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Anguish; may decrease OFW deployment Filipinos based in Hong Kong have started to feel the heat caused by August 23 deadly hostage crisis in Manila that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead. According to a news report, Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has been informed via an SMS (short messaging service) of an incident in which a man in Kowloon Tong was heard to have shouted: “we employ them (Filipinos) in our homes and they murder us in their homes.” There are around 152,000 Filipinos in the former Crown Colony, now one of China’s Special Administrative Regions. According to latest count by the Philippine Consulate, 133,000 of them are domestic workers and around 14,000 are Hong Kongbased Filipino professionals. The rest are in the region as temporary residents. 10 years ago, Filipino expats in Hong Kong were more than 200, 000 in number which decreased and believed to have been replaced by Indonesian maids who outnum-

bered the Filipinos last year. “Indonesian maids are more flexible, I found my previous Filipina maid to be so complicated. She has so many requests,” an employer expressed in an interview. A year ago, a rumor rose that Chinese employers are scared to hire Filipina maid after a Pinay slaughtered her female employer. However, no termination has been reported caused by the case. Employers have been so reasonable in understanding that it was an individual mistake.

least more than 2 employers cancelled their hiring of Filipino maid because of the incident. These employers hope that Philippine government could respond immediately to their request and that truth and justice may prevail.

The day after the hostage-drama incident, a Filipina maid claimed she was terminated because of the scenario. On August 25, some employment agencies conveyed at

Will the damage which has been inflicted by the Philippine government and PNP’s incompetence to some Chinese people soon cool down? The question is when?

Domestic helpers pay; frozen “The minimum pay for foreign domestic helpers will be frozen,” a paper has reported on August 26. A government spokesman said the decision to keep the minimum wage at HK$3,580 a month takes into account the general economic and unemployment situation reflected through indicators including relevant income movements, price changes and the labor market. However, the minimum food allowance was raised from $740 to $750 a month. Most employers provide food as they are required to provide free food, but they may choose to pay an allowance.

Representatives of domestic helpers in Hong Kong are disappointed of the result. Eman Villanueva, secretary of the Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union, described the decision as being biased and said the review procedures lack of transparency and arbitrary. “We are expecting of an increase since the economy is better than it was 2 or 3 years ago when the minimum pay was of HK$100,” Villanueva said.

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‘Hostage deaths; wake- What is SWAT up call to reform police’ team in the Philippines?


Davao mangoes export to Australia

According to news report, the potential for entry, Australia has finally establishment, spread and accepted fresh mango ex- consequences of pests and A SWAT (Special Weapons motion detectors for covertly ports from Davao del Sur. diseases of mango fruits and Tactics) deriving from determining the positions of News that has enlivened and recommended the hostages or hostage takits name, is a team who the mango industry after quarantine measures being ers inside of an enclosed it has been targeting the implemented in Guimaras. The senator said that investigations are trained to perform structure. high-risk operations that Australian market for some The stringent crop manAccording to a report, Senator into the hostage drama involving a fall outside of the abilities time. agement Francis Pangilinan said the bloody disgruntled dismissed policeman, After the August 23 hosIn a measures hostage drama in the Philippines is a Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, of regular officers. Their duties include performing tage-drama incident in report imposed glaring sign that the country’s police should not just focus on the police hostage rescues and coun- Manila, some angry Filipinos submitby the BPI force should be team’s possible constructed name as they ter-terrorism operations, ted to in mango reformed. errors. described the SWAT team serving high Agrigrowing risk arrest and culture areas in “Our police could “Our people cry search warrants, Secretary Davao del not reach a lower out for real reProceso Sur also state than where sults. Now is not subduing barJ. Alcala, helped they are at now. the time to resort ricaded suspects, and engaging Bureau secure the Bitter lessons to finger pointheavily-armed of Plant approval they may be, but ing, nor will it Industry for exports this is a wakeup help any that we criminals. (BPI) director Dr. Clarito to Australia. However, the call for us as a go into the blame In other counM.Baron said an adviBiosecurity Services Group nation wanting game. We are all tries SWAT team is often equipped sory issued by Biosecurity (BSG) will visit mango genuine reforms to blame; some Australia on August 13, production areas in the for our country,” more than others. with specialized firearms includ2010 announced the exten- Davao del Sur to audit the Pangilinan quoted sion of existing policy for operational procedures, as saying. We are all respon- ing submachine the importation of fresh treatment facilities and He said lingering sible for the state guns, assault rifles, breachmango fruits from the Phil- area freedom protocols corruption has set of our nation. ing shotguns, ippines and the inclusion before mangoes can be aside the police in the Philippines; “Sir Wait of growing areas of Davao exported to Australia. riot control agents, stun organization’s much-needed training Now is the time to pull the bull by And Take a break”; “Sana del Sur as source. Quarantine measures and purchase of equipment that its horns and find long-lasting solu- grenades and sniper Wag Akong Tamaan”; “SuBiosecurity Australia had recommended for manwould allow it to “tactically engage tions to that which ails our national rifles. They have specialized equipment including god-Wait-Atras-Tago”; “Sorry earlier prepared a report goes from Davao del Sur threats such as a hostage situation.” police,” he said. heavy body armor, ballistic Wala Akong Training”; on the existing policies for include: Recognition and “Sledgehammer Whacking shields, entry tools, arfresh mango fruits from In- maintenance of pest-free mored vehicles, advanced Assault Team” dia, Haiti, Mexico, Philip- areas; pre-export phytosnight vision optics, and pines and Taiwan and took anitary certification by the consideration how these BPI and on-arrival inspeccountries combat pests. tion by BSG; pre-export The report considered the vapor heat treatment, and; commercial mango prooperational systems to The Guimaras Sea is are critically endangered New Guinea, Indonesia, duction practices in Davao maintain and verify phytoshome to rare sea tur- species. He said he has India, Thailand, Myandel Sur in relation to anitary status. tles and also a haven noted the presence of mar, Laos, Cambodia and existing policies, assessed for rare Irrawaddy these endangered aniVietnam. dolphin and dugongs, mals while according to a leading conducting Twenty one percent of Fil- wrote. marine zoologist, Dr. studies on ipino people believe that Some already believe that Lemnuel Aragones, the effect God is punishing humans humans themselves are team leader of the of the Guifor their evil deeds by directly to blame. Guimaras Environmaras Oil inflicting environmental mental Studies who Spill to the catastrohas confirmed reports environphes on of the endangered ment. them like Irrawaddy dolphins in The World Senator Miriam Santiago is ity and eventually become landthe island. the first female chief justice Wide Fund delighted by the new apslides, Irrawaddy dolphins (WWF) for Nature in pointment for chief justice of the Philippine Supreme floods, have a large bulgCourt,” Santiago said. the Philippines says that The presence of dugongs typhoons of the Supreme Court. ing forehead, a short only some 77 Irrawaddy and Irrawaddy dolphins, and other President Noynoy Aquino Santiago also affirmed beak and are bluish- dolphins can be found President Aquino for makhowever, manifests that appointed Maria Lourdes disasters gray in color. It could in the country even as ing the seas surrounding Sereno that regureach up to eight feet they can also be found Guimaras has once again larly hit Sereno as new in length and live as in Australia, Papua his first become a rich fishing justice the Philiplong as 30 years. appoinground although of the pines, a tee to the economic Supreme report The species is the Sugrowth and ecoCourt. said primarily found preme tourism potentials basing Senator in shallow, nearCourt. of the island prov- from the Flash flood in Marikina Philippines last Santiago shore tropical “Sereince itself have said year because of the strong typoon ondoy. survey waters, usually no’s yet to be fully Sereno carried Maria Lourdes Sereno and Sen. close to manappointrestored. will out by polling group Pulse The survey of 1,200 people Miriam Santiago grove forests. ment Dr. Aragones likely Asia. last month also found that Dr. Aragones, a is a plans to publish be the Filipinos were becoming marine biolohis studies on Irfirst female chief justice of triumph of superior intelThe percentage of people increasingly worried about gist said he was rawaddy dolphins blaming the disasters to the Supreme Court in the lect over shabby politics. I climate change. surprised to find Refrigerator-sized dugong saved admire Pres. Aquino for his in Guimaras future. God’s anger has declined More than 80 percent of the Irrawaddy dolsometime this “She is brilliant. It is fortu- impartiality and preferA 2.6 metre (eight-foot) long from 23 percent in a nation’s 92 million people phins in Guima- dugong lay trapped and weakened year. He said itous that she was appoint- ence for intellectual merit,” similar survey carried out are Catholic, a legacy of its ras, which is an by the tide was saved in Barangay Senator Santiago said. that sighting of ed very young. She will two years ago, the news Spanish colonial past. island province these dolphins earn the necessary seniorMaruyogon in Palawan last year. in the Western This dugong is adult male weighing will put Guimaras Visayas region. in the marine 175-kg. The group of men gently According to pushed the refrigerator-sized animal world map and, Aragones, a few to deeper water. hopefully, perk Irrawaddy dolup tourism in the phins in Palawan island once again. The Philippine National Police (PNP) is ill-equipped and has not properly trained its men to engage in extreme situations such as hostagetaking because of lingering corruption.

“The buck stops here. Let us do away with rhetoric. What happened was inexcusable and could have been prevented,” he also said in the report.

Rare dolphin found in Guimaras Sea

Natural disasters - punishments from God?


1) Sales and Marketing Experienced in Health food industry Has knowledge in computer. Sales oriented. Good team worker, mature and independent. With strong self initiative, excellent communication and presentation skills. Can speak Cantonese is an advantage.

2) Part time Admin Officer General office administrative tasks including filling systems, office support and travel around. With good communication skills, positive attitude and responsible is much appreciated.

THOUGHTS FOR TODAY it is the only thing that ever has.” “Once we hold a belief, it tends to stick with us for the rest of our lives, unless we challenge it.” “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed,

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” “We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.” “A strong, positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” “Man is what he believes.”

Senator Santiago affirms Sereno appointment





phil news

Boats in Baguio Bishop Wants Only Cebu Pacific adds One Ninong, Ninang flights to Hong Kong According to an official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), baptismal sponsors should be limited to two individuals, a ninong and a ninang. Unfortunately, parents get more sponsors Fr Melvin Castro said. “This phenomenon in the country seems difficult to correct because politicians and other influential persons get to be part of the parents’ network,” he said. “The downside of having too many baptismal sponsors is the possibility that friendship is being taken into consideration rather than the actual roles baptismal and confirmation sponsors play,” said Castro. Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Family and Life (ECFL), said the Code of Canon Law states that only two individuals, a male and female should be baptismal sponsors. “The Code of Canon Law mentions only two individuals, a male and female should be baptismal sponsors and whenever a confirmation would take place, the same sponsors are even encouraged to stand witnesses.” Fr. Castro said parents should choose people who will stand

as godparents for their child’s baptism and confirmation as they would have responsibility to teach the child the teachings of the Catholic faith. He also encourages parents to look for baptismal and confirmation sponsors among practicing

Catholics, and baptismal and confirmation sponsors should see to it the child grows according to Catholic teachings. They should help the parents in guiding the child to grow morally upright, that’s why sponsors should be ready for this responsibility, he said.

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will add one more daily flight to Hong Kong, its most popular international destination, starting November 24, 2010. CEB’s Manila-Hong Kong service is set to offer five times daily flights, a paper said. CEB flew 493,000 passengers to Hong Kong last year, outnumbering other international destinations such as Singapore, Osaka, Incheon, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. The airline currently operates four daily flights from Manila, and a daily service from both Cebu and Clark to and from Hong Kong. “The first international destination we flew to was Hong Kong in 2001. Since then, the demand for lower fares and even more flights and frequencies has resulted into very convenient flight schedules between Hong Kong and the Philippines,” said CEB VP for marketing and distribution Candice Iyog. “CEB is also the biggest airline operating from the Philippines to Macau, with five times weekly flights from Manila and four times weekly flights from

Clark. We plan to add two more Manila-Macau flights, making it a daily service, starting October 31, 2010,” Iyog said. The airline also flew the most passengers from the Philippines to Macau, flying 115,262 passengers in 2009, 64,533 more than other airlines. CEB has flown over 45 million passengers since 1996. The airline flies to 14 other international destinations, using the young-

Boats attract tourists visiting the mountain resort of Burnham Park, Baguio City, especially now that the countdown has started for the celebration of Baguio Day on Sept. 1.

est aircraft fleet in the country. These destinations are: Brunei (started August 21), Beijing (starting September 5), Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Osaka, Incheon, and Pusan.

Overseas Filipino Workers asset to Philippines’ economy; housing loan In VP Binay’s speech during the first national convention of the Organization of the Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) in Davao City, he said that there is a need for “creative capitalism.” Citing carpenters, plumbers, and other poor Filipinos in the housing sector who cannot afford to buy a house of their own, Binay said that there is a need to review the housing loan requirement and payment system to ensure that housing loans would benefit the poor. “In other words, continue what you’re doing but ‘stretch the reach of market forces.’ This means, for you in the business sector, make profit while doing good. And don’t be scared of the irony that you must include in your target

those who in fact cannot buy houses. I think that is how to create markets. I think that is how to start revolutions,” Binay said. “Let us restudy loan require-

ments and repayment terms. Review the whole system,” he added, saying that labor services of carpenters, plumbers and peons may be a good start for paying their housing loans. “Let us set up the mechanisms. The poor homebuyers can buy with their services; the government can pay the businessmen and the developers with tax incentives. We must explore the details for this,” he said. Binay assured that the idea is not a form of dole-out but is still a form of housing loan. What we need is not charity but actual finance. Keep the money circulating within the system so the lending cycle continues. Because we do not want to encourage those who pretend to be poor to take advantage of the program,” he said. He likewise urged the OSHDP to tap the new

middle class, particularly the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), by strengthening the lending and collection system. “When there is money turning around, more people can borrow, buy, and amortize houses. A strong middle class-based home ownership system will enable government, in partnership with the private sector, to address the housing needs of the less capable sectors of society,” Binay said. “A well-repaid housing loan system will bring the dream of housing closer to those who cannot pay for it.” “That is the challenge. That is how we can build houses for those who build our houses,” he said. Binay said the housing sector is an “economic driver” as it creates more jobs and enables more businesses to flourish. “Without a partnership, there is no housing sector that will drive the economy. And no housing sector that will signal the hope that the economy is improving,” he said.

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Japanese monkeys 36 hours of darkness Iran’s first bathe in a hot spring in US; once in 2,400 unmanned years bombers Japanese monkeys bathe in a hot spring at a Japan Monkey Park located in a valley in Shigakogen, central Japan. According to a newspaper, the park is the only place in the world where monkeys bathe in hot springs. The park is a popular hot spot in the frozen winterscape of upcountry Japan. These monkeys’ behavior are found to be very similar with

group of people in pools. Some dunk their heads in water. Some squirt quickly through the water, then skitter out onto the rocky rim to cool off in the icy morning air.

It was reported that there are online and text rumors claiming the sun to rise continuously A few more for 36 hours on October 17, 2010 clean and in some parts splash as of the world friends and leave the help scrub United States in a hard-todarkness for 36 reach part of the back. hours that may partially hold These true, an official monkeys of the Philippine are wild Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Japanese macaques (monkeys) who live in the surrounding of the Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said. national park.

Waterspout caught on camera: Japan A photographer in Okinawa, Japan, caught the unusual seldom-seen water column incident in action called ‘waterspout’ on August 19. A ‘waterspout,’ described as a tornado over water. It is similar to tornado, but it form in a different manner. Generally, waterspouts are given the honor of being called a “tornado over water”. But waterspouts are


not truly given the name of a real tornado until they reach land. Water spouts can start as tornadoes over land. If they move over a body of water, they are classified as tornadic. This type of waterspout can be fairly destructive. The second type of waterspout is formed over water initially due to warm temperatures in the lower atmosphere along with high humidity. Fair weather waterspouts are generally not as dangerous and are more common than tornadic waterspouts. However, boaters and people who live near larger bodies of water should take waterspout warnings and watches very seriously.

The report spreading through e-mails and text messages noted that this coming October 17, 2010, the sun will rise continuously for 36 hours (1.5 days). During this time, the American countries will be dark for 1.5 days. It will convert three days into two big days. According to the report, it will happen once in 2,400 yrs. Engr. Dario dela Cruz, officerin-charge of the Pagasa’s space sciences and astronomy section, explained that during September, countries in the Southern Hemisphere start to experience longer days, while those in the Northern Hemisphere experience longer nights. “Starting September 24, there is a gradual decrease in the number of hours of nighttime as we go below the latitude. Countries located above 66.5 degrees are those that only experience a whole day of darkness,” dela Cruz was quoted as saying. However, Dela Cruz did not confirm whether the 36 hours of darkness in the United States will

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated the country’s first domestically built unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an “ambassador of death”

the enemies of humanity lose hope of ever attacking the Iranian nation.”The inauguration ceremony fell on the country’s national day for its defense industries.

to Iran’s enemies, a paper said. The aircraft is 4-meterlong. It can carry up to four cruise missiles and will have a range of 620 miles (1,000 kilometers). “The jet, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.

The ceremony came a day after Iran began to fuel its first nuclear power reactor, with the help of Russia, amid international concerns over the possibility of a military dimension to its nuclear program. Iran insists it is only interested in generating electricity.

happen exactly on October 17. Dela Cruz pointed out that the tilting of the Earth’s axis towards or away from the sun result in longer days and shorter nights or shorter days and longer nights in most areas in the Earth. He cited that in the North Pole, six months of darkness is usual during this period, while the South Pole live through six months of daytime. During the summer solstice, countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, including the Philippines, experience the longest day and shortest night of the year, which usually occurs on June 21 or June 22. This is in contrary to the winter solstice, which refers to the shortest day and longest night, which occurs on December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern Hemisphere. The report also noted that the rare phenomenon is said to be occurring every 2,400 years. For Dela Cruz, he said he is not aware of any scientific study pertaining to the so-called rare phenomenon occurring in 2,400 year.

Referring to Israel’s occasional threats against Iran’s nuclear facilities, Ahmadinejad called any attack unlikely, but he said if Israel did, the reaction would be overwhelming.

The goal of the aircraft, named Karrar or striker, is to “keep the enemy paralyzed in its bases,” he said, adding that the aircraft “The scope of Iran’s is for deterrence and reaction will include defensive purposes. the entire the earth,” said Ahmadinejad. “We The president chamalso tell you — the West pioned the country’s — that all options are military self-sufficien- on the table.” cy program, and said it will continue “until

Maria Venus Raj; Philippine bet bagged the Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up To recall, Maria Venus Raj, 21-yearold Bicolana was briefly dethroned after Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Incorporated (BPCI) discovered inconsistencies with the information she disclosed to the organizers and the papers she submitted for the competition. The decision of BPCI was later on withdrawn for “humanitarian reasons” and Venus was reinstalled as the Philippines’ representative to Miss Universe after she obtained her Philippine Passport. Before the pageant, Raj was rated among the top contestants in an online poll on the pageant’s website. She made it to the top 15 and finished in fifth place. The 59th edition of the pageant Miss Universe 2010 was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. on August

interpreter. “We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family,” when asked Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete how she felt about unsupervised Internet use; beat out 88 other was crowned women from six continents. Miss Universe 2010 during the She was also the top scoring competitor in the evening gown pageant night. component of the competition, Miss Jamaica and was the second-highest Yendi Philipps emerged as first scorer in the swimsuit portion. runner-up; Miss A report wrote that the show Australia Jenista was without any major gaffes, except for Miss Philippines’ Campbell was answer when asked what her second runnerup; Miss Ukraine biggest mistake in life was and Anna Poslavska how she fixed it. was crowned “In my 22 years of existence, I third runnercan say there is nothing major,” up and; Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj said. Venus Raj fourth Venus competed with more than 80 stunning ladies and received place. overwhelming support not just from the Philippines but also from the Filipino community in Las Vegas. Venus is dedicating her win not only to her family and the Filipino people but also for co-beauty queen, Melody Gersbach, who died Saturday morning in a road mishap in Camarines Sur. She said Melody, also a Bicolana, pushed her to make it to the Miss Universe and was there during the controversy with her papers. Other awards were also handed Scores of Miss Universe Top to Miss Thailand Fonthip Five Watcharatrakul for National Costume Award and Miss Photogenic, and Miss Australia Campbell for Miss Congeniality. Navarrete who answered “I do believe that Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time,” she said through an 23, 2010.




FOR HIM Danny Bascal Jr., 42 years old Driver for 14 years in Hong Kong Nabasa ko ang tungkol sa mga food supplements ng RICA sa KabayanSTAR newspaper, nagkaroon ako ng interest kaya hinanap ko ang shop nila sa World Wide House. Noong nagpa consulta ako sa kanila nadiskubre kong mayroon pala akong high blood pagkatapos kong na BP. Palagi ding masakit ang aking buong katawan na nakakaapekto sa aking pagtatrabaho kaya tinanong ko kung ano ang magandang food supplement mayron sila na puwede kong gamitin. Ang nirekumenda sa akin ay Arginine, binigyan ako ng flyers tungkol dito at pagkatapos kong binasa ang mga benefits nito ay nagdesisyon akong bumili. Habang iniinom ko ang unang bote ng Arginine na binili ko, nararamdaman ko ang maraming pagbabago ng aking pakiramdam. Isang buwan palang akong nakakainom pero masigla ako, may improvement na rin ang mataas kong BP noon at malakas ang aking pakiramdam kahit maghapon akong nagtatrabaho.

Divina Capistrano “Bago ako nakapagtry ng RICA food supplements, lagi akong nakakaramdam ng pagsakit sa aking batok at lagi akong hindi nakakatulog dahil siguro sa mataas na blood pressure ko. Bumisita ako one time sa RICA shop sa world wide house shop 107. Nagpa check ako ng aking BP at noong araw na iyon ang BP ko ay mahigit 160 over 98. Pinayuhan ako kong ano ang dapat kong kainin at sinabihang etry ang arginine. Dahil lagi akong nakakaramdam nang pagsakit sa batok bumili na ako ng arginine. After 3 months na diretsong pag-inom ko nito bumaba ang aking BP. Masarap ang aking tulog at malakas ang aking pakiramdam…kaya nagpapasalamat ako sa RICA International Ltd!”



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healthy living






Preventing Injuries at Work I see patients that are treated for a wide array of injuries, some of which are Mr. Anthony Wu founder of RICA acquired International, while workholding Chinese ing. These Medicine in The University of injuries Hong Kong. range from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to calf strains, headaches to radiating leg pain (Sciatica). Many of the injuries can be minimized if not prevented by remembering the simple A-B-C’s.

and shoulder or neck pain by a few modifications. Simply bring your trolley or carry the groceries with two arms so that your body will not lean on one side, eliminated excessive demands on your arms, shoulders, and neck. Another simple modification includes having your knees bend down and keep your lower back straight when lifting heavy object, this eliminates excessive weight on your lower back when leaning forward. Moving frequently to change the stresses from low to high and from left to right. What does this mean? In general, posture should require minimal effort, but should be changed frequently to avoid muscular fatigue.

Drinking two cups of water before meals when on a diet leads to 40% more weight loss!

and rear-end in and back straight!- Poor posture and incorrect body mechanics are two of the leading causes of back and neck pain and injury. When lifting heavy objects - widen your feet, squat from your hips and not your waist. Do not twist especially while bending and tighten your stomach! One’s legs are a great deal stronger than one’s back. Your abdominals (stomach) attaches to the front of your back, therefore when you pretend that you are about to be punched and still breath - you protect your back because of using your abdominals. Use common sense, use the stronger muscles - use your legs when lifting. If lifting a light object - use the golfer’s technique: the back is straight, one leg is straight, one arm is used for balance, the opposite leg is extended (in back of you) and the object is picked up by the arm not balancing. Try pushing objects with legs not pulling them towards you. When reaching for objects stay within your arms length without twisting. If it is further than arms length, get up!

Drinking 2 cups of water water before meals. Some before meals when on details of the study were legs should also be supported with a diet leads to 40% provided by Medical News either one or two pillows. Patients more weight loss! After Today. reply: - I can’t sleep like that - I decades of anecdotal evi- The good news provided move around too much! dence that drinking water by the study is on several - That is OK, the first hour is the helps with weight loss, levels. Water is free (or at A - Awareness/Adjustments most important. The center of the least cheap) scientific B - Body Mechanics spine (the nucleus) depends solely and readily evidence C - Care/Conditioning on absorption from surrounding available, and has finally structures - kind of like a sponge. It been gath40% more A - Awareness/Adjustments absorbs 80% of it’s nutrition in the ered that weight loss is first hour of sleep. When the legs like a dream proves the Many injuries are due to repeti- B - Body Mechanics are supported, it opens up the spi- rumors to come true to a tive movements and fatigue renal segment to allow for maximal country facing be true. sulting from natural stresses and Once again, posture is a key absorption. For my patients with an overweight For the strains on the body. in proper continued back pain or problems, and obesity first time, a Posture that is mainbody meI instruct them to lie down with epidemic in randomized tained for too long are chanics. their legs elevated for an extra 1/2 controlled which nearly exposed to cumulative When going Drinking 2 cups of hour daily. This allows for an extra trial was 70 percent stresses and strains. through water before meals on a of all adults 40% of nutrition to the spine. Exerdone dealPoor posture can place back diet leads to 40 percent in the US are cise should incorporate strengthen- ing with these stresses and school, I more weight loss! ing, endurance and flexibility. 30 now considwater strains in areas of the instruct my minutes at least 4 times a week is ered to be eiconsumpbody that are weak, patients recommended. This can also be ther overweight or obese. tion during dieting and resulting in pain and to pretend C - Care/Conditioning achieved at work by going to the the results were startling. Those with a Body Mass excessive wear. During that there Index over 25 are consida normal work day, 8 is a board Eating, sleeping and exercise are grocer by foot, taking the stairs in- Over a 12 week period, those who drank two cups ered to be overweight and hours are demanded in the front vital when preventing injury and stead of the elevator, and walking on one’s body. Usually and one in keeping a healthy body. Dietary a message over to someone instead of water before each meal those with a BMI over 30 are considered to be medithese 8 hours do not the back of habits are addressed every day. of calling. Also remember to take a lost 40% more weight cally obese. than those who did not. allow for movement their body. hThe basics - fruits, vegetables, 5-10 minutes rest by sitting down around at least once an hour. You Water has ZERO caloThe study was headed out of prolonged posiIn other protein and low fat help keep will be surprised how easy this is ries, which is always up by Dr. Brenda Davy tions. Being aware of words, try the body happy and healthy. to do and how much better your good when on a diet and of Virginia Tech Univeryour work environment can to keep your back as straight Sleep should be approximately body will feel when practicing drinking two cups before sity. Results of the study be 1/3rd of one’s solution. For as possible at all times. This 8 hours with good sleeping these simple suggestions. meals helps dieters to were released in Boston example, a person who’s job is done by remembering the posture. The neck should be feel full with less food at at the national meeting of responsibilities include doing basics of -head up, shoulders neither bent or extended, it meal times. Dieters in the the American Chemical daily grocery can prevent arms back, chest out, stomach should be gently supported. The In summary, common sense is the best practice on the job. Remember Society. The study was a study who were not told the A-B-C’s and if you have follow up to another study to drink two cups of water Come and try RICA Ecolon – Sweet Fiber (The Best Choice for your Health)…Just 2 sticks a specific problem or injury, before meals were told which found that people of Ecolon – Sweet Fiber a day and keep your colon healthy and relieve your body from toxdon’t suffer in silence. Your instead to continue their tend to consume around ins and causing the development of hernias, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and …etc. doctor and physical therapist 90 fewer calories per meal normal water consumpFor more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847 are just a phone call away. if they drink two cups of tion during the diet. Maylyn de Leon, Nueva Vizcaya 16 years ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong. “Nabasa ko sa Kabayan STAR newspaper ang testimony ng isang gumamit ng RICA food supplements na naging okay ang kanyang karamdaman kaya ako nagpa konsulta at nagpa blood analysis na rin dahil sa aking karamdaman. Isang beses sa tatlong araw ako nagbabawas kaya hindi maganda ang aking pakiramdam, at lumalaki ang aking tiyan. 2 klase ng food supplement ang nirecommend sa akin ng Doctor at pinayuhan niya ako ng nararapat na diet na makakatulong sa aking karamdaman. Dahil gusto kong mapabuti bumili ako ng Chlorella dahil maganda raw ito sa cleansing. Bumili rin ako ng Ecolon Sweet Fiber na maganda raw para sa bloating. Nagsimula akong uminom ng 10 tablets na Chlorella Ai sa unang linggo, 15 tablets sa pangalawang linggo at 20 tablets araw-araw for 2 months hanggang ngayon. Sa Ecolon naman 1 stick ang iniinom ko sa isang araw. Masaya talaga ako dahil sa maiksing panahon ay malaki ang pagbabago sa aking katawan. Marami din ang mga malapit sa akin ang nakapansin na lumiit ang tiyan ko, nagkaroon ako ng shape at kuminis ang aking balat. Higit sa lahat ako ay nagpapasalamat dahil araw-araw na akong nagbabawas kaya wala na akong nararamdamang bloating sa aking tiyan.” Marylinda Oliva, 40 “Dahil sa aking ulcer, laging sumasakit ang aking sikmura kaya halos araw-araw ako sa Doctor. Lagi ko ring nararamdamang bloated ang aking tiyan dahil lagi akong constipated. Dahil hindi maganda ang aking digestive system nagkaroon ako ng problema sa aking pagbabawas. Ang sabi ng Doctor, kapag hindi daw regular ang pagdudumi hindi ito maganda sa katawan kaya bumili ako ng RICA Chlorella A1 na magandang cleansing ayon sa mga nabasa kong testimony ng users at RICA Ecolon Sweet Fiber na magandang panglinis ng colon. Laking tuwa ko talaga dahil napakalaki ng improvement na naramdaman ko, kahit ang pagsakit ng aking batok at balakang ay umigi.” Pauline Dimson Last month, may nabasa akong health news tungkol sa colon. Nabasa ko rin ang 2 testimony ng mga gumamit ng Ecolon Sweet Fiber ng RICA kaya nagkaroon ako ng interest na bumisita sa RICA Shop sa World Wide Shop dahil hindi ako nagbabawas araw-araw. Mabigat ang pakiramdam ko at hindi ako comfortable dahil dito, hindi rin talaga okay ang hindi everyday ang pagbabawas kaya kahit medyo may kamahalan ang sweet fiber bumili ako ng 1 box dahil gusto kong matry mismo kung okay siya talaga at gusto ko ring malinis ang aking tiyan. After na nakainom ako for 1 week may nakita na akong pagbabago, araw-araw na akong nagbabawas kaya magaan na ang aking pakiramdam. Dahil napatunayan ko mismo na maganda ang product ng RICA, after a week bumili din ako ng kanilang Royal Jelly dahil hindi ako masyadong nakakatulog at bumili din ako ng kanilang body cleansing na Chlorella A1 para itry din. After a week uli ng paggamit ko ng Royal at Chlorella A1 gumanda na ang tulog ko kaya bumili naman ako ng Sweet fiber para sa mother ko at ipinadala ko sa Pilipinas.






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Facial Masks for Your Skin Type

Herbal diuretics for water retention SOURCE: Mayo Clinic “Diuretics” Diuretics (water pill) are used to treat various health issues that are caused by water retention. Although there are many over-the-counter and prescription diuretics available, herbal diuretics may be healthier because of the vitamins and minerals they contain naturally. But how do diuretics work, why do people need a diuretic and which herbs are effective? How Diuretics Work for Water Retention Diuretics are used to reduce water retention in the tissues to relieve the body from swelling, weight gain, high blood pressure and other health conditions. According to the Mayo Clinic, diuretics work to rid the body of sodium and water. The diuretic allows the kidneys to place more sodium in the urine and the extra sodium takes out excess water from the blood.

Why People Use Diuretics Diuretics are used for a variety of health conditions that occur from excess water and sodium in the body. People use diuretics for weight loss, to treat bloating and for the treatment of swelling of the hands, ankles and feet. Diuretics can also be used for kidney and

in eliminating excess fluid in the body while replacing important nutrients that are sometimes lost using a synthetic diuretic. While taking herbal diuretics it is important to limit sodium in the diet and drink 48 to 64 ounces of water daily to help flush out the system. The most effective herbal diuretics include: Green tea – Try drink-

Dandelion Leaf – Whether taken as a tea or in supplement form, dandelion leaf is one of the most effective herbal diuretics available. Dandelion leaf contains several essential minerals and vitamins, including potassium, which is lost while taking a diuretic. Dandelion leaf is also free from side-effects. Stinging Nettle – Stinging nettle leaf also contains several essential minerals including potassium, iron and magnesium. It is available in tea, capsule and tincture form. The only reported side-effect of stinging nettle leaf is stomach upset.

dried yarrow flowers for 10 minutes in boiling water and strain to make a tea. People who are allergic to ragweed, aspirin or are already taking a medication for anxiety, insomnia or high blood pressure should not use yarrow. Other herbs that may be effective as a diuretic

Yarrow – Yarrow is an effective diuretic which is also rich in flavoliver detoxification. Health ing two to three cups of noids, minerals conditions that improve green tea each day or take and vitamins. It is with the use of diuretics green tea supplements. For available in tablet, include: capsule, extract people who cannot have and tincture form caffeine, try a de-caffeinKidney disorders as well as in tea This process decreases ated green tea or take Diabetes form. Dried herbs the amount of fluid in supplements which are High blood pressure are also availthe blood vessels and naturally caffeine-free include: able to make tea. Steep reduces pressure in the Osteoporosis Heart Disease arteries. Black Cohosh Edema Goldenseal Swelling due to pregnancy Less sodium and fluid in Parsley the body helps lower the Yellow Dock Always see a doctor before risk of swelling in the Always talk to a doctor deciding upon a prescriphands, feet and ankles before trying any herbtion diuretic or an herbal and also reduces swellal remedy especially if ing caused by pre-men- diuretic. already taking prescripstrual syndrome (PMS). tion medications. Herbal Diuretics for Water Less fluid in the blood Retention also decreases the presIt is available now at RICA Insure of the blood flowing ternational – The Best Choice Herbal remedies have in the veins and places for Your Health, for enquiry, been used as diuretics for less stress on the heart please call Customer Hotline : centuries and are effective and kidneys. 8208-8847.

Malambot sa mukha ang facial mask na black soybean. Matagal na akong member ng RICA, marami na akong nasubukan at ginagamit na food supplements nila. Dahil alam kong RICA could be trusted, nag try din ako ng kanilang bagong product na facial mask. Marami silang ibat-ibang facial mask at ang ne recommend nila sa akin ay ang black soybean dahil maganda daw ito for skin metabolism at nagbibigay ng nutrients sa ating mukha. So, bumili ako ng isa at ginamit ko ng gabing iyon. Masarap gamitin dahil malamig siya sa mukha kaya narelax ang aking mukha. 20 minutes ko itong ginamit habang nakahiga at 5 minutes after kong tinanggal ang mask naramdaman kong malambot ang aking pisngi.

Ms. Ninfa Ramores, 59 Ate Ninfa has been working in Hong Kong for almost 20 years. Katulad ng mga ibang kababayan nating tumagal na sa Hong Kong, madali na siyang mapagod pagkatapos ng isang araw na pagtrabaho sa bahay ng kanyang amo. Maraming lumabas na iba’tibang karamdaman katulad ng pananakit ng likod, paa at mga muscles kaya nagtry si ate Ninfa ng mga food supplements. “Nagtry ako ng mga food supplements kaya lang medyo hindi pa rin ako comfortable kaya ako nagtry ng RICA. RICA Chlorella A1 at Bio Young Amino Acid Complex ang nirecommend sa akin and nagustuhan ko kasi I feel energetic again. So kahit na may kamahalan ipinagpapatuloy ko ang paggamit nito, Ms. Ramores said.

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Omega 3 helps you Why You Can’t Lose maintain a steady blood Those Last 10 Pounds sugar level and reduce your sugar cravings by: Stephen Perrine and Heather Hurlock


Leanness Law No. 2: Don’t Eat Plastic

or other sugar-free drinks. Once you have cleared sugar from your system, your taste buds will become more • It stimulates release of neurotranssensitive, and these natural foods will mitters in the brain, such as dopataste sweeter and more satisfying. mine and serotonin, in a manner similar to alcohol, cocaine, and other 3) Eat three regular meals each day that combine complex carbohydrates drugs of abuse. (vegetables, whole grains, and fruits), • People eat it compulsively, despite negative consequences and the inten- lean protein (poultry, fish, meat, dairy, tofu) and healthy fats (milk, cheese, tion to stop. • With continued use, people develop omega-3’s, olive oil). This will help you maintain a steady blood sugar a tolerance to its effects. level throughout the day and reduce • Heavy sugar consumers have your sugar cravings. Eating a diet high trouble functioning without it. in fiber also helps to reduce sugar • When consumption ceases, withcravings. drawal symptoms occur. Why is sugar addictive?

What can too much sugar give to us? Obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), attention and memory problems, hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression Some recommendations that can make a sugar problem under control 1) Keep sugar and sugar products out of your house. This includes white and brown sugar, corn syrup, and maple syrup.

4) Take food supplements, multivitamin or mineral supplement that will help to reduce cravings of foods with high sugar. 5) Make sure you are not ravenously hungry when you go out, especially if sugary sweets will be the only food available. Bring your own healthy snacks with you, or eat before going out. 6) Get regular exercise, plenty of sunlight, and adequate sleep to reduce sugar cravings.

7) Be kind to 2) Eat enough healthy yourself. To end the food to satisfy your struggle with sugar, hunger. Eat healthy, learn to nourish whole food snacks your body well and like fruit, carrots, red respond compassionately to your own pepper, cherry tomatoes, dates, and dried fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. feelings. The best sugar substitute is Drink plenty of water, too. Add a little genuine self-acceptance. fruit juice to sweeten iced tea, water

This ought to be a no-brainer. Indeed, you’re probably already thinking, Well, I don’t generally eat plastic. Ah, but you do. Chances are that you’re among the 93 percent of Americans with detectable levels of bisphenol-A (BPA) in their bodies, and that you’re also among the 75 percent of Americans with detectable levels of phthalates. Both are synthetic chemicals found in plastics that mimic estrogen — essentially, artificial female hormones. And like pesticides, these plastic-based chemicals trick our bodies into storing fat and not building or retaining muscle. Decreasing your exposure to plasticbased obesogens will maximize your chances both of losing unwanted flab and of building lean muscle mass.

in plastic wrap because EDCs are stored in fatty tissue. The plastic wrap used at the supermarket is mostly PVC, whereas the plastic wrap you buy to wrap things at home is increasingly made from polyethylene.

3) Cut down on canned goods by choosing tuna in a pouch over canned tuna. And get any canned and jarred foods from Eden Organic, one of the only companies that doesn’t have BPA in its cans. Leanness Law No. 3: Go Lean Always choose pasture-raised meats, which, studies show, have less fat than their confined, grainfed counterparts and none of the weight-promoting hormones. Plus,

grass-fed beef contains 60 percent more omega-3s, 200 percent more vitamin E and two to three times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, a near-magic nutrient that Here’s how: helps ward off heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and can help you 1) Never heat food in plastic containers or put plastic items in lose weight, according to a study the dishwasher, which can dam- in the American Journal of Clinical age them and increase leaching. Nutrition) than conventional beef. BPA leaches from polycarbonate If you must choose a conventional cut of beef, choose lean cuts top sports bottles 55 times faster when exposed to boiling liquids sirloin, 95 percent lean ground beef, bottom round roast, eye as opposed to cold ones, according to a study in the journal round roast, top round roast or sirloin tip steak. Bison burgers and Toxicology Letters. veggie burgers are also great substitutes when grass-fed beef isn’t 2) Avoid buying fatty foods available. And select sustainable like meats that are packaged

lean fish with low toxic loads (meaning low levels of toxins like mercury and PCBs). A study in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that even though the pesticide DDT was banned in 1973, the chemical and its breakdown product DDE can still be found today in fatty fish. Bigger fish eat smaller fish, and so carry a much higher toxic load. Avoid ahi or bigeye tuna, tilefish, swordfish, shark, king mackerel, marlin and orange roughy — and focus on smaller fish like anchovies, Atlantic herring and mackerel, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon. Choose farmed rainbow trout, farmed mussels, anchovies, scallops (bay, farmed), Pacific cod, Pacific Halibut, Tuna (canned light) and mahimahi. Also, when you cook the fish, broil, poach, grill, boil or bake instead of pan-frying — this will allow contaminants from the fatty portions of fish to drain out. Leanness Law No. 4: Filter Your Water The best way to eliminate EDCs from your tap water is an activated carbon water filter. Available for faucets and pitchers, and as under-the-sink units, these filters remove most pesticides and industrial pollutants. Check the label to make sure the filter meets the NSF/American National Standards Institute’s standard 53, indicating that it treats water for both health and aesthetic concerns.

How to improve Cholesterol with Omega-3 For people with the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of blood fats or triglycerides and high blood sugar, when taking a diet low in saturated fats and high in complex carbohydrates with a little fish oil it may bring you to one step healing.

Lopez-Miranda and his team looked at 117 people with metabolic syndrome, which raises the risk of heart disease and stroke. They assigned them to one of four diets for 12 weeks. The diets were: high fat/rich in saturated fats; high fat/rich in monounsaturated fats (such as fish and olive oil), low fat and high in complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables), low fat and “When you add omega-3 to high in complex carbohydrates a high carbohydrate, low-fat but with the fish oil supplediet, you can prevent the ment included. long-term adverse effect that a high-carbohydrate diet All four diets included about induces on [blood fats],” the same number of calories. Dr. Jose Lopez-Miranda (a The researchers tested blood professor of medicine at the before and after eating, looking Reina Sofia University Hos- for blood fat levels. pital and the University of At the study’s start, all parCordoba, Spain) was quoted ticipants had similar post-meal as saying. blood fat responses. But by the According to a paper, end of the three-month trial, Rosalyn Navarro “Gumamit ako ng RICA food supplements dahil sa aking mga karamdaman. Noong una akong lumapit sa RICA, ang aking concern ay ang aking leeg na laging napapansing may goiter at nararamdaman ko ring may nakabara. Subalit noong nagpaconsult ako sa Doctor ng RICA napansin niya ang aking mga kuko na nangingitim, sinabihan niya akong sign daw ito ng liver problem. Napansin din niya ang aking mga mata na yellowish at maraming ugat na lumilitaw kaya Chlorella A1 at Bilberry ang kanyang ipinayong gagamitin ko. Pagkatapos kong uminom ng 3 bottles na Bilberry ng RICA lumilinaw ang aking paningin, hindi na bastang lumuluha at hindi na rin masyadong mahapdi.” Delia 20 years ng nagtatrabaho sa Hong Kong. “Dahil may edad na rin ako lumalabo na ang aking paningin. Lalo pang lumabo dahil na rin sa aking pagpupuyat sa pagbabasa ng mga pocket books. Very dry at namumula lagi ang aking mga mata kaya nag try akong gumamit ng RICA Bilberry. After na naubos ko ang 1 bottle naramdaman ko na medyo guminhawa ang aking mga mata.”

those on the high-fat/monounsaturated fat-rich diet or the low-fat, high complex carbohydrate diet with fish oil had better responses. For example, those on the lowfat/high-carb diet plus fish oil showed lower levels of triglyceride blood fats, compared to people eating a high-fat diet rich in saturated fats, the researchers found. And people eating the low-fat/high-carb regimen alone (without fish oil) had a rise in triglycerides and cholesterol, compared to when fish oil was added. The researchers believe that adding polyunsaturated fat such as those found in fish oil can help undercut the effects of a long-term low-fat, high complex carbohydrate diet on triglyceride levels in those with metabolic syndrome. In the study, participants got 1.24 grams of fish oil a day (between one and two standard capsules).

So come and try RICA Omega 3 for your health. For more information, please call RICA Customer Hotline : 8208-8847




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Is Sarah Geronimo Angel Locsin named Icon of the avoiding John Lloyd Cruz? Year at Us Girls Awards There have been reports that the real reason why the sequel of You Changed My Life will no longer push through is because Sarah Geronimo wants to avoid being romantically linked to John Lloyd Cruz again. Apparently, she has had enough of the controversies surrounding the sought-after actor and would rather sacrifice their successful teamup than be constantly plagued by the local media. But John Lloyd remained noncommittal when he heard about this issue. “Actually medyo mahirap mag-comment on such statements kasi napasa-pasa yung information at mahirap mamisinterpret yung mismong sinabi niya,” he began. Since he hasn’t had the chance to talk to Sarah yet, John Lloyd only said what he knows based on Sarah’s previous interviews. “Kasi nakapanood ako ng isang interview e, kung saan sinabi niya na medyo hesitant na siya gumawa ng third installment ngA Very Special Love. Ang gusto kasi niyang mangyari, iwan na yung success ngYou Changed My Life. And nakuha naman natin yun. Sabi rin niya na okay lang naman na [magkasama kami ulit] sa ibang project na at sa ibang storya na.” As much as he wants to work on the sequel of You Changed My Life,

John Lloyd has resigned himself to accepting the decision that Sarah’s camp made. “Ako kasi tingin ko parang we owe it to all the fans na sumuporta. Bihira yung ganong success na dumadapo sa ganong team up. I guess one in a million kasi siya. Kasi nung una ‘di namin malaman kung papa’no ibebenta yung pelikula e. Halos lahat sinasabi, ‘Anong pelikula ‘yan?’ ‘Bakit sila?’ And then pinalabas at naging maganda ang reception ng tao.” Nevertheless, John Lloyd feels very blessed because Star Cinema is already planning a new movie for him opposite Toni Gonzaga. “Para sa akin kasi, project-wise, it’s very inspiring in a sense na masayang-masaya ako na dumating sa akin itong project na ito sa tamang panahon para sa amin ni Toni (whose movie with Robin Padilla was also cancelled). Bigating excitement din kasi I’ve seen her movies and dati na akong fan ng kanyang wit at talent. Nai-present na sa akin yung concept, naging part din tayo ng maiksing brainstorming last week and tuwang-tuwa ako kasi tingin ko ito ang perfect project para sa amin ni Toni,” he beamed.

The Sexiest Woman in the Philippines is now a certified Icon.

Actress Angel Locsin was declared as “Icon of the Year” at the “Us Girls August Awards”. She’s the second to receive the honor after KC Concepcion, who was hailed “Icon” in 2009. In the VTR that was shown before Angel went onstage to accept her award, the hosts of the Studio 23 long-running lifestyle show---Iya Villania, Angel Aquino and Cheska Garcia-Kramer---described the 25-year old star as an overall achiever; she who is an actress, commercial model, designer, producer, advocate, businesswoman, sports enthusiast, and philanthropist all rolled in one.

Among Angel’s notable achievements include her nomination at the 2009 International Emmy Awards, her advocacy for women as part of Gabriela, and her efforts as ambassadress of the Philippine National Red Cross. Aside from the multiple thank you’s she mouthed during her acceptance speech, Angel hopes that “sa mga mumunti kong nagawa ay may mga mainspire ako.” The hosts said the “Icon” award is the only honor which was not opened for public voting. It was them (Iya, Angel, and Cheska), the staff and the management who deliberated the long list of nominees.

Ogie Alcasid excited to finally walk down the aisle with Regine Velasquez

Gretchen Barretto says she has no time to get into fights

If anyone is to describe the love story of Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez, these words will perfectly fit: It was a long wait, but the wait was worth it.

Now that Gretchen Barretto’s rift with Angelica Panganiban has been finally resolved, the stylish actress feels that countless blessings have been coming her way nowadays. In an interview with Angelica she apologized to Gretchen whose naughty comment provoked Angelica to say some harsh things against the Magkaribal actress.

Theirs is a love story that is unexpected. Ogie shares, “Way before pa, kilala ko na si Regine, but we were still very young then. I’ve known her for a long time now, and siguro it’s fate.” It can also be recalled that prior to being a couple, they’ve been making beautiful music together. Ogie adds, “I

Relieved that she and Angelica are okay now, Gretchen said fell in love with Regine and she fell in love with me. And it’s been that it is not nice that they fight since they special ever since.” are both Kapamilya stars. Recently, Ogie announced that She even acknowledged finality of the nullity of his marthat their recent rift was riage with former Ms. Australia partly her fault and that Michelle Van-Eimeren. “I just want to announce also na nagka- some people close to her have reprimanded her roon na po ng finality yung nulfor her being naughty. lification ng marriage and it was final. It’s a blessing. And it’s been “Sinermonan na kami ng management, Tita Mariole a long wait.” (Star Magic head) told me, ‘Don’t be naughty! And now that the wait is finally No fighting!’ I said, ‘I’m over, the couple’s friends and not fighting, I’m just being relatives are all excited. That includes Ogie’s former wife, who naughty.’ happens to remain friends with them. in fact, in an interview with “It was also my mistake na I always cater to the Michelle the last time she visited the Philippines, she openly states, audience na, I know you are trying to drive “Si Regine family ko yun. Sana at something so parang maging asawa ni Ogie yun eh.” ibinibigay ko naman, pero The songwriter also confides, “It nakakalimutan ko may would be nice if we could spend mga nasasagasaan, may the rest of our years together bemga nasasaktan. Mali naing married. That would be the man talaga ‘yung ginawa ideal thing to do.” ko. Buti na lang hindi ako Ogie expresses how thankful he sinabunutan, ‘yung hair is to Regine for waiting. “Honey extensions ko,” she said ko, salamat sa pagmamahal mo. At sa paghihintay at sa pagigigng with a laugh. patient mo. Eto na yun.” The With the happiness she most-awaited wedding is set has in her personal and before the year ends. And with much love, Ogie has these words professional life, Gretchen said that she just wants to say to Regine, “Honey, as our special day is nearing, I just want to be positive. “So many to say thank you for making me a things had happened and maraming blessings so, very happy person, a very happy I really don’t like war.” man.

Inspired by Angelica’s recent show of humility, Gretchen apologized to those she might have hurt before. “Kung talagang tunay kang matapang, dapat matapang ka rin mag-sorry, matapang ka na ma-realize mo na nagkamali ka. Now I realize na kung meron akong nasaktan sa pagka-naughty ko, I’m sorry. Hindi na ako nakikipag-away, wala na akong time, ha ha ha!” also asked Gretchen if she will stop being naughty after the incident. “I don’t know if I can totally change but one thing is for sure, gusto kong magbago for the better,” she replied and added that she should be wiser while getting older. “Ang daming nagsasabi, sinermonan na ako ni Marjorie (Barretto, sister), my brothers, si Tony (Boy Cojuangco, partner), ‘Oh my gosh, will you stop it! That was done in bad taste!’ So I paid the price, ha ha ha! Everybody sinermunan ako na will you please grow up, but I’m having fun can I take my time?” she joked.

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Beyoncé not pregnant, Beauty queen Pattinson caught romancing Kristen not ready for a family dies Robert Pattinson has fueled long-running reports he’s dating his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart after paying a visit to the actress on the set of her new movie “On the Road.” The British hunk plays Stewart’s love interest in the hit vampire series and he is rumored to be romancing the actress off screen, too. The stars have repeatedly denied the claims but this week, Pattinson was caught on camera snuggling up to Stewart on the set in Montreal, Canada during breaks in filming. One shot even appears to show the actor leaning in for a kiss.

Angelina Jolie donates $100,000 to aid Pakistan Filed Under: Entertainment (general), Cinema, Celebrities, Charity, Flood PARIS—Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, in Europe to promote her spy thriller “Salt”, has handed $100,000 to help refugees from Pakistan’s floods, UN sources told AFP.

A crowd of 1,000 fans engulfed the 34-year-old actress, who is also a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, when she stepped out of a limousine in Paris on Tuesday evening clad in a short shiny number with plunging neckline for the French premiere of the movie. A UNHCR source attend-

Beyoncé has put to rest persistent rumors that she’s trying for a baby with her rapper husband Jay-Z, insisting she will start a family when she’s ready. The “Crazy In Love” hitmaker has been dogged by pregnancy reports since the hip-hop supercouple wed in 2008, but the claims have always been dismissed. Beyoncé, who regularly spends time with her sister Solange’s son Julez, admits she would love to become a mother one day, but her body clock is not ticking just yet. She tells Britain’s You magazine, “My ambition is to continue to

learn about the world and to eventually have a family (but there are) no dates, no times – it will happen when I am ready.” And the singer wants to make sure she has enough time to juggle all of her responsibilities before she makes one of the biggest decisions of her life, and starts a family. She says, “I love so many different things, and to have the discipline to turn certain things away and focus on one thing at a time so that I can give it 100 percent is really hard. “Probably the biggest challenge in my life is time – making sure I have time to be a wife, to be a singer, to be a songwriter, to be an actor and still have time for my clothing line and now for my perfume (Heat).” (

Cameron Diaz ranked most dangerous Web celeb: study She may be known for her playful giggles and killer looks, but now movie star Cameron Diaz has become the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet. ing the gala screening said she had donated the sum to help relieve Pakistan, where aid has been short and slow in coming. In the film Jolie plays captivating CIA officer Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a Russian spy and must prove her innocence while on the run. -Agence France-Presse

Diaz, 37, is top of the list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, above second-placed Julia Roberts, according to computer security company McAfee, Inc. Last year’s most dangerous Web celebrity, Jessica Biel, fell to third. One in ten websites featuring the “Knight and Day” star contain malicious software intended to infect computers and steal data from users,

2009 Miss International semifinalist Melody Gersbach, who was also the trainer of Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj for the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant, was killed in a vehicular accident on August 22. Gersbach, 24, single, a Filipino-German beauty queen who won the Binibining Pilipinas International 2009, died on the spot along with her make-up artist Alden Orense and Santos Ramos, the driver of the Toyota Innova they were riding, a news report said. The official said Gersbach and her companions were heading to Naga City to grace a gown competition for the Ms. Bicolandia beauty contest when the incident happened at around 11 a.m. along a national highway in Sitio Banasi, Barangay Pawili in Bula town. The beauty contest is annually being held for the Peñafrancia Festival in Naga City. Councilor Nene de Asis of Naga City, who is part of the Ms. Bicolandia according to research released by McAfee. Creators of malicious software use celebrities as lures, baiting fans and followers to click on and download seemingly innocuous content containing programs designed to steal passwords and other private information for profit, said Dave Marcus, director of security research at McAfee Labs. “They know that people

executive council, was saddened by the news. “Melody had a bright future ahead of her. Mabait na bata yan. Kahit nung nanalo siya, hindi siya nakalimot.” Despite the accident, Ablang said the activity went on in Naga City proper. He added that he is not sure if Gersbach will act as a judge for the gown competition. Gersbach was also 2009 Bb. Pilipinas-International and was one of the trainers of Raj. At the send-off party for Raj at the Gateway, Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City last August 2, Gersbach was among the well-wishers of Raj, 22. Both Gersbach and Raj are Bicolanas. want to have screensavers of popular individuals. They follow hot topics on the Web and create their poisonous content accordingly,” Marcus said. “This relates to a larger trend of using social engineering lures. A lot of times a cyber criminal will mine Twitter, or follow Google Trends, to poison those links. It’s very clear they will use news trends to lure,” he said. (Reuters)





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a + b = 3 Ltd Financial Literacy - Because money is more than adding up figures

FINANCIAL LITERACY How to choose a loan (part 2) sible lenders. - Next, go and talk to the lenders you have shortlisted: take your preparation work (how much you can borrow, how much you want to borrow…), list month, we listed what your questions and take a to check before taking a notepad. Be clear on the loan: what do you need meeting objective: you want the loan for? What are the information to take your devarious ways to finance cision, but you are not going your project and the item to decide right away. you want to buy (borrow the whole amount, borrow - Ask questions: prepare part of the amount and a list of questions and ask finance the rest with own them to each of your potensavings, wait and save, tial lender: this will help you buy later, not buy…)? really compare their loans How much do you need and decide in a rational to borrow? How much can way. Your potential lender you borrow (depending should tell you: on your income and if you have other debts)? What • How much the loan will is your debt situation? cost: what is the interest rate? Is the interest rate Now you have answers to fixed or variable? If it is these various questions, variable, what is indexed to you can go out and find a (what makes it change?) loan. But where to go and • Are there any other fees how to choose which one on top? is the best “fit” for your • Are there penalties if project? you want to pay back in advance? - Loan shopping: before • Does the bank ask for a signing a loan contract at collateral (an asset, usually the first bank, go round the one you are buyig with and find out your varithe loan, that will be owned ous options. What are the by the bank if you cannot various institutions that pay your loan back)? lend money? What type • Are there any other condiof institutions are they: tions (the bank for example traditional banks, credit may want you to have your institutions, microcredit salary paid on the new acinstitutions, shop (if you count you are opening in buy a car, or an applitheir books)? ance) ? What is their • What are the practical reputation? Are they steps (you may need to well known? Are they open a bank account in safe? Run a quick search that particular bank)? How on internet to find out long does it take between more about them (official the loan signature and the website and other articles moment you will receive the on each of them). Do you funds? know someone (a friend, family member…) who - You are a customer! Be have borrowed money confident: don’t forget that with this institution? What you are not begging a loan, do they think? Be very you are a potential customer careful before committing who may “shop” for a loan. to an institution which So it is in the bank’s best inhas no legal right to lend terest to give you the pieces money. Consider practiof information you need. cal considerations too: are Don’t be afraid to ask questhey far from your place, tions if you don’t undereasily accessible? Don’t stand something. Don’t sign hesitate to push the door, anything if you don’t fully and take any available understand what it entails. flyers. This should help - Ask for a loan simulation: short-list two or three pos- the bank should be able to Last

print you a loan amortisation table with the amount you may want to borrow, for your information. Show the potential lender that you have done your homework and prepare how much you plan to borrow. You can ask the bank to give a few loan amortisation tables based on this amount. The loan amortisation will show you how much you will pay back every month during the whole duration of the loan. For a fixed rate interest loan, the amount to pay back is usually a fixed amount: the first months or years, you pay mostly interest and a bit of capital back, then as time passes by, you pay more capital back and less interest. The proportion interest/capital changes but the total amount to pay every month stay the same. - Compare: once home, compare the various loan offers, especially all the costs (interest, fees…) and make up your mind on the best offer. - Borrow: once decided, take an appointment with your lender. Read thoroughly every paper you sign. Make sure the conditions (interest, fees…) are the same as the ones you took your decision on. Mind the additional costs that are not mandatory (insurance for example): you can say no! - Manage your debt: manage your money in order to pay your debt in time. Don’t forget that interest computes: if you pay late, you will have to pay interest on interest. Enrich, our not-for-profit partner in Hong Kong, regularly runs courses on personal finance and business in English, Tagalog and Bahasa. Contact Enrich at http:// T: 6258 5265, email: info@

QC student, winner of arts tilt in Hong Kong Marvin Lagorte, a 12-year-old student of the Commonwealth Elementary School in Quezon City got a grand prize in a competition as he bested 3,000 other entries in the Hong Kong International Students’ Visual Arts Contest with his work entitled “My World-My Dream”. Philippine Consul General Claro Cristobal received the trophy and certificate on Lagorte’s behalf during the awarding ceremonies held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art last August 14. The work was also awarded of US$1,000.

“Maria Chlowella” is named after the food supplement of RICA International Ltd. “Chlorella A1”. Ang mommy ni Chlowella ay diabetic and she was taking insulin before pregnancy. Dahil sa kanyang diabetes naantala ang plano niya at ng daddy ni Chlowella na magkaroon ng baby. Alam nila pareho na magiging delikado sa health ng mother at ng baby pag siya ay nabuntis sa di tamang panahon kaya siya nag medication. Ang tita ni Chlowella ay matagal ng nagtatrabaho dito sa Hong Kong. Member siya ng RICA International Ltd at matagal na siyang gumagamit ng RICA food supplements. After na sinabihan siya tungkol sa health condition ng kanyang kapatid, nagpadala siya agad ng Chlorella Ai sa kanyang kapatid at ipinainom niya

Anna Marie Acosta, 40 Occidental Mindoro Cyril Boisson, who was one of the judges, was so impressed by Marvin’s work that he was quoted as saying that “with a good eye and a good heart, Marvin may become a Picasso from the Philippines.”

Rafael is 8 years old, umiinom siya ng Chlorella Ai na best seller ng RICA International Food Supplements. His mom, Ms. Rowena Madayag has been working in Hong Kong and just like any mothers in Hong Kong dahil malayo sa pamilya worried siya sa anak na si Rafael na lagging matamlay at ayaw magaral. Bilang ina nag search siya kung ano ang best na bibilhin niyang para sa anak. Nabasa niya ang tungkol sa Chlorella Ai food supplement at ang bisa nito kaya bumisita siya sa RICA Shop 107 WWH. Pagkatapos inumin ni Rafael ang unang dalawang boxes na ipinadala ng mommy niya ibinalita naman ng kanyang papa na lumakas kumain ito at sumigla, hindi lang poi yon. Dahil tamad mag-aral mababa lagi ang score sa test, ngunit lately mataas ang resulta ng kanyang exams at pinagalitan ng kanyang papa noong nakita ang result ng kanyang test dahil pinagbintangan niya itong nangopya. Subalit na confirm naman ng kanyang teacher na it was his own effort.

Rafael Madayag, Chlorella Ai

ito sa kanya. Dahil nasubukan na niya ang RICA products may tiwala siya na mapapabuti nito ang karamdaman ng kanyang kapatid. “Anim na buwan na uminom ang kapatid ko ng Chlorella Ai at natutuwa kami at nagpapasalamat dahil napakalaki ang naitulong nito sa kapatid ko, una – naging okay ang kalagayan ng aking kapatid. Pangalawa – nagkaroon sila ng baby na malusog…..kaya salamat ng marami sa RICA!

Helen, 61 years old, 31 years na sa Hong Kong Dating napakataas ang kanyang blood pressure kaya siya gumamit ng mga food supplements ng RICA International Ltd. “Mataas ang aking blood pressure noon at madali akong mapagod kaya noong sinabihan ako ng aking kaibigan na e try ang food supplements ng RICA International hindi ako nagdalawang isip na pumasyal sa kanilang shop at nirecommend sa akin ang Omega 3 and Chlorella Ai para sa aking high blood pressure at Royal Jelly naman para hindi ako madaling mapagod.” Sa pitong taon na niyang pag-inom ng food supplements ng RICA natutuwa sya dahil malakas at energetic pa rin siyang nagtatrabaho kahit na 31 years na syang nagtatrababo bilang domestic helper. “Kahit na 61 years old na ako kaya ko pa rin ang trabaho ko”, she said. Noong hindi pa siya gumagamit ng food supplements madaling mapagod ang kanyang mga paa sa pagtayo.

Liberty M. Antazo, 59 Ate Liberty has 4 grown up sons, two of them are in Last year, may isang buwan Canada and she is waiting na hindi ako nakakatulog for her visa to join them. sa gabi. Dahil sa may nabaShe has been working in sa akong advertisement sa Hong Kong for 28 years. At isang newspaper tungkol her age she looks younger sa isang food supplement and she feels energetic. “Kasinubukan ko ito kaya lang hit na pagod ako sa maghapong trahindi pa rin ako nakakatulog. Then one baho ay malakas pa rin ang pakiramdam time nakakuha ako ng KabayanSTAR news- ko kaya masaya ako”, she said. Three years paper sa World Wide House. Nabasa kong na akong gumagamit ng RICA Royal Jelly maganda ang RICA Royal Jelly sa insomnia at Omega 3 kaya siguro hindi ako madaling kaya tumawag ako sa kanilang hotline at dapuan ng sakit, matagal na rin akong hindi nasabi ko rin sa nakausap kong sumasakit nagpapaduktor. I also introduce Chlorella ang aking mga paa kapag nakatayo ako ng AI to my sister who has mayoma, dati daw buong araw kaya RICA Royal Jelly ang inad- sumasakit pero okay na sya pagkatapos mag vice niya sa akin at pinasubok niya ako ng RICA. Pinagamit ko rin ang manugang at RICA Chlorella AI for body cleansing. After kapatid kong bunso na may goiter ng Chlomahigit isang buwan kong pag-inom talarella AI. Gumamit ako ng RICA Food supplegang sumarap na ang tulog ko, unti-unting ments na walang karamdaman kundi panlabumalik ang aking sigla at hindi na laging ban sa puyat at pagod. Para sa akin hanggang sumasakit ang aking katawan. Naibahagi maaga ay dapat kong alagaan ang aking sarili ko rin sa aking mga kaibigan kaya may mga at makakatulong sa aking immune system. nagtry na sa kanila. “Prevention is better than cure” ika nga.


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Destiny... Sa Likod Ng Mga Pangarap 3 “Don’t worry ma’am, sir, I will do the best I can in bringing up your child. I just want to have your trust in me.” Sabi pa niya sa mga amo. Inakbayan pa siya ng babae at sinabihan. “ You have our trust Jonna Mae. And we hope that we will be together for a longer period of time.”

Mabait na bata ito at kahit minsan ay hindi niya ito nakitaan ng katigasan ng ulo. Magkasundong-magkasundo silang dalawa at tuwang-tuwa pa ito kapag binabasahan niya ng mga stories mula sa mga storybooks nito.

Maging ang mag-asawa ay napakabait sa kanya. Masaya na Naging okey naman siya sa kanyang ang relasyon ni kalagayan dito sa Jonna sa mga amo. Hong Kong. Tuwing NOVEL wRITER Araw - araw ay day-off niya ay Erna Velado ganon at ganon pa tinatawagan niya rin ang kanyang ang mga magulang routine, maliban na lamang at kapatid sa Pilipinas. Sumapit kung may schedule sa na ang katapusan at tinanggap playgroup ang kanyang ni Jonna ang unang sahod alaga dahil summer vacation niya. ngayon pa ng mga panahong iyon. “Hay! Ang sarap pala ng

pakiramdam pag nakatanggap ka ng sahod mo, para bang nawawala ang hirap at pagod mo sa isang buwang pagtatrabaho. Bukas ipapadala ko agad ito kina nanay. Abah! iba yata ang dating ng pera na galing abroad. Hay! sana madali akong makakaipon para sa mga pinaplano ko. Kaya lang, parang napapalapit na ang loob ko sa alaga ko, baka darating ang panahon na hindi ko na kayang iwanan” Nangalumbaba pa si Jonna. Palibhasa, wala siyang kahirap-hirap sa pag-aalaga sa bata, kaya mabilis itong napalapit sa kanya. Lagi niya itong ibinibida sa nanay at mga kapatid niya tuwing tatawag siya. Kahit kay Ate Joy, na ilang beses na niyang nakakasama tuwing day-off niya.

Filipinos Mourn with the Hong Kong People and Demand Accountability and Justice Again, we offer our deepest condolences to the victims of the tragic hostage-taking in Manila last Monday which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead and more than ten survivors physically, emotionally and psychologically scarred by the ordeal. Filipino migrant workers here share the Hong Kong people’s shock and dismay at how poorly the crisis situation was handled.

and responsibility to be determined. These should be owned up and commensurate actions should be taken. The Philippine authorities still owe explanations to the victims, to those who have to bear the trauma of the ordeal, to the people of Hong Kong and the Filipinos who are indignant over what happened.

In this regard, some of President Noynoy Aquino’s statements immediately after the incident lacked sensitivity and sensibilOnline community discussions, text mes- ity. Instead of pointing to the poor crisis sages and news stories persistently raised management, he compared it to other tragic hostage-taking in Russia and Germany. Did serious questions and comments on the he hope to reduce the liability of Philippine execution of the rescue operation. As officials over the fiasco? Extending condothe hostage-taking and rescue operation were broadcasted live, the perception and lences and sympathies to the victims as well as promising investigation should have been assessment both by many Hong Kong enough then. local and Filipino residents of the apparThese insensitive statements do not help in healing the wounds and to assure the Hong Kong people. Filipinos here are concerned that these may add to the current tension and may trigger actions which may jeopardize our safety and livelihood. Definitely, these statements do not help assuage our anxiety. Dolores Balladares - Chairman of UNIFIL together with Emman the Secretary ent ineptitude, lack of coordination and inability of Philippine law enforcement officers and public officials to secure the safety of the victims grew. How did the Philippine authorities assess the situation every step of the way to ensure that the prudent course of action is taken with the lives of the hostages as topmost priority? With their handling of the crisis, the competency of Philippine law enforcement and effectiveness of the crisis management system is now being questioned by many sectors. In this tragedy, we call for accountability

The pain felt by the people of Hong Kong and shared by the Filipino community is apparent. The Philippine government must do its utmost to relieve this pain and not allow it to worsen. We still believe that the central concern is justice and how to ensure that the investigation is made objectively, speedily and thoroughly. It is this call that the Filipino community in Hong Kong, together with the Hong Kong people, will closely monitor until it is achieved. Joint Statement of the Filipinos Migrant Workers Union (FMWU), United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK), GABRIELA Hong Kong and the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN-HK)

Ma. Teresa, 48

“Medyo mataas ang aking BP kaya ako umiinom ng pang maintenance na gamot galing sa Duktor. Pero hindi pa rin nagiging normal ang aking BP kaya ako bumisita sa RICA noong nabasa ko ang tungkol sa kanilang products sa newspaper. Dahil madali akong mapagod at mataas pati ang aking pulse nirecommend nila sa akin na etry ang RICA Royal Jelly. Maganda rin ito sa stress at tulog kaya bumili ako. After few days ng aking pag-inom ng Royal Jelly napansin kong nakakapagtrabaho ako ng buong araw na di ko naramdaman ang sobrang pagod. Bumisita ako ulit sa RICA shop ng sumunod na linggo at natuwa talaga ako dahil bumaba ang aking BP kaya sabi nila sa akin na stress ako at nakatulong sa akin ang Royal Jelly. Kaya nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa RICA Intl







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Filipinos Around the Globe 18,000 Pinoy TNTs surrendered 1. At any time there are some 44,000 storms; lightning strikes the earth 100 times every second, and there are on average 35 earthquakes per day. 2. African elephants only have four teeth to chew their food with.

Thousands of undocumented Filipinos in the United States, sometimes called TNTs (Tago Ng Tago) voluntarily went home last year, avoiding possible detention and deportation, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

removal from the United States of foreign nationals who violate US immigration law,” a report was quoted.

The DHS published last month the Immigration Enforcement Actions report for 2009. The report showed a total of 18,820 Filipinos were returned without a removal order.

(25,376) who went back to their home countries of their own volition.

Filipinos comprised the third biggest group, next only to Mexicans (465,205) and Canadians

3. A house fly lives only 14 days. 4. An annoyed camel will spit at a person. 5. In Denmark there are twice as many pigs as people. 6. The heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car. 7. The tongue of a blue whale is as long as an elephant. 8. New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 70 million sheep. 9. There are about 5,000 prince and princesses in each Saudi Arabian royal. 10. When Alexander Graham Bell passed away in 1922, every telephone served by the Bell system in the USA and Canada was silent for one minute. 11. Leonardo da Vinci could write with the one hand and draw with the other simultaneously. 12. There are four types of marriages: monogamy, polygyny (polygymy), polyandry, and group marriage. Monogamy is one wife, one husband. Polygyny is one husband, several wives. Polyandry is one wife, several husbands. Group marriage is by far the rarest and has never been the prevailing form of marriage in any known society. 13. To make one kilo of honey bees have to visit 4 million flowers, traveling a distance equal to 4 times around the earth. 14. Botanically speaking, the banana is a herb and the tomato is a fruit. 15. Wine is sold in tinted bottles because wine spoils when exposed to light. 16. An onion, apple and potato all have the same taste. The differences in flavor are caused by their smell. 17. China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year. 25 million trees are chopped down to make ‘em sticks. 18. Watermelons are 97% water, lettuce 97%, tomatoes 95%, carrots 90%, and bread 30%. 19. 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn. 20. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, suggested that a woman could enlarge her bust line by singing loudly and often.

“Each year, the Department of Homeland Security undertakes immigration enforcement actions involving hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals. These actions include the arrest, detention, return and

There are an estimated four million Filipinos in the US, and some experts say, as many as one in four could be undocumented. The DHS pegs the number of Pinoy TNTs at 270,000, a 33% increase since 2000 and representing about 2% of illegal immigrants in the US.

Anong bago? Anong meron?

Does your association has upcoming activities? Spread the news. See them published here… and it’s free! For inquiries call Weng at tel. no. 2487-9722; email at

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Sunday worship Every Sunday, the Potter’s House Christian Society gather together in their church to worship and share life with other members of the society.

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Being away from their families, the members meet on their holidays to be with their friends where they support each other and to celebrate their faith as MTR exit A one family. On October, the group Their church is located will celebrate their church’ anniversary at 4F Temple Street and they are glad to Jordan invite everyone to atKowloon Hong Kong

tend the activity they are preparing with speakers from the Philippines. Interested party may call 2332 3588 / Gloria 9080 2448

21. Men loose about 40 hairs a day. Women loose about 70 hairs a day.


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23. Approximately two-thirds of a person’s body weight is water. Blood is 92% water. The brain is 75% water and muscles are 75% water.

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24. We actually do not see with our eyes – we see with our brains. The eyes basically are the cameras of the brain.

Blk. A 16/F, Chung King Mansion 49 Nathan Road

25. 80% of millionaires drive second-hand cars. 26. Money notes are not made from paper, it is made mostly from a special blend of cotton and linen.

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22. The muscle that lets your eye blink is the fastest muscle in your body. It allows you to blink 5 times a second.

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BE MERCIFUL EVEN WHEN IT IS UGLY Today Emma and I invite you to look at the two pictures of mercy to equip you to show mercy to others. In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice the young heroine, Portia, urged Shylock, the moneylender, to show mercy that “droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven”, “is enthroned in the hearts of kings,” and “is an attribute to God Himself.” (186). Shakespeare wanted his generation to see the compelling beauty of mercy.

pray, proclaim and do acts of compassion, especially to the millions with HIV—a disease “without cure”, but who’s sufferers are in great need of God’s mercy. God’s people have always been the quiet agents of compassion all over the world. Indeed, mercy is beautiful. Yet this is not the only face of mercy. Mercy can also be ugly. There is perhaps no better representation of this contrasting Another work depicting perception than mercy’s beauty is Caravaggio’s in the practice of The Seven Works of Mercy. “compassionate His work, done in the 1600’s, release” for shows mercy flowing from convicted an angel’s hand reaching criminals. Last over seven scenes: burying year, the release the dead, feeding the hungry, of the terminally-ill Abdel refreshing the thirsty, Basset Ali al-Megrahi, who harboring a stranger, clothing was sentenced to life in prison the naked, visiting the sick, for the 1988 bombing of a Pan and ministering to prisoners. American jetliner, we can see the other face of mercy. One The seven scenes are based headline described Megrahi’s on Christ’s words in Matthew release as “an ugly act of 25:35-36: “I was hungry ‘mercy.’”(LA Times, August and you gave me food, I was 21). Mercy is far less beautiful thirsty and you gave me drink, when its recipients are seen as I was a stranger and you undeserving of it. welcomed me, I was naked Reactions to Megrahi’s release and you clothed me, I was were understandably intense; sick and you visited me, I was outrage at the thought of in prison and you came to compassion for someone who me.” showed no compassion for his 270 victims were angrily We can add to these acts, voiced. One Fox News care for orphans, widows and commentator calls the act, the elderly. Franklin Graham, “wrong” and demands his when he spoke at our church government to file a high level group’s General Assembly protest. It did not help, of in Orlando, Florida last July, course, that British Petroleum called the Body of Christ to (BP) the company responsible

for the worst oil spill in US history, had a hand in this act of mercy. A sense of injustice was rightly expressed, particularly for and by those who lost loved ones at the hands of the nowfreed man. Much can be said in this case about justice and injustice. For indeed, justice demands that guilt not be swept under the carpet; and yet here, mercy served as the broom. What cannot be said, however, is what we expect mercy to be: to always be beautiful and always be easy to swallow. (Un)fortunately, mercy is always ugly to someone. But we rarely see it this way. We demand justice when aggrieved by others, but hope for mercy when guilty. C.S. Lewis illustrates this in his book, Till We have Faces. Orual, his main character spent a life time carefully building her case against the gods. She carefully, and in detail, describes each instance where she has been wronged, and demands to be heard by the gods for the sake of justice. But after she has finally had her chance to formally state her case before the gods themselves, she is stunned to hear that it is now her turn to face her judges. “My judges?” she asks. “Why, yes, child. The gods have been accused by you.



Church of God Community

Pastor Dan and Emma serve the Church of God Community Hong Kong. This church family is part of the churches of God in the world, including the Philippines. For prayer and Now’s their turn.” “I cannot hope for mercy,” she more information please call us at 24097445; 66200709. laments to the one beside her. You may also call the church office, 25456808, or visit our “Infinite hopes—and fears— website: may both be yours,” he replies. Also we are starting an outreach in Shatin on Sundays. “Be sure that, whatever else Please call Vi at 92099751 or Eugene - 61100716. you get, you will not get justice.” Please note the following box for Schedule of Worship “Are the gods not just?” she Meetings: asks. “Oh no, child. What would become of us if they were?”(C. S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces (Orlando: Harcourt, 1984), 297.) Our strong sense of justice is not misguided. We just don’t see the full picture. We cry and demand justice when hurt but hope for mercy when we are the aggressors—when we are guilty. But justice demands that it will apply to us as thoroughly as we apply it to others. This is why Jesus calls his followers to be merciful. Why should we be merciful and forgiving? Jesus says, “because despite your guilt, you have received God’s mercy and forgiveness.” Instead of demanding justice from us which could have been “his wrath and eternal hell”, he took our place on the cross and now offers reconciliation and freedom to those who turn to him. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 (NIV)

Church of God Community Hong Kong Room 834, Willy Commercial Building 28-36 Wing Kut St. Central Phone: 25456808; Email: Website: Schedule of Worship Meetings SUNDAY: Shatin Outreach 10:00 - 12:00 am SUNDAY: 10 am at the church office 2 pm - 17F, Jubilee Centre, Sino Cheer Plaza, Jordan Rd, Near Exit A, Jordan MTR

TUESDAY: 2 pm - Church Office 7 pm - Church Office THURSDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office SATURDAY: 2 pm at the Church Office

Church of God Community Activities `Visit to the city of Chicago with Pastor Edwin and Dette

aIn Celebration City, Orlando, Florida (Universal World)

Above: Participating in Lord’s Supper, in Holy Land, Orlando

Above: With friends from Pasay COG in Oakland, CA Above Inseparable in Freezing San Francisco

Above: Early morning dinner at Denny’s in Fresno, CA

Above: Emma and I at the Above: Lunch in San Francisco’s Crookedest Road in the world in House of Nanking San Francisco


STAR* jokes


Aries Mar 21-Apr 20

To turn around things, you ensure that they does not leave to them. Do not be too prompt to give your opinion. To listen to the others attentively. The possibilities of voyages will be favorable in terms of connections moneymaking. Do not let the others limit you to say how you feel on the family questions. Your lucky Classified Ad events of this month will take place Monday. A dream could provide clues to a greater income on the 7th. Energy plus is yours on the 18th. Ideas become more A man inserted an ‘ad’ in the classifieds: ‘Wife wanted’. Next day important after the 21st. Watch out for impatience on the 28th. he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: ‘You can have Apr 21-MAY 21 mine.’


Perhaps it is time to seek the means you can improve your health. Professional secrecy can only lead to circumstances devastators. Speak with your second on one about holidays and to discuss waitings your relation. Difficulties with your second September of leading to insulation. Your lucky events of this month will take place Thursday. Folks find your company very enjoyable after the 5th. Go out with friends for a very good time on the 8th. Love could be on the horizon for you on the 16th. You sparkle and shine on the 23rd.

Gemini May 22-Jun 21

At the Bar I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me....

It will be of as much around you. You will be emotional on the questions of money. You should take part in activities which can be exerted by the two young people and old man. You can receive a recognition for the work which Then I suddenly remembered that I you made. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Saturday. was listening to my iPod. You have some very good ideas on the 3rd, but wait a few days to share them. A dream could have a message for you on the 7th. Don’t let friends cost you too Over fatigue much money on the 15th. Sir, over fatigue na yata ang mga sundalo natin na lumalaban sa Jun 22-Jul 22 ABU SAYYAFF” sabi ng isang Heneral kay Try not to spend time with your colleagues if you want to avoid problems later. Erap. Ganon ba? tanong ni Erap. You to benefit from September to do something for the musical entertainment. “Osige, pagpalitin mo lahat sila ng You September being more emotional than usually. Your second will do evKhaki for a change.” erything to make you things which you do not want to only make. Your lucky events of this month will take place Wednesday. Overtime Travel beckons around the 6th, but keep plans flexible and don’t overbook activities. Expect some lovely messages from friends around the 16th. More energy MRS: Bakit dinala mo sa bahay ang is yours after the 20th. trabaho mo?! MR: Sori, rush to kaya dito ko tatapusin. Jul 23-Aug 22 MRS: Bwiset! Ikaw lang ang You must make more things than you like. You are better to channel your energy EMBALSAMADOR na nag-uuwi nang trabaho sa bahay! in the work world. Try to reduce your practices, or you could be in an embarrassing financial position. You to be emotional September on the way in which an organization you belong is the handling of its activities. Your lucky events of Panget this month will take place one Friday. If you buy it on the 4th, you will pay too BOY 1: tol, panget ba ako? much. Don’t let the kids push you around on the 12th. Ideas to help you make more money from your career are yours on t 18th. Travel beckons after the 20th. BOY 2: Panget nanay mo, panget tatay mo, tas panget kapatid mo. Ano ka? himala?



Virgo Aug 23- Sep 23

Emotionally , the things September not so well. You could experiment of the unusual circumstances and to meet eccentric people. You ensure that you have all the relevant facts before taking measures. You will find it easy to learn and to excel. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Friday. Travel with your partner for a good time on the 7th. Don’t let friends make you spend too much money on the 15th. A dream offers avenues for more income on the 19th.

Libra Sep 24- Oct 23 make sure you to take the time life friends or parents, you do not have to see only often. If you are worried, being careful during the exploitation of a vehicle or any type of machines or equipment. Do not hesitate to express your opinion when they are relative questions to work. Your social competences with people September being more than one simple useful. Your lucky events of this month will take place Thursday. An intuition about a stock tip could be yours on the 8th. Past actions bring rewards on the 11th. Dreams bring answers to money questions on the 16th. Don’t believe everything you hear on the 18th.

Scorpio Oct 24- Nov 22 Better still, take your second and to let them pay the invoice. You September were too in vain for a friend who wanted benefit from you. Made attention not sign your time or your money immediately. Bring changes which will improve your appearance. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Friday. Take the entire family out for a really good time on the 7th. Avoid the power play on the 12th or it will cost you money. Folks are very likely to see it your way and listen to you on the 24th.

Sagittarius Nov 23-Dec 21 September close relations annoyed being if they feel limited. Be careful if a friend asks you for councils. Information that you profit can be used in all the aspects of your life. Children September demanding being, of entertainment and could cost much more than you can really allow yourselves. Your lucky events of this month will take place Monday. Be careful not to say too much on the job on the 3rd and the 4th. Money from past good deeds could be yours on the 7th. A career move on the 16th may bring more money your way.



Parrot parrot:psst!panget!panget!panget!p anget! amo:pag sinabi mo pa yan ulit papatayin na kita the next day... parrot:psst psst!! amo:bakit? parrot:alam mo na yun

Pedro at Berto Pedro: Saan ka galing, p’re? Berto: Sementeryo, libing ng byenan ko. Pedro: Bakit puro kalmot ang mukha at braso mo? Berto: Mahirap ilibing eh, lumalaban!

Pinoy Ito Kano sakay ng taksi galing airport. Kano:thats a nice building,how long did it take to finished that? Driver:maybe 3 years,sir. Kano: ‘too slow’,in “states”only 1 year. Kano(again):how about that big building? Driver: maybe 6 years, sir. Kano: “too slow”,in states,only 2 years. The taksi driver feel “inis” na. Then they pass ASIA MALL. Kano : WOW ! that’s a massive building,how long before they

finished that building. Driver: “Idont know,,but yesterday ,no building there yet,sir!

Pollutants BUSH: what r d’ pollutants n ur country? ERAP: we have a lot of pollutants! we have sisig, kilawin, chicharon, and mani! JINGGOY: dad! BOY BAWANG pa meron...

Population Growth “Mr. President, our population growth rate is alarming na. May isang babaeng nanganganak bawat minuto,” payo ng isang gabinete kay Erap. “Kailangan natin itong ihinto kaagad!” sigaw ni Erap at tumingin sa ibang tauhan niya, “Hanapin ninyo ‘yung babaing ‘yun at huwag natin palapitan sa lalake !”

Post Card Nagpadala ng postcard ang anak galing sa abroad. Nanay: Tingnan mo ang anak natin sa picture asensado na. Tatay: Nakasandal sa bagong sasakyan. Sa likod ng postcard nakasulat. To Inay, Kung hindi dahil sa kotseng eto, natumba na ako sa gutom.


but the lawyer receives a five-course meal including caviar, prime rib and chocolate truffles. By this time, the lawyer is beginning to suspect that an error has been made, so he asks one of the angels in charge, “Has there been some kind of mistake? This guy was the Pope, and he gets what everyone else gets, and I’m just a lawyer and I’m getting the finest of everything?” The angel replied, “No mistake, sir. We’ve had lots of Popes here, but you’re the first lawyer we’ve ever had.”

Toothpick Customer: Ano ba naman itong tutpik nyo, iisa na nga lang ang dali pang mabali. Waiter (inis pa): Alam nyo sir, ang dami ng gumamit nyan,pero kayo lang nakabali!

Bawal na Pagkain dOctor: sir ang pwede nyo na lang kainin ay yung mga lumalangoy... erap: ok KINABUKASAN doctor: asan n c erap?? katulong: yun po nsa swimming pool tinuturuan ung baboy lumangoy!!!

Chewing Gum

Erap was out dining in a restaurant when they overheard some people at another table order some potatoes and some mashed potatoes. One of Erap’s dinner guests asked Erap, “What’s the difference between a potatoe and a mashed potato?” Erap pointed to the skin on his wrist, ” Ito, puti ‘to.” He then pointed to his white shirt and said, ” Ito, mas puti ‘to.”

Pa-landing na ang presidential plane. Napansin ng stewardess na parang sumasakit ang tenga ni President Erap dahil sa air pressure kaya lumapit ito. “Sir, chewing gum para hindi sumakit ang tenga ninyo sa flight,” sabi ng stewardess. Tinanggap ni Erap ang chewing gum. Ilang sandali pa, lumapag na ang eroplano. Kinausap ni Erap ang stewardess. “Miss, paano ko tatanggalin ang chewing gum sa tenga ko?” tanong nito.


Two blondes meet in Heaven.

PEDRO: Anong pulutan nyo kahapon sa birthday mo? JUAN: Pata! PEDRO: Wow! Anong klaseng pata? JUAN; PATA galan ng kwento!

“How did you die?”, the first one asks.”Oh! I died in a freezer,” the second blonde replied.


“So how did you die?” The second blonde asks, “Well, I suspected my Man goes to heaven because of husband was having an affair, so one day when I came home early from GMA work, I looked all over the house, trying to look for the other woman A man died & was asked by St. Peter: because I saw that my husband was where are you from? naked. When I came upstairs from Man: Philippines po! searching the basement, I slipped and St. Peter: aha, from Gloria! you may enter heaven… You’ve suffered enough! broke my neck. I never got to find that woman,” replied the first blonde.

A Lawyer and the Pope Die and Go to Heaven?

The second blonde then says, “If only you looked in the freezer, maybe we A lawyer died. At the same moment, the both might still have been alive!” Pope also died. They arrived at the gates Report Card of heaven at the same moment. They spend the day in orientation, and as they’re getting their heavenly vestments, SILVIA: Dad, can you write in the dark? the Pope gets a plain white toga and FATHER: I think so. What do you wings, like everyone else, and the lawyer gets much finer apparel, made of want me to write? gold thread, and Gucci shoes.Then, they SYLVIA: Your name on this report card. get to see where they’re going to live. The Pope gets what everyone else gets, a replica of a Holiday Inn room, and the Mistake Question : When do you lawyer gets an 18-room mansion with CONGRATULATE someone for their servants and a swimming pool. MISTAKE. At dinnertime, the Pope receives the Answer : On their MARRIAGE. standard meal, a kosher TV dinner,

Capricorn Dec 22- Jan 20 Your words will be taken except context if you are of avoidance with colleagues or employers. You will be September mixed in a kind of triangle. You should consider a healthy food. The social activity should be with your day order. Your lucky events of this month will take place one Tuesday. Avoid an argument with your mate on the 7th. You and the entire family can go out for a really good time on the 11th. Think twice before opening your mouth on the 15th—others may not hear what you are truly saying.

Aquarius Jan 21- Feb 19 Not so much not to widen if you have your own company. You sit tight. You are better to avoid the litigations. this month is not the day to test people arriving in their giving ultimata. To do a little investigation if it ya somebody with work you made not confidence. Your lucky events of this month will take place it. You are lucky with money on the 8th. Past actions could bring you current rewards on the 11th. Fun is more important to you after the 21st. Avoid impulsive spending on the 28th.

Pisces Feb 20- Mar 20 Supervise your tendency to live for the day and to pass too much from entertainment and the children, it could recall you. To make projects which will bring you to exotic destinations. To seek the means of better you by improving your dietary habits and of daily life. Be honest in your communication and not to lose its coolness if somebody supports you in a corner. Your lucky events of this month will take place Sunday.

TST / Mongkok District

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