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In these pages, we celebrate your giving, your creative energies and your spirit of collaboration—the lifeblood of thriving communities that benefits us all. We thank you for coming together in support for the Keokuk Area Community Foundation!

$14,788,118.49 IN TOTALASSETS FOR2022



Dear Friends,

In various ways, 2022 was a transitional year for the Tri-State Area Region and the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. Throughout 2022, many communities and nonprofit organizations moved on from the pandemic. Due to your generosity, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation, and our affiliates, the Community Foundation of Des Moines County, and North Lee Community Foundation received over $1 Million in donations. In total, we distributed over $800,000 in grants and scholarships to students and nonprofit organizations. However, our investments could not keep up with our spirit of giving, and we saw record lows in investment performance for 2022. With all our successes and struggles, we continue to believe that we can remain committed to serving the greater good in the Tri-State Region.

In 2022, our scholarship programs grew beyond our wildest dreams! We were honored by the generosity of the Pardall, Boyd, Pflug and Roach Families in establishing new scholarship funds that will help nurses, doctors, mechanics, and trade school students receive the funding they need to fulfill their dreams.

Through our grant programs, the Lee County Charitable Fund awarded KPLAY: Keokuk Playgrounds For All a $25,000 IMPACT Grant to complete the Bentley Splashpad in Keokuk. In their 15th year as an organization, Lee County Youth Services, Inc. distributed more than $25,000 to Lee County Nonprofits that focus on youth. And as a new fund in 2022, the Keokuk Refugee Coalition distributed over $13,000 in grants to support new Ukrainian Refugees arriving in Keokuk.

Giving back is the core to our mission of strengthening leaders, students, and nonprofits through philanthropy. We know there will always be challenges, but it is always our goal to grow as an organization so we can continue to serve your passion for giving. We thank you for believing in us, and we will continue to work together to create a more vibrant and giving Tri-State Region! Leah Jones

TheKeokukAreaCommunity Foundation is proudto have RadioKeokuk’s Co-Owner, Leah Jones asthenextBoard President. Leahbrings an enthusiasm andapassion for the Tri-State Areathatisinspiring.


KPLAY Playgrounds for All was founded with the purpose of bringing handicap-accessible play equipment to public playgrounds in the Keokuk, Iowa Community. Prior to the June 2015 opening of Bentley's Playground in Tolmie Park on Plank Road in Keokuk, there were no accessible playgrounds available in the Tri-State Area. Families with children needing adaptive equipment were required to drive 1-1/2 hours to Iowa City, or even 3 hours to St. Louis, MO, to use a playground.

After building successful playgrounds in Tolmie Park in 2015 and 2016, a new goal to build a Splash Pad Park was set. This splash pad will contain fun and colorful objects that will squirt water and allow children in wheelchairs to play with other children. After a successful $150,000.00 fundraising campaign, Bentley’s Splash Pad opened August 27, 2022.

Showing support for Bentley’s Playground, The Lee County Charitable Fund awarded KPLAY an IMPACT $25,000.00 grant to finish the Splash Pad landscaping and build a restroom for children and adults. The restroom project will be ongoing, but KPLAY is focused to complete their vision of bringing children with all kinds of disabilities the ability to play together with their peers and teach everyone that we are all different.

"It's actuallyvery overwhelming, “It'sadream come true. We've been working on thisforabout 4 years. WithCOVID, itkind ofputusin a bitof a stoplightlike itdid the rest of the world.But our communityhas been wonderful rallyingaround usall the time."-KPLAYPresident, TrishPayne.


The foundation of the Central Lee School District is to educate independent thinkers to value themselves and others. This mission has had its challenges during the last two years, because the number of students who face challenges with stress and anxiety is increasing. Central Lee High School Freshman Aubrey Weber saw her fellow students struggling and through the International Future Problem Solving Competition, created an idea for a sensory space where students could go for relief. The Lee County Charitable Fund saw Aubrey’s passion and awarded Central Lee Schools a $10,000 grant to build a sensory room.

The Central Lee Sensory Project involves removing walls in rooms that are currently used for storage and were originally built for individual band lessons. The project will increase the access students have to sensory break materials by creating a sensory room and check-out stations at the Central Lee Elementary School. One sensory room will be a calming and relaxing space for students, and the other will be more of a hands-on room with more tactile materials. Having two different rooms is beneficial because of various students' needs. In addition, there will also be more sensory stations in academic hallways so that students can have easier access to smaller sensory items to keep them focused in class. Around 20-30 kids with special needs will be using the sensory rooms, and nearly 500 kids utilizing the sensory stations.

“Studentscan feeloverwhelmed bythe increasedwork andbehavior expectationsand the increasedpressureto meetnew learningstandards.When learningand socialdemandsondevelopingstudentsare too high,thiscan leadto behavior outburstsand struggleswithlearningbeyondwhatstudentswould alreadyface.Sensorybreaksarea researched based intervention for studentswho feeloverwhelmed duringthe courseofthe day.” -AubreyWeber
Aubrey Weber




Now in its 4th year, the Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship has awarded more than $15,000 in scholarships to Keokuk High School Students. The Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship opens every year in October. The current Peggy Dickey Scholarship Recipient is Keokuk High School Graduate and current Iowa State University Student, Kayde Martin.

“FromthetimeI waslittleI’vealways wanted to be a veterinarian. I wasn’tyourtypical girl.Instead of playing with barbiesor playing house,I performed surgeries onmystuffeddogs and pretendedto be a veterinarian.Thisscholarshipmeans alot tome, asitishelping support mefinanciallyandsetting me upforsuccess toearnmy degree,inhopes of accomplishing mydreamofbecoming a veterinarian someday.’’ -KaydeMartin,PeggyDickey Memorial ScholarshipRecipient.

The Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for four years. The application opens January 1. Learn more at keokukfoundation.org/dickey.

TheKeokukAreaCommunityFoundation Scholarship Programrecognizesstudent achievementsand supportsdeservingstudents.Thankstoourfamilyofdonors,we have annualscholarshipstoprovide fundingtoTri-StateArea studentsand workingadults. Learn more atkeokukfoundation.org/scholarships.




Kayde Martin


The Molly Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by friends and loved ones of Molly at the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. The goal of the Molly Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund is to help cosmetology students to follow their dreams in honor of the late Molly Hurley.

“Mybiggestlong-termgoal istoopenmyownsaloninmy hometowninWarsaw.We asresidents and especially business owners ofour communityare responsible for beingpassionate about our littletown and proud tolive here.Passion fuelsexcitement and excitement willmotivate otherstowant tomake adifference.’’

PaiytonHuston, Molly HurleyScholarshipRecipient. The Molly Hurley Memorial Scholarship is open to any Lee, Hancock, or Clark County high school graduate or individual 18 or older who will be enrolled in any cosmetology school. This is a partial scholarship to be provided directly to the chosen candidate’s cosmetology school of choice. Learn more at keokukfoundation.org/molly.


Established in 2022, The Eric Pardall Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship fund of North Lee Community Foundation and the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. It will be awarded each year to high school seniors, college students, and continuing education students that have graduated from Central Lee High School, Fort Madison High School, and Holy Trinity High School. The Eric Pardall Memorial Scholarship is offered to students pursuing careers in agriculture, automotive/diesel repair, construction, engineering, health care/medical/nursing or any trade. Each of these renewable scholarships is $2,500.00 a year for four years. Learn more at keokukfoundation.org/pardall.

“Beingabletocarry onEricPardall’sname tofurthermy educationissomethingthatI will forever cherish. GrowingupwiththePardall family hasforeverchanged mylife. ’’ -EverleeHarvey, EricPardall Memorial ScholarshipRecipient.

Paiyton Huston Bailey Schwartz James Scheetz Kelsey Kruse Luke Fraise Everlee Harvey



The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the Geraldine (Jeri) Boyd Memorial Scholarship Committee recently awarded seven scholarships totaling $14,000 to nursing students in the Tri-State area. The following seven recipients accepting the scholarship include: Gabrielle Buschling, Megan Cook, Rachel Heule, Zach Meyers, Karissa Moeller, Annabel Neumann, and Olivia Rule.

This is the second year of the scholarship program established in memory of Jeri by her two daughters, Linda Boyd Griffey, and Janette Boyd Sullivan. Jeri was a longtime Keokuk Area Hospital Auxilian (KAH) and Hospital Volunteer. As an Auxilian, Jeri logged approximately 14,000 volunteer hours of service and was part of the hospital family for over 30 years.

During that time, she served as a patient representative, an escort at the surgery waiting room, and distributed reading materials, including her printouts of funny emails, to patients at KAH. In addition, Jeri served on the Board of Directors of the KAH Auxiliary and held the offices of President, Corresponding Secretary, Specialties Chair, Cardiac Rehabilitation Chair, Skilled Nursing Unit Chair and Nominating Chair. Jeri also represented the KAH Auxiliary at the Iowa Hospital Association meetings, Legislative Days and Summer Gatherings.

Geraldine (Jeri) Boyd Memorial Scholarships will be awarded annually to eligible full-time students in the nursing program at the Keokuk Campus of Southeastern Community College. The scholarships are funded by contributions made to the Geraldine (Jeri) Boyd Memorial Scholarship Fund held at the Keokuk Area Community Foundation.

“TheKeokuk AreaCommunityFoundation isproud to honor the legacyof JeriBoyd.Weare delighted to partnerwiththe Boyd Familyto investin the educationalgoalsoffuture healthprofessionalsfromthisregion.”

For more information regarding the Geraldine Boyd Memorial Scholarship Fund or to contribute to the fund, visit keokukfoundation.org/boyd.

Megan Cook Annabel Newman Karissa Moeller Rachel Heule Olivia Rule Gabrielle Buschling Zach Meyers


TheMattesonScholarship only awardsscholarshipsto studentsand adultsfromSoutheastIowa. Each scholarshipisworth$12,000 for 4years.

Morgan Grelk Winfield/Mt. Union Fatima Abudamir Burlington HS Brett Baccam Mt. Pleasant HS Jacob Bailey Mt. Pleasant HS Seth Bailey New London HS Lauren Beckman Burlington HS Nadia Boeding Fort Madison HS Sam Brueck Burlington Notre Dame Lily Clark Waco HS Abby Crowner Burlington Notre Dame Chyane Davidson Central Lee HS Tristen Davis Wapello HS Garrett Dickey Mediapolis HS Zach Glasscock Keokuk HS Gracie Gobble Fort Madison HS Gabe Gourley Burlington HS Isabelle Hase Burlington HS Carlee Heinz Keokuk HS Erin Hemphill Wapello HS Trent Hicks Mediapolis HS


TheMattesonScholarship application opensevery year on January 1. Go to mattesonscholarship.orgto learn more.

Mallorie Machholz Burlington HS Alaina Oliver Mediapolis HS Carlee Sloan Winfield/Mt. Union HS Brian Valdez Burlington HS Seth Mendez Fort Madison HS Hunter Miller West Burlington HS Blake Moeller Central Lee HS Conner Muston Keokuk HS Lauren Schreck Central Lee HS Cameron Schroeder Burlington HS Maille Sheerin Fort Madison HS Stacy McKay Keokuk HS Kyndal Townsley Winfield/Mt. Union HS Charles Taylor West Burlington HS Callum Tackes Keokuk HS Will Neises Burlington HS Jamie Sobczak Holy Trinity HS Maddie Wellman Central Lee HS Maui Pearl Whaley Mt Pleasant HS BreAnn Yaley Danville HS



Established in 2022, The Bonnie and Carl Pflug Nursing Scholarship honors the lives of Bonnie and Carl Pflug through the spirit of nursing. Bonnie Pflug was a registered nurse and worked at both St. Joseph’s Hospital and Keokuk Convalescent Center. She was a member of All Saints Catholic Church and had been a church organist and member of Ladies of Charity for many years. To all who knew her, Bonnie was an amazing woman who taught everyone she came into contact with how to live life with joy. Bonnie always had a positive outlook and saw the good in everyone and everything.

Carl Pflug was involved in public service his entire life. He was the second recipient of the Eppers-O'Malley award given to a Democrat for community service. He was awarded The Spirit of Keokuk award and an award for his dedication to the American Cancer Society. He was involved with the United Way and enjoyed volunteering for the Keokuk Area Hospital fundraiser, Kardiac Kapers.

The Bonnie and Carl Pflug Nursing Scholarship honors the giving legacy of Bonnie and Carl by providing scholarships to Lee County High School Students pursuing a career in nursing. The first Bonnie and Carl Pflug Nursing Scholarship Recipients were Keokuk High School Graduate, Karissa Moeller and Holy Trinity High School Graduate, Ava Peitz.

“In the future,Ihope towork for severalyearsin anadvanced care setting,and eventuallyobtainadual-certificationasa Nurse Practitionerin Psychiatric-Mental Healthand FamilyHealth.Iwanttoreturn toa ruralarea,suchasSoutheastIowa, where Ican bestusemyeducation to serve thosewhodonotalwayshave accessto advanced medicineand up-to-date practices.” - Ava Peitz

For more information regarding the Bonnie and Carl Pflug Nursing Scholarship Fund or to contribute to the fund, visit keokukfoundation.org/pflug.

Karissa Moeller Ava Peitz


It would be difficult not to be aware of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the number of refugees this conflict has created. On April 21, President Biden announced “Uniting for Ukraine,” a new streamlined program that allows citizens to serve as sponsors for Ukrainians who wish to seek immediate refuge in the U.S. This program offers training for sponsors and information on how to help facilitate the process of relocation. Ukrainian refugees displaced as a result of the Russian invasion are eligible for humanitarian parole through the Uniting for Ukraine program in the United States for a period of two years but in most cases they need help from communities to help with their transition.

In response to this critical need, a small group of Keokuk community members, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation and the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association formed The Keokuk Refugee Coalition in August of 2022. On October 30, 2022, the coalition welcomed Andrii and Natalia Sotsenko. Their journey to re-adjustment has been challenging, but Andrii and Natalia have found employment and embraced Keokuk.

“There’sbeena lotofsupport.Itmeansalot to me thatmaybewe cancreatea welcomingrefuge to peoplewho need itso much,”said LouiseOrozco,aKeokuk Refugee Coalition Volunteer.

The Keokuk Refugee Coalition is an ongoing project. All money raised goes to assist refugees with housing, utilities, transportation, preparation for employment, education, clothing, food, and whatever else they might need while they transition.

Learn more at keokukfoundation.org/refugee.



With a grant from KACF Grant Fund, the Food Bank of Iowa (FBOI) supported the Lee County Drop-In Center. This food pantry was able to purchase truck loads of donations that were able to help many people. If an agency were to purchase the same about of food retail it would cost exponentially more. $100 at the grocery store would get a pantry 44 pounds of food but $100 with FBOI gets them over 1,600 pounds of food. These dollars are stretched much further and clients are getting more food because of the grant funding.

Throughthe Keokuk Area CommunityFoundation GrantFundand the LeeCounty CharitableFund,we investin localnonprofitorganizationsthatcontribute to improvingthe qualityoflife inour communities.Our grantssupportinnovation, sustainabilityandcapacitybuilding.




For more information regarding the Grant Programs of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation visit keokukfoundation.org.


Approximately 3000 people attend events at the Depot each year. In addition, hundreds of people visit the riverfront area, of which the Depot is a major attraction. Keokuk Union Depot Foundation (“KUDF”) has commenced restoration of the exterior masonry of the Depot’s waiting room section to address serious structural issues. The 2022 KACF grant


Three Rivers Conservation Foundation launched the “Places to Play” campaign in 2019 with the objective of replacing and enhancing playgrounds at Lee County parks. The group's first goal was to replace the playground at Pollmiller Park. This goal was met in 2020, and the new playground was installed in the spring of 2021. The next playground that was scheduled to raise funds and be built, was a new playground at Wilson Lake. This project was completed February 1st, 2023. Our last playground to be purchased and installed was at Chatfield Lake near Keokuk, IA. This playground was purchased in the fall of 2022 and installed most recently. This last project completes our Places to Play campaign.


With a grant awarded from the KACF Grant Fund, three Keokuk students attended the Community Anti Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) Youth Leadership Forum and Day on the Hill. Students attended numerous sessions led by dynamic speakers during the Forum that covered such topics as public speaking, the risks of youth marijuana use, the dangers of fentanyl and fake pills, how trauma can impact the decisions we make, addiction, the pros and cons of social media, and the impact youth voices can have in their communities. The three students were able to join other students from Iowa to speak with Senator Ernst, Senator Grassley, and Representative Miller-Meeks.


Central Lee is in the fortunate position to have more music students then music stands. Last Fall, The Central Lee Music Department was awarded a grant to purchase music equipment from the Arminda G. Bishop Trust. Used daily, the music stands are used for the following ensembles: marching band, concert band, jazz band, pep band, show band, concert choir, lessons, drum line rehearsal, performances and shows.


Helping children with homework assignments, learning music and other character building activities such as behavior, manners and how to be helpers at home, is the new focus of Salvation Army. With a grant from the Lee County Charitable Fund, The Salvation Army purchased 2 touch screen displays with built in computers, 2 mobile carts and cords. This allowed students to have one unit in Keokuk and the other in Fort Madison where the after-school programs take place. There was no software to download and was much easier to locate youth activities to coincide with their learning needs.


The students at St. Vincent’s have become voracious readers! We see them huddled in all areas of the classrooms, library, and common areas with their noses in a good book. “I just can’t put it down!” you’ll passionately hear. Our third-grade class has been so excited about the new biographies in their classroom that they decided to do a Living Wax Museum to highlight historical personalities. One first-grader was overheard saying, “You know, I’m a farmer, so this farm book is like my life.” Thank you, Lee County Charitable Fund, for helping to make our dream of classroom libraries a reality!


Using grants from both the Lee County Charitable Fund, North Lee Community Foundation, and the Keokuk Area Community Foundation Grant Fund, IJAG- Keokuk High School Students implemented a service learning project to serve the students and/or community members that have a need for food outside of the school day. The students learned the importance and challenges of beginning and maintaining a food supply bank throughout the year. After preparing a meal, the Keokuk Students prepared care packages to military families serving overseas.

The goal of IJAG is to unlock student potential. IJAG programs help kids build the skills they need to be successful in the classroom, on the job, and in life. It’s the gift of self-sufficiency that pays dividends to individuals, schools, employers, and communities.


KidSight's Mobile Vision Screening program goes out to daycare centers, early childhood programs like Head Start, and community events across the state. We collaborate with local optometrists and organizations through the KidSight Vision Care Network to provide low-cost follow-up care for children who need it. Using a grant from the Keokuk Area Community Foundation, KidSight proposed to increase vision screenings in Clark County by targeting private daycares and other community organizations that serve young children. KidSight screens children at the Kahoka Head Start, Wayland Head Start, and Early Childhood Center. KidSight also expanded screenings at private daycare centers to meet a goal of 250 screenings in the Clark County Area in 2022/2023.


The Keokuk Community Child Development Center (KCCD) prides itself on being a quality rated center and providing best practice care for families in Keokuk. Using a grant from the Keokuk Area Community Foundation, the Keokuk Community Child Development Center (KCCD) purchased needed safety/wireless upgrades to their facility. The new safety technology allows the management at Keokuk Community Child Development Center to communicate with families and visitors safely using a two-way intercom and a new tablet for each teacher. The wireless internet was also upgraded to provide faster communication throughout the facility. The security updates also benefit the additional organizations using the church areas as well as church members. Securing the areas of the childcare center allows the other organizations of the community access to the church areas not occupied during the center's hours.



In 2022, Heart Song Adult Day Services, established an endowment with the Community Foundation of Des Moines County.

Heart Song is dedicated to preserving dignity in a safe and caring environment, through socialization and purposeful activities, to enhance the quality of life of adults. Heart Song prides themselves on the support, relief and independence to all caregivers and families, which enable them to continue caring for their loved ones and remain active in the community.

Apartner in givingfor SoutheastIowa,the CommunityFoundation ofDesMoines Countywasestablished to receivecharitable giftsfromdonorsto establishpermanent endowmentsfor thebenefitofDesMoinesCounty,Iowa. Learn more atcfdmc.org.


Every year, the Mickelson Grant Fund at the Community Foundation of Des Moines County provides Domestic Violence Intervention Program a grant for emergency and comprehensive services to any victim of intimate partner abuse in Des Moines County. DVIP provides financial support for housing, utilities, and transportation needs for survivors.






As first-time grant recipient from the Keokuk Area Foundation Grant Fund, Advocacy Network for Children has one singular goal: to find a safe, permanent, and loving home for children. Finding a home for a child can be a process, so Advocacy Network for Children in Hancock County recruits volunteer supervisors to be advocates of children who are in care of the court. Grant funding provided the coordination of volunteer activities including case assignment, review of volunteer reports, and accompanying volunteers to assigned court hearings. The greatest hope for all volunteers is the achievement that every child would be returning to home and the abuse/neglect stops.


For over 30 years, Lee County Health Department (LCHD) has been pursuing its own home to be able to safely house up to 38 employees with adequate space to plan for and provide essential public health services in Southeast Iowa.

In 2022, North Lee Community Foundation and Keokuk Area Community Foundation made a commitment to assist Lee County and the Lee County Supervisors with a fundraising campaign for the proposed new Lee County Health Department and EMS building. The new Health Center and EMS facility will be centrally located in Lee County near the Fort Madison Hospital and on that property given to the County by the Meller family. This piece of land lies adjacent to the Shottenkirk Chevrolet Buick GMC car dealership in Fort Madison.

This new Health Department Center and EMS facility will provide easy access for all the communities and townships of Lee County and will provide excellent health services for all the people of Lee County.

With early and generous support from donors, business and corporations in the County, the Foundation has worked quietly with a campaign to raise up to $1,000,000 to assist with the funding of the construction of a state-of-the-art Meller Health Center.

“Thisnew HealthDepartmentCenterandEMS facilitywillprovide easyaccess forall the communitiesand townships ofLee Countyand will provide excellenthealth servicesfor all the people ofLee County.”-LCDHExecutive Director, Michelle Ross


In2022,Lee CountyYouthServices,Inc.,celebrated their twentiethyearofawarding grants toLee Countynonprofits.Since 2010,Lee CountyYouth Services,Inc. have distributed morethan$350,000ingrants. Themission ofLeeCountyYouthServices,Inc. is to provideopportunities andsupportforyouthinneedand thosewhoserve them. Lee CountyYouthServices,Inc.is committed toa programofsocial responsibilityand communityinvolvement/education.


It was announced in 2022/2023 that the Fort Madison Family YMCA and Elliott Test Kitchen Foundation would be merging to form YMCA Test Kitchen. With a grant from Lee County Youth Services, Inc. the new YMCA Test Kitchen continued the successful STEM Education/Camp program, which helps students in after-school/summer tutoring and provides them with a tasty meal.

For more information regarding the Grant Programs of Lee County Youth Services, Inc., visit keokukfoundation.org/lcys.


The purpose of "Fright Fest" is to offer area kids and their families an opportunity to come and celebrate the fall season by dressing up in costumes, decorating pumpkins, receiving candy and riding a hayride throughout Rand Park for an afternoon on the third Saturday in October. This event is always well attended and all activities offered are provided free of charge. Using a grant from Lee County Youth Services, Inc., Keokuk Parks Foundation were able to provide candy bags to all the youth who attended. For the first time, they offered those ages 8 and up a chance to throw an axe at a wooden bullseye in the trailer provided by Quincy Axe Company. Axe throwing was a great hit with kids and adults alike, giving them an opportunity to try something new that is not offered in our local area.


With a grant from Lee County Youth Services, Inc., Girl Scouts in Troop 1357 in Keokuk learned a great deal about being great citizens to their community and helping those in need. Girl Scouts collected donations for the Keokuk Animal Shelter, and also collected food, birthday kits and funds to donate to God's Way Food Pantry.

“The girls were especiallymovedwhen they learned that there are childrenintheir communitythat aren'table tocelebrate their birthday, andthis promptedthem tobuild "birthdaykits" todonate tothefood pantry, containingitems tohelpthemhave abirthday cake,includinga disposable pan, cake mix, frosting,decorationsand candles.”

-Girl Scouts ExecutiveDirector,Beth Garza


TheKeokukAreaCommunityFoundation isproud to haveNorthLeeCommunity Foundation(NLCF) asa partnerofgivingin LeeCounty.Currently,The NorthLee CommunityFoundation holdsmore than80differentfundsestablished byindividuals, families,and nonprofitagenciesto benefitNorthLeeCounty. For more information,visitnorthleecf.org.


Serving all the baseball needs of Lee County, The Houghton Ball Association is in charge of organizing youth and adult games in Houghton. With a grant from the North Lee County Foundation, The Houghton Ball installed a handicapped accessible bathroom at the ball field. Before, patrons used the city hall restrooms that are nearly 100 yards away from the field. There was gravel and grass between the field and the bathrooms, so it is difficult to for some to get to them.


Pickleball is becoming an active community engagement opportunity for socialization and physical exercise and also a tourist destination. With a grant from North Lee Community Foundation, the Fort Madison Beautification Foundation and Fort Madison Pickle Ball Association, this project built six new Pickleball courts at Victory Field Park in Fort Madison, Iowa.

$7,290,731.95 TOTALASSETSFOR NLCF IN2022




With 500 people using the Fort Madison Family YMCA Pool, the need for a clean pool is great. In the past, the Y collaborated with the city pool to use their pool vacuum to clean our pool 2-3 days a week but needed their own pool vacuum to stay on top of the cleaning procedure and not allow build up at the bottom of the pool. With a grant from North Lee Community Foundation, the Fort Madison Family YMCA purchased a new indoor swimming pool vacuum. Happier swimmers from all of Lee County rejoiced!


We area CommunityFoundation thatseekstopreserve the futureofthisareaby buildingendowmentsthatprovide financialsupportand grantfundingfor Tri-State Area nonprofitorganizations,charities,churchesand educationalinstitutions.The following donorsmadea gift,gave to a memorial,established a fund or gave toan Endowmentat the Keokuk AreaCommunityFoundation,theCommunityFoundationof DesMoines County,orNorthLeeCommunityFoundation in2022.


Rosemary Abel

Michael & Michelle AbouAssaly

Todd & Kerri Ackerman

Helen Ackerson

John & Judy Aldredge

Alliant Energy Foundation

Cynthia & Roy Ames

Kristi Anderson

Jerry & Julie Anderson

Joy & Eugene Anderson

Apel Snyder International

Brett & Kelsey Azinger

Michael & Lora Azinger

Gary & Rosa Bailey

Carolyn Baker

Kevin & Ruth Bante

Christopher & Kelsey Barclift

Robert & Carol Bartles

Darlys Baum

Kate Baxter-Anderson

Will Beck

William & Cynthia Becker

Michael & Karen Beim

Kathleen Bentler

Susan Berberet

Sheldon & Molly Berger

Christine Bianco

Timothy & Tonja Binder

Mary Black

Debi Boeck

Lanah Boeck

Shari Jobe Bororgzad

Sandra & Leonard Branchini

Colleen Breheny

Catherine Breitenbucher

Marianna Brinck

William & Debra Brinkley

Robin Briscoe

Kourtney Brissett

Carol Brotherson

Ann Brotherson

Russell & Teresa Brotherton

H. Wesley Brown Brown

Marie Brownlee

Cindy Brueck

J Bryan

Burtraw Living Trust

Kathleen Cahill

Daniel Cahill

David & Amy Camp

Claudine Capps

Timothy & Sue Carlson

Teri Carman

Chris Carrara

Joan & Thomas Carroll

Stephen & Carla Celania

I-Min Chao

Narie Choi

Bev Christy

Curtis Cloke

Kathie Cochran

Chris Codden

Mae Conn

Tony & Lori Conn

Vincent & Betty Copeland

David Cosgrove

Patricia Courtney

Amy Cox

Carole & Shawn Daniels

Summer Day

Mary & James Dennis

Jerry & Sally Derby

John & Karen Dewey

Stacie & James Dickens

Michael Gollin & Jill Dickey

Ryan Dougherty

Terri & Barry Dowell

Mary Downey

Ralph & Betty Downey

Paige Dunn

Donna Dusen

Merle Eberline

Christopher & Caroline Edwards

Karen Elliott

Eva Ann Elmer

Sandra Elmore

Rich & Rae Ewers

Anthony Faber

First Presbyterian Church - Carthage

Anita Fleming

Dwight & Sue Foley - Mulch

Roberta Fowler - Tong

Ann Skaro & Frank Delaney

Sara Frey - Clark

Terrance & Paula Friedman

John & Lindsay Fruehling

Kathy Gabel

Melinda Gall

Thomas & Elizabeth Gardner

Sara Garza

Dennis Gehrt

Alan & Barb Gerst

Darla Gibbons

Jerry & Kimberly Glasgow

Joyce Glasscock

Martin Goetz

Jennifer Goetz

Randy Gray

Great River Health Systems Inc.

Linda Griffey

Leah Gudgel

Janet Hachmeister

Robert Haines

Sharon Haisch

Carole Halicki

Michelle Halton

Mary Susan Hanan

James & Diane Hankes

Joseph & Denise Hanks

Robert Hansen

Andrea Harper

Gigi Harrington

Ann Hass

Ivan Hasselbusch

Janet Haush

Tony & Tammy Hayes

Hazel Agencies

Dawn Hazell

Heart Song Adult Day Center

Colleen Heibner

Theresa Hellman

Joan Hellman

Shirley Hendricksmeyer

Cindy Henry

Michelle Henson

Lynnette Hess

Carol Hibler

Michael & Karen Hickey

Marianne Higdon

Mike Hoffman

Dr. Charles Holmes

Amber Horner

JoEllen Hoth

Christopher & Kathy Hughes

Debra Hulett

Lisa Hunter

Brian & Lynese Isom

Kendra Jahn

Valerie Jenkins

Kathleen Jennings

Dr. Jerry & Debra Jochims

Andrea & Thomas Johanns

Jay & Mindy Johnson

Richard & Kim Johnson

Dianna Jones

MaryAnn Jordahl

John & Maryann Jordahl

Mark & Christy Joyce

Kris Karre

Earnest & Judy Kaylor

Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly

Mark Kemp

Keokuk Area Hospital Foundation

Albert & Kathleen Keppel

Dev Kiedaisch

Scott & Lori Kindig

Madonna & Richard Kirchner

Julia Kirk

Michael & Kathy Klauser

Andrea Kline

Julie Kobliska

Brian & Lindi Kobliska

Kevin & Nicole Koellner

Steve & Agnes Koellner

Joseph & Jane Kowzan

Sarah Kraus

Robert & Susie Kraus

Susan & Gary Lange

Richard & Linda Larkin

Edward C & Jean Lemon

Amanda Lewis

Gretchen Lewis

Duane & Mary Loban

Donna Logan

John Logsdon

Marcia Lohmann

Tamara Lohmann

Lawrence & Sandra Long

Lisa & Mike Longshore

Annette Ludwig

Anthony Maerz

Gregory & Leslie Malinski

Gary & Ruth Mansheim

Dennis & Karen Marino

Jill & Stuart Mason

Carol Sue May

Kara McCabe

Janet Mccannon

M.J. & T.G McCoy

Kaylee McFarland

Lynn McLaury

Craig & Charlotte McManus

David McMurray

Alecia McNally

DeAnn McNally

Barbara McRoberts

Susan Meiers

Brian & Kimberly Mendez

Ann Menke

Wes Merydith

Richard & Nicole Meyers

Rose Miller

David & Gretchen Miller

Al Moander

David Morgan

Amy Moyner

Teresa Murray

Jean Nash

Michael & Kathleen Nunn

Oakford Physical Therapy

Joe & Amy O'Brien

Michael & Julie O'Conner

John & Louise Orozco

Rebecca O'Shea

Melissa Palmer

Richard & Georgia Pardall

Jerald & Linda Parks

Mary Parrish

Carolyn Patterson

D.A. & C.R. Patterson

Milton & Laurine Paule

Tammy Pfeiferling

Katherine Pflug

Mike & Bonnie Pierson

Timothy & Cheryl Plank

Walter & Joann Pogulis

Barbara Powell

Susan Powell - Fedler

Sue Prochazka

Michael & Joann Prosser

Burton & Joanne Prugh

Patrick Pullins

Carolyn Pundt

Brian (Chip) Readinger

Julie Rector

Nick Rector

Mark & Julie Rector

Dan & Chris Reid

Mark Renteria

Mike & Cherish Rentmeester

Deanna & Don Reynolds

Jerald & Lois Rigdon

Timothy & Christine Roberts

Nikki Robertson

John & Susan Rogers

Lindsay Ross

Philip & Pamela Roth

Megan Rounsaville

Jeffrey & Mary Rovane - Weld

Jeffrey & Cathryn Rucker

Ryan Ruffcorn

Quinn Ruhl

Charles & Rebecca Rump

Cindy Runge

Noel Rusher

Jesse Saar

Jesse Saar

Dr. Mark Saathoff

Malik & Jennifer Sadiq

Joyce Sanders

Ann Sandrock

Mary Saxton

Kent & Megan Schmidgall

JessIca Schrapf

Daniel Schreck

Nancy Schulte

Keith Schulz

John & Barbara Schulz

Katie & Tony Sciumbato

Ronald & Jennie Scott

Marlene Short

Michelle Skinner

Cynthia & Michael Skopec

Jack & Mary Jo Smith

R. Robert Woodburn & Janet Smith

Russ & Mary Smith

St. John's Church of Keokuk Iowa

Kimberly & Jeffrey Staub

Mark & Taley Steele

Judy Stevens

JR Stevens

Douglas Stewart

Lyn Stinson

Penny Sudbeck

Amanda Thomas

Erin Threlkeld

Richard & Francesca To

Wayne & Nancy Tolander

Sue Catherine Harris Trust

Michael & Teresa Umthun

Thomas & Joyce Vance

Thomas & Margaret Veith

Nora Vera-Godwin

Danielle Vogel

Gary & Gretchen Walls

Donald & Mary Lynn Walters

Don & Lori Weiss

Floyd & Lori Welch

Katie Wells

Matt & Andrea Wenzel

Paul & Mary Westermeyer

Nancy Wheeler

Amanda Wiebold

Mary Ann Wierather

Christine Williamson

Dennis Wilson

Rodney & Deborah Wittkamp

Judith & Lavon Worley

Carol Zaiser

Rebecca Zwanziger

Our donorsareour inspiration. Makea giftatkeokukfoundation.org.



2022: $14,780.469.14

2021: $17,790,728.00

2020: $17,931,214.72

2019: $9,830,808.16


Cash in Banks: $456,913.23

Investments: $16,633,219.55

Other Currant Assets: $2,899.24

Liabilities: $1,852,750.41


Grants & Scholarships: $749,823.42

Program Support: $122,489.75


Connection Bank: - 9.76%

Two Rivers Bank & Trust: - 12.08%

Pilot Grove Savings Bank: - 12.42%

Morgan Stanley: - 43.69%

Overall Return: - 22.96%

TheKeokukAreaCommunityFoundation servesdonorsand nonprofitsthroughsound financialmanagementthataimsto buildcharitableresourcesfor the Tri-State Area Communities.Dueto your generosityandour investmentperformance,our financial growthremainssteady,increasingthe impactwe have bydoinggreat thingsin the Tri-State Area. Visit

keokukfoundation.org/financials to view a copy of KACF’s 990 IRS Return (certain sections are omitted for donor privacy). Also view our Independent Financial Review conducted by CPA Associates PC.


Established inOctober2004,The Keokuk AreaCommunityFoundation(KACF) isa 501(c)(3) charitable CommunityFoundationwhichreceivesgifts,grantsand contributionsfromcharitable individuals,families,businesses,andcorporations.These charitable giftsare used to establishpermanentendowments,foster leadership,assist Tri-State Areanonprofitorganizations,charities,schools,healthcare institutions,and strengthencommunitiesin southeastIowa,west-centralIllinois,and northeastMissouri.


Chair of the Board: Kerry Klepfer

Vice Chair: Leah Jones

Secretary: Jan Filkins


George Eichacker

Ivan Hasselbusch

Kerry Klepfer

Richard Lofton

Jack Smith


Margaret Cardella, Mary Sue Chatfield, Tony Conn, Carlos Guzman, Cheri Kemp, Louise Orozco and Patrick Otang


Executive Director: Roger R. Ricketts

CFO: Haley Shaffer

Administrator: Philip Ricketts

P.O. Box 367 Keokuk, Iowa 52632 319.670.0207 keokukfoundation.org KeokukArea Community Foundation

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