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„Orangerie“ by Grandhotel Lienz Modern and nutritional recipes from our neighbourhood countries as well as our native East-Tyrol are reflected in our kitchen philosophies.

The kitchen brigade under the leadership of Christian Flaschberger and the service brigade under the leadership of Christoph Geier would like to wish you a `Guten Appetit!’ As your hosts, we invite you to enjoy our philosophy of good-living of the highest standard. Sit back, relax and enjoy your time with us…

Our surprise menu Let yourself be surprised by our kitchen team! Of course, we take the allergies and aversions into consideration!! Optionally served ...

... in 3 courses at the rate of Forty-One Euros per person ... in 4 courses at the rate of Forty-Eight Euros per person ... in 5 courses at the rate of Fifty-Eight Euros per person

Dear Guests, With pleasure our service-team accepts your personal preference, possible intolerance and allergies. Should you wish, after your order has been placed, changes are possible against surcharge of ₏ 10,00 per course. Without reservation, it’s not possible to serve a vegan surprise menu. Many thanks for your understanding!

Icy Aperitif Moêt „Ice“*O Nineteen Euros

Sekt Hibiscus*O Eight Euros

Manhattan *O (Canadian Whiskey, Vermouth rosso, Angostura)

Eight Euros Sixty

Moscow Mule *O (Stolichnaya Vodka, Ginger beer, Lime juice)

Nine Euros Fifty

Cosmopolitan (Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry- and Lime juice)

Nine Euros Ninety

1 glass of Champagner Drappier brut Fourteen Euros Fifty

Americano *O (Campari, Vermouth rosso, Soda)

Eight Euros Ninety

Martini Cocktail *O (Gin, Vodka / Vermouth dry)

Eight Euros Sixty

Side Car (Weinbrand, Triple Sec, Lemon juice)

Eight Euros Sixty

Refreshing Salads Romano Salad with Parmesan Dressing |Sirloin Steak |Tiger Prawns ACFDGHLMO

Eight Euros | Eighteen Euros

Colorful Lettuce Salad Creamy herb-dressing ACFGHLMO

Six Euros Fifty

Homemade Garden Salad Buttermilk Dressing, Croutons, roasted Corn-Feed-Chicken ACFGHLMO

Sixteen Euros

Stimulating Cold Starters Beef Tartare ACHFGLM

Sixteen Euros Ninety

Luke-warm Tiger Prawn black salsify, bergamot cream and red onions ACFGHLM

Sixteen Euros Ninety

Our Carpaccio snail butter-toast and lemon oil ACFGHLM

Fifteen Euros Ninety

Pickled Beets horse radish, skyr and smoked organic salmon from the Gailtal ACFGHLM

Fifteen Euros

Complete warm starters Carbonara of Lobster á la Grandhotel ACFBGHLMO

Nineteen Euros Ninety

East Tyrolian Schlipfkrapfen mountain cheese, brown butter and spinach ACFGHLM

Thirteen Euros Ninety

The “Henkele-dumplings” with buttered Kraut ACFGHLM

Sixteen Euros

Our yellow Risotto saffron, fennel and parmesan FGHLMO

Fourteen Euros

Warming Soups Beef Soup garnishes³ | sliced pancake semolina | spleen ACFGHLMO

Six Euros Fifty

“The miracle healing Consommé” FGHLEMAC

Six Euros Fifty

The Imperial Austrian Vanilla Soup FGHLMAC

Six Euros Fifty

Creamsoup of Parmesan with small ravioli and herbal-oil FGHLMAC

Six Euros Fifty

Intact Main Dishes Our Wiener Schnitzel Cold stirred cranberries, thick cut fries or potato with parsley ALMCG

Twenty-Three Euros

Roasted Beef Filet oven vegetables and thick cut fries LMOG

Thirty-Four Euros

Stroganoff of Deer with herbs Spaetzle LMOGFAC

Twenty-Six Euros

Roasted breast of farmer chicken with Coq au Vin style and potatoes ACHLMGF

Twenty-One Euros

Filet of Veal with Brasatto-Ravioli, mushrooms and Jerusalem artichokes ACFGHLM

Twenty-Eight Euros

Our Lemon marinated Lamb Bell pepper, Harissa crumble and potato-olive cream ACFGHLM

Twenty-Eight Euros

Fresh Fish Fish of the Day ABCFGHLMO

Twenty-Four Euro

Roasted Scallops fennel, orange, vadouvan and wild carrots FGENHLMO

Twenty-Six Euros

Turbot romanesco, almond paste and sunchoke ACFGHLM

Twenty-Six Euros

Roasted Seabass from Irene Fonda winter roots and lime oil FGHLM

Twenty-Eight Euros

Rosy The matured parts of the Meat 18.30 - 20.30 Uhr

Rib-Eye on the bone for 1 Person * Thirty-Six Euros

T- Bone Steak for 2 Persons * Sixty-Nine Euros

Rib-Eye from Charolais Beef for 2 Persons * Sixty-Four Euros

Entrecote from Carinthian Simmental Beef * Gentleman’s Cut Thirty-Three Euros * Lady Cut Twenty-Eight Euros

“Pimp my Beef”

with roasted goose-liver and Truffle jus Thirteen Euros with Lobster Sixteen Euros

Depending on Availability & Advance Booking from 18:30 – 20:30 Delmonico of Dolomitenrind for 2 Persons Seventy-Two Euros

Entrecote Double from Dolomite Beef matured 36 days, 5+, for 2 Persons Seventy-Two Euros

Porterhouse Steak from “Simmentaler” Beef matured 36 days, for 4 Persons One hundred-Thirty-Eight Euros

Rumpsteak of Wagyu Beef 4+ Forty-Nine Euros All served with thick fries, oven vegetable or creamy mushrooms, Nature jus or PlanetaOlive-Oil

Passionate Dessert Sweet Decadence for 2 Persons ACHEGF

Twenty-Eight Euros

Choco - Schock ACGHF

Thirteen Euros Ninety

SorbetÂł ACGHF

Eight Euros

A little something sweet ACENGHF

Seven Euros

Poppy seed, apple, feijoa and assam tea ACGHF

Eleven Euros Ninety

Hazelnut, milk-caramel and roasted Pineapple ACGHF

Eleven Euros Ninety

Artisanal Cheese Twelve Euros

Pleasent Digestif 1 glass Beerenauslese nach Empfehlung Eight Euros Fifty

1 glass Eiswein Eight Euros Ninety

1 glass Niepoort*O Nine Euros Ninety

1 glass Ramos Pinto Port*O Twelve Euros Ninety

Alexander *O (Asbach Uralt, Creme de Cacao, Sahne)

Nine Euros Ninety

Rusty Nail (Scotch Whiskey und Drambuie)

Nine Euros Ninety

Nobel Schnappsidea Apfelbrand Gravensteiner Six Euros Fitfty

Rote Williamsbirne Six Euros Fitfty

Marillen Edelbrand Vinschgau Six Euros Fitfty

Waldhimbeer Edelbrand Fourteen Euros

Blutorangen Edelbrand Eight Euros Fifty

Information for our allergic guests A = Glutinous cereals, wheat, rye, barley, and oat B = Crustaceans and products thereof C = Eggs of poultry and products thereof D = Fish and products thereof E = Peanuts and products thereof F = Soya and products thereof G = Milk from mammalian and products thereof / whey

H = All kinds of edible nuts and products thereof

L = Celery and products thereof M = Mustard and products thereof N = All kinds of sesame and products thereof O = Sulphites P = Lupines and products thereof R = Molluscs – for example mussels, snails, oysters and products thereof

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