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SStteeaamm rroooommss && ssaauunnaass Beneficial warmth in all variations. In the *****Grand Hotel Lienz Sauna Area the four saunas and steam rooms provide health and relaxation. Provide your body with beauty, energy and health in the way that suits you best. Enjoy classic sauna pleasure in the "Schwitzstube" (90°C), skin caring and circulation boosting perspiration in the "BioSauna" (60°C), and experience especially healthy saunas according to ancient Roman model, sole steam and an aromatic experience in the Osman Steam Room...

Time for beauty & perfect wellbeing…

In the “Serailbad” (steam bath) treat yourself to a full body pack with beneficial mud or body scrub in a relative high air humidity. You will experience an incomparable feeling of relaxation and be carried away into the fascinating world of the Arabian Nights!

Opening hours of our Wellness-area: Pool-area: Fitness: Sauna: Treatments:

7.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. 7.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. 1.00 p.m. – 08.30 p.m. 10.00 a.m. – 07.00 p.m.


Water, warmth or skilled hands? Our qualified staff looks forward to giving you personal advice and to putting together a fitting programme of wellness treatments according to your wishes. Our sauna area promises relaxation in different styles of saunas. To experience even deeper relaxation why not try a massage and energy treatment or treat yourself to a beauty treatment …

Beauty & Spa

[[CCoommffoorrtt ZZoonnee]] –– CCoossmmeettiicc TThheerraappyy wwiitthh oouurr ssppeecciiaall llaabbeell [Comfort Zone] – based on science – carried of passion [Comfort Zone] is one of the top labels in the international Spa- and Beauty world. The exclusive products and rituals offer you a inimitable experience. [Comfort Zone] Spezial, 80min. A whole therapy concept. Ideal for dehydrate, sensitive or blemished skin. € 120,00 € 135,00 with eye lift treatment [Comfort Zone] Spezial", 50min. € 68,00 € 83,00 with eye lift treatment [Comfort Zone] Anti-Age, 80min. Firming intensive treatment for face, neck and décolleté -lifting effect € 130,00 € 145,00 with eye lift treatment [Comfort Zone] Anti-Age "Piccolo", 50 min. The little anti-age program for face, neck and décolleté € 85,00 € 98,00 with eye lift treatment

TTrreeaattmmeenntt ppaacckkaaggeess Grandhotel Relaxing Day, 3,5 hours  1 Romeo and Julia facial care “Ligne St. Barth”  1 manicure with hand massage and caring pack  1 Anti stress massage Huile de Coco  1 Caribbean sea-sand peeling € 234,00 Timeout for him and her, 2 hours  1 “ Serailbad” ( Steam Bath) with natural Salt peeling  1 vitalizing massage with herb oil  1 relaxing facial massage with vitalizing scalp treatment € 117,00 One Day for myself, 2,5 hours  1 St. Barth Softness-body peeling  1 St. Barth Harmony massage  1 Masque Lárgile rose or verte  1 relaxing facial massage Ligne St. Barth € 168,00 CELLCOSMET - Anti-Aging-Days for Women  1 Cellular Anti Age de Luxe  1 Collagen Lifting Treatment  1 activating Cellcosmet-body peeling massage  1 Cellcosmet hand lifting  minimum stay 3 days € 318,00 Grandhotel Detox, minimum stay 4 days  1 consultation and Body check  1 Hydro Scrub Peeling massage &1 Body Morphose  1 Grand slim and 1 lymphatic drainage  1 Ägyptos pack, 1 reflexology foot massage  1 Serailbad and 1 Body Morphose  per day 1 pot herbal tea and participation at the wellness program € 470,00

"""Tranquillity" Anti-Stress-Ritual for 2, approx. 3 hours A unusual, comforting and muscle relaxing Massage-Ritual for more lightness and for regenerated body & soul. A mixture of aromatic essential oils with comfortable impact. It´s offer you a good health and make your skin velvety.

    

1 Aroma steam bath “Tranquillity” 1 Tranquillity Anti-Stress-Massage 1 facial massage with scalp stimulation 1 Aroma bath-pearl for you as a little present After the Tranquillity Anti-Stress-Ritual you relax together with your partner. Enjoy a cocktail and a small surprise. € 259,00

AAnnttii--AAggiinngg –– BBeeaauuttyy && SSoouull CCeelllccoossmmeett –– CCeelllmmeenn "The new generation of the Swiss cell cosmetics for Him and Her" Well known celebrities from all over the world are using these Cosmeceutical – to maintain and prolong the youth and radiance of their skin. Cellcosmet and Cellmen provide the perfect daily strategy to work against premature skin aging and to retain youthful skin. Benefit from better tone, firmness and a radiant complexion. Cellcosmet for you – "show the world a new face". Cellular Anti-Aging de Luxe, 110 min. Holistic face, neck and décolleté treatment, skin analysis, enzymatic cellular peeling also on request deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, massage, Ultra Cell Cellular ampoule, eye lifting, face-lift-mask € 149,00 Hydra Lift Pure with Elasto Collagen, 80 min. Firming, hydrating intensive treatment for face, neck and décolleté, skin analysis, enzymatic peeling, eyebrow shaping, massage, with elasto collagen lifting serum, collagen fleece mask € 130,00 Powerful Anti-stress Treatment, 50 min. Of pure relaxation as part of our cellular body care for face, neck and décolleté including head massage with active cellular ampoules, antistress-mask and facial lymph-drainage. € 90,00 Cellcosmet Quick Lift, 50 min. A effective fountain of youth treatment for tired, pale skin € 90,00

LLiiggnnee SStt.. BBaarrtthh –– tthhee CCaarriibbbbeeaann,, aatt tthhee GGrraannddhhootteell LLiieennzz St. Barth Freshness, 80 min. Facial, neck and décolleté treatment with hand massage and fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse. Enjoy the fresh fragrances of natural elixirs reminiscent of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket. € 120,00 St. Barth Pureness, 80 min. Facial, neck and décolleté treatment with hand massage for a clear and fresh skin. Luxuriate in an intensively relaxing and refreshing treatment of face, neck, décolleté and hands. € 110,00 Royal Beauty Ligne St. Barth, 80 min. Aroma pampering treatment for him and her. Skin diagnosis, cleansing using frangipani flower milk and melon tonic, papaya peeling under steam, deep cleansing, correction of the eyebrows, concentrated ampule, collagen fleece mask and lymphatic facial massage. € 130,00 Caribbean Soul Ligne St. Barth, 50 min.  Skin diagnosis  Cleansing with frangipani flower milk and melon tonic  Caribbean massage  Mask with rose or pineapple  Manogbutter-final € 80,00

PPrriivvaattee SSppaa Private Spa - Time for two Enjoy our steam bath and our relaxing oasis in private atmosphere with a glass of champagne and a sweet surprise. You can choose between anti stress massage, St. Barth Harmony Massage de Lux or local herbal-relax massage 3 hours € 130,00 (excl. massage therapy) With pleasure we create you your own personal Private Spa arrangement – or you can also enjoy our “Spa for 2 Rituals”

Caribbean Magic Feelings, approx. 3 hours Discover the charm of the Caribbean and enjoy the pleasant, relaxating effect of the selected ingredients of Ligne St. Barth.    

Steam bath with jasmine petals and coconut-oil-hydration Exotic full body peeling massage Masque l’argile rose for her, masque l’argile verte for him Caribbean relaxing massage with the aroma of the Tiare flower for her and mask aroma for him

After the wonderful treatment you may enjoy the time for two with a Caribbean Cocktail, Caribbean Fruits and a luxury present € 259,00 for 2 persons

St. Barth Slimness, 30 min. Soothing and relaxing leg massage. For rapid relief and relaxation of heavy legs, or simply for beautiful slim legs. € 42,00 Individual problem area massage 25 min treatment € 39,00 50 min full body treatment € 63,00 Décolleté and bust treatment during cosmetic treatment

€ 53,00 € 39,00

PPeerrffeecctt FFoorrmmss Grand Slim, 110 min. A firming treatment for the whole body including a detoxifying massage and a slimming pack € 129,00 Grandhotel Body-Wrap with Body-forming Massage, 50 min. The wonder weapon for attacking loose skin, and cellulite done in our “Serailbad” (steam bath) € 79,00 Body Strategist cellulite body-wrap with focus on problem area, 50 min. Essential aroma-therapy-oils and slenderizing draining active components. The perfect strategie against cellulite and all of the other problem areas. € 79,00

CCaarree ffoorr HHaannddss aanndd ffeeeett Manicure No varnish With nail varnish With French varnish Only varnish With Shellac Shellac only

€ 45,00 € 50,00 € 55,00 € 20,00 € 75,00 € 37,00

Spa Manicure de luxe "Ligne St. Barth", including. varnish Manicure with warm aroma compresses, peeling, mask, handand arm-massage, nail varnish € 65,00 Cellcosmet Hand Lift (also possible during cosmetic treatments) Take advantage of the skin rejuvenating Swiss cell cosmetics and treat your hands to some serious skincare. € 35,00 Spa Pedicure de luxe "Ligne St. Barth", including varnish Pedicure with aroma-footbath, peeling massage, mask, relaxing foot and leg massage € 79,00 Pedicure with Shellac

€ 89,00

DDeeppiillaattiioonn wwiitthh wwaarrmm wwaaxx Upper lip depilation

€ 9,00

Chin depilation

€ 11,00

Legs to the knee depilation

€ 35,00

Legs full depilation

€ 50,00

Underarm depilation

€ 25,00

Bikini zone depilation

€ 20,00

EEyyeellaasshheess && EEyyeebbrroowwss Eyebrow dyeing

€ 13,00 (during cosmetic € 9,00)

Eyebrow shaping Eyelash dyeing

€ 15,00 € 25,00 (during facial treatment € 15,00)

Eyebrow and Eyelash service complete

€ 30,00

Express eye lift treatment

€ 45,00

FFaacciiaall mmaassssaaggeess

St. Barth Sensation (Luxurious body mask with pampering relaxation massage) The pampering body mask provides the skin with an intense moisture boost and is a pleasure for all senses. € 80,00 "Transquillity" - Aroma beauty pack de luxe This luxury treatment offer you soft and like velvet and silk. with relaxing massage € 80,00 without relaxing massage € 49,00



FFiigguurree ppuurree

Facial lymphatic massage - DETOX € 35,00 Caribbean facial massage - HYDRATION with avocado-oil, coconut-oil, aloe Vera and mango butter-cream € 40,00

Body Morphose, 80 min. Hydro Scrub Peeling massage in combination with tightening massage and problem area focus € 139,00 - 3 times € 330,00

Fibro-stimulation-massage - ANTI-AGE € 43,00

Thalasso algae-sea salt peeling massage € 32,00

Optimal in combination with an effective-mask and an active substance serum!  Ampoule extra (during treatment) € 15,00  Effective-mask with serum € 35,00

Thalasso Algae Cleansing Body Pack with sea salt peeling € 79,00 without sea salt peeling € 49,00

M Maakkee uupp ““KKaarraajjaa””

Ägyptos body pack with a tightening Massage € 79,00

Daytime make-up

€ 25,00

Evening make-up

€ 32,00

Individual make-up consultation

€ 59,00

Ägyptos body pack "Anti Cellulite" with Detox massage € 79,00

Ayurveda "Power of Centration", approx. 4 hours. Available from a minimum stay of 2 days During your stay with us, take advantage of our Ayurveda treatments which are optimally put together in our Ayurvedapackages    

1 Gharsana – dry Massage with silk gloves 1 Abhyanga – Ayurveda all over synchronous massage with warm oil 1 Shiroabhyanga - Ayurved head-neck-therapy 1 Shiriodhara – forehead oil treatment

€ 252,00

Body Treatments

M Meenn FFaaccee Cellular Men-Power, 80 min. Indulge yourself with this intensive treatment especially for male skin. Cellular, revitalizing anti-aging treatment, skin analysis, enzymatic cellular peeling, also on request: deep cleansing, massage, cellular men-ampoule, eye lift, facelift mask € 120,00 Elasto Collagen Manager Treatment, 80 min. Anti-Aging for the sophisticated man Firming intensive treatment with Elasto Collagen Ampoule, relaxing massage, neck and head massage, collagen mask € 115,00

TThhee llooccaall aanndd hheeaalltthhyy oonneess Gold of the dolomites herb peeling … … suited to the moon phases

€ 32,00

Gold of the Dolomites Herbal Body Pack … … suited to the Moon Phases

€ 49,00

Natural Mud Pack

€ 42,00

TThhee ccaarriinngg oonneess St. Barth Softness … relaxing peeling massage for velvety smooth skin. The ideal base for an especially long-lasting and even tan.

€ 42,00

St. Barth Sensation Moisturizing creamoil-pack with Caribbean relaxing massage.

€ 80,00

Tranquillity-aroma wellbeing package de luxe This luxurious wellbeing package conjures an incomparably soft and smooth Skin like velvet and silk. With relaxation massage € 80,00 Without relaxation massage € 49,00

Relaxing Cellmen, 50 min. Pure anti-aging facial care pleasure which provides you with revitalization, relaxation and rejuvenation. "Anti-aging treatment for the sophisticated man" € 80,00 Men Special", 80min. A complete treatment concept for dehydrate, sensitive or blemished skin € 115,00 € 130,00 with eye lift treatment

M Meenn BBooddyy Men-Spa Pedicure, Pedicure with aroma-footbath, peeling, mask, relaxing foot and leg massage for the gentlemen € 59,00

Men-Spa Manicure Classic men manicure with hand massage € 45,00 Depilation with warm wax  Back  Chest

€ 42,00 € 36,00

PPaacckkaaggeess ffoorr HHiimm "Dolomitenmann" , approximately 3 hours  1 vitalizing mountain peeling massage  1 sport massage  1 scalp massage with herb tonic  1 relaxing facial massage with neck relaxation  1 herb pack in our soft pack lounger € 166,00 Day of Zeus, approximately 3,5 hours  1 Spa Pedicure with herbal footbath and foot massage  1 entire man cosmetic  1 vitalizing massage with regional herbs € 205,00 Mister Perfect, approximately 3 hours  1 man manicure  1 Cellmen Anti-Age Face  1 full body peeling massage “Homme” € 213,00 Men Antistress, approximately 3 hours  1 “Tranquillity” Anti-Stress-Massage  1 hand treatment  1 relaxing facial massage “Tranquillity”  1 Anti-stress-neck-massage € 173,00

Abhyanga – "From Head to Toe", 75 Min. Gentle soothing stroking massage with warm oils stimulate the body’s energy points (marma) and energy trails (nadi) to activate its own healing powers. “2-handed” € 110,00 Shirodhara – Forehead Oil Treatment, 50 min. The forehead oil treatment employs sesame seed oil to relax and soothe the nervous system. The intellect is sharpened and consciousness expanded. € 82,00 Shiroabhyanga, 45 min. Total Ayurveda relaxation for head, face, neck and neckline areas with forehead oil treatment € 53,00 Gharsana – Dry Massage for the entire body with silk gloves, 25 min. Your body is gently rubbed and massaged using gloves of natural silk to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. We recommend Gharsana Massage as an introduction to other Ayurveda treatments € 34,00 Padabhyanga, 45 min. Ayurveda foot massage with warm Ayurveda oil € 53,00 Ayurveda "The centering force" Ayurveda package, consisting of: • Abhyanga – "From Head to Toe" • Shirodhara – Forehead Oil Treatment • Shiroabhyanga • Gharsana Time: 4 hours |Min. stay: 2 days € 252,00 You save € 27,00!

St. Barth Harmony, 60 min. Enjoy a relaxing, soft body massage with intensive body care products chosen specifically to suit your needs. Choose pure coconut oil for intensive care for dry skin, avocado oil for especially delicate skin, or ivy gel and menthol oil to strengthen tissues and skin. To top off this treatment choose your favorite Caribbean body lotion. € 80,00

AAyyuurrvveeddaa Ayurveda is an ancient art of healing from India (it dates back some 5.000 years or more) with all aspects of a person’s life as an entity. The meaning of the word Ayurveda comes from 2 sanskrit words: Ayas – live and Veda – knowledge Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and persons with health challenges can improve their health. Ayurveda is a Science of Life as well as a medical system. With Ayurveda healing, the purpose is not just to bring remedy to an illness but also to bring harmony to out-ofbalance factors.

M Meeddiiccaall M Maassssaaggeess Massage, 25 min Classic deep massage for loosening the musculature and releasing tense € 35,00 Full Body Massage Classic deep massage for loosening the musculature and releasing tense 50 min € 57,00 40 min € 46,00 Gold of the Dolomites Herbal Oil Massage, 50 min. classic full body massage with the power of the Alps regional oil, arnica, marigold, lavender and mountain herb extracts Depending on the moon's phase the corresponding oil is used, leaving a feeling of relaxation and lightness € 63,00 Sport Massage, 50 min. Powerful massage technique for the active sport enthusiast € 65,00 Reflexology Massage, 25 min. The reflex map of the foot € 36,00 Combination Massage, 50 min. Back massage in combination with reflexology massage for a deep effective therapy € 63,00

Lymphatic Drain, This very gentle massage technique intensively stimulates the lymph flow and helps in ridding the body of toxins (ideal during weight loss) – relieving edema treatment 50 min. € 59,00 80 min. € 89,00

"Dorn Method/ Breuss Massage", 75 min. on request The Dorn Method and Breuss massage is a method of self healing and self help for many problems and illnesses of the back, spine, joints and all areas directly or indirectly connected to the spine and joints. € 107,00

Stones of the Dolomites, 75 min. Experience a fascinating treatment consisting of massage, energy work and relaxation using local beneficial herbal oils and warm East Tyrolean natural stones from Europe's only free flowing Glacier river, the “Isel”. € 110,00 Intuitive Sensitive Massage, 50 min. As the name suggests, this is a massage form which is intuitively adjusted to suit your individual needs. € 63,00

Gold of the Dolomites back therapy, 50 min. Massage experience against stress with regional herb oils € 63,00

RReellaaxxiinngg M Maassssaaggeess Lomi-Lomi-Nui, 75 min. The queen of massages, it also delights the “Gents of Creation”. Lomi-Lomi-Nui harmonizes body, mind and soul. This treatment layers of the body of stress, fears and tension. € 110,00 Singing Bowl Massage, 50 min. The sound releases tension, mobilizes the body’s self healing – the sound of the singing bowl reaches our soul € 59,00

East Tyrol Mountain Honey Massage, 50 min. Honey is a gift from nature and has been used in natural medicine for centuries. The honey massage comes from Russian natural medicine and serves as a strengthening, revitalizing and detoxifying treatment for the whole body € 59,00 Anti-stress- aromatic oil massage "Transquillity", 50 min. A soft form of massage with Tranquillity aroma complex. € 63,00

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