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Let us show you just how precious this country really is.

ECUADOR: A world within itself

Light refracting against the Andean cordillera produces a rainbow of ever-changing moods over Ecuador’s varied relief, all the way up and down the steep forested slopes, deep valleys, exuberant jungles and broad beaches. One can’t help but stand in awe at the beauty of its surprises. The diversity of its people, its places, and its things allows for settings less than even a few miles apart to bear little true resemblance to each other. The more you delve into Ecuador’s natural, cultural and environmental subtleties, the more you will stand convinced that there is nothing like it. 1

And we’ve got the best prices for the best value.


KLEINTOURS creates unforgettable vacations Kleintours is not just a tour operator. We’re a provider of profound personal experiences in Ecuador, featuring a private line of transportation vehicles for inland excursions (vans, buses; even a train!) and three deluxe cruise-ships to explore the Galapagos Islands. We’ve been doing this the Kleintours’ way since 1983, so come and plan your vacation with us!

All of our tour departures are guaranteed.


Experience you can rely on Kleintours has been passionately dedicated to the tourism industry, offering quality control and unmatched personalized service all the way. From arrival to departure, we handle everything, boasting superbly trained personnel and meeting all international safety standards and requirements. We are proud holders of ISO 9001 certification and long-time members of ASTA, USTOA, IATA, ABTA, among others.

Nature at your feet

Home-grown delicacies

Traveling in style, Chiva Don Otto

A flexible approach to your trip

Devoted to our heritage

The best value

We create an exciting range of standard tours and customized trips to suit all situations, time frames, tastes, and interests including adventure, sightseeing, shopping and cultural excursions to ecotourism in Galapagos and throughout mainland Ecuador. We can work with any itinerary and any party size, from individuals and families with children to small and large groups.

Socially responsible and committed to the environment, we are a company in constant search of opportunities to contribute to the protection of otherwise precarious human and natural communities. We develop our own social programs with a deep understanding that exposure is the best, most efficient road to long-lasting conservation and sustainable development.

We work with the finest hotels, restaurants and providers to give our clients the best Ecuador has to offer. Our ships are periodically refurbished to meet your expectations in luxury and comfort. Spacious sun decks on our vessels, comfortable seating in our buses, superbly trained drivers and crewmembers, excellent multilingual guides and exquisite food. That’s what we’re about! 3

G alapagos Islan d s Ecuador



-Towe r-

-Al be m arl e -

MARCHENA - B ind lo e -

Eq uatorial Lin e QUITO


-S an S al vad or or J ame s-


Espi noz a Point


G u ayaqu i l

SEYMOUR Urbi na Ba y


-Je r vis -


C a r r io n Po r t D ra g o n H ill

Al b atros s

PINZON -Dun c an-

G al apagos tor toi se Ayo ra Po r t

S e a tu r tl e


F l ami n go

M ari n e i gu an a

B a q u e r izo Po r t

-In d e fat i g ab l e -



M an ta R ay

L an d i gu an a

-Ba r r in g to n -

S e a l i on Po s t O f f ice


Su a re z Po in t

Pe l i can

Co r m o ra n t Po in t



Bl u e -foote d Booby



S h ark

-H ood -


-Sa nta Ma rテュa or C h ar l e s-

G a rd n e r B a y

Pe n gu i n

F ri gate b i rd

S n orke l l i n g

Cormoran t 5

“The natural history of this archipelago is remarkable: it seems to be a little world within itself” Charles Darwin, Journal of Research


WE WANT YOU TO SEE IT ALL The Galapagos may very well be the ultimate getaway destination; one that challenges the mind and provokes the senses. Kleintours will make your island experience the most balanced blend of vacation and adventure, joining the paradisiacal waters, distinctly colored beaches and the best in cruise service with a most exciting journey into the realms of Natural History. We have thoughtfully planned out all aspects of your itinerary so that you can make the most out of your discovery of these Enchanted Isles.

Hiking up to Bartholome viewpoint

Beaches of all colors

Alpha male sea lion

Marine iguana, primitive and sculptural





Arrive just in time: sunset over Sullivan Bay for picture perfect breathtaking views of monumental Pinnacle Rock.

A snorkeling favorite, Rábida’s red-sand beaches are the ultimate bachelor pad for sea lions!

Explore deep pools and caves carved from the lava shoreline, home to playful Galapagos fur seals.

Urbina Bay offers fire-patterned land iguanas, and yet more snorkeling with sea turtles and the like.

The Galapagos adventure is a learning experience. It is not only about specific facts, but rather the bigger picture… You don’t come to the Galapagos to see nature; you come this far to understand life.


Galapagos Penguins

Palo Santo and Opuntia

A favorite hangout

Hiking inland


There is perhaps no expedition as influential to the understanding of who we really are as Charles Darwin’s few weeks in the Galapagos Islands.

Flightless Cormorants


Airborne Flamingos

Blue suede shoes

El Soplador

La Galapaguera

Dragon Hill







Barren on land yet teeming with marine life, we’ll show you why Fernandina is often perceived as a ‘land without time’.

A full morning of snorkeling off golden beaches, flamingo-watching on inland lagoons and observing rays and sharks from the shoreline.

Discover seabird colonies and witness the most intimate courtship, breeding and nesting behaviors up close and personal.

The must-see Punta Suárez: you can’t miss its dramatic landscapes and the Waved Albatross’s unique mating rituals.

You’ll visit La Galapaguera giant tortoise recuperation center at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, a busy town colonized by charismatic sea lions.

In green and tropical Santa Cruz, with its cavernous lava tunnels and heavenly whitesand beaches, you will also have a chance to meet Lonesome George.

The trials of life all around

Green Sea Turtle

Male frigatebird showing off

Waved Albatross

From the wet highlands to the arid shore

Wild Galapagos tortoise


Make an adventure of someone else’s lifetime a dream come true for you today


BRACE YOURSELF Waking up to the sights of a new island each morning sets the stage for your very own evolutionary process, from initial curiosity to the sheer excitement of knowing something new and wonderful is out there waiting to amaze you. Every day brings new surprises and you will want to be ready…

Lava cacti, living where nothing else can



Evolution is a rather obscure, fleeting idea in our everyday life, but in the Galapagos it is a spectacle of majestic proportions, in which every inhabitant is an active protagonist who wants to show you just how good they are at it. Far from having anything to hide, they seem pleased to share their lives with you. This is the most unique performance that Nature has to offer.

They will pose. And they’ll pose again… until you get it right. A good subject wouldn’t have it any other way and the photographer in you won’t want to miss a beat… So don’t forget your telephoto lenses, your disposable underwater cameras, and as many memory cards as you can get your hands on… you’ll be taking pictures!

Galapagos giants

Baby frigatebird at nest

EXCITING ON LAND... FASCINATING DOWN UNDER! Think Bumphead Damsel, Moorish Idol, Rainbow Chub, Hieroglyphic Hawkfish, crimson-orange starfish, deep pink octopus, Spotted Eagle Ray … why not Whitetipped Reef Shark… or a ‘flock’ of playful penguins. Explore a spectacular underwater spectrum.

A dinghy ride to see penguins on the Equator

AN ADVENTURE FOR ALL AGES Children really get the most out of the Galapagos, from firsthand environmental awareness to exciting interaction with wildlife that is not offered in any zoo, in any amusement park… this is a true life-changing experience, and we’ll make sure it is a safe one.

One of the many Galapagos Island epiphanies is feeling welcome amongst the strangest of beings.


Take a “dip” on the wild side



GALAPAGOS LEGEND 100 passengers

Explore the bridge, watch for whales and dolphins from our decks, take your afternoon tea in the library, or mingle with fellow passengers, family and friends at the bar beside our pool: The Galapagos Legend affords an array of generous seaward verandas over the great Pacific Ocean and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to pass the time in style. 12


LIFE AT SEA with all the trimmings

“Miguel & Jaime must be the best barmen in the world. They made me feel like a friend.” Tomoko Hayashi, Sendai

On special evenings, we also couple the beguiling sunsets over the Pacific Ocean with an outdoor barbecue: The perfect time to enjoy the breathtaking island landscapes, a delightful cocktail in hand, getting to know fellow passengers from around the globe.

What puts the Galapagos Legend in a class of its own is the wide variety of spacious outdoor decks for lounging and sea-gazing from all sides. This is combined with ample, yet cozy indoor social areas with picture windows: the grandeur of expedition cruising while maintaining that intimate flavor you´ve been looking for. From baking that special birthday cake to making sure every last question has been answered in detail, our crew will show you how glad they are to serve you, with a range of friendly treats that will surely make you feel a part of the family.

Life on the Sky Deck

A doctor on board, awe-inspiring panoramic views from your cabins and a kid’s corner, exclusive perks that truly make a difference

Seascape with Jacuzzi

As the sun goes down...

A wayward visitor

Enjoying the moment

Take a deep breath and unwind The Fisherman´s Bar by the pool

Between islands

“What a wonderful staff… it was almost moving to see how they helped the older passengers. I know who’ll be taking my parents to the Galapagos next year!”

Will Foster, San Francisco



The Galapagos Legend´s auditorium

Neptune´s Bar & Lounge

A special occasion

The Ideal Incentive Getaway The Galapagos Legend is spacious enough to hold any mid-sized to large seminar event or team-building trip. The question is: Is the Galapagos the right place for you? Imagine snorkeling breaks, the inspiring landscapes that helped shape Man’s modern view of the world, the equatorial sun, pristine beaches and oneness with nature while Kleintours’ top-notch staff takes care of every detail. The Legend’s auditorium, with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment is great for conferences, while the many comfortable social areas, including a lounge with multiple video screens, can be a perfect alternative for seminars.

A world-class cruise experience “Wonderful, magical experience. Every single person, both onboard and throughout Kleintours, was cheerful, helpful and focused on our safety and comfort” Alyssa Pollard, Minneapolis

Delicious and varied, meals are either à la carte or buffet style, and range from savory Ecuadorean dishes to the best in international cuisine. Our chefs have experience in satisfying the most demanding dietary needs, just ask and we’ll deliver.

“Since we are vegetarian, Mr. Luis took great care to see we had something good to eat every day.” Yacoov & Miri Silber, Tel-Aviv 16

Easy reading in the Library

A hearty breakfast to start the day

The Legend’s first-class dining



Neptune´s party for having crossed the Equator

Ode to joy at the ice cream fest

Handsome, modern, robust vessels bring that extra sense of security so that your holiday is relaxing and carefree and the high personnel-to-passenger ratios on our cruises say how much Kleintours really cares.

“One of the best holidays I’ve ever had, and probably the best staff!”

EXPERIENCE YOU TAKE WITH YOU From organizing special activities when children are on board to making sure that every passenger has what they need to enjoy the Galapagos Islands at their pace, Kleintours’ makes every effort to defy your expectations.


Video and board games for your entertainment

Rhiannon Alcock, Melbourne

A soothing menu of spa and massage

CABINS The ultimate in cruising comfort and flexibility, cabins and suites on the M/V Galapagos Legend come in a variety of arrangements to suit your desires, from the quaint Moon Cabins with attractive skylights and the option to convert two twin-sized beds into a queen size or the luxurious Legend Suite with its own minibar and panoramic windows to the beautiful Moon Deck Galapagos Balcony, that can be interconnected with other cabins to create a deluxe living space with its very own terrace.




STANDARD CABIN (3 interiors)


& 36 passengers

20 passengers

Both equally comfortable with thoughtful interior and exterior distributions, Corals I & II are attractively decorated, deceptively spacious vessels with cozy, fullyequipped cabins. Recommended for the adventurous visitor who demands a closer encounter with the ocean’s waters‌



Close encounters of a different kind

Corals’ quaint and spacious lounge

Chilling out

THE SEA can be yours Kick back on comfy sun-loungers and feel the sea breeze or soak in a whirlpool while rekindling the marvelous experiences of the day,s excursions amongst your friends and family. “Life” onboard the Corals is a marine delight. Activities onboard tend to carry a more informal nature as you quickly get to know your fellow passengers on these lovely, medium-sized yachts. It is also a great choice for a group traveling together, with inter-connecting cabins and easy access from one area to another. You can quite simply make this yacht your own, with unmatched personalized service and fewer visitors per guide for a more intimate island experience.

On the Corals, the true ceiling is the sky above, and from its moon deck you can read, sleep, or just relax with a cold drink under the grandeur of the cosmos. Own your adventure


At home with friends and family

Comfortable dining on a beautiful yacht

Barbeque at the archipelago

No compromise to quality service




Our five-star sister vessels Coral I and Coral II boast beautifully-appointed living spaces starting from the smaller more intimate Superior Cabins to the more spacious Moon Cabins with picture windows and easy access to the sun and shade terraces.

Cabins on all of our vessels offer maximum amenities while keeping with our strict policy and ethics towards the defense and protection of the fragile environments in which we operate. Air-conditioning, fresh hot and cold water, private bathrooms, TV and DVD, hair dryers, safety-deposit boxes, extra storage space and smoke detectors are included across the board, to provide the best in Galapagos cruising.




Rest assured, Corals always sail together


The colors of Otavalo

Chiva Don Otto: our very own time capsule




IMAGINE A MARKETPLACE THAT CAN FILL AN ENTIRE TOWN! You can’t leave this wonderful corner of the world without an Otavalo shopping spree. This worldrenowned craft fair offers countless handmade products from leatherwork, beautifully carved sculptures, musical instruments, wondrous goldpearl necklaces, and rich naïve paintings to the myriad of hues that embellish everything from sweaters, hammocks, tapestries, and rugs to skirts, blankets, and the nearly endless variety of styles, textures and patterns that adorn the emblematic ponchos of the Ecuadorean highlands.

Quito is a multicolored urban quilt draped across the steep slopes and undulating inter-Andean valleys at the foot of Pichincha Volcano. Landscapes are formed at every corner, as any point can become a magnificent lookout site over the burgeoning city and the mountains that surround it. Strolling the narrow cobblestone streets of Quito’s old-town is like walking through time and back again amidst splendid 16th century architecture, churches bathed in gold, convents tucked away behind hand–carved, baroque doors and block upon block of Spanish-style villas with their charming hidden courtyards. All efforts to highlight the magnificence of this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site have made it a safe and inspiring journey to the heart of Latin American history and culture.

Kleintours’ Chiva Don Otto is an open-air teak wood bus from 1953, ideal for evening tours in the magical, gloriously lit colonial town.

The Saturday market at Otavalo is the largest of its kind in all of South America

Beautifully preserved La Ronda, Quito´s oldest street

Opposites attract on the Equator

Kleintours, more than just a souvenir.

MINDO The lush cloud forests of Mindo, located no more than an hour-and-a-half drive from the capital city have received world acclaim for its orchids and hummingbirds, where walks through moss-ridden forest, kayaking along torrential jungle rivers, bathing in cool, quiet, crystaline streams, or admiring petroglyphs that profess adoration to an ancient Jaguar God bring you to the most intimate contact with what the Incas called the Pacha Mama—or Mother Earth.


Hummingbirds: jewels of the sky in Mindo

Sounds of the Andes

Majestic birds of prey at Parque Cóndor


Chaski Antawa The Messenger Train

Chaski Route


Find the messenger in you: Be a part of an ancient Incan tradition. The Chaski, royal messenger and steadfast communicator, who ran the enormity of an Empire, over the most rugged terrain to unite a people, symbolizes for us our difficult yet committed road to preserving our fragile cultural diversity. Join us as a Chaski on a journey of sharing and communication to connect our worlds and celebrate our diversity. Expert guides share the details Murals, part of the Salinas town restoration project


Chaski Antawa, over high-rising bridges in the heart of Imbabura

Children’s Brass Band of Salinas

The province of Imbabura is best known for the fascinating market and craft fair at Otavalo, one of Ecuador’s tourism hot-spots. In fact, this quaint and industrious little town is just the tip of the ‘must-see’ iceberg in terms of the remarkable natural and cultural attractions that Imbabura has to offer. Its people are warm and diverse, talented and deeply proud of ancestral traditions. Kleintours will take you on that embracing journey into this truly multidimensional destination, to live out an experience of a lifetime.

Your first glimpses of the children’s marching band that receives you at Salinas de Imbabura will strike you as quite different from anything you’ve seen before. If you have already noticed the deeprooted indigenous mettle of the Andean people, this mountain community of Afro-Ecuadorians will most definitely strike you as confusing. A fascinating history, of syncretism and adaptation, of adversity and joy, will unfold as you walk the streets, share the beats and eat the treats of a colorful, dancing crowd.

Local souvenirs

Teaching how to make recycled paper

Ancient knowhow at the Salinas Salt Museum

Dancing prowess


Chaski Route

Karanki Community

Meet the Karanki Once home to Atahualpa, the last of the Incan emperors, the Karanki community of La Magdalena inhabit a paradise lost in time amongst llamas and condors, peaceful lagoons and the patchwork slopes of Imbabura Volcano. It is immersed in this remarkably breathtaking pastoral setting that the Karanki keep the same harmonious relationship with their environment they’ve kept for centuries, tending to their livestock, cultivating their land and enjoying the clear mountain air.

Cayambe Volcano, rising above the clouds

Town hall at La Magdalena

Teaching the secrets of the Andean kitchen

Close up


Views from your bedroom window

Andean portrait

Kleintours has actively sponsored and collaborated with the Karanki community, promoting crosscultural experiences with travelers from around the globe. Come and admire the beauty of their embroidery, share their everyday shepherding and harvesting activities and stand face-to-face with a people untouched by the urgencies of modern life. The natural realm of this hidden mountain niche can be absorbed in a series of optional activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, or hiking up Cunrro Hill and around Cubilche Lake. Through our endeavors, three local homes have been renovated and a fourth has been built from scratch. Those visiting the community can stay overnight and enjoy exquisite meals prepared with the crops of the land and the imposing mornings of the magnetic Ecuadorian Andes.

The valleys of Imbabura


Central Andes



CUENCA, CITY OF RIVERS Regarded by many as the country’s most beautiful city, Cuenca is the scenic convergence of four vigorous Andean rivers and a “World Heritage” colonial center in its own right. A well-rounded crafty breed of citizens, talented in a range of creative endeavors from intricate basket weaving to fine silverwork, are the generous hosts of this hospitable town. They will proudly show you their best work. The city also features countless memorable points of interest, from colonial plazas, or cozy bars overlooking the riverbank to fragrant flower markets and historic churches.

A necklace of ‘snow-cones’ like a jeweled crown, Chimborazo, El Altar, Antisana, Cayambe, Illinizas, Tungurahua and the mighty Cotopaxi—to name perhaps the most emblematic—are all highly prized mountain-climbing destinations that rise well over 5000 meters (16,000 ft) above sea level, giving the overall Andean landscape, viewable from large cities to small towns, a character of unsurpassable splendor. For some, the ultimate experience may very well be reaching the summit, yet for the less competitive type, the staggering beauty of the tundra-like vegetation, the sparkling lagoons, the wild horses galloping in the distance, and its crystal-clear, revitalizing air, is what really makes the day.

LAYERS OF ETHNICITY Ecuador’s cultural colors are represented by more than 13 different languages and some 40-odd ethnic groups who take pride in their ancestral customs. Such unique human diversity in an area no larger than the U.S. state of Colorado gives testimony to the extreme complexities that make Ecuador what it is.

PROSPERITY OF PAST LIVES Witness the elegant architecture and lavish furnishings of colonial wealth as you ponder the timeless space that fills the air: a stay in an Ecuadorian hacienda is a comprehensive look into the placid luxuries of the past. Antique corridors lined with 18th-century portraiture and , eucalyptus-scented gardens bring you closer to that ever-elusive mirage of the perfect life in an ideal world.

Zumbahua, natural quilt

Tomebamba River, at night

The sky within reach

In Ecuador, most everything is more than meets the eye. You’ll want to take a closer look.


A cultural kaleidoscope

Growing up in the Andes

Ecuadorian “Panama” hats

The colors of our people

Incan magnificence at Ingapirca


Sunset over Guayas River and Santa Ana Hill

Coca Falls, symbol of diversity

Expressions of the Amazon


A mazonia

The largest in Ecuador, Guayaquil is a modern, bustling metropolis in the heart of tropical America, constantly striving for change with a people of unique warmth and grace. Malecón 2000, the complete makeover of Guayaquil’s boardwalk, and the recent restoration of Barrio Las Peñas, the original Spanish settlement site of the city, have re-appropriated the city portward life and are always busy hangouts that feature a range of bars, restaurants, boutiques, museums, gardens and magnificent views of Guayas River’s determined journey to the sea.

THE TREASURES OF THE RAINFOREST COULDN’T BE CLOSER... In as little as 3 hours from the nation’s capital, you can be floating in silence down the still black waters of a jungle stream, deep in shadow amid a careful choral orchestration of countless creatures and immersed in the most exuberant botanical garden on Earth. Discover the active understory through jungle hikes or walk along a canopy bridge for unsurpassable views and face-to-face interaction with monkeys and other unique tree dwellers. The Ecuadorian Amazon is a treat to the senses, from the freshness of its aromatic breeze to the brilliance of its colors, from the convergence of its sounds to the touch of its spirits; the experience transcends human comprehension.

Come live the adventure of your life

The single-most biodiverse location on our Planet!

Ecuador has it all help us preserve it

Entering the Garden

Scarlet Macaw

EXPERIENCE THE CHARM OF THE PACIFIC COAST Ecuador’s beaches still possess the rare innocence of a beauty ignored for centuries. Although the preColombian ceramic artifacts unearthed here are the most ancient found anywhere across the Americas, the present-day small fishing villages and deserted beach enclaves that are scattered along Ecuador’s

coast seem to be untouched by time. This land, imbued in the tantalizing aroma of Palo Santo trees— where fresh lobster can be fished and served in an hour’s time and impressively vast expanses of sand confront the breaking waves—makes any visitor feel special, as if the first to have disembarked.

The glory of an ancient past

Barrio Las Peñas, the poet’s abode


Fishing boats at Olón


The grandeur of Machu Pichu

N Galapagos islands


ECUADOR & PERU a perfect pair




The magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu, perhaps the most visited landmark in Peru, are considered one of the seven New Wonders of the World. Nestled amidst a string of ridges and ravines in the heart of the ancient Incan Empire, the ruins of the Lost City hold a mystique of universal appeal, where the feeling of communion with the past and its spirits will truly captivate you.

Archeological Site


Airport Train


Lines of Nazca Indigenous Market


Machu Picchu Cusco


Paracas Reserve Nazca

Puno Arequipa Titicaca Lake

The mystery of Nazca

Peru and Ecuador, a spellbinding indepth Latin American adventure.

Continue discovering the marvels of the Andes in Peru, a country deeply rooted in tradition and identity. Ecuador’s small size is perfectly complemented by the vastness of Peru, with seemingly endless landscapes and a cultural heritage of profound legacy. Combining these two countries in one vacation does not only make sense logistically, it is like matching the pieces of a puzzle. Kleintours partners with well-established third party operators that will guarantee the prefect journey.


To this day, the city of Cuzco reflects the deep disparities between the Old and New Worlds with ancient remains of sacred Incan temples and the European feel of its streets and plazas. Other cities such as Trujillo, Chiclayo, the “white city” of Arequipa and the capital Lima are unique sites of important archeological and cultural interest, while the desert town of Nazca will astound you with its enigmatic earth art only observable from high above. A taste of Peru would not be complete without experiencing such enigmatic destinations as the Paracas Marine Reserve along the country’s Pacific coast, Puerto Maldonado, frontier town for remote Amazon jungle tours or the spellbinding Titicaca, the world’s largest lake, located at 3800 meters above sea level, from which the Incan Gods emerged.

Stonework at Sacsayhuamán Inca Fortress

The flavors of an empire

Chan Chan totem


The Chaski Route Kleintours is committed to the sustainable development of the people of the province of Imbabura through an open-ended project we have labeled the Chaski Antawa, or messenger train. Aimed at creating jobs and developing tourism, investment, and the establishment of small arts and crafts ventures that utilize local raw materials, Kleintours seeks to positively benefit the sense of identity and general wellbeing of these communities. At Salinas de Imbabura, Kleintours’ first-rate restaurant is managed and operated solely by members of the community. We have trained the entire staff in cooking, customer service, sanitation, nutrition, and housekeeping. In


Galapagos is a world treasure

Kleintours social project addition, local workshops were conducted to further showcase the traditions of this wonderfully talented and diligent people, which resulted, amongst other things, in the creation of a Salt Museum that revisits salt production procedures. Other local endeavors, from paper recycling to chocolate truffle making, have been put into effect, monitored and supported by Kleintours. Children have also been a priority when thinking out these projects, and a series of workshops on written and artistic expression as well as computer science have shown inspiring results. At La Magdalena, a rural highland village home to the Karanki culture, Kleintours has set up another interactive tourism experience, where the visitors may participate in local

everyday activities, outdoor excursions or stay overnight to truly get to know and embrace the remarkable natural and cultural assets of the region. Seminars in areas such as accounting, health and hygiene, English and general hotel administration have been our contribution to help the community manage itself sustainably, and a summer camp was recently established for the children whereby Kleintours donated countless books that will become a public library throughout the school year. Our goal is to create international recognition for the entire area as a high-end tourism destination, through which we hope to improve the living conditions of the people who make it so special.

Strict parameters for operating in the Galapagos Islands have been established and modified over the years in order to properly preserve their fragile ecosystem. Kleintours has always strived to be at the forefront of these conservation efforts, closely complying with all local legal, maritime, and environmental requirements as well as efficiency standards of the International Safety Management (ISM), the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), and the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW). Stateof-the-art technology is used indiscriminately Credits: Photographers: Margraff fotografía Francisco Caizapanta Bernardo Rampón Olivier Overlau Robert Rink Fox Pablo Jaramillo Kira Tolkmit

Jean Claude Constant Daniel Codena Christof Hirtz Bernardo Jácome Murray Cooper Domiruth Tour Operator Emil Klein

on all vessels to mitigate environmental impact at every turn, treating and processing all major sources of pollution appropriately. Log on to for further information on our environmental efforts.

Galapagos Foundation conservation projects, locating trash cans throughout Puerto Ayora and providing bicycles to the local police as an entertaining, healthy and ecologically sound alternative means of transportation.

Kleintours is an active participant in improving living conditions of local Galapagos communities by donating garbage-treatment equipment, cardboard compactors, uniforms and supplies for the Galapagos National Park and the Puerto Ayora public hospital, as well as sports facilities throughout this city. Kleintours has been involved in supporting non-governmental and

We also buy and consume a substantial amount of local produce for our operation in the islands, from vegetables grown on local farms to Galapagos meat, fish and dairy products which are handpicked by Kleintours’ personnel, using our own high quality control standards to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Text: Ilan Greenfield Design & Ilustration: Sesos Creación Visual Layout: Sesos Creación Visual KleinTours - Daniel Codena Corporate Communication Consulting: Matias Cortese Printed by: Nuevo Arte August 2010

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ALTITUDE AVG: 0 meters / 0 Feet



ALTITUDE AVG: 200-1000 meters / 656-3281 Feet TEMPERATURE AVG: 26ºC / 79ºF

ALTITUDE AVG: 2000-2800 meters / 6562-9186 Feet TEMPERATURE AVG: 16ºC / 61ºF





Salinas 2 hrs

½ hr

M/V Galapagos Legend M/Y Coral I

½ hr


M/Y Coral II

1 hr





2h 3N

2 hrs





2 hrs


Lat 0º0´0´



Karanki Community






Manta 2N


3 hrs



National Park



½ hr

National Park

1½ hrs


Baños FD

½ hr

Chaski Route 1N

Indigenous Market

1 hr


Community Project


Natural Reserve


Archaeological Site

2 hrs

Devil´s Nose

Equatorial Line

4 hrs




2 hrs

National Park

International Airport

Amazonian Lodge


½ hr

Main destinations




4 hrs


2½ hrs

Pujilí 1N


National Park


4 hrs



½ hr

Cotopaxi Machalilla



2 hrs


1 hr




½ hr

Isla de la Plata



hr s



Complementary Sites



4 hrs


Side Trips 1N

Trip Lenght Half Day


Full Day

National Park






Hot Springs


2 hrs




1 hr




Water route

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