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Giovanna Photography

Mckenna GRACE Cover Story

From the upcoming scary movie Annabelle 3, talks about getting in/out of character

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Get Featured!!! Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? ( Lilly) Fric & Frac (Friends Forever) Featured Photographer: Giovanna Featured Dancer: Peyton Kaye Evans Top 10 Models Cover Story-Mckenna Grace Featured Designer: Deanie Wittkamp How to Become a Model: Jordan Jeanna #KidFashSports

Cover Model: Mckenna Grace (@mckennagraceful) Photographer: Lilly K Photography (@lillykphotography) Wardrobe: Gucci by Melijoe Paris (@gucci, HMUA: Sophia Bawany (@sophiabawany) Location: Los Angeles, CA Back Cover Model: Aubree Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto) Hair: Jennifer Lord (@naturalhollywood) Body Art: Mirage Magic (@mirage_magic) Location: New York, NY Table of Contents Picture Model: Carlo (@carlomaximillian) Photographer: D Ross Photography (@drdamonross) Location: San Antonio, TX Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

Editor’s L e tter Growing up as a child with an African-American father and a Caucasion mother, I didn’t realize it was anything different. To me, I had a mom and a dad, just like everyone else. I guess that is the best thing about kids, they don’t see color. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to see how the world truly views differences. The purpose of this Black and White issue is to show that we are all the same. When you take away color and put things in black and white, you can still see beauty. Sometimes just looking at something, without any distractions, makes you think about the real purpose behind what you are seeing. Our cover model is the beautiful and talented Mckenna Grace. In her article she talks about getting in and out of character. She also talks about her love for scary movies. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to work with Mckenna Grace and I can’t wait to see where her acting career takes her.

6 2019

In our 15th Issue you will read about "What Fashion Means to Me” by Lilly, you will learn what a true friendship with #NoLimits means from Robert and Stephen. You will also see some amazing pictures from around the world taken by our Featured Photographer Giovanna. Our Featured Designer is Deanie Wittkamp from Nashville and the Featured Dancer is Dance Mom’s Peyton Kaye Evans. We also sat down with the adorable Jordan Jeanna, as she gave us a little insight into her modeling career. Oh and we can't forget our Top 10 Models! Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our Release Parties!! Be blessed!

WHAT FASHION MEANS TO ME? Fashion, fashion is fun! It’s exciting to mix and match our clothes and be able to find an identity in what we wear; I love to wear fun chick looks. You will always find me trying to match different types of patterns and that’s okay, it’s fun to wear polka dots with stripes! The moment we start putting red flags on our creativity is the moment we stop being unique. Model: Vianey AKA (@lillyscurls) Photographer: Antwon Maxwell


Best friends who have #Nolimits By: Bhavani Bee Photography: Ny Castle Kids (@nycastlekids)

“Kids wake up each day believing in the goodness of things, in the magic of what might be. They’re uncynical, believers at their core. We owe it to them to stay strong and keep working to create a more fair and humane world. For them, we need to remain both tough and hopeful, to acknowledge that there’s more growing to be done.”� --�Michelle Obama,�Becoming In today’s world, kids are exposed to a wide variety of abilities, cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Noticing similarities and differences- and even expressing curiosity is natural, so it’s important for kids to have role models and grownups in their lives who encourage kids to appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and others. Robert Levey and Stephen James are fortunate to have moms that encourage them to be their best selves, and as best friends, are doing what they love best- acting, modeling, and having fun! Stephen, who began his career modeling for Golden Magazine at a fashion show benefiting Autism Speaks, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder at an early age. He hasn’t let anything stand in the way of his aspirations, and his best friend Robert is his biggest supporter. “The first time we met was at a photo shoot for Sean Jean clothing for Golden Magazine. There were a few kids and I noticed Stephen standing by himself with his mom,” says Robert. “So, I decided to go over and see if he wanted to play tag.” After that shoot, it was a wrap! The two have been inseparable ever since. 2019 9

Working alongside each other, they found that they love the same things- like meeting in New York City to see shows and go out to eat, or laughing and joking while they explore just being boys! And the best thing about being best friends? “Robert is just like me! He likes to play on his iPad, he is funny and really silly. He makes me laugh. He’s like a brother to me. Even if we don’t look alike, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and get along. We are really the same!” The boys are serious when it comes to helping others though. Robert and Stephen started Fric & Frac, a non-profit that will help charities they felt passionate about, when their moms saw how close the boys had become. Their moms were inspired by the boys’ camaraderie and wanted the world to see how a friendship like theirs makes a difference, Robert explained. “This is the first time we are telling anyone about our plans,” Stephen adds. “My mom said a lot of people like seeing our friendship because it was a sign of hope and the people could and should get along.” For Robert, donating clothes and making bags of food to feed the homeless is important, and Stephen’s focus is raising awareness and support for Autism. Both boys are united to fight bullying and intolerance.

“My mom said a lot of people like seeing our friendship because it was a sign of hope and the people could and should get along.”

10 2019

“I can do anything I want to do or be anything I want to be. Just because I have autism doesn’t mean I can’t do something, it may just take me little longer.” When you ask them about their friendship and what diversity means to them, they both have the same reaction. Stephen laughs, “We’re both the same, he’s 10, I’m 10, he’s a boy, I’m a boy. We’re both entertainers!” He adds, “I like people who are nice no matter what they look like or where they come from.” And Robert agrees. “I just see everyone as a friend.” Stephen and Robert gain strength from their friendship and encourage each other, using the hashtag #Nolimits. When asked about it, Robert explains, “You can do anything, no matter who you are. You just have to try. You may not do something completely, but you will get further than if you didn’t try. Know what I mean? 75 percent is better than zero percent.” For Stephen, #Nolimits means, “I can do anything I want to do or be anything I want to be. Just because I have autism doesn’t mean I can’t do something, it may just take me a little longer. I can be a famous actor, a hockey player with the New Jersey Devils, or a football player.” With the support of their parents and family the future is bright for these two BFFs! Both love Kevin Hart and want to be famous actors. Stephen loves trains, wants a dog, and to play hockey for the NJ Devils. Robert wants to get a boat because he loves the water. No doubt, there are #Nolimits indeed to what these two best friends can achieve together. 2019 11 @izzybeclothing Model: Savanna (@savannahleemay) Photographer: Nikki Parimore (@nikkiparimore)

Luxury Special Events Children’s Brand @adaaziza +1 (631) 488-5153 Photographer: Anthem In The Art Model: Maya

GIOVANNA ARYAFARA By Michelle Elizabeth

The KidFash Featured Photographer for this issue is truly a world-wide inspiration. She currently lives in Bali, and travels to India and Ethiopia annually. This year, her work will be shown in Paris and Italy as a part of the international exhibition “Atlas of Humanity.� Giovanna Aryafara is a self-taught photographer, never having had any formal training in the profession but simply learning from experience. She started out her photography career managing a Black and White photography studio in New Zealand when she was 18. That was the first step on her world-wide journey and lifelong love of the art. Next, she went into wedding photography and styling in Australia, and then she was a school photographer in both Australia and New Zealand for many years. Eventually, she started a buying business which entailed constant international travel. Giovanna had the opportunity to work in India, Bali, Nepal, and Burma, while using her love of photography to capture the magical moments of beauty.

Giovanna’s dreams and life goals are to make a difference in the world and give back to Indigenous tribes through her photography journey. Her favorite part of the business is “Bringing joy and happiness through the images captured in my lens.” She says noted photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson, explains it best, “For me, the camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” Her recipe for taking the perfect photo is lighting first, patience next. One piece of equipment she can’t live without is her favorite lens, a Sigma 50mm F/1.4. She says, “Art is extraordinary.” Giovanna says that the hardest part of her job, or running your own business for that matter, is time management. “Learning to manage ‘time’ and keep a happy balance in your life… between family, a business, and to be able to follow your love and passion of Photography. This all needs to be in balance to be able to travel in very remote parts of The World.”

When it comes to competing against other photographers for business Giovanna says, “I don’t see photography as a competition… I think it’s an Art form. I personally love looking at other photographers’ work and getting excited when I can see they have captured something extraordinary, where they have managed to take the shot at the “decisive moment”. I think most professional photographers think like that also.” Giovanna enjoys working on children’s photography most, both portrait and documentary. This completely explains why the one celebrity, artist, or model she’d like to work with in the future is Angelina Jolie, (with her children of course!) For Giovanna, the best part of working with children is their innocence and vulnerability. She says that the hardest part of it is “You only have one shot at capturing the expression.” One of Giovanna’s fondest memories was in Yangon, at a Buddhist orphanage for girls. She says, “I met one Novice Buddhist Nun (Bhikkhuni) and even though I couldn’t speak her language, she let me document a small part of her life. One of the photographs is ‘The Orphan’ where she is playing with a little puppy living in the street.” Another memorable moment in Giovanna’s travels is depicted in her photo “A Moment in Time.” It was about 5 in the morning, cold, and starting to rain outside the Ananda Buddhist temple, in Bagan. Two young, Novice Buddhist Monks (Bhikkhu) were lined up and waiting to enter the temple, holding on to an elder monk. She says, “I wanted to capture their innocence, vulnerability, and also the sense of security from the elder monk they were holding on to.” One of the most fun photoshoots Giovanna Photography has ever done was in Ethiopia. The Tribes and the people made it so fun and memorable for her. One look at those exquisite photos and it’s obvious why she loved it so much! It’s a stark contrast to the typical fashion photography. The beauty is indescribable. The colorful and ornate headdresses, intriguing tribal elements, nature, and sheer beauty of the people is captured so perfectly that just looking at it whisks you away to another land far away in what feels like another time altogether.

Giovanna’s days are always very creative. She starts the morning off with coffee and her support team- a group of “talented and highly motivated millennial’s.” Together they spend the morning planning out the rest of the day. She gushes, “I’m totally inspired by ‘my tribe’ the people who surround me every day and allow me to follow my passion and love of photography.” Speaking of inspiration, Giovanna’s biggest role model is her childhood friend, Nina, whom she describes as “Generous, loving, inspiring and supportive.” They have remained very close to their whole lives. Her free time is spent with her husband and their Labradoodles walking on the beach in Bali. She elaborates, “There are many ceremonies in Bali, so I enjoy listening and watching these ceremonies.” Like most artists, there have been many times during Giovanna’s life where she felt her photography business had stalled. She explains, “It takes time to reach a balance with your life to be able to travel and keep the wheels turning while you are away, keeping everyone happy. But now at this time in my Life, I have reached that balance. I have a wonderful supporting husband and a team of motivated talented people allowing me ‘time and confidence that I can follow my passion and love of photography.” Her advice for other aspiring photographers is to “Just get out there and do it! Learn, practice and follow your passion!” She believes that kids and teens can make a difference in the world by following Oscar Wilde’s words of wisdom, “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.”

Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.”

Dancing Night Away PeytonKayeEvans o



Written by: Sandra Current Photography:J Wolf Photography (@jwolfphotography) Wardrobe: Sugar Lulu (@sugarlulu13)

She’s a fierce little10-year-old with a diverse skill set and an incredible work ethic. This dancing phenom look familiar? Likely because you’ve seen her on one of Lifetime’s hit shows. For those unfamiliar, Peyton Kaye Evans is a super talented dancer, model, actress, and singer best known for her appearance on Season 6 of Dance Moms. She’s a fierce little 10-year-old with a diverse skill set and an incredible work ethic. If you’ve followed her journey thus far, you’ve either seen photos of her amazing flexibility or the videos of her in training mode. Her talent and dedication to her craft is unmatched and the very reason you’ve seen her grow tremendously as a dancer since the time she was featured on the show. Let’s get to know a little more about the quadruple threat Peyton Kaye Evans! Peyton got her start pretty early on. At the age of 3, she was already competing in Jazz solos, which is actually the style of dance Peyton considers to be her specialty (she also performs lyrical pieces and enjoys hip hop, but finds it to be a bit more challenging than the other styles because of her height). Training-wise, she’s never really been a stranger to hard work. She’s in the studio training 8-10 hours a week, has acro-tumbling classes, two technique classes, ballet lessons, and private dance lessons. That’s on top of all her other responsibilities, so saying she’s busy is an understatement, but it also shows you just how hard she has worked to get to where she’s at! 2019 21

Peyton’s desire to work hard is definitely one of the reasons she was cast on Dance Moms. As you all know, the Abby Lee Dance Company is not for the faint hearted. There is a certain level of commitment and effort expected from each dancer, and Peyton knew she had what it takes. After seeing an online casting call in September of 2015, Peyton’s mom submitted a dance reel, solo video, and photos of her and Peyton. A few days went by and they were called and invited to Los Angeles for the open casting call. During that casting call, they went through a few rounds of auditions, but weren’t notified if they had been selected or not. They finally received a phone call in October and were surprised with the news that they’d be flown out to Los Angeles, California again to join the new Mini Team. How exciting?! It was amazing news and an incredible opportunity for Peyton and her family. 22 2019

There’s so much more to being on the show that people don’t get to see Being a part of Dance Moms Mini Team was an absolute dream come true for Peyton. She gained so much experience from her time there and has maintained so many of the connections and friendships she fostered back then. “There’s so much more to being on the show that people don’t get to see,” Peyton tells us regarding concerns of her being bullied on air. “I learned a lot from dancing at the Abby Lee Dance Company LA,” she adds. It’s an experience that has helped her to become the amazing dancer she is today. It also assisted in building her confidence. “I am a shy person and being able to express myself through dance instead of words helps. I have worked with amazing dance teachers and my dance coach that helps me grow each lesson,” she says. Modeling has helped to build her self-esteem as well. There’s just something about being in front of the camera. Plus, she’s taller than most kids her age, so modeling feels like the perfect fit.

Peyton may have a natural knack for modeling, but dance will always be an important part of her life. It’s a creative outlet for expression that has helped her in so many ways:

“I love dance because I can express myself. No matter who is watching I am dancing for myself. When I get on stage I dance for myself not the judges. The judges are only three opinions. I will learn and grow from their critiques, but in the end the way I feel after I finish my routine and walking off stage proud of what I just expressed is all that matters to me,” Peyton says. Dancing is a creative artform just like the rest of the arts. It allows you to express things that words may not be able to capture and challenges you to dig deep. That’s one of the many reasons why choosing a dance coach can be crucial to your growth as a dancer. You want to be sure they are a good fit for you all around. There are always particular characteristics you should look for, like patience, knowledgeability, professionalism, and reliability, but a coach that’s genuinely interested in nurturing your skillset and keeping your best interest in mind at all times is important. “I think when you find the perfect dance coach, the coach can choreo24 2019

graph to your strengths and can safely train you without injury,” Peyton says. She has worked with many people who she’s loved to work with over the years. All of her teachers knew her strengths and weaknesses. There is one coach, in particular, that stands out, though. “I feel I have the perfect dance coach in Coach Amber. She will ask me if I understand what she is asking of me and if I’m confused, she explains or shows me in a way for me to understand,” Peyton tells us. “Finding a dance coach who will be at your dance competitions is also a plus,” she adds. Peyton’s coach is often there to accompany her 2 hours before she performs, is backstage with her, is there during the awards ceremony, and even meets up for dinner afterwards. This isn’t always necessary for a coach to be considered great, but when one possesses these qualities, it creates more of a family feel and is really encouraging for dancers. Peyton also points out a few characteristics that are helpful to possess as a dancer in the industry. Some of the most important qualities she mentions are a good work ethic, flexibility, strength, and taking direction well. These are definitely important qualities to have in any industry. Being coachable and having a good work ethic in the world of dance are ones that will never steer you wrong. You can always work to become more flexible and stronger. Peyton knows the importance of these

qualities firsthand and encourages those seeking a As of right now, Peyton doesn’t have any upcoming career in dance to ensure they embrace those qualities, projects to share. She did tell us she has recently tapped into her desire to sing and will be documenting that along with the others. journey for fans, but doesn’t have a timeline for that just All the training and performing doesn’t leave Peyton a yet. She’s still working on building up the confidence whole lot of time for much else. When she does find to record herself. When she does, the videos will be time, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her posted on her YouTube account. Her mom hasn’t even family and play with her animals. She also loves to go watched her sing yet, so maybe with a little encourageshopping with her mom and always enjoys dinner ment from her fans, she’ll share her beautiful voice with outings with the family. “My favorite restaurant is us! As far as her dance career, she hopes to join the Benihana. We tend to go there for all special occasions likes of her fellow castmate JoJo Siwa and perform at and birthdays,” she tells us. “We all have such a busy the Kid’s Choice Awards one day. Until then, she’ll be schedule that when we have a day off, I like to spend it working away to hone her dancing skills and cultivate with family,” Peyton continues. You can imagine just the necessary skills for her new endeavors. Be sure to how busy she is with all the different hats she’s taken follow Peyton on IG @peyton_kaye_ and subscribe to on. her YouTube channel for support and to watch her incredible journey. 2019 25




Julius A ge: 3 Locat i on: New Bedford, MA P hot ographer: Ivana Doria-Aiello (@ivanadoriaphoto) Model wearing and selected by: Omami Mini (@omamimini) Julius loves to cook and enjoys being active! He loves yoga, soccer, and basketball.

26 2019



Age: 8 Location:Liverpool, UK Photographer: Dani Geddes Photography (@danigeddes) Model wearing and selected by: La Petit Tom (@lepetittom) India writes poems and has been published two times in the last year. She also graced the red carpet at a Leicester Square Premiere and had a kiss from Ben Afleck. 2019 27


(@everydayevangeline) A ge: 12 Loc at i on: Brooklyn, NY P hot ographer: Lily Shames Photography (@lilyshamesphotography) Model wearing and selected by: Izzy Be Clothing (@izzybeclothing) Evangeline is a technically trained competitive dancer.

28 2019



Age: 15 Months Location:Pittsburgh, PA Photographer: Laura Mares Photography (@lauramaresphotography) Model wearing and selected by: The Yellow Bunny (@the_yellow_bunny) Emilia loves music from playing her little piano to dancing any song you put on. 2019 29

Charlotte (@charlottecate_z)

Age: 11 Locat i on: Orange County, CA Phot ographer: Alexa Machado Photography (@amphotographygallery) Model wearing and selected by: Chick ( Charlotte just moved to California from New York and is a model, actress, and Straight A Student! In her spare time she loves to dance and spend time with her friends.

30 2019



Ag e : 1 Locat ion :Arizona Photo g ra p h e r: Michelle Herrick (@michelleherrick) Model wearing and selected by: Miele Moda (@miele_moda) After being on the adoption list for over two years Nevaeh’s parents were finally blessed with this “little angel”.


(@zae_and_che) Age: 5 Location: San Francisco, CA P h o t o g ra p h e r : Dave Feiling (@dafeiling) Model wearing and selected by: Shop B Unek (@shopbunek) Rylin loves to sing, dance, travel to different places, model and take pictures. Her favorite foods are steak and chicken.

Sophia (@fifi.marie.c)

Age: 1 Location:New York City, NY Photographer: Lily Shames (@lilyshamesphotography) HMUA: Dorothy Czudziak (@styledbydorothy) Model wearing and selected by: Better Baby Boutique (@better_baby_boutique) “Fifi� enjoys music and children videos in many languages other than English. 2019 33


(@vinnylovestovogue) A ge: 6 Location: Chicago, IL P hot ographer : Monika Cioban (@masquer8_photography) Model wearing and selected by: Couture Baby (@couturebabyss) I’m a designer and creator. I love to express my creativity through fashion design, hair, and makeup!

34 2019



Age: 11 Location:California Photographer: Lauren Irwin (@elsierosephotography) Model wearing and selected by: Nun Kids (@nunkidsofficial) have 4 sisters and my mom has 4 sisters! Girls rule in my family! 2019 35


Mckenna Written by: Sandra Current Photography: Lilly K Photography HMUA: Sophia Bawany Wearing: Gucci by Melijoe Paris

Mckenna Grace may be one of Hollywood’s hottest child stars in the biz right now. This Texas native has been all over the big screen these past few years starring in major films next to some of entertainments biggest names. And she’s not even a teenager yet! How did she propel to stardom so quickly? We’re not sure, but one thing we do know is her acting abilities and lovable personality probably have something to do with it. That along with her incredible work ethic. She’s an amazing actress and an even more amazing human being. Let’s get to know a little more about the Marvel-ous Mckenna Grace. 2019 37


I sat and watched them all and told my Mom that I wanted to do movies like her


Mckenna knew she wanted to be an actress very early on in life. At the age of 5, a very popular child star caught her attention and drew her into the entertainment biz. Can you guess who that child star is? We’ll give you a hint, she was deemed America’s Little Darling. That’s right, it’s Shirley Temple! Mckenna watched every Shirley Temple movie available, which were graciously provided to her by her great grandmother. “I sat and watched them all and told my Mom that I wanted to do movies like her,” she tells us. Mckenna’s mom took her comments seriously and quickly signed her up for a local acting class. That was seven years ago, and now this well-versed actress has been in more hit films and on more popular shows than you can imagine. Some of the movies she’s been featured in include Independence Day: Resurgence, How to Be a Latin Lover, Amityville: The Awakening, I, Tonya, The Bad Seed, Gifted, Troop Zero, and Captain Marvel. She’s also been featured on several highly-rated shows like The Haunting of Hill House, Designated Survivor, Young Sheldon, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Fuller House, Bizaardvark, and Once Upon a Time. That doesn’t include her voice-overs on Elena of Avalor, The Lion Guard, Angry Birds, and Lego Batman. There’s many more where that came from, but we’re sure you catch the drift. This little lady is busy and has built up a very long resume in just seven years. If you haven’t seen the movies or shows, check them out and try to point her out. She gets pretty deep into character, so it might not be as easy as you think.

For those who’ve seen Mckenna in action, it’s probably safe to say horror movies are your thing. She’s very versatile and has definitely nailed her roles in other genres, but those fright-filled, fear-inducing films are kind of her specialty. She’s a big fan of horror movies herself, so working with this genre is no big deal for her. “My Dad and I love watching scary movies. My mom not so much!” Mckenna says. You can imagine the excitement when they found out Mckenna would be cast in the upcoming horror film Annabelle 3. You guys may have seen the first two Annabelle’s and they’re pretty scary. “My Dad was really excited when we found out I was going to do Annabelle 3. He visited the set and we geeked out over the doll,” she adds.

ent for actors and actresses. In fact, it’s so much likefilming basic scenes that Mckenna often has to psyche herself out. “For me, it's not really scary while we are filming, so I have to kind of trick myself into feeling emotional or scared. The final edit is much scarier than when we are actually filming.” It always looks so real from the viewer perspective, which, of course, means the actors and actresses did a great job!

Getting in character and fully embracing the essence of her character is Mckenna’s main focus when taking on roles. She tries to do as much research and to become as much like the character in her real life as she can. Her goal is to make characters seem as real and authentic as possible on screen. She reflects on different charFrom the outside, filming horror/thriller scenes for acters she’s had to play over the years: movies seems like it’d be just as scary as what we experience when watching those scenes, but it’s way 2019 39

“While we were filming Annabelle, I carried around a rosary in my pocket. While I was filming Troop Zero, I only washed and brushed my hair a couple times a week and I stopped wearing my braces. Filming The Haunting of Hill House was a bit hard, because my character Theo wasn't like me at all in real life. She is very reserved and doesn't socialize. We filmed that for so long that she was hard to let go of when we finished. It took me a little while to get back to my normal self!”

Breaking out of character when a film or show is complete is one of the unspoken challenges of acting. Sometimes actors/actresses put so much into becoming their on-screen character and perform in that role for so long that they lose themselves when they’re finally off set. That’s always something to keep in mind, but nothing that should stop you from pursuing your dreams of acting. It’s just always important to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. The off-screen Mckenna is a sweet, bubbly, and polite young girl that loves life. She’s vibrant, articulate, and has an incredibly infectious smile. She’s actually very similar to her character Christmas Flint in Troop Zero. Christmas is a very weird, quirky girl who doesn't always feel like she fits in. In the movie, she meets a group of misfits that don’t feel like they fit in at all, so they form a group that they can belong to and be themselves in. “When I started filming that with the other kids in the movie, it felt very natural. We formed a friendship and acceptance of each other for who we are in real life too. It was very special,” she tells us. Being able to be your real self and relate to your character makes work feel less like a job and more like an everyday adventure. It’s not often one can land a role like that.

Something else you may not know about Mckenna is she’s a vegetarian. That means she doesn’t eat any meat. Vegetarians generally consume fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts, and some animal byproducts. Her love for animals is what inspired her to adopt that lifestyle and it shows just how kind and genuine her spirit is. When it comes to her favorite meal, mac-and-cheese is her go-to. She loves peas too, but mac-and-cheese has her heart. Who doesn’t love mac-and-cheese?! In her downtime, you can find her hanging out with friends, obsessing over Harry Potter and Pokémon ,building Legos, collecting stuffed animals, finding bugs, or channeling her love for music. In fact, singing and writing music are hobbies that Mckenna thoroughly enjoys and partakes in whenever she gets the chance. You can find glimpses of her singing and showing off her other musical abilities on her IG account. In the future, Mckenna hopes to still be acting and hopes to have added a hairless cat to her family! She’s

not quite sure what feats she’ll have conquered by then, but there’s no doubt that she’ll be somewhere on your television screen. She may even be in your playlist! Either way, her career is still budding and we’re sure there’s lots more in store for this talented actress. Mckenna offers a bit of sound advice for anyone looking to follow in her footsteps.

“Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big they may seem. Be kind to others and to yourself and don't be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes, learn from them and keep trying to be your best self. Things take time and hard work, believe the best!” You can find more information about Mckenna on her IMDb profile and her website You can also follow her on Instagram @mckennagraceful, as well as on Twitter @MckennaGraceful. 2019 41

@miele_moda Miele Moda


Deanie wittkamp By Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Deanie Wittkamp

Hands on experience through trial and error have been my classroom.

Driven. That’s one of the best words to describe the talented Deanie Wittkamp. She’s an up and coming couture designer and published photographer who is a true example of a go-getter. Judging by her portfolio of whimsical, edgy yet glamorous dresses as well as her dreamy and elegant photos, one would never know that Wittkamp has only been pursuing her passion for fashion for a short time. It was only a little over three years ago when she met her husband who introduced her to her first DSLR camera. That day she fell in love (with the camera AND the man) and they have been her constant companions ever since! At the beginning of 2018, Deanie had a dream that she was a designer, so without much hesitation, by March 2018 she started designing couture dresses. She is excited to see where this path takes her! Wittkamp is a fairly new empty nester so she enjoys the newfound freedom. She has been using that time to learn new things and grow her business. She loves that her new career affords her the opportunity to do most of her work in pajamas and slippers. The hardest part of it all is letting herself

enjoy the learning process. Deanie Wittkamp is primarily self-taught, her only formal training has been online from some professionals in the business. She learns a lot from Youtube and says, “Hands on experience through trial and error have been my classroom.” She’s also very hard on herself. She gets frustrated with herself when she doesn’t understand something that she’s trying to teach herself and has to constantly remind herself “part of the fun is the learning process.” One of the biggest obstacles in Wittkamp’s career thus far has been starting from scratch with this newfound passion that she’s turned into a business. Every single part of the business is new to her- from learning all the functions of the camera and how to use Photoshop, to dress-making, marketing, sales, the ins and outs of industry life, unleashing her creativity, etc. She says, “It’s all new ground for me by just a few years. It’s intense.” In the future, she hopes to incorporate more runway and travel photography into her lifestyle.

A typical day for this ambitious entrepreneur starts at 5am with coffee, prayer, and devotion. On some days she still works her day job in surgery. Next, it’s on to social media marketing and connecting with people, then editing, creating and working on new ideas, then sewing. In her free time, Wittkamp enjoys thrift shopping, going on long drives, spending time with family and friends, quiet time, and sleeping. When it comes to fashion, Deanie loves large statements as well as bold and colorful florals and prints. She describes it as “flower overload!” Her favorite color is red and she prefers to use mesh and tulle fabric. She says, “I love them because there’s so much creative freedom in them. They are a blank canvas to create all things applique and all things 3D notions! From flowers to fluff in endless colors, all things are possible!” 2019 47

Kids are the heartbeat of life.

From Left to Right: LaLa, Regan, Kayra, Chasney, and Meeka

The most challenging part of Wittkamp’s job is dealing with the criticism- the voices that say she’s not good enough or how she will never overcome her fears enough to succeed. She says, “It’s a constant battle to look into the face of that voice and stand up for myself… that face is the one I see in the mirror. I’m my worst enemy when it comes to overcoming fear and doubt.” Hands down, Deanie’s favorite kind of photography is styled portraiture. She gushes, “I love, love, love portrait art! I’m still exploring my favorite type of portrait, but I simply adore the beautiful eyes that God gave us and watching them come to life in print.” Wittkamp absolutely loves everything about photographing kids. Most of her adult life she’s been a youth pastor or teen mentor, so it’s just natural for her. She says, “Kids are the heartbeat of life. They drive my purpose and bring sanity to this crazy life on earth. They are a ton of whimsical fun and animated creativity that only slows down for sleep. They keep me young at heart.” Deanie is inspired by the success of others. “Overcomers inspire me,” she says. “Those who pass fear by on their way to adventure… they inspire me the most.” Maybe that’s part of why she’s become successful so quickly. Overcoming the challenges of being new to the industry, learning by trial and error, developing her own personal style, and defeating the self-doubt are great motivators to keep her pushing forward and reaching new heights!

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A Mother’s Perspective By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photography: Dave Feiling (@dafeiling)

What does it take to hit 100,000 online followers? Well insta-darling Jordan Jeanna (@jordan.jeanna) will soon find out! At seven years old Jordan has nearly reached that coveted social media mark. Yet, her success goes well beyond numbers, with a modeling portfolio filled with big name brands, she is on her way to success beyond her online profile. Sure those gorgeous big brown eyes and her signature long, luxurious hair have been instrumental in catching the eye of fans, but there is one person in particular that has been the main source of her success. It could be said that behind every great child model (and actors too), is an equally dedicated and professional guardian and often times, that person’s name is mom. For Jordan’s mom, Martha, it has been an easy choice to help her daughter excel in a career that she loves, but it is not a lifestyle for just any mother and there are many things to consider before taking that leap.

Ask yourself if YOU are ready? Believe it or not, even if your child truly has what it takes, it cannot happen without someone to be there for them. “I am a stay at home mum, which makes things way easier for all of us at home especially for Jordan’s work.” Says Martha who had already begun investing her free time into sharing cute photos of Jordan on her social media well before she began doing it professionally. These days, social media plays a huge role in getting noticed, yet it was just something she did for the fun of it; sharing moments of her in her natural setting, eating breakfast, playing with paints or with her brothers. Then a local children's boutique began following her, followed by a direct message. “They asked if Jordan could wear their product for one of the posts and they would repost it," says Martha "I accepted, not convinced that I could do it." It ended up being a wonderful experience for both of them. "I honestly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my sweet Jordan, but regardless of what happens, these experiences will forever be cherished."

Take advantage of the teaching moments: When a child is on a paying job, there is a certain level of expectation for them to perform. Yet if it is a professional crew, used to working with children, they will understand that kids do not always cooperate the way adults do. Just as a child needs to learn to stay still and quiet in church, when on a set parents can apply the same sort of life lessons. "I remember once when Jordan was 4 we were shooting at the beach and she found a baby crab and after that moment all she wanted to do was play with the little crab," says Martha. "I kindly reminded her how everyone’s time is valuable and that we needed to respect the photographer’s time." Of course you do keep in mind that these are children and there is a time and place for fun too. So in that moment Martha also told Jordan she would be rewarded with ice cream when they were done. "I strongly believe there’s always an opportunity to teach our children a life lesson about respect and responsibility, even when in her case, she was a toddler. I never in my life imagined doing something like this. I am over the moon! Jordan works tirelessly every day with determination and always pushing herself to do better. I love seeing her gain confidence while doing what she loves. I make sure she knows I wholeheartedly support her in what she does and share her enthusiasm, never making her feel uncomfortable or obligated to continue her modeling career. But, most importantly I always remind her to stay humbled and grateful."

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Don’t fall too hard for the luxury lifestyle: For Martha and Jordan staying in hotels can make them homesick, it's hard to be away from the things and people you love most, and you may find yourself splurging to make up for those feelings. Sure at times you feel like a jetsetter, you are traveling the world (or the country), staying in hotels and ordering room service. For many, this can mean getting in over your head financially. Think about why you've chosen this path for your child. If you are doing this to create a firm monetary foundation for your child’s future then budgeting can be key. Don’t spend all the earnings on the extras."As a mum I find it challenging to stay within our budget when traveling," says Martha. "Too many temptations to buy everything we see and Jordan doesn’t really help, but overall I think we are doing better now."

Don't be a "Stage Mom" - leave it to the experts: The dreaded "Stage Mom" is something that industry experts do not look forward to and it can have negative effects on your child's success. These are parents who hover, think they know what will work best for their child better than the experts, and often does not keep their children's best interest in mind. "Everything that I’ve done for her has been done by following my heart and my motherly instinct and by doing tons of research. I am thankful that I’ve had many good faith industry related people with experience help us by giving me tips and pointing us in the right directions.The most enjoyable experiences are the amazing people we have met, the new friends we make, the places we go and everything that she has learned from others. Every person; photographers, models, designers, makeup artists, coaches, have made this journey one of the most enjoyable and cherish-able in life so far." There is a difference between the "Stage Mom" and a mother who is doing due diligence to ensure the best experience for their child. "Be patient and persistence, don’t let any bumps on the road discourage your child from becoming what they want, and ask questions, ask a lot of questions, it could be overwhelming at moments but it is more rewarding then scary when the right doors open."

Sparing time for siblings: "I can never stop feeling guilty about not being able to full-time parent my now 12 and 10’ year old sons when Jordan and I are out of town or away from home shooting," says Martha. "At times they ask to come along, as a mother that is a tough experience." It is true, when visiting sets it is important not to bring along any extra friends or family that could be distracting. So for a parent with other children not in the biz, make sure you put in the effort to set aside a special time for each of them when you are home. Not just for you but for the model as well "Jordan loves to swim with her brothers!" Be sure to show each child that they are equally as important, just in different ways. Check in regularly, ask them about their day, and from time to time, put a modeling job on hold to also celebrate a special milestone or accomplishment with your other children.

Understand that this may not be their forever future: Continue to explore all your child's interests, do not let this take over without allowing time to discover new things. "Even at her young age, Jordan has always expressed her desire to become a veterinarian and to succeed as an international model and an actress," says Martha. "She also said that if she has time during high school she wants to have a part time job at McDonald’s." It's natural for children to jump around from idea to idea when a new thing catches their eye. As a parent don't force too much upon them and help them in the discovery process. "Jordan recently expressed her interest in learning piano and taking acting lessons, I am very content to see she is enjoying these activities more than I thought she would. My dream is to support her dream and lift her spirit so she can achieve her life goals."

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