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Mission is to advance the orthodontic specialty by

supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care.


LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT: As we reflect on 2019, it is important to realize that what we see in the Foundation today has evolved from a strategic plan put in place a couple of years ago. For years we have grown the Foundation based primarily on advancing our specialty through supporting orthodontic research, our very talented faculty continue to provide us with the backing and tools we need to be successful practicing orthodontists. During the past few years, we have broadened our horizon to more directly involve (include) our members. Directing more emphasis on the younger orthodontist, we instituted the Resident Gift Program. This program was designed to assist in enabling residents to attend world class lectures, seeing firsthand what makes our specialty so great, as well as an opportunity to meet the companies that provide us with up to date appliances and more. Our members have had questions about orthodontic products and needed a way to have them answered. Out of this the Rapid Assessment of Evidence program was created. Inquiries can be submitted, and our panel will review the product in question, discuss the research with the manufacturers, draw conclusions and report their findings back to our membership. If you have not taken advantage of this opportunity take time today to check it out on the Foundation website. With the many different approaches offering tooth movement to the public it is clear that solid research is needed to properly evaluate the work and outcomes from DIY/teleorthodontics, online purchasing of appliances and more compared to traditional orthodontic care. Outcomes from this research will be provided to inform our members and the public. To this end, the Foundation has a Call for Proposals going out to our profession to submit proposals for research funding supported by the Foundation in 2021. Still very important to our mission the Foundation sponsored orthodontic research in 2019 to the tune of $774,738. To ensure that the proposals submitted for research are quality proposals, a workshop, organized by the Foundation and presented by members of the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) is offered during Annual Session to all people interested in applying for the grants the Foundation offers as well as those people who mentor the applicants.

2018-2019 AAOF BOARD OF DIRECTORS David J. Angus, DMD President (NESO)

Orhan C. Tuncay, DMD

Fred A. Garrett, DDS, MS National Campaign Chair (SWSO)

President-Elect (MASO)

Jeffrey S. Genecov, DDS,

Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE


Secretary-Treasurer ex officio

Lili Horton, DMD, MS (PCSO)

Chris Bentson, (Public)

Keri Kenning, DDS Resident Director (SWSO)

Mark E. Berkman, DDS, MBA (GLAO) Robert James Bray, DDS, MS National Planned Giving Chair (MASO) John Callahan, DDS, MS AAO Ex-Officio (NESO) Wanda Claro, DDS, MS PARC Liaison (SAO)

James G. Klarsch, DDS, MS (MSO) Ryan Moynihan, (Public) Frank Quinn, (Public) Mark Rashidi, DDS, MBA National Vanguard Society Chair (PCSO)

Michael Foy, DDS (RMSO)

These are just some of the activities the Foundation is involved in but provide you with a taste of how the dollars you invest in the Foundation are used to support the specialty and give back to you.



2019-2020 IMPACT $774,738



DIAMOND CORPORATE PARTNER $750,000 Align Technology





GOLD CORPORATE PARTNERS $500,000 3M Oral Care Dentsply GAC Ormco Corporation TP Orthodontics, Inc.








FOUNDERS $100,000 Great Lakes Dental Technologies OCA Ortho Technology, Inc.

FELLOWS $50,000 AAO Services, Inc. DynaFlex Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc.


$25,000 Carestream Dental Dentaurum Dolphin Imagining & Management Solutions Forestadent USA G & H Wire Company Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc. Ortho2 - Ortho Computer Systems, Inc. O.S.E. Co., Inc. Pacific Dental Services Philips Sonicare Specialty Appliances Tru-Tain Orthodontics Charlene White Roth Williams Center for Functional Occlusion, Inc. Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd Zuelke & Associates, Inc.



$20,000 Boyd Industries, Inc.


$15,000 Allesee Ortho Appliances/AOA Lab Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. Matlack/Van Every Design Inc. PATRON $10,000 Class One Orthodontics Inc. Dexta Corporation DOME, Inc. Joan Garbo Consulting MASEL Ortho Organizers, Inc. Ross Orthodontic Venture Six, Inc.

SUPPORTERS $5,000 Acuscape Beck Instrument/E A Beck & Co. Bentson Clark & Copple,LLC Debbie Best Consulting Network Byrne Consulting GC America Inc. Hummingbird Associates Interplak By Conair Lang Dental Mfg. Co., Inc. Lending Club Patient Solutions LeoneAmerica Dental Products, Inc. Oasys Practice, LLC OREC Professional Marketing Systems, Inc. Ortho Arch Co. OrthoVOICE OSCAR Inc. PAR Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc. Quick Ceph Systems Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc. Rosen & Associates, LLP Sesame Communications Summit Orthodontic Services, Inc. TopsOrtho UBS Financial Services, Inc. US Orthodontic Products, Inc. Wehmer Corporation WildSmiles Braces

“Since its inception the AAOF has funded research and faculty development at over 85% of the orthodontic programs in the United States. We contribute to the foundation because industry needs to support the AAOF which supports education and education is the distinguishing factor of an orthodontist as a specialist.” –Paul Gange, President Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc.



$20,000 GORP

The AAO Foundation is proud to support the Graduate Orthodontic Resident Program (GORP) by providing $20,000 to help fund their annual event.

“The AAO Foundation’s support of GORP is pivotal to the success of the event. First and foremost, AAO Foundation funding helps provide housing for residents, the exhibitor hall for vendors, and welcome backpacks for all attendees. Not only is GORP the first of many conferences during a resident’s orthodontic career, it is also typically the first time residents are introduced to the AAO Foundation and the Vanguard Society.” –Keri Kenning, DDS Orthodontics Resident, University of Texas, Class of 2020 Creighton University School of Dentistry, Class of 2018 AAO Foundation Board Member






ANNUAL SESSION SPONSORSHIP The AAO Foundation proudly offers $22,000 in support of AAO Annual Session. A portion of this sponsorship provides attendees with a valuable How to Apply for AAOF Grants Workshop hosted by the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) to offer insight to those interested in applying for future grants from the Foundation through the Awards Program. The Foundation presented the 2019 Jarabak Award to Dr. Anne Kuijpers-Jagtman during the AAO Annual Session Excellence Luncheon. The 2019 Eugene and Pauline Blair American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Distinguished Service Award was presented during the AAO Foundation Breakfast to Dr. Laura R. Iwasaki for her exceptional contribution to the furtherance of the mission and goals of the Foundation. The Jacob A. Salzmann Lecturer for 2019 was Dr. Hugo De Clerck.

The 2019 Eugene and Pauline Blair American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Distinguished Service Award recipient Laura Iwasaki, DDS, MSC, PhD, PARC Chair (left) with AAOF President, David J. Angus, DMD (right)

The AAO Foundation also funds The Business of Orthodontics AAO Foundation Seminar during Annual Session. In 2019, the Foundation also launched the Resident Gift Program at Annual Session to offset the cost for residents to attend because we recognize the importance of residents experiencing the world class lectures, networking with peers and meeting vendors.


AWARDS PROGRAM • Nine (9) Biomedical Research Awards •S  ixteen (16) Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards •O  ne (1) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award • Seven (7) Research Aid Awards • Aggregate of $724,738 •M  aintenance of Legacy Project $50,000 •A  warded Amount total $774,738; 33 Research and Fellowship Awards granted


2019 AWARDS PROGRAM BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH AWARDS (BRA) •Y  adav, Sumit, University of Connecticut – Being selected as the most meritorious, this BRA is to be designated the – B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award •A  kyalcin, Sercan, Tufts University – Robert James Bray Biomedical Research Award •A  tsawasuwan, Phimon, University of Illinois, Chicago – Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award • Heo, Giseon, University of Alberta •K  asper, F. Kurtis, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston – The Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award •N  ickel, Jeffrey, Oregon Health & Science University – Robert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award •Pae, Eung-Kwon, University of Maryland Baltimore – Burstone-Indiana Biomechanics Award •P  liska, Benjamin, University of British – Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award • Uribe, Flavio, University of Connecticut

ORTHODONTIC FACULTY DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIP AWARDS (OFDFA) •K  im, Sohyon (Michelle), Oregon Health & Science University – Being selected as the most meritorious, this OFDFA is to be designated the – Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award •A  ras, Isil, Jacksonville University – Eugene E. West Memorial Fellowship Award •B  ajestan, Mona, University of California, San Francisco – Robert E. Gaylord Teaching Fellowship Award •B  azina, Mohamed, University of Kentucky – Albert P. Westfall Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award • Christou, Tersipthea, University of Alabama Birmingham •D  utra, Eliane, University of Connecticut – James A. McNamara Orthodontic Faculty Fellowship Award

•E  lnagar, Mohammed H., University of Illinois Chicago – Robert M. Ricketts Sunflower Orthodontics Fellowship Award •G  udhimella, Sudha, University of Louisville – Robert E. Binder Teaching Fellowship Award •H  uang, Wei, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine – Anthony A. Gianelly Teaching Fellowship Award •Jacob, Helder, University of Texas Houston – Subtelny, Baker, Eastman Teaching Fellowship Award • J eon, Hyeran Helen, University of Pennsylvania – Orhan C. Tuncay Teaching Fellowship Award • Qian, Xu, Tufts University – T. M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award • Shin, Kyungsup, University of Iowa • Vishwanath, Meenakshi, University of Nebraska •Vora, Siddharth/University of British Columbia – Michael Matlof Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award • Zou, Bingshuang, University of British Columbia

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP AWARD (PFA) •Jacox, Laura, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Martin “Bud” Schulman Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

RESEARCH AID AWARD (RAA) •Abdallah, Mohamed-Nur, University of Toronto • Azoulay-Avinoam, Shayna, University of Illinois Chicago • Chen, Po-Jung, University of Connecticut • Khan, Shariq, University of New York, Stony Brook • L ee, Daniel, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award • Liu, Jia, University of Connecticut • Younessian, Farnaz, Nova Southeastern

AWARDS HISTORY Since 1994, the AAOF Awards Program has contributed the following to orthodontic education and research.




1994 - $108,945 1995 - $221,208 1996 - $275,695 1997 - $396,785 1998 - $396,460


1999-2003 $2,502,607


1999 - $562,578 2000 - $624,950 2001 - $723,660 2002 - $469,419 2003 - $122,000


2004 - $295,347 2005 - $337,231 2006 - $652,978 2007 - $712,800 2008 - $594,911








2009-2013 $2,395,000


2009 - $120,000 2010 - $150,000 2011 - $980,000 2012 - $540,000 2013 - $605,000


2014 - $470,000 2015 - $687,000 2016 - $800,830 2017 - $676,774 2018 - $786,712 2019 - $774,738



10 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

“AAOF has been playing a key role in developing the next generation of educators by supporting orthodontic faculty members who are conducting high quality research. This is critical as the future of our specialty rests in the hands of our educators. The AAOF has been very adept at assessing and adapting to the current healthcare landscape. The scope of research projects that have ben funded by AAOF during the past few years stand testimony to this. I would strongly urge you to support AAOF.” –VEERASATHPURUSH ALLAREDDY, BDS, MBA, MHA, PhD, MMSc UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO DEPARTMENT HEAD OF ORTHODONTICS BRODIE CRANIOFACIAL ENDOWED CHAIR PROFESSOR


Members of the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) and staff at the January 2020 meeting are shown L/R Front Row: Jackie Bode (Executive Director, AAOF); Sunil Wadhwa (NESO/NY); Sarandeep Huja (SAO/SC – Vice Chair); Laura Iwasaki (PCSO/OR – Chair); Veerasathpurush Allareddy (MSO/IL); Sylvia Frazier-Bowers (SAO/NC); Cheryl Young (AAOF Staff – Secretary) and L/R Back Row: Wanda Claro (SAO/TN – AAOF Board Liaison); Peter Buschang (SWSO/TX); Martin Palomo (GLAO/OH); Eric Ting (PCSO/CA); Wellington Rody (NESO/NY); James Klarsch (MSO/MO – AAOF Board); Mindy Copp (AAOF Staff); Lili Horton (PCSO/HI)

While keeping the ultimate fiduciary responsibility of the Awards Program, the Foundation Board has delegated to the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) the responsibility of reviewing the various applications and recommending which are to be funded, as well as making recommendations about any alterations in the Foundation’s Awards Program. PARC is composed of nine voting members and one nonvoting member: Voting members of PARC are selected by the AAOF Board of Directors from recommendations originating from the AAO Board of Trustees; through the AAO Council on Education (COE) and AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA), PARC and from the AAOF Board itself. Individuals recommended by either council and nominated by the AAO BOT need not be members of either council. Typically, PARC members serve a maximum of two three-year terms. The Chair and Vice Chair of PARC are both determined by the AAOF BOD. The nonoting member of PARC, who is designated the AAOF Board Liaison to PARC, is selected by the AAOF BOD from among Foundation Directors.

PARC membership for 2019-2020 Laura Iwasaki DDS, MS, PhD, Chair (PCSO/OR) Sarandeep S. Huja DDS, Vice Chair (SAO/SC) Peter Buschang PhD (SWSO/TX) Sylvia Frazier-Bowers (SAO/NC) J. Martin Palomo DDS, MSD (GLAO/OH) Wellington Rody DDS (NESO/NY) Eric Kang Ting DMD (PCSO/CA) Sunil Wadhwa DDS, PhDS (NESO/NY) Wanda Claro DDS, MS, Board Liaison (SAO/TN) Veerasathpurush Allareddy BDS, PHD (MSO/IL)

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 11


Associate Professor, University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

AWARD 2018 Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award

“As a bioengineer, I am thrilled to explore exciting new frontiers at the intersection of engineering and orthodontics, and funding from the AAOF has been vital to enable my investigations in these areas that traditionally are not targets for funding from federal sources. The funding from AAOF provides me with opportunities to expand my exposure to the challenges of clinical orthodontics, to collaborate with clinicians and researchers in the field, to increase my research profile, and to broaden my professional network. The benefits enabled by AAOF support provide a firm foundation upon which I plan to continue to build my research program in topics of relevance to orthodontics.� –F. Kurtis Kasper, PhD

12 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Recent advances in additive manufacturing technologies present the potential for fabrication of esthetic orthodontic brackets in-office via 3D-printing using materials cleared for intraoral use. Direct fabrication of esthetic brackets via 3D-printing could revolutionize orthodontics by enabling clinicians to design and fabricate customized brackets that satisfy patient demands for esthetics in an on-demand fashion. At the same time, in-office design and fabrication of brackets via 3D-printing would support increased clinician control and operational efficiency in orthodontic practices. As clinical cases of 3D-printed brackets emerge in the literature, a clear and urgent need exists to investigate key properties of 3D-printed brackets, including their mechanical and color stability as a function of time, to inform the orthodontic community regarding potential advantages and limitations. Accordingly, the overall objective of this project was to evaluate the mechanical and color stability of 3D-printed orthodontic brackets. The data collectively demonstrated the proof-of-concept of applying biocompatible resins toward the fabrication of orthodontic premolar brackets via 3D-printing and the feasibility of the methods applied in characterizing the shear bond strength of the brackets bonded to enamel and the color stability of the printed materials. The data suggests that clinically sufficient shear bond strengths can be achieved with 3D-printed brackets, and that the shear bond strength depends on the material used in the fabrication. Additionally, the data suggests that the color stability of the materials investigated may not be suitable for application in fabrication of esthetic orthodontic brackets. To read the complete summary, visit https://www.aaofoundation.net/awards-program/summary-of-awards


Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics

AWARD 2019 Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award Post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) on TMJ is one of the most challenging degenerative joint disorders resulting in facial asymmetry, malocclusion, and limited masticatory function. This degenerative disorder, if not intervened in a timely manner with conservative/non-surgical approaches, may require surgical procedures such as arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, discectomy, condylotomy, and/or joint replacement. However, due to its multifactorial etiology, the incidence of PTOA on TMJ related to trauma to the mandible is difficult to determine.

“Generous funding by the AAOF is indeed pivotal to my research investigations and growth as an independent research scientist and orthodontic educator. I truly express my very sincere gratitude for the continuous support from the AAOF.” –Kyungsup Shin DMD MS PhD

Fracture energy has been utilized previously as an objective method for assessing fracture severity and predicting PTOA risk in the lower extremities, but not yet in the craniofacial bones. The objectives of this project are to validate that CBCT can be used to compute an objective fracture energy, and to characterize the range of fracture energy scores and their distribution over different anatomical regions of the mandible, which can be utilized as a predictive information for PTOA development. Dr. Shin anticipates fracture energies will be well characterized by his research team’s new methodology. Once the outcomes of this study are successfully achieved, Dr. Shin plans to expand his study to investigate potential association between the severity of fracture (i.e. fracture energy level) and occurrence of PTOA in TMJ. Benefit to Orthodontic Education The knowledge gained from his project could potentially be applied across a range of applications including orthodontic care for the patients with past medical history of trauma, post-traumatic craniofacial surgery, dentoalveolar bone defects, and condylar degeneration. To read the complete summary, visit www.aaofoundation.net/awards-program/about-the-aaof-awards-program

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 13

NAMED AWARDS Biomedical Research Award (BRA)

Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award (OFDFA)

•B  .F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award*

• Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award*

•R  obert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award

• Robert E. Binder Teaching Fellowship Award

•R  obert James Bray Biomedical Research Award

• Robert E. Gaylord Teaching Fellowship Award

• Burstone-Indiana Biomechanics Award**

• Anthony A. Gianelly Teaching Fellowship Award

• Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award***

• T.M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award

• Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award

• Michael Matlof Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award

• The Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award

• Robert M. Ricketts Sunflower Orthodontics Fellowship Award

• Contact AAO Foundation to learn how to name an award

•S  ubtelny, Baker, Eastman Teaching Fellowship Award

Corporate Center Award • GAC International Corporate Center Award • Ormco/”A” Company Corporate Center Award • 3M Unitek Corporate Center Award • Align Technology, Inc. Corporate Center Award • American Orthodontics Corporate Center Award • T.P. Orthodontics Corporate Center Award

• Orhan C. Tuncay Teaching Fellowship Award • Eugene E. West Memorial Fellowship Award • Albert P. Westfall Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award • James A. McNamara Orthodontic Faculty Fellowship Award

Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (PFA) • Martin “Bud” Schulman Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Research Aid Award



14 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

• Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award *Designation given to the most meritorious proposal within each Award Category **Successful applicant of the award each year designated as a Burstone Fellow in Biomechanics ***A preference for Junior Faculty

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YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 15


“I consider the practice of orthodontics to be the greatest business practice opportunity anybody could ever want. We create beautiful, healthy smiles. I am at a stage where I look back at what orthodontics has done for me personally and I certainly want to give back to my profession. As somebody writing my estate, I want to make sure my monies go directly to what is important to me. The one place I know for sure that is going to happen is with the Foundation, which is assuring we have the best research and education possible. So family first, supporting the profession second, but definitely both are a part of my estate.” –John Callahan, DDS MS

16 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. George Q. Adams – SWSO Dr. Kendra Smedley Adey – MASO Dr. Farrah Agahi – SWSO Dr. Thomas L. Ahman and Mrs. Cathy A. Ahman – GLAO Dr. Richard H. Albright, Jr. and Mrs. Jane A. Albright – MASO Dr. Richard H. Albright, III – MASO Dr. R.G. (Wick) Alexander and Mrs. Janna Alexander – SWSO Dr. Cyrus M. Alizadeh – MSO Dr. Christopher M. Anderson – PCSO Dr. Mariela Anderson - GLAO Dr. David J. Angus and Mrs. Carol N. Angus – NESO Dr. Kolman P. Apt – SAO Dr. Thomas Arkle, III and Mrs. Stephanie Arkle – SAO Dr. Richard Scott Arnstine – GLAO Dr. Eric J. Atha – RMSO Dr. Stanley A. Ault and Mrs. Ruth Ault – SWSO Dr. James J. Awbrey, IV and Mrs. Jill R. Awbrey – SAO Dr. Dominique Vidrine Backus and Dr. Jeffrey Backus – SAO Dr. J. Newsom Baker and Mrs. Beverly A. Baker – SAO Dr. Thomas R. Bales and Mrs. Suzanne H. Bales – PCSO Dr. Brooks Barefoot – RMSO Dr. Nicholas D. Barone and

Mrs. Diane S. Barone – NESO

Dr. Robert L. Boyd – PCSO

Dr. Gary A. Baughman – PCSO Dr. Sheldon Baumrind (Deceased) and Mrs. Joan F. Baumrind Dr. Ronald E. Bautsch and Mrs. Kathryn Bautsch – SWSO Dr. Sandra Beckett – MASO Mrs. Jane Kirkland Bedell (Deceased) Dr. S. Matthew Beecroft – SAO Dr. Stephen J. Belli – GLAO Dr. Allen N. Benning and Mrs. Dede Benning – RMSO Dr. Bartley Howell Benson and Mrs. Katie H. Benson – SAO Dr. John Benton and Mrs. Judy J. Benton – SAO Dr. Michael J. Bernard – GLAO Dr. L. Ruth Berry and Mr. James Fogle – SAO Ms. Debbie Best – FRIEND Dr. Alton C. Bishop – RMSO Dr. B. Keith Black – SAO Dr. Eugene S. Blair and Mrs. Pauline G. Blair – MSO Dr. Keith Allan Blalock and Mrs. Heather Blalock – SWSO Mr. Michael G. Bogenschuetz and Mrs. Georgia Bogenschuetz – FRIEND

Dr. Robert James Bray – MASO Ms. Rosemary Bray – FRIEND Dr. Joel E. Broussard and Mrs. Jo Ella Broussard – SWSO Dr. Edward V. Brown, III – SAO Dr. Erick Buchner – SAO Dr. Walter C. Buchsieb and Mrs. Betty R. Buchsieb – GLAO Dr. Jason K. Bunch – GLAO Dr. Michael Bunner (Deceased) and Mrs. Jeannie Bunner Dr. Thomas O. Burns and Mrs. Mary Ann Burns – GLAO Dr. Timothy Jay Bussick – GLAO Dr. John D. Callahan, Jr. and Mrs. Elletta S. Callahan – NESO Dr. R. Paul Campbell – MASO Dr. Robert P. Campbell – GLAO Dr. Ricky G. Caples and Mrs. Lynna Capels – SAO Dr. Joseph Carastro, IV and Mrs. Nancy Carastro – PCSO Dr. Wes Cardall – PCSO Dr. David Carden and Mrs. Linda Ann Carden – SAO Dr. David B. Carter and Mrs. Linda Carter – SAO

Dr. Brandon Boggan – SAO Dr. Brian K. Bons – SAO Dr. Barry E. Booth – MSO Dr. Ryan Booth – RMSO Dr. Richard E. Boyd – SAO

Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh and Mrs. Patricia Cavanaugh – MSO Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Cavanaugh and Dr. Linzi A. Cavenaugh – MSO

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Jagdish M. Chada and Mrs. Meena Chadha – SAO Dr. David A. Chenin – PCSO Dr. Stephen T. Chenin – PCSO Dr. Kyle R. Childers – MSO Dr. George B. Clarke and Mrs. Brenda J. Clarke – PCSO Mr. Richard A. Collier (Deceased) Dr. Clark D. Colville and Mrs. Margie Colville – SWSO Dr. Colleen E. Connor – MSO Dr. Arnold R. Cook (Deceased) Dr. Tanner Cook – SWSO Dr. John X. Cordoba – SAO Dr. Mark Neil Coreil – SAO Dr. Robert S. Cornwell (Deceased) and Mrs. Nancy C. Cornwell Dr. Ryan Jeffrey Cox – SAO Dr. Christopher L. Crane – GLAO Dr. Ross L. Crist and Mrs. Lisa Crist – MSO Dr. Antonio Cucalon, Jr. and Mrs. Rosario Cucalon – PCSO Dr. Robert H. Curtis – PCSO Dr. Mark L. Dake – MSO Dr. C. Lynn Davis and Mrs. Vicki Davis – SWSO The Estate of Dante A. DeAngelo – GLAO Dr. Brian R. DeGise and Mrs. Barb DeGise – MSO Dr. Donald C. Demas – NESO Dr. Melvin DeSoto and Mrs. Katy DeSoto – SWSO

Dr. Emma M. DiCarlo and Mr. H. Curtis Vincent – SWSO Dr. Todd Dickerson – PCSO Dr. Nelson R. Diers – GLAO Dr. Andrew Dietrich – SAO Mr. Kevin J. Dillard, Esq. and Mrs. Allison Dillard – FRIEND Dr. J. Kendall Dillehay and Mrs. Rebecca D. Dillehey – SWSO Dr. Courtland M. Drake – MSO Dr. Oles Basil Drobocky – SAO Dr. Glenn Dubroc, Jr. and Mrs. Bobbi Dubroc – SAO Dr. Terry L. Duncan (Deceased) and Mrs. Patsy B. Duncan Ms. Carol Eaton – FRIEND Dr. Brad J. Elkin – MASO Dr. Jeryl D. English and Mrs. Kathryn S. English – SWSO Dr. Joshua Z. Epstein – MASO Dr. Christopher Escott – SAO Dr. George E. Ewan (Deceased) Dr. Guy A. Favaloro and Mrs. Jean H. Favaloro – SAO Dr. Austin W. Feeney and Mrs. Virginia Gambale – NESO Dr. Randy M. Feldman – SAO Dr. Dana E. Fender – SAO Dr. Nicholas P. Ferri – MSO Dr. Brett C. Fidler and Mrs. Susan L. Fidler – PCSO Dr. Jon C. Fisher and Mrs. Jane K. Fisher – SAO

Mr. Richard E. Fister, Jr. – FRIEND Dr. Leonard Fiume – SAO Dr. Andrew E. Forman and Mrs. Leslie Ann Forman – PCSO Dr. Christian M. Fortney – PCSO Dr. Michael J. Foy and Mrs. Janet Foy – RMSO Dr. Gregg T. Frey – MASO Dr. Scott Frey – MASO Dr. Stuart Frost – PCSO Dr. Andre M. Fruge – SAO Dr. J. Bradley Fruge – SAO Dr. James F. Fruge, Jr. and Mrs. Louise N. Fruge – SAO Dr. Jeremy R. Fry and Mrs. Nicki Fry – SWSO Dr. Michael A. Fuchs – MSO Dr. Rick W. Fuchs – MSO Dr. Edwin J. Fuder and Mrs. Joan C. Fuder – GLAO Dr. James H. Gallagher and Mrs. Dale M. Gallagher – RMSO Dr. Ronald L. Gallerano and Mrs. Nelda U. Gallerano – SWSO Dr. Fred A. Garrett and Mrs. Dianne F. Garrett – SWSO Dr. Justin A. Garrett – SAO Dr. Steven G. Garrett and Mrs. Susan S. Garrett – SAO Dr. Matthew Gaworski – RMSO Dr. William C. Gaylord and Mrs. Carole F. Gaylord – RMSO Dr. Mark S. Geller & Mrs. Madeleine Geller – SWSO

407 407 Individuals or couples have joined the Keystone Society by making a Continued Commitment to the Specialty® pledge to include AAO Foundation in their estate plans.

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 17

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Edward R. Genecov (Deceased) and Mrs. Sally Genecov Dr. Jeffrey S. Genecov and Mrs. Lisa Genecov – SWSO Dr. Raymond George, Sr. and Mrs. Sonjia George – NESO Dr. William V. Gierie – SAO Dr. James E. Gjerset and Mrs. LuAnne J. Gjerset – MSO Dr. Ronald I. Glaeser – PCSO Dr. Gayle Glenn – SWSO Dr. A. Joel Gluck and Mrs. Linda Gluck – SAO Dr. Jonathan Gluck – SAO Dr. Marvin C. Goldstein (Deceased) Dr. Jasmine Gorton – PCSO Dr. Lee W. Graber and Mrs. Jane B. Graber – MSO Dr. T. M. Graber (Deceased) and Dr. Doris A. Graber Ms. Ellen Grady – FRIEND Dr. Mervin W. Graham and Mrs. Katherine E. Graham – RMSO Dr. Joseph W. Gray – PCSO Dr. Ronald B. Gross and Mrs. Stephanie Gross – MASO Dr. Steven M. Guelff – SAO Dr. and Mrs. Myron D. Guymon – RMSO Dr. David G. Haas and Mrs. Carol Haas – GLAO Dr. Gregory Hack and Dr. Barbara Kelly Hack – NESO

18 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. Delbert E. Hale and Mrs. Rebecca Hale – SAO Dr. Darren Haltom - RMSO Dr. David C. Hamilton (Deceased) and Mrs. Effie Hamilton Dr. Scott D. Hamilton and Mrs. Mary E. Hamilton – SWSO Dr. Todd L. Hamilton and Mrs. Betsy C. Hamilton – SAO Dr. David W. Hamula – RMSO Dr. James B. Hanigan and Mrs. Michelle Hanigan – SWSO Dr. Justin P. Hannon – SAO Dr. Stephanie Hannon – SAO Dr. Stephen J. Hannon II – SAO Dr. David E. Harmon, Jr. – MASO Dr. Douglas S. Harte – MASO Dr. Lawrence S. Harte – MASO Dr. Anthony L. Harwell, Jr. – SWSO Dr. W. Keith Harvey and Mrs. Ashley Harvey – SAO Mr. Robert W. Hazel and Ms. Betty O’Dea – FRIEND Dr. Thomas E. Herremans – GLAO Dr. Stephen E. Hershey and Mrs. Patti Hershey – GLAO Dr. Stephen R. Hertzberg and Mrs. Alice E. Hertzberg – MSO Dr. Jerry R. Hickman and Mrs. Sharla R. Hickman – GLAO Dr. Arnold J. Hill and Mrs. Shirley A. Hill – MSO Dr. Sean R. Holliday – PCSO

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Kevin D. Horner and Mrs. Susan M. Horner – MSO Dr. Lili K. Horton and Dr. Keith Horton – PCSO Dr. Lisa Peter Howard and Dr. Joseph R. Kenneally – NESO Dr. James D. Hudson and Mrs. Brenda K. Hudson – SAO Dr. Page Hudson – PCSO Dr. James R. Hugg and Mrs. Julane Hugg – MSO Dr. Alene Humphries – PCSO Dr. Sage M. Humphries – PCSO Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst – SAO Dr. Kenneth R. Hyde and Mrs. Kathleen K. Hyde – GLAO Dr. Joseph Hyman and Mrs. Teresa Hyman – PCSO Dr. Jon D. Ingleman and Mrs. Judy Ingleman – GLAO Dr. Thomas A. Iverson – PCSO Dr. Joseph Cornelius Jackson, Jr – SAO Dr. Jordan P. Jaffe – NESO Dr. David Jenkins – MASO Dr. J. Dean Jensen and Mrs. Diane Allen Jensen – SWSO Dr. Brian R. Jesperson and Mrs. Jane A. Jesperson – MSO Dr. Jonathan C. Johnson – MASO Dr. Donald L. Jorgensen and Mrs. Jan Jorgensen – RMSO Dr. Paul W. Jorgensen and Mrs. Norene Jorgensen – MSO

Dr. G. Michael Kabot – GLAO Dr. John S. Kacewicz and Mrs. Linda Kacewicz – NESO Dr. Aly Kanani – PCSO Dr. John S. Kanyusik and Mrs. Carolyn L. Kanyusik – MSO Dr. Marvin C. Kastrop and Mrs. Judy T. Kastrop – RMSO Dr. M. Jean Kay – GLAO Dr. Michael L. Keim – MSO Dr. Robert G. Keim – PCSO Dr. Jack E. King (Deceased) Dr. Roy K. King – SAO Dr. Samuel B. King – GLAO Dr. James G. Klarsch – MSO Dr. Ronald W. Koster (Deceased) Estate of George and Norma Kottemann Dr. William L. Krieg and Mrs. Shelley Krieg – GLAO Dr. Michael L. Lanzetta and Mrs. Elana Lanzetta – GLAO Dr. Idalia Lastra and Dr. George Barket – SAO Dr. Dennis J. Lazzara and Mrs. Nancy A. Lazzara – MSO Dr. E. Joseph LeCompte – SAO Dr. William R. Ledoux and Mrs. Sharon A. Ledoux – SAO Dr. Marc S. Lemchen – NESO Dr. Dean P. Leonard and Mrs. Beverly J. Leonard – MSO Dr. Paola Leone – PCSO

Dr. Keith Levin and Mrs. Babette Cohen – MSO Dr. Deborah J. Lien and Mr. Dale C. Norell – MSO Dr. Lee A. Mahlmann and Mrs. Laurie L. Mahlmann – SWSO Dr. Hector R. Maldonado – SAO Dr. Nahid Maleki – MASO Dr. Richard H. Maness and Mrs. Susan Maness – SAO Dr. Jenny R. Maple – GLAO Dr. John R. Mariotti and Mrs. Margaret Q. Mariotti – MASO Dr. Steven D. Marshall and Mrs. Susan Marshall – MSO Dr. Laurel R. Martin – RMSO Dr. Joel Martinez and Mrs. Norma V. Martinez – SWSO Dr. Charles W. Mason and Mrs. Carole K. Mason – RMSO Dr. Jeffrey S. Mastroianni – MSO Dr. Michele M. Mathews – RMSO Dr. L. Donald Mayer – SWSO Dr. Domenic A. Mazzocco – NESO Dr. Matthew McBride – SWSO Dr. Richard E. McClung and Mrs. Ann W. McClung – SAO Dr. Joseph A. McCormick and Mrs. Maria Theresa McCormick MASO Dr. Michaela McCormick-Gravel – MASO

“The Kids’ Dentistry Team at Pacific Dental Services® is proud to support the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation through this donation. Organizations like the AAO Foundation are pivotal to the future of dentistry as they deliver quality education and research that will help advance the orthodontic specialty, which in turn will give patients more access to the care they want and need.” –Dr. Jaleh Pourhamidi, Vice President Kids’ Dentistry and Orthodontics Pacific Dental Services

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 19

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Michael G. McDermott – MSO Dr. Terry D. McDonald and Mrs. Shirley McDonald – PCSO Dr. Ernest H. McDowell – SAO Dr. Richard A. McFarland and Mrs. Karen McFarland – SWSO Dr. Paul J. McKenna, Jr. and Mrs. Karen McKenna – NESO Dr. Carolyn Melita – NESO Dr. Daniel Merwin and Mrs. Carolina Merwin – SAO Dr. Frank R. Miller and Mrs. Greta Miller – SWSO Dr. Preston Miller, III – SAO Dr. Michael David Minnich and Mrs. Lisa Minnich – PCSO Dr. Michael L. Mizell and Mrs. Chris Mizell – SWSO Dr. Kambiz Moin and Mrs. Roya Moin – NESO Dr. Sogole Moin – NESO Dr. Aaron Molen – PCSO Dr. Richard L. Molen – PCSO Dr. Randall C. Moles – MSO Dr. John F. Monacell – SAO Dr. Donald Montano and Mrs. Melinda Montano – PCSO Dr. Stephanie Morgan – GLAO

Dr. David R. Musich and Mrs. Anette R. Musich – MSO Dr. Richard B. Myers and Mrs. Janet R. Myers – NESO Dr. Greg Nalchajian and Mrs. Julianne Nalchajian – PCSO Dr. Nicole Nalchajian – PCSO Dr. Eric R. Nease – SAO Dr. Robert (Tito) Alan Norris – SWSO Dr. James M. O’Leary – NESO Dr. Kay W. O’Leary – SAO Dr. Perry M. Opin and Mrs. Susan Opin – NESO Dr. Andrew M. Orchin and Dr. Jill M. Bailey – MASO Dr. Jeremy D. Orchin and Mrs. Susan G. Orchin – MASO Dr. James W. Osborne – MSO Dr. Stephen F. Paige (Deceased) and Mrs. Linda C. Paige Dr. Patricia J. Panucci – PCSO Dr. Samuel G. Papandreas – GLAO Dr. Natalie Parisi – MASO Ms. Lori Garland Parker – FRIEND Dr. James E. Paschal, Jr. and Mrs. Michelle Paschal – SAO Dr. Brent Paulus – GLAO Dr. and Mrs. John A. Pavlo – NESO

Dr. Robert T. Morrison and Mrs. Wanda I. Morrison – SWSO Mr. Sean Murphy – FRIEND Dr. John J. Murray and Mrs. Vivienne Murray – PCSO

Dr. George S. Payne (Deceased) and Mrs. Marilyn J. Payne Dr. Bradley L. Pearson – MSO Dr. Walter Elmo Penley (Deceased) Dr. Robert A. Penna – MASO

20 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. John K. Pershing, Jr. and Mrs. Catherine J. Pershing – MSO Dr. Shawn P. Pesh – PCSO Dr. Joseph Richard Pfeffer, Jr. – GLAO Dr. Hugh R. Phillis and Mrs. Mary E. Phillis – NESO Dr. Mario Polo and Mrs. Maureen T. Polo – MASO Dr. Morris N. Poole and Mrs. Dixie Lou Poole – RMSO Dr. Robert S. Portenga and Mrs. Diane S. Portenga – GLAO Dr. Donald R. Poulton (Deceased) and Mrs. Virginia A. Poulton Dr. Bridget M. Powers – PCSO Dr. Terry R. Pracht and Mrs. Patricia Pracht – GLAO Dr. Frederick G. Preis and Mrs. Mary Louise Preis – MASO Dr. Grady L. Price, Jr. and Mrs. Judy B. Price – SAO Dr. Robert W. Prince and Mrs. Dianne L. Prince – RMSO Dr. J. Anthony Quinn and Mrs. Janie A. Quinn – MASO Dr. Matthew J. Radkowski – GLAO Dr. Todd H. Rankin – SAO Dr. Mark Rashidi – PCSO Dr. Michael John Redmond – PCSO Dr. W. Ronald Redmond – PCSO Dr. Garth T. Reid – PCSO Dr. Richard J. Resler, Jr. – GLAO

“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.” –Mother Theresa

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. David D. Reynard and Mrs. Betty J. Reynard – SWSO Dr. James M. Reynolds (Deceased) and Mrs. Beth Reynolds Dr. Richard Ribarevski and Mrs. Ugti Ribarevski – GLAO Dr. Michael R. Ricupito – PCSO Dr. Christopher A. Roberts and Mrs. Susan Roberts – GLAO Dr. W. Eugene Roberts, Jr. – GLAO Dr. Roxanne G. Robertson – SWSO Dr. William W. Robinson (Deceased) Dr. Stephen C. Roehm and Mrs. Kathy S. Roehm – MSO Dr. Michael B. Rogers and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Rogers – SAO Dr. Russell A. Rogers and Mrs. Colleen Rogers – GLAO Dr. Donald P. Rollofson – PCSO Dr. Kirsten Romani – NESO Dr. Christopher E. Roncone and Dr. Tinou Roncone – PCSO Dr. Loring L. Ross – SAO Dr. David G. Sabott and Mrs. Anne W. Sabott – RMSO Dr. Tarun Saini – MASO Dr. Anna Maria Salas–Lopez and Dr. J. Alberto Lopez – SWSO Dr. Jennifer Salzer – NESO Dr. George Sargiss – MASO Dr. Nicholas John Savastano, Jr. – SAO Dr. Jeffrey L. Schauder and Mrs. Linda Schauder – MSO

Dr. Nicole Scheffler and Mr. Craig Scheffler – SAO Dr. Daniel J. Schellhase – SAO Dr. Bronsen Schliep – MSO Dr. Robert P. Scholz (Deceased) and Mrs. Judyth M. Scholz Dr. George W. Scott – MASO Dr. Nile G. Scott (Deceased) and Mrs. Joyce A. Scott Dr. Robert T. Scott (Deceased) and Mrs. Carolyn L. Scott Dr. Keith T. Sellers – SAO Dr. Earl E. Shepard (Deceased) Dr. E. Fraser Sherrard – NESO Dr. John F. Sherrard – NESO Dr. D. J. Shiliday (Deceased) Dr. Kenneth A. Shimizu – PCSO Dr. Steven Thomas Short – SAO Dr. Kirt E. Simmons – SWSO Dr. Leo C. Sinna – MSO Dr. Charles E. Smaha – SAO Dr. Christopher K. Smedley – MASO Dr. Larry C. Smedley – MASO Dr. Gilbert H. Snow – PCSO Dr. Michael Socha (Deceased) and Mrs. Virginia M. Socha Dr. Thomas M. Stark and Mrs. Cynthia Stark – MSO Dr. Stephanie Edwarda Steckel – MASO Dr. Michael L. Stepovich and Mrs. Gabriella Nickut – PCSO Dr. Frederic C. Sterritt and Mrs. Darlene Sterritt – MASO YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 21

KEYSTONE SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Lisa M. Stokes – SWSO Dr. Gregory B. Stoll – RMSO Dr. Laura M. Streit – GLAO Dr. Paul J. Styrt and Mrs. Stacy Lynn Styrt – PCSO Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny (Deceased) Dr. Jeffrey C. Summers – SAO Dr. Robert J. Tarby – MASO Dr. Kevin Theroux – RMSO Dr. Kristin A. Thiry – MASO Dr. Donald J. Thompson (Deceased) and Mrs. Miriam Thompson Dr. Jeffrey J. Thompson and Mrs. Grace Thompson – SWSO Dr. Mark C. Tindall – SWSO Dr. Steven H. Tinsworth – SAO Dr. Jeffrey Toothman – MASO Dr. Ronald G. Toothman – MASO Dr. Luis A. Toro–Lloveras and Mrs. Maria J. Toro–Lloveras – MASO Dr. Robert L. Toth and Mrs. Margo M. Toth – MSO Dr. T. Barrett Trotter and Mrs. Anne D. Trotter – SAO Dr. Timothy Scott Trulove and Mrs. Bonnie Trulove – SAO Dr. James N. Tsau – PCSO Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay and Mrs. Agnes Tuncay – MASO Dr. Jessica Ulmer – SAO Dr. Jack D. Utley, Jr. and Mrs. Heidi M. Utley – GLAO Dr. James L. Vaden and Mrs. Beverly Vaden – SAO 22 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. Robert E. Varner and Mrs. Jacquetta D. Varner – PCSO Dr. Gregory A. Vaughn – PCSO Dr. Robyn Vicek – GLAO Dr. Charles K. Wear and Mrs. Ellen W. Wear – PCSO Dr. Jim D. Webb and Mrs. Helen B. Webb – PCSO Dr. Sami Webb – MSO Dr. Karen L. Wedde – MSO Dr. Todd D. Weinberger – NESO Dr. C. Edwin Wentz – SWSO Dr. Todd Zane Wentz - PCSO Dr. Robert G. Wertz, Jr. and Mrs. Lindsay Wertz – MASO Dr. Robert Wertz, Sr. – MASO Dr. Franklin M. Wheelock – SAO Dr. Thomas R. White – PCSO Dr. John B. Whitley and Mrs. Elizabeth Whitley – SAO Dr. Cassy Wiggins and Mr. Paul Wiggins – RMSO Dr. Benjamin H. Williams (Deceased) Dr. Ron D. Wilson – SAO Dr. Gary Wiser and Mrs. Harriet M. Wiser – MASO Dr. Benjamin Wright and Mrs. Melissa Wright – MASO Dr. Terrie Yoshikane (Whitmer) – PCSO Dr. Jaime A. Zambrano – SAO Dr. Joseph Zgrodnik and Mrs. Carol S. Zgrodnik – NESO Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

GROW YOUR LEGACY “What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”(from the acclaimed musical Hamilton)

To get started on your legacy by including AAO Foundation in your estate plans, visit https://aaofoundation.planningyourlegacy.org/

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 23



The Century Club option is an open-ended, ongoing commitment of a minimum of $100 per month, either by bank authorization or credit card.

The AAO Foundation Board of Directors wishes to express appreciation and gratitude to those who have completed contributions at the $25,000 level or higher. For a full list of pledges to the Continued Commitment to the Specialty® Campaign, please visit the AAO Foundation website page www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give/cont-comm-to-specialty.

Dr. Mariela Anderson GLAO/ON Dr. Rolf G. Behrents MSO/MO Dr. David T. Copus GLAO/MI Dr. Ross L. Crist MSO/SD Dr. Jacob E. DaBell PCSO/WA Dr. Joseph Y. de Jesus PCSO/WA Dr. Tim Donald Dumore MSO/MB Dr. Alison Fallgatter MSO/ND Dr. Fred A. Garrett SWSO/TX Dr. David C. Gehring MSO/IA Mr. Robert W. Hazel FRIEND Dr. Dean Johnson RMSO/ID Dr. Liliana Mejia SAO/GA Dr. Randall P. Rigsby SAO/FL Dr. Richard J. Risinger NESO/CT Dr. Thomas M. Stark MSO/IA Dr. Charles M. Taylor SWSO/TX Dr. Charles K. Wear PCSO/CA

24 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

ANGEL - $250,000 and above Estate of Jane Kirkland Bedell Mr. Leo A. Dohn Graber Family Foundation Thomas M. Prescott

FOUNDERS - $100,000 - $249,999 Dr. Eugene S. Blair Estate of Dr. Eugene Blair Dr. Charles J. Burstone Foundation Dr. W. Kelley Carr Dr. Patrick M. Dreiling Dr. Fred and Mrs. Dianne Garrett Dr. Joseph W. Gray Dr. Gregg G. Hipple Northeastern Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Earl Shepard Estate

FELLOWS - $50,000-$99,999 Dr. Kolman P. Apt Dr. Richard L. Bridgham Dr. Jeffrey A. Bunkers California Assn of Orthodontists Dr. Robert P. Campbell Dr. C. Lynn Davis Estate of Dante DeAngelo Dr. Harry L. Dougherty, Jr. Dr. Terry L. Duncan Dr. Randy K. Ellis Dr. Robert W. Fry

Dr. Philip F.M. Gilley, Jr. Dr. James E. Gjerset Dr. T. M. Graber Great Lakes Association Of Orthodontists Dr. Lili K. Horton Dr. Brent E. Larson Dr. L. Donald Mayer Middle Atlantic Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Steven J. Moravec Dr. Robert T. Morrison Dr. Robert S. Olson, Jr. Pacific Coast Society Of Orthodontists Dr. John K. Pershing, Jr. Dr. Robert N. Pickron Dr. J. Anthony Quinn Dr. Ron Redmond Dr. John N. Reichheld Dr. David M. Sarver Dr. Robert P. Scholz Southwestern Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Frederic C. Sterritt Dr. Donald J. ThompsonDr. Robert L. Boyd, PCSO/CA

REGENTS - $25,000-$49,999 Dr. Emeline B. Abay Dr. Victor L. Acevedo Dr. David O. Adame Dr. Thomas L. Ahman



Dr. Steven Jay Bowman

Dr. R.G. (Wick) Alexander Dr. C. Moody Alexander Dr. Timothy J. Alford Dr. Michael C. Alpern Dr. Lisa A. Alvetro Dr. David J. Angus Dr. James J. Awbrey, IV Dr. Dean W. Baesel Dr. Thomas R. Bales Dr. Kathleen M. Bales Dr. Mary K. Barkley Dr. Nicholas D. Barone Dr. Jeffrey A. Bassin Dr. Paul J. Batastini Dr. Peter F. Bayer Dr. Mark F. Bellard Dr. Stephen J. Belli Dr. Ronald M. Bellohusen Dr. Greg R. Bennett Dr. Allen N. Benning Dr. Brian H. Bergh Dr. Michael Bernard Dr. Samuel S. Berro Dr. Karl L. Bierdeman Dr. Keith Allan Blalock Dr. Michael A. Blau

Dr. Richard W. Boyd, Jr. Dr. Robert L. Boyd The Bray Family Foundation Dr. Robert James Bray Bloyce Britton, III Dr. Eugene C. Brown, Jr. Dr. Clark C. Browne Dr. William A. Buhner Dr. Donald R. Burkhardt Dr. Harry I. Bussa, Jr. Dr. John F. Buzzatto University of California at Los Angles (UCLA) Ortho Alumni Dr. John D. Callahan Dr. Robert B. Campbell Dr. R. Paul Campbell Dr. Joseph Carastro, IV Dr. Sean K. Carlson Dr. Paul Carpinello Dr. Guthrie P. Carr Dr. Stephen L. Carter Dr. Jerry F. Cash Dr. Kevin Michael Cassidy Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Cavanaugh Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh The Center For The Correction Of Facial

Dr. Jimmy C. Boley Paul Bonham Dr. Barry E. Booth Dr. Normand Boucher Dr. Jason R. Bourne

Deformities Dr. Milton D. Chan Dr. Lewis P. Chapman, Jr. Dr. Thomas J. Chin Dr. Stephen B. Clark

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YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 25


Dr. Dean P. Dyer

Dr. G. Bradley Gottsegen

Dr. Charles Y. Coghlan Mr. Brandon Collier Mr. Richard A. Collier Dr. Clark Colville Dr. John A. Coombs Dr. Jason B. Cope Dr. John X. Cordoba Dr. R. Glen Cowan, Jr. Dr. Sidney M. Craft Dr. John R. Crawford Dr. Ross L. Crist Dr. Antonio Cucalon, III Dr. John M. Damas Dr. Paul Damon Dr. John A. Daniel Dr. Dale J. Davis Dr. Lisa M. Davis Dr. Damon De Arment Dr. Daniel M. DeAngelo Dr. William H. DeKock Dr. Eugene L. Dellinger Dr. Thomas H. Dembinski, II Dr. B. Melvin DeSoto Dr. Even Diane Shieh Dr. J. Kendall Dillehay Dr. Henry DiLorenzo

Dr. Donna L. Ebert Dr. Jeffrey J. Eberting Dr. Michael Ellis Dr. Jerald E. Elrod Dr. Kevin W. Ensley Dr. Duane C. Erickson Mr. Dan Even Victoria T. Ewan Trust (George E. Ewan) Dr. James M. Faulkner Dr. Guy A. Favaloro Dr. Thomas J. Fischer Dr. John J. Flowers, Jr. Dr. Kim K. Forrest Dr. Gregg Frey Dr. James F. Fruge, Jr. Dr. Jeremy R. Fry Dr. Rick W. Fuchs Dr. Michael A. Fuchs Dr. David S. Fuller Dr. James H. Gallagher Dr. Wayne H. Garrett Dr. Paul A. Gates Dr. Mark S. Geller Dr. Jeffrey S. Genecov Dr. Raymond George, Sr. Dr. Raymond George, Jr.

Dr. Lee W. Graber Dr. Katherine Rene Graber Dr. Charles Ray Graham Dr. Mervin W. Graham Dr. Michael J. Graham Dr. John C. Griffiths Dr. Ronald B. Gross Dr. Jeffrey E. Gust Dr. David G. Haas Dr. David G. Hall Dr. Tucker Haltom Dr. David C. Hamilton Dr. David C. Hamilton, Jr. Dr. R. Cree Hamilton Dr. Scott D. Hamilton Dr. Timothy A. Hanigan Dr. J. Joseph Hannah Dr. Heidi Anne Harman Dr. Lawrence S. Harte Dr. Anthony L. Harwell Dr. Jeffrey W. Haskins Dr. Harry H. Hatasaka Dr. Stephen R. Haught Dr. Michael D. Hayward Dr. David J. Henderson Dr. Steven John Henseler

Dr. Frederick W. Distelhorst Dr. David E. Drake Dr. Oles Basil Drobocky Dr. Steven A. Dugoni Dr. S. Kendall Dunn

Dr. John A. Gerling Dr. James R. Glauser Dr. Gayle Glenn Dr. Monica Goldenberg Dr. J. Courtney Gorman

Dr. James S. Henson, Jr. Dr. James I. Heslop Dr. Joseph T. Hicken Dr. Jerry R. Hickman Dr. Arnold J. Hill

26 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019


Dr. Lisa King

Dr. Joe H. Mayes

Dr. Brian N. Hockenberger Dr. Michael C. Hollen Dr. Kevin Horner Dr. Thomas M. Horrigan Dr. Michael H. Hoxie Dr. James D. Hudson Mr. Scott Huge Dr. Jon G. Hullings Dr. Bruce W. Hultgren Dr. J. Todd Hunt Dr. Chester Hurst Mr. Arlen J. Hurt Illinois Society of Orthodontists Dr. Curtis R. Imel Dr. Gary O. Inman Dr. William W. Iversen Dr. R. D. Jackson, Jr. Dr. J. Dean Jensen Dr. Brian R. Jesperson Dr. David A. Jones Dr. Richard T. Jones Dr. Robert B. Julius Dr. Thomas P. Kadar Dr. John S. Kanyusik Dr. James Karpac Dr. Marvin C. Kastrop

Dr. Michael S. Klein Dr. Michael Klepacki Dr. Herbert A. Klontz Dr. James W. Kohl Dr. Vincent G. Kokich Dr. George J. Kottemann Estate of George and Norma Kotteman Dr. William J. Kottemann Dr. Neal D. Kravitz Dr. Michael R. LaFerla Dr. Samuel L. Lake Dr. Dennis K. Langwith Dr. Idalia Lastra Dr. James A. Leithead, Jr. Dr. Dean P. Leonard Dr. John T. Lindquist Dr. Arthur N. Litowitz Dr. Rodney D. Littlejohn Dr. Stephen Litton Dr. Mark David Lively Dr. Elizabeth A. Long Dr. W. Bonham Magness Dr. Lee A. Mahlmann Dr. Nahid Maleki Dr. William J. Mardaga Dr. John R. Mariotti

Dr. Stephen J. McAuliff Dr. DeWayne B. McCamish Dr. Joseph A. McCormick Dr. James W. McCulley Dr. Fred T. McDonald Dr. Richard A. McFarland Mr. John McGill Dr. Paul J. McKenna, Jr. Dr. Stephen W. McKenna Dr. Raymond A. McLendon Dr. James A. McNamara Dr. Liliana Mejia Dr. Carolyn Melita Dr. Wendell J. Mettman Midwestern Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Jeffrey Carl Miller Dr. Ronald L. Miller Dr. Michael L. Mizell Mr. Ronald S. Moen Dr. Donald Ray Montano Dr. John F. Monticello Dr. Alton W. Moore Dr. Michael H. Moore Dr. Darrel G. Moreland Dr. Gary Dean Mundy Dr. John J. Murray

Dr. Jeff G. Keeling Dr. Robert Kennemer Dr. Devek Kent Frech Dr. Larson R. Keso Dr. Edward Stan Key

Dr. Steven D. Marshall Dr. Joel Martinez Dr. John D. Marx Massachusetts Assn of Orthodontists Dr. James W. May

Dr. David R. Musich Dr. Richard B. Myers Dr. Norman Nagel Dr. Eric R. Nease Nebraska Soc of Orthodontists YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 27


28 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. David R. Nelson

Dr. Robert S. Portenga

Dr. Gerald D. Nelson New-Conn Orthodontic Foundation New York State Soc Of Ortho Dr. Hilary Nieberg-Baskin Dr. Reagon Noble Dr. Robert (Tito) Alan Norris North Carolina Assn of Orthodontists Dr. William M. Northway Dr. Kathleen J. Nuckles Dr. Mark C. Oberheim Dr. James M. O’Leary Dr. Jay M. Oltjen Dr. Perry M. Opin Dr. Jeremy D. Orchin Dr. Robert L. Orr Dr. Albert H. Owen, III Dr. Juliana Panchura Dr. Natalie M. Parisi Dr. Daniel E. Pearcy Dr. Daniel C. Peavy, Jr. Pennsylvania Assn of Orthodontists Dr. William D. Petty Dr. Joseph E. Pezza Dr. E. Gregg Pfund Dr. Edward Philip Snyder Dr. Hugh R. Phillis

Dr. Terry R. Pracht Dr. Frederick G. Preis Dr. Grady L. Price, Jr. Dr. John C. Pryse, Jr. Dr. Robert S. Quinn Dr. Todd H. Rankin Dr. Melisa Anne Rathburn Dr. Craig D. Ratzlaff Dr. Richard R. Reed Dr. Raymond (Reggie) Noble Dr. Richard Resler Dr. Michael L. Reznik Dr. Richard J. Risinger Dr. Chris A. Roberts Dr. Roxanne G. Robertson Dr. W. Scott Robinson Dr. Stephen C. Roehm Dr. Michael B. Rogers Dr. Barry F. Rouch Dr. Todd K. Rowe Dr. Richard J. Rozehnal Dr. Charles J. Ruff Dr. Harry L. Ryburn Dr. David G. Sabott Dr. Anna Maria Salas Dr. Richard A. Savage

Mr. Floyd Pickrell Dr. Gina B. Pinamonti Dr. Rebecca Poling Dr. Mario Polo Dr. Morris N. Poole

Dr. Bruce W. Scarola Dr. Alan B. Schafer Dr. Jeffrey L. Schauder Dr. L. William Schmohl, III Schulman Group



Dr. Joseph A. Sweet

Dr. Robert T. Scott Dr. Stephen A. Scott Dr. Stephen E. Searcy Dr. Robert N. Seebold Dr. Terry A. Sellke Dr. David T. Shen Dr. James E. Shuffield Dr. Steven M. Siegel Dr. Kirt Edward Simmons Dr. Leo C. Sinna Dr. Aimee S. Skelton Dr. Larry C. Smedley Dr. Robert D. Smith Dr. Gilbert H. Snow Dr. David M. Solomon Dr. Dennis D. Sommers Southern Association Of Orthodontists Dr. Elizabeth B. Spannhake Dr. John R. St Clair Dr. J. Michael Steffen Dr. Marvin G. Stephens, Jr. Dr. Claude R. Stephens, Jr. Dr. Corbett K. Stephens Dr. Lamon A. Stewart, Jr. Dr. Michael B. Stewart Dr. Kurt D. Stormberg

Dr. Charles M. Taylor, III Texas Association Of Orthodontists Dr. Edward Thomas Ferry Estate of Donald J. Thompson Dr. R. Wayne Thompson Dr. Philip J. Tighe Dr. Patricia Bucken Timmeny Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay Dr. David L. Turpin Tweed Foundation Dr. Henry Udouj, Jr. Dr. James L. Vaden Dr. Robert E. Varner Dr. Jeffrey W. Vecere Dr. William A. Viechnicki Dr. John H. Warford, Sr. Dr. Robert M. Waxler Dr. David L. Way Dr. Charles K. Wear Dr. Karen L. Wedde Dr. Adam J. Weiss Dr. Terrence L. Wenger Dr. Ryan Terrence Wenger Dr. Robert G. Wertz, Sr. Dr. Kristine West Dr. Dorothy E. Whalen

Dr. Jeri Lynnette Stull Dr. Wendell R. Stuntz The Friends of Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny & Eastman Orthodontic Alumni Estate of J. Daniel Subtelny

Dr. Cassy B. Wiggins Dr. Terrie Yoshikane Dr. Henry S. Zaytoun, Jr. Dr. John T. Ziegler

IN HONOR OF: Dr. Jeffrey Blasius Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Robert Bray Mr. and Mrs. John K. McGill Dr. Ross Crist Dr. Allison Van Vooren (Schubert) Dr. Harry L. Dougherty, Jr. Dr. Benjamin W. Walline Dr. Richard L. Fogel Kidsmile, Inc. Dr. Joseph W. Gray Ms. Louise Lyons Dr. Nagib Bahri Dr. Brent M. Gordon Dr. Narsis Golkarieh All Care Dental Group Dr. James G. Klarsch Ms. Lynne Thomas Gordon Dr. Kimberley Stafford Dr. Allison Van Vooren (Schubert) Dr. Thomas M. Stark Mr. And Mrs. Scott Thompson Ms. Lynne Thomas Gordon ASAE Dr. Terrie Yoshikane Mr. Steve Klosterman IN MEMORY OF: Dr. Edward M. Beckman Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Henry J. Bratcher Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Arthur C. Clouse The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Williams J. Cosgrove The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Robert M. Coyne The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. J Howard. Dawson The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Donovan John “Jay” Decker Washington State Society of Orthodontists Dr. Lewis Gach The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Richard A. Gile Washington State Society of Orthodontists Dr. E. Glenn Glassman Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Herbert J. Gordon Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Bruce W. Haislip The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. David K. Hennon The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Robert E. Hoehne Midwestern Society of Orthodontists

Ms. Sharon Hunt Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. E. Robert Janisch Washington State Society of Orthodontists Dr. Nicholas A. Johnson Washington State Society of Orthodontists Dr. Paul W. Jorgensen Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Franklin Robert Jung Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Jack Kacewicz Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Dr. William M. Kelly Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Theodore M. Kottraba The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Jack Langmaid The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Abe Malkoff The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Theodore B. Martin The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Richard J. Meldrum The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Arshad Asim Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. John S. Moss The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Sondra K. Naegler Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Julia M. Norris The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Mr. John Papandreas Dr. Robert James Bray Dr. Vanessa Parris The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. Arthur E. Phelps The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. James W. Reese The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Dr. John R. Rogers Washington State Society of Orthodontists Dr. Jeff Schauder Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Marlyn P. Storm Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Lauren Evan Montoure Teske Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Thomas S. Tyson Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Charles F. Zwisler, Jr. Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Dr. Eugene H. Zylinski The Great Lakes Assoc. of Orthodontists Mr. Frank Quinn’s Father Dr. Robert Bray2019 | 29 YEAR INJames REVIEW

GRATEFUL PATIENTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Did you know, when you have a patient whose life is made better because of your commitment to their orthodontic health, you can encourage them to give to AAOF in your honor through our Grateful Patient Program? Not only do they receive the tax deduction for their donation, but you receive the credit with AAOF for that donation, which will advance you in our giving level benefits and recognition. With donations like these, AAOF can continue funding research and education that will lead to increased excellence in patient care in the future. For more information about this program, and a printable form to offer your patients, visit www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give and select Grateful Patient Form.

30 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

2019 DONORS AS OF DECEMBER 2019 Together we are making an impact on the future of orthodontics. We offer our gratitude to those who have made contributions in 2019. Dr. Samantha Abod Dr. Victor L. Acevedo Kimberly Adams Mybell Adjunta Dr. Ji Hyun Ahn Dr. Richard H. Albright, Jr. Jacqueline Alexander Dr. Steven P. Alexander Dr. Veerasathpurush Allareddy Dr. Brett C. Alvey AmazonSmile Foundation American Orthodontics Cheryl Anderson-Cermin Dr. Mariela Anderson Dr. David J. Angus Ms. Wendy Askins Dr. Stanley A. Ault Louisa Avila Dr. J. Newsom Baker Dr. Soulafa Susan Baloul Dr. Philip G. Barer Ms. Kim Barker Christina Barnett Dr. Aubrey AF Barrett Dr. Keri Barrow Dr. Erin Bauerle Alan Baum Dr. Jace Beattie Dr. William S. Becker Dr. Scott M. Behnan

Dr. Rolf G. Behrents Dr. Ronald M. Bellohusen Sarah Benavides Dr. Robert E. Binder Dr. Jeffrey Joseph Blasius Dr. Michael A. Blau Dr. R. Cary Bocklet Dr. Rebecca Bockow Jackie Bode Boyd Industries Inc. Dr. Richard W. Boyd, Jr. Dr. Christopher Brady Ms. Rosemary Bray Dr. Richard L. Bridgham Dr. Seth R. Briggs Bloyce Britton, III Mindi Brothers Dr. Michael A. Brown Dr. Jeffrey A. Bunkers Dr. Michelle L. Burlingame Dr. Richard H. Burns, Jr. Dr. Karin K. Cain Sheila Caldwell California Assn of Orthodontists Dr. Lauren Ohlenforst Carney Lauren Carr Dr. John W. M. Carter Dr. Kevin Michael Cassidy Dr. Joseph C. Cerniglia Dr. Sylvain Chamberland

Dr. Benjamin Chan Dr. Byron C. Chan Lisa Chandler Dr. Chris H. Chang Dr. Kevin C. Chapman Dr. Charles J. Burstone Foundation Dr. Wanda Irene Claro Kristina Coakley Dr. Leif B. Cobain Mr. Brandon Collier Dr. Clark Colville Elizabeth Conforti Ms. Andrea L. Cook Dr. R. Bryn Cooper Mindy Copp Dr. David T. Copus Dr. Jessica H. Cox Dr. Benjamin Cozad Elizabeth Crandall Dr. Larry B. Crawford Dr. Robert Crawford Dr. Ross L. Crist Darrin Crittington Joy Cropley Dr. Jennifer J. Crowe Dr. Robert M. Cuenin Dr. Jacob DaBell Dr. Sam W. Daher Dr. Mark L. Dake Dr. Mark M. Dale

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 31

2019 DONORS CONTINUED Dr. Drew Darsey

Dr. Alexander Luis Figueroa

Erin Hamilton

Lisa Davenport Dr. Julian E. Davila Jackie Degan Dr. Joseph Y. de Jesus Dr. Christopher Eladio DeLeon Yudith Delgadillo Dr. Eric L. Dellinger Dr. Thomas H. Dembinski, II Dr. Daniel Diaz-Rubayo Chandra Dillard Dr. James Kendall Dillehay, II Kathy Diprimo Libby Dischert Dr. Michael J. Donato, Jr.� Dr. Harry L. Dougherty, Jr. Dr. Carl T. Drake Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni Dr. Brian Dugoni Dr. Tim Donald Dumore Dr. John DuPlessis, Jr. Dr. Michael G. Durbin Dr. James R. Durham Dr. Brian M. Duvernay Sarah Dvorak Dr. Kenneth C. Dyer DynaFlex

Noemi Figueroa Dr. John R. Firth Dr. Richard L. Fogel Dr. John Foley Dr. Kenneth F. Freer Dr. Brent J. Frey Dr. Rick W. Fuchs McKenzie Fuhrman Dr. James H. Gallagher Dr. Mary Angelic Gangoy Ms. Joan Garbo Dr. S. Donald Gardner Amy Garrett Dr. Fred A. Garrett Dr. Paul A. Gates Dr. David C. Gehring Dr. Jeffrey S. Genecov Dr. Renee Geran Dr. Matthew Ghiz Dr. Thomas A. Giegerich Dr. Robert F. Girgis Dr. Monica Goldenberg Sarah Goode Graber Family Foundation Dr. Lee W. Graber Dr. Joseph W. Gray

Dr. Nathan R. Hamman Dr. Henry S. Hammer Dr. Jianjun Hao Dr. Sastri Edward Harnarayan Dr. Andrew T. Harner Dr. James A. Hart Dr. Katherine A. Hart Gianna Hartwig Mary Haskin Dr. Nan E. Hatch Hawaii Society of Orthodontists Dr. Michael D. Hayward Robert Hazel Dr. Alan R. Heller Ms. Marissa Renae Hendricks Dr. Chris H. Henry Dr. Steven John Henseler Dr. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson Melissa J. Herbinko Ms. Barbara Herzog Dr. J. Shaun Hicken Dr. Jerry R. Hickman Miss Jaimie K Hinau Dr. Krista Hirasuna Lori Hirth Katherine Hobler

Dr. Elizabeth Eakes Dr. Randy K. Ellis Estate of Dr. Eugene Blair Dr. Alison Fallgatter Dr. Travis Fiegle

Great Lakes Association Of Orthodontists Great Lakes Dental Technologies Jovita Guardado Dr. Jeffrey E. Gust Brandon Hackworth

Pam Hoffmann Dr. William Vaughn Holland Dustin Hollevoet Dr. Brian Po-Lin Hong Dr. Mihee Hong

32 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

2019 DONORS CONTINUED Dr. Kevin Horner

Ms. Kimberly Larry

Dr. Heather Horton Dr. Lili K. Horton Dr. Richard J. Hoskinson Dr. Bryan Hsu Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc. Mr. Scott Huge Dr. Sarandeep S. Huja Dr. Joseph J. Hurd Mr. Arlen J. Hurt Dr. Ali S. Husain Dr. Chi Kim Huynh Dr. Paul Hwang Indiana Assn of Orthodontists Ms. Christina Iovino Dr. Kyra Iwen Melanie Jackson Dr. Amy E. James Dr. Graham Jones Dr. Tamara Jones Dr. Thomas P. Kadar Dr. Onur Kadioglu Jessica Kaesberg Dr. Hardik Kapadia Dr. Maria A. Karpov Dr. Rebecca B. Keller Holly Kiel

Dr. Matthew E. Larson Doye Lasane Dr. Walter N. Leclerc, Jr. Rose Leifeld Dr. Vladimir Leon-Salazar Kurtis Lightheart Dr. Lindsay Durham Limbaugh Dr. Edward Y. Lin Dr. Meghan J. Lindgren Dr. Matthew Lineberger Dr. Megan Lineberger Dr. Becky Maher Dr. Kimberly Mahood Dr. Mark S. Mappes Dr. Michael R. Marcotte Dr. Richard C. Mariani, Jr. Dr. John R. Mariotti Dr. Ceceilia M. Markham Jennifer Martinez Monica Martinez Dr. James P. Martin Shauna Martin Amy Masciola Dr. Alfred J. Maskeroni Dr. Amin Mason Dr. Charles W. Mason

Dr. Kerry W. Kirsch Dr. James G. Klarsch Dr. Jacob E. Koch Dr. Collin D. Kraus Dr. Neal D. Kravitz

Nicole Maune Dr. L. Donald Mayer Dr. G. Gibson McCall, III Dr. Virginia McCune Dr. Paul J. McKenna, Jr.

This chart displays the origination of contributions in 2019.


28% 61%

INDIVIDUAL - $531,345 ORGANIZATION - $240,971 COMPANY - $96,508

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 33

2019 DONORS CONTINUED Dr. Jeffrey McMillan

Dr. Natalie M. Parisi

Dr. Daniel Ruffolo

Erika Mejia Dr. Liliana Mejia Diana Mena Middle Atlantic Society Of Orthodontists Midwestern Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Michael L. Mizell Dr. Carly Moran Dr. Steven J. Moravec Dr. Vanessa A. Morenzi Shelly Morris Dr. David Mouritsen Dr. Monica Muller Sean Murphy Dr. Bryan Nakfoor Dr. Eric R. Nease Dr. Denise T. Nguyen Dr. Laura O. Nichols Northeastern Society Of Orthodontists Dr. Kamrin Olfert Dr. Patrick O’Neil Ortho2 Ortho Technology OrthoVOICE Dr. Harry A. Osborne Carlos Otero Pacific Coast Society Of Orthodontists

Lori Parker Dr. Meredith Sloan Parks Dr. William G. Parris Phelps & Cohen Orthodontics Kay Pinner Dr. Mario Polo Dr. D. Spencer Pope Dr. John C. Pryse, Jr. Dr. Anthony Puntillo Dr. Cameron J. Rasool Dr. Darren B. Ravassipour Dr. Ron Redmond Patricia Reed Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc. Dr. K. Ross Remmer Shannon Ricks Dr. David Ries Dr. Linda E. Rigali Dr. Randall P. Rigsby Dr. Richard J. Risinger Dr. Alexander E. Ritchey Michelle Ritterskamp Dr. Carey Beth Rivers Dr. W. Eugene Roberts Dr. William W. Roberts, III Heather Robinson

Dr. Matthew L. Rushing Dr. John J. Sahlaney Dr. David M. Sarver Dr. Ross Savage Casandra Scales Dr. Jeremy Scarpate Dr. Jacquelyn R. Schieck Dr. Brian A. Schlueter Dr. Allison Leigh Schubert Schulman Group Almira Schult Dr. Michael Nery Schulte Joe Selby Dr. Deborah A. Sema Dr. Seth Senestraro Dr. Rupali Shah Dr. Shalin Raj Shah Dr. Thomas Shannon Dr. Michael W. Sherman Dr. Stephen Lee Sherman Dr. Sung S. Shyn Dr. Kirt Edward Simmons Barb Simon Dr. Jeffrey S. Singer Dr. Leo C. Sinna Dr. Kara Estelle Smith

Tasha Pactanac Pam Paladin Dr. Philip Pan Dr. Patricia J. Panucci Dr. David Paquette

Dr. Stephen C. Roehm Dr. Loring L. Ross Dr. Bertrand A. Rouleau Dr. Richard J. Rozehnal Dr. Ryan Rudd

Dr. Gilbert H. Snow Amy Snyder-Jackson Siunis Solis Angelica Soria South Carolina Assn of Ortho

34 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

2019 DONORS CONTINUED South Dakota Soc Ortho

Dr. Beau Ulrich

Dr. Brad J. Woodford

Southwestern Society Of Orthodontists Specialty Appliances Dr. Thomas M. Stark Dr. Reem Stephanos Dr. Frederick G. Stern Dr. Kelton Stewart Dr. Gregory Stock Dr. Kurt D. Stormberg Dr. Ryan Alan Streight Dr. Laura Streit Dr. Jeffrey J. Sturdivant Dr. Nichole H. Sun Julie Sutter Dr. Elizabeth Blake Swearingen Dr. Leslie Talbert Dr. Robert Tarby Dr. Charles M. Taylor, III Dusti Tebbs Vanessa Tellez Texas Association Of Orthodontists Dr. Dawn S. Thatcher Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE Dr. Donald J. Thompson Dr. Kevin Toms Dr. Luis A. Toro, Jr. Dr. Lydia Jameson Toso

University of the Pacific, Alumni Anne Van Pelt Dr. Robert S. VanLaecken Dr. Adam Veit Miss Robin Lynn Veracruz Dr. Rodrigo F. Viecilli Dr. Cameron G. Walker Washington State Soc of Orthodontists Dr. Charles K. Wear Dr. Carlin Weaver Jeannette Webber Dr. Peter Weber Dr. Michael A. Weiler Dr. Adrienne Weisner Dr. Andrew P. Wells Dr. Adam Welmerink Dr. Lisa K. Wendling Ms. Charlene White Ann Whitefield Dr. Julian C. White Dr. Cynthia S. Wiley Sandy Willett Mr. Dan Williams Dr. Stanley P. Williamson Dr. Dustin C. Wilson Dr. Timothy G. Wilson

Dr. William Yao Dr. Laurene Yen Dr. Terrie Yoshikane Cheryl Young Dr. Tarek O. Zaki Dr. William D. Ziegler, III

Dr. Kimberly H. Travers Dr. Julia Trieu Dr. Collin Tsai Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay Dr. John W. Turner

Dr. Lauren Ashley Windhorst Dr. Bryan Wirtz Dr. John Witcher Dr. Marian Schmitt Wolford Dr. Maureen Wood

Auxiliary Donations for Orthodontic Research and Education (ADORE) was launched at Annual Session in Los Angeles to provide orthodontic team members with an opportunity to give back to their profession and invest in the future generations of orthodontists.


YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 35

VANGUARD SOCIETY The AAO Foundation Board of Directors wishes to express appreciation and gratitude to those who have completed the pledges they committed as orthodontic residents to become members of the Vanguard Society. For a full list of pledges to the Vanguard Society, by name and school, and the list of schools with 100% participation, please visit the AAO Foundation website page: www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give/become-avanguard-member

36 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

VANGUARD SOCIETY AS OF DECEMBER 2019 Albert Einstein Medical Center Dr. Mark Huls Dr. Casey W. Johnson Dr. Audra R. Kiefer Dr. Yana V. Newman Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center Dr. Ibrahim Y. Alhussain Dr. Anthony Ditcharo Dr. Daniel Kuncio Dr. Eric M. Sacks Dr. David M. Wu AT Still University Dr. ReAnn Cornell Dr. Chad Colby Gage Dr. Janet Kim Dr. Bradley R. Smith Baylor University College of Dentistry Dr. Kurt Anderson Dr. Elisabeth Barnhart Dr. Katie Lyn Beggs Dr. Glen C. Bills Dr. Jacob Bleyer Dr. Ralph A. Brock Dr. Matthew Brown Dr. Lauren Ohlenforst Carney Dr. Brad A. Chvatal Dr. Chris L. Cramer Dr. Aaron Crossley Dr. Cecilia Cuairan Dr. Carly C. Cunningham Dr. Alan A. Curtis

Dr. Jean E. Driscoll Dr. Bryan S. Elvebak Dr. Yiyu Fang Dr. Mai Tran Ferrara Dr. Tyler Ferris Dr. Michael Fesler Dr. Charlene Nicole Garcia Dr. Danielle Geshay Dr. Jonathan William Havener Dr. Brody Jamison Hildebrand Dr. Andrew C. Hodges Dr. Mary Hoffman Dr. Bryan Hsu Dr. Collin D. Kraus Dr. Mark B. LaHaye Dr. Carol Ann Lindsey Dr. Jeremy R. Lustig Dr. Matthew D. McBride Dr. Ann Nguyen Dr. Shannon E. Owens Dr. Richard Thomas Phelan Dr. Michael B. Pickard Dr. Ioana Alexandra Porfir Dr. Raenie Roberts Dr. Martin Schellinck Dr. Katherine Aram Skillestad Dr. Douglas A. Singleton Dr. Reem Stephanos Dr. Corbett K. Stephens Dr. Kelton T. Stewart Dr. Rachel H. Thieberg

Dr. Sarah Cathryn White Dr. Prentice Wayne Woods Dr. Andrew N. Young Boston University Medical Center Dr. Ariel Bales-Kogan Dr. David Blackburn Dr. Charles D. Brodsky Dr. Cass D. Burrell Dr. Timothy M. Finelli Dr. Brian Po-Lin Hong Dr. Christopher G. Liang Dr. Mouhab Zakhari Rizkallah Dr. Lakshmi Thalanki Case Western Reserve Dr. Allison Whitman Becker Dr. Tasha W. Bolden Dr. Gabrielle Chan Dr. Sherif Ghali Elbarnashawy Dr. Gordon S. Groisser Dr. Jed C. Hildebrand Dr. Heather Horton Dr. Nicholas Kochenour Dr. David M. Lenhart Dr. Clifford Lowdenback Dr. Nadia Lyotard Dr. Boyd D. Martin Dr. Nawaf Masri Dr. Robert Park Dr. Michael W. Paulus Dr. Brian James Potocki Dr. Laura M. Streit YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 37

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Victoria Marisa Wan Dr. Reid M. Wenger Children’s National Medical Center Dr. Christian Merit Fortney Dr. Stephen T. Saks Columbia University Dr. Yian-Liang Chen Dr. Eric Frank Georgia Regents University Dr. Lee J. Andrews Dr. Marielle Y. Beauchamp Dr. Christopher Brady Dr. Steven J. Bumgarner Dr. Robert B. Campbell, Jr. Dr. Mark Causey Dr. William J. Cline Dr. Ellene N. Craig Dr. Robert Crawford Dr. Matthew Culberson Dr. Chris Deleon Dr. Meredith Keohler Dempsey Dr. Travis Fiegle Dr. Mark A. Gray Dr. Kristen Shaw Hall Dr. Emily F. Howell Dr. James Edward Kelley II Dr. Mariesa Lynn Manente

Dr. Stephanie Moore Dr. José Morales Dr. William J. Newell Dr. Arjun Patel Dr. Stacy Poole Dr. James Nathaniel Raley Dr. Ross Savage Dr. Amy Smith Sawyer Dr. Jeffery Craig Summers Dr. Jamey Watson Dr. Michael A. Weiler Dr. Adam R. White Dr. Ron D. Wilson Georgia School of Orthodontics Dr. Nelson Allen Dr. Matthew Pickron Dr. Keith WIlliams Harvard Dental School Dr. Pedro J. Alquizar Dr. Gabriel Bendahan Dr. Virginia Bocage Dr. Ivy Chen Dr. Michal Kleinlerer Dr. Ming-Fong Laski Kung Dr. Manish Lamichane Dr. Mario Tai Howard University

Dr. Edwin Lee Dr. Andrea Latrice McLachlan Dr. Brandon M. Wainwright Indiana University Dr. Eun Jeong Ahn Dr. Edwin Alvarez Dr. Joseph Deek Dr. Francvakaniisco Eraso Dr. Michael C. French Dr. Richard Hannah Dr. Ron Holland Dr. Sarkis Isikbay Dr. Brian LaBlonde Dr. Jamie Lazin Dr. V. Wallace McCarlie Dr. Jesse Alan Mitchem Dr. K. D. Singh Sachdeva Dr. Kara Estelle Smith Dr. Sable Staller Dr. James Thompson Jacksonville University Dr. Stephen DePasquale Dr. Oleg E. Einstein Dr. Mitra Parsa Dr. Timothy M. Poyadou, Jr. Dr. Barry Quinn Dr. Tania Quinn

Dr. Holland Maness Dr. Douglas C. McCartha Dr. Beechard C. McConnell Jr. Dr. Virginia McCune

Dr. Dr. Mecca Abdullah Dr. Oral C.R. Francis Dr. Brent J. Frey Dr. John H. Khouri

Dr. Sung S. Shyn Loma Linda University Dr. Melissa Bailey Dr. Allison Milliner

38 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Ryan Rudd Dr. Kitichai Rungcharassaeng Dr. Tamar Sardarian Dr. Gretchen M. Schnepper Louisiana State University Dr. David Balhoff Dr. Gerald Dodd Brister Jr. Dr. Michelle Dumiller Carlton Dr. Jonathan L. Chapman Dr. Brian M. Duvernay Dr. Clint Emerson Dr. Melanie M. Fowler Dr. James Adam Hall Dr. Ben Haws Dr. Priscilla Jolly Dr. Hardik Kapadia Dr. Jacob Koch Dr. James Dunlap Leitner, III Dr. Katia Lemke Dr. Eric M. Macaluso Dr. Caroline Manuel Dr. Elizabeth Melvin Dr. Brian J. Olivier Dr. Cynthia N. Pulitzer Dr. Samuel F. Pulitzer Dr. David V. Scaffidi Dr. Matthew B. Shuldberg

Dr. Kevin Toms Dr. Devin Zolnowski Marquette University Dr. William F. Bird Dr. Kirstin M. Carlson Dr. Ju-Han Chang Dr. Jean Hong Dr. Bryon R. Kozak Dr. Christopher Lai Dr. Carlos V. Lamboy Dr. Brandon J. Linn Dr. Michael J. Maslowski Dr. Jesse R. McGuire Dr. Nikolay Mollov Dr. Nicole Mullally Dr. Markus Niepraschik Dr. Rodney G. Northrup Dr. Jorge U. Parajon Dr. Lynae D. Shear-Ellis Dr. Meagan C. Struby Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk Mayo Graduate School Dr. Ling Ping Chew Dr. John H. Foley Dr. Lisa Peter Howard Dr. Jeff Kohlmeier Dr. Eric Orbison

Dr. Richard C. Litchfield New York University Dr. Mayte Accornero Dr. Benjamin Ahdut Dr. Sam Alkhoury Dr. Christina Rose Carter Dr. Leigh Bayer Curtis Dr. Scott D. Gersch Dr. Efstathios Giannoutsos Dr. Ilya Lipkin Dr. Martha Miqueo Dr. Bansari Modi Dr. Mita A. Parikh Dr. Dawn Pruzansky Dr. Chaninah Zweihorn Nova Southeastern University Dr. Chad Allred Dr. Marina E. Amelinckx Dr. Chad Bulleigh Dr. Rinaldo Caponera Dr. Kevin Douglas Dr. Shruthi Lakshmana Dr. Ryan Richard Dr. Douglas Shaw Dr. Howard B. Shullman Dr. Lisa A. Slingbaum Dr. Farnaz Younessian

Dr. Jill Zerangue Simon Dr. Lydia Jamie Toso Dr. Julia Trieu Maimonides Medical Center Dr. Richard Moses

Dr. Ryan M. Schumacher Dr. Bryan M. Vibeto New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry Dr. Mark Bogdan Dr. Ron Ramin Hessamfar

Oregon Health & Sciences University Dr. Scott Cardall Dr. Ana Castilla Dr. Christopher C. Cosse Dr. Jennifer J. Crowe YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 39


Dr. Don Dau

Dr. Catherine Miller

Dr. Holly J. Grimslid Dr. Matthew C. Mayers Dr. Laura O. Nichols Dr. Peter Pellegrini Dr. Seth V. Senestraro Dr. Rachel Yamakawa Roseman University of Health Sciences Dr. Amirali Tahbaz St. Barnabas Hospital Dr. Michael T. Ferry Dr. Nancy Dung Phan St. Louis University Dr. Jason Aleman Dr. Karim Allahdina Dr. Cristiana Araujo Dr. Airton O. Arruda Dr. Ana Luiza R. Arruda Dr. Christopher L. Baker Dr. Daniel Joseph Breha Dr. Ross Brenner Dr. Christine Brinley Dr. David M. Bunkall Dr. David Cameron Dr. Damen M. Caraway Dr. Maria C. Castano-Rendon Dr. Kwang K. Chang

Dr. Courtland Drake Dr. Jenna Edwards Dr. Justin Firth Dr. Andrew Foster Dr. Dana Anne Gamblin Dr. David Garlock Dr. Samuel Isaac Gentry Dr. Steven Blake Hemphill Dr. Chris H. Henry Dr. Keri Horner Dr. Erin Jain Dr. Carolyn Jennings Dr. Graham Jones Dr. John Katsis Dr. Brian Jongyoon Kim Dr. Ki Beom Kim Dr. Nikoleta Konstantoni Dr. Jaclyn Kostelac Dr. Michael Larson Dr. Scott E. Leaver Dr. Jessica Lee Dr. Sandra Lee Dr. Steven Andrew Lemery Dr. Prinda Lertpitayakun Dr. Douglas H. MacGilpin Dr. Asha Madhavji

Dr. Anthony Mongillo Dr. Shuka Moshiri Dr. Jay B. Nagamatsu Dr. Zachory Nelson Dr. Matthew Ng Dr. Tony Nguyen Dr. Chirag Parikh Dr. Brian Patterson Dr. Alan Mark Petersen Dr. Eric Peterson Dr. Paige Pfeffer Dr. Matthew J. Radkowski Dr. Lindsey Reinhardt Dr. Juan F. Rendon Dr. Alexander E. Ritchey Dr. Jon Rucker Dr. Chris Ruth Dr. Brian A. Schlueter Dr. Mallory G. Scott Dr. Meredith R. Scott Dr. Darshit Shah Dr. Stephen Sperry Dr. Melissa K. Stigall Dr. Steve Taylor Dr. Irish Abigail Tongco Dr. Eniko Toth

Dr. Narumol Chongthanavanit Dr. Don Dau Dr. Colleen M. Gordon Dr. Rachel Bryn Cooper Dr. Jessica H. Cox

Dr. James Maginnis Dr. Robert Marshall Dr. Theresa Mellion Dr. Zachary J. Mellion Dr. David M. Mikulencak

Dr. Binh Tran Dr. Collin Tsai Dr. Alexandros Tsourakis Dr. Derid Ure Dr. James VandeBerg

40 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Samantha Mai-Chi Vu Dr. Brian Ward Dr. Lance E. West Dr. Angela Maria Williams Dr. Bryan Wirtz Dr. Jessica L. Woller Dr. Yi Yang Seton Hill University Dr. Lauren Busch Dr. Elizabeth Cole Dr. Lindsay L. Don Dr. Richard Patterson State University of New York at Buffalo Dr. Robert Aszkler Dr. Beau Boren Dr. Michelle L. Burlingame Dr. Brandon T. Comella Dr. Daniel J. Ryan Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa State University of New York at Stony Brook Dr. Mark R. Clauss Dr. Shariq Ahmed Khan Dr. Ian Silversmith Dr. Jose C. Vicens Temple University Dr. Jamie D. Ahl Dr. Jeffrey Alba

Dr. Jason R. Bourne Dr. Michelle Bridget Brown Dr. David Carpinello Dr. Ki Yoon (Kay) Chung Dr. Allison Clark Dr. Jordan Cogan Dr. Keith Coombs Dr. Devin L. Croft Dr. Jinah Kang Dr. John W. Karotkin Dr. John S. Kim Dr. Kevin J. Klatte Dr. Zhanna Konovalenko Dr. Effimia Koumpia Dr. David P. Lee Dr. Stephen McCown Dr. Katie Miettunen Dr. Scott Nord Dr. Jacob R. Orozco Dr. Alex S. Rosner Dr. Jason Rothenberg Dr. Michelle Schrader Dr. Ross Segal Dr. Christopher Keith Smedley Dr. Rita Taliwal Dr. Noor Tarazi Dr. Marni Tuchman

Dr. Kelly Collins Dr. Brandon D. Cook Dr. Ann Downer Dr. Nathan M. Downey Dr. Kathy Elias Dr. Dale Anne Featheringham Dr. Mark R. Fiss Dr. Qian Lisa Gao Dr. Elizabeth M. Graham Dr. Edward Louis Grubaugh Dr. Brian N. Hockenberger Dr. Hechang Huang Dr. Elizabeth Matteson Jones Dr. Elizabeth Johnson Dr. Misty D. Lenk Dr. Jenny R. Maple Dr. Joseph Reese McElveen Dr. Barrett Nordstrom Dr. Soumya Padala Dr. Jay Parekh Dr. Meredith Lynn Quimby Dr. Alison Cartwright Reid Dr. Arnold Martin Riesmeijer Dr. Mona R. Rinaldi Dr. Roshelle Salaita Dr. Nicholas John Savastano Jr. Dr. Janice A. Struckhoff

Dr. Brian D. Amy Dr. Andrew M. Arcuri Dr. Fred Arino Dr. Jeffrey D. Askins Dr. Erin Bauerle Dr. Amrita Bhan

Dr. Christopher J. West Dr. Destinee Zablocki Dr. Brandon Zipper The Ohio State University Dr. Heather M. Abrahams Dr. Alexander Gerard Cassinelli

Dr. Karen Lynn Varone Dr. Alex Vo Dr. Andrew B. Wade Dr. Chad S. Webb Dr. Sami Jo Webb Dr. Ryan Wood YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 41


Dr. Aksana Marshall

Dr. Sheldon Salins

Dr. Brad J. Woodford Tufts University Dr. Mohamad Raghid Alolabi Dr. Daniel Bassin Dr. Oresta L. Bilous Dr. Derek M. Busciglio Dr. Cesar Cardenas Dr. Benjamin Chan Dr. Jonathan E. Chason Dr. Nathan Trent Davis Dr. Bill M. Dischinger Dr. Mary Angelic Gangoy Dr. Victor J. R. Grazina Dr. James F. Kane III Dr. Joy E. Kasparian-Federico Dr. Tarryn S. MacCarthy Dr. Timothy M. McSweeney Dr. Richard W. Miller II Dr. Diana C. Pardo Dr. Shalev Sabari Dr. Lucas Shapiro Dr. Alena R. Spielberg University of Alabama Dr. Elvin Bhaskar Dr. David Bowen Dr. Alexander D. Cranford

Dr. David Mouritsen Dr. Patrick O’Neil Dr. Clayton L. Owen Dr. Anna Palombini Dr. Carey Beth Rivers Dr. Stephen L. Strickland Dr. Christi Sutherland Dr. Leslie Talbert University of Alberta Dr. Brent Cote Dr. Helen Sonia Grubisa Dr. Michael L. Kersey University of California at Los Angeles Dr. Kathleen M. Bales Dr. Krisena Borenstein Dr. Brett Grube Dr. Alireza Hourfar Dr. Yasir Kachroo Dr. Enoch S. Kim Dr. Dong-Geun Lee Dr. Hao-Fu Lee Dr. Kevin Lee Dr. Sora Lee Dr. Sungah C. Lee Dr. Jeffrey N. Nagel Dr. Jeanne M. Nervina

Dr. Nichole H. Sun Dr. Tingxi Wu University of California at San Francisco Dr. Drew Alexander Dr. Sara Asghavi Dr. Emil Bailey Dr. John C. Budd Dr. Chad W. Cassady Dr. James Chen Dr. Jason M. Cohen Dr. Mary Concepta Cooke Dr. Amir Dadgar-Yeganeh Dr. Michael Adam Feinberg Dr. Eric Haney Dr. Andrew T. Harner Dr. Krista Hirasuna Dr. Nga Hoang Dr. Caroline Laurent Dr. Jeffrey A. Nichelini Dr. Kenneth F. Shanahan Dr. Yoshi Shen Dr. Beau Ulrich Dr. Cameron R. Wheeler Dr. Jennifer Wu Dr. William Yao University of Colorado

Dr. Matthew Davis Dr. Daniel Diaz-Rubayo Dr. Kyle Feagin Dr. Glenn H. Glass Dr. Mary Margaret Law

Dr. Daniel Nguyen Dr. Hyun Park Dr. Irma Perez-Martinez Dr. Eric Tyler Phelps Dr. Ana M. Planells

Dr. Christopher Chen Dr. Lindsay DeGuilio Dr. Scott Frey Dr. Avanthi Kopuri Dr. Kylie Lewis

42 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Kayhan Mashouf Dr. Amin Mason Dr. Benjamin David McDowell Dr. Lana Nysse Dr. Daniel Ruffolo Dr. Ameeta Sachdev Dr. Brittany Stroope Dr. Darin J. Ward Dr. Julian C. White University of Connecticut Dr. Douglas J. Elliott Dr. Erin Kazmierski-Furno Dr. J. Gina Lee Dr. Zachary T. Librizzi Dr. Morgan Moranda Dr. Chris Olson Dr. Piero G. Palacios University of Detroit Mercy Dr. Andrew DeHaan Dr. Amy Isenberg Dr. Jason Robert Kaplan Dr. Jeffrey J. Karvandi Dr. Charles W. Munk Dr. Ashley L. Reynolds Dr. Jason Swelstad Dr. Rosemarie Tan Dr. David Taylor

Dr. Sharon J. Durrett Dr. Dafne Ellis Dr. Alyssa K. Emory-Carter Dr. Deborah Ferrer Dr. William Vaughn Holland Dr. Irene Rita Hurst Dr. Nancy Huynh Dr. Brett Thomas Lawton Dr. C. Kary Marris Dr. Neha Dipak Patel Dr. Juddson Reed Dr. Eddy Juan Sedeño III Dr. Edgardo Toro University of Illinois at Chicago Dr. Omar A. Bawazeer Dr. Tarek H.A. El-Bialy Dr. Maria Therese S. Galang Dr. Katherine Rene Graber Dr. JianJun Hao Dr. Joseph G. Kunnel Dr. Ruidan Ma Dr. Gregory D. Schardt Dr. Christopher Stansbury Dr. Carrie Hedin Thangamani University of Iowa Dr. Kevin Austin Dr. Kirk R. Davies

Dr. Raymond Tsou University of Florida Dr. Jeremy Matthew Albert Dr. Chelsea Brockway Dr. Carl T. Drake

Dr. Cory B. Edwards

Dr. Albert Eng Dr. Neil C. Kanning Dr. Ronald P. Kolodziej Dr. Andrew Bradley McDaniel

Dr. Robert H. Owen, Jr. Dr. Allyn M. Thames Dr. Christopher Paul Wermerson Dr. Niles Woodall Dr. Mark R. Yanosky University of Kentucky

Dr. Jae Brimhall Dr. Flora Y. Chen Dr. Jerrod Dempsey Dr. Judah S. Garfinkle Dr. Blaine R. Hansen Dr. Brian Hardy Dr. Wade Housewright Dr. David Kujak Dr. Meridith L. Long Dr. Tlhomamiso Moremi Dr. Michael Pratt Dr. Robert Ross Russell Dr. John W. Turner University of Louisville

Dr. Christopher L. Arnheiter Dr. Jennifer Lee Barton Dr. Eric M. Baugher Dr. Brice W. Beckstrom Dr. Brian A. Burton Dr. Adam Chorak Dr. Brett Coleman Dr. Scott P. Day Dr. Michael J. Delgado Dr. Brandon Fairbanks Dr. Russell H. Ford Dr. Robert N. Galbreath YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 43

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Thomas Gesell Dr. Parker Haycock Dr. Jordan R. Hillam Dr. Justin D. Jay Dr. Lisa A. Kochis Dr. Mazyar Moshiri Dr. Rachel Hubbard Naylor Dr. Carly Warden University of Manitoba

Dr. Keyur A. Shah University of Maryland

Dr. Elizabeth Marie Alston Dr. Kelsea Ashton Dr. Brian K. Bons Dr. Antonia E. Jones Dr. Tina Mahmoudi Dr. Thomas Olson Dr. Akash Pandya Dr. Janet Park Dr. Matthew J. Peluso Dr. Elise Tigani University of Michigan

Dr. Carly Ahlbrecht Dr. Fatima Ahmed Dr. Ann Alexander Dr. Margaret Anderson Dr. Aubrey A.F. Barrett Dr. William R. Bates Dr. Sarah Joanne Baxter Dr. Katherine Beard Dr. Marsha L. Beattie Dr. Jashleen K. Bedi 44 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. Scott M. Behnan Dr. Mark E. Berkman Dr. Brett Brown Dr. Donald R. Burkhardt Dr. Steven W. Charchut Dr. Jason Lee Charnley Dr. Elizabeth Christopherson Dr. Fangdi (Amalia) Cong Dr. Derrick Crawford Dr. Spencer Bernard Crouch Dr. Marcus M. Dager Dr. Courtney Dunn Dr. Matthew Dunn Dr. John Michael DuRussel Dr. Laura J. Edwards Dr. Lauren Ehardt Dr. Ambre Ehlert Dr. Claire Fedore Dr. Michael Fogge Dr. Brent Alan Fulks Dr. Kelly Goeckner Dr. Allison Greenberg Dr. Jessica Grimmer Dr. Susan Sandstrom Guest Dr. Brittany Hazard Dr. Michael A. Hess Dr. Shih-Hao Huang Dr. James B. Hudson Dr. Paul Hwang Dr. Monisha Gupta Iyer Dr. Nicole M. Jane Dr. Joel M. Johnson

Micha Dr. Joshua L. Johnson Dr. Renata Rzazewska Johnson Dr. Gina Kessler Dr. Julia J. Kim Dr. Andrew Fredrick Kragor Dr. Amy Krukemeyer Dr. Edwin Kwon Dr. Kate Farnoush Lembck Dr. Alyssa S. Levin Dr. Matthew Lineberger Dr. Megan Lineberger Dr. Jeffrey C. Liu Dr. Jane S. Lu Dr. Tamara Mackie Dr. Shashi Madhavan Dr. Laurie McNamara McClatchey Dr. Sarah McDermott Dr. Elizabeth A. Meade Dr. Maria Del Carmen Mendez Dr. Samuel B. Meyrowitz Dr. Jim Moses Dr. Bryan P. Nakfoor Dr. Seth Noel Nye Dr. Jason Olsen Dr. Alexis Omer Dr. Kumendran Pather Dr. Nikole G. Pecora-Yun Dr. Katherine Alexandra Pischke Thomas Dr. Jessica Pongetti Dr. Annelise H. Preslan Dr. Amy E. Richter

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Rebecca Lash Rubin Dr. Jamie Sage Dr. Dina Salman Dr. Dylan Schneider Dr. Sara Dean Schutte Dr. Brandon Shoukri Dr. Jean M. Schultz Dr. Scott O. Schulz Dr. Gregory Lee Sencak Dr. Jason Sherbel Dr. Jerome B. Shuman Dr. Jennifer M. Smith Dr. Sarah M. Smith Dr. Bradley Stieper Dr. Gregory Stock Dr. Tessa Streeter Dr. Inna Sydorak Dr. Sarah Syklawer Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Sytek Dr. Taylor Usitalo Dr. Toby W. VanLandschoot Dr. Estee Wang Dr. Danielle Nicole Ward Dr. Paul A. Ward Dr. Josephine C. Weeden Dr. Adam Welmerink Dr. Nicole S. Wright Dr. Natalie Yang Dr. Heather L. Zablocki Dr. Jamie Zupnik University of Minnesota

Dr. Jennifer Bonamici

Dr. Carlos Omar Caballero Dr. Luke D. Carlson Dr. Amanda Cheng Dr. Melissa Chin Dr. JangYeun Janice Cho Dr. Julian E. Davila Dr. Brianne C. DeSantis Dr. Elizabeth Dowd Dr. Mark Theodore Endrizzi Dr. Alison Fallgatter Dr. Rick W. Fuchs Dr. Kelley Gyllenhaal Dr. Christine Colton Hammer Dr. Scott Harper Dr. Dustin A. Hollevoet Dr. Oana Bida Honey Dr. Brandon P. Huang Dr. Omar Issa Dr. Kyra Iwen Dr. Farah Kar Dr. Jessica Inglis Knorr Dr. Kyle Knudsen Dr. Kraig J. Kottemann Dr. Chad Evans Larson Dr. Victor Lee Dr. Sunny Leong Dr. Nancy Leung Dr. Alisa Madson Dr. Ryan Mueller Dr. Adam Ostby Dr. Brandon A. Owen Dr. Benjamin Pliska

Dr. Vladimir Leon Salazar Dr. Jacquelyn M. Schieck Dr. Rebecca Schnitt Dr. Lindsay Schuster Dr. Brandon Seubert Dr. Matthew M. Sievers Dr. Sarah Soltys Dr. Robert R. Taylor Dr. Christopher J. Vaubel Dr. Kathryn M. Vo Dr. Andrew J. Wahl University of Missouri at Kansas City

Dr. Michael J. Barlow Dr. Patrick Riggs Briscoe Dr. Justin T. Brown Dr. Dustin Burleson Dr. Llon Clendenen Dr. Stephen E. Darmitzel Dr. Michael Ellis Dr. Michael Gardner Dr. Barton J. Girdwood Dr. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson Dr. Shelliann Aiko Kawamoto Dr. Nellie A. Kim-Weroha Dr. Meghan J. Lindgren Dr. Matt McCoy Dr. Andrew McDonald Dr. Gena McGivern Hendrickson Dr. Russ McReynolds Dr. Julie E. Olson Dr. Lindsay Resmer Dr. Mark Revels YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 45

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Adam Reynolds Dr. David Ries Dr. Kristen Marie Sander Dr. Justin Trimmell Dr. John H. Warford Jr. Dr. Ashlee Weber Dr. Dustin C. Wilson Dr. Lauren A. Windhorst Dr. Brent C. Wood University of Montreal Dr. Normand Bach Dr. Sam W. Daher

Dr. Christian A. Witek

University of Nebraska

Dr. Tanya Al-Talib Dr. Keisha N. Alexander Dr. Steven M. Austin Dr. Eric D. Bednar Dr. Mary Morgan Bitler Keyser Dr. Bloyce Hill Britton III Dr. Matthew Brown Dr. Katelyn Cass Dr. Caroline Cheek-Hill Dr. Theresa Lenise Clifton Dr. Thomas Covington Dr. William D. Engilman Dr. Drew W. Fallis Dr. Jonathan Feldman Dr. Douglas E. Ford Dr. Camille Guez Dr. Leonard Helms Haltiwanger Dr. Christopher T. Harris Dr. Heather Hendricks Dr. Ross Hunter

Dr. Anthony Inchol Cha Dr. Jeffrey R. Chandler Dr. Michael J. Crosby Dr. Quinn Draper Dr. Leslie Christine Ellingson Dr. Paul A. Gates Dr. Colin S. Gibson Dr. Rebecca Hecox Hohl Dr. Corwyn Hopke Dr. Payam Afousi Ishani Dr. Paul McAllister Dr. Paul R. Robinson Dr. Nima Rohani Dr. Loren E. Short Dr. Jacob Stadiem Dr. Benjamin R. Thornton Dr. Robert Daniel Walker Dr. Kelsey White Dr. Emily S. Willett 46 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Dr. Loren Cadelinia Dr. Brian G. Holman Dr. Erin Ma Dr. Kim T. Mai Dr. Chi K. Huynh Dr. Lindsay Pfeffer Dr. Andrea Picard Dr. Priti Rana Dr. Allison Tomlin University of North Carolina

Dr. Karen Koehler Dr. Matthew E. Larson Dr. William Stewart Laster Dr. Daniel Lee Dr. Jacqueline M. Malone Dr. Curtis M. Marsh Dr. James P. Martin Dr. Gibson McCall Dr. Matthew David McNutt Dr. Colin A. Mihalik Dr. Larry J. Moray Dr. Matthew J. Olmsted Dr. Kevin O’Shaughnessy Dr. Quay W. Parrott, III Dr. Leslie Pitner Dr. Joseph Pittman Dr. John Charles Prichett Dr. Nicole M. Scheffler Dr. Jason Scherer Dr. Robert M. Selden, III Dr. Tammy R. Severt Dr. Brian David Smith Dr. Maura Slack Dr. Dana Thi Tang Dr. Richard Uhlir Dr. Cameron Walker Dr. Peter Weber Dr. Andrew P. Wells University of Oklahoma

Dr. Aurelia M. Bedard Dr. Kevin L. Carolton Dr. Brian J. Diemer

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. V. Matthew Heim Dr. Robert J. Herman Dr. Jeffrey A. Housley Dr. Onur Kadioglu Dr. Aaron Laird Dr. Jason M. Landers Dr. Silvia M. Menendez Dr. Justin T. Olsen Dr. Hema Patel Dr. Joseph Paventy Dr. Philip Justin Power Dr. Kyle Shannon Dr. Geoff Sparks Dr. Parul Taneja Dr. Kevin Ward Dr. Jeremy R. Watson Dr. David R. Weller University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Cherissa Chong Dr. Charles N. Crowder Dr. Hayward Drane Dr. Tara L. Gostovich Dr. Wei-Hsin Hong Dr. Anil Idiculla Dr. Tyler H. Jolley Dr. Maria A. Karpov Dr. Samuel B. King Dr. Marion Bancroft McMurphy Dr. Matthew J. Pershing Dr. Shalin Raj Shah Dr. Nishat Shahabuddin Dr. Damon P. Szymanowski

Dr. Ryan Tamburrino Dr. Tejjy M. Thomas Dr. Douglass C. Wilson University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Darrick A. Brown University of Rochester/Eastman

Dental Center Dr. Marc B. Ackerman Dr. Hani Alsibai Dr. Gisli Arnason Dr. Matt Battiste Dr. Alberto Bordonaba Dr. Kevin Boyle Dr. Evan Brown Dr. Paul M. Caruso Dr. Andrew M. Clark Dr. Matthew J. Cohen Dr. Paul Damon Dr. Joseph Dietrich Dr. Lance Edwards Dr. Nader Ehsani Dr. Moataz Nasser Elmahdy Dr. Alexander Luis Figueroa Dr. Andrea Frantz Dr. Stuart Lund Frost Dr. Joana Godinho Dr. Roger A. Hennigh Dr. A. Lauren Hood-Olson Dr. Jeremiah Juson Dr. Shiva Khatami Dr. Yolanda Kieser Dr. Liliya MacKenzie

Dr. Robert W. Malloy Jr. Dr. Sophie Markovich Dr. Cuc Thi Thu Ngo Dr. James E. Paschal Dr. Leah Peres Dr. Xiomara Restrepo-Jaramillo Dr. Matthew M. Rogers Dr. Patrick William Scannell Dr. Rupali Shah Dr. John P. Sullivan Dr. Robert Tarby Dr. Jesse Teng Dr. Jeffrey Toothman Dr. Stephanie Vinh Dr. John K. Weaver Dr. Maureen Wood Dr. Rene Yabar Dr. Holly Yuen University of Southern California

Dr. William Michael Allen Dr. Richard M. Curtis Dr. Brandon B. Fowler Dr. Jeremy R. Fry Dr. Amy Gimlen Dr. Ryan Hecht Dr. John R. Jerome Dr. Jerrold Johnson Dr. Armine Kartalian Dr. Vivian Lee Dr. Richard E. McDermott Dr. Jenniffer Rojas Dr. Sophia Xiang Updike YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 47

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Jenny Yoo Dr. Erin Arnold Dr. Jennifer Ballantyne-Berwick Dr. Angie Canales Dr. Elizabeth Eakes Dr. Bryan E. Green Dr. Erika Sachno

Dr. Ashley Nicole Powell Dr. James Austin Rahaim Dr. Tom Shannon Dr. Terry Spence Dr. Ryan Alan Streight Dr. Sam Suliman Dr. Floyd Trammell Dr. Whitney Vrazel

University of Southern Nevada

University of Texas at Houston

Dr. Jeffrey McMillan Dr. Mahbod Rashidi Dr. Erica Robinson

Dr. Steven Alexander Dr. Marc E. Allen Dr. Shadow Asgari Dr. Jeffrey Kyle Ault Dr. Kara Bailey Dr. Luke Bailey Dr. Allison Piazza Batasse Dr. Caroline Bates Dr. Daniel J. Bekish Dr. Katie Bemis Dr. Tami Bonilla Dr. Catharine Borders Dr. Mason Dale Borth Dr. Audrey M. Boutros Dr. Ryan Boyer Dr. Katie Jensen Camacho Dr. Taylor Collazo Dr. Danielle Cao Dr. Emily Carter Dr. Stephen J. Chen Dr. Chance Choate Dr. Peyton Cometti Dr. Benjamin Cozad

University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee

Dr. Mary M. Barron Dr. Carrie Neill Bell Dr. Brian Bolerjack Dr. Ioanna Borissova Dr. Lisa Ku Chang Dr. Cheryl A. DeWood Dr. James Kendall Dillehay, II Dr. Mark Dusek Dr. Kenneth C. Dyer Dr. Ruth E. Ross Edmonds Dr. Kyle David Fagala Dr. Brenton Glassell Dr. Nathan R. Hamman Dr. Katherine Hart Dr. Candice Leslie Dr. Jeremy Ray McKinney Dr. Eric R. Nease Dr. Mark J. Owens Dr. Kaitlin Polk 48 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. Benjamin Creed Dr. Drew Darsey Dr. Andrew Dietrich Dr. Lan Doan Dr. Carin Domann Dr. Thuy-Duong Do-Quang Dr. Michael W. Duers Dr. David Dyer Dr. Osborne J. Dykes Dr. Alex Edelmann Dr. Sara Ekhlassi Dr. Randy K. Ellis Dr. Rhonda Leeann Sandlin Evans Dr. Christian Favero Dr. Kim K. Forrest Dr. Sylvia A. Frazier-Bowers Dr. Chris A. Freels Dr. Leslie Frels Dr. Caleb Frick Dr. Leslie H. Fullerton Dr. Casey Sean Gamache Dr. John Garza Dr. Monica Goldenberg Dr. Troy H. Gor Dr. Preston Greer Dr. Maggie Grissom Dr. Kevin Hallgren Dr. James B. Hanigan Dr. Shad Hanis Dr. Megan Hanson Dr. Lacey Michelle Harris Dr. Anthony L. Harwell, Jr.

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Allison Haynie Dr. Elizabeth Heath Dr. Sonia Elizabeth Henriquez Dr. Scott Heying Dr. Lam Quy Hoang Dr. Todd J. Hughes Dr. Angela K. Incrapera Dr. Jeff Iverson Dr. Daniel H. Johnson Dr. Michael Johnson Dr. Tamara Jones Dr. John M. Kelley Jr. Dr. Keri Beth Kenning Dr. Catherine A. Kerr Dr. Monica M. King Dr. Josh Knowles Dr. Donald F. Larson Dr. Nathan Larson Dr. Vance A. LeCrone Dr. Austin Ledingham Dr. Robert P. Lee Dr. Andrew James Leland Dr. Kurtis G. Lightheart Dr. Heather A. Lindsay Dr. Kate Pham Litschel Dr. Wyatt Andrew Loflin Dr. Laura Lungu Dr. Lindsey Lyons Dr. Steven Machicek Dr. Spencer Mack Dr. Marc B. Magness Dr. Daniel C. Mallory

Dr. Marian Chen McCarty Dr. Mason McClintock Dr. J. Kevin McGrory Dr. Kathleen McGrory Dr. Holly McIver Dr. Liana E. Medina Dr. Virginia A. Mennemeyer Dr. Rosemarie Motal Middleton Dr. Kenner Misner Dr. Audrey Moon Dr. Alissa Morris Dr. Monica Muller-Delgado Dr. C. Chris Murphy Dr. Grace Nam Dr. Suzanna E. Nida Dr. Reagon Noble Dr. Blake Null Dr. Kamrin Olfert Dr. Sebastian Paige Dr. Philip Pan Dr. Brian Penton Dr. Robert Clay Pickering Dr. Carrie W. Pisklak Dr. Derek Powers Dr. Kendra Covington Pratt Dr. David M. Pressutti, Jr. Dr. Bailey Proft Dr. Alexis Pugh Dr. Stephan A. Ramsay Dr. Hailee Rask Dr. Mark W. Reynolds Dr. Derek Reznik

Dr. Michael A. Robertson Dr. Anika Rodgers Dr. Andrew Rosen Dr. Matthew Rushing Dr. Gustavo Salas Dr. Daniel Eduardo San Martin Dr. Laura San Martin-Pablos Dr. Camille Sandifer Dr. Jeremy Scarpate Dr. Jeffrey Schaefer Dr. Eric Schatz Dr. Sydney Schneider Dr. Jonathan Scott Dr. Dennis C. Seager Dr. James Shambarger Dr. Kyra Y. Shea Dr. Darrel R. Sherman Dr. Liza Shevchenko Dr. Theresa L. Skelton Dr. John Kyle Sparkman Dr. Paul W. Sproul Dr. James T. St. Clair IV Dr. Janet Lynn Stinson Dr. Lisa Morlock Stokes Dr. Robin G. Stratmann Dr. Peter Sutton Dr. Elizabeth Blake Swearingen Dr. Quynh Tan Dr. Jason W. Tennison Dr. Kevin D. Tesseneer Dr. Shane Rex Tolleson Dr. Gilda Torossian YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 49

VANGUARD SOCIETY CONTINUED Dr. Angela Marie Tran Dr. Shawn Underwood Dr. Aileen Yuanqing Wang Dr. Kiersten C. Week Dr. Megan N. Weiskircher-Reznik Dr. Wendy E. Struss Willett Dr. Meredith Williams Dr. Natalie Gallerano Willis Dr. John Wirthlin Dr. Sonny Wong Dr. Wayne Wyatt University of Texas at San Antonio

Dr. Seth R. Briggs Dr. April Brown Dr. Alessandra Marie Chacon Dr. Murray D. Dickson Dr. Chris Escott Dr. Kimberly L. Hanysak Dr. Brandon McGarrell Dr. Elaheh Mohebzad Dr. Josh Parker Dr. Ryan Noel Reyes University of the Pacific

Dr. Arash Abolfazlian Dr. Ji Hyun Ahn Dr. Olakunle Abidemi Ajanaku Dr. Golnaz Ashraf Dr. Eric L. Axelrode Dr. Harold E. Barkate Dr. David A. Chenin Dr. Ann Colter H. Cheron Dr. Vincent T. Chiappone 50 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2019

Dr. Jeong Rae Cho Dr. Ronald Chung Dr. Sarah Chung Dr. Leif B. Cobain Dr. Justin Cooper Dr. Cory Costanzo Dr. Lana Dalbah Dr. Joseph Y. de Jesus Dr. Mona Derentz Dr. Mark S. Deukmedjian Dr. Brian Dugoni Dr. Michelle Bittner Eberle Dr. Thomas S. Ellerhorst Dr. James Galea Dr. Dewey I. Getz Dr. Jonathan Gluck Dr. Nadim Guirguis Dr. Mark J. Handelin Dr. Justin Hannon Dr. Stephanie Hannon Dr. Kelly Heetland Dr. Shawna M. Heetland Dr. Kiri Herchold Dr. Mihee Hong Dr. Soomin Hong Dr. Timothy Howarth Dr. Ulysses Hsu Dr. Matthew Joosse Dr. Malia K. Kamisugi Dr. Ehsan Karimian Dr. Katherine Kieu Dr. Joseph R. Kolody

Dr. Andrew S. Kouvaris Dr. Jeff B. Kwong Dr. Jason L. Larkin Dr. Victor Lee Dr. Kenny Liu Dr. Paul J. Lund Dr. Kimberly Mahood Dr. Michelle Masuda Dr. Shahram Nabipour Dr. Ramtin K. Nassiri Dr. Baokhanh H. Nguyen Dr. Vinh T. Nguyen Dr. HeeSoo Oh Dr. Marta Parisek Dr. Joorok Park Dr. Tripti Pawar Dr. Shawn M. Perce Dr. Brad Pezoldt Dr. Vernon W. Pollock Dr. Courtney Ray Dr. Bertrand Rouleau Dr. Reem Salahuddin Dr. Nitin Sallapudi Dr. Brandy L. Solomon Dr. Brian Steinhoff Dr. Matthew D. Swatman Dr. Dawn S. Thatcher Dr. Armin Vahidnia Dr. Leah Walker Dr. Jamson C. Wu Dr. Jacob Gerhard Zitterkopf


Dr. Mohamed-Nur Abdallah Dr. Gregory S. Dugas Dr. Kevin Knowlton Dr. Natoosha Nargaski Dr. Julianne C. Peterson Dr. Melissa Sander Dr. Bronsen Schliep Dr. Laurene Yen University of Washington

Dr. Brett Alvey Dr. Jennifer L. Ashmore Dr. Sunjay Autel Dr. Shelby Jace Beattie Dr. Jeremy B. Chaison Dr. Judy Chen Dr. Karen Clements Dr. Jake DaBeil Dr. Blake Davis Dr. Joshua Erickson Dr. Derek Hou Dr. Thuy Linh D. Huynh Dr. Jeffrey D. Hyde Dr. Cameron Jolley Dr. Monica Madan Dr. Maria Nart Molina Dr. Setareh Razzaghi Dr. Soleil Roberts Dr. Laura Rothe Dr. Nicole Connors Smith Dr. Keyvan Sohrabi Dr. Blair Hanson Struble

Dr. Burleigh Surbeck Dr. Reid J. Winkler University of Western Ontario

Dr. Rossana Hoyos Dr. Thomas P. Williams Vanderbilt University

Dr. Craig Grider Dr. Mark Joseph McKenna Dr. Craig M. Starling Dr. Siqing Tang Dr. Trevor K. Taylor Dr. David Waters Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Holly Harris Andersen Dr. Nathan Granillo Dr. Sheldon L. Peck Dr. Daniel R. Pennella Dr. Thomas S. Shipley Dr. Kevin G. Spillane Dr. Nihar D. Tanna Dr. Ryan K. VanLaecken Dr. Robert VanLaecken Washington Hospital Center

Dr. Jill M. Bailey Dr. Brooks Barefoot Dr. Amy Barrer Dr. Anthony Basil Dr. Edward Cos Dr. Alexis D. Lyons Dr. Mayuri V. Patel Dr. Barbara M. Perez Dr. Jodi M. Prine

West Virginia University

Dr. Brett Edward Eckley Dr. Matthew Ghiz Dr. Russell Mullen Dr. Joseph M. Mullins Dr. Meredith Parks Dr. Andrew Summers Wilford Hall Medical Center - Lackland AFB, TX

Dr. William Michael Anderson Dr. Curtis Bedont Dr. J. Seph Anthony DeMeo Dr. Darren J. Forcier Dr. Janeen Hughes Dr. Todd Kimura Dr. Jason Stuart Lenk Dr. Michele J. Mathews Dr. Bradley J. Pierson Dr. Robert A. Studebaker Dr. Timothy John Swanson Dr. Alfred J. Terp Dr. Michael S. Wall Dr. Chad M. Watts Dr. Aaron J. White Dr. Benjamin D. Wright

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 | 51

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RAPID ASSESSMENT OF EVIDENCE The American Association of Orthodontists Foundation launched a new service that offers an opportunity to ask a panel of orthodontic researchers questions regarding the validity of manufacturers’ claims about their products. The purpose of this new service is to provide access to experts who will review the research provided by manufacturers to substantiates their claims. When the review process is complete, the panel will conclude if the manufacturer’s claims are supported by the information provided. It is our hope that through the review process AAO membership will gain research-based knowledge about products, and that manufacturers will be motivated to be consistently accurate about their claims. AAO members will have access to reports from the expert panel via multiple communication channels. If more in-depth research into a claim is needed, the topic will be forwarded to AAOF’s Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) for consideration of further study. For more information, or to submit a request visit: www.aaofoundation.net/news/rapid-assessment-of-evidence-program

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AAOF 2019 Annual Report  

Mission is to advance the orthodontic specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care.

AAOF 2019 Annual Report  

Mission is to advance the orthodontic specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care.