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jUne 2013

RI Principal of the Year appointed to McCloskey MS Uxbridge Public Schools Superintendent, Kevin Carney, has announced the appointment of Dr. Rich Drolet as the new principal of the McCloskey Middle School starting July 1, 2013. Dr. Drolet replaces Mrs. Karen Maguire who will be retiring on June 30th. Dr. Drolet was recently named the Rhode Island Middle School Principal of the Year for his outstanding leadership skills in instruction, collaboration, communication, and community building. “We are very fortunate to bring a school leader of Dr. Drolet’s caliber to the Uxbridge Public Schools,” stated Superintendent Carney. “He has a solid track record of improving student achievement and the quality of instruction at every school where he has worked. I have no doubt that he will bring similar results to our community in Uxbridge.” Dr. Drolet will be completing his tenure as the principal of North Cumberland Middle School in Cumberland, Rhode Island on June 30th. He has served in this role for the past five years, following two years as the assistant principal. Prior to his work in North Cumberland, Dr. Drolet served as an assistant principal and district mentor leader in Berkley, Massachusetts and a Mathematics teacher, team leader, new teacher mentor leader, basketball coach, and student council advisor in Natick, Massachusetts. Dr. Drolet began his career as an elementary teacher in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. "I want to build on the great things happening in Uxbridge and also enrich the school community by bringing some proven, effective teaching and learning practices. All decisions I make will be in the best interest of students,” stated Dr. Drolet. “I am looking forward to returning to Massachusetts and Uxbridge provides an exciting opportunity and challenge for me.” Dr. Drolet earned his Doctorate in Education Leadership from Johnson and Wales University. He also received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in School Administration and Educational Leadership from Cambridge College. He earned his Masters of Teaching Degree in Elementary Education from Rhode Island College and his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado.

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Independence project - Students of the Uxbridge public School’s Independence project spent a recent afternoon picking up litter at peaceful pond on east Hartford Ave. in Uxbridge. the Independence project gives vocational training to students with disabilities aged 18-22. the students and staff removed three bags of litter from the area as a service to the community in honor of earth day. For information on the Independence project contact jane Sousa at 508-779-0388 or visit

Financial Headwinds in the Blackstone Valley By constance dwyer New England Spring has come again, bringing with it Open Town Meetings with their narrowly focused articles and, most importantly, the opportunity for each citizen to voice her or his opinions. Most of the articles in the Town Meeting warrants are routine, but with current National, State and Municipal revenue problems, categorized as “financial headwinds,” routine spending articles take on increased significance. This article deals almost exclusively with how four local communiPRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID BOSTON, MA PERMIT NO 55800


ties are meeting these financial headwinds. Transparency and foresight are critical in enabling voters to understand the questions they are to address and the future implications of their collective votes. The roles of the Selectmen, Town Administrators/Managers, School Committees and Finance Advisory Committees are most critical in providing this transparency and foresight. Northbridge residents faced a 24 Article Spring Annual Town Meeting (SATM) Warrant on May 7. Seventeen of the articles requested approval of expenditures for, among other things, departmen-

Business Bio:

Husbands For Hire Whether you have a small job or a serious rehab project, Husbands for Hire Home Improvements is a local firm worth a call. Coowners Ed Mansfield (pictured on left) of Northbridge and Jesse Gantt of Uxbridge, are conscientious, meticulous professionals happy to address all your household tasks.

See complete story on page 33

tal salaries and expenses, equipment purchases and maintenance and repairs. To meet the costs for these, normally available funds were augmented by a proposed override in the amount of $623,034. This override request appeared on the election ballot for May 21 and, according to Town Clerk Doreen Cedron, was approved by the voters. Uxbridge had its SATM on May 14; it included 25 articles, but only 6 of them were direct expenditures, although there were a few others dealing continued on page 14


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June 2013

Letters to the editor:

The dedication of Principal Bennett Society seems to have a growing preoccupation with negative news and criticism. The stories that gain the most attention are tragic. The voices that are heard the most are those that are screaming the extreme. Good deeds and good jobs are expected, and therefore hardly spoken of. Praise and thank-you’s become increasingly rare. There are many people worthy of our praise in this community alone. Those that volunteer at the food pantry to keep our town fed and supplied. The many volunteers that run the youth sports so our children can learn and experience success. The people who put in many hours to serve on boards they have been elected to. We would like to take a minute to recognize the work and dedication of Uxbridge High School Principal, Tara Bennett. Mrs. Bennett joined our school system in 2006 as vice-principal, and became principal in 2009. She was not a “townie” and like anyone else needed to adjust to the idiosyncrasies of

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Uxbridge, its students, and faculty. Over the years, she has led our school through a major schedule change, the loss of a student, the loss of a superintendent, the retirement of a superintendent, and the move to the longawaited new high school. None of these were easy, and each has brought its own set of challenges. Mrs. Bennett, at every opportunity, handled it all with energy and professionalism. For some of us, Mrs. Bennett is our boss. As comes with any professional relationship, we have not always agreed with decisions that have been made. Yet, we could always say that the door was open, our opinions were listened to, and she made the decision that she felt was in the best interests of the student body. Despite having a young family of her own, she is a fixture at many Uxbridge High School events, including sporting events, concerts, musicals, proms, etc. Her presence is not just a token appearance. It is clear that she authentically cares

$ !


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about these students and their achievements. She has talked with them, cried for them, and laughed with them. As teachers, we will always want more, but we couldn’t in good conscience ask for more. For some of us, our children are students at Uxbridge High School. We get to see some of what many others don’t get to see. The personal notes of encouragement written on report cards. The donations made to the many different organizations run at UHS. The many one-on-one talks she is willing to have. When we send emails or make calls over concerns we have for our children, they are responded to promptly and courteously. Problems are addressed and achievements are lauded personally. When town politics have become an obstacle, she has shielded the students and faculty to the best of her ability so that we may carry out the tasks that we are set up for. Test scores, especially from the AP programs, bear out her success. The successes of the many different student groups are in no small part due to her support. At times we fall into a rut, and it becomes easy to complain about all that has not gone as planned. We can lose sight or forget about all that has gone right. We would like to acknowledge all that is great about UHS and its students, and thank Mrs. Bennett for helping us get there. Respectfully Submitted, Hurley and Pam Silbor Peter and Pam Hennessy


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June 2013

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Letters continued

OLV Recycle Celebrating 40th Anniversary Event June 1st Public invited to

Supporting the Cigarette Tax increase Dear Editor: We are writing in support of Governor Patrick’s proposed $1 cigarette tax increase, a proposal that also includes closing the loophole in the way other tobacco products, including those aggressively marketed to youth, are taxed. The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids estimates that a $1.00 increase to the tobacco tax would save more than 27,000 young people from a lifetime of addiction to tobacco. That’s because when the price of tobacco goes up, it becomes less appealing to young people. Tobacco price increases, usually accomplished in the form of taxes, are a key strategy to decrease tobacco use among youth, according to the Surgeon General. It’s time to use this prevention strategy again. The last increase to Massachusetts’ cigarette tax was $1.00 in 2008 and the last tax increase on other tobacco products was a decade ago, in 2002. Of all states bordering Massachusetts, only New Hampshire has a lower cigarette tax. We have a responsibility to help prevent our young people from starting to smoke. An increase in the price of tobacco products would help to achieve this goal.

Our Lady of the Valley School is sponsoring an Electronics Recycle Event on Saturday, June 1st from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm at 75 Mendon Street, in Uxbridge. Are you looking to recycle your old electronics? Look no further…..for a small fee we are collecting TV’s, Computers, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Lawn Mowers, Dishwashers, Printers, Radio’s, Gas Grills, bikes, and man other items.

Sincerely, The Uxbridge Coalition For a Community Of Caring

Harbro auto Celebration!

Harbro Auto would like to invite you to our 40th Anniversary Celebration. It's going to be a fun-filled day with family entertainment, antique car show, a dragster, great food and exciting raffle prizes. We are giving away a car, scooters and so much more! This celebration will take place on Saturday, June 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the


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Food Pantry Thank You

RESTORE IT - DON'T REPLACE IT! !&$ $ * !! $ * # $$&# !! &##!& $ *

# % ! "!$ % $* ! # % ' )$ ) !! $ * % # !# (% # !# &%% #$ *

508-476-9944 '''

Letter to the Editor,

Sincerely, Steve & Kelly Lariviere NAC Food Pantry Coordinators

% %"

Alison Dwyer, MA, LMHC, ATR Certified School Adjustment Counselor, Uxbridge High School Director of The Coalition for a Community of Caring Licensed Mental Health Counselor Registered Art Therapist

The Northbridge Association of Churches Food Pantry would like to thank all who were involved with the 21st annual “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers on Saturday, May 11th. This year, through the generous donations from the residents of Whitinsville and Northbridge, and with the help of the postal employees, 2,640 lbs. of food was collected and delivered to the food pantry. There, youth group members from Fairlawn Christian Reformed Church and students from Northbridge High School, sorted the food and helped to stock our shelves. This donation, and others that we receive on a weekly basis, will help us to assist the growing number of families in need in our community. We are grateful for your support of this ministry.

Harbo Whitinsville location at 546 Providence Road. Please RSVP to Amy Sheeran at or 508-234-6767.


! &

! % !

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June 2013

Town News

Flag Day celebrated at Little Red Shop On June 14th, Hopedale's fourth annual Flag Day Celebration  will take place at the Town's oldest industrial building at the corner of Hopedale and Freedom Streets.  The Little Red Shop Museum, will once again host a new flag to fly proudly over the museum for the next twelve months. One of the Metro SWAT team members who was involved in the Marathon bombing rescue and fugitive search will assist the Chief of Police and Chief of the Fire Department in handling the color duties at Flag Day. Hopedale High School chorus, Hopedale Fire and Police, and the Boy Scouts will do the honors. Festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be followed by refreshments generously sponsored by Atria Draper Place and Friends of Historic Hopedale. The Friends of Historic Hopedale is a non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation, charitable, community, philanthropic and educational purposes.  FOHH provides assistance to the historic Town of Hopedale and surrounding communities. 

Local events slated for National Trails Day C’mon out and join the Friends of the SNETT (Southern New England Trunkline Trail) on Saturday, June 1st, as we host trail-wide events for National Trails Day.® The Friends of the SNETT consists of representatives from all six SNETT towns (Franklin, Bellingham, Blackstone, Millville, Uxbridge and Douglas), as well as regional planning and state agencies. Our goal is to improve and promote the use of the trail.

Events may vary by town but include planting flowers and beautifying the trail entrance with the help of the public and the Boy and Girl Scouts, family friendly nature games, such as “I Spy Nature,” and both guided and nonguided trail walks. Free water bottles will be given out on a first-come, firstserved basis. We invite you to come and see where the trail is in these towns and to learn about our future plans for the SNETT.

Fund to aide fire victims The Northbridge Assn. of Churches has established an account at Unibank to benefit the families who were recently displaced by fire at Church Ave. and Cross Place in the Rockdale neighborhood of Northbridge on May 4th.

Donations can be sent to Unibank, 49 Church St., Whitinsville, MA 01588. Anyone wishing to donate to help the families can make checks payable to NAC Church Ave/Cross Place Fire Fund.

Thunder In The Valley Ride The 10th Annual Thunder In The Valley - A Memorial Ride to honor the memory of Officer Chet Dzivasen – will be held on Saturday, July 13th. The ride will leave at 10:30 am from the VFW Post #1385, Route 16, Uxbridge. Chicken BBQ at 4 p.m. and music by

Childzs Play and New Bay Colony. All proceeds will go to the “Adam Bullen Foundation” - helping others fighting Cancer. Tickets are $15. p.p. and sold in advance at the VFW, 508-278-7540, Ron at 508-259-3437, Karen at 508612-0395 or Kathy at 508-278-7105.

MILLVILLE: Millville Lock parking lot. Led by Steve Giardini, National Parks Service Volunteer and Trail Interpreter. Activities: Guided trail walk - Time: 1:00 p.m. (lasts approx. 1 ½ - 2 hours). Directions: The parking lot is at the corner of Hope and Central Street in Millville. UxBRIDGE: Adams Street turnaround. Led by Sean Hendricks with support from the Girl Scouts and DCR representative Val Stegemoen - Time: 10:00 a.m. Activities: Plantings, I Spy Nature scavenger hunt, trail walk. Directions: The trail entrance is locat-

ed on Adams Street at the Adams Street turnaround. DOUGLAS: End of Depot Street Led by Becky Kalagher and DCR representative Cary Vandenakker with support from Uxbridge Girl Scout Troop 30924 - Time: 10:00 a.m. Activities: Plantings, I Spy Nature, Scavenger Hunt, trail walk. Directions: At the end of Depot St. at the intersection of Railroad Ave and across from #86 and 88 Depot St. Participants are encouraged to bring water, tools for planting and don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

Uxbridge Cultural Council announces grant recipients The Uxbridge Cultural Council would like to congratulate the following grant recipients for FY2013: Rick Hamelin, Pied Potter, Taunton City Band, Uxbridge Holiday First Night Committee, UHS Drama Club, Uxbridge Public Library - Celebrating Ireland, Pout Pond Community Craft Summer Program and Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band. The Uxbridge Cultural Council is a

program designed to bring communitybased projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences annually to our community. Applications for grants are due by October 15th, 2013 and are available online at For further information please contact: Dierdra H. Cahill, Chair, Uxbridge Cultural Council, 21 S. Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569

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June 2013

Page 5

Gynecologic surgery just became a whole lot easier for you! Robotic-Assisted Surgery Now at Milford Regional

Potential benefits for you include… UÊiÃÃÊ«>ˆ˜ÊEÊÌÀ>Փ>ÊÊ ÌœÊޜÕÀÊLœ`Þ UÊiÃÃÊÀˆÃŽÊœvʈ˜viV̈œ˜ÊÊ EÊVœ“«ˆV>̈œ˜Ã UÊiÃÃÊLœœ`ʏœÃà UÊiÜiÀÊÌÀ>˜ÃvÕȜ˜Ã UÊiÃÃÊÃV>ÀÀˆ˜} UÊ-…œÀÌiÀʅœÃ«ˆÌ>ÊÃÌ>Þ UÊ>ÃÌiÀÊÀiVœÛiÀÞ UÊ+ՈVŽiÀÊÀiÌÕÀ˜Ê̜ÊÊ ÞœÕÀʘœÀ“>Ê`>ˆÞÊÊ >V̈ۈ̈iÃ

Leonard DiGiovanni, DO Melissa Mead Clough, MD

Hysterectomy, fibroids, endometriosis…

MILFORD U 508-458-4200

In the past, any one of these could involve open surgery with a painful and lengthy recovery. However, all of that has changed with the da Vinci Surgical System, a roboticassisted surgery at Milford Regional which offers a minimally invasive approach to complex major surgery where it was not considered possible before. This new breakthrough surgical technology enables surgeons to perform this delicate operation with superior vision, precision, dexterity and control. And it’s all done through a few tiny incisions! Drs. Melissa (Mead) Clough and Leonard DiGiovanni, Milford Regional OB/GYNs with expertise in robotic surgery, look forward to answering your questions about roboticassisted surgery and how da Vinci can make gynecologic surgery so much better for you. ®

MILFORD U 508-634-7338 U

Please visit for more information on robotic-assisted surgery at Milford Regional.

14 Prospect Street U Milford, MA U

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June 2013

Douglas Library schedule events BOOK DiSCUSSiOn The next meeting of the Douglas Library Book Group will be discussing Jonathan Katz’s The big truck that went by : how the world came to save Haiti and left behind a disaster on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:30 PM. A critical assessment of how Haiti has fared after the 2010 earthquake reveals how the country continues to suffer from poverty, illness and a broken infrastructure, assessing the government corruption and other factors that prevent money and aid from reaching people most in need. Call the Library 508-476-2695 for a copy of the book. New members welcome. Home-made refreshments, inspired by the title being discussed, will be served.

The Great American Rhubarb Challenge

ZenTAngLe WORKSHOP On Tuesday, June 18th at 6:30 pm, the Douglas Library will host a ZENTANGLE workshop. ZENTANGLE is an easy-tolearn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being. Workshop conducted by: Molly Hollibaugh CZT.  Learn more at  or Molly's blog: Registration Required. Call the library at 476-2695 or email us at simon to register. This program is free and open to the community.

The Douglas Farmers Market Opens the season with The Rhubarb Challenge! This is a good old fashion Bake off to celebrate one of New England's finest native crops. Come join everyone at the Douglas Farmers Market in the beautiful historic setting of the E.N. Jenckes Store. Locals bring their favorite recipes, from the unique dish to the very classic Rhubarb Pie, all are welcome. If you made it and it has Rhubarb in it than it qualifies. Prizes and bragging rights awarded by local judges. Please come for this historic event! Come to watch or submit your dish. Who will be the rhubarb Champion of 2013? Find out on Saturday, June 15th at 11:00 a.m. Details and entry rules at or call Molly 401-935-3860.

'!! & ' % $& = 25*(9,+ (9 %70409< 608*56(2 /:7*/ $(9 :4, 9/ = (9 579/)70+.,

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28th Annual Valley Friendship Tour a Fun Day FoR a gReaT Cause! Valley Friendship Tour, Alternatives’ signature fundraiser, will be held June 1st, at 9:00 am, at Alternatives’ Whitin Mill, 50 Douglas Road in Whitinsville. Since its inception 28 years ago, the Valley Friendship Tour has raised more than $1.5 million in support of Alternatives’ services for individuals with disabilities in Central Massachusetts. It’s an opportunity to gather family, friends, and co-workers for a day of fun and exercise in the beautiful and historic Blackstone Valley. Participants can travel along one of five non-competitive routes: a one mile walk, 5K and 10K walk/runs, and 25 mile or 50 mile bicycle rides. Following the event, participants enjoy a complementary lunch, live music, and therapeutic massages as well entertainment provided for the younger members of the crowd. Both teams and individuals are welcome to register; preregistration is $20, while registration day-of is $25. Teams that are formed by non-profits or community organizations, and raise more than $1,000, will split the first $1,000 they raise, with all additional money to be returned to their organization as part of Alternatives’ community-building effort. Participants can now register on-line at www.alternatives. Each year Valley Friendship Tour sets a new fundraising goal. This year’s goal is $165,000. The tour has become a staple in the local community’s calendar of annual events. Maryann Newton, of Gaudette Insurance Agency, Inc., says “Being a member of “Gerry’s Gang” is special because we walk in memory of Gerry Gaudette who loved Alternatives. The walk provides me an opportunity to give a little something back to my community while enjoying the company of family and friends. It also reminds me just how blessed I am to have two healthy, beautiful children.” For information about Alternatives, or the Tour, visit or call 508-234-6232

Ag-Fest 2013 some bigger...none better Please join us on Saturday, June 22nd from 11am-4pm at the Blackstone River Valley and Canal Heritage State Park (River Bend Farm) located at 287 Oak Street in Uxbridge for the 2nd Annual Ag-Fest. This agriculture Festival offers wholesome family fun, free admission and parking, educational displays and more. Agriculture plays a vital role in the history and economy of the Blackstone Valley, come out and have fun and celebrate in the Valley’s agricultural tradition. Antique Tractors will be on displayed sponsored by Gary Smith, Mendon Area Real Estate. Whether you restore antique trucks and tractors, use antique farm equipment, have an interest in the history of farm equipment, or simply enjoy learning and sharing the agricultural history of our area. Visitors can also learn about the rich history of the Blackstone Valley. Join us for a day of music, activities, food and much more come visit animals and interact with members from the Sutton 4H Club. Azrael Acres will provide pony rides, mini whinnies horses, adorable miniature horses will be putting on demonstrations. Stop in and visit with the Angel Hair Alpacas from North Grafton. The Uxbridge Fire Department will allow children put out a fire with a simulated house and back by popular demand Hannaford Supermarket will once again be sponsoring the famous blueberry pie contest which will be judged this year by Miss Massachusetts, Madyson Milordi. New this year we are pleased to announce that Kierstyn Ebbeling, Miss Rodeo Massachusetts from Blackstone will be showing her roping skills and awards as well as and fun interactive activities for the children. Fair food will be provided by the Uxbridge First Holiday Night Committee from fried dough, burgers hot dogs, cotton candy and more. Free hay rides will be available throughout the day and music will be spun by DJ Paul Belanger.

June 2013

Page 7

A chance to save the Beaton Farm Property Beaton Farm Property 54 Waters street sutton and Douglas This unique property totals about 100 acres of forest and farm with 875 ft. of shoreline on the 380-acre great pond, Manchaug Pond. Today, we have an opportunity to save 73 acres of significant property which includes the twenty-eight stall equestrian center with attached 9,000 sq. ft. indoor riding arena. Described as the “jewel of Sutton” by a local selectman, this Blackstone Valley property cries out for preservation and is an ideal candidate for conservation! Here are highlights of its contributions today and its significance to future generations: SCENIC: The hilltop overlook of stone walls, fields and forest provides a stunning scenic view of the lake attracting many visitors each day. ECOLOGICAL & RECREATIONAL: Its 875 ft of shoreline is one of the last undeveloped areas on Manchaug Pond. • A network of streams and small ponds are cold-water fisheries habitat for native brook trout and tributaries which feed directly to the lake. • A large portion is Priority Habitat for endangered species as designated by the state Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program. • Located in the Lake Manchaug Greenway and Wildlife Corridor, an initiative to link the Sutton State Forest and Purgatory Chasm State Park with the Mid-state Trail and Douglas State Forest, the proposed trail cuts through the property’s center. HISTORIC: During the Industrial Revolution, the granite quarry supplied stone for the building of many textile mills in the Blackstone Valley. • Directly abutting is 120 acres of conservation land owned by the town of Sutton as the Waters Farm living history museum. The homestead was built in 1757 and is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The Beaton Farm compliments and significantly contributes to the activities and events of this educational landmark and, until the 1970s, was part of Waters Farm. Join Us In Our Efforts On April 16th, the Sutton Board of Selectman unanimously assigned the Manchaug Pond Foundation (MPF) the town’s “right of first refusal” to purchase 73 acres held under Chapter 61A. The MPF task is to raise the $1.3+ million and close the deal in 90 days (by July 16th) or the entire property will be lost forever to development. Should they fail, a large college has a signed purchase and sales agreement with an initial 30,000 sq. ft. facility planned. Please join the MPF in preserving this property for now, forever, for the lake and the community! Donate today!

Savers donates to Community Harvest Project

Send your tax-deductible donation to: MPF, Box 154, Manchaug, MA 01526 For more information: www. ManchaugPondAssociation.blogspot. com or Email: ManchaugPond The MPF is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to the welfare and correct use of this 380-acre great pond and its 4,288 acre watershed. For over 45 years, the members of the MPF/MPA serve a leadership role as stewards of the lake, and advocates and educators of its proper use and preservation. It started back in 1967 when some 35 member families owning property bordering the lake formed its parent organization the Manchaug Pond Association. Today, 100 member families and friends meet the needs presented in the 21st century, our action items address issues from the waterlevel and the dam to water quality and invasive species to safe boating to wildlife and habitat conservation and beyond. Thank you and please join us

Savers Bank announced a $2,000 donation to Community Harvest Project, which brings together volunteers to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for hunger relief in Central Massachusetts. With a farm in North Grafton and an orchard in Brimfield, Community Harvest Project practices sustainable agriculture to achieve their mission of building a healthier and more engaged community. Each year thousands of volunteers from across the country plant, harvest, and tend to tens of thousands of pounds of high quality produce. In 2012, the organization

donated over 250,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables (which is about 1 million servings) to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters throughout Worcester County. “Community Harvest Project is a tremendous effort on so many levels: hunger relief, environmental awareness, and an initiative for healthy eating,” said Joseph Coderre, President and CEO of Savers Bank. “It’s great to see so many volunteers coming together for this purpose.” Savers Bank is dedicated to supporting local organizations such as

Community Harvest Project that strengthen the communities where we live and work. With offices in Southbridge, Uxbridge, Auburn, Grafton, Charlton, and Sturbridge, Savers Bank has assets of over $420 million, offers a full range of consumer and commercial banking services, and a strong legacy of community commitment and customer service. For more information call 1-800-649-3036, visit the website at, or find them on Facebook at http://


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June 2013

Uxbridge teacher to participate in suicide prevention walk out of the Darkness overnight in Washington D.C. June 1-2 On June 1st through 2nd Christine Gallo, Burillville RI resident, and 2nd grade teacher for the Uxbridge Public Schools, will participate in the American Foundation for Suicide Preventionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (AFSP) Out of the Darkness Overnight, a 16 to 18mile walk from sunset to sunrise, to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention. This will be Mrs. Galloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 4th year participating in the walk, which last year took place in San Francisco. She walks in memory of a friend from college, who died by suicide two years after graduating while Gallo was serving in the Peace Corps. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My memories of this sweet, happy girl do not fit with the reality of how she chose to end her lifeâ&#x20AC;?.

Gallo goes on to say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I walk for the people you know who struggle with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, any of which could lead someone to believe that hurting themselves or taking their life could be the only option. I walk for the people you know, who you don't know also deal with these issues. I walk for the people who need help, but don't know how to ask for it or may not believe that there is any hope left. I walk for those parents, friends and children left behind with too many questions, knowing they will never have the answers.â&#x20AC;? According to AFSP close to one million people will make a suicide attempt and more than 38,000 will die by suicide in the U.S. this year. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These statistics are troubling, but it is important to know that suicide can be prevented. There is help and hope available for those who need it. I am walk-

ing in The Overnight, I want to take action to prevent suicide.â&#x20AC;? Over the past four years, Gallo has raised nearly $8,000 through the generous support of friends and family, and those who are interested in supporting such an important cause which affects far too many people. The Foundation hopes that by bringing this event to the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s capital it will elevate a national conversation about suicide prevention as well as motivate leaders to take more action regarding this serious public health problem. Proceeds from the Out of the Darkness Overnight support research and a variety of prevention, education and advocacy programs including distribution of the Foundationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s More Than Sad educational program on teen depression and suicide prevention to high schools across the country. Mrs. Gallo recently attended a SafeTalk

workshop, which helps people to become more aware of warning signs of struggling people, and helps them get in contact with professionals trained to assist people in crisis. This workshop was made possible through funds raised by the Out of the Darkness walks. To support Christine Gallo or to get more information about The Overnight, call 888-TheOvernight or visit her teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s page, Morning Has Broken, at If you or someone you know is in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, remember that help is available. For more information about suicide such as risk factors and warning signs, visit

Bertonazzi Foundation announces changes The Senator Louis Bertonazzi Foundation, as a result of discussions with several town clerks, has announced that the 2013-2014 citizenship award for best voting community among the 19 competing towns will be based on the election statistics of the 2013 special Senate elections, 2014 local election, 2014 state primary and 2014 state election. This year, an unusual dilemma was presented. With the two upcoming U.S. Senate special elections being held in the same general time frame as local elections, some towns are holding the three elections on two days while others will maintain the three elections on three separate days. To be as fair as possible to all town under these unique circumstances, it was decided for the purposes of the citizenship contest, to include only the June 25th Senate election results in the 2013-2014 voting comparisons. In the interest of fairness, all town clerks have been notified in advance, before any elections have been held.

MULCH â&#x20AC;˘ WOOD CHIPS â&#x20AC;˘ COMPOST SAND â&#x20AC;˘ STONE â&#x20AC;˘ LOAM "


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1-8 1-800-649-3036 800-649-3036 ww



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E Equal qual H Housing ousing L Lender ender

June 2013

Page 9

Third Annual Self-Service Dog Wash benefit

Pet of the Month

Bruin Bruin is a 4-5 year old puggle dog that was rescued from a home when his owner moved away and forgot to take him and 2 of his friends with them. Bruin is a handsome man who just wants to be with you and we think that is from his being left alone in a home to fend for himself. Bruin is a little shy at first and it takes him some time to warm up to you but once he does, he will be your best friend. Bruin would prefer to be the only dog in the home after being left alone with two other dogs, he has decided that he would be best to have all the attention on himself. Bruin still needs to be neutered and seen by a vet before he can be adopted out, we are getting him

to the vet soon so if you come down to meet him, he will be ready for his furever home. If you think this cute little guy is the one for you, please stop by the shelter to see him. Bruin's adoption fee is $225.00. Douglas Dog Orphans is located at 90 Webster St. (Rt. 16) Douglas and the phone number is 508476-1855.

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Just A Touch Rescue (JATR) will be having it’s Third Annual Self-Service Dog Wash. Our mission is to save a life with “Just A Touch” of love...Opening our hearts, our hands and our homes to help dogs in need. Every dollar donated goes toward the medical care and rehabilitation of our dogs. Once our dogs are ready to be adopted , we find them their forever home. The event will be held at The Bark Ark, 32 Hastings Street, Route 16 in Mendon. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, June 2, 2013 from 10AM until 2:30 PM. The owner, Betty Ferrucci and her family will be donating their time and all proceeds from this event to our dog rescue, JATR.

Refreshments will be provided. Please stop in and visit our rescue families and their dogs. We would love to see you, share stories and ideas about

rescue. You can also visit us online at and find us on FB. Walk-ins are welcome. Please call 508-473-4744. Donation of $20.00


Page 10

June 2013

Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park announce events Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park announces the start of seasonal programming at River Bend Farm Visitor Center. All programs are free and open to the public, and children must be accompanied by an adult. CANAL TOWPATH TOUR Sundays in June 1:00-2:00 pm This easy walk meets at River Bend

Interior Painting & Wallpapering “Over 20 Years Experience” CALL CHRIS

(508) 499-7510

Farm Visitor Center and continues along the canal’s flat towpath. This guided walk is appropriate for all ages. Listen to stories about the canal's history, ecology, geology, and wildlife. NATURE JOURNALING Saturday, June 15, 1:00-2:00 pm Our Nature Notebook in the Visitor Center is brimming with interesting nature notes and wildlife sightings! Supplies provided to make your own nature journal and tips on how to record your discoveries of the wild things. JUNIOR NATURALISTS Friday, June 7, 21, 28, 4:00-5:00 pm Nurture the natural urge to explore on this series of hands on activities and nature hikes. Suggested for elementary ages, older and younger siblings always welcome, no registration. Children must be accompanied by adult. June 7: Underwater Investigation. June 21: Insect Safari June 28: Reptiles

will hike north along the Towpath onto Goat Hill Lock. See changes in the landscape since the days of canal transportation and view the diversity within the park. Trail is moderate with some rocky areas. Sturdy footwear is recommended. For all ages able to complete a 2.5 mile moderate hike. WOODLANDS AND WATERWAYS Sunday, June 2 and Thursday June 20, 4:00-5:00 pm This walk will take you through the less traveled paths through fields, woodlands, and along the Blackstone River or Canal. We will check on the seasonal changes and signs of wildlife. Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes; bring water, snack and insect repellant. ExPLORE THE POND Monday, June 24, 2:00-3:00 pm Dip nets in the canal pond to investigate underwater life! Learn about water

KIDLEIDOSCOPE KIDS NATURE STORY HOUR Friday, June 7, 21, 28, 10:30-11:30 am Ages 3-5. Nature themed story and activity hour, siblings welcome! Join us at the Visitor Center for a program designed to connect young children to nature. Stop by for a nature story and outdoor activity followed by craft. Children must be accompanied by adult. MEADOW STROLL Monday, June 3, 10, 24, 6:00-7:00 pm Take an easy evening stroll through the meadow paths of what was once a pasture. Find the lone shade tree and hear a bit of folklore of the fauna and wildflowers along the way. Shoes - not sandals are recommended for some newly mown paths. Meet at Visitor Center, all ages welcome. WALKING TO GOAT HILL LOCK Saturday, June 8, 1:00-2:15 pm Starting from the Visitor Center we

quality and life cycles. Learn how to keep water healthy as we look and listen to life around the pond. HIKE TO LOOKOUT ROCK Saturday, June 29, 1:00-3:00 pm A more rugged terrain, moderate hike through forest trails to a rewarding view of the Blackstone River snaking its way through the valley and Rice City Pond. About 3 miles round trip. Recommend sturdy shoes, water, snack & binoculars for a short break at the lookout. Meet at 366 East Hartford Ave. parking lot. CONCERT AT THE CANAL Saturday, June 23, 3:30-5:00 pm Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band kicks of the summer concert season! Bring your own picnic, lawn chairs or blanket for this outdoor concert; free parking and admission. FAMILY ADVENTURES Saturday, June 15, 10:30-11:30 am Metacomet Land Trust will be our guest to get your family outside and investigating nature! This month we will be discovering Reptiles and Amphibians with an outdoor adventure followed by a take home craft. Suggested for families with preschool and elementary ages. For more information, please call the park at 508-278-7604 or e-mail us at

Food for Thought

by Sheryl corriveau

We have a better idea!


" #



! #


OK so this one comes straight from the heart. In much of my health coaching practice I work with my clients on self-love.  Especially as a woman, it seems a common factor that we expend so much energy loving and caring for others that its little surprise we can end up stressed, tired and feeling our reserves are empty.  Going back to selflove is as old as the biblical concept to “love others as you love yourself.” Does anyone hear me?  With wonderful wisdom that only age can bring, I’ve realized personally how important it is to take time out (or schedule it mostly) for self love and care.  To be healthy and function from a place of abundance – means putting ourselves first in the most loving way.  As individual as we all are, is as diverse as the ways to do this is.  Daily meditation, exercise, juicing (the vegetable kindhaha), getting outside as much as possible, making time to do things that make me feel good and doing them just because I want to, are just some of my regular practices. These things ground me, bring me into harmony with my spirit and allow me to operate from my highest self.  Most women I know feel guilty for taking time for themselves.  I say screw guilt!  It’s time to love ourselves enough to then be able to give to others out of this abundance.  If you haven’t taken time to love yourself – simply look into your heart – own what you truly desire and do it!  Life is short so love you today:)  To learn more about pilates or health coaching, visit www.SherylCorriveau. com and be sure to sign up for my free newsletter!

June 2013

Tag Sale for Tails

Helps animals affected by disasters Have you started your spring cleaning? Do you have a move planned and need a great cause to donate your good stuff to? The Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team, Inc. (CMDART) is hosting its third annual "Got Stuff - Tags for Tails" Sale on Saturday, June 22nd, 7 am -5 pm on the Douglas Fire Station and Highway Department grounds, Rt. 16, Douglas. Disasters are increasing and our organization needs funds to maintain the mission of helping our communities to plan, prepare and respond when animals are affected by disasters such as we've seen recently. If you could kindly price all items you are donating with a reasonable value on them, this will help us greatly. Receipts for donations will be offered if requested. Items CMDART can accept: Small items of furniture (end tables, lamps, framed pictures) in good condition, books, CD's, jewelry, linens in nice condition, toys and games, household items, dishes, pet related items are especially appreciated and seasonal items. Specialty crafts appreciated. Clothing if clean, pressed and sorted by size and gender. Items CMDART can NOT accept: Electronics (computers, printers, tv's), bedding, large pieces of exercise equipment, large appliances, no children's furniture, and hazardous materials such as paint and fertilizer. Donations of goods will be accepted until June 21st at 4 pm. Call 508803-1989 or contact donategoods to let us know that you have items to contribute. Limited pickup service available only if necessary within a reasonable distance of Douglas for a $20 donation. Upcoming Trainings to join the team! CMDART is starting a new round of trainings to increase the pool of volunteers. We are especially needing people to help at public fund-raising events, to help coordinator volunteer activities, and to help with equipment (logistics) management, as well as Directorship on our Board of Directors. Visit membership@ cmdart .org or sign up for a course near you at training@ CMDART is an independent, charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization totally dependent upon private contributions. We provide information, training, support, supplies and personnel to help plan, prepare and respond to aid animals affected by man-made or natural disasters. CMDART serves the local and regional communities of Central Massachusetts and particularly Worcester County. Animals affected by disaster can include small and large animals such as pets, livestock, and exotics.

Page 11

Breakfast for Seniors Anniversary Breakfast for Seniors recently celebrated its’ 1-Year Anniversary at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Sutton. Pictured at right; parishioners with their Rector Dalton Menhall (back), Senior Warden, Gabby Vescio, Sarah Busha, Will Busha, Rector Lisa Green, Ken Thomas, originator of the idea to organize the breakfast, & Darrel Hamlet, Junior Warden. The children had the day off from school and volunteered their time to serve guests. Rector Lisa Green said that the church received a grant from the Episcopal Diocese and the “Breakfast for Seniors” has become

part of the church’s outreach program “where seniors are welcome at our table, similar to the sanctuary altar where all are welcome to that table which also emphasizes hospitality.” Senior Breakfast Coordinator Ken Thomas added “We love to fill the hall with family and friends who connect more with each other and we decided to do this since the Sutton Senior Center stopped having their First Friday of the month breakfasts for seniors. St. John’s Breakfast for Seniors takes plae on the first Friday of each month. PHoTo By Connie DWyeR

$ &# $

% !$

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955< .3)*6,&68*3 &7.( 38*62*).&8* '*).*3(* !(*38 &2*7 > "6.(0 "6&.3.3, 6.:&8* !*77.437 &3.3* 44) .8.=*3 6*5

1&77*7 "*78.3,

'&)< > 19* 9++&14 > &1.+463.& &896&1 > &68-'463 :4 334:& > &14 > *66.(0 > 6./*3 > 6&.6.* 378.3(8 !41.) 41) > &; 64=*3 .*87 > %*113*77 > 3) 46* !" 43 6. !&896)&< !93)&<


% " !$ > "-* &; 1&3*8 (42

# ! 52 52 52

Douglas, MA 01516


Page 12

June 2013

Wanderlust... sTanDing TaLL & PRouD By Bob Haigis This month’s tale (that’s tale not tail) has a little different twist to it. I have mentioned in a few past stories that Peg and I sometimes traveled by motorcycle: Actually we were at one time enthusiastic motorcyclists, but always traveled on Gold Wings. Using that venue we took some of the most adventuresome and educational trips of our wandering careers. I drove, and Peg just sat happily behind me on the back of our Honda GL1200, enjoyed the scenery and acted as sign interpreter and co-pilot. She became a pro at finding great eateries down South and out West like Golden Corral. We learned

' #

early on that there was nothing quite like walking into an “all you can eat” bistro after a long day in the saddle, packing in great vittles, and then getting a great night sleep. On one trip, at just about the middle of a twelve thousand five hundred mile jaunt around the rim of the U.S., we found ourselves in the fog and ooze of the Seattle Washington area. Decked out in our rain gear, we boarded a ferry at Port Angles, and as we crossed Juan de Fuca Straight and approached Esquimalt Victoria the sky slowly cleared. We carefully rolled off the boat and the sun was just breaking out of the overcast. It being late May, spring was in all her glory in the North West, and Victoria was donning her best. The moist, warm air offers premium growing conditions to the area. As I related in a previous article, we could not believe the beauty at Butchart Gardens. They are internationally famous, and a

%$" !

not to miss attraction if you are ever in the area. But, this story is not about gardens: It is about something that was coming into its own popularity back around the time Butchart Gardens was also: Totem Poles. I had always assumed that the huge pillars were something of centuries past, and in a way they are. Up until the late nineteenth century, they existed in much smaller dimensions, appearing inside lodges of the natives as house posts. These often represented Clan membership, family wealth and position in the village. They were hand carved using primitive stone tools. It wasn’t until after the introduction of iron and steel to the area around nineteen hundred that the quality of the carvings evolved into their present splendid form. For a few years the native population must have turned out some magnificent samples. With the demise of the tribes in the area, the art

form went into rapid decline. Also, as the poles were normally outside and being made of wood, most of them rotted away in the moist environment. There still remain a few from before 1900 and are carefully stored in places like the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. In the mid twentieth century there took place a cultural and artistic revival of native creations. Suddenly freshly fashioned and colorful poles began appearing up and down the coast in the Northwest as surviving natives revived the ancient craft. The new creations were soon greatly sought after, and demanded a price of tens of thousands of dollars. This is understandable as the construction of a modern pole can take up to a year. The practice continues today, with native craftsman passing on their skills and knowledge so that future generations will be able to answer the demand for traditional carv-

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ings. Close to the ferry landing, we faced Thunderbird Park. Right in front of us were two of these modern creations. They were the most magnificent hand carved obelisks we have ever seen. Studying my photo, it is easy to see why they are in such demand. It is obvious the creators of the poles had to be not only extremely talented sculptors and artists, but also knowledgeable of local legends and tribal history. Every face and creature depicted on the poles carries a meaning, and many a legend from the past. For example, I believe the huge bird on the top of the pole on the right in the photo represents the Thunderbird. This was a mythological creature that could create thunder, lightening and kill whales. From what Peg and I saw, this creature must be one of the really popular creations as we saw similar images on several poles. The two in our photo are Gitsaxan (on left) and a Kwakwaka’wakw on right. These tongue twisters are two surviving local tribes that have preserved the traditions. Also, in case (like us) you didn’t know, the Ojibwe (another tribe) word Totem means “his kinship group”. The Ojibwe were once a very widely distributed group of Indians, living in what is now western Canada and the U.S. They roamed as far East as Illinois, and well up into British Columbia in the North West. It was a really great time to be in Canada that particular day, as the Sunday we crossed over on the ferry was May 21st, which in the year 2000 was Victoria Day. Of course in the City of Victoria there was quite a celebration going on, and we had a bit of a time maneuvering our Wing in and out of the heavy traffic. Before we left the coastal area, we got to see the Regatta fleet and the Parliament Bldg, both all decked out for the holiday. As we rode along, we passed several more Totem Poles, and we actually got to see some from the past in the National Geographic Museum. We stood in awe gazing up at some that dated back around a hundred and twenty five years. That night, we collapsed at the Chestnut Grove Motel on George St. for around $50.00. At that time the exchange rate was $1.41 US for $1.00 Canadian. The following morning, we climbed on the Wing and headed for another ferry crossing, to Vancouver. The ride took an hour and a half, and it was sunny, clear with no wind: A delightful ride. Our destination was Burnaby, a town not far from the city and a home swap there. The house was built high up on a steep hill that over looked a canal. The view was spectacular not only of canal traffic, but also we had an unobstructed panorama of snow topped mountains. We took many rides around the area, marveling at the beauty. We will never forget a particular trip up Seymore Mountain near dusk, and seeing two black bears crossing the road. The late snows were quickly disappearing, but we saw a few hardy skiers getting in a last run on the steep slopes. Another “little” side trip we took, didn’t turn out so pleasant. We rode to near by Lynn Canyon Park, and found a trail head. The literature posted stated continued on next page

June 2013

Page 13

Kids can explore at “Touch a Truck” event Touch A Truck is rolling into downtown Sutton on Sunday, June 9 from 1 – 4 pm. Kids of all ages will have the chance to get up close, climb aboard, and explore all kinds of trucks, cars, and things that GO in the unique, interactive event sponsored by the First Congregational Church of Sutton at 307 Boston Rd, Sutton. “We are really looking forward to sharing so many vehicles with the families of the Blackstone Valley,” says Jenn Oswitt, a member of the FCCS Stewardship Committee.  “I know my children love seeing these trucks on the roads, and to have the opportunity to actually get behind the wheel will be something they will remember forever.”  There are too many vehicles to list, but commitments include a town fire truck, police car, and ambulance, construction equipment from J.H. Lynch & Sons, a trash truck from Pratt Trucking, a concrete mixer from Dauphinais Concrete, dump trucks, antique cars and tractors, and even TLC’s “Groom-in-Van” mobile pet groomer!  Plus a bounce house provid-

Uxbridge Library posts Summer offerings Add A Little Lace To Your Life By popular demand, Betsy Youngsma is offering a class on Knitting Lacy Summer Socks! This 6-week course is designed for those who have already taken one of her beginner's classes, or for the more experienced knitter.  The class will meet every Thursday starting June 6th - July 18th, the exception being Independence Day. You commit to being present at all classes.  Class size is limited to 8...sign up today! narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World Please join us as we welcome natural history authority Todd McLeish as he talks about his new book, Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World on Monday, June 10th at 7 p.m.  Narwhals are the northernmost whale on the planet and the one most threatened by global warming. Its seven-foot long spiral

ed by Bolton’s Bounce Houses, food, games, and plenty of family fun. There will also be a special horn-free hour from 1:00 – 2:00 pm where all of the festival activities will be available in a setting that is more manageable for children with special needs or sensitive ears, and which will feature an appearance by special guest FINZ, the official mascot of the Worcester Sharks. Tickets are $5 each, with a $20 family maximum. For more info visit the events page at www.suttonfirstchurch. org or find them on Facebook: “Touch A Truck Sutton 6/9/2013.”

tusk—which helped to spawn the unicorn myth and which has caused a heated disagreement about its purpose—has created a genuine sense of wonder and mythology about this amazing animal. Copies of Todd's book will be available for purchase and he will personally sign all copies following this presentation.

Summer Reading KickOff: Dig into Reading! Our popular Summer Reading program kicks off with the theme of Dig Into Reading on Monday, June 24th, with special events planned throughout the summer. This program is open to kids of all ages.

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WAnderlUSt continued from page 12 it was a nice, easy one mile hike in beautiful country: About an hour or so. Not paying attention, we somehow took a wrong turn, and had a lovely five hour, eight mile trek. Peg took a tumble on the way, but luckily nothing serious. Needless to say we were both exhausted as we emerged onto the hot top at dusk. We painfully climbed aboard our “horse” and headed home to a hot meal and early bed. On a day trip to Vancouver, we discovered Gastown, and viewed one of the world’s few operating steam clocks. It seems strange, but the one in Vancouver was created only back in 1977 to solve a problem with a steam vent in the sidewalk. It is really a fascinating object. Gastown is the first part of Vancouver that was settled back in the eighteen hundreds. Our stay in Vancouver was just about over, and the day before we were scheduled to head “back east” I began to get moderate pain on my back and sides. This was accompanied by a very prominent rash, something I didn’t recall ever having had in the past. It wasn’t really incapacitating, but none the less sore and annoying. Next month I will relate what it feels like riding a motor cycle with Shingles. Questions/comments

So many places…so little time.


" !

Don’t Forget June 16th...

Celebrate Dad! BEER

WINE # &'


% (





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% #

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$12.99 #



Page 14

June 2013


ty of Worcester County towns opting out of the program. At this time there were 385 voters signed in. The next article of significance was Article 4 that included the Operating Budget for the School Department. School Committeeman Ernie Esposito immediately offered an amendment to increase the appropriation by taking $786,764 from the Stabilization Fund which then amounted to approximately $2.3 Million. This motion resulted in a grand debate. Many arguments were made against using these funds for operating budgets instead of non-recurring expenses. Eventually the Finance

continued from page one with revolving and enterprise funds. The first money article, Article 13 was taken out of order and dealt with funding Mosquito Control. There was an overwhelming amount of factual information provided in the effort to defeat the $68,000 request. It was asserted that the toxic pesticide used was injudicious and that there are non-toxic alternatives for the 51 varieties of mosquitoes. In the end, after a half-hour debate the motion failed and Uxbridge joined Mendon and Upton among the majori-

$"& )'" . -. */%( -

+,')% .,$$. &'.')-0'(($

,,%(+& 6

)*1(')% * # 2!,'#%$


(+5) (#(+& 6

Committee moved to amend the primary amendment substituting an override as the source of added funds in place of the Stabilization Fund. The question as to how the shortage of funding for the schools came about was posed and it was suggested that solving this by use of the Stabilization Fund would create a new problem for FY 2015. This line of argumentation ended with the unpopular suggestion to support an override. Superintendent of Schools Kevin Carney argued that the $1.6 Million shortage, recognized in the Fall of 2012, would require cutting 30 positions. Town Manager Sean Hendricks was puzzled as to why he did not learn of this shortage until March. After Selectman Peter Baghdasarian said that raiding the Stabilization Fund would be “fiscally irresponsible” and that he “didn’t see support for an override,” Mr. Esposito moved for a vote on the override question; it failed! After some parliamentary moves, the vote on the Stabilization Fund amendment to increase the school budget was

taken and passed with a ratio of 292 to 89, well over the required 2/3. Following the successful 2/3 vote on the School budget and the departure of many voters, the 4 remaining budget elements were passed uneventfully. With Articles 23 and 24, dealing with the Community Garden, having been passed out of order, the remaining articles, up through Article 21 passed easily. Article 25, street acceptance, passed easily to end the meeting after Article 22, to rescind the revised Charter, voted at the last Fall Town Meeting failed. The revised charter, which will have effects on the budgeting process, had failed after only a short debate; former Selectman Harry Romasco arguing against and current Selectman Baghdasarian favoring the motion to rescind. The issue will be finally resolved in an upcoming ballot election. The long meeting started at 7 pm and ended a few minutes before midnight. Sutton had a 17 article warrant, 15 of which passed uneventfully. Only Article 6, the town budget, and Article

(+#,3/ VISA AND MASTERCARD / MA REG. #128580 / CS LICENSE #104402

.$$ ,+ .,. 0$# 40$+#$# .. +0($/ ,2$.(+& !,. 0$.( ) %.,* 0, $ ./ 3(0' ,. '(+&)$/

'(*+$5 .$- (. ) &

.$!1()# 6 $ *)$//

+&' *% &" $ ,

(##+ $'(&



, 333 ,.$ /0$. ,,%(+& ",*



$(% " %

* &" !

# +

17, Lake Singletary weed control drew significant debate. One resident noted that more than $400,000 of the budget was not clearly associated with a department or agency, nor by whom expenditures for such were to be controlled. Citing the Annual Town Report, the Selectmen’s responsibility under Massachusetts General Law, he also remarked that he had made the Town aware of report deficiencies and then asked who in Town government is responsible for approving the report for both content and readiness for publication. When the answer given was the “Town Clerk,” he then suggested that the Clerk was not qualified for oversight of the many required elements of the report. Mr. Richard Norlin, sponsor for the petitioners of Article 17, argued successfully in getting their article passed, but with the amount voluntarily reduced so that, when combined with the appropriation under Article 16, the amount would not exceed the funds available for such efforts. The distribution of the combined funds between Lake Singletary and Manchaug Pond were not specified in the votes. The impressive work of Sutton’s Town Administrator in negotiating budget savings and distributing these savings to satisfy varied departmental needs cannot be understated. However, the suggestion of the Finance and Warrant Advisory Committee, at their prior School budget hearing, that single year planning might well be inadequatepresents Sutton with a formidable challenge. Douglas stands out among these four towns. Faced with the financial headwinds, Strategic Budget Committee established the Board of Selectmen iorder supplement the year to year budget process with a multi-year approach so that the Town could assess how best to address the needs of the community with the limited financial resources available. Their Finance Committee reported that, after months of effort, the Strategic Budget Committee recommended an additional appropriation of $1.4 million, contingent upon a tax override to sustain and maintain the services and functions of the Town. In the event of the override failing the non-conditional budget passed by the Town Meeting would be in place. The results of Ballot Elections will determine the ultimate outcome of some of these Town Meeting actions. Next Spring Annual Town Meeting coverage will reflect on what each of these towns has learned from the experiences of the others.



! &


#&' !! ' $#



% $ !#" !


# '


Flag day Is june 14th

June 2013

Page 15

People's Pantry Join the Fun...Join Scouting wants you! Now is the prised of more than one million volunYard Sale posted timeCubto Scouting join the fun and excitement of teers working together for the sole purOnce again the Peoples' Pantry located at Second Congregational Church, 289 Main Street in Douglas will hold their annual Yard Sale on July 13th from 9:00 - 12:00 on the front lawn of the Church. Donations will be accepted for the yard sale on June 1st.  They will not be accepting baby furniture, electronics or exercise equipment.  All other donations may be dropped off at the pantry on Tuesdays from 1:00 - 5:00 pm or you may call Brenda Roy for more information at 508476-1880 to make other arrangements.

" poetry reAdInG At SUtton lIBrAry: (l to r rear) Krystal molinari, Betsy rajotte, new library director; diana restry, poet james dwyer of Sutton with his stepson, liam reddy. mr. dwyer read his poems at the Sutton library to celebrate national poetry month in April.

America's foremost youth program for boys - Cub Scouting. Designed for boys ages 7 to 10, Cub Scouting combines outdoor activities, sports, academics, and more in a fun and exciting program that helps families teach ideals such as honesty, good citizenship, and respect. The Boy Scouts of America is com-


" !

Welcome Back Summer Specials! ~

PHoTo By ConsTanCe DWyeR


* ()'---------

Contest highlights students’ creativity For over 60 years, May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month. To help raise awareness about this important topic, 5th and 6th graders from Northbridge Middle School and the McCloskey Middle School in Uxbridge took part in Alternatives’ Annual Bookmark Contest. The contest challenges students to incorporate one of three slogans - Mind your mind, Peace of mind, or Feed your mind - into designs for the front of the bookmark. The reverse of the card contains tips on maintaining mental health, such as the importance of a balanced diet, exercise and making time in each day to relax. In all, 19 schools throughout Central Massachusetts participated in the contest. Each school chose two winning designs based on color, content and creativity. Winning designs were then printed and made available in the school libraries and to the community at each town’s public library. Winning students from Northbridge Middle School are Galina Jaros and Ashley Bloem. Matthew Colella and Caroline Thiebault were the winners from McCloskey Middle School in Uxbridge. Winners received a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart and their name and their school’s name printed on the bookmarks. For more information about Alternatives, call 508-234-6232 or visit

pose of helping its nearly three million youth succeed in life. Pack 25 meets as a pack once a month at Good Shepherd Church. Dens meet weekly at various locations. All boys, in first through fifth grade, are welcome to join. For information contact Jason Andolina at 508-2785357 or email





+'( &



%$ $----------PROSECCO • ITALY • 750 ML




$ '-----


~ %


'! ------ -








&"'( ") '+&*)

& +

%%' ----- --


~ '(




12 OZ • CANS • 30 PACK

%$' # , (# "& $ # +$ ! +$ !



# ----- -





) $$ ''-------PUB DRAFT CAN • 8 PACK

Don’t Forget Father’s Day, June 16th! )" &*" $

'%% ( " $

Fine Wine? Small Batch Bourbon? Craft Beer? Cigar Gift Packs? All at Lynch’s!! ~ Family Owned Since 1941 ~

Page 16

June 2013

Norbert named Pitcher of the Year Recently, Becker College softball earned three major New England Collegiate Conference postseason awards. Among the winners was Freshman pitcher Kelsey Norbert (Uxbridge) was named NECC Pitcher of the Year. Norberg led the NECC in wins with 12 and strikeouts with 121. With 2.71 ERA, she missed out on tying

for the ERA lead by 0.05. Norberg had 26 Ks more than her closest competitor, and she led the NECC in strikeouts per game by players with more than 20 innings pitched. She finished second in complete games and third in innings pitched. Norberg also earn First Team All-NECC honors.



WiLLy's KiTTy

Knights of Columbus host Fish Fry

Jasmine Jasmine is a true princess, beautiful, delicate and loving. She has been looking for her forever home for a long time. Why has it taken so long? Jasmine needs to be the only cat in a female only household. You see, she was living outside and was misunderstood until she came to Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue. Jasmine is a young adult female cat, fully vetted and looking for a quiet female lap.  You can apply for Jasmine by going to Please join Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue at Papa Gino's in Uxbridge on Saturday, June 1st for pizza night, all proceeds benefit their cats and kittens. Willy's Kitty Angels Rescue is a 501C3 non profit cat rescue/foster

home network. The programs include: Spay a Mom, The "Over Six" Program helps spay and neuter cats from multi cat households with just a $20.00 copayment for each cat. Do you have 6 cats or more who have not been spayed or neutered?   This program is for you.  The Over Six program is possible thanks to a grant received from Massachusetts Animal Coalition.


&# &$%




The Knights of Columbus of Sutton/Millbury will have 3 more Fish Fry Events because of the many requests. The next Drive-Bye Fish Fry will be on June 21st, then on September 20th and the last for this year is on October 18th. All events start at 4:00 pm and end when all of the fish is gone. These events are held in the parking lot at St Marks Church parking lot at 356 Boston Road Sutton. You drive in, give your order, it's cooked and you drive away. Each order consists of 8oz Fish, Chips, Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce all for $9.00. Also a cup of  Fresh Fish Chowder for $3.00.  All are welcome, Contact: Tony Mancini, Cell 508735-7378 or 508-865-2646.






+ & + " %" ()& + " %" )# + !$'

! $&

&)(*!"+ $%$'# (&



Serving the Blackstone Valley since 1993

Plan Now For Summer Projects! !)(3!5/ 6 !0',/ 6 $0!'+'+% !))/ 4"!2!0',+ $.2'"$/ '/0'+"0'2$ )!+0'+%/ ,,) .$! $/'%+/ 6 .!'+!%$ !+#/"!-$ '%&0'+% !3+/ $$# ,# 10#,,. '2'+% -!"$/ ,+#/ !0$. $!01.$/

1.$ $*),"(777 '4$# $*),"(77 )!"( 1)"&7777 -.1"$ 1)"&777 )!5 &'-/77777 %$# $*),"(777 All Mulches are Natural Bark Mulch, Not Dyed Wood Chips ' "


#!" ' !!

! !" " "

" ' #! !! !



June 2013

Page 17

Preservation Celebration in Millville

Circus Celebrates 75th Year

by Sheryl corriveau On May 17th there was an unveiling of three historical interpretative signs and three plaques followed by a brief ceremony. Each plaque relates the story of a part of Millville’s history and all sites represented are within walking distance of Longfellow School.  Sites included: Grist Mill Stone (1727), Early Mills on the island, The Raceway, Blackstone Canal, Mills of the 1800’s and the Last Two Mills of Millville.  The description and history of the stone Udor Tower at 8 Central Street answers the questions often asked about the unique structure.  The development of the north and south sides of the Village of Millville is traced from 1727 through the Incorporation of the Town of Millville in 1916.  Included are two churches on Central Street and several of the earliest private residences and business blocks.  A collection of photos of all eras is incorporated in the signage.  There now is an opportunity to see streets and buildings that were part of each of those towns before Millville became an independent town. Chairman of the Millville Historical Commission, Margaret M. Carroll was the force that brought these plaques to the Longfellow School Yard at 8 Central St. The public is welcome to come and learn about Millville's place in history.

Property on Route 16 and North Avenue. This years show features elephants, tiger, horses, and a cast of international circus stars under a beautiful circus big top. The tent raising itself is a great free show that will take place at 9:00 a.m. and the public is invited. Enjoying a day at the circus means a lot more than just old fashioned family fun. The event is a fundraiser for the Mendon Lions Club. Advance sale discount on sale now at Mendon Greenhouse, The Bark Ark, Warren's Hair cutting, Charles River Bank in Mendon and the A.B.C. Store in Milford.

The Kelly Miller Circus, founded during the depression, is marking another milestone this year as it celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary. Founded in 1938 by Obert Miller and his sons Kelly and Dores, this traditional tented circus has seen the passing of over half of this century and still offers the same great family entertainment it presented in its humble beginnings. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Mendon Lions Club the all new 2013 edition of the Kelly Miller Circus will be in town on Tuesday, June 25 for performances at 4:30 & 7:30 p.m. at Fino

0.4+()-') ( 322.-

""% !

# %! #


%' $% $ $ )$ # %&#! !

"# !

6 "! 6 6$

millville’s Udor tower

)5 .301 $)( 0+

.&, &,



6 6


!%( # % !%$


6 6$

!6$ % $

&, /, /, /, /, !*301 /, /, /, &2 &, /,

Douglas Nydam, owner, takes pride in his company's ability to service all facets of landscaping. With one of the most talented & experienced crews in the area, he is sure to make your next landscaping endeavor something to remember.


Spring/Fall Clean-Up Landscape Design Walks • Walls • Patios Distinctive Plantings Summer Trimming & Pruning Lawns • Stone & Brickwork Waterfalls & Ponds Wood, Metal & Vinyl Fencing Landscape Lighting Weekly Maintenance Programs Irrigation/Drainage Systems Septic Systems Installation Excavation Services Property Management Fertilization Programs A family owned and operated company, has been serving the Greater Blackstone Valley since 1980.

Uxbridge, MA 01569

(508) 234-2577 FULLY LICENSED & INSURED Visit our website for a complete list of services and our project portfolio

Page 18

June 2013

Unsung heroines honored at State House Zanca of Northbridge among honorees Six women from Southern Central Massachusetts were named 2013 Unsung Heroines by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women at the State House on Monday. Randeen â&#x20AC;&#x153;Randiâ&#x20AC;? Zanca of Northbridge was among those recognized. The Unsung Heroine Award is presented annually to a class of women who commit their time to enriching the lives of others and making a difference in their communities. Honorees often engage in service without expectations of recognition or gratitude. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The recipients of the 2013 Unsung Heroine Award are women, like Randi, who truly make a

difference in their communities,â&#x20AC;? said Sen. Moore. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Often times their deeds arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drawn into the spotlight when they really deserve public acclaim. I am pleased to join with the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women in recognizing these women and showing our appreciation for their tireless efforts.â&#x20AC;? Nominated by Sen. Moore, Ms. Zanca is an adjunct professor of English at Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) in Worcester where she teaches writing. As a professor, Ms. Zanca has become very involved with the adjunct faculty union. She will be entering the second year as a Part-Time/DCE Director-At-Large for the

Massachusetts Community College Council (MCCC), the higher education branch of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and National Educational Association (NEA), representing adjunct professors of all 15 community colleges across the Commonwealth. Ms. Zanca is also a member of the Northbridge School Committee, through which she has focused her attention primarily on improving the quality of education for students, and improving the district in spite of the fiscal challenges with which the Town is faced. In explaining her motivation for joining the School Committee, Ms. Zanca noted that it is because of her children that she even con-

sidered running for a spot on the board. She is proud to be the only teacher on the committee. A ceremony was held at the State House in the womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s honor, including a program hosted by WCVB News Center 5 co-anchor Liz Brunner. Prior to that Sen. Moore honored Ms. Zanca with a Senate Citation and provided her and her family with a personal tour of the Senate Chamber. The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is an independent state agency that was legislatively created in 1998 to advance women of the Commonwealth to full equality in all areas of life and to promote their rights and opportunities.


COUPONS Spring Cleanup Time! J & D Revell & Sons

TREE SERVICE (508) 779-0045 , (508) 400-0459



Clip & Save ...with these money saving coupons!

Pressure Washing

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RESTORE, PROTECT & PRESERVE YOUR ENTIRE HOME All Types of Siding â&#x20AC;˘ Decks & Fences â&#x20AC;˘ Roofs and Chimneys Pre-Paint Prep â&#x20AC;˘ Staining & Sealing

Whale Watching

508-667-7169 FREE GUTTER CLEANING! w/ basic service thru 6/30/13

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,$('+ %-&& *+ (*' * *(.$ '


$%%$ &+ % 1 2





+&"' ( +&"' ( ' *()%# '

Fish ffor Fish or C Cod, od, H Haddock, addock, Pollack, Pollack, Mackerel M ackerel and and FFlounder. lounder. Both Both tthe he beginner beginner and and tthe he experiexperi enced angler will enjoy the action aboard Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours, winner of 54 Mass. Governorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cup Trophies.

tak takes es you you there there in comcomplet e comfort. comf omfor ort. ClimateClimateplete ccontrolled ontrolled main ccabin. abin. FFull ull galle galleyy ser service. vice. April April thr through ough October. October. Call Call ffor or rreservations eservations or more more infor inf ormation. information.

Captain C apt ptain John John W Whale hale W Watching atching &F ishing T ours Fishing Tours


$ 00

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unforgettable e unforgettable unfor excursion xcursion across acr oss Cape Cape C Cod od Bay Bay tto o SStellwagen tellwagen B Bank, ank, the ffeeding eeding gr ground ound of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s w orldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lar largest gest mammammals.. Humpback Whales. mals Whales. FFinback inback Whales. Whales. M Minke inke Whales. W hales. These These majestic cr eatures can can be be up tto o 70 creatures ffeet eet long and w eigh 65 weigh ttons! ons! TThis his 4-hour cr uise cruise


DONUT +&"' (

Whale sightings are e guarguaranteed an teed b because ecause C Captain aptain JJohn ohn Whale Whale Watching Watching and FFishing ishing TTours ours has a 99% SSighting ighting R Record ecord going all the w way ay back tto o 1977. Join Join us for for this




' *()%# '


' $

+&"' ( %*&%$

' *()%# '


Whale Watch or Deep Sea Fishing for each family member with this ad. Expires 9/29/13. Cannot be combined with other discounts. UX

June 2013

Page 19

Eagle Project a tribute to Bomber Crash victims

support for his project by the Solders Memorial committee in town, the VFW and also by the Board of Selectman. Ryan has been a scout in Uxbridge since the 1st grade, he has been a Life scout since 2011.

town I live in and I wanted to do something not only for me but for Uxbridge." “Not a lot of people know about the bomber crash site in town and it’s an important landmark in town “I wanted to make a difference.” Ryan was greeted with tremendous

Show her she is as precious as a pearl.

ryan Ahern and friends honored Bomber crash victims by beautifying the site. Last month Eagle Scout candidate, Ryan Ahern, finished up his Eagle project. Ryan is a sophomore at Uxbridge High School and an active member of Troop 1122 in Uxbridge at the VFW. Ryan’s project was to beautify the Bomber Crash site off of Chamberlain Street in Uxbridge. Ryan and his troop placed 12 yards of mulch donated by Chamberlain Construction in Douglas, build a bench, wood and material donated by Koopman Lumber in Uxbridge. Ryan sends a big thank you to John Gray for the construction of the bench. Three Hosta plants were planted (donated by Scott Kasper of Troop 21 Millville) in memory of Ryan's grandmother who passed away this February. When asked why he chose this site for his project, Ryan stated “I love the

These gifts from the Sea & the Birthstone of June featured this month at...

100 Davis Road, Route 16, East Douglas, MA


OPEN: Mon, Wed & Fri 10 am to 5 pm, Tues, Thurs & Sat 10 am to 4 pm •




+ +

+ +

" + * "!$ " $!$


$ ( &!$ $ *# $ ')! ( "(% ) !" "




Page 20

June 2013

Free Community Dinners in Sutton The First Congregational Church, 307 Boston Road, Sutton, will be hosting free community dinners on the second Saturday of every month from 4:30-6:30 p.m. On June 8th, Ham and Beans; July 13th, Kielbasa, Brats and Cold Salads; and August 10th,

Cold sandwiches and Corn on the Cob. Beverages and desserts are provided for all meals. The dinners are open to all! Come for a tasty meal and fellowship with others in the community.  For more information contact the church office at 508-865-6914.

% # !



Whitinsville Social Library News FAMILY DAY On Saturday, June 15th, the Whitinsville Social Library is having a Family Day Celebration of our library building’s 100th year. This is also the kick-off to our Summer Reading Program. Schedule of Events • 9-1 PM: Book Sale (Open for Sale only from 9-10) • 10:30 AM: Deb Hudgins Music & Movement for Tots • 11:00 AM: Cake Cutting • 11:30 AM: Family Magic Show by Steve Rudolph outdoor on lawn • 12-2 PM: Scavenger Hunt • 12:30 & 1:30 PM: Library Tours Summer Reading Program - "Dig into Reading" Pick up your Summer Reading log book & events bookmark and get ready for a summer's-worth of fun! This is a rain or shine event! In the case of rain, there will be 2 indoor Magic Shows limited to 50 attendees each.

BOOK SALE Whitinsville Social Library is having a book and vintage magazine sale from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 15th. Everything, except vintage magazine issues, will be "pay what you want." We will be selling our vintage magazines for $2 each, including: Life 1937-1994, National Geographic 1913-1995; some also from 1906-1912, Newsweek from 19412007, Time 1938-2010 While we have an excellent selection, we do not have every issue for every year, and choice of issues will be first come, first served. All proceeds will go towards new furniture for the library.

our advertisers make this publication possible...please shop locally.


#!' & $




"% !


")"%$ # + $"$! &&)( !



( #

!# !' # + "#




%' ,%*' %$+ $" $

%*$ !% %!! % %! % # ! )!&# $

• Made in America • Solid Wood • Heirloom Quality Gerald R. O’Shea 113 Singletary Ave., Sutton, MA (508) 865-6385 “Quality Home Furnishings Low factory prices for over 60 years

June 2013


WEEKLY SUndAyS Bingo Knights of Columbus 70 Prescott Rd., Whitinsville Doors open at 4 pm

mondAyS PiTCH PaRTy 6:30 pm at the uxbridge senior Center on south Main street

tUeSdAyS RoTaRy CLuB MeeTing RoTaRy CLuB MeeTing

12 noon valley Cafe, Whitinsville 1sT TuesDay oF eveRy MonTH aT 6:00 P.M.

P.a.C.e. CLass…FRee! People with arthritis can exercise 10 am in the Community Room at Lydia Taft House. Call Paulette 508-476-4467

WedneSdAyS FRee PooL vFW, Post 1385, uxbridge 508-278-7540

tHUrSdAyS “CoMMuniTy BanD” Practice 7:30 pm at Whitin school on granite st., uxbridge

1st • Saturday DougLas Dog oRPHans yaRD saLe 9-2 PM 90 Webster st., Douglas. Take a tour of the kennel and play with some canines. enjoy light refreshments while getting a deal on some great items at our yard sale. a donation from our wish list is greatly appreciated! eLeCTRoniCs ReCyCLe evenT 7-1 PM our Lady of the valley school 75 Mendon st., uxbridge. Recycle old electronics for a small fee. Tv’s, computers, appliances, gas grills, bikes, etc.

estates Community House. FMi call nancy Hill 508-298-8638 or Patty Wickstrom 508-397-3756.

7th • Friday senioR BReaKFasT st. John’s episcopal Church 8-9:30 aM 3 Pleasant st., Rt. 122a , sutton Menu changes monthly. Handicap accessible. suggested donation $4

10th • monday BLaCKsTone vaLLey FRee MeDiCaL PRogRaM 6-8 PM 427 Linwood ave.,Whitinsville. northbridge High school vFW PosT 1385 MonTHLy MeeTing 7 PM Rt. 16, uxbridge

2nd • Sunday JaMBoRee 13 Cross Rd., (Rt.16) uxbridge vFW#1385 Host Band: Bob and Friends w/Ken Law. Doors open at 12:30 PM. Music 1-5 PM. Take out menus will be available for those who want to order food. all beverages must be purchased from the vFW. Donation: neCMC Members: $5.00 non-Members: $7.00

12th • Wednesday BLaCKsTone vaLLey HeRiTage QuiLTeRs enD oF THe yeaR DinneR MeeTing 6 PM 16 Hastings st., Mendon. Willowbrook Restaurant. social time 6 PM. Dinner served 6:30 PM

naMi suPPoRT gRouP MeeTing 7-8:30 PM nazarene Church, 130 Douglas st., uxbridge. FMi call 508-917-8381

6th • thursday

14th • Friday

HungRy FoR HoPe BiBLe sTuDy 6:30-8 PM 200 Heritage Dr., Whitinsville. Heritage Park

FlAG dAy

WAlK For WellneSS

HaBRo’s 40TH anniveRsaRy 10-4 PM • 546 Providence Rd. Whitinsville. Fun filled day with family entertainment, antique car show, a dragster, great food and exciting raffle prizes. new car and scooter giveaways! THe RHuBaRB CHaLLenge Douglas Farmers Market 11 aM e.n. Jenckes store. entry Drop off 10:30 aM. Judging 11-12 PM a good old fashioned bake off to celebrate one of new england’s finest native crops.

16th • Sunday

24th • monday aMeRiCan Legion RiDeRs MonTHLy MeeTing 7 PM 59 Douglas st., uxbridge, american Legion Hall

25th • tuesday WoMen's neTWoRKing HouR 8:45-10 aM. Harbro Professional Building, 546 Providence Rd., Whitinsville. offering complimentary tea or coffee. FMi or to reserve your seat call 774-254-1146 or visit

26th • Wednesday

FAtHer’S dAy

aMeRiCan Legion MonTHLy MeeTing 7 PM 59 Douglas st., uxbridge, american Legion Hall

20th • thursday HungRy FoR HoPe BiBLe sTuDy 6:30-8 PM 200 Heritage Dr., Whitinsville. Heritage Park estates Community House. For info call nancy Hill 508-298-8638 or Patty Wickstrom 508-397-3756.

23rd • Sunday

13th • thursday HungRy FoR HoPe BiBLe sTuDy 6:30-8 PM 200 Heritage Dr., Whitinsville. Heritage Park estates Community House. FMi call nancy Hill 508-298-8638 or Patty Wickstrom 508-397-3756.

4th • tuesday

15th • Saturday

JaMBoRee 13 Cross Rd., (Rt.16) uxbridge vFW#1385. Host Band- Mountaineer Family & Friends. Doors open at 12:30 PM. Music 1-5 PM. Take out menus will be available for those who want to order food. all beverages must be purchased from the vFW. Donation: neCMC Members: $5.00 non-Members: $7.00

27th • thursday HungRy FoR HoPe BiBLe sTuDy 6:30-8 PM 200 Heritage Dr., Whitinsville. Heritage Park estates Community House. FMi call nancy Hill 508-298-8638 or Patty Wickstrom 508-397-3756

30th • Sunday JaMBoRee 13 Cross Rd., (Rt.16) uxbridge vFW#1385 Host Band: something to talk about. Doors open at 12:30 PM. Music 1-5 PM Take out menus will be available for those who want to order food. all beverages must be purchased from the vFW. Donation: neCMC Members: $5 non-Members: $7


Clear your mind, meet new people and get healthy & Walk the trails at Pout Pond Call

nicky at 508-278-3558

Call Us Now To Get A Headstart On Your Spring Project



proudly landscaping since 1975

Ladies auxiliary MeaT RaFFLe 5 pm at vFW Post 1385 Hall, Rte. 16 in uxbridge Men’s BiBLe sTuDy Whitinsville Community Center, Church/Hill sts. 4th Floor Conference Rm. Men from all area towns are invited. 508-234-8185

# #& !# % '

# *

% $* ( $ * ## % ! $$

&$ %%$


$* $* )$% $ * $


% !$ * $ " #! $$ !

# %


# *

' # )$% $ * &% !!# )$% $ * % # $

Page 21


# " $

$ !


Page 22

June 2013

Family Youth Fishing Derby Looking for a special experience and fun memories with your children or grandchildren? Then please join us on Sunday, June 15th from 8 AMNoon for the wholesome outdoor fun of the Blackstone Valley Fishing Derby for youth, ages 3-14 at the historic, scenic Hopedale Pond Boat Launch, Hopedale. There are prizes galore, including 1st and 2nd place trophies in 5 categories: trout, perch, bluegill, pickerel and bass. Bring your rod and reel for a morning of catch and release! Cookout of

Cousins raise money for 1 Fund Boston

grilled hot dogs and more from 11:30-noon followed by the Award Ceremony at 12:30 wraps up the event. Sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, Fin and Feather Sports in Upton and other local businesses, you can get more info and pre-register online at $15 donation per child includes tackle pack, worms and cookout. Call Jeff at Fin and Feather Sports 508-529-3901 with any questions.


On Saturday, May 4th, cousins Keegan Kelley, James Oatis, Emily Oatis, and Orick Kelley sold golf balls at Shining Rock Golf course to raise money for the 1 Fund Boston. They took much pride in cleaning, sorting and bagging the balls. They presented their idea to the club manager Lou Papadellis who graciously offered to let then set up a table outside of the clubhouse. The golfers were very receptive to the kids idea and generously contributed to the 1 Fund. They raised $300 in a mere 4 hours. They are very proud to make a donation to the victims in need.

cArInG coUSInS: (left to right) Keegan Kelley of Upton (6), james oatis (7) & emily oatis of northbridge (5), and orick Kelley of Upton (7).

Nursing Scholarship available The Worcester District Medical Society Alliance is now accepting applications for a BSN scholarship. Up to $2000 will be awarded to a student currently attending a BSN or RN to BSN nursing program. The recipient will receive the award at the WDMS Fall District Meeting in November. Applicants must be a legal resident of Worcester County prior to enrollment of their nursing program. To view all requirements and to download an application visit the website: and go to WDMS Alliance. The application deadline is June 30, 2013.

Middle School Scholar Leader Recipients

#!" $ & " " # # !" $ $ & $ 0(66/) !+5/+6 ; 3035 !4+)7581 ; %33*-5(/2 $





*)-+"#-*+1, %&

0 .((/ ),.+%$ *+ !*.+ +*-%#-'*)

999 26,+2)+5/ )31

The New Uxbridge Times reaching over 21,000 mailboxes... call to advertise 508-278-2134

The Staff and Administration at Northbridge Middle School are pleased to announce our 2013 NELMS Scholar Leader Recipients Connor Nowlan and Ashley Curboy. The New England League of Middle School established this award to give public recognition to two students from each middle level school in the Commonwealth who have distinguished themselves in terms of outstanding scholarship and leadership. Some of the criteria used to select our award winners include: • Demonstrates academic achievement. • Provides service to classmates and school. • Is a positive role model for peers. • Demonstrates integrity, honesty, selfdiscipline, and courage. Connor and Ashley received their recognition award at the NELMS Scholar Leader Awards Banquet last month at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough.

June 2013

Page 23

Senior Corner Sutton Senior Center June Events 5th • Wednesday 10:30 AM - Seminar/Tech Today 7th • Friday 11 AM - "Disaster Preparedness" w/Suzanne Billings   10th • Monday 10 AM – Chatterbox  Discussion Group.  All welcome 11th • Tuesday 10 AM – Community Legal Aid Q & A w/Rachel Brown 12th • Wednesday 11 AM - "Hospice Presentation" 17th • Monday 5 PM – "Pot Luck Supper"  W/ Lifeline (Medic Alert) Presentation @ 6 PM.  Call Diane to register your Pot Luck dish @ 508-234-0703 WEEKLY FEATURES Mondays – 9:30 AM  Tai Chi  FREE classes every Monday. All Welcome Mondays – 10:30 AM  Wii Bowling Mondays – 12:45 PM  Penny Poker.  Tuesdays - 1 PM  Cribbage.  All Welcome Tuesdays – 12:45 PM  “ Sutton Serenaders Chorus” All welcome to join Thursdays – 10 AM  Pitch  All welcome Thursdays – 1 PM  1st & 3rd of each month DARTS!! Thursday – 12:30 PM  NEW!! Mahjong―Beginners welcome. BINGO every Wednesday & Friday at 1 PM Fridays - 9 AM  “I’m Sorry” Card Game Free Exercise Classes Mondays & Wednesdays (Range of Motion) Free Yoga Classes Tuesdays & Fridays Free Computer Classes  Wednesdays & Thursdays. All Welcome to listed events.

% !



$ "


Mental Health and Medicare assistance By: ray Hurd Regional Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Mental health conditions like depression or anxiety can happen to anyone at any age. Feelings of loneliness and sadness or difficulty sleeping and trouble concentrating are all too often brushed aside by seniors and their caregivers as an unpleasant part of the aging process. While these symptoms can be completely normal, sometimes they’re not. When the joys of daily life are being negatively impacted, it’s time to get help. If you or a loved one has Medicare, it’s important to know services and programs that diagnose and treat mental health conditions are covered. Medicare Part B (medical insurance) supports outpatient mental health services, including those provided in a clinic, hospital outpatient department, doctor’s or therapist’s office. Covered services range from individual and group psychotherapy to occupational therapy. Medicare Part B covers three great ways for people to discuss their mental and physical health with their primary care physician. “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit, Annual “Wellness” visit and Annual depression screening. Annual visits are important because they allow your doctor to evaluate changes from year-to-year and determine what is normal versus what could signal an underlying problem. These visits are free if your doctor participates in the Medicare program.

Before making an appointment, confirm with your doctor that he or she participates in the Medicare program and ask if you will be responsible for any deductibles or coinsurance payments. After meeting your yearly Medicare Part B deductible ($147.00), the amount you pay for mental health services depends on whether the purpose of your visit is to diagnose your condition or to get treatment. For visits to diagnose your condition, you would pay 20% of the Medicareapproved amount. For outpatient treatment of your condition, like psychotherapy, you would pay 35% of the Medicare-approved amount in 2013. If you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy or Medicare Advantage, contact your plan for information on your out of pocket responsibilities. Please note that if you receive services in a hospital outpatient clinic or department, you may have to pay an additional copayment or coinsurance amount to the hospital. This amount will vary depending on the service provided. If you or someone you know might benefit from learning more about Medicare’s coverage of mental health services, please contact your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) in Massachusetts at 1-800-243-4636. You can also request a free copy of “Medicare and Your Mental Health Benefits” by visiting publications or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800633-4227). TTY users call 1-877-486-2048.

Informational program MEETING THE DEMANDS OF LIFE AND CARING FOR YOUR AGING PARENT? Come to the Uxbridge Senior Center on Wednesday, June 26th from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. and learn about PACE programs and how they share the care with you to allow your loved one to stay living safely in the community and avoid nursing homes. This program will be led by Clementine Bihiga, a coordinator for the Summit Eldercare PACE program. Call the Senior Center at 508-278-8622 to RSVP.  Light refreshments will be served from 4:30-5:00.

AARP Meetings The Bancroft Chapter #2599 AARP will hold its monthly meeting at 1 pm on June 10th at the Phelan Center of Blessed Sacrament Church, 511 Pleasant St. Worcester. The program will be Driving for Seniors.  John Paul from AAA will be the presenter.  We will also have the Installation of Officers and Directors. There are no meetings in July or August! Members of AARP are invited to attend the meeting and join the chapter. Please bring a friend! For more information, call Edna Hanson at 508-886-7199 or email at

Did you 2012 The Lydia Taft House received multiple awards for outstanding rehabilitation & healthcare services. Continued accreditation with JCAHO Joint Commission Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Received the bronze quality award from the American Healthcare Association, for excellence in healthcare.

"! $ " ! ! #

Five star rating from U.S. News & World Report


for best Rehabilitation & Nursing Facilities of New England.



# $#-#%! #%

%#&( & % #$ &&* (

. .

Lydia Taft House '


$ (# " * , (# !

Four stars from Medicare.Gov for outstanding healthcare.

Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Facility

60 Quaker Hwy, Uxbridge, MA

(508)278-9500 "


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June 2013

Cruise Night at the V.F.W. The George L. Wood Post 5594 Veterans of Foreign Wars are back again for “Cruise Night” Weekly Car Show -Tuesday Evenings from 4:30-8:30 p.m. at the Upton V.F.W. Post, Route 140. Admission is free. Vintage Cars on display on the Post grounds every Tuesday now and through the summer months. Classic cars, trucks and motorcycles welcome. Also antiques or muscle cars and street-rods join the fun. The evening includes free admission, food bar and music. The “pick-ofthe-night” trophy will be sponsored each Tuesday by JJ's Ice Cream. For information about the cars, call Deb at 508-603-1242. For information about the V.F.W. call Doug Keniston at 508-529-6247 or Dave at 508-529-3314.

BoWlInG SeASon WInnerS - Another bowling season has come to an end with much merriment and the awarding of prizes. First place Winners (above left) monday morning ladies league: Georgette Baker, mary Garvey, jane pawlowski and rita delmonico. Whitinsville christian Women’s league: (above right) Faye postma, Brandis Haagsma, lynn paul-Briggs and marie

marchand. the banquets were held at Willowbrook Family restaurant in mendon and the ladies bowled at “Sparetime recreation” in Whitinsivlle. they're always looking for new regular bowlers and substitutes as well. So ladies, why not consider joining in September for fun and exercise? please call Wayne at 508234-2077.

It’s Too Hot To Cook :) % % % % /

Fish ‘n Chips • Seafood • Sandwiches Clam Cakes • Chowder • Ice Cream Try Our Famous Weekend Breakfast Omelettes with Homefries!

Ice Cream Window Now Open! Monday Nights are Cruise Nights (' . ,-* .

*# . -' .

& ,( & ,(

)& )&

*! $" +, -',#% '((' Find us on Facebook or at


508-278-0788 For Take-Out

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# ' # # $ "

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" !



! (

$$$ !#


June 2013

Page 25

Uxbridge Senior Center VFW Blood Got Paper? Shred-It! Drive June 24 Programs and Events Lunch pick up begins at 10:30 am each day. Please call the Senior Center at 508-278-8622 to reserve your meal and also to arrange for transportation to lunch, shopping and for medical appointments. Please check with the Senior Center, Uxbridge Cable Station or the Council on Aging website for the Lunch Menu. The Senior Center is a drop off site for the People First Food Pantry. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. COMPUTER CLASSES – Classes have resumed on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm. Do you have a new Iphone, Ipad, tablet or Nook but aren’t sure about all you can do with it?  Please call the Senior Center at 508-2788622 to enroll and get further details. Classes are geared to individual needs. SENIOR CENTER WISH LIST – The Senior Center would greatly appreciate any donations of all purpose spray cleaner for the tables, sugar and Splenda packets, foam cups, stirrers, cascade for the dishwasher, dish detergent, sponges, napkins, paper towels and decaf and regular coffee.  These things are not covered in the budget. We thank you very much for your help. NaviCare SCO will be at the Senior Center on the first Monday of every month at 2:00pm. NaviCare SCO is a Senior Care Options program. NaviCare helps you get the most out of your Medicare and MassHealth standard benefits and offers you extra services that can help you stay healthy at no extra cost to you. You are eligible if you are 65 years old or older, you have Mass Health Standard and you live in Worcester County. BEREAVEMENT COUNSELING – Are you dealing with the loss of a loved one, losing a job or your home or just need to talk to someone? Please call the Senior Center and make an appointment to talk to our bereavement counselor, Dr. Carl Schultz. He is available for people of all ages by appointment. All sessions are free, private and confidential. Call the Senior Center at 508-2788622 to make an appointment. NEW WEBSITE – Now you can go to the new Council on Aging website and get all the news from the Senior Center.  There is up to date information on programs and classes, the weekly lunch menu, as well as fuel assistance and open enrollment for Medicare Supplemental insurance. Check us out at Go to departments and click on Council on Aging. MOBILE OPTICAL SHOP COMING TO UxBRIDGE SENIOR CENTER - Anywhere Optical is a mobile optical shop that comes to your door.  Lisa Trainor, the optician from the company will be at the

Uxbridge Senior Center on the first Wednesday of every month, from 11:30 to 12:30 pm to talk about the services offered. Bring a copy of your current prescription to get pricing for a pair of new glasses. Anywhere Optical has prices for every budget. If you have Masshealth Insurance and need new glasses please call Lisa direct at 508-6343596 to schedule an appointment. BAGGY TUESDAY! Started on May 14th and will continue every Tuesday for ten weeks, a game called Boxing Day will be played during lunch. There will be weekly prizes for the winners. Please RSVP by each Monday so there is an accurate count for lunch and the game. COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Did you know that the Uxbridge Senior Center offers outreach to the community including home visits?  If you are currently experiencing life-altering circumstances and are home bound for any reason, including illness, injury or recent retirement of your license, please call us. We would like to get to know you and to explain our many services.  Call us at 508-278-8622 to schedule a home visit.  We look forward to serving you. ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT – The Elderly Connection will hold their annual golf tournament at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Mapleville, RI on June 8th.  The golf tournament is the biggest fundraiser for the Senior Center and all the funds are used to help the seniors of Uxbridge.  Tee time is 1:30 pm. A buffet dinner will follow at 5:30pm. You can contact any of the following for more information: Peter DiBattista at 508-278-2850, Russ Rosborough at 508-278-2889 or Peter Petrillo at 508-326-4328. FATHER’S DAY LUNCHEON – The Senior Center will celebrate Father’s Day with a special luncheon on Monday, June 17, 2013. Please call 508-278-8622 to make a reservation for lunch. VNA BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC – On Tuesday June 18 from 11:30 am-12:30 pm a nurse from the VNA will conduct a blood pressure clinic at the Senior Center MEETING THE DEMANDS OF LIFE AND CARING FOR YOUR AGING PARENT? Come to the Uxbridge Senior Center and learn about PACE programs and how they share the care with you to allow your loved one to stay living safely in the community and avoid nursing homes. This evening program will be led by Clementine Bihiga, a coordinator for the Summit Eldercare PACE program.  Please call the Senior Center at 508-278-8622 for date, time and additional information.

The Uxbridge VFW is holding their monthly American Red Cross Blood Drive on Monday, June 24th between 1:00 – 6:00 pm. All blood donors will receive a Free Red Sox T-Shirt as a thank you and may enter to win a pair of Red Sox tickets as part of the Blood Donor of the Game program  The Summer months are very difficult for blood collection as 20% of the blood collected comes from High School and College Blood Drives. Each pint of blood collected can save the lives of up to three hospital patients.  Appointments are preferred however walk-ins are always welcome.  To ensure the quickest possible process, please call 800-RED CROSS  (800) 733-2767 or visit to schedule your appointment to donate blood.  Blood donors must be at least 17 years of age (16 with parental permission), weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good general health.

Tired of shredding one paper or document at a time until your little shredder overheats or jams? The Uxbridge Lions are sponsoring a major paper shredding event on Saturday, June 8th, from 9 am to12:00 p.m.  Bring your box or boxes of documents and old checks to the VFW parking lot on Route 16 in Uxbridge (next to the Uxbridge Police Department) and they will be taken off your hands for only $5.00 per copy paper size box.   Pelligrino Trucking, Inc. is providing its services to the Uxbridge Lions for this fundraiser to benefit local programs. The Uxbridge Lions Club is a fledgling branch chapter of Grafton Lions, looking for new members to join and take up the challenge of service to the community, region, state, nation and world. The Lions are well known for their efforts in the area of eye and ear care,treatment and research, but their philanthropy is far reaching to include disaster relief and other areas of humanitarian aid. Contact Catherine Thornton at 508-

340-6152 or Diane Seely at 508-2780057 for information about the new Uxbridge Lions Club or the upcoming shredding event.

Flea Market & Craft Sale The George L. Wood Post #5594, Veteran's of Foreign Wars, will hold a flea market and crafts sale on the post grounds, Route 140, Upton on Saturday, June 8th from 8 am to 2 pm. A rain date is set for Sunday, June 9th, same time. Dealer spaces cost $8 each. Reservations are required ONLY for dealers needing to reserve tables. Call chairman, Doug Keniston at 508-529-6247. Flea Market and Crafts: Several tables will feature homemade/handmade crafts for Father's Day, spring, Father's Day and Commencement gift giving. Many tables will offer new and used items for sale at low prices. No admission charge.

Trips planned by Young at Heart Group The Young at Heart group of Faith Fellowship Church will be taking a 4 day trip to Lancaster, PA from June 11th-14th. The price of $369. includes 6 meals: 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners, "NOAH" Show at the Sight & Sound® Millennium Theatre®, guided tour of Lancaster including Amish Country, visit to charming Kitchen Kettle Village, admission to the Mennonite Information Center, admission to Landis Valley Museum & Village and much more. On June 5th there is a day trip to Capt Jack's in Matunuk, RI for a lobster bake (prime rib is also available) with a tour of Kenyon's Grist Mill. Both trips leave from the Faith Fellowship Church, 647 Douglas St, Uxbridge. Call Sue at 508-372-9266 for more information.

' $


) $ $ & "( "

" !(

' "

"$ & $


“Hire me...I will be the last applicator you ever need!”



% % % %




# " ! " ! # $ "

! !

Regal Pet Grooming

$ #

Page 26

June 2013

Northbridge Senior Center Calendar HOURS OF OPERATION: MONDAY – THURSDAY 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM FRIDAY – 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM SAVe THe DATe The COA of the Northbridge Senior Center will conduct an Open House on Sunday, June 2nd from 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. The event is open to all, come and see what wonderful activities and programs the senior center has to offer. Kelly Bol Senior Centers Director and staff will be on hand to greet everyone. A tour of the building’s facilities (where programs and activities are held, elevator is available to the second floor). Light refreshments will be served, Fantastic raffle items that can be won by filling out a brief survey. Gift certificates from various local and nearby business establishments will be offered. Senator Michael Moore will be on hand to pass out flowers. JUne SPeCiAL eVenTS The month of June will offer several Programs of interest to all seniors. • Monday June 4th: RSVP 12:45PM. Will present a “File of Life” program,

hosted by Rita Sullivan. She will also have a program on “improving your credit” including ways of protecting yourself against scams, and frauds. Call to sign up for these interesting events. • Tuesday, June 11th the VNA of Greater Milford/ Northbridge area will conduct a Vital signs Clinic. • Wednesday, June 12th at 10:00 AM. A Representative from Fallon Senior Plan will be available to speak to anyone with questions regarding their plan. • Wednesday, June 13th 12:45 PM. A program on balance, ways of preventing a fall. • Tuesday, June 18th at 4:00 PM. Planning your future “Protecting your Nest Egg” Note a new time for this program. Call the center for more information. Date and time to be announced, John Doldoorian, will be the speaker on “How new baseball players are drafted”. Northbridge has had several players drafted over the years. MeLLOW TOneS A musical program will be featured on Wednesday, June 19 that 12:45 P.M The Mellows Tones will sing songs from

Senior Comfort Services ♥


! ♥

$ ♥

♥ ♥


“top composers”. Come for lunch prior to this talented group presentation. Reservations are needed 48 hours in advance for lunch. Call for information. FRenCH PROgRAM On Saturday, June 22nd, at 10:00 AM Michael Potaski, will present a program on “Les Habitants et les Rois” Everyone is welcome, light refreshments will be served. iMPORTATiOn inFORMATiOn The Northbridge Police Department announces a new Emergency Notification system: .Code RED. This system will notify you directly of any emergency information that you should be aware of. Please note (You must have a computer to register with the police department) the website is click on the Code Red and enter your information. If you do not have a computer, contact the Senior Center for more information. 508-234-2002. VOLUnTeeR MeDiCAL DRiVeRS The Northbridge Senior Center's Volunteer Medical Driver program is in desperate need of drivers to take local senior residents to out of town medical appointments. Any time that you could give to this much needed and appreciated service would be most welcomed. Drivers are reimbursed once a month for their miles. Call for information.

SenATOR MiCHAeL MOORe’S OFFiCe HOURS Senator Michael Moore will be available to meet with local seniors from 12:00 - 1:00 PM on the second Monday of every month. VnA CLiniC The VNA of Greater Milford/Northbridge Area in cooporation with the Board of Health in Northbridge is sponsoring the June 11th Health Screening Clinic from 11:00 AM -1:00 PM. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this benefit sponsored by the Board of Health and the VNA. ASK THe nURSe The Northbridge Senior Center Ask the Nurse Program will conduct a Vital Signs Clinic on Tuesday, June 25th, : 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. Come in and meet Pat Wallen our RN. She is available to answer any questions concerning your medications, or any other health issues. MOnTHLY BiRTHDAY DinneR The monthly birthday dinner will be Thursday, June 27th 11:45 AM anyone celebrating a birthday in June is invited to attend and bring a guest. All birthday participants are eligible to win a floral arrangement. Reservations must be made on Tuesday, June 25th, no later than 11:00 AM. CARegiVeRS gROUP The Northbridge Senior Center’s Caregivers group meets on the fourth Friday of the month. The next meeting will be on Friday, June 28th, at 11:00AM. If you are currently caring

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for a family member or close friend, come and join others who share your compassion. ATTenTiOn SeniOR CiTiZenS The Town of Northbridge Property Tax WORK - OFF PROGRAM. Is available for local seniors, who qualify, and have appropriate skills, volunteer their services to the town. They are then matched with volunteer positions that have been offered by various Town Departments. This new program can help you reduce the cost of your property taxes and you will be helping the town as well. SHine A Shine Counselor is available on Fridays by appointment only. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

BVCC Band Summer events posted ConCeRT sCHeDuLe The Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band will be kicking off its outdoor concert series on Friday, June 14th at 6:45 pm at Mill Village Park in South Grafton. The band is composed of seventy talented musicians from the Blackstone Valley and beyond. The performances feature a variety of music including popular songs, jazz, music from Broadway and the movies, concert pieces, and marches. It is music the family will enjoy. Admission is free. Dates, locations and directions can be found at website: www.bvccband .org. The complete outdoor schedule is as follows: • Friday, June 14th – 6:45 pm @ Mill Villages Park , 61 Main Street, South Grafton (Rain Location: Grafton High School) • Sunday, June 23rd – 3:30 pm @ River Bend Farm, 287 Oak Street, Uxbridge • Wednesday, June 26th – 7:00 pm (Rain Date: Thursday, June 27th) @ Hopedale Town Park, 33 Dutcher Street, Hopedale • Tuesday, July 9th – 7:00 pm (Rain Date: Wednesday, July 10th) @ H. Lowell Memorial Ball Fields Pavilion, Millville Road in Mendon • Sunday, July 14th – 6:00pm (Rain Date: Sunday, July 21st) @ Kiwanis Beach, 99 Kiwanis Beach Road, Upton • Thursday, July 25th – 6:30 pm (Rain or Shine) @ Alternatives, 50 Douglas Road, Whitinsville The Blackstone Valley Community Concert Band is a non-profit organization. This outdoor series is supported in part by grants from the Uxbridge, Blackstone, Hopedale, Medway, Mendon, Northbridge, and Upton Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. We are also supported by generous grant from UniBank. Contributions are welcome from individuals and area businesses. All contributions can be sent to the BVCCB at PO Box 116, Uxbridge, MA 01569.

June 2013

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~Society ~ anniversary

Douglas Historical Society seeks Curatorial Committee Volunteers

Lewcon’s Celebrate 65 Years Mr. and Mrs. John Lewcon have been long time residents of Uxbridge and recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with friends on Cape Cod. John and Ruth met on VE Day (May 8, 1945) and married three years later to the day at the original St. Bridget’s Church in Millbury. John was the former owner of Lewcon Construction. He and his workers built many custom homes and renovated many historic buildings in the Blackstone Valley. In downtown Uxbridge, they modernized many store fronts and rebuilt the clock on the Unitarian Church, reinforced the ceiling of the Congregational Church and even removed a large steeple of an Upton church which is now the town library. Remodeling, home building and mill repairs kept John very busy most of his working life. His wife, Ruth, was mainly a home maker but was also a bookkeeper for the construction company. For 17 years she owned and operated Lewcon Realty. After retirement, they spent many years on Hopper Island in Port Clyde, Maine and Luquillo, Puerto Rico. They moved permanently back to their origi-

The Douglas Historical Society is expanding its curatorial efforts this summer and seeks volunteers interested in working on concepts, planning and design, and the execution of special exhibits. The Society’s mission is both to promote the history of Douglas and to preserve and protect the E.N. Jenckes Store Museum and its contents. The Society has extensive holdings covering a variety of themes important to the history of Douglas and the region. Artifacts and ephemera that require special preservation efforts will be part of the planning process that the committee will research and make rec-

mr. and mrs. john lewcon nal home of Uxbridge 1999. They are still very active and enjoy gardening and traveling. They have two children, Christine Tompkins of Williamsburg, VA and David Lewcon of Uxbridge. The Lewcons are planning on downsizing their garden of many years but they are looking forward to their 70th anniversary.

ommendations for continued and long term preservation. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should call Lisa Mosczynski at 508-341-4876 for more information. The E.N. Jenckes Store Museum is open every Saturday now into October from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is located at 283 Main Street (Rt. 16) in Douglas. It is also open to groups and individuals by appointment by calling 508-4763856 or by sending a message to

Local quilt guild, Thimble Pleasure, will have an auction sponsored by Cathy Racine of The Charlton Sewing Center, on Thursday, June 20th at 7:00 pm at the Unitarian Church on Maple Street in Mendon. The majority of the items auctioned are donated by Charlton Sewing Center, and the proceeds will benefit A.L.S.   Guests are welcome for a $5.00 fee. 

Duquette new member of Presidents' Club Members of the Thirteenth District Presidents' Club gathered at the Blackstone National Golf Club in Sutton for their annual luncheon/election meeting. This club is comprised of former presidents having served in GFWC of Massachusetts Clubs. The ladies meet twice a year to exchange ideas and compare happenings within their clubs. Any past or present president of a GFWC of Massachusetts club is most welcome to join.

Incoming president, rose duquette of the northboro Woman's club on the left accepts the gavel from retiring president, joan Shannahan of the Upton Woman's club.

Keeping Art Alive in the Valley

Dog and Cat grooming & boarding Luxury Suites Available Doggie Daycare

a CaLL To aRTisTs The Blackstone Valley Art Association has been maintaining an active artist presence in the area for 55 years. It is the goal of the association to educate and provide a venue for the public to view and gain an appreciation of art. In that vein the Association is having a 55 Year Retrospective Show. Invitations have been sent to as many past members as they could find. They are asking families, friends or collectors of BVAA members who have artwork they would like to share, to contact them about the show. The show will held at the Sprinkler Factory on Harlow St in Worcester for the month of July. An artist reception will be held July 13th from 4-8 p.m. and is open to the public, refreshments will be served. For more information visit BVAA.ORG or call Carol Frieswick at 508-234-6697.

thimble pleasure Auction

In-home Services Available

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Quill selected to participate in Art All State Northbridge High School is proud to announce that Shelby Quill, junior, was selected to participate in the 2013 Art All State. Every year juniors from across the state are nominated by their teachers based on ability, character, and need for recognition to receive this honor. Over 200 students are nominated every year; of these nominations only 140 are selected to participate. The program allows students to work together with professional artists in an intensive two-day art experience. The program combines gallery trips with hands-on studio experiences that help challenge and encourage students to think creatively about the role of art in their life. Shelby is only the second student to be selected from Northbridge since 2008. It is a great honor for her and Northbridge High School and is solely the result of her hard work and the high standards she sets for herself every day.

June 2013

Zemianek receives Ph.D.

jill Zemianek On May 18th, Jill Zemianek received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Jill Zemianek is a 1997 graduate of Uxbridge High School. She graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute

with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Biotechnology in 2005. Jill was accepted into the Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology M.S./ Ph.D. graduate program in 2007 and joined the Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration in 2008 for her research. The focus of her doctoral dissertation has been on neuronal network formation and communication, synaptic signaling, and skeletal muscle tissue engineering. During the course of her studies, she has published data in numerous peerreviewed journals. Jill has been employed in the biotechnology industry for more than 10 years and currently works as a Senior Development Engineer at Shire Pharmaceuticals. She is the daughter of Jane Mitchell and Ian Dudgeon of Uxbridge.

Lieutenant Labrie shares concerns about drug abuse and traffic safety As he has done several times over the last few years, Lieutenant Labrie, an 18-year veteran of the Northbridge Police Department, addressed a Law class at NHS to enhance their knowledge of criminal law and law enforcement's role in the community. The lieutenant focused a good portion of the class on illicit drug use, which is always a key concern for him. To lead in to his point, he asked whether students had been victims of theft or knew someone who had been. Most everyone in the 25-student class raised a hand. Then, he asked a student what was stolen from her. She replied with “a big screen TV from my house.” He asked: “Do you think the thieves are watching that TV right now?” “I hope not.” Students figured out that the thieves probably stole the TV to sell it and support a drug habit. And, they probably didn't sell it for the $1000 the girl's family legitimately paid for it. Students learned that, in addition to the physical and emotional pain the

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drug users suffer, non-users suffer financially. This is a drain on society, so drug use affects us all. In the question and answer session, students focused on Labrie's personal experiences, such as the worst crime scene he had ever responded to or the craziest thing a suspect has done while in custody. Each answer was shocking, showing students that drug use, mental illness, and poor decision-making can lead to unfortunate results. The lieutenant also focused on traffic safety. In essence, he reassured students that the police issue warnings and tickets to get people to reduce their speed. Limiting speed limits the number of accidents, and that reduces injuries and fatalities. No one could argue that.

Douglas teen receives small business scholarship Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, recently recognized, Isaac Bates of Douglas who is a recipient of an 11th Annual National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) Young Entrepreneur Award. This scholarship program rewards and encourages entrepreneurial talents among high school students. Bates, a senior at Whitinsville Christian School in Whitinsville, is the founder and owner of his own disc-


Master Plumber License #9306

508.278.6282 Isaac Bates



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jockey business called “DJ Izzy Serious.” Through the YEF program, Bates will receive a scholarship in an amount between $1,000 and $10,000 to attend Elon University in North Carolina. The Young Entrepreneur Award was established to raise awareness among the nation’s youth about the critical role that private enterprise and entrepreneurship play in the building of America. Since 2003, the NFIB YEF has awarded 2,620 scholarships to graduating high school seniors totaling more than $3.2 million. Bates is one of 100 scholarship recipients across the United States, out of a pool of 500 students who applied this year.

June 2013

Page 29

School News Taft wins USDA Healthy School Award May 1st was an exciting day at Taft Early Learning Center, as the school celebrated the achievement of receiving the USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge (HUSSC) bronze award. Second grade students showed their pride by performing patriotic songs and demonstrating physical activity by line dancing to US Congressman James McGovern, Senator Richard Moore, Representative Kevin Kuros, School Committee Chairperson, Ernest Esposito, and Superintendent Kevin Carney, as well as faculty and staff. Congressman McGovern commended the school for this incredible achievement, stating “I’m going to go back to Washington, D.C. and give a speech on the House floor and talk about what you did here in Uxbridge so the whole country knows. I’m going to tell the First Lady, too.” McGovern mentioned that he has worked with President and First Lady Obama on health initiative programs such as HUSSC. The school was presented with a plaque and banner by James ArenaDeRosa, North East Regional Administrator of the USDA, and Kathleen Millett, Nutrition Administrator, Massachusetts Department of Education. Principal Judi Lamarre and her staff were commended for increasing physical activity at the school by adding organized recess activities. Food Service Director, Janice Watt, attributed the success to the nutritional changes made over the past few years to the menu by adding more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as the nutrition education and promotional work done by culinary nutrition interns from Johnson and Wales University. The Healthier US School Challenge (HUSSC) is a voluntary certification initiative recognizing those schools that have created healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition and physical activity. In 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced Let’s Move!, incorporating HUSSC into her campaign to raise a healthier generation of kids. To date, HUSSC awards have been given to schools in 49 states and the District of Columbia. As of April 22, 2013, there are 6,079 schools certified, 121 of those in Massachusetts.

Bolosky secures top honors in challenge At the World of Wheels in Boston, Valley Tech student George Bolosky, from Milford, participated in the Edelbrock Carburetor Challenge to win a $4,000 scholarship to Ohio Technical College in Cleveland. Edelbrock plays an integral part in educating American youth. The Edelbrock Academy, a newly formed program between Edelbrock and Ohio Technical College (OTC) gives students a solid foundation in the building and tuning of American muscle cars and performance vehicles. OTC has partnered with Edelbrock to host a Carburetor Challenge. During the Challenge, local high school students take a written test and write an essay about carburetor operation and diagnosis. The 1st place winner receives a $5,000 scholarship; 2nd place $4,000; 3rd place $3,000; and 4th place $2,000 to Ohio Technical College. “It is a joy to watch these young adults compete," said Derek Stienstra, Valley Tech Automotive Technology Instructor. "Hours of hard work go into the preparation for this challenge and it is demonstrated by their automotive knowledge and passion for the industry. We encourage the students to give both effort and commitment in order for them to truly prove their abilities."

ScHolArSHIp WInner: Gregory Boardman (left) new england Admissions representative from powersports Institute, a division of ohio technical college, presenting George Bolosky (right) with his scholarship.

Whitinsville Christian School is pleased to announce that Braden Bajema has been named Boys’ Basketball Head Coach for the 20132014 season. Brady replaces his father, long time Crusaders coach Jeff Bajema, who stepped down after the conclusion of the 2012-2013 season. Brady is completing his first year as a teacher and middle school boys’ basketball coach at WCS. He is a 2006 graduate of WCS and a member of the 2005 Division III State Championship team, which earned the school’s first team state championship. In his senior year, he was selected as the Dual Valley Conference Player of the Year, a Worcester Telegram and Gazette Super Team All Star and a Milford Daily News All Star. Bajema went on to a highly successful collegiate playing career at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. At Gordon, he was part of the graduating class with the most wins in school history, notching 81 victories over a four year span. He was also part of the only team in school history to win its conference championship. Brady was a 2-time team captain and scored over 1,000 points in his four years at Gordon. After graduating, he remained at Gordon for two years, serving as a graduate assistant coach. His coaching goal is to continue the WCS tradition of

high-quality basketball played with great energy and exemplary sportsmanship.

Braden Bajema For more information about Whitinsville Christian School contact Admissions Coordinator Dennis Epplett at or 508-234-8211 ext. 3256.


New Basketball Coach at WCS

Call Sandy 508-278-2417

to Advertise call 508.278.2134


! "


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June 2013

Northbridge High School Honor Roll HIGHEST HONORS: Abbey Barkley, Nicole Capistran, Adrianna DiMare, Melanie Dudka, Michael Fitman, Michael Kane, Colleen Kelly, Zachary Papazian, Derek Wielsma, Livinia Williams, Iman Zarrinkoub

HONORS: Morgan Abrain, Alexander Afonso, Zachary Allen, Drew Ariel, Taylor Arpano, Shelby Ayres, Vanessa Babiy, Jaden Bauman, Codi Bennett, Mikaela Bernard, Madison Bledsoe, James Brochu, Maura Burns, Brandon Burt, Matthew Cafferky, William Calabro, Tyler Camron, Caitlin Campopiano, Elisabeth Carse, Meighan Casey, Michael Casey, Nicholas Chase, Melissa Chauvin, Ryan Crawford, Tiffany Daigle, Melissa Daoust, Nicole DeFazio,Maria Delgado, Melissa Dognazzi, Casey Donahue, Creighton Dorfman, Alexandra Driscoll, Rachel Driscoll, Kimberly Ekberg, Robert Ekberg, Victoria Ferrara, Jonathan Fraser, Connor Gatto, Troy Goodro, Olivia Gould, Jessica Guilbeault, Haley Guinan, Mohamed Halabi, Eric Hanna, Jenna Hannon, Callie Hansson, Andrew Johndrow, Nicole Kamishlian, Jenna Kelly, Megan Kosciak, Cassandra Lachapelle, Cody Lachapelle, Erin Larson, Kayla Leclerc, Amanda Leveillee, David Lewis, Heather Long, Jordan Lozier, Sicong Luo, Abigail Mackintosh, Katherine Maguire, Courtney Manyak,

HIGH HONORS: Joshua Beauregard, Briana Blair, Hannah Borghetti, Bridgette Bousquet, Taylor Brock, Hunter Brown, Keegan Burchard, Sean Campbell, Michael Carey, Logan Ciliberto, Courtney Ciras, Daniel Clasby, Joseph Conte, Alexander Dowd, Patrick Ducey, Nicole Ellis, Emma Fitzgerald, Laura Gammon, Janet Haas, Nicole Haggerty, Jaime Hardina, Caitlynn Harris, Alyson Houle, Kailee Lawrence, Alicia LeClair, Serena Leveille, Rachel Litchfiield, Olivia Monterotti, Kristina Morrison, Ana Morrissette, Molly O'Brien, Chistian Polymeros, Jay Reiss, Cameron Richards, Julie Richer, Robie Sabourin, Koby Schofer, Devin Stevens, Alyssa Thompson, Mattie Thompson, Sarah Underwood, Teresa Wickstrom, Victoria Wood, Seth Yedinak

Gabrielle Marston, Jake Matte, Chloe Mawn, Megan Mawn, Lauren McGowan, Logan McGrath, Cassandra McKeon, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Andrew Mlodzinski, Jessica Montesdeoca, Nicholas Moschini, Jordyn Murphy, Alyssa Murray, Alexander Orn, Mary Paine, Erika Pariseau, Bethany Parslow, Jacob Phillips, Aubrey Plante, Catarina Protano, Joslyn Ramsey, Samantha Randall, Danielle Redden, Lilly Reding, Lindsey Reichert, Daniel Reynolds, Brittany Ricci, Alex Riley, Casey Roche, Tanner Ropiak, Lindsey Ryan, Kaleigh Simonds, Kyle Skillings, Celia Slater, McKenzie Snyder, Olivia Spratt, Matthew St. Germain, Danielle St. Martin, Kyle Stanley, Rachel Sullivan, Bailey Susienka, Patrick Sweeney, Ashley Swett, Bailey Talbott, Brianna Taylor, Alicia Thomas, Ashley Tivnan, Cameron Tougas, Sarah Trudeau, Shelbe Turpin, Leah Vienneau, Matthew Vera, Gwendolynne Weissinger, Holly White, Samantha White, Jaclyn Wood, Amberly Wright, Amelia Wright, Austin Young, Alexis Zona



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Karen Guerin and Stephanie Bentley, two local teachers from Northbridge High School have been selected as NEH Summer Scholars from a national applicant pool to attend one of twentyone NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops. The National Endowment for the Humanities is a federal agency that each year supports summer study opportunities so that teachers can work with experts in humanities disciplines. Guerin will participate in a workshop entitled “Sailing to Freedom: New Bedford and the Underground Railroad.”  The one-week program will be held in New Bedford, in historic 19th century buildings  and is directed by Dr. Timothy Walker.  Bentley will participate in a workshop entitled “USS Constitution and the War of 1812.” The one-week program will be held at the USS

1 $. /* ( )*'& $ +', ! "& - )/+!"&

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Local Teachers receive “National Recognition”








%** 1- /'0'/3' 4-2/ 0.-1

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)# +

Constitution Museum in Boston and is directed by Sarah Watkins, Director of Collections and Learning and Rebecca Crawford, Manager of Academic & Family Programs. The eighty teachers selected to participate in each program each receive a $1,200 stipend to help cover their travel, study, and living expenses. The approximately 1,680 teachers who participate in these studies will teach more than 210,000 American students the following year. Topics for the twenty-one NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops offered for teachers this summer include the American skyscraper; the Civil Rights movement; the Erie Canal; African-American artisans, entrepreneurs, and abolitionists; exploration of U.S. Pacific coast; the Adirondacks in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; early California settlement; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School; Gullah culture; the Shakers; the Hudson River in American history; the Industrial Revolution; Zora Neale Hurston; colonial New England; Mississippi Delta history and culture; mining in the Far West; the Underground Railroad; Kentucky during the Civil War; the transcontinental railroad; and the War of 1812. The approximately 1,680 teachers who participate in these studies will teach more than 210,000 American students the following year.

Badzmierowski donates to OLV Scholarship Recently, Real Estate Agent Robert J. Badzmierowski of RE/MAx Executive Realty made a $1,000.00 donation to Our Lady of the Valley school (OLV) to be used for a scholarship competition. Students at OLV can compete in an essay writing contest to earn one of three (3) scholarships at OLV. The competition is open to all students from K-8. Students in grades 4-8 write their own essay, while students in grades K-3 can have their parents participate with them. Students choose one topic from five (5) option topics to write a 1 page essay with a chance to win a 1st place scholarship award of $500.00; a 2nd place scholarship award of $300.00, and a third place scholarship award of $200.00. The name of the scholarship is “The Robert J. Badzmierowski of RE/MAx Executive Realty Scholarship.” The scholarship awards will be granted at the OLV Graduation ceremony on June 6, 2013.

June 2013

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GRADE 7: Rachel Adam, Charlotte Beaudrot, Elizabeth Bernard, Maria Buono, Katherine Jordan, Amanda Maccaline, Sophia Masciarelli, McKenna Moors, and Robert Wickstrom GRADE 6: Kyle Henschel, Michelle Riley, David Wickstrom, Michael Wickstrom and Gabrielle wood GRADE 5: Aidan Cook, Allyson Graves, Haley Hadge, Owen Kane, Daniel Maccaline, Mary Claire Malone, Brigid Wickstrom and Priscilla Younes GRADE 4: xander Cook , Allen Lamphere, Salvatore Masciarelli, Owen Noecker, Brianne Rett, Matthew Richardson, and Sophia Swartz

Is your house turned upside down with projects that need to be done?

Uxbridge High School math teacher Christine Prior was awarded a Partners in Excellence Teacher Award by Mass Insight Education for her exemplary work in the Mass Math + Science Initiative. The award was funded by The Partners in Excellence, a group of philanthropic entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions and foundations that are committed to teacher excellence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Christine was one of 15 teachers from across the state honored at a celebration on May 14th at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Our Services Include: General Contracting Remodeling • Additions Finish Trim • Crown Molding Kitchens • Bathrooms Basement Finish/Remodel Barns • Sheds • Garages Decks • Outdoor Projects

Uxbridge HS Teacher wins statewide award

HIGH HONORS GRADE 8: Faith Adam, Molly Cloutier, Hannah Wickstrom and Sam Wickstrom GRADE 7: Colin Hourihan, Ryan Hourihan, and Grace Rett GRADE 6: Erik Backman, Liam Colligan, Quinn Colligan, Nothando Khumalo, and Christian Verla, GRADE 5: Caroline Adam, Paige Ambler, Joseph Bernard, Jake Henschel, Joshua Houle, and Nonnie Komon GRADE 4: Emma Cummings, Philip Heney and Sydney Masciarelli HONORS GRADE 8: Bathabile Khumalo, Sam Malone, Lauren Markey, Peter Menchin, Connor Romaine, and Daniel Stolte

We look forward to working with you!

GRADE 12 High Honors: Bob Brodeur, Andrew Cozzens, Antonio Estrella, Ana Fomin, Caleb Holt, Young Soo Kang, Pegeen Kerr, Kathryn Rubin, Amarillys Santos, Molly Stark, Julia Thayer, Robert Vigeant, and Nicole Wiegers. Honors: James Anderton, Isaac Bates, Becca Caswell, Ashley Cook, Micah Curtis, James Dunlap, Kelley Finger, Paul Hamlet, Sydney Herndon, Cami Huizenga, Max Kuik, Liz LaCava, Abby Lamoureux, Ji Young Na, Willy Rugo, Annika Schultz, Gwyn Stahl, Sara von Hein, and Sara Vono.


GRADE 9 High Honors: Andrew Baker, Abby Cook, Michael Dunlap, Angie Epplett, Spencer Gorman, Molly Hardiman, and Sarah Jarosz. Honors: Katelyn Baker, Michaela Perkins, Billy von Hein, Jake Wiersma, and Joey Yu. GRADE 10 High Honors: Angela Bobe, Mirela Caron, Lydia Hong, Kate Killoy, Jamison Koeman, Renee Marinone, Josh Schneider, Haley VanderSea, Katie Vriesema, Elena Wassenar, and Julie Wiegers. Honors: Katie Caswell, Richie Hubbard, Peter Kaminski, Alex LaCava, Innaray Oliveira, Sarah Poquette, Jack Randall, and Jacob Van Dyke. GRADE 11 High Honors: Diana Brown, Claire Chen, So Jung Choi, Matt Colonero, Montana Darling, Abby Epplett, Elizabeth Groot, Steven LaDine, Matthew Leduc, Evan Perkins, Kevin Pierro, Emma Quercio, Jacob Swaim, Mackenzie Thibodeau, and Rachel Treide. Honors: Lauren Baker, Daniel Blais, Alex Boa, Nathan Casey, Colleen Christman, Hunter Darling, Billy Fredericks, Daniel Gandek, Jessica Gross, Jake Gulinello, Jake Lovewell, Sydney Martin, Kate Monaghan, Alice Qin, Joy Rizzo, Richard Santos, Schuyler Van Tol, Megan Williams, and Joe xia.

GRADE 6: High Honors: Aaron Bell, Sam Dykstra, Tyler Gorman, Rebekah Lashley, Alex Romine, Christian Swaim, and Bobby Whiton. Honors: Grant Buurma, Benjamin Casey, Rachel Cozzens, Kateri Hart, Abby Karns, Christina Leduc, Emily Schneider, and Justin Tulley. GRADE 7: High Honors: Heidi Albright, Jacob Belanger, Zack Bergeron, Ava Dussault, Briana Fleming, Abby Greer, Katelyn Lashley, Elizabeth Marder, Shannon Morrill, Drew Quercio, Jackie Rose, Jake Violette, and Tatiana Wiersma. Honors: Julia Bobe, Colin Casamento, Jacqueline Cloutier, Joshua Cook, Esther Fomin, Julie Kaminski, Ari Kasper, Grace Malabanti, Allison Salamack, Elizabeth Sender, and Brianna Smith. GRADE 8 High Honors: Adelaide Dykstra, Abby Graves, Sidney Johnson, Naomi LaDine, Jonathan Leduc, Hannah Mercer, Jacob Vander Hart, and Noah Zeyl. Honors: Lauren Bek, Peter Casey, Heather Cornwell, Emily Cutler, Bianca DiVitto, Danielle Harvey, Ben Koopman, Maura Kulesza, Emma Lancaster-Huggins, Nicholas O'Toole, Libby Quercio, Veronica Rios, Colin Swaim, Nicholas Swiader, Christopher Tulley, Aiden Van Tol, Mikaela VandenAkker, Christian Visgatis, and Katie Wilcox.

Our Lady of the Valley posts Honor Roll

Douglas, MA • 508-476 7095

Honor Roll recipients at Whitinsville Christian

Children are out of school this month...

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Page 32

June 2013

Blackstone Valley Tech announces 2012-2013 Conmmendation List

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Doan, Nicholas Guerin, Jacob O'Donnell, Noah Redden, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Dillon Arnold, Dylan Murray, HEALTH SERVICES, Jessica Carneiro, Samantha Fields, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Lauren Bernard, Maximil-ian Bloem, Lindsey Davieau, PAINTING & DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, Shannon Deiana FRESHMEN – CLASS OF 2016 COSMETOLOGY, Catherine Aviles, Natalie Greenan, Clarissa Karagosian, CULINARY ARTS, Logan Philbrick, DENTAL ASSISTING, Brianna Coggins, Sarah Manuels, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Samantha Aicardi, Michael Hartwick, Victoria Lind, Sean O'Bannon, ELECTRICAL, Tyler Brodeur, HEALTH SERVICES, Kayleigh Poudrier, Kayla Richard, HVAC/R, Joseph Hanson, Matthew Marchant, Patrick McGowan, MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Ryan Riddell, Samantha Lord, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Matthew Wittenberg, PAINTING & DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, Jessica Castle • Sutton Students listed by class according to their vocational shops. SENIORS – CLASS OF 2013 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Christopher Moran, BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Cody Saucier, COSMETOLOGY, Lindsay Silva, CULINARY ARTS, Cara Hickenbottom, ELECTRICAL, Eric Adams, HEALTH SERVICES, Emily Perry, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, John Krula, MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, John Whittier, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Alexandra Bonin

JUNIORS – CLASS OF 2014 COSMETOLOGY, Melissa Mason, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Kyle Faucher, Brandon Wickett, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Michael Gioiosa, HEALTH SERVICES, Adam Intinarelli, Rachel Katinas, HVAC/R, Jacob Jaillet, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, Mackenzie Lannon, PLUMBING, Addison Hammond SOPHOMORES – CLASS OF 2015 AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION REPAIR, Benjamin Orphin, ELECTRICAL, Brendan Scarborough, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Eric Carkin, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Samantha McQueen FRESHMEN – CLASS OF 2016 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Samuel Budnick, BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Abigail Charpentier, COSMETOLOGY, Erika Bovenzi, CULINARY ARTS, Lauren Mahoney, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Megan Sweeney, HEALTH SERVICES, Carson Hope, Samantha Phillips, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Samuel Maloney, PLUMBING, Brianna McMullan, Nich-olas Mongeon, Kevin Noonan, Patrick Noonan • Uxbridge Students listed by class according to their vocational shops. SENIORS – CLASS OF 2013 AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION REPAIR, Tyler Amour, BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Danielle Combs, Cameron Fiorentino, COSMETOLOGY, Toyomi Johnson, CULINARY ARTS, Ashley Arsenault, William Bodell, DENTAL ASSISTING,

%$ #" %#' %

Your Best Friend’s Best Friend

'7 45&'/4

Providing Quality Animal Care in Your Home Pet Nursing Care; Dog Walking & Pet Sitting for Work Days & Vacations Beth Stevens


#93 (02

/-+.+4'& -#33'3 : 0%#- '3+&'/43

American Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor

Happy Father’s Day!

Nicole Lucciarini, HEALTH SERVICES, Caitlyn Ellis, Michelle Paquette, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Jack Cone, Marc Tetreault, MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Baron Apple, Luke Burgess, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Holly Noel JUNIORS – CLASS OF 2014 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Jacob Peters, COSMETOLOGY, Amber Yaroshefski, CULINARY ARTS, Mitchell Braga, Heather DeMers, DENTAL ASSISTING, Katherine Wills, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Christopher Ferrick, Jr., Matthew Hamel, Daniel Lemire, Amy Oleksyk, ELECTRICAL, Connor Byrnes, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Sierra Schotanus, HEALTH SERVICES, Courtney Britt, Kailee Kennedy, Molly Wallace, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Jonathan Capece, SOPHOMORES – CLASS OF 2015 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Bryce DeMers, CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY, Daniel Gniadek, John Piotrowski, COSMETOLOGY, Lilli Ebbeling, CULINARY ARTS, Jacob Bodell, Samuel, Danis, Emma Frey, Katherine Holt, David Lozeau, Kayla Lyons, Elizabeth Maloney, Jessica Maloney, ELECTRICAL, Joseph Canal, Timothy Tetreault, Lindsey Thiebault, Matthew Wagner, ELECTRONICS & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Jocelyn O'Brien, HEALTH SERVICES, Sophie Makowski, Brianna Morais, Claudia P. Rodas, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, Rebecca Dubovsky, Amber Jones, PAINTING & DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, Rose Hynes, Sydney Volpe FRESHMEN – CLASS OF 2016 AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION REPAIR, Ryan Pulicari, COSMETOLOGY, Emma Noel, CULINARY ARTS, Casey Veinotte, DENTAL ASSISTING, Lyndsey Hebert, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Nicholas Aufiero, Olivia Brochu, Jared Robert, Bradford Vecchione, ELECTRICAL, Jordan Tancrell, HEALTH SERVICES, Travis Butler, Meghan Wills, HVAC/R, Tyler Durran, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Joshua Trottier, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, Erin Kalousdian, PLUMBING, Nicholas Simmons


(508) 641-6954

/'2)9 '#-+/)


+3%05/4 Member of Pet Sitters International

Reserve for your vacations early! Bonded & Insured

V.F.W. Post 1385 !! *+

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#33#)' : !02,3*013

3%*'&5-' 6+3+4 34#4'0()2#%'7'--/'33 %0.

+/& 53 0/ #%'$00,

ELECTRICAL, Ethan Gagnon, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Emma Helstrom, Cameron Kearney, Evan LeBeau, Jennifer Peterson • Northbridge Students listed by class according to their vocational shops. SENIORS – CLASS OF 2013 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Sarah Keith, CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY, Samantha Smith, COSMETOLOGY, Danielle L' Esperance, Victoria Robidoux, CULINARY ARTS, Ashley Bedrosian, Angelique Boisvert, DENTAL ASSISTING, Julie Montesdeoca, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Elizabeth Pappas, ELECTRICAL, Khahnty Daraphet, Nicholas Rymeski, HEALTH SERVICES, Michaela Joyce, HVAC/R, Paul Ballard, Taylor Hanson, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Christopher Afonso, Tyler Swett, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Alyson Lisak JUNIORS – CLASS OF 2014 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Hailey Schott, CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY, Kyle Buma, COSMETOLOGY, Katelyn Hartwick, CULINARY ARTS, Taylor Lincoln, DENTAL ASSISTING, Michelle Maynard, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Nicholas Bedrosian, Jake Rivard, ELECTRICAL, Michael Iacovelli, Jacob Moon, HVAC/R, Thomas McGowan, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Matthew Goldstein, Timothy Richer SOPHOMORES – CLASS OF 2015 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Michael Demeritt, Kathryn Hughes, DENTAL ASSISTING, Amal Khan, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, Jade

Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick has released the following Commendation and Most Improved List for the second trimester of the 2012-2013 academic school year at Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, which was the only vocational school in the state to be recently honored by the College Board’s 2012 AP District Honor Roll for expanding access to Advance Placement curriculum and improving the percent of students scoring 3 or higher. • Douglas Students listed by class according to their vocational shops.  SENIORS – CLASS OF 2013 DENTAL ASSISTING, Samantha Hurteau, PAINTING & DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, Katelyn Parkinson JUNIORS – CLASS OF 2014 AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION REPAIR, Danica McCallum, BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Heather Provencher, DRAFTING & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, John Beane, HEALTH SERVICES, Riyah Gonzalez, Jennelle LeBeau, PAINTING & DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, Jessica Belle, PLUMBING, Philip Burch, Ryan Cuthbertson SOPHOMORES – CLASS OF 2015 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY, Celia Smith, CULINARY ARTS, Lillyn Howe, Kathryn Kelly, Elizabeth Mielnicki, HEALTH SERVICES, Jordan Ayotte, Samantha Drew, HVAC/R, Victoria Webber, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Anthony Milani, GRAPHIC & MULTIMEDIA COMM., Kyle Dowen FRESHMEN – CLASS OF 2016 COSMETOLOGY, Lauren Brennan, CULINARY ARTS, Corey Parkinson,

June 2013

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Quality work above & beyond expectations HusBanDs FoR HiRe HoMe iMPRoveMenTs photos & Story By constance dwyer Whether you have a small job or a serious rehab project, your first phone call can be dialed to “Husbands for Hire” at (508) 234-2162. Co-owners Ed Mansfield of Northbridge and Jesse Gantt of Uxbridge, are conscientious, meticulous professionals happy to address all your household tasks. During the interview in his home, Ed was very proud to focus on his kitchen that he renovated recently - hardwood floors, a gorgeous travertine backsplash, cherry cabinets with crown molding detail and stunning granite countertops. That type of work doesn’t happen just at his home. “We treat your home like our own,” responded Ed. Jesse said “Whether it’s cleaning a gutter which we’re happy to do or cleaning a dryer vent, we welcome the opportunity to be of service to our customers.” He smiled in adding “While working at one home, all of a sudden, we discover that the whole street is hiring us or when we go for one job, we end up staying 6-8 hours because the customer finds more work for us!” Husbands for Hire started in 2002, Ed noted, and he is pleased to have Jesse as his co-owner since 2004. Since they’ve been in business, they are proud recipients of two “Best Customer Service Awards” from the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and they are both “Certified” from the Institute for Environmental Education to remove lead paint. They also take regular courses to update themselves on the latest techniques and “This way, we can also educate our customers,” Ed added. Jesse also said that they always go to the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce trade show year after year and “they’re great!” The company has also earned the distinction of being the “Winner of Boston Magazine’s 2009 Best of Boston” Home Award for Small Home Repairs in MetroWest. Their work has taken them throughout Eastern Massachusetts but their jobs are mainly in the Blackstone Valley. They are fully insured and registered. In a day and age when people are skeptical about letting strangers into their home, Ed and Jesse have earned total trust from anyone they’ve worked for. For example, Ed commented that they had a major renovation in someone’s home (a referral) and they were given the key and never, ever met the husband, wife or kids. “We only knew them from the pictures in the home.” When the job was done, he continued, “I got an e-mail to say how satisfied they were with our work. Word of mouth is how they find their

next projects and they are kept very technology at our fingertips we can do busy. “The only place we advertise is in jobs quicker and charge less because of The New Uxbridge Times which we our modern equipment.” Both Ed and Jesse are tuned in to the both enjoy reading, cover to cover,” Ed was pleased to say. Ed stressed that tough economic times facing us. For example, they’ll they don’t just try to save whatlook at a ceiling ever piece in the leak as something home that can be to scrape and refurbished rather paint over. than try to conInstead, “we try to vince you that it figure out how the has to be comproblem happletely torn out pened.” He and a new product explained that on put in its stead. Ed one job there was talked about one a stain in the bedjob where they room ceiling but renovated a bathhe was curious and went up into ed & jesse finish complet- room and advised the attic to dis- ing an estimate for a future the homeowner their 8’ cabinet in cover the cause. job. the bathroom just There, he discovered a tube that had 5 pounds of ice need to be “sanded, prepped and paintfrom the winter and when the steam ed” and install updated hardware and condensed, the plastic tube cracked, hinges. Jesse remarked “We saved the customer close to $800 had they causing the slow drip and the stain. Whether it’s a small painting job, tile replaced the cabinet.” This time of year, work, home renovations or miscella- they’re busy renovating decks. “We try neous work around the house, the to save as much of the deck as we can “Husbands for Hire” are ready “to save to keep the money in the customer’s the day.” They are based out of pocket instead of saying the whole deck Manchaug Mill in Sutton where they has to be torn down when it only needs have space to pre-work projects, such some rehab work.” They are also as crown molding, trim and baseboards Benjamin Moore Certified Stain Conor repair those ‘special’ projects. “With tractors.

co-owners (l to r) ed mansfield & jesse Gantt are ready to travel to your door for home maintenance chores. Business is going extremely well and Ed was happy to report “Our phones are ringing every day.” “What pleases our customers, too, is that when I or Jesse go out to give an estimate, we are the ones that return to do the work. There’s no middle man.” Because of the many jobs they handle, they are glad to have two additional employees: Pam Siderewicz and Dave Hoey who

bring their expertise where required. For a free estimate, call Husbands for Hire, a Home Improvement business, at (508) 234-2162 and check their website at They offer discounts to fire, police, military and senior citizens 62 or older.

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June 2013

Continued growth reported at Savers Bank Annual Meeting At the Annual Meeting of Savers Bank held on April 8th, President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Coderre announced continued solid growth with fully insured assets of $422M for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2012, up $8 million from the previous year. The bank’s loan portfolio increased $21M over last year, a 7% increase. The Commercial Loan Department closed $33M in commercial loans in 2012, which significantly increased the portfolio. The Residential Loan Department closed $56M in residential loans in 2012, up 30% over 2011. Coderre also reported that the institution’s strong surplus increased by over $2M and now stands at 10.9% of total assets. He added that Savers continues to earn Bauer Financial Services’ Five Star Award for strength and stability. At the Annual Meeting of Shareholders immediately preceding the Directors’ Meeting, three current Directors were elected as follows: Terrence J. Hastings, Chairman of the Board; Dewey J. Tiberii, Vice Chairman of the Board; and Kenneth E. Rizner, Clerk of the Board. At the Directors Meeting, officers reelected were Joseph A. Coderre, President and Chief Executive Officer; Eric D. Boecher, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; John F. Dziembowski, Vice President IT; John L. Fearing, Vice President and Senior Loan Officer; Peter J. Kaslauskas, Vice President/ Investment Consultant; John F. White, Vice President Commercial Banking Services; Christopher M. Wszolek, Vice President Commercial Banking Services; and Walter M. Czabaj, Vice President Consumer

natural complement to our growing commercial loan portfolio,” Coderre said. “Simply Better Checking, a consolidation of the bank’s existing checking products, is our new ‘no hoops to jump through’ checking account. We’re happy to say it has all the standard features as well as free Mobile Banking and free Online Banking.” Coderre also spoke about Project 2020. This bankwide initiative to improve the customer experience included a new website design, instant enrollment for Online Banking and a new account opening process.

Benjamin A. chanthanouvong

eugene I. Santos-roesler

lauren Hand

Lending/Collections. Three promotions were also announced at the annual meeting. Benjamin A. Chanthanouvong, who has held Customer Service and Business Development Officer positions at

Savers Bank, is now a Security Officer and the bank’s first Facilities Manager. Eugene I. Santos-Roesler came to Savers with a business banking and cash management background. She is now an AVP Business Banking Officer

in the Worcester, Uxbridge, and Grafton areas, drawing on her previous experience to make business connections for Savers. Lauren Hand, who has been with Savers since 2004, has been named AVP Marketing Manager. Her responsibilities include the creation and coordination of the bank’s internal and external marketing communications across all media. Coderre also highlighted some of the bank’s accomplishments in 2012. He notes that according to figures compiled by The Warren Group, Savers Bank was the #2 mortgage lender in the area and the top lender overall in Auburn and Southbridge. In addition, three initiatives stand out from the past year: Business Express Solutions, Simply Better Checking, and Project 2020. “Vice President of Business Banking Jordan D. Hoy created a team of specialists to promote business banking products under the name Business Express Solutions, which serves as a

Horwath achieves Certified Master Gardener Uxbridge resident Christine Horwath has completed the Massachusetts Master Gardener program, earning the distinction of a Certified Master Gardener. She completed a 13 week training program, and 60 hours of volunteer work. This included outreach programs, responding to questions on the Master Gardener Helpline, and various gardening projects. Master Gardeners are experienced and trained volunteers who provide horticultural information and education

resources to the gardening public, and offer technical support for horticulture projects and outreach programs for community events. For more information, go to Mrs. Horwath is the Owner and Head Gardener of Yellow Truck Gardens. She has also served on the Town of Uxbridge Finance Com-mittee for the past 6 years, as well as several other volunteer positions within the town.

Chronic Pain Support Group at MRMC Do you live with chronic pain? Do you feel frustrated and alone, with no one to talk to who understands what living with chronic pain can be like? Is your pain interfering with other aspects of your life? If you suffer from chronic pain, talking about it with others who are also dealing with the same issues can help. This peer-led support group is free and open to men and women looking for support through sharing of experience, information, coping skills and ideas. The Chronic Pain Support Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month from at 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Women’s Pavilion Conference Room, located on the 4th of the Hill Health Center at Milford Regional Medical Center. Registration is not necessary, but for information, call Jay between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at 508-499-3794.

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June 2013

Improvements make for busy Spring season This spring, landscaping, roofing and home improvement contractors will face a busy season, according to recent statistics from the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. Over the past month, consumers have gone to to search for trustworthy home improvement contractors. Landscape, roofing and home improvement contractors are in the top ten list of most inquired about types of businesses. The most inquired about businesses by roster view include roofers, landscapers, fencers, pavers and swimming pool contractors. “It may be a very busy season for landscapers and home improvement contractors,” explained Paula Fleming, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the local BBB. “With summer just around the corner, homeowners are searching for reliable businesses ranging from paving contractors to swimming pool designers.” Consumers are encouraged to visit on specific suggestions on how to avoid home improvement scams, how to get the best value for their money, and to check out reliable contractors before starting work. “With over 189,000 Accredited Business BBB reviews read in just the last month, it is easy to see consumers are coming to us first to check out a business,” said Paula Fleming. For more information on finding businesses you can trust, visit

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UniBank honored as 2012 Stoddard Award recipient


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james F. paulhus (center), president and ceo of UniBank accepts the 2012 Stoddard Award from Bruce Gaultney (left), chairperson of the United Way of central massachusetts’ Board of directors and publisher of the Worcester telegram & Gazette and timothy j. Garvin, president and ceo of the United Way of central mass.

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Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl presented The 31st annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl® presented by FedEx will take place at Boston’s City Hall Plaza on June 4, 5, and 6 from noon to eight pm. More than 30 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt are being served by top vendors including: Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Blue Bunny, Breyer’s, Byrne Dairy, Edy's, Friendly's, HP Hood, and SoCo Creamery. The Scooper Bowl - the nation’s largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival – will be held rain or shine. All proceeds support adult and pediatric cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Since its inception in 1983 the Scooper Bowl has raised more than $3.5 million for adult and pediatric cancer research and care. Scooper Bowl general admission is $10, $5 for children ages 3-9, and free for children under three. A three-day Scooper pass is $20. Tickets are available online at and also at the door. 

employee involvement in our 2012 United Way campaign is proof positive that our employees embrace that mission wholeheartedly. I am proud of who we are as an organization and honored to accept this award on behalf of everyone at UniBank.” “UniBank lives by the words, ‘those who prosper in this community have an obligation to give back,’ ” stated Timothy J. Garvin, president and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts. “In 2012 the bank provided almost $500,000 in support to organizations throughout Central Massachusetts. This philosophy carries through to their employees as well as evidenced by their thousands of hours in volunteerism.”    UniBank also sent Brian Jamros, vice president Government Banking as a volunteer representative to participate in the Loaned Executive Program that the United Way coordinates. Traci Blecher, vice president and regional manager coordinated the bank’s internal campaign.

UniBank was recently honored as the recipient of the 2012 Stoddard Award during the 93rd annual meeting and celebration of the United Way of Central Massachusetts. The Stoddard Award is the highest honor the United Way of Central Massachusetts bestows upon an organization. This award recognizes the outstanding leadership provided by a company to the United Way, through exceptional employee campaigns and strong volunteer representation. Each year, UniBank coordinates a campaign in which employees are given the opportunity to make donations in support of the United Way of Central Massachusetts. In 2012, UniBank employees increased giving by 21% bringing total employee contributions to more than $53,000, with an all-time high employee participation rate of 74%. This amount, combined with UniBank’s annual charitable donation to the United Way in the amount of $15,000, brings the bank’s combined total contribution to more than $68,000 during 2012. “Our mission is to serve those in need in our community,” stated James F. Paulhus, president and CEO of UniBank. “The success and level of






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June 2013

New fitness studio in Grafton EARTH Ltd thanks members Dance Soul Motion, a fitness studio, inspired, dance fitness class is a cardio recently opened in South Grafton. Area blast that’s fun for everyone. Dance with Appreciation Night residents have embraced the studio, its Soul Motion is a one stop shop to mainclasses and its owner, Grafton native Dominique Salem Mastrototoro, by turning out for classes throughout the opening weeks. Dance Soul Motion is a full-service fitness studio offering classes in yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Bimonthly workshops offer students the chance to try something new and creates a sense of community. The studio is located at 156 Main Street, South Grafton. Dance Soul Motion will serve Grafton as well as the surrounding towns of Sutton, Northbridge, Whitinsville, Millbury and more. Miss Mastrototoro is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for students to get active, stay fit and have fun through a variety of class choices. In the practice of yoga, students can find the power to stay fit through mind, body and spirit. For those looking to tone and sculpt, as well as gain strength, Pilates incorporates a strong core connection that is ideal for all levels of fitness. Zumba is also appropriate for all levels; this Latin

tain a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re just beginning, continuing your journey or dedicated to a lifetime of well being! Dominique Salem Mastrototoro has been teaching fitness for over 10 years and is a 200-hour registered and certified Yoga Alliance yoga instructor, a certified Pilates instructor as well as a trained Zumba instructor. Over the past five years she has taught, and managed, at major yoga studios and fitness centers in the Boston area as well as locally for various studios and gyms; she has a passion for fitness, health and wellness that is evident in her teachings. The staff at the studio shares Mastrototoro’s passion for making fitness work for everybody and all abilities. Dance Soul Motion boasts natural lighting during the day with environmentally friendly cork flooring. There is ample parking in the dedicated parking lot. The full class schedule, as well as contact information, can be found at .

EARTH Limited, an educational nonprofit organization whose programs include the Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo, is holding an afterhours member appreciation event of the season on Tuesday, June 4th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, the zoo will be open to members only. During Member Appreciation After Hours, members are admitted for free and may bring a guest for a reduced guest admission of $15 per adult and $10 per child. “We appreciate our members every day of the year, and this is one of the ways we are able to openly thank them,” says Betsey Brewer, founder of EARTH Ltd. Bring Your Own Picnic is the theme of this Member Appreciation After Hours event. Guests may pack their own picnic or pre-order a “Boxed Meal” from UNO Chicago Grill in Bellingham to be delivered directly to the zoo. UNO is a big supporter of Earth Ltd. Not only have they created a special menu for the member apprecia-

tion events, but they then donate 20% of the bill right back to EARTH. Please visit EARTH Limited’s website at for menu details and to place an order.

EARTH will be holding four more after-hours member appreciation events throughout the season, as well as some other members-only events. Brewer adds, “We’ve purposely chosen different days of the week to hold each member appreciation event so that we may accommodate as many of our members as possible.” EARTH Members receive unlimited free admission to Southwick’s Zoo for a period of one year, access to special members-only after-hours events, and 10% discounts at the Purple Peacock Gift Shop.

Sierra Club applauds Governor's decision to support and expand Solar The Sierra Club today applauded the Governor's decision to expand solar programs in Massachusetts which will create jobs and protect public health by reducing demand for polluting techonolgies like coal, natural gas, and oil.    Statement from Ed Woll, Massachusetts Sierra Club Energy Chair: The Sierra Club encouraged the Governor to be bold and adopt this goal of 1600 MW solar pv installed statewide, including 50,000 residential solar roofs by 2020 and 150,000 residential solar roofs by 2030.  In a March 20, 2013 letter to DOER,

ay r’s D e h t th Fa e 16 Jun

the Club stated that the "goals of 50,000 more solar roofs by 2020 and 150,000 by 2030 seem equally modest given that there are 2.8 million single and multi-family dwelling units in the state." Achieving those goals will not only help the state meet its obligations under the Global Warming Solutions Act, but also support over 3,000 high value skilled and semi-skilled jobs per year. Only by taking bold steps will we create high value jobs here, keep our energy dollars at home, and protect public health.

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Raising money for EARTH Ltd EARTH Limited, an educational non-profit organization whose programs include the Discovery Center at Southwick’s Zoo, is happy to announce their partnership with UNO Chicago Grill to present supporters with a new way to give to EARTH. Now through the end of the year, UNO has pledged to donate 20% of patrons’ checks to EARTH Ltd. In order to qualify for this donation, patrons simply print out a certificate and present it at the time of their dinein meal or take-out delivery at any of the participating UNO locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Anyone can print out as many of these certificates as they desire, so EARTH encourages fans to share them with family and friends to use once for every visit to Uno Chicago Grill. “We are thrilled that UNO’s Dough Rai$ers campaign has so graciously provided this donation option to customers,” says Betsey Brewer, Founder and Executive Director of EARTH Ltd. “Now we just want to encourage more people to visit UNO and participate in the program. These donations will help us continue to educate people about animals and the environmental issues that threaten them.” The fundraiser is a part of UNO’s Dough Rai$ers program, which supports local communities through donations. To date, UNO has gifted over $4 million to various organizations including schools, sports teams, churches, national associations, scout troops, hospitals, and more. Along with the regular donations, UNO is also participating in EARTH’s upcoming Membership Appreciation After-Hours Event. The UNO Chicago Grill in Bellingham, MA will not only deliver boxed meals from a special members-only menu directly to the Zoo for this event, but will also donate 20% of the sales back to EARTH. To learn more about which UNO restaurants are participating in this fundraiser, to print out the 20% donation certificate, or to view the special members-only Appreciation Event menu, please visit EARTH Limited’s website at EARTH (Environmental Awareness of Resources and Threatened Habitats) Ltd. is a grassroots, non-profit educational organization located at Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA. To learn more about how you can support EARTH Ltd., please visit them online at or /earthlimited, or in person at the EARTH Discovery Center inside Southwick’s Zoo.

June 2013

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Sports Shorts Local Hoopster recognized as College Standout

‘Race for the Rams’

Kaitlyn Chenevert named Defensive Player of the year The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Women's basketball team held its annual year-end banquet on April 28th. At this event, Junior Kaitlyn Chenevert of Uxbridge was recognized by the coaching staff as the Defensive Player of the Year for the 2012-2013 season. Chenevert, the former Uxbridge High standout, averaged 31 minutes, 10.1 points and 5.0 rebounds per game for the Trailblazers. MCLA finished with a record of 8-17 on the season. Highlights during the season for the Trailblazers was a runer-up in the Optomist Basketball Tournament held at Salisbury College in Ocean City, MD and winning the championship of the Hoops for Hounds Basketball Tournament held at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. Chenevert finished in the top twenty in several categories and 5th in free throw percentage in the final Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic conference (MASCAC) Women's basketball statistics. She also ranked nationally in Division 3 in steals per game and free throw percentage.

Tournament to honor Chad A. Holbrook The 4th Annual Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Golf Tournament will take place on Friday, August 9th, at Blissful Meadows Golf Club in Uxbridge. Registrations are currently being accepted and sponsorship opportunities are available. The cost is $500 per foursome and a $100 deposit is required to secure a spot. All proceeds benefit the Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Scholarship Fund for Blackstone Valley Tech students. For more information contact Renee Tetreault at 508-5798709 or visit The Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Chad A. Holbrook who died as the result of a tragic car accident at the age of 18, shortly after having graduated from Blackstone Valley Tech in 2009. His family, including parents Lisa and Chic Holbrook, and their children, Holly, Travis and Hannah, honor his memory through the Memorial Scholarship for two deserving Blackstone Valley Tech students each year.

Sutton Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament The Sutton Lions Club Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held Monday, July 8th at Pleasant Valley Country Club with a 10:00 am shotgun start and buffet dinner to follow. The tournament benefits charities supported by Sutton Lions Club including a High School Scholarship fund, fuel assistance program, student speech contest, and the Juvenile Diabetes Fund. Foursomes cost $540. Send registration and check to Sutton Lions Club, P.O. Box 714, Sutton, MA 01590, or contact Ken at

team moore captain russ trottier leads the pack at the first “race for the rams”, followed by teammate justin deary. Team Moore, the running team sponsored by Sen. Richard T. Moore, led the field in the first “Race for the Rams,” held recently in Northbridge. Team Moore Captain, Russell W. Trottier, Jr. of Sutton was the overall 5K race winner with a time of 19:14, followed by teammate Justin Deary of Uxbridge with a time of 20:31. Mr. Trottier, formerly of Northbridge, now lives in Sutton with his wife, Kelly, and sons Mason, Mitchell, Colin, and Cole. He is a 1999 graduate of Northbridge High School and 2003 graduate of Bridgewater State University. He was captain of cross-country and track teams at both high school and college levels. He is

employed as manager of electronic tolling for the Mass. Department of Transportation. As a student, Mr. Trottier served as an intern in Sen. Moore’s State House office, and has been running for Team Moore for the past decade. Mr. Deary, formerly of Douglas, now lives in Uxbridge with his wife, Heather, their sons Micah and Max, and their daughter, Abby. He is a 1994 graduate of Ellis Tech in Dayville, CT where he was captain of the varsity soccer team, and a 1999 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell where he played basketball and football. Mr. Deary is employed as an electrical engineer at Waters Corporation in Milford. He has run for Team Moore for about

six years. This year’s event, sponsored by the Northbridge Parent-Teacher Organization (NPTO) with MRA Multisport, was larger and more varied than past 5K races sponsored by the Northbridge Parent-Teacher Organization. In addition to the traditional 5K race, the event included many other fun activities. One-hundred percent of sponsorships and a portion of the registration fees go toward the Northbridge PTO. Funds raised for the PTO help fund school events, field trips, enrichment and cultural programs, and purchase supplies and books for Balmer and Northbridge Elementary School.

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June 2013

UniBank supports Northbridge Youth Softball Association Rotary hosts 37th Scholarship Golf Outing

pictured at right: UniBank’s Whitinsville Branch manager, Wendy Brown (center), accepted recognition from softball players taylor Keene (left) and maeghan Kelly (right) for the bank’s sponsorship of the northbridge youth Softball Association’s dugout project. UniBank contributed $2,500 and was recognized at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the dugouts at the linwood Softball complex.

The Uxbridge Rotary Club has announced plans for this year’s Annual Golf outing to be held Monday, July 29th at the Whitinsville Golf Club, 179 Fletcher Street, Whitinsville. The club is a private club and the all day event will include lunch; served at 11:00 a.m, a 12:00 noon Tee Time and dinner following the event at the Club for all golfers, in addition to prizes and raffles.  The format will be Florida Style with a Noon shotgun start. Cost per golfer is $130 and $520 for a foursome. Please contact Golf Tournament Chair-person, Ed Eldridge at eldridge.edward or call him at 508-341-0040 to reserve your place in the tournament or contact any of our rotary members. Checks should be made payable to The Rotary Club of Uxbridge and may be mailed to The Uxbridge Rotary Club, P O Box 4, Whitinsville, MA  01588.  The number of golfers is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis.  Proceeds from this event are used to fund charitable endeavors sponsored by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge include scholarships provided by the Rotary Club to graduates of area schools. Each school receives a scholarship, to date, over $100,000 in scholarship funds have been awarded!  Sponsors are needed...your Company name will be displayed on a Golf Ball Sign on the course the day of the event. The cost to sponsor is $100.  What an easy way to help out while promoting your business at the same time.


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June 2013

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June 2013

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