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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Lake Carroll News A publication of the Lake Carroll Association and its members The Lake Carroll News is online! News & Events>Newspaper June 2014

Vol. 42 No. 6

Security Notes

What’s Inside...

Security Stats for April 2014:

Luke Fossett Security Supervisor Neighborhood Watch volunteers conducted their annual Lake Clean-up. See page 4A

The LC Women’s Bowling wrapped up another season.


See page 14A

LAKE LEVEL As of Wednesday, May 29 - 739’ 2” Pool Level is 740’ ADMIN OFFICE CLOSED: Fri, July 4 – Independence Day Mon, Sept 2 – Labor Day


Jun 27, Jul 25, Aug 22, Sep 26, Oct 24, Nov 21, Dec 7 (Annual Mtg), Dec 12 (if needed) NICOR

Pg 13A: NICOR by Duanne Bourne Pg 13A: NICOR Project - Two Perspectives by Frank Schoff LCA FIREWORKS Saturday, Junly 5th, Dusk from Dam.

2014 MANDATORY LOT MOWING #2 - August 1-10 Report by 12pm August 11 Report to 815-493-2552 ext 27. Provide Name, Sec & Lot, and date mowed. If you don’t report it, you will be bill for LCA arranging the mowing.

WEST MARINA CONCESSION Summer Weekly Hours Mon/Wed/Thu: 9:30am-5pm Closed Tuesdays Friday: 9:30am-7pm Saturday: 7am-7pm Sunday: 7am-5pm 2014 HUNTERS MEETINGS August 2 & 17 See page 3B for details.

ATTENTION: Once again the Security Department has to deal with complaints about illegal dumping, disposal of garbage. It is illegal to dump residential refuse in any Lake Carroll Association dumpsters or dumpsters rented by contactors. If your residence does not receive garbage pick-up then the garbage must be transported back to your residence, and please remind your guests of these regulations. With the spring, summer season upon us, it is that time of year when bikers, joggers, and walkers return to the Lake Carroll roadways. Please remain aware that these pedestrians will be sharing the roadways. For those of you who do bike, walk or jog wearing a safety vest is recommended, these vest vastly increase your visibility to motorist. These vests can be purchased at the L.C.A. office or any big box store. The 4th of July will be less than a month away when you receive this paper. FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND IN LAKE CARROLL, unless fired by a professional with the proper permits. Please refer to the Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations booklet page 36, section C.2.a. I would like to encourage everyone that has not picked up a 2014 copy of the Rules and Regulations to please do so. They are available, no charge at the LCA Office, they

House Checks- 4729 Amenity Checks -1133 Service Calls- 175 Complaints- 11 Deliveries- 42 Assist Motorists- 2

are also available online at in the document section. A couple minutes reviewing the Rules and Regulations can make everyone’s experience more enjoyable at Lake Carroll, not knowing a rule is not an excuse to violate one. As of April 1st, Security began checking for 2014 decals on vehicles, boats, ATV’s, golf carts and campers. Reminder: Members may not use guest passes in their vehicles. All property owners please be aware of the new Rental, Rules and Regulations which can be found in the 2014 Rules and Regulations booklet on page 58. I would like to wish all the property owners and their guests a safe and enjoyable spring season and DON’T’ FORGET YEILD TO YELLOW!!! If you have any questions, complaints or compliments, please feel free to contact me at (815) 493-2552 ext.18 or e-mail me at If the Security Department can be of any assistance to you, we may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (815) 493-2599. Did You Know: Any private golf carts driven on Lake Carroll roadways must display a safety flag, as stated on page 45, Sec 3.iii. of the Rules and Regulations booklet. Theses flags can be purchased at the Association Office or at the Pro Shop. Did You Know: ATV’s are prohibited


Ambulance Calls- 2 Alarms- 0 Fishing License Checked- 51 Creel Limits Checked- 17 Marina Vehicles Checked - 236

from crossing private lots and can only use Lake Carroll roadways to access the trail system. This information in located in the Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations page 7, Chapter I, Sec B.2. e. & f.. Did You Know: All piers, docks, boat lifts and swim platforms must have section and lot numbers and reflective devices above the waterline and visible from the lake. This information is located on page 19, Chapter I,Sec G.4. Did You Know: All garbage receptacles must be returned to residence within 24 hours of garbage pick-up? All garbage must be placed in a proper receptacle to avoid the garbage being distributed throughout the area by local wildlife. Moring Disposal offers receptacles and residential garbage service that will get and return your receptacles to your property. This information is located in the Lake Carroll Rules and Regulations page 37, Chapter IV. Sec C.6. Did You Know: It is illegal to let you dog or cat roam freely at Lake Carroll. Please be courteous to your neighbors. Even if they are not at their Lake Carroll residence your pets should not be making a mess on their property. Please review the Rules and Regulations regarding pets on page 37, Chapter IV. Sec C.8. in your rules booklet.

Upcoming Events

JUNE 07 Fishing Tourney, 6am, WM 14 Kids Fishing Derby, 9am, WM 14 Kick-Off to Summer Party, 6:30pm L 14 Bags Tournament, Evening, L 14 Kick-Off Live Entertainment, 6:30-10:30pm, L 14 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L 15 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! 20 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L 21 ATV Poker Run, 11am, L 21 Music Jam at the Campground, 7pm 27 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L 28 Fishing Tourney, 6am, WM It doesn’t matter if the dumpster belongs to Lake Carroll, a contractor, or JULY a homeowner...if YOU didn’t pay for it or get permission to use it, YOU 05 Bags & VBall Tourney, 9am L 05 Equestrian Open House 10am CANNOT DUMP ANYTHING IN IT! 05 Fireworks, Dusk, Dam It is illegal to dump residential refuse in any Lake Carroll Association 05 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L dumpsters or dumpsters rented by contactors. 18 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L If your residence does not receive garbage pick-up then the garbage must 19 Free ATV Rides, 10am, Admin be transported back to your primary residence. Please advise your guests of Parking Lot theses regulations. 19 TLP Gala, 5:30pm, CH 19 Fishing Tournament, 7pm, WM Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 25 Family Fun Night, 7:30pm L See Table of Contents on 3A for Lake Carroll Security event ad locations!

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Notes from the Office By Julie Brantner

AMENITY USAGE All dues, assessments and fees must be current to be eligible to use the Lake Carroll amenities. Quarterly payment plans must be current to remain in good standing & enjoy all the summer activities offered at Lake Carroll. Photo ID cards must be presented by Property Owners upon sign-in at all Lake Carroll amenities (Golf Course, Campground, Pool, etc). If you have lost your card there is a $20 replacement fee. Please visit the office & have your photos taken or email them to 2014 DECALS 2014 Decals must be displayed on members’ vehicles, golf carts, campers, watercraft, ATVs and snowmobiles. These must be registered with the Association. Decals are issued upon receipt of the 2014 completed information sheet, current registration papers & insurance. All dues & fees must be current before decals are issued. Please refer to the Lake Carroll Rules & Regulations regarding the registration requirements. LAKE CARROLL HOMEOWNERS If Lake Carroll becomes your primary residence, please notify Julie at 815-493-2552 ext 14 or email the change to so we may keep our membership address list current. The office would also appreciate the updates on new phone numbers and email addresses. As a final reminder, if you have a winter address, don’t forget to let the Association know when you return. DAILY/WEEKLY SLIPS MARINA SLIPS The “H’” dock located beyond the gas pumps is the location for six (6) slips, which are available for daily or weekly usage by reservation only. The slips available are H01 – H06. The fee is $30 per night or $85 for one week. The maximum stay is two weeks. You may have only one reservation on the books at any time. To reserve one of these slips, call the Association Front Desk 815-493-2552 ext 10 or 20. Payment must be made in advance. Unauthorized parking in these slips may result in a citation being issued. Members in good standing are eligible to reserve these slips. As a reminder, all watercraft must be currently registered with the Association before it enters the Lake. There are also four (4) temporary slips, which may be used for short periods of time. These slips are the first four slips beyond the gas pumps & are marked as TEMP. Please use these only for short periods of time, allowing other members to use these slips also. As an added note, slips H07 – H24 have been assigned for the season. They are NOT AVAILABLE for daily/weekly or temporary parking! Unauthorized parking in any boat slip other than the temp docks & H1–6 may result in citations being issued. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we enter another busy & fun-filled summer at Lake Carroll. MARINA CONCESSION INVOICE CHARGES A current Visa or MasterCard authorization form must be on file at the Association Office or your payment MUST BE received within 15 days of purchase. If no payment is made within the 15-day timeframe, the amount due will be processed with the Visa/MasterCard information on file. If no payment is made within the 15-day timeframe & there is NO Visa/ MasterCard on file, the Association may curtail the privilege of purchasing at the Marina if concession invoices remain unpaid. The Marina Concession Invoice form is completed at the time of purchase. The section & lot # appearing on the watercraft is required on this form along with the property owner’s name & a LEGIBLE SIGNATURE (no nicknames). NO BILLS WILL BE SENT. Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to the front desk 815-493-2552 ext 10 or ext 20. You may also pay cash at purchase time & the Marina also accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover at the time of purchase. Have a safe & happy summer.

Specializing In: Insect Infestation Diseased Trees Drought Affected Trees Trees Consultation

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Please Take Note

All articles and letters submitted for publication in the Lake Carroll News Must be received at the association office by the 18th of each month.

LAKE CARROLL ASSOCIATION 3-200 Association Dr. Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-2552 Fax: 815-493-2883

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 25


Karen Clark, Front Desk Donna Beyer, Communications Dir. Mike Schmieder, General Manager Lisa Vanderheyden, HR Mgr / Finance Julie Brantner, Accounts Receivable Arlene Gries, Administrative Assistant Shaun Nordlie, Facilities Manager Deb Stagno, Technology Director Security (or 493-2599) Joyce Stadel, Finance Assistant Missy Clark, Front Desk Joe Rush, Lake Manager Lee Harbison, Building Inspector

Carroll Co. Sheriff . . . . . . 815-244-2635 Emergency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 911 Lake Carroll Security Cell . 815-493-2599 Association Business Hours Monday – Saturday 8 am to 4:30pm

Lake Carroll NewsUSPS 008387 The Lake Carroll News is published monthly by Sauk Valley Media (SVM), 3200 E. Lincolnway, P.O. Box 498, Sterling, IL 61081. It is mailed to all Lake Carroll Association members in good standing and paid for by a portion of the annual dues. Non-members may purchase the Lake Carroll News for $12/ year. Direct subscription inquiries to editor@ or 815-493-2552 ext 11. Periodicals postage paid at Sterling, IL 61081 and additional offices. Advertising and Classified deadline is the 15th of each month. Contact Mike Ford at, 815-625-3600 ext 616, or mail to Sauk Valley Media, Attn: Lake Carroll News, 3200 E. Lincolnway, P.O. Box 498, Sterling, IL 61081. The Lake Carroll Association and SMV, as agents, nor the printer assume financial liability for production errors in or non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. Corrections will be printed in the following month’s edition, provided the Lake Carroll News does not endorse or guarantee the ads. Advertiser indemnifies and holds harmless the Lake Carroll Association from any and all cost, damage, or loss sustained and caused by or resulting from any false, misleading, or libelous claims made in any advertisement placed by the advertiser. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Lake Carroll News, 3-200 Association Dr, Lake Carroll, IL 61046.

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Table of Contents Administration Mandatory Mowing Schedule....................... 1A Office Notes.................................................. 3A Board of Directors BOD Member List........................................ 6A Minutes – 4/25/2014................................... 11A Prez Sez......................................................... 6A Bowling – Women’s League.......................... 14A Calendars - Events/Committees/Club............ 7A Campground – Around the Fire..................... 8B Golf Outing................................................... 8B Music Jam..................................................... 8B Classifieds..................................................... 14B Clubhouse Craft Show.................................................... 8A Hours, Specials........................................... 10A Sizzling Sunday Grill Photos...................... 12B Communication Facilities Update........................................... 3B GM Report to BOD..................................... 12A Standing Committees.................................... 6A NICOR........................................................ 13A NICOR Two Perspectives........................... 13A Equestrian Club............................................. 7B Open House................................................... 7B Financial Dollars & Sense............................................ 5A Financials 04/2014........................................ 5A Fireworks At Lake Carroll............................ 1B Golf Campground Golf Outing............................. 8B Golf Cart Flag Requirements...................... 21B Golf Maintenance Dept................................. 1B From the Golf Pro....................................... 10B Ladies League............................................. 10B Save the Boobies Photos............................. 12B Upcoming Golf Events.... 7B/9B/10B/11B/13B Lake & Natural Resources Catch of the Day – LC Fishing Photos......... 6B Fishing Club Member App........................... 6B Fishing Club Raffle....................................... 6B Fishing Tourney Sched & Rules................... 6B Fish Tales...................................................... 5B Hunters Meetings.......................................... 3B Kids Fishing Derby....................................... 1B Lake Level.................................................... 1A Lake & Natural Resources............................ 4B W Marina Concession................................... 1A Lending Library........................................... 14B Photography Club........................................ 12B Event Photos............................................... 12B Recreation Bags & Volleyball Tournaments................. 15B Beach Luau................................................. 15B Family Fun Nights...................................... 16B Kick-Off to Summer Party.......................... 16B Kidz Camp.................................................. 16B Pool Hours.................................................. 16B RecDirect.................................................... 15B Safety & Security/EMS Neighborhood Watch.................................... 4A Safety First.................................................... 4A Security Notes............................................... 1A Security Fine Assessments............................ 4A Severe Weather Procedures......................... 23B Trail Club...................................................... 17B Free ATV Rides........................................... 17B Poker Run................................................... 17B OHV Usage Stamp Update........................... 3B Women’s Club................................................ 9A Yacht Club Member Application................................... 19B Taste of the Lake........................................... 2B Venetian Night............................................ 18B

Letters to the Editor Policy The Lake Carroll News welcomes Letters to the Editor. Letters must be received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Writers must be LCA members in good standing, reflect their viewpoint, focus on the issues and/or must be of interest to the majority of Lake Carroll members. 2. Letters should not contain personal attacks against any individual(s) or businesses and may not express personal grievances or conflicts. 3. Letters containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks or obscenities will not be published or are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. 4. Constructive criticism is acceptable; suggestions on alternative solutions to the concerns are appreciated. 5. Letters are limited to 400 words or less. 6. All letters must bear a signature and LCA section and lot numbers. 7. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD reserve the right to review to accept or deny publication of any Letter to the Editor and to offer a rebuttal within the same issue. 8. The Editor will provide an explanation in writing to those submitters whose letter is not published. Editorial & Photo Guidelines It is each organizations responsibility to publicize and cover their events for the Lake Carroll News. If you need assistance, please contact the office. Any written articles, committee or club ads, or photos submitted for publication in the Lake Carroll News must be received at the Association office by the 18th of each month unless otherwise specified due to altered deadlines and adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Be of interest and benefit to Lake Carroll Members. 2. Purposes for articles published are to inform and educate. 3. Articles containing libelous material or statements, derogatory remarks, obscenities or anything deemed inappropriate will not be published or are subject to editing after consultation between submitter and editor. 4. Hard copy photos will be scanned and available for pick up one week following publication. 5. Special announcements (ie: wedding/anniversary/births/graduation, etc) may submit a single photo (published size to be determined by staff) and text of 100 words or less. Submissions: An electronic file is the preferred method of submission. Files may be submittedvia email or provided on disk. Photos may also be submitted via email. Please make electronic submissions to The Editor will send a “received” confirmation email. The Editor, General Manager, and LCA BOD reserve the right to review to accept or deny publication of any submission for publication in the Lake Carroll News. Items submitted that are not in compliance to these guidelines will not be guaranteed publication. Any questions please contact the Editor at 815-493-2552, ext. 11. Editorial Policy adopted 2/22/05.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake Carroll Security/EMS Corner Available 24/7 at 815-493-2599

Neighborhood Watch Photos & Article by Mike Siciliano, NW Coordinator On April 26th the Neighborhood Watch organized the Lake Carroll Annual Clean-up. Many eager volunteers showed up on a cool breezy morning displaying their community pride. It was nice to see some new faces that are surprised to actually see for themselves what treasures can be found out there. The choice of favorite beverages really varied this year from all kinds of beer brands to unopened bottles of gin and wine. Didn’t see anyone open the bottles during our lunch cookout afterwards, but who know what happened to them. I would like to thank all of the volunteers that came out for the clean-up. The cook this year was Bruce McDonald, who had prepared everything and had the food ready for the hungry volunteers.

The volunteers were revitalized with a lunch provided by NW while they compared adventure stories of the day.

Sisters Joanie Perez and Sandy Sorensen help clean up the Campground during the annual clean-up.

As usual, the clean-up crew collected a variety of “treasures.”

sweitzer nursery

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Rich Richard ard Sw Sweitzer eitzer 81 815-493-2434 5-493-2434 Ti Tim m Sw Sweitzer eitzer 8 815-994-2434 15-994-2434

The NW will be having a CPR refresher class sometime in September. This will only cover what is basically needed to have people know the essentials and any new techniques that are now being advised for use. We will also be familiarized with the AED-DeFib units that are located in many areas around the LC properties. It never hurts to attend these refresher courses/classes. The date will depend on the availability of our Security Supervisor Luke Fossett and Claire Holmberg. Luke has also discussed the possibility for those who would like to take an advanced CPR training class that includes certification. This can be done at LC if there’s enough interest for a class. If interested, please give Luke a call at 815-4932599, ext 18. I would like to ask any of the NW volunteers to start driving around LC more frequently. It would be nice to display the NW patrol sign on you vehicle. Some have them already. Those that have them and are not using them, please return to me so I can distribute them to those that may want to use them. Lately there have been a lot of people working on our LC property. Many of these are construction workers such as the Nicor workers and their subcontractors who have never even heard of Lake Carroll before. I would like to just let others that don’t live here know that besides Security, we have our NW driving by in a friendly manner being active in our community. “Grandparent Scam” The Internet Crime Complaint Center continues to receive reports of telephone scams involving calls that claim their “relative” is in a legal or financial crisis. These complaints are sometimes referred to as the “Grandparent Scam.” Scammers use scenarios that include claims of a relative being arrested or in a car accident in another country. Scammers often pose as the relative, create a sense of urgency and make a desperate plea for money to victims. It is not unusual for scammers to beg victims not to tell other family members about the situation. The scammers also impersonate third parties, such as an attorney, law enforcement officer, or some other type of official, such as a U.S. Embassy representative. Once potential victims appear to believe the caller’s story, they are provided instructions to wire money to an individual, often referred to as a bail bondsman, for their relative to be released. Some complainants have reported the callers claimed to be from countries including, but not limited to: Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, and Peru. Callers often disguise themselves by using telephone numbers generated by free applications or by spoofing their numbers. If you receive this type of call: Resist the pressure to act quickly. - Verify the information before sending any money by attempting to contact your relative to determine whether or not the call is legitimate. - Never wire money based on a request made over the phone or in an e-mail, especially to an overseas location. Wiring money is like giving cash—once you send it, you cannot get it back. Individuals who have fallen victim to this type of scam are encouraged to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, Have a great and safe summer!

Safety First By Mike Siciliano

The summer season is upon us and as we all know it always brings out the joggers, walkers and bikers on our LC roadways. At our last LC Safety & Security Committee meeting a discussion regarding the safety of our residence while enjoying these popular summer activities. It is highly recommended that bright colored safety vests or bright colored (neon orange or green) clothing be worn while jogging, walking, and biking. Drivers get busy getting to there destinations and the more we can do to make ourselves visible to catch their attention, the better. This is ONLY a suggestion. There will be no rules to follow. The committee is only concerned with the safety of all of our neighbors and friends. Please be careful with all the loose gravel that is left on our roads after the extreme winter we have just experienced. The gravel and newly added dirt and material from all the trenching work for our gas lines will also be compounding the safety concerns. LC maintenance is doing their best to get rid of it. So please be extra careful, slow down, and be courteous. After all we all want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Carroll! As Dan would say, “Let’s Be Careful Out There.”

May 2014 - FINE ASSESSMENTS LAST FIRST SEC LOT VIOLATION Sterkowwicz Richard 12 114 Illegal Cutting of Wood Sterkowwicz Richard 12 114 Illegal Dumping of Garbage Popowski Thomas 28 11 Illegal Deer Stands x 3 Ahlgrim Brian 3 424 No LCA Decal Baumgart James 31 31 No LCA Decal Displayed

FINE $25.00 $25.00 $150.00 $50.00 $25.00

Dollars & Sense

Summer! I know summer doesn’t officially begin until later this month, but the Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start of summer. I hope everyone had a fun but safe holiday weekend. We didn’t have much of a spring, as winter seemed to hold on for an extended period of time this year. One can hope that this means we will get an extended summer this year too. As I mentioned in my previous article, the final step of wrapping up last year’s finances is conducting an audit of the Association’s 2013 finances. As I write this article, our new Jeff Howe audit firm, O’Connor, Brooks and Co., has provided us with Board Treasurer a preliminary audit which the Audit Committee has reviewed. By the time you get this, the Board should have approved the audit at the May Board meeting. The audit does not appear to find anything unusual in the Association’s finances. A summary of the Association’s audited financial position will be published in the paper soon, and a full copy of the audit can be made available to you through the Association office. While the audited results show that the Association is still in good financial shape, I continue to be concerned about the short term financial situation of the Association. We operated at a loss last year. This was due in part to a larger increase in people not paying their dues than expected, an increase in expenses, and a relatively small dues increase. Despite these difficulties, Mike Schmieder did a good job at keeping the loss as small as possible. 2014 started out rocky from a financial perspective due to the harsh winter, but Mike is already taking steps to get the Association back on financial track. The Committees are hard at work fine tuning their 5-year plans of Fixed Assets expenditures with the goal of finalizing them and providing their requests for the 2015 at the end of June. We really owe our Committees a huge thank you for the tireless hours that go into planning and forecasting. The Committees are also open to your input and suggestions on how the Association’s Fixed Asset budget dollars should be spent. The Board has provided the Finance Committee with a preliminary number for planning the Fixed Asset budget. This will help guide which projects from the requests that the Committee make can be funded in 2015. The Clubhouse has been converted to natural gas, and we have received our first bill from Nicor. It appears this bill is about $1,000 less than what we would have spent if we were still using propane for that building. These savings will be used to repay the building conversion costs and to pay down the line of credit that was established to pay an Advanced Deposit to Nicor to help move the project forward. The Recreation Complex should be converted soon, and in the coming months the rest of the Association-owned buildings will follow. Residential conversions are also starting. Information from Nicor and the Association is available to help you make the decision if converting your home also makes sense for your situation. As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Fixed asset income and expenses Income Assessments for fixed-asset purchases Assessment for debt repayment Property Transfer fees New Construction Impact Fees Other income (1)



46,805 743,092 (4) 855,760 14,648 232,746 268,096 4,125 9,750 30,000 0 1,500 6,000 249 11,646 (1) 63,518 -------------------- -----------------------------------------65,827 998,733 1,223,374

Total assesment and debt repayment income Less expenses Expenses Debt repayment (2) Reserve allocation

78,180 290,503 955,278 0 268,096 (2) 268,096 0 0 0 -------------------- -----------------------------------------78,180 558,599 1,223,374

Total expense and debt repayment Net Income

(12,353) 440,135 =========== ===========

Operating Income and Expenses Assessments, sales and other income Assessment & Sales Total other income (3)

0 =============

315,399 1,154,938 4,346,847 90,384 514,783 (3) 797,250 -------------------- -----------------------------------------405,784 1,669,721 5,144,097

Total assessments, sales and other income Less expenses: Cost of Goods Sold Total expenses Total cost of sales and expenses Net Income Combined Net Incomes Fixed Asset Net Income Operating Net Income Monthly Combined Net Income

21,280 64,363 353,580 2,096,811 -------------------- -------------------374,860 2,161,174 -------------------- -------------------30,923 (491,453) =========== ===========

427,151 4,716,946 ----------------------5,144,097 ----------------------0 =============

(12,353) 440,135 30,923 (491,453) -------------------- -------------------18,570 (51,318) =========== ===========

0 0 ----------------------0 =============

NOTES: (1) Includes interest income and gain on sale of equipment and the 2014 Ski Club Donation

(2) Debt repayment - includes interest payment and payment to pay back the Operating Account reducing the PLLOC available. (3) Building permits, security fines, campground fees, marina rental, golf fees, etc. (4) Includes CDP , lake improvement and late fees Summary of the April 30, 2014 Financial Statements The total cash on hand as of April 30, 2014 Operating, Clubhouse, Health Reimbursement & Petty Cash = 1,086,128 Nicor Account = 39,750 Fixed Asset Checking Account = 588,614 Debt Repayment Account = 67,865 Fixed Asset Fund Reserve = 20,377 Total Available Cash (requires drawing on Pool & Nicor LOC) Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance (requires drawing on Pool & Nicor LOC) Line of Credit used as of April 30, 2014


2,935,876 670,233 -

Line of Credit for Pool Loan used as of April 30, 2014 Due to Operating for Pool Loan as of April 30, 2014 Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan as of April 30, 2014

483,285 100,000

Line of Credit for Nicor loan used as of April 30, 2014 Due to Restricted Reserve for Nicor Loan as of April 30, 2014


This summary was extracted from the April 30, 2014 Financial Statements Respectfully Submitted,

Karl Prowant - #815-493-8127 / 303 Rt. 64 W. Lanark, IL 61064

Jeffrey Howe Treasurer

2014 MANDATORY LOT MOWING August 1-10 Report by Aug 11


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You can find a mowing contractor on our website, or watch for ads in Lake Carroll News publications.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

LCA Standing Committees A&E Committee By-Laws Committee Campground Committee Clubhouse Committee Finance Committee Golf Committee Lake Conservation Committee Safety Committee Recreation Committee Steering Committee Wildlife Mgmnt Committee You may access additional information at

2014 LCA Board Members Norm Hoffman, President 4-200 Sandpebble Dr Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-6226

Barb Anderson, VP 31-3 Lake Carroll Blvd Lake Carroll, IL 61046 815-493-8867

Jeff Howe (27-27) Treasurer 3N575 Wild Flower Ln West Chicago, IL 60185 630-231-0694; 630-204-0741

Joanie Perez (27-30), Secretary 5831 Beverly Cir E Hanover Park, IL 60133

Prez Sez

Last month I said good-bye Old Man Winter and I began to doubt that happening. However, I think we can finally get busy with warm weather activities. We just ordered a new boat for the season after I sold my old one and we are looking forward to delivery soon. Now I have to keep a positive attitude that our lake will get back to pool. I know we all look forward to lake use this Norm Hoffman season and we do not want to see a repeat Board President of issues from last year. Joe Rush and the rest of the staff are looking forward to monitoring our lake and anticipating any troubles before they arise. We just recently had the dam inspected and the report will be in our hands very shortly. The construction over the spillway is complete; and no, it was not repairing a leak to the dam. It was road surface and guardrail repair. The decision was made to follow the plan of not dredging from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We will keep our dredging operations before Memorial Day and after Labor Day to keep the lake as free as possible for members’ use. This is especially a safety concern so we can have the dredging operations taking place during the time the lake is not being used as heavily. Monitoring the lake and all the issues pertaining to the lake is a fine and delicate piece of work. We have to credit the staff and the Lake Committee for doing the best they can to keep a healthy lake atmosphere for all of us to enjoy. I know when things go wrong the first thing anyone wants to do is the blame game; however remember the staff is doing their best and the Lake Committee, made up of LCA members, are dedicated to making the lake their first priority. By the way, if you are interested in becoming more involved with the lake operations, care, study, and watch dog, please give some consideration in joining the Lake Committee. The April Board Meeting went well and I’m quite pleased with the T-Shirt that John Grotto presented me at the Board Meeting. I’m not sure as yet where I will wear it; however, at the appropriate time I’m sure it will appear. We had one issue that sparked a 4-3 vote that I would like to discuss. The motion was to approve Phil Jensen as our attorney on the land designation issue question put forth by our By-Law Committee. Depending on the issue, our Association has used a variety of lawyers to represent us currently and in the past. We have lawyers that are preferred depending on the issue, lawyers by convenience of location or cost, lawyers familiar with our covenants, basically a host of issues may encourage the Board to seek a certain lawyer for a specific topic. On the land designation issue, there is no doubt a philosophical difference between this year’s Board and the Board of last year. Last year the Board selected a lawyer for an opinion that would change Lake Carroll’s land designation, eliminate the check and balance system with the members, and put the power of land decision solely in the hands of the Board. The land designation issue is very complicated; however I will explain the best as I can in defense of the By-Law Committees objection to last years Board direction. Our covenants spell out different land

designation sub-categories: residential, common, and reserve. Residential is self explanatory, common area is controlled by the membership, and reserve is controlled by the Board. Last years Board identified certain parcels of land properties conveyed that did not have recorded land designations sub-categories. The Board motioned that all lands are common based on their lawyer’s opinion, and passed by a 4-3 vote. This same lawyer (Steve Bloomberg) from the suburbs had a two hour phone call debate with the membership in attendance against representatives of the By-law Committee. The lawyer and a four member majority of the Board refused to recognize the uniqueness of our community. The majority of Association communities in Illinois identify all lands other than residential as common and are controlled completely by the Board. Following the path of other Associations would reject the uniqueness of our sub-categories as spelled out in the covenants. We identify the three categories in our covenants as a balance of power. The 2013 Board agreed with the attorney that all reserved land should be changed to common and that all common lands are controlled by the Board. The belief that all common land decisions are made by the “inherent power of the Board” ignores the check and balance and takes the membership out of the decision process. This decision also ignores the interpretation of the covenants that we have lived under since 1972. The lawyer we choose to represent this issue in defense of the ByLaw Committee now becomes a key decision. Steve Bloomberg was recommended and rejected, John Whiton was recommended and rejected, and Phil Jensen was recommended with a challenge that he may have a conflict of interest. This was the discussion at the March meeting. It was later investigated when we engaged Mr. Phil Jensen if he were interested in taking the case and if he felt it was a conflict of interest. He was interested and he felt it was not a conflict of interest. Yes, he represented over 200 members who disputed the 2005-07 Board of Directors concerning the usage of the Greenway Docks. The members hired Phil Jensen at their own expense to represent them in filing a complaint requesting a judgment from the court to defend their interpretation of the covenants. The court ruled in favor of the membership with the representation of Phil Jensen. Phil Jensen after analyzing the governing documents believed the erosion of Common Use on the greenways was inconsistent with the Covenants and Restrictions, violated all members’ rights, and would have a detrimental effect on property values and quality of life. So, our choice in April of picking Phil Jensen who recognizes our community uniqueness will champion our members with his representation. This subject is far more complicated than I have briefly described; however I would be glad to answer questions if you are interested in more detail. As this topic progresses, I will keep you posted. As I close, I want to remind everyone to display all your proper decals and make the job for our Security much easier as we move into our busy season. Please be aware of all of the safety hints our Safety Committee has brought to your attention and for everyone to have a great summer season. My hats off to our security team for always being available to lend a helping hand. You’re the best!

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake Carroll Women’s Club

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By Suzanne Heflin

The Lake Carroll Women’s Club held its final regular meeting of the club year on May 8. This was a particularly important meeting for several reasons; one reason is that the nominees for two new officer positions, Vice President and Treasurer, were voted in by the membership. At the June luncheon, Pia Molloy will be inducted as Vice President and Brenda Schnarr will be inducted as Treasurer. These women will be replacing Bonnie Ewing and Suzanne Heflin who have faithfully served in these roles for the last two years. Additionally, the members present voted on the Allocation Committee’s recommendations for recipient charitable organizations. The Women’s Club joyfully voted to make monetary donations in support of Carroll County CASA, Pitter Patter Pantry, Riverview Center, Carroll County Senior Center, Lanark Library, Tyler Justice Center, FHN Hospice and Rolling Hills Progress Center. Many of the women had participated in the Pampered Chef fundraiser party held at Joan Abbot’s home April 17th and rejoiced to hear that our purchases resulted in over $600 being raised for our philanthropic endeavors. Additionally this month, Marve Feucht, President, presented our very first LCWC Eastland High School scholarship! After the regular meeting ended, the women listened as Tim O’Connor of Heirloom Solutions in Thomson educated us about various gardening and farming issues. He spoke specifically about what organic gardening entails, what “heirloom” seeds means vs most seeds that are sold today which are actually hybrid seeds, and what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are. We learned that heirloom seeds are traditional seeds that actually come from fruits or vegetables that have never been hybridized. Once a vegetable, for example, has been hybridized, it will produce very few seeds. If those seeds are planted, they will grow a plant but that plant will not produce “fruit.” For example, if you cut open a green pepper and there are lots of seeds, that is probably an heirloom pepper and planting one of the many seeds will produce a plant with more peppers. Tim also shared with us that Heirloom Solutions now has many vegetable plants available for planting; they are all heirloom plants. Additionally, Heirloom Solutions will be holding a Farmer’s Market each Saturday through October. Don’t forget their lovely store and wonderful café with creative sandwiches, delicious pastries, craft beers and more! After Tim’s presentation, the ladies enjoyed coffee and punch, as well as savory treats and tasty sweets provided by hostesses Joan Abbot, Merce Meyers and Nancy Comstock. Thank you, Ladies! Finally, on June 12, the Lake Carroll Women’s Club year will end with our annual Spring Luncheon at the Clubhouse. A great way to end a wonderful year of friendship, education, amusement, and philanthropy!

Ti m O ’ C o n n o r o f Heirloom Solutions in Thomson spoke to the LCWC specifically about what organic gardening entails, what “heirloom” seeds means.

The club members enjoyed coffee and punch, as well as savory treats and tasty sweets

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

The Clubhouse 815-493-2810 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON THE CLUBHOUSE PATIO (Location - Weather dependent)

July 26 Fort Awesome Band August 16 Soda Band August 30 Funnies

Dine-In Daily Specials

Sunday Beginning May 18th 9am-10am Breakfast Buffet Adults $7.99 Kids 5-12 $4.99 10am-1:00pm Sunday Brunch Adults $9.99 Kids 5-12 $4.99 Kids (4 & Under) Free

Sunday SpecialS 11am-3pm Bring in your blue 40th stein and fill it with a Tap Domestic Beer for $1 40th Steins are available for purchase at the Clubhouse for $2 each. Or get a “Bucket of Beer” (6 Domestic Bottles) for $15. 10 Wings for $5.99 Try one of our delicious appetizers.

Thursday 5pm-8pm All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken with Coleslaw and a Side $8.99 Friday 5pm-9pm All-You-Can-Eat Haddock Beer Battered or Baked Includes Soup & Salad Bar $10.99 Saturday Slow Roasted Prime Rib Watch for Lunch Specials Thursday-Saturday posted at the Clubhouse!

Lake Carroll Resident Jan Golden Authors Children’s Book Last month you read about local resident Jan Golden, authoring a new children’s book “Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in IT’S A GREAT DAY FOR PULLING WEEDS” (published by AuthorHouse). It’s a great book and is lavishly illustrated. It’s available in soft cover and as an Ebook it may be viewed and purchased at, www.grammagoldenbooks. com, at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel and your local bookstores. For autographed copies please contact Jan at 815-541-6296 (phone number change from May publication).

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Lake Carroll Association Board of Directors - April 25, 2014 Convene Board Meeting: Norm Hoffman called the Meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. at the Conference Center. Present and Constituting a Quorum: • President, Norm Hoffman • Vice President, Barb Anderson • Treasurer, Jeff Howe • Secretary, Joanie Perez • Director, Don Aleksy • Director, John Grotto • Director, Dave Soldat Also Present: • General Manager, Michael Schmieder Pledge of Allegiance President Norm Hoffman called on Tom Stangl 23-101, to lead the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Approval of Agenda: Dave Soldat moved and Jeff Howe seconded to approve the April 25, 2014 Agenda as amended. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.01 Approval of Minutes: Barb Anderson moved and Jeff Howe seconded to approve the Board’s Regular Meeting Minutes of March 28, 2014. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.02 President’s Comments: President Norm Hoffman commented on contacts he has had with property owners. Contacts included a person being upset regarding the golf cart lease program and another on fishing passes and guest passes as the perception is guests are fishing without the member present. These areas are being monitored and Security appreciates when people report abuses as they cannot be everywhere. Norm also stated that we all have to be aware that items in the planning stages turn into rumors that changes are already implemented and he has been reminding people that changes need to be voted on and that no one person can change a policy. Audience Questions/Remarks: Sandy Sorensen – 31-91: The Trail Club wanted to thank the Board and the association staff for the great shape that the trails are in after such a hard winter. She passed on news and an address for Dan Herman who is in the hospital and an integral part of the Trail Club. Sandy also discussed that the Trail Club will be holding the Swinging Bridge Raffle to win your dues back for one more year. The club is going through the steps to get their bond and permit for the raffle and should start selling tickets by Memorial Day. Larry Meyers – 1-90 : Asked if we are looking at when someone rides along in a private or leased golf cart on the golf course and if they pay a cart fee. We need to clarify who uses the golf carts on the golf course. Sandy Sorensen – 31-91: Stated that the Association office does asks who uses the cart but there are not rules against others riding in the golf carts. Treasurer’s Report:

Isenhart Realty www

17-112 5-10R 3-494R 31-74 17-73 25-12 24-111 28-63 2-291 & 292 23-15 28-66 27-33 24-140

$5,000...............0.51 acre lot with cul-de-sac location $5,000...................0.55 acre looking foR offeR $9,900........................ 0.70 acre with trees to the rear $11,000.....1.96 acres with end of cul-de-sac location $13,900............... 0.71 acres walking distance to lake $14,900.............................1.73 acres partial lakeview $15,000 ......................2.01 acres with rear greenway $18,900......3.65 acres w/greenway near west marina $19,900.....................0.55 acre with gentle rear slope $32,500 ...........2.20 acres on #12 hole & #13 tee box $39,900 ...........2.21 acres - equestrian - deeded slip $55,000 .............................1.40 acres inlet waterfront $99,900....................7.43 acres double equestrian lot

As of March 31, 2014 Financial Statements: • Total Cash on Hand: $1,726,654 o Operating, Clubhouse and Petty Cash: $1,031,827 o Fixed Asset Checking Account: $613,516 o Debt Payment Account: $60,935 o Fixed Asset Reserve Fund: $20,376 • Fixed Asset Reserve Fund Balance: $670,232 • Line of Credit Used: $0 • Pool Loan Line of Credit Balance: $0 o Due to Operating for Pool Loan: $483,285 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Pool Loan: $100,000 • Line of Credit for Nicor loan used as of March 31, 2014 $0 o Due to Restricted Reserve for Nicor Loan as of March 31, 2014 $549,857 Dave Soldat moved and Joanie Perez seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Summary of the Association’s March 31, 2014 Financial Statements as presented. Motion passed by unanimous roll call vote (7/0/0 ) M14.04.03 Jeff Howe moved and Don Aleksy seconded to approve the Financial Statements for March, 2014 as presented by the Association’s Accounting and Finance Manager. Motion passed by unanimous roll call vote (7/0/0 ) M14.04.04 The Board thanked Lisa Vanderheyden for her early distribution of the financial statements. General Manager’s Report: General Manager Mike Schmieder addressed questions/remarks on the following topics in his General Manager’s Report: - The dredger went into the lake a week prior to the Board Meeting and just yesterday started pumping to the Block Farm. Pressure without the booster is good but the lake water level is preventing the dredger from getting all the way into the 3 Tubes area. With the delayed thaw of the lake the dredging was delayed about 3 weeks and the plan is to run the dredger in 10-12 hour shifts for the next 40 days. The noise level of the dredger is like that of a semi-truck engine. - From a financial standpoint we struggled a bit in January & February (with the snow causing issues for maintenance but it also extended the ski hill season) but are rebounding in March. Nicor connection fees have brought in around $30,000. - By-laws is looking at a rental outline from Mike. - We are looking into a goose round-up this year as there is a property owner who has approached Mike about donating $4,000 to assist with the cost. - We were cooking with natural gas in the clubhouse on 4/10!! - The West Marina food service is being looked at. Committee Minutes with Actions Requested or Topics for Discussion: Joanie Perez moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve the installation of signage at the four main LCA entrances to inform arrivals that Lake Carroll now has underground gas lines

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Dave Soldat – commented on the success collecting monies owed us from unpaid dues. Mike clarified that the balances on the doubtful accounts was $50k, we collected $30k and we spent $20k in legal fees to collect it, netting about $10k. These amounts were estimates as Mike did not have the exact amounts handy. Dave also asked about the removal of the propane tanks and Mike stated that no decision has been made yet regarding the buried tanks. Don Aleksy – gave a lake update as he has connected Joe Rush to a person he knows that has experience dealing with Blue Green Algae. Audience Questions/Remarks: Tom Stangl – 23-101: He asked if we thought forecasting 2252 dues paying property owners was reasonable. Mike confirmed that we collected from 2258 last year. Mike Siciliano 1-124: Asked to remind everyone that the annual Lake Carroll Association clean-up was the following morning starting at 10:00 AM at the Lodge and a reminder that the Spillway bridge construction starts 4/28/14. Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, and/or legal issues: Joanie Perez moved and Jeff Howe seconded to adjourn to Executive Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) Time: 9:03 P.M. M14.04.13 Joanie Perez moved and Jeff Howe seconded to return to Open Session. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.14 Time: 9:52 P.M. Further Business: Joanie Perez moved and Jeff Howe seconded to appoint Mr. Ian F. Keith to the By-Laws Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.15 Barb Anderson moved and Dave Soldat seconded to appoint Maureen Allred to the AD HOC Policy Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.16 Dave Soldat moved and Joanie Perez seconded to appoint Linda Hoffman to the AD HOC Policy Committee. Motion passed by voice vote (6/0/1) Hoffman Abstained. M14.04.17 Dave Soldat moved and Jeff Howe seconded to appoint Donna Beyer to the AD HOC Policy Committee. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.18 Dave Soldat moved and Jeff Howe seconded to adjourn the Board’s Regular Meeting of April 25,2014 at 10:08 PM. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.19 These Minutes approved on this 30th day of May, 2014 ATTEST: Joanie Perez, Secretary

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Amy Barnes Cell 815-238-8360 Office 866-493-2300

throughout the property as recommended by the A & E and Safety Committees. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.05 Committee Reports with No Action Requested: A & E (3/21/2014), (4/4/2014), Golf (3/7/2014),Lake (4/7/2014), Clubhouse (4/3/2014), Safety (4/12/2014), Campground (4/12/2014), By-Laws (3/1/2014), (4/5/2014) Club Minutes: Women’s Club (4/10/14) Unfinished Business/General Orders: Dave Soldat moved and Don Aleksy seconded to approve the Employee Drug Policy as presented by the Staff’s Safe Workplace Committee to be effective 1/1/2015. Motion passed by roll call vote (6/1/0) Howe voted No. M14.04.06 New Business: Joanie Perez moved and Barb Anderson seconded to authorize the expenditure of $5,000.00 for the purchase of replacement Ski and Tube equipment. Expenditure not to exceed $5,000.00. Funds to come from the 2014 Fixed Asset Budget. Motion passed by unanimous roll call vote (7/0/0) M14.04.07 Dave Soldat moved and Joanie Perez seconded to establish an Ad Hoc Policy Committee to research, develop and organize a Lake Carroll Policy Manual. Motion passed by unanimous roll call vote (7/0/0) M14.04.08 Norm Hoffman moved and Jeff Howe seconded to approve the donation to Eastland Writes. Funds to come from the 2014 operating budget. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (6/0/1) Grotto Abstained. M14.04.09 Jeff Howe moved and Don Aleksy seconded to approve donations as modified for 2014. Funds to come from the 2014 operating budget. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.10 Joanie Perez moved and Don Aleksy seconded to approve the amended Land Lease Agreement between the Lake Carroll Association and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC of Atlanta GA. as revised and approved by the Lake Carroll Cell Tower negotiating team. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote (7/0/0) M14.04.11 Norm Hoffman moved and Barb Anderson seconded to approve Phil Jensen as the LCA attorney for the latest land designation questions raised by the By-Laws Committee and authorize the By-Laws Committee to forward their questions to him. Motion passed by roll call vote (4/3/0) Aleksy, Grotto, Soldat voted No. M14.04.12 Board Directors Comments: John Grotto – questioned where the 30 lots are that we have that are not for sale – areas included the old dump, golf trail and land outside the association office. He also clarified that the number of people who were reported as using the exercise room is really the number of visits to the room as some people do use it more than once.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

General Manager - Monthly Board Report (BOD) - May 30, 2014 By Michael Schmieder

Following is a synopsis of this month’s activities. I have identified those items that are of importance or that are not necessarily obvious. I have not included the normal day-to-day activities or those items that are covered by the Treasurer and others. Please also refer to the staff reports that have been provided. The order is by department/category. 1. Report on directives from the April 25, 2014 BOD Meeting. a. Joe Rush has continued to work with a Property Owner who wishes to fund a Goose Round-Up in Mid-June. Joe is in the process of obtaining the required permits so that this project could be done this June. b. I was asked to gather information regarding the Equestrian Club’s operation and willingness to board additional horses. I met with Larry and Kim Mehringer on Monday, May 19, 2014. The Mehringer’s informed that the Association does not own any horses and that the 14 horses which are boarded here are owned by five Lake Carroll Members. The Mehringer’s also informed that an agreement was drawn up by the Association in 1999 which outlines the responsibilities of Club as well as the Association. That agreement and financial records are being assembled and will be presented to the Board at Friday’s meeting. The Equestrian Club is not currently accepting new horses due to limited hay storage and the labor needed to properly care for the horses we have now. 2. Administration: a. Construction crews for Nicor have continued to work, installing the 6” main south on Lake Carroll Blvd., along Zier Road, north on Lake Carroll Blvd to Plum Tree Drive near the Ski Hill. Nicor has also started installing “branch lines” to service homes in Sections #23, #31, #1, #2, #3 and #4. Nicor completed the 80’ connection under the South Bay inlet along Zier Rd on Thursday, May 15, 2014. Mike Kaysen is currently coordinating the Aquatic Complex conversion between Bomar Heat & Air and Nicor. We are hopeful to have the conversion complete prior to June 6. As of Monday, April 21st, Nicor has deployed a restoration crew who are working exclusively to repair turf damage caused by the construction crews. b. PTAB is currently reviewing our appeal regarding the Clubhouse and storage sheds. PTAB has provided us with a final opportunity to provide a response and additional evidence to support our assertions. Our response was finalized at the January Board meeting and was mailed by certified mail on January 27, 2014. It has been confirmed that PTAB received our response on January 31, 2014. We have not yet received any further correspondence from PTAB. c. An updated copy of the Fixed Asset Expenditures – Cash Status report is included in the Board Packet under Treasurers Report 3. Safe Workplace Committee & Cinci-Safe

Program: a. The Safe Workplace Committee met on May 7, 2014 and the minutes from the meeting are attached to this report for your review. 4. Accounts Receivable & Front Desk: a. See updated 2014 dues status report which is attached. Thru April 30, 2014, we are 15 DPE’s behind where we were on the same date one year ago. b. Fourteen Ownership transfers transactions were processed between April 19 and May 23, 2014. Three of these transactions were for homes. c. As of May 23, 2014, 315 Natural Gas Permit Fees have been recorded totaling $78,750. d. Marina Slip confirmations for the 2014 season have been mailed. Only 12 of our 328 slips remain available. 5. Finance & Human Resources: a. Finance: i. Operating Statements for April, 2014 will be available and sent to the Board electronically prior to the 5/30/2014 BOD Meeting. ii. Dues collections thru April 30, 2014 are running approximately 15 DPE’s behind that of a year ago. iii. The annual audit has been completed but not received as of this writing. An electronic version of the audit will be sent prior to the Board meeting and a hard copy will be provided Friday. A motion to approve the audit has been placed on the agenda and a representative from O’Connor, Brooks and Co. P.C.. b. Human Resource: i. Hiring for the Spring/Summer season has started. Most of our seasonal full and part-time staff will report for work in May and early June. 6. Safety & Security: a. Luke attended EMS continuing education training at Freeport Memorial Hospital. Training focused on street drugs and responder safety. 7. Information Technology: a. Deb Stagno has remained in contact with American Codifiers regarding the codification of the Lake Carroll Rules & Regulations and all Governing Documents. The first draft of the codification was received January 15, 2014 but was incomplete. The second version arrived in early March. The Association has until July 1, 2014 to make any revisions to the draft and American Codifiers should have the final product completed by August, 2014. Deb, Donna Beyer, Luke Fossett, Arlene Gries, Lee Harbison and I have provided copies of the second draft to the appropriate Committee’s as well as the Board. We have also conducted several meetings to review the document(s) and begin documenting the required changes. I’d like to thank Donna, Deb and Arlene for their efforts in this process. Our final changes will be made in June and a report outlining the Association’s recommended formatting changes will be provided to the Board at the June meeting. 8. Communications: a. No specific report

9. Facilities Management: a. The Spillway Bridge construction project was completed on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. b. The air conditioner for the north half of the Association Office failed and had to be replaced. The new air conditioner was installed and working on Thursday, May 22, 2014. c. Bids are currently being requested for the conversion to natural gas for the Lodge, the Hatchery, Maintenance, Golf Maintenance and the shower houses at the West Marina and Campground. We will have to give consideration to converting the lodge based on how long we think we’ll be using the building. If the energy savings can’t cover the conversion costs within 2 – 4 years, it may be recommended to continue using LP until the building is retired. d. Mowing of roadways and common areas commenced on May 5, 2014. 10. Lake Management/Wildlife: a. The lake level as of May 27, 2014 was 739’ 2”, 10” below pool elevation. b. Although we got a late start with dredging this spring, we have been productive over the past 30 days. We have been moving sediment to the Block Farm and the staff has gained very valuable experience working with the new machine. Going into this project, the plan was to dredge as much as possible until the Memorial Day weekend and then suspend operations until after Labor Day. At the May Lake Committee Meeting, the possibility of dredging in June was discussed. This is entirely possible but it is not what we planned or budgeted for and it’s not what we have informed the Membership. My first concern with extending the project into June would be that we would have to leave the dredge anchored in the lake with 1200’ of pipe from the 3-tubes to the middle of 3-tubes bay. This situation could create a potential liability and limit access to the lake by some property owners. Joe, Shaun and I discussed the pros & cons of extending the project and ultimately decided to stick with our original plan. Therefore, we intend to remove dredge related equipment from the lake on Thursday and Friday before the Memorial Day weekend. c. Jeff Schauer, an engineer who specializes in earthen dams was retained by the LCA to perform an inspection, and provide a report regarding potential seepage on the dam. His written evaluation is expected to be received by May 31, 2014. Early discussions between Joe Rush and Jeff have lead us to believe that additional dam grouting may be recommended. d. Questions from several Property Owners have been received regarding the three tubes sediment pond. This pond was originally engineered designed and has been permitted by the State, to be a “dry” pond. The reconstruction of this pond is scheduled for this summer. I have attached written summaries of meetings held between Fehr-Graham, Wendler Engineering and Joe Rush regarding the reconstruction as well

as the reasoning behind why a dry pond is/was recommended. e. As I usually do, I have attached Joe Rush’s entire Manager Report so you may get his perspective on issues pertaining the lake and dam. 11. Building Inspection/Architectural & Environmental: a. Lee Harbison and Mike Kaysen have been very busy and instrumental in assisting Property Owners with questions relating to the natural gas conversion of homes within Lake Carroll. They have also been quite busy in assisting Members in completing their Nicor Permits and collecting the associated fee. 12. Golf Operations (Pro Shop): a. The Board approved the sale of golf season passes at the March meeting. Since that time we have sold five, one year Memberships. b. The 2014 Golf Course construction project started on April 15th. The project has been delayed due to rainy weather and the construction crew is hopeful that the project will be complete by June 6, 2014. c. A Golf Round Summary has been attached to this report for your review. Rounds are down significantly from a year ago due to weather. 13. Golf Maintenance: a.No specific report. 14. Clubhouse Operations: a. The Clubhouse resumed summer hours on Monday, April 14, 2014. Weekday business has been slow as the opportunity to play golf has been limited. b. Our Mother’s Day Brunch was held on May 11th. We served approximately 365 people who enjoyed the delicious buffet. Denise and Lance did an excellent job of planning and executing the buffet. c. The Sunday Breakfast Buffet will be offered every Sunday morning beginning April 27, 2014. d. The Snack Shop at the Lodge reopened for the summer season on Friday, May 23, 2014. 15. Recreation Complex Operations: a. Aquatic Complex: i. Replacement pool furniture has been received and was in use for the Memorial Day Weekend. ii. The indoor pool remains open for regular hours with all equipment running smoothly. b. Recreation: i. 93 Members used the Fitness Room between April 15 and May 15, 2014. ii. The annual Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Lodge on Saturday, April 19, 2014. Over 120 kids enjoyed the hunt, craft projects, and spending time with the Easter Bunny. iii. The Eastland High School will be using the swimming pool June 2nd thru June 5th as part of their Physical Education class. A schedule showing how many students will be attending and the times has been attached to this report. c. Ski Hill: i. Closed for the season 16. Campground: a. No specific Report 17. Equestrian Area(s): a. No specific Report

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

The Nicor Project Two Perspectives

NICOR By Duanne Bourne

On Saturday, May 3, Nicor Gas hosted a second town hall meeting to share information about how residents of Lake Carroll can receive natural gas service to their homes. Nicor Gas is currently delivering American, abundant and affordable natural gas to the community clubhouse and recreation area, and is now installing the pipeline infrastructure that will deliver this product safely and reliably to homes throughout the community. Switching to natural gas is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 1. Contact the Lake Carroll Association The association will be able to provide you with an association application and permit fee schedule, as well Nicor Gas’ natural gas conversion folder. . The folder contains all of the information you need to start the conversion process with Nicor Gas. . 2. Schedule an appointment with a Nicor Gas representative The representative will take measurements, assist you in determining meter placement, and inform you of any applicable installation costs. . Nicor Gas representatives are on-site in Lake Carroll every Wednesday and periodic Saturday’s. . Visit the association office to schedule your appointment. 3. Consult with a qualified contractor Nicor Gas recommends consulting with a qualified heating and plumbing professional to determine any conversion needs inside your home. They will also assist you in safely connecting the natural gas meter to your natural gas piping and appliances. Once the installation is complete and you have your appliances safely connected, you will be ready to enjoy the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas. Don’t forget, once you are a Nicor Gas customer you can receive incentives and rebates for installing energy-efficient natural gas appliances through the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program. Visit for more information.

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Page 13A

By Frank Schoff

As we consider the comments we hear concerning the NICOR project, it is obvious that there are two distinctly different views on the project. One view is the Corporate View; the other view is the Personal Perspective. From the Corporate view point, large projects are viewed from the viewpoints of “Return on Investment” (ROI), and “spending money to make money”. From a personal point of view, large financial expenditures are considered on “affordability”. On a personal basis, whenever we are faced with a potentially large expenditure, we ask ourselves “can we afford it?” not “what is the payback?” We are fortunate that, in the past few years, the LCA Board of Directors made a corporate decision to convert the large propane users – the Clubhouse, the Lodge, and the Swimming Pool to natural gas. That decision will reduce the LCA members’ costs and in effect give us a “Return on Investment”. To accomplish that goal, the LCA made an agreement with NICOR to provide natural gas service throughout Lake Carroll. The decision to convert our personal residence from propane to natural gas is not mandatory and can be made at our discretion at any time in the future. Ultimately, there will be NICOR pipelines on all residential right-of-ways, but there will not be a NICOR line extending to your residence, unless you register to convert. There will be costs associated with converting from propane to NICOR. Those costs include the NICOR line to your residence, and converting your appliances to natural gas. In effect, each homeowner will have an opportunity to ask themselves the questions “Can we afford it?” and “What is the Return on the Investment?” And there will be returns on your investments, because the cost of using natural gas (NICOR) will be considerably less than using propane. There are worksheets available at the LCA Office that can be used to calculate the savings related to converting to NICOR. Based on various calculations we have heard of so far, the conversion from propane to natural gas will pay off in the five to ten year timeframe, and will represent savings after that. In effect, each of us now has the option of making a Return on Investment (ROI)(a corporate decision) and a personal decision on the question “Can we afford it?” This decision process may be complicated, but does not need to be controversial. The final decision will be up to us as individual homeowners. •R Refine your Palate...Soothe the Spirit • Hand-crafted Wines + Imported Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars + Illinois Cheeses Check Website and Facebook for special events!

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1-888-369-1182 Lena, IL

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake Carroll Women’s Bowling League By Bonnie Ewing

Left: Marve Feucht and Pia Molloy show off their team’s shirt.

The Lake Carroll Women’s bowling league met at the Clubhouse for their end-of-season luncheon. The Lake Carroll Women’s bowling league ended a successful season by meeting for lunch at the Clubhouse on April 30th. Eighteen full-time bowlers and several subs joined together to socialize, eat and win prizes!! The Pin Ticklers (Mary Ann Gibus, Roberta Schoenfeld, Rae Sleman) were the big winners this year coming in First Place! The team winning the High Series Handicap was also the Pin Ticklers. The Pin Heads (Marve Feucht, Pia Molloy, Joann Borysiewicz) won High team Series Scratch, High 10 Scratch Game, and High Game Handicap awards. Individual first place awards were won by Marve Feucht for High Scratch Series; Maureen Allred for High Game Scratch; Bessie Pavell forHigh Game with Handicap and Rae Sleman for High Series Individual handicap. The award for High Average was won by Marve Feucht and Barb Anderson won the award for Most Improved.

Below: The Women’s Bowling League enjoyed a great season. Photos submitted.

A special Thank you needs to go to Eileen Gehrke, Mary Lou Jordan and Marve Feucht for running the league this year. Also, thank you to the Mount Carroll Bowling alley for their help. If you didn’t join the league this year, think about coming out next year. It’s a LOT of fun, it sure helps beat the winter blahs and if you go away for part of the winter, you can still sign up to be a substitute bowler. Joining the league doesn’t take skill, just a desire to meet weekly with friends and have a great time! The 2014-2015 season will begin on Wednesday, September 24, at 1pm at the Mt. Carroll Bowling Alley. The cost will be $12.00 a week ($9.00 for bowling, $3.00 toward prize money). If you are interested, please contact Mary Lou Jordan at 815-4936259 or Eileen Gehrke at 815-493-9165 to sign up for full-time or as a substitute.

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Personal Person Pe rsonal Care Assist Assistance ance Three Th ree Ho Home-Cooked me-C me-Cooked me-Cooke ooked Mea Meals ls Eac Each h Day Day Weekly We ekly L Laundry Laund aund aundry ry & H Housekeeping Housekeepi ousekeepi ousekeeping ng Ser Services vices Building Build ing S Security ecurity U Utiliti Utilities tiliti tilities es Includ Included ed


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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Waterfront Home For Sale 5-91 Chadbourne Ln, Lake Carroll, IL A very attractive well built and maintained 4-season waterfront

cottage. Located in a quiet cove with good water depth. Gentle tiered slope allows for easy access to the waterfront for all ages. The waterfront has plenty of room for a dock, boatlift, jet ski docking station/ lift and swimming area. A large stone patio w/ built in fire pit complimented by the natural stone retaining walls and exquisite landscaping enhances the waterfront experience. This modern home has a very cozy warm feel with an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, 2-story stone fireplace, master bedroom suite, finished walkout basement, hardwood floors throughout the main living spaces and carpeted bedrooms. Furnishings are negotiable as sellers are leaving the area.

Brokers welcome and protected (2 1/2% commission paid) Or call 630-904-3584, 630-399-3584 or 630-638-3584 Pavers • Retaining Walls Sod & Lawn Seeding Over Seeding • Natural Stone


• Open floor plan with vaulted ceilings 2-story stone fireplace • Spacious eat-in kitchen w/breakfast bar • Hardwood floors thru main living space • 3 bedrooms; master suite located on main floor • 3 1/2 baths

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Asking $544,900

• Central air/heat, water softener & filter • Carpeted lower level has additional sleeping laundry, game area and 2nd great room • Lower level has hardwood flooring creating a storage area and path from bath to patio • 3-season room

• Large wrap around upper deck & lower covered patio • 2 1/2 car detached garage w/paved driveway • Gentle slope to water, easy for all ages • Beautifully landscaped w/natural stone • Waterfront patio running water & electric • Generous lake frontage w/good water depth

Page 16A

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Tim Kenney Paints 50 States in 50 Days!

The Schofield Team: Wayne, Brad, Danny, Jay and Daniel

Voted #1 Plumbing Contractor of the Region

by the Fr Freeport eeport JJournal ournal Standar Standardd rreaders eaders vote

In Lake Carroll, Illinois - Update

Artist Tim Kenney will be visiting Lake Carroll tentatively the first weekend of June (7th, 8th, or 9th) to create one of his beautiful paintings. If you’re interested in meeting Tim and/or watching him paint, contact Donna Beyer at the office (815493-2552 ext 11 or editor@golakecarroll. com). She will be able to offer additional information as Tim’s arrival nears. Each painting is for sale and Tim will be working with The Nicole Jarvis M.D. Parkinson’s Research Foundation based in Norman, Oklahoma. Tim will be donating 20% of the proceeds from his trip to this nonprofit organization. 90% of those funds will in turn be donated by Dr. Jarvis’s organization to Team Fox in support of The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research to help fund the vital medical research that is necessary to develop “Parting Aspens” by artist Tim Kenney improved treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. 10% will be donated to the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma to help improve the quality of life for over 15,000 patients with Parkinson’s Disease here in Oklahoma. For further information about Tim Kenney trip or Tim’s recent shows please visit his web site at or email Tim at

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake Carroll Golf Maintenance

Page 1B

Photos & Article By Donna Beyer

The Golf Course Maintenance Staff may not be hitting a ball with a club, but they sure hit a hole-inone in servicing and maintaining our golf course. Golf Course Superintendent Tim Throop, Golf Professional Jason Hill, along with input from the Golf Committee and LCA Management, have set in place guides for maintenance and course improvements that is pleasing to anyone using our course. Golf Maintenance is out early in the morning every day getting the course in shape so golfers can enjoy a maximum experience at Lake Carroll. So “Thank You” to the dedicated mowers and grounds keepers of our Golf Maintenance Department.

James Martin, along with the other Golf Maintenance staff, is hard at work early every morning to get the course ready for golfers’ enjoyment…and a few challenges.

The summertime Golf Maintenance crew are: Left to Right: Robert Vietmeier, Superintendent T i m T h r o o p , To m Robinson, James Martin, R a l p h B r i n k m e i e r, Mike Reed, (back) Lee Flickinger, Jon Doty, and Bill Eberle. Not pictured: Dennis Dyson.

Course Superintendent Tim Throop stays late to check on and water the new improvements to holes 7 and 8. Rebuilding greens and creating new fairway bunker complexes.

Page 2B

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Spring Into Spring In Into to Action... Action... ...Call Now to Schedule your annual A/C Check! Up to $1000 In Utility Rebates!

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Facilities Update Many of you have probably seen the strange shaped piece of equipment parked in the Three Tubes area of the lake this spring. You may have also noticed a string of floats from the tubes connecting to that piece of equipment. This is our new Dredge – I think her name is Harriet, but I am not sure that is official. This spring we have come up with a few names of our own in the maintenance department. As you might know last year the Association purchased our very own dredge a Crisafulli Hydraulic Dredge. When the dredge arrived from Iowa last fall we had some maintenance worked performed on it and a paint job. Once the dredge was delivered to us we had Shaun Nordlie it in the water and started training on how to operate the machine Facilities Director including steering and working the cutter head which is what sucks up the silt that we want to get out of our lake. Because of the lateness in the fall when we received the dredge and the low lake levels we did not move any silt; instead we pulled the dredge off the lake, fixed a few bugs we saw while on the lake, and prepared it for our spring voyage.

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Page 3B

Freedom Township News By Hunt Thomas - Supervisor

I do believe the snow is done until fall. What a winter! To recap, 300 tons of chips, 128 tons of salt, 2300 gallons of diesel fuel and 600 man hours to keep our roads passable and safe during the long winter. As we head into the construction months several culvert replacements and some chip and sealing projects are planned. If any of these projects will affect Lake Carroll traffic, we will notify the Admin Office. Ditch mowing and tree trimming will be ongoing. In an effort to update older equipment and manage assets, the board has purchased a 2015 Peterbilt Dump Truck to replace a 1999 model with 90,000 miles. The old truck was sold at above market value. The new truck will be outfitted with a plow and wing which will allow Joe to cut back on the use of the Maintainer to wing back roads. Which also means less wear and tear and additional expenses overall. Budgets and levies has been the topic of discussion at our past few Board meetings and they have been finalized and are available for review. The Board feels that current rates are sufficient and saw no need for any increases. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. As always please be careful of slow moving equipment and fast moving wildlife and have a great summer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 815 238-8075.

Upcoming Deer Management Program by Donna Beyer

Late snows and colder than average temperatures delayed the dredge project this spring, but on April 10th we started laying pipe in the lake from the 3 Tubes pavilion. Because of the low water levels we could not get all the way into the canal of the 3 tubes so we put 1400 feet of hard pipe and flex pipe in the lake stretching out to almost Pell Park. Once the pipe was in place and we hooked up the dredge and started moving mud. Some of the complications that we encountered were our clamps that held the flex pipe together would pop off when we were making turns with the dredge. This would result in us having to go out and reconnect these two pieces of pipe in the water. This may sound easy, but believe me maneuvering around to pick up 2 pieces of pipe that are full of mud and water can be tricky. Some of you saw the dredge parked and not moving during the week, this was because we had to fix this pipe. We ended up rigging the clamps with a bolt, washer, and nut to give us extra support for when we turned the dredge. This invention worked great, so once we changed out all the clamps we were back in business and started moving mud. My goals for this spring was to make sure the dredge worked, learn how to move mud, and what the most efficient ways were to do this and to be confident that when we start dredging again in the fall that we would be able to start right away and not lose time in training. We found out right away the dredge works great; even though we had to start out further than we wanted there was no problem getting the mud back to our retention pond. We worked on how deep to have the cutter head to see what was the most efficient. Should we go deeper – 6 inches and creep along or only dig 3” but go faster? We also learned what it is like when the cutter head runs into an object under the water. Other than the usual logs and rocks we also got tangled up in an extension cord, trash bags and buoy string. All in all I would say we learned a lot from our first experience with the dredge. We wish we could have moved some more mud and started closer to the canal, but I am confident that when we get back on the lake after Labor Day that we will be able to move mud and start to see a difference that this dredge will make in the 3 Tubes area.

Lake Carroll is preparing for the 2014 Deer Management Program archery hunting season. As in previous years, there will be 2 MANDATORY Deer Hunters Meetings: Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 17th. Both meetings will be held at the Lodge and will begin promptly at 9am. ALL HUNTERS, NEW AND OLD, MUST QUALIFY. Please bring your equipment and be prepared to qualify at the meeting you attend. Qualifications dates are: Saturday, August 2nd; Sunday, August 17th; and if needed, Sunday, August 24th. The goal of this program is to help control our deer population; to aid in preventing the risk of our deer herd growing too large, which poses a health risk for property owners such as Lyme disease and animal/ vehicle collisions. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Dave Rominski, or 847-683-7553.

Mandatory Deer Hunters Meetings Saturday, August 2 Sunday, August 17 Meetings begin promptly at 9am at the Lodge. If you do not attend one of these meetings, you will not be allowed to register for our deer management program; you will not hunt. NO EXCEPTIONS. Bring your equipment and be prepared to qualify. EVERYONE MUST QUALIFY. Questions: Contact Dave Rominski, or 847-683-7553

Isenhart Realty

Betty Moorhead, Broker Assoc. Call or Email me for details!

CP: (815)541-8281

Email: 20141097: 21-10 Timbershore Dr. - $52,000 for this premium 2.03 Ac. lot with Deeded boat slip.

20141027: 31-72 Country Club Court - $13,000 Over 1 Ac., Level lot with panoramic view. Golf cart to Clubhouse. 20140702: 23-9 Lake Carroll Blvd. - $44,000 1,09 Ac., on golf crs. #13. Perfect homesite; walk to Clubhse. Or take golf cart. Desirable DEEDED boat slip, plus amenities of Lk. Carroll. 20131508 - $189,900 Beautiful 4 bedroom townhouse in Shannon, IL. bundled with Lake Carroll lot. 2 bedrooms are master bedrooms. Sun room off living room. Open concept with U-shaped kitchen. Bonus room in lower level with screened porch, adjacent deck and much more. 20131744 - 3-510R - $12,900 Wooded lot on Shady Ln. and Reindeer Crt. replated and ready to build on or just enjoy all amenities at Lake Carroll. 20131510 - 28-54 Southview Dr.- $389,000 Unique contemporary home on 3 acres. Fantastic lake views. Upper level master bedroom w/p tub, walkin closet. Main floor open plan with panoramic and lake views.Wrap around deck with screened porch, beautiful kitchen for entertaining and so much more. Call for details.

GIVE YOUR HOME A SPRING MAKEOVER Stop by today and get inspired by beautiful showroom displays 207 E. Broadway Mt. Carroll, IL


20120075 - 19 - 72 Edgewood - Price Reduced! $35,000 for this 1.24 ac. Lot much desired DEEDED BOAT SLIP. 20112297 - 3-433 White Tail Cr. - Incredible Price Reduction! $5,000 OBO. 20130724 - 23-112 Lake Carroll Blvd. $10,000 1.44 Ac. near golf course and clubhouse. Call for further information. 191491 - 16-104 & 105 Canterberry Dr. - Price Reduction to $13,000 Country views, level, woods at rear of lot. 192477 - 31-88 Country Club Ct. - Reduced To $14,000 for over a 1 Ac. incredible! Awesome lot near the clubhouse and Golf Course. Call Now! 181226 - 3-368 Lake Carroll Blvd. - $24,900 Picture perfect building site for the golf or nature lover. 192048 - 23-110 Broadview Dr. - $37,500 1.37 Ac. Drive your golf cart to nearby Clubhouse and golf course. A must see! 20122328 - 25-31 Old Mill Rd. - $24,000 Over 2 Ac. Elevated lot. A high point, on Old Mill Rd. near trails with panoramic views. Beautiful homesite plus amenities. 20122327 - 25-32 Old Mill Rd. - ONLY $49,000 Over 5 Ac., panoramic views. 20122027 - 25-71 Cottage Hill Dr. - $36,900 for a 2.52 AC.

Off-Highway Vehicle Usage Stamp Update The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), in cooperation with the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, will postpone implementation of the Illinois Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Usage Stamp until further notice. The postponement will allow OHV users, and others interested in motorized outdoor recreation, to provide input on planning for development by the IDNR of public OHV riding facilities in Illinois.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake & Natural Resources

Updates on the Lake… Instead of one educational article about the lake this month, I’ve decided we’d put in several updates on what’s going on around the lake. There are so many lake related activities going right now that we felt it would be appropriate to provide some insight. Dredging: First of all, if you haven’t already read it, check out the facilities director’s article in this month’s paper on the dredging program. Shaun has provided some insight into the program thus far, and we’re looking forward to a positive outcome with this new dredge. Joe Rush New Equipment for Lake Maintenance: Lake Manager We’ve secured the final pieces of equipment for our new push boat, mini-excavator, and barge. This equipment will be used to conduct work on the lake installing rip rap in our greenways as well as mechanical dredging in the backs of shallow coves. This is an on-going program that will take time, but with access to our own equipment, we anticipate being able to get working on these projects on a regular basis. This barge, push boat, and excavator combo will also be used to place rock reef structures in deeper water to provide fish habitat / structure to improve the fishery at Lake Carroll. Another use for the barge and push boat will be to improve the efficiency of the aquatic plant cutting program with the harvester. This will provide an off-load site on the water for the harvester which will decrease the travel time to and from off-load sites and increase the cutting time. Aquatic Invasive Plant Program: We are currently reviewing the lake for non-native, invasive plants, and plan to continue chemical treatment to remove / reduce curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian water milfoil. Last year’s program resulted in the treatment of approximately 10 acres of surface waters that had invasive milfoil and curlyleaf pondweed. This results in a treatment area of less than 2% of the entire lake. Our management program does not focus on eradication of aquatic plants, but rather the removal of non-natives while maintaining access through the native plant beds using the aquatic weed harvester. As a side note for the fisherman, the harvester is only cutting the native plants to a depth of about 3 feet from the surface. This will allow for easier traffic by boats while still providing fish habitat and improving the water quality. (Native plants benefit a lake dramatically by utilizing nutrients in the water and providing oxygen to the lake.) But when even native plants can impede lake usage and become a nuisance to boater traffic. One method of management we use is to ‘mow’ them back from the water’s surface with the harvester to improve boater access. 3-Tubes Sediment Pond Expansion / Improvement: By the time you read this, we will have the bids back for the 3-tubes improvement project. This project was approved by the board and membership as a fixed asset expenditure for this year to improve the efficiency of the pond at removing sediments from the flowing water by increasing the length of distance that the water will travel before exiting the pond. The project also includes expanding the pond size towards the north. By improving the efficiency of the pond, we can reduce the sediment that is deposited in the shallower areas of the 3-tubes as well as reduce nutrients that end up bound to the sediments in the lake. This work is to be completed by the beginning of December. Fish Stocking: The first round of fish stocking has been completed and 2,000 channel catfish were released into the lake in May. We are also scheduled to stock perch, walleye, and muskie from outside suppliers as well as the walleye produced by the Lake Carroll fish hatchery. The LC Fish Hatchery walleye will not be harvested until the end of October when Fawn Lake pond is drained. Water Quality Sampling Program: We are scheduled to collect water quality on the lake throughout the summer months from May – October through the Illinois EPA’s Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP). This consists of collecting water clarity data as well as temperature and dissolved


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oxygen 2 times per month. Along with the water clarity and dissolved oxygen, we will collect water samples at one deep-water site, one time per month to be analyzed through this program. Beyond the VLMP, we will collect water samples in different locations on each arm of the lake to better understand the different influences in sub watersheds at the lake. We plan to use the data collected to better understand the lake and trends overtime for water quality as well as assisting us in securing funding for lake and watershed improvement programs. Current Lake Level Questions / Concerns: Now that we are into May and we are not at full-pool lake level, we are beginning to receive calls and emails with concerns as to why the lake isn’t at pool. Many comments revolve around a fear that the dam is ‘leaking’. This stigma has always been a topic of discussion, especially during times of drought, similar to the past two summers. Sadly, it’s also come to our attention that a local business establishment is spreading even more concern about this issue this spring, and may be causing un-necessary worry to our members and homeowners. Let’s face it; we are all interested in our properties and their values. Creating un-necessary worry doesn’t help. We all want the lake at pool level for the boating season, and we are doing what we can to improve and maintain these levels. We do not have the space to go into a complete history here. However, suffice it to say that this lake, since inception, has ALWAYS “leaked”. This ‘leaking’ is a natural and acceptable condition of earthen dam construction and its proper term is ‘seepage’. The natural stone structure that the dam is connected to is made of a very porous limestone known as ‘dolomite’. This dolomite is fractured and allows water seepage to flow through it. Over the course of the lake’s history, we have conducted many programs to reduce the seepage through grouting. While these are expensive programs, we have done 4 grouting programs on the dam, and significantly reduced the seepage (over 50% reduction), resulting in improvements in lake level throughout the year. Prior to this spring, we retained the assistance of a hydrologic engineer to re-evaluate the dam and provide guidance on possible other methods (or improved grouting methods) for us to continue reducing seepage. Retaining the engineer’s assistance was two-fold: 1) To evaluate the dam so that we can ensure its integrity for years to come and 2) what further can we do to improve water retention to have positive impacts on lake level during drought conditions or late summer heat. This is a concern for many property owners that live in shallow coves or inlets and we are continuing to search for ways to improve the quality of life for those that have property at Lake Carroll. The main purpose for hiring this engineer was to provide us with project concepts and budget numbers for upcoming budget meetings. The engineer has been on-site and reviewed the dam; we spent about 7 hours with them reviewing the historic studies and information. We copied these reports and sent them with him for further review and study, and we anticipate a report from him in early June with some guidance on our next steps. Along with this, we monitor the seepage through structures known as ‘weirs’. The Association continues to work to ensure these weirs are in working order. To date, the current weir measurements do not lead us to believe there is an increase in seepage that would cause our lake level to remain below pool in May. Here are a few dates for May when the lake wasn’t at pool: Date: Lake Level (Pool is 740’) May 17, 2014 738.9’ Current Year May 31, 2005 739.4’ May 22, 2003 737.1’ May 11, 2000 738.9’ May 23, 1994 739.5’ May 28, 1993 737.8’ I know this doesn’t make a difference in actual pool levels right now, but hopefully it provides some insight into the history of the dam and can curtail the rumor mill about our dam and its integrity. This also provides some insight into our plans moving forward and that lake level remains a very important topic for our management team. We’ve touched on many topics dealing with the lake this month, and we’ve probably stimulated even more questions with some of our readers. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you have questions or other topics you’re concerned about or would just like to know more about. We’d be happy to do what we can to respond. Either individually, or in news articles.

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Page 5B

Fish Tales By Mitch Feucht

We had a great turnout at our monthly Fishing Club meeting and potluck on Wednesday, May 14. Everyone seemed to enjoy socializing and reconnecting with friends who have returned from winter getaways in warmer climates. We’re all hoping that we’ll soon see a warmer climate around here, too. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bill Comstock. He opened the meeting by leading us in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Treasurer’s Report Mitch Feucht presented the April, 2014 financial report. The report was approved unanimously by the membership – motion by Bob Knackstedt, second by Barb Anderson. We are still collecting dues ($20 annual) for 2014. Dues payments can be given to Mitch at the Fishing Club meetings or can be mailed to him. The membership form and Mitch’s address are in each monthly edition of the Lake Carroll News. Hatchery Operations Bill presented a summary of our spring walleye production results. Following are some of the details: - First nets in the lake: April 5 - First walleye eggs harvested: April 9 - Total # of eggs harvested: 1,335,000 - Nets pulled out of the lake: April 23 - Total # fish caught in the nets: 3,150 (524 of which were walleye) - First release of fry into Fawn Pond: April 25 - Last release of fry into Fawn Pond: May 12 Bill thanked all the Fishing club members and other volunteers who helped with any part of this work. And, thanks to Len Masella who repaired all the holes in the nets so that they will be in good shape for next year. We continue to put alfalfa meal into the pond on a weekly basis and the first batch of minnows was released into the pond on May 12. Now we just hope that conditions will be favorable so the fry will grow over the summer, resulting in a good harvest of walleye in the fall. Open House We had 195 people attend the open houses at the hatchery in April. This included a troop of about 20 Boy Scouts who were camping in the area one weekend. People always seem very interested to see the operations and learn about the fish hatchery here at Lake Carroll.

Structure Tom Stangl gave an update on the reef project. This has been on the drawing board for a couple of years, but now appears close to reality with access to the equipment recently purchased by the POA (work boat, barge and mini-excavator). Plans are to build the reefs this summer, following the July 4th holiday. We also have a few Christmas trees to put into the lake and will be setting a date to complete that task. Kids Fishing Derby Bill said that everything is on track for the Kids Fishing Derby on Saturday, June 14. We will have volunteer signup sheets at the next Fishing Club meeting. It takes a lot of help to put on this event. We will need volunteers for set up, registration, dock workers, casting and bean bag events, making cookies, and clean up. The schedule for the morning’s activities is as follows: Set Up: 8:00 – 9:00 Registration: 9:00 – 10:00 Fishing Tournament: 10:00 – 11:00 Games and Awards: 11:00 – 12:00 Other Events Couples Fishing Derby – August 11 Golf Outing – September 6 Christmas Party – December 5 Bill Wilcox Painting Bill has generously donated an oil painting of a hunting dog that has retrieved a bird. This painting will be raffled off, with proceeds going to the Fishing Club. Tickets are $5.00 and will be sold by Bill Comstock, John Quilico & Tom Stangl. The drawing will be at the golf outing in September. The raffle will be promoted in the LC News for the next few months. Meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm – motion by Len Masella, second by Bruce McDonald. Winners of the 50/50 raffle: 1st Place – Dennis & Kay Koerner - $65 2nd Place – Bob & Kathy Miller - $40 The next meeting and potluck will be Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 6:00 pm. at the Lodge. See you there!

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Bass Fishing Tournaments Sponsored by Lake Carroll 2014 MASTER CALENDAR FOR Fishing Club

7:00am-1:00pmby Lake Carroll Fishing Club Saturday, MayTournaments 17, 14 Bass Fishing Sponsored

Saturday, June 7, 14


Saturday, June 28, 14


Saturday, July 19, 14


Saturday, August 16, 14


Sunday, September 7, 14


Saturday, September 20, 14


Classic Invitational

Sunday, September 21, 14


Classic Invitational

Saturday, September 27, 14


Big Bass Tournament

Catch of the Day

Night Tournament

Lake Carroll Bass Tournament Results April 26th Tournament - 16 boats participated 1st Place Dan Hayes, Josh Hayes, Bill Baker with 13.50lbs 2nd Place Trevor Mowers & Mike D’Amore with 12.04lbs 3rd Place Jason Ackman & Kevin Ackman with 11.69lbs 4th Place Jessie Deyoung & Denardo with 11.50lbs Big Large Mouth Bass Dan Hayes, Josh Hayes, Bill Baker 3.44lbs Big Small Mouth Bass Jessie Deyoung & Denardo 2.83lbs

Shaun R at with a gary, son of Mark R eat Lake Carroll aMtay (27-51) uskie.

May 17th Tournament - 22 boats participated 1st Place Dan Hayes, Josh Hayes, Bill Baker with 13.83lbs 2nd Place Bob. Robert and Tom Knackstedt with 13.42lbs 3rd Place Mike D’Amore & Noah Geyer with 13.20lbs 4th Place PJ Baumgart & Ryan Gilbert with 11.14lbs 5th Place Andrew Kiessling & Shane Albert with 10.16 Big Large Mouth Bass Mike D’Amore & Noah Geyer 3.67lbs Big Small Mouth Bass Dan Hayes, Josh Hayes, Bill Baker 3.46lbs Thanks again to Miller Sports for sponsoring the big bass prizes. Next Tournament is June 7th 6am till noon. Registration will begin at 5am.

Page 1 of 1 File: Lak_FishTrnySched2014.xls

g & Jan Youn m o T f o t lino, gues April 19, 2014. Tony Sore-1 ken (24 19) ta

Fishing Club Raffle Fishing Club member, Bill Wilcox, painted and generously donated this stunning acrylic painting featuring a retriever with duck. The painting is 21” x 24 ¾” and is framed by a beautiful wood frame, handmade by John Anzalone. The Fishing Club’s board decided to have a raffle for the painting with the proceeds going to the Fishing Club. The drawing will be held at the dinner during their annual golf tournament, September 6th, 2014. Tickets are available at the monthly Fishing Club meetings the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 at the Lodge. You may purchase tickets from Fishing Club Board members Bill Comstock (815-493-2150) or John Quilico (815-493-9909). Another opportunity is to cut out and complete the raffle ticket found in this paper and send it in with the $5.00 to either: Bill Comstock at 26-41 Norwood Drive, Lake Carroll, IL 61046 John Quilico at 25-23 Country Hill Court, Lake Carroll, IL 61046

Levi Burkh older (30-7 bass and w ) with a sma hite bass, 8 llmouth fishing fro m shore.

Good Luck!

el & Dave Porz y th a C f o t e. gues Ernie Ellis,0), with a nice walley -7 1 (

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Equestrian Club Is Spring really here?

Page 7B

The grass is turning green and the horses are eager to eat it. The cooler temps are not encouraging them to lose all their winter coats, especially the mini’s. But after the winter we had, can you blame them. The horses handled the severe weather better than we thought they would. It goes to show that as long as they have enough hay and water and shelter they can endure just about anything. The extreme cold temperatures brought our water to a halt. The water down below the dam in the Equestrian area is a gravity fed sys-tem and it could not handle the minus 30 degree temps. It froze up on us in early Febru-ary and did not start running again until April 22. This meant that we had to haul water to the horses. We found out just how much they drink in the winter. Using a 65 gallon tank in the back of a truck is what it took to get water to the horses. Between 60 and 80 gal-lons twice a day is what they were drinking during the extreme cold. If that wasn’t enough, the spigot on the tank would freeze up and a torch had to be used to get it to flow. Though each water tank has a heater in it to keep the water from freezing, these heaters could not keep up with the cold temperatures either. Twice a day we’d have to break the ice and ended having to replace the heaters 3 times on each tank. We are glad to see winter end and spring get here. The annual Equestrian Open House is coming up in July! It will be on July 5, 2014 at 10:00 am until 1:00 pm, below the dam. We will be giving rides on the mini horses and some of the big horses too. All rides will be hand led. Any donations received will go to the care of the 4 club mini horses (Soapy, Coco, Kato and Pocahontas). Hope to see you all there!

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Around The Campfire By Ellis Fitzgerald, Campground Host

As I sit here pondering what to write for this month’s column I’m suddenly struck by the fact that even though the weather so far this spring has been anything but ideal, people are just happy to be back at Lake Carroll and the campground after a long harsh winter. All over the campground campers are preparing their camping sites for the 2014 season. Catching up with old friends and making new ones is what camping at Lake Carroll is all about. Some have new campers, others new boats or ATV’s, and all have happy “let’s get the season going” attitudes. A number of activities are being planned for this season under the leadership of Ann Conway and the Campground Committee. A Memorial Day “Meet and Greet” community campfire will have already taken place by the time this is published and planning is well underway for the annual Campground Golf Outing, Campground Garage Sale, and the Labor Day Community Bonfire. Also added this year will be a Music Jam at the Campground Pavilion (See separate ad). Watch your email for further information on all these exciting events. By now most of you know of the complimentary popcorn at the Host site every Saturday. Carolyn and I will be hosting a campfire every Saturday evening this summer so stop by, have some corn, and share a few laughs or lies from those who went fishing or played golf that day.

A number of campers brought their mothers out for Mother’s Day including Sue Zeitner with her mother JoAnn and husband Jay.

One of our campers celebrated their recent wedding with their reception at the Lodge Pictured are newlyweds Ben and Jennifer Peters along with members of the wedding party. Now for a more serious note; We still have a problem with people speeding through the campground. This is a real safety issue and we all need to be aware of, and adhere to, the 10 mph speed limit. This applies to cars, trucks, and ATV’s. There is also a problem with the use of the community water faucets. They are meant for the community and not for individual use. Fill your holding tanks then disconnect your hose. Do not leave your water hose connected full-time while you’re here. Splitters are also not allowed. I know everyone would like to have full water hook-up at each site, but unless you are in the 500 pod we just don’t have that luxury. The Campground Committee is working through the budget process to have full water hook-up and hopefully someday it will happen but for now we need to all respect our neighbors and play by the rules. A reminder that you need to make sure you camper has the proper 2014 decal displayed in a visible location. For camper trailers this is the towing tongue of the unit visible to the traffic pattern. If the camper does not have a tongue, then the decal must be displayed in front of the unit closest to the street. Security will be checking for current decals and issuing citations where they are either not current or not displayed properly.

Bluebirds Across Lake Carroll Golf Course

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Page 9B

By Tom & Jan Young

If you’ve played any golf at Lake Carroll recently, you have probably noticed quite a few of the thirty new bluebird houses located all around the course. The three different styles of houses were donated by BAN (Bluebirds Across Nebraska) with approval coming from the Lake Carroll Wildlife Management Committee and General Manager, Mike Schmieder. Special thanks go out to Golf Maintenance Supervisor Tim Throop for his interest, approval, and help in selecting locations and the actual installation of the houses. BAN is a nonprofit group dedicated to helping bluebirds reestablish themselves in the Midwest. More can be learned about BAN at If you think you would like to try raising bluebirds yourself, you can join BAN with a three year membership for $25.00. You will receive a starter kit with all the information you need to successfully raise bluebirds, a quarterly newsletter, and a brand new bluebird box including the mounting system just like the ones on the golf course. Your membership is even tax deductible. To sign up or for more information, email Tom & Jan Young (sect 24 Lot 119) at It’s a great way to get in touch with nature and it’s fun for the entire family. Bluebirds will probably nest two more times this season if weather permits.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

From the Golf Pro

May sure finished on a high note with some great weather; hopefully it will carry over into June. With the arrival of June, activities at the golf course are in full swing. June starts off with the signup and beginning of many Junior Clinics. We are also hosting a Junior Open on June 11th; look for more info on these events in this month’s paper and around the lubhouse. Father’s Day is coming up this month and we will be having some great deals for dad in the Pro Shop. We also will be holding a Father’s Day Scramble on June 15th, what a better way to spend the day with Dear Old Dad. We also are having a Moonlite Nite Jason Hill PGA Golf Professional Golf on June 14th and the Campground Golf Outing also June 14th. Don’t forget about Couples 9 and Dine and Sunday Sizzling Grill June 8th and 29th. Also During the month of June we will be having the Lake Carroll Big Cup Scramble, on June 28th and the Senior Club Championship on June 22nd. These are great events for all levels of Golfer. July is even busier with a full month of events. The following are the events that will be happening in July: Kids Golf Camp (Ages 6-17) June 30th – July 4th and July 28th – Aug 1st Moonlite Nite Golf July 4th and July 19th Firecracker Scramble July 6th Couples 9 and Dine and Sizzlin Grill July 6th and 20th Ladies Invitational July 9th Junior Open July 11th Club Championship July 12-13th Realtor Golf Outing July 24th POA Big Cup Scramble July 26th A full updated list of the season’s events are also included in this month’s paper. You can also look for the flyers in this paper and around the Pro Shop and Clubhouse. This year’s golf course construction work has now been completed; we experienced some delays from Mother Nature, but the improvements sure look great. The new tees and fairway bunkers should be put into use early this month. The improvements do look great and will be great to have open.

2014 Schedule of Golf Events Events are subject to change. Events are subject to cancellation due to limited participation. Please call to check with Pro Shop if you have any questions about listed events. Friday Scrambles will be every Friday unless course is closed (i.e. June 6th)

June 2nd Senior Ladies Tour Scramble June 6th Rolling Hills Outing (Course Closed ALL DAY – NO FRIDAY SCRAMBLE) June 7th Battle of Ages Best Ball June 8th Couples 9 & Dine June 14th Campground Outing / Moonlite Nite Golf (PM) June 15th Father’s Day Scramble June 16th – 20th Kids Golf Camp (Ages 6 – 17) June 22nd Senior Club Championship June 26th EPC Golf Camp June 28th LCA Big Cup June 29th Couples 9 & Dine June 30th – July 4th Kids Golf Camp (Ages 6 – 17) July 4th Moonlite Nite Golf July 6th Firecracker Scramble (AM) / Couples 9 & Dine (PM) July 7th EPC Golf Camp July 9th Ladies Invitational July 11th Junior Golf Tournament July 12-13th Club Championship July 19th Moonlite Nite Golf July 20th Couples 9 & Dine July 24th Realtors Golf Outing July 26th POA Big Cup Scramble July 28th – Aug 1st Kids Golf Camp (Ages 6 – 17) Aug 1-2nd Lake Carroll Ryder Cup Events Aug 3rd Couples 9 & Dine Aug 9th Mr. & Mrs. Club Championship Aug 10th Lake Carroll vs. Lena @ Wolf Hollow Aug 11th Senior Men’s Tour August 17th Couples 9 & Dine Aug 23rd Eastland Boosters Aug 30th Moonlite Nite Golf Sep 1st Labor Day Scramble Sep 6th Fishing Club Scramble Sep 7th Pearl City Lions Scramble Sep 12th Spahn and Rose Golf Outing Sep 13th Vedra Scramble Sept 14th Couples 9 & Dine Sep 20th Retired and Active Law enforcement golf Outing Sep 21st Lena vs Lake Carroll @ Lake Carroll Sep 27th Team Chopper Scramble Sep 28th Jaycees Golf Event / Couples 9 & Dine (PM) Oct 4th Timber Lake Golf Event / Oktoberfest 2 Person Scramble Oct 11th 3-Club Scramble Oct 12th Couples 9 & Dine Oct 13th IHSA Girls Golf Sectionals Oct 25th The Big One Scramble

Ladies Golf League By Toni Knackstedt & Barb Hevrin

Ladies Golf League officially got underway on Wednesday, May 7. Our three divisions, the 18 Hole and the two 9 Hole, have added a few new players this year and everyone is excited to be playing golf again. We are all looking forward to our first Fun Night on June 4 where the ladies of each division all golf together and then socialize at the dinner that follows. Not long after on July 2 is the Red, White & Blue Scramble, followed by our Ladies Invitational on July 9. Make sure to check our bulletin board in the Clubhouse for news events and sign up for the Traveling Golf on Mondays. It looks to be a busy season of great golf fun, and hopefully Mother Nature will cooper-ate.

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Page 11B

Page 12B

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Event Photos Courtesy of the LC Photography Club

LC Photography Club

“Save the Boobies” Golf Tournament – by Reid Paxson

By Rick Brant

The Lake Carroll Photography Club held its first meeting on Sunday, April 27. There were ten people in attendance, all with various backgrounds in photography. Reid Paxson was elected as the clubs first President. Rick Brant is the Secretary-Treasurer. Three volunteers for the Program Committee are Linda Hoffman, Paul Gonzalez, and Bill Fischer. The club’s first event will be the Mt. Carroll “May Fest” Music and Art Show, May 24 and 25. Denise Lahm from the Lake Carroll Clubhouse addressed the club with a project of supply photo of Lake Carroll to be displayed at the Club House. Sherri Vidinich also addressed the club about “The Carroll County Tourism”, and the photographic opportunity. The club decided to collect annual dues of $20.00 to offset miscellaneous costs. The Lake Carroll Photography Club will meet the third Saturday of every month, 9:30 am in the Conference Center. Come join us and share your creative side. Find your cameras and get them ready for the July Fireworks.

2014 MANDATORY LOT MOWING August 1-10 Report by Aug 11 You can find a mowing contractor on our website, or watch for ads in Lake Carroll News publications.

Sizzling Sunday Grill – by Linda Hoffman, June Grills are the 8th and 29th

SwingnSplash “Creating Backyard Memories”

3553 IL Rte 26, Freeport (South of Menards)


Inground & Above Ground Pools Hot Tubs/Spas


Now • Friday Night Fish Fry open for • Saturday Night Prime Rib lunch! • Sunday Specials Hours: Mon 11am-2pm Lunch; Tues closed; Wed, Thurs, Fri 11am-close; Sat, Sun 4pm-close

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Basketball Hoops Wooden Play Sets

Routine Pool & Hot Tub Maintenance Pool Supplies & Chemicals

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Handcrafted and signed by the artist.

Celebrating 25 Years! Tegeler’s Amish Furniture 13459 Crosby Rd Morrison, IL 2 Miles South of Morrison on Route 78



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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Cory’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc.

Cory & Maymee Siegner, Lake Carroll Residents

(815) 493-6900

• Landscaping Design & Imaging • Licensed pesticide applicators • Installation • Snow removal • Maintenance • Rip-rap and sea walls • Retaining Walls • Water features • Horticulture degreed staff

We are a complete service company that builds long lasting relationships with our customers!!

The LC Lending Library located at the Clubhouse is seeking volunteers to assist in sorting books. If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact Mary Lou Miller at 815-493-8051. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Larry Heckman (815) 864-2808 25235 Payne Rd. Shannon, IL 61078 Landscape Design & Installation Seeding * Sodding Locally Grown Nursery Stock Evergreens * Shade Trees * Perennials Hardscape Installation * Stone Walks Retaining Walls * Fireplaces Sea Walls * Rip Rap Maintenance * Mowing * Tree Removal Mulch Delivery * Snow Removal Licensed Pesticide Applicator

Shann Shannon on Marin Marine eS Services ervices Call for Great Prices on... Snapper Snapper Lawn Mowers Mowers

Marine Service

• Outboard & Stern Drive Repair • Prop Repair Full line of Nissan Outboard Motors Available! • Winterization & Storage


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Side By Side Utility Vehicle Market Share. Polaris 42% Kawaski 13%

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Liberty Village of Freeport, a not-for-profit Senior facility received a Five-Star rating by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for its overall quality care! 2014 Ranger 900 Crew LE

2014 RZR 1000 XP

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RecDirect Aquatic Complex By now I hope you have gotten a chance to enjoy the outdoor pool! We are open 12:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Friday, 11:00am-8:00pm Saturday and Sunday, Adult Swim M-F 7:00am-10:30am, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-10:30am. Please note that on Wednesdays no lifeguard will be on duty and the slide and diving board will be closed during this time. All children must be supervised by an adult. Chelsey Heckman Swimming Lesson registration forms may be found at Recreation Director the Aquatic Complex and Admin Office or online at www. under the Aquatic Center Documents. A completed form accompanied by payment is required to register. First Session is June 9th- June 20th, Second session is June 30th-July 11th, and the third session is July 21st- August 1st. Guard Start is will be July 21st-August 1st. Please see the new times that lessons are being offered and note that classes are held Monday-Thursday this year. Recreation – See ads for all these events elsewhere in this issue. Kick off to Summer Party- June 14th includes live entertainment by “Just for Kicks,” late night swimming, music, s’mores, volleyball, JUMPING INFLATABLES, and loads of fun! You and your family won’t want to miss this talked about event! Bags tournament in the evening, call 815-493-8549 ext 10 to register your team. Family Fun Nights this month are at the Lodge/ Aquatic Complex on Friday, June 20th and June 27th. See the ad for the entire summer’s dates of Family Fun nights. Next Volleyball and Bags Tournament will be held Saturday July 5th at the Aquatic Complex. Registration form along with payment is due by June 30th. Complete the registration in this edition to participate. Kidz Camp is right around the corner. First session of camp will begin June 23rd- June 27th and second session will be August 4th- August 8th. Pick up a registration form at the aquatic complex, Admin Office, or at www.golakecarroll. com to register your child for these fun weeks! Put August 2nd down on your calendar for the Luau at the Beach! Lots of fun, more details to come in next month’s paper! All swimming lesson dates, kidz camp dates, and other misc events can be found in the Recreation Events brochure. Feel free to pick one up at the Aquatic Complex or Admin Office. Or you may find it online at

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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by Jim Splitt A week before Memorial Day and temperatures are still in the fifties. As I look out my patio windows, I can see the lake and for over an hour I haven’t noticed one boat go by. On the other hand, every few minutes I see a group of people enjoying the trail. That is one of the great aspects about having the trail at our disposal at this time of the year, even if the weather is not conducive to boating or other activities, you can still bundle up a bit and hit the trail. And with all the rain we have had lately, a little mud makes the ride all the more enjoyable. The Trail Club has pared down it’s events this year to the four most popular. Mark your calendars for the following: * The Poker Run on Saturday, June 21st * Free Trail Rides on Saturday, July 19th * The Night Ride on Saturday, October 18th * Pack the Pantry Ride date yet to be determined in November If you are unfamiliar with a Poker Run, here are the basic concepts. Riders meet at the Lodge at 11:00 am. For a $5 entry fee, you get five cards. As you go around the trail, there are stops were you are earn additional cards. After you return to the Lodge, you turn in your best five card poker hand. Prizes will be given to the best hand. Lunch will also be provided at the Lodge following the run. The Trail Club is also sponsoring the Win Your 2015 Dues Raffle this year. Last year’s raffle was very successful with over $6,000 raised in the quest to rebuild the swinging bridge that was a great feature of the trail years ago. This year’s raffle looks to be bigger and better. Three prizes will be awarded: 1st - Your 2015 dues, 2nd - $500 cash, and 3rd - $250 LCA Gift Card. Tickets are $20 each or six for $100. Tickets should start being available Memorial Day Weekend. You can purchase tickets at all club events (and even some nonclub events) and at the monthly meetings. You can also probably find someone from the club with raffle tickets for sale at the Clubhouse most Friday and Saturday evenings. Another way to purchase tickets is to send a check payable to the Lake Carroll Trail Club Bridge Fund to Sandy Sorensen, 31-91 Country Club Ct, Lanark, IL 60146. Please include your name, mailing address, section and lot number, and your phone number. Sandy will send your tickets by return mail. Winners will be drawn on October 18th, during the Night Ride. Raffle is for Lake Carroll members only. Winners do not need to be present, but you will be missing an amazing time if you’re not there. Speaking of the monthly club meetings, they are normally held on the second Saturday of the month at 11 am at the Lodge. Check the LCA calendar for exact dates and times. Something new this year is that we are attempting to organize a ride around the trail after each meeting. Bring lunch if you like. I have been saying for years now that we are the only Trail Club that doesn’t ride a trail together regularly. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the trail. Lastly, I would again like to thank the Lake Carroll Maintenance crew for an amazing job in grooming the trail this spring. It is the best I have ever seen it. Until next time, ride safe and I’ll see you on the Trail!

Now Open 5a.m. to 9p.m. • 7 Days A Week

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm *24hr. Emergency Service On All Brands Of Equipment

• Master Card • Visa • Discover

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

“A Parade of Lights” Venetian Night-2014 By Bonnie Ewing

Join the Yacht Club as we celebrate summer with our annual Venetian Night boat parade. Deck out your boat in a blaze of light and venture out with us across the lake to enjoy the splendor and peacefulness of Lake Carroll after dark. This year’s event will begin at 8:00 pm at the West Marina on Saturday, August 2nd. (Rain date August 9th) Slips will be available for participants to dock their boats. Bring an appetizer to share before the actual parade, which will begin at dusk. Venetian Night will be in conjunction with the Lake Carroll Beach Luau. After the parade we invite you to cruise back to the pier and stay to enjoy music on the beach! Please contact Mary Ann Gibus at 815-493-8107 to register your boat by August 1. Steve Gibus is available to give tips on ways to hook up lights on your boat. Contact him at the above number or check the Lake Carroll website under Yacht Club documents for instructions. The Yacht Club is always looking for people to join the crew; make suggestions for future events and be part of a committee or the board. Yacht Club members enjoy reduced rates on YC events. We also hope to see you this year at our next event, The Taste of the Lake on August 16 and our annual Casino Trip in October. Contact Mary Grant at 815-493-8177 if you’re interested in joining the Yacht Club. If you’re already a member and would like to take a more active role in the planning and implementation of future events please feel free to call Bob or Val Kachlic at 815-493-9121. Ships Ahoy!

The Hollow Fencepost 124 E. Carroll Street, Lanark IL Phone: 815-493-9066 Cus Ant tom B u iqu es, ilt Fur Inte n rior iture, A D l s Rep eco o r air/ Furnit Refi ure nish ing Serv ice

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Regular Store Hours: M-F 8:30-5:00 • Sat. 8:30-Noon

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Mandatory Lot Mowing

Dennis A. Sturtevant

15465 Rt. 73, Shannon, IL 61078

(815) 493-6382

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Carroll County 2013 Property Tax Diane L. Powers Carroll County Treasurer

Call J.U.L.I.E. Before Digging

This is a reminder that prior to doing any digging in your yard; you are required to call J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) to have underground utilities located. The numbers you may call are either their traditional toll free number (1-800-892-0123) or a three-digit number that is easy to remember (811). You may also make your locate request on line at J.U.L.I.E.’s web site at www.illinois1call. com. Once you have placed your call, J.U.L.I.E. dispatches the utility companies within fortyeight hours (two business days) beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Calls received after 4:00 p.m. will be processed as if received at 8:00 a.m. on the next business day. You may not begin digging before the start time of your ticket, even if all utilities have been marked. Digging must begin within fourteen calendar days of the initial locate request. When you call, you will be given a dig number. This number identifies specific information about your locate request. It is important to retain this number as proof of your contact with J.U.L.I.E. and if it is necessary to call J.U.L.I.E. back for a second request, a refresh, etc. you will need your dig number. There is various required information that is needed when making a locate request with regards to your address, nearest cross roads, area you are planning to dig, etc. One of the biggest confusions is the Township and City where property owners live. Although our address is Lanark, we do not live in the village limits of Lanark. We are in “Unincorporated

Carroll County”. About ¾ of Lake Carroll is located in Freedom Township and the other ¼ is in Cherry Grove Township. This information is on your voter’s registration card if you aren’t sure which Township you live in. Contact J.U.L.I.E. at the above numbers or on their web site for further information and how long requests are valid for and the procedure for getting extensions and refreshes. J.U.L.I.E. requires, when practical, to “white-line” the site where digging will occur. In the winter, when there is snow, the use of black paint or flags is encouraged. “White-lining” is the process of marking the area where digging will occur with white paint and/or white flags prior to contacting J.U.L.I.E... Don’t use colored paint; each utility has their own specific color to identify their lines. Paint with dashes, lines or arrows to indicate the proposed dig area and indicated on your locate request to have the locators mark at least ten feet past your white-lined area. If you are going to plant a tree in your front yard, don’t request to have your entire lot marked. Request only that area. This just adds unnecessary time that the locators must spend on your property, locating lines that aren’t even in the area that you plan to dig. Here’s a list of projects you should notify J.U.L.I.E. before beginning: Decks & Patios Fences Trees or Shrubs Mailbox Posts Swing Sets Room Additions Signs Gardens Fountains Swimming Pools Tents Landscaping

• All tax information is now available on the County Website: - See “Property Tax Search” on right side of screen. • 2013 Tax bills are being mailed the week of May 19th, 2014 • Due dates are July 3rd for the first installment and September 3rd for the second installment. • Total taxes extended - $26,060,916 Net Taxable EAV – 319,620,093 • Approx. 13,000 bills will be sent. • Taxpayers should check their bills to make sure the appropriate exemptions have been applied. Owner Occupied Exemption: This annual exemption is available for residential property that is occupied as the principal dwelling place of the owner as of January 1st of the tax year (2009). A reduction of up to $6,000 off the assessed value of the residence is given. Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze: This exemption will “freeze” the assessed value of the residence at a certain value (the year prior to the first year applied for). There is an income limit of $55,000, you must be age 65 or older and application for this exemption must be filed by July 1st every year. Qualified individuals must complete and file Form PTAX-340 each year with the Supervisor of Assessments. Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption: A reduction of $5,000 off the assessed value of the residence for homeowners age 65 or older. Qualified individuals must complete and file form PTAX-324 form with the Supervisor of Assessments. Home Improvement Exemption: This exemption reduces the increase in assessed value attributed to new improvements for a four year period. There is a maximum $25,000 assessed value exempted. Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral: This act permits the deferral of real estate taxes on the residence. The deferred taxes then become a lien on the property by the St. of Illinois, to be paid when the property is eventually sold. Age requirement is 65 or over. Income limit is $55,000. Owner must apply by March 1st every year with the County Treasurer. Disabled Veterans Exemption: Contact Illinois Department of Veteran’s Affairs or the Supervisor of Assessments for details. Circuit Breaker for Senior and Disabled: Administered by the State Department of Revenue. This program offers grants and/or reimbursements for property taxes and pharmaceutical purchases. It is based on income level and disability status. Must be filed annually. Disabled Persons Exemption: A $2,000 homestead exemption created for disabled homeowners using the same eligibility criteria as is provided in the Circuit Breaker Act. Returning Veterans Exemption: A $5,000 reduction in the EAV of veteran’s principal residence for two consecutive assessment (tax) years, the tax year and the following year that the veteran returns from active duty in an armed conflict. Payment can be made at any Bank in Carroll County, the Milledgeville Cr. Union and the Blackhawk Area Credit Union OR Carroll County Treasurer’s Office in the Courthouse Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30 (except Holidays) Credit Card or Debit Card Payment Can be made over the Internet Only at www.epayillinois. com or through the Epay link on the county website (Convenience Fee Applies) PLEASE NOTE: American Express, Discover and Master Card apply a sliding convenience fee to both Debit and Credit transactions, while Visa applies the sliding fee to Credit transactions only and a flat fee for debit transactions. When paying by Visa Debit, please be sure to select the Visa Debit option. FOR A COMPLETE TAX SEASON SCHEDULE AND ADDITIONAL TAX INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.CARROLL-COUNTY.NET. GO TO COUNTY DEPARTMENTS AND SELECT TREASURER. ATTENTION ALL PROPERTY OWNERS REGARDING ADDRESS CHANGES: I would like to remind all property owners that it is their responsibility to notify either my office or the Assessor’s office of any change in mailing address of their tax bills. Today, many people include their tax payments with their monthly mortgage payment; as a result, the mailing address of the tax bill is that of the mortgage company. Often property owners assume that when their mortgage is released, the mortgage company notifies us of the change in mailing address to that of the property owner. This usually does not occur. Again, it is the property owner’s responsibility to notify us of any change in the mailing address of their tax bill.

Bill’s Window Washing 815-238-6178

Illinois Concealed Carry Training Classes Forming Now in Lanark, IL 30+ Years of Experience Over 10,000 prior law enforcement and military students

July 19 - 20, 2014 DMACT Services, Inc. Dan McCollum, President

Phone: (815) 355-8787

Website: State of Illinois Approved Curriculum # CCC13A0146

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014

Denise Krysiak Publicity Director, Friends of the Lanark Public Library Students! Celebrate the end of the school year from June 7th to 14th by bringing your report cards to Twice-Sold Tales for a free children’s or young adult book. Then browse our selection for books at bargain prices for those lazy summer afternoons or long car trips. Rain showers in April are expected, but Twice-Sold Tales had a downpour of books! The bookstore has been blessed with a huge donation of over a thousand books in nearperfect condition from Pat Gaar in Savanna. The books include many popular authors, and range from romances and mysteries to westerns and spy thrillers and everything between. Dozens of these books are being added weekly, a situation likely to continue for the next several weeks. Stop in soon for a look at what’s new. Isn’t it time to un-tie Dad for Father’s Day? Skip the socks and other clothing as well, and buy him an escape from the ordinary through an action-packed adventure, a return to yesterday via a western, or a journey into the danger of a mystery. Don’t know his favorite author or what titles he’s already read? Twice-Sold Tales offers gift certificates so he can make his own selections. Graduation is a time for reflection, congratulation, and praise for accomplishments. You’ll find gift books that offer any one or all three to that special student. Stop in and see the selection available of like-new gift books ready to express your compliments. Missing a book from a favorite series? Have you recently discovered an author and want to read his earlier works? Read the first two books of a trilogy but can’t find the last one? TwiceSold Tales takes requests! Fill out a request form and we will contact you by phone or email when your book comes in. We have already filled dozens of requests; ask our volunteers to keep an eye open for you. Twice-Sold Tales, the gently used bookstore, is run by the Friends of the Lanark Public Library; proceeds benefit the Lanark Public Library and its programs and collections. The bookstore is located in The Special Touch’s Unique Mall at 504 IL Route 64 in Lanark. Its hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday.

Crafters/Vendors sought for 36th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair at Apple Canyon Lake Artisans and crafters are invited to the heart of Jo Daviess County for the 36th Annual Ice Cream Social & Arts and Craft Fair at Apple Canyon Lake on Sunday, August 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Apple Canyon Lake Clubhouse, 14A157 Canyon Club Drive, Apple River, IL. The Apple Canyon Lake Ice Cream Social and Craft Fair has been an annual tradition for 36 years now and Association members, and the public alike, look forward to this event each year which features barbecue, hot dogs, chips, a large selection of delicious homemade pies and desserts, and ice cream. Booth space is available indoors and out, but spaces fill quickly. The craft fair and ice cream social goes on rain or shine. Your free-standing canopy is welcome provided there are no stakes. For more information call 815-492-2769 or download a crafter’s registration form at


July 26 Fort Awesome Band August 16 Soda Band August 30


Have You Been to Mount Carroll Lately?

You’ll like our unique shops, brick streets & country charm AND you’ll love our good food & live entertainment!

Market Street Commons (320 N. Main St.) ............................ Every Sunday 2-4 pm Local musicians perform Henry’s Double K (834 S. Jackson) ................................Live music every weekend Five Minutes of Fame on Market & Main (320 N. Main St.) ............. 2nd Thursdays 6-9pm Open mic with music, poetry & storytelling - Imaginarium/Zenga’s Carroll County Flea Market..................................... 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month Lower Level Riverview Antiques (Downtown) 9 to 3, FREE Farmer’s Market (Downtown) ............. Every Saturday 8 to Noon, May thru October Fourth of July...........Visit our website for up-to-date info on fireworks, food, & more!

Visit our website at for updated information of all our events, where to stop, shop & stay!

Polhill’s inc. - In Business Since 1936 -

APPliAnce sAles & RePAiR 428 N. MaiN • Milledgeville, illiNois


Emerald Ash Borer Management Workshop In Morrison And Stockton Has Emerald Ash Borer come to an ash tree near you? Unfortunately, it may have. An EAB Management Workshop will be held to give area residents an opportunity to learn more about EAB treatment and management options. The workshops will be held on Thursday, June 19, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Whiteside Extension Office, 100 E Knox St, Morrison and Monday, June 23 from 6:30 to 8p.m. at the Stockton Township Library, 140 W. Benton Ave. The workshops will be led by University of Illinois Extension Educators. Late last summer, the Illinois Department of Agriculture identified an EAB infestation in Morrison. “The find does not signal the time to give up on ash trees. It does mean the time has arrived for homeowners and those responsible for tree care implement an EAB plan,” according to Jay Solomon, University of Illinois Extension Educator. The workshops will cover the history, life cycle, and control options for emerald ash borer, as well as the management choices available for selectively saving your ash tree. There will be time for participants to ask questions. The emerald ash borer is a small, metallic-green beetle native to Asia. Its larvae burrow under the bark of ash trees, causing the trees to starve and eventually die. Ash trees can be infested with EAB for a few years before the tree begins to demonstrate any signs of an EAB infestation. The EAB Quarantine zone has been expanded to include Whiteside, Carroll, Jo Daviess and other counties to the Mississippi River in northwest Illinois. The implication of these changes will also be discussed. The fee for the EAB Management Workshop is $5. For more information or to register, call the University of Illinois Extension at (815) 772-4075 for the Morrison location or visit online at For the Stockton location call 815-858-2273 or visit online at


QUICK QUIZ! Do you know what a plant really is? Are flowers edible? Name 10 ways a plant is used other than for eating! Why don’t plants sweat? Name 4 ways to make your garden flowers last all summer and even longer! How did you do? Come spend time outdoors with us and get your hands dirty! We will be learning the answers to all these questions, growing our own plants in the garden and even planting some to take home! The Garden SPIN Club will be taking place at the Plum Creek Arboretum in Dixon on Friday mornings beginning June 6 from 9-10:30. The SPIN club is open to 3-6th graders wanting to learn more about gardening and the plants around them. Cost is $5 for 4-H or SPIN club members and $25 for non-4-H’ers. How do you become a SPIN club member? Attend at least one SPIN club through the Lee County Extension office since September 1, 2013. If your child is interested, register online at Hurry! Space is limited. The University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. For more information on University of Illinois Extension 4-H Youth Development programs, contact the Lee County Extension Office at 815-857-3525 or

CAMP CLOVER: CRAZY COOKIN’ & HEALTH AND FITNESS IN AMBOY Join us June 9, 10, 11 and 16, 17, 18 (Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays) from 9 am to 12:30 pm at the Lee County Extension office in Amboy. Stir up some kitchen goodies while practicing recipes you can share with your family! Learn about nutrition while sharpening your basic kitchen skills. Food prepared each day will be enjoyed for a snack Looking for a way to get your kids excited about exercise and give them a fun way to burn off that excess energy, this class is it! (Especially after all that cooking!) This class will also teach you about the benefits of balance, coordination, and flexibility. Students will also learn how to eat right, stay active, how to make healthy choices, create a first aid kit and share a healthy habit that will give them a lifetime of rewards. Camp Clovers are open to children in grades 3-6. Registration is only $20 for two weeks of fun! If your child is interested in Cooking and Health & Fitness, register online at http://web. Hurry! Space is limited. Check out our website for more camp locations near you. Your Lake Carroll Plumber Since 1987

Converting From LP Gas to Natural Gas? We Can Help! Call 815-235-3754 For advertising display ads in the Lake Carroll News please contact: Mike Ford, Account Executive Sauk Valley Media (815) 625-3600 ext. 616

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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Highland offers Summer Sports Camps FREEPORT — The Highland Community College athletic department is now accepting registration for the 2014 Highland Cougar Summer Sports Camps. Basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball camps are offered. The Highland Cougar Summer Camps are among the best and longest running in the region. These camps are designed for specific ages and skill levels so all athletes can get the most out of their camp experience. All participants receive a camp T-shirt. The sports camps staff features Coach Nathan Courtney, Highland Cougar basketball coach, Coach Beth Groshans, Highland Cougar volleyball coach; Coach Don Tresemer, Highland Cougar baseball coach and Coach Charles Born, Highland Cougar softball coach.

BASKETBALL - The basketball camps are designed to achieve a number of goals, including increasing the interest and enjoyment of basketball, learning the fundamentals of the game, individual contests and introducing team play. Basketball camp sessions are June 9-12 for K-4th graders (co-ed), June 16-19 for 5th-8th graders (boys/girls sessions), and June 23-26 for 9th-10th graders (boys/girls sessions. VOLLEYBALL - The volleyball camps have also been designed to achieve specific

goals based on age. These include an introduction of the game of volleyball, improvement of basic fundamentals while having an emphasis on proper techniques. Volleyball camps are for 5th-6th graders, July 14-17, 7th-8th graders (2 sessions), July 7-10 and July 14-17 and 9th-10th graders, July 7-10.

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL - The baseball/softball camps have also been designed

to achieve specific goals based on age. These include focus on the fundamentals and mechanics of hitting, throwing, pitching, fielding, and base running. The two sessions of baseball camp are July 7-10 for 3rd-6th graders and 7th-9th graders. Softball camp is June 9-12 for 3rd-12 graders. Registration will be accepted through the first day of each camp. The 2014 Highland Cougar Summer Camps schedule and brochure may also be found on the athletics page on the Highland website, For more information about the Summer Sports Camps, contact Pete Norman at 815.599.3465 or at pete.norman@highland. edu.

Nick Isenhart Managing Broker 815-275-2050 ISENHART REALTY 12-51 Birchbark Lane........................................... $2,000 3-570 Buck’s Lane................................................. $3,500 1-114 Captains Dr................................................ $4,900 16-173R Stonehedge Dr........................................ $4,500 1-198 Ahab Ct ....................................................... SOLD 16-59 Meadowview Ct .......................................... $7,000 25-20 Country Hill Ct........................................... $9,700 30-5R Brookside Dr. ............................................. $9,900 31-111 Lake Carroll Blvd ................................... $14,900 23-103 Brighton Ct............................................. $14,900 31-41 Wakonda Dr ............................................. $17,900 3-454, 455, 456 Fawn Ridge Dr.......................... $19,900 31-89 Country Club Ct ....................................... $19,900 1-176 Hooks Ct .................................................. $21,250 5-175 Heathcliff Dr............................................. $22,900 31-9 Medinah Drive............................................ $29,000 31-11 Medinah Dr............................................... $29,900 26-4 Wynwood Ct............................................... $32,500 23-105 Broadview Dr.......................................... $33,000 31-51 Doral Ct............................ DEEDED SLIP $36,999 3-363 & 364 Lk. Carroll Blvd............................. $39,000 1-19R Old Wharf Road....................................... $39,900 31-52 Doral Ct.................................................... $55,000 31-61 Wakonda Drive................. DEEDED SLIP $60,000 28-56 Southview Drive ............... DEEDED SLIP $99,000 25-60 Cottage Hill Ct............... Waterfront $225,000 21-48 Marina Ct ...................... Waterfront $229,000

Carroll Service Carroll County Locker Custom Slaughter & Company Processing Retail Meats

LP Gas Sales & Delivery Interested in Spreading out your LP Heating Bills over 12 Months?

Contact Deb @ 493-2181 49 to find out more about the Budget Home Heat plan and Calculate what your Monthly LP Payment would be. 505 W. IL Rt. 64 • Lanark, IL

122 E. Carroll Street Lanark, IL 61046 (815) 493-2370

M-F 7:30am-Noon & 12:30-5pm Sat. 8am-Noon

21-78 Lake Carroll Blvd. Lake Carroll, IL

(815) 493-8484

Barb & Bob Hartman,Owners


Lake Carroll News, June 2014


HELP WANTED Country Girls Do It Rock Hollow Hunt Club Best Lawn Care bartenders, wait staff, & Dirt, sweat, and hard work, that's what the cook. Excellent summer Grisham Girls are made job for special events. www.rockhollowhunt of. Call us for a lawn quote today, we'd love your business. 815-232-5428 Ask us about Freeport, IL organic fertilizer. Abbey Grisham (815)291-2820 GUNS & ARCHERY EASTLAND MOWING You grow it...we'll mow it! Call or text Bob 608-921-3825 We Buy & Sell Guns, ConBased out of Shannon, ceal Carry Classes, Gun Smithing, International so we are Local, Hunting Adventures, Reliable & Reasonable Professional Gun Dog TrainWanted: LAWNS TO MOW 47 Years Serving the area! 815-244-9511

Do you need to place an ad? Call us at: 815-625-3600 or 1-800-798-4085

August 1-10 Report by Aug 11

ing, Puppies, Trap Shooting, Indoor/Outdoor Pistol & Rifle Range Full Service Restaurant & Banquet Facilities, Sand Volleyball Leagues, Fishing & Camping

(815) 232-5428 Freeport, IL





Reduced price, ready to sell $8,900. Scenic ½ acre lot on golf course, Hole #6, Captain Drive. Close to clubhouse, marina, etc. Call Ed 630745-8565. Must sell! Any reasonable offer considered. Sec. 19, lot 54, 1.06 acres. Corner lot w/ half trees, green way next to lot, includes 2014 dues & 2 mowings. Close to ski hill. $6,000. Call 630-212-1868. Section 13 Lot 31, ¼ acre near ski hill, pool and lodge. $1200. Call 847-342-5920 Section 3 lot 494 on Shadylane 3 qtr. Acre lot. Back is to woods. Best lot on the street! Asking $20,000 OBO 630-207-5845 Section 31 Lot 79, One acre open lot with great view near east gate. Asking $19,500. Phone Jack Fritz, Broker, Isenhart Realty at 815-2752159.

NOTICE: “Only LCA Members have amenity use with any Lake Carroll house rentals.” Waterfront home for rent. 3BR, 2ba. 27 steps easy slope to boat dock. Located in East Marina. Sleeps 8-10 people. Call Dan 708-278-0031 or ddunne@palossports. com

1996 Sylvan 24' pontoon w/40hp Evinrude motor. $4,000/obo. Call 630-248-9909. 25' aluminum pier, adjustable legs. $1200. Call Tom for more information 708-552-7049. Pontoon Boat for Sale 2004 Sundancer 240D, 24 Foot with diving platform (Your kids will love you). Seats 10 adults comfortably, 90 HP Mercury outboard. Runs great! Full mooring cover AM/FM CD Player w/ Ipod jack. Comes with a “Super Hooker” anchor (Will stayed anchored no matter what! These models are in great demand. Don't let this one get away! $12,500. 847363-9960 Evenings

4 Bar Stools & 1 deskcomputer chair (only 1 yr. old-like new) Call Barb 815-266-3969

Classifeds Work!



815-625-3600 • 1-800-798-4085


Classifeds Work!

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You can find a mowing contractor on our website, or watch for ads in Lake Carroll News publications.

ISENHART REALTY 866-493-2300

Sec. 13-50 .25 acre Grouse Ln ....................... $2,400 Sec. 3-499 .30 acre Shady Ln......................... $5,000 Sec. 23-108 1.75 acres Broadview Dr...........$14,900 Sec. 15-4 1.29 acres Lake Carroll Blvd ........$14,900 Sec. 1-53 .25 acre on Captains Dr................$16,000 Sec. 27-16 2.63 acres on Shadowridge Dr ...$26,000 Sec. 26-14 1.73 acres on Wynwood Ct ........$29,900 Sec. 22-10 1.24 acres on Lakewood.............$33,933

Penny Fink Broker Associate Cell 815-275-3804 email


625-3600 or 1-800-798-4085 (within Illinois)

Sand Piper 2000 38ft. Travel Trailer. Excellent condition. Very clean, must see! 2 large slide outs, king bed and rear bedroom. Central A/C and heat, continuous hot water, many extras. Dixon area. Asking $10,500. 815-739-7914

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Good Investment Property!


Landscaping and Lawn Care This tri ple plex x was was bui built lt in 2 2006 006 with 1,294 sq. ft. per unit. Features an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, solid oak kitchen cabinets, doors and trim. Patio doors off of the dining area lead out to a cement patio area, all stainless steel kitchen appliances, heated flooring in both baths plus the shower floor, wall in closet in the master bedroom and a heated one stall attached garage. Call for more details! Priced at $329,000

Penny Fink, Isenhart Realty 815-275-3804

Patio Design • Installation of Paver Patios Design & Construction of Retaining Walls Lawn maintenance Call Now For Your FREE EstimatE! Justin moshure 815-821-4088 Chadwick, iL

We Also Offer.... Complete Landscape Design • Mulching • Clean-up’s • Seeding Mowing • Plantings • Grading • Skid Work & Rip Rap

Severe Weather Warnings LCA’s Notification Procedure

Lake Carroll News, June 2014

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By Donna Beyer

To the best of the Association’s ability, the following emergency procedure will be followed when the National Weather Service has issued either a Tornado WARNING or Severe Weather Warning with sustained winds of 40 mph or more: 1. LC Security will unlock the Lodge. 2. Security Patrol Car will drive through each pod in the campground with lights and siren on notifying campers of a severe weather warning by the National Weather Service. You should move to a safer location as quickly and safely as time permits. The closest location for the Campground is the lower level of the Lodge in the hallway outside the showers. 3. LC Security, while in route to the Campground, will attempt to contact the Clubhouse staff to notify them of a severe weather warning by the National Weather Service. Staff and patrons at the Clubhouse and Pro Shop should seek shelter in the lower level of the Clubhouse. ---------------------Please note “To the best of the Association’s ability”. This means Security Staff will do their best to fulfill this procedure; however, this procedure will not take precedence over emergency calls (ie: medical emergencies) or if it puts LCA staff in direct danger as a result of an imminent weather threat. LCA asks that members take primary responsibility of their own safety. In this day of electronic devices, satellite TV, and residential weather notification systems, there are many options to keep aware of potential severe weather. Severe weather warning systems, such as sirens, have been discussed and investigated through the years. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and LCA hasn’t been able to acquire this equipment. The LC Safety & Security Committee revisits this topic often and it is once again being looked into. Hopefully Lake Carroll doesn’t experience Mother Nature’s wrath, but in the event severe weather is headed our way, please use common sense and seek appropriate shelter to keep you, your family, and guests safe.

It doesn’t matter if the dumpster belongs to Lake Carroll, a contractor, or a homeowner...if YOU didn’t pay for it or get permission to use it, YOU CANNOT DUMP ANYTHING IN IT! It is illegal to dump residential refuse in any Lake Carroll Association dumpsters or dumpsters rented by contactors. If your residence does not receive garbage pick-up then the garbage must be transported back to your primary residence. Please advise your guests of theses regulations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Lake Carroll Security

WEST MARINA CONCESSION Summer Weekly Hours Mon/Wed/Thu: 9:30am-5pm Closed Tuesdays Friday: 9:30am-7pm Saturday: 7am-7pm Sunday: 7am-5pm

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Lake Carroll News, June 2014





June Featured Homes

June Featured Homes


BIg LAkE vIEw ! ngarket i D

eM th en n P e so

l ay Saly 15 D On

27-19 Shadow Ridge Drive

Beautifulwoodedpropertyandahomeyouhavebeendreaming of! Well maintained from top to bottom. Has beautiful great room with fireplace. A delightful screened porch is just off the dining area of the Great Room. Main level laundry and direct door to the attached three car garage. The third garage area is a heated wood working shop. The lower level has several sliding doors to the patio, full view windows that add natural light to the family room, game area and exercise space. New roof in 2009. This property includes a DEEDED BOAT SLIP in the west marina. You will enjoy spacious comfort and charm throughout this beautifullydesigned home. Everything is ready to become your new home at Lake Carroll.

13-93 Quail Hollow

NEW LISTING LAKE VIEW!! Excellent chalet style home just off the lake with greenway access, very close to the lake. 3 finished levels in superb condition. Turnkey includes all lovely furnishings. Detached garage, workshop and upper loft. 20 ft. Palm Beach Super Sport pontoon boat and (2) 2003 Honda 4 wheelers are included with the sale. Dock is included that is placed at nearby greenway shoreline. All set up and ready to go and still time to enjoy entire summer season of 2014!!!



June Featured Homes

June Featured Homes

On A grEEnwAY TO ThE LAkE!


28-19 Southview Drive

Peace and quiet, yet close to all the action at beautiful Lake Carroll ! This well built home is located on 2.8 acres with views of the Lake and wooded area at the greenway. The traditional styled exterior entry porch opens to a very modern Great Room design with cathedral ceilings, full view windows on 3 sides and a wrap around TREX deck. The Great Room includes a separate dining area that can expand to comfortably seat 12 weekend guests. The kitchen opens to the Great Room and has Hardwood floors. The main level is completed with a full bath, two bedrooms and laundry room with direct door opening to the short walk to the detached 24x24 Garage. A grand sweeping stairway leads to the upper level balcony, reading cove and Master Suite. The full finished lower level has 10 ft ceilings, a huge family room, French doors to the back covered patio, 2 additional guest rooms, full bath and generous storage closets.

Just reduced to


21-27 Forest Hill Drive

NEW LISTING!! If your dream home is a rustic log home on a wooded lot with lake access, then this is it! DEEDED BOAT SLIP included, B23 in the East Marina. On a gorgeous 1.45 acre wooded lot this home has the “Northwoods Lake Feeling.” The main floor is spacious and has a master suite with a huge bath and walk-in closet. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms, a bath and an open loft overlooking the 2 story stone fireplace. There is a screened porch for relaxation in nature. The property is beautifully landscaped and private. There is a greenway path to the lake and a dock. There is nothing else quite like this for sale at Lake Carroll. This home works beautifully as a year round weekend or full time getaway.


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• Over 50 Years combined experience selling Real Estate. • Professional Photos to best showcase your property. • Exposure to over 50,000 Professional Realtors in Lake Carroll MLS & Chicago MLS. • Custom Property brochures and visual tours to highlight the features of your property. • Internet Exposure through RE/, and over 60 additional websites through membership in ListHub. 90% of Buyers look online 1st. Our listings are featured on over 60 syndicated websites including:, Zillow, Trulia, and Yahoo .

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Each office independently owned and operated 815-541-1001 815-266-4020

Lake Carroll News June 2014  

Lake Carroll News June 2014

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