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Designer Direct To You is a simple new bussiness model, I design it, manufacture it and sell it directly to you at prices that do not include the retailer markup. The same garments I used to sell to the best stores in the USA and Canada I now sell directly to you. whether through our website or our Fashion Truck...we are just around the corner. ~Lucky Nahum~
















{ FROM THE PUBLISHER } “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”



Known as one of the most positive and energetic players in NFL history, Roland Williams was photographed on the field at St John Fisher College by Christopher “GoodKnews” Cardwell for the cover our annual men’s edition of Rochester Woman Online.

n our only ALL MEN’S edition of Rochester Woman Online for 2018, we couldnt think of anyone more deserving of our cover then NFL legend and superbowl champion, plus all around incredible guy, Roland Williams. You can read all about him and his Champion’s Academy here in Rochester starting on page [14]. What woman doesn’t like to wake up with that special someone, grab his shirt off the floor, throw it on and lay in bed or grab their morning coffee. Well we had the pleasure of working with designer Lucky Nahum and photographers Christopher Cardwell and Joe Pruitt this month to create a photoshoot that will leave your computer steaming! You won’t want to miss it starting on page [24] featuring some amazing local models and a spectactular location in the Capron Lofts that yes, you can rent out. Photographer Michael Zappia is know for his amazing photos featuring designers, musicians, and fabulous assignments all over the country. In this edition, Michael opens up to RWO readers about his 30+ year career, his family which gives him strength, and the fight of his life. Don’t miss his incredibly inspiring story on page [ 78]. At our launch party last week I had the extreme pleasure of meeting architect Bud Dewolff. What an amazing man! Help us Saluting one amazing man, and his incredible influences on our world. Read about his designs, growing up, and what makes him so well known starting on page [182]. We hope you enjoy all the incredible men we were lucky enough to feature in this edition. You don’t want to miss reading even one story. And make sure to share with all of your friends and family!

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Roland Williams made it out of Rochester and went all the way to the Super Bowl. He didn’t forget about his hometown. While growing up in the 19th ward, he experienced first-hand the negative residuals of poverty, singleparent homes, trauma and incarceration and saw how these factors destroyed the lives of too many people. As a proud Rochestarian, Roland wanted to make an impact. He himself was a product of the Rochester City School District. So, he came back and started the Champion Academy. Roland recalls the day he learned he was going to the NFL and called it “A dream come true, one I worked hard for”. Roland loved being a part of it and was most impressed in that he was able to get paid doing something he loved. Roland loved the NFL as it was the vehicle he was fortunate enough to have to escape the confines of poverty.

He travelled the world. The NFL was not what every little kid dreams of though, and “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold”. There is the downside of playing this professional sport. There is a high measure of injury. Roland shares, he himself wished he took better care of his body. He shared he personally experienced head trauma and it impacts him to this day. He supports the current movement regarding warning people of the risks associated with brain injury trauma and the importance of disclosure as a downfall of the job. He wouldn’t change his overall experiences and recalls the Super Bowl experience as being a defining moment in his life for himself and his team. On a more positive note, being a part of the team and learning the tenements of the sport of football also taught Roland ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018




{ COVER STORY } The NFL was not what every little kid dreams of though, and “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold”.

valuable life lessons which he brings back and shares with the children who attend his Champion Academy. After seeing the failure and ignorance of a lot of teens in his hometown, he was ashamed of their disrespectful attitudes. He felt a sadness about their engaging in criminal activity and being charged with petty crimes. It was personally disturbing watching the increase of using violence to solve problems throughout the Rochester community. Roland wanted to use what he learned in the NFL for something positive. School educators were also sharing stories about their discontent and the lack of work ethics and social skills of the future generation. Friends and family shared stories about increased issues of bullying, gangs and kids engaging in sexual activity in the school and in the streets. Roland feels strongly about changing poverty, education disparities and the

affects of trauma. He is bothered local teens in poverty lack the basic skills and strategies to overcome their traumatic environment. He feels schools are unprepared to handle the numbers of undisciplined

and unprepared students. The urban experience provides little hope for the children being educated by a system which is address the complex emotional needs the children present with. In 2015, Roland believed it was time to empower people rising from the most challenged areas so that they can help lead the fight to transform teens in poverty into positive and productive citizens. The Champion Academy was created to provide participants accountability, consistency and support needed to overcome past obstacles and to maximize their fullest potential. Roland uses the framework he learned in football. The program takes kids in grades 7-12 but they must be referred to the program b y a t e a c h e r, administrator, police officer or community s t a k e h o l d e r. The program is supported by donors and there ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018




“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”



{ COVER STORY } “Through the use of extreme mentorship and empowerment, the teens will succeed”.

is no cost for the students to attend. The program provides a year-long agenda beginning with a summer session in July. The purpose of the Champion Academy is to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution to these problems. The method used here is “Through the use of extreme mentorship and empowerment, the teens will succeed”. So far it seems to be working. To date, the program helped over 300 local teens. The children achieved a higher level of academic success. They also became involved in doing community service which helps to build their character and integrity.



Becoming a father was also a big lifechanging experience for Roland. He is the father of three. His father influenced his life and he too wanted to be a living example to his children. While growing up, his father worked at Monroe County Children’s Center and St. Joseph’s Villa, as a corrections counselor. Roland is living his dream. He used his position he gained through football to do something great in his former community. He loves to describe his experience reflecting on a quote from Muhammad Ali

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”. Roland still runs his football camp but he hopes that this endeavor will do more to uplift his community.



She could have chosen any shirt, she chose yours









A Fashion Life Lived…But Not Yet Complete


Even in an industry that changes daily, reinventing oneself isn’t the easiest of tasks. In music, we’ve seen it in the careers of someone like Madonna, but even she, one of the best at it, seems to be now traveling on flat tires. Often, initially designers and big design houses can do it with the input of a design team the head designer overlooks, and then completely by having other designers take over the duties of Head Designer.

and then international markets was nearly derailed by backstabbing and a hard-battled law suit. Swimming in shark infested waters, watching boats filled with “friends” go past you and learning what in hindsight seems all too obvious; that one can only ever count on family and a handful of real friends. If reading this has got you exhausted, depressed and looking for the nearest exist, relax, this is a story of creativity and perseverance, and one can’t exercise perseverance without fighting back when being pushed.

My career, both by choice and not, has been a long string of ups and downs, ins and outs, retail and wholesale, buying, selling, designing and manufacturing. A business that grew from local to national

In 1978, freshly out of college and immediately dealing with a dose of the real world as an adult, I quickly realized that perhaps my studies of History, Political Science and Education

were not enough to allow me to follow my idealistic ideas. Expanding the existing family business seemed like a wiser vehicle to pursue my ideals, and so I joined a family business that included alterations, custom clothing and dry cleaning. We embarked on adding men’s ready-made clothes and relatively quickly became known as one of the top-quality fashion stores in Rochester. It was here, at our store called Nahum Fine Clothing for Men in Brighton, that I learned to do fittings, selling, buying, and marketing. I learned about fabrics, and I learned everything there was to do in a retail operation, with the exception of learning how to sew; a calculated decision on my part. I knew, that if I would learn how to sew I would eventually be strapped ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018


down to a sewing machine with little opportunity for personal or business growth. The business grew and became the point of reference in Rochester for fashion, carrying many designer labels exclusively, including many Italian labels. But as family businesses sometimes go, personalities and dreams began to clash and I made my exit with no set plan in place. It was important for me to move on in order to save any part of me that was worth saving. I had begun over time to friend some of the designers, often discussing colors and ideas for their collections. But while I had a good taste level, I really knew nothing about designing, manufacturing or the wholesale side of the business. I printed some tee shirts of original designs and headed to the East Coast 26


to sell my tee shirts. In that period of time, as it became obvious that I had left the business, customers began calling me, one in particular asked what it was that I wanted to do. Even though relations had soured, I didn’t want to open a store in Rochester and compete with the family, so I decided delve into the wholesale side of the business. I designed a collection of uniquely patterned and colorful ties, called EMANUELE CRAVATTE, named after my maternal grandfather. The tie collection quickly grew to include socks, then vests in my attempt to meet the minimum requirements to purchase silk. With the vests I ended up designing a vest that had never been done before, garnering the attention of international trade magazines. When

I next expanded my classifications, I added shirts, but by then there was an expectation for the “different”. So, while I can love a classic shirt in a luxurious cotton as easily as I can a more fashion-oriented shirt, whether it was my perception or not, I felt like the market expected “different” from me, and different is what I gave them. I often joked that in order to create the unusual and still remain saleable to enough retailers to have a viable business was a walk on a high wire. Yes, I could design a shirt with a third sleeve coming out of the chest, but no one would buy it. So, while design, uniqueness, quality fabrics, both in make and look were important, these alone were not enough in the fashion industry. The fashion industry and the market it serves, want a story behind the brand to believe in, a personality

{ ALWAYS GET LUCKY } My career, both by choice and not, has been a long string of ups and downs, ins and outs, retail and wholesale, buying, selling, designing and manufacturing.

to love and to get behind, a brand to become fans of. So many qualities, both learned and instinctive helped me with this, to the point of being selected by MR Magazine as Most Personality for the Best of the Luxury Market, 2007, tied with my very good friend and designer Bill Lavin. By this time, I had ventured into shirts and perhaps out of the need I felt to create a space for myself in the marketplace I began to create new models, viable, saleable models, yet models that were completely unique. As a result, and this is not scientifically proven, I may very well be the designer with the most unique shirt models anywhere. There was the Wired Shirt, which used telephone wire in the collar to make it turn and twist any which way you could want and inspired by young people at checkout counters, that couldn’t be bothered to iron the shirt they had to wear for work. The Double Collar, the One-Piece Collar, the Mixed Media, the Inverted Pleat Sleeve, the Split Sleeve, the Spiral, the Double Banded Collar to name a few. The trick with all of these models was not simply to be different for the sake of being different, as I’ve said… a third sleeve out of a chest would have done that, but the idea was to create a new, viable, subtle new look that would give the consumer a reason to buy a new shirt, that is, to buy a shirt he didn’t already have. An extremely successful collaboration which began at $1.2 million in yearly sales when I entered it, grew to be a $7 million company in six years. Having totally rebranded the company, brand new, higher end designs, in stock programs in fashion shirts unheard off before us doing it, had made us the darlings of every high-end store in the US and

Canada. Unfortunately, with unethical business practices facing me, I decided that I could no longer collaborate. That I had to leave what had been built and walk away. No contracts existed, no non-compete clauses to deal with, I was free to do as I pleased, and I was pleased to not renew my commitment and part ways. On the shores of Conesus Lake in the Finger Lakes Region, while preparations for the Ring of Fire were taking place, my brain was spinning in amazing focus with ideas for a new brand and collection. It was pouring out of me in volumes like never before; I was fashionably possessed. Friends who were there, to this day comment on how “possessed” I was, while in deep traffic on the ride back to Rochester. I was in the back seat designing the logo while my friend drove and cranked the tunes, too afraid that stopping now would halt this beautiful flow along with the intoxicating feeling of being in the zone. On the first hour, of the first show (New York) of the first Vluxe Collection I was served with ten counts, a case that would encompass eight years of my life in a Federal Court, bicoastal travel, two law firms and three accounting firms, two of which were forensic accountants. And for what? To break me. To derail this new project. To kill Vluxe at its infancy. For pettiness. For jealousy. There doesn’t have to be much merit in the counts served in the USA, you can’t choose not to “play along”, you just have to deal with it. This did almost break me, no doubt, but it didn’t. Today I’m still standing. The business model I and pretty much everyone else operated under (many

still do), consisted of designers putting together a collection at least twice a year. We would have samples made so that each sales representative covering their respective part of the US or Canada would have one, plus the one we would travel in order to use at the shows; New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Buyers would make appointments to work with us to see the season’s new collection and place orders. There was a time when on the first day of a show, one could barely walk in the aisles due to the crowds. Today it is a far cry from that; there are less and less stores every day. The costs of doing the shows, if anything has gone up, while the number of stores to sell to has diminished. When these shows were over the representatives would fan out across the US and Canada while I would start the designing process again for next season in Europe working with the Fabric mills. After years of designing many, many collections, many brands and many classifications; ties, socks, vests, shirts, knits, outerwear, leather jackets, gloves and jeans, I began to recognize that the industry was broken. I began to look for a new business model referring to that which we all worked under as the “Old Model”. The obvious issues to me were the shortage of viable stores and the increasing costs of doing business with diminishing returns. But how to change a system set to do business under the Old Model? The supply chain was set up to work in a certain manner and timing that didn’t match what I was leaning towards. I evaluated what it was that I ultimately wanted to do, and that was to continue creating a beautiful product. But, this wasn’t one piece of art, this was ready made clothing, that required designing, manufacturing, ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018



“There is still much for me to say in fashi hope to continue saying it.”




ion, and I



{ SHIFT+CONTROL } Having totally rebranded the company, brand new, higher end designs, in stock programs in fashion shirts unheard off before us doing it, had made us the darlings of every highend store in the US and Canada.

and distribution. I thought that for me the solution would be to shorten the distance between the design and the end consumer, eliminating everything in between. Unfortunately, the supply chain to operate in this manner was lacking. With a shortage of answers, I chose to retire to write two books, one, on how it is that my family ended up in the USA as political refugees in 1967 called Neither Here Nor There, and the second about the one brand that has always been near and dear to me, the brand that I felt was most inspired; Vluxe, named Connecting The Dots. After a couple of years, missing the industry, my friends in it, and feeling like Howard Hughes with a lot less money, an offer for the Vluxe brand to be franchised came along and I took it.

shirts and gloves and have them produced overseas. In the meantime, I would also design, shoes, bags, belts, luxury leather accessories, knits, sweaters and jeans all to be made as special orders, in other words, made to order. Complete

I would design and manufacture the 30


I would no longer do the shows but instead use two channels of distribution, e-commerce and a Fashion Truck. The idea of the Fashion Truck is mainly to partner up with corporations to allow them to offer our services to their employees as an added value for working there. We are also available for private events, and on an individual basis. The first of its kind in the US, a Men’s Designer Direct To You Fashion Truck brings to you a selection of beautiful garments, allowing you to shop wherever you may be. The big picture is to in essence “replace” the lost stores, by offering the Fashion Truck for franchising. A young man or woman, without very much of a credit history can spend considerably less that he or she would by opening a brick and mortar AND, by having all the freedom a store doesn’t offer; mobility and your very own hours. While we’ve already had requests, I don’t feel we’re yet ready for it, but it does confirm that I’m on to something.

I realized that while the industry had continued to deteriorate, I was now not alone in the search of a business model. Fabric mills had begun producing non-basic fabrics outside of their twicea-year collections we would view and buy at fabric shows of Paris and Milan. Factories, were willing now to work on much lower minimums without making the prices unbearable. And so, a door had been opened. Leveraging my reputation to work with suppliers I may not have worked with before, but had adapted and adopted the New Model, I began to put forth a plan; a simple one, a transparent one.

to the consumer to $270. Today, a shirt that lands at $45 is sold directly to the consumer at $90, an incredible value for the consumer.

transparency on the web shows you how I achieve our pricing. As an example, in the Old Model, when I would land a shirt at the cost of $45, I would have to sell it to the retailers for $90. The retailer, to keep up with the expenses of running a store, would have to triple it and thus bringing the cost of the shirt

There is still much for me to say in fashion, and I hope to continue saying it. The website www.alwaysgetlucky. com is where all our products can be found; where shoes, bags, belts and luxury leather accessories are customizable by you in 3D, where you can contact us for the knits, sweaters and jeans, as well as to reserve a visit on the Get Lucky Fashion Truck.




Home of the most unique, extrodinary stylists. Our talented team can do everything from color, cut, treatments, and lash extensions to a manicure/pedicure and makeup application! Gift certificates available for any occasion. 32 SOUTH MAIN STREET I PITTSFORD NY 14534 I 585.383.8482 I SALONBELLAVITAPITTSFORD.COM








K 14450 I (585) 678-4466 I WWW.HAIRWELOVE.COM




THE SEXES HAVE D I F F E R E N T PRIORITIES WHEN WALKING DOWN THE AISLES Women are happy to meander through sprawling racks of clothing and accessory collections or detour through the shoe department. Most like to glide up glass escalators past a grand piano, or spray a perfume sample on themselves on their way to, maybe, making a purchase. For most men, shopping is a mission. They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the store as quickly as possible.

list is endless. From social habits to their spending habits, the list of cliché differences could go on and on. However, on average across America, women spend more money on clothes then men do, just as men spend more money on food then women do. Men in general are pretty uniform in their top three spending choices. Their spending habits tend to be allocated toward food, electronic and entertainment purchases respectively. These findings are not surprising to most Americans. Single men on average spend around twice as much money annually than a single woman does on alcohol, thus perpetuating the idea that gentlemen always buy a lady their first drink. ...aaahhhh chivalry isn’t dead!!!

Most women react more strongly than men to personal interaction with sales associates. Men are more likely to respond to more utilitarian aspects of the experience — such as the availability of parking, whether the item they came for is in stock, and the length of the checkout line. Let me repeat, men like to “Pay & Dash” often times rarely taking the time to research their options, try on and compare! I also found that women are more likely to experience problems while shopping than men. Male and female shoppers also have different reactions to sales associates. For men, an associate’s interest in helping them find an item is most important, followed by the sales associate’s effort in getting them through the checkout area quickly. For women, store loyalty is related to sales associates’ familiarity with the products in the store and an ability to determine what products best suit the customer. Women shoppers also value sales associates who make them feel important. Let me remind you, as a small business owner I want to know my clients names, what event they may be shopping for and the highlights of their lives. Where are we spending our $? When is comes to the differences between men and women the 74


Shopping habits AGE as we do!!! Women tend to shape their spending habits around their stage in life. Younger, unattached females on average spend their money on shopping, beauty, health and fitness, love/online dating and home furnishings. Though a women’s love for shopping stays with her throughout her entire life, as priorities shift so do her spending habits. As men age fewer additions are made to their closets. They tend to reduce their spending to travel and entertainment. On the flip side, men in general are more likely then women to save for their retirement.

On average women are more likely to give more money to charity in every income bracket as well as being better at paying back loans. This in part is due to the moral obligations many women feel pressured by as they get older and the fact that on average they take more of the heat and blame for their spending habits. Women in general spend around 5X’s more money on personal care and services, but at they get older their focus shifts towards making sure that their choices reflect what is best for their children and family. Enter to world of “more ooolahlah for your moolahlah” The millineals are trending a recycle, sustainable and embracing a consignment lifestyle. It’s current, savvy and it’s a relatable approach to shopping and spending. Women still shop consignment and luxury resale more than men, but the inquires from men as to “Where is the men’s department at Panache Luxury Resale Boutique at Brighton Commons” is becoming a more frequently asked question. We girls have been wearing and sharing our most precious wardrobe collections almost since birth. The concept of wearing another girls fine garments is natural and normal for us. BUT MEN!!!!! Most, NOT ALL, have a harder time giving into one of the coolest ways of “Treasure Hunt Shopping” through the racks for that “Golden Ticket item” that adds just that right splash of pizazz to their classic, comfortable and seldom added to wardrobe. Go ahead add a little style & flair life with Panache!!! SHOP Luxury Resale & Consignment. Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc. Trilogy Fashion Foundry 1855 Monroe Avenue ~ Brighton Commons Rochester, NY 14618










(585) 235-2860

Advertising Weddings Seniors Models Families Musicians

Available for all your events!

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At the age of 8 I received my first cameraa 126 Magimatic camera – which I still have. I was amazed at the thought of capturing a moment and saving it for life. At age 14 I had my first darkroom, and now I was really intrigued at the fact that not only can I capture the moment but now I can actually watch it appear before my eyes. I was that kid that ran around with a camera and took selfies before selfies were a thing. I remember being a senior in high school and going on my first spring break without my parents, just with my nine buddies hitting the beach in Myrtle. I was photographing the entire trip and being mocked out for doing it, because you have to remember, no one was taking photos like that back then – years before cell phones, Instagram and facebook. Now my buddies and I cherish those photos and they bring us back to a time we would’ve forgotten. I saw that vision back then and knew the

importance of every click of that camera. Of course, my favorite teacher in High School was Mr. Keenan, who let me spend endless hours in his darkroom creating magic, that was one class I would never skip. I began to realize that this is my passion in life, I will be fulfilled with this profession and this will be my meaning in life.

A Rochester native, I have been in this business for 30 years, specializing in photographing people. My goal for every shoot is to capture the exact expression that shows the feelings which are happening at that moment. The true reward in which I receive every time I pick up a camera is of a memory that I know I have captured for someone to hold onto for the rest of their life. You can’t deny the importance or the feelings that are with you by a single photograph that has personal meaning. To have a visual







“Music and Photography find their way into secret places of my soul.”



“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

image that you can imagine in your head, on actual paper, is a memory which will never fade away. I started my professional path by photographing friend’s children and their weddings. We think we remember the growth of our children, and we do remember the high spots, the triumphs and minor tragedies, but how many memories do we miss without a camera. For the life of a child is a kaleidoscope of changing moods, aptitudes, activities, and developing personality and physical growth. Photographs help us capture these facets to enjoy ourselves and to pass on to our children and our children’s children. But we must realize that the pictures we can laugh or sigh over tomorrow, we have to take today. In my years of



Photography I have seen children grow right before my eyes - I have seen a little dancer turn into a high school senior, then a bride, and then a mother, and now a next generation dancer - all through the lens. Time goes by extremely fast; times that should be photographed, the expressions, the innocence, and the moods all change as they grow. I was honored to have one of my photographs appear on the cover of ‘Parents and Kids’ magazine, another one was picked as a Top 10 on VH-1’s The Shot Contest., and another appearing in Rochester The Big Picture book.

Since weddings are such a personal event, I like to photograph them in such a way. I like my clients to personally get to know me and my work, come their wedding day. They will know who to expect that day and what type of work that will be delivered. I enjoy creating a story from the many moments I capture, instead of just taking snapshots. I will go over every detail with the bride & groom to be sure that the pictures will be very special, every memory is captured, and nothing is missed. Capturing love is one of the most beautiful forms of art.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving, what you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”

My schooling includes Rochester Institute of Technology and Center For the Media Arts, which was located in NYC. My college professor at CFMA was Andrew Moore, someone whom I’ve recently






{ HER EDGE } “To the World you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the World.”

reconnected with and is a well-known established photographer, whom has released numerous publications of his work. Reconnecting with him after 17 years was amazing. My time spent in the City only made me want to explore all types of photography. “Music and Photography find their way into secret places of my soul” A major passion of mine is Music Photography. Photographing Live events are always challenging and rewarding because you can never determine what will happen. The expressions, the energy, the lighting are all factors that can really change so drastically, but can also create beautiful images. My first concert was at the age of 9, I saw David Cassidy at the War Memorial, I was fascinated by the energy and wished I had brought my camera. My next concert was 9 years later in which I saw Pat Benatar at the War Memorial and yes, I had my camera but not good seats, so not good pictures. A year later I attempted to bring my camera to a show where I was going to be front and center, again, at the War Memorial, which was Heart with John “Cougar” opening, Being right upfront, I went crazy with the camera. The energy that John and his band brought on stage, was at such a high level, I couldn’t shoot enough of it. I actually left after his performance and never stayed for Heart (which I now regret) I literally then became

a Mellenhead, jumping from state to state sneaking my camera into his shows and photographing them. Fast forward to John “Mellencamp”s next show at the War Memorial - 3 years later, where I had the honor of meeting him backstage and then invited to the afterparty over at the hotel. From that day on I slowly established friendships with John, his family and his band. The experiences that I have had with this crew are endless

and all documented through my camera. I have been photographing FarmAid, 30+ years, Mellencamp being a co-founder along with Willie Nelson, Neil Young & Dave Matthews. I had the privilege of actually performing with Mellencamp on stage infront of 24,000 at the Skydome in Toronto, and receiving rave reviews. I attended his Backyard BBQ, his Art Show with Miles Davis & his Movie Premier, in LA, his Storytellers filming, his private show on which he went under the name

of Pearl Doggy, and also was his body double/stand-in for a movie (AfterImage) that he filmed in Rochester, in which he, ironically, played a photographer, in the film. I have been honored to have my photography appear on Mellencamp’s VH-1’s ‘Behind the Music’ series & the CMT’s ‘Inside Fame’ series. So it’s been a long amazing ride with him, and it continues… He’s been labeled a hardass, in which he is, but he also has a heart behind all that. I’ve photographed Icons from Whitney to Farrah to Prince, I shot everyone from Chris Botti to Chrissie Hynde, from Queensryche to the King of Queens, from Milli Vanilli to the Rolling Stones, from John Fogerty to John Mayer, from Joan Rivers to Rob Schneider. I’ve photographed my inspirational mentors’ Andy Warhol and Annie Leibovitz. Recently, with my connection to a NYC based Production company, NB Contact, I was able to shoot Kendell Jenner’s Vogue dinner party, Black Eyed Peas Video Release Party and a private event with John Legend. The Kendall Jenner event appears on Vogue’s website and I was also able to photograph American Idol’s Kris Allen for his 2017 calendar. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”




“When life gets harder, Challenge yourself to be Stronger.”




Two years ago I crossed paths with Artist/ Designer Greg Polisseni. With both of us being creative people, we connected immediately. Before I knew it, I was back in NYC, shooting a whole new type of photography- Fashion! Working with Greg, Andy Hilfiger, and the entire Artistix crew, has been a privilege and an honor. I remember shooting my first fashion show for them, and just wanting to prove myself, especially because I was shooting with photographer’s half my age, and in a city, filled with photographers. I conquered that and have been shooting for them ever since. I thank Greg for this opportunity and for his friendship. I’ve been meeting some of the most amazing people from stylist to designers to the models. The energy and passion that fashion photography brings on only rejuvenates me and has given me a fresh start and is showing me, once again, my love for photography.

with an amazing couple, Steve and JJ. We do it right, and can write the book on how it should be done. We are surrounded by a giving family and a lot of amazing friends. I only surround myself with people whom only want to see me succeed, and I avoid negative energy and drama. Life is too

“To the World you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the World” My personal life consists of my beautiful wife, Dalys, whom I’ve known for 32 years. She has always been a supporter and has allowed me to live this crazy life, and I appreciate and love her for that. We have three incredible children, Devon, Dominique and Marcus, who give us so much pleasure and love. We are blessed with two sets of parents, who have shown us how true love is. We co-parent

short……..’You only live once’ – has always been my motto, so make it rock!

“When life gets harder, Challenge yourself to be Stronger”

At the age of 12, I faced my first challenge- I faced open heart surgery. Everything went well and I’ve never had an issue since. Being a kid, at the time, I had created in my mind that I must have a higher risk of death, thinking that my heart must be weaker than most. So at that time, I made it a point, my whole life, to make the right choices. I never smoked, avoided drugs, ate the right foods, exercised, and kept the same waistline I had had since High School. All of this, to avoid any strain on my heart. Well, on April Fool’s day this year, I was thrown another challenge, one that had nothing to do with my heart. I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and unfortunately this wasn’t a joke. I was so thrown, so unexpected, I could not believe this was happening, especially since I was a nonsmoker my whole life, and cancer does not run in our family. I am very familiar with cancer though, because I went through the experience of having two close friends battle this disease and both losing to it. I organized major fundraisers for them and their families, which raised over $30,000. I’ve also donated my services and photographed people dealing with this, including Brother Wease and his wife, Doreen. Giving my services in these ways, does give me a very fulfilling feeling, knowing that I can help these people and give to these people at a time of need. I’ve always been a giver and not a taker. I just can’t believe now I’m in the position of having to take and be the fighter. I’m looking at this experience as a new chapter in life, to fight it and to conquer this, and of course, to photograph it. With my amazing support system, I will get through this and I will one day, look back at it, in pictures, as I flip through the pages of my life.




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Tracy L. Williams and Kirk Robinson make up the TLW Group. Tracy and Kirk are men who are visionaries. They are community-builders, not destroyers. They care about Rochester, NY and the people who live here. The men learned early, to be successful, you must always strive to keep learning and then share your knowledge. This empowers people to be great. Haters are going to hate. The TLW Group are iconic and bring a fresh breath of air into the Greater Rochester Community, revitalizing it one property at a time and sharing this vision enabling others around them to learn how to be an entrepreneur, b u i l d i n g “millionaires”! Tracy L. Williams in addition to his involvement in the TLW Group, is an author, a business owner, a teacher, a food connoisseur, a father and a husband. Kirk Robinson, Tracy’s business partner is a man who is humble. He prefers the background as to center stage. He doesn’t live for a Facebook like but to make a difference in his community. He is a man who learned what he does from generations of men in his family who made a difference in the community. Tracy and Kirk met when Kirk was 19-years-old. The two became best friends. The rest is history. The TLW Group is both Tracy and Kirk’s company. The company specializes in “improving the urban living experience through purchasing distressed properties and revitalizing them”. The TLW Group works along with the Rochester Landlord Group. The Rochester Landlord Group is a group of people who attended 90


TLW Group’s “Wealth in Real Estate” seminar. They shared the company’s vision of wanting to make a difference in the community using the concepts taught in the seminar.

the neighborhoods in which they invest. The seminar encourages community and political investment and building relationships with the tenants and the neighbors.

The Wealth in Real Estate seminar, a seminar given by the TLW Group Inc., teaches new and seasoned investors the importance of investing with a purpose. Using the concept of social entrepreneurship. The TLW Group teaches investors the importance of health in housing and how to weave social responsibility

Tracy didn’t start out as a visionary, he was known more for fighting in the Rochester City School District. Don’t we all have a rough start? In his case, he didn’t bother people but sometimes they bothered him. These experiences then became the foundation for Tracy in some of the novels he later wrote. His series “The Come Up” as detailed later in the article, is a handbook on developing character and integrity for young men growing up with the lack of professional role models. Tracy was blessed to have mentors including Cleve Killingsworth, Bill Daniels, Bill Johnson and Ken Turpin. He feels his life changed by watching successful black men who were not part of any program. The relationships he found with these men developed by chance and out of genuine interest. Tracy indicates:

into their plans to improve the overall urban living experience. Adequate housing and safe communities in which to play and learn are vital to improving lives across this country. It is the TLW Group’s belief landlords play a major role in the success and failures in communities. The “Wealth in Real Estate” seminar focuses on local residents establishing themselves: first, through a tailored investment plan and secondly, establishing

“They were living examples for me because over time I was able to see what success looked like, how they raised their families and how they spent their free time.”. Tracy shares, “Saying being a single father is difficult would be an understatement. Unlike most parents, I learned from my children and wanted to be an example for them. This desire forced me to change my entire way of living and thinking. I pulled from all of my resources and experiences so I could become a living example for my children. Tracy began buying properties 19 years ago,






{ MALE { HER ENTREPRENEUR EDGE } } “Sometimes the inner-city neighborhoods are dismissed as being impoverished and filled with people who are unskilled and undereducated. I completely disagree and believe that the natural value and talent should be acknowledged.”

when he bought a house for $ 2,100.00. He invested an additional $ 6,000.00 to repair the home where it was occupiable. He began making an income on the property and never looked back. This is where it all began, and he teaches what he learned to other people in the group’s seminars sharing the vision to become entrepreneurs using real estate as the vessel. Tracy was previously a partner in a nightclub in downtown Rochester. He enjoyed it and always wanted to open another nightclub or lounge. In 2013, an opportunity came about to purchase a failing restaurant. Tracy took advantage of the opportunity and opened the Charleston House. Tracy found the restaurant business as a valuable learning experience. It entailed many moving parts. This experience strengthened Tracy’s understanding of the value chain. He learned that value is created in every facet of the restaurant business. It includes everything the procurement of the best ingredients to post-dining surveys on how to improve the Charleston House. The restaurant closed due to the building needing repair. Tracy says, “Some of my best memories at the restaurant were having intellectual, thoughtprovoking conversations with like-minded people, learning I was able to attract people from Syracuse and Buffalo. The Charleston House hosted a number of community events, one of which was Poetry Night held once per month. They included an “open mic” segment which allowed guests to participate and share their creativity. The closing of the Charleston House did not end Tracy’s interest though. He currently is promoting “A Dash of Soul”. Tracy studied international ideals of comfort foods and is promoting the concept of using diverse foods to bring people together. The cooking competition seeks to combine traditional comfort foods with a “Dash of Soul”. This is a competition where chefs can showcase their culinary talents. Tracy explains, “Through studying, I found comfort foods exist throughout the world. These delicious dishes carry with them the lived

experiences and struggles of their creators and are usually handed down from one generation to the next in poor communities”. Wait, we aren’t done! Mr. Williams also owned race horses. He shares since he was a kid he always wanted race horses! He never believed he would be able to afford them. When the opportunity arose, he couldn’t pass it up. He tells us one of the most exciting moments was when his horse “Gerry with a G” won his first race! He is currently in the process of hiring a new trainer and will return to the track in the near future. RWO also wants you to see Tracy as a person. Life is not just all business. Tracy is a successful man who has also included his family in what he does. He teaches by example and his wife and children are also involved in the family business! His posts on social media are refreshing because they allow his followers to be able to see he is not perfect. The discussions on his page include a wide array of topics. On any given day, you may see posts ranging from professional to controversial, or reflective or thought-provoking. Tracy also has a blog called “Gold in the Ghetto”. This follows his concept of developing and improving the urban living experience. The blog shares the value of our community with the followers. Tracy tells us, “Sometimes the inner-city neighborhoods are dismissed as being impoverished and filled with people who are unskilled and undereducated. I completely disagree and believe that the natural value and talent should be acknowledged”. This last year was a busy one for the family. Tracy and his partner Ebony got married! It wasn’t your typical day-to-day wedding. They were married in Tuscany, Italy! A fairytale wedding, one any woman would dream of. It was very well-planned by the wedding planner Marco Bernosconi, so it was almost stress-free! Tracy indicates this is what Ebony wanted to do so he made it happen. Kirk Robinson, his business partner and his best friend was Tracy’s best man. The couple, their family and friends toured different parts of Italy. Tracy’s favorite experience (outside of marrying his amazing

wife) was touring Cortona, a small town on a hill, not too far from Villa San Crispolto, where they were staying. The couple loved it so much they actual visited twice! Tracy shared he believes Ebony’s motivation for trip # 2 was re-visiting the leather shops for accessories. Tracy tells us, “Ebony is my partner. As such, she helps with every aspect of our business. She’s usually behind the scenes performing tiresome tasks such as paperwork. She does a lot of research, works on the blog, marketing, writing, editing, and even does some physical labor on the rental properties.” The Williams family plays hard, but they work even harder. Much of their life-style involves healthy living. The family remains physically active by working out together and seeking out fun activities such as kayaking and hiking. They also grow some of their own food in their backyard. Tracy tells RWO: “Health is important because our time is limited. As you age, you want to be in the best shape possible, so you can enjoy life. That will only happen if you take care of yourself. I don’t want to end up old and not be able to live the life I want to live because I didn’t make certain sacrifices and take care of myself when I could. Right now, I spend most of my time on cross-fit training and for cardio. We just started a 5k marathon training! Gardening is cathartic. The added bonus is the harvest of your crops plus the beauty of it all adds to your living space. I like knowing where my fruits, vegetables and herbs come from and I save money in the process. I grow things my family likes to eat and sometimes we get a little creative and grow things not usually carried in the grocery store such as borage and edible flowers. They make eating healthy more fun”. Tracy is also an author. His latest book is a children’s book titled “Eagles Belong in the Sky”. Williams indicates the concept shown in the children’s book is a relatable one. Tracy also shares in life too, often we allow our peer groups and family to stunt personal growth. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018



“Saying being a single father is difficult would be an understatement. Unlike most parent change my entire way of living and thinking. I pulled from all of my re

. He based the foundation of this book around social interactions in families and shows how habits and learned behaviors are handed down to children. If there aren’t positive external experiences, the children deem the negative as normal. The eagle in the story was taught he was a chicken. He didn’t know any better because his surroundings reinforced this rationale. Mr. Williams also wrote a crime-fiction series, which gained inspiration from “The Come Up” series he authored. He started out writing with young men in mind. After the release, Tracy leaned adults were also using the book. He wanted to reach an audience who would prefer a novel over a self-help guide. Shortly after the original “Come Up” was released there was a growing interest with women and girls. In complementing the series, Williams’ daughter Briana penned “The Come Up for Girls”. The TLW Group is getting ready for the up-and-coming release of Tracy’s latest work, “ Urban Development 2”. Tracy recently partnered with Dr. Wandah Gibbs to form WGW Publishing Inc. The two realized there wasn’t a platform which existed exclusively for literary works focusing on social problems effecting the poor and disfranchised. The manuscripts selected at the publishing company addresses the needs of thousands and maybe even millions of otherwise forgotten people.

KIRK ROBINSON, THE MAN BEHIND THE SCENES Kirk Robinson as mentioned, is Tracy William’s business partner and best friend. Kirk gained inspiration from the male role models in his family; his father and grandfather. His father taught him morals and values about life. It was instilled if Kirk wanted to get ahead in life and succeed he would have to work harder than other people. Kirk’s grandfather taught him about building a business and taking care of the community. He was proud his grandfather was called, “the town mayor” by others. His grandfather built his company. He then built dozens of houses and buildings in his community and throughout NYS. These 94


homes and buildings provided housing for many less fortunate people. Kirk was around construction since he was around 10-years-old. Watching his grandfather at work intrigued him. His father was also a good handyman who did a lot of work for his neighbors, family and friends. It was natural for Kirk when Tracy asked him if they should check out this real estate thing to want to be involved. When the pair got started, the housing market was different. It was cheaper, and the word hadn’t spread this was the route

to becoming a millionaire. Kirk didn’t know everything about the industry, but the pair knew a lot of contractors. The key to their success is they know they can still learn more and they take the opportunities every day to continue to do so. The group is interested in development and they are focused on completing their major goal. Kirk also started doing security work around the age of 25. This started when he walked into a bar and had a few drinks with friends. One


ts, I learned from my children and wanted to be an example for them. This desire forced me to esources and experiences so I could become a living example for my children.”

of the guards wanted to take some time off and the bartender invited Kirk to fill in. After gaining years of experience, Kirk is now in the process of starting his own security company. The partners focus on building community. The concept is important to both men. RWO asked Kirk Robinson to talk about which social issue he is passionate about. He responded,“I don’t know if this is a social issue or if you want to call it civil rights, but it is to me. I believe everybody should be

treated fairly and there’s a big discrepancy with this right now. Community means everything to me. In my daily experiences when I am around the urban population that is typically lower-income, I try to help give advice to different people and let them know sometimes there’s a better way to do things and how they approach life and the living condition they learned to accept may not be the best they can do. I’ve done things in the community, some small, but I’ve learned even small things

can affect people. The big things include upgrading the houses in the community. When we remodel and are looking for places to buy in the city, my main focus is to give people a nice place to stay, to increase the curb appeal; the TLC needed to make the city look better. We then train people and show them this is what you can do to help your community”. One of the most important parts of Kirk’s life is being a father. He shared his experience with RWO, “Becoming a father changed a lot for me. I felt this was the turning point in my life where I was now doing this for family instead of just doing it for myself. I wanted to make sure my son saw me doing what it takes to build a successful company and I also want to make sure I have something to leave him, a step up in life, not having to work as hard as his parents did. Having a family now influences my decisions greatly. I often run things by my family just to get their feel of it. For example, with the book projects, I will let the family read or if it’s too advanced, have them read to my little guy. I also include them by taking the family out and showing them the new projects, so they know what I am doing when I am missing family time with them. I often find it challenging to work the longer hours. I remind them if we don’t do it, its not going to get done”. Tracy L. Williams and Kirk Robinson, otherwise known as the TLW Group as indicated, are a force to be reckoned with. They are an inspiration to our community as men who build others up sharing their knowledge to preserve the community they love, care and respect. They became a living example not only to their children and family but to the whole community. To check out the businesses further, go to www. and





Sometimes society shapes our view, and sometime because of a few “bad apples” a whole profession can suffer. Law is one of the professions which is often targeted. No one can say they haven’t seen some of the local media campaigns with catchy slogans to reel in clients. Some law firms, despite the temptation to use “get rich quick slogans” rise above and let their reputations speak for themselves. Brenna Boyce is one of the law firms, who resist the temptation to “jump on the bandwagon”. This firm originated when partner Robert Brenna Jr.’s father hung his shingle back in 1953. Robert then followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the firm. In 2007, Sheldon Boyce became a partner and the firm evolved to Brenna Boyce. Sheldon, an alum of Albany Law School, where he was involved in the Law Review a n d a Ju s t i n i a n Honor, graduating cum laude in 1979, started his legal career as a confidential law assistant at the 3rd Department, Appellate Division. He then became an Assistant District Attorney in the Special Investigational Bureau. After leaving the DA’s office, Sheldon began a career at Chamberlain D’Amanda, where he chaired the Personal Injury Department. He’s blessed with earning the honor of one of the best lawyers in America, “Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year”. Sheldon is admitted to practice in NYS, the Western and Northern District, and Federal Court. 98


Currently, he is the managing partner at Brenna Boyce.

RWO asked Sheldon Boyce what justice means to him?

Sheldon shares, “Since childhood, I always wanted to be a trial lawyer. I love being in court, but most of all, I love helping people in their time of need. In my personal injury practice, it is rewarding to obtain a settlement or verdict to compensate my client for the harms and losses caused by another. My least favorite part of the practice is dealing with the paperwork”.

“Justice to me equates to fairness. It is the overriding value, which should apply to everything that happens in the legal system. As a lawyer, the most important message I have for readers is to remind everyone to have respect for the law. We are blessed to live in a country where no person is above the law”.

Shelly loves his work as a fighter for justice. He hopes to be right where he is today in five years, as he is very happy being the managing partner at Brenna Boyce. Sheldon Boyce is very passionate about social issues such as child poverty, child abuse and neglect. His interest is not just in the United States, but all over the world. He feels the children are the most vulnerable members of this society and are the most deserving of our protection.

When you meet someone like Shelly who spends his life trying to assist others and defending their rights it is interesting to know who made a difference in their lives to help shape who they became. It takes a special person to be a lawyer. The position requires the person to be in conflict a good portion of the time. They must think fast and also have a level-head to be able to negotiate and reason. Sheldon Boyce indicates the most influential person in his life was his father. He taught him a good work ethic. He also taught him to have dignity and respect for all people regardless of their station in life. He showed him the importance of service to others. Sheldon indicates when he looks at others and sees what obstacles they overcame, he doesn’t feel the minor obstacles he experienced in life are worth mentioning. Looking back, Shelly tells us, “He would chart the same career path all over again. He lives with no regrets”. As a defender of justice, Rochester Woman Online salutes Sheldon Boyce as a man who inspires.




“As a lawyer, the most important message I have for readers is to remind everyone to have respect for the law. We are blessed to live in a country where no person is above the law�.




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“Meals by DeLeo” was started as an “accidentally on purpose” business owner Jason DeLeo shares. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and did private catering for about 17 years in the Rochester area. Jason started feeling unhappy about his personal health because he suffered from Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and depression. In determining his own treatment plan, he started making his own meal plan. The results he experienced were incredible. People started asking “what he was doing?” They then wanted Jason to prepare their meals! The concept snowballed from there. The business blossomed. Meals by DeLeo offers fully-cooked meals using fresh, local, gluten-free and macro-based meals for anyone using tracking for dieting. The company also provides goal and meal planning for interested parties. The catering portion is also currently providing services.

diets and even “deal a meal”, something was missing; flavor. By using flavor and food with science and nutrition, I came up with “Meals by DeLeo”. I started creating meals for myself and my results were incredible! 80 pounds gone, three chronic diseases under control, and a decrease in the amount of prescriptions I had to take daily. I worked with experts in the fields of nutrition and fitness to

Jason tells us, “There is no special formula which will bring you amazing results. It’s not one pill, a substitution, shake, or program that will “do it”. It’s a simple scientific logic; calories. If a person eats more calories than they burn in a day and this continues for a few days pounds will be gained. After personally trying different plans,

I educated myself and I always ask the questions, “What if?” or “What’s next?”. I’m always experimenting pushing the boundaries of what eating healthy should look, taste and feel like”. Healthy living boils down to why a person is engaging in it.


fine-tuned everything over the last three years.

Jason DeLeo shares, “I wanted to be healthy for my family; my wife and 4 sons, and most importantly myself. I had visions of not being able to be around for them, due to my own choices or lack thereof, and this pushed me harder than anything else. Anyone can do it. Your mindset can be changed. Your relationship with food is emotional- if you can flip your brain to understand that food is meant to nourish, build, satisfy and support you, you will find it easier to eat what is necessary and feel great doing it”. As a man who overcame 6 back surgeries, drugaddiction, depression and a self-defeating mindset, after everyone around him gave up on him, Jason DeLeo is pretty amazing. He was left to make the decision of whether he was going to give up on himself. He decided he had to do it and turn his life around. His pop always taught him what it means to be a son, a brother, a friend and a father. Family comes before anything. If you can help it do it. Respect all women, love your wife, not the way that is seen by all, but with a daily thought of putting her first. Seeing this as an example, made him proud to call his father his Dad. He recalls his father being the most unique human being he ever met and attributes him as being someone who was influential and who contributed to his success.





Jason DeLeo indicates in five years he hopes to be speaking and sharing this information with groups of people who need to hear they are not alone. He wants to be a resource for people concerning health, fitness, finding their purpose and leaving behind dark places they find themselves in. Jason wants to share his knowledge demonstrating anyone can get through whatever challenge they find themselves in and if they think they can’t do it, he wants to show them they can!

habit, begin now. Don’t wait.

Jason says it all begins with acknowledging exactly where you are. Start with small goals. Goals which are reachable which can easily be mastered. Pick one bad

Now Jason says, “What’s next?” Go back to the list of goals you created and pick off the next goal. Stay reasonable”.


He shares, “For example, if the person would like to drink more water, this is easy enough. Make a commitment to yourself. “I will drink 64 oz. or 1 gallon of water a day”. Then plan how this will occur. Lastly, exercise your plan and demonstrate the commitment to self. Once the person gets used to the extra bathroom breaks, there’s one healthy habit under your belt”.

Jason warns “If you have never set foot in a gym, do not start by committing to going 5 days a week for two hours. Start slow. Pick one thing at a time. Create some successes for yourself. Build your confidence. Constantly update your goals. These are the keys to success.” Rochester Woman is pleased to announce Jason DeLeo will be joining us as a new writer sharing with you his ways of healthy living. He plans to share with you, writings from a range of topics such as mental health to nutrition as they are all connected. Check out Meals by DeLeo!


550 Bernard St I Rochester, New York 1458


80 I (585) 298-5049 I



It’s pretty rare these days to find a politician that is universally loved. You have to look no further than social media to see people deeply divided on political issues, most likely around partisan issues.

Economic Development and Small Business; Consumer Protection; Education; Finance; Higher Education; Infrastructure and Capital Investment; Labor; Rules and Science, Technology, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.

New York State Senator Joseph Robach represents the 56th district in Albany. He has an exceptional record of community and civic involvement. Senator Robach is pretty much universally loved and respected for his hard work and dedication to the community regardless of people’s political affiliations. Everyone says he is a “great guy” working everyday on improving lives in his district.

And as often as he can be, he is in the district where he has a home in Greece, NY. You can often find him at countless charity functions, ribbon cuttings or just out and around town out in the community talking to his constituents about what’s important to them.

Before his election to the Senate, Robach served as an Assemblyman for 11 years filling the seat vacated by the unfortunate passing of his father, Roger Robach. He has been recognized by many organizations, police departments, healthcare facilities, businesses and notfor-profits both locally and statewide for his outstanding record in the Legislature. Senator Robach has worked diligently to expand economic development in Rochester as a member of the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council, increase funding for education, cut taxes and improve and protect our healthcare system. During his tenure in the Senate, he has secured an unprecedented amount of resources for the Rochester area which has funded the expansion of the emergency departments for Highland and Unity Hospitals, and provided funding for hundreds of local charities and all the school districts in the 56th District. In the Senate, he serves as the Secretary of the Senate Majority Conference, Chairman of the Transportation Committee and is a member of the standing committees on Commerce; 110


You can always contact him through his website:, where 100% of your comment

are read and responded to. We were lucky to catch him during a busy week for a Q&A.

Tell me about your family?

I am a very proud dad to three grown children: Lindsay who is a Rochester City school teacher; Rachel who is a stylist at Mint Salon in Brighton; and Roger who recently graduated from an electrician apprenticeship program and is a member of IBEW Local 86. I am fortunate that they all chose to live in the Rochester area and stay close to their old man.

At one point in your career you switched parties. Why? My first priority has been and always will be to the people, not to a party. It is important for people to understand that NYS politics can be very New York City centric. When I switched parties, I decided to stand up to New York City power brokers and run for a more difficult position so I could better serve Upstate New York. I knew being in the Senate would open positive opportunities for Rochester and it did.

You are on so many committees. Which one are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about all committees that I serve on in the Senate! However, as I am Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, the Transportation Committee has become the one I have put the most focus on in the last few years. I have spent an enormous amount of time advocating for funding parity for Upstate roads, bridges and infrastructure. For too long, the focus had been merely on New York City, I am pleased that since taking over as Chairman, we have had record investment in upstate funding, with many projects here in our community, including the modernization of the 390/490 interchange.

I am also very passionate member of the Senate’s Education Committee. New York State spends the most money per pupil in the nation. Many schools in area are seeing tremendous success; however, we must continue to focus on improving all the schools in our community, including the ones are not seeing that same success. By promoting policies that encourage consistent attendance and parental involvement in the educational process, we can work towards successful outcomes and student success.

What is the most rewarding part about being a state Senator?

The most rewarding part of being State Senator

“The most rewarding part of being State Senator is being able to serve my neighbors and my community every day. It is truly an honor and privilege.�



My first priority has been and always will be to the people, not to a party. It is important for people to understand that NYS politics can be very New York City centric.

is being able to serve my neighbors and my community every day. It is truly an honor and privilege. While having a piece of legislation you sponsor signed into law by the Governor is a big accomplishment, being able to help residents on a daily basis is what I find most rewarding.

How often are you at your home in your District?

As much as possible! The Legislative Session runs from January to June and then we will meet periodically after June at the call of the Senate President. During this time, I spend the majority of most weeks in Albany. However, being home in Rochester is my favorite (and the most important) place to be! While serving in Albany is important, being home and in my District allows me to get a pulse of the community so that I know how to best serve my constituents in the State Capitol. For this reason, I make sure that I am home and in the community whenever the State Senate is not in session. I make it a priority to attend as many community events as I can and spend time in my office meeting with residents and discussing issues that are important to them as well as attend hundreds of community functions each year to meet and speak to as many people as possible.

How many people contact you in any given week for help? On average, I would say several hundred people contact my office every month for assistance by mail, email, social media, phone or by just stopping by my office. I also attend neighborhood meetings and community associations regularly where I can hear firsthand neighbors concerns. Believe it or not, I am even stopped by people regularly on my weekly trip to Wegmans.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Of course, personally, my biggest accomplishment is my kids and the successful adults that they have become. Professionally, I am not sure I can say there is one accomplishment that I can rank above all others. I am proud of the exceptional constituent service that I have been able to provide throughout my career. I am also, proud of my commitment to women’s issues. As a father of daughters, this has been something that I have

taken a great interest in. I have worked closely with advocates combatting domestic violence. From my work with them, I have sponsored many bills in the Legislature to help victims of domestic violence (i.e. strengthening orders of protection). I was very proud to be honored for my work by Alternatives for Battered Women (Willow Domestic Violence Center) with the Shine the Light Award. I am also very proud of my proven record of standing up for Upstate New York. No matter who has been Governor or the legislative leader, I have earned a reputation for advocating for Rochester. I have been cited by my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for being an outspoken advocate for my district!

What are your three favorite places to go in Rochester?

I have many favorite places in Rochester. As someone who was born and raised in Charlotte, nothing beats riding my Harley-Davidson in the summer and getting a chocolate custard from Abbott’s by Lake Ontario. I also love visiting my friends at WDKX! Every Saturday morning, I take a trip down “Memory Lane” and stop in to see my friends at 103.9 WDKX. During Memory Lane, I am able to talk about the exciting things going on in the community, answer questions from listeners and play some of my favorite songs. Finally, as someone who is a proud Italian American, I always enjoy lunch at restaurants like Antonetta’s, Roncone’s or Rocky’s (impossible to choose a favorite), where you always get a fantastic meal and great camaraderie. What do you want people to know about your job? More than anything, I want people to know that as their State Senator, I am 100% dedicated to the people that I represent and our community. For me, this is not just a job, it is an honor, privilege and a moral obligation.

Tell me about helping something that really made you proud. There are so many issues that I have worked on over the course of my career that have made me proud; from cancer mapping in my early years

in the Assembly to providing record funding for Rochester more recently. I have proudly secured funds for so many important projects in our community, including funding that helped the City of Rochester avoid bankruptcy, countless funding for local municipal projects (i.e. Greece band pavilion, new playgrounds and plows in Gates, farm market and library renovations in Brighton, revitalizing Rochester’s main street, building the new Hamlin library), school districts, fire departments, police departments, hospitals and hundreds of not-for-profit organizations.

What are you working on right now?

Session has just ended. One of the issues that was a major focus for me this year has been school safety. The Senate passed a package of critical school safety measures that would strengthen security and help keep students safe. The bills increase the ability of schools to hire qualified security personnel; create new state funding mechanisms for infrastructure investments that improve school safety; increase access to school-based mental health services; expand state actions and intelligence coordination to protect schools against attack; and strengthen penalties for crimes on school grounds. These measures will help ensure kids are safe and can get access to the right mental health services to prevent negative actions. Now that session is over, I will focus on some community wide events like my E-Recycling Event in September and Women’s Wellness Fair in October.

What would surprise people about your job? The job of being a State Senator is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year job.

Who are you inspired by?

My father, Roger and my mother, Terri, inspire me. Every day, I think about the lessons they taught me about serving others and putting community before self. My father was also in elected office and he always put people before politics and I know from him that is the most important thing and serves as my guiding principle.

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A common issue for promoters in Rochester is clubs are here today and gone tomorrow. Anything associated with hip hop is looked on negatively as the events are known to have problems which result in clubs being shut down. Many promoters move away from this type of show as when money is on the line, it is risky to have an event and have it shut down because that equals refunding money and or losing money. Some local promoters, pride themselves on having a more mature crowd and keeping it classy. Nuri Simmons and the Fambino Family are one of such promoters.

for the first time at age 17. The life caught up to Nuri and he was sentenced to (15 to 30) years in NYS prison He was lucky that his sentence was later modified to (2-6) and he was released in 2001 at the age of 23. Nuri started to turn his life around and enrolled in college at MCC and then RIT. He fell in love, married and had a daughter. In 2004, he again was arrested and received a ten-year prison sentence. He served 8 ½ years. His wife divorced him and he was re-released in 2013. Nuri served five years on

Nuri was born in 1977. He grew up on the westside, Bronson / Jefferson area, then also living in Fight Village /N. Clinton Avenue. His family struggled as his mom experienced some periods of unemployment when she suffered issues with an addiction. Nuri’s older brother took on some of the responsibilities (he was 11 years older) by entering the street life at an early age. Nuri suffered having his brother carted off to juvenile facilities at times during his childhood as a result. Nuri’s father left the family and moved on marrying again. Nuri’s sister lived with his dad so when his brother was gone it was just Nuri and his mom. Around the age of 10, Nuri was removed from his home by CPS after they determined his mom was not able to care for him because of her drug addiction. He was never allowed to return home and became a ward of the state residing at Hillside Children’s Center, group homes and foster care. He was also bounced around to different family members such as his aunts, grandmother and sister-in-law. He even had his own apartment at 17-years-old. Nuri became a teen father at ages 15 and 17. He resorted to a serious life of crime being arrested 118


parole and is celebrating on March 15, 2018, he reported for the last time. He is finally a free man. In college, Nuri majored in chemical engineering and business administration. Nuri became an entrepreneur. RWO asked Nuri how he felt college prepared him to be a business owner: “At my core I am an entrepreneur. College does not teach you that. College does not encourage you to appreciate business ownership. College

does not encourage you to respect and appreciate the risks and rewards associated with business ownership. In my opinion, college serves to make the graduate more attractive to potential employers. College also provides the graduate with the academic knowledge and experience necessary to help administer someone else’s business; not establish your own business. Taking all of this into consideration, I decided to change my professional direction. Plus, considering I am a twice convicted ex-felon, a career in chemical engineering or corporate America did not seem feasible. So, for several years I was on a mission to educate myself as a fitness professional and event planning professional. For the past four years, I operated as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. Power Frame Fitness is my company’s name. I have earned several certifications and plan to return to college to earn a degree in either kinesiology, exercise physiology or both.

we host.

I am also a co-owner of Fambino Family, LLC, which is a multifaceted organization comprised of myself and five of my relatives. One of our many interests is in themed events and festivals. I am the Public Relations & Marketing Director for the company. My primary duties are to help plan, organize, promote, and execute the various events

I am also on the board of directors of The We Before Me Foundation, Inc. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on underprivileged youth in the Rochester, NY community and the various issues that they face (malnutrition, drug abuse, etc.). The Foundation also seeks to assist combat veterans and their children as well”.







{ MEN WHO INSPIRE } “I believe I have a very practical view on race relations in general and with respects to our society in particular. If we look at history and ask ourselves some hard questions the answer to those questions will reveal the state of race relations in our world and nation.”

RWO also asked Nuri what we can expect from him in the next five years?

“My largest personal goal going forward is to be a more loving, attentive, and affectionate father. My daughter will be in college within the next 5 years. Like Pearlie did for me, I want to give her all the tools necessary to be a good, well-rounded, and productive person in life. Professionally, I would like to help expand the Power Frame Fitness brand, the Fambino Family brand, and The We Before Me Foundation brand regionally and nationally. I would like to acquire a large building to serve as the operational headquarters for each entity. As mentioned above, I would also like to earn degrees that will help to solidify my standing as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach. I would also like to fall in love, get married again, and spoil my wife”. Nuri Simmons became interested in fitness when he was a young man. He explained, “As a youth, I was very active and athletically inclined. I began boxing at 8years-old. I started playing organized football at 10. Throughout my youth, I also played soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and participated in indoor and outdoor track and field. As an athlete, I was always encouraged by coaches to eat as healthy as possible and exercise regularly, especially weight lifting. Plus, my mother (believe it or not) was a very healthy eater and she also exercised regularly. For instance, my mother never took me to a fast food restaurant as a child. I never developed a taste for burgers, fries, pizza, and the like. I have simply carried these habits with me into adulthood and even expanded upon them. Now I do not eat pork or red meat at all. I eat lean cuts of poultry and certain fish sparingly. My diet consists largely of vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, yams, quinoa, herbs, and other grains. For my whole life, I’ve watched my loved ones get sick and die as the result of poor diet and lack of exercise. I decided long ago I would not allow this to happen to me. When I die it won’t be because I didn’t eat right or exercise. Living a mentally, emotionally, healthy lifestyle

has been much more difficult. Along my life’s journey, I have picked up so many poor habits and developed a host of character flaws. Those poor habits and character flaws have cost me my freedom. Cost me friends. Cost me a better relationship with family. Cost me a wife. Just like with nutrition and exercise, I decided I would take control. I would take control of my mind and reshape it into something better, less hateful, and more loving”. In the entertainment industry, Nuri Simmons is one of the promoters in Rochester who is a pleasure to work with, is professional and is known for his events being successful without problems. RWO asked Nuri what he thought was a key factor in his success. His answer was surprising and humble. He said, “I do not consider myself a success. I spent a total of 15 years in prison. I earned my freedom only five years ago. I did well in the last five years, but this is something I could have done 15 years ago. I am not successful. I am late. My family and close friends say I shouldn’t think this way, but I can’t help it. Tyrea Simmons. He is the reason I am in the industry. He is my first cousin on my dad’s side. However, he is my brother in every sense of the word. I love him dearly. A few years ago, he was organizing, funding, and hosting themed events and parties by himself. They were some awesome and very popular events. In 2014, he just stopped. For an entire year, Tyrea did no events. In September 2015, I asked him why he stopped and he explained there was a tremendous amount of work and time invested when creating a special event. Not to mention the cost. He went on to tell me he had no help and things were just too overwhelming. As the events grew in size and popularity, so did the time and monetary investment. He was a father and had other business obligations, so he was in essence, forced to stop doing the events. I offered to help him. As far as I was concerned, my brother needed my help, so my mission was simple. Help my brother. We organized and event in April 2016 and the rest is history. This was the birth of the Fambino Family LLC”.

As mentioned above, Rochester, NY presents challenges for any promoter due to the lack of club venues etc. Nuri was asked how does the Rochester area present challenges in this arena? “Rochester is a unique place. It is simultaneously a big city and small town. The population and physical size of Rochester constitutes it as a mid-sized city. However, you can’t tell many of the people of Rochester, they don’t live in a major city. Many Rochesterians view Rochester as being on the same level as New York City, Atlanta, or Charlotte. However, Rochester is small. Physically small. As a fitness professional and entertainment professional, this presents many challenges. You can’t walk down the street without tripping over at least 10 “trainers” and “promoters”. The competition is plentiful. Which is fine with me. I am not one to shy away from a challenge. It is most beneficial and rewarding, to collaborate with like-minded individuals so we may experience greater collective success than we would individually. That, sadly, is not a sentiment shared by many business owners in Rochester, in my opinion. Let’s face it, there are a limited number of potential fitness clients or event attendees available in Rochester. Many of our target demographics cross lines. Collaboration makes a lot of sense. However, the idea is flat out rejected by many. Look at your average major street in Rochester (Hudson Ave., Ridge Rd. Jefferson Rd.). How many of the same types of retail stores selling the same stuff are on the same street just a few feet away from each other? Wouldn’t it make more sense for those business owners to come together and create one big store without all the headache of fighting over scraps? In the meantime, large scale operations like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are coming in gobbling up all the business until the smaller stores have to close. This same principle applies to the fitness industry and entertainment industry in Rochester. This is why so many trainers and entertainment professionals either end up working for one of the major companies, moving out of Rochester all together, or quitting the business totally”. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018


Lastly RWO asked Nuri “What do you think about race relations in society today?” Nuri gave a practical answer examining history. He said, “I believe I have a very practical view on race relations in general and with respects to our society in particular. If we look at history and ask ourselves some hard questions the answer to those questions will reveal the state of race relations in our world and nation.” Let’s take a look at the aboriginal people of Australia. What happened to those people when they came into contact with white Europeans? Let’s take a look at the various peoples of the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia when they came into contact with white Europeans. What about the indigenous peoples of Hawaii? What did the white settlers and colonial powers do to the people of color they encountered in North America and Africa? What did the Spanish, Portuguese, and later the British and French do to the people of color they encountered in what is now called the Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America? We literally have centuries of historical evidence that shows what kind of treatment people of color (all over the world) receive at the hands of whites when they encountered each other. Many will discount what I’ve written above as 122


ancient history that does not apply to today’s society. I respectfully disagree. The brutal system of apartheid in place in South Africa for decades was thankfully put to an official end in 1991. 1991 was just 27 years ago. That is not ancient history. The oppressive “Jim Crow Laws” prevalent in the United States for many years was un-officially put to an end in the 1950’s. The 1950’s is also not ancient history. My wonderful grandmother, Pearlie Felder, once told me: “There are no racist systems. There are only racist people who make up the systems.” She also told me (in response to anti-discrimination legislation being passed by congress): “You can’t legislate away racist hatred.” Throughout my life, I have had many white friends whom I love dearly and I believe love me. Those are individual relationships. However, collectively, I believe white people simply don’t like people of color. Again, we have centuries of mass murders, enslavements, and various oppressions to serve as evidence of this. Really think about this: Why does the KKK and other white supremacist groups hate people of color? Why did the founders of these hateful organizations feel the need to create them in the first place? Why did Jim Crow laws forbid

people of color from even swimming in the same pool as whites? All of this hatred is predicated upon one simple thing: whites hate people of color simply because they are not white. We cannot change our skin color or features, so the hatred remains. No amount of legislation, litigation, or time can change how one group of people feels about another group of people. Hate transcends laws and time. I am not encouraging people of color to take any particular action. I am not advocating for any type of government takeover or separation of the races. I am just laying out the historical and sociological facts as I see them. I would like to thank Rochester Woman Online and Cheryl Kates-Benman for the opportunity to share my story. There are some really great men in the Rochester community doing some outstanding work. For me to be chosen for this opportunity is a great honor”. If anyone would like more information on the Fambino Family or the We Before Me Foundation, please visit: • •”



Greg Gibbardo, a local artist is the pure definition of what a “jack of all trades” is. A hustler to the core, who uses all of his skills to provide for his family! Greg started out in the 70’s working on cars. He specialized customizing and restoring. Many of the cars he worked on were featured as “show cars” for local events in Rochester. He worked in a restoration shop as well, when he lived in Long Island, NY. Greg returned to Rochester and ventured into a new career selling furniture. He became a natural at it. He always had an artistic eye so matching colors and setting up rooms of furniture came easy for him. Greg soon worked his way up becoming the local assistant manager at a furniture store in Buffalo, that opened a new location here in Rochester, NY. He stayed here until the store phased out. He then assisted a friend who opened Upstate Furniture Outlet. This became the largest furniture store in the city spanning over 100,000 square feet. The store is still in business today. Greg then ventured over to Lidestri Foods in Fairport, NY. It was after this, he pursued his dreams and became an entrepreneur. Greg opened BASTA PASTA. This was his little “Italian restaurant” which was located on Monroe Avenue. Greg indicates cooking is one of his greatest pleasures. He found owning a small restaurant was hard work, but they always had a great time. Greg started displaying his artwork on the walls of his restaurant. Greg enjoys doing many kinds of artwork but recently began focusing on pallet wood painting. Greg knew he was an artist his whole life. He always loved drawing or putting an artistic edge on everything he did. Greg loves to use a three-dimensional effect with raised layers. Greg finds engaging in his art is an awesome way to relax, clear his mind and create something beautiful. RWO asked Greg who the most influential people were in his life. 124


He responded, “I think there would be three; my father, Alfred and his two brothers; Fulvio and Tony. All for some of the same reasons and some different reasons too. The most important lesson the men instilled was that family is the most important. Your birth name and your reputation are everything”. Greg always kept an entrepreneurial mindset. It was okay to jump around, as long as he remained productive. He always kept the door open never closing it on what could be an opportunity to grow. Greg just experienced becoming a grandfather. His grandson is 4 months. He also is the father of two daughters who will start college in five years, so he is enjoying the time he has left with the girls before they go off to school. Like most, he looks forward to the day he can become semi-retired. Greg loves he was always a networker. He enjoyed meeting thousands of people over the years and seeing the spark some of the young entrepreneurs have in their eyes when they tell him about their businesses and their business plans. Greg loves to mentor the young adults just getting started out. He feels he has a wealth of knowledge to share with them to help them avoid some of the mistakes he encountered. He loves to lend some advice. It is very fulfilling. Greg again shares, family is always the most important to him. He is very old-fashioned and has many old-fashioned values about family. Keeping a close-knit family helped instill lessons in the children to carry on through generations preserving values that tend to be rare today. Greg enjoys still seeing his first and second cousins on a regular basis. Families today are different where everyone is so busy. They forget about traditional values and traditions which should be honored and carried on. You can find Greg at Valley Cadillac where he will always be ready to help you drive away in your next vehicle. His hobbies include golfing, grabbing a cold one and enjoying fine cigars.






Storytelling is slowly becoming a lost artform, but not to Mr. Perry Ground of Rochester NY. Perry (Onondaga, Turtle Clan) is a Traditional Native American Storyteller and Cultural Educator; as a performer, referred to by some as “The Talking Turtle Guy”. His stories offer the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Haudenosaunee (sometimes called Iroquois) in an engaging, fun, and culturally appropriate way. “Storytelling is what preserves our past, maintains our present, and is the key to our future.” Perry confidently believes this to be fact, and lives his life dedicated to sharing stories. Perry is originally from Niagara Falls, but has lived in several places around New York, Boulder, CO, and Houston, TX. He made his way back to the Rochester area in 2001 with his family. He grew up away from the Reservation and started storytelling while he was going to college at Cornell University. He was actually VERY shy in his younger years. “I developed much slower than other children my age. I couldn’t speak at all until I was about 2-years-old. According to my mother, I went from saying absolutely nothing to speaking in whole sentences.” While in college he had the opportunity to work with and learn from Marion Miller (Seneca), a traditional storyteller, while working at Ganondagan State Historic Site during the Summer after his Freshman year at Cornell. “Working there gave me the chance to tell stories to visiting groups which showed me that stories 126


could be used to educate non-Native people about the Haudenosaunee in a very positive and fun way.” Perry has performed at the National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian Institute), both in NYC and in Washington, DC; has been a part of the International Story Festivals in Ogulin and Slovonski Brod, Croatia; has been the presenter for the Red

Rocks Festival in Zagreb, Croatia twice; and is also the Emcee for the Six Nations Village at the NYS Fair – which hosts OVER ONE MILLION people each year! Of course, being a storyteller, Perry naturally also has several books in the works. 6 are completely written, and currently undergoing the publication process, 4 are about 90% complete, and many others will be revealed when the time is right. Perry is hoping to have enough books produced to be able to release at least one book of his series each year (after the first

official release). Amongst all of these amazing accomplishments, Perry’s pride and joy is his daughter, Kayleigh. She just graduated High School and is going to Kent State in the Fall to play D1 Lacrosse. “Everything in my life is based around my daughter. She is my inspiration. Everything I have done and everything I will do is dedicated to her. She brings out the best in me.” So, what does a performing storyteller do for fun? “Telling stories is very fun in its own way, but I also spend time with my daughter playing Lacrosse, doing word searches, and watching shows like Jeopardy. I’m also a Lacrosse referee, which I enjoy because it keeps me connected to this game that is very important to the Haudenosaunee.” Perry’s sense of humor and positive way of thinking makes life more entertaining and enjoyable. “In this life, you have to have very thick skin…especially to do what I do. I look at every interaction (including the seemingly negative ones) as an opportunity to educate others and improve my craft.” Overcoming adversity is much less difficult and becomes bearable when you can do so with an optimistic outlook and a smile. Perry isn’t what most people would envision a “traditional storyteller” to be. Storytelling is becoming a lost art form, so Perry makes sure to add his own style to what he does. He is very active and engaging. He makes the audience part of the story: tugging on




“Part of being a storyteller is keeping these stories alive within the Haudenosaunee communities. My biggest hope is that there will be a next generation of storytellers that will continue to share these stories for the Seventh Generation to come. �

somebody’s leg, playing with somebody’s hair, making them flap their “wings”, etc. Doing this keeps them engaged but is very different from the old traditional style of telling stories among the Haudenosaunee. “But I think this shows that our traditions can evolve and grow to meet people’s needs and expectations. Also, my shows (even my ‘lectures’ or school programs) are very high energy and very humorous. The audience leaves feeling very positive about Native People and, hopefully, wanting to learn more.” Perry has learned stories from various people and has worked with many different groups to arrange shows. Each new story, each opportunity to perform, each different audience allows him to learn more about himself and his craft. Some individuals who have helped him tremendously include: Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), Steve Fadden (Mohawk), and (as mentioned before) Marion Miller (Seneca). These people have inspired him as a storyteller by sharing their stories and experiences, and he hopes to inspire others with his stories to use their cultures as a way to move forward. “We have a lot to offer through the stories we tell. The more we get to know each other, the 130


more we meld, and the more understanding we can have. The more peace - the main idea behind our union. We can all live in peace. The key is to learn from each other and gather knowledge from the experiences of others. We all have things that we could learn from each other (not just morally, but literally): medical, government, etc. Ways of living can be adopted from the beliefs of Native People. We are repeating History in ways we certainly shouldn’t be… I believe if we, as a nation, learned more from the Native People (and educated ourselves about our Past), we could have more understanding which would make us become stronger and more unified to prevent History from repeating itself.” Storytelling is much more than just telling stories. Telling stories is a way of being…A way of life…Perry’s life. “When I look into the audience and see the ‘storytelling look’ on peoples’ faces, I know that they are no longer seeing me (even if their eyes are still following me), but rather seeing the story play out in their own minds. When this happens, the story has become a part of them and they will hold on to it forever. This is my favorite part of what I do.”

Perry not only educates and tells stories in person. He also posts a story or piece of cultural information on social media every day at: TalkingTurtleStories/. His page can be accessed by the public, so anyone can learn about these stories and the history, culture, and beliefs of the Haudenosaunee. Perry is always interested in connecting with more people and is thrilled for more opportunities to share his experiences with everyone around the world. So, please feel free to contact Perry directly if you are inspired by him and his story. “Part of being a storyteller is keeping these stories alive within the Haudenosaunee communities. My biggest hope is that there will be a next generation of storytellers that will continue to share these stories for the Seventh Generation to come. But I also hope that my stories are teaching people about the Haudenosaunee in a way that leaves a very positive image of who we are in the 21st century.”





Well you may remember, the last article I wrote on boxer Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Jr. was when he was on his way to London to fight Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO Middleweight Championship of the world. This was a battle one will not forget, as Mr. Monroe experienced blatant racism throughout the time he was in London. He was called the N word. The weigh-ins brought the most blatant example of disrespect. Monroe’s opponent, Billy Joe Saunders’ son punched and kicked Willie in the nuts (1). The media who covered the event brushed it off calling it “Billy Joe’s son gets in on Dad’s comedy act” (1). The disrespect was atrocious. The sportsmanship was less than what was expected. Another source reports comments made by the opponent regarding Willie’s mother and referring to him as a “queer” (2). Are we still in kindergarten?

adjust to being threatened and having my team threatened. I just kept telling myself to be a leader and make it home safe to my family and my newborn, born on the morning I left to go to London”.

Willie shared, “After returning I was just happy to know that my team and family made it home safe. I was happy to know I would no longer be under contract with my former promoter. It was like a breath of fresh air! I knew I could start over and do things my way.

Rochester Woman Onlline asked Willie about his experiences with this match and what he thought of them? He replied, “That’s water under the bridge now. It sucked when it was happening. It was more confusing than anything. I was in dismay because I never dealt with this level of hatred or bad sportsmanship. It took a lot to keep a smile on my face and 132


did the morning he was leaving. Monroe is a family man. He exhibits morals and respect to the highest form. He did not succumb to the unprofessionalism he was exposed to. Monroe was not victorious, but he came home, re-grouped and is right back at it. In November, he announced he was changing management and would be represented by renowned manager Luis DeCubas and Al Haymon (Haymon Sports). Despite his loss, Everlast continued their sponsorship. Willie regrouped and continued on as he always does.

Monroe, on-the-other-hand, is an awesome role model. He is an activist in his community and works to assist atrisk-youth. His fight was scheduled around the same time his wife was due to give birth to their expected child, which she

I prayed about my career and I told God I wanted it to be special. On the road to being special, one must deal with some pretty “special things”. Nine times out of ten, they’re not going to be ideal to your happiness, but it plays a part in your being considered special. I created a saying, beginning a few years ago, “You can’t make extraordinary history, if you don’t have an extraordinary history”. Soon, everything I’ve been through as an athlete, will come full circle and work in my favor. Cream always rises to the top.

“If I had to give anyone advice on chasing your dreams, I’d say don’t ever let anyone pigeon-hole you on the way to that dream and embrace the hard work that it will take to get there”.



{ {INSHIFT+CONTROL HER { HIS OWN EDGE WORDS } } } “My biggest advantage in boxing is always being ready no matter what. Ninety percent of my career is based on taking fights on short notice and winning.”

I felt I was stagnated somewhat previously, so I looked forward to the future after signing with Al Haymon. It was refreshing to obtain a major card fight within 3 months. I appreciate having an open line of communication with Luis DeCubas. It’s hard for a fighter to stay in the gym and remain in fighter’s mindset when there is lack of communication. Being a family man, it’s stressful to have to stay in shape with nothing on the roster, since this is valuable time I could spend with my family.”. It was rough for Willie when he returned to the states. People were very judgmental on social media. Willie went back to the gym and went deep in his training. In March of 2018, Monroe was awarded his 22nd win beating Columbian middle-weight Carlos Galvan. Willie is ranked 5th in the United States and 12th in the world (3). His record includes 25 bouts (22-3-00) (3). Six of his fights were won by knockout (3). Willie is no stranger to the ring as RWO shared with you in our initial article. He comes from a family of boxers. His father, his uncle and his grandfather were boxers. Willie is called the “Mongoose” because his fighting style is compared to the animal 136


and he is known to move quickly and still retain the ability to attack its prey. Willie shares, “My biggest advantage in boxing is always being ready no matter what. Ninety percent of my career is based on taking fights on short notice and winning. The game caught on to that fact and they will never catch

me sleeping, so I must put up with everything else. I believe in the ability of Al Haymon and his partners. When you look at fighters such as Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner Errol Spence and Keith Thurman to name a few, talent and work ethic can only take you so far. The right management and business

team is what makes the difference for a fighter to obtain the right opportunities to become a champion! Mr. Monroe is an example of someone who is resilient. He does not give up and he faced many obstacles in his life. In 2011, after losing a fight, his whole team abandoned him. Willie left boxing for a-yearand-a-half and slipped into depression. He fought his way back and took 5 wins! Even after suffering a huge loss, after his grandfather died in 2013, he was able to focus and rise to the top. Willie used his loss as the inspiration needed to stand up and fight! In 2014, he was able to bring home the North American Boxing Association’s Middleweight title which he currently retains. Additionally, he won the North American Boxing Organization’s Middle-weight title and retains that as well. He trains locally at “The Fight Factory”. In 2016, Willie won the WBO Inter-Continental Middle-weight title. He definitely shows progress and tenacity in his boxing career. One thing which makes Willie stand out as a role model is his love of his family. RWO asked him how that plays into his career and what he does.

{ IN HER { HIS OWN EDGE WORDS } } “You can’t make extraordinary history, if you don’t have an extraordinary history”.

He shares,“Fatherhood plays a huge part in how I approach my career. I see a lot of boxers acting unprofessional. They curse and act very disrespectful. I don’t do this. I have three beautiful kids I must set an example for and I don’t want to make their future difficult because of the choices I make as an entertainer/ athlete. I wasn’t raised this way and I am not going to raise my own that way.

getting it! I’m a warrior! It’s just who I am. If life knocks me down 7 times, I get up 8. My expectations are to stay busy. I would love to finally have a world title or two wrapped around my waist. You never know the curve balls life throws at you so all you can do is be ready to

Willie Monroe showed through his actions he is a winner above ever ything else. Sometimes you must take the high road, when everyone around you isn’t. This is what makes us proud, Willie Monroe is one of our athletes. He stood his ground and maintained his integrity no matter what was placed before him. He is an inspirational man who is worthy of celebrating!

I take my responsibility as a father very serious. Even though my oldest, isn’t my daughter biologically, I really must watch my step and make sure she knows what a real father and true man is all about. I need to set an example for all of them”. Willie has a long road ahead of him and many opportunities coming his way. RWO inquired what keeps him going? He shared, “After all the ups and downs, I’m still able to keep a strong drive because I have a champion’s mindset and a maniacal drive. I’m pretty stubborn! If my mind is set on doing something, you may as well call it done. If I don’t get it done today, I’ll get it done tomorrow. No matter what people think, or what their opinions are of me, I must make my grandfather proud and continue the good fight. I’ll be a fighter until the day I die! Once boxing is over, I’ll find a new goal in life. It will involve getting up at 5 am and going out and 138


unthinkable or the unimaginable. How will I ever know if I can really dance if I don’t jump out on the dance floor and dance? Success is the combination or series of fortunate and unfortunate events that come to peak. If you have it in your mind and heart to still be standing through it all, then you will accomplish every goal you’ve dreamed of ”.

swing the bat with intentions and run the bases”. Willie spent a lot of his career being the underdog. RWO asked whether this was to his advantage? He shares, “The game was never structured for a fighter in my position to win, but that’s what is going to make me great. As the underdog, I can pull off the

Resources 1. Courthadge, D. (2017). 2017 Is Nearly Over, What Have Been The Funniest, Daftest and Most Shocking Events of n Unforgettable Sporting Year, The Sun. Retrieved March 23, 2018 from -most-shocking-events-of -an-unforgettablesporting-year. 2. Matthews, Daniel (2017). Billy Joe Saunders Aims Homophobic Slur at Willie Monroe, Daily Mail. Retrieved March 23, 2018, from www. html 3.Boxrec (2 017). Willie Monroe, Retrieved March 23, 2018 from,

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In NYS, there are currently 52,344 inmates housed in NYS facilities (2). There are 10,540 inmates who are married (2). This represents 21% of the total inmate population (2). 60% of the inmates have children (married or not) (2). Maintaining family ties is closely associated with successful re-entry. The family unit is important when looking at how incarcerated people re-enter society. Most people at some point do return to our communities. Marriage in the United States is already in trouble without adding a prison sentence, where 50 % of couples end up divorcing (3). This rate raises to 80% for people who were married when their spouse entered prison and after a year of their sentence (3). Each year thereafter of the prison sentence, divorce rates increase 32 % (3). Prison wives and families are the secondary victims of when a loved one enters the prison system (3). They suffer demoralization, stress, sense of outcast, guilt, shame, loneliness, financial hardship and increased expenses (3). They also suffer increased stress and expense, when trying to maintain ties through prison visits, sending commissary and phone costs (3). Two local cases are not only defying the odds, but the women endured being married for decades, while their men are serving out prison sentences. The families turned this devastating experience into something positive in their respective communities. Their husbands helped develop community programs which are doing 142


some good. These are their stories. Meet the men, the women behind them, learn about their programs to help the community and their quest for freedom.


A woman of many roles, an educator, a mother and wife. Wanda never thought she would be a woman who would be married to an inmate. Her story otherwise, is like yours and mine.

She’s a woman who is educated, gifted and an excellent mother. She is active in her community and is a law-abiding citizen. She is also the wife of Kemet Allah, a man sentenced to (32 ½-Life) who is currently incarcerated in Clinton CF. She often treks that 6-to 8-hour drive, goes through the metal detectors and finds herself in a whole different world: The word of the NYS prison system. This is her story. Wanda began her career in education as a

paraprofessional at the Rochester City School District. At the time, she was a student at SUNY Brockport finishing her bachelor’s degree. In 1997, Wanda began her career as a bilingual teacher. She stayed in this position for ten years. In 2007, she completed her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from St. John Fisher College. She currently works as the Community School Site Coordinator at Martin Luther King Jr. school No. 9. She works closely with community partners fostering positive relationships with the school. Wanda met Kemet when she was 13-years-old. He was 16. He quickly became her best friend. This blossomed into romance by the time Wanda was 18. Wanda indicates this remains true and Kemet, now her husband (since 1993) is still her best friend, offers her unconditional love, honesty and keeps her grounded. He is her greatest fan and motivator despite being in prison. Wanda describes what it is like being married to someone incarcerated. “The best way I can describe it, is it is like being married to a ghost that only you can see. To the world, I am a singlemother, I have to carry on as such. But privately, I bear the burden and the pain of raising my children, running a household, being the sole breadwinner, all the while maintaining my own and my husband’s sanity and emotional well-being”. RWO asked Wanda, if she could change anything what would it be? “Rockefeller Laws, they are archaic and ridiculous! Separating families, especially separating ours. My studies, looking back needed to include law. My life purpose includes fighting to help my husband and others in similar situations!”




{ SPECIAL FEATURE } “A woman of many roles, an educator, a mother and wife. Wanda never thought she would be a woman who would be married to an inmate. Her story otherwise, is like yours and mine.”

RWO asked Wanda, what is the most challenging thing in being a prison wife? “Right now, the distance. He is five-and-a-half hours away. It makes it very difficult to visit. Travelling with young children, adds to the challenge, especially when one of them has Type I Diabetes”. We communicate. When we cannot talk or visit, we write. That is the only way to have a healthy relationship. We also talk about the future and make lots of plans. That gives us something to look forward to, something to fight for!”


Together, along with the school social worker. Wanda and Kemet started a group to support students impacted by parental incarceration. It is called LINKS (Linking Ideas & Nurturing Kids Success). Wanda’s husband Kemet came up with the name. The group provides a safe place for the kids to meet and keep a positive relationship with their family members. The group works on journaling and letter writing. Wanda hopes her program will be expanded to other schools in the future. She is currently being asked to meet with different officials from Albany to Syracuse, so the idea is picking up momentum quickly. Wanda hopes in the next five years, she will work more on bridging the gap existing between our schools, community and student’s homes/ parents. She also loves having her husband by her side in this journey as she hopes her LINKS Program will decrease the stigma of incarceration and empower youth. RWO asked, “How does Kemet play a role in the community activities you are involved in? “He is the inspiration behind a lot of the work I do. He actually does a lot of the footwork for work he is also doing while incarcerated. He wrote up some program proposals and was also approached by the prison administrations to run programs while at different facilities. I can’t wait for him to be able to be more involved in the programs we are starting”. Kemet shares, “It gives me encouragement. My wife shares with me the success and attention 144


our collective idea is getting and how she has implemented it. I know, I’m on the right path and I’m looking to one day bringing my energy to the Links Project while reestablishing myself into society”. Wanda also began writing a blog about her experiences. It is called http:// One of Wanda’s entries shares the damage of prison life to children. “Last night, I heard from my eldest daughter, she experienced trauma from growing up with an incarcerated father. That she doesn’t like going to see him, because it is painful for her. I had never heard this before. Ever. It made me feel sad. And like a bad mother. Did I make a mistake in exposing my child to prison life? I began to think about the experiences we had, the two of us. First, I thought about the fact that I was 20-yearsold when this journey began. My daughter was 9-months-old. We were suddenly abandoned, left to navigate life on our own (without Daddy). As time passed and my daughter got older, prison became her playground. She had the biggest personality in the room, always. When we would visit my husband, almost every inmate would say hello to her. She would manage to end up with candy, chips and other treats that were given to her as she visited and greeted people around the visiting room. Back then, the rules weren’t as strict as they are today. My daughter was the honorary mayor and often appeared in family photos with friends of her dad and their loved ones. She loved the attention! Her Dad would spend so much time talking to her about what it meant to be black. That she comes from a long line of kings and queens. He would buy and send her books, so she would learn more and see herself in the characters in those books. He wanted to empower his little princess. She kept him on his toes too. The interactions were funny to watch. I always wished I had a camera, so instead I would pretend by using my hands and say I was taking mental pictures.

As soon as we would get in the car to drive home, our lives were back to normal. She took dance classes, has recitals, played with kids her age, did normal kid stuff. I made sure that my daughter went to a good school in the city while I began my own career as a teacher. My parents and siblings were very active in her life , so much so, that she struggled to see me and her as her own family(and that was ok). The bubbly kid did have one issue, she would get sad sometimes, but she wouldn’t tell me why. About six years into my husband’s incarceration, I began to have issues and insecurities of my own. I distanced myself from my marriage though maintaining the friendship that has always been the platform of our relationship. I moved away, plucking my daughter from her environment and engaging in a five-year whirlwind that took us to Florida, to Seattle, Washington and back to NY. The events that took place and the instability during this time might be more cause for trauma than life as a prison kid. But this is just my opinion. At the end of the day, in my daughter’s eyes, it’s still my fault. And she’s right. I was the adult, though not a mature or emotionally healthy one. Trauma is what I have experienced too. But it will not defeat me. I will not focus on the negative and become disabled by the pain. Instead, I feed off it and turn it into passion so that I can make a difference in someone else’s life. I didn’t have this courage or attitude until recently, for this, I am grateful (Although, it may be too late for my daughter’s benefit). I told my daughter that I was sorry. That is all I can say. I am still growing as a parent and as a person, but I will never be perfect. I wish she would embrace the gifts that she has and use her experiences to help others, Somewhere, out there, there is a little girl who loves her Daddy to pieces but has no one to talk to about the pain of him not coming home”. Wanda shares her mother is the most influential person in her life. She says, “She has loved me unconditionally.

She guided me and showed me what resilience looks like. She is also the most optimistic person I know. When I feel like I cannot take anymore, all I have to do is call her and everything is all right again”.


Kemet remembers the day he went to prison, as a day where he felt an array of emotions; fear, anger, loneliness, as well as an uneasiness towards the anticipation of the unknown. He recalls, “I was considered a “new jack” as it was my first time in prison. I was placed in handcuffs and leg restraints with a chain connecting both together, I was then transported in a bus full of young men who resembled myself. A twenty-four-year-old man. Our destination was Wende CF, to then be followed by Elmira CF. We were ushered into a room, lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder, and told to disrobe and bend over at the waist and to prepare for a cavity search. We were then given a disinfecting liquid to rub on our body and hair and told to get in the shower. Afterwards, we were given a set of prison greens,

underclothes and boots with no insoles. Then the next phase was officers screaming into our faces “We don’t care what you do to one another, but if you do something to one of our officers we will kill you”. And that was the last thing on my mind, as I was then locked in a cell that resembled a mid-evil dungeon, with no windows, no lights, just my own thoughts. At that moment, the only thought I had was “Am I going to die in here?” So, my first day coming to prison, was an experience of humiliation that I’ve learned would become a daily occurrence for the next twenty-four years”. Thinking back on this day, twenty-four years later Kemet indicates, “I have a better understanding of myself, as well as this system. Prison is a dehumanizing, oppressive social system designed to suppress and alienate one’s inner strengths, while causing inner conflict within the prisoner as well as his or her family structure. No one is exempt from being damaged to some degree from the prison experience. This goes for prisoners, CO’s, Civilians, and family. I have learned to identify the negative effects of the environment on myself and my family. I try to counteract the effects, pain sometimes disrespect, they

may receive by making them aware and how to handle different situations that may arise”. Kemet identifies his marriage as what helped him achieve a place of peace within himself regardless of the environment he is placed in. His wife, Wanda is the sunshine that doesn’t exist in prison. For the past twenty-four years, she rose to all occasions concerning staying connected to her and his children. She keeps him strong and hopeful in some of the most trying times in his life. His marriage encourages him to constantly strive to improve his character. The Family Reunion Program offered in state prison is very essential in helping maintain family ties. Wanda and Kemet are realistic about their situation and other’s individual struggles. Communication is key. They communicate on all issues concerning the family. At this time, Kemet is incarcerated 24 years. He grew from a young man entering prison at age 24. He is now entering mid-life at 48. A clemency application is being filed on Kemet’s behalf. He is sentenced under the Rockefeller Drug Laws and was ineligible for a re-sentence on a portion of his sentence. A portion of his

{ {SPECIAL DIVA’S REPORT FEATURE} } “The best way I can describe it, is it is like being married to a ghost that only you can see. To the world, I am a single-mother, I have to carry on as such. But privately, I bear the burden and the pain of raising my children, running a household, being the sole breadwinner, all the while maintaining my own and my husband’s sanity and emotional well-being”.

RWO asked Kemet, “Are you rehabilitated?” He responded, “I guess I would say yes! In the sense that I do not desire to take any unhealthy risk which would jeopardize my life or others. I hope to further my education to assist me in helping counsel at-risk youth, by sharing my experiences and deterring them from making the decisions that led me to prison. I think my request for clemency should be granted because my sentence was harsh and excessive. I was a first-time felony offender with no prior convictions, given a (37-1/2-to-Life) sentence for drugs and a drug deal which turned into a robbery. I was not being tried or accused of the actual acts. I was being held responsible for my co-defendants actions that they admitted to committing. I was then sentenced to consecutive sentences. I was given (25-to-Life) for the drugs and (12 ½-25) for Robbery. In 2006, I was re-sentenced under the Rockefeller Reform Act. My sentence then became (20 years flat) for the drugs. I currently have 32 years. I also want to take this experience and do something positive by working with children in my community”. Should someone serve this type of sentence when there was no loss of life? Over thirty years in prison for selling drugs? The excessive nature of this sentence is what should qualify Kemet as a candidate for clemency. He is demonstrating daily by his actions he is rehabilitated. Even from prison, he is working with his wife in the community to make a difference to give back to the community he was ostracized from when being sent to prison. Can there be a hand of justice to pull him back?


This is the story of Dutchess Taylor, a woman who suffered low self-esteem as a teen and was the child of a pastor. She married her first love and thought her first love would be her happily ever after. It wasn’t. Her happily ever after came later, when she married Walter Taylor, a convicted murderer. A man who hated women, 146


but then grew to love her. It was a relationship which defied all odds. She was white. He was black. He was much younger than she was by 17 years. She was a Christian and he was in prison serving (30-Life). Dutchess said: “I knew nothing about his world, his life-style and nothing about prison”. (Dutchess Taylor). Dutchess and Chris/Walter have defied the odds and are together for 34 years. Walter Taylor lived by the lessons his father taught him, even having a hatred for a woman, love was a weakness, and feelings were not to be felt or shown. He watched his father abuse his mother physically and emotionally. His mother, a mother at age 17, was just a baby herself. Walter witnessed his father die after being shot between his eyes. He grew up using women. He learned and watched them. He talked to women to expose their inner secret desires, starting out as a Giglio, then becoming a pimp. A man who felt no love, pleasure or enjoyment in a relationship or women he dealt with. But he was able to one day know love. Can a person be rehabilitated? Walter when first being convicted, didn’t worry about going to prison. He knew he would easily adapt, in his mind he was the king of the streets. He had no doubt he would soon move to king of Attica. Walter learned the ropes fast and he was not deprived of women. Women working in the prisons were often available and engaged in relationships with the men in prison. Dutchess Taylor wrote about the entire experience in “Devil’s Playground” a biography about her and Walter’s life. The most interesting part of the underlying case and what made it one of Rochester’s notorious crimes, is the story behind why Walter/Chris is called “the Puppet Master”. Walter Taylor was known in Rochester as a magician, a ventriloquist and then as a pimp (Orr, 2015). After witnessing his father’s murder at the age of 5, Walter developed an alter ego through his dummy, Curtis “Fly” Johnson (Orr, 2015). He took the dummy everywhere and the two would speak back and forth. This was an issue to the point, as Walter spoke through the dummy when being questioned by the police

in 1979, about the murder he committed (Orr, 2015). He was the first NYS inmate admitted to prison with their dummy (Orr, 2015). The dummy was the dark force and Chris the good guy (Orr, 2015). How does Dutchess meet Walter, if their worlds would not otherwise cross? Dutchess met him 34 years ago. Her son was struggling and having difficulties when he was serving our country. He attempted suicide. Dutchess read a newspaper column in the local paper written by her now husband. It was called “View from Inside A Prison”. Dutchess thought prison is a place where people commit suicide sometimes after not being able to cope. She thought he may be able to help her get through what was happening. She remembers in the early years, it was very difficult being a prison wife. The state can transfer your husband at any time and uproot the schedule of your life you became accustomed to. This involves travel. Sometimes an inmate can be placed in a prison which is 6 hours away from where they origin or where their families are located. Dutchess indicates so far “Chris” was placed at least 12 different prisons across the state of NY in the last 34 years. Dutchess shares, “Prison was nothing like we see in movies and television. I had to learn how to deal with the process of going in, and with many other people who are visiting their inmate. People out here wouldn’t believe what can go on inside a visiting room. I’ve seen fights but not only inmates fighting, visitors do too, also the sexual behavior that goes on in many visiting rooms. It’s a crazy world…but for me, I see it but never get involved. I’m there to be with my husband and that is what matters most to me. Our relationship is strong. We love one another and confide in each other. He encourages me when I’m feeling down. He is there for me in sickness and in health, surgeries and other events throughout the years. Sometimes it’s a lonely life, being out here, but I keep going, working to support myself. Many times, people can’t understand. I’ve never hid it from anyone. I’m happy with Chris no matter what others think or feel.




{ {SPECIAL DIVA’S REPORT FEATURE} } “I have a better understanding of myself, as well as this system. Prison is a dehumanizing, oppressive social system designed to suppress and alienate one’s inner strengths, while causing inner conflict within the prisoner as well as his or her family structure.”

Our relationship is strong. We love one another and confide in each other. He encourages me when I’m feeling down. He is there for me in sickness and in health, surgeries and other events throughout the years. Sometimes it’s a lonely life, being out here, but I keep going, working to support myself. Many times, people can’t understand. I’ve never hid it from anyone. I’m happy with Chris no matter what others think or feel. In the earlier years, it was very difficult concerning my children and family. I lost them, and this nearly destroyed me. But I held on and after many years, my family realized I was committed to my husband. As time went on, they now fully accept him into their lives. After 15 years, they began writing, talking to him on the phone and some visited him. They have a great relationship now. He has made them art projects and sent them home etc. We maintain our relationship by trusting God to help us and give us strength. He does they same. We believe it is God who carries us through”.

and dealing with sickness, surgeries, cancer and loss of loved ones, it isn’t easy. But, we keep the strength to handle all these things.”.

She answered, “My answer would be for him to come home and start another journey together. I’m 17 years his senior and I know without a doubt Chris does love me. But sometimes, I wish I were more his age, so we could enjoy more time together when he comes home”. RWO asked: “What do you find the most challenging?



Dutchess shares, “We both remain faithful in our “faith” and in our love for one another. What better person to write such a book than a man who is on his 40th year in prison. He’s been a teacher, counselor, and mentor to many bullies and abusers throughout the years. He learned from them and why they were that way. He’s put it all in his book. Once Chris is out and he and I will continue to help as many children as we can, so they don’t end up in prison. I do the leg work out here such as computer and publishing. It’s a back and forth project now”. RWO asked Chris “What does being involved in community service with your wife do for you?

RWO asked Dutchess first, “If she could change anything what would it be?

Dutchess shared, “So many hours and miles, travelling from prison to prison for 34 years and all the disappointments from the parole board, six total, with two years added each time he was denied. As both of us are getting older

meaning, “Fighters Against Bullying”. This is Chris’ 18th book.


Dutchess informs RWO, the current project the couple is working on involves an anti-bullying initiative. Chris (Walter Taylor) is authoring a book called The F.A.B. Connection. F.A.B.

He responded, “For 34 years, my wife and I have built up a special kind of love, trust, commitment and values that will best serve our community. We bear witnessed how family support, real commitment and love can build and bring a community together. We will share our life, adventures, even from a prison setting, so others will know that its never too late to change and never give up on dreams of family, friends and community. Out of darkness, another light will shine as long as you believe and hold on no matter what. We live and survive three different kinds of lives that wouldn’t have made it without family friends, community and God to pull us through”. More information is available at http://www.


in God that changed me from a monster to a human being, husband, father, son and a true leader helping others to find their way from the darkness and back into the light for all to see. This is what I worked on for the last 40 years without any fear. For now, I know who and what I am, a man and no longer a monster”.

love one another outside of these two different worlds. We’re not foolish-hearted to all that’s going on around us, but we do not let it destroy us because we have learned to control the love we have for one another. Therefore, our world is a comfort for us.”.

Chris stated, “That fear wasn’t about to let me have any kind of peace. It got so bad I began praying for death as my only way out from a mad world, driving me insane before I even went behind those walls of broken dreams, with my own fearful heart, mind, and soul to live in the devil’s playground where there was no escape”.

Chris and Dutchess share a special bond. Chris thinks he could write a book about his marriage, but more importantly about how his wife saved him. Chris is happy prison was not able to destroy what the couple was able to build “behind prison walls of broken dreams”. He believes the marriage, love and faith are stronger now.

Walter unlike Kemet is not eligible for any type of resentencing structure. He appears at the parole board every two years and is continually denied parole. He is also applying for clemency based on the length of time he’s been incarcerated and the actions of the parole board not complying with he law. He is serving a sentence for his role in the murder of a woman which as stated occurred in the early seventies. His crime was indeed brutal but is there a time when someone is rehabilitated and deserves a second chance at life? After serving approximately four decades in prison is that enough when a life was lost? No matter what personal opinions are, the law in this state allows someone to be considered for parole after their minimum sentence is served. The nature of the crime is not a reason to continually deny parole when the record demonstrates rehabilitation.

Chris described the bus ride leaving Monroe County Jail on his way upstate to Attica Correctional Facility where he would live for the next 30 years or more as a ride of fear. The thought of all the heinous stories he heard about prison flooded his mind.

Looking back on that day now Chris shares, “During that first day and 40 years thereafter, I overcame my fears, but also overcoming the fake past that I had. I was forced to look at myself. I had to face the evil I had within me. Prison didn’t punish me, but it saved me from other crimes. Prison also rescued me from my dreary, insecure and cowardly ways. In forty years, I was forced to make a choice to continue to live like a monster or slay the beast within me. It wasn’t easy by any means. I faced many trials and tribulations by waging war on myself causing me to lose what sanity I had left. But it was the goodness and true love of my wife and our faith

Chris shares, “It’s not about where two people fell in love and got married, but it is about their commitment, journey, communication, love and overcoming all obstacles which tried to destroy them no matter where they are. My wife and I have done that and are still doing it. Marriage and true love only lasts when both people involved really want it…end of story. We were able to take two different worlds, the one she lives in and the crazy world that I live in and bring them together to make our world. Marriage and love would rule over it. But when we’re together we see, feel and understand and


RWO asked Walter Chris Taylor, “Are you rehabilitated?” ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018


{ {SPECIAL DIVA’S REPORT FEATURE} } “Prison was nothing like we see in movies and television. I had to learn how to deal with the process of going in, and with many other people who are visiting their inmate. People out here wouldn’t believe what can go on inside a visiting room.”

He responded, “In all fairness, I have to answer to this question in two parts. First, no, if being rehabilitated means forgetting my past and moving forward with a new future, then I say no again. I can’t and never will forget taking a life because the pain and hurt I caused and the lives of the family members I’ve destroyed cannot be erased. No amount of rehabilitation could or would be able to change what I’ve done. And yet, I have spent 40 years of my life “not” justifying, blaming, rationalizing or minimizing my attitude and behavior that I alone am responsible for. I’ve spent these long years not forgetting but getting my priorities as a human being through the many therapeutic programs I completed. I’ve changed myself from a monster into a decent human being, who refuses to forget about my past, so I will never repeat it. If the definition of rehabilitation is the equivalent to have I taken all my required programming? Then the answer is yes”. 150


Chris explains why his clemency application should be granted: “As for my clemency request the only way I can answer that question is by sharing with you what I’ve shared with the Governor. I’ve sent him copies and records of all my accomplishments and years of my achievements with letters of support from family friends and prison officials. Another words, I’ve let all of that I’ve achieved and the voices of those who have witnessed my change speak louder than my own words, now I pray the Governor will hear their voices loud and clear”. People do change. They can redeem themselves. Is it fair to let a single solitary act define someone for the rest of their life? Is there ever a time, they should be afforded a second chance? Kemet and Walter are examples of men who were able to change. They were able to see past

their circumstances and reach back through prison bars to try to save another person from becoming them. Is this not worthy of some consideration? The women who love them think they should be given a second chance and they helped them give back to the community they were accused of taking from. Only time will tell if the governor extends this option. Resources 1. Orr, S. (2015). Quiz Answers Explained, Crime & Punishment, Rochester Style, Retrieved March 10, 2018 from 2. NYS DOCCS (2016) Profile of Under Custody (Jan.1, 2016), Retrieved April 26, 2018 from





M { ONE }


Meet Mark at


From a reputable salon to an aesthetic center like no other, Marc San Fillipo has had one heck of an odyssey encompassing the last two years. Trying to navigate the signs, overcome the obstacles and listen to the universe redirecting him to a place where he can institute beauty the way he has always intended. This is how oNe Beauty Body Life Aesthetic Center has come to life. Marc has always understood that the foundation to a happy existence begins with the reflection in the mirror; not the physical, the emotional. “When anyone, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re 5 or 95, male or female looks in the mirror, there is an immediate reaction, an involuntary response that occurs. My hope for every client is that at that split second, that reflection puts a smile on his or her face.” At that moment, with a favorable emotional response, that person can build on that emotional foundation that has been brought about by their outward appearance. Beauty is the basis and foundation of oNe Beauty Body Life. Secondly comes the importance of physical

health and wellness. During these past two years Marc, his wife Debbie and their daughter Jessica had become embroiled in physique competitions. This deep commitment to their new sport brought incredible knowledge in nutrition and training through the experts they came into contact with. This knowledge Marc and Jessica freely share with their clients to help encourage their clients to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. As karma often works its magic, a friend described PEMF therapy and how it cured a friend’s stage 4 cancer (which was previously non-responsive to traditional medical procedures). Marc started researching PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and the more Marc learned about this therapy’s remarkable track record for healing even the most complex ailments and conditions, the more convinced he became that he had to make PEMF systems available to his clients. Today, Marc is doing just ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018




“When a young girl suffering for two years with cluster migraines tells you her headache is gone after one PEMF session; I cannot tell you how emotionally gratifying it is to see the positive impact we can provide for our clients.�

{ YOUNG { ONE & TALENTED } } “Our bodies are designed to be self-healing. Over time, internal energy diminishes and when it declines to a certain point, the body becomes susceptible to disease and ailments.”

that as a Certified Lifestyle Consultant with PEMF market leader Swiss Bionic Solutions. He offers PEMF sessions in his salon and also offers these devices for in-home use. PEMF therapy, which stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself through exposure to low level magnetic fields, is an ideal fit to the new business Marc and his 28-year-old daughter have opened in East Rochester– oNe Beauty Body Life Aesthetic Center. ONE is described as a healthy lifestyle enterprise that offers services to help clients look and feel their best – inside and out. We refer to ourselves as fitness and nutrition “guides”, we’re not experts, but we can help get people started in the right direction safely, then refer them to our network of expert Trainers, Nutritionists and Dietiticians. Traditional hair and colour services for women and men, eye lash extentions, industry leading hair extensions and make-up applications encompass the original beauty offerings of the business. For close to 30 years, Marc owned and operated Salon Brio in Pittsford; now with his daughter Jessica by his side they expanded their services to include fitness and nutrition guidance and referrals. This was a natural outgrowth of their own fitness training and participation in local physique competitions. And now with the introduction of PEMF our clients have one source and access to a full line of healthy lifestyle services. More About PEMF Though this type of therapy is not commonly known, PEMF has been widely used in Europe as a holistic alternative to treat hundreds of ailments from the common cold to chronic 156


fatigue syndrome. In Canada, the PEMF system is a licensed medical device with doctors writing prescriptions for treatments. In the United States, the FDA approved its use for the orthopedic industry more than 20 years ago to help patients regenerate bone growth. Today the FDA has cleared its use for everything from depression to gastrointestinal disorders, migraine headaches to Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. The science behind PEMF dates back centuries. As far back as 2000 B.C. the Chinese were known to rely on magnets for their healing

ONE clients are invited to test the system at the salon. Treatment simply involves lying on what looks like a yoga mat for 20-minutes to an hour. The SwissBionic is the only system in the world to also include chromatherapy and audiotherapy which synchronize to stimulate specific regions of the brain to address the entire body at once. As Marc explained; “Our bodies are designed to be self-healing. Over time, internal energy diminishes and when it declines to a certain point, the body becomes susceptible to disease and ailments. This therapy helps to restore and maintain the cell’s energy and intended efficiency in its original role so the body can protect itself and self-heal.” Since working with the products, Marc has witnessed a Parkinson Disease patient eliminate his tremors and regain his ability to walk. Another client suffering from neuropathy so severe she could not feel her toes, had sensation to her feet return and she is walking with ease since using the therapy.

purposes. Fast forward to the 20th century, Nikola Tesla is credited with developing the first modern day systems for therapeutic use. Advances in electronic and computer technologies have recently been applied to the science behind the magnetic therapy, making it convenient and affordable for inhome use. It’s popularity is just beginning to catch on in the United States. The devices are used both clinically to help heal patients, as well as a tool for preventive maintenance and well-being.

To have the experiences where after a haircut appointment a 65 year old client tells me “this is the first time I ever felt pretty”; or when a client I have been working with to help benefit his physical condition can come in with confidence and excitement for what we can accomplish next; or when a young girl suffering for two years with cluster migraines tells you her headache is gone after one PEMF session; I cannot tell you how emotionally gratifying it is to see the positive impact we can provide for our clients.” This is why we created oNe Beauty Body Life



The company called Rochester Personal Defense, LLC has been around for nearly 15 years. You may have heard the name, taken training with them, or even know a few of the people that train for them, but do you know the owner, Dave Jenkins? A lot of small businesses reflect their owners as they are usually built around something they love, do, or have created as a service. Dave did just that with his company, and it shows.

led him to create his first business. Customers would ask him to work on smaller projects and different changes to their homes. He ended up finding ways to fit these ‘side projects’ into his everyday work schedule. The creativity grew and so did his client base. Even though Dave grew up around firearms, his interest did not develop until the idea of getting into law enforcement came up. After

Dave does not appear to be your typical ‘gun guy’ or ‘self defense guru’. He is mostly an average guy who works out, has fun, owns a small business, and loves to meet people. He is a father of two grown children, owner of two nutty but fun loving dogs, a lifelong resident of the area, (he was born in Canandaigua and grew up in the Park Ave and Goodman area of the city), and although he travels quite often, there is nothing like coming back home to Rochester. In fact, he still lives right here in the city. Some call him an entrepreneur, some see him as their trainer or coach, while others refer to him as a friend or colleague. He just calls himself a very lucky person who just happens to be able to work with people and teach them important skills to better their lives. “A long time ago, someone told me that I would be working closely with a lot of great people and owning my own business. I didn’t set out on that path but I ended up doing it. I just went with the flow.” says Dave. Even before he got into firearms and self defense/ self reliance training, Dave was a cabinetmaker and finish carpenter. Working in new and existing homes, he enjoyed creating a place for people to live and call home. In fact, the carpentry role 160


expressing an interest to his Dad, he found his first instructor. Since he had owned firearms for a long time, he was more than willing to ensure that Dave had a solid base of knowledge and skills to start from. This is where his new hobby and eventual career path started – and he didn’t know it then. Fast forward a few years and Dave found a niche. He started working with others who

wanted to learn about firearms safety and the sport of shooting. People told him to become an instructor. So he did. And he found his calling. “I found that it was easy for me to work with others. I had patience and a knack for being able to describe what I knew and how to have others understand what I was telling and showing them. It just felt right.” His first class was supposed to have been as an assistant. By the time the day of the class rolled around, two of the other instructors were sick and Dave had to step into the role as lead instructor and teach. Even though it was nerve wracking, he found out that he was more than prepared for the role and the course went great. “I remember that class as if it were yesterday. Working with 12 brand new students was scary yet exhilarating. At the end, there was a feedback session and not one of them believed that this was my first time leading a course. They actually thought I was kidding! I learned just as much from then as they learned from me” After a few years, Dave found that there was a need for a trainer that can work with people privately for other self defense related topics as well. Knowing the value of training, he sought out courses to attend where he could learn more. His goal was to bring back as much knowledge as possible so he could be a better trainer and educator. He found that his focus on firearms training was too narrow, so he learned about unarmed, or empty hand, self defense, mental/ situational awareness, driving techniques, and more. Little did he know, Dave was building a wider resume of experience to help him start and grow what would become a larger purpose. In all of the self development training that he went to, and still attends, he has amassed a resume that includes Master Trainer, Instructor,



“A long time ago, someone told me that I would be working closely with a lot of great people and owning my own business. I didn’t set out on that path but I ended up doing it. I just went with the flow.”

{ IN HIS DEFENSE } Building a successful training business, especially in the firearms and adult education industry, was never easy. It’s an ever present process of ups and downs, ebb and flow, and the tasks of reaching new people while still retaining current students continues every day.

The idea of finding out the areas that other trainers miss has been most of Dave’s goal. Learning what people needed, he found a way to develop a personal approach to what others may call a business, but Dave calls the best job he has ever had. His company started out with only one- him. He quickly found a couple others that felt the same way and wanted to work with people, so they came on board and started to work with Dave. That was the start of the hobby that took over! For years, Dave struggled to manage his family time, his full time job, and his ever growing hobby, which then became more of a part time job. The business was growing as people referred him, others wanted more training, and more people wanted to become involved. 164


Eventually, the training business outgrew his other job and he made the jump to full time and hasn’t looked back since. Building a successful training business, especially in the firearms and adult education industry, was never easy. It’s an ever present process of ups and downs, ebb and flow, and the tasks of reaching new people while still retaining current students continues every day. There have been months where the personal profit was outweighed by the needs of the business, while other times, the personal needs outweighed the business needs. In life, there is the fight to maintain a balance in every aspect and the same is true in business. It’s easier to teach and train children and young adults in new skills. It is when we get into adulthood and have to manage careers, relationships, families, and social connections

that make a recreational sport, or adopting a new lifestyle difficult. One of the other difficulties that Dave has learned to work to overcome is that during our younger years, we are primed to learn new tasks or material. Once we get into the real world and workplace, we forget to learn and we mostly focus on daily tasks and needs. It’s almost like we have to learn how to learn again. “Kids are so eager to learn that they almost program their own brains to search for more information. They seek it out as if to satisfy a hunger. In the adult world, it is rare to see someone purposefully hunting down new information to grow their mind. It’s as if we have forgotten how to learn.” What he found was that his personality and approach drew people to him compared to

{ IN HIS DEFENSE } “I found that it was easy for me to work with others. I had patience and a knack for being able to describe what I knew and how to have others understand what I was telling and showing them. It just felt right.”

others. He makes each student feel like as if they were working with a personal trainer, rather than a teacher using a cookie cutter, one size fits all format. His approach shows them why they are doing a skill or using a concept so that they better understand what they are doing. By applying the adult learning theory, it is possible to pick up new skills and learn more to continue to improve. This is one definite way that has set Dave and his company of instructors apart from others. His continual search for a streamlined approach to training has helped him refine his outlook to most things in life. Yes, hard work is what makes achieving the goal feel more worthwhile, but why not find a smoother way to get there? Why not have some fun and enjoy the trip as well? That idea is included in nearly every aspect of his training and company outlook. One of the phrases they like to use is “We take what we do very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.” Essentially, that means he and his people want to make the idea of learning important life saving skills fun. Even today, over 15 years later, Dave still actively gets in the classroom, on the range, or lectures at corporations, churches, schools, etc. and his passion shows through the minute he starts teaching. Time and time again, people will ask: “Is Dave going to be teaching the course?” because they know that they’ll not only learn a lot, but that 166


he will make it fun and interesting, all at the same time. Dave’s vision for the future involves a lot of ideas. One would be to return a firearms safety segment into our schools. As a professional educator, he knows that information from a reliable source can promote safety and awareness. Including a segment of instruction back into our schools would make our kids

safer. He proved it by teaching his own kids about firearm safety when they were around 4yrs old. Another goal is to create a training team and company primarily dedicated to training women. There are organizations out there, but this company would be more effective in realistic, efficient, and effective women’s training. All taught by women instructors.

One of the largest projects that he is undertaking is the creation of a facility, dedicated solely for the purpose of training and education. Once complete, Dave and his team, along with other colleagues from the industry, could provide high quality programs and continue to offer safe, effective, and relevant training for people in the area or those that travel here. You would think someone that trains people to safely enjoy the shooting sports, or people that wish to learn how to defend themselves would be pretty intense. In Dave’s case, you’d b e w ro n g . Hi s down to earth, easy going yet competent demeanor is what makes his job easier. He actually, does not even refer to what he does as a job, it’s his passion, his hobby, and his natural true calling. Dave seems to have been molded to train others. He exhibits that trait every day, in everything he does. He loves teaching. When people come to him for help due to a dark time in their world due to violence, or when they come to him to take the mystery out of firearms or self defense, that is where he shines. Look Dave Jenkins up on his company’s website at, or call him at 585-406-6758. He always more than willing to educate, chat, or work with you to obtain your goal of education and safety.



The Fairport Music Festival started as an offhand comment meant to be a joke. It was the spring of 2005. Two Fairport residents, Andy McDermott and Rob Burch, wanted to have a “killer house party without ruining our lawns” according to Rob Burch. The impact of the Fairport Music Festival is no joke. Children and families at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong Memorial directly benefit from 100% of the proceeds.

$750,000 to the building project of a pediatric cardiac surgery suite. Sponsors, volunteers, and bands believe in the cause. One band, the Adam Ezra Group, plays Fairport and then drives all night back to Boston where they host the Ramble -- the yearly benefit for homeless veterans. Favorite Rochester Area Music Festival Fans and musicians alike say the FMF is the favorite event of the year. Mike Gladstone, Guitarist, Producer/Singer/

It’s a beautiful showcase for local and Independent musicians. The crowds get live music with heart and soul. Not bad for something initially planned as a one year only event. Rob Burch, says, “After the initial event ended what we found was that not only did our patrons enjoy the experience but so did everyone helping with the event. Every year we meet to discuss if we will continue with the event and every year it’s a resounding ‘yes.’”


So far, the Fairport Music Festival has generated nearly 1 million dollars for nonbudgeted Golisano Children’s Hospital needs and have recently committed 168


Wease morning show and host of the Brother Wease/Billy D’Ettorre Sunday Morning Music Show on Radio 95.1 knows Rob Burch very well. D’Ettorre describes Burch as a passionate music fan “... with tastes very similar to mine, and has even been known to turn me on to great stuff I’d never heard before.” The Fairport Music Festival is the perfect place to hear new music. Indie music expert Brain Cummings says, “Fairport Music Fest is a unique chance for people who, maybe aren’t regular club goers, to have a chance to hear a bunch of bands and discover one to go on following. There’s a really high level of talent in Rochester, maybe as good as I’ve ever seen it, but it’s hard to convey the urgency to get out to a gig to the public, who are assuming there’ll be another one soon.”

Songwriter, says, “There is an incredible breadth of musical styles and bands that ensures that there is something for everyone. There are so many great local and national acts that it can sometimes be frustrating to choose between 2 or 3 bands that are playing at the same time! It is a world-class event that somehow manages to keep its local feel and friendliness.”

Burch agrees, “One thing very apparent is that the Rochester area is a hotbed of extremely talented musicians. The FMF provides an opportunity for the community of local musicians and bands to display their gifts to a large audience in a music festival environment. Surely they are gaining exposure and new fans and hopefully increasing their following when they play their subsequent gigs.”

Billy D’Ettorre, a producer on the Brother

Not only does the general public have








{ KING OF ARTS } “After the initial event ended what we found was that not only did our patrons enjoy the experience but so did everyone helping with the event. Every year we meet to discuss if we will continue with the event and every year it’s a resounding ‘yes.’”

a chance to see fantastic artists, but the musicians themselves also make connections. Gladstone calls McDermott and Burch the faces of the Fairport music scene and says Burch has “ … introduced us to some incredibly talented regional artists such as Adam Ezra (Boston, MA) and David Miller (Buffalo, NY).’ Burch says he hopes artists, “feel a sense of pride that their performance is assisting the cause (of children’s health).” Thousands of volunteer hours go into 172


what Cummings calls “a fun weekend, that also does something tangible, and real in the community.” Burch says, “We have been blessed to have a group of outstanding friends and family (and sponsors) that are in this with us together and have found a way to make this huge task of organizing the event a really fun hobby.” The Festival runs from Friday night August 24th and continues all day, into the night on Saturday, August 25th. The

venue is perfect, snuggled beside the water on Liftbridge Lane in Fairport. There are more than 30 bands, multiple stages, food trucks, children’s activities, and booths for community non-profits to advertise their mission and presence in the community. You can get more information online at www.fairportmusicfestival. Mark your calendars now and head to Fairport on August 24th and 25th.



Gia Marie has been the proud owner of Barber Cuts, located on Lake Road in Brockport, NY, since June of 2014. Barber Cuts is a Men’s Barbershop offering upscale service at an affordable price. At Barber Cuts you can expect a clean, comfortable, and professional atmosphere where you can receive haircuts and hot towel shaves. Skincare services will also be offered within the year.

school. “Now he’s about to graduate… Man, where has the time gone? I will say this… Being a mom to my son, Jagger, has been one of my greatest achievements! He’s off to college in the Fall to study Mechanical Engineering, and he has made his parents extremely proud!”

Being such a hardworking and dedicated business owner is both a blessing and a struggle for Gia. Business for the Barbershop has tripled over the past 4 years. By providing the best possible service for all of her clients, she has made genuine friendships and maintained a loyal client base. Living and working in a College Town has also been an added advantage because she always has a new set of Freshmen that need haircuts and new styles. Sounds like business is BOOMING, so where’s the struggle? “Recently I have had some medical issues, as well as being short staffed, which makes for some challenging days at the shop. Most of my clients are understanding, but sometimes you can’t make everyone happy. I just have to remind people, ‘I’m only human!’ I’ve been nicknamed Wonder Woman by some of my Clients!”

What’s so special and different about Barber Cuts? Well, Gia Marie explained how being a woman with a Men’s Barbershop can be, “Anytime you work with the public you have to remember that you have to take the good with the bad… I’m a woman that owns a Men’s Barbershop, and that may not sit well with some people.” Regardless of the occasional backlash and negative responses from some about her gender in this industry, Gia has managed to run a very successful business and bring in a diverse clientele over the years. She has proven her loyalty and appreciation for her customers, and everyone is treated like royalty at Barber Cuts. She truly is a hardworking woman in a “man’s world”. Gia is originally from Rochester, NY, and she has lived in various places including: Las Vegas (Nevada), Oahu - Waikiki (Hawaii), Phoenix (Arizona), and Seattle (Washington). She decided to move back to Rochester with her family in 2005 so that she could be closer to family and have her son start fresh in 174


first project was turning a cigar store into a Barbershop… Lots of work went into the transformation, but it’s amazing what you can do when you’re focused and do much of the work yourself! I am a Carpenter’s daughter, and I’m pretty handy with a hammer and a screwdriver!”

Her family has been more than supportive of her journey as a Men’s Barbershop owner. They are her driving inspiration and motivation to do the best that she can do with whatever means possible. “The

Gia explained that it’s hard to find professional quality people that have the same vision and the drive required. “I have had some wonderful Barbers over the years, and I wish they were still with me… Some have moved away, and some went on to try and do their own thing. However, I’m always looking

“I just have to remind people, ‘I’m only human!’ I’ve been nicknamed Wonder Woman by some of my clients!”



{ A WO”MAN’S” WORLD } { LUPIS CHICK } “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” - Theodore Roosevelt




for Professional Licensed New York State Cosmetologists/Barbers to join our team!” What has been the biggest obstacle as a Barbershop Owner? “Hmmm... Finding good help! When college is in session, the Barbershop is so busy. Keeping up with all the business can be very hard! But… Being very busy in business is a good problem to have!” *If you’re a licensed Cosmetologist/ Barber, make sure to contact Gia if you’re interested in joining the Barber Cuts Team. Gia is always busy, yes, but she wants to assure all clients and potential clients that she will absolutely make time for you and your needs. After all, she is a successful business owner. A lot of that success can be attributed to the fact she takes very good

care of her clients and treats them as if they are family. “Come by the shop when our doors are open and say, ‘Hello!’ Even if it’s just to have a cup of coffee and check out our business, we would love to see you!” Gia hopes to franchise Barber Cuts and be retired within the next 5 years. “I have done so many things, owned a few successful businesses, and traveled all over. At 52 years old, I guess you could say I’ve been around the block… In a good way of course! Haha! I plan to retire within the next 5 years, and most likely fade off into the Sunset…by the beach…sipping on a nice glass of wine!” Gia wanted to close by offering some advice with other business

“Upscale Service at an Affordable Price” 4610 Lake Road I Brockport, NY Phone: 585-319-0365 WWW.BARBERCUTS.US

owners, “Be persistent and consistent! Don’t let anyone steal your thunder! Be flattered when other businesses copy you… You’re obviously doing something right! Being an original can strike some nerves! Have no regrets…only lessons learned. You can’t grow if you don’t make mistakes.” For more information or to contact Gia directly visit: My favorite business quote: “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Mention this ad with any service & receive a complimentary gift. * While supplies last



Born in Buffalo, my family moved to sunny Hollywood, Florida when I was 5, after yet another brutal New York winter. Strolling the Hollywood Beach boardwalk several nights a week, eating pizza, jumping on trampolines, playing in the sand, and swimming quickly became our new normal year round. There were many important things in my life at the time - the beach, ocean, swimming, and family – but God topped this list. I’ve always felt close to Him, on the water and in the water; considering He was the one who gave us these spectacular beaches and oceans, they always seemed spiritual to me in some way.

twice your size) took hold, pulled me in, and held me under at times, making me feel like it would finish the job in three feet of water that was started in that nine-foot deep pool. My life changed by conquering any fear of the water, and I have since swum extensively in the Atlantic, Pacific, Southern, and Indian oceans plus the Persian Gulf. Being in the water became my life; in addition to the beach, many days and nights were

I wonder if my love for water surprised any family members and friends, as I was the story no one wants to hear about – the child, who in his “terrible twos” at the time, was found unconscious and blue at the bottom of a pool in Canada. I’m thankful to God that I was not only discovered quickly, but that my parents didn’t allow that life-changing moment to instill a fear of water in me... or them. Instead it triggered an absolute determination to ensure it would never happen again. I can still remember those swimming lessons somewhere around three years old. They were the “old school” kind - not anything you could share on social media these days. The pool was an above-ground setup around four feet deep, unlike the one where I drowned with a diving board depth bottom. My sister and I were tossed in and encouraged, cheered, and maybe yelled at a little – we’re Italian - to get to the edge. Though there was a combination of excitement and dread, my dad was at most three feet away. Luckily, these lessons were before our move to Florida, where I would have my first body surfing experience, being pounded by waves and loving every minute of it. Thank God for those lessons and new swimming abilities, because even shore break (when it’s almost 178


we rode our bikes to a bridge that was built for a development that was ultimately canceled when the economy tanked. That South Florida real estate downturn was a serious upturn for us kids. We had three undeveloped islands to use as wooded playgrounds, comprised of Australian pines to make rope swings along the 5-12 foot-high Intracoastal coral rock shores, and an unused bridge around 30 feet that we loved to jump from all day long. Although water can come with it’s own set of dangers, I strongly feel I would have gotten in a lot more trouble as a kid if the Intracoastal islands and beach weren’t just blocks from my home. As I progressed through high school, serving in church and youth group at the time, I realized I wanted to take service to the next level and serve my country. I began having conversations with military recruiters, specifically the Air Force and Navy. Although I had a dream and desire to fly, after looking at the Air Force bases on a map and seeing that most of them were land locked and in the middle of nowhere, I decided on the Navy.

spent at the old Diplomat hotel pool with family friends who managed the resort. My summers were even better…reminiscent of Tom Sawyer. From the ages of 11-15, I was out of the house after breakfast and returned in time for dinner. In between those hours, my sisters and I would meet with friends, go through the woods, and head towards a group of uninhabited islands. Some days we would swim across, and others we would take a wooden raft we had assembled. Sometime

I signed up for advanced aviation electronics school, with my sights set on programs that would lead me to college and then flight school - whatever my path, at least I would be near the water or on it. So I joined the Navy, attending boot camp in Orlando followed by one-and-a-half years of advanced avionics training in Millington, Tennessee. I was a little concerned and confused at first, because neither of these areas are near an ocean. And while I missed the beach and ocean waves, I did, however, get my first real taste of how amazing lakes are for water adventures, thanks to many hours spent on Smith Lake in Alabama. I also was learning in the Navy, or military in general, that not everything goes as you planned it. My first duty station was much better as




{ IN HIS OWN WORDS } “That which does not kill you makes you stronger?” Well, water didn’t kill me, and today it regularly enriches my life.

far as water and adventure are concerned. I was stationed on the only forward deployed aircraft carrier, the USS Midway CV41, out of Yokosuka, Japan, now an incredible museum in San Diego, CA. The next five years were spent mostly out to sea or overseas on islands, a couple deployments (including first Gulf War on the USS Ranger CV61), and then a dream come true assignment. I would be stationed for over a year in Diego Garcia, a remote tropical, military-only island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Imagine a real life Gilligan’s Island - lots of deep blue ocean, massive lagoon, and recreational sailing to some desolate beaches for weekend camp outs. I was 180


enjoying a little slice of heaven when off-duty. After serving six years, I returned to South Florida; the beaches had gotten overcrowded so I didn’t go as much. My relationship with water has changed a little bit since we moved back to western New York in 2013, but in many ways for the better. I still experience the ocean working on a stone crabbing boat part of the year in the Caribbean, but when I am in and around Rochester, my wife Marisa and I love visiting the Lake Ontario shore. I have worked as a lifeguard and taught sailing in Irondequoit Bay and the amazing Finger Lakes region with the lakes, waterfalls, and swimming holes.

This region meets my water needs completely. Plus, I get to use it for a few months in its frozen form for snowboarding, sledding, snow faces, and of course, naked snow angels. When not crabbing, I try to encourage and assist my wife with the work she does through and I am launching an advocates encouragement and support effort through, coming soon. Have you ever heard the saying, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger?” Well, water didn’t kill me, and today it regularly enriches my life.

An Evening of Spirit



S A LU T I N G O N E AMAZING MAN, AND HIS INCREDIBLE INFLUENCES ON OUR WORLD No man, nor woman has had a greater impact on the aesthetics and quality of built environments in our community and around the world, that enhance the environments where we work, live, and play than Architect, Carlton “Bud” DeWolff. He has been a testimony of Integrity, honesty, and creativity throughout his career, serving Rochester and the world with his creativity, passion, compassion, and integrity . Together with his wife Jeanette, they are entering into their sixth decade of Architectural Planning and Design that improves the quality of life for our community and the world. It is an honor and privileged to portray the life and achievements of his incredible life long journey of the Spiral Architect, Bud DeWolff, and his fabulous wife, business administrator and confidante, Jeanette DeWolff.

A Little Background: Where did this man come from? Architect Carlton Edward DeWolff or better known & more affectionately as “Bud” was born in Rochester, NY, at The Genesee Hospital in 1930 on the 182


cusp of the Great Depression. He Is a third-generation American, a descendant of his immigrant grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf And Mr. and Mrs. Dryer. Mr. Henry Dryer was born in Switzerland . He was a carpenter and roofer, and worked as such until the year before he died at age 83. His wife, Hattie Palmer was Born in England, immigrated to the United states and lived with her husband in a home along the canal on

Parker St, in Fairport, NY, During the depression, Hattie would fish in the canal all day and caught carp and sold it locally, to make extra money. Henry would recover old Railroad Ties and mill them for lumber to sell, along with his carpentry services. Hattie was famous for baking apple pies, 10 at a time, and the Dryers were a compassionate family and they took in their extended family

of 18 people during the depression for 4 years at the Parker St residence. Hattie died at age 82. Hattie was a descendant of the gardener to the infamous Captain William Kidd, a Privateer in England who later turned Pirate on a expedition to East Africa in 1696, and was arrested in Boston and hanged in England in 1699. Mr. Leon Wolfe (1868 to 1919 ) was a deserter of the German Kaiser Army, and escaped to Alsace – Lorraine, France. A benevolent woman named Melanie. Lanielle (1866 to 1943) hid him in her cottage, and eventually they were married and immigrated t o To r o n t o , Canada, and then to Philadelphia, Pe n n s y l v a n i a where he worked along the docks as a longshoreman. Grandma Wolfe had 4 children, Joe, May, bess and Edward. Edward was to become Bud DeWolff’s father. Edward Wolfe, Bud’s Father, was having difficulties finding a job as a young man in Philadelphia because the jobs were going to older men who had families to support, and so he decided to change his name and age to increase his chances of obtaining employment, hence the Name was changed to DeWolff, Hearing about the Kodak company’s success, Edward traveled to Rochester and found employment and his wife Lillian at

{ A LITTLE HISTORY } No man, nor woman has had a greater impact on the aesthetics and quality of built environments in our community and around the world, that enhance the environments where we work, live, and play than Architect, Carlton “Bud” DeWolff.



the Kodak company. Edward DeWolff worked for Kodak Co. until 1932 , Then he was employed with Neisners Corporation as an architectural designer and he designed the modern Neisners building on Main Street in Rochester. And after that, Edward developed “Pizza Kitchens” in Rochester on East Ave and in Henrietta on E. Henrietta Rd. Lillian Dryer (DeWolff) was born in Rochester. She was a beautiful lady, and was employed as a secretary and model for Kodak Co. in 1928 - 1930 The story goes, Edward and Lillian were married three days after their initial meeting and their romance never ended! Lillian was in love with him for 20 years after his passing, until the day She passed herself. What a romantic era it was! Bud DeWolff was born at The Genessee Hospital, Rochester, NY in 1930. He was followed by his brother Ronnie and his Sister Delores. QUESTION ; When did you move from birth place and why? 184


My father was an unlicensed Architect with Neisner Bros ( a five and dime chain store ) he had jobs in San Antonio and Nuevo Laredo Mexico, we traveled as a family with him. QUESTION: what was your age then? It was a period of time between 1938 to 1944 I was 8 years old to 14 years old At a very young age, Bud’s brother Ronnie contracted leukemia and died suddenly, and from that time onward, Bud became the man of the house during his fathers absence for his travels with Neisners and he dedicated himself to achieving everything possible in honor of his brother Ronnie. He excelled at academics and track in high school. In 1949, He enlisted in the Merchant Marine but his love for flying drove him to enlist in the Air force in 1951 until 1953. He attended Basic Training at Lackland Air force base in San Antonio, TX, and then moved to Cheyenne, WY to attend Officers School, and ultimately

was Stationed at Langley AF base for flight introduction. He was honorably discharged in Dec. 1953. During his time at Langley AF Base in Virginia, Bud was assigned to the military police unit, and was issued a 45 Caliber pistol, which must have been almost as big as bud himself, who was abort 5’5” and weighed only 125 Lbs. It was a short assignment meant to initiate new officers, and he was sent to Bluefield, WV to arrest a Sargent by the name of Big Jake who was notorious for going AWOL.. That’s all they told him. So off he went to Bluefield , WV and stopped at the local restaurant in Bluefield, and inquired if anyone knows the whereabouts of a “ big Jake” ? Immediately this giant of a man stood up towering over little Bud (standing at a mere 5’4”) and said “Yeah I’m Big Jake”. Big Jake was 6’5”. As it turned out he and Big Jake became friends and Jake returned to base peacefully with Bud. After Bud was discharged from the Air force, in December, 1953 he returned to Fairport, NY. He then applied to Penn

{ A LITTLE HISTORY } Bud was chosen in his last year of college to pick up the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright at the St. Louis Airport and take him to the campus lecture hall.

State University, and University of Illinois, and ended up attending the University of Illinois because they allowed student to enter into the curriculum in mid-year. He met his wife, Jeanette Maiorani, of East Rochester in July of 1954. Bud and Jeanette were married on June 18th, 1955 and 64 years later they are still married to this day! After the marriage, Bud and Jeanette returned to Bud’s University in Illinois to continue his education in Architecture and Jeanette also attended the university for Journalism. To help pay for both tuitions and expenses, Bud and Jean opened up a pizza shop called Pizza Casa , Bud affectionately reminiscing said that “ Jean had this great recipe from her family in Italy and the pizza was hit among the students”. They rented a vacant sandwich shop in the middle of the women’s dormitory campus. They remodeled it as a pizza take out store and it became very successful. “All the boys wanted to work as delivery boys as it was in the women’s dormitory campus.” “We had customers from the football team, famous players like Mike Ditka, Ray Nitschke. And Bobby Mitchell. They were so busy that bud’s grades started to slip and they sold the business to an unknown buyer who turned out later to rename the business “Domino’s Pizza”. Bud was chosen in his last year of college to pick up the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright at the St. Louis Airport and take him to the campus lecture hall. Question; was there anything significant he said? He talked all the way about nothing but when we past this church he asked who designed it? I replied Paul Rudolph. Frank said What? Is that drunken jerk still designing?


Bud graduated in 1957 with honors and was offered job with the Famous Chicago architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill but his father convinced him to return back to Rochester, NY. He began his professional career working for Theodore Epping architect and Emil Meuller of Reinard designs, and Stevens and Bertin Architects in Rochester. In 1963, Bud started his own architectural firm as a sole practitioner in the basement of his home in Fairport, NY. One of his first commissions was to design a corporate headquarters for the Voplex Corporation, which was an innovative plastic molding company, supplying parts to the General Motors Corporation and the Nerf Company, makers of the Nerf football. He then moved downtown to the corner of Court St. and Clinton Avenue to a building owned by Morrie Silver, owner of Rochester Red Wings Baseball. The Rochester Red Wings baseball team’s stadium was called Silver Stadium and was the name of the baseball stadium in Rochester back then. He called Bud and asked if he would be interested in a space downtown in his building, and Bud agreed to rent the space, as he had just received the commission to design the Voplex corporate headquarters building. He took on this challenge with a zeal to create the most modern and unique building of its time, incorporating deep inset windows and so that the structure created overhangs that significantly decreased solar heat gain and enhancing the passive solar efficiency of the building . This building design is highlighted in Wikipedia : The Voplex building, which set the standards (according to Wikipedia) of a unique building design, as it departed

from the traditional square and rectangular buildings. Because of the Voplex building success he was invited in 1971 to design projects for Genessee Hospital and continued to be their architect up to 1980 when they closed down operations. “The Voplex building is a remarkable office building located in Perinton, New York close to Interstate 490 approaching the city of Rochester, New York from the east. The name is a local one, not formally conferred on the building. Instead it refers to the fact that the building was designed for and initially occupied by Voplex Corporation, a supplier of automotive custom plastic products such as interior trim. A sign with the name “Voplex” in large letters was visible for quite a distance, and the name stuck.” DeWolff designed in concrete and was placed at the entrance to the campus. One can see the shape of the building as a decagonal, lenticular shape raised up on a much smaller rectangular base. Three segments of the decagon are missing on the south side, forming the main entrance. The building has been likened to a large pie with a section cut out, a flying saucer, the Crunchwrap Supreme, and the Millennium Falcon. It was designed by the architect Carlton DeWolff, founder of the nationally recognized firm of DeWolff Partnership Architects LLP.[2] Other designs in his portfolio include the International Museum of Photography and Film, at the George Eastman House, and the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. References[edit]

{ A SHIFT+CONTROL { A LITTLE UNIQUE HISTORY BOUTIQUE }} } Due to this bold and daring new concept in building design, this marked the launch of an incredible journey of success as the “Spiral Architect, Bud DeWolff.

1. Jump up^ Voplex building, retrieved 2016-02-15 2. Jump up^ “Creativity, pluck drive DeWolff ’s work”, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, 200507-31, ISSN 1088-5153, retrieved 2010-08-09 3. Jump up^ EarthLink - Rochester / Pittsford, retrieved 2016-02-15 4. Jump up^ Visiting NimbleUser, retrieved 2016-02-15 The Design concept for the voplex building was so unique, having a grand central spiral staircase and the executive offices all the way around the perimeter created a collaborative working environment as well as a very efficient circulation pattern for its users. It was the first Spiral Oriented design Bud had the opportunity to create, and a risky proposal in that day and age because it was so far “out of the box”, literally and figuratively that he knew it was a bold move and may not have been accepted by his client, but they loved it and it was a huge success then, as it is still is now. This new ideology of it’s planning and design became an integral part of Buds projects whenever possible and was a keystone to his success as a architect and planner, thus The Spiral Architect was born! Due to this bold and daring new concept in building design, this marked the launch of an incredible journey of success as the “Spiral Architect, Bud DeWolff. The business grew rapidly after this building was completed and touted as a milestone in modern design, so much so that Bud employed the help of his life-long trusted partner and beloved wife, Jeanette DeWolff to manage the 188


Business as the Executive Administrative Director, and she has been with the firm ever since that day until the present time. He then was commissioned to create a new type of clinic to replace the mundane and depressing clinic typical of that era at the Genesee Hospital. The new clinic would serve both the middle income and disadvantages populations which was also a unique approach to serving different populations for the time. The Genesee Hospital was opened in September 19th, 1889 and served Rochester until May 21st, 2001.

did not want to torn down, and he had heard of Bud’s project at The Genesee Hospital and how it was transforming the delivery of care to underprivileged populations, so he contacted Bud and the University of Pittsburgh and agreed to donate the building to the university if Bud and the university would create a Ambulatory Care Facility from it. This building became known as the Faulk Clinic which also became the main entrance to the University of Pittsburgh’s medical campus. It was the 2nd Ambulatory Care facility in the county.

Buds commission to design a unique and modern clinic there became the first “Ambulatory Care Facility” in the country. From this project at The Genesee Hospital, Director of New Medical concepts, Dr. James Block, together with Bud DeWolff were commissioned by the Robert Woods Jonson Foundation to study and develop a new system of health care Delivery that would keep the rising costs of health care down, and reach populations not able to access health care providers. The outcome was the start of a new model in health care, called Ambulatory Care. They also created a film called the center of the equation, which explained their concept both in theory and in the physical brick and mortar requirements. Is was a game changer and is still the model upon which our best health care systems use to this day.

DeWolff Partnership Architects continued to expand its healthcare design services in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and has designed a majority of the facilities at all the local Rochester area Hospitals including Genesee Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital Newark Wayne Hospital, along with many VA Medical Centers, Mental health facilities and Long term care / Nursing facilities around Rochester and New York State. He was also commissioned to do master planning for all the local area hospitals, including The university of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital campus, which was a complete redevelopment of the circulation of patient access flow on the campus and was the foundation upon which all the developments like the Ambulatory Care Access center was created from.

The next ambulatory care project Bud designed was at the University of Pittsburgh’s medical campus. Bud designed the Faulk clinic, by reusing a older building owned by a wealthy cattle farmer and steel mill owner named Faulk. Faulk owned a building on 5th ave. The building was underutilized but Faulk

His designs began winning numerous awards and notoriety from the American Institute of Architects and many other agencies for his healthcare facility designs, which allowed him, by reputation as a creative problem solver , artist and entrepreneur, to enter into competitions for other types of facilities. His firm was

s also Pioneering new technologies in partnership with companies like Arris and Autodesk, and DeWolff Partnership Architects was on the cutting edge of software development for CADD architectural design and 3D Imaging and animation. Bud DeWolff’s creativity and zeal for creating unique and simultaneously functional structures and campus arrangements lead him to become one of the “Top 100” ranked health care architects in the country per the annual survey of architects by Healthcare Magazine. Bud’s firm had received rankings as high as No 23 in the country. The DeWolff Partnership Architects was consistently ranked in the Top 100 Health care Architects for over decades. It was in the 80’s when Bud DeWolff was also the pioneer of “Green” design decades before the term was coined, via exploring energy efficiency in Architectural design and material applications. He began to pioneer underground structures, having designed numerous houses for his top clients, some of which were what he called earth shelter type structures. The George Eastman Foundation wanted to develop the worlds first and foremost museum of photography and film, but their dreams were thwarted by a lack of

real estate and the need to preserve the historical mansion and gardens of the George Eastman estate. They interviewed many world renowned museum designers but were not satisfied with the concepts they were receiving. It was fate that brought them to Bud Dewolff, whom was the only designer who could solve the problem by placing two of the three levels of the museum completely underground, and under the adjacent historic gardens, while providing a truly elegant design for the above ground portion of the museum., His firm was also responsible for the Community War Memorial transformation to the Blue Cross Arena, The Delores Denman Courthouse.Richardson’s Canal House Inn, Woodcliff hotel, The Rochester Crime Lab, Clinton Square office building, the Arthur Kornberg Medical Research laboratories I & II at the University of Rochester, the Restoration and re-planning of the Monroe Community Hospital, allowing it to meet current health care codes and avoid being shut down, the Rochester Transportation Center in concert with other local architects, many of them he had trained early in their careers, The Jewish Home of Rochester, St Johns Home, skilled nursing facility, Fairport Baptist Home Skilled Nursing Facility,

which was the advent of the household concept, creating pods of small households where residents would interact and live in a household like environment, promoting socialization and activity, The Edna Tina Wilson long term care/ dementia care facility in Greece, NY, which was awarded a commendation from Governor Mario Cuomo for Buds development of a neighborhood concept that allowed dementia patients to wander through the facility and the different design elements of each neighborhood would assist them in navigating to see friends and back to their dwelling as well, thus promoting independence, exercise and mobility. The Pittsford Library, AIA Award winning facility, The Perinton Community center and Aquatics center, Fairport, NY. AIA Award winning facility, The Greece Community Center. The Laura Sands Cancer Center, at FF Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua, NY, Steamboat Landing Restaurant, Canandaigua, NY, Industrie Lfts, Rochester, NY, Basin tech office park, Bob Hastings Oldsmobile, First Federal bank in Sibley’s tower, First Federal Bank, Fairport, NY, Canandaigua National Bank, Perinton, NY, Corporate,,The Elwanger and Barry Building Historic renovation, Rochester, NY, The ESL Center Interior Build out, Rochester, NY,



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At the age of 20, June of 1988, I entered the Monroe County Jail. Fast forward 30 years, In March 2017, I left prison a free man. That means, free as one can call themselves while being monitored by the NYS Board of Parole. I was given a set of ill-fitting street clothes to wear home. However, I felt so uncomfortable wearing these clothes because I was mandated to wear state greens as pants while incarcerated for the past 30 years, I changed back into prison clothes at the first stop the bus made. People may think getting out of prison is filled with elation. This is not the only feeling you experience. I felt trepidation. I had feelings of uncertainty and nervousness. How would people on the outside treat me? Would my old friends still talk to me? How am I going to live day-by-day? These were a few of my first free thoughts. After getting off the bus as home sweet home, Rochester, NY, and seeing Cheryl L. Kates- Benman standing there waiting for me I felt a little relief. I knew then yes, I am really out of prison and freedom is a reality. Our first stop was Dinosaur Barbeque. After sitting down, the first thing that hit me was how loud the restaurant was. It seemed to me that everyone was staring at me. There was a knife on the table. My heart started beating fast. I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I couldn’t believe my mind was thinking prison thoughts. I could slip the knife up my sleeve without anyone noticing. Cheryl must have noticed me looking at the knife and she said its okay to use it. Then a new panic hit me. The stupid menu! It seemed like it was written in Chinese. My head was swimming with all of the choices. Cheryl then gave me a suggestion of what I might like to order. Lunch turned out to be not so bad. It 192


smelled good when it arrived. Oh, the flavors of food on my pallet, the smells, the appearance of the food. All this was missing from my life for 30 years. The plan was I was going to stay with Cheryl until I got on my feet. Parole nixed that idea and my reality sunk in of I was going to be staying at a half-way house with strangers. While living here, I was offered drugs on more than one occasion. Once I came home to find my roommate unconscious on the bathroom floor and so blue, that I just knew he was dead. The EMT’s were able to save his life from an

overdose. However, he was not the only one . That SAME night two more residents were found overdosed on the property. The residents were constantly complaining their bus passes were being stolen. You could buy bus passes from one of the workers at the house. Wonder where he got those from? This is the environment parole thought was suitable for me t live in just coming home. Things that make you go hmmm. Oh, the technology. I won’t touch on all the technological advances and other societal changes which occurred in the last 30 years. My first cell phone had me ready to go back to prison. I will

share one funny story, after being on Facebook for a short time. A beautiful, young lady hit me up with a friend request. She was in her 20’s . I asked her why did she friend me? What did she want? I was old enough to be her father. She lived in Russia, so I did not see the value of our friendship. She said he just wanted a friend for sexting. That was a funny typo I thought. I texted my niece who was helping me navigate the waters if the Facebook world. I got no reply. I texted the young lady and informed her she misspelled texting. Her reply was very confusing, “OMG LOL, LOL Bye. After this, my nephew responded to my original query to my niece. My niece was too embarrassed to respond. For those of you interested, the young lady did unfriend me on Facebook. Sexting, jeesh! Let’s fast forward one year, March 2018. My one year of being home anniversary. I now have my own place. I can look at menu without panic creeping in. I still tend to rush when I am shopping. I still often feel like people are staring at me except now I realize it’s because I am so darn handsome. I am able to walk in any place and I feel like I belong there. I no longer feel like an outsider intruding on someone else’s life. I have made it my first year out of prison when so many other’s fail. I can do all of this for one reason because of the love and support of my family and friends. Without all of them helping me, I very well might have become another parole statistic. In fact, I am certain if it wasn’t for them, especially Cheryl L. Kates Benman Esq., who was my best friend and sister since the age of 14, I would not be where I am today. Oh yeah! she’s also my lawyer too!






It’s Sunday, and for the Guglielmo family, that means everyone gathers for “dinner” in the early afternoon. In the 1930’s, that tradition included the special marinara sauce made by Mary Petrocelli-Guglielmo from ingredients in her garden. Nearly 90 years later, the culture remains the same. The family is bigger… a lot bigger. Mary’s great-grandson, Paul Guglielmo says, “Over the years, we’ve invited many friends and family to share Sunday pasta dinner … but there just aren’t enough Sundays to have all of you over, so I put the Guglielmo family sauce in a jar for you to take home to your family.” Guglielmo’s Sauce, launched in 2014, is now in stores and restaurants from New York State to California. The story is on the jar. It is the quintessentially American story of success: a legacy, a love, and a dream. The legacy begins with Mary. Her son Pete (one of 10 children) started helping his mom make the sauce. Grandpa Pete taught Paul to make the sauce. Paul decided to bottle the sauce as a way to honor Grandpa Pete and tell the story of his family. Like any dream, there are no guarantees; there are only passion and hard work. Paul Guglielmo knows about hard work. Effort and talent landed Paul the job as the producer of the Brother Wease morning show on Rochester’s Radio 95.1. Brother Wease says, “Pauly’s work ethic is crazy to me. I’m so lazy I don’t even understand it... he does 196


like ten jobs at the radio station, runs a sauce business, teaches classes, has meetings, and still has a home life too, all while getting up at two in the morning. That’s crazy to me.” To save up money to launch the sauce business, Guglielmo and his then-fiancée Ryann Bouchard moved in with her father. They lived in the basement; he worked a second job as a bartender. They saved and dreamed.

That’s not easy. Success never is.


Guglielmo didn’t know how he’d get there, but he’s always had a clear vision of what he wanted. He fell in love with radio growing up in Conneaut, OH. He knew he wanted to be part of a morning radio show and now is a favorite on the Brother Wease show. He met his wife Ryann and knew she was the one for him. Now, they are married and expecting their first child. He knew he wanted to celebrate Grandpa Pete and share his family legacy with the world. Grandpa

Pete died in January 2015 at the age of 91, but he lived long enough to see his sauce go to market. Guglielmo says, “Grandpa Pete bought the first two jars. He was at the first store I delivered to.”


While Guglielmo’s Sauce is about a legacy, a love and a dream those things aren’t enough. Here is Guglielmo’s secret sauce recipe for success.

What advice do you have for anyone with a dream or idea of starting a business? “I’m glad you asked. Many say “jump right in.” I actually disagree. Here’s what I think. Don’t quit your day job just yet. Get a second job and earn some money to start your business. Do that for a few months, a year, or however long it takes to get enough money to at least have some start-up cash. Then, start your business on the side of your regular job. “Will these be tough, long days? Yes, they will. But here’s why I think it’s vital to keep your day job. You will be able to be aggressive with your business because you aren’t yet depending on the income (because you kept your regular job). “Being aggressive when you’re new is important because unless you have truly created something that is unique (this is highly unlikely), you will be disrupting a previously established




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genre of business. The only way to do that is to be aggressive, and not be “just another fill in the blank.” What do you do when you get tired and discouraged? “What works for me is to go and work on something easy during these times. As a business owner, you always have a never-ending list of things to do. Everything from “send that e-mail to that person about that thing” all the way to “conquer the world.” So, when I’m tired and discouraged, I head to the bottom of that list and knock a few easy tasks out in order to get my mojo back.” What is a “typical” day? “I wake up at 2:15 am. I head to my regular job, working every day on The Brother Wease Show on Rochester’s Radio 95.1 where I prep the show and then am lucky enough to spend the morning actually being on air with a radio legend.” 198


“After the show, I’m out by about 11 am (the only advantage to getting to work so early… getting out so early), and I hit my list of stuff to do today.”

out of there around 8:30 pm. I’ll head home, log my mileage for the day, and hit the hay, trying to get a few hours of sleep before that 2:15 am alarm goes off.”

“For example, today I have to head out and pick up some sauce at the factory where it is made, then drop an order off for a store on the West side of Rochester. That store happens to be near a couple of stores that do NOT currently carry our sauce, so I’ll pop into both of those places for some good old-fashioned cold calling.

What would Grandpa Pete say about all this now? “It’s a miracle.” Actually, he did say that. I talked to him almost daily during the time that he was alive after we launched, and as I would share the news of the day with him each day he would tell me “it’s a miracle.”

“After that, I’m off to drop the sauce I picked up at storage, then I’m home to pack up some mail orders that came in at

You and Ryann are about to be parents -- talk about the importance of family and legacy and how the sauce matters to that.

“I’ll take a shower, get dressed, and head to Canandaigua where I am hosting a cooking class at The New York Kitchen tonight. I’ll drop an order off on the way there. The class will last a couple of hours; I’ll teach a group of 24 to make a few dishes with my sauce (along with Cheffory from NYK) and probably get

“If I can somehow get this business to survive to the point where my child can one day take it over.. if that could happen.. that would be the single greatest professional accomplishment of my life. That would be a dream come true.” You can follow Paul Guglielmo on facebook. The website is



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“David Miller is music,” says singer Cinnamon Jones, “That’s why he can play the way he can.” David M Miller is the creator of Miller and The Other Sinners, a soul/blues/rock/gospel group out of Buffalo, NY. Miller has a powerful voice, rockin’ guitar, and solid songwriting. His electrifying stage presence is the driving force for bringing together incredibly talented musicians, all of whom need big egos to withstand the frustrations of the music business. Darick Campbell of Campbell Brothers fame points out, “Dave is an awesome talent. He seems to draw good talent together and get them to mesh together as a group. He has the touch to bring us all together as musicians and make that one big sound.” Like Cinnamon Jones and Darick Campbell, Miller’s roots are in the church. He grew up in the country, just south of Buffalo. He says he was raised on gospel and radio, playing mainly in the church until he was in his 30’s. Church kept him connected to music after a college internship in Nashville left him disillusioned with the industry. Not long after that experience, he married his high school sweetheart, started a family and got away from music for a couple of years ... except for church. He might brand himself as one of the “sinners,” but his lyrics, interactions with fans and sheer joyful noise is evident in songs like “Rise”: “Sometimes I feel like a tree, so bound by earth and gravity, Grounded feet so very heavy I just can’t reach the sun. Sometimes I see me as a stone, stillborn in mountains shed below, Left worn by wind and sliced by snow, a cold and lonely one.” 204



“I’m gonna rise above it all, I’m gonna fly, Ain’t no hand that can hold me down, My home ain’t the ground, I’m gonna rise above it all, I’m gonna fly, Ain’t no rope that can keep me bound, Ain’t no hand can hold me down.” Geography isn’t holding this talent down. In three years Miller and The Other Sinners have logged 150,000 miles on the road to 22 states. Buffalo remains the home base. Any musician will tell you that community support makes

all the difference to creative talent. Miller says, “In Buffalo, the music community has certainly been the launching pad for what I’m doing, and there are many local musicians that I owe for their inspiration and encouragement. Radio personality and promoter, Anita West is the best. The fans in Buffalo have also been amazing, continually supporting larger shows and buying my albums in merchandise. All of this helps to keep me on the road and moving.” On the road and moving includes shows in Rochester and the Fairport Music Festival in August. Miller calls Fairport a second hometown where “It feels like we are playing for our friends.” This year’s festival will be the group’s third year

at the Fairport Music Festival. Miller says the festival’s unique setting in the village and the thousands of music loving fans make it the highlight of their festival shows. At the Fairport Music Festival, the core four pieces touring group expands to include Members of the Campbell Brothers, additional horn players, backup singers (like Rochester favorite Cinnamon Jones) and keyboards. The core group of “Other Sinners” is made up of members of The Campbell Brothers (Darick and Carlton Campbell), Jay Moynihan (Buddy Guy), Jim Ehinger (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal) and various other Western NY musicians. Their joy only surpasses the technical talents of this group in doing what they love and bringing a deep solid groove to audiences. There are currently three albums available. The most recent, released in 2017, is “3 Nights at the Strand.” Miller’s first solo album, Poisons Sipped, landed in the top 24 Blues Rock Albums of 2014 on the Roots Music Report. The second album, Same Soil, debuted at #11 on the Roots Music Report and then shot to #3 with two songs in the top 50 blues songs played worldwide on radio and internet radio. You can see Miller and the Other Sinners for David Miller’s birthday bash on the Colonial Belle on August 19th. Tickets are on the website, Look for regular gigs at The B Side in Fairport and the Tralf in Buffalo. Be sure to save the date for The Fairport Music Festival, August 24th and 25th,





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where extensions can be used or wig products to cover the hair loss. Extensions can be added to your hair by using the microbead process. This can be used to cover hair loss or to allow you to grow your hair out, when the extensions are placed. Glue-in extensions can damage the hair and be uncomfortable to the user. This process involves placing a small amount of extension hair mixed in with your own hair and it is secured by a small silicone-lined bead. These are the least damaging form of hair

extensions, as there is no heat or glue used to secure the hair. They extensions can be washed and styled like natural hair. It does not feel different than the natural hair either! Another option is using wigs. There are special wigs available called wig toppers or wiglets. These are hair pieces used to conceal the hair loss. These hair pieces can be clipped in. These are not usually used for medical-condition hair loss as the hair piece must match your natural hair or it will be noticeable. The toppers are often only available in certain colors and older women may not be able to match greying hair. The day of a few choices is over. There are all kinds of wigs available and this option can be used for all women. The quality of the wig you purchase will determine whether it is visible when you’re wearing a hair piece. There are a lot of options. It’s not the day, where you must stay inside and hide, because you are embarrassed about your hair loss. Call a salon today and get a consult. There are options where professionals can assist you in finding a solution. The options are many! Mary Boyce-Bushey can be reached at Mario’s Hair Studio; 1474 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY.






Greg Whitehair, AKA Greg the Barber, AKA Sweeney Todd, you can find him at Rooster’s Men Grooming in Victor or hanging around a horse’s stall. Greg the Barber studied and finished Barber School at Sharpe Edgez Barber Institute. Greg reminisces, it all started way back when he had it in the back of his mind, he should learn a trade. His Grandpa always told him, “A tradesman will never go hungry”. He used to cut family members hair, as a hobby and they all told him, he should go to school to be a barber. He started off in school parttime. Soon thereafter, his employer died, and Greg was unemployed.

He discussed how he began doing this interesting aspect of his career: “For the past couple of years, I attended a few of the local Comic Cons. They’re a lot of fun, people get dressed up as their favorite characters from pop culture and interact with one another over various activities. Something I never saw though, was an

Greg shares he is an “outdoorsy type”. He loves archery and swimming. His biggest passion is horses. He worked with and around horses for years. He rides whenever he has the chance. Greg worked at Finger Lakes Race Track grooming as a freelancer and he rode as an outsider/exerciser for some of the trainers. He now, on the side, works at a farm in West Bloomfield when he’s not in the shop.

He shared, “I took this as my signal to fully dive into it. And I’m very glad I did! I ended up loving it and now my career path is fully underway! RWO asked Greg if he wanted to weigh in on any social issue. Barbershops traditionally are a place of social networking. He responded, “I don’t have any strong feelings on any social issues in our country. I’m but a humble barber, not a politician. Granted, I have a few people who come into my chair, who like to talk about their own political opinions, I prefer to keep mine to myself ”. Greg has an interesting hobby which ties into his career. Greg attends the Comic Con events, but not just as a spectator, but as a vendor. You can check him out there, in his alter ego, Sweeney Todd. He comes in costume and gives cuts. 210


Greg thinks his biggest obstacle he faces is taking the state boards. Being able to pass the on-site testing, means he can open his own shop one day and will open doors where he can work unimpeded anywhere in the state. As mentioned earlier, Greg was inspired by his Grandfather Joseph DiPrima. His biggest lesson was: “Do something you love, then it will not be a job”. Greg plans to build a loyal and steady clientele. He dreams to become an entrepreneur. He looks forward to renting or purchasing a building and becoming “his own boss”.

on-site barber or even a stylist for those wearing costume wigs. So, I decided as a way of expanding my business, I would go to these events dressed as the fictional character barber, Sweeney Todd. I bring a chair, my equipment and a backdrop for photos. I give razor shaves, put clipper art in hair, and provide other services, including photo ops in a setup mirroring the shop in the movie”.

RWO asked Greg who was the better customer a person or a horse? His answer, “I will admit, people tend to hold still longer than a thoroughbred”. If you need a cut, check out Greg the Barber at Rooster’s: Men’s Grooming in Victor, NY. Call for an appointment or just walk in. You can look Greg up online @gregthebarber9 on Instagram and Greg the Barber on Facebook. He will also be at Author Con; Scream Fest.



Have you ever wanted to reach a goal but thought it was impossible to achieve? Here is my story that has led me to a career in the fitness industry as an elite personal trainer in the Rochester, New York area. My journey with fitness began at Wilson Magnet High School, where I was multisport athlete in football and track and field. Of all the sports I participated throughout my youth, football was my passion. In my senior year, I earned First Team All-City Honors and our team made it to the Section V Championship game. I was a fierce competitor and wanted to be the best student-athlete I could possibly be. I was, and still am, a very goal-oriented person who was determined to do whatever it took to be successful. My dream was to play at the collegiate level and to one day play in the National Football League. I continued with my education and earned an associate degree from Monroe Community College and attended St. John Fisher College to obtain a bachelor degree in English literature, with the plan of becoming a high school English teacher. To me, this was a solid “Plan B” if my dream of making it to the NFL did not happen. After making the roster on the football team at St. John Fisher and continuing to reach my personal goals, things changed quickly. I had started my own family and realized that my priorities needed to change. I needed to focus on taking care of my family and providing for them 212


the best way I could. This required me to put my own personal goals to the side and to be the best father I could be. After the self-realization that I could no longer play football, I struggled through a period of time where I doubted my self-worth and lacked self-esteem. This led me to engaging in unhealthy eating habits and a lack of fitness, which resulted in me gaining twenty-five pounds. I realized that I needed a change in my lifestyle,

habits, and daily routines. From here, I started to engage in more regular exercise and made changes to my eating habits. These lifestyle changes, in combination with my sincere love to help other people, brought me to the realization that my new passion involved leading a life of personal health and wellness. I proceeded to obtain a personal trainer certification and was hired to work for one of the most reputable fitness companies in the Rochester area. After a year of working long hours, building clientele,

and continuing to expand my professional development skills and abilities, I made the decision to start my own business called Finishing Touches Fitness. Starting my own business was a goal that I never thought was possible to achieve. As a personal trainer and business owner, I have the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of helping to guide my clients to reach their own personal goals and to achieve a healthier lifestyle. My personal experiences, fitness knowledge, and positive mental approach allow me to work with individuals of all ages and ability levels. I am a very motivated trainer who takes pride in making fun, creative functional training sessions for my clients. Currently, I train both men and women of all ages, student-athletes at the high school and collegiate levels, and those who simply need a positive training experience to lead a healthier lifestyle. Please let me help cheer you on your own fitness journey to be a better and stronger you!

Call now for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Darquin Windom Owner/Operator at Finishing Touches Fitness Certified Fitness Trainer, I.S.S.A Specialist in Sports Nutrition, I.S.S.A 1783 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14622 (585) 576-2074



PROSECCO ITALIAN RESTURANT & WINE BAR 1550 State Route 332 I Farmington, New York 14425 I (585) 924-8000



Jermaine Smith, is a jack of all trades. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Rosalyn and Walter Smith Foundation, a manager, producer and songwriter at Laysin Beatz and the founder and CEO of Laysin Management/Laysin Dolls and Knights (COO is Marta Montilla (China). Mr. Smith is originally from Brooklyn but was raised in the Boogie D o w n , BRONX. He indicates he is an original “B-Boy”. He developed a love for breakdancing, electric boogie, beatboxing and graffiti. Growing up, he enjoyed music. He recalls hearing Motown Classics, all the while, playing in his childhood home. This is where his love and appreciation for music began. As a young man, he worked as a DJ and rapper. In 2010, he relocated to Albany, NY. This is where he started his management company. In 2013-14, he ventured out of state to Houston but returned to Albany, NY. Laysin Management is currently 216


working with and promoting several up-and-coming music artists. Dae Lah is an R&B artist. Laysin, along with, So Wavy Productions, recently dropped his debut mixtape. Rockstar Evening is a hip-hop artist under the management team and he is in the process of releasing a new mix tape and EP. Laysin Management also dropped a compiled artist mixtape,

1996. He is not someone, we would automatically think would turn their life around and become a successful business man, but he did. He completed a college degree in Accounting and Business Management. Jermaine indicated serving time incarcerated was challenging for him, but his biggest obstacle was losing his parents.

entitled “Late Night Creep”. Jermaine details there are many more projects to come! He hopes within the next five years to add sports management to his agenda.

Jermaine shares, “Waking up every day, I have the same determination, dedication and persistence to keep going. Making music is an investment. There is no return right away. You must keep grinding every day. Use social media. It is an outlet to promote everything. Build your fan base. Keep it up! All will fall into place”.

Mr. Smith, served 6 years in prison during the time frame of 1990-1991; 1992-1994; and then again in 1995-

J e r m a i n e ’s Mom was one of the biggest influences in his life. He recalls she was one of the strongest people he knew. He learned many lessons from her. He indicates the morals and life-lessons she instilled, help keep him grounded and provide a foundation for how he lives his life. He wants to build a legacy. It is hard she is no longer here to see his success.



Laysin “Dolls & Knights” is Jermaine’s modeling management company. Jermaine works along with China to provide opportunities to people in the 518 area. The models do a wide variety of projects. They are featured in videos, magazines and photo shoots. They hope to soon have a clothing line and start promoting the agency to provide people in movies etc. 218


In addition, to providing management to a variety of artists, as stated, Jermaine also created a not-for-profit organization; Rosalyn & Walter Smith Foundation. This organization was founded and dedicated to Smith’s parents. The purpose of the foundation is furthering research for Diabetes and Cancer. The Foundation also provides activities for children providing skills to enhance their lives. This includes mentoring

scholarships and camps. If you would like to learn more information about Jermaine Smith and any of his projects please go to laysinmgmt on You Tube; salazar10453 on IG; or CeoLasinMgmt on Twitter.





To put it simply: keeping your company in shape. Companies that don’t employ rebranding strategies at the right time often find themselves slipping away from the competition. The importance of maintaining a strong brand image means always catering to consumer needs. A successful rebranding effort is built on the concept that a brand has to occupy a place in a consumer’s mind so that when the need arises, a consumer automatically associates a problem with a specific solution, or brand. Without a good branding strategy, a company may not have a uniform message, or story, throughout the company. Without that uniform message, brand strategy marketing becomes powerless and ineffective. Messages that are not in line with a brand hinder marketing from running successful campaigns, which will also affect the amount of time you need to dedicate to successfully compete. Additionally, without a clear understanding of the value of your product or brand, you won’t be able to translate the value to consumers. This is where companies suffer money loss, time loss, and opportunity loss. Rebranding is a good way to kick-start your entire image engine.



“Neighborhoods are no longer geographical areas defined and populated by communities, but brands methodically built by the community and business. As such, names become an important way to define the brand identity. Build it and they will come, but brand it and the right sort of “they” will come.”

What Would a Rebrand Mean for Your Company?

Rebranding can help generate leads and close sales. And when core customers are ready to make referrals, your company’s brand can provide the credibility to back up their enthusiasm. ·Reflect new goals, products, offers, or values. It’s hard to showcase how your company has grown when your brand doesn’t reflect it. If you’ve expanded to offer new products, or grown to include more services, rebranding is great way to show that your business is evolving. · At t r a c t business partners. These can be teaming partners for specific contracts, promotional partners for joint marketing efforts, or even referral sources.

A brand image generates a unique set of ideas, feelings, and attitudes in people about a company. A rebranding campaign can help remove any negative thoughts or perceptions about the company, and begin to build a new, positive image. Rebranding can accomplish: · Attract core and new customers more easily. People take notice of change.

· Command higher fees. A recent study showed that brand leaders in a specific niche could charge a higher fee than competitors. In fact, the average premium is 32%! · Attract top talent. Everyone wants to play on a winning team. An effective brand tells the brand’s story. This story can help better target the right kind of recruits that share the same vision,




value, and culture as your company, and can further help your company flourish.

Does Your Company Need a Logo Refresh? Your company’s brand and identity are crucial to the success of your business. A great logo will represent your company, convey important messages, all the while being up to date with modern design trends. The logo should emphasize your company’s strengths, and reflect your core business values. It must be memorable and create an impact. A good example of this is Nike’s checkmark logo; it abides by the modern design trend of simplifying with nothing but the checkmark.



Your website cannot perform optimally if your logo is underperforming. The logo will appear misplaced, and negatively impact the overall performance of the new website. “But our company has been around for years! We want our clients to still recognize our logo.” Everything evolves over time, especially technology. Your website needs to be updated every now and then to ensure your company is ahead of the curve, and so does your logo. There’s a few reasons why every company needs a logo refresh every now and then; 1) Consumers want to feel like the company they are working with is up to date. Logo refreshes show that you are evolving and changing to keep up

with the modern world. You don’t want to seem like you’re stale and unwilling to change, especially if you’re an older company. 2) The previous effect is multiplied if your competitors are refreshing their logos are you are not. 3) Online usage across many social media outlets changes over time. You need to ensure your logo is adapting to those changes. You need simplified variations of your logo. Here are a few more examples of companies that have refreshed their logos throughout the years: Google * Target * Volkswagon

1 585 204 7974 • 627 MEIGS STREE T ROC NY 1 4620 • WWW.F OLLOWSTRATAGEM.C OM •








Did someone say PUPPIES and YOGA? Yes, that is correct! ROC & Soul Fitness has combined yoga with adorable puppies for a light-hearted, fun spin on traditional yoga. Puppy yoga is the newest and cutest exercise class that you’ll absolutely want to try. In addition, the event helps raise awareness and money for local animal shelters. Imagine seven lovable puppies, ranging from Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and Teddy Bear puppies, roaming up and down the aisle of yoga mats during a yoga class. That is exactly what happed at last month’s Puppies & Yoga event at ROC & Soul Fitness. With a room full of cute puppies, one can imagine the distraction that this could cause during yoga practice. However, the puppies were a much welcome distraction for participants. Some yogi’s held their poses, while others chose to take the opportunity to pet and snuggle with the puppies. “It was a fun distraction, going back and forth between yoga and playing with the puppies, mentioned Laurie Ballone.” A few of the puppies were a bit mischievous, knocking over water bottles, stealing headbands, and wiping out, as they chased their puppy siblings. All of the organized chaos added to the delight of watching the puppies in action. By the end of class, many of 226


the puppies were tuckered out, finding a yoga partner to cuddle up with and take a needed nap. Several puppies nestled right up on the corners of yoga mats and in students’ laps.

loved seeing everyone so happy, said Guadagnino.” Malena contributes the “good vibes” of the class to pet therapy. Yoga has many known benefits, but add puppies to the mix and it offers even more health benefits. Pet therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, lift spirits, reduce blood pressure, and much more. Man’s best friend not only makes this class a delight, but can also leave behind some positive health effects for the mind, body, and soul. Ne w t o y o g a o r a n experienced yogi? Looking to flow with some puppies? The Puppies & Yoga class is an all-level class, welcome to all participants. ROC & Soul Fitness will be offering its next Puppies & Yoga class on Sunday, July 22nd at 1pm and 2pm. The class is $18 for non-members and $9 for members. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Rochester Community Animal Clinic. Look for more upcoming class dates to be announced.

“The energy of the class was something I have never seen before,” says Malena Guadagnino, owner of ROC & Soul Fitness. “People were giggling, laughing, and smiling throughout class. Participants left with big, bright, beaming smiles. I

ROC & Soul Fitness is a new boutique fitness studio located in the Village of Webster. The studio proudly offers barre, yoga, fusion classes, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and more. Their class schedule and class descriptions are posted on their website. Watch for updates on upcoming Puppies & Yoga classes at or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @ rocandsoul_fitness.






Suicide is a serious public health issue. It is one of the leading causes of death for Americans and has been among the top since 1975 in the United States (CDC, Preventing Suicide). In 2015, 44,193 Americans ended their own lives and more than half a million Americans received medical care for self-inflicted injuries (CDC, Preventing Suicide). Almost 1.4 million Americans self-reported a suicide attempt and 9.7 millions Americans self-reported having serious thoughts of suicide (CDC, Preventing Suicide). Suicide has become increasingly all too familiar. Two well known and loved icons took their lives this June; Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. It always comes as a shock when someone famous takes their own life. We look up to these figures and their seemingly amazing lives and wonder how it could not be perfect? Suicide is usually the result of many risk factors, however, just because risk factors are present does not mean that suicide will occur. Some of these risk factors include history of previous suicide attempts, family history of suicide, history of depression or other mental illness, history of alcohol or drug abuse, stressful life event or loss, and easy access to lethal methods (CDC, Preventing Suicide). Generally, there are buffers than can potentially enable an individual to 230


cope with their suicidal thoughts and behaviors. These include, skills in problem solving and conflict resolution, effective clinical care, and family and community support (CDC, Preventing Suicide). We can start with trying to understand some of Anthony Bourdain’s past

experiences and how these made his seemingly perfect life, not so perfect. Anthony Bourdain has a history of lethally destructive behavior. Not too long after Bourdain’s marriage ended in 2005 he released a book called Medium Raw in which he explained to his readers that he

was “aimless and regularly suicidal” during a stretch of time that he was spending in the Caribbean (Kaplan, 2018). Then, he explained that when all hope was seemingly lost he met a woman in London and his “nightly attempts at suicide ended. (Kaplan, 2018)” Bourdain was a selfacknowledge reformed addict of cocaine and heroin. Many knew him at surface level in which he presented himself with swagger and a mischievous grin and was loved by many in the food world and beyond. Anthony Bourdain unfortunately lived a life that met many of the risk factors of suicide. He had a self exclaimed history of previous suicide attempts, history of depression, history of drug and alcohol abuse, and the loss of his marriage. It can be said that being a public figure allows one access to positive and negative resources and those with the coveted celebrity status still struggle with issues that those without that status have. Kate Brosnahan Spade, who created an iconic, accessible handbag line that helped bridge main stream and high end fashion, hanged herself in an apparent suicide Tuesday June 5th at her Manhattan apartment. Spade, 55, started Kate Spade New York in 1993 and then opened her first shop in New York City three years later debuting with six silhouettes (CNN, Kate Spade). These silhouettes combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes in an entirely new way. Kate Spade New York has more than



20 SOMETHING } } { {SHIFT+CONTROL “Talking to a friend or family member about their suicidal thoughts and feelings can be extremely difficult for anyone. But if you are unsure whether someone is suicidal, the best way to find out is to ask.”

has more than one hundred forty retail stores and outlet stores across the United States as well as more than one hundred seventy five stores internationally. Overtime Spade began to distance herself from the company and it was sold to three different name brands. Spade’s husband Andy explained, “Kate suffered from depression and anxiety for many years, she was actively seeking help and working closely with her doctors to treat her disease, one that takes far too many lives. We were in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy. There were personal demons she was battling (People).” Andy also spoke about his and Kate’s marital troubles and about how the two had been living separately for the past ten months (People). Spade was regularly seen happy and seemingly enjoying life but like her husband said she struggled with personal demons.

Talking to a friend or family member about their suicidal thoughts and feelings can be extremely difficult for anyone. But if you are unsure whether someone is suicidal, the best way to find out is to ask. You can’t make a person suicidal by showing that you care. In fact, giving a suicidal person the opportunity to express his or her feelings can provide relief from loneliness and pent up negative feelings, and may prevent a suicide attempt (Prevention). If a friend or family member tells you that he or she is thinking about death or suicide, it’s important to evaluate the immediate danger the person is in (Prevention). If a friend or family member is suicidal, the best way to help is by offering an empathetic, listening ear, let your loved one know that he or she is not alone and that you care (Prevention). Don’t take responsibility,

however, for making your loved one well. It is important to understand that having everything one could imagine materialistically and living a seemingly perfect life that everyone covets does not mean that they are not struggling within them-self. When someone is struggling within themself no amount of money, or material wealth can bring them back from that dark place. The best thing you can offer is support, but he or she has to make a personal commitment to recovery. Please, if you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).



LIZ ANDOLINA; GOURMET CEREAL BABY!! Liz Andolina, by day is an event planner, sales personality and customer service representative for the world’s largest bowling company. By night, she becomes a super hero!! Just kidding, she is one of the newest restaurant/entertainment entrepreneurs in the Rochester area at Pop Roc. Her business partner is her husband and two of their friends. Pop Roc is much more than just a new spot to try out!!! The atmosphere provides a unique, one-ofa-kind experience for the whole family, or the “Twenty Somethings”, or anyone who is into video games, comics and collectibles.


marshmallows, candy, syrups and milk. The restaurant also offers coffees, energy mocktails, comics and collectible toys. Stop in, play some video games, watch TV, eat cereal, have a coffee and hang out with your friends and family. Most of all “Have fun!” RWO asked Liz, “How is it going into business as a partner with your husband? She replied, “The entire experience is amazing. He’s my best friend and favorite person in

The idea originated as “comics, caffeine and culture”. The team branched out to include cereal and collectibles, as the business concept matured. The idea was to create a sober hang-out for people to enjoy in a family-friendly place. The idea represents, a throw back to Saturday mornings, hanging out as a kid with your family, eating cereal and watching cartoons. Everyone has memories doing that. I remember collecting the glasses from Burger King from all of my favorite cartoon characters off TV! Who doesn’t? Oh yeah, probably our “Twenty Somethings!”

the world. The fact that we get to create this together is awesome. We come from totally different career backgrounds, so we have different ideas on what works best so we disagree on things from time- to-time, but all-in-all, we are generally on the same page”.

The business concept at Pop Roc, rings similar to the yogurt bar models, but instead of yogurt, they serve cereal!!! First, you choose up to three kinds of cereal. Then, you add your toppings, items such as fruit,

Liz indicates she was inspired by a lot of different people. She indicates her Dad, Larry taught her many life lessons which have stuck with her throughout her life-time. He showed her the meaning of unconditional


love and support her entire life. She shared, “Even when he had no idea what he was doing, (which she says probably happened more than she was aware of). He always worked hard. He never made excuses. He never felt sorry for himself. He taught me to be an individual and to always be true to myself regardless of what anyone else thinks. I am eternally grateful for everything he has taught me. I continue to this day to try to be like him”. The experience of starting a business was definitely a journey for Liz and her partners. The four partners have diverse backgrounds and Liz presents with the experience in the food industry. The team learned a lot. It was not just come up with an idea and fund it. They learned they needed permits, licenses etc. Liz and her husband both work full-time jobs. Partner number 3, Jason owns his own advisory firm. Colin wrestles out of town on the weekends. They all have primary careers they are still maintaining on top of running their own business together. Liz shares they came together within a short time-frame to make this concept a reality so this was also a challenge. The concept “it takes a village” definitely went into play and Liz indicated they are all lucky they have a great support system. Their family and friends stepped up and were vital in helping them succeed. RWO asked Liz everybody’s dreaded question: “Where will we see you in the next 5 years?”

{ SHIFT+CONTROL } “Being a new business, we are continuing to take things as they come day-by-day. We would love to expand Pop Roc, one day to multiple locations, so everyone can experience the fun and nostalgia we strive for.”



Her response, “Being a new business, we are continuing to take things as they come day-by-day. We would love to expand Pop Roc, one day to multiple locations, so everyone can experience the fun and nostalgia we strive for. We definitely plan on doing more events so keep an eye out for us on social media”. We also asked, “How is it in this field (comic books and video games) as a female entrepreneur? Liz shared, “Comic books and video games are generally thought of as a male-dominated area of interest, so there are definitely times people don’t see me as an owner because I 236


am female, especially since the 3 co-owners are male. I am petite, and I look young (not that I am complaining). The sad part is, I find being a female in a male-dominated area, people don’t take me as seriously or look to one of my male counterparts for confirmation. People stop in and ask to speak to a manager or owner and make the general assumption because I am female I am not the owner. I always like to smile and say “Yes, how can I help you?” Catching people off guard, helps break down the walls to effective communication. Every little bit helps in changing the perception of how women are

viewed in society. We live at such amazing times where societal norms are becoming a thing of the past. People are way more open-minded than they were 20 or 30 years ago. I love being a part of this new generation”. If your looking for something cool to do, grab a bowl and turn back the hands of time. Think Saturday morning! Pop Roc baby!



Monique Chatman-Hardgers started handcrafting items at a young age. She started off in event planning for a few years creating wedding and birthday decor. During her mother’s fight with cancer, she was by her side attempting to comfort her. To ease her mind, Monique would make her mother candles and lotions infused with her mother’s favorite perfume scent because she couldn’t use the spray bottles in the hospital atmosphere per their rules.

tried different recipes. “Love Monkey” was born. The name derives from her mother’s childhood nickname “Monkey”. Monique decided to put the word Love in front of it to represent that it was a gift (idea) directly from her mother. Monique began searching for ideas, ingredients and different consistencies

Un f o r t u n a t e l y, Monique’s mother’s battle was lost and it sent her into a deep depression. During that difficult time, Monique had a dream where her mother came to her and asked “Mi mi (pet name) what’s wrong with you?” She replied, “Mom it’s hard ...the pain is deep and I just don’t know what to do without you.” Her mother replied, “You remember the stuff you use to make for my feet and them candles?” She said, “Yeah ma, what about them?” Her mother replied in the most serious voice.... “Bottle that shit up!” And she walked out of her dream. That weighed heavily on Monique’s mind. She didn’t even wait an hour before she wrote down a plan. Within two days she had a full business plan written with products, names and even label designs. She also studied and 238


of products. She bought signs and made labels and bottles and shortly after signed up to vend at the Rochester Public Market. She met a man who knew she was making her own products. He asked her if she sold anything that could help his beard. He showed her a site he ordered some beard oil from and asked if she could make that for him. From there she went

online and found a few recipes and began to mix some scents that she found to be masculine. Soon as she found the perfect mixture that smelled heavenly and had the extra additives that would promote growth, she bottled them up and gave them to him for review. He was in love! In the matter of weeks he began to see major growth from using Love Monkey Grooming products. He sent his friends with beards who needed help with growth. Monique wanted to know more about the history of skin so she could assist customers even more, so she enrolled in school to become a licensed skin care professional (esthetician). Not only did Monique learn how keep skin healthy, but also left with the skills to create a relaxing experience while treating their beards and skin care needs. Monique has been a featured vendor at some of the largest hair shows in New York and Atlanta. Her products have been endorsed by celebrities and top celebrity barbers. Love Monkey Beard line can be found on the shelves of some of Rochester’s local hair supply chains as well. Located at Ronnie’s Kids Kuts, 2229 Clifford Ave, Rochester, NY 14609, Love Monkey offers male grooming needs such as facials, waxing, MANicures, acne treatments & more.





I wrote a book for home owners that are interested in selling their home. In this book, I describe how important small changes to your home will result is more money for the owner and sell quickly vs stuck on the market for a long time. It’s all on the seller to go the extra mile and make sure their house stands out from the rest. The book is a giant breakdown all the extra steps you need to take to earn that extra money on the sale. These are proven methods to raise the price of your home. Staging and these other strategies, are all backed up by statistics that are going to prove how important these extra steps can be.

and have that “finally, I’ve gotten my dream home” feeling. When listing a house, the photos of the house need to be captivating to the buyers. So much so that they can’t wait to see the house in person. I will ensure all pictures are profession and tells a story. You don’t necessarily need to spend money on new furniture, but you will need to declutter and keep your best pieces out for show.

There are a lot of options on how to get this done. You can choose a professional stager or a staging company. Maybe even something like a property stylist is a great idea, since it will just make your house stand out that much more. Or you can have me as your sales agent and I will help you as part of my package.

The main aim of staging a project is to ensure that prospective buyers see the great possibilities owning the house will bring their way. The prospective buyer can walk into the home

With a few simple and straightforward changes, you can transform your old kitchen into a modern space with all the desired amenities organized neatly and in place. I can certainly help you with all the right effects to make the kitchen shine. Focus your efforts on staging in strategic areas. Your bathroom is on of those areas. Here are a few tips to help you stage your bathrooms properly:  Aim for a spa-like look and feel  Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning  No cleaning products in sight  Hang fresh, luxurious towels and lay down bath mats.  Organize storage spaces  Accessorize for a better look  Add fresh flowers  Upgrade where necessary

These steps are going to improve your home and make it so much more welcoming to your audience during any drive-by or walk through. The improvements will affect the online presence a great deal as well. There are just so many mediums and platforms where houses are advertised that it is even harder to stand out. That just places the importance of its appearance into a higher level.

Experienced home sellers discover that the same principles from modeling a home are also useful in the resale market, thus, they rely on professional home stagers to make sure that they sell at a higher price and get off the market quickly.

Staging the kitchen can have a huge impact on the portfolio of your home before you decide to place it in the real estate market. This is because the kitchen is the first thing home buyers usually see and if they find it attractive and modern, they could be willing to pay a price you set or pay a higher price than they would have.

The following are some basic rules that need to be followed for proper staging of a home:  Your home must be clean  Fixing or replacing things  Get rid of clutter  Use neutral colors  Depersonalize

The master bedroom staging is very important. It should reflect an elegance hat their friends and family would be impressed with. You should consider looking at your master bedroom objectively and replace items that are substandard. Here are a few tips to help you stage your Master Bedroom:  Remove Exercise Machines  Paint it like a spa  New bedding – lots of pillows  Check your drawers  Hang a mirror  Gender-Neutrality  Lighting – bring in lots of light  Give illusion of space  Show that the closet is spacious To get a copy of my book and find out what your home is worth, call me (585) 261-2096.



The purchase of a home could be the largest investment you will ever make. It is very important that you know as much as possible about the home and its systems and components to make an informed and confident decision. The benefit of the sense of security and knowledge gained from having a certified home inspector conduct a thorough inspection of the prospective property is well worth the cost. A home inspection will not only give you an idea of a house’s overall condition, it will identify and report on observed material defects in the home, components not performing correctly, and items that are unsafe to you and your family. A qualified home inspector will be able to suggest actions for remediation in 242


these instances. The systems and components of the property inspected include, but are not limited to structural, mechanical heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, roof, insulation and ventilation, interior and exterior, or other essential systems or portions of the home and property. It is recommended that you accompany the inspector throughout the process, or at least be available so that any issues can be identified and described to you. You are encouraged to ask questions about the house or property, how it’s systems operate and function, and anything that will give you peace of mind. Once the inspection is complete, a home inspector will provide you with a written, comprehensive report that details all

observations made with the home and property at the time of the inspection, implications of conditions, recommended actions and component life expectancies. The report should also include information about how severe each identified condition is, along with estimates for how much cost each repair would be. The report should also provide you with specific tips on how to maintain the home, to extend the life of components and save you money. The home inspection gives you advanced notice of any present issues that need to be addressed while the home purchase is still pending. These are issues you may want to ask the seller to correct before you agree to purchase the home. The inspection and report

A home inspection will not only give you an idea of a house’s overall condition, it will identify and report on observed material defects in the home, components not performing correctly, and items that are unsafe to you and your family.



also provide you with a potential bargaining

tool to cover the cost of needed repairs when n by us? negotiating the price of the home. If you are

uld be the largest with the findings from the not comfortable make. It is very process, it typically provides home inspection much as youpossible with an opportunity to withdraw from offer toan buy the home. tems tothemake ecision. A home A home inspection or you the need for will also inform you about future issues as well so you know what you and any need for

may need to take care of 5-10 years down the road. As the future home owner, you will obviously want to know if you will have ur house, a home to replace a costly system such as a roof or oncernswater andheater givein a few years. Awareness of epairs before theyissues can help you start to these future

house in a better

save the money and prepare for the repair, replacement or upgrade of specific elements. A home inspection will identify any older, but unacceptable conditions with current standards that may be present. This type of condition is quite common in older homes which were “grandfathered” in prior to changes in local building codes. It is important for you to be aware of these deficiencies and possible hazards. A thorough home inspection is a valuable educational resource to understand as many details as you can about the home and property… your investment. For more

tips and information on this, or to please don’t hesitate to contact Werts Consulting, LLC anytime. Larry D. Werts, PE Werts Consulting, LLC NYS License #16000065660


Why a home inspection by us? The purchase of a home could be the largest HOW W ERTS ONSULTING investment you will C ever make. It ,isLLC very important that you know as much CAN HELP YOU as possible about the home and its systems to make an Why aand home inspection by us? informed confident decision. A home inspection by us will yoube thethe need for The purchase of identify a home for could largest investment you will ever and make. is very major repairs, safety hazards anyItneed for important that you know as much as possible maintenance.

of security and ome inspection by our expertise and

about the home and its systems to make an informed and confident decision. A home


If you are planning to sell your home inspection by us will identify forhouse, you the aneed for major repairs, safety any hazards and anyand need for inspection can identify concerns give you maintenance. an opportunity to make repairs before they delay a sale, and will put the house in a better If you are planning to sell your house, a home selling condition. inspection can identify any concerns and give

e strive to provide ed service that can a certified Home essional Engineer. tandards required those of widely anizations.

you an opportunity to make repairs before they

a sale, put theofhouse in a better sense security and The delay benefit of and the will selling condition. knowledge gained from a home inspection by us is well worth the cost. Use our expertise and The benefit of the sense of security and experience as a guide. knowledge gained from a home inspection by

us is well worth the cost. Use our expertise and

experience as a guide. Why Werts Consulting, LLC?


At Werts LLC we strive to provide Why Consulting, Werts Consulting, LLC? you with a level of personalized service that can At Werts Consulting, LLC we strive to provide only you be with provided bypersonalized both a certified Home a level of service that can Inspector andprovided a licensed Engineer. only be by Professional both a certified Home andexceed a licensed Our Inspector inspections theProfessional standards Engineer. required Our inspections exceed the those standards by New York State and of required widely by New York State and those of widely accepted home inspection organizations.

and knowledge of ough continuing ning. We also use pection equipment ervice to you.



All inspections are performed by a Licensed Professional Engineer

accepted home inspection organizations.

We maintain ourour proficiency and We maintain proficiency andknowledge knowledge of of industry developments through through continuing continuing industry developments education and extensive training. We also use education and extensive training. We also use the latest technology and inspection equipment the latest technology and inspection equipment to provide the best possible service to you. to provide the best possible service to you.

All inspect Licensed

“We would be honored to be

(585) 694-0837

“We be part honored to be anwould essential of your an successful essential part ofbuying your home Proudly servin experience.” successful home buying -Larry D. Werts, PE and experience.” NYS #16000065660 -Larry D. Werts, PE NYS #16000065660

B 244




They say no two people are exactly alike. While my daughter Lauren and her “bestie” may disagree with me, I’ve found through my decades of experience in mortgage lending that, in fact, no two homebuyers are quite the same! From the first time homebuyers just starting out, to experienced homeowners refinancing or upsizing, each individual’s circumstances are unique and require special attention to meet their needs. There are a multitude of options available for homebuyers in today’s market. From large banks to small mortgage brokers, borrowers can sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused by the wide variety of lenders out there. But there are some important differences between the many types of lenders in the market, some with very real advantages over the others. At Premium Mortgage, we want you to have the best information so you can make an informed decision about one of the most significant financial transaction of your life. Generally speaking, you have three types of professionals to choose from when seeking mortgage financing: A traditional bank, a mortgage broker, and a mortgage banker.

What’s the Difference Between a Banker & Broker?


Some people choose to secure financing through the same institution where they have a checking or savings account. While this is certainly a viable option, one of the drawbacks is that the client may be limited to the dozen or so products the bank offers. And oftentimes their customer service, loan processing and underwriting is sourced to a business from out of state or even outside of the country! If the client would be best served by local processing, a quick close, a 203k rehab loan, or a Rural Housing mortgage and their bank does not offer the program, the client could potentially be losing out. Although a traditional bank has a large variety of financial services they are involved in, they are not dedicated home finance professionals, and lack the incentive to offer the complete variety of mortgage programs that are available today.


A Mortgage Broker has established relationships with a variety of different banks, but is NOT empowered to make, grant, or approve mortgage loans. All loans are provided by third party lenders. The disadvantage of working with a broker is that the available pool of banks willing to establish relationships with these brokers is getting smaller, as their lenders are scrutinizing the credit quality and appraisals of their submissions since the 2008 financial crisis. Brokers do not have overall control despite the larger variety of programs they may have access to, compared to a traditional bank. And more often than not, a broker is not authorized to guarantee the estimates that they provide. If you prefer to shop locally, I commend you! Keeping money inside your own community is becoming more and more important to many consumers. But the only funds likely to stay in the community from a broker-provided loan are the commissions that the broker makes. But there is an even better mortgage option for those who prefer to keep their money local…


As a Mortgage Banker, Premium Mortgage provides the very best that is available in the mortgage market today: authorized, educated, and experienced Loan Officers, and the ability to control the process from start to finish. Our loan processors, underwriters, and customer service staff are all located right here in the local area! Our Rochester office is staffed by over 70 employees, with additional offices in Buffalo, Geneseo and Syracuse, keeping your money close to home! Premium Mortgage also offers the full array of home financing programs. From Conventional fixed-rate mortgages, to federally insured VA and FHA loans, 0% down Rural Housing mortgages, all the way to jumbo financing and adjustable rate mortgages, Premium Mortgage has options for all types of borrowers. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, you need to up-size (or downsize) your home, or refinance your mortgage, Premium Mortgage has a great selection of programs for you!



! From the first time homebuyers just starting out, to experienced homeowners refinancing or upsizing, each individual’s circumstances are unique and require special attention to meet their needs.

We have a three prong approach to securing financing: 1. We have access to the same programs that a mortgage broker does

the performance of our loans are rated by the investors who buy them, our excellent track record is reflected in the rate that we can offer our clients.

2. We lend in our own name from a warehouse line of credit and

Phyllis Haberer, senior loan officer at Premium Mortgage, grew up in Fairport and is a graduate of Fairport High School. She attended the College of Saint Elizabeth in Convent Station, New Jersey. She became the very first Premium Mortgage Loan Officer in March of 2000, and brought with her over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Her background includes extensive “hands on” experience in all aspects of home finance. Having worked as a Mortgage Loan Analyst, Mortgage Loan Underwriter and Manager of Operations, her in-depth knowledge of the mortgage process offers true advantages for you, the homebuyer.

3. We establish lending relationships with national banks that will extend their programs to mortgage bankers but not mortgage Brokers. The chart below outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each type of mortgage lender.


Premium Mortgage provides the very best that is available in the mortgage market today: authorized, educated, and experienced Loan Officers, and an operations team that is committed to providing the best possible service in each market we serve. Since we are financially responsible, and

Phyllis (@MTGAGEGIRL on Twitter), has the know-how to quickly summarize your

needs and find you the mortgage program that best suits your situation and she will guide you through the loan application process and be with you to answer your questions every step of the way. Phyllis Haberer Senior Loan Officer | NMLS# 58078 (585) 241-0000 x104 Premium Mortgage Corporation 2541 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Equal Housing Lender | NMLS# 3254 | Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS



Neighbor? The Local Expert in Home Financing Get a FREE Pre-Approval on Your Next Mortgage

Phyllis Haberer Senior Loan Officer | NMLS#58078

C: 585.314.8511 D: 585.363.7087 O: 585.241.0000 x104

Many Financing Programs Available!






2541 Monroe Ave. Rochester NY 14618 | Equal Housing Lender | Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS | NMLS#3254 Premium Mortgage Corporation does not intend to solicit business away from other mortgage banking professionals. If you are currently working with another mortgage banking professional, this communication is not intended for you. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: MEN’S EDITION 2018




How is it that we can look at the same face in the mirror for years, and some days think we’re so beautiful and other days so ugly? We’re looking at essentially the same face, however what we think and how we feel about our face can be vastly differently from day to day. We also often make a connection consciously or not between our worthiness and how we feel about our face. (As I wrote that last sentence, I thought to myself, that’s so ridiculous, tying our worth to how we think we look. Nevertheless, I know I’m not alone in that connection.)

is at play. When we’re in a good mood, it doesn’t matter what we physically look like, when we see our reflection, we feel good about it. Conversely, when we’re having a bad day, we see ourselves through that negative veil and our perception veers towards ugly, not good enough or

If our face is presumably pretty much the same, then wouldn’t it hold true that our opinion of our face should also be pretty much the same? This goes so much deeper than feeling extra beautiful because we’re glowing post yoga or run, or we’ve had our makeup professionally done or we’re in front of exceptionally good lighting. More than anything else, it’s our frame of mind that directly impacts what we see. From my own personal journey and my work as a health and mindset coach, I’m confident how we feel about our face has almost nothing to do with what it actually looks like. For our opinion of ourselves to change so drastically, something much more profound 248


that’s your real, true self. Allow your focus to be so strong that you crowd out the parts of you who don’t believe it. So strong that you confidently move forward into the best version of you. So strong that you replace fear with excitement for the real you. And so strong that you release any excuses that are holding you back from your best possible self. Continue to imagine that best version and when you look at your reflection give yourself permission to see that positive version. If you’re struggling with this, imagine how the people who love you the most see you. Borrow their lens and see yourself through their eyes, they see you as your best and true self regardless of how you look on the outside.

even flawed.

That common phrase, I’ll believe it when I see it, is actually incorrect. We see what we believe to be true and we can’t see it until we believe it. As our mindsets become more positive, our view of ourselves also becomes more positive and we’re more able to see our beauty. There’s an element of self-sabotage for those of us who choose to see ugly when we look at our faces. That belief, whether unconscious or not, keeps us stuck and playing small. It may be safe because it’s what we know, however it robs us of our best life and robs the world of all the goodness we have to offer.

Try this with me, take a deep breath and close your eyes, I invite you to picture the best version of you possible. Really focus on that version of yourself inside and out,

I invite you to empower yourself and experiment with these new actions to cultivate a positive mindset and healthy mind. Join me and start to feel confident



t (and beautiful) in your own skin today! 1. Refocus Your Eyes. See kind eyes gazing back at you when you look in the mirror. Instead of mentally tearing your face apart, practice focusing on your eyes. Look deeply into them and find the warmth and humanity in yourself. Use that focused gaze as a catalyst to treat yourself gently and cultivate feelings of love and acceptance. Experiment with sticky notes on your mirrors reminding you to look into your eyes and use a selfie of just your eyes as the background on your phone, then notice if with practice you’re able to crowd out the judgments and embrace the loving acceptance. 2. Refuel Your Mind. Eat more healthy fats in order to support your brain health and mindset. Here are some of my favorite healthy fats: avocados; fatty fish like salmon;

nuts, especially almonds, walnuts and macadamias; chia seeds; coconuts and coconut oil; and extra virgin olive oil. Test incorporating healthy fats into all of your meals and notice how you feel. With every glance and gaze at your reflection work on supporting your authentic self and make the conscious choice to see the goodness and beauty that make the true you. Let’s support both our internal and external selves and create balance between the two by choosing to refocus our eyes on the best version of ourselves, while also refueling our mind with healthy fats. We are each worthy of seeing beauty when we look in the mirror and that beauty starts within. -Meg Burton Tudman helps successful

women who feel stressed and exhausted (yet still striving for more!) master their mindset for a complete inner and outer transformation, that empowers them to live authentically and actually enjoy the life they’ve created for themselves. Click here for your free Reset Your Mindset Toolkit with 7 quick reset strategies, plus a weekly checklist. https://www. Website: Facebook: MegBurtonTudmanCoach/ Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook. com/groups/confidentinyourownskin/ YouTube: UC0eUJrlMNXy4FQEOXkeVWUw Instagram: coachingbymeg/

It’s thyme for your dream kitchen AWARD WINNING

“ D E S I G N S PA C E , T H AT R E F L E C T S Y O U R S T Y L E ”


Call for your appointment today! 585-385-9149











Congrats to the dads-to-be! This is of course a very exciting time where you and your partner have created a little one and are now preparing for its arrival over a 9-month period. This is definitely one of the biggest changes of your adult life and nothing will be the same after this child is brought into this world. Typically I write for RWM and it’s mostly driven towards women of course so we are not usually communicating with the male population. This issue is dedicated to the guys, so we would like to incorporate articles that the men can read and relate to of course! A couple months a g o ( M a r c h’s edition), I actually wrote an article to future dads. So, I was stumbling on what I would write about this month for you dudes. The March article (which I recommend all you “dads to be” to check out as well), was explaining the crazy things that women are going through during pregnancy and how it is hard for dads to know what to do, when to do it or how to make things better for the future mother of your child. So again, I recommend you check it out. It’s a nice article and has a different feel then this one will! To give you a quick rundown- I am 8 months pregnant with my husband and I’s first child and this has been quite an experience for both of us. Normally before I was pregnant, I contributed to this magazine by writing about health and fitness and clean eating etc. So, 254


when I found out I was expecting; I thought it would be good to explain things I was going through hopefully having others read and maybe relate and help women through this time as well. Ultimately, I wanted these articles to connect with anyone (pregnant or not) who may be struggling with getting control of their life and health and hopefully give them some tips and tricks. To get back to the subject of this piece- I

wanted to take a different approach than March’s article. This won’t be full of hugs and kisses for the dad’s but a reality check. Over the last 8 months I have read some horror stories by women and how they had been treated by their partners (baby daddies.). From being hurtful about their change in appearance to going out and partying with friends and the list goes on. I am thankful to say I have no horror stories of my own with my husband but that is not going to stop me from bringing a lot of you guys back down to earth and to really adjust your way of thinking. I probably can’t change your minds or your non-existent manners if you don’t have any to begin with, but I

will try to enlighten you. When my husband and I found out we were having a child; it was a mind-blowing feeling. We were excited, shocked and scared all at the same time. For me I realized that my body would be changing so much, and it frightened me. I work really hard on my shape and we eat very well at home. I cook clean meals for my husband and I and a healthy lifestyle is important to us. When I told my husband, we were expecting he told me he would not be drinking throughout my pregnancy. He said if I could not drink, he didn’t feel the right to drink either. To him he thought it was something he could sacrifice. He said he enjoyed the challenge and even though we weren’t heavy drinkers anymore, we still had our occasional nights out where we definitely stumbled home-let’s say. He didn’t buy a “drinking for three” t-shirt and thought how exciting it would be to have me as a designated driver for the next 9 months. My husband considered this journey something we would do together as a team. He thought of this as a great way to show he is part of this pregnancy even though he wasn’t the one making the baby. Obviously, I am the woman and I have a very strong opinion about this. The women are donating, actually sacrificing their bodies so that you two can have this family. She has to give up so many things from alcohol, certain hair dyes, pain medications, sushi, any raw meat and pretty much any typical thing she does on a regular basis because of this baby. Her whole normal life is put on hold for the making of this little being

{{ PARTNERS CRAZY, FITIN PREGNANCY A JOURNEY }} My husband doesn’t act like a child and he is preparing to be a dad. He is not out all night leaving me home or getting shit faced at his dad shower, he is acting like a man, not a little boy.



I feel in society we have taught men that just impregnating their wife was “doing their part” when the women are stuck the whole 9 months going through every possible feeling, emotion and of course discomfort and pain.

has to give up so many things from alcohol, certain hair dyes, pain medications, sushi, any raw meat and pretty much any typical thing she does on a regular basis because of this baby. Her whole normal life is put on hold for the making of this little being and then of course the future when the child arrives. Some men on the other hand take this as a joke. Not thinking they have to sacrifice anything because ultimately, they really don’t until the baby comes and that’s when they are raising the child with the mom. When I hear about these “man showers” where dudes literally get wasted and screw off because they think they deserve a party; this to Me is point blank-a slap in the face to your partner. You think that since she has a get together (baby shower) to ultimately get gifts so you two spend less on the baby, you think we should celebrate you with alcohol and who else knows what. And by celebrating means beer drinking contests or getaways with your friends that are similar to a bachelor party. And this is supposed to correlate with being a dad? Just for shits and giggles put yourself in your lady’s shoes. What if you were pregnant and she was off drinking with her friends and then calls you to pick her up drunk or her going on some drunk getaway to “celebrate” being a new parent. How would you feel being left at home alone pregnant or better yet going out with your partner and them drinking in front of you not having one thought about your feelings or what you’re going through? Just think about it. Again, I don’t have to go through this. My husband doesn’t act like a child and he is preparing to be a dad. He is not out all night leaving me home or getting shit faced at his dad shower, he is acting like a man, not a little boy. Also, some people don’t have this issue because drinking is not part of their lives, but I must say this has to be a huge topic for most and women just deal with it and feel more than likely hurt by it and just accept that type of

behavior. A majority of women assume the guy wouldn’t give up eating or drinking things because he doesn’t physically have to and why would he-right? Most people would not believe my husband chose not to drink. People would assume I forced him, but it isn’t the case. I know I wouldn’t have liked him drinking but we never had that conversation. I told him I have never ever heard of a man giving up something when his wife is pregnant. Ever. So yes, I feel I’m pretty lucky and have a special person I can call my husband and my partner. Not to mention I clearly remember having a conversation with

some old boyfriend years ago about not drinking during pregnancy. He said he would never give up alcohol because I couldn’t drink and that wasn’t going to happen. These types of comments or mind sets are really disheartening, and it shows that these types of people do not seem to think they should have to change their life in any way, but the women do. I hate to be a Debbie Downer or coming off as a man-hater because I definitely do not despise the male species. But being as pregnant and uncomfortable as I am, I cannot imagine dealing with a selfish partner who really doesn’t care about my feelings. I can’t envision my husband

leaving for a weekend to get drunk and party with friends because he thinks he deserves it, as I am sacrificing every inch of myself to start a family. Especially at this fragile physical and mental state that I am in, I could see myself just going bonkers on my husband. I feel in society we have taught men that just impregnating their wife was “doing their part” when the women are stuck the whole 9 months going through every possible feeling, emotion and of course discomfort and pain. I do not want to point fingers and say every man who still drank through their partners pregnancies are bad people or horrible dads-to be, but I can’t imagine the women enjoying it or not feeling slightly spiteful and angry. How about you ask them? I just want you to think about how it made them feel and maybe it will make you think differently about it. We all have to sacrifice things and ultimately with nature-women are the ones that have to do a lot of the work, and there is no getting around it. It is just the facts right? If it makes you feel any better, I believe my husband didn’t give up sushi which we both love but he won’t order it in front of me or when we go out to eat. I guess we can hate on him for that.  LOL. But just him being conscious of it when we are together-knowing I would really enjoy eating that-he chooses not to eat that around me. I would call this respect and a reflection of love. Again, I did not want to sound like a nasty pregnant woman in this article, but it is hard not to when I see or hear how some men act with or how some men treat their wives or girlfriends. These women are making you a child, the most self-sacrificing gift anyone could give you. You should adore her and if you don’t think you owe her that treatment-you don’t deserve her or the gift she is creating for you. Keep it real & Good Luck! Tracy~

“Training for you... Training for your dog”

Training Services Offered: • Private In Home Lessons • Puppy Socialization • Basic Obedience • Intermediate Obedience • Canine Good Citizen • Therapy Pets Unlimited and more...

Tuxedo’s: The boarding, day care and training facility where your dog is never left alone! Attendants on site 24/7.

The boarding, day care and training facility where your dog is never left alone! Attendants on site 24/7.



Do you get caught up in work and goals? I know I do. I love goals! I create vision boards to help me visualize and energize goals, dreams, and things I want in the future. This month reminds me that I need to create a visual reminder to stay present in the current moment. June is also the Men’s Issue for Rochester Woman Online. This jam-packed June is about time with my husband and being present in the moment. After all, why are we working, planning, dreaming and goal setting if it isn’t for payoffs that matter? Sometimes I forget what matters. I get caught up in the details of daily life and lists of plans and goals. That’s easy to do in this busy world. I think women, in particular, hold massive numbers of tasks in our heads. Every female friend I have can multitask all these various “things” that keep everything running. I know I do that so well I end up thinking, oh I can do this one more thing. Eventually, that one more small thing puts me on overload. I don’t have kids, but we have cats. I have full-time work, volunteer work, work that will lead to future career opportunities but doesn’t pay the immediate bills, household management and more. You have your list. We have this in common: the to-do list is always longer than the time to do it. Yesterday my husband asked me, 258


{ SHIFT+CONTROL } “Will there ever be a time when you don’t feel frantic about work?”

“Will there ever be a time when you don’t feel frantic about work?” I’ll admit it; I can get grumpy when I feel stressed or overwhelmed. Trying to get everything done makes me frantic. He asked a legitimate question, and I had to think about it. At the moment, I told him, “No, probably not. At least not until we are totally debt free. I’ll be various levels of frantic, but I promise to try not to let that spill over onto you as much.” That brief conversation is why I have a new goal. That makes me laugh just writing that because goals are what got me into this situation. I think this particular goal will make a difference in a good way. I know the value of creating vision boards. I’m going to create two new vision boards. One board will serve as a visual reminder to stay in the present moment. I’m not exactly sure what to put on that board but that’s why the creative process is essential, it helps to clarify what I want. The other vision board needs visual reminders of WHY I set goals and make plans. The why is family (including the cats), friends, music, health, and, most of all, JOY in each moment. I hope all of you take a moment away from your multitasking to find your “why.”



He found himself backstage drinking Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill Wine with singer/songwriter, Patti Smith. But he never thought to ask for her autograph. That quickly changed. Today Scott owns over 1,000 signed memorabilia, from albums, 8 x 10s, posters and post-it notes, by some of the greatest musicians of our time: Lindsey Buckingham, Harry Connick Jr, Miles Davis, Pavarotti … just to name a few. Scott Gudell is a great guy. He’s my friend, my neighbor, and holds a mutual respect for music, and serves as a Board Member of the Rochester Music Hall of Fame.

• • • • •

Fleetwood Mac Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones Muddy Waters Howling Wolf

In regards to his musical influences, Scott laughs recalling an early memory. “My buddy and I were hitchhiking across Europe as teens and were introduced to

“There are always surprise guests popping in for a spontaneous performance. Recently Paul Simon arrived on the scene and played a few songs for an enthusiastic audience. He came to support his colleague, Steve Gadd along with Tony Levin. There were rumors that he might appear, but no one knew for certain.”

For Scott, the autograph is an artistic souvenir. “The signature is another form of art. Sometimes they add a message or a musical note. It offers an opportunity to engage the artist with conversation.” After seeing over 1,500 concerts whose venues range from large arenas to intimate settings, he’s still not satisfied. He will continue to get autographs.

both Classical and Jimi Hendrix in the same setting.”

“Its a way to archive and preserve the rich history of music.”

I didn’t ask any more questions. That being said, there’s one band that stands out.

Scott’s Favorite Musicians • Beatles

“Fleetwood Mac has always been sacred territory. You may not know this but it


In fact, Gudell started writing a historical book on the band a few years ago to commemorate their 50th anniversary. Yes! It includes their autograph. Lindsey Buckingham’s anyway, whom he says is a “superb guy”. You can follow his updates at Scott’s blog at It’s no surprise then that Gudell is involved in The Rochester Music Hall of Fame (RMHF). Since 2012 the annual event has honored musicians with local ties who have “contributed to the creation of musical excellence”. Renee Fleming, Don Potter, Chuck Mangione are a few of the inductees. If those names aren’t enough of a draw for you, how about Paul Simon?

He started writing music reviews in college, and with a natural flair for business, reached out to every recording label that would talk to him. It turned out, they all wanted to talk to him! Sometimes he received up to 20 albums per week. The majority of these likely fall under his “unsigned” collection.


began as a rough and tumble blues band playing the British invasion, and led by Peter Green. I saw one of the very first concerts premiering Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. That was back in 1975.”

It’s said to be a local version of the Grammies and is held in April at the George Eastman Theatre. I haven’t been to the annual event yet, but am ready to reserve my space for next year’s show. And I hear it sells out! Andy Calabrese is the pianist for the RMHF House Band, Prime Time Funk. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, make a point to do so. Definitely one of my favorite local bands.


{ {MIND, SHIFT+CONTROL BODY & SPIRIT } } “When Paul Shaffer came on stage, he greeted each of us by our name. He knew all the members of the house band. That’s 10 musicians. He’s great!”

Andy and I met years ago in a church where I was singing for a cousin’s wedding. I was living in NYC at the time and flew in for the occasion. He was my accompanist. I was told he was the best. True, he played Ave Maria very well. It wasn’t until 2012, however, when Andy helped me produce my CD of originals, Don’t Look Back that I discovered he was as talented as any cat in Manhattan. The CD drew international airplay. We got a sweet gig playing Saturday nights at Strathallan. It was a great time. People still ask when we’re going to play out again. I still don’t have the answer! He’s played with jazz greats like Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Randy Brecker, and Joe Romano. He’s a regular with Chet Catallo & the Cats and Prime Time Funk. Andy’s Favorite Musicians • The Rascals • Blood Sweat & Tears 262


• Miles Davis • Chick Corea • Beatles • Debussy His childhood heroes were Gene Cornish and Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals. During one of the shows at RMHF, he found himself performing on stage with both. In 2017, Andy got to share the stage with David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat & Tears. Word has it Thomas was floored by the musicianship of Prime Time Funk. At the same ceremony, Paul Shaffer, band leader of the David Letterman Band made an appearance. “When Paul Shaffer came on stage, he greeted each of us by our name. He knew all the members of the house band. That’s 10 musicians. He’s great!” Andy has a studio where he teaches piano, and composes and produces jingles and

film soundtracks. Check him out at Mark your calendars for next April and head downtown for a dose of community music flair at the next Rochester Music Hall of Fame inductee ceremony! What started as an annual event honoring local musicians is about to evolve into a brick and mortar showcase of memorabilia with an anticipated opening this summer. I wonder if Scott will have any of his collection there. Alana Cahoon is a Creative Coach with a Holistic Approach, guiding professionals in transition, leadership & entrepreneurship. Her signature program, ‘Mindfulness for Professionals’ trains the mind to achieve calm, clarity and balance. Her group program, ‘Body Mind Connection’ provides a holistic approach to weight loss and body image. She teaches meditation, reiki and yoga. Alana can be reached at (585) 953-0503 - alana@ -

5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk

Great Race ~ Great Cause!

Help STOP Human Trafficking!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Meridian Centre Park, 2025 S. Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14618

A scenic 5k Run, 1-Mile Walk, for individual and families…encompassed by the natural beauty of Meridian Centre Park and the Historic Erie Canal. Proceeds from this event will allow Angels of Mercy to expand their services and help STOP Human Trafficking and support women that have been victims of abuse and trafficking. Entry fees: Tech shirts if registered by August 1, Cotton shirts August 2 – Race Day!  Pre-registration: Through August 1st. $20 Registration: August 2 nd – August 25th: $25 Day of Race registration available  Packet Pickup Friday August 24th from 11:00am-7:00pm at Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory. Sponsorships/Donations to Angels of Mercy of $100 or more will receive FREE event registration. Event details: Saturday, August 25, 2016  8:00am - 8:45am: Packet Pick Up & Registration  9:00 am: 5k Run  9:10 am: 1-Mile Walk  10:00 am: Awards Ceremony for 5k Run Post-race food and beverages will be provided, along with free chair massages and sponsor informational booths set-up. REGISTER ONLINE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For additional information call 585-730-4556, or email or Mail completed registration to: Angels of Mercy, Inc 692 Winton Road North, Rochester, NY 14609

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