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MARCH 2014

JetBlue soaring in Worcester Massport Executive touts success of airline

HONORED - Douglas Math Teacher, “Presidential Award” winner, Mrs. Findlay, with one of her student’s creative math board games.

Findlay wins Presidential Award Photo & Story by Constance Dwyer With a whirlwind energy emanating from her love of teaching 6th grade math at the Douglas Middle School, Mrs. Jessica Findlay is now filled with even more enthusiasm since receiving the “Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science” in Massachusetts. One math teacher and one science teacher are selected from each state. She is one of 102 teachers chosen from across the country. After completing the extensive application process, she was pleased to learn, from the White House press release, that she had won the award! She immediately called her Principal, Mrs. Beverly Bachelder, to share the big news. Winners of this Presidential honor receive from the National Science Foundation a $10,000 award to be used at their discretion. In March, she and her husband, Bill, will attend an awards ceremony at the White House, at which time she hopes to meet, among other dignitaries, President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Congressmen. At an interview in her neatly organized class-


room, Mrs. Findlay said she became interested in becoming a teacher when she and her sister, Tracy, younger by three years, “played school” at home, she the “teacher” and her sister, the “student.” She thought of becoming a lawyer or a veterinarian, but by the time she turned 7 years old “It was clear to me that I wanted to be a teacher, having taught the alphabet and reading Dr. Seuss books to my sister.” Her love of teaching extends beyond the school day. She is a Lego Robotics Coach and has been doing this since 2006. Through this activity, she guides students as they design and program robots to compete in tournaments. In 2010, she was selected as 1 of 16 teachers nationwide for a twoweek internship at NASA’S Langley Research Facility in Hampton, VA. In 2011, she was honored by the Raytheon Corporation’s MathMovesU program as a Massachusetts Math Hero. Mrs. Findlay is dedicated in utilizing technology in her teaching to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. She is a member of the Douglas Public Schools STEM continued on page 12 PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID BOSTON, MA PERMIT NO 55800


ing strips of 1,000 feet versus 400 feet. An exciting announcement was how Massport is exploring more international flights with 36 destinations. “We want Boston to stay active in the By Constance Dwyer global economy,” he reiterated. On March 10, 2014, Emirates Airline, “one of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Thomas “Tom” Glynn of Massport was the guest the top airlines in the world,” will offer direct flights to Dubai where the speaker at the breakfast airline has service to 135 meeting of the Blackstone “I am most heartened by the destinations and JetBlue Valley Chamber of Comsupport from the business will offer flights to merce held at the Pleasant Detroit from Logan. It is community. From November Valley Country Club, no coincidence that the Sutton. Executive Director 7, 2013 to January 22, 2014 two new routes start on Jeannie Hebert lauded Mr. over 20,000 people have the same day. Emirates Glynn’s 40 years’ experiflown out of the Worcester and JetBlue have a codeence at state and federal airport.” sharing agreement. This levels at Logan Airport, agreement allows for Hanscom Air Field and - Thomas “Tom” Glynn ticketing on both airlines. Worcester Regional AirCEO and Executive Emirates was named the port, among other highDirector of Massport 2013 “Airline of the level jobs. He holds a Year” in Skytrax World Bachelor’s degree from Airline Awards. Their Tufts University and a flights also feature up to 1,600 entertainment Ph.D from Brandeis University. An interesting and to the point speaker, his brief channels and complimentary full course meals at talk focused on the success of JetBlue in every seat. “This is big news because people from Boston Worcester, a service which began on November 7, 2013. “JetBlue’s success has exceeded our expec- and this part of New England can fly out of tations,” he was pleased to announce to the atten- Boston instead of JFK,” stated Mr. Glynn. Logan tive audience in a room filled with over 100 busi- will add flights on Turkish Airlines to Turkey and on Hainan Airlines to China this spring and sumness owners from across the Valley. Currently, flights from Worcester include two mer, “which is in big demand and a big deal condestinations in Florida: Orlando and Ft. sidering the Chinese market, and opening New Lauderdale. In the future, “flights to other places” England to the global economic engine.” The are being considered. He said that the “Logan other two airlines he also brought up were COPA Ground Access” survey “shows that most busi- airlines with flights to Central and Latin America ness passengers are between Worcester and and Japan Airlines with a flight to Tokyo. He Marlboro,” noting, for them, “They don’t have to added that Logan has the only non-stop trip to go to Logan,” adding, “I am most heartened by Asia, “Logan’s 32nd international destination.” During the question-and-answer period, Mr. the support from the business community.” From November 7, 2013 to January 22, 2014 “20,000 Glynn brought up that planning for JetBlue in Worcester will include more seating from the 100 people have flown out of the Worcester airport.” He said airlines are satisfied with 80% of pas- seats the planes now hold, adding more frequent senger capacity on their flights and Worcester is flights and new destinations such as San Juan, that and beyond, having both “leisure and busi- Puerto Rico. He also mentioned that in addition to ness travelers.” “Jet Blue in Worcester,” he said, the business people being involved in the success “is part of the economic engine of Central of Jet Blue in Worcester County, he also wanted to credit politicians such as Gov. Deval Patrick, forMassachusetts.” An important change that was made by the FAA mer Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and Congressman Jim this past year was “to have tall trees taken down,” McGovern as well as Sen. Michael Moore, allowing more flexibility; planes now have land- Millbury, who was in the audience.

BusinEss BiO

Hellen Fuels Corp. Family owned and operated since 1978, owners; Ed “Buddy” Bedard (on right) with his daughter, Michelle Lee, and his brother Ron “Bossy” in front of one of their many home delivery oil trucks. See story on page 33

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MaRCH 2014

United Independent Party Candidate for Governor What it all Means Submitted by Evan Falchuk Any campaign for public office is busy, I’d guess, but I didn’t realize quite how busy until I began running as an Independent in Massachusetts. It’s an understatement to say it’s been a busy year in my independent campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. We’ve hired 20 full-time staff and interns, brought on board hundreds of volunteers, raised some money, met with thousands of voters in more than 90 cities and towns, and are working hard to

Evan Falchuk (at left) meeting voters statewide during his recent "Falchuk for Governor County Caravan".

steadily become an increasingly noticeable part of the political conversation. But as important as this progress is, and make no mistake, for an independent campaign, these are serious milestones; what strikes me is how much these efforts are really about something greater. While I was talking to a voter in northeastern Massachusetts at an event, she told me she was in her 50s, and had been politically active throughout her life.  She was used to being able to look to political leaders for some way of explaining what was wrong, what needed to be done, and how to do it. Today, far too many of those leaders don’t seem to have a clue about what to do anymore. “It feels,” she said, “like we’ve reached some kind of a tipping point in our country and I’m worried about it.” In a climate where Gallup recently showed a

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record 60 percent of Americans calling for creation of a third party, her feelings likely are shared by many. Journalist Ron Fournier has written extensively on the attitudes of people under 40 when it comes to being involved in important causes. In studying the data and interviewing young people across the country, he found that high percentages of them are involved in volunteering, mentoring, and giving to charity.  They report that helping others gives their lives purpose, and meaning.   However, when Fournier would ask these same people if they ever considered politics as a way to find that same kind of meaning, his subjects generally laughed: politics, it seems, is no place to go anymore if you want to make a difference.   We face a great challenge.  The institutions that provide the foundation for our country are deeply troubled.  They are stuck, and crumbling, and populated by leaders who are failing to provide the selfless, inspiring leadership that we dearly need.  Meanwhile, that next generation doesn’t see politics as a way to reverse these problems.   How do we bridge that gap?  How do we get new, smart, thoughtful people to become political leaders and start to restore the faith and confidence people must have in our government for it to work? If you want to solve any problem, the most important thing to do is clearly define what is wrong.  What’s missing from politics today is an avenue for idealistic, smart, thoughtful people to become part of getting us out of the rut that the two parties have put us into.   The problem is that the belief is that the only way to become a political leader is to work your way up through the party system: to make all the compromises of principle and conscious that you must, in order to perhaps, one day, be selected as a candidate for office.  It’s an offer that doesn’t interest very many people indeed, the majority of races for state legislature in Massachusetts don’t even have any opposition. In creating a new political party in Massachusetts, and running for Governor, I am taking a step perhaps a small one, perhaps a very big one, to making that future a reality. When I look forward to what the political landscape of Massachusetts will look like in only a few years, I see something that is very different from what is here today.   We can have strong, thoughtful, independent representatives in our legislature and in a few years we will have many.  We can have a new kind of political debate in our state, dominated by what’s right not by what is politically expedient. I can tell you it is already starting to happen.  The kind of future I’m talking about isn’t far-fetched, but is something we are building now, here, every day, all across our state.   And so, as we start the countdown this year toward Election Day this fall, I am more confident and hopeful than ever before.  We are bringing a new sense of purpose to an otherwise routine state election. Yes, voters want to be respected, listened to, understood. But we all want something much greater than that to mean something.  A movement to truly change the course of our politics is what we all want, and this much is clear: we are on the right track, and the train is rolling out of the station. Evan Falchuk is the United Independent Party candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.  www.UnitedIndependent

NSEPA hosts; Ages 18 and 22 Transition Presentation The Northbridge Special Education Parent Advisory Council is hosting a presentation on Thursday, March 13th, at Northbridge High School Media Center, Second Floor, 427 Linwood Avenue, Whitinsville from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Special Education Parent Advisory Council’s of Mendon/Upton, Grafton, and Blackstone-Millville will also be co-hosting the presentation. For more information on this free parent workshop or learning more about the Parent Advisory Council, please contact Kathy Lyons at

MaRCH 2014

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Uxbridge Community Gardens Thinks Spring The deadline for submitting an application for a 2014 Community Gardens plot is March 7. That is also the date for returning gardeners to secure their gardens for another year by submitting payment.  “It looks as if our third season will be even bigger and better than our first two”, said Barbara Hall, Chair of the Gardens.  “We have only a few more gardens available, so anyone who is thinking about a garden for this year should not delay.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a waiting list by Opening Day.” Any Uxbridge resident who would like a garden can download an application and release form from the Uxbridge Community Gardens (UCG) page on the town web site.  The UCG page also has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and a copy of the Ground Rules which govern the Gardens. Applications can also be picked up at the Uxbridge Town Hall, the Uxbridge Public Library and the Uxbridge Senior Center. Completed applications, release forms and payment should be mailed or delivered to the Uxbridge Community Gardens, Uxbridge Town Hall, 21 South Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569.  The cost of a Community Garden is $20.00 a year for one 20’x25’plot.  Gardeners new to the program will be contacted in late March with garden assignments and additional information. The official Opening Day for the Gardens this season is Saturday, April 19. “It is important for people to know that the Gardens are totally organic; no chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides are permitted.  There are a lot of experienced gardeners in the group who will help new gardeners to be successful, and we are all constantly learning from one another,” said Kim DeMers, the Gardens’ Vice Chair and Food Pantry volunteer.  “We will have four garden plots for the People First Food Pantry this year, as well as gardens for the Uxbridge Senior Center and Whitin School Garden Club.  And we are working on partnerships with an elementary school classroom, the Blackstone Valley Gardeners and the Uxbridge Police Department.  This has really become a great community project.” The UCG will participate for the second year in the Free Seeds Program through the University of Rhode Island Outreach Center.  “As a committed gardener myself, I am pleased to be part of this effort”, noted Carolann MacMaster, Director of the Uxbridge Free Public Library.  “Several organizations in town have come together to make a variety of free seeds available not only for UCG gardeners but for all gardeners in town.  The Library has agreed to serve as the distribution center for the seeds, which we hope will be available in late March.  We are looking forward to other ways in which the Library and the Community Gardens can work together in the future.”

OLV 50 Year Jubilee and Fundraiser This year, Uxbridge will be celebrating the 50 year jubilee of Catholic education on the site of 75 Mendon Street. The cornerstone in the front of Our Lady of the Valley Regional School reads 1964, and the building was blessed by Bishop Bernard Joseph Flanagan together with the pastor at the time Rev. John P. Lucey on August 30, 1964.  The Our Lady of the Valley (OLV) Regional School plans to incorporate the 50th Anniversary theme into their entire program for the 2014-2015 school year.  On May 31st, OLV will celebrate

The Uxbridge Community Gardens is a Committee of the Town of Uxbridge but receives no public funding. The Committee relies on user fees plus donations from individuals and local businesses for support.  Visit the Uxbridge Community Gardens on facebook or email your questions to uxbridgecommunitygardens@charter.n et.  Additional information (and a slide show) can be found on the UCG web page under “Boards and Committees” at

OLV, have a Shamrock painted in your driveway before Saint Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks are $25 each. If interested, please email olvguild@ . Go OLV!

with a kick-off event to this significant education milestone. The event will begin with the 5 o’clock mass at St. Mary’s Parish, followed by a family meal and live entertainment. Volunteers are also needed for various aspects of this kick-off. Please contact Joe Verla at Former administrators, teachers, and alumni are strongly encouraged to attend.  More information on this event will come this spring. Also, this month, OLV Parent’s Guild is running their Driveway Shamrock Painting Fundraiser.  To show your support for

Send us your news.... Deadline is the 15th of each month



Molly. She's a 4 year old Boxer, fawn and white, and weighs 52 lbs. Last seen near Blackstone and Henry St on 2/13. If found please call:








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Commerce/Mapfre, Plymouth Rock, Safety, PROGRESSIVE, Stillwater, Universal, Foremost, USLI, Assurant, to name a few!



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NICHOLAS R. JANÉ LANDSCAPES, INC. ~ Designers & Builders of Fine Landscapes ~ Let Us Design Your Outdoor Living Space.



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MaRCH 2014

Town News Home Baked Bring Back the BOOM! Make a roaring difference we think of the 4th of July, your support is needed. Donations can Ham & Bean mostWhen by joining the Lions often we have memories and tra- be made by mail to: Uxbridge 4th of The  Uxbridge Lions Club is seeking Niko’s on Main Street in Uxbridge at 7 ditions surrounded by food, family, and July Celebration, c/o Amie Briggs, Supper new members to get the twenty needed p.m.  For information contact 508-278Treasurer, 502 W. fireworks.  It has been A Ham and bean supper will be held on March 22nd at 5:00 p.m. in the Community House. The Community House is located at 8 Court St, Uxbridge.  Sponsored by the Uxbridge Congregational Church as a fundraiser to benefit the ongoing restoration of the Community House. Menu includes home baked ham, home baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, brown bread, beverages & dessert.  Tickets are $10.00, children under 6 free.  For ticket information call 508-278-2654. Raffles will be available. The Community House is available for use by local citizens and organizations.  Local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, Uxbridge People First Food Pantry, Uxbridge First Holiday Night Committee, Parents for a Safe Graduation, and many other charitable organizations have use of the building. Come see this beautiful historical building!

several years since our community has enjoyed gathering for an annual fireworks display. This year, however, a group of individuals have come together as the Uxbridge 4th of July Celebration Committee to bring back this annual tradition and to make new memories.   Their ambitious goal is to hold a fireworks display, tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 27, 2014 to kick off the holiday week.  To accomplish this and to fund other events for the celebration, the committee has set a fundraising goal of $50,000.  To commit to having the fireworks portion of the celebration this year, we must reach this goal by April 30, 2014.    In the event that the goal is not reached by April 30th, fundraising will continue year round with the fireworks display beginning in 2015.  In order to reach this goal for 2014,

Hartford Ave., Uxbridge, MA 01569. Please make checks payable to: Uxbridge 4th of July Celebration. On-line donations may be made at the website www. Donations for raffles, fundraisers, goods and services are welcome. Corporate/Business sponsorships are available. Show your support to the community that helps to support your business and consider becoming an annual sponsor.   There are volunteer positions open on the committee and sub-committees where you can donate your time and help to make this celebration a reality.   Follow updates, news, and fundraising event information on Facebook at Contact by email at uxbridgejuly4th@ or Mary Beauchamp (508) 779-0437.  

Not getting the results you want? CALL US...OUR GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER. Owner, Douglas Nydam, takes pride in his company's ability to service all facets of landscaping. With one of the most talented & experienced crews in the area, he is sure to make your next landscaping endeavor something to remember.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up • Landscape Design • Walks • Walls • Patios Distinctive Plantings • Summer Trimming & Pruning • Lawns Stone & Brickwork • Waterfalls & Ponds • Wood, Metal & Vinyl Fencing Landscape Lighting • Weekly Maintenance Programs Irrigation/Drainage Systems • Septic Systems Installation Excavation Services • Property Management • Fertilization Programs Uxbridge, MA 01569

(508) 234-2577 FULLY LICENSED & INSURED Visit our website for a complete list of services and our project portfolio A family owned and operated company, has been serving the Greater Blackstone Valley since 1980.

to secure its own charter. Currently, the original eight Uxbridge Lions are functioning under the sponsorship of the very active Grafton Lions Club.  Even without a full complement of members the existing club is doing what it can to reach out and serve the community. Over the past year the Uxbridge Lions have held some fundraisers such as its shredding events in June and November and its participation in First Night.  Some members of the community have benefited from the services provided by Lions International and the local Lions such as a scholarship awarded to an Uxbridge High School Class of 2013 member for community service, donations to needy families who were victims of fire and those needing guidance and/or aid regarding sight and hearing.  Donations were also made to the food bank, Uxbridge Senior Center, and planting on the Green. The Uxbridge Lions Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month at

4517 or 508-278-0057 or check out the Uxbridge Lions on Facebook. The Lions Club is a secular service organization with over 45,000 clubs and more than 1.35 million members in 205 countries around the world.  The organization aims to meet the needs of communities on a local and global scale. It seems more people have been served by the Lions Clubs than McDonald’s. What has been accomplished and continues to be accomplished by Lions Clubs since 1917 is nothing short of amazing. “This just might be something you want to be a part of,” says President Catherine Thornton.  “What could be better than to make such a big difference in such a meaningful way?  Hopefully this is something our young people can get involved with once we have a viable club in Uxbridge.” Learn more about the Lions on

MaRCH 2014

PagE 5

Uxbridge Chefs Cooking for Library Hope and Dana-Farber posts events LEGO CLUB 3:30-4:30. Join us on Thursdays for Lego Club. This is a drop-in program for ages 7 and older. All creations are put on display in the Children's Room! If possible please bring your own building base, all other legos are provided. MARCH 3-8 Registration for our second session of Mother Goose On The Loose will take place the week of March 3rd. This is a fun, interactive program for children ages 0-2 and their caregivers. The program is designed to enhance the learning process with repetition, ritual play, books, movement and music. Registration must be done in person during regular library hours. There are two classes held weekly. Mondays from 1010:30 AM or Saturdays from 9:30-10 AM. Classes will begin the week of March 10-15, and run through the week of April 28 - May 3. Please contact the Uxbridge Library Children's Room for more information at 508-278-8624X104. Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the MA board of Library Commissioners.

Come sip award-winning cocktails and sample signature dishes from more than 50 of Boston’s most popular chefs and some of New England’s favorite spirits at the 16th annual "Chefs Cooking for Hope." Hosted by the Friends of Dana-Farber, this culinary extravaganza takes place Thursday, March 6th, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at 125 High Street in Boston. Michael Schlow of Via

Matta, Alta Strada, and Tico will serve as honorary chef. Admission is $100 per person. Proceeds will benefit cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. For tickets call (617) 632-3909 or log on to w w w. d a n a - f a r b e r. o rg / f r i e n d s . Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

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Right now, you have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is, you have us.

MARCH 10 10:30-11:00. Join Deb Hudgins as she entertains the little ones with songs and stories about St. Patrick's Day! This is a free drop-in program sponsored by Beginning Bridges of Northbridge & Uxbridge.


MARCH 29 10:30- 11:00. Deb Hudgins will return with her program Down On The Farm! Deb will sing songs and read stories about farm life. This is a wonderful, interactive program for the little ones! This is a free drop-in program sponsored by Beginning Bridges of Northbridge & Uxbridge.

Think Spring!! -



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It’s not okay that you have cancer. Every single person you meet here is determined to make that right. With a comprehensive team of cancer specialists here in Milford, supported by the world-renowned resources of Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center in Boston, you get what you need. Innovative care, compassionately delivered, close to home. 3L[»Z[HRL[OLÄYZ[Z[LW[VNL[OLY

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MaRCH 2014

Mission of Love Party Dear Friends, Some of you may have heard of the luxury resorts in Puerta Plata. The part you might not of heard is that a very small part of that area was a village, once called Boca Nueveau. It had lush vegetation and many, many chickens roaming  everywhere. A few years back the Dominican government went to the village and claimed it belonged to them. Unable to prove otherwise the people of the village were told to leave their homes and instructed to move into existing cement structures. The new living arrangements had no furniture, no refrigerator, no electricity and most critically no land for planting or roaming

chickens. The people had lost their homes and their means of providing for themselves, leaving them the poorest of the poor. To add to the horror, they have no routine access to medical attention. There is however a school, but the children must have shoes to attend classes, many don’t have shoes, many don’t have clothes. There is also Dr. Barbara Rugo-Focht. She, along with full medical teams go for week long medical mission trips. Praise God, for teachers, Dr. Focht and her teams. Lost their homes...No shoes...No clothes... No medical care available That being said: You are invited: To a “Mission of Love” Party on March  29,

at The Fellowship Hall at The United Presbyterian Church of Whitinsville, at 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please bring your desire to do what “Jesus would do”. Activities include: Prayer, making pillowcase dresses, making comfort dolls, and an opportunity to develop a unique team spirit, giving all the Glory to God. Food: whatever you pack in your brown bag lunch (beverages will be provided) If attending please bring a prayerful heart,brown bag lunch, and the following supplies: for dresses: *pillowcases, gently used or new, washed and dried, 100% cotton is best, thread, 1/2” double fold bias tape,  12”-18” 1/4 inch elastic per dress, scissors, hand needle, trims optional, sewing machine if able (we have some available) *note: 1 yard of fabric can be used in place of pillowcase

Team One Fundraiser

for comfort doll: yarn, all colors *(knitting worsted works best), needles size 8 & 7, or any size you like, yarn sewing needle, and scissors, doll stuffing (the dolls are used as packing peanuts for shipping, then become a toy). Note: If you only bring yourself, no supplies, no machine, no knitting needles, no worries! We have plenty of everything. We just need you and your willingness to help. Band aids, Vicks, antibiotic creams, Tylenol, any medical supplies can be donated. The workshop is for adults and teenage children only. Please do not bring any child younger than high school age. It’s unsafe (hot irons) and counterproductive.  For information: Contact Clara at (508-278-7514)

Please join Team One for the Road's efforts to raise over $20,000 for cancer research and our Pan-Mass Challenge ride by attending our event March 22 at Central Tavern in Milford from 1PM to 7PM. There will be live entertainment including the local teen rock band Eclipse and JD! John will be performing with Robert McNeil on the harmonica and have a special guest on guitar with him. There will be several raffles conducted and drawn that night including a meat raffle that will include some fresh lobsters and a 50/50 raffle to win some cash. There will also be a chance to win some other items including a signed Bruin's stick along with an official Bruin's ice crew jacket. Lastly, the scratch ticket raffle winner will be drawn so get your tickets now. All ages are welcome! Please join us for a day of FUN! If you can not attend, but would still like to help kick cancer please visit our team page TO0059 and make a donation. If you have any questions about the event our ride, please contact Rich Costa at

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MaRCH 2014

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Moore calls for increased local aid figures As area towns prepare to craft their budgets for the next fiscal year, Senate President Pro Tempore Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, is encouraging fellow Senate leadership to provide local officials with a firm idea as to what they can expect in state local aid. In a letter to Senate President Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, today, Moore asserted that the officials need more realistic figures than those contained in Governor Deval Patrick’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget proposal to craft their own spending plans with greater confidence and accuracy. “One of the difficulties that municipal officials face when planning their budgets is determining how much state local aid their community will receive for government operations, education, and other important services,” stated Sen. Moore. “By providing at least a baseline of how much local aid a city or town can anticipate, the Legislature can assist in making budget deliberations more productive.” In his letter, Moore called for a resolution that would provide a baseline as to how much the Legislature will

West Hill Park remains open for activities On Saturday, March 29th from 6 to 8 p.m. there will be a Night Hike: Flashlight Exploration. Meet at the dam, Junior Ranger Level - 2 earn credit. For more information on upcoming events visits recreati/whd/whdhome.htm.

appropriate for local state aid. Calling the Governor’s budget proposal “inadequate,” and indicating that local officials were “less than enthusiastic” about it, Sen. Moore also suggested that the Legislature could increase funding beyond any baseline resolution in the event state revenues emerged higher than projected. Advocating for the measure, Moore said it would enable local officials to construct budgets with “the timeliest information possible.” He wrote, “While the budget year may still prove to be difficult for all levels of govern-

ment, at least we can provide timely answers to allow officials to adequately prepare.” Currently, the Senate and House Ways & Means Committees are conducting hearings relative to the FY15 State Budget. The House of Representatives will take up budget deliberations in late-April, followed by the Senate in May. For more information about Sen. Moore, visit, or follow him on Facebook ( or Twitter (

Thimble Pleasures to host “A History of Inspiration” Local quilt guild, Thimble Pleasures, will have Quilter Carol Anne Grotian present her lecture: Needle & Hoe: A History of Inspiration, on Thursday, March 20th at 7:00 P.M. at the Unitarian

Church Hall on Maple Street in Mendon. This lecture intertwines needlework and garden design throughout history. Guests are welcome for a $5.00 fee.

Rabies Vaccination Clinic A Rabies Vaccination Clinic will be held on Saturday March 29th at the Whitinsville Fire Station. COST: $15.00 / CATS: 11:00 AM to Noon in a carrier. DOGS: Noon to 1:00 PM on a leash. In order to qualify for a three-year booster, you must bring prior rabies vaccination certificates. Once a 3-year, always a 3-year (even if it has expired) or provide us with your 1-year rabies

vaccination certificate that has not expired! Without documentation: you will receive a One Year Rabies Vaccination Certification only. For more information, please call the Northbridge Board of Health at (508) 234-3272. Sponsored by the Northbridge Board of Health in cooperation with Agape Animal Hospital, Dr. E. Patrick Lawrence, DVM.





13 Maple St. (P. O. Box 392) • Mendon, MA 01756

A welcoming religious community for those seeking a faith based in love, reason, conscience and service and whose faith is expressed more in their deeds than their words.

Phone: (508) 473-8681


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*$ 111111111 1111 RED OR MOSCATO SANGRIA • 1.5 L

Email: Web Site:

Services Sunday 10:30 AM followed by "Coffee Hour"

-!("&$(" '



(MARCH 2014)

. $&


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!/ 12 PACK




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12 OZ CANS • 30 PACK

.! % 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IMPORTED VODKA • 1.75 LITER


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#&- 111111111111 COFFEE LIQUEUR • 1.75 L


The 11th Annual Wine and Chocolate Tasting Saturday, March 1st, 2014 • 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. BLISSFUL MEADOWS GOLF CLUB Enjoy a great night out with scores of wines to sample, craft brews and new liquors! TICKETS AVAILABLE AT LYNCH’S

call 508-278-5100 for more info

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MaRCH 2014

Caissie named Elected Woman of Excellence Governor’s Councillor and Former Oxford Selectwoman Jennie Caissie has been named an Elected Woman of Excellence by the National Foundation for Women Legislators, announced Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge. Moore nominated Caissie for the national accolade. “I was pleased to nominate Councillor Caissie for the Elected Woman of Excellence award because of her efforts in state and local government,” said Moore. “Whether representing residents of Oxford or Worcester County, she has served with dedication and the best interest of her constituents in mind. Jennie is a role model for women, both young and old, through her hard work to achieve success while giving back to the community.” “I thank Senator Moore for nominating me for the Elected Woman of Excellence award,” said Councillor

him to serve the good people we represent.” The Elected Woman of Excellence award was established as part of the National Order of Women Legislators’

“I was pleased to nominate Councillor Caissie for the Elected Woman of Excellence award because of her efforts in state and local government,” - sen. Richard T. Moore

JENNIE CAISSIE Caissie. “I was humbled to receive the award. The Senator and I have known each other for many years. I’ve always admired him and enjoyed working with


75th Anniversary Celebration. The purpose of the award is to honor the hard work and dedication of women leaders from across the United States. Fortyone women were selected for the honor from 33 states. In nominating Caissie for the award, Moore cited her dedication to fighting for accountability and transparency of the Governor’s Council. Caissie has long fought to make judicial confirmation hearings more accessible to the public, and include consideration of a judicial performance in the review

process. Caissie was elected to the Governor’s Council in 2010 as the representative for Worcester County. Prior to that, in 2003, she was elected to the Oxford Board of Selectmen, and served as Chair from 2005 to 2013. Caissie, an attorney by trade, is engaged in the general practice of law based out of Southbridge. She currently serves as a Special Assistant Prosecutor for the Central District Attorney’s Office under the leadership of District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. Caissie earned her law degree from New England School of Law, and also holds a Master of Business Administration from Nichols College in Dudley. Outside of elective office, Caissie is a Corporator for the Webster Five Cents Savings Bank, and also a Member of the Harrington Memorial Hospital Corporation. She is a former professor of state and local government studies, and also served on the Worcester State College Board of Trustees from 2002 to 2006. Caissie resides in Oxford with her family.


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Whitinsville Woman’s Club offer scholarships The Whitinsville Woman's Club is offering the following scholarships to 2014 high school graduates. • Whitinsville Woman's Club ($1,000) The applicant must be a Northbridge resident, graduating from an accredited high school. • Annette M. Keessen Scholarship ($1,000) The applicant must be a Northbridge resident, graduating from an accredited high school, and a candidate for a Bachelor's Degree. • Viola A. White Scholarship ($1,000) The applicant must be a Northbridge resident, graduating from Northbridge High School, and a candidate for a Bachelor's Degree. Applications may be obtained through the Guidance Offices at Northbridge High School, Blackstone Valley Technical Vocational High School, and the Whitinsville Christian School as well as Beverly Keeler (508) 234-3003. All applicants must be in to the Scholarship Committee by March 24, 2014.

• Sunday • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday

Celebrating 8 Years Strong! CLASSES INCLUDE:

Weights • Pilates • Yoga • Barre Denise Petrillo $6.00 per class!

Cell: 508-326-0926 or 508-278-0304 16 Marywood St., Uxbridge, MA

6:30 pm to 7:45 pm Come join the fun!

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Marty Green to run for Ninth Worcester District State Representative Commerce from 1995-2005. In that role Marty worked closely with business leaders, residents, as well as local, state and federal government leaders to promote many regional economic development projects, including the Route 146-MassPike Interchange, the Blackstone River Valley Bikeway, several regional planning efforts, and workforce development initiatives such as the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation. The experience allowed him to forge enduring relationships throughout the Blackstone Valley, and taught him the

importance of collaboration and the need, at times, to work with divergent interests toward a common goal. From 1992-1995 Marty served on the Northbridge Board of Selectmen where he first encountered and developed an understanding of the considerable challenges that the small towns of the Ninth Worcester District face to adequately fund town government and the school department without placing undue strain on individual and business taxpayers. Because those challenges are no less significant now than they were when Marty was a Selectman, he will

work to increase local aid to help fund the many “unfunded mandates” created by state government. “It is essential that state government find a practical solution to the problem faced by every town to maintain the quality of local services and to provide a high quality education for our children without increased financial support to cover increased costs of state mandated programs and services.” Marty looks forward to meeting with residents, business owners and local leaders to discuss how a “Pro-Business Democrat” can serve the Ninth

Worcester District with practical and common sense ideas and solutions. Mr. Green resides in Northbridge with his wife Maura and his children Sadie and Jack. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Worcester State University, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Framingham State University. He was a founding member of the Northbridge Education Foundation, and is a member of St Patricks Parish in Northbridge.

MARTy GREEN Marty Green is pleased to announce his candidacy for the Massachusetts House of Representatives Ninth Worcester District, which includes Grafton, Northbridge, and Upton. The Northbridge Democrat seeks election to the seat being vacated by Representative George Peterson, who announced recently that he would not seek re-election. “As a parent and small business owner, I believe I have a unique understanding of the challenges that the residents of Grafton, Northbridge and Upton face daily. As state representative, I will use my experience as a successful small business owner to fight for practical solutions to reduce the cost of doing business in Massachusetts. As a parent of two college age children, I understand the importance of being committed to life long learning. However we need to find ways to reduce the rising cost of higher education. In doing so we will expand opportunities for all residents.” Marty’s broad background in business and public-service in the Blackstone Valley make him uniquely qualified to represent the interests of both the residents as well as the businesses in the Ninth Worcester District. He served as Economic Development Director and Executive Director of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of

+ " *. $ # ( $ $*". +) ! /) "%* $ *%.) . '+ &# $* $+() (. +($ *+( )&%(*) '+ &# $* ))%( ) * *% "%- ( * " &(*! (" " ! !&&# "%-&& , !"*"%),"## (" . '("# *! / '$ '$ (", * ( ," - # *+( . '("# *! / $ '$ + #" # $ -"*! +% . '("# *! / $ '$ " +(( $*". ""

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Rabies Clinic March 16th There will be a Rabies Clinic for dogs and cats held on March 16th, from 9 am to 10 am for cats and 10 am to 12 pm for dogs at the VCA Blackstone Valley Veterinary Hospi-tal at 615 Douglas St., in Uxbridge. Rabies shots will be $15.00; Micro-chips are available for $20.00.  The clinic is open for residents of Uxbridge, Mendon, and Douglas.  It is sponsored in cooperation with Regional Animal Control.  Please bring you current rabies certificate to get a three year shot.  If there are any questions please call 508-278-6581.  Uxbridge Dog Licenses will also be available to be purchased the day of the clinic.

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(57.65 )1&75(' 6$: 24(2$4$6,10 )14 ,0',8,'7$.5 5/$.. %75,0(55(5 &&1706,0* %11--((2,0* %75,0(55 &1057.6,0* 5(48,&(5 $8$,.$%.( (4510$.,<(' 10( 10 10( 5(48,&( $2$%,.,6,(5 1) $ 0$6,10$. ),4/ 6$6( 1) 6+( $46 6(&+01.1*; (48,0* 6+( 27%.,& )14 18(4 ;($45

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MaRCH 2014

Team “5:00 Somewhere” is off again...fighting cancer Team 5:00 Somewhere is off again for the 4th year in a row walking to kick cancer's butt in the Boston Avon Breast Cancer Walk. May 17th & 18th. We will set out again on our journey walking 39 miles in 2 days. Come on down and join us & help make a difference on Saturday, March 8th at 7:00 p.m. till closing at The Old Post Office Pub located on Rte. 140 / 1 Ray St. North Grafton. LIVE BAND: T.O.A.K, Three of a Kind playing Classic Rock/ Oldies themed raffle baskets, 50/50 & door prizes.

Rather donate online? Go to @ www. Donate know, walker: Joanne Smith and follow the link. If you prefer to write a check, Please make it payable to Avon Foundation mail to: Joanne Smith 266 Brookway Dr. Northbridge, MA 01534. Participant # 431127 The Avon Foundation tax ID number is 13-6128447. Thank you for your support, Let’s END IT!

1 12

IRS offers Taxpayers Free File Program Free online Tax Preparation Service In preparation for the April 15th tax filing deadline, Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, is alerting constituents to a free tax preparation services available through the IRS Free File program. Every taxpayer with a 2013 Adjusted Gross Income of $58,000 or less may prepare, complete and file their federal tax returns online at no cost. Free File is made possible through a partnership between the IRS and the Free File Alliance, a coalition of industry-leading tax software companies. Since its inception in 2003, the program has offered 70 percent of taxpayers free access to leading commercial tax preparation software from Free File Alliance member companies. Free File has already saved taxpayers an estimated $1.2 billion in filing costs. The Free File program provides free access to tax preparation software so you can easily prepare and e-file your federal taxes online at no cost. All the

calculations are done for you in just a few easy steps, and you can even get a refund in as few as 10 days.” IRS Free File is available at www., which provides a list of Free File Alliance member companies and their free tax software offerings. Users may either choose the company that fits their needs or utilize the “Help me Find Free File Software” tool. After selecting a company, users will be transferred to the company's website to prepare, complete and electronically file their federal income tax returns. Free File also offers basic federal efiling services with no income limitations. This basic e-filing service, called Free File Fillable Forms, allows taxpayers who are familiar with tax law and need no preparation assistance to complete and file their federal income tax electronically. “Free File makes tax time simple, fast and free for 70 percent of Americans,”

2 0 0 7 INSURED

said Tim Hugo, executive director of the Free File Alliance. “Since 2003, the Free File Alliance has partnered with the IRS to give taxpayers access to leading online tax preparation software and critical step-by-step support. This year, we invite every taxpayer making $58,000 or less to join the 40 million Americans who have already saved time and money by using Free File.” Free File Alliance member companies have continually worked with the IRS to strengthen the Free File program, and taxpayers have consistently reported that it is user-friendly and efficient. Responding to a 2009 IRS survey, 96 percent of users said they found Free File easy to use, while 98 percent said they would recommend the program to others. The Free File Alliance, a coalition of 14 industry-leading tax software companies, has partnered with the IRS since 2003 to help low and middleincome Americans prepare, complete and e-file their federal tax returns online. The Free File Alliance is committed to giving 70 percent of Americans free access to the industry’s top online tax preparation software. About 40 million returns have been filed through Free File since its inception. For more information, visit www. For information about Sen. Moore’s service efforts, visit, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter ( SenDickMoore).

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MaRCH 2014

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5K & Walk for Autism Awareness The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts’ 5K & Walk for Autism Awareness is the signature fundraising event for the Autism Resource Center. We are able to provide programs, services and events at little to no cost for over 2,600 families as a result of the monies that are raised from this and other events. Please help the Autism Resource Center continue to support our families by joining us at the 5K or Walk. The 1st annual Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts Walk was held in April of 2000, with 100 walkers attending events in 3 different locations. Those first events, pieced together by the sheer faith and mutual support of the members of the Center, raised a total of $16,500 for the Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts. In 2009, it was clear that the event had grown exponentially and a 5K was added on. In 2013 the Walk and 5k fundraising totals were up to $220,000. Now in our 14th year, we expect upwards of 2,000 runners and walkers to turn out at Lake Park on April 27. Many of these people have some connection to the autism community or the families we support, while others just have big hearts and sneakers to break in.  The Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts started with a group of parents with one common bond: children with autism.  Back in

When: Sunday, April 27th Where: 284 lake Avenue Worcester 1997, the diagnosis was only given to about 5 in 10,000. It was clear that those numbers were beginning to increase, but to those parents gathered, it was still isolating, frightening, and largely unknown. Services were nearly non-existent; early intervention was usually difficult to access as the age of diagnosis at that time was usually about the age that children aged out of Early Intervention. Support programs were scattered and Central Massachusetts was the last region in the state to have a

Resource Center funded. Something needed to be done. With some funding and direction from DDS (then the Department of Mental Retardation), the Center set up shop in West Boylston, MA.  HMEA, Inc. became the parent agency (and remains so today) and from the moment the doors were open, families have been welcomed on a daily basis.   Please feel free to contact the Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts at any time at 508-835-4278. For Walk and 5K sponsorship opportunities, please contact jsiegel@hmea. org. Following this link to learn more about the Center or to register for the 5K and Walk event: 20Walk/index. We hope you can join us!

Crossroads plans St. Patrick's Day Annual Pancake Breakfast Crossroads, a service of Riverside Community Care, is an employment and recovery community for individuals who have a history of mental illness that reside in the Blackstone Valley. The Pancake Breakfast is the community's biggest fundraiser and gives the public the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal while helping a worthwhile project. For more information on the Pancake Breakfast or Crossroads Clubhouse, please contact Earlene DeYoung or Molly Sneesby at (508) 473-4715.

Crossroads Clubhouse is hosting its annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast on March 16th, from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. The event will be held at Crossroads Clubhouse which is located at Williams Street in Hopedale. The cost is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for members and children under 12. Breakfast tickets and raffle tickets can be purchased in advance by calling (508) 4734715 and will also be available at the door. The Clubhouse is wheelchair accessible.

!)!$ )'

%$ ) %'


, '!

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Hall Bookings Call (508) 278-9800

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Findlay continued from page one Integration Team, partnering with Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s STEM Integration District Leaders program. Furthermore, she has another exceptional ability in incorporating the English language in the STEM program because she holds a B.A., summa cum laude, in Elementary Education from Rhode Island College. Her degree is in Social Studies where she “gravitated towards Literature and Writing.” “I want to make sure my students don’t

MaRCH 2014

isolate math as completely independent from the language arts and that they know how to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively whether speaking among themselves or writing paragraphs.” Because of her innovative way of teaching, she has her students doing screencasts using their iPads and they “hear themselves and improve their language fluency by listening to how they themselves talk.” Her students, if absent, are able to get their lessons on their computer and she can communicate with each student online using Edmodo as a digital learning platform; “I can post a video online, saying, for

AMISH CRAFTSMEN FURNITURE • Made in America • Solid Wood • Heirloom Quality

example, see Chapter 4, Lesson 2, regarding ‘Greatest Common Factor’ and describe how to solve sample problems, providing them with a tutorial and practice questions.” As an efficient teacher, she concludes her message with “Show me your answer tomorrow in class.” Parents also have direct access to her, via the internet. She has taught mathematics in Douglas for 8 years, teaching both fifth and sixth grades. She is the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Team Chair, “leading her colleagues in sharing best practices and planning integrated, engaging learning experiences,” said Mrs. Beverly Bachelder, Principal, of the Douglas Elementary Middle School, adding that she is very proud of Mrs. Findlay’s accomplishments. Mrs. Findlay’s imagination is nonstop in developing ways to excite students about math. When she taught her students as 5th graders in 2012, as she was undergoing the PAEMST applica-

tion process, she had them create math board games, one called Popper’s Penguins Multiplication Madness, through which they learned about multiplication. At that time, they had to manually cut out cards, game pieces, and other props for their games and write out “How to Play” directions manually. Today, the students are creating updated versions of the same project, but focused on fractions. Students are creating a “screen cast” where they will record a video explaining how to play their game and use their iPads to share their screen casts on Edmodo. This project is blending the STEM skills of math and technology integration, with English Language Arts, the skills of both effective communications and explanation. On her laptop, she showed this writer how she communicates with students using Edmodo, as well as her “digital grade book.” She describes Edmodo as “the Facebook for education,” calling it

Gerald R. O’Shea 113 Singletary Ave., Sutton, MA (508) 865-6385 “Quality Home Furnishings Low factory prices for over 60 years

,,%(+& 6

(+5) (#(+& 6


.$$ ,+ .,. 0$# 40$+#$# .. +0($/ ,2$.(+& !,. 0$.( ) %.,* 0, $ ./ 3(0' ,. '(+&)$/

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, 333 ,.$ /0$. ,,%(+& ",*

* &" !

Sewerage Service

We have a better idea!


" #



! #


intuitive and second nature for students. This coming May, she will receive her Master’s in STEM education from Framingham State University, which, she noted is the only college in New England that offers a STEM program at the elementary level. Besides her busy schedule as a math teacher, and after school Lego robotics coach, she still finds time to give of herself to a non-profit agency. She enthusiastically took on other exciting curriculum initiatives, including a Pi Day and a school-wide Math-a-Thon to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, with more than $58,000 raised to date. Mrs. Findlay concluded, “Many times I get home at 9 pm but I love what I do and I find teaching math to my students in class and working with them after school to be so rewarding. I have the best colleagues and teammates, and my Principal ‘Bev’ and Dean of Students, Bob Godbout, are always so supportive and encouraging. The school held a Community Meeting to recognize me and I was very touched by their support then and continuing each day at the school.”

Dordt College Concert Choir The Dordt College Concert Choir from Sioux Center, Iowa, will present a concert at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 11, at the Fairlawn Christian Reformed Church located at 305 Goldthwaite Road in Whitinsville. This free concert is part of a spring tour with performances scheduled in Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Ontario. Directed by Dr. Benjamin Kornelis, the 52-person Concert Choir will perform a variety of pieces, including works by Johannes Brahms, Aaron Copland, and even Dolly Parton. Dordt has approximately 300 students who participate in the music program, with opportunities to perform in choral groups, orchestras, and bands.

MaRCH 2014

PagE 13

Donation funds library programs

Woman’s Club to host Craft & Vendor Fair The GFWC Uxbridge Woman’s Club will be hosting their 3rd Annual Craft & Vendor Fair on Saturday, April 12th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm to be held at the McCloskey Middle School Gymnasium at 62 Capron Street, Uxbridge. Last year’s event featured over 80 vendors from crafts, food, candles, clothes, jewelry, balloon animals, kitchen ware, photography and much more. There will be refreshments and food served at the event.  The proceeds from this event will aid our club in providing 2 yearly scholarships.  In

UniBank recently announced that a $2,500 donation has been made to the Blackstone Public Library to fund a year-long series of Health and WellBeing programs available to the local community. Program topics will include: nutrition, yoga, stress reduction, mental health and wellness, massage, selfdefense, dance, positive body image, and financial planning. Additionally, literary and historical programming will be offered as part of this grant. In total, ten programs will be offered at the Bellingham Public Library over the course of the year.

years past, the club has awarded scholarships, as well as helped to assist funding for community service projects. The community service project include: Easter hams for the Uxbridge Food Pantry, supporting the Golf Tournament for the Uxbridge Senior Center, Uxbridge Library, Uxbridge First Holiday Night Committee, Uxbridge Police and Uxbridge Fire Departments.  Free Admission!  Come one, come all, this event provides fun & entertainment for any age!

At right: lisa Cheever, Director of the Blackstone Public library, receives a $2,500 donation presented by Christopher Currie, Branch Manager of uniBank’s Blackstone branch. “The staff and trustees at the Blackstone Library are sincerely thankful for UniBank’s support of our grant request,” stated Lisa Cheever, Blackstone Public Library Director. “Through the Health and Well-Being programs, we hope to enrich the lives of our patrons and highlight the library as a resource for making life changes.” UniBank is proud to support the library’s effort to provide community accessible programming. For more information about these programs, visit www.blackstonepubliclibrary. org or call 508-883-1931.


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Roger H. Croteau, CPA, PC Uxbridge, MA 508-278-2239

2014 Tax Year is Here! Make an appointment for a Free Consultation. Two convenient locations: 119 North Main St & 10 River Road


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MaRCH 2014

Kismet brought a community together & together they saved her By Beth Stevens Harrop Kismet made her story known by reaching out for help. First she reached out to my family, then to the Uxbridge Animal Hospital and to all of you. Facebook and The Uxbridge Times gave her a voice. We heard of this poor, pitiful stray dog who needed help. She was on the run for no one knows how long,

her last meal had been a bird, and to add to this, was hit by a car. Kismet’s medical needs were vast. She could have been euthanized but everyone who heard her story felt something…compassion! It started with our little town of Uxbridge and then carried further and further! People were inspired by her and wanted to help this little girl get a chance at a better life. And we made that

Preserving Memories is just the start of what we do!

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East Coast Video

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#& ,' + + #! , ! , (# ( ,#)& $)$ ' #& " + #& '#! )" $ , " " ( , & #) #! #! (# ! & $$ & & " ' " (' ( ! ,#) $&#* '(& '' & ( #" #& # ' (' #( " ' "! ' "" " ( ! $" ( ! " ( " ( &" ( *

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'##* ! $ $& ! %

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)& )& )&

happen!! We have received donations from over 100 people! Totaling over $6,000! This covers all of her needs, including surgeries (hip repair, spaying, laceration repair & mass removal), pain medications, antibiotics and special food. The remaining donations will stay with Kismet when she goes to her forever home. We are all still in wide-eyed amazement at this tremendous show of love. For so many to come together to help this precious sole shows the true meaning of community! Uxbridge Animal Hospital adds “We wanted to

take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has so generously donated to Kismet’s recovery.” I would like also to thank everyone who has been supportive in their words, with donations and with their help of all kinds. When we needed initially to raise money, many businesses stepped up to help. We didn’t need to do a fundraiser but I wanted to thank those who were willing to contribute. Amie Briggs of the HayWagon, Jen Courteau of Puppy Cuts, Phil Smith of Phil Smith Photography, Cheryl Keegan of The Day Spa at Lucille’s and Julie Uthoff of Pawfect Life Rescue. And to all who offered to volunteer for fundraising. In addition, to The Uxbridge Times for running the article last month. After the paper came out, our donations tripled! A special thank you to Dr. Cowan of UAH for her care of Kismet and working with me on all of this. Lastly, to Terri, her foster mom, to say thank you is not enough. You have physically done for Kismet what all of our hearts wanted to do. You have nursed her back to health and have healed her soul… and ours.

Regal Pet Grooming

Douglas Library Book discussion The next meeting of the Douglas Library Book Group will be discussing Jamie Ford’s Songs of Willow Frost on Tuesday, March 11th at 6:30 PM. Confined to Seattle's Sacred Heart Orphanage during the Great Depression, Chinese-American boy William Eng becomes convinced that a certain movie actress is actually the mother he has not seen since he was seven years old. Call the Library 508-476-2695 for a copy of the book. New members welcome. Homemade refreshments, inspired by the title being discussed, will be served.

Food for Thought Creating equals being. Working with our true selves we must admit that we are creative beings that have come here to create.  When you stop making love to the art of creating, you lose your fire, passion and soul. Create you are here to do and create you must!  It begins with the decision to answer the question again and again and again: what do I want to create?  It can be as simple as creating a delicious meal or creating a moment of silence.  Creating can have huge rewards when we do it deliberately like creating the accomplishment of a personal feat which took our blood, sweat and tears to master.  We all create whether conscious of it or not. When the scowl you created on your face makes the air around you so thick you could cut it with a knife, this might be an unconscious creation.  But create it you do, is an undeniable fact.  I used to create lots of drama and it was only until I realized it was I who was feeding the fiery beast with my constant participation through thought, word and deed, could I stop and start creating in the other direction.  Now I hope I make my creations with a tad more personal regard, but it really comes down to manning up to our creative powers and make the choice to create deliberately.  When we do create intentionally we become masters once again of our own ship.  It may also be worth saying that just because you create something and end up wishing you hadn’t because the idea was better than the reality of it (we’ve all done it), it’s ok not to beat yourself up.  The beauty of creating is just that; you get to do it again and again. As long as you have breath in your body you have an opportunity to create something new.  So carry this blessing of creation in your cap and answer the question: what will you create today? Sheryl Corriveau is a health coach for women and operates a pilates studio in Whitinsville.  She can be reached at To sign up for her free tips at

MaRCH 2014

PagE 15

PagE 16

MaRCH 2014

Bevilacqua Asphalt earns NAPA’s Diamond Achievement Commendation Uxbridge based Bevilacqua Asphalt is pleased to announce that it has earned the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) Diamond Achievement Commendation for Excellence in Asphalt Plant/Site Operations. A unique and respected program that recognizes responsible asphalt operation practices and cultivates good community relations, the Diamond Achievement Commendation is a

proud accomplishment, according to company owner Steve Bevilacqua. “We are extremely pleased to have earned this prestigious commendation,” he said. “From the earliest days of this plant’s design and construction, our commitment to both the community and the environment has been at the forefront of our efforts. Attaining this recognition underscores the fact that corporate progress, community relations and environmental stewardship

Bevilacqua Asphalt Owner; Steve Bevilacqua (right) with his son Nick.

can co-exist.” NAPA established the Diamond Achievement program in 1999. The self-assessment process addresses six essential facets of the asphalt plant/site: appearance; operations; environmental practices; safety; permitting/regulatory compliance; and community relations. Securing the Commendation exemplifies a proven level of expertise in, and a belief in the importance of, each of those areas. "Earning the Diamond Achievement Commendation clearly demonstrates a company’s commitment to excellence with a community focus,” said NAPA chairman John Keating. “With this commendation, Bevilacqua Asphalt has joined some elite colleagues within the asphalt industry. Achieving that standard of excellence is challenging, but this shows it can be accomplished with a genuine dedication to responsible practices and continuous improvement.” About Bevilacqua Asphalt Established in 2013, by industry veteran Steve Bevilacqua, Bevilacqua Asphalt is a full-service asphalt producer serving the needs of customers in southeast Massachusetts. In addition to general asphalt supply, the company operates a sister company, Hot Mix Onsite Delivery, which caters to area paving professionals by delivering asphalt on an as needed basis. A broad range of paving equipment is also offered on a rental basis to regional paving companies. Asphalt production is handled by a 300 ton/hour Mile Maker plant from Asphalt Drum Mixers. For more information, contact Bevilacqua Asphalt, Steve Bevilacqua, Phone: (508) 409-6434, email:

Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue

Harvey is our cat of the month. He is a sweet, sturdy 4 year old black and white cat looking for his forever home. Harvey was found outside and brought to an animal control agency, who called Willy's to find him a forever home.  He is a sweet loving boy who needs a lap.   Harvey can be seen at the Adoption Center located inside PetSmart in Millbury. Kitten season is just around the corner, Willy's Kitty Angels Spay a Mom program offers FREE spay surgery and vaccines for the mother cat if all the kittens are surrendered to us for our adoption program.  Our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption.  Willy's also has a barn relocation program.

MaRCH 2014

PagE 17


Horse adoption conference

Knapik Stanley J. Knapik, 96, of Uxbridge, died at Genesis Health Care in Milford. His wife of 70 years, Florence L. (White) Knapik died Jan. 20, 2011.  He is survived by a daughter Betty Ann and her husband Thomas Haczynski of N. Smithfield; a son Donald and his wife Joanne Knapik of Davenport, FL; 2 granddaughters, Jennifer Blais and Pamela Storme; 3 great grandchildren, Makenzie Storme, Brady Storme, and Abigael Blais; many nephews and nieces.  He was brother of the late Walter Knapik, John Knapik, Joe Knapik, Clementine Machez and Helen Morris.  Born in Uxbridge on June 7th, 1917 he was the son of Frank and Mary (Gniadek) Knapik and was a life long resident. Mr. Knapik was a weaver and

Help bring a National Park to the Valley

Wild Horse Adoption Conference, March 28-30, with the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, MA. Promoting Best Practices for the Successful Adoption of Bureau of Land Management Wild Horses. Please join us for a weekend of networking and education on wild horse adoption. Contact for more information: Office of Continuing Education 508-887-4723,, web site:

The success of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor has always been due, in large part, to public support and active participation by the people and communities of the Blackstone Valley. People like you! Your membership will enable our work to continue. Please visit

machine operator at the former Linwood Mill and Stanley Woolen Co. for many years. He served honorably in the U.S. Coast Guard.  He enjoyed the Red Sox, walking, and his frequent trips to Twin River Casino.  He was a member of St. Mary’s Church where he once played on their football team.  

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' + )'

# & *


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$" ! #& *


Support Your Local Wineries with Greenvale Vineyards & Hardwick Winery

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$ "


&# # % ) &

$ '

&$ ! #$ # % !# ! #%* %%

$ (


%#&$% # ' #

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" "


PagE 18

MaRCH 2014

Wear Red Day at BVT Students and staff of Blackstone Valley Tech proudly took part in National Wear Red Day in February. For the past decade, National Wear Red Day has been recognized on the first Friday of February in support of the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement. In addition to splashing Valley Tech with plenty of red, an informational session on heart disease and its remedies was put on by BVT Nutrition Educator Martha Pellegrino, the PostSecondary Practical Nursing program, and the Milford Regional Medical


PICTURE FRAMING 54 Carpenter Rd., Whitinsville, MA

508-234-2249 Price includes mat, mount & framed with clear glass PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING

Center's Valley Tech School Based Health Center. Participants were treated to blood pressure screenings, information on achieving and maintaining a healthy heart, and samples of heart-friendly snacks like edamame beans. Blackstone Valley Tech creates a positive learning community that prepares students for personal and professional success in an internationally competitive society through a fusion of vigorous vocational, technical, and academic skills. The school’s website is

We Frame Anything! Prices Start At... $22.00 / finished size 11X14 $30.00 / finished size 16X20 $44.00 / finished size 20X24

! -%

+(% * %*&

&(" &



$ !( $%!" *!& #! !&# (


!# $"

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! % %&$ # $ ' ! ! %

" $ % "$!

$& #!% . !* %) !%!) ) $ %*) . ( ) . % ( - ! ! %* !%!) (' %*(- . && !% . !% &, &&( '#

* (&&$) !*!&%) , &$ ) !%-# ! !% $ %*


+ %


# " "



!% !&#

$ $ !' #



((( # $ ' ! $% % ) #

Students and staff of Blackstone Valley Technical High School proudly took part in “National Wear Red Day” as part of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

MaRCH 2014

PagE 19

Where to Find Spring! Finally, it is March. Still another long, cold, snowy month until Spring really happens.  If you’re not sure you can handle any more Winter, Spring can be found just an hour or two away! Massachusetts is home to several wonderful Botanic Gardens, and some of these have indoor displays all year round. Warm, inviting, and tropical there is so much to see! The closest to us is Tower Hill Botanic Gardens, an easy 45 minute drive to Boylston.  Here you will find two indoor spaces: the Limonaia and the Orangerie. Arguably the most magnificent may be at Smith College in Northhampton, with its enormous Lyman Conservatory. Smith College will have a Spring Bulb Show the first 2 weeks of March. I have only mentioned two. Go to Mass for information. In Providence, Roger Williams Park hosts a terrific Zoo with some indoor space. Maybe you have visited.  Did you know about the Botanical Center in another area of the Park?  The Center has 2 greenhouses with 12,000 square feet of indoor, tropical space!

What else? Well, we have missed the Providence Flower Show a couple weeks ago in February.  Worcester is hosting the Outdoor Living Expo Feb. 28-March 2. It is a “Backyard, Patio and Landscape Design Exposition”.  This is a good small show highlighting mainly hardscape: patios, fountains, outdoor structures, etc.  If you would enjoy a little road trip, the Philadelphia Flower is held March 1-9.  It is the “world’s largest indoor exhibition”, and it is amazing!  Huge landscape displays, floral design and plant competitions, lectures by renowned speakers, and a marketplace. Basically, everything a garden crazy person would want. Much closer is Boston’s Flower and Garden Show, at the Seaport World Trade Center. This year it is 5 days long, Wednesday March 12 through Sunday March 16. Keep an eye out for me!  I will be volunteering at the Children’s play area, and at the Mass Master Gardener Booth. The Boston Flower Show has everything Philadelphia has on a somewhat smaller and more accessible scale. You can speak to designers at their displays, and shop for whatever you may need.  happy Spring! Submitted by Christine Horwath

Legislators recognize Benedict as Uxbridge’s newest Eagle Scout Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, and Rep. Kevin J. Kuros, R-Uxbridge, recognized Matthew Gregory Benedict of Uxbridge at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor at St. Mary’s Church in Uxbridge. Benedict, who is a member of Troop 25, Uxbridge, conducted a major service project that beautified the Uxbridge Community Garden. He led volunteers in clearing the land, laying out garden plots, and building a weatherproof message board. Both Moore and Kuros regularly attend Eagle Scout Courts of Honor to congratulate young men on attaining the highest rank in Boy Scouting.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Providing professional and quality service for over 40 years to your community. JL Darling analyzes your system and recommends a maintenance program to meet your needs. Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 goal and your questions are encouraged. • Pumping and Maintenance • Title V Inspections • Complete System Installation and Repairs • Covers located and raised • Emergency Service A+ Rating “Maintaining your septic system through our professional services.”

PagE 20

MaRCH 2014

Blackstone Valley Fitness Kicks off Heart Health Written by: Olivia Marchi Blackstone Valley Fitness hosted a “Change of Heart” event, presented by SELF magazine, to kick off Heart Health awareness month. The fitness center helped raise money for the American Heart Association's GO RED for Women by providing participants with a heart pumping workout. This event was offered to both members and non-members. “GO RED for Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute!” Each participant received a free one

P and D Pizza, Friendly Discount Liquors, Ribbons, Living Earth Natural Foot & Supplement Center, Perfect Game, Wright's Dairy Farm & Bakery, Just Get Dirty Authentic Apparel CO, V Organic Cafe, Watchusett Mountain, Rick's Hilltop, The Little Coffee Bean, The Back Door vacuums and homekeeping, Blackstone Valley Massage, and Local Author Crystal Stockwell. We had over 35 participants and successful raised over $800 for the American Heart Association's GO RED for Woman. We would like to give a special thanks to all the participants and local businesses who donated and participated to such a great cause.

year subscription of SELF magazine, a red Change of Heart water bottle, a Heart Benefits magnet, a GO RED for Women dress pin, free heart pumping classes at the gym for the day, as well as three free tickets for the raffle that was hosted by the fitness center. Blackstone Valley Fitness offered a variety of fun, energizing classes for all who participated in this event. Everyone was encouraged to wear red, take part in the raffle, as well as sample protein bars sold at the fitness center. A variety of local businesses donated to the raffle where 100% of the proceeds went to the American Heart Association's GO RED for Woman. Among these local businesses where, FIT NAT (Fitness Nutrition And Training), WooBerry Frozen Yogurt,

Pictured at left: employee; Natalie Marchi, Olivia Marchi and Blackstone Valley Fitness owner; Kim Bangma It was a very successful event and we could not have done it without their help and generous donations. It was an overall success, and we look forward to doing it again next year! We would also like to acknowledge and thank Natalie Marchi, an employee at Blackstone Valley Fitness, for all of her hard work and time that went into making this event possible.

" # $


# " $ 2



#+,#& , $







&.#*'&% &, '* ! +

*'!* % /#," 0, &



*+ % 3


, +




* + "''$ 3


2 -$$






&!- !



2 -$$ 2


*! *, & 3

*,+ +' # $ +,- # + % ," &


*, &



-, ''* &


1+ 1+ &*# "% &, (*'!* %+


* ,+

#& ''* ($ 1 #& '-* )-# , '-&,*1 + ,,#&!

/// '-&,*1%'&, ++'*# '%


MaRCH 2014

PagE 21

Calendar WEEKLY SuNDAyS BingO Knights of Columbus 70 Prescott Rd., Whitinsville Doors open at 4 pm

MONDAyS PiTCH PaRTY 6:30 pm at the uxbridge senior Center on south Main street


12 noon valley Cafe, Whitinsville 1sT TuEsDaY OF EvERY MOnTH aT 6:00 P.M.

P.a.C.E. CLass…FREE! People with arthritis can exercise 10 am in the Community Room at Lydia Taft House. Call Paulette 508-476-4467

MEn’s BiBLE sTuDY Whitinsville Community Center, Church/Hill sts. 4th Floor Conference Rm. Men from all area towns are invited. 508-278-9345

WEDNESDAyS FREE POOL vFW, Post 1385, uxbridge 508-278-7540

THuRSDAyS “COMMuniTY BanD” Practice 7:30 pm at Whitin school on granite st., uxbridge WAlK FOR WEllNESS Clear your mind, meet new people and get healthy & Walk the trails at Pout Pond Call

nicky at 508-278-3558

SATuRDAyS Ladies auxiliary MEaT RaFFLE 5 pm at vFW Post 1385 Hall, Rte. 16 in uxbridge


9th ~ Sunday

24th ~ Monday

DaYLigHT savings TiME BEgins

1st ~ Saturday

DEBORaH WHEELOCK CHaPTER DaR MEETing 2-4 PM simeon Wheelock House, north Main st., uxbridge. Topic: This Old House. The public is welcome and refreshments will be served.

aMERiCan LEgiOn RiDERs MOnTHLY MEETing 7 PM american Legion Hall 59 Douglas st., uxbridge

RED CaRPET CasinO nigHT & siLEnT auCTiOn Worcester JCC Fundraiser 6 PM Beechwood Hotel FMi: MassaCHusETTs sOCiETY OF gEnEaLOgisTs MEETing 10 aM Zion Lutheran Church 41 Whitmarsh ave., Worcester. Topic: irish genealogy 101.

10th ~ Monday BLaCKsTOnE vaLLEY FREE MEDiCaL PROgRaM 6-8 PM northbridge High school 427 Linwood ave., Whitinsville

CHaRiTY BREaKFasT to Benefit Down syndrome 8-11 aM Knights of Columbus Hall 77 Prescott Rd., Whitinsville FMi: Call Russell Trottier 617-780-1927

vFW POsT 1385 MOnTHLY MEETing 7 PM Rt. 16, uxbridge

16TH annuaL BLaCKsTOnE vaLLEY HOME & BusinEss ExPO 10-3 PM northbridge High school Field House, Linwood ave., Whitinsville FMi:

St. Patrick’s Day

2nd ~ Sunday 8TH annuaL BRiDaL ExPO by so Chic Events 12-3:30 PM imperial Ballroom (formerly Myriad Ballroom) Bridal Fashion show by Rochelle, formalwear, florists, photographers, salons, cake tastings, DJ’s, transportation and more. admission $8.00 at the door.

4th ~ Tuesday naMi support group 7-8:30PM uxbridge nazarene Church 130 Douglas st., uxbridge FMi: Call 508-917-8381

5th ~ Wednesday asH WEDnEsDaY

7th ~ Friday sEniOR BREaKFasT 8-9:30 aM st. John’s Episcopal Church 3 Pleasant st., sutton $4.00 donation. Handicap accessible. Menu changes monthly.

17th ~ Monday

20th ~ Thursday sunsHinE CLuB OF DOugLas MOnTHLY MEETing 3:30 PM Douglas senior Center 331 Main st., Douglas

25th ~ Tuesday WOMEn's nETWORKing HOuR 8:45-10 aM Harbro Professional Building, 546 Providence Rd., Whitinsville. Offering complimentary tea or coffee. FMi: Call 774-254-1146 or visit

26th ~ Wednesday aMERiCan LEgiOn MOnTHLY MEETing 7 PM american Legion Hall 59 Douglas st., uxbridge BLaCKsTOnE vaLLEY HERiTagE QuiLTERs MEETing 7 PM st. Patrick’s Church, 1 Cross st., Whitinsville. guest speaker Marie spardaro. new members welcome. FMi: Call sherry Laferriere 401-7665940 BLaCKsTOnE vaLLEY WOMEn’s CLuB MEETing 6:30-8:30 PM unibank 89 Worcester st., north grafton. FMi: Call Cynthia Davis 508-917-8629

LAWN CARE • Premium Lawn Care Programs AERATION • Lime Treatments OVER SEEDING • Insect Control SLICE SEEDING (fleas, ticks, grubs and more) DETHATCHING • Fungi Treatments • Moss Control

~ Organic Lawn Care Programs ~ Massachusetts Licensed Lawn Technicians CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED

Organic Mosquito Control

508-234-7045 Whitinsville, MA For other services visit:

10% OFF If booked by April 1st!

PagE 22

MaRCH 2014

11 South Main St., Uxbridge, MA OPEN DAILY 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Dine In or Take Out • 508-278-8088

Corned Beef & Cabbage…$8.99

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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MaRCH 2014

PagE 23

~Society ~ MDS celebrates 150th Anniversary The leading Massachusetts organization dedicated to improving the public’s oral health and advancing the professional development of dentists and allied dental health professionals is smiling about its future and its past. The nearly 5,000 member Massachusetts Dental Society kicked off its 150th Anniversary Celebration in January at the recent Yankee Dental Congress in Boston with the publication of a Sesquicentennial Edition of the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, a special Cupcake Break, and a Social Event featuring NESN anchor/reporter Jamie Erdahl and photos with the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship Trophy. Three hundred dental professionals from across Massachusetts and New England attended the event. MDS’s 150th Anniversary marks one-and-ahalf centuries since the organization’s founding by a group of 12 self-taught or apprenticed dentists in Boston in 1864. Over the past 15 decades, MDS has grown into one of the most influential dental societies in America with a membership comprising approximately 80% of all dentists in Massachusetts and a relentless dedication to providing compassionate oral health care, oral health advocacy, and continuing public and professional education. The growth of technology has had a dramatic impact on the practice of dentistry and the care of dental patients explains MDS President Michael H. Wasserman, DDS, who practices in Pittsfield. “For many years, people who feared dental treatment were often unable to care for their teeth properly because the anxiety outweighed their willingness to undergo routine dental care,” Dr. Wasserman says. “That is no longer the case. The availability of new treatment protocols and effective ways to relieve patient anxiety mean most dental procedures can be performed with little or no discomfort in a relaxing, stress-free environment.” After 150 years on the cutting edge of dental innovation in Massachusetts, the

MDS Vice President Edward Swiderski, DDS, of uxbridge joined NESN broadcaster Jamie Erdahl at the kickoff event for the organization’s 150th Anniversary year. MDS and its members are continuing to lead efforts to maintain and improve oral health and overall health in 2014. Learn more about the MDS and its programs by visiting

Guild holds 10th Biennial Quilt Show support the Bereaved Parents USA at this year's quilt show. This is a non profit self help group offering support, education, and encouragement and hope to parents, grandparents and siblings after the death of a child. In honor of this charity, there will be a special exhibit entitled "Sweet Dreams." Speciality pillowcases made by guild members will be sold. In addition, a special butterfly motif (logo of BP/USA) quilt made by guild members will be silent auctioned to the highest bidder. Proceeds from this special exhibit will be donated to their local chapter in Sturbridge. Admission to the quilt show is $7.00, and children under 18 are free. Parking is free.

Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild will be having their 10th Biennial Quilt Show Saturday & Sunday, March 8th & 9th from 10 until 4 at Blackstone Valley Tech High School, 65 Pleasant St., Upton. There will be over 200 quilts on display made by quilt members. There will also be a Silent Auction, Basket Raffle, Vendors, and a Quilters' Boutique. This year's Raffle Quilt, The Quilter's Garden, Where Friendships Grow, was recently featured in the Jan./Feb. issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. This quilt was made and designed by guild members using Sue Pelland's quilting rulers and machine quilted by Kathy Sperino, both guild members. Thimble Pleasures Guild has chosen to

The Riotous Times and Life of Elizabethan England Shertheton. Performances Sunday, March 23 and March 30 at 2 PM. There are three elements: the lecture, the class, and the performances. Please visit for full details.

Classico Stage Productions presents Mark Charles Shertheton in The Riotous Times and Life of Elizabethan England and …..Oh Yeah …..It's about That Shakespeare Guy Too! Writen and Staged by Mark Charles

A wonderful day to support a great cause The Community House behind the First Congregational Church in Uxbridge was a very busy and noisy place when the prayer shawl knitting group from the church organized a work day to make dresses, shorts and comfort dolls for Dr Barbara Rugo Focht's mission trip to the Dominican Republic in June 2014. A group of over 20 women from Uxbridge, Hopedale and surrounding towns spent the day working together cutting, ironing, sewing and knitting these items. It was amazing to see women who didn't necessarily know each other share their time, talents and treasures to make much needed items for these children who have nothing. The other wonderful aspect of the day was the fellowship enjoyed by all. Some of the ladies from the group made soup, chowder, sandwiches and desserts and a nice lunch was enjoyed by all. The women left with a sense of accomplishment for their day's work but were also energized to go home and make some additional items. All items must be delivered to Dr Rugo Focht by the end of March for packing and shipping.

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Homes • Cottages • Sheds • Cellers Garages • Attics • Apartments • Yards

670 Linwood Ave., Linwood, MA

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PagE 24

MaRCH 2014

New Wellness Programs offered Beginning with the spring session, Milford Regional is offering six new wellness programs: two at Milford Regional at Whitinsville located at 18 Granite St. in Whitinsville and four at the Ruth Anne Bleakney (Milford) Senior Center. Programs run for 10 weeks and start during the week of April 7th. In Whitinsville, there are still openings for Mind-Body Fusion, which is new and will meet on Monday nights from 6 to 7. Other classes offered for which there are still openings are morning and evening Kundalini Yoga and Yo-Chi. In Milford, the new classes are

CSI:Cardio-Strength Integration (a 2night class that meets Tues. and Thurs.) Qi Gong and T’ai Chi Combo Class and Spirit of Meditation, which both meet on Monday nights and Total Body Band Workout, which meets on Thursday nights. These join Zumba, Pilates and Kundalini Yoga which are also offered at the Milford location. In total there are thirteen 10-week wellness programs starting during the week of April 7. For information and to register, go to Registration can be done either on-line or by mail.

New Series: Blackstone Valley Women’s Club News Coffee Break new Meeting Location Rhodes House its regular monthly meeting on the “Pasta night” Bible Study lastForWednesday of the month, March Cynde Balazs of Sutton, former memAll women are invited to join the upcoming “Coffee Break,” an informal community bible study, on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 a.m. 11a.m., at the Pleasant Street Church located at 25 Cross Street in Whitinsville. A new series on “The Power of Forgiveness” starts on March 4th. Participants do not have to know anything about the Bible to come. The Coffee Break program presents an opportunity for friendship and fellowship. All women from the community are welcome. Programs and childcare are provided for pre-school children. For more information, call 508-234-4902 or visit www.pscrc. org.


26th, the Blackstone Valley Women’s Club will meet at its new “home” at UniBank, 89 Worcester Street, North Grafton, (Rte 122). The social meeting, with refreshments, will start at 6:30 pm, followed by brief business. The guest speaker will give a presentation about gardening. More Details can be provided by club member, Cyndi Davis, who is arranging the program. Ms. Davis can be reached at (508) 917-8629. The meeting will end around 8:30 p.m. The BVWC welcomes prospective members, women 18 and older.  Everyone is welcome, no reservation needed. For more information about the club, call Founder & President Constance Dwyer of Sutton (508) 917-8415. Members represent 8 communities in the Blackstone Valley and they are a caring, dedicated and fun group to be a part of; particularly if you have always wondered about finding a special way to become more involved in your community.


ber of the Blackstone Valley Women’s Club helped the women cook an original pasta sauce which she got from one of her relatives in Italy. The plan was for the clubwomen and Rhodes women to eat together the next day, but another snowstorm hit! Two brave BVWC women braved the snows: Sheila Newman  and her husband, Chuck, delivered a salad and club member Kathy Halloran also attended. They were asked to stay and eat the meal prepared for 40. Blackstone Valley Women club members donated all the food for the supper.  With only half the number able to make it,  leftovers for Rhodes saved a lot of cooking time for the women over the next few days. The women at Rhodes House are in a recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. Blackstone Valley Women’s Club Chairman of Domestic Violence, Cyndi Davis, of Sutton, has invited the club over the past 2 years to give ongoing support to the women at Rhodes by donating clothing, house items, presents at Christmas for the women’s children and giving soaps and lotions in handmade “beauty bags” sewn by Cyndi and another Club-woman, Kristi Cromwell.

Your Wedding...As you Wish! Planning a large wedding, a small intimate wedding or even if you want to elope and "just get married." I will provide a wedding service that is right for you wish. My goal is to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your individual preferences and style. A service with which you are comfortable even in your own home with your own personal vows...As you wish. Visit our website to plan the perfect wedding Holly J. Gallerani, MJPA/Owner 123 OLD MILLVILLE RD. • UXBRIDGE, MA • CALL 508-654-1952 fax ~ 508-278-2235 / email ~

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MaRCH 2014

PagE 25

Senior Corner Music at Mendon to be enjoyed by all has performed many different types of music during her career, from rock to folk to classical. She is the Founder and Director Emerita of the Golden Tones elder chorus. Maddie is a founding member of the vocal group TVS (The Vocal Section) which performs at nightclubs, faith communities, and functions in the Northeast, as well as doing studio recording work. Her work has appeared on the soundtracks of movies such as Dick Tracy and The Secret of Roan Inish, as well as numerous demo tapes for local artists. Richard Conti was a teacher and the head of music for the Wayland schools. He retired from teaching and spends his time performing on the accordion and as a dance host on cruise ships. In April we will offer two concerts: Dan Gabel’s Abletone Trio on April 6th and Andrew McKnight will perform on April 27th. While there is no charge for the concerts, we invite donations of non-perishable food and goods for the local food bank. If you would like more information feel free to contact the minister of the Unitarian Church, Ralph Clarke at 978-808-3770 or at, or leave a message at the Church, 508-473-8681 and someone will return your call.

The first concert of the Spring season, on Sunday March 2nd at 7:00PM, will feature Maddie and Richard who will offer a performance of music in the style of Italian and French Café Music and songs from the Great American Songbook. Music at Mendon is a series of concerts of a broad range of musical styles, including folk, classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Barbershop, and others. They are performed by professional musicians and are open to the general public without charge. Concerts held at the Unitarian Church of Mendon, 13 Maple Street, Mendon which is fully handicapped accessible.   This program is supported in part, by a grant from the Mendon Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency and other sponsors.  Most concerts will be held at 7:00 on Sunday evenings. Richard Conti and Maddie Sifantus have been performing together for over fifteen years. Together they perform at community concerts, private parties, faith communities and for elder audiences. Maddie Sifantus is a professional singer who had classical training and

“Gardening is Murder” presented Gardening is Murder a very humorous horticultural presentation by author and blogger Neal Sanders. The Public is welcome for this free event sponsored by the Sutton Garden Club. Light refreshments will be served at Dudley Gendron Post, 156 Boston Road, Sutton on Tuesday March 18th, at 7 p.m.  Additional information at

Annual Drive by Fish Fry Starting on March 7th and continuing Until April 11th (Fridays). The Knights of Columbus of Sutton/ Millbury Council #12710 will have their Annual Drive-by Fish Fry.  We will be in the parking lot at St. Marks Church on 356 Boston Road in Sutton. As always we will be serving a Fresh 8oz. Filet of Fish with French Fries,

Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce from our trailer. All are welcome, we start serving at 4pm and continue until all of our fish is gone. This usually is by 7:30 pm or so. Just drive in, place an order from your car, and we will cook you up a delicious meal. We would like to thank all of you who support our fund raiser.   

Mahjong Group Now Forming A Mahjong Group is now forming at the Whitinsville Social Library. Mahjong is a game played with tiles similar to the card game rummy. The

group will meet on Mondays from 1-3 pm once the group is formed. Come learn a new game! Call 508-234-2151

Sutton Historical Society Meetings The March 4th, meeting of the Sutton Historical Society will be held at 7:00 at the Sutton Congregational Church on the Common. The meeting this month will feature a program by Christie Higginbottom, back by popular demand after her presentation a year ago. Christie worked as a costumed interpreter at Old Sturbridge Village from 1981, where she coordinated the historic horticulture program; planted the recreated kitchen flower and herb gardens. Christie retired but continues at OSV part time, lectures, and presents workshops at various historical and horticultural societies.

Of her many program titles, the membership has selected The Family Nurse: Home Medical Care in the Early Nineteenth Century. A slide-illustrated lecture will illustrate the role played by home-grown or wild gathered herbal remedies in the treatment of common health problems in Early American households. The preparation methods and their applications will also be discussed. On March 22, members of the Sutton Historical Society will have the opportunity to have a special Curator’s tour of the Jason Lombard exhibit at Old Sturbridge Village at 10:00 am. The

exhibit on furniture maker Jason Lombard is running from Nov. to May. Lombard specialized in elaborate inlays in his pieces, which are now sought after and are very valuable. Jason Lombard lived on Singletary Ave in Sutton and made the pulpit in the Congregational Church. The wood was steamed over the set-kettle in the kitchen of the LeBaron Tavern. Members of the Historical Society should meet prior to 10:00 at OSV. There will be a special admission of $8:00 for our group.

Senior Comfort Services ♥


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Offering the latest technology in Personal Emergency Response Systems! FREE ASSESSMENTS by our Registered Nurse

(508) 865-2170 !


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PagE 26

MaRCH 2014

Overnight trips offered Uxbridge Senior Center posts events by Young at Heart group Market, and candy and pretzel factories, a tour of Philadelphia, and  the Millennium Theatre's new production of "Moses".  This trip includes 3 full buffet breakfasts and 3 dinners.  Both trips leave from Faith Fellowship Church 647 Douglas Street, Uxbridge and the Westboro Senior Center, 4 Rogers Road, Westboro. Call Sue at 508-372-9266 for more information.

From April 27th to May 1st there will be a five day trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The trip includes a guided tour of Fredericksburg, time in Jamestown, Yorktown, Monticello, and a full day at Colonial Williamsburg.  Hopefully the azaleas will be in bloom!  From May 28th to the 31st, there is a 4 day trip to the Amishlands in Pennsylvania.  There will be time in downtown Lancaster with the Central

Uxbridge Senior Center 36 South Main St. Uxbridge, MA 01569 508-278-8622

Director: Marsha Petrillo Administrative Assistant: Donna Oncay Chef:Lynne McPherson Van Driver: Peter Waeger, During the winter if the Uxbridge Schools are closed because of bad weather there will not be any lunch served or medical runs. Please call the Senior Center to register for any of the following events or classes, to reserve your meal,  to arrange for transportation to lunch and for medical appointments.Van transportation begins at 10:30 am each day. Please check with the Senior Center, Uxbridge Cable Station or the Council on Aging website for the Lunch Menu.   The Senior Center is a drop off site for the People First Food Pantry. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm.

SENIOR CENTER WISH LIST If you would like to donate a $5 (or more) gift card for our Baggy Tuesday game it would be greatly appreciated. Seniors can use gift cards from Hannaford’s, CVS, Walmart or Dunkin Donuts for food and medications. The Senior Center would greatly appreciate any donations of all-purpose spray cleaner for the tables, sugar and Splenda packets, foam cups, stirrers, cascade for the dishwasher, dish detergent, sponges, napkins, paper towels and decaf and regular coffee.  These things are not covered in the budget. We thank you very much for your help.

DID YOU KNOW THAT WE TAKE SENIORS ON SHOPPING TRIPS TO HANNAFORDS AND WALMART? Every Tuesday morning starting at 8:30am pick up begins for the weekly trip to Hannaford’s.  You can go to Wal-Mart on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.  Pick up for Wal-Mart begins at 12:30pm.  MOBILE OPTICAL SHOP COMING TO UXBRIDGE 

New England Country Music Events • Sunday, March 2nd: Jamboree Host Band: Jesse & The Hogg Brothers




" ) +-"# (.

! *

• Sunday, March 30th: Jamboree Host Band: Mountaineer Family & Friends


"%% ( #

, (.

% *


Events take place at the vFW #1385 Post located at 13 Cross Road. Rt. 16 ( next to the police station) uxbridge. Doors open at 12:30 Music from 1:00 - 5:00 P.M. Food may be brought into this Jamboree, but please no beverages! Beverages are available in the hall. nECMC members $5.00 non members $7.00 . Bring a canned, boxed non-perishable food item or paper product for the People First Food Pantry and be entered to win a $30.00 Prize package!


JASON BONIN (Handyman Services) Quality work at reasonable prices NO JOB TOO SMALL

Phone: 508-244-7291

Lisa Trainor, the optician from Anywhere Optical will be at the Uxbridge Senior Center on the first Wednesday of each month from 11:30am to 12:30pm to discuss the services they provide. COMPUTER CLASSES Free classes on computers, I phones, I pads, tablets, etc are meeting every Thursday  from 3:00 to 4:00pm. They are taught by students from Nipmuc High School. 

LUNCH AND LEARN WITH POLICE CHIEF LOURIE  Chief Lourie will be at the Senior Center on the first Friday of every month to bring a safety program to the seniors.  ST. PATRICK'S DAY LUNCHEON AND CELEBRATION Join us on Monday, March 17th at 11:30 am for our St. Patrick's Day Party. Please call early to reserve your lunch, space is limited. LUNCH AND LEARN WITH TRI VALLEY On Friday, March 21st  at 11:30am Lisa Prince from Tri Valley Elder Services will be at the Senior Center to talk about the Adult Foster Care Program. THANK YOU MRS, LUKOWSKI’S 4TH GRADE CLASS On Valentine’s Day Mrs. Lukowski’s 4th grade class along with Pam Mason, class room aide, donated many supplies to the Senior Center as a community project.  We would like to thank Mrs. Lukowski, Pam Mason who selected the Senior Center, the 4th grade students at the Whitin ELC School and their families for their generosity. We appreciate everything that you collected for us.  

MaRCH 2014

PagE 27

New Assisted Living Community opens its doors in Milford

Sutton Senior Center Calender The Sutton Senior Center is located at 19 Hough Road in Sutton, MA 01590 Telephone: 508-234-0703

25TH • TUESDAY 9:30 AM: FREE Blood Sugar Screening & Testing W/The VNA

3RD • MONDAY 10 AM: Chatterbox Discussion Group.  

31ST • MONDAY 1 PM: Popcorn & Movie. Newly released movies picked by Michelle.                             

4TH • TUESDAY 11 AM: Musical Entertainment W/The Trinity Orchestra 3 PM: Candy Making W/Sutton High School students. All supplies provided. 7TH • FRIDAY 11 AM: Coin Show & Appraisals W/Mike McDonald 10TH • MONDAY 9:30 AM:Bowling Outing @ "Sparetime Bowl" $10 per person includes transportation, 2 strings of bowling, shoes, & lunch. Call ctr. to register 508-234-0703. 11TH • TUESDAY 9:30 AM: "Pre Diabetes Seminar" W/The VNA 13TH • THURSDAY 11 AM: Seminar/Class on Dizziness & Balance W/South County Chiropractic 1 PM: St. Patrick's Party FunFood- & More.  All Welcome 19TH • WEDNESDAY 10:30 AM: "Butterflies of the Northeast" presented by Naturist John Root 24TH • MONDAY 11 AM: "Healthy Lifestyles Club" W/Michelle Edelstein. Addressing nutrition, exercise, & much more. For more information call Michelle @ 508-234-0703

For the individuals and companies behind the new Cornerstone at Milford project on Route 109 in Milford, 2014 has been a remarkable year already. After over a year of non-stop construction at 11 Birch Street, Cornerstone at Milford, the area's newest assisted living community, has officially opened its doors. "Our first residents began moving in on January 2nd," says Executive Director, Jennifer LaCroix. "Everything is in full swing! The dining rooms are open, our programs are running and we are completely staffed with some of the most talented and passionate professionals in the state!" "Our new building, which only recently seemed to be drywall and sawdust, is now buzzing with life," adds Beth Patras, Director of Community Relations for Cornerstone. "Many of our residents are already settled and enjoying their new neighbors. Opening a new community is exciting for new residents, too. They get to be involved with

WEEKLY FEATURES Mondays: 9:30 AM Tai Chi FREE classes every Monday.  Tuesdays: 12:45 PM  “ Sutton Serenaders Chorus” Tuesdays: 10 AM  Cribbage Thursdays:10 AM  Pitch   Thursdays: 1 PM DARTS!   Thursdays: 12:30 PM Mahjong: Beginners welcome. BINGO every Wednesday & Friday @ 1 PM Fridays: 9 AM  “I’m Sorry” Card Game Free Exercise Classes Mondays & Wednesdays  (Range of Motion) Free Yoga Classes Tuesdays & Fridays Free Computer Classes  9-12 noon Wednesdays & Thursdays 


(! $ %$/$&" $&

Duclos Painting & Carpentry Brian Duclos

Family Style Ham & Bean Supper at Center

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Quality Work Done Right




On Saturday, April 12th  at 5:30 p.m. the Sutton Senior Center will host a Real Baked Ham-Beans, Cole Slaw, Brown Bread & Rolls, Coffee & cold drinks. Dessert will be Strawberry Shortcake with Biscuits. Tickets:  Adults $10.00 p.p.  Children Under 12 yrs.  $5.00 p.p. For Tickets Call Senior Center @ 508234-0703.






creating the clubs and activities they know that there are still plenty of apartwant to have: Pitch Night, Book Clubs, ments available," adds LaCroix. Those interested in touring the newly Walking Clubs, Knit and Crotchet Groups; whatever activities suit their completed Cornerstone at Milford can call 508-473-0035 or email info@corinterests. They design it, we create it." The 25-unit, service-enhanced Com- to arrange a visit pass Memory Support Neighbor- or simply drop by without an appointhood(R) is open as well. The unique ment. Local residents are also urged to program, affiliated with the Boston check out the website Cornerstone University School of Medicine  Alzheimer's Disease Center focuses solely on those with memory impairments.  "Compass at Milford's programming is highly specialized," says Program Director Ronnie Brown. "All of our programs in combination actually treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's, enhancing the lives of those living with memory loss. Our research-based programming includes our award-winning Brain Healthy Cooking Program, Reconnections (an adult learning curriculum) and our ground-breaking Lifetime Achievement Award." 0 "We are thrilled to welcome residents ''+ )! ,)*! into their homes, but I want people to

! #

508-234-8045 CELL:

508-277-6100 CS#94127 HIC#166400

Paint • Wallpaper • Carpentry Power Washing • Snowplowing

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PagE 28

MaRCH 2014

Uxbridge High School Honor Roll announced GRADE 9 HIGH HONORS Trevor Benoit, Audrey Bergeron, Brooke Blackburn, Krysten Boyer, Russell Bromann, Abigail Chartier, Theodore Cole, Alex Desjardin, Martin Horwath, Ethan Howe, Jennifer Hunter, Matthew Kelly, Lauren Lapointe, Alexander McCall, Sarah McGee, Mia Metcalf, Samantha Morton, Cody Normandin, Nicholas Patella, Michael Rosa, and David Vario Jr. HONORS Stephen Ackerman, Kyle Alger, Madison Bruneau, Domenic Carigilia, Shannon Devine, William Donovan, Vanessa Fonseca, Celeste Fredrickson, Morgan French, Jaycee Garrigan, Emily Guertin, Jillian Hamel, Lucas Horan, Meghan Jones, Jayce Knapik, Andrew Kuros, Jacob Landry, Ryan Morais, Corey Moss, Daniel Page, Jacob Robbins, Lauren Silbor, Madison Tashjian, and Michael Walsh. HONORABLE MENTION Cassndra Boucher, Tayla Brown, Cameron Butler, Joshua Callinan, Olivia Cassidy, Allison Colella, Ian Hogan, Jennifer Kindl, Abigail King, Timothy McCrohan, Taylor Nestor, Neve Palmieri, and Haley Reese. GRADE 10 HIGH HONORS Paige Anderson, Joshua Bell, Jacqueline Caffarelli, Allison Cotter,

Timothy Cotter, Emma Gilchrist, Emily Keeler, Brian MacDougall, Zackery Mages, Alicia Miller, Keryn Moriarty, Dolly Patel, Lucas Pomeroy, Chelsea Proehl, Rebecca Siefken, Kyle Suchanek, Cameron Sullivan, Lukasz Wisniewski, Robert Wondolowski, and Jackson Wright. HONORS Drew Abbott, Patrick Aldrich, Brooklyn Anderson, Rachel Bergeron, Meaghan Bernard, Paul Berthelette, Makenize Ethier Poliquin, Randi Fournier, Jacob Irving, Nicholas Juliano, Cailee King, Emily King, Sadie King, Sara Lesack, Sophie Lynch, Michael Lyons, Kerry Monahan, Kaylee Olson, Allyson Parabicoli, Christian Pasichny, Setu Patel, Amanda Poulin, Kevin Reimer, Cory Rexford, Brittany Ruiz, Oliver Sawyer, Melanie Simonini, Cameron Stewart, Devin Travaline, Thomas Travaline, Allie Volpe, and Brent Whitlock. HONORABLE MENTION Danielle Andrade, Nathan Beaulieu, Rosalen Bechay, Hannah Belanger, Brett Bibeault, Scott Blanchard, Lexi Campbell, Sean Creighton, Taylor Lennox, Miranda Mendes, Beau Nestor, Sarah Reese, Emily Roxo, Rachel Roy, Katherine Salzburg, Elizabeth Simonds, Jocelyn Stokowski, and Samuel Wojciechowski.

GRADE 11 HIGH HONORS Amanda Alves, Travis Brown, James Caffrey, Abigail Centrella, Jessica Fitzgerald, Trevor Gardner, Brittany Genest, Kayla Gray, Lacie Kraich, Alexander Kuros, Jacqueline Larrivee, Marta Leitao, Melissa Morton, Aislinn Paterson, Justin Pickering, Mickayla Rooney, Megan Salemi, Tara Seeley, Michael Tominsky, Alexandra Van Loon, and Alexandra Wojnowski.

HONORS Anthony Abate, James Aldrich, Sandra Anderson, Jon Arguin, Meghan Berg, Alexis Berlinguet, Noah Brown, Elizabeth Davidson, Anna DuBois, David Echavarria Toro, Cameron Gallagher, Ksey-Lee Gariepy, Sandra Ghobrial, Daniel Lanoue, Jennifer Roy, Kyle Semle, Brandon Silbor, Katherine Skerry, Ian St. Pierre, Jake Taparausky, Alexandra Teare, Melissa Truett, and Mackenzie van Lingen.

HONORABLE MENTION Danielle Albertelli, Michael Bates, Bailey Bean, Patrick Berthelette, Devin Brown, Jonathan Calderon, Kaitlyn Collbrith, Jordan Cornell, Casey Dionne, Zachary Grenon, Zoe Krouner, and Erik Silveira. GRADE 12 HIGH HONORS Shelbie Barney, Mary Boucher, Andrew Callahan, Katherine Cota, Luke Derderian, Bryce Fournier, Martina Ghobrial, Luke Higgins, Lucas Hogan, Alexandra Jameson, Joshua Lavigne, Mariah Lombard, Mickaela Lussier, Luke Maloney, Mary Morcos, Tyler Normandin, Mitchell Page, Nicholas Petrillo, Brady Phillips, Olivia Preservati, Marissa Rousseau, Abigail Sawyer, Kristina Sefakis, Nicole Sherlock, Melissa Taylor, Julia Turgeon, and Carey Twyman. HONORS Samantha Belanger, Benjamin Brule, Verity Hirsch, Cory Johnson, Kerri Jones, Brielle LaFreniere, Shwn MacNeill, Veronica Mattson, Kaitlyn Peters, Gina Petrillo, Courtney Rogers, Andrew Ross, Eric Shields, Savannah Smith, Holly Washburn, and Samantha Wise. HONORABLE MENTION Rachael Cardarelli, Madeline Cullen, Domenic DiBattista, William Engbloom, Thomas Flagg,

RESTORE IT - DON'T REPLACE IT! !&$ $ * !! $ * # $$&# !! &##!& $ *

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Worcester State posts Dean’s List The following local students were named to the Worcester State University Dean's List for Fall 2013. Dean's list honors are awarded to matriculated undergraduate students who have earned a 3.5 GPA or higher. Full-time students must have earned a minimum of 12 credits and part-time students must have earned a minimum of 6 credits. DOUGLAS: Kenneth K Boucher, Bethany A Dzivasen, Melissa Flinton, Jessica R Forte, Tyler R Hiltz, Ryan J MacRae, Jordan G Shenian, Nicole D Ursch, Victoria R Watkins, Danielle M Webber NORTH UXBRIDGE: Emily A Ethier NORTHBRIDGE: Sarah J Keith, Melissa L Mason, Katherine E Matchett, Marisa E Molinaro, Katelyn A Robards, Seanna Y Roy SUTTON: Melina M Delaporta, Rochelle K Desruisseaux, Kyle R Faber, Kathryn Fant, Marley M Gannon, Timothy J Gilbert, Kaitlyn F Glaza, April A Goddard, Jennifer C Jackson, Robert J Mailea, Cecilia M Natkaniec, Nicole A Novak, Brendan J O'Rourke, Adam S Pendleton, Robert L Roy, Kaitlin A Smith, Shauntell J Szczurko, Kelsey L Uppstrom, Heather R Vincequere UXBRIDGE: Kayla M Byron, Jillian A Coffey, Breanna R Duffy, Travis P Holbrook, Samantha J Hynes, Lynn M Normandin, Megan M Pescheta, Gabrielle M Racicot, Mikaela M Shanley WHITINSVILLE: Tamaria C Bianco,  Julie E Broderick, Kimberly E Cone, Kamila C Dealey, Megan E Dealey, Alyssa V Geddis, Emily J Lawson, Erin E McIntyre, Genevieve L Rymeski, Sandy A Wade

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Individual & Group Dog Training

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MaRCH 2014

School News

Fuller returns to England for studies abroad

Students Jump Rope for Heart Students from the Miscoe Hill Middle School in Mendon, came to Whitin Elementary School to kick off the Jump Rope for Heart campaign. These Middle School studens under the direction of Christine Horn, physical education teacher, performed for the whole Whitin student body. Their jump roping skills: double dutch, jumping rope while on a pogo stick, five and six students jumping rope at the same time, and jump roping tricks, inspired the WES students to jump rope to raise monies for the American Heart Association (Jump Rope for Heart Campaign). Mrs. Bonnie Dimmick, WES physical education teacher, is so proud of the WES students who raised a grand total of $8,000.  

Vanessa Fuller, daughter of Diane and Doug Fuller of Northbridge will be returning to the United Kingdom for the Worcester State University Spring 2014 Semester. Vanessa, a senior at Worcester State University, is majoring in accounting and finance. During the 2013 spring semester, she

studied at the University of Westminster in London, England and this spring semester will be studying abroad at the University of Worcester in Worcester, England. Vanessa is also passionate about cake design and has plans to combine her business and cooking skills to open her own bake shop.

Class of 1964 plans Reunion The Northbridge High School Class of 1964 announces it’s 50th Class Reunion on Saturday, April 26th at the Whitinsville Country Club. For more information contact: Tom Sharps email:, Joyce Letourneau 508-278-2100, Margo Bik email: or 508-8832394. Please let them know if you are able to attend and the number of people attending. Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful time with our classmates!

Miscoe Hill Skippers from Mendon visited Whitin Elementary to kick off Jump Rope for Heart.


Friendship week celebrated at Whitin Elem.


Dennis McCowan

During Friendship Week, on Include a Warrior Day at Whitin Elementary School, Grade 3, 4, and 5th grade students were entertained by local author, Dennis Vanasse. He is the author of “I Am Special, Too”, which is about a boy with cerebral palsy. His message to students is that everyone is special despite their disabilities and all people are different. Everyone needs to be included at school, at home, and at play. His other book, Stand Tall Against Bullying, is about taking a stand to stop bullying. Students were able to purchase his books and he autographed them for students. He was so well received by the students and staff that he will be invited back next year during Friendship Week.

Winner of the Presidential Award for Mathematics Teaching


) %!

'&$ #

Guitar • Bass • Drums • Piano • Violin • Fiddle • Viola Cello • Trumpet • Ukulele • Clarinet • Saxophone • Voice

“Serving the Blackstone Valley Since 1978”

Sales • Service • Rentals • State Inspection Station

local author, Dennis Vanasse helped Whitin Elementary celebrate Friendship Week by reading his book “I Am Special Too”.

PagE 29


((( ) %!

2 0 1 5

$16,995 $15,995

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PagE 30

MaRCH 2014

Blackstone Valley Tech participates in Robotics Competitions Blackstone Valley Tech students, teachers, and facilities will be front and center in an upcoming series of promotional videos aimed at getting children interested in the world of robotics. The videos are being produced by the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, a public charity dedicated to the promotion of science, engineering, and technology skills through mentor-based programming and team-based competitions. At the urging of BVT School Committee

member Gerald Finn, the video's producers selected Valley Tech as the filming location for a video highlighting FIRST's series of robotics competitions for high school students. "This school offers an incredibly beautiful facility," said Tom Matzell, Principal Creative Director of MRW Communications. "It's modern, it has all the latest gadgets, and it has all of the shops needed to put together a robotics team." To visually capture the numerous shops and fields of study necessary to construct a competition worthy robot,

March Madness One Hour Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

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BVT FIRST ROBOTICS - As part of a promotional video for FIRST Robotics Competitions, Valley Tech Electronics and Engineering Technology junior Dillon Arnold of Northbridge was happy to display his nationally-recognized robotics skills. This past summer, the team of Arnold and BVT senior Robert Silberberg took home gold medals in the robotics "urban Search and Rescue" competition at the SkillsuSA Championship. Matzell's team visited Valley Tech's Drafting, Manufacturing, and Electronics departments and met with mem-

+,')% .,$$. &'.')-0'(($

$"& )'" . -. */%( -

bers of the BVT FIRST Robotics Team, including Dillon Arnold of Northbridge. Arnold, a junior in the BVT

)*1(')% * # 2!,'#%$




! #$

$ "


For Advertising Information Visit:

Electronics and Engineering Technology program, said that he applied to BVT in order to study robotics on a comprehensive level, as opposed to an exclusively after-school activity. Last year, when his skills in robotics earned him a national gold medal in the SkillsUSA "Urban Search and Rescue" competition, Arnold was inspired to pursue a career in military robotics. "As the military gets more advanced, it needs more technology," Arnold said. "If a robot can go out, and dispose of a bomb without losing 50 lives, that's great. You can replace a robot rather than lose the soldiers." Participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition is an ongoing exercise in teamwork, according to Electronics and Engineering Technology Team Leader Michael Norton, who said that the program plays an important role in promoting collaboration between Valley Tech's vocational-technical programs. "What we've done at Valley Tech is integrate FIRST into our curriculum," Norton explained. "The FIRST Robotics Competition is one project that every program can centralize around." Once completed, the FIRST Robotics Competition promotional videos filmed at Blackstone Valley Tech will be used internationally and will be available for viewing at  

MaRCH 2014

PagE 31

Whitinsville Christian School Honor Roll Grade 6 HIGH HONORS Kristen Bangma, Maddie Culcasi, Mackenzie Gorman, Selah Harper, Andrew Harvey, Julia Kilroy, Anika Koopman, Caleb L’Italien, Edie Samuelsson, Haley Scalabrin, and Jessye VandenAkker. HONORS Joshua Ahrens, Emma Albright, Erin Brown, Tommy Hannon, Hadley Koeman, Esther Landry, Ally McGrath, Josh Moore, Anela Picotte, Jack Romine, Coll Sutherland, Olivia Toothman, and Anneke Zeyl. Grade 7 HIGH HONORS Aaron Bell, Sam Dykstra, Tyler Gorman, Sam Hearn, Sarah Killoy, Rebekah Lashley, Alex Romine, Christian Swaim, and Bobby Whiton. HONORS Grant Buurma, Benjamin Casey, Rachel Cozzens, Abby Karns, Christina Leduc, Emily Schneider, Anthony Smith, and Tyler Toothman. Grade 8 HIGH HONORS Zack Bergeron, Jacob Belanger, Julie Bobe, Jakki Cloutier, Ava Dussault, Briana Fleming, Elizabeth Marder, Shannon Morrill, Thomas Norris, Sam Paul, Drew Quercio, Jake Violette, and Tatiana Wiersma. HONORS Heidi Albright, Colin Casamento, Joshua Cook, Esther Fomin, Hunter Glover, Abby Greer, Julie Kaminski, Katelyn Lashley, Jackie Rose, and Hanna VanderBaan. Grade 9 HIGH HONORS Lauren Bek, Peter Casey, Adelaide Dykstra, Danielle Harvey, Charlotte Herndon, Lydia Jung, Maura Kulesza, Naomi LaDine, Emma Lancaster-Huggins, Libby Quercio, Jacob Vander Hart, and Noah Zeyl. HONORS Heather Cornwell, Emily Cutler, Bianca DiVitto, Pat Estrella, Abby Graves, Colin Irwin, Sidney Johnson, Ben Koopman, Jonathan Leduc, Kade McCann, Hannah Mercer, Tatiana Phan, Colin Swaim, Becca Swan, Christopher Tulley, Aiden Van Tol, Mikaela Vanden Akker, and Christian Visgatis. Grade 10 HIGH HONORS Andrew Baker, Katelyn Baker, Abby Cook, Angie Epplett, Spencer Gorman, Molly Hardiman, Sarah Jarosz, Billy von Hein, and Jerri Zhou. HONORS Owen Brookhouse, Jarrod Buma, Josh Casey, Michael Dunlap, Grace May, Devin Morrill, Michaela Perkins, and Joey Yu.

Grade 11 HIGH HONORS Angela Bobe, Mirela Caron, Katie Caswell, Kate Killoy, Jamison Koeman, Renee Marinone, Innaray Oliveira, Sarah Poquette, Josh Schneider, Haley VanderSea, Katie Vriesema, Elena Wassenar, and Julie Wiegers. HONORS Tori Caswell, Ian Haire, Peter Kaminski, Hantong Li, Jack Randall, and Jake Van Dyke. Grade 12 HIGH HONORS Lauren Baker, Diana Brown, Nathan Casey, Claire Chen, So Jung Choi, Abby Epplett, Jessica Gross, Kevin Pierro, Emma Quercio, Jacob Swaim, Mackenzie Thibodeau, Rachel Treide, and Lisa Zhu. HONORS Rachel Andrews, Lauren Baker, Alex Boa, Nate Brookhouse, Nathan Casey, Montana Darling, Billy Fredericks, Daniel Gandek, Joe Greene, Elizabeth Groot, Jake Gulinello, Steven LaDine, Matthew Leduc, Rachel Mann, Kate Monaghan, Evan Perkins, Rachael Perregaux, Joy Rizzo, Graham Tienhaara, Schuyler Van Tol, Robbie Wencek, Nicole Wiegers, and Megan Williams.

Area Musicians selected to MA music festival Whitinsville Christian High School is pleased to announce Andrew Baker, tenor, Mickey Cronin, trumpeter, and Daniel Gandek, bass, have been selected to participate in the 2014 Massachusetts Music Educators Association’s 59th AllState Music Festival in Boston. Andrew, a sophomore, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Baker of Northbridge. Mickey, a junior, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cronin of Milford. Daniel, a senior, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gandek of Bolton. The Massachusetts Music Educators Association sponsors the music festival, and participation gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their artistry and create new friendships.  Andrew, Mickey, and Daniel were required to audition in late-January to qualify for their spot.  They were judged based on technical abilities and musicality in playing a prepared piece of music and selected scales, as well as in sight-reading.

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Andrew Baker, tenor, Mickey Cronin, trumpeter, and Daniel Gandek, bass, have been selected to participate in the 2014 Massachusetts Music Educators Association’s 59th All-State Music Festival in Boston.

Drama Club to perform “Grease” Northbridge High School Drama Program to present “Grease”on Friday, March 14th & Saturday, March 15th at 7 PM at the NHS Auditorium with a Matinee at 2 PM on Saturday the 15th.

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $7 for Students & Seniors and can be purchased at the door. Doors open one half hour before show time.  

) '!%# $ # $

Guys & Dolls Presented The Uxbridge High School Drama Club will present “Guys & Dolls”


MARCH 14: 7 P.M. MARCH 15: 7 P.M. MARCH 16: 2 P.M.

Hardwood Floors

At the Uxbridge High School Auditorium Ticket Prices $7.00 STUDENT/SENIORS $10.00 ADULTS General Admission Only Tickets can be purchased from any drama club member, the high school main office, or call to reserve your tickets at 508-278-8648 x102


Residential • Commercial Remodeling • New Construction

(508) 868-5351 Mike Salmon / Uxbridge, MA / FAX: 508.278.4246


TAX RETURNS ~ BOOKKEEPING Sales • Quarterly • Payroll Taxes Quickbooks Set-Up & Training Accounts Receivable/Payable • Notary C 508.868.5586 F 508.278.4246

O 508.278.9878

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MaRCH 2014

Northbridge High School “Celebrating the Arts” in Uxbridge announces Honor Roll hiGheST hoNorS: GRADE 12 Rachel Litchfield, Brianna Taylor GRADE 11 Livinia Williams GRADE 10 Nicole Haggerty, Zachary Papazian, Celia Slater GRADE 9 Joseph Canoy, Alina Daraphet, Julia Russell hiGh hoNorS: GRADE 12 Hannah Borghetti, Courtney Ciras, Troy Goodro, Cassandra Jackson, Alyssa Murray, Molly O’Brien,  Alyssa Thompson GRADE 11 Salita Daraphet, Patrick Ducey, Melanie Dudka, Michael Kane,  Lauren McGowan, Samantha Randall,  Gwendolynne Weissinger, Holly White, Derek Wielsma, Alexis Zona GRADE 10 Keegan Burchard, Meighan Casey, Adrianna DiMare, Jonathan Fraser, Colleen Kelly, Ana Morrissette, Colleen Reilly, Cameron Richards, Rachel Sullivan GRADE 9 Ryan Brochu, Madeline Green, Annemarie Haas, Jocelyn Kenyon, Abigail Labrie,  Zachary Merian, Tiara Munhall, Molly Prior, Katherine Puda, Ilona Regan, Gienda Sengdara, Ashley Senosk  hoNorS: GRADE 12 Jorgi Adee, John Allen, Mark Auger, Vanessa Babiy, Angela Bedigian, Vladimir Bohmer, Maura Burns, Brian Carroll, Elisabeth Carse, Jessie Caya, Matthew Colonero, Tiffany Daigle, Melissa Daoust, Marie Delgado, Casey Donahue, Alexandra Driscoll, Kimberly Ekberg, Emma Fitzgerald, Jason Ganley, Janet Haas, Mohamed Halabi, Melanie Hamm, Alexis Harpin, Erika

Haverty, Nikole Kamishlian, Erin Kelly, Kayla Leclerc, Gabrielle Marston, Mario Maturi, Rachel Norris, Bethany Parslow, Jacob Phillips, Aubrey Plante, Isabelle Price, Brittany Ricci, Alex Riley, Robie Sabourin, Richard Scherer, Kyle Skillings, McKenzie Snyder, Olivia Spratt, Thomas Tabur, Mattie Thompson, Cameron Tougas, Samantha Violette GRADE 11 Zachary Allen, Shelby Ayres, Philip Bangma, Zachary Beauchaine, Marina Braga, Meagan Brouwer, Sean Campbell, Michael Carey, Annetta Casino, Jessica Ekberg, Erin Larson, Jake Matte, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Olivia Monterotti, Jessica Morrison, Ryan Parslow, Noah Ratcliffe, Jay Reiss, Lindsay Ryan, Stephanie Stearns, Ashley Swett, Alicia Thomas, Ashley Tivnan, Sarah Underwood, Stephanie Williams GRADE 10 Morgan Abrain, Jaden Bauman, Jennifer Bombard, Amanda Brown, Logan Ciliberto, Liam Cunningham, Creighton Dorfman, Alexander Dowd, Naomi Dupras, Matthew Ganley, Caitlynn Harris, Holly Lachapelle, Serena Leveille, Natalie Lyons, Courtney Manyak, Kristina Morrison, Catarina Protano, Michael Quinn, Joel Sanboeuf, Koby Schofer, Jillian Shenian, Angela Sinatra, Katelyn Skillings, Patrick Sweeney, Jaclyn Wood, Jake Wood, Amelia Wright GRADE 9 Trisha Baniqued, Christopher Brouwer, Chloe Burchard, Rose Carabba, Jessica Connolly, Anthony Demeritt, Jeffrey Ryan Hodson, Dimitri Jaros, Marc LeBlanc, Nathan Lyons, Jalen Madden, Zackery McLean, Kevyn McMahon, Erik Mockus, Brendan Morganelli, Connor Nowlan, Jillian Smick, Kevin Smith, Jack Tivnan, Mackenzie Tougas, Chad Vaudreuil

Piano Lessons % #$ '( & ! $#

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Hammerhead Carpentry Quality Work Always

Remodeling & Renovations Roofing

Replacement Windows


508-234-8297 Home Imp.#125365

Custom Homes & Design

Additions and Vinyl Siding Garages & Decks

BILL SKERRY 508-234-6296 MA License #056-635

Nationally, March is designated “Music In Our Schools Month”. The Uxbridge Public Schools are spotlighting the music department by hosting the 7th Annual Music and Meatballs dinner Concert on March 25, in the Whitin Elementary School cafetorium. Seating will open at 5:30 PM and the dinner and concert will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.  This fund-raising event will feature the McCloskey Middle School and Uxbridge High School Jazz Bands and the “Spartones,” the acappella vocal group from Uxbridge High School. The Music and Meatballs dinner concert is a ticketed event with a limited number of tickets available.  Tickets are available in advance on a first-

come, first-served basis. It is recommended that you get your order in soon!  Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door.  Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $7.00 for students and senior citizens.  There is a $30.00 maximum cost per family and toddlers will eat for free.  The menu for the evening is: salad, bread sticks, Ziti (with or without sauce) and meatballs.  Coffee, orange drink and water will be available.  Desserts will also be served.  In addition, there will be several baskets raffled off during the evening.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 and you don’t need to be present to win. The funds raised at this event will benefit the Uxbridge Public Schools’

Our Lady of the Valley Honor Roll HIGH HONORS GRADE 8 Maria Buono Colin Hourihan Ryan Hourihan Grace Rett GRADE 7 Sal Ante Erik Backman Liam Colligan Quinn Colligan Michael Wickstrom GRADE 6 Caroline Adam Paige Ambler Joseph Bernard Noah Canty Aidan Cook Jake Henschel Joshua Houle Nonnie Komon Patrick Sabourin Brigid Wickstrom GRADE 5 Xander Cook

Emma Cummings Philip Heney Owen Noecker Brianne Rett GRADE 4 Avery Consigli Virginia Malm John Newman Matthew Rizoli Daniel Wickstrom Anna Wildes HONORS GRADE 8        Rachel Adam      Elizabeth Bernard     Amanda Maccaline     Sophia Masciarelli     McKenna Moors      Robert Wickstrom     GRADE 7      Anna Alves           Kelly Heney          Nothando Khumalo  Michelle Riley         Delaney Rose     

Christian Verla     Jonathan WhittakerSmith Madeline Wiser Gabrielle Wood

Music Department. Please consider supporting this event by attending the dinner concert.  Last year’s event was a great success and quite a lot of fun!  It is sure to be a memorable evening filled with good food, good music and good friends!  If you would like to reserve tickets, please contact Kathleen Penza at or by calling (508)278-8633.    Thank you for your continued support of our music program.

Friendship by Molly Curley, Hayley Ethier, Colleen Prior, Kayla Brooks; 5th Grade Students at Whitin Elementary School

Roses are Red violets are blue i want to share my friendship with you!

GRADE 6 Griffin Consigli Allyson Graves Haley Hadge Daniel Maccaline Daniel Moors Priscilla Younes

Friendship is a thing that i call happy, joyful, lifelong, sad everlasting, wonderful, that feeling i call glad!

GRADE 5 Allen Lamphere Salvatore Masciarelli Sydney Masciarelli Sophia Swartz

Friends stick together stick together like glue they are there for each other like me and like you!

GRADE 4 James Alves Harrison Carven Owen McCool Ethan Robbins Kaitlyn Thibeault Maeve Wiser

if you are sad and if you are glad i will still be friends with you!

Puckihuddle Preschool Enrollment Puckihuddle Preschool is now accepting enrollment for the 2014 2015 school year. We are excited to welcome children ages 2 years 9 months through age 7 to participate in our half-day, school-year program.  We offer two-day and threeday programs led by dedicated professionals who motivate, encourage, and inspire each child's desire to learn.  Puckihuddle Preschool was established in 1981 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children and their families with the best possible first experience at school.  The preschool, located at the former Manchaug Library at 6 Main Street in Sutton, provides children a high-quality early childhood experience.   For information visit www. or call 508-476-2939.

MaRCH 2014

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Business Review

BusinEss BiO

Hellen Fuels Corp; A quality full service heating oil company Family Owned and Operated since 1979 Story & Photos by Constance Dwyer As the winter season is slowly coming to an end, all readers depending on oil deliveries and who are customers of Hellen Fuels Corp know how efficient, reliable and personable the two Bedard brothers are, “Buddy” (Ed) and “Bossy” (Ron); owners and founders. Proud to observe their 35 years of service, the two brothers and Michelle Lee, Ed’s daughter, who is Office Manager, recalled their early beginnings in the fuel business.  All are natives of Uxbridge. Known as the “storyteller” according to Michelle, “Buddy” (Ed) spoke about how their father, Edward Bedard Sr, bought the gas station at an auction in October of 1979. Their father passed away the following year, in April of 1980, comforted in knowing his sons would run this family-owned business. They originally had their business on Quaker Highway in Uxbridge (near the former drive-in) until they moved to North Main Street.  Buddy said, with enthusiasm, “What an opportunity for us, where we began with about 4 tractors and tank trailers. Now, we have 40 tractors and tank trailers,and a gas station.” The tanker hauling business and the gas station have since been sold so the brothers can concentrate more on the home heating oil business. He continued in his humorous fashion, that the only reason the brothers decided to go into the home heating oil business is because of Linwood resident, Mrs. Bell who walked into their garage in Uxbridge and saw their 1951 Ford oil truck, “which was strictly used for family business.” She kept saying to me and my brother “Get into the oil business” and she plopped $50 on the counter and said to deliver oil to her house, and so we did. About three or four years later Buddy and Bossy were out delivering oil one day around the holidays and happened to get Mrs.Bell for a delivery so they made the delivery to her and Buddy and Bossy left her a note, “We filled up your oil tank, free of charge, thank you for getting us started.” “Business is going great,” added “Bossy” (Ron). In 2003, we built a new 8,500 square foot office building and in 2004 we added a 100,000 gallon bulk storage distribution facility building behind the gas station location.” Buddy (Ed) also brought up that they’ll never run out of oil for their customers. The brothers are proud to offer a full service heating oil company but they also have many other services available, such as: full burner repair Service; tankless coils installations & repairs; oil tank installations; inspections.

“Service is provided, Buddy continued, “on a 24/7 basis and if you call at 3 a.m. because of an emergency, you (get to) talk to a human being, not a machine.” Free estimates are also given to customers if they are considering the following: Heat/AC Services & Installation, Mechanical Cleaning; PreInspection Preparation; Parts & Services and Delivery. Delivery service can be organized according to the customer’s schedule but the brothers have a policy to personally call any customers who have bad driveways ahead before a snowstorm so deliveries can be made without snow blocking driveways for access. Deliveries are made on certain days to the following towns Hellen Fuels Corp covers: Upton, Grafton, Mendon, Hopedale, Milford, Blackstone, Sutton, Douglas, Millbury, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Whitinsville, Millville and Manchaug. Senior Citizen Discounts are available as well as Budget Plans, Auto-

matic Delivery and Pre-Buy Contracts. Regarding their employees, Buddy said that his daughter, Michelle, has been working as the Office Manager for 23 years and even has the appropriate modern technology in her home to make sure the business always runs smoothly. Michelle being the next successor will make it a third generation family owned and operated business. “We would not be where we are today without the loyalty and hard work of all of our employees who. most. have been with the company for 15 to 27 years.” Although the business is “going great” Michelle aptly mentioned that it can cause a little stress now and then when customers say, “I want the oil now” because of a storm coming and it’s not on the schedule. “Kind of like the grocery store with bread and milk, they need their oil, too!,” she said with a smile. Regardless, she added, they work it out because they want customers to be satisfied with their service because they take great pride in it.

Founders & Owners of Hellens Fuel brothers Ron “Bossy” Bedard (on right) and Ed “Buddy” Bedard take a brief break in the office with Ed’s daughter, Michelle lee, Office Manager. Hellen Fuels Corp has an A+ rating and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information, call (508) 278-

6006 or (508) 839-4141. Hellen Fuels Corp is located at 287 North Main St., Uxbridge. You can also visit them at

Cove Insurance Agency

Kevin D. Quinlan Criminal Defense Family Law

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" # ) #"$ $ & " "'! # ) #

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Other Matters by Agreement 2 South Main St. • Suite 201 • Uxbridge, MA 01569

(508) 723-6384



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MaRCH 2014

How will health care reform affect you and your taxes? Part iii of a three part seris:

laws ever passed, but one thing is very clear: the law will affect the taxes of most Americans. In order to manage your tax bill, you will have to factor the new health care rules into your overall personal and business tax planning. For guidance, contact our office. To begin checking out your state’s exchange (Marketplace), start at – the federal government’s website on the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, at this time the government’s website is not functioning well, with significant problems and long delays. You might get better results by calling 800318-2596 or filling out a paper application and mailing it to the address given on the form. (For proof of filing, mail the application “Return Receipt Requested.”)

More about the law and your taxes. In addition to the penalties required by the Affordable Care Act, the law made other tax changes that could affect you. Among them are the following: • Annual contributions to flexible spending accounts are limited to $2,500 (indexed for inflation). • The 7.5% adjusted gross income threshold for deducting unreimbursed medical expenses increases to 10% for those under age 65. Those 65 and older can use the 7.5% threshold through 2016. • The additional tax on nonqualified distributions from health savings accounts (HSAs) is 20%, an increase from the previous 10% penalty. • The payroll Medicare tax increases from 1.45% of wages and self-employment income to 2.35% on amounts above $200,000 earned by individuals and above $250,000 earned by married couples filing joint returns. This rate increase applies only to the employee portion, not to the employer portion. • A 3.8% Medicare surtax is imposed on unearned income (examples: interest, dividends, capital gains) for single taxpayers with income over $200,000 and married couples with income over $250,000. The Affordable Care Act may be one of the most complicated and confusing


NOTE: This Article was intended to provide you with an informative summary of the tax issues connected with the Affordable Care Act. This massive package of legislation contains varying effective dates, definitions, limitations, and exceptions that cannot be summarized easily. Also be aware that in the political environment surrounding this law, changes could be made at any time. For details and guidance in applying the tax provisions of this law to your situation, seek professional assistance. Submitted by: Roger H. Croteau, CPA

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CONTEST WINNER - Pictured from left to right: Maureen White, Assistant Manager, Savers Bank; Christina Toman and Jonathan Toman, Winners of “ugly Sweater Contest”.

Contest Winner donates $500 to “Save a Dog” Savers Bank recently donated $500 to Save a Dog as part of a Facebook contest prize, which awarded $50 to the winner and $500 to the charity of their choice. Savers Bank held an “Ugly Sweater Facebook Contest” in which fans were invited to comment on a post, share a post, or upload a picture of themselves, a family member, or a friend wearing an “ugly Christmas sweater.” Savers Bank customer and Facebook fan Christina Toman of South Grafton was selected as the winner, and she chose Save a Dog for the charitable donation. Save a Dog, founded in 1999 by husband and wife team Shirley Moore and David Bernier, is a humane society in Sudbury, MA. The organization’s primary focus is rescuing and rehoming

abandoned dogs. After volunteering at local shelters and seeing the detrimental effect that kennel life had on some dogs, the founders began fostering and building a foster network for the dogs they took in from local and remote dog pounds. Save A Dog has now grown to more than 100 volunteers who help on an as needed basis and approximately 25-30 volunteers who help on a weekly basis. When asked why she chose Save a Dog, Toman explained that both her friend and her own much beloved dog, Feather, each served as inspiration. “We are so blessed to have her in our life. I’ve always wanted to do more for places like the shelter where we got Feather. My friend Jennifer King works for Save a Dog,” Toman said. “She fos-


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Carpet: All major brands Vinyl: Armstrong/Mannington Ceramic Tile Laminate Flooring Hardwood Flooring Reliable, Trusted & Experienced Commercial & Residential

“Same Owners & Same Great Service with over 25 years of floor covering expertise!”

' $


) $ $ & "( " ' "

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"$ & $



$ #

ters, works at the shelter, brings the dogs to Petco on Saturdays to get them seen by potential families, and helps organize fundraisers. She does all this while working full time and caring for her family. So I chose Save a Dog because of the great work Jennifer does and I wanted to help, too.” As a part of their mission, Savers Bank supports organizations that extend care and concern for the betterment of our communities. With offices in Southbridge, Uxbridge, Auburn, Grafton, Charlton, and Sturbridge, Savers Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Home Loan Bank, the Co-operative Central Bank, and Massachusetts Bankers Association. Founded in 1910, Savers Bank has assets of over $420 million, offers a full range of consumer and commercial banking services, and a strong legacy of community commitment and customer service. For more information call 1-800-649-3036, visit the website at, or find them on Facebook at http:///wwwfacebook/Savers-Bank.

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Milford Regional welcomes new surgeons Harbro Auto Voted #1 Milford Regional would like to welcome Drs. Salwa Fam and Ashling O’Connor, a team of highly trained breast surgeons, to The Breast Center in the Women’s Pavilion. The mission of The Breast Center is to unify resources in diagnostic imaging, pathology, surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, physical therapy and nursing, to ensure patients receive the very highest standards of care. This thorough team effort results in more expedient diagnosis and treatment as well as greater patient comfort. Salwa Fam, MD received her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1975 and performed a surgical internship and residency at Boston University Medical Center. Dr. Fam is board certified in surgery and is a clinical instructor at Boston University Medical Center.  She is the medical director of The Breast Center at Milford Regional. Ashling O’Connor, MD graduated with a degree in medicine with honors from the University of Dublin, in Ireland in 2002.  Dr. O’Connor per-

5 Years in a Row!

Salwa Fam, MD

Ashling O’Connor, MD

formed a surgical internship at Mater Miserlcordiae Hospital in Dublin and completed a research residency at Tufts University in Boston. She also performed a surgical residency at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston. Dr. O’Connor completed her training with a fellowship in breast surgery at UMass Memorial Medical Center.  She is board certified in surgery and is an assistant professor of surgery at

UMass.   The Breast Center at Milford Regional Medical Center is fully accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Our Breast Center is one of only 12 nationally accredited centers in Massachusetts.  To reach Drs. Fam and O’Connor at The Breast Center, call 508-482-5439.

Unibank announces promotions James F. Paulhus, President and CEO of UniBank is proud to announce that Patricia A. Baker, Senior Vice President has been promoted to Chief Sales Officer. In Ms. Baker’s new position, she will be responsible for all sales initiatives throughout the UniBank franchise. She will also continue her work in product development, with a focus on Government Banking. “Pat’s lengthy career as a highly successful sales manager makes her the ideal person to lead UniBank’s continued transformation into a superior sales and service culture,” stated Mr. Paulhus. Ms. Baker has been with UniBank for 17 years, where she has been instrumental in the bank’s growth and success in the municipal banking industry. Prior to her acceptance of this role, she led UniBank’s Government Banking division, which maintains relationships with the majority of cities and towns in Massachusetts where she helped launch UniBank’s subsidiary, UniPayDirect, Inc., that offers secure payment collection solutions to organizations nationwide. She is an executive member of the Board of Trustees at the Whitin Community Center in Whitinsville where she serves on various initiatives and fundraisers. Paulhus also announced recently that Justine M. DeNorscia, has been promoted to Director of Government Banking and Cash Management. Ms. DeNorscia has been with UniBank for 10 years. In her new role she will be responsible for UniBank’s Government Banking division as well as UniPayDirect, Inc., a subsidiary of UniBank that offers secure payment collection solutions to organizations nationwide. Justine also became a member of the Executive Management Group at UniBank.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Justine’s talent and experience ready to step into this leadership role,” stated Mr. Paulhus. “Having spent much time in Government Banking she is well suited to lead this very important business for our company.” She is a 2013 graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking, and a recipient of the Certificate for Executive Leadership from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Assumption College. Ms. DeNorscia is very involved in the community. She is a Junior Troop Co-

Leader, Treasurer, and Cookie Mom for the Girl Scouts of America. She teaches 8th grade CCD at St. Mary’s Church in Jefferson and she also serves as the Chair for the 5th grade Parent Committee at the Mayo School in Holden. UniBank has been one of Massachusetts’ fastest growing banks for the last five years and is dedicated to contributing to the overall quality of life and economic health of the communities it serves, while maintaining a high level of financial soundness and integrity. UniBank is a member of the FDIC and DIF. The company website is

"As a family business we have everything at stake each, and every time that we do business," says Mike Hare- Sales Manager, "that being said we take it very seriously, and truly want our customers to feel, when they leave our dealership, that they have attained the very best overall solution to their vehicle needs. I invite anyone who is searching for a highpre-owned quality vehicle to come and see why Harbro Auto has been named # 1 Dealer of the Year five years running.  I would also like to thank every member of our team here at Harbro for upholding the highest standards  and code of ethics possible each and every day." "I'm proud of the work our staff does every day, and the way that they help every customer,” says Service Manager- Mark Hare,  “we want our customers to know they have a friend in the car business. We have never cared about being the biggest, but we will never stop pushing to be the best." ** Dealer of the Year Award Program recognizes a select number of car dealerships throughout the United States and Canada for outstanding customer satisfaction as expressed through customers’ online reviews posted on DealerRater*. When searching for a pre-owned vehicle from Harbro check out what are customers have to say at

The NADA National Convention, Harbro Auto Sales & Service reached a landmark when they were honored with the state award for the 2014 Dealer of the Year in the Used-Car segment by Harbro is a part of an exclusive group of dealers who have won 5 consecutive years in a row at the state level. In Massachusetts Harbro Auto is the only dealer that has achieved this in the Used-Car segment. Harbro Auto is a local, family run Pre-Owned Car Dealership. This award is based on consumer reviews, and the winner is selected from over 50,000 used-car dealers nationwide. Harbro has won this coveted award in 2012 & 2013, and was nationally recognized in 2010 & 2011. Harbro Auto Sales was founded in 1973 by Tim Hare, and has grown to 2 locations in Whitinsville and Webster Massachusetts, managed by Mike and Mark Hare. Harbro was also named 2009 Massachusetts Quality Dealer of the Year by the Mass Independent Auto Dealers Association, and a 2011 BBB Torch Award Finalist by the Better Business Bureau. "Our mission is to change the  way people feel about used cars and used car dealers by treating others the way we want to be treated," says Tim HarePresident, "we are very thankful for the support of the communities we serve, and the loyalty of our wonderful customers!" 



$ $ !




" #

Joe Lozeau - Owner 25 Years Experience 3 Formerly of Harbro & Uxbridge Auto

JBL Auto & Truck Family Owned & Operated for 160 Years !

“Providing compassion and care in your time of need”

Complete Auto & Truck Service

346 Sutton St. (Nydam’s Way), Uxbridge, MA

774-573-0943 • CALL TODAY! You Won’t Be Disappointed

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MaRCH 2014


Saving of the Green!


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Wed., March 5th $ !



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-&!' (( -&!' -&!'%) ( "! !) $. ) ' ' !#!) $$ %*&%$ !#!) %*&%$ '' *()%# *()%# ''

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Buy 20 Jumbo Dollars .... Get 2 FREE!



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$ "%



OFF OFF OFF ANY ORDER ANY ORDER ANY ORDER !" !" ! !" !" ! !" !" ! "" # "" # "" #




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Sports Shorts WCC to host Half Marathon and 7K Run

Jason Gove, (left) receives MlS Club executive Award for Soccer from Don Garber; the current MlS Commissioner of Soccer.

Northbridge HS Alumni receives soccer award Jason Gove an Alumni of Nichols College and a 2008 Northbridge High School Graduate was recently presented an Executive Award at the 15th Annual MLS Club and Executive Awards for Soccer. The event was held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in conjunction with the 2014 MLS SuperDraft.  Gove was named the MLS Team Administrator of the Year.  The award was determined by club voting throughout the 19-team soccer league.    Gove was presented a crystal award from Tiffany Jewelers by Don Garber the current MLS Commissioner of Soccer. Gove is the Soccer Operations Manager for the New England Revolution Soccer Team working out of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.  Gove who is in his second full season as the team’s primary operations and administrative staffer, is responsible for all first-team movements and organization, including team travel, facilities scheduling, game operations and player relations.   Gove originally joined the Revolution as a member of the team’s game day operations staff in 2009, and later completed a full-time internship with the soccer operations group in 2010.  Gove began his full-time position while simultaneously completing his final two semesters of undergraduate coursework at Nichols College, where he earned his Degree in Business and Sports Management in December 2011.  While working full-time and traveling with the team, Gove completed his degree in 3 ½ years. Gove currently lives in Canton Massachusetts while his family still resides in Northbridge Massachusetts.

Bicycle Recycle Day On Saturday, March 8th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm you can drop off your old bicycle at St. Mary's Parish located at 77 Mendon Rd. in Uxbridge. Any bicycle is a good bicycle, reclaim/reuse:  Drop  off your Racing Bicycle, Mountain Bmx, Crusier, kids, old/new, three Wheeler, etc. Our aim is to keep bicycles from being destroyed when they can be reused. Too many bicycles get thrown away or end up at the transfer station in the scrap metal pile.  There is no cost to drop off your old or new  bicycle, it will get a new home. Portion of the proceeds from sale of bicycles with go to the church. If you are not able to drop off your bicycle/s, we can come and pick it up during the week or weekend. Contact Dennis Wood 508-277-7513

The half marathon goes through many of the surrounding towns, including Whitinsville, Sutton, Douglas and Uxbridge. Funds raised through the race will help support many of the WCC programs they offer to the community. We're looking for volunteers and sponsors, to help make this event a huge success, and encourage local residents to come out and cheer on the runners along the course. We're also having a themed aid station contest too, so it will be interesting to see the creative side of many local businesses. Another upcoming event is for the Northbridge PTA on 5/4 called the Race of Rams. This event features a duathlon (run/bike/run), a 5k road race, plus a kids duathlon and a kids fun run all on one day. We had a successful event last year, and hope to build on that this year with more local participation, volunteer and many sponsorship opportunities. For more information email Alex Rogozenski at

CONGRATulATIONS - The OlV 7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team won the 2013 Venerini Christmas Tournament. Front Row (l-R): Sophia Masciarelli, Grace Rett, Rachel Adam, Elizabeth Bernard. Back Row (l-R): Assistant Coach, Tom Heney, Kelly Heney, Kelly Moran, Michelle Riley, Callie Schmitt, and Head Coach Shawn Bernard. Not Pictured: Charlotte Beaudrot, Quinn Colligan

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MaRCH 2014

PagE 38

The Battle for Weight Loss Continues

See your kitchen in a whole new light.

NEW ENGlAND CHAMPIONS - The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) recently held the New England Championships in West Warwick, RI. Three students from Mat Monsters Academy in Whitinsville, competed in the event. (above left) Olivia Salmon, 11, of Douglas placed first in the expert NoGi, and second in the expert girls Gi and boys Gi division. Allie Hunter, 12, from Harvard placed first in both the expert NoGi and Gi divisions. (above) Terry Curtis, 14, of Westboro, placed 2nd in both beginner NoGi and Gi divisions, for his first tournament. Matches of the competitors can be viewed on the Mat Monsters Academy Facebook page.

There are no real victories when permanent weight loss is the goal. In spite of all the technology, all the supplements, all the fancy gyms, all the crazy routines, failure is all too common. The recorded rate of permanent fat loss is in fact very, very low. Permanent fat loss, meaning, keeping the weight off and controllable for several years escapes the majority of people.There are many issues to address why this is so. However, I just want to zero in on just one today, because it is gathering momentum. The obese person in particular has a very hard unsuccessful time in trying to lose the fat.  Over the years their body's have adapted to being fat. Almost nothing works for them, if conventional theories worked, there would be no obese people. Success rates in gyms are a total failure, as they treat everyone  the same way. More time is spent on recruitment of clients than in interest of the client. Tons of people walking on joggers getting no where.  Here's my take on this issue, speaking from scientific data that's out there now on one theory that's being proven over and over as we speak. That is, over time, the Mitochondria cells shrinking and collapsing. Speaking succinctly, the Mitochondria as you know are the energy cells that burn fuel.   The more of these you have the more fuel you can use/burn and it is  possible to get more of these energy burning cells. You can increase Mitochondria size and numbers, thru specific training, another miracle of the body.

Fatty acids are shuttled into the Mitochondria from the blood stream for fuel burning, if your Mitochondria are small, and few in numbers, well obviously you are not going to burn a lot of available fat. There is  just not enough of these cells.  The obese person over time experiences shrinkage in size and loss in numbers of the Mitochondria as they are not being used. Your body losses it's fat burning machines, and this just continues if not abated.  So you have fatty acids floating around in your blood with no real way of being burned.   Its true that a lot of heavy people work out. The key however, is to progressively work out harder and harder to get the response needed. Working out at low stress levels cannot achieve the goal. Obese people over time lose their ability to produce Mitochondria by their inactivity.  Now one needs to approach this with caution and with a trainer who understands the theory and is safety oriented.  You can't, after years of inactivity just jump in head first, it's   way too much of a shock to your body and to your cardiovascular system.  However over time as you gradually increase your intensity levels, you will get  stronger and stronger, and along the way your body will compensate by making bigger and more of these cells, and the weight should start to drop as efficiency picks up.  There's much more to it, it is a very complex problem, but I wanted to give you a heads up with this new thinking. Don't forget to approach this sensibly. As usual, "STAY THE OURSE" John allegrini, Trainer elite  Feel Good Fitness American College of Sports Medicine Certified (ACSM) Health Coach Advisor

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Linda’s Cleaning Service

South Bellingham $900 monthly

“Over 25 Years of Residential Cleaning Experience”


Quality cleaning at an affordable price!

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2BR / 1BA Apartment / Recently Remodeled 150 Pulaski Blvd: washer/dryer hook-ups, off street parking. Spacious bedrooms/closets, new cabinets and bathroom. Close to everything. Gas heat/hot water some basement storage. No pets preferred. First and last month required Call: (508) 509-6201 or email:



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MaRCH 2014

PagE 40


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MARCH 2014


"# %" ' #* &$ ! $$ ! "&$ " ! ) # "#% ) # !("" "& $ "#% # % !$' &%%"! ! & % %+$ # $$ $ ! Complete ! % # !" " Circulation In DOUGLAS • LINWOOD••DOUGLAS NORTH ! " !UXBRIDGE # % UXBRIDGE " " 3 " 3 ! NORTHBRIDGE • SUTTON • UXBRIDGE " 3NORTHBRIDGE 3!$ ! WHITINSVILLE Over 17,000 Copies Delivered Over 20,000 copiesEvery delivered FREE monthly! FREE Month! $



" & ! ! " Copies dropped in Blackstone, Mendon & Millville

# Column " % ! Inch ! $14.00 Per

TWO POPULAR SIZES /,4-.2 7 .%*'2 2 Columns x 3 Inches /,4-.2 7 .%*'2 2 Columns x 5 Inches


/,4-.2 7


QUARTER PAGE 3 Columns x 5 Inches 2 Column x 7.5 /,4-.2 7 Inches .%*'2

/,4-.2 7 .%*'2 1/2 PAGE 5 Columns x 6 Inches 3 Column x 10 Inches /,4-.2 7


FULL PAGE 7 /,4-.2 .%*'2 5 Columns x 12 Inches

Contract = $75.60 Contract = $126.00 Contract = $189.00 Standard = $210.00 Contract = $336.00 Discounted = $420.00 Contract = $672.00 Discounted = $840.00

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Advertising Deadline Is... +2the 3*'18th,'of/(each '#%*month -/.3*

Publication Date Is... The 1st of each month* +2 3*' +, /( '#%* -/.3* (Does not apply if the 1st is a Sunday)

ads are DeliveredEarly Free " #To$All Postal Patrons always appreciated! In Uxbridge, & Northbridge - %*Douglas )*$ ,'%*%"&,%*

~ Example ~ Business Card Size Ad

/,4-.2 7 .%*'2 /,4-. 7 .%*'2 2 Columns x 2 Inches )(,*"#, Contract",% = $50.40 1 Column x 4 Inches ,"($"*$ Standard ",%= $56.00 4 COLUMN INCHES TOTAL


2 Columns x 5 Inches $126.00 @ contract rate

Color Is Available .' /,/1

4 Color ~ $150.00 /,/1 Spot Color ~ $80.00 per color Conditions: &5'13+2'1Contract ! ! Rate # ! /( -/.3*2 6+3*+. # Advertiser must run a minimum of 6-#8 months -/.3* 0'1+/& *' #& 2+9' #.& %/.3'.3 $' %*#.)'& within a 12 month period. /. # -/.3*,8 $#2+2 #3 ./ #&&+3+/.#, %*#1)'

Over 21 Years of bringing our readers local news and community events. A FREE Publication brought to you by our Advertisers

ad size and# content can0'1+/& change ( %/.31#%3 +2 The ./3 -'3 6+3*+. -/.3* 3*' #&5'13+2'1 on a monthly basis. 6+,, $' 1'20/.2+$,' (/1 3*' $#,#.%' /( 23#.&#1& 1#3' %/23 If contract is not met within a 12 month period, advertiser will be responsible for the balance of standard rate cost. Any Advertiser with an outstanding balance # "%$ ! will not be allowed to run.

# # % # !" ! " # " ! " $ &" " INSERT RATE = $35.00 Per Thousand



The New Uxbridge Times - March, 2014  

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