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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? (Zoey & Ellie) A Rainbow From Annie Featured Photographer: Jessica Drossin London Fashion Week Featured HMUA (Dorothy) National Top Friends Mint To Be Children’s Mini Fashion Show Cover Story: Kylissa & Aiden The 3 Ferrari Kids: Blue, Kailey, Tyra Featured Designer: Petite Tweets Rep Your City How To Become A Model: Tolliver Boyz

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Cover Models: Kylissa & Aiden (@kylissakatalinich & @aiden_mathisen1) Photographer: Sandra Bianco Photography (@sandrabiancophoto) Location: Atlanta, GA Back Cover Models: Kate (@kate_dances_on_stage) Daralee (@dancingdaralee) Mckaylah (@mckaylah.modelaz) Lynzie (@lynzie_scarlet) Photographer: YHardlight Photography Group (@hardlightphotographygroup) Designer: Sally Miller (@sallymillerfash) Hair/Makeup: Amy Ashikyan (@styled_by_amz) Location: Phoenix, AZ Table of Contents Picture Models: Keyla (@ivonne.flores.3591) Vivi (@vivi_faith_d) Photographer: Jessica Drossin (@jessica_drossin) Outfits: Ponponia (@ponponialand) Location: Los Angeles, CA Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic Designer: Mandy Hernandez Web Designer: Mohammed Rasool Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey

letter pher, and learn about our Featured HMUA Dorothy. Check out pics from the London fashion show withHouse of Icons (pics by Mark Gunter), and the Mint To Be Children’s Mini Fashion Show (pics by Gus Delacerda). We also have an article on our Featured Designer: Petite Tweets, three friends from The Ferrari Kid who's friendships help them get through life, and a touching story on a softball team who was sent a rainbow from their past teammate (pics taken by Christen Holly Photography). Want to know "How To Become A Model"? The Tolliver Boyz definitely have some really cool pointers for you! Oh, and we can't forget our Top 10 Friends! This issue even includes a few Models who were picked to "Rep Your City" and an amazing Back Cover of Sally Miller (pic by Hardlight Photography Our cover models, Kylissa and Aiden are so amazing! Group). In their article they talk about friendships that are formed on the job. These two definitely know how to Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If make a picture look astonishing! It is such an honor to you would like to be published in our magazine, either have the opportunity to work with Kylissa and Aiden send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at www.kidfashmagaand I can’t wait to see what their future holds. For special events and opportunities, continIn our 19th Issue you will read about "What Fashion ue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope Means to US” by Zoey and Ellie, see some amazing you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting pictures from Jessica Drossin, our Featured Photogra- you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed! A friend is someone who is there for you in good times and bad. Someone you trust and love to be around. They will cheer you up, when you are down. A true friend will be that shoulder you need to lean on. With everything going on with the “Coronavirus”, times can be extremely difficult for people. But, at the end of the day, GOD is still, and will always be in control! Isaiah 54:17 says “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” This is what I truly believe. We will survive this, and we will come back even stronger. Take this time to reflect on your life and don’t forget to check on your friends. This is the time we need our friends the most! Hopefully, this issue brings you happiness as you think about your friends!

6 2020


Zoey & Ellie love the camera and modeling their unique outďŹ ts. They have developed a friendship based on their sassiness for pictures. They are truly the perfect duo! To Zoey and Ellie, fashion means modeling and taking cute fun pictures together! Its what separates them from everyone else! Models: Zoey (@zoey_feliz) & Ellie (@ellielee_lee)

RaInBoW a

fr om

aNnIe written by:

Loraine Anderson photography:

christen holly photography

Several members of the Heights Heat softball team in Berkeley Heights, NJ traded in their traditional red and black jerseys for a more unconventional look during a recent photo shoot. The teammates donned lace dresses and softball cleats, accessorized with tiaras and flower crowns designed to send a message of female empowerment and strength. The unique idea was inspired by an image that went viral showing girls dressed in similar attire while displaying their rugged side.

The girls looked fierce as they gathered in Briant Park on an overcast Tuesday afternoon, but no matter where these teammates go, there will always be someone missing. In May, their friend and former Heat slugger Annabelle “Annie� Young tragically and suddenly passed away from a brain aneurysm.

The teammates donned lace dresses and softball cleats, accessorized with tiaras and flower crowns...

...designed to send a messag

e of

female empowerment and strength

But as the girls took their spots for the group photo, they received a powerful message of their own. Just as a helmet was placed on the ground featuring the “Play For Annie” logo the team has worn proudly throughout the season, a beautiful rainbow peered out across the park. It hadn’t rained in days. The girls ran through the field towards the rainbow and were able to get some photos underneath it. While Annie may not have physically been there for the photo shoot, the girls knew she was with them. The photo shoot became much more than just an afternoon of taking fun pictures, just like their season became much more than just softball. It was a special moment that Annie’s friends got to witness together—and one they will cherish for a lifetime. To learn more about Annie, visit the Annabelle Forever Young Foundation at: 10 2020



Friends, Fashion, PHOTOGRAPHY &Fun !

By Michelle Elizabeth

‘ I think creating art

makes people feel happier,

more fulfilled

‘ and more /relaxed.

The KidFash Featured Photographer for this issue is L.A.’s own Jessica Drossin. She’s only taken one class on film photography in college to fulfill the requirements for her painting major but it has provided a solid foundation for launching her career. She’s also professionally trained in art and design which definitely shows through in her work as a photographer. What Drossin likes most about photography is a tie- She just can’t decide “between the endless possibilities of the medium” and how easy it is for anyone to access this means of expressing their own creativity. She says, “I personally celebrate when anyone expresses the desire to buy a camera to shoot for themselves. I think creating art makes people feel happier, more fulfilled and more relaxed. I also believe it's a powerful way to communicate emotions while documenting our lives. I'm a sincere fan of what cameras do.”

so much. Leaves turning colors. Traffic lights. Open fields. Children's faces. Weather. Textures. Patterns. I'm inspired every day, many times. I wish there were more hours in the day.” She believes that the best part of photographing kids is “How unaware they become of the camera after about 5 minutes. They start to get lost in their surroundings and their natural curiosity and playfulness begins to shine.” The hardest part for this pro is to get the children to connect with her instead of looking at their parents for approval. She adds, “My goal is for the child (and parent!) to trust me and be interested in what I’m doing so that I can create a connection between myself and them.” Drossin’s biggest role model is photographer Annie Liebovitz. Jessica gushes, “She consistently delivers interesting, thought-provoking, storytelling images in a variety of ways.”

Jessica’s favorite kind of photography is hands down Portrait photography. She is inspired by “So much. So, 2020 13

In the future, this talented photog would love to take pictures of Christina Ricci, Spike Lee, any many other family. Luckily, she enjoys most everything that comes celebrities. with that. Drossin admits, “I truly love to shoot and edit One of the most fun photoshoots Drossin ever did was pictures and would do it even if it was only a hobby. I her experience on the Moors of England. She says, “It also enjoy the things I do in my life as a mom - I (usualwas a dream come true to go to the area that inspired ly) enjoy cooking, going to my kid's events and games, Wuthering Heights!” and caring for my pets. I hope to make more time for gardening this year as I'd like to grow my own vegetaJessica doesn’t currently have a lot of free time right bles.” now. Most of her life is spent working or caring for her

‘ I truly love to shoot and

edit pictures

and would do it even

if it was

only a hobby. ‘

Her life goals are to raise happy, healthy, confident children while simultaneously supporting her family with her business. “I hope to expand my teaching to doing more live and recorded events as well as branch out into producing more video and podcast content. I also intend to write some books. My goal is to tell as many stories as possible and to help as many people along the way as I possibly can.” Drossin’s idea of a good friend is “Someone who accepts me for who I am but encourages and inspires 14 2020

me to be better. I'm very tired of transactional relationships. The friends who mean the most to me have seen me in some dark times and offered support, love and encouragement. To me, the best friends are the ones whom I can count on tell me the truth, good or bad. I am either laughing or crying, so I value people who aren't afraid of big emotions, dorky humor, or deep conversations. I love long-lasting friendships where silence is comfortable.”

‘ My friend Heather

was probably

my first friend, and I still

consider her to be one of

my best, ‘

Jessica spills the tea about her 4 closest friends, “My friend Heather was probably my first friend, and I still consider her to be one of my best, even though I rarely see her in person since we graduated from high school. I will never forget our experiences exploring her farm, from falling in cow manure to doing flips off the top of the barn onto haystacks and snow piles. Our shared experiences in so much from awkward school dances, to track meets to playing instruments (badly) in band and staying up all night (or sneaking out) at sleepovers.” Another dear friend is Angela, whom I met in college. I moved away, so I sadly don't see her in person a lot, but I still hold her dear in my heart for all the kindness and support she always gave me. We had so much fun as art school students and roommates, from classes to the bars to traveling on Spring Break, Angela was always a fun and exciting person to be around with a huge heart. We got into a LOT of trouble together. Angela stars prominently in most of my best memories from my college years.

My friend Kathy helped me navigate and thrive in Los Angeles when I moved here at 23. She was an amazing mentor at work. I credit her with helping me get through one of the hardest times of my life, always providing a shoulder to cry on and someone I could trust to have my back. She is probably the most ethical and hard-working person I know with the driest sense of humor. I met my friend Bridgett when our kids were in pre-school together. She's not in photography and rarely posts to social media. She keeps me grounded when the Internet threatens to distract me. I'm grateful to have had her by my side in both the fun and the tough moments of raising our kids together. She's always had a great sense of humor and a positive outlook. I know I can talk to her about anything without feeling judged. We love to take trips together as families. We've been to the ocean, the desert, the snow and celebrated many holidays together.â€?

Jessica believes that the way kids and teens can make the world a better place is to “Speak out and demand a better, safer world to inherit. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Help those less fortunate than yourself.” Her advice for aspiring photographers is “Shoot OFTEN. Share often. That will grow you the fastest. The simple act of shooting and sharing.” If you are interested n seeing more of Jessica Drossin’s work, visit her at or on IG @Jessica_Drossin

Shoot often. Share often. That will grow you the fastest. The simple act of shooting and sharing.‘

house of ikons london fashion week february 16, 2020

Mark Gunter Photography

Have a Rich Day! @rich_boys

Dorothy Czudziak (instagram @styledbydorothy) was born in Poland and moved to the USA when she was 6 years old. As a child, she loved playing with her moms makeup and would practice doing different hairstyles on herself. In Middle school, she was known for having different hairstyles everyday. In high school she began a modeling career and often had to do her own hair and makeup for photo shoots. She was a freelance model and occasionally still models when not doing hair and makeup professionally. Her daughter, Evangeline Gaffey (Instagram @everydayevangeline) started modeling when she was 6 years old and had her mom as her personal make-up and hair artist. It was her daughter who pushed her to pursue a career as a professional HMUA. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Dorothy is available for various on site makeup artistry needs, including editorial, print, special occasions/events including bridal and wedding parties, runway, tv, and photo shoots. Her training and experience in the industry has made her an expert in creating a flawless look for your project. She works mainly in the NYC area however is available to travel worldwide. She works with clients of all age groups. She especially loves working with children.

featured . . Hair & Make-up Artist

"Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is Art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Photographer @lilyshamesphotography 2020 21


Remi Lynzie &

(@official.remidancer & @lynzie_scarlet)

Age : 11

Loc at ion: New York, NY P h o t o g r a p h e r : Hardlight Photography Group (@hardlightphotographygroup)

We are friends because we are so comfortable with each other that to communicate, all we need is one look and a knowing smile. We are always laughing when we are together and we can always be ourselves around each other.

22 2020

Stephen Robert &

(@just_stephenjames & @robert_levey)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: New Jersey & New York P h o t o g r a p h e r : NY Castle Kids (@nycastlekids)

We are friends because we are more than just friends, we are like brothers. We laugh a lot together, are silly together, and always have a great time together. No matter how long we don’t see each other, we connect like we just saw each other. 2020 23

Ellie Peyton &

(@ellie_jo_layne & @peytonwesson1 )

Age: 11 and 8

Loc at ion : Atlanta, GA P h o t o g r a p h e r : Afif Cherif (@studioprimetime)

We are friends because we have so much fun together. We do almost everything together, pageants, modeling, going on vacations, and sleep overs! We are more than friends, we are more like sisters!

24 2020

Izzi Lightning &

(@izzi_james)) Age: 7

Loc at ion: USA P h o t o g r a p h e r : Michelle Studios (@michelle__studios)

I like my friend because he is so nice and the best pony ever! 2020 25

Anais Mirabelle &


A ge: 12

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA P h o t o g r a p h e r : Justine S Photography (@justinesphotography_)

We are friends because we are always there for each other!

26 2020

LilaKate Mia-Rose &


Age: 10 and 7

Loc at ion: North Carolina P h o t o g r a p h e r : Michelle Studios (@michelle__studios)

We are friends because we make each other laugh, we are kind to each other, we tell each other the truth, and we love each other for who we are! 2020 27

Quinn Maize &


Age: 16

Loc at ion: Durham, NC P h o t o g r a p h e r : Gary O'Neil (@imagerybygary)

We are friends because he’s really cuddly and sweet.

28 2020

Agnes Silvia &


Ag e: 10

Loc at ion: Denver, CO Pho t o g r a p h e r : Danielle Trina Photography (@danielletrinaphotography)

We are friends because we always support each other and will always be there for each other. My twin sister is my best friend forever! 2020 29

Morgan, Brooke, Finley, Addisyn & Elleanor Ag e:11 and Everyone Else Is 12

Loc at ion: St. Louis, MO P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lisa Marie Photography (@lisamariephotography8168)

We are friends because we immediately had a special connection and we support each other 100% of the time. Our bond is unbreakable!

30 2020

Gabriella Mikayla &

(@gabbycascione & @mikayla_rose)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: New York Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

We are friends because when we are together we make each other laugh, we like the same things, and we have so much fun! 2020 31

Mini Fashion Show

January 25, 2020

Photographer: Gus DLC Photography

2838 N Loop 1604 E #111 San Antonio, TX 78232 @petitetweets

Boutique Children Apparel and Unique Accessories Infant~Girls~Tweens



Language of Friendship By: Gianna Simonelli Photographer: Sandra Bianco

The value of friendship is immeasurable, and can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places. Flashback to a “Back-to-School” Fashion Show at a local mall in 2015, where Kylissa Katalinich and Aiden Mathisen met for the first time. Both Georgia natives are talented fashion models who have sustained a strong friendship, even in spite of their jam-packed schedules. Kylissa is a seventeen-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia with an impressive history in entertainment. She recounted, “I have been involved in musical theatre for the past twelve years. I have been in the film/tv industry for five years, and started modeling almost four years ago.” Another highlight of her experience in entertainment includes the opportunity to meet other aspiring professionals and create long-lasting friendships. 2020 35

Working together is only awkward if you make it awkward, and I have never felt uncomfortable or awkward.

Aiden, a thirteen-year-old based in Talking Rock, Georgia, mentioned how much fun he has working alongside Kylissa during photoshoots and fashion shows. Aiden’s modeling career took off around a year ago, but his natural talent shines through despite his lack of experience. Although Aiden was initially nervous to grace the camera beside Kylissa, she shared her excitement about getting to hang out while shooting with someone. Since their first photoshoot, Aiden and Kylissa look forward to working with one another and having fun on set. A typical day on set with this duo involves tons of jokes and laughter as the two have since grown comfortable working together. Kylissa believes, “Working together is only awkward if you make it awkward, and I have never felt uncomfortable or awkward.” Aiden agreed with her sentiment and reiterated how much fun he has working with his good friend.

36 2020

Kylissa and Aiden photograph so well together that they are often mistaken for a couple! Their beautiful portraits and comfortability with the camera might lead you to think these two are dating, but, as Aiden shared, they are just friends. Kylissa added, “It’s quite hilarious actually, as I’m seventeen and he just turned thirteen, we are definitely just friends,” when asked if others tend to label them as boyfriend and girlfriend. Although they may be just friends, their friendship goes beyond working together. Their great senses of humor and ability to make each other laugh makes their friendship so special. While they may joke on set, or even start cracking up when they have to get into awkward poses, Aiden reminded us that their professionalism is never compromised because of their comfortability, and they always know “when it’s time to focus and get the shot.” Unfortunately, due to their busy lifestyles and long-distance from one another, Kylissa and Aiden do not get to hang out as often as they would like to. Aiden mentioned, “Kylissa is super busy with her acting and modeling career. [Although] we don’t get to see each other that often, I’m always excited when we get a chance to shoot together.” They always make the most of the time that they get together, and don’t let their physical distance get in the way of their friendship.

It’s quite hilarious actually, as I’m seventeen and he just turned thirteen, we are definitely just friends

it’s important to make sure that you and your friends are both supportive of each other. Friendships should be built on foundations of genuineness and encouragement. This duo never fails to support one another in any endeavors they may tackle, whether this involves attending events or liking, commenting, and sharing one another’s social media posts. Kylissa considers support a priority in her friendships. When establishing a friendship, Kylissa understands “… it’s important to make sure that you and your friends are both supportive of each other. You want to make sure that both of you are good at listening because it’s frustrating to have a friend that dumps their problems on you without you ever being able to vent to them. Honesty is also very important, as well as that person being able to make you happy and laugh.” Aiden seems to measure up to Kylissa’s expectations in a friendship, as he often attends her plays, makes her laugh, and keeps in touch no matter what the distance is. To Aiden, in a friendship “… it’s important to be yourself. If you are going to be friends with someone, they need to know the real you. Another important part of establishing a friendship is trust.” Aiden believes that friends should be reliable, just as Kylissa has proved to be to him.

The future is bright for this talented pair of friends. Kylissa plans to continue acting and modeling with photoshoots and the filming of a short film. She is currently awaiting the release of a national commercial she was featured in! Aiden also has some exciting modeling project he is working on within the next couple of months. While their schedules may continue to fill with upcoming projects and opportunities, Kylissa and Aiden’s friendship can withstand any gap in time or distance. Their unwavering support for one another, genuine intentions to see each other succeed, and special ability to make each other laugh keeps the strength of their bond as resilient as ever. We cannot wait to see more gorgeous photos of these heartfelt friends!


Aiden believes that friends should be reliable, just as Kylissa has proved to be to him. 2020 39

All About the


(213)35party or (213)357-2789

What tulle dreams are made of…


Thats What Friends Are For: /






By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photographer: Robert Trebor Photography

Building strong friendships at a young age can be difficult for some, however for those who are also struggling with life threatening illnesses, building those friendships oftentimes are not even an option. Yet, San Antonio kids, Tyra, Blue and Kailey, found each other under those very circumstances, thanks to being brought together by an organization called the Ferrari Kid.

Her involvement with the Ferrari Kid has made all the difference for her. When she attends their events a little hint of the happy, social, confident child is back. The organization has created a big family and she's able to feel comfortable because it's one of the few places she knows nobody is judging her for her appearance. “They don't judge me and they understand what I'm going through,” says Tyra.

The Ferrari Kid is a San Antonio based organization that creates an experience designed to give children coping with cancer or other illnesses a break by making them feel like a celebrity for a day. Tyra, Blue and Kailey each struggle with their own illnesses and were able to take part in the program. Through the program they then became part of the Ferrari Kid community and are brought together with other Kids at local events as well as a monthly support group called The Hope Tank. Through these, the trio has created not only lasting memories, but friendships unlike they had ever known.

Because of her new besties, her mom and her puppy, Jam, Tyra has all the support she needs.“They always help me feel better and cheer me up. I really look forward to all the Ferrari Kid events because I get to see my besties and forget about all the doctors appointments and therapy. Blue is always cheerful and happy and she always helps me not to feel so shy. Kailey is a sweetheart and she is so helpful, it's hard to be sad around her and her big smile.” Her diagnosis continues to progress and it is getting harder for her to walk at times.

Tyra, who is 13 has been suffering from brain and spine tumors that were discovered when she was just 8 years old. Tyra had multiple surgeries and has been in chemotherapy for the past 3 years. A once active and social child, she now has many physical obstacles and spends much of her time at doctor’s appointments instead of school. Being wheelchair bound, she looked different to other kids which lead to insecurities.

It's important to have friends who understand. Friends that are there to make her laugh and create better memories. Advice Tyra would have for others facing these same issues; “Don't let the whirlwind of a serious diagnosis steal your life, love and happiness from you. And always give back, it will fill your heart.”

Kids can be mean without even knowing it, and even though Tyra wasn’t directly bullied, people still treated her differently. “People stare at me, especially other kids and sometimes they even make comments. It’s hard not to get mad but I know it’s because they don’t understand.”

"Never give up or lose Faith. Despite the pain you may feel, GOD has a special plan for each of you."


Blue is 11 and has suffered from alopecia universalis since she was just 9 months old. The doctors tried to slow it down with radiation treatment but it backfired, and compromised her immune system. Bullying has been an ongoing problem for Blue. Because of the illness, she has been bald her whole life. At school she consistently experiences bullying in the form of name calling, but her family worries that when she starts middle school next year it will just get worse. She has always lived with a positive attitude and great family support, but of course the bullying can take its toll. Yet, after a shopping spree for Blue, Tyra and Kailey (complete with bodyguard service) and her monthly support group from The Hope Tank, Blue has become more confident and thrives in this safe surroundings where she can be herself. All three girls

are together at almost every event, and have built a bond for life. They even have their own business cards made by the organization with the title of Ferrari Kid, Ambassadors of Hope. Blue tries her best to stay on top of her school work and has had wonderful support from her teachers. She also stays very active with her love for dancing and her faith. She has been taking hip hop dance since she was 2 years old and recently joined the Jr. Silver Dancers which allowed her to perform at a Spurs game. Coming from a strong Christian household, Blue’s family credits their faith in God for supporting them during tough times. Blue is very active with her church and has been titled the bakery manager, helping in the cafe during service. Thanks to her friendship with Tyra and Kailey she is more confident, playful, and full of life. Blue’s advice for others facing a similar journey? “Never give up or lose Faith. Despite the pain you may feel, GOD has a special plan for each of you. Stay positive, Keep the faith, and don't allow anyone or anything steal your joy.” Kailey, age 12, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 3 (SMA). She met all of her baby milestones, but when it was time for her to walk she couldn’t do it without support. Her family searched for a diagnosis and finally received the diagnosis in April of 2017. With a recent growth spurt it has quickly progressed and has since caused other problems such as scoliosis. Kailey attended public school until 2 years ago. It was very hard for her to make friends because she couldn't keep up with her peers because she uses a wheelchair for longer distances. Her mother often stopped by the school to check on her and would be heart broken to see her singled out on the sidewalk all alone. Kailey has had many tough times with bullies throughout the years, stolen snacks and pranks and even having a hate book written about her. Her family made the decision to homeschool, which led to a much happier life for Kailey. It also gave her an opportunity to focus more on therapy, and acting.

"They always help me feel better and cheer me up."


44 2020

Kailey became involved with the Ferrari Kid in 2018 when she was helping to host a Ronald McDonald event in her role as Little Miss of America in 2018. The Ferrari Kids were also there and they offered to give Kailey a ride in the Ferrari, and she was hooked! She has loved becoming an ambassador for the Ferrari Kid where she gets to be with her best friends. Kailey says that she,

Tyra and Blue just understand each other. “We all have something in common and even though we all have some sort of disability we are like any other girl.” It’s true, they all like the same girly things and when they get together they don't have to worry about being made fun of. Kailey says it’s great to have others that understand what going through treatment means. The Ferrari Kid has really given Kailey a positive outlook on life. She says that when she is with the group all her worries go away. Kailey’s advice for others going through a similar experience is not to be afraid because you are not alone, and thanks to The Ferrari Kid, she experiences that every day. Manny Diotte was inspired to begin the Ferrari Kid program by his own experiences as a young child fighting cancer. While visiting Los Angeles to receive a special procedure, he spotted a Ferrari. The owner let him sit in it and take pictures, a moment he would remember for the rest of his life. “Now that I am older and have been traveling and helping people all over the country, I decided I wanted to help people in my own backyard,” said Diotte. The Ferrari Kid experience gives them a full day of feeling like a celebrity, complete with paparazzi and of course always traveling in a Ferrari. Each month, about five to eight kids get to take part in this experience and

"We all have something in common and even though we all have some sort of disability we are like any other girl. -Kailey

Diotte hopes to give this opportunity to more kids in a few months. This May is the 8 year anniversary of The Ferrari Kid, and over 2,000 kid have already been served. The children will also have the chance to be taken to and from their treatments in a Ferrari as a way to give a great experience to more of the children on the waiting list. “I say cancer sucks, but the ride to the hospital doesn’t have to,” commented Diotte. “It just gives them something positive to look forward to on a day that can be very negative and dark.” But for Diotte the experience is more than the flashy cars that they get to ride in. The cars may be what gets people’s attention, but it is what the whole experience leaves these children with and the memories that makes it so special. “I tell the kids three things: God heals, miracles happen and dreams really do come true.” Besides Diotte’s dedication to reach out to these children, the Ferrari Club and the Ferrari Dealership in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas make sure he always has plenty of cars for his monthly events. The Ferrari Kid program is made possible through the generous donations of others. It costs $500 to sponsor a child, giving them a memory they can cherish with their family in such a difficult time. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring a child, visit


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TWEETS By: Gianna Simonelli Photography: Heather Gappi Photography

At seven-years-old, with the help of her Mother’s sewing machine, Christina Palombit began her triumphant journey towards accomplishing her dreams. Fashion seemed to run in her blood from a young age, as she often hosted fashion shows for her older sisters, watched her mother design and craft handmade costumes for her skating competitions, and took advantage of local sewing classes. Her familial influence, paired with passion and dedication, encouraged Christina to develop her skill set into adulthood. She explained, “I earned extra money doing alterations and tailoring, [which allowed] me to be a stay-at-home Mom.” This valuable experience as a technical seamstress opened the door to her career as a children’s fashion designer. Christina is now a wife, mother of three sons, nana of three granddaughters, “dog mom” to two adorable rescued Westie Terriers, and owner of fashion brand PetiteTweets. PetiteTweets specializes in luxury children's couture with a Classic European influence, which prioritizes quality, style, and comfort. PetiteTweet clients can even coordinate outfits with their favorite doll, as 18” matching doll dresses are available upon request! According to the talented designer behind PetiteTweets, “My brand is inspired by children, their imaginations, and carefree, uninhibited spirit. [It] represents the lightheartedness of children at play.” This source of inspiration shines through in each of her designs and their creative use of color, patterns, textures, and comfort. It is especially important to Christina that her designs are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Her experience as a Mom and a Nana provide Christina with a unique perspective in her designing, and a strong motivation in her business endeavors. She shared, “I hope to instill in both my sons and granddaughters to never give up on their dreams. No matter what age you are, reach for what you desire to become.”

“I hope to instill in both my sons and granddaughters to never give up on their dreams.”

50 2020

Christina’s passion and persistence has proved worthwhile as PetiteTweets continues to develop as a brand. She advises all aspiring designers to believe in their dreams, and find their own direction when entering the fashion industry. Christina was once encouraged by the women in her sewing club to pursue her own business in fashion design, and continues to pass this message of empowerment to other women with similar interests. She encourages, “As a Nana, and starting a new career, I am hoping to inspire other women that it’s never too late to begin something new, to never give up, and to follow your dreams!”

This accomplished designer follows no daily routine, as she is constantly adjusting to fit the needs of her clients, discover the finest materials for upcoming collections, orchestrate fashion shows, work on new designs, or spend time with her granddaughters. She had a special opportunity to bond with her eldest granddaughter Sophia over their shared interest in fashion design. This collaboration enabled Sophia to have an active role in the designing process, and she was even able to select the fabric. Christina teaches her grandchildren to use their creativity and imaginations, just as she does in her clothing line. Sophia recently walked in a PetiteTweet fashion show at Michigan Fashion Week for the first time. Christina’s fashion shows often require hours of dedication and around a month of preparation. The long days in the studio are justified because her shows and photo shoots cultivate an opportunity for the models she works with to build strong friendships. Christina, “love[s] seeing old friends come together and new friendships made amongst the models. It is so nice to see how they all interact during the long process before a show or photo shoot. They encourage and help each other. I miss them, I have an amazing group of girls that have walked and modeled for me.”

Friendship is undeniably another source of inspiration for her, as she values the support that her own friendships provide her and her brand. One of her best friends, Lois, flies in from Florida for most of Christina’s shows, and offers her assistance in everything from coffee runs and sewing and last-minute touches and working patiently with the child models. From childhood friends and family members, to friends from her industry, Christina could not imagine her life without their unwavering honesty, encouragement, and love. Christina continues to follow her dreams and has plans to grow the PetiteTweets team and expand her collections. Expect to see more selections of baby and toddler coordinating designs, new classic designs and couture gowns, and even new designs intended for the modern teen from PetiteTweets in the future! 2020 51



Los Angeles Model: @theofďŹ cialkaitlynbrown Photographer: @sagaj

Chicago Model: @hattie.estime Photographer: @leahhoskins

Nashville Model: @model_nyla Photographer: @brett_anthony18

Miami Denver Model: @dupont_hannah Photographer: @davidschlatter

Model: @emily_vladi Photographer: @michellenicolephotography

Houston Model: @genesis_elise_ Photographer: @creativesoulphoto

Salt Lake City Models: @twins.sophie_maddie Photographer: @desertskyphotography

Orlando Model: @jaxondowns Photographer: @photosbyanette

Atlanta Model:@lilyrutibs Photographer_ @alliehine.jpg

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How to Become

a Model with

Your Best Friends/Siblings

By: Jennifer Pucci Starr

We’ve always taken pride in having our kids looking and feeling fresh

Some moms have a hard enough time having siblings get along in the same house, but for the modeling trio @TolliverBoyz, they not only play well together, they work well together! Modeling for most is a dream, but these boys were “modeling” before they could even walk. Maybe the professional gigs didn’t come until a few years ago, but Dominic (9), Quincy (7), and Joziah (9 months), have always known how to strike a pose. Having two fashion forward parents has been a huge advantage for the Boyz success. “We’ve always taken pride in having our kids looking and feeling fresh,” says mom, Juana. “After all, they are representations of us as parents.” As with any parents the Tollivers have been taking the boys photos since they were born, however, it wasn’t until February of 2016 that they started taking their modeling seriously. “Dominic was 5 years old, and Quincy was 3 years old,” says Juana. “Joziah started modeling a couple weeks after he was born back in June of 2019.” The choice to turn to modeling wasn’t a difficult one. Whether shopping or traveling the boys often were complimented on their style. “Some people wouldn’t 2020 55

Fried Chicken. KIDFASH took a moment with mom to get the insider’s scoop on how parents of model-aspiring siblings can find their own fame.

wouldn’t say anything to us, but we noticed that people were looking and talking about them,” says Juana. “With all the attention they were getting, we finally came to a mutual agreement to share some of their pictures on Instagram.”

Let Their Unique Personalities Shine:

With eye catching and high-quality images, taken by the parents, the Boyz instantly gained a following. Today the trio has starred in dozens of high end professional shoots to include major brands such as The Children’s Place, Kenneth Cole and a commercial for Kentucky

The boys have their own unique personality and letting those differences shine during a photoshoot can be the key to capturing an authentically amazing image. “Dominic is chill and laid back while Quincy is more energetic,” says Juana. “Joziah is a baby of course and

is still coming into his own each day. It’s really hard to Sibling Rivalry…It’s Natural: tell how his personality will develop over time but I’m sure he’ll be loved just as much as his two older broth- Sure, the Boyz work well together, but they have chalers.” lenges like any other siblings would. “It’s funny to say Make sure your kids actually enjoy getting their that the two oldest boys are very competitive, especially pictures taken before getting them into modeling. If at with each other. At times we find them competing with any point modeling feels like a job for them, they’ll each other during a shoot. For example, who can give become disinterested. “Let the kids make decisions the best pose, who can be the most creative or who can during a shoot like location, accessories to wear. They’ll give the best smile. They feed off each other in this way have more pride during the shoot if they feel they have for more than just photoshoots as you can imagine.” some control. We encourage them to think of ways to be The Boyz are also each other’s biggest fans and love to creative,” says Juana. “Their personalities will shine support one another. “Dominic and Q both help each through during a photoshoot if they can be true to them- other out with posing and it gives us more variety to selves and enjoy being the center of attention.” work with when choosing the best photos to post.” The Letting them be themselves, but also keeping them involved in the planning process is also a great tip. “We’re transparent with our kids and let them know why we’re doing a shoot and reward them for a job well done afterwards,” says Juana. “For the most part they are quick and naturals in front of the camera. Our sessions are fun and only take no more than an hour to finish. Also, it may at times seem like it’s a waste of time and effort, but always stay consistent and work hard! It will always payoff later.”

“They also stand up for each other and praise each other for doing a good job.”

older brothers are also great help with their baby brother. “They help with throwing away dirty diapers, making sure Joziah doesn’t touch anything potentially dangerous throughout the house, and try to keep him happy while mommy and dad are busy,” says Juana. “They also stand up for each other and praise each other for doing a good job.”

They are used to working together, but allowing them their independence means they will also do well on their own. “To be honest, they would be comfortable if they were shooting alone,” says Juana. “They can independently work alone during a shoot and have no issues with being their natural selves. Either alone or together they are just as comfortable.”

“I feel like we need to make sure our kids are protected”

(Not So) Super Secret Social Tips:

“I feel like we need to make sure our kids are protected,” says Juana. “Whether it’s from internet bullies or exploitation, we make sure we protect them from hate but at the same time explain to them that there will always be people in this world who will say or do bad things to other people.”

Instagram is the Tolliver fam’s outlet of choice, but they definitely don’t just stop there. Expanding your messaging across multiple outlets can do wonders for growing an audience. “We also post every now and then to our IGTV and Youtube accounts for an inside look at our lives,” says Juana. “We also update our Pinterest with For the Boyz, they are still having fun while enjoying the attention. “The boys don’t fully understand the cool boards for people to follow.” popularity to the fullest extent just yet,” says Juana. Keeping a steady post schedule of about three times per “They’re aware of the amount of Instagram traffic they week allows them to make time for interacting with receive such as likes, comments, and followers but it their audience and networking. The family takes time doesn't really phase them. They honestly don't mind the each week to respond and interact with followers, while attention but aren't going to complain if they don't also engaging with those that they also follow. “Never receive it from others. As long as Mom and Dad are isolate yourself and try to do it alone,” says Juana. giving them the attention, they are satisfied.” “Over the few years we’ve been posting to Instagram, we can truly say that working with other brands/compa- In the future, the Boyz parents just hope to create a nies has helped us gain more exposure and boosted our platform for them to do whatever they choose when it’s time to make that decision. “Modeling is helping them social media presence.” with generating exposure and creating an environment But with all the great connections you will make online for them to learn how to run and manage a business.” be wary of the other ones. By now most parents should For now they will focus on modeling while squeezing in be aware that internet predators do exist. Sometimes video games, sports, pizza and lots of fun! being aware isn’t enough. 58 2020

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