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Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing. Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Website - www.knoxgeorgetown.com Email – knoxpc@cogeco.net

Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.

Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585 Website: www.knoxgeorgetown.com (note change) Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knoxgeorgetown

Minister: The Rev. Steven Boose Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: revboose@gmail.com Church Secretary and Hall Rental: Mary O’Brien Office Open 9-12 am Tuesday – Friday Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Music Director and Organist: Haydn Evans, L.W.C.M.D. Phone: 416- 884-1737 Email: haydnce@gmail.com Clerk of Session: Craig Hutchison Phone: 416-802-9653 Email: craig.hutchison@rbc.com Chairman, Board of Trustees: Al Cook Phone: 905-877-5753 Email: acook4@cogeco.ca Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Jim Colter Phone: 905-877-8805 Email: colterjb@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Eric Walton Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: ericwalton@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Ann Allen Phone: 905-877-4211 Webmaster: Craig Hutchison Email: webmaster@knoxgeorgetown.ca Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506

Vestry Visions At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month… It’s hard to believe that it’s been a hundred years since those guns fell silent. Hard to believe because there’s no one left who really remembers them. The last combatant who fought in the Great War died in 2011; the last nurse, in 2012. And yet, there are entire libraries filled with the stories of those tumultuous four years and the impact they had upon Europe and, by extension, the world around them. Stories of privation and loss; stories of heroism and gallantry; stories of the horrors of “war on an industrial scale” where men’s lives were as much a unit for consumption as a bullet or an artillery shell. One hundred years since that disaster ended… And yet, we didn’t learn. Not really. Germany re-emerged as a major industrial power in less than a generation, and twenty-one years later started the dance all over again, this time with a horrific “ethnic purge” goal in mind! Japan was filled with a sense of its own awesomeness and the urge to control much more than just their little island. The world was seized once again with the tumult of war. And men fought. And men died. And nurses tended the wounded, and sometimes they died. And everyone came back different. Everyone came back changed. Some had found their best selves over there; others were broken and were never completely rebuilt. That is, those who came back… God did not create us for war, although we seem to be pretty good at it. The Bible is filled with stories of wars and battles, as is every other history of every other people who found themselves clawing their way to the top and surviving to be spoken about in later generations. God commanded us, “You shall not murder.” (Ex. 20:13) He put that into the Ten Commandments, and it’s one of the primary ways in which we love our neighbour as ourselves! Those who go to war struggle with this commandment – they have little or no desire to kill another person, but to protect their friends, to save their own lives, and to protect the innocents who are in the way of a conqueror’s dreams, they will. They will lay down their lives for their friends, if they must, and Jesus Himself said that there is no greater love in the world than this. (John 15:13) At 11:00 on November 11th, we will take two minutes to be silent, to remember the haunting, unearthly silence that must have fallen over the trenches after four years of constant pounding and hammering, and to remember those who gave their lives for the concept of “freedom”. In that silence, let us remember that God made us to love one another. Let us strive, with our words and our deeds, to do just that.

We Celebrate 158th Anniversary of Knox This September, we celebrated the 158th anniversary of our formation here in Georgetown, back in 1860. It only seems like yesterday that we were working so hard for the 150th Anniversary Celebrations that were a ‘once in a lifetime’ event… and a great one it was. Morning Worship Service The guest speaker at our morning worship service on October 21st was the Rev. Dr. Victor Shepherd, author of several books, and a Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto, as well as Professor Ordinarius, University of Oxford, U.K. He gave a very interesting and thought provoking talk titled “Has the Church a Future?” He certainly gave us a great deal to think about. Anniversary Roast Beef Dinner Report Chairs Follick & Greta Lamb and Hazel Armstrong wish to thank all the committee leaders, their helpers and all who helped to make this dinner a success. The pies were especially good, and a thank you to all who contributed. The meat cooking was a bit challenging as this was the first year it all had to be cooked at the church… and it was great, as was the gravy Attendance was: 5:00 pm sitting -75 Revenue from ticket sales $3,240.25

6:30 pm sitting -79 Expenses $647.19

Takeouts -41 Profit $2,593.06

Our sincere thank you to all who helped make this another successful event.

Joint Presbyterian Service On Sunday October 28th, the five Presbyterian Churches in our area joined in a day of praise and celebration with a joint service held this year at Knox Georgetown. What a pleasure it was to welcome visitors from Acton, Norval, Union, and Limehouse to worship with us for that day. The various ministers all took a part in the service: Rev. Todd Nelson, Knox, Acton: Rev. Peter Barrow, Norval: Rev. Bryan Fox, Union: and Rev. Steve Boose from Limehouse and Georgetown. Our choirs all combined to make one big choir, and their contributions were much enjoyed and appreciated. Rev. Todd Nelson (from Acton) gave the younger children a “children’s story” and later gave the congregational message of the morning “Hush Now.” This was followed by all joining in a service of communion and thanksgiving. Following worship, a delicious lunch was served in the church hall, and was very enjoyed by all. A special celebration was the 95th birthday of Phyllis Newns, a member of Union Church. A big birthday cake was cut by her before it was shared by all in attendance. What a special way to celebrate special birthday. Our congratulations to you, Phyllis.

Treasurer s Report For Year-to-Date October 31, 2018 Revenues: Operations Revenue Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Fund Raisers Benevolent & Pastoral Care Congregational 2018 Mission Projects Mortgage Principle Repayment HST Rebate Trf from Memorial Fund CIF Interest Income CIF Equity Income CIF Transfer Legacy Gift

Expenditures: $116,182.65 250.00 6,610.00 5,966.00 7,503.00 1,720.00 368.95 2,675.00 4,605.88 9,560.42 6,109.99 24,519.55 40,000.00 8,333.33

Operational Expenditures Fund Raising Expenses Mission & Outreach- Assessmt Congregational Life - Assessmt Benevolent & Outreach Exp

$163,423.11 1248.11 2,250.00 1,800.00 2475.58

Mission & Outreach- Projects Donations Presbyterian of Cda Assessmts The Presbytery of Brampton Mortgage Payments Capital Expenditures - Memorial Loan Repayment

1,128.74 3815.00 24,957.65 2,550.00 5,978.07 9,560.42 966.26

Total Revenue $234,404.77

Total Expenditures


Finance and Maintenance Committee Report Third Quarter 2018 Not too much happening around Knox in the summer in terms of expenditures and maintenance. That is actually welcome news as we can rebuild some finances. • • • • • • •

A heating pipe was replaced in a wall in the small hall and the wall was repaired. New mats were purchased to replace the worn ones. A new photocopier should be arriving soon with only minimal increase in monthly price. We are still awaiting referral on the boiler status, but should be able to cope with things for this heating season. The phone-in line was disconnected as Bell could no longer service that technology We still have one bench left for sale, In compliance with Health Standards, a member of Knox (Dennis) has taken the region’s food-handling course. The books are available for study and anyone can write the exam for $10. The more qualified people, the better.

A number of other minor items are in the works but you will have to wait until the next update….. …James Colter for Tom Bentley, Victoria Colby, Dee Cope, Jim Hepburn and Dennis McLay

Pastoral Care Report Fall 2018 The late summer and fall kept us going at a very busy rate as there were a high number of folks requiring surgeries involving slow recoveries, with most of them being done in hospitals out of town. We also kept a close eye on Rev. Mary Campbell from Claude (where I had been part of the team looking after her congregation) as she awaited her heart surgery and I can report that it was successful. She had a long stressful wait of almost a year to get that done, so still keep her in prayer as she begins a slow recovery. One of the dynamics that has changed is the higher level of and more frequent care being needed by our ageing congregation and in particular to our less mobile members. It seems each year there are more folks having to cope after a lifetime of driving and now having to rely on Acti-van or other modes of transport to get them around. Our “buddy� system under the direction of Jan Raymond (whose faithful devotion and servant heart were evident to all in our care) could not have come at a better time! Mother Teresa stated in 1985 that loneliness was the disease of our time and it is evident throughout our congregation in particular with those who can no longer get around. We give thanks for Gerry Steringa who has come on board as a driver willing to take some of our members to local appointments. A heart-felt thanks to Jan Raymond and our Buddies – what willingness they have shown in connecting with those in need of company. We are so grateful to Lynda Strathdee for her continued support in making Prayer Shawls. These Prayer Shawls make such a difference to folks as they know when they wrap themselves in these shawls, that someone, somewhere has them in prayer. We are approaching 300 given out. Our prayer Team, Norma Fiebig and Christena Gardiner continue to lend support to those in need of confidential prayer. This is a life-line for many folks, as talking to anyone about difficulties in our lives can be a daunting process. The Prayer Team is there to listen. While we have had some success getting our members help at home through the various agencies, unfortunately we are learning first hand the frustration and difficulties of dealing with these same Government agencies as we work with a soon to be homeless 52 year old man with severe physical ailments, who has a connection to the church through my ministry partner Anne Allen. We will stay with him until this is resolved. Katrina has been working to find legal help and new contacts to support him and find suitable housing, and supplies him with nourishing meals. On a more upbeat note, I have been invited to take my Christian Ministry (Comfort & Caring through Christ) into Oakville Hospital at a time when our Government buildings seem to be eliminating everything Christian. I am very excited to take the Word to the folks in Oakville. This fall marks my 15th year at Allendale long term care facility, my 13th year at Milton Hospital and my 10th year at Mountainview Residence, delivering this Christian program. The past year Anne and I have made great progress working in the community and with other churches, hopefully showing the face of Jesus and Knox to all.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the prayerful and financial support from our congregation. You make a difference. If anyone is in need of a visit from the Pastoral Care Team, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here for you. Eric at 905-878-1588 or Ann at 905-877-4211

Blessings to all for a wonderful fall and Christmas season. In Christ, Your Pastoral Care Team. Eric Walton, Anne Allen and Jan Raymond (Buddy Co-ordinator.)

100th anniversary of Armistice Day 11 November 1918

– When this war broke out, some 619,636 Canadians had signed up. Some 59,544 did not return. Like many towns throughout our country, Georgetown erected a monument to the local lives lost during the four years of that war. Originally it sat at the “Y” junction of Main and Guelph Streets, across from what is now “The George.” It was dedicated on a warm sunny Saturday, the 30th of August 1924, where it sat until it was moved to the Memorial/Embrace Park at the corners of James and Charles Streets. By 1960 the traffic at that corner had grown so that the cenotaph was not easily visited, and a beautiful new park was established at the corner of James and Charles Streets. A large flat bed truck was carefully loaded with the monument, trucked the short distance to the new park, and carefully and tenderly set up in its new home – Remembrance Park. Through the years the park has had many additions of remembrance, listing soldiers from the Second World War, and Korea as well. It is listed on the internet as “one of the most beautiful remembrance parks in Ontario.” Local Dutch people have played a very important part in the establishment and maintenance of the area. If you are not familiar with the park, take some time to have a walk through, sit and admire its beauty, giving thoughts to the brave souls who fought so that we might have the right to do so. The photo above was taken at the dedication of the original memorial in 1924. The girl on the left side is Mable (Sparling) Livingstone, a Knox member for her lifetime. Helen McAllistair, daughter of a local Doctor, is in the background. On Sunday, November 11th, we will remember the number of members of Knox Church, who served their country through the years. They are listed on the large documents mounted on the walls of our church.

For them, we give thanks.

Important Congregational Meeting PLEASE plan to attend a congregational meeting, following worship, on November 18th, whereby we will be presenting the financial performance to October 31, 2018, the operating budget for 2019 and the stipend and salary reviews for the next year. At this meeting, Rev. Steve will be outlining his vision for 2019. Everyone is encouraged to attend this very important meeting. Lunch, which will include two slices of pizza and cake, will be provided and for those who are able, we are suggesting a contribution of $3.00 to help defray the costs. Please note that this meeting does not replace the Annual General Meeting that is held early in the New Year. By holding it separate from the General meeting in the New Year, it gives us more time to more fully discuss the church finances. This is your opportunity to address any concerns you may have. Please Plan To Attend – the church belongs to us all.

Sunday School Report Although not large in physical size, our Sunday School is up and running again for another season, thanks to it’s enthusiastic leaders.. Cathy Boose, Lorna Knapp, Mary Ann Lal and Marg Bentley. They are having a good time, while learning in a fun way, and now looking forward to Christmas activities. Any children are always welcome to join with them downstairs after the Rev. Steve gives a ‘children’s story.’

A big thank you to their leaders.

On Saturday, November 3rd, the Georgetown Bread Basket invited community partners who had helped them transition from their old location on Sinclair Ave. to their present spot on Mountainview Rd N. Rev. Steve, Dennis McLay and Craig Hutchison were present to accept a plaque on behalf of our Mission & Outreach Committee, who not only helped with the move but returned a few days later to help restock the shelves after *they* had been moved over! Monica Donaldson was the presenter on behalf of the food bank. The Bread Basket supplies clients up to two times per month with available stock. They are on track this year to have provided almost 200,000 pounds of food, approximately 3,700 pounds/week. They accept donations at all major grocery stores in town, as well as cash donations through food drives or direct donation. Cash is used to provide fresh items such as eggs, milk or vegetables. Please consider making a donation to the Bread Basket every time you get your own groceries!

Friendship Circle For the past couple of years, leadership of the Friendship Circle has been taken by Marg Bentley and Greta Lamb, and to them we all owe a big vote of thanks. It is not an easy job, and I am sure there have been times when they have just wanted to walk away, but they have carried on and we still have an active if aging group Our sincere thanks to Marg and Greta. And now, Lynda Strathdee has ‘stepped up to the plate’ and offered to chair the group, and hold us all together. Our sincere thank you Lynda and we will all try to do what we can to help out. While we have a great social time, it really is a bit of a challenge, trying to get help for various events in the church, and it is sad to see that the Friendship Circle is the last of the women’s groups to still be operating. When we started the group back in 1969, there were five other ladies groups to share the activities and events! We were the ‘children’ of the ladies groups – and sadly through the years, we have become the ‘seniors’ and the only ladies group left. A Friendship Circle Christmas Dinner is being catered in again this year, allowing the women to sit back and enjoy a wonderful meal, and not even have to clean up!! All ladies of the church are invited to attend, on Wednesday December 5th, at 6:00 pm, in the small hall. Cost will be $20.00 Please ‘register’ with Helen Wilkinson, 905-873-9878 by Dec 1st at the latest.

Knox Delicious Meat Pies Again this year, somewhat in conjunction with the bazaar, the ladies of the church have been making their wonderful meat pies. Yes, they will be for sale at the bazaar, but our own membership will have the opportunity to purchase a limit of 4 pies, at $5.00 each, following the worship service on Sunday, November 11th. They really are delicious

Christmas Help for Others Once again, the Friendship Circle and Knox are collecting items for Evangel Hall. They are appreciative of everything, but items for personal care are much appreciated. Examples **Toothbrushes ** Deodorant ** Lip balm ** Individual packages of tissues ** Feminine Hygiene products ** Travel–size shampoo and conditioner ** Travel-size body wash and moisturizer ** Rub A535 ** New underwear and socks Please remember how very fortunate we all are, and share our gratefulness.

Christmas Treasure’s at Knox The congregational bazaar will take place on Saturday, November 24th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This year, the Limehouse congregation has been invited to take part with us. We welcome donations of baking, crafts (knitting, sewing) Christmas items, new or used, white elephant items (used household) books, DVDs, puzzles, children’s toys and books, jewellery and items for the penny table and silent auction items. All donations should be delivered to the church by Sunday, November 18th. The bake table will feature meat pies, cookie trays, confections and the usual marvellous baking provided by our members. Please consider making your favourite Christmas squares, cookies, Christmas balls, etc. for the cookie trays (deliver Thursday, November 22nd) for assembly in the church kitchen on Thursday evening. All other baking should be delivered to the church hall throughout the day and evening of Friday, November 23rd. Ticket sales for the raffle are going well. Five wonderful prizes have been provided by members of the congregation: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

One pair of tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs game (January 20, 2018) Handmade quilt with quilt stand Men’s Puma Wrist Watch Watercolour painting by Harry Milariowski $100.00 Rona Gift Card

Tickets are priced at $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and are still available if you would like to take some to sell. Contact Marlene Preston 905-877-1634. The draw will take place at the conclusion of the bazaar at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 22nd. Many members have volunteered to participate in the bazaar. If you have been missed somehow, and would like to take part or have questions, please contact Marlene Preston to get involved.

Come join us on Saturday November 24th have lunch, browse and support our church. ….Marlene Preston, Chair of Bazaar Committee Special Notice Please….. Please deliver your contributions to Marlene Preston at her home before Sunday November 18th, or leave them well marked, in the computer room at the church, preferably with the door locked. Many hands make light(er) work and we appreciate your assistance. We are going to have another grateful bazaar. Thanks for your help.

Positive Action at Knox Lunch to Evangel Hall: On August 11th, Knox provided a very welcome lunch of homemade meat loaf and all the trimmings. About 95 people enjoyed the enjoyable meal, that was taken to Toronto by Rev. Steve Boose, Kathy Boose, Jan Raymond and Dennis McLay. At that event, they also gave our $2,000 mortgage reduction campaign cheque, for which Evangel Hall was extremely grateful. Rock ‘n Roll Car Show: On August 24th, a downtown event for the past several years, the Rock ’N Roll Car Show, closed down the whole Main Street area, and turned it into one big party place What fun it was to stroll through the hundreds of old vehicles and meet and greet old friends you hadn’t seen for a very long time. Once again, Knox held their ever popular BBQ in the front yard of the church, and it was appreciated by many people. A profit of $938.00 was made, and they were sold out by 8 pm. Besides the money though, it put the face of Knox out with the people in a fun event. Local Retired Men’s Lunch: On October 11th, Knox was once again the host to the local retired men’s luncheon club. As always, there was a full house, and great comments came about the lunch they were served. They really do like coming to Knox and we look forward to having them again.

Catering Report Under the co-ordination of Marlene Preston and Dennis McLay, the catering committee has been very active since our last newsletter. We have provided catering services to the following functions and families: Funeral Tea for the Late Bob Weekes Family Funeral Tea for the Late Libby Kentner Family The Retiree Men’s Luncheon The Refreshments for the BIA Annual Meeting The BIA Rock ‘n Roll Classic Car Show BBQ The Halton Hills Presbyterian Joint Service Luncheon Our next function – The Brampton Presbytery Dinner on Nov 27th We are very fortune as convenors, to have such a supporting team at Knox who provide manpower, food and enthusiasm when requested. As Dennis keeps saying, “It’s just like being at Marineland having a Whale of a Time.” Our thanks to Marlene and Dennis and their crew. Am sure they will get lots of help along the way. They certainly has been an active this fall … and we still have the bazaar to go

Knox Family Korner Where did the summer go??? How come we are seeing Christmas decorations on the store shelves already – actually some have been out for a while now? How come we are talking church bazaar, Christmas services and sing alongs, and all the things connected with this special time of the year? Through this entire commercial world, some times it is difficult to remember how and why we even have a Christmas. Come and join with us during this special season, as we grow to understand and celebrate the “reason for the season” and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ himself. Come and hear the story…. Wedding: How nice it was to have Kelly Bumbaca and Matthew Dias married at Knox recently. Kelly is the niece of Jim (and Shirley) Hepburn. On October 13th, they were married by Rev. Steve Boose, in the same church where Kelly’s parents were married, and where Kelly was baptized. The couple are living in Georgetown, and we wish them the very best for a very happy future. 60th Anniversary: Our congratulations to Ron and Evy Gable on their 60th wedding anniversary back in July. It seems like only yesterday they celebrated their 50th. They are 40 year members of Knox. Ron spent many of those years as an elder and Evy has been a long time member of the Friendship Circle. We send you special prayers, and thank you both for all your years of dedication and work with us.

Birthday Celebrations: In July, both Norma and Carson Rae celebrated their 90th birthdays. Their family and friends joined with the congregation with a Happy Birthday Luncheon on Sunday July 22nd. There was a good turn out and a great lunch, enjoyed by all. Norma and Carson, we all wish you many more Happy Birthday lunches, and are happy to have you in our congregation.

A belated Happy Birthday: A belated Happy Birthday to our special member, Elma Harlow, who celebrated her 99th birthday back in August. She is the eldest and longest serving member of our church, and had spent 82 years in the choir before retiring earlier this year. Elma is now living at the Mountainview Residence, and we don’t get to see her as often as in the past. Elma, we just want to let you know you are in our thoughts, and we really do miss you at Knox. How great it was to see you and Mary back in church this past Sunday… we miss you both. 1

First Time Grandparents: Jan and Trevor Raymond became first time grandparents on September 19, when their son Doug and his wife Mayuka, who live out west, became the parents of a little boy - Ezra. Jan was able to get out to see them shortly afterwards. Our congratulations to you all. To Our Sick and Shut in Members: As we head into the Christmas Season, we think about our sick and shut in members. I am sure for some of you the winter must be a long season, so let’s all hope that it comes late this year. Although we just can’t name individuals, please know we think about you all, and send up our prayers. To all of you who are not able to join with us at this Christmas season, please know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you. Special Prayers: Some time ago, Charlotte (Strathdee) Skanes spent months in hospital having had a very near death experience. With the help of wonderful doctors, her family and lots of prayers, she was able to pull through, get back on her feet, and become mom again to three very busy little guys (and one very busy ‘big’ guy.) Charlotte needs to go back for some further surgery, which will be done on November 19th. Please send along your prayers for her, her own family, her mother, and family members. We know Charlotte is strong, and will be fine, but hope that her recovery is quick and easy. Passings: Monday, 2 July, 2018: Deanna MacIntyre, after a long struggle with cancer. Deanna was the wife of Jim, mother of Kirk, Mark and Coreen, and grandmother of Renee, Crystal and Michael. Both Deanna and Jim had been faithful members of Knox for several years, and both contributed a great deal to our congregation. They have been missed since their health problems began, prayed for often, and we sorely miss them both. Our thoughts and prayers are and have been with their family members. Sunday, July 29, 2018: Dr. Colin Thomas White, B.Sc., M.D., FRCP., passed away in Vancouver, B.C. on July 29, 2018, after a long struggle with Kidney and Heart disease. Dr. White was a young man, much respected in his fields of medicine. He was the son of Shiela and John White, fairly new members of our congregation, and our sympathy goes to them and their family in this very sad loss of their son. You all have our thoughts and prayers. Saturday, 29th September 2018: Elizabeth (Libby) Kentner, the second longest members of Knox, passed away in Georgetown hospital in her 95th year, having joined Knox in April 1941, just before she joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. She and her druggist husband “Bud” had children Mary and Bruce, and she was the grandmother of Justine, Veronica, Declan and Nick. She was part of Kentner’s Main Street drug store, and well known and loved in Georgetown. Having been in poor health the past couple of years, she was not the active member of days past, and our thoughts and prayers have been and are with the family. 2

October 2018: Our thoughts and prayers go to Rose Colter, Jim and Elizabeth in the recent passing in Trinidad, of a dear aunt of Rose’s. Rose had always been close to this Aunt, and has left fond memories. Please know that you all have our sincere sympathy, thoughts and prayers. Listening In to Knox Sunday Service: We know there are a few of you who are no longer physically able to get out to join us at our Sunday morning services, and that you have, in the past, been using the telephone dial-in method. I have used it in the past myself, and found it to be quite a pleasant way to stay connected. However, that method is much too old to repair in this day and age, and unfortunately it had to be discontinued. There is another way to join in and listen on your computer, though. Look for Knox Presbyterian Church (http://www.knoxgeorgetown.com) and it will guide you with a link to the You-tube connection, although that won’t be doable for many We are sorry about this loss, but it is called ‘progress ’ of us older folk

Libby’s Famous Tea Biscuits Libby was known for her wonderful tea biscuits, among other things. Many times when we would have a congregational eating event where we all bring in and share a meal, Libby would bring along here now famous and wonderful tea biscuits. Here we share her recipe with you all…. They are bound to become your own favourites – think of Libby 2 cups all purpose flour 4 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1/3 cup shortening ¾ cup sour milk/buttermilk or regular milk with vinegar. Cut shortening into dry ingredients. Stir in milk. Knead gently. Cut. Bake 400, 12-15 minutes. Can brush the top with milk or egg and or sugar. Can also cut recipe in two for fewer buns.

A Thought for the New Year Shining, unsullied, like a new silver dollar, The New Year lies before us to spend as we will. How shall we use it, this great gift of living? The choice lies with us for good or for ill. 365 days to be squandered? Just frittered in idleness, selfishness, strife? Or 52 weeks of honest endeavour To swell our account in the Bank Book of Live. … Author unknown


2018 - Upcoming Events: A Busy Christmas Season Please be sure to make a note of these dates Sun Mornings

Bible Study 9:30 am in the minister’s study

Sat. Nov. 10th:

Community Unity Fall Yard Clean-Up. If you can help, please report to the Christian Reformed Church, 11611 Trafalgar Road. Food and drink will be provided at St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Glen Williams from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Sun. Nov.11th:

Remembrance Day Service at 11:00 am at Knox Memorial service at the cenotaph 4:30 pm – check the paper or online for details

Sun. Nov 11th:

Meat Pies will be for sale to the congregation.

Tues. Nov. 13th:

Session meeting

Sat. Nov. 17th:

Georgetown Santa Claus Parade 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Sinclair Avenue to Guelph across Main Street ending at fair grounds.

Sun. Nov. 18th:

Congregational Meeting.. Please plan to attend. Details in body of newsletter. This is an important meeting planning out our ‘road’ for the next year.

Sat. Nov.24th

Christmas Treasures at Knox… will be held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Come and find your personal treasure and stay for an enjoyable lunch, $10.00

Sun. Dec 2nd

The first Sunday of Advent, and a service of Holy Communion. Through the course of Advent, Rev. Boose will be leading the congregation through an exploration of the book of Ruth. The themes of each chapter correspond to the candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Manuscripts will be available for the curious, after each service (and the whole bundle will be available after Christmas.)

Tues. Dec. 4th

Come and enjoy an evening of Christmas music and sing alongs conducted by Michael Kelly Cavan. 7:00 pm – for an evening of fun to help you get the spirit of Christmas.

Further Carol Sings

Watch for details of sing alongs for Dec 11th and 18th.

Wed. Dec.5th:

Ladies Christmas Dinner. All women of the congregation are invited to join with us. A sign-up sheet will be in the large hall. $20. per person. If you have any questions, please see Helen Wilkinson. All ladies of the congregation are welcome.

Fri. Dec. 7th:

Holiday Magic and Market. Downtown Main Street. Market opens at 3:00 pm in Knox halls, with wagon rides, music, and a visiting Santa a little later in the afternoon/evening. A fun pleace to visit.

Sun. Dec. 9th:

Live Nativity at Limehouse Presbyterian Church, December 9. Performance at 6:30 and 7:15 pm. Enjoy the Christmas story re enacted in the ‘stable’ as cast members and live animals take part. A well done event.


Our Christmas Eve service of Carols and Lessons will commence at 7:00 pm, on Tuesday December 24th, with a child-friendly mediation in the middle For something quieter and more contemplative, consider attending the service at Limehouse at 9:00 pm.

Christmas Office Hours: The Church will be closed on Tuesday, December 25th and Wednesday December 26th for Christmas and Boxing Day. Rev. Steve and Mary will be back in on Friday December 28th for the morning.

Let’s Have Only Positive Thinking For the Year Ahead Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you look on the bright happy side of something, or the dark or unhappy side? Positive or negative? If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you'd like to win but think you can't, It's almost certain you won't. Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can Working together, let’s all be positive, and we will have a brighter future ahead. Somehow, not only for Christmas, but all the long year through, The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you,. And the more you spend in blessing, the poor and lonely and sad, The more of your heart’s possessing Returns to make you glad. …John Greenleaf Whittier

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Good News Letter Winter 2018  

See what is happening at Knox Georgetown

Good News Letter Winter 2018  

See what is happening at Knox Georgetown