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Sunset in Algonquin Park


Dawn Livingstone

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, enjoy and thank God for the beauty of this country in which we live.

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Vestry Visions July, 2017

Ah, vacation…! A favourite comic strip of mine once had two young friends, fresh out of school for the summer, musing about what one does on vacation; at that moment, a prank on the one boy’s older sister was sprung, and as she shrieked in rage, they moved off towards the park, with the brother opining, “Oh, yes: VACATE!” As some of you know, I’m going down to my mother’s for a couple of weeks to help her declutter her house a bit. A local campground will be hosting us, meaning that if we get back early enough, campfires and marshmallows will most likely round out certain evenings. I’m also hoping we will get some time to explore Essex County a bit. After all, despite being raised there, I haven’t lived there in some twenty-three years, and some of the tourist traps and sights to see will be, if not “new”, then at least refreshing. And this is what one truly seeks with vacation time: refreshment. A refreshing of one’s mind, soul and spirit. As one sees new things, one is uplifted by new knowledge ad new experiences. And when one returns to the daily grind, one hopefully takes these new experiences and incorporates them into a “new normal”. Jesus often went off by himself to pray, especially after busy preaching tours. The power of God within Him might well have been infinite, but the human body got fatigued, and so He would go off to pray, to meditate, and to refresh Himself, body and mind, before taking on a new round of preaching, teaching and healing. He brought Himself back into focus, where the burdens of everyone’s needs could slough off His shoulders and He could return to what really mattered. God loves. God cares. God sees you for you, and God wants you to live forever with Him. Turn from your sins, and know that you can be forgiven for anything. We all need time to pause, rest and refresh, and whether you do it in these summer months or at another time of the year, do so. You can “vacate” your home, or simply withdraw to a comfortable place in your own mind, but take time to focus on the Lord and on His blessings. See you in August! In Christ, Rev. Steve

Knox Kirk Session Report

This summer we say thank you to Dennis McLay for all the work he’s done for Knox as he slowly steps down out of a huge Volunteer list. Dennis has been busy in both a leadership role while in Session, to a support role as our custodian and everything in between. If you need to know something about the either the people of Knox or the building Dennis is one to ask. Session thanks Dennis for all the work he has done. Session also welcomes Jim Colter as both our new Custodian and our new Chairperson for the Finance and Maintenance Committee. I would also like to thank Linda Gallus for her work as our Webmaster here at Knox. She has moved from Georgetown and will be stepping down from her position. For some good news: - the pictorial directory for Knox is complete. Thank you Sandy Stansfield for co-ordinating it and her team to work through it all. The books have all been distributed and if you haven’t noticed yet the pictorial directory is up hanging on the wall by the kitchen entrance. Knox raised over 500 pounds of food for The Georgetown food bank in May. We did try to start hair cutting for the clients of the food bank in association with the Georgetown District High School. Our trial date did not work very well so we have expanded the offer to others in need Here in Georgetown and we set up a different reservation method which we will try in the fall. Knox presented a One thousand dollar cheque to Cashh, of which seven hundred and fifty dollars was raised from the St. Patrick’s luncheon.

Important - Please Note This month we welcome to the pulpit July 9 Deborah Lim July 16 Eric Walton July 23 Eric Walton July 30 Craig Hutchison Please remember that the services start at 10:00 for the weeks in July only. Respectfully Submitted ….Craig Hutchison, Clerk of Session

Information from the Office Rev. Steve will be away from July 3rd to August 1st. In case of emergency, please check with your elder. Rev. Steve is away, but he will periodically check his phone messages. The office will be closed and Mary will be away from July 17th to August 1st. During the last two weeks of July, we are renting the large hall to Community Living, North Halton, who is hosting two camps for disabled children, one week for younger kids, and the 2nd week for teens, I believe. They are pleased with our space, because the windows are high up, so no distraction, but mostly, because it will be COOLER downstairs, and so the heat will not exacerbate their issues. We are pleased to be able to help them with this. …. Mary O’Brien, Secretary

Treasurer's Report For Year-To-Date June 30, 2017 Revenues: Operations Revenue Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Fund Raisers Benevolent & Pastoral Care Congregational 2017 Mission Projects Mortgage Principle Repayment HST Rebate CIF Interest Income CIF Equity Income Transfer from Investment Account Total Revenue

Expenditures: $63,553.22 0.00 5,650.00 5,283.00 3,195.00 620.00

Current Expenditures Mission & Outreach- Assessmt Congregational Life - Assessmt Benevolent & Outreach Exp Mission & Outreach- Projects Donations

$101,330.03 1,500.00 1,200.00 1216.20 3,087.75 4350.00

1,695.20 1,800.00 4,186.11 9,261.12 20,069.81 8,500.00

Presbyterian of Cda Assessmts The Presbytery of Brampton Mortgage Payments Capital Expenditures

9,200.00 2,630.00 3,985.38 1,698.25


Total Expenditures


Summer Smiles The preacher told me the other day that I should be thinking about the Hereafter. I told him “I do, all the time. No matter where I am – in the parlour, upstairs, in the kitchen or in the basement, I’m always asking myself “Now what am I here after?” Half of our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save ☺

A Well Earned Retirement Recently, Dennis McLay let it be known to the Session and the congregation, that he is in the process of retiring from his many jobs at Knox (and the town in general) to retire/move back to his family home area in Lion’s Head. Dennis has worn so many hats during his years at Knox that they are impossible to list. Dennis joined Knox in March 1995, became an elder in Feb 3. 2003, took on the treasurer job in 2004 except for three years when Diane Malcolm took it on for three years, and he has been treasurer since. He seems to have done wonders at keeping our finances in check. He has been the Chairman of Finance and Maintenance, the full time Custodian, the Sunday morning coffee co-ordinator (and very often the host) instigator of the beautiful flower beds on the side yard, and he has overseen several major renovations in our church building. For the past few years, he along with Hazel Armstrong has worked hard on the annual congregational dinner, and Dennis has often organized catering for larger groups, i.e.: the local men’s monthly luncheon. Jim Colter has stepped up and has taken on Chairman of Finance and Maintenance, along with the position of Custodian. Yes, we will certainly be able to carry on in the future, but we have just depended on Dennis for so much, that we are all going to have to pitch in and probably work a little harder. Dennis is moving to a beautiful part of our country, and we wish him all the best in the years ahead. Knox’s loss is certainly a gain for Lion’s Head. Dennis, we hope you know just how much we have appreciated all your efforts through the past many years.

Dennis, you will certainly be missed. We wish you all the very best in the years ahead

Doors Open, Quilt Display, Strawberry Social and Canada 150th celebration What a wonderful day this turned out to be – a great and resounding success all around ☺ The idea of the day was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada and of our church being an ‘anchor’ cornerstone at the corner of Church and Main Streets. Once a small brick church and now a thriving ‘historic’ stone church, we were inviting people in through our open doors, to view the interior of the building, read about and take in a short visual presentation of some of it’s history. A very special part of the day was the display of 53 antique quilts draped over the pews, each giving a little information of it’s origin, where known. Canada flags flew in abundance. Downstairs, a very patriotic and welcoming hall attracted people to sit and enjoy a serving of delicious strawberry shortcake. Over 125 people were served and people enjoyed the opportunity to take some relaxing time from their downtown market shopping day. While under the auspices of the Friendship Circle, the whole event was a well organized and planned day, thanks to the efforts of many members – too many to individually name. Please know how very much the congregation and public enjoyed all the efforts put into this very successful day. It will go down as a ‘historical’ event and be talked about for years.

Photos from front and back of sanctuary – Greta Lamb

And looking towards the fall The Friendship Circle is now looking towards the fall, and the possibility of holding another congregational bazaar. Last year, it went over very well, and we trust with help from the congregation, we could do the same this year. We are looking for offers of physical help from members of the congregation in the planning and in the collecting of items. We would like members to think about this in the few months ahead – perhaps consider making a batch of jam or preserves specifically for the bazaar, knit/crochet up something special, do some special handicrafts through the summer; sort through that overflowing jewellery box and purge some pieces, and the list goes on. We would like to get the commitment of some people willing to step forward and offer their help. Marg Bentley and Marlene Preston and would be pleased to hear from you if you could offer your services in the planning and presentation of the day.

With YOUR help, this can be another great congregational event.

A busy Spring-time at Knox Spring got off to a great start on March 26, with a Plain Fare Luncheon, and free will offering to raise money for a charity of the attendee’s choice. Lunch was certainly anything but plain... a wonderful soup made by Katrina and fresh bread made by Steve McNamara (well maybe a bakery helped☺) A plateful of a wide variety of sweet treats was offered for dessert. $500 was raised to go to our local Bread Basket Food Bank, and our thanks go to the group who organized the lunch. It was enjoyable and sociable. Dennis McLay and Marlene Preston headed up the group who catered to two lunches for the monthly Retired Men’s Lunch group. Great praise was heard for both events, February and April, and the men certainly were most appreciative. Some portions of the menu were donated, one big donation being the making and baking of just over 100 individual meat pies, made by Marlene and Wayne Preston. They went over exceptionally well, and our thanks go to them for taking this on. The two lunches made a combined profit of $1680.00 for Knox. Thanks to all who helped in any way. A very talented gentleman: Hanging on the walls of the sanctuary are three wooden plaques, beautifully hand carved by Bert Hutchinson. For some time, two of them had been displayed in the beautiful display box at the back of the sanctuary. These have now been moved over on to the back wall, one on either side of the large brass plaque dedicating the church bells. The largest and most recent is a beautifully detailed carving of the street view of the front of our church. It has now been hung on the front wall just under the chimes Our many thanks to Bert for sharing his wonderful talent with us.

Benefit Concert: On June 17th, Eric Walton gave his popular musical presentation “Cruzin’ in the Past Lane.” It was a benefit concert, as a community outreach to loyal ‘not for profit’ renters of Knox. There was no charge for the concert, but there was a free will offering, and as a result $250 was donated to the local Esquesing Historical Society, who have been renters since 1972. The Historical Society would like to extend our sincere thanks to Eric and his helpers, and Knox would like to thank all the members who supported the concert, and supplied goodies following. Join Us for Coffee Hour: Please take a few minutes now and then to come downstairs after the Sunday Morning Worship Service and enjoy a cup of coffee, or cold drink, while chatting with other’s who attended church that day as well. No cost… just a time for some old fashioned fellowship and “catching up.” It is meant to be a simple event - just make and pour some coffee (instructions mounted in kitchen) and tea (provided), in the summer set out some cold drinks, and provide just a simple cookie or treat to go along with. Cookies can most times be found in the freezer part of the refrigerator. Coffee Hour is a casual get together to be enjoyed by all. Please volunteer to do a Sunday now and then☺ ☺

An Influential Teacher With a Knox Connection “A camel is a horse designed by a committee. Or so goes the wisecrack and it’s usually cited to disparage unled group work in design. But there are many temporal wonders that just have to be the work of many hands; no solo human fabricator could get the whole task done. As individual church folk we are like that; it has taken many people, working over a long time, to provide what was needed for each of us to be constructed spiritually in our own unique ways – the way we’re put together thus far, anyway. Perhaps a bemused bystander might say, “Seems as though each Presbyterian is a saint being assembled by monkeys.” For me, Mr. (as he was then) Cochrane was one of the formative forces in my religious growing-up. And he was no monkey! Mr. Cochrane and I corresponded a bit in the years before his death, but I first encountered him in the nineteen forties, when he taught me in junior high school. The Greater Montreal Protestant [yes, that’s what it was called] School Board afforded time in their many schools to local clergy, so that the enrolled youth might be instructed in the principal beliefs of their own denominations. Mr. Cochrane was the minister at Melville Presbyterian Church, just around the corner from our school. For years, with the permission of his Kirk Session, and with the consent of the local ministerial association, Mr. Cochrane developed the curriculum and conducted the religious education classes for Protestants at our school. The Roman Catholics had their own publiclyfunded school system, as they do here. Most Jewish youth in the community attended our school, and were afforded school time for religious education at a nearby synagogue. All this, of course, was aside from the few children and youth who attended private schools – some of these schools having connections, or at least content, of a religious nature. In due course, and in response to his students’ expressed interest, Mr. Cochrane concentrated much of his Grade IX teaching on the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Students back then wanted his help in harmonizing the Biblical teachings with their early exposure to the various branches of modern science. In this Mr. Cochrane was highly successful; and in 1984 he got around to publishing “The Gospel According to Genesis”, which widened and deepened what he had presented to us in his classes more than thirty years before. An earlier book of his, “Jesus of Nazareth in Word and Deed” and a later one “Contending with God” were also well received. Thus Mr. Cochrane was an important contributor to my own spiritual formation, and I’m the better for it. But in this my construction as a Christian – still very much a work in progress, of course – there have been many contributors, and I’m thankful for them all. I find it interesting to reflect on where all those individuals came from, and also to reflect on what they picked up where in their own formation. For example, Mr. Cochrane’s deft teaching touch was paralleled by that of his brother Arthur, a distinguished professor of theology. So no doubt Mr. Cochrane was well raised, to begin with. In Influential Teacher

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But maybe some of what he brought to teenagers like me included insights he had picked up in his earlier work in the ministry. The Reverend [and as he was later, Doctor] Charles C. Cochrane came to Melville Church, Westmount, Quebec, in 1948 fresh from seven years in the Presbyterian pulpits of Georgetown and Limehouse. Indeed, as he happily recalled in his memoirs, it had been his grandfather, the Rev. Dr. William Cochrane of Brantford, who had presided at the 1887 dedication of the present (second) building of Knox Presbyterian Church in Georgetown. So here am I, Charles Cochrane’s student, in the Knox congregation and the Georgetown community where he likely picked up some of what he subsequently passed on to me and my generation in the Westmount schools. In Christian formation as in human affairs generally, the intertwining of paths and influences are oft-times intriguing, are they not? And, thanks be to God, sometimes a Providential touch is noted. ……Written and submitted by Ian H. Mitchell Reverend Charles C. Cochrane was the minister here at Knox and Limehouse from 1941-1948. He served in several congregations throughout the province and held many appointments on various boards and associations during his lifetime. His grand-father, Reverend Dr. William Cochrane dedicated our present church when it opened in 1888.

The New Presbyterian Connection Newspaper Replacement for the Presbyterian Record Magazine The Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a new publication produced by the Life and Mission Agency, following the announcement of the closure of the Presbyterian Record. Presbyterian Connection is a Christian newspaper that strives to unite Presbyterians from across the country through stories, reflections, interviews and articles, allowing us to share and develop our faith. The newspaper is informative, educational—and fun! It will be distributed four times per year, free of charge. The goal of the newspaper is to further equip leaders, connect congregations and missions, facilitate communication and highlight denominational work—strengthening our denominational ties across the country, much as the Record had done for so many years. Several copies are available at the back of the sanctuary. Pick up a copy, and have a read. I have not yet had the time to study it at all, but it looks to be jam packed with pertinent information. One prominent article is an introduction to our new moderator, The Reverend Peter Bush, the minister at Westwood Church in Winnipeg. He previously had served at Mitchell (1996-2007), Ont and St. Andrew’s Church, Manitoba (1989-1996). In Influential Teacher

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Knox Family Korner Special Anniversaries: Two 50th anniversaries were celebrated in the spring by Judy and Abbie Larocque, on May 6th, and Beth and Heimen Donker also in early May. And… in July, Marnie and Jack Thompson will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Marnie and Jack were married in 1957, in our church by Rev. Alex Calder, and their wedding reception was held in our church hall… as many were back then. Our congratulations and best wishes to all these couples, along with our prayers for many more. Special Birthday Congratulations: Burt Hutchinson had a special birthday recently, turning 80, with an open house celebration enjoyed by family and friends. Congratulations from all your Knox friends, Bert, and our best wishes for many more happy birthdays. A special thank you: Long time Knox member Audrey Brown has moved to live nearer to family in Guelph. Through the years Audrey has been a valuable member of our congregation, and contributed so much with her talents. One of her legacies is the number of beautifully painted roof slates that she painted up from rescued roof tiles when the original slate roof was replaced a few years ago. Audrey was the gal behind the fourth recipe book put out by the church women back in 2004, and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Knox, she did up lovely prints of the old brick church and the present stone church and worked at our bazaars. She was always active at our bazaars. Audrey also spent several years working both by her own, and with Eric Walton, visiting our sick and shut in members, so much appreciated by them. Our sincere thank you Audrey for all your contributions to Knox and our very best as you start this new chapter in the ‘book of life.’ Thank you lunch for Audrey And another Knox member moves away: Judy Preston, who has been a member of Knox and of our excellent choir for some time now, is also moving to live in Guelph, to be closer to family members. Judy had had some medical issues and felt she needed to be closer to family. She asked me to pass along her thanks to the Knox congregation for their support. She has very much enjoyed being a part of the congregation and especially the choir. Judy, we send you along with our best wishes as like Audrey, you too begin this new chapter in ‘the book of life.’ Knox Family Korner

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Halton Hills 2017 Senior of the Year Award: Reverend Peter Barrow, minister of Knox Church from 1972 to 2001, is still extremely active in town activities and groups. His name and face are known to a good majority of local residents, since he is involved with many volunteer groups. Recently, Rev. Barrow was honoured as Halton Hills 2017 Senior of the Year award. Mayor Rick Bonnet made the presentation at the June local council meeting. Our sincere congratulations go to you Peter. It is an award well deserved for all your public service to our town through the years.

A New Webmaster Needed: For the past several years now, Linda Gallus has been the extremely capable and talented webmaster for our church web site at Well, she too has up and left Georgetown to live now in Bancroft and Toronto, making it difficult for her to keep up with the happenings at Knox. We will miss Linda… she has helped in many events through her years with us, and was a special big help during the days of our 100th Anniversary, producing a picture video history DVD – a few still available. If you are “computer talented”, please call Linda at 289-891-6467 or email to apply. She will provide full training, says it is easy to do, so why not learn something new! - can even do the training over the phone. :) Lynda, good luck as you too begin a new chapter in your life. Georgetown and Knox will miss you and we wish you all the best in your new venture. Ontario Christian Gleaners: Once gain, on June 29th, Rev. Steve and two Knox members, Cathy Hunt and Christina Gardiner, made the early morning trip to Cambridge where they helped prepare fresh vegetables for drying, to be turned into a soup mix to assist hungry people around our world. They all found it to be a very rewarding venture, and there are plans to return on Sept. 27th and Nov. 22nd. Please consider volunteering to help this extremely important and worthwhile mission project.

Knox Family Korner

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Congratulations: To Michael Mitchell, who was recently inducted into our local Sports Hall of Fame. Michael is the son of Eric and June Mitchell and he and his wife and daughter live in Georgetown. He has led a busy life in the tennis world, and won several significant awards through the years. In his younger days, he attended Sunday School at Knox. Congratulations, Michael. Sick and Shut: The list of our sick and shut in members seems to grow with each report. We hope you understand that we are just not able to name each and every one of you, but please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Each of you is special to Knox in your own way, and we do remember you all. Anne and Eric, our Pastoral Care team may be needing some visiting “buddies” in the upcoming months - folks who would be willing to visit with some of our extremely shut in members. If this is a ministry that you might be interested in, please contact Eric Walton or Anne Allen. Passings: 30 March 2017: Knox family member Robert Blair (Bob) the husband of Millie, a father and grandfather, passed away at the Bennett Care Centre. He will be much missed by Millie and their family, and the thoughts and prayers of Knox go to them all. A Celebration of his life will be held at Knox on Saturday, July 8th followed by a reception in the church hall. Please know that the sympathy of the congregation has been and will be with you all.

God’s Plan for Aging – a light look at ourselves ☺ Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things thus doing more walking. And God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things requiring them to bend, reach & stretch. And God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature requiring more trips to the bathroom, thus providing more exercise. God looked down and saw that it was good. So if you find as you age, you are getting up and down more, remember its God’s will. It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath.

Knox Family Korner

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Knox Presbyterian Church, Good News Letter, Summer 2017