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SLT and Teaching Staff 2018/19 Headmaster Mr Duncan Murphy

M.Ed., B.A. (Hons) English Lit., I.A.P.S.


Deputy Headmaster Mr Ian Mitchell

M.A., B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E., Pg. Dip. Ed.

Geography, Mathematics, Games Deputy DSL

Director of Studies Mr James March

B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E.


Bursar Mrs Sally Witts

Deputy DSL

Head of Seniors Mr James Rudkin

M.Ed., B.A. (Hons) History

Head of Seniors, Head of History, Year 11 Form Teacher, Games, Deputy DSL

Head of Upper Prep Mr Liam Clarke

B.Sc. Open, P.G.C.E.

Head of Upper Prep, Year 5 Form Teacher, Games, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Head of Lower Prep Mrs Eleanor Henery

B.Sc. (Hons), P.G.C.E.

Head of Lower Prep, Year 1 & 2 Form Teacher, Deputy DSL

Mr Mike Bailey


Head of Design Technology

Mr David Barratt

B.Ed. Maths and Science

Science Teacher, Year 7 Form Teacher, Games

Miss Amanda Black

M.A. Education Practice, P.G. D. E.

Head of Science, Year 7 Form Teacher

Mr Barney Cowie

B.Sc. Sports Science, I.P.G.C.E.

Head of Sport, Year 10 Form Teacher

Mrs Grace Celentano

B. Ed. (Hons)

Year 6 Form Teacher

Mr Fergus Darlow

Outdoor and Education Student

Graduate Assistant

Mr Robert Hendry

B.Sc. Sports Studies and PE, I.P.G.C.E

Games/Humanities Teacher, Year 9 Form Teacher

Mrs Nicola Lambert

B.A.Open, P.G.C.E.

Year 4 Form Teacher

Mrs Diana Lewis

M.A. (Oxon), P.G.C.E.

Years 4 and 5 Maths Teacher

Mrs Gemma Lindley

B.Sc., P.G.C.E.

Head of Maths, Year 9 Form Teacher

Miss Emilia Maciejewska

M.A. Arts Education, QTS

Head of Art

Mrs Jenny Malcolm

B.A. (Hons) Primary Teaching

Reception Teacher

Mrs Julie Marskell

NVQ Level 3

Reception Teacher

Miss Sam McSweeney

B.A. Primary Ed. with PE

Year 3 Form Teacher

Mrs Sarah Roberts

CACHE Level 3 Diploma

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr Dylan Rogers

B.T.E.C. Sport and Exercise Science

GAP Assistant

Mr Colin Russell

B.Sc. Marine Biology & Ocean Geog., I.P.G.C.E

General Subjects/Games Teacher, Year 6 Form Teacher

Mr Michael Sanderson

B.A. Sports Development and Coaching, I.P.G.C.E


Mrs Sally Seiver

B.Ed. (Hons)

Year 5 Form Teacher

Miss Zoe Smith

B.A. (Hons) Educational Studies, P.G.C.E.

Year 4 Form Teacher

Mr Sachin Sukhdeo

B.Sc. (Hons) Maths, Diploma in Education

Maths Teacher, GTI, Year 9 Form Teacher

Mrs Fiona Swift

NVQ Level 3, I.P.G.C.E. Student

French Teacher

Mr Louie Swift

B.A. (Hons) Music, P.G.C.E.

Director of Music, Year 8 Form Teacher, Games

Mrs Stella Taylor

P.D.L.S., P.G.C.E.

Head of French, Year 8 Form Teacher

Mrs Phillipa Watkins

B.A. (Hons) Music & History, P.G.C.E.

Head of Drama

Mr James White

B.Sc. Sports Science, I.P.G.C.E. Student


Mrs Pippa Webb

B.A (Hons) English, P.G.C.E,

Head of ICT/Computer Science

Mrs Stephanie Weston

I.P.G.C.E., Dip. C.O.T.

Head of RS, PSHEE, Classics

The Kingswood House Way

Dear Parents

I am delighted to present highlights of the news and events that took place during the autumn term. As you will see overleaf, this has been a time of stellar development for Kingswood House and I am proud that we were shortlisted for a prestigious Independent School of 2018 Award. The boys continue to be our best ambassadors and I remain full of admiration for their zest both in and out of the classroom - they have certainly been extremely busy!

Thank you to my talented team of teaching and support staff – as well as to you, the parents – for helping to create such a vibrant community and strong team ethic. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year ahead. Yours sincerely

Duncan Murphy Headmaster

Subject Enrichment Programme This academic year sees the introduction of our exciting new subject enrichment programme. This will provide further opportunities for pupils to enjoy subject-related activities and events whilst reflecting on the principles which underpin the philosophy of the school, as embodied in ‘The Kingswood House Way’. For the first half of this term, the enrichment focus is English; for the second half, mathematics. Other subjects will feature in the enrichment programme over the course of the academic year. Typically, there will be a whole-school activity each week, as well as a host of other enrichment initiatives and activities for pupils to enjoy. This half-term’s English enrichment includes the following whole-school activities: reading and writing poetry (based on the theme of ‘Respect’); creating short stories; a hand-writing competition; creating media texts (such as articles or advertisements); writing limericks; and a half-term ‘Reading in Strange Places’ competition. Amongst other enrichment initiatives are vocabulary development, provision of reading lists, group reading, storytelling and the formation of a debating society which will be run by Mrs Fiona Swift. Examples of pupils’ work will be published in the school’s weekly newsletter. Mr March

Excellent Poetry from two boys this week:

Congratulations to all our KHS Scholars: KHS Year 3 Scholarship Awards


Scholarship: Nathaniel John, Samuel Atkins, Arun Arulchandran

Others are equal Treat people with love and trust Everyone matters

Head’s Award: Jack Harvey

Archie McMurtrie Year 6

Academic Scholarship: Paul Barrow, Theo Jenkins, Krishan Idrees

KHS Year 5 Scholarship Awards

Headmaster’s Award: (Academic): Christos Louka


All-Rounder Exhibition: Tai Bobo

Respect this wondrous world, Resplendent and inspiring, Keep safe its map unfurled.

Headmaster’s Award (All-Rounder): Noah Seager, Jayden Eddy

Regard all nature’s lives, Majestic and beguiling, And careful freedom thrives.

Academic Exhibition: Joseph Seager, Hadi Yousaf

Admire the ocean’s might, Life-giving and disguising, Protect before midnight.

Theo Godfrey Year 9

KHS Year 7 Scholarship Awards

All-Rounder Scholarship: Will Moffatt (Music / Drama) KHS Year 9 Scholarship Awards Academic Scholarship: Jack Leonard Academic Exhibition: Hasan Jaffri, Freddie Harrison All-Rounder Scholarship: Theo Burn, Eddie Monk All-Rounder Exhibition: Arad Rezavandi, Hugo Jenkins

Dear Parents I am delighted to let you know that the Year 1 to 11 weekly Maths Challenges star t today.

from tables to shape, space and measure. They can also help children to master the maths concepts that form an important part of everyday life, such as telling the time and using money.

The challenges provide the boys with an opportunity to  Working on the Maths Challenges, particularly at home, explore the subject in a fun, engaging and problem solving gives you an opportunity to practise and talk about maths context. There are a number of benefits which can be gained in a relaxed context, taking away the pressure that some by completing the Maths Challenges; some of which are listed boys feel in the classroom and making it feel less scary. below: Whilst these are optional, it would be much appreciated if  These tasks could help children’s problem-solving, you could encourage your son to have a go with these. logical thinking, mental fluency, perseverance, ability to cope with failure, and even their use of language. Sachin Sukhdeo  The Maths Challenges could help your son use and Head of Maths apply a wide range of mathematical principles, GTi Coordinator

Year 1 and 2 welcomed Year 11 in to their Art Class where they all worked together to produce some excellent work. Year 11 were great role models and also managed to pass on some helpful life skills—particularly the art of tie-tying. Mrs Henery

Design and Technology Suite

The new D and T Suite is now in full operation. These photos show the old room, the vast number of boxes ‘mid move’ and now a fully functional, well equipped facility. We all look forward to creating some high quality products from the vast array of machinery available. Mr Bailey

CONGRATULATIONS There were some fantastic achievements by many boys over the summer, here are a few of them:

Barnaby Atkins qualified to become a member of Mensa

Frankie Larter was awarded U7 Bowler ( and smiler!) of the year at Epsom Cricket Club end of season ceremony. He was praised for his commitment and excellent leg spin bowling. We are very proud of his achievement. Well done, Frankie !

Jamil Hashemi obtained a Distinction in his Grade 1 ABRSM in violin and we are so pleased with his achievement. Well done, Jamil!

Well done, Barnaby!

The boys have had a very busy time in Reception. They have been ordering numbers from 0-10 on the washing line and writing numbers 0-10. They had great fun using the outside classroom. Mrs Marskell

Year 2, Year 1 and Reception had their first Yoga Workshop this week, which they all enjoyed very much and are already looking forward to their next session. Mrs Marskell

Geography Field Trip Year 6 visited River Tillingbourne for a river study. The boys measured the river at two different spots so they could compare how the river changes as it moves down stream. They also practised mindfulness by listening closely to nature. After lunch, we climbed to the top of Leith Hill to see the spectacular views and take a look in the tower. Mrs Celentano

Duke of Edinburgh Award The boys had their first outing in preparation for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. They are all looking forward to working on the award throughout the year. Mr Hendry

The 2nd XI started the season very well with a 2-1 win vs Ripley Court. Well done, boys ! Mr Swift Ben H and Ivan T, 6C, wrote wonderful poems on our theme of respect. Well done, boys! Mrs Celentano

House Family Afternoon Last Friday afternoon was a hugely entertaining and useful exercise as the boys worked in their new House Families for the first time. The idea is adapted from a concept from St Andrew’s University, where each new student is assigned a second year “parent” and a final year “grandparent” with whom the fresher can spend time and become accustomed to their new surroundings. As such, our boys have been carefully divided into “families”, each of which boasts a cross-section of pupils from Lower Prep, Upper Prep and Seniors. They worked as a team to locate and answer questions that had been strategically placed at secret destinations throughout the school. It was a house point frenzy as the House Families were rewarded for each right answer and it served the dual purpose of helping all of our new boys find their way around the school campus. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to the second house family afternoon at the start of next term. Mr Russell & Miss McSweeney

Year 9 Computer Science - Computational Thinking The pupils are working collaboratively in small groups. They have been set the task of building a tower using limited supplies. To be successful, the groups need to be able to decompose a complex problem into smaller parts. Decomposition is the first stage of computational thinking. Mrs Webb

Explore Learning Reception boys were visited by Explore Learning. Charlotte and Karen taught the boys to make sentences using a word, eg red—’A dragon has a red tail’. The boys were put into different teams; blue, red, yellow and turquoise. They had to think of objects that matched those colours and then write them down on a piece of paper. The boys had wonderful ideas. Mrs Marskell

Respect Poetry This week’s English enrichment focus of poetry writing was enjoyed massively by the boys in Year 3 & 8T, who teamed up to write collaboratively on this term’s value of Respect. Mr Russell Respect is like a reward, It is good, Respect is earned through friendship, Respect your toys, Respect other girls and boys, Be kind, Be forgiving, Share your things, Respect can be shown through sportsmanship, Team work, Respect the law, Respect our animals and plants.

Being nice in every way, Sharing and playing, When you respect others it’s like saving the world, Respecting other people and the law, Looking after yourself by taking care of yourself and others, Respect is like a giant gem being given to you, Think before you act! Ed Bolton (8T) & George Prichard (3M)

Angelo Cooper (8T) & Barnaby Atkins (3M)

Reception boys went on an Autumn walk round the school. We spoke about the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. In class the boys then had to make their own tree using the leaves and bark they collected from our walk. Mrs Marskell

MATCH REPORTS U15 & U16 A vs. Duke of Kent 4-2 (L)

Goal scorers- Sam Fowler x2

Man of The Match - Will Murrell Notable performances - Rohan Bogues, Ollie Bartlett, Jack Fernandes & Max Mkpa

Colts F vs. Surbiton Prep 1-1 (D) Goal Scorers - Tayyab Siddiqui Man of The Match- Alex Hill Notable Performances- Alex Hill, Ozzy Sullivan & Tahil Rana U8 & 9 A vs. Claremont Fan Court 5-0 (L) Man of The Match - George Dyson

U14 A vs. Duke of Kent

Notable Performances - Jackson Worth (GK)

3-0 (W) Goal scorers - Josh Johns x3 Man of The Match - Josh Johns

U8 & 9 B vs. Claremont Fan Court

1St XI vs. Ripley Court

Notable Performances - Ed Bishop (GK)

2-1 (W) Goal Scorers- Josh Lunemann x2 Man of The Match - Josh Lunemann

U8 & 9 C vs. Claremont Fan Court

3-1(W) Goal Scorers - Ben Schumacher, Josh Draper & Jack Guiney Notable Performances- Eddie Monk, Theo Godfrey & James Totham Man of The Match- Ben Schumacher

Notable Performances- Ryan Lunemann & Harvey Weems

3-1 (W) Goal Scorers - Harrison Wallis (GK) Man of The Match - Dylan Newman


2 XI vs. Ripley Court 2-1 (W) Goal Scorers - Tommy Collins & Danial Idrees Man of The Match - Jestico Seemampillai Notable Performances- Tommy Collins, Mathew Bartlett, Daniel Idrees & Cameron Allenby Colts A vs. Surbiton Prep 4-2 (W) Goal scorers- Ben Holmes, Ben Choy, Michael Fitzgibbon & Jayden Eddy Man of The Match - Michael Fitzgibbon Notable Performances- Stuart Coleman (GK), Michael Fitzgibbon Colts B vs. Surbiton Prep 2-0 (W) Goal Scorers - Sam Sheehan x2 Man of The Match - Sam Sheehan Notable Performances - Noah Seager & Raine Bennett Colts C vs. Surbiton Prep 7-0 (W) Goal Scorers - Rory Slater x2, Michael Sargious x2, Thomas Mostyn x2, Tharani Vengadachalam Man of The Match - Rory Slater Notable Performances - Connor Edwards Colts D vs. Surbiton Prep 2-1 (W) Goal Scorers - Ben Hubber Man of The Match- Ben Hubber Notable Performances - Ben Hubber, Alec Newton (GK) Colts E vs. Surbiton Prep 3-2 (L) Goal Scorers - Ethan Lee x2 Man of The Match - Theo Jenkins Notable Performances - Jonty Ward (GK) & Ethan Lee

Notable Performances - Harrison Wallis & Saul Silkman

Sportsmanship Awards Ben Holmes - After KHS scored a goal to put us in the lead against a strong Surbiton Prep A side Ben Holmes decided to reassure the opposition instead of celebrating Archie Spick - In order to win in football, you first need to be in possession of the ball. Archie, like a true sportsman, over-ruled the referee when a throw in ball was falsely in favour of KHS, therefore giving the ball back to the opposition and earning Archie a Sportsmanship Award. George Harvey - George noticed that a boy in his team had forgotten his shin pads and decided at half time to lend his shin pads to his friend so that he would be able to play a half in the match. Jonty Ward - Being a goalkeeper can be tough but can also be the best position to play depending on the team winning or losing. Jonty played excellently in goal against Surbiton Prep and managed to make several good saves and didn’t give up when times were tough. Alex Hill - At every moment in the game, drawing or winning, he didn’t give up which earned him a Sportsmanship Award and the Captaincy for the Colts F!


Joseph Huang

Harry Leyshan

Gabriel Taylor

Tharani Vengadachalam

Edward Collins

Archie McMurtrie

Joseph Huang

Kobi Ward

Jack Wrigley x 2

Michael Fitzgibbon

Well done to Connor H, Year 11, who attended the Great Britain American Football trials last weekend. We wish him all the best in getting selected for the next round of trials. Mr Rudkin

GARDENING CLUB The boys had fun digging up the potatoes. At home time, they all had a bag of potatoes to take home. Enjoy! Mrs Marskell


Respect by Ryan L 8S

Respect is something

Respect your life given by God

That no one gets for

Don’t take for granted what your parents bring to you


Respect must be given before an expected return

Please, thank you, That’s all it needs.

It is not a rule, just what you should follow

Help your neighbour Your friend Your brother

Respect Poems by 8S

Don’t know how to show it learn it

and your sister do all this they’ll Do it too. Just don’t forget Please and thank you.

Can’t buy respect follow it, respect comes back in return

Respect Sharing and kindness are signs of RESPECT Having manners is very important My mum is very helpful Helping me doing my homework

Show others how to respect if they cannot Simple seven letter word, Respect being more important than happiness, friends too Those that do not respect are good just like you but haven’t learned it yet

My dad is very caring of me

Respect’s not a living rollercoaster neither a gunshot to the head


Keeping me safe

Respect is not as difficult as it seems

Remember everyone’s views and opinions are as good as each others.

My brother is very patient

Everyday actions or reactions towards others is showing respect

Everybody has a right to be heard. Sometimes people forgive and forget.

Respect others

People should be allowed to speak freely.


Owain F 8s

Eddie respects friends, teachers and parents. Could the world be a better place with more respect.

I like that

And they will respect you

Ollie S 8S

Thankfully we have respect for the world we live in.

Respect is carried all around the world.

Eddie F 8s

Everybody being kind in this world even caring,

Respect Respect is not given as a prize.

because respect is everybody’s motto.

Things you say some will be remembered even if it’s good or offensive Expectations of others are all different, different people- same respect Respect an enemy the way you respect your friend You can change some minds with respect, they will think I like you and respect too Giving one or two chances allowing respect for your surroundings Respect, not a game, not a maze simple as you think Don’t disrespect because they are different


Respect because you want to

By being polite.

Some people in the dark, scaring this world with no respect.

Respect from your heart not for what someone does to you

Respect is a two- way street.

Not caring about anything but those

Love is like respect; you’ve already earned it given from your heart

People should earn it,

We should respect others race.

People will change but not today.

You should treat people respectfully. You should treat others as they want to treat you. Respect all the people around you, Respect other opinion.

Sam S 8s

Today is today where a lot of people are Being helpful and being kind and making The world a better place. Day by day, respect will grow stronger in our hearts.

Joe O 8s

It always seems impossible till it’s done

Senior History Trip to Berlin

The boys had a great first day exploring Berlin. Their guide, JB, showed them round the central area of the city during his introductory tour. ‘JB was a walking Wikipedia’ was the comment from the boys! Mr Mitchell

In Maths, Reception boys have been learning about 2D shapes. We decided to take a walk round the school to find different shapes outside. As you can see they have found a variety of circles, rectangles, triangles and squares. Mrs Marskell

Year 4 have been learning about hieroglyphics. The boys wrote their names on papyrus paper. Miss Smith

I was so impressed with the determination shown by my Maths group. We tackled some tricky Maths. Ted and Ben worked brilliantly together they do say two heads are better than one! Mrs Celentano

This week Reception boys have been learning to count in their French lesson. Lulu and Leo, the puppets, have been helping them. Mrs Marskell


U8 & 9 A vs. Duke of Kent 6-5 (L)

Man of The Match - Adam Gratton

1st XI vs. Tower House

Goal Scorers - Sam Atkins, George Dyson,

6-2 (L)

Notable Performance - Cameron Edwards

Goal Scorers - Josh Lunemann & Rhys Battrick U8 & 9 B vs. Duke of Kent 2nd XI vs. Tower House

3-1 (L)

3-0 (L)

Goal Scorers- Reuben Tomb

Man of The Match - Joe Offen

Man of The Match - Reuben Tomb

Notable Performance - Joe Offen & Matthew Bartlett

Notable Performance - Josh Draper & Edward Bishop

3rd XI vs. Tower House

U8 & 9 C vs. Duke of Kent

3-0 (L)

3-1 (L)

Men of The Match - Theo Spick & Max Mitchell-Nessbert

Notable Performance - Rory Gibbs & Ewan Walker

Men of The Match - James Miller & Dylan Newman

Goal Scorers - Harrison Wallis Notable Performance - Jamil Hashemi

4th XI vs. Tower House 2-2 (D) Men of The Match - Hal Ferguson & Enan Abdul

Sportsmanship Awards

Goal Scorers- Ali Al-Rubaie & Marcus Glen Notable Performance - Folu Ayeni & Ismail Muhammad

Angelo Cooper Colts A vs. Banstead Prep 4-0 (W) Man of The Match - Ben Holmes Goal Scorers - Ben Choy x2, Jayden Eddy & Michael Fitzgibbon Notable Performance - Ben Choy & Jack Chamberlain

After a crunching tackle Angelo helped up his opponent from the floor.

Colts B vs. Banstead Prep 1-1 (D) Man of The Match - Beau Clarke Goal Scorers - Sam Sheehan Notable Performance - Toby Wardle & Sam Sheehan

Colts C vs. Banstead Prep 6-0 (W) Man of The Match - Thomas Mostyn Goal Scorers- Thomas Mostyn x3, Ben Hubber, Christos Louka & Rory Slater Notable Performance - Tharani Vengadachalam & Connor Edwards

Colts D vs. Banstead Prep 10-0 (W) Man of The Match - Harry Leyshon Notable Performance- Archie Blyth, Josh McCrosson & Paul Barrow

Ewan Walker

Ewan is receiving this award as, after scoring an own goal, Ewan managed to look on the bright side and make a joke of it keeping up team moral.


Theo Venzelaar– Pelly Jackson Worth

Emir Ozderici Ethan Clarke

Rex Treadwell James Miller

Haaken N Year 1 was a mascot for Bristol Rovers (vs Coventry) at the weekend. Well done, Haaken! And well done, Bristol Rovers as they won 3-1!

Congratulations to Theo B, 9L, who trained for a year with his dog, Skipper, on The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Together they passed the Bronze Award and received a certificate and rosette. Theo and Skipper, a silver toy poodle, are now in training for their Silver Award. Well done, Theo and Skipper!

We celebrated Harvest Festival this week. David, the curate, and Jen, the youth and family worker, from Christ Church came to Kingswood House to lead the service. During the service Mr Swift accompanied Will M on the drums. Many thanks for all the donations. 7BL helped Age Concern to collect all the gifts and load them up into the car. They will be distributed among the elderly people in the local area. Mrs Weston

Harvest Festival As part of our Harvest Festival activities the boys from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 made Apple and Raisin crumble. We talked about where the apple came from and how they were harvested. They all chopped a piece apple up, carefully using the knife, and enjoyed getting their fingers messy making the crumble! We used maths language to talk about the apple that we cut up: whole, half and quarters. The boys reported back that they really enjoyed eating the crumble at home and they were all delicious! Mrs Marskell

Debating In RS Year 9S debated "Does God Exist?" This proved an interesting and lively debate. The boys had researched their arguments well including images and PowerPoint presentations. Mrs Weston In Gardening Club this week the boys have planted all the planters up with Pansies and Cyclamen. They really enjoyed planting the flowers and finding lots of bugs! Mrs Marskell

PAN PIPES 6C have been learning about Sound in Science. As part of the topic, we investigated how to change the pitch of an instrument. To test our knowledge, the boys made pan pipes using straws. They cut them to different lengths so they had a range of pitches. We had great fun! Mrs Celentano

STRIDE In Year 9, all boys participate in a business and enterprise module delivered by STRIDE – an education enrichment company who specialise in opening young people’s minds to the corporate world. The aim of the course is to foster an entrepreneurial mind-set and to successfully instil the skills, knowledge and aspirations that young people will need in order to be successful in their future careers. They work in small groups to create a brand and develop a product with a strict budget, under the tutelage of a STRIDE mentor, and the culmination of their work sees them undertake a formal presentation in front of a panel of judges as well as an audience of staff and parents. Their first session was this week, greatly enjoyed by the pupils.

Last week, Mr Murphy attended the IAPS Heads’ Conference at Celtic Manor, Newport. He reported that the seminars were very interesting; they reinforced his firm belief that Kingswood House is ahead of the game in offering a well-rounded education and a strong emphasis on life skills. The after-dinner speaker was the conductor and comedian, Rainer Hersch, who eloquently linked the similarities between leading an orchestra and leading a school.

6C have been thoroughly enjoying Show and Tell so far this term. Here is Alec showing us his new talent - plate spinning! The boys and I were very impressed, especially after trying to do it ourselves and realising just how tricky it is! Mrs Celentano

In maths, Reception boys have been learning about repeating patterns.

They chose two colours of bricks to make a repeating pattern. They have also painted pasta shells and made a necklace using two different colours. Mrs Marskell

The boys in Year 1 and Year 2 made slime‌ They all had their own pot and mixed cornflour, water and food colouring to make eco-friendly slime. Great fun all round. Mrs Marskell

English Enrichment As part of this half term’s enrichment all the boys have been working hard to produce excellent handwriting. Year 8 boys enjoyed a Science field work trip to Nower Wood. They took part in a number of sampling techniques including using quadrats, the capture, mark, release and re-capture with woodlice and testing the pH of soil around the wood. The boys had a productive day and worked very hard throughout. Miss Black

This week’s MATCH STATS:

U9 A vs. Belmont 4-1 (L)

U15 & 16 A vs. Duke of Kent

Colts C vs. Belmont

Man of The Match- Ben Schumacher

5-4 (W)

2-2 (D)

Goal Scorers- George Dyson

Man of The Match- Jack Fernandes

Man of The Match- Ruari Fitzpatick

Goal Scorers- Sam Fowler x3, Jack Fernandes x2

Goal Scorers- Thomas Mostyn x2

Notable Performance- Jackson Worth & Adam Gratton

Notable Performance- Ruari Fitzpatrick

Notable Performance- Charlie Fowler, Will Murrell, Rohan Bogues, Jack Fernandes

U9 B vs. Belmont 3-0 (W)

Colts D vs. Belmont

Man of The Match- Ethan Clarke

U14 A vs. Duke of Kent

2-1 (W)

2-1 (W)

Man of The Match- Harry Leyshon

Man of The Match- James Totham

Goal Scorers- Josh McCrosson x2

Notable Performance- Jack Guiney, Ethan Clarke & Henry Ruscoe

Colts E vs. Belmont

U8 A vs. Belmont

1-0 (W)

4-0 (W)

Man of The Match- Jonty Ward

Man of The Match- Frankie Larter

1 XI vs. Belmont

Goal Scorers- Ethan Lee

1-0 (W)

Notable Performance- Leoangelo Romano

Goal Scorers- Cameron Edwards x2 & Sam Atkins x2

Goal Scorers- Josh Johns x2 Notable Performance- Freddie Harrison & Matty Hill St

Notable Performance- Full Team

Man of The Match- Rhys Battrick Goal Scorers- Josh Lunemann Notable Performance- Hadi Yousaf

Colts F vs. Belmont 1-0 (W) Man of The Match- Ozzy Sullivan

3rd XI vs. Belmont 3-0 (L) Man of The Match- Max Mitchell-Nessbert Notable Performance- Theo Spick & Barnaby Hill Colts A vs. Belmont 2-0 (L) Man of The Match- Jack Chamberlain Notable Performance- Tai Bobo & Ben Choy

Colts B vs. Belmont 4-2 (W) Man of The Match- Rajan Sandhu Goal Scorers- Rajan Sandhu, Beau Clarke & Sam Sheehan Notable Performance- Tedd Bunyer-Ames

Goal Scorers- Jack Guiney x3

Goal Scorers- Ozzy Sullivan Notable Performance- Oscar D’Avino & Alex Hill

U8 B vs. Belmont 2-2 (D) Man of The Match- Byron Miller Goal Scorers- Nathan John & Edward Bishop Notable Performance- George Prichard


Luis Lochhead Alex Hill x 2 Rhys Battrick Tedd Bunyer-Ames Cameron Edwards

Ben Scudamore Ben Huang Arun Arulchandran Ross Mackinnon Haaken Nelmes

Ryan Lochhead Henry Wickham Jack Beckman Frankie Wintle Arad Rezavandi

CONGRATULATIONS Ben C and Rory S, Year 6, have been selected for the Surrey U11 Cricket Team— well done, boys!

#helloyellow Wednesday 10th October World Mental Health Day Boys may wear a YELLOW ACCESSORY to support WMHD They should wear their school uniform but may add a yellow item of their choice.

Friday October 12th

An opportunity for you to clear out old items of clothing/textiles/shoes/bags (no duvets please) whilst raising funds for The KHA.

7BA have been studying WW1 poetry including Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. Having discussed the horrors of a gas attack and life in the trenches the boys wrote their own poems. Mrs Weston

My World War 1 Poem

Gas! Gas! Gas! Get those masks on! Many men dead before it is gone, The machine gun chatter, It really is as if life doesn’t matter, Shouldering a gun in a worldwide war, Marching for hours, feet so sore, With stench and mud at knee height, Trying to find the energy to fight, Remember, remember the 11th of November, Remember these men and their names forever. By Joseph S, 7BA

Last Friday Year 4 enjoyed a ‘horrible’ morning at Richmond Theatre watching the Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians show.

From meeting fascinating Pharaohs, like Rameses the Great, to exploring the pyramids, the boys agreed it was a great way to learn about history.

When we returned, we used what we had seen in the show to learn about the contrasts in the lives of Ancient Egyptians, such as pharaohs and slaves. All in all, it's been a very historical few days! Mrs Lambert and Miss Smith



6C and 6R had a wonderful day in Hastings on Friday 5th October. The boys had a workshop where they were able to see the weapons used during the Battle in 1066. They also learnt about armour and tactics of both armies. They enjoyed learning more about the battle in the visitor centre and being able to see where the battle actually took place. The sun shone for us the whole day and it was enjoyed by all. Mrs Celentano

The boys enjoyed re-enacting the Norman Invasion of 1066 with costumes and role play on their trip to Battle Abbey.

Salle de Français Thanks to some highly useful, bright, colourful grammar posters and with a little help from my friends (Mr. Gummer, Mr. Hylands and Mrs. Maciejewska), the brand new salle de français is looking très chic and ready to go! Allons-y! Madame Taylor

Reception boys have been doing activities centred around Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I read the story to them before we made porridge. While it was cooling down we went for a walk. When we came back Baby Bear’s bowl was empty! Plus his chair was broken. Who had eaten Baby Bears porridge?

The boys could not believe their eyes; they even found Goldilock’s muddy foot prints. Mrs Marskell

6C all made their own musical instruments from materials bought in from home. We had a range of instruments such as, shakers, drums and even a guitar. The boys then got into small groups and came up with a performance using their instruments. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed the activity and worked together well. The overall winners were - Alex Whyte (solo drums) and the band - Archie M, Mikey F, Tedd B, Ben H and Alec N. Well done, boys. Mrs Celentano

SPORTS REPORTS We were on the wrong end of the results, for the most part, but all the teams are to be commended for good teamwork and perseverance. U15/16 A vs. Box Hill 3-3 (D) Man of The Match- Jack Fernandes Goal Scorers- Sam Fowler x2 & Ollie Bartlett Notable Performance- Charlie Fowler, Sam Fowler, Jack Fernandes & Max Mkpa

Next week’s fixtures U14 A vs. Box Hill 5-3 (L) Man of The Match- Hasan Jaffri Goal Scorers- Hasan Jaffri x3

Mon. 15 1430 1st XI and 2nd XI v Homefield (H)

Notable Performance- Eddie Monk & Jack Leonard

Wed. 17

1st XI vs. Box Hill

1430 Colts A, B and C v Tower House (A)

3-2 (L) Man of The Match- Ryan Lunemann Goal Scorers- Josh Lunemann & Ryan Lunemann Notable Performance- Harvey Weems

Thurs. 18 1430 U8 A and B v Tower House (H) 1430 U9 A and B v Aberdour and Ewell Castle at Aberdour (A)

2nd XI vs. Box Hill 3-0 (L) Man of The Match- Ted Reed Notable Performance- Cameron Allenby, Ted Reed & Tyrwitt Burn

3rd XI vs Box Hill 5-0 (L) Man of The Match- Rory Gibbs Notable Performance- Ewan Walker, Barnaby Hill & Hal Ferguson

Regrettably, competitive fixtures were cancelled by Ripley Court for all Colts teams , Year 3 and Year 4 .

COMMENDATIONS Oliver Phillips Alex Whyte Arlo Saywell Jackson Worth Joseph Huang x2 Otis Edwards x2 James Miller Harry Peters Faizahn Jawed Jack Guiney

Ben Hubber Michael Fitzgibbon Gabriel Taylor x2 Dylan Newman Max Dunn x2 Michael Sargious x2 Jack Wrigley Archie Blyth Ben Huang Adam Gratton

Archie McMurtrie Alec Newton Barney Williams Reuben Tomb Ali Al –Rubaie Ryan Lochhead x2 Joseph Seager Theo Venzelaar-Pelly Harrison Wallis Edward Collins

Tedd Bunyer Ben Hubber Ethan Clarke Edward Bishop Emir Ozdereci Alex Wang George Dyson Lautero Yasnikouski Hussain Bana Henry Wickham

15 MINUTES WITH MR SACHIN SUKDHEO Maths and Year 9 Form Teacher, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator Favourite car Favourite place Favourite food Favourite band or singer Favourite film Favourite smell Favourite sport / team or player Who in the world would you like to be ? What were you like at school ? What is your ‘interesting fact’?

Lamborghini Huracan / Mini Cooper Las Vegas / Cape Town A Braai(South African equivalent of a BBQ) London Grammar Forrest Gump/ Saving Private Ryan Jo Malone 154 Tennis / Liverpool/ Natal Sharks David Beckham or Elon Musk Sporty and always in trouble! I am a twin

Mr Sukhdeo answers the question: Why Teaching? Teaching has provided me with a satisfying career as I always feel fulfilled knowing that I have made a difference to many lives. The profession has given me an opportunity to interact with students, colleagues and parents from different backgrounds which is an important aspect of life. I’m also a firm believer that every child has a spark in them that is waiting to be ignited! There is no other better feeling than being able to fuel a learner’s passion and creativity towards the subject (maths and sport). Being a sportsman and spending most of my time on the Tennis court and Cricket Pitch during my schooling career, was another reason for getting into teaching; hence choosing Human Movement studies (also known as Sports Science) at University. I’m passionate about Sport and was delighted to be able to major in this along with Maths, during my time at University (University of Natal- South Africa). Being able to coach sport in my career has been satisfying and rewarding as I am a firm believer that sport plays an integral part of our development, well-being and teaches us some invaluable and important lessons in life (nothing to do with the fact that I am very competitive!). I am delighted to be part of such a fantastic team at KHS, and I look forward to making a difference to the lives of the boys on the sporting field and in the classroom! And 12 either / or questions:

Dog or Cat?

Netflix or YouTube?

High-tech or Low-tech? Pen or Pencil?

Phone Call or Text?

Facebook or Twitter?

Big Party or Small Gathering? Football AND Rugby Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

Swimming or Sunbathing? Passenger or Driver? City or Countryside?

Year 5 English Enrichment Congratulations to all the boys who have worked so hard. Limericks from Theo M, Noah S, Conor T, Tahil R, Jonty W and Josh McC were all read out in assembly. To demonstrate media work the boys also designed job adverts in Celtic society. They were all very good, with excellent work from George H, Enzo R, Conor T and Josh McC, as you can see here. Well done, boys! Mrs Seiver HANDWRITING COMPETITION The standard of work was exceptional; huge congratulations to our category winners: Year 3 and Year 4 Ben S Year 5 and Year 6 Ben C Year 7 and Year 8 Jestico S Mr March

Ben S and Ben C with their winning entries.

Well done, boys!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 boys had a wonderful time in Forest School enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. The boys were able to use a saw and to make wind charms, to see which way the wind blew. One of the best activities was drinking hot chocolate after a hard days work! Mrs Marskell

Year 4 have been making circuits in Science with a range of components. They created a face with working items to make 'light up eyes' made of lightbulbs along with switches! Some boys managed to use 2 bulbs and others used buzzers as well. The boys have worked hard this half term with their topic of Electricity and this has been demonstrated by their amazing working circuits. Miss Smith and Mrs Lambert

World Mental Health Day WMHD was last Wednesday, when we all wore a yellow accessory, but we did in fact support this initiative across the whole week with various classroom activities, assemblies and discussions. The whole KHS community was involved and I would like to thank the pupils, parents and staff for their enthusiasm throughout the week. Everyone looked great with their yellow ties, scarves, belts, handkerchiefs, socks, flowers and contributed their donations for YOUNGMINDS. The cake sale on Friday, organised by Mrs Henery and supported by so many parents, also contributed to our final total, which was £262.25! Thank you all. As a school we look forward to Well-Being Week next year to continue to build on our work in this area. As I discovered not everything needs to be profound, as one boy commented ’just talk!’ and that is so true. Thank you Katey Timothy

How your donations help...

6C had a fun time making string telephones out of cups and string. They then tested them by saying funny messages to each other. They worked brilliantly! Mrs Celentano

Year 4 have been busy making shadufs this week! Egyptian farmers used shadufs for irrigation; using a "see-saw" structure, with a bucket at one end and a weight at the other, made it easy to lift the water. We created our own in class and tested them to make sure they worked! Mrs Lambert

In Cooking today Reception boys made a jam sandwich. It was a great way to learn about whole, half and quarters.

They definitely had sticky fingers!

Mrs Marskell

In Science 5S have been using paper helicopters they made to determine how one variable can make a huge difference. They flew their helicopters off the balcony of the Katy Walton building and timed their descent. After making one adjustment to their ‘craft’ they repeated the flight and saw how the change made a difference to the flight time. Mrs Seiver

6C English group worked hard and had fun writing their own limericks. Mrs Celentano

Smartie people are happy people ‌ Year 1 and Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed maths division—especially as they used Smarties to help with their calculations ! Mrs Henery

Miss McSweeney 3M

6C had great fun learning about echo location. They tested it for themselves in the playground and it was harder than they first thought! Mrs Celentano



Thinking And Study Skills


Colts A vs. Tower House

U9 A vs. Ewell Castle & Aberdour

U8 A vs. Tower House

1-0 (L)

2-0 (L)

3-2 (L)

Man of The Match- Ben Choy

Man of The Match- George Dyson

Man of The Match- Cameron Edwards

Notable Performance- Stuart Coleman Notable Performance- George Dyson, & Michael Fitzgibbon Adam Gratton & Alex Wang

Goal Scorers- Edward Bishop & Cameron Edwards Notable Performance- Benji Adams

Colts B vs Tower House

U9 B vs. Ewell Castle & Aberdour

3-1 (W)

2-0 (L)

U8 B vs. Tower House

Man of The Match- Sam Sheehan

Man of The Match– Saul Silkman

2-0 (L)

Goal Scorers- Beau Clark x2 & Sam Sheehan

Notable Performance- Ethan Clarke, Barney Williams

Man of The Match- Fraser Blyth

Notable Performance- Beau Clark, Noah Seager & Rajan Sandhu Colts C vs Tower House

U9 C vs Ewell Castle & Aberdour

3-0 (W)

2-0 (L)

Man of The MatchTharani Vengadachalam

Man of The Match- Arthur Wickham

Goal Scorers- Ben Hubber, Christos Louka & Kobi Wood Notable PerformanceThomas Mostyn

Notable Performance- Izyan Siddiqui, Arthur Wickham

Notable Performance- Barnaby Atkins, Byron Miller & Harrison Wallis

COMMENDATIONS Harry Leyshon x2

Sam Atkins

Ben Choy

Rex Treadwell

Ryan Lunemann

William Moffatt

Rory Gibbs

Benji Adams

Joseph Seager

Euan Mackinnon x 2

Arlo Saywell

Jack Harvey

Jonty Ward

Joshua McCrosson

Michael Sargious

Alec Newton

Eddie Fisher

Frankie Larter

Ewan Walker

Joshua Draper

Jack Wrigley

George Dyson

Ethan Clarke

Saul Silkman

15 MINUTES WITH Mr Louie Swift, Director of Music Favourite car

Jaguar E-type

Favourite place

Budapest, especially Deak Ferenc Ter in summer!

Favourite food

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Favourite band or singer

Oh! Too many to choose. I’d go for the Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote, Oscar Peterson and the hip-hop genius Robert Glasper.

Favourite film

Whiplash. Obviously, I got all of my teaching techniques from this film!

Favourite smell

Sicilian beaches, warm sand, good coffee and lemon granita…

Favourite sport / team or player

Cricket. Favourite football team … Chelsea

Who in the world would you like to be ? What were you like at school ?

Hmm… I’m glad my teachers aren’t around to tell you! No comment

What is your ‘interesting fact’?

Interesting facts are usually more interesting than uninteresting facts!

Mr Swift answers the question: Why Teaching? My senior school Music teacher was the true reason I chose to become a musician and a teacher. I had taken piano lessons from the age of 5, however I made very little progress and like many boys didn’t like to practise. I was very into my sport, and couldn’t see the benefit of having to sit in and practice every day. It wasn’t until I moved schools at the age of 13 that I made any progress, in a year I went from Grade II to Grade VII standard. I later went on to gain two Grade VIII’s in separate instruments in one just one day. Mr Barron (my teacher) took my friends and I all over Europe on musical tours and excursions, performing in Orchestras, Jazz Bands and alongside choirs. I fostered a great admiration for anybody who could be a ‘fun’ teacher of any subject. Alongside exploring the music industry and making a name for myself as a performer, I still saw the value of quality musical education. This led me to become a Director of Music at the age of just 22! I am now here at KHS in the same role, and look to expand the department, as I have in previous departments. My experience of Music as a subject has taught me that Music can be taken up, enjoyed and participated in by ANYONE. Whatever age you are, however much you feel like you can’t do it and whatever your passion! It took me until 13 to begin appreciating Music, it may take others longer – never allow yourself to give up or give in. And 12 either / or questions: Dog or Cat? Netflix or YouTube?

Phone Call or Text?

Facebook or Twitter?

Swimming or Sunbathing?


High-tech or Low-tech?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Football or Rugby

Passenger or Driver?

Depends ...

Pen or Pencil?

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

City or Countryside?

During English, 6C discussed Remembrance Day and what poppies represented. The boys then chose words that they think summarised Remembrance Day and filled their poppies with them. They all had fantastic ideas and came up with words such as; ‘Heroes’, ‘Grateful’, ‘Emotional’, and ‘Bravery’. Mrs Celentano

I am delighted to let you know that the Maths Enrichment for this half term has commenced! The Enrichment kicked off with a 'Magic' and Maths assembly which looked at Maths in everyday life, and the awe and wonder behind the properties of Shape and Number. Below is the plan for this term's Enrichment which will give you a clear overview of the: Area of Study, Cross Curricular links and links to the KHS values. Mr Sukhdeo

Week 5/11


Area of study

Cross Curricular links

KHS Value

SS: Maths Assembly - Magic and Maths

Maths Mazes

Sequences & patterns




Maths Treasure Hunt/ Trails (use of QR codes for Years 7-11)

Reasoning, Fluency & Problem Solving

Geography and ICT

Social awareness




Art and DT / History





Science and DT



Paper Folding (Origami & Tangrams including Curve Stitching)

Art and DT



Famous Mathematicians

Geometrydissection puzzles History of Maths

English and History



Maths Mazes This week’s Enrichment focus looked at Maths Mazes. The Mazes honed in the Area of Study of Sequences, Patterns and Problem Solving. The activity also helped boys realise that reaching a goal is not always easy and that a more systematic approach was a key ingredient to completing the task and to many other aspects of life! I think persistence and perseverance were key attributes in ensuring that this week’s tasks were completed successfully. The Mazes also looked at developing spatial awareness, working memory skills and the boy’s ability to work interdependently. Have a go at some of the Mazes below which were produced by Year 7BA and Year 9. Mr Sukhdeo

One volunteer ...

Jestico S, 8T, was the winner of the Year 7 and 8 category in the English handwriting competition last half term.

A part of his work towards his Duke of Edinburgh Award Michael C, 9S, has been volunteering at his local talking newspaper where articles from around Dorking are read out to the listening audience. Well done, Michael! Mr Swift to listen to an extract featuring Michael click this link


Reception boys made fairy cakes this week. They all took turns stirring and cracking eggs into the mixture. The best part of the activity is when they can sample their cooking. Yum,Yum! Mrs Marskell

SPORTS REPORT 1st XI vs. Duke of Kent

Colts C vs. Duke of Kent

3-1 (L)

4-0 (W)

Man of The Match- Kieran Baidoo

Man of The Match - Tharani Vengadachalam

Goal Scorers- Hadi Yousaf

Goal Scorers- Thomas Mostyn x2, Kobi Wood & Ruari Fitzpatrick

Notable Performance- Hadi Yousaf

Notable Performance- Paul Barrow & Tharani Vengadachalam 2nd XI vs. Duke of Kent 2-0 (L) Man of The Match- Daniel Idrees Notable Performance- Daniel Idrees, Cameron Allenby & Joe Offen

3rd XI vs. Duke of Kent

Colts D vs. Duke of Kent 7-0 (W) Man of The Match- Cristos Louka Goal Scorers- Christos Louka x2, Josh McCrosson x3 & Krishan Idrees x2 Notable Performance- Krishan Idrees

0-0 (D) Man of The Match- Nicholas Hill Notable Performance- Barney Hill, Theo Spick & Pete Duncan

4th XI vs. Duke of Kent

U8 & 9 A vs Duke of Kent 3-0 (L) Man of The Match- Jackson Worth Notable Performance- George Dyson, Cameron Edwards & Ben Schumacher

1-1 (D) Man of The Match- Owain Fisher Goal Scorers- Owain Fisher

U8 & 9 B vs Duke of Kent 1-0 (L) Man of The Match- Jeremy Blachman

Colts A vs. Duke of Kent

Notable Performance- Rex Treadwell & Edward Bishop

1-0 (L) Man of The Match- Michael Fitzgibbon Notable Performance- Theo Moffatt & Ben Choy

U8 & 9 C vs Duke of Kent 2-0 (W) Man of The Match- Henry Ruscoe

Colts B vs. Duke of Kent 2-0 (W)

Goal Scorers- Henry Ruscoe x2 Notable Performance- James Miller

Man of The Match- Beau Clarke Goal Scorers- Beau Clarke x2 Notable Performance- Noah Seager, Toby Wardle & Alex Bentall

Sportsmanship award—Theo Spick After kicking the ball out of play with a brilliant clearance the ball, unfortunately, hit a spectating mum. Theo personally went over to apologise.

COMMENDATIONS Peter Duncan Alex Whyte

Arlo Saywell x2 Edward Collins

Jonty Ward x2 Emir Ozderici

Alec Newton Noah Seager

15 minutes with … Harriet Wilson, Assistant Senco, Senior Favourite car


Favourite place

Taj Mahal

Favourite food

Anything – I love food

Favourite band or singer

George Ezra

Favourite film

Notting Hill

Favourite smell

Fresh laundry

Favourite sport / team or player


Who in the world would you like to be ?

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

What were you like at school ?

Quiet, well behaved, studious

What is your ‘interesting fact’?

Hurricane Sandy, New York, Oct 2012 – I was there! and on the first flight out of New York afterwards!

And 12 either / or Dog or Cat? Netflix or YouTube? Phone Call or Text? Facebook or Twitter? Swimming or Sunbathing? High-tech or Low-tech?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Football or Rugby?

Passenger or Driver?

Pen or Pencil?

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

City and countryside?

Maths Enrichment This week’s Enrichment theme was ‘Treasure Hunts (use of QR Codes)- ‘Gathering Data through all senses’! The Treasure Hunts were a fantastic opportunity to engage the boys in meaningful way to consolidate and test the understanding of a topic. It never ceases to amaze me how much a little competition can engage boys with the range of abilities! The competitive element was definitely injected into this task which I don’t think had anything to do with the mention of a prize at the end! The Maths Trails/ Treasure Hunts also gave the boys an opportunity to develop their problem solving, reasoning and fluency skills, through a kinaesthetic approach to learning. The use of ICT and QR codes enhanced the activity as the data was readily available and feedback was instantaneous. The boys had to employ a range of mathematical skills and called upon all their senses to gather their data. The boys certainly agreed that there was a direct correlation between the avenues that were available to reach the data and their ability to solve the task; which ensured the cementing of key skills and conceptual understanding of a range of topics. Mr Sukhdeo Scan this QR code to see photos from this week’s activity! Battle of Hastings

Mrs Celentano

Year 6 are all thoroughly enjoying their History project, a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings by creating a stop motion video using Lego! Many of the boys are spending extra time during break times to work on their work. It’s wonderful to see their enthusiasm!

Last week Year 3 visited the Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park. The boys enjoyed experiencing what it would have been like in a Victorian classroom and decided going to school in 2018 was much better! Year 3 also found out how Victorian pharmacists created medicine using natural herbs. The boys made a medicine to cure a sore tummy using mint leaves and glycerine and then learnt how they would have turned the active ingredient into pills. Miss McSweeney

Year 9 History task was to research thoroughly the First World War trenches and design and make their own model of a trench. They also prepared a short presentation for the rest of the class. There was clearly a huge amount of effort by all of Year 9 and some very impressive trenches were created. Well done, Year 9! Please come and see the model trenches in the school office. Mr Rudkin

This term, the boys at Kingswood House have been focusing on the Kingswood House Way value of ‘Respect’.

In order to remind the boys of what this means and why it is so important, each division of the school will be looking at this value in their Friday form time. The boys will be discussing the value, what it means and how they can show respect to each other, their classmates, teachers and at home. To consolidate their understanding of respect, Kingswood House is holding a competition for each division of the school, with the winners work being presented in the newsletter. Please find details of the competition below: Lower Prep: To present three targets of how they can show respect to other people Upper Prep: To create a poster with the focus of respect Senior School: A written piece to explain how each of the respect sub values are demonstrated at Kingswood House.

I look forward to receiving excellent pieces of work which demonstrate how the boys follow the Kingswood House Way. Miss Black, Character & Values Co-ordinator

9S Assembly Habits of Mind

9S Assembly Please do click on the link above to view the Assembly Presentation

I would like to commend 9S for their superlative effort with their Form Assembly on Wednesday. The boys showed some remarkable presenting skills along with a very clear message that you can achieve anything by employing a range of the Habits of Mind and having a Growth Mindset. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Lionel Messi & Abraham Lincoln, to name a few, were some of the Famous Failures which the boys discussed. A key question was: ‘What do these famous failures have in common? They all maintained a growth mind-set and employed a range of habits of mind: persisting, resilience, thinking flexibly, striving for accuracy, precision, metacognition, and remained open to continuous learning. The Assembly concluded with an invaluable message about how one can be successful in all aspects of School life at Kingswood House and achieve more from life in general: ‘Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, having empathy and persistence’. A fantastic message and a great way to continue to embed the Kingswood House Values. Mr Sukhdeo 9S Form Teacher

Our topic this week is Diwali, the festival of light. The boys have made a Diyas (candle) out of clay. They have decorated the candle holder with a pattern and enjoyed getting their fingers messy. Mrs Marskell

Reading in Unusual Places Many thanks to all pupils and parents who have sent their photos in—we have some great images! We will share some of the photos in next week’s newsletter.

Krishan I, Tayyab S and Theo J, 5C, all received certificates after representing Kingswood House in a Year 5 Maths Challenge held at Hampton School. Well done, boys! Mrs Seiver

Mrs Malcolm and Reception boys made pumpkin soup.

They boys had to use all their senses to cook pumpkin soup. They put the pumpkin soup in the slow cooker to taste later it the day.

Year 4 have been learning about mummification in their Ancient Egyptian history lessons and they discovered it was a very unpleasant process; the organs were removed and placed in jars and the brain was pulled out through the nose using a hook! We 'mummified' one of the students and were very pleased with our results! Mrs Lambert

Today, in maths, the boys had an opportunity to go round the classroom using a ruler to measure different size objects. They had a lot of fun! Mrs Marskell

REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND Reuben T, 4S, spent a very reflective weekend in Belgium recently, commemorating the end of the First World War. On Saturday he went to the Passchendaele Museum and the Tyre Cot Cemetery. Reuben said he couldn’t believe how many people died and he learnt so much about the war. On Sunday he attended the memorial service at Menin Gate, Ypres.

AMAZING ... Mrs Lambert's Maths group had a fun morning completing this week's maths enrichment activity. They used their problem solving skills to find their way around some challenging mazes!

Toby Edison, a former KHS pupil, has been very successful. Toby was offered a place at Oxford University, which he accepted and began his studies in September. Congratulations from everyone at KHS, Toby!

SPORTS RESULTS Colts A vs. Chinthurst

Colts F vs. Chinthurst

2-0 (L)

0-0 (D)

Man of The Match- Beau Clarke

Man of The Match- Tobias Van Heyningen

Notable Performance- Rajan Sandhu, Stuart Coleman & Ben Holmes

Notable Performance- Archie

Colts B vs. Chinthurst 2-1 (W) Man of The Match- Noah Seager Goal Scorers- Noah Seager x2

Under 9 A vs Chinthurst

(L) Man of The Match- Josh Draper Notable Performance- Alex Wang

Notable Performance- Rory Slater

Colts C vs. Chinthurst 2-1 (L) Man of The Match- Christos Louka Goal Scorers- Ruari Fitzpatrick

Under 9 B vs Chinthurst (L) Men of The Match- Ethan Clarke & Henry Ruscoe Notable Performance- Reuben Tomb

Notable Performance- Ruari Fitzpatrick

Colts D vs. Chinthurst 2-0 (L) Man of The Match- Luca Staples-Sheasby Notable Performance- Krishan Idrees

Colts E vs. Chinthurst 2-1 (L) Man of The Match- Ethan Lee Goal Scorers- Joel Mukarati Notable Performance- Leoangelo Romano & Max Lopez

Under 8 A vs Chinthurst (W) Man of The Match- Cameron Edwards Goal Scorers- Cameron Edwards x2 & Sam Atkins

COMMENDATIONS Jamie West Jamie De Selincourt Tobias Van Heyningen Alec Newton Gene Enlong Ben Huang Alex Hill Louis Taylor Ben Scudamore Ted Reece Ben Schumacher Ebrahim Muhammad Byron Miller

Ryan Lunemann Michael Fitzgibbon Oscar D’Avino Enan Abdul Ivan Tutaj Rory Slater Faizahn Jawed James Carr Izyan Siddiqui Hal Ferguson x2 Alex Whyte Ben Hubber Tedd Bunyer-Ames Gene Guo Ozzy Sullivan Archie McMurtrie Ruari Fitzpatrick Reuben Tomb Luca Staples-Sheasby x2 Saul Silkman Joshua Draper George Harvey Josh Johns Joseph Huang Arthur Wickham Arun Arulchandran

15 minutes with … Mike Bailey, Head of Design Technology Favourite car Favourite place

Ducati Monster (motorbike)! My garage

Favourite food


Favourite band or singer

Cat Stevens

Favourite film

Wild Hogs

Favourite smell

Castrol R

Favourite sport / team or player


Who in the world would you like to be ?

Steve McQueen

What were you like at school ?


What is your ‘interesting fact’?

I learnt to scuba dive this year (and only learnt to swim four years ago!)

Mr Bailey starting at an early age with a Lancia V6 engine.

And 12 either / or Dog or Cat?

Netflix or YouTube?

Facebook or Twitter? Neither! High-tech or Low-tech? Pen or Pencil?

Phone Call or Text?

Swimming or Sunbathing?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Football or Rugby?

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Both ...

Passenger or Driver? City or Countryside?

The KHS Malteser Challenge!

The Senior boys were treated to their very own Malteser Challenge during Monday’s briefing. The task was for our contestants to eat as many Maltesers as they could in a minute. However, there were some rules which made the task almost impossible - which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! That said, our contestants, Connor and Sam, employed a range of the ‘Habits of Mind’ to plough through the challenge. The boys called upon their ability to ‘Think Flexibly’, which meant that they had to think outside the box and had to look at an alternative approach to the task. This was further exemplified through the pictures exercise, which the boys had to again use their flexible thinking hats, to identify the somewhat intriguing and mind boggling images. The underlying message was that it was important to ‘Think Flexibly’ in school and in all areas of life, in order to achieve ones goals and targets and that, ‘ You can achieve anything you put your mind to it, if you preserve and if you are open to continuous learning’. If you would like to see the Senior Briefing presentation then please click here Mr Sukhdeo

Road Safety 6C talked about Road Safety and what they can do to stay safe when near a road. We then went out and practised crossing the road, using what they had learnt. They used the green cross code and were very sensible during the practice. Well done, boys! Mrs Celentano Reception Class showing their posters about how they keep safe on the roads when they are with their families. Mrs Malcolm

DRAGONS’ DEN is coming to KHS ... As part of the STRIDE initiative the boys will be ‘pitching’ to Mr Murphy and The Governors on the morning of Thursday 6th December. Each enterprise group will present their ideas and business plans. They are holding an Enterprise Fair in Langlands on the afternoon of Thursday 6th December, which pupils and parents can visit—and perhaps even make a purchase ! Mr Mitchell


This week’s Enrichment looked at the world of Codebreaking. SBN codes, Morse codes, Caesar Shift codes and exploring the Enigma Machine were some of the fascinating areas which were looked at in lessons. The boys also looked at how codes form such an integral part of everyday life. Click here to watch an interesting video which explains and explores the world of codes by one of my favourite British mathematicians/scientists and authors - Professor Marcus du Sautoy. The Year 10s fed back on their visit to Bletchley Park (as part of their making of Modern Britain Trip) and shared some fascinating facts regarding the Enigma machine. Tom Gibson: ‘There is a long history of mathematicians being used in code making and code breaking. The most famous is probably the Bletchley Park code breakers, where some of the most brilliant mathematicians in the country, such as Alan Turing ,worked in secret to crack the German WWII Enigma code. The code was so complicated that the Germans were confident that it was unbreakable, however the men and women at Bletchley Park were able to crack it using incredible ingenuity. This meant that the allies were able to intercept and understand German communications – a huge breakthrough in the war’. Here are some of the codes and activities which were explored in lessons: Transposition Ciphers Transposition Ciphers are based on a simple idea, but are more difficult to crack than codes like the Caesar shift. A transposition means that the letters of the code are simply rearranged into a different order. For example, ICBKAOREMDERAEAA, can be rearranged into rows of length 4 to give:

The message is then read from down the columns. Can you solve this code?

Substitution Ciphers Plain






















































A substitution Cipher is one in which letters are represented by other letters; it can be deciphered by someone knowing the order of the cipher alphabet used. One method of hiding messages this way was invented by Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor over two thousand years ago. It is known as the Caesar cipher. Use the Cipher to decode this message:

Mr Sukhdeo





The Green Cross Code The boys worked hard to create their own Green Cross Code posters. They all showed a great understanding and awareness of road safety. Our collection for BRAKE was really well supported; thank you to all who contributed. Mrs Celentano

In maths, Reception boys were learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They used a 3D shape to make a 2D shape by dipping one side of the 3D into paint and then printed a pattern onto paper. Mrs Marskell

Congratulations to our House Winners

Senior House Football (A+B Overall score) 1st – Marlborough 2nd- Wellington

3rd- Nelson 4th- Drake Middle House Football (A+B Overall score) 1st- Drake 2nd- Nelson Forest School Boys in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had to wrap up very well this morning to enjoy their weekly Forest School session with Jay. It was a great day though for Jay to light the fire pit! Mrs Henery

3rd- Marlborough 4th- Wellington WELL PLAYED TO ALL THE TEAMS! The bad weather meant all other fixtures were cancelled. Matches versus Micklefield next week for Colts A, B,C & D; U9 A, B and C and U8 A & B.

This week our topic in Reception is eating healthily. The boys talked about what was healthy to eat and what was unhealthy. I was very impressed to know that chocolate and crisps were unhealthy and fruit was healthy. During their cooking session they all had to use a knife carefully to chop up the fruit. They then had the chance to try and taste each of the fruits. Mrs Marskell


Harrison Wallis

Alec Newton x2

Theo Moffatt x2

Jonathan Ward

James Miller

Jeremey Blachman

Owain Fisher

Harry Peters

Dylan Newman

Michael Sargious

Harry Leyshon

Theo Jenkins

Alex Whyte

Christos Louka x4

Alex Wang

Noah Seager x

Joseph Offen

Seb Gorlov

Tayyab Siddiqui

Freddie Harrison

Hasan Jaffri

Hugo Jenkins

Alex Homewood

Jack Leonard

Barnaby Atkins

Jamil Hashemi

Josh McCrosson x5

Guy Newton

Arlo Saywell

James Wang

Zayn Jawed

Paul Barrow

15 minutes with … Miss Zoe Smith, Year 4 Form Teacher Favourite car Favourite place Favourite food

BMW Convertible Monaco Nando’s

Favourite band or singer

Ed Sheeran

Favourite film

The Green Mile

Favourite smell

Alien, Thierry Mugler

Favourite sport / team or player Who in the world would you like to be ?

Rugby, Rugby 7’s Newcastle United Jessica Ennis

What were you like at school ? What is your ‘interesting fact’?

An angel I am half Colombian

And 12 either / or Dog or Cat?

Netflix or YouTube?

Phone Call or Text?

Facebook or Twitter?

High-tech or Low-tech?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Football or Rugby?

Pen or Pencil?

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Both ...

Swimming or Sunbathing?

Passenger or Driver? City or Countryside?

Year 4 Epsom Geography Trip Year 4 are learning about land use in Geography. We took a walk into Epsom and passed a range of different houses and found all the services and shops in Epsom Town Centre. Mrs Lambert even gave us a brief history of Epsom! We are looking forward to using this learning in our lessons. Miss Smith and Mrs Lambert

Bonjour tout le monde! Come to our Enterprise Fair on the 6th of December; our stall is car carte and we are selling turns on a VR Headset ,a Raffle and A Car Map game. Everyone is welcome to come to our stall. We can’t wait to see you there, and don’t forget to bring money! Oliver Phillips 9H and Jack Leonard 9S

This is a polite reminder that boys should bring no more than 50p to school on Wednesdays to buy their delicious Pain au Chocolat!

Lower Prep pupils may keep the money in their trays or hand it to their Form Teacher for safe keeping. Older boys are provided with lockers to keep their money secure. Merci et Bon Appetit! Madame Taylor


The Balloon car race, Paper planes, Spaghetti Bridges and Geodesic domes were some of the fun and engaging activities which the boys explored in lessons this week. The activities developed the boy’s ability to work as a team and also fostered some great collaborative working skills. The KHS Way and values of Respect, Tolerance, effort and Teamwork were certainly exemplified through the engaging and innovative STEM activities.

What is STEM? Click here to watch a short video which gives you a short insight into STEM. Why is STEM important  Enhances problem-solving skills: STEM education builds and encourages problem-solving skills. In STEM activities, students learn how to analyse problems and then work to correct and overcome them.

 Teaches Teamwork, collaboration, and communication: STEM makes it accessible to children of all levels of ability. Even within one team, various ability levels can work together and learn together  Fosters a love of learning: STEM fosters a love of learning, instilling a passion and drive to learn. It drives curiosity and a belief in the abilities of the child and a thirst for knowledge. With these skills in their toolbox, they will be equipped to tackle the challenges of higher education and the real world.  Instils creativity and innovation: Creativity can co-exist with science and technology and lead to creative careers like in Architecture and Graphic Design. Creativity allows students to see problems in new ways and to think outside of the box.  Prepares children for upcoming technological innovations: Technology is an integral part of life that a child needs to understand. Builds Perseverance and Determination: It emphasizes the value of failure as a learning opportunity and helps embrace the mistakes. Mr Sukhdeo

UK Primary Maths Challenge- 2018

KHS winners! The Primary Mathematics Challenge is a National Challenge aimed at pupils in Year 5 and Year 6. The Primary Maths Challenge looks to encourages enthusiasm, boosts confidence in mathematics, develop pupils reasoning and fluency, and shows the different way questions can be asked. The PMC paper has 25 questions. 20 of these are multiple choice. The questions are graded; starting with easy ones and graduating to harder questions. Boys in 5 and 6 sat the 2018 Challenge and I am delighted to announce that they were a number of Bronze, Silver and Gold award winners! Below are our Bronze winners:

Year 5 Tayyab Siddiqui Ben Wright Enzo Reed Conor Towers

Year 6 Ben Choy Ben Holmes Connor Edwards Thomas Mostyn Archie Spick

Well done boys! Look out for the names of the Silver award winners in next week’s newsletter. Mr Sukhdeo

Lower Prep get the Christmas festivities underway‌ The first ever Lower Prep Christmas production, in which every boy contributed, saw the boys take part in two amazing performances. They all showed huge enthusiasm and commitment to their roles. Well done, everyone! Mrs Henery

It’s all getting a little bit festive ... Reception boys listened to Christmas carols while cutting out Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas tree in the office. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed going into the office to say hello to Mrs Harding and Mrs Parker. Mrs Marskell

Ted R, 7BA, helped the KHA decorate the Christmas tree they donated which has pride of place in the office.

Edward C, 5C, is now a Choi Kwang Do Black Belt

His instructor commented: “Due to his ability and hard work, Edward was invited onto the Instructor Team after passing his black belt grading. Edward is one of 6 Team Leaders (Junior instructors) in a school of 130 Students He assists in children's classes, helping younger students with their basic techniques, defence and attack drills. I am proud to have Edward on the team.” Well done, Edward!

This term, the boys have been focusing on the Kingswood House Way value of ‘Respect’.

In order to remind the boys of what this means and why it is so important Year 4 boys discussed the value, what it means and how they can show respect to each other, their classmates, teachers and at home. They then created a recipe for a good friend. These are two from 4S. Miss Smith

Nelson House Day Nelson House Day was a huge success! Congratulations, and many thanks, to all the Nelson House boys who thought of fantastic stalls to run and helped raise an enormous amount of money. Thank you to all the parents who came in and helped too. We raised £547 for the RNLI. Miss Smith, Madame Taylor, Mr Rogers, Mr Sanderson and Mrs Celentano

Many parents have asked about touch typing—Typing's Cool are running some short and intensive touch typing courses in New Malden over the Christmas break. There is also a course scheduled for February half term and later in the Spring. The link is Touch typing can be useful when it comes to improving skills such as spelling and memory. It can provide pupils with an alternative way of learning and record their work, as well as improving productivity. For those wishing to practise their typing skills, have a go at BBC Bitesize's Dance Mat typing - it isn't as easy as you think! Miss Wilson

We raised a total of £173.99 for BRAKE, many thanks to all who supported and contributed.

Year 3 enjoyed reading their Beatrix Potter books to boys in Year 2 this week. Mrs Henery

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 boys had a visit from Explore Learning. This time they focussed on maths. The boys had a picture of an elephant. They were then given different shapes to draw round to see if they could recreate their own elephant. Their drawings were amazing. Mrs Marskell

SPORTS RESULTS Colts A vs. Micklefield

Colts C vs. Micklefield

1-1 (D)

3-0 (W)

Man of The Match- Rajan Sandhu

Man of The Match- Christos Louka

Goal Scorers- Ben Choy

Goal Scorers- Christos Louka x2 & Ruari Fitzpatrick

Notable Performance- Michael Fitzgibbon & Stuart Coleman

Notable Performance- Kobi Wood & Michael Sargious

Colts B vs. Micklefield

Colts D vs. Micklefield

5-4 (L)

9-0 (W)

Man of The Match- Rory Slater

Man of The Match- Edward Collins

Goal Scorers- Sam Sheehan x2, Noah Seager x2, Jayden Eddy

Goal Scorers- Edward Collins x3, Luca Staples-Sheasby, Josh McCrosson, Tharani Vengadachalam & Connor Edwards x2

Notable Performance- Theo Moffatt & Jayden Eddy

Notable Performance- Full Team Performance

Miss Smith, 4S, is competing in Dubai, playing for an International Invitation Women’s 7’s rugby team. Good news so far as they have won their first game 35-17 and Miss Smith scored a try. Let’s hope she bring home a trophy to show us!


Sam Atkins

Leoangelo Romano x2

Jack Wrigley

Nathan John

Maye Bajah

Arun Arulchandran x2

Henry Ruscoe

Michael Sargious

Kobi Wood

Paul Barrow x3

Rex Treadwell x 2

Ali Al—Rubaie

Nicholas Hill

Toby Reed

James Miller x 2

Byron Miller

Joseph Huang

Jayden Eddy

George Dyson

Aron Kettinger-Janda

Seb Gorlov

Edward Collins

Jackson Worth

George Harvey

Oliver Kennard

Barnaby Atkins

Barney Williams

Arthur Wickman

Emir Ozderici

Krishan Idrees

Christos Louka

Marcus Glen

Jack Guiney

Ben Schumacher

Paul Barrow

Alex Wang

Archie Spick

Joseph Seager x 3

Barnaby Hill x2

Hal Ferguson

Alex Hone

Connor Edwards

Jeremey Blachman

Derin Ucer

Ross Mackinnon

Dylan Newman

Louis Lochhead

Ben Scudamore

Frankie Whintle

Ismail Muhammad

Thomas Adams

Ryan Lochhead

Henry Wickham

Ben Huang

Hadi Yousaf

Haaken Nelmes

Luke Leahy

Lauti Yasnikouski

Cameron Edwards

Chris Hawksley

Headmaster’s Lunch The Year 9’s played host to their Form Teachers (Mr Hendry & Mr Sukhdeo), Mr Murphy, Mr Mitchell and Mr Rudkin in a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of fine food (prepared by Mrs Chandler and her team), and great company all-round. Following an informal chat in Langlands, the afternoon’s luncheon began with the Grace from Jack Leonard. There followed some exemplary ‘waiter-ing’ and some that needed a bit more practice! It was an excellent opportunity for the boys to converse in a formal manner and an opportunity to brush up on table manners and etiquette. The afternoon luncheon ended with some inspirational messages/ impromptu speeches which were delivered by the staff. Guy Newton and Seb Gorlov spoke on behalf of the Year 9’s which brought the luncheon to a close. A fantastic afternoon and a huge thanks to the kitchen and the boys for making the event such a success! Mr Sukhdeo

ENTERPRISE FAIR Kingswood House held its first Year 9 Enterprise Fair in Langlands Hall. The Year 9 boys ran a number of businesses that they have created, offering small products, games and refreshments for other boys to purchase. There were separate time slots for different year groups to attend and parents were welcomed throughout the afternoon. All profits from the event will be used to support the school charities. The Year 9 boys have been participating in a business and enterprise course called Putting Young Minds to Work. During their ten-week course, they have developed knowledge and skills in financial capability, commercial awareness and business principles. They have acquired important life and employability skills such as communication, teamwork, resilience and self-belief. The course culminated in the boys presenting their business plans to Mr Murphy, the Chair of Governors and two other distinguished guests on Thursday morning prior to the Enterprise Fair. Mr Mitchell

Dragons’ Den The Year 9 boys presented their products to a ‘Dragons’ Den’ panel of judges: Mr Murphy, Chris Shipley, Chairman of Governors, Rob Austen, Deputy Chairman of Governors and Karen Warner from the Unilever Head Office. This is Car Carte ready to sell their wares.

Reception boys helped to make and decorate a Gingerbread House. There were lots of sticky fingers and chocolatey faces. They all had lots of fun. They decided that they couldn't wait until next week to eat the house so they sampled the chimney. Very yummy! Mrs Marskell

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had their annual visit to Hatchlands Park. It was a big surprise! The boys were visiting Santa. They went in a group at a time to see Santa and were very excited about receiving a present. When they came out no one spilled the beans. They were all very good at keeping a secret! Mrs Henery

Maths Enrichment- Paper folding Tangrams This week’s Enrichment focus based of the ancient Chinese puzzle Tangrams and Origami which looked to explore the KHS value of Respect. A Tangram is based on the dissection of a square into seven pieces. It is ancient Chinese puzzle where you make pictures using mathematical shapes. Tangrams consist of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (using all seven pieces), which may not overlap. Tangrams are an excellent way to increase mental ability, and are simple to play and suitable for all ages.

Parent and Child Task

Can you make each of these pictures using your seven pieces? Carefully tear or cut along the lines to create your set of 7 tans.

Origami Have you ever folded a square sheet of paper into the shape of a crane? That's origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. The word "Origami� is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: "ori", meaning fold, and "gami", meaning paper. Origami is more than just paper folding. It's paper transforming. It's art. It's paper magic! Have a look at some of the Origami made by the boys this week, and a few for you to try at home. Easy Origami Paper Bird Activity- Click here

UK Primary Maths Challenge – Silver award winners.

I am delighted to announce our Silver award winners from the November UK Primary Maths Challenge.

Year 5: Theo Moffat, Christos Loukas & Jonty Ward

Year 6: Sam Sheehan, Alex Bentall, Toby Wardle, Tharani Vengadachalam & Stuart Coleman

Look out for the Gold award winners in next week’s newsletter. Mr Sukhdeo

Lost Property As Friday next week is our final day of term before we break up for Christmas, we would like to remind you that ALL lost property will be put under the shelter next to the Design Technology room. We invite you to come and claim any of the lost property displayed if your son has misplaced an item of their kit throughout this half of term. Any unclaimed items will be given to second hand uniform. I would like to remind everyone that we return any named items to your sons locker if found, so please could we ask for you to double check your sons kit is clearly labelled ready for next term. If you have any queries, please see a member of Sports staff or contact Mr Rogers via email ( Many thanks Sports Department

In Gardening Club the boys got very Christmassy and made a Christmas wreath to take home. They had a lots of fun covering the frame in two different coloured ribbons and then tying the holly and bells on. Luckily, the holly wasn't prickly! Mrs Marskell

Reception boys have been making a Christmas tree for the classroom. They used green paint to make lots of hand prints and then began to create the Christmas tree. They used their finger prints to make the colourful baubles. The result was a fabulous tree! Well done, boys! Mrs Marskell

COMMENDATIONS Theo Venzelaar Pelly

Peter Lewis

Oliver Kennard

Chris Hawksley

Alex Hone

Marcus Glen

Pete Duncan

Archie Eperon

Tommy Collins

Ali All– Rubaie

Aron Janda– Kettinger

Joseph Seagar

William Moffatt x2

Ted Hartley

Hadi Yousaf

Enan Abdul

Ted Reed x2

Hussain Bana

Joel Mukarati x2

Ethan Lee

Tyrwhitt Burn

Archie Blyth x2

Benjamin Schumacher

Enzo Reed

Arthur Wickham

Joseph Huang

Frankie Larter

Byron Miller

Fraser Blyth

Barnaby Atkins

Benji Adams

15 minutes with … Michelle Johns, ELSA Favourite car

Range Rover Sports

Favourite place

Epsom Downs

Favourite food Favourite band or singer

Calamari Queen, Freddie Mercury

Favourite film

The Greatest Showman

Favourite smell


Favourite sport / team or player

Football Crystal Palace of course!

Who in the world would you like to be ?

My dog. In his world, loving others, listening and being loved comes first. He really knows what matters and is the bestest friend. A good girl. But my school report always mentioned I was a chatterbox. Can’t think what they meant ! If I could choose any job in the world it would be this one. Oh, and I love dancing but HATE exercise

What were you like at school ?

What is your ‘interesting fact’?

And 12 either / or : Dog or Cat?

Netflix or YouTube?

Swimming or Sunbathing?

High-tech or Low-tech?

Football or Rugby?

Passenger or Driver?

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

Phone Call or Text?

Facebook or Twitter?

Big Party or Small Gathering? Pen or Pencil? City or Countryside? BOTH !

In maths, Year 4 have been using their measuring skills. They were measuring accurately to the nearest mm using a ruler. Some boys challenged themselves and estimated the length first and then measured to see how accurate they were! Miss Smith

Festive Fun

6C had great fun making Christmas cards for their nearest and dearest. Well done, boys - they look fantastic! Mrs Celentano

RESPECT This term, all pupils at Kingswood House School have been focussing on the value of ‘Respect’. The whole school has been looking at this value in form time, lessons and in assembly. Here are some of the pieces of work produced by the boys to show their understanding of respect. Work can be seen from pupils in Reception, Years 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 7. Next term we will be focussing on the value of Integrity. Miss Black

MATHS ENRICHMENT Maths was the subject focus in the second half of the Autumn Term as part of The Kingswood House Way initiative.

You can view a video with a short summary of activities across the school during this time on our website, click here. Mr Sukhdeo

This week the boys learnt about the

Nativity story. They all had to bring in shoe box for the barn (thank you to all the Mums for searching out the boxes). The boxes were all painted brown by Mrs Mostyn. The boys had to cut out the figures from the nativity sheet and carefully stick them onto the barn. They all really enjoyed this activity. Merry Christmas! Mrs Marskell

This week in French, Reception boys were learning to count. They used cubes and counted all the way to 40 in French. Madame Swift gave a helping hand to the boys who needed help. Well done, Reception! Mrs Marskell

A wonderful achievement to share: “Dear Mr Mitchell I thought you would like to hear a little good news from Freddie. On his own insistence he sat exams for an academic Scholarship in Chemistry and Maths for the Sixth form at Epsom College and was successful. As you can imagine we are proud beyond measure of him and can not believe that we now have two boys with awards at Epsom. Not a small amount of credit for these achievements should go to you all at Kingswood House, who picked my boys up from what had been a pretty awful experience at their previous school, and helped to make them into the wonderful young men that they are showing real signs of becoming. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for both Freddie and Bertie. Yours, Lisa Gathercole� Congratulations to Fr eddie and B er tie fr om everyone at K ingsw ood House Sch ool.

In a recent maths activity, Reception boys had to count in 10’s to 100; they then had a go at counting in 10’s to 100 maze work sheet. They all did really well. Well done, Reception. Mrs Marskell

Festive Poetry

6C English group enjoyed created some festive poetry and sharing them with their peers. Here are James and Oscar who wrote an excellent acrostic poem. Well done, boys! Mrs Celentano

In Mr Cowie’s Year 6 maths set, the boys created their own maths board game to complete in their final lesson of the term. The main aim of their games were to answer maths based questions to work around the board to win against their partner! There were some fantastic board games! Mr Cowie

Staff vs Boys Annual Christmas Football Match Playing to a large crowd, the KHS staff played competitive matches against teams from Senior pupils and Upper Prep pupils. There was a fabulous display of costumes and Christmas jumpers. Mr Murphy refereed to ensure fair play and the results were two wins and a narrow loss to the staff team—better luck next year, boys!

Mr Mitchell (and yes, that is Mr March in the snowman costume) led the Christmas House Quiz this morning. The boys looked really colourful as they all wore Christmas jumpers having made a contribution to Save the Children.

We all enjoyed a wonderful traditional Christmas lunch. Thank you to Mrs Chandler and her kitchen team for lunch today, and every day.

Lower Prep were very excited to visit the pantomime in Woking (oh no they weren’t!)

A HUGE THANK YOU to the KHA The KHA has funded much of the boys’ Christmas parties this year, including the magician who entertained them so well. The transport to the pantomime for Lower Prep was funded by the KHA. The wonderful Christmas tree in the Lower Prep playground was also donated by the KHA—our thanks to you all for your continued support. It is very much appreciated.

Young Minds Miss Timothy has prepared some information from Young Minds to help families over the festive period. It will accompany this newsletter. If your child tells you they are struggling, here are a few steps you can take:

You can also look at YoungMinds online:

If you want to call someone, the YoungMinds helpline number for parent is:

0808 0802 5544

15 minutes with ‌ Mr Duncan Murphy, Headmaster Favourite car

Jaguar E Type

Favourite place

Isle of Wight

Favourite food


Favourite band or singer

Pink Floyd

Favourite film

Where Eagles Dare

Favourite smell


Favourite sport / team or player

Leeds United, Harlequins, Surrey CCC

Who in the world would you like to be ? What were you like at school ?

Donald Tusk – just to sort a few things out!

What would you do if you were not a teacher? What is you r interesting fact?

Test Match Special commentator - or more

Quite annoying, I suspect. realistically, a lawyer.

I once sang in front of royalty.

And 12 either / or : Dog or Cat?

Netflix or YouTube? Neither

Phone Call or Text?

Facebook or Twitter?

Swimming or Sunbathing?

Beer or Wine?

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Football or Rugby? Cricket

Passenger or Driver?

Pen or Pencil? Fountain Pen

City or countryside?

Glass half full or half empty?

Pupil Appointments Prefects and Captains 2018-2019 Senior Head Boy Rohan Bogues

Head Boy Ewan Walker

Senior Prefects Sam Fowler Elliot Leupolz William Murrell

Deputy Head Boys Edward Fisher Theodore Spick

Year 11 House Captains Drake Connor Hunnisett Marlborough Elliot Leupolz Nelson Jamil Treamer Wellington Ben Taylor

Prefects Rhys Battrick Danial Idrees Joseph Offen Jestico Seemampillai Sam Slaney

Sports Captains Football

Sam Fowler Joshua Lunemann


Connor Hunnisett Rhys Battrick

Hockey/Rugby 7s

Edward Fisher


William Murrell Samuel Slaney

Lower Prep Monitors Adam Gratton Dylan Newman Benjamin Schumacher Barnaby Williams

The Study Centre Teaching Staff SEN Co-ordinator Mrs Janet Edmondson

Advanced Diploma in Managing the Role of the SENCO B.Sc. Speech and Language Therapy, M.R.C.S.L.T., H.C.P.C. Registered

Assistant Senco Miss Harriet Wilson

B.A. (Hons) Primary Teaching, Q.T.S.

Mrs Deborah Archer

B.A. (Hons) French & European Literature, University of Warwick Hornsby Diploma in Teaching Children with Specific Learning Difficulties Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Mrs Anne Ball

B.Sc. Speech and Language Therapy, M.R.C.S.L.T; A.S.L.T.I.P; H.C.P.C. registered

Mrs Aniesa Blore

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Clinical Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Member of Health Professions Council, Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, Member of British Association of Occupational Therapists

Ms Isabella Budasz

B.Sc, (Hons) Geography and Sociology, Cert Ed., Certificate in Supporting Adults with Dyslexia

Mrs Mandy Grist

BA (Hons) Linguistics and Language Pathology,

Mrs Jeanette Groves

M.R.C.S.L.T; M.A.S.L.T.I.P; H.C.P.C. Registered Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Children with Specific Learning Difficulties (Maths and Literacy) Patoss Associate Member

Mrs Juliet GrĂźn

B.A. (Hons) French, P.G.C.E. Post Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy

Mrs Lucy Fanning

B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, P.G.C.E. Post Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy

Mrs Amanda Hall

B. Ed. (Hons) (London) R.S.A. Diploma in Teaching Children with Specific Learning Difficulties Phono-Graphix Therapist

Mrs Isabelle Picken

B.A. (Hons) English with Medieval Studies, P.G.C.E. Primary Education T.E.F.L. Post Graduate Certificate in Structured Teaching for Dyslexia and Literacy Intervention (Dyslexia Action Guild) Supporting Study Skills in Learners with Dyslexia

Mrs Emma Rendle Mrs Leanne Stewart Mrs Michelle Johns

B.Sc. (Hons) Speech Sciences, M.R.C.S.L.T., M.A.S.L.T.I.P., H.C.P.C. Registered B.Ed., Unicorn Maths


Learning Support Assistants Mr Ian Bennetts Mrs Kelly Bishop

Level 3 NVQ Supporting Teaching and Learning

Ms Raquel Campbell

B.Sc. (Hons) Logic and Maths, M.A. (Hons) Portuguese Literature

Mrs Sarah Conner

NCFE Level 2 Support Work in Schools, Supporting Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Mrs Joanna Danks

B.A. (Hons) History, NCFE Level 3 Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

Mrs Emma Darbishire

B. Nursing (Hons)

Mrs Glenda Du Plessis

B.A. (Hons) Geography & PE, PG Diploma in Education

Mrs Linda Kitchen Mrs Kate Long

Level 2 Understanding Autism, Level 3 Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

Mrs Claire McGill

Level 3 NVQ Learning & Development

Mr Campbell McKelvie

O.A. Dip (SEN Advanced)

Administrative Staff Mrs Caron Alford

Head of Marketing

Mrs Katie Edwards

Compliance and Exams Officer

Mrs Karen Harding

School/Head’s PA

Mrs Susan Lucas

SEN Secretary

Mrs Helen Parker


Mrs Debbie Steer

Finance Assistant

Mrs Michelle Stepney


Mrs Sally Witts


Peripatetic Staff Mr Patrick Maclarnon


Mrs Pamela Rider


Music Peripatetic Staff Mr Stephen Bradfield


Ms Alison Knight


Mrs Karan Humphries


Mr Alan Watkiss


Profile for kingswoodhouse

Kingswood News Autumn Term 2018  

A compilation of the weekly newsletters from Kingswood House School during Autumn Term 2018

Kingswood News Autumn Term 2018  

A compilation of the weekly newsletters from Kingswood House School during Autumn Term 2018