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Chapter 1

Lies and Deception


Chapter 2

The Veils That Covered My Eyes


Chapter 3

Faith is a Gift


Chapter 4

Christ Is In You



Enforce Covenant Warfare


Chapter 6

Eternal Blood Covenant


Chapter 7

God Is Not Allowing the Demonic Affliction


Chapter 8

Counsel Might and Skill to Rule


Chapter 9

He Sent His Word


Chapter 10



Chapter 11

Bitterness and Forgiveness


Chapter 12

Why So Much Demonic Activity


Chapter 13

Chastisement of The Lord







Jesus Set Me Free From Fear and Lies into Truth and Love

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On the 18th October 1995, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ; I was 34 years of age. For seven years from near the beginning of my salvation I suffered intense demonic affliction; mostly because of lack of knowledge of the Scriptures, demonic lies and deceptions and intense and immense fear and fear of demons. Fear was inbuilt into my personality because as long as I can remember I was plagued with fear and over the years before becoming a Christian I found ways to suppress it, yet when none of that worked I decided to enjoy it to cope with its distress. My first deliverance ministry began in September 1996 until May 1997 between long intervals in a Toowoomba deliverance ministry. Again with another ministry November 1997 to September 1998 in Brisbane whose resources gave me much knowledge but little deliverance came forth. Then again with a woman who visited my home and I hers at Flagstone Creek from September 1998 to around July 1999. A few times she would be put to sleep by darkness and one time still asleep casting out demons and calling me Jacinta. Then five years later with the last ministry just this side the Gold Coast Queensland in September 2001 to December 2001. This time there was triumphant deliverance from a Freemasonry stronghold, answers, insight, and discernment giving much hope of more fruitful deliverance. Given this word of knowledge at the first deliverance ministry (1996) “You will be refined in affliction” I believed God was going to refine me in just that – demonic affliction to humble me because I’d been so rebellious and independent. I had come for ministry because I was experiencing tormenting works of darkness as this is what surfaced after reading Benny Hinn's book “Good Morning Holy Spirit.” I was so demonized by ancestral spirits and my own transgressions that the demonic tormented and counterfeited the works that Benny Hinn mentioned in His book “The Anointing” about the workings of The Holy Spirit. To give you an insight into my years of torment the following is a written recording of some ministry I received in 2000 by one of Fruitful Vines Melbourne, Australia team deliverance minister Irene, and it sums up 6

beautifully the demonic horrors I experienced for years. Over these years most of the time, I’d wished I’d stayed drunk and homosexual and had never become a Christian. “Of not seeing, I break the power of not seeing, and Father where the grief has gone so deep Lord even the denial, Father I break the denial, I break the denial. She has been in such great denial. I’m not in the pit, I’m not in the pit, I’ve been released. Father, I break the denial in Jesus name and I declare the Son shall set her free and she shall be free indeed. Lord even where she has not been able to connect with her emotions. Father, I break the chains where she has been chained up in grief and been unable to express the grief. Father, I break the chains of the grief and no expression of grief. Where she has been so bound, it has been like she has been bound to the rock of Gibraltar. Father I break the rock, I smash it, I smash its hardness in Jesus name. And I declare she will be released, she will be released from the rock that has bound her up that she cannot open her mouth to release to release. I break its power, I break its power and I bring the hammer of God and I smash it, I smash it, I smash it in Jesus name. I release the apostolic hammer to totally smash the rock of death; the rock of death, because she’s been chained to the rock of death. There has been an assignment of death to destroy her, an assignment of witchcraft death to destroy her because how dare you to try and break out of our grip, how dare you, how dare you. I break the word’s of how dare you in Jesus name and I speak release, I speak release through the power and the anointing of Jesus. And where the spirit of witchcraft and death has been contending with the Spirit of release and freedom I break its power. I break the contending, the contending in Jesus name. And Father even where that witchcraft spirit that has chained her and fogged her mind that she cannot see the truth, she cannot find release because there is so much darkness, there is so much fogging – I can’t find release, I’ve done all the breaking and yet I have no release, God where are you, If you are supposed to be the answer where are you. Father, I break the torment, I break the torment from the spirit, from off her mind. Lord where she constantly tormented of no release, no release, no release, no release, you will never be released for I have got you exactly where I want you, I break those words. I break those words, I break the tormenting spirits the spirits of witchcraft, I break the tormenting spirits of witchcraft that have tormented her and ripped at her and thrown her around and mutilated her and constant mutilation, I break its power. I break its power 7

of witchcraft mutilation of satanic mutilation where she has been placed on the satanic altar to be mutilated, mutilated, mutilated, mutilated. I break your power and I take her off the altar, I take her off the altar. And I take the seal of Satan from off her in Jesus name. Where she has been sealed I take and I break the seal, I break the seal off her forehead where she has been sealed. I break its power, I break its power, and I break the silence of the seal in Jesus name that she cannot open her mouth she cannot open her ears she cannot open her eyes, I break the seal of total darkness of death and destruction in Jesus name. And I break the grief of that destruction and I break the wailing of that destruction of not being able to see or hear in Jesus name. (I was wailing in deep tears through the majority of this ministry. At last, someone was able to help and not reject me because ‘I was too much’. At last, someone was discerning my pain and the reality of my experience of such demonic torment and constant demonic contending. And now I knew why I could never grasp or run with Biblical truths and have no peace of mind.) And I break blood covenant on the altar of Satan; I break the covenant the blood covenant where she can never hide. She feels like she is just an open book to the works of the enemy. She can never hide; she can never run from him, I break the terror of not being able to get away. I break the terror; I break the terror of not being able to get away in Jesus name. And I release the anointing I release the glory, I release the light of the glory of The Lord for the freedom to break the chains, to break the chains and to break the chains where she has been chained by many chains to that altar. I break the chains and I smash them with the apostolic hammer, I smash the chains in Jesus name, in Jesus name. And Father, I even bring the fire of God to the knife that is hanging over her of destruction and annihilation from over her life in Jesus name. Where it has kept her in fear, it’s kept her in fear; I break the power of death. I break death wish, I break the power of the death wish, I break your power, I break your power. I break the coffin, I break the coffin, where you have seen yourself laying in a coffin, I break the coffin, and I break its power in Jesus name. I break the freemasonry coffin of the 3rd degree in the name of Jesus. Jesus where she has been placed in the coffin of death and destruction I take her out of that coffin of death and occult death and witchcraft in Jesus name. (For years the spirits would come against me and cause me to go into instant sleep while I was driving. Once I was electrifiedly awakened to see centimeters between my vehicle and the oncoming vehicle as we passed.”)


Where death has been projected against her and projected against her I break your power, I break your power. Where she has been in total shut down, I break the power of the shutdown and I release her, I pull off the coffin lid, I pull off the coffin lid and I declare life, I declare life, I declare life in Jesus name. And I cover her with the blood of Jesus to bring life, to bring life. Where there has been a false shedding of blood on the satanic altar, I break the blood covenant, the false blood covenant and I declare the covenant of the blood of Jesus over Kathleen’s life in Jesus name. And Father I even break the Orange Lodge, the curse of the Orange Lodge that has come over her, even the familiar spirits of the Orange lodge off her name, I break the curse of the familiar spirits and I cut her apart from the familiar spirits of the Orange Lodge where she has been named in Jesus name as a daughter of Satan, I break your power, I break your power. Father even where she has been separated as a Priestess of Satan, I break the power of the separation and the priestess in Jesus name. And Father even where that witchcraft guillotine hangs over her head ready to come down and chop her head off. I break the power of the witchcraft guillotine of terror of death, of terror of death in Jesus name and I even break the spirit of suicide, I break the spirit of suicide in Jesus name. I destroy your work, I destroy your beguiling, I destroy you're beguiling her, you have beguiled her, beguiled her into death I break your power and I shut your voice in Jesus name. Father, I release the light of your glory and your healing and your release and your love. Release your love Lord to flow where she has been ravaged, where she has been ravaged over and over again by witchcraft and occultic powers. Father, pour in your love, pour in your anointing, pour in your healing Jesus. Father we just release blood covenant for safety for herself and little Lily in Jesus name, in Jesus name, thank you, Lord. It is now August 3rd, 2013 and I am beginning to change this book Grace in Demonic Affliction into a more personalized journey of my writings ended November 2002 and 31st August 2006 into this book Jesus Set Me Free from Lies to Truth to Love.


Chapter 1 Lies and Deception

This lie I lived under “God is refining you in demonic affliction� caused my heart to harden towards both God and Jesus for so many years. I hated God, Jesus well not really but surely God got the blame. I was so held captive by this lie that it gave the spirits of darkness more fuel against me, so in turn, my heart went to stone against God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost. I believed for years God was demonically afflicting me to refine me to learn to obey His ways. All that I was experiencing in the introduction testimony plus more I believed God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost were doing this to me and I hated it and screamed in contempt. Little did I know God administers His discipline in grace and love, not in such torment and anger and such harshness. His training, teaching, and disciplines are given in love for our spiritual welfare NOT IN the use of contending mutilating demonic affliction, but with counsel might and given skill to rule. God was never enraged with me as I thought; the truth is He is slow to anger, humble in heart and meek. He did not condemn me to torment for sin structures, deception structures, or the lie structures, or even my past transgressions before I became a Christian but He so willed to bring me out of them and through them in His strength and power and understanding but I had distanced myself in many ways. He taught me that He condemned Jesus to death for me – He was not the author of me being refined in affliction. But witchcraft contended mightily as you read in the introduction and as you continue to read you will understand the many more traps I fell into before I was set free from lies to truth to love Him. It was one long learning curve to know He gives grace and mercy and understanding to reveal fortified demonic structures. One long learning curve to know He causes us to overcome them in His compassion and He gives His Word to deliver us from them. He gives His Spirit to comfort us in them and break us out of them but could I see this, no not at all He was the monster.


How did this all start? After reading the book “Good Morning Holy Spirit” this opened the first door to the reality that spirits exist and that Holy Spirit was a spirit person with eyes hands and feet and I was created in His image. Then began so much demonic deception I was awakened to a realness of the Satan’s realm and their spirits darkness. Certain ancestral spirits and others surfaced to pretend to be the Holy Spirit with the manifestations Benny Hinn wrote about on intercession and travail in his book The Anointing or maybe it was in his book on Prayer and Intercession? Anyway being a new Christian with no knowledge of truth and no faith or use of spiritual discernment this allowed the spirits to manifest as what I believed to be The Holy Spirit manifesting through me with groaning’s like a sick cow, hours of groaning’s, shaking me on my bed like bouncing me up and down, but I was lying on my back, goodness knows what they were doing? Then there was such heaviness over me like I was weighed down with cement and this constant groaning all day. I was so powerless and bewitched and I could not even walk properly. Confirmed by certain leaders who would say “God is all over you;” I thought they know Him so this must be God The Holy Spirit all over me! But these manifestations were counterfeit works and those that had transferred from the false at revivals. Then I had to contend against another set of lies and deception as these demons used knowledge and heresy from a particular deliverance ministry about their workings to impart so much demonic fear and to add fear of them after I was told that this was not The Holy Spirit. Well, Fear opened a door of breakdown and spirits of insanity surfaced. As this madness came against me I got so angry because I could not get away from the tormenting spirits and I felt trapped to stay with Jesus, and no one could help me, no one so in the midst of it I had three breakdowns. They counterfeited the work of the Holy Spirit because there were so many demons; divination and occult spirits, witchcraft, sorcery powers to manifest and deceive me. Lack of scriptural knowledge and fear kept them deceiving and scheming and me reeling and schizoid unable to grasp truth or run within faith.


I was so overcome by spirits of darkness that my mind was very seldom my own. Their manifestations came strong and long and more deception held me captive as they strategized to keep me in their mind control. Fear governed me that I shut down and went passive so this gave them more control leaving me so afraid to even use my mind for the triggers were intense that breakdown and torment happened if I did not shut down. It was not psychological it was real these entities that I could not see but hear and smell; these entities who knows what they looked like could take over my mind even my personality and throw me bounce me on my bed they were the fallen spirits of Heaven that were cast out of heaven with Lucifer as written in Genesis. They are the spirits of darkness that had legal access into my life from the sins of the ancestors and my own transgressions and they were not letting me go without a fight “you think you are going to get away from us you are not, we have had you and your generations for hundreds of years.� My eldest brother never got away he died at 53, my other brother neither got away he died at 49, I have one brother left and what I know today he shall not die but live and see the salvation of his soul to be adopted into the family of God our Lord and our Redeemer and Savior as well as my 6 sisters they too shall not die. They are so real and brought such dread that I no longer existed only through my sixth sense; and here is where The Holy spirit taught me and gave me the grace to learn as He would push back these powers and spirits so I could learn of what Jesus Christ had done at Calvary; so I could learn how I could overcome them and get authority over them to have my mind my personality back to freedom and under His Kingdom living. Calling on The Name of Jesus was a mighty key, they submitted to His Name and the calling on His Name and here I would wait until the manifestations would subside to have my mind back yet still listening with my sixth sense. Fear was the root of all my deception, and in early years withdrawal kept me from the real work of the Holy Spirit and more deceived. Fear gave me no faith and it did not allow faith to take root in the heart or no knowledge could go to my heart; so much contending that I stayed under lies and deception wondering why I could never get away from them or get peace and power over them let alone run with the truth.


I had no knowledge of purity of warfare and being caught in so much deception and absolutely no trust in Jesus kept alive so much demonic activity. Deception lies, fear and fear and fear and insecurity, legal doors, so many demons not cast out, so many demons not cast out and away, and so many demons not cast out and away kept me for five years in madness and the melody of voices of demonic captivity. I had so much lack of knowledge, heresy and error, perversion of truth, and this brought me under new strongholds. One particular lie which drove me insane was “we’re praying for you and thinking for you” Mate this kept me in greater fear and deception and to add insanity; I cracked and went passive, I shut down to block out the physical response that came with the lies and fear. It took years to come out of this stronghold. Witchcraft spirits projected from the air this lie for years and years. I would go passive in the mind and not even think just for peace of mind as when I did think I always thought they were thinking for me so I would focus on my mind listening for them is this me or is this them? Then on top of this they had me in a lie to fear mind control spirits and I did, I feared mind control spirits the most as this meant I had no freedom of thought and nothing I was thinking was my own. This was also part of their strategy a passive mind so that I never ruled over my spirit (Proverbs 25:28) or thought could think for myself. I so hated God for calling me to be His, I swore, I screamed and told Him off many a time for such a blankity blank blanked life I had. Raged at Him for allowing such deception that I hated Him and wanted out of this spiritual war between Him and His fallen sons and His curses for disobedience to His laws; but I could not go for He held the truth and the way out, I just had to find it I had to get born again and have His Blood redemption worked out to get out and not only this but to get back what damage and destruction these fallen sons had done to this earth and the people He created to be of His family. The only way out was the only way in and that was to stay with Him for He had the Rule over His fallen creations, His fallen angels who left their first estate with Him in Heaven He was the One who held the truth to eternal life. If only I had known what Jesus’ Calvary had accomplished and about Blood Covenant and the enemy who prowls around looking for someone to devour before these traumatic years. I sure was devoured they had me through lack of knowledge. I had no understanding on how to warfare in purity of The 13

Holy Spirit or even could I stand in the warfare I had done as I would lose my faith out of fear attacks so this just kept them alive and doing well against me in mental madness. I was so screwed up anyway coming out of drugs alcohol and the gay scene, a homosexual lifestyle and they knew this so they capitalized so much on knowing my weaknesses my personality type and flaws; after all they had molded me created me to be who I had become for thirty-four years. I was self-sufficient, strong-willed, capable able of anything I put my mind too. So this caused me to fall deeper in another stronghold as I had only ever known self-protection and self-survival. So I thought I had to fight my way out and do this all by myself, so I screamed at God and Jesus some more. But with so many strong demons that tormented me in strength within the members and from the air I had to find the way out, I had to get set free but how? My eyes were always towards demons that it became idolatry for “I have to get free” “I have to know all I can about demons” for this is my only way out. I already had mental instability a fragmented soul a fear-based personality, insecure all my life wrapped in a facade of humor. When I look back today I had demons of insanity – mental illness – schizoid and schizophrenia, fear and torment, witchcraft – strong network of freemasonry spirits to the 33rd degree – a huge spider wed of demons – so many demons –– hundreds of demons who had legal grounds – hundreds of demons. These demons wanted my destruction in any way they could they wanted to stay in hope that I would give in and return to my former ways. I found such a lack of ministry in the body and this kept me demonized longer. Make an appointment and they scratch the surface then make you another appointment to come back in three months six months. Truth was I was too much for them and put in the hard basket. I was so avoided in church circles for I could not escape my sorrows “somebody help me I am so afflicted.” In early days I would run into anyone and pour out my melody of affliction and I guess they must have thought I should be on Clozapine or Seroquel medication for mental illness! One woman said “if you are going to come in here and talk about demons you can turn around and go back to your car!” It has been an assignment from the beginning to have me classified 14

hospitalized and under the spell of their medication so I would not only not fulfill the call on my life but so that they would remain housed in my life to bring forth death – death and abortion of all that Jesus had for me since the womb of my mother. But freedom did come and I found out there were so many reasons God knew why I would be refined in affliction. It was not that He was the author but He knew me the person He knew how all the lies they fed would take the years to be outworked for me to be able to come out of affliction. The process of growing, learning, knowing kingdom living and the kingdom life and learning correct warfare would take time before I could come into freedom. This was the truth behind the word given “you will be refined in affliction”. I being refined did not prophetically mean He would harness me for the highway of holiness by a work of demonic affliction. God did not afflict me to refine me to obey His ways, or to make me serve Him or love Him as I thought. He did not give me affliction of demons to purify me, as I believed. This was not the work of Jesus to refine me to make me sanctified or humbled or refined to obey so as to walk the highway of holiness. It was a foreknowledge of demonic activity that was in me and over me - the copious amounts of demons I had, the foundation of fear burrowed deep within my personality, the mental instability and drive for self-survival, and most of all their legal rights of access, their contending, their counterfeit workings of The Holy Spirit so they could get the control. Man, I had copious amounts of demons and divination who love to keep you in the courtroom of condemnation. The insanity, mental illness, takeover, mind control and fear spirits, so many different nests of spirits and Him knowing what would happen to me was His foreknowledge of being refined in affliction “you will be refined in affliction.” I know now we are at war – we wrestle not against flesh and blood but demons, spirits of Satan, and we have not only our own flesh to contend with but the flesh of other unsanctified that gives devils opportunity to war against you. Here I was enlisted, conscripted in an army who did not know how to 15

fight their enemy or love one another unless you were stable and even then they had choice so I had to find freedom I had to get the keys to peace. My people perish because of lack of knowledge, lack of scriptural truth, lack of knowledge of spiritual laws and here I was deceived in the deception of the counterfeit and the strongman of fear was released to rule under a ruling mind control spirit who I had surrendered to by passivity. I wrote in affliction to learn to find the way out, but most of the times in those early years I could not grasp His teachings or digest them or run with them nor did they go to the heart in revelation because of the extent of warfare against me, and the condition of my soul. But I did learn after some years to live under grace and from my sixth sense, from a knowing in my spirit, I did at the end learn to live above all the clatter above the voices in my mind and the body senses until full freedom came.


Chapter 2 The Veils That Covered My Mind

I once read or heard something like this; “the law condemns, but grace gives favor and gives forgiveness. The law commands but gives no power to stop sinning and that grace gives power through the Holy Spirit, so Grace disciplines us. I also read the law commands but give no motor or fuel so I have to push the car to get somewhere but the gospel commands me gives me a motor wheels and automatic gears, a full tank of fuel and a driver.� Shake did I find out the long way that we don’t forfeit God's grace because of demonic activity due to a bond of iniquity, or even any legal transgressions of ourselves or our forefathers or any of the ancestors. It took years to understand and look at the cross and see Jesus bearing all my sin, being bruised for my iniquity and wounded for my transgressions and who became a curse being crucified. Years to realize Jesus raised me up and seated me in the heavenlies with Him, far above all powers and principalities above all those spirits that kept me in captivity to fear, deception and lies. I did not grasp Jesus paid my ransom or that He purchased me by His blood and took away the powers and authority of darkness because He delivered me out of their kingdom having paid for me. When Jesus Christ died, His blood purchased me, freed me up to serve Him the Living God and all the sins iniquities and transgressions that I had not repented, confessed or renounced were covered by His Grace until He brought them to His light man they were His business. He took the keys of death and hell and gave me authority and power over all the power of the enemy all their legal rights. But I could never grasp these truths even when I studied them, for I was so contended against then so focused on finding out about demons that I lost


that truth and did not know for so long that they were disarmed of their grounds in sin, iniquity, and transgressions. Also, they have such restricted power over us because of the finished work of Calvary and because of His blood. I was so tormented and so desperate to find the way out myself by finding everything out about them that I could never see these truths or run with truth, I could not receive that He offered grace and help where His judgments were over me. Jesus had given me the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever I was to bind on earth would have occurred and whatever I loosed on earth should have occurred if I yielded to The Holy Spirit first the Name within. But I would always do it in Kath’s power and authority and nothing worked so fear hit me again up the back of the head to rule with its manifestations. If I could have grasped truths I would have been able to stand in it, and I tried but when manifestations of fear would hit me and their voices tell me the same thing it would trigger and cause me to lose that faith so I certainly was not the just living by faith but by fear. Sake it took so many years to realize that Jesus has freed me up to no longer be a slave of demons and that He purchased me back by His blood. I was paid for I was His; He brought me out of the kingdom of darkness, paid a ransom for me, paid the penalty for curses. If I listened in my spirit in the early years I would not have had to endure the horror of torment that disturbed me more than what I was already disturbed. So in latter year I had to get healed from all this for I had such grief and the trauma from spiritual abuse. Then to add because I was the way I was the people in the church rejected me so I had to be healed from that. I understand why as I was so over the top and to add coming out of homosexuality here I am in a conservative small town where the mainstream were judgmental and pious and self-righteous about such an appalling shameful sin! You would not believe the fasts I did to no avail, the prayers I sung because I thought I could not think by myself inside my head and if I did it would trigger sick feeling and memories of paranoia that it was not me praying but them. I was screwed, screwed up, I hated God The Father and I so hated that I had surrendered to became a Christian! But where was I going to go? Into a reality of them who could literally 18

throw me against the wall, who could bounce me whilst I lay on my bed, who could speak into my mind, which could bring terror and anxiety attacks against me that crippled me to a powerless nut case. I tell you what if I had of gone to mental health they would have classified me, certified me and hospitalized me. But I knew I was up against spiritual beings that were real things who could not be seen but could be felt and heard. After so many years I came to the place that for any transgressions all I had to do was repent, renounce and ask for any curse attached to be broken and I would automatically receive deliverance of demons via self through the Holy Spirit straight forth. I learnt that any illness, sickness disease associated to a transgression that had a curse would be healed if not straight away but when I was in a Church via body ministry. I learnt that when we are bonded to that transgression He will still any seed or root of disease illness or sickness and bring our heart to a place where we will turn from that transgression to be able to receive the fullness of forgiveness, the deliverance of demons and the healing. I learnt for iniquity we repent, renounce and ask to have the sin structures brought to death by the Holy Spirit. When demons are there in a cord of iniquity they can be bound from operating, then after the structure is brought to death and we have overcome and our heart is turned from the iniquity the demon is cast out by The Spirit of Christ Jesus within. I learnt if generational iniquity has passed down from the third and forth the tenth or further generations, we repent renounce and receive deliverance of the demonic structure and the outworkings of those curses straight away for the greater One lives within, The Spirit of Christ Jesus. Only if we are not bonded in that particular transgression and iniquity, if we are, the structure has to be pulled down by the Holy Spirit and we in agreement not to walk in that behavior anymore to be freed from that particular bond, the demons and diseases are blocked from operating while the sin structure is brought to death. When I look back on that trauma and the times I used to lay on the ground waiting for manifestations to subside I would lay there for ages. I would discern to get on my face and go for grace and here I started to learn to 19

live out of my sixth sense not my five senses. I learnt how to listen with my heart and not the voices and my body reacting to my circumstance or any fear that flooded over me. In those early years I had to learn to trust despite their tormenting voices and manifestations. I struggled for a long time with a feeling in my ear that felt like there was always something there like a feather left in it. I used to rebuke this over and over again to no avail, it would go away and then come back. I would scream at God for as much as I tried to get away from them this presence in my ear brought back the awareness of them, so tormented I was again. After years I did not cry I became so hard that I stopped feeling for this life I hated, a life I had to live, a life I had to have in the Spirit, this dead to sin and the I die daily business was just so mucked up. I’d scream “You want it that it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me but You just keep me afflicted!” I hated Him for what He was allowing to happen to me, this God of Love this God who was supposed to be the nice guy was just a monster to me, a cruel, cruel God and I told Him. I told Him that it was the worst relationship I had ever been in and I wished I had of stayed gay! I lived by the mindset of penalty for sin, I believed what they said “where there is flesh around demons around or where sin-structures and sin habits are around demons around and around all the time! I believed it and told Him many a time He was such a cruel God and how was I to live by grace when He would not stop the irritation in my ear or stop the tormenting voices and the visitations of fear by the principality of fear. I did learn that Jesus Christ no longer counts our sins against us (Romans 4:8) that we are sinful by nature, still sinners in thought word and deed and in motives. Having sin, iniquity in our heart such as fear, anger, resentment, bitterness and cynicism, a judgmental attitude have perversion of the heart, have little faith, belief in wrong doctrines, have lack of belief and trust in His power, have doubt in Him and His Word and Power and have cursing thoughts. But because of the Blood and the Righteousness of Christ, we can enter into the presence of God (Hebrews 10:19-21) with the sinful nature and receive the anointing to walk in The Spirit, the blood cleansing us from sin, the blood giving grace and we can receive this Grace as our heart is turned towards living for Him and His ways not by a sin consciousness. 20

I did get to realize that we can admit our sins and iniquities no matter how ugly they are; because we know Jesus bore that sin in His body on the cross that we would have assurance of total forgiveness. I realized that even if I hid or justified or concealed my sins or iniquity He would Love me and offer me Grace, conviction in His timing and Counsel in my sleeping hours. I got joy knowing that my bonds of iniquities are forgiven and that He was at work in my heart to change me, no matter what iniquity or sin I had committed all day repeatedly. No matter how many times I was in fear and passivity, for God did not want to count my sins against me but pour out His grace to bring those sins to death. I got introduced to Fruitful Vine Melbourne Australia through a book Death in The Family a book of prayers for freedom from ancestor’s transgression attached to Freemasonry and associated orders. From this ministry I got so many keys to set me free, to build me up that brought my mind out of the fog and out of mind control; witchcraft deception and lies could no longer contend against truth. Their forts had been unfortified that my mind was getting clarity, my heart could hear and my eyes could see. This Apostle and Prophetess taught with prayer strategies. I learnt that He will not let transgressions visit the third and forth the tenth generation if we confess them and renounce them and no longer walk in them. After praying that book I could then grasp that if I had not overcome any sin He would lavishes His grace on me, as would He indeed brings to death the strongholds, the iniquity structure. I took the keys to the Kingdom to bind and loose the strongholds they had still, the spirits of iniquity with chains, disarming them inoperative so they could not function to contend against me. These methods came from another ministry but this woman’s teachings cleared the grounds that held me deaf and blind to truths I read but could not run with. Yvonne taught me if I allowed Holy Spirit to do the binding, loosing and all warfare my warfare would not return to me void but would accomplish that to which it was sent by The Breath of The Spirit. I learnt that I am none of their business, nor is my habits/sin structures, but that the Lord was bringing me to victory and changing my heart and putting in new structures to replace sin/iniquity structures. They have no grounds to be there regardless that they had ground. Just like condemnation, 21

they cannot condemn me or accuse me for any sin, nor can they capitalize on my sin structures of doubt, unbelief, and fear. He does not count my sins against me. I did learn that He shall contend with those and deliver my soul, and keep me in rest and sheltered under the shadow of His wings. There I got to and I was able to believe and not be afraid, I was able to be steadfast waiting for the manifestation of deliverance from evil from their weapons formed against me. Because knowing whatsoever I bind has occurred, whatsoever I have loosed in The Holy Spirit had occurred for my deliverance from the powers of darkness was in the process and I just had to stand it out till they were cut off, trod down and bowed down. I came to the place that I am none of these demons business; that they could take it up with Jesus and The Holy Spirit because I am going to stand still in the salvation of my soul and let Jesus battle for me. I came to a place of getting on with my day, the battle belonging to The Lord as I had warfared in His breath and He will keep His Word and deliver me at any onset of the day. Daily I would read someone’s confessions of faith: “I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me, I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me, and I am sufficient in Christ's sufficiency.” “Jesus is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear or dread? He is my refuge and stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? He is my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my head.” “When I call He answers and will deliver me, He awakens me morning by morning and guards me, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.” I came to know the power of the whole armor, and once I had done all that I had been trained and understood by His Spirit I was to stand, knowing He watches over me, and His Word to perform it. I had to stand in His Word not returning to Him void, producing effect, and accomplishing that which He had purposed for me in His Breath and stand knowing it shall prosper in where it is sent. The only power the demons really held was in their lies and deception, 22

I caught on to them and realized when they would pop up they would have to pop back down again for He would stop their manifestations and bow them back down even if it did take a longer time. I came into the truth and a sound mind and even if I had the wrong discernment, discernment would and did come. Discernment did come and faith in Jesus would free my mind up and the gifts and anointing were imparted to live in my freedom of redemption. It was not easy at all the most traumatic time in my life and out of it I had three breakdowns that I had to walk out by myself and even hide that I was in them for fear of being locked away in a Psych Ward. In one of my breakdowns, I recall mowing the grass in mental anguish that all I could think of was me being Joan of Arc holding a pole with a white flag for I had to get through and I had a half an acre to mow. I had lived a whole life of trauma. I was traumatized by my father hitting my mother; the first woman I lived with was a prostitute with goodness knows how many men a day she had. The second woman was an adulteress who had it all blamed on my paranoia and even refused to leave me and told everyone I was making it all up and I was mental. This was how that network of spirits worked against me and drove me to prove I was not making it up or mental – such a stronghold of insanity. The third woman molested my daughter and that was why I came to the church. I had suspected her and was asking God of my Baptist Sunday Schooling to show me if it was true, and she too said I was paranoid for truth was I was paranoid for I thought if I married a man he would molest my daughters just like those fathers in the neighborhood and those at school were doing to their daughters. Paranoia had me in its grip all my life teamed up with a nest of mental illness spirits and lies and deception worked with them. So here I was in spiritual abuse the worst relationship I had ever been, Schizo ruling, the strongman of fear and paranoia my biggest battle. But guess what? Who the Son sets free will be free indeed and The Spirit of Christ Jesus told me this: “YOU ARE A WARRIOR, AND HAVE A WARRIOR'S SPIRIT; YOU ARE BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, AND STRONG AT HEART. YOU HAVE GREAT FAITH, CAPABLE, WILLING AND ABLE TO STAND 23



Chapter 3 Faith is a Gift

God always leads us TRIUMPHANT, He is on our side regardless of the lies and deception we are in. The very things the enemy used and uses against us through our own ignorance or misunderstanding of scriptural truths, He always turns it around for His Glory and our welfare. I have lived in lies and deception you might say all my life until now. I was lied to by demons as a child, lied to about my mother’s love and lied to so much that it brought forth a homosexual personality. Lied to about the nature and goodness of God The Father and Jesus Christ The Son in those early years of Christianity and I believed them. Homosexuality is founded on lies and this network of spirits build a house of lies and deception, an absolute, all intertwined with lies, lies, lies and more lies. No matter if it is the lie your mother does not like you or we are praying for you and thinking for you or you were born a homosexual we doubt the integrity of the truth of the Word, so we are no longer walking in faith; “the just shall live by faith.” (Hebrews 10:38) That’s what happened to me when I would doubt the power of the Word and His power and Jesus ability to watch over His Word to perform it I was not standing on the truth or in faith. When I doubted and disbelieved God's faithfulness to His promises, I was no longer in faith, this giving the demonic more room to play/manifest/remain. Therefore these demonic manifestations would last for longer periods of time due to the condition of unbelief of the heart. I was either coming into agreement to that particular activity or condemnation or not trusting in the Word, or His power to save, or His faithfulness to watch over His Word to perform it so I would be walking in darkness. I encourage you no matter what you are walking through stand and no matter how long it takes for the manifestations to dissipate, they will dissipate and are in the progress of being cut off by The Spirit of Christ Jesus defending 25

you. I encourage you to listen to what’s coming up out of your heart/spirit not what coming at you or your illness or sickness or mental torment. I learnt firsthand that demons attempt to challenge us even when we are in faith and trust and link up with one another to enforce themselves regardless of a consequence. But know this they are bound to operate legally so resist them steadfast in faith, a faith not of your own but that of the Lord Jesus infusing faith. Let patience have her perfect work, (James 1:4) for it is a fruit of The Spirit imparted so we come into agreement with that truth. We stand in the whole armor, and with His shield of faith we quench every fiery dart of the demons (Ephesians 6:16-17). The armor is the work of The Spirit and patience is a fruit of The Spirit. When we ask for patience He is not going to give us more situations to be patience that is a deception from demons. It is a fruit of the Spirit that is released in life’s circumstances for us to be empowered to wait or stand until that circumstance passes or comes to fruition. Likewise for faith it is imparted for us to stand or to wait we just intertwine knowing He is not a liar and will do what He said He will do. Yes it is true that with God all things are possible, Jesus will watch over His word to perform it, it shall not return unto Him void, He is on our side. God moves as we stand in faith--believing. We, having done all we know, taught and trained, standing in the Spirit in obedience. Recall, His eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of us whose hearts are blameless towards Him. (2 Chronicles 16:9). Jesus is able to do exceeding above all we ask or think, when we ask, for we have the power within us working for us (Ephesians 3:20). James 4:2-3 says we receive not because we ask amiss and simple, if we do not ask we do not receive. Yet with these truths there is also another truth that even when we ask believing He will not give us a snake when we asked for a fish we will get snakes because we are sitting under doctrines built on lies and deception. It’s not that Jesus or The Father gave us the snake it is the ignorance of truth that we receive the snake (Matthew 7:10) thinking it was a fish. It’s a 26

counterfeit for you did not test and approve, you received a different spirit, in other words you were eating with snakes thinking you were eating with fish. What do I mean? I came under counterfeit manifestations of travail and intercession as I believed a book I read to be as truth. I had no understanding of Scripture so I was open to believe the book I read as truth for after all this man had a Global Television Ministry. I asked the Father for the gift of tongues and I received it but I did not ask for the gift of travail or intercession it came on me after reading this man’s method this man’s steps of travail. Also I had been to the revival meetings in town that had brought back the transference of anointing since six months from my conversion and to date I believe that revival was not ordained by Yahweh. When I was filled with The Holy Spirit I stopped attending the Baptist and went to a church that was moving under the Pensacola anointing and I believe Pensacola was originally from Yahweh but the counterfeit got in and the leaders did not differentiate false from the true so false got received as true. I attended a basement church on a Friday night for the homeless and the drug addicts and here were a few who were under the same spell as me and we were told it was The Holy Ghost! We were told He was all over us, we could not walk properly, we could not talk or sing, we could groan and make loud outburst of weird noises and my body felt like I was weighted down with rocks of cement. This was not Holy Ghost at all but the counterfeit works of spirits pretending to be Holy Ghost. I had a washing machine for sale in the paper and a couple from the Revival Ministries in Toowoomba came to tell me that they did not want to buy the washing machine but God had sent them to tell me what I was experiencing was not of Him but of darkness. Well I panicked but I was so relieved as I was so powerless over these manifestations that it made sense they were evil. Works of evil spirits works of lying deceiving spirits. So the fight began to get free from them and I greatly feared so fear took ahold and used their lies to hinder and keep me under their spell and deception. No truth had gone to the heart so I could not cling to faith in His blood 27

and all that Calvary has accomplished for my freedom and its effects against the enemy for after all I believed like a child in Him when I got deceived. It was so hard to then put my perspective in line with the truth of asking Him for a fish for they preached this scripture at these revival meetings. For after all why would God let you come under false manifestations of travail and intercession and groaning’s if you trusted Him like a child and allowed Him in your heart to manifest for the greater good of His Kingdom by praying through you in such ways? But there remains a truth “For lack of knowledge my people are destroyed.” (Hosea 4:4) And heresies will not inherit the kingdom promises and provisions (Galatians 5:20; 1 Corinthians 15:50). You receive another spirit a spirit of a false gospel and you accept this (2 Corinthians 11:4). So the spirits were able to bring destruction to water down the Truth to keep their seats in my body, His temple and to keep themselves in my life in hope they would bring me to insanity to medication to hospitalization to not only destroy me but to take me far from the call on my life since the womb of my mother. “But God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by His Grace to reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the nations…” Galatians 1:15-16


Chapter 4 Christ Is In You

No matter what grounds they have, if you have come under deception or lies that they can Lord it over you because of generational transgressions they will warfare against you. Same truth applies if you have your own strongholds, your own known doors that you have opened they will warfare against you and take ground that should not rightfully have. The truth remains by faith we can drink anything-poison meaning open doors to devils and it will not harm us. But if you do not know this if this truth they will harm you and this is their power: in lies and deception. I have learnt this because all hell was against me He revealed to me that He will still the judgments and where we have received a curse by doing something of kingdom of darkness He will still that when we ask. The enemy was disarmed at Calvary you were redeemed from the hands of the enemy. You have been given all power over all the power of the enemy for you possess the Holy Spirit within you. You are seated in the third heavens far above all principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 2:6) this is the truth. We have weapons of divine power, we have protection by the name The Father has given Him (John 17:11). We have been given the name that is above all names, and He the Name indwells us and at that Name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:9-11, Romans 14:11-12). We have been given the keys of the Kingdom and this is the truth when we in the breath of The Spirit bind it will occur (Matthew 16:18-19) loose it will occur. We are complete in Him, who is the Head of all principality and power He has spoiled all principalities and powers and made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it (Colossians 2:9-15). We shall break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders


and the rod of those oppressors (Isaiah 9:4). You are as He is in the world, all power and authority has been given to Him and He said “go ye” in my anointing, and I will rise up in and out of you in the power of my Spirit for I give that power and authority to you. (Matthew 28:18). That power and authority of The Spirit is yours to operate in, all things are in subjection under His feet (Hebrews 2:8, Ephesians 1:21), therefore they are subject to you and you can put them under your feet in His power of The Holy Spirit, The Christ within you, the name within you the breath within you. No matter legal grounds or hedges down or strongholds or buffeting or arrows or generational hidden curses and iniquities or transgressions or any wrestle. Jesus stood in His authority against every demon in the man at Gadara, they had legal grounds to be there, however He commanded them to come out of Him and out they came when He cast them out under the power of The Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:28). You are a partaker of flesh and blood; likewise He was flesh and blood, that through His death He would destroy him who had the power of death, the devil (Hebrews 2:14). Now He has the keys of hell and death (Revelation 1:18), and these keys have been given to you and this power and authority. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil (1John 3:8). You are partakers of His divine nature and have been made a King and a Priest (Revelation 1:6). In Christ, in Christ you and I are, in Covenant you and I are. All you do is enforce that which is your inheritance and stand against the enemy in the power of Jesus’ Spirit in any warfare against you – He talks in tongues to address them and He talks in English or whatever your spoken language is. In this breath He will address them and bow them down, bind them, judge them, chain them up, shut their mouths, send them to the place assigned of them or whatever He chooses He will do when you yield your voice for Him to come up and out of in His power, His breath, His strategy. The two men coming out of the tombs in the country of the Gergesenes recall He never broke any curses or asked the men to repent. He just cast out the demons and allowed them to go into the pigs.


The demons knew who He was and knew His power and authority over them. They likewise know you have power and authority over them but they don’t want you to cotton on. They had to keep you and I in deception for they know the prophecies gone before spoken over us under the breath of The Holy Spirit. They needed to draw out as long as they can to keep us in lies and deception and affliction. But for me I was not going to lie down and die or believe I was crazy or mental or insane or schizophrenic I was going to fight this until I won. I was raised a fighter never to give in or give up or die but to fight on and go through it regardless how you felt we were not quitters but fighters – thank you Mum!


Chapter 5 Enforce Covenant Warfare

His weapons are far superior to the enemy to use against them, we got the big guns the big guns as a Pastor once said. We don’t have to be ignorant of their devices for we have the internet with ministries all over the globe. If you are ignorant of your inheritance spirits use their devices against your ignorance and this enables them to steal what is yours to walk in. Thus they become a murderer and will kill what is yours for your life “in Christ”. The same applies if you are ignorant of Covenant, dark spirits can steal and murder and bring destruction to your life “In Christ”. It could be said that Job did not know his adversary. If he did he would not have had such an attitude towards The Father and would have called on the Covenant, then God would have directed him. When God said to Satan, “what have you been doing Satan, considering my servant Job” I believe God knew Satan’s heart ... “you have been considering my servant Job haven’t you, you want to bring destruction to him don’t you.” I don’t think God ever handed over Job to Satan or instigated the ordeal against Job. I believe He knew Satan was up to tricks and wanted to bring destruction against Job because he had in roads. I think God reiterated a truth know to Satan. “You know the doorways you have on Job Satan because of his pride and fear - and you are able to come against him because of the fall of Adam and Eve and yes I have hedged him in and yes I will allow you to come against him but you will not kill him.” All our sin structures were in the power and the jurisdiction and authority of the enemy, because of the first Adam. Now Christ has disarmed the enemy and made a public display of him and has triumphed over him having the keys of death and hell and has given us His Spirit as the second Adam with all power and authority over all the power of the enemy.


We can crush his head, we are able to enforce the power of the Blood Covenant against our adversary the devil and he touches us not. Legal right of passage or no legal rights to come against us, we can enforce the Covenant warfare against him in the breath of the Spirit. We are in Blood Covenant and have a Savior the second Adam who delivered us from the hand of the enemy, who will back us up in war as we yield to put it in motion. He who became sin for us and for our transgressions was wounded, for our iniquities was bruised and has set us free to enforce the provisions of the Blood Covenant. You can enforce Covent protection provisions against the enemy and take him into captivity and block his legal grounds and stop him from warring against you. Until such times as deliverance, release, restoration and healing comes we can enforce Covenant rights, Covenant powers of warfaring angels, Covenant judgments, Covenant directive of The Holy Ghost. Grounds unknown or uncovered, our own or generational curses not broken, bands and bonds of iniquity can all be dealt with. Assignments revealed, demonic structures of deception and lies weakened for us to overcome and see truth. When we are afflicted by spirits we can be taught to enforce Covenant then the enemy can be plucked out of his dwelling places and uprooted out of the land of the living, never to have ground in that area or to be there again against you then to be sent to their place appointed of them. God gave us all free will and in the beginning He delegated authority to Adam and Eve but man and woman gave that authority away to the devil in the Garden of Eden. The devil set up his kingdom on the earth to kill steal and destroy and has been doing this by the various religions and gods and goddesses all over the world ever since. But Jesus! He redeemed that authority back in and by Himself The Second Adam The Name above all Names. That is the power and the authority over the enemy, that is The Name that is The Second Adam, not man or woman but the Second Adam in man and woman. We have been given it back to use under the direction of His Holy Spirit The Second Adam within The Name. We go in that is The Spirit of Christ Jesus the Second Adam, we go in The Name - In Christ-In Covenant. 33

By our free will we must enforce that Covenant and put it into motion against the enemy we must pray to want to enforce and then He breathes His breath against the enemy. God knows what we want before we ask, but protocol takes place so He we can wants us to ask and pray and also ask for His sovereignty to warfare in The Spirit. Even though God has made a Covenant of protection for us, we are required to put it into motion; enforce and be a partaker or what is available to us to enforce. Covenant weapons that are powerful for our advantage, mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, in His power of His Spirit His Might not our own or even by our titles for it belongs to The Second Adam, all power in heaven and earth belongs to Him. What gives you authority on earth - your birth certificate? Then what gives you authority in Christ, your birth certificate as a daughter or son of The Living God the life of Jesus Christ in you, not you as Kath the Christian or Pastor Pete, but The Christ within, this is why tongues is so contended with as a doctrine, it is the breath of Christ Jesus, The Name we go as The Christ is within, The Spirit of Christ it’s His call His directive His strategy He working in and through us. It is a false doctrine that we have authority as Christians it was not delegated to us we blew it in the beginning so Christ has been given it all; it’s His as second Adam. We have learn how to yield to this and learn to allow Him to work in and through us as He is The Name. God has empowered you through His Covenant, with Jesus Christ’s power and authority in the earth. Again, Adam and Eve forfeited their authority to the enemy when they ate of the tree of life, the enemy was then given authority against man to bruise his heal (Genesis 3:15). Now Jesus the second Adam through His cross has all authority against the devil, He has disarmed the enemy and He was made manifest to destroy the works of the enemy Even if they have legal grounds or open doors, God will empower us with all the authority of Christ. He wants us to use it and move in that authority against the enemy, the authority of The Second Adam, legal grounds or no legal grounds, open doors or no open doors Jesus rules and is Lord over heaven and earth and all things.


You don’t have to let the enemy run roughshod against you at all. You enforce the covenant; you take authority over the enemy, and shut his mouth in the power and the breath of the Spirit. The following is what He taught me whilst in affliction: 1) You can resist them out of your own will to pronounce. Then enter into prayer to the Father and enter into prayer under the breath of the Holy Spirit with The Sword of The Spirit: Pronounce: “Demons, I refuse your will, I resist your presence, I renounce your ways. I even refuse to fight you all day, so I will loose the Word against you to be perpetually active against every move you make and I shall stand still and see the salvation of my soul and hold my peace, until I can discern why you are coming against me.” Pronounce: “Take it up with Jesus. Devils I will deliver you into the hands of the Living God and under the anointing of The Spirit of Christ Jesus I am going to come against you to release the power of the Blood Covenant and the power of the blood against you.” Pray: Father, release the sword of the Spirit, anoint me to come against the demons with the Sword of Your Spirit to execute judgment of terrifying them in your wrath, so You can contend against them that contend against me, so You can prevail against our enemies for I am in Blood Covenant.” Yield to the anointing of The Holy Ghost as if you are going to speak in utterance and He may say something like this out of your mouth in response to your prayer. “In the power and authority of the name Jesus I come against you spirits of Satan. I loose the Word to be perpetually living and active against you to bring down your onsets and works. “He who sits in the heavens shall mock at them. 5. Then he will speak to them in his anger, and he will terrify them in his wrath.” Psalms 2:4-5 For it is written, “God shall contend with those that contend against me, God shall 35

fight those that fight against me.”

Psalm 35:1

“The lord shall go forth...he shall cry, yea roar, he shall prevail against his enemies.” Isaiah 42:13

Hold your peace for the Truth is: “The Lord shall fight for you and ye shall hold your peace.” Isaiah 54:1 “Every weapon formed against you shall not prosper, and every tongue.........and their righteousness is from me says Jehovah.” Isaiah 54:17 This can apply when we have no idea why demons are always there, why there is so much demonic activity in our life, why we are tormented by devils. 2) Pray to Jesus - I resist this temptation as sin and take my thoughts captive to Your obedience. When you obey He goes to work against them – take thoughts captive to His obedience. 3) Enemy, I’m in Blood Covenant, I have a covenant partner. Enemy I resist your will. You will leave my presence; you will desist your moves and move back from my house. You have no grounds no legal rights to come against me since Calvary; I am walking in obedience with my heart towards Him my Redeemer. So I call upon the power of the Blood Covenant against you and will release its power against you to drive you back and pull down your attacks. I will bind and break your powers being used against me so you leave me and desist your moves and I will do it in the name of Jesus I will do it in The Holy Ghost. When you know demons are just buffeting you and trying to get an opportunity over you; when you have realized your spiritual victory and have very few demons having cleaned up your back yard to point where the Lord Jesus is not impressing on your spirit to seek further deliverance or ministry; and or you have learnt self-deliverance in under The power of The Holy Spirit 36

put up a fierce roadblock daily in the Spirits directive and breath to break their links in their chains of command. Ask for the anointing to bind the strongmen in and over you and to bind the specific demons you know of - those that can not as yet be plucked out of their dwelling places because of inbuilt sin structures or hidden ground not yet discerned or not yet sanctified out of your personality; and ask for discernment for names and rest they will come and most of all once you have done this leave it to Jesus and you get on with your day. Ask in prayer to have returned perpetually all works of darkness sent back to the senders and ask to have them rendered null and void of no effect. Ask for the anointing to return to the senders all spirits sent and if they are sent again have them perpetually gathered and sent to the place the Lord Jesus Christ has assigned of them. Ask in prayer to have them forbidden to transfer and project against your mind or oppress you or whatever is besetting you. Ask in prayer to have them bound from operating and functioning and working against you where you are troubled. And ask when they do manage to do it again to have a perpetual command against them to be consumed with might to be bowed down. When you discern their manifestations take your thoughts captive get on with what you are doing and leave it to Jesus Spirit to deliver you. When you discern their movements from the air against you just say Jesus in your mind and get on with what you are doing and leave it to Jesus’ Spirit to deliver you. Now all you do is yield your breath for the Holy Spirit to repeat what you have prayed for. He will do the warfare in and through you for you are being made powerful in the strength of His might not your own. Ask for the warfare to be operative until prayer is prayed again tomorrow and make sure you do pray again tomorrow. You will notice the difference when you warfare daily. The Holy Ghost did require of me to wage warfare before midday the next day and after midday they are loose with no warfare against them. 37

Then all we do is leave it to Jesus to deliver us all day and night. We set our hearts on living life and He watches over His Word to perform it. We take our thoughts captive, call Jesus in our mind when we discern any of their activity and then take our mind off their presence because He is warfaring in the spirit realm because He will keep His word. What He said is to be bound will be, what He said out of our mouth to be put against them in judgment will be done. The following number (4) will explain this in more detail. 4) Enemy I will address you from my position in the third heavens far above your principalities and powers and authority in The Spirit of Christ Jesus. I resist you, I resist your will, I resist your presence and I refuse to rebuke you all day. I refuse to warfare against you all day and spend my day focused on you. I will loose the Word against you to be perpetually performed against every weapon you forge, against every onset you make. I shall stand still and see the salvation of my soul and I shall hold my peace and be silent. He shall fight against you. You will be fighting my God, not me, my Covenant keeping God who watches over His word to perform it. He has given me an inheritance to have judgment executed against you in the Holy Ghost. So I will have loosed the Word of Psalm 35 against you I will in the anointing release the Word to be performed against you. Father, anoint me with your Spirit to execute the judgment of Psalm 35:1-10. I deliver you demons into the hands of the Living God. Now take it up with Jesus. I will warfare against you only once a day and He will then contend against you when you contend against me, I’ve got a life to live and it is not rebuking you demons five hundred times a day. What fellowship does light have with darkness, who the Son sets free is free indeed, I will walk in my liberty of joy, peace and righteousness, not speaking to you all day to shut you up. Father let the anointing flow in the power and authority of the name of Jesus to release judgment of Psalms 35:1-10 against these demons troubling me. Now the Holy Spirit may say something like this: Father I loose judgment against every demon in and over your son/daughter, for it is written


“O Jehovah, contend with those who contend with me; fight those who fight against me. 2. Take hold of a shield and buckler, and arise as my help. 3. Draw out the spear and close ranks to meet my pursuers; say to my soul, I am your salvation. 4. Let those who seek my soul be ashamed and disgraced; let them be turned back and brought to confusion, those who plot evil to me. 5. Let them be as chaff before the wind, and the Angel of Jehovah driving away. 6. Let their way be dark and slippery, and the Angel of Jehovah their pursuer. 7. For they have hidden their pit-net for me without cause; without cause they have dug for my soul. 8. Let destruction come on him; he will not know; and let his net which he concealed catch him; let him fall in it, into destruction. 9. And my soul shall be joyful in Jehovah; it will rejoice in His salvation 10. All my bones shall say; O Jehovah, who is like You, who delivers the poor from those stronger than he; yes, the poor and needy from his plunderer?” Psalm 35:1-10 Let these judgments be operative against every onset demons bring and let this prayer be operative until prayer is prayed again tomorrow. When you discern demonic activity, thank Jesus He will watch over Psalm 35 to perform it. You stand still it will dissipate and you will see the salvation of your soul so hold your peace and ignore the activity not intertwining in the attack. Your God will Covenant you and deliver you from their works. I was in constant attack and most times I had no idea why demons were so relentless against me and it was more than enough for me so I went passive but little did I know this gave them an empty mind to fill. If I thought and or got thinking I would stress, fear would flood over me and I feel sick and this was their strategy. One particular work they used against me was “Well fuck you, well fuck you, well fuck you.” They tormented me with this over and over and over again, they must have taken turns at repeating these same words? I knew this was a voice of a spirit and from the outside or in the atmosphere I knew it was not my mind. I so desperately wanted it to shut up but I could never silence its voice. Once on the prayer line at Buderim Queensland Yvonne Kitchen of Fruitful Vine Melbourne discerned I had 39

schizophrenia spirits and witchcraft spirits. So with this torment against my mind I disclosed it to a cell group from church and the leader went on to tell me of her son who was into drugs and his schizophrenia was a direct result so I should go to mental health. Man the enemy was everywhere he was still trying to classify me, certify me and hospitalize me, but I was not going to take their gospel, no pill of mental illness was going to take me further into deception and lies and demonic captivity. So I rang up Yvonne Kitchen and by the miracle of God I got to speak with her and I said “you discerned schizophrenia and witchcraft over me and I have this voice that repeats over and over and over to no rest “well fuck you, well fuck you, well fuck you!” She said she was not inferring I was schizophrenic but that I had schizophrenia / schizoid spirits and witchcraft spirits. Whew that was welcoming news for I believed in her teachings and her discernment like no other woman or man minister on the face of the earth. She then prayed and told me that it was a spirit of rape, yes a spirit of rape that had come down the generational line; she said can you imagine when he is raping he says “well fuck you, well fuck you, well fuck you.” I forgave and stood in the gap for the subtle forms of rape in my life and the rape down the generational line and asked for forgiveness. Then I asked for deliverance from that spirit and to date I have never heard that work of darkness against me, ever. The voice was gone from the moment I repented of rape, gone never heard it again.


Chapter 6 Eternal Blood Covenant

In my afflictions I had to get to know the God I hated for I had to stop hating Him, I had to get to know Him as a God of Love and Blood Covenant. Many prayer strategies and study of the doctrines of The Word compelled me to forgive Him and get to know Him as this God of Love. I read this: There is flooding and it is continuing to rain and flood over many Nations is it Him? No, He said He would never do that again. I think it was Craig Hill and he concluded with “we often blame God and say God why are you doing this and that when truthfully we do not know God as a God of Covenant. We do not know Him at all especially when we accuse Him of something He said He would never do again.” If ever there is any flooding globally Yahweh is not behind those floods. It is either the enemy or nature, God is the one to call on and pray to for intervention to stop the rain flooding anymore, God is the One to call on to enforce Covenant. This began a journey for me to know the God of Covenant the God of Love. The Covenant that Jesus made with the Father we are participants in, because we were in Him when He was crucified, buried, when He rose again and ascended to the right hand of The Father. All the scriptures that written ‘in Him’ are covenant provisions we can take unto ourselves. These provisions are already so and ours made manifest to us. What I needed to do was find out what He has done by Covenant and what these provisions were to make them mine. I had so many things blocking the promises so many things blocking my understanding of The Truth that He was a God of Love. So I asked and asked what was blocking me from receiving Covenant blessings. I asked Him why I did not see these manifestations active in my life and how do I see the manifestations of what He has done come to pass in my life.


I wanted to know what was blocking me from releasing effective warfare and to teach me effective warfare to us against the enemy. Why was my warfare so ineffective? I was warfaring in the flesh and not the Spirit; I was waging war by my own title by my own name instead of In Him, In His Power In His Breath. Every time I would set warfare against them in my power my flesh they would come back against my mind and body. The Holy Spirit allowed it so I was trained to stand and be trained to war in faith and hear Him as He spoke forth what weapon He used against them. He taught me so much about the spirits of darkness and said that sometimes the principalities linked to those in me would come to attack. This meant that the enemy I was warring against was a strong warrior stronger in force against me. He said I needed the revelation so that I could learn mightier weapons to be used against them and I had to learn how to stop them from empowering those that dwell in my members. In the book of Daniel, chapter 10, the angel came to Daniel to make him understand what shall happen to the people in the latter days (v.14). He said the king of the kingdom of Persia withstood him twenty-one days (v13). He said Michael, one of the first rulers, came to help him (v13). This angel was warred against by a mighty demon. He needed help, so Michael one of the mighty chief princes helped him. Some demons are warriors; some have great resilience to some weapon of judgment of the Word used against them. For example, When the Holy Spirit executes a strategy of being cut off and put to flight “I command in Jesus name against every onset you be cut off and put to flight.� This strategy is not mighty enough to stop their onsets, the repercussions are only little for their onsets. But if you ask Jesus to be mighty in His strength that day against the works of darkness that will come against you, The Spirit can execute perpetual judgment against these demons that have greater resilience in battle, for this is the honor of the saints of the Lord. He can execute judgment to be confounded and consumed, covered with reproach and dishonor or sore vexed or wounded that they are unable to rise at each onset by His angels. For every weapon they forge against us, every buffet, every scheme, every arrow, and every device they use against us. For it is written, 42

“To execute upon them the judgments written: this honor have all His saints. Praise ye the Lord” Psalm 149:9 For it is written “Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them be covered with reproach and dishonor that seek my hurt” Psalm 71:13 For it is written “Behold, I have given you the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions and on all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you, not at all”. Luke 10:19 He also taught me that they are willing to come in on me and have a shot at me at the risk of judgment the weapons used against them by the angels and the power of the Living God. He said they are demons that can bear up under great assaults from the angels of The Living God. Metaphorically speaking He said they are ‘gladiators’, ‘road warriors’, ‘mighty demons’, ‘mighty warriors’ who can take a beating and are willing to take destruction from the Living God, for they are in warfare as well and are there to win? I had to learn and I learnt much from King David for knew he had the power, authority and strength against the strength of the enemy not just human enemies but David knew about spirits he knew the spirits of his iniquities surrounded him. He said in Psalm 18:37-42 “I have pursued my enemies, and I have overtaken them, nor did I turn back till they were destroyed. 38. For I have shattered them and they cannot rise up again. They fall under my feet. 39. For you have girded me with strength for the battle. You have bowed under me those rising against me. 40. You have given me the necks of my enemy, that I may cut off the ones who hate me. 41. They cried, but no one was there to save to Jehovah, but He did not answer them, 42. Then I crushed them like the dust before the wind. I poured them out like the mire of the streets”. I encountered them and they had great reliance to keep coming back with fear and torment and manifestations of takeover of my mind so I had to 43

learn to execute more judgments against them I had to learn to use bigger ‘guns’. The Word say’s in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sensible, watch, because your adversary the Devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking someone he may devour;” In 2 Corinthians 2:11 it is written, “so that we are not over-reached by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his devices”. Being ignorant of his devices, his methods will cause us to be devoured. The enemy will take advantage of our ignorance of Scripture. Our ignorance of Covenant promises, our ignorance of our Covenant position over him; our ignorance of their defeat at Calvary, our ignorance of our freedom and liberty; our ignorance of being free from the law of sin and of death; our ignorance of the way they can operate against us under the law of The Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:2). Through Jesus’ Spirit He will tell us, teach us the scriptures, to train us how to warfare and even what type of angels He can loose. Until we have these revelations, the knowledge and understandings of truth we can still have demonic activity coming against us regardless of faith or trust or Calvary finished work. But Jesus will reveal to us what are their methods or devices or schemes so we are not ignorant in this war we are in. Remember also just being a Christian you will experience demonic warfare and activity. For the enemy walks around like a prowling lion, trying to find someone he can devour and it is the nature of the game. If you are troubled by spirits and waging warfare and you don’t get long breaks between their onsets, ask Him is this because you are warfaring out of your own ideas of the flesh, out of your own strategies not The Spirit’s. Even ask do you need to flee from idolatry (1 Corinthians 10:13-14). Ask Him to show you the way of escape through the cross, the blood and the Covenant of The Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him if you need to die to your flesh and if so how too. Ask Him what you are holding onto in yourself that blocks Jesus living in that area and 44

being Lord, especially if there is demonic activity contending against you with insistent temptation. Ask Him what destructive things are you cherishing, trusting, enjoying or holding on to in order to survive and live and enjoy life. Ask Him what destructive things you are holding on to where you do not want to exchange them for Covenant. Ask Him what you have not exchanged or even known you could exchange for sanctification, refining, deliverance, restoration, healing, and peace for newness of life. We are in Covenant, when you want to enforce that which is available to you, that which is our honor, our heritage, our inheritance to use against the enemy we have to know the how too and what each weapon is so we understand when He brings it forth from us. When you want the way of escape via warfare we need to let go of that which we are hanging onto especially if it is our method of defense, our method of attack, our method of warfare our method of survival our method of a strategy or our methods of pleasure that keep these things contending for rulership. Where spirits are coming in on us to bring temptation they may have occupation and so they are fortified. You need to put that which you are knowingly or unknowingly hanging onto on His altar and make an exchange for Jesus to bring it to death in His timing and Wisdom. Then this area can be refined and sanctified, and then the enemy has no grounds and access to come against you to bring such forceful temptations. If you continue to yield to areas the enemy has occupation, you’re enforcing or your warfare becomes ineffective. For you come straight back into agreement with the enemy. You have opened up the door again for them to harass you and be in your presence. If you have a crude, filthy mind and sexualize comments of conversations by your speaking and in your mind they have ground. When you continue on in this behavior you are giving the enemy a door to come in on you to tempt you to think such way throughout the day. He will allow it that you get fed up and come to Him for sanctification and especially if it is a sin that leads unto death, eternal death. I have learnt this to be the case when you refuse to listen to Him or His conviction, they will come in on you at any 45

time, even while you read the scriptures to bring a sexual connotation to words in scripture – so just exchange it. You would not think the enemy would come in on you while you read the Word. But he has a door to try and tempt you to be filthy minded at any time he wills to challenge for an attack. This is so when you want to cherish to keep that sin structure. They want to get you to engage in their activity so they can remain in manifest against you and be in your presence. If you were looking for a way of escape from so much demonic activity it would be for your benefit to exchange your filthy mind and your lust for the mind of Christ. Ask for revelation what you are holding onto, then let go of it and hang on to Jesus, for Covenant is an exchange. You give that which is yours to Him; He gives that which is His to you. Do you really want to hang on to your iniquities of; a filthy mind, filthy talk, deceit, rebellion, idolatry of child, perversion, pride, criticism, mismanagement of money, cynicism, backbiting, gossip, grief, bitterness, unforgiveness, fear, sorrow, self-pity, depression, depression with sleep, drinking to drunkenness, lies, deceptions, flirting, lust, doubt, unbelief, love of money and material things, independence, self survival, unteachableness or whatever Jesus is saying to you or whatever you know you hold on to? No of course not and no covenant exchange occurs if you hang onto demonic occupied ground. No Covenant has occurred and the enemy remains and you cannot receive that which He has for you in covenant or expect your warfare to be of totally effect if you yield to temptation or love to live in them. When your heart is set on walking in the Holy Spirit and crucifying your flesh that day your warfare is most effective. However if your heart only wants the peace from demonic onsets but you still want to engage in lustful thoughts your warfare can become inoperative, as there are spiritual laws at work. There is a stronghold and the enemy is fortified in that area and has a legal passage of entrance if you choose to want to continue in lustful thinking for your gratification or escape of pain. Seek the escape of the Lord not the escape of sin or the ways of the enemy. Ask for grace, Father I’m being filthy minded, or I am lustful in my 46

thoughts, my adversary is coming against me strong, he has occupation in this area, I ask for grace, sustain me, change my heart My God, cause me to overcome here. I lay down my filthy mind, my lustful mind on Your altar for exchange and for you to bring this to death. Father I ask that you bind this stronghold still and the demons associated with it inoperative, unable to function and manifest until I have this iniquities and stronghold taken from my heart. Father, I renounce my filthy mind, lustful mind and filthy speech, I repent and I am willing to have you bring this iniquity to death and refine me and sanctify me here. I know oh so well of these sins, those I cherished those I wanted to hold onto to fit in with the unbeliever and be accepted. I did not want to take the call for sanctification to have my conduct, character and behavior under the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ at all so I paid the price of loss of my peace loss of freedom of my mind. We are called to intertwine in the power of the Holy Spirit to put off those things that would defile us and put on Christ. We are called for service, so Jesus can minister His will through us for His people. Our calling of sanctification, calls for us to exchange our iniquities, our sin for His life, His ways. Ask Him into the room of your filthy mind and filthy speech, lustful mind, the room of idolatry of children, the room of rebellion and pride, the room of gossip to bring you out. He will bring you out with love and no condemnation. He will bring these destructive ways of life to death, for you are powerless to do it yourself to modify your behavior. He will reveal what keeps you in bondage to these manifestations. It may be generational it may be freemasonry; loss, grief, shame, fatherlessness or motherlessness, it may be childhood or current insecurities or fears or hidden works of darkness keeping you there woven into your personality. It may be a cobweb of things that keep you in a stronghold and it may take a while to come out a long while to finally overcome and take back the ground the enemy has to temp you. We have to take accountability for our flesh our desire to stay there in lust, sin or idolatry and so on. Be honest with Him, He knows your heart and the totality of people 47

anyway. You can tell Him, Lord, I have a filthy mind and I talk filthy, I idolize my child, I like being rebellious, I am prideful, I love watching R rated movies, I like not tithing, I like lust, I like adultery and pornography, I am a gossiper and I like my baggage, my bondage, my iniquities, whatever they are for you. But Lord, I am willing to be made willing to stop liking my baggage, my bondage, and my iniquities. I am willing for you to change my heart and bring these demonic structures to death. Then when you have overcome and Jesus has brought these iniquities to death. When you have the victory and are not willing to walk in these ways anymore your warfare will be more effective against the enemy. There will be less demonic activity and longer periods without demonic temptation. Then you can enforce the authority effectively, rebuke and resist the temptations of filthy insinuations of the mind and the mouth or whatever they will even lesson and stop. You can address the enemy when in the process of overcoming when you feel it imparts faith and the desire to stand against their temptations. Tell them you resist and reject their will, their presence and their ways. This puts them to flight for you are casting down that which exalts itself above the true knowledge of God. The Holy Spirit will watch over this Scripture to perform it and cut them off and cause them to bow down and shut up. They can even be cast to the place Jesus Christ has assigned of them if the Spirit wills. In Psalms 52:5 it is written “God will likewise break you forever, He shall take you away, even pluck you from your tent, and uproot you out of the land of the living”. In 2 Peter 2:4 it is written “For if God did not spare sinning angels, but delivered them to chains of darkness, thrust down into Tartarus, having been kept to judgment;” In John 12:31 it is written, “Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cast out”.


In Luke 10:18 -19 it is written, “And He said to them, I saw Satan falling out of heaven as lightning! “Behold, I have given you the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and on all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you, not at all”. You have the Power and Authority living in you to cast them out of the land of the living and have them delivered to chains of darkness in Tartarus. This is only if it is the will of The Spirit, the flesh has not the authority to do these things, all warfare to be effective has to be instrumented by The Spirit this is what authority to tread on snakes and scorpions is - the breath of The Spirit, the directive of The Spirit. If you are cursing demons, calling them names, swearing at them, putting judgment against them in the flesh or under your own directive it is good to repent. This gives demons a legal right to attack us for not waging warfare according to the process the Scriptures teach. John Paul Jackson wrote a book titled “Needless Casualties Of War.” He writes about warfare in the flesh causing us to become a needless casualty of war. When I read his book and repented I could not believe how much warfare ceased against me. He allowed an attack one night to teach a valuable lesson and one that needed to be taught for my protection and training. I demanded demons to give the public information concerning a lost boy and that evening in my sleep I was attacked by various devils. I could see them by my spirit my body was asleep and they came over me like a bunch of flies and I woke up punching at the air calling on Jesus Name. I had made warfare in the flesh and came against territorial spirits out of my region and I was not even directed to do so by The Holy Ghost so they came for me. The Spirit can have them cast to dry and arid places, to the pit, to the sea, back to Satan, to another region under another ruler. You can ask for honor to where you would you have Jesus to cast these demons. Purity of warfare is under the breath or the utterance of The Holy Spirit and the true way of warfare and the safest way of warfare. Depending on your understanding, if you think He will quicken you and 49

give you a witness in you spirit where to cast them, continue in this way until He brings you into purity of warfare where He speaks out of your mouth; for this is our honor and our heritage in Blood Covenant with Jesus as we have made the exchange of our life for His life so we are In Him. Learn to walk in purity of spiritual warfare, where you pray in the breath of His Spirit in your cultural language, first praying in your heart or out loud for the anointing of purity of warfare. Ask Him for Him to warfare in His sovereignty for you, you then yield your voice and He will speak whatever He decides. Or ask for His leading in your heart as to what to request. Or ask for specific tactics to release against them, as in executing Biblical judgment of Scripture against them, binding, blocking them from operating and manifesting, casting them to the place assigned, shutting them up, closing their doors. There are various, various ways to warfare against demons, ask Him to train your hands to war and show you tactics from the Old Testament writings. God always acts according to Covenant. We have the authority; we have the robe of righteousness. We have the weapons, we walk in the name of Jesus, and we have the life of Christ the Spirit of the Living God dwelling in us. The covenant exchange has taken place, our life for His life. He wants us to walk in that authority and enforce that power and authority against the enemy. Jesus will by covenant back you up as you apply the Covenant and the power of the blood, as you enforce the Word and stand in your position ‘In Christ’ against the enemy. There is protection, defense for us if we are willing to enforce or appropriate the weapons of our warfare against the enemy. We have in truth, archers to defend us, warriors to defend us, gladiators to defend us, skilled mighty ones to defend us ... His angels. They are the one’s doing His word, who listen to the voice of His word, who do His will (Psalm 103:19-22). We have the Holy Spirit’s breath to activate against our enemies, He who rises up a standard and causes the enemy to flee; recall He was the power behind Samson the strength of Samson, the power behind the stone that killed Goliath. We have the resurrection power of Jesus on our side.


If you are willing to step out in faith and voice in the breath of The Spirit to enforce what is available for your protection and victory, you will overcome as you are being made powerful in the strength of His might and it is here Jesus backs you up to give you the victory over and over and over again. Jesus does not do anything for us because what we have done or who we are or not done. Everything we have is because of the Covenant God has made with Jesus. He is our answer and our solution He is Able and He is our deliverance our way out of transgressions, iniquities, demonic harassment, activity, torment, devastation, destruction, death, depression, oppression, infirmity, disease, illness, sickness, buffeting, lies, deception, projection, manifestations, operations, assignments, curses, functioning all their works even gluttony and being overweight Jesus is for us, not against us. We do not want to be a stranger of the covenant so we have to know our covenant and our covenant keeping God. Then in every circumstance the enemy brings against us or where doors are opened this will provide opportunity to prove God as a God of Covenant. We will get to know God who will deliver us, strengthen us, uplift us, keep us dead to sin and dead in our sins, impart anointing(s), impart gifts for us to stand, cover us with His feathers, keep us safe, bring us to victory step by step until the enemy can no longer buffet us, come against us in the ways we are vexed or tormented or bound by. The enemy has to work under legal rights of passage. If he has a door to come against you with pride, he can only bring temptations of pride against you and connected iniquities. Because he has a door of pride to enter in, he cannot use that as a door of murder, perversion or sexual fantasy to temp you. He has to have a door of perversion or sexual fantasy to come in on you strongly or consistently. He is under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus as much as we are. When we discern him at that door of pride, we say Jesus I resist pride as sin. The enemy is bowed down and we are strengthened by covenant to stay dead to the sin of pride and dead in our sin of pride for we have exchanged this for Him to take Lordship and bring pride and connected sins to death. Until such time as we have overcome pride and where we have given 51

the enemy a foothold he can no longer have that ground. Even here Jesus will bind still a spirit or a nest of pride spirits to enable us to overcome. But remember we do sin, we do have life circumstances, we do go back and forth from walking in The Spirit to walking in the flesh and it is here in these times these spirits can manifest out from being bound. The kingdom of darkness had more authority to kill steal and destroy under the old covenant, but now with the finished works of Calvary, authority has been redeemed by the second Adam and they cannot touch us unless they have a legal right of passage. In that legal right of passage or doorway, they can only operate in that specific area so they cannot put on us disease or sickness or destruction or transference of demons in that door, only the temptation of pride or lust; only the temptation of that specific doorway they have. Most of all we can dwell in the presence of a Holy God momentarily with our bonds of iniquity where they have legal grounds of darkness and best thing is He is at work to will us to come up higher and be freed from cherished sin.


Chapter 7 God Is Not Allowing the Demonic

How could I believe God was not allowing the demonic to torment me with the relentless lying voices, the self-consciousness, self-focus listen for us listen for us, the drawing into passivity, the swearing, and sensations in my ear and against my face? How could I when five years had passed and I was so set in believing He was the author and instigator of such torments because He was so Holy and such a God of Judgment? How could I believe Jesus when they had built in new strongholds attached to old strongholds of my past? I so thought He was not just but just stood over me as a Judge and a Judge first and foremost. Gosh I though He was such a cruel God but I found the truth that it is a finished work and it is finished. After I received ministry in 2000 from Fruitful Vine in Brisbane Australia I allowed my heart to listen and soften for the words spoken over me were so spot on so accurate and freeing that it had to be God. I got the truth that these experiences were not divinely instrumented by God but He did use them to strengthen my spiritual muscles. I remember someone saying that He even kills someone for the salvation of a relative. But this is a lie as God does not need to kill someone for the sake of someone’s salvation or welfare, that’s a lie of the devil to defame God’s character. That is not His character to take someone and leave a family in devastation for the sake of one person’s salvation. That is not His redemptive plan for people, He has ample ways to bring a person to salvation, and deliberately killing someone is not His method, but a lie and deception of darkness. So with this I had to see all the lies I was under about God for they had ample years of passiveness and I used to listen to them for I was so bound in self-consciousness. I learnt that He has overcome and we are in a Covenant of life, peace and protection. He revealed that where death happen He has given warning


after warning and it falls on deaf ears. Or they have not been careful or treated their bodies in poor health or they have not found truth or neither lived by truth of His Word and we through neglect can cause accidents. I also learnt that people have not enforced Covenant against legal doors of devils. The reason for death or why those demons are there is open doors for them to operate against us and they have not known He will close them until we find their specific reasons to have them cast out and the judgment annulled. Jesus wants those doors to be closed, and wills to bring us into strength to get the victory in these experiences so we do not open the same doors again, or be ensnared in yokes of bondage again. Just ask Him … “Jesus close all doors the enemy has in my life from Your judgments and those I have brought upon myself to give darkness grounds. I call upon the power of Your Blood Covenant and ask for grace and mercy. Bring me to the place of a change of heart and bring me to revelation knowledge as to what are their legal doorways I need to close.” This was so the case with myself, so many open doors and I never walked by faith in those early years but in fear. He would train me in this for when I was in the midst of an attack as soon as I would doubt back they would come to bring fear and their whispers. I had to learn to stand in the midst of intense fear and my mind reeling with the same old lies we are praying for you and thinking for you. Talk about Jesus wanting me to prosper and bear fruit in everything, every circumstance and to be successful, and be an over comer and conquer each open door of the stronghold of fear. Shake-a-leg Sally it was sink or swim, fear or faith. I had to catch on to His way out and Him teaching me to stand in the midst of these road warriors to lessen the attack. It took so long to learn and so long for the fog to lift but it did lift as I stood and as I believed He did not willing want to let the demons loose on me to afflict or torment me. Yes He wanted me to be filled with the knowledge of His will and His Word and to bear fruit in every good work in each circumstance (Colossians 1:9-13). Yes He used my affliction as training grounds, a boot camp that I would be raised up to be mighty anointed woman of God, but this was not His strategic work, my sins afflicted me and the devil did not want to let me go.


God wanted to take me in His arms and Father me, not condemn me or punish me or judge me harshly for every time I would fear or sin or transgress. Jesus defeated demons every spirit of darkness and I found that He would bring my heart into repentance. He would bring me into a change of heart as He loved me into healing and little did I realize He was infusing the necessary gifts and anointing within me to walk me out. Well I got bonded in bitterness due to my hearts perception and my circumstances beyond my knowledge and control. I was blaming God and Jesus and not understanding how He acts in this Blood Covenant so this further reinforces my stronghold of bitterness. So He taught me I could rest in His arms and could come boldly to the throne of grace in this Covenant; that so complete is reconciliation and the power of the blood that He will still any judgment until He turns my heart to bring forth change and healing. I did not know this truth, so years went by and arthritis had become evident in the joints due to the judgment of bitterness and unforgiveness. So if I had known that He would still that judgment arthritis would not bring dryness to the bones and joints. My joints would not have been in that condition because that seed would not have taken root and or grown into disease. The beauty of this Christ’s Blood Covenant of grace is that He will bring our heart to a condition of healing and understanding so a seed of bitterness does not get to take root. Only we have to be heart fully willing to surrender the seed, the emotions of bitterness and or unforgiveness and or resentment and or blame for Him to do a work in our heart. Not forgetting we have to study to have your minds renewed and seek counsel from His body ministries. We are to be also in prayer with Him about all this and aspiring to walk daily in The Spirit to obey and walk in Kingdom ways, as we are not to abuse any of the grace of God. If not that seed will take root and grow and defile us demonically, physically and emotionally and spiritually because of ignorance. Jesus fulfilled the law that He lived in and by. He bore the curse which that law demanded.... death by hanging on a tree.... the penalty of sin which is death. He took all our punishment, became shame so we would not have to 55

be ashamed, became improvised so we would not have to be poor, was striped so we could be healed. Disarmed the enemy and purchased us back from the enemy, redeemed us from the enemy, all because of Calvary and His Blood that was shed. All that the law that the former Covenants demanded He satisfied. Never to get angry with us for our sins/iniquity/transgressions............full freedom and liberty and grace is ours, mercy, mercy, mercy is ours He sees the blood and we have a Blood Covenant. The enemy has no legal rights on us, nil claim or ownership on us, we are redeemed and purchased and set free because of His blood and His cross. When we repent He will cleanse us to no longer impute the charges of sin...the blood has covered our sins they will appear no longer in God’s sight after confession, repentance and renunciation. There is an acquittal straight away for our sin and guilt for we are now reconciled to God we do not have to go to the temple once a year for our freedom from the consequences of sin structures. Straight forth when we repent we can be set free, washed by the Blood, cleansed from any demons, curses broken right there where you repent, and if that is in the bus, on a train or mowing the grass that’s the power of His Cross. “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses unto them.” 2 Corinthians 5:19 “where as God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not charging their trespasses to them, and putting the word of reconciliation in us. 2 Corinthians 5:19 “For this is the waters of Noah to Me; for as I swore to refrain from passing over the waters of Noah over the earth again, so I have sworn from being angry with you and rebuking you.” Isaiah 54:9 “I have blotted out your transgressions like a thick cloud, and your sons like a cloud. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22 “Behold, for peace was bitter to me, most bitter, but you loved my 56

soul from the pit of destruction: You have cast all my sins behind Your back.” Isaiah 38:17 “He will return to show us compassion. He will trample our iniquities; and You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” Micah 7:19 “In those days, and at that time, states Jehovah, the iniquity of Israel shall not be sought for, and it is not: and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found: for I will pardon those whom I leave as a remnant.” Jeremiah 50:20 Not only had I bonded myself to bitterness and anger I had got myself into such a stronghold of listening to and sensing them as I had developed this whilst being on drugs. I had a sense consciousness than focused on the detail of pleasure from drugs and homosexual lust - self-consciousness. Jesus had to bring me out of this and I had to let Him rest me and it was not easy for when I stopped listening to them and ignored them they would try to bring me back under the same strategy. When I practiced deafness and did not tune myself in on them, I experienced more freedom and lived more in the power of the blood of Calvary. I began to believe in His sovereignty to deal with all those demons that continued to lie and deceive and strategize. I started to notice a normalcy I read about and a normalcy of the Christian lifestyle that everyone else seemed to have of this joy and peace and happiness within. In the process of walking out of the “we are praying for you and thinking for you” stronghold I learnt to live out of my spirit man/woman, my sixth sense so to speak or my intuition and I got sharp real sharp. He did bring me forth to overcome and then the spirits became scared of me. I came to realize they fear us and the anointing potential we have and what I would walk in one day in ministry. I know this that I never want to go back to the boot camp I came through, never ever, ever. I laugh to myself and joke with people to say “I am one of the most amazing women you will ever meet.” They don’t know they think I am just playing, but what I have come through in these eighteen years, the many battles for overcoming rejection, homosexuality, mental illness, the 57

demonic; what I have had to endure to get victory and what I have had to endure to learn warfare, mate I think I am amazing, I know what being a strong woman means and not in The Lord, tenacity guts stick ability fight I could go on! Yes Jesus is Lord and He rescued me from those strongholds; but it took years of commitment to His ways and praise Him for I got to know He is the “Stilling One” the “Mighty One” who has the power to bind them all still them until I discerned their doors to shut them and Him kick them out. Jesus was on my side all the time, He was afflicted in my affliction but my twisted personality and fragmentation did not allow me to go to Him or trust Him or get to know Him. Jesus and God is not our enemy; or the Ones inflicting us, or allowing the demons to torment us, harass us, cause sickness, infirmity, disease or death on us or our parents or whatever the circumstance the enemy is bringing against us. It is not coming from God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. God is not afflicting us as judgment for our sins, for recall Isaiah 53:6 “…and Jehovah has made meet in Him the iniquity of all of us” and verse 11. My righteous servant justify for many, and He shall bear their iniquities. And verse 12. And He bore the sin of many, and made intercession for transgressors. And verse 5. “But He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was on Him; and with His wounds we ourselves are healed.” Isaiah 53:6 God laid it upon Jesus and He is for you in all your circumstances and is for your spiritual welfare. If you want to get mad, get mad at where you opened the door to allow the enemy to deceive you. Get mad at the devil, but don’t rebuke him with cursing you can declare I am coming out of your works. How many years did I listen to them tell me Jesus was the author of death, devastation, destruction but the devil is the master of them. How many years did I believe my sin and transgressions and my generation’s transgressions had opened the door to for them to be there whenever they wanted and said they were not going to stop until I found all their grounds? Too many years I was deceived but He did send His Word and healed me of my destruction and His Love stilled them and closed their doors and 58

lead me to repentance and truth. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers Him from all of them.” Psalm 34:19 Bless The Father for The New Covenant for this is what God says to us: “you will not be put to shame, you will forget the shame of your loving kindness will not be removed from you.” Isaiah 54:4, 10


Chapter 8 Counsel Might and Skill to Rule

It was not God who has done this to me; it was my ignorance of the truth, me being deceived, me being in intense fear, me not putting warfare into operation, me not knowing Covenant power to enforce power against them. There were hidden works sent by the kingdom of darkness to keep me in torment and devastation, some grounds of my forefathers and ancestors and some of my own doors I had opened up and not known how to shut in knowledge, faith in trust in Calvary’s victorious power against legal doors of the enemy. For all those years in captivity I walked more in fear and the flesh than in The Spirit, all those years God was not bringing devastation or death on me. Truth is we are in a war, the enemy is against us and our flesh will want its own way. This is another story at how The Holy Spirit reasoned with me that it was not His will or His arm that brought forth the demonic affliction: If a man is driving to the edge of the cliff and he continues to drive and crashes off the edge who is the one at fault? Do you think God let that happen? Do you think God wanted him to learn something? Did God want this fellow to experience this so the fellow could lead a person to Christ whilst he was in hospital? No but God got the blame. God didn’t let this happen for any reason at all. He disobeyed the sign and the law of gravity took effect and caused him to plummet to the bottom of the cliff. Yet God witnessed in his spirit danger, the road ends with a cliff drop, stop the car, but he did not listen for hardness of heart and deaf ears to the Spirit. This was the same with my circumstances I blamed God yet there were spiritual laws of darkness at work and natural laws at work, like negligence and ignorance.


Therefore the same laws are at work and the same principle is here when we sin and play in the grounds of darkness, we go off the cliff as in God’s Word are the instructions, the danger sign’s - cliff drop you will crash if you go over the edge; His instructions are the signs ‘danger no entry cliff drop.’ But we tend to blame God in agreement with the enemy who wants to defame God and Jesus. But He does not willing want to punish or willing wants to afflict us. God wants to bless us, prosper us and give us health and life; the Covenant promise of three score and ten – this is a minimum of 70 years of age some believe it to be 120? The enemy has a purpose to destroy and devastate our life, He looks for area’s where we don’t have understanding or knowledge or revelation about Covenant. The enemy looks for areas where we walk in the flesh. One definition of walking in the flesh means we are ignorant of spiritual truths of the Word and therefore we have a fleshly interpretation of the Word or none at all. The enemy is therefore able to move in those areas and build mindsets and impart and project his interpretation of the Word according to your circumstance(s). He will do all these things until you learn to know his whispers to forbid his operations, until you learn the discipline of warfare against every demon in and over you and linked to these. He uses that area where we have an inner image of God in that area, that circumstance that is incorrect to truth and therefore we are devastated and wounded and destroyed from sin or being sinned against your life in general. Praise Him for He will give us wisdom (James 1:5) He will give us the entrance point of the enemy, in other words the door he comes against with. These spirits had a foundation of fear a fortress of furniture that they shifted around and used against me to keep me in the dark and in sin and out of the presence of Jesus. But Jesus was at work as the silent achiever, He led me to a study of The Word to bring truths and understanding and faith in that area the enemy was hitting against me. He led me to a global ministry to obtain their keys; He lead me to a Television program one day that is operating in deliverance of demons and knowledge of how to get further set free. He does this to bring us out of the 61

fog for He leads us to prayer rooms, deliverance ministries or a Facebook site; but He expects us to search for we are partners, coworkers with Him and are to study to show ourselves approved. God wants to expose to our heart in love and caring welfare to reveal where the enemy has entrance to come against us. This even happens in the midst of enemy attacks if you listen with your heart or use this to train your ears to hear. I recall Him saying that the fear attacks were not mine that deep down I had faith and a gift of His faith. He revealed these fear attacks were synthetic they were artificial; they were not mine they were not real but seemed as if they were mine. He revealed to me they were brought forth by powers of darkness and they had the power over my central nervous system and if I rejected them as fake they could not remain in manifest. Artificial alright and once He exposed these grounds to reveal I was not truly afraid and they were brought on by their powers this weakened the enemy and I started to reject them, stand and wait for the feeling to dissipate. The enemy must have a legal door to operate, he can not just come and put fear, disease or illness or death on us unless doors are there. Spirits would put me into a sleep into slumber; it was the fruit of mind control as I had dabbled into hypnotism and self-hypnotism. Also I would shut down turn off for the pain of their works was more than I could cope with in the natural, so mind control would try to kill me in a car accident. I would be driving my car and sleep would come on me so strong that I had to pull over until it dissipated and this went on strongly for years. One day I got out of the car and raged at God that my daughter was always with me and You never stop these attacks of darkness and why don’t You care about us dying and especially her, what has she ever done to You. Yes, God is Sovereign and it’s a finished work, but I did not know their grounds or how to enforce Covenant against their legal doors until such time as I had the keys to shut them closed. The earth is His and all that is in it, and He has disarmed the enemy and has the keys of death and hell; however I had to learn that I needed to enforce Covenant daily, I needed to bind, disarm these legal works against me. Doorways are not closed from prior generation’s transgressions before or while we are Christians, they remain open and against us, as do what we 62

engaged in when we were without Christ. Even where we as professing Christians have transgressed by ignorance to open a door for the enemy to bring works against us, these doors remain open until revelation, then repentance, then the closing of that door; so pray for the anointing to bind every legal door closed. For example, if you break the road sign of a recommended speed of 60 Kilometers around a bend to do 100 Kilometers because you are late, then your car rolls, your legs get broken, and you have no insurance on the car, it’s your own fault. God did not allow this to happen to you, your nature decided to do the 100 kilometers and not insure the car. Same thing driving whilst tired, not watching for cars when you cross the road, not playing it safe in circumstances, or ignorance to the zap for putting your hands on an electric fence you make the decision against better judgment. It is not “God has allowed this to happen.” When you blanket this against all circumstances of life you are under deception and a false doctrine of devils, under demons who defame the name of God. We have choice and free will, we are not walking talking Holy Spirits, and we experience the fallen state of ourselves. We experience the world around us in the liberty of Christ as children of God for we are in a sin war, our members of sin are against us and the works of darkness are against us to bring war of destruction. So this same principle applies in the realm of darkness, if we open a door by participating in Yoga, Kun-Fu or adultery, fornication, stealing or wearing a ‘so called’ Christian charm bracelet or other sinful ways of the kingdom of darkness there are spiritual laws in effect, consequences at work from the realm of darkness. Just as there is a law of gravity, and laws of the land, there are laws in the spirit realm. Our lives are within the perimeter of spiritual laws, until we take authority in the power of The Spirit to close all legal door ways of demonic activity, assignments and works, spiritual laws are at work against us. Until we ask for Light and the keys to close these doors through repentance, renunciation the breaking of curses, bonds of iniquities and 63

forgiveness they remain operative against us. Truth is when hedges are down the serpent bites (Ecclesiastics 10:8). This is why that Strongman was able to come against me to try to bring an accident of death. Once when I was driving back from Warwick in Queensland Australia I was put to sleep by these powers and I awoke by His Angel with an electric shock through my body to see my truck glide past a car with about thirty centimeters between us. I would hear thing like this Oh God allowed that for divine destiny, or this was a spiritual faith lesson or this is a testimony for someone else’s salvation and deliverance. But He was the One who saved me and God never allowed that sleep; or wanted me to die, or get injured it's against His Blood Covenant of healing, restoration and deliverance, and His Covenantal nature of the blood Covenant with Jesus Christ as Judge. He has mercy, redemption by His blood, the forgiveness of sins, beauty for ashes, and opening of prison doors. Recall Freemasonry, the devastation that comes down the generational lineage. The effects of these curses at work in our lives are not instrumented by God or Jesus, they are spiritual laws against us, and will be against us until we close the doors or bind these works until all doors are discerned to be closed. Truth is we have to enforce Covenant, just like we have to pray, just like we have to confess our sins. Unless the provision is activated there is no remission of sins, no blood washing our sins away, therefore no angelic power to keep demons from manifesting, functioning and operating against us. In Freemasonry there are various curses of death, not only from Freemasonry but other areas. Curses like, premature death, occult death, alcoholic death, witchcraft death, idolatry death, mental illness, various disease and illnesses to cause death. Covenant’s blessing is of 3 score and 10. This does not mean God or Jesus did this, no, sin transgression and iniquity has opened the door to bring these devastations against us or our Parents, relatives or siblings or friends. Spiritual law is at work, as is being fined for drink driving or speeding. Jesus is not going to stop the system of Law in the Courts; in the natural there 64

will always be consequences for breaking law. Just as there is a system of law in the natural, there is one in the spiritual. Break a spiritual law and you receive the penalty/fine, which can be death, disease, illness, infirmity, mental illness, lack, poverty accidents and death and so on. God is not allowing this it occurs, then we need to enforce Covenant against these penalties or fines so we can annul them, render them null and void, render the finished works of Calvary, render the power of the blood against them still until we have their door and their curse until we have the keys to be free of them. Blaming God, the enemy, yourself or someone else will not stop the circumstances of the enemy coming against you either. Giving up or having self-pity will not cause these circumstances to stop. None of these ways have to do with Covenant. None of these ways say who is God and what did He say He would do for us in these circumstances. None of these ways say God is my Blood Covenant friend, and on my side. None of these ways say who is my enemy and what is he feeding my mind, and where am I listening to him. And or am I listening to myself and in misunderstanding of God as a Covenant keeping God? None of these ways say what provision has God made as a Covenant promise keeper. They do not say how do I come back to that intimate fellowship with Him to enforce the Covenant promises? As I am His representative, co-worker, covenant partner, and one who is “In Christ’ who has been given an inheritance, a heritage as a servant of The Lord I have all heaven backing me up. God is not standing by and watching devastation, destruction, or torment come upon you or anything the enemy is bringing upon you. When this is done to you it is done to Jesus, He becomes a participant to what you are experiencing. He works when you enforce what is covenantal available. When you take up the sword of the Spirit under His directive and wield it against the enemy. He works when you execute judgment against the enemy in the power of The Holy Spirit. When you resist the enemy “I resist your will devil” when in His Breath you break the power of the enemy and release Covenant power. He works when you in His Breath release/loose The Glory of the Living God, 65

the protection of the Name; when you call on the power of the Blood Covenant; when you release the power of the blood into your circumstances. When you warfare in The Spirit and pull down what he is coming against you with. He works when you bind demons with the chains of The Lord Jesus Christ. When you invite Jesus into you circumstances to do all this under the directive of The Holy Spirit no devil will remain standing. When you invite Jesus to show you the ground the enemy occupies. When you put whatever occupied ground the enemy has on the alter to lay it down for sanctification and demolishing of any fortress demons are fortified by. When you stop seeing Him as the enemy and the One who is doing this to you; And when you seek God to find out any sins, iniquities or transgressions to confess and repent of, curses to break you will know “whom the Son sets free is free indeed.� Go to Him, surrender your hands to be trained to war. Go to Him for grace and mercy, go to Him for instruction, and go to Him for help. Go to Him so He can show you who He is and what He can do for you. How He can rescue you and bless you. Go to Him to see whom He is, where He has been in your circumstances, how He felt in your circumstances. Ask Him to reveal His heart to you, ask Him to renew your understanding of Him as your God of Covenant, as your God of compassion, mercy, love, understanding, loving-kindness, deliverer, of might, of war, of promise, of protection, of teacher and trainer; or whatever your want to know Him as or have a knowledge of. Ask him to touch your eyes so you can see Him for who He is, and where He is right now in your circumstances, and where is the grace available, where active help is available. Ask Him to lead you and teach you to intertwine in His presence and His love. To equip you with a Spirit of Counsel, Might and Skill to Rule until you get a handle of your circumstances, and discern or see why the enemy is coming against you, why you are in bondage.


Chapter 9 He Sent His Word

It took me years to grasp onto truth and how to stop spirits attacking me before I uprooted them by breaking the curses that gave them the grounds. With all my yelling and screaming my hardness of heart my hatred of Him and cursing Him He still taught me of His Word of Himself and how to get away from them. When I would say to God “why are you letting this happen, why are you doing this, I don’t deserve this, how can you allow this to come against me.” “Oh God you are supposed to be protecting me, why can’t You keep me safe from the evil one, so he touches me not.” “How come you allow this torment to come against me, why don’t you stop them tormenting me.” Jesus I prayed this morning for your protection.” “I have warfared today to the best of my understanding, I have sprinkled the blood, released the power of the blood covenant against demonic activity.” “I prayed and I asked You to contend with those that would contend and fight against me today.” “How come demonic activity is so rank, so full on against me? His answer was this: “I AM NOT LETTING OR ALLOWING THE DEMONIC TO COME AGAINST YOU OR TORMENT YOU OR INFLICT YOU. THEY ARE ENFORCING THEMSELVES IN A WORK OF DARKNESS AGAINST YOU, YOU DON’T STAND LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO BOW THEM DOW SO YOU LOSE FAITH. RECALL I HAVE ALREADY DONE SOMETHING FOR YOU. I GAVE YOU MY SON, HE UNDID THE WORKS OF THE ENEMY (1 John 3:8) AND HAS MADE COVENANT FOR YOU THROUGH ME (Hebrews l:6-13). I HAVE GIVEN YOU POWER AND AUTHORITY TO TRAMPLE ON SNAKES AND SCORPIONS AND OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY (Luke 10:19) YOU POSSESS MY SPIRIT. I WILL GIVE YOU MIGHT TO TURN BACK THE BATTLE COMING TOWARDS YOU AT THE GATE (Isaiah 28:6). THE GATES 67



AGAINST THE WORKS OF DARKNESS WHEN YOU YIELD TO ME SO I MAY DRAW FORTH MY DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, THAT IS I BREATHE FORTH THE JUDGMENTS WRITTEN. (Psalms 2:4-5; Psalm 5:8-10; Psalm 6:7-10; Psalm 7:6,11-16; Psalm 18:12-14, 37-42; Psalm 21:11-12; Psalm 35; Psalm 104:7-9, 35; Psalm 109:29; Psalm 120:3-4) REMEMBER HE THAT IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS THE WORLD (1 John 4:4), NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD (Zechariah 4:6). MY SPIRIT WILL RAISE UP THE STANDARD AND CAUSE THE ENEMY TO FLEE (Isaiah 59:19) WHEN YOU PUT INTO ACTION OPERATIVE WARFARE. WHEN YOU WARFARE WITH MY SPIRIT, MY WORD IT SHALL BE WATCHED OVER TO BE PREFORMED AS MY SPIRIT THROUGH YOU EXECUTES SOME JUDGEMENT (S) “To execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalm 149:9 KJ JUDGMENT CAN BE SET UP IN THE SPIRIT FOR THE DAY FOR EACH WEAPON THEY FORGE AGAINST YOU OF A MANTLE OF CONFUSION “Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle.” Psalm 109:29 KJ THEN A MANTLE OF CONFUSION I WILL PUT ON THEM AT EVERY ONSET AGAINST YOU. LIKEWISE WHEN MY SPIRIT JUDGES THEM TO HAVE THEIR OWN WICKEDNESS BACK ON THEM AND HAVE THEM CUT OFF THIS WILL BE SO “They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous and condemn the blood of the innocent. 22. But Jehovah is my tower of defense, and my God is the rock of my refuge. 23. And He turns back on them their own wickedness, yea, in their evil He shall cut them off. Jehovah our God shall cut them off.” Psalm 94:21-23 KJ THEN THIS I SHALL (in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us). DO AND MY WORD SHALL PROSPER INTO WHERE I HAVE SENT IT. “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11 KJ USE MY WEAPONS AND SEND FORTH MY WORD AND MY WEAPONS THAT ARE MIGHTY AGAINST THE DEMONIC (For the


weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;” 2Corinthians 10:4 KJ I SHALL UPHOLD YOU WITH THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESS - MY SPIRIT IS THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESS “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right of my righteousness.” Isaiah 41:10 KJ FOR I WHO HAVE DELIVERED YOU, WILL CONTINUE TO DELIVER YOU “Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver;” 2 Corinthians 1:10 KJ FOR I HAVE CALLED YOU BY NAME CHILD YOU ARE MINE “But now thus saith the Lord that created thee. O Jacob, and he that formed thee. O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.” Isaiah 43:1 KJ YOU WILL ENCOUNTER DEMONIC ACTIVITY EVEN IF YOU HAVE WARFARED, THEY STRENGTHED THEMSELVES IN GROUPS TO EMPOWER ONE ANOTHER TO WITHSTAND WARFARE. AND YOU ARE BY NATURE SINFUL AND COME OUT FROM UNDER WALKING IN THE SPIRIT. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE AREA’S WHERE THE ENEMY HAS LEGAL RIGHTS OF PASSAGE TO COME IN ON YOU. AREA’S WHERE YOU ARE DECEIVED. AREA’S WHERE HE HAS FORTIFIED STRONGHOLDS. AREA’S WHERE YOUR HEDGES ARE DOWN AND THE SERPENT CAN COME IN AND BITE YOU AREA’S UNTIL MY SPIRIT BRING TO DEATH YOUR INIQUITIES AND DEMOLISHES STRONGHOLD “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh and hedge, a serpent shall bite him” Ecclesiastics 10:8 KJ (See Psalm 5:8; 6:8-9; 107:10-12, 17-18, 26-27, 3940) IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED ANOTHER GOSPEL OTHER THAN THAT OF TRUTH “For if, indeed, the one coming proclaims another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or if you receive another spirit which you have not received, or another gospel which you never accepted, you might well endure these.” 2 Corinthians 11:4 KJ THEN THE EVIL ONE WILL COME AND TAKE THAT WHICH WAS NOT UNDERSTOOD IN THE HEART “Everyone hearing the word of the kingdom, and not understanding, then the evil one comes and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is


that sown by the roadside.” Matthew 13: 19 KJ YOU WILL THEN GIVE THE ENEMY OPPORTUNITY TO SOW ERROR INTO TRUTH “But while the men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed damsel in the midst of the wheat, and went away.” Matthew 13:25 KJ THE DEVIL YOUR ADVERSARY PROWLS AROUND LOOKING TO DEVOUR YOU “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8 KJ HE IS ALL WAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO DECEIVE YOU “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Revelation 20:10 KJ YOU WILL HAVE TO WRESTLE WHEN YOUR HEDGES ARE DOWN IF YOU CONTINUE TO WALK IN THE SIN THAT BROUGHT THE HEDGE DOWN KNOWING OR UNKNOWINGLY. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 KJ Please take the time to look at the following scriptures: 1 Timothy 1:911; Galatians 5:19-21; Colossians 3:5-9; Colossians 3:6; Revelation 5:6; Ephesians 5:6; Romans 7:1; Matthew 5:18; Romans 3:31; Romans 7:7; Romans 2:12-13, 15; 2 Timothy 2:19-21; 2 Timothy 2:19; Acts 8:23; 1 Corinthians 10:21; 1 Thessalonians 5:22; 1 John 5:21; Romans 12:9; 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22; Ephesians 2:2, 5:3-6; 1 John 3:7-8; 2 Peter 2:1314, 20-21/Mathew 12:43-45-Luke 11:24-26; 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12; Romans 1:18-25, 28-32; 2 Timothy 2:19 Ephesians 4:25-27; 1 Timothy 3:7; 1 Timothy 4:1-2; Galatians 1:8-9; Galatians 3:10 YOU WILL HAVE TRIBULATION AND PERSECTUATION JUST BEING A CHRISTIAN “Yet hath he not root in himself, but endureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.” Matthew 13:21 KJ AND YOU WILL HAVE TEMPTATION “Because of this, no longer enduring, I also sent to know your faith, that the tempting one not somehow tempt you, and our labor should become to no avail.” 1 Thessalonians 3:5 KJ WITH ANY NEW DOOR HAVING BEEN OPENED TO YOU COMES OPPOSITION “For a door opened to me, great and effective; and


many are opposing.” 1 Corinthians 16:9 BUT FEAR NOT FOR I HAVE REDEEMED YOU FROM THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. “Let the redeemed of Jehovah say so, whom He redeemed from the hand of the foe.” Psalm 107:2 MY SON I RAISED UP FROM THE DEAD AND SET HIM AT MY RIGHT HAND. FAR ABOVE ALL PRINCIPALITY, AND POWER, AND MIGHT, AND DOMINION, AND EVERY NAME THAT IS NAMED, NOT ONLY IN THIS WORLD, BUT ALSO IN THAT WHICH IS TO COME: ALL THINGS HAVE BEEN PUT UNDER HIS FEET, HE BEING THE HEAD OVER ALL THINGS TO THE CHURCH; THIS CHRIST IS YOUR HEAD, YOUR DEFENSE, YOUR DELIVER WHO GIVES YOU POWER. “Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places, 21. Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: 22. And has put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church.” Ephesians 1:20-22 KJ I HAVE SAID AS HE IS IN THE WORLD SO ARE YOU AND YOUR SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES “And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:” Ephesians 2:6 HAVING AUTHORITY OVER ALL, ALL, THE POWER OF THE ENEMY POSSESSING THE PRESENCE OF MY SPIRIT’S, POSSESSING HIS POWER. “Behold, I have given you the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and on all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you, not at all.” Luke 10:19 IL “And having called together His twelve disciples, He gave them power and authority over all the demons, and to heal diseases.” Luke 9:1. IL THEREFORE STAND IN YOUR ARMOUR “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13 KJ LEARN TO PARTNER WITH MY SPIRIT AND ALLOW HIM TO WARFARE IN UTTERANCE IN THE LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK IN “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 KJ LET HIM FURTHER TRAIN YOU TO WAR IN THE PURITY OF THE BREATH OF THE SPIRIT “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” Psalm 144:1 KJ 72

THEN HAVING DAILY WARFARED “The night is far gone, and the day has drawn near; therefore, let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the weapons of the light ... 14. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ and do not take thought beforehand for the lusts of the flesh.” Romans 13:12-14 KJ STAND. BE TEACHABLE AND OPEN EACH DAY FOR FRESH NEW STRATIGIES TO ENFORCE. KEEP YOUR PEACE AND COMPOSTURE “If the spirit of the ruler rises up against you, do not leave your place; for composure quiets great offenses.” Ecclesiastes 10:4 IL STAY IN MY SPIRIT OF SELF CONTROL “A man to whom there is no control to his spirit is like a broken down city without a wall.” Proverbs 28:25 KJ RULE IN THE MIDST OF YOUR ENEMY “Jehovah shall send the rod of your strength out of Zion; rule in the midst of your enemies.” Psalm 110:2 IL INTERTWINING IN MY SPIRIT OF COUNSEL AND MIGHT “And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom, and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:2 KJ UNTIL THE ATTACK IS OVER AS I HAVE SPOKEN, YOU WILL BE LEFT STANDING IN THE VICTORY THAT I HAVE PROMISED FOR YOU COVENANTLY BECAUSE OF MY FINISHED WORK AT CALVARY. STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL. There was another woman who was going through the same madness as me and she would scream at Him “you had better do something about this demonic harassment, this torment” and I learnt the hard way that God says: I have already done something against the enemy, I sent my Son and now the enemy is disarmed and defeated and by My stripes I have made the way for healing.” Therefore let me help you find out what is blocking the healing and the power from springing forth. Surrender your hands to me and I will train you to war (2 Samuel 22:35). I’ll equip you and teach and train you until you know what to do in 73

each circumstance at each onset of the enemy. I may impress on you to stand, or to engage in warfare and enforce the power of the blood and the covenant against the enemy or you may need to die to self in certain areas of your lifestyle with my Spirit bringing to death the sins that fortify spirits. I may need to bring to death certain attributes of your behavior. I may need to teach you truths of Scripture to come out of the snare of the enemy, out from under his lies and deceptions and his doctrines. (Revelation 2:20). I may need you to go to a healing teaching course, a ministry to unfold brokenness for me to bring healing and meet with you there. I may need to reinforce truths of Scripture into your heart for example when you bind something on earth it does occur and when you loose something on earth it does occur, and give you a greater image of truths in your heart. I may want to reveal so you see you do not need to intertwine in their activity, their superficial fear, guilt, condemnation, accusation or whatever is prevalent for you that the enemy is using. I may need to lead you to a ministry to expose hidden things of darkness, or reveal assignments against you from your ancestry lines. I may need to show you how you have yielded to a lie, and unknowingly yielded your will, or mind for demons to operate against. You are emptying yourself or dying to self or passive to let the Holy Spirit take control and you have misunderstood how the Holy Spirit witnesses in your spirit man not in your soulical mind to take control of you. I may want to let you know that you are to be free slaves with minds and thoughts and choices of our own to make. I may need to show you it is common for Christians to experience demonic activity, to be engaged in a war, and the necessity to do daily warfare. So indeed He did, HE SENT HIS WORD AND SET ME FREE.


Chapter 10 Stand

The Lord Jesus had a plan and a purpose for my life, so I knew I could not give up, and certainly not give in but stand having done what I was taught. If it was not for the call on my life that I would be one of the greatest witness the church had ever seen or that I would be tall in The Holy Spirit and tall against the enemy I may have only went so far. The call on my life required I be taught and trained in Spiritual warfare. Where do we get the best training? In the midst of the affliction for it forces us to engage in warfare. Affliction taught me to have great faith and with my faith came works, the works of Spiritual warfare to teach others. He is Able to do all and exceeding above all what we ask in all our encounters He is The Teacher and The Teacher of His Kingdom come His will be done. I got to be able to stand and endure for He would sustain me with counsel. He was able to save until this was outworked in my personality and character was changed. God left the nations in Israel in order to test Israel by them because they did not know the wars of Canaan. These generations of the sons of Israel learnt war and were then able to teach their sons warfare. He leaves and will allow warfare against us for a season to cause us to learn to fashion us into a weapon of warfare for His plans and purposes against the kingdom of darkness. “And these are the nations which Jehovah left in order to test Israel by them, all who did not know all the wars of Canaan; only that the generations of the sons of Israel might know, to teach them war, only those who did not before know them;� Judges 3:1-2 Lack of knowledge destroys (Hosea 4:6) so knowledge of how to warfare will stop the destruction. When we have opened ourselves up to demonic deception, destruction or devastation or just lack the knowledge on how to stop demonic legal rights of access or outright attacks of Spiritual warfare we can use this as an opportunity to learn warfare and we have to in


order to make them cease their onsets and desist their moves against us. Allow Him to fashion you into a weapon, and allow Him to give you knowledge of tactics, strategies, names, titles and rank, functions, works, assignments of the demonic. These circumstances will force us to learn the weapons of our warfare and the Word of God because “freely you have received, freely give.� And we cannot lie down and die or can we allow them to walk all over us giving up our inheritance unto them. We cannot sell out for a bowl of porridge when there is a banquet to partake of. We have a birthright to win, conquer, defeat, and destroy our adversary to put him under our feet. Full Gospel living casts out demons and brings down kingdoms of darkness in and over our sisters and brothers; it is part of every good work. We learn to demolish strongholds and demolishing can be sometimes little by little or sometimes over many a month or sometimes over years, many years and many years of training. John the Baptist spent years in the wilderness before his great day to be released in ministry, years of training and teaching by The Holy Ghost. I so hold onto this for it was sixteen years before He allowed me to put out Triumphant Ministries online and it has been eighteen years and still no opportunity of being an itinerant minister. It takes years of study and training to be fully equipped in spiritual warfare but you have to start somewhere and in the midst of afflictions are the best place to begin, you can use a foundation of being driven to obtain peace and freedom. If you want a great position of power and authority for some it can take years of learning, years of pain, years of tears and years of submission to be an effective warrior for Him for His Kingdom to come against the many levels of the kingdom of darkness. It will not be just intercession prayer of warfare, full Gospel is the sevenfold anointing, the five-fold ministry every good work. However sometimes the overall of your life’s life many not enable you to be promoted into a mantle or office of a five-fold ministry or the mantle or office of the sevenfold anointing but only to operate in these. But you can be dangerous and so much anointed to warfare for your region, your city, for cities around the world, for churches, for individual people and for a group of people or for a deliverance ministry and prayer lines.


Anyone is eligible to be a Disciple, but when you want a higher rank of authority to be released over your life He can and will prepare you for every good work (2 Timothy 2:21). Submit, yield, submit and yield to a lifestyle of righteousness and holy living and obedience to His laws. It comes at a cost of death to self, death to selfish living, death to sin structures to build up your hedges to keep the serpent from deceiving you, destroying your fruit and or having inroads and or occupation within your house, which is the temple of God that of your body. He does not want His house to be a den of thieves or a den of hypocrites and religiosity and legalism but a clean house so He can move freely around to move you for His plan and purposes. Therefore, recall what is said about the word therefore – what is it there for “…come out from them, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch nothing unclean; … let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, and make holiness perfect in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 6:17; 7:1 RSV “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from theses things, he will [or she will -words in brackets here mine] be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.” 2 Timothy 2:21 NASB Demonic warfare will always be against us, no matter how many devils are cast out, no matter if we warfare daily. Devils are as much a part of life as eating food and drinking water. There are people in the world that have devils, Christians and non-Christians and they have all the bases covered they have been around for ions they know all the methods and know the truth of The Kingdom of Righteousness and know it all about humankind. Truth is there are plain and simple outright attacks when demons group up or link up with one another to empower one another and hit hard against us; both indwellers and air dwellers and those over them attack like a swarm of flies. If we are in the flesh all the time in rebellion the hedges are down so they will attack in the area of their grounds and they can withstand assaults of Holy Angels. Cover your bases in prayer ask for grace when you are in sin or are bonded to iniquity and this does hinder them. Where you are struggling 77

with a flight cycle invite Jesus Christ into it to dismantle the stronghold ask Him to bring the iniquity to death. The kingdom of darkness does strategize a trap and orchestrate circumstances bit by bit and even to cause us to walk in the flesh to go straight into their strategy. Consider Paul, Satan hindered him from going to Thessalonica to the new Christians (1 Thessalonians 2:18) they knew Paul’s preaching came with conviction and deliverance and truth to set them free from the grounds his kingdoms spirits had in their lives. Jesus is Lord over legal rights of darkness yet He does allow works to come against us that they are exposed so that we seek Him and His Word. So regardless if we have prayed in The Breath of The Spirit of Christ Jesus they can be allowed to warfare against us. I recall once I unknowing warfare in my own flesh for a woman who had been tormented by lust demons and there was a Freemasonry stronghold over this household. The result was a counter attack, heavy as, onsets on onsets with lust against my mind of homosexual desires. Why? I had stepped out of authority even though I believed I was in The Spirit and had His permission but I had it wrong. The Holy Ghost allowed them to counter attack as there was a spiritual law at work for me warring in the flesh and against a stronghold that was none of my business. They could come against me here because Jesus was still at work changing me and outworking this not only out of my personality but my character. The stronghold of homosexuality had not been fully dismantled for it takes years of restoration renovation for transformation, therefore they could link up with what was in and over me to bring this counter attack lust against what I had warred for her. It taught me a valuable lesson, and it revealed that I still had grounds in my life that gave the spirits a landing base and room to retaliate and attack. So exposure and attack blessed me and brought me to a new level. There are lots of other reasons why warfare will always be a part of the Christ lifestyle. But it is far more advantageous for us to be trained as soldiers in His army because warfare is the Christ life. It is to our advantage that we are suffering affliction because this is a great driving force to learn and see the different facets of what warfare really is.


Chapter 11 Bitterness and Unforgiveness “For if you forgive men their offenses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you will not forgive men their offenses, neither will your Father forgive your offenses.” Matthew 6:14-15 “And being angry, his lord delivered him up to the tormentors [demons – words in brackets here mine] until he pay back all that debt to him. So also My heavenly Father will do to you unless each of you from your hearts forgive his brother their offenses.” Mathew 18:34-35 “And when you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive it, so that your Father in Heaven may also forgive your sins.” Mark 11:25

I learnt throughout my afflictions that demons and or spirits want the most of every legal right of passage they have over us from cult, occult, new age, false religions practices and where we have transgressed His laws. They come against us when we don’t know how to surrender their grounds to Jesus’ Lordship for Covenant or our own transgressions for change. “… all sin is the transgression of the law.”

1 John 3:4

The transgression of unforgiveness does bring upon us a curse with a tormenting spirit (Mathew 18:34-35). If we are slow to surrender unforgiveness our flesh then allows the spirit of unforgiveness to open more doors to enlarge its nest. I learnt that this spirit of unforgiveness and its partner bitterness came under the strongman of schizophrenia. Commanding strategies with others in its nest of schizo, double-mindedness, lust, withdrawal, rejection, insanity, madness, self-pity, paranoia, fear, torment, insecurity, rebellion, suspicion, distrust, self-will, projection, stubbornness, anger, self-deception, selfdelusion, control, hatred, shame, and restlessness devising ways to keep me in mental madness.


I fell into their traps and it brought my heart into a condition of pain so whatever strategy was on the day that spirit got the opportunity to dominate and rule. This way they got to outwork their personalities in and through me other than say a stronghold of idolatry or sexual perversion or homosexuality as they were strongholds I had that had not surfaced for Him to bring to death. So with me being deaf dumb and blind to truth their works kept me out of the presence and will of God; unable to walk in The Spirit unable to receive counsel unable to receive truths and unable to even desire to want to forgive God. Unable to receive His love and kindness that wanted to lead me into repentance and little did I know Jesus would lead me to be willing to be made willing to forgive to be free of unforgiveness and bitterness. Because I was in a heart condition of blame towards God for my affliction, a root of bitterness took deeper root. My heart put up walls of selfprotection and become stony and cold. I had hatred stubbornness, rage and anger towards The Father, Jesus and at The Holy Spirit. I raged at Him “if it was not for You judging my transgressions I would not be in this affliction.” “Why did You have to make us in the first place?” Any root of bitterness will have sins that have spirits attached or spirits associated with the root and they can be: resentment, hatred, violence, murder, schizophrenia, mind binding, memory loss, recall, unforgiveness, temper, anger, retaliation, broken relationships” 1. [Worley:1983:5] Depending on the person there can be other roots to unforgiveness and bitterness and that can be depression, sleep, offense, complaining, murmuring, self-pity, backbiting, gossip, envy, cursing, jealousy, blame, pride, unfairness even over eating, unteachableness, disobedience, wounded spirit, mockery and torment. “Eagerly pursue peace and holiness with all, with out which no one will see the Lord, watching diligently that not any lack from the grace of God, that no root of bitterness growing up may disturb you, and through this many be defiled; Hebrews 12:14-15 “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” 1 Corinthians 3:17 KJ 80

Demons outwork their activity according to Scripture. According to the penalty of the curse they are then designated to the penalty. “Also every sickness and every plague which is not written in the book of this law, Jehovah shall cause them to come on you until you are destroyed.” Deuteronomy 28:61 “Jehovah is righteous, for I rebelled against His mouth. I beseech you, all peoples, hear and see my sorrow…Behold, O Jehovah, for I am distressed. My inward parts ferment; my heart is overturned within me; for I have grievously rebelled. On the outside the sword bereaves; in the house it is as death.” Lamentations 1: 18, 20 “and these waters which cause the curse shall go into your bowels to cause the belly to swell, and the thigh to fall. And the woman shall say, Amen, amen.” Numbers 5:22 “Be gracious to me, O Jehovah, for I am in trouble; my eye has wasted away with grief, my soul and my belly. For my life I sending with grief, and my years with sighing; my strength fails because of my iniquity, and my bones have wasted away.” Psalm 31:9-10 “My eye is dim because of grief; it wastes away because of all my foes. Depart from me, all you who work iniquity [demons – words in brackets here mine], for Jehovah has heard the voice of my weeping. Jehovah has heard my plea; Jehovah will receive my prayer.” Psalm 6:7-9 Bitterness and unforgiveness brings dryness to the bones or arthritis. “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear Jehovah and depart from evil. Healing shall be to your navel and marrow to your bones.” Proverbs 3:8-9 “A healthy heart is the life of the flesh; but envy is the rottenness of the bones.” Proverbs 14: “A cheerful heart makes good healing; but a stricken spirit dries the bone.” Proverbs 17:22


“…Behold I will feed them wormwood, and make them drink poisonous water; for ungodliness has gone forth from the prophets of Jerusalem into all the land.” Jeremiah 23:15 In my afflictions it was even more difficult because I had to mature not only in the things of God but grow up in the natural. I had to walk towards being a woman of The Spirit, and this meant accepting God The Father, The Son and The Spirit for their Holiness and Justice. I had to walk towards putting away childish actions, childish attitudes in both the natural and the spiritual. In all my self-centeredness I held bitterness, grudges and unforgiveness; I could only see one side my side, I did not want to acknowledge The Creator who has the authority to judge and make judgments. I did not want to accept my creator whose nature compelled Him to judge and be a God of Justice and utmost Holiness. I could not or want to reason with Him because a cat is compelled to meow so is He compelled to bring just punishment to our transgressions past and present and I would always say “I can never win I am always to blame.” I had to take responsibility for my own actions of choice and those of my past. I had to bear the consequences of my transgressions and acknowledge the truth even when it went against the grain of my reasoning, my emotional prejudices and wounds from both my own sins and His judgments and His methods of training me to walk out of affliction. I met Him in all this as a Just God, a Holy God who will not abrogate His Word for my whims or feeling of unfairness. I had to accept the truth that cursing is part of His Holiness, that’s His nature is to judge. So I had to make a choice to accept Him for the totality of His nature or prolong my way out and the process to heal. There were many a time I viewed Him as an earthly Father and told Him many a time how cruel He was. Then I had to learn that I was not receiving correction from a domineering parental authority but a God above all gods, a God of Holiness who has set the stars in their places and caused the world to spin on its axes. A God who knows best how to deal with us, a God put down laws on how to live righteously as one set apart for His works under His Government. I came to know Him foremost as a Holy God and I still cringe when I 82

hear people ask to want to know Him. I certainly learnt of Him to be a God who said I could not do not or do as I please or live by my own laws without consequences. God knows the sin nature of us is evil and wicked and He knows without boundaries we would be hurting ourselves and other fellow human beings and His creation if we did what we wanted. I had to come to terms with this that I served a God who has boundaries by putting laws in place and that there was a penalty for breach of laws if I would not obey the laws and these penalties could be mean, cruel and sorrowful. So I had to have my rebellion outworked, I had to outgrow a rebellious attitude towards God’s Just nature, no matter how harsh or cruel I thought His penalties were or how cruel He was for allowing the afflictions I had to accept Him and love Him regardless and allow Him to cause me to love Him. I had to conform my views to His views by conforming to holiness and getting to know Him as a God of Holiness. I had to renew my mind and adjust my mindsets and I did not like it that I had to live and to grow up to the kingdom rules I was to live under. I found out the hard way when you wage war against God - the trinity you lose, They win you lose. I got angry and went into self-pity, into bitterness, into unforgiveness toward Him often. I sulked for attention or to get my own way became stubborn blocked Him out and refused to listen to Him but nothing worked and nothing was going to work. I had to accept the Truth that He is a God who does and can afflict either directly or indirectly. I had to take maturity for He needed me to grow up and lose the self-centeredness and be more concerned about kingdom living and the living for others than my own dilemma. But I knew after losing so much with Him I just had to yield give up and allow Him His rightful place as God. Adjusting to so many truths was a slow progress for me; then one day I took Him as my Shepherd and things changed and counsel came in a new way. I found He provided the power to pick me up, bring about change in the heart, and bring to death the unforgiveness, the resentment and bitterness. I found as I renewed my mind by revelation, knowledge, counsel and understanding and accepting He knew the sin nature it brought mercy and His love and ability to love Him back. 83

So do not be hard on yourself or disappointed when growing up seems challenging and too hard but press on and aspire to grow up. When you want to turn back to your old habit patterns of acting out in resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness yield it up, go for grace, go for mercy, go for empowerment. Surrender to Him to have counsel might and skill to rule and for your heart to be changed and do renew your mind often. I learnt that un-renewed thoughts distort truth and hinder maturity and keep lies over your mind. It is a truth that the longer we leave it the worse it gets; the longer we choose to stay the harder it is to get out. There can be many reasons why we are immature and do not grasp on or refuse to mature and accept Him as God. Childhood experiences can cause us subconsciously to not want to grow up or stay immature. But seek revelation as to what would hinder you from maturing. My mother said to me “you are never a woman until you have children.” I have only one child and she was born when I was thirty. At times I still have a very immature disposition, not only due to this lie and those words of darkness / spoken curse but because of various perceptions of the world and people around me when growing up. Writing this book was out of a need of freedom from affliction and my own healing and attitude towards God as a God who judges, who curses who wounds and who causes pain. Coming from a heart deeply wounded by a perception that men are ‘woman bashers’ and ‘cruel’ I found the corrective side of God – The Trinity hard to swallow. Today I have grown up and receive Him for the totality of who He is as a Righteous and Holy God. It was no easy transition as it involved correction but I did learn to rely on Him to change my heart. If you have ever seen a chicken when it crouches in fear that’s me, I go yes God and in my mind I crouch and shake! What I experienced by darkness I don’t ever want darkness again and I do not ever want to go through that again. Also correction memories come calling me many a time for they have trained me to obey and to grow up. God is not like our parents, He does not offer love to us if we will be good. Neither does He thrash us into obedience with abusive bashing and 84

threats of withdrawing His love if we won’t do what we are told. He does not use rejection and abusive beatings against our failures as a yardstick. It is His love that corrects us and His love that leads us to repentance so we are not like the heathen who will perish. God is not asking us to give up our individuality for maturity. He is not asking us to conform our individuality to become someone we are not nor do what we are not able to do in obeying His instructions in His Word – His laws. He does not want us to be a stiff boring Christians who do not know how to have fun and laugh and enjoy life. He wills for us to keep our individuality but just show us where the boundaries are by His laws. Laws written that are there for our welfare, our good and our protection. Instructions just like, do not jump off a fifteen-foot building you are bound to break something. Do not steal or something will be stolen from you. He does not offer what the gods of the zodiac offer like the Virgo, the Libra, the Taurus gods who depict then mold and fashion your individuality by saying this will be your type of personality and the way you will behave. He allows individuality, His fosters individuality but wills to reign the dark side of our sin nature, the instincts need to be educated by giving it boundaries for sin hurts us and hurts others. For left to our own sin nature we would be in chaos - she is abusive, she is confrontational, she is rude, she is nasty, she is murderous, and all she wants is her personal gratification. A life without laws won’t work a life without boundaries or a life without correction will not work. No matter how unfair we think His chastisement and or correction is we have to have consequences. It has to be implemented to conform our sin nature to righteous living, to self-discipline, to take responsibility over our instinctive nature. We all know what a dog is like when it has no obedience training. This is a reason we have the Holy Ghost who can keep us dead to sin, dead to the sinful carnal nature, able to obey and desiring to obey His laws. Affliction passes, but how we responded to it in a defensive way does not. Maturity is a process, a learning process, a renewing of the mind, a choice we make once we have the knowledge.


If we see just the difficulty of affliction we will pay little attention to growth to changing the way we respond to affliction and or correction. Sin is an everyday part of life and if we do not search out unknown or hidden curses either from Him or the kingdom of darkness, affliction may well come upon us at a later date – illness, disease and or accidents or maybe dementia. Repeated immature reactions to affliction root their own way of life, this grows a life of its own that will automatically return to us. Our makeup memorises and acts accordingly. Renewal is reprogramming, actions need to be applied with knowledge. Just like faith without works is dead, or being a hearer and not a doer is not of any benefit for our soul. We have to accept we have to move on; we have to press on to maturity, practice what we preach, do what we say, live as we learn, a willingness to move on beyond the battle of immaturity. The process of maturing may seem tough when we have to swallow affliction. I had two sore hip joints, the right side hurt more than the left. Both my knees revealed a sign of arthritis and my right elbow joint suffered pain from repetitive movement of cleaning other people’s homes for income. I had the early stages of arthritis as a result of bitterness of the heart towards people and God in three persons. A prison house I placed my emotions and body in because of rebellion, ignorance, misunderstanding, misconception and non-acceptance. Yet I knew I would be healed someday when He totally uprooted unforgiveness, bitterness and grief. Swallowing the paradox of His love was a very big battle I faced. His love demanded the correction of arthritis for unforgiveness and bitterness. Yet His love lead my heart to repentance and even a desire to want to repent so as to be healed; even there in His love He changed my heart to no longer feel bitter, angry and act out of these emotions. I acted more out of my own perception of the wounds He gave me than the knowledge of His nature. I acted more out of a self-centered me than kingdom centered mentality. So I had to move past being concerned about myself to refocus my mind from self to a Kingdom reality.


I had no choice I had to surrender to make the transition or I would stay in torture and stay in terrible torment and in a cycle that would keep my emotion and mind in captivity to anger. After days of wallowing in the mire and even hating the way He would convict me at times for usurping Him or speaking to Him in contempt I received this truth! He had been trying to reveal a truth to me, but between demons and my hurt heart I could not hear in my heart. His truth hit my heart when I was reading my Friday prayer for myself and others on my list that I had written to pray each Friday because of the bondage of my mind I could not pray spontaneously. “I ask You would You impart Your truth that no sickness and infirmity will be able to have place or power in their lives. I ask for Your sovereignty against legal rights for disease that none take root and that You reveal where repentance or change of heart needs to take place. I ask for Your healing on anything that may be upon them today and or a halting of any infirmity or disease until such times for freedom and deliverance comes. I ask for emotional healing and the way out and the way to rise above until healing springs forth.� What a Truth hit me that this is the extent of the Covenant, the fullness of the power of the sacrifice of Christ and the power of His blood. When we know we have transgressed His laws that have a penalty to it and an attached demon infirmity disease illness we can ask for it not to take root until a change of heart takes place. He will halt any seed of arthritis and it will not get the opportunity to get to dry the bones as He begins to bring us through the healing process to uproot that seed.


Chapter 12 God Why So Much Demonic Activity

I so lived under a demonic atmosphere, witchcraft projection played havoc with my mind. I was conscious of spirits conscious of my melody, conscious that I had to be delivered from a spirit of self-consciousness. I had to be brought to a place that it did not matter if they were in manifest, coming in on me or if I heard them. He taught me there was no need to focus or think that way for it created an atmosphere as written “for as a man thinks in his heart so he is.� (Proverbs 23:7) I had to be brought to the place of dependence on Jesus and to a place of trust by The Holy Spirit that He would give witness if they were there. Furthermore He would tell me in what form of manifestation either over the mind or on the mind; that is was it the indwellers or those in the air just projecting against my mind. I had to stay to stay in a mindset of truths of the Word, in a mindset of freedom and liberty. I had to believe even though it did not seem real that I had been given a sound mind. I had to trust in His armor His anointing to break the yokes and look at this from my position of reigning far above demons. I had to get trained as I had no authority won in that area because I had made a peace treaty you might say or a mental covenant of agreement with darkness (Judges 1:27). I had made an agreement with fear, deception, and lies and therefore they could not be cast out. Jesus had to bring forth spiritual growth so I could overcome and so as to maintain deliverance (2 Peter 2:20; Luke 1:24-26). Christ Jesus had to teach me to lean on Him, to see His power was perfected in weakness. He had to reveal His strength to me that He could be strong for me against the enemy then I could know Him as a God of Might and Power and Strength to rule. I had to learn of Him as a high tower of strength.


The hardest lesson I learnt was, it was not by my own might or strength but by His strength that I could overcome or overpower or outsmart or silence of bow down the demonic in my life. I had to learn it was by His tactic His breath His method not my own or by the knowledge of demons. He had to make it very clear it’s not by my authority but the authority within me of The Christ within “not by might not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6) this mountain shall be removed. It took years to learn and years to stop listening to them and entertaining their suggestions. I had to in Him stay steadfast, stay in faith and belief, having done all that I knew. Then it was God's business, Him performing His Covenant to me. I had to believe from my heart He was contending with them and fighting them and Him taking hold of shield and buckler and Him standing up for my help regardless of the fear surging through my body and belly. It was painful to brought to a place that it was His fight not mine and not my business once I had done all I had been taught. He had to teach me that I could not take over the work of The Holy Spirit to fight or was I to even yell at demons all day or curse or even speak rudely or disrespectfully to them. He walked me out of this into a mindset of it was me praying, thinking and singing. He counseled me for years to believe I was sound for I was in Christ, with the Greater One living in me, redeemed from the hand of the enemy and delivered from their powers as this torment left such a deep furrow. He taught me that no weapons formed against me could prosper once He did the warfare once purity of warfare was released against them. They did not die easy, nor did my flesh it was so accustomed to fear as a way of life and this was way before I came to Christ. My affliction caused me to be friendless “I was too much” except for a Dalby phone friend who would listen to me rant and rave but would fall asleep. Not only my state of mind repelled people but I had come out of homosexuality and this added to my friendlessness for whatever reasons that caused them to shun me. Just to make mention a few women over the years who I had befriended after I disclosed my past lifestyle just dumped me one even stopped hugging me front on and would just hug me sideways, that one cut me up! Here I was I did not want a man or even want to love a man and with 89

all this madness and desperation to get set free no one would have wanted me anyway. So I would hide in scripture and write books to counsel my way out of every stronghold:- Overcoming Offense, Overcoming Homosexuality, The Abomination of Occult Practices, When You Have Had Enough of Christianity. Here I could take my mind off and ignore incoming junk and I could use my mind and I could sense His power in a different way and I had a measure of peace. I knew I had a call on my life to write books so I took each opportunity to write and to turn all my pain into teachings for someone else’s deliverance and of course my own counsel and way out. I could not understand why I had so much demonic activity and in the beginning I thought the best line of approach was to study demonology. I thought if I knew all about them I would get set free, if I knew my enemy that I could not see I would be able to beat them at their game so I read all of Win Worley’s books and any other book on demons darkness and deliverance. Yes it gave me knowledge of them but not all their grounds of occupation. Win Worley’s books taught me how to release judgment and gave me much understanding of how they operate. His teachings gave many keys on how to war but it was Yvonne Kitchen of Fruitful Vine Melbourne who taught me the importance of warfare in The Breath of The Spirit and how to live out of my sixth sense until freedom came from insanity, schizoid and schizophrenia spirits. I was so deceived in thinking they had legal rights to torment me every hour every minute of the day when they did not but as I prayed through Yvonne Kitchens teachings with prayer strategies the network of spirits had to leave they had lost their rights to stay. I agreed with the book Warfare Against The Saints by Jessie PennLewis, I received so much insight into my deception, into my passivity into the trickery of how spirits had tricked me into believing they were Holy Spirit. I had submitted my soul in passivity through deception and I had come under a lie to be dead to myself was to surrender myself to His control; thinking the Holy Spirit will take over my mind and take control. But that was not and is not how He works but it is how the demonic control your soul, Holy Ghost ministers to our spirit and never controls the mind to be us or the emotions to be us or the will to be us we have free will. In the beginning I never learnt about Blood Covenant or about Jesus I 90

was angry and in self-survival so I learnt all about the demons wiles. Maybe a bit backward but today I am tall in The Spirit and tall against them for my afflictions. Even though I did go about my deliverance in my flesh, my way of thinking how to get set free it was not until I learnt His ways His method and depended on Him that I did get set free of the fear and was able to stand regardless of their legal grounds. In my affliction I sought teachings and prayed to Jesus even in rage and hatred as to why I was like I was? The following is a list I came up with through my learning and understanding of my demonic affliction and what He taught me to teach others. Maybe you have opened a door unknowingly so your conscience is seared after a false doctrine and after false signs and wonders. Maybe they have legal grounds to curse and torment you because one of their forefathers had cursed God, which opened a door into your life to have intense blasphemy whilst in worship and praise. Some men wonder why they have intense thoughts to molest their daughters, a pressure against them, as incest had come down the generation line. Maybe there is ignorant of spiritual laws. Maybe we are in deception, believing lies on how to and how to strategically deal with spirits of darkness not depending on The Captain of The Hosts. Israel was given the land and commanded to conquer specific areas. Tribes were given boundaries land was taken by His strategic moves, not their own. They were taught to always seek Him for the battle plan; they always acknowledged Him in their warfare. Maybe we have strongholds fortified by demons that can only be demolished by The Spirit bringing each iniquity to death that it no longer strengthens this stronghold, or example lust and porn addiction. Maybe we have fought in the flesh and cursed dignitaries, evil spirits and high ranking powers of darkness so they have rights to counter-attack. Remember we all have uncrucified flesh they can operate in, open doors to temp us and especially when we walk in sin or abusing the grace of God. 91

Maybe they have legal grounds of iniquity or various transgressions with many curses. Hidden curses that bring forth works of darkness such as: fear and torment, incest; sexual abuse; physical abuse; sodomy; fatherlessness; motherlessness; harlotry; idolatry; homosexuality; Freemasonry; false cults; false religions; occult involvement; witchcraft involvement; blood pact/covenants much grounds from our forefathers. These grounds that have come down the family line as spiritual inheritance have not been taken to the cross of Jesus Christ - pneuma-genetics. Maybe it may be our heart is not prepared with the truth. Maybe our heart has not prayed. Maybe we are not standing on the word of truth that you do know. Maybe we are in fear. Maybe we are in passivity. Have a passive mind, received a lie, and received a manifestation believing it was the power of The Holy Spirit. An empty head is not using your mind nor do you have control of the mind for you are only minimally using it. Not wanting to think and counting is a passive mind this was me, one two three four five, one two three four five over and over again. A passive mind is where you await some external force to activate it or use it for you. You have given your mind over to demons when you wait for The Holy Spirit to pray for you or wait for a word from Him; or Him to fill your thoughts with His thoughts, or you become dead to yourself and obeying every teaching, thought and impulse as that of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirits leading is in the witness of the spirit of self, not in the soul/mind of your own self. Passivity is refraining from using/ moving your mind and letting demons move it for you, therefore the mind is not thinking for itself but is allowing demons to do the thinking, reducing you to a robot to be controlled by these spirits. God wants us to use and rule over our own mind and spirit in a Spirit of self-control and to work together with Him not to be passive or to empty ourselves for Him to function. 92

NOTE: A CHRISTIAN MAN OR WOMAN’S MIND BELONGS TO THEM; HE OR SHE HAS TO GIVE PERMISSION TO DEMONS FOR THEM TO USE IT. WITHOUT PERMISSION THE DEMONS CANNOT TAKE IT OVER FOR THEM TO POSSESS IT TWENTY FOUR SEVEN. MAN AND WOMAN HAS TO VOLUNTEER THEIR MIND TO DEMONS FOR THEM TO RULE IT, KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY THROUGH IGNORANCE, OR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND/OR DECEPTION OR PASSIVITY OF THE MIND AND BY BEING BLANK AND SHUTTING DOWN. Maybe we have a blank or lazy mind...a lively head is an obstacle for spirits to come against. Blankness is emptiness, the enemy uses deception, or powers to get the mental faculty into a blank entity, knowing the person cannot think. We must use and exercise our mind; it gives a disadvantage to demons so they have to exert their strength to render it blank. The mind functioning normal discerns the activity of the demonic. A mind vacuous/vacuum being a space completely empty is a base for demonic activity. For interval takeover or control, you are more conscious of their presence and their presence seems to be there a lot or always. They do not have full control over your mind, it is lazy and you will hear them and sense them more than you would if you were actively using your brain. For example, as I did, if you go into withdrawal / autism because of fear, you do not think as it triggers fear, paranoia, uncomfortable feeling so you minimally think. This can develop into a stronghold and be a power base for the demonic and then only then does the above apply of takeover of the mind as you have surrendered to fear and come into not wanting to think and to make mention this is part of the strategy to bring you to shut down so they can fortify their power base of fear. If you have come into bondage here, the truth is our mind belongs to us; we are redeemed and purchased by the blood. Demons are to be made powerless because of Covenant to takeover and use our mind. Even in this type of deception they cannot because of being delivered from the kingdom of darkness permanently render us as robots all day long unless we have become deceived by what I have mentioned.


They do project and deceive that they can and that they are and it is as if they are, but they are not. They call things what they are, but they are not. Binding them from projecting daily is recommended. I ask Jesus to forbid all projection, and then The Holy Spirit utters such a prayer to forbid. Meaning they are not allowed to manifest in such ways against my mind. I also forbid them to transfer and have all works and assignments devised and sent rendered null and void of no effect and those spirits that are sent perpetually on spec to be returned to their senders. Even in having a blank mind or an empty mind, they cannot totally takeover our mind yet they can put us in a place that we are so oppressed and unable to think. They do come on the mind, and are in the atmosphere and they will project to say they have our mind under their control and if we yield to these lies their presence it will cause us to be dysfunctional and this was their strong grip they had on me. I had so many years of spiritual abuse that I am still somewhat disturbed by it after eighteen years of Christianity. Even the exercises of faith that He would make me walk through to get the victory when He had the power to stop it quicker or quickly did disturb me. I knew He was walking me out of deception and fear so I had to keep walking regardless. I hated it when I would get convicted as I used to listen inwardly with my natural ear for discernment but He had to get me to walk by faith and by The Spirit not by my flesh. Anyway victory came and now I am sharp, I am quick to discern in The Spirit and in my spirit demons from The Holy Ghost and to my own thinking without listening with my natural mind. I always walk now in faith not fear and in my freedom of my mind being my own and my thoughts being my own with no focus on them, for this freedom is my inheritance as a servant, an heir, a woman purchased by The Blood of Christ Jesus. Maybe our mind is not renewed to truths of Scripture, our hearts are still in fleshly lusts, and we are still living according to the old man / woman by our thoughts and ways. Our mind is not renewed to Spiritual laws or truths and maybe we walk not in the revelation of the Word only in the understanding of the flesh / carnal man understands. Maybe we have area's / operation centers where demons can manifest; i.e. life cycles of habit/thoughts/actions, childhood or adult unhealed areas. Cherished sin in our hearts, sins allowed persisting in our mind; i.e. lusting, 94

homosexuality, filthy thoughts, improper thoughts, pride, unkind and bitterness and unforgiveness, rage, payback or murder. Not always are these demonic as we are sinful by nature. Our mind needs to be renewed to live accordingly to God’s ways in His Word and to live according to these ways and thoughts. One evening a spirit hoped in my bed and tried to cuddle up behind me and I awoke saying “The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you� and called His Name Jesus. I thought I am not going to fear He has this and I asked The Lord to be put me back to sleep and I will get discernment in the morning. I knew if the spirits of darkness could make me go to sleep so could Holy Ghost and He does. I can be wide awake or full of The Spirit and I just ask in prayer can I be put to sleep and it happens almost instantly. Maybe we have been accepting lies and suggestions from demons, about something. E.g. supernatural sensing / power anointing / manifestations thought to be that of the Holy Spirit. Once you embrace their lies deceit and manifestations it gives them a base to operate from. Once you discern the deception the lie it needs to be cast down and the thoughts taken captive and repented of and deliverance brought forth from Him walking you out of the deception and or strong grip. Also if you discern their activity and manifestation, then resist it, refuse to allow it to continue. No ground is then occupied from the deception, the lies and manifestations. Permission is gained by surrender to the deceit lie and the manifestation and the truth is there is so much mixture in these last days. There is so much mixture in revival meetings in ministries of signs and wonders. If anything I am thankful for having escaped the deception of the false movements in the world today as those spirits counterfeit every part of the Christian walk. They add to it such falseness that if you were in your right mind you would see how far off of Truth and Scriptural principles and doctrines they are. Misunderstanding these spiritual truths, i.e. how The Holy Spirit prays with groaning, how He helps you to pray when you don't know how to pray, what is His travail, His interceding, being filled / there is no drunkenness in the Holy Spirit, the joy of The Lord, true signs and wonders, the way He 95

teaches us, speaks to us, what is being still and how we are supposed to hear the Holy Spirit gives them bases to operate from if you do not know the truth on how The Holy Spirit works. It is vital, it is very important to know the truth in this area; demons love to counterfeit the work of the Holy Spirit and add their error. Once we accept all supernatural manifestation or leading that are not of the true working of the Holy Spirit the demons operate and will fortify their grounds to reinforce their power base and transfer in and out and link up with the false to even have you always going to the meetings that are on a foundation of the counterfeit. He does deliver you to the deception if you will not heed Him speaking to your spirit for you have no love of the Truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). As you are in disobedience to His Word to study and to prove all things (2 Corinthians 1:3-5; Colossians 3:23-25; Mathew 7:21-23) the spirit is at work in the sons / daughters of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2-3) and this truth that you have been taken captive by spirits to do their will (2 Timothy 2:26). In addition you have accepted another Jesus so you receive another spirit other than the One you received (2 Corinthians 11:4) and you have departed from the truth of the teachings of the faith cleaving to deceiving spirits and teaching of demons (1Timothy 4:1-2) having your conscious seared. This means takeover in this area of your walk as Jesus has handed you over to the delusion. You can be handed over to the tormentors for unforgiveness (Matthew 18:35) and for homosexuality to a debased mind (Romans 1:24) so why not too deceiving counterfeit signs and wonders! Maybe we have done no warfare; or don't believe in our warfare we have done; or believe our circumstances over our warfare; or we have done warfare in the flesh. This used to happen to me, I would war in what I believed to be the breath of The Spirit then I would come under fear attacks where my body and stomach would be so filled with fear that I thought I must not have done my war in The Spirit but in doubt, but I had not I just believed my feeling and their voices. He would allow it to train me to hear Him and so as to be strong in faith and belief. I hated this, the fear was so intense that I so wanted to go to the toilet but I had to overcome, His way or no way!


Maybe we are intertwining in their activity / manifest / operation of deception or lies. Maybe there is an assignment against us, a legal doorway that He wants us to recognize. Maybe servants of Satan are sending demons against us via curses, spells incantations, physic powers or astral travelers and we do not know how to render them null and void and no effect and have them returned to their original source. Maybe we are striving to defend ourselves, resting on our own ability, not on His to save to the utmost to save completely. Maybe we are striving to walk in faith and the Spirit. Maybe truths are not lodged and or birthed in the heart to give life. Inwardly we do not become partakers of that promise, that truth unable to be appropriated, the soul not able to receive those blessings. The just shall live by faith, so the blessings don’t have full power this is why fear ruled for so many years for myself. I did Fruitful Vine Melbourne - Yvonne Kitchens Fear and Autism, Fear and Anxiety and got set free from a network of fear spirits, but I had not won the battle of the fear in my own heart or the fear of demons. So until I was renewed in my mind and strengthened by experience they had the victory and the strongman of fear could remain and could link up with the spirits attached to a Prince of fear of their principality. Maybe we are not fully surrendered for Jesus to take Lordship, to lead us and live after the Spirit. Maybe the enemy does not want to let go so they are putting up a big fight. Further they are watching their stronghold get demolished so they are giving it all they have to cause you to backslide and believe the lie they have over you. I believe homosexuality is built on a foundation of lies and I read and know of many who are plagued with torment for having homosexual desires. This is a strategy of the network of spirits that fortify homosexuality and the person does not realize they are listening to spirits and believing what is going on in their mind is their own thoughts. 97

Maybe we are accepting false prophecy(s) and not approving them. Accepting false prophecy in the form of an illness or a sickness that you are going to encounter in months to come; or you have believed a prophetic word to sell your house or move so as to start a great ministry. This gives them a base to operate from, both the indwellers and those in the air. Prophecy does not come in these ways and the Spirit and The Word MUST bear witness, a word of knowledge would if you were seeking this answer. However you have to test and test and test and with any word He would have laid it on your heart first and confirmed it in His Word. Maybe you are under a false ministry... i.e. prophetic ministry, an apostolic ministry where visions are all the same in the body for everyone; they all see the same visions; discernment is ‘if your right ear is itchy that means that person has a religious spirit.’ This is not the work of The Holy Spirit, it is Divination. Now we have to consider you may be under Gods judgment because of disobedience and rebellion. Recall adultery He will judge (Hebrews 13:4), and He will judge those who do not come away from the fruits of Jezebel Revelation 2:20. We have to consider there are two sides of a coin, two sides of a story, a hello and a goodbye a beginning and an end. So we have to consider it may not be because we are ignorant of spiritual truths of our position In Christ. Or knowledge on how to disarm demons or knowledge of pleading the Blood Covenant against judgments, curses so no infirmity or sickness or disease will be able to have place; or power in our lives or because we have been deceived and received their lies. There are other reasons, we have to look at both sides or hear both sides of the story for we may be under chastisement and or His correction so therefore activity is allowed against us for His Sovereign purpose. Now also in the midst of this where we ourselves have brought upon ourselves the demonic affliction we need to ask Him if He using the traps the enemy laid for us, that we have fallen into. Is He using them for our good – the very thing the enemy uses against us He turns it around and uses it for our good? He is a Teacher and can use every opportunity within these circumstances to bless us, train us and teach us. 98

And pray “Jesus, are you using what I have brought upon myself to make the most out it for my benefit? It is not Your will for me to be experiencing what I am going through, but seen as I have buried myself deep into deception and lies and have taken on the effects of these works in the heart are you training me as it will take some time to crawl me out, walk me out, and bring me totally out? Father I repent of being caught in lies and deception of this affliction that through my ignorance has caught me in their nets show me every lie every deception.” God may be using this situation as an opportunity for your spiritual and natural welfare to awaken you to a transgression you are either refusing to have brought to death and or you do not want Him in that room of your life. Or it's time to awaken you to hidden grounds of darkness so you search deeper into the root cause; so continue to seek discernment and rest knowing He will tell you and lead you to the answers. It May Be because of the Just side of His nature that demands death (curses) for all that we have done (Ezekiel 16:63). “But when the righteous turns from is righteousness, and does injustice; according to all the abominations that the wicked do, he does; shall he live? All his righteousness that he has done shall not be remembered in his treason that he has betrayed, and in his sin that he has sinned-in them he shall die.” Ezekiel 18:24 “Because he considers and turns from all his transgressions that he has done, surely he shall live; he shall not die.” Ezekiel 18:28 It May Be He is allowing a measure of demonic to save your soul from hell. It May Be God wants to teach us to warfare, prepare us for future ministry. It May Be God knows this is the only way He will force us to look into the demonic to learn warfare to raise us up for future plans for His redemptive purposes. It May Be God is causing spirits to be obvious to see what is the true condition of your heart and to see if you will press on regardless of your circumstance. He may be revealing your heart condition to you to show you 99

it and then show you He can change it to love Him and He can heal you. It May Be He is revealing our heart is in disobedience and we are only after; “what can you do for me God.” God fix me up heal me, Jesus deliver me so I can get on with my life, not Your life for I’ve got: My Women’s Weeklies to read; My soaps to watch; My pokies to play and bingo to go to; My novels to read; My eating to enjoy; My car magazines to read; My women to lust over, after all I’m visual I’m a man - hey -we just can’t control our action just can’t have our actions controlled by The Holy Spirit what are you talking about, we are born this way we are always lust sex and pleasure minded and always see women as sex, sex and sex. I’ve got to have peace to get my mind back around the life of sex and desire of selfgratification; My car to wax; My bigger shed to build to fit in all my tools; My breasts to show everyone I’m truly and really sexy and desirable. I’ve got to cause men to stare at my breasts to complete my sexuality and reinforce my womanhood. Who cares if it causes them to stumble and be perverse, and break Your laws I need to know I am desirable and attractive and I need to feel sexy! I don’t care if it is a form of adultery, my breasts should be shown before all the men at the church, yes the men in your house because my breasts are my awesome beauty; God fix me up as I got to keep on enjoying my fornicating and fantasies I dislike the Christian walk at present and I dislike You; God fix me up as I have my honors to complete so I can be rich and successful before my fellow man and woman; God fix me up I have to flourish and have great success and do it my way; My money to spend on myself, my, my, my, me, me, me I don’t surrender to the Christ life, but the self life but the life of the ways of the world, just heal me deliver me take this affliction away from me, I want to get on with my life after all I’m only here for a short time and you only live once. It May Be God is judging you with torment because of unforgiveness, because unforgiveness sends you to hell. If you have never read a book on hell 100

as in “A Devine Revelation Of Hell” by Mary Baxter, read it and you will thank God He loves you enough to afflict you rather than let your choices of sin take you to hell. Is this book true I don’t know for I do not fully know the doctrine but it is enough to scare you into obedience? It May Be God wants to make use of this as an opportunity for you to come into a deeper submission and to an awareness that if you come under authority there will be a quicker release and to teach you how to walk under His authority my affliction sure brought me to submission. It May Be God is taking this opportunity to refine you; Joseph was sent even born to go into affliction and refined in affliction and became a great man. Maybe Mary Baxter was born to go to the depths of hell for forty nights she said it left her traumatized, my afflictions left me traumatized. If He has brought upon you or allowed any affliction for a greater purpose He will heal the very root of the effects of His affliction as He did for Joseph and Mary Baxter and me. Recall Jesus was born to be wounded and bruised afflicted and nailed to die slowly on a cross. It May Be God is getting our attention to cause demons to surface because the defilement is going into our bones and going to debilitate us at a later stage and it may be taking off twenty years from our life. It May Be God is allowing this so we will seek Him to uproot its causation. It May Be God is not willing for you to die from the works of darkness that bring disease, devastation, sorrow, financial ruin that can cause emotional illness. So He is allowing this for a season so as to force you to do something about their obvious activity. It May Be God using this to harden you to difficulties so as you learn to endure, for the walk needs endurance. What deceived you in the works of the devils for your harm, He may be taking this opportunity to bring about good out of it for you. It May Be God wants to show you how to take the land to posses it rather than have it given to you because we are in a fallen world as fallen 101

people and we fall into deception and the nets of the enemy. Then what we have freely received we are in a position to be able to freely give unto others to see the captive set free. Reveal to us our condition does not match our position In Christ. It May Be God wants to take this opportunity to bring us into warfare because they have chariots of iron in our life. These spirits may have a strong fortified area in your life that will take demolishing one step at a time. (Judges 1:19) It May Be God needs them uprooted quickly because His plan or call on our life of ministry cannot allow such strength of the demonic and we have to learn how to fight to lessen their contending for we will not be able to walk in the fullness of the call. It May Be He does not want them go undercover and work cunningly as if they were us or Him. It May Be His strategy is to expose them so obviously in our own life as God is revealing them for this is the only way you will search out the doctrine and write on the doctrine “Can and Do Christians Have Demons.” This is the name of one of my books for I had to prove for myself for I may have been under a lie that Christians can have demons, therefore my affliction served a greater purpose. It May Be He is making the most of this for He has for you a deliverance ministry for you to start up and head up. He may have a plan to send you to the Nations. He may have a plan for you to be the vessel He wills to work mighty works through for His Kingdom’s redemptive plan for His sons and daughters who sit in the shadow of affliction and death who do not have high calls on their lives. God may need to bring demons to the surface because they are so buried in your personality that you don’t see them unless they stare you in the face that you recognize them to be a manifestation of a spirit. They were so buried in my personality that this year in my eighteenth year I received freedom in two area’s they held in my personality. It took years to outwork iniquities attached and rewiring of my persona and the renewing of my mind to walk in Kingdom ways for freedom from homosexuality.


God can use this as an opportunity to birth humility in you as the pride in all its faces needs to be seen and uprooted. We all need to have pride refined right out of the depths of our personality, pride spirits love to speak and teach and they are trained in the doctrines, the heresies, and the errors that oppose the truth. They love to be accusers of the brethren and cause division. The soul needs to come out of agreement with all the facets of pride and you may be bonded in pride and if you want to be effective, dynamic and dangerous against the kingdom of darkness. Pride has to go has to die in the heart and cannot be yielded to anywhere anytime any place. So let Him uproot it and reveal the depths of pride in your heart, the hidden ways it is at work in your lives. If He has a big ministry plan for you, pride can be costly to you and those who you will minister as devils of pride will be a block and be an influence. God can use this to train you as to prepare you to be fully furnished, as you may be a great vessel to loose and set the captive free. God may want to reveal to you “Fools are afflicted from the way of their rebellion, and from their iniquities their soul hates every food; and they touch the gates of death.” Psalm 107:17-18 God may be showing you this “I will drive them out before you little by little, until you are fruitful and possess the land.” (Exodus 23:30) This will cause your heart to be at peace that deliverance is a process and He will sustain you all the way and make you fruitful to maintain your deliverance. God may be giving you a test “an ox in the ditch” to see if you care more about stopping for the love of animals than the love of those who are created in the image of God. Or to see if you will find a way to bring that ox out, willing to go the distance no matter what it takes to get that big ox out of the ditch this will prove your heart and you will see your heart or you may think it be out of reach. God may be causing you to face some of those buried problems, pains, and wounded and bruised emotions. He may be forcing you to seek ministry help for the major root and offshoots to the torment is the root of abandonment and rejection. Or it is offense and criticism, anger and hatred or addiction 103

because of abuse. He may be forcing you to see your escapisms and false securities and flight cycles, or your cave you go into and hide. God may be showing you that His house has become a house of thieves and a den of hypocrites. God may want to teach you to learn to pray in The Spirit, putting you in a place to train you to come to Him at all times for strategies, for any type of deliverance. The empowerment of utterance of The Holy Spirit is the power and authority given to you to trample on snakes and scorpions, not you in your own standing. If you learn anything from this book I would love it that you learnt this: the you is not you but the power He gives to you, it’s The Holy Ghost. Unless you know that you know that you know He has said for you to go forth because He has highly trained you in the full knowledge of demonic warfare and deliverance you let Him come up and out of you the same way He speaks in a heavenly language, only He speaks in your own native language (English, Spanish …). Let Holy Ghost warfare against demons to cause them to desist their moves, to stop their moves, forbid their moves, to bind them with chains, to execute judgment of being consumed with might at unawares or sore vexed whenever they manifest. Let Holy Ghost’s utterance speak to cast them out, cast them to the place assigned of them till the great white throne judgment, the sea, the place appointed of them dry and arid places or wherever He wills. We come into submission to be made mighty through the work of His Spirit who is the power and authority who is The Name who is to be behind all warfare and demonic deliverance. Jesus cast out demons by The Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:28), not by His own authority; He followed the way He was taught by His Father (John 8:28) therefore we follow the way He teaches us. If you want perfect results against demons and hit the bulls eye every time let Him warfare for you, yield to a Spirit of purity of warfare and let the utterance come up and come out, and you go with the flow and He will impart the faith and trust you need to stand, and stand steadfast. 104

God may be refusing to drive out before you the enemy because He will use them as His servants to bring about change of heart, change so He can bring forth His blessings because these are hidden works of darkness that block His blessings. God may be wanting to throw down some alters in your life or show you that you have not throw down their altars as He has commanded you to do (Judges 2:2). To show you have not come out of her (Revelation 18:4); you have not turned from your iniquities (2 Timothy 2:19). Show you to touch not the unclean thing and to cleanse yourself from all defilement (2 Corinthians 6:17, 7:1). That you use forgiveness and cleansing of all unrighteousness/demonic deliverance, His redemptive provision as an excuse to continue in your iniquities when you are to be holy and depart from iniquities so it is correction time. God may be sending the hornets after you (Exodus 23:26-28) because He has work for you to do and you have turned away from the call on your life. He may have you in the belly of a whale because He has work for you to do and you won’t do it. God may be doing this so He can give you the blessing He intended you to have with the plan and purpose He has for your life. God may be instrumenting a situation so you can receive love, friends, counsel, ministry, support or comfort. God may want that you to know the fellowship of His suffering, the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3:10) to be conformed to His likeness for there is work ordained for you. You would not endure the position and authority He has for you if you are not refined, taught, tested and trained in righteousness. He may have a plan on your life to write Christian books so exposure prepares the way for cleansing streams of deliverance. God may want you to be able to step into the hope of His call on your life, the thoughts and the plans He has for you. In my affliction His 105

sovereignty allowed a degree of it because He could see He could bring much deliverance for His other children afflicted not only in demonic deception but to teach and to be trained in warfare. A minister once said I had tenacity! If he only knew what I was enduring I think he would have spelled it will capital letters. TENACITY alright, it was either sink or swim!


Chapter 13 Chastisement of The Lord

Truth is spiritual law permits the consequence of our transgressions to work against us when our heart is in agreement with sins that lead to death (Galatians 5:19-21, Ephesians 5:5; 1 Corinthians 6:9; Colossians 3:5-11), both eternal and spiritual because we have defiled the house, made it unclean (1 Corinthians 3:17) affliction is allowed as chastisement. God can bring us to a place of hatred of demons, hatred so we come out of agreement with them. Hatred of our sin structure that we are forced to depart from our iniquities that have the cords of demons attached to them (1 John 3:7-8; Galatians 3:1, 5:19-21; 1 Timothy 4:1-2; for we do not want to be cursed children who will not inherit the kingdom of God (2 Peter 2:13-16, 20-21). So affliction forces us to not go back into the same sin structure. Affliction forces us to seek Him in prayer to uproot not only what is afflicting us but also what may afflict us next. Affliction forces us to learn the subject, be taught many aspects of Christianity. Affliction forces us to learn and sit as a student of The Word. Affliction forces us to test doctrines, test teaching, test denominational beliefs, it teaches us to move on. God will use deception for an opportunity to pour out the old wine to put in the new wine and this means pouring out may hurt for a little longer until we grasp truths in our heart and be trained. The wine skin needs replacing because He can see it bursting because it has become bound in iniquity; dry, bored, complacent, religious, legalistic, deceived, fleshly and routine and stale and enjoying sin. So it's time to shake up the wine, pour it forth and refresh and replace the vessel to hold some newness of life. “For what [daughter] son is he whom the father chastens not. But if you be without chastisement, where all are partakers; then are you bastards and not sons [daughters].� Hebrews 5:8 KJ


“For whom the Lord loves he chastens and scourges every [daughter] son whom He receiveth.” Hebrews 12:6 KJ “Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh who corrected us and we gave them reverence, shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live?” Hebrews 12:9 “For they verily for a few days chastened us for their own pleasure but He for our profit that we might be partakers of his holiness.” Hebrews 12:10 “Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous, but grievous. Nevertheless, afterwards it yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto that who are exercised thereby.” Hebrews 12:11 “You have forgotten the exhortation that speaketh unto you as children, despise not the chastening of the Lord nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him.” Hebrews 12:5 KJ Correction, chastisement, scrounging is as much a part of Christianity as ye and amen for His promises; as much a part of Christianity as having to confess sin because if we do not get chastised we will die in out sin or in simple words perish. So it is better to feel afflicted than to go to hell, think about it hell is hell and He does really love us enough to care - God said: “For whom the Lord loves He chastens…”

Hebrews 12:6

His love is no ordinary love and Its ok, everything’s alright, everything fine, it’s to our advantage and it will yield the fruit of righteousness and the promise of eternal life. A heaven of beauty and wonder, not endless suffering and torment of hell, so look up your redemption is near, look to the hills whence your help comes from, for chastisement is not an everyday occurrence an all day everyday all year happening, it may be your awakening call, your shofar alarm. After freedom came I got to know truth that if anyone was under severe demonic affliction it was most assuredly not coming from the direct chastisement of God. Why? Consider these next truths:


We can find rest in the love of Jesus; He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities and was chastised to give us peace. He does not willingly want to let demons loose against us for nothing or delight in seeing us in sorrow. He redeemed us from their powers; we are in Blood Covenant, now He would prefer to give much grace and mercy before any correction. He defeated them, and took the keys of hell and death for our freedom. He gave us power and authority over them, judgments to execute, keys to bind and loose and an anointing to walk in The Spirit. Keys to bind legal rights of activity, He has power to keep us dead to sin, mercy that’s new every morning and the counsel to give us a heart after His ways. Who the Son sets free is free indeed from unwarranted attacks, illegal attacks. He imparts the power of His blood and the finished work of Calvary to us. It is Christ who is our life and imparts the power of the blood against legal rights of demons, even His own judgments He will still as we turn our heart to serve Him in what we know to do. It is Christ, who does not willing want to correct us for He has been given all authority of judgment, but He will correct us if there are sins that lead to dead. The death of hell or if we are willing cherishing the sins that lead us to death He has to uproot them and us. It maybe the only way we will want to arrest our behavior or stop our iniquities if we feel suffering. Because He wants us to live and we won’t listen to His mercy and grace He has to come to us at the iniquity we are bonded with and are comfortable and delightful in. He knows when we think we can go an extra mile with them before we have to have them brought to death, so He has no option but to bring upon us chastisement and or correction and or reproof. Truth is: do any of us know at what hour we will die? He does, so we are wise to choose life. Eternal death is not worth the pleasure of any sin structure. When we consider eternity our life on earth is 0.1%, eternity is the remainder 99.9%, and so do we want it in hell or heaven? When the rubber hits the road it’s our choice “On this day choose life and you will live or choose death and you will die.” “Whoso loves instruction loves knowledge. But he that hates 109

reproof is brutish.”

Proverbs 12:1 KJ

“Correction is grievous unto him that forsakes the way. And he that hates reproof will die.” Proverbs 13:24 “The rod and reproof give wisdom. A child left to himself brings his mother to shame. Correct thy son and he shall give thee rest, yea he shall give delight unto thy soul.” Proverbs 29:15, 17 KJ “Withhold not correction from the child. If you beat him with a rod he shall not die.” Thou shalt beat him with the rod and shalt deliver his soul from hell.” Proverbs 23:13-14 KJ “Every branch in me that bears not fruit He takes away. Every branch that bears fruit he purges [prunes] that it bring forth more fruit.” John 15:2 KJ “He that loves him [her] chastens him betimes.” Proverbs 13:24 KJ God does deal with us as a son and a daughter as He did with His Covenant people when He allowed them to come into bondage – His chastening “as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, be zealous therefore, and repent.” (Revelation 3:19) Recall He warned the Israelites if they did not hearken to His voice and obey His commandments He would allow the Nations to invade and put them into affliction to correct them for their transgressions. When we judge ourselves first we will not be judged (1 Corinthians 11:31-32). When we ask often for a heart that judges in righteousness it can and will not stop the chastening if we are going to continually transgress and use and abuse God’s forgiveness. It is the hearts condition that takes you to hell, if you take advantage of His grace over and over by not departing from iniquity He does allow the power of your sins to afflict you so you will come into true repentance to be saved from hell. Look at your circumstances; are your iniquities as such that they have 110

the penalty of hell attached to them that He has to chastise you to get you to look into the Word to see if it is a sin unto death. “Many will say in that day I cast out devils, and in your name perform many miracles and then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.” Matthew 7:23 “... Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels;” Matthew 25:41 We are by nature dumb sheep that want to learn the hard way; this is so if we will not hearken to His voice, or the voice of The Word. When we listen to The Word He has no cause to chasten us by allowing the demonic to afflict us because of defiant rebellion to His Word. And recall eternal life is in the balance and He genuinely loves us and we will be much better off living obedient than disobedient in the kingdom of self. Being stiff-necked and stubborn only causes more wilderness time and little streams and minute green pastures. “Before I was afflicted, I went astray but now have I kept Thy Word…It was good for me to have been afflicted that I might learn Thy statutes.” Psalm 119:67, 71 “Lord, in trouble have they visited thee. They poured out a prayer when Thy chastening was upon them.” Isaiah 26:16 If we are like children and sulk, rebel and become prideful, stubborn and angry it will take longer to come out of any oppression and affliction like it did for me. If we repent and ask Him to demolish the iniquity and soften our hearts and ask for the power to turn from our ways to His ways we will come out of affliction quicker. If I had of invited Him into my stubbornness, anger and hatred and unknown defects of character that fueled this stronghold I would have not been so afflicted for so long. So I encourage you to yield and surrender that you too be set free and receive your promises and eternity. 111


Jesus knew I would write about those seven years and how He has delivered me to testify that He can deliver from evil and from any affliction. To my distress He did not demolish it quickly yet it did bring forth fruit for the edifying of His body. What I brought upon myself the trauma and distress and what He allowed He did heal me from this. For all those years I blamed God and Jesus He could see how deeply they wove their net around my soul because of the inroads they had on me when I did not serve Him in my youth. He knew me inside and out and spirits knew their foundation stone was fear; so they brought forth their works of fear against me - you might say my middle name was fear. He knew that I would become ensnared and filled with fear and mental instability because that was the foundation of my personality and my life was filled with fear, emotional instability and insecurity. Fear was my greatest weakness coupled with mental instability so it was easy for them to bring the work of torment against me “we are praying for you, we are always thinking for you, mind control has taken over your mind you have no freedom we have you all the time!� Coupled with the fuzziness of the ear and the presence in my face, and I could hear them all the time, many of them and I so believed they had my mind and I believed I was never me just a spirit who was pretending to be me! He knew I had Divination spirits and Freemasonry and occult curses against me; witchcraft assignments against me to stop me from becoming a generation free from them and gaining the authority to set my family free. He knew they would not let me go without a great battle to try and cause me to backslide and stop from being a born again Christian. He knew they knew the call on my life since the womb of my Mother. So Jesus has made the most of it to bring about good for me and in it He fashioned me formed me humbled me through my troubles for my own victory and my family and for the edifying of His body. So knowing all this I had to be walked out for He knew it would not benefit me to deliver me out in His sovereignty and they would come back seven times worse and I would not have sought the curses in and over my life. 112

Most of all it served a greater purpose the pressing and crushing would bring forth the anointing I had to walk in for the high call on my life. I believe today that it was not that He walked me into demonic affliction but He knew I would walk into their works for He knew their methods of attack. He knew my personality my character defects and all the demonic legal rights of passage that they could come against me. I knew nothing about Scripture, Covenant protection or what Calvary had finalized or did I know about walking in faith only to listen to them and my feelings that were screaming at me. It was not His affliction but the affliction was because He knew due to my own lack of knowledge of Scripture that I would receive a false teaching on the way The Holy Spirit works in one’s life and in the church. He knew they would capitalize on this because of my ignorance on how He manifested and the doctrine of The Holy Spirit. Therefore He has taken the afflictions all these circumstances that have come against me to refine me in affliction. Not that He set it up or instrumented it to happen or that He purposely wanted to use affliction to refine me, but He made the most of what the devil had and brought against me because spiritual law was at work. I am today grateful as He did not want my future caught up with the third wave counterfeit and false throughout the world today of all these false signs and wonders for I may have been a vessel used in these great deceptions thus my true destiny would have been stolen from me by deception and a counterfeit call. I want to end this book by saying it took me seven years to possess the land, seven years of affliction before I defeated my adversary’s afflictions. This seven-year conquest before I possessed certain promises of God in my life was no fun or joy ride. Yet laws got written on my hearts and instilled in my mind and affliction sent me to the Word to find out why God why? I got to know God in my sufferings and got to see the consequences of sin and now I will not go astray. The judgment of torment, mental anguish from the tormentors and from other demons of fear is a place I never want to return to or will I ever allow myself to go back to and today I can rest for through it all He has saved my soul in many ways.


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Jesus Set Me Free From Lies to Truth to Love

This book is a living testimony that came about so as to overcome torment, fear, paranoia, many lies and deceptions wrapped in a fragmented soul.


for seven years under the stronghold of spiritual abuse, the demonic gave a relentless battle of affliction.

But God - Jesus took me out of the fog to see truth and to walk in truth that I most assuredly had all power and authority over demons even whilst they have legal rights to be in and over my life.

Jesus changed my heart of stone and my personality He brought me out of fear out of hate to Love to understand Him and His ways.

The book will captivate you, you will laugh cry and you praise Jesus for His power to set the captive free.

Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba – Releasing Hearts 116

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This book is a living testimony that came about so as to overcome torment, fear, paranoia, many lies and deceptions wrapped in a fragmented...


This book is a living testimony that came about so as to overcome torment, fear, paranoia, many lies and deceptions wrapped in a fragmented...