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Self-funded Athletic Complex at Valley Tech

Many articles addressed at Uxbridge TM

Incorporating a rare approach which mirrors Bill Belichick’s NFL strategy, Blackstone Valley Tech has set a new benchmark. The nationally recognized system which returned $2 million to its member communities in 2005, self-funded its roof repair projects in 2011-12, and secured $10 million dollars in grants over the past decade broke ground on its Trask Athletic Complex on Chestnut Street in Upton on Friday. When complete the land, which encompasses more than 4 acres, will be the new home playing field for Blackstone Valley Tech’s softball team including parking. The plan ensures environmental protection in surrounding wetlands. The project was spearheaded by land donations by Harvey Trask and the Estate of Anna F. McGill. Setting an example for districts throughout the Commonwealth and consistent with its long-term creative funding approach, Valley Tech will selffund this exciting endeavor. While the land donation was made to the school over 8 years ago, development delays are a direct result of strategic planning to avoid requesting further spending by member towns. dr. Fitzpatrick credits director of Construction and Facilities, Jim Brochu, director of Business Operations, Kurtis Johnson, and longterm Milford Parks & Recreation Commission member, Arthur Morin for behind the scenes assistance in the project. “This project is important for the district with regard to attracting students, but we have also seen evidence of the benefits that a quality athletics program can have on students,” stated State Representative John Fernandes (d-Milford). “It is very nice to see this project being fulfilled.” Breaking ground represents the beginning of the 3-phase project, which has been engineered by GRAZ Engineering, LLC, that will allow Valley Tech to better serve the interests of a growing student population. Phase 1, which has been awarded to J.E. Case Companies, Inc., includes land clearing and erosion control has a cost of $289,500. Phase 2 includes the incorporation of appropriate drainage and field maturation and Phase 3 includes the construction of parking lots for the facility. Total project costs, including the cost of Phase 1, are estimated to be approximately $450,000. continued on page 19



SPRINGTIME FUN  -  Jackson  Haker  brings  the  ball  up  the  wing  during  a recent  game  of  the  Uxbridge  boys  U-10  Soccer  Team.  Uxbridge  beat Webster 3-2.

Rally for the Valley events posted River Bend Farm Visitor’s Center located at 287 Oak Street in Uxbridge will be the venue on Friday, June 1st for “Rally for the Valley.” Events will run from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Since the 25th Anniversary of the National Heritage Corridor last November attention has focused on the Valley National Historic Park initiative introduced by Congress last October. Members of Congress from both Massachusetts and Rhode Island sponsored federal legislation that would create a National Historical Park within the Corridor, forever highlighting the role of the Blackstone Valley in our nation's history, protecting its historic as well as natural resources, and stimulating our local and regional economy. “Rally for the Valley” is free and open to the PRESORTEd STANdARd US POSTAGE PAId BOSTON, MA PERMIT NO 55800


public. Begining at 3:30 p.m. thru 5:30 p.m. Family Fun activities, over 40 vendor tables, kayaking, biking, wagon rides, historic interpreters, visit with Bear, Orson the Polar Bear and “Paws” the Pawsox Mascot, Children sporting event demonstrations, Polar Beverages will conduct samplings, radio station is broadcasting live! Hanover Theatre will be participating with fun activities to promote the upcoming production of “Mary Poppins”, At 5:00 p.m. the Band of Liberty Brass Quintet perform, The Veteran’s Inc. Color Guard all branches of the armed forces will make a presentation and at 5:30 p.m. hear from our legislators and special guests with live and prerecorded presentations. Come join the fun!

On May 8th, Uxbridge held two Town Meetings in one night. Immediately after opening the Spring Annual Town Meeting, it was temporarily adjourned for the opening of a one article Special Town Meeting to address the problem of funding fields at the new Uxbridge High School; two prior attempts the first for $5 million dollars and the second for $3 million dollars had failed. Prior to starting the meeting’s business, Moderator Edward “Ed” Maharay, to the applause of those present, introduced the new school Superintendent, Kevin Carney and then recognized retiring Superintendent George Zini. Following this he turned the gavel to the Special Town Meeting over to Ken Redding, a former Moderator, because of his own relationship to the article in the special meeting. Selectman Jay Cahill spoke at length about the failed attempts to fund the athletic fields. Jay stated that the cost appeared to be “too much for taxpayers.” determined to find a way to get funding for fields at the new high school, scheduled to be completed by the end of July, the Board of Selectmen, the School Building Committee, the Town Manager Sean Hendricks and his staff worked diligently to find a functional version that would not increase taxes. They succeeded; now at Town Meeting, a plan was in place that would significantly reduce the borrowed amount to $2 million with no added burden on taxpayers. The question at hand was to find out if the 581 voters present would, by majority vote, approve funding the athletic fields and improvements related to the fields. It was explained by the Town Manager that the annual debt service, about $130,000 dollars, would be paid in equal amounts annually from the school budget and the general government budget. Support for the article came from the Board of Selectmen by a 4-0-0 vote in favor, but the Finance Committee opposed the expenditure by a 0-6-0 vote, none in favor, six opposed and none abstaining. Speaking in favor, Barbara Hall, Moderator Maharay’s wife, said that to have “no field currcontinued on page 14


Business Bio:

Baker Boy Town Grill Diner Looking for a delicious and healthy home cooked meal made to order? George and Voula will treat you like family. Great service and good prices! See story on page 37

owners:  George and Voula Kapiris

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JUNE 2012


Visit us South of the Border!

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Riverwalk R iverwalk A Artist rtist C Celebration elebration

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E joy llocal En ocal a rtt, cra fts, flowers, fl werss, plants, flo plants, jjewelry, ewelry, Enjoy art, crafts, candles,, re purposed h ome d eco or, a sw el l a s ffood, o od , candles, repurposed home decor, as well as music, and and llaughter aughter yo ga . music, yoga.

") "& "&/$ - "$ $ & 1 $ **" )" * 1 '$') ( +),% 1 '' ) "&

June 23, 2012 2 ,

9am 9am to 3pm 3pm att 1 a 180 80 T Tinkham inkham L Lane, ane , Harrisville, R Harrisville, RII n ext tto o tthe he Je sse Smi S ith L ibrary! next Jesse Smith Library! Also, Al so, w welcome elco c me tthe he B Burrillville urrillville Farmer!s Farmer!s Ma Market r k et tto o ttheir he ir n new ew h home ome a att tthe he C Clocktower locktower C Complex omplex p pavilion. avilion.


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JUNE 2012

PaGE 3

Hannaford employee assists Uxbridge Police in stopping fraudulent activity Linda Marshall, working the customer service desk at Hannaford, helped stop a very popular scam that has been happening to some of the retirement age and elderly population in our town. Ms. Marshall’s attention to what was occurring helped to save a customer from being scammed out of a large sum of money. The way the scam is run begins with a phone call. The caller addresses the person who answers by name. The caller then goes on to identify family members of the person they have called, most often grandchildren that are usually in their early 20’s. The caller states that the family member has been taken into custody in a foreign

country and they need bail to be paid. Caller then states once they receive a sum of money via Western Union they will then allow the family members to speak with each other. Typically the party that has received the call is so distraught over the idea that their family member is in jail that they comply and go to a Western Union location and

send the money immediately. Once the money has been sent, even if the sender then recognizes this as a scam it is often too late. during the week of March 12, 2012, this very scenario played out at the Western Union location at the Hannaford’s in Uxbridge. A customer entered the store and attempted to send

a large sum of money via Western Union. Linda Marshall was on duty at the customer service desk on this particular day and recognized that this could possibly be a scam. detective Jody dwight had been in the store earlier in the week to notify and educate the employees of this fraudulent activity. A call was placed to the Uxbridge

Police department and the scam was thwarted. As a result of her actions Ms. Marshall was awarded Hannaford’s Employee of the Month recognition. The Uxbridge Police department would like to warn all residents to be aware of this activity and to NEVER give personal information to anyone over the phone.

NICHOLAS R. JANÉ LANDSCAPES, INC. Residential • Commercial

Letter to the Editor


proudly landscaping since 1975

Bandits for Malia Hi All, I wanted to send a note of great thanks to everyone who supported the Bandits for Malia Marathon fundraiser and to those who have supported Malia in the past. Last Monday was a very special day to be sure - one that I will never forget. despite the heat, we had a tremendous turn out of both runners (20!), and spectators for Malia who showed up along the entire course, carrying us runners through the day with their cheers...and water...and Gatorade...and ice...incredible.  So many special moments that day, punctuated by the following... Malia was waiting at mile 25, cheering on all of her bandits, and when her father (Glen)  showed up, after having run the first 25 miles, he plucked her from the crowd, set her in her little stroller, pushed her the last 1.2 miles, and Malia and her dad finished the Boston Marathon together. There are no words. It was  a physical and emotional odyssey to be sure, and at the end of the day, legs were shot, glycogen stores depleted...but our hearts  were full...thanks to you all!! ...and, in addition to creating a memorable, magical day, your generosity helped us raise nearly $14,000(!) in support of Malia  and her family. Unbelievable. - Thank you again! Pete

Glen  dyed  his  beard  pink. It's Malia's favorite color. :)


' '* ' $$ " " $) $ ( 0 "!( 0 ""( 0 ) %( 0 '# " + ' .() #( 0 *) %%' ' &" ( %' ) + $ $ 0 ,$( 0 '' ) %$ .() #( 0 $ ( & )$ 0 ' $ .() #( 0 ) ' ""( %$ ( $ 0 ' ) %$ 0 %, $ '+ ( 0 (%$ " " $ &( 0 '*$ $ 0 ') " / ' '% ' #( 0 % ) - + )%' '+ ((

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JUNE 2012

Town News

System-Wide changes slated for Douglas Library New Library Software System installed Many local libraries made major software changes over Memorial day weekend as the C/W MARS library network installed new software for all member libraries. Local C/W MARS libraries include the public library in douglas. The new “integrated library system” is called Evergreen and will change how library staff check out materials, process inter-library hold requests and generally conduct business at the Circulation desk. It will also change the online catalog, how patrons search for items, place holds and check their library card record. Once the new system is online, there are a few current options that will not carry over to the new system. Their Current PIN/Password: Patrons will be able to login to their online catalog account using their last

name in upper case as a password. They will then be required to create a new password during that first login. Reading History and Current Wish Lists: For the current Reading History and Wish Lists, patrons have the ability to export lists or print from a computer. There is a button to choose “Export List” at the top of the list. Choices are limited, but the Brief display (author, Title, Published fields) is recommended. These can be sent to an email address as a text file or displayed on the computer for printing. This last time the C/S MARS network changed their integrated library system was thefall of 1999. The Evergreen system has many new positive features such as easily searching all network libraries in Central and Western Mass., and the ability to share reading lists and recommendations with others. For more information, please contact your local library.




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) &$!#"

Beautify Uxbridge in need of help Farmers Market Beautify Uxbridge is still in need of financial assistance to help pay for flowers on the various islands around our town. We continue to expand the areas that we maintain and the money is used for plants, soil, and mulch. Any amount is welcome. donations can be sent to: Beautify Uxbridge c/o Unibank for Savings, 25 North Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569 This year we are also in desperate need of help with the watering. Would you or your group or neighbors consid-

er adopting a site? Watering needs to done 3-4 days per week but can be split between people. Please contact Marie Potter with your availability and site preference at or 278-3176. Sites include: downtown Main Island, Senior Center, Quaker Highway/Courthouse Island, Island at Fork of Rivulet and North Main, and Island at Wheelock Park on Mendon Street. Any amount of help is appreciated.

Northbridge Public Schools Superintendent Retires The Northbridge Public Schools and the Northbridge School Committee announced the retirement of Superintendent Susan Gorky which took effect May 18th. Mrs. Gorky, previously serving in Marlborough, has been the Superintendent in Northbridge for the past three years. Her accomplishments have moved the Northbridge School district forward in several areas. Mrs. Gorky implemented Responsive Classroom in the district, a program that improves students’ attitudes toward learning. She has also

been an integral force in forming organizations to support the Arts and Music in our schools. The recent Evening of the Arts is a signature event, highlighting the talents of students in the School district. The School Committee, on behalf of the Northbridge School district, wishes her well in her retirement. Assistant Superintendent dr. Nancy Spitulnik will be Northbridge’s Interim Superintendent while the School Committee conducts a search for a full time replacement for Mrs. Gorky.

opens on Main Street in Douglas The douglas Farmers Market will open again during the first Saturday in June. Vendors are assessing their crop availability and shoppers should check the market’s Facebook page (douglas Farmers Market) for up-to-the minute status. Located on the grounds of the E.N. Jenckes Store Museum at 283 Main Street in douglas, the market will be open from 9 a.m. until noon throughout the summer for those seeking fresh, locally produced food for their families. The douglas Farmers Market has been a great source for fresh, locally grown produce for local consumers and Whittier Farms, Paul’s Center Bakery, Uncle Paul’s Maple Syrup and local apiary Bee My Honey are among the returning vendors. Our first workshop in a series called “Farm Fresh” is scheduled for Saturday morning June 16th. Titled “Lettuce Eat Local and Tell Me What to do With These Greens!” our local expert will introduce customers to unfamiliar greens and how to prepare and serve them. She will also suggest what might accompany them and serve you a sample! There is a small registration fee and space is limited. Call Laurie at 508-2544071 to register or ask for a form at the market. Volunteer docents with the douglas Historical Society will also have the museum open during market hours for those interested in a guided tour of the store or who want to stop by and find out more about the town’s rich history. The market is open every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon into October. Vendors interested in participating in the market should contact Lisa Mosczynski by e-mail at lmosczynski@ or at 508-341-4876.

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JUNE 2012

PaGE 5

PaGE 6

JUNE 2012

New home for Uxbridge Summer Art Camp for Kids

RBI’s steps-up to ensure art Camp can continue

Uxbridge Art Camp will open in nearby Whitinsville on June 25th at RBI’s in the Picnic Point Business Plaza on douglas Road. Uxbridge Art Camp is a first of its kind summer art camp for kids entering grades 2 through 6 in Uxbridge and the Blackstone Valley. Camp founder Michelle Siefken had been working with Uxbridge Schools to hold camp at Taft Elementary School. But with the move into the new high school and shuffling of the other schools, it became apparent there would not be room this summer at Taft. “We are so grateful that dean and Georgette Wagar, owners of RBI’s in Whitinsville are letting

us use space inside their facility,” said Siefken. “Their willingness to work with us on short notice will make art camp possible this summer.” “Bringing a new art program to the community is a great thing Michelle is doing,” said Georgette. “Our mission at RBI’s has always been community minded. We’re just glad we could help.” Michelle Siefken founded Uxbridge Art Camp in March of 2012. After advancing 2 teams to the destination Imagination State Tournament in Worcester, Siefken didn’t want the creativity to stop there. “The pride and confidence that creating things instills in our kids is so important,” said Siefken. “At the end of each session, we will hold an art show open to the entire community. It will be a very special night for all.” Information on Uxbridge Art Camp is at

Feinstein Cards not honored at Zoo Recently, Feinstein Cards were issued to children throughout Rhode Island, promising free admission to Southwick’s Zoo without the Zoo’s consent. In the 2011 season, Southwick’s Zoo agreed to allow admission to Jr. Scholars provided they passed a strict protocol to be awarded a Feinstein Card. As it seems, the cards were issued to all children throughout Rhode Island regardless of meeting the criteria. Although this occurred without the Zoo’s approval, out of commitment to their guests’ satisfaction, the Zoo made the difficult decision to honor all the cards in 2011. In an effort on the Zoo’s behalf to ensure this wouldn’t happen again, the Zoo decided that it wouldn’t partake in the program for this season. Unfortunately, the cards were issued this year without the Zoo’s permission. “As a private Zoo, we receive no government or private funding, and rely solely on our admissions proceeds to provide

all of the animal care and maintenance of the Zoo,” said Betsey Brewer, one of the family owners of the Zoo.

“While  we  whole-heartedly empathize with the children, it is  just  not  currently  feasible for us to honor the cards.” Southwick’s Zoo is a privately owned Zoo located at 2 Southwick Street in Mendon. Southwick’s is home to over 500 wild animals, featuring more than 100 varied species (many of which are endangered.) The Southwick team’s mission is to provide an extensive zoological collection and educational facility for their visitors. Southwick’s Zoo strives to promote an exciting environment for a positive family experience. Visit us online at or on Facebook at

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JUNE 2012

Letters to the Editor

“Art Room Aid” to help support local classes Dear members of the Northbridge High School & Whitinsville communities: I’m writing today to ask your assistance in spreading the word about a new fundraising tool I’m using to support the Northbridge High School Art department. I’ve been teaching at the high school for two years now, and in that time I’ve done everything I could to promote and build the ceramics program into something that our students, faculty, and community can be proud of. I’m hoping that this fundraising tool will be another successful way to support and continue building this critical program for our students. Blick Art Materials (the primary supplier of materials for our art department) features a classroom and community fundraising program called “Art Room Aid”. It is essentially an online wishlist created by a project leader that will supply his or her project with either requested materials or monetary funds to purchase requested materials. Anyone from a community member to a local organization to a business can make a contribution to support the cause. My project is entitled “The Importance of Ceramics”, and the project description is as follows: “My mission at Northbridge High School is to

The Circus comes to Mendon Thanks to the sponsorship of The Mendon Lions Club, the all-new 2012 edition of the Kelly-Miller Circus will visit Mendon on June 26th with two performances at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. at The Mendon Country Gift Barn grounds on Rt. 16. The year's show features elephants, tigers, horses and a cast of international circus stars under a beautiful circus big top. The tent raising itself is a great free show that will take place at 9:00 a.m. with the public invited to watch. Enjoying a day at the circus means a lot more than just old-fashioned family fun. The event is a fund-raiser for The Mendon Lions Club and purchasing your tickets now will also save you money. Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children and are now on sale at The Mendon Country Gift Barn, Bark Ark dog Grooming, The Mendon Greenhouse and Warren's Haircutting in Mendon and The A.B.C. Store in Milford. The Kelly-Miller Circus, founded by Obert Miller in 1938, is a traditional tented circus that has seen the passing of over a half century and still offers the same great family entertainment it presented in its humble beginnings.

PaGE 7

supply my students with a rich assortment of experiences (primarily in the ceramic arts) as a way to build their art making abilities, demonstrate realworld career applications, and empower them with the knowledge that everyone is an artist - regardless of “talent”.

Your donation will help to provide essential classroom supplies, community outreach, and educational programs such as “Ceramics demo day”. Please visit my website ( for more information (updated info will be added as it

becomes available).” If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting this project, please inform them of this opportunity and supply them with this website: 1/home. It will allow them direct access

Thank you from Food Pantry The Northbridge Association of Churches Food Pantry would like to thank all who were involved with the 20th annual “Stamp Out Hunger” Food drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers on Saturday, May 12th. This year, through the generous donations from the residents of Whitinsville/Northbridge, and with the help of the postal employees, over 3000 lbs. of food was collected and delivered to the food pantry where youth group mem-

bers from Fairlawn Christian Reformed Church sorted the food and stocked our shelves. This donation, and the many others that we continue to receive on a weekly basis, will help us to assist many families in need in our community. We are grateful for your support of this ministry. Sincerely, Steve & Kelly Lariviere NAC Food Pantry Coordinators

to the project’s information. Thank you so much for your assistance, and continued support of the Northbridge High School Art department. Sincerely, Jen Ferrari

PEoPlES' PANTRY  PlANS YARD SAlE The Peoples' Pantry at the Second Congregational Church in Douglas will be having their annual Yard Sale on Saturday, July 14th. all donations for the yard sale will be accepted after July 1st and can be dropped off at the pantry on Tuesdays from 1:00 5:00. For more information or if you have questions please contact Brenda Roy at 1-508-476-1880.

Community Christian School Now Enrolling For Fall 2012 Preschool - Grade 8 113 Church Street, Pascoag, RI 02859

(401) 568-5263 "WE CARE ABOUT YOUR KIDS" ~ Established 1973 ~



10 am to


5 pm

)) 0 &&* # .&#& / $&) /'%&)!) 0 ( ) $ %*) #" &% ! *(! )) &( !# ( %


nter for y + "!% #, %! & " &( our cha !% #!% ) % ##+#!* $& S nce to WIN pa Servic es o + "!%1) !& &*&%! %% ( FREE Limo r a R from Knig ide -!## $ )+( /&+( %*!&.! %*) hts Limousin e!


"11"'% & &( ( !

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!! $

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PaGE 8

JUNE 2012

Students honor Veterans at local Memorial Northbridge High School freshmen took a short field trip down Linwood Avenue to honor veterans at each of the War Memorials: Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea. Students chatted with their teacher, Mrs. Bentley, about each of the memorials at the site and why they exist. Students learned that a star next to a name meant that that soldier died in war. Then, the students went to the flags, which were at half mast, and they talked about the meanings of POW (Prisoner of War) and MIA (Missing in Action). They observed a 10-second moment of silence and talked about why we hold a moment of silence. Afterward, the group walked over the memorial square, and the students found the names of their relatives who fought in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. Matt Zywien said, “I loved the trip. It was really cool to see my relatives’ names.”

“I  liked  it  because  I  didn’t even  know  my  grandparents’  names  were  on  the memorials.”  - alicia Vandenakker Student Michael Carey said, “It was amazing to see how many people from Northbridge fought in the wars”. The rest of Mrs. Bentley’s classes will be making the trip before the end of the academic year.

Matt Zwyien points to the name of his relative on one of the monuments viewed during the field trip. 

Toy Drive to honor the memory of Gregory Amaral On July 14th, Northbridge Pools located at the corner of Rte. 122 and Church Steet, 1115 Providence Rd. (Plummer’s Corner) in Whitinsville, will be holding a toy drive in honor of their son Gregory Amaral who died on June 27th, 2007.

Family Owned & Operated for 160 Years !

“Providing compassion and care in your time of need”

+,')% .,$$. &'.')-0'(($

$"& )'" . -. */%( -


)*1(')% * # 2!,'#%$

The Blackstone Valley detachment 911 Marine Corps League will be on hand to receive toys and monetary donation. Any questions can be directed to Bill Audette @ (508) 234-8032 or by calling Amy Amaral @ (508) 2345525.



UxBRIdGE – Shirley (Russell) Picchioni, 78, of North Uxbridge died April 24th in Beaumont Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center. She was the wife of John V. Picchioni, Sr. A longtime resident of North Uxbridge, Mrs. Picchioni was employed as a registered nurse at Landmark Hospital in Woonsocket for many years. Later, she worked for St. Vincent’s Hospital and Beaumont Nursing Home. She was born december 6, 1933 in Worcester, daughter of the late Raymond and Regina (Paquin) Russell and was a graduate of St. Vincent’s School of Nursing, Worcester. She enjoyed gardening, baseball and caring for her family, especially her grandchildren. In addition to her husband John, she is survived by a son John V. Picchioni, Jr. and his wife Holly of Webster; a brother Richard Russell of Uxbridge; a sister Claire Lavallee of Uxbridge; 2 granddaughters, Hannah Picchioni and Lily Picchioni both of Webster; many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. She was predeceased by a daughter Clara Ann Picchioni and a brother Raymond Russell, Jr.

Scorpio  UxBRIdGE – Armando Scorpio, 65, of Uxbridge died April 28th , at his home. He was the husband of Maria (Cannalonga) Scorpio. Mr. Scorpio was a self-employed mason and worked for various construction companies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 40 years before his retirement in 1992. Armando was born August 14, 1946, in Italy the son of the late Mario and Elisa (Zaccaria) Scorpio. He had been a resident of Providence, RI before moving to Uxbridge in 1972. Mr. and Mrs. Scorpio observed their 45th wedding anniversary in August 2011. In addition to his wife Maria, he is survived by two sons; Mario Scorpio of Uxbridge, Fabio and his wife Tracy Scorpio of So. Grafton, two daughters; Angela Pybas and Adriana Scorpio, both of Linwood, two brothers; Joseph Scorpio of deltona, FL, Raffaele Scorpio of Rome, Italy, one sister; Angelina dizoglio of Johnston, RI, 2 grandchildren, Makala Scorpio and Nicholas Scorpio, both of So. Grafton and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by two brothers, Francesco Scorpio and Achille Scorpio.

oBITUARIES  ARE PRINTED  FREE oF CHARGE  Submit to:  Mail to:  The New Uxbridge Times P. o. Box 401 Uxbridge, MA 01569

UxBRIdGE - Lorraine O. Randall, 74, of Blackstone died May 2nd, at Lydia Taft House after an illness. Her husband of 56 years Fred S. Randall died on February 23, 2012. She is survived by 3 sons; Michael and his wife Lori of Uxbridge, Scott and his wife Kathy of Michigan, Glenn and his wife danielle of Clinton, and a daughter Kerry Randall of Uxbridge with whom she lived; 4 grandchildren, Michaela, Samantha, Jennifer, and Christopher. Born in Attleboro on May 23, 1937 she was daughter of Francis and Olivine Bergeron and has lived in Uxbridge for many years. She was the owner/operator of Encore Consignment shop in the former Waucantuck mill in Uxbridge. She also worked at Raytheon in Waltham, J.S.B. Yarns in Uxbridge as a spinner, Old Colony in Whitinsville as a printer and at A.C. Technology in Uxbridge as an assembler. She also owned and operated her own dog grooming business for a time. Lorraine enjoyed knitting and crocheting. She especially loved spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Santoro  LINWOOd - Robert F. Santoro, 73, of Linwood and formerly of Milford, died May 12th in the St. Camillus Health Center, Whitinsville. Mr. Santoro was employed as a Machinist for Snap on Tools in Natick for 30 years before his retirement in 1999. He was also a musician in various groups, among them “Sharon and Country Edition” and “Entertainment Plus”. Mr. Santoro was a life long musician performing throughout the New England area and played the drums for many groups. People will remember Bob as a good listener and admired him for that quality. Mr. Santoro was born April 6, 1939 in Milford, the son of the late Atillio and Mary “Eva” (Rossetti) Santoro and was a graduate of Milford High School and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. Mr. Santoro was a life long resident of Milford before moving to Uxbridge in 2002 and later to douglas. Mr. and Mrs. Santoro observed their 13th anniversary on April 3, 2012 and were married in 1999. Mr. Santoro is survived by his wife Sharon Santoro, one son; Jeffrey L. Santoro of Uxbridge; two daughters; darlene L. Santoro and Laura L. Washburn, both of Uxbridge two step sons, Gregory M. Turner and Robert d. Turner both of N. Providence, RI; two step daughters; Tricia L. Turner of Whitinsville, dana C. Turner of Pawtucket, RI; one sister Barbara Silva of Milford, 7 grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his brother, John “Jackie” Santoro and his sister Marie Mazzarelli.

JUNE 2012

PaGE 9

Northbridge Bullying Survey Free Red Sox T-Shirt for Blood Donation The Uxbridge V.F.W. is holding their appointments are preferred. Blood please step up and donate blood for Available to parents those in need. The goal for this blood monthly Blood drive on Monday, June donors must be at least 17 years of age As part of our continuing efforts to assess and deal with bullying, the Northbridge Public School district is again surveying students, staff, and parents on issues that may exist in schools. The parent survey is available through a link on the district and school websites. This link will be open from May 21st through June 15th. This survey is anonymous, and takes only 5 minutes to complete. Parents who do not have Internet access may pick up paper copies of the survey at each school or in the Superintendent’s office. The survey is the same as last year so the district can compare the data and document any changes in conditions and attitudes as a result of its work this year. The Northbridge School district continues to be proactive in dealing with bullying issues through activities to educate students, staff, and parents. Some of these activities include: • Implementation of the mandated district Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan • School community meetings emphasizing good character, respect, and tolerance • Student lessons by classroom and health teachers and adjustment counselors • Ongoing efforts of groups such as

Hospice Care seeking volunteers SALMON Hospice Care, part of SALMON Health and Retirement, is seeking compassionate volunteers 16 years or older to donate as little as an hour per week assisting the Hospice team by serving patients and families through their supportive and caring presence. The goal of Hospice care is to provide patients with relief from avoidable pain and distress associated with the end of life. Volunteers will work with specially trained professionals and family members to create personal care that best meets the varied and changing needs of each individual. Volunteers will accompany Hospice staff when they visit patients in their homes or in our skilled nursing centers, assisted living residences and independent living communities in Natick, Northbridge, Northborough, Westborough, and Worcester, to provide companionship. All training and support will be provided by SALMON Hospice Care, including an informational session about the physical and emotional stresses experienced by Hospice patients and their families and an overview of their philosophy. For more information about becoming a Hospice volunteer, contact SALMON Hospice Care Volunteer Coordinator Mike Metcalf at 508-2344769 ext. 3073 or mmetcalf@Salmon

Friends of Rachel at the middle and high schools • Creation of monthly bullying lessons for grades K-12 • Participation in school-wide awareness activities such as No Name Calling day For more information about the district’s bullying prevention program, contact dr. Nancy Spitulnik, Interim Superintendent, 508-234-8156 x201.

25th the V.F.W. Hall on Route 16 between 2:00 – 7:00 p.m. All presenting Blood donors will receive a Free Red Sox T-Shirt plus Register to Win a pair of Boston Red Sox Tickets as a Blood donor of the Game. To ensure the quickest possible process, please call 800-REd CROSS or visit for more information or to schedule your appointment to donate blood. Walk-In donors are always welcome, however

(16 with parental permission) and be in general good health. The summer months are among the toughest for blood collection. 20% of the blood collected in Massachusetts comes from high school and college blood drives. With the students on vacation, the need of the hospital patients stays the same meaning that more blood must be collected at community blood drives. With people on vacations we are counting on you to

drive is to get 65 people through the door, which should yield 55 pints of blood. The entire process takes about one hour, including Registration, a one on one Health History check, 5-10 minute donation Time, followed by 15 minutes at the Canteen where you will receive something to eat & drink. Please take an hour of your day and Give the Gift of Life on Monday, June 25th!

Join the Fun...Join Scouting Cub Scouting wants you! Now is the time to join the fun and excitement of America’s foremost youth program for boys—Cub Scouting. A sign-up night will be held for Pack 25 on Thursday, May 17th, 6:30-8pm at Taft School in Uxbridge. designed for boys ages 7 to 10, Cub Scouting combines outdoor activities, sports, academics, and more in a fun and exciting program that helps families teach ideals such as honesty, good citizenship, and respect. The Boy

Scouts of America is comprised of more than one million volunteers working together for the sole purpose of helping its nearly three million youth succeed in life. Pack 25 meets as a pack once a month at Our Lady of the Valley School. dens meet weekly at various locations. All boys, in first through fifth grade, are welcome to join. For more information contact Jason Andolina at 508-2785357 or email

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PaGE 10

JUNE 2012

Golf Outing hosted by Senior Center Tee time is set for 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 9th, for the Seventh Annual Uxbridge Senior Center Golf Outing. Returning to the Crystal Lake Golf Course in Mapleville, Rhode Island, the Uxbridge Elderly Connection hopes to top funds raised in previous years. Under organizational eyes of Peter di Battista, Pete Petrillo and Russ Rosborough, the golf experience is ensured to be full of great fun and sport. The Shotgun or Florida style format will have a number of special challenges such as a $1000 prize for a hole in one on a par 3 and competition for longest

drive. The festivities are capped off with a delicious and plentiful buffet which is included in the golf package, but members of the Uxbridge Elderly Connection and the general public are also invited for $25.00 per person. Winners and special achievements will be recognized followed by raffles and a live auction. The Buffet will be served at the newly refurbished and scenic Pavilion by the Lake following the round of golf. Last year’s top prizes included sports gear, a flat screen TV, a Blue Ray dVd player, and a limo/din-

ner/theatre night on the town. This year will be better still. Participants may sign on for a full sponsorship for $650, team for $500 or individual for $125. This fee includes cart, golf, tee-shirt, and dinner. A tee sign may be purchased for $100. A separate ticket may be purchased for the Buffet only. The contacts for the outing are Peter diBattista at 508-243-5666, Pete Petrillo at 508-278-5106, and Russ Rosborough at 508-278-6672. Contacts for gifts or donations are Linda Roberts at 508-278-4028 and Cathy Thornton at 508-340-6152. Over the past six years more than $35,000 has been raised by the Uxbridge Elderly Connection on behalf of the senior center. These funds help provide building improvements, health and education services, special luncheons, and, especially, transportation for our seniors. Area corporations, local businesses and individuals have been extremely supportive and their generosity is greatly appreciated. “And a good time was had by all” is not an empty cliché when it comes to the Uxbridge Senior Center Golf Outing and Buffet dinner. Join in the fun on Saturday, June 9th, and find out for yourself.

Police to hold a FREE Rape Aggression Defense Program Learn the basics of self-defense from a nationally recognized program in a female-only environment. This program will be taught by members of the Northbridge Police department in an easy going educational atmosphere. This program is suitable for all women and skill levels with no previous experience required. The RAd program consists of four classes that will be offered on consecutive Mondays during the month of June - June 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th from 6:30-9:30pm. The first class, June 4th, will be held at the Northbridge Police department. The following three classes will be held at the Whitin Community Center. This program is FREE and open to women ages 12 and older, regardless of residency. You must pre-register for this program at the Whitin Community Center, 60 Main St., Whitinsville, MA or by calling 508-234-8184. The Whitin Community Center is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) community-based organization serving the Blackstone Valley since 1922. The Whitin Community Center is committed to enhancing the health and well-


Call Sandy 508-278-2417


UP TO T ur k


being of individuals and families and building a strong community in the Blackstone Valley. We offer social, recreational, educational, and outreach programs that bring community members of all ages and backgrounds together. The Whitin Community Center is the Blackstone Valley’s most complete family and recreation center with two swimming pools, a gym, a fitness center, aerobics studio, Spin/TRx studio, child care programs, summer camps, and a seven-acre park. For more information, visit:

Vendor forms available for Oktoberfest In preparation for this year’s Oktoberfest in Hopedale event to be held in Hopedale on September 29th, the Friends of Historic Hopedale has released the application for street vendors and art/crafts vendors. The event will open at 10:00 am and run till 9:00 p.m. The venues for this year’s event include Hopedale Street, in front of the Little Red Shop Museum, the Hopedale Parklands, the Hopedale Pond and, Hopedale Street south across from the old draper Corporation complex. The event will feature Kate Russo and six other bands, entertainment, tethered hot air balloon rides, model airplanes taking off and landing on Hopedale Pond, Golf Ball drop, model airplane demonstrations, chowder festival, GSWL professional whiffle ball exhibition, fairytale character, more than a dozen food vendors, bier garten, and much, much more. Last year’s event attracted more than 7,000 people to the shores of Hopedale Pond, and this year’s event promises to attract many more. A website has been launched exclusively for the Oktoberfest event. All forms for vendors can be printed from the site by visiting and are also available on the Little Red Shop Museum Facebook page.

AFFINITY As autumn leaves in whirlpools fly Away from ground into the sky, And May time flowers bend to Sun Completing beauty they have won, As Tides in seas toward green lands reach And by their touch a lesson teach, Whirlpools, flowers, a crashing sea, Are but a part of you and me, For all conspire with Nature then To some-one simply called true friend R. Duffy Millville

JUNE 2012

PaGE 11

MRMC Auxiliary Annual Spring Breakfast The annual spring breakfast of the Milford Regional Medical Center Auxiliary will be held on Tuesday, June 12th at 9:30 a.m. at PINZ, 1105 Main Street, Milford. At this meeting the members will evaluate the activities of the past year and establish programming for the coming season. The membership committee report will include the fact that since September 2010 we have recruited twenty-one new members. The activities of the Auxiliary enjoy the ideas and energy of all the members who support and work towards the goal of fundraising for the hospital. Presently the Auxiliary has created monogrammed sweatshirts to sell. The hospital logo on black, navy or gray sweatshirts are on sale at the hospital Gift Shop opened daily from 8:30 AM to 7:00PM and by contacting the Auxiliary at 508-422-2099. The mission of the Auxiliary is to provide the Medical Center, its patients, and community with support through fundraising efforts. The winner of the Mother’s day Basket was Janet Gordon, drawn on May 11th . Save the date September 20th for the annual Taste of the Towns that will be presented at the Portuguese Club, 118 Prospect Street, Milford. Any adult interested in supporting Milford Regional Medical Center, please contact Membership Chair Elaine McNanna at 508-422-2099 or

U.F.D. Fundraiser against Breast Cancer a success loop in Uxbridge. The start/finish line was at the Taft School on Granite St. There were 557 people registered for the event. The Uxbridge Fire department would like to extend an incredible amount of thanks to all who helped in some way, sponsors and participants in the event. The willingness of the people in the community to give of their time and money helped make this a day to remember. We were lucky enough to have the RI “Pink Heals” Fire Truck make an appearance and some of the attendees even got to sign the truck. Countless friends and family were on hand to also assist and cheer on the runners and walkers.

On Saturday, April 21st, the Uxbridge Firefighters Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Research was held and was a great success. The money raised was in part to provide a safety fund for Capt. Melissa Blodget of the Uxbridge Fire department who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January. The event was a 5K Walk/Run around the town

FAMIlY  FIGHT: l  to  R  -  Harley Keeler  (Former  Uxbridge  Fire Chief),  Melissa  Blogett;  (Captain of the Uxbridge Fire Dept.), Angie  Keeler;  (Melissa  & Melanie’s  Mom)  and  Melanie Blodgett  -  o'Toole,  Melissa's sister.

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PaGE 12

JUNE 2012

Douglas Library book discussion on “The Night Strangers” The next meeting of the douglas Library Book Group will be discussing Chris Bohjalian’s “The Night Strangers” on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:30 p.m. The witches of Bethel, New Hampshire are decidedly of the sinister variety—albeit more likely to sell real estate and wear stylish leather skirts than fly around on brooms and don pointy hats. Beneath

Metacomet Land Trust events

the town’s charming rural surface of gingerbread Victorians, maple sugarhouses, and fiery foliage lurks a conspiracy of evil reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown.” Call the Library 508-476-2695 for a copy of the book. New members welcome. Homemade refreshments will be served.

lEGIoN oF HoNoR: Northbridge  Senior,  John Rogers  with  the  Consul General  of  France,  Christophe  Guilhou.  The  Consul General  of  France  presented  the  "legion  of  Honor" award  to  WWII  veteran,  Mr. Rogers  at  the  Northbridge Senior  Center  on  April  5th for  his  exemplary  service during  the  Normandy  Invasion of World War II.

department of Conservation and Recreation and the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission, highlights the wonders of the environment for our youngest stewards. The program is free of charge and begins promptly at 10:30 a.m. Geared towards elementary and pre-school children, a parent or adult must accompany those attending. For questions contact Kathryn Parent, Visitor Services Supervisor, department of Conservation & Recreation at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation, 198 Purgatory Rd, Sutton, MA 01590, 508234-3733.

Members of the Metacomet Land Trust will be hosting an information table at the June 1st "Rally in the Valley" at the River Bend Farm Visitors Center on Oak Street in Uxbridge in support of the creation of a Blackstone Valley National Park. The public is invited to attend and to stop and talk with us to learn more about land preservation in our communities. On June 9th our fourth annual Family Adventure Program Series at Purgatory State Chasm will kick off with "Pond Exploration" for young children and their parents from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. This program, held in cooperation with the Massachusetts

New girls only summer camp Focus on being active, building confidence, and living healthy while having fun

fidence & self-esteem, and healthy living through fun and engaging activities. The GoGirlGo! summer camp program will run for two, four-week sessions during summer. Each session will include a variety of fun activities including: sport instruction, games, crafts, leadership training, nutrition, self-esteem, and building friendships. Space is limited. In addition to GoGirlGo!, YWCA Northern Rhode Island will offer a variety of summer camp programs for campers from preK through age 12. To register or for more information contact (401) 7697450 or visit YWCA Northern Rhode Island at 514 Blackstone Street, Woonsocket. YWCA Northern Rhode Island is dedicated to the elimination of racism, empowering women and, peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. For more information, visit

Registration is now open for a new summer camp program tailored for young girls ages 5 to 10 at YWCA Northern Rhode Island. GoGirlGo! is an award winning curriculum that focuses on being active, building con-

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JUNE 2012

Wanderlust ERIE CaNaL by Bob Haigis Where the Erie Canal becomes redefined after leaving the Eastern end of Oneida Lake in mid-state New York, the town of Sylvan Beach kind of wraps itsself around the waterway. With a little imagination, one could assume the village is there to welcome the fleets of pleasure and commercial craft heading towards Albany and the Hudson. It also bids farewell to those entering the largest unprotected body of water on the entire 363-mile long channel. Final destination for many is Buffalo, and the Great Lakes.. What a marvelous journey it would be to leave from the New York City area, to cruise up the Hudson to Albany, west on the Erie Canal, north through the Welland Canal, and then up into the St. Lawrence River and out to the sea. From there it would be a significant expanse of time to sail south along the New England coast to the point of origin. Being some twenty miles long, and five or so wide it is a pretty lake by any standards. However, by the looks of the debris washed up on its eastern shore, Lake Oneida certainly must show an ugly side in storms. The two days Peg and I spent on its shores recently, there certainly was no sign of any tempest in the area. For most of the time, the surface of the water was like glass. In fact, we were a little worried about sailors out on the water, as the boats were motionless, even with full sails flying. And then, like clock work, each afternoon a gentle breeze would develop, providing a pleasant means for those beneath the canvas to move about. We had checked into a camp ground with our motor home not far north of Sylvan Beach, and were enjoying some of the finest weather of the entire summer. It was about a forty five minute walk into the town and to the canal, and we both enjoyed the hike. We spent a pleasant afternoon exploring the little town center, and the bank of the canal. There were two huge tugs tied up under the route 13 bridge, evidently waiting for calls to duty. It was obvious that most efforts in the town area were directed towards tourism. We made comparisons with Weirs Beach, New Hampshire or Cape Cod, even though there is no amusement park around Hyannis that we are aware of. The one in Sylvan is right on the banks of the Lake, adjacent to a lovely park. It was closed when we were there. In addition, everything is in miniature in respect to area, and easy walking distance from one end of town to the other. Our being there in mid September meant that few tourists were in evidence, and many business and activities were closed for the season. In fact, we were one of only a very few hold outs in the R.V. park, which was mostly stationary residences. It made for a very enjoyable, quiet experience. Being situated where it is, right in the

PaGE 13

path of lakes effects snow storms, I can just imagine what it must be like in winter. Chatting with several of the natives, confirmed my observations to be quite true. “Last winter”, a guy in the local grocery store told me, “we couldn’t even snowmobile on the lake like we usually do. When it froze over for the winter temperatures dropped so fast, the cold was so bad and the wind so strong , that waves actually froze in place. That made the surface of the ice so rough that it was impossible to run a snowmobile over it: and of course the wind blows most of the snow away anyway. Last winter was the worst anyone could remember”. Peg and I walked down to where the canal leaves the lake, and marveled at how quiet the area was. Looking at several marinas close by left no doubt in our minds that it indeed was a busy place for ten weeks in the summer. Strolling along the water front, and then the street closest to the water, we came to a sight that aroused our curiosity. Many of the seasonal dwellings along the lake front, and most of them are just that – seasonal, were small older buildings unmistakably cottages constructed randomly, and then improved along the years.

Near the grocery store between the lake and the street, stood a building that obviously was, or had been, church. It was rectangular in shape, about fifty feet or so long, and thirty five wide. It sported a pretty tower with a small steeple in the rear left side, and four windows high up on each side. It was painted white, and there was a sign over the door that read: “SYLVAN BEACH UNION CHAPEL”. Looking the building over closely, I exclaimed to Peg that it was obviously quite old. Then, my eye caught something that seemed out of place. There were several sets of hinges in rows all around the building about six feet off the ground. Closer examination revealed that they were attached to large panels that obviously were designed to open up. If they were all opened at once, there would effectively be no walls. We walked around the structure several time to confirm our observations, and proceeded to speculate just what the panels were for. I remarked that the building looked to me like it may have been a tobacco barn years ago. Peg thought perhaps an artists gallery for summer use. As we continued, the suggestions became more and more absurd.

Well, we knew we couldn’t leave the town without solving the mystery, so it was back to the grocery store. After purchasing several items, I inquired of the friendly clerk if he knew the origins of the building, “Sure, I can tell you anything you want to know” he replied. “ I’ve lived here all my life. The building is and always has been a church. It was built over a hundred years ago. When it was constructed, those panels were put in to the walls so that in the summer the church could be opened up to let the breeze in from the lake.”

“They were used for years, and then they were sealed up. It’s been a long time since they were opened.” As we left the store, we glanced back at the building and commented how nice it must have been on a hot Sunday morning to be able to raise the walls of the church and let God’s breeze flow over the occupants. It reminded me of the chapel in the movie The African Queen. Questions/comments:

So many places…so little time.

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PaGE 14

JUNE 2012

UxBRIDGE TM continued from page one ently is an incomplete package.” She also gave her opinion that the new fields might decrease the number of Uxbridge students selecting to go to other schools (school choice out) with its attendant cost to the Uxbridge School system: 10 years ago, $520,000 and in 2005 and following years, over one million dollars. She further stated that with new fields, we eliminate these costs, “not just this year but every year.” A lone opponent of the article, Thomas Lewis, a 30 year town resident whose

family had been through the Uxbridge High School system, said he held a “minority position” and discovered that the NFL funded a one quarter million football field in New Hampshire, one shared with other schools. He implied there might be another solution and asked voters to “Vote No.” The question was moved by School Committee Chairman Ernest “Ernie” Esposito and after the motion was seconded, the Moderator explained that a 2/3’s vote was required to authorize borrowing money. In quick order, the article passed with only a few opposing it; the hall was filled with resounding applause. The Special Town Meeting

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was dissolved and after a 15-minute recess, the Moderator called the Spring Annual Town Meeting to order. Article 1, “To hear the reports of any outstanding committee…,” was disposed of without a motion or vote because there was no report. The motion on Article 2, inter/intra departmental transfers for FY2012, passed, although the “following chart” noted in the motion was not specified as being located in the warrant article or as part of the sponsor’s request. In the absence of a prior year bill, Article 3 was passed over. Action on Article 4, the FY2013 Budget Article in the amount of $36,840,617 was moved without amendments and, after comments by the Finance Committee which echoed the concerns expressed in the town warrant, but added concern about costs to update the old High School building, former Selectman Peter Baghdasarian, currently running again for Selectman, stressed the lack of long range capital planning and noted that the growth of needed new commercial and industrial tax revenues requires bylaw changes. He then emphatically added that FY2014 budget planning should start the very next day, May 9th. The motion passed one vote short of being unanimous. Article 5 was moved and voted without debate and as written in the warrant,

appropriating $3,243 to meet Uxbridge’s required contribution to the Central Massachusetts Regional Plan-ning Commission (CRMPC). Article 6 was also moved and voted without debate and as written in the warrant: it recreated Revolving Funds for the Library, the Recreation Committee, the Board of Health and the Conservation Committee. Article 7, for Community Gardens, was passed over without motion or vote. Funding of the Sewer Enterprise (Art.8), the Water Enterprise (Art. 9), the Ambulance Enterprise (Art. 10) and Community Access Television (Art.11 & 12) were moved and passed as written in the warrant; all funding for these five articles is offset by their FY2013 revenues and receipts reserved for appropriations. Article 13 for purchase of Water Enterprise Equipment, a replacement E550 Water Maintenance Van, was moved as set forth in the warrant and passed unanimously. The $116,000 cost comes from Enterprise retained earnings. Former Selectman Michael “Mike” Potaski warned that Water Enterprise fees needed to be carefully monitored and adjusted to insure proper maintenance of the system infrastructure. Article 14 to construct a Salt Shed, adequate for a one year period, was defeated, apparently because of the questions that led to Board of Selectmen’s (3/2/1)

Chimneys Stone Work Concrete Work


recommendation and the Finance Committee (0/3/0) recommendation; (For/Against/ Abstain). Mark Stacy, Jane Keegan and Peter Baghdasarian questioned the recommendations and dPW Superintendant Ben Sherman defended the need, noting the shed’s inadequacies and the consequent, frequent need for emergency salt orders. Article 15 to borrow $210,000 to purchase 33 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) units for the Fire department was moved as presented in the warrant and passed unanimously after the new Fire Chief, William “Bill” Kessler, presented data on the age, condition, outdated performance and frequent failures of the existing units. Article 16 to authorize the Board of Selectmen to lease the 100 Acre Lot on Sutton Street was moved as presented in the warrant, but amended to replace “all or any portion” with “a portion”. The motion failed to get the required number of positive votes after significant debate, during which it was pointed out that as agricultural land, if it passed the Town would have to replace it with equal acreage, but it was not noted that “a portion” might not significantly limit the acreage. Article 17 was passed over, but Article 18 dealing with a Storm Water Management bylaw was moved as presented in the warrant, but with included amendments. Supported by both the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen, it drew considerable opposition and yet, reasonable arguments in favor. According to the dPW Superintendant, Ben Sherman, its enactment was required to fulfill existing legal obligations and to avoid EPA fines. Commission member Mike Potaski stressed “it is a minimalist approach” and “it codifies what has been done already in a way to satisfy the EPA.” Even the schools would have responsibilities which were spoken about by School Committee member Jane Keegan and Superintendant Zini, but Commissioner Potaski noted that the school department insisted on including unique storm water control measures at the new High School site and thus for its maintenance. Harold Klei, former Moderator, in favor, and Peter Baghdasarian (public ways, but not private ways were exempted) and Fran dorr, both against, also spoke to the question. In the end, the motion failed. Article 19 for a bylaw governing NonCriminal disposition of certain Town Bi-law violations was moved as presented in the warrant. Former Selectman Baghdasarian said the article was “not needed.” Former Selectman Potaski said that it needed “adult supervision,” in other words, oversight by the Town Manager; to which the Manager added his agreement, saying that the word “MAY” in the article was his input to so indicate; Police Chief Scott Freitas concurred. The reading of the vote by the Moderator, failure to get a 2/3 majority, was challenged, but confirmed by an actual count of 43 in favor and 36 opposed. Similarly Article 20, related to Non-criminal Enforcement of certain Zoning bylaws, was supported by the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee and the Planning Board, but, for essentially the same reasons as with Article 19, failed by a counted vote of 43 in favor and 34 opposed, less than the 2/3 majority required. There was no one present to make the motion on Article 20, included by Citizens Petition, so a motion was made, seconded and favorably voted to dissolve the meeting!

JUNE 2012

PaGE 15

Purgatory Chasm announces June Schedule of activities Purgatory Chasm State Reservation, dept. of Conservation and Recreation, announces June Events- something for all ages and abilities! All programs are free and open to the public. An adult must accompany children. Sturdy footwear recommended. Reasonable accommodations available by request. For more information contact Kathryn at 508-234-9610 or Purgatory.Chasm@ ART AT THE BROOK Saturday, June 2, 16 • Noon-1:00 A healthy dose of Nature and Art. Explore parts of the Healthy Heart trail to Purgatory Brook. Make a nature journal, take a moment to listen to the forest sounds and make a sketch of your discoveries. Materials provided to make a nature notebook. Nearby is an intersection of trails; you can stay as long as you like, or explore on your own! SKULL SCIENCE Saturday, June 2, 30 • 2:00-2:30 pm discover differences of skulls and jawbones and identify wildlife in Massachusetts. Observe features of the skull that help the animal survive- can you Name that Skull? drop by this interactive display at Pavilion. All ages. BIRdING BY EAR Thursday, June 7 • 6:00-7:00 pm “Thief!” “Where are you?” “Here I am”Learn mnemonics to help remember the songs of some common woodland birds. Let’s see what we can hear as we walk the edges of the forest.

WOOdLANd WALK Thurs., June 14, 21, 28 6:00-7:00 pm Enjoy the tamer side of Purgatory! On this 1.5 mile slow paced evening walk, we’ll look for the magical flora and fauna hidden in the shady forest. All ages welcome on this easy/moderate hike with plenty of roots and rocks peppering the trails.

HIKE BEYONd PURGATORY Saturday, June 30 • 10:30-noon Moccasin plants, ghost plants and a glacial pothole all may be spotted along the trails beyond Purgatory. This 2.5 mile hike will explore features off the main chasm trail. Moderate terrain. All ages & friendly leashed dogs welcome.

Junior Naturalists Fridays 4:00-5:00 Nature hikes, scavenger hunts and hands on activities for budding naturalists. Suggested ages 5-10. Older and younger siblings welcome, no registration required. Children must be accompanied by adult.

KIdLEIdOSCOPE STORY HOUR Mondays 10:30-11:30 am Nature themed story and activity hour for ages 3-5, Siblings always welcome! Connect to the great outdoors with nature stories followed by an outdoor activity and craft. Pack a lunch and enjoy the playground!

TIMELINE TOUR Sat., June 16 • 2:00-2:30 pm There is a timeline right at our feet! Get an introduction to this unique park as we take an easy stroll to historical structures and geological features; hear fantastic stories of the past. CREATURES OF THE CHASM Thurs., June 28 • 3:00-4:00 pm Find out about the wild creatures of Purgatory. We will take a short-cut to the back of the chasm, investigating signs of wildlife on the way; then explore the dark crevices of devil’s Coffin to get a glimpse of creepy crawlies! For families of all ages, with ability to complete moderate hike, some optional crawling over rocks involved. Bring your own flashlight, curiosity, sturdy shoes!



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SPECIAL EVENT: FAMILY AdVENTURES with Metacomet Land Trust Saturday, June 9 • 10:30- noon Metacomet Land Trust presents Saturday morning children’s programming at Purgatory Chasm! This month we will discover life at Purgatory Pond by dipping nets and checking the water quality. Learn how to keep water healthy as well as observe the life around and in the pond. Make an underwater viewer to take home! Wear old clothes and shoes that can get a little wet or muddy! Meet at pond on Purgatory Road by Sutton Entrance. ROCK dETECTIVES Sunday, June 10, 17, 24 • 2:00-3:00 pm Learn some simple clues through this hands-on interactive display that will help you identify rocks and minerals at the Chasm. Stop by the pavilion during this hour to participate. Suitable for all ages. CHASM HIKE Sunday, June 10, 17, 24 • 4:00-5:15 pm Have you heard of “His Majesty’s Cave”? Can you crawl over “The devil’s Coffin”? Learn the history and mystery of Purgatory Chasm! This program suitable for families with children over the age of 5, and all those willing to scurry and scramble over and around boulders and rocks. Be sure to wear shoes with good tread. Rain or wet rocks cancels.



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12 OZ. CANS • 30 PACK

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PaGE 16

JUNE 2012

New festival to focus on locally grown agriculture Uxbridge The folks who bring to town annually the Uxbridge First Holiday Night Parade celebration and all that goes with it are currently busily putting the finishing touches on another endeavor, the Valley Ag-Fest. The new festivity is designed as a salute calling wellearned and much deserved attention to all in the area who are agriculturally oriented – local farmers, 4-H Club members, backyard gardeners, agtourism destinations, fairs, and others. The one day event will be held on Saturday, June 23rd from 11am to 3pm at the River Bend Farm Visitors’ Center grounds on Oak Street in Uxbridge. Co-chairing the initial run of the celebration are Holly Gallerani and Tom Bellacqua both of Uxbridge and seasoned hands at event presentation throughout the Valley. A primary Ag-Fest feature will be an

expansive barnyard menagerie in which a myriad of 4-H Club members will display a variety of farm animals and poultry. Representation for local civic and service organizations will be on hand. Free hay wagon rides, too, will be available, and as well as entertainment under the direction of Polka Paul, radio station WNRI, Woonsocket, personality. Billed as a quilting bee, local quilters are planning to exhibit an array of homemade quilts, as well as a demonstration of actual quilting techniques and how the age old art can be real fun as well as a labor of love. While Mrs. Gallerani is quick to point

Carpet: All major brands Vinyl: Armstrong/Mannington Ceramic Tile Laminate Flooring Hardwood Flooring Reliable, Trusted & Experienced Commercial & Residential

out that of the contests offered the ever popular blueberry pie eating foray continues to draw the most attention, which will be sponsored by Hannaford Supermarket, it is not about eating the most pies, but rather eating one pie the fastest in this timed event. That having been said, however, contestants should not fear gastric distress. Fair time food connoisseurs will not be disappointed as a trained staff of the Uxbridge First Holiday Night group will be on hand, ready to provide alltime favorites for dining. Traditional alfresco fare to be served includes from hot dogs and hamburgers and more, to pink cotton candy, hot buttered pop-

corn, ice cold soda and lemonade. What is believed to be an innovation on the River Bend acreage, a group of antique tractor and farm implement exhibitors is being assembled by Peter Baghdasarian, an Uxbridge antique farm machinery buff. He is rendering oversight to exhibitors and their demonstrations of several resuscitated vintage tractor specimens brought back from basket case status through the skill of hobbyists’arduous and meticulous restoration to once again make them purr as a kitten. The event organizers emphasize that the celebration is about the traditions of agriculture, horticulture, and perhaps most importantly people coming together. The true meaning of community. don’t miss it. Children ... Bring your parents!

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Uxbridge photographer Mike Zeis will display photographs of faded wall advertisements at the Alternatives Career Center and Community Gallery, Uxbridge, between June 13th and July 31st. "during the first half of the 20th century, when our downtowns were bustling, painting your message on the side of a building was a principal method of advertising." said Zeis. "Many surviving wall ads have lost their color to sun, snow, and rain, but remain beautiful in their faded state." Other signs, like the one on Elm Street in Southbridge Mass, were protected over the years by adjacent buildings. The neighboring building was demolished last year, so now the Southbridge Coca-Cola sign can be seen by the public for first time in decades, with its original colors pretty much intact. The "delicious and Refreshing" exhibit includes more than 25 photographs of painted wall ads, shot in New England and beyond. Most of Zeis' photos were taken with vintage film cameras, some modified to add distortion. A lifelong photographer, Zeis has been documenting the American roadside since 2004. The "delicious and Refreshing" photo exhibit can be seen at Alternatives Career Center and Community Gallery, 5 S. Main Street Uxbridge, between 9 am and 4 pm, Mondays through Fridays. An artist's reception will be held on Friday, June 22, 2011, between 6 pm and 8 pm.

Food for Thought

by Sheryl Corriveau


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Photographer plans exhibit

Green lights are the signs all around you that propel you forward and dare your soul to fly. Green lights say yes – do this. Red lights make your gut sick. Green lights are that phone call and open windows of opportunity, insights & love. Green lights make your life flow and peace, light and joy are its signatures. Green lights go hand and hand with your spirit and your hearts desires. Green lights give life to your soul and fertilize the scenery for greatness. Green lights make your life more colorful and rich. The universe is always giving us signals and how we utilize them is a matter of awareness & perception. Recognizing these signals lead to a way of living that feels natural and bridges lessons to understand beauty in its true essence. If you want to know more about using these green lights in your own life, please come to my talk on June 18th that will discuss the art of living less from the ego and more from spirit – following those beautiful green lights. Visit my website for more information at www.

JUNE 2012

PaGE 17

Share a Haircut at Hair Cuttery

Bowlers take Summer Break

At Hair Cuttery, we believe a new haircut on the first day of school can be a big confident boost to a child. Through our Share a Haircut program, we provide back-to-school haircuts to children in need in the community. Won’t you share a haircut to a less fortunate youngster? Bring your child into any Hair Cuttery salon from August 1st through 15th and for every

The Monday Morning Women’s Bowling League recently concluded another funfilled season with a luncheon at Willowbrook Family Restaurant in Mendon. The awards were presented to the bowlers by League Secretary Pat Lary. The ladies look forward to another season of fun and exercise which will begin on September 10th. At Sparetime Recreation inWhitinsville.

haircut a child (aged 18 years old or younger) receives, we will donate a free haircut to a disadvantaged child in the community. Over the years, Hair Cuttery has donated more than 625,000 haircuts! Share a Haircut runs from August 1st through 15th in all Hair Cuttery salons. To find a salon near you, visit

This  year’s  winning  team  was sponsored  by  ladies  Workout Express  and  included:  Team Captain Pat o’Melia, Pat Duquette, Ahleen Ebbeling, and Merle lalor.

Service at Quaker Meeting House

Preschool announces new program The Church of the Nazarene, 130 douglas Street in Uxbridge, is pleased to announce new days for its Little Lambs Preschool. Beginning in September, the Little Lambs program will run on a schedule that other preschools in the area do not offer. director Susan Hammer says that the new program was developed as a response to parents who are looking for more consistency as well as convenience. “A Tuesday through Thursday program provides more consistency for children than an every-other-day program. It increases total program hours by eliminating missed days for Monday holidays, and allows families to enjoy long weekends without losing preschool days. For families with two children, it means traveling just three days/week, rather than five. Our full three-hour program of teaching, socialization, recreation, and enrichment is targeted to ensure that 4-yearolds are challenged by activities focused on kindergarten readiness, while providing appropriate and appealing activities for children who are new to a school setting.” Parents should contact the school as soon as possible to arrange a visit or speak to the director. 508-278-7982.

and his wife, Nancy reside in Taunton, Mass. and in Chatham, Mass. during the summer. They have three adult children and eleven grandchildren. Music will be under the direction of John Staples of Blackstone. Special music selections will be featured. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Meeting House. The Association will be celebrating this milestone throughout the upcoming months and we hope you will join us. Membership in the Association is open to all persons. Information regarding the work of the Association or membership in the Association should contact President, Brenda Aleksandrowitcz at (508) 883-4667 or Secretary, Harriet Sharp, at

The second in a series of Ecumenical Services sponsored by the East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House and Cemetery Historical Association, Inc. will be held on Sunday, June 10th at the historic Meeting House at 197 Elm Street in Blackstone. Reverend Alan Grant, pastor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Woonsocket, RI, will serve as guest pastor for the service that will commence at 2 p.m. Pastor Grant holds a doctorate of Ministry in Psychology and Clinical Studies. He is Pastor Emeritus of House of Prayer Lutheran Church in Hingham, Mass., where he served for seventeen years. Previously, Pastor Grant served other congregations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. After retiring from full time ministry in 2001, Pastor Grant served for two years as the interim pastor at St. Mark's (now Joy in Christ) Lutheran Church in Abington, Mass. He


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Don’t Forget June 17th...

Celebrate Dad! BEER

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PaGE 18

JUNE 2012

Local family finds hosting Fresh Air Child a rewarding experience Heather deary, of Uxbridge, heard about The Fresh Air Fund from her husband’s boss. “His family had hosted a Fresh Air child every summer and we had always heard good things from him. I always knew when my kids got a little bit older it was something I wanted our family to be a part of.” Heather and her family signed up to host a child through The Fresh Air Fund’s Volunteer Host Family Program last summer. Seven-year-old Raynelle, or Nelly as she is called by the dearys, visited Uxbridge for the first time and the deary family grew a little bigger. “Nelly and my daughter, Abby, became fast friends and ‘sisters’ because neither of them have sisters of their own.” The Fresh Air Fund is an independent, not-for-profit agency that has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Each summer, over 4,000 children visit volunteer host families in rural, suburban and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and

Canada. Heather said that everyone in the family was excited to meet Nelly but was not sure what to expect. “I had talked with her mom on the phone a few months before and learned things she liked to eat and what she liked to do. She instantly hit it off with my kids on the ride home from the bus arrival. The one thing that stills stands out in my mind from her arrival is when we were pulling in the driveway and my husband was mowing the lawn. She said ‘you guys mow your lawns here?’ and I said ‘yes we do’, and Nelly said ‘I have only seen that in the movies!’” From the start of Nelly’s visit, the dearys made sure she felt like part of the family. “My kids all got along with her and they really treated her as part of our family. My daughter even set up a shoe basket in the front hall for her to put her shoes in like the ones my kids have. She followed all of the same rules as my kids, like putting her dishes away and making her bed. She called my husband and I both mom and dad all week.

Whatever made her feel like she was more at home was fine with me.” Heather and the family wanted to give Nelly the opportunity to experience all the simple summertime activities they get to enjoy in Uxbridge. “I wanted to do things that Nelly wouldn’t experience in her hometown of Staten Island. My parents live on a lake and we went there one day. She loved the water. We went biking, hiking and out for ice cream. We had campfires and she had her first S’more.” Although Nelly enjoyed all of the new experiences the dearys showed her, it was the simple things that Nelly enjoyed the most. “I think out of all the things we did and places we took her to, her favorite thing to do was ride her bike. We live at the end of a small quiet neighborhood where there is a circle turn around in front of our driveway. She loved going outside and riding her bike. It was the first thing she asked to do every morning.” The experience was as rewarding for the dearys as it was for Nelly. Heather

“Nelly”  and  Abby  Deary enjoy  ice  cream  during  last summer’s visit. 

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said, “I made her a photo album to bring home all of the pictures we took that week. We all were so sad when the bus that took her back to New York City drove away. Nelly touched all of our hearts in her own special way. I would recommend this program for all families. Not only does it let a child from the city experience a week of outdoor activities but it can also help your family appreciate the things they may take for granted. We all really enjoyed watching Nelly have all of her first experiences and we can’t wait to make more new memories with her this summer.” For more information on how you can sign up to become a volunteer host this summer, please contact Geri Fogg at 508-372-9064 or The Fresh Air Fund at 800-367-0003. Additionally, you can find more information about The Fresh Air Fund online at

Amendment to encourage fair competition State Representative Kevin Kuros (RUxbridge) is pleased to announce that his amendment to encourage competition among photographers was recently approved as an outside section to the budget during deliberations. Rep. Kuros’ amendment, which he introduced at the urging of photographer Paul Robinson of Uxbridge, seeks to level the playing field so that more local photographers can successfully bid on school photography contracts. Kuros said, “Currently, several large national companies dominate the yearbook and class photo photography industry, essentially shutting out local photographers from winning contracts to take pictures of friends and neighbors from their own communities.” “This happens,” Kuros continued, because photographic contracts do not have to follow the state’s procurement law, Chapter 30B. Towns and school districts can currently award photographic contracts - some of which are worth hundreds of thousands in sales to students and their parents - without a competitive bid. My amendment provides a level footing so that smaller photographers, who cannot afford to wine and dine administrators in order to win contracts, can compete.” Local photographer Robinson said, “I brought my concerns to Rep. Kuros and he came up with a solution that gives smaller photography studios like mine an opportunity to compete with the industry giants. We’re not asking for a handout or guarantees of contract, just the ability to compete. Rep. Kuros’ amendment does that, and I thank him for his efforts.” From the House, the budget moves to the Senate for concurrence. Kuros adds, “I trust that my colleagues in the Senate will approve this common sense change that will give our local businesses a chance against the big guys.” For more on Rep. Kuros visit his website at

JUNE 2012

PaGE 19

walls, performing selective cutting of paths, nature identification and marking among many other constructive educational projects.” Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School serves the towns of Bellingham, Blackstone, douglas, Grafton, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Northbridge, Sutton, Upton and Uxbridge. Located in the heart of the Blackstone Valley, Blackstone Valley Tech creates a positive learning community that prepares students for personal and professional success in an internationally competi-

tive society through a fusion of rigorous vocational, technical, and academic skills. The school’s website is www. - Submitted by Katie Hunt

Tent Sale TRASKGRoUNDBREAKING -  From  left,  Jim  Brochu,  State  Rep.  John  Fernandes, Arthur Morin,  Gerald  Finn,  Harvey  Trask,  Dr.  Michael  Fitzpatrick,  Michael  Peterson,  Brian MacEwen  of  GRAZ  Engineering,  John  Case  III,  and  Ryan  Case  of  Case  Companies,  Inc. were  present  for  the  groundbreaking  and  official  start  to  construction  of  a  new  softball field for Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional High School in Upton.

VaLLEY TECH continued from page one Additional land abutting the Trask Athletic Complex was donated to the Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School district by the Willard family. This environmentally and educationally valuable piece of land represents another exciting endeavor to be embarked upon by the district. The land, named Willard’s Preserve, contains wetlands and conservation land that will be

Upton V.F.W. Flea Market and Craft Sale The George L. Wood Post #5594, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will hold a flea market and crafts sale on the post grounds, Route 140, Upton, on Saturday, June 9th from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Rain date: Sunday, June 10th same times. Everyone is invited! dealer spaces cost $8.00 each. Reservations are required ONLY for dealers needing to reserve tables (tables can be reserved at $4.00 per table.) To reserve tables, call the fund raiser chairman donald (doug) Keniston at 508 529-6247. Flea Market and Crafts: Several tables will feature homemade/handmade crafts for Spring, Father’s day, and Commencement gift giving. Many tables will offer new and used items for sale at low prices. Coffee, donuts, hot dogs and soda will be on sale from 8:00 a.m. Proceeds of the flea market and crafts sale will be used for the post’s improvements. There is NO admission charge.

marked as nature trails, and utilized by the school to promote environmental awareness for the benefit of students in the district and the greater community in the Blackstone Valley. Planned school uses include a vegetable garden, and honeybee habitat for the Culinary Arts program. Science students at the school will also benefit as they will have the opportunity to identify and mark trees, and use the property as an off-campus natural laboratory where students can explore and discover

nature as it relates to a rigorous science curriculum being taught at the school. “The development of the Trask Athletic Complex marks the beginning of a project that will be continually developing even after the softball field and parking lots are complete,” said Jim Brochu, director of Construction/Facilities for Blackstone Valley Tech. “We plan to utilize our students and skilled teaching staff as we further enhance the Trask Athletic Complex and Willard Preserve by building stone

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PaGE 20

What’s so great about Scouting?

CARING  & CooKIES  -  Girl  Scout  Troop  982 worked  very  hard  over  the  cookie  season  and collected  over  40  boxes  and  $25.00  which  was donated  to  the  Dana  Farber  Cancer  center  in Milford.

JUNE 2012

Local Scouts part of championship team Tyler Lefebvre and Brian diPasquale are two Boy Scouts currently working on Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting. In addition to their scouting achievements, Tyler and Brian are both precision rifle marksmen and members of the Milford Rod and Gun Club's Junior Rifle Team. The Milford Road and Gun Club Junior Rifle Team won their league championship this year. Awards were handed out at the Maspenock Junior Rifle League banquet recently. This year's event was hosted by Marlborough Rod and Gun Club. The Team shoots precision .22 caliber rifles in three positions, prone, kneeling, and standing. Team members are from Milford, Mendon, Uxbridge, Southborough. For more information please contact League/ Team President Manny Schniderman at Respectfully submitted by Joe Lefebvre

take a look.... EARTH DAY CElEBRATED BY CUB SCoUT PACK 25 Recently, members of Cub Scout Pack 25 braved the rain to help the Blackstone River Watershed Association with its annual river shoreline cleanup at River Bend Farm in Uxbridge. The scouts collected trash including tires, extruded plastic, bottles, gas cans, a fire extinguisher and bullet shells and helped other volunteers fill many trash bags. After the cleanup, volunteers enjoyed

pizza and drinks, provided by the Blackstone River Watershed Association. Pack 25 meets as a pack once a month at Our Lady of the Valley School. dens meet weekly at various locations. All boys, in first through fifth grade, are welcome to join. For more information contact Jason Andolina at 508-278-5357or email

Centennial Cookbook created by Girl Scouts Celebrating Years of Friendships & Memories is the “Northbridge Girl Scout Centennial Cookbook” put together as a joint effort with the Northbridge Girl Scouts and their families and friends to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts. There are so many fantastic recipes – a great way to support the Scouts! All proceeds will benefit Northbridge Girl Scouts travelling to Washington, dC from June 8 – June 10, 2012 to participate in the Rock the Mall Celebration with girl scouts from all the United States and the town fund. The cost of the cookbook is $10, and it would make a wonderful gift. Anyone that is interested in purchasing a copy can contact either Kathy Lyons at 234-6224 or, Tina Keene at 234-6769 or, or Julie Cray at 2346191 or The Cookbook can also be purchased at the Curtain Factory Outlet, 8 Sutton Street, Northbridge, MA 01534 or on Memorial day following the parade at the Town Common. Northbridge Girl Scouts appreciate your supportt!

EAGER To SEll - (pictured l to R) Caitlyn  MacNeill,  Caitlynn  Harris, and  seated  is  Tara  Seeley  all  are members of Cadette Troop 30129.

JUNE 2012

PaGE 21

Blackstone Valley Art Assn. Springs into Summer The Blackstone Valley Art Association is planning their Spring show. The show open to all members will be held the month of June at the Woodshed Gallery 1243 Pond St. in Franklin. The opening reception, open and free to the public will be held June 9th from 35pm. The show will also be available for viewing during regular business hours at the gallery. Anyone interested in getting involved in the field of art should check out the Woodshed web page for classes and free demos. In conjunction with Fenway's 100th anniversary the BVAA feels fortunate to have a beautiful watercolor to raffle off. MLB water colorist Mark Waitkus has donated a beautiful rendition of Yokey Way. Proceeds of the raffle will be divided 50-50 between the BVAA and the Whitinsville Social Library, both of which are nonprofit organizations. Tickets will be available at the show, the Whitinsville Library or by calling Carol Frieswick 508-234-6697 or from any member. Information regarding the show or the BVAA can be found at our web site BVAA.ORG.

Above  right:  Mark  Waitkus’ beautiful  watercolor  of  the entrance to Fenway Park. 

Dog of the Month:

Roxy Hi, my name is Roxy! I am a 3 year old female Pitbull. My owner loved me but because of health issues, could not take care of me anymore. I may be a big strong girl but I am a love bug. I am house trained and do well with puppy pads in the house. I was left alone for several hours with my previous owner with free run of the house and was a good girl. I love to be where you are and give big sloppy smooches, if you give me a chance. I do have to be taught not to jump up on people sometimes but it's pretty easy to train me since I so want to please my human friends. If you are interested in meeting me, please call or stop by the shelter!There are no same day adoptions, an application must be

Hammerhead Carpentry

filled out onsite before an adoption is approved. We are located at 90 Webster on Rt. 16 in Douglas, near the Douglas State forest. For information call (508) 476-1855.

Quality Work Always

Remodeling & Renovations

Custom Homes & Design


Additions and Vinyl Siding

Replacement Windows

Garages & Decks

BILL SKERRY 508-234-6296



/ /

& !% "

# ! !




( &( -!%

% " " !

# # $ "

! " ! !

&%* &( * &+( && !) * --- '+ " ( #! &$

" $



/ /

% #)& &( ( .&+( ,&(!*

& $ ! !

" !


& #


# % ! "!$ % $* ! # % ' )$ ) !! $ * % # !# (% # !# &%% #$ *


MA License #056-635

Home Imp.#125365


RESTORE IT - DON'T REPLACE IT! !&$ $ * !! $ * # $$&# !! &##!& $ *

% #! !




! *

#% #



% "$ $

PaGE 22

JUNE 2012


$5 OFF Trinity Our Signature Auto


Special Summer Savings! #!"* )( & ! "


#&%% %$ !(!%$ ' & ! "

Buy 1 Get 1


' (!$

*$ % & %#)






+ '

+ '

$#' ' #" '

% '#" (''#" ! "


)' '


&& *$ #'#&'( # #!

$(% !


& #

&& *$ #'#&'( # #!

+++ !)# % %$)('


' ( $, %) " ' ( %&$ & % ( / .

10% OFF




( %$'

")## &' %&$ & "" #' " &%* $

$ ( .


PaGE 23


JUNE 2012




%-$ $%, !



(& -

/0 /


* ( &) &!


+ "

+ %"






Clip & Save

PaGE 24

JUNE 2012

Civil War Reenactment returns to Daniels Farmstead The beautiful historic daniels Farmstead, located at 286 Mendon Street in Blackstone will once again be transformed into Federal and Confederate encampments with re-enactors of the 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry of the New England Brigade. Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th, from 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You’ve read the stories. You have seen the films. You studied it in school. See it first-hand, a re-enactment of Federal and Confederate Armies as they oppose

each other. Watch Calvary, Artillery and Infantry Armies battle. Now you have an opportunity to see history reenacted of the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States. Will the brave men in Gray or Blue be victorious in this battle? See the encampments up close. Experience what life was like to be a soldier in the War Between the States. Brother against Brother. Speak with re-enactors from the Confederate and Federal encampments. See how a battalion camp was set up with headquarters’ and company camp streets.


Have your picture taken with the troops, see how they lived and relaxed when not engaged in battle.

Visit the sutlers village (a person who followed an army or maintained a store on an army post to sell provisions to the


Medical Supply -


( )* +$') - " * ! "() - ,$'! )* *&$, "**"% ) - (*!&' " (& + *) -

$ +$') ! # ! "()


soldiers) and their families in their authentic period dress. Come and watch history come to life and hear Generals discuss and debate battle tactics, see infantry and artillery drills, first person impressions both military and civilian, period music, recruitment stations and other period scenarios. On both days northern and southern re-enactors will engage in staged battles at 1:00 pm for the education of the public. The daniels Farmhouse will be open for house tours for a small donation of $3.00 Follow signs to the daniels Farmstead Visitors parking area at BMR High School, 175 Lincoln St., Blackstone. Purchase ticket then take the free shuttle to daniels Farmstead. All visitors must park at BMR, this includes all motorcycles. Sorry No dogs, Alcohol or Smoking is allowed. This is a rain or shine event. Gate Tickets are Adults $8.00; Children 3-17 / Seniors (62+) $6.00 dFF members – Receive half price off Gate Ticket price (must show 2012 membership card) Advance Tickets may be purchased at: Flamingo Flowers, 63 Main St, Blackstone; Southwick’s Zoo, Mendon; and The Tole Booth, 129 Main Street Blackstone. This is a great educational and entertaining day for all ages; children, grandchildren, students, adults and historians. For additional information and directions visit: - Photo by K. Boyko 


$ " $ $

% # "$


$ #$"( # #)

(# $%" #

$# (# '$" $

" & # #


#) " " $ $ $ ! $# ) $ $ # " # " " # ( " & (

.- 1(/2 %$ 6 (2/0$!5 /)$!5 6 !12/$!5 ./1( 4"/)$'%

!)- 1/%%1

% $

/%%-3..$ 1

# "# % " #

Includes exam, cleaning, bite wings, treatment plan and fluoride for children. (NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH INSURANCE)




!*% (.,% *)1 )-#+2$%$ ,%-1).- 1()0 !$

% && &./



JuNE 2012


WEEKLY SundayS biNGo knights of Columbus 70 prescott rd., Whitinsville Doors open at 4 pm MondayS pitCH party 6:30 pm at the uxbridge senior Center on south Main street TueSdayS rotary Club MEEtiNG 12:15 pm at unibank, 49 Church st., trustee’s room p.a.C.E. Class…FrEE! people with arthritis can exercise 10 am in the Community room at lydia taft House. Call paulette 508-476-4467

WedneSdayS FrEE pool VFW, post 1385, uxbridge 508-278-7540 ThurSdayS “CoMMuNity baND” practice 7:30 pm at Whitin school on Granite st., uxbridge

2nd • Sat. NatioNal trails Day 9:30 aM Greenbriar recreation area of army Corps. of Engineer’s Hodges Village Dam in North oxford. Walking and horseback riding while raising money for local trail improvements. Dogs on leashes are welcome. $15.00 reg. fee per participant $10.00 children under age 12 includes lunch and free raffle ticket. For more info.

aNyoNE WHo DoNatEs NoN pErisHablE boxED, CaNNED or papEr proDuCt itEMs For tHE “pEoplE First FooD paNtry” Will bE ENtErED iN a prizE paCkaGE DraWiNG For a $30.00 ValuE. WiNNEr NEED Not bE prEsENt. plEasE Drop itEMs iN FoyEr at JaMborEEs.

4th • Mon. uxbriDGE rotary Club GolF outiNG to benefit scholarship funds 11 aM Whitinsville Golf Club 179 Fletcher st. For more info. call Ed Eldridge 774-262-5674.

Nicky at 508-278-3558

SaTurdayS ladies auxiliary MEat raFFlE 5 pm at VFW post 1385 Hall, rte. 16 in uxbridge MEN’s biblE stuDy Whitinsville Community Center, Church/Hill sts. 4th Floor Conference rm. Men from all area towns are invited. 508-234-8185

5th • Tues. NaMi support Group 7 - 8:30 pM uxbridge Nazarene Church 130 Douglas st. For more info. call 508-917-8381 JiMMy FuND sCoopEr boWl 12 - 8 pM all you can eat ice cream festival. boston City Hall plaza June 5th 6th and 7th. General admission $10 / $5.00 ages 3-9, Free for children under 3. a three day scooper pass is $20.00. For more info.

7th • Thurs. GrEat pENGuiN rEsCuE 7 pM uxbridge public Free library North Main st. uxbridge

9th • Sat. opEN HousE WHitiNsVillE WEllNEss CENtEr & spa 10 am - 5 pm 338 Church st., Whitinsville

20th • Wed. First Day oF suMMEr

21st • Thurs.

yarD salE aND opEN HousE 9-1 pM Douglas Dog orphans 90 Webster st. (route 16) For more info visit NEW ENGlaND CouNtry MusiC Club luNCHEoN/JaMborEE VFW #1385 13 Cross rd. rt. 16 uxbridge. potluck 1-5 pM Featuring phoenix rize’n anyone who brings food for the buffet table is admitted for $3.00. NECMC members who do not contribute to the pot luck table are admitted for $5.00 non NECMC $6.00. Music begins at 1 and continues until 5 pM. after 2 pM NECMC members $4.00.

546 providence road Whitinsville. Call to register 774-254-1146 For more info.

blaCkstoNE VallEy HEritaGE quiltErs 7 pM - End of the year Dinner and block of the Month Displayed "Willow brook" route 16, Mendon

3rd • Sun.

WaLK For WeLLneSS Clear your mind, meet new people and get healthy & Walk the trails at pout pond Call

Enjoy your Summer!

paGE 25

blaCkstoNE VallEy FrEE MEDiCal proGraM 6-8 pM Northbridge High school 427 linwood ave., Whitinsville

tHiMblE plEasurEs quilt GuilD MEEtiNG 7 pM unitarian Church Fellowship Hall 13 Maple st., Mendon Cathy racine, owner of the Charlton sewing Center will be guest auctioneer. First meeting free, meetings without speaker $3.00 meetings with speaker $5.00. Visitors and new members welcome. For more info.

VFW post 1385 MoNtHly MEEtiNG 7 pM, route 16 uxbridge

22nd • Fri.

13th • Wed.

Holbrook MEMorial GolF tourNaMENt registration 8 aM @ blissful Meadows Golf Club uxbridge. For more info. contact renee tetrault 508-579-8709

11th • Mon.

EDiblE WilD plaNts oF tHE NortHEast 6:30 pM Whitinsville social library 17 Church st., Northbridge. Naturalist John root. Featuring identification and use of delicious and nutritious plants. Free admission; all welcome FriENDly DisCouNt liquors bEEr & WiNE FEst. 5:30 - 8 pM 1167-7 providence rd. rte. 122 Whitinsville. in store tasting. Free admission rsVp 508-234-7951

14th • Thurs. FlaG Day

16th • Sat. toWN WiDE yarD salE aND FlEa MarkEt; First Congregational Church sutton maps of the sites distributed at 8 aM this event is rain or shine. For more info contact Nancy 508-865-4907

17th • Sun. FatHEr’s Day

18th • Mon. soul attituDE talk GrEEN liGHts 6-7 pM Harbro auto Conference room (building to the rt. of main bldg.)

23rd • Sat. blaCkstoNE VallEy yarD salE 9-12 pM Dudley Gendron american legion Hall 156 boston rd. sutton. rain date saturday, June 30th

24th • Sun. NEW ENGlaND CouNtry MusiC Club JaMborEE provided luncheon 12:30 p.m. Featuring new band Whiskeytone VFW #1385 13 Cross rd. rt. 16 uxbridge. lunch picnic style bbq $6.00 lunch served 12:30 - 2 pM Music 1- 5 pM after 2:00 pM NECMC members $4.00. anyone who donates non perishable boxed, canned or paper product items for the “people First Food pantry” will be entered in a prize package Drawing for a $30.00 value. Winner need not be present. please drop items in foyer at jamborees.

25th • Mon. aMEriCaN lEGioN riDErs MoNtHly MEEtiNG 7 pM american legion Hall, 59 Douglas st.

27th • Wed. aMEriCaN lEGioN MoNtHly MEEtiNG 7 pM american legion Hall, 59 Douglas st.

paGE 26

JuNE 2012

Dining Out Under New Management! 11 South Main St, Uxbridge, MA

508-278-8088 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Sun. thru Sat. 6:30 am to 3 pm

All Food Made Fresh Daily HOMEMADE

Sausage Pepper & Onions


Delmonico Steak & Cheese



Starting At...




Early Bird Specials ~ Monday thru Friday

All served with Handcut Fries!


Breakfast & Lunch

492 QUAKER HIGHWAY, UXBRIDGE Monday thru Friday 5:00 am to 2:00 pm NOW OPEN SAT. & SUN. 5 AM TILL 1 PM

~ Breakfast All Day ~

Homemade Soup Daily Lunch Specials


Take Out Available

roast Portabellas with Spinach & Mozzarella This is a nice Appetizer or Luncheon portion. For me, Portabellas are the Vegetarian Meat. Something I learned recently is that Spinach contains Oxalic Acid, which reacts to cast iron cookware; causing the Spinach to discolor. It can cause Cast Iron to Rust, so you probably want to make another choice of pan. These Stuffed Portabellas are very quick to put together with the help of Scampi Butter. Scampi Butter holds really well in the freezer; as long as you seal out the air. IngredIents: 30 oz of Fresh Baby Spinach, or three 10 oz pkgs of frozen Spinach, thawed 1 ½ gallon stock pot 12 cups of lightly salted water 2 tablespoons of minced shallots 1 tablespoon of minced garlic 1/3 teaspoon of ground fennel seed ¼ teaspoon of magic seasonings 4 tablespoons of rosemary garlic olive oil, for sauteing the spinach 5 medium to large portabella mushroom caps, with the stems removed 2 tablespoons of rosemary garlic olive oil, for brushing the outside of mushrooms 3 tablespoons of scampi butter for roasting “the gill side” of the mushrooms 1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese 5 teaspoons of sundried cranberries 5 teaspoons of balsamic glaze syrup YIeld: 5 stuffed Portabella CaPs

You won’t go away hungry!

! !"

Baker Boy-




Town Grill Diner



Monday thru Friday: 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Weekends: 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Bring the lightly salted water to a boil. Add the fresh or frozen spinach to the water and cook it for 1 minute. Drain the spinach in a colander and shock it with cold running water. Squeeze the spinach dry and set it aside. Heat the 4 tablespoons of rosemary garlic olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium high heat. Add the minced shallots and garlic and sauté them until they begin to pick up a little color(about 3 minutes). Crumble in the cooked spinach and season it with ground fennel and magic seasonings. Sauté the spinach for 1 minute; stirring in the seasonings using a large roast fork. Set the sautéed spinach aside. Remove the stems from the portabella mushroom caps, and trim off the soiled root end. Discard the soil end and save the stems for soup or mushroom gravy, or Bolognese sauce. Brush the round side of the caps with rosemary garlic oil. Place them rounded side facing down on a lightly sprayed ½ sheet pan. Scoop 2 ½ teaspoons of scampi butter onto the gill side of each mushroom cap. Preheat your oven to 400º degrees for at least 10 minutes. Roast the portabellas for 15 minutes until they become tender. Remove the mushroom caps from the oven and then divide the sautéed spinach between them; covering the gills. Sprinkle the surface of the spinach with some shredded mozzarella cheese. Return the stuffed portabellas to the oven for 5 minutes to melt the cheese and heat the spinach through. Remove the stuffed portabella mushroom caps from the oven when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Garnish the caps with some craisins and drizzle each of them lightly with some balsamic glaze. Balsamic glaze: In a small sauté pan, reduce ¼ c of balsamic vinegar down to 1 tablespoon to a glaze like consistency.

- from george & Voula’s table to your table George & Voula are the owners of Baker Boy Town Grill Diner; Uxbridges

JuNE 2012

paGE 27

~Society ~ Genealogists announce last meeting before summer break The June meeting for the Worcester Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc. will be held on the second TUESDAY evening, June 12th in Periwinkles Bar & Grille located at 917 Southbridge Street, Auburn. Socializing will begin at 6 p.m. with dinner starting at 6:30 p.m. After dinner a short business meeting will take place at 7:15 p.m. Then Dick Eastman will begin his “Maine Outhouses I Have Known and Loved” talk at 7:30 p.m. Join us for dinner first, or come later

Attention Crafters! If you would like to participate in Shepherd Hill Regional High School’s 21st Annual “Festival of Crafts” on Saturday, November 17th in Dudley, MA, applications are now being taken. We have over 150 crafters; all crafts are homemade by the crafters. You may obtain an application by downloading it from our website at and clicking on the “craft fair” link. Or you may call Robyn at 508-248-0710


TOP DOLLAR PAID for Gold, Silver, Diamonds & Coins

(no charge) for a rip-roaring night with internationally-known genealogy speaker Dick Eastman as he regales us with “Maine Houses I Have Known and Loved”, a mixture of humor and gravity as he looks at a bit of Americana that doesn’t receive much attention. The meeting is free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring a friend(s). Membership in the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists is only $25.00 for individual and $30.00 per family living in the same household per year. Dinner is Periwinkles’ delicious Italian buffet. The cost of dinner is $21.00 (checks should be made out to MSOG, Inc). Deadline for checks is May 31st and should be mailed to Seema Kenney; P.O. Box 888; Upton, MA 01568. Come and get your last genealogy fix before we break for the summer! Questions? Contact: Nancy Schultzberg, Publicity Chairperson, at 774-5739529. For more information about the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, visit our website: www.massachusetts or

NATHANS’ Jewelers 508-473-7375 157 Main Street

Annual Town Wide Yard Sale

Christopher Szkutak

The Friends of Mendon Elders are sponsoring their 8th Annual Town Wide Progressive Yard Sale on Saturday, June 9th  with a rain date of June10th.   Last year, 47 homes participated in this popular fund raiser by listing their Yard Sale in the Master List of Sales Booklet.  The yard sale begins at the Senior Center, 62 Providence Street, where shoppers stop to purchase the Master List of Sales Booklet for only $1.00! From there they Progress throughout town to the many yard sales listed in the book-

Szkutak named Grange Public Speaking Contest winner Christopher Szkutak, Northbridge, received first place in the impromptu speech category and the prepared speech category of the Massachusetts State Grange Public Speaking Contest held in Boylston on Sunday, April 29th. Chris is a member of Uxbridge Grange #200. The annual Public Speaking Contest contains impromptu, prepared and elevator

Mon. , Tues., $# ' Wed., &( &! Fri. 9 am"to 5 pm %" Thursday am to %6 " pm ' 9" Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

speech categories and is open to Grange members of all ages. The Massachusetts State Grange is a fraternal, community organization founded in 1873. Granges are located in numerous communities throughout Massachusetts and have interests in education, agriculture and family activities. For more information, visit


) &! 508-278-7737

A SA p e cSpecial i a l T h aThank n k Y oYou... u...

O u r 6Our th A niversary 3rdnAnniversary $*


Call Now Space Is Limited!

Graduation Flowers

let. Traffic was heavy in the Little Town of Mendon as savvy yard sale shoppers from area towns converged on the little Town of Mendon to scoop up the bargains. Email  for more information.   Many thanks  to our generous business sponsors  for their support, whose names are displayed on a rotating basis on the Senior Center Marquis. All proceeds from this fundraiser support activities and program development and enhancement of the senior center. 


for your old or junk



508-864-8887 or


paGE 28

JuNE 2012

Blackstone Valley Women’s Club plan June Yard Sale Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 23rd, for the Blackstone Valley’s Yard Sale from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon at the Dudley Gendron American Legion Hall, 156 Boston Road, Sutton. In the meantime, if you are downsizing and have nice items you’d like to contribute to help our club raise money to do more good work in our Valley communities, please contact Constance Dwyer of Sutton, President, at (508) 917-8415 who will arrange for the pick up of your donations. This year’s yard sale participants will be club members only. Your donations of home décor, art-

work, tools, jewelry & accessories, hand knitted goods, toiletries (new only), soaps, (new only) candles, (new only), garden items, sports equipment, CDs & movies (no VHS), blankets, throws, new or gently used, in good or excellent condition, (you’d buy yourself) are welcome for this fundraiser. The club will not accept used pillows, children’s or adult’s clothing but will be glad to have anything new in this category. Nor will the club accept board games or stuffed animals unless they are also new. No mattresses, appliances or furniture (except small pieces). Items you donate will be gratefully accepted

" %! # $#&' ) '

$( ! &


by the Blackstone Valley Women’s Club, a non-profit organization, as long as it can be transported in a car or you can deliver yourself by 8 a.m. during our set up time (no shoppers please until 9 a.m.) on Saturday, June 23rd. Most of all, come by and shop at this multiple yard sale to be held outside by the barn at Dudley Gendron American Legion in Sutton. When you come, you’ll be sure,

to have fun and support a good cause— guaranteed! Rain date will be the following Saturday, June 30th. The Blackstone Valley Women’s Club is part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and members represent 8 towns in the Valley: Northbridge, Whitinsville, Uxbridge, Douglas, Sutton, Grafton, Millbury, & Westboro.

Gaslight Era Music at library Join us at the Uxbridge Free Public Library on Monday, June 18th from 7-8 pm for a musical look back in time with naturalist/musician John Root as he introduces us to the Music of the Gaslight Era, featuring a delightful repertoire of instrumental and vocal musical styles from the turn of the previous century. Everyone is invited to sing along and to experience the range of feelings evoked by this music.

The songs' lyrics offer insights into the customs and values of these bygone days. Audiences also learn how America's ethnic and racial diversity created unique musical styles that continue to delight and inspire audiences around the world. This program is made possible by a grant from the Uxbridge Cultural Council.

Starts at $28.00 pr. yd. " " "

" " " ! (!

BVCC Band posts concert Schedule The Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band will be kicking off its outdoor concert series on Saturday, June 9th at 5:00 p.m. at the Mendon Summerfest. The band is composed of seventy talented musicians from the Blackstone Valley and beyond. Performances feature a variety of music including popular songs, jazz, music from Broadway and the movies, concert pieces, and marches. It is music your whole family will enjoy. Admission is free. Dates, locations and directions can be found on our website: www.bvcc Our June outdoor schedule is as follows: • Saturday, June 9th – 5:00 pm Mendon Summerfest, H. Lowell Memorial Ball Fields, Millville Road, Mendon • Sunday, June 24th – 3:30 pm (Rain Date: Sunday, July 1st) River Bend Farm, 287 Oak Street, Uxbridge • Wednesday, June 27th – 7:00 pm (Rain Date: Thursday, June 28th) Hopedale Town Park, 33 Dutcher Street, Hopedale. BVCC Band is funded through grants and donations. Contributions can be sent to the BVCCB at PO Box 116, Uxbridge, MA 01569.

"& ## # " & 1 % )*##1 %*'%) # /%. , 1 -- 1 ,/(%""'# 1 ' ,%)#. 0*+$*)# #''*- 1 ,/(+#. &/'#'# +!* 1( *%!# - 1 )) (+$)1 - %*'! 1 %&

!&#!% ! # - # (!% * - ,&' &% &! -- )-1/.$2#1).##& -1. ,20)# (+$' * - !&# - "+# #

1(/.2'( ,.3%,%-1 !-$ !/10 #/!&10 $ )" 2-% %( '%0 7 %')--)-'

2+5 & %$ 2+5


7 .#* !-$ #! 7 +2%0 !-$ !66 "!-$

++ !'%0 !-$ !")+)15 !$2+10 4%+#.,% %"# " ( %"# ! $ " ( ! $

''' '''

( %"# ( ! $ (! %"#$%"( ( ! $ ! $%" (

#$#$ &&

(( %# %#

! !$ $

! !

JuNE 2012

paGE 29

Senior Corner Uxbridge Senior Center Events and Lunch Menu Lunch pick up begins at 10:30 am each day. Please call the Senior Center at 508-278-8622 to reserve your meal 48 hours in advance and also to arrange for transportation to lunch, shopping and for medical appointments. The Uxbridge Senior Center is a drop off site for the People First Food Pantry. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 9 am-4 pm. Council on Aging meets at 4:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The Elderly Connection meets monthly. Call the Senior Center at 508-278-8622 for dates and time WEDNESDAY IS GAME DAY! Every Wednesday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am you can join a game of Triominos or Cribbage. Bring a friend and stay for lunch. You may want to play different games such as checkers, chess or Wii. Get you group together and start some new games. All are welcome. COMPUTER CLASSES – “SEARCHING THE INTERNET, HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR”. Do you have a new Ipad, tablet or Nook but aren’t sure about all you can do with it? Bring it to class and the kids will help you learn more about it. Classes are from 3-4pm every Monday. Please call the Senior Center at 508278-8622 to enroll and get further details. Classes are geared to individual needs. Senior Center Wish List – The Senior Center would greatly appreciate any donations of decaf coffee, paper plates and cups, napkins, plastic silverware and bathroom supplies. This year we can also use any garden tools you may be getting rid of as well as any extra

plants tomato plants that you aren’t going to use. These things are not covered in the budget. We thank you very much for your help. WOULD YOU LIKE TO VOLUNTEER AT THE SENIOR CENTER? This summer the Senior Center will plant a vegetable garden at the Community Gardens. If you have any garden tools that you would like to donate or lend to us we would greatly appreciate your help. Also if you have any extra tomato plants that you won’t be using we could certainly use them also. The vegetables will be used for the lunches at the Center. We need a few people to tend the garden. If we could get people to volunteer one day a week to check the garden, water, pull weeds and harvest the vegetables, we would all benefit. We will get fresh air, sunshine and exercise! Call the Senior Center if you can join us in the garden. ELDERLY CONNECTION MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Every year at this time the Elderly Connection has a membership drive. The dues are $2 a year. Please call the Senior Center if you would like to join. The Elderly Connection raises money to help the seniors in Uxbridge. Fundraisers include the June 9th Golf Tournament, the Fall Glamarama and raffle baskets. They sponsored the Valentine Tea, the Easter Brunch and will sponsor 3 more Holiday meals this year. SAVE THE DATE! June 9th will be the annual Elderly Connection Golf Tournament at the Crystal Lake Golf Course, in Mapleville, RI. Sign up for a full sponsorship for $650, a team for $500, or individual for $125. For those who are not golfers a $25 ticket can be pur-

Fred Gibson, LPN Toenail Care Specializing in SENIOR TOENAIL & FOOTCARE $35 a visit • Call to schedule your appt. • We make house calls Let “Fred The Foot Guy” help you put your best foot forward! • • • • •


317 Aldrich St., Uxbridge, MA • 508-844-7534

Senior Comfort Services ♥


! ♥

$ ♥

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Offering the latest technology in Personal Emergency Response Systems! FREE ASSESSMENTS by our Registered Nurse

(508) 865-2170 !

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chased for the buffet only. We encourage the public to join us. Please contact Peter DiBattista at 508- 234-5666 or Peter Petrillo at 508-278-5106 for more information. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year to help the seniors of Uxbridge. MEDICAL DRIVER NEEDED: A medical driver is needed for Friday’s at the Senior Center. The volunteer position pays a stipend of $9 per hour. It does not require a special license. If you are patient, flexible, have a good driving record and are looking to help out in your community, please call Marsha Petrillo, Uxbridge Senior Center at 508-278-8622 to learn more about the position. PATRIOTIC PICNIC Sponsored by the Elderly Connection Join us on Tuesday, July 3rd at 11:30 at the West Hill Park Pavilion for a Patriotic Picnic. We will have hot dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans and coleslaw. The pavilion is handicap accessible. In case of rain the picnic will be held at the Senior Center. Please call in advance to reserve your lunch and let us know if you can attend. NaviCare SCO will be at the Senior Center on the first Monday of every month beginning on June 4th at 2:00 p.m. NaviCare SCO is a Senior Care Options program. NaviCare helps you get the most out of your Medicare and MassHealth Standard benefits and ofcontinued on page 32

Activities announced for Northbridge Seniors HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m. Friday – 8:30a.m. – 1:00 p.m. VOLUNTEER MEDICAL DRIVERS The Northbridge Senior Centers Volunteer Medical Driver program is in desperate need of drivers to take local senior residents, to out of town medical appointments. Any time that you could give to this much needed, and appreciated service would be most welcomed. Drivers are reimbursed once a month for their miles. Call the center for more for information 508-234-2002. SHINE A Shine Counselor is available by appointment only. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment. FALLON REPRESENATIVE The Northbridge Senior Center will have a Fallon Rep (Senior Plan) on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:00 a.m. Come join other seniors who may have questions or concerns regarding your insurance coverage VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION The Northbridge Senior Center and Tri-Valley nutrition site will honor all volunteers on Wednesday, June 6th at 1:30 p.m. There will be a make your own sundae social.

FRENCH CLUB Come join others on Wednesday, June 12th at 1:00 p.m. for an afternoon of French conversation etc: The guest speaker will be Fr. Steven La Baire from St Mary’s Parish in Uxbridge. His topic will be on Canada. VNA The VNA of greater Milford/ Northbridge area will conduct a wellness clinic on Tuesday, June 12th from 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m. This service is made available in corporation with the VNA and the Board of Health. Local seniors should ASK THE NURSE The Northbridge Senior Center Ask the Nurse Program will conduct a vital signs clinic on Tuesday, June 26th, 11 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Come in and meet Pat Wallen our RN. She is available to answer any questions concerning your medications, or any other health issues you may have. IMPORTATION INFORMATION The Northbridge Police Department announces a new Emergency Notification system: Code RED. This system will notify you directly of any emergency information that you should be aware of. Please note (You must have a computer to register with the police continued on next page

paGE 30

NortHbriDGE sENior CENtEr continued from page 29

department) the website is click on the Code Red and enter your information. If you do not have a computer, contact the Senior Center for more information. 508-234-2002

JuNE 2012

WII BOWLING The Wii Bowling Day is Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Come be with others, and join in the skill of balance. MAHJONG The new program Mahjong will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. This is a game of skill, strategy and calculation. Come and try it out.

ATTENTION SENIOR CITIZENS The Town of Northbridge Property Tax WORK - OFF PROGRAM. is available for local seniors, who qualify and have appropriate skills, volunteer their services to the town. They are then matched with volunteer positions that have been offered by various Town Departments. This new program can help you reduce the cost of your property taxes and you

will be helping the town as well. CRIBBAGE PLAYERS NEEDED The Cribbage League is in need of additional players for the 2012 season. The league plays on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. Call the center for more information or you can reach Jim Carse at 508-234-5279. The cribbage League will resume on Thursday, September 6th at 1:00 p.m.

MONTHLY BIRTHDAY DINNER The monthly birthday dinner will be Tuesday, June 26th at 11:45 a.m. Anyone celebrating a birthday in June is invited to attend and bring a guest. All birthday participants are eligible to win. Reservations must be made on Thursday no later than 11:00 a.m.

June event for Sutton Seniors 1st • Friday 11:30 AM – “ Young At Heart” Singers. Singing Broadway show tunes & more. 7 PM – Piano Recital Featuring local students. Refreshments. All welcome. 4th • Monday 10 AM - Chatterbox Discussion Group. All Welcome 12:30 PM – John Root’s Presentation on: “Crop Circles”. Slide show & discussion. 7th • Thursday 1 PM – Movie & Snacks “We Bought A Zoo” Comedy/Drama with Matt Damon, Rated PG 21st • Thursday 11 AM – Lecture on Osteoporosis & Osteopina. Iinformation & discussion.

Deiana’s • • • • •

strip refinish repair chair caning upholstery

22nd • Friday 8 to 9 AM – “Scrambled Egg & Sausage” Breakfast. $3.00 pp. WEEKLY FEATURES Mondays – 9:30 AM Tai Chi FREE classes every Monday. All Welcome Mondays – 12:45 PM NEW Men’s Poker Club. All Welcome Tuesdays - 1 PM Cribbage all welcome 2 PM “Boost” High Impact exercise Thursdays – 9 AM “Boost” High Impact exercise group Thursdays – 10 AM Pitch BINGO @ 1:00 PM every Wednesday & Friday Fridays - 9 AM “I’m Sorry” Card Game Free Exercise Classes Mondays & Wednesdays (Range of Motion) Free Yoga Classes Tuesdays & Fridays Free Computer Classes Wednesdays & Thursdays 9-12 AM

Furniture Refinishing & Repair

508-278-5660 Off Rte. 16, at the end of Hecla St. Uxbridge, MA 01569

Fine restoration services for 35 years

JuNE 2012

paGE 31

Mendon Senior News MISCOE HILL JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Tuesday, June 5th 1 p.m. Join us for the return engagement of this dedicated group of young musicians from Miscoe Hill School lead by Instructor Michael Morel following our regular Tuesday lunch. Please call or stop by the center to register for one or both programs. FRIENDS’ PROGRESSIVE YARD SALE Saturday, June 9th 8 am-2 pm It all starts at 7:30 AM, June 9th at the Mendon Senior Center where shoppers first stop and shop. Purchase the Master List of Sales Directory with map of the town included for only $1.00 then Progress from the center throughout the entire town! In conjunction with this year's sale, the Mendon Lions Club will be co-hosting the annual Strawberry Festival with the Unitarian Church of Mendon. Call Friends President Marty Fletcher at 508-473-3922 or the Center at 508478-6175 for more information.

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TUESDAY Blood Pressure Clinic at 9:00AM Walking Club at 9:00 AM

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TOWER HILL BOTANICAL GARDENS Wednesday, June 20th We are invited to join our neighbors from Hopedale to visit Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in West Boylston on Wednesday, June 20th. We will depart from the Hopedale Senior Center at 9:00 am and enjoy a self-guided tour of the gardens, followed by lunch on your own at the café on site. We will return to Hopedale at approximately 3:00 p.m. The cost per person is $10.00 for admission and bus transportation. Payments can be made directly to Hopedale Senior Center in cash or checks can be made payable to the Friends of Mendon Elders by June 14th. Call Hopedale SC at 508-6342208 or the Mendon Center to register.

',& !! ," $$ # $% * #' $#!+ ! *#& '$ "$* !$) & ' + % " #



Millbury Council of Aging announces June events

SUMMER SAFETY TIPS The Mendon Fire Department will pay us a visit to review safety tips including cooking inside and out this summer. Stop by on Tuesday, June 26th at 12:30 after our lunch to learn how to play it cool! Be sure to pick up a free informative brochure.

NEW CARD GAME! Beginning this month we will be hosting a Monday morning Pitch game at 10:00 a.m. Call the center at 508-4786175 to express your interest in this activity.

"& " % '% % $%

COED BOCCE: Beginners Welcome! Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm for fresh air and a friendly game. Haven’t played for years? We’ll refresh your memory. Looking to learn? No problem. Also, if you would like to reserve the court for a game on your own, call the Center.

" !




Millbury Council of Aging, 1 River St. Millbury, Ma 01527 508-865-9247 MONDAY Exercise at 10:00 AM Wii Bowling at 12:30 PM Scrabble/Scat at 1:00 PM

Tai Chi Class at 9:30 AM cost $2.00 Sing-a-Long 11:00 AM Cribbage/Scat at 1:00 PM Yoga at 1:00 PM WEDNESDAY Crafters @ 9:30 AM Bingo @ 1:00 PM Bingo @ 6:00 PM

THURSDAY Whist @ 12:45 PM FRIDAY Exercise @ 10:00 AM Bridge/Scat @ 12:30 PM Lunch is served daily at 12:00 Noon. Call 48 hrs in advance for reservation. Suggested Donation $2.00

paGE 32

JuNE 2012

uxbriDGE sENior CENtEr continued from page 29 fers you extra services that can help you stay healthy at no extra cost to you. You are eligible if you are 65 years old or older, you have Mass Health Standard and live in Worcester County.

1st Friday 11:30 am - Vegetable quiche, garden salad, and sugar free Jell-O, brownies. 4th Monday 11:30 AM – Stuffed shells, spinach, and sugar free pudding. 3:00- 4:00 pm - Computer Class (see above for details) 2:00 PM – NaviCare SCO. 5th Tuesday 8:30 am – Pick-up begins for gro-

cery shopping at Hannaford’s. 11:30 – Beef and corn bread pie, rice, corn and brownies. 6th Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30 am – Game Day – Bring you friends and play triominos or cribbage. 11:30 am – Chicken and asparagus with penne pasta. Garden salad and triple berry pie. 7th Thursday 11:30 AM – Stuffed cabbage, jasmine rice, mixed vegetables and sugar free Jell-O. 1:00-2:00 pm – Yoga class, all welcome to join. Fee is $4 p.p. 8th Friday 11:30 AM – Baked fish, baked potato, mixed vegetable and fresh fruit.

discover new authors this book discussion is for You! New members are always welcome, just stop by! 4:00 pm – Council on Aging Directors meeting.

9th Saturday Golf Tournament at Crystal Lake 11th Monday 11:30 – Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, garden salad and fresh fruit. 3:00- 4:00 pm - Computer Class (see above for details)

13th Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30 am – Game Day – Bring your friends and play triominos or cribbage. 11:30 am – Honey glazed pork, baked sweet potato, peas and sugar free Jell-O.

12th Tuesday 8:30 am – Pick-up begins for grocery shopping at Hannaford’s 11:30 – Meatloaf and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrot cake. 2:00-3:00 pm – Page Turner with Jane Granatino, Library Director. If you like to talk about books, good and bad, join us. Share some of your favorite reads, talk about what makes a classic and

14th Thursday 11:30 am – Penne and meatballs, garden salad, and ice cream. 12:30 pm - Pick-up begins for Wal-Mart shopping. 1:00-2:00 pm – Yoga class, all welcome to join. Fee is $4 p.p.

J & D Revell & Sons


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'%% ( " $

19th Tuesday 8:30 am – Pick-up begins for grocery shopping at Hannaford’s 11:30 – Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, green beans and fresh fruit. 20th Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30 am – Game Day – Bring your friends and play triominos or cribbage. 11:30 - Lunch – Teriyaki pork, couscous, Brussels sprouts and sugar free Jell-O.


Your Best Friends’ Best Friend

Beth Stevens

18th Monday 11:30 am – Lunch – Beef stir fry, jasmine rice, mixed vegetables and sugar free pudding. 3:00- 4:00 pm - Computer Class (see above for details)

21st Thursday 11:30 - Chicken potpie, roasted potatoes, peas and cookies. 1:00-2:00 pm – Yoga class, all welcome to join. Fee is $4 p.m.

(508) 779-0045 , (508) 400-0459

Reserve for your vacations early

15th Friday 11:30 am - BBQ chicken, potato salad, mixed vegetables and sugar free pudding.

1 12

2 0 0 7

22nd Friday 11:30 – Baked salmon with dill butter, rice pilaf, asparagus and assorted pies. 25th Monday 11:30 – Shepherd’s pie, peas, and ice cream. 3:00- 4:00 pm - Computer Class (see above for details) 26th Tuesday 8:30 am – Pick-up begins for grocery shopping at Hannaford’s 11:30 – Chicken casserole, roasted potatoes, green beans and sugar free Jell-O. 27th Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30 am – Game Day – Bring your friends and play triominos or cribbage. 11:30 AM - Lunch – Corn chowder, garden salad, finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit. 28th Thursday 11:30 – Lasagna, mixed vegetables, and sugar free pudding. 12:30 pm - Pick-up begins for Wal-Mart shopping. 1:00-2:00 pm – Yoga class, all welcome to join. Fee is $4 p.p. 29th Friday 11:30 – Lunch – Hot dogs, baked beans, coleslaw and birth-

JuNE 2012

paGE 33

School News Good Citizens awarded scholarships

Area students to participate in Annual Girls State competition The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its 67th Annual Massachusetts Girls State at Stonehill College in Easton from June 16 through June 22. Ms. Mikaela Shanely, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shanley and Ms. Deboroa Lopez daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gersson Lopez have been selected to represent Uxbridge High School. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors this program state-wide. In Uxbridge, the program is financed through the generosity of the Uxbridge Woman’s Club. More than 26,000 Massachusetts girls have participated in this citizenship program since its inauguration in 1945. This year 300 girls from all parts of the State will participate in the week’s study of Local and State Government.

% $ #

They will establish and operate their own City or Town, form two political parties, nominate candidate for office, conduct campaigns and hold elections. Speakers will be state officials, leaders in government and other professions. Also speakers from the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary will be on the program. They will learn about the responsibilities of the various branches of Government and the qualifications and benefits of many of the leading professions. Girls State will be held in every State in the Union. At the Girls State Sessions, two girls will be selected to represent their respective State at Girls State nation to be held in Maryland in July.

! # #



#$ "

The Douglas, Captian Job Knapp Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution recently presented 4 local students with the Good Citizen Award and Scholarships. Funding was donatd by Unibank in the amount of $200.00 toward the scholarships. One Senior from each area school was chosen for their dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. The following seniors are the 2012 DAR Good Citizen award winners: Max William Karsok; Douglas High School, Melissa Burdick; Blackstone Valley Regional High School, Mc Kenzie Judith Dion; Whitinsville Christian School. Jeffrey Neal Andrews; Northbridge High School

Good CiTizen - Picture left to right. Gail Swenson, Good Citizen Chairperson: Jeffery andrews, northbridge high School, with his parents, Tina and everett andrews.

! " !


! %! $( !!

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$ # ' (

% #!! $ ( $ $ % & ! $( $ !& !!# "

%$ #" %#' %

Cherub’s Haven

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A Creative Learning A Creative Learning Experience!

Northbridge ! Northbridge • North & !South North!& South "!Grafton Grafton Programs ! After After SchoolSchool Programs


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paGE 34

JuNE 2012

Gold Medalists set sights to National Competition Seven outstanding students from Valley Tech will represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when they take part in the 48th annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, from June 23-28. The presti-

gious championship features more than 5,600 career and technical students – all state contest winners - competing in 94 trade and technical fields. To qualify for the national competition, students take part in district and state competitions. For the sixth

STaTe CoMPeTiTorS: Valley Tech students competed against the best career and technical students from throughout Massachusetts at the SkillsuSa Massachusetts Competition. Seven of the gold medal winners will travel to the SkillsuSa national Competition in Kansas City this month.

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straight year, Valley Tech hosted the SkillsUSA Massachusetts State Championships during the conference. Some of the most talented students from across the state took part in the competition at Valley Tech on Friday, April 27. Remarkably, a total of 26 Valley Tech students won either a gold, silver or bronze medal including three teams. “We are extremely proud of the students who represented Valley Tech at the state level and are excited about the 7 who will be going to Kansas City,” said Valley Tech SkillsUSA advisor Cheryl Joubert. “We are pleased to win an impressive total of 26 medals at the state competition and are confident our students will do well at nationals.” At the 2011 nationals, Valley Tech won two individual gold medals, one individual silver medal and a team silver medal. It was the eighth time in nine years Valley Tech recorded podium finishes in Kansas City.

After winning Massachusetts gold medals, representing the state at the 2012 national competition will be: Marissa Bunnewith (Millbury) in Commercial Baking; Hannah Green (Grafton) in Culinary Arts; Daniel Spencer (Bellingham) in Diesel Equipment Technology, Robert Jordan (Uxbridge) in Technical Computer Applications, Stephanie Rivard (Northbridge) in Technical Drafting, Andrew Desjardin (Uxbridge) in Welding, Jillian Dumont (Blackstone) in Practical Nursing. Danielle L’Esperance (Mendon) and Paige Lavallee (Uxbridge) also won gold medals as a team competing in the state competition of Cosmetology Under 500 Hours and Rachel Zinkus (Grafton) won the gold medal in Office Computer Applications. Winning silver medals for Valley Tech were: Daniel Gilmore (Millville) in Practical Nursing, Victoria Robidoux (Uxbridge) in Cosmetology Over 500

Hours, Coreen Stanovich (Northbridge) in Food & Beverage Service, Leila Larson (Douglas), Kelly Ney (Milford), and Hayley Paterson (Blackstone) as a team in Community Service, Emily Brochu (Uxbridge), Sarah Keith (Northbridge), AmandaLee Healy (Northbridge), and Lindsey Lamphere (Bellingham) as a team in Entrepreneurship, Katie Stengel (Mendon) in Job Skill Demo A, Liam MacLeod (Millbury) in Prepared Speech. Winning bronze medals for Valley Tech were: Matthew Goldstein (Northbridge) in Computer Maintenance Technology, Eric Dark (Blackstone) in Electronics Technology, Nakia Jordao (Milford) in Customer Service, Nicholas Choiniere (Millbury) in Welding. Valley Tech’s SkillsUSA Advisors include Cheryl Joubert, Rebecca Corda, and Fran Petty. SkillsUSA Massachusetts is the largest educational organization in New England with more than 25,000 members. The annual State Conference taking place at Valley Tech highlighted 87 vocational technical trade and employment contests. Two off-site contests also took place, the diesel technology competition at Milton-CAT in Milford and the masonry at the Upton Highway complex on Pleasant Street near Valley Tech. Other leadership contests took place at several business environments in Marlborough. SkillsUSA Massachusetts provides opportunities for participating students to develop individually and improve teamwork, leadership and professional skills through education, training, service, and competition.


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0 #*# .#'#(,+ 0 #*#')(&#+

School Is Out Please Drive Carefully

JuNE 2012

paGE 35

Blackstone Valley Tech Nursing programs earns accreditation Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick, Superintendent-Director of the Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District, is pleased to announce that the Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School’s highly successful post-secondary Practical Nursing Program, a part-time evening nursing program, has been approved for initial accreditation by the National League for Nursing Accred-iting Commission, Inc. (NLNAC). Dr. Fitzpatrick credits Practical Nursing Program Coordinator, Kathleen Ashe, MSN, RN, CNE along with a highly skilled team of nurse educators for the continued success of the program. This voluntary accreditation process

gram.”       In addition, the Board of Registration in Nursing from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has continued the Full Approval Status of Valley Tech’s Practical Nursing program. Annual continuation of approval status is contingent on the Program remaining in compliance in efforts to promote safe nursing practice.   Valley Tech’s Practical Nursing Program is a 60-week part-time evening nursing program whose curriculum is designed to assist graduates in passing the challenging National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). The Program opened in 2009 following Initial Status Approval from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing in July of 2009 and full approval from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The second class of 23 students will graduate from the program on June 12. 100% of the graduates from Valley Tech’s first Practical Nursing graduating class passed the challenging

included a self-study and site visit, along with detailed evaluations of the school’s Practical Nursing program, practices, and staff. The next evaluation visit has been scheduled for the fall of 2016. Notably, Valley Tech’s Practical Nursing program is only the second vocational school program in the state to receive accreditation through the NLNAC. “Nursing program accreditation by the NLNAC is a detailed peer review process,” stated Kathy Ashe. “I commend the nursing students, faculty, advisory board members, and staff for their outstanding effort in this successful accreditation process which provides a significant added value to Valley Tech’s Practical Nursing pro-

Awarded for Outstanding Environmental Education Touchstone Community School, in Grafton, was one of 14 schools statewide to have won a Green Schools Green Difference Award for outstanding environmental education. Students, faculty, and parents from the school received the award in a special ceremony held May 4th at the statehouse in Boston, where state representative George Peterson, Jr. was on hand to offer his congratulations. Green Schools is a non-profit organization devoted to creating greener and healthier learning enviroments. Touchstone Community School includes outdoor education, sustainability, gardening, and environmental stewardship in its curriculum for students from preschool through 8th grade. Both organi-

zations draw connections between what students learn and experience in school and their long-term health and involvement in environmental issues.

National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) in their first attempt. The program is now enrolling qualified candidates for the next session

scheduled to begin in August. For additional information contact Valley Tech’s Practical Nursing Program at 508-529-7758, extension 3122 or

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, &&% $)# $) %' + " % ' $




%' ) %$

)( " , %%" ) %') '

paGE 36

JuNE 2012

Student Government Day Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, recently welcomed Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School students Melissa Burdick, Caitlin Carrington, Micaela Connors, and Robert Jordan to the State House for the 65th Annual Student Government Day. Since 1947, Student Government Day has afforded students from across the Commonwealth an opportunity to take on the roles of gov-

OLV posts Third Quarter Honor Roll

ernor, constitutional officers, legislators, and court justices to experience what it is like to "run" the Commonwealth. Student Government Day is one of the nation's oldest and most interesting experiments in civic education and is conducted under the direction of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education and the Legislative Education Office.

HIGH HONORS GRADE 8: Travis Butler and Helen Wickstrom GRADE 7: Faith Adam, Molly Cloutier, Sam Malone, Lauren Markey, Peter Menchin, and Hannah Wickstrom GRADE 6: Colin Hourihan, Ryan Hourihan, Grace Rett, and Robert Wickstrom GRADE 5: Erik Backman, Liam Colligan, Quinn Colligan, Nothando Khumalo, and Gabrielle Wood GRADE 4: Caroline Adam, Joseph Bernard, Jake Henschel, Joshua Houle, Nonnie Komon, Brigid Wickstrom and Priscilla Younes

Essay contest winners announced at OLV Our Lady of the Valley Regional School just participated in the K of C Charity Essay/Poster Contest. The Knights of Columbus is a catholic fraternal service organization. Charity is the foremost principal of the Knights of Columbus. Students chose a charity, made and submitted a poster or an essay and explained their choice. Entries were judged on their overall inspiration, creativity, charity, neatness and proper English.

The winners received $50. An additional $50 was sent to the winner's charity. GROUP 1: K, Grade 1, Grade 2 - Winner- Kaitlyn Beaudreau - ASPCA GROUP 2: Grade 3, 4, & 5- Winner-Joshua Houle - JDRF (Diabetes Research) GROUP 3: Grade 6, 7, & 8- Winner-Grace Rett Military Working Dog Foundation

STaTehouSe Tour: Senator Moore (L) and State rep. Fattman (r) pictured with students enjoying Student Government day.

Application due date for Pulliam Amendment Award The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation is accepting nominations for the Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award. The award is presented to honor a person or persons who have fought to protect and preserve one or more of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. An individual, group of individuals or organization will be


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awarded $10,000 cash and an engraved crystal to honor those committed to the same goals and as a tribute to the professional contributions Pulliam made to journalism. Applications are due June 22nd. For questions, please contact Awards Coordinator Lauren Rochester at



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(Across from Linwood Mill)

HONORS GRADE 8: Haley Ante, Meaghan Bernard, Brittney Boudreau, Keryn Moriarty, Leslie Nealon, and Connor Romaine GRADE 7: Bathabile Khumalo, Daniel Stolte, and Samuel Wickstrom GRADE 6: Elizabeth Bernard, Maria Buono, Francesca Deluca, Amanda Maccaline, Sophia Masciarelli, Stella Noecker, and James Richardson GRADE 5: Anna Alves, Kelly Heney, Kyle Henschel, Eric Markey, Michelle Riley, Christian Verla, Jonathan Whittaker-Smith, David Wickstrom, and Michael Wickstrom GRADE 4: Paige Ambler, Griffin Consigli, Aidan Cook, Allyson Graves, Haley Hadge, Mary Claire Malone, and Daniel Moors.

JuNE 2012

paGE 37

Business Review business bio

Baker Boy Town Grill Diner...cooked to order homemade and healthy Story & Photos By Constance dwyer If you’re looking for a breakfast and lunch spot in the Valley, one that serves delicious and healthy meals, be sure to check out Baker Boy at 775 Quaker Highway, Uxbridge. Husband and wife team, George and Voula Kapiris, not only prepare the scrumptious homemade meals, they will also accommodate you if you are on a diet and have a special request. Four years have already zipped by since March 1, 2008 when the friendly Greek couple bought Baker Boy Town Grill Diner. George is pleased that “In the past six months, we see an improvement in business and it has been very good.” When we purchased the business, the economy was “really bad,” George added, and that’s why he is grateful to his loyal customers for coming regularly to enjoy the full breakfast and lunch at the diner. “Voula and I and our daughter, Popi, are happy to see the people in the Valley come here; in particular the friends we have made here in Uxbridge,” George said with a big smile. He continued, “They care about you.” Prior to buying Baker Boy, he and his wife owned and operated the Heritage Coffee Shop in Auburn from 19782007. “This is our style, breakfast and lunch, and we want to keep working because we love our customers and enjoy what we do.” Their daughter, Popi, “Parthaenopi Maria,” named after her two Greek grandmothers who reside in Greece, is a high school student and works weekends. “I like seeing the young kids and they’re so cute” George pointed out kids under 9 “eat free” (breakfast) and Popi always offers them a free donut after breakfast. The menu is varied with appetizing choices and Baker Boy offers lunch specials every day. For example, during the interview, one of the specials was a Greek-style lasagna. In the menu, lunch choices can be a variety of gyros, including vegetarian for the meatless aficionacados. There are hot roast beef sandwiches, and many others like clubs, as well as warm and cold wraps, grinders, burgers, salads, marinated chicken breast and catfish. Also, at lunchtime, you have your dinner options from a delicious meatloaf, chicken pot pie with a flaky crust, American chop suey or spaghetti & meatballs, and lots of fish dishes from traditional fish & chips to baked scallops casserole. Desserts are rice pudding, waffle with scoop of ice cream, and, naturally, baklava homemade, of course! Lunch specials are a feature every day. A couple of customers offered their

reGuLar CuSToMerS: owner's daughter "Popi" with Mark LaFountain of uxbridge.

haPPy To SerVe you: Baker Boy staff Voula, Chris rice and isaac Morin of Millville & owner George Kapiris. own appreciation and enjoyment in eating at Baker Boy. Richard Wunschel of Sutton, owner of Valley Plumbing & Heating, Inc., said upon leaving at closing time (2 pm) on a Friday that he eats at the diner twice a week and commented that “The food is great,” and, true to his sense of humor, couldn’t resist saying, “I haven’t died yet.” Another customer, Mark LaFountain of Uxbridge,


who w a s looking forward to his grilled ears of corn, couldn’t praise Baker Boy enough. “I come every day and I love the food and the people here. It’s a very friendly place because of George and Voula who are here 7 days a week. This is the only




+&(&) ' "#")," &.*+!" -%"+ --"+, / $+""(")-

place I go to eat in town.” George, at the conclusion of the interview, said “We are not here to make profits but to enjoy our customers who keep coming back. They are family to us and we hope they think of us as their family, too. We appreciate their business and want to keep serving our customers for many more years.”

Voula and George also have a son, Ricky, “Kyriakos”. The couple was born in Greece; Voula is from Sparta and George from Athens. They met in 1978 and as U.S. citizens, have been living in the United States for 37 years. For more information, call Baker Boy at (508) 278-7327 but, most of all, be sure to stop in and have a hearty meal anytime from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday, at their Uxbridge location, 775 Quaker Highway.

paGE 38

JuNE 2012

MRMC receives Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award Milford Regional Medical Center (Milford Regional) has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award. The award recognizes Milford Regional’s commitment and success in implementing excellent care for stroke patients, according to evidence-based guidelines. To receive the award, Milford Regional achieved 85 percent or higher adherence to all Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Quality Achievement indicators for two or more consecutive 12month intervals and achieved 75 percent or higher compliance with six of 10 Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Quality Measures, which are reporting initiatives to measure quality of care. These measures include aggressive

use of medications, such as tPA, antithrombotics, anticoagulation therapy, DVT prophylaxis, cholesterol reducing drugs and smoking cessation, all aimed at reducing death and disability and improving the lives of stroke patients. “With a stroke, time lost is brain lost, and the Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award demonstrates Milford Regional’s commitment to being one of the top hospitals in the country for providing aggressive, proven stroke care,” said Jeffrey Hopkins, MD, medical director of Milford Regional’s emergency department. “We will continue with our focus on providing care that has been shown in the scientific literature to quickly and efficiently treat stroke patients with evidence-based proto-

cols.” “Milford Regional is to be commended for its commitment to implementing standards of care and protocols for treating stroke patients,” said Lee H. Schwamm, M.D., chair of the Get With The Guidelines National Steering Committee and director of the TeleStroke and Acute Stroke Services at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “The full implementation of acute care and secondary prevention recommendations and guidelines is a critical step in saving the lives and improving outcomes of stroke patients.” Get With The Guidelines–Stroke uses the “teachable moment,” the time soon after a patient has had a stroke, when they are most likely to listen to and follow their healthcare professionals’ guidance. Studies demonstrate that patients who are taught how to manage their risk factors while still in the hospital reduce their risk of a second heart attack or stroke. Through Get With The Guidelines–Stroke, customized patient education materials are made available at

( $)



edward J. Kelly, president recognizes the stroke team’s accomplishments. Pictured from left to right; front row: donna auger, dr. William Tosches, Matt Supernor; back row: dr. Jeff hopkins, donna Saul, annette roberts, Maria daSilva, Pam Vaccari, edward J. Kelly, president. the point of discharge, based on patients’ individual risk profiles. The take-away materials are written in an easy-to-understand format and are available in English and Spanish. In

& &




&(& %

Couples Project to help women

% $$ ! & * &% # "


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"+"'&* / ') ! * / "+ ! &* +!* / #* / "& '-* '')* " "& !,++ )* / ,*+'% ,"$+ &*

General Masonry ~ All Types ~

• Stonework • Sidewalks • Chimneys Built, Repaired & Lined

Bob Latimore NORTH UXBRIDGE *" & ', $ *


%' *!


'&+) +"&

)( &+). . !'' '%

addition, the Get With The Guidelines Patient Management Tool gives healthcare providers access to up-to-date cardiovascular and stroke science at the point of care. “The time is right for Milford Regional to be focused on improving the quality of stroke care by implementing Get With The Guidelines– Stroke. The number of acute ischemic stroke patients eligible for treatment is expected to grow over the next decade due to increasing stroke incidence and a large aging population,” said Dr. Hopkins. According to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, stroke is one of the leading causes of death and serious, long-term disability in the United States. On average, someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds; someone dies of a stroke every four minutes; and 795,000 people suffer a new or recurrent stroke each year.



Treatment for Women Struggling with Drug Abuse: The Couples Project for Women (CPW) offers free treatment for women with prescription and other drug problems who are either married or live with a male partner. We offer 13 weeks of one-on-one outpatient therapy to help you achieve and maintain sobriety. Some women and their male partners will also receive couples counseling to help improve their relationship and to build support for recovery. This study is conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and AdCare Hospital. For more information, call AdCare Hospital of Worcester at 1-800-3453552 ext. 4043.

JuNE 2012

paGE 39

UniBank designated as SBA Perferred Lender UniBank has been designated as an “SBA Preferred Lender,” according to an announcement made today by Robert H. Nelson, Massachusetts District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Under the Preferred Lenders Program (PLP), high-volume SBA lenders such as UniBank are delegated loan approval as well as closing and most servicing and liquidation authority, enabling them to make loan decisions more rapidly. The SBA generally assigns a loan number instantaneously for approved PLP loans submitted by participating lenders. To earn the PLP designation, lenders must establish a successful track record and display a thorough understanding of SBA lending policies and procedures. “We award Preferred Lender status to lenders who have demonstrated their commitment to small business and have the ability to effectively serve this market,” said Nelson. “With PLP status, UniBank will be able to offer small business customers the full range of SBA loan products as well as streamline and speed up the loan approval process.” UniBank’s Senior Lender Deborah Larsen and SVP Chris Watson are both delighted to be part of the preferred lender program and look forward to providing SBA products to even more customers and prospects in the future. “Providing SBA loans to area small businesses is important to UniBank,” said Ms. Larsen. She added, “Our Preferred status will allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ loan requests. This, in turn, will allow our customers to grow, provide more jobs and contribute significantly to the overall health of the communities we serve.”

VNA plans financial & legal workshop The VNA and Hospice of Greater Milford will hold the workshop “Financial and Legal Considerations Before and After a Loved One Dies“ on Wednesday, June 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Milford Senior Center, 60 North Bow Street in Milford. This free workshop will discuss the legal and financial issues that may come up before and after a spouse or other loved one dies. Atty. Francis X. Small of Milford, who specializes in elder law and estate planning, will lead the session and will discuss what should be done before end of life to ensure a more efficient financial process after a loved one’s passing. For questions or to register, call Marjorie Gonzalez, LICSW, and bereavement counselor at the VNA and Hospice, at 508-473-0862.

The SBA, under its 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program, can guarantee loans up to $5 million. Loans are available for most business purposes, such as to purchase commercial real estate, equipment, and inventory as well as for short-term working capital. The interest rate normally will not exceed 2.75 over the prime lending rate. Maturities are up to 10 years for working capital and up to 25 years for fixed assets. For more information about SBA, visit

A New Start....Some "Fresh Air" Submitted by Barbara hickson Sometimes the loss of something in your life can be a strong motivating force. Missing the store they owned for ten years in Uxbridge and Linwood, Jeff and Barbara Hickson (formerly of Wild Bird Gardens) decided it was time to experience that again. "It was very hard for us to close the doors to WBG then and Jeff's health was spiraling downwards. We didn't know what was going on. After many years of being sick he finally sought treatment out of state and now is able to walk,

New president named at Lampin Corp. Bill DiBenedetto has joined employee-owned Lampin Corporation of Uxbridge as its new President. Bill is a graduate of WPI and brings an extensive background in manufacturing and business transformation experience. He has served in senior executive positions for several Massachusetts based corporations and resides in Shrews-bury. Lampin Corporation specializes in engineering and manufacturing high quality/precise tolerance CNC turned and milled products used in the design of a variety of OEM machines and equipment.

talk and work again. Lyme disease does horrible things to people. I also have it but we continue to fight the fight and are able to finally have a "normal" life again." says Barbara. "Owning another business never left our minds. We talked about opening a flower shop back in December 2011. Barbara had attended floral design school in 2008. She then worked three years at Mendon Greenhouse and even purchased a wholesale dishgarden business which she still has," says Jeff. " Barbara added that " it was a great experience that I cannot thank Colleen enough for and I am glad we continue to be friends". "She always encouraged me and had faith in me even when the lyme disease was really kicking in. It was very hard for me to tell her that we were going to open a shop in February. Colleen  smiled, hugged me and said she knew that someday we would open another shop. She wished us nothing but the best." I still have my wholesale dishgarden business that I purchased from Kogut Flowers in Uxbridge

which I called Fresh Air Farm thus the website for the shop." The new shop is reminiscent of WBG in item uniqueness and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Nestled in downtown Douglas the shop looks deceivingly small from the outside. There are handcrafted plant/flower stands (now full) out front made by Jeff and Trevor (their son, now all grown up). "Fresh Air" is located at 320 Main Street, Douglas. They are a full service floral shop but also carry plants, gifts and art. They even have a section dedicated to local artwork. A mini rotating art gallery just like WBG had. The town of Douglas, previous customers and business owners have been very welcoming. So go see your "old friends" again. They'll be waiting to see you too. Fresh Air Farm is open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm; Thursday and Friday, 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays, 9 am to 2 pm. For more information, call 508-476-1100 or visit


Bill diBenedetto

Beautiful Hanging Plants, Mandavilla, Tomato Plants and Herbs Unique Hanging Airplant & Succulent Globes Artwork, Jewelry and more Hours: Tues -Wed 9-5, Thurs-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-2 320 Main Street, Douglas, MA

508-476-1100 advertising Works....reach over 21,000 addresses!

FUELS CORPORATION you scheduled your ~ ~ Have Celebrating 30 Years

furnace cleaning and tune-up yet? Home Heating Oil is the time call us. 24 Hour Emergency Service

10% Discount*

BUDGET PLANS • AUTOMATIC DELIVERIES *Applied to all cleanings completed before August 15th, 2011

COMPLETE SYSTEMS Home Heating Oil •HEATING 24 Hour Emergency Service Sales / Service / Installation BUDGET PLANS • AUTOMATIC DELIVERIES

508.839.4141 508.278.6006 508.278.6006 • 508.839.4141 COMPLETE HEATING SYSTEMS Sales / Service / Installation 277 No. Main St., Uxbridge, MA

Family Owned & Operated Since 1978 SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT


paGE 40

JuNE 2012

Mass. Financial planners serve Military personnel by Jennifer L. Simes, CFP For many families, managing finances – both short-term and longterm – can be daunting. For those families with the added uncertainties caused by a family member who serves in the military, especially those deployed as a member of a reserve or National Guard unit, the task can seem so overwhelming that it is left neglected. Yet financial planning can be more important than ever when faced with times of uncertainty. The Financial Planning Association™ of Massachusetts (FPAMA) is committed to military personnel and their families, and demonstrates that by offering free financial coaching and planning to those who have served our country, are currently serving or are about to be deployed. Assigned volunteer planners assist in defining financial goals, creating budgets, establishing savings plans, and ensuring that those participating in

this no-cost program receive full advantage of their employee and military benefits. To take advantage of this service, a soldier or family member contacts the FPA and requests financial coaching or planning assistance. The FPAMA home office assigns the case to one of the volunteer financial planners who have been trained and understand the unique circumstances of military personnel and some of their benefits. The assigned planner then contacts the soldier to determine the general nature of the requests and needs, and explains to the soldier the detailed financial information needed to complete the plan. Once the soldier has provided the data and any outstanding issues have been discussed, the plan is created and delivered to the soldier. That may be done in person or by mail or other means. Usually there is then an opportunity to meet with the planner (and this may be

done by telephone conference call or other electronic means if distances are a problem) to review the plan and discuss any questions that may have come up. Most plans involve taking full advantage of employment benefits and contacting other professional resources available (e.g. military or pro bono attorneys). Savings and investment techniques usually focus on use of 401k plans, Thrift Savings Plans, Savings Deposit programs, etc. The planner can provide suggestions about sources of support and product (e.g. insurances) but cannot handle the sales. After the plan is delivered and discussed, the engagement is essentially completed unless the soldier has additional questions while implementing the plan. If the soldier is scheduled for mobilization and deployment, the planner is a resource for the family throughout the deployment and into reintegration upon return. The objective of the program is to have the soldier deploy with a workable plan in place to ease the impact of the family separation, and to assist in getting back into “normalcy� upon return. Of course, a soldier who already has a plan in place from a prior engagement can have the plan updated to support a life change, which certainly includes mobilization and deployment. FPAMA has also created another pro bono program for those who have served, this one for military veterans that have been chosen by Homes For Our Troops (HFOT), a non-profit organization that builds homes for

Helping Help ing Businesses Businesses of All Sizes Start, Start, Grow Grow and and Succeed. Succeed.

Savers Bank provides Savers provides financing tto o a wide array array of business o owners, wners, fr from om convenience convenience st stores ores tto o million dollar medical micr micro-molding o-molding ccompanies ompanies and ev everything erything in bet between. ween.

Contact C ontact our commercial commercial services services tteam eam ttoday oday and we’ll we’ll help build yyour our business. business. 1-800-649-3036

Pictured left Pictured left to to right: right: Dave Dave Merrill Merrill and and Christopher Christopher Wszolek, Wszolek, VP Commercial Commercial Lending; Lending; Jordan Jordan Hoy, Hoy, VP VP Commercial Commercial Lending Lending & 6PDOO%XVLQHVV6HUYLFHV-RKQ)HDULQJ93 6U/HQGLQJ2IĂ€FHU-RKQ:KLWH93&RPPHUFLDO/HQGLQJ 6PD OO%XVLQHVV6HUYLFHV-RKQ)HDULQJ93 6U/HQGLQJ2IĂ€FHU-RKQ:KLWH93&RPPHUFLDO/HQGLQJ Member FDIC / Member SIF Southbridge / Uxbridge / A Auburn uburn / Grafton Grafton / Charlton Charlton / Sturbridge Sturbridge Equal Housing Lender

wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The veterans selected for this program are severely wounded and need homes that are built specifically to create a better quality of life and tailored to meet their individual physical limitations. These homes receive about two-thirds of the funding from donations to HFOT. The community that hosts the new house, usually in the home area of the veteran, rallies around the family with donations of labor and money for the home. Veterans in the program are required to complete a financial plan before taking possession of the home. Through FPAMA’s pro bono complement to this program, veterans gain the financial knowledge needed when owning a home, again by meeting one-onone with a planner. Assigned volunteer planners then assist in defining financial goals, create budgets, establish savings plans, and ensure that those participating in this no-cost program receive full advantage of their employee and military benefits. In most cases, the FPA volunteer will meet at a later date

after the veteran and family occupy the house to ensure the house budget, cash flow, and other issues are going according to plan. These men and women dedicate a part of their lives toward protecting our nation. The members of FPAMA are happy to be able to use their expertise to offer them something in return. FPAMA is an organization made up of 900 members that has sought to foster the value of financial planning and advance the financial planning profession in the Bay State since 2000. Jennifer Simes, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner since 2003, works at Carl P. Sherr & Co., LLC based in Worcester, Mass., and is an active member of FPAMA. Jennifer is passionate about educating individuals about personal finance. Since 2008 Jennifer has been a volunteer offering pro bono financial planning guidance to military personal and their families. Also, the last two years she has volunteered during the tax season to prepare tax returns for members of the National Guard. For more information please call 866-804-0484 or visit www.

How to double your income in 6 months By Gary F. restall What are the merits of listening to others? Let me explain with a brief story. A former Sales Manager suggested and highly encouraged me to read and study on the average one new book a month for my own tailor-oriented "Self-Help University" set of studies. That was over 40 years ago and I have done just that - averaged reading / studying a book a month for the past 40 plus years. He said, "Gary, if you do that, you can't help but double your income within 6 months." I have since added the words, "Unless YOU don't want to." He went on to say, "This reading of one new book a month, preferably first thing every day for the first hour each day, is not just any book, but specialized books." "Begin with human nature, motivational, inspirational, autobiographies, sales, marketing and historical books. How to do it type books to stimulate the mind and to learn something. No sensational type romance books nor the Perry Mason who-done-it type mystery books although those may be fine on rare occasions. Mostly, geared towards business and people and what affects them." Over the decades, looking back, this reading became quite the University Education. A self-taught Self-Help University and still continues today. Unique and super practical. Even better than my European college or some stateside MBAs or even a Masters degrees offered by more "formal" institutions in many ways. Should you decide to duplicate this process, think of each book, each video or audio CD / DVD, or each whatever

as a UNIVERSITY TEXTBOOK. A unique Self-Help University Textbook in and by itself for YOUR own personal growth. You can't buy this knowledge, this education any other way than by personal reading, personal watching, and/or personal listening to or personal participation with. That former Sales Manager was exceptionally insightful. Hindsight, well worth my time to listen to his suggestion. Within 6 short months, you can become an expert in almost whatever area you want and possibly double your income. That's what many that I've shared this to that have returned to me telling me has happened to themselves. Another future article may talk about the first 10 books (some real brief - like 30 pages brief) to build a rock-solid foundation towards super success and in which order I'd recommend for most people and why. That simple Self-Help education may cost you less than $150 delivered to your door from Amazon, eBay or you can pick many of those 10 power textbooks up at Barnes & Noble or the like for way less than that. Gary F. Restall is a semi-retired international Consultant for Small Businesses, Households and Individuals with two key specialties 1.) Complete turnaround specialist from BasketCase to Rolls Royce Leader within 6 months AND 2.) a tailor-made to the individual perhaps suggesting just a tweaking to transform "Goodness Already" into "Greatness" is all that is needed. He can be reached at garyxyz Additional information about him can be found at

JuNE 2012

paGE 41

Sports Shorts Local Hoopster recognized as College standout

Millbury / Sutton Youth Football & Cheer sign-ups

kaitlyn Chenevert named Defensive player of the year

Millbury – Sutton Youth Football & Cheer will be hosting an open house and registration on Saturday, June 2nd from 9:00 am to Noon at the Millbury Public Library for all youth in grades 2

The MCLA (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) Women’s Basketball team held it’s annual year end banquet on May 6th. At this event, Sophomore Kaitlyn Chenevert of Uxbridge was recognized by the coaching staff as the Defensive Player of the Year for the 2011-2012 season. Chenevert, the former Uxbridge High standout, averaged 29 minutes, 7.5

points and 3.5 rebounds per game for the Trailblazers. MCLA finished with a record of 15-13, reaching the championship game of the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) Tournament where they lost to Bridgewater State University. Chenevert also finished in the top twenty-five in scoring and the top ten in field goal percentage in the final MASCAC women’s basketball statistics.

Uxbridge Youth Soccer to host Summer Camps Uxbridge Youth Soccer will be partnering with Challenger Sports to host two summer soccer camps this year. The first, UYSL British Soccer Camp  will be held from Monday, July 16th through Friday, July 20th 2012. This week-long camp will be held at the Sutton Street fields, and there are full-

day, half day and other session options available. The second camp, UYSL SoccerPlus Advanced Travel Camp  will be held from Monday, August 20th - Friday, August 24th. This week long camp is aimed exclusively at our travel team players, and will run from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM for

Allaire named MVP Senior shortstop Kyle Allaire of Uxbridge was named the baseball team’s MVP for the second straight season. Allaire became the program’s all-time career hits leader against Eastern Connecticut on April 21st (he currently owns 212 career hits and counting). He has played in 40 games, starting all of them. Allaire is batting .406 (67-for-165) with 42 runs scored, six doubles 18 RBI and 14 stolen bases. He owns a .442 slugging percentage, a .487 on-base percentage and a .940 fielding percentage. With 67 hits so far in 2012, Allaire is just five away from tying the program record that he established in 2011 for the single season record (72). Allaire was named the Little East Conference Player of the Week once on the season. He was named a Scholar-Athlete by the honorable, Gordon D. Fox, Speaker of the House, and the Rhode Island House of Representatives at a reception held in the House Chamber at the Rhode Island State House on April 23rd. Allaire also received Rhode Island College’s John E. Hetherman Award at the College’s annual Cap and Gown ceremony on May 2nd.

Calling all runners Join the Dana-Farber team to run the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) Half Marathon and raise money for cancer research: Registration opens June 1st Dana-Farber Cancer Institute invites runners to join its team for the 12th annual B.A.A. Half Marathon presented by DanaFarber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund on Sunday, October 7th. Run along the 13.1-mile, rolling course through the Emerald Necklace park system to raise funds to advance cancer research and patient care. Team members receive a guaranteed race entry, a personal fundraising web page, and online tools that make fundraising easy, along with a training program designed by 1976 Boston Marathon® winner Jack Fultz. Join the team and raise essential funds for Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. Registration for the Dana-Farber team opens on June 1. For more information, please visit or call (617) 632-1970.

the week of the camp. This camp will serve as the perfect springboard for the travel team players to get ready for the start of the travel season. Please visit their website at http:// for additional information. The Challenger Sports is known for great instructors and reasonable fees. There is also a free t-shirt for early registeration.

,,%(+& 6

through 8 interested in playing football and cheerleaders age 5 through 18. Sign ups for K/1st grade Flag Football will also take place. For more information please contact:

(+5) (#(+& 6


.$$ ,+ .,. 0$# 40$+#$# .. +0($/ ,2$.(+& !,. 0$.( ) %.,* 0, $ ./ 3(0' ,. '(+&)$/

'(*+$5 .$- (. ) &

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+&' *% &" $ , 333 ,.$ /0$. ,,%(+& ",*

* &" !

paGE 42

JuNE 2012

Sokols attend Eastern District Tournament Group 3 Sokols of Douglas recently attended the 45th Eastern District Basketball/Volleyball Tournament held in Clifton, NJ. Eight teams participated in this annual event, (2) senior men’s basketball, (2) senior women’s volleyball, (1) women’s basketball, (2) 12-15 year olds and (1) 8-11 year olds who took the basketball 1st place trophy in their division.

1ST roW: (L-r) Peyton Manyak, ryan Bonin, Kathlyn Bonin, Sam Vincent and raymond Johnson. 2nd roW: Molly Vincent, Kiara Johnson, & Skylar Manyak. 3rd roW: Jack nasuti, alexa Gresian, allie Benedick, and Coach roger Manyak.

Douglas Golf Tournament The Second Congregational Church of Douglas is hosting their annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, June 23rd at Crystal Lake Golf Club, Harrisville, RI. 8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start, Four Man Scramble. Cost $150 per person includes golf, cart and dinner. Coffee, juice and donuts will be served in the morning. For sign up or more information contact Luke Asselin at 508-479-0405. All proceeds are used for the missions of the church both locally and global.



TeaM MeMBerS: arianna aniello, Marissa Carty, Brianna antaya, Jamie dellicker, elizabeth Macdonald, nathan Bentley, Lauren Pelland, nicole Wilson, Jessica Bates, Cassie Briggs, not pictured Katie Sauer

Area dance team brings home the Platinum

Serving the Blackstone Valley since 1993

Plan Now For Summer Projects! "*)4"60 7 "1(-0 7 %1"(,(,& "**0 5#"3"1(-, %/3(#%0 (01(,#1(3% *",1(,&0 --* /%" %0(&,0 7 /"(,"&% ",$0#".% (&'1(,& "4,0 %%$ -$ 21$--/ (3(,& ."#%0 -,$0 "1%/ %"12/%0

dancers have grown together as a team and have bonded like a family. We look forward to next year’s season of competing and adding another team to our Uxbridge studio in the fall of 2012. Choreographers for these amazing numbers are: Chelsea Harold, Christine Safstrom and Stephanie Urko. Director: Dana Aniello.

The Dance Works Academy Competition Team “Dancers With Attitude” earned top honors at Step Up 2 Dance Regional Competition. The team took home Platinum for Jr. Lyrical, Hip Hop Duet, and Sr. Lyrical, which also placed 3rd overall and won a scholarship to Nationals. Modern received High Platinum and 2nd place overall and a scholarship to Nationals. The 11

2/% %+*-#)888 (5%$ %+*-#)88 *"#) 2*#'8888 ./2#% 2*#'888 *"6 '(.088888 "/) (,%88888 !

All Mulches are Natural Bark Mulch, Not Dyed Wood Chips


' "


#!" ' !!

!" " "

" ' #! !! !

! !


JuNE 2012

paGE 43





!" !




real estate • buy - sell - rent - update FOR SALE BY OWNER • SUTTON CONDOMINIUM Mortgate rates are the lowest ever. A perfect time to buy! Move into an attractive 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage with First Floor Master & Washer & Dryer. Eat-in-Kitchen with sunny windows. Walk-Out Basement has heated finished room with windows. Comfort & Security in maintenance-free lifestyle. Close to major routes. Low condo fee.Your new home awaits you! Qualified Buyers Only. More Details, Call (508) 917-8415

BeauTiFuL SuMMer eSCaPe: Prudence island - 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. $900 per. wk. Call for details and available weeks 508-234-0045


oFFiCe SPaCe: route 122 in North uxbridge. in established business area. Call Gerri for details 508-278-6909


(' $


))) '(' $







' &" $ !

! ' &" $ %# +

! $%#& % ! ) ! "#!' % &% !!# $ " % # # ) !! $ ) # %!#$ #! # ) !%!# ! %#! $




### $ !



# !

JuNE 2012

paGE 44

Give Dad the Gift of Health! Yoga • Boot Camp • Zumba Spin ... A class for EVERYONE! '

#)& '



NOW Offering Reflexology ~ MASSAGE SPECIAL ~ 30 min Reflexology with a 30 min Massage $60 Anti-Aging Facial $25

& "

$ "


# $

< 43576 )0%7)( 2.85-)6 '87) ,532-' 367 85+-'%0 < '87) ,532-' )'/ %2( 3:)5 %'/ %-2 < 367 85+-'%0 4-2%0 ),%&-0-7%7-32 < %++-2+ 39)586) -2.85-)6 45)9)27-2+ ;38 *531 )2.3;-2+ 0-*)

35 2*351%7-32 "


%00 31 3132%'3 "!



< !#


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