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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? (Abbie) Featured Photographer: Old Classic Photography Emmy Bucher Enjoys Dance Western Region Top 10 W Select Photographer Spotlight: Dave Feiling Central Region Top 10 Central Select Photographer Spotlight: Monika Cioban Photography Cover Story: Celai West NE Region Top 10 NE Select Photographer Spotlight: Lily Shames Photography SE Region Top 10 SE Select Photographer Spotlight: Robert Rainbow Featured Designer: Katie J NYC How To Become A Model: Hailey Smith

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Cover Model: Celai West (@celaiwest) Photographer: Demarest Photography (@demarest_photography) Dress: Nikolia Kidswear (@nikolia_kidswear) Location: Los Angeles, CA Back Cover Model: Dessa (@dessaluna_official) Photographer: D Ross Photography Dress: Marais Sky (@maraisskyofficial) Location: Destin, FL Table of Contents Picture Model: Alexis (@alexisrose078) Photographer: Lilly K Photography (@lillykphotography) Wardrobe: Billie Eilish Collection, Gucci Sweater Agency: Click Models Philadelphia (@clickmodelsphilly) Location: Philadelphia, PA Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic/Web Designer: Mandy Hernandez Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey


The best part about being a kid is enjoying life and just having FUN. As a kid you have no worries, no bills, and no real responsibilities. You get to wake up and do whatever you want. With this being our July Issue and summer, what better theme to have than FUN. Our Cover Model is Celai West! She is known for “Rippin the Runway”! In her article, she talks about her journey, her career, and about her most recent t-shirt line “The Chatty Chick”. It has definitely been a privilege watching her grow into a BEAUTIFUL and STRONG young lady. I can’t wait to see what her future holds. In our 23rd Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to Me” by Abbie and see some amazing pictures from our Featured Photographer: Old Classic Photography. You will also read a story about Emmy Bucher who doesn’t let Discoid Meniscus Disease stop her from dancing and being happy. Our Featured Designer is no other than Katie J NYC. Don’t forget to read the very informative article by Hailey Smith on “How To Become A Model”. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Models, our SELECT Photographer Spotlights, and the Members who won FREE photoshoots. Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed!

6 2021


Fashion is a way of expressing myself, without having to say a word. It is an art form, an outlet for individual creativity, and something that is constantly changing. Fashion has the power to make us feel, to inspire us, to make us stand out, or fit in. Fashion helps us transform on the outside to who we feel like on the inside and allows us to continuously develop our sense of self. From a black dress to rainbow socks to sweats or a sequin jacket, fashion is fun. And I think it should be that way for everyone.

Model: Abby (@abbierose_chronicles) Photographer: Lily Shames Photography (@lilyshamesphotography)


Old Classic PHOT O G RA PH Y

Over the past 15-20 years modern technology has given the public the chance to be their own photographer. Cameras are everywhere- cell phones, tablets, webcams, affordable digital cameras, drones- heck, even Barbie dolls have cameras in them! The accessibility of digital photography eliminated the need for actual film. Long gone are the days where you had to use up a whole roll of film and get it developed to actually see what the images looked like. To develop the film, most of us had to take the film roll to a store and wait a few days to see the final product. And Editing??? Forget about it! You had to hire a true professional for that! Nowadays, with all the digital cameras available, anyone can take a decent picture. With the plethora of editing software, apps, and filters available, anyone can turn that decent photo into a professional level work of art. In a world where photographers are everywhere and editing can be quickly done on a phone, it takes a lot to stand out. Standing out is absolutely no problem for Old Classic Photography of Tampa Bay, Florida. Blending fun and stylish modern techniques with chic vintage aesthetics, this company brings a whole new level of art to photography. Owner Irinia Chernousova creates whimsical works of art by combining fantastical fairytale and doll-like ideas with traditional victorian style. Old Classic Photography specializes in child, fashion, family, and portrait photography. They are also one of the VIP photographers working with vintage inspired Children’s Fashion House- Dollcake. They offer competitive rates for both commercial and personal photography. Their versatility emcompasses everything from maternity, newborn, engagement, and family photo shoots to high fashion ethereal couture magazine spreads.

“ The ability to travel and explore with the possibility of creating something artistic.” Irina Chernousova’s love for photography comes to her naturally. Her father is also a professional photographer, specializing in weddings. He always shared his experiences with Irina and she became fascinated by everything photography! Cameras, light, composition, posing and styling- it all mesmerized her. Chernousova’s daughter Nicole is a model and the cute vintage styled outfits she wore inspired her mom to start doing small photo sessions outside. After about a year of practice, Irina submitted her body of work to many companies and secured jobs with a number of brands. Social media accounts connected her with Children’s Fashion vendors in need of photography and modeling work. That’s when Old Classic Photography really blossomed. The business majorly took off from there. What Chernousova likes most about photography is “The ability to travel and explore with the possibility of creating something artistic.” She also enjoys sharing the best shots with her instagram followers. What surprised her most along the journey is the “Great amount of interest, feedback and support” from her instagram account followers.

10 2021

When the Covid-19 Pandemic started, Irina’s workflow didn’t change too drastically. She credits that to the family nature of her business and the fact that she was already working remotely with fashion brands. Her daughter’s modeling experience helped and Irinia got technical assistance from her husband. She tried to stay optimistic despite the changing world. Irina jokes, “Initial Covid stay home orders allowed me to find parking spots much easier and there were less distractions for my street and urban photography.” In her free time Chernousova likes to design and bake custom special occasion cakes for her friends and family. Natural light photography is her favorite kind of photos to take. Being on the west coast of Florida with it’s white sand beaches and glorious sunsets over the water motivates her to produce amazing photos. She explains that there is a “Golden hour in beautiful Florida state parks and Gulf Beaches.” What inspires her most is a combination of both designing fashionable clothes for kids and the beautiful photo locations in West Central Florida.

“Initial Covid stay home orders allowed me to find parking spots much easier and there were less distractions for my street and urban photography.” 2021 11

When it comes to role models, Irina says, “ I don't far, the most fun part of the job for this talented photogworship any particular person… and I try to draw posi- rapher is “Communicating with little models and capturing the emotion of the day.” tive energy and inspiration from everyone I meet.” Some of the most fun photoshoots for Chernousova were some of the earlier ones that she did with her daughter… sometimes those shoots required bribing the little fashionista with a bag of candy to complete! So

In the future Old Classic Photography would like to work with even more aspiring clothing designers and small businesses to help them reach their respective audiences and showcase their fashion products.

“Communicating with little models and capturing the emotion of the day.”

12 2021

For Irina, the best part of photographing kids is that she can “Encourage kids to move naturally and capture expressions that show the real childhood emotion.” Her photography has always been centered around fashion clothing and natural light. She adds, “When I see the outfit I can instantly imagine the matching location, storytelling surroundings and interesting props.” The most challenging part is the “Unpredictable Florida weather.” She explains, “Unlike studio, natural light requires work in the outside environment that cannot be controlled. I have a real time weather radar app on my phone and learned to track every cloud to find the right moment… Nature also introduces bugs and mosquitoes that can distract the model.“

“Encourage kids to move naturally and capture expressions that show the real childhood emotion.”

GET UP EIGHT By: Gianna Simonelli Photography: Aimee O’Brien Photography (@aimeeobrienphotography)

Think of your knees like an Oreo cookie. Your bones are the chocolate cookie and your meniscus is the vanilla filling. At three-years-old, Emmy Bucher (@emmybucher) fell in love with the art of dance as both a sport, and an outlet to express her emotions. Her dance studio became a safe haven to communicate her happiness, sadness, successes or frustrations. Emmy’s dance career has been more rewarding and more challenging than others because she lives with complications related to Discoid Meniscus Disease. Between the ages of two and fifteen, Emmy has undergone seven surgeries that each required anywhere from three to twelve months of recovery. Discoid Meniscus Disease is a rare condition, and only one in every nine patients are female. The 17-year-old explained, “Think of your knees like an Oreo cookie. Your bones are the chocolate cookie and your meniscus is the vanilla filling. My “vanilla filling” is the problem. I was born without it attached. I’ve had many complications over the years, including tears and lots of degeneration. For that reason I’ve had plenty of surgeries where my surgeons had to get pretty creative on how to correct the issues.” Her creative surgeries also called for extensive periods of healing that caused Emmy to miss training time, competitions, and conventions. Even after reaching full recovery from her operations, there are several tricks or moves that she is unable to perform in order to avoid straining her knees. Her 7th operation took place on May 21st, 2019, and she is still in recovery now, in June of 2021. Her passion, determination and perseverance are among her greatest assets.

Although Discoid Meniscus Disease affects her dance career and life in general, she leans into her incredible support system of family and friends, and her relationship with God to remain positive in the face of adversity. Emmy advises other children and teenagers in similar positions to, “Stay strong! Surround yourself with people that lift you up and support you. Stay away from negative and toxic people and situations. Reach out and speak up if you need anything at all.” She has gotten her strength from close-knit family and life-long friends, but her mom has especially been a beacon of light and positivity for Emmy since the very beginning. Emmy’s mom would stop at nothing to get her the help she deserves, and to find the best medical professionals available to care for Emmy’s knees. Emmy was treated at Shriner’s Hospital for Children, and the praises she sings are indicative of just how high-quality the medical facility is. The California-native shared, “My experience with Shriners was amazing. There is a certain feeling of peace you get when you walk in the doors. You just know that everything will be ok. It’s a beautiful thing. Everyone works as a team to get you the best medical care possible. No matter if you’re in radiology, physical therapy, or seeing one of the doctors or surgeons, everyone knows you and knows your situation. It’s incredible. You can truly tell every single person working there cares about you and wants the best for you. Amazing things happen there. I’m living proof of that.”

S tay strong! Surround yourself with people that lift you up and suppor t you. 16 2021

My experience with Shriners was amazing. There is a certain feeling of peace you get when you walk in the doors. In response to her life-changing experience at Shriner’s, Emmy is in the process of establishing a non-profit organization to benefit the network of Hospitals for Children. Despite the many roadblocks she has faced in the past, Emmy has many aspirations for the future. She has plans to obtain a Business Degree in college and explore many options for her career trajectory, whether it be in law enforcement, retail, non-profit organizations, or beyond. Shriner’s Hospital for Children has given Emmy the gift of a pain-free life with no limits, and she lives that life to the fullest, all while inspiring those around her in the process!

The Chatty Chick by Celai West We offer EXCLUSIVE natural hair tees to help empower self-love and stylish "chatty" tees for the entire family! thechattychick thechattychick




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tern regi



Age: 13

Loc at ion: California

Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Hard Light Photography (@hardlightphotographygroup)

Fun to me is when I can go on new adventures where I can meet new friends, listening to music, shopping, laughing and dancing.

20 2021


Age: 14

Loc at ion: Venice Beach, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : James Garvin (@jamesgmedia)

Fun to me is dancing to the beat of my own drum. 2021 21


Age: 13

Loc at ion: California

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Arezoo Jalili (@arezoojalili_photography)

Fun to me is being free, being authentic, and living in the moment.

22 2021


Age: 11

Loc at ion: Piscataway, NJ

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Arezoo Jalili (@arezoojalili_photography)

Fun to me is going on vacation with my family. Walking down the runway, rollerblading, gymnastics, and jumping on the trampoline. 2021 23


Ag e: 10

Loc at ion: San Diego, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Sylwia Urbaniak (@seeworldthrumyeyes_portraits)

Fun to me is creating art, stretching imagination, and exploring the unknown!

24 2021


Age: 8

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Dave Feiling Photography (@dafeilingy)

Fun to me is spending time with the people I love and doing whatever it is that makes me happy. Modeling, acting, swimming, dancing and going to amusement parks are my happy places. 2021 25


Ag e: 10

Loc at ion: San Francisco, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Melissa Guerrero (@melissaguerrerophotography)

Fun to me is traveling with my Mom to new and exciting places.

26 2021


Ag e: 9

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Elise Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography)

Fun to me is traveling, hotel pools, and finding new experiences! 2021 27

’ (@_princessroyal_)

Age: 5

Loc at ion: Las Vegas, NV

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Jerry Hughes (@jerryhughesphoto)

Fun to me is playing with my 4 month old baby sister and big brother, playing soccer, singing karaoke with my family and making sand castles at the beach.

28 2021


Age: 9

Loc at ion: Mechanicsburg, PA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Jerry Hughes (@jerryhughesphoto)

Fun to me is being with friends and family, tumbling and cheering. 2021 29

DAVE FEILING @dafeiling

“Jump for joy!” Alora Safari Couture is for rent exclusively at Your Fairy Godmother @yourfairygodmothercouture

Dancewear for the #FierceAndFree Tige


ral regio t n en

10 top

models ...




al regi tr o



Age : 10

Loc at ion: Chicago, IL

Pho t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban Photography (@monikacioban_photography)

Fun to me is reading, biking, playing volleyball, swimming and most fun to me is traveling.

34 2021


Age :12

Loc at ion: Cleveland, OH

Pho t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban Photography (@monikacioban_photography)

Fun to me is painting, practicing makeup techniques, designing and spending time with family & friends! 2021 35


Age: 14

Loc at ion: Nevada, MO

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Russo Photography (@russophotography__)

Fun to me is being able to hang out with my family and friends, and just being able to enjoy my life in the present.

36 2021


Age: 13

Loc at ion: St Louis, MO

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Russo Photography (@russophotography__)

Fun to me is dancing and spending time with my friends. 2021 37


Ag e:8

Loc at ion: Chicago, IL

Photo g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban Photography (@monikacioban_photography)

Fun to me is playing with my friends, swimming, cheer, and modeling.

38 2021


Ag e:2

Loc at ion: Lombard, IL

Phot o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban Photography (@monikacioban_photography)

Fun to me is running around outside feeling free and touching all of the pretty things! 2021 39


Age: 4

Loc at ion: Houston, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Justine Scott (@justinesphotography_)

Fun to me is, traveling with my family and being in front of the camera!

40 2021


Ag e:11 mont hs

Loc at ion: Cincinnati, OH

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Moxie Studios Photography (@moxiestudiosphotography)

Fun to me is dancing and singing! 2021 41


Age: 6

Loc at ion: Topeka, KS

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Colleen Christi Photography (@colleen_christi)

Fun to me is having picnics with my family.

42 2021


Age :14

Loc at ion: Chicago, IL

Photo g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban Photography (@monikacioban_photography)

Fun to me is being in front of the camera with a smiling face! 2021 43

Monika Cioban


Dresses By: Couturesy Headpieces By: Ryleigh’s Rose Boutique (@ryleighsroseboutique)

Models @caillinkolb @ramonadelaney_mo del1 @christine_katris @kianaboo322 @mia.isabella.fuggiti @kassidyea dsofficial


High End Luxury Children’s Clothing Brand. Specializing in Couture Designs for Weddings, Runway, and Special Occasions @lovebabyjcouture

Chatty with

CELAI Written By: Sandra Sherard Photographer: Demarest Photography (@demarest_photography) HMUA: Andre Marie (@makeupwdre)

Celai West isn’t a new face to KidFash Magazine and most definitely isn’t a newbie to the world of modeling. She’s graced the pages of several issues, has strutted down countless runways for some of the most notable fashion shows, and has been working hard to build her modeling repertoire since the age of three. This familiar face has been working even harder to make sure other children with natural hair feel empowered to be themselves by exuding confidence in her own beautiful hair and speaking up about issues surrounding hair and fair treatment of others. In addition to gracing shoots and runways, Celai is an activist, author, and CEO of her own company, The Chatty Chick. Celai started her modeling journey as a toddler and fell in love with the craft right away. She didn’t realize modeling even existed before her first photo shoot, but the experience won her over and, from there, she knew that modeling was something she’d do for the rest of her life. Her career has since catapulted and she is now walking in shows, such as the highly esteemed New York Fashion Week, which is one of her most memorable moments.

.... “It’s the one area where I'm not held back based on my looks or my hair...or my age. It's based on my talent and not my ability to pay to participate.” When we say there’s nothing Celai doesn’t love about modeling, we mean nothing! Everything from the clothes to working with designers to meeting models and walking the runway ignites her passion for the craft. In fact, walking the runway with adults is one of her favorite things to do. There’s a certain level of freedom and acceptance that Celai has been able to enjoy when working with the adults. “It’s the one area where I'm not held back based on my looks or my hair...or my age. It's based on my talent and not my ability to pay to participate,” Celai explains. While she enjoys working in the business all around, having the ability to freely and confidently be herself is empowering. The importance of feeling empowered is one of the reasons Celai started her company, The Chatty Chick. She would always get messages from parents saying their child, or the parent themselves, didn't like their hair. It wasn’t until they saw pictures of Celai confidently wearing her natural hair that they learned to love their natural hair, so she set off to continue encouraging others to embrace their unique beauty. “I wanted to start offering tees that would help empower them to love their natural hair as it is,” she says. Not too long after, Celai created a tee shirt that said, "I'd be jealous of my hair too" and noticed that everyone was wearing it, regardless of whether their hair was curly, kinky, straight, short, long, braided, or in locs. Boys were even wearing the shirt! That’s when she decided to start offering "chatty" tees for the entire family. 52 2021


"I'd be jealous of my hair too"

These issues and some of her not-so-nice experiences with hairstylists on set are what inspired Celai to become an activist. She wanted to make sure that no one else experienced being treated poorly because of their differences. Fair treatment of everyone is what she advocates for, which is why she has made it a priority to use her platform to address any concerns. Now that she’s older and has a better grasp of the issues faced in modeling and society, in general, social activism is becoming increasingly important to her.

.... “Even if it's just to bring more awareness to a problem, our voices matter,”

.... Celai plans to continue her efforts to make a change and support others in any way she can. Social justice and self-acceptance are where she directs her efforts, at this time, but she will always work to ensure important issues are addressed. Her activism for social justice focuses on the importance of using your voice to speak up or out against injustices. “Even if it's just to bring more awareness to a problem, our voices matter,” Celai states. Her self-acceptance activism is centered around encouraging others to love who you are, as you are. “I think that it's so easy to forget who you are because on social media everyone wants to be like everyone else. But it's ok to be who you were made to be,” she continues. Part of Celai’s advice to others is just that; You are already perfect, and you don't have to change yourself or who you are to fit in. When Celai isn’t advocating or working, she likes to kick back and relax. For fun, she stays home and watches anime or plays video games. “I know it seems like I'm busy a lot but actually, I have lots of free time to hang out and do what I love,” she shares, which is a great thing because it gives her time to wind down, enjoy life, and come up with great ideas for her business. As far as upcoming projects go, Celai recently wrote another book that will be released soon. She co-authored her first two books but is really excited about this book because she did it all by herself, so stay tuned!

Dress: @nikolia_kidswear








e th

o gi


models ...






ter n eas re


Age: 4

Loc at ion: Wenonah, NJ

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Aga Manzo Photography (@agamanzophotography)

Fun for me is to sing, dance, dress up and take photos.

56 2021


Age: 8

Loc at ion: New Jersey

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Aga Manzo Photography (@agamanzophotography)

Fun to me is the feeling you get when you do something amazing. You know you are having fun when you don't want to stop and when you think about it the next day you can't stop smiling. 2021 57


Ag e:11

Loc at ion: Westfield, NJ

Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Fun to me is hanging out with my friends.

58 2021


Ag e:7

Loc at ion: Sacramento, LA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Fun to me is when I go to new places. 2021 59


Age :11

Loc at ion: New Jersey/New York

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lily Shames Photography (@lilyshamesphotography)

Fun to me is going on new adventures and spending time with my Dog Cutie.

60 2021


Age : 8

Loc at ion: New York City, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lily Shames Photography (@lilyshamesphotography)

Fun to me is being creative. 2021 61


Age : 2

Loc at ion: New Jersey

Pho t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Fun to me is music, channeling my inner Elsa, popsicles and slime!

62 2021


Age : 11

Loc at ion: Cranford, NJ

Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Fun to me is when I’m dancing! 2021 63


Age: 12

Loc at ion: Long Island, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lily Shames Photography (@lilyshamesphotography)

Fun to me is playing basketball and practicing Mixed Martial Arts.

64 2021


Age :14

Loc at ion: Old Bridge, NJ

Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Jennifer Wright Photography (@jenniferwrightphotography)

Fun to me is laughing, enjoying and loving whatever it is you are doing at the time! 2021 65

Lily Shames photography

@lilyshamesphotography Wardrobe By: Rae Benson (@shopraebenson)

Models @lynnphuong @imsweet_but

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astern r eg






e th



tern re


models ...








Age: 6

Loc at ion: Nashville, TN

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Deanie Couture & Photography (@deanie_couture)

Fun to me is riding an old-fashioned railroad.

70 2021


Ag e:8

Loc at ion: Boynton Beach, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Michelle Nicole Photography (@michellenicolephotography)

Fun to me is bouncing and shooting my basketball daily! 2021 71


Age: 13

Loc at ion: Miami, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Barbara Rusciano (@barbararuscianophotography)

Fun to me is going to dance class, family game night, playing video games, and hanging out with friends and most of all family vacations.

72 2021


Ag e:1 0

Loc at ion: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Barbara Rusciano (@barbararuscianophotography)

Fun to me is trying new activities that are challenging and a little scary, traveling to new places and meeting new friends; luckily all things I get to do while modeling! Most of all though I have fun dancing and spending time with my friends and family. 2021 73


Age: 11

Loc at ion: Atlanta, GA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Esteban Hernandez (@newlifeway1994)

Fun for me is everything that gives me adrenaline like the highest roller-coasters and the minutes before getting onto the stage.

74 2021


Age: 4

Loc at ion: Land O Lakes, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Irina-Old Classic Photography (@irinkac33)

Fun to me is spending time with my friends and family, swimming and going exploring. I love finding cool things. 2021 75


Age: 17 y

Loc at ion: Dresden, TN

P h o t o g r a p h e r : A.Johnson Photography (@ajohnsonphotographyy)

Fun to me is fishing and spending quality time with family and friends.

76 2021


A ge: 11

Loc at ion: Parsons TN

P h o t o g r a p h e r : A. Johnson Photography (@ajohnsonphotographyy)

Fun to me is dancing, taking pictures, fashion, painting, and spending time with my dog Jackson! 2021 77


Age: 9

Loc at ion: Asheville, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lisa Weaver Photography (@lisaweaverphotography)

Fun to me is a sleepover with all my friends and as many tacos as we can eat!

78 2021


Age: 8

Loc at ion: Weston, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Unfold Perception (@unfoldperception_)

Fun to me is playing with friends. 2021 79

Robert Rainbow @portraits_by_rainbow

Fun with Fashion By Michelle Elizabeth

Photographer: Lily Shames Photography hmua: dorothy (@styledbydorothy)

My daughter s 14 but c ldn't f the W 's depa m t yet. Go g to the ore to get undergarm ts, bras' appar to say the lea , Was N Easy! Undies, underwear, undergarments, panties, bras, chest support, sleepwear. Whatever you call it, the fact remains the same… We all have to wear something under our clothes to protect our delicate parts. As adults, shopping for this stuff can be fun- there are many stores who specialize in it. There are countless magazines, catalogs and even World Renowned Fashion Shows dedicated to it. You can find it everywhere- boutiques, malls, department stores... but for the younger crowd the whole experience can be…. Well… quite awkward. The selection is either way too childish or way too sexualized and to be honest- kinda creepy. It’s not fun at all! That is what inspired Shari Fine to create her teen and tween lux intimate apparel line KatieJNYC. Fine is a mother of three amazing children- two of which are girls- and she saw the disparity in the market. Her kids showed her the need for quality Tween and Junior undergarments/ loungewear. She says, “My daughter was 14 but couldn't fit in the Woman's department yet. Going to the store to get undergarments, bras' apparel to say the least, WAS NOT EASY! I was tired of our aimless shopping only to find uncomfortable, unstylish and well (so not cool) undergarments and ill-fitting clothes designed for a woman. We finally decided to launch KatieJNYC and offer a tween and teen category that was well overdue.”


Shari has always had an interest in Fashion and Designing since she was young. She always made adjustments and changed the clothes she bought to add her own style. People loved what she was doing and that gave her the confidence to keep designing and exploring. From then on, her talent and passion only grew. Fine explains,“I was very lucky to be mentored by someone in the Fashion industry at a very young age. She taught me hands-on experience that I was able to use years later when I decided to launch Katie J.” Fine says “Fashion IS fun. What's more fun than watching your creations come to life to make people happy and confident? I feel so blessed to be even a little part of everybody's story.” For her, the most fun part of the job is designing, seeing her ideas become reality, and making girls happy. She says, “I love to see my customers happy to wear my designs, energetic about my brand, and always excited and eager for what comes next. Watching a TikTok in KatieJ is my favorite thing.” The most challenging part of the job is actually getting it done since there are so many moving parts that need to come together in order for fashion and design to be successful. She adds, “I overcome this by having a wonderful, motivated, and driven Katie J team that is always standing by.”

I love to s my cu ers happy to wear my designs, ergetic ab t my br d, d ys exc ed d eager for wha c es next.

84 2021

Fine actually loves fashion so much that she doesn’t have a specific genre of fashion that she likes best. She explains, “I love everything about fashion, from modern to vintage, girly to street-style. I love how fashion and putting on a special outfit can make you feel.” Shari is most inspired by her kids and by her loyal customer base. They motivate her to be the best version of herself every single day. She even calls them “The most valuable assets” of the brand. As for her creative process, she says, “I can't give all my secrets away... but keeping in tune to what people like and keeping my eyes and ears open to ever changing fashion is how I can imagine, idealize, and create.”

I love everyth g ab t fashiо, fr modern to v tage, girly to r t- yle.

When it comes to fabrics and colors this talented designer says, “I like to use anything from denim to black and everything in between. I love mixing it up... I love neon, I love pink, I love green, and I'll forever love tie-dye. Personally I am a blue jean girl. I am happiest in blue jeans and a white tee.”

One of the most fun jobs/assignments so far was her first fashion show at Jacob Javitz. Shari gushes, “Katie J was 3 months old and I was honored to be asked by Petit Parade to participate. Watching my items brought to life was unforgettable. To this day I still have a connection with the young models who made the magic at that show.”


“I like to use yth g fr d im to black d everyth g betw n. I love mix g up... I love neо, I love p k, I love gr n, d I' forever love tie-dye. 86 2021

“W h age appropriae yle, tw ns d Junior Girls c f l pre y, c fo able d tr dy wh e tr s iо g.”


Shari keeps her designs fun and exciting by constantly being aware of what's going on around her and what her customers want. She also keeps the magic flowing by revisiting some of her own timeless favorites and adding a modern and exciting twist to them. “With age appropriate style, tweens and Junior Girls can feel pretty, comfortable and trendy while transitioning.” She explains, “Our ‘Katie Bra’ features the highest quality, smooth fabric for tee-shirt wearing, memory foam padding as well as tag-less for comfort (ugh itchy tags), in addition to the flexibility of halter, racer and regular wear.” Since launching in October of 2017, KatieJNYC has been selling in over 50 stores nationwide. If one of those stores is not near you or you prefer to shop online, you can visit their website to check out the latest and greatest from this awesome brand. 2021 87




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“My first modeling job was for a company called The Little Bee Cloth Diaper Company” Spunky and sweet model and All Star cheerleader Hailey Jayne (@hailey_smith_official) has been in front of a camera since she was in diapers. ”My first modeling job was for a company called The Little Bee Cloth Diaper Company,” says Hailey. “They made cloth diapers and for every diaper sold they also donated one to third world countries.” She has since gained quite the online following as an influencer, cheerleader and model showcasing her talents and representing brands as her fans follow her adventures. KIDFASH took a minute with Hailey as she shared a few tips from her path to success.

Find Your Passion For Hailey her drive comes from following what interests her. At 6 years old she decided to begin cheerleading. Now five years later she is an All Star cheerleader, spending most days training and preparing for competitions. "I really love cheer and competing," says Hailey. "My favorite part of cheer is the 2 minutes and 30 seconds that we are performing in front of everyone." 2021 91

“My mom is a photographer so it started by her just taking pictures of me and posting them” ///////////////////////////// Beyond cheer, modeling is definitely another of Hailey's favorites, and this time her mom's passion helped her get off on the right foot! “My mom is a photographer so it started by her just taking pictures of me and posting them,” says Hailey. "Also, my mom has a photography studio at home so a lot of the modeling I am literally able to do in my backyard." Working together with mom the two have taken advantage of the strong social media platforms that are available to help the young star get noticed. Instagram has been the most beneficial for Hailey who is just shy of her 100k goal! "My mom runs the majority of my account because it can be time consuming and there can often be some not so nice people on there, but I am starting to do more on it, like answering fans and lives ." TikTok is another favorite, but Hailey finds it harder to grow a following when you are younger, "it's harder to grow on that platform until you are 13-16."

Put in the Work With a self-professed “strong work ethic and big heart” Hailey prioritizes her schedule by ensuring she focuses on the most important things first. “School is always first, then cheer, then modeling." Each of these can be very time consuming. "Even though our cheer competition season is from November through April, I am doing some type of cheer activity year round like conditioning or tumbling to gain skills." This tight cheer schedule and a desire to continue growing her career as a model, sometimes it can be difficult to find time for fun. "Modeling is a job and the companies we work with have deadlines," says Hailey. "So sometimes I have to model when I want to hang with friends or just chill. Sometimes we have to pick and choose what we want to do because we can't do it all. It is very hard to fit everything on a daily basis."


“School is always first, then cheer, then modeling”

Modeling opens up opportunities and experiences I wouldn't normally have ///////////////////////////// However, Hailey always finds the time to learn from others and recommends that those interested in the industry take advantage of the experience and ask questions once on a professional set. "Try not to be nervous, remember they picked you for a reason," says Hailey. "Take their advice and corrections and put them into action. They are experts in their areas and trying to share their expertise with you to make you better at your craft."

Enjoy the Ride If you aren't enjoying what you do it might not be the right thing for you. It is hard work, but of course the job has its perks. “Modeling opens up opportunities and experiences I wouldn't normally have,” says Hailey. Combining her passion for cheer with modeling has been her most favorite part, as a representative for Rebel Athletic Cheer clothing she often travels to shoots. “I get to travel to places and meet people like my cheer idol Gabi Butler from the Netflix series Cheer. It is also fun to get clothes, toys and other products in the mail to test out. Modeling has given me great exposure and advantages to travel that I would not have otherwise had."

Finally, a few words of warning. “Try to be wary of people asking for money in the modeling or influencing industries,” says Hailey. “If an agency is truly interested they will not ask for an investment from you. You do not need to pay for classes or pricey headshots. Take your time and do your homework. If something isn't feeling right, trust your gut feeling.” Hailey says consistency and persistence have been the most important factors in her success in modeling, influencing and cheer. And with big dreams ahead we think she may be well on her way to achieving her goals. "I'd like to be on the cover of Vogue and I'd like to cheer at Navarro," says Hailey. Keep it up girl - you are well on your way!


If an agency is truly interested they will not ask for an investment from you.

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