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Poster Creative Brief By Jessica Nanez



The objective of this poster is to create a poster promoting a social event, such as a theatrical, political, advertising, or cultural event, based on one of the historical periods covered in the lectures. I chose to illustrate a poster of the Statue of Liberty in an Art Nouveau Style.

I had a number of influential images of the Statue of Liberty. It was hard to choose one but I chose a close up of her face I felt it fit better in my design

Target Audience The target audience for this article is all ages primarily in the year 1886

Application This poster will be printed as a 24�x24� Poster Square

Typefaces The typefaces I chose were both Baskervald and Magnolia. I chose Bakervald for its clear read and Magnolia for its highkly stylized strokes imitating the floral patterns found in Art Nouveau pieces.



Process Sketches

Process Sketches


Statue of Liberty La Liberté éclairant le monde October 28, 1886

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