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This is what your looks like... JEWISH FEDERATION OF BROWARD COUNTY 2017-2018 GRANTS

Our purpose is to “Enrich Jewish Lives Everywhere�. We do this by supporting programs that Embrace those with Special Needs, Foster Jewish Identity, Support Israel and Overseas Jewish communities and Care for the Elderly and those with Dire Needs. Strategic Funding leverages our collaborative human and financial resources to create maximum impact. By combining the revenue streams from the Campaign, Designated Funds and the Jewish Community Foundation's Unrestricted Funds, Restricted Special Purpose Funds, ACE and LOJ Endowments and Philanthropic Funds, over $10.3 Million will be distributed during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.




Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) | $674,000 Supports programs in Israel and in more than 75 countries around the world through our overseas partners American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and World ORT. NESHER, ISRAEL Nesher Partnership -$92,000 Our Federation has fostered a partnership with the city of Nesher through Partnership2Gether (P2G) for more than 10 years - creating a living bridge between Israel and Broward County. A Helping Hand to the Seniors in Nesher - $13,000 This program works to improve mobility and quality of life for seniors in Nesher, by lending them wheelchairs, walkers, canes, hand-grips and other needed items at no cost. Shairut Leumi for Partnership (Nesher) - $6,804 Shairut Leumi is a national alternative service for those who are unable to serve in the IDF. Our funds allow Nesher to have a Shairut Leumi volunteer in Nesher 5 days a week to help with the partnership program activities, marketing and logistics, providing them with experiences that will help them gain future employment. Nesher Paths to Parenting - $13,200 Paths to Parenting provides multi-disciplinary treatment for at-risk youth and their families, including individual, group and family therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in our Partnership2Gether (P2G) community in Israel, Nesher. Youth At-Risk - $20,000 This program pairs Technion and Haifa University students with at-risk teens in Nesher, for mentorship, assistance with schoolwork, and guidance and support that encourages the teens to remain in school through graduation and join the IDF. Sandwiches for Kids | Leket Israel - $15,000 This program provides nutritious sandwiches to disadvantaged children in our partner city, Nesher, during the school day. SUPPORTING SOLDIERS Warm A Soldier’s Heart - $6,250 Provides Nesher teens with backpacks filled with necessary equipment for their IDF service upon high school graduation. Aliyah Next Generation: Pre-IDF Support for New Immigrant Lone Soldiers from France and Former Soviet Union | JAFI - $25,000 Guidance and support is provided to young olim (18-30), arriving without family, from the former Soviet Union and France, to help them adjust to their new lives in Israel and prepare for the IDF. Alma: Pre-Army Academy for Female Leadership - $20,000 Alma Pre-Army Academy, is a 6 month program, giving young Israeli women from socially and economically marginalized communities tools, skills, and networks needed to succeed in Israeli society as empowered women and active citizens. Yasher LaChayal - Warm Corner Project - $20,000 Our funds assist impoverished families of Israeli soldiers by providing food packages, supermarket credit, electric appliances and basic necessities. IDF/ELI Partnership: Working with Sexually Abused Soldiers - $24,000 Eli provides high quality therapy to IDF soldiers who have been sexually abused. ELI prepares and accompanies the victims through the criminal process when necessary and trains officers to identify and prevent abuse in the IDF.

We strive to support the State and people of Israel and connect our communities, renew Jewish life around the globe and provide relief for Jews in at-risk communities. Dental Volunteers for Israel - $10,600 Volunteer dentists from 20 countries provide state-of-the-art dental care FREE of charge to Jerusalem’s neediest families and families of IDF soldiers. IMPROVING LIFE IN ISRAEL Choosing Tomorrow – La’ad - $21,000 Provides companionship and assistance to Holocaust survivors in Beer Sheva and Ashdod, by pairing them with trained university students through programming and recreational activities. Resilience Program for the Elderly - $30,000 This center, which will be open 3 days a week, is being established to serve the elderly in the Eshkol region - an isolated area near the Gaza border, which has been exposed to long periods of constant missile fire. The center offers programs to help the seniors deal with the stress of the situation, reduce isolation, and assist with memory improvement. Nutritional Security for Local Vulnerable Populations: Nourishment for the Body, Mind & Soul - $10,000 Be'er-Sova provides a daily fresh meal to needy residents in Southern Israel, delivers food packages to needy families, provides food to elderly centers and after school programs and hosts employment workshops. Employment on the Horizon – Vocational Training Program for Youngsters with Blindness and Visual Impairment - $13,250 This program provides vocational training and summer work experiences in Israel for blind and visually impaired teens, ages 14-16, preparing them for future employment. Musical Dreams for Blind and Visually Impaired Children - $15,000 Provides weekly music lessons for blind children (ages 6-18) in Israel enhancing their sensory, emotional and social development, and provides workshops for music teachers to help them learn the best methods for instructing blind children. Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP) - $16,520 This program prepares local teams of emergency responders - Broward medical professionals, firefighters and community members - to be trained and certified locally for emergency deployment to Israel in the event of a crisis. Ethiopian-Israeli Scholarship Program - $120,000 Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), offers disadvantaged Ethiopian students who have completed their IDF service to earn their degree. We support 12 students through their 3 years at IDC through this program. HELPING WORLD JEWRY Jewish Agency (JAFI) Summer Camp in Dnepropetrovsk - $15,000 This JAFI Jewish summer camp in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, promotes Jewish literacy through exploration of Jewish traditions and history, teaches about historical and contemporary Israel, Hebrew, Jewish identity and community. Crisis Support for the Jewish Community of Venezuela - $32,700 Venezuela's severe and protracted financial crisis has resulted in a scarcity of food, medicine, and other critical supplies. Through JDC, we are assisting those remaining Jewish community members at the greatest risk.


ELDERLY Cantor Daycare | Daniel D. Cantor Senior Center - $70,000 An Adult Day Care program providing a safe, secure and supportive full-day program, for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other challenges. The program allows family members to continue working and know that their loved one is cared for and receiving the appropriate mental stimulation. Community & Seniors Assistance | Goodman JFS - $465,000 This program provides case management and financial assistance to those who need it most in our Broward Jewish community. Daniel D. Cantor Senior Center - $60,000 This center offers participants 40 programs and activities each month, including lectures, discussions, daily exercise classes, card games, current event updates, movies and entertainment, along with a kosher meal. The center has 450 seniors participate each week. The Living Room Program | Daniel D. Cantor Senior Center - $ 20,000 This unique program, serves seniors who, due to diminishing abilities, are no longer able to thrive in a general senior center, but are not yet ready for daycare. Tailored to each participant's needs, this program offers songs, games, Jewish holiday celebrations, kosher food, companionship, and more. Living and Learning | Daniel D. Cantor Senior Center - $47,060 This new program makes Cantor Center programming more accessible by partnering with synagogues throughout Broward County, to offer some of the Center’s services and programs on-site at the synagogues. Caregiver Support | David Posnack JCC & Goodman JFS - $6,350 This bi-monthly program provides support for seniors who are caregivers for loved ones, bringing in a Mental Health professional who helps the caregivers by identifying resources and offering seminars, in collaboration with the David Posnack JCC. Relief for Caregivers | Impact Broward - $12,000 Utilizes volunteers to provide respite services, 4 hours per week, to caregivers who would otherwise find themselves “on duty” 24/7 caring for a senior family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other debilitating conditions. DIRE NEEDS Meals for Residential Center | JAFCO - $45,000 Our funds provide kosher meals for children ages of 6-21, living in JAFCO group homes, due to being removed from their families because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Nourish Now | Meals on Wheels - $75,000 Our funds pay to have meals delivered to Jewish seniors in Broward County while they are on the Meals on Wheels waiting list, so that they begin to receive meals immediately.

We strive to support and protect our aging and needy community by ensuring that their needs at all ages are met. The Cupboard - $5,000 This new food pantry will provide kosher food to the poorest members of our Broward Jewish Community, while simultaneously guiding them to other services and resources they can receive from Goodman JFS. WECARE Food Pantry- $45,000 This food pantry at the Soref JCC, provides food to individuals or families who are in desperate need. Last year WECARE provided 3,200 bags of free, non-perishable groceries, fruits and vegetables to members of our community, serving almost 10,000 people. The pantry also loans free medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers and canes. Behavioral Counseling | Goodman JFS - $55,000 This fund allows Broward children, adults, and families, who are struggling with mental health to receive high quality services. Services also include a Caregiver Support Group and a Bereavement Support Group. Kolot | Goodman JFS - $5,000 Kolot helps Jewish survivors of domestic abuse access critical resources, financial assistance, counseling and provides teen workshops to prevent future generations from experiencing abuse. Indigent Burial - $5,000 Our funds ensure that impoverished Jews with no family receive a Jewish burial. David Posnack JCC - Childcare & Camp Scholarships - $115,000 Our funds provide need based scholarships to attend the David Posnack JCC’s early childhood learning center and camp, providing quality services and Jewish culture, beliefs and traditions. Temple Beth Emet - Early Childhood & Camp Scholarships - $10,000 Our funds provide scholarship assistance for young children to attend daycare or camp at Temple Beth Emet. These scholarships foster connections between young Jewish families and the synagogue. Camp Scholarships | Goodman JFS - $15,000 Our funds provide financial assistance that allow financially challenged Jewish families to send their children to Jewish summer camp, allowing parents to work or seek out employment, while knowing their children are well cared for. Joint Scholarship Fund | Jewish Federation of Broward County - $10,000 Our funds provide assistance for young children to attend early childhood daycare at a variety of settings. Soref JCC – Camp - $ 23,500 Our funds go toward need based scholarships for children to attend Jewish day camp. Soref JCC's day camp provides a great camp experience for pre-school through 9th grade aged children and teens. Soref JCC – Preschool - $135,000 Our funds provide scholarships for families to have their children attend Soref JCC’s preschool, from 3 months to 5 years old. Synagogue Daycare Scholarships - $15,000 Our funds provide scholarship assistance for families to have their young children attend daycare at one of Broward County’s synagogue daycares, ensuring the children attend a day care and build connections between young Jewish families and our synagogues.


YOUTH GROUPS & MOVEMENTS B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) - $18,000 A pluralistic Jewish youth organization that strengthens Jewish identity, provides leadership training, offers teens the ability to engage in pro-Israel advocacy, and encourages teens to become engaged through philanthropy and community service. Our funding helps engage more post b'nai mitzvah aged students, while continuing to serve high-schoolers. Emtza | NCSY - $10,000 Emtza provides immersive experiences to Jewish middle school students to strengthen connections with Judaism and Israel. Jewish Student Union| NCSY - $25,000 Jewish Student Unions are Jewish cultural clubs located in public high schools to strengthen Jewish identity, connection to Israel and to our local Jewish community. Maccabi Tzair| David Posnack JCC - $22,000 This Jewish youth movement primarily serves Broward’s Latin youth ages 5 to 18. The movement focuses on Jewish identity, Zionism and leadership skills through educational and recreational activities, field trips, and Jewish holiday celebrations, and provides Spanish language programming for families. IMMERSIVE JEWISH EXPERIENCES Israel Experience Need Based Scholarship - $65,000 Need based scholarships for Jewish Broward County high school students to participate in 3-8 week long programs to Israel. March of the Living | Orloff CAJE - $57,200 For scholarships to enable Broward Jewish teens to participate in the March of the Living (MOTL). MOTL brings together 10,000+ Jewish teens from around the world to learn about the Holocaust and to commemorate Yom HaShoah in Poland, then travel to Israel to commemorate Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and to celebrate the birth of the Jewish State on Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day), while learning about the land and people of Israel. One Happy Camper | Orloff CAJE - $85,750 One Happy Camper provides need-based $1000 grants to Jewish families who send their children to a Jewish Camp for the first time, to encourage them to choose Jewish camps. Support of Day Schools – $250,000 Our funding supports scholarships and programming to strengthen educational offerings, at Jewish Day Schools in Broward County, including: Brauser Maimonides Academy, Posnack School, Hebrew Academy Community School of Margate, and Temple Beth Emet Day School. Orloff CAJE Center for Educational Excellence - $50,000 This center improves the quality of Jewish Education in our county, by providing professional development for Jewish educators, and assisting Jewish Educators with grants to participate in professional development opportunities.

We strive to assure that Jews of all ages can experience and explore their connection to Judaism and engage with our rich heritage. OUTREACH Hillel International - $20,000 Nearly 1 in 8 Jewish college students in the US attend school in Florida. Through Hillel International we support programs that strengthen Jewish identity on Florida campuses. We ensure that there is an infrastructure in place that will allow students to engage in Jewish community. Israel Awareness Month in Broward County | Hillel of Broward & Palm Beach - $5,000 This funding supports Israeli Awareness month on local college campuses, including educational, cultural, Shabbat and Israel advocacy programs. Israel Engagement Coordinator | Hillel of Broward & Palm Beach - $35,000 The Israel Engagement Coordinator’s role is to focus on recruitment and follow-up of Taglit-Birthright participants on local campuses, maximizing the long-term impact of the program in our community. Moishe House | Partnership with Jewish Federation of Broward County - $41,250 Designed to effectively engage Jewish young adults (ages 20-30), Moishe Houses (over 100 around the world) currently serve 50,000 unique individuals a year. Coming to Broward County this fall, Moishe Houses choose vibrant, involved Jewish young adults to live in the local Moishe House and host events and activities (including Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, social action projects, & group learning sessions) for Jewish young adults. Shishi | Israel American Council (IAC) - $7,500 The Shishi program builds connections between the Israeli-American community and Jewish-American community in Broward County, through joint community Shabbat dinners, serving 250 - 300 participants each. Building Inclusive Community | Orloff CAJE - $20,000 Orloff CAJE will be working with the Keshet Leadership Project to strengthen local agencies and synagogues' capacity to engage and attract LGBTQ community members. Wider Bridge - $15,000 Strengthens ties between South Florida's LGBTQ Jewish community and Israel, by bringing 5 Broward LGBTQ leaders on a LGBTQ Israel Mission, sponsoring local programming and connecting 1000 locals to Israel through an online magazine. Student Awareness Day | Holocaust Documentation & Education Center - $ 20,000 Student Awareness Day brings 1200 Broward County students together to hear from Holocaust Survivors, Liberators and other speakers to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and its relevance to their everyday lives. PJ LibraryŽ - $175,959 PJ Library brings books with Jewish themes to Jewish children aged 6 months through 11 years old. A portion of these funds provides programming that works alongside the books, offering families the opportunity to gather together for special events. Funding is included to ensure that there is not a wait list for new families to participate.


We strive to provide Jews with disabilities equal opportunities and education, which promotes learning, personal growth and inclusivity. Joshua’s Path | Goodman JFS - $89,000 Joshua's Path provides desperately needed information and referrals to help families access critical services and plan for the needs of their adult children with developmental, physical, or mental health special needs. Abilities Center | JAFCO - $10,000 A respite program for parents of children, up to age 22, with special needs, offering the children activities (with a variety of durations) that meet their developmental needs and teach life skills. Giborim U | David Posnack JCC - $30,000 This is a new year round program for children, teens and adults with special needs, providing courses in fitness, arts, sports, recreation, life skills and health and wellness. Our funds will focus on launching the life skills courses. Inclusionary Programs Funding - $10,000 This funding underwrites special events in Broward that bring together individuals with special needs and members of our community. Employment Programs for Broward Jewish Adults with Special Needs - $22,000 A planning grant to address this critical gap in services. Camp Giborim | David Posnack JCC - $40,000 An innovative summer camp for kids and young adults (ages 3-22) with a variety of special needs. Our funds provide need based scholarships. South Florida Jewish Academy - $37,500 South Florida Jewish Academy is a state-of the art facility that provides Jewish education for children with special needs in grades K – 12. Our funds provide need based scholarships. Kulam | Posnack School - $18,500 This program provides a tailor-made curriculum for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities with small classes and highly trained teachers. Reserve - $6,000 These funds are reserved for employment programs for those with special needs.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT | $6,733,000 Program Services (projected) - $2,889,000 The Jewish Federation of Broward County is about strengthening and enabling community. We do this through direct service programs such as Chai Care; through strategic impact centers where we plan for the needs of the community; with engagement programs and through assistance programs such as mortgage payments made on behalf of several agency related properties. Special Purpose Funds - $353,000 Our Federation is about sustainability and purpose. Several named endowment funds make disbursements to beneficiary agencies and impact programs in support of communal initiatives such as immersive Israel experiences, aging and special need services. Philanthropic Fund Disbursements (projected) - $1,500,000 The Jewish Community Foundation works with donors to be their Center for Philanthropy. Fund holders make recommendations to a host of valid charitable organizations - Jewish and secular, local and global. For more information on Philanthropic Funds, please contact Keith Goldmann at 954-660-2085 or kgoldmann@ Federation Management and Fundraising Services - $1,991,000 Our Federation allocates resources that provide planning for critical community services and assists in building a strong Jewish community for the future. Management services include property oversight, community security, planning, allocation oversight, leadership development, accounting and grant assistance. Fundraising services are all aspects of the Federation operations that go into raising funds.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT The Jewish Federation of Broward County serves our community in a number of additional ways. We provide 320 low income seniors with housing at our 3 senior housing facilities. We guarantee building loans for the Posnack School buildings. And through payment of the mortgage on the Davie Jewish Community Campus we provide the land on which the David Posnack JCC and the Posnack School are housed at no cost. Additionally, the Federation provided the land for the JAFCO Abilities Center. We engage in significant advocacy work at the State and National level, working publicly and behind the scenes to advocate for our community. As part of the Jewish Federations of North America, we are able to call on the resources of the entire Federation system on behalf of concerns to the Jewish community. Partnering with the United Way and the Community Foundation of Broward, we are currently hosting focus groups and actively exploring ways to improve services for our oldest community members. We are also among the very first to respond to various emergencies, such as hurricanes. We host important professional and communal networking events, offer training, and hold ongoing leadership development classes for upcoming leaders in our community. And we oversee the relationship between Broward and our sister city in Israel, Nesher, arranging visits, exchanges, and joint projects. And finally, we nurture relationships with foundations, corporations, philanthropic organizations, and individuals, to bring additional dollars into our community and to Broward’s Jewish Communal agencies.


One of the very first scholarships from the Jewish Federation of Broward County was awarded to Ariella Rado, who came to IDC Herzliya with the dream of becoming an ambassador one day. Ariella was born in Ethiopia and came to Israel as a young child. She is the first person in her family to complete high school, IDF service and university. In the IDF, Ariella obtained the rank of Commander. Ariella said, “One of the reasons that I chose to study diplomacy is because I have a strong, Zionist mother who believes in this holy country, even though she struggles so hard to live in it. Her beliefs influenced me to represent Israel and the Jewish community against the misguided perception of Israel.” And thanks to our help, Ariella recently accepted the post as a Deputy Ambassador for Israel in Lima, Peru.

enables us to fulfill our “Federation purpose of “enriching lives by connecting people,” in so many meaningful ways.

Scott Ehrlich Executive Director, David Posnack JCC


ALEXANDER MUSS HIGH SCHOOL IN ISRAEL (AMHSI) "AMHSI was the best thing I could have ever done. Little did I know the way this trip would impact me. I now feel a stronger connection to my heritage, the land of Israel, and the Jewish people. Everything I feel is because of my experience on AMHSI, the ability to have scenery as the backdrop for my classroom, learn things about my culture in ways I never knew before, and make friends that I know I'll have forever. AMHSI has also given me the courage to not just leave what I learned in Israel, but to have come home knowing that my Israel journey hasn't ended... AMHSI has strengthened my passion for Israel because I truly wouldn't know Israel’s history if it wasn't for attending the program." -Madison Steinman

Abigail is a 25 year old mother of two who came to Goodman Jewish Family Services (GJFS) after experiencing years of abuse. Abigail explained that when she married her husband everything was wonderful. He then began to abuse alcohol and physically abuse her. She contacted the police, obtained a restraining order and contacted GJFS to assist her. During her time with GJFS, she received financial and employment coaching. Abigail has also been involved in individual and group counseling. She has reported that she now has been able to alleviate her symptoms of depression and feels a sense of purpose and independence.


An 11th grade girl in Nesher suffered from a variety of emotional problems. She was unable to focus in school and was harming herself. After beginning to participate in the Youth At-Risk program she felt supported and learned how to channel her anger into positive places, like volunteering and learning.

“At Brauser Maimonides Academy, we are fortunate to benefit from tuition assistance funding through the Federation. As tuition becomes cost-prohibitive for many Jewish families, the Federation continues to help Jewish children access the gift of a Jewish education.

Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan, Head of School



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This is what your Impact looks like...  

Jewish Federation of Broward County's 2017-2018 Grants.

This is what your Impact looks like...  

Jewish Federation of Broward County's 2017-2018 Grants.