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Jueteng Lords also await PNoy

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino chose burgers and pizza for his meals in the first day of his working visit to the United States. The Philippines’ investigation of the Manila tourist bus bloodbath has been completed and copies of the report have been given to Beijing and Hong Kong. Quoted from a news release, “China believes the Philippine government was serious and sincere in probing the tragic killings.” The report was based on the accounts of a few survivors – mainly, that of Joe Chan Kwok-chu, whose wrists were shattered by gunshots, a paper said. In the 83-page Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) report, those recommended charged were 1)former Manila Police District ; 2)Director Chief Supt. Rodolfo Magtibay, recently-retired Philippine National Police; 3)Chief Director General Jesus Verzosa; 4)Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim; 5)Vice Mayor Isko Moreno; 6)Supt. Orlando Yebra; 7)Chief Insp. Santiago Pascual; 8)National Capital Region Police Office; 9)Director Chief Supt. Leocadio Santiago, Jr.; 10)Department of Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Rico Puno; 11)Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and Deputy Ombudsman Emilio Gonzalez III; 12)media personalities Michael Rogas, Erwin Tulfo, RMN station manager Jake Maderazo and 13)TV networks TV5, GMA-7 and ABS-CBN.


The Chairperson of the (IIRC) and also the Department of Justice (DoJ) Secretary is Leila De Lima. Though the first response from the Foreign Ministry in Beijing was positive, some of these liable workforces were poignant. Before the President Benigno Aquino III left for his business trip to US on the evening of September 20, he emphasized that he do not want to make decisions regarding the report of Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) about the hostage incident on August 23 at Quirino Grandstand without a thorough review. “I will study their findings upon my return, and decide accordingly,” Aquino was quoted as saying. While the President and his team are now in the middle of spending the P25 million total estimated cost of their trip from September 20-27, an anti-jueteng activist named alleged jueteng lords who include the second cousin and the biggest campaign donor of Pnoy, Tonyboy Cojuangco. Aside from him, names tagged were; Governor Baby Pineda of Pampanga; Paul Dy of Isabela; Isabela Rep. Napoleon Dy Retired general Eugene Martin of Baguio City; Mayor Mauricio Domogan of Baguio City; Danny Soriano of Cagayan; a certain retired “General Padilla” operating in Pasay, - Parañaque, Muntinlupa, and San

Pedro; Governor Amado Espino in Pangasinan, and Boy Jalandoni of Bacolod. According to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., the President is serious about cutting costs in this trip. “He is taking a very lean delegation and flying commercial to the US and back, which is why this trip will cost much less than previous working trips. That is why, in the interest of transparency, we are releasing these figures so the Filipino people will know where their money is going and how it is being spent,” Ochoa said. Official records showed more than P76 million was spent for a presidential working visit to New York and Washington D.C. from July 29 to August 5, 2009. Every Filipino is hoping that the President would keep the inspiring words he uttered in his inaugural speech when he said; “Have you ever been ignored by the very government you helped put in power? I have. Have you had to endure being

President Aquino greeted passengers of Philippine Airlines during his flight from Manila to San Francisco last September 20, 2010.

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rudely shoved aside by the siren-blaring escorts of those who love to display their position and power over you? I have, too. Have you experienced exasperation and anger at a government that instead of serving you, needs to be endured by you? So have I.” “No more junkets, no more senseless spending. No more turning back on pledges made during the campaign, whether today or in the coming challenges that will confront us over the next six years. No more influence-peddling, no more patronage politics, no more stealing. No more sirens, no more shortcuts, no more bribes. It is time for us to work together once more.”

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Raped in Qatar, OFW left baby in toilet bin A Filipino woman has acknowledged giving birth to a baby on a flight from the Middle East and then left him in the trash on the plane. According to a news report, she said she was raped by her employer. The baby which was found by a security guard at Manila’s airport last September 12, 2010 in a trash bag unloaded from a Gulf Air flight from Bahrain was covered in blood and wrapped in tissue paper. The baby is six-pound, nine-ounce (three-kilogram) baby, still attached to the placenta. Airport officials said, the baby was already bluish in color when found, may have died within a few minutes if not been found earlier. The baby, temporarily named George Francis after Gulf Air’s flight code GF, is now fine but underwent an X-ray because of two bumps on his head, welfare officer Thelsa Biolena. Written in a report, Representative Lani Mercado said she met the

woman, who told her that she had been raped by her employer while working as a maid in Qatar and became pregnant then her employer’s wife forced her to return home and she managed to hide her pregnancy and board a flight. During the flight, the woman had labor pains then Nurses attend to a newborn baby found inside the lavatory of an airplane Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010, at Manila’s she gave birth while the plane international airport, Philippines. was approaching. They did not release her name. ing Manila. Social Welfare Secretary Dinky SoliMercado said the woman told her she abandoned the baby because she man, who has custody of the baby, was afraid of what her family would cautioned that authorities are still working to confirm that the woman is say. the mother. The woman left in June last year to She earlier said authorities plan to work in Qatar for conduct DNA tests and that it would three years, and her family was surprised take at least a month to establish whether she is the parent. when she suddenly “We want to be very sure that we returned home, won’t ascribe this act to the wrong said police Inspecperson,” Soliman told The Associated tor Jeffrey Vicente, quoting her husband Press. in northern Apayao province with whom Bahrain-based Gulf Air said in an e-mailed statement Thursday that it she has two chilprovided Filipino investigators access dren. to the plane earlier in the day, so that The 30-year-old they could take samples from blood woman was located specks for the DNA tests. The airline Wednesday in Apasaid it is providing the child with baby yao after investigafood, medicine, diapers and vitamins. tors set out to find The mother could face criminal the person who sat charges for abandoning her child, Soliin a bloodstained man said. seat on the plane. About 20 couples, including some Authorities brought from abroad, have offered to adopt the her to Manila for Baby George Francis named after Gulf Air flight. questioning and test- boy, she said.

Eight-year-old kid gets award for rescuing dolphin An eight-year-old kid and two others were recognized for rescuing a stranded Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus). The 2.5-meter long dolphin was found along the shoreline of Barangay Poblacion in San Teodoro on September 2. The dolphin appeared weak with noticeable red eyes and heavy skin secretions. Carl Andrei Leuterio, who was acknowledged as environmental hero, is a third-grader from the San Teodoro Central School. He was the first to report the stranded dolphin to authorities. “Four of us were playing by the sea when we saw the dolphin. It was as big as a whale… but it looked so weak. I told the grown-ups about it,” the newspaper quoted Carl as saying. Bantay Dagat member Terence Panado and Municipal Fishery Management Officer-in-Charge Jacinto Abdon were the first to arrive after the boy reported the stranding, the paper said. Together with local police and Mu-

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Aquino rejects divorce President Benigno S. Aquino III opposed the legalization of a Las Vegas-type divorce in the country. Aquino said he cannot support a practice common in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, in which you get married in the morning then you can get divorced in the afternoon. According to a news report, the President said he prefers legal separation although separated couples should be allowed to remarry. My own personal position on this point, but a study has to be made, is divorce a no-no,” he said amid renewed proposals in Congress to legalize divorce in the country. “But I do recognize that there have been unions that were wrong that no matter what interventions are done, no matter what counseling is done, they really can’t stay together and there is danger to either one or both parties in that marriage particularly specially the children,” he was quoted as saying.

The President also said that couples who pursue legal separation should be allowed to marry again. “In legal separation, it will be very, very stringent. You really have to ascertain that there really are irreconcilable differences in a long period. Sa Tagalog parang padaanin sa sampung butas ng karayom siguro,” he said. At present, the country allows legal separation and annulment. Once the court approves an annulment of marriage, the parties may choose to remarry. A legal separation, on the other hand, allows spouses to live separately but does not cut the bonds of marriage. They are disallowed to marry again. Although he was vocal on the debates whether to allow divorce in the country, the President said he is “duty-bound not to comment” on the petition sister to nullify her marriage to Yap. “If I say any opinion, it might influence the workings of the court, the fiscals,” he said.

‘Kuliglig’ banned in Manila streets Starting on October 1, the threewheel motorized pedicabs or kuligligs’ operation in the City of Manila would be banned. According to a news report, the city government of Manila received several complaints regard-

banning the “kuligligs,” air pollution would be lessen and help solve traffic problems. Since the motors used to run the “kuligligs” are not mechanically designed, powered, and intended for land use, these cannot be registered with the Land Transportation Of-

nicipal Agriculture Office, the dolphin was guided to deeper waters and released. Leuterio, Panado and Abdon were recognized for saving the dolphin by San Teodoro Municipal Mayor Apollo Ferraren and WWF-Philippines during a small ceremony.

Awardees include Palawan fishermen Henry Barlas and Paquito “I’m very happy that we got to save the Abia, who saved a stranded dolphin. I hope that other kids too, will dugong in January 2009 while do the right thing when they see animals Mindoro Fisherman Randy Cayteles prevented other fishers from that need help. I’m also proud to make killing a stranded Indo-Pacific Nanay and Tatay happy. They said we will hang the plaque at home,” says Carl, Bottlenose dolphin last May. the youngest to receive the WWF award. Since 2009, WWF-Philippines has actively recognized ordinary individuals which show decisive environmental action.


1) Sales and Marketing Experienced in Health food industry Has knowledge in computer. Sales oriented. Good team worker, mature and independent. With strong self initiative, excellent communication and presentation skills. Can speak Cantonese is an advantage.

2) Part time Admin Officer General office administrative tasks including filling systems, office support and travel around. With good communication skills, positive attitude and responsible is much appreciated.

THOUGHTS FOR TODAY “If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.” “Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. “

“A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.” “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” “The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands.”

fice (LTO) or with any government ing the operation of pedicabs in the city, including their temporary transport-regulating agency. permits. With no LTO registration, the gas The issue prompted Manila Mayor emissions of the “kuligligs” cannot be determined in accordance with Alfredo S. Lim to issue Executhe Clean Air Act. tive Order 16. Lim hopes that by




Outstanding Teachers; Metrobank 2010 award Ten teachers from all over the country recently received the Metrobank Outstanding Teacher Award; four from the elementary level, four from high school, and two from the college level. The teachers who were awarded are Mrs. Grace U. Salvacion, Master Teacher I of Municipal Sector Elementary School in Calauag, Quezon; Mrs. Miladith B. Polutan, Master Teacher I of Oroquieta City Elementary School in Oroquieta City; Ms. Conchita A. Ibarondo, Master Teacher II of San Antonio Elementary School in Iriga City; Mrs. Nancy S. Aquino, Master Teacher II of Miang Pilot Elementary School in Cotabato. Mrs. Janeth Morata-Fuentes, Special Science Teacher III of Philippine Science High School in Palo, Leyte; Mrs. Mercedita S. Villamayor, Associate Professor IV of Bukidnon State University in Malaybalay City; Mrs. Estrelita A. Pena, Master Teacher I of Kabasalan National High School in Zamboanga Sibugay; Mrs. Mercelita J. Labial, English Department Chair Senior Faculty of Xavier University High School in Cagayan de Oro City; Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, Professor XI of University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City; and Dr. Raymund Sison, Full

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CCTV Camera in Marikina City Solar-powered closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed on major bridges in Marikina City.

The cameras serve as early-warning devices that monitor the water level in the Marikina River. The cameras have night-vision capabilProfessor VI of De La Salle University in Manila. Just to name 2 examples of their works; 1) Mrs. Pena, an English teacher in Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay. She founded the SAGIP-A-STUDENT DropOut Reduction Advocacy Association, Inc. amid problems of peace and order in their area. Thru SAGIP-A-STUDENT, Mrs. Pena was able to reduce the drop-out rate in Kabasalan National High School from 7.25 to 3.5 percent. More than 600 students happily benefited from SAGIPA-STUDENT and eventually finished high school.

ity and a built-in alarm system that goes off when the river’s water level reaches 14 feet.

2) Mrs. Polutan’s work at the Oroquieta City Central Elementary School is also outstanding. Since 1996, the Special Education teacher has devotedly taught young students who are suffering from visual impairment and multiple disabilities. Her dedication to her students have borne wondrous fruit: They learned to read with comprehension and solve mathematical problems with a fair degree of accuracy. Mrs. Polutan even spends her spare time teaching toddlers and young children with special needs in their own homes to encourage the parents to send these kids to school.

New bill on proper way to sing Philippine anthem After several popular singers, like Arnel Pineda, Martin Nievera and the all-female group La Diva had been criticized for their renditions of the country’s National Anthem, both during the fights of Filipino boxing icon (Congressman) Manny Pacquiao, a House Bill 465 or “An Act Prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat-of-Arms and other Heraldic Items and Devices of the Philippines” was passed on second reading. Under the proposed measure, a P100, 000 fine and two-year imprisonment await a performer who will diverge from the official musical arrangement of “Lupang Hinirang” as composed by Julian Felipe. “Lupang Hinirang” should be sung in a marching-type tempo, within the range of 100 to 120 metronome, in 4/4 beat and 2/4 beat when played, the bill said. “Congress has given more teeth to [the] government’s campaign to invigorate respect, patriotism and love of country, instilling in the citizens’ consciousness the nation’s history and, as a nation, a reminder to continuously struggle for justice, equality and freedom which the national flag, anthem, motto, coat-of-arms, and other heraldic items and devices signify,” Escudero was quoted as saying. He said the respect accorded the use

of the National symbols form the base of good citizenship and must be reiterated and strengthened. Aside from the National Anthem, the bill — a consolation of House Bills 603 and 465 — also seeks to protect the Philippine flag and other heraldic items of the country. Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, one of the co-authors of the bill, also believes that the increase in penalties could create awareness of the citizens’ patriotism and nationalism to Filipinos of all ages. Rodriguez said even moviegoers who do not stand up when the National Anthem is being played in cinemas will be sanctioned if the bill becomes a law. The security personnel and ushers in movie houses may be allowed to arrest or summon law enforcement officers to assist in conducting citizens’ arrest. The measure also requires all citizens to stand at attention and sing with fervor, as a sign of respect, when the National Anthem is played at a public

gathering. Escudero said the measure intends to polish the conceptual outline of the law for clarity. “The bill now has more teeth. It aims to update the law in the light of contemporary changes in attitudes and idioms.” Also prohibited under the measure is using the Philippine flag and other heraldic items and devices as an advertising tool for political or private purposes, and as clothing or fashion accessory other than what is prescribed. The National flag, anthem, seal, motto, coat-of-arms, and other heraldic items and devices, are not to be mutilated, defaced, defiled, trampled on or cast contempt or commit any act or omission casting dishonor or ridicule upon it, the bill said.

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House built from recycled plastic 181 chicken wings in 12 bottles worth 300 million Taiwan minutes set new record dollars Sonya Thomas gobbled up nearly 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes in an eating contests set a new record, a paper has reported.

According to a news report, Tzu Chi Foundation is one of the largest charity groups in Taiwan which runs 4,500 recycling stations with the help of about 70,000 volunteers, an article said. The foundation has distributed more than 300,000 blankets made from plastic bottles since 2007 for relief uses at home and abroad, it said. In November, a world’s first building “Eco Ark” built from recycled plastic bottles is unveiled. “Eco Ark” a three-storey 24-metre (78feet) high exhibition hall due to debut at the Taipei International Floral Exposition, is built from 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles and cost 300 million Taiwan dollars. “The bottles are processed to make bricks that can resist earthquakes, wind and fire while providing the building with natural lighting to save electricity,”

“I’m so happy!” said Sonya Thomas, who ate 4.86 pounds of chicken wings to win the contest, besting world eating marvel Joey Chestnut at the ninth annual National Buffalo Wing Festival.

architect Arthur Huang saying as quoted. “The ‘polli-bricks’ are also less expensive than conventional materials like wood and glass so the construction cost is much lower.” Huang said his firm is currently building a luxury boutique

Joey is said to be so strong who got great jaw strength. But Sonya is said to be so fast with the hand. Thomas is 5 feet tall and weighs 105 pounds; she calls herself the Black Widow because she often defeats bigger male competitors. Chestnut is 6-foot2 and weighs 230 pounds. He set the previous wings record in 2005, when he ate 174 in 12 minutes. Thomas, 43-year-old said she owed

hotel and several factories and corporate buildings with the bricks. “Just imagine if we can replace all the steel roofs in the buildings in Taipei with light transparent polli-bricks. That would make the city look more beautiful.”

“Human Domino, Healthy Exercise Challenges” Chinese students participate in a human domino challenge themed “Hug the nature, kiss the grasslands.”

Sonya Thomas competes in chicken wing eating at Buffalo, the birthplace of the wings.

The purpose was to encourage citizens to take part in healthy exercise and to enjoy the event in Ordos’s city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern China.

Buffalo, about 480 kilometers northwest of New York, is said to be the birthplace of the wings, typically fried and covered in tangy vinegar and hot sauce.

There were 10,267 students who took part in the human domino challenge activity which broke the old Guinness world record of 9,234 students in Singapore in 2000.

Joey Chestnut, America’s No. 1 professional eater was favored to win Sunday’s competition became second after eating 169 chicken wings, or 4.55 pounds.

The human domino challenge on August 12, 2010 created a new Guinness world record with 1 hour 10 minutes approbated by certificated officers of Guinness World Record headquarters.

Chinese students participate in a human domino challenge themed “Hug the nature, kiss the grasslands.”


Sunday’s triumph to her fancy finger work.“I used my hands more than the mouth,” she was quoted as saying. During the public contest, in front of thousands of people, she twirled the wings in her small fingers while quickly tearing off the meat with her teeth and lips. Her cheeks were covered in sheen of orange Buffalo sauce by the end. But she said she was still hungry afterward, calling the wings “an appetizer.”

Edward Shortest Man in the World; Title may not for long Edward Hernandez, 24, has officially been declared the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records officials. The Columbian guy, who stands just 70.21 centimeters (2 ft 3.46 in) tall, inherits a title previously held by Chinese man He Pingping who died earlier this year. According to Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness World Records Book, Hernandez is actually several centimeters shorter than Pingping saying, “not only is he a new shortest man, he’s even shorter than the previous record holder;” a paper was quoted. However, a Nepal, Khagendra Thapa Magar, who stands 65.5 centimeters (2 feet 1.8 inches) tall, is shorter than Hernandez. Edward, who is commonly

Bogota with his parents and four brothers who all work in their family run business making pajamas. His hobbies include playing soccer and dancing to Reggaeton, a popular Latin American dance. The newly crowned record holder said: “I am very happy to be recognized as the shortest man in the world. Every person is different and unique. The more unusual you are the more you should fight and work harder.”

referred to as Niño (meaning child) is not expected to hold the title for long, a paper said. Niño currently lives in

It is expected that Niño will hold on to the title of world’s shortest man for just one more month. The current shortest teenager, Nepal’s Khagendra Thapa Magar, will turn 18 on October 14th, whose measurement was 2 ft 1.8 in tall; 2 inches shorter than Niño.

Artificial skin may feel pain like yours An electronic skin that can sense touch, a said to be labtested material which responds to almost the same pressures as human skin and with the same speed was engineered by biotech wizards a report said in the British journal Nature Materials. They believe that the development is an advance towards replacing today’s clumsy robots and artificial arms with smarter, touch-sensitive upgrades. “Humans generally know how to hold a fragile egg without breaking it,” Ali Javey quoted as saying. Javey is an associate professor of computer sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, who led one of the research teams.

glasses in the process. But we’d also want the robot to grip the stock pot without dropping it.”

tors on top, followed by a flexible, pressure-sensitive rubber.

The prototype, measuring 49 square centimeters (7.6 square The team of Javey made an inches), can detect pressure “e-skin” which is comprises of ranging from 0 to 15 kilopas“If we ever wanted a robot that a matrix of nanowires made of cals, comparable to the force germanium and silicon rolled used for daily activities like could unload the dishes, for onto a sticky polyimide film. typing on a keyboard or holdinstance, we’d want to make According to the paper, the ing an object. sure it doesn’t break the wine team laid nano-scale transis-





What made these bottles of beer unique? Each bottle of this beer is worth $765. It was reported that these beers, “The End of History” is the strongest, most expensive and most shocking beer in the world. It was also mentioned in the article that just 12 bottles were made and the company has already sold out. They will be shipped out to buyers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and England next week. The bottles of beer were packed with dead animals which created an unusual appearance; four squirrels, seven weasels and a hare.

Human Body Parts Found Inside Tiger Shark Two legs, two arms and a disengaged chest have been found inside a 12ft tiger shark. The human remains are being identified by Bahamian police.

Tiger sharks can migrate long distances and are second to great white sharks when it comes to attacking people.

According to an article, Glenn Miller, assistant police commissioner to Bahamian police, the body parts appear to be a couple of days old when found. Two fishermen caught the animal off the Exuma Islands and were stunned to discover the contents of its belly. Mr Miller said at least two people were recently reported missing on the archipelago.

Two-year-old boy;kicked off smoking A two-year-old Indonesian boy who smoked about 40 cigarettes a day has kicked the habit after receiving intensive specialist care, a news report said. Ardi Rizal shocked the world when a video of him drawing heavily on cigarettes appeared on the Internet in May and drew attention to Indonesia’s failure to regulate the tobacco industry. It was mentioned in the report that Ardi has quited smoking and that he doesn’t ask for cigarettes anymore. Six months after his father gave him his first cigarette; the overweight boy was smoking two packs a day and threw violent tantrums if his addiction was not satisfied. Accompanied by his mother, the boy left his village on Sumatra Island in July to undergo treatment in the

capital. ‘’He received psychosocial therapy for one month, during which therapists kept him busy with activities and encouraged him to play with kids of the same age,’’ Sirait said. ‘’We diverted his addiction from cigarettes to playing.’’ Mr Sirait said the government had given financial support to Ardi’s parents, who were This Sumatran toddler was first given a cigarette when he was just 18 months old. The toddler who smoked about 40 cigarettes a day has kicked the habit after receiving intensive specialist care in Jakarta. ignorant of smoking’s dangers and used cigarettes to keep the toddler happy as they worked long hours at a street market.


Danny Bascal Jr., 42 years old Driver for 14 years in Hong Kong Nabasa ko ang tungkol sa mga food supplements ng RICA sa KabayanSTAR newspaper, nagkaroon ako ng interest kaya hinanap ko ang shop nila sa World Wide House. Noong nagpa consulta ako sa kanila nadiskubre kong mayroon pala akong high blood pagkatapos kong na BP. Palagi ding masakit ang aking buong katawan na nakakaapekto sa aking pagtatrabaho kaya tinanong ko kung ano ang magandang food supplement mayron sila na puwede kong gamitin. Ang nirekumenda sa akin ay Arginine, binigyan ako ng flyers tungkol dito at pagkatapos kong binasa ang mga benefits nito ay nagdesisyon akong bumili. Habang iniinom ko ang unang bote ng Arginine na binili ko, nararamdaman ko ang maraming pagbabago ng aking pakiramdam. Isang buwan palang akong nakakainom pero masigla ako, may improvement na rin ang mataas kong BP noon at malakas ang aking pakiramdam kahit maghapon akong nagtatrabaho.

Divina Capistrano “Bago ako nakapagtry ng RICA food supplements, lagi akong nakakaramdam ng pagsakit sa aking batok at lagi akong hindi nakakatulog dahil siguro sa mataas na blood pressure ko. Bumisita ako one time sa RICA shop sa world wide house shop 107. Nagpa check ako ng aking BP at noong araw na iyon ang BP ko ay mahigit 160 over 98. Pinayuhan ako kong ano ang dapat kong kainin at sinabihang etry ang arginine. Dahil lagi akong nakakaramdam nang pagsakit sa batok bumili na ako ng arginine. After 3 months na diretsong pag-inom ko nito bumaba ang aking BP. Masarap ang aking tulog at malakas ang aking pakiramdam…kaya nagpapasalamat ako sa RICA International Ltd!”


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More support for grape seed Squalene is unique oil high in Vitamins D that is found in high extract’s health benefits By Stephen Daniells

Grapevine seed extract could reduce free radical damage of blood vessel cells by 85 per cent and protect against heart disease, says new research.

cell death was observed,” reported the researchers from Utrecht University and International Nutrition Company (INC).

“As an example, pre-incubation with OPCs (60 micrograms per millilitre for 24 Known as Original OPCs (oligomeric proanythocyani- hours) resulted in a reducdins), Anthogenol, the Vitis tion of hydrogen peroxide cell lysis from 70 to 10 per vinifera seed extract is a cent,” said the researchers. rich source of antioxidants such as catechins and 2-5 Dr Sujata Bapat from INC, flavan-3-ols. the supplier of the extract, said: “The research shows The results of the new ex conclusively that Anthogenol vivo study, presented at resulted in greater last week’s 12th Annual than 85 per cent Meeting on Oxidants and protection of endoAntioxidants in Biology in thelial cells against Santa Barbara, California, show that endothelial cells, oxidative stress the cells that line the inner [and] provides antioxidant support walls of blood vessels, to the vascular grown in the presence of endothelial cells OPCs were more resistant whether present to oxidative stress due to intra- and extracelhydrogen peroxide. lularly.” Oxidative stress of endotheINC has previously lial cells can cause inflamsponsored research mation, hardening of the walls of the arteries (athero- that linked the antioxidant nature sclerosis), and cardiovasof Anthogenol to cular disease (CVD) - the cause of almost 50 per cent a wide range of health benefits, of deaths in Europe. including sparing The cells were grown in the vitamin C, reducing inflammation and allergy responspresence of varying doses es, and slowing the oxidative of OPCs for varying times, stress associated with aging. and afterwards washed and exposed to hydrogen peroxide, a strong oxidizing INC chairman, Bert Schwitters, told that the new reagent. search fitted in with decades of research performed in “A time- and dose-deFrance with Anthogenol’s pendent attenuation of

active compound. “This is another pearl in the string of scientific data that demonstrates the broad nutritional support.” said Schwitters. Most studies have shown a benefit of OPCs with doses in the range of 100 to 300 milligrams a day, with the recommending doses of 100 to 200 mg per day. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, a healthy diet should provide an adequate intake of OPCs.

concentrations within shark liver Source of squalene: The most abundant source of squalene is from the livers of deep sea sharks to be found at depths of as much as 1,500 metres. It occurs in Shark liver oils as the major component, comprising up to 85% of the oil. Several types of sharks live 3,000 feet under the sea. At this depth, sunlight and oxygen are almost nil. The Atmospheric pressure is intense and conditions are harsh. The ability of these sharks to survive under a hostile environment is due largely to the size and content of their liver which contains pure Squalene. It is Squalene which supplies much of the volume of oxygen needed in their bodies, providing strength and stamina.

Health Benefits 1. Squalene revitalizes weakened body cells and helps revive cell generation. The human body has about 6 billion oxygen reliant cells. Oxygenation promotes good health to the most basic level of life - the cell. 2. Squalene helps clean, purify, and detoxify the So come and try blood from toxins, facilitatRICA Grape Seed ing blood circulation. It cleanses the gastrointestinal for your health. For tract and kidneys, causing more information, better bowel movement and please call urination. Many diseases are cured if the blood is puRICA Customer rified, a condition Squalene Hotline : contributes to. 3. Squalene is good cholesterol that is Come and try RICA Ecolon – Sweet Fiber (The Best Choice for your Health)…Just 2 sticks made up of high of Ecolon – Sweet Fiber a day and keep your colon healthy and relieve your body from toxdensity lipid (HDL) ins and causing the development of hernias, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and …etc. which prevents For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847 the hardening of


blood vessels and deposition of cholesterol plaques. 4. Squalene prevents cell damage; it produces beautiful and healthy. It is linked with lipoproteins that later forms lipofuscin, an anti-aging substance. It also prevents the formation of harmful lipid peroxide which destroys various kinds of vitamins. 5. Squalene stimulates the metabolism of the body by supplying an abundance of oxygen to the tissues. The human cardiovascular systems are the heart and the blood vessels. It includes the pulmonary circulation, a “loop” through the lungs where blood is oxygenated; and the systemic circulation, a “loop” through the rest of the body to provide oxygenated blood. In today’s polluted environment, lack of exercise, and poor lifestyle, Squalene gives your body a beneficial source of oxygen. 6. Squalene generates Body Hormones Squalene naturally increases male potency and vitality through a better body. It also helps regulate the female menstrual cycle and improves irregular and abnormal cycles Other Actions: Squalene reduces various aches and pains; it helps body organs such as the kidneys, liver and gallbladder function properly; it helps digestive

system function properly by reducing gas troptosis conditions, helping to shrink hemorrhoids and curbing obesity. Acts as a relaxant giving added vigor and vitality without the hyper-activity associated with other food supplements. It generates hair; smoothens skin; exhibits a penetrating action with immediate effects on topical applications and it also helps prevent various kinds of diseases and speeds up the healing process in most conditions of ill health. What are side effects of taking squalene? Squalene is non-toxic, 100% natural and has no side effects. Its beneficial action is not limited to a particular organ. If any, initial reactions result from toxins being released from the body. How to test the authenticity of pure squalene? To test the authenticity of pure Squalene, you can place the deep-sea shark liver oil extract in the freezer. Even at low temperatures, it should not freeze, allowing the substance to flow freely into your system, pumping oxygen into the cells.

Maylyn de Leon, Nueva Vizcaya 16 years ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong. “Nabasa ko sa Kabayan STAR newspaper ang testimony ng isang gumamit ng RICA food supplements na naging okay ang kanyang karamdaman kaya ako nagpa konsulta at nagpa blood analysis na rin dahil sa aking karamdaman. Isang beses sa tatlong araw ako nagbabawas kaya hindi maganda ang aking pakiramdam, at lumalaki ang aking tiyan. 2 klase ng food supplement ang nirecommend sa akin ng Doctor at pinayuhan niya ako ng nararapat na diet na makakatulong sa aking karamdaman. Dahil gusto kong mapabuti bumili ako ng Chlorella dahil maganda raw ito sa cleansing. Bumili rin ako ng Ecolon Sweet Fiber na maganda raw para sa bloating. Nagsimula akong uminom ng 10 tablets na Chlorella Ai sa unang linggo, 15 tablets sa pangalawang linggo at 20 tablets araw-araw for 2 months hanggang ngayon. Sa Ecolon naman 1 stick ang iniinom ko sa isang araw. Masaya talaga ako dahil sa maiksing panahon ay malaki ang pagbabago sa aking katawan. Marami din ang mga malapit sa akin ang nakapansin na lumiit ang tiyan ko, nagkaroon ako ng shape at kuminis ang aking balat. Higit sa lahat ako ay nagpapasalamat dahil araw-araw na akong nagbabawas kaya wala na akong nararamdamang bloating sa aking tiyan.” Marylinda Oliva, 40 “Dahil sa aking ulcer, laging sumasakit ang aking sikmura kaya halos araw-araw ako sa Doctor. Lagi ko ring nararamdamang bloated ang aking tiyan dahil lagi akong constipated. Dahil hindi maganda ang aking digestive system nagkaroon ako ng problema sa aking pagbabawas. Ang sabi ng Doctor, kapag hindi daw regular ang pagdudumi hindi ito maganda sa katawan kaya bumili ako ng RICA Chlorella A1 na magandang cleansing ayon sa mga nabasa kong testimony ng users at RICA Ecolon Sweet Fiber na magandang panglinis ng colon. Laking tuwa ko talaga dahil napakalaki ng improvement na naramdaman ko, kahit ang pagsakit ng aking batok at balakang ay umigi.” Pauline Dimson Last month, may nabasa akong health news tungkol sa colon. Nabasa ko rin ang 2 testimony ng mga gumamit ng Ecolon Sweet Fiber ng RICA kaya nagkaroon ako ng interest na bumisita sa RICA Shop sa World Wide Shop dahil hindi ako nagbabawas araw-araw. Mabigat ang pakiramdam ko at hindi ako comfortable dahil dito, hindi rin talaga okay ang hindi everyday ang pagbabawas kaya kahit medyo may kamahalan ang sweet fiber bumili ako ng 1 box dahil gusto kong matry mismo kung okay siya talaga at gusto ko ring malinis ang aking tiyan. After na nakainom ako for 1 week may nakita na akong pagbabago, araw-araw na akong nagbabawas kaya magaan na ang aking pakiramdam. Dahil napatunayan ko mismo na maganda ang product ng RICA, after a week bumili din ako ng kanilang Royal Jelly dahil hindi ako masyadong nakakatulog at bumili din ako ng kanilang body cleansing na Chlorella A1 para itry din. After a week uli ng paggamit ko ng Royal at Chlorella A1 gumanda na ang tulog ko kaya bumili naman ako ng Sweet fiber para sa mother ko at ipinadala ko sa Pilipinas.






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What is a Black Bone Chicken? The New “Superfood” with black bones, meat and skin required by the human body. These factors and is considered a bantam or can increase blood miniature chicken. cells and hemoglobin. Abundant clinical exHistorically the chicken was perience has indicated eaten as a medicinal cure and that Taihe chicken has is said to have a positive effect a peculiar effectiveness on the yin, blood, lungs and in treating women’s stomach. The chicken is most commonly served as a part of a diseases, sterility, stew or soup cooked with other menoxenia (abnormal menstruation), haChinese medicinal herbs such bitual abortion, blood as wolfberries and ginseng. leucorrhoea, metrorThe taste of the black chicken is rhagia, and sickness after giving birth to thought by some to be sweeter than that of traditional chicken, offspring, and also aids in curing pulmonary while others claim they taste problems--tuberculosis no difference at all. The black The theory of “superfood” status chicken can be cooked is all the (TB), heart diseases, for the black chicken is related same fashions as the traditional neurasthenia (a condition of nervous debility to the bird’s high levels of antichicken, but some believe the oxidants. An anti-oxidant is a coarser texture of the meat leads supposed to be dependent upon impairment molecule that slows down the toward stewing of the black in the functions of the spinal oxidation of other chemicals chicken meat more frequently cord), and chidren’s osteomalacia in the human body. Although than other cooking methods. (a condition marked by softening oxidation is essential to human The black chicken is certainly life, antioxidants help to keep the new kid on the block in the of the bones). the process at a healthy level. “superfood” market. Its small The eggs of Taihe chickens can The specific antioxidant present size and unappealing looks be used effectively to treat severe in black chickens is carnosine. will undoubtedly deter some headaches, headaches after consumers from purchasing giving birth, faintness, asthma Carnosine is a substance found the product, but with plans to in high concentrations in the increase the size of the chicken and nephritis (acute or chronic inflammation of the kidney). The human brain and muscle tissues. through interbreeding, we will eggs are also an ideal nutritive, This substance holds many surely see this Chinese mediciespecially for old people and high antioxidant properties which are nal secret in mass distribution blood pressure victims, since the currently being studied for their in no time. cholesterol content is lower and positive effects in the fields of free amino acids are higher than auditory, speech skills, motor Modern Researches: that of other kinds of birds. development, and opthamolBlack-bone chicken contains ogy. The levels of carnosine in many kinds of amino acids (18 Properties: a black chicken are two times kinds of amino acids including Sweet in flavor, warm in nature, higher than those in traditional the 8 essential amino acids for chickens. Carnosine can also human body), vitamins B1, B2, it is related to the channels of the spleen and stomach. be found in turkey as well as B6, B12, C and E, niacin, prosupplements offered at vitamin tein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, Functions: shops and nutrition centers. iron, nicotinic acid, etc. A warm sensation starts from the middle region, benefits the Until recently the strange charLaboratory tests show that the spleen, nourishes qi and the acteristics of the black chicken Taihe chicken (the original blood, tonifies the kidneys and have rendered it unpopular black bone chicken) contains in European and American certain hormones, blue pigment semen, brings down heat of the deficiency type. cultures. The chicken is born and amino acids which are Chinese medicinal cures have been touted Mr. Anthony Wu founder of RICA for years International, as some holding Chinese of the best Medicine in The University of homeopathic Hong Kong. remedies ever created. As early as the 13th century, black chickens were reported in China, and have been used in Chinese medicine for well over 1,000 years. Recently popular in American cuisine, the black chicken is now considered a “superfood”.

Applications: Black-bone chicken is used for treatment of hectic fever, diabetes, lingering diarrhea due to hypofunction of the spleen, dysentery, metrorrhagia (profuse uterine bleeding especially between menstrual periods) and leukorrhagia (whitish discharge from the vagina resulting from inflammation or congestion of the mucous membrane.) It can also be used for the treatment of asthenic disease, soreness of waist, leg pain, etc. Come, Try and Feel the goodness of Blood Protein! (Made of pure black bone chicken, egg yolk of the black bone chicken and the bone marrow of the eel) It is AMAZING! It is available now at RICA International – The Best Choice for Your Health, for enquiry, please call Customer Hotline : 8208-8847.

Facial Masks for Your Skin Type

Malambot sa mukha ang facial mask na black soybean. Matagal na akong member ng RICA, marami na akong nasubukan at ginagamit na food supplements nila. Dahil alam kong RICA could be trusted, nag try din ako ng kanilang bagong product na facial mask. Marami silang ibat-ibang facial mask at ang ne recommend nila sa akin ay ang black soybean dahil maganda daw ito for skin metabolism at nagbibigay ng nutrients sa ating mukha. So, bumili ako ng isa at ginamit ko ng gabing iyon. Masarap gamitin dahil malamig siya sa mukha kaya narelax ang aking mukha. 20 minutes ko itong ginamit habang nakahiga at 5 minutes after kong tinanggal ang mask naramdaman kong malambot ang aking pisngi. Hindi natutuloy ang pimples ng dahil sa Q10 face mask ng RICA. Usually, pag may tumutubong pimples sa aking mukha tumatagal siya ng mga 3 days. Pero one time na pumasyal ako sa RICA may nakasabay akong isang customer nila na bumili ng kanilang face mask. Narinig kong kinukuwento nya sa kanyang kasama na second time na daw niyang bili at maganda daw ito at nag dry ang kanyang mga pimples. Dahil may tumutubong pimples sa aking pisngi noong araw na iyon bumili ako ng isang face mask at ginamit ko bago ako matulog. Hindi lang nya pinadry ang pimples sa aking pisngi kundi na feel kong na relax din ang aking mukha. Kaya gumagamit na ako ng 2 mask every week!

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Omega-3s could improve metabolic Why is Calcium syndrome outcomes important to our body? By Nathan Gray Related topics: Omega-3, Research, Nutritional lipids and oils, Cardiovascular health, Diabetes, Weight management Omega-3-rich supplements may improve blood lipid levels of people with metabolic syndrome, reducing the risks of developing serious health problems, says a new study. The research, published in The Journal of Nutrition, suggests that the effects of metabolic syndrome – a major risk factor for insulin resistance and diabetes - can be reduced through the addition of omega-3 fatty acids in low-fat, high-complex carbohydrate diets.

carbohydrates. However, previous research has suggested that this diet does not help to reduce high levels of blood lipids - with some studies observing such a diet could even be raising blood lipid levels.

Is calcium mainly for bones? Calcium’s usage is known to everybody as “for the bones.” It is true! It is great for bones, so it plays an important part in the health of our muscles and keeps our nerves working properly. However, in fact calcium does many things for the body. It also helps our blood clot and keeps our heart functioning well. When a person does not get enough calcium, their body begins taking it from their bones. This is why so many people are at risk for such diseases as osteoporosis.

Positive effects The new study looked into the effects of four different diet combinations on blood lipid metabolism, in 117 patients with metabolic syndrome.

In accordance with previous suggestions, the researchers found that a low-fat, highcomplex carbohydrate diet “Fish oil supplements correct many had “several detrimental efmetabolic alterations associated with fects”, including significantly insulin resistance, including reduced increasing total triglyceride postprandial plasma triglyceride con- levels, and triglyceride rich centration” stated the researchers, lipoprotein cholesterol levels. led by Jose Lopez-Miranda from the University of Cordoba, Spain. In contrast, intake of the same diet supplemented with omega-3 Risk factors was found to have no effects on blood lipid levels, with researchMetabolic syndrome is the name ers observing that a diet rich in given to a group of risk factors that monounsaturated fats, or a low-fat frequently include obesity, hyperten- diet rich in complex carbohydrates sion, high levels of blood lipids, and and omega-3 fatty acids, resulted in high blood sugars. lower circulating blood lipid levels than a diet rich in high saturated The condition is a common precurfats or a diet low in fats and high in sor to type II diabetes, and is also complex carbohydrates. strongly associated with increased risk of major health problems such The data from the study suggest a as heart disease and stroke. place for higher omega-3 intake in people with metabolic syndrome, The causes of metabolic syndrome and supports previous research that are unknown, although they are suggests monounsaturated fatty thought to involve both genetic and acids can have a positive effect on environmental factors – including blood lipid levels. poor diet. “The long-term effect of the low-fat, One way to increase the overall high-complex carbohydrate diet, health – and reduce the risks - of pre vs. post intervention phases, people with metabolic syndrome, showed several beneficial effects of has been to eat a diet low in long chain omega-3 supplementasaturated fat and high in complex tion,” stated the researchers.

calcium intake and start building stronger bones. But, if you’ve passed this age, all is not lost. You may have missed the opportunity to build bone mass, but it is never too late to prevent more bone loss. (Nikki Tierney, a registered dietician in private practice in Quincy, Massachusetts)

When do we need to start taking calcium? “Our data suggest that long-term intake of an isocaloric, low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet supplemented with long chain omega-3 … have beneficial effects on postprandial lipoprotein response in patients with metabolic syndrome,”

Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding need calcium to help the baby grow. Children need calcium in order for their bones to develop propSource: The Journal of Nutrition erly. Therefore, a Published online ahead of print, child must continue doi:10.3945/jn.109.120816 “A Low-Fat, High-Complex Carbohy- obtaining calcium in drate Diet Supplemented with Long- his/her diet through eating the recomChain (n-3) Fatty Acids Alters the mended allowance of Postprandial Lipoprotein Profile in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome” dairy product, eating greens and making Authors: Y. Jimenez-Gomez, C. healthy choices by Marin, P. Perez-Martinez, et al eating foods that are high in calcium.

So come and try RICA Omega 3 for your health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847

What if you did not intake enough food with calcium when you were a child? Your body will lay down bone mass until your early 30s, so if you are in your teens or 20s, you have time to reverse the years of inadequate

What food/food supplement you may need to reverse the years of inadequate calcium intake? Women who are 19 to 50 years old need 1,000 mg of calcium per day; those 51 or older need 1,200 mg per day. “You absorb calcium best from food sources, so be sure to include these in your diet,” she says. “The easiest way to get your calcium is to get three servings of milk or yogurt each day. If you are looking to add in a supplement, get something with 500 to 1,000 mg, such as calcium chews.” In addition to dairy, you can get your calcium from the following sources: ½ cup firm tofu (204 mg), 3 oz canned salmon (181 mg), 1 cup pinto beans (103 mg) or 1 cup cooked kale (94 mg).

So come and try RICA Liquid Calcium for your health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847

Bone cancer threatens girl’s dream Faith Hutchinson, 8 years old, who is being confined due to severe pains from bone cancer, is anxious to return to school. According to an article, she wants to continue her studies in pursuit of her dream to become a doctor; and she wants to protect her younger brother from bullies. “You have some children there who are always troubling him and I want to be there so they will leave him alone,” she said catching her breath between sentences. The paper has reported that Faith is a bright and active grade two student of the Victoria Primary School in Linstead. But on May 17 she fell and hit her leg while playing at the

school that had changed her life. Because there were no obvious injuries from the incident, Faith’s mother, 32-year-old Georgette Brewster, didn’t bother to take her to a doctor for examination. That decision, however,

Rosalyn Navarro “Gumamit ako ng RICA food supplements dahil sa aking mga karamdaman. Noong una akong lumapit sa RICA, ang aking concern ay ang aking leeg na laging napapansing may goiter at nararamdaman ko ring may nakabara. Subalit noong nagpaconsult ako sa Doctor ng RICA napansin niya ang aking mga kuko na nangingitim, sinabihan niya akong sign daw ito ng liver problem. Napansin din niya ang aking mga mata na yellowish at maraming ugat na lumilitaw kaya Chlorella A1 at Bilberry ang kanyang ipinayong gagamitin ko. Pagkatapos kong uminom ng 3 bottles na Bilberry ng RICA lumilinaw ang aking paningin, hindi na bastang lumuluha at hindi na rin masyadong mahapdi.” Delia 20 years ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong. “Dahil may edad na rin ako lumalabo na ang aking paningin. Lalo pang lumabo dahil na rin sa aking pagpupuyat sa pagbabasa ng mga pocket books. Very dry at namumula lagi ang aking mga mata kaya nag try akong gumamit ng RICA Bilberry. After na naubos ko ang 1 bottle naramdaman ko na medyo guminhawa ang aking mga mata.”

proved unwise two weeks later when the child started to limp and began to complain about a pain in her leg. It was then that she was taken to the doctor and, following a series of tests, it was diagnosed that she had been living with bone cancer, or osteogenic sarcoma of the lower limb. “In layman terms, it is basically a bone cancer. It starts in the bone and is very aggressive, meaning it spreads through the body rapidly,” said a member of Faith’s medical team at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), in a brief interview on Tuesday. “It started in her lower limbs and after tests, it was discovered to have affected bones in her spine, thus making her lower limbs weak and affected her ability to walk,” said the doctor, adding that the disease may have spread to other sections of her body through her blood. According to a letter from Dr Orville Samuels, another member of Faith’s medical team at the hospital, the disease has also affected organs in her chest and abdomen. He said treatment of her condition will involve the administration of chemotherapy. Faith has received three of nine treatments of chemotherapy already, but the cost for the medication is taking a heavy toll on Brewster, the mother of four, and her family.

So come and try RICA Bilberry for your health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847




Jolie’s visit; hope James or Peter, to drive money to replace Piers Morgan? The 35 year old American movie star Angelina Jolie visited flood victims in northwestern Pakistan and appealed to the international community to provide aid needed to help the country recover from its worst-ever flood. The Hollywood star and roving envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, spent time talking to long-term Afghan refugees, Pakistani communities and aid workers in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunwa province. “I am very moved by them and I hope that I am able to, today and tomorrow, be able to do something to help bring attention to the situation for all of the people in need in Pakistan,” Jolie told reporters after visiting a refugee camp in the Jalozai area. She toured the area wearing a long black robe and a black headscarf adorned with a thin red stripe — the kind of conservative clothing worn by many Muslim women in Pakistan.

than 1,700 people. Another 17 million have been affected by the floods, and many will need emergency assistance to survive. Jolie released a video message appealing for greater public support for Pakistan’s relief efforts, and she has herself donated 100,000 dollars to the flood appeal. “It is extraordinarily

Morgan is reportedly set to leave his judging role on the series after being announced as Larry’s King’s replacement on his late night CNN talk show. British actor and TV presenter James Corden is tipped to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” if he decides to quit. Show presenter Stephen Mulhern has also revealed that comedian Peter Kay has chances of joining Amanda Holden and Simon on the judging panel. Simon thinks that James has the charisma and

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Morgan signed a contract worth $8.4 million to take over from Larry this week and afterwards admitted it was unlikely he would be

Actress Penelope Cruz is pregnant PENELOPE Cruz has revealed she is pregnant with her first child with husband Javier Bardem. The 36-year-old beauty released a statement through her spokesperson, after being photographed recently with a “baby bump” on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides It was revealed she is fourand-a-half months pregnant. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz in film Cruz has been notoriously Vicky Cristina Barcelona Picture private about her life, maradopt about 20 children - that’s been rying 41-year-old Javier in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas my dream since I was a little girl. I want to have my own kids, but also in early July. adopt. For a while I’ve had the feelShe previously said she wanted ing that my life won’t be complete if to have her own children and I don’t adopt,” she said. also adopt. “I think I would be a perfect mother. “I’d love to have kids. Maybe I’ll I love babies.”

Sandra Bullock tops Highest Paid Actresses 2010 Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock leads the 2010 highest-paid actress list, a magazine wrote.

complex situation, it’s not just the floods,” said Jolie, referring to the 1.7 million Afghan refugees already living in temporary camps in the northwest.

The UNHCR is providing relief aid including shelter materials to those displaced The floods began in the by the disaster, which has northwest at the end of killed 1,760 people by the July after extremely heavy official toll. monsoon rains and slowly It was Jolie’s fourth visit to surged south along the Pakistan since she became Indus River, swallowing up a UNHCR goodwill ambashundreds of villages and sador in 2001. towns and killing more

humor to carry the panel, a able to continue to appear paper said. on “Britain’s Got Talent” and He also believed that Peter “America’s Got Talent” as well. would be fantastic. “The show is about all types of entertainers and someone Speaking about his future on the two talent shows, he like him on the judging panel would really spice it said: “Obviously some things are going to have to give.” up,” he said.

The 46 years old star has been named Hollywood’s best-paid actress by Forbes, the magazine that puts the list together on an annual basis. Topping the other A actress, she is estimated to have earned about $56 million

from June 2009 to June 2010. Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz tied for the No. 2 spot; both are making $32 million. Though Witherspoon has not been on screen since 2008, she received advance paychecks for upcoming films, “How Do You Know” and “Water for Elephants”, the article said. Jennifer Aniston came in at fourth place with $27 million, and “star Sarah Jessica Parker was No. 5 at $25 million.

Toni Gonzaga confirms rift with Mariel Rodriguez Although she didn’t say it directly, Toni Gonzaga’s statements clearly send the message that she has a rift with Mariel Rodriguez, who has been her co-host in shows like Entertainment Live and Pinoy Big Brother. While Toni did not want to specify what caused the problem, she emphasized that she does not want to have anything to do with any issues that involve Mariel. “Alam naman siguro niya ‘yung ginawa niya sa mga nangyari. Ayoko ko nang i-elaborate, basta bahala na lang sila kung idi-deny o iko-confirm. Basta ako ang importante sa akin, marunong akong magpahalaga ng mga tao sa buhay ko,” she said. Toni stressed that what upset her has nothing to do with the cancellation of her supposed movie with Robin Padilla, Mariel’s current boyfriend. There have been claims that Toni’s film with the action superstar was shelved because it conflicted with Robin’s upcoming project with girlfriend Mariel. “Wala na akong kinalaman... actually harsh mang pakinggan, pero wala na kong pakialam do’n [sa movie],”

said the singer. She stressed that her gap with Mariel has nothing to do with work. She related that she once talked to Mariel to clarify some things and that was the last time they communicated with each other. Toni also did not indicate when this took place. “Civil lang naman ako lagi. Inaayos ko lang, tinatama ko lang kung ano ‘yung mga narinig,” she said. When the press people pressed her to reveal the real reason of her estrangement with Mariel, Toni replied, “Basta ako ayoko na ‘pag tungkol sa mga isyu na ‘yon, tungkol sa kanila, ayoko na, paso na ako. Parang ayoko, ayoko talaga… Wala namang selos-selos. Mas malalim ‘yung sa akin kaya ayoko na lang ding i-share kasi lalaki pa. Sabihin pa dinadamay or ano kasi andali-dali din naman ding i-deny ang mga bagay-bagay so huwag na lang.” Without going into details, Toni explained that she found out certain things were being said about her and asked for a director-friend’s help

to find out the source of these reports. “May mga nadiskubre, actually laking pasasalamat ko nga na dahil sa isang proyektong hindi natuloy may mga nadiskubre ako na mga bagay-bagay na nakapagpa-realize sa akin kung sino ‘yung mga totoong tao sa buhay ko,” she said. “Ginamit siguro ni Lord din na way ‘yon na ma-realize ko kung sino ‘yung dapat kong pagkatiwalaan.” She added that only time can tell if there could be a reconciliation between her and Mariel.

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Will the Claudine Barretto- Angel Locsin speaks up Angelica Panganiban rift on rumored financial problems end in a libel suit?

Patuloy ang paginit pa ng iringan sa pagitan nina Claudine Barretto at Angelica Panganiban.

Kamakailan ay napabalitang balak magsampa ng kaso ni Claudine laban kay Angelica dahil sa diumano’y mapanirang akusasyon ng huli laban sa kanya hinggil sa kanyang personal na buhay. Kamakailan din ay nagsalita na rin ang Star Magic founder na si Direk Johnny Manahan o mas kilala bilang Mr. M. na nagsilbi ring tatay-tatayan ng dalawang aktres. Iniulat sa The Buzz na kahit pa man lumipat na si Claudine sa GMA-7 ay itinuring pa ring kabahagi siya ng Star Magic pero nagbago ito nang ayaw na raw niyang makinig sa mungkahi ng ABS-CBN artist management arm na itigil na ang paninira at pakikipag-away kay Angelica nang walang dahilan.

umano ni Angelica na hindi magsalita para sa kapakanan ni Claudine. Sa text message ni Mr. M ay sinabing makasisira daw umano ang sasabihin ni Angelica sa career ni Claudine kaya nagmamalasakit ito pero hindi raw matatanggap ng aktres ang mga kasiraan sa kanya. Hinamon din ni Mr. M si Claudine na ituloy ang balak nitong magdemanda pero handa raw silang lumaban. Naglabas na rin ng official statement ang kampo ni Angelica sa pamamagitan ng legal counsel nito na si Atty. Joji Alonso. Narito ang kabuuan ng nasabing pahayag.

“Angelica has been advised to maintain her silence. There is no need for her to say anything, more so, in reaction to what has been said, she has not done anySinabi pa ni Mr. M na pinipili pa thing wrong, much less, maligned Claudine. On the conMs. Ninfa Ramores, 59 trary, it is Angelica who is being Ate Ninfa has been working in Hong maligned by these unfounded Kong for almost 20 years. Katulad ng mga ibang kababayan nating tumagal accusations. “Neither is there a need to na sa Hong Kong, madali na siyang dignify this incident by saying mapagod pagkatapos ng isang araw something more than what has na pagtrabaho sa bahay ng kanyang already been said. It is hoped amo. Maraming lumabas na iba’tthat with this statement this isibang karamdaman katulad ng pansue comes to an end. Whatever anakit ng likod, paa at mga muscles more is said against Angelica kaya nagtry si ate Ninfa ng mga food shall be a cause for the filing of supplements. “Nagtry ako ng mga food supplements kaya lang medyo hindi pa rin ako comfortable kaya ako the appropriate civil and criminagtry ng RICA. RICA Chlorella A1 at Bio Young Amino nal cases.” Patuloy naman umano ang pakiAcid Complex ang nirecommend sa akin and naguskipag-ugnayan ng Star Magic sa tuhan ko kasi I feel energetic again. So kahit na may kamahalan ipinagpapatuloy ko ang paggamit nito, Ms. kampo ni Claudine para maayos ang isyu. Ramores said.

Angel Locsin denies the rumors that she’s on the verge of bankruptcy. The Kapamilya star doesn’t know where the rumor that she’s experiencing difficulties financially is coming from especially that she’s not the type to talk about money matters to other people. “Never naman ako nagkwento about sa money. Pero masasabi ko hindi naman ako naghihirap.” She stresses that the issue couldn’t be possible with the properties that she keeps acquiring. “Meron akong pinapagawang dalawang bahay, may binili akong bus.” Angel, however, just lets the issue pass for she’s very excited about her projects. She’s filming a movie with Aga Muhlach and Director Olivia

Lamasan under Star Cinema. Angel shares her gratitude for the opportunity to work with them, “Masaya ako na nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makatrabaho si Inang talaga. Plus si Kuya Aga, napakabait talaga. Andami kong natututunan.”

Angel also can’t wait for her new show with talented actor John Lloyd Cruz whom she only has positive words to say. “Iba yung dedica-

tion nya. Masasabi kong s’ya yung pinakamagaling sa generation talaga namin.”

It’s been quite a well since the fans saw her on a regular TV show, which probably fuels the rumors all the more. But Angel says that her projects are worth the wait. “ABS-CBN kasi, puro mga quality projects talaga ang ginagawa nila. So yun ang iniisip ko na at least, hindi ako magsisisi.” Angel also reiterates, “Hindi ako nagyayabang or ano. Hindi ako mayaman pero kahit mawala naman ako sa showbiz, I’m ok.”

Padilla’s revelation of Muslim wedding not Ibaloi’s After a fake “Ibaloi wedding” in Camp 7, Tuba Benguet, Robin Padilla finally revealed that he actually tied the knot with Mariel Rodriguez during their trip to India last month. “Ako po ay maligayang-maligaya na ibalita sa inyo na isang buwan na kaming kasal ni Mariel Rodriguez. Ang kasal po na ‘yan ay nangyari sa India, sa Taj Mahal, August 19 po kami kinasal, at ‘yan po ang katotohanan,” he said in an exclusive interview with Tina Monzon Palma at ANC’s The World Tonight. Robin also confirmed that they had a Muslim wedding in honor of his religion. “Religious wedding po ito magkakaro’n din kami ng papel na sinasabi ng imam (a Muslim spiritual leader) na kami ay kanyang ikinasal.” Jimmy Ong, an Ibaloi mambunong or native priest who thought the “Ibaloi wedding” of

Robin and Mariel was real is disappointed for misleading the people.

But Mariel explained that Robin just wanted to introduce her to his relatives, the Carino side. “They wanted to show me a little culture, ‘yun talaga ‘yun. May war dance na naganap... Meron po bang kasal na may war dance?” a paper quoted Mariel as saying. Actress-TV host Mariel Rodriguez said she will marry action star Robin Padilla again in Catholic wedding rites. In an interview with “Showbiz News Ngayon” (SNN), Rodriguez, who already married Padilla last month in India, announced they will have their second marriage in the country for their families and friends. “Yes, of course, we are going to invite everyone in the

Catholic blessing. That’s why we always say na when the right time comes, we will talk,” said Rodriguez who cleared that she’s still a Catholic.





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a + b = 3 Ltd Financial Literacy - Because money is more than adding up figures

FINANCIAL LITERACY – IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS CASH often a long period of time between the moment you have to pay for buying the raw product or components and the moment customers bers, your business will buy and pay you. Manproject looked good: you aging inventory is not easy, buy the umbrellas in bulk it requires experience to find at $5 and sell them at $15. the right balance or level There are plenty of rainy of inventory: enough to be days where you live and able to sell to any customer your shop is right in front who wants to buy, but not of the bus station. People too much to avoid having keep losing or forgetting too much cash “blocked” in their umbrellas, so you unsold inventory on your can easily sell a couple of shelves. hundreds in a month. $15 minus $5 = $10 of margin Keep track of your invenby umbrella multiplied by tory: how many items you 200, that makes $2,000 have, how long it takes you of margin by month. You to sell them, where they rent your shop $500, that are. Compare suppliers. Get still leaves plenty of profit to know your customers’ ($2,000 - $500 = $1,500). habits, and try to forecast So how come your busihow much they will sell, ness is running out of especially if your sales are cash? very seasonal. Don’t get too many different items: the Profit is not cash… first of more you have, the harder it all because profit and cash is to manage their invencan have different timing. tory. And remember most of Profit is the difference your customers are going to between your sales and buy your main 2 or 3 referyour expenses. But selling ences and the other ones and buying don’t neces– which don’t sell so well sarily imply an immediate - are going to get dustier and cash movement. Let’s take dustier over your shelves. If the umbrellas example: you sell perishable prodas a shop, you buy your ucts, make sure you sell the products from a wholesal- ones you bought first, to er, most probably in bulk, avoid spoiling out of date to get them at a better products - which would be a price. But this means you 100% loss in profit and cash have to pay cash for these altogether. umbrellas now and you Inventory is not the only will only sell them (so get way to manage your cash: cash in) later in the week payment delays are another or the month. Inventory one. Depending on your “consumes” cash. industry habits, you may get some flexibility in paying How can you optimise your supplier. Keep track your inventory? It depends and if there is negotiation, on the product life first: check what trade-off is best for products with a very for your business financials: short shelf life, like fresh higher price but delayed food, the different timing payment, or better price between cash and profit but immediate cash. In any is not too big, because case, track your debts and you keep buying products plan when and how you are every day that you sell able to pay back. within a few days. But for products which take time Customers too may want to sell, or which involve credit. Be cautious and manufacturing (hand craft check the practice in your for example), there is industry. Note down any When you look at the num-

credit you give (with whom, how much, when,…) and don’t hesitate to dun customers that don’t pay you in time: you need this cash to run your business and it also helps you build your reputation (no credit). Your business is not a charity… selling without getting cash doesn’t bring much needed cash in your business. Your cash/profit mismatch may also come from other items which are not recorded as expenses in accounting, like a deposit you pay for renting your shop (you only include the monthly rent in your monthly profit calculation and not the three months paid in advance, for instance), or a computer you buy (it is an asset, only the “depreciation” e.g. how much you have “used “ it- will be counted as an expense. Another very important rule to manage cash is to keep your personal cash and your business cash separate, even if that means carrying two different wallets with a clear label on them. To run your business, you need cash as much man needs water – so don’t mix it up with your own personal money in order to avoid “leaks”. That will also help you to know what your business cash situation is almost immediately. Cash is very delicate- so keep a very close eye on it! Enrich, our not-for-profit partner in Hong Kong, regularly runs courses on personal finance and business in English, Tagalog and Bahasa. Contact Enrich at http:// T: 6258 5265, email: info@

Kayo ba ay mahilig mag-shortcut? Umaga ng Martes, dalawang bus ang nagbanggaan sa Des Voeux Road malapit ng Li Yuen Street East eskinitang papasok sa first alley-alley.

Walang pedestrian ang nasagi ng nagbungguang bus subalit binibigyan namin kayong lahat ng babala Nasugatan ang driver at na mag-ingat anim (6) na passengers sapagkat ang ng City bus ang isinugod parteng ito ay agad ng ambulansya sa paboritong ospital dahil sa natamo tawiran ng nilang slight injuries. marami nating kababayan lalo na sa araw ng linggo kung saan karamihang mga OFWs ay lumalabas para sa kanilang day off. Iwasan ang pagtawid sa bawal na tawiran lalo na kung kayo ay may hilang bagahe o anumang trolley. Iwasan lalo na kung may kasamang bata kahit na ito ay mahigit 10 taon. Mas mabuti na inyong piliing tumawid sa tamang tawiran at hintayin ang go signal bago tumawid for safety reasons. Rafael is 8 years old, umiinom siya ng Chlorella Ai na best seller ng RICA International Food Supplements. His mom, Ms. Rowena Madayag has been working in Hong Kong and just like any mothers in Hong Kong dahil malayo sa pamilya worried siya sa anak na si Rafael na lagging matamlay at ayaw magaral. Bilang ina nag search siya kung ano ang best na bibilhin niyang para sa anak. Nabasa niya ang tungkol sa Chlorella Ai food supplement at ang bisa nito kaya bumisita siya sa RICA Shop 107 WWH. Pagkatapos inumin ni Rafael ang unang dalawang boxes na ipinadala ng mommy niya ibinalita naman ng kanyang papa na lumakas kumain ito at sumigla, hindi lang poi yon. Dahil tamad mag-aral mababa lagi ang score sa test, ngunit lately mataas ang resulta ng kanyang exams at pinagalitan ng kanyang papa noong nakita ang result ng kanyang test dahil pinagbintangan niya itong nangopya. Subalit na confirm naman ng kanyang teacher na it was his own effort.

Rafael Madayag, Chlorella Ai

“Maria Chlowella” is named after the food supplement of RICA International Ltd. “Chlorella A1”. Ang mommy ni Chlowella ay diabetic and she was taking insulin before pregnancy. Dahil sa kanyang diabetes naantala ang plano niya at ng daddy ni Chlowella na magkaroon ng baby. Alam nila pareho na magiging delikado sa health ng mother at ng baby pag siya ay nabuntis sa di tamang panahon kaya siya nag medication. Ang tita ni Chlowella ay matagal ng nagtatrabaho dito sa Hong Kong. Member siya ng RICA International Ltd at matagal na siyang gumagamit ng RICA food supplements. After na sinabihan siya tungkol sa health condition ng kanyang kapatid, nagpadala siya agad ng Chlorella Ai sa kanyang kapatid at ipinainom niya

ito sa kanya. Dahil nasubukan na niya ang RICA products may tiwala siya na mapapabuti nito ang karamdaman ng kanyang kapatid. “Anim na buwan na uminom ang kapatid ko ng Chlorella Ai at natutuwa kami at nagpapasalamat dahil napakalaki ang naitulong nito sa kapatid ko, una – naging okay ang kalagayan ng aking kapatid. Pangalawa – nagkaroon sila ng baby na malusog…..kaya salamat ng marami sa RICA!

Imelda Magaoay Para kay Imelda, ang kanyang kalusugan ay napakahalagang bagay na dapat niyang pagtuunang pansin habang nagtatrabaho sa malayong lugar. Kailangan daw niyang pangalagaan ang kanyang kalusugan dahil ito ay kanyang investment bilang OFW at dahil naniniwala din siya sa kasabihang “health is wealth”. “After ng operation ko dahil sa cyst sa aking ovary, may naramdaman akong sakit at kirot na reason kung bakit nagkaroon ako ng konting pag-aalala para sa aking kalusugan. Kasama ko ang aking kaibigan, bumisita kami sa RICA at pinayuhan akong gumamit ng Chlorella Ai dahil ito daw ay maganda para sa fast healing ng sugat. Pitong buwan na akong gumagamit ng kanilang produkto hindi dahil hindi pa ako okay kundi; kapag gumagamit ako nito hindi ako madaling mapagod at masigla ang katawan ko.”

Helen, 61 years old, 31 years na sa Hong Kong Dating napakataas ang kanyang blood pressure kaya siya gumamit ng mga food supplements ng RICA International Ltd. “Mataas ang aking blood pressure noon at madali akong mapagod kaya noong sinabihan ako ng aking kaibigan na e try ang food supplements ng RICA International hindi ako nagdalawang isip na pumasyal sa kanilang shop at nirecommend sa akin ang Omega 3 and Chlorella Ai para sa aking high blood pressure at Royal Jelly naman para hindi ako madaling mapagod.” Sa pitong taon na niyang pag-inom ng food supplements ng RICA natutuwa sya dahil malakas at energetic pa rin siyang nagtatrabaho kahit na 31 years na syang nagtatrababo bilang domestic helper. “Kahit na 61 years old na ako kaya ko pa rin ang trabaho ko”, she said. Noong hindi pa siya gumagamit ng food supplements madaling mapagod ang kanyang mga paa sa pagtayo.

Joanna Marie A. Somera 11 years old Matagal na member ng RICA at user ng RICA products ang kanyang mother na matagal ng nagtatrabaho dito sa Hong Kong. Bumili ng Chlorella Ai ang kanyang nanay para kay Joanna ng malaman niyang may bukol sa suso ito at nagluluha ang kanyang mga mata. Ang sabi daw ng duktor may allergy siya sa kanyang mga mata. Bilang mother na nakasubok na ng RICA products, hindi siya nagdalawang isip na padalhan ang kanyang anak ng Chlorella Ai upang masubukan din nito. Pagkatapos ng ilang linggong paggamit ni Joanna ng RICA Chlorella Ai natuwa ang kanyang nanay dahil sa malaking pagbabago ng kanyang karamdaman at sumigla pa siya, dahil dito nabawasan ang pag-alala ng kanyang nanay para sa kanyang anak.


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Destiny... Sa Likod Ng Mga Pangarap 3 Nakakapagsimba din si Jonna ni Jonna kung gaano kabilis tuwing araw ng Linggo at na lumipas ang mga araw off niya. Isinama kasi siya at buwan. Naka-isang taon minsan ni ate Joy sa St. na pala siya sa HongKong. Joseph, kaya kahit siya lang Marami-rami na rin siyang mag-isa ay derecho na siya naging mga kaibigan at doon pag labas niya kakilala. Mayroon mula sa building pang mga dating ka nila dahil walking schoolmates niya distance lamang noon sa college na ito sapagkat nasa hindi sinasadyang Med Levels lamang nakakasalubong ang bahay ng amo niya sa daan pag niya. Pagkatapos araw ng holiday magsimba ay saka pa niya. lamang siya tutuloy Maliit lang talaga sa pwesto nina ate ang HongKong, NOVEL wRITER Joy sa may tulay ng kaya hindi Erna Velado IFC. maiwasang makikita mo ang dating Noong unang araw ng off kakilala. Hindi naman siya niya ay nagulat pa siya sa siya nakakaramdam ng dami ng mga Filipina na homesickness o boredom, dahil kanya-kanyang pwesto at paminsan-minsan ay isinasama latag ng mga”cartoons at siya ng mga kaibigan na newspapers” sa gilid ng tulay manood if ever may mga para gawing pahingahan sa dumarating na mga Filipino buong maghapon. Ibat’tartists na magpeperform dito. ibang klase ng ingay ang Nag-eenjoy din naman siya kanyang naririnig dahil iba’t- kaya okey lang sa kanya. iba ang mga salita ng bawat isa. Walang nagbago sa relasyon “Ganito pala dito sa niya sa mga amo. Hindi pa HongKong, halos nandito madamot ang mga ito sa na yata ang lahat ng tao sa kanya. Sa katunayan, noong Pilipinas.” Nausal niya noon. Chinese New Year ay halos Halos hindi na namalayan kalahati na ng sahod niya ang

natanggap niyang “laisie” mula sa mga ito at iba pang mga kapamilya ng mga ito.. Noong pasko naman ay may regalo din ang mga ito para sa kanya. At sa tuwing may biyaya siyang natatanggap ay masaya niyang ibinabalita sa mga kaanak sa Pilipinas. Malaki-laki na rin naman ang kanyang naiipon, dahil hindi naman kalakihan ang ipinapadala niyang pera sa nanay at tatay niya dahil ayaw din ng mga ito na umasa sa kanya. “Kulang pa rin itong laman ng passbook ko na pang umpisa sa school building na pangarap ko. Kailangan ko pa ring tumagal pa rito para mabuo ang mga pangarap ko.” Hinding-hindi kinakalimutan ni Jonna kung ano ang tunay na hangarin niya kung bakit siya nagtitiis na mapalayo sa kanyang pamilya. Ang tanging ang konsolasyon lamang niya, ay kahit papaano, mababait ang mga amo niya. Ni hindi niya naramdaman na minaltrato siya ng mga ito. Itutuloy...

OFW’s of the Month “Makakayanan ang pagtitiis kung ang inspirasyon ay pagmamahal sa anak” Eighteen years ago, iniwan ni ate Edna Macatiguib ang kanyang nag-iisang anak sa Pilipinas para magtrabaho dito sa Hong Kong.

aybayan. Para lang kaming magkapatid kung nag-uusap.” Bilang mother na napalayo sa kanyang anak, nalulungkot siya ngunit ang kanyang pagmamahal sa anak ang naging inspirasyon niya upang tiisin ang hirap na kanyang naranasan sa mga taon na nagdaan.

Ang naging amo niya ay nakatira sa isang residential house ng Shouson Hill, Deep Water Bay. She worked with her cousin na naunang nagtrabaho sa kanilang amo at ayon kay Edna naging maganda ang kanilang pagtutulungan. “Dahil nauna siya sa akin, nakinig ako sa mga itinuro niya sa akin,” Edna answered when asked if she has difficulty working with her companion. Ms. Macatiguib, a single parent, has been working for 18 years with one employer. Her child is already 19 years old, and as a mother natutuwa siya dahil mabait at ma-

“I think karamihang mga amo talaga ay perfectionist, naranasan ko din yan. Yong…para sa kanya lahat na nagawa ko ay mali. Apat (4) na kotse ang nililinis ko at marami pa, walang katapusang trabaho. sunurin ang kanyang anak na pinalaki at inalagaan ng lola. “Nag-iisa ang aking anak and I’m proud that he is not spoiled, he is simple.

Ngunit lahat ng ito ay para sa future ng anak ko dahil ako na ang tumayong tatay at nanay niya sa tulong ng lola,” she said.

Lagi ko siyang tinatawagan upang iparamdam ang aking pagmamahal sa kanya, pinapaalalahanan at sinusub-

Ate Edna, 55, is very grateful of God’s guidance and she hopes na matatapos ang kanyang anak na nasa 3rd year ng Civil Engineering.

Marissa Punzal Matagal ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong si Ate Marissa, noong unang mga taon niya sa kanyang employer siya ay masigla. Ngayong nagkakaedad na siya, nararamdaman niyang madali na siyang mapagod, lagi siyang hinihingal, at hindi makatulog sa gabi. “Marami na akong nasubukan na iba’t-ibang food supplement at nabisitang duktor subalit hindi pa rin ako makatulog, mataas ang aking cholesterol at lagi pa rin akong nanghihina. Kaya noong isang araw, ilang buwan na ang nakakaraan, nasabi ko sa aking sarili na susubukan ko rin ang RICA products. Bumisita ako sa kanila at pinayuhan nila akong gumamit ng Chlorella Ai na maganda for cleansing, Omega 3 nila na pang reduce din ng cholesterol at RICA Royal Jelly din na makakatulong daw sa aking pagtulog. Noong unang linggo ng aking pag-inom ng mga binili kong RICA products, lagi akong tumatawag sa RICA hotline at kinukulit sila dahil may naramdaman akong pagkahilo at hindi pa ako masyadong nakakatulog. Pinayuhan nila akong ubusin ang mga nabili ko at may mararamdaman daw akong pagbabago at least sa pangatlong linggo. Naisip ko na wala namang masama kung subukan ko kaya ipinagpatuloy kong ininum ang mga produktong binili ko. Sa ngayon ang ipinagpapatuloy kong iniinom ay ang Royal Jelly at Omega 3. Natutuwa ako dahil nakakalakad na ako ng diretso, hindi na ako hinihingal tulad ng dati at nakakatulog na rin ng maayos kaya nagpapasalamat ako ng marami sa RICA.” Teresita Garbo “Dahil sa nagkakaedad na ako, medyo may mga lumalabas ng mga masasakit sa aking mga katawan lalong lalo na ang aking mga paa. Sa palagay ko arthritis na rin ito at dahil siguro sa matagal na pagtayo araw-araw. May mga times na hindi ako nakakalakad pag sinumpong na nakakasagabal sa trabaho. Nais ko pang mag trabaho dito sa Hong Kong kaya sinubukan kong uminom ng mga iba’t-ibang gamot kaya lang hindi pa rin natatanggal. Isa sa aking mga kaibigan ang nag-alok na subukan ko daw ang RICA Royal Jelly dahil maganda daw ito at nasubukan na niya. Ako ay nagpapasalamat ngayon sa RICA dahil sa napansin kong pagbabago ng aking varicose vein, hindi na siya masyadong masakit. Lumakas ako, sumigla at hindi na madaling mapagod.”



Why do geese fly in a V formation? “This demonstrates how team work plays a very important and useful role in nature.”

A group of migrating geese form a V-shape while flying. A study has discovered that a V formation of migrating geese reduces the air resistance that each bird experiences compared to a bird flying solo; it said that geese can achieve a greater distance of about 70 percent when flying in groups than each flying solo, using the same amount of energy. The bird in the lead position will experience a greater air resistance and will have to work a little harder, however, when the lead bird is tired it falls out of position and goes behind into one of the V position lines. Another bird from behind will quickly move forward into the leading position. In this way, the geese can fly for a long time before they must stop




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This was the old chapel which has been used by the people in the area. Ms Minerva G. dela Cruz is extending her heartfelt gratitude to all her friends and most especially to her very good employer who have donated HKD9, 400 which supported a project in her place in the province of Bataan. According to Ms dela Cruz, the sum of money was used in re-building the chapel at Purok 3 Bamban, Hermosa Bataan. The chapel was built for their neighbor Aetas, they used it for their Sunday church and during typhoon or bad

The new chapel re-built from the donations. weather. She also conveyed that the group of Aetas is so much grateful of their new chapel.


Anong bago? Anong meron?

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for rest. This cycle continues as they travel to their destination. Thus, each bird gets the opportunity and responsibility to be in the lead position as well as enjoying the middle position since less air drag is at this position. The second benefit to the V formation is that it is easy to keep track of every bird in the group. Flying in formation may assist with the communication and coordination within the group. Each bird benefit individually while working harmoniously as a team. Working as a team means less work for each bird because flying requires a lot of energy especially for birds travelling a very long journey. This demonstrates how team work plays a very important and useful role in nature. “It is important to note that military jets fly in this V formation for the same reason. Each fighter pilot can see, communicate and help each other while in flight working as a team.

Ms. Cristina Labe was crowned as queen during the event of KAMPPI Pistahan sa Nayon last June 2010. “Maliit pa lang ako, wish ko ng mapasali sa mga beauty queen events. Kaya lang dahil maitim at pangit ako hindi ako napapansin,” Ms. Labe said jokingly. She joined the said event in Hong Kong, though she’s already 62 because she believes that her

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CARE FOR CAREGIVERS In this issue, Emma and I will in and outside of Hong Kong address the care of caregivers. for fellowship and equipping. They encourage us to take Care for Pastors retreats. First, we encourage you to care for your pastors and They celebrate with us during elders. These are people God good times and support us has set over his church to during bad times. (We do care, lead, teach, equip and the same thing with them of prepare his bride-church. It course). also happens that evangelicals They write us normally set this month for encouraging notes, Pastors Appreciation. either through email or the We wish every Christian were regular mail. Some like our church members who do it through the are the most caring people we phone. Others know in the world. Here are personally tell us, some of the ways we’ve seen while sometimes them express their love for us they share to their and to other church leaders. friends how we Our church members regularly have blessed them. pray for us. They ask the They commit to Holy Spirit to continually give live at peace with us wisdom and strength to us. They sometimes point out stay close to Jesus and serve things they disagree with us, faithfully and effectively. They but they do with it in love and also pray seriously about their respect. leaders’ preaching. They pray for accuracy and simplicity Why are we full of joy? and then celebrate when their Everywhere we go, people prayers are answered. notice our joy. When asked They support the church what is our secret? My answer faithfully with their tithes has always been: loving Jesus, and offerings. They give enjoying his presence, and the extra support when we go on privilege of building his bridemissions trips outside of Hong church. That is great joy to us. Kong. Now when the “bride-church” says “thank you” and obey, They understand their pastor that doubles up our already and his family are human. overflowing joy. We have the same needs that everyone else have. They Care for Caregivers know we take our call, our 1 Kings 19 provides first-hand faith seriously, but we are information of how God cared humans. They interact with for his worn-out prophet. us in a natural way as they do These are timeless principles with everyone else. for caregivers’ care. They send us to conferences

First, God allows Elijah to rest (19:5). Elijah was exhausted either from the overall strain of ministry, or the pressure of the contest between prophets, or the energy depleting experience of running away from Jezebel. Elijah needed rest. Second, God feeds his prophet. An angel wakes up Elijah and was told: “Get up and eat” (19:6). God prepared food and placed them near his exhausted servant’s head, a specially baked bread! God would do this repeatedly. He gave his servant rest and nourishment (19:7-8). What a great God we serve. That’s why we love him, dear ones. Third, after Elijah is rested and fed, God takes him on a journey, far away from others, where the prophet meets with God alone. Here we see how God addresses his spiritual concerns. Alone with God, the burn-out caregiver voices his frustration to God, including how the wicked people are behaving, and his sense of futility in what he does. On two occasions, he complains that he was alone fighting God’s battles. He felt isolated.

Church of God Community him that he was not alone (1 Kings 19:18). After this, God gives Elijah instructions for returning to ministry, where once again we see this strong man of God fighting God’s battles. Here we see the gentle caring and restoring love. God did not scold, punish or reject Elijah for his discouragement and exhaustion. He provided Elijah physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He allowed Elijah to retreat from what he was doing and then prepared him to reenter the battle. God helped Elijah rejuvenate in order to continue doing the work God has called him to do. God’s care or and provision for Elijah show how caregivers could be cared for. These will allow these loved ones to maintain their vitality and health. These will keep them going, and going, with great joy in God and fruitful service for his glory. Shalom and may the Lord, our Shepherd bless you.

Pastor Dan is the pastor of the Church of God Community Hong Kong. Emma and Dan could be reached through these numbers: 66200709, Note how God responds. 66200710. For church worship First, he reveals himself to meetings, you may also call him through the quietness of the church office: 25456808, the gentle breeze. God pulls Mely 6183 4496; Marlyn his servant away from all the noises, so he can hear his God’s 97453144; Fely, 92215491 or voice again. Then he reassures visit their website:

Church of God Community Activities

Pastor Dan and Emma serve the Church of God Community Hong Kong. This church family is part of the churches of God in the world, including the Philippines. For prayer and more information please call us at 24097445; 66200709. You may also call the church office, 25456808, or visit our website: Also we are starting an outreach in Shatin on Sundays. Please call Vi at 92099751 or Eugene - 61100716. Please note the following box for Schedule of Worship Meetings:

Church of God Community Hong Kong Room 834, Willy Commercial Building 28-36 Wing Kut St. Central Phone: 25456808; Email: Website: Schedule of Worship Meetings SUNDAY: Shatin Outreach 10:00 - 12:00 am SUNDAY: 10 am at the church office 2 pm - 17F, Jubilee Centre, Sino Cheer Plaza, Jordan Rd, Near Exit A, Jordan MTR

TUESDAY: 2 pm - Church Office 7 pm - Church Office THURSDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office SATURDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE “Give thanks for sorrow that teaches you pity; for pain that teaches you courage - and give exceeding thanks for the mystery which remains a mystery still - the veil that hides you from the infinite, which makes it possible for you to believe in what you cannot see.” -Robert Nathan, 1894-1985 “This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good.”

aEugene, Emma, Dorie, Tess, and Jenny from COG Hong Kong family

Above: Pastor Ness and Elsie Baricante of Grace of Jesus Fellowship



Above: COGCHK Jordan Group bids goodbye to Bro. Leon

Above: Pastor Dan and Marylou Borlado of New Beginnings Fellowship Above: Pastor Oral and Ruth Mae Guevarra of ICA Filipino


STAR* jokes


Aries Mar 21-Apr 20



Aries are active and alert with lots of drive and ambition. Aries have frank and outspoken nature. Aries can not work under subordination and always try to dominate, ‘a storm in a tea cup’ is the phrase fit for Aries temperament. Aries Thoughtful na kriminal are impulsive and quick. Aries become bored with long term plan. Aries are happy doing things on the spur of moment. Being aggressive and combative Aries thoroughly enjoy a battle of wits. Aries make good advisors as Aries can see Kriminal 1: Pare, sigurado ka bang dito dadaan yung papatayin natin? trends early, and are then able to motivate others into plans of action.

thoroughbred horses niyo, Sir. Namatay po kasi lahat sila sa pagod, kahihila ng kariton ng tubig. Pedro:Nasisiraan ka na ba ng bait? Anong kariton ng tubbbiiiiggggg? Kriminal 2: Oo, nagtataka nga ako, 1 Pablo: Yun pong pinampatay namin ng oras na tayo dito wala parin siya! sunog. Apr 21-MAY 21 Pedro: Diyos ko po! Anong sunog Taurus have a loving nature and fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic Kriminal 1: Sana naman wlang naman yang pinagsasasabi mo? ways. Pleasure, luxury living and good food are Taurus weak points. In middle nangyaring masama sa kanya. Pablo: Yun pong halos tumupok sa age, Taurus will gain weight. Taurus place great importance on physical, finanbahay niyo…. Tumumba po ‘yung isang cial and emotional security. Taurus have solid, steadfast, reliable and practical Lagi na lang mali nakasinding kandila, tapos nagliyab qualities. Conservator, not dreamer, have materialistic point of view. Taurus ‘yung kurtina at mabilis na kumalat ang take time to decide and once decided, plan has to be carried out, as Taurus are BOY: W ala akong kwentang anak apoy…. determined and preserving. Taurus are sometimes Stubborn. On the other hand para sa inyo! Lahat ng ginagawa ko Pedro: Ano? Puuut…. E, may kuryente Taurus are kind, affectionate, seldom moody and not easily offended. puro mali! Lagi nalang ako mali!!! Di naman diyan sa bahay-bakasyunan, a. ‘nyo na ako mahal! Para saan ‘yung kandila? AMA: Nagkakamali ka anak? Pablo: Para sa burol po. May 22-Jun 21 BOY: Ayan! Mali na naman ako!!! Pedro:Ano? Kaninong burol? Pablo: Sa nanay n’yo po, Sir. Bigla kasi Being an intellectual sign, Gemini are witty and intelligent. Gemini enjoy inves- Espresso macchiato siya dumating dito nu’ng isang gabi, tigation and experiments with new ideas. Gemini have restless nature. Gemini walang kaabi-abiso. Lampas hatinggabi love change and Gemini like variety in all spheres of Gemini life. Gemini lack BOB: nakakamagkano ka sa 1 araw? na. Akala ko po magnanakaw. Binaril real depth of feelings. Gemini are quick in grasping and learning. Gemini can do PULUBI: nag-uumpisa kasi ako ng ko. things better than others but lack in determination, quick decision and concen- 8am. Ngayon 9am na. naka 80 na ko. tration. Gemini are argumentative, ambitious and a good advisor, Gemini are BOB: hindi din masama noh? Ano Magazine also very clever, progressive, and Gemini refuse to be bound by rules. mabibili mo niyan? PULUBI: pwede na tong isang Girl: Itay, nagbold po ako sa magazine. espresso macchiato sa starbucks! Tingnan nyo po ang picture ko sa page Jun 22-Jul 22 10. Itay: Anak! Sa palagay mo ba, may Cancer are sensitive, more changeable than weather. This is particularly true Megkanow Isang Mang-gow? mas nakakahiya pa dito?! Girl: Meron Cancer family or a loved one is concerned and Cancer can worry yourself when pa po itay! Tingnan nyo sa page 16, si pettiness or disputes upset harmony in the home. Cancer believe in a welcome KANO (trying to speak tagalog): Inay! home, for which Cancer can sacrifice Cancer own interest. Cancer are hyperMegkanow isang kilow mang-gow? sensitive and remain brooding for hours when someone hurts Cancer. Cancer PINOY : One way! Fish are very romantic and sentimental. Cancer store up memories and never forget KANO : Megkanow? many of those little things which happened long ago. Cancer do not enjoy robust PINOY : I sed, one way! Q: Ano ang sabi ng bangus nang constitution, digestive and stomach system remains upset in childhood specially. KANO : Ano eybig sabeyhin one mamamatay na siya? way? PINOY : Isang daan! A: I’m daing!





Jul 23-Aug 22

Leo are expressive, forceful, dominant and born to rule others. Of rash temperament, powers, grandeur, show, adventure, strong will power and high mind are Leo basic traits. This sign gives Leo noble dignity to both personality and appearance. Leo magnetic qualities enable Leo to command both respect and attention of others. Leo have definite desire and ability to control, organise and lead others. Self confidence and self possession are the secrets of Leo success. As a roaring lion, Leo prefer to do things on a larger and lavish scales and can not tolerate pettiness or meanness.

Virgo Aug 23- Sep 23

Slow Mo May dalawang preso nag paplanong tumakas.. preso 1: tol alam ko na kung pano tayo tatakas!.. preso 2:pano, eh mahigpit ang siguridad dito!? preso 1:sirain natin yung lock tapus tumakas na tayu!!! preso 2:oo nga ang galing mo!! makalipas ang ilang sandali……… preso 2:panu yan ‘di naka lock …? preso 1:napaka slow mo talaga… i-lock mo tapos saka mo sirain.. NAPAKA SLOW MO!

Virgo have the nerve to criticize other people’s faults and failings. Virgo are born to serve others, Virgo are quite, reserved, methodical and practical. Virgo can be relied upon safely. With power of discrimination coupled with clear insight, cool and intellectual abilities, Virgo have power of insight. Virgo can not be carried away by emotions. A combination of tact and diplomacy will help LAGOT KA Virgo to have success every where.

KUMIRIRING ang telepono nang madaling araw…. Pablo: Hello, Master Pedro? Si Pablo Libra like the things in proportion and balance in all situations. Libra can be po ito, ‘yung katiwala niyo sa bahaychangeable in Libra ideas and moods. Libra are tactful and diplomat, an inborn bakasyunan niyo. ability. Have a strong sense of justice, fair minded. Libra are quite pleasant, Pedro: O, Mr. Pablo, ikaw pala. Ano’t charming and love peace and harmony. Libra are affectionate and make friends napatawag ka? May problema ba? easily. So Libra social life will be profitable, providing opportunities for Libra Pablo: Um, napatawag lang po ako success. Libra dislike conflict, tension and discord. Fond of company of opposite para abisuhan kayo na namatay ang sex where Libra feel pleasure and so Libra can win a war without a blow as alaga niyong parrot. Libra greatest weapon in Libra charm. Pedro:Yung parrot kong si Pikoy, patay? ‘Yung nanalo sa bird show? Pablo: Opo, Master Pedro, ‘yun na Oct 24- Nov 22 nga po. Pedro:Putris … sayang! Ang laki pa Scorpio have an intensely emotional nature and are capable of deep feelings. If naman ng nagastos ko sa ibong ‘yon. one deceives Scorpio in love, then Scorpio are his worst enemy because Scorpio will suffer agonies of jealousy, resentment and even hatred. Scorpio have intense Hay, buhay! Teka, ano nga ba ang concentrated nature in which tenacity is a fundamental trait. Scorpio have plenty ikinamatay niya? Pablo: E, kumain po kasi ng bulok na of determination and unflinching courage to achieve the goal. Scorpio look the life as a battle to be won. An obstacle creates a challenge and an outlet for Scor- karne…. Pedro:Bulok na karne? At sino pio dynamic. namang salbaheng tao ang nagpakain Sa kanya ng bulok na karne? Nov 23-Dec 21 Pablo: W-Wala po. Nanginain po siya ng karne ng isang patay na Kabayo. Sagittariusr is a sing of expansion. A desire for expansion is one of the hall Pedro: Patay na kabayo? Anong patay marks of Sagittarius nature with driving urge to expand is a strong sense of na kabayo? independence and great love of freedom, anybody restricting your freedom will Pablo: E, ‘yun pung mga not be tolerated by you. Love of sports and outdoor life are Sagittarius special traits. If Sagittarius independence is hampered after marriage, Sagittarius may even break that. Sagittarius are intelligent, colourful and enthusiastic personality but do not be over optimistic and over confident in business, love and financial affairs.

Libra Sep 24- Oct 23



Q: Ano ang sabi ng isda nang hiwain siya sa gitna? A: I’m tuna (two na).


Girl: Gusto ko po malaman kung ano po ang sakit ko? Doc: Ahh...Ganoon ba? Sige umubo ka. Girl: *Ubo*Ubo* Doc: Sige umubo ka pa. Girl: *Ubo*Ubo* Doc, ano po ba talaga sakit ko? Doc: May ubo ka! Matapang Pedro: Ang tapang talaga ni Paeng! Biro mo, tumalon sa eroplano nang walang parachute! Juan: Talaga? Saan mo naman nabalitaan yan? Pedro: Dun sa burol nya! Can’t take the chance While a man and his ever nagging wife were visiting Jerusalem, the wife died. The undertaker asked the husband whether her body be shipped home for $5,000 or to be buried in the Holy Land for $500.00. The man chose to ship her home. Undertaker: Why spend so much trouble and money when it would be a lot cheaper and wonderful to bury her in the Holy Land? Man: Long time ago, a man died here, was buried here, and three days later, he rose from the dead. I can’t take the chance. (Can’t take the chance na baka mabuhay pa uli si misis)

You’re not going to make it

Shrek Pedro: may ka-eyebol aq mamya.. anu kya itsura nia? kc sbi nya kamkha dw cia celebrity.. “SH” amg cmula ng name... Juan: jackpot ka, Pedro! Bka SHeri or SHaina! (matapos ang eyebol, uwi c Pedro) Juan: kmusta eyebol mo? Bakit ka mlungkot? Pedro: “SHrek” pare Shrek Big problem Wife: You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office. Why? Hubby: When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears. Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you? Hubby: Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, “What other problem can there be greater than this one On the bus Son: Mom, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady. Mom: Well, you have done the right thing. Son: But mum, I was sitting on daddy’s lap Sakit Doc: Ano po ang maipaglilingkod ko sa kanila?

Gravely ill, a man went to the doctor with his wife. After the examination the physician motioned for the wife to meet him in the hallway. “Your husband is very sick, “ the doctor said, “but there are three things you can do to ensure his survival. First, fix him three healthful, delicious meals a day. Next, give him a stress-free environment , and don’t complain about anything. Finally, make passionate love to him every day. On the drive home the husband asked, “What did the doctor say?” “I’m sorry, “ she said, “but you’re not going to make it. Yaw Want to Find Jesus? A drunk man stumbled into a church where there were baptisms being performed. The priest noticed him and asked him if he wanted to find Jesus. Sure, said the drunken man. I’ll find Jesus. So the priest took the drunken man’s head and dunked it into the baptismal waters. When he came up for air, he was sputtering and coughing. Damn, said the drunken man. Are you sure he fell in there?

Capricorn Dec 22- Jan 20 Capricorn sign gives Capricorn a great sense of purpose and much ambition to achieve something really lasting and worthwhile in life. Self control and strength of will, are Capricorn basic traits. Keyword of Capricorn nature is perseverance and Capricorn decision will meet with success through Capricorn steadfast determination. Capricorn plan for the future, are economical and Capricorn will enjoy comfort and security in life. Serious minded, patient, thrifty and stable are Capricorn excellent qualities.

Aquarius Jan 21- Feb 19 Aquarius are a genius person, with sincerity of purpose and dedication to any particular person to whom Aquarius love or like. Aquarius are not extremist, but Aquariusr understanding is so broad so as to give necessary patience and kindness to tolerate other peoples foibles. Aquarius have straight forward temperament, admired by all resulting Aquarius are liked by most people and Aquarius have friendship with more people which are long and sincere. Aquarius give impression of detachment, unfriendly and unsympathetic, which is false.

Pisces Feb 20- Mar 20 Pisces are quick in understanding, inspirational, easy going, lacking in decision being a double sign. Pisces are extremely sensitive. Pisces are very emotional and Pisces feelings play a dominant role in Pisces reactions; it gives Pisces intuitive and even psychic nature. Logical analysis and reasoning do not play major part in Pisces judgement. Pisces are extremely sympathetic and Pisces do not harm others rather Pisces help the people in trouble.

TST / Mongkok District

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Kabayan STAR #95 October 10  

Kabayan STAR FREE Monthly Newspaper #95 October 2010 distribute in Hong Kong

Kabayan STAR #95 October 10  

Kabayan STAR FREE Monthly Newspaper #95 October 2010 distribute in Hong Kong