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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me?(Nolan) Anti-Bullying (Gigi) Featured Photographer (Olesja Mueller) Boy Model Showcase Winner: Tajust Boy Winners Cover Story: Lexia Best of the Golds Group Shoot: Chicago, IL Influencer: Elyse Platinum Member: Harriet Top 10 Sports Pics Featured Designer: Prissy Athletics

Cover Model: Lexia Hayden (@lexiahayden) Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) Hair/Makeup: Agnieszka Adamczyk (@agamakeup_) Dress: Top Banana ( Location: New York, NY Back Cover Models: Lala (@ooh_lala_mal) Kierney (@kierney_depaepe_official) Jennah & Nailah (@mtngitami) Photographer: Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography) Outfits: Kitty Bear Hugs (@kittybearhugs) Location: Chicago, IL Table of Contents Picture Model: Caylee (@cayleefaye.7d) Photographer: Geniann Elliott (@geniannelliottphotography) Location: Franklinton, NC Editor: Damon Ross DDS Contributing Kid Editors: Maddie Delbridge & Annie Delbridge Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey



To me “Sports” is life. Sports can teach you so much about life, how to be a team player, how to deal with defeat and victory, and teach you the true meaning of hard work. I truly believe, every kid should play a sport at some point in their lives. Sports just make people better overall. Therefore, I wanted to see what sports our models like and what sports mean to them. What better model to put on our Sports Cover than the beautiful and sweet Lexia Hayden. This model-athlete lets you in on her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player and model. It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have Lexia as our Cover Model and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

recently won the Boy Model Showcase and read about Tajust the overall winner. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Sports pics, the BEST of the GOLD’S, pictures from our Group Shoot with our GOLD Photographer Monika Cioban, and the cool ads with Members who won FREE photoshoots. Something NEW you will see in this issue is our Influencer and Platinum Member features.

Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope In our 31th Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting Me” by Nolan and read about Gigi’s experience with you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessbullying. See amazing pictures from our Featured ed! Photographer Olesja Mueller. You will also learn about our Featured Kid Designer, Tesha, owner of Prissy Athletics. You will see the Top 10 Boy Models who



There are many different interpretations of fashion. To me fashion means comfort, practicality, originality and being confident with your own style by wearing whatever makes you happy. I admire a lot of different fashion styles. I don’t focus too much on branding or what’s trending. I like to keep things simple and casual, but colorful, by layering tops with different textured materials and colors. I like my fashion style to reflect my self confident and easy going personality. Model: Nolan (@nolannilsson_official) Photographer: Casa Studio (@casastudiophoto)




Written By: Miesha Michael Moore Editor: Jennifer Pucci-Starr Photography: Anya Allen (@anya.allen)

"better together" means finding a supportive group of friends and sticking up for each other, ”

Bullying has sadly become an all-too-familiar issue among children and youth in America, affecting our schools and communities. It is crucial to recognize the power of unity in standing up against bullying. Even children as young as ten, like Giada (Gigi) Keppler, have experienced the harsh reality of being bullied. Last year, while Gigi was in the third grade, she endured a distressing incident where she was cornered in a school bathroom, physically attacked, and subjected to hurtful words. This left her feeling helpless and upset, but she was fortunate to have a strong support system. Gigi's friends, family, and even some school bus companions rallied together to confront the bully. To Gigi, "better together" means finding a supportive group of friends and sticking up for each other, just as her loved ones did for her during her time of need. Although she learned to speak out against bullying, it wasn't an easy journey for her.

Gigi's first encounter with bullying occurred in the first grade when she was repeatedly teased about having hairy legs. Her family had always emphasized the importance of addressing bullying, so Gigi promptly discussed the situation with her mother. The teasing persisted, spreading as a hurtful rumor in her class. This took a toll on Gigi's self-esteem, leading her to wonder why she was singled out. She discussed her experiences with her mother and worked on managing her feelings. Gigi's mother also informed her teacher about the bullying. To boost her confidence and put a stop to the bullying, Gigi decided to shave her legs, a decision supported by her parents, even though it saddened them to see their daughter feeling pressured to conform in the first grade.

This took a toll on Gigi's self-esteem, leading her to wonder why she was singled out.


Gigi's focus now is on being a positive role model for her followers and those she encounters.

Despite the challenges, Gigi's family's support and her decision to shave her legs brought an end to the bullying. She regained her self-confidence, proving that hurtful situations can be overcome. She now advocates for those experiencing bullying to recognize their worth and understand that there are supporters and friends ready to stand by them if they speak up. Gigi's positive attitude, her family's support, and numerous discussions have made her stronger, emphasizing the importance of treating others with respect and inclusivity. Having overcome bullying not once, but twice, Gigi has rekindled her courage and confidence. She aspired to be an influencer at the age of six, wanting to share her personality and spread positivity and kindness. At ten, she is a competitive cheerleader for the LKN Giants, part of a track team, and a burgeoning model, embracing different looks and expressing her true self. Gigi's focus now is on being a positive role model for her followers and those she encounters. Her story exemplifies bravery, teamwork, and unity, embodying the essence of being "better together." We hope Gigi's story empowers, enlightens, and resonates with those who have experienced bullying, reminding them that they are not alone and that unity is key in facing such challenges. Follow Giada (Gigi) on Instagram @giadaonthego.



a j s e l O

r e ll e u M PHOTOGRAPHY By Michelle Elizabeth

She never misses an opportunity to take a shot, even if the child is doing something unflattering. Our featured photographer, Olesja Mueller, hails from Europe and has been a full-time professional photographer since 2004. Her love for fashion and desire to create frozen moments of her vision led her to pursue photography as a means of expression. Through the camera’s lens, she captures the unique personalities of her clients and their love for the art of fashion. She finds joy in perfecting the lighting and composition, as well as playing with kids in beautiful locations. When it comes to capturing photos for a kids fashion magazine, our photographer emphasizes the importance of styling. She believes that the wrong message can be sent through improper poses, makeup, or cheesy outfits. To ensure that the photos are appealing to both kids and parents, Olesja only works with the very best stylists and avoids any elements that may not resonate with their audience. Creating a comfortable and confident environment for the children during a photoshoot is crucial for Olesja. She never misses an opportunity to take a shot, even if the child is doing something unflattering. Instead of criticizing or scolding, She continues shooting and provides encouragement. By praising the children, she instills confidence, allowing their true personalities and expressions to shine through. Building a connection with the kids and getting to know them also helps in capturing genuine smiles and connected eyes. 13

Working in this industry comes with its fair share of memorable experiences and quirky challenges. Olesja recalls incidents where a hair stylist's perfectly crafted finger wave curls were ruined by a tumble, another where an itchy dress caused a child to cry and required improvisation with toilet paper, and yet another where a spray candy was used to persuade a child into posing. Flexibility and preparedness are essential in overcoming these challenges, and Olesja has learned to expect the unexpected. She adds “Long live the Goldfish snack, the cure for anything!” Olesja Mueller believes that a successful photoshoot begins with inspiration. She creates mood boards and carefully selects the makeup, hair, styling, and location to bring that inspiration to life. She emphasizes the importance of assembling a talented team and choosing models who are genuinely enthusiastic about the shoot. By supplementing the shoot with props that fit the theme, the resulting shots tell a story. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, Olesja uses moodboards and reference images. The visual aids help communicate the desired look and feel for the photoshoot. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! By sharing ideas through images, everyone can visualize the final outcome and work towards it together. Another key to successful teamwork is building strong relationships with the team members. When she works with the same team over time, everyone learns each other's styles and visions, which allows them to be in sync and on the same page most of the time. They understand each other's creative preferences and can anticipate each other's needs.

“Long live the Goldfish snack, the cure for anything!”

When it comes to showcasing the latest trends while maintaining age-appropriate and child-friendly content, our photographer relies on child-friendly stylists. Olesja prioritizes the children's comfort and ensures that the fashion choices are suitable for their age. By entrusting the stylists with the latest trends, our photographer can focus on capturing the essence of the kids' fashion without compromising on appropriateness.

Incorporating the individuality and creativity of children into photoshoots is a priority for this talented photographer. She makes the children feel important and influential, allowing their eyes to sparkle and their poses to be strong. Olesja deeply respects the children's opinions and involves them in the decision-making process, giving them a final say on most things.

By incorporating these fashion items into the dancer sessions, she hopes to add a touch of style to their movements. Now, let's delve into the exciting world of sports fashion for children! Sports often involve action and movement, which adds an extra layer of challenge to capturing the energy and dynamism of children engaged in sports activities while showcasing their fashionable clothing. For dance photography, Olesja Mueller believes that clean lines are more important than the clothes themselves. However, she has also started collecting beautiful fashion pieces like leotards, bodysuits, rash guards, and one-piece swimsuits. By incorporating these fashion items into the dancer sessions, she hopes to add a touch of style to their movements. 16

The combination of graceful dance and fashionable clothing creates stunning visuals that capture both the energy of the sport and the beauty of the attire. Sports fashion is influenced by various trends and styles, but it's crucial to maintain a fun and age-appropriate look for children. When it comes to sports photography, especially in the field of classical dance, Olesja’s approach remains innocent, sweet, and beautiful, just like the young ballerinas. By keeping the focus on elegance and timeless aesthetics, we ensure that the photoshoot reflects current sports fashion trends while still being age-appropriate and enjoyable for children.

Sports photography often involves capturing moments of triumph and achievement. Whether it's a dancer nailing a challenging move or an athlete scoring a goal, these key moments deserve to be showcased. To capture these moments, Olesja and her team work diligently until they achieve the perfect shot. In the case of dancers, they get to see their photos and ensure that their form actually was perfect before they move on to the next pose or spot. This process not only showcases the child's athletic prowess but also allows them to feel proud, happy, and confident. It's a beautiful way to highlight both their achievements and the stylish elements of their sports attire. In conclusion, teamwork and collaboration are vital in the world of fashion photography. By using moodboards, reference images, and building strong relationships with team members, Olesja Mueller can bring the creative vision to life. When it comes to sports fashion for children, capturing the energy and dynamism of sports activities while showcasing fashionable clothing requires a combination of clean lines, age-appropriate styles, and a focus on capturing key moments of triumph. By blending fashion and sports, she creates stunning visuals that celebrate both style and athleticism. 17

Richmond, Texas Wreaths by Wendy.



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Tajus Kruminis By Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Andrius Vengalis (@andrius.vengalis)


Tajus progressed to kickboxing, driven by his brother's constant challenge to learn new techniques and push his boundaries.

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Tajus Kruminis, a talented 15-year-old athlete and model- Winner of KidFash’s Boy Model Contest. Tajus shares his journey into kickboxing and modeling, the challenges he has faced, and how he balances his training, competitions, and modeling commitments. Tajus Kruminis, at just 15 years old, has already established himself as a talented kickboxer. His journey into the world of martial arts began at a very young age. He was born in Dublin, Ireland to Lithuanian parents who encouraged his active lifestyle. As soon as he was able to walk, his older brother took on the role of his mentor, teaching Tajus different kicks and techniques. Tajus displayed a natural aptitude for the sport, quickly excelling in his training. From martial arts, Tajus progressed to kickboxing, driven by his brother's constant challenge to learn new techniques and push his boundaries. The transition from one discipline to another presented its own set of challenges,

but Tajus remained determined. He recognized that the biggest hurdle in his kickboxing journey was maintaining a passion for training and competing. Despite the years of dedicated practice, there were times when Tajus didn't achieve the expected results, leaving him disheartened. However, he learned the importance of perseverance and sticking to his dreams, ultimately overcoming these challenges. While Tajus' journey into kickboxing seemed like a natural progression, his foray into the world of modeling was quite unexpected. It all began with social media, where his family regularly posted pictures and videos of Tajus engaging in various martial arts-related activities. As his fan base grew and his popularity on Instagram soared, Tajus found himself being noticed by modeling agencies. What started as a platform for showcasing his athletic abilities gradually evolved into a modeling career. Tajus embraced the opportunity to meet different people from diverse backgrounds, an aspect of modeling that he particularly enjoys. However, he acknowledges that there are aspects of the industry that can be challenging, especially for someone new to the field. The unknowns, such as the unpredictability of work and constant demands, can be daunting. Nevertheless, Tajus understands that these are part and parcel of the industry and are experiences that everyone starting out must face.

However, he learned the importance of perseverance and sticking to his dreams, ultimately overcoming these challenges. 22

Tajus' modeling journey took a significant turn when he won the prestigious KidFash's Boy Model showcase. The achievement came as a surprise to Tajus and his family, as they had submitted the initial photos and information without much expectation. The victory brought with it a mix of emotions, including gratitude for the opportunity and excitement for what the future may hold. Tajus discovered the contest through his main social media platform, Instagram, which has played a central role in his modeling career. The overall experience of participating in the KidFash's Boy Model showcase was a truly memorable one for Tajus. It served as a testament to his talent and potential in the modeling industry. With this achievement under his belt, Tajus is eager to explore new opportunities and see where this exposure may lead him. Tajus Kruminis has always been one to embrace challenges and expand his skill set. He understands the importance of continually pushing himself beyond his comfort zone to grow as an athlete and an individual. Tajus recognizes that complacency can hinder progress, and he actively seeks out new opportunities to learn and improve. This mindset has led him to explore other forms of martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, in addition to his kickboxing training. By diversifying his skill set, Tajus not only becomes a more well-rounded martial artist but also gains valuable insights and techniques from these different disciplines.

Maintaining a balance between his kickboxing career and modeling endeavors is a challenge that Tajus Kruminis has risen to. Both his athletic pursuits and modeling commitments require dedication, time management, and discipline. Tajus has learned to prioritize his activities, ensuring that he devotes enough time to training while also fulfilling his modeling obligations. He understands that finding equilibrium between these two worlds is crucial

for his overall success and personal fulfillment. By effectively balancing his dual career, Tajus continues to pursue his passions in both kickboxing and modeling, while also nurturing his personal growth. Like any athlete or individual pursuing their dreams, Tajus Kruminis has faced setbacks along his journey. Whether it was a disappointing loss in a kickboxing match or facing rejection in the modeling industry, Tajus understands that setbacks are part of the process. Instead of allowing these setbacks to discourage him, he has used them as opportunities for growth and building resilience. Tajus believes that setbacks are valuable learning experiences that ultimately make him stronger and more determined. He continues to persevere, knowing that success often comes after overcoming challenges. Tajus Kruminis strives to inspire others through his dedication and passion for kickboxing and modeling. He believes that anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset and perseverance. By sharing his journey on social media platforms, Tajus hopes to motivate and encourage others to pursue their passions fearlessly.

He understands the impact that his story can have on aspiring athletes and models, and he embraces the responsibility that comes with being a role model. Tajus hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves, work hard, and never give up on their dreams. This talented teen is excited about the future and the opportunities it holds for him. He aspires to continue making progress in both his kickboxing and modeling careers, aiming to achieve new heights and reach new audiences. Tajus also recognizes the importance of personal growth and development outside of his professional pursuits. He plans to further his education, exploring subjects that interest him and expanding his knowledge base. Tajus is ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead and is committed to making a positive impact on the world through his dedication, talent, and continued growth. Tajus Kruminis, a remarkable 15-year-old kickboxer and model, has shown great determination in pursuing his passions. Despite the challenges, he continues to excel in both fields, inspiring others to follow their dreams. Tajus' story serves as a reminder that hard work, perseverance, and a balanced approach can lead to success

BLAINE (@blaine_smith_model)

Blaine is been modeling since he was 8 years old. Really fell into it completely by accident,He went to an open casting for BIG Carter’s campaign and was picked as one of the kids. After he realized he loved to model, he decided to send submissions to get an agent and was quickly signed with Salt Agency in Atlanta. He has gone on to do print modeling work for Crowne Plaza Hotel, Mudpie clothing, among many other opportunities! He’s also done a little acting in an Internet commercial for choice hotels and the Bark App. But, his true love is print work. The relationship between model and photographer is such a unique one. Being able to understand the camera, lighting and angles and how to bring out the best in every photograph. He hopes to be able to pursue his passion after high school. Pho tog rap he r : (@tjbaker)


ELIJAH (@everyone_loves_lijah)

Elijah is a 10 year old model, performer and gymnast from the U.K. Elijah also has albinism which explains his super cool hair and unique looks. Elijah loves to travel and he hopes to one day visit ever country in the World. He loves any kind of sport; as long as he is moving and active he is happy. His motto is “why walk when you can run, but why run when you can cartwheel”. His whirlwind personality is infectious and you can’t help but laugh when you are with him. Elijah brings energy into every room he walks into. You will always notice Elijah and you will never forget him. Pho tog rap he r : (@coolkidsbylily) 27



Ashton is a 14 year old Australian Model who thrives in front of the camera. Standing at just over 6 foot tall he towers over his peers. Ashton has modeled for various Australian brands and also in Indonesia. Ashton is passionate about Basketball, Mount Bike Riding, Photography, Surfing and caring for animals. Ashton regularly travels overseas to Indonesia where he volunteers for many animal rescue organizations and raises money to aid in the care of these animals. Pho tog rap he r : (@poisonbunnyphoto)


HEZEKIAH (@ewheze)

Rising star in the world of high fashion, Hezekiah Gardner brings an alluring blend of sophistication and effortless elegance to the runway. With my unique poses I am known for my versatility and adaptability, to pull off any photoshoot. I continue to captivate audiences and inspire individuals to progress with their talents. Pho tog rap he r : (@marc0mari)



Mason Lankford is 8 years old and loves being in front of a camera, acting, modeling,and swimming! His lifelong goal is to become a professional actor and model. Mason also wants to represent the USA in swimming at the summer Olympics! In his free time, he enjoys traveling, and fishing. He is represented by BMG Orlando, Locke Model and NYMMG. Ph oto gra ph er : (@blackprintphotography)


SASHA At 10 years old, Sasha Lyman is the third oldest of four siblings who have been modeling since birth for their mother, WPPI award winning photographer Lera Lyman. He loves to model for pictures that tell a story to viewers and hopes they will be inspired to create as well. Aside from modeling, Sasha has taken violin lessons for over four years and loves to play music from his favorite movies and games. He practices nearly every day with his younger brother, Dima, who is also learning to play the violin, and his two sisters, Sonya and Keira, who accompany him on the piano. Sasha also studies karate with his brother and is currently training hard to achieve his purple belt. He enjoys celebrating a mix of American and Russian heritage he has learned from his parents. His name, Sasha, in Russia is short for his full name, Alexander. He was named after his late grandfather who would be immensely proud of him. Ph oto gra ph er : ( 31



This is Dominic Blaze, he is 17 years old & a Senior in High School. His agents are Stewart Talent, New York Models & Reinhard, with an awesome manager Colette Palmiero. He worked with Uniqlo, Gap, worldwide Coca Cola campaigns and many others! He is also a huge competitor in Wrestling & Football. Athletics & Parkour is his favorite things to do. Dominic started in this industry at 9 years old doing fashion shows & got signed right away. His main goal is to pursue an amazing career & love life. Happiness is everything. And wishes the same for every individual. Pho tog rap he r : (@yanavpr)


DIOR (@dior_ilkhomi)

Dior iLkhomi is an 11 years old energetic boy. Worlds Perfect Boy 2023. Lifetime Orlando Prince. Dior loves modeling/runway, play tennis, ninja warrior, reading, mountain biking. Dior has been in so many commercials including Disney and SAG, also worked with GAP, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Macys and H&M kids. His dream is to be professional tennis player and actor. Favorite quote: “Movement is Life!” Ph oto gra ph er : (@bangabeckphotography) 33

RONALDO (@ronaldoandre28)

Ronaldo Murillo is 9 years old and lives in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. He is in fifth grade. He like to play basketball, modeling, go to the movie theater, travel, and spend time with his family. On the weekends, he works in different tv production and projection workshops in order to develop essential skills to perform as a TV host and actor. He won the Little Mr. Hispanoamerica Puerto Rico title in February 2023. With that accomplishment He got the opportunity to represent his island in the Little Mr. Hispanoamerica contest celebrated in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Ronaldo had a great experience and he was able to make new friends and built good memories. He has had the privilege of wearing cool clothes of talented designers. You can tell when he is walking on the runway he feels completely free in those 30 to 45 seconds. As a model he always tries to be himself: natural, spontaneous, happy, and dynamic. In other words, believe in your capacities and strengths. He thinks that is the key to being confident on the runway. Ph oto gra ph er : (@mrtechstudio)










boy model showcase @hailey_smith_official


GLORIA PRATT DESIGNS w w w. g l or i a p ra tt. com @g l or i a p ra ttd es i g n s

L Hayden


By Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Why did the fashion forward tennis player always win? Because she knew how to serve up aces and style! Meet Lexia Hayden, a talented model and athlete who has successfully found her passion for both fashion and sports. In this exclusive interview, Lexia shares her insights on balancing her two interests, her favorite fashion trends, and the significance of representation and empowerment for young girls in the sports industry. Lexia's journey in both the fashion and sports world began at a young age. Modeling since she was a baby and starting tennis at the age of 5, she found herself becoming more passionate about both pursuits as she grew older. Spending a significant amount of time immersed in both fashion and sports allowed her to cultivate her love for them. To maintain harmony between her two interests, Lexia emphasizes the importance of organization. By meticulously planning her schedule and writing everything down, she ensures that she has dedicated time for both modeling and Tennis. This not only allows her to pursue her passions but also find time for other activities, such as spending quality time with her family and indulging in her passion for reading.

Lexia's journey in both the fashion and sports world began at a young age. 39

Lexia's fashion choices reflect her vibrant personality and versatility. Cargo pants have become a favorite staple, often paired with stylish tops for her everyday look. She also adores accessorizing with matching sneakers, such as Jordan's, New Balances, or Converse, adding a touch of sporty chic to her outfits. Lexia tries to maintain a balance between comfort and style. She believes that feeling at ease in what she wears is crucial, but she also enjoys dressing up for various occasions. Her personal style influences her fashion choices, allowing her to express herself confidently both in sports and everyday life. She adds, “On and off the tennis court I usually dress cute but comfy. I think it’s important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing but it’s also fun to dress up.”

Lexia's fashion choices reflect her vibrant personality and versatility.

Lexia Hayden strongly believes that empowerment plays a crucial role in the development of young girls. Lexia has had many memorable moments in both her modeling and tennis careers. Both walking in New York Fashion Week and seeing herself on a billboard in Times Square were incredibly exciting modeling moments. In tennis, winning her first tournament holds a special place in her heart. Apart from tennis, Lexia also enjoys running and participates in indoor track during the winter at her high school. Exploring different sports allows her to further embrace her athleticism and expand her horizons.

Throughout history, female athletes have faced numerous challenges and barriers in pursuing their athletic dreams. The lack of representation and limited opportunities for girls in sports have often deterred them from fully embracing their athletic abilities. Thankfully, the landscape is slowly changing. Lexia Hayden strongly believes that empowerment plays a crucial role in the development of young girls. When they see that they have equal opportunities and support in sports, it not only boosts 41

their self-confidence but also instills in them a sense of worth and capability. When they witness their male counterparts receiving the same opportunities and support, it helps eradicate the notion that sports are a male-dominated domain. This equality not only motivates young girls to continue playing sports but also encourages them to challenge societal norms and stereotypes. Furthermore, the impact of equal opportunities and support in sports extends beyond the athletic realm. Girls who participate in sports often develop important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership. These skills are transferable to various aspects of their lives, enabling them to navigate challenges with poise and resilience. By providing equal opportunities and support to girls in sports, we are nurturing their overall development and setting them up for success in all areas of life. The significance of representation and empowerment for young girls who aspire to be athletes cannot be underestimated.


Lexia Hayden is a remarkable example of a young woman who has successfully balanced her passion for fashion and sports. Her dedication, organization, and unique sense of style have made her a role model for aspiring athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike. Lexia's journey reminds us of the importance of representation, empowerment, and embracing our individuality, inspiring young girls to chase their dreams fearlessly. Being yourself fully and completely, is so important. This talented teen recognizes that empowering young girls not only helps them become more confident in their sport, but it also positively affects all aspects of their life. As both a teen model and athlete, Lexia serves as an inspiration to countless young girls who may have doubted their own abilities. Her success not only showcases the potential of female athletes but also reinforces the idea that they deserve equal opportunities and support. By breaking down barriers and challenging societal norms, this talented teen is contributing to a future where young girls can confidently pursue their athletic dreams without limitations. Lexia Hayden's journey as a teen model and athlete exemplifies the importance of representation and empowerment for young girls aspiring to be athletes. By empowering young girls, we instill in them the confidence to excel in their chosen sport and positively impact their overall development. Equal opportunities and support in sports not only boost their self-confidence but also motivate them to challenge societal norms. With individuals like Lexia Hayden leading the way, we can create a future where young girls are encouraged to pursue their athletic dreams, breaking down barriers and achieving greatness.

of the gold




t es


st o

f the g o


LINA (@iamlinakate)

Age: 7

Loc at ion: Trinity, Fl Pho t o g r a p h e r : Magical Memories (@magicalmemoriesphotographyfl)

My favorite SPORT is gymnastics because it’s fun and everyday I learn something new.


CIPTYN (@cheer_cippy23)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: Trinity, FL Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Magical Memories (@magicalmemoriesphotographyfl)

My favorite SPORT is cheerleading because it challenges me physically and mentally. Cheer pushes me to the highest limits to become a better athlete and person. My gym and my team are my family! 47

LOLA (@ttamodels_talent)

Age: 15

Loc at ion: Mahopac, NY P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonkaplan)

My favorite SPORT is basketball because, I like the competitiveness, camaraderie of the players, and I like the fast pace to keep in shape.


GABRIELLA (@meshortynyc)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Brooklyn, NY P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

My favorite SPORT is downhill skiing because it’s fun and the views are beautiful. 49

PARKER (@osalta1l)

Age : 4

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

My favorite SPORT is soccer! I love soccer because it’s fun and I get to compete with my friends. I love how fast paced the game is and getting to shoot goals!


DEAN (@deanmachine_14)

Ag e: 9

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

My favorite SPORT is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu because I love training in mixed martial arts. Learning new self-defense techniques, body awareness, discipline and focus has made me stronger through years of practicing and competing. BJJ is not only a physical sport, but a way of life and a state of mind. 51

BAILEY (@miss.bailey.ann)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Trinity, Fl Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Magical Memories (@magicalmemoriesphotographyfl)

My favorite sport is cheerleading because it has a mixture of acrobatics, dance and gymnastics. I love that feeling of accomplishment when I land a new skill after hard work and failure. It teaches me to never give up.


EVIYA (@mounisha_reddy)

Age: 3

Loc at ion: Naperville, IL P h o t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography)

My favorite SPORT is Tennis because it’s super fun to hit the ball and run around the court! I love watching the ball go back and forth, and I feel a big champion when I play! Tennis is awesome! 53

HAISSA (@haissa_official)

Age: 14

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : Dave Feiling (@dafeiling)

My favorite SPORT is horseback riding, because learning to control and care for an animal much larger than yourself can have a profound effect on your confidence and is a great feeling.


BRADY (@osalta1l)

Ag e: 8

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

My favorite SPORT is Baseball! I love everything about the game and getting to play multiple positions on the field. My favorite position is pitcher and catcher because I get to be a part of every play! I hope to one day make it to the Big Show as a a major leaguer. 55

MONIKA CIOBAN (@monikacioban_photography)

Group Shoot In: Chicago, IL Designer: Kitty Bear Hugs (@kittybearhugs)

Models Lala (@ooh_lala_mal) Kierney (@kierney_depaepe_official) Jennah & Nailah (@mtngitami)


What tulle dreams are made of…


Laid-Back Luxe, Casual Everyday Wear @kaveah_la by @clementstwins

Photographer: Joseph Stevenson (@josephstevensonphotos)

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Elyse Hofer (@elyse.j.h)

Elyse Hofer is a 13-year old model and influ- Although her first love is fashion, she also encer from the Midwest. She has a passion for enjoys trading in her heels for cleats. She has runway modeling, and at her current height of 5' been playing soccer for 6 years. Her team, The 10", she hopes to make it a career in the future. Lady Ninjas, is top-ranked in the state and has She already has experience on the runway in traveled all over the United States for tournaNew York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and ments. When not on the soccer field, you can Dallas. She also enjoys print modeling and has find her on the basketball court using her height worked for many brands all over the United to rebound. She is looking forward to joining the States. school team this year. 63

How long have you been modeling? I walked my first runway in Columbia, SC in June 2022 and I booked a print campaign in January 2023. I’ve been super busy ever since and I can’t wait to see what will come my way next! What helps you prepare for a show? Practice! I put tape down on the floor and video myself so I can see where I need to improve. I also watch myself in the mirror to see how my poses look. That way I’m prepared to show off whatever style outfit a designer gives me to wear. What’s your favorite joke? What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

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Photographer: Jim C (@jc_of_clt)

Do you have a favorite holiday? Yes! Hanukkah is at the top of my list. I love sitting in the candle light and connecting with my family while we eat latkes with applesauce or play with our dreidels. How do you think your generation will change the world for the better? Young people today are more aware of the world around them because social media has connected us in whole new ways. As a result, we’re learning about the world from each other, not just books, and we’re more willing to speak up when something doesn’t seem right. What's the last thing that made you laugh really hard? I had a self-tape audition that I had to do and I kept mixing words up. Then my mom said the cue wrong which made me snort laugh. It was just so funny and helped me relax so I could get through it. Do you have any short or long term goals? In the next year, I would really love to book my first acting commercial and in the next five years, I am setting my sights on making it onto a runway in Europe! Do you have any hobbies? Yes! I love biking, playing golf, reading, running for exercise, and traveling. One of my favorite ways to explore a new city is by going on a ghost tour! It’s a great way to learn the history of a place with a spooky twist. What advice would you give someone who wants to model? It’s okay to be disappointed when something doesn’t go the way you expect but never give up! If you believe in your self and work hard, you can accomplish almost anything. If you could go anywhere in the world, what place would you most want to travel to? Why? I would love to visit Australia! There’s amazing wildlife that is so different from anywhere else in the world and there are so many beautiful places to see, from mountains to deserts to the Great Barrier Reef that there’s no way I’d get bored. The accents there fascinate me too! Do you have any hidden talents? In my spare time, I actually write songs! One of these days I want to take voice lessons so I can sing them as well.

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KENDALL CUNNINGHAM Written By: Madison Harrison (@photoswithmadison) Photographer: Bernadette Dare (@daredigitals_original)

“There’s nothing wrong with being a beauty and a beast,” says 11-year-old CEO of Prissy Athletics, Kendall Cunningham, underneath each Instagram post she makes. The motto is special to her, as it’s a message she continuously puts out, hoping to inspire others by stating they can both embrace their beauty while being a beast at what they are gifted in doing. This motto, however, is something she had to learn after facing her own struggles. “I was bullied starting in the first grade because I was the tallest kid (taller than the boys too) in lower school. It made me feel so out of place and different. I kept it to myself for a while and then I told my mom. When I asked her if I was "normal" she knew it was serious… it wasn't until my mom told my dad and grandma, and my grandma told my granddad and they all began to tell me that being different was my blessing. When other kids were trying to make fun of me, I would just think to myself that they were just jealous because I had something special and it made me feel better.”-Kendall After this happened, Kendall and her mother decided to build the brand, Prissy Athletics, to help her build confidence in the fact that her differences were truly her blessings. Originally, starting an athletic clothing brand wasn’t too far away from what already interested Kendall; she’s always liked sports, like basketball, and fashionable clothing that stands out. Her problem though, was that there weren’t that many brands which catered to her need as a beautiful tall girl. To combat this issue and bring herself confidence in her clothing, she infused her personal style and tastes into fabric and created the designs for the company.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a beauty and a beast,”

“when people started to share that they could relate to my message and they liked my products, it gave me more confidence.”

Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Prissy Athletics caters to “…Beautiful Female Athletes with Elite Mindsets,” such as Prissy Athletes, Prissy Tomboys, moms of athletes, and lovers of female athletics. Kendall spends each day working on the business with her mother while balancing school and her sports team. A day in her life would include going to school, doing homework, going to basketball practice, and helping her mother package orders. She works hard for her business, despite her many commitments, and continues to lead Prissy Athletics to new heights. It is through this venture of starting Prissy Athletics that Kendall sees she wasn’t alone in her experiences of bullying and feeling out of place. Instead, she realized that many kids had gone through what she did as they shared their own stories with her when they bought her clothes. Through those stories, she found strength. “…when people started to share that they could relate to my message and they liked my products, it gave me more confidence. Now, I am building a community of girls, moms, and even dads who support our brand and it feels great! I'm embracing being different and I am encouraging others to do the same!” -Kendall Now, Kendall makes clothing catered to her and other girls like her who felt as if they didn’t fit in. She dreams big for her business while maintaining her goal of empowering other girls like her. Kendall is taking steps towards a bigger future, surrounded by loved ones, and only limited by her imagination. 80

“I want to one day get our brand to a place where Athletics that she was able to help herself and others people are inspired and want to wear our products all know they are beautiful no matter what anyone says. With the constant support of her mother who aids her over the world.” -Kendall with the business, and her family, she’s able to stand Kendall’s dreams for the future aren’t limited to just strong now in who she is and inspire others to do the her business though, as she aspires to become a same. supermodel and WNBA basketball player; perfectly illustrating her brand’s message that it’s okay to be Through all this though, Kendall is still Kendall. A young girl who loves macaroni and cheese, listens to both a beauty and a beast at what you do. Beyoncé, and narrates stories. She’s an athlete “For myself, I want to be a supermodel, I want to whose favorite sport is basketball, plays for the Lady produce my own fashion shows, I want to go to Pumas AAU team, and her favorite players are college and play basketball on a scholarship and to Skylar Diggins and Angel Reese. Kendall is also a make it to the WNBA.” -Kendall kidpreneur, fashion designer, and businesswoman Kendall’s journey might have been littered with trailblazing the female athletic fashion scene with hardships, however, it was through building Prissy beautiful designs and an important message.

“I want to one day get our brand to a place where people are inspired and want to wear our products all over the world.”

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