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Psalm 95:2 “Let us come before his presence with Thanksgiving and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.”

Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Church service dial in – 905-702-1629

Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.

FALL 2013

Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585 Website: Email: Minister: Rev. Steven Boose Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: Church Secretary: Mrs. Mary O’Brien Office Open 9-12 am Tuesday – Friday Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: Music Director and Organist: Herb Ciceri, M.A., A.R.C.C.0., A.R.C.T. Phone: Knox church, 905-877-7587 Clerk of Session: Joan Collier Residence phone: 905-702-0053 Email: Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Dennis McLay Residence phone: 905-877-2948 Email: Chairman, Congregational Life Committee: Marg Bentley Residence phone: 905-877-1616 Email: Sundays Cool Superintendent: Fuego Youth Leader: Craig Hutchison Residence phone: 519-853-1379 Email: Webmaster: Linda Zammit Residence phone: 905-702-7653 Email: Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506 Email:

Vestry Visions October 2013

One of my favourite musicals is the aptly-named The Music Man, in which consummate con artist Harold Hill descends upon the small town of River City, Iowa in 1912 and proceeds to sell the town on the idea of a boys’ marching band – actually, he sells the concept of the band (and promises music lessons on all of the instruments), gets the parents to pay for the instruments, collects his commission on the sales, and then plans to skip town before everyone realizes that no one knows how to play! There’s a great scene at the end of the first act when the Wells Fargo Wagon is coming into town, laden with all manner of packages, and everyone is anticipating what might be on it, including the instruments that all have come to look forward to receiving! Throughout the second act, however, we are led to contemplate the question on the minds of all the boys – “Okay, now what do we do with them?” In a way, this is like the coming of Christ on that first Christmas long ago. The Jewish people had been expecting a Messiah for many years, someone to lead them out of bondage and free them from the oppression of the world around them. Moses, Cyrus of Persia, and Judas Maccabeus had filled this role in the past, and now one was needed to throw off the yoke of the Romans. They expected a leader – the got Jesus. Messiah! Saviour! “Follow me,’ the Master said…!” Many saw Him for who He was – if not the outright Son of God, then at the very least a man of God like Elijah. “But what do we do?” they asked themselves. “He’s not what we expected. He’s not doing what we’d hoped. We want liberation from our oppressors and he keeps talking about “sins” and “forgiveness” and “grace” and “compassion” like they are more critical than the Romans! He goes down to the bowels of society and eats with the prostitutes and the tax collectors and the filth and vermin of our world, rather than be feted by the wise and the wonderful. What do we do?” Jesus said, “Make your choice: follow, or not.” As we head down towards Christmas, a time of celebration, of expectation, and of generosity from the heart (and the wallet!), we have to remember that Jesus, the first true Christmas “gift” was generous from His heart, and He calls us to be generous in the same way! He may not be what we expect, and following Him is actually a lot more difficult than learning to play the sousaphone, but He is what we need, more than anything else that this world can give us! Jesus said, “I do not give as the world gives…” which is to say with things that wither, fade and perish. The gift that comes to us through Jesus is eternal life in the presence of God, and it’s a gift to anticipate in this life while we prepare to unwrap it in the next. We receive it when we follow Him. Where He will lead us in this life, only He knows, but let’s all follow Him, through Advent, to Christmas, and beyond. ….Reverend Steve Boose

Knox Kirk Session Report

We are presently enjoying the one long weekend of the fall season. On a sunny, crisp autumn day, it is easy to give thanks. But the Lord asks us to give thanks in all circumstances. At Knox, we have much for which to give thanks this fall season. We are grateful for the pulpit messages delivered by Rev. Steve Boose. I speak for everyone when I say that we are so grateful to have a new minister in the pulpit. We hope that you are feeling welcome in Halton Hills, Rev. Steve, and that you are getting to know our members and other people in the downtown community. We are grateful for the services of Rebekah Theodore over the past three years as our church secretary. We welcome Mrs. Mary O’Brien as our new church secretary/administrator. Mary has a warm and outgoing personality which I am sure we will enjoy. As the leaves are changing colour, so our congregation is changing and growing. It is time to pass the torch in several areas of responsibility. We thank Marnie Thompson for her work coordinating the counters and greeters for the Sunday services. We are looking for a new coordinator to take on this responsibility. We welcome Ms. Lauraine Jack as a musical leader for our young people. We are currently looking for a consistent nursery supervisor. More help is needed to produce our quarterly newsletter and to revitalize our decorating committee. Certainly, more elders are needed to help share the workload that tends to fall to just a handful of individuals. Prayerfully consider your role in the growth of our congregation. Feel free to speak to Rev. Steve, Dennis McLay, Marg Bentley, or myself if you have an idea to encourage greater participation in the life of Knox, Georgetown. We are happy to bring ideas to the Session, but need hands and feet to make these ideas a reality. We are God’s hands and feet, His eyes and ears in this community. Help us to transform our faith into action. In God’s Service, Joan Collier Clerk of Session

We welcome our new Minister and his family After nearly a year and a half, we are so happy to welcome our new minister and his family to our two churches, Georgetown and Limehouse, and to our town of Georgetown. Reverend Steve Boose preached his first service from our pulpit on Sunday August 11th. The following Sunday, August 18th, he was officially Inducted, during a moving evening service. During that service, both Rev. Steve and the congregations of Knox Georgetown and Limehouse, made and renewed vows and commitments to their faith and church community.

Reverend Steve Boose with With Bill Karn, Limehouse & Bill Lawrence G’town

Reverend Steve Boose with wife Kathy and son Kooper

The congregations of Knox Georgetown and Limehouse have been connected since 1861, and ours may well be a unique and special situation in this day and age. We have always worked well together, but perhaps we need to foster and promote this even more so. We could all benefit.

And a big Thank You‌. A very big thank you for the months of time and service put into the search for Rev. Steve, by our search committee. It consisted of representatives of both our churches: Ted Brown, Heather Collis and Ron Kirkwood from Limehouse, and Lynn Anderson, Victoria Colby, Joan Collier, Harry Hope, Sandra Stansfield and Gerry Steringa from Knox Georgetown. The search began under the interim Moderator Rev. Sean Foster, who had to withdraw, and was then assumed by interim Moderator Rev. Wendy Lampman. During that time, we were well served on Sunday mornings by members of our own congregation (who all provided great leadership) along with various ministers appointed by Rev. Lampman. It certainly did take a long time, but we are so very thankful that we have such a happy ending. We have a bright future ahead.

Finance and Maintenance Committee Report Our operational financial revenues for the year-to-date period ending September 30, 2013 are slightly behind (4%) the same period in 2012. ($92,730 vs. 2012 of $96,592). Although congregational givings are a little behind last year, we are fortunate to have other revenue streams that has propped up our total revenues including HST Rebates and a one time Group Benefits Refund. Our expenses for the same financial period basically met budget expectations with one exception. Unfortunately, during the summer we had two significant plumbing repairs totalling $1,527.00 which are the result of aging plumbing pipes and fixtures. In September, the minister’s office was also re-decorated and now offers a new fresh look for Rev. Steve and his visitors. As mentioned earlier, all of our 2013 annual assessments have been paid except for the 2013 insurance premium of approximately $1,700.00 which is payable on December 15, 2013. At the October F & M meeting approval was granted for the purchase of $300.00 of new sanctuary Christmas decorations by the sanctuary decorating committee. We feel this will enhance the appearance of our sanctuary for the celebration of Christ’s birth. Two capital projects were completed in the third quarter – the purchase of a new laptop computer and printer for the minister and the mural painting of the west end window backdrop. We are especially grateful to Jim Colter for his artistic and painting talents of this project and it will be an attractive and welcome addition to the building for anyone visiting the library or walking down Church Street. Our Y-T-D Presbyterian Sharing revenue is approximately $1,250.00 or 10% below our required budget commitment as of

September 30, 2013. Many thanks for your prayerful consideration and offerings towards this budget. It is not uncommon to have a deficit following the summer months and with the stronger givings of the fourth quarter, I am confident we will meet the finish line of $17,000 by December 31, 2013. It was with regret that we accepted the resignation of Rebekah Theodore as Church Administrator effective August 23, 2013 after 3 ½ years of dedicated service. Rebekah and Howard have moved to Hanover Ontario and we wish them well with Howard’s business and their personal endeavours. Commencing on October 15, 2013 Mrs. Mary O’Brien will assume the role of Church Administrator and we wish her much success in her new role. In our June report, we mentioned that Mike Kostiuk has resigned and stepped down from the heating and furnace maintenance after 45 years of dedicated service. We are grateful for your prayers in finding a replacement for Mike and will be maintaining the furnace requirements with a combination of internal services and a heating contractor from Orangeville who knows our boiler equipment. Many thanks is extended to our Landscaping Committee of Lewis Wagg, Sandy Stansfield, Greta Lamb, Bill Lawrence and Burt Hutchison for the first class attention given to our lawns and grass during this past summer. We had many compliments on the beauty and upkeep of our lawns and grounds and the results were an impressive addition to the downtown area and Knox. Significant time and discussion has been given to strategic short, mid and long term goals for Knox, by both F & M and the Session during the past two to three months.

One common discussion point that keeps surfacing is that we have a very spacious and under utilized lawn area to the south of the church. Therefore, to make this area more serviceable and attractive, we are in the process of getting quotes to improve this area for outreach ventures in 2014.

and offers many Christmas crafts and foods of choice. We are pleased to partner with the BIA again and encourage you to come and support their cause. Should you wish to enter an exhibitor’s stall or table, please contact Kim Falls of the BIA. Last year they had a full sell out.

Our next Knox fund raiser will be a return visit of the Halton Hills Concert Band for an evening of concert and Christmas music on December 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available soon at $10.00 per person. Please plan on attending and supporting this fabulous local band and the continued work of Knox.

We have enjoyed a very successful and refreshing summer at Knox and as we close the financial year and commence with the preparation of the 2014 financial budget our committee is excited and confident that this year’s success will be a spring board for the future ministry at Knox and within the community.

Once again, Knox will become the vendor’s market for the annual Downtown BIA vendor’s market on December 6, 2013 as part of their Festival on Main. This vendor’s fair is held in both the large and small halls

Respectfully submitted by: Victoria Colby, Dee Cope, Carol Kostiuk, Louie Archambault, Tom Bentley, Jim Colter, Jim Hepburn, Lewis Wagg and Dennis McLay, Chairman.

Treasurer==s Report Year to date 13 October 2013 Revenues: Operations Revenue Limehouse Allocation Presbyterian Sharing PW S&D Sunday School Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Benevolent Fund HST Rebate Group Benefits Rebate Fund Raisers Sale of North Halton Share Mortgage Advance

Mortgage Lump Sum Repayment

Total Revenue

Expenditures: $85,410.86 853.00 10,929.00 400.00 1,748.00 840.00 4,977.00 483.00 420.00 8,567.21 2,484.27 1,612.10 12043.8 90,000.00 10,000.00


Current Expenditures Presbyterian Sharing Presbyterian Sharing - Cong Pay't PW S&D Mission & Outreach- Assessment Mission & Outreach - Donations Sunday School Special Benevolent Fund The Presbytery of Brampton PCC National Assessment Evangel Hall Assessment Fund Raiser Community Support Capital Projects Private Promissory Note Loan Mortgage Repayment to Prosp One Mortgage Interest Total Expenditures

$88,814.07 10,285.00 1,000.00 400.00 2,500.00 900.72 1,533.00 300.00 3,260.00 10,583.00 2,000.00 1,157.82 14,273.18 90,000.00 10,000.00 1,328.46 $238,335.25

Congregational Life Committee

Lazy days of summer are gone. The beauty of our fall leaves reminds us to get busy again, having fun together as a church family. The prayer chain is still very active and has received several confidential requests. (Contact Naomi, 905-873-4973, Deanna 905-877-9303 or Heather 905-877-3871.) The nursery is now supervised every Sunday. We give a big thank you to McKayla Langley for her time volunteering in the nursery. We are delighted to have arranged for Lauraine Jack to conduct a children’s musical ministry for our congregation. She has begun her ministry, but is always welcoming new-comers. At present, they meet Sundays, at 10:15 am.

We say welcome back to the parents and children to a brand new year here at Sunday's Cool. Currently we have 13 children registered this year in our three classes. Our Sunday's Cool offerings, as it did last year, will be going to support our three foster children, as will proceeds from the sale of the Presbyterian Church Calendars which will be going on sale in a few weeks for $6.00

The congregational life committee give a special THANK YOU to all who have hosted Sunday coffee hours. This is a very special time for our congregation to bond, as a church family, getting to know and care for one another. The time, effort and treats you prepare are very much appreciated and enjoyed. We encourage the use of PAPER CUPS only, to make it easier for all hosts. We thank you for keeping it a NUT FREE facility as little ones can reach goodies unattended. Thank you all for your support of this committee. …report submitted by Marg Bentley

This year we will have three youth going to the Acquire the Fire, a nondenominational youth event being held in Mississauga. Coming up for our youth is the Brampton Presbytery Youth Service being held at St. Andrew’s, Streetsville on October 27. For more information you can come see Craig or the bulletin boards. …Submitted by Craig Hutchison, Sunday’s Cool Superintendent

Mission and Outreach Committee To outreach locally and worldwide by sharing the gospel and serving the needs of our community On September 15th a group consisting of Dennis McLay, Peter Welling, Eric Mitchell, Eric and Katrina Walton, gathered together in Knox Kitchen to prepare 60 turkey dinners with vegetables and pasta. The food was packaged, then frozen, for later pick up by Community Unity for delivery to the Food bank organization in Georgetown. As there was an abundance of food, we were also able to deliver enough turkey and vegetables to feed at least 35 or so residents at Halton Women’s Place that Sunday. During the last couple of weeks of October, donation cheques will be sent out to the various charities which Mission and Outreach supports financially. On Saturday November 9th, Community Unity will again be doing the Community Fall Yard Clean up. If you are able to volunteer your services or if you are in need of assistance with your fall yard clean up, sign up forms are located in the Main Hall or contact our Community Unity

Representative, Peter Welling, at 905.877.4154 for more information. We would ask that if anyone knows of any particular needs within the Georgetown community that Mission and Outreach be informed. If we cannot service these situations ourselves, we can at least make enquiries as to how these needs can be met. We continue with our mandate to support Local, National and Global Missions, through financial aid and also to bring awareness of emergent needs within these three levels of Mission. As we celebrate yet another anniversary for Knox Georgetown, we are grateful for the continued support of our Congregation and the Blessings from God that allows Knox to be a meaningful and relevant part of our community. Remember - Mission and Outreach is Everyone’s Responsibility. Respectfully submitted: Mission and Outreach Committee: Eric & Katrina Walton (co-chair), Connie Van Goch, Victoria Colby, Peter Welling, Audrey Brown (card ministry)

An “Ugly Duckling” gets a facelift ☺ As long as most of us can remember, the two “windows” on the back wall of the church have been filled with painted plywood that over the years has deteriorated and become quite unsightly. I have never been able to discover the actual purpose of these “windows” – they have just always been there. With the addition to the library, they seem to have become much more visible, and thanks to the efforts of Jim Colter, the first of the two has been improved 150% by his wonderful artistic talents. They are now another visual asset and our sincere thanks go to Jim once again.

Friendship Circle The Friendship Circle welcomes all women in our church and community to a time of devotions, practical service to our church and community, and fellowship and friendship together. Since the summer we have served the Fair Board Lunch, the Herrington 60th Wedding Anniversary, and the Vaughan Historical Society’s ‘Tour of Georgetown’ Lunch. We have been responsible for and provided the potted flowers for decoration of the sanctuary and the standards outside the front door, and thank those members who have looked after these. The sum of $100 was given in August to Links to Care for the purchase of backpacks for students. The Christmas Bazaar on Sat. Nov. 2 is our next big community outreach. We want to thank everyone in advance for your help and support. Proceeds from the Bazaar support our church operations and church charities both local and international.

Baked goodies wrapped and ready for sale may be left at the church on Friday evening Nov. 1 from 7-9p.m. Books, DVDs and CDs, plants and items for the Treasure/Nearly New Sale may be left on the stage in the days ahead or brought in on Friday afternoon or evening. Donations of sewing and knitting, children’s' toys and Christmas items are all needed. A delicious lunch of soup and sandwich, beverage and dessert will be served in the small hall for eight dollars. There will be several raffles including a large food basket, two beautiful quilt runners, an afghan, cake walk, and several other items. Don't miss the Penny Sale which returns this year with items donated by local businesses. Please leave your name in the church office if you can help set up the books and Treasure Sale on Friday afternoon or help with sales and cleanup on Saturday. …Submitted by Marg Bentley

Knox Presbyterian Church Georgetown 60th Anniversary will be held on Sunday, October 23rd, 1927 Chicken Supper and Concert Monday Evening, October 24th Supper served from 6 to 8 followed by a program given by Walter McCutcheon, Baritone accompanied by Inez Stewart Green of Hamilton: Mrs. Byers and Mrs. Keller of Oakville: Mrs. Butte and Miss Colman, Duets: Charlie Kirk, Organ Selections Major Grant, [of Knox] Address Miss Leavitt and Sunday School Orchestra [of Knox] Admission 50 Cents PS: Remember… no large hall and modern kitchen – only what is now the small hall☺

Knox Family Korner Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and it seems already we are into another busy season ahead of Knox. That being said, Knox did not lay idle during the summer, and services and many events did carry on. You can read about them in the various committee reports. Anniversaries Milestones: One of the recent anniversary milestones was the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Vi and Doug Herrington, at an open house in early September. They were married in Knox Church, 5 September 1953. But Vi and Doug have been beaten out in the length of their marriage, by two other Knox couples who will recently also celebrate special milestones. On October 9th, Joyce and Don Gosling celebrated 70 years of marriage, but unfortunately just before that date, and as we head to print, Joyce remains in Brampton Hospital, and our thoughts are with her and Don. And coming up on October 30th, Rene and Eric Baker will celebrate 67 years of marriage, and our thoughts go out to Rene who herself has not been feeling all that well recently. You all have our blessings and congratulations, and are an inspiration to us all.

And A Happy Birthday: A special belated 80th Happy Birthday wish to Caroline Willis, who celebrated that milestone recently. Happy Birthday wishes from your Knox Family Caroline. Illness: As always, we think of our sick and shut-ins, and send you all our thoughts and prayers. James Cooper Jr, Rene Baker and Debbie Welling are now all recuperating at home, although as this gets typed up, Joyce Gosling remains in Brampton Hospital. At the service of Induction for Rev. Boose, Rev. Sean Foster was happy to report that the health progress of his young son, diagnosed earlier last year with leukemia, is greatly improving. Our thoughts and prayers are will you all. Baptism: On 15 September, Emma Jane Fowler, the daughter of Tricia Burd and Tim Fowler, was the first baptism in Knox under the guidance of Rev. Boose. She is a little ‘doll’ and oh so good in church. We welcome her into our church family.

Knox Family Korner

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A Big Thank You: At coffee hour on Sunday, September 22nd, Mike Kostiuk was thanked and honoured for the uncountable number of years he has put in doing an unlistable amount of work for our church. Mike has always been around to do whatever, whenever a repair was needed, and there have been times when we would have been completely without heat of any kind was it not for the magic touch Mike has always had with our old heating boilers ☺ Mike has decided that it is time he took a rest and let someone else take over these maintenance jobs, but with great respect to his successor, no one may ever be able to replace Mike, his always smiling attitude and willing way. Mike, you have our sincere thanks and gratitude for all your years of work on our behalf.

Mike’s head is a ‘dot’ on the bottom of this picture as he worked on the bells up in the tower.

And another Thank You: To Marnie Thompson, who over the past number of years has been the co-ordinator organizing and arranging for greeters and counters at our worship services. Having personally attended a church recently as a visitor, where there was no person at the door to greet or welcome us, I realized first hand what an important part that little handshake and statement make to every congregant at every service. A simple handshake with a welcoming smile can mean a world of difference, and we thank Marnie for making sure it has always been available. It is a simple task – so PLEASE volunteer. Passings: 10 July 2013: Wilhelmina “Pien” Van Dyke passed away peacefully in her 76th year. She was the wife of the late Rennie, who for several years was the organist and choir director here at Knox, where they are still fondly remembered, and our condolences go out to the family. 26 July 2013, Lorraine Hillier, the sister of Millie McNiven passed away in Georgetown. Our sincere sympathy to Millie and the family of Lorraine. 8 August 2013: Michael Stuart George (Mike) passed away. Although not active for several years now, Mike and Edna were long time members of Knox, and we send Edna and the family our sincere condolences and sympathy. Congratulations - to Ravi Lal and Mary Ann Balkaron-Lal who are opening their new business in Georgetown, ACE CANADA, at 305 Armstrong Avenue. The business does full mechanical and collision for all vehicles and we wish them all the best as they go forward... Welcome: A warm word of welcome to Mary O’Brien who started work on Tuesday as our new church secretary/administrator. Mary will be in the office mornings, Tuesday-Friday. Drop in and meet her and make her welcome. Knox Family Korner Page 2

The Story of Our Original Pulpit Bible For the newcomers in our midst â˜ş Reverend Dr. Robert Burns had been born in Scotland in 1789, called to the ministry, and in 1811, his first charge was at St. George=s Church, Paisley, Scotland. In 1843 there were great disruptions in the Church of Scotland when one-third of the ministers left church, manse and stipend, to form the Free Church of Scotland, and some came then to Canada. One of these was Rev. Burns, who became a Professor at the newly opened Knox College, in Toronto. By the 1850's, Georgetown was a growing settlement, and as the number of Presbyterian families increased, they wanted their own place of worship. Georgetown was a missionary station for several years and in 1859 Rev. Burns came to Georgetown, and preached in the town hall, the Congregational Chapel (next door to Knox, now library) and in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. It was through his efforts in 1860, that the congregation of our Knox Presbyterian Church was established, and our first brick church built here on this piece of land. Rev. Robert Burns kindly presented the new congregation with a large pulpit bible, one that had been his own personal keepsake. He had obviously been a popular man among his Scottish congregation, and when he left, they had presented him with this Bible. The inscription on leather, in the front of that Bible, reads: APresented to the Rev.d Robert Burns, D.D., Minister of St. George=s Free Church, Paisley, by the members of his male and female classes as a mark of their gratitude to him for his assiduous and persevering labours amongst them to promote their spiritual improvement, 3 January 1844.@ Robert Burns carried this very large Bible with him to Canada, and in turn, inscribed it to the new congregation which he had helped establish. APresented by me to the congregation of Georgetown, with which I have been more or less connected for the last twelve months, and may the work of God prosper among them. Toronto, Ontario, October 13, 1860. Rob=t Burns.@ Robert Burns lived only nine years after establishing our congregation here in Georgetown, and passed away in Toronto in 1869 at the age of 81. That Bible was in use on our pulpit for over 100 years, until 1965, when it was replaced. It had fallen into quite a state of disrepair, and early in 2001, thanks to the efforts of Rev. Peter Barrow and an unknown congregation member, it was fully restored by our local world renowned book binder and restorer, Keith Felton. It is a beautiful and extremely historical treasure, linking our own local church to the birthplace of it=s history. Dawn Livingstone, 2013

Some Upcoming Events Friday, 18th October Annual Anniversary Dinner at Knox Always a great success Sunday, 20th October 11:00 am Morning Worship Service rd 153 anniversary of Knox Presbyterian Church Come out and celebrate our heritage Saturday, 2nd November Knox Church Annual Bazaar 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Come for a look, browse our goodies And stay for a delicious lunch for only $8.00 Then in the evening (2nd November) come out to Limehouse Presbyterian Church At 7:30 for an evening of “Crusin’ in the Past Lane” An evening featuring Eric Walton and his guitar Singing the hits of the 50’s and 60’s Free will offering in support of the food bank. On Friday, 6th December The downtown BIA Annual Vendor’s Market will be held In Knox Hall A part of the Annual Festival on Main Street Mark your calendar for Sunday December 8th When Knox Georgetown will sponsor The Halton Hills concert Band For an evening of music 7:00 pm – tickets will be on sale soon

Knox Fall Newsletter  

Knox Presbyterian Church, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, Fall 2013 Newsletter