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From the Editor Volume 1, Issue 2

Sayonara Gifu! The different side of Japan- Osaka Among other things, Osaka is the hometown of the baseball team the Hanshin Tigers. Actually I went to Osaka when I was about 16 but I don't remember much of the city. What I do know is that Osaka is very different from Tokyo with respect of their language and food as well as the personality of the people. I have gathered some information about Osaka so that we may be a little more prepared for what's

Nagoya, June 2005

waiting for us. Downtown Osaka is divided into two parts. The North (kita) or Umeda, is the shoping area and is a chic place for Osaka standards. And in the South (minami) or Namba where we are staying it is the "King" of downtown Osaka — the center of Osaka culture. I would not be surprised if you experience culture shock there because it is so loud, bright and packed with people. Just beside our hotel there is a famous comedy theater school. Many of the Japanese comedians come from Osaka. Manzai (two persons comedian act) and Shinki geki (theatrical comedy) are very popular. They will definitely make you laugh with their big gestures and strong characters through unexpected timing. (Continued on page 6)




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Editors: Ken Futamura, Charlie Dennard, Ian Goodwin

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Contributors: Mike Nuwnum, Matthew Dial, Charlie Dennard, Nikita Moiseev, Melanie Nunes, Brian Beech, Yoko Matsuda, Aliaksei Liubezny, Ivan Sabeliev, Marie-Eve D'astous, Fuji Staff, Montse, Marie-Josee Peltier, Oleksii Poletaiev Photos: Matthew Dial, Aliaksei Liubezny, Nike Nuwnum, Anson, Patricia, Ken, Nicola Roch, Zhan lordanov, Ian Goodwin, Tetyana Zhovtopup, JP Fontaine

60 second with... Ulziibayar Chimed

with Ivan Saveliev

Ivan Saveliev: Was the offer for Zumanity a surprise for you?

Chimed Ulziibayar: No, not really. A while ago, they asked me if I was interested in going to Vegas and I had a choice between "0" and "Zumanity". I didn't want to go to "0," so I picked "Zumanity". They came back later with a confirmation. I: Are you excited? C: Well, I've been looking for something new for a while now, so yes! I am excited and happy but a bit nervous of course little scared of the new life but since I've been thinking about it for long time...why not take a chance?! I: Does the whole sexual aspect of the show make you nervous? C: Of course, but I' get used to it. It will be weird at first. At least I' have my nipples covered until I turn twenty-one. Guy Laliberte wants them off after that (laugh). I: Was the switch a difficult decision? C: Yes. The major reason is my boyfriend. We talked about it and we have good hopes. I still can't believe that I'm leaving. It was a hard decision to make but right now I'm glad I did it.


Have you fulfilled any of your dreams while being here? C: Well, I always dreamed of making people happy. As a kid, my dream was to work in a circus, be kind of famous and meet famous people. Actually, just before I came to work, I had an interview and the lady asked me what was my dream and I said, " I wish to see the world and be on stage". It's amazing. It's done. It was a surprise. I: What are your dreams now? C: I want to open a beauty salon, the Otchki Pretty Salon or something (laugh). I want to be the boss so that I could just come in and have my nails and hair done for free. I want to be a make-up or fashion designer... you know like Versace and Gucci... maybe not that big. I: Where do you see yourself in five years? C: I want to be married, be a mom and be settled down. I want my first kid to be a girl so that I can keep contortion alive. I: Do you think you could still do contortion at 40? C: I don't think so. At thirty I could still do it, but anyways, you never really stop. I feel sick without it; it's like medication. I promised to Otgo (former coach) that I d still do the splits as a grandma. I: Anything you want to say to your Alegria family? C: Follow your dreams and you will succeed. Think positively and stay open. Take care of yourselves. I will miss you all and see you in VEGAS!

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Welcome to "KUIDAORE OSAKA" By FUJI Television Staff "KUIDAORE" has been another name for Osaka since way back when. The people of Osaka enjoy their food so much that the word "Kuidaore" is used locally to describe their obsession with food. The word "Kuidaore" means "culinary extravagance" or "eat 'till you drop" in the vernacular. So, we would like to introduce some of our favorite places in Osaka, where you can eat 'till you drop.

KANI-DORAKU At one corner of the Dotonbori street, you will see a huge crab with moving pincers on top of a restaurant that is called Kani-doraku (kani=crab). The restaurant (est. 1960) was named "sengokubune for seafood restaurant, and re-opened in 1962 as a crab restaurant "Kani-doraku" . The huge crab has become a main symbol of Osaka. 44

In 2003, the Hanshin Tigers(Osaka baseball team) won the championship, the Dotonbori street was packed with fans man of which climbed the huge crab. Add 1-6-18 Dotonbori Chuo-ku Osaka Open: Daily 11:00 23:00 Location: On dotonbori beside the Ebisu-bashi Bridge, Nanba Phone 06-6211-8975 Credit cards: available :


I recommend the noodle soup "Seabura tonkotsu shoyu ramen"(flavored with lard, tonkotsu and soy-sauce) The secret ingredient in this ramen is the lard.They add lard to the soup to produce its delicious taste. t looks very rich but it's actually quite tasty and not too rich.The noodles are very thin and very good. Plus you get all the kimchi you can eat for free! I used to go there every week during Saltimbanco 2000.This is also one of Taro-san and Mika-san's (CDS) favorite restaurants in Osaka.The name of the shop, "kappa", refers to a legendary Japanese monster that has a bird's beak for a mouth, a turtle's shell for a back. webbed feet and a water-filled dish on its head.

Shop information: Kappa Ramen Honpo Sennichi-ir (Chinese Noodle Restaurant) TEL: 06-6213-9156 Open: 11:00am 5:00am (Last 0 -


Strong relationship between Namba & Hanshin Tigers Namba city, where our hotel is located, is one of the meccas for the fans of Hanshin Tigers, the most popular baseball team in Kansai area. The relationship started in the legendary year of 1985, when the Tigers won the pennant race. After the victory, one young Tigers fan dived into Dotonbori River from Ebisu Bridge celebrating the victory, which touched a chord with all the Tigers fans. Since then, bravely diving into Dotonbori River has become a symbol of Tigers victory. The most recent Tigers victory was in 2003, when the Quidam Japan tour was in Osaka. Thousands of fans gather around Dotonbori River and Ebisu bridge after each victory.

Eventually, 5000 fans dived into Dotonbori river from Ebisu bridge that night!! The Quidam tour was in Osaka last year for the madness and we will be there also this year when the pennant race finishes! If Tigers win a victory this year, don't miss seeing this big event.

(Left) TD of Quidam Japan tour, Micheal, with Tigers fans outside the stadium. (of course... they don't know each other !!)

The Different side of Japan â&#x20AC;&#x201D; OSAKA (continued from 1 page) Osaka has been an artisan city since the Edo period (1603) and they like to bargain. Depending on where you shop, the products can be typically overpriced. Don't be afraid to test out your bargaining skills. In Osaka, the people use a different (Japanese) dialect so don't be surprised if they have difficulty understanding the Japanese that you have learned so far. They are friendly people but they have some animosity towards Tokyo and despise the Tokyo dialect. They are, in fact, so mindful of making fun of the Tokyo dialect that it has become a part of their daily life... but the Tokyo people could care less. Here is a list of useful words and phrases to use in Osaka. Osaka-ben(OSAKA dialect) How much? Why? Thank you Give me a discount Really?! What's up!

Tokyo- Ikura? Osaka- Nambo? T- dou shite? 0- Nande ya? 0- Ookini T- Arigato 0- Benkyou shite ya T- Makete T- Hontou?! 0- Homma?! T- yaa 0-maido

Their sentences end frequently with Ya, ka, yade, nen, yaro, etc.

Osaka is famous for delicious food and here is a list of things you have to try: Takoyaki (cooked "golf ball sized" dumplings with a piece of octopus in the middle), Okonomi yaki (pancake with meat or vegetable or both) and Yakisoba (fried noodles). Watch out for Obatarians, Osaka middle age women. They are powerful, speak-what-they-think and are known 4 across Japan for being very loud in public places. We call this Yabai (dangerous) in Japanese. You might consider walking in the other direction if you encounter any Obatarians wearing gold jewels and sporting animal patterned clothes, such as leopard and zebra prints. They are curious and obnoxious and they do not know when to shut up!! ATTENTION: they will try to touch you if they can and don't be surprised if at' 4 you see an Obatarian forcing her way to sit beside you and yak about her day.


Maybe I'm exaggerating a little but it is better to be forewarned about these women. Osaka is going to be a crazy and exciting city. I can't wait!

Japanese Media Training

Observations by Montse More

When going to my first interview in Japan, I thought I was ready. When leaving my first interview in Japan, I thought: What was that 79977 The Japanese sense of humor is very special and the style of the local media is nothing less than exotic! To give you some examples, here are some of the questions that they have asked so far to some of you: You must be a couple, right? To Gaston & Paulina Were you born flexible? To Ulzii and Oyuna Your act looks very difficult, Is it hard? To Huang Yang Is New Russian Bars typical from Russia? To Sasha Moiseev We do some peculiar media activities here, but if you watch a bit of TV in this country you will realize that what we do is NOTHING compared to what others have to go through. Screaming and humiliating each other, beating each other up and the always present "eeeeeeeeeehhhhh?" are the must items of any Japanese TV show. Observe the other must items: A Lime green lion (the program mascot), a cute celebrity girl, a funny celebrity man, a loud TV presenter, busy studio decoration and our Alegria artists. At the end of the day, if you can't beat 'em, you should join 'ern! So while we are at it, we might as well enjoy the ride. Thank you all for always sense of humor. Montse

Late Premiere, Nagoya @ the Maggot Brain

Paint Ball

A Day in the Life of Ivan Saviliev Ivan's World

Alegria 2

taff heading to work


10:30 am. 11:00 a.m.

Show Call/ Breakfast


3:00 p.m show... ??? 1:30 show


11:30 a.m.

"Matt, have you seen Ivan this morning?"

Rise and shine, Cowboy! "Gotta love these late show days."

"Have you guys seen Ivan?"

"Must be early! No one else is on the train."

12:00 p.m

12:30 p.m. Showtime!!

"Ivan, are you in the audience? Has anyone seen Ivan?"

"Why do you guys have your makeup on already? 3 o' lock show, right?"

1:00 p.m. (end of wertrack)

"stand by for the END of powertrack!" "N000000 1 III"

Quick tour rules refresher before Russian Bar warmup

End of day

Don't worry, Ivan. We still love you!

Another day, another dollar!


Nikita's Corner

Pete - You need to have the Lime mints so you can have six of them and it isn't hot. Shawn Tucker to Marc Salemi Did you bark at me in the hallway? -

Nathan to Sean M.


Mikey never fit in the closet.

Rich My jaw is sore from being shot yesterday. Nathan Do you want me to hit you on the other side? Rich Do you want to live until tomorrow? -




Ashley Put that away!!! Ringo I haven't heard that in a while. -


Q:What's a frog's favourite drink? Sean M. Gary, why is your tongue pierced? Gary Chicks dig it!




Pete (thinking out loud) Out with anger, in with love... no wait... yeah, that's -


Q:How do dogs say hello in French? A: bonejour. Q:What do frogs eat in Paris? A: French flies.

Misha It's a historical F***ked Martin you mean fact. Misha hey, give me a break. -

Q:Why do giraffes have long necks? A: have you ever smelled their feet?

Matt to ken


You're stroking it to fast, you have to be more gentle.

Rich: Mike, How did you hurt your back? Mike: I was clipping my toenails.

Q:Why did the chicken cross the road? A: to get to the other side.

Marc Salemi: What if I digitally punched you? Shawn Tucker: I would digitally kick your ass.

Q: Why did the piece of gum cross the road? A: it was stuck to the chicken's foot.

Solve the Problem

Tonque-Twisters: (Try to say them fast)

The Carpenter

A carpenter only makes 4-legged tables and 3-legged stools. At the end of one day, she found that she has used 31 legs. How many combinations of tables and stools could she have made that day?

1) How much wood would a wood

chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.


Place the numbers 1 through 9 in the squares so that the sum of each row, column, and diagonal is 15.

2) Red blood blue blood. 3) Toy boat. 4) sashay said on sushi.

Nagoya's In and Out compiled by Brian

In -

Hotel rooms Flat screen T. V. View of mountain+Castle Chelsea and Gramercy Bar Quiet, peaceful and relaxing Three 100 yen shops open till midnight Biking and bike trails going to Nagoya The weather The best thing: LEAVING!

out - Far away from EVERYTHING Early morning screaming from stadium next to hotel - Hotel RULES — No music, No Incense, No Candles, No Parties - Travel time to site - Taking the WRONG #13 Bus - BORING! Nothing to do! - Centipedes and other scary bugs Full train cars - Misa-san From Chelsea - Again, an hour to get to work! -


60 second with...Ringo - "Ringo Retrospective" Not many people may know or believe this, but behind all of the nappy hair, dark sunglasses, boisterous beer belly, and often times outspoken and other worldly mannerisms there is an extremely intelligent, talented, entertaining, and genuinely human side to the man that we have all become to know and love as "Ringo". We were first graced with his presence here at Alegria back in Calgary (2003) where he was appointed the never-ending task of swing technician. Because of his thick British accent and mod hairstyle, David Linsell almost instantly became known as "Ringo" (which is even more hilarious because he loathes The Beatles)... It is with great pleasure that I bring to you this small glimpse into the truly extraordinary life of David "Ringo" Linsell. (Disclaimer: This interview is the result of a few casual conversations that took place sometime in Gifu to the best of my knowledge. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of anyone other than the interviewer and the interviewee.)

Charles Dennard: Where and when did you begin your existence here on Earth? David Linsell: January 1973 in Watford England. CD: What would you say is your favorite country and city? Japan? Maybe even Gifu? DL: Yeah, right. I would have to think about that one...I guess I would have to say â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the next one would be my favorite. CD: How many books have you read since we've been in Gifu?

DL: At least 15 or so. Believe it or not, I have probably spent more money on books than beer! CD: What's your favorite type of music? DL: Probably alternative country... at least that's what it is this week. CD: Do you have any religious preferences? DL: As little as possible... CD: Any criminal record? DL: Which country? No, I was arrested once at home in England for drunken disorderly conduct but was let off with just a warning thankfully. CD: Any fetishes? DL: Ahhh, too many Charles... CD: Pets? DL: I had a rabbit once named Alva and oddly enough I had a hamster named Charlie! CD: What's your favorite smell? DL: Girls. CD: What's your favorite tool? DL: My cordless reciprocating saw and my Japanese spike wrench without a doubt. CD: Meters or yards? DL: Meters.

CD: Liters or gallons? DL: Pints. CD: Do we need to contact the Center for Disease Control regarding your health? DL: Possibly, but no I don't think the leprosy is catching... CD: Favorite art? DL: Medieval Flemish primitive and Kandinsky CD: Favorite movies? DL: Anything with a good story line. Sci-fi, fantasy, & action adventure. CD: Favorite food and drink? DL: Italian food and red wine. CD: If we were to look inside your bedside table, what might we find? DL: Porn. Oh, do you mean what am I reading now? "Albion: Origins of English Imagination" textbook and "Shatter point" a Star Wars novel. CD: Any final thoughts about the time you've spent here at cirque? DL: Alegria made me twice the man I used to be...

As most of you have heard, David will be leaving the tour sometime after the premiere in Osaka. Hopefully we will see him again in London next year. I would personally like to thank him for his honesty, hard work, and infinite wisdom that he has shared with all of us here at Alegria. Best of luck mate and I hope they never catch you wherever you go... Cheers! Charles Dennard

Tech Quiz


Alegria 2 Japan tour 2005

Did you know that the clown microphones are 3 times more expensive than the one used by the singers mics or that the powertrack bed is made out of Kevlar? Did you know that we use approx. 3500 feet/1066.8 meters of steel cable for the show and that the Grid Dome weighs approximately 10,000 pounds/4535.9 Kg? You think you know your stuff? Let's see how many of the following questions that you get right. 1.

How many speakers are there in the big top?

a) 35 b) 54 c) 82 2.

How many stage panels are there?


How many microphones are used in the show?


How many trucks are used to transport the Alegria Japan tour?


In a 350 show year, how many batteries do we use?


How many springs are needed to keep the powertrackers happy?


How many bolts to keep the grid dome together?


How many litres for fuel does the fire duo use per a)56 b) 96 c) 136 week?

a) 876 b) 6,580 c) 10,850

a) 87 b) 124 c) 145 a) 30 b) 40 c) 82

a) 6 b) 13 c) 16 5.

How many back stage floor pieces are there?

a) 87 b) 130 c) 165

a) 380 b) 666 c) over 900 a) 456 b) 588 c) 966

P.S - Answers on the Last Page

The KDDI Alegria 2 Bar

The Alegria 2 Bar was situated directly in the middle of the busiest street in DownTown Nagoya (Sakae). Panels of photos of different Alegria acts surrounded the bar, which were lit by neon lights from the back. They were selling some Cirque goods and had a couple of tables and stools where you could enjoy the drinks and watch a docmentary on Cirque's History on 3 flat screen TV's. It was small but nice with dimed red light which gave you a feeling of a lounge bar and I'm sure it was a great way to make people know that we where in Town. Here's a list of the Alegria's coctail Special. Any one wants to try a TAMIR? Tamir (an Innocent prince full of curiosity): Blue Curacao, Banana Juice and tonic White Singer (Emits a shiney aura) : Malibu, Baileys and milk Black Singer (Coctail that is elegant and calm): Kalua, Malibu and vodka Power- Track (magma that explodes and flows from the vo/cano):Tequila, orange Juice top with red wine Manipulation ( the beauty of a ripple that flutteres) : Scotch, Cacao and Ginger Ale Duo Fire ( Image of the legendary performance of the south pacific island): Casis, Mango and tonic water

Only In Japan

Alegria Video library As most of you know, there is a video library on site that includes many interesting concerts, movies, and artistic performances available on dvd and VHS . You are more than welcome to come in and check them out anytime! Thanks again to all the people who have contributed so far to the dvd/cd library or who will contribute in the future. Recommended

1)Blast 2)Riverdance 3)Burn the floor

Solstrom Soon on DVD!!


Kaena Animatrix Looney Tunes Golden Collection

4)Nouvelle Experience


5)A Baroque Odyssey

The Simpson

Classifieds Wanted


Looking to hire a professional paper airplane folder. Must be willing to work under pressure. Job involves folding and flight testing of up to 6 planes per day. 10 yen/plane. Experience is a must. Brazilians need not apply.

Russian bar flyer for clown act. Must be young fit Japanese man with modern, contemporary dance skills and able to perform death defying jump rope moves. You will be crowned king for the day, and showered with confetti. Auditions are on stage right after the Russian bar act.

Want to learn Martial Arts?

Want to make someone's face into mushy mushy? Come and learn from the Danish National Kickboxing Champion. You will learn moves like the Weinershnitzel, the Hunkanslay, or the Uffendaven. We have no training facility so class will be held in random bars. 3 Asahi beer/class. Check out few of my books: Fist First and Eye Gouging for Dummies



Stage for sale. Slightly used but in fair condition.. The stage is painted with very large barely noticeable fire-breathing lizard, so we are told The stage comes complete comes with retractable Power-Track cover. (Operates on own will). The stage also has its own portable rat farm for the kids. It will come also with a happy hard working team of sober wrench tuners who love nothing more than to work on this stage. Taking offers! Sorry no viewing. Some assembly required.

Literal Translation of a Phone Conversation in Japanese (copied without permission from JapanZine, May

Cavalito, the horse, passed away some time last week. He was seen hauling clowns of all shapes and sizes around on the Alegria stage for the past 11 years. His clone, Manuel, will miss him. Cavalito's funeral will be held at the Alegria dumpster sometime in the future. He left us with a big smile on his face.


A: This is Tanaka B: I'm sorry, This is Watanabe, but... A: Oh, Thank you. I'm sorry. B: I'm sorry, I have no excuse for the other day. A: No, no. I'm always in your debt. B: Excuse me, it is bad of me, but... about that thing. I'm sorry. A: Yes, I understand. B: Thank you very much. I am sorry. A: No, pardon me. I am sorry. B: No, no. I'm sorry. Do me a favor kindly. A: Thank you. I'm sorry. Thank you. Excuse me. Do me this favor. I'm Sony.


rw0P-t, KelK014 OH 401KPItP' '

Translated into English A: Tanaka speaking. B: Hello, this is Mrs. Watanabe. Could you come and fix my sink? A: OK B: Thanks A: Good-bye


Single white male looking for an exciting, easy going girl. Preferably a 4'9" Japanese girl from California. The louder, the better. I want someone who is not afraid to show up uninvited to my room to surprise me and who is always willing to hold on to an extra room key for me. No need for me to give my name or number, I'm sure you already know everything about me even though I have not met you yet. M Single Japanese girl. I am "Alegria 2" number one fan. Looking for man from Alegria between the age of 12 and 70. Ushers and security don't count. I need a real star. Sexual orientation not important. We don't need to sleep together. I just want to be seen in public with you and to show you off to all my friends. I'm very dedicated and even after you have me arrested for stalking, I will show up to surprise you from half way across the country... M

Congratulations to the Newlyweds Zhan and Natelya lordarnov

Coming up! Hello, everybody! Just to let you know the school kids are preparing a play to be performed at the end of our Osaka run. ......Not to be missed!

Married on April 13, 2005

Welcome to the Newest Member of the Alegria Family! In Nagoya Hello Oleksandr Pylypenko - return to tour on April 19. Francois Bellemare - Rigger for Japan tour. Goodbye

Privet vsem ya prosto hochu soobschit' o novom proekte s malishami iz shkoli kotorii viidet v konce Osaki ,tak chto do novih vstrech

Yevgen Kuz'min - transfer tO Mystere on April 27 Ulziibayar Chimed - transfer to Zumanity on April 28

The Last Page

Before and After

We Did It!

Fear and Loathing in Gifu

Anatoli's new chopper The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (no specific order)

Thank you for the great food!

Proud Fathers

You better help out and submit your article or photos or else... Answers to the Tech Quiz 1)8 2)C 3)8 4)C 5)C 6)C 7)C 8)8 9)C

Wasabi wings vol. 2  

Alegria Japan tour

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