Kathleen Malligan

Kathleen Malligan

Toowoomba, Australia

I am a Spirit-filled Christian ministering in repentance reconciliation and restoration for ADULTS who WILLINGLY want to overcome UNWANTED attraction and other strongholds connected to homosexuality with all resources at: https://books.noisetrade.com/kathleenmalligan

Books written by myself K Malligan are not directed to LGBTQ persons, I respect the freedom and lives of these people in the earth. I of Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba give all peoples of the earth the freedom to believe and follow whatever a to z religion or belief they want. My audience is to those who NO LONGER for whatever reasons don't want their definition of sexuality. THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, CONSCIENCE AND RELIGION IS RECOGNIZED IN ARTICLE 18 OF THE ICCPR.

I am a Teacher, in writing only, an Author of several books with prayer strategies with an online ministry. I do no face to face ministry, I write books and blogs: site is at www.overcomingandunderstandinghomosexuality.com