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Dare To Be Different

Dance & Active Wear Brand Made In Australia @cosigusa




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Editor’s Letter Houston Local Top 10 What Is Fashion To Me? (Isla & Sadie) Featured Photographer: Dani Diamond Mint To Be Children’s Boutique Twinning Master: Riley Diary Local San Antonio Photographer: Vibrant Cactus San Antonio Local Top 10 National Top 10 Models Cover Story: Dani & Dannah Atlanta Local Top 10 Anti-Bullying: Iman Los Angeles Local Top 10 Featured Designer: @Pin2gether New York City Local Top 10 How to Become a Model-Athlete: Chandler King

Cover Models: Dani and Dannah (@danianddannah) Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto) Wardrobe: Dress: Nikolia (@nikolia_kidswear) Earrings: Burkinabae (@burkinabae) Top: Mummymoon (@mummymoon_official) Skirt: Caroline Bosmans (@carolinebosmans) Hair/Makeup: LaChanda (@imlachanda) Location: Los Angeles, CA Back Cover Model: Maya (@maya_and_reeses) Photographer: You Hollywood Portrait (@yourhollywoodportrait) Designer: Alora Safari (@alorasafari) Hair/Makeup: Emily Shephard (@artistmnyc) Location: Brooklyn, NY Table of Contents Picture Model: Athena (@goddessinjersey) Photographer: Lily Shames (@lilyshamesphotography) Location: New York, NY Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

Editor' s


Our cover models are the beautiful and ever-so-powerful, Dani and Dannah. These girls are beyond their years and know how to preach the word of God. They preach in a way to make not only kids, but adults, want to hear more. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to work with Dani and Dannah, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for them. In our 18th Issue you will read about "What Fashion Means to Me” by Isla and Sadie, you will learn about Mint To Be Children’s Boutique! You will also see some amazing pictures from New York’s amazing photographer Dani Diamond and learn about Riley Diary who definitely has a talent in Twinning. Checkout pics from Nashville’s Fashion Show featuring Deanie Couture! We also have an article on our 11 year old Featured Designer: Ashlyn! Want to know "How To Become A Model-Athlete"? Chandler King has some really cool pointers for you! You will also read about a

6 2020

touching Anti-Bullying story about Iman and her “Journey to Self-Love”. Oh and we can't forget our Top 10 Models! This issue we even included a Local Top 10 Models page from Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Antonio!!! Also, we are starting to do Local Spotlights on Models, Photographers, Designers, etc all over. In this issue we showcased San Antonio’s upcoming photographer Vibrant Cactus. Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!! Blessings!

Boutique Children Apparel and Unique Accessories Infant~Girls~Tweens @petitetweets

Isla: Fashion is being creative and being yourself. It’s a way of expressing your feelings and moods. Fashion is a language. Photographer: @lillykphotography

Sadie: Fashion to me means putting pieces together to create a masterpiece on a walking canvas. It’s a collage of different styles and genres that’s your own individuality.




D ani Diamond Written By: Sandra Current Stylist: Dana Curtin

Tyler, Devon, Theodore There are many words to describe the work of the most fervent of photographers. They often include captivating, opulent, alluring, enthralling, and many more. These descriptions are given because the photographer’s passion for what they do is often engrossed in the work they produce. The young man behind the lens this time around happens to be one of those photographers.

His name is Dani Diamond and he is an NYC-based fashion and portrait photographer whose photos are nothing short of amazing. Dani is well-known for the images and essence he captures in his photographs. You would think it’s been his lifelong calling when you browse through his work, but photography wasn’t always on the horizon for him. 2020 11

“Art in general is an amazing thing, creativity keeps the mind healthy and young” Prior to getting married, Dani just dabbled in photography. He wasn’t quite sure it was something he wanted to pursue full-time. He did have an entrepreneurial spirit, though, so business school was where he ended up. Even then, he didn’t have a particular plan. He just knew it would involve some form of business. It wasn’t until Dani got married, which was about 7 years ago, that he buckled down, got serious about it, and decided that photography was what he wanted to do for life. It became a passion of his and a channel for his creativity. Being able to express himself without words and have a place to escape to in his mind is what fascinated him about the art. “Art in general is an amazing thing, creativity keeps the mind healthy and young,” Dani says. Architecture was another area of interest since childhood, but it was more of a dream, nothing he really pursued.

“I never had a real profession being that I'm 30 years old and have been doing photography since I was 20. I have always been business orientated, though. I grew up running a lawn care business in the summers, I spent a few summers installing security cameras, and was a barber in my high school years. I went to business school just to keep myself occupied at the time and I’m glad I did because I've applied everything I learned to my photography.” Dani ended up buying a camera a week before he graduated business school and, just like that, Dani Diamond the photographer was born.


Dani has been in the business for nine years now and has been making his mark in the industry as a natural light photographer. He considers this his specialty and strongest work. He actually chose this field because he found it fascinating to communicate with complete strangers and build a rapport as quickly as possible to capture natural and powerful expressions. “I think

“I think being able to master the aspect of communication is what attracts me the most to portrait photography,�

Holden Avery


being able to master the aspect of communication is what attracts me the most to portrait photography,� Dani tells us. For those looking to improve their natural light shots, Dani encourages you to refrain from limiting yourself to a single system or technique. While natural light is his specialty, there are times when he must pull out a strobe or use another technique to the get the right lighting. He stresses the importance of teaching yourself various methods, as well, so you can tailor them to the circumstances. Being well-rounded and able to make adjustments is a critical skill that can make the world of a difference in the outcome of photographs.

Developing your skillset and having an eye for capturing the essence of your subjects aren’t the only keys to getting the right shots or having successful shoots in the photography business. Your equipment is of great importance as well. Camera-wise, Dani raves about the Nikon D850 and feels it’s the best camera he has worked with. “It has resolution, dynamic range, speed, great ergonomics, and good in low light. Pretty much everything you can ask for in a camera,” he says. Some of Dani’s other must-have items when shooting, aside from his D850 and 85mm 1.4 Lens, include his reflector. It’s actually at the top of his list. “It is the most powerful tool in a photographer’s bag,” he shares. “I can pretty much fix 90% of my lighting issues on a photoshoot with my reflector…..I can eliminate harsh light, bounce light back into face, I can use black side to subtract light, and add shadow to the side of a face,” Dani continues. He even uses it to help models create a changing room when they are shooting on the street and as a fan to blow the hair. The equipment a photographer uses is a vital component when shooting, but, interestingly, Dani’s top tip for those looking to get the perfect shot is, “forget the technical stuff, concentrate on the expressions and stories you are capturing. A technically perfect photo is meaningless if it doesn't convey an emotion.” Think of all the beautiful photos you’ve seen and the ones that stand out. The ones that stand out often convey much more


Theodore 14 2020

“It's important to analyze who you are photographing and capture their personality,” than what’s visible to the eye. Capturing models’ individual style and parts of their personality gives meaning to shots and allows for the audience to interpret the story behind the image. Dani is a big believer that you need to understand a subject’s personality before you try to bring out an expression. For example, a reserved personality may not look natural if you are trying to capture a bubbly expression. “It's important to analyze who you are photographing and capture their personality,” he emphasizes. That leads to another crucial aspect of photography in general. There are qualities both models and photographers must possess in

Aubrey 2020 15

Baby in Front: Freddie



order to do well in the industry. With almost a decade under his belt, Dani has experienced a range of different personalities and has some helpful suggestions for those in front of and behind the lens. “I think a photographer that is humble, yet confident in a modest manner is probably the best quality to have. I come across far too many photographers with egos through the roof, making them very hard to relate to,” he says. Most people would agree that being approachable and humble are ideal qualities when working with anyone. “When it comes to models, the top two things that would make me want to work with one again is a model that expresses a lot of confidence in front of the camera and a model that has quick response time to communication via email or social media,” he continues. The models that get the most opportunities to work with Dani are the ones that respond to his messages quickly. Another suggestion Dani has for photographers regarding their work is having not only an online portfolio, but a print portfolio. Although, the print portfolio is more for the photographer. “You can't really get any jobs these days without an online presence and portfolio,” he mentions, but a printed portfolio provides a hard copy of your life’s work. “We invest our life to this craft and having a tangible form to hold in your hands is of utmost importance. It's important to be able to hold something in your hand and say it took me my lifetime to create this,” he says. Dani does use his printed portfolio when he meets with clients as a way to impress them and give them a close-up glimpse of his skill set.

“I wouldn't be a photographer or have a business without social media” The online portfolio garners just as much, if not more, attention, generates a large amount of business, and is accessible at all times. As many know, one of the best platforms and marketing mediums for your business/brand is social media. The exposure and ability to interact is complementary to growth. Dani actually attributes his success as a photographer to social media. “I wouldn't be a photographer or have a business without social media,” he states. Not only did social media help boost his brand, it also assisted Dani in creating his signature look to his portraits. He posts his images, studies the feedback he gets, and then makes adjustments as necessary, which is an imperative step in client-centered businesses. If you’ve read up on Dani or follow him on social media, you’ve heard of the 15-minute edit. The general concept is an efficient and timely system created by the photographer that is then repeated when editing future shots. “A lot of time is wasted on preparing the layers you plan to use in an edit. So, I create an action for myself that prepares the foundation for my full retouch and I play that right away when I open an image in photoshop,” Dani says. This includes having a frequency separation section, dodge and burn, color toning, etc. The 15-minute edit has allowed him to increase his productivity and is what he believes to be the key to an efficient workflow. It has also produced a quicker turn-around for his clients, which has kept them coming back. We asked Dani if he’d consider getting behind the lens himself and he laughingly told us he has never, ever considered it, but he can definitely take care of your shooting needs as a client. “I was put in this world to be behind the lens, not in front. I know my strengths and modeling isn't one of them!” To check out more from Dani Diamond or to book a shoot, follow him on Instagram @danidiamondphotography and take a moment to click his Linktree in his bio. You’ll be able to view his incredible online portfolio, get tips and answers to some of his most frequently asked questions, register for his upcoming workshops, and sign up for one-on-one touchup mentoring sessions.


High End Luxury Children’s Clothing Brand. Specializing in Couture Designs for Weddings, Runway, and Special Occasions


Mint To Be

Childrens' Boutique

By Michelle Elizabeth Photographer: D Ross Photography

Could this be destiny? Maybe it’s just meant to be? The heart of San Antonio holds Mint to Be Children’s Boutique, founded by Debra Garza. She started the business in 2015 and was located in Artisan’s Alley for three years but eventually closed to help her daughter with her new baby. Inevitably Debra missed her boutique, so she decided to reopen. They stumbled across their new location and thought it was just perfect, like it was meant to be! Garza says, “We feel very blessed to be there. The community has been very accepting of us.” She believes that what sets Mint to Be apart from other children’s boutiques is their customer service. “We hear it all the time from new customers. We make them feel like family. They come in as a customer, but leave as a friend.”

”We hear it all the time from new customers. We make them feel like family. They come in as a customer, but leave as a friend.” 2020 21

Currently Mint to Be Children’s Boutique only has one location. Right now they are focused on expanding their current boutique in order to accommodate more events throughout the year for their customers instead of focusing on opening multiple locations. The Garza’s grandkids were the inspiration for the business. Debra loves to buy them clothes and enjoyed receiving compliments on their clothing. Surprisingly, Mint to Be Children’s Boutique actually began with puppy clothing and then crossed over to children’s clothing. Why puppy clothing you ask? Garza responds, “Well I always dress my fur babies as well.”

“Well I always dress my fur babies as well.”

Baby: Dessa

“The greatest gift I ever received are my grandkidsAustin (17), Sienna (13), Melanie (8) and Brielle (3). These kids just complete my world.” Their toddler apparel is Mint to Be’s best seller because of their selection and quality. Average prices in the boutique range from $9.99- $52.99. Debra says she gets inspired when their “Customers bring in their new born babies so we can meet them, or when grandmas are pulling out their phones to share photos of their grandkids with us. Priceless.” Since opening their new location, the boutique hasn’t been as involved in the com-

munity as they used to be. That’s one of the things they are focusing on for the future. Mint to Be Children’s Boutique is looking forward to giving back to the community that they love so much very soon. Garza’s main goal for Mint to Be is to provide a fun shopping experience for everyone. Her dream for the future is that her granddaughter Sienna will eventually take over the business. Can’t wait to experience what makes this local business so special? Visit Mint to Be Children’s Boutique at 2838 N Loop 1604 E #111, San Antonio, TX 78232.

“Customers bring in their new born babies so we can meet them, or when grandmas are pulling out their phones to share photos of their grandkids with us. Priceless.” Debra (Boutique Owner), Kailey, Charleston, Mila

Laughing it Up with

riley diary Written by: Sandra Current

“One of the best things fference you can do to make a di you love in the world, is to do what smiles,” and be the reason someone This fun-loving 10-year-old and YouTuber from Melbourne, Australia is a social media personality that loves making silly videos and posting funny twinning recreations on Instagram. She goes by Riley Diary and to put it short, she’s a creative genius. Everything about her page, posts, and videos highlight her innovative mind, as well as her incredible sense of humor. Her goal is to bring a smile to her viewers’ faces, possibly even a laugh, even if it’s at her own expense. That’s how much Riley enjoys what she does. In addition to being a social media influencer, Riley models, sings, plays netball, and LAUGHS…..a lot! Being able to share joy and laughter is what originally drove Riley to start her social media journey. It’s her way of combining her passion and purpose. “One of the best things you can do to make a difference in the world, is to do what you love and be the reason someone smiles,” she says. No matter what you do, striving to be the reason someone smiles can make a world of a difference in, not only in another person’s day, but yours as well. That’s what drives Riley daily. Seeing younger YouTubers balance school and their social media accounts is another driving force for Riley. She admires those that can put their all into their craft and balance their responsibilities. This keeps her inspired and reminds her that she’s capable of doing the same. She balances her career, social life, and school/responsibilities by simply “being in the moment of whatever I am doing and not thinking about anything else.” One of the best ways to achieve this kind of balance is to make a list of your priorities and set aside time to work on each of them. It may never be completely balanced 2020 25

Hotdog-Zendaya Riley Diary balanced or equal, but as long as you’re actively and efficiently knocking out tasks/goals, your productivity level will increase.


Maintaining her social media following has been one of the challenges she’s faced when it comes to balancing everything. Producing content regularly isn’t always easy. It’s a challenge people don’t often think of when it comes to being a social media personality/influencer. “Doing consistent photos and not being able to stop for a week without my following going down is one of the hardest parts,” Riley says. The demand can take a toll, but there are plenty of positives as well. The catering and recognition are pretty cool perks for Riley. It’s always kind of neat to go places and get recognized. Getting that blue check mark by her name on Instagram was another perk. For those who’ve wondered about the blue check mark, it just means she’s a real person producing enjoyable, high-demand content and has the fan base to match.

“being in the moment of whatever I am doing and not thinking about anything else.”

Nick-Riley Diary Riley’s trip to Los Angeles for a rapper’s music video was another challenge for her. It was the first time she’s been requested for something like that, so it was a little scary to fly across the globe and be a part of an experience as such. Plus, she was really nervous about missing school and her friends, but she made it out and ended up having a blast. Who would’ve thought trolling a rapper would work and land you in their video?! 26 2020

Trolling celebs on Instagram is one of Riley’s favorite pastimes. It’s all good-natured trolling for fun and a few laughs. You’ll see some of the most hilarious renditions of outfits, makeup, and poses on her page. She even takes jabs at herself, which means she spares no one! In fact, when asked to provide a fun-fact, Riley said whenever she goes to a modelling shoot, the ONLY kind of makeup they do on her is lip balm because her

lips are always dry. You have to love anyone that can poke a little fun at themselves and not be scared to do so in front of the world, especially at Riley’s age. The ability to do that comes with confidence and comfortability in who you are, which is something she works to maintain. Riley’s sense of humor is one of many reasons for her large following. That, posting consistently, and putting a lot of effort into the photographs she takes. When you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see tons of funny pictures, but when you look closely and start to dissect them, you’ll begin to notice all the intricate details and placement of objects. Seems simple, but probably takes more time than you’d imagine. It helps that her mom and dad assist with the process. Her mom helps her put together twinning ideas and her dad, Rhett, is a designer, director, and photographer. To put it short, they’re a family of creatives and that has helped Riley out tremendously. Her best and favorite twinning she’s ever done is a recreation of a JoJo Siwa look. It includes toast and a fairy floss bow. “I got to eat heaps of candy after that shoot, which made me a bit sick…..NOT!!” she states. There are tons of other great twinning posts on her page too. Speaking of favorites, Riley’s favorite YouTube channel is Sis vs. Bro. These YouTubers and siblings join forces and challenge one another all the time. She also really likes the Norris Nuts because they’re not afraid of being themselves and they spread positive messages that encourage viewers to be themselves. Riley’s dad being a photographer is actually what got her interested in modeling. Her dad takes amazing photos, so it’s natural that Riley ended up behind the lens a few times. You can see some of his incredible shots of her on his and Riley’s page. Being behind her father’s lens is also how she’s gotten some formal training in. That along with auditions, which is great because it provides her the experience and versatility she needs to pursue all of her interests. Her life goal is to start her own business and grow her career, so she doesn’t have to work for anyone. In Riley’s free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and going shopping for clothes with her mom. We’re sure she’s getting a laugh or two in as well. It’d only be right! Be sure to check Riley Diary out on YouTube and Instagram @RileyDiary and some of her dad’s beautiful work of her on Instagram @Rhett.

“I got to eat heaps of candy after that shoot, which made me a bit sick…..NOT!!”

Trendy, Stylish, Affordable Baby Clothes @better_baby_boutique @betterbabyboutique @betterbabyboutiqueinc

DEANIE COUTURE Fashion Show & Photo Shoot


OCTOBER 19, 2019 Runway Photography: Zook Montague Dresses & Fashion Photography: Deanie Couture

Estelle & Elise


Vibrant Cactus By: Gianna Simonelli

“Capture the beauty of the moment.” Michelle Alaie understood her passion for the arts from the time she was two-years-old. Driven by the same passion she discovered in her childhood, Michelle has built a flourishing business that combines her creativity with connectivity. As the mastermind behind Vibrant Cactus, she has made a name for herself in the photography world. She has proven, time and time again, the real value of a gifted photographer. Rewinding to her middle school days, Michelle shared that she knew where she wanted to attend college—the Ringling College of Art & Design. Although her interests run the gamut in the arts, and she originally planned to study computer animation, she soon discovered that photography would enable her to work with people to “capture the beauty of the moment.”



“Being a mom brings me closer to my clients.” Athena Carson Ada

Now, as a wife and mother, Michelle has the expertise of her studies and years of experience to explain her artistic flare. Her unique approach to photography is centered on one key element of the craft—lighting! In conjunction with creative backgrounds, Michelle understands the significance of how the light falls on her subject to capture the best image. She draws inspiration from painter Johannes Vermeer, who is well regarded for his brilliant portrayal of daytime lighting, to create “beautiful modeled lighting.” She even encourages aspiring photographers to explore other artistic mediums for education and inspiration, and not just to examine their contemporaries. Since becoming a mother, Michelle’s perspective has evolved for the better. Motherhood allows her to distinguish her creative eye with her motherly instincts. She shares, “Being a mom brings me closer to my clients. It gives me the ability to photograph children from the eyes of a mother, with a deeper appreciation for what makes each child unique. When photographing newborns, I understand a mother’s concerns about keeping their little one safe, happy, and healthy, and that’s why I take special precautions when working with my young clients to

32 2020

ensure not only will their photograph be beautiful, but the entire experience is enjoyable and safe.” Ensuring both quality work and a quality experience is the basis of Michelle’s brand and is reflected in her brand name. The use of “vibrant” in Vibrant Cactus was inspired by her personality, positive outlook, and favorite clients. At the same time, “cactus” refers to her innate appreciation for the outdoors and Texas. She even hints at the upcoming launch of a new division of her business—Boudoir by Vibrant Cactus—in early 2020, as a way for her to help women show their true beauty. This brand name pays homage to the state she now calls home, after working in the Washington D.C. area for over fifteen years! Michelle and her husband craved a change of pace from their daily routine. They fell in love with San Antonio, Texas, after a quick visit because of the friendly population, bustling city, hill country, mild winters, and delicious food options. Their desire to put their child first encouraged this decision, and the family-friendly community has since made a welcoming new home for their young son. Along with being a parent, Michelle is especially proud of herself for building a successful business that enables her to do what she loves and make connections with great clients who appreciate her talent.


Sireen 2020 33

kidfash magazine

san antonio models

"We Clothe The Future Greats"-Youngodsclothingbrand



ADAM (@adam.makroum)

Ag e : 8

L o c a t i o n : Freehold NJ

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Theolonius Henry (@artsylenz7)

Talent: Guitar, Modeling and Rapping

36 2020

ADA (@emilywitcher)

A ge: 7

Loc at ion: San Antonio, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Vibrant Cactus Photography (@vibrantcactus)

Talent: Running Fast! "I like to challenge boys to race so I can beat them!" 2020 37

RAFIAT (@sassy_diva_honey_)

A g e: 1 0

L o ca t io n : Rhode Island

Ph o to g r a p h e r :Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Ta l e n t : Mo d e l i n g / A c t i n g

38 2020

VIVIENNE (@Princess_Vivi_05)

Age: 4

Loc at ion: San Antonio, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Pop of Color Images (@popofcolorimages)

Ta le nt: B eginner D ance and P iano 2020 39

IZZI (@izzi_james)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: USA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Imagery by Gray (@imagerybygray)

Talent: Modeling

40 2020

LILY (@lily_like.the.flower)

Talent: D ance Age : 1 0

L oc at ion: San Francisco

Phot og r a p h e r : Luv Your Life (@_luvyourlife_)

We a r i n g : Tiger Friday (@tigerfriday) 2020 41

GISELLE (@giselle_d_leon)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography) Wear ing: Love Baby J Couture (@lovebabyjcouture)

Talent: A r tist/P ainter

42 2020

ELIKA (@elika_larson)

Age: 13

L o c a tio n :Jacksonville, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Rainbows Photography (@portraits_by_rainbow)

Talent: Cheerleading and Modeling 2020 43

KAMBRY (@n_k_hill)

Ag e: 12

Loc at ion: Utah

Phot ogr a p h e r : Hardlight Photography Group (@hardlightphotographygroup)

Talent: D ance

44 2020

DOMINIQUE (@16_niikkii)

Age: 17

Loc at ion: San Antonio, Texas

Ph o to g ra p h e r:Olivia Mena Photography (@oliviamenaphotography)

Talent: Modeling 2020 45




whi te skirt:

nikolia kid swear top::

carb on soldier jacket:


of f icial via shan & tod


lAchanda gatson


Need your daily dose of motivation and inspiration? These are your go-to girls for it! Dani (9) and Dannah (8) Lane are sisters that have taken on their calling of sharing uplifting and thought-provoking messages with anyone who may be in need. They have a large presence on social media and have used their platform to give glory to God, as well as give us all that little pep-talk we may need from time to time. With all that

n& h

goes on in the world, it’s nice to have a little positivity to look forward to and this is exactly where Dani and Dannah have found their niche. They know things are getting tougher and tougher, especially for children, so they love serving as a source of light in this world. “We believe everyone needs to be reminded that they were created on purpose for a purpose and that they are enough!� the girls say. 2020 47

Top: Mummymoon Skirt: Caroline Bosmans via Shan & Todd Dress: Nikolia Kidswear Earrings: Burkinabae

Dani and Dannah first began recording videos when they were just six and five, respectively. It wasn’t something they planned or even expected to take off, but that's how they knew it was somehow meant to be or “a gift from God with specific instructions” in their own words. Each day, the girls read and study scripture, which is why they can recite verses so well and are able to relay messages in such a relatable way. This is part of putting on the daily armor of God for Dani and Dannah. Praying is also another important part of their daily routine. Day to day conversations with God help the girls remember who they are and what He has called them to be.

48 2020

These regular practices are what led to the birth of Scripture Time. “We would always talk about the Bible and how we can use scripture in our day to day lives. It just got too good to keep to ourselves, so we started to share God’s word, but in a unique way that everyone could relate to and want to share,” the girls tell us. The feedback for Scripture Time has been incredibly positive. “People encourage us to keep it up,” they say. Not all the feedback is positive, of course. Negative feedback almost always accompanies positive feedback, especially with a platform like social media, but the girls have learned to really focus on the positive aspects. If it’s something negative they can learn from, they take it into consideration, but positivity is generally their sole focus.

How do Dani and Dannah maintain such a high level of energy and motivation? Well, the girls’ mother has taught them how to be inspired through leading by example, so that they can go on and inspire the world. She is their biggest motivator. You’ll see her providing uplifting messages from time to time, if you follow them on social media. Another motivating figure is the one and only Queen Bey a.k.a. Beyonce. “…we love us some Beyonce!” they exclaim. Who isn’t a fan of Queen Bey?! We’re pretty sure they inspire and motivate one another just as much as they do their fan base too. As far as their relationship as sisters goes, it’s pretty typical. A little bickering, a lot of fun. “We are best friends, but we still argue, just not for long,” they say.

In addition to serving as sources of inspiration, the girls have also taken on acting. They play Emma and Sophie on “The Kenan Show,” which is a blessing because they basically get to play themselves on tv. They also play Terry Crews’ daughters Cagney and Lacey on “Brooklyn 99,” and say they are super funny roles that they can’t wait for you guys to see. Dani and Dannah have been featured on several other shows, including “The Steve Harvey Show.” “Mr. Steve Harvey is a really nice man, he’s very funny and taught us that in show business you have to give them your best every time,” they say. What excites the girls most about acting is getting to dress up and step into different characters, but as you can see, they get to work with some pretty amazing people too!

We love that we get to love on people and show them an example of who Christ is through our faith, Meeting new people, from cast and crew to the people at the churches they visit, has been the most exciting part of their journey so far. “We love that we get to love on people and show them an example of who Christ is through our faith,” the girls say. Living and sharing your passion with the world is a beautiful thing, and Dani and Dannah want anyone out there pursuing a passion of their own to, “just keep going, don’t ever stop, and don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams…not even yourself! Have faith in God and in yourself!” When you stumble upon tough times remember one of their favorite verses, “so do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).”

Be sure to follow Dani and Dannah on Instagram @danianddannah and subscribe to their YouTube channel Dani and Dannah. Oh, and don’t forget to look out for Dannah in the upcoming movie Same Time Next Christmas. She spent 7 weeks shooting it in Hawaii. The movie is a very sweet love story about two friends that grew up visiting Hawaii together every Christmas. Lea Michele, Bryan Greenberg, and Charles Michael Davis also star in the movie. It’s definitely a must see!

Glasses/Earrings: Burkinabae

(Isaiah 41:10)

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While school is intended to be a safe haven for children to feel comfortable and grow, it can also be the most accessible location for children to fall victim to bullying. Iman Dunbar had a similar experience in her Louisiana elementary school, after being taunted for her dark skin by racist peers. The cruel provoking that Iman was forced to tolerate caused her to not want to go to school at all, just to escape the injustice in her class-

S elf Love

By: Gianna Simonelli Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto)

Hair: Shanna Thomasson MU: Keya Delarge Top: Alexandria Olivia Accessories: Object & Dawn Ring: Planet Enjeanious

room. Iman’s differences caused her to be the target of discrimination by her classmates, and would often leave her in tears with a bruised self-esteem. Her mother needed to intervene, to help mend Iman’s self-esteem, teach her how to cope with the pain she was feeling, and hopefully, address her issues at school with an authority figure.

“Love themselves no matter what anyone says because we are all different” Iman’s mother worked diligently to teach her about the significance of self-love and self-respect. Her mother taught her that self-love should be unconditional, and that it is not contingent on the opinions or actions of others, especially those driven by hate or jealousy. Iman learned to ignore her bullies, and not allow their hateful words to hold such power over her self-perception and attitude. Creative outlets also provided Iman with new ways to cope with her emotions. In response to her feelings, Iman found comfort in dancing and making videos for her YouTube channel. These types of unique coping mechanisms would help take her mind off of her negative experiences, and to focus her energy on something that would bring her joy, instead. Iman has lost a family member to bullying, making this a cause that is near and dear to her heart. Just as Iman has learned to cope with the side effects of pain brought on by bullying, she hopes to encourage others to do the same. She advises other victims of bullying to, “Ignore [bullies] and report [incidents of bullying] to their teachers. Talk to their parents or someone they feel comfortable with. Love themselves no matter what anyone says because we are all different.” Iman had been the target of bullies from the second grade, but has since learned to embrace her differences and confide in those that she feels comfortable with. No child who is being bullied should endure that burden alone. Iman’s greatest lesson from her distressing experiences has been to love herself, and she continues to share this message and inspire others to do the same. She hopes to become a professional dancer and own her hair salon in the future, and refuses to let bullies prevent her from accomplishing her dreams! 2020 55

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You Reap What You Sew: A Story of Passion and Dedication to

Fashion & Humanity By: Gianna Simonelli

“It made me so happy that she loved it.” Check out Ashlyn’s Instagram page (@pin2gether) for a closer look at her talent and creativity. She handcrafts beautiful custom garments for her clients that remain true to her unique style. The most challenging aspect of her designing process is time management, as she is constantly updating her designs to ensure they accurateAfter expressing an interest in fashion at a remarkably ly reflect her vision. young age, Ashlyn’s mom enrolled her in a sewing class at only five-years-old. At six-years-old, she attended a Her inspiration for her designs is derived from observasewing camp and realized she wanted to go beyond tions of everyday objects. Her unique approach basic design and start creating clothing to wear herself. involves repurposing ordinary objects and imagining She was drawn to the beautiful articles of clothing in things to be beyond what they are. This aspect of fashion shows projected on TV screens in retail stores Ashlyn’s creative process contributes towards her and knew one day her designs could also grace the individualistic, avant-garde style. runway. Creativity appears to be among the traits that Ashlyn Although not formally trained in clothing design, reveres most in other artists. The opportunity to work Ashlyn’s talent was cultivated in local afterschool with designers Ben Taverniti or Alexander McQueen programs and by a private sewing instructor from her and Sarah Burton on a project in the future would be a neighborhood. Her budding talent was propelled to the “dream come true” for her because of their edgy designs next level after attending Camp Couture, which was and innovation. founded by Project Runway Season 12 Runner Up Alexandria von Bromssen. During the summer of 2019, Her own power of creativity especially shown through Ashlyn participated in a fashion design course at in one of her most fun and successful projects to date: Parsons Open Campus, in which she learned about The Dragon Power Dress. The avant-garde design, different tools and techniques that facilitate the design- constructed with black geometric scales and finished ing process. The afterschool programs that nurtured her with gold accents, is a product of her true artistry and interest and the established institutions that lent their ability to implement storytelling into her fashion. expertise for Ashlyn’s growth and education have “The woman who now owns this dress lit up when she produced a humble young designer with great potential wore [it], and it became the talk of the event she attendand the motivation to grow. ed,” shared Ashlyn, “It made me so happy that she Many young girls identify with a love for shopping, that later translates into the use of clothing as a tool for self-expression. 11-year-old Ashlyn had a similar experience while shopping with her mom, but was inspired to act on her interest and learn to create! 2020 59

“Love and happiness can solve all your problems.” loved it. That is the joy that I get from creating my designs—to make people feel happy.” Fashion designing is the perfect outlet to enable Ashlyn to fulfill her creative mind and thoughtful heart. Being an 11-year-old fashion designer is a commendable feat that can be lined with obstacles, as well. She identifies her shyness as her greatest personal challenge, especially because her drawing and designing do most of the talking for her! However, Ashlyn has taken proactive steps to work towards overcoming her timid nature, and even participated in a production of the musical The Lion King last summer. A typical weekday in the life of Ashlyn involves school and homework, like most other eleven-year-olds. It isn’t until her homework is completed that she can dedicate her time to cutting, making patterns for, and sewing her fashion show designs.

for Samaritan House. Samaritan House is a local San Francisco Bay Area charity that helps to keep everyone clothed, fed, housed, and healthy. I was proud to raise thousands of dollars for them. I just want to help others with what I can do.” Ashlyn’s creative eye was passed down from her mother, an architect with a unique vision. She is inspired by her mother because of her ability to manage her time and take care of her family all while working a full-time job! Ashlyn’s mother is appreciated by many, and has instilled values in the young designer to give back to the community and use her talents for the benefit of others.

Ashlyn’s words of advice to other children in the fashion community with aspirations of becoming a designer are to, “Never give up and know that you can make a difference. When you find out you love designing, don’t hide it, continue doing it and never stop.” Her own The use of much of her free time—drawing, doing career required her perseverance and bravery in order photography, and reading—is motivated by a desire for for her to become successful. growth, creativity, and education. Her story reminds us that everyone on the planet can Speaking of education, Ashlyn envisions herself attend- make a difference, big or small. The ambitious eleved Parsons School of Design in New York, New York en-year-old designer is motivated to start a reaction that after graduating high school. Backed by an institution can assist people in need. She shares, “Love and happithat promotes creativity and design, she plans to ness can solve all your problems. Love is contabecome a fashion designer that is driven to support the gious—you can’t stop it.” Nobody can stop Ashlyn’s greater good by raising money for charities with the innate creativity, love for fashion, and passion to help profits from her designs. others. She is motivated to make a change through her She was able to lend her talents for a charitable outcome art, and her humble demeanor and constant search for in the past. In reflection of that experience, Ashlyn growth will support her in all that she does! explained, “Last year, I was able to offer my custom-design dress services to the highest bidder at a live auction 60 2020

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By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Nival Photography (@nivalphotography) Dress By: Monbebecouture @monbebecouture

Honestly, she considers herself to be a regular gymnast

Gymnastic sensation, 12-year-old Chandler King, has been wowing fans on the mat and on social media since she was 3 years old. Strength, flexibility and a positive attitude are just a few of the attributes to this little wonder woman. With major accomplishments to include being selected to the United States Association of Gymnastics TOPs Program, serving as a 2018 member of the USAG Developmental Team, scoring a near perfect 10 (9.95) on her bar routine at the WOGA Classic Meet in Dallas, Texas, and numerous 1st place medals during competition, she is a force to be reckoned with. Here are some tips from Chandler for other future athletes or their parent’s to consider.

impressed and knew that she had a gift and they moved her to a level with more advanced gymnasts,” says mom, Toik King. At the age of 5 she made the decision to stop doing ballet, and focus strictly on gymnastics. Both her dance teacher and gymnastics coach were requiring her to do more hours and advance to a higher level. “Chandler was definitely hooked on gymnastics from the beginning, and loved to do backflips around the house and show off her flexibility.”

If you don’t keep them humble, the sport will.

Gymnastics is a tough sport. It’s the only sport in which you start with a high score, and then deductions are At the age of 3, Chandler started in a recreational class made. Therefore, Chandler is very humble, a perfecwhile focusing more on her first interest, dance. “Her tionist and can even be too hard on herself. “Honestly, coach immediately noticed she had natural talent. They she considers herself to be a regular gymnast,” says said ‘Has she done this before?’ They were really Toik King. “Getting ice cream after a meet excites her more than a medal.”

Explore their interests and go from there. 2020 63

Best advice for parents, just be present. As a parent of a kid with any sort of early career whether it be in sports, education or other, it’s important to always have a parent or guardian to just have your back. “I think most parents are willing to make any sacrifice needed in order to help their kid fulfill their dreams," says Toik King. "That’s the key word, sacrifice. It’s not easy. There are many hard days. We keep God first. He knows the plans he has for her life. He wants her to blessed and to prosper. We pray, and we support Chandler and love her unconditionally. We encourage her to not give up, and let her know that anything she wants to do is possible. “The most important part of our job as parents is to love and support Chandler unconditionally. We are her biggest fans! Our hopes and dreams for her future are for her to have very few regrets, live up to her full potential, take advantage of every opportunity, and be happy.”

In social media, sometimes quality does win over quantity.

The most important part of our job as parents is to love and support Chandler unconditionally

Chandler is active on social media, unlike those Instafamous kids that made their way just from posting, but with an extensive training schedule of 34 hours per week, her main goal is more about her personal success. Posting once per week (as opposed to the common daily posts of others) she is still gaining quite the natural following for fans who are eager to see what she is up to next.

“Chandler made her first social media appearance via YouTube at the age of 3, in 2010,” says Toik King. “She has always been a character, and loved to dance and perform. Her Instagram account was created two years later in order to showcase her personality, and skills as a gymnast, dancer, rapper and singer.” In fact, folks were so impressed with Chandler’s posts that her account grew so fast she was accused of buying followers. Within just a few months, she gained 10,000 followers, and today is up to 170,000. Fans can personally get a chance to communicate with her on her TikTok account. As with any successful child, one last bit of advice rings true across the board. Let them be kids. Social media can be a fun outlet for kids to feel connected with their peers. Chandler’s favorite is TikTok, but she also maintains healthy relationships with her real time friends too. She loves having sleepovers, going to the movies, the mall or out to eat. Chandler has goals of going to the Olympics, attending UCLA and being a member of their gymnastics team, as well as pursuing a career in modeling and acting. Dream big and big things will come!

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Dancewear for the #FierceAndFree

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