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RVHS Parent Bulletin Aspiration Respect Endeavour Week ending: Friday 9th March 2018 “Our vision is to be the school of choice for our local community, developing successful young people with high aspirations, who show respect for all and endeavour to become the very best that they can be.”

Message from the Head of School. It has been wonderful to settle back into normal school life this week without further disruption from the ‘Beast from the East’. Thank you to all the Year 11 parents who attended the parents’ evening last night. I trust that you found it useful and gained sufficient information to help you support your child during these crucial final months leading up to their GCSEs. Please note the message below from Mr Tony Barritt, our Chair of Governors, informing you that there is a slight delay on our conversion to Academy status and us joining the Chelmsford Learning Partnership (CLP). This has been postponed to the 1st June 2018. This is for reasons beyond our control and we remain totally committed to the partnership. The final PPEs start next week for the year groups 11, 12 and 13. Please ensure that your child is revising in preparation for these exams. All individual timetables have been shared with the students and the generic timetable is included in this bulletin. These exams will provide the students with a clear assessment of where they are in each subject studied and clear areas to focus on for the final weeks before the real exams. Classroom teaching is now centred on exam practice and many students have taken part in ‘walking talking mocks’. These are invaluable in supporting students to ‘close the gap’ in their learning. Please see the section on PPE and Exam support later in the bulletin. The school is operating a very comprehensive intervention programme across all exam subjects, any concerns should be addressed to the subject teacher or Head of Faculty. Our outstanding Art faculty led by Mr Tisdale has supported Claudia Ferreira to become Loughton’s Young Artist of the Year 2018. This is an amazing achievement and we are all very proud of her. See article later in the bulletin. Our 6th Form is over-subscribed for next academic year and our Year 11 into Year 12 interviews are currently ongoing. Our post 16 provision will continue to improve and progress, given that so many of our highly aspirational students want to stay with us. Many have expressed a keen interest in the study of Further Mathematics and are very excited about the prospect of the brand new facilities that we will have in September. The new block will have state of the art classrooms, a study centre with IT access and a new library / lecture space. We have been talking to the Year 11 students about the reformed A Levels and how important a strong profile of GCSEs will be for them in the future, especially if they wish to apply for university. Please do read the linked article.

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Thank you to the Year 9 parents who have returned all the option forms in a timely fashion. We will now review their choices as we want to have the students studying their GCSE subjects after May half term. If you have any concerns regarding pathways and choices, please do contact Miss Reed or Mr Mammen. As well as normal lessons there have been some excellent opportunities for our students this week; which include various sporting activities, participation in a Maths Feast competition at King Edward Grammar School in Chelmsford and taking part in Biology in Action trip. All of which were thoroughly enjoyed by our students. We have also celebrated National Careers week with many events happening across the school. We have received lots and lots of ideas for the names of our houses which will be launched in our new house system. We will shortlist, and the final decision will be made by our MP Eleanor Laing. This is a really exciting time for the students and will further enhance our community with some ‘healthy competition’. I have been quite overwhelmed by the sheer number of Year 12 students who have applied for House Captain and other leadership roles. We have interviewed for our Head Boy and Head Girl today and the result will be announced next week. We do currently have a vacancy for a catering Assistant, the job can be found on Please enjoy the rest of the bulletin and have a good weekend.

Ms. S Jenner Head of School

Message from the Chair of Governors Dear Parents / Carers, Due to circumstances outside the control of RVHS and CLP, we need to delay the conversion to the Chelmsford Learning Partnership MAT until the 1st June 2018. I would stress that both the School and the MAT remain totally committed to the development of a successful partnership and are excited by the opportunities that lie ahead. Unfortunately, this is mainly due to the fact that Essex County Council is dealing with a number of conversions and the complexity of our school site. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support and we look forward to joining the Chelmsford Learning Partnership in June. Mr. Tony Barritt Chair of Governors

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The schools main form of communication with parents is by email. If you are not receiving emails from the school you can: 

Check your Spam and move the last school email to your Inbox. Future emails should then make their way into your Inbox. If you leave our emails in your Spam folder, your provider may block our ability email you.

Phone the school to re-subscribe if you have unsubscribed to our emails in the past.

Provide us with an alternative email address

We hope to send more information through the MyEd App once the subscription rates increase. Please see instructions on how to join at the bottom of this email.


Event th

Saturday 10 March th

DoE Silver Practice Expedition at Chiltern Hills

Monday 12 March

Year 11, 12 and 13 PPE’s

Tuesday 13th March

Maths Team Challenge

Wednesday 14th March

A Level Geography Revision Day at Pearson’s


Thursday 15 March

Year 10 Art and Photography Day Year 8 STEM Big Bang Year 8 Parents Evening

Friday 16th March 2018

Year 12 AS Geography Trip DoE Training Day


Saturday 17 March 2018 th

DoE Bronze Expedition

Monday 19 March 2018

Parents Forum

Wednesday 21st March

Youth Election Day

Thursday 22nd March

Year 10 GCSE French Conference

Friday 23rd March

DoE Training Day


Saturday 24 March

DoE Practice Expedition

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Artist Celebrates Award Roding Valley High School student Claudia Ferreira has been named Loughton Young Artist of the Year 2018. The award follows exhibitions by local schools at the Loughton Arts Centre and culminated in a prize giving evening on Friday 23 February sponsored by Loughton Town Council. Claudia is a year 12 student at Roding Valley and had submitted her work ‘Back to Your Routes’, a pen portrait of her grandfather drawn directly onto a map which was completed as part of her AS level study.

David Tisdale, Head of Art, said ‘Congratulations to all of the students from the schools who exhibited at the show. The work throughout was thoughtful, exciting and beautifully made. Particular congratulations go to our prize winners for their truly outstanding achievements’

Max Tankard with his work ‘True Colours’

Also winning awards from Roding Valley were Max Tankard (year 11) and Amy Griffiths (year 13).

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Theme of the Week This week our theme of the week was Science. All year 7’s have been taking part in science related activities and were fortunate to have our sixth form students deliver a talk about the importance of Science. The assembly encouraged students to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring science in the world all around us. The assembly allowed students to be able to see the bigger picture, which will help them in their future career choices. The Science department has selected 8 students to award with gold stars for their excellent effort and outstanding work. Well done to you all!

George Abbott

Anish Amin

Latiah Hajdar

Amelia Nusrat

Max Saunders

Oliver Hawkins

Lilly Holland

Keira Swinson


7W “For their impressive hard work during the pitch session on enrichment.”

“For their amazing work in a cover lesson. Brilliant motivational speeches and fabulously hard working. Such a pleasure to cover the lesson day”.

Get creative and enter the British Science Association’s annual poster competition, on the theme of exploration and discovery. Posters must include the following information (entrant details can be on the back of the poster):  Entrant name (all names if a team) and entrant age (all ages if a team)  Age category (of the oldest team member)  School/youth group name and address

Nominated by Mrs Wilson

Nominated by Mrs Routledge

Posters in by Friday the 16th of March- Good luck!

Calling all Year 7 Students.

Miss. F Williams, Year 7 YPL

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The following Students have joined the BBC News Competition:

Vienna Igwe

Lauren Marks

Tolani Aradeon

Ella Ferguson

Daniel Mehr

Zak Smith

Calling all Year 7 and 8 students. This is your chance to get your poster on exploration and discovery judged by the British Science Association! More information to follow in assembly. Please speak to Mrs Patel for further information. Mr. F Ryan, Year 8 YPL

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Well done to the following Year 11 for being excellent in PE moderation - come on Year 11!!!  Josh Harris  Max Wintle  Joe Salmon

Max Collings

Catarina Magalhaes

 Ella Cleary  Ross Walters  Mitchell Orley  Harry Prasse  Millar Johnson  Ella Davis  Mia Anthony  Kauana Alves

Brooke Hall

Alexandra Iacob

“For working extremely hard and focusing closely on revision, using purple booklets constructively in exam preparation and working through Doddle exercises set on Snow Days”.

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Periods 1 + 2 09.00 - 11.00

Periods 3 + 4 11.20 - 13.20

Period 5 (sports hall) Year 11 14.05 - 15.30

 French (Writing) Foundation 1hr / Higher1hr 15m  Spanish (Writing) Foundation 1hr / Higher 1hr 15m Physical Education P1 (1hr 15m)

Monday 12th March 2018

Psychology P1 (1hr 30m)

Tuesday 13th March 2018

 Computer Science P1 (1hr 15m)  Religious Studies P1 (1hr 45m)

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Geography P1 (1hr 30m)

History P1 (1hr 20m)

Thursday 15th March 2018

Maths P1 (Non-Calculator) (1hr 30m)

English Literature P1 (1hr 45m)

 Science (Combined) Biology (1hr 15m)  Biology (Triple Science) (1hr 45m)

Friday 16th March 2018

Maths P2 (Calculator) (1hr 30m)

English Literature P2 (2hrs 15m)

 Science (Combined) Chemistry (1hr 15m)  Chemistry (Triple Science) (1hr 45m)

Monday 19th March 2018 Tuesday 20th March 2018 Wednesday 21st March 2018

French (Listening & Reading) Foundation 1hr 20m / Higher 1hr 45m

Spanish (Listening & Reading) Foundation 1hr 20m / Higher 1hr 45m

Geography P2 (1hr 30m)

 Drama (1hr 45m)  Psychology P2 (1hr 30m)  Music (1hr 30m) CA2

 Business Studies U1 (45m)  Economics U1 (45m)

History P2 (1hr)

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Maths P3 (Calculator) (1hr 30m)

 Science (Combined) Physics (1hr 15m)  Physics (Triple Science) (1hr 45m)

 Computer Science P2 (1hr 45m)  Religious Studies P2 (1hr 45m)  Business Studies U3 (1hr 30m)  Economics U5 (1hr 30m)

Information Communication Technology (1hr 30m)

Statistics (2hrs)

Physical Education P2 (1hr 15m)

Friday 23rd March 2018 Monday 26th March 2018 Tuesday 27th March 2018 Wednesday 28th March 2018

Media Studies (1hr 30m)

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The majority of revision needs to be completed outside of school. The history department will supplement students’ revision with a Friday afternoon session each week focusing on that week’s listed topic. This will take place in H7 between 3.10pm and 4.00pm. This is in addition to revision at home not instead of it. Revision Guides: These are easily available on Amazon at around (£5.81 per book). They contain all the content for the course and practice exam questions for each exam.  Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Crime and Punishment in Britain  Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Anglo-Saxon and Norman England  Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Superpower Relations and the Cold War.  Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Weimar and Nazi Germany Electronic copies of the main sections in these books can be found on Google Classroom

Additional Support Classes Wednesday: Room H1- Exam Question Practice.

Google Classroom

All welcome to attend to benefit from independent exam question practice

What does this offer me? Electronic resources to help revise from. Updated regularly with new resources.

Revision Guides and Support:

CODE: 3l6yj0

 Make revision cue cards for all of Paper 1:

 Start using the resources on Google Classroom to revise Paper 1.

- Hazardous Earth - Development Dynamics - Challenges of an Urbanising World  Have a go at some practice questions and bring to your class teacher to check.

The Geography Intervention is on Monday’s after school

 Consider purchasing a revision workbook / revision guide to help you with your notes. Link: Link: encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=KTEZ1A2G6MFTF07AGWG3

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English Interventions on Monday for those students who have been invited to focus on specific areas from their PPEs. Students should be referring to the pink and blue personal learning checklists in their English exercise books. They should be using them to identify areas they need to work on. They then need to use the purple booklets issued in class to practise their exam technique. English teachers are happy to support students if they bring their questions to them for marking and advice. Students should be reading non-fiction articles. This link might help in finding some well written pieces to read:

These links will help with the Anthology Poetry Revision

Audio Recordings of Set Texts An Inspector Calls


A Christmas Carol

ICT currently run on Monday’s after school, a Year 11 Coursework Catch-up from 3:05pm to 3:57pm and Thursday lunchtime. Speak to Mr. Hussain for more information.

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Ben Hamid

Max Tankard

‘For their continued hard work in Biology; as well as being polite and conscientious students’.

Lyubka Nikolova

Joe Pollard

Asha Uddin

Max Tankard

‘For their continued hard work and improvement in Chemistry.


Claudia Mills Fernandez

Max Tankard

‘For their hard work and determination to succeed in Physics’.

Hana Damiana ‘For positive attitude to learning and work ethic in the subject’.

Nicole Collis

Alex Knight

‘For continued hard work and being proactive with their learning’.

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The majority of revision needs to be completed outside of school. The Science Faculty will supplement students’ revision with a Science Clinics after school each week focusing closing the gaps identified in assessments. The table below shows the Clinics that run throughout the week:

Targeted Intervention Sessions on Thursdays at 3:05pm

Going for Grade 4

Going for Grade 5

Miss Edwards Miss Chamizo

Mrs Patel

Miss O’Callaghan Mr Ali

Mr Ohemeng

Mr Poovilingham

Room S6

Room S5

Room S1

Room S7

Room S4

Biology Wednesday Miss Wybrant Room S2

Going for Grade 7

Going for Grade 6

Chemistry Thursday Mr Poovillingham Room S4

Physics Friday Mr Eldon Room S2

Together with the clinics there are targeted intervention sessions focusing on Getting to Grade 8 and Foundation Science during Period 5 on Tuesdays.

Please remember that this is in addition to revision at home not instead of it.

Subject Class Resources

Google Classroom Code:

Combined Science Biology Chemistry Physics 11A1, 11A2 11A and 11B Triple 11B1, 11B2 11A3 and 11B3 (Biology and Chemistry Foundation) There are separate Google Classrooms for all the subjects and each classroom contains: 1. All the Knowledge Power points that covers all the content in Combined Science and Separate Sciences 2. Contains mini quizzes for all the topics for you to assess your progress. 3. A copy of the Specification from AQA that details the content the exam board requires you to know. 4. Past Papers (Paper 1) with mark schemes for you to practice. 5. Links to You Tube videos for support Combined Science: Biology: Chemistry: Physics: ab68hbj nhg5zt t0qjf5 kvn93y

Mr. C Dobson, Year 11 YPL

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Parent Message In the lead up to the examinations I wanted to ask parents for their continued support to ensure students focus on their punctuality and attendance over the PPE period, and in the lead up to the Summer Examinations. The correlation between academic progress and attendance is clear. Please help us to ensure that your son/ daughter attend every A-level lesson, and in addition students should be studying at the very least 5 hours per week per A-level.

Isobel Hooper Year 13. “For quietly working hard and striving to be the very best that she can be, and supportive her friends in the lead up to the examinations”.

Matthew Thomas Year 13. “For continuing to work hard, showing resilience and putting in 100%”.

Matthew Wright Year 12. “For quietly working hard and striving to be the very best that he can be”.

Abbie Juniper Year 12. “For continuing to work hard, showing resilience and putting in 100%”.

RVHS Sixth Form This week sees the first round Year 12 and 13 students leave for their Duke of Edinburgh Expedition training. We wish them all the very best in their expedition training this weekend, and for the final assessment in April.

The DofE is an award for youngsters and consists of four sections: volunteering, skills, physical and an expedition. Here are ten reasons to choose DofE, and why the award is worthwhile:

1. Challenge Yourself For the skills section, you can virtually do anything, from learning how to bake, to completing a sign language course. It’s completely up to you. Learning a new skill is both challenging and rewarding. It can also open new doors such as possible career opportunities.

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2. Get Fit Although running around and getting sweaty might not be your thing, there are many other ways to complete the physical aspect of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

3. Give Something Back Give something back to the community or the environment and make a difference. That’s what volunteering is all about. There’s no better feeling than helping others.

4. Self-Discipline DofE requires dedication and commitment. People depend on you in all areas, from turning up on your volunteering shift, to the importance of teamwork on your expedition. If you take DofE, you are gaining valuable life skills.

5. Make New Friends DofE is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. Working together in the wilderness on your expedition forms new bonds and creates great memories.

6. Enhance Your CV Finding employment is difficult. There is so much competition for one job. Having the DofE Award on your CV might just give you the edge over other applicants. Employers highly respect the Award.

7. Independence On an expedition, you have to carry your rucksack, navigate to a certain point, and take responsibility for your cooking, water and most importantly: yourself. Independence is a great life skill to achieve.

8. Teamwork Working as a team is an important part of DofE. Navigating, pitching a tent and looking after each other all involve working together as a team.

9. Explore Somewhere New My favourite section of the award is the expedition section. It’s a chance to do something different, learn to be an explorer! It’s so easy to sit on the sofa and not venture far, but DofE motivates you to get outside.

10. Achievement Completing your DofE Award is a great attainment, with a self-satisfying “I did it!” Although the award requires a lot of effort, time and dedication, it’s well worth it.

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Periods 1 + 2 09.00 - 11.00 Monday 12th March 2018

 YR13 Business P1 (1hr 15m)  YR13 Psychology P1 (2hrs)

Tuesday 13th March 2018

 YR13 Biology (2hrs)  YR12 Biology (1hr 30m)

Periods 3 + 4 11.20 - 13.20

 YR13 Economics P1 (1hr 30m)  YR13 Philosophy & Ethics P1 (1hr 15m)  YR12 Business P1 (1hr 30m)  YR12 Economics P1 (1hr 30m)  YR13 History P1 B/EMP (2hrs 15m)  YR13 Geography P1 (2hrs 15m  YR12 Geography P1 (1hr 45m)  YR12 History GDR (1hr 30m)  YR13 Physics (2hrs)

Wednesday YR12 Computer Science 14th March P1 (1hr 30m) 2018 Thursday 15th March 2018 Monday 19th March 2018 Tuesday 20th March 2018 Wednesday 21st March 2018

YR13 Media Studies (2hrs)

Friday 23rd March 2018

YR13 English Literature P1 (3hrs)

Monday 26th March 2018 Tuesday 27th March 2018

YR13 Maths C4 (1hr 30m)

 YR12 Philosophy & Ethics (1hr 15m)  YR12 Physics (2hrs)

YR13 Economics P3 (2hrs)

Wednesday 28th March 2018

 YR13 Maths M1 (1hr 30m)  YR12 Psychology P2 (1hr 30m) YR13 Government & Politics (1hr 30m)

Thursday 29th March 2018

13.30 start (hall) year 12 & year 13 only

YR12 Media Studies (1hr 30m) (HALL)  YR13 Geography P2 (2hrs 15m)  YR12 Geography P2 (1hr 45m)

YR12 Psychology P1 (1hr 30m)

 YR13 Maths C3 (1hr 30m)  YR12 History USSR (1hr 30m)

YR13 Business P2 (1hr 15m)

 YR12 Chemistry (2hrs)  YR12 Politics P1 (1hr 45m)  YR13 Computer Science P1 (2hrs)  YR13 Chemistry (2hrs)  YR12 Computer Science P2 (1hr 30m)  YR12 English Literature P1 (1hr 30m) YR13 Economics P2 (1hr 30m)

YR12 Politics P2 (1hr 45m) YR12 Pure Maths (2hrs)

 YR12 Business P2 (1hr 30m)  YR12 Economics P2 (1hr 30m)

 YR13 History P2 GDR/USSR (2hrs 15m)  YR13 Computer Science P2 (2hrs)  YR13 English Literature P2 (2hrs 30m)  YR12 English Literature P2 (1hour 30m)  YR13 Business P3 (2hrs)  YR13 Psychology P2 (2hrs)

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This week's sees the first stage of the Sixth Form Student Leadership interviews. An amazing 80% of the Sixth Form applied for Key Student Leadership opportunities. We wish all students the very best with their applications. ●

Head Boy, Head Girl: 2 posts

Deputy Head Boy/ Girl: 2 posts

House Captains: 10 posts

Deputy House Captains: 10 posts

Charity Committee Prefects: 4 posts

Environmental Committee Prefects: 4 posts

Mentoring & Health committee Prefects: 4 posts

Digital Ambassadors: 4 posts

Resident school photographer: 1 post

Below are some of the amazing supportive paragraphs: “Roding Valley Sixth Form is excellent, and I want to help make sure it continues to be great. I’m good at understanding people’s viewpoints. Also, I would like to be a role model towards others and that people feel they can go to me for any problems. I can work well with a small team to deliver results. I am good with speaking in front of people”. “I would be truly honoured to take the responsibility of being either house captain or deputy head girl in Roding Valley High School. To start with, I have an engaging and positive attitude that makes it easy to relate to students and staff. Not only that, I am cheerful and love to take on new challenges. I have plenty of experience working with others in a leadership role, for example volunteering with the year 7’s in Miss Stockings class helping them in geography, which I achieved a Jack Petchey Award for. I would like to have the opportunity to help younger students, strengthen friendships between years, through the competitiveness of the activities, whilst having fun. Also, to create activities which everyone would want to participate in. But still ensuring that everybody is participating in a group and everyone feels included. I am prepared to take on this duty with all the necessary achievements I have earned through my time being at Roding Valley. I want to help the school to be the best as it can be, by participating with students, staff and parents to ensure that each problem is solved in the correct manner, whilst making school a fun and educational environment for each and every student that attends”. “I would be able to support students and staff at the school to solve any potential issues that students might have. Also, I would like for every student to have their own voice to meet their needs and wants, so together as a school we can create the perfect environment for everyone. For the future, I look forward to see what I can offer in a role of House Captain or Deputy Head Girl. Finally, I would like to conclude with telling you that it would be a great honour to represented Roding Valley High School in the role of deputy head girl”. “I would love to be able to give back to the fantastic school and give what I have to offer. I would really like to be more able to help out whilst developing new valuable skills that would be beneficial to my future, in addition I believe strongly in working with others towards a common goal. The roles I would like to take part in are deputy house captain which would help develop my confidence and communication skills as well as a digital ambassador as I have an interest in this area and have been volunteering in a year 9 computer science class since the start of year 12, which has been a great experience and very interesting. Overall I think this would be a great opportunity to get more involved with the school and help out when I can in the amazing Sixth Form”.

Mr. L Harris, Head of Sixth Form

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All week across the curriculum students have been learning about different careers and how they link to the subjects they are studying.

On Friday one of our past students Tony Akbari joined us to share his apprenticeship journey with our sixth form students. Our careers page on our website has a huge amount of information and can be accessed here.

If you require any further information or advice please contact me. Kind regards Mrs. Mason Careers Development Manager Email: Twitter: Follow @RVHS_Careers to keep up to date with our department.

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Netball l  Year 7 Beat Ongar 10-7 (Player of Match Amelia Weekes)  Year 8 Drew against Ongar 6-6 (POM Jasmine Wak-William)  Year 9 Beat Ongar 22-14 (POM - Chloe Slatford)

This Weeks Fixtures

Monday th 12 March

Football  Year 9 Boys Beat King Harold 18-2

Curling  Year 7 boys won Bronze at the Essex Schools County Championships

Wednesday th 14 March

Year 7 Girls National Cup Football v Royal Russell School 2pm KO Home Year 8 Boys football v Debden School 3.40 Kick Off Home Year 7 Boys Basketball v West Hatch 3.30 tip Off Away.

Year 7 Boys Curling Team

Year 7 Girls Netball Team

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Did you know that you can follow all the latest news from the school on ‘Twitter’ at the following:

Lots of work for Yr11, 12 & 13 students has been set via Show My Homework. Maths, Science, History, Geography and Philosophy all live now. More to follow...

"My year 10 class has excelled themselves with their models of the eye!" said Miss Wybrant in #Science - I think we all agree they are pretty good



Yr11 Joe, showing the younger ones how it's done! #SnowAngel #Snow #FunInTheSnow

Our lovely Mrs M, who took 3 hours to get to the #Apprenticeships conference, here collecting resources for #NationalCareersWeek @RVHS_Careers

Well done Rhys! #Proud The Year 7 boys enjoying some seated volleyball in sportability club yesterday lunchtime with Mr Spencer. Mr Allen #sitandslide #eyesontheball

Well done today Rhys Dolan competing in the National cross country Championships at Parliament hill. @Orion_Harriers @HoddTri @lvycc1 @HoddSC @RodingValleyPE @RodingValleyHS

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What is DODDLE? Doddle provides students with access to thousands of engaging, formative resources and guides students through the curriculum. Doddle Progress automatically tracks student attainment in key curriculum skills. Parents can see student attainment and progress through our easy-to-use Doddle Parent feature. Skills within Doddle are rated as red, amber or green. These ratings give a clear indication of how much progress a child has made and highlight the weaker areas to be targeted with revision. Each student has a personal Doddle account where they can access their homework to-do lists and families can view the work their child has been assigned. These accounts enable parents to view their child's results and encourage them to better their scores by using Doddle's revision resources.

Find out how to create a Doddle Parent account and then link that account to your child with this short video:

We have also included a link to a very useful guide on how to view your child's due and submitted homework:

Find out how our school uses Doddle Progress by watching our short video to find out how Progress works.

We have also included a link to a very useful guide on how Progress works and how you can use it to help your child's learning.

Find out how to view and track your child's homework with this short video. .

We have also included a link to a very useful guide on Troubleshooting.

This is a valuable resource that will assist parents in supporting their child’s progression. Please use the following link to the log in:

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At RVHS, we offer lessons in Piano, Drums, Guitar and singing. If you are interested; please email the below contacts and full details will be sent to you:

Piano: To book piano lessons or find out more please contact

Singing: Private singing lessons are now available. Please contact Alex Larke for more details at

Drumming: The following lessons are available: One to One, Two to One and Small Group lessons. Contact:

Guitar: To book lessons or find out more, please contact Rachel Espeute on if you are interested.

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RVHS Uniform Code At Roding Valley High School, we like our students to be well presented when representing the school. Please remember that since September 2015, all students must adhere to our code of footwear, details are as follows:


Not Acceptable

Boys Uniform School Uniform Trousers: Black Tailored Blazer: Black (with school badge) to be worn at all times Shirt: plain white with no logos Tie – school tie Jumper (optional): Black ‘V-neck’ jumper with school badge or black sleeveless ‘V-neck’ with School badge. Only jumpers with the school badge can be worn. Shoes: Black, classic leather style shoes only. Boots, trainers, canvas shoes, backless shoes or sandals are not acceptable. No Jewellery, except for a small stud, only one in each ear and a wrist watch. Facial, or other body piercings, are not acceptable. Coats: Must be dark (black or dark blue) raincoat, overcoat or jacket (not denim or leather and without badges or slogans)

PE Uniform Navy and silver Rugby Shirt Navy and silver T-Shirt Navy and silver shorts Navy RVHS jumper (optional) Navy RVHS bottoms (optional) Navy RVHS waterproof jacket (optional) Football boots, training shoes or plimsolls and a towel Navy and silver Rugby Shirt

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Girls Uniform School Uniform Skirt or Trousers: Royal blue/black/white check skirt or black tailored trousers. Skirt must be worn below the knee (Skirts which are altered to an excessively short length are not permitted under any circumstances) Blazer: Black (with school badge) to be worn at all times Blouse: Plain white blouse with collar. (Blouses should have no ‘frills’ or patterns on them) Jumper (optional): Black ‘V-neck’ jumper with the School badge or black sleeveless ‘V-neck’ with the School badge. Only jumpers with the school badge are allowed to be worn. Shoes: Black, classic leather style shoes only. Boots, trainers, canvas shoes, backless shoes or sandals are not acceptable. Tights: Tights must be plain black or natural coloured. Patterned tights are not acceptable. Ankle socks may be worn: However, knee length socks are not acceptable. No Jewellery, except for a small stud, only one in each ear and a wrist watch. Facial, or other body piercings, are not acceptable. Coats: Must be dark (black or dark blue) raincoat, overcoat or jacket (not denim or leather and without badges or slogans)

Girls who choose to wear the skirt need to ensure that the logo on the skirt is below knee level. A new skirt should be purchased if this is not the case. PE Uniform Navy and silver t-shirt Navy and silver skirt Navy RVHS tracksuit bottoms or leggings (optional) Navy RVHS jumper (optional) Navy RVHS waterproof jacket (optional) Navy socks with two white rings around the top Training shoes or plimsolls and a towel Optional items include a black or royal blue leotard and hockey boots

Uniform Stockist Our uniform stockist is conveniently located at:

Forest Casual and School Wear 144 High Road, Loughton, IG10 4BE Tel: 0208 508 2848

Please click to be taken to their Website

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. Student Absence If your child is unable to attend School for any reason please report their absence by phoning the school number by 9.30am at the latest, you must also ring in each day of your child’s absence. 020 8508 1173 On their return to School please ensure your child brings with them a letter or medical evidence if requested explaining the reason for the absence for our records.

Medical Appointments Please make sure you make any medical or dental appointments outside of school time. If this is not possible then please try to ensure that your child attends before and/or after their appointment.

Holidays in Term Time It is not school policy to authorise any holidays during term time except in exceptional circumstances. A ‘Leave of Absence’ form must be completed (these are available at Student Reception) should you require leave for your child, a letter detailing your exceptional circumstances should accompany it. Please be aware if the absence is not authorised and the holiday is taken, the case may be referred to the Education Welfare Service who may issue a Penalty Notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to each parent for each child taken out of school. For full details regarding attendance please see our Attendance Policy which can be found on our website or contact Mrs Jeanette Low, our Attendance and Welfare Manager on the school number.

Guidance for Common Ailments Please see the following guidance from the NHS of common childhood illnesses; this advises what type of illness requires time off from school and what does not. Should you require further guidance please contact the school.

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School Communications: We have been communicating by email for over a year now in a bid to get information to you quicker and more cost effectively. We found, however, our previous parental communication system did not give the functionality that people expect from smart phone apps today. So the school has invested in a new communication system call RS Connect Ed and with this comes a shiny new App.

MyEd is the free parent app that gives you a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app gives you direct access to your child's attendance, timetable, absence records, achievements, behaviour and much, much more. You will also see that we update and change the information in the app as the school year moves along. Click here to see a short video about the app We are able to send you messages directly to the MyEd app relating to important information about your child's education and to remind you of events that are taking place at school. We can also embed links to regularly used systems, for example ParentPay & Doddle so you can keep everything in one place. You will receive a notification if we send you a message and there is no charge for the messages you send to us. The App can be downloaded by anyone and they will have access to information also available on our website Only parents will be able to access their own student’s information as long as we have the email address and mobile number you are using to access the App. Everyone will be able to see image to the left. But only parents of students in the school will be able to access this when clicking on the My Students tab.The MyEd app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below: Step 1 - Go to your App Store Step 2 - Search for My Ed Step 3 - Download the Free app Apple iOS App Google Android App Once you have installed and opened MyEd, search for Roding Valley High School and follow the simple instructions to identify yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are having any problems and we will help you get set up.

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Parent bulletin week ending 9th March 2018  
Parent bulletin week ending 9th March 2018