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Get Featured!!! Editor’s Letter What Fashion Means To Me? (Peyton) Health: Allergies (Cadence) Featured Photographer: EvaNys Anti-Bullying: Olivia Top 10 Models Cover Story: Sky Katz Fitness: Mike Anderson Fit Girls Got Game Too (Samaya/Karolina) How To Become An Actress: Anais #KidFashBeYou

Cover Model: Sky Katz (@skykatz) Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography) Wardrobe: Sally Miller Fash (@sallymillerfash) Hair: Mika Fowler (@mikahairstylist) Makeup: Ekka (@itsekka) Location: Los Angeles, CA Back Cover Model: JJ (@jordan.jeanna) Photographer: Madison Grey Photography (@madisongreyphoto) Designer: Petite Adele (@petiteadele) Location: Phoenix,AZ Table of Contents Picture Model: Vivienne (@viviennes_world) Photographer: Lily Shames (@lilyshamesphotography) Location: Brooklyn, NY Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

Editor’sLe tter Ever since I was born, sports have always been a part of my life. It seems like I tried every sport out there. Each sport was different and taught me different skills that I have been able to use in life. This is why I truly believe, all kids should participate in at least one sport. Being in sports teaches hard work, dedication, teamwork, determination, mental and physical health, and helps with living a healthy lifestyle. I hope this issue inspires you to get more involved in sports. Our cover model is the beautiful and talented Sky Katz. In her article she talks about living the life of an athlete, rapper, and actress. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to work with Sky Katz and I can’t wait to see where her basketball, rapping, and/or acting career takes her. In our 16th Issue you will read about "What Fashion Means to Me” by Peyton, you will learn about an athlete who doesn’t let her severe allergies get in the way of her success. You will also see some amazing dance pictures from our Featured Photographer Eva Nys Photography

6 2019

and an article on the importance of fitness with Mike Anderson Fit. KidFash is all about Anti-Bullying. In this issue Olivia talks about how bullying led to head injuries that has stopped her from doing ballet, but hasn’t stopped her from turning a bad experience into something positive. We introduce you to Samaya and Karolina who prove that “Girls Got Game Too”! We also sat down with the adorable and amazing Anais, as she gave us a little insight into what it was like being a part of the recently released movie “The Sun Is Also A Star”. Oh and we can't forget our Top 10 Models! Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed!


Fashion is an outlet where you can express your personality ,style, and looks. It also can show the way you like to wear your clothes . Fashion is basically a way of representing an outlet or display a particular swag, to show a classy or casual look. I like the fact that there are many different styles of fashion. In fashion it all doesn’t need to be one way that’s what I really love about it. This is what fashion means to me. Model: Peyton (@peyton_kemp26) Photographer: Heather Gappi Photography (@heather_gappi_photography) 2019 7

SMALL&MIGHTY Model & Skater Cadence’s Journey of Success While Living with Food Allergies By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Iridescent Photography Dress: Bentley and Lace

Almost every mother with school-age children today knows about or is at least aware of certain food allergies. For young model and ice skater Cadence, living with food allergies has not only been a way of life, but also a reason for raising awareness and hope for children living a life with allergies. A native of San Antonio, Cadence began modeling at around the age of two for local children’s boutiques. An early shoot with KidFash Magazine, propelled Cadence to a national level and she expanded her modeling career to print and runways with work including shows in LA and NYC, and local television appearances. “The pivotal moment in modeling was a runway show in LA when she was only 4 years old,” says Cadence’s mom, Courtney. “She walked the runway like a seasoned professional. After that she was asked to participate in Style Fashion Week in New York, which was a tremendous honor.” It has been a whirlwind of excitement and hard work for this golden beauty, yet through it all, the threat of allergies has continued to be her biggest challenge. Cadence’s parents first discovered her allergies around 6 months of age. “We walked into a restaurant that is known for having peanuts for their guests,” says Courtney. “It was the first time we had been there with her. We were not there for very long, before he face began to turn bright red.” That was just the initial reaction, and

“Their friend’s parents often do not want to assume the responsibility of guarding against a reaction,”

the first discovery of a long list of food allergies. In the following months she was constantly ill and in some instances had to be hospitalized as her parents with help from her doctors became aware of what was causing her reactions and devise a plan to keep Cadence healthy. Food allergies can be life threatening, and for children, they can also be quite lonely. Throughout the day, the child or guardian must constantly stay alert, and not make contact with persons or things that may have any traces of the allergens. Due to a lack of understanding regarding the effects these allergies have on children, they are regularly excluded. “Their friend’s parents often do not want to assume the responsibility of guarding against a reaction,” says Courtney. “So, more often than not, they are not invited to do things.” Alternatively during school, they rarely participate in many activities, sit with friends at lunch, or even join in birthday celebrations. For a model with allergies, it could often have devastating effects on their career. Beyond anaphylaxis, one of the ways that an allergic reaction can present itself is through hives or red skin irritation. At times Cadence has had a reaction that has left her with hives from head to toe. The reaction can go away in as little as a few hours or up to several days. This could make it nearly impossible to take part in many modeling opportunities. For Cadence, this has not yet been the case, and in fact

ities that had “She always enjoyed activ nger,” some aspect of speed or da

she has worked with very understanding photographers. For one shoot in particular, a peanut butter cup was part of the set, upon learning of her allergies the team quickly made other arrangements to ensure she was in a safe environment. Beyond the cameras, Cadence has found another passion. At five years old she followed in the family footsteps and decided to try out ice-skating. “She always enjoyed activities that had some aspect of speed figure skaters, and one day we decided to put skates on her to see what would happen. She instantly fell in love with skating. It was not easy, at first she was like a baby giraffe learning how to walk, but her tenacity and determination moved her through various skating goals.” Very quickly, Cadence and her family learned that skating and modeling were very compatible. They expanded her modeling career from children’s fashion to children’s athletic wear, athletic accessories, and to sports beverage companies. For skating, Cadence’s passion for the ice has propelled her progress. During the summers she practices on and off the ice around 30 hours or so a week, and not much less than that during the school year. “Once she completes a goal on the ice, she is determined to take down the next, and will work tirelessly until it is met,” says Courtney. “But there is one thing about figure skating, once you meet the goal, another is always waiting to be conquered.” 10 2019

Skating has also had positive effects on Cadence when it comes to her allergies. “One of the great things about skating is that everyone wears gloves,” says Courtney. “This is fantastic for someone whose allergies are like Cadence’s. Cadence does not have to ingest the food to have a reaction, she merely needs to be around it. One time, when she was still in ballet, she held hands with a little girl that had eaten a peanut butter sandwich earlier in the day. Cadence had a reaction from just holding her hand. The fact that more often than not hands are covered in skating, adds an extra layer of protection.” Besides the gloves, the cold temperatures also do wonders for her when she is in the midst of a reaction. Cadence has an insurmountable passion for the ice and a determination to not be held back by her allergies. “She recognizes that sometimes she misses out on the fun,” says mom, “like having to sit out of birthday celebrations at school and club celebrations at the rink because of food, but at the same time, she recognizes that she is blessed to be able to enjoy the things that she can, one of those is skating. She is dedicated to her success as a skater, and won’t let her food allergies or the fear of a reaction hold her back.” Today Cadence and her family are taking a difficult situation and finding the bright side. Cadence partici pates in and speaks at food allergy awareness fundraisers. In addition, Cadence is regularly spotlighted in the

local news media in relation to food allergy news stories and in raising awareness for those who suffer from food allergies. Cadence has also teamed with a celebrity chef to provide allergy friendly recipes to those who suffer from food allergies through social media and a series of cookbooks. “We want to use our knowledge to educate others,” says Courtney. There are several organizations that help bring awareness to food allergies. “Food Allergy Research and Education is the leading organization for food allergy research,” says Courtney. “Currently, there is no cure. FARE is working day in and day out to fund studies that will hopefully lead to a cure for those suffering from food allergies soon! Kids with Food Allergies Foundation is a wonderful source of information pertaining to food allergies, helping children cope with food allergies, helping schools manage children with food allergies, and in providing indexed recipes for children with food allergies.” The family also helps guide those who have recently learned of their allergies. “We want to teach them to live their best every day, take charge of their fears, turn them into something good and be courageous,” says Courtney. “Having allergies forces you to learn more about biology and the systems of the human body, as well as food processing. You get to cook and bake often, learning about how to prepare your own meals, most of which are very healthy. It helps you to appreciate the things you can have more.”

Cadence and her family urge others to be open-minded and to learn more about living together with those who suffer from food allergies. “The best thing that others can do is ask, how they can include the child,” says Courtney. “There is always a simple substitution that allow the child to be included. Give the parents of a food allergy child notice before a celebration and allow them to prepare something for them so that they can participate and will not have to sit out. In addition, others can help by including them in activities, don’t be scared to ask them if they would like to have a playdate or go to the movies. Finally, follow the rules. If a school or camp issues a statement that certain food items are not allowed, it is typically because the presence of those items could pose a great risk to others. Missing out on a peanut butter sandwich for a few hours is certainly better than the loss of one’s life.” Currently, Cadence is working on advancing to the next level of skating and preparing for her next competition. She is also working on multiple modeling opportunities and collaborations with skating apparel companies, and athletic gear companies. She feels blessed to have had the support of these companies as well as all of her friends and family throughout her difficult journey. One day Cadence hopes to represent Team USA in the Olympic Games, and be an emergency room physician. Big dreams for this small, but mighty girl! Follow Cadence’s journey through life, modeling, skating and allergies on Instagram @Cadence_official_modelsk8tr. oh_la_la_dancewear


By: Michelle Elizabeth


Photography is such a powerful tool in life; freezing a moment in time, sharing the way you see the world with others, and using it as a means of inspiration. KidFash’s featured photographer this issue is 22 year old Eva Nys from Phoenix, Arizona. She became interested in photography in high school. During her freshman year Eva took a video production class and fell in love with making skits and short films. She invested every dime she had into a DSLR camera starter kit so she could make better quality videos. Sadly, sophomore year Nys didn’t have any time in her schedule to take Video Production 2. However throughout the year she started to enjoy taking photos more than making videos. She also got back into dance during that time. She took some photos of a fellow dancer and they both agreed that “They weren’t terrible” so Eva made an Instagram account to share them on. Her Spanish teacher that year, Renee Clancy, was also a professional wedding photographer who became Eva’s mentor and really helped her grow in her early years. One of the most important


things Clancy taught her was that she couldn’t shoot on auto settings her whole career. Nys says, “Photography is such a powerful tool in life; freezing a moment in time, sharing the way you see the world with others, and using it as a means of inspiration. For example, I can go on Instagram and see thousands of ways people have captured the Grand Canyon, all the same place, completely different images. Because of photography we are also able to better understand powerful moments in history that would otherwise be left up to words and a bit of imagination. The hardest part is creating in reality what I visualize in my head. I have so many ideas and concepts I’m dying to create, but to find the right model, the materials, the location, the lighting, and the editing style is often the biggest challenge.

“I get my best ideas when I’m not trying to think of one, so this is usually when I’m walking aimlessly through a city I don’t know or zoning out to music I love.


Eva has an immense amount of passion and dreams for the future so it’s hard to limit herself to only one vision. She says, “Sometimes, I hope to end up in the film industry on movie sets every day, other times I dream of being an editorial photographer for Vogue or Gucci and then there are the days where I want to leave it all behind to study sharks in Hawaii.” The biggest obstacle Eva Nys has had to overcome in her career was mainly the fact that she started out very young and very broke, which meant It took her a bit longer than normal to transition from amateur quality to professional quality gear. Music, art, and traveling are the main ways Nys gains inspiration. She says, “I get my best ideas when I’m not trying to think of one, so this is usually when I’m walking aimlessly through a city I don’t know or zoning out to music I love. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I love movies so I watch a lot of movies while I edit pictures and answer emails. The dance world can engulf you, so when I do have time away I love hanging out with my friends from school, it kind of brings me into a different reality.” Eva’s favorite kind of photography is ballet, contemporary movement, and fashion editorial. There are many artists she looks up to. Some photographers she’s really inspired by at the moment are Xenia Lau, Tyler Shields, and Juan Oliphant. The one celebrity Nys would like to collaborate with right now is Billie Eilish. She says, “I think I would die and go to heaven if I could work with Billie Eilish. I’m just completely obsessed with her essence and style.”


16 2019

One of her most fun photoshoots was in In October of 2018 when she and contortionist Georgia Bryan shot on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Nys had been dying to do a “spooky shoot” for the Halloween season. She says, “It was so fun, we spent 4 hours running around, avoiding workers, and taking some creepy cool pictures on the boat.”



“Photograph something you love.“ Eva Nys works mostly with younger kids or “pre-professional dancers.” She says, “It is an absolute joy to watch these kids grow and refine their craft through years of hard work. I have some kids that I’ve been photographing for 4+ years so it has been amazing to see both of our crafts improve over that time.” The most challenging part about the business for her is to remember that not everyone has your best interest in mind. She says, “Luckily I am surrounded by some amazing people who have helped my business thrive and allowed me to really grow as an artist.” Even though Eva is fairly young, she has established a great following online. When asked how she accomplished this, she let us in on her secret. She says, “The first couple years I was convinced the only way to grow my Instagram was by working with people with a bigger following than me. I realized a couple years in that growing as an artist and producing better photography was what gained me an audience, so once I really 18 2019

Elliana Georgia



started refining my photographic style is when my following went up. Since then I’ve become obsessed, a healthy level, with testing what grows and what doesn’t on Instagram. It’s very popular for people to claim the numbers don’t matter, they don’t care about likes and following, but I will flat out admit I do care and I pay attention. It’s kind of a game to me and it pushes me to create more when I see a post or series gain a lot of traction.” The advice Nys would give to other aspiring photographers is to “Photograph something you love. A lot of times people just photograph where the money is, but the truth is there is money in every type of photography. Find your niche and just pour every ounce of passion and every dime you have into developing your skill.” An extra tip for those who want to photograph dancers: “If you’ve never taken a dance class or don’t know anything about dance you need to learn. The most successful dance photographers know dance.” To make a difference in the world she advises that kids and teens should “Just be a decent human and pay attention to what is happening in the world around you. Listen to what bit of knowledge everyone can offer you even if you don’t agree with his or her point of view. Never refrain from doing something because you believe that you as an individual can’t make a difference.”

Amber Tia Rhyan

“If you’ve never taken a dance class or don’t know anything about dance you need to learn. The most successful dance photographer know dance.”




SUNSHINE By: Gianna Simonelli Wardrobe: izzy be

A nervous young girl with hardly any previous modeling experience waited anxiously behind the curtains that lead up to a runway. It was actually KidFash’s Annual Fashion show in Brooklyn, New York! But, in the midst of all the backstage chaos, the most important detail were the two words printed boldly on her shirt: Be Kind. Olivia may not have had the modeling resume to back her, but she had an untouchable spirit and genuinely believed, and continues to believe in the message that her simple Izzy Be graphic tee stood for. The world is thirsting for kindness in nearly every corner, from runways to dance studios to classrooms. The world is looking for a leader who is kind, and can perpetuate that kindness by leading by example. I believe that leader is Olivia Rush. Olivia underwent a brutal physical attack and was left with injuries that will negatively impact the rest of her life. Instead of falling into the role of a victim, Olivia uses her life experiences to generate positive energy and understood that her strength would not only create a better future for herself, but could inspire children who faced similar hardships as she did growing up. At the tender age of three, Olivia was introduced to dance, and some might say it was love at first sight. Using her foundations in ballet and tap, she eventually expanded into contemporary and later began taking hip hop classes around age 9. She was in a ballet company in her early childhood and was invited to go en pointe by 13 years old. Unfortunately, because of the head injuries Olivia sustained, she had difficulty completing ballet classes and eventually pursued other styles of dance. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Olivia on multiple occasions, and I’ve been even luckier to see her dance, as well. It is apparent from the first beat drop that Olivia has a natural talent, and you won’t be able to stop watching her until the moment the music subsides. But even after the music stops, if you take a second to observe, you’ll likely see Olivia greet her classmates with words of encouragement and a round of “Good Jobs!” to everyone, even the most quiet kid in the room.

Photographer: Isabella

“ The world is thirsting for kindness in nearly every corner”

Olivia recently began choreographing and hosting her own open classes. Olivia’s classes are free of charge, although donations to the Suicide Prevention Hotline are collected, and focused on building the self-esteem and morale of every person who walks into her classroom. It is a safe space for personal growth and to share your story, devoid of all judgements and negative commentary. Olivia has created a nurturing environment for kids who love to dance to do exactly that— dance— without worrying about the perception or opinions of others. About 20 students showed up to the first class she ever held and really was a catalyst for starting the difficult conversation that surrounds bullying and unhealthy peer relations. Olivia never empowered her bullies, but fought back with a bright smile on her face and the audacity to pursue her dreams and spread kindness through every journey she embarks upon. An amazing aspect of Olivia’s story is how she not only used dance as a mental and emotional escape, but as a way to facilitate her healing process. Her mother Elizabeth knows that dance is the agent that helped saved Olivia’s life! She met with different choreographers and used the power of muscle memory to exercise her brain. According to Olivia’s mom, “She’s fought her way. They were worried about her walking, they said she’d never dance again. Nothing she’s done is short of a miracle. She never became jaded, she fought back for her own Christianity. Her purpose is to use her talent of dance to spread kindness in all that she does.”

“Good Jobs!” to everyone

Since her recovery, Olivia brainstormed the idea of creating a website that could act as a platform to inspire and connect with children who are being bullied. Olivia goes by @sunshine_loves_you_ on Instagram, and although she has received pushback to change it out of the fear that it may be unprofessional or “babyish,” it is reflective of who Olivia is and the message she wishes to perpetuate into the dance community and into society. Olivia’s warm and nurturing personality is definitely comparable to sunshine, and as she grows, she turns more and more to philanthropy as a vehicle to inspire others.

Olivia’s website,, features her story, her mission statement, an email to contact her with an individualized subject line, and a peer chat to communicate with her directly. Her next mission is to grow her platforms so that she may be able to reach as many dancers and children, who are in need, as possible. Not only does her website aim to work towards the greater good, but Olivia aligns herself with several companies and nonprofits that have similar goals. Izzy Be, as previously mentioned, is a brand that is near and dear to her heart because their work towards anti-bullying and spreading positivity is reminiscent of Olivia’s own intentions. She also works closely with Moment of Hope, an organization created by a college student that creates care packages for children with cancer. This year, Olivia became affiliated with the Unique Movers organization, where she volunteers her time and talents. Unique Movers is an inclusive program that integrates positive reinforcement when teaching dance and movement skills to individuals of all ages and abilities. Olivia was recently nominated and will be awarded by I Can Help Official, which aims to delete negativity off of social media, in response to her website and mission to stop bullying and offer aid to those who are bullied. This push towards generating positivity has manifested itself into many outlets, but the intentions behind the good that she does is always consistent. Olivia shared, “I want to be for kids what I didn’t have when I was younger.” Many people can relate to her reluctance to contact parents or siblings about the bullying at her dance studio, or feeling as though they don’t have a friend to turn to. Her website was created to be the safe place she needed as a young girl! The website allows people to remain anonymous and respects each individual’s privacy.

Photographer: Warren Anderson

“I want to be for kids what I didn’t have when I was younger.”

Photographer: Isabella

She plans on venturing into giving large talks to students at schools around the country about bullying and her experiences. She wants to highlight how in spite of the depression and anxiety she feels, she never fought back or became angry. Olivia hopes to share with other children that they too can break the cycle, and turn to other expressive or creative outlets instead of violence. She is living proof that an individual is able to recover and use their negative experiences to fuel their ambition to create positivity. Even as someone with a relatively small following, by Instagram’s standards, Olivia has still been able to secure her dream jobs and grow successfully as a dancer in spite of her injuries. Her dance career began to take off when she was scouted and signed in Los Angeles and New York City. She primarily trains in Philadelphia, New York City and Los Angeles. Since that time, she has danced for Lil Wayne and Alison Stoner, was featured in a music video and a national commercial, and is mentored by some renowned dance industry greats. She currently is an ambassador for World of Dance DX, a Transcendent for Transcend, has taken the stage as an assistant with the Wind Up Dance Tour, 26 2019

Her kindness, conviction, personality and humanity have taken her far.

and is a proud team member of ImmaBeast, ImmaBreathe, I Am Phresh, aKompany and Junior Soulmates. She has recently worked with Instagram and IGTV, and appeared in the High Strung: Free Dance movie, which will be coming to theaters in October, as an extra. Her kindness, conviction, personality and humanity have taken her far. She has fought and earned all of the opportunities she has received, and is a testimony to the fact that you don’t need to have a million followers on Instagram to be recognized. This is only the beginning for Olivia Rush, and I, for one, am excited to witness all of the positive energy and necessary change that Olivia sparks in both the dance industry and society at large. @izzybeclothing Model: Savanna (@savannahleemay) Photographer: Nikki Parimore (@nikkiparimore)

TOP MODELS Sports Edition

Olivia A ge: 8 S port : Football Locat i on: Kansas City, MO P hot ographer: Colleen Christi Photography My favorite sport is basketball because it’s a work out for you and good for your body.

28 2019

KP Age: 13 Sport: Dance Location:Phoenix, Arizona Photographer: Hardlight Photography Group I love to dance. Dance allows me to express my feelings and emotions. I’m usually a quiet person but dance lets me express what I feel on the inside. I’m able to take a song and express the sequence of movements. I hope that people can feel the emotions through my movement and develop their own love for the song. 2019 29

Arya Age: 8 Sport : Basketball/Ballet Locat i on: San Diego, CA Phot ographer: Alexa Machado My favorite sport is ballet. It requires strength, patience, endurance and respect. Ballet feels expressive and emotional. I find inspiration in the music, productions, or dancing in the waves and it feels right. There is always a challenge, always more to learn, and ballet is endlessly evolving from one company to the next. I love ballet!

Josie Age: 6 Sport : Roller Skating Location: Los Angeles, Central Valley, CA Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography My Favorite sport is gymnastics because it keeps me flexible and strong so I can also enjoy rollerskating, dance, snowboarding and baseball.

Crystal Age: 11 Sport : Boxing L ocat i on: Arizona Phot ographer: Michelle Herrick My favorite sport is dance. I love the physical strength it takes to be a well rounded dancer, and the focus you are taught. Strong mind, strong body, healthy life.

LaLa Age: 9 Sport: Basketball Locat i on: Collierville, Tennessee P hotographer: Erin Dahl Photography My favorite sport is Basketball. I chose basketball because I like playing with my friends and being on the same team as they are. My most favorite activity is dribbling although its challenging. One day, I hope that I earn a championship ring like Lisa Lesley.

Jasmine Age: 12 Sport : Dance Locat i on: Sacramento, CA Phot ographer: Hardlight Photography Group My favorite sport is dance because it is physically challenging, but allows me to be artistic at the same time. Dance allows me to express myself through movement. I always feel inspired when I dance and I hope to share that inspiration with others.

34 2019

Mjolniya & Mjolnir Age: 7 Sport: Aerialist Location:Phoenix Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography Mjolniya: I love gymnastics because there are so many parts to it and it is fun and sometimes it’s hard. I push until I can get it right. Mjolnir: My favorite sport is basketball but I really love anything that keeps me moving. I just love to stay active because I don’t like to be bored and it keeps me learning. 2019 35

Azure Age: 11 Sport : Dance Locat i on: San Francisco Phot ographer: Hardlight Photography Group My favorite sport is DANCE! I love the way I feel when I’m dancing. I just let go and feel so free. I also love the way dance makes music come to life.

36 2019

Kimaylah Age: 11 Sport: Lacrosse Location:York, SC Photographer: Anya Allen Photography Lacrosse is my favorite sport. I have been playing since I was 5 years old. I enjoy it because it’s fun, competitive, it challenges me every time I play and keeps me active. I work hard to get better every season and can’t wait to hopefully play in college one day. 2019 37


ON \\\\\

Written by: Sandra Current Photography: Elsie Rose Photography Wardrobe: Sally Miller Fash Hair: Mika Fowler Makeup: Ekka Makeup

“I love doing all of those things. Different days, different moods - they all make me happy and let me express myself,”

Sky Katz is a 14-year-old basketball player, rapper, and actress straight out of the concrete jungle. This Long Island native, who has totally redefined what it means to be a triple threat, has talent beyond measure and isn’t afraid to show off her skills. It’s her means for creative expression that displays her multifaceted, yet refreshing personality. She’s definitely one to defy expectations and embrace all the different sides of herself, but we did try to get Sky to pick her favorite between rapping, acting, and basketball and guess what? She doesn’t

have one and says she could never pick between the three. “I love doing all of those things. Different days, different moods - they all make me happy and let me express myself,” she states. Nothing wrong with someone who knows exactly who they are and what they love. Now, let’s get in the game with Sky Katz and learn a little more about this diverse phenom! Rapper may not be the first impression you get when you see this gorgeous gal, but she’s nothing short of a 2019 39

great MC and seems to have a natural knack for rapping. There’s just a certain confidence and swagger she exudes the minute she’s in front of a crowd or a microphone. Her songs, covers, and poetic raps are inspirational and sure to grasp your attention. She hopes to one day work with big artists like Nicki Minaj and J. Cole. “I love his music,” she exclaims. Sky also likes any song by Post Malone, which is one of her top picks right now. She’s done several shows already and often posts videos of her rhymes on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. She even sent an audition tape to America’s Got Talent when she was ten, hoping that it would help launch a great career for herself, but she found another avenue for her music and it’s been just as promising.

“I love that it’s a challenge and each time I play it’s something different. While music is near and dear to her heart, one of her very first loves is and always will be basketball. Sky was actually a basketball player first. She started playing around the age of five and has been working consistently to improve each and every day since then. After watching her videos, you’ll be just as impressed as we are by her basketball abilities. Her ball-handling skills are insane, which she attributes to hard work. “I practice whenever I can. Sometimes it’s during a scheduled team practice and other times I just go to a court and run my own drills. I love that it’s a challenge and each time I play it’s something different. I love to set goals for myself and every game is a whole new set of goals,” she tells us. What position do you think she plays? If you guessed point guard, you’re right! She’s five feet tall right now, so it’s the perfect position for her. “Being five feet tall, there’s only one position I’m right for and that’s point guard,” she laughs. Playing sports is something Sky feels has helped her in other areas of life too. If you’ve played sports, you know it’s a commitment that requires a lot of discipline, but things like discipline, hard work, commitment, and much of the other foundational characteristics of sports translate into many areas of life. “I think that playing sports from such a young age has made me realize how great it is to have a team working with you, whether it’s a sports team, a team for your career, or even your family - with other people helping you out, you’re always going to do better than you would alone” she says. Sky’s definitely right about that. Team work does indeed make the dream work!

Acting is the only of Sky’s talents she didn’t envision a particular outcome for. In fact, she never imagined being cast on Raven’s Home. She had seen some of Raven-Symoné’s work as a young girl, but the opportunity to be on the show and actually work with her seemed surreal. As far as getting cast on the show, it was fairly simple. “My agent asked if I knew who Raven-Symoné was and if I had any interest auditioning to be on her new Disney show.” Just the idea of doing so made her ecstatic. “I grew up watching Raven, so being on a show with her was totally a dream,” she adds. For those who have seen the new spinoff, Sky plays Raven’s adorably sassy neighbor Tess O’Malley. The cool thing about Tess is, her and Sky are very similar in real life, which makes playing the character a little easier. Tess is a bit of a tomboy, but loves her friends, family, hip-hop, and sports. Tess actually made her rapping debut on the show not too long ago! Tess is also really straight-forward and honest, which are characteristics Sky says she relates to for sure. This lovely little lady has big plans for the future that include all of her talents and more. “My goals are to do it all. I want Raven’s Home to go on for many more seasons, I want to tour one day with my music, and I’d love to be in a feature film!” she tells us. She also has a few current projects she’s working on, some of which you may be familiar with. The new season of Raven’s Home will be out June 17th, which Sky says is the funniest season yet, and she’s been in the studio curating some new music that she can’t wait to share with you all! Playing basketball will always be a part of her journey, of course, so you may see her at an All-Star game one of these days. Either way, look out for this powerhouse. We’re certain you’ll see her somewhere! To learn more about Sky, follow her on Instagram @skykatz and Snapchat @skykatzraps

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Body building By: Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Dave Feiling (@dafeiling) Trainer: Mike Anderson (@mikeandersonfit) Model/Athletes: Preston & Cameron

Mike Anderson is a bodybuilder and personal trainer who is passionate about life and sharing fitness to as many people as possible. He has over 20 certifications ranging over numerous fitness modalities. What makes his company, Mike Anderson Fit, special is that there’s only one Mike Anderson. He says, “I think far too often in life we compare ourselves to others, which in return sets us back in our natural growth and progression to develop ourselves. If anything sets me apart from the crowd it is I don’t focus on what others are doing, I focus purely on bettering myself.” Anderson has been involved in fitness since he was a young child. He’s played many team sports, which taught him to work in a productive manner with others. Playing individual sports also helped him with focus

and self-discipline. After his competitive sports career came to an end, he wanted to help others who wanted to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. It inspires him when people push the boundaries to be different in a positive way. Even though Mike enjoys all types of fitness, Bodybuilding is one of his favorites. “Bodybuilding allows me to become an artist,” Anderson says. “The weights are my tools and my body is a ball of clay. I can sculpt my body to whatever size and shape I like.” What Mike likes most about training kids is that they are so hopeful and optimistic. He says, “Children are fantastic! They believe their lives are filled with one million tomorrows. Children’s imaginations are limitless, it allows me to think and create with no boundaries.” The hardest part of it is that each child is unique. Mike says, “Every child is different, so I have to adapt to their way of thinking. Once I do that, children are willing to try my way of thinking. It’s kind of a trust thing.” “It’s extremely important for kids to exercise. Exercise improves their overall health, strengthens muscles, gives them better flexibility better posture, improves self-esteem, confidence, and improves their cardiovascular system.” According to The Mayo Clinic, “The Department of Health and Human Services say that children and adolescents age 6 and older need at least an hour a day of physical activity.” Preston says he likes to workout “Because it’s fun and I feel good after I work out. I also like to look good”

Mike Anderson Fit’s Top 3 nutrition guidelines for kids to follow: 1. Drink water 2. Eat fruits and veggies 3. Take a multivitamin

Mike Anderson Fit’s Top 5 fitness tips for kids: 1. Play 2. Play safely 3. Play often 4. Play every day 5. Play some more

His favorite type of exercise is box jumps. He says that exercise so important to him “So I stay in shape and can be strong for playing football. I like to exercise with my brothers. It’s a lot of fun.” He exercises 3-4 times a week. He’s been into fitness for about 2 years. What got him into fitness was playing football, going to the gym with his Dad, and working out at the fields with his brothers. Nowadays many kids prefer to stay indoors playing video games and watching YouTube instead of being physically active. Preston wants them to know “Whenever you work out you feel good. It makes you sore but a good sore. I sleep better. When you watch video games and YouTube all day it’s hard to sleep at night and not as refreshing as being outside.” 2019 47


Gi rls Got G ame too / By Michelle Elizabeth Photographers: Organic Moments Fine Arts (Karolina) Lily Shames Photography (Samaya)

Wanna be a big baller, shot caller? In a world dominated by males, two young females are making moves and calling the shots. Samaya Clark-Gabriel is a 9 year old from Brooklyn who is catching the eye of many because of her skills. This Phenom has practiced with the NY Liberty Basketball team, played one on one with NBA star Isaiah Thomas, played alongside The Harlem Globetrotters, and even teamed up with Verizon and Vince Carter's Dunk Clinic during the 2018 NBA Draft. She’s been on Good Morning America, GoodDay NY, CBS Sports, News 12 Brooklyn, Sports Center, ESPN, ESPNW, and many others. In the future, she would like to become an Olympian, Actress & Doctor. Gabriel first became interested in Basketball by watching games on TV with her Dad. What she likes most about the sport is the training, conditioning and competition. She says, “I have an amazing coach 'Justin Bright ' of Humbledevelopment that makes sure I am well prepared for any challenges that come in my way.” The hardest part of it all is that she feels that she has to continually prove herself to others. She wants to show the world that “Girls have a right to be here.” What gets her through the hard parts is believing in herself. In her free time, Samaya enjoys playing with her friends. She says, “We do each other’s nails and play with dolls,” She also likes to do make up, braid her mom’s hair, and dance. Her biggest role models are her Mom and Dad. They help her balance

“Chase your dreams until it’s your reality.”

her career, social life, and school. She says, “My Dad makes sure I don’t over work myself, he plans my training around school time but never when I have test or projects for school.” Gabriel enjoys being a young female baller because “It’s fun. I love to inspire and motivate other young girls out there to get into sports.” The accomplishment she is most proud of is fundraising for St Jude hospital. The most fun parts of her career so far has been performing with the Harlem Globetrotters, appearing on different TV Shows, and meeting all types of celebrities.

Another young lady who is making some moves in the basketball world is 11 year old Karolina Ramirez from Stuart, Florida. She’s already won the MVP award at one of the AAU Tournaments and made it all the way to the State Championship 2 years in a row at the Elks Hoop Shoots.

Her advice for other aspiring athletes is to “Chase your dreams until it’s your reality.” To make a difference in the world she advises kids to “Stay out of trouble and focus on your education.

Her Dad is her main trainer and Coach. Throughout the years, she’s had a couple of other trainers that helped her specifically with improving her shot and shooting mechanics. They also trained her on other basketball fundamentals like footwork, agility, speed, balance, ball handling and defense. Karolina also attended basketball clinics and summer camps to improve ball handling, shooting and to play pick-up ball against older boys and girls. In the future she wants to play D1 at UConn and then continue her basketball career by playing overseas or with the WNBA.

Ramirez became interested in Basketball when she was very young. At about 3 or 4 years old, her Dad would bring her with him when he played pick-up basketball at the park or YMCA. While on the sidelines, she started imitating the players by dribbling or passing the ball to other younger kids. She also practiced at home.

Ramirez likes playing Defense because she’s good at it and she loves helping her team get a win. She also enjoys learning new offensive plays, skills and tricks.The hardest part is balancing school, homework, basketball practice, and social activities with family and friends. She balances it by having a set schedule. She goes to school during the week. After school, she does her homework and relaxes a bit. After that, she has basketball practice for about 1 or 2 hours. Then she has a little time to chat with her friends or watch TV. On

“Stay out of trouble and focus on your education.”

“Be dedicated and work really hard to achieve your goals.” weekends when there’s no basketball tournament, she has more free time to hang out with friends at the pool, and do other activities such as art projects, making and playing with slime, and playing music. Karolina says, “Sometimes I have to sacrifice other things that I like to do so I could go and practice basketball or maybe I have a basketball tournament over the weekends and we have to travel to another city or state and I can't spend as much time with my neighborhood friends.” Stephen Curry is her inspiration and role model. She wants to be “A great basketball shooter like he is.” Karolina gushes, “He doesn't give up on a basketball game. He's always working and mastering his craft in the off-season and he has this positive attitude about everything. It inspires me to work hard too!”

what they are watching on TV and Social Media. There are a lot of strange and crazy people out there saying inappropriate and nonsense stuff to kids and the parents need to make sure the kids are not exposed to anything harmful. My parents love to DELETE the negative comments. It's simply not needed, social media should be fun without trolling.” She also thinks that Teachers and Coaches are very important and can teach them to always have a positive attitude.

Karolina believes that parents can make a big impact on their children by teaching them how to be responsible, respectful and have good values. She says, “It’s also important for parents to be supervising their kids on

Ramirez believes that kids and teens can help make a difference in the world by learning to recycle and reuse more materials as well as put a stop to bullying. She says, “There's a lot of bullying in this world and it's making the world an unhappy place.”

Karolina says that it’s “cool and fun” to be a young female baller. Especially when she receives encouraging messages from people all over the world through Instagram telling her to continue to work hard and never give up. It makes her feel good when people say that she inspired them with her video workouts and how When Ramirez was invited to appear on Live with they want to try her basketball drills. Kelly & Ryan, she got the chance to do Stephen Curry's pre-game dribbling warm up routine. She also likes to Her advice for other aspiring athletes is to “Be dedicatwatch his highlights videos on YouTube and then try ed and work really hard to achieve your goals. You some of his basketball shots at practice. She was also really need to have a lot of patience and whatever you invited to watch Stephen in person when he played are doing, you really have to enjoy it because if you against the Orlando Magic. She says, “He made so don't, it will be difficult to get better and enjoy the process.” many shots... His pre-game warm up is incredible!” 2019 51




By: Sandra Current Photographer: Lena Melnik

''I think everyone should take classes because there will always be something that you can learn.''

We know you’re probably familiar with this rising star. She’s been on several television shows, has starred in movies, walked catwalks, modeled for various retailers, and appeared in numerous advertisements. In fact, you’ll often see her alongside her gorgeous identical twin sister, Mirabelle. Her name is Anais Lee and she’s one of the main characters in the captivating love story turned movie, The Sun Is Also a Star! Anais, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is twelve years old and has a lengthy portfolio that we’re more than anxious to dig into. Let’s chat with her and get to know more about this rising star! Anais got her start in acting when she was just five years old. She auditioned for the movie Blood Ties, which stars the talented Mila Kunis, and she and her sister actually ended up booking the role. She immediately fell in love with acting and, ever since then, had her heart set on being an actor for the rest of her life. That means she went straight to work to acquire the necessary skills and enrolled in acting classes. When the girls are in New York they take classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. In Los Angeles, they go to John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Intensive Workshops. They also take improv classes at The Groundlings, which hones impulse skills. She goes about three or four times a week and has learned

so much already. The acting classes she and her sister take have made her love the art so much more. “I think everyone should take classes because there will always be something that you can learn,” Anais says. The skills learned in those classes greatly contributed to Anais landing a role in this latest film. They prepared her for these types of opportunities and pushed her to maximize her potential. On top of that, it just so happens to have the same casting director that recruited the girls for Blood Ties, so the casting director worked with Anais and knew what she was capable of already. Even more, when Anais found out the role was for a younger version of Yara Shahidi’s character, her excitement went through the roof. Anais and Mirabelle love Yara Shahidi! They even resemble her, so it felt like a perfect fit. After her agent contacted her and her sis with the audition information, they wasted no time getting prepped. Anais read the entire book “The Sun Is Also a Star,” which she loved by the way, to prepare herself. During the audition she performed her scene once and was done. Now, Anais is used to getting re-directed or told to do the scene in a different way (a good thing in most cases!), but not this time, so she was worried that she might not have done too well. Much to her surprise, she received a call back for the role. “I was so happy for the call back and to know I did a good job,” she exclaims. Then, her agent told her she was on hold for the role, which left her speechless. “I could barely speak – I was so happy” she adds.

54 2019

The Sun Is Also A Star was released on May 17th of this year. Now that the movie is out, things have been amazing for Anais. “It has been awesome! I’m so happy the movie is out because after a year of filming and the movie being in editing and production, it’s finally out!” she says. Her entire family and all her friends went out to the theater to watch the movie. She’s also received so many nice congratulations from friends and Instagram followers. Someone even recognized her at the airport, which is a pretty cool feeling. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should definitely check it out. For those who haven’t, there’s a spoiler ahead! Anais’ favorite scene from the movie is when Natasha and Daniel find each other after five years! It’s an emotional and captivating scene that Anais really enjoys watching. Working with the cast of incredible actors and the director was really cool for Anais too. “They were all amazing, talented, and super nice!” she says. Anais and Mirabelle are huge fans of Black-ish and Grown-ish, so when she first met Yara Shahidi it was very surreal!

“She is so nice and kind and amazing to work with. My sister and I are also huge fans of “Riverdale” and when I found out Charles Melton was also in the movie with me, I was jumping for joy! He is the nicest person ever and I hope we can work together again!” One of her most memorable moments was filming a scene with her set dad, actor Gbenga Akinnagbe. They filmed a scene on a New York City rooftop and were running around playing hide and seek. It was so much fun for Anais. Playing Young Natasha was definitely a great experience. Young Natasha and Anais are very similar because they both are kind, caring, smart, and playful. “When I won this role, I knew it was perfect for me,” she says. There’s a scene when Young Natasha moves to New York from Jamaica. She’s in a new country and is nervous, but excited. “That’s how I felt when I moved to L.A from Philadelphia,” Anais explains. It’s

Photographer: Kris + Lou

always cool to land a role and perform well when your character relates to you in real life. It helps things to flow somewhat effortlessly. Working separately on projects is always an insightful experience for the girls, as well. There are times when Mirabelle and Anais are hired individually, but it never seems to hinder them in any way. “It is still fun when I work without my sister, even though I don’t have my best friend with me. But, even when I work without Mirabelle, it’s always fun because I meet new friends and people on set,” she tells us. Everything is a learning experience, especially the ones that take you out of your comfort zone. Both Anais and Mirabelle have learned to embrace that part of it and turn it into something positive. In addition to being an actress and a model, Anais is a tumbler, which is the floor part of gymnastics. She just started last year and has already tested into advanced. Bravo! “I love tumbling and I’m going to go to a tumbling camp for a week over the summer,” says Anais. It works out well because some of the acting roles actually call for gymnasts/cheerleaders, so it puts Anais at an advantage because she can perform the acts well. This makes auditioning for these roles even more exciting! When you’re an actor, it is very important to be well rounded in many areas. This is why Anais and Mirabelle take up other extracurricular activities when the time allows. Balancing a career and extracurricular activities can be a challenge. Anais knows this firsthand, so she stresses the importance of a good work ethic and mindset. “You just always have to work very hard! Start every day fresh with new energy and positivity!” She also encourages people to never give up. “Even if you aren’t winning, one day you will. Even if you get a hundred no’s, all it takes is one yes.” That’s exactly right! Just one “yes!” It may not come easy, it may not come fast, but when it comes, it’ll make all your efforts worth it. As for upcoming projects, Anais and Mirabelle are working with the casting directors of the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” They’re also working with the executive producer of the show “Sister Sister” on a new show idea. Lots of exciting things in store, so stay tuned for these new projects and if you haven’t seen The Sun Is Also a Star, get out there and go see it! For updates and more, follow the girls on Instagram @anaismirabelle and on YouTube at Anais & Mirabelle.

''Even if you aren't winning, one day you will. Even if you get a hundred no's, all it takes is one yes. ''

“Be the Person who Changes the World, Not the Person Who Lets the World Change Them�


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