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to this year’s first edition of Good News, King’s Christian College’s online magazine designed to spread the good news within our local King’s community. In July we will be celebrating the Class of 2001 at their 10 Year Reunion. The reunion is a highlight each year on the King’s calendar and is one of the many ways we continue to keep connected with past students and staff. We hope to encourage your endeavours and celebrate your achievements. The vision of this online magazine is to be a link to King’s for all who have spent time here no matter how long it’s been. So as you explore some of the success stories of King’s students, I hope you feel part of the family and at home again. Enjoy!

july//2011//edition 4

Index Editorial

Pascale Barbot

Change the World... MORE >>

Filled with its perks of discounts, wear test assignments... MORE >>

Weddings and Engagements MORE >>

Rees Davis

Hayley Fisk

Events Update

Everything starts with an idea and a vision . . . MORE >>

Changing the lives of Mater patients one miracle at a time MORE >>

10 Year Reunion

Dr. Mark Illguth

Nathan Craig

Gowing up Mark didn’t plan on becoming.... MORE >>

Remembered as a decent bloke . . . MORE >>

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july//2011//edition 4



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Meade. The longer I am employeed at King’s, the more passion and love I see that drives the College to be a stand out in the community. As a student, you never see what was goes on in staff meetings at planning committees and in board rooms. At King’s everything comes back to you and me. Everything comes back to the student...every time. ‘Educating students in Christian leadership for tomorrow’s generation’ isn’t just a fancy phrase or a distant hope. It is a goal. One that is actively pursued, constantly in focus andachieved daily. So as you read the stories of past students here, I hope you are reminded of the moments at King’s that shaped your character, fostered your dreams and set you on course for the future. I hope you remember the times that changed your world. Sincerely, Sarah Cheesman (2006) - Editor


july//2011//edition 4


From the Principal Rees Davis

Welcome to another exciting edition of ‘Good News’, our alumni newsletter. Issued biannually, it’s our mission to keep you up to date with the latest news. This year our theme has been ‘balance’. Balance in life is crucial to contentment and productivity. Life is a journey of discovery, learning about ourselves, God and the world around us. It’s so easy to find ourselves, working too much or playing too much – always striving to keep the balance. In Revelation 2, the church of Ephesus is commended for their hard work, perseverance and pursuit of good but they are warned that they had forsaken their first love. In other words the ‘doing’ had become more important than who they were as people and children of God. As I reflect on this, I am reminded of the passage in Matthew 6:21 which reads, “21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (NKJV) In this busy world, it is so important to remember that the ‘being’ is what gives the ‘doing’ its purpose. And in the ‘being’ we find the richness and fulfilment that God intended. God bless you!


Student Profiles july//2011//edition 4

Just Brilliant Mark Illguth - Class of 2004

Growing up, Mark Illguth didn’t plan on becoming ‘Dr. Mark.’ However a pilgrimage to Perth and back set his course for the future. Over that time God revealed to Mark “where to from there” and answered questions that set the course for his life. “I enjoy knowing how and why the body works. I wanted to help people and do it naturally. Those three answers lead me to chiropractic.” As a young, successful chiropractor, Mark’s role is to take away the interference that connects the brain and the body through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments allowing the nerve system to function at one hundred percent. “My goal is to remove pressure on nerves due to the misalignment of the spine. Left uncorrected it may cause a decrease in how the organs and body is functioning leading to poor health,” he explained. Mark has big plans for the future including a wellness centre where services such as a chiropractor, naturopath, GP, personal trainer and psychologist are available. He hopes that all Gold Coasters have their nerve system interference checked “to ensure that everyone is living at their optimal health.’ As a foundation student (enrolled from year 1 – 12) at the College, King’s instilled great faith in Mark. “Although life can be a rollercoaster, my understanding and belief in God can never be denied.” He greatly values his time spent at chapel and on the Hillsong trip. “Experiences like that impact you forever.” He said. A visit to Dr. Mark may have the same affect on you. If you would like your nerve system interference checked, you can see him at Body Brilliant Chiropractic or visit the website at

Mark Illguth


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Pascale Barbot The World at Her Feet Pascale Barbot - Class of 2005

Filled with its perks of discounts, sample sales, ‘wear test’ assignments and online shopping, considered ‘research,’ Pascale Barbot is living the dream. After pursuing part time marketing roles while at university, she made a hop, skip and a jump to Melbourne and to the office of one of Australia’s leading women’s apparel and footwear fashion brands, Diana Ferrari. Although her job is fast paced, full of deadlines and is a challenging role, Pascale approaches every day with excitement. “I literally jump out of bed to go (to work).” She also views her job as part of who she’s called to be; a pastor and missionary in the workplace. “I’d like to think of myself as someone who is doing this in my own way.” She said. King’s taught Pascale to love God in everything she does. Her goal within retail fashion is to grow into a brand management position and start her own boutique marketing company that is an industry specific consulting agency to small business within the fashion industry. When asked what she is most passionate about, she responds as a true Melbournite would, “I love coffee.”


july//2011//edition 4


Miracle Worker Hayley Fisk - Class of 2003

Hayley Fisk is helping change the lives of people one Mater Miracle at a time. She is a Fundraising Officer for the Mater Foundation, one of the most recognised and respected charities in Queensland providing support for Mater Hospitals and the Mater Medical Research Institute. Hayley was recently a part of the team behind Mater’s Little Miracles Ball which raises support specifically for Mater Mothers and Mater’s Children’s Hospitals. “I feel my job is important because the work we do actually does help to save, change and impact so many Queensland lives.” Despite the celebration of all the Mater Foundation has achieved, there is a moment that has stuck with Hayley. “A team from the Foundation, along with Santa, had the opportunity to hand out presents to some of our youngest patients at Mater Children’s Hospital at Christmas time. To see the excitement on some of their little faces was very special.” She explained. Hayley came to the College in Year 8 for her high school education. “King’s helped me to grow intellectually, spiritually, as a professional and as a person. To this day I still strive to be diligent and faithful.” Well said.

y y Fisk Hayley

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Nathan Craig The Return of the Chaplain Class of 2003

Nathan doesn’t want to be remembered for great accomplishments, wealth or fame. Just as someone who loved God and loved people, “and hopefully as a decent bloke.” If you spend time with Nathan it’s easy to understand what he values as it comes to the forefront of conversation. He’s a great communicator and an even better listener. These attributes are just a few of the reasons why Nathan Craig is a highly regarded and respected chaplain at King’s Christian College. “While at school, I don’t think there are many students that would say they plan on working at the school they attended. God has a good sense of humour because here I am! However, since working here and looking back on the time I spent here, I can definitely appreciate the value King’s has as a school and am very honoured to be a part of it now.” He said. The chaplaincy team are a dynamic bunch who is constantly coming up with creative and fresh ideas to challenge, inspire and show students who Jesus is. “I want to be able to reach students in relevant ways and to show them what a relationship with Christ is all about,” he continues. “I also want to help them in any way I can to see them succeed in all they do and reach the goals they have for their lives.” As far as Nathan reaching his goals, ‘decent’ would be an understatement.


july//2011//edition 4

Weddings & Babies Weddings

Sarah Lindley (2006) and Jesse Joshua Preston and Erin Asley (2006) Amy Worth(2000) and Craig (pictured) Stacey Weatherall (2005) and Billy Shayne Blakemore and Jemma Redstone (both 2006)


Shane Ravell and Kara Donaldson (both 2006) Danah Marks (2005) and Calvin

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Send any news to us at


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Events Update King’s Annual Gala Dinner

Over 180 guests attend King’s Annual Gala Dinner on May 19. The evening raised money for King’s Kids Uganda to help build a new meidcal facility for their school. We are pleased to announce that over $3,700 was raised on the evening. Guests enjoyed a gourmet meal and show featuring world renowned electric string trio, Maske. Thank you to all who attended and made the night a success with your generosity and enthusiasm.

Easter Arts

Upcoming Events - July 31 – 10 Year Reunion (Class of 2001) - July 31 – Carnival Day - Ausgust 17 - Open Day

10 Year Reunion


The annual Easter Arts Festival was again a success this year at King’s. Feature artist Robert Lovett, famous for his work with water coloours, brought different parts of the world to life with his paintings. Of course, there were many other beautiful works as well as senior art students work proudly displayed during the festival. Visitors were also entertained by King’s student performances at the amphitheatre as they enjoyed some yummy food and other fun activities.

The 10 Year Reunion for the Class of 2001 is coming up on the traditional last Saturday in July . be sure to purchase your tickets online at the college website. If you graduated in 2001 and have not recieved an invitation to the reunion, please contact the school immediately. Next year’s 10 Year Reunion is for the Class of 2002. It will be a great celebration and time for old friends to remember those special years spent together. If you would like to help with the organisation and planning for this special event, please email


We currently have an overflowing amount of Kaliedoscopes from the years 1996 - 2009. If you would like a copy of a Kaliedoscope from any or multiple years, please collect them from the College Main Adminstration before the 15th of July.

july//2011//edition 4

Lost Touch? Lost touch?

Do know past students who have lost contact with King’s? Feel free to pass on this newsletter. They can contact us at or sign up for the newsletter at Join us on Facebook!/kingschristiancollege

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