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gift certificates for Christmas?

Children are a Gift from GOD. Since the US Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling in January 1973, more than 50 million babies have been lost to abortion. These innocent little ones received no funeral or burial, yet their shortened lives are precious and they deserve to be remembered. Please join us Sunday, January 18th at Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square from 2:00-3:00 pm as we remember the lives of 50 million children lost to abortion, and call upon our nation and its leaders to give children the protection they deserve.



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Baby Ava Madeline is the daughter of Melissa and Greg Bennett, MD. She was born Dec. 6, 2008.



~Psalms 127

By Cindy Smith Planned Parenthood has outdone themselves, being the first U.S. clinic to offer 'abortion gift certificates' for Christmas. Betty Cockrum, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, said the program was started in response to the state's ailing economy. She said the giftcertificate program is the first of its kind by any of Planned Parenthood's clinics. Cockrum said the certificates, can be used for a wide range of health services on offer at their centers, but admitted abortion was among them. "They really are intended for preventative healthcare," she said."We decided not to put restrictions on the gift certificates so it's for whatever people feel they need the services for most." Pro-life groups in the state are appalled at the Christmas gift idea. "It's very typical of Planned Parenthood to pervert the meaning of Christmas, which is a time of life and selflessness and love and giving," said Katie Walker, a spokeswomen with the American Life League, a Catholic pro-life activist group. "I think the way to help family planning is to give the money where there's no agenda. So if somebody wants to help a woman at a time of crisis, they can support the life centers throughout Indiana," said Indiana Family Institute President Curt Smith, who also attacked the plan. Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest health providers in the US with over 800 clinics nationwide. Abortion is a highly charged issue in the US where an estimated one million murders of unborn babies is carried out each year, many of them through Planned Parenthood.



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Famous People who were NOT aborted A preacher and his wife are very, very poor. They already have 14 children. Now she finds that she’s pregnant with number 15. They’re living in tremendous poverty. Should one recommend an abortion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have resulted in the death of John Wesley. The father is ill with syphilis; the mother has tuberculosis. They have had four children. One child has died, one is blind, one deaf, and one has tuberculosis. The mother is pregnant. Should one recommend an abortion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have resulted in the death of Ludwig van Beethoven. A baby is born crippled and a dwarf. If that outcome had been predicted in advance, should one have recommended an abortion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have resulted in the death of Alexander Pope.

Sign the petition NOW against the Freedom of Choice Act at

A white man raped a 13-year-old black girl and impregnated her. Should one recommend an abortion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have resulted in the death of the gospel singer Ethel Waters. A poor teenage girl is pregnant and unmarried. Her soldier father disowns her and the child. She would name the child after the father and raise the child, while bearing the disgrace of illegitimacy. Should one recommend an abortion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have resulted in the death of Father Joseph Mohr, lyricist and co-composer of WHY DO YOU OPPOSE “Silent Night.” WHY DO YOU OPPOSE PARENTAL LAWS THAT A teenage girl is pregnant. She’s not marPARENTAL INVOLVEMENT INVOLVEMENT LAWS THAT ried. Her fiancé is not the natural father of PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE? PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE? the baby. Should one recommend an aborDear Senator Obama, tion? If the answer is “yes,” it would have Dear Senator Obama, A 14-year-old girl walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati, accompanied by her resulted in the death of our Lord and Savior A 14-year-old girl walked soccer coach, John Haller. He was 21 years old and had initiated sexual activity with the girl when into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati, accompanied by she was 13. Now that she was pregnant, Haller wanted her to have an abortion. Jesus Christ. her soccer coach, John Haller. He was 21 years old and had initiated sexual activity with the RatherNow than calling the parents required under Ohio law,Haller Planned Parenthood called the soccer girl when she was 13. that she aswas pregnant, wanted her to have an abortion. coach’s cell phone and failed to verify he was the parent. Rather than calling the parents as required under Ohio law, Planned Parenthood called the PLANNEDand PARENTHOOD A BLIND soccer coach’s cell phone failed TURNED to verify he EYE...AND was thePERFORMED parent. THE ABORTION!


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Afterward, they provided the girl with a bag of condoms and a Depo-Provera shot.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD BLIND EYE...AND PERFORMED THE ABORThirty-six states TURNED across the countryA require some form of parental notification or consent prior to an abortion involving a minor child. And these laws are supported by 80% of the American TION! people. In addition to the obvious reason that parents need to be involved when their child undergoes a medical procedure, these laws also protect young girls from sexual abuse. Research

Afterward, they provided the girl with a bag of condoms and a Depo-Provera shot. shows high percentages of teen pregnancies are fathered by adult men and a relationship Thirty-six states across country require some form of parental notification or consent betweenthe early teen sex and coercion. prior to an abortion SENATOR involving a minor child. And these laws are supported by 80% of the OBAMA, WHY DO YOU OPPOSE THESE PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT LAWS American people. InTHAT addition to the obvious reason that parents need to be involved when PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE? their child undergoes a medical procedure, these laws also protect young girls from sexual Despite Planned Parenthood’s actions, the parents of the Cincinnati teenager found out about abuse. Research shows high percentages of teen pregnancies are fathered by adult men and a her abortion and the sexual abuse perpetrated by her soccer coach. Eventually John Haller was relationship betweenconvicted earlyofteen sex ofand seven counts sexualcoercion. battery and served three years in prison. Senator Obama, the mainstream media refuses to ask you these questions, so we will:

The Intentional Life can be defined as deliberately and daily thinking and acting with the goal of solving problems, choosing wisely, strengthening relationships and growing in your faith in Christ. Every day, whether consciously or not, we’re making choices. Some choices, like which cereal we’ll eat for breakfast or what color socks to put on don’t seem to have paramount significance in the grand scheme of things. But other choices – like how close our walk with Jesus is, how we’ll respond to tough life circumstances, what values we’ll teach our kids, how we’ll relate to a spouse, or where we’ll invest our time and resources – these are choices that will have major consequences for both the present and the future. Like pebbles dropped in a pond, the effects of our significant life choices will have a ripple effect in the lives of those we’ve touched long after you’re gone. And how will our choices stack up in the light of Eternity? Will our choices advance the love and

witness of Christ – or set it back? We want to have confidence and clarity about our choices – from the thoughts we allow to inhabit our minds to the way we approach solving life’s problems. But too often, we struggle with confusion and muddy thinking. We get bogged down in mental, spiritual and emotional “clutter” that keeps us from living our best life in Christ. The Intentional Life is a practical way of living as God would have you live, designed to help you solve common problems you encounter in your personal and family relationships. It will help you make better decisions in every area of your life. But more than that, Intentional Living can empower you to move beyond mere problem solving to achieve your greatest hopes for the future. The Intentional Life is not a quest for perfection, but for personal and spiritual growth, and increased intimacy in your family and other significant relationships. Practiced daily, Intentional living will free you to live a better, more fulfilled life in Christ.


SENATOR OBAMA, WHY DO YOU OPPOSE THESE Why have you promised Planned Parenthood that the first piece of PARENTAL legislation you will signINVOLVEMENT LAWS THAT PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE? is the Freedom of Choice Act, a piece of abortion legislation which would eliminate ALL of the common-sense parental involvement laws across the country?

Despite Planned Parenthood’s actions, the parents of the Cincinnati teenager found out about Sincerely, her abortion and the sexual abuse perpetrated by her soccer coach. Eventually John Haller was convicted of seven counts of sexual battery and served three years in prison. Senator Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. Presidentmedia and CEO, Americans United forto Life Action Obama, the mainstream refuses ask you these questions, so we will: Why have you promised Planned Parenthood that the first piece of legislation you will sign is the Freedom of Choice Act, a piece of abortion legislation which would eliminate ALL of the common1413 K Street, NW, Suite 1000 310 S. Peoria Street, Suite 500 sense parental involvement laws across the country? Washington, DC 20005 Chicago, IL 60607 Visit for more information

Sincerely, Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. President and CEO, Americans United for Life Action


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What is the Prevention First Act? The Prevention First Act has several components, all of which would fund programs that are promoted by Planned Parenthood (PP) and would put millions more of our tax dollars into PP’s coffers. These components include: • Making Title X (family planning) a permanent program and funding it at $700 million or more. Since its inception in 1970, Title X of the Health and Human Services Act has always been a major funding source for PP. However, Title X is not a permanent program and must be reauthorized every year. Title X was funded at $300 million for fiscal year 2008. PP receives about 25 percent of the total or $75 million. Thus, the PFA would more than double the tax dollars given to PP ($175 million) by this one program. It would also make Title X a permanent program. • Mandating that health insurance programs that cover prescriptions must cover abortifacient contraceptives. There are several reasons why some insurance companies do not include birth control coverage in their policies. Chief among them is that many of their customers belong to religions that are opposed to birth control and do not want to be forced to pay for this coverage. The PFA would take away the ability of consumers and insurance companies to seek the coverage they want and would force every insurance plan that covers prescription drugs to pay for birth control. This is an outrageous intrusion into the religious beliefs of millions of Americans. • Creating a government program to push abortifacient “emergency contraception.” Selling emergency contraception is one of PP’s most lucrative activities. PP routinely purchases Plan B for $4.25 a kit and then sells it for $30 a kit, thus making a $25 profit on each one of the 1.5 million it sells each year. But still, PP is not content. The PFA would create a government-funded five-year “educational” program to promote emergency contraception and drive even more Plan B business to PP. • Taking all federal money away from any hospital that refuses to administer emergency contraception (an abortifacient), to rape victims. Many hospitals, doctors and pharmacists have problems dispensing emergency contraception because of its abortifacient nature. Indeed, in the above-listed educational program, PP wants the government to tell the public that emergency contraception works by “preventing ovulation, fertilization of an egg, or implantation of an egg in a uterus.” Yet, this section of the PFA demands that hospitals tell patients that “emergency contraception does not cause an abortion.” In addition, it would require that every hospital,

even Catholic, Baptist and others opposed to abortion for religious reasons, MUST provide patients with emergency contraception or lose all of their federal funding. • Creating additional massive government funding for PP-style sex education programs (abstinence-only programs are specifically excluded from funding). Under the subprogram named “At-Risk Communities Teen Pregnancy Prevention Act,” the PFA would create a program to conduct research and educational sessions for the purpose of reducing teen pregnancy. All kinds of organizations (e.g. Planned Parenthood) would receive taxpayer funds, and all kinds of theories and ways of preventing teen pregnancy could be researched and taught EXCEPT abstinence-only programs. The PFA specifically stipulates that “funds under this section are not intended for use by abstinence-only education programs. Abstinence-only education programs that receive federal funds through the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, the Administration for Children and Families, the Adolescent Family Life Program, and any other program that uses the definition of ‘abstinence education’ found in section 510(b) of the Social Security Act are ineligible for funding.” • Permanently including family planning services as part of the Medicaid program. The Medicaid program was never intended to pay for family planning services. Yet, beginning in the 1990s, states started applying for Medicaid waivers to allow them to add family planning for Medicaid-eligible recipients. The federal government has approved these waivers, and their approval must be renewed, on a state-by-state basis, every five years. Because of the waivers, Medicaid is now the largest single program providing taxpayer money for PP. The PFA would do away with the need for waivers and write family planning services permanently into Medicaid, thereby opening the floodgates of taxpayer funding for PP even wider. What is the status of the Prevention First Act? It is important to note that the election ushers in a new Congress in January. The current Congress, the 110th Congress, will cease to exist at the end of this year. In January, the 111th Congress will begin, and all of the newly elected members of the House and Senate will be part of the 111th Congress. All existing bills must be re-introduced in the new Congress and assigned new numbers, and the legislative process for each of them will start “from scratch.” The current House bill (H.R.819) was originally introduced on February 5, 2007, was immediately referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce (in addition to the Committees on Ways


and Means, and Education and Labor), and no further action was taken. It has 164 cosponsors. The current Senate bill (S.21) was originally introduced on January 4, 2007 and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, where it still sits. It has 34 co-sponsors, including Barack Obama. Again, these current bills will disappear with the start of the new Congress, and the bills will have to be introduced once more. Under normal circumstances, it would take months for them to be voted on, but they could be fast-tracked. What does Planned Parenthood say about the Prevention First Act? Here is the statement by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, on February 5, 2007, when the Prevention First Act was introduced in the House: Today’s introduction of the Prevention First Act signals a real step forward for health care in America. Currently, more than 17 million women in the U.S. need publicly funded family planning services, and there is not enough funding to meet the need. Nearly 750,000 teenagers in the U.S. will become pregnant this year. Prevention is the key to building strong, healthy families, and the Prevention First Act will help women and couples plan their families, plan their futures, and plan parenthood by expanding access to critically needed family planning education and reproductive health care services. On February 13, Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates and their supporters will hold a nationwide Day of Action, calling on elected officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to pass the Prevention First Act and state legislation that are key to preventing unintended pregnancy and reducing the need for abortion by expanding access to birth control and real sex education. Planned Parenthood also pushing PFA in states In the statement above, Planned Parenthood mentions its intent to push PFA not only at the federal level, but also at the state level. A typical state bill is one that is currently

being considered in Ohio. It is known as House Bill 251 and also Senate Bill 179. Among other things, these bills seek to do the following: • Force insurance companies to cover birth control if they cover other prescriptions; • Mandate that every hospital in the state provide emergency contraception to rape victims and tell the victims that emergency contraception does not cause an abortion; • Replace abstinence-only sex ed with programs that gives equal time to the use of birth control and don’t tell children to save sex for marriage; • Put taxpayer money into “teen pregnancy prevention” programs; • Do away with the right of pharmacies and/or pharmacists to refuse to sell products that conflict with their religious beliefs; • Rewrite the Ohio health funding bill to ensure that PP is directly eligible for taxpayer money for family planning services. What can you do? Despite the fact that Obama is actively supporting this horrible bill and the Democratic Party is firmly in control of the both chambers of the United States Congress, passage of this bill is not inevitable. We have spoken with a number of pro-life members of Congress and their staffs, and they believe that the Prevention First Act can be stopped. But, in order to do so, it will take an active campaign of pro-lifers across the country. Here is what you can do: 1. Contact your members of Congress and let them know how you feel about the Prevention First Act 2. Watch for updates in future Wednesday STOPP Reports. We will let you know as soon as the bills are introduced in the next Congress and give you the correct bill numbers. 3. Monitor the activity in your state and take action to prevent a state PFA from passing.

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HIGHLIGHTS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19 The People’s Church Christmas Party, 4500 Lancaster Drive N.E., Salem. 503-304-4000 or 7 p.m. New Horizon Church presents: Nativity on the Square-Not Your Typical Christmas Play, first of three performances, at 2705 N.E. Destiny Dr, McMinnville. Also 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday. Free admission. Coffee and cookie reception following. Danette Gingerich at 503-472-4970 or info@

Those of us who have been in the abortion fight for many years find ourselves at a loss to explain how a spirit of compromise could have so completely permeated the prolife movement. The consequences of this total sellout have been profoundly negative for the cause of life. Most of the mainstream pro-life groups, particularly those attached to the poisoned tentacles of National Right to Life (, have either walked off the field of battle, or have actually joined the other side. For those who remain in the fight, it has become nearly impossible to distinguish friend from foe. Some recent history During the 2004 session of the Oregon legislature, “pro-life” Republican lawmakers fought with all of their political might to fully fund the Oregon Health Plan - thereby ensuring that a steady supply of blood-money will continue flowing to the likes of Planned Parenthood, Lovejoy Surgicenter, and a number of other death-peddlers across the state. This betrayal came after many months of direct lobbying efforts by LIFE SUPPORT. In the end, twenty seven (out of thirty three) Republican Representatives voted to approve the bloody budget. These state-funded abortion supporters were not rogue elements within the Republican Party. Instead, it was the entire Republican leadership team, who all claim to be prolife, that spearheaded this effort - with House Speaker Karen Minnis, Majority Leader Wayne Scott, Ways and Means Chair Dennis Richardson and Rep. Linda Flores, leading the charge. Instead of choosing life, they chose death, and nearly 9,000 unborn Oregonians have paid the ultimate price since June 2004 as a direct result of their cowardice. The culmination - and shock - of this spirit of compromise was evidenced by the Oregon Right to Life’s (a NRTL affiliate) endorsement of Ron Saxton for governor during the 2006 election. Saxton, a self professed pro-abort, has never lifted a finger to fight against the carnage being inflicted on so many thousands of unborn Oregonians. In contrast, Mary Starrett, the Constitution Party candidate, has nearly three decades of prolife leadership under her belt. This one was not even a close call, but ORTL came down on the wrong side (www.lifesupportoregon.

org/ortl_endorse.htm) because they “did not believe Starrett could win.” “What?” you ask, “Pro-life groups are now endorsing pro-abort politicians?” Sadly, yes. We can only shake our heads in disbelief. David Brownlow (www.davebrownlow. com), Executive Director of Life Support, summed it up, “The ‘Oregon Right to Fundraise’ endorsement of Ron Saxton was inevitable. This is because the pro-life charlatans over at ORTF are nothing but a Republican front organization, whose sole purpose is to deceive pro-life voters into giving money and votes to Republican candidates, regardless of their position on abortion.” Since the Oregon Republicans blew every minute of the 12 years we gave them to make a difference for life, proving they are just as useless as the Democrats, they lost control of the Oregon House in 2006. We say - good riddance! Nationally, the pro-life situation is in even worse shape. “Pro-life” Republicans had control of the U.S. Congress for 12 years. During that time, literally billions of dollars were spent keeping them in power. The result? 15,000,000 dead babies. The magnitude of the failure of “the Republican Revolution of 1994” is absolutely staggering. Last year, the Republican controlled FDA unleashed Plan B - a chemical weapon with a near 100% mortality rate on the unborn victims it was designed to kill - allowing it to be bought off the candy rack at a drug store near you. Plan B is the next addition to the arsenal of child eradication weaponry since RU-486 was legalized in 1999. Republicans continue to give billions and billions to Planned Parenthood and the United Nations to quench their thirst for death. In a mirror image of what happened to the Oregon Republicans in 2006, the stench of the national Republican led war cabal finally became too great to bear. The voters have turned power over to the other dominant crime family - the Democrats - giving them an opportunity to extort additional pain and plunder from the American people. If all of this were not happening before our very eyes, in such a public manner, we would say that none of this could be possible. But there you have it folks, laying out


Saturday, December 20 Upward Trails ministry’s hike behind 100-foot Shellburg Falls. Also two more waterfalls on the four-mile easy hike, weather permitting. Finishing with Silverton murals. 503-971-9027. CHRISTMAS EVE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve. Many churches will do candlelight services. CHRISTMAS DAY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25 Christmas Day. Some churches will have special services.

there for all to see - like dead shrimp rotting in the sun. On a positive note: No one can argue that the last 33 years of pro-life compromise and appeasement - or voting for the “lesser” of two evils - has produced any measurable result toward ending the abortion holocaust. We would hope that this total failure would drive the real pro-lifers to their knees, finally willing to embrace a strategy of principle over politics. We shall see. Why do we stay in this fight against such seemingly impossible odds? We are duty bound, as the blood of the tens of thousands of Oregon children we have murdered is crying out for justice. The hands of every Oregonian are stained by the innocent blood we have shed, as all of us who live here have helped finance the carnage in one way or another. Of this we can be sure - there will be an accounting. May GOD have mercy on Oregon when the payment comes due. In his days Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his vassal for three years. Then he turned and rebelled against him. And the Lord sent against him raiding bands of Chaldeans, bands of Syrians, bands of Moabites, and bands of the people of Ammon; He sent them against Judah to destroy it, according to the word of the Lord which He had spoken by His servants the prophets. Surely at the commandment of the Lord this came upon Judah, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done, and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the Lord would not pardon. 2 Kings 24:1-4

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30 6:30 p.m. New Year’s Retreat, first of three consecutive days, Christian Renewal Center, 22444 North Fork Road S.E, Silverton. Bring snacks for New Year’s Eve Party Wednesday night. Suggested donation, $65/adult, $30/child, $15/child 3-6, child 0-2 free. Deposit required. 503-873-6743 TUESDAY, JANUARY 6 6 to 9 p.m., Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, first of weekly classes through early May, Oak Park Church of God, 2990 Lancaster Drive N.E., Salem Presented by the U.S. Center for World Missions. For information on pricing, phone 503-856-9675 or 503-390-0694 or go to FRIDAY, JANUARY 9 7 to 8:30 a.m., Eastside Breakfast for Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest, Clackamas Banquet and Catering Center, 5815 S.E. 82nd, Clackamas. 503-691-2266 or CB (Conservative Baptist) Northwest’s Men’s Equipping Retreat, first of two consecutive days, Camp Tadmor near Lebanon. $72 if registered by Dec. 19, $82 after that date. TUESDAY, JANUARY 13 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Salem Luncheon for Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest, Almost Home restaurant, 3310 Market St. N.E., Salem. 503-691-2266 or Thursday, January 15 Salem-Keizer area youth pastors’ luncheon sponsored by Dynamic Life, First Baptist Church, 395 Marion St., Salem. Free. Friday, January 16 Mission ConneXion Northwest, first of two consecutive days, Sunset Presbyterian Church, 14956 N.W. Cornell Road, Portland. Theme is “Livin’ on the Edge.” Plenary speakers are Josh McDowell, Sammeh Maurice and Shelly Cook Volkhardt. Free admission. www, Saturday, January 17 Upward Trails ministry’s hike or bike ride at Willamette Mission State Park near Brooks. Easy three-mile hike. Bring some change to ride the Wheatland Ferry across the Willamette River and back, or ride an easy eight-mile loop to the ferry and back to join the hikers. 503-971-9027 or 503668-8950.


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“50 Million Lost” Rally

Support the un-born.. now more than ever By Gail Atteberry November’s election results were very disheartening for pro-lifers. Somehow amid the firestorm concerning the mortgage crisis, Wall Street’s collapse, and the Iraq war, one of our nation’s most fundamental liberties – the right to life – was even further devalued. In fact, the election was about everything BUT abortion. Pro-abortion candidates went to great lengths to appear moderate on the issue, if not pro-life. They understood that most Americans are deeply troubled by this injustice and want fewer abortions, not more. We cannot let the outcome of one election day hinder us from fighting for a cause that is so just. No class of people anywhere on the earth is more in need or more deserving of protection than the unborn child. That’s why Oregon Right to Life is sponsoring the largest pro-life rally in Oregon’s history in January at the Pioneer Courthouse

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Although things are not perfect Because of trial or pain Continue in thanksgiving Do not begin to blame Even when the times are hard Fierce winds are bound to blow God is forever able Hold on to what you know Imagine life without His love Joy would cease to be Keep thanking Him for all the things Love imparts to thee Move out of “Camp Complaining” No weapon that is known On earth can yield the power Praise can do alone Quit looking at the future Redeem the time at hand Start every day with worship To “thank” is a command Until we see Him coming Victorious in the sky We’ll run the race with gratitude Xalting God most high Yes, there’ll be good times and yes some will be bad, but... Zion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!


Square in downtown Portland. Oregonians need to be confronted with the fact that more than 50 million unborn lives have been lost since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. At this point, we will not likely be able soon to save lives threatened by abortion and euthanasia through political means. However, we can focus our efforts on education and volunteer activities. There are many who wrongly believe that the success of pro-abortion candidates indicates that the battle to defend life is waning. Nothing could be further from the truth. Come to the “50 Million Lost” rally on January 18, 2009 at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland and prove that we will not rest until unborn babies are once again welcomed to life and protected in law. For more information go to TheJCTown. com and link to

By Os Hillman

May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Hebrews 13:20 - Proverbs 13:12 Over 70 percent of our time is spent in a working environment, yet our training and teaching focuses on areas where we spend much less time. The workplace is the greatest mission field of our day, yet we do not train workplace believers how to effectively integrate their faith into their jobs. The wall between Sunday and Monday still exists. Most believers do not understand that all of life is spiritual, not just life on Sunday. A recent study found that 50 percent of Christians have never heard a sermon on work; 70 percent have never been taught a theology of work; and 70 percent have never heard a sermon on vocation. Why do we focus on the fringes rather than the center where most people spend most of their time - the workplace? God is removing the wall of separation by speaking to pastors and workplace believers all over the world. A pastor recently shared how his church ordains their workplace believers for their calling to the workplace. Another pastor described their church's commitment to integrating training for their workplace believers on the theology of work. Another told how they began a workplace

HIGHLIGHTS 9 a.m. Creationism conference sponsored by Defend Truth.Org with Eric Hovind and Dennis Swift, first of two days, The River Center, 3000 S. Santiam Hwy., Lebanon. Two morning sessions, two afternoon sessions and evening session on Saturday, followed by worship service with Hovind Sunday. Separate children’s programs Saturday. 541-451-1271 or www.defendtruth. org. SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 2 to 3 p.m., Roe vs. Wade Memorial Rally, remembering the 50 million lives lost since the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling authorizing abortion nationally, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland. Sponsored by Oregon Right to Life and Oregon Family Council. Shuttles from various sites statewide, including Eugene, Corvallis and Salem. 503-463-8563 or MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY MONDAY, JANUARY 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Holiday. Schools and government offices will be closed. 2 p.m., SalemNet Ministerial Association Summit, first of three consecutive days, Christian Renewal Center, 22444 North Fork Rd. SE Silverton. $95 includes two nights lodging and six meals. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21 11:30 a.m., All-Regions Monthly Luncheon for Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest, Portland location to be announced. 503691-2266, FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 4 p.m. Women’s Retreat, first of three consecutive days, Christian Renewal Center, 22444 North Fork Rd S.E, Silverton. Featured speaker is pastor Barb Green of the Corvallis Foursuare church. Suggested donation: $70/person. 503-873-6743. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28 7 to 8:30 a.m., Salem Breakfast for Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest, Almost Home restaurant, 3310 Market St. N.E., Salem. 503-691-2266 or Friday, January 30 Worship Northwest, first of two consecutive days, Dayspring Fellowship, 1755 Lockhaven Drive N.E., Keizer.

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ministry within their church for their workplace believers, and even integrated Sunday school programs specifically geared to help workplace believers understand their calling in the workplace. We are entering a new era in the Church when workplace believers are seen as a remnant of the Body of Christ who need to be mobilized and trained for the work of the ministry to their own mission field-the workplace. Are you one of the men and women God is raising up for this task? Pray that God will help pastors understand and affirm this calling, and that they will respond by training the people of their churches for their own ministry to the workplace. When we reclaim the 70 percent, the remainder will be reclaimed automatically.


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Good Things of His Master's Hand Thought for the Week

By Eliezer literally means "God of Help." As Eliezer goes forth to procure a bride for Isaac, he relies on the God of Help to assist him. When we set out to do the work of God, we also must rely on Him for help, especially in the matter of evangelism. After all, we are not trying to make converts to a religious creed; we are trying to change hearts. This is an impossible task for a human being. Even the greatest psychiatrists cannot change the human heart. Therefore, like Eliezer, we rely utterly on God, the God of Help. Commentary Then the servant took ten camels from the camels of his master, and set out with a variety of good things of his master's in his hand; and he arose and went to Mesopotamia, to the city of Nahor. (Genesis 24:10) As we go forth, we must bring with us many good things from the household of God. In the midst of a lost and hurting world, we have the goods that people need. What are these good things of our Master's house? They are acts of loving-kindness, forgiveness, wholeness and peace. Many people have never experienced unconditional love. They have never known real kindness, real friendship, real compassion. But these are things we have received in abundance through Messiah, and we can pass them on to others, but only if we bring them with us. This may be the most important part of sharing the Gospel. Eliezer brought these

gifts of his master's household with him in order to establish credibility. If he had simply appeared in Mesopotamia, claiming to be looking for an attractive young girl to bring back to some faraway prince, the men of that place would have driven him away as a scoundrel and kidnapper. So too with us. If we start to speak into people's lives about God and faith without first having evidenced to them the fruit of our faith, they will drive us away as religious nuts. And rightly so. The world today has plenty of religions for sale, each one clamoring for attention like obnoxious salesmen. Consumer, beware! But a person of genuine faith and conviction is always attractive. A person who lives out his faith and manifests his convictions in godliness and real kindness, without phoniness or pretense, naturally attracts others. What are the good things of our Master's house that we can offer to others to establish credibility? "Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control." (Galatians 5:22-23) The fruit of the Spirit is irresistible to the thirsty soul. St. Francis of Assisi is credited as saying, "Preach the Gospel to everyone, and if necessary, use words."

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By Dave West

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17 At the age of two, I came down with a handicap that affected my whole body. I could not speak plain enough to be understood nor could I walk. There have been may times during my growing up years that I cursed God for my condition, often asking myself, “why did this happen to me and what’s the use of me being alive?” One day began to ponder my situation and the thought occurred to me that maybe God did allow this handicap for a reason. After a while, I started getting glad because I could show others what wonderful miracles God can perform on a person both spiritually and physically through someone like me. I used to crawl on my hands and knees, not because I was a baby, but because of my handicap. Eventually, I took speech lessons which also helped me out a great deal. As I got older I realized that God was working through me in a marvelous way. Because of my faith in God, He began to change me and I worked all the harder. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t trusted Him enough to push ahead with me. My Mother and Dad were always there helping me and encouraging me an giving me rides and to pray for me and to play with me. My Dad even let me teach at his

church sometimes. He was the Salvation Army Pastor in Denver Colorado. I learned to play the Tuba, and other brass horns and was allowed to minister with the Salvation Army and in jails and prisons for over 35 years before I retired. I am now 72 years young and I still like teaching class and telling about how faithful and loyal God is all the time when we are doing His will. While I don’t do much teaching and preaching now, my ministry has become one of loving and encouraging my wife and others. I remember when I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 16. I had fooled people into thinking I was a Christian but my conscience knew better and God knew better. I couldn’t stand my disturbed heart and couldn’t hold back the shame of some of the things I had done. I was so troubled by my life and my sin I couldn’t even think straight. When I decided I couldn’t manage my life well enough to be happy, I asked Jesus to forgive me and promised to live for Him. I have not regretted a day of my changed life. As I obey Him more and am obedient longer, He gives me more faith. He will do the same for you if you will trust and obey Him. The joy and happiness I have in Jesus will never go away no matter what happens. “Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near. Isaiah 55:61

edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat [pork or beef], seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. We do not know how these substances are processed even if they began healthy, and who knows if they did? Take for example “any product of roasting [or] heating...” How high does the temperature get during the cooking? That makes a great difference in whether a food is healthy or toxic to the body (what it cannot digest becomes toxic to it). Even healthy substances may change to unhealthy ones at elevated temperatures, e.g., eggs, dairy, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and especially polyunsaturated vegetable oils. And what of derivatives of foods and herbs? How edibles are processed is most important. When all is said and “well done,” it seems “natural flavors” can be just about

anything approved for use in food. “Natural flavors” are proprietary, and unless you call the company and ask them what “natural flavors” consist of in their product, you usually won’t know. But again, even if you know the source do you know how it’s processed and the effect to the substance and on the human body? “The distinction in flavorings--natural versus artificial--comes from the source of these identical chemicals and may be likened to saying that an apple sold in a gas station is artificial and one sold from a fruit stand is natural,” teaches Professor Gary Reineccius, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. Again, natural means nuttin.’ “Consumers pay a lot for natural flavorings. But these are in fact no better in quality, nor are they safer, than their costeffective artificial counterparts,” advises the professor. In this case that doubtless is true. Cont’d on next page


Sylvia W. Zook, PhD

What are “natural flavors”? If you read processed food labels you will often find in the list of ingredients something referred to as “natural flavors.” Don’t be misled. What you and I consider “natural” may not be the case. Besides, with foods “natural” means nothing; refined sugar is legally “natural.” It is essentially impossible to know from a label what “natural flavors” are derived from unless the company has specified that on the label and few do. The precise government definition of “natural flavorings” and flavors from Title 21, Section 101, part 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations is as follows: The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice,


A Miracle for Me


kingdom generation

What Kind of Gospel Do We Preach? By Pastor Paul D. Young

What is our purpose? What are we here for? (I am speaking of the “church”, those who claim to be born again Christians.) When ever the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Let’s look at what the focus of the church as a whole here in America has been. I grew up in church, my dad was a pastor and now I have been in the ministry for over 34 years. I have watched as the focus of the church has been on the “gospel”. But what is the “gospel”? If you look the word up in the Greek it means, ‘good news’. That is a description, not the destination. If I tell you that out in the parking lot there is a very nice red. Your response would be, a nice red what? Car, bike, truck, or what? In the English language we call it an adjective, a word or phrase that describes something. So the question is, what are we describing? Most of the church is preaching the ‘gospel of salvation’. The main focus is on getting people ‘saved’, evangelism, revival, church growth or some combination thereof. Wait a minute! Is that what Jesus did? Is that what we are told to do? What kind of gospel are we to be proclaiming? Lets go to the Bible and see what it says. Matt 4:23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. The gospel of the kingdom. Matt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a

witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Again, the good news of the kingdom. The church has got to realize that the gospel of salvation is not the same as the gospel of the kingdom. The church today has been built largely on the gospel of salvation. Please understand that the gospel of salvation is in the gospel of the kingdom, but not the other way around. The gospel of salvation solves the problem of your relationship with God. The gospel of the kingdom is designed to solve the problems of cities, states and nations. Let me explain. By preaching the gospel of salvation as our purpose, we have erected a wall between the believers and the world. We have fostered a “us & them” mentality, where believers think that we are against the world. So we retreat into our church buildings, talk about how bad it is ‘out there’ and worry, fret & stew, convinced that the world is going to you know where. Instead of producing men and women who have answers to the problems of the world, we’ve produced a hand wringing, fear filled people who see the rapture as their escape out of this mess. And we postpone any idea of ‘kingdom’ until the sweet by and by or the millennial reign or anywhere other than right now. But what did Jesus say? Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.Well, that’s a little hard to do when you think that the king-

dom is anywhere but here. Jesus spoke once in private to one man (Nicodemus) about being born again. Yet in public or with his disciples he spoke of the kingdom over 50 times (that’s just in the book of Matthew). In Church we preach, teach and proclaim salvation publicly and only speak of the kingdom in private. We’ve got it backwards. I am not against preaching salvation, but if we do not give people the proper context - that it is to bring them into a kingdom, they develop a distorted view of what it is that they have become a part of. Then they end up focusing on getting themselves to heaven when we should be focusing on bringing heaven to earth. Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”. Then in another place he told us to “Occupy till I come” If you focus on the church, you miss the kingdom. The word “church” in the New Testament means the “called out ones”.

Called out to or for what? To manifest the kingdom on earth. We are called to bring heaven on earth now. We are called to bring real life to the problems of the world. Our focus should be the kingdom, but how can it be when most Christians have heard little to no teaching on it. A few years ago I preached a Sunday morning series on the kingdom. I started in September and did not finish until the middle of March. That was every Sunday morning and I barely scratched the surface of the subject. The model of the kingdom calls those who have been born again “kings and priests” (Rev. 1:6), who are to be equipped with the principles of the kingdom so that they can be ambassadors to this world. Not separated from it, but bringing the influence and power of the kingdom to the problems of Cont’d On page 15

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NutriNotes: Cont”d From page 8 Regardless, most foods labeled “natural” are not subject to government controls beyond the regulations and heath codes. Even “Made with organic ingredients” can be used on any product with at least 70% organically produced ingredients.” When it comes to processed foods, it is true organic may not be superior to artificial or synthesized. Most importantly, what is the cumulative effect in general of “natural flavors” on the human body, your body? Do they add to the overall toxic load, and filtering of the liver and kidneys? One thing we do know is that they do not add nutrients to whatever foods they are added to. If you are uncertain about these additives, there is a healthy alternative. “Natural” is not the same as “organic” “Foods certified by the National Organic Program (NOP) must be grown and processed using organic farming methods without synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Organic livestock cannot be fed antibiotics or growth hormones.” The Creator’s fresh, whole foods come without labels and lists of ingredients to be

concerned and educated about. There are no costly patents on them. Shopping the perimeter of the store, especially in natural foods stores and supermarkets’ organic, fresh foods sections with their “Designer foods” (designed for our bodies by their Creator) are usually safer and more nourishing. Dollar of dollar, organic apples are also far less expensive than chips. Best is to grow as much of your own as possible. Did you know Scripture provides the Creator’s specific instructions for eating in the time? And that it reveals which end-time diet is a “doctrine of demons”? Dr. Zook’s new book, Eatin’ After Eden – The Meat Of The Word, explains the real and counterfeit diets as you’ve never heard it before! In a scientific, scriptural, and easily understood presentation, Dr. Zook reveals the shocking consequences of America’s rejection of His diet and His dietary plan from Genesis to Revelation. “This is one of the most important books ever written for this end time!” wrote Dr. J. Rothacker. Get your copy of this phenomenal truth for life at, or books (click on Health, Mind & Body or SEARCH).


Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals QB Although Carson Palmer, first-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals, is aware of how sports success breeds headlines, the idea of “fame” is a bit foreign to him. “I still don’t consider myself to be famous,” he says. “You’ve just gotta be yourself. I may be better than some guy at throwing a football, but he may be better at figuring out a lawsuit or doing taxes.” Nevertheless, the stats and awards the 6’ 5” 230-pound signal-caller has accumulated make a great case for his fame. The fifth player in USC history to win the Heisman Trophy, Palmer rewrote the Trojans’ record books. He set numerous career marks at USC, including most total offense yards (11,799, also a Pac-10 record). Although Palmer has not always enjoyed “fame,” he has enjoyed a relationship with Christ since he was a kid. “I’ve been a Christian as long as I can remember. I’ve always been in church with my family through high school and college.” Carson Palmer seems to understand the daily challenges and responsibilities that come with carrying the name of Christ in

such a high-profile profession. Although he cannot predict what those challenges might be, he has an assurance that God has a master plan for his life.



Abolishing GOD in America

Conservatives Lost More Than An Election

By Dave Crowe – Restore America The growing attack on Christianity, Christians, And God Himself For several decades Hollywood has depicted pastors, preachers, evangelists, and priests as mushy brained, out of touch, backward, and ignorant fools, but in the last few years, the God haters in America have come out of the closet in open hostility to Christ, Christians, and the institutions of Christianity. In 1989 a photograph titled “Piss Christ” by American photographer Andres Serrano depicting a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine, won an award in which the author received $15,000 in tax payer money through the National Endowment for the Arts. The left in America defended the ‘work of art’ as “an issue of artistic freedom and freedom of speech.”

With this new found ‘freedom’ to attack the very person Whose life and teachings are the cornerstone of Western Civilization, and Whom millions worship as the Son of God, freedom of ‘expression’ became the new mantra of the left to say whatever they wished, even if it meant demeaning God Himself and the faith of believers around the world. What we have seen since is nothing less than an artillery barrage of intolerance, venom, vitriol, blaspheming statements, and demeaning acts against Christians, our moral and family values, our institutions, and our freedom to engage the culture in the public

square. Their hero was, and still is, an immoral, deceitful President who engaged in sexual escapades with a White House intern, which the ‘secular progressives’ argued had nothing to do with his qualifications to be President of the United States! When an openly committed Christian moved into the White House, the hostility to Christianity became even more evident. After he was re-elected in 2004, and so called ‘gay marriage’ was defeated overwhelmingly in every state in which it was on the ballot - including Oregon - Evangelical Christians became the chief target of the godless in both Hollywood, New York, our universities, and liberal media. Almost over night, it became fashionable through television and radio to revile, mock, and defame Christians and organizations that held Christian values. Anyone who raised their voice in opposition to the left’s agenda came under fire. The media worked feverishly to pit Jews against Christians by slicing and dicing Mel Gibson and “The Passion of the Christ.” Outspoken lesbian Rosie O’Donnell’s outburst comparing Christians to Nazis was joined by even more defamatory statements from her left wing counterparts. The avalanche of openly vicious attacks on Vice Presidential candidate Sara Palin, her family, and her faith, made it abundantly clear that Christians and Christian values will not be tolerated in the formation of public policy. The open and obvious attempt by Hollywood and the ‘secular progressive’ media to destroy Palin personally and politically was motivated by nothing less than open hatred for her Christian values and the religiously held belief by the God hating left in America that her Christian world view embodied the greatest threat to their agenda. And most recently, after November 4th, when voters in three states rejected so called ‘same sex marriage’, the anti-God, antiChrist crowd turned to a nationwide search and destroy strategy against members of the Mormon Church to ensure that everyone in America gets the message: You support traditional marriage in opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’, and you will pay, dearly! The ‘secular progressive’, anti-God, immoral left in America is now entering churches, disrupting services, acting out, throwing condoms on the people in the pews, vandalizing church property, and seeking to destroy those business owners who actually gave money to Proposition 8 in California! This should be a warning to all Christians in America of the new face of Fascism* in


America culture, better known in it’s infancy as ‘political correctness’. If allowed to continue under the guise of ‘freedom of expression’, ‘equality’, ‘fairness’, and ‘tolerance’, it will lead to open repression of Christianity, persecution, and state intervention in what churches in America can say and advocate. What does this say to men and women of good will about the future of civility, our rights under the Constitution, and freedom of conscience, if the anti-God crowd has its way? It reminds this writer of the jack booted Nazis in Hitler’s Germany as they subdued the church into silence by intimidation and force. Christians would be wise to thoughtfully, and prayerfully, think through a reasoned, biblical, response not unlike our Founders response to British tyranny, in order to preserve our God ordained, moral and ordered liberty. It is not a time to retreat, but a time to stand; a time to defend our Godly Heritage and boldly proclaim His Truth again. . . in our churches. . . in the market place of ideas. . . to our children. . . and in the public square. Fascism - “A governmental system with strong centralized power, permitting no opposition or criticism, controlling all affairs of the nation (industrial, comercial, etc.).”

“Once abolish the God and the government becomes the God.” G.K. Chesterton

by Chuck Baldwin That Barack Obama trounced John McCain last month should have surprised no one. In fact, in this column, weeks ago, I stated emphatically that John McCain could no more beat Barack Obama than Bob Dole could beat Bill Clinton. He didn't. (Hence a vote for John McCain was a "wasted" vote, was it not?) I also predicted that Obama would win with an electoral landslide. He did. The real story, however, is not how Barack Obama defeated John McCain. The real story is how John McCain defeated America's conservatives. For all intents and purposes, conservatism--as a national movement--is completely and thoroughly dead. Barack Obama did not destroy it, however. It was George W. Bush and John McCain who destroyed conservatism in America. Soon after G.W. Bush was elected, it quickly became obvious he was no conservative. On the contrary, George Bush has forever established himself as a BigGovernment, warmongering, internationalist neocon. Making matters worse was the way Bush presented himself as a conservative Christian. In fact, Bush's portrayal of himself as a conservative Christian paved the way for the betrayal and ultimate destruction of conservatism (something I also predicted years ago). And the greatest tragedy of this deception is the way that Christian conservatives so thoroughly (and stupidly) swallowed the whole Bush/McCain neocon agenda. For example, Bush and his fellow neocons like to categorize and promote themselves as being "pro-life," but they have no hesitation or reservation about killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in reckless and unconstitutional foreign wars. By the same token, how many unborn babies were saved by six years of all three branches of the federal government being under the control of these "pro-life" neocons? Not one! Ask Cont’d on page 16

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  

        

                  

Come to these 5 locations 1720 Shaff Rd. Stayton, 1531 Hawthorne Dr. NE (just off Market St.), 560 Wallace Rd. NW, 2829 Lancaster Dr. NE (by Walmart), 2535 Jori Ln. Keizer

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                  

 

            


     


     

   

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An Absolute Right? Absolutely Not!

By Dr. Chuck Missler January marks the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision on the matter of Roe v. Wade - the landmark case that granted women the constitutional right to eliminate her unborn child. In the 36 years since the court's ruling approximately 60 million abortions have taken place in United States. Nearly one out of every four pregnancies in the US will end in an abortion. The Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade remains one of the most controversial cases in US history. In 2005 the Supreme Court ruled on another abortion case, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. The case concerned a New Hampshire requirement that pregnant minors notify their parents or guardians before having abortions. The statute was invalidated by a federal appeals court, because it did not contain an exception if the minor's health is at risk. In a unanimous opinion, the justices determined that the lower court was wrong to abolish the entire law and instructed it to find a more "modest" remedy. Abortion advocates were outraged by the Ayotte ruling. However polls show that most Americans are

in favor of parental notification laws. After all, such restrictions on abortion are only reasonable. Yet abortion activists continue to vehemently oppose any limitations on abortion. Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, wrote the following on the subject of abortion and our constitutional rights: "...There are no absolute individual rights in our Constitution. The Framers forged a system protecting individual rights while recognizing legitimate countervailing interests of the state. In that balanced system, even such fundamental rights as the freedom of speech and free press, association and religion have been subject to some limitations. For example, when states prohibit screaming "fire" in a crowded theater, they are not diminishing free speech. Such reckless conduct is not part of any reasonable definition of the right to free speech, just as the categorical exclusion of required parental participation is not part of any reasonable definition of the right to an abortion. Pro-abortion advocates would make abortion the only absolute right in our Constitution, even though it was not fully recognized by the Supreme Court until 1973. Conversely, parental rights have been recognized

66/40 Chuck Missler

every weekday on A.M. 1220, KPJC at

8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

since the founding of our Republic but are routinely dismissed when they collide with the almighty right to an abortion... What these groups fail to recognize is that the rights of speech, association and religion mean little if parents cannot teach and reinforce moral choices within their families. Family values and integrity are not the enemies of the right to privacy but the very things that privacy is meant to protect." Abortion has been postured as an issue of women's rights and as a way of advancing the freedoms of women. The truth is, however, abortion doesn’t help women, it hurts them. Abortion is damaging physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. While abortion has been promoted as a means of freeing women, it in fact can and has brought women great bondage and suffering. In the end, however, abortion is not chiefly a matter of statistics, politics, or even health. Abortion is a moral issue. The Bible teaches that children are a blessing from God and it repeatedly condemns killing the innocent. God considers human life precious because God made humankind in His own image. Indeed, we can praise our Father in heaven for we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

Preach: Cont’d Page 9 our age. Yes, God does have the answers to every dilemma this world faces, but God decided before the foundation of the world that these answers would be released through his ambassadors on the scene, in this earth. If we teach that believers should be separated or isolated from the world, how do we change it? The church is here to solve problems that many thought that we were only to comment on. If you preach the kingdom, you will get a life filled church. If you preach the church, you will get lifeless religion. The church is supposed to be here to facilitate the kingdom. If you want gradual change, you change your knowledge and skills. If you want radical change, you must change your paradigm. I submit to you that the church needs a new paradigm – the paradigm of the kingdom!

How to Destroy Demaons Safely and How to Forgive

By Cliff Davidson

-Learn why we should forgive and how to forgive. -Gods promis on forgiveness. -Learn about demons, spirit guides, higher powers, higher authorities -learn what to do with each. (step by step instructions) -learn demon goals, signs of possession, who they possess what the look for in possessing a person.

High-gloss book, 5.5 x 8.5, 230pages. Easy to read. real life experiences 2 wks shipping. Print on demand. Send Check for $20 made out to CVDjr, to P.O. Box 21852, Eugene, Oregon 97402

Are We Progressive or Christian?

By Craig Myers Concerned Oregonians

Just in time for the holidays, the American Humanist Association (AHA) has placed ads on Washington, D.C., buses proclaiming, “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake”. According to the Associated Press, Fred Edwards, spokesman for the Washington-based humanist group explained: “We are trying to plant a seed of rational thought and critical thinking and questioning in people’s minds.” The AHA defines humanism as “a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism, affirms our responsibility to lead ethical lives of value to self and humanity.” Measured by God’s standard, men have never been naturally good or ethical; quite the contrary. Yet the AHA offers this proposition as rational thought and critical thinking. Perhaps it makes sense if we remember that without God, there is no standard of ethical or good behavior. It is amazing that this “progressive philosophy”, has become standard in many American churches where God is reduced to

a cosmic “Santa Claus”, who is only capable of rewarding goodness, but not punishing evil. He is portrayed exclusively as a “loving God” by omitting references to Scripture that portray him as just and righteous. As a result, many Christians possess a form of religion, but languish spiritually for the lack of the Spirit's power. The “good news” of Scripture is reinterpreted to mean that which is pleasing to the ear and not that which is convicting and life-changing. Scripture tells us that God's love is often expressed through his mercy towards those who deserve condemnation for failing to live justly. Without a righteous standard of justice, love cannot even exist, for it is the yardstick by which our attitudes and behavior toward God and each other are measured. Justice and mercy, redemption and grace are complementary sides of the same coin. Justice and love are inherent and inseparable qualities of God. When we, our religious leaders, or the American Humanists attempt to segregate them from each other


or from God, we entirely destroy each. The love of God cannot be comprehended in the absence of his righteous standard, just as the manger of Bethlehem has no significance apart from the cross of Calvary. The “… good news of great joy” of Luke 2:10 is not the birth of a baby, but of a savior destined for the cross. Without this fact we are left with just the humanistic progressive ideals. Are we progressive or Christian? Micah 6:8 asks, “… what does the Lord require of you (believers)? The answer is “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” In contrast, the progressive movement does not recognize that God is sovereign and active in the affairs of men or He is portrayed as a “Santa Claus” God. A progressive “Santa Claus” God offers only the illusion that we can be good through an act of our own will. Inevitably, progressives turn to government in place of God, adopting humanist socialist policies attempting to implement their “rational” ideas justice and mercy. Their road does not lead

to the cross of Calvary. The history of the 20th century shows that it leads, instead, to enslavement of both the individual and society in an atheist culture. In a culture like this there is no redemption, mankind remains captive to sin and separated from the God, the true source of both justice and mercy. This Christmas we can try to, “…Just be good for goodness’ sake”, or we can trust in “The Word (which) became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” John 1:14. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David's throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever.” Isaiah 9:6-7a


NATIONAL & WORLD NEWS Lost More: Cont’d From Page 10 the more than eight million unborn babies who were killed in their mothers' wombs during the last eight years how "pro-life" George W. Bush and John McCain are. As a result of this insanely inconsistent and pixilated punditry, millions of Americans now laugh at the very notion of "prolife" conservatism. Bush and McCain have made a mockery of the very term. Consider, too, the way Bush and McCain have allowed the international bankers on Wall Street to milk America's taxpayers out of trillions of dollars. Yes, I know Obama also supported the Wall Street bailout, but it was the Republican Party that controlled the White House for the last eight years and the entire federal government for six out of the last eight years. In fact, the GOP has won seven out of the previous ten Presidential elections. They have controlled Supreme Court appointments for the past thirty-plus years. They have appointed the majority of Treasury secretaries and Federal Reserve chairmen. They have presided over the greatest trade imbalances, the biggest deficits, the biggest spending increases, and now the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression. Again, the American people look at these so-called "conservatives" and laugh. No wonder such a sizeable majority of voters yawned when John McCain tried to scare them by accusing Barack Obama of being a "big taxer." How can one possibly scare people with a charge like that after the GOP has made a total mockery of fiscal conservatism? That's like trying to scare someone coming out from a swim in the Gulf of Mexico with a squirt gun. Then there was the pathetic attempt by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to scare gun owners regarding an Obama White House. Remember that John McCain is the same guy that the NRA rightly condemned for proposing his blatantly unconstitutional McCain/Feingold bill. McCain is also the same guy that tried to close down gun shows. He even made a personal campaign appearance for a pro-gun control liberal in the State of Oregon a few short years ago. In fact, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) gave McCain a grade of "F" for his dismal record on Second Amendment issues. Once again, Chicken Little-style paranoia over Barack Obama rang hollow when the alternative was someone as liberal as John McCain. But the worst calamity of this election was the way conservatives--especially Christian conservatives--surrendered their principles for the sake of political partisanship. The James Dobsons of this country should hang their heads in shame! Not only did they lose an election, they lost their integrity! In South Carolina, for example, prolife Christians and conservatives had an opportunity to vote for a principled conservative-constitutionalist for the U.S. Senate. He is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-traditional marriage. He believes in securing our borders against illegal immigra-


tion. He is against the bailout for the Wall Street banksters. His conservative credentials are unassailable. But the vast majority of Christian conservatives (including those at Bob Jones University) voted for his liberal opponent instead. The man that the vast majority of Christian conservatives voted for in South Carolina is a Big-Government neocon. He supported the bailout of the Wall Street banksters. He is a rabid supporter of granting amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. In fact, this man has a conservative rating of only 29% in the current Freedom Index of the New American Magazine. Why did Christian conservatives support the liberal neocon and not the solid prolife conservative? Because the conservative ran as a Democrat and the neocon is a Republican. I'm talking about the race between Bob Conley and Lindsey Graham, of course. Had South Carolina's pastors, Christians, evangelicals, and pro-life conservatives voted for Bob Conley, he would be the new senator-elect from that state. In fact, Bob was so conservative that the Democratic leadership in South Carolina endorsed the Republican, Lindsey Graham! No matter. A majority of evangelical Christians in South Carolina stupidly rejected Bob Conley and voted for Graham. Across the country, rather than stand on principle, hundreds of thousands of pastors, Christians, and pro-life conservatives capitulated and groveled before John McCain's neocon agenda. In doing so, they forfeited any claim to truth, and they abandoned any and all fidelity to constitutional government. They should rip the stories of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego out of their Bibles. They should never again tell their children, parishioners, and radio audiences the importance of standing for truth and principle. They have made a mockery of Christian virtue. No wonder a majority of the voting electorate laughs at us Christians. No wonder the GOP crashed and burned last month. Again, it wasn't Barack Obama who destroyed conservatism; it was George W. Bush, John McCain, and the millions of evangelical Christians who supported them. And until conservatives find their backbone and their convictions, they deserve to remain a burnt-out, has-been political force. They have no one to blame but themselves. And since it is unlikely that the Republican Party has enough sense to understand any of this and will, therefore, do little to reestablish genuine conservative principles, it is probably best to just go ahead and bury the scoundrels now and move on to something else. Without a sincere commitment to constitutional government, the GOP has no justifiable reason to ever govern again. Therefore, put a fork in them. They are done. Let a new entity arise from the ashes: one that will stand for something more than just "the lesser of two evils." As we say in the South, That dog just won't hunt anymore.

"But you

Bethlehem" Pastor Jerry Huhn

Over the next few weeks you will most likely be singing or hearing the song "O Little Town of Bethlehem." Bethlehem is one of the most important towns to the Christian because it is the birth place of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is mentioned throughout the bible including a reference to the birth place of King David; also David’s anointing to be King was staged in Bethlehem as recorded in 1 Samuel 16. In Micah 5:2. "But you Bethlehem though you are small among the clans of Judah - out of you will come from me one who will be ruler over Israel whose origins are from of old and ancient times.” This we know as the prophecy of Jesus birth which occurred hundreds of years after the verse in Micah was written. In revisiting this week the events of Jesus birth as recorded in Like Ch 2 I was intrigued by who was in the little town of Bethlehem and who was not on the attendance list that historical night of Jesus birth. As we all know Bethlehem was Joseph's home town which was the reason he had to go there to register himself and Mary. Joseph and his very pregnant fiancee were looking for a place to spend the night. They found an inn keeper who let them use the stable where Mary gave birth to Jesus. So let’s see who was there for the greatest occasion in the history of the world; - Joseph a young carpenter - Mary a very, very pregnant teenager - Shepherds with sheep - An angel with the glory of the Lord around Him - A great choir of angles praising God -Simeon who was in the Temple with the Holy Spirit on him

“Front Porch Fellowship”, Gospel Bluegrass hour, Sweet Potato Pie INGREDIENTS: 2 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes 2 cups sugar 1 stick butter 3 beaten eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 tablespoon cinnamon (powder) 2 unbaked pie shells

- A prophesies very old (do the math on this one) who never left the temple worshiping,praying and fasting night and day These people were all present during the most important birth of all time. Let's see who was not there; - Relatives of Joseph and Mary (after all it was their home town) - Friends of Joseph and Mary - Neighbors of Joseph and Mary - A Pastor - A Priest - A Rabbi (after all they were Jewish) - What about a church deacon - Or a church elder - A Sunday school teacher All of these people missed the most wonderful event in the Universe. What about you this Christmas - will you miss something very important? I suggest we don't miss the "Son of the Most High ....for He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end" Luke 1:32-33 Over 100 years ago Phillips Brooks wrote these words as he viewed Bethlehem from the hills at night. "O holy Child of Bethlehem Descend to us, we pray Cast out our sin and enter in Be born to us today We hear the Christmas angels The great glad tidings tell O come to us, abide with us Our Lord Emmanuel" Say do you hear angles singing?

DIRECTIONS: 1. Combine ingredients and pour into pie shells. 2. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. GREGG HUTCHINS is a staff member with Solid Gospel’s “Front Porch Fellowship”

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Mainstream Media Censorship and The Long War Against God

By Bill Goddard A few hours earlier, we saw an unusual sight in the middle of the sprawling and super-busy airport--a huge, life-size reproduction of a Bracciosaurus skeleton, with a placard that told that the dinosaur had roamed the earth 150 million years ago. That brief, data bite next to the skeleton was a sign of more that lay ahead; though at that time I did not recognize it as such. Now, somewhere above the southern U.S.A, a cartoon image covered the screen on the seat-back in front of me--it was an icon of evolution. It is one of several recognizable tools imprinted in minds by repetitive use by the mainstream media--MSM, which includes the evolutionist community. Even in its cartoon form, this childfocused media shot, which came as the introduction to the cartoon, was clearly an imagination-based, non-scientific tool of evolutionist media indoctrination. What covered the screen was a progression in so-called evolutionary stages of a series of creatures advancing from a knuckledragging ape to homo erectus! Surely,

you have seen it somewhere. The existence of this icon has a simple explanation. Darwin said that the missing link was critical to uphold his theory. And now, 150 years later, the missing link is still missing! Since that time, a seeming army of zealots, obsessively out to win the day for Darwin, have gone to great lengths--many times outside the bounds of honest science and investigation (e.g. Piltdown man, Peking man, Java man, Lucy, et al). Apparently, there is no end in sight. But, God has not left Himself without a witness. In his profound, comprehensive, wellresearched and documented definitive overview, The Long War Against God--The History and Impact of the Creation-Evolution Conflict (1993), Dr. Henry Morris found that the strategic basis of this evolutionist cartoon intro is not only millennia old, but also the source of the Marxist (communist) dialectic. This 344 page book addresses the religion (NOT a science) of evolution from many perspectives. It answers an abundant amount of questions that are seldom-if-ever addressed in schools or in the MSM.

The Reckless Phony

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INSIGHT FOR LIVING with CHUCK SWINDOLL Read 1 Kings 11:1-6. Mark Twain said, “Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows anybody.”1 Phony living could happen in your house, or my house, or any house . . . even the White House. Like the set of a television show, behind the scenes, where the camera doesn’t go, life can be a messy network of plastic, metal, and wood—a flimsy façade —held together with cheap material. First Kings 11 tells the story of the fall of King Solomon, a man upon whom God showered wisdom, success, and fabulous wealth. Though he was rich, he let his relationship with the Lord slip, and he began to live like a reprobate. Many would say that success can ruin a man. I say that success reveals who the man

was all along. Success doesn’t destroy character; it exposes character. During Solomon’s forty-year reign, the wealth of the nation continued to climb. David had won peace with an aggressive military campaign and the nation’s twelve tribes were united against threat. The surrounding kingdoms held Israel in high regard because of David’s military might and Solomon’s wise diplomacy. Not surprisingly, the threat to Solomon’s kingdom came from within. Like his father, David, Solomon married more than one woman. Those wives eventually led him to build places of worship to false gods and then enticed him to participate in idolatry with them.


One issue conformed to the dialectic pattern is that evolutionists and the MSM not only redefine science as exclusive of the spiritual and supernatural, but they deny the very possibility of a supernatural reality and of God. (Would not only someone who knows everything be able to know if there was a supernatural reality? And, if that person were to exist, would not he or she be God?) (Answer: YES!) Also, frequently seen in MSM is the evolutionist charge that the Creationist community has no valid literature to support its scientific claims. That claim is light years from the truth. Considering the MSM blatant disregard and attack on the Christian community and its values, it would be good to take a look at some key points from what Dr. Morris reveals in The Long War Against God. First, a clue. Have you ever noticed the Bible on the N.Y. Times Bestseller list? No? The Holy Bible is the #1 all-time bestsellers in the world. It has been #1 for numerous decades, and I believe it still tops the list in America from time-to-time, as well. Dr. Morris writes that evolutionist philosophy began centuries before Aristotle and Plato, who contributed the prototype Scale of Nature, which preceded the corresponding Ladder of Nature, which was then followed by the Great Chain of Being (pp. 185, 192, 3). The latter organized the limited fossils into the geological column--which also became the strong foundation of evolutionary evidence upon which Darwin built. Dr. Morris reports that this non-Biblical, non-scientific chain dominated European and Western thought for 300 years (p. 187), and is equivalent to the Scale of Nature of Aristotle and Plato. One of four prominent French evolutionists from the 17th and 18th centuries to contribute to the evolutionist cause is Comte de Buffon, who published a 44 volume work on the subject. Moreover, Dr. Morris found that Aquinas helped to establish Aristotelian reason in Christianity (p. 204). Even church fathers Clement and Origen allegorized Genesis and Gregory of Nyssa, Aquinas, Basil and Augustine symbolized creation. Dr. Morris further reveals that Darwin’s proof

of evolution was the so-called recapitulation theory, i.e. that evolutionary stages in life are seen in the stages of human fetal development. This theory is totally illusory and has been totally disproved (p. 187). Darwin also resurrected the extremist ideas of his grandfather, Erasmus, a fierce anti-Christian and revolutionary fan of Rousseau. In chapter 8 of Darwin’s The Origin of the Species that deals with animal instincts, there is nothing about the origin of those instincts. Morris indicts Origins by concluding that there is no scientific proof for evolution or for the origin of the species (p. 156). Molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Denton is quoted by Dr. Morris to say that design and chance are contradictory (p. 110), and antithetical--i.e. that the functional complexity of a gene or protein is the antithesis of chance (p. 277). This is just a taste of the ample and profound evidence of the long battle of the enemy against God, the Creator. Dr. Morris calls Darwin’s Origin of the Species by Natural Selection the most influential book since the Bible. (p. 153). The church must awaken, arise, stand and fight the good fight against the enemy for the sake of the name of God. Like Dr. Morris, Dr. Denton says evolution is the main cause for decline in the church (p. 44). We should not be deceived. Col. 2:8 warns us to Beware of philosophy and vain deceit. So many foundational, scientific principles support Creationism--principles that God has laid in place. Two laws that support scripture are the first two laws of thermodynamics. They are the most basic and universal of all natural, physical laws. Consider the law of decay/entropy (2nd law). If the universe is 3 to 6 billion years old, why is it not already dead? So, Dr. Morris wisely refers to the Cross-Creation and salvation must go together--as only the Creator has power over sin and death. And, like a final end punctuation, he references Revelation 14:6, 7, which says that in the last days an angel will come to proclaim the gospel--telling all to worship the Creator (my italics)--the One who was crucified in our place for your sins and mine.

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The Principle Report – Mentors How Choosing The Right Person To Guide You Can Accelerate Your Success by Light Years

By John Gardner As the story goes Helen Keller had one by age 6. Andrew Carnegie had several; Mark Victor Hansen says you ought to have one in every area of your life. Einstein had his first at age 10. The Bible is very clear on the need for one or more. You need to be one and you should have one. What on earth am I talking about? The need to be Mentored and to be a Mentor to others. The Bible contains many powerful stories that portray the need for, and the effect of, Mentors. One of my favorites is of a Mother– in–law mentoring her daughter-in-law. The story of Naomi and Ruth in the Book of Ruth is one of loyalty by a younger woman, Ruth, and guidance by an older wiser woman Naomi. Imagine the scene a couple of thousand years ago. Naomi’s husband died as did her two sons, leaving both Naomi and Ruth widows. Not a good scene for either one of these ladies. Ruth was, in addition to her obvious problems, a foreigner in a land not known for having “open arms”. Naomi urged Ruth to return to her homeland, looking out for her best interests as mentor’s do. Ruth however refused to leave her mentor and spoke probably one of the best lines for mentees ever recorded: “I will go where you go and live where you live. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” She understood that at times finding the right mentor is vital and well worth the sacrifice you might have to make. She continued thereafter to follow Naomi’s advice. Naomi, instructed Ruth, on where to go, what to do and what to say to whom. One of the Mantra’s I live by is; “you become like the five people you choose to hang around. The people you choose or fail to choose to guide you in your business life are an important factor in your success or failure and the degree to which you do either. A Mentor can open doors you could never open, steer you clear of landmines, and in some cases choose you for a significant proj-

ect that will change your life. The lack of one can cause you to learn through the slowest process in the world – personal experience. Andrew Carnegie understood the importance of mentors and early in his career made himself indispensable to Tom Scott; the man John D. Rockefeller called the most powerful person in the Railroad Industry. Carnegie watched every detail of how Scott ran his business, he covered Scott’s back every time he was given the opportunity, and he learned all he could from his Mentor. In return, Scott gave Carnegie stock in his new companies, which provided a lot of the capital to get him started in the steel industry. Carnegie of course, learned the successful way to operate business. Later in his career, Carnegie had two women who mentored him in the social graces, because he knew as he rose in Society he needed the skills that went with the statue his money created for him. Carnegie understood, as other great business leaders, that you never outgrow or “out earn” the need for mentors. When you read biographies of great men and women throughout history one common factor that runs almost without exception is the evidence of a mentor in the lives of those who accomplish much. Olympic Competitors clearly use the mentoring system. John Patterson, the founder of NCR, mentored Thomas Watson, Sr., who copied virtually everything his mentor taught him as he built IBM into one of the giants of Industry. Examples of mentors in the Bible are legion; Jethro mentored Moses, Moses mentored Joshua, and Jesus mentored the disciples. Naomi guided her mentee Ruth, who followed each detail of her mentor’s advice. As a result, she caught the eye of Boaz, married him, and created a union within the lineage of Jesus. She won a place in history forever because she was willing to follow the advice and beliefs set forth by a worthy mentor.

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The Cure for a Heavy Heart by Charles F. Stanley

When life goes our way, praising God comes naturally. But when the dishwasher breaks, the children are sick, or the mechanic gives bad news, it's much harder to give thanks. God understands how emotions are built, because He made them. He also knows the cure for a heart weighed down by concerns and irritations: praise. Some churches hold special services just for worship and thanksgiving. The usual format is set aside so the entire meeting can be spent in adoration of the Lord. Singing, prayer, and personal testimonies of God's goodness are often key ingredients of such gatherings. But the idea of a praise service isn't new. In 1 Chronicles 14-16, we find an example from the days of King David: after months in the house of Obed-Edom, the Ark of the Covenant was about to be returned to Jerusalem. The king's heart rejoiced at the blessing his people would receive because of their obedience. At his directive, the priests offered burnt sacrifices to God. A loaf of bread and some meat were given to every man and woman in the land; spirits overflowed with joyful anticipation. Then came the final and most important part of the worship preparation: "[The king] appointed some of the Levites as ministers before the ark of the LORD, even to celebrate and to thank and praise the LORD God of Israel" (1 Chron. 16:4). David set apart a time adore God and extol His name. And that's what we're called to do, even when life is difficult. Benefits of Praise Praise focuses attention on God. When we take a long and deliberate look at the the Lord’s character and His ways, our focus naturally shifts away from difficulties.

Then we remember Christ’s death and the Father’s ability to care for us. Praise increases faith. Telling God what we love about Him always involves reciting His past actions of might and power in our lives. Looking back at the times He sent special provision at just the right moment, we feel compelled to thank the Lord for His blessings. This process results in a heart that expands with joy and security in Him. Praise gives a sense of identity. When we worship God, we declare that He is Lord and that we belong to Him. First Peter 2:9 identifies believers as members of “a people for God’s own possession, that [they] may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called [them] out of darkness into His marvelous light.” That is reason enough to praise Him forever. Pure praise for our great and awesome God should never be diminished by our circumstances. Unfettered worship comes from the hearts of those who understand that our heavenly Father owes us nothing but has given us everything. Because of His immeasurable love, God gave us the gift of life. We could not earn our physical existence—the Creator provided that blessing. Nor can we merit our salvation, which the Father bestows through His Son Jesus Christ. True praise rejoices in God’s goodness and focuses on His astounding attributes and character. Do you delight in knowing God? Is your relationship with Him exciting and rewarding? Learn the secret of praising the Lord at all times—even when storms of adversity arise (Job 1:21). Worship the Almighty, and let the truth of who He is illuminate your path.

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Abortion Clinic closes Islamic Star and Crescent in CAlifornia

That’s Shawn Carney from the national 40 Days for Life team with two local Orange County, California campaign leaders next to the “space available” sign that was placed outside the abortion facility on day 39 of their local campaign — the day the abortion center made public that it was closing its doors and shutting down.

As you look at that picture, think about what it will feel like when the Planned Parenthood in Salem posts a similar sign outside — the day when you realize that due to your faithfulness, no more children will perish here and no more women, middle and high school students will be wounded there. It can happen.

Chicago Schools Administrator: Homosexual High School Is 'Necessary' By Matt Hadro

Washington ( – A proposed homosexual-friendly Chicago public high school is “necessary” for the well-being of students, a Chicago Public Schools administrator told Wednesday. Joyce Brown, head of the district’s high school counselors, said the homosexuallyfriendly “Social Justice High School – Pride Campus” is necessary because “the issue (homosexuality) is out there.” The proposed high school, originally scheduled for a vote on Nov. 19, would offer taxpayer-funded support for homosexual and lesbian students. The proposal vote was pulled from the Chicago Board of Education agenda at the last minute. If approved, the Social Justice High School’s mission would be to facilitate “project based and problem based learning that addresses real world issues through the lenses of race, gender, culture, economic equity, peace, justice, and the environment.” According to Brown, this mission statement would be the catalyst for developing curriculum. When asked how the introduction of a social justice high school would improve the performance of the Chicago district, Brown

was vague. “Schools need to be connected with the students they teach,” she said. Brown, who was in Washington to take part in a news conference on college admissions testing, said she did not want the homosexual school’s creation to reflect “that our system has failed and we have to have pullouts.” That means, she said, that the proposed high school is not being created to address any purported “bullying” or “intolerance” of homosexual and lesbian students in Chicago public schools. Brown said efforts to decrease bullying are in place in all public schools. Social Justice High School – Pride Campus is important, she said, because students need “to feel comfortable.” It’s important that we address the needs of that particular segment and ask them what’s not working for them in our existing system?” She added, “What matters is coming to a school where you feel valued, where people are going to push you to the next level of success, and are there to help you and show that they care.” Brown expects that the plan will re-surface again for consideration in the future. “It’s not off the table,” she said.


Joins Christian Christmas Tree and Jewish Menorah

By Don Wyant, Jr. This year will be different in Armonk, N.Y. when they light the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Added to the Jewish menorah there will also be something new this year -- an Islamic crescent and star. City officials are welcoming applications for any and all religions that want to feature their symbols, such as Buddhists, Wiccans or Hindus. The holiday display, sponsored by the town of North Castle, which includes the village of Armonk, is among a growing number around the country that includes the symbol for Islam in its displays. "We've decided to go in the direction of being all-inclusive," said Reese Berman, supervisor of the town of 11,000, about 30 miles north of New York City and the site of IBM headquarters. The star and crescent have been part of the national Christmas tree display in Washington, D.C. for more than a decade. The symbol also is part of the display in Mineola on Long Island, which also features a Christmas tree, a menorah, a Nativity scene and a Kinara candleholder for Kwanzaa. Additionally, Wellesley, Mass., has had a star and crescent alongside its Christmas tree and menorah for several years. Armonk's display is centered on a gazebo in a towering pine grove. One tree about 11 feet tall, strung with white lights, has been placed inside. A silver menorah is a few steps to the right of the cobblestone walk leading to the gazebo. The bright-white crescent and star are on 6-foot-high stanchions to the left. According to Craig Mason, 63, a Armonk resident, the Islamic symbol "says nice things about the people here, about how we welcome everyone." He found the star and crescent symbol "very attractive in its simplicity." Director of the Armonk Chamber of Commerce, Judy Wesley, a Catholic said "in my opinion there's nothing wrong with having a spirit of inclusion. Jesus Christ himself would have gathered everyone around him." President of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights, Bill Donahue, said displaying a menorah and star-and-crescent, which he considers religious symbols, "shows tremendous sympathy for Jews and Muslims at the expense of the majority Christians." Donohue does not believe a Christmas tree is Christian and would favor adding a Nativity scene to better represent Christianity. Christmas-season displays on public prop-

erty have been controversial in recent years as courts have tried to balance free speech with church-state separation and wrestle with the issue of what is a religious symbol and what is secular. Two years ago, nearby Briarcliff Manor canceled its tree-and-menorah display rather than add a Nativity scene a resident wanted to donate. Last year it put up a 6-foot-tall model of a dreidel, a spinning toy with Hebrew letters, trying to keep things secular. North Castle added its menorah about 15 years ago at the behest of a local temple, which felt Hanukkah should be recognized along with Christmas. Last year, the town board was approached by Asad Jilani, who thought his family and other Muslim residents should also be represented. "I said `Oh, there's a menorah and a Christmas tree and where is my crescent?'" said Jilani. He said that although there is not always an Islamic holiday in December, he felt it would be an appropriate time to celebrate all cultures. What he didn't want, he said, is what the town did last year - move the menorah from the park onto the grounds of the temple. Berman says the town felt it did not have time to address Jilani's request and moving the menorah "would mean the star and crescent was not singled out." Jilani was embarrassed. "The last thing I was suggesting was to move the menorah," he said. "I wanted this to be for openness, for representing everyone." A committee was recently appointed by Berman to study what other municipalities had done and what the courts had decided. "It might have been easier to just do away with the Christmas tree and everything else but it would be too much of an assault on what we're used to at Christmas," said Berman, who's Jewish. The board approved the star and crescent and came up with guidelines for future reContinued on page 22

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Revival Sparked in Kansas City Church By Felicia Mann Crowds of people run to the altar, a preteen ushers in the presence of God, signs and wonders abound—all marks, observers say, of a revival that has shaken a Kansas City, Mo., church to its core. Since May 2 hundreds have gathered at World Revival Center in the heartland city to experience the miraculous power of God. “I can hardly stand up half the time,” said Casey Lohman, 47, a member of the church for 13 years. “It is that incredible. You’re stumbling for words all of the time.” Senior pastor Steve Gray said he knew something was different in his congregation after multitudes of people began testifying of miraculous healings. "The doctors could not get it fixed,” said Jim Conner, referring to a “nagging” pain in his lower back. “No one even laid hands on me. The power of God overwhelmed me and knocked me back. The pain was instantly gone." During the four services held every week, many have given testimonies of being healed of blindness, deafness, lameness, high blood pressure and a myriad of other ailments. But what astonishes Gray most are the transformed lives observed after the altar call has ended. “They’re becoming different people,” Gray told Charisma. “We see the fruit of it. The commitment and desire to love Jesus and to serve Jesus more … than they ever had in their entire life. They have obviously been revived.” Children and teenagers are also testifying of healings and to the presence of God. “A lot of the children are receiving as powerful a touch as anyone,” Gray said. “If [the Holy Spirit] doesn’t hit the children then, to me, it’s not a revival.” The power of God apparently fell so

strongly on the congregation one night that Ivan Ramirez,a 9-year-old boy who was praying for congregants at the time, recalled feeling warm, “like a thousand blankets all around me … it felt so good." The services are being streamed on the church’s web site ( Gray says the presence of God also manifests powerfully in meetings when he opens up his Bible to preach. “It’s so intense that when I preach or when I say God’s moving people just don’t saunter down [to the altar]. They run down,” he said. “I always laugh when people say ‘The Spirit was moving so strongly I couldn’t even preach.’ I always say: ‘That’s probably the time you should have preached.’” The pastor of the 800-member church says that revivals in the past have had a bad reputation of being “emotional and scripturally weak,” which is why he makes sure he preaches Scripture and sound doctrine. “We have these tremendous powerful moves of God,” he said. “Then we sit down and we listen to the Word and we let the Word of God do its work in us.” Gray’s congregation is familiar with revival. The church was the home of the 1996 Smithton Outpouring, which lasted more than five years and drew 225,000 people from every U.S. state and 60 countries worldwide. Gray doesn’t want to keep silent about the move of God transforming his congregation. “We want to bring this to every local congregation that we can,” he said. “We want to get a hold of the pastors and the leadership of the churches. I think the leadership of America need a fresh touch from God.”

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We’re in a Battle By Mark Hubbell – Executive Director Prison Fellowship “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” --Ephesians 6:12 Not long ago, a woman who is very active in one of Prison Fellowship’s Transformational Discipleship and Reconciliation classes informed us that she was suffering a high level of harassment from other prisoners living in her dorm – women who have committed their lives to a pagan worldview. We live in a post-modern, secularized society. To a large degree, people today do not believe in God or a supernatural dimension to life. Most tend to limit their spiritual understanding to the physical realm that they can see. However, Scripture teaches that there is indeed a supernatural realm. It is a truth that is taught throughout God’s word, including the passage from Ephesians cited above. The ministry of Prison Fellowship is directed towards men and women whose lives have been devastated by crime. They live in prisons that teem with evil and despair. We have engaged in a battle with a shrewd and cunning enemy, described by the Apostle John as a murderer and liar, by invading these strongholds. The enemy (Satan) despises this ministry. He is doing all he can to thwart and disrupt our efforts. His attacks are leveled at prisoners, volunteers and corrections staff alike, and they can take on many forms. Spiritual warfare is a reality all followers of Christ face, and it can be very intense at times. However, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. We have an adversary, but he is no match for God! In Ephesians 6, we are briefed on this battle and told to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. We are to put on the full armor of God, so that we may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. And we are told to pray! That is sound advice. This isn’t a game. Please pray for those involved in this ministry. In recent weeks we have seen a sharp increase in demonic activity. We didn’t enter this battle to lose it. We’re in it, to win it! Go Ye Therefore…

Jesus said to His followers “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may observe your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” God is glorified as His followers minister and serve others in His name! You and your church can be involved in His ministry of reconciliation – transforming lives by demonstrating the lovingkindess of God. Here’s how… In-Prison Ministry Bible study leaders and facilitators are needed to teach God’s word to incarcerated men and women in the area. Discipleship is the core of Prison Fellowship’s mission, and volunteer Bible teachers and small group facilitators are needed! Family Ministry Now is the time to sign up for the 2009 Angel Tree season! Ministry to the families of prisoners can go way beyond the delivery of gifts! If your church participated in the 2008 Angel Tree project, be sure to order your free copy of “Family Embraced.” We have a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of prisoners’ families! Re-Entry Ministry The number of Community Re-Entry Teams across the Pacific Northwest continues to increase! New teams will soon be launched in Coos and Jackson Counties, and we’d love to include you! Mentors are also needed to walk beside Christian ex-prisoners returning to the community. Volunteers are needed to serve in many other capacities in helping men and women begin new, Christcentered lives after prison! Prayer We are looking for people to intercede for this ministry and to lift the needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families before the Lord! Office Assistance There are many ways to assist in the Salem office, including data entry, making calls, helping with mailings, and helping with other administrative tasks. For more information on these and other ministry opportunities please contact Prison Fellowship (toll-free) at 1 888 740 7444, email us ( or link to their website from www.TheJCTown. com.


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To Absolutely Know that you know.. By Bill Kenyon I went to church as a young boy but did not enjoy it and it was really just a Sunday thing my brother and I had to do. My recollections are of women with long dresses, no lipstick and certainly little in the smiling department. Whether that was the case or just how I remember it, I don’t know. Once in high school, I can’t remember ever going to church although my Mom tried to get us to go. My Dad usually drove us but I can’t remember Sunday school either. Then to the military and at that time I became engrossed in Objectivism and Ayn Rand. I became an atheist for all intent and purposes. That served me well enough for years and into a marriage. he marriage brought us another bundle of joy to match the oldest child. At 2 months of age, she was a rollie pollie 10 pound mass of fat it seemed. Smiling and everything seemed normal for 2 months. Then, we discovered blood in her urine and a trip to the Pediatrician confirmed our worst fears, a tumor. 2 days later, she was operated on and a 2 lb cancerous tumor was removed. 20 % of her body weight was a massive Wilms Tumor. They started her on chemo therapy and,

at the time, there wasn’t any weight charts for an 8 pound baby and they overdosed her to the point that she was bleeding from her scalp. They had to strap her on a papoose board to hold her down for the injections, she fought like crazy to prevent them from doing it to her. Not a pleasant time for anybody as you could hear her screams throughout the floor. Nobody told her she was just a little baby and her voice was as loud as my wrestling coach. My parents were there and they asked their Pastor (Connie Salios) to come and talk to me. Remember, I was an atheist and had little use for Pastors. He asked me to go to the Chapel to pray to which I objected and he said “are you afraid to go pray?” I said no, ok lets go but my heart certainly wasn’t in it. We sat in the Chapel for a very short time and I began to pray. In my prayer, I begged God not to have her suffer. I told Him, I understood why he would want her back because she was so beautiful and please, don’t make her suffer. As soon as I started to pray, I guess my upbringing kicked in and just like a light switch going on, with all the certainty in the world I knew she was going to be ok.

Jan 22, 2008

I knew that particular cancer would never cause her death. I knew that I knew. There was absolutely zero doubt. None, nada, my beautiful baby girl was going to be fine. Today, she is 38 years old. With that knowledge, I started laughing out loud with absolute joy. The Pastor knew something happened as well and he was beaming all over. Of course, no one else was laughing and experiencing that joy including my wife. I think that incident was the beginning of the end of our marriage. Had the situation been reversed, well I probably wouldn’t have believed it either. I started going to church and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Baptism followed and Sunday school for myself and older daughter. Then, life set in, I didn’t get the support at home and gradually back slid to one who said yes, I believe in Jesus, but my behavior didn’t support my words. A divorce followed a decade or so later and a move to Phoenix, AZ. There I met my current wife Charly and we moved a few times settling in Las Vegas. Together we had a great life selling Real Estate in the hottest market in the country. Big house, 42 X 18 foot heated pool with a spa, Jet Skies, ATV’s, 41 foot toy hauler, new diesel truck and so forth. For many years that was great, then slowly, we started to lose friends and relationships. Doors closed. We were in Real Estate and the market had crashed! For 1 year, little income and for 2 years, no income and about $9,000 in monthly expenses. Fortunately, we were able to sell our home for $50,000 under a recent appraisal and were thrilled to have that happen. It was God, but at the time, we sure didn’t know it. We decided to move to Oregon to live in our trailer on our daughter and son in laws property. On the way north, we ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up in Crescent Lake (up in the mountains!) On the

way down the mountain about 11:00 am, I looked out the driver’s window and saw the 41 foot trailer trying to pass me. We had hit black ice. Zero control. I threw up my hands and said “Jesus take the wheel” from that beautiful song of the same name. He did, it straightened out, we didn’t go over either side of the 2 lane mountain road, and no one was coming up the other way. Again, I knew that I knew He did it. Well OK God, you’ve sure got our attention again. That’s twice He made distinct and impressive things happen in my life, not to mention all the ones I didn’t know about. We started going to our daughter’s church and Charly accepted a “scholarship” to go to a Women’s retreat the end of April. At that retreat, Charly accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. That was April 29, 2007. The lady that brought her to the Lord (Patti Laughlin, a pastor’s wife), she said now that you’ve become a Christian, you need to find your calling as a Christian. She prayed for about 10 days and then at 2:30 in the morning, sat straight up in bed and said “Christian Chamber of Commerce.” Not our idea at all. His idea and now His Chamber. We made telephone inquires to businesses we found in the Christian newspaper and radio ads and out of 50 calls, 47 said they would be interested in joining something like that. At the Grand Opening, there were 210 people, that was February 29, 2008. Now, His Chamber has about 140 members and stretches from Vancouver, WA to Albany, OR. And we have interest from a group in Seattle, WA to join the Chamber as well. Charly and I are full time with His Chamber and love every minute of it. He works in amazing ways and we are eternally grateful for His love, His patience with us and His Promise. When you know that you know, you also know His promise is for real as well.

Friday Night Concerts “Totally Gospel II” Friday Night Concerts, January 2nd 7:30pm tll 9:30 om @ Peninsula Open Bible Church 8225 N. Peninsula Portland Or, for mor information call 503-289-3343 or 53-335-3132



Islamic Continured from page 19 quests: There has to be a formal application, the symbol will be displayed only during the Christmas season, it has to be privately funded and the board will not try to distinguish between religious and secular symbols. Jilani said he believes the town was "magnificent" and true to the spirit of openness he says he has always felt there. He feels it was important that the request came from a resident rather than an outsider. Laila Al-Qatami, spokeswoman for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington, said: "Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans are Americans and respect other religions. They know that Christmas is a big holiday and they're glad to be included." Well, there it is folks… “Jesus is the

Reason for the Season,” is just no longer the case. I believe that the fact that most of Christmas is built on pagan traditions has a lot to do with where we now are as Christians with this “sacred” holiday. So, where do we go from here? Do we withdraw and let the pagans have their holiday back? Do we celebrate the true feasts and festivals as ordered from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? One of these is the Festival of Tabernacles, which is the celebration symbolic of our Messiah coming to live with us. That festival, the true celebration of the birth of our Savior just passed – it is in the fall when he was actually born. Perhaps we will all choose to be obedient and celebrate Feast of Tabernacles next year while the Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. celebrate “Christmas.”

     


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REPOR TER Abortion for Christmas?  

Baby Ava Madeline is the daughter of Melissa and Greg Bennett, MD. She was born Dec. 6, 2008.

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