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:F Week beginning: 12th May 2014 Week A

FOCUS OF THE WEEK: Quiet for exams and

be respectful of Year 11 taking their exams!

Announcements/Notices: - ALL ASSEMBLIES CANCELLED THIS WEEK - Year 11 Passport to the Prom: Remember to get your Passport signed

EVENTS OF THE WEEK: Year 11 GCSE Exams Year 10 Btec Production Assessments: Wednesday Year 5 Maths Master Classes—Wednesday Year 8 Trip to Boulogne: Friday Pastoral Detention—Thursday in L6 WSD—Friday in L6 3.05—4.35pm Weekly School Attendance: 92.6% Year 7: 93.1% Year 8 : 91.7% Highest Attendance Year 9: 93.0% 10U Year 10: 91.9% Year 11: 93.1% SPECIAL MENTIONS: Congratulations to the following students who received the Highest Weekly Honours in their Year: Harry Mifsud 7V, Lysandra Halmshaw 8U, Sena Demiryaban 9W

12 May 2014  
12 May 2014