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Table of Contents Picture Models: Schirin
Photographer: Olga Krylova
Dresses: Mischka Aoki
Location: Moscow, Russia Editor: Damon Ross DDS Contributing Kid Editors: Maddie Delbridge & Annie Delbridge Graphic/Web Designer: Mandy Hernandez Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey 6 Editor’s Letter 7 What Is Fashion To Us? (Dessa & Dylan) 8 Anti-Bullying (Lucas) 14 Featured Photography Team (Ivona & Aga) 22 Western/International Region Top 10 32 Cover Story: Anais & Mirabelle 38 Fashion Show: Los Angeles, CA 46 Group Shoot: Los Angeles, CA 52 East Region Top 10 62 Featured Designer: Kid Raq 68 How To Become An Model: Parker & Gia
Model: Anais & Mirabelle (@anaismirabelle) Photographer: Antwon Maxwell (@antwonmaxwellphotography) Location: Washington, DC
(@harrietmodels) Photographer: Esteban Hernandez (@newlifeway1994) Headpiece: Chrisanthi Couture (@chrisanthicouture_) Location: Atlanta, GA
( & Zlata(@zlatapershina)

Editor’s Letter

There's no time like the present. Unfortunately, in this world today, we see lots of separation and division. This is why I wanted to put this issue out and start promoting people "TOGETHER". Really hope you enjoy reading this one!

Our Cover Models are the sweet, talented, and beautiful twins Anais & Mirabelle. We have watched them grow over the years and knew they would eventually grace the cover of KidFash Magazine. In their article they talk about life together and the special bond between them. It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have them as our Cover Models and I can't wait to see more of them on the big screens!

n our 28th Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to Me” by Dessa & Dylan and read the hearfelt anti-bullying story by Lucas as he gets deep. See amazing pictures from our Featured Photography Team, Ivona

Kaplan and Aga. If you missed the Paris Fashion Week show in Los Angeles, we have pictures from the show you don't want to miss. You will also learn about our Featured Designer, Kid Raq, who designs fashionable sunglasses. Don’t forget to read the very informative article on “How To Become A Model” with bestfriends, Paker and Gia. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Models, pictures from our Group Shoot in Los Angeles, and the cool ads with Members who won FREE photoshoots.

Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed!

Models: Cienna (@cienna_world) Maya (@mayasworld_xoxo) and Lexie Photographer: Dani Geddes (@danigeddes)


Fashion to us is basically wearing whatever mommy puts us in. If we let her get it on us, that means we like it. If we don't, it means it's not our style. Sometimes, we have no choice, so we just have to go with it. Guess that's what Fashion Means To Us.

Models: Dylan & Dessa Photographer: Old Classic Photography (@irinkac33)


Lucas D
Written by: Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Ava Cantrell Photography (@avacantrellphotography)

Imagine, if you will, for just one moment, that you are a little boy around 7-9 years old, with a heart full of love and compassion and a zest for life. You enjoy acting, singing, and speaking up for social justice. In the school choir you get a lot of solos to sing. The other boys (even the ones who say they are your friends) make fun of you every day, saying you sing like a girl. Even during the actual live performances you can hear them laughing at you and cracking jokes. You’re singing your heart out and you hear them snickering, “He should be wearing a skirt and pigtails to match his girly voice!” Eventually the teacher lectures the class, but nothing changes- It just gets worse!

You finally land a part in a movie, but it requires you to dye your hair much darker than usual. As soon as you get to school in the morning you hear, “Hey what’s up, poopie head? Did someone take a crap on your head?” More kids join in together. Worse things are said- stuff we can’t print here- and it continues. All day, every day for a few months. How does this make you feel? Probably not so good, right?

All of this is just what happened to child actor Lucas Dean Royalty. He’s 12 now, but all of that happened to him when he was younger. Many children joined together and bullied him mercilessly. Just the simple act of dying his hair for a movie role made it so bad he eventually left traditional schools in favor of homeschooling. What’s worse is that the teachers and administrators didn’t do much to stop it. Oftentimes adults dismiss this reprehensible behavior as “Teasing,” “Horsing around,”or the most harmful of all- “Boys will be boys.”

You’re singing your heart out and you hear them snickering,

Lucas Dean has loved acting ever since he was a small child. At 2 years old he was obsessed with the animated movie Cars. His favorite activity was lining up all his toy cars and acting out the entire movie! For years, he begged his parents to let him get into modeling and acting- eventually they gave in. They booked a couple gigs, then while filming award-winning movie “Charming” with writer/director Tom Albanese, Lucas realized that acting was IT for him! He started taking lessonsvoice-over, singing, acting, stand up, improv, scene study…. You name it, he wanted to learn it!

Royalty has also had a passion for equality and helping others just as long. His mom has videos of him around 4-5 years old ranting about social injustice. He even created his own “12 months of giving” charity campaign in order to give back all year round. Lucas explains “I was already going to some PR events for charities and I was working with- Solving Kids Cancer and St Jude, as well as the Lupus foundation- in honor of my grandmother who died of lupus SLE - and I just wanted to do more.” Lucas and his Mom (who runs his social media accounts) decided to fundraise for a different charity each month on Instagram. They announced the idea the next day and it’s been going strong now for over 2 years!

Lucas Dean has loved acting ever since he was a small child.

Back to our thought experiment from before- How did you feel? Being bullied made Lucas feel absolutely horrible. He says, “I remember crying at pick -up a bunch. It was a really bad time in my short life. I hated going to school and would worry all day about recess and what was going to happen to me or get blamed on me. It was definitely the worst 2 years of my life!” Royalty says he didn’t deal with it well; he was hurt and angry, acted out in class, and even pretended to be sick so he could stay home.

And he’s not alone. In fact, according to the CDC, “About 1 in 5 high school students reported being bullied on school property. More than 1 in 6 high school students reported being bullied electronically in the last year.” Also, “Nearly 14% of public schools report that bullying is a discipline problem occurring daily or at least once a week. Reports of bullying are highest in middle schools (28%) followed by high schools (16%), combined schools (12%), and primary schools (9%).” Keep in mind, these numbers are only what’s being REPORTED, so that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

We can end bullying together, but it starts at home. Children aren’t born into the world knowing how to hate, it's a learned behavior. Lucas says, “If a child sees their parents making fun of people

“I remember crying at pick -up a bunch. It was a really bad time in my short life.”

or judging them then that will rub off onto the kids. He goes on to say. “It's super important to talk to your children when they are young about seeing the difference in people as a positive or unique thing, not something to hate… We as a world need far less hatred and fear and more understanding and compassion… If people took the time to try to get to know someone before making a judgment about them, that would be a great start. Our world is very diverse and people as a whole seem to have a hard time accepting things or situations that are different or make them uncomfortable. We aren’t always going to agree with a neighbor or a politician but we can agree to disagree without that turning into hatred… It can start with a simple gesture or smile or random act of kindness. Those little things often make a huge difference to someone - you might not know it at the time but it does. That’s what I try to do and [try to] be a positive role model for other kids- showing them it’s ok to not understand something or believe like someone- but that they are still a human with feelings and a soul.”

“We as a world need far less hatred and fear and more understanding and compassion”

Want to do more? says “bullying overlaps with discriminatory harassment when it is based on race, national origin, color, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), age, disability, or religion. Federally-funded schools (including colleges and universities) have an obligation to resolve harassment on these bases. When the situation is not adequately resolved, consider: Filing a formal grievance with the school district. Contacting the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division for help.”

“Our world is very diverse and people as a whole seem to have a hard time accepting things...”

TOGETHER We Are Better

New York—Working in the fashion industry can be a high stress career and making a name for yourself in fashion is arguably one of the hardest things to do. But if you can do all of this with someone you respect and admire, and call a friend, isn’t that the best of both worlds?

That is exactly what photographer Ivona Kaplan and make-up artist Agnieszka Adamczyk have done. Over the last 10 years of working together they have collaborated, inspired, and challenged each other to be the best they can be. As a team, they have created a name for themselves and taken their creativity and success to new levels.

As a team, they have created a name for themselves and taken their creativity and success to new levels. 15

The two women met nearly 10 years ago when Aga was invited to the opening of Ivona’s photography studio in Brooklyn and hit it off. They immediately decided to work together on an editorial “and it turned out that we really made a great team,” said Ivona.

So Ivona and Aga began to achieve success by becoming known as a package deal. Ivona’s clients would want Aga’s services included when coming in to shoot with her, so they began working together more and more and built a strong clientele on the East Coast. It was so seamless, “we were able to communicate without even needing words,” said Ivona.

“we were able to communicate without even needing words,”

And their experience runs deep. The team in particular are proud of having worked several prestigious jobs including being head photographer and makeup artist at the Polish American Fashion Foundation, aka PAFF event at New York Fashion Week at Inglot Studios in Chelsea. “The event was a big success for us and gave

us exposure that led to new opportunities for us,” said Ivona. They also worked together on an editorial that was published for Ivona’s daughter for her 17th birthday. And recently their work graced the back cover of KidFash Magazine featuring the beautiful Gabby (@gabby_lana).

The event was a big success for us and gave us exposure that led to new opportunities for us,”

The pair now works with kids and their parents on meaningful projects, bringing their high fashion experience to the world of kids modeling. As a team, work goes smoothly “and we still learn from each other which gives us an opportunity to grow and be more creative,” said Aga. And the kids and parents that book with this team are getting all of the combined years they have worked in the “real” fashion industry. They bring this to every kid’s shoot, creating the same type of environment and excitement as working in the high fashion industry. “We do this so that when they finally get there, we hope that their experience with us will help them be more prepared.”

“As a team, work goes smoothly “

Ivona (@ivonakaplan), a top fashion and editorial photographer in New York working with countless fashion magazines, and Aga (@agamakeup_), a top-notch sought after make-up artist, are now working their magic with kids too, making them feel like stars. A team that is an inspiration and arguably… better together. 19
A team that is an inspiration and arguably… better together.
KidFash @gloriaprattdesigns
When we get TOGETHER we are a strong team, we hug each other, and have fun. Age: 12,15,11 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Like Film Studio (@likefilm_david) ANGELA, JULIA & ANGELA (@angelaaa_0204), (@julia_hou07), (@angela_cookie88) w e s tern & inte r n a t i onal region10 w e s nret & etni r n a t i lano noiger to p models ... ... Star International Models (@star_international_usa) 22
When we get TOGETHER we make our dreams come true. We are all stars! The more we get together, the happier we’ll be. Age: 8,10,9,4 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Like Film Studio (@likefilm_david) GRACE, LING, FELIX & AVERY (@grace_c_zhan), (@arisingstarfashion), (@felix_c_zhan) (@cocoshi36) Star International Models (@star_international_usa) 23
When we get TOGETHER we model beautiful clothes, have fun, and take great photos. Age: 8,8,8 Location: London, UK Photographer: Dani Geddes Photography (@danigeddes) LEXIE, HARLEY & LOTTIE (, (@hrbennetts), (@little_lottie_rose) 24
When we get TOGETHER we have so much fun and have the best time together. Age: 10,11 Location: London, UK Photographer: Dani Geddes Photography (@danigeddes) ISABELLA & CIARA (@bellalabellza) , (@ciaragarciadiaz_model) 25
When we get TOGETHER we have a blast, make magic, and take great pictures. Age: 12, 13, 11 Location: San Diego, CA Photographer: Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotography) LODEN, ARAMIS & DYLAN (@lodensoleil), (@lifeofaramis), (@iamdylandevine) 26
When we get TOGETHER we have so much fun and make great memories. Age: 10,7 Location: San Diego, CA Photographer: Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotography) MAKAYLA & CLAIRE (@officialmakaylajade), (@iamclairedevine) 27
When we get TOGETHER we are the best we can be. Age: 11 Location: Portsmouth, UK Photographer: Dani Geddes Photography (@danigeddes) ISABELLA & LAYLA (@bellalabellza), (@laylamaiofficial) 28
When we get TOGETHER we create and shine. Age: Both 12 Location: Portsmouth, UK Photographer: Dani Geddes Photography (@danigeddes) EMILY & FREYA (@emilygrace_dancer), (@freyajasmine21) 29
When we get TOGETHER we create small masterpieces and memories for a lifetime. Age: 7,6 Location: Quebec, Canada Photographer: Cindy Hains (@cindy_hains_photographe) CHARLEE & MAÏNA-ROSE (@karynrn), (@katy_mainarose) 30
When we get TOGETHER we have nothing but fun and smile. Age: 6,8 Location: Sydney, Australia Photographer: Europro Photography (@europro_photography) BRAXTON & ADDISON (@jamey0404), (@addisonmay1) 31

S ly Love Anais& Mirabelle Lee with

Anais and Mirabelle Lee are 16-year-old identical twins, as well as models, actresses, dancers, and fashionistas from the City of Brotherly Love, also known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This dynamic duo currently resides in California and has been making waves, not only in the world of modeling, but also in the world of entertainment, acting in some of your favorite television shows and movies. In fact, both girls are currently cast in Emmy-nominated T.V. shows, with one recently winning the award! The success Anais and Mirabelle have achieved on and off screen demonstrates the power of togetherness and how great of an impact unity can have, especially with a bond as strong as theirs.

The success Anais and Mirabelle have achieved on and off screen demonstrate the power of togetherness

These young moguls-in-the-making began their careers as print models, booking advertisement campaigns for some of the top retailers in the country. This expanded into runway modeling for shows as big as New York Fashion Week. While Anais and Mirabelle continue to work in commercial modeling, their television roles have pivoted their careers in unimaginable ways. Anais currently plays Jessi Ramsey on Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club, which is a role she has come to love tremendously because of her character’s qualities. “We’re both goal oriented. It’s one of my favorite traits of hers because it’s one I relate to. I work hard to reach my goals and Jessi does the same,” says Anais.

Mirabelle currently plays three characters, including Becky, Young Sara, and Ellen, on Apple TV Plus’ animated series El Deafo, which was inspired by the graphic novel written by CeCe Bell. The mini-series expands on the childhood experiences of a young girl that loses her hearing. This opportunity is one Mirabelle was incredibly thankful for because she was able to bring these characters to life during the pandemic. “I remember recording this show during the height of the pandemic when we were all closed in, and it gave me so much joy to voice these characters” she shares.


“We’re both goal oriented. It’s one of my favorite traits of hers because it’s one I relate to. I work hard to reach my goals and Jessi does the same,”


As mentioned, both shows are Emmy-nominated, with El Deafo also being nominated for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, and The Baby-Sitter’s Club winning the Emmy, following eight nominations for the second season of the series. Needless to say, Anais and Mirabelle we’re ecstatic about the nominations and win! Mirabelle recalls learning of the Emmy nomination of El Deafo and the joy it brought about. “I was so happy when I read the show had been nominated for an Emmy!” she exclaims. Anais was equally overfilled with joy after learning of the Emmy win and states:

“It was a feeling of indescribable joy! When we all walked onto the stage to accept the Emmy, I was so super happy and just couldn’t believe the show achieved this amazing honor. Five years ago, if you had told me I would have achieved an Emmy in an award-winning show, I wouldn’t believe you! I love my cast members so much, we’re like sisters.”

Having the opportunity to experience successes like this together and support one another throughout the journey makes moments as such even more special. Anais and Mirabelle definitely have a very close connection and already know everything about each other, so being able to work together on projects only strengthens their bond and has helped them realize the importance of sticking together, especially in the entertainment industry. “Being in this industry, we have met and learned from so many people and it has allowed us to appreciate so many different types of people. Our differences can bring us together in a way. We can learn from each other and show each other different perspectives of this world,” they state.

While joining people together can be difficult in what seems to be such divisive times, taking the opportunity to find common ground and listen to one another can make the world of a difference. “We believe the arts, whether it’s music, film, photography, or paintings, can always join people together in unity,” the girls explain. Anais and Mirabelle believe that coming together is the only way this world can successfully progress, and change can be made. The division we often see and hear about saddens them because of their belief that everyone deserves to have their voice heard, not suppressed by others.

... 35
“We can learn from each other and show each other different perspectives of this world,”

This is one of many reasons the girls work so hard to be supportive of not only one another, but fans, as well. They love interacting with and responding to the direct messages they get from fans, hoping to serve as a safe space. “We hope you can find a bit of happiness and light in the things we do, because we believe that is our ultimate purpose in life; to bring joy to others,” they share. Having a safe space, whether a person, place, or both, is incredibly important, as is finding joy in the things that matter to you most.

Their safe space and what brings them joy is spending time with one another, baking, going for walks, and having late-night talks. “We love to bake and listen to music together, especially music by Ella Fitzgerald, The Flamingos, or Billie Holiday. We end up having the best conversations when we go on walks or at midnight,” Anais and Mirabelle state. Both girls are also avid readers. Their room is lined with books, and if you see them in public, 98 % of the time they will either have a book in their hands or in their tote bag.

“We hope you can find a bit of happiness and light in the things we do”

Attending movie premieres has become another source of joy for Anais and Mirabelle. “We LOVE attending movie premieres because of the glam!” they exclaim. They always start with the hairstyle, which can take hours, especially for braided, and craft their outfits from there. Their hairstylist, @doll.religion, has been collaborating with them to create hairstyles since they were 10 years old. In fact, their stylist actually moved from New York City to Los Angeles to continue to work with them. For red-carpet outfit choices, they love beautiful timeless dresses and edgy/interesting looks that go with braided styles for more casual premieres. The one thing that takes the least time is makeup because they like to keep it simple.

The twins are as busy as ever these days with television roles, movies, and modeling jobs. There are two upcoming projects fans can be on the lookout for. Mirabelle has a new Disney show that is expected to come out in a few months and Anais will appear as Steph Greene in Season 2 of The Upshaws. They have a few other projects in development, as well, and can’t wait until more information gets released about them! Be sure to follow the girls on Instagram and TikTok @anaismirabelle to learn more and get updates.

“We Love attending movie premiere because of the glam!”
Emmy's Photographer: Marc Bryan-Brown
Photographer: Moon LOS ANGELES, CA AUGUST 7, 2022
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When we get together we love to craft and have a dance party! Age: 13,11 Location: Egg Harbor Twp, NJ Photographer: Aga Manzo Photography (@agamanzophotography) ARIANA & GABRIELLA (@kaycosti09) east e r n r e g ion 10 sae t e r n r e noig to p models ... ... 52


Age: 10,9 Location: Chicago, IL Photographer: Nina Ottolino (@ottolinophoto)

When we get Together we play , laugh and enjoy each others company . The best thing about having a sister is, you will always have a friend. 53
When we get together we always laugh and have fun! Age: 6 Location: Kansas City, MO Photographer: Alyssa Russo (@russophotography__) REAGAN & CHARLOTTE (@reagan_tinydancer), (@charlotte_louise_dancer) 54
When we get TOGETHER we have nothing but fun!!! Age: 11,11 Location: Chicago, IL Photographer: Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography) RAMONA & YASMIN (@Ramonadelaney_model1), (@yazzydazzle) 55
When we get TOGETHER we reminisce on old memories and create new ones. Age: Both 17 Location: San Antonio, TX Photographer: Justine S Photography (@justinesphotography_) JAMIE & ISABELLA (@jamie.mill), (@sabellonzale) 56
When we get TOGETHER we draw. Age: 11,8,6,5,3 Location: San Antonio, TX Photographer: Justine S Photography (@justinesphotography_) REIGN, CHAI, ARROW, LIVELY & SOLACE (@reignandchai) 57
When we get TOGETHER we are UNSTOPPABLE. #GirlPower #BetterTogether. Age: 9,11 Location: Charlotte, NC Photographer: Anya Allen (@anya.allen) EMMIE & BELLA (@sweetemmiejane), ( 58
When we get TOGETHER we laugh a lot. Age: 11 Location: Wilmington, DE Photographer:
Kirstie Donohue Photography (@kirstiedonohuephoto_fashion)
When we get TOGETHER we listen to music, talk, laugh, and catch up on all the exciting things that are going on. Age: 12,15 Location: New York City, NY Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) JULIA & BIANCA (@official_julia_mccomiskey), (@b.simone.c) 60
When we get TOGETHER we love to dance! Age: All are 14 Location: Reading, MA Photographer: Portraits By Frank ( ADDY, JILLIAN & MAKENNA (@addysteele4), (@jillian_abate_), (@makenna.mcgrath) 61

KidRaq is more than meets the eye(wear)

An ordinary, single mom, who was committed to providing a worthwhile business legacy for her son,

Owner and CEO of KidRaq Luxury Eyewear, Raquel Smith, is a self proclaimed southern girl who’s start in the industry was born out of big dreams and even bigger ambition. An ordinary, single mom, who was committed to providing a worthwhile business legacy for her son, decided to quit her career as a US Postal Service worker and move north to launch her career in fashion. With a knack for creativity, a lot of hard work and the grace of God she landed her dream job traveling the world and styling one of the most iconic entertainers of all time; Beyonce.

After styling for ‘Queen B’ longterm, Raquel developed a knack for seeing what’s missing in regards to fashion and filling in the gap. “One day while styling Beyoncé,” Raquel recalls, “I noticed an interaction between her and her oldest daughter that emphasized how much kids love to emulate their parents”. That interaction led to Raquel’s realization that there was nothing in terms of high-quality fashion that would allow kids to accessorize with matching eyewear. “I saw a niche for the eyewear that KidRaq provides,” she says. After some research and a few phone calls, KidRaq started to take shape and Raquel’s new career as a children’s eyewear designer was born.

When asked, ‘why eyewear?’, Raquel says she could have easily chosen something else, but the desire to design eyewear with matching styles for adults and children was the chosen market where she wanted to make her mark. In her younger years, Raquel wore corrective lenses and reflected on the lack of unique and stylish choices“ I love cool stuff, “ she states. “And connecting coolness

“I saw a niche for the eyewear that KidRaq provides,”

“And connecting coolness and choices with ongoing input from kids”

and choices with ongoing input from kids, to include my son, was well worth this business venture.” The luxury brand features family eyewear with an emphasis on kids choices in both sunglasses and optical wear. In the collection you will find frames boasting names such as “The Hollywood Star”, “The Passport” and “Ocean Wave”. Each frame is uniquely designed and engraved with affirmations inside the temple to encourage children to have a positive mindset.

Featuring KidRaq in the ‘Together’ issue seemed like an obvious choice as the brand brings adults and children together through a love of accessorizing in the most fashionable way. But when asked, Raquel saw a deeper meaning behind what togetherness means; “In my view, together means a collaboration and cooperation among two or more toward a mutual goal, which has been essential in the establishment of my business” she says. The mission of KidRaq is bringing kids together by inspiring them to dream big and curate their lives in any way they want. Now that’s a ‘vision’ we can get on board with!

KidRaq can be purchased online at as well as with an entry price of $119.00 per pair.


Website: and also now available at I @bestonukid Actors/Singers/Dance/Models & More
Owner: Frank McDonough Wakefield MA 01880 781 354 6784



Any business is more fun when you like who you work with. For modeling duo Parker (@parker.annabelle) & Gigi (@giadaonthego) they take besties to a whole other level. These girls live on the same street, go to the same school, cheer on the same squad, so why not model together too? KIDFASH took a minute to talk with the girls and their moms to find out how working together just works!

Both relatively new to modeling, Parker and Gigi have eased into it separately and then together. Each with their own natural beauty, they have a look and style that compliments the other and an energy that just draws the audience in. "I had my first photoshoot in 2020 just to try to get started in modeling." says Parker, "Then I received my first modeling opportunity with Kid Fash Magazine in June of 2021. Once I got in front of the camera, I knew I wanted to pursue more modeling opportunities." Gigi got her start with some modeling exposure as a tween influencer for Instagram. “We began the journey as an interest as Gigi wanted to bring products and fashion ideas to her age group,” says Gigi’s Mom, Nicole. “After months of begging I caved and started the Instagram journey with her.” 69
“We began the journey as an interest as Gigi wanted to bring products and fashion ideas to her age group, ”

Working together just naturally fell into place and today the girls both typically have worked for nearly all the same brands. “We also recently, started a social media channel together called P & G Besties on @zigazookids,” says Parker. “This type of social media is more about us showing off our true personalities and with no filters needed. It is kids just being kids and interacting with each other from all around the world.”


A good friend can be hard to find, and when you find that amazing connection it needs to be protected. Just like with any career there will be times that your co-workers challenge you. Doing this with a friend could threaten the friendship if you are not careful. Parker and Gigi both say the best advice is to take breaks from time to time, but always be there for each other when they need it.

“We fight like sisters but also make up like sisters. Even if we have a disagreement, it does not last long,” says Parker. “If someone's feelings get hurt the other is always quick to write a sweet apology note and drop it off at the front door. Then next thing you know we are hugging and right back to where we left off. We have never let a silly disagreement come between our friendship and know that no matter what we love each other and will do anything for each other.”

“We fight like sisters but also make up like sisters.”

For young models it is especially important to have mom there for support and navigating the tough stuff. “I think the girls are a great compliment to each other with their personalities and the way they both view life,” says Nicole. “While they spend a lot of lot of time together, they do genuinely cheer each other on, bring a homemade card if one is sick and are there for them if they need a hug.” “We always have lots of laughs, but sometimes tears too,” says Parker. “Then we always have fun talking about the memories we got to make together.”


Finding out what it means to be an influencer can be unique to the individual. Look at the audience you are trying to influence and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. “We talk daily how to be perceived as a positive influence and she really has a huge heart to stay positive for friends and bring the fun and positivity to her audience daily,” says Gigi's mom, Nicole. “It means to help share messages, inspire others, share positivity, and to be a role model for others my same age or maybe younger,” says Parker.

Parker and Gigi may influence others, but they also influence each other "We may like the same outfit, however most of the time it is styled differently," says Parker, "We also like to watch each other's videos and like to see each other's creativity." Gigi agrees, “We love following each other's page, seeing what they are each up to that is different and cheer each other on,” says Gigi. “She loves interacting with her community,” says Nicole. “She sees she is growing into a role model when someone tells her they love following her page.”

We always have lots of laughs, but sometimes tears too,”


Doing modeling jobs together is fun, but of course there will be times that they have separate interests and opportunities and that is okay. Togetherness does not mean they must be the same, but they are still committed to being there for one another. “Now that I'm getting older I truly love showing off fashion and style,” says Parker. “My favorite posts are when I get to show off new outfits or looks. I love following other positive and fashionable content creators.” Gigi also loves working on the beauty and fashion aspect of the industry. “Skincare is big in our home, so she really loves seeing what's happening for her age,” says Mom.

So far though it always comes back to being together. “We definitely think it is always more fun to do them together,” says Parker. “We are both very strong willed and not afraid to speak the truth or hold back. We both have our own ideas we want to do for projects and we don't always agree which is the hard part. However, most of the time we eventually find a way to incorporate both ideas, so we contributed to the project. It is also easier when one of us isn't feeling very creative but the other is and has lots of ideas.

“We definitely think it is always more fun to do them together,”


As the girls say they are “together for life” and their future goals say just that, whether working on the same job or just cheering each other on as they continue taking their modeling career beyond the social outlets. “I'm really interested in print/ad modeling right now,” says Parker Parker and Gigi aren’t just there to support each other, they hope to encourage and inspire other young models to follow their dreams. “Just go for it! It's always good to try,” says Parker. “Sometimes you try and fail but that's ok because not everyone is perfect. If we don't fail we will never learn or grow and get better. And don't try to be something you're not, just be you. If you just be yourself, your true colors will shine!”

“Be true to yourself,” says Gigi. “Create a positive community. Have fun along the way. You make so many amazing contacts and friends and get to hear, know and experience things that can be quite different. We don't take ourselves overly seriously, and view this journey to have fun and live the life we want to live.” The girls encourage their fans to reach out and ask questions or for guidance whenever they need it.

Finally, Gigi says, “Take the leap and try it. You live one life; we are living it fully and loving what has come from it.” One thing is for certain and they both agree “everything is always better when we are together.”

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“Sometimes you try and fail but that's ok because not everyone is perfect. "
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