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CoverModel: Isabella (@isabellabarrett123) Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) Location: New York, NY BackModel:CoverGabby(@gabby_lana) Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) Dress: Your Fairy Godmother Couture Location:(@yourfairygodmothercouture) New York, NY Table of Contents Picture Model: Miladeya (@miladeya_) Photographer: M Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography) Location: Los Angeles, CA Editor: Damon Ross DDS Contributing Kid Editors: Maddie Delbridge & Annie Delbridge Graphic/Web Designer: Mandy Hernandez Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey 4 Editor’s Letter 5 What Is Fashion To Me? (Elettra)) 6 International Acting Business 12 Cake Designer (Ziona) 18 Western Region Top 10 28 Cover Story: Isabella Barrett 34 Top 10 Kid Entrepreneurs 46 NE Region Top 10 56 Featured Photographer: M. Francke Photography 62 Central/International Region Top 10 74 SE Region Top 10 84 How To Become An Model: Gabby

4 Editor’s Letter

Ever since Covid, things have changed for businesses. If you’re not changing with the times, you’re going to get left behind! I decided to do this issue because I wanted to see how our future business owners think and what they think of business now. I also wanted to see how creative people could get with combining business and fashion. Really hope you enjoy reading this one!

Our Cover Model is the Smart and Beautiful Isabella Barrett shot by Ivona Kaplan. Isabella became a millionaire as a teenager. In her article she talks about business and how she has become so successful! It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have her as our Cover Model and I can only imagine what her futureInholds!our 27th Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to Me” by Elettra and learn more about the process of getting into the US, international kid actors have to go through. See amazing surf shop pictures from our Featured Photographer: M. Francke Photography. You will also learn how seven year old Ziona got started in the cake decorating business. Don’t forget to read the very informative article by Gabby on “How To Become A Model”. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Models, Top 10 Kid Entrepreneurs, and the cool ads with Mem bers who won FREE photoshoots. Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at www.kidfashmaga For special events and opportunities, contin ue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!!  Be blessed!

Model: Elettra (@elettra.carter)


Photographer: Artkeh (@artkeh)

Fashion means to me that I can express how I feel with my fit each day! Fashion is about showing your identity. It’s so important to stay true to yourself be your own trend setter! Some days I dress sporty or live in my Foxysleotards but other days I like to be all girly and dress up. A fun fact about me is I like to collect Jordan 1 shoes. Also I walked the NYFW run way when I was 4.

THE ENTERTAINMENTU.S. INDUSTRY The Business øḟ Breaking Into

Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotograpphy)

By Shannon Copcutt

LOS ANGELES— The U.S. entertain ment market and Hollywood in particu lar, has always been viewed as THE market for aspiring actors and models, where many have gone on to become a household name. And for actors and models based in the UK, breaking into the U.S. is key to accessing the doors that could help boost their career to that level of superstardom. And isn’t that the Althoughdream?entertainment has become more globally reaching than ever before, with TV streaming services featuring content from countries all over the globe, actors and models still seek the plentiful opportunities that lie within the U.S. entertainment industry, so making a move to the U.S. is on the radar for many actors that reside Why?abroad.To be precise, British actors and models making the leap into the U.S. gain a wider scope of castings and bookings that comes with the Goli ath-sized American entertainment industry. Talent expands their connec tions with big names in the industry, increasing their chances of booking something—and even something BIG-- by coming over to the states and signing with a U.S. agency. And let’s not forget that the pay in the U.S. is typically more than other countries. This is just what Camera Ready Events— a collaboration between Carol Wilson of LSI Talent and Elsie Rose Photograpy-- have been doing successfully for years, according to Carol Wilson of LSI Talent Manage ment. And the actors do not necessari ly have to be clients of either company,

“The opportunities Camera Ready gave us in LA were incredible. Being face-to-face with top casting directors and agents was worth traveling for. Then 8

“They also have great fun and make great friends for life.”

“IT IS ALL ABOUT MAKING CONNECTIONS WITH CASTING DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, DIRECTORS AND AGENTS,” they just have the desire to expand their horizons. “It is all about making connec tions with casting directors, producers, directors and agents,” said Wilson. They also take dance classes and mindfulness sessions while in LA that help them to cope with the tough industry they are in, she said. And “the opportunities are greater [in the US], so being in multiple markets is a huge benefit for talent,” Wilson noted. After all, the more contacts and exposure an actor has, the more likely they will be able to book great jobs.

Camera Ready Events has been crossing over with talented actors for some time. And those who are successful in the states are viewed as extraordinary talents with untapped potential. For example, just recently talented young actors Elliot Rose and Matilda Freeman both signed to Innovative Artists while in Los Angeles.

being signed by Innovative Artists was a dream come true, which is taking my career to new heights and launching me in LA,” said Rose. “The opportunity to take a class with top accent coach Gabby Santinelli and a booth session with voiceover reel with Ramon de Ocampo were highlights of the trip. Then signing with Abby Bluestone of Innovative Artists has opened up so many auditions for amazing roles,” said Freeman. The process is not a walk in the park, however. Talent must first get a visa or green card to work in the states. This is a timely and costly measure. After that is com pleted, to secure representation in the U.S. talent should be ready to show proof they are at that level in their career – this includes building their resume, keeping press articles, and maintaining professional relation ships with known directors and producers. In essence, showing the effort, work, and commitment they have put into their career thus far.


Once repped in the U.S., talent based abroad has access to those coveted acting opportunities that large Hollywood studios offer, where most major movies are made or started. They are tapped into major castings, and with castings done via self-tape and Zoom calls, access is much easier. According to experts, these online or tech-based forms of castings will not be disappearing any time soon, so being overseas is less of a hindrance for actors than ever before.


The appeal is real, and actors from the UK and other countries are trying to make the leap to the U.S. enter tainment industry, and all that comes with it including the lure of the lifestyle of being a working actor in America. “We have had many success stories. It is always wonderful to see British actors make their mark in the U.S.,” said Wilson. For example, actor Elliot Rose, “recently appeared alongside Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard and many other A-list actors in the Robert Eggers movie The Northman,” she added. “And actor Taylor Fay will appear in the MGM series Last Light directed by Dennie Gordon.” Both U.S. produc Takingtions. the plunge into the U.S. entertainment market (especially LA) is an exciting venture for an actor for sure. And the trip is not easy or inexpensive. But most would argue that the cost of this process is certainly outweighed by the potential of new work. And once a job has been booked abroad travel and accommodations for the actor are usually covered by the production com pany. Like acting classes and headshots, taking the steps to get repped in the U.S. should be viewed as an invest ment; one that can reap many benefits.




Zironchi Cakes Maddie Delbridge & Annie Delbridge Revelation Photography (@omprakashparker)


It is often said that the family that plays together stays together - for Chika, Ronke, Ziona, and Zeke Wali, the tight-knit family behind the self-made bakery phenomenon, Zironchi Cakes, there is plenty of playing, praying, baking, and working, all together. This amazing family is an inspirational role model for us all, demonstrating how they work together as a family to build their thriving business, located in Ban galore, India, but enjoying global recog nition through the power of the Internet and their beautiful Instagram feed, @zironchicakes, where they share plenty of tips and advice for those who hope to follow in their footsteps, too. This amazing family is an inspirational role model f us all

Beautifully decorated cakes for all types of celebrations are showcased at @zironchi cakes. We interviewed the youngest member of this family, seven-year-old Ziona, affectionately called "Zizi" by her family, who is often featured displaying her amazing decorating skills, which she started working on at the young age of six! She shares that she started by watching her parents bake and decorate cakes, and asking them if she could start helping as well. Her father, Mr. Chika, would give her the scraps or left-over cakes to practice on, and her mother, Mrs. Chika, would provide her with cake dummies to learn and prac tice. Gradually, over time Zizi started making and decorating birthday cakes for friends and helping out on incoming orders while continuing to build her impressive cake decorating skills. Zizi started making practice cakes to give away to neighbors or friends, specifically working on designs she knew she loved like, the famous "Pop-It Cake" or "Mermaid Cake," both featured on their colorful Instagram feed. Zizi is now well-versed in the art of deco rating signature cakes such as these, and will often try out new cake designs to learn as well.

She shares that she started by watching herparents bake and dec ate cakes



Mr. and Mrs. Chika are always with Zizi when she makes her cakes, "guiding and encouraging me whenever I face an obstacle. They always support me and believe I can do any design," she shares. "Every cake I make is different from the previous one, so I always face a new obstacle which is different from the last one," she explains, noting that she especially loves to try difficult cakes. An especially challenging order involved draping a globe-shaped cake with fondant, and though it took a lot of time, she was proud of what she was able to accom plish! She studies cake videos and practices techniques and cakes completed by well-known cake artists in the industry. Zizi and Mrs. Chika are especially inspired by the artistic cake deco rating work of Yolanda Gampp, who makes realistic cakes. In fact, Zizi's dream is to "be as good as her" when she grows up. A fun fact about Zizi is that she does not eat a lot of cake herself, sometimes enjoying just the plain sponge vanilla or chocolate cakes with a little Nutella spread on top. Zizi and her parents credit the love and passion they share with each other and put into each cake they make, for the success of their busi ness, and are especially inspired by the feed back and positive responses from her friends and followers around the world. Zizi explains the special power of cakes to "Bring their [her friends'] favorite things in the form of cake to make the celebration perfect. They get to eat yummy cake as well as have it designed in their favorite character or thing!" The Zironchi Cakes family's advice to all who hope to build a successful family business like theirs is to "Never give up even when it seems impossible. Have the courage to NEVER give up on your dream and passion." Sounds like amazing advice from an amazing family. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Chika, Zizi, and Zeke, for inspiring us to dream big! Every cake I make is different om the previous one,


Business to me is putting all of your love and passion into a project and watching it blossom into the dream you set out to conceive. Age: 4 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Margallete Francke (@m.franckephotography) EDEN (@kfarb21) west e r n r e gion 10 noigernretsew to p models ...... 18

Business to me is finding a purpose while having fun making the things I love most. Age: 13 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Margallete Francke (@m.franckephotography) LIELLE (@lula_candle_co) 19

Business to me is trading/ using the skills I have to make money. Age: 15 Location: Irvine, CA Photographer: David Gao (@likefilm_david) ARIEL (@arielwanggggg) 20

Business to me is full of beauty and passion. Age: 17 Location: California Photographer: David Gao (@likefilm_david) RACHEL (@rachelwangmusicc) 21

Business to me is having the opportunity to pursue something that I love while living a life that I love. Passion should be your purpose. Age: 13 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Justine’s Photography (@justinesphotography_) JORDYN (@jordyncuret_) 22

Business to me is building my Dream. Age: 7 Location: California Photographer: Ava Cantrell Photography (@avacantrellphotography) DARYA (@Sweetdarya_m) 23

Business to me is about creating wealth and value in your own way and with wisdom. Age: 12 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: David Gao (@likefilm_david) TIFFANY (@tiffanywang808) 24

Business to me is trading/ using the skills I have to make money. Age: 13 Location: Irvine, CA Photographer: David Gao (@likefilm_david) BRENDA (@brendahou41) 25

Business to me is a way to earn a living while doing something you love! Age: 12 Location: Phoenix, AZ Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography) KAYLA (@kayla_az13) 26

Business to me is working hard to achieve your dreams! Age: 6 Location: Los Angeles, CA Photographer: Elsie Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography) ZOEY (@zoey.bellz) 27


Written By: Sandra Sherard

Photography: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

“The level of success I have created came from having such a huge national platform to be involved with”

We can’t discuss business without discuss ing self-made millionaire, Isabella Barrett. She is a well-known child TV star, model, singer, influencer, and designer with a line of attire and accessories that are sure to have you wanting more. Isabella saw a void in the fashion industry and took on the task of filling it like many successful business people and entrepreneurs do. This led to a niche that has blossomed into a chic, stylish brand that sells everything from high-end skirt suits to comfy casual wear. It has also put Isabella on the map and given her the opportunity to branch out and explore other Basedventures!in both Rhode Island and New York City, this 15-year-old teen mogul is making her mark all over the globe, but her home town in Rhode Island is where her heart is.

Many of you may recognize Isabella from the show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’ This iconic show changed her life in so many ways! “The level of success I have created came from having such a huge national platform to be involved with. One of Isabella’s most memorable moments on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ was when she said, "I put the “it” in Italian baby " on the show. “People still come up to me and say that to this day,” she laughs.

Now if you haven’t been to Rhode Island, Isabella tells us, “Rhode Island is one of the most beautiful States you will ever visit!” They are known as the Ocean State because they have a beautiful coastline. She recom mends spending time in Newport, specifi cally. “From our cobblestone streets, cute shops, to sunset cruises and historical man sions, this is where I spend my summers when I am not traveling. Taylor Swift even owns a home here because of the beauty of the ocean and the easy commute to NYC by train!” Isabella says. 29

Isabella mentions how grateful she is for all the TV opportunities she was given, “as they were like commercials for things I wanted to promote and do,” including becoming a fashion designer.

Isabella’s fashion line, House of Barretti, highlights her creative expression and has helped to make a name for Isabella in the fashion world. House of Barretti has even graced the stage of NYFW on multiple occasions. Her couture suits are definitely a visual of her passion and commit ment to creating chic, high-quali ty products. Isabella was actually inspired to dabble in fashion design pretty early on.

Being on TV as a child not only gave Isabella an amazing platform to reach millions of people but it also served to propel her brand. She was able to use her success to promote and sell items, such as her “wear your wins” accomplishment bracelets, which went viral and became a house hold name called Glitzy Girl.


She was able to use her success to promote and sell items, such as her “wear your accomplishmentwins”bracelets

“My passion started when I started designing my own pageant dresses for competition. As I started to do TV and film, I wanted to design cute clothing that was also com fortable since I was wearing it most of the day. Chanel has been a big inspiration to me and classic looks with a more youthful feel is what House of Barretti represents.” 31

While all of her collections house beautiful pieces, her custom, couture skirt suits are surely an eye-catcher. They capture the essence of style and beauty, while also providing comfort, and can definitely be classified as state ment pieces. “When looking for suits for different events, I found no one was making cute sets for teens that fit well. When I saw a gap in the market, I thought this would be a good item to offer as part of my already successful blazer line and people loved it,” Isabella says. A gap in the industry wasn’t the only driving factor in pursuing design. Fashion has also had a major impact on Isabella’s confi dence. As a little girl, anytime Isabella would go shopping and got new clothing she would run home and clean her whole room just to hang it all up. “The feeling of having something new to wear has always been exciting to me.” Isabella hopes to inspire others, especially girls, to feel confident and empowered with her clothing.

“When looking for suits for different events, I found no one was making cute sets for teens that fit well.”

“Being a true Entrepreneur is hard work, but hard work pays off.”


Like most self-made millionaires and entrepreneurs, Isabella’s ventures don not just stop at fashion. She also has a skincare and jewelry line, as well as gives busi ness tips and advice in her new book, such as what it takes to be an entrepreneur. “Being a true Entrepreneur is hard work, but hard work pays off. Having my busi nesses to work on after school or weekends has kept me on a great path and keeps my mind working productive ly. I love never being bored or not having something to do,” Isabella tells us. Not only that, but she shares some of the things she has learned along the way as a busi ness owner. “I have learned some of my best lessons through my failures. It’s important to know business is about learning, not just about yourself, but also your clients,” and she could not be more right! “Failure” in business, and in general, is simply a learning lesson that can redirect you to an even better path.

There are plenty of new projects in the works for Isabella. House of Barretti will soon be featured in Miami Swim Week, Hamptons Fashion Week, and NYFW, where they will showcase a new street wear collection, suits, and gowns. She also has a new book in the works called, "A Teen’s Guide to Business," which will be coming out in July 2022, and she has even been working on getting back into music! When she isn’t working hard on man aging all of her businesses, she either jet skiing, 4-wheeling, or just outdoors being active in some Toway.get the latest updates on Isabella and her House of Barretti collections, follow her on IG and FB at @houseofbarretti and @isabellabarrett123.

"A Teen’s Guide to Business," which will be coming out in July 2022, and she has even been working on getting back into music!

Ashton is an 8-year-old model, actor, and entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida. He was inspired to establish a street clothing brand—Ashton.ATM Clothing in August of 2020 and in 2021 became an entrepreneur trying to grow a clothing line. His line features clothing, shoes, accessories, and swimwear for kids, men, and women; as well as doggie tees. His love of fashion and desire to start a clothing line stems from his modeling experi ence, and his clothing designs match his personal style. Ashton T. McCorvey (ATM) Clothing has been featured in fashion shows in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami and hopeful ly soon—During NYFW. kid entrepreneurs ......


Photographer: CreativeSoul (@creativesoulphoto) ASHTON (@ashton.atm_clothing) Kid En t r e p r e neurs 10 sruenerpertnEdiK to p 35

Photographer: M. Francke Photography (@m.franckephotography) (@lula_candle_co) For as long as she can remem ber, Lielle Abrahami loved noth ing more than to light a cozy candle and snuggle up with a good book. During the pandemic lock-downs, Lielle picked up the hobby of making cozy candles of her own, using fresh scents she loved most. Eventually, she began making and gifting them to family and friends without a single thought to turn it into a business. Fast forward, 2 years later, she turned her passion into a business! Introducing LULA Candle Co., est. January 2022. Today, Lielle is a full time middle schooler, an active scouts member and a part-time candle maker… yet somehow, she still manages to read a new book every other week.


(@brookelaurenchildrensbrand) 36

Photographer: Blake Martin (@mrblakemartin)


Brooke LauRen Children’s Brand is owned by 7 year old Brooke Sumpter. Brooke Sumpter started showcasing her love for fashion at the age of 3 and ever since has been growing talent in that field. Brooke Sumpter was the youngest fashion designer to present in NYFW and ACFW. She was scout ed by multiple mall managements and now has her 1st physical retail location at Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ. Brooke LauRen has also driven our industry forward by becoming a seamstress at such a young age. Innovation and Inspi rational youth is what we call our fashion designer who can sew, sketch and measure. Our custom ers are thrilled to see Brooke Sumpter in action when they come into the store and see such great talent being performed on the floor.

Photographer: Cervantez In 2020, when I was 9 years old I started POPPIN’ POPS. My inspiration came from “NAILED IT” the baking show and I thought to myself “I could do that”. My parents thought it would just be a little lemonade stand business, but within the first week of post ing to social media I had over 14 orders! My business has grown to over 5 boutiques and one coffee shop carrying my prod ucts. I make CAKE POPS, break ables, cocoa bombs, chocolate dipped treats and sweet boards!! This year I have launched my nonprofit POPS with a PUR POSE. I have the privilege of serving my community and deliv ering pops to people who just need a smile! They come with handwritten inspirational notes.

(@lesliecervantezphotography) (@_poppin_pops_) 37



Photographer: Aga Manzo (@agamanzophotography) (@beachbeadsbyemma) 38 Beach Beads By Emma is my Small Business. It started off as a hobby and is now so much more! My bracelets are sold in four different stores in New Jersey: Spoon & Sip and Pappa gallo in Ocean City, Stacey's Surf and Paddle in Margate, as well as Nine North in Haddon field. You can also purchase them through my needsJersey$950helpproudOneandlovemaking@beachbeadsbyemma.InstagramIenjoythesebracelets,andImakingthemwithmyfriendsfamily.ofthethingsIammostofisusingmybusinesstoothers.InJuly,IdonatedinproceedstoaNewStatePoliceFamilythatalittleextralove. EMMA 39

Photographer: Steven Fleming (@steven.fleming.photographer)



Best friends, Myla and Liv, wasted no time during their COVID lockdown. After being frustrated at the lack of sustainable swimwear options avail able for their age group, they decid ed to take matters into their young hands and start their own swimwear label, Cinnamon Cove. Their goal is simple, to create stylish yet age appropriate swimsuits specifically targeted at the tween/ teen age group. They use sustain able fabrics and ensure they have little waste as sustainability is import ant to Beforethem.commencing this journey, they had no idea that the fast fash ion industry was a significant contributor to the world’s pollution problem. They are determined to show their age group that you can love fashion and still be friendly to the planet. Cinnamon Cove are all about slow fashion. Buy less, but buy the things you love. They design all of the swimwear themselves and get them manufactured in Australia. You can purchase their swimsuits through their

Photographer: Robert Rainbow (@portraits_by_rainbow)

(@tink.lashes) 40

Lashes is the love for all things. It’s for all kind of girls and women; of any age; with any kind of style looking to get started; feel inspired; and look stylish while doing it because lashes are a lifestyle. Lashes are as unique as you, because I want everyone that purchase my lashes to know that they are one of a kind, and that your lashes should be too! Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able to add more beauty prod ucts to my Lash line!

My name is Jordin Kumnog, and I am the owner of Tink Lashes. I am known as Tink Tink, and this is how I came up with the name of my lashes Tink Lashes. After stumbling upon lashes in the cheerleading world and seeing how everyone was using lashes to bring out their eyes, I decided to turn it into a business of my Tinkown.


Photographer: Tonya Turner (@tonyaturnerphoto) (@scarlettbellasong)

The mission behind the lux 15-piece inaugural Annie X Scar lett teen inspirational fashion jewelry collection is to spread messages of kindness, empow erment, collaboration, self-love and sisterhood throughout the teen community. Annie (of Annie and Sisters) and Scarlett designed these original crystal and precious metal pieces with a strong sense of purpose to unite and uplift teens. Essentially, the jewelry is a physical manifesta tion of the loving energy that we wish to send out into the world.


I hope that each person who wears a piece from the Annie X Scarlett collection feels like they received a heartfelt hug from us. I want each individual to feel the love and deep meaning infused into each piece. Hopefully the jewelry will unite us and help create an inclusive community where we uplift and support each other.

Photographer: Bill Krautler Photography (@billkrautlerphotography)


Adysen Mazzoni, the creative designer of the patent-pending Boss Bands. She is a 15-year-old level 10 gymnast at EVO. Addy was motivated to create some thing new after an injury on bars left her without her favorite wrist bands. Following her injury, she purchased several pairs of wrist bands but after multiple returns and failed test runs of other products, she decided it was time to design a pair of her own with gymnast comfort and safety in mind. That’s where Boss Bands was born - a wrist band designed specifically for grips to suit the needs of gymnasts. After several weeks, and many attempts, the perfect wrist band is complete. She always knew her focus was to avoid wrist wear and tear while providing much-needed wrist support. She also has a leotard line and just launched a training line for the Mens gymnastics as well.

(@chalkbossllc) 42 43

Photographer: Arun Nevader (@arunnevader) (@ashlynso_) Ashlyn So, teen fashion designer and accidental activist, founder of her own avant-garde brand, believes that fashion is an expression of oneself. Ashlyn has shown her collection 4 times. Her first show was at the age of 8 in Texas at Kidfash Show, and since then she has shown her collection three times during New York Fashion Week. On a day, when you feel down, what you wear will lift you up. On a day, when you need to fight, what you wear will shield and protect you with confidence. On a day, when you want to repre sent an ideology, fashion makes a statement. It’s a conversation starter and statement maker. Her last New York Fashion Week show combines her fashion style with activism empowering her community and speaking out for love and unity. Start your journey today with your very own Ashlyn So. Visit or Insta gram account @ashlynso_ for more information.


@ostrowskacouture Fairy, Artistic, and Unique

“Activewear that takes girls as seriously as they take themselves.”

Business to me is getting things done. Age: 11 Location: Hermitage, PA Photographer: Kate Smith Photography ( LILY (@misslily0702) north e a s t e r n regio n10 noigernretsaehtro n to p models ...... 46

Business to me is the hard work and dedication put into achieving growth and maturity both economically and individually. Age: 16 Location: Slippery Rock, PA Photographer: Kate Smith Photography ( LAINE (@lainee.palmerr) 47

Business to me is a way to earn money so that I can make my dreams come true. Age: 8 Location: New York, NY Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) MIA (@miagi_gi) 48

Business to me is great customer service. Age: 9 Location: New York City, NY Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) LEO (@leo_kidsmodel) 49

Business to me is turning a profit by honoring commitments. Age: 11 Location: Austintown, OH Photographer: Kate Smith Photography ( MADDOX (@maddoxraenigro) 50

Business to me is the stepping stone to success for the rest of my life! Age: 15 Location: Ohio Photographer: Kate Smith ( ) RAELYNN (@raelynn.hall) 51

Business to me is working hard in order to succeed, along with good advertising and of course a good model helps! Age: 14 Location: Mahopac, NY Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) LOLA Represented by @ttamodels_talent 52

Business to me is hard work and fair pay. Age: 14 Location: Queens, NY Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) MATTEO (@m_dundaa) 53

To me business is communication and success. Age: 14 Location: New York Photographer: Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan) CAROLINE (@carolinesaraa_) 54

Business to me is hard work and being focused to reach your goals. Age: 8 Location: Greenville, PA Photographer: Kate Smith Photography ( DEMI (@twirl_girl14) 55

PortraitPerfectionM. Francke Photography

By: Jennifer Pucci Starr

For more than 10 years, Los Angeles based photographer, M. Francke Photog raphy, has brought joy to so many with the beautiful moments she captures behind her lens. Every frame brings together magic and emotion through life events frozen in time. The beauty of a glowing mother-to-be, the peace of a sleeping newborn, the sparkle in a child's eye, all shine through in Francke's work. These cherished moments captured on film have become the foundation of M. Francke Photography. "It is a gift to be able to share the artistic layers of these lifetime memories," says Francke. More than just producing pictures on paper, Francke allows her artistic vision to push the creative envelope in every session.

"It is a gift to be able to share the artistic layers of these lifetime memories,"

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” With a degree in interior design, and a natural talent in art, an interest in photog raphy began to grow. "I started to play with creative captures of friends and their families," says Francke. One shoot led to another and Francke’s interest turned into a passion. She dove deeper into the art of editing, adding special effects into the final photograph. As Francke began to stock up on props she would seek out inspiration for her settings.


With a degree in interior design, and a natural talent in art, an interest in photography began to grow. "I started to play with creative captures of friends and their fami lies," says Francke. One shoot led to another and Francke’s interest turned into a passion. She dove deeper into the art of editing, adding special effects into the final photograph. As Francke began to stock up on props she would seek out inspiration for her settings. Throughout the years, Francke’s unique style has made her stand out amongst other photographers in her genre. Francke’s specialty and creativity is embedded with a variety of themes according to the season, the occasion and holidays. However, across every image, Francke stays true to her synchronized color palette. “The most valuable mentoring I received was not to buy anything that doesn’t match what I already have,” says Francke. “When I search for props, dresses and backgrounds, I invest in things that can be used interchangeably with different sets. Thus, this investment will be used more frequently as opposed to a single use session.”

A highlight of Francke's work is in her whimsical depic tions of scenes that are crafted right out of a fairytale. "Children are the most imaginative beings, they see magic, they feel magic; they ARE magic," says Francke. In fact, Francke'sphotography took off when she began creating unique enchanted fantasy children’s Franckeportraits. is inspired by children as they express their favorite character or feel playful and animated in a photo session. She takes that opportunity to breathe life into the most beautiful story telling image. Tapping into her own inner child has allowed Francke to connect with her clients on their level, playing games and indulging them to share what they love.

“The most valuable mentoring I received was not to buy anything that doesn’t match what I already have,”

A true testament to her client's appreciation comes from the returning clients and referrals that have allowed Francke's business to quickly catapult into a successful career. The stunning pregnancy portrait is followed by that same mother asking for newborn photos, as well as other milestones for her family that follow.

Another reward is the true connection and all of the emotions she gets to experience with the children and parents in sessions filled with laughs, smiles and even tears together. Francke feels that the moments captured are sacred and timeless and only the beginning of the journey where these photographic memories will travel through generations to come.

"I pour every inch of my perfectionism and creativity into shooting, editing and producing a unique collection of beautiful and timeless images.”

During the pandemic this need to indulge her client's imaginations became much more prevalent in her work. "Children’s imagination and creativity have been shad owed by screentime and staying indoors during events of the past few years," says Francke. "I see the change in the personality and social skills while shooting and I aim to guide and open the minds of these children." Though separated by a camera, Francke finds that the connection made between photographer and subject as essential to creating pieces that are filled with emotion.

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is getting to know the children and the families," says Francke, "thus being able to create portraits that reflect their unique Professingcharacters."thatshe is a bit of a perfectionist, Francke's talents reach far from just her camera as she transforms these photos into works of art using both her photogra phy and editing skills. "I pour every inch of my perfec tionism and creativity into shooting, editing and producing a unique collection of beautiful and timeless images. In our busy lives, it is important to take the time to capture the special milestones in life. The whole process of being apart of their life story has been truly incredible and it is a pleasure to be able to document family history in an artistic manner.”

Francke says there is a harmony between her and her clients that is essential in creating the perfect results. The experience of the photog rapher, their personal style, and the client’s desires and style, will guarantee the vision comes to life. The right photographer will become apart of a model’s creative team, and a fan of their journey and vision, as they cheer them on to success. “It is a reward to accompany every client that has entrusted me to be apart of their modeling journey,” says Francke.

“Deciding upon your photographer, is in essence, like the search for your soulmate,”

Beyond her portrait sessions, Francke has shared her talents with many others in the industry. She has worked with celebrities, influencers, models and other artists seeking the best content for their portfolios. A model and a photographer are equally important to the success of a photoshoot. In order for a photographer to bring forth the model within every client, a special connection, experi ence, and guidance is imperative to achieve the desired look. The goal is to compliment the style and personality of both photogra pher and model. “Deciding upon your photographer, is in essence, like the search for your soulmate,” says Francke, "someone that speaks your “photo” language, your style, your colors, and personality.”

To Francke, photography is never simply what it looks like, but what feeling the picture evokes. “Whether I’m with children or adults, I’m using specific descriptions to teach them how to express emotion, evoke thoughts, and create the energy I’m looking for,” says Francke. “The authentic emotion of the pictures is what I find most intrigu ing.” This stands true across all of her sessions, but especially with children or women who feel less comfortable in front of the lens. The final outcome while overcom ing these discomforts, is what makes the most authentic images.


As a mother and full time photographer herself, Francke understand the struggles these women have to actually find time for themselves. “There are so many deserving of this,” says Francke. “I know how hard it is to step out of the comfort of being a nurturer to my family and focusing on myself.” Those days are the days Francke feels most fulfilled. “The mother on a glamorous set made just for her, makeup and hair done and wearing a gown that she probably would have never thought of wearing, and looking at the images I’m showing her in my camera, as she sits in disbelief with tears of joy and the biggest smile on her face asking me ‘Is that really me?' These are the magical moments I was blessed, as I give back to these deserving women.” In the industry of photography Francke would say that one of the most important rules of thumb would be to acknowledge your skill and know your worth in order to succeed. For her the goal is to offer something unique, something simply different and says to aspiring photog rapher to “ask yourself ‘what sets me apart from the photographer next door?’” She believes it is an absolute necessity to focus within the big picture of the desired goals and to create experiences that will lead there. “Experiences and focus will be your best guide,” says Francke, “and the most valuable lesson in this priceless Franckejourney.”is in awe of the opportunities photography has opened her up for her. The variety of clientele, cultures and creative spaces she can venture into with her camera has been unmeasurable. She has recently opened a beautiful and spacious full service studio, equipped with anything she needs for any portrait session. With a full service creative team Franke can now offer each client an experience filled with glam. Every growing business has its own challenges, but Francke takes those challenges as learning opportuni ties. “I look forward to the many experiences brought forth with new and return clients and setting new indus try standards by pushing creative boundaries in my new space.” Says Francke. In the near future, she hope to share her artistic knowledge and experience by teaching aspiring photographers how to tap into their artistic capabilities in the world of Fine Art photography.

Going mainstream and focusing on branding herself with world known names under her belt is always an amazing experience and fun story to share. However, Francke says that the truth is, this a job for them as well. “It is often not an investment nor a luxury to them and the emotions attached to yet another beautiful gallery of theirs is hardly the same as to someone who has never experienced this type of session as they see themselves in an fine portrait for the first time.” 61


As rewarding as it is connecting and networking among the elite in their industries, Francke’s heart belongs to the individuals that don’t have everyday access to these types of luxuries. "There’s something special about a hard working mother, who hasn’t gotten her makeup done since her wedding or hasn’t had a moment to herself since having children and turning her into a complete Goddess, bringing her beauty into a light she’s never seen before."

Business to me is to have your own business and being successful at it. Age: 11 Location: Perth, Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020) SIENNA (@reneerowe20) c e ntral& int e r n a t ionalregio n10 c enoigerlanoitanretni&lartn to p models ...... 62

Business to me means hard work. It’s being your own boss and turning your wildest dreams into a success. It’s taking risks and never giving up no matter how many ideas end up in the bin. Age: 10 Location: Perth, Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020) ALEXIS (@miss_lexi_jade) 63

Business to me is wearing my best blazer, bringing an energetic attitude, building a collaborative team and “Being da Boss”. Age: 14 Location: Chicago, IL Photographer: Shelley Gerodias ( NIXON (@nixon_snow_model_actress) 64

Business to me is the opportunity to do what you are passionate about! Age: 10 Location: Dallas, TX Photographer: Katrina Studio Photography (@katrina.studiophoto) ANNA (@anna_girtakovska) 65

Business to me is when I go to work with my dad every Saturday and get paid to help him. Age: 6 Location: Perth, Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020) TIA (@reneerowe20) 66

Business to me is what you do for work and get paid for. Age: 9 Location: Perth, Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020) MILANA (@reneerowe20) 67

Business to me is making money. Age: 6 Location: Houston, TX Photographer: Tania Flores (@Royaltyimagery) FALYNN (@falynndance) 68

Business means to me that I get called boss baby. I think I could run a good business! Age: 3 Location: Perth, Australia Photographer: Lisa Maree Hauser (@lisamareephotography2020) VALENTINA (@reneerowe20) 69

Business to me is a way to express my energy and creativity for the sake of giving value to someone. Money comes next as a result of that. Age: 7 Location: Montreal, Canada Photographer: Shevy (@fodoz87) VALEXIA (@veroniqueboulianne) 70

Business to me is very important to keeping our economy going. Age: 11 Location: Cypress,TX Photographer: Images by Brooke (@imagesbybrooke_) BROOKE (@bp_gymnast3) 71

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Business to me is about passion. True passion attracts. Be genuine and passionate and you will attract the right people and opportunities. Age: 13 Location: Atlanta, GA Photographer: Esteban Hernandez (@newlifeway1994) MADISON (@madisonjoys) southe a s t e r n region 10 noigernretsaehtuos to p models ...... 74

Business to me is working hard to be my own boss. Age: 12 Location: Atlanta, GA Photographer: Esteban Hernandez (@newlifeway1994) SARA (@saraguimaraes4) 75

Business to me is working hard and never giving up. Age: 10 Location: Jacksonville, FL Photographer: Sagaj (@sagaj) SAMANTHA (@im_sammi_) 76

Business to me is being willing to work hard to reach your goals. Age: 3 Location: Tampa, FL Photographer: Old Classic Photography (@irinkac33) EMMA RAE (@emmaraereps) 77

Business to me is being an entrepreneur so that I can have lots of opportunities to help myself and help other people. Age: 6 Location: Charlotte, NC Photographer: Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_) BECKHAM (@duke_of_style) 78

Business to me is being in a position to make a difference in the lives of others through being an entrepreneur. Age: 10 Location: Columbia, SC Photographer: Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_) MIKAYLA (@marvelously_mikayla) 79

Business to me is providing value to the client while remaining true and honest in the process. Age: 13 Location: Raleigh, NC Photographer: Gray O’Neal (@imagerybygray) EMMA (@officialemmadey) 80

Business to me is important because it makes the world go round. Age: 10 Location: Davidson, NC Photographer: Anya Allen (@anya.allen) BIANCA (@thebiancalewis) 81

Business to me is making sure that everyday you wake up and do what you love to do. Age: 7 Location: Charlotte, NC Photographer: Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_) FANCY (@_thebaehive_) 82

Business to me is the flow of supplying and providing resources through diverse branches of occupations. Age: 11 Location: Charlotte, SC Photographer: Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_) ZAEDA (@slayda.zaeda) 83


How a

(@christenhollyphotography) Wardrobe and Set Design: The Paris House (@theparishouse) Hair: Christen Simmons and Sasha Neberava (@sashahairstylist)

to Become

By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Christen Holly Photography


With a smile that instantly brightens any room, model Gabriella (@gabby_lana) is making waves in the modeling world. KIDFASH took a moment to sit with Gabriella and mom, Edyta to find out any pointers they have for aspiring young Gabriellamodels. has always been a show stopper, and at a very young age her mother decided to put her into modeling because so many people comment that she should. "Ever since she was a baby people would stop her and ask if she was a model," says Edyta, "so I decided to put her into an agency!" And since that day she has shined through out multiple modeling shoots, even all the way to a Nike shoot in Japan. "She’s a one of a kind, she’s beautiful on the inside and out!" "S ’s a o of a kind, s ’s beautiful on t insideand out!" 85

Be Ready to Take on New Challenges

This is a common occurrence for many of us. After being forced to be home for quite a while due to Covid, many models had more challenges than normal. For Gabriella, as social as she was she had to take the time and be homeschooled for nearly 2 years. It was a challenge, but she has always been ready with a smile and professionalism. What are some other sacrifices? "Having to sacrifice your friendships or opportunities for your career," says Edyta, "but at end of the day everything happens for a reason which makes us better and stronger people!"

It was a challenge, but s has always been ready with a smile and professionalism.

Listen to your Model

Just like a mother's intuition, young models can have a sense of when they need a break. "There were a few times where she didn’t want to do that certain photo shoot," says Edyta, "so I didn’t force her to do it because I knew that she would be miserable." How ever if it occurs often, perhaps that's not the career for your child. Gabriella thrives on working behind the camera and mom is enjoying every minute of it. "It’s fun watch ing her do what she loves most. As long as she’s happy in her life then I’ll be happy as well no matter what she does!"

"It’s fun watching r do whats loves most. As long as s ’s happy in r life t n I’ll be happy as well no ma whats does!"

Gabr l lovesmeetingwpeople

Network, Network, Network One of the best tips for any business is to make good use of the resources around you. Networking can be done anywhere, strike up conversa tion with people who are living life in a way you desire. For Gabriella this isn't hard, she loves meeting new people so she takes every opportunity to make connections and hopeful ly continue to grow her brand.

"Gabriella loves meeting new people," says mom. "She isn’t the biggest fan of social media but she knows that it’s import ant because it helps with her career a lot! She meets tons of new people through social media that help with her career."

For her future Gabrielle continues to dream of becoming a runway model and an actress. She would specifically love to play a villain in a movie. Mom believes she can do anything she desires. "Gabrielle loves help ing people and has one of those rare smiles and personalities that instantly lighten your day! She also truly has a gift in multiple things." To Gabriella it all comes naturally, but reminds those interested in a similar path to "follow your dreams and to never give up because everything in life takes hard work and effort." " Gabr lle loves lping people and has o of those rare smiles and p sonalit s thatinstantly lighten your day! " I I @sit_craft_sip Boujee, Stylish, and Fashionable Sunglasses

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