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“The rebirth inherent in the arrival of spring and the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday should awaken us to the music which we hear within us – music we are bound to hear if we will but listen for it. Then let us step to that music, each in his own way, and send forth the love and strength and peace our world so sorely needs.”

Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Email: knoxpc@cogeco.ca Website: www.knoxgeorgetown.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/knoxgeorgetown Church service dial in – 905-702-1629

Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.

Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585 Website: www.knoxgeorgetown.com (note change) Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knoxgeorgetown

Minister: The Rev. Steven Boose Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: revboose@gmail.com Church Secretary and Hall Rental: Mary O’Brien Office Open 9-12 am Tuesday – Friday Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Music Director and Organist: Haydn Evans, L.W.C.M.D. Phone: 416- 884-1737 Email: haydnce@gmail.com Clerk of Session: Craig Hutchison Phone: 416-802-9653 Email: craig.hutchison@rbc.com Chairman, Board of Trustees: Al Cook Phone: 905-877-5753 Email: acook4@cogeco.ca Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Jim Colter Phone: 905-877-8805 Email: colterjb@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Eric Walton Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: ericwalton@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Ann Allen Phone: 905-877-4211 Webmaster: Craig Hutchison Email: webmaster@knoxgeorgetown.ca Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506

Vestry Visions Jesus Is Greater… We’ve been hearing a lot of this lately. The author(s) of the letter to the Hebrews had this as his (or her, or their) prime thesis – that Jesus was greater than all the things that Judaism had constructed in order to worship God but which had, over time and through general familiarity, had become the thing worshiped instead of God. He was greater than the angels who stood in the heavenly courts with the Father. He was greater than Moses, who was the first messiah (small “m”) for the Hebrew people. He was greater than their priests, with all their learning and all the sacrifices they made on behalf of the people. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was worth more than every dove, every lamb, every ox, every thing that was ever sacrificed as an offering to God, period. Accepting this as our premise, then, the letter to the Hebrews encourages us to have faith, to run the race with Christ, and to endure anything and everything that may come against us! However, that’s often easier said than done. Something like thirty years ago, my pastor at the time played a video for our youth group that featured Dr. Tony Compolo preaching his most famous message, entitled “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!” He tells of how he was engaged in a “preach-off” at his church, back in days when going to church for a full day wasn’t considered an inordinate chore. He’d done well, himself, with a congregation that was getting into his message and truly appreciated what he had to say. But, he says, the senior pastor just smiled when he sat down… and then got up himself to show everyone what the world needs to hear. “It’s Friday,” he said, “but Sunday’s coming!” We’ve all had the days, so the message says, when it’s so hard to have faith, so hard to run, so hard to endure! We’ve had days when grief swells up, when news is bad, when life seems hopeless, when the struggles of trying to keep it all together are just too much to bear. We’ve had days when we want to close the doors at the office, flip the bird to the boss, and scream at the children until we’re sore. The plans have fallen through. The dream is over. The doctor’s on the phone and it sounds urgent. That’s Friday. But Sunday’s coming. Sunday is when Jesus’ promises become real. Sunday is when we know that whatever happens in this life, Jesus is walking with us through it to the next. Sunday is when God opens the window that lights the darkness after the doors have shut. Sunday is when we realize that everything we see, everything we do, everything we know, everything is in God’s hands! Sunday is when we realize that Jesus is greater than us, so much greater, and that He doesn’t need us to do anything for Him (although He surely wants us to!) – nothing we do will earn us heaven’s glories! All He needs is our hearts. If we give Him our hearts, He will do the rest! This is the Good News of Easter: that He is our God, and we are His people. Thanks be to God!

Knox Kirk Session Report

Knox Session has been looking to fill some vacant spots by calling an Elder election. Where some terrific names were brought forward by you the congregation the recipients had not felt that they have been called to becoming an Elder. We thank those who took the time to vote and a special thanks to those who had to search their hearts to decide if it was the right choice for them. Session still feels that Knox needs a few more elders and the search continues. (See following info from Reverend Steve.) This winter we saw the Sunday School start back up after a two year hiatus. The Mission and Outreach Committee is up and running under Reverend Steve Boose. With that in mind Community Unity is coming up on April 28th. If you can volunteer a few hours to help tidy up some yards or if you need help tidying up your own yard please sign the lists (soon to come.) The website has undertaken a few changes over the past two months. You can find it at knoxgeorgetown.com to keep up with the services and weekly happenings at Knox. If you cannot get out to the service in person remember you can call in at 905-702-1629 right before the service and listen in or you can go to our YouTube channel and watch it live. ……Craig Hutchison, Clerk of Session

Elder Election News Some of you may remember that the congregation voted on new elders back in November. We messed up the rollout, so we did it again and did our best to do it right the second time! There’s just one problem, however: the people who had the confidence of the congregation in that voting process are all at points in their lives where they felt it only prudent to decline to serve at this time! The Session has returned to the Book of Forms and has researched the other process that is available to us. Where we had a “Ballot of Members” before, we will now try to proceed with a “Ballot of Nominees.” In this process, members of the congregation nominate each other to serve on the Session – this way, we all know that the short list of people we are voting for are actually willing and able to serve before we vote! Nomination papers will have places where a Mover, a Seconder, and the Nominee, all have to sign their names to make things official – this ensures no surprise nominations! We will have a brief congregational meeting (in the Lower Hall, over Coffee Hour) to distribute the papers when the time comes, and a full timeline will be presented then. We need at least two more elders at this time – people who are willing to invest a bit of themselves into the people of their districts, as well as the other duties of Elders, including the monthly Session meetings and the service of Communion on set Sundays. Many hands make the work light, as the old saying goes, and we need a couple more sets of hands to help keep all of our people connected to one another in this thing we call Knox, Georgetown!

Look for this to happen in April, after Easter.

Finance and Maintenance Committee Report 2018 First Quarter The beginning of 2018 saw the heat in the small hall and adjacent rooms blessed with a surfeit of heat. In that this is good news suggesting that the boiler has good and sufficient output, it was deemed a tad uncomfortable for renters and the congregation using this section. A contractor has been approached to fix the problem at a cost of $2500 which will replace a sticky valve causing the heat not to shut off entirely. Some leaky pipes were replaced under the back stairs at an additional cost but it should be noted that these two repairs are independent of the boiler. F & M can also report that after a battle lasting several months, the chipmunk has finally been vanquished. Thanks to the many who assisted in confronted this formidable foe. A new, larger and cheaper water heater has been installed in the boiler room, replacing two units; one in the kitchen and one in the ladies washroom. It should be noted that the first use of hot water may take a few seconds longer due to the distance from the new location. F&M will consider the use of freed-up space. We are looking for volunteers who may be interested in designing and planting the flower beds. The church will pay for the budgeted amount for flowers and maintain the beds after planting. Interested person(s) may contact Mary O. or any member of F&M. Finances are not out of the ordinary, although givings continue to decrease as the congregation membership decreases. The Investment Fund is performing below expectation and budget which means that we may again have to dip into principle to meet expenses. This group also approved and passed along the application to release the manse finds form presbytery. This is transparent to the church and it’s finances and does not change our operations. …..Report prepared by James Colter on behalf of members Tom Bentley, Victoria Colby, Dee Cope, Jim Hepburn and Dennis McLay.

Prayer Shawls Several months ago, thanks to a suggestion by the visitation committee, (Eric Walton and Anne Allen) the congregation of Knox started a ‘Prayer Shawl Ministry.’ You may have noticed the rack of beautiful ‘blankets’ at the back of the church or in the hall downstairs. These are small ‘blankets’ or ‘shawls’ hand made by members of our congregation, to be given to church and non church members who are in some way hurting, or needing of comfort. Through them we hope we can pass along our prayers and encouragement, and in this small tangible way, give them some hope and comfort. To date, about 170 of these have been made, blessed and handed out. Please free to take one of these beautiful and comforting offerings to a friend or acquaintance, along with the prayers from the people of Knox church.

Treasurer’s Report For year to date March 19, 2018 Revenues: Operations Revenue Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Fund Raisers Benevolent & Pastoral Care Congregational 2018 Mission Projects Mortgage Principle Repayment HST Rebate CIF Interest Income CIF Equity Income Total Revenue


$31,128.20 0.00 1,580.00

Current Expenditures Mission & Outreach- Assessmt Congregational Life - Assessmt

1,644.00 1,085.00 760.00

Benevolent & Outreach Exp Mission & Outreach- Projects Donations

55.25 650.00 4,605.88

Presbyterian of Cda Assessmts The Presbytery of Brampton Mortgage Payments Capital Expenditures

2,679.02 24,519.55 $68,706.90

Total Expenditures

$47,148.55 500.00 575.65 408.74 683.00 100.00 3,000.00 2,550.00 1,328.46 0.00


Positive Action at Knox You may have noticed this heading on some pages in past newsletters. They told of recent happenings at Knox within our congregation. Did you realize that there are great and sometimes almost impossible things that can happen if one really tries?

The Power of Positivity In our lives we have both positive and negative experiences. If we think about it some more, we tend to go towards negativity more than positivity. For example sometimes a first thought about a subject might be “I can’t do that! It is too much work! ” How much better to say “I don’t know, but I am sure I CAN do that.” “Let’s try.” We need to look at challenges with a positive attitude and see how much happier it can make you. Negative attitudes generally leave you feeling miserable. Positivity brought us some very enjoyable experiences over the past Christmas and winter period. I am not able to list them all, but one was another very successful bazaar, and two were evenings of community carol sing alongs, one lead by Michael Kelly Cavan and another by our own delightful choir. Both were great successes. The choir gave a lovely Christmas Cantata. Reverend Steve’s lead up to the Christmas story itself was a series on the “Senses of Christmas” as well as the “Touch and Smell” and the “Sound of Christmas.” And now we start into another year, full of Positivity. We can do anything if we all work together

One Church Worship Back in January, the Georgetown & District Christian Ministerial Association gathered at Knox for an excellent time of praise and fellowship that celebrated the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, now an international movement with each year’s material prepared along a set theme. Something around a hundred individuals from more than half a dozen congregations gathered to praise our oneness in Christ, culminating in everyone holding hands in a circle around the sanctuary singing “We Are One In the Spirit”! The Ministerial has been talking for a while now about holding such services more often, but without the structure of the Christian Unity service. We would include elements of each style of worship – modern, traditional, worship band, organ, etc. – and celebrate how it all praises and glorifies God, Father, Son and Spirit! Our first service is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th; other details to follow. Yes, it’s the May long weekend, but it’s also Pentecost weekend, and we wanted to celebrate our unity in the Spirit on the weekend that remembers the “birthday of the Church.” If you’re around, come on out!

Ontario Christian Gleaners Knox continues to support the work of the Ontario Christian Gleaners. Quarterly newsletters are available in the Church Office, for those who are interested. For those who don’t know, the Gleaners site in Cambridge is one of several in Ontario, but it is the closest one to us. Vegetables that could never be sold in stores (too big, too small, wrong shape, gone a bit mouldy, etc.) are donated by farmers within about a 100km radius. They could be potatoes, carrots, peppers, celery, or any of a dozen other crops. Five mornings a week, volunteers come out to chop and peel these vegetables, which are then run through a dicing machine which cuts them into about cubes about 1cm on a side; these smaller bits are then run through an industrial drying machine, and the dried bits are then either stored in tubs or set out to be scooped into pouches that are then heat-sealed and packaged into repurposed five-gallon pails (often donated by McDonald’s or Tim Hortons.) Each package, when mixed with a certain portion of water, gives 100 portions of a good vegetable soup, while in many places only half that amount is used to provide a vegetable stew that is often served over rice. These soup mixes are sent around the world by the package, the pail, or the pallet! In addition to providing a certain amount of money every year, Knox has also sent down a couple of working teams to volunteer on given mornings! It’s early – we have to leave Knox by 7:00 a.m. to get there on-time to start work for 8:30, but it’s rewarding! Our next date will be Wednesday, April 18th, and we are hoping to follow that up by going again on Wednesday, June 20th. If you are interested in going, please talk to Rev. Steve. THIS JUST IN: On Friday, April 20th, at 6:00 p.m., OCG is hosting their annual Fundraising Dinner! Knox has purchased a table of 8 for this event (two of which are taken up by Rev. Steve and Kathy!), but the other six are open to any who are interested! PLEASE speak to Rev. Steve to reserve your spot… and yes, bring your wallet!


We received a brochure from Evangel Hall in the office, and I was inspired to see what our $1000.00 donation would allow Evangel Hall to provide. It’s certainly an interesting list, as follows: We can:Send 1 child to Overnight Camp for two weeks (and then spend $250.00 some other helpful way) Send 4 Kids to a 5-day Summer Day Camp in and around Toronto Fund: 2 Fellowship Community Dinners A home cooked sit-down dinner for up to 175 people 10 nights Out of the Cold A warm bed and blanket for the night, shower, two hot meals, laundry, and EMOTIONAL SUPPORT 20 Days off the streets Breakfast, hot shower, toothbrush and toothpaste, laundry facilities, lunch, and ACCESS TO A COUNSELLOR 40 Sessions of Footwear and Foot Care Hot shower, new socks, dry shoes or boots, medicated foot powder, bandages, anti-fungal cream, and ACCESS TO A NURSE. 40 Sessions for Financial Literacy & Skills Introductory meeting with a FINANCIAL ADVISOR 50 Lunch Pantries Meat and vegetables for up to 150 people 50 Weeks of Bus Tickets for Teens OR 12.5 Months of Bus Tickets for Teens 25 months of Homework Help OR 100 Weeks of Homework Help 67 Breakfast Pantries Eggs, milk, yoghurt and fruit for over 100 people 67 Creative Group experiences which are helpful for aiding processing of various traumas. I was stunned to find out how much of a blessing we could potentially be. I am also impressed with the care, the thought, the very beautifully basic and actually helpful work EHM does. Well done, Knoxians (?) Look what good you are doing! MaryO

Mission and Outreach Committee To outreach locally and worldwide by sharing the gospel and serving the needs of our community After a hiatus of a couple of years, we have a functioning Mission & Outreach team again! M&O consists of Rev. Steve, Kathy Boose, Craig Hutchison, Dennis McLay and Laurie Ross. If you have a mission suggestion, please approach one of these individuals so that they can discuss it and perhaps turn a suggestion into a reality! Currently planned events Community Unity Yard Clean-up: April 28th or May 12th (rain date). Please sign the sheet on the Lower Hall bulletin board if you are interested in volunteering for this work (details are on the bb at the side entrance), or talk to one of the members if you need your yard cleaned up and would like to get on the list! GBB Food & Fund-Raiser – last year, we brought in just over 500 pounds of food for the Bread Basket in May, which helps immensely as heading into summer is one of the leanest times of the year for donations! We are going to set the same goal this May, so start planning your shopping trips now! (The Georgetown Bread Basket is also moving into new quarters on Mountainview Rd. N at the beginning of May. If you are interested in helping out with the move, please let Dennis McLay know your availability!) Food From the Heart – In connection with other congregations in Georgetown Knox helps to provide a hot protein-rich take-out meal once a month to the clients of the Georgetown Bread Basket. This is being organized on our end by Dennis McLay, so please speak to him if you’d be interested in helping to cook or serve! Evangel Hall Saturday Lunch – We are planning to go back down to Evangel Hall to cook and serve a luncheon on a Saturday in either June or August; more details will be available in the announcements as plans take on concrete form! Plain Fare Lunch Sunday February 19 – Thank you A big THANK YOU to all who helped prepare and serve at the Plain Fare Lunch the first Sunday of Lent. To Steve McNamara for generously supplying the bread (as he has done in past years) and also for serving the soup. To Jan Raymond for taking care of the coffee and tea station. To Jim Colter for setting up and clearing away the tables. To Anne Allen and Dennis McLay for cleaning up and washing dishes. Thank you for your willingness to help. Many hands make light work! To all who participated and hopefully enjoyed a bowl of soup, delicious bread and a ‘cuppa’ thank you for your kind donations. This year, the money raised was donated to our local food bank, as we are now becoming increasingly aware that poverty does indeed exist in Georgetown, and the need for funds is growing. We changed the soup menu and made a soup similar to that which is provided by Ontario Christian Gleaners for Ministry/Missions throughout the world. Hope to see you again next year. Blessings to all - Katrina Walton

A Busy and Winter Season Positivity brought us some very enjoyable experiences over the Christmas and winter period. We are not able to list them all, but one was another very successful bazaar, and two were evenings of community carol sing alongs, one lead by Michael Kelly Cavan and another by our own wonderful choir. Both were great successes. The choir also gave a lovely Christmas Cantata. Reverend Steve’s lead up to the Christmas story itself was a series on the “Senses of Christmas ” as well as the “Touch and Smell” and the “Sound of Christmas.”

Pictures: Jane and Evan Colby played and sang at the first of the Christmas sing along evenings, and the choir, conducted by Hayden Evans, presented a second evening of Christmas music. Both were most enjoyable, and much appreciated. A bazaar “Treasures at Knox” was held by the congregation as a whole, but under the guidance and efforts of the Friendship Circle. It was indeed a great day, accompanied by a delicious lunch. The BIA of the Main Street used the halls of Knox to hold their annual Holiday Market on Main, and although the evening was anything but wintry, it brought many people to the downtown area, and introduced some of them to our Church itself. The Ladies of the church, again, under the auspices of the Friendship Circle, also held a most enjoyable Ladies Christmas Dinner, where ALL was done by a hired caterer. Ladies who normally do the cooking and serving were sitting being the served, and what a wonderful evening of fun it was. As in the past, collections of personal items and clothing were gathered for Evangel Hall, and foodstuffs were collected for our local food bank. The Christmas Season was indeed alive and active and celebrated throughout our congregation. Thank you to all who helped make it so meaningful.

Sunday School Alive and well at Knox How great it is to see our Sunday School alive and well once again, after a hiatus of a couple of years. While we don’t have a large attendance, those who do come seem to be having a great time with hand’s on projects relating to bible stories and Christian living. Going downstairs for coffee hour using the back stairway takes you through the original church hall, and you can see for yourselves the projects and lessons of the day – and their enthusiasm. Our many thanks to Mary Ann Lal, Marg Bentley and Charlotte Skanes, who have been the initiators of the programme, and we understand there are several other ladies who have offered their help in the future.

Friendship Circle The Friendship Circle took a short break over the winter, but will be resuming their monthly gatherings on Wednesday, March 28th. If you would like to join us for a supper, we will meet at Yongs Chinese Restaurant (kitty corner from Knox on Main Street) at 6:00 pm. The meeting itself will be back over at Knox, starting at 7:30. Please feel free to join with us.

And Looking Ahead to the Fall Planning has begun for the Christmas bazaar which will be held in November (date to be determined). Features will include Lunch, Bake Table, Cake Walk, White Elephant Table, Christmas Table, Craft Table, Books, DVDs and Children's Table, Jewelry, Meat Pies, Penny Table, Silent Auction and Raffle. Organization for the Raffle and the Silent Auction is underway now. We are attempting to provide prizes that will appeal to different demographics.......sports tickets, sports items, dining out, art, quilt ( a few ideas)..... And we hope the congregation will have some great contributions. All arrangements for the Raffle will be in place by early September in order to start selling tickets. Please contact Marnie Thompson, Dawn Livingstone or Marlene Preston if you have an idea or an item. Silent Auction ideas also should have some variety. Marlene Preston or Joan Collier will accept any input for this area of the bazaar. Please Contact Marlene Preston about any other ideas/contributions you may have. Also, please keep in mind that this Bazaar is an endeavour of the entire congregation of Knox and we hope everyone will help to make the event another great success.

Knox Family Korner Welcome: How nice it has been to see some new faces in the congregation lately, and our warmest welcome to you all. Please make yourselves known to us, and please do come downstairs after the service for a cup of tea and chat. It is sometimes difficult to make that first contact, and perhaps sometimes we are so busy with our own chatting that we appear unfriendly. That is NOT the case; we just get engrossed in our own conversations. Our apologies‌‌ And a warm welcome to Walter Leminski, and his wife Kimberly. Walter is filling in for our regular organist, Hayden Evans, who is taking some holiday time. Walter will be with us for three weeks, and we welcome him to our congregation. We hope you enjoy your time with us Walter and Kimberly. Well earned Retirement: After dedicating the past 81 years to singing in our church choir, Elma Harlow decided it was time for her retire. During a morning service, Rev. Steve presented her with a bouquet of roses and a framed certificate of thanks. The photo shows some of the choir members gathered around her at the coffee hour following the service. We all now miss her ever faithful and smiling face down in the front row. Special Birthday: What fun it was to share in Birthday Wishes for Cathy Hunt, who celebrated a 90th birthday in January. Cathy, many of us would like you to share your recipe for energy with us. We are happy to have you in our Knox family, and appreciate all you do for Knox. To Our Sick and Shut In Members: The winter was a very difficult time for many of our congregation who caught the flu and colds that were doing the rounds. Attendance seems to be growing these brighter days, and we hope we all have a healthy summer. Please know that you have all been in our thoughts and prayers. If you would like prayers offered up for yourself or others, please contact one of our prayer team: Norma at 905-8736709, or Christena at 905-924-1244. The Coldest Night of the Year: On a very cold Saturday in February, the Georgetown Bread Basket held their 2nd annual Coldest Night of the Year Walk. It was a fundraiser to raise money to assist with their moved from their present crowded facility, to a larger bigger brighter venue on Mountainveiw Road. Rev. Steve along with members of the Community Unity Team walked the walk and raised $2990. Donations can still be made to support his contribution, but must be made prior to the March 31st deadline. Many thanks for giving the group your support, on behalf of Knox. Knox Family Korner Page 1

Passings: 9 November 2017: Gordon Hunt passed away peacefully in Milton Hospital. We welcomed Gord and Cathy into our Knox family a few years ago, and have been active members since. Gord had been known for spending time playing away at the piano for the residents of the Mountainview Residence, where he was very much appreciated. Our sincere sympathy to Cathy, to their three children, Ann, Ed, and Mary, and their families. 17 December 2018: Elwyn Shepherd, mostly known as Al to his Knox friends, passed away after having been in failing health for some time. Al was the husband of the late Betty Shepherd, who was very involved in the Friendship Circle, ladies events at Knox, and sang in the choir for many years. In recent years, they had moved into town from their local Glen Williams area farm home. Our sincere sympathy to their children, Laura, Claire, and Graham, and their families. 18 December 2018: Joyce Monteath passed away fairly suddenly in our local hospital. Joyce had been a long time member of our church, and very involved in the annual quilting bees that were held each year to be raffled at the annual Bazaar. Even in the past few years when she was unable to physically be with us, she was always interested in our events. Our sympathy goes to her daughter Lorna, and to all the members of her family. (Quilters in photo: Norma Alexander; Rhoda Geggie; Helen Davis; Beth Donker; Joyce Monteath; Edith Macphail.)

27 December 2018: Many older members of the congregation will remember Mrs. Bernice Gowland, from 1952 to 1976 was the organist and choir leader here at Knox. Although they lived in Brampton, they felt at home here in our congregation, where her husband Ed also sang in the choir. Bernice was age 95 when she passed away, and is fondly remembered by her long time friend Ethel McClure. The thoughts and prayers of the congregation of Knox are, and have been with you all.

Food Events at Knox Since Christmas, several after Sunday morning worship coffee hours have turned out to be full course lunches, and we thank all who have taken part. A couple of out of church catering events have also taken place under the guidance of Dennis McLay and Marlene Preston, and on April 12th, the local Retired Men’s Lunch Group will again meet and feast at Knox. Thank you to all who have taken part in these events - working with a great deal of social interaction, always seems to turn out to be an enjoyable day. These retired men always like lunching at Knox Please remember the coffee hour sponsorship sheet on the ledge by the large hall doorway. Knox Family Korner Page 2

Happenings at Knox Come and Celebrate Easter at Knox Georgetown And Limehouse Presbyterian Churches Maundy Thursday, March 29th: Limehouse Church is hosting a pot luck supper with elements of a Passover meal. Communion will be a part of the meal, and you are invited to join with us. Good Friday, March 30th: We will conduct a “Tenebrae” service at Knox Georgetown, 10:00 am. This ‘service of shadows’ will take us along the final steps to the cross in a service of hymns and lessons. Easter Sunday, April 1st – Marks the great “April Fool” God pulled on the established order of the world when He called Jesus forth from the grave! The message for the day is “Jesus is Greater: Therefore, Run! And we will consider how - to run our fastest we have to shed everything that does not help us run! Communion, the joyful act of unity in Christ, will be celebrated this morning as well. Reverend Steve’s Upcoming Times Away April 30 – May 4 May 27 (morning) May 28 (afternoon) June 3 (am) - June 6 July 2 – July 31 Please Note:

Annual Study Leave & Retreat, Knox College, Toronto Limehouse’s annual Memorial Sunday Service Short holiday Sir Wilfred Laurier University as a Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Rev. Steve Summer Vacation Time At all times, Rev. Steve can take messages on his cell phone. However, during these stated times, there may be a delay in getting back to you of you call him. If you are calling with a pastoral emergency, please contact your elder. Congregational Events

18th April

Working team to the Ontario Christian Gleaners.. Rev Steve driving - have to leave Knox by 7:00 am

20th April

Ontario Christian Gleaners are hosting their annual fundraising Dinner. See information on OCG report in newsletter.

28th April

Community Unity Yard Clean-up. Sheet of details and work details is on the lower hall bulletin board and on the side door bulletin board. It would be nice if we could have a few members of Knox to work along with this group to help some of those less able to do this work.

19th May (Sat)

First of local Christian Ministerial Association sponsored combined worship service of local churches. Please watch for further details.

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