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Life is a garden, good friends are the flowers, And times spent together, life’s happiest hours; Friendship, like flowers, blooms every more fair When carefully tended by dear friends who care. And life’s lovely garden would be sweeter by far If all who passed through it were as nice as you are. ……Helen Steiner Rice

Be sure to cultivate your own special garden during this summer.

Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Email: knoxpc@cogeco.ca Website: www.knoxgeorgetown.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/knoxgeorgetown Church service dial in – 905-702-1629 Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.

Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585 Website: www.knoxgeorgetown.com (note change) Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knoxgeorgetown

Minister: The Rev. Steven Boose Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: revboose@gmail.com Church Secretary and Hall Rental: Mary O’Brien Office Open 9-12 am Tuesday – Friday Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: knoxpc@cogeco.net Music Director and Organist: Haydn Evans, L.W.C.M.D. Phone: 416- 884-1737 Email: haydnce@gmail.com Clerk of Session: Craig Hutchison Phone: 416-802-9653 Email: craig.hutchison@rbc.com Chairman, Board of Trustees: Al Cook Phone: 905-877-5753 Email: acook4@cogeco.ca Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Jim Colter Phone: 905-877-8805 Email: colterjb@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Eric Walton Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: ericwalton@sympatico.ca Pastoral Visitor: Ann Allen Phone: 905-877-4211 Webmaster: Craig Hutchison Email: webmaster@knoxgeorgetown.ca Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506

Vestry Visions Love is what it’s all about

Kathy and I finally got to go see ‘Come From Away’ at the end of June! I’d bought the tickets back in January, mentioned it in church, was given the book The Day The World Came To Town to read, and then waited for five months before being utterly dazzled and blown away by the performance! If you have a chance to see it, GO! If nothing else, you’ll be proud to call yourself a Canadian as you walk out of the theatre! What I think was most amazing about the story as it unfolded (both in the show and in realtime) was the drop everything / give everything attitude of the Gander folks. Thirty-eight planes drop out of the sky, holding seven thousand people who were never going to stop in Gander over the course of their lives, and suddenly they need food, shelter, clothes, “supplies,” and some way to connect to the outside world! “What’s mine is yours; what I don’t have, I’ll get!” For instance, there was one pay-phone in the Gander airport, and the locals had to declare it “Out Of Order” to get everyone on the buses to get to where they were going to sleep until the emergency was over. The next morning, there were two mobile phones available at the central community centre. The number grew to twenty, and finally somewhere around seventy-five. Use them; call your loved ones; we’ll deal with the bills later! In the meantime, have a sandwich, have a drink, come home to my place and have a shower, have another drink, have a laugh, have a cry, have whatever you need that we can give you, because it’s all we can do… and if you need us to, we’ll do more! One character, when he finally arrives home, says, “How do I tell my family that, where I was, it wasn’t bad, it was actually pretty great…?!” How, indeed! If you read through your Bibles and come across God’s urges to generosity, fellowship and hospitality, you’ll find it looks something like this. What you have, share. What you can, do. Do it with love. Do it with compassion. Do it without thought of earthly reward, and even without thought of heavenly reward. Do it because it’s right. Do it because it’s just. Do it because you realize that Jesus gave everything He had to show us how much God loves us.

And love is what it’s all about! In Christ,

Finance and Maintenance Committee Report The first half of 2018 has seen a decrease in the number of envelopes through attrition. Expenses are somewhat normal, with a few one-time expenses laid out for pipe leaks and boiler maintenance. The major expenditure of choir chairs was covered by memorial donations and did not affect the church coffers. Over the summer, F&M will be looking at the feasibility of boiler replacement as our boiler is reaching its lifetime expectancy. We have/will be shifting our maintenance contract to a local company who has provided timely service this past winter and spring. We have been extending the life of the boiler though repairs, however, accumulated spare parts have been utilised and the balance between repair and replacement may be tipping. No new capital projects are on the books, although some ideas are in abeyance for just now. A pipe leak in the small hall of a 2 inch pipe embedded in the wall will have to be looked at before heating season and will be an estimated $1000. F&M has again planted the flower beds on the North lawn and will water and maintain them. With the heat and dryness, upon visiting, if you notice that they can use a drink, feel free to use the hose up along the outside of the minister’s office. Just remember to turn it off on completion. They are usually watered but can the sun can be punishing. Regrettably, due to various reasons, we have had to again dip into the principle of the investment fund. Investment income is down as returns are reduced, compounded by a decreasing amount of investment. The water heater has been updated and relocated to the boiler room due to its size. It is further from the kitchen, so allow a minute for the hot water to reach there. Choir benches have been sold off and only one not spoken for remains. Last chance to get one. ‌..Report prepared by James Colter (Interim Chairman), with his thanks to all committee members, Tom Bentley, Victoria Colby, Dennis, McLay. Dee Cope, Jim Hepburn

Georgetown Bread Basket Fund Drive and Relocation For a great many years now, Knox has been a faithful supporter of the Georgetown Bread Basket food distribution centre and programme. And so it was in April when the Bread Basket moved their centre to 49 Mountainview Road North, a much more accessible location. They were so thankful to have Rev. Steve, Steve McNamara, Dennis McLay and Craig Hutchison, help them move over 1000 cartons of food and sundries to their new location! That prompted the Mission and Outreach Committee to suggest that we have another drive for foods to assist them help the less fortunate in our community, and so we did. Our thanks and that of the Food Bank Volunteers for the physical assistance and the food contributions made by the people of Knox. It was very much appreciated.

Treasurer’s Report For Year-To-Date June 30, 2018

Revenues: Operations Revenue Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Fund Raisers Benevolent & Pastoral Care Congregational 2018 Mission Projects Mortgage Principle Repayment HST Rebate Trf from Memorial Fund CIF Interest Income CIF Equity Income Total Revenue

Expenditures: $70,568.40 200.00 3,574.00 3,538.00 2,294.50 980.00

Operational Expenditures Fund Raising Expenses Mission & Outreach- Assessmt Congregational Life - Assessmt Benevolent & Outreach Exp Mission & Outreach- Projects

178.95 1,975.00 4,605.88 9,560.42 6,109.99 24,519.55

Donations Presbyterian of Cda Assessmts The Presbytery of Brampton Mortgage Payments Capital Expenditures - Memorial


Total Expenditures

‌Dennis McLay, Treasurer

Knox Kirk Session Report

On June 24th Session had ordained Elizabeth Colter to the Eldership of Knox Georgetown. The congregation has also nominated Dennis McLay back onto Session. As a Session we welcome both Elizabeth and Dennis. We would like to thank those who volunteered in all those many positions that helped keep the church, its services and its functions working. During July and August we will be worshipping in the large hall. Services in July are at 10:00am and August will be back at 11:00am. Please come and join us. While Reverend Steve is away during the July month Craig Hutchison will be leading worship. We hope you have a great summer. ...Craig Hutchison, Clerk of Session

$103,313.10 217.88 1,500.00 1,200.00 1598.95 708.00 315.00 11,000.00 2,550.00 3,985.38 9,560.42


General Assembly 2018 Rev. Steve attended the 144th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada on June 3-7 of this year. It was a long four days, filled with both moments of division and moments of union. For his full report, if you are interested it is linked to his Facebook wall or, of you don’t have Facebook, you can read it at http://derelict52.livejournal.com/143358.html. …Rev. Steve Boose

(The report is quite a long and detailed, but interesting reading. Unfortunately, it is just too long to reproduce in this newsletter, but you can read it on-line or there are some printed copies at the back of the church or from the church office.)

Lay Preaching Training With the large number of vacancies in our Presbytery, our supply of retired ministers available to preach on Sunday mornings when regular ministers are absent, is about dried up. Eric Walton is in huge demand as a lay preacher around the Presbytery, and we are blessed to have Craig Hutchison also available to lead services when Rev. Steve is away. In his previous charge, Rev. Steve was blessed to have another lay preacher, a retired Metro Toronto police office, lead worship in his and other churches around the Presbytery. The apostle Paul said that, to some, the Holy Spirit gives the power of speaking and teaching the Word – have you ever thought it might be you? Rev. Steve will be developing a Lay Preaching Training Course over the summer. At this time, there are NO details, but since making the announcement on June 24th, he has already been approached by three individuals who feel they are being led to possibly preach and would appreciate some training in this area. More details will be available in September. Please contact him if you are interested in being part of this course as well. …Rev. Steve Boose

Bible Reading Group The Bible Reading Group has completed its first pass through the Scriptures and found it very meaningful! It took more than two years, but the discussion was thoroughly enjoyed by those who came out every month. We will be starting again in September, on the evening of the 19th (and continuing on the third Wednesday of every month) starting at 7:00 pm, in the study. Reading guides will be available as of August. Anyone is welcome to join and bring their scriptural questions to the circle – you may hear different opinions and interpretations on the passage, but God speaks to and through all of us as we explore His Word! …Rev. Steve Boose

Knox Membership Classes Want to become an official member of the Knox Georgetown congregation? Are you already a member but find yourself in need of a “refresher” on what it means to be a Presbyterian in Canada today? And just as a note: - a “member” of the congregation is one who has made a public profession of faith, here or elsewhere, and who is officially received by the congregation. If you simply attend and participate each week, but haven’t made that step, you are what is called an “adherent.” Members get to vote for elders (or be elected as such), vote for new ministers, or vote on the disposition of property – privileges that are tied to those responsibilities! If you would like to become a member, then you will be pleased to know that Rev. Steve has scheduled Membership Classes for the fall of 2018, and spring of 2019! Classes will be on Monday evenings, starting at 7:00 pm, October 15th, 22nd, and 29th, and then November 5th (if needed) with that reception to be at the December 3rd communion service. These will be repeated March 18th and 25th, and April 1st and 8th, with that reception to be on Easter Sunday, April 21st, 2019! Classes will be conducted in the Study. If you are not sure what Presbyterianism is really all about, here is your chance to ask questions and get answers. No question is dumb! Private daytime classes can be arranged if needed, but you’ll have to let Rev. Steve know.

Church Amalgamation At the Presbytery meeting on June 26th, permission was given for the congregation of Burns Presbyterian Church, Erin, to amalgamate with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Hillsburgh. The Burns congregation decided over the course of the past several months that they were too small to continue as they were, and they would rather conduct ministry with a larger congregation than simply try to keep the doors open in Erin. The amalgamation took effect on July 1st and the public was invited to a “decommissioning service” at Burns Church on Tuesday July 10th. Knox Presbyterian Church, Ospringe, will continue with their current minister, Rev. James Knott, as they determine their own future directions and ministries. Please pray for everyone involved in this process, including our own Rev. Steve, as he oversees everything on behalf of the Presbytery.

How GREEN Is Knox? Knox is green in many ways, both expected and unexpected. 1) Adhere to recycling programs with green and blue bins accessible. 2) A compost bin built from recycled wood is out back for yard waste only. (no kitchen scraps as we do not wish to attract vermin.) 3) As high energy lighting burns out, it is replaced by low energy devices. 4) No herbicides or pesticides are used. Clover adorns the front lawn, replenishing nitrogen to the soil and the flowers available to the bees if any around. 5) Patio weeds are killed by boiling vinegar in the kettles, thereby removing the lime and the hot vinegar dissipates after doing its job. 6) No air conditioning - (this is a benefit?) 7) If you have any ideas for sustainability, please pass along to Finance and Maintenance PS: The Monday CBC gardening show talked about the benefits of planting clover and grass together, and it is indeed a healthy and ‘green’ thing to do these days. …. Dawn

The Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a Christian newspaper that strives to unite Presbyterians from across the country through stories, reflections, interviews and articles, allowing us to share and develop our faith. It is distributed four times per year, by regular mail, free of charge. The goal of the newspaper is to further equip leaders, connect congregations and missions, facilitate communication and highlight denominational work—strengthening our denominational ties across the country. The Connection is produced by the Life and Mission Agency and was first launched in March 2017, following the announcement of the closure of the Presbyterian Record. Many people are suggesting that they actually enjoy it more than the older magazine that it replaced… and it is absolutely free, and full of interesting and relevant information. A few are sent to the church to distribute, but you can subscribe for your own mailed copy. Email your subscription to connections@presybterian.ca or phone 1-800-619-7301. Elma Harlow’s retirement picture was included in the summer issue

Sunday School is Alive and Well at Knox What a joy and blessing our Sunday School has been for us this spring! Many thanks to MaryAnn Balkaran -Lal and Rev. Boose for their initiative in getting started early in Feb. with a meeting with Presbytery consultants J.P and Mrs. Smit. At this meeting we chose the Sharpe program but because it was expensive to buy it half way through the year, thanks to MaryAnn’s computer skills, we have been using a program from the computer based on the Liturgical Calendar for the year. Because Rev. Boose also follows the liturgical calendar this allows our lessons to tie in with the theme of the children's story and the sermon for each Sunday. Many thanks to the teachers who so quickly volunteered and offered so much support—Kathy Boose and Lorna Knapp who so ably took over for the 5 Sundays in the month of May, Joan Collier and Lynne Anderson who provided ideas and support, MaryAnn Balkaran -Lal and Margaret Bentley. Many thanks also to the parents who were so faithful in getting their children to classes. Children go downstairs for classes during the service. This requires set up and preparation of activities ahead of time. We have so much appreciated MaryAnn’s preparation of craft activities, computer helps, songs and skits, felt boards and baking- -those wonderful cakes and cookies! Please look on the bulletin boards in the Large Hall to see some of the children’s crafts. We have put an emphasis on learning the books of the Bible and how to find chapters and verses. We have had lessons on many topics including the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the teaching of Jesus to the crowds, the Easter story and many more. On June 24 the lesson was the feeding of the 5000. Then we served pizza to the congregation. The freewill offering of $234.00 will be used in the further work of our church and Sunday School. We look forward to welcoming back all the children in September when we hope to be able to have separate classes by age groups. Please tell your friends and neighbours about our program …..Margaret Bentley, SS Co-ordinator and invite them to join with us.

Remembering Back to Easter Easter is always a special time in the life of the Christian church, and it was visibly so at Knox this year. A Maundy Thursday service and pot luck was held at Limehouse Church, serving the elements of a Passover meal. On Good Friday, a ‘Tenebrae’ service - ‘service of shadows’ was held at in the morning. On Easter Sunday, Rev. Steve’s message for the day “Jesus Is Greater: Therefore RUN!” was heard by a pretty full congregation. Communion brought the service to a close. The children of the Sunday School, and those visiting the church that day, joined in an Easter egg hunt in the small hall, and the children of the Sunday School handed out hand crocheted tiny bunny pins to many of the ladies of the congregation. Easter certainly was a positive time at Knox appreciated and enjoyed by all attending.

Friendship Circle Our very enjoyable May meeting was held at 10 a.m. at the Mountainview Residence in the fireplace room, with 12 present. Greta Lamb gave a humorous account of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan. Cathy Cook provided delicious snacks for everyone. We now have 6 members who live in the residence. There was a large turnout including some ladies from the Mountainview Residence for the delicious luncheon at the Mandarin Restaurant, on June 14. The event was organized by Helen Wilkinson, and was a time of food, fellowship and fun Friendship Circle has purchased a ping-pong table for the use of members of the congregation and their friends. Children must be accompanied by an adult and users will need to check with the secretary to determine if there is a hall available for use. We are asking members of Friendship to come to the September meeting with an activity that they would like to plan for the group for a meeting during the year. The Sept. meeting will be a planning meeting for the year. We warmly welcome all women of the congregation and their friends to our meetings. Each meeting includes devotions and prayer by various members, a short meeting and a program. We will be contributing in any way we can to the Christmas bazaar. Many thanks to our Secretary Judy Larocque and Treasurer Cathy Cook for all their help in making our meetings happen. ….Report submitted by Marg Bentley, President

In Loving Memory In the early years of Knox, the choir sat in chairs across the front of the sanctuary, rather than pews. They may have stayed that way until 1964, when thanks to a donation from a deceased congregational member, a large renovation of the choir loft took place, and included the purchase of a new organ, built and installed by the renowned Keats Organ Company of Acton. I have not been able to determine whether the bench seats were already there, or perhaps that is when they were installed. The ‘modesty’ fence across the front of the loft has at various times been oak wood, brass, or had a maroon velvet curtain across. In later years, after the area was re-vamped once again by the addition of the circular platform (well done by a few of the congregation’s men) it was eliminated completely. So now once again we have lovely comfortable looking chairs facing the congregation… well deserved by our excellent choir (we thank you all for your faithfulness). They were purchased with money from the Memorial committee and in memory of donations received as memorials for deceased members and friends. Our sincere thank you to all who may have contributed through the years.

Sauti Moja Canada greatly appreciates your support for the Sexual and Reproductive Health Project of Sauti Moja Tanzania. Your funds enabled our four trainers to travel to and provide classes for Maasai boys and girls in primary schools in remote villages – Olmolog, Tingatinga, Mandarara, and Ngoswak - located on the lower slope and to the west of Mount Kilimanjaro. Travel is a big cost when roads are so bad, especially in rainy season, but staff are determined to get through flooded roads and wash outs! Left: Harry and Tim wondering how to get around a stranded truck.

The key topic for the training that you funded was personal hygiene which is a key issue in semi-arid lands where water is in short supply for most of the year. Head teachers and parents have commented on the importance of this training, and have commented on it, as follows: • “Personal hygiene among the students who are participated in SRH classes has improved. The smartness among the students is big results of this education; both boys and girls were acting in a manner that they were now aware of how to do their laundry and the importance of keeping their clothes clean.” • “We like how the students changed all aspects of their behavior and how aware they are of caring for their bodies.”

Left: Happy teaches girls about personal hygiene.

Right: Girls excited to receive sanitary supplies

However, this hygiene training is even more important for girls when they reach puberty. They are always excited to received panties and sanitary napkins which enable them to attend school all month! In addition to the training, your funds will contribute, in this manner, to girls’ success in school.

Left: Hopes, Oshumu, and Tim observing girls’ training.

Right: Sianga coaching boys on answering health questions.

Knox Family Korner Goodness, only yesterday we were moaning about the cold winter weather, and all of a sudden, here we are in the heat of summer We are more than half way to adding another year to the life/history of Knox, and events and special occasions are times to celebrate. Welcome:… to John and Shiela White, who recently transferred their membership from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Fredericton, NB. to our Knox Presbyterian here in Georgetown. John and Sheila recently moved to The Sands in town, and we hope that they are liking their new home and town, and we are happy they have chosen to join us at Knox. Special Anniversary: Our best wishes to Lena and Emery Thompson who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on 6 June 2018. They were married in Norval Presbyterian Church by Reverend Lockhart Royal, who will be remembered by older congregational members. Lena and Emery have been active members of Knox for a great many years. Our very best wishes to you both, and your family, and our best wishes for many more.

Welcome Back: One lovely sunny morning in April, it was nice to have Judy Preston visit with us, and resume her old spot in the choir. Judy moved to Guelph some time ago, but was it was a lovely day, and she just thought she would come back to come and say hello to her old Knox friends It was lovely to see you, Judy. Please do come back for another visit soon. On May 13th, it was also great to have Ruth Gudgeon sitting back in ‘her pew’ in the congregation. Although she has not been physically able to join with us for some while now, she was happy to report that she was indeed with us each Sunday – via the telephone link that broadcasts the whole of the service. It was and is, indeed, great to have you back Ruth. Graduation: Congratulations to Taylor Marie Mitchell who graduated in June with a four year Batchelor of Arts & Science degree from Queen’s University. Taylor and her twin sister, Dana Lee, attended Sunday School at Knox, and graduated from Georgetown High School in 2014 as Ontario Scholars, with French Immersion. At the moment, Dana is studying in the U.K. at the University of Manchester. She has travelled extensively in England, Scotland and the Netherlands. While visiting her sister in April, the girls travelled to London and Paris. Dana will graduate from Queen’s in 2019. Well done girls… our congratulations, and best wishes on your great accomplishments.

Knox Family Korner



A Very Special Birthday: A very special birthday was marked by lots of greetings from friends, neighbours and former teachers, when Ethel McClure celebrated her 90th birthday recently What a great example this lady should be to us all. Although not born in Georgetown, she has lived the most of her life here in our town, where her husband had been born and raised. She joined the members of Knox in June in 1952, making her now a 66 year member, and there have not been very many Sunday services missed by her. Her two daughters, Mary Jane, and Islay are still members of Knox, and she has two sons, William John and Stuart Eccles. Ethel was a much beloved local school teacher, and still remembers, inquires about and follows the progress of past students. Besides her regular teaching certificates, in 1988, at the same time as the graduation of two of her four children, Ethel graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a double major with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and Sociology! At that same time, two of her four children also obtained, University degrees, the eldest already having done so. Sadly, Ethel’s husband John had passed away in 1985 at a young age. Ethel was a big part of our church choir for a great many years, and a personal friend of Bernice Gowland, who was organist here from 1952 until 1976. 1975 was the 100th anniversary celebration of the official formation of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and it was a celebration weekend here at Knox… a celebration in which Ethel, along with all the choir members played a large part. …Picture shows organist Bernice Gowland, Ed Gowland, Vera Walker, Ethel McLure and Dick Packer, celebrating the 1975 Homecoming Weekend.

You have our belated best wishes, Ethel and our thanks for your contributions to Knox through all these years.

First Time Grandparents: Congratulations to first time grandparents, Mary O’Brien and her husband Kevin, who recently became first time grandparents. On March 28th, grandson Finn Harry Hill-O’Brien was born to their son Ian and his wife Stephanie. You all have exciting days ahead. Thank You …to the children of the Sunday School, who presented each lady in the congregation, with a beautiful flower on Mother’s Day. What a lovely treat that was, and we want them to know that their gesture was very much appreciated. It is so great to see the younger generation once again being involved in the events at our church. Thank you to them and their leaders. Knox Family Korner Page 2

Thank you: … to organist and choir director, Walter Lemiski, who has filled Haydn’s shoes a few times when Haydn was absent. We enjoy having you and your wife with us, and welcome you any time. Passings: 29 April 2018: At the Georgetown Hospital, long time Knox member Archie Pollock passed away in his 95th year. In his later years, following the death of his wife, Ursula, he lived at Cote Terrace. Our sympathy goes to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. Pollock had been a member of Knox since 1953. 4 May 2018: At the Allendale Long-Term Care Home in Milton, Joan McFarlane, a long time and very active member of Knox, who was very much involved in the activities of Knox, including quilting. Joan’s husband Duncan was clerk of session for many years, and they were involved with the Sunday school. After the death of her husband, Joan moved from town to be closer to her family. Our sympathy goes to her large extended family. She is well remembered at Knox.

4 May 2018: At Peel Manor Long Term Care in Brampton, Sara (Sadie) Macdonald passed away at the age of 105. While she lived in Georgetown, Sadie was an active member of Knox church. She was a talented musician, played the bells and enjoyed the quilting. Her daughter Ruth and son-in-law Heinz were active members of Knox until they retired some years ago, to British Columbia. . Our sympathy to her family, children, grand children and great grandchildren 19 May 2018: Aileen May King passed away in he Milton district Hospital, at the age of 96. Mrs. King was the mother of Shirley Hepburn, wife of Jim Hepburn, and grandmother of their daughter. Our sympathy to all of her family.

Knox Family Korner



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Knox Good News Letter  

Knox Presbyterian Church, Good News Letter, Spring 2018

Knox Good News Letter  

Knox Presbyterian Church, Good News Letter, Spring 2018


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