fishing so much that she even takes the fish off for mom!

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Ella Burkholder catches her first fish ever, and it’s a beautiful smallmouth bass at Crappie Bay.

Fishing isn’t just for the boys! Here’s one of 10 different white bass Adi Rush caught that day!

All About Your Pet Jim & Deb Stagno’s (25-81) “girls” sporting their convertible attire! Buckled up and goggles on…Jet and Star love the wind through their fur!!! Send your fun photos of your pet and you might find it in the Lake Carroll News! Either drop or send them to the Admin Office or email them to

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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Stitches & Blooms Garden Walk a Big Success By Marve Feucht

The Carroll County Garden Walk held at Lake Carroll on June 29th & 30th was attended by nearly 300 garden and quilt enthusiasts and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Even the intermittent heavy rains on Saturday did not dampen any spirits. Attendees enjoyed ponds and other water features, rock gardens, herb gardens, wooded paths, prairies, and more. Viewers were wowed by a delightful array of colorful blooms, luscious greens, special garden accents, and beautiful quilts. Many attendees also enjoyed event specials offered by the Clubhouse, Trailside, and Silver Moon Winery. Gardeners are still receiving compliments and many attendees departed with revived inspirations to try something new in their own lawns and gardens. The ‘Stitches ‘n’ Blooms’ event was sponsored by the Lake Carroll Women’s Club and Friends of the Lanark Public Library, The Women’s Club share of the proceeds will go to local charities supported by the club. The Women’s Club would like to extend a hearty thank you to the many individuals and groups who worked hard to make the event successful, especially the following families for sharing their wonderful gardens and green thumbs with all of us: Appleberry, Feucht, Firmiss, Golden, Gomilla, Jahnke, Ripper, Siegner, Sykora & Wilhelm. We’d also like to extend special thanks to Lake Carroll Quilt Club members who graciously offered their quilts for display in the gardens; to Roseanne & John Anzalone for sharing their hand painted barn quilts to mark the participating gardens; to Tommy Healy for the artwork gracing our publicity materials; to Lynn Collins for her handiwork on gardener thank you gifts; to all club members who helped to sell tickets & hostess gardens; to Mike Siciliano who organized Neighborhood Watch members to help route traffic to the event; and to the Lake Carroll Admin Office for all of their assistance with flyers, maps, brochures & signage. This was truly a community event! The Quilt Club raffle held in conjunction with the Garden Walk delighted seventeen lucky attendees who won beautiful quilted items such as tote bags, runners, pillows, wall hangings, and framed stitcheries, Thanks to all Quilt Club members who donated items and to Pia Molloy for managing the raffle.


12.3 ACREs



Cell: 630-209-4185




Cell: 815-297-4968 sHAnnOn

206 s. HiCKORy • 69,900 • 2 Car Attached Garage • 3-4 Bedrooms • 2,119 Sq. Ft. • 1.5 Baths • Built 1950


23-32 BERKsHiRE Ct. • $569,900 • 3,292 Sq. Ft. • Newly Added • Built in 1999 Master Suite • 1.49 Acres • 5 Bedrooms • Garage 2 Car M.L • 3.5 Baths Full Storage LL • 117 Ft. Waterfrontage

COuntRy ViEw

1-112R CAptAins DR. • $162,000 • Built in 1993 • 3 Bedrooms • 2+ Car Garage • 2 Baths •1,879 Sq. Ft.


D L sO

4-102 BEACHCOMBER • $520,000 • 2 Car + Garage • 3 Bedrooms • .29 Acres • 3 Baths • Turn Key Sale • 3,049 Sq. Ft.

12075 OAK st. ROAD LEnA ii • $324,900 • 12.36 Acres • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Baths

• 2,974 Sq. Ft. • 2 Fireplaces • 2.5 Car Garage • 2 Heated Pole Buildings


D L sO

1-230R GRAnDViEw DR. • $199,900 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 1,196 Sq. Ft.

• .50 Acre • Built 1999 • 2.5 Car Garage • LOTS of Updates

COuntRy ViEw

5-45 CHADBOuRnE • $184,900 • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bath • Built in 1981

• .27 Acre • 1 Car Garage • 1,695 Sq. Ft. • Lots of Updates

4-241 GRAnDViEw DR. • $199,000 • New Constrution • 3 Bedrooms • .25 Acre Lot • 2 Baths • 1,652 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Attached Garage


D L sO 2-247R WESTCREST CT • $199,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2,200 Sq. Ft.

• 2 Car Detached Garage • .37 Acres • Turn Key Sale • Built in 1991


Waterfront 24-63 • 26-61 • 25-53 • 25-54 • 21-51 • 25-80 Lake View 16-197R • 5-127R SOLD! 23-11 LAKE CARROLL BLVD 17-88R • $324,900 • 1.29 Acres Golf View • 3 Bedrooms • 4 Car Garage 4-245 • Reduced! 23-124 • 2.5 Baths • 1,982 Sq. Ft. • Deeded Slip 31-57 (Deeded Slip) 4-223R • 4-225R Country View GOLF COURSE 24-34 • 23-12 • 31-71 • 2-267R 17-105 • 30-91 SOLD! •17-10 12-232 & 233 • 12-177 SOLD! 31-99 • 24-121 • 3-425 SOLD! 3-595 SOLD! •19-52 • 16-76 SOLD! 23-10 LAKE CARROLL BLVD Property 23.5 Acres Babbs Grove & • $364,000 • 3 Car Attached Garage Miche Roads SOLD! • 17.5 till• 3 or 4 Bedrooms • Built in 1999 • 2.5 Baths • Main Level Laundry able, 6 wooded/pasture. Spring on property, • 3,541 Sq. Ft. Pearl City School District

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

The Clubhouse 815-493-2810 Dine-In Daily Specials Sunday 9am-10am Breakfast Buffet Adults $5.99 Kids 5-12 $3.99 10am-1:30pm Sunday Brunch Adults $9.99 Kids 5-12 $4.99 Kids (4 & Under) Free 4pm-8pm All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken $8.99

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LIVE ENTERTAINMENT August 10th THE FUNNIES 8PM-11PM at the Clubhouse Join us in the Beer Garden!

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lake Carroll Association Board of Directors - June 28, 2013

Convene Board Meeting: President John Grotto called the Meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. in the LCA Conference Center. Present and Constituting a Quorum: • President, John Grotto • Vice President, Dan McCollum • Treasurer, Bill Jahnke • Secretary, Jeff Howe • Director, Barb Anderson • Director, Dave Soldat Absent: • Director, Joanie Perez Also Present: • General Manager, Michael Schmieder Pledge of Allegiance: President John Grotto called on Merce Meyers (1-90) to lead the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Approval of June Agenda: Dave Soldat moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve June 28, 2013 Agenda. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.01 Approval of Minutes: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Board’s Regular Meeting Minutes of May 31, 2013. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.02 President’s Comments: President John Grotto indicated that he had received a number of calls expressing concern over short-term rentals. John also announced that since the date of the July Steering Committee had been changed, the date of quarterly Board President/Committee Chair meeting was also going to be changed. The date is now July 20th. Audience Questions/Remarks: Dick Sbarbaro (24-73) stated that he lives next door to one of the properties that are regularly rented out. Last year there were few problems, as most rentals were longer term, and for the most part they were Lake Carroll property owners who knew the rules and followed them. This year, it has become more like a hotel with shortterm rentals. There are a lot more problems, like intoxication, swearing, dogs straying onto his property menacing his grandkids, etc. The renters don’t seem to care and are just there to party. It is basically being run as a hotel in a residential area, which he feels is inappropriate. Tom Nelmark (24-72) stated he has experienced some of what Dick Sbarbaro has experienced. He asked what accountability the property owner has when there are problems. He feels there needs to be some accountability and guidelines put into place. Maybe something like 3 security calls and you’re out. John Grotto noted that the governing documents state that the property owner is ultimately responsible for their guests and invitees, and are responsible for any fines. John also stated that the Board is aware of this issue and has been discussing it over the past couple of years. The Board isn’t in agreement over the nature and scope of what rental regulations should be put into place. Jerry Kayser (24-38) stated he is opposed to short-term rentals. It could cause issues with property values. Short-term renters are not vested in Lake Carroll. It also stresses our resources, like Security. He doesn’t think short-term rentals fit in with the philosophy of the community. Sam Lostroscio (25-66) stated that we are zoned R-1, not for business. The rentals on the website are charging tax, so they are a business. Our philosophy has always been one of being family oriented. If these rentals grow big time, it’s going to kill our property values. John Grotto asked what the thoughts were on property owners vs. non-lot owners with regard to short-term rentals. Dick Sbarbaro said he was more comfortable with property owners, but with any short-term rental with different people living in the house every weekend, it is really like living in a hotel, regardless of their ownership status. Dick also commented that this is a zoning violation, as it is a business being managed through Fawnridge. John Kulczewski (23-215) said he has been a property owner since 1989. He echoes a lot of what the previous commenters have said. He is

a real estate developer by trade. He is sensitive to the individual property owners’ rights, but doesn’t think it is unreasonable to have some minimal amount of restrictions on rentals. John Grotto stated the Board has not finalized anything yet, and that there was a revised proposal that was a scaled back version of what was originally put together. He also said that there was some debate as to whether the rental regulations should be a Bylaws amendment or should be in the Rules & Regulations. Jeff Howe pointed out that the Board already voted at the May Board meeting to put the rental regulations in the Rules & Regulations. Bill Jahnke indicated that the Rules & Regulations are concerned with behavior which is what the real issue with short-term rentals seems to be. He said that a lot of the Board felt that any type of enforcement would come from there because that’s where the fine structure comes in, whereas the Bylaws are more structural in their overall format. Bill acknowledged that many of the problems we have heard about are with the behavior of the short-term renters; we do not hear as many problems with people renting 6 months or a year. Bill indicated the Association has an ability to control the behavior issues. In addition to being able to have monetary penalties for the bad behavior, the Association has the ultimate tool of being able to remove membership privileges. Bill also noted that although we may be zoned R-1 residential, our covenants also allow for renting of property. There is something in our founding documents that the developer said that even though this is a single family residential development, you can still rent out your home. John Grotto stated that we hope to do something on the issue by the end of the year. Larry Meyers (1-90) wanted to understand what the registration process is for any rentals, short term or long term. He also suggested that a deposit be required that can be used to offset any fines that get levied, and also suggested that if there were problems with a specific rental, the owner could be prohibited from renting again for 6 months. Judy Kayser (24-38) stated that she felt longterm renters would be more vested in the community. Mike Schmieder briefed the Board on an organization called the Military Warriors Support Foundation that purchases foreclosed homes and places combat wounded military families in the homes. The organization has purchased a home in Lake Carroll. Treasurer’s Report: As of May 31, 2013 Financial Statements, as reported in a handout by Treasurer Bill Jahnke: • Total Cash on Hand: $2,588,415 o Operating, Clubhouse and Petty Cash Balance: $1,212,484 o Fixed Asset Checking Account Balance: $503,292 o Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance: $826,255 o Debt Payment Account Balance: $46,384 • Line of Credit Used: $0 • Pool Loan Line of Credit Balance: $0 o Due to Operating for Pool Loan: $123,371 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan: $725,000 Dave Soldat moved and Dan McCollum seconded to approve the Treasurer’s summary of the Association’s May, 2013 financial statements. Motion passed by roll call vote (4/1/1) – Jeff Howe voting no, Bill Jahnke abstained. M13.06.03 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to approve the Financial Statements for May, 2013 as presented by the Association’s Accounting and Finance Manager. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/0). M13.06.04 General Manager’s Report: Mike Schmieder reported that Mike Siciliano provided the Association with 5 air horns can be used to alert golfers, swimmers, campers and boaters of severe weather. Committee Minutes with Actions Requested or Topics for Discussion: 1. A & E (6/7/2013):

Recommendation regarding rule change to tree/ shrub regulations: Barb Anderson moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to approve landscaping rule change regarding trees & shrubs. Amended rule as follows: On page 21, Z – remove the words “and some landscaping by Members”, page 21, Z, #1 remove the words in parentheses, “plantings, trees, bushes, etc.”, remove all of page 21, Z, #5 and make #4. There was discussion about whether or not the current rule was enforceable. Also, removing the rule altogether may not be the correct solution to the issue. Motion withdrawn. 2. By-Laws (6/10/2013): Recommendation regarding changes to Article II of the Lake Carroll Association By-Laws regarding rentals: Jeff Howe raised some concerns over the proposed definitions. The Board decided to take no action at this meeting, and directed Jeff to work with the Bylaws Committee at their next meeting to refine the definitions for presentation at the next Board meeting. Committee Reports with No Action Requested: Committee minutes received with no specific recommendations were from A & E (6/21/2013); Campground (6/8/2013); Finance (6/7/2013); Lake (6/10/2013); Steering (6/1/2013) Club Minutes: Club minutes were received from Lake Carroll Women’s Club (6/13/2013) Unfinished Business/General Orders: 1. Discussion regarding Committee Appointments: Dan McCollum presented a memo to the Board on the topic of committee appointments. Dan pointed out that there is inconsistency in how committee members are identified for appointment. For some committees, the committee will screen and vote on who should be recommended to be appointed to the committee before the Board makes its appointment, while for other committees the applications come directly to the Board to be considered for appointment. The Bylaws seems to support the latter method. Dan will draft a procedure for the Board to consider at a future meeting. Another topic his memo addressed was that we consider making appointments for a fixed length term. He is not suggesting term limits. At the end of a term, the committee member could be appointed for another term. There was discussion on this topic without a real consensus on this topic. Dan Herman (23-53) pointed out that the Safety Committee needs to maintain a large membership in order to populate hearing panels. Sue Massey (1-16), who is on the Finance Committee, said committees are made up of volunteers, and asked why there was a need to limit terms. Dan McCollum will include this topic in his recommended procedures that he will draft, and the Board will consider this at a future meeting. 2. Discussion and request for approval to execute the Codification Proposal provided by American Legal: Jeff Howe moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to approve the rules codification proposal provided by American Legal Publishing Corporation. [Note: This motion corrects the name of the company indicated in motion M13.02.04.] Motion passed by voice vote. M13.06.05 Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the proposal noted in motion M13.06.05. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.06 3. Request for John Grotto to execute engagement letter with Winkel, Parker & Foster, CPA PC regarding the 2012 Lake Carroll Audit: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize Board President, Mr. John Grotto to execute the engagement letter regarding the 2012 Audit performed by Winkel, Parker & Foster, CPA PC. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.06.07 4. Discussion and request for Board action relative to the land designations for Common and Reserved areas: The Board did not to address this topic at the meeting, but instead will set up a workshop with the Bylaws Committee and the Association attorney.

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5. Discussion regarding proposed AT & T Cell Tower agreement and potential locations: Dan McCollum moved and Barb Anderson seconded to proceed to get a Declaratory Judgment that the Board has the authority to permit AT&T to construct a cell tower on a Common Area parcel. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.06.08 New Business: 1. Consideration and request for approval of CER for Video Cameras and DVR Recorders as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to authorize the expenditure of $13,775.68 for ten (10) new and two (2) replacement video cameras and a one (1) replacement video recorder for the Lodge, Pool, Clubhouse and West Marina. Equipment to be purchased and installed from Pridham Electronics, Inc. of Madison, WI. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (5/1/0) – Dan McCollum voting no. M13.06.09 2. Consideration and request for approval for asphalt repair and chip & seal work as part of the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget: Bill Jahnke moved and Dan McCollum seconded to authorize the expenditure, not to exceed $290,000 for the 2013 Street Maintenance program as outlined by Mr. Terry Derdzinski and the engineering firm of Fehr Graham of Freeport, IL. Funds to come from the 2013 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by roll call vote (5/1/0) – Jeff Howe voting no. M13.06.10 3. Discussion and authorization to purchase lots at July 23, 2013 Sheriff’s Sale for Lake Carroll lots #15-2, #15-11 & #1-231: Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat to authorize General Manager, Michael Schmieder to establish an opening and maximum bid of $350.00 for lots #15-2, #15-11, and #1-231 at the July 23rd, 2013 Carroll County Sheriff’s sale. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/0/0). M13.06.11 Board Directors Comments: None Audience Questions/Remarks: Dan Herman (23-53) suggested that committee appointments could have a term length defined with the term being renewable at the Board’s discretion. Dan McCollum suggested the policy could be set up so that appointees serve until their successor is duly appointed. On the related topic of committees selecting their chairman, Dan Herman said he thought that committees are in a good position to select their own chairs. Ian Keith (26-52) said the golf course is in magnificent shape and Tim Throop should be recognized for this. Mike Schmieder announced that the Women’s Club Garden Walk is this weekend. A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into putting this event on. Bill Jahnke moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve giving the Women’s Club permission to post signs related to the Garden Walk on Association property. Motion passed by voice vote. M13.06.12 Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues: Dave Soldat moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.13 Time: 9:07 P.M. Bill Jahnke moved and Dave Soldat seconded to return to Open Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.14 Time: 9:38 P.M. Further Business: Dave Soldat moved and Barb Anderson seconded to accept with regret, the resignation of Jim Mance (17-40) from the Lake Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.15 Jeff Howe moved and Dave Soldat seconded to appoint Bruce Sorensen (31-91) a voting member of the A & E Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.16 Dave Soldat moved and Bill Jahnke seconded to adjourn the Board’s Regular Meeting of June 28, 2013 at 9:39 P.M. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. M13.06.17 These Minutes approved on this 26th day of July, 2013. ATTEST: Jeff Howe, Secretary

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Lois Marie Charleton 1927-2013

LANARK: Lois Marie Charleton, 85 yrs. old, of Lanark and Lake Carroll, passed away on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at the Stephenson Nursing Center in Freeport. She was born on Aug. 6, 1927 in Chicago, a daughter of Bryan and Emily (Johnson) Dragoo. Emily grew up on the west side of Chicago, attending Flower High School, and launching a long standing career in radio drama, television reporting and commercials, and corporate and print modeling that spanned from her sophomore year in high school well into her 40’s. She married Samuel John Charleton on April 24, 1948 in Chicago. Her dedication and service to non-profit workshop centers for the mentally and physically handicapped began in 1965 with her foundation fundraising volunteer work for the Ray Graham workshop and foundation in Elmhurst, where she, Sam, and their family lived throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. She went on to secure her teaching certificate and served school district # 88 as its vocational counselor for the learning-disabled and physically handicapped students for over fifteen years. She and her husband bought property in Lake Carroll in 1972 and eventually made Lake Carroll their permanent home. In 1999, they built a home in Lanark to retire in a location closer to Rolling Hills Progress Center, where her son, Jack, worked (and still works) and where Lois could provide volunteer service to the Foundation of the Center. She was always active in the Methodist Church. A devoted Mother, dear and generous friend, tireless advocate for the rights and needs of the physically and mentally challenged, effervescent personality, Lois touched and benefited many lives. She will be missed. Surviving are two sons, John “Jack” Bryan Charleton of Lanark and Daniel Henry Charleton of Davie, FL and four grandchildren, Blake Charleton, Sarah Charleton, Alexa Charleton, and Ty Charleton. She was preceded in death by her husband, Samuel John Charleton, her parents, Emily and Bryan Dragoo of Mt. Carroll, and her sister, Betty Fecke, also of Mt. Carroll. Services were held on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Lanark United Methodist Church with interment in the Lanark Cemetery. Memorials have been established in her memory for the Lanark United Methodist Church and Rolling Hills Progress Center. Arrangements handled by the RussellFrank Funeral Home in Lanark.

Bonnie Isenhart

Annual Homemade Pie Fundraiser Returns

Tickle your taste buds at “Pie on the Porch” Friday and Saturday, August 30 and 31. From 10am to 4pm each day, feast on delicious made-from-scratch pies during the Friends of the Lanark Public Library (FLPL) annual fundraiser, while absorbing the peaceful beauty of a gorgeous garden in full bloom. Enjoy homemade pie and help the FLPL support the library’s programs and collections. Stop in at the Picket Fence for lovely decorations and gifts, located on the premises. Patrons will receive a coupon for a free book from Twice-Sold Tales used bookstore on Rte. 64. Pie on the Porch is located at the Picket Fence, 407 E. Franklin in Lanark, and will be open 10am to 4pm on August 30 and 31.

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Isenhart Realty

5-10R $5,000...............0.55 acre cul-de-sac near ski hill 17-73 $13,900 .................................0.71 acre near lake 17-21 $14,000 ..................0.60 acre cul-de-sac location 2-291 & 292 $19,900 ..............0.55 acre with gentle rear slope 4-4&5 $22,000 ..........................0.52 acre on #6 tee box 23-21 $29,900 ........... 1.20 acres #12 tee box & fairway 25-12 $29,900 .......................1.73 acre partial lakeview 24-111 $29,900 ................. 2.01 acre with rear greenway 24-115 $35,000 ................................Tree Equestrian Lot 23-15 $42,500 ....2.20 acres on #12 hole & #13 tee box 24-140 $49,900.............7.43 Acre Double Equestrian Lot 21-33 $46,900 ...................... Wooded with Deeded Slip 27-33 $74,900 ........................1.40 acre inlet waterfront Amy Barnes

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013 Time: 9am to 3pm Where: Lake Carroll Clubhouse - Lower Level Some of the items you’ll find at the Fair are:

• Decorative Barn Quilts • Primitive Crafts • Tupperware Products • Handmade Holiday Decorations • Handmade clothes and accessories for “THAT” special 18” doll • Homemade Jams and Noodles • Table runners - napkins- potholders • Handmade hair decorations • Framed miniature watercolors • Crafts and items from DA BLUES in Mt. Carroll • Hand crafted Jewelry and painted glassware • Will “The Twig Man” will be there again with his creations There are still a few tables available but they’re going fast. For information please check out the accompanying ad.


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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

sensible LIVING

Because every step matters

Our Skilled Nursing offers a full range of services including: • Bounce Back Rehabilitation • Respite Care • Palliative Care • Full range of rehabilitative therapies - physical, occupational, and speech

Liberty Village of Freeport, a not-for-profit Senior facility received a Five-Star rating by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for its overall quality care!

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Open Mon.-Fri. 9-8, Tues.-Fri, 9-5:30, Sat. 9-noon or by appointment

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Trail Talk

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By Dan Herman

The Mud Splash event will occur too late to discuss in this issue of the column, but you can be sure some folks will get down and dirty. We’ll fill you in about it next month. Looking ahead to our upcoming events, August will bring one of our more popular activities. Members of the club with multiple seat ATVs will be giving FREE RIDES on a portion of the trail to folks who have not had the opportunity to experience the trail before. It’s a fun, beautiful ride. All you have to do is come to our starting point at the Lodge and sign up for a ride. Children are welcome, but we do reserve the option to decline a ride to youngsters we consider too small to ride safely. No children held in laps. Helmets will be required for all passengers and we’ll provide them. In September we’re taking a break and will not have an organized trail activity. But, then October brings our blockbuster event, the Night Ride. We’ve had a great time the past two years with a long line of machines winding through the darkened trail in a column of lights followed by gathering around a roaring campfire. Last year we had sixty machines in the line. Help us set a new record this year. Good time guaranteed! Are you a trail user who remembers the Swinging Bridge? Many of us do and we’re determined to see it rise again. Currently we’re conducting a raffle to raise funds to design and build a new bridge. The raffle is open to all Lake Carroll Association members; you do not have to be a trail user to participate. The prize to the winning ticket holder is to have your 2014 dues paid to the Association by the Trail Club. For a donation of $20 per ticket you can have your dues paid. See the nearby flyer for more details about the raffle rules and conditions. It’s easy to join in the fun. We’ll have Trail Club members as vendors of tickets at many of the upcoming Lake Carroll events. Look for us at Family Fun Nights, golf and fishing tournaments, Venetian Night, and more. Also, the flyer gives you instructions on how to order tickets by mail. We’re having a good year on the trail. The weather is finally cooperating and maintenance has provided us with a track in really good condition. I’ve noted and heard about a number of Association members buying new machines and joining in the trail experience.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Specializing in Lake Carroll Properties!

f ales o s #1 in S pertie oll Pro r r a C Lake 1992 ! Since


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SPECTACULAR WATERFRONT HOME! 28-48 CAMBRIDGE COURT • Professionally • 4 Br./3 Baths • 2 kitchens landscaped w/lighting • 3 fireplaces • 354’ waterfront w/ • 3,617 sq. ft. patio, deck & firepit • 3 season room • So many beautiful • 4 car garage details • Multiple decks • $749,000 • 1.39 acres


LAKE VIEW YET WOODED FOR PRIVACY 5-204 HEATHCLIFF DRIVE • 4 Br/2 1/2 Baths • .80 acres • Fireplace • Whole house fan • Deck • New roof 2009 • 2,288 sq. ft. • $189,000 • LL patio


23-77 BRITTANY COURT • 4 Br/4 full baths • 205’ waterfront • 2 fireplaces • Gazebo at water’s edge • 3,278 sq. ft. • Dock & lift stay • $549,000 • 3 season porch • 2 car garage/extra long • 1.02 acres




4-35 GRANDVIEW DRIVE • 3 Br/2 bath • .66 acres • Fireplace • Deck • 4 season room • 155’ waterfront • $424,000 • 2,409 sq. ft.


5-221 HEATHCLIFF DRIVE • 4 Br/2 Baths • Waterfront Patio • Plus 1 non conforming • 76.57’ Waterfront Bedrooms • .47 Acres • 1 Fireplace • $439,000 • 2,276 Sq. Ft.



22781 ZIER ROAD • 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 352’ Waterfront • 3 sided fireplace w/gazebo • Central Vac. • So many extras! • $499,900 • 4 car garage (2 heated) •1.67 Acres







23-39 BARRINGTON COURT • 3 Br/2 Baths • 2,408 sq. ft. • Fireplace • 3 Car Garage • 400 Sq. Ft. Loft • Wrap-Around Deck w/closets • 52.66’ Waterfront • Full Finished • 1.94 Acres Lower Level • $449,000

25-55 COTTAGE HILL DRIVE • Remodeled • 54x21 Room Top to Bottom Above Garage • 3 Br/3.5 Baths • 4,100 Sq. Ft. • Plus 1 Non-Conforming • 4+ Car Garage Bedroom • 1.47 Acres/160’ • 3 Fireplaces Waterfront • $889,000

28-53 SOUTHVIEW DRIVE • 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 5+ car garage • 1 Fireplace • 2.48 Acres • 1,900 Sq. Ft. • Deeded slip • Large deck & patio • $229,000 for entertaining

5-49 CHADBOURNE DRIVE • 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 2,600 Sq. Ft. • 2 fireplaces • Maintenance • LL w/radiant heat Free Decking • Family room • 3 car garage & den in LL • $294,500 • Hot tub off LL



23-219 BRANDYWINE • 5 Br/3 Baths • Floor to ceiling stone fireplace • 3,070 Sq. Ft. • 3 seasons room • 2.5 car garage (30’ deep) • Trex deck

• 1.14 acres • Professionally landscaped • Waterfront patio/ fire pit/sandbox • 174.91’ waterfront • $579,000



5-89 CHADBOURNE DRIVE • 4 Br/2 Baths • Plus • 3 Season Porch Non-Conforming • 48.64’ Waterfront Bedroom • Stone Patio w/Fire • 1 Fireplace Pit at Shoreline • Lower Level • 1,944 Sq. Ft. • Kitchenette $389,000


28-70 LAKE CARROLL BLVD. • 4 Br/3 Baths • Deck • Plus 1 non conforming • Gazebo & storage unit Bedroom • 2 car garage • Walkout LL • 2.56 acres • 2,421 Sq. Ft. • $294,500 • Two 3 seasons rooms


19-36 HIDDEN VALLEY DRIVE • DEEDED SLIP • 1,808 Sq. Ft. • 2 Br/2 Baths • 10’x26’ Deck • Plus 2 non conforming • 1.95 Acres Bedrooms • Sportsmans • Fireplace Getaway • Finished • $168,500 Lower Level

QUALITY & PRIVACY WITH LAKE VIEWS 4-64 BEACHCOMBER LANE • 3 Br/3 Baths • .78 Acres • Fireplace • 2 Car Garage • 2,800 Sq. Ft. • Covered Front • Finished Porch/Deck Lower Level • $275,000 • LL walkout to Patio



16-216 STONEHEDGE • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Seasons • 3 Baths Porch • 2,352 Sq. Ft. • 0.40 Acre • 1 Fireplace • 80’ Waterfront • $439,000


16-159 STONEHEDGE DRIVE • 3 Br/3 Baths • 2,048 Sq. Ft. • Plus 1 non conforming • 2 car garage Bedroom in LL • .25 Acre • 1 Fireplace • $239,900 • Full finished LL

TUCKED IN THE WOODS PRIVATE NATURE LOVER’S RETREAT 24-31 COACHMAN COURT • Open Concept • 2 Spacious Main Level Decks • 4 Bedrooms • Firepit/Storage • 2 Baths Shed • 1 Fireplace • 2.31 Acres • 1,540 Sq. Ft. • $174,500





17-138 EDGEWATER DRIVE • 3 Br/3 Baths

• Plus 2 non conforming Bedrooms

• LL family room w/wet bar • 1 Fireplace • 2,912 Sq. Ft.

• Two 3 season rooms • 2 car garage • New siding 2013 • .50 acres • Deck at waterfront • 192’ waterfront • $399,000



• 2 Br/2.5 Baths • 1 Fireplace • Spacious LL family room • 2,126 Sq. Ft. • Extensive deck & patio

• LL storage for the “toys” • Easy slope to waterfront • 155.44’ waterfront • .33 acres • $399,000



17-184 HARBORVIEW CT. • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car • 3 Baths Garage • 2,613 Sq. Ft. • 0.80 Acre • 3 Season • Landscape Porch Lighting • 2 Levels • 250’+ Waterfront of Decking w/Patio & Firepit • $589,000

23-18 BROADVIEW DRIVE • 5 Bedrooms • 3,550 Sq. Ft. • 3 Baths • 2.5 Car Garage • 2 Fireplaces • 1.30 Acres • 4 Seasons Professionally Room Landscaped • Full Finished • In-Ground Pool LL Family Rm. • $359,000


THE HOME YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 24-29 CARRIAGE HILL COURT • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 2,992 Sq. Ft. • Loft • 2 Fireplaces • 2 Car Garage




25-84 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 Br/3.5 Baths • +1 Non-Conforming Bedroom • 2 Fireplaces • 4,784 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Garage with 3 levels

• 2 Acres/188’ Waterfrontage • 4 Seasons Sun Room • $649,500



17-167 LAKESIDE DRIVE • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage • 2 Baths • .70 Acres • 2 Fireplaces • 177’ Waterfrontage • 2,689 Sq. Ft. • $649,000



23-69 BROADVIEW DRIVE • 6 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage/Plus • 4.5 Baths Lower Garage for “Toys” • 4 Fireplaces • 750 Sq. Ft. Waterfront • 2,704 Sq. Ft. Patio w/Firepit and Electric. • 4 Season Porch • 214’ Waterfront • $749,000

17-164 LAKESIDE DRIVE • 3 Bedrooms • Home being Sold • 3 Baths Turnkey • 2 Fireplaces • .50 Acres • 2,502 Sq. Ft. • 92’ Waterfront • $399,900

21-65 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 BR/2 Baths • 3 Seasons Porch • Fireplace • 4.14 Acres • 2,948 Sq. Ft. • Deeded Boat Slip • 2 Car Garage • $449,900





4-135 SUNSET COURT • 3 Br/2 Baths • 1 Car Garage • .67 Acres • Shed • $169,000 Front Porch

• Huge Entertaining Deck • Lower Patio • 193’ w/Pond Waterfront w/ • Covered Gentle Slope

• $589,000





17-3 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 5 Bedrooms • 3 Car Garage • 3.5 Baths Extra Deep • Stone Fireplace • .57 Acres • 3,774 Sq. Ft. • Covered Porch and Deck • $329,000


24-85 • 5 Bedrooms • 3.5 Baths • 3 Fireplaces • 3,942 Sq. Ft.

RANCHWOOD • 2 Screened Porches • 2.11 Acres • 197’ Waterfront • $829,000



18-4 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 3 Br/2.5 Baths • 1,017 Sq. Ft. • 1 Fireplace Drywalled LL • 2,034 Sq. Ft. • 1.12 Acres • Decks • $159,000


12-191 BRIARWOOD DRIVE • 2 Bedrooms • 1,992 Sq. Ft. • +1 Non-Conforming • 2 Car Garage Bedroom • Professionally • 2 Baths Landscaped • 1 Fireplace • 0.36 Acre • Most Furniture • $224,000 Included




21-39 MARINA

28-3 COLONIAL COURT • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Car Garage • 3.5 Baths • 1.34 Acres • 1 Fireplace • Covered Porch • 2,736 Sq. Ft. on 3 Sides • $239,000



24-74 SADDLEWOOD LANE • 4 Br/3.5 Baths • 3 Fireplaces/Spa Room w/Hot Tub • 3,936 Sq. Ft. • Large Decks/ Screened Porch • Deep Water on a Spacious Waterfront

• 17’x20’ Beach House/Fire Pit Paver Patio • 1.46 Acres/224’ Waterfront • $689,000


24-1 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • 4 Br/3.5 Baths • Full Finished • 1 Fireplace Lower Level • 3,250 Sq. Ft. • 1.55 Acres • $249,900

Lake Carroll Waterfront Lots For Sale 23-64 Broadview Drive ...........................$309,000 23-61 Broadview Drive ...........................$349,000 17-141 Edgewater ........................................SOLD 28-39 Southview Drive ...........................$289,900 24-93 Hidden Valley Court ......................$239,500 23-57 Broadview ..........................................SOLD 24-40 Carriage Hill Court ..............................SOLD 17-158 & 159 Lakeside Court .......................SOLD 27-33 Conover Court...............................$154,900

27-13 Shadow Ridge ..............................$165,900 17-182 Harbor View Drive............................SOLD 24-13 Hidden Ranch Drive ......................$214,900 25-75 Lake Carroll Blvd. .........................$215,000 21-48 Marina Court ................................$229,000 23-97 Brighton Court ..............................$299,900 23-64 Broadview Drive .................................SOLD 17-109 & 110 Hidden Cove Court ............. $59,900 16-209 Stonehedge Drive..............................SOLD

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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The Ladies League Invitational participants line their carts for the start.

Lake Carroll Ladies Golf

By Sue Ugorek Photos by Tracey DeCrane “Fore the Love of Golf” was this year’s Invitational theme. And there was a lot to love!!! Wednesday, July 10 was a beautiful day for over 80 ladies, some from Lake Carroll and many guests from several other courses, to play golf in a scramble format We loved the help from some of the volunteer husbands unloading our clubs. Thanks, guys. We loved the beautiful Lake Carroll golf course and the “big cups” on the greens thanks to Tim Throop and his staff. We loved the flag challenges on the course and the help from Shane and Tyler playing hole 15. We loved all the beautiful choices for ladies offered in the Pro Shop. Thank you to Jason Hill and his staff for all of this and for running a great event. We loved the delicious food presented for breakfast and lunch, thanks to Tim Rogers and his staff. (We loved the ice tea choices, too.) We loved all the prizes-raffle, cash, Pro Shop, table and the gift bag including the themed logo ball everyone received! Thank you to Tracey DeCrane, chair of the Invitational Committee, with assistance from Barb Hevrin and Deb Swanson and many other league members who worked together on this successful event “Fore the Love of Golf,”

Some of the ladies filling out their score cards.

The décor in the Clubhouse lower level reflected the day’s theme as the golfers enjoyed a delicious luncheon and prizes galore.

Ellen Enright puts a hand up in a “V for Victory”; Ellen’s team won the Invitational.

Little “Fore the Love of Golf” gift bags.

Chocolate covered strawberries topped fruit cups and cake to top off a well deserved and well-served meal.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Exotic Weed Alert

As always, we need to recognize and understand that what we, as Lake Carroll Members, do at Lake Carroll can have long-lasting, and sometimes Joe Rush detrimental, imLake Manager pacts on our quality of life and enjoyment at the lake. For example, with the introduction of Eurasian Water Milfoil, the Association now spends nearly $45,000 annually on chemical control of this invasive plant. This article is a request to members to help us watch out for an up and coming problem that may soon be here in Illinois, and create awareness so that our property owners and members do not accidentally or purposefully introduce this to Lake Carroll. The following excerpt is from The Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP) press release from June 12, 2013. GLENCOE, Ill. (June 12, 2013) – Boaters, anglers, swimmers, and others who enjoy Illinois’ lakes and rivers are keeping their eyes peeled this summer for an aquatic “superweed.” Through the Hydrilla Hunt! program, citizen volunteers are on the lookout for a highly invasive aquatic plant named Hydrilla verticillata, or simply “hydrilla.” Recognized as one of the world’s worst weeds, hydrilla can grow an inch per day and form dense mats of vegetation at the water surface. Within the past few years,

eaway Hickory


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Lake & Natural Resources

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hydrilla has been discovered in Wisconsin and Indiana and it is expected to arrive in Illinois very soon. Our desirable native aquatic plants, sport fishing, native wildlife, waterfront property values, and recreational uses might all be seriously impacted. “Early detection of hydrilla could save Illinois millions of dollars in control costs,” noted Cathy McGlynn, coordinator for the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP). “Experience from other states shows that once a waterway becomes infested with hydrilla, it’s nearly impossible to control. Our hope in Illinois is to identify the plant at a very early stage when populations are still small enough to eradicate and manage,” added McGlynn. The strain of hydrilla that has been found in the northern United States is believed to have originated in Korea. It grows on mucky as well as sandy bottoms of lakes and rivers, and from very shallow water to depths of 20 feet or more. It can be spotted snagged on fishing lines or on boat anchors, or by noting plants seen while boating or growing along the sides of a pier. Hydrilla spreads quickly, since just a small stem fragment of hydrilla can sprout roots and grow into a whole new plant. Anyone can participate in the Hydrilla Hunt! program. Volunteers are encouraged to take a more detailed look at aquatic plants they encounter while out and about on Illinois’ waterways. A Hydrilla Identification Sheet (available for download at the program’s website,

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see below) can be used to differentiate hydrilla from look-alike plants such as Brazilian elodea and American elodea. Volunteers who suspect they may have found hydrilla are asked to take several digital photographs and email them to the Hydrilla Hunt! program for verification. For more information, including how to become a Hydrilla Hunt! volunteer, a Hydrilla Identification Sheet, fact sheets, and other resources, visit Hydrilla. The Hydrilla Hunt! program is coordinated by the Northeast Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Lake County Health Department-Lakes Management Unit. Funding support has been provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources through the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. If you think you have found Brazilian elodea or hydrilla at Lake Carroll, please be sure to email me at jrush@ so we can identify the plant.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Fish Tales

Conservation Corner

By Steve Hevrin

Seventyeight members gathered at the Lodge for our July Fishing Club meeting. The food was excellent, as always. If you have never attended, be sure to mark your calendar for next month. The next potluck will be on August 14th at 6pm in the lodge. All you need is a dish to pass and your own place settings. We supply the main course. It will give you the opportunity to meet many new friends and become more aware of many of our fine neighbors here at Lake Carroll. President Bob Knackstedt called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. New guests were then introduced. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Mitch Feucht presented the June, 2013 financial report. Mitch reported that we now have 162 members in the Fishing Club. A motion to accept the report was made by Bruce McDonald, seconded by Stan Suchocki. The report was unanimously approved by the membership. Hatchery Operations A meeting will be set up with Bob Knackstedt, Shaun Nordlie, and Brinkmeier’s Plumbing during the summer to review the operations of the new pump at the Hatchery. The water will be tested again to be sure it meets all safety qualifications. Minnows were delivered to the Hatchery pond on July 2nd to feed our hungry walleyes. Hopefully nature will take a favorable course and we will have many walleyes during the draining of our Hatchery pond the end of October.

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Kid’s Fishing Derby Bill Comstock reported that the Kids Fishing Derby was a tremendous success. Thanks to all who helped make the day so special for our children. Reef Projects Bob Knackstedt stated that work is continuing to use a barge to build reefs in the lake using gravel. He hopes to be able to utilize the barge and take care of all reefs at the same time saving money while the boat is here. The lake bottom consists of mostly a mud base and the gravel reefs would help the future fish growth for many years to come. Other Events Couples Fishing Tournament will be on Monday, August 12th. Cost will be $10.00 per couple. Total weight of fish determines winner in boats or off of the shore. All entrant money is returned to the participants that catch fish based on the weight of the catches. Lake Carroll members may bring guests. A Day at the Races is scheduled on Thursday, August 29th and will cost $15.00 per person. Please be at the Clubhouse at 9am. Dinner is not included in the $15 charge and will be optional at the Clubhouse on the return trip from Arlington Race Track. Our annual Fishing Club Golf Outing will be on Sept. 7th. The starting time will be 2pm with dinner at 7pm. Be sure to set the date aside for a great time. Open Discussion The meeting was adjourned at 7:30p.m. Winners of the 50/50 raffle were: 1st Place – John & Nancy Quilico - $60 2nd Place – Helen Bremer - $40 The next meeting and potluck will be Wednesday, August 14 at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Lake Carroll Fishery Management Committee was formed very early in 2012 as a sub-committee of the Lake Committee and was charged with the responsibility to act as a steward of the fishery. Jim Mance volunteered to be the chairman of the Fishery Management Committee and under his leadership the committee has worked very hard trying to improve and protect the fishery. Jim has recently decided to step away from the Fishery Management Committee and the remaining committee members want to take a moment to thank Jim for all his contributions. Without his vision and leadership as chairman, we would not have been able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time. Fisheries management involves much more than deciding what fish to stock in the lake each year. Jim recognized that the fishery also needed to be protected and the Lake Carroll residents needed to be educated concerning the problems the lake is facing so that everyone can contribute in protecting this great resource. The Conservation Corner articles were created to help inform residents and invasive species warning signs have been posted near all the boat ramps and public fishing areas as a reminder to prevent the spread of invasive species. Improved creel limit signs with full color pictures of fish have also been posted in key areas to help fishermen clearly identify the species to

aid in complying with the creel limit. The creel limits for both smallmouth and largemouth bass have been changed to catch and release in an attempt to sustain a comeback in those fish stocks after a tapeworm epidemic reduced their numbers over five years ago. A slot limit has been implemented for walleye to help provide for larger trophy fish for our fishermen and to allow for larger females for the walleye hatchery operations. The first resident fishery survey was conducted in order to get feedback from the fishing community to understand what fish they want stocked, how they use the fishery, and what concerns they have about the fishery. These are just some of the accomplishments under Jim’s leadership. Unfortunately, Rick Jensen will also be stepping away from the committee as well. Rick’s tireless efforts contributed greatly to the success of the committee and we are sad to see him go. Both Jim and Rick are active volunteers within the Lake Carroll community and we know they will continue contributing their time and efforts to make Lake Carroll a better place for everyone. We thank both of you for your significant contributions to the Fishery Management Committee and, rest assured, your legacy will live on. We are happy to announce that Glen Volk will take over as chairman of the Fishery Management Committee and we are confident Glen will continue to carry on the vision for a world class fishery at Lake Carroll. Until next time, remember to take a kid fishing with you and let’s pass it on to the next generation.




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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Lake Carroll Bass Fishing Tournament Results By Bob Knackstadt

Twenty-one boats participated in the June 29th fishing tournament. Fishing was tougher than usual but some nice fish were brought in and most teams caught their limits. June 29th Fishing Tournament Results 1st Bassholes (Mathieu, Fuentas, Jensen, Strissel, and Pollack) 10.50lb 2nd Trevor Mower & Mike D’amore 9.98lb 3rd Ryan Gilbert and P.J. Baumgart 9.79lb 4th Michael, Michelle, Mike Paisley 9.41lb 5th Josh and Dan Hayes 9.27lb Big Small Mouth Josh and Dan Hayes 2.93lb Big Large Mouth Dan Strissel 3.88lb The July 20th bass tournament was a night event. Thirteen boats fished from 7pm until midnight. The weather was great for the event. Water temperature was very high at 85.6 degrees. All boats caught there limit of four fish. July 20th Fishing Tournament Results 1st Gene Erbson and Wayne Crackenburge 10.85lb 2nd Bob, Robert, and Tom Knackstedt 10.75lb 3rd Ryan Gilbert and P.J. Baumgart 9.96lb 4th Berkley and Dan Hayes 9.78lb 5th Bassholes (Mathieu, Fuentas, Jensen, Strissel) 9.68lb Big Small Mouth Gene Erbson and Wayne Crackenburge 3.35lb Big Large Mouth Dan Strissel 3.45lb We have two more tournaments before the Lake Carroll Classic to be held on September 20th and 21st. You need to have fished in three of our tournaments to qualify to fish in the Classic. Make sure you mark your calendars and join us in the next tournament to be held August 17th. We would like to thank Miller sports for their continued support in providing the prizes for the big fish awards.


Saturday, June 08 6:00am-11:00am Saturday, June 29 6:00am-11:00am Saturday, July 20 7:00pm-12:00am Night Tournament 2013 FISHING TOURNAMENTS Saturday, August 17 6:00am-11:00am Saturday, September 07 7:00am-12:00pm Saturday, September 21 7:00am-12:00pm Classic Invitational Sunday, September 22 7:00am-12:00pm Classic Invitational

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Facilities Update By Lee Harbison Building Inspector It’s summer again and we all need some reminders about a few things that happen at our “Beautiful Lake Carroll”. I believe Lake Carroll is the best community of this type in northern Illinois. Some may have a lake – but not as big as ours and they probably don’t have some of the other amenities that we have. LAWN MOWING - EMPTY LOTS Lots must be mowed twice a year. Once in late May or early June (watch the Lake Carroll News for actual dates) and once in August. They MUST be mowed during the period designated or we might require them to be done again. Our community looks so good when all lots are mowed within a two week period. When mowed early it looks like it has not been mowed after the others are mowed. LAWN MOWING - IMPROVED LOTS Lots with homes must be mowed to keep the whole lot less than 6 inches in height. Once every other week is not enough during most spring seasons. All lawns must be maintained out to the edge of the road. OUTSIDE LIGHTS Coach Lights and post lights must have no higher than 40 watts total installed. Flood lights should be on only when you are in that area, as they are the most troublesome of all. If people can see the actual bulb, it is more than likely going to get complaints. If shaded so that the bulb is not seen, I rarely hear a complaint. CONTRACTORS All contractors need to be registered with the Association in order to work in Lake Carroll. Both he and the member may get fined if they are caught without registering. PERMITS All work on a home must have a permit, even though most normal maintenance does not require a fee. We need to keep track of colors used and other things like setbacks etc. That’s enough preaching at this time and I know it seems like a lot of rules, but they are all simple and very easy to follow. I thank you in advance for your help in all these areas. It just makes Lake Carroll look so much better. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 815-4932552 Ex.25 or lharbison@golakecarroll. com.

Summer has finally arrived and I now remember how much I hate humidity. I could never get use to walking outside at 10pm in Texas and the temperature was still 95 Shaun Nordlie degrees; and it is Facilities Director just as tough to get use to feeling like you’re in a sauna all day. Hopefully it won’t last too long. I thought I would take the opportunity this month to update you on what’s going on in the Facilities Departments this summer. The occasional rains this summer have kept us on our toes for mowing. Unlike last year when mowing essentially stopped, we are now mowing almost full time just to keep up. This has put us behind in our projects this summer, but hopefully in August we will be able to knock a few out before Labor Day. TRAIL - Mowing is also a concern on the ATV trails. We are mowing them this week to cut down on some blind spots and make for wider straightaways. I am sorry this has taken so long this year, again, it just seems like there is always somewhere else to mow this year. Other than mowing, the trails have been looking great all season; we will go back in to groom them sometime in early August. WEST MARINA - The West Marina has been busy this year with rebuilding docks and replacing bad floats. By the time this is published we will have finished our work for the summer. This included new chains to hold C & G docks in place better, some

rebuilt sections on G, C, F and the gas dock and more stabilization for the gas dock. We also replaced 100 new floats throughout the marina, the majority of them going on the launch dock and the gas dock. We also did some work on the dock on Crappie Cove. This is used for fishing or temporary parking of a boat or wave runner to go to the beach. There is still more work to be done on the docks; some of which we are waiting until after the season when there are less boats in the slips, others we are waiting to hear from our insurance company. The selling of hot dogs at the concession on weekends has been a success so far this year. There’s nothing like the smell of a grill going on a Saturday afternoon with some hot dogs. If you haven’t been down yet and you’re getting hungry between 11:00 and 2:00, stop by the WM Concession. AQUATIC COMPLEX - The outdoor pool has had a busy summer so far; I guess the hot humid temperatures are good for one thing. I would like to thank Rose Kuhlemier for taking on more at the pool this summer. She has been doing a great job learning with me the tricks and trades of the pool and has done a wonderful job of maintaining it. As for the indoor pool, as I write this we are searching for a new flange for the filter due to a leak. The leak and the amount of water that we lose when operating the filter has caused us to close the indoor pool. I am hoping that we find a fix quickly and are back up and running as soon as possible. ROADSIDE & AMENITY MOWING - Mowing has been the main focus in the campground also so far this year. We do have plans to do some work around the playground and shower house in August in an ef-

Page 5B

fort to keep things looking good over there. THE LAKE - As for the lake, it sure is nice to not have to write about low water this year. Our efforts here have been on setting and moving buoys that have been moved or have floated away. We added 20 new solar buoys this year in addition to our original 12, so slowly the lake is being lit up. Weeds have not been as bad this year, possibly due to low water levels during the winter months or more ice this past winter. The harvester is working and cutting weeds where we see them. By the time this is published we will have cut all areas at least once. The harvester will remain in the water as long as we need to continue cutting weeds. As always, if you see weeds, please call me and let me know; we will get the harvester in your area as soon as possible. We also performed some chemical spraying this summer for milfoil. You may remember from last year, but this weed cannot be cut by the harvester because cutting it encourages it to spread. So spraying is the way to address this and last year it was effective. This year’s crop was definitely less than last year. In some of the areas where milfoil was prevalent last year, we saw none this year, so the spraying is working. The dredge will be brought out in September so we can work out the kinks. Ideally we will train and work out any bugs this fall so in spring 2014 we are starting out right away with dredging until Memorial Day weekend. I would like to thank all my staff for their hard work this summer in making another great season. If you have any concerns or questions, as always please contact me I would be happy to discuss them with you.

IDNR REGISTRATION NOTICE FOR POWERED & NON-POWERED WATERCRAFT   The Department of Natural Resources DID NOT send out watercraft renewal notices this year. It is your responsibility to make sure that your watercraft is current. Watercraft owners are able to renew their watercraft registrations by using a touch-tone phone (866-867-3542) or the internet. You can find more information and a link to registration at    All watercraft other than non-powered watercraft on the waters within the jurisdiction of this State shall be registered and titled.    Canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are no longer required to be titled/registered in Illinois UNLESS they have a motor or sail; otherwise customers will be able to purchase a “Water Usage Stamp” for $6.00 per calendar year for the first three (3) vessels and $3.00 for any additional vessels, all passes must be purchased at the same time to receive the discount.    Water Usage stamps are mandatory. They should be available, over the counter, at any point-of-sale vendor starting July 1, 2013.    Please provide a clear legible copy of your new registration card and/or water usage stamp to the Admin Office so we may update our records.

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

As of this writing, I think we’ve gone 5 days without any accumulation of rain. What a remarkable transition from the drought Dan McCollum Board Vice President of 2012. The lake is busy, people are out in large numbers, and Lake Carroll is at its finest. At the June Board of Directors Meeting, we again ventured into the obscure universe of home rental regulations at Lake Carroll. As a result of some recent discussions with Carroll County authorities, and the information they provided, it could very well be that short-term rentals (less than one month) are not allowable under County regulations. This would appear to ban any future short-term rentals at Lake Carroll. If you’ve been following this issue, and the Board’s involvement to date, you know that it’s been a long and arduous process. The By-Laws Committee has spent a lot of time on this issue and so have individual board members. My compliments to all for their diligent efforts to date. Most recently, the Board decided to approach rental regulations through enacting rules and regulations. I was part of the minority who preferred a vote of the membership and a by-laws amendment versus rules and regulations. The reasoning behind my expressed preference was that Lake Carroll rules and regulations can be changed by a vote of 4 out of 7 board members. On the other hand, by-laws, once passed, require the voting membership to approve modification. As a result, by-laws are not as easily changed. Rental regulations to me are a big deal, because they impact both neighbors

VP Views

and the actual property owners themselves. Nonetheless, the issue remains under discussion and no final determination has been made. The aforementioned Carroll County restrictions will certainly guide any final actions taken. If you have any ideas or wish to provide feedback on this or any other issue, please contact the General Manager or any Board Member. We like to know your opinions and views. Speaking of neighbors and regulations, I, along with other members of the Board, had the distinct privilege of listening to some well-prepared, sincere, and articulate property owners at our June meeting. They addressed the Board on their concerns about rental properties, the problems of inconsiderate and disruptive guests and how the treasured serenity and atmosphere of Lake Carroll erodes when guests arrive, who see a few days in our community as an opportunity for a blow-out or to “party hearty”. With no allegiance or connection to the community, or any kind of loyalty to the neighbors, “guests” can cause your family weekend or special occasion to fizzle. Has this happened to you? What did you do about it? I know what the most common answer is: we ignored it or we went inside and closed the windows. The result? They win, you lose. We live in some very interesting times. How many books have been written on negotiating to win, everyone gets their way, it’s all good, etc.? You know what? In many cases, that’s a bunch of baloney. If someone ruins your weekend or disturbs our wonderful Lake Carroll atmosphere and you count that as something good for both of you, please call 555-IAM-NUTZ. Personally confronting someone who is being discourteous and disrespectful of your

right to a peaceful coexistence can be difficult, even frightening. This is especially true when the guest ruining your day has a houseful, and maybe they’re younger, muscle-bound, or oddly enough, there’s some alcohol involved. If you don’t want to personally approach the problem, does that mean you have to put up with it? The answer is no. We have trained security personnel who specialize in tactfully addressing disturbing the peace issues, and you should call them. They will walk you through what can be done and respond appropriately. Suppose you need to sleep on it (providing you can) to decide what action to take. It won’t’ be as easy to follow-up on, but the delay in reporting is not fatal to your case. Sooner is better, and waiting for a month takes some of the teeth out of your case, but still some action may be taken. One key to make your case stronger is to document, document, and document. Always write down the date and time(s), what happened, what was said/done, and how it made you feel. With the ease of recording events today, (both sound and video), outside/public recording of disturbing behavior is fair game. The preservation of evidence to support your side of the story is essential. When events are reported (as they should be), involved parties can be put on notice. If it’s in the present, the participants can be contacted then and there and asked to cease and desist. If they comply, peace is restored and hopefully will continue. If they refuse to comply and the peace of the community is disturbed because they just don’t get it or choose to be difficult, they are subject to criminal charges. Also, the property owner who allowed the activity (by inviting guests or allowing others to use the home) is subject

to sanctions from the Lake Carroll Association. The bottom line is: property owners are responsible for the actions of their guests. As someone once said, “You can either be a good example or a horrible warning.” Is the loss of potential membership privileges or the imposition of fines a deterrent? I guess we’ll all know more about that if people don’t get the message and touch the “hot stove.” Some time ago, I was speaking with one of our security personnel who, in performing the requirements of his job, stopped a traffic violator for speeding within our Association boundaries. The driver was 17 years old. Instead of citing the driver, the officer agreed to follow the young man to the family home and allow the driver to tell his father about how they met, (because the youth was speeding). Figuring that the parents were in a better position to address the matter, as opposed to ticketing the driver for a violation of Lake Carroll regulations, the officer was shocked when the father began chastising the officer for being so much of a stickler. The officer politely left, put on a happy face, and went about his duties. And we wonder why as a society we have accountability problems. I have a great affinity for the staff at Lake Carroll in all of our operations. My grandkids just finished 2 weeks of Lake Carroll swimming lessons. I was able to watch some of the instruction, but more importantly, I was able to view the finished product. Colin and Emilie made tremendous progress. We are very fortunate to have such a well-run operation at the pool and to have the talented, patient, and vibrant personalities on the staff. Kudos to this entire operation.

Interested in advertising in the Lake Carroll News? Contact Mike Ford at or 815.625.3600, ext. 616


August 31st, September 1st, and 2nd (Labor Day Weekend) Downtown Shannon ~ Since 1919, One of Illinois oldest annual Hometown Festivals Saturday, August 31 9:00

10:00 11:00-2:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 12:00-6:00 1:00 2:00-6:00 3:00 3:00 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00-10:00

Volleyball tournament at Eastland Elementary School in Shannon Sponsored by Musser Crop Service Inc. and Kaus Seed Inc., Pioneer to register teams call Darrin Musser at 815.541.4843 Car, Truck & Truck registration starts Car, Truck & Tractor Show Cars & Truck – East of Downtown Tractors – West of Downtown Kids Corn hole Tournament check in by Firehouse Kids Corn hole Tournament Concessions open downtown Corn hole tournament Sponsored by Shannon Chamber Craft Show at the Firehouse Skinner Amusements Rides open Wristband Ride Tickets 1:00 to 4:00 pm Rock River Valley Blood Center blood drive inside the Firehouse Walk-ins are welcome Eastland Scholarship 5K Run Registration at the Village Park Bingo open Eastland Scholarship 5K Run at the Village Park Little Mr. Firefighter & Junior Mr. Firefighter Sponsored by Shannon Fire Department Shannon Little Miss Crowning of the 56th Shannon Homecoming Queen Remembering Alice High Energy Professional Rock Show

Sunday, September 1 8:00-12:00

9:00-6:00 11:00 12:00 Noon 1:00 2:00-3:00 3:00-6:00 6:30 7:00-9:00

Pancake Breakfast at the Firehouse Sponsored by Lions and Legion Craft Show at the Firehouse Community Church Service at Bethel UM Church Antique Tractor Pull At Eastland Feed & Grain Skinner Amusements Rides open Wristband Ride Tickets 1:00 to 4:00 pm Bingo open until 9:30 Pony rides open Johnny Races stage Bluegrass Express Traditional and Contemporary Bluegrass and Gospel Music Introduction of the Grand Marshal Don and Carol Larson Class Act 2 Big Band 18 piece orchestra playing Big band music from the 40’s to the present day

Monday, September 2 8:00-9:30 9:00

9:00-4:00 10:00 11:00-1:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 1:30

Parade Registration at Lions Park Bingo open till 7pm Concessions open Craft Show at Firehouse Carroll County’s Largest Parade Butterfly Pork Chop BBQ Dinner at the Village Park In case of rain will be held at the Eastland Middle School cafeteria Skinner Amusements Rides open Pony rides FFA petting zoo by Al’s Quality Service Kiddy Tractor Pull in front of Shannon Firehouse Sponsored by the Carroll County Young Leaders Bale rolling contest registration Bale rolling contest by stage Sponsored by the Eastland FFA

2:00-4:00 3:00 – 6:00 6:15

Kid Water Fights in front of Firehouse Adult/child water fights The Ruff Kutts and friends Bluegrass, older Country and Gospel Lion’s & Legion Raffle Drawing

Enjoy our food vendors: Wiley’s Louisiana Snowballs, , Puffmobile creampuffs, Pontnack’s Five Generations, Lanark Vets Mess Hall, Blarney Stone, Junior class and Little League stand and those famous Shannon Lion’s and Legion Elephant Ears and Cheese Curds. For more information on the Celebration or details concerning the Parade: Please call 815-864-2658. Tractor Show please call Harry at 815-864-2313. Car Show please call Al at 815-864-2569. 5K Run please call Tammy Giedd at 815-275-4551. Little Mr. Firefighter & Junior Mr. Firefighter please call Jim at 815-864-3087. Antique Tractor Pull please call Larry Cornelius at 815-864-2821. Johnny Races please call Dawn Barr at 815-291-0601. Bale Rolling contest please call Cindy at 815-297-2492. Corn hole contest please call Arlene at 815-541-6912. Shannon Homecoming Raffle: $1 per ticket or 6 for $5 Drawing at 6:15, Monday Sept. 2nd Occasional Chair donated by LeBaron & Miller Interiors • 32” LG LCD TV donated by Bryan’s Repair Service IHC Pedal Tractor donated by Birkey’s Farm Store • JD Pedal Tractor donated by Barkau & Sons/Barkau Automotive • Welcome Gnome Water Fountain donated by Halal Farms • 2 Bar Stools donated by Slumberland Krueg Coffee Brewer & 4 boxes donated by Process Screw •Work Site Radio donated by Greenfield Concrete Productions • 4 Wooden TV Trays donated by Riteway Furniture • Garman GPS donated by Shannon Fire Dept. Blu-Ray DVD donated by Bocker Group • Digital Camera donated by First State Bank of Shannon/Polo/Lake Carroll • $100 Gift certificate to Carroll County Locker donated by Artman Agency •Gas Grill donated by Meador Ag • $100 Gas card donated by Al’s Quality Service • Troy-Built Gas Weed Eater donated by Polo Co-op Fire Pit donated by Ridge Street Style • $100 Walmart Gift Certificate donated by Hermann Funeral Homes • $100 Gift Certificate Blaine’s Farm & Fleet donated by Burkholder & Son Inc. • $50 Gift Certificate donated by Carroll Service Co. • (2) 1:24 Die Cast Race Car donated by Moring Disposal

Shannon Homecoming Labor Day Parade Monday, September 2nd - 10 am One of Illinois oldest Hometown annual celebration. Starting in 1919 to welcome home WWI soldiers. Shannon Homecoming Celebration Parade Entry Form. Registration and lineup will be at Lion’s Park between 8:00 and 9:45 am. Pre-registration is greatly appreciated but not necessary.

Name of organization: _______________________Contact person:________________________ Address:___________________________________ Telephone number:____________________ E-mail address:__________________________

Please mail to: Brad Woessner • 17228 Stanton Rd., Shannon, IL 61078 815-864-2658 or We request you write a small paragraph of information detailing your entry as you go by the viewing stand. Hope you can make it to our great parade!

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Page 7B


Have you ever wondered about the history of the dam at Lake Carroll? Would you like to know what it takes to maintain the dam? How about taking a walking tour of the dam? Here’s your chance!

Leroy Hinkle Dam Informative Presentation

Joe Rush, our Lake Manager, and the Lake Carroll Association would like to invite you to attend a presentation on the history, construction, and maintenance of the Lake Carroll Dam. Joe will provide a presentation, break for lunch, and then reconvene at the West Marina over-flow parking area for a walking tour of the dam. This is an opportunity to become more aware and educated on the Lake Carroll dam, its history, and what it takes to operate and maintain the structure. This will be a fun and informative program! Schedule: Saturday, August 10, 2013 10:30am-Noon in the Clubhouse Lower Level – Information will be provided on the history, maintenance, and the future of our dam. Break for Lunch – The Clubhouse will be offering a “Dam Special”. Hope you stay for lunch! 1pm we’ll meet at the Leroy Hinkle Dam in the overflow parking lot for a walking tour. Wear appropriate clothing, shoes/rubber boots for walking through tall grass and potentially shin-deep water. RSVP not required, but appreciated in preparation for the presentation. Contact Joe at or 815-297-5637. Hope to see you there!

Everyone is invited out to the Milledgeville Fairgrounds to see what the 4-H’ers are doing and their accomplishments August 3-10 during the Carroll County 4-H Fair. 4-H’ers have been working all year on their projects for the climactic moment of having them judged at the 4-H Fair. Schedule for 4-H Fair week is: Saturday, August 3, in the 4-H Building - 9:00 a.m. general projects and Cloverbud judging. 4-H exhibits can be found in the 4-H Exhibit Building across from the Hospitality Tent. 9:30 a.m. Foods judging 9:45 a.m. Flower arranging – Hospitality Tent 10:00 a.m. Home Furnishings & Child care judging 10:30 a.m. Bicycle Judging 2:00 p.m. Style show in the Hospitality Tent - open to the public; followed by crowning of the 20132014 4-H Ambassadors; followed by Champion award presentation; followed by State Fair meeting; Sunday, August 4 – 5:00 7:00 p.m. the Wonders of Washington 4-H group will have a BBQ meal deal for sale in the 4-H Building. All proceeds go toward their trip to Washington D.C. in 2014. Monday, August 5 - 9:00 a.m. Beef Breeding Judging, Beef Bucket Calf, Beef Feeding, Beef Carcass Class 10:00 a.m. Cat Judging – Hospitality Tent 11:00 a.m. Rabbit judging 12:45 p.m. Poultry Judging – Poultry Barn 1:30 p.m. Sheep Judging 2:00 p.m. Goat Judging 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Supper for swine project families 6:00 p.m. Swine judging – east end of Poultry Barn Tuesday, August 6 – 7:00 p.m. 4-H Livestock & Small Animal Auction, Poultry barn Wednesday, August 7, 8:30 a.m. Horse & pony judging – 4-H Horse Arena (Rain date is Friday, August 9) Thursday, August 8, 8:30 a.m. Dairy Judging – Dairy Ring 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. Mud Pie making contest at horse arena 4:00 p.m. Registration for Ag Olympics – horse arena 4:30-7:00 p.m. Ag Olympics – horse arena Saturday, August 10, 7:00-8:00 p.m. All exhibits are released. Be sure to visit the Children’s Farm sponsored by the 4-H & Carroll Co. Farm Bureau. It will be open Wednesday thru Saturday during Kid’s Day hours. The Farm will feature popular farm animals, a chance to do 6 different farm chores and a fun packet to take home. We will be located next to the 4-H Building. And of course a visit to the 4-H Fair would not be complete without an ice cream treat from the 4-H Federation ice cream stand. The ice cream stand is located under the grandstand, and will be offering soft serve ice cream, sundaes and flurries. So, come one, come all, to the 2013 4-H Fair and see what our 4-H county youth are doing! 4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. University of Illinois Extension - Carroll, Lee, & Whiteside * (815) 835-2070

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Equestrian Club’s Annual Open House By Kim Mehringer

On Saturday July 6th, the Lake Carroll Equestrian Club held its annual open house to raise money for the club mini horses. We had one of the best turnouts ever as the weather was perfect and the people that support us were very generous, thank you so much. This is crucial because the expenses for keeping the mini’s at Lake Carroll are about $2,000.00 a year and that is all paid by POA members donations and from club members pockets. Each of the 13 horses that live in Lake Carroll were in use, be it giving saddle rides, cart rides, being painted or even just groomed and fed carrots and providing photo ops. Domino (who weighs about 1700 pounds) and Clyde (who weighs about 1400 pounds) did the brunt of the saddle rides and worked the whole event for the big horses. They are always the two most popular horses… Domino because of his size and Clyde because he is blind and has also been in music videos on YouTube. They had riders on them as young as 3 years old and took great care of them. Kato and Pocahontas did the wagon rides, while Cobalt and Cocoa gave saddle rides and Trigger pulled the cart as the mini’s literally pulled their weight during the event. Soapy, the matriarch, is retired from giving rides, but loves to participate and was groomed, fed and painted on by almost everyone. This event is not possible without the help of our regular volunteers including the King, Mance, Zyck, Laecsh, Lapka, Russo, and Lynch families; and this year we had a new helper, Nancy Comstock, who also made the new beautiful “Carrot’s Only” sign you will see down there. If anyone was not able to attend, but wants to donate money towards the care of the mini’s, please send those donations to Lake Carroll Equestrian Club, 13-147 Springcreek Dr., Lanark IL 61046.

The mini team was ready to go.

Thanks to all the volunteers who make the open house successful!

All ages got the opportunity to experience the gentleness of these large animals.

Clyde, one of our full time residents in the Equestrian area, gave rides for three hours. Interesting fact about Clyde, he is blind from Cataracts.

Lot Mowing At Lake Carroll For Over 20 years

Call Stuart Moll Call Stuart Moll

Home: 815-864-2858 Home: 815-864-2858 Cell: 815-238-1291 Cell: 815-238-1291

Registration FORM on PAGE 13A

From the Fisheries Management Committee maintain that balance and improve the quality of So, if you have a question, thought, or idea that year is no different. The Lake Carroll Fishery to both species, effective in 2013 bo life while using the lake, as well as the over-all smallmouth be catch Management Committee has the for andbass. In order tobass give will a boost and responsibility this large, keeper-sized ‘makes go, huh?’… send it on to us! WeThe New Year always brings changes health ofyou the lake. ate release only. This change Lake Carroll News, August 2013 Page 9B reviewing the fish size and creel limits and make year is no different. The Lake Carroll Fishery to both species, effective in 2013 both largemouth may se will to answer all questions come So,try if you have a question, thought,that or idea thatin, and bassa will be catch and immediManagement Committee has the responsibility for anda smallmouth preliminary review of the res changes, as necessary, to help promote strong but ‘makesofyou go,will huh?’… send it on in to the us! Lake We Carsome them get published ate release only. This change may seem dramatic, reviewing the fish size and creel limits and make vey indicates that most bass fishe and diverse fishery. Changes have been made to will try to answer all questions that come in, and roll News! You can direct your questions directly review of the resident fish surchanges, as necessary, to help promote a strong but a preliminary some of them will get published in the Lake Carpractice catch and release and many the fish creel limits in 2013 that all Lake Carroll to me by email at and or diverse fishery. Changes have been made to vey indicates that most bass fishermen already roll News! You can direct your questions directly fishermen should be aware of and we wanted to support protection of both largemou We Do Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures, Tanning, Hair Cuts, Perms, drop your written question at the Admin office to me by email at or the fish creel limits in 2013 that all Lake Carroll practice catch and release and many of them also Hair Products, Coloring, Foiling & we’ll Dimensional Hair Coloring mouth bass during the spawn perio take some explain the rationale behind and compile the questions and get them anprotection of both largemouth and smallshould be time aware to of and we wanted to support drop your written question at the Admin office fishermen swered. Thanks for your support. that protecting the fishery with thi these updates. These changes went into effect on mouth bass during the spawn period. It is hoped and we’ll compile the questions and get them an- take some time to explain the rationale behind swered. Thanks for your support. HOURS: thatice protecting thisjump rule change these updates. These wentmake into effect on you willfishery give awith quick start to the la January 1st,changes so please sure all fish- the Monday 10-7 will give jump start to bass the largemouth Januaryerman 1st, so understand please make sure all youbefore ice fishrecoveryand process w the rules venturing out.a quicksmallmouth Tue-Fri 9-7 415 S. Broad Street, Lanark, IL smallmouth bass recovery process which hadthe been erman understand the rules before venturing out. Saturday 8-5 Serving the Area for 30 Years. proceeding slowly over past sev One of the most popular fish for catching and eatCall 815-493-2233 & make your Appointment Today! One of the most popular fish for catching and eat- proceeding slowly over the past several years. In addition, the size limit for Nort ing at Lake Carroll is walleye. Unfortunately, the Call us for a Free Quote. In addition, the size limit for Northern Pike was ing at Lake Carroll is walleye. Unfortunately, the raised inches from inches in of does our lake doesthese not fish allow toinches raisedfish to 36 fromto 3036 inches in the past.30 This structurestructure of our lake not allow to these Isenhart Realty change is minor considering the l reproduce naturally so volunteers run a fish hatchchange is minor considering the lake does not reproduce naturally so volunteers run a fish hatchIsenhart Realty Isenhart Realty 601 Main Street, Savanna, Illinois Betty Moorhead, have a large population of Northern Pike as it does ery operation at Lake Carroll to raise walleye for have a large population of Northern ery operation at Lake Carroll to raise walleye for Moorhead, BettyBetty Moorhead, not have ideal conditions the conditions fish to spawn stocking. This process placing nets placing in the nets Broker Assoc. . not have for ideal for the fi Sales Assoc stocking. Thisentails process entails in the . Sales Assoc CP: (815)541-8281 and grow. Also, beginning in 2013 fishermen will lake each spring to capture egg-laden females so Call or Email CP: (815)541-8281 lake each spring to capture egg-laden females so and grow. Also, beginning in 2013 fi E-mail: that the eggs can be extracted and then fertilized only be able to keep a daily limit of 25 bluegills me for details! E-mail: that the eggs can be extracted and then fertilized only be able to keep a daily limit o 20120525 - NEW LISTING $156,900 for this Eagles Nest home CP:- $156,900 (815)541-8281 for the hatchery operations. The best females for or sunfish. In the past there was no limit on the 20120525 on - NEW LISTING for this Eagles Nest home 1 ac.near Recreation Complex. or sunfish. In be thekept, pastbutthere for are thelarge hatchery operations. Thecarry best females Email: quantity for of bluegills that could it is was no this process (over 25 inches) as they on 1 ac.near Recreation Complex. 20131508 in Shannon,$38,000 IL just outside Lakeac.Carroll. Lot 20120075- Townhouse - 19- 72 Edgewood. for thisof1.24 Lot much quantity of bluegills that could be process large inches) they carry to make sure we have a good population the mostthis eggs and areare easier to (over handle25 during the asimportant home72DEEDED if Edgewood. you want to enjoy all that for Lakethis Carroll offer.much 4 bedBOAT SLIP 20120075with -desired 19$38,000 Lot rooms, 2 master bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, huge bonus room, screened important make sure have a go the most eggs and are easier to handle during the of these fish since they act astoforage for thewe larger procedure. Unfortunately, in the last several years desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP porch lower level and more. 20112297 - 3-433 WhiteOnly Tail$199,900 Cr. Owner wants offer. Asking $15K. game fish in the lake. Finally, the last change to forage it has been more difficult capturing these larger of these fish since they act as procedure. Unfortunately, in the last several years 20131510 - Unique This is a great lot. contemporary home on 3 acres. Fantastic lakev20112297iews. - 3-433 Tail Cr. Ownerw/pwants offer. closet. AskingMain $15K. UpperWhite level master bedroom tub, walk-in floor mention is the closed fishing season for crappie femalesitforhas reasons that are not completely clear. game fish in the lake. Finally, the l been more difficult capturing these larger 20111503 LISTING 12-249 Birchbark Crt. $16,000 for open plan panoramic and- lake views. Wrap around deck with This is a great lot. with- NEW In response, a slot limit has been established for and white bass will now be standardized to run screened porch, beautiful kitchen for entertaining and so much more. .82 ac. Great Corner lot with panoramic views for your new home females for reasons that are not completely clear. mention is the closed fishing seaso walleye as a means to try to promote larger fish in from March 1 to May 15 each year. In the past $389,000 justdetails. enjoy the ammenties. 20111503Callor- for NEW LISTING - 12-249 Birchbark Crt. $16,000 for white basstowill now be In response, a slot limitonly hastwo been established forfishingand 20131240 - 24-51 Saddlewood Ln. $251,000 for this 1.93 ac. Beautithe closed dates changed correspond to standa the population. Beginning in 2013, wall.82 ac. Great Cornerlakefront withproperty. panoramic views for ful20100506 wooded Ready Blvd. to build on oryour just hook up your -lot 23-112 Lake Carroll $15,000 1.44new Ac. home near golf from March 1 to May 15 each yea walleye as a means to try to promote larger fish in or just enjoy the When: Saturday 8/31/13 eye that measure 16–22 inches (the “slot”) can be full week increments, but it was confusing for evboat, fish,ammenties. swim, or just enjoy all further the amenities at Lake Carroll. Call course and clubhouse. Call for information. Betty. the the closed fishing changed to Beginning two wallto remember specific dates.dates The yellow kept andthe allpopulation. fish outside the slot mustinbe2013, imme-onlyeryone Where: In Front of Fire Station 2010050620120075 -20110125 23-112- 19-Lake $15,000 1.44.99 Ac.acac.near golf - 72Carroll Edgewood. $38,000 for this 1.24 Lotvalued much 31-81 CountryBlvd. Club Crt. $31,900 with perch and redear sunfish populations will continue diately released. This change is not dramatically full week increments, but it was con eye that measure 16–22 inches (the “slot”) can be desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP deeded boat slip. Near Clubhouse and Golf Cs. (hickory St.) course and clubhouse. Call for further information. 20112297 - 3-433 White Tail Cr. Owner wants offer. Asking $15K. tobebeimmecatch and immediate release only asthe we specific try to date differentkept fromand the all previous limit in the which only eryone to remember fish outside slot must -Country 16-104 Price$31,900 Reduction.99to ac $13,000. Country is a great lot. &105. 20110125This -191491 31-81 ClubCarroll Crt. with valued establish a base perch population both species our two fishdiately 16 inches or longerThis could be This Awards: Cash Prize 20130724 - 23-112 views, level, woodsLake at rear of lot.Blvd. $13,000 1.44 Ac. near golf and of redear sunfishinpopulations released. change not dramatically deeded boat slip. Near Clubhouse and Golf Cs. course and clubhouse. Call for further information. lake. The redear sunfish is especially important, as change should allow for walleye to grow to troDouble Elimination 20100518- 31-81 - $29,900 23-127 AC.valued lot On 20110125 Country ClubLake Crt. Carroll $31,900Blvd. .99 1.16 ac with to be catch and immediate release on different from many the previous limit in which only they are needed to combat invasive zebra mussels phy size potential which fishermen will be 191491 -deeded 16-104 &105. Price Reduction to $13,000. Country boat slip.Walk NeartoClubhouse 18th fairway. Two-Person Teams establish a base population of both 16event inches could be which kept. have Thisinhabited 191491 - 16-104 & 105 Dr. Price Reduction to $13,000. views, level, woods at rear of Canterberry lot. the lake. excited two In the youor do longer catch a walleye 192282 $14,000 23-113 Lake Carroll Blvd. Over an 1.50 ac. Country views, level, woods at rear of lot. lake. The sunfishFishery is especially LD change should allow for walleye to grow to troOCarroll SLake One of the goals of the redear Lake Carroll over the slot, you always have the option to have a Make a bid. Near Golf Course Club House. - $29,900 23-127 Carroll Blvd. 1.16 18th 2010051820100518 - $29,900 23-127 Lake Blvd. 1.16AC. AC.lotloton On Age Groups 13 – 20 $20/team. fairway. Walk to clubhouse and golf crs. to be transparent fiberglass replica so thatwhich you can hang fishermen your Management they are isneeded to combatand invasive phy size made potential many will be Committee 18th fairway. Walk clubhouse and golf crs. 192477 - to REDUCED $14,000 overa a11Ac. Ac.incredible! incredible! 31-88 31-88 Register 10:30am Play 11:00 am. 192477 - REDUCED TOTO$14,000 forforover rationale behind the 2013 trophy fish on theabout. wall toIn keep memory have inhabited thecreel lake. excited thethe event you alive! do catchcommunicate a walleye thewhich Country Awesome lot the nearclubhouse the clubhouse Golf Country ClubClub Ct. Ct. Awesome lot near and Golfand Course. 192282 -Call$14,000 23-113 changes. continue monitorofthethe fishLake C Now! Call Largemouth andslot, smallmouth bass are also Course. Now! Lake Carroll Blvd. Over an 1.50 ac. One of thetogoals over the you always have thepopoptionlimit to have a We will Make a bid. Near- $24,900 Golf Course 181226 3-368Club LakeHouse. Carroll Blvd. Picture perfect building Age Groups 21 & up $40/team. populations going forward and additional changes ular because of their aggressive nature and hard $24,900 site181226for the golf or nature3-368 lover. Lake Carroll Blvd. Picture perfect fiberglass replica made so that you can hang your Management Committee is to be tr fighting antics. Many of you may remember that will be made in future years, if is it perceived building -site the golf orfornature NEW PRICE $7,900 for level at 1-115 Captains Register 11:30 am. Play 12:00 pm. 192477 -20112290 REDUCED TOfor$14,000 overthisalover. 1 Ac.lotincredible! 31-88Dr. Installations • Repairs • Sales communicate the rationale behind t trophy fish on adversely the wall to keep the memory Take golf cart to Clubhouse and Golf Course. Country 162235 Club Ct. Awesome lot nearfor the clubhouse andCaptains Golfand thosealive! changes will have a beneficial impact on a tapeworm epidemic impacted both 20112290 - NEW4-113 PRICE $7,900 this level lotlives at 1-115 - $8,000 Beachcomber Ln. Owner out of state Hunter Douglas Certified Installer limit changes. We will continue Largemouth and smallmouth bass are also popSponsored by Course. Call Now! species of bass in the recent past which caused the fishery. This is your lake and your fishery, and to m Dr. Take to Clubhouse andwillGolfbeCourse. would like togolf sell.cart All reasonable offers considered. Call Betty Factory Direct Blinds from 192048 - $37,500 23-110 Broadview Dr. 1.37 Ac. Drive your golf cart to populations going forward and addit goal is to make the best long-term decisions ularmortality because of larger their bass aggressive natureour and hard significant to the in the popuShannon Chamber of Commerce 162235 - $8,000 - Lake 4-113 Beachcomber Owner lives out of 181226- nearby $24,900 3-368 Blvd.Ln.Picture perfect Clubhouse and golf course.Carroll A must see! Hunter Douglas • Comfortex • Fashion Tech so that your Lake Carroll fishing experience is the lation. While the largemouth and smallmouth state and would like to sell. All reasonable offers will be consid20122328 - Over A high point, on Old Mill Rd. near trails fighting antics. Many of you may remember that will be made in future years, if is building site for the golf2 AC. or Elevated nature lot. lover. Free Shop•atRepairs Home • Sales Call Betty withered. panoramic views. Beautiful homesite plus amenities. $24,000. 25-31 Installations Questions: absolute best it can be. We thank you complybass have staged a comeback from adversely the tapeworm those changes willforhave a benefic a tapeworm epidemic impacted both - 25-71 Cottage Hill $36,900 AC. Captains Serving Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin 2011229020122027 -192048NEW PRICE $7,900 forDr.this levelforlotaDr. at2.521-115 ing with these creel limit changes and remember attack, the population of bass is still down from $39,900 23-110lot.Broadview 1.37MillAc. Drive your Hunter Douglas Certified Installer 20122328 Over 2 AC. Elevated A high point, on Old Rd. near trails Arlene Koeller 815-541-6912 or the fishery. This is your lake and you species of bass in the recent past which caused Dr. Take with golf cart to Clubhouse and Golf Course. golf cart toviews. nearby Clubhouse course.$24,000. A must25-31 see! panoramic Beautiful homesiteand plusgolf amenities. historical levels and specific younger age classes that it is everyone’s responsibility to be a steward Factory Direct Blinds from Amanda Klinefelter 815-864-3087 significant mortality to the larger bass in the popu- our goal is to make the best long-t 162235 - $8,000 - 4-113 Beachcomber Ln. Owner lives out of Hunter Douglas • Comfortex • Fashion Tech of bass are not at adequate levels to grow into of our wonderful Lake. If you come across a fawn like that, you should never touch it or move it, as you will then be plac-

Meyer Insurance Meyer Insurance Agency, Inc. Summer Agency, Inc.

800-413-2169 800-413-2169 THE CUTTING EDGE Serving the Area for 30 Years. Call us for a Free Quote.

M&M MARINE M&M MARINE Shannon 601 Main Street, Savanna, Illinois

815-273-3545 Labor Day 815-273-3545

Corn hole Tournament


Accurate Blind Installations

Accurate Blind Installations 815-742-7878

state and would like to sell. All reasonable offers will be considered. Call Betty

Free Shop at Home Serving Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin


192048- $39,900 23-110 Broadview Dr. 1.37 Ac. Drive your golf cart to nearby Clubhouse and golf course. A must see!


CARROLL SERVICE BUILDING CENTER 213 W. Carroll St., lanark, Il BUILDING • 815-493-2161


Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm • Saturday 7am-1pm • Closed Sundays

213 W. Carroll St., lanark, Il • 815-493-2161 Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm • Saturday 7am-1pm • Closed Sundays

lation. While the largemouth and smallmouth bass have staged a comeback from the tapeworm attack, the population of bass is still down from historical levels and specific younger age classes of bass are not at adequate levels to grow into

so that your Lake Carroll fishing exp absolute best it can be. We thank yo ing with these creel limit changes a that it is everyone’s responsibility to of our wonderful Lake.

REAL DESIGN CONCRETE INC. InterIor & exterIor DecoratIve concrete

Anthony Burkholder REAL DESIGN Decorative Concrete SpecialistCONCRETE INC

InterIor & exterIor DecoratIve concrete 815.864.3096 815.291.3657 Anthony Burkholder Shannon, Illinois Decorative Concrete Specialist 815.864.3096 815.291.3657 Shannon, Illinois

Page 10B

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

From the Golf Pro

Now that the weather has started to cooperate a little bit more, the golf course has started to see some play; the course is once again in excellent shape. The past month has been busy with sevJason Hill PGA Golf Professional eral events and a GREAT July 4th week. * The Lake Carroll Big Cup was a huge success with 103 players enjoying the course and the event. The event generated over $800 for a new mobile scoreboard that will be used for events and will allow us to do scoring in the lower level and in the bar area. Thank you all for the support and help with the purchase of this needed scoreboard. * July 4th weekend was great, with Fireworks on the course, Nite Golf, Junior Golf Camps and The Firecracker Scramble. All were exceptionally large events. * The Annual Ladies Invitational was held on July 10th. Eighty-one ladies enjoying the course and the restaurant following the golf, the weather was great for the day and the ladies enjoyed all of the great games and prizes. * The 1st of 2 Lena Vs. Lake Carroll matches were held with Lena being victorious with a score of 11 ½ to 8 ½. The next match will be at Lake Carroll on September 22nd. * The Campground outing, the Club Championship, and the POA Big Cup Scramble were also held during the month of July, results for the Club Championship will be in next month’s article. We still have several enjoyable tournaments remaining for the year and a list and flyers for these events are included in this month’s newspaper. Sign up for these events in the Pro Shop and we look forward to seeing you all on the links.

2013 Lake Carroll Association Jr Golf Camp

Photos by Reid Paxson

Aug 3 Aug 4 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 18 Aug 23

2013 Schedule of Golf Events

Moonlite Nite Golf 9 and Dine Couples League Lake Carroll Ryder Cup Eastland Boosters 9 and Dine Couples League US Foods Golf Outing

Aug 24 Aug 31 Sept 2 Sept 7 Sept 8 Sept 14

Mr. & Mrs. Club Championship Moonlite Nite Golf Labor Day Scramble Fishing Club Outing PC Lions Vedra Scramble

Sept 15 Sept 22 Oct 7 Oct 12

9 and Dine Couples League Lake Carroll vs Lena @ Lake Carroll Match #2 Travelling Senior Men’s Event 3-Club 9-Hole Scramble

We have been serving the Lake Carroll Area for Over 25 Years! Pickup and delivery available daily.

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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Page 12B

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Kids had so much fun learning about animals, bugs, sea creatures, making their own tie-dye shirts, slipin n sliding, making crafts, new friends, and fun memories they won’t forget! Check out the pictures to capture the highlights of the week! Thanks to ALL of the camp helpers for all of their help!! It wouldn’t be possible without all of you! A special thank-you to the Carroll County Farm Bureau, Trya Lessman, & Joe Rush for volunteering on special days at camp!

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Page 13B

Page 14B

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

July 6th Volleyball Tournament Winners

July 4th was the busiest we’ve seen...the pool was packed and both parking lots were full!


We have had a busy summer at the Aquatic Complex since Memorial Day Weekend and are beginning to see things winding down for fall. I hope you all got to take part in the Fun in the Sun weekend last month in some way or another. Watch for next month’s paper for pictures that captured the fun from that weekend. The third and final session of the Red Cross Swimming Program will conclude on Friday, August 2nd. I would like to thank our amazing swimming lesson instructors for doing an Chelsey Heckman outstanding job teaching all different levels. A special thankRecreation Director you to Ashley Larak and Megan Woolcock for teaching the first parent-child class at Lake Carroll. A lot of preparation outside of class time goes into these classes, great job teachers! Couldn’t get your child into lessons because the family was too busy this summer? Call to schedule a private lesson with our well qualified Water Safety Instructors. Private lessons require a scheduled appointment so call 815-493-8549 ext 10 or email to make yours! Thinking of having an end-of-summer bash for you and your friends? Call today to reserve the pool for a private party! Provides lots of fun and great memories! Please be aware that the week of August 20th we will have limited staffing during the week from 12pm-4pm, Monday-Friday. Adult supervision will be required from noon till four. However from 4pm-8pm lifeguards will be on duty. This does not apply for the weekends, just the last 2 weeks of August due to school starting. The outdoor pool is scheduled to close September 2nd. Past Events First session of Kids Camp took place June 24th-June 28th. Close to 40 kids took part in the first session. Please see the center pages of Section B for pictures of the fun week. Family Fun Nights have been the place to be on Friday evenings at the pool. Check out the upcoming ones for August located on page ______ Future Events Second session of Kids Camp will take place August 5th-9th. Check out next month’s paper for pictures! Registration is closed for this event. Saturday October 5th LCA Family Halloween Party – mark it on your calendars! Questions or concerns? Contact Chelsey at or 815493-8549 ext 10.

Larry Heckman (815) 864-2808 25235 Payne Rd. Shannon, IL 61078 Landscape Design & Installation Seeding * Sodding Locally Grown Nursery Stock Evergreens * Shade Trees * Perennials Hardscape Installation * Stone Walks Retaining Walls * Fireplaces Sea Walls * Rip Rap Maintenance * Mowing * Tree Removal Mulch Delivery * Snow Removal Licensed Pesticide Applicator

All tREES $ 00 119

1st Place Volleyball Tournament Winners

2nd Place Volleyball Tournament Winners

Make sure you sign up for the August 31st Volleyball Tournament - See page 19B.

Find Out Why: Polaris Dominates the Side by Side Utility Vehicle Market. Huge Product Line with Pure Sport and Utility Models for 2, 3, 4 & 6 Passengers. Find Out Why: After only our 3rd Year with the Franchise, Full Throttle Powersports is the #1 Polaris Dealer in Northern Illinois. We offer an Unmatched Combination of High Volume Pricing with Small Town Customer Service.

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

July 6th Bags Tournament Winners

Page 15B

try our omelette specials! oNly $4.95

103 E. Rt. 64 Lanark IL (815)493-2555 • Reasonable Prices • We are Worth the Drive

iNcludes: coffee, potatoes or fruit & toast

1st Place Bags Tournament Winners

2nd Place Bags Tournament Winners





3rd Place Bags Tournament Winners


• Boating Supplies • Fishing Boats • Bass Boats

M&M MARINE 601 North Main St. • Savanna, IL 61074 815-273-3545 •

• Pontoons • Runabouts • Flats 532709-01(3-25

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Lake Carroll Yacht Club ~ 2013 Events The Yacht Club is busy planning for some fun activities this year. Below is a list of events. As plans are confirmed we will provide dates.

Yacht Club Membership Application Name _________________________________________________________________ LC Address: ____________________________________________________________ Mailing Address if different from above:

• Venetian Lighted Boat Parade - August 3rd (Rain date Aug 17th) • Sock Hop at the Lodge - October 19th • Casino Trip - October 24th, details TBA

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Membership per family is $20.00. Set anchor with us & send your application & fee to: Mary Grant, 19-64 Edgewood Court, Lake Carroll, IL 61046

Phone: ________________________________________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________________________


• Shade Trees • Fruit Trees • Evergreens • Shrubs • Perennials •Landscape Design • Installation • Lawn Seeding • Mowing • Retaining Walls • Skid Loader Work • Red & Brown Mulch NOW AVAILABLE Brown Dyed Mulch

15166 Lovers Spring Rd. • Lanark (815) 493-2434 Richard Sweitzer 815-493-2434 Tim Sweitzer 815-994-2434

Annual Homemade Pie Fundraiser Returns

Tickle your taste buds at “Pie on the Porch” Friday and Saturday, August 30 and 31. From 10am to 4pm each day, feast on delicious made-fromscratch pies during the Friends of the Lanark Public Library (FLPL) annual fundraiser, while absorbing the peaceful beauty of a gorgeous garden in full bloom. Enjoy homemade pie and help the FLPL support the library’s programs and collections. Stop in at the Picket Fence for lovely decorations and gifts, located on the premises. Patrons will receive a coupon for a free book from Twice-Sold Tales used bookstore on Rte. 64. Pie on the Porch is located at the Picket Fence, 407 E. Franklin in Lanark, and will be open 10am to 4pm on August 30 and 31.

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Twice Sold Tales

Page 17B

Denise Krysiak Publicity Director, Friends of the Lanark Public Library Find a “Steel of a Deal” during August at Twice-Sold Tales in Lanark. Throughout Danielle Steel’s birth month her books are half off, ranging from 25¢ to $2.50, including recently published titles. Looking for Large Print books? Several recently published Large Print books by popular authors such as Nora Roberts and John Grisham will be added to our already sizable collection by Labor Day weekend. Patrons of “Pie on the Porch” will receive a coupon good for one free book at Twice-Sold Tales. The Friends of the Lanark Public Library’s fundraiser features made-from-scratch pies served in a lovely garden Friday and Saturday, August 30 – 31. These delicious pies will be dished up from 10am to 4pm both days at Lynn Collin’s Picket Fence, 407 E. Franklin in Lanark. Notice: Twice-Sold Tales, along with the Special Touch, will be closed August 5 to 10. Moms and Dads, celebrate surviving another summer vacation. When the kids go back to school, treat yourselves to some good books. Book lovers seeking a specific title or author should be aware that TwiceSold Tales takes requests. As books are donated, they are compared to our request list; over 60 such requests have already been filled. Donations of gently used books are accepted from 10 am to 1 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9 am to 11 pm on Saturday. No encyclopedias, dictionaries, Reader’s Digests, or magazines, please. Twice-Sold Tales, the gently used bookstore, is run by the Friends of the Lanark Public Library; proceeds benefit the Lanark Public Library and its programs and collections. The bookstore is located in The Special Touch’s Unique Mall at 504 IL Route 64 in Lanark. Its hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday.



815-494-1389 David B. Purlee D.D.S. Family Dentistry Since 1984 630 S. East St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 815-244-4835

All Your Dental Needs in One Place

One Visit Cerec Crowns ~ Digital X-Rays Financing Available (Care Credit) Evening Hours Available

Office Hours:

Mon. & Tues. 12-7 ~ Thurs. & Fri. 8-5

1-17 Old Wharf Rd. - .25 acre lot overlooking the golf course on a quiet cul-de-sac. Short walk to clubhouse. $9,800 1-111 Captains Dr. - Good water view from this .31 acre corner lot. 30’ grassed greenway one side. Broker owned. $18,900. 1-189 Old Wharf Rd. - .26 acre lot on knoll with water view. Wooded area to the front and rear. Broker owned. $16,900. 12-253/254 Spring Creek Dr. - Level .56 acre corner lot close to ski hill and pool. $9,900. 17-27R Lakeview Dr. - Replat of lots 27 & 28. 1.17 acres gently sloping to treed rear. Conventional septic. Broker owned. $24,900. 17-36 Lakeview Dr. - Fully wooded .62 acre situated one lot off of the water. Broker owner. $32,900. 17-171 Lakeside Dr. - .50 acre 2nd tier lot sits high above the lake. Seasonal water view. $19,900.

Know Your MEDICINE Know Your PHARMACIST Although we Americans spend billions of dollars every year on medicines, many of us don’t know what to expect from them or how to take them properly. Taken correctly, medicines can save lives. Taken incorrectly, even the most expensive medicine may not work-or may even be harmful. By talking to our pharmacist, you can learn how to take your medications safely and appropriately. If you have a question about your medications, Just ask our pharmacist. Our pharmacist is there to help you understand how to use your medications safely and effectively.

Pavers • Retaining Walls Sod & Lawn Seeding Over Seeding • Natural Stone


Dane Nielsen - 815-275-5005 Lonny Nielsen - 815-238-2119

DEEDED BOAT SLIP LOTS 21-55 Old Wharf Rd. - Large 3.68 acre lot with open views near East Marina. $65,000. 21-58 Lake Carroll Blvd. - 2.36 acre corner lot with fantastic views incuding distant water view. 2001 Forest River pontoon with 2009 75hp Mercury Bigfoot motor available as a separate transaction. Motivated Seller. $54,000. ACCESS LOTS 3-653 & 654 Fawn Ridge Dr. - .52 acres. $2,500.

Doug Moll Broker Associate Isenhart Realty

815-238-3626 email:


Pharmacy Center We are pleased to announce that we are now a participating provider in the NIHP (Northern IL Health Plans)

101 W. Market St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

(815) 244-2171

Lanark Dental Clinic

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

KIDZ CAMP 2013 Session 2 Camp August 5th-9th

KIdz Camp activities: Monday: Bugs n Butterfly Day Tuesday: Down on the Farm Wednesday: Wet n Wild Thursday: Pirate Princess Day Friday: Under the Sea

KIDZ CAMP Days Wednesday, August 14th “It’s a Big World Out There”

Registration is required for all events. More details can be found in the Kidz Camp Brochure, which can be picked up at the Admin Office, at the Aquatic Complex, or printed off online at

Pool available for party rental upon reservation. Pool operational hours weather dependant.

Mandatory Deer Hunters Meetings Saturday, August 3 Sunday, August 18 Meetings begin promptly at 9am at the Lodge. If you do not attend one of these meetings, you will not be allowed to register for our deer management program; you will not hunt. NO EXCEPTIONS. Bring your equipment and be prepared to qualify. EVERYONE MUST QUALIFY. Questions: Contact Dave Rominski, or 847-683-7553

Rock Falls, IL 61071 - 815.625.HVAC (4822) Freeport, IL 61032 - 815.801.HEAT (4328) Monroe, WI 53566 - 608.328.HEAT (4328) WWW.LOESCHERHVAC.COM

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm *24hr. Emergency Service On All Brands Of Equipment

31 Years of Service Built on Honesty, Integrity & Service • Home Heating • LP Gas Heaters • Gas Grills • Hot Water Heaters • Grain Drying • LP Tank Sales & Service • Forward Contract for LP Gas for Farmers • Guaranteed Winter Rates 24-HOUR SERVICE • 7 DAYS A WEEK

• Master Card • Visa • Discover

Burkardt’s LP Gas

Located on Rt. 26 2 miles south of Polo

Business: 815-946-3081 Home : 815-946-3080

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Carroll Service Company LP Gas Sales & Delivery Interestedyour in Exchange Spreading outatyour LP Cylinders the LP Heating Bills Building Center over 12 Months?

213Deb W. @ Carroll Contact 493-2181 ortothe Office findMain out more 505the W.Budget IL Rt. 64 about Home Heat plan and Calculate Lanark, IL 61046 what your Monthly LP 815-493-2483 Payment be. or Tollwould Free



$10-$30 Removal of Stumps


Page 19B

Bill’s Window Washing 815-238-6178

Freeport, IL

Over 10 Years Exrerience!


505 W. IL Rt. 64 • Lanark, IL


ISENHART REALTY 866-493-2300

Sec. 13-50 .25 acre Grouse Ln ....................... $2,700 Sec. 3-499 .30 acre Shady Ln ......................... $5,000 Sec. 5-75 & 76 .55 acre Chadbourne Dr........ $5,000 Sec. 31-55 1.31 acres Doral Ct. ..................... $9,900 Sec. 16-59/60v .68 acre Meadow Ct.............$10,900 Sec. 23-108 1.75 acres Broadview Dr...........$14,900 Sec. 15-4 1.29 acres Lake Carroll Blvd ........$14,900 Sec. 1-53 .25 acre on Captains Dr................$16,000 Sec. 19-6 1.69 acres Timber Ridge ..............$24,900 Sec. 27-16 2.63 acres on Shadowridge Dr ...$26,000 Sec. 26-14 1.73 acres on Wynwood Ct ........$29,900 Sec. 22-10 1.24 acres on Lakewood .............$34,900 Sec. 21-28 1.57 acres Forest Hill Dr.............$39,000

Penny Fink Broker Associate Cell 815-275-3804 email

• Remodeling • Basements • Decks • Garages •Stick Built Homes

Our Showroom Is Only Minutes From Lake Carroll

Showroom Hours:

Tues.-Fri. 10AM-2PM Sat. 9AM-NOON OR BY APPT.

15102A IL. RT. 73 Shannon, IL PH: (815) 493-2903 CELL: (815) 499-7779 General Contractor: Randy Landis

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013


CLASSIFIEDS 815-625-3600

Diamond House Cleaning & More!! We provide Residential and Commercial Cleaning with the top most quality care as possible, treating it with the love and respect that we treat our own homes. We are Reliable, Honest, Dependable, Trustworthy, Flexible, Hard Workers & Pay Close Attention to Detail. General Cleaning, Move in/Move out, Organizing & Much Much More. Hire us for; one time, weekly, 2-3 times a week, bi-weekly, monthly or however you wish. WE ARE NOT A FLY-BYNIGHT SERVICE!!! Call Mindy 815-2913794 leave message Email: kobnkenz@ Visit our facebook page @ diamondhouse. cleaning.3 Give us a chance you won't be disappointed!! LAWN & GARDEN


3 Acre + lots. Must sell! Waterfront home for Lot 103 in Sec. 31, rent. 3BR, 2ba. 27 steps $3,000. Lot 43 in Sec. easy slope to boat dock. 26, $4,000. Lot 3 in Sec. Located in East Marina. 15, $2,000. Will trade. Sleeps 8-10 people. Call Contract possible. Call Dan 708-278-0031 or 815-259-3168. ddunne@palossports. com Beautiful level Lake Lot for Sale Sec13/Lot 86 TRAILERS / RV'S Approx. 175 feet of lake frontage. Price $259,000 Call Vic 847-340-8780 Prime lot for sale, ¼ acre with lake views. Water well already installed. Asking $13,500. Section 1-87. Call 630510-2466 or 630-8903300. Reduced price, ready to sell $10,900. Scenic ½ acre lot on golf course, Hole #6, Captain Drive. Close to clubhouse, marina, etc. Call Ed 630-745-8565. HOMES FOR RENT


Beautiful, contemporary waterfront log home retreat on section 5 inlet. 3 bedroom, 4 bath. Call Sandy 708-204-1987 FOR RENT: WATERFRONT

EASTLAND MOWING You grow it...we'll mow it! Call or text Bob 608-921-3825 Based out of Shannon, so we are Local, Reliable & Reasonable


Beautiful, contemporary waterfront log home retreat on section 5 inlet. 3 bedroom, 4 bath. Call Sandy 708-204-1987 NOTICE: “Only LCA Members have amenity use with any Lake Carroll house rentals.”

1994 Jayco Eagle 34.5' travel trailer with slide out. Awning, air, central heat, front kitchen, 3way refrig., microwave, am/fm stereo, full double bed. Very clean, great cond. Can be seen at campsite 215. Asking $4700. 630-510-2466 or 630-890-3300.

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Southside Service Lube & Tire PLus! James Hazelbower, Owner

604 W. IL. Rt. 64 • LanaRk, IL



• Oil Changes • Coolant Flush • Trans Flush • Timing Belt • Water Pump

Now Performing All Types of Mechanical Work • Wheel Alignments

• Tune Up • Exhaust • Struts • Bearings • Brakes

Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30 Sat. 8-Noon


Planning A New Home? Making Home Improvements? See Us For All Your Financing Needs! Compare our low closing costs to anyone else!

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explore the fun world of agriculture with Acres exceed room capacity. For more information of Adventures! We will use the products farmers about “Ready . . . Set . . . Grow” and other Master produce every year to make ice cream and pizza Gardener programs, please call the Lee, Ogle or Carroll News, August offices 2013 or Page 21B Whiteside county extension visit their with homemade mozzarella cheese. Also, we will Lake explore the makings of play dough and how to websites make your own paper. You will learn how farm BREAKFAST FOR YOUR BRAIN Keeping your wits fit requires more than just grown produce can be used to tie dye shirts and doing crossword puzzles or word searches. There how potatoes can make electricity. Acres of Adventures SPIN Club will be held on is increasing evidence that brain health is directly Wednesday’s February 13th, 20th, 27th, March related to body health. This should come as no 6th, 13th, and 20th at Naaman Diehl Auditorium surprise since the brain and the body function in Mt. Carroll. The sessions will be from 4pm- interdependently. However, most people think about keeping bodies or their 5:30pm and areCarroll for anyone in grades Club 3rd through The Lake Women’s would more like to thank all their of the LCfitstaff forhearts once 5th. The fee for all six sessions of Acres of Ad- healthy than working at maintaining a healthy again helping us to have a successful event. We earned enough from the Garden ventures is $15. Don’t miss out on this great ad- brain. By attending the Breakfast for Your Brain Walk toReserve give a nice startonline for our charitable donations forcan thelearn coming workshop, you moreyear. about the aging venture! you spot at http://web. Everyone from Mike Schmieder…to Rogers…to the can Security Staff…everybrain and what you do to keep your brain or call (815)244-9444. Tim andDonna engaged.Beyer and the women at READY, GROW GARDENING WORK-likehealthy one wasSET, so helpful. I would especially to thank Janice McCoy, U of Life SHOP ANNOUNCED the Admin Office for their help with all our printed material. It IallExtension looked Family wonderful Add a “spring” to your step at the 2013 “Ready Educator, will conduct the workshop at Morrison and they were always ready to help. . . . Set. . . Grow” Gardening Workshop, Saturday, O’Dell Library on February 20 and March 13 We wonderful comments visitors to the am gardens aboutPublic how Library friend10:30-11:30 and at Dixon Marchhad 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. atfrom Saukoutside Val- from ly everyone was and how beautiful Lake Carroll looked, so all our efforts not only A ley Community College in Dixon. Join the Master on March 4, 11, 18 & 25 from 10:00-11:00 am. light brain-healthy snack will be served. No Gardeners of Ogle, Lee and Whiteside counties benefitted the local Lanark community, but the Lake Carroll community as well.fee to attend, is encouraged. in cooperation with Sauk Valley Community Col- us Thanks again to everyone who helped and tobut allpre-registration those who supported us To by lege Corporate & Community Services for this register, go online at http://web.extension.illinois. buying tickets. one-day event offering participants information edu/clw or call 815-835-2070. Helen Sykora on behalf the LCWC COLORS WORKSHOP OFFERED FOR about various aspects of homeof gardening. Fifteen different workshops ranging from suc- NON-PROFITS Your University of Illinois Extension Unit 4 is culent container gardens to the wonderful world of beekeeping are offered to participants. During offering Colors(tm), an extraordinary communithree different sessions, participants can choose cations tool that will highly benefit you and your to attend workshops about composting, organic staff in working with those you serve. Managers, soil, community gardens, miniature gardens, wa- staff and employees are encouraged to attend one For quality, terscapes, vertical gardening, rain barrels, insects, of our three Free February Colors™ workshops go straight thenonprofits top! in Carscheduled specifically totoserve and more. A keynote address by Mark Dwyer, Director roll, Lee and Whiteside counties. Each organizaof Horticulture at the Rotary Botanical Gardens tion is limited to three (3) participants. Space is in Janesville, WI will close the workshop. Dw- limited so register now! All workshops are from FebruaryLiving 11 Lee County (SVCC yer will speak on Ornamental Edible Gardening. 9am to 11:30am. Supportive Facility in 5th Dixon) February 12 IL Carroll County (Farm Learn how to incorporate a wide range of orna1125 N. Street, Savanna, • 815-273-2105 in Mt. Carroll) February 14 Whiteside mental edibles in your garden borders, containers Bureau County (Farm Bureau in Morrison) Visit https:// and any open nook and cranny. The program fee is $40.00 and includes mornAffordable Senior Housing register or call 815-835-2070 for ing refreshments, lunch and select handouts. To onID=7783 PersonaltoCare Assistance more information. register, call Ogle County Extension at (815) 732-Three Home-Cooked Meals Each Day NEW PROGRAM AIMS TOServices HELP SMALL 2191 or visit their website at: http://web.extenWeekly Laundry & Housekeeping BUSINESSES SOCIAL MEDIA Registration is required by Building Security MAKE Utilities Included WORK FOR THEM March 1. Social media can be a good way for small Sessions will be filled on a first come, first

Thank You

Archery Lessons for Kids

Mandatory Lot Mowing

Dennis A. Sturtevant

2 Classes will be offered: Thursday, August 8th & Friday, August 9th 7:00pm-8:00pm - Cost: $5/child Registration is required. Call Chelsey at 815-493-8549 ext 10. Please bring your own equipment if children have it, if not we will have extra for them to use.

15465 Rt. 73, Shannon, IL 61078

(815) 493-6382

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

Everyone is Invited!!! When:

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Meet @ Clubhouse @ 9:00am, Bus Leaves @ 9:30 (sharp!!!!)


Arlington Park Race Track


$15.00 P/P For Bus Ride Only, Park entrance extra. ($6.00 general admission, $4.00/seniors). First come First Serve Basis. Bus holds 56 people. Names will be added to list when payment is received (No Holding Spots)

Payment: Cash or Check. Make checks payable to the Lake Carroll Fishing Club and send to Mike Siciliano, 1-24 Old Wharf Rd, Lake Carroll IL 61046 Questions: Mike Siciliano at 815-493-6148

Interested in advertising in the Lake Carroll News? Contact Mike Ford at or 815.625.3600, ext. 616

Makeover your hoMe this suMMer! Stop by today and get inspired by beautiful showroom displays 207 E. Broadway St., Mt. Carroll, IL


Kodiak Trail II

815-493-2648 • 815-291-2648

Lake Carroll News, August 2013

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RE/MAX TOWN LAKE & COUNTRY Each office independently owned and operated


21-78 LAKE CARROLL BLVD • LAKE CARROLL, IL # Patti Kloepping

Julie Wenzel

Managing Broker

Broker Associate






Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.®



17-57 Lake View Circle

27-19 Shadow Ridge Rd.



23-115R Lake Carroll Blvd.

Gorgeous Cedar Home on 3.27 Awesome Acres 4 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3417 Sq Ft


31-48 Doral Court

On the Golf Course with magnificent country views, finished walkout. 4 Bedrooms - 4 Baths - 2947 Sq Ft

On private cul-de-sac recently built with 4 season room and walkout. 3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 2532 Sq Ft





1-36R Captains Drive

4-231 Sandpebble


2.52 Acre wooded lot with 3 stall garage and walk out LL 3 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2740 Sq Ft



BACK ON THE MARKET 24-128 Rustlers


3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1458 Sq Ft


On the golf course, new never been lived in, many upgrades 3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 2100 Sq Ft


Wooded lot and view of the golf course, close to clubhouse 4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2640 Sq Ft

5-170 Heathcliff

21-39 Marina Ct.

Listed and Sold this Spring

New Price $253,800


3 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 1952 Sq Ft


19-60 Woodland Court

Quiet location, finished LL, Beautiful great room with wood ceiling and fireplace.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1591 Sq Ft

New Price $210,000 CHARMING COTTAGE

12-231R Springcreek

4-176 Misty Ct.

On a private cul-de-sac, near the lake and a screened porch.

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 2059 Sq Ft




23-101 Brighton

23-102 Brighton Ct.

4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2632 Sq Ft

4 Bedrooms -3 Baths - 1785 Sq Ft


$229,000 LAKEVIEW

Great location, sits high for nice views, 1.23 Acre lot

Almost New! Fabulous birch floors.




4-160 Beachcomber

17-63 Lake View Circle Partial lake view with huge deck

4-112 Beachcomber


3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1848 Sq Ft




4-132R Sunset Ct.

3-478 Shady Lane

3-527 & 528 Fawn Ridge Drive On 2 lots, in great condition. Has Garage under and New Furnace!

Excellent lake view, has 3 finished levels 5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2294 Sq Ft


1-213 Old Wharf Road

3 Bedrooms - 1.5 Baths - 1152 Sq Ft

Charming cottage with HUGE workshop in extra building.

On the golf course! Neat as a pin, easy weekender

Lakeview and seller wants an offer soon, finished LL


New Price $158,900


2 Bedrooms - 2 baths - 1664 Sq Ft







Awesome “Permanent Lake View” completely redecoarated. 3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1568 Sq Ft

27-59 Ridgeview

View of Lake Carroll and 2.54 acre lot on a greenway 4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2394 Sq Ft

2 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1092 Sq Ft

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1911 Sq Ft

Great starter, good location near the lake and golf course.


Fixer Upper Opportunity, Great price and tons of potential

3 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 1828 Sq Ft


4-133 Sunset Court

Just like new with a nice lakeview and walkout LL 2 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 1196 Sq Ft


3 Bedrooms - 1 Bath - 1575 Sq Ft


e-mail us at:

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Lake Carroll News, August 2013

RE/MAX TOWN LAKE & COUNTRY Each office independently owned and operated



Julie Wenzel

Patti Kloepping



Managing Broker

Broker Associate





13-89 Quail Hollow Drive

Exceptional waterfront property with unique architectural details. 5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 4850 Sq. Ft.



2.45 Acre Private waterfront lot with perfect mix of Woods and open waterfront. 6 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3812 Sq. Ft.


New Price $599,900


1-91 Farragut

23-41 Barrington Court

Stunning lake views from every room and close flat walk to water front. 5 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3796 Sq. Ft.


SO 24-92 Hidden Valley Court

Private 2.29 Acre private lot on Swimmers Cove. Finished walkout Lower Level to the Lake 5 Bedrooms - 2.5 Baths - 3072 Sq. Ft.

NEW PRICE $449,990





5-220 Heathcliff Drive

105’ of Beautiful waterfront listed and sold in 69 Days

3 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2098 Sq. Ft.


27-47 Ridgeview Drive

Premier Waterview with Expansive decks and 254’ of shoreline 5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3316 Sq. Ft.



24-90 Hidden Valley Court

Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.®


5-212 Heathcliff Drive

Incredible lakeviews from the quiet but open cove 5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3327 Sq. Ft.

Perfect waterfront location with a 110’ Sea Wall and waterside patio 4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2459 Sq. Ft.






1-98 Farragut

21-47 Marina Court

28-23 Southview

First time on the market. Sold and closed in 95 days!

4 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths - 3160 Sq. Ft.

2 Acre waterfront property near East Marina 4 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 2817 Sq. Ft.

Great price and well maintained located in a quiet cove 5 Bedrooms - 3 Baths - 3105 Sq. Ft.







17-202 Lake Carroll Blvd.

Huge opportunity on this short sale lakefront property

3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths - 3990 Sq. Ft.

24-55 Saddlewood

Wooded 2.25 Acre Waterfront Lot


NEW PRICE $339,000

16-215 Stonehedge

Excellent Lakefront Lot with GREAT water


LAKE CARROLL LOTS FOR SALE 23-26 Broadview....................................................................................... SALE PENDING $2,995 16-259 Canterbury ...................................................................................................................................................... $3,000 16-25R Elmhurst Ct........................................................................................................................................................$3,500 17-14 Whitewater Ct .......................................................................................................................................................$3,900 12-189R Briarwood.........................................................................................................................................................$3,900 17-191 Harborview ..........................................................................................................................................................$4,900 17-192 Harborview .........................................................................................................................................................$4,900 17-176 Harbor View........................................................................................................................................................$7,500 1-122 Kidds Ct.. ...................................................................................................................................................................$9,000

31-39 Wakonda. ................................................................................................. NEW LISTING $9,500 23-19 Broadview. .............................................................................................. NEW LISTING $9,900 15-10 Prairie Hill............................................................................................................................................................$10,000 31-77 Country Club Ct... ....................................................................................... NEW PRICE $14,900 23-127 Lake Carroll Blvd... .......................................................................................................................................$14,900 26-15 Lake Carroll Blvd ............................................................................................................................................$14,900 4-236 & 237 Grandview. ............................................................ MAKE AN OFFER $18,000 23-7 Lake Carroll Blvd. ..............................................................................................................................................$19,500 31-77 Country Club Ct .................................................................................................................................................$19,900

27-20 Norwood...............................................................................................................................................................$23,500 24-4 LC Blvd. .........................................................................................HAS A GAZEBO! $24,900


12-150R Rosewood........................................................................................................................................................$18,000 25-70 Cottage Hill Ct. ...............................................................................................................................................$28,000 24-88 Saddlewood.. ..........................................................................................MOTIVATED! $28,900 22-5 Lakewood Drive.................................................................................................................................................$39,000

e-mail us at:

Lake Carroll News August 2013  

Lake Carroll News August 2013

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