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Editors note

by Charlie

Adios, Europa! I’m very sad to be leaving Europe. It has been my dream to live and work in Europe for a long time, and it’s hard to believe that the dream is now coming to an end. I am sure that we will all look back on this experience as one of the best in our lives-- even those of you who were born and raised in Europe. Who could ever forget such anomalies as the Parisian RER train, the Spanish and Italian siestas or that funny herbal scent in Amsterdam? What about the historical evolution of the pancake/crepe/pufferjin phenomenon or the obligatory beer and wine tasting extravaganzas? Not to mention the sightseeing, the countless photo opportunities, or the unique ways one can communicate his/her bare necessities in a foreign language. All in all, I would have to say that this tour was a huge success and that most of us will be forever grateful and satisfied. We would especially like to thank everyone who contributed to any (or all) of the 10 breathtaking issues of the EuroWings over the last 2 years – it just keeps getting better! This issue is full of interesting facts, figures, images and goodbyes. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great tour break and see you in Brazil!

Team Eurowings: Ken, Charlie, Tanya, Shannan

Contributor: Gen Deslandes, Gen Denis, Marie-Eve, Todd, Roy, Martin, Shannan, Charlie Photo: Victoria, Martin N, Lisa, Tanya, Robski, Ken, Julien C, Lloyed,

Different angle from the Box office by Genevieve Denis

Hello everyone, I just want to take a few moments of your time to share with you a bit about the Box Office reality here in Gijon. Throughout this tour, the Box Office has been situated in many different ways on the site, facing nice and sometimes ugly views.

In Milan, we overlooked a gigantic parking lot, where cars were almost parked on top of each other. In Rome, we fell privy to the view of a boulevard and the billboard of a horror movie coming to a theatre near you!! In Amsterdam, another parking lot, where we could attend motorbike classes in the afternoon. In Brussels-- guess what? Another parking lot!! Daylight hours in Madrid were spent watching the construction of a new metro station, while at night, the beautiful Audi car filled our horizons. In Barcelona….ah, Barcelona. Those of you who took the time to visit us enjoyed looking at the beach, the boats, and the sea. The sunsets behind the Mount Tibidabo were beautiful and amazing! In Paris, yet another parking lot, but the sunsets were actually hitting the buildings in front and it was definitely worth it. Before talking about Gijon, I also want to mention all the fashion faux pas, the “needs a makeover urgently”, the good looking ones, the cute kids and the ones you’d strangle, the angry “let’s call the police” ones, and all the ones you’ve seen and we didn’t!! Now, Gijon… What a particular one to describe. Imagine a vast green piece of land, where wild flowers are growing, dogs are running, kids are playing…Can you picture it now? Then, in the middle of this peaceful image, add an old dirty bastard pissing right in front of your window! After he’s done, he shakes it off, puts it away and his grandson joins him! You think it ends there?? Well you are wrong! A lady, who looks like she could be your neighbor, holds her 4 year old daughter for a shit…yes! A shit on the side of the tree! God damn it! Where are those people from?! What is wrong with public decency? I wonder, and always will..

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Premiere Casino

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Premiere Casino

But the highlight of the night!

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European tour Statistics 618 SHOWS PERFORMED

Close to 1.5 million spectators

80 000 eggs

24 000 Kg of meat

2 500 rolls of paper towel p.s. That’s way too much!

35 000 L of juice and milk

1 200 L of Mayonnaise

770 L of laundry detergent

3 000 hrs spent to clean the costumes 350 L of “vinegar” to clean the mask 12L of shoe paints

1600 kg of CO2 for smoke effects 38400 rolls of toilet paper 1000 liters of hand soap 10 tons glass 6 tons of plastic

4000 18 liter bottles of water

16 (actual) work hours by Todd (2 hours each city)

830 000 liters of Diesel for electricity

9600 work Janitors



45900 work hours of local labor Setup/Teardown

4500 pounds of paper snow

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20 Million liters of tap water from the city 800 ton of regular garbage

14 Million liters of water (and shit etc) that flows into the city sewer

12 tons of waste paper

We asked around 60 people for their favorite and least favorite cities of the European tour 2006 ~ 2007

Favorite Cities

Least favorite cities

Preston lounge Saga

In and Out of Gijon In


Hotels Boobies on the beach (Charlie â˜ş) Beach The city Sidrerias Summer festival Cheap cost of living

Elevator music @ Silken Spanish siesta Hot-blooded Spanish teenagers No English theaters No scooter rental No English T.V. channels

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Monica Margato Promoter Rep.

Caio Malfatti Site Coordinator

Marcelo Martins Pablo Venturoso Operations Manager Asst. Site

Jean Dias Campos Asst. Food/Bev

Isabel Machado Receptionist

Laura Greiner Runner

Marcelo Mazzari Transportation

Mariana Altero Transportation

Christiano Sarmento FOH Manager

Leonardo Monteiro Asst. VIP Manager

Priscila Elias Cashier Supervisor

Ivo Schiabel Warehouse Control

Fabricio Pessoa Usher Supervisor

training coordinator

Andres Marques Merchandise sup.

Helius Xavier Catering sup.

Ricardo Pereira Food/Beverage

Juliana Lopes Asst. Merch sup

ABSENT Meire Zanin Monica’s asst.

Pericles Caetano


NEW TOUR MEMBERS Because some of our close friends have left us in Gijon, new ones are joining us. During our season in Curitiba, a total of 18 new employees or artists will be joining us. Welcome to Alegria! Name


Chebanu, Veaceslav

Russian bars porter

Clemente, Cynthia

Purch.& adm. Coord.

Grau, Clara


Hoffman, Grant


Holper, Mark

Head of Tent

Ifrah, Lucy

Asst. To General manager

Ismaili, Malika Alaoui


Lalancette. Réjean


Lemieux, Maude


Maglaya, Cora Lynne


McKenzie, Stephen


McNicholls, Kathy

Sound Technician

Montreuil, Caroline


Plotnikov, Roman

Russian bars porter

Maxim Ruban

Russian bars flyer

Sarrazin, Tania


St-Laurent, Stéphane

Head of Site

Thompson, Peter

Lighting technician

GOOD BYE! Depart. Artistic Artistic Artistic Artistic Artistic Artistic Artistic Public serv. Public serv. Public serv. Public serv. Public serv. Public serv. Public serv. T. Services T.Services T.Services T.Services Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical Technical

Last name Arranz Martin Bluteau Ouellette Plotnikov Rasanen Semibratov Volkov Campbell Denis Ferrer Kryukova Marques Ferreira Sanft Wilson Vaillancourt Koizumi Lupini McKinnon Bauer Bondar Jansen Resther Rezanour Salemi Van Nistelrode

First name MariaVictoria Joanne Luc Oleg Paulina Fedor Slava Jennifer Geneviève Jaime Kat Jessica Kawika Lloyd Preston Chantal Kana Simon Laura Jason Paul Sasha Roy Marc (Chopper) Jasmine Marc Raoul

Congratulations to Jason and Victoria!

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Too bad I didn’t keep a copy of the fax I sent to Saltimbanco when I left the tenting environment. I only needed to change the name Saltimbanco to Alegria and it would have been perfect. Now I am forced to write another one. I am not an emotional person. all I do is act (and react)I abuse the fact that I am tall and ugly and it works…sometimes… David kind of destroyed my efforts to be a bad guy by forcing me not to shout or use bad language to any other members of the tour. Once I forgot, and of course got the inevitable reprimand from David and Josito. Since then I have been allowed 3 outbursts per year. One I used on the crew chief during Tear Down in Madrid, the second one on Todd and the last one I’ve saved for Tear Down in Gijon… Some of you know I will be going home after Tear Down, and starting a new career as a Dutch potato farmer in Germany. I am hoping to get a contract with Cirque, so that you don’t have to continue to eat the crappy potatoes they serve in the kitchen. Next step would be a chicken farm with pre-spiced chickens. Last week, we had all the toreros staying in the Tryp Hotel. I finally had them all together so I tried to explain to them that I am going to be a potato farmer and that I would like to buy all the bullshit they will produce tonight at the bullfights (Since this is the perfect manure for potatoes). Unfortunately, I failed to remember the Spanish word for Potato Farmer. Most of the time my memory lets me down; otherwise I could boost this issue of Eurowings (who is to blame for this name???) up to a 100 pages just with funny and stupid anecdotes. At least 20 pages would be filled with Toddler´s escapades, but I will leave it up to him to write his own memoirs. His storage space is fairly large, but with all that hay from Alabama Canada in it, there is not much space left for other things, the hay is already bursting out of his storage space, some people call it hair but I know better. My biggest thanks goes to Gary, finally there was someone who could bitch more than I do. My days as Technical Operations Coordinator are over; I was the first and the last one within Cirque. I tried my best to get fired and come back in a higher position as many have done before me, but this strategy didn’t work, so now I have been dumped in the redeployment program. Technically, it means you don’t get a goodbye lump sum and you still have to find another job by yourself. I am trying to leave Cirque for good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we met again. Don’t forget to have fun in Brazil and whatever comes after that. Try to cope with the bullshit as I had to deal with in Mexico, there is always a reason to laugh all the bad things away. Toereledoki (old Dutch answer if someone asks you ´what’s happening´ freely translated it means ´fuck all´) Roy

People leaving

Name: Jen Campbell What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?

Drive! And then go to my favourite Thai food spot. (If you are ever in Toronto look up “Salad King”) Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

Short + Sweet – Arrived at the end of Barcelona , was on Quidam before … now headed to Kooza. What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Paris and Paris Unforgettable moments? Meeting such great people … will never forget premiere in Gijon. THAT HURT. Famous last words? IN the words of Lloyd…”Go Kooza” and “Shake it!”

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Name: Jaime Ferrer What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home? I’m

going to my sister’s wedding and then I’ll spend a month in Ibiza at our summer house. Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria? In Jan 2000, But Alegria in Milan 2006 so 1 and half years. What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Favorite = Barcelona & Gijon Least= Paris & Milan Unforgettable moments? When I tipped the weight on the mast plates and it fell on 2 pipes, 4 electrical cables and 1 of the main computer cables. And also when I broke my trousers at the Gijon premiere. Famous last words? “Did somebody call Jaime?” “Whatever”

People Leaving Name: Jess ☺ What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?

Enjoy a whole lot of sun on the Canary Islands & Ibizaaaa. Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria? In Milano 2006 in the kitchen then to the box office, Vip and last but not least PS assistant. What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Paris & Milan were both horrible. I absolutely loved Barcelona, Great city. Unforgettable moments? Having my morning hug with Todd, Having Sybi come by Vip to have a chat & a smoke, having Mitko as a brother, Madonna concert with Gen Denis, hanging with Julien, going for dinner with Anson. Seeing my old mates from Saltimbanco / Amsterdam Harold, Tom & Adam…and so much more. Famous last words? It is perfectly normal to talk to yourself! I’ll miss you while lying on the beach and will come visit soon. Name: Roy What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?

Well…I haven’t seen my girlfriend for more then seven weeks…

Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

Started in Montreal , October 2005 preparing the infrastructure, joined the tour in London. What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Gijon favoourite and Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam equally least favorite. Unforgettable moments? To see David (Finally) angry! Toddler doing the “Fillipo” in Rome! Famous last words? Curitiba is not a restaurant in India! Name: Luc Ouellette What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home? Go

for a swim in a lake. Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

Mafch 2004, 3 and a half years.

What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Favorite

Barcelona, least Milan.

Unforgettable moments? Positano and all the islands I’ve

been to between cities and of course watching the show. Famous last words? Change is good.

Name: Laura Mckinnon What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?

Probably sit on my deck and enjoy a Caesar. The Canadians will know what I’m talking about. Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

January 2006 and I started with Alegria! So a years and a half. What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Well, Brussels was very boring and I loved everything a bout Italy. Unforgettable moments? My first premiere in Milan… Famous last words? This has been Amazing! Name: Simon “Papa” Lupini What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home? Buy

the “Macau lonely planet” + look for an apartment over there. Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

Tokyo 2; 1,145 weeks

What were your favorite and least favorite cities? London - of course best city in the world! Milano- how can you follow London? Unforgettable moments? 1- My show (Alegria). With my mates (You guys), playing in my Venue (Royal Albert Hall), in my city (London). 2- The parties; particularly my dance floor injuries. Famous last words? “Alegria is a great show and you are a great bunch of people” Don’t ever forget this because I never will. Good luck and bon voyage for wherever you live may lead you. Name: Lloyd Wilson What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get home?

Look for a Starbucks caramel macchiato and chill out watching comedy!

Where did you start and how long have you been in Alegria?

Milan and I’ve been with Alegria 1.5 years.

What were your favorite and least favorite cities? Favorite Rome and Barcelona. Least favorite – Milan. Unforgettable moments? Capri Island road trip with my brothers Ken and Mitko. Rome Cirque parties. Preston

lounge, skim boarding in Gijon, Road trip to Marbella。Near death experience with Mitko driving the Audi cabrio then on the same day Mitko close beat down by an unknown freak on the road. Famous last words? Wilson, Lloyd master, Aruba carribeaann, the Island and peaches.

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Some people never learn. Here are a few more examples of what could happen to you if you leave your computer logged in and the wrong person finds out. Salut tout le monde, I just wanted to highlight the fact that since I got my haircut, my hair gets a lot less attention it got when it was fluffy. This is unfair for the time I spent at the hairdresser on my day off. I thought I was loved more than this…very disappointed here.

I miss Shannan SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I haven’t slept since she left our department. I hide my sadness by making threats to take away her locker privileges, but really I’m all eaten up inside. I wish she would come back just for a few minutes a day to eat my chocolate and throw things at me. My needs are simple. I’m a simple guy, really. And I’m simply heart-broken.

Fluffster. Please, somebody—throw something at me. P.S. I forgot to log off! Quick. Thank you, Hello Everyone,

Jaime Ferrer

Now that I’m a manager, I’d like for everyone to call me Chief. Thank you. Valerie.

I have a confession to make. Since Barcelona I haven’t been able to differentiate Shannan and Val. That’s why I’m playing it safe and am calling them both Shalerie & Vannan. I’m sorry. Also, I admit I have a weakness for men with ties and vests. I think it looks hot. And I’m a sucker for chocolate. And Red Bull. And Englishmen. And red is my favorite color. Kat.

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Bonjour my dear family, I would like to express my likings of crawling in to dark holes. It truly is my fetish to explore dark regions and to boldly go where no one else wanted to go before. My father used to work in the mines so I think it runs in the family. If you want exchange some hole stories with me please feel free to contact me my dears. If you know any dark holes to climb in to please reply to this e-mail. Regards, Paul (Le freak Belgique).

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European tour 2006 ~ 2007

EuroWings Finale  

When Alegria was touring in europe

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