CNY Woman Online Feb/March 2020

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I was born in 1966 in Indiana. I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock movies and a classic soap opera called Dark Shadows. In High School, I loved Mary Shelley, Stephen King and V. C. Andrews. I then advanced to Clyde Barker. I was fascinated with horror, reading horror gave me a chance to escape. I always felt that no matter how bad I thought I may have it, the poor people I read in those horror novels always had it so much worse! Which in turn, made me realize my life wasn’t that bad.

in full costume, with my fairy helpers and props. Children love it! And honestly, being able to connect with the children, has been such a rewarding experience for myself! My Unseen Beauty series became a symbol to me, due to my past. Unfortunately, in my past, I was not given encouragement or even acknowledgement of my own unseen beauty. I had always seen it in others and once I traveled outside my environment, saw it throughout the world. And yet, my past, kept blocking what was within myself.

In 1985, I married and we moved to Chicago. We lived there for five years, then back to Indiana for five years and then finally to where I am now, New Jersey. Moving to Chicago and New Jersey was a real eye opener for a small town girl like me. But one, I am so happy I was able to experience! Chicago introduced me to a whole new world and New Jersey simply added to my growth as a person. Unlike a small town, I was exposed to a melting pot of different religions, races and politics. Settling in New Jersey when both my boys were just starting school, also gave them the chance to get the same exposure. Which in turn, gave them the flexibility of acceptance that I did not have growing up.


Only through encouragement from the people in my present, did I begin to chip away at my insecurities. To realize, the past could no longer have control over me. I had finally broken free of its ugly grasp!

I started writing horror stories 16 years ago. This last year, due to a charity event, I tried my hand at writing a children’s book. Something, I had never planned on doing but have thoroughly enjoyed!

With my Unseen Beauty series, my goal is to reach as many boys and girls as I can, to make them realize no one should have the power to keep their own unseen beauty hidden. Even if it seems that all the people surrounding them are trying to suffocate it, abuse it, destroy it, it WILL prevail!

So much so, I do readings for the children

It will burst out and it will blind all those


who doubted them, controlled them. It will make the ones doing the emotional abuse to try and reach out and bask in it, take credit for it but it will always be just a ray of sunshine away. For no matter what, once you own your unseen beauty within, you will become untouchable! I had tried writing in the past but when I finally got the nerve to show it to the people in my life at that time, they laughed at me, belittled me and that was the end of it. When I met my current husband, Paul, I came across my story while moving in with him. Taking a big leap of faith, I read him the story. He loved it! Was curious how I was going to end it. Encouraged me to end it! For the first time in my life, I had someone who believed in me. Which in turn, allowed me to believe in myself. Paul and I have been married 15 years. A year and a half ago, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He was given 2 years to live. I was devastated, he is literally my heart and soul. It was and is a dark time we have dealt with and are winning. He is clear! They call him their miracle. Although, it could come back at any time it all looks clear and very promising, so we are only thinking positively! I have to admit, it was an eye opener. Paul and I have always deeply loved one another, two halves making a whole, but since we have had to face this we appreciate life even more. We live, love and laugh as much as we can. Making as many memories, as we can. Because the community, friends and his family were so supportive during that dark time, I have been trying to give back as much as I can. The children’s book has helped me accomplish what I want to contribute.

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