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Photography By: Old Classic Photography Made Unique Like You. Be Style. Be You @charliefashiondesign @kaveah_la by @clementstwins Laid-Back Luxe, Casual Everyday Wear
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6 Editor’s Letter

7 What Is Fashion To Me?(Ariana)

8 Anti-Bullying (Emmie)

14 Featured Photographer (CreativeSoul)

22 Western Region Top 10

32 Group Shoot: Los Angeles, CA

38 Cover Story: Alessandra

46 International/Southeast Region Top 10

56 Group Shoot: Charlotte, NC

62 Central/Northeast Region Top 10

74 Atlanta's Top 10 Models

86 Featured Designer: Drisha Closet

92 How To Become An Actress: Rhys Olivia Cote


Model: Alessandra (@_alessandraliu)

Photographer: Old Classic Photography (@irinkac33)

Dress: Mila Hoffman (@milahoffmancouture)

Location: Tampa, FL

Table of Contents Picture

Model: McKenna (@mckenna0617)

Photographer: Billy Montana Images (@imagesbybilly)

Editor: Damon Ross DDS

Contributing Kid Editors: Maddie Delbridge & Annie Delbridge

Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez

Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

Editor’s Letter

CREATIVITY is the foundation of improving. We do things differently today, because someone had a creative idea and moved on it. With kids being our future, I wanted to see what CREATIVITY means to them. Really hope you enjoy reading this one!

Our Cover Model is the amazingly talented and beautiful Alessandra Liu. She's not only an actor, model, and influencer, she's also an executive producer. In her article, she let's you in on her journey. It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have her as our Cover Model and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

In our 29th Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to Me” by Ariana and read about Emmie's experience with bullying. See amazing pictures from our Featured Photographer Duo, CreativeSoul. You will also learn about our Featured Designer, Drisha Closet, and learn “How To Become An Actress" with Rhys Olivia Cote. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Models (including our Atlanta's Top 10 Models), pictures from our Group Shoots in Los Angeles and Charlotte, and the cool ads with Members who won FREE photoshoots.

Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed!

Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto)


Fashion means different things to different people, to me fashion isn’t just a way to express yourself by the clothes you wear and it’s not just black or white; it is a painting with a million mixtures of color. I believe fashion is a way to empower yourself, influence others, and to show people how creative you can be.

As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Model: Ariana (@ariana_model1)

Photographer: Brett Martelli (@martelliphotography_modeling)


Photographer: Kearsten Leder Photography (@kearstenlederphotography)
Designer: Christina Del Re’ (@cdrchristinadelre)

Sweet Emmie Jane is a 9 year old actress and model from North Carolina. She used to be very shy and didn’t like the idea of performing, but after watching her brother do it, she auditioned for a school musical and made it! She says, “I had so much fun, that I decided to give acting a try. I’m completely hooked, and it’s helped a lot with my confidence. I am not shy at all now. I love acting a lot. I have been taking acting classes for a few years, and I love them!” She also enjoys meeting all of the new people on set and how through acting she gets to experience different things and emotions that she might not have done as herself. On the other hand, the hardest part is when she has a really dramatic scene and has to feel those same emotions herself. It can be intense and draining. What inspires her to keep going and continue creating? She says, “Seeing all the beauty that God has made inspires me to create beautiful things.”

Emmie Jane incorporates creativity into everything she does. She explains, “In acting, I have to be creative to put myself in the character's point of view. We use creativity a lot as an influencer. I love creating fun posts.” This career has created some exciting and memorable moments for Emmie Jane. She gushes, “I have met so many amazing people on set. I loved getting to be in a 50 Floor Commercial with Richard Karn from Home Improvement.

“I had so much fun, that I decided to give acting a try.”

This last summer, I was the lead in a few films and that was a fun experience. Every experience is unique and amazing. I’m currently filming a movie and it has so many talented people on it! I get to work with my brother, Jordan, for the first time! He is mostly known for The Black Phone.”

You don’t have to be a creative genius to see that the life goals, hopes, and dreams for the future are simple for this young actress, model, Christ-lover, and influencer. Emmie Jane says, “I want to be happy. I want to make others feel good about themselves. I love acting and singing now, and would love to continue. But, I’d also love working with animals.”

Sadly, the last few years at school have been less than happy for this young star. Like many kids and adults alike, our Sweet Emmie Jane has been the victim of bullying. She says, “I have had a few kids who make me feel bad about myself and acting. They roll their eyes at me, laugh when I talk, or make mean comments about me acting.” There were three main kids who instigated the situation but it still made life miserable.

Being bullied made Emmie Jane doubt herself and her importance. She used to come home crying and most of the time she just felt sad-like something was wrong with her. She politely asked the kids to stop bothering her, but they never did, so she just kept her mouth shut for a while. She didn’t tell anyone about the bullying for a long time. She explains, “I didn’t feel comfortable telling the teachers at school, because I was afraid the kids wouldn’t like me even more if I told.”

“I want to be happy. I want to make others feel good about themselves.”

Finally Emmie Jane did the right thing and told her mom what was going on. Opening up to her mom was a great idea because her mom helped her stand up for herself and also talked to the teacher. Emmie Jane says, “This year has gotten better because I stood up for myself, and also have some great friends who are with me. My mama and I have talked a lot about holding my head high and knowing my worth. Once I stopped letting them have power over me to upset me and ignored it, it got a lot better.”

Now that this actress knows how to stand up for herself, she also tries to stand up for others when she sees them being bullied. To help spread awareness, Emmie Jane has done a few anti-bullying campaigns through social media, and

“This year has gotten better because I stood up for myself”

recently her school has really cracked down on bullying. She says, “No one deserves to feel like that. I go up to others sitting alone so that no one feels left out.

To other kids who are being bullied Emmie Jane says, “YOU ARE SPECIAL. You are important and have so much value. Like the amazing Taylor Swift says ‘People throw rocks at things that shine!’ And most people who bully are really hurting themselves. Be kind back so you know you did your best, and then forget what they said.”

To those who are the bullies Emmie Jane says, “You’re special too! You are loved, but you will live a much happier life making others feel good about themselves and smiling. Life is short! We rise by lifting others.”

“You Are Special. You are important and have so much value.

To end bullying for good, Emmie Jane believes that it is very important to keep having personal conversations with people about bullying, self-worth, respecting yourself and others and most importantly treating others with kindness and compassion. She adds, “Making sure on and off the internet we are being kind. Kindness is very important. We never know what someone is going through.” 13
“Making sure on and off the internet we are being kind.”

Creativesoul Photography

Duo Draws Inspiration From Vibrant African American Culture

A famous person once said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” And nothing could be truer for CreativeSoul Photography, a company known for its Maximalist style that highlights elements of African American culture through bold, thought-provoking imagery.

Kahran and Regis, the team behind CreativeSoul, first started their journey when they began dating cross country (long distance) and used photography as a way to preserve memories until their next in-person visit. When the two finally moved to Atlanta together, Regis went to school for photography and they started a photography business together in 2009.

At first, the couple photographed a little bit of everything, until a few years later they began taking photos of kids and fell in love with it. Now their vibe has evolved and they intentionally incorporate elements of the rich African American culture and communities into their photoshoots. “We believe these cultures are full of vibrancy, colors and patterns, and we want to showcase that in our photography style,” said Regis. 15
“We believe these cultures are full of vibrancy, colors and patterns, and we want to showcase that in our photography style,”

That being said, CreativeSoul photo sessions often have lots of accessories, over-the-top hair, makeup and wardrobe styling, inspired by their culture, its traditions, fashion and even their own upbringing and struggles as black entrepreneurs. “We’re often inspired to create work that speaks to the struggles, triumphs, and beauty of the black experience. It’s something that we’ll always carry with us and continue to honor through art,” Kahran said.

“We’re often inspired to create work that speaks to the struggles, triumphs, and beauty of the black experience.”

The two typically style most shoots themselves. They start by asking the kids to describe the shoot of their dreams, and from there, they develop an overall theme or concept. Then the pieces start coming together as they pull wardrobe that would work with the theme, drawing inspiration from movies, magazines and more. Then add in a team of talented makeup and hair stylists and the vision begins to come to life.

While married and working together may be hard for some, the minds behind the genius of CreativeSoul feel lucky to do it. "We're actually one of those weird couples that love being together 24/7 because we genuinely enjoy each other's company," said Regis. What makes it easier to work side-by-side is that each of them has their own individual strengths and responsibilities. Although they both shoot, Regis focuses more on the technical aspects of the shoots as well as assisting with some wardrobe pieces. Kahran uses her business background to handle the front end business and marketing side. In addition, working as a team also allows them to experience the highs and lows of the business and their projects together. They are able to travel and be creative together every day, and celebrate their artistic "wins" jointly. This duo is so passionate about their work that "it is exciting. The balance is there because even when we are working, it doesn’t feel much like work,” said Kahran.

"We're actually one of those weird couples that love being together 24/7 because we genuinely enjoy each other's company,"

The collaborative experience that combines their strengths and perspectives results in the creation of emotionally moving and memorable images. One of their most iconic photographs-- a young girl with an afro dressed in Baroque clothing-- is just one example of the power of their combined creative minds.

“That started out as a regular shoot with a little girl and turned out to be one of our most iconic photos to date,” said Regis. And it serves as a perfect example of their creativity mixing together for an unforgettable image. "And now with the introduction of AI, it's even more important to be able to provide something unique and memorable to your clients," Kahran said.

By using all of the tools available to them that are reflective of their culture, Kahran and Regis have evolved beyond just photography to build an empowerment brand for youth of color. This is something that the market needed and has been welcomed by the African American community. "We hope that people will be able to see the beauty and diversity of black kids across the African diaspora. We hope that kids viewing our photos will be able to see themselves relfected and that inspires them to overcome any obstacles they may face," said Kahran.

“That started out as a regular shoot with a little girl and turned out to be one of our most iconic photos to date,”

The duo now also has several published books. In fact, CreativeSoul Photography will be releasing its third book called "Crowned" in May. "This book reinterprets traditional fairy and folk tales, while also introducing fresh and original ones all in the unique and distinctive style of CreativeSoul. Our books have allowed our work to enter homes around the world and reach places that we may not be able to on our own," said Kahran. In addition, they have also released merchandise including the launch of a Disney Princess doll collection.

The passion and limitless creativity is what sets the duo of CreativeSoul apart, generating thought-provoking images and merchandise that has put them on the map while highlighting African and African American heritage and empowering kids of that background to shine. “We hope our imagery helps to create a society where all kids are created equally and feel empowered to move in the world as their true authentic self.”

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Age: 11 Location: Los Angeles Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

CREATIVITY to me is imagining something in my mind that’s unique and all my own and then making it come to life to share with others. I like to use my creativity to inspire others to use their imagination and so they know that anything they create in their mind is amazing and should be shared with the world.

west e r n r e gion 10 sew t e r n r e noig to p
... ... 22



Age: 12 Location: Arizona Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

CREATIVITY to me is adding your ideas into something and making it your own. 23



Age: 12 Location: San Clemente, CA Photographer: Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotographer)

CREATIVITY to me is expressing myself artistically through fashion, movement, song and art.




Age: 11 Location: Ceres, CA Photographer: Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotography)

CREATIVITY to me is like a spark of brilliance that ignites your imagination and sets your unique vision alight. It is the gift of taking what you have, no matter how ordinary, and transforming it into something extraordinary, something that has never existed before. It is the power to bring your dreams and ideas to life, to make them real and tangible, and to make a lasting impact on the world around you. 25



Age: 14 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)

Creativity to me is a way to inspire reality.



CREATIVITY to me is sharing inspiration, imagination and originality. I am blessed with the gift of creativity and I love that I can share it with everyone in so many ways.

Age: 8 Location: Santa Clarita, CA Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography) 27



CREATIVITY to me is my ability to express myself.

Age: 13 Location: Bell Canyon, CA Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography)



Age: 10 Location: Castle Rock, CO Photographer: Kate Smith (

Creativity means that I can be an original, I can be influenced by experiences and use these to shape who I am. I love trying new things in Fashion, Makeup and Cheer. 29



Age: 2 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography)

Creativity to me is the imagination to recreate and explore things in new ways. It is a drive to make our experiences new and fascinating.


(@charlotte_cong) By Star International (@star_international_usa)

Age: 7 Location: Irvine, CA Photographer: TBOM (@tbom_photo)

CREATIVITY to me is my little magic that allows me to create my own beautiful world!


Los Angeles, CA

Goddess Headpieces: Chrisanthi Couture


M.Francke Photography

Makeup Artist:

Hila Gordon Hair Styling: Daniel Jordan Hair Salon


Medusa (Goddess of Protection): Mia-Lee Forkosh

Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty): Piper Edgeworth

Artemis (Goddess of Wilderness): Nyla Njenga

Gaia (Goddess of Earth): Isabela Motta

Selene (Goddess of the Moon) : Charlotte LeRoy

Fairy, Artistic, and Unique



TWINNING TUESDAYS //////////////////////// //////////////////////// #KIDFASHTWINNING
a chance to be FEATURED and possibly PUBLISHED USE

What meanscreativity to me with


Photography: Old Classic Photography(@irinkac33)

Alessandra Liu is a 15-year-old Chinese American actress and model from Hibiscus Island, Florida. You may know her from short films such as Grace and Endless Summer, or from her print and runway work. She learned to appreciate style and fashion at a young age. Since she was a child, Alessandra has enjoyed looking through her family’s magazine subscriptions like Town and Country and Bazaar. She was always fascinated and dazzled when looking at all the beautiful clothes, models, purses and jewelery. Her mother regularly took her to stores like Gucci, Cartier and Ferragamo on Rodeo Dr in LA on her shopping trips which really made an impression on Alessandra. At 12 years old she opened an Instagram account and started posting amateur modeling pix and tagging brands she liked to see if she could get

She learned to appreciate style and fashion at a young age.

their attention. Within only 2 months, it worked! She was contacted by several companies offering to do collaborations in exchange for clothing. Modeling led to acting and she’s now signed with agencies in Beverly Hills and Miami. Since then, she has taken a variety of acting and modeling courses. Currently, Alessandra is aggressively pursuing her acting career and larger projects. She hopes to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild soon and ultimately make a living as an actor. She dreams of walking the runway someday for Gucci and Chanel.

One of the best parts of the job for Alessandra is being around all the fun creative people and their energy. She says, “It's super exciting to be on set of both films and commercials, all the activity with the staff and all of the equipment is really a rush! I've been on set with as few as six people and as many as 65 and there's always lots of energy- no matter how many people are on the set producing. I love meeting new people and have made many new friends along the way as well.” The hardest part is all the effort you must put into trying to get a single booking- all the auditions and self-tapes and all that go with it. She explains, “It's almost 40 to 1! Some casting directors can be very short and very demanding on zoom calls and a few of them have even made me cry… So many new actors just give up, I will not.”

What inspires Liu is seeing other actors doing their thing, practicing their art, as well the shows, series, and movies themselves. She gushes, “I’m deeply inspired by Scarlet Johannesen, Chloë Grace Moretz, and child actor Lexi Rabe. I see shows like the Outer Banks and want to be in them acting! Also, I like various reality television series, for example Netflix’s Dubai Bling. Actor Ebraheem Al Samadi from the series is a favorite, and I’m inspired by his acting

"I love meeting new people and have made many new friends along the way as well "

Being creative is important to Alessandra. When asked what creativity means to her, she says, “Creativity is anything that you experience and have a sense of emotional reaction or response to. Creativity is something you use to express yourself in a unique and special way. Your creativity defines you as a person. Creativity is making something out of nothing… I really feel that and being creative- it has to start with you and your own ideas. It's easy to see what everybody else is doing and what they might be having success with and then mirror that but ultimately, it's not your own work and it's not your own creativity. To incorporate more creativity into their lives Alessandra suggests that other kids and teens reflect on what is important to them and what they feel passionate about and then work towards projects that directly speak to their own ideas and interests.

After being cast in a role as a waitress in the short film “Grace” directed by Pokey Spears, Alessandra learned of an investment opportunity in the project. She moved forward with becoming the lead finance arm of the film and set a new record as the Youngest Hollywood Executive Producer for a short film, in history. Her secret to getting through creative blocks?

Alessandra confesses, “Believe it or not I just stop. Especially on social media- if I have a block and don't know what to do next, I just don't do anything because I don't want to put out bad content. With 1.2 million Instagram followers, sometimes people will notice that I go quiet for a week or sometimes 10 days at a time… those are the moments that I am in one of those creative blocks! It always comes back to me, so the way I get through it is to just take a break and then the creativity eventually comes back to me on its own. Social media breaks are good btw!”

"Creativity is something you use to express yourself in a unique and special way."

Having creative control is extremely important for Liu. She explains, “I tend to be a bit of a type A perfectionist… everything I post on social media- I want it to be perfect to not taint what I feel is somewhat of a brand at this point of who I am. Of course, I don't always get this right and I own that. For example, I do almost all my own editing in Luminar NEO, I only work with high resolution pictures and videos filmed in 4K /60 frames per second when making a public post.”

Alessandra also enjoys being creative on social media and trying to put together content that’s not so common. She explains, “My creative approach for the most part shows me speaking very little on public social media posts and is expressed more by my choice of various music as I am really into different types of music ranging from the early 1960s through today. I use a commercial drone for filming in 6k which can self-track me as I am on a bicycle or going through the woods or really anything to make creative video projects.

"I tend to be a bit of type
A perfectionist... everything I post on social mediaI want it to be perfect... "

Speaking of projects, Ms. Liu has been very busy lately and is excited about several projects she’s been working on. Namely, a couple pilots she recently filmed including Comedy Central, a commercial she just finished shooting in San Diego, and walking the runway for five designers at New York Fashion week. She’s also released a perfume line called “AllyScent” and the third release of her portfolio magazine series “AllyMag.” One of the most exciting projects she is working on is an entire cryptocurrency economy built around NFT’s encompassing her likeness and multiple brands. She adds, “There are numerous consultants and legal reps working on this on my behalf and it's going to be super exciting and something like you have never seen before! 43




Age: 13 Location: Savannah, GA Photographer: Portraits by Rainbow (@portraits_by_rainbow)

CREATIVITY to me is letting your imagination run wild. It’s creating original ideas and sharing them to communicate with and inspire others.

s o tsaehtu
tni e r n
s to p
outheast& int e r n ationalregion
models ... ...



Age: 15 Location: Jacksonville, FL Photographer: Portraits by Rainbow (@portraits_by_rainbow)

CREATIVITY to me is looking at something from different perspectives. You must think of new ways to do things. Also, creativity is about being original. I am always looking for ways to think outside of the box and come up with fresh ideas. If you want to be creative, then turn your imaginative ideas into a reality! 47



Age: 10 Location: Georgia Photographer: David Andrews (@hdandrewsphotography)

Creativity to me is seeing a boundary, then pushing myself past it a little bit more every time.




Age: 8 Location: Statesboro, GA Photographer: Esteban (@newlifeway1994)

CREATIVITY to me is exploring ideas that are unique to me that allows me freedom of expression whether it be through dance, tumbling, sketching, painting, playing the piano or walking the runway. In all things I am able to be creative and bring a fresh perspective into existence. 49



Age: 10 Location: Quebec Photographer: Cindy Hains (@cindy_hains_photographe)

CREATIVITY to me is to be able to express myself through the arts that fascinate me.




Age: 15 Location: South Carolina Photographer: Lindsey Smith (

CREATIVITY to me is doing what no one else has done before. 51



Age: 4 Location: Atlanta, GA Photographer: Caitlin Tabilog (@ctabphotography)

CREATIVITY to me is having fun making art.


ALEXIS (@miss_lexi_jade)

Age: 10 Location: Perth, Western Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020)

CREATIVITY to me is using my imagination, without the fear of it being right or wrong. It’s expressing myself freely using all colours! 53



Age: 11 Location: Jekyll Island, GA Photographer: Portraits by Rainbow (@portraits_by_rainbow)

CREATIVITY to me is taking something that is nothing and making it into something beautiful.




Age: 12 Location: Vancouver, Canada Photographer: Vancouver Kids Photographer (@notabenephoto)

Creativity to me is the amazing and infinite opportunity to express your imagination. It is a wonderful and messy process that anyone can use. I draw my creativity from nature, and express it through music and writing. 55



February 24, 2023

Charlotte, NC

Photographer: Chris Henrikson (@chrishenriksonphotography)


Leah Vega

Zeida Jernigan

Liv Gonzales

Hadley Cooke

Quinn Walden

Riley Andaluz

Tate Dreyer

Jovie Bowman

Eleanora Tsakos

Alexis McKnight

Charlotte Tsilimos

Carsyn Stelmack

My Passion. My Fashion.

Ruhan Rahul is an Indian national born in Abu Dhabi UAE. He is 3 years old. His Mummy always wanted to be in the fashion industry, but she couldn't make it. So, he is here to complete her dream. Ruhan started his fashion journey at the age of 2.5 years old.

You know what? Paparazzi says, Ruhan is photogenic. And yes that's true, as he has received best photogenic awrads from many fashion shows and events. Ruhan also likes dancing and singing. He is a big fan of Bollywood king Sharukh Khan.

Twinkle Twinkle Ruhan Star.

Model: Ruhan (@ruhanmeht)

Photographer: Savio Martin (@saviomartin_photography)

My Fashion.



Age: 15 Location: Houston, TX Photographer: Brooke Davide (@imagesbybrooke_)

CREATIVITY to me is having the freedom to express myself in unique and original ways. It’s about exploring new ideas, taking risks, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Creativity allows me to connect with others, express my emotions, and make a positive impact on the world around me.

c entral & no r t h e a st
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to p
... ... 62



Age: 16 Location: San Antonio, TX Photographer: Brittany Link (@brittanylinkphotography)

CREATIVITY to me is showcasing my self expression through parts of my life that I enjoy, such as dance, fashion, and modeling; all while promoting a vegan lifestyle and eco-sustainability for the earth. 63



Age: 3 Location: New York Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Creativity to me is getting inspiration from beauty around me and listening to myself in creating joy.




Age: 13 Location: New York Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Creativity to me is being able to express yourself without any limit stopping you. It is being able to use your imagination to do what you love. 65


Creativity to me is drawing transformers, playing nerf, coloring, and painting walls.

Age: 7 Location: Pittsburgh, PA Photographer: Lexi Shapiro (@posepgh)



Age: 7 Location: San Antonio, TX Photographer: Natalia (@natalia_sun_ photographer)

CREATIVITY to me is the ability to express yourself. 67


(@natalia_malaga_ )

Age: 12 Location: New York City Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan )

CREATIVITY to me is thinking outside the box. It’s about taking a risk and being open to new ideas even if they seem unconventional at the moment.




Age: 9 Location: New Jersey Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Creativity to me is using my imagination to think outside the box. 69



Age: 8 Location: Massachusetts Photographer: Frank McDonough (@portraits_by_frank)

CREATIVITY to me is doing what comes natural and makes my heart smile or why do it.




Age: 12 Location: Maryland Photographer: Trudy Moylan (@trudymoylanphotography)

CREATIVITY to me is me turning my thoughts of anything beautiful into reality. 71
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Age: 14

Lillian lives in Georgia. Her hobbies include volleyball, church, hanging out with friends, playing with her pup! She dreams of walking the runways of fashion week and being on the cover of Vogue. She loves fashion, family & Jesus!

Photographer: Steve Yu (@theyumaster)



Age: 13

Sara runs a non-profit organization that rescues and feeds cats in her community.

She is a sponsor for an organization called Bilu, a project in South America for orphaned children, also reading buddy for children, including those with special needs. Sara believes and fights for inclusion. She is a member of an organization called BE STRONG that raises awareness of the importance of fighting against bullying. She is a model, actress, black belt in martial arts, and her second language is Portuguese. In the future, you will see her going to college but for now she is a girl full of dreams.

Photographer: Esteban (@newlifeway1994)

HARRIET (@harrietmodels)

Age: 10

Harriet was born and raised in Boston. While deep down she'll always keep some city girl sass, country living is growing on her after her family relocated to Georgia. Hobbies include sports of all kinds, travel, reading, and playing video games with her two brothers.

Her first modeling experience was less than a year ago and since then she’s burst onto the scene with forays into runway, commercial/print, podcast, pageant, television, movie, and social media creator roles. Each experience is exciting because Harriet loves the wide variety of fashion she’s been able to showcase as well as all the friends she’s made from all over the world.

Harriet is passionate about speaking up for those who cannot defend themselves and helping others see the beauty in their hearts, no matter what they look like. She can’t wait to see what opportunity will present itself next.

Photographer: Amelia Ward (@ameliaeve_photography)



Age: 11

Janae' has already starred in national kid inspired videos and stage plays for live audiences. From cheerleading, to pageantry, to fitness and girl empowerment, her spunky personality is sure to bring any character to life! An Actress, Model and Dancer. She’s a rising star certain to leave a memorable mark.




Age: 10

Ashtyn was born in Atlanta, Ga. She has done runway/print modeling and recently became an International model. Her passion is fashion. She is a natural, loves being in front of the camera, and is the CEO of SEWBRAINI Designs.

She has been a youth model for many brands, including The Bailey Agency. Ashtyn has done runway projects with the following: Milano DI Rouge, CB Vior,Young Gods. She has been featured in:

Beauty Everywhere Magazine, People’s Choice Award, Jaiko, I Wanna be a Model Too, and Savii Kids.

Ashtyn was crowned Miss Runway Slayer and received a trophy for Best Runway Model, an accolade that has made her evolve into who she is becoming. On top of this, she has experienced runway modeling in Dubai, New York, and LA Fashion Week.

What makes her unique is her signature walk. She is self-taught and has been blessed to walk amongst adults as a youth model on many runway platforms. She enjoy working with photographers and designers. Ashtyn brings dedication and energy to every project with her confident personality.

Photographer: One 11 Digital Productions (@one11digitalproductions)




Age: 8

Lani Love is an 8 year old phenomenon! Breaking her way through starting at just 3 years old she has already accomplished so much . Starting off doing pageants she’s no stranger to the stage . She’s captivated social media amassing over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 440 thousand followers on Instagram. Not only has she had a break through on social media , she’s also showed her multi talent in other areas such as Modeling , Acting , Singing, Rapping , Gymnastics, & Dance ! When asked by viewers “ Do you ever get tired of being a triple threat?” her response is , “ I believe I’m way past a triple threat! (lol) I Love everything I do and it’s so much fun!” Her dedication at such a young age is captivating. Viewers can’t wait to see what she does next . Aside from her influencer lifestyle she loves hanging with friends, loves animals, and wants to be a veterinarian. It’s safe to say we can continue to expect great things from the amazing Lani Love.

Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto)



Age: 8

Milan Brielle is a force to be reckoned with. Born December 15th, 2014 she is the only girl of 5 kids but the boss over them all! Milan is homeschooled and in 3rd grade. She got her start modeling at 1 year old but finally was signed at the age of 5 to Forward the Agency in Atlanta, GA. She has modeled for Belk, Graco, as well as a commercial for ZOA Energy. She enjoys modeling and acting and loves to travel and make new friends while doing so. She enjoys fashion and being a girly girl and making TikToks. She loves going back and forth to be with family in her second home, Detroit, Michigan. Milan loves to support all of her friends in the industry and always shows positivity!

Photographer: Tonya (@tonyadailey_headshots)



Age: 11 (Twins)

Hello, We are Shayna and Shayla Pinder AKA the Pinderoos Twins. Our last name is Pinder and when born we looked small enough to fit into a kangaroo pouch, hence the name PINDEROOS.

We are what's known as Monochorionic/diamniotic (mono/di) twins which are two identical babies who develop with the same placenta but in separate amniotic sacs.

In our high risk situation one baby, Shayna, received more nutrients growing larger while putting Shayla at risk. At one point the doctors were wanting to disconnect Shayla to gain a higher rate of Shayna's survival. Ultimately Shayla, yet born smaller but healthy, gained the middle name Milagros meaning miracle.

These two young ladies have been inseparable. Encouraging and motivating one another throughout their life as their bond and fight for survival started way before they met anyone in the outside world. It is extremely rare to see them apart from one another so get used to telling them apart. Shayna is a little bigger while Shayla with the "L" stands for little. Can you tell us apart now? Take a closer look.

Photographer: Daniel M Photography (@dvmproductions2996)



Age: 15

Grace is 15 years old from Atlanta, Georgia. Her passions are runway modeling, dance, and photography. She also enjoys cooking. Grace is signed with ALNP modeling agency and is a member of her high school’s dance team.

Photographer: Latronia Augustine (@laughalwayspics)


Age: 12

A twelve year old actor, model, Kidpreneur and athlete with a love for math and science. Jamison, started his own T Shirt line in 2020 called JLTEN which is a brand that blends the richness of the past generation with the freshness of the new generation.

He also currently trains as a “triple threat” at AGI Entertainment and is signed to J Pervis Talent & Pantheon Talent. Jamison has been modeling since he was 6 years old and is grateful that his start in the industry has led to so many wonderful opportunities. Even though he’s been an industry kid for 6 years he feels like he’s just getting started. Stay tuned...

Photographer: Shay Abrams (@justshaymedia)

Photography: Rodolphe (Rudy)

Felix  (@ROO_TF13)

Production: Eunika Simmons

Make-Up: Kimchi Pearl

Hair: Eunika Simmons

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Fashion is an art form, and no one embodies this more than the talented clothing designer we're featuring in this issue of our magazine. With an eye for detail, an innovative approach to design, and a deep passion for fashion, this designer has established a name for themselves in the industry. Their work is known for its creativity, elegance, and ability to push boundaries. In this article, we will explore the life and work of this fashion icon, delving into their influences, inspirations, and design philosophy.

Join us as we take a closer look at the world of fashion through the eyes of this talented and visionary designer.

Drisha Closet is a fashion house of Western luxury designer outfits. Their passion is to create masterpieces that are desired by customers around the globe. Designer Deepthi has always been drawn towards fashion and styling growing up. As a kid, she devoured countless fashion magazines. She says,

Their passion is to create masterpieces that are desired by customers around the globe.

“I used to design and style outfits created by me for Barbie when I was in school. Dressing up is my favorite thing and I knew I’d never go wrong choosing this profession.” To further her knowledge of fashion and design, she has taken a few online courses and continues to learn from virtual sessions with celebrity designers.

The most fun part of the job for Deepthi is experimenting with different looks on all the gorgeous models. She always gets excited seeing the final product on them. The most challenging part is finding manufacturers who use high-quality materials and can deliver what she wants on time. To overcome this hurdle Deepthi says that Drisha Closet plans on expanding their team who work on the production end.

The most fun part of the job for Deepthi is experimenting with different looks on all the gorgeous models.

Fashion is an ever-changing industry that thrives on creativity and innovation. The most successful designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and their designs reflect this commitment to originality. In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever for designers to embrace new ideas and experiment with unconventional materials and techniques. By doing so, they can create truly unique pieces that capture the imagination of consumers and set trends that influence the industry for years to come. Ultimately, it is this spirit of creativity and innovation that allows fashion to remain a vital and exciting force in our culture.

In the spirit of creativity and innovation, Drisha Closet gains great inspiration for future projects from researching and learning about top fashion brands and reading fashion magazines. Their creative process always starts with research. Deepthi explains, “First I try to have a big idea and vision for my show presentation and build mood boards of images that capture my ideas.” To get past creative blocks this diligent designer takes some time off and indulges in self-care. She says, “I try to have enough rest and sleep to recharge myself.”

Her favorite kind of fashion is Haute couture which is one of the highest forms of fashion design. It’s generally characterized by custom-made garments constructed with the finest materials and exquisite attention to detail. These pieces are usually crafted by skilled artisans, often by hand, and are coveted by fashion connoisseurs and collectors around the world. Deepthi explains, “It stands out and is an embodiment of power and prestige.” For her own creations, Drisha Closet mostly uses satin and beaded tulle for their luxury designs and vibrant and happy colors.

It stands out and is an embodiment of power and prestige.”

Creativity is important to this designer. She says, “Creativity is important in fashion. To have your niche in your designs you need to have creativity. Being creative can make your product unique and ideal thus attracting a person to your product. The reason I chose fashion is to unleash my creative freedom because Fashion is all about creativity.” One of the most fun and creative projects they have worked on so far was a fashion show they did with Model Magazine where they accessorized their models along with designs and presented them differently. I won the Favorite Designer of the Year for that show.

Fashion is more than just clothing; it's a form of self-expression and a way to showcase your unique personality. Drisha Closet understands this, and their designs are a testament to the power of fashion to inspire and delight.To keep their designs fun and exciting, Drisha Closet tries to be to be inclusive and work with different age groups such as

Creativity is important in fashion.”

kids, teens, and adults, as well as different sizes and ethnicities. Deepthi tries to accessorize each one individually along with coming up with a design that makes it exciting to her. It’s the focus on these intricate details along with the love for what she’s doing that makes this fashion house so special.

Creativity is also needed when it comes to any business. To be an entrepreneur, you have to think outside of the box and try new things. Drisha Closet was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Deepthi explains, “I realized social media reach has increased exponentially. I had to work on online promotions and increasing my social media presence.”

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and designers like Deepthi are at the forefront of this change. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to innovation, Drisha Closet is a brand that is sure to inspire and captivate fashion enthusiasts around the globe. From the intricate details in each garment to the way they embrace inclusivity and experimentation, this fashion house is a true trailblazer in the industry. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape in the world of fashion, we can only imagine what exciting designs and trends this talented designer will come up with next. It is designers like Drisha Closet who will shape the future of fashion and inspire the next generation of creatives.

“I realized social media reach has increased exponentially. ”



By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Jonathan Route

Having creativity as an actress means digging down deep and finding the character within that brings all the right feelings to the audience. For model and actress Rhys Olivia Cote, @rhys_olivia, she does just that! Modeling at 3 and acting by the time she was 7, this girl knows how to captivate an audience. Rhys captured the heart of Steve Harvey at age 6 on the show Little Big Shots. Fast forward a few years and she has already acted in major roles for both television and film. KIDFASH took a moment with Rhys and mom Tina to find out how the journey to stardom began and what tips she could share with others who aspire to make it.

Be True to You

From a very young age Rhys’s true talents would shine through. "She always loved to make people laugh by entertaining them," says mom, Tina. Rhys began as a model but her personality led her in a different direction. "She knew as soon as she was on her first tv show that she wanted to act." From modeling to acting it was a natural transition.

"She always loved to make people laugh by entertaining them,"

For that reason alone, Rhys stresses that success comes from being yourself and being original. "I try to not conform to what others are doing," says Rhys. "Being me sets me apart from others." That may be challenging when trying out for a role that seems different than your own personality, but staying true to yourself will allow your audition to be more natural and your true talent will shine through. "When the role is right for me it will happen," says Rhys.

Get Used to Rejection

It is never fun to hear no but unfortunately as an actress it will be something to get used to. "There are a lot of nos in this industry but the yeses makes it all worth it," says Rhys. Working hard and staying focused on fine tuning your skills can also help. Rhys sees the benefit in working with a coach and taking acting classes. "Her skills as an actress have grown from coaching," says Tina, "as well as lots of auditions and hard work and dedication."

Setting expectations for your own progress is key. "I think it’s really important to remember that we are all individuals,” says Rhys. “Don’t try to question why someone else got the role you wanted, because honestly there is so much that goes into choosing it. It’s not just talent, so keep on keeping on. The right role will come for you."

"I think it’s really important to remember that we are all individuals"

Rhys has representation in all the major cities to help her find new opportunities. "They find the roles and send them to us," says Tina. "She auditions and then it’s on to the next." Along the way she is making valuable connections and even lasting friendships. "She has a way of making friends easily and has made so many wonderful friends in this industry," says Tina. "That is her favorite part. At the end of the day it’s the people you meet and the relationships you have to show for it all."

There are No Small Roles

Understand that working together to make a final show or film that people love is all that matters. "Every actor or actress in a movie is important," says Rhys. "It’s something we should all remember." Rhys has had experience with some actors that may not be as friendly to their younger co-stars. "There are some that think they are beyond the kid actors and there are others that respect and remember how it is when you are young and starting your career," says Rhys. "I will definitely never be someone who isn’t kind to all."

///////////////// 95
"I will definitely never be someone who isn’t kind to all."

One of Rhys’s most memorable roles was playing alongside superstar Denzel Washington in Equalizer 2. “His kindness and words will never be forgotten,” says Tina. “Rhys was in Los Angeles at the premiere and Denzel walked down the red carpet with Rhys in his arms. She said that this is the kind of person she wants to be. Someone who never forgets where they started and always is kind. What is given to us can be taken away. Kindness is everything.”

Balancing Work & Play

Working a rigorous schedule on set and maintaining school and fun is definitely a balancing act. "School is first, you have to make sure that is the priority," says Rhys. Studying remotely is becoming more mainstream for many reasons but has been common for a very long in the acting industry. "The [school] administration works with me to make sure I am still getting all my work when I am on set."

It is up to Rhys and her mom to make sure she finds time to enjoy her other interests as well. “Outside of acting I model, sing, play guitar, play field hockey, lacrosse, ski, and I love to be with my family and friends,” says Rhys.

"School is first, you have to make sure that is the priority"

Up next for Rhys is the film Sheepdog. "Right now I’m working on a really special movie," says Rhys. It is the story of a therapy-averse combat veteran who is court ordered into treatment. “The project is something that means a lot to me because most of my family is or has been in the military.”

Finding those who empower her has been so instrumental in this young actresses career and in turn she is ready to empower others. For those ready to take the next step she says, “Never give up on your dreams and surround yourself around people who lift you up.” 97
“"Never give up on your dreams" @yourfairygodmothercouture
“The only place to rent magical couture costumes and gowns for kids” @chrisanthicouture_ @ttamodels_talent ATLANTA & NEW YORK
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