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The CRIER | Winter 2015

JLC Holiday Slate Reveal Party By Sara Sprague What do “Aurora Blaise”,” Kayla Possible” and “BrownSugar Ryder” have in common with the Junior League of Charlotte? They, along with 34 other Bond Agents, represent the incoming 2016-2017 Board of Directors, Management

and sustaining members, Provisionals, JLC past Presidents and Sustainer

Team and Nominating Committee!

Presidents”, said President-Elect Shannon Vandiver. “It was the perfect kickoff to the Holiday season and a great way to celebrate our League and toast a

On December 2, the JLC’s Social and Nominating Committees co-hosted this

stellar slate of JLC leaders.”

year’s combination Holiday Social and Slate Reveal Party at Bubble Charlotte. More than 100 attendees donned their favorite holiday apparel to enjoy a

Without further ado, congratulations to our 2016-2017 Junior League of

spirited evening at the swanky and seasonally-decorated champagne lounge.

Charlotte Slate.

Among them were current President Lisa Johnson, President-Elect Shannon Vandiver and past Presidents Whitni Wilson-Wertz, Beverley Shull, Katherine Fuller, Elizabeth Kovacs, Beth Gregg and Kelley Cobb, as well as many members of the Sustainer Board, including Suzy Garvey and past Sustainer President

Board of Directors President: Shannon Vandiver President-Elect (PE): Arina Kirk (M)

Dianne Cates.

Nominating Chair: Malone Lockaby Chief Financial Officer: Casey Liadis

The event featured a fabulous spread of appetizers, a cash bar and parting

Board of Directors (BOD) Secretary: Caitlin Helgeson

giveaways. Guests were encouraged to mingle for the first hour of the event,

BOD - Members-At-Large:

most enjoying a glass of champagne or wine and sharing stories from the League, while the anticipation and excitement for this year’s Slate Reveal built.

Tonya Bruce Helen King Molly Ward

The big reveal had a James Bond theme – emcee Beth Bechhold, Nominating

Christina Gratrix*

Committee Member, introduced each incoming member by their self-selected

Destiny Jenkins*

Bond girl name, car, and most desirable co-host, while their favorite Bond theme song played in the background. One by one, announced Slate members walked, strutted and danced to the front stage where they were adorned with

Susan Branch* Kim Best-Staton* Kellie Lofton*

gold bead necklaces and embraced in congratulatory hugs from their fellow

BOD - Member-At-Large (Sustaining Member): Valerie Patterson*

team members, supporters and friends. “I’m looking forward to working with this outstanding team to continue our legacy of service,” said slated incoming

Management Team

President-Elect, Arina Kirk. “It was so fun to share this event with the holiday

President-Elect (PE): Arina Kirk (M)

party and to celebrate leadership with so many members.”

Sustainer Advisor: Katherine Fuller Nominating Vice Chair: Charlitta Hatch

In addition to of the excitement of the Slate reveal, the Holiday party was a great

Vice President of Finance: Kamila McDonnough

place for members to set aside their civic responsibilities and enjoy each other’s

Communication Council Manager: Sara Sprague

company in a more relaxed and informal setting. It was also an opportunity to

Community Impact Council Manager: Anastasia Speer

foster new relationships and share our collective pride in the Junior League’s

Education, Training and Advocacy Council Manager: Chrissy Fischer

accomplishments. Transfer Ashley Hansen captured this sentiment: “The JLC

Human Resource Council Manager: Jessica Walker

Holiday Social and Slate Party was a blast! As a new transfer, this was my first

Fund Development Manager: Kate Stewart

event I could attend in the Charlotte League so I was nervous about not knowing

Risk Manager: Tricia Magee

anyone. However, as soon as I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and left

Management Team Secretary: Emily Reichs

the event having made a few new friends! I learned so much about the League in such a short amount of time and the Slate reveal was so fun and exciting. It was a great introduction to the League and I can’t wait to jump right in moving forward!” Special thanks to a well-orchestrated evening to Amy Rhyne, Social Committee Chair, Taleayah Johnson, Nominating Chair, and their respective committees,

Nominating Committee Nominating Chair: Malone Lockaby* Nominating Vice Chair: Charlitta Hatch Committee Members: Anna Portal Julie Spahn

and to Sherri Johnson, Nominating Committee member, for her incredible

Kayla Petty

photography talent. “The Social Committee, led by Amy Rhyne and Caitlin

Debbie Hull* Sherri Johnson*

Smith, and the Nominating team, led by TaLeayah Johnson and Malone

Kirsten Pittman*

Lockaby, put on a spectacular event attended by over a hundred of our active


Beth Bechold*

Profile for Junior League of Charlotte, Inc.

The CRIER Winter 2015  

The Magazine of the Junior League of Charlotte

The CRIER Winter 2015  

The Magazine of the Junior League of Charlotte