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“Educating students in Christian leadership for tomorrow’s generation” Thursday, February 17, 2011

Newton House

Years 4-7 Swimming Carnival Champions For the second year in a row Newton has dominated the pool taking out the Aggregate Interhouse Swimming trophy for 2011. For full details of results, records broken and the list of age champions, see page 5.

House Spirit Trophy - Rayleigh House

Participation Trophy - Tyndale House

Aggregate Trophy - Newton House


Early Learning Programs “The Terrible Twos” a myth? What a delightful time our Joeys group are having as they settle into their new environment. Young ones amaze us with their focus as they enjoy a variety of age appropriate activities throughout the day.


Parenting with Power Scripture of the week: “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” Colossians 3:20

Be Firm Without Being Harsh Some parents believe that the only way to be firm is to be harsh. Firmness says that a boundary is secure and won’t be crossed without a consequence. Harshness uses angry words and increased volume to make children believe that parents mean what they say. Some parents have assumed that firmness and harshness must go together. How do you make the change? Two things will help you remove harshness from your interaction with your children: Dialogue less and show less emotion. In an attempt to build relationship, some parents spend too much time dialoguing about the instructions they have just given. They try to defend their words, persuade their children to do what they’re told, or logically explain the value of obeying. This is often counterproductive. Parents then resort to anger to end the discussion, complicating matters further. “I thought talking and showing emotion are signs of a healthy family, leading to closeness in family life”, you might say. This is true when they are used in the right way. Unfortunately, when added to the instruction process, these two ingredients confuse children and don’t give them the clear boundaries they need. These are two good things, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Firmness requires action, not anger. Having a toolbox of consequences is important to help move children along in life. It’s not optional. Some parents use anger as their consequence. These parents need more tools that will help their children make lasting changes. Strategy for the week: If you find yourself being harsh, take time to re-evaluate your response. More action, less yelling can go a long way to bring about significant change. ~ In His service, Klaus Knobloch and Rosemary Whincop

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Secondary Memories My mum is nearly 93 years old. What strikes me about her, is that she does not remember the naughty or worrying things that we did as children. What she remembers now is the good times. According to my mum, my brother, sister and I were perfect. We know that we were not, but how lovely that she thinks of us in that way. I found this story by Bob Perks that speaks of this very idea.

Never Forget That I Love You! At that very moment I thought, “I will never forget this!” But I did. There was a song back in the 70s that I can remember performing... “Please remember what I told you to forget.” The original was by the Four Tops. But the one that I loved to sing was a true reflection of the 70s recorded by Tavares. When the title for this message came to me, I wondered where God wanted me to go with it. A thousand images of holding hands, saying goodbye, hello and yes even moments of absolute joy rushed into my mind. Each of them, at the moment they occurred, were so very important I thought for sure that, “I will never forget this.” But I did. When my mother died I remember looking up at the clock on the wall wanting to burn the memory of the exact minute in time that she stopped breathing. I can’t remember it now. I do know that she died, but I remember more about how she lived. When my divorce was finalized, I believed that I would never forget the exact date. The form arrived in the mail. I shook when I opened it. There was a day and time stamped on it. “I will never forget this.” But I did. I believed, too, that I would always remember every single date of each chemo treatment my son Keith had. There were so many it is all a blur now. His cure helped me to forget. With tear soaked clothing and blood stained hands, I knew I would never forget the exact time that I came upon a car accident. Seeing the young man pinned in the back on the floor of his car frightened me so that I thought I’d be traumatized forever. I remember running to my car to get a copy of my New Testament, and returning, prayed over him. As they loaded him in the ambulance I drew a cross on the side of the rain soaked van. “I will never forget this day.”

Today, I can’t for the life of me remember what day that was. I see now what it is that God wants me to tell you with this message. It would be easy to write this off as part of the aging process. I am 60 and yes, I do forget things. But that’s not it. God wants you to know that life is filled to capacity with “unforgettable moments.” So many, in fact, that although your mind has the ability to store them all, you will not remember every detail of every moment. That’s why whatever pain or tragedy you may be facing today, at this very moment, there will be days ahead that will smooth the edges, round out the cutting remarks, the piercing tone of an argument or the loss of your job, home or income. There are days ahead when the sun will shine reflecting off the fresh fallen snow or the quiet flow of a spring fed pond and you will stand peacefully by and God will gently wash away the pain but not the memory of it ever happening. There are moments ahead when the tiniest thing will fill your mind with joy, buffering, not totally replacing, the images of this day, with calm and tranquility. You will know the soft caress of a friend or loved one. The warm, heartfelt words spoken by a stranger, who seeing your anguish, offers a smile, a touch, as he says, “I’ll say a prayer for you.” Yes, life is life, so there may also be more painful events, unimaginable at this moment, which will make today pale in comparison. You will say, “I will never forget this.” But life is like the ocean. Some waves will knock you down, some will carry you safely back to shore. Others will lift you high enough to see that you are not alone. There are more boats on the horizon, more people on the same journey. I am sorry for the pain you think you will never forget. I am sorry for the loss you may be facing. I am sorry for the fear that is consuming you right now. Life is exciting. The highs replace the lows and joy washes away the fear. When your days are filled with love, warmth and joy, my many prayers will be answered. God wanted me to write this for you today and tell you, “Never forget that I love you!” “I wish you enough!” ~ Bob Perks ~ Happy parenting. And so it is. ~ Rhonda Bevan, Head of Secondary Thursday, February 17, 2011 - Page 3


P&F Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on Tuesday. The meeting was well attended with many enthusiastic volunteers offering their skills and experience to the association. Following the standing down of the existing office holders, a new committee was elected. We congratulate: President: Naveen Prasad Vice President: Janette Cornish Secretary: Katrina Parker Treasurer: Vanessa Neideck Thank you to those who volunteered to join the committee - Ilsa Mitchell, Maxine Boston, Cheryl Baty, Anne-Maree Scott, Audrey Chan and Carole Becker. The P&F and the College would like to thank Christopher Dee, Christina Herr and Maggie Richardson for their work as President, Secretary and Treasurer in 2010.

School Fees Accounts News

• Term 1 school fees were charged on Tuesday 1st Feb. High school levies, co-curricular/clubtastics, music and dance fees where applicable will be charged mid-February. Fees were due by Friday 4th February unless you are on a payment plan. • Payment plans can be paid via Direct Debit or Bpay on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. • Credit card plans can be set up automatically on the 15th, 26th of each month or the first week of term. • To organise a plan please contact Elaine in admin via email: Statements will be sent to your email address. For email address changes please email accountsreceivable@

King’s Friday Markets

From Friday afternoon, we will be introducing the King’s Friday Markets from 2.30pm at the undercover area on the playing fields. There will be a vegetable stall and a coffee van, so while you are waiting to pick up your children, why not pick up some fresh vegetables and a coffee. If you have any ideas for other stalls in the future, please let us know by writing to

King’s Car Maintenance Course for Women

King's International College is running a new short course for women who want to learn how to maintain their car. The course has been designed as "hands-on" to develop women's confidence in learning more about what is under the hood of their vehicle and covers vital car maintenance. Women will be able to ask questions in a friendly group setting and is designed to enable women to perform a range of basic car maintenance tasks. Where: Automotive training facility King's Burleigh Campus 6 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh. Cost: $60 per person Saturdays: 5 March; 9 April; 7 May; 11 June Contact: Paula Brand, Sales and Marketing Manager King’s International College, 0413 121006, Web:

Ladies meetings every Thursday morning from 8.30am at King’s Christian Centre. Come along and bring a friend or meet a new one. For more information please phone the church office 5593 4233 or Noreen O’Brien 0407 740793. “Key Women”… A Ministry of King’s Christian Centre

Dates for your diary February 22

HS APS Swimming Carnival

February 23

HS Talent Quest

February 22-25

Noah’s Ark Class Afternoon Teas

February 27

School Staff Dedication Service

February 28

Combined Regional Swimming

March 2

Combined Regional Swimming

March 10

Primary APS Swimming Carnival

March 15 P&F Meeting For more details and updates visit the website click on calendar.

Uniform Shop News

We would like to inform you that our order of white ankle college socks have arrived.

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King’s Christian College uses and recommends Toshiba Photocopiers

Primary 4 – 7 Swimming Carnival Results Aggregate Trophy: Newton 356 Tyndale 332 Rayleigh 274 Finney 224

Congratulations to the following individual students who received the highest points for their respective age groups, to be awarded Age Champion:

The swimming carnival was an exciting day with some great performances in and out of the pool. The final events of the day were the relays, which as usual, were exciting, and this year the results were evenly spread across all of the houses. Finney won the Junior girls, Rayleigh the junior boys, Tyndale the senior girls and Newton won the senior boys relay. House Spirit Trophy (war cry, house colours, house cheering and teacher’s house colours): Rayleigh 160 Finney 140 Newton 130 Tyndale 130 Participation events): Tyndale Rayleigh Finney Newton





262 245 225 218

Some of our outstanding performances included new college records. Congratulations to the following students: New record holder Age Distance Elijah Winnington, 11yr boys 50m freestyle (old record: J. Winnington, 32.14, 2008)

Time 31.35

Dimitee Coventry 12yr girls 50m freestyle (old record: E. Meuwissen, 32.63, 2009)


Dimitee Coventry 12yr girls 100m freestyle 1:10.50 (old record: D. Coventry, 1:13.50, 2010) Dimitee Coventry 12yr girls 50m backstroke 38.23 (old record: C. Roberts, 39.52, 1991) Mooka Hara 13yr girls 50m backstroke 44.95 (old record: S. Stanford-Engwirda, 45.17, 2010) Tanika Mahon 9yr girls 50m backstroke 49.87 (old record: C. Richards, 50.13, 2010) Dimitee Coventry 12yr girls 50m butterfly (old record: E. Meuwissen, 38.68, 2009)


Dimitee Coventry 12yr girls 100m backstroke 1:23.73 (old record: C. Roberts, 1:27.67, 1991) Junior girls relay Finney 4x50m freestyle 3:00.09 (old record: Newton, 3:21.32, 2010) Junior boys relay Rayleigh 4x50m freestyle 2:44.45 (old record: Finney, 2:46.93, 2007)

9 Yr Girls 1st Tanika Mahon 2nd Esme Venter 3rd Angelique Noordink

Finney 40pts Tyndale 18pts Newton 8pts

9 Yr Boys 1st Kaidyn Fraser-Bell 2nd Eran Dance 3rd Nathaniel Espiritu

Rayleigh 36pts Rayleigh 20pts Newton 16pts

10 Yr Girls 1st Candice Richards 2nd Tenyks Chapman =2nd Brooklyn Steele

Tyndale 40pts Tyndale 14pts Rayleigh 14pts

10 Yr Boys 1st Ethan Fiebig Newton 36pts Joshua Cameron-McDonald Rayleigh 26pts 2nd 3rd Riley Winter Finney 18pts 11 Yr Girls 1st Megan Bogatie 2nd Ashleigh Evans =2nd Raelene Stevens

Newton 40pts Newton 14pts Finney 14pts

11 Yr Boys 1st Elijah Winnington 2nd Jonathan Robertson 3rd Jay Rourke-Baldwin

Rayleigh 40pts Newton 22pts Tyndale 14pts

12 Yr Girls 1st Dimitee Conventry 2nd Kaaitlyn Walsh 3rd Elaina Vanderburg

Tyndale 40pts Newton 24pts Ralyeigh 10pts

12 Yr Boys 1st Jesse Hogeling 2nd Bayden Botha 3rd Brandon Shiel-Butera

Finney 32pts Newton 30pts Newton 8pts

13 Yr Girls 1st Momoka Hara 2nd Alana Burns =2nd Emily Chan

Tyndale 40pts Finney 12pts Tyndale 12pts

13 Yr Boys 1st Reuben van der Sluis 2nd Jackson Free 3rd Demarcus Cleverley

Newton 40pts Tyndale 22pts Finney 10pts

We would like to thank all of the parents and friends, along with the Year 11 PE students who assisted on the day to ensure the carnival ran smoothly and was a success. ~ Lindsay Genge, Primary Sport Coordinator

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Primary Swimming Age Champions -

9 Yr Boys

10 Yr Boys

11 Yr Boys

9 Yr Girls

10 Yr Girls

11 Yr Girls

12 Yr Boys

12 Yr Girls

Instrumental Music @ King’s Private Lessons

The Music Department at King’s offers students the opportunity to take private lessons on the following instruments during school time: voice, piano, guitar, drum kit, all woodwinds, brass and strings as well as theory and musicianship lessons.

Group Lessons

The college offers group lessons for students in Year 4-12 for strings (violin, cello) and band instruments (woodwind, brass, bass guitar and percussion). Students interested in learning an instrument (private or group lessons) may obtain an instrumental music form from any of the college offices or from the college website. ~ Lindsay Genge, Instrumental Music Coordinator

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13 Yr Boys

13 Yr Girls

New Teacher’s Profile Josh Berrigan, Year 1

Hello! My name is Joshua Berrigan and I am share teaching with Heidi Lightfoot in 1L. I will be permanently teaching every Monday and Tuesday. For the previous two years I have been working as the chaplain at Mudgeeraba State School. In 2010 I completed my Graduate Diploma in teaching after previously completing a double degree in Law and International Business. Many years ago I began my schooling at King’s Christian College with the current Year 2 teacher Jenny Warner and I was blessed to complete a teaching prac with Jenny Warner at King’s in 2010. I am currently a youth pastor at Generation Church and love working with young students and encouraging them to reach their potential. In the Christmas holidays I got engaged to my beautiful fiancee Shae and will be getting married in the April holidays. I will endeavour to create the most supportive environment possible for your children in which they can learn and engage. I am excited about meeting the families of the students and working with you all throughout the year. I am looking forward to teaching the students in 1L and know that we are going to have a great year!



Improvisation, role-play, expressive voice work, fun poetry, character work, mime, performance work and drama games. Our classes are FUN and the children learn practical skills for life! Your child will: • Build confidence and resilience • Develop communication skills as they learn to speak in public and express ideas • Practice social cooperation, creative problem solving and imaginative planning (team building) • Have confidence to step out of their comfort zone and take risks – thinking outside the box • Delight you with their newly acquired performance skills


Grades 5, 6 & 7


Introduce them to the world of Public Speaking Speaking in public is rated one of the most stressful situations for humans - it is a skill which needs to be learnt and PRACTICED! PREPARE for high school NOW! Our Programme teaches:  How to engage your audience  Expressive delivery  Impromptu speeches  To think quickly on your feet  How to conquer your nerves  Public speaking etiquette  Working to a time limit  Body language, gestures & voice  Competitions  Evaluations In a fun and supportive class environment following a structured innovative programme written by High School Teachers We welcome a trial 1st class DON’T MISS OUT – Be quick to Enrol at or email/phone Rebecca for more info at / 0434 296 181 Wednesday afternoon: 3.20 – 4.20pm Creative Drama Term dates: 16 February – 6 April (8 weeks) Cost: $120

4.30 – 5.30pm Stand & Deliver Where:

To be confirmed

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Secondary High School Sport Dates for the Diary • • • •

APS Swimming Carnival at Somerset Regional Swimming Carnival Regional Baseball Trials Hinterland trials for: o Australian Rules 15yrs o Football U/19 Boys & Girls o Volleyball U/15 Boys & Girls o Hockey Boys & Girls U/19 o Netball U/15 & U/19 o Basketball U/18 Boys & Girls o Rugby League U/15 & U/18

Tuesday 22nd February Tuesday 1st & Thursday 3rd March Thursday 3rd March Tuesday 8th March

Age champions from our recent high school swimming carnival are GIRLS BOYS 13 Years Name House Points 13 Years Name House Points 1st Olivia Otto N 112 1st Michael Bogatie N 120 2nd Alicia Green F 77 2nd Lachlan Sergis F 84 =3rd Kailah Knudsen N 60 3rd Reith Fraser R 42 =3rd Imogen Laag R 48 4th Liam Taylor R 39 =4th Michelle Bristow T 43 5th Joshua Gribben F 28 =4th Kayley Toll T 38 14 Years 14 Years 1st Chaylea Walsh N 91 1st Taylor Rawlings F 143 2nd Denise Petcu N 79 2nd Joshua Winnington R 141 3rd Annie Kaldnig R 43 3rd Sebastian Torales N 102 4th Cassandra Hargrave T 37 4th Luke Freeman N 33 5th Emily Cory R 26 5th Joseph Gibson T 30 15 Years 15 Years 1st Wendy Bristow T 74 1st Daniel Hogeling F 100 2nd Mikaela Vanderburg R 64 2nd Christopher Graudins T 88 3rd Kristall Walcott N 60 3rd Adrian Gomm R 68 4th Brittney Kennedy R 51 4th Jake Myors T 43 5th Caitlin Harwood F 28 5th Matthew Hager T 29 16 Years 16 Years 1st Mikayla Soper R 145 1st Thomas Otto N 117 2nd Tayla Toll T 60 2nd Jessee Gribben F 114 3rd Evangeline Baker F 41 3rd Matthew Kluver N 45 4th Ashleigh Meuwissen R 40 4th James Coles T 31 5th Paige Turnbull R 35 5th Marcus Collie R 26 17 + Years 17 + Years 1st Mikaela Rwlings F 180 1st Zachary Dibben R 90 2nd Jade Brandt F 74 2nd Thomas Lehner R 64 3rd Kimberlee Swensson N 39 3rd Hayden Semionov R 60 4th Claudia Hooper T 37 4th Joshua Bull N 31 5th Tayla Nel T 33 5th Justin Chandra F 30.5

District Swimming Carnival - APS King’s sent along 18 students who swam at Somerset last Friday and a number of these students have qualified for the regional finals. We will inform students who were successful next week. ~ Peter Gillett, High School Sport Co-ordinator

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