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Special Thanks! A special thanks from our staff goes to Retired Air Force Col. Tom Saddler for his work on the Veteran’s Memorial Park. Thank you for your years of work and dedication.

GFPARKSFOUNDATION.ORG Through the assistance of the Foundation, the Grand Forks Park District is committed to the development, enhancement, and sustainability of parks, playgrounds, facilities, programs, and activities for our community. Established in 2007, the Foundation provides financial assistance to low-income families within recreation programs and allows the Grand Forks Park District to build and sustain life-enriching facilities. Through community donor support, we are sincerely optimistic that needs will be met, allowing parks and recreation in Grand Forks to continue through the decades.


A Healthier Grand Forks

We are committed to the development and utilization of funds to progress the betterment of our community. • • • • •

Provide financial support for youth programs Maintain and upgrade existing facilities Enhance programs for children & adults Develop new parks and facilities Promote healthy decisions and opportunities

LEADERSHIP & SUPPORT 2021 Board Members

Support Staff

Cody Bartholomew, Vice President

Jill Nelson, Operations & Development

Greg LaDouceur, Secretary / Treasurer

Leif Larsen, Office Support

Russell Kraft

Catie Trontvet, Marketing Support

Tim Skarperud

Caitlin Dahl, Marketing Support

Terry Dvorak, President

George Hellyer, Executive Director


June 2022

Dear Foundation Donors and Supporters, We had many things to be grateful for in 2021, thanks to all our generous donors and visionary supporters. On September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States, the Grand Opening of the Veterans Memorial Park was held. Over a thousand people attended the ceremony held on the 6.2-acre park location of 24th Avenue and 34th Street South. What an amazing turnout for an amazing project! We also celebrated the completion of Phase 2 of the Rydell Skatepark with open skating, contests, food, music, and giveaways on September 18. Visitors from all over the area are traveling to Grand Forks use the completed skatepark. With features like a bowl, quarter pipes, ramps, a vertical wall, and more, Grand Forks is now on the map for having a destination skatepark in our region. The Northern Valley Law Enforcement Memorial steering committee has raised $333,160 of the $415,494 needed to build a memorial at Optimist Park in honor of the brave Northern Valley law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Through additional fundraising efforts, the committee plans to break ground this summer, with a grand opening celebration in the fall. Positive results achieved through past facility capital campaigns to build Choice Health & Fitness, ICON Sports Center, and Scheels Sports Complex are still making a huge impact in our community, thanks to your support. Renovation capital campaigns, such as the Renovation of Eagles / Blue Line Club Arena, and the Renewal of Kraft Field, are gaining serious momentum, thanks to key major donors and grants. Please know that we are extremely grateful for your unyielding support of our community and our mission to promote healthy lifestyles and enhance lives through our facilities and programs in 2021. Thank you for another great year. Much gratitude,

Terry Dvorak Terry Dvorak 2021 Foundation Board President






The Veterans Memorial Park Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed for their support in making this wonderful Park a reality.


The Grand Opening of the Veterans Memorial Park was held on September 11, 2021, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Over a thousand people attended the ceremony on the 6.2- acre park location of 24th Avenue South and South 34th Street. Retired U.S. Air Force General Al Palmer was the Master of Ceremonies and did an amazing job honoring the work and contributions of countless individuals, organizations, and business leaders that over the past 10 years helped make the dream of a Veterans Memorial Park a reality. Attendees were honored with a benediction by Monsignor Brian Donahue, and speeches by our special speakers that included UND President Andrew Armacost, 319th Wing Commander Col Timothy Curry, ND TAG MG Al Dohrmann, and Mayor Brandon Bochenski. Veterans representing every military branch and each of the U.S. military combat engagements from World War II that participated in the honorary ribbon-cutting were Anna Walker, Grand Forks, U.S. Army, WWII; Suzanne Kime, Grand Forks, U.S. Navy, Korea; William Lembke, Grand Forks, U.S. Marines, Vietnam; Jerry Johnson, Grand Forks, Coast Guard, Vietnam; Jay Bignornia, Emerado, N.D., Air Force, Operation Enduring Freedom; and Casey Hillebrand, Grand Forks, Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Red River Valley Motorcyclists and the North Dakota Patriot Guard positioned thirteen bikes and conducted a flag ceremony to honor the memory of those service members who lost their lives in the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan. The finale featured colorful streamers and pillars of smoke shot into the air from behind the Memorial Wall. After a 21-gun salute by members of the UND Army ROTC, the ceremony ended with the playing of Taps by Dave Christianson. Thank you to all that attended the ceremony, purchased one of the memorial stones, or donated to the Veterans Memorial Park Campaign. We would also like to thank the Veterans Memorial Committee for their 10+ years of dedication to this project. We are humbled by your generosity and dedication to honoring our veterans.

• Visitor Center - Kiosk Touch Screen, Software, and Historical Displays • Memorial Wall & Visitor Center Landscaping • Veterans Memorial Park Entry Sign • Two UAVs & B-52 Bomber Scale Model Foundations • Northrup Grumann Block 40 Global Hawk & General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper • Veterans Memorial Park Dedication Ceremony • Patriot Tree Decorated for Winter Season (Red, White, And Blue Lights) • 199 Donor Recognition Wall Plaques • 1338 Memorial Stones Sold to Date

Photo Credit: Tweten’s Photography



FINANCIALS Grateful & Responsible

REPORTS AS OF 12.31.2021

Statement of Net Position ASSETS

current assets Cash & Equivalents Investments Accounts Receivable (Net) Advances to Other Funds Pledges Receivable, Net of Allowance Total Current Assets

$449,047 $1,195,950 $420,000 $456,808 $2,521,805

non-current assets Advances to Other Funds $3,180,000 Assets Held for Resale $25,000 Pledges Receivable, Net of Current Portion $4,241,692 Total Non-Current Assets $7,446,692 All Assets $10,115,705


current liabilities Accounts Payable Due to Other Funds $3,159,767 Unearned Revenue $282,499 Bonds Payable $420,000 Pledges Payable $280,650 Accrued Interest Payable $29,432 Total Current Liabilities $4,172,348 non-current liabilities Bonds Payable, Net of Current Portion $2,841,401 Total Non-Current Liabilities $2,841,401 All Liabilities $7,013,749 net position Restricted: Non-expendable - Endowments Restricted for: Pledges Total Net Position

$204,067 $2,044,291 $2,248,358

Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net Postion OPERATING

operating revenues Donations/Sponsorships $453,124 operating expenses Costs of Sales and Services Operating Income (Loss)

$60,738 $392,386


non-operating revenues (expenses) Interest Income $70,291 Bond Interest Expense ($120,024) Total Non-Operating Revenue (Expenses) ($49,733) Income (Loss) Before Transfers $342,653 Transfers In $135,171 Transfers Out ($874,081) Total Transfers ($738,910) Changes in Net Position ($396,257) Total Net Position - Beginning Total Net Position - Ending

$2,644,615 $2,248,358

NOTE: Audit available for public viewing online at


Creating a


MEMORIAL FUNDS & GRANTS Memorial funds are a way to turn your loss into something positive while keeping your loved one’s memory alive. Their legacy can live on and enhance the lives of our community through the designated area of support within the Grand Forks Park District (i.e. baseball fields, hockey programs, senior fitness, etc.) Below are our active Memorial Funds and Grants in the year of 2021.

Ulland Fund & Grants

Created by Mr. Pete Ulland to support youth recreation programs. The Ulland Fund provides grants annually to local recreational and arts non-profit organizations.

Nord Fund

Created by the Ruth Nord Family to fund youth golf and tennis programming.

Joe K. Neel Junior Fund & Grants

In memory of Joe K. Neel, Jr., this fund supports the enhancement of Grand Forks Park District parks and facilities throughout the community. Matching grants may also be available to local organizations wanting to improve Grand Forks Park District facilities.

ENDOWMENTS Endowments created in memory of loved ones are a lasting tribute that benefits the Grand Forks Park District long into the future. Memorial endowments enhance our community by providing meaningful support to our youth, parks, facilities, and recreation programs in Grand Forks.

Riedlinger Endowment

Created by the Riedlinger Family in memory of Troy Riedlinger to support youth hockey.

Pinky Kraft Memorial Endowment

Created in 1981 in memory of longtime UND baseball coach Harold “Pinky” Kraft, this endowment provides annual support to the Grand Forks and East Grand Forks American Legion Baseball Programs.

Jeff Pettit Memorial Endowment

Created by the Pettit Family in memory of their son/brother, Jeff Pettit, to support youth hockey.

Sanny & Jerry Ryan Youth Scholarship Endowment

Created by the Ryan Family, this generous endowment was established to support youth scholarships.



September 18, 2021

On Saturday, September 18, we celebrated the completion of Phase 2 of the Rydell Skatepark with open skating, contests, food, music, and giveaways. Visitors from all over the area are traveling to Grand Forks use the completed skatepark. With features like a bowl, quarter pipes, ramps, a vertical wall, and more, Grand Forks is now on the map for having a destination skatepark in our region. The first phase, completed in 2018, cost $350,000 and the second phase cost $450,000. Gifts that help fund this project came from a community development block grant from the City of Grand Forks, a donation from the Engelstad Foundation, proceeds from a Rydell Car Show, a donation from the Joe K. Neel Jr. Fund, along with a number of other businesses and local entities that donated dollars. After Spohn Ranch, the skatepark construction contractor from Los Angeles, completed the second phase of construction in mid-August, the park has doubled in size and now has a lot of new items for the skaters, bikers, and scooter riders. The Grand Forks Park District plans to finish the grading, seeding, and fencing to fully complete the second phase.





Phase 2 Features:


Youth Recreation

SCHOLARSHIPS 1-IN-3 LOCAL KIDS IS OVERWEIGHT. WE CAN CHANGE THIS. LET’S GET GRAND FORKS CHILDREN ACTIVE AND FIGHT CHILDHOOD OBESITY TOGETHER! The Grand Forks Parks & Recreation Foundation is fighting to end childhood obesity in Grand Forks, North Dakota by getting kids active! By donating to our Foundation youth recreation activity scholarship fund, you are giving a child in need the opportunity to get active and live a healthier life! Because of the generous donations received in 2021, we were able to grant 147 youth activity scholarships to well-deserving children in low-income families! All families that requested and qualified for scholarships were approved - thanks to your support!



















Northern Valley


Valley Law Enforcement Memorial ks, ND

A memorial in honor of the sacrifices our local law enforcement members have made in the line of dut y.

HONORING FALLEN OFFICERS IN THE LINE OF DUTY Through the help of organizations and individuals like you, the Northern Valley Law Enforcement Memorial steering committee has raised $333,160 of the $415,494 needed to build a memorial at Optimist Park in honor of the brave Northern Valley law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. When the memorial is completed, it will represent Federal, Canadian, Minnesotan, and North Dakotan law enforcement members who have died in the line of duty in the Northern Valley. Through additional fundraising efforts, the committee hopes to break ground in summer 2022, with a Grand Opening Celebration in Fall 2022.

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO BECOME A SUPPORTER, CONTACT US: Bob Rost, Former Grand Forks County Sheriff 218.791.5609 |

Key Features

1. Granite monument with 4 sections representing each jurisdiction 2. Statue of a Fallen Officer 3. Flag Poles

4. Memorial Benches & Pavers 5. Stamped Concrete 6. Donor Recognition Plaque (Donors of $1,000 or more)

2021 GIVING HEARTS DAY FUNDRAISER In 2021, we were fortunate to have raise $24,000 for the construction of a Northern Valley Law Enforcement Memorial at Optimist Park. Funds raised came from the online / day-of donations from 104 individuals, local businesses, and generous match donations from CPS, Ltd., Choice Financial, and the Dakota Medical Foundation grow grant.

Steering Committee Bob Rost, Chair

Kyle Kvamme

Jason Dvorak

Jill Nelson

George Hellyer

Andy Schneider

K.C. Inman

Daniel Weigel

Renovation at

KRAFT FIELD THE CAMPAIGN Over the next few years, we hope to renovate and renew the iconic youth baseball stadium, Kraft Memorial Field, to its original condition. This much-needed renovation will allow the baseball season to start earlier and increase the number of games played overall, resulting in a greater financial impact in the Greater Grand Forks community during tournament play.

THIS $2.5 MILLION PROJECT WILL FEATURE IMPROVEMENTS SUCH AS: • New Grandstand with Spectator Seating & Enclosure • Infield Turf Replacement & Outfield Turf Installation • Installation of Energy-Efficient LED Field Lights • Updating Concession Area & Public Restrooms • Repair of Outfield Fencing • Remodeling of Bullpens, Dugouts, & Batting Cages • Turf Installation of Diamond #4 at Apollo Sports Complex

THE NEED Once a showpiece for baseball in Grand Forks, Kraft Memorial Field has seen the wear and tear of many years of use and needs a variety of renovations. The facility’s iconic grandstand requires general repair and upkeep, new molding, and a shaded covering to create a comfortable and safe area for spectators to enjoy games. Updating of the concession area and public restrooms will also be crucial to enhancing fan experience and increasing traffic to the ballpark. Kraft Memorial Field’s current infield turf has reached the end of its lifecycle and the outfield needs the installation of turf with a drainage system. Having a full turf playing surface with outfield drainage will increase the number of games played at Kraft Field by speeding-up field drying time, allowing the baseball season to start earlier, and preventing in-season rainouts.






2021 Year in Review

• Though net income/loss for operations finished the year in the black, Choice Health & Fitness continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Totals memberships and usage have not returned to pre-pandemic levels; however, participation and revenue from programs significantly improved. Staff continue striving to provide outstanding programs and services while adapting to area worker shortages. • COVID restrictions were lifted during the year, however staff continue to implement many cleaning and disinfecting procedures that improved the overall cleanliness of the facility. The weight and cardio equipment, previously moved to storage to meet distancing guidelines, were returned to the fitness areas. • Choice Health & Fitness recorded over 268,000 visits, in 2021. This was an increase from over 223,000 visits, in 2020. It is still well below the pre-pandemic number of over 365,000 visits. Recorded visits do not include Tivity Health (SilverSneakers participants), some guest pass purchases, non-member league participants, UND Tennis and UND Tennis Club participants, birthday party room use, community room use, Altru CPG/Truyu clients, USDA-HNRC clients, tour groups, and spectators and participants who attended the events in our facility. • Due to their budget constraints, GF Public Schools discontinued the contract with Choice Health & Fitness to plan and execute their high school strength and conditioning programs. • Choice Health & Fitness was a sponsor for the Whiskey Jacks baseball team from the Expedition League and held a game night for members and staff at Kraft Field. Whiskey Jacks players and coaches were able to use Choice Health & Fitness for training purposes during their season. • Staff completed annual cleaning and facility repairs during the annual facility maintenance week in August. This included thoroughly cleaning the facility, various building and equipment repairs, and resurfacing the basketball courts, racquetball courts, and group exercise room.

2021 EVENTS HOSTED BY OR AT CHOICE HEALTH & FITNESS • Polar Plunge (Special Olympics)

• USTA Got Green? Tennis Tournament (Choice Health & Fitness) • Water Safety Instruction & Lifeguarding Classes for Area Pools (Choice Health & Fitness) • Sand Volleyball League (Choice Health & Fitness) • Grand Forks Classic Tennis Tournament (Choice Health & Fitness) • ND High School Girl’s State Tennis Tournament (GF Public Schools & NDHSAA) • ND High School Boy’s State Tennis Tournament (GF Public Schools & NDHSAA) • USTA Veteran’s Classic Tennis Tournament (Choice Health & Fitness) • UND Men’s/Women’s Tennis Home Matches (UND Athletics & Summit League Conf.) • UMC Women’s Tennis Matches (UMC Athletics & Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conf.) • Art Show (Grand Fork Park District) • Other miscellaneous high school and collegiate tennis matches


Renovation of


Through community philanthropy, naming opportunities, grant funding, local volunteers, and prior allocated facility improvement funds within the existing Park District budget, we plan to renovate the current Eagles and Blue Line Club Arenas over the next year. This much-needed renovation will greatly benefit and financially impact Greater Grand Forks as well as demonstrate our investment in high school hockey, youth hockey, figure skating, and other supporting high school sports, as an integral part of our community and region.

PHASE I Once Phase 1 is complete, the facility will seat over 500 spectators and will feature noise reduction sound baffles. The addition of Phase 2 will include many other upgraded amenities such as multiple viewing decks, a larger concession area, updated locker rooms, a remodeled exterior, and much more.

WHY RENOVATE? Since Eagles Arena was built in 1985 and the Blue Line Club was added on in 1993, there have been no major renovations to the facilities, except for necessary required maintenance improvements. As our local High School Athletics, Border Blades Figure Skating Blue Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association, and Grand Forks Park District Ice Skating Lessons have transitioned to utilize the two arenas much more in recent years, the need for a renovation has increased.



with a Big Impact ICON

Sports Center

As a direct result of the donation received from the former Legends Heroes Campaign, ICON Sports Center has been an extremely impactful addition to our community. Since opening in December 2014, ICON Sports Center has hosted everything from a World Juniors Hockey Tournament to private figure skating lessons – and everything in between. Averaging over 3,600 hours in ice time and over 100,000 spectators annually, this year-round ice facility that hosts hockey games and tournaments, figure skating, private rentals, camps, tryouts, adult leagues, and other events, has become a hub for our Grand Forks community.


Sports Center

While the Building Fields of Dreams

campaign has ended, the impact left from this amazing facility continues to positively influence our youth baseball players, softball players, and soccer players. If you have never been out to watch a game or utilize the fields, you should come check it out. Thank you to all the donors that made this youth sports complex possible.



DONORS Aafedt, Brad & Gayle Aaker, Thomas Aamodt, Jim Abar, Donald Abar, Jim Abar, Linda Abar, Richard Abar, Thomas Achen, David & Virginia Ackerman, Richard Adair, Geri Adams, Ben Adams, James Adams, Steve & Darla Adams, Wayne Adams Family Adkins, Mary Ahler, Scott Akset Family Alderson, Robert & Peggy Allan, Michael Allard, Kari Allen, Rose & Jon Almer, Dennis Alperovich, Tatiana Altheimer, Lee Ames, Val & Vince Amiot, Gerald Amiot, Glenn Amann, Denis & Kim Amundson, Lorraine Amundson, Philip Amundson, Robert & Mary Andersen, Emerlee Andersen, Phyllis Anderson, Andrea Anderson, Collette Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Dean Anderson, Gary Anderson, Gary P Anderson, Ilene Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Jody Anderson, John & Ilene Anderson, Julie & Keith Anderson, Kent & Nancy Anderson, Lea Anderson, Lori Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Paula Anderson, Paulette Anderson, Richard Anderson, Sara Anderson, Scott Anderson, Shawn & Tina Anderson, Robert Anderson, Tammy Andrade, Cindy Andrys, Bonita Andvik, Lyle & Kathleen Antonenko, Mark & Nicole Apanian, Ronald Applegren, Nathan Apreza, Ernesto Arel, Mike & Jenny Armbrust, Julie Arndt, Robert Arnmette, Craig

Argenziano, Frank & Sue Arnold, David L Arola, Nick Arsenault, Leonard & Marcia Asbury Family, Astrup, Kenneth & Pamela Aubol, Brian Axness, Sharleen Axtman, Lois Axvig, Richard & Karen Aymond, Anthony & Peggi Azure, Douglas Bachmeier, Ron & Becky Backstrom, Tracy Bacon, Rhonda Badger Family, Baglien, Brian & Lori Bahnmiller, Becca Baier, Patricia & Michael Bailey, Laurie Baker-Lindsay, Michele Bakke, Eric Bakke, Larry Bakken, Arthur Bakken, David & Karen Bakken, Lori Bakken, Teresa Bang, Cindy Bangle, Dan Bangle, Larry Bank, John Bares, Shelly Barone, Karen & David Barrett, Dan Barrett, Mary Barrett, Joyce Barrett, Marie Barrett, Shelly Barrett, Tom Barrow, Dale & Laurene Barry, Mrs. Meryl Barsness, Dean & Susan Barsness, Leroy & Mary Barta, Paul Bartel, Tim & Twyla Bartholomew, Shawna Bartuska, Ron & Lynn Bass, Gail Bateman, Charles Baumann, Angie Beach, Dave & Jean Beal, Earl Bear, Gerald Beaty, Pamela Kay Beauchamp, Robert Beaumier, Colin W Behl, Ron & Michele Belanger - Martin, Carmen Bell, Jennifer Belyea, Suzanne Bender, Betty Benke, Robert & Donna Benson, Bryan Benson, Chad Benson, Rachel & Travis Benson, Raynold Benson, Stephen Benthin, Tony & Kristi Berg, Kelly Berg, Joel & Bonnie

RIVERSIDE POOL Berg, Michael Bergan, Joni & Bob Berggren, Patricia Berglund, Matt Bergom, Ronald & Sharon Bergsrud, Kent Bergum, Dale Bernhardson, Duane & Pam Bernhardt, Rich & Donna Bernstein, Teresa Berntsen, Craig Berntsen, Don Berry, Brad & Suzanne Bertsch, Jeff & Susan Bethea, Jennifer & Jermaine Bethke, Bob Bethke, Paul Bevill, Kris Bieleski, Barbara Bill, Larry Bina, Cassidy Bischoff, Denise Bjelde, Garry Bjerke, Keith Bjerke, Marilyn Bjorge, Marlyn Bjornstad, Suzanne Black, Nancy Black, Susan Blackmore, Mae Marie Blackmun, Dennis Blair, Jodi Blake, Jeff Blanchfield, Christine Bleth, Donald Bliss, Rosanne Block, Richard & Laura Block, Rick Block, Terry Block, Neil Bloom, Wallace E. & Sara A. Bloomquist, Betty Bloxham, Ronald & Jean Blumkin, David & Linda Boe, Christopher & Mia Boettner, George Boettner, Peggy Boettner, Randy Boettner, Scott Boettner, Scott & Jodi Bohm, James Bohm, Rick & Lisa Bohn, Scott & Darci Bohnet, Bohlman, Debra Bohlman, Diane Bohlman, Raymond Bollingberg, Karl & Twila Bollman, Ginny Bommersbach, Dan Bondy, Pauline Boner, William & Carole Borg, Kurt Borgstrom, Wayne & Julie Bochenski, Branden Bosh, Germaine Bostrom, Joy Bostrom, Steven Bostrom, Susan Bothun, Paul

Botnen, Karen & Willis Botsford, John Boub, Michael & Jennifer Boucher, Deb Bouley, Peter & Elizabeth Bouvette, Thain Bouvette, Marsha Bowen, Jeff Bower, Robert Bowlsby II, Robert & Candice Boyer, Michelle Braaten, Dean Brabandt, Chrissy Bradshaw, James Brakke, Leah Brandt, Jamie & Mackensie Brandt, Rose Brandt, Tim & Courtney Brandt, William Bratager, David Bratteli, Truman & Judy Breidenbach, Kayla Breidenbach, Lynette Breidenbach Family, Brekke, David & Alice Brekke, Steve & Desilee Brewer, Bonnie & Michael Brewinski, John & Judy Brickzin, June Brickzin, Robert Bridewell, John B Bridges, Natasha Brinkman, Elaine Britton, Dave & Denise Britton, Jay & Arlette Brockman, Ellen Feldman & Ronald Brokke, L J & Jeanette Brokken, Anthony Brooke, Dalonda Brooks, Ryan Brorby, Theresa Brorson, Stacey Brosseau, James & Jolene Brossart, Marsha Brown, Abby Brown, Christopher Brown, DL & JM Brown, Jade Brown, Josh Brown, Karen Brown, Lanea Brown, Linda Brown, Merrilee & Randy Brown, Sally Brown, Richard Brudvik, Brett Bruhn, Sheila Brummond, Rich & Brenda Brutger, Eric & Kiersten Bry, Rita Bryan, Joe and Rebecca Bryant, Elizabeth Beach Buchholz, Emmy Buchholz, Jodi Buck, Dennis & Carol Buckley, Jennie Bugliosi, Jeff Bundlie, Margaret Burchholz, Jodi Burchill, Heather & Justin

THIS LIST REPRESENTS THE DONORS WHO GAVE IN THE CALENDAR YEAR OF 2021 AND BEFORE. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST BUT SHOULD BE, PLEASE LET US KNOW. IT WAS NOT OUR INTENTION TO LEAVE ANYONE OFF THE LIST. ALL DONORS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US. Burchill, Nancy Burckhard, Bob Burckhard, James Burd, Burfening, Colleen Burgess, Kellie Burian, Steve & Barbara Burkett, Brian Brulog, Wayne Burris, Donna Burris, LuAnn Burrows, Tim Burtness, Michael Bushaw, Don T. Bushaw, Maxine Bushaw, Theresa Bushy, Timothy Butcher, Barbara Butler, Karen Butler, Linda Bye, Heidi & Robert Byers, Norman Byron, Eugene & Meredith Byzewski, Douglas Byzewski, Leah Cadreau, Jessica Callaghan, John Callahan, Rhonda Camberlingo, Michael Camburn, Neal Cameron, B.R. Cameron, Donald Campbell, Larissa Campbell, Priscilla Camrud, Madelyn Canton, Paul Caoili, Dr. Henri Rommel & Analiza Capps, Martha Cariveau, Bruce Carlisle, Nan E Carlson, Elaine Carlson, Judy Carlson, Kari Carlson, Kenneth & Barbara Carlson, LeeAnn Carlson, Pam Carney, Bernadine Carolin Family, Corollo, Melissa Carpenter, Charles Carpenter, Ron Carr, Kara Carroll, Brad & Amy Carroll, Jeanene Carson, Sharon Carter, Pat & Scott Cassanelli Family, Caulfield, Bob & Danelle Cebula, Krista Cellmer-Bushy, Christy Chaffee, Brad & Brandy Chan, Paul Chandler, Julie Chandler, Charlesworth, James & Robbyn Charrier, RC Chase, Bill Chase, Bill & Laurie Chebaclo, Mohamed & Lama Chevrolet, Team

Chidester, Devin Chine, Joe Chine, Nicole Chine, Nol Christenson, Charles Christensen, Scott Christian, Sandy Christian, Tim Christianson, Kyle & Kati Christopherson, Debra & Dale Chromy, J.R. Chu, Tony Clark, P. R. & T. A. B. Clauson, Chris Clayburgh, Beverly Clayburgh, Robert Clayburgh, DDS, John Cleary, Bev Clemenson, James & Rosalie Clement, Catherine Cleveland, Corey Clinton, Brent Close, Chad & Jessie Clow, Jane Coauette, Shirley Cochran, Timothy Cooley, Marvin Cofer, Kelly Coleman, Michael & Mary Collings, Matthew Combs, Gerald & Barbara Commers, Kristi Compton, Cres Condit, Jason Coney, Robert Dale Conley, Dee Connell, Jared Conrad, Danielle Contreras, Nicole Cook, John & Agnes Cook, Kristin & Dennis Cooley, Chad Cooley, Marvin Costello, Brad & Kathy Cote, Pamela Cox, Linda Coye, Ryan Crafton, Mary & Fred Crary, Joe & Mary Crary, Tim & Sandy Crawford, Patricia Crawford, Virginia Cull, Robert & Edythe Cultice, Terry & Jo Cumber, Wayne Curran, Clarence & Jeanette Curtin, Tim Cutler, Czapiewski, Duane Czapiewski, John F Dahl, Brian Dahl, Caitlin Dahl, Jay Dahl, Mark Dahl, Preston & Jeanmarie Dahlen, Jill Dahlstrom, David Dalglish, James Dalglish, Jim & Joanne Damle, Jayant & Rohinee

Danielski, Michael Danielson, Bernard Danner, Barbara Danner, Neil & Kami David, Robin Davis, Brenda Daucsavage, Kathleen Dawes, Emily De Angel, Robert M. Dean, Marilyn DeBeltz, Don & Marian DeBeltz, John & Jackie Decker, Mark & Brenda Decker, Shawnn Deem, Jeffrey Deere, Elisabeth Degerstrom, Sean and Amy Dekowski, Ronald Delohery Family, DeMaster, Helen Dennison, Colleen Dennison, Kristine Denny, Duane & Lil Desmarais, Cheri & Fred Detienne, Chad & Shauna Detke, Kathy Devlin, Travis & Christina DeVold, Carol Diederich, Doug & Elisa Diep, Julie & Binh Dietrich, Mary Dietrich, Wayne Dilley, Deborah & Joel Dittus, Timothy Ditullio, James Dixon, Roger & Patricia Dobbs, Cindy Dobmeier, Michael Dobrovolny, Sarah Dobson, Ardell Dodson, Jodi Doescher, Virginia Dols, Katherine Dorner, John Dorner, Jon Dorsher, Mike Dorsher, Patty Driscoll, Duane & Deborah Driscoll, Linda Driscoll, Thomas & Gloria Dryburgh, Tom Duckstad, Darla Dudgeon, Michelle Dufault, Jane & Jerome Duffy, Randal & Jenny Dullum, Terry & Ginny Dunkel, Jim & Sharon Durrani, Robina Dusek, DuWayne & Alanna Dusek, Terrie Dusterhoft, Scott Dvorak, Donald Dvorak, Terry Dvorak, Marlene Dvorak, Scott & Julie Dvorak, Tara Dymowski, Terry Eagleson, Nancy Eagleson, Ward & Mary Eaton, Sandra

Eckes, Linda Edman, Edwards, Tom & Jackie Effhauser, Travis Egeland, Eggebraaten, Bev Eggers, Elizabeth Egstad, Ludvig & Elsie Egstad, Terry Eickhof, John Eickhof, Kurt Eickman, Jeff & Dawn Eickman, Larry & Janet Eide, Allen & Carole Eide, Allen Eider, Alice Eider, Jackie Einarson, Mylo Ekberg, Darell Ekren, Jay Elbert, Dennis & Dora Elden, Helen Elsenberg, Daniel Emineth, Russell & Michelle Emrick, Leigh Endres, Mike & Peggy Endres, Nancy Endres, Shawn & Jackie Engel, Crystal Engelman, Jerald & Linda Engelstad, Betty Enright, Nancy Ensrud, Joseph Erikson, Alan Erickson, Brenda Erickson, Jim Erickson, Dennis Erickson, Scot & Tricia Eriksmoen, Nathan Espegard, Duaine & Phyllis Evans, Eugene Evans, Joyce Evavold, Darren & Monica Evenson, Donald Evenson, Joan Evenson, Ruth Evenstad, Douglas Evers, Richard Fagerholt, James Fagerholt, Jim & Jamie Faller, Mike & Kelly Farlow, Sarah Farmato, Maxine Farmer, Barbara Fasbender, Jim & Clarisse (Reesie) Feeley, Cathi Feland, Todd Feist, Dennis Feller, Chris & Mary Fennell, Lorianne & Colin Ferguson, Daryell Ferraro, F Richard Ferry, Bonnie Fetsch, Janice Fettig, Carol Field, Shanna Filipi, Leigh Finck, Jim Finzen, Rachel 18 Fischer, James


DONORS Fisk, Sue & Don Fitzner, R Jon Fjestad, Brian Flenner, Marlene Flickinger, Erica Folendorf, Walter Foertsch, Brittany Folendorf, William Foley, Daryl & Kelly Folson, Ann & Barry Folson, Craig Foltz, Julie Fontaine, David Fontes, Mary & Mathias Foose, Doug & Lynne Forest II, Bill Forness, Lloyd & Ramona Fortman, Karen Foss, Eleanor Foss, Matt & Tiffany Foss, Virgil Fosse, Bryan & Glenna Fosse, Carol & Doug Foster, Kevin Fournier, James Fowler, Eric Foy, Cathy Frasier, Michael Frasier, Robert Freese, Todd French, Dean & Michelle French, Patricia Fristad, Jim Fritel, Jerome Fruetel, Vicki Fuehrer, William Fugazzi, Mike & Heidi Fuglseth, Kevin Fuka, Rick Fulton, Jeremy & Kris Funk, Bryan & Debbie Gabrielsen, Tom & Margy Amy Gaddie, 1273 Russet Circle Gaddie, Shawn Gaetz, Marc Geatz, Tom Gage, Duane Gagnon, Timothy Galbreath, Sheri Gallagher, Karen Gambucci, Sergio & Eleanor Gander, Rosalynd Gangelhoff, Kathleen Garceau, Arthur Garceau, Dennis Garceau, Jon Garceau, Kenneth Garceau Jr, Hubert & Norma Garceau Sr, Myron Garcia, Mike Gardner, Jeremy Garrison, Patrick Gasparini, Andrew Gasparini, John Gates, Marian Gates, Moine & Sharon Gaul, Joanne Gavere, Tara Geatz, Marc Gengler, Brad

Geppert, Shelly Gershman, Hal & Kathleen Gerszewski, Alana & Raymond Gerszewski, Elizabeth Gerszewski, Eileen Gerszewski, Tammy & Wayne Gibb, Elizabeth Gibbs, Dusty & Arlyce Giesen, Shane Gilbert, Heather Gilbraith, Lynn Gilpatrick, Rhonda Giltner, Mary Gjellstad, Melissa Gjovig, Bruce Q. Gleason, Dick Glessner, Marci Glessner, Matthew & Mary Goebel, Patty Goetz, Carl Goetz, Duane & Patty Goetz, Tim Goldade, Vincent Gonitzke, Gary Gonsorowski, Glen Goodman, Bernice Goodman, Brian Goodman, Dan & Debra Goodman, Ron & Dana Gorder, Dean & Vicki Gordon, Vicki Gorman, Lisa Gornowicz, Vernon Gosselin, Jolene Gothberg Family Goulet, Marlys Grabanski, Karen Graham, Gary & Dawn Graham, Judd Grandall, Michael Grasser, Al & Cheryl Graupe, O.D. Gray, Barry & Jacqeline Gray, David E Gray, Garnett Gray, Gundy Gray, Irene Gray, Kristi Gray, Bryan Green, Danny Green, Karen Green, Rebecca Greenberg, Chris & Sonya Greenberg, Skip Greendahl, Kim Greenwood, George & Marian Gregie, Robert & Cheryl Gregoire, Robert Gregoire, Wayne & Marsha Gregory, Michael Greicar, Larry Greicer, Eunice Grenier, Arlene Griffin, Mary Griggs, Patricia Grijalva, James & Theresa Grimes, Ed & Bonnie Grinde, Brittany Grossbauer, Grove, Arthur

LINCOLN GOLF COURSE Grove, Bryan & Vicky Grove, Nancy Groven, James & Carol Grubb, David Gruenberg, Joshua Gruwell, Margo Gulberg, Tammy Gulbrandson, Amanda Gulbrandson, Chris Gunderson, Bradley Gunderson, George or Eileen Gunderson, Helen Gunderson, Marilyn & Jay Gunderson, John & Margaret Gunther, Dave & Jane Guntzburger, Mr. & Mrs. Marshal Guseman, David & Susan Gustafson, Dennis & Mary Gustafson, Harold & Ione Guttu, James Guttu, Morris Haabak, Jesse Haagenson, Jason Haagenson, Jason & Amy Haakenson, Julie Haas, Gary Haas, J A Hadland, Larry Hadlich, Mark & Nancy Hadlich, Robin Hafner, Duane Haga, Pete Hagen, Joyce Hagen, Marlene Hagen, Mike Hager, Delwyn & Jean Hager, Irene Hagert, David Hainey, Kari Hakstol, David & Erinn Hale, David Halgren, Cara Hall, Kenneth & Frances Hall, Mark & Julie Hallgren, Scott & Debbie Hallgren, Sheri Halstenson, Eric Halverson, Gregg Halvorson, Rita Halvorson, Todd Hammen, Linda Hancock, Donn & Doris Hand, Gail Haney, Drew & Paula Handy, Jon Hanley, Yvonne Hann, Ronald & Susan Hansen, Bobbi & Steve Hansen, Brady & Christiane Hansen, Bridgie Hansen, Dale Hansen, Darryl Hansen, Jim & Mary Dale Hansen, Marian Hanson, Brett Hanson, Dennis & Barbara Hanson, John & Mary Kay Hanson, Lois M Tweten Hanson, Mark Hanson, Melanie

Hanson, Robert Hanson, Todd & Brenda Hanson, Wes Hardy, Gail Haris Jr, Gary R Harlow, Arron & Mandy Harmon, Lorraine Harris, Gary & Hazel Harris Jr, Gary R Hartl, Jean Hartmann, Tom & Margy Hartsough, Brenda & Ross Hasbrouck, Scott Hass, Bradley Hastings, Dawn Hastings, Donna Hastings, Mark & Marilyn Hastings, MaryAnn Haug, Curtis & Kathy Haug, James Haug, Jonathan Haug, William Haugen, Jan Haugen, Ralph & Deane Hayes, Larry & Diana Heap, Dennis Heath, Chuck Hedlund, Michael Heen, Helen Heffern, Sandra Heffernan, Josh & Melissa Hegg, Kristie Heggerston, Inez Heher, Matt Heimark, Larry Hein, Marvin & Lois Heinle, Kristina Heintz, Jason & Dana Heisler, Meghan Hell, Steven Helland, Brian Helleloid, Duane Hellyer, George & Rachel Helmoski, Garlynn Helms, Barbara Hemming, Beth & Jeffrey Henderson, Chris Hendrickson, Renee Hennessy, Tim Henry, Gordon & Pat Herbeck, Donald Herbeck, Travis Herbst, Jami Herdegen, Donald J. Herlickson, Roger Hertel, Melbourne Hertz, Jacob & Peggy Hertz, Sandra Herzog, Larry & Yvonne Herzog, Paul & Tara Hetland, Allison Hettwer, Nancy Hewitt, Robert High, George Highland, Henrietta Hiles, Charles Hilde, Diane & Dale Hill, Steven M. & Deborah E. Hill, Sue Hill, Thomas & Kathleen

THIS LIST REPRESENTS THE DONORS WHO GAVE IN THE CALENDAR YEAR OF 2021 AND BEFORE. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST BUT SHOULD BE, PLEASE LET US KNOW. IT WAS NOT OUR INTENTION TO LEAVE ANYONE OFF THE LIST. ALL DONORS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US. Hillstrom, Robert & Karin Hinschberger, Julie & Justin Hintz, Brad & Terri Hirschmann, Delanie Hodgson, Emilia & Jody Hodgson, Linn Hodny, Bob Hoefs, Gary Hoekstra, John Hoeper, Kristie Hoeppner, Michael Hoes, Lindsay Hoff, Tamara Hoffarth, Jerry Hoffert, Rodger Hoffmann, Mark & Jan Hogan, Dennis & Shirley Hogenson, Claudette Hoistad, Stanley Holand, Dale Holdman, Scott Hollifield, Laureen Hollingshead, Marlene Holm, Mark & Kathy Holm, Jane Holt, Dave & Teri Holte, Amanda Holte, Harold Holte, Russel & Becky Holter, Marco Holum, Jill Holweger, Carol Holweger, Darrell Holwerda, Danny Honek, Rosemary Honl, Stef & Claudia Hoplin, Jeffrey or Lisa Horner, Clifford & Romona Horner, Gregory & Rebecca Horner, Richard & Dixie Honkola, Ralph Hoselton, H. George Hosler, Michael Hotchkiss, Crystal Houdek, Sherry Houn, Jerry Hoverson, Janet Hoverson, Lynne Hoverson, Robert Hovland, Bruce & Frances Hovland, Daryl Howard, Leslie & Patricia Howard, Roderick & Vickie Howard, Tarek & Tammy Howe, Sharon Hubbard, Richard & Lori Huewe, Robert Hughes, Patricia Hulett, Rebecca Humble, Elroy Humble, Mark Humble, Robert Humble, Susan Huot, Robert Hurley, John & Roxanne Huss, Rex Hutchison, Bill & Donna Huus, Suzan Hynek, Patrick & Andrea Ihry, Calvin & Leanna

Illerbrunn, Brad & Dana Ingwalson, Gail Inman, Kenneth & Linda Iseminger, Colette Iseminger, Gordon Iverson, A.M. Iverson, David Iverson, Donald Iverson, Gary Iverson, Jay Iverson, Kevin & Lenae Iverson, Paul Ivey, Ludivina Jack, Jamie & Sheryl Jackson, Dane & Carrie Jackson, Robert & Darlene Jackson, William Jacobi, Ellen Jacobson, Corinne Jacobson, Sandra Jahnke, Jill Janssen, Jarombek, Kathleen Jarmusz, D Jarvey, Trent Jelliff, Janice Jemtrud, Marvin & Lois Jeno, Susan & John Jensen, Arthur & Beverly Jensen, Dick Jensen, Doris Jensen, Martha Jensen, Scott Jenson, Janice Jenson, Mark & Tracy Jimenez, Amanda Johnson, Alicia Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Brian & Necole Johnson, Charles & Claudia Johnson, Chris Johnson, Chris & Melissa Johnson, Christina Johnson, Craig Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Diane Johnson, Donald Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Ginger Johnson, Irene Johnson, James & Shirley Johnson, Jan Johnson, Jeff & Ruth Ann Johnson, Joel & Lori Johnson, Judith Johnson, Justin Johnson, Keith Johnson, Larry Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Mandi Johnson, Marilee Johnson, Michael & Debra Johnson, Mike & Tori Johnson, Paula Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert A. & Judith Johnson, Sean & Tiffany Johnson, Shaun Johnson, Susan

Johnston, Jason Jones, Avery & Vicki Jordet, Kyle Joyce, Gerry & Mary Joyner, Nancy Juntunen, Cindy Juntunen, Michael Juntunen, Mike & Karen Kadlec, Dennis & Marian Kahlbaugh, EA&MM Kain, David Kalal, Joanne Kanta, Darcy Karlstad, Gary & Claire Karner, Frank & Joan Karpenko, Ali Kary Family, Kasitz, Kimberly Kassa, Chet & Amy Katrinak, Karen Kaufmann, Robert Kautz, Travis & Denelle Keenan, Gerry Keig, William & Kathy Keller, Chad Kemnitz, Anita & Brent Kemp, Adam Kendall Family, Keney, Missy Kennedy, Sandra Kennedy, Tracy Kennelly, Dana Kennelly, Jayne Kerr, Chantal Kerr, Sandra Kidwell, Julie Kiefat, Gary Kieffer, Christine Kieffer, Joan Keiffer Family, Kieffer, Rick & Kelly Kilber, Joani Kilgore, Kelly Kilichowski, Evelyn Kime, Suzanne King, Joyce & William King, Patrick & Patty Kingery, Muriel Kinney, Richard Kippley, Chelse Kirchoffner, Rob & Michelle Kirchoffner, Steven Kirek, Robert Kirkeby, Dean Kiss, Mike Kjellberg, Marlys Kjellberg, Rodney Kjos, Monte Klang, Kathryn Klatt, Alan & Nancy Klava, Karen Klawon, Gwen Klein, Richard Kleinschmidt, Mike & Jan Klevay, LM & Martha Kleven, Archie or Marlene Kleven, Jay & Miranda Kline, Daniel Klinicke, Hilary Klockstad, John & Patricia

Klug, Rodney Knauf, Diane Knauf, John Knaus, Renae Knecht, Joan & Tony Knight Foundation, John S. & James L. Knudson, Donn & Cathy Knudson, Jennifer & Eric Knudson, John & Jackie Knudson, Mathey James Knudsvig, Ardell & Sandy Knudsvig, Christi Knutson, Dennis Knutson, Estelle Knutson, John Knutson, Tanya Kobe, Paul & Marna Kobetsky, Joanne Kochevar, Ronald & Katherine Kohns, Donald Kolstoe, Kari & Paul Komprood, Matthew & Sarah Koons, Cynthia Koop, Wayne & Holly Kopp, Bruce Korman, Mike Korfhage, Mary Lou Korth, Laurie Kosior, Amanda Kostelic, Natalie Kotalik, Dorothy Kotalik, Dorothy & John Kotrba, Joseph Kouba, Cindi & Dwight Kouba, Kevin & Nancy Kovar, Joe & Jennifer Kowalski, Jacob Kowalski, Judith Kozojed, LaVonne Kraemer, Diane Kraft, Brian & Susan Kram, Wade Krenelka, Brent & Lynette Kresl, Bill Kresel, Mark & Gail Krewson, Anthony & Christie Kriewald, Joe Kroeber, Scott Krogstad, Jason Krone, Ashley Krueger, Laurie Kruger, Michael & Amy Kryzpko, Fran Kubat, Ales Kuenzel, Brandi & Darrin Kuether, Dr. Sharon Kuhl, William & Jeanne Kuhlman, Daniel & Marilyn Kuhn, Mark & Myra Kuhn, Peter & Eunice Kulbackl, Joseph & Janice Kuntz, James & Charlene Kuntz, Mariah Kuntz, Mike Kuntz, Richard Kuntz, Scott & Rochelle Kunz, Angela Kunz, Josh & Angie Kushner, Kathleen Kuznia, Pamela & Gary 20


DONORS Kvale, Paul Kvasager, Bill Kvasager, Marion Kvasager, Roger Kvidt, David & Pamela Kyllo, Sandra Labine, Paul & Shari Lacoli, Charles LaDoucer, Traci LaDouceur, Greg & Traci LaDue, Stephanie LaDuke, John & Barb Laffen, Lonnie & Pam Laidlaw, Michele Lamb, Betty Jane Lambeth, David Lambie, John & Doris Lambrecht, Mark LaMoine, Constance LaMoine, Mike & Jill Lamoureux, Pierre & Linda Lamp, Jeff & Jennifer Lancaster, Jeff & Susie Landa, Lori Lander, Cathy Lander, Chris & Cindy Lander, Kathleen Lander, Robert Lander, Thomas D & Karen Lange, Kevin Langei, Chris Langemo, Mark & Diane Langton, Kathy Langton, Ken Lansing, Lorrie Larsen, Donald Larson, Allan Larson, Darrell E Larson, Dawn & Scott Larson, Dennis Larson, Glenn Larson, Jan Larson, John C Larson, Mary Ellen Larson, Omer & Pat Larson, Stacey & William Larson, Tammy Larson, Van & Dee Lauer, Leon Laughlin, Matthew & Sabina Lautenschlager, Eugene Lavalee, Lori LaVergne, Suzanne Lawson, Cheryl Lawson-Body, Assion Lebacken, Carrol or Isabel LeBlanc, Mariah LeClerc, Collette Leddige, Michele Lee, Darryl & Faye Lee, Marland & Noreen Lee, Don & Connie Lee, Jan & Bill Lee, Brittany Lee, Hyley, Jeong & Joseph Lee, Ilene Lee, Jodie Lee, Lynn Lee, M Lee, Paula

Leedahl, Glenna Legg, Elaine Legvold, Richard & Kathy Lehn Family, Leichter, Carey Leigh, Marjorie Leland, Edward Lembke, Dwight Lembke, Ray & Joan Lembke, William & Wanda Lenoir, Blaine & Heather Leone, Emmy & Carman Lessard, James & Betty Lewandowski, Kate Lewis, Donna Lian, Kara Lian, Steven & Anne Lien, Bruce Lietz, Emberly lilleboe, Tim Lillehaugen, Ronica Lima, Margaret Lima, Scott Lindemoen, Dennis Linderman, Paul W. Lindgren, Linda Lindgren, Ervin & Dianne Lindgren, Scott & Mary Ann Lindsay, Karen Lindsay, J.M. Lindseth, Paul & Glenda Ling, Brenda Litzinger, Bernard Litzinger, David Litzinger, George Litzinger, Gerald & Faye Litzinger, James Litzinger, Joseph Litzinger, Paul Litzinger, Richard Litzinger, Tim & Jennifer Lloyd, Lisa & Brent Loff, Carmen Loff, Kathy Loeffler, June Loiland, Cheryl Loiland, Jon & Sharon Loiland Family, Loken, Merlen Lombardi, Louis Longmuir, Kathleen LookingElk, Tony Lord, Stacy Loscheider, Don Lotysz, Greg & Heather Lovelace, Kent Lowe, Jerome W Loyland, Mary Loyland Family, Lucas, Randy Ludtke, David Luhning, Joni Luk, Wai-Cheun Lund, Monty Lund, Sue Ann Lund, Vicki Lundberg, Marilyn Lunde, Richard & Barbara Lunde, Thelma Lundeby, Jared

YOUTH SOFTBALL APOLLO SPORTS COMPLEX Lundeby, T & S Lunder, Larry & Brenda Lunski, Roxanne Lunski, Wendy Lurwig, Nancy & David Lykken, William Lynnes, Roxanne Lyons, John Maattala, Shelly Mach, Arlene Machart, Lowell & Lora Machart, Renee Maddock, Patrick Madsen, Lois Magill, Randy Magnuson, Diane Magnuson -Nelson, Kristi Magnusson, Mahlum, Miranda Mahoney, Kathryn Mahowald, Heather Maides, Fred & Shirley Maier, Karen Maier, Melanie Maki, Jesse Makowsky, Charles Mallipaddi, Pramod Mangino, Michael Manis, Nona Mann, Dale & Becky Mann, William Mastre, Linda Marden, Phyllis Marion, Kehley Markovich, Paul & Lisa Markovich, William & Stephanie Marshall, John & Sharon Marshall, Shawn Marshall, William & Diane Martin, Ellis & Evelyn Martin, Shanna Martin, Theresa Martin, Martineck, Amy Martini, Jim Martinson, Dan & Mary Martinson, David Martinson, Judy & Wendell Marto, Emily Marto, Jan Marto, Priscilla Martsolf, John T. Mason, Ann Mason, Daxon Massari, Maszk, Dave Mateen, Patricia Matejcek, Frank & Lucille Mathisen, Gary Matthew, Elaine Mattson, Eugene Mattson, Ken & Julie Maurer, Lori & Mark Maus, Andrea Maxson, BJ & Audrey Mayers, Deb & Dan Mayhair, Roland McCann, David & Laura McCullough, Paul 21McDermott, Margaret

McDermott, Sheila McDonald, Elaine McDonald, Heidi McDonald, James & Jane McDonald, James, Sonya, Peter, & Chris McDonald, Jeff McEnroe, Michael & Joni McIntyre, Gerald & Karen McFarlane, Richard & Rebecca McGarry, Janelle McGregor, Marilyn McGuigan, Dan & Faye McGurk, Patricia McGurran, Delanine McGurran, John M McHenry, Nicole McIntyre, Kathleen McLean, Cindy McLean, McLoud, Kelly McMenamy, Marybeth McQuillan, Toni McSparron, Kristi McWilliams, Elizabeth Meadows, Luther Meagher, Norval Meagher, Albert Medd, Joel & Amy Medd, Margaret Medley, Rachel Mejia, Santiago Meier, Karen Meier, Marvin & Del Rae Melgaard, Jeff Melgaard, Jeff & Gina Melhus, Gregory Melland, Cory & Kari Merritt, Pat Mertz, Nell Messmer, Marc Metcalf, Mary Metzger, Jerry & Diane Meyer Family, Meyer, Sandra Mickelson, Allen & Susan Midgarden, Kathy Miedema, Missy Mikkelsen, Merle & Kaye Mikkelson, Dan & Jolene Mikkelson, Michael Miller, Darlene Miller, Kim & Mark Miller, Michael & Linda Miller, Stephen Miller, Thomas & Sandra Millette, Keith Millmier, John & Linda Millspaugh, Mike Mindeman, Rebecca Miranowski, Duaine & Sandra Miskavige, Harry & Jewell Miskavige, Jeremy & Sally Miskavige, Jessica Mitchell, Gary & Jackie Mitzel, Todd & Elizabeth Mock, Corey Modeen, Nathan Moe, Carol & Osmund Moen, Corey Jay Mohn, John & Kathy

THIS LIST REPRESENTS THE DONORS WHO GAVE IN THE CALENDAR YEAR OF 2021 AND BEFORE. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST BUT SHOULD BE, PLEASE LET US KNOW. IT WAS NOT OUR INTENTION TO LEAVE ANYONE OFF THE LIST. ALL DONORS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US. Molmen, Dave & Karen Molstad, Drew & Meghan Monette, Craig Monson, Roger & Kathy Monson, Ryan Mont, Richard Montgomery, LaVonne & Robert Montgomery, Robert & Lynette Montgomery, Thomas or Michelle Moody, B.R. & S.J. Moore, Cheryl Moore, Lanny Moore, Roxanne & Pat Moore, Stewart & Lois Moore, Walter & Joann Moreland, Kenneth & Pamela Mork, Kevin Mork, Kevin Morken, Carl & Penny Morken, Dawnn Morley, Mike & Meg Morrow, Erin Moser, Sharon Moser, Steve Moser, William & Jean Muir, Jacinda Mullally, Stephen Mullen, Heather Mulroy, Dan Mulvaney, Sandra Mundell, Donna Munski Family, Munson, Merlin & Ruby Musich, Monica Muus, Beverly Muus Family, Muus, Jodee & Dan Muus, John & Deb Muus, John & Joann Meyer, Walter Myerchin, Gordon & Karen Myers, Joseph Myers, Rick Myrold, Erik Myrum, Emily Myrum, Luke & Emily Naastad, Mark Nadeau, Clement Nakonechny Family, Nathan, Andrew Needham, Elizabeth Nefs, Joyce Nelson, Amber Nelson, Duane & Lila Jane Nelson, Bart & Traci Nelson, Bruce & Kari Nelson, David & Connie Nelson, Deb & Greg Nelson, Dick Nelson, Doris Nelson, Elaine & John Nelson, Eric Nelson, Greg Nelson, Jill & John Nelson, Jim Nelson, John & Elaine Nelson, Larry Nelson, Lyle Nelson, Marilyn Nelson, Nancy

Nelson, Nicole Nelson, Paul & Julie Nelson, Richard and Diane Nelson, Thad & Lori Nelson, Wade & Joann Nelson - Beauchamp, Lisa Nerby, Dan & Bonnie Ness, Ronald Neuerburg, Shane Newark, Marge Newland, Bruce Newmann, Laura Neznik, Bradley & Jennifer Nicholas, Amanda Nickels, Christine Nielsen, Diane Nielsen, Marc & Wendy Nikle, Tim & Kerry Niemeyer, Elaine Nipstad, Allan & Bonnie Nistler Family, Nohner, Kari Nolte, Jerry & Marlene Nolte, Nomland, Andy Norby, Jeff & Michelle Norby, Sandra & Douglas Norcross, Kathy & Joe Nord, Angie & John Nord, Helen Nord, James & Melody Nord, Melody Nord, Ruth Nord, Susan & Bruce Nordmark, Marcia Norkus, Jeffrey Norman, Joseph Norman, Patti Kay Norman, Virginia Normandin, David & Jean Nottestad, Mike & Sheila Novak, Vera Nuveen, Elizabeth nuveen, Nyberg, John Nyberg, Nate Nyberg, Nybladh, Larry & Karen Nyhlen, Bruce and Cheryl Noyes, Amanda Nystrom, Clifford & Phyllis Oakland, Jennifer O’Brien, Mary Odegaard, Dan & Lana Ohlheiser, Ken Okeefe, William & Heather O’Keefe, Bill & Heather O’Keefe, Mike & Cindy O’Keefe, Tim & Becky Okerlund, John Tyler Olderbak, Michelle O’Leary, Mary Olien, Nancy Olimb, Carol Oliver, Isabella Olshlager, Linda & Duane Olson, Catherine Olson, Darrel & Phyllis Olson, Edwin & Bette Olson, Gary

Olson, Gordon Olson, Harvey & Arlene Olson, Jane Olson, Myles & Janice Olson, Robert Olson, Milton Olson, Todd Olson, Dr. William Olson, Trent & William Olson, Omdahl, Lloyd & Ruth Omlid, Jon Oncken, Joan & John O’Leary, Nicki O’Neil, Joseph O’Neil, Stephanie & Terry Opatril, Mike Opdahl, Sharon Opp, A.T. and H.M. Opp, Greg & Susan Opp, Mike Opsahl, Matt & Wendy Orr, Michael & Teresa O’Shaughnessy, Michael O’Shea, Osman Ali, Syed Ososki, Dale Ososki, Richard Osowski, Denise Page, Kathleen E. Palmer, Alan & Peggy Palmiscno, Bill & Pauly Palmiscno, Cheryl & Todd Palmiscno, Matthew Pankonin, Lawrence Panzarella, Rosa Panzer, Gordon & Cindy Panzer, James Panzer, Jay & Lisa Panzer, Mr. & Mrs. Emil Parker, Darlene & Eric Parkinson, Ali & Chad Parrish, Cassie Gerhardt & Brad Parvey, Melanie Pasch, Brian Pasch, Glenn Paschke, Carolyn Pasley, Tim Passa, Debra & Arthur Patnaude, Sheryl Pastir, Russ & Kim Paukert, David Paukert, Judi Paukert, Mary Paukert, Terry & Judy Pauley-Colter, Brenda Paulson, Kenneth & Arlene Paulson, Laura Jane Paulson, Mark & Trish Paulson, Rolf & Linda Paulsrud, Sandra Paupst, Bertha Pazderic, Dennis & Peggy Pedersen, Melvin & Lila Penas, Harold & Debra Penland, Christine Penn, Linda Peppard, Jean Peratt, Eric Perdue, William & Linda

Perez, Bobby Perkins, Betsy Pesch, Heather Peterka, Joseph & Juanita Peters, William Petersen, Troy & Jackie Peterson, Allison Peterson, Blaine Peterson, Doug & Patti Peterson, Jeff Peterson, Larry Peterson, Lois Peterson, Marlene Peterson, Ron & Jean Peterson, Shawn & Tammy Peterson, Stacie Peterson, Stephanie Peterson, Tammy Peterson, Tom & Kirsten Peterson, Vernon & Lois Peterson, Willis Pettit, Ross & Donna Phelps, Steve Phillips, Arnold Phillips, Bryan & Jennifer Philpot Family, Pickard, Denny & Nancy Piepkorn, Clark Pierce, Dave & Karen Pierce Family Pilon, Daniel Pineo, Chuck & Karmel Pokrzyinski, Mike Polum, Brent Polum, Brent & Nikki Pond, Rita Sue Potter, Jeff & Lori Potulny, Jay & Elizabeth Poykko, W Brian & Susan Preston, Duane Pribula, Peggy Prochko, Pullen, Norma Puppe, Barb Purcell, Patrick & Kristin Purpur, Clifford & Betty Purpur, Steve & Doreen Putbrese, David Pyle, Patricia Qjovic, Bruce Quaday, Steven Quinn, Meredith Quinn, Susan Radi, Dorothy & Wallace Radke, Samual Rakoczy, Rachel Ramage, Todd Rami, Randall, Harold Rasmusson, Aric Rath, Brian & Emilie Rathbone, David & Val Rausch, Cherae Ravndalen, Merlin Raymond, Art & Rose Marie Raymond, Jon & Laura Rebsch, Allan Reddig, Lee & Marsha Regimbal, Janell & Jeff 22 Register, Evelyn


DONORS Register, Snookie & Winston Rehn, Tim Reierson, Lee and Diane Reis, Sharon Reitmeier, Keith & Arlys Reller, Joel & Tristi Remer, Donna Rerick, Mark Reuter, Neil & Colleen Reynolds, Andrea & Shane Rheaume, Craig Rice, Mark & Cindy Rice, Pete Rice, Scott & Debbie Richardson, John Richardson, Melanie Richardson, MD, Rita Richmond, Blanca Rick, Christopher Ricord, Barbara & Gary Rieber, Dan & Lori Riedlinger, Galen & Betty Riedlinger, Stephen & Pam Rieger, Bill Ries, Lindsay Riley, James Ring, James Ring, Kenneth & Linda Riopelle, Tim & Karen Rios, Sandy & Mark Ripley, Sadie Riske, Butch & Julie Riskey, Randy Riskey, Renee Ritterman, Kevin & Courtney Rivard, Judith & William Riviere, Hillary & Benjamin Roberts, Don Roberts, Margo Roberts, Richard Robertson - Skelly, Becky Robinette, Paul & Mary Robinson, Dave Roch, Lawrence Roche, Dave & Lynne Roche, Marjorie Rodgers, Wally Roed, Jamie & Rhonda Rodacker, Jeanne Roehrick, Shelly Roesler, Jeremy Rogalla, Davie Rogers, John C. Roggenbuck, POA, Sister Elaine Marie Rollefstad, Lisa Roller, William & Cheryl Romanoski, Randy & Rita Ronkowski, Mary Rood, Douglas Rood, Michael Rood, Steve & Chris Roscoe, Rikki Rosendahl, Brenda & Tom Rosenkranz, Douglas & Jana Ross, Steve & Kathy Rost, Robert Rotvold, Joel Roufs, Diane Rouse, Harris O. Rovelstad, Homer & Phyllis

Rowe, Blake Rowe, Dorothy Rowe, Neil or Cleo Rowe, Wayne Rozeveld, Joanne Rubin, Mark Rude, Karina & Dustin Ruder, Deborah Ruliffson, Kim Runyan, Doug Runyan, Myrna & Douglas Rupp, Pamela Rusling, Stacy Russell, Darrell & Yvonne Russell, Pamela Rustad, Kimberly & Jeffrey Rustvang, Daniel Ryan, Dr. Casey & Beverly Ryan, Jerry & Karen Ryan, Joanie & Tom Ryan, Pat & Nancy Ryan, Peter & Paula Rydell, Brian & Selmara Rydell, Jim & Ardy Rydell, Vivian Sadler, Barney Sadler, Rex Saddler, Tom & Jackie Sagstuen, Gary & Lynette Salber, Samantha Salberg, Gaylen Salgado, Angel Salquist, Paul & Tanya Salquist, Paul Sampson, Carlyn Sampson, Dan & Kate Samson, Sherry Sandburg, Carol Sandburg, Curtis & Ione Sand, Mary Sande, Ann Sande, Dana & Meggen Sanden, Jeanette Sander, Dale & Diane Sando, Raymond Sandwick, Aileen Sanford, Mark & Gloria Sang, Joyce Sansburn, Scott Santangelo, John Santangelo, Paul Sargent, Edna Sargent Seydel, Dawn Satrom, James Sattler, George C Sattler, Randy & Wini Sattler, Tim & Sherre Saurdiff, Paul & Julie Savage, Cindy Saylor, Jessi Sayles, Brian Schaefer, Daniel & Lois Schaefer, Gregg & Susie Schaefer, Jacqueline & Todd Schaefer, Jeffrey Schaefer, Iva Schaefer, Michael & Paulette Schaefer, Sherrie & Daniel Schaefer, Todd Schauer, Aaron

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