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From the Publisher Ashton Wright


Therapeutic Parenting

Help Your Child Do Well in School Success prescriptions for elementary and beyond.

Parenting Today’s Teens

What to do when your teen is running with the wrong crowd.

Sonia Martin, LMSW


A Page in a Book Gerry Paige Smith


Get This!

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Gerry Paige Smith

20 Parenting, Media & Everything in Between Common Sense Media


Dave Says Dave Ramsey

Advice for Choosing a Private School 5 must haves when making this all-important decision.

Education Resources Wiregrass tutors, private schools, after school lessons and more.


Parenting Today’s Teens Mark Gregston

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Annelise Rudd is a sophomore at Houston Academy. She’s a cheerleader who likes to bake. Her favorite subject is history. Right now she plans to pursue Pediatric Nursing at Auburn University after high school. She’s the daughter of Jason and Amanda Rudd, and has one brother, Harrison.



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Mom to Mom

FromThePublisher The Area’s Go-To Resource for Families

I am not a morning person. For me, there is no worse sound than that of an alarm clock. On the flip side, I’d rather get up and get stuff done than sleep in and lose my afternoon. I know, I’m a walking contradiction. In order for me to get up early I have to set my alarm at least 30-minutes before I have to actually start getting ready. Even then it still takes me a while to fully wake up. It usually happens around the time I take my first swallow of Mountain Dew. Yes, you read that correctly. Some people drink coffee to get themselves going in the morning; I drink a Mountain Dew. I try to limit myself to just one a day, but here lately that number has climbed. So now that the rush of the holiday season is officially behind us, I’ll be making a conscious effort to cut back. That’s just one of my goals for 2019. I don’t like to call them resolutions. By definition a resolution is a solution to a problem, and I don’t like to relegate problem solving to just one time of the year. Instead, I choose three to four long-term personal goals I’d like to focus on for the coming year. In addition to keeping my caffeine intake in check, I’ll be making more of an effort to limit my daily screen time, schedule (and keep) two date nights a month, and attend one kid or family activity each month (like the ones you’ll find in this month’s Family Calendar). It’s always kind of a relief when the holidays end and you can get back to your normal routine. As a working mom of a preschooler, routine is everything. If Alexis’s preschool is closed for more than a day, like at Christmas, our world turns upside down. And is it just me or does it feel like it takes twice as long to get back into a routine as it took to break it? Like every other parent out there, my child’s education is super important. It’s why we sold our house last year and moved into a different school district. There are a lot of educational resources in the Wiregrass, and we’ve rounded them all up in our 2019 Education Guide. You’ll find listings for every private school in our area, as well as homeschool groups, tutoring services, after school help, speech therapy and more. You can also learn the 5 Must Haves When Choosing Private School and ways you can Help Your Children Do Well in School in this month’s feature articles. I graduated from high school nearly 15 years ago. Recently I found my scrapbooks from those years. Many of the pages were filled with photos and clippings from our school newspaper, of which I was an editor during my junior and senior years. I’ve come a long way since then and accomplished many goals along the way. Wiregrass Parents is the biggest to date, and we’re not done yet. After all, 2019 is just getting started!

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Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

Wiregrass Parents Magazine is founded on the principle that parenting is an exciting, diverse, challenging, and significant role in our community. Wiregrass Parents Magazine is a community advocate for families and the parenting process.


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TherapeuticParenting by Sonia Martin, LMSW

Taming the Homework Beast Roll down your window in the carpool line and ask any parent what they dread most about after school life and you will likely here that one word that sends shivers down the spines of parents across the country: HOMEWORK. Webster’s defines homework as the following: 1. schoolwork that a student is required to do at home. 2. work or study done in preparation for a certain event or situation. 3. a largely modern American invention designed to sow seeds of anger, strife, frustration and complete chaos into the happiest of homes.

Okay, I may have added the 3rd definition, but let’s just all agree it is the one that is most accurate. As our kids climb into our minivans or come rambling off the school bus, our afternoon conversations typically sound something like this, “Hey bud! How was your day?” Closely followed by, “Do you have any homework? It is right there in that very moment that we steady our coffee cup, hold our breath and whisper sweet notes of please say no, please say no to ourselves. This is the scene we find ourselves in over the course of 180 school days, 40 weeks out of the year, 5 days of the week as we tackle the bitter beast that is homework. Typically, one of three scenarios will then play out. Option 1: Your child happily sits down at the kitchen table for 1.5 hours and dutifully

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

completes his homework while also darning socks, crocheting scarves for refugees and chopping vegetables as he wants you to take the night off from cooking. If that is your child you can stop reading because the unicorn dust serum that you sprinkled in their cribs when they were newborns clearly worked. Option 2: You ask your child nicely to sit at the table and get started on the homework, but 86 minutes later you find yourself midtackle, screaming at the top of your lungs while simultaneously ripping the Xbox remote out of their hand. You are over an hour in and no homework has even been attempted and everybody’s mad. Option 3: Your child lies. Your question of, “Do you have homework” inevitably provokes a response of, “I did it already.” So what to do? A few thoughts… First, offer food. We all know that food raises blood sugar levels, but did you also know that food works to decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)? This biologically helps put your little one in better balance so that your odds of success increase exponentially. So grab some apples and peanut butter, cut up some cheese and crackers, go nuclear and have a bowl of ice cream at the ready – food is foundational. Secondly, make it fun! Grab a sheet on your way out the door to pick them up and


drape it over your dining room table, throw a couple of couch cushions in there and you suddenly have yourself a magical fort that helps cut down on distractions while providing the child with a fun place to learn. Mix it up a bit and keep finding new spots or ways to make this hard part of the day just a little less hard. Lastly, I will say this. If your child outright refuses, or lies and says they don’t have homework when they do – allow a natural consequence to play out. Do they have to miss the first 20 minutes of art class (and they love art class) because they have to do the homework they didn’t do the night before? Okay! That is a valuable teaching moment! So hang in there, there is hope to be had, and while you are at it, grab yourself another scoop of Rocky Road. Do you have a behavior or parenting question? Shoot me an email at I will answer your question in an upcoming issue! *Therapeutic parenting is parenting in a highly structured, highly nurturing way. This form of intensive parenting is often a key to progress in dealing with children who have trauma and attachment challenges, but has also proven beneficial with any child.

Sonia is a licensed social worker and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. Her clinical focus is on helping parents and professionals understand the role of the brain in behavior, and how to adopt therapeutic parenting techniques to help mitigate negative behaviors. She travels the state speaking at various conferences on behavior and parenting and is a therapist for Kids To Love Foundation. Sonia is a mother to 7 sons, 3 of whom were internationally adopted, and is also a foster parent.



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Art After Hours

Wiregrass Mother Son Dance

Thursday, January 17 * 5:30-8 p.m. Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan Cost: $5 Non-members; Free for members Art After Hours is WMA’s quarterly event to celebrate the opening of new exhibitions. Come wander the galleries, have a drink, and take in the new art on display. You might even have a chance to speak with one of the exhibiting artists or try your hand at an in-gallery activity. Light snacks will be served, and drinks will be available for purchase. January 17th’s event will mark the opening of new winter exhibitions, including Home: Where I Live, featuring photographs of Dothan through the eyes of its homeless and home-insecure residents; Walks in the South, featuring photography by Sydney A. Foster; textile/assemblage/place, featuring work by Sheri Schumacher; and A Salad of Servers: Innovative Flatware from the 20th and 21st Centuries. Art After Hours happens third Thursdays in January, April, July and October. For more info, call (334) 794-3871 or visit www.

Friday, February 8 * 6:30-8:30 p.m. Windmill Station, 1369 Headland Ave., Dothan Cost: $100 mother/son; additional children $30 each Last year’s sold-out event benefiting Children’s of Alabama was an absolute blast but there’s no reason we can’t top it in 2019! The night includes music by DJ Nigel Aman and a kid and mom-friendly meal. A $100 ticket is good for one mother/son duo and includes a complimentary child’s event T-shirt. Each additional child is $30. Ages 3+; dressy casual. Tickets are available online only. Visit for the link. This year, our guest of honor is Thomas Evans, a 10-year-old young man from Dothan who is currently being treated at Children’s in Birmingham. Last June, Thomas was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, which is a cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue. We hope you’ll join us and make the #momprom great!


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Winter Art Camp for Ages 6+

Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan Spend part of your winter break making art in the studio at WMA! The Discovering Art Camp January 2-4 (2-5 p.m.) allows students to learn about the artwork on display in the museum. After talking about the artists and learning how their artwork was created, students will create unique works of their own. Cost: $45 for members; $55 for not-yet members. To register or for more info, visit or call (334) 794-3871.

Applications Due January 7 * Auditions January 12 * Finals February 7 Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. Saint Andrews St., Dothan Get your act together and show us what you’ve got! Are you 5 to 18 years old? Can you sing? Dance? Juggle? Play an instrument? We’re looking for the most talented youth in the Wiregrass, and it could be you! Cash prizes will be awarded to winners in four categories: dancing, singing, instrumental, and other. Applications are available now at the Cultural Arts Center and must be turned in by January 7. Auditions are January 12 at the Cultural Arts Center. Audience space is limited. Tickets to watch the auditions are $5 each. The finals will be held February 7 at 7 p.m. For more info, visit

Charity Mystery Bingo

January 12 @ 2-4 p.m. Perry Recreation Center, 240 James St., Ozark Admission: $10 + prize valued at $10 It’s Bingo with a twist! Join Ozark-Dale County Humane Society for an afternoon of Charity Bingo to benefit the fur babies at the ODCHS shelter. Here’s the twist—admission is a $10 minimum donation and a donated prize valued at $10 (prize will be used for Bingo winners and does not have to be pet-themed.) Please package your prize donation so it cannot be seen (hence the mystery). Tickets available at the ODCHS shelter, the Salvation Army Family Store-Ozark, or on our Facebook page via the blue “donate” bar (PayPal, please note your donation is for the Bingo event). Bring your friends and join us at the Perry Rec Center-Ozark for a post-holiday, relaxing afternoon for a great cause. ODCHS Mystery Bingo sponsored by Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital.

Scale Back Alabama Weigh Ins

Dothan Houston Co. Library Main & Westgate Branches January 22 @ 4-7 p.m. Jan. 24 @ 10 a.m.-2 p.m. & 5-7:30 p.m. Jan. 26 @ 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Scale Back Alabama is a free statewide weight-loss program designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and to have fun while doing it! Participants who lose at least 10 lbs during the program are eligible for cash prizes from the state program! In order to participate, patrons must create teams of two individuals (no more and no less) 18 years old and older only. Participants need to attend one of our weigh-in sessions together in order to get registered and pick up information packets. *Both team members must be present in order to document initial weights. All weights are kept confidential. For more info, visit

Astronomy Night

Friday, February 1 * 6-9 p.m. Landmark Park, Dothan Cost: $5 Members; $6 Scouts/Leaders in Uniform; $8 Non-members; Children 5 & Under Free Astronomy Night gives visitors a view of several stars and planets as well as the Orion nebula through telescopes and binoculars on the gazebo lawn. Staff members will help point out winter constellations and visitors will get the chance to experience a starry hayride and campfire. Nightwalks will take place on the boardwalk. Warm up in the Interpretive Center after stargazing and enjoy snacks, a movie about planets, and a program in the planetarium. For Scouts, this event meets several requirements for the Astronomy merit badge. Reservations and prepayment required. Space is limited. For info, visit or call (334) 794-3452.

Dothan City Schools Education Showcase

Monday, February 4 * 5-7 p.m. Dothan Civic Center, 126 N. Saint Andrews St. The Education Showcase is a FREE annual event held by the Dothan Education Foundation in partnership with Dothan City Schools to showcase different aspects of Dothan City Schools. For the tenth anniversary of this impactful community event, DCS Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards will make her first State of Education address. This event provides the community an opportunity to see the great things that are happening within each school in the Dothan City School System. Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


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Loads of Love Detergent Drive

January 8-31 Tues. & Wed. 1-5 p.m. * Thurs. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Fostering Hope Wiregrass, 1004 Montezuma Ave., Dothan Foster families are often large families and this will be our second year gifting them with Loads of Love (aka detergent)! We will hand these out to families in February with the emphasis of LOVE, as the Wiregrass helps us love on them and share that someone cares about and thanks them for what they’re doing, even the mundane tasks such as doing many children’s laundry! This was a great pick-me-up and encouragement to families last year to receive free detergent (any brand), and we want to do the same again this year. For more info, visit or call (334) 589-0805.

Ensemble Melange

Thursday, January 17 * 7-10 p.m. Enterprise High School Performing Arts Center, 1801 Boll Weevil Circle Cost: Adults $25; Students $20 The audience is invited to select the works to be performed by choosing from a menu of more than 30 works derived from different styles. Genres vary from classical, baroque, romantic, jazz, Latin, Americana and Broadway. The result is a one-of-a-kind, high energy concert that is fun for audience members of every age and walk of life; bring the kids, bring Grandma! Hear a variety of tunes, some of which you may discover for the first time. Selections include “Piano Sonata No. 24,” “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” “Sophisticated Lady,” “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” “Cabaret,” “So In Love,” “Candide Overture,” “Mexican Serenade” and “Far From the Home I Love.” For more info, visit or call (334) 406-2787.


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Stupid Cupid’s Valentine’s May-Haw

January 24 & 25 @ 7:30 p.m. * January 26 @ 2 & 6 p.m. * January 27 @ 2 p.m. Cotton Hall Theater, 158 E. Main St., Colquitt, Ga. Stupid Cupid is visiting all your favorite May-Haw characters this year and turning their love lives upside-down. With toe-tapping tunes and wild shenanigans, this fun-loving show will keep you laughing. You just better hope Cupid doesn’t turn his arrow toward you! Tickets are $20 for individuals and $17 for groups of 20 or more. Call (229) 758-5450 or visit for reservations.

Brayden (BB) Butler is right. His healthcare team is among the best in the nation! While practicing a motocross jump, BB fell and suffered a brain bleed. It would take half a year and surgeons, physicians, nurses and therapists to help him recover. Fortunately, for BB and thousands of other children, Children’s of Alabama is ranked among the top hospitals for children by U.S. News & World Report. DOWNTOWN RUSSELL CAMPUS 1600 7th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35233

205.638.9100 CHILDREN’S SOUTH OUTPATIENT CENTER Outpatient surgery, Pediatric Imaging, laboratory services and specialty care clinics

1940 Elmer J. Bissell Road Birmingham, AL 35243






A Page in a Book Saying Goodbye to an Animal Companion While humans are typically blessed with decades--long lifespans, our animal companions typically experience a briefer time with us. Our cats and dogs, our hamsters and turtles join us for part of our journey, but not all. For children with a limited understanding of the finite spans of a pet’s life, the death of an animal companion can have a profound impact on them. Rather than hiding from or avoiding the topic of a beloved pet’s final days, honest conversations about the natural lifetimes of human and animals can be helpful for a child preparing or experiencing this very personal goodbye. The following titles help start a discussion that can ease this time of transition for kids.

Tim’s Goodbye

By Steven Salerno (Farrar Straus Giroux) Young Margaret is sad because her pet turtle Tim has died. As she walks away from the story to collect herself, the book pages reveal a scene that is quietly visited by other friends. Vincent enters and brings with him some balloons. Melinda comes with her French horn. Otis arrives wearing his best hat. Margaret’s friends continue to a show up bringing along both moral and material support to help her say goodbye to Tim. A simply illustrated, subtle guide for children who are either experiencing their own grief or that of a friend, Tim’s Goodbye illustrates the simple expressions of sympathy and support that can uplift someone as they navigate loss.

Goodbye, Brecken

By David Lupton (Magination Press) Isabelle and Brecken were born on the same day. They were always together, playing and snuggling. Isabelle was still a young girl when Brecken died, and she didn’t understand why he left so soon. What follows is a poignant dream sequence in which Isabelle meets other creatures of the forest in her quest to find Brecken. While the animals can’t tell Isabelle where her lost companion has gone, the woodland animals each offer a wordless reminder of the joys she shared with Brecken. Awakening to her loss, but comforted by her memories, Isabelle’s is better prepared to navigate her grief and move toward acceptance. Offering final pages that invite readers to add their own helpful memories toward the recovery, Goodbye, Brecken is a gentle acknowledgement of grief’s unique timeline.

Stay: A Girl, a Dog and a Bucket List

By Kate Klise, Illustrated by M. Sarah Klise (Feiwel & Friends Macmillan) When baby Astrid came home from the hospital, Eli was there waiting for her. Over the years, Eli was sometimes a pillow, often a bodyguard, regularly a playmate, but always Astrid’s friend. They have so much in common, except for the way they age. Once Astrid realizes that Eli would be ‘old’ long before she would, Astrid creates a bucket list so her precious pet can experience the best in life with his remaining days. Sleeping under the stars, going to the movies, and a fancy spaghetti dinner are a few of the special moments they pursue together with Eli’s remaining strength. Eli’s perception of these adventures are relayed to the reader with warm and profound simplicity. An uplifting message of reassurance for children experiencing the decline of a beloved pet, the message of Stay supports making the most of every day we have with our companions. Find more reading recommendations at

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


k Cortney Haywood Northside Methodist Academy



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Jamie Harry’s daughter Olivia had a rough fourth grade year. In fact, Jamie says Olivia hated going to school, had stopped caring about her grades and lost hope of being smart... but fifth grade is looking a lot different. “This year I prayed we would get a teacher who would help change Olivia’s attitude and give her hope,” Jamie says. “Thank God we ended up with Mrs. Haywood.” Cortney Haywood is Olivia’s fifth grade teacher at Northside Methodist Academy and the Wiregrass Parents Teacher of the Month for January. When she found out she’d been nominated for this award, she was shocked and says teaching isn’t something she does for attention. “The most rewarding thing about being a teacher is seeing the students gain confidence in themselves,” Haywood says. “I love seeing them actually learning how to do a new skill then gaining the confidence they need to explain that skill to others, whether it be on a test or in real life.” For Olivia’s mom, Haywood’s love for her students has been evident this year. She says, “My daughter loves school again. She is start-

ing to do well again, and most of all I feel like someone loves and cares about my child as much as I do.” Haywood is also passionate about spreading the love of Jesus and says she’s privileged to be able to teach that love every day. “I hope that every student who enters my classroom knows that Jesus loves them. I see the classroom as my mission field. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share the love of Jesus in my classroom.” Haywood says she knew she wanted to be a teacher in elementary school when she would spend her afternoons playing school at home. She also says her own teachers helped inspire her to become an educator. She says it’s important for teachers to take it one day at a time, especially when just starting out. “Each year will get better and better. Cortney Haywood has been teaching for 16 years. She’s spent the last nine years at Northside Methodist Academy. She earned her B.S. degree in Childhood Education from Auburn University Montgomery. She received her Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University Montgomery. She has been married to her husband, T.J. Haywood, for 15 years. They have two children, Will (11) and Emmie (8).


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Autauga County Schools

Hidden Lake Box Top Contest Winners

Ms. Keith’s 2nd-grade class at Hidden Lake Elementary won our box top collection contest. The students celebrated with a pizza party.

Carver Book Drive Helps Hurricane Relief

From October 30-November 2, Carver Magnet School Student Government Association sponsored the “Carver Cares Book Drive,” where students donated gently used or new elementary grade-level books to University Academy in Panama City, Fla. This school was heavily damaged by Hurricane Michael, and CMS students worked diligently by giving what they had to help restore the school’s library. Carver students who brought in books were entered to win National Peanut Festival Mega Passes. Winners were Lindsey Bright (6th grade), Makaria McGriff (7th), and Noah Stewart (8th). In just four days, CMS SGA collected approximately 1,600 books! The CMS staff and community are incredibly proud of these students’ giving hearts when others are in such need.

Please email news and ohotos to: schoolnews!

Naval Academy Alumnus Visits Carver Magnet

Sixth-grade classes at the Carver Magnet School for Math, Science and Technology enjoyed a special guest visitor when retired U.S. Navy Captain Dan Burque came to share insight into the different branches of the United States military. Capt. Burque, a 30-year veteran who attended the prestigious United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., explained to students the history and significance of Veterans’ Day, along with information about various aspects of the military. These included the different ranks of service members, both enlisted and commissioned, various accomplishments and awards/medals that have been earned or given to military members, and Burque even used his singing and musical talents to share the different hymns for each military branch. Shown, Burque plays various hymns of the different military branches.

Selma Street Elementary Spelling Bee Winners

Fifth-grader Taylor Sims is the 2018 Selma Street Spelling Bee winner! Second place is Keiron Thornton and third place Athena Hutto. Other contestants include Marissa Hill, Ziyonns Hayes, Shy’Asia Hayes, Kaleb Seay, Z’Lasius Jinnerson, Savannah Stewart and Gabriel Walker.

Grandview Leaders Attend The Nutcracker

Grandview Elementary School’s fourthgrade young leaders enjoyed The Nutcracker performance because of generous donations from our community. Grandview appreciates all of your generosity and thoughtfulness! Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


Rehobeth Elementary School Pen Pals

Mrs. Whitehurst’s 4th-graders at Rehobeth Elementary are writing pen pal letters back and forth this year with 4th-graders in Mrs. Stedeford’s class at Ad Prima Charter School in Philadelphia, Pa. They were so excited to have received their first letters from them.



Enterprise Café Baristas’ Hard Work Pays Off

Please email news to!

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Enterprise High School Coffee Cats Cafe’ baristas have been making and selling coffee on Fridays to faculty and staff. They earned paychecks in early December and did a little Christmas shopping. We truly appreciate our community support for helping to make this day so valuable: Shopaholics, Style ASAP, Olive Fruit, All About Art, and Boll Weevil Soap Company.





Autauga County Schools

Morris Slingluff Hour of Code

Third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students—even a first-grade class—at Morris Slingluff Elementary participated in the worldwide event, The Hour Of Code, and they loved it. Students delved into the world of computer science as they practiced coding skills...just in time for Computer Science Education Week!

Houston Academy Collects Supplies for Panama City School

Thank you to all of the parents, faculty, staff and students of Houston Academy who donated to our school supply drive for Holy Nativity Episcopal School in Panama City! Students helped load the supplies. Teachers were deeply touched by your generosity. #WeServe

Providence Christian Middle Schoolers Visit Shakespeare Festival

Providence Christian School 7th- and 8th-grade students enjoyed their field trip to The Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery to attend a performance of The Sound of Music. This field trip helped the students gain an appreciation for the arts and allowed them to witness truth, beauty and goodness.

Pinedale Elementary Spelling Bee Winners

Ben Pike, right, a fourth-grade student in Mrs. Stewart’s homeroom, won the Pinedale Elementary Spelling Bee competition and Sydney Smith, left, a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Martin’s homeroom, claimed 1st Place. Pike went on to represent Pinedale in the Coffee County Spelling Bee competition held later this school year.

Enterprise City Schools Launches App

Enterprise City Schools now has a new mobile app that will keep you connected with the school news you want and need. The app delivers real-time school news to your smart-device for fast, up-to-date access. It also provides weather notifications and Facebook/Twitter feeds from the schools you choose to follow. It’s FREE to download. * From a smart device, go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play * Search Enterprise City Schools * Then select the Enterprise City Schools app for free download Download it today! Wiregrass Parents I January 2019



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Houston Academy Coach Wins State Recognition

Houston Academy coach and P.E. teacher Eddie Brundidge has been named the Alabama 3A Assistant Coach of the Year!

Carver 8th-graders Chosen for Gold Band

These Carver Lions were selected to attend the 2018 Middle School Southeastern United States Honor Band at Troy University in Troy. A special shoutout to 8th-graders Azaria Cochran, Samantha Glaze and Journey Pugh for auditioning and being accepted into the Gold Band, or top band, for the southeastern region. They are directed by Mrs. Howell.




Autauga County Schools

EHS Students Read To Pinedale Students

The American Studies classes from Enterprise High School visited Pinedale Elementary to read Christmas stories to the first- and second-grade classes. History teacher Sarah Hulsey and English teacher Brandi Waid teach American Studies. These students created these books and we are so appreciative they chose to come to Pinedale to share their talents.

Emmanuel Christian Among Selected Youth Leaders

Will McGainey, Sara Stewart, Faith Hollins, Marty Gary, Riley Turberville and Hannah Brown were among those selected to participate in the Youth Leadership Dothan-Houston County program for high school juniors who have the potential and interest in becoming trustees of their community. We are proud of these students for demonstrating leadership qualities!

Houston Academy Heads To State Scholars Bowl

These Houston Academy students competed in the District Scholars Bowl competition December 5. They won District and will be headed to State in January. Shown are Misbah Meghani (High Score), Libby Freeman, Rachael Davis, Levin Sconyers and KiKi He.

Coppinville Beta Gives Back

Coppinville’s Beta Club donated food from its holiday food drive and half the socks from its Socktober sock drive to Hand Up Enterprise!

Providence Singers Spread Holiday Cheer

Providence Christian School Singers enjoyed spreading Christmas cheer at the First United Methodist Church Respite Care before the holidays. Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


Enterprise Starts First Alabama Chapter of National Scholar Society

This year is Enterprise High School’s inaugural year as the first Alabama chapter of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). EHS is not only the first in Alabama, but two Enterprise students went through an application process, along with hundreds of applicants, and were awarded the honor of being chosen for the NSHSS Ambassador Leadership Program. From left are president Jack Brockman, vice president Shelby Sullivan, Zada Metz, community service director Corinna Jones, communications Caeley Jones and treasurer Kirsten Fox (Rachel McCarty not pictured). Metz and Corinna Jones were chosen to be ambassadors.





Miss Coppinville Crowned

Congratulations to our newly crowned Miss Coppinville, MacKenzie Alford! She also won the crowd favorite, Eagle Award. First runner-up was Maci McMahan, second runnerup Reagan Waddy and third runner-up Keiona Moore. Miss Congeniality was Emma Thomas and Most Photogenic Sophie Kraft. All proceeds go to our school’s science department in support of the science fair. #ExpectMore #MissCoppinville

Please email news and photos to:!


2nd Annual

ts s e!


MOTHERSON DANCE! Friday, Feb 8 Windmill Station | 6:30-8:30 pm for tickets 15

Project Christmas Joy at Hillcrest Elementary

These Hillcrest Elementary students purchased materials to fill 62 Christmas stockings! These stockings were given to children in Panama City who were displaced by Hurricane Michael. #ecslearn #heslearn #fuelingthefuture #nationalbetaclub #hesbeta


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Abbeville Christian Can-a-Thon

Abbeville Christian Academy held a recent successful can-a-thon. The Student Government Association donated 3,421 canned goods to the Judson Baptist Association Food Bank. The winning classes for the most participation in K5 and 4th grade won a Coke party, while 9th grade won free pizza at lunch and 11th grade won an off-campus pizza lunch!

Please email news and photos to schoolnews@!

Enterprise High School Theatre Department Scores Superior in State Competition

The Enterprise High School Theatre Department had exceptional performances at the state Trumbauer competition in Troy. Competing in 39 individual events, EHS came home with 33 superior scores and 14 first, second or third places. Special congratulations to state champs Elijah Gibson, Ruby Maghoney, Gabe Powell and Elijah Powell.

Abbeville Christian Works on Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Build Day at Abbeville Christian Academy was fun for students of all ages. They worked hard in the cold to build planter boxes, a blueberry patch, a compost bin and a sundial with a pollinator garden, all of which will be part of our new outdoor classroom! Thank you to all of our parents and volunteers that came out to work beside our students and teachers. We can’t wait to watch our outdoor classroom continue to grow! Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


Abbeville High School Robotics Team Places in BEST Competition Abbeville High School Robotics Team placed 8th out of 16 in the BEST Regional Tournament competition division at Auburn University. Abbeville students represented their families, school and community well! #hivenation

Six GW Long Athletes Sign Scholarships

Scholarships were awarded to six GW Long High School athletes on early signing day. Commitments were made with Gulf Coast Community, Troy, University of Southern Mississippi and Chattahoochee Valley.

Abbeville Elementary Teacher of the Year Congratulations to Rita Brown, #TEAMAES 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year. Brown teaches sixth-grade reading.




ACA Coach Celebrates 700th Win

Congratulations to Abbeville Christian Academy Coach Ricky Ward on his 700th basketball win as a coach. What an accomplishment!




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Wiregrass Parents I January 2019



Rolling Out the Rockers

Recommending the Best Toys and Products for Kids

Far from being a simple novelty with movement, toys and equipment that facilitate rocking motions are actually fostering calm in their users. The subtle power of this back and forth movement can trace its roots to our prenatal days. Rocking a little one mimics their in utero experience, a time and space where they enjoyed maximum peace and comfort coupled with minimal outside stimuli. This primal source of calm is even rediscovered by adults who find themselves chilling in a rocking chair or porch swing. The motion matters. Beyond their soothing effect, rocking toys for toddlers also cultivate coordination and balance, while fostering arm and leg strength. From infants to preschool, the following items are perfect for little rockers!

by Gerry Paige Smith

Deluxe Rock n’ Play Sleeper with Smart Connect

Green Crocodile Plush Rocker (Labebe)

The whimsical design of the Green Crocodile Plush Rocker is an instant invitation for small kids to mount up and get moving. Cupping around little ones who are still working on their balance, the three-sided soft seat guarantees that children will always be protected while rocking. The solid wooden structure is richly padded for extra cushion against bumps and tumbles. And while solid rocking action is a big attraction, this comfy ride comes with a host of other surprises to keep kids entertained. Crinkling spines, companion critters, pockets and other sensory features offer extra exploration during the ride. Promising more than one toothy grin in the room, the Crocodile Rocker from Labebe is the best ride for reptile fans.

(Fisher Price)

Comfort and convenience are priority in Fisher Price’s Rock n’ Play Sleeper. With its extra-deep seat, plush newborn insert and head support, and breathable mesh sides, infants are ideally situated for sound sleep or soothing motion. Featuring two speeds of hands-free rocking, two customizable modes, music, sounds and vibration, this sleeper has everything baby (and parents) need for quality rest. Download the Smart Connect app, and it’s snap for your phone or smart device to activate and customize gentle rocking, calming music and soothing sounds without disturbing baby. Remarkably, the whole set up is lightweight and folds for easy portability. For sleeping and soothing baby at home or on the go, the Rock n’ Play Sleeper is the ultimate sweet dream machine.

Rocking Bridge

Infant-to-Toddler Rocker


Transforming in one simple flip, the Rocking Bridge can be both a sailor’s boat on the high seas, as well as a bridge over new terrain! The boat features seating for up to four playmates who can tilt and rock it over pretend waves. Turned upside down, the bridge provides steps up and over fantasy obstacles. Both bridge and boat offer textured areas where little hands and feet can secure extra purchase. Solidly molded in one piece, the Rocking Bridge is durable, weather resistant and, best of all, requires no assembly! Playful ups and downs hit the high water mark with Simplay3’s versatile Rocking Bridge.

(Fisher Price)

The Infant-to-Toddler Rocker can cradle your child in comfort for years. It starts out as a sleek, modern infant seat rocker with a low profile frame that’s perfect for newborns. As they gain more mobility, babies can test out the toys that hang from the overhead bar. When babe gets bigger, the toy bar can be removed, clearing the way for toddlers to reclaim their familiar spot as it becomes their big kid rocking chair. Featuring a secure three-point restraint, fold-out kickstand, 2-position seat recline, the evolution of the rocker is flexible and easy for parents to adjust as needed. The Infant-to-Toddler Rocker moves back and forth...and upward with your growing child.

Gerry Paige Smith is a syndicated columnist recommending the best products for kids and their families. Discover more at



6 Research-Backed Sites and Apps to

provides stories, songs, creative play, and a safe social element called “Pigeon Post.” Though its intent is very serious, it’s kidfriendly, accessible, and fun.

Boost Your Kid’s Report Card, Grades K-2, Free with fee-based additional content

Improve academic performance with free and low-cost tools that strengthen kids’ fundamental reading and math skills.

This site is a great starting place when kids are gearing up to read. It introduces the basics by teaching letter recognition, skill repetition, and beginner-level ebooks. Based on research and with proven efficacy, it also has some math activities and expanded options via membership.

For many parents and kids grading season isn’t the slamdunk, high-five, fist-bumping celebration you were hoping for. But you don’t need to hire an expensive tutor or run off to the after-school learning center when straight As prove elusive. Plenty of free and low-cost tools can help give your kid highquality practice in the foundational reading and math skills that are key to students’ overall performance. And research proves it. The recommendations below are either aligned with current research about learning or have been the focus of independent research that demonstrates their effectiveness. And that’s cause for celebration!

IXL, Grades K-12, Free to try; membership-based IXL offers a wide area of practice material, and there’s an app for when you’re on the go. Research shows that IXL can improve performance and even kids’ attitude about math. Two things that set it apart are its distraction-free interface and step-by-step explanations for incorrect answers.

Wuzzit Trouble, Grades 2-8, $1.99

Bedtime Math, Grades K-3, Free

Disguised as a fun math game with cute creatures, this app has some research backing, too. Going beyond simple addition and subtraction, it requires kids to use problem-solving skills to get the maximum points available. The gears mechanism to help free the Wuzzits feels fresh, which is great for kids who might be wary of yet another math drill game.

Practicing something every day is the way to make progress, but not all digital practice is created equally. This website offers math problems in the form of a story, usually based on a situation or fact from the real world. Each problem is available at three skill levels. The idea is that families can use the site or app together to build math into each day. Check out the study that demonstrates its effectiveness.

Get the Math, Grades 7-10, Free Remember going to school and wondering whether you’d ever use algebra in the real world? This site aims to prove that algebraic thinking pays off in real-world tasks. And it, too, was the subject of a study that showed its value. With a combination of videos and real-life problems, Get the Math helps kids practice mathematical concepts while solving real-life problems.

Learn With Homer, Grades K-2, Free with in-app purchases Created with best practices and reading research in mind, this app can get kids pumped about reading with skill-building exercises and supportive materials. Unlike many other reading apps, Learn With Homer not only includes phonics, but it also Wiregrass Parents I January 2019



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Short Term Planning Q. My husband and I are completely debt-free, and we’re saving up for our first house. We currently have about $90,000 in savings, and we’d like to buy a home with cash in the next few years. Where should we put our money, so it will work for us while we save more? A.

It’s a great feeling when you don’t have any debt hanging over your head, isn’t it? With the path you’re on now, just imagine how incredible it will be in a few years to have a new home and still be debt-free! If I were in your shoes, and maybe looking at a three- to five-year window, I’d just park the cash in a good market account. You won’t make a lot off it, but your money will be safe. Besides, all you’re

A. Congratulations on being debt-free at such a young age! I appreciate the credit,

but the truth is I just pointed you in the right direction. You made the sacrifices and did all the hard work. I’m really proud of you! Yes, my advice is to temporarily stop making contributions to your 401(k) until you save up an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. It shouldn’t take a year, though, to set aside an emergency fund if you’re debt-free and making decent money at your job. Just make it part of your monthly budget plan, and get that emergency fund set up in a few months. Here’s the way I look at it. If you don’t have an emergency fund, but you’re contributing to a 401(k), there’s a good chance you’ll end up cashing out your 401(k) if something happens that leaves you with a large, unexpected bill. When you cash out a 401(k) early, you get hit with a penalty plus your tax rate. That’s not a good plan! And that’s just one of the reasons I tell people to have an emergency fund in place before they start investing.


looking for is a wise place to stash it for a little while. When it comes to long-term investing I’m a big fan of growth stock mutual funds. The problem with that in your situation would be the volatility of the market. By the time you’ve saved up more money, and spent time deciding on a house, the market may be down. It sounds like you two are doing a fantastic job with your finances. Congratulations!

Put retirement on hold temporarily Q.

Should I stop making contributions to my 401(k) account for a year in order to save up an emergency fund? Thanks to you, I’m 33 and debt-free.


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You can start out with a precocious learner who is seemingly ahead of everyone else, for example, only to find out two years later that his classmates have caught up and they’re speeding ahead. Not to worry. It’s all just part of growing up. Still, “knowing where your child is at developmentally can help you understand and support him,” Dr. Seltzer says. Most kids don’t need a lot of assistance navigating the landscape, especially the older they get. But if you’re aware of where they’re at, you’ll know when to step in if you need to. Use our guide to help your child make the most of every age and stage, from kindergarten through high school.

Elementary School: Milestone Mania What’s happening now: From Kindergarten through fifth grade, kids make major strides, from initially learning how to transition to school and being comfortable with a classroom routine to learning how to read (Kindergarten and 1st grade) to reading to learn (the 3rd grade and beyond) in all subject areas. Emotionally, they begin to develop their academic self-esteem based on feedback from you and their teachers. By the 4th and 5th grade, they’re moving from concrete to abstract thinking. “When concrete thinkers see the Statute of Liberty, they see it as a lady with a torch. An abstract thinker also sees it as a symbol of freedom and democracy,” says Rebecca Branstetter, an educational and clinical psychologist. By the 5th grade, kids are also beginning to set goals, work independently, function better in groups, make more complex decisions and become organized with their school and homework.

From crawling, walking and babbling to the angst and rebellion of the tween and teen years, children constantly go through a predictable set of developmental stages physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. “Along the way, any of these areas can be ahead or behind the others in their timing, then switch, which can be confusing for parents,” says Vivian Seltzer, Ph.D., professor of human development and behavior at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


De ho ar So

Success Rx Extend learning beyond school. Reinforce what your child is learning in school with activities at home. For example, let your second grader count change at the checkout and measure the ingredients while you’re baking cookies together (fractions). Have her tell time. Talk about numbers while you’re driving, such as how fast you’re going, the distance you’ll travel, and how long it will take to get there. Play board games together involving money, time, logic or vocabulary such as the family edition of Monopoly, Scrabble or Apples to Apples. On the weekends, take family outings to museums and zoos to visit exhibits that coincide with school subjects. “If your child is learning about Egypt, take a trip to a local museum with an Egyptian exhibit,” says Branstetter. “It reinforces curiosity, sends the subtle message that school is important and shows your child that school and home are connected.” Develop a homework habit. Make doing homework automatic by coming up with a routine that fits your child’s personality. Some kids like doing homework right after

school. Others need to burn off steam by playing for half an hour first (set a timer) before getting down to business. Whatever you choose, stick to the schedule you establish for your kids as much as possible. To minimize distractions, keep the TV off during homework time. For younger kids, begin each homework session by asking your child to explain what she’s supposed to do then gauge if she can do it alone of if she needs your help. If you’re not around when your child does his homework, let him know you’ll look at it when you get home and be sure to follow through. “Praise him when he completes him homework by emphasizing the process, such as “You worked really hard to learn your math facts” rather than the product “Good job on learning your math facts.” “Praising the process teaches persistence, which is a skill kids need for school success,” Branstetter says.

physical changes can make them feel like they’re not in control of their bodies. “It’s a complicated time physically, socially and emotionally,” says Vicki Panaccione, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and founder of the Better Parenting Institute. During this difficult age and stage, their sense of self is also developing. “There’s a lot of exclusion in middle school,” says Panaccione. Cliques can provide a safe haven as kids try to figure themselves out.

Success Rx

What’s happening now: In middle school—the 6th through 8th grade, kids are starting to go through puberty and the

Expect turmoil. The mood swings and over-reactions, such as total hysteria over whether a boy or girl looked at your child or not in the hallway, are a normal part of this phase of development. “Don’t take it personally. Just understand that your child is going through a lot,” says Panaccione. Be supportive but don’t minimize the problem or try to fix it either. “Middle schoolers don’t want you to solve anything,” Panaccione says. Instead, use phrases like: “I’m sorry you feel that way” or “Gosh, that must have been embarrassing for you,” rather than “Just ignore it” or “Just get over it. It’s not a big deal.” It is a big deal to your child. Placating doesn’t help and can be harmful.


Middle School: Hormone Havoc

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“This can push your child away because she’ll feel like you just don’t get it,” Panaccione says. Empathize academically. In middle school, the work load gets more difficult because kids have to meet the demands of up to seven different teachers instead of just one. “It’s a big challenge. The best thing you can do is allow your child to vent,” Panaccione says. If your child complains that one of his teachers gives too much homework, for example, you might say, “Well, what do you think you might need to do, given that he gives lots of homework?” rather than “He’s only trying to teach you.” The idea is to help your child solve the problem, find his own way and keep the lines of communication open so your child will continue to feel comfortable talking to you about even bigger problems that might come along later.

High School: The Who-Am-I? Years What’s happening now: In high school, children forge their identity academically, socially, morally, sexually and spiritually while trying to figure out who they are apart

from you. “High schoolers question everything and may even rebel against your opinions and beliefs,” says Panaccione. If you’re a Democrat, for example, your child might say he’s a Republican. If you’re a meat-and-potatoes family, she’ll become a Vegan. You get the idea.

Success Rx Keep talking. Allow your child to question your opinions and values and express himself. Ask questions such as, “Oh, why do you think so?” rather than lecturing or yelling. “It’s a great time to find out who your kids really are,” Panaccione says. Note dramatic changes. It’s normal for high schoolers to be just as moody as middle schoolers. But if your teen shows a drastic change in personality, behavior, a significant drop in grades, study habits or attitude, or a dramatic shift in appearance, dress or grooming, or interests, goals or activities, know that something’s up. “Talk to your teen about your concerns,” says Panaccione. Start by saying something like: “I’m concerned that you’re spending time in bed when you used to be out with your friends.” Then listen to what your child has to say. If

the behaviors are a sign of rebelling against a lack of freedom or privilege, be open to discussing and compromising. If you’re concerned your child may be suffering from depression or another mental health disorder, seek professional help. “Your child’s primary care provider or the school guidance counselor is a good resource for a referral to qualified child/teen psychologists in your area,” Panaccione says. Help your child deal with college pressure. By the 11th grade, college pressure comes on strong. But start talking college now only if your child is ready to. “Some kids are focused. But most have no idea what they want to do or major in,” Panaccione says. To reduce anxiety, Panaccione tells her high school patients that they don’t have to know what they want to do going into college. That’s where they’ll figure it out, which is something you could say at home, too. Also, listen to your child’s wishes for college rather than pushing your agenda. “To be successful, kids should end up going to a college that’s right for them,” she says. WP Sandra Gordon is an award-winning freelance writer who delivers expert advice and the latest developments in health, nutrition, parenting and consumer issues.


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ParentingToday’sTeens by Mark Gregston

When Your Teen Is in the Wrong Crowd If you swim with the sharks, you’re bound to get bit. One bad apple spoils the whole bushel. Bad company corrupts good character. Many parents have added these phrases to their lexicon, because they illustrate the dangers of running with the “wrong crowd”. As moms and dads, we know how susceptible kids are to peer influence. You’ve likely spent many sleepless nights worrying about the people your child is hanging around. What are they teaching my son? What are they pressuring my daughter to do? Are these friends that will give needed support and encouragement to my teen, or will bring my child down? These are valid concerns if you suspect your child is hanging out with the wrong crowd. But let’s pause for a moment and ask just who is the “wrong crowd”? Here’s a simple definition we can use: The “wrong crowd” includes anyone who influences your child in ways that are contradictory to your values, systems, and beliefs as parents. When parents observe changes in their teen and note the actions and attitudes of their friends, they may arrive at the conclusion, “my teen is in league with some bad seeds.” When this happens, how do we gently guide our teens away from negative influences? My advice may not be what you might expect.

Teach Your Kids

As parents, part of our job is to protect our kids. We try to shield them from negative influences as much as possible. We’re not going to let our 12-year-old daughter hang around 18-year-old girls who smoke pot and sleep with their boyfriends. We have to shield our child’s innocence until they are mature enough to make wise decisions on their own. It would be foolish to let young children spend time with people who have serious hang-ups. But at some point, we must stop protecting our kids and start preparing them to make wise choices when choosing friends. If all we are doing is hold our kids back from this or that person, we are not equipping them to make smart decisions once they are free of our control. While every child is different, here is a basic guideline for starting that relational training:

0–13 years old: Get to know and closely monitor your child’s friends. If your son or daughter is running with the wrong crowd this early, change schools, move houses, or pull your child from certain activities. At this age, they still need to have their innocence protected. 14–17 years old: Continue to monitor your child’s friends, but begin to slowly back off from controlling their relationships. If you have concerns about the people they are spending time with, talk with your kids about the problems you see. Also, set personal and family boundaries regarding the kind of behavior that is acceptable among friends and the kind that is not. 18+ years old: At this age, young people must be responsible for their own choices, including their choices in friends. If they are living with you, they must follow the rules of the house. But if they are on their own, all you can do is let them know you are available to talk and give advice if they ever feel they need it. As you train your teen to use discernment when choosing friends, you can help them along by asking good questions. For instance, you can ask, “I’m curious; would you ever drink and drive? Do you know someone who has? Did they think it was a good idea? Do you?” Or you can ask, “Has anyone offered you drugs? What crossed your mind in that moment?” These types of questions are effective because they help your child articulate their values, beliefs, and convictions. And if they ever get into a situation similar to the one you have discussed, chances are they will remember, “Hey, I remember telling my mom (or dad) that I don’t believe in drinking and driving. I’m going to pass.” By asking good questions, you are helping your child build up those decision-making muscles that will serve them well, whether they have good friends or not.

would generally be included in what most people consider, the “wrong crowd.” But I love them all to death. Despite the numerous kids who have come through our program, I have yet to meet a “bad kid.” Now, I have met some strong-willed kids. I have helped teens with deep-seated problems and issues. But there isn’t one child who is beyond help. As moms and dads, we may spend a lot of time avoiding the “bad kids” and encouraging our children to do the same. But who needs a helping hand more than a teen who is hurtling off the tracks at 90 miles an hour? Instead of running from the wrong crowd, let’s run towards them! Turn your home into a safe, loving, and fun place where teens can hang out and interact. Provide alternatives for your kids and their friends. Invite them to watch a ball game. Pack up enough supplies, and take a group fishing. Let them set up their band in your garage. Set aside a weekend, and go camping with your kids and their friends. In this way, not only will you be providing a healthy outlet for teens to have fun, but they will be under your watch and protection. Rather than cautioning your teen to side step the problem kids, take initiative and be the mentor, leader, or life coach they need.

Be The Change

When you began to read this article, you probably thought that I would offer some suggestions about how to avoid the wrong crowd. Maybe you are a bit surprised at my approach to this topic. But please hear me out; no matter where you go, where you live, or who you know—there will always be a “wrong crowd” to worry about. So rather than spend all your time playing defense trying to block the bad kids from your teens, start playing the offense. Start influencing the “bad kids” yourself. And teach your teen to do the same. In that way, you won’t avoid the wrong crowd, you will change them!

We have welcomed more than 2,500 teens to the Heartlight campus over the years. All of the teens that walk through our doors

Mark Gregston is an author, speaker, radio host, and the founder of a residential counseling center for struggling teens located in Longview, Texas. Mark’s passion for helping teens can be seen in his 40 years of involvement with families as a youth pastor, Young Life area director, and now, as the Executive Director of Heartlight, where he has lived with and helped over 2,700 teens. To find out more about Mark and his ministry to parents and teens, you can visit or


Embrace the “Bad” Kids

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2. The academic programs your child needs

Perhaps you are just starting to think about private school for your middle schooler.

Once you get the fit right, then you can focus on the academics. Don’t do it the other way around. If she is unhappy, she will not do well academically. Some parents dream of their child going to Harvard, Yale or Princeton. If that is your dream and the dream stands a chance of actually becoming a reality, then you will need to review the schools’ course lists very carefully. Schools which offer plenty of Advanced Placement courses or the International Baccalaureate Program should be at the top of your list. Next step is to ensure that the school has the skilled, experienced faculty to teach those courses. Since most private schools pride themselves on academic achievement, most of the time you will find highly credentialed and experienced teachers in the classroom.

Or perhaps you have started the process of choosing the right private school and have some questions about how to proceed. These five ‘must haves’ will hopefully help you focus on the things which are really important when it comes to choosing a private school. 1. The best fit

3. The athletic programs your child needs

Always number one on my list is the fit. Fit trumps everything else simply because fit is all about how your child and the school mesh. If they are not in synch, the result will be an unhappy child. Keep this in mind as you visit schools on your short list. Your child will know instinctively whether or not she likes the school. Visiting schools on a list of schools carefully selected with your needs and requirements in mind will be a pleasure because almost all of them will meet with your approval. Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

Each child is different. Not every child is a gifted athlete. But many private school incorporates athletics into its weekly schedule. The idea is that exercise is good for you, teamwork is good for you and a little competition is also good for you. If, however, you have a gifted athlete in your family, then you must find schools for your short list which can develop your child’s abilities and take her to the next level. Visit the 26

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coach of the sport in question. Ask pointed questions. Understand what they currently offer. Review their past achievements.

4. The extracurricular activities your child needs

You earned it!

Like the athletic programs, extracurricular activities are not optional in a private school. Sports and extracurriculars are part of the DNA of any good private school. Extracurricular activities develop artistic abilities in musical ensembles. They build self-confidence in dramatics and forensics. They promote global awareness with travel and national clubs. They teach respect for the environment around us. Extracurricular activities are often called clubs. Extracurricular activities are directed by a member of staff. Take time to ask about the specific activities which you know your child will want to be a part of.

5. A nurturing community

This last ‘must have’ is closely linked with the first ‘must have’. You know that your child will be happy if she feels accepted and appreciated as a member of her new school community. Most private schools make a point of fostering community. Teachers and other members of staff keep a watchful eye on their community. They also shape their community with workshops on a wide range of teenage issues. The school assumes nothing. It is constantly teaching by example which is how children learn so many important life lessons. I am not trying to paint a perfect picture here. Having managed a private school, I know that things are not always perfect. But my point simply is that private schools make a point of fostering community. Encouraging young people to respect others is part of the larger lesson in living which private schools pride themselves in teaching. The other factor which binds a private school community together is that it has a common purpose: to learn. Students attend private school because they want to learn. A caring community builds selfesteem and character. It does not destroy confidence and self-respect by mocking and ridiculing academic achievement and brilliance. These five ‘must haves’ will help you settle on the right school for your child. Good luck! WP

Start the new year off by teaching your children financial responsibility Army Aviation Center with an Ourly account from AACFCU! Federal Credit Union ®

To learn more, visit and click the video link.

Contributed by Visit their website for a wealth of helpful information on private education.


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After School After-School Camp

904 Ozark Hwy., Enterprise, 36330 The Enterprise YMCA’s After-School Camp is open to children ages 5-12. Counselors are on hand to help with homework, and kids are able to play. Transportation is provided from Enterprise elementary schools and the Early Education Center. Contact the center for pricing information. Grades/Ages: 5-12 Years 334-347-0214


308 Donnell Blvd., Daleville, 36322 A fun and free afterschool science program for grades 5-8. Learn about different fields of science and engineering through fun hands-on experiments. Please register at the Daleville Public Library. Grades/Ages: 5-8 Years (334) 503-9119

Creative Minds Art Center

312 S. Main Street, Headland, 36345 Grades/Ages: We offer Pre-K Four Early Learning, Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. We also offer Creative Thematic Instruction for After School Care, Holiday and Summer Camp for school age children, as well as art and piano lessons. Creative Minds Art Center is open 2:45 until 5:45 p.m. Monday-Friday. (334) 796-9301

Dothan First After School

1081 Honeysuckle Rd., Dothan, 36305 “DFAS is a high-quality after school program for children in K-8th grade. Transportation is available from Highlands Elementary, Heard Elementary, Montana Elementary, and Beverlye Middle School. We offer homework help, life skills classes, community service projects, recreational sports, and weekly discipleship classes that encourage your child to love God and people. Additional information and registration forms on website. Grades/Ages: K-8th Grade Affiliation: Dothan City Schools 334-479-269

Dothan Leisure Services Playground Program

Dothan, 36303 The Department of Leisure Services offers free After School Programs. The Playground Program is offered at the Andrew Belle Center and Wiregrass Recreation Center. This program is for boys and girls 6 – 12 at Wiregrass and 6 – 15 at Andrew Belle Center. This is a supervised program that provides the children with snack, dinner, help with homework, games, sports, special events, field trips, arts and craft. Registration is held at each location with director from 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. Andrew Belle Center: 1270 Lake Street, 334 615-4722, Wiregrass Recreation Center 620 Sixth Avenue, 334 615-4740. Hours of program is 3:00 pm until 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Central office 334 615-3700. Grades/Ages: 6-15 Years 334 615-3700

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

Ft. Rucker School Age Center

7th & Division Rd. Bldg. 2806, Ft. Rucker, 36362 School Age Center (SAC) provides childcare before and/or after school for children ages 6-10 in grades 1st – 5th. Full-day care is provided during school vacation periods. The framework for our SAC curriculum is based on the following four service areas: Sports, Fitness, and Health; Life Skills, Citizenship, and Leadership; Arts, Recreation, and Leisure; and Mentoring, Education, and Support Services. Occasional users may use the program five hours a week. Grades/Ages: 6-10 Years Affiliation: None (334)255-9108 school-age-center-sac

Girard Middle School After School Program

600 Girard Ave., Dothan, 36303 “Connecting Our Kids To Their Future” is our highest priority with Girard’s After School Program! We provide Math and Reading Tutoring as well as STEM! Our staff aims to play a critical role in motivating youth to reach a high level of educational attainment, as well as provide youth with an opportunity to improve physical fitness, gain exposure to life skills and hands on experience with professional careers. We provide a healthy snack and transportation! (334) 794-1426

Girls Inc. Dothan

785 S. Foster Street, Dothan, 36303 At Girls Inc., we focus on the development of the whole girl through school outreach and center-based programs after school and during the Summer. Girls learn to value themselves, take risks, and discover and develop their inherent strengths. The combination of long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment, and research-based programming equips girls to grow up healthy, educated, and independent. 334-793-2321

Heritage Christian Academy & Child Development Center

1962 Skipperville Rd, Ozark, 36360 After School Care for School Age. Buses from Lisenby and G.W. Long comes here. Snack, homework time, free play (outside if weather permits) For added convenience you pay for attendance ONLY! Grades/Ages: 4 weeks-18 Years (334) 774-4447

Northside After Care

2600 Redmond Rd., Dothan, 36303 Here at Northside After Care, our goal is to provide a positive, relaxed and loving place for your child to be until you arrive. We fill each day with drawing, painting, singing, playing (indoors and out) and plain old “letting kids be kids.” Affiliation: Methodist 334-702-8473

Ozark First United Methodist Church CDC

167 E. Broad St., Ozark, 36360 The mission of the Child Development Center is to provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children. Program hours 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We offer an after school club with homework room also


staffed by church volunteers. Affiliation: 6 weeks-5th grade

(334) 445-1329 /

Homeschool Groups

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Harvest Christian School

2727 Fortner St., Dothan, 36305 Harvest Christian School (HCS) exists to stand with parents as they discover, explore, enjoy, and excel in their God-given role to educate their children. HCS provides the avenue for parents to network, fellowship and encourage one another (Deut. 6:7). Grades/Ages: Pre-school-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Student Service and Leadership Team, Wiregrass Christian Beta Club Affiliation: Baptist (334) 797-2846

HEART of the Wiregrass Homeschool Group P.O. Box 310613 , Enterprise, 36331 We are here to help support your homeschool journey! We offer book clubs, field trips, mom’s night out, science fairs, and so much more! Join Us! Grades/Ages: Elementary-High School Affiliation: None (334) 447-9230

Ridgecrest Christian School


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1231 Fortner Street, Dothan, 36301 The purpose of RCS is to minister to the needs of parents in the Wiregrass area who wish to take up their God given responsibility to educate their children primarily or exclusively within the home environment. RCS offers families the accountability and structure of a private school yet affording parents the influence of a home schooling format. Grades/Ages: Pre-school-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Yearbook, Youth Volunteer Service Program (F.L.O.W.), B.E.S.T. Robotics Affiliation: Baptist

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Mother’s Day Out


(334) 790-7872

Covenant United Methodist Church ad on page 17

3610 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 Our goal is to provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment that encourages each child to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Age-appropriate learning experiences are provided to allow each child to progress at his/her own pace and to experience success through hands-on activi-


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outreach ministry by reaching out to our church and community with the love of Jesus by providing families with quality childcare geared to developmentally equip each child with spiritual and educational skills and thereby giving families a needed break in their weekly routine. Care is available Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am-1:00pm for birth through 4k. Affiliation: Baptist

meets Monday nights. Registration is $25 for the fall. Hoobler also offers piano, voice, and guitar lessons.

2727 Fortner St., Dothan, 36305 Our emphasis is on supporting and encouraging mothers in our community to realize their full potential as a woman and a mother. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Childcare provided. Grades/Ages: Birth-5 Years Affiliation: None

Play Pals

(254) 563-6856

(334) 702-6555

(334) 792-9406

Enterprise First United Methodist Church

St. Columba Catholic Church

ties. Monday-Thursday from 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. (year round) Grades/Ages: 18 months – 2 years (3 & 4 year olds are eligible to attend MMO during the summer as well) Affiliation: Methodist

(334) 699-6315

Dothan MOPS

217 S. Main St., Enterprise, 36330 As an early childhood education and outreach ministry, our mission is to provide a healthy foundation for learning with a safe, structural, stimulating and nurturing environment. We foster physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth as we prepare children for their next educational step in preschool and ultimately kindergarten. Grades/Ages: 5 months-3 Years Affiliation: Methodist (334) 393-2536

First Presbyterian Church

3012 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 Little Lambs or Mother’s Morning Out provides happy group learning experiences for preschoolers and their siblings while mothers are engaged in community affairs, church activities, and other events of their choosing. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (school year) from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays during the summer. Grades/Ages: 6 months-5 Years Affiliation: Presbyterian (334) 794-3128

Little Blessings

500 Alberta St., Enterprise, 36330 We seek to provide an environment that emphasizes Christian values and the principles of faith as the foundation for spiritual growth. We have therefore chosen curriculum published by Lifeway Resources. The three day program meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 8:30am until 12:30pm. The four day program meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30am until 12:30pm. Grades/Ages: 6 weeks-4 Years Affiliation: Baptist (334) 347-2516

MOPS of Enterprise

500 Alberta St., Enterprise, 36330 MOPS is about celebrating motherhood, meeting needs, making connections, and experiencing God’s love through relationships and resources. A typical MOPS meeting includes an informal time of treats and conversation followed by an instructional time. Subjects relating to womanhood, marriage, child-rearing, and relationships are presented from a biblical perspective. Small discussion groups provide honest interaction, deepening friendships, and spiritual enrichment. Grades/Ages: Birth-5 Years Affiliation: None (334) 347-2516

Mt. Gilead Baptist Church

2864 S. Brannon Stand Rd., Dothan, 36305 The Mother’s Day Out program is a ministry of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church and is committed to be an

(334) 792-4842

1231 Fortner St., Dothan, 36301 Play Pals meets every Tuesday and Thursday during the school term and every Thursday during the Summer term. Classes are from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm and enrollment is limited. Affiliation: Baptist

2700 W. Main St., Dothan, 36301 The Mother’s Morning Out program is a ministry of St. Columba Catholic Church and is committed to assisting families in teaching their child Christian values; providing an opportunity for the child’s social, spiritual, and intellectual development, and maintaining the highest standards in child care. Grades/Ages: 1-4 Years Affiliation: Catholic (334) 944-6526

Music Lessons Dothan Music Academy

3332 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 Dothan Music Academy located at Latta Music Company provides private and group musical instruction that includes but is not limited to all band and orchestra instruments, piano, voice, guitar, drums, and various other instruments. We provide a very affordable rental program for all band and orchestra instruments, so that students may begin learning with lower up front instrument investment. 334-793-7638

E and T Drum Lessons

116 Mockingbird Ln., Enterprise, 36330 E & T Drum Lessons is a local business designed for multipurpose drum playing; Expression and Therapy is the goal for student while building confidence.


Violin Lessons

134 Halls Creek Ln., Dothan, 36301 $75.00 per month for weekly half hour lessons on violin, viola or cello in the Dothan, Alabama area.

Wiregrass Youth Symphony Orchestra

909 S. St. Andrews St., Dothan, 36303 The Wiregrass Youth Symphony Orchestra program gives youth from ages 9-19 with or without musical experience an opportunity to play a string instrument with others of similar ability.

(334) 563-6856

Preschool Covenant United Methodist Church ad on page 17

3610 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 Our goal is to provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment that encourages each child to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Age-appropriate learning experiences are provided to allow each child to progress at his/her own pace and to experience success through hands-on activities. Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am-12:30 pm (August-May) Grades/Ages: 3 & 4 year olds Affiliation: Methodist (334) 793-4440

Kiddie Care Learning Center ad on page 18

(334) 400-4526

Guitar & Bass Lessons

155 S. St. Andrews St., Dothan, 36303 Metro Music offers weekly guitar and bass lessons. Lessons are $20 per week and include homework. For more information, call the store. 334-792-0883

Guitar, Voice and Piano Lessons

1081 Honeysuckle Rd., Dothan, 36305 Meet Lucci Brisc, a musician with over 20 years of experience teaching and experience in the recording studio with many different genres. Mr. Lucci offers private lessons for all levels of learners. Lessons available include acoustic, bass, lead and electric guitar along with piano/keyboard and voice. This is Dothan’s premier place for music lessons. (334) 803-6066

Hoobler Music Studio

201 W. College St., Enterprise, 36330 Hoobler Music offers string and drum classes for about $50 a month. Teenagers are welcome to participate in Open Mic Nights held the last Friday of the month. There’s also a community band that


and schedule your visit today! Affiliation: None

218 Graceland Dr., Dothan, 36305 Why Are Parents Raving About Kiddie Care Learning Center? Come in and find out! Voted Best Daycare/ Preschool of the Wiregrass 5-years in a row! Visit www.


A+ Child Care & Learning Academy

3296 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 A+ Child Care & Learning Academy exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desire to be life-long learners. Affiliation: None (334) 699-8067

Ashford Christian Development Center

500 Adams St., Ashford, 36312 The most important time for learning is birth through age 5. At ACDC, we will keep your child stimulated and maximize their potential for knowledge. They will participate in crafts, games, outdoor play, indoor play, reading, bible stories, music and many other activities that will encourage your child’s spiritual, social, mental, emotional and physical growth. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-18 Years Affiliation: Christian (334) 899-3746

Bright Futures Children’s Center

1815 US Hwy. 231, Ozark, 36360 “To provide ‘Faith-Based’ quality childcare services for children and families.” At Bright Futures Children’s Center, LLC we are built on the foundation of the Rock (Matthew 7:24-27). We will pray with our students and teach them God’s principles. Each week we will have a new verse and stories. Every Friday we will have worship time and allow time for them to share and pray. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Affiliation: Christian (334) 774-3003

Eastside Childcare

2846 Columbia Hwy., Dothan, 36303 Eastside Childcare provides a loving and safe environment for children. We offer an Early Head Start and a First Class PRE k program, also other age groups. Affiliation: None (334) 671-0342

Enterprise Christian Learning Center

5 N. Pointe Blvd., Enterprise, 36330 Our goal is to offer a safe place for children to grow and learn. Through the uses of advanced curriculum and many fun activities such as field trips, the children at ECLC can learn and gain the spiritual, physical, social, mental & emotional basics they need to grow into successful young men & women. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Affiliation: Christian (334) 347-5774

First Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten 3012 W. Main St., Dothan, 36305 Our mission is to provide a loving, nurturing environment for preschoolers, preparing them for a joyous journey of learning, and directing them prayerfully toward a life firmly rooted and established in a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His unfailing love. Grades/Ages: 2 Years-Kindergarten Affiliation: Presbyterian (334) 793-6283

Funshine Playschool

120 S. County Rd 33, Ashford, 36312 Our program focuses on the “whole child” approach to learning. We offer a variety of learning centers designed to prepare our children for entry into the public school system. The preschool years provide us with the window of opportunity to build a solid foundation for our children. Funshine offers developmentally appropriate child care at it’s best. This means quality, loving care, in addition to the finest preparation in readiness and early education. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Affiliation: None (334) 899-3987

India’s Tiny Tots Daycare and Preschool

404 N. Cherry St., Dothan, 36303 At India’s Tiny Tots, our child care programs focus on holistic development – emotional, mental, physical, intellectual, and social. Learning begins from day one in an exemplary environment where chilWiregrass Parents I January 2019

dren can flourish. Families get ample opportunity to participate in a number of child centered activities. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-14 Years Affiliation: None (334) 792-0180

Kids United Child Development Center

109 Wanda Court, Dothan, 36303 Our purpose is to provide your child with a safe, warm and developmentally appropriate environment that provides a quality educational purpose. Affiliation: None

(334) 479-0833

L&J Noah’s Ark Child Care and Learning

119 E Selma St., Dothan, 36301 L & J Noah’s Ark Child Care Center is a facility that cares for children enhanced by the teachings of Christ. Our Kids that attend 1 year prior to Kindergarten know their ABC’s, 123’s, spell their names, recognize shapes, colors, etc. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks & Up Affiliation: None

(334) 446-3187

Little Rebels Learning Academy

1062 Hadden Rd., Dothan, 36301 We specialize in daycare, preschool and after school programs! Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years Affiliation: None

(334) 673-2595

Miss Eloise’s Preschool

904 W College St., Enterprise, 36330 Miss Eloise’s Preschool was established in 1949 and is one of Enterprise’s first preschools as well as the longest operating preschool. Every nine weeks your child will receive a report card that tracks their academic and social growth. As a Christian based preschool, they will also participate in daily bible stories we call “Little visits with God”. Affiliation: Christian

(334) 347-8343

Mother Goose Kindergarten

787 N Park Ave., Dothan, 36303 Pre-K Curriculum, Arts and Crafts, Planned Activities, Daily Schedules, Routines and a Structured Environment. Through these strategies, it encourages healthy growth and development for our children. Grades/Ages: 18 Months-10 Years Affiliation: None

(334) 792-5913

Pal-A-Roos Daycare

1310 Hodgesville Rd., Dothan, 36301 After school program picks up from local schools. Call for detailed list. We also have a 1st Class PreK program. Grades/Ages: 3 Weeks-12 Years Affiliation: None (334) 673-1717

Playland Academy

1836 W. Main St., Dothan, 36301 Playland Learning Academy is an independent school in Dothan, Alabama offering pre-school and K-12 education. Our mission is to create an educational experience in an environment where students feel safe, supported, and engaged in their learning process. Affiliation: None (334) 699-8630

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

1231 Fortner St., Dothan, 36301 The Preschool Ministry of Ridgecrest exists to partner with parents to provide a Bible-based ministry that will nurture and build a Biblical foundation. Our desire is that the children will be led to a saving


knowledge of Jesus Christ. At Ridgecrest, you will find a variety of fun learning activities. These activities guide children in learning about God. We also strive to provide support and encouragement for the parents as well. Your child’s safety and security is important to us. Through our in-depth security procedures, we ensure your child is cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. Grades/Ages: Birth-Kindergarten Affiliation: Baptist


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(334) 792-9406

Southeast Health Child Development Center

302 Haven Dr., Dothan, 36301 Nutritious meals and snacks. A developmentally appropriate environment in classrooms and on three play-grounds. Quarterly developmental assessments for children beginning at 18 months. CPR/First Aid trained staff. Surveillance cameras, monitored entry system, ID checks and Southeast Health Security assistance. Computer instruction in pre-school through school-age classrooms. Grades/Ages: 18 Months-14 Years Affiliation: None (334) 793-8888

Stepping Stones Preschool

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217 S. Main St., Enterprise, 36330 As an early childhood education and outreach ministry, our mission is to provide a healthy foundation for learning with a safe, structural, stimulating and nurturing environment. We foster physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth as we prepare children for their next educational step in preschool and ultimately kindergarten. Grades/Ages: 4 Years Affiliation: Methodist (334) 393-2536

The Neighborhood

901 Montezuma Ave., Dothan, 36303 In the Neighborhood of Calvary Baptist Church, we believe no child is too young to learn about our great big God! From the moment your precious baby is born until the time he or she heads off to First Grade, we will be teaching each child about God’s huge love. Kids from birth-Kindergarten meet in small group rooms with kids their own age. We provide age-appropriate curriculum starting from birth. Our 3 year olds-Kindergarten meet together for a large group experience full of high-energy music, activities and engaging Bible teaching. Grades/Ages: Birth-Kindergarten Affiliation: Baptist

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(334) 792-5159

Training Wheels Learning Academy

700 S. Main St., Headland, 36345 At Training Wheels we are fully dedicated to providing an experience which nurtures each child’s love for learning and will encourage the development of each child’s God-given talents and abilities. Our goal is to offer no less than what we would expect for our own children. Grades/Ages: 6 Weeks-12 Years

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(334) 693-0600

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Trinity Learning Center


3077 Hartford Hwy., Dothan, 36305 It is the mission of TLC to provide a loving, Christian environment, while building an academic foundation for each child. Our purpose is to provide an enriching curriculum that will promote biblical truths with a solid foundation of learning. It is our desire to foster academic and spiritual growth in each child that is entrusted in our care. Grades/Ages: 4 Weeks-5 Years Affiliation: Christian (334) 677-8746

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Private School Dothan Montessori School ad on page 15

205 Holly Lane, Dothan, 36301 Dothan Montessori School is dedicated to providing a carefully prepared Montessori environment that nurtures children’s innate curiosity and love of learning. We are here to guide each child and support their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. Grades/Ages: 18 months-9 years Extra Curricular: Yoga, Music, Sewing, Cooking, Spanish Affiliation: American Montessori Society

(334) 671-7170

Northside Methodist Academy ad on page 11

2600 Redmond Rd., Dothan, 36303 To train students in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life while giving every student and excellent education. Grades/Ages: K3-12 Grade Extra Curricular: Art, Chorus, Band, Praise and Worship, Yearbook, Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Golf, Cross Country Affiliation: Methodist


(334) 794-7273


Providence Christian School


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ad on page 13

4847 Murphy Mill Rd., Dothan, 36303 Equipping students. Following Christ. Changing the world. Grades/Ages: 1st-12th Extra Curricular: Co-Curriculars: Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball Affiliation: Presbyterian

(334) 702-8933

Abbeville Christian Academy

258 M.L. Tillis Dr, Abbeville, 36310 The mission of Abbeville Christian Academy is to provide a Christian environment in which to develop well-educated, well-disciplined students with positive self-esteem, a sense of fair play, and the leadership skills needed for the 21st century. Grades/Ages: K3-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Cheerleading Affiliation: Nonsectarian (334) 585-5100

Bethel Christian Academy

3257 E. Cottonwood Rd., Dothan, 36301 The mission of Bethel Christian is to partner with Christian parents in providing students with an excellent academic and Christ-centered education leading the students to become lifelong servants of Christ. Grades/Ages: K3-10th Grade Extra Curricular: Basketball and Cheerleading for K5-6th Grades ; Skeet Team; BAIT Club/Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball, (through the Wiregrass Kings) Affiliation: Baptist (334) 792-5908

Beulah Land Christian Academy

280 Headland Ave., Dothan, 36303 To provide educational experiences of lasting value that will spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, and culturally develop the total personality of each child. Grades/Ages: Nursery-5th Grade Affiliation: Baptist (334) 673-2767

Crossroads Baptist Academy

2574 Westgate Pkwy, Dothan, 36303 Crossroads Baptist Academy is a ministry of our Church, but is open to all Christian homes desiring to train their children for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our doctrine and beliefs are based solely on the Bible, which is our final authority. Grades/Ages: K3-12 Affiliation: Baptist (334) 794-8222

Emmanuel Christian School

178 Earline Rd., Dothan, 36305 The mission of Emmanuel Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered, quality education so that all students have the opportunity to develop spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally as they receive and apply the skills and encouragement needed to be effective leaders and witnesses for Christ today, tomorrow, and for eternity. Grades/Ages: PreK-12 Extra Curricular: Chapel, Choir, Computer, Drama, Missions, Yearbook, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Softball, Baseball Affiliation: Christian (334) 792-0935

Harvest Christian School

1694 Deese Rd., Ozark, 36360 The mission of HCS is to glorify God through the training and nurturing of students in their spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development. This is achieved through a Christ-centered education based on biblical truth, which leads to the formation of the character of God within. Grades/Ages: Daycare-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Archery, Shop/Woodwork Class, Home Economics Affiliation: Baptist (334) 774-3706

Houston Academy

901 Buena Vista Dr., Dothan, 36303 Our mission is to prepare all our students for responsible participation in a global society by providing an excellent learning environment and opportunities to achieve their highest academic, social, and creative potential. Grades/Ages: 3P-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Art, Theater, Music, Band, Cheer, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Indoor Track, Basketball, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, and eSports Affiliation: Independent (334) 794-4106


Lakeside School

1020 Lake Dr., Eufaula, 36027 Since its founding in 1968, The Lakeside School has been committed to excellence in education in a wholesome, non-threatening environment for students of average or above average intelligence and/or abilities. Through a variety of learning activities and experiences, we actively support each student in fulfilling his/her full potential and individual growth. Grades/Ages: Preschool-12th Grade Extra Curricular: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Fishing, Football, Golf, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball Affiliation: Nonsectarian (334) 687-5748

Parkview Christian School

608 S. Eufaula Ave., Eufaula, 36027 The mission of Parkview Christian School is to provide a God-centered, academically-sound atmosphere for the saved as well as the lost world: the lost, so they may have the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus Christ; and the saved to promote and encourage spiritual growth, enabling them with boldness to be disciples to the world. Grades/Ages: K2-4th Grade Affiliation: Baptist (334) 687-4449

Refuge Christian Academy

1507 E Park Ave, Enterprise, 36330 Refuge Christian Academy is a non-denominational, Biblically-based School which partners with Christian families to develop a Christian worldview, provide academic excellence, and prepare children for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ. Grades/Ages: Preschool-12th Grage Extra Curricular: Art, Music, & Drama Affiliation: Non-Denominational (334) 489-4535

Southwest Georgia Academy

14105 GA-200, Damascus, 39841 The Philosophy of SGA is to provide an atmosphere in which the child may develop, through varied experiences, to his fullest potential so that he may more easily find his place in the world in which he lives. We attain this atmosphere by providing a pleasant working environment with well-trained personnel, and planned, meaningful activities. Grades/Ages: K3-12th Grade Extra Curricular: ALPHA Club, Annual Staff, Chapel Band, Helping All iN Dedicated Service (H.A.N.D.S.), Beta Club, Literary, One Act Play, Twirlers, Baseball, Basketball, Bass Fishing, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Softball, Tennis, Track Affiliation: Christian (229) 725-4792

St. John Catholic Montessori School

123 Heath St., Enterprise, 36330 Saint John Catholic Montessori School, in partnership with family and the church, will inspire a lifelong love for learning in a safe, creative and Christian environment. We will provide high-quality learning conditions that nurture the whole child in all areas: social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative and spiritual. Grades/Ages: 3-6 years Affiliation: Catholic (334) 347-0413

Westgate Christian School

617 Westgate Pkwy, Dothan, 36303 Grades/Ages: Preschool-8th Grade Affiliation: Church of Christ

(334) 793-3399

Wiregrass Christian Academy

209 W. College St., Enterprise, 36330 We recognize that each student is unique with individual needs. In cooperation with the home, we will provide experiences to help satisfy those needs. We believe that a child is God’s most precious gift and must be nurtured to achieve healthy development – spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Grades/Ages: Toddler-6th Grade Extra Curricular: Elementary Clubs including Gardening, Science, Crafts Affiliation: Church of Christ (334) 393-8972

Special Needs Children’s Rehab Services

795 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, 36303 Children’s Rehabilitation Service ( CRS ) is a statewide organization of skilled professionals providing quality medical, rehabilitative, coordination and educational support services for children with special health care needs and their families. Every county in Alabama is served through a network of 14 community-based offices. Mission: To enable Alabama’s children and adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.

Tutoring A+ Academic Services

ad on page 23

3245 Montgomery Hwy., Dothan, 36303 A+ Academic Services provides classes and tutoring for students of all ages. Classes include reading and mathematics instruction, ACT/SAT prep courses and a full range of courses to earn high school credits. In addition to individualized programs in specific areas, homework help is offered. A+ is also proctors exams. For an appointment or further information, please call Sonja Goldsmith, Director. Grades/Ages: Kindergarten & Up

(334) 479-8010

The Learning Center ad on page 4

(334) 699-6600

Dothan Leisure Services Therapeutic Recreation

620 Sixth Ave., Dothan, 36301 The Dothan Leisure Services Therapeutic Recreation Program provides recreation and leisure activities for intellectually challenged individuals. The program strives to provide activities that will enable our special citizen’s opportunities to build personal self confidence through fun, social, and educational experiences. Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (334) 615-4743

Speech Therapy Progress Center ad on page 13

2543 Ross Clark Circle, Suite 5, Dothan, 36301 Progress Center is an innovative ABA Therapy and Speech Therapy Center specializing in a unique combination of programs to help with focus, attention and listening skills. We serve children and adults with a variety of learning challenges including ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and classroom difficulties. Our mission is to help children and adults reach their full educational potential by offering programs in academic tutoring, cognitive therapy, and auditory processing support.

(334) 699-4007

Speech Solutions

366 Westgate Pkwy suite 1, Dothan, 36303 Our therapists and staff are skilled in working with a wide variety of speech challenges and can work with your child to improve. We are equipped to help them learn and also help you advocate for your child when meeting and planning with your school. We now have a wonderful translator on staff so that we are better able to serve the Latino community. We offer assistance with your child’s IEP and have a gifted academic tutor to assist with your child’s progress in the classroom.

100 Westside Dr., Dothan, 36303 The Learning Center offers after school help in reading, math, science, social studies and language. We provide proctoring services, home school support, learning skills training and school course credits. (334)-793-2237

Neuro-centrum Tutoring

1201 Freedom Dr., Enterprise, 36330 We want to reach all student who struggle and help them succeed in the classroom and life! NeuroCentrum wants to give each student confidence in themselves by showing them how to be successful. (334) 477-4686

Red Door Educational Services

1733 W Main Street, Suite 100, Dothan, 36301 Red Door Educational Services, LLC, offers tutoring in the area of dyslexia using an Orton-Gillingham based program, Barton Reading, to systematically instruct and retrain the brain so that spelling and reading are improved. Grades/Ages: 1st-12th Grade (334) 648-0842

Smart Learning Dothan

909 S. Saint Andrews St., Dothan, 36303 2-for-1 afterschool tutoring program: 2 HOUR sessions for the price of one! You can choose for your child to stay one or two hours, but the price is the same. The afterschool program will be held at the Cultural Arts Center on Wednesdays from 4:15-6:15. Grades/Ages: K-8th Grade (334) 787-6278


(251) 441-2100

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

111 Medical Dr., Dothan, 36303 AIDB is the nation’s most comprehensive education, rehabilitation and employment system serving individuals who are deaf, blind, deafblind, and multi-disabled, and their families. Grades/Ages: All Ages Affiliation: None (334) 677-6270

Bright Key

Dothan, 36305 Bright Key is a stakeholder-driven community schools initiative operating at both Highlands and Selma Street elementary schools. Because of the stakeholder-driven nature, programs vary from school to school, and each program enlists a community partner to make it successful. Both schools, however, include an Academic Dream Room program where students receive weekly one-on-one tutoring and enrichment with a volunteer tutor. It is easy to volunteer and takes very little time. Affiliation: None

Educational Talent Search Program

105 Pariton Ave., Dothan, 36303 ETS identifies and assists individuals who have potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, admission and financial aid counseling (including technical help completing the FAFSA) to its participants. Limited tutoring available. Online ACT prep available. Grades/Ages: 7th-12th Grade (Dothan City Schools only) Affiliation: None (334) 673-9996

Kindergarten Readiness Initiative

545 W. Main St., Ste 403, Dothan, 36301 Our hope is to help children of the Wiregrass area become “kindergarten ready” by the time they enter school. Our initiative helps parents, educators, and childcare center directors enhance the opportunities that children are presented for a strong educational platform. Affiliation: None (334) 792-6255

New Day Academy

AL School of Math & Science

ad on Back Cover

255 Dauphin St., Mobile, 36604 The Alabama School of Mathematics and

(334) 699-7200

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

Science’s mission is to provide academically motivated Alabama students with exceptional preparation in the fields of math, science, and the humanities, empowering them to improve their community, state, and nation. Grades/Ages: 9th-12th Extra Curricular: Sports: Girls/boys basketball, Track and Field, tennis, soccer and girls volleyball and cheer. Arts: Choir and band. Over 35 clubs on campus (Key Club, Allies, Anime, Black Student Union, Environmental Science Club, Cooking Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Chess Team, Future Engineers’ Club, Yearbook, German Club, Off the Leash, IGNITE, IMPACT, Lab of Learning, HOSA, Heroes of Health, Red Cross Club, Technalliance, Origami Club, Movie Club, Scholars Bowl, Weightlifting Club, Women of the World, Multicultural Student Union, Swing Dance Club, Yoga Club, Ultimate Frisbee). Other: Debate team, Robotics team, Mathematics team, Science Olympiad & SGA. Affiliation: None


700 E. Cottonwood Rd., Dothan, 36301 Patients attend classes six hours per day and receive academic credit that is transferable upon discharge. Educational services include standard academic instruction, vocational readiness, physical education and recreation, art and music instruction. The school helps facilitate re-entry back into a student’s home school or other placement setting. Grades/Ages: 10-18 Years Affiliation: None (334) 794-7373 education/ WP

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Bumblebee MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: BViolence: C+ Sexual Content: A Profanity: BAlcohol / Drug Use: A After the fall of Cybertron (home planet of the Transformers) to rogue elements known as Decepticons, Bumblebee (voiced briefly by Dylan O’Brien) is sent to Earth to lie low until the rest of the justice-seeking Autobots can reassemble and fight back. While there he encounters Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenage outcast and mechanical enthusiast, who finds and repairs him. With her help, Bumblebee tries to stay hidden both from the government and from the Decepticons who have arrived on Earth to hunt him and the other Autobots down. Parental concerns with this film will be quite limited. Unlike other entries in this franchise, there is no sexual content (including crude jokes), and violence is almost solely between Transformers. Humans are rarely harmed. The language is also considerably milder, with profanities being both fewer in number and milder in content than in past films. Viewers familiar with the Transformers franchise might expect Bumblebee to share the weaknesses of the other films - irritating plots and bloated runtime. Fortunately, Bumblebee is, by comparison, the best of the bunch. That said, this is definitely still a Transformers movie, and if you don’t have the patience for giant space robots that turn into cars (or planes, or helicopters, etc.), then you won’t like this one any more than the other films. The movie isn’t perfect, but considering where it comes from, it’s made a lot of progress.

MPAA Rating: PG Runtime: 117 minutes Overall: AViolence: C Sexual Content: A Profanity: A Alcohol / Drug Use: A Miles Morales (voiced by Shameek Moore) is enduring adolescence. Frustrated with the elite school he attends, Miles sneaks out of the dorm one night. He links up with his cool Uncle Aaron (voiced by Mahershala Ali), and they head down to abandoned subway tunnels where Miles works on his graffiti skills, and gets bitten by a spider. We all know what happens next, but Miles is horrified when he starts to sweat profusely and sticks to everything. As the truth finally dawns on him, he goes searching for the original Spider-Man, and finds him just before his death at the hands of Kingpin (voiced by Live Schreiber). Spider-Man a.k.a Peter Parker, was trying to destroy a super collider built by the super villain to open multiple universes. Peter Parker gives Miles a flash drive and makes him promise to use it to destroy the machine before Kingpin can destroy all of reality. Miles is in way over his head, but luckily Kingpin’s initial use of the super collider has drawn other spider superheroes into our universe. They can’t stay because their atoms are degrading – “glitching” – and they must return to their universes or die. The web-slingers all agree that Miles isn’t ready to work with them because his powers are undeveloped and poorly controlled. For his own safety, they tie him up and head off for the ultimate conflict with Kingpin and his evil minions. Not surprisingly, this superhero movie is packed full of violence of the “bam” and “kapow” variety. Characters are punched, kicked, thrown, hit, tossed, choked, and stomped throughout the film. Very little blood and few injuries are shown. This film is easily suitable for teens; as for younger children, parents will want to consider their tolerance for violent action before bringing them to the theater. The minor negatives also come with some big positives. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has great messages about the strength of family relationships, being patient with maturing abilities, and having faith in yourself. When Miles, frustrated that he can’t use his special powers at will, asks Peter B. Parker, “When will I know I’m ready?”, Parker replies, “You can’t. It’s a leap of faith.” Miles, like every other teenager, needs to find the courage to take that leap. Far and away the most striking feature of this movie is its visual design and animation. Not only do Sony’s animators manage to create the sense that the story is taking place in a living comic book; they also move effectively between different visual styles. The dominant aesthetic is a highly stylized pop art style, but it comes through in scenes with smooth, computer animation as well as in sequences that have a hand drawn look. Each of the other superheroes - Peter B Parker (Jake Johnson), Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), Peni Parker (Kamiko Glenn), and Spider-Man Noir (Nicholas Cage) also has a distinct animation style – film noir for Spider-Man Noir, anime for Peni Parker, a Saturday-morning-cartoon look for Spider-Ham – all of which are beautifully rendered. The film is truly a visual feast for animation devotees and casual fans alike. With this outstanding animation and an appealing story, this Spider-man film may well find itself swinging into the Oscar-verse.

Mary Poppins Returns MPAA Rating: PG Overall: AViolence: B Sexual Content: A Profanity: A Alcohol / Drug Use: A“I was flying a kite and it got caught on a nanny,” announces an excited Georgie Banks (Joel Dawson) to his father, Michael (Ben Whishaw) and Aunt Jane (Emily Mortimer), who are in the middle of a discussion concerning Michael’s dire financial situation. Luckily for everyone, the nanny Georgie caught is none other than the inimitable Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt). Mary Poppins’ special talents are badly needed because the Banks family is facing a crisis. Unlike the original Mary Poppins movie, where Jane and Michael had to be trained out of being lazy, selfish, and argumentative, the younger generation of Banks children are generally earnest, helpful, responsible, and desperate to help their father and save their home. In this film, Mary Poppins is much less didactic and teaches the children gentle lessons, almost entirely through song. “A Cover Is Not the Book” warns the kids against judging based on appearances; “The Place Where Lost Things Go” comforts the mourning youngsters; “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” urges them to find light in dark places...and so on. Audiences will not be surprised by the direction the plot takes. A happy ending is expected and is provided. But as with any Disney production, the joy is in the journey. This is a good family movie and the audience at the screening I attended clapped and cheered at the end. 33

FamilyCalendar Tuesday January 1

Move, Groove, Read! Baby Lapsit (Free) 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 This program is designed especially for babies aged 0 to 18 months and their grownups! You and your baby will sing songs, do finger-plays, and enjoy books and baby games, all intended to help little ones discover words and language. (334) 255-3885

Wednesday January 2

Mystery at Main (Free) 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Our Mystery Book Club/Discussion group meets once a month on the first Tuesday of each month. Reading and discussing “The Cold Dish” by Craig Allen Johnson. (334) 793-9767 Discovering Art Camp ($45 for members; $55 for not-yet


2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 January 2-4. Join us in the studio for three days of discovery as we learn about the artwork on display in the museum. After talking about the artist and learning how their artwork was created, students will then create a unique work of their own. Come explore photography, mixed media collage, and more! (334) 794-3871

Thursday January 3

Lego Builders Club (Free) 3:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Daleville Public Library, 308 Donnell Blvd. Daleville, AL, 36322 Join us for some fun building challenges or you can enjoy some

easy-going freestyle building. (334) 503-9119


and more, now you can stay all night with our Xtreme Lock-In Parties! Concession Stand will be open all night. Two hours of Black Light Blackout! An officer will be present all night to make sure the kids are safe. (334) 797-5867 Art of Yoga ($10) 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 Spend an inspired hour on your mat surrounded by some of the South’s most engaging art. Certified yogi Raquel Marques-Jackson will guide you through an all-levels appropriate class. Bring your own water bottle, yoga mat, and towel. (334) 794-3871

Saturday January 5

“Stand in the Light” - Shadow Puppetry Workshop (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us for a puppetry arts workshop with WMA exhibiting artist Anna Sue Courtney. Participants will practice making shadow gestures that will inform the drawing and construction of their own puppet character. Guests will then lift their voices to create a shadow play for that day. (334) 794-3871 Art Club (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 From sketching to painting with watercolors, join us to learn new skills and practice perfecting your old ones. Recommended ages are 5 and up. Supplies are provided. (334) 774-5480 First Saturday Family Day (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 A free come-and-go art activity for kids of all ages. All supplies provided. Pre-registration not required. This month, museum visitors will create galaxy paintings. Using a canvas board, metallic acrylic paint, and a little splatter painting, visitors will create a unique work of art that’s out of this world! (334) 794-3871

Pajama Story Time (Free) 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 This is a fun way to enhance parent-child interaction in a nighttime setting. Wear your comfiest PJs and bring your favorite stuffed animal as we sing, dance, and read stories. Open to authorized patrons and EFMP friendly. (334) 255-3885

HIPPY Field Trip 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 HIPPY families will be taking a trip to the Wiregrass Museum of Art to take part in their Family First Saturdays! Children and parents will work together to create an art project based on a current exhibit in the museum! Feel free to take a look around at the gallery while you’re there! (334) 792-6255

Adult Nite! ($15) 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m., Xtreme Air Trampoline Park, 441 Nypro Lane Dothan, AL, 36305 The first Thursday at Xtreme Air is now Adult Nite. Anyone over 18 can come in and run our amazing Ninja Warrior Course, 20ft rock walls, play some intense dodgeball or volleyball and check out our Super Tramp Arena that will launch you as high as 25 feet in the air! (334) 797-5867

Wiregrass Youth Symphony Orchestra Spring Registration 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. Saint Andrews St. Dothan, AL, 36301 Registration and first class for spring semester will be January 5th. Wiregrass Strings (New students) start at 9:00 AM. Philharmonia will be at 10:00 and the Youth Symphony Orchestra will meet at 11:00. You may pre-register at our website. (334) 699-2787

Friday January 4

Sunday January 6

month the winner will receive a $100 Xtreme Air Gift Card. (334) 797-5867 Reptile Feeding (Adults $4; Kids $3) 4:00 p.m. Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Meet Indie our Eastern Indigo snake, along with our Corn snake and Grey Rat snake, and learn why these animals are important to the environment. (334) 794-3452

Monday January 7

Lego Club! (Free) 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Headland Public Library, 17 Park St. Headland, AL, 36345 Join us for some “creative” fun the 1st Monday of every month. This program is designed for ages 4+. No Pre-Registration required. (334) 693-2706

Tuesday January 8

AIDB Game Day for Deaf and Blind (Free) 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., AIDB Dothan Regional Center, 111 Medical Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Come enjoy an afternoon of competition with others. (334) 677-6270 Slime Lab (Free) 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us each month for a different squishy-icky type of gelatinous goo! All supplies provided. Registration required. (334) 793-9767 The Herbal Toad Book Club Meeting (Free) 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., The Herbal Toad, 120 N. Court Square Ozark, AL, 36360 Reading and discussing “Nine Perfect Strangers.” All are welcome. (334) 714-9503

Thursday January 10

Writer’s Forum (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Discuss problems and solutions involved in writing and publishing a book. All interested person are welcome. (334) 774-5480 Tail Waggin’ Tutors (Free) 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 W. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Come read to our dogs! Therapy Dogs International’s Tail Waggin’ Tutors program encourages children to read by providing a non-judgmental listener and a furry friend to read to that won’t laugh at them if they make a mistake or stumble over a word, but rather lie next to the them and enjoy the story being read to them. (334) 793-9767

Saturday January 12

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Oh no! There are fantastic beasts loose in the Library and we need YOUR help finding them! Join us today as we search for all of the missing beasts from Newt Scamander’s bag! (334) 774-5480

Highland Games Volunteer Meeting 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Westgate Branch, Recreation Road Dothan, AL, 36303 Monthly planning meeting for the 2019 Highland games in Dothan AL. This is an open meeting to those wanting to be involved and help with the planning and running of the games.

2019 Wiregrass Renaissance Faire 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, 5622 Hwy 231 South Dothan, AL, 36301 Knights of Valour, Ichabod Wainwright, Equiferus, Kracker Dan, Red McWilliams, the Jackdaws, Winged Ambassadors and Many more will be performing! Vendors, Food, Games and so much more! (251) 213-5763

Xtreme Lock-In Party ($30) 12:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m., Xtreme Air Trampoline Park, 414 Nypro Lane Dothan, AL, 36305 If you love dodgeball, ninja courses, foams pitts, inflatables, Fortnite, Ziplines

Fortnite Tournament ($20) 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Xtreme Air Trampoline Park, 441 Nypro Lane Dothan, AL, 36305 Players will play through multiple rounds of solo to get to the final round. Each

Bluebird Workshop (Adults $4; Kids $3) 10:00 a.m. Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Dr. Gary Manfready shares new and updated information based on findings regarding bluebird popula-

Scavenger Hunt - The Hunt for Fantastic Beasts


Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


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FamilyCalendar tions in recent years. Registration required. (334) 794-3452

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Popcorn and a Movie (Free) 12:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Popcorn & a Movie is a fun and family friendly event held every month at the Ozark-Dale County Public Library. We show new DVD releases and serve freshly popped popcorn along with soda or juice. Popcorn and drinks are served at 12:45, and the movie begins promptly at 1:00pm. (334) 774-5480 Charity Mystery Bingo ($10 Donation + Donated Prize Valued at $10)

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Perry Recreation Center, 240 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 It’s Bingo with a twist! Join Ozark-Dale County Humane Society for an afternoon of charity Bingo to benefit the fur babies at the Ozark Dale County Humane Society shelter. Please package your prize donation so it cannot be seen. Tickets available at the ODCHS shelter, the Salvation Army Family StoreOzark, or on our Facebook page-via the blue Donate bar. (334) 774-7387




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Boots and Beer ($8) 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m., Live at Harlow’s, 190 W. Reynolds St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Come join us for an amazing night of Country and Southern Rock featuring award winning country artists Jessie Lynn, Few Miles South, and SmokinJoe&Co. 18 and up to attend. Fort Rucker Fun Run & Resiliency Fair (Free) 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Fortenberry-Colton PFC, 4605 Andrews Ave. Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 A 5K fun run and fun activities for the entire family. Participants can run or walk, or just stop by to visit the numerous Resiliency Fair booths. The event promotes resiliency for our Fort Rucker community and will showcase information to improve physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Open to the public. For additional information contact the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness center. Pre-Register at either Fortenberry-Colton, PFC, or MWR Central. (334) 255-2296

Sunday January 13

Bridal Fair (Free) 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., The Holman House, 285 Broad St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Wedding and party vendors. One lucky bride will be the recipient of a complimentary 8 hour wedding event. (334) 774-9321 2019 Wiregrass Renaissance Faire 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, 5622 Hwy 231 South Dothan, AL, 36301 Knights of Valour, Ichabod Wainwright, Equiferus, Kracker Dan, Red McWilliams, the Jackdaws, Winged Ambassadors and Many more will be performing! Vendors, Food, Games and so much more! (251) 213-5763 Skipperville Pageant Interest Meeting & Parent Orientation (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., G.W. Long School, 2567 C.R. 60 Skipperville, AL, 36374 Informative meeting for girls kindergarten to 21 on the 2019 Skipperville pageant. Meeting will be held in the GW Long cafeteria. Attendance is encouraged but not required. Deadline to enter pageant will be January 26, 2019. (334) 714-7966

Tuesday January 15

Move, Groove, Read! Baby Lapsit (Free) 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 This program is designed especially for babies aged 0 to 18 months and their grownups! You and your baby will sing songs, do finger-plays,

and enjoy books and baby games, all intended to help little ones discover words and language. (334) 255-3885 Lego Club (Free) 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36362 Do you love Legos?! Then swing by the Library on to build, create, and play with us! We’ll have building challenges, games, and free play! (334) 774-5480 Adult Book Club (Free) 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 Come discover a new favorite author or genre and be part of our engaging discussion. Open to authorized patrons ages 18+ and is EFMP friendly. Light refreshments will be served. (334) 255-3885 ACOM: The Importance of Vaccines (Free) 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library - Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us and Dr. Rebekah Morrow of Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine for an informative discussion about vaccines. She is going to speak about the history of vaccines, the two basic types of vaccines, how they work, and address some common fears/misconceptions about vaccines. Dr. Morrow is the Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at ACOM. (334) 793-9767 Bingo Night ($20) 6:00 p.m. Blakely Town & Country Club, 120 Yank Lane Blakely, GA, 39823 Bingo dinner night with cash prizes. Ticket includes one card & buffet dinner. Dinner buffet starts at 6:30 p.m. Games start at 7:15 p.m. (229) 723-4700

Wednesday January 16

Slime Lab


3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., DothanHouston Co. Library - Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us each month for a different squishy-icky type of gelatinous goo! All supplies provided. Registration required. (334) 793-9767

Thursday January 17

Lego Builders Club (Free) 3:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Daleville Public Library, 308 Donnell Blvd. Daleville, AL, 36322 Join us for some fun building challenges or you can enjoy some easy-going freestyle building. (334) 503-9119 Ozobots (Free) 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library - Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Ozobot presents a fun, easy way to get comfortable with robotics and coding. Ages 8-18. Registration required. (334) 793-9767 Art After Hours (Members Free; $5 Nonmembers) 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 Come wander the galleries, have a drink, and take in the new art on display. You might even have a chance to speak with one of the exhibiting artists or try your hand at an ingallery activity. Light snacks will be served, and drinks will be available for purchase. (334) 794-3871


Teen Book Club (Free) 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 Join us and discover your new favorite author. Light refreshments will be served. Teens ages 13-17. Open to authorized patrons. EFMP Friendly. (334) 255-3885 Ensemble Melange (Adults $25; Students $20) 7:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m., Enterprise High School Performing Arts Center, 1801 Boll Weevil Circle Enterprise, AL, 36330 A Joyful Sextet of All-Star Musicians featuring Romantic, Jazz, Latin, Broadway, and Classical music. Presented by the Coffee Co. Arts Alliance. (334) 406-2787

Friday January 18

Skate Night (Safety Skate: $2; Regular Skate: $5) 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., School Age Center , Building 2806 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 Safety Skate 5-6. Regular Skate 6-8. Children that participate in Safety Skate must be picked up by 6 or have a parent present for Regular Skate. Child & Youth Services registered members only. (334) 255-9108

Saturday January 19

Dothan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Founders Day 2019 Luncheon and Celebration (Alumnae & General Tickets $35; Col-

legiate Tickets $20)

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, 795 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, AL, 36303 Come celebrate Founders Day 2019 with the Dothan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. The Honorable Judge Rose Gordon will be the speaker. This event is open to the public. (334) 655-1282 2019 Wiregrass Renaissance Faire 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, 5622 Hwy 231 South Dothan, AL, 36301 Knights of Valour, Ichabod Wainwright, Equiferus, Kracker Dan, Red McWilliams, the Jackdaws, Winged Ambassadors and Many more will be performing! Vendors, Food, Games and so much more! (251) 213-5763 Hummingbird Workshop (Adults $4; Kids $3) 10:00 a.m. Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Fred Basset returns to share his extensive knowledge of the hummingbird along with facts about nesting habits, food and caring for the feeders, as well as its migration pattern. Registration required. (334) 794-3452 Coffee and Coloring (Free) 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library - Westgate Branch, Recreation Road Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us for Adult Coffee and Coloring. A time of relaxation, creativity and where friendships are made. All supplies are provided or bring your own. (334) 699-2950 Aces for the Arts (DAYP Members $25; Nonmembers $50) 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. St. Andrews St. Dothan, AL, 36301 It’s Casino Night! Join the Dothan Area Young Professionals for cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres, craps, roulette, blackjack, and more. Tickets & DAYP membership available at the door. Ages 21 & up. Cocktail attire.

FamilyCalendar PRIMP The Runway Tour: Fashion Event/Food Drive ($10 Advance, $15 at the Door, $20 VIP Front Row Seating w/Swag Bag)

6:00 p.m. Fairytale Chateau, 1047 S. Oates St. Dothan, AL, 36301 Get ready to dress to impress and enjoy PRIMP Agency serving fashion AND philanthropy on a runway near you while doing some good to someone else! Benefits Manna House Food Pantry/Grace Place. (334) 379-4637 Dr. Crowdis Run (Pre-race $20 with T-shirt, $12 without T-shirt; Race Day $25 with T-shirt, $17 without T-shirt)

9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., First United Methodist Church, 397 College St. Blakely, GA, 39823 The 23rd Dr. James H. Crowdis Run offers a 5K and 10K race for both runners and walkers with awards category in each. We also offer a non-competitive one mile run/walk. Finishers in all three events will receive finisher medals. T-shirts will be included in the race entry but we also offer a no t-shirt option for a reduced fee.

Sunday January 20

2019 Wiregrass Renaissance Faire Details January 19.

Friday January 23

Meet & Mingle with DAYP 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., KBC, 151 N. Foster St. Dothan, AL, 36303 All DAYP members are invited to Meet and Mingle. If you have not been able to attend any of our after hours networking events, this is a fantastic opportunity to start meeting up with people who you do business with, want to do business with, or share the same interests. Military Affairs Quarterly Breakfast (Free) 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., Cutt’s Restaurant, 417 E. Lee St. Enterprise, AL, 36330 Join us for a FREE BREAKFAST hosted by the DAV Ch.9 for Ft. Rucker updates and much more! Guest speaker: Jeff Coleman Wayne Farms Job Fair 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Enterprise Civic Center, 1421 Neil Metcalf Rd. Enterprise, AL, 36330 The company is taking applications at this time for Poultry Processing Line Associate, for two shifts. Applications being accepted online now.

Thursday January 24

Houston Co. Republican Women’s Meeting ($10) 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, 795 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, AL, 36301 The Houston County Republican Women hold monthly meetings the fourth Thursday of each month. Meetings include a scheduled guest speakers, lunch and a program. All are invited to attend. Reservations are required the Tuesday before the meeting date. To make your reservation, or for more information about the organization and how you can become a member, e-mail Writer’s Forum (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36362 Discuss problems and solutions involved in writing and publishing a book. All interested person are welcome. (334) 774-5480 Stupid Cupid’s May-Haw Valentine’s ($20 Individual; $17 Groups of 20+)

7:30 p.m. Cotton Hall Theater, 158 E. Main St. Colquitt, GA,

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


39837 Stupid Cupid is visiting all your favorite May-Haw characters this year and turning their love lives upside down. With toe-tapping tunes and wild shenanigans, this fun-loving show will have you keep you laughing. You just better hope cupid doesn’t turn his arrow towards you! (229) 758-5450 HIPPY Group Meeting 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., Wiregrass Boys & Girls Club, 457 S. Alice St. Dothan, AL, 36301 Children will engage with home visitors in developmentally appropriate character development activities while parents attend a Parent Cafe to discuss and learn. Snacks are provided before activities begin. All Counties Are Welcome. (334) 792-6255

Friday January 25

Stuffed Animal Sleepover (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Westgate Branch, Recreation Road Dothan, AL, 36303 Drop off your fuzzy friends for a library sleepover they’ll never forget! Make them a nametag, read them a goodnight story, and tuck them in. Pick them up Saturday from 11-3 PM with a photo of all the things they got into when you were not around. (334) 699-2950 2019 Pike Piddlers Storytelling Festival ($25) 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., We Piddle Around Theater, 102 N. Main St. Brundidge, AL, 36010 This year we are joined by Donald Davis, Kevin Kling, Sheila Kay Adams and Michael Reno Harrell. Pre-show music by traditional musicians. (334) 344-9427 or (334) 685-5524 Girls Conference 2019 ($10) 6:45 p.m. Bethany Baptist Church, 1805 C.R. 533 New Brockton, AL, 36351 2-day conference for girls 7th grade and older. The purpose for this conference is to teach women what the Bible says about purity and modesty. Speakers, worship leader and small group time. Meals and snacks provided. (334) 400-7362 Stupid Cupid’s May-Haw Valentine’s ($20 Individual; $17 Groups of 20+)

Details January 24.

Saturday January 26

Belly to Baby and Beyond Expo 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m., Windmill Station, 1369 Headland Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 An event catered to expectant moms and moms with preschool children, showcasing prenatal and early infant/preschool services and products. (334) 899-2626 Seed Swap ($4 for adults, $3 for kids, free for park members) 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Bring your heirloom seed collection and swap with fellow gardeners. Hosted by Wiregrass Master Gardeners Association and Alabama Cooperative Extension System. (334) 794-3452 BGCW - Enterprise Club Registration Day 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., 301 N. Ouida St. Enterprise, AL, 36330 Registration Day for our New Enterprise Club! LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE! 1st - 8th grades only. Payment and registration form due at registration. No cash payments accepted. Visit for more information and to download registration packet.


Purple Martin Workshop ($4 for adults, $3 for kids, free

for park members)

10:00 a.m. Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Dr. Gary Manfready will discuss migratory bird populations and the natural history of the species, plus housing requirements for Purple Martins and conservation efforts. Registration required. (334) 794-3452 Art Club (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 From sketching to painting with watercolors, join us to learn new skills and practice perfecting your old ones. Recommended ages are 5 and up. Supplies are provided. (334) 774-5480 Stupid Cupid’s May-Haw Valentine’s ($20 Individual;

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2:00 p.m. and 6:00 pm Cotton Hall Theater, 158 E. Main St. Colquitt, GA, 39837 Stupid Cupid is visiting all your favorite May-Haw characters this year and turning their love lives upside down. With toe-tapping tunes and wild shenanigans, this fun-loving show will have you keep you laughing. You just better hope cupid doesn’t turn his arrow towards you! (229) 758-5450 Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood’s Gala Art Auction & Exhibit (Advance Tickets $10; $12 at the Door ) 6:00 p.m. Temple Emanu-El, 188 N. Park Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 The Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El will host its annual Gala Art Auction and exhibit, featuring art in all media and price ranges, with hors d’oeuvres, dessert and champagne, tea, wine and beer tasting by the Thirsty Pig. A portion of the proceeds go to support local community charities. (334) 7892-5001

Sunday January 27

Stupid Cupid’s May-Haw Valentine’s ($20 Individual; $17 Groups of 20+)

Details January 26. 5th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., The Depot Off Main, 110 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 Dr. Stephen Jacobs from the University of Alabama will speak on the topic of genocide. Reception to follow. Special Needs Sunday ($12) 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Xtreme Air Trampoline Park, 441 Nypro Lane Dothan, AL, 36305 The last Sunday of every month we open the park for Special needs kids and adults. Cost covers 2 hours of jumping and a pair of socks. (334) 797-5867 Adult Skate Night ($10 Admission, $2 Standard Skate Rental, $3 Speed/Inline Skate Rental)

7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m., Fun Zone, 465 Westgate Pkwy Dothan, AL, 36303 Dust off your old skates (or borrow ours) and join us for Sunday Funday! DJ Smoke playing your favorite skate jams from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. (334) 678-7529 Bridal Extravaganza 2019 ($8 Advance; $11 at the Door) Dothan Civic Center, 126 N. St. Andrews St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Preview the latest in wedding trends, fabulous decor and exciting entertainment. Meet with the best of the areas vendors and enter to win dozens of prize giveaways! (334) 615-3175

Monday January 28

Magic the Gathering - Learn to Play (Free) 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 This



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FamilyCalendar gaming tutorial is for those who would like to learn how to play Magic the Gathering. We will provide the basic cards needed to get you started. Ages 12 & up. Registration is required. (334) 793-9767 WEPS Annual Fundraising Banquet 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Enterprise Civic Center, 1421 Neil Metcalf Rd. Enterprise, AL, 36330 Gianna Jessen is our Guest speaker. While the obstacles she’s overcome have inspiration on their own, she’s also been a living, breathing face to the horrors of abortion. She’s one of the rare survivors and frequently relays her story—speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. (334) 417-0270 Landmark Park Membership Dinner ($15) Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Celebrating 42 years. Members will enjoy a meal and learn about what’s ahead for the park in 2019. The 2019 Heritage Award and Volunteer Service Award winners will be recognized. New board members will be elected. (334) 794-3452

Tuesday January 29

Valentine Card Making (Free) 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Come make a Valentine card for your special Valentine with Mari! Each person will receive the materials to create ONE Valentine card and ideas for different designs. Feel free to bring anything special you would like to use as well. (Ex. Stickers, jewels, brads, foam tape, ect.) This is an ADULT only event. Registration is not required but supplies will be limited. (334) 793-9767

Wednesday January 30

Home: Perspectives on Housing in Dothan (Free) 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Ave. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us for a panel discussion to present different viewpoints on housing in Dothan. Lunch will be served and seating is limited. Please RSVP. (334) 794-3871

Every Saturday & Sunday in January

Planetarium Shows: Seasonal Stars & Stories ($3) 1:00 p.m. Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Saturdays and Sundays. Live show that projects the seasonal stars and constellations and teaches stargazers how to find these heavenly bodies in their own backyards. Not recommended for children under 5. Please note, on the second weekend of each month the Planetarium will show full dome movies only. (334) 794-3452

Every Saturday in January

Pokemon League (Free) 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Come battle Pokemon through cards or video games! Come have fun and make new friends! (334) 774-5480

Every Tuesay in January

Story & Craft Time @ Main (Free) 10:15 a.m. - 10:45 a.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library - Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303

Registration is not required, but supplies are limited and will be available on a first come basis. Stories and crafts are designed for ages 2-6. (334) 793-9767 Toddler Tales (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library, 11880 Columbia St. Blakely, GA, 39823 Story time with music and crafts for children under the age of 5. GP Quilters (Free) 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Grace Place Church, 5730 Shellfield Rd. Enterprise, AL, 36330 Get together with other quilters of ALL skill levels, male and female, to create and construct colorful quilts for infirmed and homebound members or friends who will enjoy them. Just bring your sewing machine or willingness to help! (334) 347-5214

Every Wednesday in January

Story & Craft Time @ Westgate (Free) 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Westgate Branch, Recreation Road Dothan, AL, 36303 Registration is not required, but supplies are limited and will be available on a first come basis. Stories and crafts are designed for ages 2-6. (334) 699-2950 Story Time (Free) Ozark Dale Co. Public Library, 416 James St. Ozark, AL, 36360 Join us on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to listen to a great book, make a cool craft, and enjoy a yummy snack! Sometimes you’ll even get to play games outside! (334) 774-5480

Every Friday in January

Story Time (Free) 10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Center Library, Building 212 Fort Rucker, AL, 36362 This program introduces the joy of reading to children ages 2 - 5 years old, and enhances parent-child interaction. A typical Story Time includes a story and coloring or craft time. (334) 255-0891 Far Out Friday (Free) 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Lucy Hilton Maddox Memorial Library, 11880 Columbia St. Blakely, GA, 39823 Science for children ages 6-12.

Every Sunday in January BMX Beginner Instruction (Free) 2:00 p.m. Circle City BMX, Westgate Memorial Park Dothan, AL, 3603 Beginner instruction, loaner bikes, and helmets are provided. Just wear long sleeves, long pants, and athletic shoes. New riders get the track to themselves starting at 2:00. (334) 714-0212 Chess Club (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Main Branch, 445 N. Main St. Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us for Chess Club every Sunday at Main! All Chess boards and pieces are provided. (334) 793-9767 Scrabble Club (Free) 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Dothan-Houston Co. Library Westgate Branch, Recreation Road Dothan, AL, 36303 Join us for Scrabble Club on Sundays at Westgate! (334) 699-2950

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday in January

Planetarium Shows: Full Dome Movies ($3) Landmark Park, 430 Landmark Dr. Dothan, AL, 36303 Fridays, Sundays and Mondays at 3:30 p.m. Saturdays


at 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. January Movie: “Two Small Pieces of Glass.” Learn the history of the telescope, from Galileo’s modifications to a child’s spyglass to the launch of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the future of astronomy. (334) 794-3452

Classes Art

Art Club 10:30 a.m.-noon. first and last Saturdays of the month at Ozark-Dale Co. Library. Miss Alden Delaney will give art lessons for children ages 5 years and up. All skill levels are welcome; we provide the art supplies, and there is no charge for the lessons. For more info, call (334) 774-5480 or visit Artist Escape @ Rudd Art Center (Ozark) 11 a.m.-2 p.m. come-and-go on Wednesdays. Ann Rudd Art Center, 144 E. Broad Street, Ozark. No cost and all skills are welcome. If you need technique or inspiration, advice is free too. We paint draw, cut and paste, share ideas, stories and artsy odds and ends. For more info, call (334) 445-6526 or visit Arts & Crafts Weekly Classes Ft. Rucker Arts & Crafts Center offers a variety of classes for all ages. For more info, call (334) 255-9020 or visit • Woodshop Safety: Saturdays, 9-10 a.m. $5 fee per person. • Stained Glass: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. $40 fee per person. • Double Stained Glass: Wednesdays & Saturdays, 10 a.m.-noon. $40 fee per person • Children’s Painting: Every other Saturday, 1-3 p.m. $20 fee per child/Additional $10 for parents. • Adult Painting: Every other Friday, 6-8 p.m. $30 fee per person. *Classes must be paid for before class starts.* Cookies and Canvas 1-3 p.m. 2nd Saturdays. All About Art, 100 South Main Street, Enterprise. For kids, teens and parents. Class is designed to be a family experience for parents and children; however, kids 10-17 may be signed up to participate independently. Refreshments served as a part of the creative experience. $20 per 11x14 canvas; $30 per 16x20 canvas. Sign up in store, at or by calling (334) 348-2738 and paying over the phone. Private party times available. Min. of 10 people required. Cultural Arts Center Visual Art Classes 909 S. St. Andrews Street, Dothan. Children’s and Adults’ exploratory art classes will be held in the Messy Space building at the Cultural Arts Center. Registration is open online at or in person at the box office of the Cultural Arts Center. For more info, call (334) 699-2787. Preschool Art Class 3:30 p.m. Thursdays. Tispy Easel, 102 S. Cherokee Avenue, Suites 2 & 3, Dothan. Fun activities for children ages 2-6. We provide all supplies needed. Cost: $15. One adult is required to stay with each child when attending this class. For more info, call or text (334) 714-7147. Toddler Tales Art Classes 10 a.m. 1st Saturdays. All About Art, 100 South Main Street, Enterprise. For kids 15 months to 4 years and their caregivers. Class is designed to be a family experience, with story time and a related art project for toddlers and their caregivers. Light toddler-friendly

FamilyCalendar SupportGroups refreshments will be provided. Cost is $20 per child. Sign up in store, at or by calling (334) 348-2738 and paying over the phone. Private party times available. Min. of 10 people required. Private party groups can pick any painting from our archives or current paintings. “Wine” Down with Art (Canvas Painting Class) 7-9:30 p.m. Offered MOST Fridays. All About Art, 100 S. Main St., Enterprise. Step-by-step class for all experience levels. You must pay in advance to reserve your spot for the evening. We accept walk-ins as space is available. Must be 18 years or older. Cost: $30 per person. Bring your own beverages and refreshments and we will provide everything else. For more info, call (334) 348-2738 or visit Youth Art Classes 4-5:30 p.m. January 8, 15 & 22. Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Avenue, Dothan. Students will learn about a new work of art each week by discussing the artist and how it was created, as well as sharing thoughts on the work in a sketchbook made by each student. Pre-registration required by the first Saturday of the month. Cost: $35 members; $45 non-members. Call (334) 794-3871 or

Choral Classes

Una Voce is a community choir for children in grades 5-8,that is in residence at the Cultural Arts Center on St. Andrews St. in Dothan. Membership in Una Voce is a commitment to faithful, consistent and punctual attendance. It is expected that both rehearsals and performances will take a very high priority in each child’s life. Cost is $20 a month or $100 for fall session. Please visit for details.

Computer & Technology

Free Basic Computer Classes 9-10 a.m. Saturdays at Ozark-Dale Co. Library. You’ll learn the basics of using your computer, the internet, e-mail, Microsoft Office and more! Registration is not required. Free Tech Classes 2-3 p.m. Fridays at Ozark-Dale Co. Library. We can help you with your smart phone, tablet or your e-reader! Please bring your device to the class. Registration is not required.


Ballroom Dance 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays at Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. Saint Andrews St., Dothan. Come learn the basic steps of a new ballroom dance each month with a few of the pros who love to social dance. Hosted by Bill Dempsey, Dothan Ballroom Dance Club will offer dance lessons for $2 per person per night. No partner needed. For more info, call (334) 791-9407 or visit Cultural Arts Center Classes: Beginner Foxtrot 6 p.m. Wednesdays (January 9, 16, 23, 30) Beginner Hustle 7 p.m. Wednesdays (January 9, 16, 23, 30) Beginner Two-Step 8 p.m. Mondays (January 7, 14, 21, 28) Beginner Waltz 6 p.m. Mondays (January 7, 14, 21, 28) Intermediate Cha Cha 7 p.m. Mondays (January 7, 14, 21, 28) Each session (4 classes of any one dance style) is $40 per person payable at the beginning of the first class. Cash and personal checks accepted. Classes are taught by professional instructor, Jim Johnson. Classroom will open at 5:30 p.m. E-mail Sharla Sanders at as soon as possible to reserve a spot in class.

Wiregrass Parents I January 2019


Line Dancing 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays at Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. Saint Andrews St., Dothan. A great class for beginners who want to learn more. Come 10 minutes early to sign in and pay and wear shoes that slide easily on the floor. No partner needed. $5 per person per night. For more info, call (334) 701-5261 or visit


Boll Weevil Dive Club 6-7:30 p.m. January 10. 1303 Rucker Blvd., Enterprise. Meets monthly. Come by and meet new dive buddies, take advantage of our free diver workshops, view upcoming events and trips, view new gear samples, get familiar with area instructors/diving guides and eat some free food! For more info, call (334) 578-3483 visit www.


Master Gardeners Lunch and Learn Noon-1 p.m. January 15. Dothan-Houston County Main Library Community Room. Join the Wiregrass Master Gardeners as they present on a variety of seasonal topics each month. Topic this month is honey bees. Don’t forget to bring a bag lunch! For more info, call (334) 794-4108 or visit

Health & Nutrition

Omni Fit Classes 8 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ridgecrest Baptist Church, 1231 Fortner Street, Dothan. Classes are always free so come check one out and get fit! Children welcome. For more info, call (334) 792-9406 or visit TaeKwonDo Classes 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays. Perry Recreation Center, 223-299 Community Dr, Ozark. For more info, call (334) 774-2523. Weight Watchers 5:30-6:30 p.m. Mondays. Dale Medical Center, 126 Hospital Ave, Ozark. Basement Floor, by the cafeteria. Class cost is $13. Enrollment fee is $35. For more info, call (334) 774-2601 or visit


Linking Rings Club 5-6:30 p.m. Mondays. Titan Magic, 518 N. Daleville Ave., Daleville. Totally free. Ages 5 and up are welcome. Learn the ins and outs of magic, the history, how to do different types of magic and illusions. Meet other kids and share ideas. For more info, call (334) 494-5996 or visit

Library. Grab your needles, yarn and thread as we create projects for every skill level from beginner to expert. This free event is open to authorized patrons ages 10+ and is EFMP friendly. Children ages 10-12 must be accompanied by an adult. For more info, call (334) 255-3885.

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Wiggles and Giggles 10 a.m., first Thursdays and fourth Mondays at Enterprise Public Library, 101 E Grubbs St., Enterprise. FREE baby signing class. Come sing and sign! For info, call (334) 347-2636 or e-mail


Adult Swim Classes 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. & 5:30-6:30 p.m. January 7-30. Novosel St. Bldg 113, Fort Rucker. Each session includes 8 classes held on Mondays & Wednesdays. Register at least 3 days prior to the start of the session at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center Indoor Pool! Classes are taught by American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. For more info, call (334) 255-2296. Aqua Zumba 9-10 a.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays at Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center, Andrews Ave. Bldg. 4605. Low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise. Participants do not need to know how to swim. Classes are open to authorized patrons only, ages 14 and up. For more info, call (334) 255-9162 or (334) 255-2672.


Art of Yoga 9-10 a.m. First Fridays. Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Avenue, Dothan. Participants will be guided through an all-levels appropriate class held in the museum galleries. Please bring your own water bottle, yoga mat, and towel (if needed). For more info, call (334) 794-3871 or e-mail Weekly Evening Yoga 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays. The Herbal Toad, 120 North Court Square, Ozark. Certified yoga instructor, Alexandra Locklear. $5/class. Bring your own mat and bottled water, and a yoga block if you have one. For info, call (334) 714-9503 or visit Yoga with Raquel Jackson 11 a.m.-noon. January 8 and 6-7 p.m. January 15. Dothan-Houston Co. Library Westgate Branch-Community Room, 535 Recreation Road, Dothan. Jackson teaches a gentle style that gears toward the beginner. For more info, call (334) 699-2950 or visit

Support Groups

Science & Engineering



The Pink Ambassadors 11 a.m.-1 p.m. First Fridays (except January, July and September) Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Doctors Building, 7th floor Conference Room. For more info, call (334) 712-3336 or 1-800-735-4998.

Club STEAM Powered for Grades 5-8 3:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Daleville Public Library, 308 Donnell Blvd, Daleville. A fun and free after-school science program. Learn about different fields of science and engineering through fun hands-on experiments. Program funded by a grant from the Wiregrass Foundation. Please register at the Daleville Public Library. Call (334) 503-9119 or e-mail

Crochet Class 1-2 p.m. Saturdays. The Herbal Toad, 826 Andrews Ave, Ozark. Maximum class size is 10. Beginners, bring a worsted weight skein of yarn and a crochet hook size I. For those who know how to crochet, bring the project that you are working on to get help. $6 per person. For children 13 and under, call for special times. For info, call (334) 714-9503 or visit Yarn It Darn It 5-6 p.m. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. Fort Rucker Center


I’m 2 Young 4 Breast Cancer 6-7:30 p.m. Third Tuesdays each month. Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Women’s Center, third floor. For more info, contact Ladonna Danford at (334) 699-8111, ext. 8459.

US-TOO Prostate Cancer (Wiregrass Chapter) 6 p.m. First Thursdays, except July and January. Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) 7th floor Doctors Building. For more info, call (334) 793-8107.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Survivors Called group meets on Thursdays from 9-10:30 a.m. The Exchange Center, 102 Morgan Street, Dothan. This is an


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SupportGroups open group, for survivors of domestic violence. For more info, call (334) 671-1966 or visit or find us on Facebook (ExchangeCAP).

Grief Support

Grace Group Noon, first Wednesdays. Living Waters Counseling, 2130 County Road 125, Headland. This support group offers encouragement for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. For more info, call (334) 693-3380 or visit

Parkinson’s Support Noon, 3rd Tuesdays each month (except summers). Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Rehab Services building, 1480 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan. For more info, call Haley McNeal at (334) 793-8961. Stroke 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. 3rd Thursdays each month (except November). Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Doctors Building, 7th floor Conference Room. For more info, call Sharon Bidwell at (334) 793-8726, ext. 5.

Grief Goup 10 a.m. second and fourth Tuesdays. Living Waters Counseling, 2130 County Road 125, Headland. Grief Group is for those who have lost loved ones and need help moving on and learning to cope with their loss. For more info, call (334) 693-3380 or visit

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) 3 p.m. first Tuesdays. Newton Baptist Church, Newton. For more info, contact Melissa Enfinger at (334) 3123328 or Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group Meetings 7 p.m. first Mondays of each month. First United Methodist Church, Dothan. Marie Flowers Room. Park in the front left parking lot. Enter through the door on the left behind the circular driveway (behind the rose garden). Facilitator: Will Coggins. For more info, call (334) 7022273 or (334) 794-7965. **Please note: This support group meets regardless if it is a holiday or not. Sometimes the holidays are the hardest for caregivers.** Better Breathers 10 a.m. Third Tuesdays each month (except summers). Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Doctors Building, 7th floor Conference Room. For more info, call (334) 793-8025. Caring Hearts Meets quarterly on 3rd Wednesdays of these months: March, June, September, December. Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Doctors Building, 7th floor Conference Room. For more info, call (334) 793-8025.


Breastfeeding 10 a.m.-noon. 1st & 3rd Thursdays. Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Women’s Center, 2nd floor Conference Room C. For more info, call (334) 673-4141. Dothan First Friday Mother’s Group St. Columba Catholic Church, 2700 W. Main St., Dothan. On the first Friday of each month, moms and kids are invited to come to the 9 a.m. Mass. After Mass, moms and kids are invited to the gym for free story time and crafts for kids, and coffee and fellowship for moms. All moms and children are welcome. For more info, call (334) 944-6523 or visit Dothan Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) 9:30-11:30 a.m. mostly 1st and 3rd Tuesdays (January 8 & 22). Harvest Church, 2727 Fortner St., Dothan. For more info, call (334) 702-6555, x232 or e-mail Fort Rucker’s Mom & Me: Dad Too 9:30-11 a.m. Mondays at The Commons in the Soldier Service Center Bldg. 5700, Rm. 371G. The FREE playgroup is for families with children ages birth to 16 months. For details, call New Parent Support Program at (334) 255-9647 or (334) 255-3359 or (334) 255-9805. Fort Rucker’s Tot Time 9:30-11 a.m. Wednesdays at The Commons in the Soldier Service Center Bldg. 5700, Rm. 371G. The FREE playgroup is for families with children ages 17-36 months. Registration and proof of immunization required. For details, call New Parent Support Program at (334) 255-9647 or (334) 255-3359 or (334) 255-9805.

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Crowns of Glory (formerly Hang In There) For parents of children with disabilities and illnesses. 6 p.m. on 4th Saturdays, every other month (Feb, April, June, August, Oct, Dec) Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Auditorium Conference Room. For more info, contact Lisa Patterson at (334) 793-1044.

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Diabetes Support 3-4:30 p.m. Quarterly 3rd Tuesdays. Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) Women’s Center, 1st floorDiabetes Treatment Center Classroom. For more info, call (334) 793-8854 or 1-800-223-0843.

Mom Tribe Parents’ Night Out 6-9 p.m. First Fridays. First UMC-Eufaula, 101 E. Barbour St., Eufaula. Cost: $10 per child/$25 max per family. We would love to have your kiddos (6 months-12 years) while you have a date night, girls’ night, alone night, whatever! Dinner, snacks, fun included. Text Beth at (724) 272-7612 to reserve your spot!

Dothan Patient & Family Support Volunteer Training Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will give you a sense of purpose and worthwhile work? Support hospice patients & families; serve bereaved family members; provide administrative & clerical support; assist with fundraising or community outreach efforts; give loving support to Covenant Care Kids; honor veteran patients; and care for Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. For more info, contact Donna at (850) 482-8520 or e-mail

Wiregrass Hope Group Pregnancy Resources All of our services are provided at no cost to our clients. Programs and services include: pregnancy testing ultrasound (limited to 1st trimester); pre-natal and parenting education programs; nutrition classes; childbirth classes; breastfeeding classes; newborn care; life skill classes; fatherhood program; pregnancy loss; abortion recovery care; and adoption referral. To make an appointment for a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, or to find out any other info, please call (334) 793-0002 or e-mail Also visit


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PTSD Group Tuesdays from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Fort Rucker Spiritual Life Center in Bldg. 8939 on Red Cloud Road. The group follows the Veterans Affairs protocol PTSD Recovery Program and is for anyone interested in learning more about PTSD. For more info, call (334) 255-3903.

Recovery from Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. For more info on meetings near you on a day that works with your schedule, visit or call (334) 792-3422. ALANON Dothan Hope Family Group Noon Wednesdays. Covenant United Methodist Church Family Life Center, 3610 W. Main St., Dothan. This group is for family members and friends troubled by someone’s drinking. For more info, call (334) 798-1688.

Life In the Blood Group 6 p.m. first Mondays. Living Waters Counseling, 2130 County Road 125, Headland. This grief support group offers hope for those who have lost a child. For more info, call (334) 693-3380 or visit

Illness Support

Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)


ALANON Dothan Hope Family Group 6:30 pm. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Covenant United Methodist Church Family Life Center, 3610 W. Main St., Dothan. This group is for family members and friends troubled by someone’s drinking. For more info, call (334) 798-1688. AA Meeting @ Ozark Dale Co. Public Library Noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays. 416 James Street, Ozark. Other meetings are Tuesdays at 7 p.m., and Fridays at noon in the West Wing of the Library. For more info, call Fred Gissendanner at (334) 445-2143. Celebrate Recovery 6 p.m. Thursdays. Covenant United Methodist Church Christian Life Center, 3610 W. Main St., Dothan. This is a free 12-step program for any hurt, hang-up or habit you or your family may be facing (anger management, divorce recovery, sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography addiction). Snack supper at 5:45 p.m. Excellent childcare (for ages 12 and under) provided for children of parents attending program. For more info, call (334) 793-4440 or e-mail Celebrate Recovery 7 p.m. Fridays. Harvest Church, 2727 Fortner St., Dothan. Free program and all are welcome. For those with children, age-specific children’s program is available. For more info, call (334) 702-6555 or e-mail

Special Needs

Autism Support Group For meeting location and time, call Fran Heisner at (334) 793-8714 or e-mail Enterprise Autism Social Group Meets at Enterprise Public Library, 101 E Grubbs St., Enterprise. Parent groups meet Jan. 8 at 10:30 a.m. and Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. For more info, call (334) 477-4686 or e-mail Wiregrass Visually Impaired Support Group 10 a.m.-noon, 2nd Thursdays. Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind, Dothan Regional Center, 111 Medical Drive, Dothan. For more info, call Angela Stough at (334) 699-3985.

Please send your calendar events to We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

with diapers! My husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. I’m hoping we can get away for a good anniversary trip. It’s exciting and fun to see what they will all be like this time next year. WP: Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2019? JW: The normal things. Exercise more. Organize and declutter. We bought a new house last year so we still have lots of projects on our list to complete this year. I’ll also be competing in my first mud run this year.

Jaci Bryan Weems

WP: Do you encourage your kids to set goals? If so, what’s something you do to help them achieve their goals? JW: I think we do small goals that are focused on learning to be more independent and conquering a fear. Our kids are all naturally shy, so fear is a constant battle when it comes to new things. We try to prepare them in advance as much as we can. We encourage them. We remind them that it’s the fear that is scarier than what they will actually be doing. We push them when we feel they need it and we let them hang back if they need that to. And then, bribery. We aren’t above a bribe of candy, or a small toy, to get them to let the fear go for a bit.

WP: You are a stay-at-home mom of four. What’s the best thing about having a large family? JW: I love that we have dance parties and wrestling matches like a big slumber party every night. I love that someone always has a friend. I love that they will always have a big cheering section for whatever they choose to do. I love that we will have lots of hands to help with chores (as they get older). I love that we make older people smile when we are out of the house because it reminds them of their own childhood. I love that there is always someone to snuggle.

WP: How would you describe your parenting style? JW: I’ve been told I’m pretty laid back, but I don’t feel that way! Honestly, with so many, I have to be willing to roll with whatever comes up. There’s always someone breaking down over something. There’s always a booboo. I want them to be independent, but under a watchful eye. I try to be honest with them. I like to plan and have some structure. I’m a disciplinarian. I can be ruled by impatience and frustration, but I’m working on it. I say, “I love you” a lot. WP: What made you decide to homeschool your children? JW: It was definitely a calling from the Lord. It has to be because it’s not for the faint of heart! My husband and I decided before we had kids. It’s really about wanting to be the biggest influencer in your child’s life. Our goal isn’t just to raise a knowledgeable student, but to focus on their character. Not everyone gets to have the option to stay at home with their kids and we understand that it’s a privilege and a heavy responsibility. We both have sisters and several friends who homeschool so we have had a lot of support and help. We’ve been blessed with a great community.

WP: Are there things you do with each of your girls one-on-one to recognize and encourage their individuality? JW: One-on-one time is hard to come by in our house, but it is something we do try to give them. It might just be a quick to trip to the grocery store together or reading a book on the couch, but as they get older it’s something we can be more intentional with. We ask them a lot of questions about the things that they like or would like to try. We encourage them to try new things. And we just enjoy them for who they are. One is more dramatic than the others. One is very quiet, but is brave. One is more sensitive. One is my shadow. We don’t have a lot expectations for who they should be. But we do encourage them to be kind, respectful, and to use their talents for the Lord.

WP: What would you say to a family considering homeschooling? JW: With any endeavor in parenting, it can be challenging but it is a work that is worthy of your effort if you feel called. While it might seem isolating, homeschooling focuses a lot on community. Whether through a co-op or a curriculum-based group like what we are a part of, Classical Conversations, you won’t be walking through it alone. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but part of the beauty of homeschooling is being able to tailor your teaching or curriculum to your child and their needs and interests.

WP: What’s something you and your family are looking forward to this year? JW: Since they are still young, it feels like each birthday brings major changes. So it’s fun to see them as they grow and mature, and as we as a family venture into new stages. Our son will start kindergarten in the fall. We are looking forward to finally being through Wiregrass Parents I January 2019

Jaci Bryan Weems is a stay-at-home mom. She and her husband, Phillip, have four children: Eliana (6), Micah (4), Ariella (3), and Rosalie (1).



Math & Science 2019 Summer Camp Sessions


June 3-7, June 10-14, and June 17-21 | Grades 6-10 Register by April 1: $360 Overnight Camp (all inclusive), $260 Day Camp (includes lunch) Register after April 1: $385 Overnight Camp (all inclusive), $285 Day Camp (includes lunch) Cost to stay weekend between a session is an additional $185 (includes trip to water park)

Course Sampling

ACT Prep, Algebra Review, Exploring Inner Space, Marine Biology, CSI: Mobile, Phun Physics, Using Java, Robotics, Field Biology, Psychology, Math Puzzles, Labs of Doom, Rocketry, Origami, Speak Up, Light Metals and Enameling, Apps for Smart Devices, and many more. Applications, more information, and course descriptions are online at

Deadline to register is May 1, 2019!

1255 DAUPHIN ST. • MOBILE, AL 36604 • 251.441.2100 • WWW.ASMS.NET • AIMS@ASMS.NET

Wiregrass Parents January 2019  

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2019 Education Resource Guide!

Wiregrass Parents January 2019  

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2019 Education Resource Guide!