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Prayer Strategy To Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Kathleen Malligan

Prayer Strategy – Overcoming Alcohol and Drug Addiction Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba Toowoomba Queensland 4350

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PRAYER STRATEGY FOR ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION  Drugs “Father, I repent and renounce abusing alcohol and drugs and any and all prescription drugs of Valium, Sara-Pax, Librium, pain killers or anti-depressants or ‘uppers’ for both myself and my ancestors on both sides of the family. Back over forty and even a hundred generations where we had become addicted to, and the use and abuse and or are still abusing drugs. Also cough medicines, coffee, coke, chocolate, sweets, food, foods, laughing gas, animal medicines, sleeping pills, all tranquillizers, all types of barbiturates any types of stimulants, slimming tablets, all types of depressants, sedatives and any others we have used in abusive ways. Also mine and my ancestors on both sides of the family of gambling with alcoholism and gambling with drug addiction. Also, those my ancestors and I have used for sexual pleasure and hypnotism, in ritual acts, in magic, sorcery and witchcraft practices and incantations. Also all illegal drugs such as LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, opium, heroin, methadone, liquid and tablet morphine’s, speed, hash, marijuana, crack, meth and any other narcotic or drug that has altered our moods and behavior and has educed sleep and stupor and altered senses. I also repent where we have drugged others on purpose for gain and pleasure and deceit and manipulated for sexual pleasures. I also repent where my ancestors and I were selling and trafficking all types of drugs, both illegal or prescribed drugs and also tobacco, alcoholic drinks in the black market and on the streets and underground and as legally accepted by the laws of the Government. I repent where we have abused various doctors to obtain scripts for dependency and or to sell in illegal ways and stolen from an employer or Chemists in any and all types of drugs. I repent where we have broken the laws of the government and Your laws to make others take or buy drugs and alcohol and to obtain drugs and alcohol like; stealing, theft, break and enter, robbery, murder, physical and sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia in all its forms, prostitution, manipulation, conning, lying, adultery and anything else. Father, I ask for the breaking of all soul ties to ancestors, family members and friends and associates, spouses or those from sexual activity outside marriage, companies, gangs, cults, sects, institutions, mental health and its institutions, hospitals, jails and so on from these transgressions and iniquities of drugs and alcohol and also this occult

list and also tobacco. I ask for the generational cycle of addiction and abuse of alcohol and drugs that has come down many generations to be broken off my life. Father, where I am still unwilling to forsake dependency and addiction, bring to death all sin structures that keep me bound in drug addiction, drug desire, drug backsliding and also alcoholism and alcohol dependency. Father where possible let it be so that I am released from any or all spirits with curses that may have come upon us of: “control, manipulation, lying, deceit, sorcery, divination, witchcraft, addiction, craving, alcoholism, alcoholic abuse, wine drinking, strong drink, blind drunk, drinking to oblivion, stuttering, stupor, stupidity, mockery, torment, panic, anxiety, sleep, depressed personality, living on the edge, ridicule, derision, depression, rage, anger, cruelty, incessant talking, arguments, quarreling, fighting, mistrust, suspicion, violence, falseness, abuse and sexual physical verbal and emotional abuse and perversion, blasphemy, jealousy, bitterness, gall of bitterness, root of bitterness, unforgiveness, uncontrolled impulses, fornication, lewdness, harlotry, whordom, fantasy, divorce, division, disconnection, seduction and lust, broken covenant, broken vows, loneliness, rebellion, disobedience, stubbornness, heart of stone, no rights, silence, depravity, loss of dignity, miscarriage, confusion, guilt, failure, striving for approval, stamp of disapproval, perpetual pain and grief, fogging, not taking hold of the truth of the Word, spiritual blindness, despair, calamity, distress and loss, sudden loss, abandonment, illegitimate, isolation, rejection, outcast, street kid, homelessness, vagabond, fugitive, squalor, loss of self-control, self-protection, dependency, backsliding, error, deception, perversion, exploitation, wounded spirit, victim, poverty, poverty speech, never having sufficient funds, money worries, sudden loss of finances, never being able to get ahead, poverty and rags, alcoholic and addict off my clothes off my wardrobe, debt, insufficiency, financial crisis calamity and collapse, chronic, misfortune, the bastard, for doing the Lord’s work and serving the Lord drunk and on drugs, having new wine/Holy Spirit cut off from the mouth, spiritual disorder and blindness, destruction of family priesthood, workaholic, drug and alcoholic personality, alcoholic and addict stigma, alcoholic murder rape sexual abuse in all its forms, denial, poor vision, spewing, being uncovered, nakedness, shame and disgrace, incest, adultery, drunkenness, destruction and death off my sexuality, destruction, every death wish, Father I choose life. Father, death, premature death, accidents, accidental death, grief, loss of judgment, disability, paraplegic, paralysis, insanity, dumbness, blindness, deafness, Alzheimer, Hodgkin’s disease, dementia, loss of memory, plagues of the different types of cancer, sickness, infirmity,

allergy, ailments, hypoglycemia, diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, blood disorders, bone disorders, heart disorders, arthritis, stress related diseases, mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia and schizophrenia, multiple personalities, religious personality and lifestyle, fragmentation, phobias, double mindedness, dysfunctionalism, inferiority, classification, institutionization, house of the wicked, idolatry, breakdown, psychosis, paranoia, fear, psychiatric treatment, sacrificial lamb, the abandoned lamb, the ritual lamb, the isolated lamb, being a curse and a reproach and among the nations, curses of Deuteronomy 28, 27, barrenness upon the land and any other curses from Your Law and from any other breach of Your laws.� 1. [Worley, 1996:35] Where I have taken drugs and alcohol to escape reality, to be numb null and void because of emotional pains I repent and receive Your grace to carry me through until such times Your Spirit wills to minister and bring forth healing in these areas. Where I have taken drugs and alcohol to lift me into high moods because of emotional and physical illness, I repent and receive Your grace and the keys and the anointing to bring to death the old habits that drove me to abuse drugs and alcohol. Today I take You as the Shepard of my soul. I ask for a complete renewal of the mind to stop running and escaping into drugs and alcohol, food, TV, the counterfeit healing of my wounds. Today I am willing to take accountability, and where I am not, I am willing to be made willing for You are for me and not against me. I can be empowered to stand in Your anointing as I am willing to yield to You to bring forth the new me who can be restored and healed and have my wounds bound up and have all prison doors opened for my freedom from addiction. I want to choose, but I am finding it difficult to want the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to change my heart to adjust and adapt to a lifestyle of Christianity a lifestyle of righteousness. But I choose to trust You to enable me to stop running to all false securities of addiction and alcohol and food and the false comfort these bring. Today I take You as my Comforter for You understand me and all my ways and You know why I had/have become an addict and alcoholic. I surrender my emotions to Your Lordship where they have been bound and have led me to run to drugs and alcohol and food. I ask for a fresh anointing of the gifts and fruit of Your Spirit and the peace that I need to continue to overcome the devastation addiction and alcoholism has imprinted on me and that keep me turning to its desire than your desire for my life. I thank You as from this day for You will be bringing me out of all

patterns and habits of the alcoholic and addictive person I have become and all the reasons I yield and have yielded to them. I receive a new heart of flesh, the filling of New Wine of Your Holy Spirit to walk forward in my healing and deliverance and the newness of life You offer me. Thank You for birthing me from embryo to maturity so I shall be able to walk in the fullness You have for me. To live in the thoughts and the plans, You have for me that will give me hope and a future and a destiny. Jesus, I receive the call You have for me on my life. Today I make a decision to turn away from the Kingdom of Darkness and their false fruits of securities that only bring devastation and destruction, and that will most assuredly heap more pain on pain and bring my soul into such binding fragmentation, enable me to walk away and walk forward. I choose today to serve You in Your enabling Grace and Sufficiency; I choose today to allow You to bring me forth and change my heart for the plans and purposes You have for my destiny and for the advancing of Your Kingdom. “For your joy will balance my pain, Your power will lift my burdens, Your peace will calm my worries; Your all sufficiency will be more than adequate to meet my daily needs.” 2. [Lotz, 1973:137] I now make a decision to daily place my dependency upon you Jesus and you alone and receive you as my All Sufficient One. [1. Curses and demons derived from Win Worley’s Booklet 27 Principles of Deliverance & Mass Deliverance and The Alcoholic Syndrome Booklet 33 A, 33 B & 33C] 2. Words derived from Anne Graham Lotz book, “Just Give Me Jesus, 1973.”])



If you are on medication, it is not wise to cease until you are free of the condition and healed of the root causes for taking Prescribed drugs. Therefore, it is necessary TO STAY ON prescribed medication; again KEEP ON taking your medication until you know that you know, that you know, you are able to come off slowly of the addictive medication firstly from the approval of your doctor then the witness of The Holy Spirit.

Some people do and will need to remain on medication all the days of their lives, therefore this you need to know, that you know, that you know, The Holy Spirit is saying to come off slowly. Unless you know that you know you can discern your own thoughts from the demonic and discern the impression on your heart from The Holy Spirit continue taking your prescribed medication and continue learning how to discern His impressions on your spirit/heart.�

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[Malligan, 127:2009]

1. Malligan, Kathleen M. The Abominations of Occult Practices with A to Z Prayer Strategy [Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba Queensland, 4350, 2009]

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Prayer Strategy to Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addiction  

This prayer strategy will get you on the way to recovery. It will demolish the demonic power base. It will inform you of your strongholds an...

Prayer Strategy to Overcome Alcohol and Drug Addiction  

This prayer strategy will get you on the way to recovery. It will demolish the demonic power base. It will inform you of your strongholds an...