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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre-Prep T-Shirts Our 2013 Prep students were gifted last week with a fabulous King’s t-shirt from their ‘big school’ in celebration of them becoming our newest year level of King’s Kids. The soon-to-be Prep students in the Pre-Prep program at Noah’s Ark were excited to receive their shirts. Many of them wore their new shirts to Noah’s Ark the next day with requests to wear them every day. Some didn’t want to take them off and even proposed sleeping in them as well! The College marketing team was blessed to hear the Pre-Preps sing in celebration of their shirts. They all sounded great! Please be aware that we have three Pre-Prep classes and students enrolled in the classes next year will have preference for Prep in 2014. Children not enrolled in Pre-Prep will be put on a waiting list. Children born from 01/07/2008 – 30/06/2009 are due to start Pre-Prep in 2013 and Prep in 2014.

Carnival Day * All day ride passes available online now. * Primary students, please ask your teacher about stall donations. * A tin ball tournament for high school students - get your teams together now! * Market stall spaces are available now! Book online! P&F Meeting 19 June Topics to be discussed: carpark upgrade; Carnival Day; sponsorship requests Treasurer’s update; President’s update; volunteers. All welcome. ~ Melissa Potts, P& F Secretary

Early Learning Programs What’s in a rainbow?

Many eyes were looking upwards this Tuesday morning as Noah’s Ark children spied the rainbow in the sky. The full arc rainbow, God’s sign of hope, led to many comments and follow-up creative activity. Sophie and Sarah in Wombats thoroughly enjoyed their rainbow creations whilst one of the older boys asked the question, “When somebody doesn’t believe in Jesus, where do they think a beautiful rainbow comes from?”. The rainbow is a positive sign of God’s continuing care and presence in His world.

Primary Parenting with Power

Scripture of the week: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 Commitments Develop in the Heart

Commitments provide purpose, meaning and direction in life. A boy, aged 14, was determined to save money for a remotecontrolled car. Mum said, “He set his heart on getting that car and spent many hours earning the money.” Emily was committed to her friends but not to her schoolwork, requiring some major shifts in her heart in order to get her commitments into proper balance. Sometimes parents are encouraged by the commitments they see in their children and other times red flags go up warning mums and dads to take action. When parents use the good commitments that children have and try to change commitments that are unproductive, they are doing heart work in their children’s lives. Parents can do a lot to influence their children’s commitments and convictions. Be on the lookout for positive things that you want to encourage in your child’s heart. Many a great man or woman has traced their early interests back to a parent’s encouragement. Look for ways to generate healthy commitments in children to get their hearts moving in the right direction. Moses told the people, “Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day…They are your life.” (Deuteronomy 32:46-47) Samuel told the people, “Serve the Lord with all your heart.” (1 Samuel 12:24) Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Each of these verses is a call to commitment.

Strategy for the week: Encouraging children to think first of others is a great way to enhance positive convictions in them. Also, when children are involved in something, do all you can to encourage commitment to finish what they have started. This creates a sense of achievement and commitment in their hearts that stays with them for their life. ~ In His service, Klaus Knobloch and Rosemary Whincop

National Skipping

Tia Curtis (3P) and Jasmine Hawkins (3D) will be competing at the National Skipping Championships over the holidays (23-25 June). All the best girls. We hope you do well. Gold Coast Skipping Club details are on the website: or email or mobile 0407 720645. Page 2 - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jasmine Hawkins and Tia Curtis



Now for something really different this week. I have a few books of prayers that have been gifted to me. While it is important that we speak our own prayers to our Lord and Saviour, it is also helpful to read the prayers written by others; some of these, many years ago. We worship you, O Lord God, and give thanks to You for Your great glory and power, which You show to Your servants in Your wonderful world. All the things which we enjoy are from Your mighty hand, and You alone are to be praised for all the blessings of the life that now is. Make us thankful to You for all your mercies and more ready to serve You with all our heart; for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen. From The Narrow Way (1869) O God our Father, we would thank Thee for all the bright things of life. Help us to see them, and to count them, and to remember them, that our lives may flow in ceaseless praise; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. J. H. Jowett (1846-1923) Dear God, thank You that, whatever we have done and however far from You we have strayed, it is never too late to turn back to You. Your love is so great that You will always welcome those who come to You. Thank You Lord Jesus that You will be our hiding place whatever happens. Corrie ten Boom (1892 – 1983) May the strength of God pilot us, May the power of God preserve us, May the wisdom of God instruct us, May the hand of God protect us, May the way of God direct us, May the shield of God defend us, May the host of God guard us against the snares of evil And the temptations of the world. St Patrick (c. 389 – c. 461) O God, help me to remember that there is a purpose to everything in life, and to trust in You when things don’t happen as I expect. Guide me through the times in my life when I feel there is no direction, and help me to trust that all will turn out for the good even if it is different from what I had planned. O God, by whom the meek are guided in judgement, and whose light rises up in darkness for the godly; give us, in all our doubts and uncertainties, the grace to ask what Thou wouldst have us to do, that the spirit of wisdom may save us from all false choices and that in Thy light we may see light and in Thy straight path may not stumble; through Jesus Christ our Lord. William Bright (1824 – 1901) The peace of God be with you, The peace of Christ be with you, The peace of Spirit be with you And with your children, From the day that we have here today Until the day of the end of your lives. Celtic prayer Happy parenting. I wish you Jesus. A choice to make. Remember God’s esteem. Ideal Valentine. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Why/How. The Greatest. The joy of motherhood. Give thanks. Pray. ~ Rhonda Bevan, Head of Secondary

General Accounts News •

School fees are to be paid in full by 30 June.

For credit card payments, address changes or queries please email

Please quote your account number when phoning or emailing admin (it’s the first 4 letters of the child’s surname and 3 numbers eg MILL007).

Apply Your Faith

Quote from ‘Walk in Faith’ by Ray McCauley

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. James 1:2-3 God will allow you to grow in faith. Tests and trials do not develop your faith, it is what you do in the midst of tests and trials that will develop your faith. Papa Hagin tells of how his son always came to him for prayer if he was feeling unwell, until finally he reached the age of thirteen. One day he came to his father complaining of earache. Dr Hagin began to pray but stopped as the Holy Spirit showed him that Kenneth Jnr had now reached an age where he must apply his own faith and could no longer rely upon that of his father. We too must grow up! Everything you are going to receive in the natural realm begins in the spiritual - begin to release your faith, walk in the spiritual realm and you will see the manifestation in the natural realm. Never impose your level of faith onto another person; rather find out where the person’s faith level is and come into agreement with it. If you wish to contact Guy Ormerod, College Chaplain, you can write to - or pastoral care: Kerrilee Walsingham -

Cyber Safety Corner

If you are interested in cyber safety you may like to read this: story-fn6ck620-1226367827021

Reminder - Semester 1 Reports

Please make sure your address is correct as reports are due to be sent out at the end of term and they will not reach you if you haven’t notified us of any changes. or phone 55 877 600

Dates for your diary... June 18 June 19 June 19 June 20 & 21 June 22 July 16 July 17

Band Concert P&F Meeting Strings Concert UP Athletics Carnival Last Day Term 2 First Day Term 3 P&F Meeting

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Young Parliamentarians take over the Chamber

On Monday, 28 May, eight Year 11 students travelled to Brisbane to participate in a Youth Parliament, organised by the Queensland Parliament Education Office. Students were allocated an electorate to represent, with one of our students (Tegan Dee) selected to fulfill the role of ‘Leader of the Opposition’. The students who participated in this event were: - Tegan Dee (Leader of the Opposition) - Melissa Allen (Member for Kawana) - AJ Hawkins (Member for Southern Downs) - Laura Klein (Member for Gaven) - Tessa Neethling (Member for Moggill) - Robin O’Reilly (Member for Warrego) - Chloe Thomas (Member for Surfers Paradise) - Kristall Walcott (Member for Toowoomba South) Over the course of the day, each student was required to present a speech and engage in parliamentary debate. Tegan presented a two-minute speech on the theme ‘The Spirit of Queensland’, while other students either engaged in the consideration of a mock Bill, or presented an ‘Adjournment Debate’ speech on a state-related topic of their choice. Well done to all of our representatives – they were a credit to themselves and to King’s. ~ Jason Knight (Head of Department – Business)

feel rather important. As the speeches kicked off the officials in the chamber were increasingly impressed with the quality of the speakers. Delivering a speech in front of 80 unfamiliar faces was terrifying, yet thrilling at the same time. Having experienced the ambiance of Parliament House and the process of crucial decision-making it is an indelible memory that will remain with us forever. - Tessa Neethling, Year 11 (Member for Moggill)

With blazers on, uniforms ironed and socks pulled up, we headed up to Brisbane to take part in Queensland Parliament’s annual Youth Parliament – a day spent in session at Parliament House with student representatives from schools across Queensland. From our Year 11 Legal Studies class eight students took part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Although an early start is not many people’s cup of tea, for us it didn’t matter; we were charged with adrenalin. Arriving at Parliament House was definitely an eye opener. Every nook and cranny is decorated with some type of hand engraving or gold plated object and chandeliers hang from every roof. Passing the ‘Officials Only’ sign entering the chamber made us


Resource Centre News

This term the staff of the Resource Centre conducted a competition for Years 1-4. The competition was to draw a picture or write a short story about a place the students have been to. The competition was called “Are We There Yet?” based on the book by Allison Lester. There were many fantastic entries and the winners of each year level were: Year 1 – Bridgette Mariconte Year 2 – Kyzac Kennedy Year 3 – Reese Spence Year 4 – Cassidy Muir Currently the Resource Centre is running another competition to coincide with the Queen’s Birthday and the celebration of her 60 year reign. The students are invited to ‘Design Your Own Crown’ and/or ‘Design a 25c Coin’.

We have already had a huge response to this. This activity is conducted in the Resource Centre during first break every day this week. Students from Years 1-4 are encouraged to come in and give it a go. ~ Mrs Hawkins

King’s Christian College uses and recommends Toshiba Photocopiers Page 4 - Thursday, June 14, 2012


68 Gemvale Road, Reedy Creek 4227 07 5587 7600



Unlocked Secrets from the Past By Leio Ohshima McLaren (7F)

Today we set off as a simple group of teachers, parents and Year 7 students on a voyage of awesome discovery. What awaited us on June 6 at the QLD Museum was an historical plethora of information titled ‘Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb’ and the ‘Transit of Venus’. We were enchanted by the British Museum’s exhibition. It centered on the mummy Nesperennub and a 3D film experience that opened up a virtual reenactment of the mummification process, mysterious rituals and the breathtaking beauty of life and death in Ancient Egypt. Also incorporated were 100 objects including amulets, canopic jars, massive sarcophagi, statues, shabtis and sections from the ‘Book of the Dead’. The second part of our eyeopening excursion featured the transition of Venus as it passed directly between the Sun and Earth. This is one of the rarest of predictable celestial phenomena and occurs in pairs, eight years apart, separated by over 100 years. We indeed felt extremely privileged and humbled by this timely event. It is one thing to read about history in a book; however, today we were part of living history!

Year 7 Queensland Museum Excursion, Brisbane (06/06/2012)

Himman Lo’s Music Success A little report of my Wollongong Eisteddfod (8/6 - 9/6) My piano competition in Wollongong Eisteddfod was ‘Mission Impossible’. The other competitors were from the Conservatorium, studying Masters Degree and some were Sydney International Piano Competition candidates, which is held once every 4 years.

3rd place in Open Age Australian Composition $40 3rd place in Open Age Baroque Period $40 I also competed in: Open Age Romantic Composition Open Age Chopin Piano Scholarship Open Age Piano Scholarship Solo

I didn’t have a chance to get a highly commended in the Piano Scholarship Solo which has $5,000 for the 1st place, $1,000 for the 2nd place and $500 for the 3rd place, but I tried my best. My 20 minutes playing time included three movements of Sonata by Haydn and Novelette II by Poulenc for which I received a special announcement from the adjudicator and a long applause from the audience.

From this competition, I have learned how to be serious in playing every single detail. How sparkling should be the semiquavers, how precise should be the semi-quavers... All these details determine the place getter by just half a point. I couldn’t believe just one semi-quaver was faster than normal, one wrong note, or even if you play with 100% accuracy and high technical work but no musicality will cost you $5,000.

After the two long days of battle, (around 15 competitors in each event), I received: 1st place in Open Age Duet $200 (we beat the Sydney Conservatorium Masters students)

Lots of things to learn and now I understand why Mum drove me and my brother there to lose because ‘Losers can learn more’. Thanks Mum. ~ Himman Lo (5P)

Himman Lo in centre of photo


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Pareents and a frriendss are warm mly invited d to a General


Pareentsand a friends and frriendssare arewarmly warm mlyinvited invited dto toa a  Parents

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Monday 18 Tueesdaay 19thth June 2012   JJune e, 20 012  7.00pm  00p pm 7.0 th Kings Christian Centre      Kin ng’s C Churrch A itori012  um  Tue esdaay 1 9  JAudi June e, 20 (Auditorium)     00p 7.0 P Perform mers tto be th here: 6.30pm 6 m   pm  

Dresss: Fullrch A l Schoo ol Unifitori form um   Kin ng’s C Chur   Audi

Perform P mers tto be th here: 6.30pm 6 m Dresss: Fulll Schoo ol Unifform Bring g: Instrrument and Music M

Winter is here with ICE AGE 4 in 3D! Event Cinemas and Birch Carroll & Coyle’s hugely popular ‘Kids Movie Club’ is hosting a PREMIERE on Sunday 24th June 2012 of ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’ in 3D!


Activities start at 10:30am for an 11am screening, all 3D tickets $12! Activities range from: face painting, jumping castles, colouring in, balloon twisting and more!

Albert Waterways Hall (behind Pacific Fair)

This free-to-join club is a fantastic way for families to kick off their June school holidays!

From 10am to 3pm

Tueesdaay 19th JJune e, 20 012  00p pm 7.0 Kin ng’s C Churrch A Audiitorium  

Bring g: Instrrumen M   t and Music P Perform mers tto be th here: 6.30pm 6 m Performers should be there at 6.30pm  Dresss: Fulll Schoo ol Unifform Dress: Full School Uniform  Bring g: Instrrument and Music M BRING: Instrument and Music 


At this time of year, it can be difficult to find an entertaining family fun day out, which is suitable for all weather conditions. This event is going ahead rain, hail or shine Unique experience with our Australian native wildlife

Wildlife exhibitors showcasing their animals, their visions, and their expertise

Practical demonstrations and informative presentations from wildlife experts, providing entertainment for all age groups Healthy food options and refreshments will be available for purchase


Page 6 - Thursday, June 14, 2012

LOCATION: Selected Event Cinemas and Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas eg. • Event Cinemas ROBINA • Birch Carroll & Coyle PACIFIC FAIR • Birch Carroll & Coyle AUSTRALIA FAIR • Birch Carroll & Coyle COOLANGATTA DATE: Sunday 24 June 2012 TIME: 10:30am activities for a 11am film INFO:


Sport News

News from the King’s Locker Room


Track Talk

Hi everyone, Our winter season of sports has now wrapped up for 2012 in both the primary and high school. I would like to thank all the teachers who have given their time and effort into coaching our students and helping them become better skilled athletes and help further develop characteristics such as good sportsmanship and pride in representing King’s. Overall we have had much success in the APS competition. In the primary we had six undefeated teams. These were the Year 4, 5 and 6 rugby teams (Year 4 also took out the APS Rugby Cup), Junior Girls A Tennis, Junior Girls 1 Newcombeball and Senior Girls 1 Volleyball. In the high school we played off for 13 premierships in the finals and won 7 of these. These included the Year 8 Girls Volleyball, Junior A Girls Tennis, Senior B Boys Tennis, Open B Girls Volleyball, Open B Boys Volleyball, Open A Girls Soccer and Open A Boys Soccer. This was a wonderful achievement by all these teams, however, I was just as pleased with the teams that gave it their all and tried their best each and every week. We are blessed here at King’s to have such amazing students both in talent and behaviour. It is a real privilege to be overseeing the strong push in driving King’s forward in sport. I now look forward to our summer sport season where we traditionally are even stronger than our winter sports. ~ Jason Grady, Director of Sport (P-12)

Athletics It’s less than a week until the Primary Athletics Carnival and things are heating up to be a fantastic two days of stiff competition. We would love to see as many parents as possible there to cheer on the students. Just a reminder that the second day will be held at Griffith University on Thursday 21 June. Please note that there is currently no car parking available at Griffith University due to extensive construction. The closest car parks are Parklands, Sharks or the Uniting Church on Olsen Ave (opposite Bunnings). Parking fees apply. Please allow time to walk from the Sharks League Club. Our parents’ athletics committee will be holding a healthy BBQ on Wednesday at Pizzey Park to raise funds for athletics equipment. On sale will be fresh bacon & egg rolls, hamburgers, steak sandwiches, powerade, water and juices. So bring your money along on the day. All students are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep and to eat healthily in the lead up to the competition. I look forward to seeing you all there! ~ Trishelle Grady, Athletics Coordinator (P-12)

This is my first newsletter article for our athletics squad training group, and I am excited, as athletics is where my true passion lies. Since the KATS program began earlier this year, I have been astounded at how popular the program has become. I was slightly caught offguard at first wondering if we’d bitten off more than we could chew with the number of students we had attending these sessions, but as the weeks passed, we all began to find our groove in things, students and coaches alike. At this point in time, with the school athletics carnival only a week away, and APS only two months away, I can confidentally say I am very happy with where our students are in terms of event-specific skill acquisition, competency and fitness. As a team (school), I also now have a solid understanding of which age groups and specific event disciplines are our strong points and visa versa. I have also made it clear to my assistant coaches and students that I plan on King’s DOMINATING the APS relays!!! This is an event which equates to DOUBLE POINTS at the APS carnivals. I am very confident that if we can nail our batton changeover technique (which will be a priority at training sessions between the King’s carnival and APS), then our school could take out first place in the majority of the relays. I have had relay teams in previous years drop their time by over 6secs in a 4x100 purely through improved batton goals for this school are certainly not wild hopes!!! From next week onwards, I will be giving updates on how things are going each successive week at training. I look forward to writing to you all next week. Yours in athletics, ~ James Clark, King’s Head Athletics/Cross Country Coach

Important Dates for the Month of June 20th June – Upper Primary Athletics Carnival Day 1 – Pizzey Park 21st June – Upper Primary Athletics Carnival, Day 2 – Griffith Uni



Thursday, June 14, 2012 - Page 7

Sport News


News from the King’s Locker Room


KATS Athlete of the Week Name: Nathan Bow Class: 5D Favourite event/s: 100m, long jump

Name: Brooklyn Steele Class: 6J Favourite event/s: high jump and long

What sports do you play?

What sports do you play?


and discus

Athletics, swimming and soccer

Athletics and soccer

What’s the best thing about KATS?

What’s the best thing about KATS?

It’s fun and active

It’s always organised and we get to practice heaps of events

What are your goals for athletics this year?

Nathan Bow

To make it to regionals and state

Who inspires you the most? Andrew Arkinstall (my athletics coach) because he pushes me to do my best and he also competes at a high level

Why do you want to represent King’s for athletics? So I can earn points to help the King’s team win at APS

It’s on again!

What are your goals for athletics this year?

Brooklyn Steele

To make it to APS and District

Who inspires you the most? James because he teaches me a lot of things that I don’t know and encourages me to do my best

Why do you want to represent King’s for athletics? Because King’s is the best school and I want to do my best for them ~ Trishelle Grady, Athletics Coordinator (P-12)

Last year your generous donations provided King’s with over 90,000 points to buy equipment for the sports department. And yes, it’s on again!!! So if you shop at Coles or know someone who does, please collect the vouchers and bring them in to King’s so we can start to build our tally! We are looking forward to receiving last year’s order of gear that will be coming very soon, which if we were to put it into a dollar figure, would be up around the $6,000 worth of equipment!! That is incredible! On behalf of the school, and in particular, the sporting department, I would like to offer our sincere gratitude for making the effort to return the vouchers. We look forward to sharing a photo of all the new goods and the smiles on our students faces when they arrive!


Page 8 - Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sport News

News from the King’s Locker Room


Primary School Sport Primary APS Sport

This is the last week of winter sport for our primary students and coaches. See below for Round 6 results.

ROUND 7 RESULTS 7 June KING’S TEAMS Win Score Player of the Week


Boys Volleyball 1 KCC 3-0 Tosh Allan All Saints Anglican School Boys Volleyball 2 SSC 3-0 Jarah Dance St Stephens College Girls Volleyball 1 KCC 3-0 Annabelle Clark Emmanuel College 2 Girls Volleyball 2 EMM 3-0 Marina Mikhail Emmanuel College 1 Girls Volleyball 3 KCC 2-1 Crystabelle Tang A B Paterson College & Mikayla Harmon Boys Newcombeball 1 KCC 3-0 William Laver Somerset College Boys Newcombeball 2 TLC 3-0 Aiden Middleton Trinity Lutheran College Girls Newcombeball 1 KCC 3-0 Rebecca Correa-Mendes Somerset College Girls Newcombeball 2 TLC 2-1 Sofia Bostock Trinity Lutheran College Junior A1 Netball TLC 15-4 Nicole Raju Trinity Lutheran College Junior A2 Netball KCC 13-6 Hannah Verreynne Trinity Lutheran College Junior B1 Netball TLC 11-1 Madelyn Wade Trinity Lutheran College Junior B2 Netball TLC 12-11 Keely Russell Trinity Lutheran College Senior A1 Netball TLC 42-19 Jennifer Peters Trinity Lutheran College Senior A2 Netball TLC 21-20 Maddy Barr Trinity Lutheran College Senior B1 Netball KCC 17-10 Kelsie O’Brien Trinity Lutheran College Senior B2 Netball TLC 13-5 Kaho Tsukamoto Trinity Lutheran College Junior Boys Soccer 1 KCC 3-1 Tyson Martin & Joshua Irwin Emmanuel College Junior Boys Soccer 2 DR 1-1 Harvey King Emmanuel College Senior Boys Soccer 1 KCC 4-2 Jake Pittorino A B Paterson College Senior Boys Soccer 2 KCC 2-0 Joshua Westerlaken A B Paterson College Junior Girls Soccer 1 KCC 2-1 Sophia Muller Somerset College Junior Girls Soccer 2 ASAS Forfeit All Saints Anglican School Senior Girls Soccer 1 DR & KCC 0-0 & 2-0 Kaitlyn Walsh & Sophie Vella Emmanuel v A B Paterson Senior Girls Soccer 2 DR 1-1 Mellisa von Hollstein A B Paterson College 1 & Bianca Forrest Junior Boys Hockey 1 DR 1-1 Jesse Becker A B Paterson College Junior Boys Hockey 2 CAC & SSC 4-0 & 5-1 Thomas Chard Coomera v St Stephens Junior Girls Hockey 1 DR 0-0 Paulina Brunton A B Paterson College Senior Boys Hockey DR & KCC 1-1 & 2-0 Elijah McNamara A B Paterson v Coomera Senior Girls Hockey ABP 11-0 Talia Young A B Paterson College Year 4 Rugby KCC 15-10 Oliver Carrick Coomera 2 v St Stephens Year 5 Rugby KCC 8-2 Zane Jeffries, Nathaniel Espiritu All Saints Anglican School 1 & Kaidyn Fraser-Bell Year 6 Rugby KCC 10-2 Luka Lewis St Stephens College 1 Year 7 Rugby SSC 12-5 Hilton Bird St Stephens College 1 Senior Boys A Tennis ABP 10-8 Wynnr de Castro A B Paterson College Senior Boys B Tennis KCC 15-5 Sean Gomm A B Paterson College Senior Girls A Tennis KCC 15-5 Vanessa Jack A B Paterson College Senior Girls B Tennis KCC 11-4 Angelika Brandon A B Paterson College Junior Boys A Tennis KCC 8-1 A B Paterson College Junior Boys B Tennis KCC 6-2 A B Paterson College Junior Girls A Tennis KCC 5-0 A B Paterson College Junior Girls B Tennis KCC 5-1 A B Paterson College


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Sport News


News from the King’s Locker Room


High School Sport APS Sport

On Friday, 8 June, King’s played in the finals of the APS competition. Here are the results:

Boys Sport Team 1st XV Rugby



KCC 17-14 Year 10 KCC 19-7 Year 9 KCC 10-7 Year 8 TLC 31-15 Soccer Open A DR 1-1 Open B EMM 3-1 Inter A KCC 4-0 Year 9 TLC 4-0 Year 8 ASAS 8-0 Junior T2 No Game Volleyball Open A ASAS 3-0 Open B KCC 3-2 Yr 10 A KCC 3-0 Open C ASAS 3-2 Junior A SOM 3-0 Junior B ASAS 3-2 Hockey Open SOM 5-1 Junior DR 0-0 Tennis Open A ABP 17-7 Open B KCC 13-9 Open C KCC 15-9 Junior A SOM 21-3 Junior B KCC 13-10 Girls Netball Open A CAC 38-15 Open B KCC 27-10 Open C CAC 33-9 Open D DR 11-11 Yr 10 A SSC 24-11 Yr 10 B SSC 16-8 Year 9 A ABP 25-17 Year 9 B KCC 21-11 Year 8 A ABP 31-11 Year 8 B SOM 17-6 Junior T2 A No game Junior T2 B No game Soccer Open A KCC 1-0 Open B SSC 5-0 Inter A KCC 9-1 Year 9 ASAS 1-0 Year 8 EMM 1-0 Volleyball Open A KCC 3-1 Open B KCC 3-1 Yr 10 A KCC 3-1 Open C KCC 2-1 Junior A EMM 3-0 Junior B KCC 3-1 Hockey Open SSC & DR 4-0 & 0-0 Junior SOM 3-2 Tennis Open A KCC Forfeit Open B KCC 17-7 Open C KCC 11-6 Junior A KCC 15-9 Junior B ASAS 13.5 - 10.5


Page 10 - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Player of the Week Travis Pearce Victor Daroa Nicholas Geros Jacques de Kock James Ellins Bryant Reid Liam Pereira Billy O’Donnell David Boniwell Blake Lawrence Nathan Torpie Fraser Robertson David Grubb Benjamin Taylor

Tayla Morey Georgie Davey Hannah Robertson Eliza Vost Chanelle Brett Abbey Wingrave Renee Klein & Michelle Loader Sarah Richter & Kimberlee Swensson Rachel Johnson & Nicole Thompson Kayla Valentine & Emily Meuwissen Ashleigh Wilson Anneke van der Sluis Aimee Greenwood & Jordan Keynes Tayla Chard Talitha Grubb Monique Ambrose & Ashley Nel Maddison Fife Jazmin White & Tara Wise Olivia Otto, Adelle Venter & Shaylyn Barnes Jade Curtis Courtney Dumble

Chess News


King’s Chess News “Educating studentsPrimary in ChristianSchools Teams Chess Competition Gold Coast South


Atila Hakaimof

leadership for tomorrow’s generation”

Round 2 of the Gold Coast South Primary Schools teams chess competition was held at Caningeraba State School on Wednesday Div A 30th May. Our students had a great day of competition chess with teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in three different divisions. Atila Hakaimof attended his first competition winning all his games and receiving 1st place individually in his division. Lewis Kay and Isaac Humphrey both won 6/7 games in their divisions which placed them 3rd individually. Overall encouragement awards for playing great chess on the day went to ten King’s students listed below. L-R : Bradley Gibson, Lewis Kay, Jin Jung, Andrew Clare-Brown Our primary chess students have all been working hard at improving their game and it was great to see them rewarded for their efforts. Div C Team 1 and 2 placed 4th and 5th which will see them in the premier division at the Gold Coast finals on Wednesday 5th September at Carrara Basketball Stadium. Keep on chessing. Raelene Barton - Chess Coordinator

L-R : Blake Gittins, Atila Hakaimof, Kyle Winter, Jesse Becker

Division A: 2nd Place - *Jin Jung, *Lewis Kay, Andrew Clare-Brown, Bradley Gibson Division C: 1st Place - Blake Gittins, *Jesse Becker, *Atila Hakaimof, *Kyle Winter Division D: 3rd Place - Justin Park, *Matthew Naicker, Reuben Drummond, Jordan Chan

Div D

*Individual Winners + *Kevin Kim, *Isaac Humphrey, *Bronte Redenbach, *Sharon Wame

P I C K E T F E N C E W I N N E R

King’s Library -

Chess Books Available


UPCOMING CHESS EVENTS: 2012 Gold Coast Open Fri, Sat & Sun 22-24 June U/1600 & U/1000 Sat & Sun 23-24 June Emmanuel College 2012 Queensland Junior Championships Tue-Fri 26-29 June Emmanuel College Holiday Chess Camp Mon 2 – Fri 6 July Emmanuel College pay by Fri 29 June - $175 WEEKLY CHESS CLUB ***TERM TIME ONLY*** Mudgeeraba Centre, School Road, $10 Tuesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm Emmanuel College, $10 Wednesdays 3:45pm-5:45pm

Back Row L-R : Justin Park, Reuben Drummond Front Row L-R : Jordan Chan, Matthew Naicker

L-R : Jaxzyn Follet, Tosh Allan, Himman Lo

For more details please contact Gardiner Chess Centre, 5522 7221 or visit:

King’s Junior Chess Club NEXT FRIDAY - 22ND JUNE, 6:15pm - 8.30pm $5 entry fee @ KING’S BARISTA CAFÉ - ALL WELCOME! Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Page 12 - Thursday, June 14, 2012




‘fulfil your potential’

Whether you are preparing for the GPS season, local club finals or looking to make that rep team then this intensive two week training program is for you. 13-14 Years Monday June 25th – Wednesday July 4th. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (1 Session per day 3.30-5.00pm) Included in the School of Rugby is:      

Coaching by Professional Rugby Coaches Strength and Conditioning Core skills Position Specific Training Nutritional/Personal development workshops Exclusive Rugby Academy Training Shirt

All of this is available for only $180 15-18 Years Monday June 25th – Friday July 6th. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (2 Sessions per day 7.30-9.00am and 3.30-5.00pm) Friday (1 Session 8.00-9.30am)          

Coaching by Professional Rugby Coaches Personalised Strength and Conditioning Core skills Position Specific Training Nutritional/Personal Development workshops SAQ & Flexibility training Injury Management and Prevention advice Video analysis Game Psychology Exclusive Rugby Academy Training shirt

All of this is available for only $250 KING’S CHRISTIAN COLLEGE

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□ 13-14 Years School of Rugby Program ($180) □ 15-18 years School of Rugby Program ($250)

All programs will be held at The Southport School (Senior Campus). 22 Winchester Street, Southport.

Name _____________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________

2012 age group: ___________ Mobile No: _______________________ Email: ________________________________ I/WE (Parents):____________________________________________________ give permission for my son to attend The Rugby Academy clinic and participate fully in the games and training provided. Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________________________Date:_________________

Medical Conditions that Coaches should be aware of: ____________________________________________________ PHOTOGRAPH DISCLAIMER Unless we are informed otherwise you also give permission for photographs to be taken and used for the purpose of marketing. These may be displayed on our website, print material and in other promotional items. Photographs will only be used in the above way.


EFT (Payable to The Rugby Academy, Bank: ANZ, BSB: 014 506, A/C No: 277801388) (Please Quote Surname as Reference)


CHEQUE (Payable to The Rugby Academy Ltd, PO Box 1859, Southport BC Qld 4215) CREDIT CARD (Visa/MCard) {please note a 2% surcharge applies to all card transactions} _________/________/________/_______ EXP _____/_____

Card Holder Name: ___________________________ Signature: _________________________ Date: TO SECURE A PLACE PLEASE RETURN THE REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT BY FRIDAY 15th June. Please return forms to The Rugby Academy: Email: or return via Fax: 07 3054 0551 If you have any questions or require further information please contact Grant Anderson on Ph: 0408 199 948 or via Email:


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