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Stefanilo Memorial Track Race

Schools and Fire Dept. join forces to pass overide Northbridge SOS renamed: Support our Services By Nikki Roadman After a unanimous show of support from the Board of Selectman and Finance Committee, supporters of Ballot question 1, have come together. Northbridge SOS, formerly standing for: Support Our Schools, have changed their name to Northbridge Support Our Services (SOS) to emphasize their support for all services on the ballot. Members of this committee are spreading the message of voting for One Town, showing unified support for both the fire department and the public schools. Selectmen, the Town Manager, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee have urged all residents of Northbridge to support the override, as it is a town issue, not just a school. Dan Nolan, Chairman of the Board of Selectman said: “We have too much invested in our schools, and our town, to simply allow them to fail. Our population has grown, but our emergency services, town services and school system are lagging behind. We have long been able to make do with less, and make cuts where we can. We cannot do this any longer, as there is no fat left to trim, the gap is too large. This shortfall will have devastating effects on our property values and quality of life if something is not done. Northbridge will have a choice to come together as a community and I am confident the people will stand up for our town.” Chief of the Northbridge Fire Department, Gary Nestor believes a successful override will benefit all town departments. “The citizens of Northbridge deserve to have the best school system and public safety organizations available,” said Nestor. “The


firefighters and EMTs are dedicated to providing a quality service and do so with limited resources. With the present staffing levels we cannot provide this service 100% of the time. We do not have the ability to consistently respond to simultaneous calls. Our dependence on mutual aid is increasing and this affects the ability of those departments to properly provide for their own citizens. A successful override will give us the ability to continue to give our neighbors and friends the type of service they deserve.” It is not just parents and fire department families that are reaching out to support SOS. Residents of all ages, employments and incomes have stepped forward, lending their support, advice and experiences. Many graduates that grew up in the Northbridge Publics School system when the last override failed, have come forward urging the town to avoid the problems that they lived through. Sarah Denault, Northbridge High School ’12 graduate, does not want the current Northbridge students to go through what she and her classmates did after the 2007 election. Denault said that she and her classmates felt “abandoned by members of the community and the town” when the override did not pass. “The next generation is at stake and the growth of this town is as well,” said Denault. She wants residents to understand that “everyone is affected when an override does not pass, not just the students, as most people presume.” Northbridge SOS is currently working to educate the town with flyers and phone calls, and will soon be posting signs around town so that residents can show their support. 



mAY 2014

A young fair-goer enjoys the “Touch An Uxbridge Truck” event at the recent GFWC Uxbridge Woman’s Club Annual Craft and Vendor Fair last month.

70th Anniversary service for Bomber crash victims The Uxbridge Veterans along with the Civil Air Patrol will celebrate the 70th anniversary and memorial service of the B-24 Liberator Bomber Crash on Sunday May 18th at the crash site on Chamberland Road at 12 noon. On May, 18th in 1944, three B-24 Liberator bombers were changing formation over Uxbridge while flying at ten thousand feet. One of the B-24 Liberators collided with another cutting off  it’s tail section and putting it into a downward spiral spin nose first into the ground killing 5 of 7 crewman instantly. A huge fireball erupted causing a large forest fire and filling the sky with thick black smoke, which could be seen

for miles. Two of the seven crewmen were able to parachute to safety in the Uxbridge woods. Killed in the crash were 2nd Lt. Arnold Mohole, Missoula, Montana; Lt. John G. Goodwin, Chicago Ill; Sgt. Thomas L. Cater, Sayre, Pennsylvania; Sgt. Merle V. Maser, Mount Vernon, Washington; Sgt. Anthony J. Patulous Lowell, Ohio. Surviving the crash were Joseph Talbot, Stoneham Massachusetts and Robert J. Kelly, Decal, Illinois. This ceremony will be held rain or shine, if anyone needs further information you may contact Don Letourneau at 508-278-2100.



Fresh Air Flower shop & Boutique A quaint shop nestled in the midst of other Downtown Douglas businesses, the Fresh Air Flower Shop and Boutique, offers fresh flowers, indoor or outdoor plants, and attractive gifts. see story on page 33

The Uxbridge Education Foundation (UEF) is excited to announce the return of the Dan Stefanilo Memorial Track and Trails Race at the Uxbridge High School on May 10th. Please come celebrate our schools, exercise, and Dan, an avid athlete and friend. The race includes both a 5K and a 1 mile “fun” run. Run, jog or walk on the beautiful Uxbridge High School Track and scenic trails.  The younger kids can participate in a 1 mile fun run around the track with ribbons awarded to all fun run participants.  The UEF is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization established by a group of concerned Uxbridge citizens looking to enrich the education of the students in our public schools. Dan Stefanilo was a superintendent of schools who passed away suddenly in 2009. Dan was instrumental in establishing the foundation and worked each year to support the efforts of the group.  Proceeds allow the UEF the opportunity to provide grant funding and scholarships to the Uxbridge public schools and its students. Since its inception in 2005, the UEF has awarded more than $75,000 in grants and scholarships.    Entry fee: $20 Runner/Walkers, $10 Fun Run Divisions: under 10, 10-14, 15-18, 1929, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ • 8:45 AM Registration • 9:30 AM 1 Mile Fun Run (ages 10 and under) • 10:15 AM– 5K Registration: Online at: http://www. Public Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event, including t-shirt “milermarker” sponsorships.

Barbara Hickson; Owner

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MaY 2014

Letters to the editor

Help us beautify Uxbridge Dear Editor, It is hard to believe that “Beautify Uxbridge” will be entering into it’s seventh season of beautifying the town! Each year we continue to improve various areas throughout the town by

cleaning up, planting, and maintaining islands and flower pots. The locations include the island in downtown Uxbridge, the Senior Center, the Fire Station, Town Hall, the island at Rivulet & N Main, the island near the courthouse, and many more!

We are in great need of volunteers to help maintain these areas. This includes primarily the watering of various flower pots. If you or your group would be interested in adopting an area to water it would be greatly appreciated. This is also a great way to earn community service hours for Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, National Honor Society, etc. Any amount of time is welcome, one day a week, 1 week during the summer months, etc. Volunteer interests should be emailed to or call Marie Potter at 278-3176. We will be hosting our annual perennial plant sale on May 17th from 9-1 at 30 Smith Street Uxbridge. A variety of plants are sold at bargain prices. Money earned is donated to the Beautify Uxbridge Fund. We could not continue our work without the support and donations from the people and businesses of Uxbridge. Each year our need becomes greater & greater and this year is no different.

Please send your contributions to Beautify Uxbridge, c/o Unibank for Savings, 25 North Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569. Any donation is welcome! Much appreciation to Koopman’s in Whitinsville for supplying the flowers last year at a substantial discount. Without them we would not

have been able to fill all the additional pots that we now are maintaining. Thanks again for all your support, Marie Potter & Jean Patricks Uxbridge

Maynard candidate for Selectman Dear Editor and Sutton residents, My name is Paul A. Maynard and I reside at 59 Duval Road in the village of Manchaug, Sutton. I have been a resident and taxpayer in the town of Sutton for 41 years, living in the house that I built. I brought up my daughter Jennifer and son Peter in Sutton and both attended the Sutton school system.   I am a retired Chief Warrant Officer 4

of the Massachusetts National Guard with 42 years of military service. I have served as the towns Emergency Management Director since 1975 and been a member of the Sutton Fire Department for 37 years and retired as the Fulltime Fire Chief in May of 2012 at mandatory age. I want to work with our town’s strong management team. I am open minded and want to hear what the Sutton residents need and want. I am a strong supporter of Sutton public safety services and the Sutton senior center. I want to see our new School building project completed within the budget and to provide a proper environment for our educators to teach our children, in a school complex the town will be proud of for many years to come. Simply said, I want to serve as selectman to assist in making Sutton even better than it is today! Respectfully Paul A. Maynard Sutton

Mother’s Day )%



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Sadie Green


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MaY 2014

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Letter to the editor

Champion Field will fulfill a dream for Gallerani’s Dear Editor, As we welcome Spring and the start of a new baseball season, a young champion, Jake Gallerani, is on the minds of many. Jake excelled at baseball and had a passion for the sport that was unrivaled and consistently recognized by his peers.  Jake believed that in the game of life as in baseball you should; Play Hard, Play Strong, Play with Passion and Always Play to Win! Jake lived his life with the same determination, desire and drive in which he played the game he loved so much.   In order to continue Jake’s legacy, and to keep a promise made to him to fulfill his wish of having a baseball field built in his honor, members of the community, along with Jake’s parents have

formed ForJake, a 501C non-profit corporation. Its mission is to build, operate and maintain a baseball field in the town of Uxbridge in honor of a champion, Jake Gallerani.  ForJake is committed to fulfilling Jake’s wish to allow his passion for baseball to be shared with the community he loved.  On April 27th, Opening Day in the town of Uxbridge, the Uxbridge Baseball Association honored Jake and his accomplishments by retiring his number 10 and dedicating the season to him. The Galleranis  hope that Jake will continue to inspire others both on and off the field. It is their goal to share Jake’s opening day on his field with the community at the start of the 2015 season.  They also decided to share a well kept secret, the name of Jake’s field;  CHAMPION

FIELD, a field that will honor a true champion! The overwhelming support the Galleranis have received has been truly remarkable. Over 1,000 attended Jake’s celebration of life and many more have stepped forward to offer their support to the family and their efforts in keeping

If you have an interest in donating your time, talents, services or materials, please email:

Jake’s spirit alive and making Jake’s dream a reality. The Galleranis and the ForJake committee are asking for your continued support in granting Jake’s wish. If you are interested in supporting ForJake’s mission a tax deductible donation can be sent to:   ForJake, 21 Meadow Road Uxbridge, MA  01569

Thank you and Play Ball! The ForJake Committee Uxbridge

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" " !"

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MaY 2014

Town News Area students help with Uxbridge Police Department renovation The Uxbridge Police Department will soon gain two new evidence rooms while saving thousands of dollars thanks to a collaboration with Blackstone Valley Tech. The partnership began soon after Uxbridge Chief of Police Jeffrey A. Lourie assumed his post in October of 2013 and identified several areas in need of enhancement, including the department's ability to process and store evidence. Utilizing a gift account to fund the project, Lourie began looking for ways to contain the cost of renovating the department's unfinished second floor to include evidence rooms. "We needed to be conservative with the gift account because the town doesn't have a lot of funding for these types of projects," Lourie said. "The most cost effective route was to reach out to Valley Tech." According to BVT Vocational Curriculum Coordinator Tom Belland, construction of the 12-by-24 foot evidence rooms was an ideal project for Valley Tech students, as the Construction Technology program has shifted its focus away from furniture and cabinet making and now emphasizes skills in the areas of framing, renovating, and construction design. The renovation got underway in January 2014, with several of Valley

Uxbridge residents Ryan manz and Colin Fiorentino worked together measuring and cutting dry wall as part of a municipal project in their hometown. manz and Fiorentino are juniors in the BVT Construction Technology program, which is one of several Valley Tech programs working on the construction of evidence rooms at the Uxbridge Police Department. At left; electrical senior, Jacob moon of Uxbridge was among several students who gained valuable hands on experience. Tech's 17 vocational technical programs collaborating on the project. Blueprints were designed by the Drafting and Engineering Technology program, students and staff from the Construction Technology program built framework for the evidence rooms, and initial wiring was installed by the


#! ! "


Electrical program. Construction continued through the month of March, with students scheduled to install sheet rock, dry wall, a hung ceiling, doors, baseboards, final wiring, and tile flooring. Valley Tech will finish the project by renovating the 6-by-32 foot hallway leading to the new evidence rooms.

By working with BVT on supplies, materials, and construction details, Valley Tech instructors estimate savings to the Uxbridge Police Department of roughly $10,000. Providing such savings to its 13 district towns is a core part of Valley Tech's mission, according to Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick. "As Valley Tech pursues voter approval of a necessary bond to expand our vocational programming, we hope our 13 District towns and their residents will take note of the many municipal projects undertaken by our students and staff each year," Fitzpatrick said. "The taxpayer dollars saved by these

projects are often equal to or greater than the annual contributions the proposed bond would require from our member communities." In the spring, Blackstone Valley Tech sought approval of a $2.9 million bond to renovate the school to include new programs in Veterinary Assisting, Legal and Protective Services, and Engineering. With modest bond payments shared and spread among 13 municipal partners over a twenty year period, Valley Tech does not consider debt exemption a necessity and has offered to rebate District towns 50% of each town's bond assessment for the first two years.

Mulch Regulations reminder The Uxbridge Fire Department would like to remind everyone, especially landscape companies, of a mulch regulation that was put into effect in 2012. Massachusetts fire regulation 527 CMR 17.05 says in part “On or after September 1, 2012, mulch shall not be newly applied within 18” of any combustible portion of any building”. While there is an exception to this regulation for residential buildings containing 6 or less units, the Uxbridge Fire Department recommends all single

family and multi-family residential owners consider following this regulation for increased fire safety. All owners of non-residential buildings or residential buildings containing 7 or more units must follow this regulation. 

Douglas Sunshine Club to meet The Sunshine Club of Douglas will be holding its monthly meeting on Thursday, May 15, at 3:30 PM. This meeting will be held at the Douglas Senior Center, 331 Main St., Douglas. New members are always welcome. The Sunshine Club helps to support the Douglas Senior Center by providing additional events and activities. A summer luncheon with the Honky Tonk Man is scheduled for Noon on June 2nd, at the Douglas Senior Center. For info and tickets call 508-476-4474.


UHPSG Safe Graduation Golf Tournament


# ! "

! " !









$ !

The Uxbridge High School Parents for Safe Graduation 2014 is hosting a golf tournament on Sunday, May 18, at Blissful Meadows Golf Course. The cost per golfer is $125.00 ($500.00 per team) which includes an 18 hole round of golf with cart and dinner. This event is held annually by the PSG and is always an enjoyable day. Please support the PSG in their efforts to provide a safe and memorable event for the UHS 2014 graduates. Don't golf, but would like to support the event? Hole sponsorship is available for $100.00 and donations of items for the dinnertime raffle are very much appreciated. For information, please contact: Sandy Chludenski @ 774-545-0438 or John Higgins @ 508-254-4718. Thank you for your support!

MaY 2014

Letter to the editor

Do not use the “R” word Dear Editor, As The Uxbridge Times is a leader in driving local culture, we need your support, and the support of your readers, in our Spread the Word to End the Word™ campaign to help make a stand against a word that has gained popularity in culture, but is offensive to many. The “R-word” has found a place in common language and seems to be accepted by most, despite the fact that

Page 5

its use, casual or otherwise, is hurtful to millions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those that love them. The word hurts, even if it is not directed at a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For too long, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have had to overcome the challenges society has put forth through stereotypes. It is time for a change and you and your readers can help.  Help drive much needed change that will bring acceptance and inclusion to our community, include the R-word into your “Not Fit to Print” publishing guidelines alongside other hurtful and

profane words. Your paper reaches many members of the community and with that influence you can help us get all of those members of the community to take the pledge at If the role of a local leader like The Uxbridge Times is to inform and effect positive change in the community, what better way than helping us to Spread the Word to End the Word and in turn, create communities of acceptance and inclusion for all people? Please, we need you and your readers to pledge at

Send Us Your Letter to the Editor: June Issue Deadline is May 15th

Sincerely, Uxbridge High School Student Council

Uxbridge Veterans to be observed Local Uxbridge Veterans have announced the final arrangements for the Memorial Day Weekend. The slate of activities will begin on Friday May 23rd. The “Flying Squadron”, which consists of local Uxbridge veteran’s will visit all Uxbridge schools for the 140th consecutive year. During the past several years older veterans have been lost due to various reasons. New members (veterans) are needed to get involved with this great program and help continue this great tradition. On Memorial Day, Monday May 26th, members of the VFW Post 1385 and American Legion, Charles A. Rice Post #33 will depart the VFW at 6 AM and proceed to St. Mary’s  and Prospect Hill Cemeteries, where a short ceremony will be held at each location to honor all the deceased veterans, consisting of a short prayer and gun volley.  The annual Memorial Day Parade will begin at 9:00 AM at the Whitin Elementary school on Granite Street, Uxbridge. All units and participants are asked to assemble at the school no later than 8:30 AM to receive their assigned positions.  After the opening exercises, the parade route will take the units to Walter Wesgan Square, Veterans’ Memorial Gymnasium at the McCloskey Middle School, Minuteman Monument at Prospect Hill Cemetery. A brief speaking program will take place at each location. The parade will end on the Town Common on Court St., where the main speaking program will take place.  This year we would like to recognize our surviving World War II and Korean War Veterans’.  If someone in your family is a member of one of these conflicts please forward this information Don Letourneau at 508-278-2100 or email  In the event of rain, scheduled exercises will be held in the McCloskey Middle School Auditorium at 10 AM. For further information on any of these events you may also contact Diane Moriaty at 508-278-5131.

P.S. The students at Uxbridge High School will be pledging to stop using the R-word. We ask that your readers take that pledge along with us.

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MaY 2014

Rotary Club of Uxbridge donates to Tri Valley March for Meals The Rotary Club of Uxbridge is pleased to announce that they have made a donation to the Tri-Valley March for Meals: Meals on Wheels Project. The month of March marks the 12th year that Tri-Valley’s Nutrition Program has participated in the national March for Meals campaign, with a simple goal in mind:  "No senior goes hungry”.  At a recent rotary club meeting, local Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Beverly Clark, and Tri-

Valley Executive Director, Marilyn Travinski, took some time out of their busy schedules to talk to rotary club members about the many valuable services that are provided by Tri-Valley, including the Meals on Wheels Program. In addition, Rotary Club Members Ed Eldridge, Joan MacKinnon, Nancy Naylor, Kathy Kirk and Dennis Smith recently visited the local Tri-Valley Meals on Wheels site which operates out of the Faith Fellowship

Douglas Timber Sheds "It's a place to put your stuff" Check our Website to view our Gallery WOOD • TIMBER • GARDEN STORAGE & BACKYARD SHEDS MINI-BARNS • UTILITY BUILDINGS

Church Kitchen in Uxbridge for a firsthand look at the services that they provide. Meals Coordinator, Beverly Clark, her team of volunteers and TriValley Services Manager, Carol Muschler provided some insight into the program and a demonstration of a typical morning routine.  Weekdays, Monday through Friday, volunteers assemble and deliver meals to homebound elders age 60 and older in the communities of Uxbridge, Blackstone, Millville and Mendon.  Their day begins early.  Meals are prepared in Worcester and delivered to the Uxbridge site, along with other locations in the state, to be packaged and distributed to local residents.  Anywhere from 40 - 100 meals may be distributed by the Uxbridge facility to local seniors on any given day depending upon fluctuating needs.  According to the Tri-Valley team, eat-

ing well plays an important role in the health and well being of the older adults served by this program and can be a key factor in a person’s ability to remain independent at home. The hot nutritious meals delivered to the home are designed for the specific nutritional needs of older adults.  The program relies on volunteers to help deliver, package and serve meals. A nutritious meal delivered by a friendly driver is much more than sustenance.  It goes a long way in helping maintain independence.   Meals on Wheels are provided, short-term or long-term, to homebound elders age 60 and older who are unable to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for themselves.  Cold evening meals and frozen weekend meals are also available for clients who have no other resources. Meals are delivered between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday,

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$$ ' #" * +& & !! % #%

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# #


& ) ((( $ " % ("


$ % $'








Blackstone Valley "





except holidays. There are no income guidelines for Meals on Wheels and no fee for the service but the suggested donation amount is $3.00 per meal. However, no one is denied a meal if they cannot afford to donate.  Meals Coordinator Beverly Clark also noted that for many who receive these meals on a daily basis, this is the only contact they have during the day.  They look forward to being greeted each day by a familiar face.  Meal carrier volunteers get to know their clients and the delivery sometimes also serves as a "wellness check".  If someone on the driver's route does not answer the door on a particular day, the volunteer will notify the coordinator who will place a call to be sure everything is ok. Sometimes it is as simple as the senior citizen having gone out to a medical appointment, while other times it may be something more serious such as someone who has fallen and is unable to get to the door.  Before the Meals On Wheels Staff leaves for the day, everyone on the list to receive a meal that day has been accounted for. If you are interested in learning more about the services provided by  TriValley contact Coordinator, Beverly Clark or Executive Director, Marilyn Travinski at her office in Dudley at 800-286-6640 or visit www.TriValley 


“Serving the Transportation Needs of the Blackstone Valley Area and Beyond for 17 Years.” All our Chauffeurs receive thorough background checks. ~ ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED ~

877-278-4464 • 508-278-4464

• Sunday, May 4th: NECMC 47th Anniversary & Member Appreciation Day! VFW #1385 13 Cross St. (Rte. 16 next to police station) Special Guest Entertainers! Phoenix Rize'n, Rachel Landry from Western Partners, Theresa Sarno from Midnight Sun, Walter Bevis, members from the Mountaineer Family & Friends band, Durango Mango, Jesse & the Hogg Brothers & Borrowed Time Band (pending) Please call Betty at 207-2773277.  Doors open at NOON Music from 1:00 – 5:00 PM Food will be served at this event.   If anyone would like to bring a dish for the buffet table please do. It will be appreciated! This event is open to everyone, but NECMC members will receive free admission for the day. All others $6.00 which includes lunch and special door prizes! Anyone who shows their club colors of Yellow & Brown will be eligible for a special prize! Bring a canned, boxed non perishable food item or paper products for People First Food Pantry and be entered to win a $30.00 Prize Package! Drawing will be held at the Anniversary! • Sunday. May 18th: NECMC Jamboree  Band to be announced.  Doors open at 12:30 p.m. Music from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.. Food may be brought into this Jamboree, but please no beverages! Beverages are available in the hall. NECMC members & Military Veterans- $5.00 Non Members $7.00

MaY 2014

Concert Scholarship Fundraiser Join us at the Blackstone Valley Boys and Girls Club on Saturday, May 17th for our Spring Concert Scholarship Fundraiser. All funds raised from this event will benefit the Club's scholarship fund. The show starts at 7pm with singer, songwriter Gary Palumbo from Warwick, RI followed by New Bay Colony Band from Northbridge, MA. Please note this is a 21+ event and there will be a cash bar.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased either online at or at the Blackstone Valley Boys and Girls Club office at 115 Canal Street in Blackstone, MA. Thank you to Wheelabrator Technologies for sponsoring this event.

Page 7

Sutton Historical Society to meet Evergreen Cemetery Douglas The Sutton Historical Society will Manchaug. Both were interesting and announce annual meeting date hold its May 6th meeting at  the First informative, evoking a feeling of pride

Whitinsville Library events

Congregational Church located on Main Street in Douglas. All grave owners are invited to attend. The Trustees also request that all winter flowers be removed this month by May 16th.

Annual Douglas Chili Cook Off Ripple Effect Insurance will be host to the 1st Annual Douglas Chili CookOff. The event will be held on May 3rd at 6pm at The Sokol Club at 405 Main Street, Douglas.  Entrants will compete and all proceeds will be donated to the Douglas PTO and the Douglas Firefighters.  Attendees will be able to vote for their favorite chili.   Ticket

price includes sampling of chili. There will be live music and raffle prizes. Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple. Call 508-283-3250  or email: to purchase tickets or enter as a contestant.  Space is limited so it’s recommended that you purchase tickets in advance.


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Please join us Saturday May 10th from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm at the VFW on route 16 in Uxbridge. Boy Scout Troop 1122  will be holding a yard sale to help them achieve there financial goals for the upcoming year. Please bring a canned good to help the Uxbridge Peoples First Food Pantry. If you are interested in a table for the day please call Lisa @ (508) 278-3221. 

Special Deals on Toro Mowers


Boy Scout Troop 1122 Yard Sale

Could you, would you eat them at the Uxbridge Senior Center on Sunday, May 18th? Come join The Uxbridge First Holiday Night Committee at the Uxbridge Senior Center as we partner up once again with the Uxbridge Elderly Connection for another great AYCE breakfast on Sunday, May 18th from 7 AM.-11:30 AM. Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, muffins, donuts, juice, coffee and even bacaon all for $6.00. Tickets can be purchased at the door and raffle baskets will be available.

The Trustees of the Evergreen Cemetery located on West Street in Douglas, will hold their annual meeting of the East Douglas Evergreen Cemetery Company on Monday, May 12th,  at 4:00 PM in the basement of the Second


Pheasants Forever Rhode Island Chapter is holding a Forever Women’s Outdoors Event.  The event will take place at Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club, Harrisville, RI on June 21 and 22. For more information http://www.wallumlakerodgun. com/ or call Jessica Pena Women’s Event Coordinator at 561-503-0038. 

Breakfast with the Chiefs…. One Chief - Two Chief  Red Chief - Blue Chief  I do not like orange eggs and black ham.  I do not like them on a fire truck. I do not like them in a cruiser.

• Story and Craft time with Miss Marcia every Thursday, at 10:30 am for ages 2 and up. • Craft Club will be on Monday, May 12th at 3:00 pm for ages 9 through 17, registration is required. For more information please stop by the library, call 508-234-2151, or visit our website at www.northbridgemass. org/whitinsville-social-library.

• Baby & Me Program for caregiver and baby (3mos- 12mos.) on Tuesdays May 6th, 13th and 20th at 10:30 am, registration is required. • Legos Club for children ages 6 and up. After school on the first and third Mondays from 3 until 5. • 8Deb Hudgins’ Music & Movement program is every Wed. at 10:30 for tots, as well as on the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 am.

Women’s Outdoor Skills Workshop

Breakfast at the Uxbridge Senior Center

that such a talented artisan was from Sutton. If you have not seen the exhibit at OSV, it runs until May 4th. May's meeting will feature a Show and Tell. Try to stump others with your artifacts, pictures, or stories. 

Congregational Church on the common, at 7:00 pm. Last month many of us enjoyed the tour of the Nathan Lombard exhibit at  Old Sturbridge Village, or the presentation about Lombard at  Vallincourt Folk Art in



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2013 Summer Camps In Uxbridge! ~ Frozen Camp ~ July 21st - 25th: 9:30-12 pm Ages 7 to 10 • $135.00


July 28th - 31st: 9:30-11 am Ages 3 to 6 • $85.00

~ Musical Theater (Wizard of Oz) ~ July 28th - August 1st: 5:00-6:30 pm • Ages 7 to 11 • $85.00

~ Cheer ~Dance ~ July 21st - July 25th: 5:00-6:30 pm • Ages 7 to 12 • $85.00 SPACES FILL UP FAST – REGISTER TODAY For full camp descriptions and registration

Visit our website: DIRECTOR: DANA ANIELLO

DANCE WORKS ACADEMY 508.529.3234 • 6 Mendon Rd, Uxbridge, Ma Mailing: P.O. Box #634 Upton, MA 01568 Please email any questions to Dana Aniello at

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MaY 2014

Walk to highlight forest management options DOugLaS WOODS The Mosczynski Family of Douglas is hosting a woods walk guided by professional forester Marc Tremblay on their property at 60 Oak Street in Douglas on Saturday, May 3 at 2 p.m. He will explain management options available to those owning forest tracts of 5 acres or more as well as how to encourage and protect habitat development. The actions we take or don’t take affect the future of the woods around us.

Knowing what you want is the first thing to clarify. Is privacy key?  If so, then leaving a buffer of evergreen trees and giving them room to grow is a critical consideration.  Do you want more birds, like warblers nesting in the woods?  If so, then creating small openings in the tree canopy will allow new seedlings to start and increase the number of insects to provide more food for warblers during the summertime.  Decisions about what to do or not do can be complex.   Come see what the

Mosczynski family chose to do with their woods. Participants are encouraged to meet at 60 Oak Street in Douglas at 2 p.m. for refreshments and a walk through their woods.  You’ll see and feel the results of letting more sunlight reach the soil!  Come prepared for the weather and wear sturdy boots. Please bring your questions. This program is free and open to the public. For further information, contact Lisa Mosczynski at 508-341-4876 or e-mail

BVCC celebrates a decade of singing together The Blackstone Valley Community Chorus will present their 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert on Sunday May 4th. The concert features favorites from performances over the past ten years including Danny Boy, Over the Rainbow, Shenandoah and Bridge Over Troubled Water. This free event is at 3 pm at the Uxbridge High School Auditorium located at 300 Quaker Highway in Uxbridge. There will also be a raffle with donations from local businesses, artisans, and chorus members. Please join us for an afternoon of music that is sure to please the whole family! The Blackstone Valley Community Chorus is comprised of sixty singers from towns throughout Central Massachusetts. Members are of various ages and musical backgrounds,

brought together by a shared love of music. Under the direction of Diane Pollard of Uxbridge for the last decade, the BVCC has been committed to providing musical performances and opportunities for the community. The chorus has appeared at community events throughout the Valley including Memorial Day ceremonies, First Night, and Oktoberfest and has performed at the Hanover Theater, the Worcester Art Museum and the Bradley Playhouse in Putnam, CT., The BVCC has enjoyed collaboration with the Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band, other local community choruses and with members of Ithaca College’s School of Music. For information including how to join, visit

Annual Spring E-Recycling May 17th The much anticipated Electronic and More Recycling Day is here! Need to get rid of an old computer monitor? Have a broken air conditioner in the closet or broken hot water heater in the basement? For a nominal fee you can drop off various electronic items and appliances at McCloskey Middle School located at 62 Capron St. Uxbridge on Saturday, May 17th from 9:00 am 3:00 pm. No need to even get out of your car!  Students will move items from your truck or back seat to the

collection area. The funds raised goes directly to the Uxbridge Destination Imagination program. This opportunity is open to anyone (or business) in the Blackstone Valley area and there is no limit to the number of items you can drop off. Shop around…we have the cheapest rates in the Valley.    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Karin Knapik at 508-259-5369. Ensuring we properly dispose of our e-waste! 


Uxbridge Times The New uxbridge Times is direct mailed monthly to over 21,000 households & businesses in uxbridge, North uxbridge, Linwood, Douglas, Manchaug, Northbridge, Whitinsville & Sutton on or about the 1st of each month. 800 additional copies are delivered to business establishments, public offices & senior centers in four surrounding towns.

DeADlINe For both articles and advertisements.

12:00 Noon on the 15th

aDveRTiSiNg e-MaiL: aRTiCLe SuBMiSSiONS:


KATHleeN mUssUllI Owner / Publisher

emIlY HURTeAU Office Manager / Sales Administrator CHRIsTINe KOTTmeIeR Editor

CAROl FOWleR & lIsA lAVAllee Advertising Representatives

AlIVIA mUssUllI Office Assistant

CONsTANCe DWYeR Freelance Writer

P.O. BOx 401, uxBRiDge, Ma 01569

(508) 278-2134 Subscriptions $30 Per Year

Submitted items will only be published if received by the deadline, and if space is available. articles are limited to 800 words or less. articles and Cartoons printed in the New uxbridge Times are the message and opinion of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone connected with this publication. all submissions must be signed and have a phone number where the writer can be reached. in the event a writer cannot be reached for verification the article will not run. We also reserve the right not to print items. NOT ReSPONSiBLe FOR TYPOgRaPHiCaL eRRORS iN aDveRTiSeMeNTS

MaY 2014

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Scouts holds Blue & Gold Banquet The Scouts, leaders and families of Cub Scout Pack 25 held their annual Blue and Gold Banquet at the Knights of Columbus in Whitinsville. The annual Blue and Gold Banquet is held as a "birthday celebration" for the Boy Scouts of America, established in 1910. The event recognizes what Scouting is all about, boys gaining confidence and skills through achieving goals with the help of their leaders and families and the importance of getting involved in their local community. The colors blue and gold have special significance in Scouting. The blue is a reminder of the

Veterans Inc. to host Golf Classic Veterans Inc. will host its Seventeenth Annual Best Ball Charity Golf Classic on Wednesday, May 7th at the Heritage Country Club in Charlton, MA. All proceeds will benefit veterans and their families in need at Veterans Inc. For more information  please contact (800) 482–2565 ext.145 or email

sky above and stands for truth, spirituality and steadfast loyalty. The gold stands for sunlight, warmth, good cheer and happiness. The banquet included a ceremony for eight Webelo Scouts, Jeremy Bullock, Casey Goyette, Benjamin Laverdiere, Caleb Youngsma, Jeffrey Costa, Thomas Andolina, Colin Wilson, Jack Streichert, who received their Arrow of Light awards and bridged to Boy Scouts. The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can achieve and allows him to crossover to a Boy Scout Troop. The Arrow of Light plaque and ceremonial arrow has color markings representing the boys’ achievements in Cub Scouts. The boys were welcomed into Boys Scouts by members of Troops 21 and 1122. The Tiger, Wolf and Bear Scouts were also presented their Rank Badges by Cubmaster Jamie Fowler at the banquet. Pack 25 meets as a pack once a month. Dens meet weekly at various locations. All boys, in first through fifth grade, are welcome to join. For information contact Jason at 508-278-5357 or email

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MaY 2014

Sign up now for Trolley Tours of Historic Whitinsville! By mary Barlow, NORTHBRiDge HiSTORiCaL COMMiSSiON MeMBeR

On Saturday, May 17th, the local community is invited to join the Northbridge Historical Commission on trolley tours of historic Whitins-

ville. Tours are free, but seating is limited. Please see the sign-up section below. Through the narration of town historian, Ken Warchol, participants will imagine a time when the Whitin Machine Works employed nearly 5,000 workers from around the globe and

Town Historian Ken Warchol, depicting Paul Whitin, founder of Whitin machine Works


Salon Richard Anthony

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most of them lived right in town. A time when magnanimous mansions lined Hill Street, less than a mile away from the mill village of workers. We’ll consider what daily life in Whitinsville was like back then. We’ll appreciate how through the dedication of the town’s factory employees, Whitin Machine Works became world renowned for its textile machinery. Tours last about 1.5 hours, beginning with a short presentation at the GB & Lexi Singh Performance Theater, Alternatives’ Whitin Mill, 60 Douglas Road, Whitinsville. The presentation will be followed by a brief visit to the historic Fletcher House across the street before boarding the trolley. (The entire tour including the trolley is handicapped accessible.) While the tours come at no cost to participants, those interested may purchase an engaging walking tour brochure for $2, which contains information about the historic significance of Northbridge and many of its charming landmarks. We hope that you will join us for this wonderful way to explore our town’s rich heritage. Reserve your seat today! To reserve your seat, please call Alternatives at (508) 234-6232. Those interested may sign up for one of three tour times: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., or 1:00 p.m. Trolley goers will meet at the GB & Lexi Singh Performance Theater, Alternatives’ Whitin Mill, 60 Douglas Road, Whitinsville.  See you there!

The Top Two Rules of Home Buying: 1. Location, Location, Location 2. Get a Savers Bank Home Loan



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Equal Housing Lender

MaY 2014

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Puckihuddle Parents plan Sped Meeting The Northbridge and Mendon-Upton information about the Wraparound Preschool Special Education Parent Advisory Program, a program that works with adds programs Councils are co-sponsoring a presenta- families with children in a wide range Puckihuddle Preschool is excited to announce that they are adding a fullday option for both their two-day and three-day preschool programs.   They are accepting enrollment now for the 2014 -2015 school year.  Puckihuddle Preschool welcomes children ages 2 years 9 months through age 7 to participate in an enriching school-year program.  Their classes are led by dedicated professionals who motivate, encourage, and inspire each child's desire to learn.  Puckihuddle Preschool was established in 1981 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children and their families with the best possible first experience at school.   The preschool is located at the former Manchaug Library at 6 Main Street in Sutton.   For more information, or to schedule a tour, please visit or call 508-476-2939.

Fighting Words: rights vs welfare On Monday, May 5th, from Noon1pm in the Varis Lecture Hall (entrance on Jumbo’s Path, behind the Large Animal Hospital) at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton. Speaker: Jayne Mackta, President, Global Research Education & Training; Publisher, "The Enrichment Record"; Past President, New Jersey Association of Biomedical Research.  Part of the Spring 2014 Animal Matters Seminar Series presented by the Center for Animals and Public Policy with the American Society for Lab Animal Practitioners. Members of the public are invited to this free seminar. Contact for more information: Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy 508-839-7991,, web site:

Young At Heart group trips

tion by Y.O.U., Inc. on Thursday, May 8th at Northbridge High School Media Center, 2nd Floor, 427 Linwood Avenue, Whitinsville, from 7-9:00 p.m. Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc. is a private, non-profit child welfare and behavioral health organization serving troubled and at risk children, adolescents, and families in the Worcester county area since 1971. Y.O.U., Inc. offers more than 45 programs at 32 distinct sites within five components: Family Support Networks, Education and Employment, Residential Care, Community Based Services, and Behavioral Health. Cheryl Marino Paige and Debra Grazulis will give an overview of the organization along with presenting

of mental health issues. This program offers an intensive care coordinator who coordinates all providers and manages cases to have all of the providers on the same page: it is all family driven with a family partner who works with the family to support them and make sure their voice is heard.   This program is provided through MassHealth.  Family partners also support the family and assist them in various things which may include understanding their child’s IEP and helping with behavior management in the home and at school. This is a free workshop and is open to the public.  For more information on this presentation, please contact Kathy Lyons at

A Note of thanks...

event was amazing! The success of our fundraisers is due in large part to the support of the members of the Club, our vendors, the community, the public safety division for the Town of Uxbridge, Uxbridge schools Plant Operations Manager and several others! Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and successful event! Comments or suggestions can be sent to

Just a note of thanks to everyone who came to our recent fundraiser event – GFWC Uxbridge Woman’s Club 3rd Annual Craft & Vendor Fair and Touch an Uxbridge Truck event on April 12th. We had great attendance for this event! This event had a little bit of everything for everyone! We heard from many, many, many guests that the

Blackstone Valley Physical Therapy Services, Inc. (-5..# 4$

3(2$ 7 '(2(-14(++$ 555 !4/21 "., (

SPRING into FITNESS with your FRIENDS!!!


, ," ' (' #' 0 *# ! . *1 ,-* 1 *(& 1 ," ,"*,( * *(&

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Sewerage Service

We have a better idea!

Thursday, May 8th: “42nd Street” at Ocean State Theatre with lunch. Cost is $82. May 28th - 31st: Four  day Penn Dutch w/”Moses,” Strasburg  Railroad, downtown Lancaster, and Philadelphia. Cost is  $435. Friday, June 6th: Capt Jack’s lobster bake (prime rib also available) w/tour of Smith’s Castle. Cost is $66.


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, &

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MaY 2014

Help for the Monarch Butterfly might be in your own backyard By Anne mazar Printed with permission of the Upton-Mendon-Milford Town Crier Spring is a time of resurrection from

the stark winter cloaked in white to the lush green spring bathed in warmth. What better symbolizes transformation than the monarch butterfly, whose chubby black, yellow and white striped

508-476-1301 Douglas, MA / MA Applicator License# 40744

FULL SERVICE LAWN CARE Core Plug Aeration • Slice Seeding Tree Trimming and Removal • Dethatching Pruning • Mulching • Lawn Repair & Fertilizing Organic Top Dressing • Seasonal Clean-Ups F R E E C O R E P L U G A E RA T I O N * *for new weekly maintenance customers / seed not included

has hit its lowest point in more than 20 years. They determined a 43.7% decrease in the population in 2013 from 2012, a year with already a very low monarch population. The major reason for this drastic decline is the loss of the native milkweed plants, a plant essential for the survival of the monarch during the caterpillar stage. Illegal logging

caterpillar unfolds from a chrysalis into a graceful butterfly? This once common insect used to visit our yards with frequency, but is now in dire trouble. The decline of the monarch is a clarion call for us to help wildlife, as well as ourselves. A World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report found the monarch butterfly population

BVPT welcomes new doctor and continues to offer softball coaching, including pitching lessons. To set up an appointment with Dr. Roda, please call 508-2347544, or check out website (www. for further information. For over 20 years Blackstone Valley Physical Therapy Services, Inc. has been independent, physical therapist-owned, private practice that has been serving the residents of the Blackstone Valley; helping them get back to the activities they want and need to do in the office, at home, or on the field. Located in the Linwood Mill, BVPTS accepts most major insurances, and now offers a Wellness Program for individuals to work out on their fitness equipment.

Blackstone Valley Physical Therapy Services, Inc. (BVPTS) is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Karyn Roda, DPT to their staff of licensed physical therapists. Dr. Roda graduated from the Ithaca College Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program in 2012. This 6 year program is included minors in both Nutrition Promotion and Health. Karyn's areas of special interest include the ankle and shoulder and she plans to become certified in new manual techniques as well as maintaining the best current and evidence-based practice. Hailing from Sparta, NJ, Karyn was active in softball, competitive cheerleading, ice skating, skiing, and dance growing up



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in the forests of central Mexico where the monarchs hibernate has been a factor. However, illegal logging has been greatly reduced through enforcement and the creation of jobs as an al-ternative to logging. The third punch is from the extreme weather conditions, including drought, that stress the monarchs. The epic late summer/autumn migration of monarch butterflies from Canada down to Mexico is the longest known insect migration in the world! It takes only one generation of this little creature to fly the more than 2,500-mile trip south for hibernation. It takes around three generations of the butterfly to make its way up north through the US, following a path of milkweeds, which is crucial food for the monarch caterpillar to survive. The WWF report found the main culprit for the crash in the monarch population to be the use of herbicides, especially in the Midwest US, which is wiping out the milkweed. In an interview by Richard Conniff, Yale Environment 360 writer, Orley R. Tayor, University of Kansas insect ecologist, says the issue, “…is the increased planting of genetically modified [GMO] corn in the U.S. Midwest, which has led to greater use of herbicides, which in turn kills the milkweed that is a prime food source for the butterflies… a very precipitous decline of monarchs that’s coincident with the adoption of Roundup-ready corn and soybeans.” What can we do? Invite the native milkweed varieties into your garden. Visit Monarch Watch to learn where you can buy seeds native to MA and create a butterfly garden. Request your local nursery to put in an order for native milkweed plants. “Bring Back the Monarchs” is a campaign by Monarch Watch involving citizen action to help the monarchs, similar to the successful effort that brought back the bluebird population. Since milkweed is native to our area, it might pop up in your garden from a downy white seed tuft that drifts in from a nearby field. The trick to having these sweetly scented natives in your yard is to not use herbicides or be ruthless with your weeding. If milkweed gets raggedy looking in the summer, just cut it back, but only after the monarch eggs have hatched and the very hungry caterpillars are done eating. Avoid using herbicides and pesticides. Organic lawn care and gardening is safer for you, your children, pets and wildlife. There are approximately 80,000 everyday chemicals on our store shelves and most of them have not been tested for safety prior to sale. For more on this topic visit www.earthjustice. org/features/ourwork/what-you-don-tknow-can-kill-you Look for GMO-free foods, (specifically soybean and corn products, to support the monarchs). If a product is organic, it is automatically GMO-free. Fewer chemicals in our environment is better for the butterflies and our health. Our metamorphosis could help the monarch.

MaY 2014

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Advocating for expanded mental health care for Veterans After Hours Zoo Visit Southwick’s Zoo recently opened for the season, and has been bustling with visitors ever since. Do you prefer to visit the zoo when it is less crowded? On Saturday, May 17th, members of EARTH Limited, an environmentally conscious nonprofit located inside Southwick’s Zoo, will have the opportunity to visit the zoo at no cost from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friends of members may also attend for a fee of $15 for adults or $10 for kids. Each year, members of EARTH Limited are treated to a number of benefits simply for being a member. This event gives visitors the unique experience of being among fellow members who are committed to helping animals and their environment. Another advantage of an after hours zoo trip is that some of the animals are more active in the evening. For example, lions sleep about 17-20 hours a day and are nocturnal, so you have a better chance of seeing them on the prowl after hours.  “EARTH Limited operates inside Southwick’s Zoo, but it’s a separate, non-profit organization that works to educate the community about environmental issues. Our members are some of the biggest contributors to EARTH, so we like to give back to them,” said Betsey Brewer, Executive Director of EARTH Ltd.   Becoming a member of EARTH comes with a number of benefits. Along with the special members only events, members of EARTH also receive unlimited visits to Southwick’s Zoo for the year, access to behind the scenes tours, discounts on Wild Adventure Summer Programs for kids, 10% off in the Purple Peacock Gift Shop, and more!  The Welcome Back event will be held at Southwick’s Zoo, located on 2 Southwick Street in Mendon. Visit to learn more about becoming a member.

Citing an increasing trend in veteran suicides, Sen. Richard T. Moore, DUxbridge, is advocating for expanded mental health care for veterans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In a letter to U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, Moore

“I am deeply concerned about the escalation of suicides among our returning veterans. The legislation filed by U.s. senator Walsh, an Iraq combat veteran himself, would be an important step for the federal government in addressing this tragedy. We must, as a nation, truly thank our veterans for their service and, in lincoln's words, 'to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.” - senator Richard T. moore expressed his support for legislation recently filed by Sen. John Walsh of Montana that would expand and improve care to veterans with mental

health disorders or at risk of suicide. Sen. Walsh's legislation, Senate Bill 2182, would extend veteran eligibility for the VA health system to 15 years instead of the current five-year window. The bill would also provide funds to repay school loans for psychiatrists who sign on for longterm service with the VA. Lastly, it would require the military to review discharge cases involving soldiers who were removed from service for behaviors relating to post-traumatic stress. In his letter, Sen. Moore argued that Sen. Walsh's legislation is "entirely consistent with the national priority of modernizing our health care system, making it more accessible and pursuing efforts to contain health care costs." He also emphasized the need to prioritize veterans' services in order to care for those who are returning from conflict. According to recent reports, an average of 22 American military veterans commit suicide every day while less than one-quarter are enrolled in the VA health system. Since 2012, the VA has brought in more than 2,400 additional mental-health professionals, providing treatment for 1.4 million veterans in 2013 compared to 900,000 in 2007. On the state level, Sen. Moore has

advocated for improved and expanded resources for veterans, most recently voting for a second Veterans' Allowances, Labor, Outreach, and Recognition Act, also known as the VALOR Act II. Massachusetts is regarded as first-in-the-nation in terms of the services and benefits it provides to vet-

erans. For more information about Sen. Moore's veterans' services efforts, visit, or follow him on Facebook ( or Twitter (www.twitter. com/SenDickMoore).

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--, 7777777777



#% )

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! #'& # (" #'#&

3$ )'(2777777


! !


0-+ -30 1.%#)"* "

$ ~ Family Owned Since 1941 ~

--*%0 ! !

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MaY 2014

“Tags for Tails” Sale to benefit disaster team Have you started your spring cleaning? Do you have a move planned and need a great cause to donate your stuff to? Are you an expert at holding yard sales? The Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team (CMDART) will hold its fifth annual “Tags for Tails” yard sale June 21, 7-5 p.m. (rain or shine) at the Douglas Fire Department and Highway Barn Lawn on Rt 16, Douglas. As in years past, the team will begin to take donated items starting the week of May 19th until noon on June 20th. Disasters, including fires, winter storms and other incidents are increasing. CMDART needs funds to maintain the mission of helping our communities

to plan, prepare and respond when animals are affected by disasters. The proceeds of this sale help to fund some basic costs for the team each year. No Items are to be dropped at the Douglas Fire Station and please do not call the fire station with questions. CMDART is an independent, private, non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt charity. Items donated should be priced with a reasonable value on them as this will help us greatly. Receipts for donations will be offered if requested. To donate items call 508-803-1989 or contact to let us know that you have items to contribute. Calls will be returned with a time and location to drop your items.

Sullivan Hardwood Floors

ishable food. Interested in taking a course to become a CMDART volunteer? Contact or sign up for an introductory course at training@ CMDART is an independent, charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. We provide information, training, support, supplies and personnel to help plan, prepare and respond to aid animals affected by man-made or natural disasters. CMD ART serves the local and regional communities of Central Massachusetts and particularly Worcester County. Animals affected by disaster can include small and large animals such as pets, livestock, and exotics. CMDART aids communities that seek to comply with the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act), which requires that household pets and service animals be included in local and state planning.

Limited pickup service is available within a reasonable distance of Douglas for a $20 donation. Items CMDART can accept: Small items of furniture (end tables, lamps, framed pictures) in good condition, books, CDs, jewelry, linens in nice condition, toys and games, tools (old and new), household items, healthy plants (perennials especially appreciated), dishes, pet related items are especially appreciated and seasonal items. Specialty crafts appreciated. Clothing if clean, pressed and sorted by size and gender. CMDART is also accepting gift cards for silent auction or to help gather more items. Items CMDART can NOT accept: Electronics (computers, printers, tv's), bedding, large pieces of exercise equipment, large appliances, no children's furniture, and hazardous materials such as paint and fertilizer. Limited Christmas items. No pet or other per-



Attics, Basements, Garages, Closets, Entryways, Laundry Rooms

Widening Social Circles a Positive experience for area Residents What’s more enjoyable than good food and good conversation? It’s a question that prompted coordinators of Club 21 to launch the Wider Circles project. Club 21 is a social club sponsored by Alternatives that matches individuals with and without disabilities around common interests and is designed to increase social opportunities for all club members. The Wider Circles project began in the fall of 2013 when a group of neighbors familiar with Alternatives and the people they serve teamed up with Club 21 coordinators with the goal of further breaking down barriers between people with and without disabilities. Wider Circles participants take turns planning, preparing and hosting a dinner party with a low-key atmosphere that encourages socializing.  The first Wider Circles event was held in the home of a community volunteer in Worcester. The hosting responsibility for the most recent dinner shifted to an Alternatives home for people with psychiatric disabilities in Auburn. It was a lively and enjoyable evening that Nat Needle, a Club 21 Wider Circles coordinator, described as “enriching for everyone.”  With the warmer weather approaching, Wider Circles outdoor barbeques and picnics are being planned. If you are interested in attending a Wider Circles event or learning more about Club 21, contact Nat Needle at or 508-579-5997. 

INTERIOR FINISH CARPENTRY INSTALLATION & REPAIRS Entertainment Centers • Cabinets • Shelving Bookcases • Home Office

(508) 779-0523 Dan Hastie LICENSED & INSURED

No Job too Small

Satisfaction is Guaranteed



$ $ !

" #

Free Estimates

Regal Pet Grooming

1 12

2 0 0 7

### $ ! $



"Great Things Happen Under John The Roofer Roofs"

MaY 2014

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Summer shouldn’t mean hunger for children Soul for Felines fundraiser By Kevin Concannon,

based groups, civic groups, recreation centers, food banks, schools, other nonprofit organizations, and volunteers takes time, effort and commitment on all sides. For any community that treasures its youth (and I haven’t met one that doesn’t), we must organize now to fight hunger this summer. If you or your organization is interested in helping us reduce the risk of hunger among our nation’s youth, visit our website, www.summerfood.usda. gov. The summer meals outreach tool kit includes sample outreach plans, templates, customizable flyers, door hangers, letters to parents, examples of site activities, best practices, and more. State representatives are also available to answer questions and facilitate sponsor enrollment and site registration. This year, let’s work together to make sure every child in our great nation has a hunger-free summer.

million more than the previous year! We hope to continue building on last year’s successes with our state and local partners in 2014, and move closer to closing the summer hunger gap. The key to success this year will be expanding the number of sites open for summer meals. We must spread the word to schools, parks and recreation departments, libraries, and faith and other community organizations across the nation; their participation is critical for the continued success of SFSP. The deadlines to become Summer Food Service Program sponsors vary by State, and began as early as April 15. Program sponsors oversee and provide meals to summer sites.  In return, USDA, through the States, reimburses program sponsors for the meals served to children. I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say that galvanizing hundreds of faith-

USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services As a child, I always looked forward to the carefree joy of summertime. I remember the long days of playing outside at a nearby park until I needed to come home for lunch. Unfortunately, many of our nation’s children do not experience the simple joys of summer. In fact, far too many are left worrying where their next breakfast or lunch will come from when schools are dismissed for summer break. During the school year, about 31 million American children receive school meals through the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program every day. About 21 million of those children receive meals at a discounted rate or for free, based on their family’s income.  When summer rolls around, though, only about 3.5 million of these children participate in USDA’s summer meals programs. That means millions of eligible lowincome children are at risk of going hungry during the summer months. And we know that to thrive and reach their highest potential, children need good nutrition all year long. USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is working to fill this hunger gap for children who qualify for free and reduced price meals during the school year. The program serves free healthy meals to eligible children ages 18 and under, and is made possible through the efforts of national, state, and local partners, including a cadre of energized volunteers. While USDA has worked to increase access to summer meals for lowincome children for many years, SFSP began receiving priority attention in 2013.  Last summer, USDA employed a new tactic of working with partners to deliver intensive, targeted technical assistance on SFSP in five states.  The result was a historic increase in the number of meals served, nationwide: 7

Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue will hold a fundraiser on May 2nd called "Soul for Felines" at the Dudley-Gendron in Sutton. This event will help raise much

Attention Vacation Travelers A FINE Travelers representative will be in the F.I.N.E. office at the Northbridge Senior Center, 20 Highland St., Whitinsville, every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. answering questions and taking reservations on two trips 1) our Northern National


Brian Duclos

Quality Work Done Right PHONE:

CS#94127 HIC#166400

NATHANS’ Jewelers 508-473-7375 157 Main Street


Hanging Baskets that WOW

508-234-8045 508-277-6100

Parks vacation tour offering for Sept 512, and 2) our San Antonio tour in March 2015. Preview FINE Travelers trip offerings at, or for more information, call 508 2593786 or email

TOP DOLLAR PAID for Gold, Silver, Diamonds & Coins

Duclos Painting & Carpentry


needed funds so they can continue to help the cats and kittens in the Uxbridge, Northbridge, Sutton, Grafton, Millbury area.

Paint • Wallpaper • Carpentry Power Washing • Snowplowing


Fresh Flowers

Fresh Herbs


Mixed Planters


Lemon and Lime Trees available

Mom is Unique...we are too! SHOP FRESH AT 320 Main Street • Douglas, MA • 508.476.1100 Tuesday ~ Friday •


# &#

" "


LAWN CARE • Premium Lawn Care Programs AERATION • Lime Treatments OVER SEEDING • Insect Control SLICE SEEDING (fleas, ticks, grubs and more) DETHATCHING • Fungi Treatments • Moss Control

~ Organic Lawn Care Programs ~



Massachusetts Licensed Lawn Technicians CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


Organic Mosquito Control

508-234-7045 Whitinsville, MA For other services visit:

10% OFF If booked by June 1st!

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MaY 2014

Festival Carnival to be held at Upton V.F.W. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW! The George L. Wood Post #5594, V.F.W. will host a "Festival Carnival" for 4 days, May 15th-18th. The event will be held on the Post's grounds, Route 140, Upton. Opening on Thursday, May 15th, continuing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Special "Wrist Band Pass Day" is Sunday: $20.00 per person. The pass is for unlimited rides.


The dates and times are as follows: • Thursday, May 15th: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. • Friday, May 16th: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. • Saturday, May 17th: Noon to 10 p.m. • Sunday, May 18th: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call: David Kennedy (508) 5293314 or Joe McMahon (508) 529-4205

!# , ( #' ( &$$"' , # ' ' " #(' ( $#' , & ', # & + #( * $" ' #' &% #(&+ , $$ # , #+! # # $* $$& %! " #( !

&( )&

The many backyard berries of New England

) /',) ) &* ) + ,* ) +

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1 $. /* ( )*'& $ +', ! "& - )/+!"&


$ ''$#

BLUEBERRIES: Nowadays, there are many different blueberry cultivars but only the highbush blueberry type will survive our winters. Blueberries love acidic soil as well as organic additions to the soil. That means peat moss and/or compost. You can find acid additives for the soil. They usually have a blue hydrangea picture on the front of the package.  Follow the directions and do not overdo it on the additive or you may damage the blueberry plant. Blueberry shrubs are quite beautiful! They have lovely spring flowers and nice fall color.  Some even have red branches for winter appeal.  So why not add them to your landscape?  Maybe cut out that old yew and replace it with a few blueberry bushes?  RAMBLES ON BRAMBLES: Brambles are the group name for the many fruits that grow on canes.  Raspberries and blackberries are our most popular, but also include boysen, logan, marion, and other berries more common to the Midwest. Some of us

New England is an excellent area for growing fruits, especially berries, in our own gardens. Most native fruits are easy to grow: full sunlight, moisture, and a little TLC! Most fruits should be planted in early spring for a first-year harvest. In New England, that is April. Choose a cloudy and cooler day for less stress on any plant. STRAWBERRIES: There are June-bearing, ever-bearing, and day neutral types of strawberries. The big differences are when you want fruit, flavor of the fruit, and the spread of the plant. It is a personal choice, but I much prefer June-bearing fruit.  I feel the taste is superior, even if I can only have them for a few weeks. Try using strawberries as ground cover in a garden bed or as edging in a vegetable bed.  The new plants produced from the strawberry runners are the healthier ones.  If you want to replant, use the newer, smaller “babies”. If you want to cut down on how many you have, take out the larger and older plants.

0 ) & *" & 0 &*+ $$ +"'& 0 "&+ & & !)"*+"&

/ / / / / / / / / / / /

/ $$'.+), # ) &* '%

+- ## &%)" % "( ($) % +%) " # ) !&* +%) $$+%"*"&% &#)* () ."% ) &* " !*) &' ) # )!#" !*) %", ) # %"% +''#" ) ( % - (&* *"&% '' ( '( #& "% +''#" )


$$'. ), # ) &*

... / $$'.+), # )

&* ' %

have native brambles in our woods. Do Not Plant cultivated brambles near the wild varieties! Wild brambles have different diseases and pests that could wipe out the cultivated ones.  You can keep and care for the wild varieties instead if you prefer. Brambles cannot have wet feet.  They do not tolerate being planted in a wet area, but they also need sufficient water through the growing season, so find a good site for them.  Supports of some kind should be part of the growing site.  Perhaps surrounding a boulder or along a fence may be just the right spot. How traditional! Another important growing tip for success with brambles is proper pruning.  Raspberries especially respond to good pruning with new, strong canes and less pest problems. GRAPES & OTHER SMALL FRUIT: Grapes can be a terrific addition to a home garden or landscape.  The keys to good growth are abundant sunshine, good supports for the canes, and strong pruning techniques.  Winters as severe as this one can hold real danger to grapes, but with proper mulching or other winter protection, you can grow wonderful grapes! What about currants or gooseberries?  Unfortunately, both these plants host a disease that can badly affect White Pines.  They are not recommended in Massachusetts. There are many resources available for advice on How, Which, When, Where for all these plants.  Buy from a good supplier.  Western Mass. has several berry growers and nurseries to choose from. Good luck, enjoy the Fruits of your labors, and save some pie for me! - Christine Horwath Certified Master Gardener & Owner, Yellow Truck Gardens

MaY 2014

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Cormier Woods Volunteer Day Farmstead don Community Preservation Commitmary Beauchamp, hosts Plant By tee have worked together to preserve 87 The Trustees of Reservations additional acres, abutting Cormier us on Saturday, May 10th, from Woods, through two land purchases Sale & Swap 9 Join a.m. to 1 p.m., for a Volunteer Work using Community Preservation Act Daniels Farmstead is located at 286 Mendon St. and the event will take place Sunday, May 18th from 11-3. Kathy Barton leads a nature walk at 11 through the Daniels Woodland. Enjoy an infomative walk as you see and hear signs of spring. The Grill featues old fashioned franks, angus beef burgers, italian sausage with peppers and onions, veggie burgers with all the fixins for a first of the year picnic. A great assortment of annuals, such as geraniums, petunias, impatients, hanging baskets, and perenials too. A limited number of heirloon tomato plants and other vegetable plants will be available. If you are interested in swapping, an exchange on an equivalent basis such as a house plant for a houseplant, a seedling for a seedling or an established perenial for the like, and so forth; please identify your botanical offering. The offer to swap will be honored by Daniels Farmstead but other gardeners on hand will use their own discretion in this regard. Vendors will be on hand with crafts, meat, sauces, jams, honey and lots more. Come see whats growing in the fields as we prepare for Farmer's Market and House Tours beginning on July 6th. The foundation continues to refurbish the buildings and fields of this beautiful historic property so that everyone may enjoy the bounty of the crops and the past. For further information email; justine@ or call 508726-2042.

Day at Cormier Woods Reservation in Uxbridge and Mendon, hosted by The Trustees of Reservations. Volunteers will continue clearing and marking new trails that will provide a seamless connection between The Trustees’ Cormier Woods Reservation in Uxbridge and Mendon, and Meadow Brook Woods, owned by The Town of Mendon.   Over the past five years, the The Trustees of Reservations and the Men-

(CPA) funds, state grants, and donations. The property, now called Meadow Brook Woods, includes nine-acre Inman Pond, lush woods, and two rushing streams, which all connect to the Cormier Woods open-field farmstead. Last year, volunteers cleared nearly 11/2 miles of new trail. Two new bridges are slated to be built in the near future to cross Meadow Brook and Wigwam Brook, which will then tie into the trail or call (508) 785-0339. Plan to bring your own lunch if you'd like to spend the day.  Wear long sleeves and pants, bring water, work gloves, and be prepared for warm or cold weather. Volunteers should meet up next to the barn at 217 Chapin St. in Uxbridge before 9 a.m. for check-in.   The Trustees rely on networks of volunteers, community groups, and educators to maintain and enjoy the resources on their properties.  Volunteering as a family provides quality time together for a good cause.  You can volunteer for one day or become involved with ongoing projects/events. More inforamation about Cormimer Woods is available online at  

system off of Park Street in Mendon. This year, a second trailhead will be added on Asylum Street in Mendon, near to future trails in the Mendon Town Forest. At the core of this developing conservation area is Cormier Woods Reservation. This historic and beautiful property was donated to The Trustees by D. James Cormier.  It was opened to the public in the fall of 2008, the first Trustees property in the Blackstone Valley.  Cormier Woods’ 185 acres borders two towns, along Chapin Street in Uxbridge, Southwick Street and Asyhlum Street in Mendon.   To help us prepare for this event, preregistration is required at http://www.

207 N. Main Street Uxbridge, MA

" &


(" !#

# #!'

Located above Lucille’s


PAMPER HER THIS MOTHER’S DAY ...with a Spa Gift Certificate! Facials • Massage Manicures & Pedicures Waxing & Make-up

To: Mom You deserve The Day Spa xoxo # $





Open by appointment





# ! ..4 2#. .'#0'#/ ,$ ,$ 0&#* 3')) # !&#!( ,10 +)4 0&'/ *,+0&

BEER --/$ !/$/ 4 0*/

WINE #)),3 ')

LIQUOR 2 + '))' */

(0$. 4 ** !.($0($/



#+01!(4 ,1. ,+

$9.99 !3

!") 4 !,/ ** !.($0($/





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-0$/ #1 '-,$ $/$.2$



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!") 4 -00*$/ ** !.($(0$/


$12.39 # !





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!") 4 -00*$/ ** !.($0($/

+" 1-,+ )1"

# "


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MaY 2014

“Fire!!!….and your pet” is topic at animal disaster team annual event “Fire and your pet” will be the featured topic at the 11th Annual Meeting of the Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team (CMDART, Inc.) Tuesday night, May 6th, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Buca di Beppo Restaurant, 7 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury. Roger Lauze, from the MSPCA Large Animal, Equine Rescue Unit, will speak about “Barn Fires”, prevention and rescue.  Dr. Jennifer Gallo, DVM from Southern New England Veterinary Care in Uxbridge will outline symptoms often seen in animals following a fire. Mary Lou Volpe, Firefighter and EMT1 from the SAFE Program, Sturbridge Fire Department will join Dr. Gallo in demonstrating pet respirators. The American Red Cross will outline their


is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt charity dependent upon contributions. As part of this regular annual event, CMDART will offer an overview of its past and present activities and will recognize volunteers who have given valuable time to aid CMDART’s mission. CMDART supports public safety efforts in cooperation with emergency management, municipalities, animal control, and first responders by offering support, supplies, and personnel to help animals and pet owners affected by disasters, including man-made or natural incidents. CMDART hopes to acquire donations to aid pet owners affected by fires, which is one of the most prevalent disaster incidents happening in Central Mass.  

experience from recent incidents in Central Mass where animals have been rescued or perished. The Worcester Medical Reserve Corp. will also be present to offer information about their services and will offer Blood Pressure screenings to attendees.     The annual meeting and training are open to the public by RSVP at or by calling 508803-1989 and leaving a message to register. The event is free with a requested donation to help cover the cost of the light appetizer menu. Beverages are self-pay.  Guest speakers and the event is sponsored in part by the Leominster High School Animal Rights Club, the CVS Caremark Community Grants Program, by Dr. Jennifer Gallo, and by donations from volunteers.  CMDART

CMDART is currently seeking applications to fill two key professional volunteer positions on the Board of Directors, a Clerk and a Treasurer. The Treasurer must reside in the Douglas, Uxbridge, South County area. Volunteer job descriptions and further information are available by contacting or calling 508803-1989 and leaving a message. The team is also seeking a Volunteer Events Coordinator to assist with public education scheduling and coordination of volunteers for these prevention education functions and volunteer grant writers to join our Funds Development Committee. 

Annual Whisker Walk

Don't forget the perfect gift... Mother's Day • Sunday May 11th, 2014

-#3 ++.# +"'

0--&#/ 6. #((

+) 3 ,,%&-#

( +// +$ *

+&*/-# 0 )(



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% -"+** 3 )(

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0" &$%/ &)#

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((&*& &)+*!#((+


#-*#/ 01&$*+* )(




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&*+/ -&$&+

'&**3 &-( &* +( "



//+-& +*/#,#.!&*&

5 0-( *

-+.#!!+ 014# # /-&!# )(


%& */& +((& #*.& )(

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#$- +"#(+ +"#(+ .,#!& (

&#-#1 "


,' +//(#. ! *.


(( ,'.





Animal welfare organizations, shelters, breed rescues and sponsors/vendors can now sign up to participate in the 7th Annual Whisker Walk, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, June 8th, at Lancaster (Mass.) Fairground. Whisker Walk draws several thousand families and their dogs from all over New England. This free-to-the public (and well-behaved dogs) event features exhibits, demonstrations, and hands-on animal petting opportunities. A kid’s area, rides, adoptable pets, product giveaways, raffles, auctions, an agility course, a Frisbee Dog Show, Canine Good Citizen testing, “Ask the Vet,” free rabies vaccines and low cost micro-chipping are added attractions. Over 100+ animal welfare organizations and pet-related vendors participate annually. “For animal welfare organizations, it’s a wonderful way to fund-raise without having the enormous costs and planning inherent in most efforts,” says Leigh Grady, whose Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling is spearheading the event. “For sponsors and vendors, Whisker Walk provides face-to-face marketing with pet lovers and owners interested in their particular products and services. For more information, contact Leigh Grady at leigh13@ix. or 978-422-8585 or visit

MaY 2014

Troop 102 Mapleville held their annual Ham & Bean Dinner at Our Lady of Good Help Church in Mapleville, RI. Bert’s Breakfast & Lunch of Uxbridge, sponsored the event. After dinner a penny social/raffle was held that included multiple prizes including big ticket items such as Providence Bruins tickets, and Newport Playhouse to name a few. The Troops 30 scout strong helped run the event.  The Scouts sold out the event which seated 150 people.  The dinner is the Troops annual fund-raiser which helps the growing troop buy necessary


Thimble Pleasures Meeting Local quilt guild, Thimble Pleasures, welcomes quilt designer Beatriz Grayson to lecture on “Her Quilting Journey Up to Now” on Thursday, May


Douglas Library Book Discussion The next meeting of the Douglas Library Book Group will be discussing Liz Murray’s Breaking Night on Tuesday, May 13th at 6:30 PM. A stunning memoir that tells the story of a young woman who at age fifteen was living on the streets, and who eventually made it into Harvard.  Call the Library 508-476-2695 for a copy of the book. New members welcome. Homemade refreshments, inspired by the title being discussed, will be served.

equipment, awards and merit badges. The entire event was a great success. Many thanks are due to all the donors of raffle items, food items and the time and effort necessary to make the event successful. Please consider joining us next year for good food and fun with Troop 102 Mapleville, RI, and as allows we welcome new scouts to join our troop and enjoy all that Scouting has to offer. For More information please call Scoutmaster Tom Sylvester at 401-575-3538.

15th at 7 P.M. at the Unitarian Church, Maple St in Mendon. A trunk show is to follow. Guests are welcome for a $5.00 fee.

/, +,&)$ +" & (5 #" 5 5 $ %

Special ,*0&!") " ! /301 /.


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3 ." $(' 5





The final spring lecture, Road Map to Weight Loss will be presented on Wednesday, May 14th . The presenters are MRMC clinical exercise physiologist, Elizabeth Bradley, MS and MRMC registered dietitian, Ali Porter, MS, RD, LDN.   The lecture will be held in the Physicians Conference Center at Milford Regional Medical Center (adjacent to the main lobby) and begin at 7 PM.   There is no cost to attend, but preregistration is requested.  For more information and to register, please go to Milford Regional’s Web site at or call (508) 4222206.  

Troop hosts Ham & Bean Dinner


Final Spring Lecture at Milford Hosp.

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. "+*. . *) .%" , #.*) /..*) (&)" "+301 0, !&2 5$



Snow Plowing & Sanding

Quarry Hill Excavating / Quarry Hill Development Specializing in Custom Built Homes & Garages P.O. Box 411 • Uxbridge, MA 01569

PH 508-278-6941

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MaY 2014

Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park May programs Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park announces upcoming  May programs. River Bend Farm Visitor Center is located at 287 Oak Street Uxbridge MA 01569. All programs are free and open to the public. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For information please call the park at 508278-7604 or email  blackstone.her- Reasonable accommodations available upon request. ART AT THE RIVER Saturday May 3 and 10, 1:00-noon A healthy dose of Nature and Art! Take a short walk through the sunny field to a quiet nook along the Blackstone River. Relax a while and make a nature

journal to write down your discoveries. Materials provided to make a nature notebook and sun print. Stay as long as you like, or go explore the meadow paths. All ages welcome. Meet at Visitor Center. EARLY BIRDERS Saturday May 3 and 10, 7:30-8:30am

Enjoy a morning bird walk and search for herons, warblers, woodpeckers and other song birds. Let’s see what we can hear along the meadow paths, sighting last year’s nests before leaf out becomes dense. Some field guides and binoculars will be available to borrow during the program. Meet at Visitor Center. CANAL WALK Sunday May 18 and 25 1:00-2:00 pm This easy walk meets at River Bend Farm Visitor Center and continues along the canal’s towpath. Walk along to hear about the history of the Blackstone Canal and catch a view of local wildlife. Appropriate for all ages. Flat hard packed gravel, 2 mile round trip. Meet at Visitor Center. KIDLEIDOSCOPE KIDS NATURE STORY HOUR Fridays May-September 10:30-11:30 am This popular nature themed story and activity hour returns for the season! Meets at the Big Red Barn Visitor Center for nature stories followed by a short nature walk and followed up with a craft activity. This free program designed to connect young children to nature runs rain or shine.  Wear appropriate clothing for the nature walk portion. Meets indoors during inclement weather. Children must be accompanied by adult.





-1( ' "



*+ #$#

$*) '# $" $')

'# )

! #



'' '!



WETLAND SENSORY HIKE Saturday May 24, 11:00-noon Take advantage of the season before briars and brush obstruct the view. Learn about the wonders of the wetlands while we explore firsthand using each of our senses (with the exception of tasting!) Family friendly hike, all ages welcome. Meet at Visitor Center.

Pressure Washing


!! "

RESTORE, PROTECT & PRESERVE YOUR ENTIRE HOME All Types of Siding • Decks & Fences • Roofs and Chimneys Pre-Paint Prep • Staining & Sealing



' $## -





() !!$ 1 !






, '1(

HIDDEN TREASURES CANAL WALK Sunday May 11, 1:00-2:15 pm In celebration of Preservation Month, walk along restored sections of the

TOWPATH SUNSET STROLL Sunday May 11, 5:30-6:30 pm Join a group walk- an easy stroll along the Blackstone Canal’s Towpath. Unwind from your day and enjoy the magic hour of light and shadows just before sunset. Hear stories of the days of canal transportation and enjoy the scents and sounds of spring! All ages welcome. Path is flat, hard packed gravel. Meets at Visitor Center.

FREE GUTTER CLEANING! w/ basic service thru 6/1/14



*+ #$#

#. #)

" ' # !+ ' &* !


! - $*(



$(! # 1( ! *"

Blackstone Canal and Towpath as we search for hidden treasures! Discover an early stone quarry site and remnants of a stone lock, one of 48 such structures used to lift and lower canal barges along their 45  mile route.  On this  two and a half mile long walk, learn about the canal and the transformation of the agricultural landscape and discover the hidden heritage and natural wonders along the way! All ages are welcome. Rain cancels. Easy-moderate walk on dirt trail, hills, roots and rocks make this trail not stroller friendly.

#( ))


$' "$' ! #





%$" !

“Serving the Blackstone Valley Since 1978”

Sales • Service • Rentals • State Inspection Station

$ ##- %%! (



' #



&&& ' #

2 0 1 5

$18,495 $16,995

%$" "


May 2014

Page 21

Calendar WEEKLY SundayS Bingo knights of Columbus 70 Prescott rd., Whitinsville doors open at 4 pm

TueSdayS rotary ClUB Meeting

May 2nd • Friday Senior BreakfaSt 8-9:30 aM St. John's episcopal Church, 3 Pleasant St., Sutton.$4 donation p.p. Handicap accessible. fMi: 508-865-3103 / 508-277-9822

SPring Book & Bake Sale friends of the Uxbridge library 9-1 PM 25 north Main St. Homemade goodies, books, videos, and cds.

P.a.C.e. ClaSS…free!

4th • Sunday

People with arthritis can exercise 10 am in the Community room at lydia taft House. Call Paulette 508-476-4467

Men’S BiBle StUdy Whitinsville Community Center, Church/Hill Sts. 4th floor Conference rm. Men from all area towns are invited. 508-278-9345

11th • Sunday

Cinco de Mayo

Mother's Day

6th • Tuesday

12th • Monday

naMi SUPPort groUP Meeting 7-8:30 PM Uxbridge nazarene Church, 130 douglas St. fMi: 508-917-8381

BlaCkStone Valley free MediCal PrograM 6-8 PM northbridge High School, 427 linwood ave., Whitinsville

15th • Thursday JUne iSSUe deadline for the new Uxbridge times all ad copy and press releases must be in by 12 noon.

CinCo de Mayo dinner 5 PM St. John's episcopal Church, 3 Pleasant St., Sutton. Cost is $7 p.p. or $20 for families of four or more. fMi: 508-865-3103. Burritos, rice, and refried beans.

19th • Monday 10th • Saturday CorMier WoodS VolUnteer day 9-1 PM Pre-registration required uteer or call 508-785-0339

dog orPHanS annUal Walk for PaWS 12-4 PM river Bend farm, 287 oak St., Uxbridge

ThurSdayS “CoMMUnity Band” Practice 7:30 pm at Whitin School on granite St., Uxbridge


/' /,


.176* /'55*5


0$.#!3. !+#

8*'4 2/)5 9 8*'4 2/)5 9

WaLK FOr WeLLneSS Clear your mind, meet new people and get healthy & Walk the trails at Pout Pond Call

aMeriCan legion riderS MontHly Meeting 7 PM american legion Hall 59 douglas St., Uxbridge

MontHly Meeting 7 PM VfW Post 1385 rt. 16 Uxbridge

3rd • Saturday

12 noon Valley Cafe, Whitinsville 1St tUeSday of eVery MontH at 6:00 P.M.

rotary ClUB Meeting

5th • Monday


274 /'55*5


JUStiCe iS Mind indePendent featUre filM 7 PM the elm draught House Cinema, Millbury

26th • Monday

Memorial Day

27th • Tuesday WoMen'S netWorking 8:45-10 aM Harbro Professional Building, 546 Providence rd., rt. 122, Whitinsville fMi:774-254-1146

28th • Wednesday aMeriCan legion MontHly Meeting 7 PM american legion Hall 59 douglas St., Uxbridge BlaCkStone Valley Heritage QUilterS Meeting 7 PM St. Patricks Church, 1 Cross St., Whitinsville . guest Speaker: nancy Halpern.

Send us your Calendar Items....


'1) 73 '1) 73


$#+$.#!3 !+# '0-.#!3 1$+(+& 9

nicky at 508-278-3558


// ',*5




ladies auxiliary Meat raffle 5 pm at VfW Post 1385 Hall, rte. 16 in Uxbridge


7/8 6- 6-47 7/8 7// '8

60'8 )2 -'/+ )'8 9 '/+ '8 7,756 6- 6-47 6-

: 20* 2.1 "-* 71 ;



! $ !! ! #" 9 #& ! 6,3,801'56.(5 ,0'./ (20

)!"$ 2'$-$ )$!-+(+& (. %0+

% '( & ! $



Providing professional and quality service for over 40 years to your community. JL Darling analyzes your system and recommends a maintenance program to meet your needs. Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 goal and your questions are encouraged. • Pumping and Maintenance • Title V Inspections • Complete System Installation and Repairs • Covers located and raised • Emergency Service A+ Rating “Maintaining your septic system through our professional services.”

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May 2014

Dining Out Help Your Community...Dine and Shop Locally. V.F.W. Post 1385 $$ '"& *

&+ $*





,& %"+ * . ) +*

+' (% .

& "&


(% - )"&

''# ')

Quaker Tavern 466 Quaker Highway • Route 146A • Uxbridge • Open 7 Days



at 7:00 p.m.

THURSDAY All-You-Can-Eat

PRIME RIB 5 pm till it lasts!!

Last WEDNESDAY of every month...





Family Style Chicken $10.99

Lottery • (508) 779-0901 • Keno



11 South Main St., Uxbridge, MA OPEN DAILY 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(508) 476-5661


Dine In or Take Out • 508-278-8088



Wise Guy Trivia

Mother’s Day is May 11th

306 Main St., Douglas MA

10% OFF Seniors



Karaoke Night



Live Entertainment


Starting at 8:30 pm

King & Queen Cuts

Prime Rib Dinners

Everyday Low Prices for Draft Beer

Don’t Forget Mom...


“Try Your Luck Tuesday” Come on in and enter our Raffle... Winners drawn every Tuesday Winner Receives A FREE Meal!* *NEXT MEAL OF EQUAL VALUE

Breakfast Special MON-FRI 6:30 to 9:30 AM

2 Eggs,Toast, Homefries & Coffee…$3.25

Come Check Out Our Daily Specials • All Food is Homemade

May 2014

Page 23

~Society ~ NSDAR awards grant to Deborah Wheelock Chapter

Spring Sale at Asa Waters Mansion Just in time for Mother’s Day, spring birthdays, graduations, bridal showers or that summer wedding, the Gift Shoppe at the Historic Asa Waters Mansion will throw open its doors on Saturday morning, May 3rd from 9:00 to 12:00. This Mansion is Mine, the Asa Waters Mansion coloring book for children and collectors of all ages and a vast array of gifts, memorabilia, and collectibles will be available for that special occasion or just to treat yourself.  Also for the children on your list, the shoppe offers Revolutionary War musket ball point pens and games, historical coloring books and paper dolls. Girls of all ages will love silver flip flop earrings, “theme” bracelets, and the ever popular Red Sox and New England Patriots jewelry from the Mary Ann Shaw collection. For the “hard to shop for” men, the shoppe features a wide variety of history books and handmade wooden “Armory Village” signs. Any woman would love Pages of My Life, a book of poems by Eleanor Wilmont Vincelette, chronicling her growing up years in Millbury. Tea lovers may choose from a vast selection of bone china tea cup and saucer sets for only $10, bone china thimbles and a beautiful selection of Asa Waters Mansion note cards and magnets from the “Petal ‘n Fern” Collection.  All shopping will be on the first floor,

Joan and Bob MacKinnon (center) joined the Weekend Today Team for an on-air appearance.

MacKinnon’s celebrate 40th Anniversary in NYC On Sunday March 30th Joan MacKinnon, of Uxbridge, was selected to be “Plaza Fan of the Day” on the Today Show at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The MacKinnon’s where picked from the crowd outside to come in and introduce an upcoming

come browse for that one of kind gift and help support the preservation and restoration of “Millbury’s Town Jewel” at the same time.

segment. They met the hosts of the Today Show including; Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe and Erica Hill (pictured above). Joan and her husband Bob were in the city for the weekend celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, they honeymooned in NYC in 1973.

The Asa Waters Mansion, located at 123 Elm Street in Millbury, is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.

deJa Vu We turn up like old pennies; Sometimes as loving friends; But other times as enemies reopening wounds to mendone does not seek the other But fate must play her hand We came from different forturnes and long forgotten landsSometimes my role is yin and she the darker yang; We dance as dauntless warriors in sagas dead poets sangWe forget but then remember, our meetings determinded by chance, amazed to find each other By a fleeting smile or glanceHow then can old souls remember as hurricanes of time race by is it love or a disaster When we find where old pennies lie-

AT - robert P. duffy Millville


Revitalize. Re-energize. Renew. Sun 10-4, Mon, Thurs & Fri 10-8, Sat 9-5, Tues by appt. We match all competitor's prices, including specials! (please reference pricing when booking appt.)

The Deborah Wheelock Chapter, DAR, announces a $10,000 grant from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution to rebuild sills and frames and for custom built, replacement windows to be installed at the 1768 Simeon Wheelock House on North Main Street. In furtherance of its objectives to promote education, historic preservation and patriotism, NSDAR established a special projects committee to support such needs. Applications are received from local Chapters and outside organizations nation-wide, and the maximum award is $10,000. The Deborah Wheelock Chapter owns the historic home, located across from the Uxbridge Town Common.  In 1910, after raising $5,000 selling tea sandwiches and lemonade for over a decade to prove it could ‘afford its

upkeep’, the property was transferred by William E. Hayward to the Chapter. For over a century members have maintained the house without seeking outside funds to build, repair, repaint or replace anything. Now, to maintain the structural integrity of this ‘old house’, replacement of fourteen windows is urgently needed.  Because of the inordinate expense, the Chapter gratefully acknowledges NSDAR support for this project. The Deborah Wheelock Chapter welcomes the public to attend meetings, and the Simeon Wheelock House opens its doors for tours during many town-wide celebrations.   Regent Jane F. Keegan invites inquiries about joining the world wide ranks of more than 175,000 Daughters of the American Revolution devoted to “God, Home and Country”.  

Dog and Cat grooming & boarding Luxury Suites Available Doggie Daycare In-home Services Available

Individual & Group Dog Training

68 US Route 146, Sutton MA

30 years in business Denise and Bill Jones

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May 2014

Dr. Blais, Guest Pastor at Quaker Meeting House The first in a series of Ecumenical Services sponsored by the East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House and Cemetery Historical Association, Inc. will be held on Sunday, May 18, at the historic Meeting House at 197 Elm Street in Blackstone. Reverend Dr. Ruth Blais of the Christ Community Church in Blackstone will serve as guest pastor. Music is under the direction of John Staples of Blackstone. The service will commence at 2 p.m. and will be followed by the annual meeting of members of the Association. Reverend Dr. Blais was raised in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Following a career as a nurse, as well as raising three children, Dr. Blais received her Masters of Divinity Degree from Andover Newton Theological School. She began working as a Church Planter for The Salvation Army and followed that as a pastor at several churches in Massachusetts, as well as working as a Chaplain

and first responder at many disasters. Dr. Blais completed her Doctoral studies in Spiritual Formation at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Ecumenical services are sponsored yearly by the Association which was formed in 1954 for the purpose of preserving and maintaining the historic Meeting House and burial grounds. The burial grounds date back to 1799 and the Meeting House was built in 1812. The Meeting House has been on the National Register of Historic Places since August 1995. Membership in the Association is open to all persons interested in the preservation of the Meeting House and cemetery. Anyone interested in information regarding the Association and its workings, or membership in the Association should email Board member Harriet Chase Sharp at

Popular Medium Returns Gary McKinstry, popular medium & psychic, is returning to Upton for his sixth "Connections" presentation on May 2nd, 7:00 P.M., at Upton's Memorial School located on 69 Main Street.  This event is a fund-raiser for the Upton Bloomer Girls, a charitable organization.  Interacting closely with the audience, McKinstry works to channel spiritual contact between guests and loved ones who

have passed away. Reserve your seat for $20.00 by calling the Town Clerk at 508-529-3565 or Ida at 508-529-2822.  Tickets may be purchased at the door for $25.00.  Private 10-15 minute sessions with McKinstry are awarded.  Raffle tickets may be purchased for special gift basket drawings.  A great cause, an evening of fun and...You could be chosen to connect psychically with a loved one!

Flea Market and Craft Show at VFW On Saturday, May 10th from 8 am to 2 pm a Flea Market & Craft Show will be held on the grounds of the Upton V.F.W. Post #5594 located on Route 140 in Upton. Free Admission New and used items at low prices. Dealer Spaces $10.00 Reservations are required only for dealers needing to reserve tables (tables can be reserved at $5.00 per table.) Call Dave @ (508) 529-3314. Flea Market and Crafts: Several tables will fea-

ture homemade/handmade crafts for Mother's Day, Spring, Father's Day, and Commencement gift giving. Many tables will offer new and used items for sale at low prices. The V.F.W. will have several tables at the sale. Many of these tables feature books and magazines. Coffee, donuts and soda wil be on sale from 8:00 a.m. Hot dogs at 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Proceeds of the flea market and crafts sale will be used for the post's improvements.

St. Vincent DePaul Clothing Drive The St. Vincent DePaul Society will be holding a clothing drive on Saturday, May 17th, from 9 am to 1 pm. We will be in the St. Mary's Parking Lot located near the clothing box. We appreciate your support. For information or pick-up needs, please contact Dennis Featherstone at (508) 8870118 (evenings).

Hummingbird 77 South Main St., 2nd Level, Uxbridge, MA 774-280-4172

Spring Special ! "


May 2014

Page 25

Senior Corner What’s happening at Millbury Senior Center? Millbury Senior Center 1 River St. , Millbury, MA 01527 508-865-9247 Judith O'Connor Lunch is served daily at 12:00 Noon. Call 48 hrs in advance for reservation. $2.50 donation MONDAYS  Exercise @9:30 am Wii Bowling @12:30 pm Scrabble/Scat @1:00 pm

heLPInG handS - The students in Mrs. Lukowski's 3rd grade class, from Whitin eLC School, extended their friendship to the great people down at the uxbridge Senior Center by getting them some much needed items that are not covered in the budget. Marsha Petrillo, director from the uxbridge Council on aging came to the school to thank the children and tell them all about the great services that the uxbridge Senior Center provides.

Sutton Senior Center 19 Hough Rd., Sutton, MA 01590 508-234-0703 Senior Center Closed: Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th 1st • Thursday 10 AM: NEW! Meditation Class Held every Thursday 5th • Monday 10 AM: Chatterbox Discussion Group 5 PM: "Taco Supper"  Call for tickets 9th • Friday 1 PM: Caregiver's Support Group held 2nd Friday monthly.

14th • Wednesday 10 AM: Coffee Hour W/Town Administrator Jim Smith. 29th • Thursday 11:45 AM: "Monthly Birthday Party" Celebrating All May Birthdays 30th • Friday 7 PM: Annual "Piano Recital" w/Marge Mahoney's Students. Horseshoes Are Back!!  Mondays @ 2 PM. All ages welcome Weekly Features Mondays: 9:30 AM  Tai Chi  FREE

classes every Monday. Tuesdays: 12:45 PM “Sutton Serenaders Chorus” Tuesdays: 1 PM  Cribbage. New Time Thursdays: 10 AM  Pitch  10 AM Meditation Class New! 12:30 PM Darts, 12:30 PM Mahjong. Beginners welcome. BINGO: Wednesday & Friday @ 1PM Fridays: 9 AM “I’m Sorry” Card Game Free Exercise Classes Mondays & Wednesdays  (Range of Motion) Free Yoga Classes Tuesdays & Fridays Free Computer Classes  Wednesdays & Thursdays. 9-Noon

THURSDAYS Whist @ 12:45 pm FRIDAYS  Exercise @ 9:30 am Zumba Gold @ 10:30 am Bridge/Scat @ 12:30 pm

TUESDAYS Blood Pressure Clinic @9:00 am Tai Chi Class  @9:30 am cost $2.00 Zumba Gold @10:45 -11:30 am Sing-a-Long @11:00 am Cribbage/Scat  @1:00 pm


Sutton Senior Center announces May Calendar

WEDNESDAYS Crafters @ 9:30 am Bingo @ 1:00 pm Computer/Cell Classes @3:00 pm Reservations required.

Join us on Thursday May 22nd: Newport Playhouse to see "My Husbands Desire". Call the Senior Center for more information.


Medical Supply -



( )* +$') - " * ! "() - ,$'! *&$, "**"% ) - (*!&' " (& + *) -

$ +$') ! # ! "()


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May 2014

Uxbridge Senior Center upcoming events Uxbridge Senior Center  36 South Main St. Uxbridge, MA 01569 508-278-8622 Director: Marsha Petrillo Admin. Assistant: Donna Oncay Chef:Lynne McPherson Van Driver: Peter Waeger SENIOR CENTER CLOSED: Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th.

Please call the Senior Center to register for any of the following events or classes, to reserve your meal,  to arrange for transportation to lunch and for medical appointments.Van transportation begins at 10:30 am each day. Please check with the Senior Center, Uxbridge Cable Station or the Council on Aging website for the Lunch Menu.  

The Senior Center is a drop off site for the People First Food Pantry. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. SENIOR CENTER WISH LIST  We have had an overwhelming response to our wish list. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Need a Vacation? TAKE A ROAD TRIP TO... WHITNEY PLACE ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCES AT NORTHBRIDGE & LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR RESPITE PROGRAM. Now is the perfect time! Whether you're taking a test drive, your caregiver/care-partner is temporarily unavailable or you're ready for some well deserved pampering...visit us and learn more about a trial stay at Whitney Place. Like all of our residents, you can take advantage of:

l D o o r Pr

Foxy Travel Gift ! Card



a ci



• Personal Care Available 24 Hours a Day • Assistance with Medication Management • 3 Delicious Meals

• Linen and Laundry Service • Housekeeping • Full Schedule of Social Activities



Thursday, May 8, 2014


5:30 - 6:00 PM Tours & Light Refreshments 6:00 - 6:30 PM Program Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences 85 Beaumont Drive, Northbridge (Reservations Required) Heather Hough


We continue to need donations of paper towels, napkins, and foam coffee cups. We will also accept monetary donations to our lunch program or to the Elderly Connection. The Uxbridge Elderly Connection raises funds to help support many of the activities and the purchase of much of the equipment that is not covered by our budget. DID YOU KNOW THAT WE TAKE SENIORS ON SHOPPING TRIPS TO HANNAFORDS AND WALMART? Every Tuesday morning starting at 8:30am pick up begins for the weekly trip to Hannaford’s.  You can go to WalMart on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Pick up for Wal-Mart begins at 12:30pm.  COMPUTER CLASSES Free classes on computers, I phones, I pads, tablets, etc are meeting every Thursday  from 3 to 4 pm. They are taught by students from Nipmuc HS LUNCH AND LEARN ON THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH WITH POLICE CHIEF LOURIE – Join us on Friday, May 2nd, for our monthly Lunch and Learn with Police Chief Lourie and his series of safety tips. Call early to reserve your seat. MOTHER’S DAY LUNCHEON AND CELEBRATION - Join us on Tuesday, May 13, at 11:30am for our Mother’s Day Celebration featuring the Sutton Serenaders. Space is limited.  UXBRIDGE FIRST HOLIDAY NIGHT PANCAKE BREAKFAST  The First Night Committee will host a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, May 18, from 7:30-11:30am at the Uxbridge Senior Center.  Police Chief Lourie and Fire Chief Kessler will serve. Fee is $6.00 at the door. The Uxbridge Elderly Connection will sponsor raffle Baskets. AGING WITH DIGNITY STARTING THE CONVERSATION Join us for a Lunch and Learn Presentation on May 21st, from 11:30

am to 12:30pm, presented by the Salmon VNA and Hospice of Greater Milford. Too many people are dying in a way that they wouldn’t choose and their loved ones are left feeling bereaved, guilty and uncertain. We can change that culture by encouraging people to talk now and as often as necessary so that their wishes are known when the time comes. ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT – The Uxbridge Elderly Connection will host their 9th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, June 7th, at the Crystal Lake Golf Club. This is the main fundraiser for the Senior Center. Besides golf there will be a buffet dinner, raffle baskets, prizes, team prizes and individual prizes. Full sponsorship is $700, individual is $130, team of 4 is $520 and Tee sponsor is $100. Contact Pete Petrillo at 508-278-5106, Peter DiBattista at 508-243-5666 and Russ Rosborough at 508-278-6672 FMI BREAKFAST STRONG TRI VALLEY NUTRITION EDUCATION PROGRAM On Tuesday, June 24th Lou Pilczak RD, LDN will discuss research on dietary patterns that effect the survival of older adults. She will speak from 11:30am to 12:30pm.  There will be easy recipes, food samples and prizes! IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW NEEDS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CALL THE SENIOR CENTER.  We want to take the time to thank everyone for donating their gently used medical equipment to our senior center.  We pass along this equipment to others in need. This is a nice way to help others when they need it most and pay tribute to your departed loved one. We have a few packages of adult diapers, bed rails, seat cushions, a bed wedge, potty chairs, walkers, canes, crutches, raised toilet seat, and an inflatable waffle mattress.  Also available are 2 portable wheelchair ramps donated by the family of Jeannine Corbett.

AMISH CRAFTSMEN FURNITURE • Made in America • Solid Wood • Heirloom Quality

508-234-4769 ext. 3055

Gerald R. O’Shea 113 Singletary Ave., Sutton, MA (508) 865-6385 “Quality Home Furnishings Low factory prices for over 60 years

Hammerhead Carpentry

Quality Work Always

Remodeling & Renovations Roofing

Replacement Windows

N AT I C K • N O RT H B O R O U G H • N O RT H B R I D G E • W E S T B O R O U G H


508-234-8297 Home Imp.#125365

Custom Homes & Design

Additions and Vinyl Siding Garages & Decks

BILL SKERRY 508-234-6296 MA License #056-635

May 2014

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Northbridge Senior Center News

R.N. will be at the Center on To take vital signs, and to discuss any concern you may have about your general health.

Location: 20 Highland St. Whitinsville, MA 01588 Director: Kelly Bol 508-234-2002

Hours of Operation: Monday -Thursday   8:30AM – 4:00PM Friday 8:30AM  – 1:00PM UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS F.I.N.E. BANQUET Wednesday, May 7th.  The annual F.I.N.E. Banquet will be held at Brian’s restaurant 4:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. on Providence Rd in Linwood, MA. A short business meeting will be held at 4:00p.m. The election of Board members. Call the center to make a reservation. Flyers are also available at the Senior Center. Cost per person will be $15 includes Dinner & Entertainment. SENATOR MICHAEL MOORE OFFICE HOURS Monday May 5th. Senator Michael Moore or his Rep Denise will be available to meet with senior’s from12:001:00p.m. Dates are subject to change. CELEBRATING NEW ENGLAND: A PERFORMANCE FOR SENIORS Wednesday May 7th. There will be a Singer and Storyteller Davis Bates (sings song for all ages) sponsored by the Northbridge Cultural Council  at 1:00p.m. ASKTHE NURSE Tuesday May13th, and Tuesday May 27th, 11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. Pat Wallen

EMERALD SQUARE MALL Tuesday May 13th. The Northbridge Senior Van will go to the Emerald Square Mall.Leaving the Center at 11:00a.m. Call to make your reservation early as seating is limited. TECHNOLOGY OPEN HOUSE Thursday May 15, 9:00a.m. -1:30p.m. Students from BVT will be available to assist anyone that could use help with I pads, laptop, etc no appointment needed, stop in any time during the above time. MONTHLY BIRTHDAY DINNER Thursday, May 29th, 11:45a.m. The monthly birthday dinner will be held. Anyone celebrating a birthday in May is invited to attend and bring a guest. All birthday participants are eligible to win a floral arrangement by Petals Florist. Reservations must be made on Monday, May 26th, no later than 11:00 a.m. PAINTING WORKSHOP Learn to paint classes are now available on Friday mornings from 9:00a.m.11:00 a.m. Each session is $3.00 to be paid upon sign up .Classes will be held every Friday. Call the center to register if you would be interested in this program. Participants need to bring brushes and something to paint. F.I.N.E. 120 CLUB The Friends of Northbridge Elders, Inc have 120 Club tickets available to purchase at the senior center. Each session runs for twenty weeks, the cost per ticket is $20.00 with a twenty dollar week-

Senior Comfort Services ♥


! ♥

$ ♥

♥ ♥


Offering the latest technology in Personal Emergency Response Systems! FREE ASSESSMENTS by our Registered Nurse

(508) 865-2170 !


% ###


ly winner. At the conclusion of twenty weeks, about June 19th there will be a grand drawing. This has been a very successful fund raiser; proceeds help to defray the cost of instructors for various programs. Those held at the center & off site. The latest activity is bowling on the first Monday and the third Wednesday from 10-11:00 am at Spare Time Bowling. This activity is funded by F.I.N.E.. Call the center to sign up. WANTED: PLAYERS FOR PITCH~BILLARDS~CRIBBAGE The following groups are looking for additional participants: Pitch: Tues. & Weds. at 1:00p.m. Pool players: League on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Cribbage players: League on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. Mahjong: Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Shuffleboard: Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Bridge Players: Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Call the Center for more information on these activities. ATTENTION VACATION TRAVELERS – Every Thursday A FINE Travelers representative of the Friends of Northbridge Elders will be in the F.I.N.E. office at the Northbridge Senior Center from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. answering questions and taking reservations on three trips: 1) Northern National Parks tour offering for Sept 5-12, 2014 2) San Antonio tour in March 2015. 3) Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans tour in September 2015. Preview FINE Travelers trip offerings at, or for more information, call 508 2593786 or email SHINE APPOINTMENTS The Shine Representative will be

volunteer drivers to deliver meals to local home bound seniors. Any available time you could give to this much needed cause would be most appreciated. Call Bill Rubidoux site Mgr.

available for appointments from 9:00a.m. -12:30p.m. every Friday. Call to schedule an appointment. VOLUNTEER MEDICAL DRIVERS The Northbridge Senior Centers Volunteer Medical Driver program is in desperate need of drivers to take local senior residents, to out of town medical appointments. Any time that you could give to this much needed, and appreciated service would be most welcomed. Drivers are reimbursed once a month for their miles. Call for information.

ATTENTION SENIOR CITIZENS The Town of Northbridge Property Tax Work off Program. This program is available for local seniors, who qualify, and have appropriate skills, and volunteer their services to the town. They are then matched with volunteer positions that have been offered by various Town Departments. This new program can help reduce the cost of your property taxes and helps the town as well.

MOW DRIVERS The Tri-Valley Nutrition site at the Senior Center is very much in need of








(! $ %$/$&" $&

!&$') '!& $% ''+ )!

0 0

( % )$ # + . )$ "!


Page 28

May 2014

Mendon Senior Center events Amy Wilson Kent; Center Director 62 Providence St., Mendon, MA 01756 508-478-6175 FRIENDS BOOK FAIR WITH FLAIR We are pleased to announce that The Friends of Mendon Elders Book Fair was a tremendous success due to the contributions of many: including you our donors and shoppers. Credit is also due to Friends President, Sue Carlson, and volunteer Sharon Cutler for superb publicity. This was a banner year in terms of foot traffic due to their efforts. Special thanks to all volunteers who set up or covered the event, and to the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly since February 1st sorting and alpha-

betizing including: John Cicchese, Sharon Cutler, Paul Doucette, Stu Mills, Peg Tetreault, John Trainor and Dick & Diane Wilt. Their organizational expertise was key! We now hope everyone can take a moment or two to put their feet up and enjoy a good book. SPRING INTO ACTION! Walking Group ~ Join the Mendon Senior Center's coed walking group on Mondays at 9 am under the direction of volunteer Joan McMullen. Stretch & Flexibility ~ Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am for a free invigorating, yet gentle workout taught by volunteer instructors Martha Gebelein, Mary Ann Murphy and Joan McMullen. If you're looking to start a new routine, look no further. Simply drop in! Chair Yoga ~ This half-hour drop-in class is held on Tuesdays from 11:15 11:45 am is for seniors of all ages and ability levels. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of yoga from the safety and

comfort of a chair. There is no fee for this subsidized class, donations are welcome to help defray the cost. Yoga ~ Come experience the benefits of Yoga for yourself. Certified instructor Faith Kennedy teaches this on Wednesday at 9:00am. Please call the center for information. Also, try your first class for free. T'ai Chi ~ Stop by to check out this relaxing yet energizing form of exercise Wednesdays at 10:15 am also taught by instructor Faith Kennedy. You also can enjoy a class in the great outdoors when weather permits. Again, try your first class for free. Important: Always check with your physician before starting a new fitness program. NEW PLAYERS WELCOME Offering a variety of recreational activities including Cribbage (M/Th 9 am), Bridge (Mon. 9 am), Scrabble (Tues. 9 am) and Bocce (T/Th 1 pm). New players are always welcome. If there is

a game you'd like to see us offer, please make a suggestion. The Pitch League is also looking for alternates for their Thursday evening games. STEALING WITHOUT A GUN On May 8th at 10:30 am the Center will host another program presented by RSVP of Worcester focusing on fraud and identity theft. Rita Sullivan, Community Liaison of RSVP and Tami Germain of the Webster First Credit Union will discuss some of the latest scams and how you can protect yourself. Stop by or call to reserve your space for this important, free program. MENDON MINSTRELS Spring Performance & Potluck: Don't be late...join us Thursday, May 15th at 11am sharp for a nostalgic performance all about Time followed by one of our famous potluck luncheons. Please sign up in advance to indicate your contribution. If you're not sure what to

make or perhaps don't feel up to cooking, you can call the Center for suggestions or contribute toward an item. COUNTRY MUSIC SOCIAL & PIZZA LUNCHEON Entertainer Johnny Diamond of Upton will be returning next month to the Mendon Senior Center on Wednesday, May 21st for another enjoyable free program ~ this time featuring country music. Come join us for a pizza and salad luncheon for $3.00 beforehand at 12 noon. Stop by or call to register. EYEGLASS DONATIONS The Mendon Senior Center is now an official collection point for used eyeglasses. The Mendon Lion's Club will donate these glasses to the worldwide Lion's effort to assist those who can't afford to purchase glasses. The collection box is located in the entryway of the Senior Center by the main door. DIABETES WORKSHOP Nutritionist Kerri Sheinberg with the Milford Regional Medical Center will be at the Center on Thursday, May 22nd at 10:30 am to review the basics and answer your questions to help you stay on track. Please stop by or call the Center to reserve your space.


RESTORE IT - DON'T REPLACE IT! !&$ $ * !! $ * # $$&# !! &##!& $ *

# % ! "!$ % $* ! # % ' )$ ) !! $ * % # !# (% # !# &%% #$ *

508-476-9944 '''


PICTURE FRAMING 54 Carpenter Rd., Whitinsville, MA

508-234-2249 Price includes mat, mount & framed with clear glass PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING

! *

We Frame Anything! Prices Start At... $22.00 / finished size 11X14 $30.00 / finished size 16X20 $44.00 / finished size 20X24 INSURED

Your Best Friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Friend Providing Quality Animal Care in Your Home Pet Nursing Care; Dog Walking & Pet Sitting for Work Days & Vacations Beth Stevens Harrop American Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor

Happy Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Bonded & Insured

(508) 641-6954 Member of Pet Sitters International

#% #



% "$ $

10TH ANNUAL PROGRESSIVE YARD SALE June 7th 8 am - 2 pm The Friends of Mendon Elders is sponsoring their 10th annual Town-wide progressive yard sale (Rain date June 8th). Starting at 7:30 AM at the Center, where shoppers first stop and shop. Purchase the Master List of Sales Directory and map of the town for only $1.00 then progress from the center throughout the entire town! In conjunction with this year's sale, the Mendon Lions Club will be co-hosting the annual Strawberry Festival with the Unitarian Church of Mendon. The Friends of Mendon Elders is a 501-c3 non-profit organization created to support senior center activities and programs not provided for by the town or state.

May 2014

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School News Douglas Band & Chorus return from Washington, DC trip with trophies The Douglas High School Band recently returned from the Fiesta-val Music Festival in Washington, D.C., where the group earned several First place trophies and high-score ratings in all categories entered. All groups are adjudicated for their performances and given numerical scores that fall in a ratings scale of Superior, Excellent, and Good.  A total of fifteen awards were brought back home. The Douglas High School Mixed Chorus, under direction of Al Denoncour, received  First Place recognition with a rating of Excellent.  Concert Band, under direction of Gery Elliott, received a rating of Excellent. Freshman, Shannon Walthall, received an award for Outstanding Achievement for her keyboard percussion solo in the Concert Band performance of the musical selection, Olympus.  The Douglas High School Marching Band took the First Place award for their parade performance. The Marching Auxiliary/Colorguard, consisting of the rifles, flags, and batons, scored a Superior Rating, and the First Place position. The Marching Drum Line and the Majorettes both earned Excellent ratings and came in First Place.  Senior, Luke Daly and junior, Christine Walthall, earned a Superior Rating in the Drum Major category. The indoor portion of this festival consists of floor shows that are prepared exclusively for this particular

Taft PTO upcoming events

Second annual trinkets, treasures & treats Sale Located on the Uxbridge Town Common Saturday May 3rd from 8am to 2pm. Rain date May 4th. The vendor/yard/bake sale fundraiser benefits the Taft Early Learning Center’s Parent Teacher Organization.  There are many spaces available to crafters, home businesses, decorations, yard sales, etc. 12x12 ft. spaces are available at $15 each.  Tables / chairs are not included. For more information please email

end of year Spring Carnival! On June 14th from 11:00 - 2:00 the Taft PTO will host an End of Year Spring Carnival. Located at Taft ELC, 16 Granite Street in Uxbridge. Rain or Shine. Cost: $5.00 per child, Max $15 per family 

Advisor, Carol Manning, Majorette Advisor, Amy Stacy, Rifle Advisor, Michelle Gagnon,  Percussion Advisor, Nick Morin,  and National Line Advisor, Scott Yacino.

Drama Club announces production The Douglas High School Drama Club will be putting on a production entitled “The Thug & the Thugless” written by Douglas seniors Luke Daly and Mitchell Dunn. The play will take place on Friday May 23rd at 7:00 p.m. in the Douglas High School Auditorium. Admission is $5.00 and all proceeds will be donated to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

DOUGlAS BAND & CHORUS venue. Performing groups are adjudicated numerically rated according to skill level and showmanship. The DHS Indoor Guard, which is a combined group of rifle and flag members, earned a Superior score. Marching Percussion and the Baton Twirling Team each scored an Excellent Rating. A festival champion was determined by the highest numerical score, regardless of division classification. The Fiestaval Champion Trophies were awarded to the Douglas High School Band for earning the title of Concert Band

Champions in Division II as well as the title of Parade Champions in that division.   An overall Grand Championship title is an honor that is awarded to the band with the highest collective numerical score for all musical ensembles. The Douglas High School Band  was awarded the Instrumental Grand Champion Trophy.  In addition to being presented the Grand Championship Trophy, the director of the winning groups received the Fiesta-val Award of Distinction  in recognition of a notable

contribution to musical excellence. The award was presented to Gery Elliott, Director of Douglas High School’s Concert Band and Marching Band. Students also spent a day at Six Flags America, visited the Lincoln Memorial and several surrounding monuments, the Smithsonian, the National Zoo, and witnessed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Music staff is as follows: Chorus Director, Al Denoncour,Band Director, Gery Elliott, Asst Band Director, Sonja Metcalf, Colorguard Director & Flag




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May 2014

Value of education on display at SkillsUSA

Central District Music Qualifiers Twelve members of the Whitinsville Christian Middle School Music department recently qualified for this year’s Central district Junior high Music Festival to be held on May 3rd, at Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury. Musicians were chosen to participate following their audition in early February. The musicians are: FrOnT rOW (L to r): abby Greer (Orchestra), Bobby Whiton (Chorus), Shannon Morrill (Band), Sam hearn (Chorus), and Gabe roberts (Chorus). BaCK rOW (L to r): Katelyn Lashley (Orchestra), esther Fomin (Chorus), hanna VanderBaan (Chorus), Christian Swaim (Chorus), and Brianna Smith (Orchestra) not pictured: andrew dunlap (Orchestra), Tatiana Wiersma (Orchestra)

Skilled hands, strong minds, and nerves of steel were recently put to the test when nearly 175 Blackstone Valley Tech students competed in the SkillsUSA Massachusetts District V competition, winning a total of 67 medals and sweeping six categories. SkillsUSA is the national organization for students in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education. The recent Massachusetts District 5 SkillsUSA competition was hosted by Baypath Regional Vocational Technical High School and featured competition between nearly 800 students from six vocational technical high schools. Students from Blackstone Valley Tech won a total of 24 gold medals, 21 silver medals, and 22 bronze medals, including sweeps in the categories of Medical Terminology, Computer Maintenance Technology, Electronics Technology, Restaurant Service, and Technical Computer Applications. Junior Joseph Fitman of Northbridge was also selected as a candidate for SkillsUSA

State Officer. The intense and high pressure competitions are a great tool for preparing students to become valuable contributors to their local communities, businesses, and industries, according to SkillsUSA advisor Rebecca Corda. "SkillsUSA boosts our students' confidence and gives them an impressive portfolio to present to potential employers," Corda said. "It prepares them in so many ways for the demands of the workforce. In terms of communication skills, organization, and multitasking, SkillsUSA is an extremely positive influence on Valley Tech students." By winning gold and silver medals, 45 Valley Tech students earned the right to compete at the upcoming statewide SkillsUSA event, where they will vie for advancement to this summer's national competition. The school's Team Work team was also selected for the statewide event after winning a bronze medal at the district competition.  The display of skills and

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dedication put on by SkillsUSA participants is a victory for both the students and their future employers, according to Valley Tech SuperintendentDirector Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick. "Any student who joyfully embraces the challenge of acquiring valuable, life-changing skills will be a welcome addition to anyone's future workforce," said Fitzpatrick. "Hopefully, the unbelievable success of our students will help convert voters to approve our anticipated modest bond proposal to expand our vocational programming and address the growing demand for a future seat at Valley Tech."   The following Valley Tech students were among the school's 67 medalists at the District 5 SkillsUSA competition:   DOUGLAS Benjamin Aube, Bronze, 3-D Visualization & Animation; Jordan Ayotte, Bronze, Health Knowledge Bowl; Evan LeBeau, Silver, Advertising Design; Jacob Mussulli, Bronze, Team Works; Brett Yoder, Silver, Mobile Robotics. GRAFTON Molly Fritchey, Bronze, Medical Terminology; Mikayla Henault, Bronze, Technical Computer Applications; Jacqueline Hogue, Bronze, Power Equipment Technology. NORTHBRIDGE Dillon Arnold, Gold, Urban Search and Rescue; Nicholas Bedrosian, Bronze, Architectural Drafting; Jessica Carneiro, Bronze, Health Knowledge Bowl; Samantha Fields, Gold, Nurse Assisting; Matthew Gold-stein, Gold, Computer Maintenance Technology; Jacob Moon, Gold, Industrial Motor Control; Jacob O'Donnell, Gold, Mobile Robotics; Jake Rivard, Silver, Technical Drafting. SUTTON Jacob Bisson, Silver, Power Equipment Technology; Eric Carkin, Bronze, Electronics Technology; Lauren Mahoney, Gold, Culinary Arts; Todd Mahoney, Silver, Welding; Nicholas Orphin, Bronze, Team Works; Marc Peladeau, Gold, Welding; Brendan Scarborough, Bronze, Team Works. UPTON Anthony Arrigo, Gold, Urban Search and Rescue; Tyler Bartlett, Gold, Carpentry; Anthony Collari, Gold, Plumbing; Garrett Dinsmore, Gold, Commercial Baking; Kaitlyn Drew, Gold, Welding Sculpture; Theodore Floyd, Silver, Electronics Technology; Parker Grant, Gold, Electronics Technology; Joshua Renfro, Silver, Diesel Equipment Technology; Makayla Tamborra, Bronze, Restaurant Service. UXBRIDGE Daniela Rodas, Bronze, Health Knowledge Bowl; Patricia Rodas, Bronze, Health Knowledge Bowl; Nicholas Taparausky, Bronze, Diesel Equipment Technology; Joshua Trottier, Bronze, Computer Maintenance Technology; Molly Wallace, Bronze, Medical Math; Mehgan Wills, Silver, Medical Terminology.

May 2014

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QCC lauds Women Students of Distinction Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) honored 34 outstanding women students at QCC’s Annual Women Students of Distinction event. Students are nominated by faculty and staff based on academic standing, accomplishments, character, skills, and in particular their ability to overcome great odds and make a difference in their home or college community. Karen Cox, QCC’s Coordinator of Counseling, manages the yearly event along with a committee; there is also an equivalent event for male students celebrated in November. QCC President Gail Carberry addressed the crowd, saying, “I am never as proud as when I stand before this group of outstanding students because I know how very hard each one of you has worked for this honor. Each of you truly deserves it for the sacrifices you make on adaily basis, for your education. Congratulations.” Honoree Kimberly Lawrence, a Liberal Arts major recently accepted to Smith College as a fall 2014 transfer student and Ada Comstock scholar, remarked how meaningful the event is to her, “I am incredibly honored and humbled to be recognized for my commitment to my family, my education, and the community service that I have done. I hope that by receiving this honor I am able to inspire others to reach for the stars and grab the one

that is intended for them.” 2014 QCC Women Students of Distinction: Worcester: Antoinette Ansong, Shanice Beckford, Harriet BoatengAdo, Taneia Burrell,  Jillian Curran, Margarita Fabre, Debra Gustafson, Janice Hughes,  Noelia Martinez,  Risa Qirollari, Shirin Rad, Jessica Ray, Jasmine Rodriguez, Miruel Casado Rosado,  Mailen Vargas, Alba Rivera, Theona Reets-Lourens, and Lillie Williams.  Berlin: Christin Rivera. Brimfield: Megan Elliott.East Douglas Tracy Lucciarini.Fiskdale: Nancy Kittredge. Hudson: Kim Lawrence. Milford:Lori Alicia Fanning. Leominster: Natassia Yahoub. Northboro: Joanne Miller. Oxford: Brittany Smith. Paxton Melissa Guglielmello.Putnam, CT Katharine Warner. Rutland: Sydney Cobb. Southbridge: Aimee Maldonado, Helen Salce. West Upton: Nicole Reasonda.  Whitinsville: Kara Gibbons.

Country Montessori School Hosts Art Show Country Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten of Sutton showcased students’ artwork at a recent Art Show. A variety of art work created by the young preschoolers was displayed in Lead Teacher Amanda Petrillo’s classroom. The children learned how to create abstract free painting, “Letter Art” by decorating the initial of their first name, sculpture and splatter art.  They created art work based on the styles of great masters they studied including Georges Seurat, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Henri Matisse and Claude Monet. “Our students and their families enjoyed the art show so much last year that we decided to do it again,”noted Ms. Petrillo. “We experimented with having the children create “Self Expression Feelings” art work. They were encouraged to express their feeling by drawing and decorating their original creation,” Ms. Petrillo added. Children learned Gyutaku, the art of Japanese fish painting taught by Darcy Loax,  an art teacher from Oxford who visits the classroom weekly.   The genre

Uxbridge represented at Girls State The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its 69th Annual Massachusetts Girls State at Stonehill College, Easton, MA from Saturday, June 14, through June 20th. Ms. Brittany Genest, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Genest and Ms. Abigail Centrella daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Centrella have been selected to represent Uxbridge High School. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors this program state-wide.  In Uxbridge, the program is financed through the generosity of the Uxbridge Woman’s Club.  More than 27,800 Massachusetts girls have participated in this citizenship program since its inauguration in 1945. This year 350 girls from all parts of the state will participate in the week’s study of local and state government.  They will establish and operate their own city or town, form two political parties, nominate candidates for office, conduct campaigns and hold elections. Girls State will be held in every State in the Union.  At the Girls State Sessions, two girls will be selected to represent their respective State at Girls State nation to be held in Chevy Chase, Maryland, July 18-26.

Lead Teacher Amanda Petrillo was created a century ago by Japanese fisherman who covered fresh fish with squid ink and rubbed paper on them to create a record of their catch. The preschoolers painted a ‘real’ fish with paint and rolled it onto paper to create a unique design.

Students also studied the classic 20th century “American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood. The class created a large collage mimicking the original painting that replaced the faces of the mid-western couple with photographs of the children’s faces.

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Call Sandy 508-278-2417

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May 2014

Our Lady of The Valley Regional School Honor Roll GRADE 4 Avery Consigli Virginia Malm John Newman Daniel Wickstrom Anna Wildes

THIRD QUARTER HIGH HONORS GRADE 8 Grace Rett GRADE 7 Erik Backman Liam Colligan Quinn Colligan Nothando Khumalo

HONORS GRADE 8        Rachel Adam     Elizabeth Bernard     Maria Buono     Colin Hourihan     Ryan Hourihan     Sophia Masciarelli      McKenna Moors      Jessica Ries      Robert Wickstrom  

GRADE 6 Caroline Adam Paige Ambler Joshua Houle Nonnie Komon Patrick Sabourin

GRADE 7 Sal Ante    Michelle Riley Christian Verla     David Wickstrom   Michael Wickstrom  Madeline Wiser

GRADE 5 Xander Cook Emma Cummings Philip Heney Brianne Rett Sophia Swartz

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McCloskey Middle School posts Honor Roll

GRADE 6 Joseph Bernard Noah Canty Aidan Cook Allyson Graves Haley Hadge Jake Henschel Daniel Maccaline Mary Claire Malone Brigid Wickstrom Amanuel Zimmerman GRADE 5 Allen Lamphere Salvatore Masciarelli Sydney Masciarelli Owen Noecker Matthew Richardson GRADE 4 Owen McCool    Matthew Rizoli    Ethan Robbins    Kaitlyn Thibeault    Maeve Wiser

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GR 8 HIGH HONORS Charlotte Bonnet-Eymard, Olivia Burke, Erin Hynes, Emily Lavigne, Nicholas Lennox Cassandra Lobe, Benjamin Lyons, Riley Malone, Alexander Matkowski, Christopher Matkowski, Morgan O’Brien, Cara Parker, Emily Philbrook, Todd Polando, Jr., Kayte Rooney, James Stark, Jillian Sylvia, Jordan Washington, Russell Wise GR 8 HONORS Marissa Allegrezza, Hope Anderson, Michael Aufiero, Emily Baca, Zachary Beauregard, Madison Blake, Zachary Boisvert, Ethan Borjeson-Troupe, Kayla Brandel, Melissa Brochu, Austin Brodeur, Arianna Brundage, Joseph Caffarelli, Jason Chabot, Keith Chassie, Cassidy Clinton, Jared Creighton, Amy Desruisseaux, Caitlin Devlin, Jacob Devlin, Grace DiMarco, Joseph DuBois, Samantha Dumais, Robert Farrell, Emily Fernandes, Jake Hamel, Madison Hey, Nicholas Hirtle, Scott Kaeller, Seth Kloczkowski, Emma Kraich, Ava Lawyer, Jessica Lee, Jade Letendre, Alexandria Maietta, Evan Maietta, Wesley Mattson, Alyssandra

Morganelli, Hailey Muggeo, Brody Neill, Molly O’Mera, Trevor Rafferty, Meaghan Remillard, Jessica Rice, Jenna Rosado, Aidan Ryan, Jack Schreiber, Abigail Smith, Cassandra Snay, Justin Thayer, Katarina Whitney, Tabitha Young, Miia Zellner GR 7 HIGH HONORS Mary Astorga, Ainsley Ayers, Jaylin Bodell, Amanda Brodeur, Matthew Brook, Abigail Burke, Kelly Buteyn, Eric Caissie, Kathryn Channing, Kaya Chokshi-Fox, Abby Cohen, Matthew Colella, Kristen Connors, Jenna Dagle, Grace Davidson, Ashley Ferrick, Emily Frick, Kiersten Goates, Kaylie Gonya, Olivia Hicks, Charr Jobe, Alexandra Jones, Alex Keeler, Carrie Kraich, Rebecca Lauze, Lucas Lawrence, Kerollos Lowandy, Peyton Mages, Steven Makynen, Zoe Maritn, Reid Miller, Sean Morrissey, Alexandria Nowicki, Ryan Paxton, Camden Pomeroy, Jacob Rancourt, Bridget Redgate, Hannah Rousseau, Kali Sander, Thomas Sawyer, Madeleine Schleinitz, Tessa Schollard, Shayla Seymour, Hannah Smith, Caitlin Spencer, Braden Stewart, Abbigayle



! #$

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Family Owned & Operated for 160 Years !

“Providing compassion and care in your time of need”

Stratton, Maggie Streichert, Samuel Watts, Seth Wojciechowski GR 7 HONORS Kevin Alves, Madelaine Arroyas, Jason Bonati, Lazar Budic, Patick Burke, Jr., Hannah Callinan, Meghen Choquette, Alyssa Clark, Kaitlyn Collins, Vinicios Cunha, Alexander Currie, Violet Esposito, Jordan Gulino, Lindsey Guyton, Abigail Hanscom, Ava Howe, John Hughes, Zachary Jionzo, Hannah Jones, Alexa Kearnan, Bailey Leavitt,Harrison Mansfield, Jennifer McLaughlin, Jonathan Morgan, Adam Munger, Julia Parabicoli, Meagan Parker, Kathleen Redgate, Daniel Salzberg, Ryan Semle, Nicholas Simonds, Alex Tashjian, Caroline Thiebault, Ethan Zannino GR 6 HIGH HONORS Meriam Abdel Nour, Haley Adam, Thomas Burke, Isabella Casucci, Alexia Coates, Isabelle Croteau, Jordyn DeCosta, Hanna Devlin, Nicholas DiLibero, Elena Franzosa, Jenny Frick, Ashley Greene, Meaghan Haley, Joanna Harris, Shakira Hebb, Nathaniel Holden, Katelyn Jones, Daniel Klos, Jessica Labossiere, Kieler Langemo, Samuel Lapointe , Taylor Lee, Jeremy Lutton, Grace MacSween, Boula Marsis, Morgan Martellio, Rachel McGee, Antonio Morais, Mauela Morcos, Gabrielle Morrow, Lindsey Moss, Payton Nestor, Erin Newhall, Madison Ouellette, Kelsey Prince, Jack Roberston, Jaideep Sidhu, Kevin Siefken, Matthew Stark, Krista Sullivan, Keegan Tonry, Lauren Wagner, Tyler Washington, Wesley Wicks, Wesley Wright, Michael Young GR 6 HONORS Brandon Bibeault, Matthew Boisvert, Jonah Boudreau, Sarah Breau, Sydney Bretana, Samuel Brule, Conner Bucchino, Ian Chartier, Charlotte Doubleday, Jacob Eames, Shane Fowler, Jake Garille, Eion Goulet, Hannah Herne, Kristina Kirk, Kierra Kurtyka, Thomas Lauze, Zachary Laverdiere, Jean Loja, Lucas Maietta, Mica McLaurin, Darouny Phianesin, Thomas Philbrook, Joshua Plumer, Tyler Pulicari, Chandler Robertson, Jessica Schelin, Maya Stockwell, Samantha Tennaro

Nursing Scholarship available ,,%(+& 6

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.$$ ,+ .,. 0$# 40$+#$# .. +0($/ ,2$.(+& !,. 0$.( ) %.,* 0, $ ./ 3(0' ,. '(+&)$/

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+&' *% &" $ , 333 ,.$ /0$. ,,%(+& ",*

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The Worcester District Medical Society Alliance is accepting applications for a BSN scholarship.  Up to $1500 will be awarded to a student currently  attending a BSN or RN to BSN nursing program.  The recipient will receive the award at the WDMS Fall District Meeting in November.  Applicants must be a legal resident of Worcester County  prior to enrollment of their nursing program.  To view all requirements and to download an  application visit the, go to WDMS Alliance. The application deadline is June 30th. 

May 2014

PaGE 33

Business Review BusinEss Bio

Fresh Air Flower Shop & Boutique Story and Photos by Constance Dwyer When you arrive in downtown Douglas, you’ll find a quaint shop nestled in the midst of other businesses, the Fresh Air Flower Shop and Boutique. The flower shop can offer you personal and prompt service for your order of fresh flowers, indoor or outdoor plants, and attractive gifts. Outside the shop are two French market style plant stands which will be filled shortly with perennials, hanging baskets, beautiful flowering plants for hummingbirds and much more! Owners Barbara and Jeff Hickson of Douglas hand pick their plants for quality.  However, it is mainly Barbara who runs the day to day operations; she enjoys working with people and creating. “I am an artist; I paint and take photographs also. In the floral industry you take that creativity and incorporate it into all the arrangements.”  Barbara is a Fran Cappellian emerging artist award winner and most recently won 2nd place overall in the flower show competition, Vintage Garden Wedding at the DCU Center. She learned her craft at The New England School of Floral Design and spent three years working at a floral and garden center. She also is an accomplished photographer and has showcased her photography at numerous competitions and galleries on the New England coast. Jeff, though, still stays involved in the business making deliveries, creating designs and giving ongoing support to his wife.  Barbara was pleased to share the story of how Jeff surprised her in 2010. After a hiatus in business after their closing of Wild Bird Gardens in Linwood due to Jeff’s then serious illness with Lyme disease, he asked her to go to their garage and, low and behold, there were store fixtures for her. This was a “sure sign” that he was encouraging her to open a shop again which she did three years ago this past February (2011), a shop where she is happy to “see cus-

Barbara Hickson, Fresh Air Flower Shop Owner, welcomes Lisa Hamelin of Douglas (at right) into the shop with daughter, Emilee, 8, to order a head piece for her First Holy Communion. tomers again.” Some of her repeat customers hail from Wild Bird Gardens and she is touched to hear them say how much they miss that place. Business “is going well” in their town of Douglas, Barbara acknowledged. As residents of the town, she and Jeff are especially glad to have a family owned business there. Barbara enthusiastically said “I love retail. Despite people saying I’m crazy to feel that way, I can’t be any happier seeing customers on a daily

basis and creating those unique one-ofa-kind floral designs and bringing back that feeling from the Wild Bird Gardens days. “We had a special bond with our customers that carries over to our current shop.” She added, “There is one particular thing customers are always saying to me. ‘Your flowers last so much longer than those from any other place we get them.’” Barbara explained she has a special way she treats the flowers when they arrive and when

they are used in arrangements. Special occasions like First Communion are perfect times to shop at Fresh Air Flower and Boutique. It’s that busy time of year at the flower shop with prom time just around the corner, as well as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, weddings, dance recitals and more. They enjoy making creations for all these special occasions, including plants for cemeteries and gourmet gift baskets. They also offer classes as well and have a local Psychic Medium come in for a day or night of readings. They post their classes and events on their website and on their Facebook business page. It’s easy to order flowers or a gift basket; either coming by the shop, phoning in an order or simply going on the website www.  Barbara always recommends coming in to see what fresh flowers and plants are avail-

able that day and she loves to speak face to face with customers to really get a feel for what they are really looking for. Ordering online is very much cookie cutter, but I would “rather create something that everyone else is not going to order. I love it when a customer wants something different and unusual: that’s the fun part.” Barbara also has a whole line of locally handcrafted jewelry, soaps, candles, balloons, local honey, hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, wreaths, stuffed animals, incense, and over the shoulder bags and scarves. She also exhibits her other skill,photography, in her landscape and nature photographs and paintings, among other local artists’ work; all available for purchase. And what is truly unusual to find in a flower shop, “bird nesting balls,” along with “parasol hummingbird feeders on a stake” and “air plants in a hanging globe, easy to care for plants that come from Florida and South Ameri-ca.  Speaking of the South, you don’t have to travel the distance to find fresh lemons there. You can simply order a lemon tree  or lime tree which have been a huge hit. Fresh Air Flower Shop & Boutique is located at 320 Main St., Douglas. Hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm. The shop is closed on Sunday and Monday. Telephone (508) 476-1100.

Cove Insurance Agency


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PaGE 34

May 2014

Blissful Meadows wins Wedding Wire Award

Winter has taken its toll This past winter has taken a toll on our roads, driveways, walkways and parking lots. Potholes and cracks and other surface damages caused by the many freeze/thaw cycles and plowing and sanding of this winter will need to be repaired before they become larger more costly repairs. The Scott Sealcoat Company has the solution. They are a specialized company that focuses on the maintenance of asphalt driveways, walkways and parking lots. All their services can be found on their website: Scott Sealcoat Company is a family owned and operated business in Uxbridge.  Paul Scott, owner and lead Project Manager, has more than twenty years of experience in large scale asphalt pavement construction and maintenance.  Paul’s family is involved in the company as well. They are all driven by quality work and customer satisfaction and bring along a combined thirty years of experience in the asphalt pavement construction and maintenance field. The Scott family is committed to

The Team at Scott Sealcoat looks forward to the opportunity to work with you . providing customers with the very best value in pavement maintenance. “We won’t take any shortcuts or make false promises” says Paul, “Our goal is to build and maintain a respected and successful business that focuses on customer service and quality workmanship”. Scott Sealcoat’s Asphalt Management Services can provide a cost effective and convenient way to ensure your asphalt pavements are properly maintained and that their appearance will enhance the beauty and value of your

home or commercial property. The Scott Sealcoat team will use only the highest quality professional products from nationally recognized manufacturers. Scott Sealcoat Company has the expertise to deliver a quality project, within budget and on time with minimal disruption for customers. The team at Scott Sealcoat Company has the expertise and experience to provide cost-effective and convenient asphalt pavement maintenance, specifically tailored to fit your needs.            The Team at Scott Sealcoat looks forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next pavement maintenance project. Call Scott Sealcoat at 508-779-7310 or visit them on the web at

WeddingWire, the nation's leading online wedding marketplace, named Blissful Meadows Golf Club as a winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards™ 2014 for Wedding Venues. The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards™ 2014 recognizes the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. The esteemed awards are given to the top local wedding vendors in more than 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, based on their professional

Refill Station:changing the way people buy cleaning products Consumer interest in green products is continually growing and Leslie Reichert, cleaning expert and owner of the Back Door Homekeeping Store, has created a state of the art Refill Station that is changing how people buy their cleaning products. The Refill Station allows

To Advertise Call 508-278-2134 for more information.



" Hall Bookings Call (508) 278-9800



General Masonry ~ All Types ~


achievements from the previous year. While many industry award winners are selected by the host organization, the WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards™ winners are determined solely based on reviews from real newlyweds and their experiences working with Blissful Meadows Golf Club. Award-winning vendors are distinguished for the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of the reviews they have received from their past clients. For more information about Blissful Meadows Golf Club, please visit

• Stonework • Sidewalks • Chimneys Built, Repaired & Lined

Bob Latimore

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NORTH UXBRIDGE O 508.278.9878 C 508.868.5586 F 508.278.4246



customers to cut the cost of buying their cleaning products by recycling old bottles and refilling them with green cleaners. Leslie Reichert is the owner of the Back Door Homekeeping Store which is a local retail store located on route 122 in Uxbridge. Her store specializes in high quality cleaning essentials, including vacuums, cleaning tools and various cleaning products. Leslie introduced the Refill Center in her store six months ago and has been encouraged by how well it was received by her customers. Leslie’s idea for the Refill Station originated after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the increasing problem of our recycling actually being turned away by other countries. She came up with the Refill Station to help stop this problem and cut costs for her customers. “Our store has been known for having the best green cleaning products available, but we wanted to do something greener for our customers and the earth.” stated Reichert. The Refill Station is located inside the Back Door Homekeeping Store and is a self-serve process. Customers fill their recycled bottles with their choice of cleaners and weigh the products using a scale. The price is $0.20 per ounce for liquid cleaners and $0.35 per ounce for powdered cleaners. These prices are cheaper since the customer is only paying for the actual cleaner: not the plastic container. Leslie buys her products in bulk and beautifully displays them in the store. When asked about the Refill Station Leslie stated, “Our Refill Station is so unique. No one else is doing anything like this. Our customers are loving the experience and feeling good about saving money and helping the environment.”To learn more about The Back Door Vacuum and Homekeeping Store, visit http://shopgreencleaning. com/

May 2014

MRMC breaks ground on New Project Milford Regional Medical Center launched a new era of healthcare with a groundbreaking ceremony for a historic major capital initiative that will result in a new emergency department, intensive care unit and private patient rooms.   The new two story structure, to be built by local developer Consigli Construction, will more than double the size of the current ED from 30 to 52 private treatment rooms, increase the number of patient rooms in the ICU from 10 to 16 expanding their size to accommodate the latest technology, and add a 24-bed private room unit with the intent to convert all hospital patient rooms to private.   With a projected completion in the fall of 2015, the new emergency department will accommodate 70,000 visits annually and be designed for today’s volume challenges and tomorrow’s advances in technology and treatment methodologies.  The new intensive care unit will address the need for space with an increase in beds, and also derive added benefit from its juxtaposition to the emergency department. Modern design and the additional space will offer enhanced privacy for patients and families including family sleeping space, private bathrooms, televisions and kitchen accommodations.  The private patient unit suggests the importance of patient privacy and safety for those who seek care at Milford Regional.  The project includes reconfiguring the Medical Center so that eventually every room will be private.  “Healthcare has changed drastically in a very short period of time, and it is imperative for us, as a community hospital, to be inventive and imaginative, to prepare for the future and plan aggressively, and to exercise forethought,” says Saba.  “This initiative is the product of smart and caring people who are first and foremost community and patient-minded in their approach to the future of our Medical Center.  We are forever in their debt.” Attendance at the Milford Regional’s historic groundbreaking of a 78,000 square foot building project that will expand emergency care, ICU and private patient rooms, included: Senator Richard T. Moore; Vascen Bogigian, MRMC board trustee & building committee chair; Edward J. Kelly, MRMC president; Francis M. Saba, MRMC CEO; John Burns, MRMC board trustee chair; Tina Robakiewicz, MD, MRMC medical staff president; and Representative John V. Fernandes.

PaGE 35

Savers Bank announces recent promotions

DiAnA BrunEAu



Savers Bank is pleased to announce that Diana Bruneau has been promoted to become Branch Manager of the bank’s Uxbridge Branch and Maureen White has been promoted to the position of Branch Manager of the bank’s Grafton Branch. Bruneau has been with Savers Bank for 35 years, with close to 40 years in the banking industry. She has held a variety of positions with the bank starting as a teller and working her way up to Branch Manager.  Most recently she was Branch Manager of the bank’s Grafton Branch and was promoted to the Uxbridge location, which is a larger branch in the bank’s network. Bruneau

commented, “I am excited about the opportunity to serve our customers in Uxbridge, the community where I live.” With a total of 20 years of banking experience, the past 10 with Savers Bank, White was promoted from the position of Assistant Branch Manager to Branch Manager of the Grafton Branch. She added, “I look forward to this new opportunity, leading our team in the Grafton area to provide the best products and service to our customers.” In their new roles, Bruneau and White will be responsible for growing their respective branches, attracting new customers to Savers Bank while continuing to provide outstanding service in help-

ing customers with their full range of financial needs. LAFERRIERE NAMED CONSUMER LOAN SUPERVISOR Savers Bank is pleased to announce that Kathi Laferriere has been promoted to the position of Consumer Loan Supervisor. Laferriere brings a number of years of professional banking experi-

ence to her new position. While working at Savers Bank, Kathi has been a teller, a Mortgage Escrow Clerk, and a Consumer Loan Underwriter. Now, 25 years after her first position at Savers, she has been promoted to Consumer Loan Supervisor. In this new role, Laferriere will be responsible for all things pertaining to consumer lending and loan portfolios. Her position works in conjunction with all Savers Bank branches, as well as automobile and manufactured home dealers, in order to assist in growing the bank’s consumer loan portfolio.   “I am excited about this new opportunity to lead our consumer lending team,” said Laferriere. “We look forward to working with our sales staff to provide outstanding service as they help our customers reach their financial goals.”  Savers Bank is a full service community bank with offices throughout south central Massachusetts.  To learn more about Savers Bank, visit their website at, or find them on Facebook at






Residential • Commercial Remodeling • New Construction

(508) 868-5351 Mike Salmon / Uxbridge, MA / FAX: 508.278.4246

We’ve got you covered! Call Mark at 774-573-0883

Carpet: All major brands Vinyl: Armstrong/Mannington Ceramic Tile Laminate Flooring Hardwood Flooring Reliable, Trusted & Experienced Commercial & Residential

“Same Owners & Same Great Service with over 25 years of floor covering expertise!”

Call Now!

PaGE 36

May 2014

COUPONS Spring Cleanup Time!

168 Church St., P.O. Box 401, Whitinsville, MA 01583

J & D Revell & Sons




FREE PHOTO SHOOT and 8 FREE wallets $50 Savings for high school seniors

(508) 779-0045 , (508) 400-0459 !


P lus Free shoe rentals

Clip & Save!

*Not to be combined w/any other offers. NUT514



508-278-5055 /


%(+"! ('! . -"+ ,#*- #-*+ , & )& *$! . & )& -'! . ((' )&




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Wild Card

$ #

Come In And Try...




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" !

May 2014

PaGE 37

Sports Shorts Local runners raise $2,885 to help fight Bladder Cancer By Constance Dwyer

yourself.” When running, Danielle said she felt “inspired.” There is an oft heard phrase, “What greater gift “I thought of all the people who sent in donations, can you give but of yourself?” Such was the lov- especially after reading the article about the ing gift given by Danielle Salmonsen of Uxbridge marathon in the Uxbridge Times. Many not only who organized a successful sent money but touching notes half-marathon race (April 6) as well.” She especially was for her Dad, Lance Salmonsen. moved to hear from teachers Lance is struggling with bladshe had in elementary school at der cancer. A whopping Our Lady of the Valley in $2,885.00 was raised for the Uxbridge, saying “It brought American Cancer Society for tears to my eyes.” Tears also their research efforts to fight came to the eyes of her Mother, cancer. Betsy Salmonsen when she “It was awesome that people read the article and her Mom were willing to support me, my said the marathon was an Dad and  my family. My goal “inspiring day for us all.” was $1,500 and I almost douThe 13.1 miles half marathon bled it.” Danielle said with race had 175 runners. Her sisexuberance. When running ter, Nicole, an ardent runner in with my sister, Nicole Gantt, her own right, came in and sporting our “Bladder 9th,clocking the race in 1:35 Cancer Awareness T-shirts”, representing “Team Lance” (2nd place among women). another runner came up to on the west coast was Danielle came in at 1:56 (4th speak to me to say that her daughter Lauren. place in her age group). Father also had bladder cancer. After the run, a luncheon was “This demonstrated to me, once again, how you held at Lance and Betsy’s home for close friends never have to feel alone when facing a devastating and family. No caterer was needed for the gatherillness in your family. Others have suffered too, ing with Mr. & Mrs. Salmonsen’s  apt abilities as and are willing to be by your side if only you will cooks at the Quaker Deli in Uxbridge; they’ve have the courage to talk about it and not isolate owned it for 24 years.

Blackstone Valley Pop Warner Registration On Sunday, May 18th, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm, the Blackstone Valley Pop Warner Registration will be held at Whitin Community Center. The center is located at 60 Main Street in Whitinsville. The registration is open to ages 5 - 15. For more information and to download the registration, forms, please visit our website NOTE: REGISTRATION IS ON-GOING



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$$ !



TEAM LAnCE - (left to right): nicole Salmonsen-Gantt, Margaret Curran-Olson, Lance Salmonsen, Danielle Salmonsen, Alicia Caccavelli, Sherry Mercure roe, Mary Curran

May 2014

PaGE 38

West Hill Park and Dam opens

Intense Exercise Is Key But Do it ProPErly to avoiD risks Several recent studies have indicated that conventional cardio, especially endurance exercises such as marathon running  can pose significant risks to your heart. It can result in acute volume overload, inflammation, thickening and stiffening of the heart muscle and arteries, arterial calcification, arrhythmias, and potentially sudden cardiac arrest and stroke: the very things you’re trying to avoid by exercising.  Ideally, to get the most benefits from your exercise, you need to push your body hard enough for a challenge while allowing adequate time for recovery and repair. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with HIIT, or high intensity

interval training, which consists of short bursts of high-intensity exercise, which is a core part of my  Peak Fitness program. HIIT maximizes your secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), optimizes your metabolism, and helps regulate your insulin and blood sugar;  and nothing beats it in terms of efficiency. You can complete an entire Peak Fitness workout in 20 minutes or less. STAY THE COURSE. John Allegrini, Trainer Elite  Feel Good Fitness, American College of Sports Medicine Certified (ACSM) Health Coach Advisor

CLArK TOurnAMEnT - Members of past uxbridge High School Clark Tournament Champions gathered recently at the Tournament's 75th Anniversary Banquet held at Wachusett Country Club. Pictured: (seated left to right) Keith Kearnan, 1982 championship team, Head Coach Mark Donahue, and Asst. Coach, John raymond. Standing (L to r); Keith Menchin, ray Chapman, Mark Stanovich, and Greg Clark from 1982 team, Damian Bonaventura and Chris Shaw, members of 1993 championship team. The Clark tournament is an annual invitational basketball competition that is held at Clark university in Worcester.

High Hoops Little Shots Program

NOW OPEN for our 2014 Season!

Phone: (401) 769-2575

West Hill Park opens for the official summer season on Saturday May 17th.  Park gates will be open daily 8 am- 8 pm, weekends and holidays  and from 8 am  to 6:00 pm weekdays, until school is out (June 23rd then gates open daily 8 am-8 pm).  A place to play for everyone of all ages; swimming beaches, hiking trails, a mountain  bike and equestrian trail, sand volleyball court, fishing areas, horseshoe pits and nature viewing areas.  Rangers will lead hikes, dam  tours and other activities throughout the  summer.  Park event calendars and posters are located at the park bulletin board.  Three  picnic  shelters are available for family gatherings, church picnics, reunions, birthday and graduation  parties. All visitors to West Hill Park are required to pay a small user-fee of $1.00 per person ages 13 and  older, maximum of $4.00 per vehicle. Annual Day Use Passes are available for  $30.00 each. Golden Age and Golden Access passports are available on line from  the National  Park Service or locally at Roger Williams National  Historic Site and John Quincy Adams House. These national passes are accepted for discount at U.S. Army Corps of Engineer facilities.  Shelter  reservations can be made on line at www., for program   information and  concerns call the Ranger Staff  at  (508) 278-2511.  

Fax: (401) 766-2956


The Spring Session of the Little Shots Basketball Program just concluded at the Hab in Uxbridge. Another huge success with over 120 kids in grades K-5. The program is run by Dean Hirtle, Basketball Director at the Hab.   "Our program continues to grow and the kids do a fantastic job every week.  All our volunteer coaches have done an outstanding job and I appreciate all their hard work.   This would not be possible without their support." Little Shots is a program designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the game of basketball and focuses on evolving their skills as individuals to give them confidence and the understanding of playing as a team.   Little Shots sessions are run in the Spring, Fall, and Winter each year and are looking to expand with a summer camp.  Details for all High Hoops programs can be found on the Hab website at

May 2014

PaGE 39






Full Time Help Wanted Looking for confident individuals with carpentry skills or retired carpenters looking for extra income.

!" !


Also willing to train the right individual. Contact Jim Beane at: SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED FENCE INSTALLER FOREMAN

Experience installing fences is a must, as is maintaining a professional attitude on all locations and be able to communicate with customers when necessary. We also value young foremen with experience who have a great attitude and work ethic, and are willing to learn on the fly. You need to know all aspects of fence installation including wood, vinyl, chain link and aluminum. RESPONSIBILITIES: • Take responsibility for the install of residential and or commercial fence installs • Work from the estimators drawing with customer input. *Dig by hand with helper, using post hole diggers, all holes for setting pipe or posts. • Capable of thinking on the job and decision making on how to adapt to changes and/or adjustments for problems in making the install work • Must be willing to work as a team player with positive attitude, work ethic + experience.


Reach Over 21,000

Your Ad Here Only $38.00

Homes & Businesses call






Person must have a valid driver’s license and also able to get a DOT Medical card. Please stop into:

North Smithfield Fence Inc. 375 St. Paul St., North Smithfield, RI


$ ! "


#% !! #

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#* )

$' " * &' " & (+ %& #% #(% #(&

% % !

Email Emily at: to place your help wanted ad

Online at:

May 2014

PaGE 40

Summer Memberships $'

Students & Teachers

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! $ !

$ " ! !


. ) '* * *()

/ /

*( $*) )



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* &" %% #!

* &" %% #! "


" &#


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