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GREG POLISSENI Getting To Be Himself Every Day and Doing The Things He Loves

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“Self discovery is a gift that should never be wasted, I found mine. I am an artist in the purist form. I live it and love it.” -Greg Polisseni


ur June edition of Rochester Woman Online is going to the MEN for the month! For this one time a year, RW gives the men in our community a chance to shine. It just so happens this is our largest edition ever, plus we have a launch event planned that will have all of Rochester talking for months.!

It is only fitting to have our first MEN’S edition cover be someone very closely involved and intertwined in the Rochester Community, and in my heart as well, Mr. Greg Polisseni. Artist. Philanthropist. Movie Producer/Director. Fashion Designer. Overall incredible guy. Is there anything that this man can’t do? He is getting to be himself every day and doing what he loves. Read all about his truly amazing story on page [12] and be sure to stop by and meet him on Thursday, June 15th from 5-9pm at the Penthouse on One East Ave. where we will not only be throwing an incredible launch party, but also fundraiser for Lollypop Farm and Operation Build Up. Greg has generously donated 20 original paintings for us to auction off that evening.



Our June cover MAN, Greg Polisseni was shot on location at the Polisseni home and art studio in Rush, NY by Michael Zappia Photography.

Along with our incredible cover man for this edition, we have some truly inspiring, talented, amazing men filling the over 290 pages this month. It is only fitting to start with one of Greg’s closest friends, actor and producer Tom Malloy. His smile is infectious! Read about his story on page [24 ]. We also bring to you 4 inspiring men this month including a very dear friend to the RWO team, our menopause moment columnist DR. James Woods. Be sure to read his story, along with our other inspiring men; Blake Dufault, Dr Patrick Riggs and Tom Turner starting on page [46 ]. There are just so many great stories I don’t know how to even choose this month other then to them all! Please be sure to browse our entire edition this month, because there are truly so many amazing articles and stories that you won’t want to miss even one. Plus make sure to chekc out all our great advertisers who support us each month. Who knows what you might find for the man in your life for Father’s Day too!



I truly hope everyone enjoys this edition as much as I have getting to put it together and read about so many great men that are all here, right at our finger tips in Rochester. Now, lets get ready for summer and enjoy every day!

THIS REGION IS HOME TO THE DETERMINED. This region is home to determined people like Joe. After a severe ACL tear threatened his active lifestyle, the sports medicine team at Rochester Regional Health used a minimally invasive surgical technique and physical therapy program to get Joe back on his feet. He hasn’t missed a step – or mile – since.

Joe Kurnath, Rochester





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If you ask people what makes a fulfilling life, you’ll often get a litany of bright and shiny ideas – fortune, popularity, travel, fancy cars, etc. Indeed, these days, we strive to have it all. But what happens when the shine begins to rust?

If you ask Greg Polisseni, a man who has everything that most folks would define as markers of success, his parameters for living a fulfilled life are a little different – humble, even: “It’s getting to be myself every day and do the things I love, surrounded by the people that love me. That’s what it’s all about.” Driving up his winding driveway lined with Americana-inspired statues, past his impressive home to his art studio, I wasn’t expecting Greg to have such a down-to-earth mindset. If you’re from Rochester, it’s likely you already know Greg Polisseni’s name – and if not, you surely know his parents, who are two prominent businesspeople and philanthropists that are best known for their hand in Paychex. Greg is also an abstract artist, a producer, a fashion designer, and philanthropist. His works have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week, the halls of the Pentagon and the White House, and the silver screens of Hollywood. But minutes into meeting him, he tells me that despite his notoriety, not many people really know who he is. “I keep to myself most of the time,”

Greg tells me as he leads me around the main area of his studio. The studio, once a multiple-car garage, is expansive. The walls and floor are unassuming shades of white on concrete, but what really strikes me is the sheer volume of artwork. Canvas upon canvases are stacked and scattered throughout the room, splashed with bright, colorful paint. A large majority of the works are abstract, but I notice a number of captivating realist paintings: a beach scene with palm trees swaying lightly in the breeze, a human eye depicted in jarring detail. I mosey over to the table and I see something entirely different from the rest; it’s a colorful abstract painting, with an actual guitar fixed onto the canvas. “This is for Jim Kelly’s charity tonight over in Buffalo,” he tells me. “I make an original piece of artwork to be auctioned for each of his fundraisers. I like this one so much I might bid for it myself.” He laughs. Already, among the starkness of my assumptions, a picture of Greg Polisseni is starting to take shape, in surprising, vibrant tones and abstract brush strokes. He leads me upstairs. As I step into the lounge upstairs, another thing is becoming clear: Greg isn’t just a designer of beautiful things; he’s the





“For me, I struggled most of my life trying to find where I belonged. I kept listening to other people. There’s no self-satisfaction in that. So, I did my own self-analysis of what my skillset is. What are the gifts that god gave me and how can I put that to use? Don’t be pushed around and don’t be pressured to do things that you don’t want to do as a career.”




“I get to do whatever I want creatively for causes, for people to make them smile. There’s nothing better than that.”

designer of his own life. The rich, oak room spoke miles about Greg’s interests and hobbies: sports memorabilia, a full bar, arcade games and a comfortable lounging area. As we get talking, I start asking Greg my typical litany of interview questions. I’m blessed to meet and interview a lot of people, and I’m always interested in hearing about their achievements and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. But it’s hard with Greg, and I realize that’s because he’s not the kind of guy to keep a laundry list of his achievements on hand. So instead, we start at the beginning. ~ Greg was born the youngest of four in Rochester. As his parents continued to build Paychex, they moved to Ohio to open the company’s Cincinnati branch. Paychex rapidly expanded, and with the boom the family moved back to Rochester in 1980. Despite his parents’ wild success, Greg had 16


a relatively normal childhood. But when he was 13, his family experience immense tragedy when his 18-year old sister passed away in a car accident. The loss hit Greg hard, and he began to use drawing as a means of comfort. “I was the youngest of four and my sister was the closest in age to me so losing her was really hard, you know? I was alone much of the time and really kept to myself. Drawing really helped me through that.” Greg soon realized that he had a passion and talent for art. In high school, Greg would paint his creations onto clothing, and soon enough peers were asking Greg to make custom pieces for them. It was clear that Greg was an artist, and he hoped to pursue his passion as a career. But life had different plans for him. Instead, he followed the path of his family and entered the corporate world after graduating from St. Bonaventure University. While he saw great success in his business,

it made him realize how passionate he was for the entertainment industry. So in 1997, Greg started marketing and promoting music groups in Western NY, and eventually opened up a venue in Buffalo. In 2004, Greg delved even further into the entertainment industry, producing his first film, “The ABC Killer,” a thriller based on a true-story that took place in Rochester. He went on to work on several other projects, all while helping his family with the business. But after a major life event in 2008, Greg realized that he had spent a lot of time living for others and not pursuing his own dreams. While he saw great success in the corporate world and in his film endeavors, he knew that art had always been his first passion. So Greg picked up a canvas, and he started to create once more. “My first painting was an abstract, of a set of palm trees on a beach,” he said. “At the




“With Artistix, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing,” said Greg. “You’re wearing art, something that came from somebody’s soul.” 18











time it was just an outlet for me. It made me feel good.” But soon enough, Greg began showing his work at galleries around Los Angeles, and his work was extremely well received. People started to order paintings, and Greg’s new life of creative expression began.

“Be who you want to be. If you can’t live for yourself and you live for other people, you’re not living life. We’ve got 365 days a year. Those years can go by quick. And if you’re too busy doing shit that you don’t want to do, it’s just a matter of time that you’re going to look back and regret not doing what you want. Because ultimately it comes down to you.”

“I had a lot of things holding me back for a while,” Greg said. “I was always trying to live up to the expectations of others. But one day I just woke up and I realized that I’m the only person that gets to live my life.” It was time to show the world who Greg Polisseni really was. As Greg continued to create art, he started transferring his creations onto his clothing like he did in high school and wore the pieces to art events. “At one particular gallery, a friend came up to me and said: ‘Dude, you have to sell these, they would be a hit in LA.” Just like that, Greg went into fashion design, and started his brand, Artistix. For two years, Artistix was based out of LA. But now, the fashionwear company is based in NYC, where Greg works with Andy Hilfiger to create avant-garde styles that subvert traditional silhouettes, garment structures, and design. “With Artistix, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing,” said Greg. “You’re wearing art, something that came from somebody’s soul.” In fact, Greg treats his fashion line like he does his art. Like many artists, inspiration will strike for him at any time, whether it be the woods or in his studio. “I let the colors and canvas talk to me,” he tells me.

Along with his illustrious career, Greg is also a dedicated philanthropist, using his creative talent and means to give back to the community. “I get to do whatever I want creatively for causes, for people to make them smile. There’s nothing better than that.” By his side, he has his friends, family, and fiancée, who provide him with the support and love that fills his own world with vibrancy. In fact, it’s why he still lives in Rochester. “My family is here. My good friends are here. That’s more important to me than work, art or anything like that.” And with a career and life like Greg’s, one can’t help but ask what he’s learned throughout his life, amidst the struggle, the hardship, and the doubt. His answer, however, is simple: be yourself. “Be who you want to be. If you can’t live for yourself and you live for other people, you’re not living life. We’ve got 365 days a year. Those years can go by quick. And if you’re too busy doing shit that you don’t want to do, it’s just a matter of time that you’re going to look back and regret not doing what you want. Because ultimately it comes down to you.” Because ultimately, in a world where we’re all looking for a sense of belonging, Greg believes that the only person that can create space for you in this world, is yourself. “For me, I struggled most of my life trying to find where I belonged. I kept listening to other people. There’s no self-satisfaction in that. So, I did my own self-analysis of what my skillset is. What are the gifts that god gave me and how can I put that to use? Don’t be pushed around and don’t be pressured to do things that you don’t want to do as a career.” ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


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Tom is relaxed and genuinely joyful as he talks about his life, his career, and most importantly his kids.

Tom grew up in New Jersey, first taking the stage in Fourth Grade as Captain Hook, “but since kindergarten, I was always the class clown,” he admits. In High School, he performed in several school musicals. “I had an instant knack for acting, and I could carry a tune.”

His co-star in all his plays was Vera Farmiga, now a star in her own right. Vera received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Up in the Air (2009) with George Clooney and a Emmy Award nomination for her role in Bates Motel (2013). She is also well-known for playing the role of Lorraine Warren in all of the Conjuring movies.

Tom Malloy walks up to me at Starbucks on a admits he has many friends in Hollywood sunny day in Webster, Tom and many times spends half of each week in LA. “I commute almost every week and spend 3 NY and the first days at an apartment in Beverly Hills for work, I fly home to be with my kids. I spend thing you notice is his then about 60% of my time working in Webster, and 40% of my time in California.” handsome smile. Although he’s a critically acclaimed actor, producer and screenwriter, his happiness is no act.



“I am known in the business for being in the ‘fun crowd.’ People in the industry hate to meet other people in show business because everyone is always asking them to give them a job,” he says. “Sure I love to talk about film, but you won’t find me asking anyone for a job. I am just there to have a good time.” Tom himself wowed Hollywood with his stunning turn in the indie-cult favorite Gravesend in 1998, which was produced by Oliver Stone. In the movie, four young men spend their

Saturday night trying to come up with the money to cover up the accidental death of a family member. As the night goes on, the tensions between the four rise and the situation becomes all the more desperate. “I don’t think I even got paid for that role,” he laughs. “But I can forever say I worked with Oliver Stone.” One reason Tom doesn’t have to ask for jobs around Hollywood is because he’s also written more than 30 screenplays, 23 of which have been optioned, sold, or produced into movies, and that often allows him to take one of the parts. In 2008, Tom wrote and produced the Alphabet Killer, based on the true story of the double initial killings in Rochester, NY. Eliza Dushku and Timothy Hutton starred in the film, which was shot in Rochester. Tom played the role of Officer Steven Harper. “When I write screenplays, I don’t actually write a part specifically for me,” he said. “I focus on writing a great character, and later try to assess if I’d be good in a role.” Tom has also done television work, appearing in speaking roles on Law & Order SVU, Third Watch and Anger Management. “I really only had like 6-8 lines with IceT and Richard Belzer on Law and Order SVU. It was a small thing, but I still get checks for that role because that show runs non-stop on cable. I just gone one for $300, but sometimes the checks are for less than the cost of the stamp to mail them.”




{ SPECIAL FEATURE } “I am known in the business for being in the ‘fun crowd.’ People in the industry hate to meet other people in show business because everyone is always asking them to give them a job,” he says. “Sure I love to talk about film, but you won’t find me asking anyone for a job. I am just there to have a good time.”

“What I would really like people to check out is my show called Midtown. It is based on the true cop stories of former NYPD cop turned improv comedian Scott Baker and the first two seasons are available on Amazon.” The series features real cop banter, related to being a cop in the NYPD. All of the dialogue is unscripted, and relies only on the improvisational comedy talents of Scott and Tom. “We made two seasons on a budget of zero dollars. Half the reviews say it looks cheap. The other half says it’s the funniest show ever. And it was all shot in Rochester,” Tom said. He also has a part in the movie Fair Haven as Reverend Thomas, an indie film that was in theatres in March and will be featured on Showtime this month. It was shot in Bloomfield, NY. “Fair Haven is about a young man returns to his family farm, after a long stay in gay conversion therapy. He is torn between the expectations of his emotionally distant father, and the memories of a past, loving relationship,” he said. “It’s a beautiful story. Film Independent called it one of the top 10 must watch indies of the year.” To m h a s b e e n influential in getting work shot in Rochester. He wrote a book called Bankroll: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films about raising independent financing to make movies. It is considered the gold standard of indie film financing instruction. A second edition came 26


out in 2012. He himself has raised more than 25 million dollars to produce films. He says he loves Rochester film-wise, because there are good people here who want to be in the business. A bonus is, filming in the area requires no permits. “You literally can go and shoot anywhere you want and nobody bothers you about permits and unions. I would get ticketed or arrested in L.A. for the work I do here (if I had no permits),” he says. “It’s also nice because it is removed from the industry. I love my kids, playing poker, swing dancing and practicing jiu-jitsu at Shogun Martial Arts in Webster four days a week. So I like to talk about things other than movies, which is a lot easier to do outside of Los Angeles! Sometimes I just tell people here I am in the ‘Export Business.’ Then I don’t have to talk about my job.”

If all that talent wasn’t enough, Tom is a ballroom dancer. He has been trained in West Coast Swing by Robert Royston, the 12 Time U.S. Open Champion. Tom wrote and starred in a dance film/romantic comedy called Love N’ Dancing (2009), which also starred Billy Zane and Betty White. Of course, I had to ask what Betty White is like in person. Tom responded, “Betty was the greatest. She was like everyone’s grandmother. So sweet and funny.” When asked about who he would most like to work with, Tom says “A-list comedians, like Will Ferrell or Steve Carrell, or with an A-List dramatic actor like Sean Penn. My desire there is so that I can show them on-screen that I am on their level, or better,” he adds with a laugh. When asked how he measures success, Tom gets serious for the first time. “That’s a tough question because there is a trap you could fall into where you are always thinking about the destination, when the reality is life is about enjoying the journey. “For me, I guess success is that I have worked in the film business for 16 years. But I also don’t take life too seriously. I want people to look back on my life one day and say ‘he had fun.’ ” Although he will banter all day about the movie business, Tom is most happy talking about his children, Ella, 12, and Tyler, 10, who go to school in Webster. “My kids are incredible. I have so much fun with them. I like to enjoy everything I do with them and approach being a dad as a chance

{{ SPECIAL SPECIAL FEATURE FEATURE }} “I love my kids, playing poker, swing dancing and practicing jiu-jitsu at Shogun Martial Arts in Webster four days a week. So I like to talk about things other than movies, which is a lot easier to do outside of Los Angeles!”


to be a big kid. I hope one day they look back and say ‘dad never grew up.’” Toms next big film role is starring in the movie #Screamers. It will be released to theatres sometime this fall (you can see the trailer at “I was in line for the haunted hayride in Williamson in October 2015 with my daughter and I was watching everyone have so much fun and I immediately felt this energy and posted on Facebook, ‘I just decided, right now, I want to make another horror movie! Who’s in?’ “It got the most likes and comments of any post I ever did. One month later, I had financing, 28


and we were shooting in January. The film is so great. I can’t go into details about the deal, but I am keeping my fingers crossed it all gets signed and that there will be a major theatrical deal in place for a fall release.” Addicted to HorrorMovies has pre-screened the film and wrote “this one comes as an enormous surprise, and it’s a welcomed enormous surprise, for sure. I enjoyed the hell out of #Screamers, and I’m hoping a larger audience sees this one soon, as it’s more than worth a look, it’s perfectly chilling and strikes all the right chords.” “I am so excited about this film,” he says. “This is my first project that as an actor/writer/ producer where the film came out exactly as I

envisioned it. It really makes me excited about my future films.” With that, the interview came to an end as Tom had to go pack for an 11-day trip to the Cannes Film Festival. “I’m selling films during the day to distributors (Tom co-owns a distribution company called Glass House Distribution), then I go to see films on the red carpet, and then go to parties all night!” As exciting as walking the red carpet sounds, he says his favorite part of the trip will be returning to Webster to see his kids Ella and Tyler.


DR. CHRISTOPHER COVE my husband and so much more! BY LISA COVE

When I was asked to write a column about my wonderful husband I was a bit torn. Not because I don’t have a lot to say about him or that he is not worth a full 4-page spread, but more because this type of attention is just not his style; however, being married to me for the past 28 years, he has learned that I love to write, I am proud of him and I enjoy sharing my world with the community. So here I go, I invite you in to know my caring, successful and unique husband, Christopher Cove, for June. Let’s start at the beginning. I first met this young, interesting, fun-loving medical intern at Strong Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department in the mid 1980’s; classic doctor meets nurse story. We met over a cardiac arrest in the hallway of the outpatient department. Can I attest to “love at first site”? That would make the story too perfect, so let’s say, “intrigue on first interaction”. Can I say that our first date was an intense 5 hours together trying to save a patient? Not an official date but it sure makes for an interesting introduction. When I ask my husband years later about our first meeting he will say, “Our relationship had a much better outcome than the patient’s’”. Chris was fascinating to me. He was an amazing storyteller, and his stories were real! He would tell me about his years as a child living in a modest, strict evangelical home, attending church 3 times a week. His mother was a math teacher, the church pianist until they needed an organist, switched to be the organist, despite never having played the organ prior. Winters were filled with weekly skiing with his mom, who was a US national ski team member in 30


high school. Chris followed in her foot- steps joining the local ski area race team. This winter sport played a significant role in connecting with his mother. To truly know a person, you need to understand his family up-bringing. Chris’s father (Richard/ Dick/Granddad Cove) was a major player in our life together. Chris considered his dad a frustrated-intellect-socialist with a common

passion for music combined with, like Chris, a lack of the musical gene. When Chris was in grade school, he came home one day mocking a teammate by saying to his dad, “This kid has a funny way of flapping his baseball mitt before he catches the ball”. His dad proceeded to interrupt his ridiculing by saying, “Maybe that is a better way to catch a baseball”. He always challenged Chris to see beyond the obvious and never assume, “your way is the best way”. During his high school years, his dad would encourage Chris to date an African American girl to better diversify his cultural appreciation of people. Chris’ reminiscent stories of summer vacations to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire visiting the Cove side of the family were interspersed with trips to the family farm in northern Vermont. Indulging in grandma’s homemade donuts and whatever else the farm produced, solidified his good old-fashioned childhood. Chris, being one of 35 grandchildren, would often be asked by his grandpa what his name was during his visit. Evenings on the farm consisted of hours of home movies and endless slide shows of grandpa’s photography. Little Chris was enamored by all the latest array of camera equipment, thus contributing to his passionate hobby, expertise and knowledge of photography today. Dr. Christopher Cove has had an amazing career as a physician, attending medical school at Cornell in NYC, residency, chief residency and interventional cardiology fellowship programs at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). He was recruited to Ohio Permanente Medical Group in 1993 to help

merge the cardiology services with the Cleveland Clinic, which brought us to Cleveland, Ohio for 5 years.. Chris remembers wanting to be a doctor most of his life. One of the stories I love is the one about him sitting at his desk in his bedroom at about the age of 10, reading the book, “Making of a Surgeon” by William Nolan. In that book was an operative note about an Appendectomy. He proceeded to get an anatomy book and, on his bedroom desk using his lamps for operative lights, he pretended he was performing abdominal surgery. He stuffed his socks to be intestines, used newspapers and Saran wrap to be abdominal walls, blue and red play dough as blood vessels and his instruments were house hold items such as needles, thread, scissors, knives and pliers,

only to finish by going out to play tennis. The tale that significantly impacted my attraction to this unique man was about his trip as a medical student to Swaziland in Southern Africa. Chris spent 3 months in a missionary hospital. Drawn there by his mother’s religious dedication and his father’s encouragement of serving others, he was not bothered by eating “rice with something on it”, loosing 10 pounds and having to sweep bugs off the path he walked at night to use the bathroom. Together with medical students from Germany and Canada, he staffed the emergency room, treated patients in the bush, delivered babies, and performed surgeries to include reattaching limbs by using just a medical textbook, reminiscent of his childhood bedroom ordeal. Of all

his experiences in Africa, including the children that suffered from Leprosy , made the biggest impact on Chris’ time there. In the early 2000’s, after significant device development in the field of Percuntaneous Vascular Closure at the Cleveland Clinic, Chris was approached by long time friend and colleague, Dr Jude Sauer, URMC surgical resident 1985 and now president and CEO of LSI Solutions (www. to help design, develop and implement a new medical device, which began with testing on cadavers in Rochester with and patient trials in Dominican Republic and South America. This work lead to the device Quick Close, now being prepared for release for patient use by Cardiva Medical Inc. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



My husband had his 15 minutes of fame when Discovery Channel documentary ( story/3542/urmcs-novel-care-for-rareheart-condition-featured-on-discoveryhealth-channel.aspx) and then Gray’s Anatomy featured his story, https://www. greys-anatomy-features-urmcs-novelheart-treatment-in-oct.-24-episode.aspx featured his story, about a procedure Chris performed on a young woman suffering with a rare untreatable heart tumor. Drawing from his years of intervention and innovation in medicine and thinking outside the box, Chris took a risk by trying a technique never done before by injecting a form of medical “super glue” into the heart tumor to kill an invading mass and saving the patient. https://www. As our married life moved forward with 3 kids in tow, we moved back to 32


Rochester, NY from Cleveland, Ohio in 1998. Wanting to be closer to my parents in Buffalo and being recruited back to URMC Cardiology division, the move to a big old house on East Avenue in the city was the perfect decision. I decided to leave my nursing career and be a full-time mom, widowed grand-dad Cove moved in, and Chris progressed in his physician role. Long intense days in the Cardiac Catheterization lab left him mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted. With his maternal grandfather’s photography expertise DNA, Chris fed his creative side to find peace in his hectic physician world. Early morning sunrises and evening sunsets provided the perfect light and serenity for Chris’ passion in landscapes and birds. Chris formed his website www. Chris has done a number of fine art photography shows and has also won awards to include; Nature’s Best/ Windland Smith Rice International Award in 2011, multiple year winner of

Rochester’s Bird House competition in birds and landscape categories, Imaging Resources Outstanding Bird Photographer March 2017, just to name a few. One special request was for him to grace the walls at URMC with his inspiring photographs for patients to enjoy while they are hospitalized. With many suggestions on getting exercise into his life from me, his concerned wife (who has a similar commitment to own mother’s passion for health and physical fitness) and with limited time to spare, Chris decided to become a daily bike commuter. We moved to the Village of Pittsford, he bought a bike and rides the Erie Canal path 10 miles each way back at forth from work. Rain, snow, sleet, or freezing temperatures have not stopped his dedicated decision over the past 10 years. Not only has this form of exercise created a more physically fit body, but it also provides Chris with time to decompress mentally from a long day caring for complicated patients

{ HEALTHY MAN } Can I attest to “love at first site”? That would make the story too perfect, so let’s say, “intrigue on first interaction.”

s and families. His patients are extremely proud and interested about this fitness decision and find him inspirational in and out of the office, as he “practices what he preaches”! Twenty-eight years later, this June 10, 2017, my husband still lights up my life and the lives of many. An amazing father of his young adult sons, proud of what they have become on their

own personal journey; twin Alexander (Molecular Genetics major/Math minor 2017 graduate from the University of Rochester) hopes to follow in dad’s foot steps by entering a MD/PhD program after taking a gap year to work at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda Maryland; twin brother Zachery (Economics major/History minor and 2017 graduate of Dension University, OH has secured a job in Cleveland, Oh

at Merrill Lynch.). Twenty-month younger little brother, Matthew is pursuing his degree in Engineering. And I, his proud wife Lisa, continue to support his adventures, making myself readily available to plan and organize his social world outside medicine and photography.





JUSTIN COGSWELL A Marine/ Founder of Operation Build Up

There is no one definition of success. What feels freeing to one person can feel suffocating to another. Some value the ability to do meaningful work while others focus on more concrete results.



What does the word success mean to you, and how do you measure ii? We all have different definitions of success, diverse goals and various ways of achieving those goals. And then there is Justin Cogwell; a Marine and founder of Operation Build Up. His definition was by far the most telling and revealing-- success is determined by the impact you have on others. Justin was living in Hartford, CT when September 11th occurred. He wanted to seek vengeance for our country and joined the United States Marine Corpa. Upon his return to civilian life, a time he describes as “my spider hole”, he did not have the desire to interact with the world and preferred keeping to himself. When he was able to create a stable income for himself as a day trader, he tried to ignite satisfaction by purchasing nice cars and fancy things, but they never provided the stimulation he thought they would. After reading a please help ad on craigslist from a struggling veteran that needed a car, purchasing a car and fixing it for him, the rush that he felt when witnessing the disbelief in the fellow veterans eyes got Justin hooked. It was what he had been searching for.

He started Operation Build Up, a non profit last year when he realized that there was a major gap between available assistance for struggling veterans and the public perception of assistance. Yes, there are programs offering needed assistance, most of which have requirements based on percentage of disability, discharge classifications, discharge dates, and much more criteria that further hinder positive

reinforcement. The goal of Operation Build Up is to offer struggling veterans the vital tools needed in a civilian lifestyle. Many people do not realize how difficult of an adjustment it can be to move from military life into civilian life for many veterans. Most of our heroic veterans return home from service with just enough personal belongings to fit in their vehicles. Along with skill-sets that are strictly combat related. It is our belief with these tools our brave, dedicated veterans would flourish. The statistics are alarming. There are 1.4 million veterans at risk of homelessness, female veterans are four times more likely to become homeless than male veterans. In addition, over 120,000 veterans have committed suicide since 2001, 22 per day, more than double the number of casualties during the entire Vietnam conflict. After losing many military friends to suicide, Justin refused to be one of the many that said “I wish I could do something about it, that’s how the VA does it, or the government does that. Last time I checked it was We the People, there comes a time when we just have to take things into our own hands. This is one of those times.” It should come as no surprise that Justin sees himself as just a face in the crowd. To have a real impact he needs to create other leaders with the same passion and skills. He enthusiastically states that Operation Build Up is a movement, a way of life. It is running back into enemy fire to save a friend. It is the concept that even though you maybe




{ FOR A GOOD CAUSE } The goal of Operation Build Up is to offer struggling veterans the vital tools needed in a civilian lifestyle. Many people do not realize how difficult of an adjustment it can be to move from military life into civilian life for many veterans. Most of our heroic veterans return home from service with just enough personal belongings to fit in their vehicles.

separated from your serving unit and your best friend may have returned home to Alabama, Virginia, etc. There still are many right here in our own community in the same situation. If we can bring back that “I’ve Got Your Six” mentality within a civilian atmosphere than serving the military of today will become the CEO’s of tomorrow. Their lives, futures, and success are our only concern. No self glorification desired, just impact. When asked what Justin’s biggest inspirations for his life and career, he once again provided a remarkable answer. During my life I have witnessed the battle between good and evil play out in front of me in many different formats. I have a strong belief that this battle is apparent 36


everyday right in front of us. I would like to live the rest of my life with the understanding that I can bring light rather than darkness . His biggest accomplishments are becoming a marine and a father. Semper Fidelis-staying faithful to my brothers and sisters when it’s easier to walk away. I never wanted to be a rich man. I prefer to be a man of substance, comfortable and loved. After all , in your darkest moments hugging a pile of money never did anything for anyone.

public which can be spotty and inconsistent. We are living in a society where everyone is shaking a can for one cause or another, many placing ten cents on the dollar or less to the actual cause, and Go Fund Me accounts for everything under the sun. So the public’s past abuse by nonprofits or the constant nagging for donations by others drowns out real efforts, which is understandable. Up to this point, I have dedicated half of my six figure income into the initiative, without this we wouldn’t even have a website to this point.

Leading a non-profit comes with its share of difficulties. There is no revenue model, Justin shared with us, so your advancement is determined by the donations received from the

If you know a veteran going through hard times, or for more information about Operation Build Up you can visit their website at: www.




Experience the Next Level in Men’s Grooming BY LINDSAY MARIE

Thinking back when I first got into the beauty industry 17 years ago, men taking the time or even the care to groom themselves was barely considered. At least, in my realm of training and work environments. I’m sure we have all heard the term “manscape” especially in the last 7 ish years. Fast forward to now and it is 100% accepted, trendy looked quite highly upon. I mean why shouldn’t men take time to take care of their appearance? Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care how you look and feel on a day to day basis like woman do. If you’re a guy in the Rochester area who likes to indulge and look and feel amazing you are in luck. I would say almost every salon and spa now caters to men and their specific grooming needs. In my professional opinion, there is only one place for the one stop shop for men. The newly built and expanded location of “ The Men’s Room” is the culmination of owners Craig and Rebecca’s hard work and dedication. Their idea has grown into THE gentleman’s place where guests of all ages can enjoy, relax, recharge and reinvent themselves. The Men’s Rooms Barber Lounge and Spa, is where you have go for all of your “manly” needs. Located in the heart of Brighton Ny at 2430 Monroe Ave this beautiful facility hasn’t missed any detail when it comes to providing our Rochester men with an 38


amazing experience and great specials. They are open 6 days a week, M-Sat and closed on Sundays. The treatment options range anywhere from haircuts to shoe shines. What I loved most about the facility was all the different

variations and options given to truly offer an exceptional customized experience. Haircuts of course are their most popular service offered. Pricing rages, depending on if your “grooming specialist” is a junior, senior or master specialist, as they refer to it. Next stop after your cut could be what they call “camouflage” or a color treatment. Whether you want to blend some of that salt and pepper hair or you want a complete new color. They do it. Wether its the hair on your head OR your beard they got you covered. Pun intended. Speaking of beards, The Men’s Room has a wide range of facial hair services to maintain your beard or mustache with meticulous attention to detail. Beard trims, classic shaves, just the mustache, beard outline and the extraordinary shave just to name a few. Your options are endless. If the salon portion isn’t enough for all of you manly men out there, The men’s room has quite the menu of spa services for all your relaxation needs as well. There are two different manicure options and two different pedicure options. The mini and luxury. Facials for the guy on the go with a quick 10 minute product application or the option of a 60 minute relaxing spa facial customized for

I’m sure we have all heard the term “manscape” especially in the last 7 ish years. Fast forward to now and it is 100% accepted, trendy looked quite highly upon. I mean why shouldn’t men take time to take care of their appearance?




men’s specific skin needs. From anti aging, to acne to a cleansing treatment for the hard to reach back area. If a facial isn’t relaxing enough, massage is the answer. 30 mins to 120 minute options. Spa enhancements like hand and foot scrubs, aromatherapy, facial peel and back scrubs make these treatments 100% customizable. I mentioned earlier the word “manscaping” The Men’s room offers a menu option for all your waxing needs. Facial waxing including brows, ears and nostril. I know I what you’re thinking…Nostril???? let me tell you. The nostril waxing is one of my

most popular facial waxing services for men AND women. Its life changing I promise! There is also body waxing. Anything from Chest to back, shoulders, arms, underarm ect. And if waxing isn’t your thing, The Men’s Room also offers trimming of the body hair as well. Lastly, and most importantly, The men’s room has a wide range of memberships and VIP package offers. For those of you who take grooming seriously their memberships are perfect for you. Choose your level of service and receive complimentary member benefits which include: 6 VIP new member passes

for friends/family or business associates.$5 off facial waxing. Complimentary edge up service. Complimentary shoe shine. Save 10% on product purchase. Book standing appointments and member exclusive monthly specials. Options include 6 or 12 month memberships with price variations based on frequency of visits per month and also the level of specialist you choose to see. Pricing starting at $240.00 a month. For more information regarding details on their services and packages please visit their website at by calling 585-461-5740.You wont be disappointed.








The Corn Hill Arts Festival presented by ESL Federal Credit Union is celebrating its 49th year on July 8th & 9th, 2017. This vibrant community event is organized and run by the Corn Hill Neighbors Association and over 200 volunteers. Created in 1969 by a handful of artists who lived in the neighborhood, the Festival had a humble beginning on Greenwood Street. It has been dubbed “The Festival that saved a neighborhood!”



The evolution and growth of the Festival sparked this Third Ward revitalization from streets filled with abandoned homes and crime to a beautiful, vibrant civic-minded community. The real credit goes to the neighbors who held weekly planning meetings to figure out how to stabilize the historic homes that were in disrepair. A proposal was brought forth to create a Third Ward Landmark Preservation District in 1970. It was approved by Rochester’s City Council in 1971. Change came slowly and despite efforts of the Corn Hill Neighbors Association, buildings were demolished until in 1973 district boundaries were finalized. As neighbors, young and old began the arduous process of saving and restoring derelict houses. The Festival continued to grow to include more streets, artists, food and entertainment. It was one of the first shows in the country to do so. By 1979, the Festival had really taken off, welcoming over 400 artists and thousands of visitors from the region. Ten years later, the Corn Hill Neighbors Association’s ongoing mission “to protect and promote the residential and historical character and beauty of the area; to further the interests of the residents of the area; to promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit; to foster goodwill and friendship between and among the residents of the area and surrounding areas for the general welfare and good of the community” had been realized.

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association is a non for profit organization. The profits from the Festival go back into the community. They have a number of committees who work throughout the year hosting food and toy drives, church and childcare center donations, scholarships, outreach programs designed to enhance overall planning of streets and walkways, numerous beautification programs, Pac-Tac and security equipment, and events that bring neighbors together to foster a cohesive spirit. Walking the tree-lined historic streets of Corn Hill one frequently encounters neighbors in their yards, tending gardens or strolling their dogs. The Gazebo at Lunsford Circle Park provides a respite from the heat in the summer months and a central meeting place for neighbor events, which include concerts on Sunday afternoons in August. Large trees shade the Gazebo, an iconic landmark made famous through its various depictions in Festival posters over the years. The gazebo was moved from St. Joseph’s downtown church following a fire and gifted to Corn Hill in 1979. Ralph Avery, a renown watercolor artist also lived in the Corn Hill neighborhood and depicted the city’s skyline and Corn Hill residences in many of his works. His art was seen on the cover of Reader’s Digest fourteen times and also appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The park off S. Plymouth Avenue was named after him and welcomes visitors to the Festival if they choose to arrive by the shuttle bus.



{ SPECIAL FEATURE } Today, art and music come together as we celebrate on July 8th and 9th 2017. Over 375 original artists come from across the US and Canada to display and sell their original works of art and crafts.

Perhaps one of the most influential residents of Corn Hill was Eddie James “Son” House Jr. Son House is now considered to be the father of American Blues. After dropping out of the music scene for many years he was rediscovered in 1964 living quietly on Greig St. and his career was reborn. In 2013 he was inducted into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. Today, art and music come together as we celebrate on July 8th and 9th 2017. Over 375 original artists come from across the US and Canada to display and sell their original works of art and crafts. Visitors explore nine streets lined with artisans displaying and selling beautiful and original work. Art in a variety of mediums such as glass, jewelry, painting, photography, pottery, ceramics, textiles, weaving, leather, and woodworking offer unique gifts for home and offices. The artists compete for $8,000 in prize money awarded by the Corn Hill Neighbors Association. 44


The Festival also offers a showcase for young artists at the 9th Annual Emerging Artists Expo sponsored by MVP Health Care. Twenty-five artists between the ages of 15-25 exhibit and sell their work in a variety of mediums. Check out Eagle Street and who knows, you might meet the next Ralph Avery? Music has always been a big part of the Festival and continues to feature great blues, jazz, and contemporary music from four stages. Visitors can enjoy a cold Labatt Blue Light and a variety of craft beers along with Glenora Wine Cellar’s tastings at both the Gazebo Stage on Lunsford Circle and new this year at the SBH Main Stage at the Food Court. Rochester Woman Online is our sponsor of the stage at #27 Atkinson Street. Twenty-four performances to enjoy, all of which are free of charge! This family-friendly Festival offers a variety of

activities for kids. New this year, the Stokoe Farms Express is a beautiful reproduction of a steam train that can be found off Adams Street. The train features a working steam whistle an engineer and a conductor. Kids of all ages will enjoy the ride. Our signature family event is the 5th Annual Fairy Houses Tour. These beautiful, whimsical homes are created by people from Rochester out of all natural materials and are a delight to see. Feel inspired, you can enter to build on our website! If the kids need something more active, try the Bounce Houses and the Bristol Mountain Mobile Aerial Climbing Park. Wear comfortable shoes, a smile and bring your appetite as you explore The 2017 Corn Hill Arts Festival! You can find all the details online at

ESL Federal Credit Union

Saturday, July 8th Sunday, July 9th

S� you �ere!

proudly presents the

49th Annual



Rochester’s Favorite

Summertime Festival 375+ artisans, unique, hand-crafted works of art 4 stages of live music Food trucks 2 wine and beer gardens 9th Annual Emerging Artists Expo 5th Annual Fairy Houses Tour

Original gifts f� your special occasions!

Stokoe Farm Express Train

2017 Major Sponsors P R E S E N T S 9 th


The Fairy Houses




Supported by:

FARMS Express Train









DR. JAMES WOODS With June celebrating Rochester men, it is my pleasure to cover this man! A military vet, physician, writer, videographer, e n t re p re n e u r, husband and father.

suc·cess noun

1. Having accomplished an aim or purpose. 2. Having achieved popularity or profit How do you define success? I always gaged my own success on whether or not what I set out to accomplish brought me a sense of fulfillment. Everyone has their own versions of what success should feel and look like. Some think it’s about careers and money. Some believe it’s not so much about your work as it is your family and personal life. Are you rich and popular or are you poor and lack friends? Maybe you are rich and lack friends or poor and very popular! Either way, it’s different based on who you ask. Dr. James Woods Jr., MD discussed this subject with me at length. A very accomplished and successful man in both life and career, Dr. Woods believes that life is a mix of privilege and burden and somewhere in between is that gray area. How we manage this temperamental mixture determines our success. Having worked in Pediatric Administration handling the updates, CVs and credentialing information annually for 100+ advanced practice nurses, I am very familiar with seeing pages of publications and advanced certifications, they are after all Master’s educated individuals at the highest ranks nursing offers. However, when I read Dr. Woods short bio and CV glancing at a few

of the many listed publications I immediately thought, ‘WOW’, how am I going to condense all of these accomplishments into one simple article? I honestly could write a book with multiple parts just focusing on what he has currently accomplished and still be left with some great material for future work!


Twenty-two years of active-duty and reserve military service, Board Certified in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Certified in Electronic Fetal Monitoring, time practicing medicine in the Congo, 140+ published articles as both author and co-author, author of several books, a multitude of awards, a well respected and long standing full publishing business, a private practice with many, multi-generation families and a third “job” as a videographer as part of his publishing business used to create mini movies for educational links relating to obstetrics and gynecology. As if that is not enough, Dr. James Woods Jr., is a devoted husband, father to four very successful children and has no intent on ever “retiring”! When I sat down to meet with him I completely expected to hear details about his career and his successes. What I got was a man that focuses more on what he still wants to accomplish, and how he can help others versus what he has done already. When asked what he loves about his work he says “he is always ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


learning just by listening to his patients and he get’s a post-graduate education every day!”. This in short expresses how Dr. Woods truly lives to serve others and thoroughly enjoys what he does. Completing his residency at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dr. Woods was set to continue on in the field of endocrinology through a Fellowship in Washington state while continuing his service in the Army. However, as fate would have it, when his residency came to an end he was told that the endocrine fellowship was no longer available and he had a choice between fetal oncology or high risk obstetrics. The choice was obvious for him and he soon began his future in Obstetrics in California through a Perinatal Fellowship at UCLA. After receiving his NYS Medical licensure in 1986, Dr. Woods continued his career here in Rochester, NY at the University of Rochester Medical Center School of Medicine and Dentistry as an Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology 48


while also seeing patients in high risk OB. In 1990 he advanced to Professor and continued practicing with the high risk group. In 1991, through the U of R, Dr. Woods developed what is known today as the periFACTS OB/GYN Academy, online Continuing Education for Obstetrics, Fetal Monitoring, Antepartum/Postpartum, Gynecology, and Women’s Health Care Providers. Today there are over 400 hospitals nationwide that use this program with over 14,000 subscribers. Providers subscribe to have access to a wide range of OB/GYN continuing education courses that award both CME and CNE’s. While he covers all areas of this field, Dr. Woods passion has shown bright in his work on the topic of knowing how to communicate with your patient. Throughout his years dealing with high risk pregnancies came many adverse outcomes. With this, he has strived to educate providers on the importance of treating your patient and not just the symptoms, further looking into what it was that got them to where they are at that time. His belief is that time

with the patient is a priority. His current practice schedules patients based on this very concept, without a doubt a prime reason why he has mothers who refer their daughters and eventually granddaughters to his practice. Having served in the Army during Desert Storm, Dr. Woods is no stranger to trauma himself. He was activated and sent to Walter Reed Military Medical Center where he treated soldiers coming back to the states wounded both physically and mentally. This combined with the many traumas he has witnessed as a physician in high risk OB/GYN helped to instill the value and importance in being “humble in the presence of someone else’s grief”. One of the many reasons that I can understand why his patients have remained faithful throughout their care. In today’s medicine with insurance companies reimbursing at less than favorable rates and patient loads becoming almost unmanageable, Dr. Woods has not altered his practice to favor the “less time, more patients” standards that

{ MEN WHO INSPIRE } A very accomplished and successful man in both life and career, Dr. Woods believes that life is a mix of privilege and burden and somewhere in between is that gray area. How we manage this temperamental mixture determines our success.

many practices have begun following. It is not about quantity to him, it is about quality patient care. Today approximately 80% of Dr. Woods patients are women entering, currently in or post menopause. He strives to educate both the medical community as well as his patients. His goal for patients is to encourage them to know their health, and advocate for themselves. He makes it a point to take the time to make sure his patients understand their health. Dr. Woods has no intention of retiring anytime soon. In fact, I do not believe he ever plans to “retire”. With his partner just retiring this past January he currently runs his practice with a staff of two Nurse Practitioners and one other physician. He is currently one of only two physicians in a 50 mile radius Certified in Menopausal Medicine. He will continue to work at educating those he comes into contact with on women’s health focusing on menopause. He doesn’t have a legacy because that to him would indicate that he has a plan to stop practicing. He prefers to continue

on until he no longer can, should that day come!


Although the majority of his days are spent educating, mentoring and practicing in medicine Dr. Woods is also a family man. He is happily married to his current wife of ten years and enjoys his off time with

his four children, their son who is a Junior at Cornell University studying Labor Relations, another son who has a Phd in Engineering Physics and two daughters, one who followed in his footsteps and is an Emergency Medicine physician and the other who is a Master Craftsman at the University of New Hampshire! Success runs deep within his family! He lit up speaking about his kids and how they are such a joy. Aside from also writing a monthly article for Rochester Woman Online about menopausehoping to reach as many women as he can to educate and inform, he has found a new love for videography. He spoke of his studio at his home where he and a partner create, write the script, produce and star in their own 6-7 minute short movies on various topics in women’s health to post to periFACTS. He understands everyone learns differently and many find it much more appealing to be able to watch examples of what they are learning about. I think it’s safe to say no one enjoys “death by powerpoint”! He has begun shifting to these short scripts on his web based ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



Twenty-two years of active-duty and reserve military service, Board Certified in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Certified in Electronic Fetal Monitoring, time practicing medicine in the Congo, 140+ published articles as both author and co-author, author of several books, a multitude of awards, a well respected and long standing full publishing business, a private practice with many, multi-generation families and a third “job” as a videographer as part of his publishing business used to create mini movies for educational links relating to obstetrics and gynecology. As if that is not enough, Dr. James Woods Jr., is a devoted husband, father to four very successful children and has no intent on ever “retiring”!

learning application more and more to reach all user types. When asked who will take on these projects when he no longer wants to or has the ability to manage them he simply shrugged and said “who want’s to?!”, I know I sure would!!! Dr. Woods had a very unique way of looking at the responsibility that comes with being an educator and a physician in that he doesn’t view it as a job. To him, it’s a lifestyle



and one that he loves waking up to and doing all over again each and every day.

don’t make myself get up everyday, I want to get up.

He looks at each day as it’s own unique experience, one that he can continue to learn from. I can, as I am sure many would agree only hope to find my niche in something that I never want to stop doing. Something that comes with such ease and brings such fulfillment that I

For more information on periFACTS visit Books by Dr. Woods can be found on

Menopause and Women’s Health We specialize in general gynecology, perimenopausal and menopausal care, and welcome new patients to our practice.

2255 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY (585) 271-7800

James Woods, MD

Mary Reisig, MS, RN, WHNP-BC

Kalin Warshof, MS, RN, FNP, BC






Greek writers Aristophanes and Homer both mention hairdressing in their writings. In Africa, it was believed in some cultures that a person’s spirit occupied his or her hair, giving hairdressers high status within these communities. The status of hairdressing encouraged many to develop their skills, and close relationships were built between hairdressers and their clients. Hours would be spent washing, combing, oiling, styling and ornamenting their hair. Men would work specifically on men, and women on other women. Before a master hairdresser died, they would give their combs and tools to a chosen successor during a special ceremony. In ancient Egypt, hairdressers had specially decorated cases to hold their tools, including lotions, scissors and styling materials.

Blake Dufault Talent and Skills Fu e l e d By A Passion and Drive For Success.

Hairdressing as an occupation dates back thousands of years. Ancient art drawings and paintings have been discovered depicting people working on another person’s hair.

A hairstylist must show creativity to understand the visual aspect of geometrical cuts with bone structure and hair colors with skin tone to truly enhance the best features of your face. A few snips here and there, a touch of color, some soft curls, some hairspray and loads of creativity, woosh, your hairstylist transforms you into a dazzling diva. Doesn’t matter if you are having a bad day or it is the most special day of your life, a head of good hair can make you feel pretty no matter what. Hairstylists listen to your problems patiently while they do your hair; in a way, you get a therapist and a hairstylist for the price of one! Blake Dufault is one of them. A hairstylist that listens, designs, gives advice and understands each and every aspect of hair and bone structure. Just stating that, Blake always felt and knew that he wanted to be hairstylist. Being around his best friend’s father’s hair salon growing up, it was Blake’s place of existence and freedom. Even moving away from his best friend to Florida at the age of 18 didn’t stop Blake perusing his dream. In Florida, Blake toured a Paul Mitchell school and fell in love, but life threw a curb ball at Blake. Financial circumstances forced Blake to wait until age of 26 to attend Paul Mitchel School. In a meantime Blake started working for Abercrombie and Fitch, where he ended up being a corporate manager 8 years later. That was the time where Blake finally came back to Paul Mitchel School at the age of 26 to make his dream come true. Blake’s

talent and passion was acknowledged by everyone at Paul Mitchel School, but the director of school, Tara Dowdal, stated: “Blake’s talent and skills are fueled by his passion and drive for success.” Blake was on every team the school offered and participated in many events including haircuts for the homeless and assisting Paul Mitchell’s global artistic directors in one of the world’s largest hair shows, Premiere Orlando. Blake also cut, colored and styled celebrity athletes at the PlayStation Pro/Mountain Dew Tour. Upon graduation, Blake helped Paul Mitchell’s the school owner, Giulio Veglio, open a Paul Mitchell franchise, Lunatic Fringe Salon. “His hunger for knowledge and passion for education is contagious. He has to learn everything and once he does, he gives it all away.” – said Giulio. With his newly acquired skills and corporate management background, Blake landed a career with the largest privately owned salon chain, Ratner Co. Blake continued to build on his resume and implemented business systems for the Ratner Co. brand over the next 4 years, including Manager, a Regional Performing Artist position and a Style Squad member; a team dedicated to leveraging media opportunities. During his career with Ratner Co. Blake also worked as a Professor with Florida Technical College education, platform artistry along with fashion shows, editorial and magazine print work, and “Battle of the Schools” trophy wins are just some of the things Blake accomplished while at FTC. Ultimately missing New York took its toll on Blake. He had to move back to continue his pursuit for excellence. Landing a job at Allora Salon and Spa NY as a premiere stylist was first on his list, Rochester, NY’s premiere salon. He attended every class offered by Goldwell NY, including Trend Zoom; a national conference for stylists and salon owners. He was certified in Babe Extensions, a Master Braider for AMIKA and a member of ColorProof’s ambassador program. Blake is now opening his own brand, HUE Salons; a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, in Rochester NY. Blake’s vision for the brand is very unique. “Inclusivity was the main goal. I wanted to serve the masses.” – Said Blake. When Blake met Amanda Sparrin, his girlfriend

and visionary behind the Adaptive Artistry brand within HUE Salons, she quickly informed him that HUE Salons is not “inclusive.” Amanda is a member of the leadership team at CDS Life Transitions, a philanthropist in her efforts to fund a fully adaptive baseball field (Miracle Field of Greater Rochester) and a mother of one very special kid, Bryson “B” Sparrin that touched the hearts of many. Amanda informed Blake to be inclusive you need to be able to accommodate those with different abilities. With personal experience raising a child with special needs, she has seen what did not work in different salons, when trying to have her son experience what every other child does; acceptance and to feel welcomed! Blake and Amanda have a passion to give back and want every person to feel they belong at HUE Salons. At HUE Salons they

take pride in celebrating everyone’s strengths. They are there to help make everyone’s experience as memorable as possible. For individuals with different physical abilities and for those that like a quieter setting, they cater to all their needs, as well as the masses. It has been through Blake and Amanda’s love and dedication that Adaptive Artistry was born, and both are so excited to share this with Rochester and the nation. Inclusion is a fundamental right, and should be celebrated! “We also only hire students. There is something magical in a student’s brain that is missing from matured mind. They are excited to learn.” – Said Blake. At HUE Salons, they give students the knowledge and skills to be great artists and then provide a career path for them to grow. With prices starting at $20 for a cut and $40 for color, HUE Salons is

also budget friendly. Aimed to compete with the larger chain salons, HUE Salons promises to deliver something missing from the other brands; an experience. Step into any HUE Salons location and you’ll immediately feel the difference. With an award winning interior designer and architect, Mark Wadsworth, from Wadsworth Designs and a group of passionate artists bustling you will undoubtedly feel the energy running through your veins. “It has always been about giving back for me. HUE Salons is my way of sharing that with the world.” – Said Blake. Spend five minutes with Blake and you’ll feel more inspired and determined than ever before! It’s no wonder Giulio Veglio said “Blake Dufault, the next Vidal Sassoon of our industry.” – In a Paul Mitchell Newsletter, August 2010.






TOM TURNER Disabled Male And Proud Of It!

“Do the best you can not to give up. The world can be a bad place at times. Reach out to your family and friends. Reach out to different organizations.” Tom Turner describes himself as a disabled male and is proud of it. He wants to be an inspiration to other disabled people and show them that they do not have to be defined by their disabilities.

They can live a full and fulfilling life. When Turner was born, his parents were told he wouldn’t make it through the night. He was born with Spina Bifida Thorax 10 and hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid on the brain. This causes pressure on the brain and can cause many different neurological issues, and death, if not treated quickly. The doctors at Strong Hospital addressed the hydrocephalus by putting a shunt into the skull to release the pressure. Turner made it through the night to everyone’s surprise and great relief. Once he made it through the night the next step was to start working on what his Spina Bifida was going to entail for him. He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Thorax 10, which means the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord didn’t completely close. This leaves the spinal cord unprotected and at risk of being damaged. At this point his parents were told that he would have to be able to get up and walk to prevent many kinds of health issues. But for him to be able to walk he would have to go through multiple surgeries and he’d need special braces called a Parapodium. At a young age, his family had to pick up and move to Canada so he could have special braces created just for him. At this point in time there was no one who made Parapodiums in the United States. Turner met Dr. Motloch at the Toronto Children’s Hospital where he had an extended stay. Dr. Motloch is the one who created his first Parapodium in 1973. He brought them back to the United States, making his Parapodium the first in the States. Rochester Orthopedic Laboratories took on the task of maintaining them and have now been building leg braces and prosthetics ever since. He has had two sets of braces made since then and has had his last pair for the last 15 years. Turner reunited with Dr. Motloch not too long ago and discussed with him his plans of writing a book about his experiences at the Toronto Children’s Hospital and the Parapodium. Turner wants to encourage those who must use them to keep using them. They are essential

in keeping the body as healthy as possible. It also helps the person to be mobile without the use of a wheelchair. He says it’s difficult at time but continue using them. Turner has had a lot of hardships and trials in life including 20 surgeries for his Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus, the last being in September 2016. But he said the hardest time in his life when his father passed away in 2013. He was very close with his Father and he took his passing hard, but he learned one of his biggest life lessons. Life is not a dress rehearsal. When his father passed away Turner was left in charge of Turner Automotive Corvettes. His sisters fiancé stepped in also to help him run the business. Turner feels that he truly matured in this time frame. He learned how to have a very good work ethic. Unfortunately, in 2015, Turner decided that they would sell his father’s company to Kitty Van Bortel. It was a hard decision but with just himself and his sister’s fiancé it had gotten to the point of them needing more help. At this time, he started helping his sister out in her adventures of becoming a published Author. Laura Turner writes health & wellness books and has just recently published a romance novel. His sister and his mother truly inspire him. “His mother is truly a Rockstar”, Turner said. She took the lead and is the true support system for the family. She has held the family together since his Father’s passing. He says his family is truly loving and super supportive of him and what he decides to do with his life. In November 2015, a company called TeeTalent Designs opened their doors for business. This business is owned and operated by Carlos Martins and Shayne Smith. These two men are disabled and have created this company as a Social Enterprise to give other disabled people long term employment. They are a design company and do designs for businesses and promotional items. They are based in Canada and have hopes to expand in the future. Turner said that he has been following them for some time and decided to reach out to them to offer his skill set in marketing. He

. “We have some of the best doctors,” Turner said. He believes he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his medical team that have been with him from the beginning. He also says that Rochester has some great outreach programs for those with disabilities. started working with them on a part-time basis earlier this year. He doesn’t do any of the designing but he is helping them link up with companies, sports teams, youth organizations and other organizations that need promotional items created. He loves that this company helps those with disabilities get a long-term employment and that they get out into the communities and do public speaking about different types of disabilities. He is very happy to be a part of this company and hopes to continue helping drive it forward.

He feels that Rochester is a great place to live. “We have some of the best doctors,” Turner said. He believes he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his medical team that have been with him from the beginning. He also says that Rochester has some great outreach programs for those with disabilities. He recommends people to join up with the programs and organizations. He really likes the sports organizations of Rochester: Rochester On Wheels, Western Rochester Wreckers (Wheelchair Rugby), Rochester Sports Net (Youth and Adults), just

to name few. Turner himself played Wheelchair Basketball but ended up breaking his leg while doing a transfer and his family threw down the iron gauntlet and told him he could no longer play. He truly enjoyed playing and he encourages anyone to play. He says, “Stay Busy” and “Stay Engaged” is key. There are many more adult and youth programs for the disabled throughout Rochester. Please check them out. Also, if you would like more information on Tee-Talent Designs check out their website at






A Day in the Life of a Leading Vascular Surgeon: Spotlight on Patrick Riggs, M.D. For Dr. Patrick Riggs, there’s no room in his schedule for a bad day!

The vascular surgeon, who’s been in practice for more than twenty years, runs the Vascular Surgery department at RGH, which oversees a network of five area hospitals. He credits RGH and his amazing team of partner Surgeons, Physician Assistants, Nurses, front end staff and schedulers to keep the massive department running smoothly. “I am thankful to have such a supportive and amazing team to keep it all together for me. I show up to work and there are people telling me where I need to be. This wouldn’t work if we didn’t have this staff making it all happen,” says Riggs. A humble and down to earth family man, Dr. Riggs has built an illustrious career, and was recently recognized nationally as a 2017 Top Doctor. The award is given to “healthcare practitioners who have demonstrated clinical excellence while delivering the highest standards of patient care (PR New Channel).” He is highly renowned in his field and very well respected by colleagues and the Rochester community as a whole.

making time in your life to get some physical activity in your day, start making time for it. After reading what the rest of Dr. Riggs’ day is like, you’ll lose your excuse of “I’m too busy.” If he can make time for it, so can you!

When he’s not in the operating room, Dr. Riggs can be found at home spending time with his wife and two children. He’s a dedicated family man and makes sure he soaks up all the time he can with his two teenagers. The family enjoys vacationing at the beach together and recently learned how to surf as a family! He and his son enjoy catching the big waves off the coast of North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach. Are you ready to follow Dr. Riggs through a typical day? Let’s go!

Because it’s Thursday, Dr. Riggs will perform anywhere from 6-8 surgeries today. He will treat conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, critical limb ischemia, peripheral vascular disease, and aortic aneurysms to name just a few. The surgeries are strenuous and can take a toll physically, especially on his neck and back. Dr. Riggs remarks, “Surgeons that work in surgical telescopes all day have chronic problems with the position of their bodies for long periods.” He must take care to maintain an even pace and ensure that his diet habits best support his body. He needs to feel his best so he can expertly perform each surgery.


In his Rochester area home June 1, Riggs wakes up naturally, without an alarm clock. “I couldn’t sleep late if you paid me to do it because my body just wants to be up in the morning”, remarks Riggs. After some coffee and reading the news on his laptop, Riggs is joined downstairs by his daughter. “It’s a time when its only us and we talk about life or review homework if she has questions,” he says.


Did you think a leading vascular surgeon would skip the gym? I think not. If you’re not


Riggs arrives at the hospital early to catch up on any problems or field questions from his staff. He is able to sneak in a patient visit before he has to be in the OR at 7:30AM. Since it’s Thursday, he’ll be in surgery for most of the day. If it were Monday, he’d spend the majority of his time seeing patients in the office. “We run a high volume of surgeries, so that means a larger number of patients that require following before and after surgery. I have 6 PAs in the hospital and a similar number of midlevel providers in the outpatient setting, so there is a constant stream of questions and updates to be managed.”


Speaking of diet habits, Dr. Riggs will try to grab a quick bite between surgery. He jokes, “I eat the same thing every day and the staff often starts preparing it when they see me in line!” Lunch today (and most days!) is a grilled chicken breast and a green salad. Dr. Riggs tries to avoid carbs and does not eat sweets, either! He sticks to a mostly anti-inflammatory diet, with plenty of vegetables, berries, and nuts. When I asked him his best health tip

. “I am thankful to have such a supportive and amazing team to keep it all together for me. I show up to work and there are people telling me where I need to be. This wouldn’t work if we didn’t have this staff making it all happen,” says Riggs.

diet for the average American (I’m talking to you, Rochester Woman Online reader!), he said, “to put it simply, try to limit simple carbohydrates and sugar! I’m talking white flours, sugars, breads, pasta, and pizza.” Today, Dr. Riggs was able to get a quick meeting in during his lunch break. Some days, meetings won’t happen due to how jam packed the surgery schedule is. For now, it’s back to surgery!


The afternoon is filled with more surgeries. Depending on the needs of his patients, his schedule may fill up with one or two add-ons at the end of his day. Good natured and dedicated to his patients, Dr. Riggs will operate until the

very last required case is finished, sometimes well into the evening!


Riggs makes it home in time to catch dinner with his family. After dinner, he helps his son and daughter with their studies. It’s finals week and the tension is running high at the moment! Since the Rochester weather is cooperating tonight, he and his wife head out for a walk around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s his night to be on call, so Dr. Riggs may get called in during the night to operate for an emergency. His practice has four providers and someone is on call 24/7. Every fourth night and every fourth weekend, he will be on call for the service.


Dr. Riggs jokingly admits that his bedtime is “pretty boring.” Can you blame him for going to bed by 10:00 after a long day of operating, knowing that 4:30AM comes exceedingly quick? Hardly. Phew! That’s a wrap! I’m tired just recapping his day for you all! He credits his family, colleagues, and RGH community for the support they give to him each day. Dr. Riggs loves being a part of the greater Rochester community and is proud to call this city home. He is most attached to the people here and remarks that the RGH community has become family to him.







March 28, 1989 a star was born in South Korea. 9 months after that this star was flown across the ocean and landed in Webster, NY and was adopted by the Nowakowski family. He made a family of three a family of four. They didn’t know at that time they would be raising a future dance star, but it became apparent that he wanted to dance when, at 2 years old, he was found trying on his older sisters tap shoes and trying to mimic her. Jim Nowakowski has been a popular name in the Ballet community of Rochester for 15 plus years. Jim started at Dance 22 when he was 2 ½ years old. He and his sister Ashley, were offered a scholarship to Draper Center for the summer session when he was 11 years old. After the first class, Connie his mother, remembers Jim saying that he never wanted to go back. Connie thought that he meant to Draper, but Jim clarified that he would not be going back to Dance 22. He fell in love with Draper Studios. He knew at an early age that he wanted to be a professional dancer. He also knew that if he 64


wanted to succeed he needed to be in the best studio Rochester had to offer. This was a hard decision for the family to make because Ashley wanted to stay

with Dance 22 and Jim wanted to go to Draper. Ashley knew Jim’s true passion was to dance so she said that she would dance with Draper as well. They both flourished under the tutoring of Tim Draper and Draper Studios. Draper was a whole new world for Jim to explore. Jim knew that this was the world he belonged to and he worked tirelessly every single day going to school and dancing 40 plus hours every week. He carried high grades while winning competition after competition. During all of those school years, dancing hours and competitions he also was going through multiple facial reconstruction surgeries. Jim was born with a cleft lip and palate. He had to have a piece of his pelvis bone removed and transplanted to his mouth to close his palate at a young age. He had to have his jaw broken and moved to correct his bite. He has had his jaw wired shut multiple times throughout his young teenage years. But he did not stop pushing forward and chasing after his dreams. Jim is a spokesperson for the American Cleft

{ KING OF ARTS } “The experience was such a rollercoaster. Being behind a camera, learning about reality TV, meeting so many other great dancers and working with some of the best choreographers in the LA/NYC industry.”




Palate Association. He walked the Red Carpet at Operation Smile last year. He has also performed for the Hugs Foundation here in Rochester. He has also recently just performed in Australia for a fundraiser gala. When Jim was coming to the end of his career with Draper Studios he had been approached by many different ballet companies, but he was quite sure where he was wanting to go. At one of his last international competitions, which he won, he was approached by one of the judges and was encouraged to try out for Houston Ballet. Jim had of course heard about how good they were, but didn’t think that they would want him. The judge, who at the time worked for Houston Ballet, pushed him to try out. Jim ended up trying out. Jim was asked to join and he graciously accepted. Jim danced with Houston Ballet 8 years before he decided that it was time to walk away. He had gotten injured and messed up his foot and ankle. He had to have surgery and was out of dance for almost a whole season. He had come to a point where he didn’t know if he wanted to continue dancing. He was offered a position at BalletMET, at this time, and he was going to join them when there was this show called So You Think You Can Dance holding a dance competition that was close to him. 66


He had contemplated about doing this show to test his skills against the best in the past, but he was quite ready. He truly didn’t believe that he would make it, but he was going to tryout anyways. He told BalletMET that he was going to try out and see what happens. If he didn’t make it he would join them. If he made it then he would see where it would take him. Jim said he would have regretted not taking the chance to step so far out of his comfort zone, but he was shocked to make it through the first round and the second round. He was truly shocked to be told he had made it into the top 20. Jim was pleased to come in 6th place, he said, “Just making it to the top 20 I had already won.” He felt that Gabby truly deserved to win. He said, “The experience was such a rollercoaster. Being behind a camera, learning about reality TV, meeting so many other great dancers and working with some of the best choreographers in the LA/NYC industry. Dancing outside my comfort zone and the pressure to not make a fool of myself on national television. So many emotions, but definitely a highlight.” He said that he would recommend other dancers to try out for the show. It’s an experience of a lifetime even if you don’t make it through.

Jim says that he has failed before, but there is always reason it didn’t work out and everything happens for a reason whether it is to better oneself or to learn an important lesson. He loves the saying “you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” He would like the to tell the younger generation of dancers to, “work hard and but also to work smart. Stay humble and do it because you love it and for yourself and no one else. If you always seek recognition, you will mislead yourself. Stay true to yourself as an artist, and remember what makes you special.” Since the ending of the tour for SYTYCD Jim moved to Los Angeles, signed with a talent agency, freelanced and guest starred for the past year and a half. He has also been teaching classes and judging dance competitions. He is excited for July when he once again be gracing the dance floor and finally be joining BalletMet in Columbus, Ohio. He hopes to dance with them for a few years and in the future dance for one more dance company. When he retires from dancing with a company he is planning on joining a large judging company and teach classes and judging at the conventions. But for now, you can catch Jim dancing with BalletMet starting this July.






More Then Just The Homicide Hunter BY JULIE M. MAY

If you’ve never seen Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda on the Investigation Discovery channel, you’re missing out on the work of up-state NY actor Carl Marino. For six seasons, Carl has played Joe Kenda, an extremely successful real-life Homicide Detective for the Colorado Springs Police Department. The show explores Kenda’s old cases while Carl reenacts his investigation. The real Kenda narrates his thought process along the way. Carl wants people to know he didn’t set out to be a star. In fact he never acted, not even in high school in Hornell where he grew up, although he did some lighting work in the theatre. “I was always terrified of being on stage or in front of the camera. I was, and still am to a certain extent, a very shy person. It’s something I still fight through on occasion. I actually always hated having my picture taken… and now look what I do for a living.” After he graduated, he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for 2 years. Following West Point, and while studying Criminal Justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Carl became a Deputy Sheriff in New York. He served for almost 17 years on the force, most of the time at the Monroe County Jail. In 2009, Carl moved to San Francisco to be closer to some of his family that had moved there years before. Arriving in California, he signed with a modeling agency, having done some modeling on the side in Rochester. Soon after, he auditioned for a feature film, 68


got the part, and made his big screen debut in the independent film Sedona’s Rule. Almost immediately after this, he was cast in the NBC show Trauma that was filming in San Francisco, and became a recurring guest star.

solved these heinous crimes and had to live through the nightmare of dealing with these evil people and the aftermath of the families of the victims. He was a fantastic detective and rightly deserves his own show.”

He says he enjoys his role playing Lt. Joe Kenda, because “he is a true hero. He actually really

Carl relates to the character having been a Sheriffs Deputy. “I understand what a thankless, tiring job it can be,” he said. “Kenda doesn’t sugar coat anything, and what you see is what you get. His dry humor and sarcasm are fantastic and I love bringing these traits into the character.” He admits that filming the tv series can be quite daunting. “We film in Knoxville, TN, which is where our production company is located,” Carl said. “We basically film every other week for about nine months out of the year. We film Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturday for 10 hours each day. It takes the week to film one episode. “The hours we film vary each day, depending on if we have day or night shoots. It’s not uncommon to start filming at 9 p.m. and shoot until sunrise the next morning, depending on the script and if outdoor scenes need to be light or dark.” He is quick to add that he loves working with the crew. “They become like family, especially after working with them so closely for the past several years.” Homicide Hunter is the highest rated show on the Investigation Discovery channel and it airs in 193 countries. Carl is now often

recognized by fans of the show on the street, much to his surprise.

the people who believe I am really a young Joe Kenda, not an actor playing him.”

When people find out he was formerly a Sheriff, most people are surprised.

“It actually happens on a daily basis now when I’m out, numerous times when I am in the airport,” he said. “I remember in the beginning how I was both flattered and a little embarrassed whenever someone would approach me.

He says for the longest time it was difficult for him to believe someone was so excited to get a picture with me, when he had just been a jail deputy a few short years earlier.

“The people who aren’t surprised are other officers. I get a lot of fan mail from others in the law enforcement professions that say they could tell by the way I carried myself I was a real officer.

“The various reactions are what have stood out and amazed me. It’s run the gamut of ladies crying, shaking uncontrollably, non-stop talking excitedly to not even be able to talk at all. “I’ve also had people tell me I look like the guy who plays Joe Kenda, then they wouldn’t believe me when I told them I was in fact him,” he continues. “I’ve had to actually argue with them that I was in fact me. The weird ones are

His wife of seven years, Ionia, brought him clarity about it when she said to him “well you ARE a celebrity now, whether you like it or not, so get used to it.” “While I’m still flattered and humbled by the reactions, I’m no longer embarrassed and enjoy the fan interaction,” he said. “I am always sure to tell them how much I appreciate them and their support of the show, for without them, there wouldn’t be one.”

“It is fairly easy for an officer to spot another. A lot of it has to do with the training and experiences that they go through. We tend to walk and talk a certain way that is noticeable to those that have lived a similar life. It definitely has made it much easier to portray one on TV. “ He says is most annoying career move was a commercial that he made where his wife kicks him out of bed for snoring. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


{ SPECIAL FEATURE } “I remember where I came from and who my friends are. I would still do anything for anyone. There is no amount of fame or money that could change that.”

“It’s been playing non-stop for seven years. I get messages from people every week from across the country asking if it is me. Anyone who watched late night tv has probably seen it. “ When he is not working, Carl tries to get back to Hornell and Rochester as often as possible, usually three to four times a year. He was in Hornell on St. Patricks Day, as he usually comes back for it. He was also in Rochester a few months ago for a friend’s retirement party. “I still have a lot of friends and family in New York and I enjoy coming back. My wife has also gained a appreciation for the upstate area and its beauty,” Carl said. “She was born and raised in San Francisco and had never seen the area. I’ve taken her all over



the Finger Lakes region, around Lake Ontario and the 1000 Islands. I am very proud of having grown up in such a great part of the country and always make sure to promote Hornell and Rochester.” In fact, Carl maintains a 585 phone number due to his fondness for the area. When he’s not acting, he and his wife run half and full marathons to raise money for charity. Just last year, they ran 31 half and full marathons in 17 states and 3 different countries. “Just in the past three years, we have raised over $100k. “We enjoy giving back,” Carl said. “Running these races together is a great way to raise money while spending time together, seeing new places

and challenging ourselves. He also loves to play poker and is in a local poker league in San Francisco. “I have actually gotten quite good at it and have been the leagues champion both of the past two years, even having missed half the games while filming.” Carl says he thinks he is the same person he was before fame, just maybe a little or a lot wiser. “I remember where I came from and who my friends are. I would still do anything for anyone. There is no amount of fame or money that could change that.”


cal marino












Rochester Woman about your childhood. Where did you grow up? Any special childhood memories?

JOEY ARENA:I was born and raised in

Rochester New York. Other than going to a city school for second grade, I spent most of my childhood and school years in Penfield. I was raised by a single mother, and we spent our first year living in my grandmother’s house. I’m very close with my grandparents and consider them to be second parents. I grew up in the arts, music, skateboarding/ snowboarding and the sports’ world.

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE Who were/are your biggest influences in music?

JOEY ARENA: Michael Jackson got me into loving music. Kurt Cobain got me into playing music.

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE Describe your first concert?

JOEY ARENA: I was 15 years old and

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE:When did you discover music?

for my birthday my uncle Pete took me to see Papa Roach at Waterstreet Music Hall. Definitely the youngest and smallest person there and after mosh pits broke out, I was picked up and placed on the bar and Coby (singer) waved and gave me a shout out--one of the greatest feelings for a 15-year-old kid.

JOEY ARENA: I’ve loved music since


before I can remember. I have vivid memories of my mom and me and our little apartment and her playing Bruce Springsteen. I must’ve been two or three and have no idea how I can recall that. She raised me on all of the greats. Then I was obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was about 5+. I had to be bribed to walk the aisle in her wedding with specifically his “BAD” tape. I was so shy growing up but easily bribable, I suppose. I loved music from Greenday’s “Dookie” tape to Coolio. I loved it all. What got me into playing music was jumping on the couch and playing a mean air guitar to Nirvana in 1994. That was the beginning of it all. Everything about them is what made me pick up my first guitar.

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE Who were your big influences in life?

JOEY ARENA: My mom. She doesn’t

know it, but I’ve watched her raise me and three other siblings pretty much on her own. I was the oldest and saw it all. She would give us the shirt off her back and taught us respect. She made sure we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. We didn’t have it easy, but she did her best with what she had. I remember back in high school, a time she gave my brother and me a $20 bill each--a rare occasion-- to spend at the mall. I felt too guilty accepting it because I know she could’ve used it on anything more important. So, later that night I slipped the $20 back in her purse. Moral of it all, she’s the strongest, most giving, loving, forgiving and independent person I know. She set the bar high, and I hope to be half of the person she is.

When did you begin touring?

JOEY ARENA: I graduated High School

at 17 and a few months later, hit the road with my band at the time, “They Sleep They Dream.” It was a couple months run consisting of half Canada and half U.S. dates.


Give your definition of a musician and a rock star.

JOEY ARENA: A musician is someone

who can’t live without an instrument in [his/ her] hands and/or music in their soul, no matter what age, someone who listens to music differently than most. Musicians do it for the genuine love of it. They break down and appreciate all structures, messages and genres. You respect the craft. A “rock star” is someone who does it for the attention, gimmicks and popularity that come with it. Most likely a rock star puts the instrument down and won’t touch it until the next show. There isn’t much appreciation for the art, I suppose.


What’s the best thing about being a travelling musician, what’s the worst?

JOEY ARENA: The best part is being able to see the world. Visiting different parts of our country. Discovering different cultures.Trying different food. Sight seeing. It’s a much more cost efficient way of traveling.

The worst would be getting food poisoning or the van breaking down in the mountains of West Virginia during a blizzard. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



The name is “Ovtlier” pronounced “Outlier”. It’s different in a sense that it’s the first band that I have ever created from the ground up, pretty much by myself.


You’re in a committed relationship. How does that work when you’re besieged by female fans?

JOEY ARENA: I keep everything formal

and professional, as I do [with my work as a hair stylist]. I don’t let it go to my head, and I appreciate their/the fans support. They are the key to our success. I usually have to give a pep talk when the relationship is first starting out but they understand it’s part of the show.


Tells us about Youngbloods..genre of music, etc.

JOEY ARENA: Young Bloods was a pop

rock band that had done many great things and gave me some of the best learning experiences. Our headlong shows were selling out the hall side of Waterstreet. In 2012, our album, 76


Rebirth debuted on the Billboard charts and climbed for about three months. We toured and played with many great national artists from Yellowcard, Eve 6 and New Found Glory to The Ataris, Downplay (Starset) and Ryan Cabrera. We were a young band, but we had too many people in the industry trying to mold us. Eventually it reflected in our writing ,and I was no longer having fun.

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE You have a new band now. What’s its name and how is it different from earlier bands?

JOEY ARENA: The name is “Ovtlier”

pronounced “Outlier”. It’s different in a sense that it’s the first band that I have ever created from the ground up, pretty much by myself. I traveled to Cleveland over the course of a year and half and wrote and recorded the whole

album in a studio apartment with a friend of mine, Evan McKeever. I found members by presenting the album to them so they already knew what type of sound and direction I was going for. You then can find like-minded and driven individuals a lot easier, so I’ve learned.

ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINEWhen you’re not working with your music, what kind of work do you do?

JOEY ARENA: After having a construction

business for many years, I am a full time hairstylist.






Fighting for High Quality He a l t h c a re at the Lowest Possible Cost If you ever want to meet someone who’s passionate about his work, then you have to meet Travis Heider, President and CEO of the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies. RRHA Family of Companies is comprised of two not-for-profit and two for-profit organizations that have one mission: to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest levels of quality care to those they serve in their communities. Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies includes: • Rochester Regional Healthcare Association • Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates • RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation (Regional Group Purchasing Organization) • Seagate Alliance, LLC (National Group Purchasing Organization) Are you impressed? I sure was. Travis is not only a President and 78


CEO of four companies, but he’s also a devoted family man with a beautiful wife, 3 amazing kids and 2 dogs. He even coaches baseball in the midst of the craziness of day-to-day life. When I walked into his office, which was beautiful with amazing large windows; I found that Travis was very personable, easy to communicate with and eager to talk about his life.

master’s degree from Springfield College. When I asked him what he liked most about living in Rochester, he said it was the people. “People here are very down to earth and there’s a great quality of life. Rochester has beautiful parks, a vibrant arts scene and several quality universities.” He also said with a smile, “Everything is literally fifteen minutes away!”

Travis is a native of Rochester. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo and his

Prior to joining the RRHA Family of Companies, Travis served 6 years in the Monroe County Legislature and spent 12 years with the American Diabetes Association as its Northeast Regional Director. Under his leadership, the region was number one in revenue for 9 straight years and achieved two million dollar Tour de Cure events. Travis’ passion for healthcare and his record of success brought him to the RRHA Family of Companies in March of 2016. In his new role, his goal is to lead the four companies through a strategic planning process that will position them for long-term growth. The trade association components – Rochester Regional Healthcare Association and Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates – represent 17 hospitals, their related healthcare systems and several non-acute affiliates across 9 counties in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region. Whether they’re convening healthcare employees, serving as a regional spokesperson with a unified voice, advocating for legislation, providing data and analytics, organizing conferences or administering surveys, they are fully committed to meeting the needs of their members. The Association and the Advocates work closely with the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) and the American

Hospital Association (AHA). In addition, they partner with other associations across the U.S. through the Conference of Metropolitan Hospital Associations. The two group purchasing organizations (GPOs) offer their members best-in-class pricing, high quality product portfolios, and unparalleled service. RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation (JVC) is owned by, and serves the needs of, several hospitals, long term care institutions and other non-profit non-acute institutions in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region. The nonpatron membership is even broader, serving both acute and non-acute care partners in 28 states. JVC provides goods and services that are not available through the large national GPOs, as well as custom contracting and extensive

portfolios in sustainability and Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). Seagate Alliance is owned by a diverse group of not-for-profit hospitals, health systems, long term care institutions and other healthcare-related organizations across New York State. Seagate provides access to national group purchasing and services through Premier Inc., where members can access more than 2,000 contracts with best-in-class pricing. Seagate members include acute care hospitals, surgery centers, free-standing labs, long-term care entities, veterinary hospitals, imaging centers and other health-related companies. Additionally, Seagate has non-healthcare members, including colleges, universities, school districts, hotels, businesses and various other industries.

While each of the organizations within the “Family of Companies” has a distinct and separate role, working together brings greater value to the collective membership than any one organization could bring alone. Both JVC and Seagate Alliance are “hidden gems” in Rochester. They have grown exponentially over the past two decades, reaching over $350 million in volume. Stepping into this position Travis wanted to make sure he positioned the company for success and working not only on the growth, but also the staff that embodies all the hard work behind the success. What I learned about Travis right away is that, he truly wants to help and work hard at bringing the best. “It is important to celebrate success as it drives your staff to push ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


{ LEADING MAN } “It is important to celebrate success as it drives your staff to push to do even better.”

to do even better,” Travis mentioned. I asked Travis what has made him successful, and he said, “It’s important to have people understand who you are, what you’re about, and make them a part of the process.” He explained that positive leadership leads to growth and success. Travis has high standards and he’s competitive, but he’s quick to praise others and believes that it’s important to celebrate their successes.



This is a dynamic time in the healthcare industry. The future of the Affordable Care Act is uncertain, and Travis believes that if you are not embracing change and evolving with it, you are falling behind. I asked what motivates him on a dayto-day basis, and he said, “There’s never a dull moment in healthcare!” Before I left, I asked Travis to name one of his strengths and one of his weaknesses. He replied that he’s very driven and passionate, but he needs to take more time to relax and

learn how to manage his stress. Travis Heider has a positive attitude and a willingness to grow and improve. His background has prepared him to dive into his position and carry the RRHA Family of Companies to new heights. It was such a pleasure to meet someone so full of ambition and dedicated to his work and taking on the healthcare industry to a new level of success!

A national Group Purchasing Organization with local beginnings. We bring our members best in class pricing, high quality product portfolios, and unparalleled service. SAVE U TO 30% P EXPEN ON SES

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their supply chain and adds value to their organization. Seagate members benefit from more than 3,000 group purchasing contracts.

VA L U E .

We deliver data. Through Seagate's account

We have history. For nearly 20 years,

Seagate members have had access to purchasing power that drives costs out of


management, committee meetings, and education, members access information about industry issues, suppliers, and more.

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Law Forum Radio Show Sundays 8 - 9AM


Experienced, Effective, and Smart. Personal Injury | Business and Estate Litigation | Medicaid Planning Probate | Military and Security Clearances | Second Amendment Law

Brenna Boyce PLLC



He has worked with Ringo Starr, Carl Palmer, ELP, Asia, Little River Band, Foreigner, Yes, Meatloaf, The Rascals, The Tubes, and others. He has participated in the development and release of over 50 CDs and DVD titles.. As a music journalist, he has written for Variety, Gannett, USA TODAY, Mix, and others. Presently he teaches music industry at The UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER and is a voting member of the Grammys (The Recording Academy) as well as Entertainment Director of the new “2300 Arena� in Philadelphia.

Rochester Woman Online: You seem to have been ahead of the curve at Newhouse School of Communications , so what can you advise others regarding your transition from student to your professional life?

Bruce Pilato: It had to do with a strong


Bruce Pilato owns Pilato Entertainment, Marketing & Media, LLC in New York, providing marketing, artist management, PR and project development. A 1978 graduate of Syracuse University, he is Executive Director of Talent Acquisition of Mastermind Lounge.



work ethic. I was an over achiever in college, taking on average 18-21 credits per semester and being involved as the entertainment editor of the daily school paper and co-chair of the concert board, plus I was already free lance writing for music publications. When I got out, I kept up the same pace. I married two years out of college and had three kids before I was 30, so, I did not have a choice. I had a lot of responsibility at very early age. I adopted a can-do attitude, and that is what got me to where I am today. I worked for many years for the Gannett company and divided my career between advertising and marketing and entertainment journalism. Eventually, I found a way I could run my own business and incorporate all the skill sets I picked up along the way.

Rochester Woman Online: When

you got out of school how did you get started-and what are some of your favorite accomplishments?

BP: I was 8 years old when I saw The Beatles

on Ed Sullivan in 1964, and that was it. I was hooked and wanted to be in the music business. I played a few instruments but by high school I was running an FM student radio station and working in a music store, The House of Guitars. My father was an attorney and was on the Board of Commissioners for the Rochester War Memorial, which became the Blue Cross Arena. He took me to every show that came through Rochester, from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to Tom Jones and Cher, so I was there for a wide spectrum of musical artists and I saw the behind-the-scenes operation. It was there that I knew I wanted to work in business rather than being a professional musicians. I knew it

would be a better career for me and a longer one. Also, Rochester was a warm-up market for many of the major tours. They would always play Rochester, Buffalo or Syracuse before playing Madison Square Garden in New York City. All through the late 70s, 80s, and 90s, I had access as a music journalist to the biggest names in the business BEFORE they hit the press in New York City. It gave me an edge and propelled my journalism career to the point where I was writing for USA TODAY and many other international publications. From there I worked in catalog development for several are the percussion major record companies creating CD box sets of famous acts, and that led to a career as an artist manager, which is mainly what I do now. I had a family and I lived in a secondary market, so I had to be innovative. My biggest accomplishment is not that I have a respectable stature in the music business, it is that I did from Rochester, NY, when everyone else had to move to New York, Los Angeles or London.

Rochester Woman Online: You are

quite known for your roster of groups you manage-can you talk about some of them

BP: Most of my current artist roster came as

a result of relationships I developed as a music journalist or working on their catalog for a record label. I am still a music fan at heart and artists like that. They appreciate that I am all about the music and the presentation of the live show. The money and the perks have always been secondary to me, and that makes it easy to gain their trust. Emerson Lake & Palmer was the first big band that asked me to be part of the management in the early 1990s. I managed Greg Lake and now still manage Carl Palmer , who also brought me into ASIA, when that band reunited in 2006. I also manage Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Pat Travers Band and Gene Cornish of The Rascals. I assembled a project called The Platinum Rock All Stars which has members from most of my bands playing together. I have worked with The Tubes and members of The Sex Pistols. In 2001, I was hired to work with Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band for that world tour- probably the highlight of my career. Once you work for a Beatle, you have hit the gold standard. I also have an entertainment marketing and public relations division that works with YES, Whitesnake, Meatloaf, Dennis DeYoung of STYX, Foreigner, The Little River Band and others.

Rochester Woman Online: How long have you known Bob Brenna and considering




{ MASTERMIND LOUNGE } Most of my current artist roster came as a result of relationships I developed as a music journalist or working on their catalog for a record label. I am still a music fan at heart and artists like that. They appreciate that I am all about the music and the presentation of the live show.

how busy you are, why did you agree to work with him at mastermind lounge and become the executive director of talent acquisition and management?

BP: I have known Bob for over 30 years.

We have several business projects together including an independent record label, and a unique album project called When Pigs Fly, that featured lots of established music celebrities. Technology and the advent of social media has made it possible to connect directly with consumers who certain interests or aspiring professionals. Bob’s idea to create a clearing house platform for this that allows these individuals to connects with mentors and real successful pros who can provide knowledge and guidance in a field they are known for. I also teach at the University of Rochester’s Institute of Popular Music and Nazareth College, so being part of Mastermind Lounge was a natural transition for me. I am so optimistic because we created an interactive real-time platform that I can bring to the entertainment industry as a one-stop method of connecting with desired consumers.

Rochester Woman Online: Your

methods of writing got you to the point where you did interviews & album liner notes and you book venues around the world- you even go to places around the globe to manage acts -is there a big difference in US compared to other countries

BP: I would say the United States is

the one global market everyone wants to conquer. Always has been and continues to be that. That put me in a great position when I launched my company. I showed many UK artists how they could set up a base of operations in a city like Rochester for less than half the cost of doing it in New York or Los Angeles. Most of my acts store their equipment in Rochester, rehearse here when they come to the US prior to touring and use crews created from this area. In the case of Emerson Lake & Palmer, I saved them nearly $100,000 when they resumed touring in 1998. The word spread and it helped me. As far as working in other markets. It is difficult to remain a viable global act. 9/11 changed a lot things. 86


Getting work visas for incoming international artists to come over here now has become a major undertaking. Getting equipment in and out of countries is a big hassle now. Many of my artists do these “rock cruises” and getting our gear on and off the boat has become a major undertaking with homeland security. The international market is not nearly as lucrative as it had been. Europe has been a real struggle to do long tours- short runs are possible, but unless you are the level of U2 or Lady Gaga, doing major venues for extensive tours outside of the US is often a challenge. Japan use to be a big day for many artists- not the case any more. There is no money in records any more- so everyone has to tour to stay afloat. The competition is staggering and everyone is now fighting for that piece of the entertainment dollar. When Paul McCartney or The Stones announce a tour and put tickets on sale 9 months ahead of time at $300 a ticket- that drains a lot of money out of the market for smaller acts trying to compete. Rochester Woman Online: What advice would you have for people aspiring to do the kind of work that you do?

BP: Find a niche´in the business that you can

fit into and be as good at filling it as you can be. One of my students was in pre-med but really wanted to work in the music industry. I explained the increase in touring has put tremendous strain on the voices of these performers. There is a huge need for voice and throat doctors. They just opened a huge voice clinic in Nashville. That student is now looking to work in medicine doing voice preservation.

Rochester Woman Online: Is there a big difference in interviewing writing management and the task of putting together Ringo Starr’s band or the platinum allstars? BP: Each project has a different need, strategy

and result. Some artists are very clear on how they want to be represented or how they want to maintain their careers. In that case, it is matter of executing their vision. Other acts hire people like myself because they have gone adrift and need to get back on course. It is all about assessment, evaluating the various options, and execution.

Rochester Woman Online: Who are

the heroes in your life who are the people of made a difference to you?

BP: There have been many. My father

was a successful lawyer who practiced law for 68 years and lived to be almost 94. He incorporated the work ethic in me and also gave me a good understanding of law and how to protect myself and my clients. My mother was an artist, so that is where I get that side of life. Both encouraged me to do what I love and be the best I could be. The artists I work with mostly had successful careers before I came into their lives- so I have learned from them a great deal, as well as taught them new ways to sustain their careers. The real music men of the 60s and 70s were a big influence: David Geffen, promoter Bill Graham, Atlantic Records President Ahmet Ertegun, Brian Epstein, Clive Davis. I have had the good fortune to meet and speak to most of them. I also have great admiration for people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Teddy Roosevelt, and Susan B Anthony- they were trail blazers.




Arts Entrepreneur...“Future Projection” The last time Rochester Woman spoke with Shawn Dunwoody was for our 2015 Men’s Issue. It was during that summer that Dunwoody employed five students from Rochester City Schools to paint murals in depressed neighborhoods throughout Rochester Philadelphia, and Brazil. The beautification movement was called the Fruitbelt Project which and was later turned into an Emmynominated documentary film called “Confronting the Wall” that highlights the positive impact of mentorship. A native of R o c h e s t e r, Dunwoody was raised by entrepreneur parents who ran a successful record store. They taught him the value of neighborhood development and community connection. He considers his parents his earliest mentors. He was a young dad while attending Monroe Community College. As his family grew his desire and drive to wanting 88


to provide beyond his current means brought about many choices; some good and some not so good. Understanding lack of exposure to choices young people have, Dunwoody began working with city neighborhoods, community groups, and businesses to help create employment and mentorship for youth. Today he strives to be a mentor and create

new role models. It is that drive, enthusiasm and passion that has led Dunwoody to run for Rochester City Council. His unique three (3) tiered platform consists of the following components: Connected

Communities, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Capital. Connected Communities: having spent decades connecting the valuable resources of our city neighborhoods; partnering with community groups, area activists and businesses, Dunwoody will continue to expand employment for youth and mentorship, build alternative citywide recreation and health connections, and develop a program for a safer and more beautiful environment. All of which are the catalyst for a vibrant city.


Entrepreneurship: our city is a wellspring of innovation that can become the spark plug in our city’s economy. Dunwoody will work to foster innovation in all areas of the city; creating different avenues of commerce to combat poverty and unemployment, support publicprivate partnerships f o r i n n ov a t o r s and visionaries to create local job opportunities and stimulate youth entrepreneurship

Creative Capital; is the relationship of ingenuity and commerce and provides us the means to exploit the business of

us the means to exploit the business of our creative communities with arts and culture as the glue. Creative Capital can become the magnet to attract and retain a skilled and innovative workforce. As a City Council member he will strengthen connections between the tourism industry and local businesses; encouraging links among organizations, businesses, and creatives to collectively be engaged in the process of” Placemaking”, and create cultural hubs in our city’s neighborhoods. He believes the most progressive movements for change are started by bringing people from different backgrounds together. 90


Shawn Dunwoody’s earliest role models were Batman and Spiderman. As he grew up it was Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, David and Jesus.

for your career? Your life?

RW: What is integral to the work of

RW: What does being creative mean

Dunwoody: Creating vision for our

Dunwoody: It means being able to

RW: What role does the Artist have

RW: Where does Shawn Dunwoody

Dunwoody: Artists play a strong role in

Dunwoody: People. Everyday lives.

an Artist? society.

in society?

shaping our culture, politics and beliefs.

RW: Who are your biggest inspirations

Dunwoody: Right now to build a stronger bond between policy and design. to you?

shape the worlds around you.

find inspiration in his creativity?

RW: What kinds of creative patterns, routines or rituals to you have?

{ LEADERS IN THE ROC } A native of Rochester, Dunwoody was raised by entrepreneur parents who ran a successful record store. They taught him the value of neighborhood development and community connection. He considers his parents his earliest mentors.

Dunwoody: Drink coffee to start and drink wine to end.

RW: Define “Success”. Dunwoody: Success is defined in

different stages of life. At six riding a bike was a success, at thirteen kissing a girl was a success, and now being able to run around a full day with my grandkids is a success. I believe success is situational.

RW: What are you trying to

communicate with your art? Dunwoody: Right now my art of connection I’m using to create change in our community.

RW: Which creative medium would

you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

Dunwoody: Great question. Music.

RW: Why is community service important to you?

Dunwoody: It is the flow that

keeps our basic need to help moving. To learn more about Shawn Dunwoody. Visit his website at:



C NOT A MANCAVE You say your next project is

going to be: A Man Cave… but where do you begin? What is the ubiquitous “man cave” anyway? Maybe you’re after more of a “Music and Movie Room” or for that matter a “Family Media Room”- after all, watching You say your next project is going to be: A Man Cave… but where do you begin? What is the ubiquitous “man cave” anyway? Maybe you’re after more of a “Music and Movie Room” or for that matter a “Family Media Room”- after all, watching movies or sports is really more of a family and friends event.



Many systems are discretely fitted into a space with nary a gadget in sight, while other designs will showcase exotic equipment that begs to be the focal point in a room. So, now that you know you want to do something, but you’re not sure what… it’s time to call in Jim Richardson from R.S. Media and the collaborative design experts from City Sense!

If your priorities lean toward a great game, finger foods, and lots of family and friends to cheer with, your Kitchen and its proximity may be one of the most important considerations. Nobody wants to be alone in the kitchen preparing appetizers and drinks while all your guests are in another room enjoying the game. A large, open concept is perfect for this type of entertaining. A combined kitchen and family room that allows for a free flow of food, drink, and interaction will keep everyone involved and entertained. A larger TV and a great sound system will be sure everyone engaged in the action. When the game is done, a discreet system that is executed with on-wall speakers from British manufacturer Monitor Audio that are disguised as artwork will “disappear” and allow the room to transition to casual music listening while dessert is served. Instead of a “Man Cave”, a well-planned kitchen and family room renovation by the team at City Sense can become the multipurpose entertaining hub of your home for everyone to enjoy. If you are a box office fanatic yearning for the next blockbuster release, you may need a bigger “fix”! Nothing beats a 110” screen with a statement level surround system for movie mayhem. The key to pulling off a great movie escape is the collaborative planning and experience the

City Sense team brings to your project. Room layout, sight lines, light control, acoustic treatment, and furniture placement are all critical when the goal is to take your breath away. Equipment selection and speaker choice are made to maximize the impact or your space. The good news is that you don’t have to know any of the “tech”, you just get to retreat to a different time or place… in your own screening room that will make commercial theaters jealous. Just don’t call it a “Man Cave”! A hallmark of the best system designs will be simple and intuitive operation for the whole family. If it takes 5 remotes and an engineering degree to watch TV, nobody will be happy! A single remote with a button that allows you to watch your favorite program at the end of a hard day at work is priceless. The big box stores can sell you a TV, other stores can sell you speakers- But nobody in the Rochester area takes such a “holistic” approach to your user experience as our lead technology designer, Jim Richardson. Your friends will be amazed at your “technical prowess” as you go from watching a game to putting on a movie- but only you will know the City Sense magic behind the simple operation! Maybe your “Man Cave” should be more like the Cavern Club. They are even making turntables again- are they crazy? Not at all! There is a “rebirth” in music playback bringing joy to a new generation, and bringing back special memories to others. Music in the home has made a comeback, but there are two evolving camps with unique goals. One method of delivering your favorite music is great for the whole family and even better for entertaining. Whole house



Many systems are discretely fitted into a space with nary a gadget in sight, while other designs will showcase exotic equipment that begs to be the focal point in a room.



{ CITY SENSE } If you are a box office fanatic yearning for the next blockbuster release, you may need a bigger “fix”! Nothing beats a 110” screen with a statement level surround system for movie mayhem.

music with Sonos has revolutionized the industry with an affordable and easy to use system that can be retrofitted into existing homes. High speed Internet access and Wi-Fi networking now allow Sonos to bring music from around the world into every room in (and even outside) your home. Families can play different types of music in different areas, pulling in music from both free and pay services like Pandora Radio. You can even cue up your favorite songs from your smartphone while you watch the kids in the pool. Rochester’s home town technology experts at City Sense can help you with your Wi-Fi network and your new Sonos system, teaching you the secrets of the system and unleashing a world of music into every corner of your home. The other camp of music listeners is after a 94


more intimate, personal, and even tactile music experience. Turntables are on the rise, and are now spinning vinyl for a new generation and communicating the artist’s message in a way many have never heard before. There is an organic element to a record that can’t be imitated, and a joy in rediscovering lost times though artwork and liner notes that simply don’t exist on an iPod playlist. There is also a wealth of new and previously released music that has been mastered in high resolution. You can think of it as the difference between your 27” tube TV and the new High Definition flat screens. These new recordings put you in front of the performers with breathtaking realism, and you find yourself listening through entire albums discovering details you never heard before in your favorite songs. High resolution digital and vinyl can both be played through traditional speakers, but many listeners are

opting to add headphones to connect more intimately and carry on listening sessions late into the night. American manufacturer Grado has established itself as offering some of the best sounding reference headphones on the market, and the new Grados are available at City Sense along with U-Turn Turntables and Parasound Electronics- just ask for Jim! Movies, the big game, your favorite album… Whatever your priorities are, the City Sense design team can tailor a technology solution for you that fits your style and is intuitive to use. Your new system may be house-wide, dedicated to a new space, or even your own personal listening system with a new leather chair in the corner of your den... So, a “man cave” it really isn’t, but we know what you meant!

Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY Annual Golf Tournament

In memory of Michael F. Contestabile and benefitting pancreatic cancer research

Monday, July 10, 2017


Deerfield Golf & Country Club

8:00 am 9:00 am 11:00 am 4:00 pm

Registration Shotgun Start; Scramble Lunch Dinner

Course Prizes:    

Hole-in-One Closest to the Pin Longest Drive Raffles & Silent Auctions

Early Bird (by June 10th)

 $400 per Foursome  $100 per Player

After June 10th

 $440 per Foursome  $110 per Player

Entry Fee Includes:  

Cart, range balls, 18 holes Bagels/Coffee, Lunch & Dinner

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Dinner Sponsor – 2 foursomes, full page ad, exclusive signage, acknowledgement at event and through Social Media, website listing w/link, 4 hole signs, 8 super tickets ($5,000)

Tee Off Against Pancreatic Cancer!

Lunch Sponsor – 1 foursome, half page ad, exclusive signage, acknowledgement at event and through Social Media, website listing w/link, 2 hole signs, 4 super tickets ($2,000) Driving Range/Putting Green Sponsor - 1 foursome, half page ad, signage, acknowledgement at event and through Social Media, website w/link, 1 hole sign, 2 super tickets ($1,000) Cart Sponsor – name/logo on every cart, quarter page ad, acknowledgement through Social Media, website listing w/link, 1 hole sign ($500) Hole Sponsor – 1 hole sign, quarter page ad, website listing with link ($150) Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY P.O. Box 24580 Rochester, NY 14624 Questions? Email Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the fiscal management of Innovative Charitable Initiatives.



B 98




The Man Behind The Camera

Kitchen Thyme Design Studio sits in a quaint boutique style shop in the heart of Bushnell’s Basin on Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY and this month


As Platter Chatter writer, I eat and write about my fair share of delicious food. In a way, you could say those are my talents – eating and writing. But to make the monthly column as mouthwatering as it is, waxing poetic can only go so far. Indeed, any instafoodie will tell you that in this day and age, we’re hungry for food pics. And to create a mouthwatering food photograph, one has to consider far more than just how good the food itself looks. From lighting to placement to minute detail, there a litany of minute details that go into snapping the perfect food photograph. But don’t ask me about it. Instead, ask Brandon Vick, the man responsible for the photos that grace the Platter Chatter column (and many others) every month. By day, Brandon works as the Digital Asset Management Specialist at U of R. After 9-5 hours, he photographs weddings, portraits, and travels the country and world over looking for riveting people, places, and meals to photograph. Brandon travels frequently for assignments and has

photographed everything from weddings in Hawaii and Istanbul to food and horses in Italy and Japan. Brandon’s not much for personal pomp and circumstance, but I stopped him mid-click at our most recent Platter Chatter shoot to learn more about the man behind the camera.

When did you start getting into photography? I don’t remember, LOL! I’m an ‘accidental photographer’ and never planned this for a career.

I have more experience as a printer. I have a BS in Studio Art from Nazareth College with a concentration in Photography. I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Photography allows me to interact with the world in ways I never considered, and allows me to see the world more clearly.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

I don’t have a favorite thing to photograph. I have the same passion for people, ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




{ BEHIND THE SCENES } “Don’t believe the myth that good equipment = good photos. An Instagram filter does not make a boring photo more interesting.”

I have the same passion for people, food, architecture, still-life, and travel photography. I enjoy convincing people that you don’t have to be a model to look great in a photo.

What’s the best photo experience of your career?

Documenting the Canonization of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, she was beatified in 1980 and canonized by Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter’s Basilica on 21 October 2012. She is this country’s first Native American

saint. It was an honor to photograph all of the pilgrims for a week and shoot at the Vatican for two days. It was the most challenging assignment I’ve ever had!

When you’re not taking pictures of food, what’s your favorite thing to eat? I’m a little obsessed with the Pork belly crepes at Crepe N’Go Restaurant on Monroe Avenue.

Do you have any photography tips for noobs like me?

Don’t believe the myth that good equipment = good photos. An Instagram filter does not make a boring photo more interesting. The best way to be a better photographer is to consistently take more photos. Get honest feedback about your work and don’t get defensive when hearing something you don’t like. Take a photography class at the Flower City Arts Center: It’s a great local resource for photography education.


Entrepreneurial Success: Taking Rochester one Brand at a time – Meet Louie Maier

Young, handsome, super successful and good hearted all comes together when you meet Louie Maier, who at only 29 has accomplished so much and his name is recognized throughout town. He is born and raised in Rochester, and considers himself a professional friend collector! Who doesn’t love that!






M 104


M { MALE ENTREPRENEUR } I was offered some coffee right away, and of course I said yes as I am an avid coffee drinker myself, and we started chatting. First off, if you have ever met Louie he right away makes you feel like you have been friends for a long time. Louie starts telling me how his journey all started in college and promoting businesses came naturally. While doing all of that he also ventured out and started cutting hair while in college to also make some extra cash. No, no he does not currently offer that service, as I did ask…HA! He soon realized he enjoyed the business side of things and was passionate about different space.

I met Louie at his downtown office, where he is the CEO and Founder of Brandmint, an industry leading digital marketing firm. If you don’t like a laid back atmosphere, basketball, or coffee, then Brand Mint may not be for you. I walked in and I could tell this was a company where creative thinkers and mind sets excel! Brand mint specializes in digital marketing. Taking your company to the next level, with website building, SEO campaigns, Social Media marketing and retargeting with different digital footprints.

Louie ended up graduating from Suny Fredonia with a B.S. in Marketing. His first company at the age of 26 was LA Entertainment Group which was a nightlife branding and talent representation company. Fun Fact; LA stands for Louie Allen, his middle name! He ended up selling the business and then founded the company GoFlingo Sports and Social. Company is based around having fun, being social and playing sports. Louie is also the founder of a nonprofit organization supporting those with Cystic Fibrosis called the Just Breathe Foundation. He has also planned and hosted the annual Cystic Fibrosis Christmas Ball for the past 5 years, which has donated over $100,000 to date to the Just Breathe Foundation. To also add to his list of accomplishments, Louie is co-owner of Brass Bar and Lounge which opened in 2015. And he hasn’t stopped there, Louie is in the midst of opening a new restaurant in about 60 days. If you know where the old Pita Pit was then you will soon be a customer of this energetic restaurant that will be serving items Rochester has not experienced before. Louie and his partner Doug Suraci, who comes from Arizona, joined in this venture to bring some West Coast feel and energy to the Rochester area. With an open windows concept, and come in as you want feel, this place will be the talk of the town with its high energy brunch they will be offering. I surely can’t wait!

I asked Louie what motivates him, and he responded that people do. “People motivate me, talk to everyone. I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves.” His passion to engage with people shines right through even through conversation. The best advice he has for future entrepreneurs is to always be curious. Ask questions, you will fail, then learn, fail, learn and succeed. “You have to dive in head first and just GO!” he says. Stop talking about it and do it.

One thing Louie and I started discussing was how the culture of many work places have changed- how the workplace is changing. Millennials are becoming more and more the leaders in the business industry. As for himself, he tends to always try to find a balance between friend and boss. He does offer a laid back work atmosphere, hence he gives his staff Fridays off. You have to surround yourself with people who believe in your vision, he mentions. People who want to be a part of the growth and platform you stand for. One thing Louie loves about Rochester is the urban development that is currently taking place and growing downtown. A main reason why his office is located there, and makes him feel part of the city and knows what is happening. He says he has seen so much growth in the city and loves the fact that his company is growing alongside it as well. I asked him to give me a weakness and a strength. He said his weakness was being a hand shake guy and his strength was his willingness to constant learn and challenge himself and teach himself. One thing he started talking about was how it was not all glamourous. When he decided to leave his full time job to pursue his ambition and passion, it was a rough few months. “I was literally living pay check to pay check for the first 6 months,” he says as he was getting started. But he says he wouldn’t change it, just advice he says is to try to have a little bit of a cushion for yourself as he chuckles. So what does this Greece native love to do for fun? Boating is one thing he enjoys with a passion as well as playing some hockey, and you may catch him just being “Louie” and chatting it up around town. He did mentioned he loves learning more and more about the hospitality space. “You can never stop learning”, Maier said. There is no stopping Louie, as he is constantly eager to learn more. One thing for sure, Louie has a presence that makes anyone want to listen. He is smart, personable, and is inspirational. With a true soul and heart he puts forward, he will succeed no matter what he faces. Get used to this name Rochester, because only bigger and better things will follow this young entrepreneur.





The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc.(CPGR) is a nonprofit agency founded on the belief that everyone should enjoy the same health, economic, and social opportunities no matter who they are or where they live. Born from the merger of the Lewis Street Center, Genesee Settlement House and Eastside Community Center; The Community Place serves residents of Northeast Rochester. The organization offers a wide range of social, developmental, and educational programs delivered through facilities in the northeast sector of the city of Rochester (NY) and throughout the greater Rochester area. Rodric Cox-Cooper has served as the Chief Executive Officer since 2016. The selection of Cox-Cooper represented the culmination of a thorough and detailed search for the best person to guide The Community Place at a time when the city of Rochester continues to deal with the issues of persistent poverty and a struggling school system. Rodric Cox-Cooper arrived at CPGR with a blend of governmental, private sector and non-profit experience. He served in several positions for the city of Rochester from 1993 to 2005. He led Wilson Commencement Park, a human services nonprofit agency that helps lowincome, single-parent families transition from public assistance to financial independence and self-sufficiency. As CEO, he leads the day-to-day operations of the organization. This includes al program, finance, corporate compliance and human resource functions, the operation of three sites and oversight for a staff of 85 people. 108


CPGR has four operational departments: Early Childhood & Youth Development, Family & Behavioral Services, Disability Services and Aging Services. The Community Place has been an integral part of the Rochester community for over 100 years. 10,000 individuals annually benefit from the programs and services at CPGR. Programs that include preparing children and young adults

for success in school and in life with Universal Pre-Kindergarten and Foster Grandparents to after school programs that build student leaders. Their Disability Services Program provides care and activities for young people with disabilities and much needed support for their families. Family Services programs supply aid to people to meet basic needs and also help build life skills and provide emergency services in times of financial crisis. Their Aging Services programs run throughout Monroe and Livingston counties. These programs included daily opportunities for socialization, nutrition, independent living and case management services. After spending 12 years in municipal government, we asked Rodric Cox-Cooper how that experience contributes to his career now in the non-profit sector and what he sees as the pros and cons of coming from a for-profit sector into the non-profit sector. My e x p e r i e n c e i n Rochester city government during the administration of William A. Johnson, Jr. (1994-2005) was beneficial in many ways. I built tremendous relationships around greater Rochester, New York State and beyond. I learned the many functions of government, and how to manage large operating budgets. I quickly became comfortable engaging citizens on the grassroots level and in managing all forms of public relations, including citizen interaction, and radio/print/television



{ SPECIAL FEATURE } My experience in Rochester city government during the administration of William A. Johnson, Jr. (1994-2005) was beneficial in many ways. I built tremendous relationships around greater Rochester, New York State and beyond. I learned the many functions of government, and how to manage large operating budgets.

All of these aspects help me in the non-profit sector, as my work is people-centered, requires me to manage very tight budgets, and I am expected to speak for, and present the organization to the general public. My path includes public sector (government) to private sector (financial services) to notfor-profit (human services). The pros of that transition include understanding the power of relationships. Regardless of the sector one is working in, relationships are key, and they can help make or break a potential deal or opportunity. I’ve experienced no cons in this transition.

What unique challenges and opportunities come from working in the nonprofit sector?

The challenges and the rewards are many! Challenges include financial resources and support—my organization ALWAYS needs more money to provide our programs now, and in the future. Because our services are provided to a client population versus being sold to a customer, there is an ongoing need for us to generate financial resources from supporters, and prove our value. Rewards include the fact that we positively impact the lives of 10,000 people annually, and we know that we are playing a role in improving the lives of many in Rochester. When Sunday night comes around, I can’t wait to get back to the office, and do it all over again. Not many people can say that about their job assignment or career.

How has the nonprofit world and local giving community changed since you began your career? 110


The local giving community has become more challenged in recent years. Part of that has to do with changes in the private sector, particularly with the greatly reduced numbers of employees at large corporations like Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. There has been a shift for organizations like mine, who now must seek greater percentages of our funding from individual contributions and private foundations. The most difficult part of being

the CEO of my organization is the ongoing effort to identify and secure operating funds. That will continue to be my # 1 challenge. The fight is worth it because of the outcomes. I know from our outcomes that the work we’re doing is having a positive impace on the individuals and families in our area. Not many can say that. On a personal note, Rodric Cox Cooper’s biggest inspirations for both his career and life are his parents and children. The fact that I would go to college and graduate were expectations set before me very early in my life, and my parents sacrificed greatly for that to happen. I’ve got to continue to make those sacrifices pay off. Regarding my children, I am modeling leadership and community involvement for them every day, and giving them a guide for their development and future contributions to society. I am excited about their path, and certain they will be worldchangers!

What are your three (3) biggest accomplishments? My biggest accomplishments are becoming a father to my two children, becoming a CEO of two different organizations and being selected as a Distinguished Alumnus of the Year by my high school alma mater, McQuaid Jesuit.

Who are some of your influences today? Why? Aside from my family, my influences include: William A. Johnson, Jr., Dr. Frederick C. Jefferson, Jr. and Louise Woerner. Mayor Johnson is a visionary leader and as


smart as he is, has never believed he had to be the smartest person in the room. That’s confidence, team-building and leadership development, simultaneously. Dr. Jefferson is one of the great relationship builders in this community, and Louise Woerner is one of the smartest leaders in town, as well as one of the most humble and caring.

Growing up, who were some of your role models?

Coming from a large extended family, my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were major influences for me. I also got involved with

individual and team sports at the age of 6, and that provided significant lessons throughout my life. I learned about teamwork, goal setting, the benefit of hard work, and how to manage both winning and losing. My sports coaches were many, but they all played a role in my development: Earl Smith and Amos Postwaite (Purple Dragons karate school), Al Sette (Genesee Valley Little League baseball), Nate Fowler, Mike Swinton, Grant Talley and Tommy Dent (Baden Street Pop Warner football) and Tom Sprague (McQuaid Jesuit High School instructor and varsity football coach).

What would you like the readers of Rochester Woman Online Magazine to know about you and the Community Place?

CPGR is an incredible organization, and a stabilizing and uplifting force in this city. It is my privilege and honor to be its leader, and I invite your readers to contact me to arrange a tour of our programs with me—it’s 45 minutes that will change their life! For more information, they can visit our website at or e-mail me at . ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


Serving Rochester’s neighborhoods for over 100 years. We strengthen the community, one person, one family at a time. Learn more about us, or connect with us for a tour at:




As part of their logo, The Soup Spoon is very direct about what kind of cuisine they serve: “Cambodian Comfort Cuisine.” But for someone like me, what does that mean, exactly? I didn’t grow up eating Cambodian food. As an Italian baby, we had spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday. Comfort, for me, was creamy mozzarella on a tomato still hot from the garden, paired with sweet, earthy basil and a drizzle of olive oil. But all the same, eating comfort food from a cuisine outside of your immediate upbringing calls into question what ‘comfort’ even means. If not pure nostalgia, what is it about certain dishes and the elements at play that make us feel safe, happy and full? For Chhaya and Brianne, owners of The Soup Spoon on Mount Hope in U of R’s College Town, their understanding of comfort food rings loud and clear –

bridging old, familiar flavors that hearkened to Chhaya’s Cambodian upbringing and the nuances of contemporary fusion cuisine. While the original Soup Spoon opened its doors in 2012, the real story dates back to over 30 years ago, when Chhaya’s family was forced to flee their home in Battambong, Cambodia during the communist regime of Pol Pot. After spending time in a refugee camp in Thailand, the family relocated to Rochester, where they were able to start over and build a new life. Despite the difficulties Chhaya’s family faced, their story is anything but tragic. With deep pride and reverence for the cuisine of their homeland, Chhaya chose to honor his mother and his culture by sharing their comfort cuisine with the rest of the world. Just ask Brian Brown, The Soup Spoon’s executive chef, who has been with the Mount Hope location since opening three years prior. “The menu was the product of a collaboration with Chhaya’s mother and my own contemporary approach,” Brown said.



Indeed, while many Rochesterians may not typically indulge HawaiianCambodian cuisine on the regular, they can take comfort in the dish’s local homage, with the beautifully seasoned burger meat and homemade hot sauce. Brown, a Rochester native, has been in the kitchen for almost two decades. Before working with The Soup Spoon, he worked on the ground at a number of mom-andpop and corporate establishments, even helping to open the Bushnell Basin Pub. Brown worked with Chhaya’s mother, using his knowledge of and passion for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine to bring a contemporary spin to traditional Cambodian cuisine. Many of the menu’s items, like the Cambodian Loco Moco, reflect his contemporary approach. Brown brought the flavors of Cambodian cuisine to the originally Hawaiian dish by adding quintessentially Cambodian elements such as a heaping serving of Jasmine rice and a combination of warm, spicy, and acidic flavors. In addition to its Hawaiian-

Cambodian influence, Brown took it a step further by constructing the dish to resemble a local garbage plate. Indeed, while many Rochesterians may not typically indulge Hawaiian-Cambodian cuisine on the regular, they can take comfort in the dish’s local homage, with the beautifully seasoned burger meat and homemade hot sauce. In contrast, other menu items are strictly traditional, paying homage to the recipes Chhaya’s family grew up cooking and eating. Take the Machou Sachko, a traditional hot and sour Cambodian beef stew, laden with aromatic spices, a generous helping of veggies such as red pepper and thai eggplant. And of course, as standard procedure with just about every Cambodian dish, the belly-

warming soup is served with a generous helping of Jasmine rice. Cambodian cuisine is a fine balancing act of flavors, textures, and temperatures. The searing heat of a pepper. The depth of beef stewed deep, warm spices, like chili pepper, cardamom and star anise. And, of course, the playful brightness of pickled julienned carrots or a cool splash of vinegar. Together, over a bed of fluffy white rice, it’s like a slow dance in your stomach. Comforting, warm, but with the thrill of newness and the promise of newness ahead. Check out The Soup Spoon on Mount Hope, and watch out for their summer menu that is set to debut in mid-June.

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WEDNESDAY, JULY 12TH I 5:30-9PM I REVOLUTION KARAOKE Join us for our JULY FUN IN THE SUMMER LAUNCH PARTY event and come enjoy a nite of fun with karaoke contests with our amazing cover woman Jessica Lahr, drink sampling and specials with our sponsor Smirnoff Vodka that are being specially designed just for Rochester Woman Online, food samples and more! Come and network with us and enjoy a fun summer night with your friends!


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“Rochester’s best new lunch and dinner destination for Asian cuisine. Casual & comfortable seating (BW), vertical inside or in the1Bcourtyard.”

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Father’s can be particularly difficult to buy gifts for. This year skip the tie, the coffee mug, and the golf balls. Instead make a trip to your local liquor store. What dad really wants is a proper home bar setup. I am not talking about a mixed case of craft beer. That would be too easy and quite frankly too boring. This year let’s give dad all the tools to allow him to mix proper cocktails and entertain guests like a true bon vivant. Modern men need to know the basics of creating great cocktails for themselves and their guests. Collecting all the tools is a process. RWO and Rochester Drinks have some basic tips for you to help each member of the family pick a thoughtful gift to get dad started on his way to adult beverage entertaining expertise. No need to go to the bookstore. Cocktail recipes are readily available all over the internet. and are two good resources for recipes, info on types of spirits, guidance on which brand to buy, interesting articles, and planning tips for almost any occasion. 120


Start with the basics. It is finally summer and gin season has just begun so pick a gin and have some fun. Dad’s love whiskey. We recommend something from North America…Bulleit from Kentucky, George Dickel from Tennessee, Crown Royal from

Canada, or Iron Smoke from right around the corner in Fairport. If you know dad loves scotch there is one questions you may want to consider, a blended scotch like Johnnie Walker Black or a single malt like Oban or Lagavulin. If you come across a cocktail ingredient you do not recognize chances are help can be found right here in Rochester. Fee Brothers has been making world class bitters, cordial syrups, and easy to use cocktail mixes since 1864. Everybody loves a Pina Colada on a hot summers night. With the Fee Brothers mix and a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum dad will be able to recreate that cocktail you had on your last vacation to the islands. Don’t forget the proper tools of the trade. A mixing glass, shaker tin, and bar spoon are essentials along with a jigger for properly measuring ingredients plus a strainer and a muddler. If you want to sneak in a gift that is really for the whole family search out the best juicer you can find. There is just nothing quite like fresh OJ and fresh lemon juice or lime juice is absolutely essential for great mixed drinks. You will appreciate the effort when dad makes you a real margarita for the first time.

Start with the basics. It is finally summer and gin season has just begun so pick a gin and have some fun. Dad’s love whiskey. We recommend something from North America‌Bulleit from Kentucky, George Dickel from Tennessee, Crown Royal from Canada, or Iron Smoke from right around the corner in Fairport.








Entrepreneurial Success: Insurance Company Leader, Soccer Player, Family Man...


When you have someone who focuses on honesty and reliability, you have met Vincenzo Scollo, who goes by Enzo to many. I had the pleasure to chat with Enzo about how he has become one of the most successful Allstate Insurance agencies in the Rochester area and how he has built his business. He has been with Allstate for over 17 years and has worn many hats in the company. His experience has allowed him to not only understand the ins – and – outs of insurance, but to also serve hundreds of families regarding their protection needs, such as family, home, car, boat and much more. When I was trying to schedule a time to get to talk with Enzo he was actually sitting at the airport about to board a plane to head back to Italy to visit his mother. But being who he is, he made sure that we had a set time to talk once he landed and was settled. A couple days later I was able to reach him, where of course I was sitting in Rochester where it was raining and cold, and he had just come back to the house from the beach in beautiful Sicily to take my call. Was I a bit jealous, maybe a little! Enzo came to the United States at age 24 with a purpose to excel in his college education. He learned English and attended RIT where he graduated with a degree in International Business Marketing. He decided to go back to Italy and landed a job with a company called National Corporation that sold scanners and printers and was in their marketing department. He was there for 5 months when he decided he wanted to come back to the United States. He started to then get involved in the financial business and worked with a company called Pam Mutual Equity Services, which helped families plan for their future, such as retirement, college education, investing etc. He was working with them for 5 years and in 1995 was given the opportunity to own his own business and run his own Allstate Company. In the midst of all of this, Enzo married his love Robyn who he talks so passionately about. They have two amazing children, a son named Luca (20) and Eminuela (19) who are both in

college. Luca is at RIT studying Mechanical Engineering and Eminuela is at Geneseo studying Psychology. With a very successful insurance agency Enzo also stays busy within the community. He grew up in Italy playing soccer, and still does to this date, participating in many organized leagues in the Rochester area. He is also the Board of Director for the Italian American Sports Association, as well as the Chairman of the Charitable Committee. Besides the committee being very involved in the community, one thing Enzo was very proud of was that they sponsor 2 scholarships a year for $2,000 each. He is the past president of the Fairport Rotary Club and is still an active member. I told him he was so busy! His response; “I would not have it any other way.” What makes Enzo so successful? His motto; “to treat people how you want to be treated. Put people’s interest first before you put your own interest. This has been my motto for the past 25 years.” He expressed that his main job is to help people, and to pay it forward. What makes a successful entrepreneur I asked Enzo; and he answered firmly that it is his staff. The better they are the better you are. “Treat your own staff as family, they are the ones that make me who I am,” he explained. His success; he explains is to have the right people in the right places. What motivates this entrepreneur? Knowing that what he does helps people. “I am a problem solver, whether it’s a financial issue or a family issue or a work related issue,” Enzo shared. He is a person that gets things done. He also said what motivates him are his kids and if they are doing well he knows he is doing a good job and that constantly motivates him! You don’t really realize how your kids pick up on what you are doing as they are becoming young adults. “Wow, this is working,” as he mentions about how his kids follow in his footsteps on doing well. You hear in Enzo’s voice how he lights up ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


. “Treat your own staff as family, they are the ones that make me who I am,” he explained. His success; he explains is to have the right people in the right places.

talking about his beautiful wife Robyn; who he attributes too much of his success. They have been married for 20 years and as Enzo says; “she is the greatest partner.” You need a supportive partner, and that his been one of his biggest success is having her by his side and supporting each other. Of course I had to ask what he loves about living in Rochester….”well I can’t say the weather;” as he laughs. He did say Rochester is a hidden gem. Filled with lots of culture and diversity. He called Rochester a “diverse playground!” He may not like the cold; but he does love the 4 seasons. Being born and raised in Italy they only had one season…HOTT, and he was not used to the changes. But now loves it all, and tries to enjoy each season. He may not ski a lot but give him a soccer ball and he is the happiest. Enzo calls himself a “soccer junkie”! He has been playing since he was young in Italy and still does in multiple Rochester leagues. 124


What does he love to do as his hobbies, well play soccer all the time and loves to travel! He likes to travel at least once a month, whether it’s Florida or the Bahamas at least for 3 to 4 days; a way to recharge! He also comes to Sicily, Italy at least 3 times a year to visit his mother who is currently 94 years old. He loves to spend as much time with her as he can. “She is actually watching me as I am talking to you,” as he laughs. I asked him to tell me one strong trait and one trait he wishes he could change about himself. He wanted to start with a weak trait, “I am very stubborn. I wish I could be more flexible, I don’t want to say my way is the highway, but I am very confident in myself. I am strong minded and people depend on me too much.” He says he wants to work on that because he thinks it’s important to have self-recognition. His strong traits he has; he is a giver. “I give

my time, I give my money, I give anything to help them out as long as I see it does good, not bad.” Always giving, always helping. He is not afraid to pull his sleeves and work in the dirt for someone, even as he has done as cleaning one of the highways. He loves bringing his kids to any fundraisers, and having them involved and grow from all these experiences as well. It was a pleasure getting to know a bit about Enzo. If you are looking for a committed, honest, and high standards of integrity for some of your insurance needs, you have to reach out to Enzo Scollo as he is proud to serve the Rochester area. I will be reaching out to talk about car insurance pretty soon! You should mention you read his article that would put a smile on his face.



Get home insurance that gives you more. Your home is your most valuable possession. It deserves the right protection from the company you trust, plus helpful tools and tips like customized maintenance alerts and much more. So ask me about home insurance today and let the Good Life in.

VINCENZO SCOLLO 585-381-3530

Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Co., Northbrook, IL Š 2013 Allstate Insurance Co.


835 Fairport Road East Rochester






Almost twenty years ago, the world was introduced to four fabulous, single New York women. We rooted for, and cried with, the ladies of Sex and the City. How many drooled over Carrie’s closet, or made Cosmopolitans a drink of choice? (Guilty as charged, here.) They redefined how many viewed relationships in the new millennium. Just as we were getting over the show, there was another epic influencer on relationships – the wonderful, and hectic, world of dating apps.



O { THE “O” TALK }

Dating apps, like Sex and The City, have influenced a generation of lovers and lovemakers, dreamers and hopeless romantics. While still a bit of a mystery, I’ve come to realize they give us the greatest freedom. Now, more than ever, we can be true to ourselves if we desire to be.

Almost twenty years ago, the world was introduced to four fabulous, single New York women. We rooted for, and cried with, the ladies of Sex and the City. How many drooled over Carrie’s closet, or made Cosmopolitans a drink of choice? (Guilty as charged, here.) They redefined how many viewed relationships in the new millennium. Just as we were getting over the show, there was another epic influencer on relationships – the wonderful, and hectic, world of dating apps.

Technology is meant to improve our lives. Fuel-efficient cars keep us on the road longer, text messages allows us to communicate faster, and we are on the cusp of delicious ice cream with zero calories! The cell phone is one of many examples of technological advancement. When SATC first aired, cell phones were used to simply make calls. Today, we can book concert tickets, stream movies and music, all while sending money to the friend who paid for brunch. With the push of an app, we can 128


order anything from cookies to clothes. All in the name of progress, we can also order a date. In the world that never sleeps, dating apps allow us to find someone anyplace, anywhere, at any time. With one swipe, we get to know someone even before meeting them. Inspired by the four fictional women of The City, I interviewed four women of this city.

“I’ve been on Tinder for a little over a year,” Sara said. The 26-year-old East Ave resident prefers her men tall and handsome. Her list consisted of college athletes and aspiring businessmen, all of them in their late 20s and 30s. “This guy tried to convince me to f**k in public,” she pointed at one profile. She called it quits with the voyeur after two dates. Another notable was an database manager who, upon discovery, was long off the market. Her relationship with Tinder is now casual. And I could understand why. The app doesn’t take much effort. Swipe left for the guys you don’t like, right for the ones you do. Conversations

were at a minimum, with casual sex being common. Like GrubHub, you could expect it thirty minutes or less. “I haven’t had more vanilla sex in my life,” Andrea, 24, admitted. A professionally-trained singer, she’s used the app for less than a year. Her most recent escapade involved a guy who talked a big game. Boasting about his manhood and virility, with pics to boot, she was convinced to go to his place on one Saturday night. Few inches short and three minutes later, her escapade was at an end. She tried to make up for it with another encounter, a friend with benefit who affirmed the problem lied with her. Her vagina, her high expectations. He was determined to prove to her wrong. The only thing he proved was taking advice from a FWB was as mute as talking to your dildo. Glancing through my Tinder list, I wondered how many of the guys were using the app to boost their ego. The ones who said ‘hey’ and stopped talking, or those who swiped right and

O { THE “O” TALK }

Back then, suitors courting the attraction of a woman would send her a portrait. They were elegant, dashing, stoic – and at times not at all what it appeared to be. The same holds true today. With angles, camera sticks, and filters of many sorts, we self-curate our image to maximum effect. While it may not be the everyday look, we desire to have our ideal image liked, loved, and shared by the (un)known masses.

As I uploading pictures on Plenty of Fish, I began wondering what my pictures said of me. Smart and sexy? Dorky yet conceited? All I could do was wait and see how guys would respond. So, I waited. And waited. Within three hours, there were four messages. Then eight. Then twenty. Different app, same responses. Guys looking for something casual, or brief introductions without a conclusion. I hoped the other apps would be more worthwhile.

“Guys are doing it all the time!” Michelle protested. “Why can’t I?” A 27-year-old retailer, she showed me her encounters on Tinder and Plenty of Fish (POF). Certainly not someone who has a type. Dashing men in their 40s and 50s were juxtaposed with twenty-something year old bartenders and grad students. While the conversations were minimal, the fullbodied and genital pictures certainly said a thousand words. I was quickly reminded of 16th century portraiture.



“I wasn’t searching for anything in particular,” responded Nadine. The 32-year-old professional was not on Coffee Meets Bagel too long when she met Garrett. Their first date was over coffee, sans the bagel. “We talked for what felt like hours,” Nadine said with a smile. But it was his dimples that won her over. After a second date at a local sushi joint, and a third at an art gallery event, the two became a couple. They regularly spend time at her Southwedge apartment, while she travels to Buffalo at least once a month to have dinner with his family. She left me a little more optimistic about dating apps.

After a week exploring the app, I connected with one who said more than one sentence. ‘The Bartender’ was in his mid-20s, dark hair, cute smile, worked at a popular restaurant and cocktail bar. We talked about a variety of subjects. He loved art; I loved art history. After two weeks of exchanging messages we decided to meet in person. After all, who could say no to free cocktails?

I was looking good and feeling gorgeous that Friday night. We briefly talked in between him serving drinks. The bar was packed and, yet, he only had his eyes on me. I was four Cosmopolitans down when something struck me. I never did the ‘full disclosure’ statement. Shocked, and slightly embarrassed, I excused myself to make a fake call. I returned to the bar, told The Bartender a friend was in need, and promised him I would call later. Whether it’s the virtual scene, or the real one, dating while trans can be a little tricky. Disclosing your identity gets various reactions. There will always be guys who will refer to you as a ‘dude’ upon presenting the truth, grind his teeth, and walk away. There are some who take the (somewhat) high road and become jovial, but keep a respectable distance. There

are guys who will take a genuine interest. And then there are guys who simply fetishize being with a trans woman. As the taxi drove away I wondered which type The Bartender was. A text he left went unresponsive for about an hour. With forty minutes left, I tried to gather my thoughts over a cocktail at a popular gay bar. Waiting for the bartender to pour me a drink, I observed a few men glued to their phones. The yellow and blue color pattern indicated they were on Grindr. A popular gay dating app, connections usually vary from casual hookups to long-term relationships. As I glanced over the shoulder of one user, the screen flashing with naked and half naked pics, I was reminded of something. We take a risk on a package being delivered on time. We take a risk on getting to our destinations safe and sound. We take a risk on hoping technology will not fail us at the most crucial time. We take a risk on finding someone – online or off. On my way home, I responded to The Bartender with my full disclosure. I patiently waited for a response. Twenty minutes went by. Then another twenty. Perhaps, I thought, I was a bit too much for him. I decided to take my mind off everything and walk the dog. Returning back to the apartment a few minutes later – walking a pet in heels is never easy – I was about to take a shower when I noticed a text message on my phone. It was The Bartender. Lengthy, but overall positive. Instead of sending another text I decided to call him. He came over that night and we sat and talked. And, while nothing more happened after that, we nevertheless remained at the friend status. Without the fringe benefits. Dating apps, like Sex and The City, have influenced a generation of lovers and lovemakers, dreamers and hopeless romantics. While still a bit of a mystery, I’ve come to realize they give us the greatest freedom. Now, more than ever, we can be true to ourselves if we desire to be. Beyond the full or half (naked) photos, past the filters and camera sticks, we can lay out all the cards on the proverbial table before the first date. I decided to change my profile summary and ensured my full disclosure was on the table. Let the other person choose to stay or walk away. I will never be too sure of their motives. But I do know mine. A kiss on the first date, sex after the third, and the possibility of something serious after the fifth or sixth. Looking for a date is going to be tough in this city. Looking for love? Well, that’s going to take a bit more than swiping right. Kiss Kiss Dahlings,


{ THE “O” TALK }




LIFE... The Quentin Marozzi Story BY QUENTIN MAROZZI

Life... Define Life....So many definitions. So many opinions. So many explanations...

On life....

What is your purpose in life? What are your goals in life? How do you think your life is meant to be? How do you want to be remembered? My Name is Quentin Marozzi and I am a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter(MMA) here to talk to you about my life...

My stor y...My Legacy

I grew up in a little town outside of Rochester NY, called Caledonia. It’s a little town, very quiet, where everybody knows everybody. You know how that goes. I lived with my loving mother Mandy Marozzi, my step father Richard, my brother Jonathanand my sister Myia. I was the oldest of the 3 of us and the most stubborn, hard headed and difficult one to deal with. My mother was diagnosed with Sickle-O Cell and was in and out of the hospital a lot when she was younger. Transfusions every week, doctors saying she would not live past 18, but she proved them wrong. Doctors said “You could never have kids”. she proved them wrong again. My mom opened two day cares and a latch key program for kids at my school whose parents had to work before and after school and could not afford daycare. She was very dedicated. No excuses got in her way. She was also 134


was also a speaker and treasurer of a local church. The fight in her was unreal. She was very inspiring and it was truly something one had to witness to understand. She knew her calling in life but knew her life was limited, so she was very hard on my brother and I to

become men at an early age. As life carried on, I lost my mother when I was only 12. This was the beginning of a very dark time for me. Something I did not realize and could not understand at the time was how much this would impact me for the rest of my life. I became numb to the world. The only things I cared about were my brother and sister and very few remote friends. I used fighting and partying as my outlet. The only positive outlet I used was sports. I Became very good as a running back in football, which drew a lot attention from various colleges to look at me. I also ran track( 4 by 1, 4 by 4, 100,200) and I was fastest in the state at one time, Unfortunately I never took it seriously. I became the leader of my family at age 18 when my father went to prison for selling drugs. This hardened my heart towards him due to the fact he was not really a father figure in the first place and now at this critical time in my life was gone from his kids’ lives. Life moved on as I grew older. I saw a lot life differently than most people. I had a different “perspective”. I was driven. I had determination. My brother became a Sheriff; my sister became an educated driven women staying in school and working with the mentally challenged and Helping with CPS. And for me.

And for me, well I could not figure out what I wanted to do in life. I knew I wanted a family and to be a good father. I knew I wanted to live above just an average life style. I knew my character would get bored with certain jobs due to the fact of my work history and nothing ever keeping me interested. Then I was told from a very good friend of mine Samantha L. that her father was a former kick boxing world champion and I should talk to him about working out. She said that because she knew of my history in life and knew I would love the sport, it would be perfect for me to get out some of my anger. I went to Dan where he began teaching me the ins and outs of kickboxing. Shortly after, he got me my first kickboxing match. I was nervous that I haven’t felt the feeling of completion 136


like this ever in my life. I was matched up with a guy who was 15 pounds bigger than me because original opponent dropped out. I had the option to not fight but I wanted to, the drive in me wanted to fight. Iwanted to feel the energy and rush again. I felt like I was meant to do this. Before the fight started my coach put my mouth piece in and said “This is your time.This is your night. You’re a fighter all around not just in this ring, but in life. It’s in your blood. Now go out there and show the world you know what to do.” The bell rang and everything around me went dark other than this 6’3” man in front of me. I moved forward knowing I had a right hand that could hurt anyone if landed right. He threw a roundhouse kick to my leg and as soon as I felt it I instantly started throwing

nothing but right hands. Over and over and over, where ever I could hit him, till I saw him drop his hand. I threw one right to his jaw... my first fight... my first knockout. At this very moment, I knew what I wanted to do for a living. Coach Dan then got me to a 9-2 record as an amateur kickboxer and took me around the world with him. We faught inRomania, Amsterdam, Transylvania ... this was a real eye opener for me. I was 22 now. MMA was the next big thing coming up and I wanted in. My coach Dan retired from training due to surgery, so training with him came to a halt. I then joined a different gym trying to find my place, but none took me seriously. They said I lacked the experience and the training to fight MMA. I refused to believe that. Then one day two of my good

{ ON THE WAY UP } Believe in yourself and your success and make it happen. I am living proof. Live your life how you want to live it and never go off the course of what you truly feel you want to do.

friends Judeh abid and Mahmound abid, both brothers who had looked out for me like their little brother, came to me and said where going to amateur MMA fight and said they believed I could be great. They said that I would be unstoppable at 145 pounds. I laughed. Not because of the fighting, but because I have never weighed 145 since the 6th grade. But I told them “let’s start out at 155 first and go from there. That’s only 20 pounds I had to lose. Months later it was fight time. Talk about being nervous as hell! The place was packed; everyone I knew was in the venue waiting to see what I had to bring to the MMA world. I had people that supported me there, but also a lot of people that thought I was not meant for this sport. As I was warming up I told myself “whatever happens leave it all in the cage.” Those were the words Dan would tell me before walking into every fight. Security came and said, “it time Marozzi.” I gave my coaches a hug and ran in the cage feeling alive. Feeling like this was my time... my calling... the announcer then called my opponent. A guy who had well over 10 fights off the book. I did not care. It was about to be a fight in my mind, so let’s do this. The bell rang and we went right at it throwing punches, kicks and it was exactly my type of fight. Then I clinched him and started doing dirty boxing which is what I came from. He picked me up and got me air born and a took me down mounting me and throwing punches. This is a new game to me now. Stand ing up was my strong point. I was not used to this

type of fighting. I was able to use my strength and technique and reverse him, but he was able to counter it and put me in a submission called an arm bar, ending the fight. Talk about a fighter learning his lesson the hard way. After the fight, I got some positive feedback and a lot of not so positive feedback. This put me in a depressed state. I did not want to see anyone, or talk to anyone. This effected the relationship I was in too. I was totally numb just like when I lost my mother. Looking in the mirror at myself was hard and some days I could not do it. Until one day I thought about my mother that fought for every second of her

life. My mother who fought and overcame tons of obstacles. I realized then that this is just a test and I can do this just like my mother did. Something then took over and I got the attitude and said “lets prove everyone wrong that I can be the best around here” and that my fight was a learning experience. I had very few friends at the time that believed in me. My family is who gave me courage and inspiration to keep going. I was so serious about getting back at it I knew nobody was going to stop me. I was training every day like it was my last. I then got my confidence back and took a fight and won with submission that time. Then I took another fight and won with submission and at the end of my amateur career I was 8-3 . I made national T.V twice for my knockouts and was offered to fight pro a year before I turned 28. I was blessed to go train with Desmond Green, an active UFC fighter along with Anthony Jonson and a ton of other great UFC and Belator fighters. All of this happened because I didn’t listen to the negativity and I stayed positive and stood strong. I wanted to be a great role model for my little ones and make my family and proud. Believe in yourself and your success and make it happen. I am living proof. Live your life how you want to live it and never go off the course of what you truly feel you want to do. Life gives us opportunities and it’s our job to recognize them and take them. I believe my life is a glimmer of hope when people don’t believe in what they are capable of doing and chasing after their dreams. Don’t lose your drive, you’re ambition, your dedication for whatever you want to do. This is your life; this is your legacy. You leave the world how you want to be remembered. This is dedicated to Dick Marozzi ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



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Those were the words that really resonated in my mind. Those were the words that were given to me by the most respected person in my life. My grandfather. You see, my life wasn’t always the way it is now… If you look at me now, you would have no idea where I was just a few short years ago. Now, I run a very successful private personal training facility (The Training Grounds 2595 East Henrietta Rd). I am an Expert Level Certified Personal Trainer, TLS Certified Weight Loss Expert and Certified Sports Nutritionist. I own 10 rental properties, I own a home with no mortgage, no debt, volunteer for local charities and nonprofits. I try to help as many people as I possibly can. I’ve learned that the more people I help, the better my life becomes. But, it wasn’t always this way, and it wasn’t so easy to get here. I was indicted in a multi count, international federal conspiracy case spanning several states. I was young, naïve, reckless, stupid. My behavior and decisions ended up costing me my freedom for many years. I was sentenced to 121 months in the federal prison system, visiting 13 facilities in five different 154


states before finally being released on federal supervision right here in Rochester New York. There were several influencers and mentors along my journey. Some inmates, some officers, some family, even a judge. I paid attention, I

listened intently, absorbing and soaking up information like a sponge. I read two to the three books a week, every week, wrote letters daily to people that I cared about. I had an unlimited amount of time to work on myself, get to know myself, reprogram myself. I suppose my rehabilitative journey started right when the 15th circuit task force and US Marshal service executed an arrest warrant at my home in Conway, South Carolina. It was painfully evident I had crossed over into “the big leagues”. Commander Bill Knowles leaned in close as I lay faced down on the cool tile floors of my home, having been flashbanged and cuffed and still somewhat delirious, “This ain’t my first rodeo boy, your in a whole world of trouble”. He was right and I knew it. Being able to take a negative and find positivity in it is something I’ve learned how to do. For example, in the court room at sentencing. The Honorable Judge Norman Mordue, chief justice of the Northern District of New York addressed me directly at sentencing. “Mr. Williams, I’d like to say something to you and I’d like you to listen closely. You’re a bright young man, it’s very evident that you’re a very hard worker, you’re very crafty, you will have an opportunity to

“I was young, naïve, reckless, stupid… My behavior and decisions ended up costing me my freedom for many years…”


start your life over again. There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Williams, if you apply yourself into a legitimate business upon your release, you will be hugely successful. I wish you the very best of luck” what he said was short, to the point, but powerful for me.

When my grandfather spoke, I listened. My grandfather and I were very close, and I had let him down. Seeing the hurt and disappointment in his eyes was more painful than any amount of time I ever could’ve done in prison.

I had wasted all this time and energy working so hard in an illegitimate business and ended up giving it all back, plus my freedom… I would say the person who influenced me the most, who really motivated me to be a good person, a successful person and to be kind and generous to other people, is my grandfather. My grandfather was a local Rochester entrepreneur. He built the first engineered landfill in New York State, owned the largest privately held garbage company in the state at one time, was an honorary member of Oak Hill, in the Edison tech Hall of Fame and the garbageman’s Hall of Fame for contributions to the waste industry. A loving husband to his wife of 65 years, a dedicated father to his children, a wonderful grandparent to his grandkids, he was truly one of a kind.

My grandfather wrote me a letter back in 2007. “Brad, now more than ever, you must set goals for yourself, you must think and rethink your actions and involvement in various situations. If you cannot be proud of your behavior, rethink your actions.


Life has its ups and downs. During your downs, use your God-given strength to cope. Enjoy your ups, you’ve earned them. Real trouble will not find you. God gave you all the tools to succeed. Set your goals, but do not make them impossible to achieve. Happiness is not making a fortune. You can live a happy life, a successful life by working hard, finding a loving mate and having family and friends. That is success! Earn It!” I still can’t read those words today

without feeling an overwhelming wave of emotion. Those two words, continuously resonate in the back of my mind. I can hear his voice saying them. Earn it, has become my mantra. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m earning it. I’m working hard. I’m paying it all forward and thinking and rethinking my actions. My grandfather hit the nail on the head. Life is tough, it has its ups and downs. You will have good days and bad, good months and bad months and possibly good years and bad years. The truth of the matter, no matter where you are in life, no matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter how low you think you’ve gone, it’s never too late to earn it. You earn it each and every day by working hard, making good choices and being proud of your actions. I wish all of you health and happiness for all the days of your life.





In the ever-changing world of fashion, men’s apparel in particular is becoming more accepting of self-expression… In the ever-changing world of fashion, men’s in particular is becoming more accepting of self-expression. Being expressive and creative is a little easier when it comes to street style because there are not as many rules. When you’re wearing a suit, it can be easy for guys who are not as fashion conscious to get whatever the fashion equivalent of writers block is. The thing is, the most important aspect of a suit is fit. It could be the most beautiful fabric in the world, but if it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t look right. Other than that, just have fun with accessorizing. Making use of formal accessories shows that you are conscious of what you are wearing and that to you, it’s not a suit, or a work uniform- it’s an ensemble. It’s a collection that you’ve put time in to create and perfectly reflect yourself. Lapel pins and flowers are hot right now. If you’re wearing a grey suit, brighten it up with a daisy on your lapel. Combine that with a white pocket square edged in daisy yellow, and you’ve got an ensemble. Shirts also should be vibrant and colorful. Even white shirts…an underused trend is having a solid shirt made with contrasting fabric on the interior collar band, the interior cuff, or the placket (or all three). Going back to self-expression, cufflinks are a great way for men to 158


tell people a little about themselves while also producing a more bespoke look. For instance, a golf enthusiast may adorn cufflinks shaped like little golf balls, or crossed golf clubs, a nautical enthusiast may wear a pair of anchor cufflinks, and the patriotic man’s may be shaped like bald eagles or American flags. So get french cuffs on your shirt!

Perhaps one of the most important accessories is a pocket square… they will always turn a boring suit and tie into a hip, stylish outfit and you can have fun with them, too. Pocket squares come in all different colors and patterns; whether you need a simple white silk square for your tuxedo, or a bright pink and purple floral piece, they always elevate any ensemble. Also, it’s often necessary to wear a jacket twice in a row. Simply switching to a different pocket square will turn it into a completely new look. An inexpensive way to show off your style, and tie an outfit together is by wearing colorful or loud socks. With pants getting slimmer, hems need to be shorter so that your pant break doesn’t look like a wrinkled mess. This also means that when you sit down, or cross your legs, your socks will show. As long as people are going to see them, give them something to look at! Don’t get me wrong, suits can also be fun, exciting, and certainly striking. There are a slew of fabrics to choose from, but it’s often the details that count here. Contrast stitching on button holes can add flare to any suit and is a small detail that will make a big difference. Similar to contrast fabrics on shirt interiors, the interior lining of suits are a great place to add color. Rich colors and patterns are often used here, and are a real eye catcher when taking a coat off. Lets talk about fit. As I already mentioned, the trend is slim fit. This doesn’t mean your jacket button should be on the verge of popping off. Slim fit means your jacket is tailored to the

the shape of your body. Pants should be tapered down the thighs, but not hugging them. Your jacket sleeves should end right above the bottom of your shirt cuff, and if you’re wearing slim pants, don’t let them hang down too far. You know your jacket is too tight when the lapel bends at the chest, and there is excess pulling at the button. At Joeval’s Formalwear, we are introducing a new line of clothing providing custom shirts, made to measure suits and polos, as

well as more casual wear and accessories. J.Hilburn goes to renowned Italian mills such as Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, and more. The great thing about this line is that we are offering exceptional quality at a fraction of the price, as well as quick delivery. J.Hilburn made-to-measure suits have a litany of customizable options, as well as styles to fit someones body type. J.Hilburn suits are cut to the wearers tightness tolerance, so

they are always comfortable. Some of the customizable aspects of a J.Hilburn suits include monograming, different types of lapels, how many vents, whether the wearer want a single or double breasted jacket, lining color, contrast stitching on button holes, and much more. We also offer vest to match jackets and trousers, for a three piece look. Shirts also have a lot of options as far as fit and styling goes. You can choose what ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


{ TIPS FOR MEN } Shirts also have a lot of options as far as fit and styling goes. You can choose what color buttons you want, contrast stitching again, what collar type/position you want, plenty of options for cuffs, contrast fabrics as I mentioned earlier, monogramming, and a lot more.

color buttons you want, contrast stitching again, what collar type/position you want, plenty of options for cuffs, contrast fabrics as I mentioned earlier, monogramming, and a lot more. Also, all J.Hilburn shirts come with your initials complimentary on the interior collar band! J.Hilburn also offers much more than suits



and dress shirts. We make blazers, polos, shorts, sweaters, ties and other accessories, etc. We also carry shoes and belts, as well as having the option of creating a madeto-measure mackintosh rain coat. Fashions will always be changing, but great fit will never go out of style. Find your personal style at Joeval’s.

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Maximilian’s Catering— Father & Son Catering Team

Survivors in Every Sense of the Word

In 2017, it is estimated that more than one million people will be diagnosed with cancer around the world. This alarming statistic affects people and families everywhere. Chances are, you know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease.

Cancer survivors and supporters in communities all around the globe will come together on Sunday, June 4th to honor the 30th annual Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD). Each year, the first Sunday of June is dedicated to recognizing cancer survivors, celebrating life, and raising awareness of the challenges survivors and their families face.

Kevin Gerhard and his son Maverick are both cancer survivors. Not only do they share a father and son bond, they also work closely together at Maximillian’s Catering. A company Kevin started in 2005 after running a successful deli on West Ridge Road during the Kodak Park glory days in 1996. Kevin began his career in catering much earlier; when he took a job at Huey’s Deli in 1977. This is where he met his first mentor in the food industry, where he fell in love with feeding a large number of people and discovered that he had God given talent for it. It was his calling. Maximilian’s Catering’s tagline is: “Good Food Done Better”, the highest quality product with the highest form of customer service.

I have personally known Kevin Gerhard since our days together in grammar school at Our Mother of Sorrows and then on to Cardinal Mooney High School. Back in the day I referred to him as “Meany Pants”. He insists he was always quiet and shy. Flash forward forty one years, and I can use these words to describe him: honest, trustworthy, loving, hard working and authentic . When asked how his Type A personality helped or hindered his success in the hospitality industry, he told me that chefs are usually highly passionate, highly explosive, highly motivated individuals and his addictive

personality blends with the organizational skills needed to accomplish the logistical nightmares of the career, the ability to juggle 10 or more balls at once is a necessity. When we inquired to the rationale behind each of his career moves he told us that at beginning of his career, studying under the right chefs and then taking a job at every facet of the food service industry, learning the kitchen and different cooking methods and then moving on to the next one totally expedited his learning curve. While growing up Kevin counts Joseph Newhart and Edward Callens as role models. These two men took the time to teach me how to, how not to, how they do things in the industry. In four minutes they taught me their 40 plus years of cooking experience and expertise. With the competitive, sometimes fickle, and ever changing catering world, Kevin and Maverick are able to keep Maximilian’s Catering fresh and energized with the development of new recipes and new ways of serving food. One of the advantages of working with his 19 year old son is that Maverick is aware of the current trends in the industry and how the millennial generation affects the hospitality business. He credits Maverick with coming into the business with new energy, new blood and a desire to keep them moving forward while keeping the traditions and work ethic of yester year. Kevin shared with us some secrets as to what accounts for his longstanding success in the hospitality world.

Perseverance, never giving up, rising to new challenges ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




“My three children will be my greatest achievement personally; finding a career that I actually love, and helping my 4 year old son Maverick get through his cancer and survive it, and beating my cancer.”

The very same traits he displayed when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 50, four years ago. This proud and humble man shared his three biggest accomplishments in the following order: My three children will be my greatest achievement personally; finding a career that I actually love, and helping my 4 year old son Maverick get through his cancer and survive it, and beating my cancer. What inspires Kevin Gerhard and why? The challenge of being a better cook, person, father and friend than I was yesterday; to better my life and career. He considers himself to be the luckiest man in the world. I never go to work because I love what I do and I smile all the time doing it. I am the richest man in the world because I get to work with my best friend and son Maverick Gerhard every single day of my life. We have shared a special bond second to none, not only getting each through our cancers but working and enjoying every day 166


together, growing closer as the years go by. I get to teach my son a trade and help provide a future for himself. Every Thursday this duo opens the doors to their Webster location and hosts a “Men’s Night” which consists of Kevin’s grammar and high school friends as well as friends from his entire life gather, get together and talk, discuss and laugh at life’s events while eating and drinking like kings. The concept originated when one of my closest friends came to our new catering kitchen every Thursday after work to exchange recipes and cooking methods and then we would enjoy the fruits of our labor. I have been very fortunate to have many close friends and relationships. I love hosting parties and bringing people together. Men’s Night has now blossomed into a mosaic reflection of my life. If he could not be a caterer, he would be a culinary professor, because he loves teaching what he has learned. Even to yours truly— who is culinary challenged, he lovingly opened his kitchen and shared his recipe for traditional

homemade Thanksgiving stuffing in 2010. The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of Maverick is “an unorthodox or independentminded person”. A free spirit, individualist, original—Maverick Gerhard is just that. A lot like his dad but also his own person. He hopes to take over his father’s catering business in the future and bring it to the next level. He also wants to reopen a deli front business because he misses the memories he had working at the family delis and sub shops. He also would like to start his own business and name it Maverick’s. This “Maverick” realized at a young age that he would never find a better mentor than his father. I love working with my father at our family business because it does not feel like work and I have unlimited possibilities. I know that I will always be supported 100% in whatever I do. I look forward to the day that I can teach my children the family business. For more information visit their website at:

Catering Done Right for Over 35 Years in Greater Rochester

From small parties to large affairs or even themed parties, Maximilian’s Catering will make your next catering event a memorable one. 590 Salt Road I Building C Suite 17 Webster, NY 14580 I 585.784.0378

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(While Keeping your Personal Information Safe!) WHAT IS A CREDIT SCORE?

If you are in the market for a home loan or any other line of credit, one of the most important factors in establishing your credit worthiness is your FICO Credit Score. Simply put, this is a numerical value based on your personal credit history, ranging from 300-850. Your credit score is based on your credit report, sourced from credit bureaus including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The better your credit history, the better your FICO score. Your credit score is important because it illustrates your ability to handle credit. A consumer who has trouble paying bills on time, or takes on debt larger than they can repay, presents a much higher risk than someone who regularly pays their bills on time and shows a history of aptly managing their finances. The score is not just for banks to assess their risk, but also a way for you, the consumer, to analyze and improve your own credit worthiness!


There are a number of factors that affect a person’s credit score. But the FICO score is based primarily on 5 main factors:

1. Are you an “on time” payer? It’s very important that you regularly pay your bills on time, as this factor

2. What is your total debt?

Using more than half of your available credit can hurt your score. Using 75% or more rapidly decreases it. And if you “max out” a credit card, you may be considered a “high-risk” borrower. This factor contributes 30% of your score.

3. How long is your credit history? They say “time heals all things,” and in the case of credit history, it’s true! The

longer one’s credit history, the better. 15% of the score.

4. How many times have you applied for credit?

10% of the FICO score. If, between getting approved and closing on a loan, you open a new line of credit, it can negatively affect your credit score.

5. The type of credit you handle well.

The greater the variety of credit that you handle well (mortgage, revolving credit, student loan, auto payments, etc.), the higher your score. 10% of your score.


IMPROVE MY SCORE? The first thing you need to do is view your credit report. American consumers are entitled to one free copy of your credit report, every 12 months, from each of the three reporting agencies. You can also pay a small fee to view your actual credit score. Keep in mind the credit score and credit report are related, but not the same thing. If your credit score is less than stellar, there are some actions you can take that will raise it to a favorable level.

1. Dispute errors on your credit report.

It’s very important to check your credit score and view your report for accuracy. Credit reports often have errors or show instances of fraud or identity theft! You can dispute errors that appear on your report. If successful, those negative entries will be removed from your credit report, improving your credit score.

2.Pay your bills on time.

Your payment history makes up over a third of your FICO score. Ensure you are paying all of your bills on time each month before the due date.

3. Leave (good) old debt on your report.

Don’t remove an account from your credit report just because it’s paid off. Good debt - debt that you’ve handled well and paid as agreed - is good for your credit.

4. Become an authorized user.

Learn how to use credit responsibly by becoming an authorized user on a friend or relative’s credit card. This adds payment history to your own credit file, helping your credit score. When you can improve your credit score, not only will you have access to lower interest rates, but the amount of money you qualify to borrow increases. This means big ticket items such as home mortgages, business or car loans will become within your reach!


In this digital age, it is extremely important for consumers to protect their personal info. As mentioned previously, an identity thief can do plenty of damage to your credit score. So be proactive in protecting your personal information, so that fraudsters are unable to tarnish your good credit standing! Another reason to keep your info safe is so you can avoid becoming what’s known as a “trigger lead.” Have you ever received unsolicited phone calls or emails after applying for credit? Your personal contact info has likely been sold. Not by the lender from which you applied for credit, but from those same three credit reporting agencies that determine your FICO score: Experian, TransUnion or Equifax!

These agencies believe that since you did not tell them explicitly to keep your info private, that they have the right to sell it to the highest bidder. It sounds preposterous, but unfortunately there are no laws in place to stop these reporting agencies froim doing so. But you can take action to prevent the credit reporting agencies from selling your info. The easiest and fastest way is to use the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry opt-out website: You can also write individual letters to each of the three reporting agencies, using the following text: “Please accept this letter as my election to opt-out of the practice known as “trigger leads.” Premium Mortgage has a policy to NEVER purchase trigger leads, and we have been active

in petitioning our congressmen to prohibit this type of activity! Now that you have this information, I want you to use it to your advantage! Ensure you are periodically checking your credit report and credit score. Pay your bills on time, and continue to improve that FICO score. And when the time comes to secure financing on a new home, I’d be honored if you would come see me at Premium Mortgage. We are the Experts in Home Financing! Phyllis Haberer (@MTGAGEGIRL on Twitter) Senior Loan Officer | NMLS# 58078 (585) 241-0000 x104 Premium Mortgage Corporation 2541 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Equal Housing Lender | NMLS# 3254 | Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


Rhythmic Circus

Tiempo Libre Go, Dog. Go!


Do You Speak Djembe? Pinkalicious

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Black Violin

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M 172




A Piece of History: Mario’s Hair Studio

Over 60 years ago, an immigrant from Calabria , my father Mario was sponsored to come to the United States by local men’s clothing company Hickey Freeman. Prior to earning the sponsorship, Mario apprenticed as a barber for his father in the mornings before school and apprenticed as a tailor for his mother after school.

He was no stranger to hard work. After working as a tailor in Rochester, he found a one man barbershop on Monroe Avenue, called Finny’s Barbershop. Mr. Finnimore, the owner was already established and open for 50 years. He was ready to train a young man to continue his legacy. Knowing barbering was his love, Mario started to work in the shop after his job as a tailor. Mario took over the barbershop making Mario’s the barbershop of Monroe Ave. He continued to evolve. Mario was involved in the Barber’s Union and the competitions that were a developing trend. He ultimately won “World Champion Barber” and was on the championship team for team barbering. Barbering was becoming a dying art as the 70’s and long hair became the trend. Mario decided to get involved in the new movement of raising the bar for barbers to become hairstylists. In the new unisex world, barbers must be competitive to survive. This involved mastering razor cutting and males getting perms and colors. This new movement meant there was more education to get and to give. Mario started to find the “best of the best” in all the avenues and got as much education from them as possible, then progressed by teaching others. He ended up being the educator for Roffler hair products. He taught classes and educated other barbers from Albany to Buffalo. Along with teaching, he opened a barber and beauty school in Syracuse, being the only school around teaching sculpture cutting with a razor and the art of combining the education of barbering and hairdressing. This turned his little one man barbershop into a salon of six stations and progressive work for both men and women. Hence, this was the beginning of Unisex Salons. Mario always believed in evolving to become more and striving for the best that you can be without compromising your work ethic. This is a mantra that we still

live and work by. Mario’s Hair studio is one of the very few salons who can say we are in business for over 60 years. Along with being family run and operated for the duration of the business. A lot of other stylists got their start here at Mario’s. I am proud to continue my father’s legacy and hope to be able to pass on the knowledge and education I was given to the next generation of Mario’s. We will keep evolving and growing with education and striving to be the best that we can be. It is important to pay tribute to the founder of my salon, my father Mario in June, the Men’s edition. He beat the odds, believed in the American dream and achieved it. As an immigrant, he struggled to establish himself here worked at his “day job” as a tailor and then found an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. This was not the norm as his business was not handed down to him, he established it. As a young girl, I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps and I did also becoming a hair stylist. I am the most proud when I can carry on the tradition of sharing my trade with my younger family members and providing them a place to grow and learn to keep our family heritage/ business going for many generations to come. Working together as a family, also allows us to support each other and carry on the close-knit family traditions I grew up to love while we worked. Sharing the art I have mastered is a great joy and I feel I am carrying on my family traditions daily. I continued the established norms of carrying the best hair products and mastering the up-to-date techniques to maintain a cutting edge salon. Mario’s Hair Salon plans to be around for generations to come.





Chrissy Monroe: When did you develop a Passion for fashion?

fabulous magazine I’d like to ask you a few personal questions ......

Billie Blunt: It all started when I was 7 maybe

Chrissy Monroe: Who are your favorite

8 years-old, I was sitting in my mother’s bedroom watching Soul Train when the Jackson 5 were performing and I had an instant connection with them. I was absolutely in love with their music, but what really drew me in closer were the exciting garmets they were wearing. I thought that they were very dramatic, chic and cool, From that day forward I developed a genuine love for fashion .

Chrissy Monroe: A lot of people come to New

York with hopes of breaking into the fashion industry, how did you successfully make your mark here in the New York fashion scene?

Billie Blunt: Back in my teenage years when I


Online celebrates all things male, I recently had the privilege of sitting down with trendsetter and man about town Billie Blunt. Mostly known for his finely tailored suits and eclectic and fashionable eyewear Billy has made quite a name for himself on the New York and International fashion scene . Most people know him from his front row presence at all of the major fashion shows during fashion week, but mostly for his fashion mag self entitled Billy Blunt Magazine.

was in high school,I was always receiving great compliments about my attire.People always wanted to know where I bought certain garments, and than I would see everyone at school wearing the same thing a week later. Fast forward to now I’m still receiving the same amount of compliments so I said Hey Why not share my sense of style and expertise with the world and that’s how Billy Blunt Magazine was born.

Chrissy Monroe: So please tell me what it’s


Billie Blunt: Independent designer Dillon Alleyne, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford

Chrissy Monroe: What magazines do you read? Billie Blunt: BB plus Magazine which is

my other publication that focuses on plus size fashion and models . W magazine, Maxim ,GQ and Vogue.

Chrissy Monroe: What top 3 female celebrities do you think have the best style ?

Billie Blunt: There is an Indian actress/model

named Priyanka is absolutely stunning . Of course Rhianna she is so daring and fashion forward Also Alicia Keys. I love her laid back girl next door relaxed style especially since she stopped wearing make up she has shown younger women they don’t need cosmetics to be beautiful she such a role model .

Chrissy Monroe: Of course you name the

ladies now who do you think are the bestdressed men?

Billie Blunt: Andre 3000 He has always been

like being the founder and editor-in-chief of your very own sucessful fashion magazine and were there any obstacles getting started ?

super funky and eclectic. Tom Ford of course and Dwayne Wade.

Billie Blunt: I will say being the founder and

York fashion week a few months ago I definitely have a love hate relationship with-it . How do you feel about it?

editor-in-chief of BB magazine is very exciting simply because I get to meet so many cool people from different walks of life and people who are not just from America but from all parts of the globe ,they have a totally different appreciation for fashion so I try to pay close attention so I can learn about their culture as well. That makes me very well-seasoned in what I do. As far as any obstacles , The main one was learning the different strategies of Internet marketing to get my name out there and stand out amongst all of the competition . Basically I had to do my homework on what other magazines were doing at the time so I could go in the total opposite direction to make what I was doing completely unique from all the rest.

Chrissy Monroe: How would you describe

BB magazine over all? And what makes your magazine different from the others?

Billie Blunt: BB Magazine Is innovative in the fact

that we have bridged the gap between Independent fashion designers and the bigger name brands. What makes the magazine different is our passion to include multi national ethnicities sharing their culture and sense of fashion all within one publication. Instead of focusing on demographics we focus on the personal lives of those who grace our pages quarterly.

Chrissy Monroe: OK so enough about your

Chrissy Monroe: I did an article about New

Billie Blunt: For me New York fashion week

is full of excitement but it’s also extremely draining . My favorite part is seeing Internatonal designers here on the runways Specially the European designers they have always been in my opinion ahead of the game and not afraid to take risks in the name of fashion . I have to tell you though they are so many shows and parties I think I need a twin to make it to all of the events. lol

Chrissy Monroe:Have you ever thought about being a designer or coming out with your very own fashion line ?

Billie Blunt: I could say yes to that possibly in

5 or 10 years I could see me collaborating with other designers to create a Billy Blunt brand .

Chrissy Monroe: Well I have to say I’m a

big fan of yours as I recently shot for the cover of your latest issue . I completely respect your professionalism and Eagle eye for direction and design . Thank you for sitting down with Rochester woman magazine today and giving me male perspective of this whole industry Please let our readers know where they can find you . Billie Blunt: Available in stores at Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th St, NY, NY and 148 West 37th St, NY, NY. We’re also available online at BillieBlunt. com and all social networks @billieblunt

M { TUXEDOS PET CORNER } It’s a multi-factorial process but the journey began with seeing the plight of dogs placed in shelters. Why are dogs placed in shelters? What can be done to appropriately train them and their human companions to keep the pet in their forever home? Like humans, no two dogs are alike, and there are ways to analyze their behaviors, interactions with other dogs and humans, and develop training programs and lessons that are the best fit for each dog and their companions. These are the motivating factors that led me to leave the corporate world and pursue and complete appropriate education, plan appropriate training and classes with the focus on the dog and their humans one relationship at a time.


What motivates a person to leave the corporate business world and fulfill their passion and dreams to become reality to improve life for canines and their human companions?



This is where my dream and vision of Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp, Inc became reality. Growing up in rural Livingston County on a farm with farm animals I knew being in the animal business was in my blood. After working in Corporate American for several years and not really feeling the reward of working for a corporation I decided it was time to live the dream. I left corporate America in 2008 and began my training and certification to become a Certified Dog Trainer. At the same time as getting my certification as a dog trainer, I was working on a certification as a Veterinarian Assistant and volunteered at Verona Street several hours a week in the Spay and Neuter clinic as a Veterinarian Assistant. Once I completed the certification I began conducting private in home lessons in Wayne, Monroe, Ontario and Seneca Counties. At the same time I was renting space in Rochester and conducted group classes for puppies and the basic obedience level.

August of 2013 is when reality hit and I became a small business owner in the Town of Irondequoit. The doors opened November 2013 for Day Care and Training for the family pet. I soon realized that we needed to add another service of over night boarding. The construction for the boarding started two years later and our state of the art boarding facility is one of a kind. With our 24/7 attendant on site, individual suites and an all inclusive price structure where you pay one price and receive all of the benefits of Boarding, Day Care and individual walks. As a business owner and trainer I am constantly aware of the need in our community for those dogs that remain in our shelters and rescues. Working with several area rescues

andcommunity shelters I am faced with the common reason that dogs are surrendered for adoption and placed in a shelter is “behaviors” and concurrently lack of human knowledge and education about integrating a dog into the home setting. In addition to love, food, and shelter, dogs need appropriate training, socialization, and stimulation, and know their place in the family. Before adopting or purchasing a puppy or dog, the individual or family should begin with preplanning. As a trainer, I offer a pre-planning service where I will meet with the family and discuss what is the perfect dog for your lifestyle and home setting. Purebred or mixed breed? Purchased from a breeder or adopted from a shelter? What history is available about the dog? What is the best environment for the dog? What experience does the human considering having a dog as a pet have with raising a dog? What is acceptable for the person to ensure a good dog and human relationship? If preplanning homework is done, then the adoption and training processes are easier to plan and be successful. The general components of training to consider are — what do I do when I first bring my dog home? At what age should I begin training and what type of training is best for our family. As a family do we do a group session or private in home sessions . Once I have met with the family we discuss the options of training and select the best environment for the lifestyle of the family. Many clients have commented that I offer a personalized service that has been catered to their needs. Using a reward based training methodology builds a bond and a relationship of trust from the very early stages of dog ownership. Over the past eight years I have seen the consequences of training using adversaries (pain) or force. My personal experience dogs demonstrated fear and in some cases aggression towards people, dogs and other objects. As a human imagine feeling pain when you did not perform or meet the expectations of another human being. At Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp we are a central location where behavior analysis, training, socialization in daycare, boarding, and other services such as massage therapy are provided to promote the best possible relationship between a dog and their human one encounter at a time.






Two thirds of Americans live with an animal, and according to a 2011 Harris poll, 90 percent of pet owners think of their dogs and cats as members of the family. These relationships have benefits. Each of us could easily recite the myriad reasons that our animal companions hold such a special place in our hearts. Most of us treat our pets like members of the family. We enjoy their company and we do everything we can to ensure their happiness and wellbeing, including providing them with veterinary care and emergency veterinary services when they are sick or injured. But, it is not immediately obvious why human beings should bond so closely to members of other species, partly because we are virtually unique as a species in the fact that we choose to do so. Anyone can say that they love animals or considers themselves animal lovers. Terry Klos is not just an animal lover! She is a very passionate animal lover, not just by words but by actions saving animals, one party at a time. Terry Klos was born in Virginia. At age of three her entire family moved to Erie, Pennsylvania. Terry grew up in a household where her father was of the generation that believed a woman should stay home and raise a family, so college was out of the question for Terry. She started working straight out of high school. As college was not an option at this time in Terry’s life, that didn’t stopped her from improving herself. She earned a black belt in Jujitsu and a private pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration while working full-time. While growing up, working full time and accomplishing many things, 178


Terry’s real dream never come to realization. She had always wanted a pet her own. Terry was able to finally fulfill her dream in 1975 by getting a dog, when she moved to Rochester and became the Office Manager and Secretary to the President of Allerton Chemical. Terry adopted a German Shepard named Shane who quickly became her companion and protector in the new city. Soon after, Terry got married and her first daughter Jennifer arrived at 1981.

Terry always wanted a big family but after her first daughter arrived, she suffered through several miscarriages during following years. Terry was hoping to give her daughter a brother or sister but by five, Jennifer expressed the desire to get another pet. With Terry’s whole-hearted support, the family got another pet member. They adopted a sweet Yorkshire terrier named Einstein. “Einie” was a pure joy and the center of the family for many years. As with everything in life, things happen when you least expect or hope for it. That was a case with Terry! Soon after getting their second dog Einie, as fate would have it, Terry was blessed with a second daughter, Ashley, in 1987. Terry never gave up on pursuing her dream of getting college degree. In 1990 she went back to school full-time, working part-time and raising her two daughters. Terry graduated 1993 as Valedictorian of her class at the Rochester Business Institute with a major in Business Management and a minor in Advertising. Two years after graduating from college, Terry and her husband agreed to separate and eventually divorced. With kids, Terry moved into an apartment and during the course of time, she bought a house in Greece. Terry and girls wanted another puppy, but Terry knew with all the responsibilities of a single mom, it wouldn’t be fair to a pet to bring it home where everyone is so busy. At the time, Terry worked as Office Manager/HR Manager and Executive Assistant to an owner of Conifier Realty. Due to bad automobile accident and after five back surgeries, in 2005 Terry accepted a disability retirement. Terry met her current fiancé, John Howland, in 2003. They live together in Henrietta with a second Yorkie, Boomer.

Terry never stopped working and contributing to society. Working at Allerton, Terry hired her best friend of 42 years, Roxane Blake. In the summer of 2011, while Terry was visiting Roxanne, Roxanne showed Terry how she was raising money for animal rescues through a 501c3 that Roxanne had started a few years before. Pawbrokers, a non-profit orginization, raises money by selling gently used jewelry at parties in various venues such as restaurants, craft shows, garden centers and churches. While finding their “new to you” treasures, women shoppers often also enjoy Pawbrokers signature drink, the “Pawtini”. Terry soon told Roxanne that she would be proud to be her first affiliate in New York. Before long, Roxanne Blake was loading a van with all her donated jewelry and driving from Cornelius North Carolina to Rochester. On October 11, 2011, Rochester had its first Pawbrokers Party at Mario’s Restaurant in

Brighton NY. More than $2,000 was raised that evening for the Habitat for Cats animal rescue. Since that time Pawbrokers New York affiliate has raised more than $25,000, raised at more than twenty different area venues, divided between thirty animal rescues Currently, Terry is attempting to organize a Boston fundraiser, where her younger daughter lives and would be hosting the parties. “I enjoy leading Pawbrokers New York affiliate. I receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am helping to find homeless pets loving owners. There is a definite perk, however, in leading Pawbrokers. People that know me, know that I often wear the beautiful jewelry I have received from our generous donors to public events. These people also know that I will immediately sell the jewelry I am wearing on my hand, arm or neck, to benefit the animals. So, don’t be surprised if you see me out on the town

wearing a piece of jewelry that you feel you cannot live without. Your purchasing from me the jewelry I am wearing, could find one more animal a new home. Finally, I feel so blessed to have met so many volunteers who have helped me make Pawbrokers in New York a reality. Meeting all the caring leaders and volunteers from the different animal rescues has also been a continuing joy and privilege. It is my hope that with continued effort and additional recognition, Pawbrokers will be able to save an even a greater number of animals “One Party at a Time.”-says Terry. Animals are like little angels sent to earth to teach us how to love. They don’t get angry or play silly games. They are always there for us and Terry is here for them by saving “One Party at a Time.” Animal lovers are very grateful and appreciative of everything that you do for every animal, Terry. God bless you. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



ATTENTION ANIMAL and JEWELRY LOVERS You’re Invited to a Pawbrokers Party For

Verona Street Animal Society Foster Program Wednesday, August 23, 2017 5:00 - 9:00pm

Lovin’ Cup Bistro

300 Park Pointe Dr.

Rochester, NY 14623 Thousands of pieces of jewelry including:

Designer pieces-Current fashion trends- Gemstones

Gold - Silver - Pearls - Rhinestones - Onyx - Chunky - Delicate - Funky And so much more……..

100% of the proceeds will go to Verona Street Animal Society Foster Program Clean out your jewelry boxes of the jewelry you no longer wear

Bring it with you the day of the party – if you don’t have any, please come anyway See our website for future dates

We will be selling our signature Pawtinin and $1.00 of everyone sold will go to the rescue

Sue’s Creature Comforts All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming and Also Offering Pet Sitting in Your Home

(585) 615.7475

~All Alcohol-Free Shampoos ~All Hand-Drying ~No Drugs, No Crates ~By Appointment Only ~Woman-Owned and -Operated ~Two Locations: Ontario/Sodus Sue Dziedziech Certified Professional Groomer She is a graduate of, and an instructor at The Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming


“Training for you... Training for your dog”

Training Services Offered: • Private In Home Lessons • Puppy Socialization • Basic Obedience • Intermediate Obedience • Canine Good Citizen • Therapy Pets Unlimited and more...

Tuxedo’s: The boarding, day care and training facility where your dog is never alone!



This characteristic is not the norm in more rural areas. Rural areas lag far behind the urban areas in economic development. The key aspect of development in Ghana is the access to education for all. In Besease, the people live in small huts which do not have electricity or water. The village is governed by a chief. Education is very important to the people of Ghana, where in many areas the children walk miles to school.


Akwaaba! Far, far away, in Ghana, Africa there is a small village under a tree, called Besease. Despite being defined as a third world country, Ghana, is one of the more developed African countries.



Tragedy continuously struck the small village and affected the lives of the people in the community where they were never the same. The children were forced to cross a busy street when walking to school. As a result, many of the children kept getting hit by cars. The people in the village were torn regarding what the solution could be. They were forced because of their circumstances to make a choice between allowing the children access to education or keep them home for their safety. In the United States, we don’t realize how fortunate we are in our education system. We never hear about children walking miles to school. In 2009, Korye Dance was involved in a documentary film project “The Stolen Drum” which was filmed in the village. The group became interested in the village’s plight. The group began to raise funds to open a school and local performing artist Jay Baba played a primary role in this project. Jay Baba is a musician originally from Koforidua, a village in central Ghana. Baba, is a man with a vision, who inspires and stands out as an example. As part of this moral scheme, when he learned of the issues in this African village he felt he must get involved and assist with the humanitarian efforts. The World of Inquiry school in Rochester, NY was involved and in 2011, teachers from our area travelled to see the village and become aware first-hand of the conditions there. By 2013, the school was opened for students. This was a great accomplishment for Baba and he remains connected and continues to assist for further development. He feels

he made a difference in the lives of many and indicates as performers there is a duty to do something good with your talent. He offers advice: “Even though you may want to move forward in life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life”. Baba recently released his latest song entitled “Ayefor Dondo” . As stated, Baba continues to reflect on African traditions. He feels he must do this to make sure his being is not shed at the wayside for American ways. He refuses to be motivated by monetary opportunities and says he will never sell out his values. He explained in Ghana the music played in clubs differ from what people play in their homes in Africa. There are strict norms in the villages about what is acceptable. The villages in our eyes seem to be lost in time. As Americans we take so many things for granted. Baba likes to remain positive and it shows in the music he puts out. He instills a part of him in all of his songs. He indicated one of the things which make him a great artist is that he refuses to conform to American culture which is so hard not to do when you come here. As people, we have to feel something when we learn of things like this. As Americans, we forget others are not as fortunate as we are. Rochester Woman wants to remind us all there are things we can all do to help others. Jay Baba is someone in our community who deserves recognition as a man who inspires.




Andre Morrison is a local promoter in the Rochester area known for turning up the party for the grown and sexy.



Andre’s interest in music was sparked at a young age by the females in his family. His memories of his early childhood include his Godmother and other women in the family playing music around the house. His grandfather was also a musician. Grandpa’s band often practiced when Andre was around. As far as Andre can remember, music was a big part of his life. As the owner of PEACE Productions, Andre provides Rochester with DJ services, promotion for events, video and photography. Mr. Morrison and PEACE Productions definitely provide a “class act” when promoting events. Doing shows in the Rochester area, can be difficult and provide many challenges for the local promoter. One of the most difficult is the liability presented regarding any violent incidents. This aspect is frustrating because obviously the promoter really can’t do much to prevent episodes of violence. In our area, many clubs are shut down for this reason. Another challenge is that anybody can call themselves a promoter. Promotes come a dime a dozen. To be successful one must step their game up. Andre prides himself in doing classy, sophisticated events. He decorates the venue and often provides food. This is one of many ways to make your event more enjoyable. Andre Morrison is also a pillar of the Rochester community. He is a licensed barber. He owns Andre’s Barber Shop at 881 Portland Avenue. He is a barber instructor sharing his art with others. Andre loves his job as a barber. He enjoys the chance to work with the community and build the trust bond. He is especially proud his shop has cut the hair of many generations of families in the Rochester area. As a member of the United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologists Association, Andre shares the

dedication and desire to uphold his profession to the highest of standards. He uses his barbershop as a gateway to the community, as a safe place. His social media page advertises chess and checkers for all ages every Tuesday and Wednesday at the barber shop. He also did an event called “Men Go Blue” where he offered $ 5.00 off haircuts. Monroe County’s Cancer Services Program was on-hand doing screenings and health insurance enrollment. He also contributes to the community by participating in the “Stop the Violence “ campaign. He loves dogs and since 1995, even breeds Alapaha blue-blood bulls. Puppies an even some adult dogs are available for adoption. Information on the dogs can be obtained at #andresbluebloodbulls. Andre Morrison is known for his quote “Do the Math!” Andre when he is not barbering or promoting awesome events, he likes to see the world and is an avid sports fan having a special love for boxing, basketball, swimming and football. Andre currently is promoting two events coming up at Taylor’s Nightclub, 3300 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY. Andre often works alongside promoter Nuri Simmons Jr. They are scheduled June 10 and 24th, 2017 (3pm-8pm). June 24th is a birthday bash for Corey Tanksley being hosted by Yolanda Smilez (local comedian). This event will be featuring DJ Dana. This is a 21 and older event (ladies) 25 + (men). Food is being served at 4:00 pm. The event kicks off the summer season. It is being promoted as “Sundress Season”. Tickets are available at Xquisite Boutique (171 Monroe Avenue), Belle Cheveux Salon (301 Genesee Street, 511 South Avenue). For further information: contact (585)747-6172; (585)354-5009.



“There Is Another Way!� . Sciatica Shooting, stabbing, burning pain can take over your life wasting, strikes when you least expect it and can lead to muscle down to your numbness and constant tingling which can spread right toes. ng out of you. livi of joy the k suc lly rea and life r you r ove e tak It can But there is another way...

There is a safe, natural, proven solution to this dreadful problem that works consistently to resolve the pain, discomfort and stress that sciatica can cause. Call 671-9210 NOW and for just a small investment of $27 (some docs charge much more) you will receive a complete sciatica evaluation to lead us to the problem and offer you options to reduce or even rid you of sciatica for good. Call 671-9210 NOW. Note: Only 10 places are available at O'Dell Chiropractic for this offer so please call quickly.



QUESTION #1: “ What can I do for sciatic pain or back pain during pregnancy?”

women, but some chiropractors take additional training in prenatal chiropractic. I would recommend finding a chiropractor that is trained in the Webster Technique, which is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment to establish balance in a pregnant woman’s pelvis, reduce stress on the uterus, and support ligaments. In addition to seeing the chiropractor, there

During pregnancy the pressure of the growing baby in the uterus can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain into the back, buttock and/ or leg. In addition, as the pregnancy progress and weight increases, the you may notice your center of gravity shift forward affecting posture. You may also notice some instability in your joints from the ligament laxity caused by pregnancy hormones.

It is also important to keep moving and stay fit during your pregnancy. As long as it is approved by your doctor, an exercise routine is important. Labor can sometimes feel like you’re running a marathon, so making sure that you have strong leg, back and abdominal muscles can help speed the process along. Further along in your pregnancy when walking or other exercise may seem difficult, get in the water or try prenatal yoga, both which can help stretch the muscles and keep things loose, especially in the pelvic and hip area.

This instability can cause what chiropractors call a subluxation--or a misalignment of the pelvis which can put pressure on the nerves, not only causing you discomfort, but may also cause tension on the uterus. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help correct these misalignments and help you feel and function better. Not only is chiropractic safe during pregnancy, but according to the American Pregnancy Association, potential benefits of chiropractic include maintaining a healthy pregnancy, controlling symptoms of nausea, reducing time of labor and delivery, relieving back, neck and joint pain, and preventing a potential cesarean delivery. Chiropractors are trained to adjust pregnant 188


investing in a special pregnancy pillow for additional comfort. Avoid lifting heavy objects and make sure you are using your legs to lift, and not your back. If you are having to do extra lifting or bending, talk to your chiropractor about a specialized maternity support belt to help with added support. Talk to your doctor about using gentle heat, warm baths or ice. Many pregnant women also find that massage can help. Seek out a massage therapist who is certified and experienced in prenatal massage for the best experience.

So if you are interested in a more comfortable pregnancy and labor, consider getting your spine and pelvis checked by a chiropractor. are many things that the chiropractor may recommend to help with your back pain during pregnancy. Make sure you continue with good posture. When sitting, avoid crossing your legs. Change positions frequently and take breaks from standing. When sleeping, sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs and a pillow to support your belly. Consider

QUESTION #2: What can I do for Low Back Pain?

Chiropractors look at the body holistically and are experts at identifying, diagnosing and treating the causes of most low back pain without drugs or surgery. Statistically over 80% of adults will have low back pain at some point in their life. The majority of these episodes will occur with no warning or history of previous injury. Low back pain can be a debilitating problem that can rob people of the ability to do the things they enjoy. These activities can range from golfing, to gardening or enjoying time playing with children and grandchildren. Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for low back pain. Chiropractors look at the body holistically and are experts at identifying, diagnosing and treating the causes of most

low back pain without drugs or surgery. Chiropractors identify muscle imbalances along with postural issues that can correlate with improper or decreased motion in your spine. Chiropractors call this abnormal spinal motion Subluxation. Chiropractors are experts in identifying Subluxation and the different issues associated with causing these spinal mis-alignments. A common side effect that can be associated with these mis-alignments can be low back pain.

safe, effective,, hands on approach to identifying and treating the cause of your low back pain so you can finally have long term relief. O’Dell Family Chiropractic W 585.671.9210 Chiropractor to the 2014 Champions Rochester Razorsharks Brighton StormHawks Soccer

If you are tired of suffering from low back pain contact a Chiropractor. Chiropractic offers a ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




Few people are able to say they love who they work with, love their work and love their life all around! Kent Friel is one of those rare persons who can! Lucky enough to work every day with his most favorite person in the world; his wife Mary Therese Friel, together they own and run the boutique modeling firm “Mary Therese Friel, LLC.” (MTF, LLC). MTF, LLC., was founded by Mary Therese after she won the 1979 Miss USA Beauty Pageant. After Kent came on board the company grew significantly. Today, they prefer keeping their successful operation exclusive. This approach allows close involvement with their models and clients. Growing the agency or developing a franchise operation could negatively change the equation since then both would become administrators rather than doing what they love, working directly with people. They hate the idea of handing this off to others since ”We deal with peoples dreams.” Mary Therese choses their models by looking at their goals, character, do they fit the clienteles needs and positively represent MTF, LLC? Once selected, training begins. Preparing models not just for modeling but all that comes with it. The couple strongly focuses on personal development. It’s crucial their models be secure in themselves to not take rejection to heart. They are trained how to: handle interviews, self-assessments, self-determining how to improve and how to be favorably memorable so the client thinks of them in the future. This training might seem superficial until one realizes these skills translate into everyday life. Kent and Mary Therese teach practical skills for any arena, be it business, social encounters, or modeling careers. Executives and others also come to MTF, LLC. to learn the techniques. Regarding these life skills Kent muses: “It’s more than being handsome or pretty. You 190


have to be able to express confidence in your everyday life”. Kent met his wife of twenty-one years, when he assisted his master professional photographer father, on a photo shoot for Mary Therese’s agency. After getting to know each other they became fast friends until one day it dawned on both, there was more. Despite the age difference, Mary Therese being older, they took the plunge and never looked back. Kent points out they don’t focus on age, they “are who they are and its just a number.” Seeing them together its obvious they share a close bond.

Raised Catholic the couple attend church regularly. Kent believes their shared faith is a tie strongly binding their marriage together. Getting older, Kent finds religion more important. His religious beliefs give him perspective in who he is and how he lives. While a strong Catholic, Kent believes any sort of organized religion is important; to acknowledge there is something bigger and beyond oneself. The function of how or who one prays to is not important, it’s more essential that one recognizes a higher power, no matter what faith. That said, Kent doesn’t understand religious conflict or radical extremism, contending that “Thats just not religion”. Besides work, religion and homelife, it’s fair to say both share a love of pets. Laughingly recalling the only year they had none, Kent tells of buying a jeep with license plate “We Free” and traveling all over the place. But the grass wasn’t so green, not a year later jeep gone, new truck and horse trailer in tow, the menagerie commenced again. Today they have horses, dogs, cats, rat, chinchilla, rabbit, and fish; all coming from either Lollypop or Finger Lakes Race Track. Kent is a dog person and loves training them. He trained the dog that Mary Therese takes for therapy visits. The one pleasure Kent solely enjoys is skiing. Skiing since four years old, he appreciates the challenges that come with the sport as well as the extravagance of owning more than one pair of skis-unlike most people. Hitting the slopes locally due to limited time, he manages to enjoy his passion several times a week in season. Once a ski instructor, Kent belongs to the New York Masters Ski Racing and Bristol Mountain Adult Race League. While claiming not to the the best skier on the hill he admits he is “pretty good”. He


“One should be able to look inside themselves and like who they are.”



“It’s more than being handsome or pretty. You have to be able to express confidence in your everyday life”.

He loves the opportunity to learn, laughing when saying: “the better you get at skiing , the smaller the improvements are ” and that the thrill of “Racing is measured in hundreds of seconds, the challenge is to always improve”. Mary Therese describes her husband as a modest man not given to tooting his own horn. She tells of him working all the time if not in the business then at home. He believes maintaining good health comes through proper nutrition and delights in cooking healthy fare for them. Their meals are often foods taken from vegetable gardens Kent maintains. His secret luxury is 192


good coffee, the stronger the better as long as it tastes great especially expresso. In addition Mary Therese details his skill as a great photographer with an exacting eye. This lends to his skills as illustrator in pastel and/or ink sketches, another side of his artistic nature. Who Kent is deep inside, is revealed through his admiring description of his late father-in-law William Friel. He was impressed by the way William respected people and empowered those working for him. Kent describes him as a man who treated those around him well, making them feel important. Not so different, Kent

laments people having a low self worth since it affects their entire life. “One should be able to look inside themselves and like who they are.” It stands that Kent is very much the man his father-in-law was, through his own actions and beliefs. When inquiring how his wife would describe him, he laughed as she shouted out “supportive!” How to describe his nirvana? Kent tells of the frequent banter between Mary Therese and himself: “If you won the lottery what would you do differently?” His answer each time: “Doing what we do now.”

“I really like this guy. He actually listens to me! He returns my calls and he even cares what I think!” Who are these women talking about? A new love interest…or their Financial Adviser??? Women are taking more control over their financial planning, and they need an adviser who gets them. I’m Vinny Dallo, and I’m the guy who gets YOU. Many of my clients are women, and we work well together because I do what they want: Appreciate, Educate, Collaborate. Call me today to schedule your personal strategy session. KAPPAN FINANCIAL, LLC. (585) 248-6768


CHIVALRY Welcome to my column… You Can Be…! This installment is for all the gentlemen out there.

in the good behavior of people, regardless of the gender implication.

In my opinion, how a man conducts himself in public, shows a lot about his character. How he chooses to present himself and interact with women is an even larger indication of his level of self-respect and the respect he has for other people.

And ladies, it does not diminish your capacity as an equal, if you accept a compliment, common courtesy, or help from a gentleman. So, gentlemen don’t worry about offending someone by extending courtesy to them. I think it is worse to offend with indifference or non-compliance.

First, here are several definitions from MerriamWebster’s Dictionary. These words are used frequently in this article and these definitions are accurate descriptions of my meaning of each, when used.

SOME CLASSIC EXAMPLES OF CHIVALROUS BEHAVIOr • Holding open a door to allow someone the ease of passing through

1. Chivalry: ” an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women.”

• Standing up when a lady enters the room

2. Gentleman: “a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.”

• Opening a car door for a lady

3. Lady: “a woman of refinement and gentle manners.”

• Taking off your hat when indoors

While it has been widely reported today that chivalry is dead, I refuse to believe that. Call me a romantic, but I believe that people can still coexist and behave well toward each other. Chivalry is seen by many people as old-fashioned, even impractical. However, what most people are revolting against is a pre-conceived notion of constrained behavior conveyed by the word. Call it whatever you want, but people still like being treated nicely and being around other nice people. Being a nice person is a valuable character trait. “Gentlemanlike” and “Ladylike,” are accurate terms for describing the “Chivalry” that exists

• Pulling out a chair at the table for a lady

• Allowing a lady to pass, or go first before you

A chivalrous individual considers the needs of others and acts accordingly, often prioritizing them above their own personal needs.


How a man conducts himself at the table can show a lot about his character. So, when dining in the company of others, use proper table manners. It will show that you care about their company and that you want them to have an enjoyable experience. For example, if you want something, ask for it, don’t reach over and take it. Be sure to put your napkin on your lap. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t

talk with your mouth full. Use one hand, not two, to drink from your glass. Don’t play with your food, or spear your food, rather collect it onto your fork or spoon. Sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table. Don’t make a mess and clean up after yourself. When you need to leave the table, excuse yourself, and then do what you must do and return quickly.

SOME TIPS FOR THE TABLE • When presented with a large assortment of silverware, don’t panic.

• First, begin by working from the outside to the inside (see diagram). On the left side are forks, in this case there is one for an appetizer, a salad fork and fork for the entre. On the right side are a teaspoon, a soupspoon, a table knife and a serrated knife (for cutting meat). Above the plate is a spoon and fork for dessert.
 • To eat a roll, tear off one bite size piece, butter it and eat it, put the remainder of the roll 
back on the plate with your knife, until you are ready for the next piece (have enough butter on hand in advance). • A small portion of sorbet served before your main course is used to cleanse your palette. 
 • Only cut off three pieces of meat/chicken/ fish at a time. Eat each, one piece at a 
time, and then go back and cut three more. 
 • If you need to dispose of a bad piece of food, bring your napkin to your mouth and expel it.
 • If you are given a bowl of water with lemon floating in it, use it to clean your fingertips. This may be given to you when ordering greasy type and/or finger food. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


{ YOU CAN BE... } While it has been widely reported today that chivalry is dead, I refuse to believe that. Call me a romantic, but I believe that people can still coexist and behave well toward each other.

For further reading on this topic and others, I recommend “Emily Post’s Etiquette” book. In my opinion, it is the most complete guide on many of these subjects and has been recently updated.


How a man chooses to dress can also show a lot about his character. So, gentlemen, below is an example of a basic wardrobe. For business, a dark grey or navy blue suit is always appropriate. Select a white dress shirt. Add a cream, pink or blue shirt for variety. Choose a traditional pair of black shoes with a matching belt. Match your socks to your shoes. Choose an assortment of tasteful ties to finish your look. For more of a casual business look, choose a navy blue sport coat and a pair of tan slacks add a pair of brown shoes, matching socks and belt. A white or light colored oxford shirt would be best here. For outerwear, select a light colored trench coat with zip out lining and a dark wool or cashmere full-length coat. Choose a matching scarf, hat and gloves. Boots or rubbers are optional. For leisure, select a few pairs of casual pants in various colors and a good pair of jeans. Add a pair of comfortable shoes (sneakers, deck shoes, loafers, cowboy boots etc.) and add a matching belt. Choose an assortment of tops (polostyle, t-shirt, turtleneck, 196


crew neck). Add a vest and/or sweater to complete the look. These wardrobe items can be easily put together in many different combinations to create a wide variety of looks, to suit many situations. If you are interested in a more complete commentary on male fashion, I recommend,

“The Handbook of Style: A Man’s Guide to Looking Good,” by Esquire.


Chivalry is an appropriate way to outwardly express your self. Your behavior is something that you can control. It can get you noticed, in a good way. I am fortunate to have a husband who embraces chivalrous ideals and always treats me with respect and tenderness. I wish this for others too, as I feel the idea of chivalry, as well as civility is often overlooked, but so very important in this day and age. We are so blessed to have the freedom to choose how we are going to behave, treat others and present ourselves, that shouldn’t we make our best effort to do it with class and grace and thoughtfulness? Remember to always treat others, as you yourself, would want to be treated. ###

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Your Fit Firm & Learn Membership

“Together we will so that on your own, You can�



If you’re a penny pincher, chances are you learned it from your dad. And we’re all for staying on a budget! There are some things, however, that deserve a… “practical splurge.” We have a few product recommendations that could give your dad’s grooming routine the onetwo punch it needs!




Dads are busy people. They’re living their own lives and answering our questions about plumbing and taxes. So why not get him a product that fits in his busy schedule? He can wash and condition all in one, thanks to this fan favorite.


There’s no need for dads to rely solely on caffeine to perk up when they’ve got this shampoo in their corner! The combination of natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender invigorate the scalp. Once he feels the refreshing tingle, he’ll be on his way to becoming a morning person!


Dad can’t seem to get enough of Tea Tree? He can experience the energizing sensation from head to toe with this gift

set, which includes a shampoo, treatment and body bar.


Thank to Hawaiian awapuhi, this product doubles as a leave-in moisturizer for your hair and an excellent moisturizer for your skin. One product that has more than one purpose: that has DAD written all over it.

HACK YOUR SUMMER HAIR Summer. It’s the season of chilling poolside, catching a ball game and enjoying the sunshine. Don’t let the best parts of summer wreak havoc on your hair. We consulted Chris Hogg, a kickass Paul Mitchell® stylist in Los Angeles, for his tips to hack your summer hair.

Paul Mitchell: Hey, Chris. What should

guys do about hair that feels more like hay from all the chlorine exposure?

Chris Hogg: Make sure you shampoo after getting out of the pool and the sooner, the better. Grab some Double Hitter® to get rid of any chlorine residue.

give it a good scrub to break up that hat line.

version of your favorite styler.

PM: We have a feeling that one’s going to

Written by: Paul Mitchell Team Posted in: Products, Men’s Grooming and Style #welovehuesalons @welovehuesalons #welovehusalons

PM: Good to know! And what about hat hair?

be a lifesaver. One more question. What are your tips for hair that is… a little worse for wear because you’re getting a little overheated?

CH: Hat hair is bad. No way around that.

CH: The more you tend to perspire, the less

If you’re going to wear a hat all day and then take it off, you’ve got two options: use some Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® to refresh your ‘do or wet your hair again and

product you should use. That being said, most product has a staying power that lasts 4-6 hours. If you’re going to be out all day and into the night, you should carry a travel-sized ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



with a healthy dose of Paul Mitchell’s hair repair treatment which repairs weak, damaged hair and improves strength, texture and elasticity. Thefinish; to others known as style, was a classic set with a modern twist. Utilizing Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum to reduce blow drying time and to increase shine. Paul Mitchell Express ION XL brushes and Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray were all used together to create volumeous waves and increased shine and manageability. At Hue Salons we make sure that experience and presentation is highest priority. Everything is very clean and crisp in the salon, with bright white and silver decor for a high class feeling. We even give every guest a bottle of VOSS water.



Each brush that is used has been cleaned and is individually wrapped right at the artist’s station. The presentation of each brush being brought out in front of the guest and unwrapped allows the guests to feel as if they were the first one sitting in the artists chair. The brushes were used in a modern way to create a roller set for Maja with each brush being intentionally set in a way to create body and movement. When the Maja was finished in the artist chair, she was then brought over to the makeup station. She got to sit in a Directors chair and have the option to have her makeup touched up, or completely applied. This is an option for all of our guests. Each artist in the salon is trained in Cao Cosmetics, a high definition brand based out of LA; the owner Alee a good friend of mine

is also the owner of a Paul Mitchell School. Alee believes in the HUE Salons brand and was able to fly out an educator to Rochester to train the team when we first opened. Each station is adaptive with an iPad to enhance and engage each guest. The iPads are used to give a blueprint of your haircut and color placement, so every time you come back to Hue Salons you are able to get the exact haircut no matter what artist you see. If this is the experience for only a haircut, just imagine what the experience would be for a color? Stay tuned for next month when Rochester Woman Online owner Kelly Breuer talks about her experience with me and her new color, style and look. It is going to be something you won’t want to miss!

You wouldn’t drink dirty water, then why would you breathe dirty air?



Join Maureen McGuire, Adam Chodak, Emeterio Otero, and the Rochester Mambo Kings to celebrate the successful educational programs of the Ibero American Action League! Supporting Early Childhood Education Sponsored by Vision Auto Rochester Riverside Convention Center Saturday, June 17, 2017 256-8900

Actual images taken from our State-of-the-Art air duct camera system.

Give us a call or visit us online to find out more about having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

(585) 820-3135



You Wouldn’t Drink Dirty Water; Why Would You Breathe Dirty Air:

How would you feel if you realized how dirty your air in your home was and what you were breathing. Do you realize how air duct cleaning will benefit your overall health and wellbeing? The average 6-room home collects over 40 pounds of dust a year and most of the dust comes directly from your air ducts. Disturbing…, right? After looking into this I found that we have an amazing local company here in Rochester that is known for getting the job done right, but as well as trustworthy and reliable. This is when Phil Zona comes in to play, owner of Craftsman Custom Design. I met Phil to talk about business on a rainy day for breakfast at Charbroil off of Monroe Avenue. I quickly learned that Phil loved his job and was passionate about what he did and how he helped many families. I learned how even by having your air ducts cleaned it can not only save you money by enhancing the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system, but it also improves the health of those with allergies and other respiratory problems. The company has been in business for 50 years and it was 202


3 years ago that Phil took over the family business. As a small business, they strive to improve in an industry where customer satisfaction is the key to success. Their goal is to work closely with their clients to create an environment that is a reflection of their needs. They believe that open communication is extremely important in achieving their desired results. Phil says they pride themselves on meeting budgets and scheduling requirements. Their professional

crew makes sure that their installation and remodeling experience is positive and enjoyable. Their philosophy is that you get more than what you pay for! This Rochester native is not only passionate about his business, but a devoted family man, who is married with three kids. He lights up when he talks about his family, as we shared pictures of our kids. I asked

Phil what makes him so successful in an industry that requires to be in and out of people’s homes…and he said hard work and quality work. One thing for sure he stands by his work and work ethic that he is also trying to instill in his kids. “People have to trust me coming into their homes,” Phil said. I want to provide the best service so they become long and trusting customers. What makes an entrepreneur? Phil says you have to be willing to learn, always looking for ways to grow and expand in many different ways. “An entrepreneur is someone who is always looking for different ways to better themselves, and looking for opportunities to progress,” he said. He always knew he wanted to be in the family business growing up, and having that in his vision allowed him to cultivate in his father’s footsteps and into this business. Motivation is key to any business, and for Phil his motivation comes from his family. “My family motivates me. I want to provide and take care of them as well as set a good example for my kids!” Phil says with a smile. I asked Phil what makes business leaders think differently? His response, “business leaders need to think ahead. Not be in the present but beyond that.” Listen to your team is rule number one as well as important to communicate as efficiently as possible.

Now what does this family man love about living in Rochester? “It is a great place to raise a family,” he says. He loves how the community reflects a push on family with great events and works together. We did of course start talking about strong and weak traits and it also amusing how people view themselves. Phil did say his strong trait is that he never gives up and his weak trait is that he over analyzes everything. Where can you find Phil during his spare time? He loves to go fishing and love to

be creative and make things out of wood, he says. But staying healthy and active due to some injuries, Phil likes to hit the gym! Phil showed me the power of belief, and how much he believes in his company and what they stand by. He is a true business man with eyes set out to the future and growing his business. Be on the lookout as he may have other surprises up his sleeve! Oh and fun fact, his sister Rebecca, is the owner of The Kids Room and The Men’s Room. Be sure to check those out as well.

As Phil would say, “Breathe Clean. Breathe Healthy. “ Be sure to check out Craftsman Custom Home Design, and let them know you want to breathe clean and breathe healthy!



3349 Monroe Ave Pittsford Plaza Rochester, NY 14618 585-586-6860 106 Greece Ridge Center Dr. Rochester, NY 14626 585-371-3194





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You pick up a girl at a club and get lucky enough to bring her back to your place. Things start to get hot and heavy and you start to undress each other. She has on the sexiest underwear that forces your manhood to salute in appreciation. . And what will she find when you remove your pants? Stained, ripped, out of style briefs, or stiff, poorly fitting boxers?

If you don’t think that women notice or care about your underwear, then you obviously live under a rock. You should spend as much time picking out the right underwear as you do choosing the right cologne or properly manscaping your manhood. So here are a few suggestions.

The days of wearing bikini briefs are gone. In fact, it is hard to believe that they were ever a popular choice. And, although it may be vogue in Europe, we live in the United States. And, let’s be honest, you should never put on a pair of underwear that remind us of our favorite childhood cartoon character.

If you like wearing boxers, don’t be cheap. You can purchase quality, name brand boxers at discount department stores. Trust me, getting a decent pair won’t break the bank. There is nothing appealing about the look and feel of cardboard. Lean towards silk or cotton, not some creepy synthetic blend. And you need to make sure they fit properly. Tight boxers don’t make you appear well endowed; they make you look awkward. And if they are too big, we will assume you don’t have a clue what size you are, you are too lazy to look at the label when picking them out, or you are wearing some fat guy’s hand me downs.

underwear, think again. It is a ridiculous look and most men do not have the kind of body that can even support that style. There are mixed reviews on the “nudie” look. Many women agree that it can be very sexy…but only, and I cannot stress this emphatically enough, ONLY if you have impeccable hygiene. If you’re the kind of dude that doesn’t wash his jeans very often, then keep your junk covered. On the other hand, if the woman feels that your jeans are clean and your parts are freshly groomed and cleaned, the “no undie” look can be quite a turn on. The general consensus from men, women, heterosexuals as well as homosexuals was that boxer briefs are your best bet. The way they form your body can definitely work to your advantage. It gives us a hint of what we can look forward to. Briefs also make it so there are no panty lines. Seeing underwear lines are as tacky on men as they are on women. So please take a minute to go through your underwear drawer. Anything ripped, stained, or abrasive needs to go. And if you put something on that is too big or too small, toss it. We want your clean, well-groomed package wrapped appropriately.

If you think women are turned on by the hammock or the G-string type of ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017









I can honestly say that I have met a man who regularly and reverently treats his fellow humans like they are important and worthy of respect. I have recently co-authored a memoir about Justice Joseph D. Valentino (Ret), and spent a multitude of hours interviewing him about his life in and outside of the courtroom. When Justice Valentino retired in December 2015, an article was written about him that declared he had 30+ years on the bench and showed humanity during all of those years. The article was spot on. Anyone that knows the Judge would agree that he is a great man who is all about people. He shows them respect, dignity and compassion, even when he sees them at their worst.

Sometimes you get to meet a real live superman. Not the kind with extraordinary superpowers like bending steel or leaping tall buildings. I am talking about someone who consistently displays super human qualities like compassion, respect and dignity for his fellow humans. These types of men seem too good to be true.



I have listened to countless stories about how even the people he has put in jail, have nothing but good things to say about him. One of my favorite stories is when one of his sons was working at Zweigle’s and the butcher came forward with a butcher knife in his hand, wanting to know if he was the son of Judge Valentino. The butcher went on to say that the Judge put him in jail, but that Judge Valentino was a good man because the butcher had deserved it. When you have those who have spent time in jail come back and say something like that, it truly is a testament to the Judge’s character. That is only one of many stories that I was told from those who were defendants in his courtroom. The Judge is also fair. One of the stories that illustrates that best is in 1983, he was new to the City Court Bench. It was standard procedure back then to have Prostitute Raids and as a condition of the prostitute’s release, they had to have a physical examination to check for diseases. Sounds like a reasonable enough practice. The police also had “John” raids, whose arraignments Judge Valentino presided over as well. It was NOT standard procedure to have the Johns submit to a physical examination as a condition of their release. The Judge didn’t agree to that. He ordered the same exam for the Johns as for the prostitutes. Let me tell you that he caught flak for that decision. He didn’t care. He ordered the exams anyway. In his mind, it made sense to be fair and equal in that requirement for release. Ms. Magazine was so taken with his decision that he was featured in an article praising this new practice. The Judge thought equal

treatment was important and spent thirty years on the bench proving that. Justice Valentino loves music. He has consistently been a member of a band since he started college. I think the music and the band help him balance his work ethic and play ethic. When he became a judge, he didn’t want any ethics violations taking place, by getting paid for his gigs with a new band. So, he changed the name of the band to Giuseppi Scungili and the Screamin Seagull Revue. They are a twelve-piece band that plays for charity events. He gives of his time and talent to demonstrate his respect and compassion for others in the world, while doing something he loves. Honestly, I could go on and on about the Judge. I did actually – in his memoir called, The Trial of My Life. There are stories from the Judge, but also from his colleagues, friends, and family that all give testimony about the character of this amazing man. Anyone that knows the Judge, realizes that he spent a career in the legal and criminal justice system being the exceptional example of positivity for all who had an encounter with him. One of his moments of pride was saving 50 babies from being crack babies while he was the Drug Treatment Court. The look in his eyes gets animated, yet soft when he describes how wonderful it was to give those babies a better chance for success in life because of alternative sentencing and accountability in Drug Court. He sees those fifty babies, who have an opportunity to make great contributions to society, as a win for humanity. Come on out and meet the Judge at Midvale Country Club in Rochester, NY on June 29th from 4:30 – 7pm. The event is free to the public and you can pick up a signed copy of The Trial of My Life. Justice Valentino is a giant in regard to integrity and compassion. He made a tremendous mark on the New York State legal system. Additionally, the book is laugh out loud funny. The Judge used humor to survive 30+ years in the criminal justice system without getting jaded or cynical. That all by itself is quite an accomplishment - that indeed takes a special kind of man. That is exactly what you will find when you meet Judge Valentino.






How to Start Making a Place Your Space! Find Your Space Create a Theme Clean & Paint Gather Accessories Add Furniture & TV Create Rules! Sit Back & Relax!

Hey, Don't Forget the Ladies!

TH MAN E CAV E A Place to "be the man", to unwind, be alone to watch the game or hang out with friends with no distractions! It's a place to keep all your favorite "stuff" that makes you feel good or simply doesn't go with the rest of the houses decor. Create your theme around your favorite movie, sports team or favorite hang out. Use colors that make you feel relaxed and calm then add shelves for trophies and collections. You will have to add a comfy place to sit- an over sized leather couch and chairs maybe? A big screen TV is almost a must. Would you add a bar or at least a fridge? Don't forget the cave "rules" What would be in your man cave?!


A Place to escape from everyday busy noise from being a mom, wife, from work. A quiet place to relax, read a book or be creative! Take over that garden shed -add paint, outdoor carpet, comfy chair, table for crafts, shelves for novels, battery lights & maybe a small cooler for a refreshing drink! How would you use a SHE SHED? What would be in it? Let me know on Facebook or email! Susan Aser

Associate Broker

She Said He Shed or He Said She Shed? Why not create an outdoor retreat to share or maybe a private "staycation" from daily life stresses?

Sound like something you want to try and create? Have questions on how it can effect your property value? Visit my website for more suggestions and ideas! RE/MAX Plus



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You may think you can save some money by waiting – staying put or refinancing your current home. Your current property will appreciate in value over the next few years. However, purchasing now with an ultra-low rate on a more valuable home will see much higher appreciation. Buying now means that any appreciated value will go into your own net worth, while waiting will simply translate into a higher purchase price down the road!

BUYING VS. RENTING If you don’t already own a home, now is the time to make that investment! A report by Trulia (October 2014) shows that the average cost of homeownership (mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc.) is considerably less expensive than the cost of renting. In the Rochester area, buying is 45% less expensive than renting!* Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage, and invest in a home of your own!

*Data according to

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{ SOUL SENSE } What a great issue to share Soul Sense, the male/female dynamic. Usually when we think male/female we think relationships. Ahhh, deep breath. Actually, everything we experience is a relationship. The word relationship means; The way in which two or more concepts, objects or people are connected. So, on that note, all things are connected energetically first. For the purpose of learning and applying this let’s refer it as Masculine/Feminine.



In Soul Sense, I will break it into three components to make it easier to understand. First the emotional component, the feelings we have regarding the situation must have a source. This source will be what thoughts you have about the concept or person. Now the science, these thoughts create a vibration which determine the frequency of the now relationship. The Law of Attraction, which is fueled by your emotions to magnetically bring to you, hold still or even repel, conditions, opportunities and possibilities. This is a universal law that is in motion always, whether you believe in it or not, it is a truth we are all here to understand, accept and our actions will be determined because of “It”. So how does the male/female dynamic fit in to this. Well from a Soul level there is no gender, race or separation. There is however separation when we come into the human experience. I know, deep breath, right now you are either feeling “I know this” or “What is she talking about”? Either way I did not create the concept, it comes from truly being connected to something beyond the physical, that when applied into all your experiences, relationships, choices and challenges frees you to be the one who creates the quality of your reality. The female energy is the emotional, intuitive, the nurturing, healing aspect. The male is the mental, protective and action. We then have a third aspect of our consciousness, the Spirit. The Spirit is the connector for the personality, to the Source or Soul level. We now have

the link to the highest part of our Self, the highest frequency we can express from as a human being. One of our human challenges is to have peace in our purpose here. As spiritual advisor, or medium, which is one who mediates between the spirit and the physical worlds, I would say it is one of the most asked questions. The emotions that come from the need to find, keeps it as a search, a search creates an emotional vibration of absence, which the Law is now bringing you in ALL experiences. Who you are with, jobs, careers and even your finances are affected. Yes, money is an emotional relationship. Is this an area of your life you would like to be more at peace with? The thoughts you have must be in alignment with creating what you are responsible for and what you dream to. When we embrace the highest truth, we will be in harmony with the male/female expression of our consciousness. Choices are being made through the intuitive, nurturing nature and confidence and action are taken. Now the conditions of your relationships, who you attract, opportunities and possibilities will be in that frequency. Bringing this down to human level, you will be recognizing what makes you happy, love comes from within (you don’t need to be loved, you are love). Your creative gifts are expressed and your search is over. The happiness allows you to see the hurts you may still hold and so importantly to step out of the repetitive details and thoughts of why and heal. This stops patterns of the most destructive behavior and frees you to feel the essence of who you really are. An expression of masculine/ feminine and Spirit. Living in your highest purpose an opening you to happiness, health and abundance in every relationship you are in and will be in on this journey. Now take a deep breath, how does that make you feel? For more on Beth’s services or to make an appointment visit




4 Ways to Go on Vacation Without Going Into Debt BY RACHEL CRUZE


Your head is probably somewhere else. Maybe it’s on a beach somewhere, or in the mountains, or at Disney World with your kids. Am I right? Whether you have kids or you’re single, there’s an expectation that summertime has to include going somewhere for a week, staying in a hotel, and eating nice dinners. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love a relaxing vacation as much as anyone else! But the problems start when you go on trips you can’t afford. You don’t have to go into debt for a getaway! It’s absolutely possible to take a summer vacation without breaking the bank. Here’s how:


I know it sounds boring, but this is the most important thing you can do if you want to take a trip without going broke. Before you start daydreaming about a Caribbean cruise, take a good, honest look at how much you can afford to spend on a vacation this year—and stick to that number! Avoid the temptation to spend more than you have. Trust me, you’ll have more fun on your trip if you aren’t worrying about unexpected expenses.


Maybe you can’t swing a luxury condo on the beach this year. That’s fine. Challenge yourself to get creative about where you can stay. You don’t have to stick to the traditional trips, like the beach or a big city. Consider going somewhere smaller or 216


doing something totally new—like taking a family camping trip. National park admissions cost very little compared to the big resorts. And the memories you take home will cost nothing!


As the spender in my family, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of a vacation and spend too much, too soon. Just ask my husband! But the last thing you

want to do on your trip is blow all your food money at the beginning and be left snacking on cereal for dinner until you get home. Or even worse, go way over budget and leave your bank account in a post-vacation mess. So, set a daily spending allowance to cover all the food and fun.


Once you hit the highway, remember why you’re going on vacation in the first place. It isn’t about squeezing in as many big-ticket adventures as possible. It’s about taking time to rest, relax, and make memories. Don’t feel like you have to go out to fancy restaurants every night or pick up a new souvenir every day. Vacation is about quality time together, not the receipts and trinkets you collect along the way. Remember, the purpose here isn’t to spoil your fun. The purpose is to set you up financially to have even more fun later. If you simply can’t afford a vacation without pulling out your credit card, just take a year or two off from traveling. It won’t kill you. Don’t forget that vacation is a want, not a need. The best vacations are those that don’t follow you home. About Rachel Cruze

As a #1 New York Times best-selling author and seasoned communicator, Rachel Cruze helps Americans learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. She’s authored two best-selling books: Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father, Dave Ramsey. You can follow Cruze on Twitter and Instagram at @RachelCruze and online at,youtube. com/rachelcruze or rachelramseycruze.



When I think about my dad’s life, I understand that it was one of long hard work and responsibility without a lot of time to enjoy his own passions. He was a firefighter who became Deputy Chief of the Rochester Fire Department, but he also worked at a host of additional side jobs that included: truck driver, carpenter and field service rep, all outside of his primary career. It was not uncommon for my dad to work more than a hundred hours a week, but I never remember him complaining. With all of his work friends taking early retirements, my dad took pride in his longevity in his career. However, he also shared with me that he didn’t know what he would do if he retired. I brushed it off with the old, “you deserve a break, you’ll finally have some time to do what you enjoy.” Then much to our family’s surprise, at 65 years old after 42 years as a firefighter, dad announced he would retired. As the obligatory retirement celebrations and congratulations ended, my dad suddenly had no meaningful reason to get up in the morning. He was so busy doing what was honorable and responsible he forgot to take time to pursue passions in life that were enjoyable and special to him. It took dad two years before he woke up and realized that he could finally do what he wanted to do. Maybe because my parents lived on golf course or peer pressure from the other guys in neighborhood, he took up golf with a passion. Two rounds a day, golf vacations,

golf on TV, it didn’t matter, he now had a reason to get up in the morning and it was great to see. But the story doesn’t end there, he then added hobbies like photography, became a world traveler and he was later asked to speak before the US Congress on veteran’s issues when he decided to use his first computer for something more than a casual amusement. So what what’s in your wallet? Not the money, but the investment you have made in giving yourself a reason to get up in the morning in your life well before you retire. It’s your life and enjoyment is just as important as hard work and responsibility. If you haven’t started to find your hobbies, think about what makes you happy. Alone or with friends there are a million things you could be enjoying every day when you retire if you plant the seed now. Everyone knows about hobbies for senior men like golf, fishing and card playing, but if that isn’t your thing, what else could you pursue in retirement? Here is a few hobbies that can bring joy and satisfaction while exercising the mind, body and soul.


Haven’t you ever wondered who you ancestors were? Where they came from, what they achieved or what their lifestyle was like. With a computer and a few hours searching, you can begin to discover your familiy’s past. Sites like can make it easy to get started, but once you find a new family member, try Googling their name and location and in various ways and you may be surprised at

what you can find. I have found articles in old newspapers about great things my family has done in past, but also public notices about not so flattering things they have done. There are also photos on historical sites that go back to the mid-1800. Genealogy research is a never-ending hobby that explodes with information once you get started and is a great hobby to share with the grandkids. Also, be sure to invest in one of the blood test like AncestryDNA or 23andMe. Our families have had reveal parties when the results came back, it can be life changing to know your lineage gong back thousands of years.


Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) or mobile phone to hide and seek containers, called “caches” at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook. The “Geocacher” enters the date they found it and signs it with their established code name, in order to prove that they found it. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it in its original hiding place. Typically, Geocachers leave a small token in the container for others to swap out with their unique items when they find the cache. Spending a few hours or a day on a Geocach hunt while driving and then walking across the countryside or city streets can be interesting and a unique way to spend the day ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




When it comes to having a retirement that has purpose, I can’t think of one thing that has more purpose than giving back to the community you live in. Having a reason to get up in the morning to help others in need will keep you young and energize your spirit. With literally hundreds of not-for -profit organizations in every city and town who are always in need of people who care to volunteer in support of their cause, you can personalize your choice of how you give back. Depending on your personal passions, experience and your physical condition, you can build homes, deliver meals, read to children or volunteer on a not for profit board. There is truly a way to give back to your community for everyone in every phase of senior life.


This is a mystery that no one knows the answer to, as you write the story of the mystery as you go across the countryside. The idea is to simply pack the car with picnic basket full of finger food, a nice bottle of picnic wine, some folding chairs, your best camera, road maps, GPS, pad of paper, your favorite tunes, 220


some cash for expenses, a tank full of gas and a sense of adventure.

raining or snowy days when you don’t want to get out on the road.

Your job is to pull out of the driveway look at your companion and then decide which direction to turn. Pick a direction on the compass and stick to it with no particular place to go. Get out of town and see what the roads present to you. Unpredictability is required and frequent road stops to explore unique and interesting things are the objective. Talk to people you come across, take photos, record notes, stop to buy from road side stands, an antique memento, a bottle of wine or and artisan’s craft.

What’s on Your Mind? We would love to know what you would like discussed in future issues of Senior Lifestyles. Knowledge is power when it comes to creating the best lifestyle for seniors and their care providers, so let’s start a dialog on what matters to you. Feel free to contact me directly.

The mystery trip can be themed like historical, cultural, waterfalls, vistas, food/wine or invent as you go along. But be sure you get off the highway and visit those names on the map that sound interesting or funny. On mystery road trips, I have found beautiful waterfalls, delicious pickles, a stable to go riding and an archeological dig. Each one is different and each one can create a story to share. When you return, take your notes, directions, photos out and create a log of your adventure. This part of the adventure is the hobby for

Jim Payne has provided consulting and held executive positions for companies offering senior living/care communities and servtices. Jim is a certified Eden Alternative Associate and has also held a three-year cabinet position with Leading Age New York, the premier association of senior living and care communities. Seniors’ Choice Communities is a developer of senior living and care communities serving the needs of upstate New York by offering independent and assisted living communities with unique upscale amenities and services including the new Chateau at Heritage Square in Brockport.

Chateau at Heritage Square

ENJOY CATERED LIVING With unique amenities and services, Chateau at Heritage Square was created from the ground up to genuinely enhance the quality of life for seniors without all the worry, obligations and unpredictable cost of owning a home. • Located on a wooded property near the quaint Victorian Village of Brockport • Six luxurious apartments styles from studios to 2 BR-2 ½ Bath 1,400 sq. ft. • Apartments include: Granite counters Stainless steel appliances Washer & dryer in each apartment Tiled baths with walk-in shower Fireplaces Weekly housekeeping and linen services All utilities (except phone) Flat screen TV FREE cable and Wi-Fi internet • Meal plan at Madeleine that is open to the public • Clair de Lune cocktail lounge that is open to the public • Services Free Transportation services Valet parking Concierge services 24 hr. maintenance and security Personal emergency alert system • Amenities Luxurious salon and spa that is open to the public Modern fitness center that is open to the public Pet friendly community Library Extensive arts, cultural and educational activities calendar Educational collaborations with the College at Brockport

NOW OPEN! Call us today to select your beautiful new apartement

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Empathy in Action: Teaching Good Citizenship at Young Women’s College Prep Te a c h i n g g o o d citizenship is an important part of creating leaders, and at Young Women’s College Prep Charter School (YWCP), they know that it doesn’t happen by chance. Schools that weave meaningful service learning into their classrooms help students build empathy for others, and improve problem solving and critical thinking skills. William Deresiewicz, author of the book “Excellent Sheep: the Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life, wrote: “The goal of education should always be to leverage learning as an agent of social change.” That’s why on April 27th, the entire YWCP student body spent the day engaged in service learning projects for YWCP’s second annual Day of Caring. All 320 students spread out across the county, volunteering for as many

as 20 different organizations. Many of the groups collected items for local non-profit agencies, including the Open Door Mission, Goodwill, and Wilson Commencement Park. Several groups of students visited local elementary schools and Head Start programs to mentor young children. Other groups cleaned up the beach at Lake Ontario and the trails around the YWCP campus. The projects were developed and designed by the girls during their Advisory with the help of their advisors and school counselors. The students researched and contacted the nonprofit

organizations and determined how they could best support that organization, advertised for donations if needed, and executed the project to completion, all the while gaining an understanding of civic engagement. Principal Toyia Wilson said, “YWCP’s mission is to educate the ‘whole girl’ and to help our students become leaders who also know how to serve. Having this school-wide day of service pushes them out of their comfort zone and allows them to see the world from a different perspective. It also gives them an opportunity to live out the part of our school creed that calls for them to become ‘leaders of community.’” 7th grader Alyssa Mosher, who helped ser ve meals to people in need at Cameron Community Ministries said the experience made her want to volunteer more often. “This was my first time volunteering, but it was pretty fun and I like knowing that I’m doing something good,” she said. Not only did our students’ service help others, research shows it will help them to become happier, more successful adults and future leaders. Just what our community needs. (pics attached)

“YWCP’s mission is to educate the ‘whole girl’ and to help our students become leaders who also know how to serve. Having this school-wide day of service pushes them out of their comfort zone and allows them to see the world from a different perspective. It also gives them an opportunity to live out the part of our school creed that calls for them to become ‘leaders of community.’”




A Combination Of







For this Men’s issue we decided on a combination of beer and grilling because they may like these things too. We had fun playing around and experimenting with flavors and ideas. Here are a few favorites that you can make your own with your recipes. Salmon with Beer Béarnaise – This one is very interesting. We often pair salmon with seared citrus and even a blueberry sauce but don’t really use a classic Berniece that often. This version “lightens” up the sauce by using beer. We chose Genesee Brewing’s Orange Honey Cream Ale and it’s a winner. The light citrus of the orange seems to brighten the richness or the béarnaise. Simple Service over a salt and pepper seasoned grilled salmon portion. I will do this again and again. “Beer Can” Chicken – Great to experiment with. I have seen this “technique” in books forever but have managed to always find another way to roast a whole chicken. The method makes perfect sense, steam the chicken with flavor from the inside while crisping and roasting from the outside. I choose two beers, a lemon ginger from out of towner Boulevard Brewing and then reused their can for round two with local bottle choice Three Heads Freddy D Lager. Two distinct flavors. You will be happy to know it works like a charm and you will also be happy to know I’m not going to share the process photos with you lol. There’s just something about. Steak with Scotch Ale Demi-Glace – The trip behind this dish is as good as the dish. You get to go to McCann’s Local Meats. You get to pick out a great steak. You get to stay for a sandwich and call it “research”. When I did get back and after a short nap this is what we came up with. Simple salt and pepper grilled

steak topped with Demi-Glace. here is my feeling on this. You get not only get what you pay for, you also get out of it what you put into it. You can make your own or you can buy good and add to it. We did the later and added Three Heads Rochestafarian Scotch Ale with the reasoning if we like it, we can try others without making whole batches. We liked it very much. *A quick note, I would leave the sauce on the side in the future for a better balance of quality meat and quality sauce. Beer Shortcake – Grilled Peaches and Pineapple – Maple Ale Reduction – This one is great because all the beers get to play. Try the Scotch Ale in the biscuit dough, try the fruitier IPA’s in the maple reduction then switch them again. It’s not overpowering and you really pick up the flavor in a gentle way. Simple process again. Light oil on the pineapple and peaches a few minutes on the grill each side. Find a nice biscuit recipe, work the beer in. Get some decent NYS maple syrup, add your beer and reduce over medium heat. Perfect. Thank you for spending the time with us. Ejnoy. Enjoy!

Julia K.




Do men devote as much time to their mindbody-spirit connection as women do? Which area are they more focused on? And how do they handle the stressors of today’s demands? Here are a couple of guys around town who answer these questions from a man’s point of view.


Personal training is one of the thing’s Leon McDaniel does best. Lifting weights is another. Fortunately the two compliment each other! He’s just beginning his practice and is filled with enthusiasm. Physical strength and health are his inspiration. To get bigger and stronger. To look good and feel good. “Most people want that but they don’t know where to begin. They may not be willing to put in the time or they may not think they can do it.” Leon admits that it takes commitment to body build. But “when you take charge of your body, you get totally charged”. He says anyone can become fit and healthy. Body building is like any sport. It takes practice. And it isn’t just about the body. It’s a lifestyle that “prepares you for anything that requires long term determination and every day dedication.” What does a typical day look like for a body builder?

LM: Nutrition is 75% of the

game. The other 25% is spent at the gym. Meal prep. Your diet is high protein, low carb, 5-7 meals per day plus supplements. A typical workout starts with heavy lifting, lightening up as you progress. It may last 1-2 hours. You’ll need to incorporate more and more advanced training methods into your routine as you continue. 226


How does this connect with mind and spirit? Is meditation a part of physical fitness?

LM: Although it’s not required, Meditation can

help strengthen your mental capacity to destress, stay focused and determined. The mind plays a significant role in mastering your routine and achieving your goal. Breath plays an important role in lifting. It’s also the essential element of any meditation technique. Yoga, in terms of physical factors, helps to increase flexibility, balance and injury prevention. Guys who are trying to lift for hypertrophy

(enlarging their muscles) are his ideal client, although he welcomes women, too. A colleague is so jacked that her husband is annoyed because her muscles are bigger than his! What does a woman need to know about a man’s body, mind and emotions? LM: As a body builder, you make a lot of sacrifices like not going out and partying. Your body is your canvas that you’re shaping. Men have a more competitive mind set. You’ll be essentially competing with every male around you. You’re besting yourself and others. It’s a lot of hard work. Staying motivated is key. If you’re looking for a trainer and you want to sculpt your body, check in with Leon on FB.

MINDFULNESS TRAINING WITH DR MICHAEL KRASNER There’s a growing need for Mindfulness training in our culture today. Especially among demographics with higher rates of stress. You may not realize it, but your physician falls into that category, with a higher rate of suicide than the general population, over two times higher. Fortunately there are plans in place to combat this statistic. Dr. Michael Krasner has two practices: Internal Medicine and Mindfulness. He was inspired to learn more about Meditation after reading Jon Kabatt-Zinn’s book, Full catastrophe living: how to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation, released in the mid-1990’s. He believes this practice extended his father’s life by several years after a diagnosis of a terminal disease. He was inspired. And before


{ MIND, BODY & SPIRIT } Dr. Michael Krasner has two practices: Internal Medicine and Mindfulness. He was inspired to learn more about Meditation after reading Jon Kabatt-Zinn’s book, Full catastrophe living: how to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation, released in the mid-1990’s. He believes this practice extended his father’s life by several years after a diagnosis of a terminal disease.

He was inspired. And before he knew it, he had inspired others. He taught his first meditation class in a park lodge to a few friends. From there, it naturally expanded into the medical community. Today, 15 years later, Dr. Krasner leads Mindfulness retreats internationally with an annual retreat held locally at the Zen Center’s Chapin Mill retreat center in Batavia, NY.

MK: I spend a lot more time in what is referred

How does the medical community benefit from this work? How does it benefit others? MK: There’s a growing body of empirical data

What does a woman need to know about a man’s body?

that is connecting the wellness of your health professional with the quality of care he or she delivers. To the rate that one’s burned out, there are higher rates of errors, higher rates of disruptive behavior, personal illness of the physicians. This can relate to any profession. Burnout equals all of the above. Mindfulness addresses the stressors and shifts the levels to manageable by providing tools.

MK: The effects of chronic stress on one’s lives can cause them to ruminate, to be at a higher risk of hypertension, heart disease, thyroid disease, depression, memory disorders, immune disease. Stress doesn’t magically go away. Mindfulness helps us to relate to stress by bringing a nonjudgmental awareness to it whereas Yoga helps to build awareness of the body in a noncompetitive, non striving way. Both are useful tools to manage stress. A beautiful description of what Mindfulness looks like is how Dr. Krasner describes his own practice. Yes. He does sit in quiet meditation. He moves through physical yoga asanas (poses). And he lives mindfulness throughout the day: 228


to as the informal practice ‘present moment awareness’ many, many times a day. Every time I step into a patient’s room, I tell myself this is what I’m doing. I’m crossing the threshold. I literally say those words to myself as a way of bringing myself into the present moment. Here come the tough questions.

MK: Women are more prone to the stress

that occurs when comparing how one really

is to an idealized image of how one should be. If a woman looks at a magazine with an advertisement, she may respond by saying, ‘Nice looking person - too bad I don’t look that way’. It’s more of a risk than a man. A man may look at a picture and respond with, ‘Healthy dude - I’m going to start working out more’. But I may not compare myself - I may be more inspired. We see this in adolescent eating disorders, more prominent in female gender.

What does a woman need to know about a man’s mind? MK: When I’m engaged

intellectually with someone, I’m not aware of a gender difference. I don’t find that to be different. We are of equal cognitive capacities.

What does a woman need to know about a man’s emotions? MK: Women are freer and more

emotionally in touch than men. Men’s emotional lives are harder to access. It may be the risk of being vulnerable and showing that vulnerability. Men get a rush of pleasure hormones when we watch football. It’s almost like watching the fight or flight response because we get a charge out of that. This is evolutionarily true - without it we wouldn’t survive the threats that surround us. Vulnerability. Now that has not been reinforced. I’ve never really thought about that. If we can create structures that would reinforce being in touch, recognizing emotion, being able to show it, it would become easier for men. Alana Cahoon is the Founder of Grow 2 B U, providing a holistic approach to transition, leadership & entrepreneurship though creative coaching & meditation. To learn more about her Signature Program, Mindfulness for Professionals, visit

Embrace the strength of gentleness.





In recent years, more and more opportunities are popping up for people to become business owners. These opportunities are in the form of Multi-Level Marketing Companies. These are great for a few reasons, one being that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They give you all the tools necessary to become successful, and they offer a you help with through your up line or other sellers. Most people have even heard of your products or company making it even easier to sell to them, you don’t have to spend a few meetings letting them know what you offer, instead you can dive into the different products. They already recognize the brand. But with everything you do, you still need to make sure you are promoting this company or products in the right way. Some people still feel MLM’s are bad, they only remember the pushy sales people 10 or 15 years ago. Here are 10 tips that can help you reach those top rankings in your company.

will massively increase your self-confidence. The more professionally you can deliver your message, the more people will tune in and listen. Think of the lives you will touch and of course the more money you will make in your business. Learning to present well is an investment in yourself.


Don’t be impersonal, people buy from those they know, like and trust. How can they get to know you if you won’t let them get to know the real you? You don’t have to be perfect, you can talk about the challenges you have faced, your beliefs, your family, even your hopes and dreams. Doing so gives your prospects more opportunity to identify with you. By them being able to relate to your stories will show the they too can do this.

Not every pitch will work for everyone, take time before you go to present the products or the business, to do a little research to ensure you’re presenting at the appropriate level. If your presentation is too lightweight, you’ll bore them; too in depth, you’ll confuse them. Either way, they will switch off and your words will fall on deaf ears. In the beginning, you can look to your audience for clues this is happening, you know the glazed eyes, the fidgeting, the looking at their phones. Take note and adjust.

2. WIIFM: (What’s In It For Me) Yes, we

have all probably heard this, but it’s worth repeating as it’s so often forgotten. Ask yourself what are the challenges faced by this person or this group of people? How does your specific business opportunity/ product solve their problems? Focus on giving them the answers to these questions rather than talking about the mechanics of your offering. Your audience must feel you’ve prepared your presentation specially for them, even if it’s essentially the same one you’re giving all the time. Make them feel like they are special.


the most important skills any network marketer can hone is that of becoming an accomplished speaker. Being a great speaker impacts so many other areas of your life, and as an added bonus


One of the biggest fears of network marketers is that of being faced with doubting prospects or those who dispute what they’re being told. Most of us unfortunately are the type of people who want to dig in and fight. What this will do however, is turn the discussion into an argument and work against you. When faced with negativity, always start your answer with “That’s an excellent question…” and continue with your viewpoint. Wherever possible, try turn things around to make your audience right.



We have all been there, we are just so excited about our products, we delve right into the features of the products, what works and why. This can be all very exciting once you’ve had your first wonderful product experience, but it doesn’t make for a very exciting lead-in to your presentation. People want to know about results they can expect to achieve. They want the bottom line what’s in it for them (remember tip #2). There’s plenty of time later to get to the details, trying to start this way could send most of your prospects to sleep. Tell stories, people feel more connected and engaged when you take them on a journey. Use your own story or a case study of someone you know. Use motivating words, remember, not just the facts, there are feelings involved too.

7. MAKE THEM LAUGH: When people are having a good time and laughing, they feel more relaxed and open. Every situation

you have been in has a humorous side and a sad side. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell the tragic stories, just remember to end on a happy note. There is a golden rule: move people, make them laugh, make them cry, then they will buy. I know this is a more advanced technique, but if you learn how to do it, you’ll increase your success rate.

8. DON’T TELL – ASK: People don’t like

being talked too, they want to be part of the conversation, instead of telling your prospects everything, get them to answer questions with you. Open a dialogue instead of saying “Did you know that only X% of people retire financially free?”, try “What percentage of people do you think retire financially free?”. This will help get your prospects involved and if you word your questions correctly, you’re leading them to the purchase decision rather than pushing them into buying.

9. GIVE THEM A REASON TO ACT NOW: Many network marketers

will give a great presentation and then wimp out at the end never asking for the order. Your prospect’s motivation and willingness to buy will never be higher than it is at that moment. Make sure you use this to your advantage and give them the final push they need. Think of one or two reasons why they should place their order today and give them one of those reasons. You can do this by offering a special bonus, or mention that prices are about to increase, or there’s an order deadline coming up so they’ll get their goods sooner. You can let them know you’re placing an order and they’ll save on the postage, or you’re offering a discount on orders placed today. I am sure you can think of your own incentives, whatever they may be, let them know what they are so you can secure the sale. Angella Luyk is a national award-winning business owner at Angella Luyk LLC, Midnight Janitorial, and One Stop Janitorial and Office Supply. She understands what business owners go through and wants to help end the struggles with proven techniques. For more information check out her website or send her an email Bring her donuts and she will provide the coffee. Connect with her today and start taking your business to the next level.








Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Orlando Ortiz and his family moved to Rochester, NY in 1991 and have resided there since. “I was 10 years old when my family came for vacation to visit other family members, next thing I know, we are staying”, shares Orlando with a smile. He is the oldest of three.

Coming to Rochester was a much different environment than in Puerto Rico. Back home, Orlando’s family were living in the mountains but in Rochester is like a melting pot. They always live around family and they always attended and went to Family functions, hang out with cousins. As far as school goes, Orlando and his siblings had to do their homework before doing anything else or going out. His parents expected them to stay and finish school.

Rochester is one of the cities that have the largest Hispanic communities. A lot of Latinos are moving up to the suburb. There are many different agencies and organizations that support them such as Ibero. For Orlando it is important to make sure that everybody is aware not only about the programs and services available to assist the Latino community but also that they know that everybody is welcome to any of the events organized by the Puerto Rican Festival board.

Orlando attended Edison Technical Vocational High School specializing in machine shop technology. Upon graduation from high school, he attended Monroe Community College and graduated earning his Associate’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Orlando then continued his education and attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a Master’s of Business Administration. Orlando has worked in a Manufacturing environment since 1998 and as a Manufacturing Supervisor for the last 3 years. He currently works at The Gleason Works in Rochester, NY.

Orlando tells us, “Being able to put all those people together and reunite the community for us as a board that’s the pay back. When we see people coming in and having a good time, we know that we have been able to be very well organized and it is definitively very fulfilling”. The festival is not only for Latinos. People who attend like the music, the different entertainment and of course the family environment.

Orlando got the volunteer bug and working ethics from his parents. “Dad was always working and my mom always took us to volunteer at different events. So as I was growing up, I felt that I also needed to do it, it was kind of almost natural”, shares Orlando. He wants his children to follow his footstep and their grandparents sample of giving back and contributing to their community. “I am glad for the opportunity I was given back in high school to volunteer and have role models that guided me thru the right path” shares Orlando. Father Dennis was the priest in his church when he was young and he was able to teach Orlando and be a mentor. Even to this date Orlando sees him as kind of his example. There was also Luis Burgos who was on the Puerto Rican board. Orlando seeks his advise at different stages in his life. Luis is still there for him as he goes thru life. While at RIT, Orlando joined Latino America Unida, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. where he got involved with different clubs on campus holding various executive board positions, help setup community services with the Rochester community, and improving his leadership skills. He currently serves as the Alumni Advisor to the local Chapter. Through Lambda Alpha Upsilon, he volunteered for the Puerto Rican Festival. He volunteered a couple of years and then joined the Puerto Rican Festival board as the Volunteer Coordinator in 2005. Going on his 12th year on the board, Orlando has served on the board as the Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, and since 2008 continues to serve as President. Orlando is also the current board chair at The Housing Council at Pathstone. Although Orlando has been the Puerto Rican Festival president for only 8 years, the Festival is celebrating its 48th year ( His goal and plans for the festival right now is to secured the financial part of it. They start looking at sponsorships and try to secure funds in the first quarter. He is also always looking at how to improve the children’s area and give it the kind of carnival type feeling and to have great entertainment.

Having an engineer background has been an asset for Orlando. He approaches every board he serve the same way he does when he manages a project. At the beginning is was a bit of a challenge as he tried to establish connections, network and just learning to work with the sponsors, with the different organizations and creating a mutual partnership. Orlando with grace and a gracious spirit has successfully created strong bonds with everyone. “We do few events throughout the year. People that might not want to go to the festival or can not attend would like to attend other events celebrating our culture throughout the year. Such as the Latino comedy night, the Latino Film Festival, La Parranda, The Puerto Rican Pageant, Vino con Sabor”. Orlando and his PR board has been able to make these events very successful and well supported. Orlando and his wife Denishea have two children, a four year old and 1 and a half years old. They live in Rochester and they have a lot of family here as well, so Orlando feels that they have pretty significant family support, which is great. It’s a learning stage for them in terms of how to raise a child. Danishea is African-American. As a couple the music, the food, the language is an important part of raising their children. “They are going to pick up the English very quickly so we try to teach them the Spanish language. Make them aware that these are the things we do as a family. As far as tradition and culture”, says Orlando. Orlando and Danishea want to make sure they do everything they can to put their children in the right path. “We want them to look up to us and say my parents did this and that is what I want to do. This is what you are expected to do and follow that footstep. Being there for them, being a role model and having open communication to share whatever is going on in their life”, says Orlando. Orlando is proud that he and his immediate family members went to college and have careers. Growing up in the inner city in Rochester, looking at other people he grew up with makes him think; “was I really supposed to be in this position. I am proud that I was not another statistics”. He is thankful that he had the support system to go to school and go to college. As a father he wants his children to not forget where they all came from so they keep things in perspective. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




June brings to us far more than the end of our children’s school year, the beginning of summer, the promise of family vacations and without a doubt, patio time with friends and family. What it also brings us is the one month that is dedicated to the men in our lives. Our fathers, our beloved husbands, our children’s uncles, and for my children, especially Grandpa! These men all began as someone’s son with mothers as adoring as we are. As such, we begin as their home base, one of their best friends, their cuddle partner, and over the years, watched so proudly as they discovered their passions and individuality. We support them and pray they will go far beyond our dreams for them developing into confident, successful, happy and healthy gentlemen. For myself, as a mother of 2 amazing boys, one thing I have always accepted with honor is responsibility to teach them to embrace the honorable place they will hold in many women’s lives. This is a responsibility I passionately accept and have positioned as a foundation of our mother son relationship. No matter what the relationship they have with any girl or women in their life: friend, husband father or uncle - their future will bring a call for them to provide support on many levels. As my husband and I journey down with this path with our sons, we are steadfast in keeping their mind, body, and spirit strong and thriving. And, while this journey continues unfold, there is one part that has been surprise blessing. While most of you have read over the past 2 months, our family is committed to therapeutic grade essential oils - Young Living Essential Oils to be specific. We are always mindful of opportunities that we have to get the yuck out of our lives, live chemical free and feed our mind body and spirit with all the goodness that nature offers. While essential oils are often regarded as something women primarily embrace, there are countless benefits that they offer to men all ages that help them be healthier, stronger, emotionally confident and THRIVING! Now getting back that surprise blessing: It was my husband’s embracement of essential oils!!!!! While my husband is solely responsible for 234


introducing essential oils to our family, it initially began with a focus on me. As a conquerer of bone cancer, I am dedicated to educating, evaluating and embracing ways to keep myself healthy and well. My husband however has never been one to pay much mind to his health or the presence of chemical or toxins in his life. To level set, he is not one to get sick very often and in general is not concerned with living either a clean or ‘unclean’ lifestyle. Furthermore, any time something does arise with his health, he traditionally seeks out common remedies and moves on. And it is for this reason that when essential oils first came to our home, it was a transition on many levels. Recalling in the first month alone, there were at least 40 ways we saw changes regarding the calmness in our

home, the focus during homework time, fewer sleep challenged nights, easier breathing and less sneezes from the spring outside influences and more. And, over the next months and year as my children and I experimented with more and more essential oils we continued to see the same head turning results. We were all in! Fast forward to July of 2016, my husband’s 51st birthday, I began to notice my husband’s needs changing regarding his health and wellness. Some of these changes were subtle, some more noticeable, and most I don’t think he even noticed. As I reflected, I was certain that the majority of these changes were just part of a natural process we all go thru, men and women alike. But, I wanted to learn more,

for my husband and children. But what did come abundantly clear was that men, women, children, seniors, babies - everyone has individual needs and there is no one set of rules or needs for everyone. The one connection is that all our needs fall into three main areas of our wellness areas: our mind, body and spirit. You see, our well being is really an incredible balancing act. If you can envision like plates spinning atop a stick - all the plates must be attended to, kept in motion and balanced. If one plate is not given enough attention it can slow, wobble and eventually fall to the ground and break. As I learned more about my husbands needs, I quickly saw the connection that essential oils have to supporting them in so many ways. As well, it opened the door for us to have some of the most personal conversations that we have had in a very long time. As I said, it is my belief he didn’t even realize some of these changes were occurring. Some as simple as changes in his skin, his digestion, his energy and yes his emotions. From these conversations, he was open to small changes in some of his personal care items, what we diffuse in our room in the evening and even what he drinks and eats. For our whole family - this balancing act will continue for our lifetimes. But I what I know to be true is we are both unique but not so different. A Lot of it really starts with being open to noticing and talking about changes we go thru. Coming full circle, my husband now has more open conversations with our boys. His perspective has dramatically changed . We work to embed self awareness for our mind, bodies and spirit - and in almost every case - Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are front and center! I invite you to read thru the infographic as it helps to demonstrate some of the most common needs that our gentlemen have along with tips and tactics on how to easily support these needs. To hear more about our story or learn more about how the men in your life - all ages can benefit from Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in their lives.

ADD SOME EXCITEMENT TO YOUR WATER THIS SUMMER! FACT: The average woman applies over 300 chemicals a day to her body just through soaps, makeup, shampoos and hair care products. 80 of those are applied every day before breakfast. What to learn more about getting those numbers down, get the yuck out, live more chemical free TODAY. See why 80% of women choose Young Living Essential Oils in just 30 minutes to start living chemical free. Click here to learn more http:// This month only 10% SAVINGS on your finalized enrollment and a complimentary personal body scan to see just what your body needs!


S Dear Sarah,

Hi, my name is Cherise and my boyfriend’s name is Pascal. We have been going through a lot for seven months. We were unemployed and had to sleep in our car after our landlords decided to sell our place. We’ve been trying very hard to get back on our feet. Now we have jobs, but we are still living in our car. We are planning on moving to Vegas next month because it’s so expensive here in California. I would like to know if we will find jobs in Vegas and not become homeless again for the third time. Thanks, Cherise


Dear Cherise,

I want to first acknowledge that I’m writing from a place of privilege and I understand there are many factors leading to your struggle that are a result of oppressive structures within our society. I feel that my response should include messages from the angels as to how to end homelessness on a global level, but I don’t have the space to do so. I see that you are a loving person and you work very hard in creating a stable life for yourself. I’m getting messages that blessings are coming your way, but you must believe in yourself in order for your dreams to come true. This is where the true challenge lies. You are feeling a deep sense of shame regarding your situation, yet overcoming the shame is the key to finding happiness and success. I’m seeing a loving, grandmotherly figure coming through. Did you have a grandmother who passed? You must believe you are loved and cherished even if you are getting the opposite message from the people who surround you. I’m also seeing an image of you with a small baby girl. Perhaps this will be one of your future blessings when the timing is right. You will find housing in Las Vegas as long as you believe in the possibility that good will come your way. It may start in a motel, but that will be temporary until you find a more permanent home. Pascal either has a job lined up or will get one soon. I see you caring for adults in my mind’s eye. Have you thought of working as a care provider or a nurse? There are two ways to work towards fulfilling your dreams. One of course is practical. You must put effort into looking for work and places to live. Just remember that you did not create a world in which homelessness exists, so you shouldn’t have to navigate your way out by yourself. Here’s a website to find resources on homelessness prevention in Las Vegas: html/nevada_eviction_and_homeless_p.html The other method involves spiritual practices that will lift your vibration. The angels are asking you to write a love letter to yourself. Congratulate yourself for all the wonderful ways in which you make the world a brighter place. This includes anything from smiling at a stranger to caring for an elder. Write that you are truly deserving of having your own home and creating a loving family. If Pascal is open to it, visualize the place you would like to live in and write down the characteristics together. Imagine that this place is already yours and notice the feelings of peace and contentment you have. Say thank you (whatever higher power you believe in) for providing us with the perfect

home as often as possible. Place sticky notes all over your car with positive affirmations such as “I am smart”, “I am being cared for”, “I am loved”, “I am enough”, and anything else you can think of that will help increase your ability to love yourself deeply. Visualize walking through your new home and make it as detailed a vision as possible. How is it decorated? Imagine washing the dishes, doing laundry, eating breakfast at your kitchen table. Imagine what you’ll be eating for dinner the night you move in. Cherise’s response: I know people go through ups and downs in life and I’m trying to get back on track. I’m trying to stay patient and I’m trying to keep my mind focused on other things that are positive. I’ve been singing in my head to distract myself. I don’t believe in myself at times because I have dyslexia and I’m afraid to do things that involve reading or spelling. I really want to work on it so that I will not be afraid to pursue what I want in life. I’m ready to do that now. I’m ashamed of the dyslexia. Yes, my grandmother passed away seven years ago. I miss her so much. I want to get back to my spiritual meditations, but I’ve been working all the time to make as much money as I can. I hope to have a baby girl so that would be amazing. I have thought about caregiving and I may look into that when I move to Vegas. Sarah’s Response: You are very smart, and being dyslexic has nothing to do with your level of intelligence. You can go to www. to learn more about available resources and support. There are millions of successful adults who are dyslexic, so you are not alone! In regards to your occupation, if I saw you as a caregiver and you were thinking of going into that line of work, that means the angles are providing validation that this would be a great path. So many doors will open after you face your fears regarding dyslexia. Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration! Please email your question to asktheangels777@ Feel free to visit my website if you’d like to learn more about my work at or find me on Facebook at @sarahitkinintuitivehealer. DISCLAIMER: Despite confirmed psychic ability, intuitive visions and messages are not always 100% accurate. Therefore, Sarah Itkin and any sponsors must disclaim any and all liability to all persons and parties who act or rely upon her intuition. This column is for entertainment purposes only.



He started in the farrier industry trimming and shoeing horses in 1974. He was first introduced to blacksmithing and farrier work through my membership and association with the Boy Scouts of American while a staff member at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.



I’m a graduate of New Mexico State Farrier School under Mogan I. “Razz” Rasmussen (1974) and the Illinois State Horseshoeing School. Through his association with the Boy Scouts he earned an Eagle Scout with palms. He’s also an Ordained Minister, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He resided in Upstate New York with my wife, Christine, and our four children. In Recognition of Distinguished Accomplishments, Achievements and Contributions in Advancing the Farrier Industry, He was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame in February 2011. He was one of the farries for the 2010 Alltech FEI Work Equestrian Games in which only two farriers represented New York State. He also served as one of the Farrier Team Members for the Dressage Test Event at the 2010 Kentucky Cup. Esco was has been awarded with an Outstanding Presentation Award for a lectures given at the 2009 and 2011 International Hoof Care Summit.

He’s also written several farrier related books, forms and articles. He frequently lecturing around the US and world including places like: Norway, Denmark, and Germany. He’s a regular contributor to farrier magazine on articles about farriery and small business managment. A Farrier is a person who professionally attends, trims, and/or applies any device

to the hooves, nails, claws and feet of any animal. (2000, Esco Buff, PhD-I, APF, CF). Often people incorrectly refer to farriers as blacksmiths, trimmers and horseshoers. A Blacksmith works with metal and fabricates (makes) tools, art, etc. A Horseshoer describes what some Farrier’s do, apply shoes to the bottom of horse’s hooves. A Trimmer describes what some Farrier’s do, only trim animals hooves. The correct term is Farrier. So a farrier is a person who attends to animals feet, trimming and protecting. Many farriers just work on horses, drafts and ponies with an occasional sheep or goat. Esco frequently work on horses, drafts, ponies, mules, donkeys, sheep and goats. He also occasionally works on private and public zoological and farm animals including: hedgehogs, elephants, giraffes, camels, rhinoceros’, zebras, zedonks, onagers, cattle, oxen, llamas, alpacas, moose, deer, kangaroos, chickens, turtles and rapture. No schooling is required to become a farrier. Over half the farrier’s attend a Farrier School with about 25 schools currently in the US. Half the farrier’s also mentor with other farriers to gain more skill and knowledge. Only about 5 - 10% of farriers are certified and work on CE (continuing education) credits. Farriers are needed for many reasons. Domesticated animals (animals living in our environment) and Agricultural animals (farm animals), need to have their hooves/ claws/nails trimmed as they

generally do not move around enough to wear them down or the substrate (the ground they live on) is not the same as their natural environment. They may need protection because of diseases or how we use them such as riding, pulling sleds/wagons/equipment, pack animals… They also may need correction due to injuries or conformational issues (body or limb problems).

foot/claw/nail with boots/shoes/wraps that can be nailed, glued or strapped on.

A farriers job is to evaluate each animal they see to determine what is needed. Those services may include just to trim the feet/claws/talons/ nails of the animal or if needed, protect the

Most farriers work out of a mobile units. Some work out of there own shops at home but most farrier’s travel to the animal to do their work. There are a couple types of farriers. A

How often a farrier is needed depends on the animal and how it is used. Horses are generally seen by a Farrier every 5 to 8 weeks, about 12 times a year. Goats/Sheep about 2-8 times a year. Zoo Animals, some never to 1-4 times a year.

General Practitioner is a Farrier who routinely attends to an animal. A Specialist like myself is a Farrier who specializes in a breed of horse, or a certain animal, or a disease, or a problem with a horse…. Currently Esco is celebrating 43 years in the industry and enjoy going to work everyday as each day can be so different as well as challenging.



BARB AXELSON 315-420-3538



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These are the Rules that Mike and I have set down for Date Night and they are actually pretty awesome rules. This gets us out of the house and lets us interact with each other and with real live people. We have found ourselves at dinner, movies, and bars which always ended up with us sitting there and always checking our cellphones. Cellphones are an easy way of distracting ourselves when we are bored or uninterested. We have found ourselves even talking with each other and somehow back on the cellphones. Not because we are bored, but because it is too easy to become distracted. We might find ourselves wanting to show the other person something we had seen, or we are looking something up and an hour later we are still on our phones. So, we have decided at least once a month we would be doing something new that follows the rules listed above. We have been to a few new places in the last few months and we are truly enjoying our adventures. This month in honor of the magazine being all about Men, I had Mike decide what we would be doing no matter what it was. We were driving down West Ridge Road and saw a van parked in front of the sports dome that had NVP on it and Mike was that’s where we are going! Mike just finished up all his hunting courses and he was itching to get out shooting so it was

only logical that our date night would involve shooting paintballs at each other. When we walked into NVP we were greeted kindly and was shown how to use our paintball guns and how to fill up the hopper (this is where you can put up to 200 paintballs at a time in the gun). Mike and I went with the basic package of $20 a person for the paintball gun, 100 paintballs, and paintball googles.

We also bought another 500 paintballs to play with for another $22.50. Not really a bad deal for paintballs. You can bring in your own paintballs and paintball gun if you wish. There are 4 different packages to choose from with one of them including an upgraded gun that shoots faster and harder (I believe I got shot by one of these). We decided to start out at the beginner level of paintball, no need for us to get hurt because we had no idea what we were doing (That’s a lie, I’ve played before and tend to be pretty good with a gun). We got there when the open play was just starting which was a good idea. They start with the beginner level, this is when each team must stay on their own side of the field and shoot across. As you get farther into open play and more people show up they split the crowd into beginners and advanced. In the advanced play, the players can cross the midline and “hunt” each other down. They end up flip flopping between the rounds of beginner and advanced later in the evening, we did not stay that long. We were excited about getting out on the field and start shooting the paintball guns. We ended up not buying any of the protective gear because for the most part the paintballs don’t hurt (accept when they don’t break and leave a huge welt on your thigh…at least I wasn’t called out of the game. If the paintball doesn’t break you technically didn’t get hit). NVP does have coveralls, knee pads, gloves and a few other protective items for sale. You don’t really need the coveralls because the paintballs are made from corn starch and wash right out of your


clothes. They also smelled like chocolate! NVP is all about being safe on the field and off the field. They will kick you out if you don’t not adhere to the rules of keeping your safety on and the barrel covered when off the field and your googles on at all times when on the field. When we were all set to get on the field we put our googles on and stepped out on the playing field. Mike and I were put on the same team. Each game is set for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off to load back up on paintballs. On the first game out, I got shot twice… The first one didn’t explode and I have a beautiful bruise on my thigh the size of a softball. The second one took me out of the first round. Mike also got hit. The second game survived, but Mike didn’t. We played a few rounds on the same team and I of course

made a comment about the guy not wanting me to shoot at Mike. The rest of the games the referee separated us. And of course, we shot at each other. We didn’t end up getting each other but we both made it through most of the games (I lasted more than he did, but of course he won’t tell anyone.) We really had a lot of fun and we both recommend checking out NVP either in Webster or at their other location in Spencerport on West Ridge Road. It’s a very interactive and physical game and really wasn’t that expensive. We spent around $60 which is about average of going out for dinner or going to a bar. NVP has recently moved from University Ave to 701 Phillips Road in Webster where

they have an outdoor paintball facility. They also have batting cages which can be rented for 30, 60 or 90 minute increments. NVP has open field paintball every Friday 5-10, Saturday 5-10 and on Sundays 1-5. Ladies, just an FYI, on Sundays it is free admission for women with the purchase of paintballs! $20 savings or a better way of looking at is $20 for more paintballs!! We will be frequenting NVP once again in the near future. Hope to see you on the playing field!

{ IT’S A RW SECRET } This month in honor of the magazine being all about Men, I had Mike decide what we would be doing no matter what it was. We were driving down West Ridge Road and saw a van parked in front of the sports dome that had NVP on it and Mike was like that’s where we are going!



Greed. Everyone of us will be touched by dementia in some way as we age. Why not be prepared? Meet Ann and Vicky, two of the best friends you never knew you had, as they take you on their personal journey. Experience their days with dementia as caregivers for their husbands during the final years. Laugh and cry as you learn along with them. You’ll be glad you did! 5-star reviews! $15.95 ($3.99)

Available in paperback and e-reader Singing in the Rain: Weathering the Storm of Dementia with Humor, Love, & Patience …………by Vicky Ruppert & Ann Henderberg






Instead of using this gift to help make a difference in the lives of others, he was using it for selfish gain. His self-centeredness ended up costing the life of one of the only people who truly cared about him, his Uncle Ben.



“With great power comes great responsibility!” That’s what Uncle Ben told his Nephew, Peter Parker in Stan Lee’s Marvel comic, Spiderman. . Peter had been given an amazing gift in the form of super natural powers from a radioactive spider bite.

Of course, that is all just make believe, but I am a ginormous Spiderman fan because the storyline is a great reminder to all of us to use our gifts to make a difference in this life. You see, every one of us have been given different gifts, talents and abilities. We are all ignorant and gifted, just in different areas. We cannot all be good at everything, but we are all good at something. What we choose to do with the gifts or powers we have been given, really determines whether or not we live in survival mode, chase success, or live a life of significance. The fact is, most people live in survival mode. Simply trying to survive from one day to the next. We get up in the morning and make it through the day then fall into bed at the end of the day, just to turn around and do it all again the next day. We become slaves to the grind. Life becomes daily and monotonous. At best it is boring and at worst, it is painful. Others chase success in the form of fame, fortune, power and pleasure. Truth be told, none of those things can ever really satisfy us. Fame is fleeting, no matter how popular you are or how famous you are. At some point, we will all be forgotten. Think about it, a famous star at the very top of their game wins an awesome award like a Grammy or an Oscar and in less than a year, very few people can even remember the names of those who won. Fortune’s come and go quickly. Here today and gone tomorrow. The longer that I am on this planet and the more I see, I have noticed that the storms of life don’t necessarily

care about the size of your bank account. No matter how powerful you are, there is always someone a little more powerful or someone waiting in the wings to try to drag you down and steal your position. If its pleasure we are chasing as we seek contentment or satisfaction, it leaves us hanging too. The more pleasure we chase the more we want. We are never truly satisfied. For most, the more we chase the pleasures of this world, the emptier that we feel. Then there are those few heroic souls who choose to live a life of significance. I say choose, because it does not happen by accident. And by life of significance, I mean that the world is a significantly better place because of their presence. The way we choose to live a life of significance is by intentionally using our gifts, talent, skills and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others. There is a verse in the book of Luke that says “To whom much is given, much is required.” I believe God designed all of us with purpose. If He made you an artist, use your art to make this world a better place. If you are a musician, your music should be used to shape lives around you. If you are an athlete, it is not just for your glory, it is for you to be able to speak into the lives of others. Whatever it is you are good at, use that to make a difference that long outlives you. The life you live is the legacy you leave. BIO: Paul is the Pastor of Victory Church. Besides Pastoring, he trains Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the church community center. He helps train and invests his life heavily in our local law enforcement community. He is passionate about helping veterans. Paul was featured in the documentary on Netflix called “Fight Church”. Find him on Facebook and



Usually when I tell someone I’m a hypnotist, most people look down or away because they think by looking at me, they will automatically be hypnotized. The truth is, you spend 70% of your day in the hypnotic state of mind and it doesn’t feel any different than you feel now.

Another example of a common hypnotic state of mind is learning. When you were in school, you would follow directions, listen to teacher lectures, and memorize facts for tests. The state of mind needed to learn and memorize is also considered a hypnotic state of mind.

Most things in life are hypnosis. If you follow directions or learn something new, you are actually in a hypnotic state of mind. A hypnotic state of mind puts your brain “in the zone” and allows your mind to open up and learn new things. Hypnosis is a brainwave state. It’s the same brainwave state that exists when you are relaxed, imaginative, and creative. Have you ever been so engrossed in a movie or book that you find yourself crying, gasping in horror, or literally, laughing out loud? Your emotional response to what you were watching on the screen or reading in a book, was actually a brainwave state similar to what your brain does during a formal hypnosis session.

Let’s try a cool experiment Write down a feeling associated with each word below: CAR HOUSE

MOM FAMILY How long did it take you to think of a feeling for each word? Based on your experiences, pleasant or otherwise, the words may be different. Either way, it should not have taken long to think of a word since the feelings and associations are instant and automatic. When you came up with that word or feeling, you were in the same brainwave state used in hypnosis… and I didn’t even look at you! Hypnosis can help you change the associations and feelings that you don’t find as pleasant. You won’t forget what the object is, but can change how you react to that person, place or thing in your life. For example, I had a client who was involved in several major car accidents and had a hard time driving after those events. Through hypnosis, she was able to

Hypnosis can help you change the associations and feelings that you don’t find as pleasant. You won’t forget what the object is, but can change how you react to that person, place or thing in your life.

place those events in the past and replace her fears with a feeling of confidence in her ability to drive. She did not forget the accidents, but with hypnosis she could move past those events more easily. Think of Your Mind as a Computer Many of us are running on old software programs. These programs in our brains get the job done and allow us to function on a day-to-day basis. However, there is so much more room for improvement and slick features to make our brains

run smarter, faster, better. Hypnosis is a tool used to upgrade those old, outdated programs. It puts you in relaxed brainwave state so you can easily access parts of your brain you may not have known about. How would your thoughts, feelings or behaviors change if you had access to these upgrades? Hypnosis can help you get there. About the Author H. Douglas Jones is the owner of Jones Hypnosis and the Howie Hypnotize Comedy Hypnosis Show. He is a Board

Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Find out more at Howie Hypnotize Fast and Fun Entertainment M.Ed., Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor 585-406-1164

Call today to get started! Fairport & Greece locations


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This recurring column by David S Jenkins of Rochester Personal Defense, LLC will explore different areas and methods of personal protection and self defense. Topics will range from using specific tools, techniques, or even yourself and your mind as the weapon. The goal is to create a more aware and safer you! Questions or suggestions are welcome! This month’s column is about training and education. What are the benefits and how do you get involved? First, some background to get you started: Personally, I refer to myself as a lifelong student. Why? It’s because I believe one should never stop learning. Education is important. I know, you’re saying that you spent all that time in school so now it’s time to work and enjoy life, right? Well, here are some ideas as to why you should continue to learn because the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives! In my field, everything evolves. I am a self defense/personal protection/firearms safety instructor and I am continually looking for more training to educate myself and to help my students learn. If I can find a better technique or a more effective teaching method, then I’ve gained a lot. When I can bring what I’ve learned to my classes and students, they benefit as well. I read articles and blogs, watch videos, attend training whenever possible, as well as work with people closely to understand the nature of self defense. There are many reasons that you should learn how to protect yourself. Let’s start with some of the obvious ones first. Safety,

confidence, self reliance, fitness, and social interaction.

SAFETY. It sounds so simple, right? It

could be. Just by attending a self defense class or lecture, you are increasing your awareness level. You are making yourself better than the average person. You will also learn that you’re capable of protecting yourself, how to recognize a potential threat, how to minimize risk or

avoid a threat, you’ll learn how attackers profile their victims, and how to stop an attacker so you are able to get away safely.

CONFIDENCE. Training helps you

become more confident in yourself and it makes you more aware of your surroundings, which can help you to be prepared for the unexpected at any time. Many people have finished a self defense or firearms class and stated they now feel more confident, relaxed, and empowered!


Realizing that you are the only person responsible for your safety and the safety of your loved ones opens the door to a new sense of purpose. I’ve interviewed a number of victims of a crime of some sort and one of the common questions was: “Why didn’t the police stop them?” Unfortunately, law enforcement is reactionary by nature. The police cannot be there, everywhere, all the time, to protect you from becoming a victim. It is really up to you to ensure your safety because you are the one who will be there in that situation. Taking a self defense course will show you how to be an advocate for yourself and avoid depending on someone else to keep you safe.


Interestingly enough, fitness can be one of the more important key components to self defense. I’m not referring to just having the strength to fight someone. If you are fit, your chances of everyday injury are lessened, you feel better, you manage stress much easier, you are less dependent on others, and you stand a greater chance of prevailing against an attacker. In an attack, you are expending an amazing amount of energy


in a very short time. Various self defense skills such as kicks, punches, twists and turns can help increase your flexibility, strength and stamina. You might be a bit sore after your first couple of classes, but the more you attend, the stronger and more fit you become. Find a workout that includes cardio, HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, and weights. Social interaction. Attending a class will offer you the chance to meet other like minded people to share and learn from. You will meet people from different ages, backgrounds, career types, and more. This also gives you the chance to make new friends and connections! Now that I’ve hopefully talked you into coming to a course, you’re probably wondering: “What will I learn?” That’s easy, as I’m going to give you a few tips – just because you made it this far in the article!

In a course, you will learn easy to use techniques that are intuitive in nature. That means you already know what to do but you don’t realize it yet. Think of a time when you got startled, what did you do? Why, you brought your hands up in front of your face without really thinking of it, didn’t you? That’s just one of the many reflexive skills we use to show you how to be safe. Here are some other tips for you to try. Tip one: look around you and observe. You don’t need to study everything, just pick your head up a bit and look around. Look at people. Look at the area you’re in. You will be surprised when you start to notice more and more around you! Tip two: Don’t be afraid to be assertive. We are all conditioned to be nice, but sometimes it’s OK not to be nice. You don’t have to make

everyone like you. If someone is making you uncomfortable or is doing something that you feel is wrong or potentially harmful, especially to you, then say or do something about it. What can you do to get going? Come to a class at Rochester Personal Defense, LLC and learn what you are capable of and what you can do to be safe and secure in your life. Start or continue your self-defense education now and you’ll become confident with the knowledge and skills for your own self protection. David S Jenkins is the Founder and Primary Instructor for Rochester Personal Defense, LLC, based here in Rochester. Contact him through or at 585-406-6758 to see what programs he offers and how you can get involved.



The perfect solution for unwanted hair.


Non-invasive fat reduction.



*Before and after photos courtesy of Grant Stevens, MD, FACS.


Facial skin li ing.



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{ WOMEN THAT RISE } Men and women are pulled in so many different directions these days. We juggle roles and responsibilities that seem endless and the pressure to be everything to everyone can be overwhelming at times. And sooner or later, in one way or another, our significant others tend to get what’s left of us, not the best of us, like they deserve. Yes, it is unintentional, but each person can choose to honor their significant other by making them a priority. We can all choose to make decisions that say “I love you” rather than “I love me” or just “love me”. Those choices impact the health of our relationships. These choices include the things we choose to do and the things we choose not to do. It is all about choices. You may be 50% of your relationship, but you need to choose to give it 100%, even when you feel like you have nothing left to give.


“It takes two baby, me and you.” While it might be a fun karaoke song to sing, it is also good advice for a healthy relationship. It does takes two. Two people that are ‘in it to win it’ and that make good choices.

So here are 7 small choices you can make that will strengthen your connection and help you to honor your significant other.


One of the most impactful ways to help your partner feel loved is to be thoughtful of what they want and need. And then act on it. If both of you do this every day for each other you’ll both be happy. Look for ways to out serve the other. For example, make the reservation for the seafood restaurant your partner’s been wanting to try, even if you don’t like seafood. You’ll find something to enjoy, plus you can share dessert!


Scores are for games, not for relationships. You are team, not opponents, so don’t be so concerned with tallying up your good deeds vs. their good deeds. This may unintentionally invite distrust and resentment into your relationship. You might always end up taking the garbage out, but you don’t need to put that on the scoreboard. 1 for you, 0 for them is the quickest way for both of you to lose.


Most things we think are a big deal, really aren’t. Pick your battles. Approach annoyance and anger like a house guest who has overstayed their visit. You allowed them to come in but now it is time to go. Boot them out so you can make room and space for good things. For example, he left dishes in the sink, again. Take a deep breath, be annoyed, then put them in the dishwasher and move on with filling your mind with good thoughts. Hey, at least they made it to the sink. I’m sure your beauty products or shoes are scattered somewhere he doesn’t want them. Let it go.


Show interest by listening to what is going on in the life of your significant other. You may need to ask thoughtful questions to get the conversation rolling. Watch how their eyes light up when they talk about what interests them. It might not interest you, but you love them and you should respect them enough to listen and notice them. The longer we are with someone, the more patterns we fall into and we start to unintentionally ignore them. They are not a post-it note that has been sitting on our desk for too long. They are the one we chose to be with and deserve to be noticed, not ignored.


Two words, “I’m sorry”, can make all the difference when said honestly. Don’t be so concerned with being right or having the last word that you sacrifice the peace in your relationship. So many conflicts can be resolved quickly when we are direct, apologize, and move on to better moments. Even if we hurt someone unintentionally it helps them feel better when apologize by simply and kindly stating, “I’m sorry my actions unintentionally made you feel that way”. And if you are the receiving end of that statement, just accept it and move on. It took a lot for them to say “I’m sorry” because they love you enough to do so. So love them back my accepting the apology.


Be in each other’s corner. Stand up for one another rather than battling. Building each other up and building into each other makes a stronger foundation that is harder to break. When you are faced with a storm of life, a united front can stand the winds. And when you feel like saying something negative about the one you love follow mom’s advice: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


Laughing is good for the soul. Couples that laugh together stay together. Life is too short not to have fun. Enjoy each other on this crazy ride. It takes two baby, me and you. The choice is yours. To learn more about Women That Rise visit or find us on FB www. or on Instagram






Mendon 64 Restaurant will host “Pop Icons” art exhibit by Frank Argento from June 6 through June 30, 2017. An opening reception will be held Tuesday, June 6 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Mendon 64, 1369 Pittsford Mendon Road, Mendon, NY 14506. T h e Po p I c o n exhibit of original drawings and prints celebrates American pop and cultural icons in music and entertainment such as jazz singer Billie Holiday, the legendary Bob Dylan and psychedelic i n n ov a t o r Ji m i Hendrix. “Music has always inspired me,” says artist Frank Argento. “I listened to jazz while I worked and began to draw the faces behind the music. Later, I expanded to include other musicians, and celebrities because of their influence on me and in our culture.” Co-owner of Mendon 64 Hillary Stott says, “During the month of June we are excited to feature not only the sounds of jazz, but the sight of legendary and contemporary 256


singers and musicians on our walls by award-winning artist Frank Argento. His body of work is fresh and complements our casually, elegant dining atmosphere.”


Mendon 64 is a locally owned and operated fine dining restaurant offering fresh steak and seafood dishes along with weekly “Farm to Table” options. For more information, please call 585.433.9464 or visit www.


The Frank Argento Fine Art Studio offers original paintings, drawings and prints as well as commissions for portraiture to collectors, interior designers, architects, museums and galleries. For more information, please call 585.729.8081 or visit www.




digital tools to market and grow your business.

Most small businesses, no matter the industry, have the same two major challenges when it comes to growing their business: 1. Limited time to devote to marketing. 2. Limited budgets to allocate to marketing.

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important marketing tools for business due to consumer purchasing behaviors. In today’s world, many people take their purchasing research to Google before ever contacting a business. Consumers today are very empowered by the internet and generally research their purchase and the companies that provide it extensively before the business even knows they are in the market to make a purchase. SEO is a crucial component to marketing campaigns. On average, 90% of Google searches never make it to page 2 and 53% of them go to the first listing. This makes SEO a highly valuable marketing tactic that generates a robust Return on Investment (ROI).

For many, marketing becomes another task taken on by business owners that never quite makes it to the top of the priority list. When juggling payroll, inventory, legal, accounting, etc., it’s easy to see why most small businesses struggle to remain consistent and progressive in their efforts. Marketing takes time – and good marketing requires strategy, planning, development, creativity, and consistency. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it – but you don’t have to spend big dollars to get great results. The digital world has leveled the playing field for small businesses with many campaigns starting at only $500 per month. Most businesses spend more every month on entertainment! The first step is really understanding which tools are best suited for your business. This is where an expert digital marketing consultant comes in. It’s not enough to work with a general marketer. Digital marketing is very different from other forms of media and requires consistent training and development in the field. At the rate of change in technology, digital marketing consultants are constantly training, advancing their skills, testing new tools, analyzing data, and developing new strategies. This expertise ensures that your campaign reaches qualified leads, engages them, and ultimately converts them as a new customer. Without it, campaign dollars are inefficiently spent and results suffer. Below are 5 amazing 258




Search Engine Marketing has been utilized by businesses for years but still has not gone fully mainstream. SEM incorporates many different methods, including video ads, banner

ads, retargeting, shopping ads, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and more. PPC is a highly effective tool for businesses due to the methodology behind it. When we look at how consumers are making purchasing decisions, most people start their purchase journey on Google, researching the product or service they’re interested in. By targeting keywords associated with your product/service, we can target only people who are actively looking for you! Even better, you only pay when they click through to your website. PPC boasts an average 2:1 return on investment! When executed properly, this tool has the power to significantly grow your business!


Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm over the last year! Advancements in technology allow business to target their demographic in a way no other marketing tool can! Social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, has collected such intimate data on us for so long, it knows when we’re expecting a baby, getting married or in the market for a home or a vehicle. It also knows our job titles, our family structure, our interests, and it uses algorithms (very complex mathematical formulas) to make predictions about our behavior. This allows marketers to target your demographic hyperspecifically, leading to higher rates of engagement, higher conversions, and higher return on investment! The kicker? It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your business, with rates landing between $7 and $10 for every 1,000 people you reach with your advertisement – and remember, these are only people who fit your specific demographic, so no ad waste!


In digital marketing, content is king. What is content? Content is used to describe any digital assets you create.

This can include photography, videography, graphic design, blogs and more. Producing great content has taken the place of sales-y advertising gimmicks. People no longer want to be sold, they want to do business with businesses they feel add value to their lives, businesses they connect with. It’s crucial for businesses to understand their audience. Who are they? Age, gender, interests, geographic location? And more personally, what are their needs, what are their fears, what makes them happy, how can you help them? People don’t want to be sold, but they love to be helped. Understanding your consumer personas can inspire truly engaging, helpful and relevant content that brings people back to your business over and over again!


Does your business capture contact information from leads and customers? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity! A June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric found that email marketing has a median Return on Investment (ROI) of 122%. Email marketing can be used to share special offers, introduce products, collect customer feedback, request reviews and so much more! Email is a direct line of communication with people who have already expressed interest in your product or service so it’s easy to see why it has become such a valuable tool for small businesses. Although

many business owners fear emails go to spam or go unopened, working with a digital marketing professional greatly improves open rates (how many people open your email), click through rates (how many people click through to your website) and ultimately, conversions (people taking action with your business)! With these tools available and affordable for every business, there has never been a better time to grow your business! Contact our digital marketing professionals today and put the life force back in your business: Ciao@


Understanding WOMEN’S philosophies of MEN… BY LISA COVE

Over my lifetime of talking with the female species, I have discovered so many interesting transitions on thoughts about our male counterparts. I thought it would be fun disclose and dissect discussions on what woman really talk about when they flock together. From those giggly conversations in the high school lunchroom to the girls-night-out adventures, to the endless lunch/coffee discussions all the way to the girls’ weekends away, there are intimate, descriptive, comical and animated words shared among girlfriends about the men in their lives. From exciting, tantalizing frank reveals to the inner most frustrating thoughts, conversations always seem interesting. Let’s take a look at some manly dynamics. Men, all shapes, sizes, age, hormonal differences and baggage. Shapes/sizes; The physical preference. As much as women are considered more emotional mate choosers than physical, there are times in our lives when we look for that chemistry to be interested in a man. Funny how physical preferences can change over time. In high school, I seemed to go for the small, cute kind with no facial hair. I later married tall, thin and bearded. When talking to girlfriends over the years it seems that, in general, girls/high school women seem to desire a man to be cute, hot or sexy. Middle age ladies seem to add in the romantic, well-rounded, successful adjectives. Divorced woman admire the interesting, intriguing, emotionally available type; however, I have learned that both men and women need to find that physical attraction first before any connection can take place. Age; Are men just little boys? Playing games should help separate the men from the boys, right? Wrong! It seems grown men have desires of little boys when it comes to games; and I don’t mean, watching sports on TV, or playing in a sports league or even enjoying a game of pick up football on Thanksgiving Day. I mean that it has become the norm for men (ages 18-35) to sit in man caves for hours on end playing video games with each

other or with their girlfriends….ugh. What happened to our expectations of growing up? Is this a way of decompressing from the stress of the world? I can tell you from experience, the video games are quite extensive, full of energy, violence, exhilaration and an intense form of cat chases mouse all over the screen. How that helps to calm a person is yet to be convincing.

(estrogen) stability. The simplistic emotional environment seemed to be balanced with the physical energy of life in our home. There was not much verbal expression as compared to physical release. Me, being a “girlie-girl”, I began to rationalize that having all boys was the way the universe has provided my life with equilibrium, a sort of Ying/Yang philosophy.

Hormonal differences; Testosterone verses estrogen. I have lived in a household of all men for the past 21 years, consisting of my husband, my father-in-law (for 10 years), my 3 sons, 2 male hamsters and a male cat. I added a female Doberman during those intense testosterone years just to find some personal hormonal

Baggage; Changes over time. In my younger years, men having the proverbial baggage never seemed to be part of my female friend conversations. Not until my recent life stage have I noticed this at the forefront of girlfriend discussion. Maybe it is the age and life circumstance of my friends. We all have baggage, but it is very different as life evolves. The early male baggage is filled with competing with their mom for attention, their buddies for time and their male fun. Then there is their work; all-encompassing stress from a career and making a name for themselves. Recent conversations with friends seems to be about the divorce baggage; the X-wife, the kids, the X-in laws, the X-life! Trying to connect and understand a man with changing baggage is quite the challenge at any life stage. What do women look for in a man? Over the years of many dynamic discussions with women about finding that right man, it seems to be a complex equation of success. I can see why dating services have become so popular. Our society seems to be less mature at the age of when people used to marry. Focus on career and financial security is at the forefront of our ripe dating years. Social media has put an increased spin on public persona and what may be out there to pursue. Easy access to fast skimming of potential partners seems to cloud the real needs of human companionship. Communication has become virtual, easy, non-committal though text. Sharing available partners among similar groups of people has become a common entity through the sense


of who’s new on the market. I used to think that when you are young, it is easy to find that special someone. Now as I look at my own 21-year-old sons, I realize that they have “more important” things on their mind then dating. Women seem to be easily accessible to their needs without much commitment. There seems to be a loss of desire and need to date as compared to “hooking up”. The element of courting a woman seems to be old fashioned. With the divorce rate in the United States at about 50% http://www.apa. org/topics/divorce/, our young men seem to find few relationship models to emulate. This changes the structure of what a typical relationship pattern is leaving men and women to struggle with expectations. Women have changed too! Most women are brought up with the charge of getting a formal education to provide them with a financially and professionally supportive career. What was once a main objective (finding a husband), now has been replaced with “if he comes along then great, if not I’ll be okay alone” attitude

which has significantly changed the urgency of searching for that soulmate. The median age for women to get married increased by 4.3 years to 25.1 years since 1970. http://abcnews.

have no real substance (nutritional) value. The ones that are not good for us, but we can’t resist. We like them by our side, but we know deep down, we should not go there. When we do, we have this underlying guilt.

Have a little fun with me by comparing men in our lives to food courses; Appetizers; those that are samples, just a taste. Trying to see if you truly have a connection, those simple frequent dates. Testing the waters, per se. Grazing the cheese and veggie platter type. Looking for that right start.

If you’re on a search for finding the right man or if you just want to understand more of who your man is, it’s important to visit yourself on that journey. We innately choose the people we associate with, spend time with and let ourselves connect with. Yes, there is a certain chemistry that attracts us, but then what keeps us committed? Look at all the men in your life, from your father to your partner to your sons and your grandsons. Don’t forget the sons of friends and colleagues. These visions, these attachments, these new “normal’s” will impact the way you relate and view men. As with most everything, search inside yourself, learn to love yourself and be your own happiness and contentment before you share yourself with anyone else. Why?

Main course; usually the ones we marry. The ones we never really forget. The high school sweetheart, that seems to stay connected with visits to our hometown, high school/college reunions, or now the social media reconnect. That special someone that you just can’t shake off. He seems perfect in every way. Your days are filled with thoughts of him. Everything you see reminds you of this guy. You want your special life moments to be shared with only him! Dessert; the ones that look really good, but


The Jessica Thompson STORY BY KIT THERESI

THIS IS MY LIFE AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME! Let me tell you a bit about myself: I am 33

years young, a single mom of 2 beautiful very active boys, and working full time. Coming from a wonderful family that has experienced many health issues, I decided a few years back that I had to get fit. After my workout 7/14/16, the pain I had been experiencing had skyrocketed to the levels that were unbearable. On 7/16/2016, I made an emergency hospital visit. I was released that same night with lots of pain medication. The doctor gave me a cease and desist order. This meant no more working out; I had been working out since my first back surgery around 2012 in a tolerable amount of pain – I had to get in shape. It began a cycle of pills, work, home, pills and trying to sleep. My PCP sent me to physical therapy. The first session wasn’t bad, ending with time on the tens unit. It felt great. As time went on, the pain increased and I could do less and less. I worked with 3 different therapists to find a solution. None of them could relieve my pain. The plan was to do my 8 therapy sessions so I could obtain approval from my insurance company to get an MRI. Finally in September 2016, I was approved and got the MRI. The results AAMTIS in my spine Hydronephrosis (right kidney

25%). From these MRI results, the doctor wanted me to then get a Myelogram (basically a spinal tap with numerous pictures). On 11/18/16, the week of Thanksgiving, I received my Myelogram results. (1) Degenerative Disc, (2) Spondylolisthesis, and (3) Fractured vertebrae (unstable spine). This meant no more running, and nothing high impact. I had a few options that had

no guarantee of success. My options….. 1. Steroids for at least 2 years. Side effects: bone loss, muscle loss, weight gain, acne, and insomnia. 2. Surgery – Doctor didn’t advise my age group to have this surgery. There is no fixing. I could lose feeling from my mid waist down. Doctors were uncertain of my outcome. There was no guarantee of pain relief. It would be just a matter of time before another surgery would be needed 3. Do nothing. Live in pain until I go into depression from the pain, or until my back breaks. With such a great menu of choices, I did what anyone else in my situation would do. I got a second opinion. Unfortunately, it was the same answer as my first doctor. My age group shouldn’t have this surgery. The only difference was this doctor really wanted me to use the steroids. I was so angry, sad, and frustrated. Feeling very unsure of my future; I had talks with my family and decided to go against the doctor’s advice, and go with the surgery. I informed my doctor early December 2016, and to my surprise, my surgery was scheduled for January 11, 2017. In that short period of time, I had to tell my 2 young boys Robby and Riley. They had seen me struggle daily for years and especially since July of 2016. When it was time to let the boys know, suddenly I was faced with the thought…. Am I being selfish? It’s not just me who has to deal with this operation and recovery. This meant more time away from them. What is this

going to do to them? What if something goes wrong? What if? What if? My days were filled with what if, but I knew no matter what was going to happen, it was going to be okay. I COULD DO THIS! Once I resigned myself to that thought process, the tears came less and the doubt eased. Back tracking to early September, I had decided that enough was enough. Stop sitting on my ass and move. Having been on a constant round the clock of pills for the past 2 months, I was down to just over the counter medication. I started walking after work at Cobb’s Hill, just around the reservoir. Then I chatted with Kitty Teresi about returning to train. After a short discussion of what my limitations were, I started going back to my 2nd home… BEDROC! I would walk on the treadmill, not participating in either of my favorite classes; Semperfit, and Women’s Jiu Jitsu. As it got closer to my surgery, I participated and trained as much as I could with caution, but to go into my surgery strong. At BEDROC, everyone would watch over me. Constantly asking me “Are you Okay?” It felt great to be back with my gym

family. I would get texts, private Facebook messages from a lot of people just wishing me well, and giving me strength through their support. My older son turned 11, and I turned 33 six days before my surgery. As if this crazy surgery wasn’t enough, I ended an almost 4 year relationship and physically moved out of my townhouse – all my belongings were left as there just wasn’t enough time to pack up and move prior to my surgery. My last workout was the Tuesday, January 10, 2017. It was the day before my surgery. My partner was Kitty. That night I kind of went all out! What could I possibly do to break myself more? We all took a picture afterwards and it was just a great night filled with positive energy. Day of surgery: January 11, 2017. I got to the hospital at 6am. I quickly prepped for my surgery with my sister, Jodi Rizzo, and aunt, Mary Kirkendale. The doctors came and went. Then the anesthesiologist came in to do their thing. At 9:30am, I was taken to the OR. It was freezing (the usual OR temperature).

The team entered and greeted me. One of them placed my mask on and had me count backwards from 100 to 1. By 98, I was out!! The operation took about 4.5 hours. I don’t remember much. I couldn’t tell you if I woke up in recovery or if I saw anyone. My first memory post surgery happened at 6pm. I was in my room, and food was my first thought because I could smell it. (Turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans) I guess not eating for almost 24 hours will do that to you. It smelled great. My nurse came in, said hello, and took away the food. It was jell-o and chicken broth for me since my system was still waking up. I was so mad. I wanted FOOD! Then, as I realized I had a dilaudid drip for my pain and could press the button every 15 minutes. I was told I had to go for x-rays. The x-ray adventure started when the nurse realized that the moveable board to keep me stable as I went from bed to x-ray table was not put in my bed with me. She stepped out for a moment, and returned with a team of 5 or 6 to move me. I could hear her explaining to them that ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017


{ EVERYDAY PUSH } I started walking after work at Cobb’s Hill, just around the reservoir. Then I chatted with Kitty Teresi about returning to train. After a short discussion of what my limitations were, I started going back to my 2nd home… BEDROC!

they needed to move me. Further explaining the importance of being very careful because I had just had a back fusion, and my wound was raw. Oh my god it hurt a lot. The tears were almost instant as they lifted and moved me with my bed sheets. My hand was held and my arm caressed as I was taken back to my room. I never thought I would be so glad to see that lovely green dilaudid drip button. After a few minutes, the pain subsided. The following days were much better. The drip was taken away after 24 hours. People came to visit me, bringing flowers, food, books, little presents, and just spending time with me. It was a wonderful feeling knowing people cared. I appreciated it so much. I left the hospital Saturday, only 4 days post surgery. I went to my sister’s house for recovery. Thank god she works from home. She gave me constant care. I was in total need for the first week or so. It was wonderful to be waited on and being taken care of so well. My sister did a phenomenal job of getting me back on my feet during the month I spent at her home. She let me impose on her life and family. It was a great gesture that I can never repay. After that month, I stayed at another family members home and got to be with my kids 264


again. I still wasn’t at a point where I could be on my own yet. Post surgery, By February 16 (barely a month after surgery and still being assisted at my relatives home) I returned to BEDROC and was back at walking on the treadmill and doing my physical therapy routine while still in my back brace. Now, giving my 100% was a far cry from what it used to be. My coaches and I kept a close eye on my limitations, but I would push myself to give just a little bit more than my current 100%. Let’s face it, some habits a hard to break! Soon after, in addition to walking on the treadmill, I helped set up the training stations, and I motivated other teammates, helping them accomplish exercises that I once accomplished myself with flying colors. My trainers have always accused me of being an over achiever, and A BEAST! As time passed, and I spent more time at BEDROC, I started participating in Semperfit again (with doctor’s approval of course). All exercises were modified. The support of everyone at BEDROC was overwhelming. In early March, in addition to Semperfit, I asked John “LJ” Farrar to train me privately to help

me get back to where I was or even better than before surgery. He agreed and to date, we have come a long way! I recently even returned to my other favorite class Women’s Jiu Jitsu. All of this going on with John Farrar Sr. keeping a tab on me directly and through my team. This journey of health has been and always will be in constant motion. I can’t stop, won’t stop! The amazing part of this journey is now I’m pain free. I don’t even have to take a Tylenol. This is the first time in at least five years that I’m able to say that. It is the most amazing feeling in the world; pain weighs you down in a very physical way that leads to depression & bad habits. Through the support of family and BEDROC I have been able to overcome the challenges that most face with this diagnosis. I did not go through this part of the journey alone – and that means the world to me. My future – surgery is an inevitable reality that I live with, but not focus on. I have my boys, Robby and Riley. They keep me grounded. We are searching for house & getting back to life in this new normal. Life is good!



Can men and women exist where both genders are honoured and celebrated for who they are without oppressing the other? I am an egalitarian, I believe in equal political, social and economic rights and opportunities for everyone. Regardless of race, gender, creed - that’s my given. As a woman with this belief, building a successful business in a male dominated industry and raising a son, people tend to call me a feminist. Every time I hear the term feminism or hear some feminists speak, I can’t help but THINK OPPOSITE… I wonder about men. What is equality between men and women? Where do men fit into feminism? Is it only about women? At what point, do we hold sacred the needs of men? Can men and women exist where both genders are honoured and celebrated for who they are without oppressing the other? Does there have to be a ‘battle’ between genders? And if we “win” at feminism what happens to men? A friend of mine kept asking me to go to events with her, but I was always busy. I promised her that I would absolutely go to the next event she invited me to, even if I had to cancel something else. Turns out, the next event she invited me to was a bachelor auction. Oh, man. Of anything she had ever suggested I go to, this was by far the absolute worst thing for me. I have so many thoughts about this event I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t think it’s ok to 266


objectify women and so I don’t think it’s ok to do it to men. I have been accused of being a prude for this belief and I am ok with that. Auctioning people off for money, no matter how it’s wrapped, is still reducing a person to a financial worth. Don’t get me started. I hate to think of how uncomfortable the “date” would end up being. I cannot think of anything more awkward than “I bought you

for the night, we don’t know each other, and we have nothing in common, so let’s just get through this as fast as possible?” Each of the men had to fill out a questionnaire that was read out loud while they waited to “dance” their way into the hearts of the women waiting to “buy” them. One guy said his ideal dinner date was for a woman to pay for half the bill because “after all, it’s all about equality”. Most of the women cheered for this. It just made me sad. It made me sad for all the women who thought that was equality. Remember we don’t earn equal wages so paying half the bill is not really equal. Perhaps it could be split based on wage disparity, at least that would acknowledge and be reflective of reality. It made me sad for the men who really like to buy women their meal on a first date. When a man buys me a meal, I think it has more to do with him wanting to take care of me. It’s a symbol of the ritual of dating. If the date goes well and we meet again, then I will usually cook him a meal, and I would never dream of asking for him to pay for half of the food I cook (or hydro, or a % of the pots I used... you get the picture). I want to spoil him and take care of him, and I show that by feeding him. Equality to me in relationships is something that happens over time. It’s ebb and flow and a sign of mutual respect. Realistically not every situation can boil down to equality. If one person is sick does the other say “Hey, it’s your turn to dust today get out of bed”? No, it’s doing what we can to take care of each other, and over time it all works out.

My son and I have talked a lot about equality and women’s rights and how that impacts him. I think it’s sad that he has to wonder if it’s ok to hold a door open for women, as some women have criticized him for doing this. He knows that women are equally able to open doors, but is it wrong that he wants to look after women he dates? I love men; they bring a lot to the table. I love that they can do some things more easily than me and make my life easier (I especially love when they take the garbage out – it sounds superficial but it’s not). Likewise, there are some things I can do better or more easily and I make their life easier. I hear some women talk about how all we need from men is their sperm. I think that’s

sad. And that, in my opinion isn’t feminism. That is just a perpetuation of the problem; it’s just pointing prejudice in a different direction.

Wouldn’t it be great if a man: • who was sick, had his doctor respect his wife’s wishes? • didn’t have to worry about his daughter getting harassed or raped because she was seen as something other than a second-class citizen? • never had to be referred to in the context “Wait until your father gets home.” (because that has served the family dynamic never)

• could talk to a woman without her having to dumb down her intelligence? • had a mother who was able to understand and pay bills after Dad died because she was “allowed” to be around finances? • could show up as a man both tender and strong and a woman show up as both powerful and nurturing? Next time someone talks about feminism… what are they really saying? Start a conversation with the intention of creating clarity.

• could work with a woman whose voice and ideas (because we have some killer ideas) could be valued and contribute to solving problems - without apology? ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017




Finding the Right Anti-Aging Supplements Most Everyone wouldn’t mind being told they look younger than they really are. Or even trying to fight against time and mother nature to continue to seek the “Fountain of Youth”. When someone comes into a Vitamin/Nutrition store they usually are coming in for a specific product or for a certain reason to see an improvement somewhere in their overall health or physical appearance. One of those that is not as common as “I want to lose weight” or “ I need more energy” Is what can I take to help keep me looking younger? I know what are the top supplements to help someone keep that younger appearance and vitality. We always have a Special Sale on these products listed at the GNC in Collegtown, Webster and Victor locations. Drum roll please…. Here is the list:


Resveratrol is a special type of antioxidant, called a phytoalexin. It’s found in the skin of red grapes, red wine, purple grape juice, peanuts and raspberries. It’s synthesized in plants as a defense against invading fungi. What researchers have found is that similar protective benefits of resveratrol are passed onto humans when they consume it. Resveratrol also promotes a healthy inflammatory response in your body—including helping to alleviate some of the oxidative stress and inflammation that can lead to premature aging. Preliminary research also suggests the benefits of resveratrol may help to protect the blood vessel walls against oxidation, promoting heart and vascular health. Preliminary studies suggest the polyphenols in resveratrol may inhibit platelet aggregation and may protect 268


the blood vessel walls against oxidative stress. Animal research also suggests wine polyphenols support healthy blood pressure and blood vessel dilation. Plus, it may play a role in promoting healthy aging due to its antioxidant powers, in addition to helping to support normal cell replication. Resveratrol exists in both “cis” and “trans” forms, but it’s the trans-resveratrol form that’s been shown to be most biologically active and protective—so that’s the form you want to seek out.

PRODUCT NUMBER 2 (ALPHA LIPOIC ACID): Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant. Both on its own and as a “Recycler” of Vitamin E

and Vitamin C. ALA also stimulates the body’s production of glutathione and aids in the absorption of Coenzyme Q10, both important antioxidants. Because ALA is soluble in both water and fat, it can move into all parts of cells to deactivate free radicals. Supplemental ALA has been used for almost three decades in Europe to treat peripheral nerve degeneration and to help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It also helps detoxify the liver of metal pollutants, block cataract formation, protect nerve tissues against oxidative stress, and reduce blood cholesterol levels. ALA is known also as a metabolic antioxidant, because without it, cells cannot use sugar to produce energy. The body does not produce a large amount of ALA, supplementation may be necessary.

OTHER STANDOUT ANTIAGING SUPPLEMENTS: There are still another handful I would recommend. But honorable mention to these other products: 3) A Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin (with Extra Antioxidants): I suggest GNC Ultra Mega Greens line. 4) Grape Seed Extract: Very, Very comparable to Resveratrol in terms of the source, how it works and its anti-aging benefits 5) Vitamin C: Strong Antioxidant and a true multi-purpose supplement. Extremely underrated, I suggest taking between 500-2,000mgs Daily. I would recommend people who are interested to go see myself or my good friend Justin who owns and operates a GNC located on Mt.Hope in College Town Plaza. Or also Tim and Matt Ellis from the Webster or Victor GNC locations. All 3 locations have special deals especially if you mention this article. Paul Iatomasi is a Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Nutrition Specialist and Contest Prep Coach as well as a Bodybuilding Contest Promoter and Fitness Model. Paul can be reached via email at pauliatomasi@gmail. com or follow him on Facebook and Instagram (Paul Iatomasi Jr).







Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

There seems to be two types of people (assuming we could lump this great vast world population into two, oversimplified categories); those who have a positive outlook on life and those who have a negative outlook. For both people, these perspectives on life follow them where ever they go. I am sure someone comes to mind when thinking of a person with a negative outlook. Drama seems to follow them where ever they go.


There is always a crisis; some new problem they are facing. It is like they are in a continuous loop of suffering they have no control over. Man, why can’t they ever catch a break? On the other hand, there are those who live their life with a positive outlook. It is like sunshine follows them around. Things are just….easy for them. They are well loved by those around them and opportunities fall out of the sky and into their laps. Those with a negative outlook see this and wonder, “Why not me?” and fall deeper into the black abyss. It should be no surprise that how you perceive life affects the world around you. The Law of Attraction is a simple concept of “You are what you think.” So, whether or not you feel that the Law of Attraction is some “new age bullshit”, there is no denying that your thoughts affect your perception of the world around you, yourself as a person, and your life in general. But that is not what this article is about. This article is to provide tools on how to change your perspective if you tend to have a negative outlook and you would like to change it. Now, this isn’t saying who you are is anyway wrong or shouldn’t be accepted, but if you are seeking change there are a few things you can do.


The first step is deciding what you want to change. Do you wish you had a higher selfesteem or that you were less afraid of change? Everyone has that ‘thing’, whatever that ‘thing’ is that they wish was different about their personality. Write it down, but write it as if it was cured, as if you have already become what you dreamed. For example, “I am a confident person who handles change with enthusiasm.” This is your positive affirmation. The key here is using positive language to replace negative self-talk. I could have written “I am a confident person who is not afraid of change.” However, the word “afraid” has a negative connotation, so even if you are saying you are “not afraid” your mind is still remembering the word “afraid”.

This may be challenging for some, but be bold in writing it down. Bust out a dictionary or thesaurus if you have to or have a friend read it and give their opinion. It may seem silly, but once it is written down a seed is planted in your mind and that is the seed of change.


The next step is repetition. One of the basic concepts of behavioral psychology is using repetition to alter behavior. The term “faking it until you make it” comes from this theory. If you do something enough, you will start to believe it and become it. So, you take your positive affirmation that you have come up with and you start saying it every single day. It helps if you are saying it to yourself in a mirror, but the mere action of saying it out loud multiple times a day will grow that seed into the person you envisioned. For those who are able to take it a step further, you can move forward with what I call, “What Would Jesus Do.” This theory simply means, “If I was the person I envision myself to be, what would I do in this situation?” It could be a very simple action that you could do every day. If your positive affirmation is “I follow a healthy lifestyle”, a small thing you could do every day is going for a walk. This is the time to get creative and be an actor for a while until your positive affirmation becomes a part of your everyday existence. If doing something small proves to be challenging and anxiety provoking, that is okay. Continue to say your positive affirmation and eventually things will become easier. Be patient and kind to yourself.


We are our environment. You could do all of the above steps right in the comfort of your own home, but if you step out into the world and into an environment that is negative and sabotaging, all of your progress could be lost. There are some things you can do to change your environment and other times there is simply nothing you can do to change it and ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: JUNE 2017



you have to find ways to cope. To start, focus on your private environment such as your office, your bedroom, etc. You could start by leaving copies of your positive affirmation around places you frequent. This will be a cue to your subconscious to believe what was written. Don’t limit yourself and get creative! Put up photos, quotes, whatever encourages your positive affirmation and makes you feel good when you look at it. Changing your private environment is easy. Dealing with the outside environment that you can’t change is a whole other beast in itself. It is that negative co-worker that just wants to shit on everything good in this world. It is your family member that believes “food is love” when you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. To handle this, remember three things: Boundaries, Allies, and Letting Go. First, the conversation establishing boundaries will most likely be an uncomfortable one. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be on board with you 272


changing. Going back to the positive affirmation of “living a healthy lifestyle” as an example, but you have a family member that is a food pusher (Oh, I made a triple stuffed chocolate pie cake covered in sugar and gum drops! Have a slice, or three!), establish the boundary early. Make it clear that you would appreciate them not tempting you with the food. Make them your ally in your change. Next is Allies. Find people who are supportive of your change and tell them of your plan. Ask them to help you hold yourself accountable and check in on how you are doing. These Allies will also help you when you are establishing boundaries. When people test your boundaries, they will help you hold fast and tell your challenger to back off. It may seem like something simple, but it is effective. Surround yourself with a positive team and you are more likely to succeed. Then the hardest part is “Letting Go.” Change and boundaries may not be easily accepted by

others. Change can be hard for everyone, but don’t be afraid to play hardball if you need to. If they continue to not be supportive of your change, start to limit your interactions with them. Sometimes this means even severing relationships and that sometimes comes with a side of guilt. But we are altering our thinking here. Consider this, if this person was so negative and so unsupportive that you are considering ending the relationship; are you really losing a friend? Relationships aren’t the only things you may need to let go of. This could be a job, a habit, and maybe even an object that holds emotional baggage. If it is holding you back and you can’t cope, then you need to let it go. All of these things can be challenging in their own way and to varying degrees as we are all different. It may be hard, but how badly do you want to change? There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind so start changing it now.




When I first started practicing yoga in the early 90’s, the only yoga teachers around were men. It was hard to find any woman teachers during this time. Back in the early 80’s when I was living in the mountains of Idaho, a good friend of mine wanted to teach me yoga but at that time of my life I wasn’t interested, this friend was a guy.



When I first opened my yoga studio in 2000, some of my friends thought I was nuts, I fielded many questions such as; “Why are you opening a yoga studio, who is going to come”, “Yoga is just too weird and only weird guys practice yoga”, along with many other not so encouraging words. Today is a whole different story, there seems to be a new yoga studio popping up every day and most of these studios are owned and operated by women.

So, I wonder with a practice of over 5,000 years that was created by men and for many, many years only practiced by men, where have they gone and why is it a challenge to get men into yoga classes. According to an article in the MindBodyGreen publication, the writer Patrick Bank had this to say about yoga and men;

“The misconception is that yoga is a lighter form of fitness training, better suited to women, may cause some men to miss out on the health benefits. One reason for this misconception is that yoga has become associated with flexibility rather than strength. However, evidence shows that the mind-body practice can also be very effective in increasing overall strength and building muscle, making it a valuable part of any man’s fitness routine.” 1/15/2017 Bank goes on to add the benefits men can gain from adding a yoga practice into their lives: “ Yoga builds muscles evenly. Yoga increases deadlift strength. More flexibility means fewer injuries. Improved stamina means better workouts all around. Yoga counters the negative effects of other physical activities favored by men. Yoga promotes

weight loss and tones up muscles. Yoga can alleviate chronic low-back pain. Better posture provides a boost of confidence. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Yoga leads to better sex. Yoga can help men become more mindful of what they eat. People who practice yoga have lower medical bills.” From my perspective as a female yoga teacher, I feel that men might feel a bit intimidated, possibly a bit silly, it’s not the ‘manly’ thing to do, but mostly, the fear of peeling some of their layers away and discovering their inner being that has been locked away for so long. The beauty of a yoga class or practice is that it is a self - practice, meaning that you can take yoga as deep as you would like or not. I have many students who come to class once a week, they get a good stretch and a way to clear their mind and then they go on their way till the next week. I have some students who come to class more than once a week and have developed a practice at home, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to yoga. What I have noticed about the men who do come to classes, they sometimes seem more deeply into the practice than the women. I can see it on their faces and with their non-verbal body language. They take the class/practice seriously and at times do work a bit harder, that’s when I offer the cue of not always feeling the need to push the body. Here are just a few testimonials from some of the male yoga students who attend classes at the studio I own, Molly’s Yoga Corner: “I have always thought of yoga night as my “mental health” night. You cannot



{ MEN AND YOGA } “Practicing yoga on a regular basis has prolonged this aging athlete’s career. Bicycling and ice hockey are my staple activities, and flexible/healthy feet, knees and hips are essential. Yoga, riding and skating allow me to close down the outside world, if only temporarily, to relax, breathe and focus. The formal class environment and home practice have proven beneficial to both my physical and mental strength.” Bill 60 re-hash your work day or anything else in life when you are in most of the poses. Beyond the physicality and as you always remind us, the essence of yoga is training the mind to observe but dis-engage. That is a goal not fostered by other forms of pure exercise. I have a very mentally intensive personality and vocation, so I need every opportunity to learn to take a step back and foster an inner calm.” Bill 57 “Practicing yoga on a regular basis has prolonged this aging athlete’s career. Bicycling and ice hockey are my staple activities, and flexible/ healthy feet, knees and hips are essential. Yoga, riding and skating allow me to close down the outside world, if only temporarily, to relax, breathe and focus. The formal class environment and home practice have proven beneficial to both my physical and mental strength.” Bill 60 “I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years, on advice that it might reduce frequent back aches. I have found that regular weekly lessons, and stretching on my own, have helped my back a lot. Yoga has also allowed me to stay active in other ways. Regular yoga practice makes hiking and cycling easier and more enjoyable.” Peter 65 “I started going to yoga about 15 years ago as a way to de-stress from modern fast paced life, but also I find it helps with flexibility for my other athletic activities. I’m a dedicated mt biker all year round and a cross-country skier in the winter. At 57, I’m starting to feel those aches and pains we all do as we get older, doing yoga helps alleviate a lot of that. I think it is a great low impact work-out to strengthen my core and upper body muscles, which I don’t get from riding a bike. And it’s a great way to unwind at the end of a busy work day.” Steve “I began practicing yoga at Molly’s Yoga Corner in Fairport, NY at age 63 to exercise a body that suffered 276


from a sedentary job and increasingly stiff joints. Two back surgeries later, I continue, at age 76, to practice yoga at Molly’s. My yoga teachers sometimes caution me to modify a yoga position but for the most part, I keep up with my younger yoga mates. I attribute my flexibility and reasonably youthful body to yoga. Additionally, my yoga practice has provided me with another set of friendsyounger ones who enrich my life.” Stan 76 “I was introduced to Yoga at the behest of my wife over 10 years ago. I was also going to the Rec Center but only to do the traditional one day cardio and the next day weights. As I was “mid-life”, I was finding it took me ever longer to recover from my regimen. Yoga was not on the male fitness radar back then, but my wife informed me that Molly had a men’s class and suggested (as only a wife

can) that I should try it. When the sciatic issues I was trying to ignore disappeared, I was hooked. Now that all manner of athletic teams and the like, have Yoga as a part of their training regimen, the gender lines are gone. I would now think it odd to be in an all- male class, but should warn the reader that any attempts to be “macho” will be quickly dealt with by Yoga. I have gone to Molly’s classes continually ever since and I am now over 70. Yoga is about movement, breath and meditation. For me, Yoga improves my balance and flexibility, eases back and joint pain, seems to help me sleep better, eases stress (though not as much as retiring), and seems to help me deal with the vagaries of life and aging better. Each year when the blood test from my annual physical comes back showing low blood pressure and high HDL my Doctor says, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it.” For me, Yoga is an essential part.” Geoff 70 In a world that is so fast pace, so much of life is 24/7, trying to keep up with it all, yoga is needed more than ever. Over the 20 years of teaching yoga, I am seeing a resurgence of men coming to classes and men attending teacher trainings to be certified as yoga teachers. Yoga is about balance and Hatha Yoga symbolizes the Sun and the Moon, which correlates to the masculine side of yoga, the sun and the feminine side of yoga, the moon. The practice needs both, men are an important piece of the practice. So, I guess the only question now is, what are you waiting for? Molly Huff Owner of Molly’s Yoga Corner located on the Erie Canal in Fairport. Molly has been practicing yoga for 25 years and has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Her studio Molly’s Yoga Corner opened in 2000, which offers an array of different yoga classes meeting the needs for all levels of students. If interested in attending a class visit www.mollysyoga. com for more information, your first class is complimentary so stop on in!



Browse the racks of Father’s Day greeting cards at any store, and you’ll find card after card with the same themes: golf, fishing, grilling, DIY, cars, etc. While the cards are perfectly fine (and a lot of our fathers probably like doing those things), they give a pretty narrow view of what the dads in our lives really mean to us. We know they are so much more! My father, Bill, is an engineer, and some of my fondest memories from childhood involve tinkering, experimenting, disassembling, and repairing: How do things work, and why? Whether that question involved the mechanics of a doorknob, or how rainfall differs from one side of a mountain to the other, he always dreamed up kid-friendly ways for me to understand. He encouraged me to roll up my sleeves and immerse myself in the science his life was (and still is) steeped in. Along with this creativity and curiosity came a side of him that not many see—and now that I’m married and my husband has become a father, I see that the most playful, silly, and adventurous parts of the men in my life are drawn out by children in theirs. It’s so good to see this side of my dad when he spends time with my little ones—and boy, do they love their grandpa. I’m just as lucky when it comes to my husband, Peter. As a parenting partner, I couldn’t ask for someone more supportive. As a father, the aspect that stands out to me most is how he sees each of our children, and the way he feeds their hearts and minds. Our son and daughter have a lot of similarities, but the approach to bonding with and teaching each 278


of them is very different. His intuition about what each of them needs is incredible. He knows the exact moment that the training wheels are ready to come off and senses which child wants to measure ingredients for cupcakes and which one wants to decorate them (and this changes on a daily basis). The artistic side of him knows when and how to introduce new mediums to our little artist, and the hands-on, fix-it side can teach the littlest hands how to use the sewing machine. To him, fatherhood isn’t about what he enjoys, it’s about what will mean the most to our kids. Peter is an amazing dad. I’m using some of my column space this month to give a few other Rochester moms the chance to honor a dad in their life. Here are their stories:

Suta J., Rochester

My husband came into our lives about four

years ago when my daughter was almost two. He has been the most incredible bonus dad to my daughter. From the moment he met her, he has always put her first. When we found out we were pregnant, he made sure that she knew how much he would continue loving her and how important she will always be in his life. Three months ago, our daughter was born and had to undergo extensive surgery at Golisano Children’s Hospital NICU. She was there for 44 days. I could not have gotten through the last few months without his love and support. It was probably one of the toughest moments that we had ever been through together. My husband is an amazing partner and father, and he is truly one of the most genuine and selfless people you will ever meet. He would do anything for the people he loves and always puts his family first. We are so lucky to have him in our lives!

Jeanette C., Greece

In the mid-‘90s, we were parents in our early 20s: Tom worked long overnights at Wegmans’ warehouse and I worked days. Strenuous labor and difficult hours took a toll on his body, but with a strong coffee in hand, this dad always made time for his young kids, taking them to the Strong Museum to break up the time, or popping in the occasional Barney video. As both of our kids are now in their 20s and we are very young empty nesters, I’d like to recognize the excellent father my husband has been over the years. Doing all the fun dad jobs, like teaching them how to carve pumpkins, ride dirt bikes, sled down hills, maintain their first vehicles, or go to

Monica’s dad Bill, her son Dominic and her husband on Father’s Day 2014 in Durand Eastman Park

I’m just as lucky when it comes to my husband, Peter. As a parenting partner, I couldn’t ask for someone more supportive. As a father, the aspect that stands out to me most is how he sees each of our children, and the way he feeds their hearts and minds. rock concerts. My husband is now a successful entrepreneur and part-owner of a machine shop, Gartom CNC. He continues to serve as a role model to our kids—showing them that hard work, dedication, and perseverance matter.

Lindsey B., Charlotte

I met Mike when he was just 23. On our first date we took my 2-year-old son to see the turtles at the Rochester Conservatory at Highland Park. Ten years later we stopped there on the way home from the hospital with our newborn daughter. It was a weirdly springlike day and a bunch of quail chicks had just hatched in the incubator by the cash register. “Awww, your first?” the retiree behind the counter asked. “Nope,” Mike said. “Our other one is at home waiting for us!” Here’s

to you, Mike! And to our future as parents of a two-year-old and a teenager!

Joanna D., East Rochester

I am the youngest of three daughters. My parents always laugh that I was the try for a boy. We may not have wanted to learn how to work on cars or had the attention span to learn how to use most tools properly, but my dad loved all three of us regardless. It wasn’t until I became pregnant and discovered we were having a little boy that my dad showed his excitement at finally having a boy to teach things to. My dad has an old ‘32 Ford roadster coupe, and although my sisters and I all love this car, I soon realized we are all out of luck. My dad made a comment after my son was

born about having 16 years to get it running, and I was confused by this random number until I realized that would be when my son will be old enough to drive. I always knew he was a great dad, but seeing him as a grandfather is the most amazing thing ever! Whether you’re a dad, a stepdad, a grandad, or a father figure, know that the kids in your life deeply appreciate your love, support, and understanding—it’s the littlest moments and connections that create the fondest memories, and we have a lot of them stashed away. You mean the world to us all year long, and hope you have a very happy Father’s Day!





. A passion for fitness, nutrition and most importantly, helping others achieve their goals. As a mother of two beautiful children, one of the sub-groups of people I identify most with are post-natal mothers. Having experienced the glory of being a Mom twice, beginning with pregnancy and finishing with shedding that excess weight that the gift of child bearing brings us, I know what it’s like to stare at yourself in the mirror post-birth and wondering when your body is going to return to, well, being your body.


Passion... A word that any personal trainer should always lead off with when they’re tasked with describing themselves to an audience. It’s what makes or breaks you in any industry, especially one based in so many different methodologies, thoughts and ideas. And passion is something that I can proudly say I possess.



The same can be said for anyone (regardless if you’ve carried a child or not) who looks at their body in the mirror and wonders when and how you can get that body back to the physique of old, or to a figure that you’ve dreamed of. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to just be a dream... It can be your reality. It takes some commitment, some guidance and more than likely, some sweat, but the results are yours to have. They are at your finger tips. I’ve been in your shoes.

I started going to the gym at eighteen years old, and I felt like the world was mine. I made my mind up to get on stage for a fitness show, and like all challenges, I took it on at 300 miles per hour. I lived and breathed the gym and nutrition. I picked up so much amazing knowledge from a lot of great people, but I didn’t know it all. I took the challenge on much too strong and I wound up not finishing my training. I put on an amount of weight that made me feel not-so-great when I looked in the mirror. It was a rough point in my life. I didn’t know what to do at the time.

But hard times don’t last, passionate people do. Passionate people like you and I. So I did what I knew how to do best. I put my knowledge and experience back into getting myself back to where I wanted to be. I used my knowledge of nutrition to make sure my caloric intake was in-line and that my macros were in good shape. I used my experience in the gym and the tips from my friends to put a sound training plan together. And I got myself to a figure that I was comfortable with.

And then pregnancy number one. After our son was born, it was a bit daunting to think about going through that challenge again, but to be honest it also sounded like it would be kind of fun, too. So I used my knowledge of nutrition and training from my previous two journeys and I managed to get myself back to that comfort zone again... And then pregnancy number two. Ya. Challenge accepted. And that’s where I am today. I’m happier with my body now than I’ve ever been when I look in the mirror. Sure, sometimes I think that maybe I need to lose a little here, or a little there, but I look in that mirror every single day a proud woman. And that’s why I can help you achieve that “I just owned” feeling when it comes to your body. As a NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers) certified trainer, and someone who can relate to you on a personal level, I can only hope that my words will reach some of you, and motivate you to reach for that goal. I train online because I can reach more people. I work full-time, I am a mother, a fiancé, a sister, a daughter and I try to maintain a semblance of a social life as well, so getting myself to the gym to train clients in a block of time that fits both the client and my schedule, while still allowing me to be all the aforementioned things is difficult. That’s why this is an opportunity I am so thankful for. Not only do I get the opportunity to reach people through online personal training, but I also get the chance to do it here in a new monthly column where I’ll share tips, tricks and simple advice with you. And I more than welcome any questions that you may have, I am just an email away. I am here because I am one of you. And I am lucky enough to have this platform to share my experiences with you. I appreciate you spending some time with me here, and I look forward to working with all of you in this column to help Rochesterians achieve their own personal, “I owned this” feeling.






I had to re-name this column. So, I decided to take it to the conversation level that I believe is social media. That’s what I talk about. It’s what I teach. It’s what I believe. Social media is about conversations. Each month we will have a conversation about an aspect of social media that you can implement right away to see immediate results in your business. Send me your questions and I will write about them in this column. Let’s have a conversation!


M stands for a lot of things. Marketing. Media. Marvelous. In social media, it stands for Metrics. That is the cornerstone of any great social media campaign. You must measure both what you put out and what you get in return. Social media, like conversations, is best served as a 2-way street. You give some, you get some. Give some likes – you will most likely get likes in return. Same with comments and shares.

WHAT ARE SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS? Social media metrics are ways you can measure the success of your social media efforts against the goals you have set for your business. Remember, social media is a tool. Not magic. There are many social media managers or “experts” who only measure follower (likes) growth. While this is important; growing a community is great. If they aren’t buying your stuff – it is not a metric to pin your hopes to. Then there are business owners who want direct results, or sales, from social media. However, conversations through social media don’t always 282


produce direct dollar-for-dollar results.

of it. That is impossible, and not necessary.

Choose your metrics carefully by following some of these tips.

Start with this list: •Start with your business goals. What do you want social media to do for your business? Drive more traffic to your website or blog?


First, you need to make sure your business goals are aligned with your social media goals. Effective metrics are: 1) Agreed upon. Everyone on your team should know why this metric is important and agree on it being essential enough to track. 2) Clear. Everyone on your team should know and understand what this metric means. For example, Reach only means your post got put into that many newsfeeds, NOT that your post was seen by that many people. 3) Relevant. The metrics must have a direct tie to a business goal. 4) Objective. Take into account small data points as well as the over arching and bigger metrics.


Where do you start? You want to track ALL

Click on a specific link? Get awareness of your business or services out to the pubic?


As my grandfather used to say, “Think Big and Build.” • Think BIG. Want to grow your community and increase your influence or credibility? Track follower growth and reviews. Facebook’s latest algorithm update encourages you to keep track of those. Seek out your clients who will write a review for you on Facebook and for added SEO, ask them to write one on Google too! • Small Goals Your social media campaigns should have a strategy. What is the theme for your month? Are you highlighting a service offering? Promoting a new service? Is it all about the Behind the Scenes for your business? If those are your goals you may want to track: • Business Mentions (who/how many people are tagging your business) • Create a custom hashtag and track how often it is used, where and how • Sign-ups to your newsletter or for an event • Check-ins – how many people checkin to your business? How often?


As I’ve explained above, tracking Likes is a part of effective social media. Likes are a vanity metric; they mostly don’t matter; in the big picture. However, for your content to move and be shared – most of the time it needs to be liked. Paying attention to the Likes your page, comments and content receive tells you how you and your business are doing at resonating with others. They tell you how your voice is heard and what your audience wants to see. Likes just should not be the only thing you focus on. It’s a stepping stone. It’s a small part of the story that some social media managers or “experts” will make a big deal about nothing.

REACH IS ALSO A VANITY METRIC. Yes, you want to be in front of as many people as possible. No, Reach doesn’t tell you that. Reach only tells you the number of newsfeeds Facebook put your content into. Not how many people have seen it. Again, Reach should be paid attention to, just not be the ONLY thing or the biggest thing that a social media manager talks about. Unless that Reach is moving into a conversion of some kind; like a phone call or a sign up; it doesn’t mean much.


In the end, if you create effective metrics and do your social media campaigns strategically, you will find success with your social media.

However, if you just count your page likes, and only share content without context or conversation, you are just wasting time and money. What metrics do you use for your social media? I’d love to hear about them. If you have any questions – please reach out to me via Facebook or LinkedIn. Tamara MacDuff is a social media and content strategist who brings her clients beyond the click, like and follow. She gets real results from strategic and measurable social media campaigns. She is a Mom, competitive coffee drinker and an avid music fan, especially of Bon Jovi and Sixx:A.M. She loves coffee and conversation; don’t be afraid to find her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and connect with her.


So You Need a Website. Now What? BY JESSICA KELLY

You’re thinking about going for it. I mean - how hard could building a website be, right? With all the new technologies, building a website in 2017 should be snap. But what does it REALLY take to build a website? If you follow our monthly column, we’ll teach you the basic (and sometimes crazy-amazing) steps you’ll need to know in order to build the perfect website that fits you or your business. Let’s start with the Top 5 Basic Questions any developer would have you answer before even talking about the layout and color scheme. Having the answers to these questions will put you lightyears ahead of the rest of beginner site developers and align you to the right design for your website.


Picking a domain can seem easy, however, when you get into the meat of it, they can be expensive or even unavailable. Did you know that using typical, everyday words or phrases will cause your domain to become a “Premium Domain” and can cost over $5,000 for just the first year? If your brand is simple, think about mixing it up to save a little on the annual costs of your domain. Adding a “co” for company at the end of your domain name can lessen the yearly cost down to around $12. Or simply branding your venture with unique spelling instead of proper grammar can also make your brand more eye-catching. Businesses like Canva and Greetabl did this with flying colors and got a very expensive domain down to the cheapest option. When you’re ready to search for available domains, use a service like or Both of these services can register your new domain as well as set you up with hosting - which is the next question you should ask yourself.

#2: WHAT KIND OF HOSTING DO YOU NEED? Hosting your website can truly be done on any hosting service. GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost - they’re all great. But what do YOU need? If you’re not a developer and don’t have 284


the means to hire one - choose a hosting service that will give you a cPanel. cPanels, or Customer Panel, is a great, nontechie user interface for customers that want a visual representation of support. Here you can add emails, WordPress, backup - you name it. The panel keeps you from having to click around the hosting service’s site to add certain functionality to your website. In 2017, we all function on unlimited data plans because tracking the monthly usage of a service is something that no one wants to do. When choosing your hosting service, make sure you pick one with UNLIMITED bandwidth. You can get unlimited bandwidth plus up to five emails for about $4 per month with the Hatchling Plan on If you’re designing an e-commerce website, make sure you’re adding in site security, backup, and other required features. Read through all the plans and their differences to make sure you pick the right one for your business.


The technology question throws all non-techie people for a loop. Most of may clients answer this with a resounding, “I have a Mac.” While Macs are amazing pieces of technology, that’s not at all what you need to build a website. Before I spew out all the different platforms and languages there are to choose from, 90% of the website building market are choosing to build new websites on the very versatile - and very FREE - WordPress Platform. WordPress was designed and built with the beginner blogger in mind and evolved to an amazing platform that even corporations are migrating to because of it’s cost saving capabilities and ease of use. We highly recommend that anyone starting out or thinking of redesigning their existing site consider WordPress above all other platforms.


Maybe this should be the first question I ask my clients, but usually when I ask it first, my clients are adamant that a website will launch them into bigger success. Merely having a website does not equate to customers. Remember that.

Having a website is the new brick-and-motor storefront these days. And if you’re planning an e-commerce website, it should be treated as if you opened another shop down the road. It needs constant maintenance, fine tuning, inventory management and fast responses to customer inquiries. If you’re not ready to run it like a real shop, you may not be ready for an e-commerce website. Non-commerce websites are easier to maintain as they serve to be a spot to gather insight and information on you and your brand. You can then drive your customers to visit your live shops or social media pages for more information.


I always tell my clients that the first phase of any project is building a foundation. You’ve picked out your domain address, hosting service, technology, and the purpose of your site - it’s time to talk about your site’s organization, also known as the Site Map. Site Maps are important because your customers will need an easy to follow navigation around your website. Not to mention a clear site map can improve search engine ratings. Each site, of course, starts with a homepage. From that there are subpages and can layer down from that. When you’re planning out your site’s organization, make sure you’re keeping your customers in mind. You wouldn’t want them lost on your site looking for your contact information that you buried deep under an ABOUT page or, worse, you forgot to put it on your site at all! Stay tuned for next month’s tips on how to build a website. If you’re ready to get off the ground now and want help, contact Jessica Kelly at Given Wings Design Studio. Whenever you’re out and about you can safeguard yourself against their attacks by following some of my tips above. Keep your personal information private and safe by waiting to access those important profiles for when you get home or simply unconnected from an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot and use your own mobile data plan. It’s not worth the risk of your information getting hacked for the moment it takes you to post to your Facebook profile.










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TIME: 8:30 AM - 5 PM





















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